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Next NATO Skywatch: 18 December Submissions due by: 10 December Component members swam 65 km for charity See page 6NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen 4 December 2009 Volume 25, No. 23First some background. MWA activities are self-sustaining, which means they are not funded by the nations. They are partially paid for by fees or contributions from the people that actually use specic services, but the vast majority of the money comes from concessionaires (such as the NATEX, DER Travel Agency, the Barber Shop, the Dresdner Bank) and from billeting charges for on-base accommodation. Until recently the income from the concessionaires enabled MWA activities like the IYA and the Component Clubs to keep operating, even at a decit. However, this year has seen a sort of perfect storm requiring change in the way MWA does business. The rst factor causing this storm is a change in the German Foreign Forces Customs Act and the fact that Germany has seriously begun enforcing tax and customs rules and regulations, leaving the Component with a tax bill of more than one hundred thousand Euros that has to be paid. Beyond this local and temporary nancial dip, there is the more fundamental issue of the NATO budget as a whole. Continuous operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere are placing a burden on NATO budgets for operations and infrastructure. It is widely recognized that NATO has to become more efcient. This includes our operations at the Component. In addition to the present tax bill and future budget pressures, the PE review is imposing a reduction in the total number of people employed at the base, thus cutting the future customer base for MWA. More specically, the review requires cuts in the International Dining Hall (IDH) area. One of the reasons the IDH has so far been able to operate for the benet of all of us here on base at such great prices was that the payroll costs for IDH staff were on the internationally funded PE and therefore did not have to be paid by MWA. The meal price only covered costs of the raw food items needed to prepare the meals. This international funding is now to be withdrawn, with the result that Services Squadron will take over the IDH facility and operate it under a new name as part of the MWA System. In view of all these factors a complete restructuring of current MWA services is essential so that the underlying system remains solvent. The main objective of all these measures is to continue to serve good quality food for a reasonable price and maintain all other services to the maximum extent possible. Leadership is committed to keeping cost increase as minimal as possible. We need a good, sustainable system with a bright future. We had to make some tough decisions but we have to accept the new system if we want to continue to offer our MWA activities, said Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky. Here are the upcoming changes: In the future, the Rotodome catering facility will replace the IDH. Breakfast and lunch will be served during weekday timeframes similar to the schedule currently provided by the IDH. As payroll costs have to be covered from the MWA budget, an increase in price will be necessary. Details of menus and pricing are not yet available, but the philosophy will change from all you can eat to pay for what you eat. The Rotodome will continue to offer various meal choices, but at different prices. A steak with French Fries and salad will be more expensive than a simple pasta meal. Another change will involve the infrastructural merger of the Ofcers Club and Frisbee Club into one consolidated E-3A Club building. The two separate membership associations will continue to exist, but facilities such as restaurants and bars will be shared. Individual functions organized for either club will be available on request only. The Ofcers Club infrastructure will be used because the layout can support more services than the Frisbee Club building. The E-3A Club will open for Bar service over lunchtime hours and la carte dinner will be served Monday through Friday and every other Sunday. The Sentry Club hours will remain approximately the same, the Bavarian Keller and Red Lion will only be open upon request as party locations. Another signicant change to help offset higher costs is the new MWA Card. This card system, scheduled for implementation during the middle of next year, will replace the old Club Card system and will incorporate several new privileges. Each MWA membership covers the member and his or her family. Membership will be mandatory for the use of all recreational MWA activities (IYA, Pre-School, Library, Thrift Shop). MWA