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NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen 21 October 2011 Volume 27, No. 19 NATO E-3A COMPONENT IN SUPPORT OF OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR 212 DAYS WESTERN S AHARA EGYPTLIBY ATUNISIAA L GERIA MOROCCO M A URIT ANIA MALIGHANA SIERRA LEONELIBERIA SENEGALGAMBIA BURKINA F A SO T OGO BENIN NIGER NIGERIA CAMEROON CHAD CENTRA L AFRICAN REPUBLICGABONEQU A T ORIAL GUINEA SUDAN SOMALIA UGANDA KENY A ETHIOPIA YEMEN OMANUNITED ARAB EMIRA TESS A UDI ARABIA IRAQ IRAN SYRIA JORDANISRAELGUINEAERITREAQA T AR BAHRAINPOR TUGAL S P AINDJIBOUTILEBANON KUW AIT TURKEY GREECECYPRUSMAL T A ITALY GUINE A BI S S A U REPUBLIC OF THE CONGODEMOCRA TIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (ZAIRE)CTE D'IVOIRE WebiJubbaBlue Nile Nile NileChariGambiaUbangiUeleAtbaraSngalNigerNigerBenueCongoWhite NileWabe Shebele Wenz Santa C r uz de Tenerife La P alma Gomer a Hierro Lanzarote Fue r te v entu r a Gr an Cana r ia Biok o Prncipe So T Annobn Socotr a Madeir aCANARY ISLANDSSO T OM & PRNCIPE Str ait of Gibr altar GULF OF GUINEA Bight of Benin Bight of Biafr aA TLANTIC OCEAN Gulf of Si r te Sicily Sardinia RED SEAGulf of AdenCASPIAN SEAINDIAN OCEANPersian Gulf Case yr ETHIOPIAN PLA TEA U Nubian Deser t Ogaden J ABALMARRAH La k e Nasser La k e T ana La k e Alber t La k e T ur kana La k e Edw ard La k e Victor ia Cap Blanc Cape P almas Cap Lopez SAHARA La k e V olta La k e ChadATLAS MOUNTAINS Monr o via Conakry Bissau Dakar Nouakchott T ombouctou T aman r asset Agadir Adr ar T indouf In Salah K Green ville Libreville Bangui Mbandaka Kisangani P ort Harcourt Ndjamena Accr a Abidjan K ankan K a y es Man Masuku Lisala Bo z oum Garoua Bangassou Ouagadougou Bama k o Niamey T amale R abat Casablanca Algiers Constantine T unis Trapani Mar r ak ech Ifni T etouan Malaga Ghardaia Oujda Annaba Ghadamis Misur ata Or an Sfax Benghazi Alexandria Cairo Asyut Aswan Anka r a T ripoli A thens Suez Haifa Zinder F a y a-Largeau Qena Adana Derna Izmir Bata Y Douala Maiduguri K ano Ibadan K aduna K umasi Onitsha Z aria Lagos Y ola Benin Ci t y Sakaka Baghdad Halab Jiddah Medina P ort Sudan El Obeid Khartoum Omdurman Geneina Beirut Amman Mecca Merowe A tbar a K assala K osti Bu r a y dah T ehr an Esfahan Ah r az Abadan T abriz Shir az Bandar Abbas Mashhad K uw ait Doha Muscat R asht K erman Dhah r an Ri y adh Al Huda y dah Dubai Asme r a Mukalla Shibam Aksum Mogadishu Kisma yu Nairobi Kisumu Nimule K ampala Isha BaidoaGoreDebre Marc'os Ba r aa we Eyl Aden Addis Ababa Djibouti Hargeisa Gonder Berbe r a Gib r altar Las P almas Dakhla Freetown Malabo P ort Said Bobo Dioulasso Y amoussoukro P ortoNo v o Ogbomosho Abuja Ma r adi 10 0 50 20 10 0 10 T ropic of Cancer 30 40 20 30 10 0 T ropic of Cancer 20 30 50 20 10 0 10 30 40 20 60 0 500 1000 Miles 0 500 1000 1500 Kilometres NATO E-3A COMPONENT IN SUPPORT OF OPERATION AFGHAN ASSIST280 DAYS INDIASRI LANKA AFGHANIST AN NEP AL BHUT AN BANGLADESHB URMA (MYANMAR) VIETNAM CAMBODIA THAILAND L A OS CHINA P AKIST AN INDIA CHINA TURKMENISTAN UZBEKISTAN IRAN KYRGYZST AN KAZAKHST ANUZBEKIST AN T AJIKIST AN MONGOLIA Tongtian HeGhagaraYamunaSutlejNarmadaSonInduKrishGodavariMahanadiGangesBrahmaputraIrrawaddyHuang HeHwang HoChang JiangMekong HainanANDAMAN IS.NICOBAR IS.Gt. Nicobar MERGUI ARCHIP Bungu r an L A CCADIVE IS Dongsha Qundao ARABIAN SEA B A Y OF BENGALINDIAN OCEANBo Hai YELLO W SEA Gulf of Tongkin T en Deg ree Channel Gulf of Thailand SOUTH CHINA SEA Andaman SeaGulf of KachchhGulf of KhambhatGulf of Gulf ofMartaban Oz. Issyk K ul' Dzungar ia T ARIM PENDI QING ZANG Annapu r na Mt Ev erest DECCAN C Comor in Dond r a Head T urf an Depression GOBI Qinghai HuBAYAN HAR SHANORDOS D ABA SHAN RED BASINDALOU SHANDongting Hu P o y ang HuPEGU YOMATANEN R.Mouths of the Me k ong Mui Bai Bung Chu Y ang SinWESTERN GHATSEASTERN GHATS T IEN SHANALTUN SHANKUNLAN HOH HIMALAYA GANGDISE NAGA HILLSMouths of the GangesARAKAN YOMAMouths of theIrrawaddyDAWNA RANGEQILIAN SHANHUA SHANPHANOM DANG TANGGULA SHANHENGDUAN SHANBILAUKTAUNG RANGE Bishk ek Alma t y rmqi Aksu Y umen