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26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 1 Volume 32, No. 8 26 August 2016 Photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. LongfellowKeeping us safe in the air and on the groundStory and Photos by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Take a look back down memory lane when you rst though about what career you wanted to pursue. What was your dream job? How were you going to get there? How long would it take you to get there? The lives of those in the air heavily depend on Airmen on the ground. Responsible for managing the ow of aircraft through all aspects of their ight, Air Trafc Control specialists ensure the safety and efciency of air trafc on the ground and in the air. Providing specialized skills, these highly training professionals make quick decisions while monitoring many variables to keep bases, airspace and Airmen all over Europe safe. Tech. Sgt. Adam Burgdorfer and Senior Airman Marshall Rochefort move boxes to ship them to their nal destination. The Personnel and Cargo Movement Section supports packaging and preservation, outbound and inbound airfreight operations and deployment passenger processing. For story and photos, see pages 8-9 For Sergeant Alexander Axt, Air Trafc Control (ATC) trainee, it took him two years to complete his training in a classroom in Bavaria to become an air trafc controller. But his training isnt over quite yet, with at least one more year of on-the-job training. Axt has been in the military for seven years and most of that time was school and training, German Air Force training or specialized training for his job within the military. After basic training, NCO and ofcer training, he applied for pilot training. It was turned down and he has a choice between International Military Police or Air Trafc Controller. Every day, tens of thousands of people board airplanes to travel from one place to another. These ights of which thousands daily take off and land, are among the safest forms of travel. Although airplane crashes are Moving cargo, one pallet at a timetragic and headline grabbing, the fact is the sky is a very safe place to be. continued on page 5


26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 3 Money, Money, Money must be funny in the rich mans world. Dear Colleagues, Comrades and Friends of the NAEW&C Force, That quote from the famous ABBA song indicates how easy management could be if there was enough money available for Managers or Commanders to fulll their tasks. There is no need for efciency in the rich mans world at least the things you buy are effective, which means they are appropriate to achieve your goals. But that, of course, is not reality. In particular in the world of public administration we are for sure far away from any kind of rich mans world. That is not only valid for NATO you all know this situation also from your home country with regards to the public services. Money is a limiting factor everywhere and together with manpower one of the critical strategic resources. Yes, there have been some better times at the MOB in Geilenkirchen, when there was money enough to get our missions accomplished without any budgetary constraints, not even close to the rich mans world but close enough that almost every requirement was funded well, that was purely focused on effectiveness but not necessarily on efciency. And now? Together with our Commanders we have to allocate the limited resources efciently. That means we are looking to all new requirements whether they are effective AND efcient or in NATO nancial terms: whether they are eligible and affordable, but strictly based on Minimum Military Requirements. But this is not a job only for the Commanders and me as the Financial Controller. That is the responsibility of every single staff member here in the NAEW&C Force, being a military or a civilian staff member IT IS EVERYONES RESPONSIBILITY TO INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS AND EFFICIENCY! It does not only take those very smart ideas or big innovations of course that helps. But it starts already with any kind of savings you can achieve in your day-to-day business, for example switch off the lights when you leave an empty room, turn down the heating, stop the engine of the duty vehicle when you leave it even for a short period, thriftily consume goods and services at your work, etc, etc. etc. Some of these maybe only minor contributions but summing them up over the year and achieved by every single staff member there will be a signicant amount at the end. Furthermore, take care on the material entrusted to you too many write-off requests based on damage or losses I had to sign over the last four years of my service here at GK, so that in the meantime I had to start letting the individual pay for those losses and damages. I should state the obvious when I say that it is our all task helping the senior leadership in using the resources most effectively and efciently and always do the right things right on all levels, which is key to the success of our missions. But along with that, there should also be an intrinsic motivation for you to strive for more efciency and effectiveness, and that is by the fact that all the money that we are spending is TAX PAYERS money. And how does that famous tax payer look like? Just turn around and see the faces of your families, friends and neighbors back home or just look into a mirror All in all, as my overall assessment, the nancial climate here at the NAEW&C Force has changed over the last ve years; however, it is not too bad as it is still manageable but only with your pro-active support! At the end of this little essay I cannot resist to quote from another famous song. It is from my favorite 1973 Pink Floyd Album Dark Side Of The Moon and it is much more realistic than the ABBA quote at the beginning of this article, as it says: Money, its a crime: Share it fairly but dont take a slice of my pieDr. Karl-Heinz SeekatzNAEW&C Force HQ Financial Controller & FHF With the Commanders Corner, our NAEW&CF Commander and E-3A Commander give the opportunity to wing and squadron commanders, and branch and division heads to share their thoughts about current topics taking place at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. Every month a different writer will highlight a specic topic concerning their discipline. NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Email articles and classied advertisements to For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (0)46 4529292, cellphone +31 (0)6 5472 6473, or Houx Digiprint at +31 (0)46 4582111, Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To read the NATO Skywatch online visit HQ NAEW&CF Commander Maj. Gen. Dawn M. Dunlop Chief, Public Affairs Maj. Johannes Glowka Editor Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Volume 32, No. 8 26 August 2016 COMMANDERS CORNER There are myriads of denitions to explain the relation between Efciency and Effectiveness, but that little graphic I found in the internet explains it very simplistic but to the point.


