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Text and photos Lt.Col. Antje Kalka Many things have changed in recent weeks since our Component has been actively engaged in two operations. Air crews, staff and ground personnel are deployed at FOB Konya and FOB Trapani. On the one hand, we are supporting the NATO-led Operation Unied Protector (OUP). With our E-3A we are part of the broad international effort to protect the people of Libya. OUP is NATOs response within the scope of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya. All members of the Alliance are committed to meeting their responsibilities to halt the violence in that country. On the other hand, we are engaged in Operation Afghan Assist (OAA). We are supporting the Commander of ISAF by coordinating and deconicting the increasingly busy air trafc over Afghanistan. This operation was endorsed by the North Atlantic Council at the end of last year. Media interest in both operations is high, and AWACS as NATOs eye in the sky is always of special interest due to its unique surveillance capabilities. In the photo you see E-3A Component Commander Brig.Gen. Burkhard Pototzky during his visit to Afghanistan last week. Immediately after landing he explained to the media how the AWACS platform contributes with its surveillance capabilities to the vitally important task of enhancing airspace security.NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen 1 April 2011 Volume 27, No. 6Next NATO Skywatch: 15 April Submissions due by: 7 April Aircraft Maintenance See page 6 and 7 Component active in Operations Afghan Assist and Unied Protector Component Commander Brig.Gen. Burkhard Pototzky during his visit to Afghanistan last week. Brig.Gen. Burkhard Pototzky (left) meets with personnel from Geilenkirchen and Konya at Forward Operating Base Konya, Turkey.


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1 April 2011 NATO Skywatch 3 NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their Volume 27, No. 6 1 April 2011 own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Email articles and classied advertisements to For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (0) 46 452 9292, cellphone +31 (0)6 5472 6473 or Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To read the NATO Skywatch online visit Commander Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky Chief, Public Affairs Lt.Col. Antje Kalka Editors Mrs. Maureen Geraets-Head Mrs. Janina BienBy Janina Bien On 21 March 2011, 20 personnel from Forward Operating Location (FOL) rland arrived on base in Geilenkirchen and were then deployed to the Forward Operating Bases (FOB) in Trapani and Konya. Norway formally approved the deployment of these personnel to those FOBs for approximately four weeks. A7 (Exercise and Training Division), which is responsible for coordinating and managing Componentwide preparations, exercises and associated activities to ensure successful execution of the mission, was tasked with Logistics Wing to organize the allocation of these volunteers to Trapani and Konya. A small social reception followed after the photo session to extend a cordial welcome to the FOL contingent. We very much appreciate your help and your contribution in supporting our colleagues on the FOBs, said Lt.Col. Gerald Probst, Logistics Wing Deputy (LWD). Capt. Egil Rnning, who has been working for the Component for more than 19 years, took up this theme. Because of the current situation, we want to participate and support our colleagues and friends in order to cover these operations, he said. FOL rland personnel to Trapani and KonyaThe Norwegian military during a stop-over in Geilenkirchen on their way south. Photo Andrea Hohenforst By Janina Bien On 21 March Mrs. Elke Hoff, a Free Democratic Party (FDP) member of the German Bundestag, and local political representatives visited our E-3A Component. Mrs. Hoff was warmly welcomed by Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky and the visit commenced with an ofcial brieng about the Component. This meeting was organized in order to discuss and give an update on noiserelated issues, including preparation for operations in support of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In addition the attendees received the opportunity to see an E-3A after the meeting. Mrs. Hoff is a member of the Defence Committee of the German Bundestag as well as a member of its Sub-Committee on Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. Additionally she is an alternate member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and a spokeswoman on Security Policy for the FDP parliamentary group.German politician visits Component Mrs. Elke Hoff signing the Component guest book.Photo Andrea Hohenhorst