Hami Yinchuan Qingdao Beijing Dalian Zhengzhou T aiyuan Shijiazhuang Lanzhou Baotou Ne w Delhi Sr inagar Hotan Lhasa Xigaz e Qamdo Hangzhou W uhan Chengdu Tianjin Xi'an Mashhad Her at Bukha r a F ar ah K ar achi Gw adar Z ahedan J amnagar Bh a vnagar Mumbai (Bomb a y) T ashk ent Mangalore K ozhik ode Thir uv ananthapur am Ti r uchchir appalli Hub li-Dharw ar Coimbatore J affna T r incomalee K andy Colombo Galle Bassein T a v o y Georgeto wn Phuk et Mergui Sheberghan Sama r kand Dushanbe Qandahar K ab ul Quetta Bah a w alpur Lahore Islamabad Hy der abad Sukkur Jodhpur Multan Lu c kno w Thimphu Chongqing K atmandu J aipur Ajmer Ahmadabad Udaipur Su r at V adoda r a V ar anasi Allahabad P atna K anpur Pune Nagpur Hy der abad Solapur K olhapur Vishakhapatnam Vija y a w ada R aipur Cuttac k K olkata (Calcutta) J amshedpur Dhaka Imphal Gauhati K unming Gui y ang Chennai (Mad r as) Nellore K ur nool Bangalore Mysore Madu r ai Chittagong Mandal a y Prome Y angon (Rangoon) Henzada Ak y ab Moulmein Louang P r abang Vientiane Bang k ok Phnom P enh Battambang K ampong Cham Can Tho Ho Chi Minh Cit y Nha T r ang Hue Da Nang Qui Nhon Nakhon Si Thamma r at Songkhla K ota Baha r u Haik ou Vinh Nakhon R atchasima Haiphong Hanoi Zhanjiang Nanning Liuzhou Guangzhou Shantou Changsha Fuzhou Nanchang Hengy ang Chiang Mai M.Lampang Lu o y ang Shanghai Hong K ong Macau 90 85 75 30 25 20 10 110 105 100 95 80 35 15 5 30 25 20 10 35 15 70 90 85 75 110 105 100 95 80 70 65 60 115 120 125 T ropic of Cancer T ropic of Cancer 40 0 500 1000 Miles 0 500 1000 1500 Kilometres By Elke Vogel The day my husband came home and told me that the E-3A Component would be supporting the ISAF operation in Afghanistan was not really a special day for me. But eventually it became clear that my husband would be deployed. From that moment onwards, Afghanistan became the main topic of our everyday conversation. Of course I wanted to know everything, down to the smallest detail. How risky is it to y there? How much risk of an attack? But also completely mundane questions: Can we call each other on the phone? Can you get your laundry washed? Will you be sleeping in a tent or a container? What are the meals like down there? And so on, and so on The replies to my questions let me know that everything possible is being done to safeguard the deployed members of the Component. And having that feeling helped me to cope smoothly with my everyday life during the deployment. I was able to keep my thoughts away from the small element of risk that always remains. As soon as my husband deployed, a change of roles took place. Suddenly I was the main source of information for our families and friends. Suddenly I was an expert on deployments to foreign countries. During the weeks when my husband was deployed, I had to conduct many soothing conversations. I was glad to play this role in supporting the operation, but explaining the same thing again and again did sometimes become almost too much for me. When my mother was taken to hospital on the day of my husbands departure, I suddenly had to cope with this without my most important helpmate: my husband. I did not want to burden our children with my distress. After all, they were already suffering enough from their fathers absence and their own worries about their grandmother. The telephone link between my husband and me was certainly working well, but I discovered relatively quickly that we needed to spend most of our time talking about his situation. So I held back my concerns, to avoid burdening him with them. And in any case we were looking forward to the day of his return. The date was circled in red on the calendar and we always kept it in mind. Yet everything turned out differently. Theoretically we knew that delays could occur. But the red circle was there on the calendar the xed point. Everything was planned and organized in anticipation of that day. Two days before the scheduled return came the rst indication that everything might not work out as planned, as the outward ight of the next roto was being held up by a lack of overight