Membership will also be mandatory for nonComponent workers wishing to use the Sports Department or participate in courses. Lastly, MWA membership is required for use of the Bavarian Keller. MWA Card holders will receive a 30% price discount at the Rotodome, Sentry Club and E-3A Club. The gymnasium can still be used by NATO military members without a card. The annual fee structure of the MWA Card will be as follows: 2 for NCOs/Bgrades, 20 for OF/A-1 & OF/A-2, Contractors, and Guests, and 50 for OF/A-3 and above. The reorganization will also involve a review of the fee and contribution system. This review is currently underway. By 1 March 2010 Services Squadron will take over the food service provider role and the new Food Service System will be implemented. The implementation of the MWA Card is scheduled for July 2010. Until that date, current due-paying Club members will receive the discounts envisaged for MWA Cardholders and the current membership fees will remain in place.Good Food for a Good PriceGood food for a good price, is what Component leadership tried to keep in mind as they made the decision on the upcoming Services reorganization. Here is a breakdown of what is going to happen, when its happening and why its happening. The catalyst for this change is the Peacetime Establishment review, which is due to receive the nations approval in December. Leaderships nal decisions on the services reorganization plan take many factors into account and are based on the assumption that the PE review will be approved by the North Atlantic Council. By Capt. Jolene Ortiona Slide 7of 12 New MWA CardAnnual Fee NCOs and B-1 to B-572 OF-1/2 and A-1/2 120 Contractors and Guests 120 OF-3s/A-3s and Above 150 MWA MEMBERSHIP CARD Old Club CardAnnual Fee OF-1/2 120 OF-3


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4 December 2009 NATO Skywatch 3 By IMP Windscreen wipers You should check your windscreen wipers to make sure the blades are in good working condition and ready for the wintertime. Keep your windscreen washers clear of obstructions. Keep the washer bottle full and your wipers in good working order. Black ice and dirty roads Beware of suddenly changing road conditions. In recent years quite a few component members have found out the hard way that their intended direction of travel did not match with the forces of gravity and traction. Do your tires have sufcient tread and are they suitable for the weather conditions? Use of winter tires According to paragraph 2 of the German Road Trafc Act all vehicles have to be equipment adapted to the weather conditions. This includes especially suitable tires and de-icing material inside the windscreen washer system. Winter tires are not mandatory in Germany, but if the vehicle is not equipped as mentioned it probably causes insurance problems. Use of lights, fog and parking lights Please ensure that all your vehicle lights are clean and in working order. Fog lights may only be used when visibility is reduced to 50 meters or less. Parking light is only to be used for enhancing the visibility of a parked vehicle. Fog is one of the most dangerous hazards a driver will have to face. An accident to one vehicle ahead can quickly involve many others. Slow down and keep a safe distance. When following another vehicle in fog, leave enough space to stop. There is always the possibility of an unforeseen hazard ahead, which may cause the vehicle in front of you to make an emergency stop. Excess idling It is a violation of Host Nation Trafc Law and E-3A Component Order 3.4-1 to leave a vehicle in idle for more than 3 minutes. This occurs, for instance, when a vehicle is turned on to warm up the engine while clearing ice from the windows. Clearing a vehicle windows from ice All windows must be cleared from ice before a vehicle may be operated. In 1997 a vehicle, while crossing Rommelstrasse in the off base housing area, walking towards the Main Gate, struck a component member. The operator of the vehicle was waiting for an opportunity to enter Lilienthalallee and, because he had only cleared a small portion of his windshield, did not see the component member who walked in front of his vehicle as he launched forward. For the trafc safety on base, the IMPs & Civil Guards as the Gate Entry Controllers are advised to deny access to all vehicles when their windows are not cleared from ice. Finally, please take special care when operating a vehicle during darkness or low visibility. Take special attention on the important things around you and do not let yourself be distracted by i.e. advertisement signs that have no bearing on your operation of the vehicle. Drive safely! NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofcial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW&CF