4 NATO Skywatch 1 April 2011 By Capt. Wilko ter Horst Communication What is communication? Just spend an hour or so Googling it and youll nd plenty of denitions for what it means. Academics universally agree that communication is a process of exchanging information. It means trying to make something clear to someone else. If we expressed this process as a formula, it would look like this: Communication = information coding transmitting receiving decoding information. We know what information we want to communicate, so we code it by converting the thought into language. This language is the same as the language of the recipient the person receiving the message. The coded information is then transmitted to that person. This can be done by means of the spoken word, but also by e-mail, SMS or body language, for example. It is also important that the recipient has a means of receiving the coded message. The incoming message is now decoded by the recipient. Only then is he or she able to process the information. It is even more important that the recipient noties the sender of the message that it has been correctly received. This can be done in many ways: sending a reply by SMS, carrying out the task, acknowledging by e-mail, or simply saying you have understood the message. If any of these steps in the communication process fails to take place, then this is known as malfunction. This malfunction is the reason why a message goes astray. An e-mail does not arrive, there is no incoming connection for the SMS, or the recipient does not understand what someone says. The communication process looks fairly simple. It is therefore very strange that people often misunderstand what others tell them or do not understand each other at all. Is communication really so difcult? Yes, it is. In fact you could say its amazing that it sometimes does work well. This may seem exaggerated, but its something that happens to all of us on an almost daily basis. A couple of simple examples: You go off to the supermarket with a shopping list that you were given as you left your house. It says something to go on the bread, something to drink for you and the kids, just decide what you want to eat, something to put on toast and a couple of bottles of soft drink. Easy, huh? Should you call home or just grab something at random? Those well-known expressions: I thought that you, but you were supposed to, surely I understood what you meant? Or words to the same effect. We all recognize them. This is something that happens to everyone, including me. If communication fails, we often try to remedy the situation by immediately assuming that the other person did not understand our message properly or was not listening to what we said. Apologies on all sides. But we rarely point an accusing nger at ourselves. Perhaps it is a good idea to look for our own mistakes once in a while. Why did communication go wrong and how can we prevent this next time? Maybe we can try to prevent it by asking the recipient to give us feedback. Did the recipient really understand the message? Did I communicate my message clearly, or was it ambiguous? So just ask for conrmation or feedback before any further action. This can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and annoyance. The only way to learn how to communicate is to take a look at yourself. (Original text in Dutch. Translation by Language Services Ofce)What is communication?Commemoration train stopped in Geilenkirchen German citizens committees initiated a special train in 2007 to commemorate the Nazi deportation of more than 12,000 Jewish children. The train takes the same route as Reichsbahn trains that went to their home towns at that time. A mobile exhibition, installed in several wagons, illustrates the fate of the deportees. The organizers particularly hope to motivate young people to search for traces of the deported children in their towns. The train stopped in Geilenkirchen last week and is scheduled to visit other stations in the Aachen area until 8 April. Dren (1 and 2 April) Aachen (3-6 April) Schleiden (7 April) Hellenthal (8 April) The Commemoration Train initiative now aims to expand this commemorative event to draw attention to the European dimension of this major crime. According to estimates, over one million children and young people from almost all countries on the continent were transported to their deaths by the Reichsbahn. Many of those responsible for the crime were never punished. You can also nd more information on Text and photos CMSgt. Claus Cohnen A group of students discussing with one of the organizers of the commemoration train. The map shows the deportation of Jewish children throughout Europe.