clearance. New dates were mentioned and then cancelled again. The emotional tension and turbulent feelings increased with every telephone call. With the red circle on the calendar before my eyes, I was veering between anger, disappointment, and helplessness at having to accept things as they stood. Eventually the redeeming phone call came: Were being own out in batches from Saturday onwards. Im in the rst group! But I have to confess that the timeframe with constant postponement of the return date was more stressful for my nerves than the entire period of the deployment. When my husband told me, before his departure, that the Public Affairs Ofcer was asking me to write an article about my experiences as the wife of a deployee, my rst reaction was, Wow! Youre a soldier, you do your job, and I fully support you. So what am I supposed to write about? As of now, I know that deployments are very special times and not always easy ones not only for soldiers, but also for their families. (Original text in German. Translation by Language Services Ofce)Red circle on the calendarPhoto Wiel Borghans


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21 October 2011 NATO Skywatch 3 NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their Volume 27, No. 19 21 October 2011 own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Email articles and classied advertisements to For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (0) 46 452 9292, cellphone +31 (0)6 5472 6473 or Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To read the NATO Skywatch online visit Commander Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky Chief, Public Affairs Lt.Col. Antje Kalka Editor Mrs. Maureen Geraets-HeadBy Lt.Col. Antje Kalka The visit was top-secret: After political talks in Kabul, German President Christian Wulff visited Camp Marmal in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan, on 16 October. He wanted to talk to German soldiers, to learn about their hardships and worries but also to nd out about their everyday lives. Our AWACS team was standing close to a spotlight, says Lt.Col. Helmut Diwo. Suddenly President Wulff turned in our direction. Perhaps our ight suits had attracted his attention We sat down and talked. To us a great surprise and a perfect chance to inform our Head of State about Operation Afghan Assist and our Components contribution to ISAF. For more than 15 minutes some of the German members of the Component had the opportunity to explain to their Head of State the capabilities of AWACS. Im convinced that President Wulff is now more aware of our unique Component, our multinational cooperation and our tasks, says Lt.Col. Diwo. Moreover, it was remarkable how interested he was in obtaining rsthand information about everyday problems related to deployments. President Wulffs surprise trip to Kabul for talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai was more than a courtesy visit. The two Heads of State discussed the upcoming conference on Afghanistan, which will be held in Bonn in early December. During a press conference, President Wulff stressed that Germany will remain a friend and partner of Afghanistan even after the withdrawal of foreign combat troops by the end of 2014.German President meets AWACS personnel 250th mission ight OAA Congratulations to the 250th OAA missions crew.Photos courtesy Einsatzgeschwader MeS Some of the German Component members had the opportunity to explain to their Head of State the capabilities of AWACS.Photo courtesy Getty Images /AFPBy Lt.Col. Peter Leufen On 2 October 2011, the 250th mission ight on Operation Afghan Assist (OAA) in support of ISAF was successfully accomplished. Thank you to all Component members who contributed to this success. Force Element Commander Lt.Col. Helmut Diwo especially took the opportunity to congratulate the crew and said thank you to all ying crew members, the Logistics Wing representatives, the Communictions Section, Force Protection, Intelligence, ADVON, Admin and Operations, who all made maximum effort to accomplish mission number 250.