E-3A Component by HOUX DIGIPRINT, Arendstraat 3, 6135 KT Sittard, +31 (0)46 4582111. Opinions expressed by contributors are their Volume 25, No. 23 4 December 2009 own and do not necessarily reect the ofcial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Send articles and classied advertisements to the NAEW&F E-3A Component Public Affairs (PA), Postfach 433007, D-52511 Geilenkirchen, or base distribution Mail Stop 33. Call PA at (02451) 632480 or fax (02451) 7936 or e-mail For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger media at +31 (0) 46 452 9292, fax +31 (0) 46 452 9285 or Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. To see the NATO Skywatch online visit Commander Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky Chief, Public Affairs Capt. Jolene Ortiona Editor SMSgt. Johan Hijmenberg It is with great sadness to report the passing of one of our own. On 23 November the Italian Air Force lost a C130 during a mishap at Pisa Air Base. Among the ve crew members that were lost in the accident was one, who was known to a lot of us: CMSgt. Gianluca Larice. Gianluca served as a Communication Operator (CO) on the Component from 10 April 2003 until 30 April 2007. After graduating from Basic Training he ew in Squadron 1 and joined the Aircrew Training Squadron in the summer of 2005. In his job as an instructor CO and section chief he showed great dedication and was well-liked by fellow instructors and students. Far and few were the moments when he did not smile or have the time to listen to the problems of others and he was always ready to help on or off the job. Gianluca, you will be missed as a friend and fellow aviator.In Memoriam Make sure you and your vehicle are prepared This helicopter landed at Geilenki r c hen Air Base Do y ou kn o w what it is? SEE P A GE 7 The Airbus A300 (B4 Cargo), which landed on 22 July at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen, is a shortto medium range widebody aircraft, which is a large airliner with two passengers aisles, also known as a twin-aisle aircraft. Its the worlds first twin-engine widebody and, launched in 1972, the first product of the Airbus consortium of European aerospace companies, wholly owned to day by EADS. Airbus Industry was formally set up in 1970 following an agreement between Arospatiale (France), the antecedents to Deutsche Aerospace (Germany). They were to be joined by the Spanish CASA in 1971. Each company would deliver its sections as fully equipped, ready-to-fly items. In 1972 the A300 made its maiden flight. The first production model, the A300 B2, entered service in 1974. Initially the success of the consortium was poor, but by 1979 there were 81 aircraft in service. It was the launch of the A320 in 1981 that established Airbus as a major player in the aircraft market. The A300 B4 was the major production version and features a centre fuel tank for increased fuel capacity. Production of the B2 and B4 totalled 248. Photo Amn David Pohl The E-3A Component spends a small fortune of its yearly budget on heating, cooling, lighting and other energy uses. Your utility bill at home may be an inconvenient truth as well. You and your co-workers can help reduce operating costs in the ofce and at your home place. You have countless possibilities to save energy without putting convenience at risk and protect the environment by cutting back greenhouse gas or carbon dioxide emissions. LIGHTING An average household dedicates 10% of its energy budget to lighting. Turn off lights at home, in ofces, conference areas and lunchrooms when rooms are not in use for more than 10 minutes. Use task lighting instead of overhead lighting. Replace incandescent light bulbs with linear uorescent tubes or compact uorescent light bulbs. Fluorescent lamps are ve times more efcient than incandescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light and last longer. Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, offer better light quality than incandescent bulbs, last 25 times as long, and use even less energy than compact uorescent light bulbs. Controls such as timers, motion sensors and photocells save electricity by turning lights off when not in use.Energy saving tips