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6 NATO Skywatch 1 April 2011 Text Capt. Ken Fravor Photos Andrea Hohenforst Since the inception of various Air Forces around the globe, there have been hundreds and even thousands of stories of pilots and aircrew members, who have performed feats of valor during combat and peacetime operations. Some of these stories that are seldom told are about the aircraft maintainer. The term aircraft maintainer is a general one, in that there are many specialties in todays maintenance workforce. Mission Success The Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (AMS) is one of the largest squadrons on base and is currently comprised of 221 maintainers who are assigned to four diverse branches. The primary mission of AMS is to generate combat and training sorties safely, effectively and on-time. This truly international team from 13 technical trades ensures our 17 E-3A aircraft are maintained to the highest standards. The proof of this quality maintenance is the Components ongoing commitment to simultaneously support ISAF, Operations Active Endeavour (OAE), Afghan Assist (OAA) and Unied Protector missions. To date, AMS has produced 95 sorties and over 1,140 combat hours in support of ISAF and 52 sorties with 381 hours in support of OAE. Maintaining this combat capability and airworthiness in a eet of aircraft over 30 years old is no minor feat for the men and women of AMS. Generate and Sustain Bringing together and leading this talented team of maintainers is Lt. Col. Heiko Lambert, Squadron Commander, supported by AMS Supervision, Capt. Ken Fravor and CMSgt. Abrahim Sezer. It is a unique opportunity to lead such a diverse workforce, both military and civilian in dynamic times like these, Lt. Col. Lambert says, referring to his squadrons continued support to generate ISAF and OAE sorties. The largest entity in AMS is the aircraft inspection and ight line branch. This branch is at the core of the mission, generating and sustaining combat sorties. The generating portion is the task of the ight line section. This section consists of highly trained crew chiefs that launch, recover and service the aircraft in support of 24/7 operations. The sustaining portion is the job of the inspection or phase section. This is when the aircraft is removed from the daily ying schedule and placed in the hangar for scheduled maintenance. This is the perfect time to inspect areas that are not normally opened while the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, an overview Photo right: Electrical & Environment Technicians Patrick Feyer and Giuseppe Giordano carrying out inventory aircraft parts before performing a maintenance task. Photo below: Sgt. Randy Dowden assisting Mr. Armin Joeris with engine generator servicing. AFNORTH International School is registered in The Netherlands as a Dutch foundation. It is a school sponsored by four nations: Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The schools mandate is to educate the children of military members, who are stationed at Allied Joint Force Command Headquarters in Brunssum and the military bases in the surrounding area. Children from various countries may attend AFNORTH International School. The International Department is looking for a substitute school nurse for the end of school year 2010-2011 and the following school year 2011-2012. The position is an on-call contract. The position is a Local Wage Rate (LWR) post in scale 7 (Dutch Ministry of Defense civil service scales). Within the International Department the Partner Language team is responsible for teaching German in the International section and English in the German section. The team is looking for two substitute GSL teachers (on-call contract) for the school year 2011-2012. The positions are Local Wage Rate (LWR) posts in pay scale 9 (Dutch Ministry of Defense civil service scales). For more information please contact AFNORTH International School, attn. Mr. R.Bindels, Ferdinand Bolstraat 1, 6445 EE Brunssum or email to announcements International Civilian Consultants are civilians employed by ISAF in support of specialized mission requirements, which are normally performed by military personnel or by NATO International Civilians (NIC) in peacetime headquarters. This category of civilians include nationals of NATO member countries or non-NATO member ISAF Troop Contributing Nations (TCNs), which can provide NATO recognized security clearances. The duty location is Afghanistan. Salaries range from 3,877 up to 7,765. Monthly daily allowances amount to approximately 5. For details regarding vacancies such as: Journalist, Interpreter/ Translator, Human Resources, Theatre LAN/WAN Manager, MS Ofce Sharepoint Service Engineer, Radio Editor. Go to: article/isaf-vacancies.Vacancies of International Civilian Consultants (ICC) postsBy Maj. Peter Gerisch In response to popular demand and just in time for spring, the Services Branch is proud to announce the opening of the Rotodome terrace on 4 April 2011. An ofcial opening ceremony will take place at 1045 (weather permitting). The terrace is located on the south side of the Rotodome along Cinchan Avenue. It provides a cozy seating area for 40 patrons. Rotodome customers may take their food trays out to the terrace area and enjoy their meal or even just drink a coffee sitting in the sun. 0n 4 and 5 April, weather permitting, the Food Services Section would like to invite you to a free ice cream on the terrace between 1100 and 1400. Looking forward to seeing you there!Rotodome opens terrace Josef Gehlen and Michael Jasch from BwDLZ Aachen constructing the new outdoor terrace to be ready at the beginning of April. Photo Janina Bien