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26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 5 continued from page 1 But how, with so many airplanes in the air, does air travel maintain such a good safety record? The answer is, in large part, air trafc control; the complex system of directing planes and telling them how high or low to y, when and where to land safely. To become an ATC specialist, one must be committed to long days and short nights. This is to ensure the safe, orderly and expeditious ow of air trafc operating under instrument and visual ight rules. In short, safety is number one for these specialists, so training will be intense. I was excited about learning to become an ATC Specialist, Axt said. But there was a lot of pressure. I cannot stress that enougha lot of pressure. The rst part of school was attending a pilot training program. The course was six weeks and it taught students command and control, airspace classications and aireld trafc. This was the rst time the training was conducted for ATC students. This short course is now mandatory for all controllers to accomplish before proceeding to the next level of training. For ve months, Axt and 18 other students sat in a classroom. This is where students were taught the ATC principles and procedures, ight characteristics of aircraft, use of aeronautical charts, maps and publications, interpretation, use and limitations of ATC radar and communications systems. The next year and a half will be the turning point on if Axt would become an ATC specialist. Each student is to learn all aspects of the job. This includes two working positions in the towermain controller and coordinator, and includes the radar controller, which has three working positionssearch controller, coordinator and precision approach coordinator. It wasnt easy, Axt said. I had to use my free time wisely. I read a lot when I wasnt in class and I had a good group of classmates that helped each other through the course. Each day, the students had two tests, between 45 minutes to an hour per test, to complete a scenario. There were over 40 exercises to complete. It would get more complicated as the exercises went on, Axt said. The rst few tests seemed simple enough, but then more complicated parts would be involved in the scenario. After each exercise, the team leaders would give each student feedback about their strengths and weaknesses. With 18 students starting in the beginning of the course, only 13 graduated. I love this job so far, Axt said. It was a lot of fun and I hope to nish out my training here and stay here at GK. No tools, no missionStory and photos by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow There is no acceptable margin of error when it comes to launching aircraft in a safe, secure and reliable manner. In order for the NATO AWACS E-3A aircraft to get off the ground, they require highly trained maintainersand their tools. Without tools, the maintainers cannot x the planes, said Staff Sgt. Brandon Lee, Logistics Wing Support Squadron, consolidated tool kit (CTK) NCO. If you dont have tools to x the plane or other parts in the aircraft, how is the plane going to do its mission? That is where we come in. CTK handles an average of nearly a thousand tools each day including those being signed in and out over a 24-hour period. Lee noted on any given day they may exchange, handled and maintained hundreds of tools depending on the amount of missions and aircraft supported. There is inventory management software we use to track all the tools, he said. We scan the tools in and out of the system. Lee said this is an alternate duty to what he normally does at the Component. Before the new PE, he worked Mission Impaired Capable Awaiting Parts (MICAP), but now helps out with CTK, which has two locations to sign out tools. At the beginning of each shift, CTK conducts a massive inventory listing cataloguing whats currently out. During this, they go through each drawer and shelf making sure whats present matches the inventory. As maintainers, CTK Airmen understand the importance of wellcared for tools. Without us, maintainers would be out of a job, Lee said. What we do makes me feel like my job is worthwhile and I am ghting for something bigger than myself. Its really rewarding and I have fun every day.