4 NATO Skywatch 21 October 2011 By Lt.Col. Antje Kalka, Capt. Wilko ter Horst, CMSgt. Claus Cohnen Flight safety is paramount because our lives are paramount! This could well have been the headline of the E-3A Components Safety Day 2011, held on 12 October. The overall aim of todays Safety Day is to sharpen the mindset of safety and to enhance our safety culture in ight safety as well as in ground safety, said Component Commander Brig.Gen. Burkhard Pototzky, precisely stating his intent. Safety culture means interaction and communication as well as the will to accept responsibilities and to be accountable. By this, safety culture is closely linked to the Code of Conduct. Flight safety means much more than following procedures and checklists, he added. Our safety culture relies, rst of all, on each individuals mindset to contribute to a high standard and to constant improvement. So look into the mirror and ask yourself the simple question How can I do better? That is the rst step to future mission success. To encourage communication on a broad variety of safety aspects, a specially structured schedule was chosen. The Safety Day was held at three locations simultaneously. One group, chaired by Operations Wing Commander Col. John Backstrom, debated in the E-3A Club, while a second group, chaired by Logistics Wing Commander Col. Gregory Clark, held its discussions in the former Sentry Club. A third group, led by Training Wing Deputy Commander Lt.Col. Knud Kjaer Holmsgaard, met in the Training Wing auditorium. In addition to briengs about fatigue, presented by ight surgeon Maj. Marcus Rechner, and on ight safety by Maj. Mike Buth, the main focus during the Components Safety Day was on open and honest group discussions. The results were presented to the Component Commander during debrieng sessions in the afternoon. The aim of ight safety is to prevent accidental losses. Safety is an everyday challenge. We have to communicate and to learn from each other. Nothing is more stupid than making a mistake again, said Brig. Gen. Pototzky, emphazising one of the most crucial aspects of safety culture. Safety is always a team effort, added Maj. Mike Buth from the Safety Division. He communicated the Force Commanders intent for the day: Honest debate about operational risks and how these factors might be better professionally and safely mitigated. With the aid of a couple of video clippings, Maj. Buth illustrated what miscommunication could lead to. It is not enough just to talk about safety. We have to live it and have to respect each other at all times, he said. To underline the need for communication, he added, We have to be aware that message exchanges between ground crew and ying personnel, as well as between the ight deck and mission crew, are always areas with room for improvement. Both operations, Afghan Assist and Unied Protector, are being conducted very well and safely with a very high success rate, summarized Brig.Gen. Potozky in his opening remarks. We are engaged in operations and taking a higher risk but our safety rules do not change. Good and careful risk management leads to the right decisions. But to keep on with good mission accomplishment means also hard work in terms of safety. Think and live safety every day: there never can be enough of it, he added. Encouraging discussion about ight safety and maintaining a high level of safety awareness was the goal of this particular day. During the debrieng sessions there was consensus that the Safety Day was very productive. The many various anecdotes and examples discussed throughout the day will be evaluated. Feed back on the results will be shared with all personnel. I am very optimistic that our Component Safety Day stimulated communication as well as the awareness of individual accountability and the responsibility of leadership. These three elements are decisive for a living safety culture, said Brig.Gen. Pototzky, summarizing the Safety Day. Safety is a challenge, not a burden. Component Safety Day 2011By Maureen Geraets-Head During the Safety Day on 12 October, Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky took the opportunity to hand out the rst NATO Medals to 15 military and civilian personnel who supported the Components task in ISAF Operation Afghan Assist. This medal is a token of appreciation to military and civilian personnel for their support in the ongoing operation. The medal comes with a certicate signed by the NATO Secretary General, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The NATO Medal is an international military decoration awarded under the authority of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. There are several versions of the NATO Medal in existence, for service in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, and the Republic of Macedonia; for service during Article 5 operations (Eagle Assist, Active Endeavour) and for Non-Article 5 NATO operations (ISAF, Balkans, NATO Training Mission-Iraq, and Pakistan). NATO Medal for ISAF Operation Afghan Assist Men and women of the Component who have supported the Operation Afghan Assist for 30 days or longer receive the NATO Medal from Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky. Logistics Wing Commander Col. Gregory Clark holds discussions in the former Sentry Club.Photo Andrea Hohenforst Photo Hay Janssen Photo Andr Joosten