4 NATO Skywatch 4 December 2009 Text and photos CMSgt. Claus Cohnen Walking around in the Tri-Border region you often hear people talking about Holland as a country, which is formally incorrect. North and South Holland are just two of the formerly eleven (and now twelve) Dutch provinces. Frequent ooding of coastal areas led to the building of major protective dikes in the Rhine Delta and resulted in the creation of new land which became the new twelfth province of Flevoland in 1986. These twelve provinces constitute the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The capital is Amsterdam and the seat of government is the Hague. A bit of history The Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy since 1815 and a parliamentary democracy since 1848. Queen Beatrix is currently the monarch and the head of state. Constitutionally the position is endowed with limited powers. The monarch can exert some inuence during the formation of a new cabinet by serving as neutral arbiter between the political parties. The country is part of the Benelux economic union (formed by Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). In 2008, the Economist ranked the Netherlands as the fourth most democratic country in the world. Another prominent Dutch city is Maastricht, where the European Union (EU) Treaty was signed. Among the provisions of this treaty was the establishment of the European Monetary Union with the aim of facilitating international trade, reinforcing the European economy and making payments easier through the use of only one currency, now known as the Euro. The way in which European countries come together can be seen on the German-Dutch border in Kerkrade Herzogenrath. Separated from 1968 to 1994 by a low wall in the middle of the street, Dutch and German people lived face to face, sometimes organizing common activities such as watching soccer games between two strong European football rivals. Now the trafc ows on one common road and the only sign of its former appearance is a small remnant of the Leiconwall on a roundabout. Geography Today, approximately 27 percent of the Netherlands is below sea level. This area is home to over 60 per cent of the countrys population of 15.8 million people. The country has an approximate average elevation of 11 meters (36 feet). The Netherlands claims to have the lowest point in Western Europe: Prince Alexander Polder, which lies 7 meters (23 feet) below sea level. On the other hand the highest point, Vaalserberg, has an elevation of only 321 m. It is situated at the Tri-Border Point near Aachen, which is a good starting location for discovering the attractive hilly countryside along the Mergelland Route. Back to what the Dutch are also well known for. Gouda cheese, tulips, Delftware potery and windmills are items that people typically associate with the Netherlands. So are wooden clogs. These are a type of footwear widely worn in the past by workers to protect their feet in factories, mines and farms. Some participants even wear them during the traditional four-day marches in Nijmegen. The Dutch are also known as a nation of travellers. They often cover short distances in their home country by bike, using the nationwide cycle path network. When they visit other European countries youll often see their cars towing caravans. Wherever the Dutch travel, they benet from their tradition of learning foreign languages. About 70% of the population say they have a good knowledge of English, 5559% of German, and 19% of French: an advantage which could facilitate access to jobs with international air.Much more than just clogs, Gouda cheese, Delftware pottery and caravans: its a Kingdom! Coat of Arms The Coat of Arms of the Netherlands shows the French inuence in the 18th/19th century (1795-1815). The motto Je Maintiendrai means I will maintain.Photo courtesy Trekearth galleryTwo young boys at the Leiconwall in Kerkrade-Herzogenrath. The Scheldt Storm Surge Barrier is part of the Delta works protecting the coast against ooding.


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6 NATO Skywatch 4 December 2009 By Heidi Soerensen On Saturday, 31 October from 1000 to 2200 the local sports club TuS Oberbruch 1909 hosted a 12-hour charity swim at the indoor pool in Heinsberg. Two E-3A Component teams participated with a total of 17 Component members. During those 12 hours each team had to have one person in the water at any given time. Needless to say, that was a challenge as Team 1 had nine swimmers and Team 2 had only eight swimmers. To the sound of beating rhythms the Component team members swam lane after lane in the pool. All the available lanes were crowded with swimmers grown-ups and children all eager to contribute their hard work and hopefully raise lots of donations. SMSgt. Bernd Velling (Training Wing) is a member of the Oberbruch swimming club and the person who coordinated Component participation in this local charity event. The 12-hour swim event was held to raise money for Schwerkranke Kinder e.V., which is a registered organization that supports seriously ill children and their families from the local area. It was great to see how dedicated and enthusiastic the Component swimmers