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26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 7 NATO AWACS big star during Bucharest International Air ShowStory and photos by Capt. Andr Bongers Although NATO AWACS have been ying almost daily in Romanian airspace as a result of the Assurance Measures missions, the aircraft actually never landed there to meet with people of this important NATO ally. The Bucharest International Air Show changed that. During the one day Air Show on July 31, which lasted from 0800 until 2100, the Romanian public had the opportunity to nally see the AWACS from up close and even could have a look inside. Throughout the day, the line with people wanting to see the AWACS became longer and longer. People had to wait up to an hour to get inside the aircraft. Once inside, they were all enthusiastic about our presence and the fact they nally got the chance to see the aircraft that normally ies about 10 kilometres above their heads. Not only the aircraft was photographed during the whole day, also the crew was very popular for taking pictures with. Besides the line to enter the aircraft there was also a long line to the crew members. The crew members clearly enjoyed the warm, welcoming people who were all interested in getting to know New FOB Aktion Commander assumes commandText and photo by Maureen GeraetsHead In the morning of July 29th, Forward Operating Base (FOB) Aktion was all set for the ceremony where Col. Athanasios Tzortas was relinquishing and Lt. Col. Emmanouil Proestakis was accepting command of this Greek FOB, located near Cape Aktion, South of Preveza city. The ceremony was attended by Maj. General Dawn Dunlop, NAEW & C Force Commander, Brig. General Anthanasios Stathias, Chief of Staff Hellenic Tactical Air Force, local dignitaries, invited guests, FOB personnel and their families. In his farewell speech, Col. Tzortas mentioned, Back in 2014, I was challenged to full one simple task as described in the Mission Statement: Ready, responsive support to deployed crews and aircraft in support of the E-3A Component Main Operating Base. Me, personally and all FOB Aktion personnel followed just two simple rules: honesty and dedication to the mission. During the past two years, this FOB fully supported on a 24-hour basis Operation Active Endeavour, Operation Afghan Assist, Assurance Measure missions, training ights, Technical Support Visits and Consolidated Inspections. Addressing the Commanders he said, Id like to humbly remind you of the operational value of this base, its position in the region and that my country understands the established value of this entity and would like to continue using it as a primary location for the years to come. The change of command became ofcial when outgoing commander Col. Tzortas passed the Colours to E-3A Component Commander, Brig. General Karsten Stoye, who in turn handed the ag to the new FOB commander, Lt. Colonel Proestakis. As the new FOB Commander, Lt. Col. Proestakis said, Serving once again for the NATO E-3A Component is a great honour but at the same time quite a challenging and demanding task, like it was the rst time, when I was serving as a pilot in Squadron 2. He continued, Today, the international environment has drastically changed. Both, the nature of the threat and the use of NATO airpower during possible unrest have changed. Either within or out of area operations, demand safe and fully capable Forward Bases, which can extend our operational capabilities close to and beyond our frontiers. A reception following the ceremony was held at the Dining Hall. When talking to Col. Tzortas, he mentioned, I will miss the Component and its excellent Technical Support Visits and the Consolidated Inspections to this FOB. These always have had a positively inuence and also were a great motivation for the people here, at the FOB. And, Im not joking when I am saying this: I will miss the visits to Germany and its weather; the cool air and the rainy days, those are exotic for a Greek, he concluded with a smile. Lt. Col. Proestakis said, This is going to be a new challenge for me supporting the Component from another standpoint, not as a pilot on an E-3A AWACS, but as the FOB Commander. I will be there for my people, motivate them and to make sure they understand they can count on me. as much as possible about our mission. Besides the regular visitors the crew also welcomed the Chief of the Romanian Air Force, Laurian Anastasof, several Romanian ministers and His Royal Highness Prince Paul of Romania.


Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow The Personnel and Cargo Movement Section in the Logistics Wing is responsible for policies and procedures regarding transportation management and planning for the movement of all freight and personnel. The section of ve people supports packaging and preservation, outbound and inbound airfreight operations, deployment passenger processing and overseas airlift clearance authority functions. We support the NATO mission by acting as a focal point for all inbound and outbound passengers, cargo and baggage on the NATO E-3A AWACS, ASL Airlines Belgium (previously called TNT Airways), Air National Guard KC-135s and distinguished visitors (DV) for NATO, said Senior Master Sgt. Michael Unger. The section also supports JFC Brunssum with DV ights (SACEUR, AIRCOM) and military members missions and exercises. Flights for politicians also come through Geilenkirchen, Germany, such as the Presidents of France, Germany, Lithuania and Ukraine. The Kings of Spain, Jordan and The Netherlands use Geilenkirchen Air Base for visiting Germany. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes planning that goes into ensuring members are prepared for deployments. Once personnel and equipment planning is sorted, the Airmen of the Personnel and Cargo Movement Section prepare the cargo. If time allows, they build and weigh the cargo pallets a day in advance. This allows the next day to be less stressful on the Airmen. They can focus on ensuring personnel and their baggage. They are responsible of making sure the cargo is airworthy, which means there are no discrepancies, weights and balances of the cargo is accounted for, and if there is any hazardous material within the cargo, that they are certied and able to y. The team processes more than 1,330,600 kilos of cargo and 6,300 passengers each year. A normal cargo and passenger upload takes less than 10 minutes, but the planning, documentation, and manifesting starts weeks earlier and takes several hours per mission. Once a month, cargo will be placed on pallets to be sent to the Forward Operating Bases and Location. This allows mission essential cargo to be shipped safely within the Components area of responsibility.


Flying to non-EU countries, for example the United States or United Kingdom, the ofce provides information for custom and border protection so passengers can be cleared before take-off. The Passenger Movement side of the house is responsible for manifesting passengers on all aircraft arriving and departing the MOB, as well as FOBs/FOLs. For aircraft departing the MOB they will verify travel documents, handling of luggage, order ight meals as required, and escort passengers to and from aircraft. However, the job isnt just moving cargo or passengers from one place to another. Proper documentation of the movements is necessary to preserve the integrity of the system and safety of the cargo and passengers.


In memoriamOn July 25th, 2016, we received the very sad news that Mr. Wolfgang Hartmann had passed away. Mr Hartmann, who has died aged 63, served the Force for more than 20 years as Head of the Local Wage Rate Section within the Personnel Division and only had retired on April 1st, 2016. While Wolfgang was a lawyer by trade, he spent most of his career in the area of human resources. For those who had the pleasure of working with him, it was easily noticeable that he always did put the human rst and the resources second. He fullled his role with wit and creativity while taking care of his people. He will be remembered as a warm and caring colleague, and as a dedicated mentor who always gave credit to his troops. He will be remembered for his gentle but sometimes very blunt humour. He will be remembered as a wonderful colleague who gave freely of his time, advice and expertise. And he will be remembered for serving the Personnel & Manpower Division of the NAEW&C Force great distinction in many capacities, including his long tenure as Branch Head. He is survived by his wife Christel, his daughter Lisa and his son Stephan. Wolfgang will be greatly missed by his family, friends and colleagues. 10 NATO Skywatch 26 August 2016


26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 11 Oktoberfest tickets on saleThe German NCO Association (DUK) would like to invite all NATO Air Base personnel, their families and friends to the 34th annual E-3A Component Oktoberfest. It will take place on September 24 and 25, 2016 in Hangar 2. Doors will open on Saturday Sep 24 at 1800 with an evening of delicious food, special Fest beer and live entertainment. On Sunday, Sep 25 doors open at 1030 with the traditional Frhschoppen starting at 1100. Entrance is free for NATO Air Base personnel. As we consider the Sunday being a family day there will be a plenty of entertainment for the kids. Tickets are for sale at the Frisbee Club, Building 60, (email: until Sep 23, from Monday to Friday, 1000-1600. To buy tickets please bring a list with your guests rst name and last name. Tickets are 12 Euro per person. Children below 16 years of age are free, but need to be accompanied by their parent(s). If you have to change a name on the ticket afterwards it has to be changed at the Ticket Sale ofce at the Frisbee Club, Building 60 ext. 3465. Changes can only be made during regular opening