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6 NATO Skywatch 21 October 2011 Text Maureen Geraets-Head Photos Andrea HohenforstWhen you go into the main warehouse area in Hangar II, it feels like entering an Ikea store. Numerous alleys with almost 10 meter high racks and shelves, all numbered. On each shelf are countless stacks of cardboard boxes of various sizes, with mainly yellowcolored labels.Capt. Rolf Kistner, Head of the Main Storage and Distribution Branch, shows me around and explains that this is just one of the storage areas. In this Hangar II warehouse, we store items ranging from aircraft brakes to screws and garbage bags. But the size of the part is an important factor in deciding which of the warehouses it goes to. For instance, we have a storage area in Hangar I for electrical parts, then there are three warehouses and an additional tent in the western section of the base. We also use half of Hangar IV for storage of large aircraft parts like aps, rudders and engines. Additionally, we store spare parts in four other buildings. Within the Logistics Wing Main Storage & Issue Section six military personnel and 17 civilians, 16 of whom are Local Wage Rates, are responsible for the work. The warehouse personnel work in three shifts between 0530 and 2400 and have to be available for on-call duties, including weekends and holidays. The Section is responsible for the storage of 38,159 different products, totaling almost 1.9 million items. These products are stored in 11 different warehouses all over the base, with a total storage space of 12,000 square meters. The value of all these products amounts to 311 million euros. Two hours prior to each ight we have the so-called Red Ball Response period. If a broken part is found or there is a suspicion of a malfunctioning part on the jet, we receive a call from Maintenance. We immediately locate and grab the requested replacement part from the shelf and take it from our warehouse directly to the spot where the jet is parked. This is done without any delay, always within 15 minutes. This is a standard procedure. Im proud of the civilian employees that work here. They are extremely exible in all respects. For instance, when there is a short-notice change in the schedule or when they have to be available for a weekend duty, there is always a volunteer. There is never a dull moment in the main warehouse, whether it is spent cleaning, dusting or counting. And all the workers are trained to use the The on-base Ikea spread over 11 warehouses Nobody can y without supplyMr. Andre Schouten drives the rack-picker along the alley to collect one of the stored products. CMSgt. Josef Steinberg shows the former TCA life rafts which will be auctioned soon. Mr. Sjir Heijnen types in the stock number into the Rotomat to retrieve the desired product. Mr. John Heitlager asks crew chief SSgt. Glenn Hendrix for a signature before handing out the ordered goods.


21 October 2011 NATO Skywatch 7 The on-base Ikea spread over 11 warehouses forklift, the warehouse truck and the rack-picker. The Pick Up and Delivery Unit arranges internal transportation for delivery of goods to and from customers. In addition to all the racks, the main warehouse is equipped with a Robomat, which is a paternoster system with drawers providing enough space to store about 4,000 small items, each of which has an identication number. To retrieve a part, the product number is entered electronically and the shelves revolve until the required product stops at the front, ready to be collected. Once a year, a complete inventory check is conducted by an inspection team. So far, the rating has always been 99+ per cent, an outstanding result. It is not only usable parts that are stored. While we are walking through the main warehouse, CMSgt. Josef Steinberg, the Property Disposal Ofcer appointed by the Commander, explains his duties: Although I fall under the Supply Division, I work independently. When it becomes evident that a product no longer meets our high standards, those goods are stored, waiting to be sold. The company VEBEG GmbH sells these rejected parts on behalf of the Component. Anyone can enter the VEBEG website, which operates on the online auction principle. Steinbergs