were. We are grateful to all the Component members who supported our swimmers with their donations, Velling said with a proud smile.Component members swam 65 km in 12 hours for charityTeams raised more than 900 Euro for sick children in the local areaBy Capt. Charles Barton III AFCEA or Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association is an international nonprot membership organization serving the military, government, industry, and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the elds of communications, IT, intelligence, and global security. AFCEA has over 32,000 individual and 1,700 corporate members worldwide. It also produces the SIGNAL magazine, holds several annual TechNet events, offers professional development courses, and provides scholarships for high school graduates. On 2 November 2009, the local AFCEA chapter had its rst-ever professional development luncheon with guest speaker, Maj. Gen. Stephen Schmidt, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force Commander. He discussed several issues in connection with the E-3A status. In attendance were representatives from Boeing, Unisys, Sun Microsystems, German Air Force, Danish Air Force, NATO civilians, and members of the USAF. This luncheon was the rst opportunity to get the word out about the newly formed tri-border chapter. In 1978, a chapter was established at Brunssum but went dormant in the 1980s. Component IT Wing members were interested in forming a chapter and found out about Brunssum during their research. After more than 20 years, the Brunssum chapter was reactivated and named the TriBorder chapter. Now, it is actively seeking new members in the tri-border area to include Kalkar, Brunssum, Geilenkirchen, Schinnen, and other bases in the region. The chapter currently has 28 members and is planning a local TechNet in the spring. If you are interested in membership, please contact MSgt. Robert Register at +49 (0)2451 63 3237 or Capt. Aris Barton at +49 (0)2451 63 3233. AFCEA is alive and well at GKNATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force Commander Maj. Gen. Stephen Schmidt describes the E-3A Status during his brieng. Photo MSgt. Chris Braun By Heidi Soerensen On Friday, 6 November at 1100 the Components international crosscountry run was started. This year no less than 102 runners participated in the run, which has become a tradition for runners on base as well as off base. This truly international event attracts participants from organizations such as police departments and military units from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The participants spirits were high and the warmingup was accompanied by small talk and friendly competition before the run. Component Commander Brig. Gen. Burkhard Pototzky participated for the rst time and Brig. Gen Robert Loewenstein from HQ 4th Air Division in Aurich for the fth time. The International Cross-Country Run promotes the idea of enhancing tness by doing activities together. The run was very well organized and was also a fun challenge, said Brig. Gen. Pototzky after the run. The fastest runner and overall winner was Mr. Pascal van Marke, from Bierset (Wing-Heli), Belgium, who completed the 7-km hilly route in an impressive 23 minutes and 47 seconds. 102 runners completed the run, and they were all winners. The complete list of results can be found on the Sports WISE page. Hard copies are available at the New Gym.International Cross-Country Run 2009 IYA Painters at the Sentry Club Pictured on the group photo left to right: top row: Fredrik Samuelsen, Kieran Howlett, Tobias Ritt, Erica Balkcum, Bo Liekens, Andrea Marchena, Nathan Rogers, Isabella Berryman. Bottom row: Lauren Rogers, Skye Tomchesson, Paula Marchena, Logan Washburn, Khylia Powell, Jordan West and Sophia Berryman. Also taking part in the exhibition are Lucia Roca Rendon, Cailin Washburn, Synne Norseth, Evan Clark, Rhys Pedersen, Liam Howlett and Tesa Weddle. Photo MSgt. Chris Braun


4 December 2009 NATO Skywatch 7 JFC HQ Alliance Theatre presentsThe theatre is located in Building #406, JFC HQ Brunssum, the Netherlands. Doors open 30 minutes prior to lm start. Admission for adults is and for children (11 and under) is Inglorious Basterds (R) Friday, 4 December, 1930 Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent Love Happens (PG-13) Saturday, 5 December, 1600 Jennifer Anistin, Aaron Eckart Surrogates (PG-13) Saturday, 5 December, 1900 Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell Zombieland (R) Friday, 11 December, 1930 Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg Fame (PG) Saturday, 12 December, 1600 Kay Panabaker, Naturi Naughton The Invention of Lying (PG-13) Saturday, 12 December, 1900 Jennifer