times (1000 to 1600).Tri-Border NerdCon 2016Story by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Photos by Tri-Border NerdCon committee members The original idea was pitched in the beginning of May and planning started shortly after by 10 members of the NATO AWACS E-3A Component here at Geilenkirchen, Germany. On August 13, 2016 at 1000, the TriBorder NerdCon was the beginning of hopefully a yearly event. The convention was held at the International Conference Center of JFC Brunssum with more than 200 people in attendance. This gave parents a chance to feel like a child again and even show their children what they were interested in when they, themselves were children, said Tech. Sgt. J Smith, president of Tri-Border NerdCon committee. Walking down the halls of the convention, people would see Final Fantasy posters, Marvel banners hanging from the ceilings, vendors from the local community and every console from Coleco Vision, SEGA Master System, SEGA Saturn, Nintendo Entertainment System to the PlayStation 2. Local community vendors such as Dutch Bricks Lego Club and Magus Games Store had plenty to offer in the nerd community. Costumes were worn of the variety characters from Marvel and DC Universe such as Batman, Harley Quinn and Deadpool. Harry Potter, Crash Test Dummies, Ghostbusters and Star Trek characters made their debut at the convention. Multiple people were dressed up as characters from the Star Wars Universe such as Jedis, Sith Lords and Storm Troopers. Even Disney princesses glided through the halls of the convention in their gowns. There was a Cosplay Contest for 14 and under and 15 with the winners receiving cash and give-a-way prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and honourable mention. And, of course, games were played throughout the convention. Nintendo Wii Mario Kart was a huge hit with a tournament for the fastest times of the day and the winner received a cash prize. Although this convention seemed as though it was a huge success, the committee had minor hurdles to overcome. We only had a few months from the start of idea to the date of the convention, Smith said. We had issues with availability of local vendors to support the convention, but we were able to overcome this by coming together as a commit and dedicated ourselves to dress up. Smith and his committee also reached out to their friends for some help on game systems to be used during the convention. We wouldnt have been able to have such a successful convention without the committee and the community on base to help us, Smith said. Based on the trafc from their Facebook page, Triborder NerdCon, and their website, www.tribordernerdcon. com, it is already getting some buzz with the local community. It was a very successful based on the time line we had to work with and it being a three-day weekend for the Force Command, Smith said. All the patrons said they had a blast and they are looking forward to the event next year. Smith and the committee said they hope next year they can increase the amount of vendors and move the event to a bigger location.


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26 August 2016 NATO Skywatch 13 Photo of the monthMr. Stefan Greifzu is a member of the NATO E-3A Component Fire Brigade. He has been a crew chief here for 15 years and also volunteers in the local community as a reghter. There are more than 60 reghters employed at the brigade who train in tasks that ensure the safety of the aircraft and the personnel assigned to the base. The reghters are on 24-hour shifts. With each shift change, information is exchanged from the outgoing shift to the oncoming shift. Before each shift begins, crew members inspect the crash vehicle they will be assigned to on that day. Then their day can ofcially begin, with cleaning the re station, the trucks, training exercises and upgrade training for new members. Each reghters main task is to ght res, but every member has an additional duty in the brigade. As for Greifzu, his additional duty is inspecting and replacing parts of the breathing operators, such as oxygen tanks the reghters use on duty. He is also responsible for the inspections of the masks, chemical suits and helmets. Photo by Staff Sgt. Alexandra M. Longfellow Story by Master Sgt. Andreas Doll During the Component Sports Day on July 29, 2016, the German National Support Unit (NSU) invited all component members to participate in the Deutsches Sportabzeichen (DSA), the German Sports Award. Almost 100 Component members including men, women, civilians and soldiers registered and displayed their skills in 12 different categories. A total of 24 athletic Component members completed all four basic skills throughout the day. One Bronze, six Silver and 17 Gold awards were presented, with six of these Component members achieving the maximum 12 points. The DSA is the top badge that can be earned outside competitive sports. This event evaluates an individuals tness based on four basic motor skills: endurance, strength, speed, and coordination. Four categories must be completed within one calendar year. Each one of the four areas is tested in one skills group with the help of the individuals abilities in track and eld athletics, cycling, swimming and gymnastics. One test must be successfully completed in each group or category. The choice is yours. You can earn the DSA in three achievement levels: Bronze, Silver or Gold. The achievements in the disciplines are evaluated with 1 3 points. Bronze = 1 point, Silver = 2 points and German Sports Award Gold = 3 points. The points of all four tests are added to determine which overall badge level you receive: Bronze = 4 7 points, Silver = 8 10 points and Gold = 11 12 points. The individual must attain a minimum of bronze-level achievement in each category and must also prove that they are able to swim before they earn the DSA. If you are interested in achieving the DSA, you may participate in the regular German sports test. For more information and the dates to sign up, please contact the German NSU (S3) at Building 70. Photo by Staff Sgt. Katharina Krmer