1 April 2011 NATO Skywatch 7 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, an overview aircraft is executing the daily ying schedule. This process is very surgical in that there are specic work card items that must be followed step by step and inspected by all shops before the aircraft is deemed cleared for ight. Additional Support In order to generate and sustain sorties, it not only takes the efforts of phase and ight line, but there are numerous other sections that play a vital role in the daily accomplishment of the Components ying mission. There is not enough space in this article to give a comprehensive look at all the shops in AMS, but I will attempt to briey highlight each shop and its contribution to the ying mission. Under the Maintenance Support Branch, the Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) specialists perform periodic maintenance as well as ensure serviceable AGE is ready to support aircraft maintenance. Also under this branch are the CTK tool rooms and the Squadrons Technical Orders (T.O.) Library. This is where all tools are stored and accounted for after each shift and where all T.O.s are tracked, monitored and updated. The Fabrication Branch delivers a unique capability. There are numerous trades assigned to this branch and all are related to ensuring the aircraft structure is sound. They include Non-Destructive Inspection, Machine Shop, Welding, Structural Repair and Life Support. The professionals from the Electrical/Environmental, Propulsion, Fuselage (Hydraulic) Shop, Fuel System Repair & Maintenance, Heavy Maintenance (R&R) and Wheel and Tire shops are all members of the Aircraft Systems Branch. These highly motivated individuals not only perform routine maintenance, but are standing by before each sortie to resolve any red ball actions (maintenance issues that arise within two hours before take off). There are a few more professionals without whom the AMS mission would fail. They are the admin personnel that process orders, often on short notication. Also, there are individuals that take pride in posting updates to our Technical Order Library to ensure our technicians are using the most up-to-date resources. Next time you see an E-3A depart, remember the often overlooked or forgotten maintainers that take pride in generating and sustaining the eet at Geilenkirchen and in deployed locations. AMS is a vital part of the Components overall team. Mr. John Amos, Crew Chief Trainer, explains technical order procedures to SSgt. Markus Dovern.


8 NATO Skywatch 1 April 2011 By Natalino Giangiulio 30 March 1861: Two weeks after its ofcial proclamation, Italian unication was welcomed by Great Britain and Switzerland, followed on 13 April 1861 by the United States of America. The belief began to spread that Italian unication might be an element of stability for the whole continent of Europe and that instead of being a land of conict a unied Italy, due to its favorable geographical location, could be an effective obstacle to the expansionist tendencies of both France and the Habsburg Empire. On 17 March 1861 the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in Turin approved document number 4671, ofcially proclaiming Italy as a newly born nation. The new kingdom was born in about two years, from the spring of 1859 to the spring of 1861, in a peninsula that was previously divided among seven states. The military victory of the Franco-Piedmont forces in 1859 resulted in gradual crumbling of the various Italian states that had tied their fate to the presence of Austria in the peninsula. This process ended with the proclamation of King Vittorio Emanuele II of Italy. At the end of World War II, a famous Swiss historian, Mr. Werner Kaegi wrote: Italy had a genuine national consciousness ve centuries before unication, with ancient cultural origins but without political form. Special thanks to Chief of Staff and our Civilian Personnel Division, who allowed us to celebrate this memorable event. 150 years of unied Italy To celebrate the 150th anniversary of unication, 17 March 2011 was declared a national holiday in Italy. This event was also celebrated by Italian civilians employed at the NATO E-3A Component in Geilenkirchen. Photo Andr Joosten By Karen Dale 17 March 2011 was St Patricks Day. What better day for the Canadian members of the International Womens Club to celebrate the Irish inuence on Canadas history! The E-3A Club was decorated in vibrant shades of green, and most ladies attending managed to nd some green clothing or jewelry to wear to complete the theme. Piles of leprechaun gold were on every table and members were invited to guess how many pieces there were. Just like fairy gold, the pieces seemed to disappear magically after people had made their guess. Our ladies are so competitive! A Canadian function would not be complete without moose milk and there was a bowlful on offer to greet the ladies, along with special imported Canadian coffee. The main part of the evening was introduced by the beautiful voice of Nancy Freelander, singing O Canada, the Canadian national anthem. During the evening the Canadian ladies entertained us with traditional Irish songs and a slideshow of stunning Canadian scenery. Nation was pitted against nation in a potato sack race. This proved to be a real game of skill on a polished wooden oor! The Turkish ladies leapt to victory to take the prize. Dinner was a traditional Irish stew, served imaginatively in a bread loaf with coleslaw and pickles in the color of the Irish tricolor. This was followed by the hotly contested rafe. A big thank you to the Canadian ladies for all their hard work and preparation. Due to spouses work commitments we had fewer numbers than usual, but they didnt let that spoil the evening.Component women turn E-3A Club green Photos Janina Bien Next eventThe next meeting is on Thursday 14 April and not on 21 April as previously advertised. The Dutch ladies invite you to experience the Dutch Golden Age, when the Dutch East India Company sailed the spice route to the East and Dutch painters such as Rembrandt were ourishing. There will be Indonesian food to try and real Delft ware to look at and to win in the rafe. A surprise dance group will be appearing. We hope all ladies can join us for this evening, so please mark 14 April in your diary. The entertainment starts at 1900; please arrive earlier to be seated in time.