Garner, Ricky Gervais Jennifers Body (R) Friday, 18 December, 1930 Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried This helicopter landed at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen on 13 November; its a Mi-171 of the Czech Air Force. Developed from the basic Mi-8 airframe, the Mi-17 was fitted with the larger TV3-117MT engines, rotors, and transmission developed for the Mi-14, along with fuselage improvements for heavier loads. Optional engines for hot and high conditions are the 1545 kW (2070 shp) Isotov TV3-117VM. Recent exports to China and Venezuela for use in high mountains have the new VK-2500 version of the engine with FADEC control. The Mi-171 can perform a maximum speed of 250 km/h (156 mph) and upload up to 32 passengers. The Czech version additionally includes a loading ramp in place of the usual clamshell doors, and will load a vehicle up to the size of an SUV. Component members swam 65 km in 12 hours for charityTeams raised more than 900 Euro for sick children in the local area SMSgt. Bernd Velling proudly handed over to Mr. Ralf Weingarten from Schwerkranke Kinder e.VPhoto Amn David PohlThe two Component teams swam a total of 65.85 km in 12 hours and raised a sum of for the benet of the sick children. As a nice side effect NATO Team 1 won the trophy for covering the longest distance in 12 hours by swimming 35.1 km. In the individual competition for longest distance Capt. Eric Hill achieved second place, swimming an impressive 10.15 km, and CMSgt. Claus Cohnen made third place with 7.05 km. Congratulations to all the participants! Photo Chris Braun By Ingrid Neuhalfen Young artists of many different nationalities have turned the Sentry Club restaurant into a picture gallery. Guests are now surrounded by colourful, creative works of modern art while enjoying their meal. At the beginning of the summer IYA staff member Natalie Nave had the splendid idea to offer a special art on canvas project. Soon enthusiastic artistic children were experimenting with colours, shapes and effects. Some children worked in pairs using their imagination to compose a meaningful painting. Hands is a joint piece by Fredrik Samuelsen, 9, Norway, and Kieran Howlett, 13, German/Great Britain. Andrea Marchena, 9, Spain, and Cailin Washburn, 9, USA, combined their creativity to let Fireworks Explode. Make sure you do not miss this unique exhibition by the young members of our international military community and visit the Sentry Club restaurant for a coffee or more.IYA Painters at the Sentry Club Pictured on the group photo left to right: top row: Fredrik Samuelsen, Kieran Howlett, Tobias Ritt, Erica Balkcum, Bo Liekens, Andrea Marchena, Nathan Rogers, Isabella Berryman. Bottom row: Lauren Rogers, Skye Tomchesson, Paula Marchena, Logan Washburn, Khylia Powell, Jordan West and Sophia Berryman. Also taking part in the exhibition are Lucia Roca Rendon, Cailin Washburn, Synne Norseth, Evan Clark, Rhys Pedersen, Liam Howlett and Tesa Weddle. Photo MSgt. Chris Braun


Christian Powerhouse of PrayerOne Church Two Locations Pastor Peter D. & V. Frances Nunn satellite An authentic dinner in a modern, elegant Greek ambienceIn down town Heerlen you find now the Greek restaurant El Greco. Located behind the church at the Pancratiusplein 39, you enter modern Greece. No surplus of plastic grape clusters or the obligatory blue-andwhite interior. At El Greco you taste the traditional Greek cuisine within a contemporary design. Having dinner at the Greek restaurant puts you to a higher level at El Greco. El Greco sets a new norm to style and ambiance.The ambiance reflects modern Greece, but the cuisine is completely authentic. The diverse menu is like a poem to connoisseurs and lovers. Everyone can find something of his or her choice on the menu. All products are of top quality. The close team of El Greco continuously works at a high level. From the kitchen to the table, it is pure pleasure. However, the price of the offered products is completely reasonable. That is why El Greco is the perfect address not only for a family dinner, but also for your friends, for a delicious Greek night out. You will certainly experience the authentic Greek cosiness during one of our Greek nights with live music, dance and excellent food and drinks. RESTAURANT THE REAL GREEK CUISINE Those who would like to pre-taste the wonderful cuisine of El Greco, can already visit our website www.elgreco-heerlen.nlPancratiusplein 30, 6411 JZ Heerlen Phone: +31 (0)45 574 206 96 Opening hours: Mon to Sat 1600-2400 hrs Sun and Holidays 1300-2400 hrsKitchen open until 2230 hrs As an introduction: 5 EURO DISCOUNT on your bill / 1 coupon per 2 persons