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Volkshochschule German Language Course for Children The program is especially designed to integrate children from other countries into the German Kindergarten and Grundschule. Individual tuition in small groups for children aged 5 and up in accordance with the curriculum of the German school system starts on 8 September. Classes are held at the IYA on Thursdays, 1500 1630, under the experienced and certied instruction of Manuela Beck. Cost is 45 for an eight-week course. Registration and further information at the IYA Ofce in Bldg. 95, x 4954 or 0049 2451 63 4954. Volkshochschule Language Courses on NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen are starting the week of 19 September. Volkshochschule is the ofcial German College for Adults. Classes are held in Bldg 141. The basic price for intensive courses (twice a week) is 94 for 24 mornings/evenings. The basic price for standard courses (one a week) is 47 for 12 mornings. Fees apply to courses with 10 or more participants. If between 6 and 9 students wish to participate in a course, it may be held for a higher fee person. Register in class. The following courses are offered: GERMAN A1.1 Beginners, Schritte plus 1 Tue & Thu, 1030 1200, instructor: Meral Alkan-Oncu, Room 109. Mon & Wed, 1830 2000, instructor: Tanja Rzeppa, Room 118. A1.2 Advanced Beginners, Schritte plus 2: Mon & Wed, 0900 1030, instructor: Meral Alkan-Oncu, Room 109. A2.1 Pre-Intermediate, Schritte plus 3: Tue & Thu, 0900 1030, instructor: Meral Alkan-Oncu, Room 109. A2.2 Intermediate, Schritte plus 4: Mon & Wed, 1700 1830, instructor: Tanja Rzeppa, Room 118. ENGLISH Instructor: Sonja Kolacz-Prather, Room 118 A1.1 Beginners, Tue, 0915, New English File Beginner A2.1 Pre-Intermediate I, Tue, 1215, New English File Pre-Intermediate, Lesson 1 A2.1 Pre-Intermediate II, Tue, 1045, New English File Pre-Intermediate, Lesson 5 Balance with Energy; by Mrs. Henny Jansen, experienced and certied (Gezondheidstherapeutisch Centrum voor Complimentaire gezondheidszorg), at Building 141, Room 125. Massage Therapy: cost is 47,50 for 60 minutes, including selection of aromatic oils. Meditation: breathing technique is combined with rhythm and different movement styles including Tai Chi, gymnastics and Wing Chun. The goal is to pursue increased awareness through tranquility, meditation, and movement. A new balance will be established to bring you back to your center. Cost is 25 per person for 60 minutes, maximum three people per session. For detailed information contact Mrs. Henny Jansen at 0031 655057565, IYA Music Lessons piano, trumpet and vocals under the experienced and certied instruction of Mrs. Hilde Ubben: lessons are one-on-one, in English or German. Cost is 20 for 45 minutes. One trial lesson available. For detailed information contact Hilde Ubben at 0031 683773384, IYA Guitar Lessons under the experienced and certied instruction of Mr. Ben Berendsen: lessons are one-on-one, in English or German. Cost is 18,50 for 30 minutes. For detailed information contact Ben Berendsen at 0031 618637975, New Arrivals at the International Library Books DVDs Audio Books End of Watch Dead Pool The Games The Games Zoolander N.2 End of Watch The Persuit Eddie the Eagle Dishonorable Intentions The Scan Ballers (1st Season) The Job 28 Oct: 80s Disco Night at the E-3A Club Doors open at 1930 hrs. Music by DJ Patrick. Special Lighted Dance Floor. Small snacks will be served. ENTRANCE FREE! For more information: Ren Peeters at ext. 4990 or 0049 2451 63 4990; email: The community from the housing area in front of the Main Gate cordially invites personnel from NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen to their second Siedlungsfest, Colony Fest, on 10 September, starting at 1300, in the Rommelstrasse. This is an all-inclusive family event for everybody: the tenants, owners, neighbours asylum seekers and personnel from the NATO Air Base and their children. During this Fest they offer refreshments, coffee, tea, grilled sausages and Schnitzels, a variety of salads and cakes, all sponsored by local shops, agencies and banks. There will be a live-band performance and for the kids, face-painting, jump castle, button crafting, animation and more. In case you would like to support,providing a cake or a salad or helping with the set-up, they accept any help. Contact the organization by phone 02451 9111526, or email info@bift-gk.deTenants Housing Area invite you to their Community Fest


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