1 April 2011 NATO Skywatch 9 By CMSgt. Claus Cohnen Since October last year the new MWA system has been in place, providing rst-hand experience and the dynamic process of improving the food services system is still ongoing. Clients and Rotodome personnel are currently having to cope with additional stress at lunch time, when regular meals and fast food are served simultaneously in the same facility. As cost effectiveness is essential, outsourcing parts of the service to a civil contractor is one of the options under discussion. Leadership obviously wants feedback from Component members and the Rotodome personnel concerned, so a survey campaign has just been launched. Initial contacts for outsourcing parts of the food services system have been made and proposals submitted. Three well-known fast food chains responded to the Components initiative, with McDonalds and Burger King offering the classic model and Subway presenting an alternative version of Fast Food. In line with the 30% discount for MWA Card holders, all three contractors agreed to recruit at least 30% of their personnel from MWA employees and the new service will operate in the Sentry Club. Before making a denite decision on the proposed new service, leadership wants to hear the views of the Component members. MWA Food Services Concept:Soon to come on base? Return / drop off until 3 AprilPlease only use one coupon per person. Tick your preference and drop the coupon in a box at the Public Affairs Ofce, Building 222 (HQ), until 3 April.


10 NATO Skywatch 1 April 2011 MWA Card Issuing Ofce MWA Cards are now being issued in Bldg. 80 (Services Branch Accounting Section), room 16. Ofce opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 0900-1130 & 1300-1500; Fri: 09001130. An MWA Card costs 60 for everyone for a period of twelve months (payment only in cash). As an MWA Card holder you will receive a 30% discount on all food/beverage items purchased at the E-3A Club/ Rotodome, and also on participation in all MWA programs on Base. You will also receive the Food Services Newsletter and the weekly Rotodome menu by e-mail, if you wish. E-3A Club upcoming events 24 April Easter Brunch 28 April Spring Dance 8 May Mothers Day Brunch 20 May Whisky tasting (limited seats) Sports Department Opening hours Mon-Fri: 06002100. Weekends: 0800-2000 (summer schedule hours) (Hours extended in accordance with MWAC meeting minutes 09/10, dated 12 Nov 2010) No Sports staff available at the New Gym Mon-Thurs after 1700 and Friday after 1430. Patrons wishing to check out equipment need to do so before the above-mentioned times. Management apologizes for this inconvenience. All Component personnel are authorized to utilize the sports facilities free of charge. However, participation in sports classes with instructor, i.e. spinning, aerobics, dance classes, etc. is restricted to personnel in possession of a valid MWA Membership Card. Dependants are required to be in possession of a valid membership card to utilize the Gym. Daily checks will be conducted. Summer utilization schedule for Old Gym, New Gym and MultiPurpose Room, Deadline registration 15 April 2011. Start: 2 May 2011 Upcoming Sports Events Jogging Cross, 3.5 km or 7 km 13 April, 1130-1300. Different age categories. Deadline Registration: 11 April 2011 Outdoor Soccer League, 4 May-8 June Participation for E-3A Component, JFC Brunssum, USAG Schinnen and ZVBw Niederheid. Deadline Registration 15 April 2011. Playing period: Week 18, Week 23 (4 May8 June). Game days/times: Mon & Wed 1100 & 1200, 2 elds. Opening Swimming Pool 4 May 2011, at 1100 International Library Operating hours 1100-1500, Monday through Friday, ext. 4956. The International Library, situated in Bldg. 96, offers a large variety of books, periodicals, audio and video materials. The regular book collection contains over 12.000 books and is broken into 9 language categories: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian and Turkish. In addition to the regular collection, there is a paperback book exchange, the McNaughton book Collection, assorted university text, and a large juvenile section with over 2.500 childrens books. 