task is to identify the products concerned and provide the company with all the specics, such as exact description, measurements and photos. He also arranges viewing days at the Component for potential buyers. The customer can bid, and the highest bidder gets to buy the product. Its the customers responsibility to obtain the necessary paperwork before the purchased product can be transported off base. The items range from old aircraft parts and duty vans to work clothes and electrical equipment. Many products are still in good shape, but some are sold as scrap metal, Steinberger tells me. Recently, for example, a Polish company bought the entire stock of old, unusable TCA parts as scrap metal. The sale of old stock raised 72,000 euros in 2010, and so far in 2011 (January-September) the Component has received 83,000 euros from the sale of used products. Visiting the main warehouse was an eye-opener. As I thank CMSgt. Steinberg and Capt. Kistner for their explanations, the latter remarks with a smile, The best thing about our Ikea-like warehouse is that here the customer doesnt have to pay anything. By 1Lt. Randall Broome On 29 September, Flying Squadron Two was privileged to hold an elegant Change of Command ceremony paying tribute to the outgoing commander, Col. Salvatore Melillo, ITAF, and hailing a new commander, Lt.Col. Francesco Candian, ITAF. E-3A Component Operations Wing Commander, Col. John Backstrom, presided over the ceremony. Col. Salvatore Melillo commanded Squadron 2 since last year when he took over from Lt.Col. Ryan Johnson, the current Training Squadron Commander. He will be greatly missed as he proceeds in his career back to Florence, Italy, where he will be a Department Chief in the Air Warfare College. Lt.Col. Francesco Candian, the new Squadron 2 Commander, has moved from his role in Flying Squadron 3 as the Instructor Navigator and the Chief of Navigator section. He has attained more than 3,000 ying hours on ten different types of aircraft as a military navigator and civilian pilot. He now has the privilege to command one of the nest ying squadrons assigned to NATO. Flying Squadron Two was formed in September 1982. The edgling squadrons rst-ever deployment was to support Exercise Maple Flag with only 23 crewmembers and support personnel. Since then, the squadron has participated in ten different real-world operations. In September, Squadron Two ew the 200th E-3A mission for Operation Unied Protector from Forward Operating Base Trapani, Italy. Likewise, this squadron has operated at two deployed locations continuously since January 2011 to support Operation Afghan Assist. Farewell to Col. Melillo as he departs Geilenkirchen to move back to Italy. Good luck to Lt.Col. Candian as the new commander of this superb organization, Flying Squadron Two. Flying Squadron Two has a new Commander Lt.Col. Francesco Candian (left) accepts command of Flying Squadron Two Operations Wing Commander, Col John Backstrom. By Janina Bien Maj.Gen. Joseph Reynes Jr. is the Director of Operations Allied Joint Force Command Headquarters Brunssum (JFC BS) and he is responsible for all operations lead by JFC BS. This includes Operation Afghan Assist (OAA) and so also the mission planning for the E-3A Component. Our NATO Air Base was therefore extremely proud to welcome him here on 7 October. His visit to the E-3A Component started with a tour of the U.S. National Support Unit building and was followed by the traditional signing of the Component Commanders guest book. Brig.Gen. Burkhard Pototzky gave him an in-depth overview brieng and then the VIP party lunched together at the Rotodome. The visit was concluded with a tour of one of our E-3A AWACS, where Maj.Gen. Reynes had the chance to discuss issues with the crew. VIP visit on base Maj.Gen. Joseph Reynes Jr. (left) visit concludes with a tour of a NATO AWACS. Photo Andrea Hohenforst Photo Andrea Hohenforst

PAGE 8 | DIGITAL PRINT & OFFSET CENTREXLDIGITAL PRINT & OFFSET CENTREXLPrints offset and digital Design / DTP Birth/ Weddingcards Personalized mailings Mobile presentation systems Corporate design XL prints Banners (with frames) Manuals Price lists Plastic bags Printed binders Arendstraat 3 6135 KT Sittard Phone +31 (0)46 4582111 Brusselsestraat 134 6211 PJ Maastricht Phone +31 ( 0)43 3256505 To place an advertisement in contactSkywatch is the only authorized NATO AWACS Base Newspaper Hub Durlinge r media Phone +31 (0)46 4529292 Mob ile +31 (0)6 54726473 Monday-Friday 9.30-12.30 and 13.30-16.30 Building H-604, JFC HQ Brunssum, ext. 2492 T +31 (0)45 5262492 E W rf ntr b b ftt b tf Audi A1 3-trg. Attraction 1.2 TFSI 63 kW (86 PS), 5 Gang, Grundpreis ab Werk (inkl. MwSt.), Lackierung: Brillantschwarz, Ausstattung: schw./schw. schw./schw./titangrau, Sonderausstattungen/Zubehr: Comfort-drivePaket, Ablagepaket, Klimaanlage manuell, Mittelarmlehne vorn, Sitzheizung vorn, Radioanlage Chorus, Seitenairbags vorn, Kopfairbag, el. Auenspiegel, ESP, el. FH, Start-Stopp-System, ZV mit FB u.v.m. Finanzierungsbeispiel: + Hauspreis 15.379,00 + berfhrung/Kfz-Brief-Gebhr 597,99 Anzahlung 18,71 % 2.990,00 = Nettodarlehnsbetrag 12.986,99 + Zinsen 814,07 + Bearbeitungsgebhr 454,54 = Darlehnssumme 14.255,60 + Laufzeit: 36 Monate + Nominalzins: p. a. 2,41 % + effektiver Jahreszins (UD): 3,90 % + 35 monatliche Raten: 149,00 + Schlussrate bei 10.000 km/Jahr: 9.040,60 Kraftstoffverbrauch: innerorts 6,2 l/100 km auerorts 4,4 l/100 km kombiniert 5,1 l/100 km CO 2 -Emissionen: kombiniert 118 g/km Alle Werte inkl. 19 % MwSt. Ein Angebot der Audi Bank. Bonitt vorausgesetzt. (l. to r.w): Achim Kfferlein, Martin Deffur, Michael Wittwer, Gerd Caron, Lothar Herfs, Marcel Oellers, Markus Weber, Alfred Deffur, Michael Marx. Jacobs automobile sales team looks forward to your visit: Visit. Watch. And discover.The Audi specialist in your region. Audi A1, 3-door, Attraction 1.2 TFSI 63 kW (86HP), 5-gear, basic price ex works (incl. VAT), Color painting: brilliant black, interior: black/ titan-grey. comfort drive package, depot package, air-conditioning (manual), middle armrest (front), heated seats (front), radio Chorus, side airbags (front), head airbag, electronic mirrors, ESP, electronic window lift, start/stop system, central locking with radio control, and much more. Financing example: Dealers price is + overcrossing / registration document down payment 18,71% + interest rate + administration fee Contract period: 36 months Nominal interest rate Annual percentage rate 35 monthly rates Ending rate with 10,000 km/year Fuel consumption: In town 6.2 l/100 km Out of town 4.4 l/100 km Combined 5.1 l/100 km CO2 emissions: Combined 118 g/km All prices incl. 19% VAT A special offer by Audi Bank. Subject to the condition of credit-worthiness. Rumpenerstraat 49 6443 CC Brunssum Phone +31 (0)45 564 01 58


SnWrl, n gurte!WWW.SNOWWORLD.COM Enjoy a delicious fondue only 23.50 p.p. (kids 16.50) Choice between cheese, sh or meat Culinairy enjoyment!


10 NATO Skywatch 21 October 2011 International Womens Club goes onlineBy Karen Dale The International Womens Club (IWC) season has started. Our rst meeting was an informal cocktail party, which gave everyone a great opportunity to meet again after the summer break. Many new events have been planned and to pass on information we now have a Facebook page. LIKE us on GK International Womens Club to receive regular updates. We also have an email address,, so you can contact the club directly. At the moment the club has representatives from the following countries: Germany, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Norway, The United States and Turkey. These representatives help to plan and coordinate the evenings and keep all their members informed. If you have no representatives, you may be missing out. If you would like to represent your country and join our friendly committee, please email the club. Our aim is to have ladies participating from all the nations on the Component. This is what makes our evenings so much fun. Please mark your calendar: the 16 November event, hosted by the Turkish ladies. 2011/2012 program 16 November Turkey 15 December UK and The Netherlands 19 January Italy 29 February USA 22 March Norway 19 April Spain 24 May Bingo (for members only) So mark your calendars for a great evening! The annual Cross Country Run is scheduled for 4 November at the base Cross Trail. Registration for base personnel, teams and NATO ID card holders can be done on 4 November, between 0900-1030 at the New Gym building. There are six different age categories, including a team run. The run starts at 1100, behind the New Gym. Entry fee is for Component members, for non-Component members. For non-ID card holders, pre-registration is necessary (before 27 Oct). For detailed information please email or call +49 2451 63 4921/6. The presentation of trophies is scheduled for 1300 at the E-3A Club. Photo courtesy Sports DepartmentText and photo Lt.Col. Antje Kalka Autumn time is hedgehog time. During this season, you can see these cute but spiny little animals in many gardens, looking for food and shelter. For hedgehogs the autumn is their last chance to get enough food, because they usually hibernate. Hedgehogs like to hibernate in nests made of shrubs, foliage and brushwood. That is why they are also known in English as hedge-pigs and furze-pigs. But hedgehogs seem to be very exible in choosing their hibernation nest. My garden, for example, has become the habitat for a hedgehog which seems to prefer old dented buckets, tilted and partly lled with foliage, for shelter Hedgehogs are inquisitive. They lick, bite and chew