DAYCARE Animal Hotel AbdissenboschFor 30 years the address where your pet feels at home V AH LIVE IN STYLE... How to find us: From Geilenkirchen/Brunssum take the motorway E314 direction Antwerpes, exit Maasmechelen or from Aachen over the Holland border direction Antwerpes, 1200-m after the Belgium custom, exit Maasmechelen A large variety of clocks at the best price! ...with our selected collection of solid Belgian style and oak furniture. Please come and see for yourself! Bedrooms Occasional furniture Suites Clocks Wall units Lamps Dining room corner units Workshop & spare parts: Bernd Schller Phone +49 (0)2452 9510 16 Sell: Waldemar Bader Phone +49 (0)2452 9510 13 Fax +49 (0)2452 9510 20 English spokenAuthorized Honda partner, Acura and Citron workshop Large selection of new and used cars Spare parts (Honda, Acura and Citron) Maintenance and services (for US-spec. also) Body repair and spray paint jobsConen GmbH Erkelenzer Strae 76 Heinsberg-DremmenTAX FREE TAX FREE Starting price 21.419 Starting price 20.449 Service & parts: Erik Thnnissen e-mail: Phone +49 (0)2452 951018 Sales: Waldemar Bader e-mail: Phone +49 (0)2452 951013 16.800 18.500 Your authorized HONDA, ACURA & Citroen partner Large range of new & pre-owned cars Service & parts for american & european spec. HONDA, ACURA & Citroen Glass exchange & chip repair for all car brands Body shop; Paint shop


10 NATO Skywatch 4 December 2009 DINING Ofcers Club 21 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 31 Dec Open for New Years Eve Ball (tickets required) 04 Jan Normal Operation Frisbee Club 21 Dec03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operation Sentry Club 24-26 Dec CLOSED 27-30 Dec 1000-1800 hrs 31 Dec-01 Jan CLOSED 02-03 Jan 10-1800 hrs 04 Jan Normal operation International Dining Hall 21-23 Dec 0500-0830 Breakfast 1100-1315 Lunch 1630-1830 Dinner 24-27 Dec 0730-0930 Breakfast 1100-1330 Lunch No dinner 28-30 Dec 0730-0930 Breakfast 1100-1315 Lunch No dinner 31 Dec-03 Jan Weekend hours 04 Jan Normal operation Please Note: Dinner will not be served during the Christmas holiday period. Ground Feeding: Cold boxed dinners are available but must be ordered one day in advance, prior to 1100 hrs and must be paid for in advance (preferably the day before) and collected by 1400 hrs. RECREATION Sports Department 21-23 Dec Normal Operation 24-26 Dec CLOSED 27 Dec 0800-1800 hrs 28-30 Dec Normal operation 31 Dec-01 Jan CLOSED 02-03 Jan 0800-1800 hrs 04 Jan Normal operation Tanning Beds (Bldg 56, Old Squash Court) Normal Operation (24 hrs) Sauna Closed until further notice IYA 24 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operation Pre-School 18 Dec Last school day 04 Jan Back to school Library 23 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operation Thrift Shop 17 Dec Last day of operation 2009 07 Jan First day of operation 2010 MISCELLANEOUS Billetting Ofce 23 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operation Reservations for Christmas/ New Year period need to be placed prior to 11 Dec. VAT/Disbursing Ofce (Building 80) 24 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operation MWR Store 24-27 Dec CLOSED 28-30 Dec Normal operation 31 Dec-03 Jan CLOSED 04 Jan Normal operationHOLIDAY OPERATING HOURS CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR 2009/2010NATEX Grocery Getrnke Casual Retail 4 Seasons Pumps Garage Video Markt Mode 24 Dec 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 CLOSED 1100-1500 25 Dec CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 26 Dec CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 27 Dec NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL 1200-1700 CLOSED CLOSED 1100-1700 28 Dec NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL 29 Dec NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL 30 Dec NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL 31 Dec 0900-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 1000-1500 0900-1500 CLOSED 1100-1500 01 Jan CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED 02 Jan NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL NORMAL By Capt. Uwe Schmidt On Saturday, 14 November, the Ausschuss Merksteiner Straenkarneval for the proclamation of the local prince invited LineDancers for FUN. During this carnival event the group gave a demonstration to the visitors, who were crazy about the performance. Normally line dance is done to country music, but for the carnival season the group arranged their dances to typical and well-known carnival music. LineDancers for FUN meets every Monday night at the IYA on NATO Air Base GK for training. For more information call ++49-2451-634955 or email LineDancers_for_FUN@ hotmail.comLineDancers for FUN started Carnival seasonPhoto courtesy Capt. Uwe Schmidt