40 periodicals in the English language and the daily Stars and Stripes can be read in the relaxed atmosphere at our library. Our audio resources include more than 500 music CDs and 50 language courses and audio books. Also, more than 650 DVDs for adults and children are available as well as 6 public computers for Internet use. All is free of charge for all NATO ID card holders (small charge for usage of copy machine (A3 and A4) and printer for Internet pages). International Youth Activities Information and registration at the IYA Ofce in Bldg 95, ext. 4954, 4955 Easter Egg Hunt & games On Monday, 18 April, at 1430 the IYA is sponsoring a big Easter Egg Hunt for all children on the IYA playground behind Bldg. 95. Make sure to join the fun, meet the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs and enjoy seasonal games and attractions. There is no fee. Rain delay date is Tuesday, 19 April. Easter Break Trip Legoland, Sea Life for children aged 5 and older: 20 April, 0830-1745. The children can be dropped off from 0745. Legoland boasts a 4D cinema, dragon ride and adventure trail. Exhibits include Hall of Heroes, cities, landscapes, animals, etc. Construct projects with thousands of Lego bricks in the Build and Test Centre. See the wonders you can create with hands-on tuition from professional Lego model builders, and discover how the bricks are manufactured on the factory tour. At Sea Life you watch sharks, rays, green turtles, seahorses, star sh and many more marine inhabitants through giant panoramic windows. Enjoy the views of the walk-through tunnel and the huge tropical sea tank. Cost is 32 per child, 25 with your valid MWA Card. Chaperones go free. We stop for lunch at the famous food court of the Centro mall in Oberhausen offering a wide choice of food counters. Or you can bring a packed lunch. Easter Break program for children aged 5 and older: 11-21 April, 0745 to 1745. Enjoy fun games, exciting contests, egg hunt, arts and crafts, sports and hikes, free play, special projects, movies and much more. Session I, 11-15 April, cost including lunch on Friday: 70 for 1 child, 140 for 2 children, and 175 for three or more children. MWA Card prices 52.50 for 1 child, 105 for 2 children, and 131.25 for three or more children. Session II, 18-21 April, cost including eld trip to Legoland and Sealife on Wednesday and lunch on Thursday: 82 for 1 child, 164 for 2 children, and 205 for three or more children. MWA Card prices: 62 for 1 child, 124 for 2 children, and 155 for three or more children. Daily rates: 17 without lunch, 21.50 with lunch. MWA Card prices: 12 without lunch, 15 with lunch. Trip to the Rhine Valley with cruise Enjoy the magnicent scenery of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its enchanting historic castles and green vineyards on a panorama cruise from St. Goar to Koblenz on Saturday, 21 May, 0800-2000. You will have the opportunity to walk around the beautiful old town of St. Goar and visit the famous city of Koblenz with all its attractions, stores and restaurants at the conuence of the Rivers Rhine and Mosel. Our luxury bus departs from outside the Main Gate. Cost including your ticket for the 2.25-hour cruise is 42.50 for ages 14 to adult, 27 per child aged 4 to 13, and 20 per child aged 0 to 3; MWA Card holders 32 for ages 14 to adult, 20 per child aged 4 to 13, and 15 per child aged 0 to 3. Trip to Bruges On Saturday, 9 April, 0730-2030, you can join the IYA to explore one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Walking along the maze of winding cobbled alleys and romantic canals, you imagine yourself to be in medieval times. In 2000, UNESCO included the entire historic city center on the World Heritage list. Beside the wealth of architectural and artistic treasures you will nd a huge variety of stores, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Our luxury bus departs from the parking lot outside the Main Gate. Cost is 23.50 per person, or 16.50 per person for MWA Card holders. Thrift Shop Opening hours 1000-1400 every Tuesday and Thursday, ext. 4919.MWA INFORMA TIONApril Book and DVD donationBy Mrs. Belinda Vogel-Smith The E-3A Component community has again demonstrated its unied readiness to support a worthwhile campaign. We have received an overwhelming response to our appeal for book and DVD donations for deployed personnel. Our sincere thanks to all the donors. The rst boxes have now been own out and were enthusiastically received. The campaign is still on-going. Donations can be handed in at the Central Registry in Building 5 or forwarded through the internal mail. Mrs. Belinda Vogel-Smith (left) and Mrs. Angelika Krfer sorting out hundreds of books at the Central Registry.Photo Andrea Hohenforst