interesting items. When doing so, they produce a white, foam-like saliva that is harmless and should not be confused with symptoms of rabies. Before my hedgehog moved into his new Bucketham Palace, he closely examined an unplugged chain of lights, a pumpkin and a pair of shoes. I wanted to know a little bit more about my curious spiny friend. On the internet I found some interesting information. Did you know that newborn hedgehogs weigh only 12 to 25 grams, the equivalent of four to eight sugar cubes? Or did you know that an adult hedgehog has 6,000 to 8,000 spines, which are in fact hollow hair made stiff with keratin? And can you imagine that some hedgehogs can run at speeds of 4.5 miles per hour or more? Some years ago, it was very popular to collect small hedgehogs and try to get them to hibernate indoors. Conservationists, however, recommend not doing so. It is better to provide them with opportunities for natural hibernation in the garden, such as compost heaps, hedges or piles of brushwood. If fresh water is available in your garden (for example, in a bird bath that is cleaned every day), a hedgehog will be very happy. But please do not feed these cute spiny animals with milk, as it can cause diarrhea or even death. And never give them canned pet food or leftovers from your meals. Hedgehogs are wild animals, not pets, and know how to nd enough food outside. Wildlife in Bucketham Palace SKYWATCHCLASSIFIEDSkywatch Classieds are free to all NATO personnel. Advertisements must be typed, including name, ofce symbol and duty extension. Advertisements for services that generate a regular income will not be accepted. Submissions are due to PAO, mail Stop 33, e-mail:, by noon Thursday, 3 November. Babysitter Responsible and mature teenager (16) would love to look after your little ones while you enjoy a night out. Fluent in English and Dutch Please call 02456-508280 (leave a message) or e-mail to uwoppas@ Winter tires Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo, 4 winter tires, 155x70xR13, used only one season (November 2010-April 2011) for 50 or best offer. Please call Janina Bien, ext. 2483, or email to Training classesFire Extinguisher Training will take place on 2 and 3 November. Training will be conducted in building 311, North area IDT/ICCS Building. This training will start at 1000 each day. Please register with the Fire Department, ext. 4764. Maximum 15 positions per course. First aid training classes are scheduled for 25 October and 29 November (in English) and 26 October and 30 November (in German). The training will be held in building 311 (IDT Container) starting at 0800 and will last all day. Please register via e-mail with MSgt Jrg Rambau, ext. 4639. Dont forget to reset your clock on Sunday morning 30 October (or on Saturday before you go to sleep). The (local) time is set back one hour.Reset your clock Participate in the Cross Country Run


Santa Claus visits the city centre of Geleen On the 18th of December (Shops are open from 12.00 17.00 hr)Kerstplein (Christmas Food Court)2123 December Christmas Decorations, Fire Baskets and moreWentjer Druim Sittard (Winter Dream) 9 December 1 January Christmas Decorations, Ice Skating Candlelight Shopping, Circus and more Extended Holiday Season Opening Hours Su 27/11 Sunday Shopping Sittard Su 11/12 Sunday Shopping Sittard Fri 2/12 Evening Shopping Geleen Su 18/12 Sunday Shopping Sittard & Geleen Su 4/12 Sunday Shopping Geleen Christmas Shopping in Sittard & Geleen Evening Shopping till 21.00 hrs 21 23rd December 21 23rd December 21 23rd December 21 23rd December Santa Claus visits the city centre of Geleen On the 18th of December (Shops are open from 12.00 17.00 hr) (Christmas Food Court) Wentjer Druim Sittard (Winter Dream) 9 December 1 January Christmas Decorations, Ice Skating Candlelight Shopping, Circus and more Candlelight Shopping, Circus and more Extended Holiday Season Opening Hours Christmas Shopping in Sittard & GeleenEvening Shopping till 21.00 hrs 21 23rd December Breukerweg 183, Heerlen, Tel. 045 563 88 88 Willem Alexanderweg 99, Maastricht, Tel. 043 350 30 00 Bergerweg 77, Sittard, Tel. 046 420 66 66 Jacob Romenweg, Tel 0475 322 333 Kelvinstraat 8, Tel 0495 58 49 49 De Sondert 2, Tel 077 4779977 The INSIGNIA The best car weve ever built. From 19.995,-.BENCHMARK. Gemiddeld brandstofverbruik en CO2-uitstoot: liter/100 km: 11,0 3,5; kms/liter: 9,1 28,6; CO2 gr/km 259 94.Opel Insignia vanaf 19.995,excl. BTW en BPM, excl. kosten rijklaar maken en verwijderingsbijdrage. Energielabels en bijtell ing afhankelijk van gekozen uitvoering en motorisatie. Fiscaal voordeel gebaseerd op de huidige wetgeving. Wijzigingen voorbehouden. Afgebeelde modellen kunnen in detail verschillen van de werkelijke uitvoeringen. 41026-043 HEKKERT_INSIGNIA 230x163.indd 1 18-10-11 15:54