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Volume 23, No. 9NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen 4 May 2007 Next NATO Skywatch: 18 May Submissions due by: 10 MayTo commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the NATO E-3A Component, the Minister of the Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr. Ingo Wolf and the E-3A Component Commander Brig. Gen. Stephen Schmidt unveiled the aircraft decorated with the 25th Anniversary paint scheme. The Minister of the Interior signed under the of cial coat of arms of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which was af xed to the anniversary aircraft. In presenting the coat of arms, he expressed the state government's appreciation, saying "We are very glad to have been able to give the E-3A Component a home in North Rhine-Westphalia for the past 25 years. In addition to the importance of its mission in the eld of security policy, the Component provides a unique example of an ongoing spirit of international understanding and integration in North Rhine-Westphalia", declared Dr. Wolf. General Schmidt emphasized the signi cance of the Component's multinationality mission: "The E-3A Component ew its rst mission from Geilenkirchen Air Base on March 23rd, 1982. With that ight, NATO introduced the world's rst fully integrated, international Air Force the only Air Force that carries the NATO markings. The unique nature of this Component is tied directly to the 15 participating nations, who contribute the funding, military personnel, and support that ensures security and stability around the world." "Since its inception, this Component has own over 292,000 hours in the E-3A, and over 29,000 hours in the Training Cargo Aircraft, amounting to over 321,000 ying hours. Thanks to improved technology, our newly upgraded aircraft continue to play an expanding role in providing surveil lance during NATO operations." The unveiling of the aircraft at this ceremony attended by media representatives is one of several events celebrating the Component's 25th anniversary, which will culminate in a major event on 16 and 17 June 2007, when the E-3A Component opens its gates to the public. This event, with a static display of various aircraft and a programme of international music and dance performances, will enable visitors to experience for themselves the ongoing spirit of international cooperation at NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen. Of cial unveiling of painted aircraft #443 International FriendÂ’s MotherÂ’s Day BazaarStarting TODAY, May 4th to May 6th 1000 1800 In the Multi-Purpose Room (Building 298) behind the GK elementary school. Dr. Ingo Wolf, Minister of the Interior North Rhine-Westphalia speaks to the gathered crowd.Photo by A. Hohenforst2007 ChildrenÂ’s Festival See page 4


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NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unof cial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW & CF E-3A Component by Pollaert Mediacenter, Postbus 1234, 6040 KE Roermond, +31 (475) 370 280. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily re ect the of cial views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute an endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Send articles and classi ed advertisements to the NAEWF E-3A Component Public Information Of ce (PIO), Postfach 433007, D-52511 Geilenkirchen, or base distribution Mail Stop 33. Call PIO at (02451) 632480 or fax (02451) 7936 or e-mail pio@e3a. For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (46) 452-9292 or fax +31 (46) 452-9285. Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. Commander Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Schmidt Chief, Public Information Of ce Lt. Col. Michael P. Kleiman Editor SMSgt. Johan Hijmenberg Mrs. Petra von Schwerin-Bode Volume 23, No. 9 4 May 2007 4 May 2007 NATO Skywatch 3 In 9 A.D., in an area near modern day OsnabrŸck (approximately 200 km northeast of Geilenkirchen) there occurred a famous battle from ancient history, the Battle of Teutoburg Forest. It was a battle that changed the course of history, potentially preventing a thousand years of warfare throughout central Europe. For had it not turned out the way it did, Germany would have become part of the Roman Empire along with France. At the start of the new millennium in our modern day calendar of Anno Domini, Rome was consolidating an empire, which stretched from current day France, through the Netherlands and Belgium, down to Italy. What the Roman Empire did not include was Germania, the modern day state of Germany, which in 9 A.D. was a region of Germanic tribes. A Roman army led by Publius Quintilius Varus sought to change the status quo and incorporate Germania into the Roman Empire by force. Varus, with three legions (approximately 25,000 troops) of superbly drilled and disciplined Roman forces marched west from what is today the Netherlands. Crossing the Rhine, Varus met an Army of Germanic tribes led by a nobleman named Arminius. What should have been a rout of the Germans turned into an annihilation of all three Roman legions in a defeat so catastrophic it threatened the survival of Rome itself. Rome lost all three legions with an estimated 20,000 killed, and for the next 400 years never again made a concerted effort to conquer Germania. How did this happen? How did an army made up of distinct German tribes, more often than not waging war with each other, manage to defeat a far superior Roman army? The answer is Arminius didn't think like a Roman. Having spent his childhood in Rome and having once been a member of the Roman army, Arminus understood Roman tactics and used them against Varus. In the forest with no room to maneuver, Roman close-order drill, which made them the masters of open eld warfare, was a disadvantage. Heavy forest canopy negated Roman archers making the bow ineffective. Days of torrential rain turned roads, and what little open forested space there was into bogs, neutralizing cavalry and heavy weapons. And the Roman's heavy personal armor in the dense underbrush left the average foot soldier exhausted against his lightly armored German adversary. Using innovative guerrilla tactics of "hit and run" attacks, Arminius was able to break up the Roman formations, then use locally superior numbers to defeat spread out Roman legions. About now I'm sure you're wondering, "nice short history lesson Colonel, however what's this have to do with our up-coming Tactical Evaluation (TACEVAL) as your title suggests." Read on and with any luck you'll walk away with a few thoughts to ponder. The rst lesson Arminius imparts is that every adversary is different and every battle is different; so don't ght the last war. For NATO AWACS this means the Cold War is over and we must plan and train for a new wartime mission and environment. As there is no longer a threat of Warsaw Pact forces pouring through the Fulda Gap, there is almost no chance we will ever again ght from MOB Geilenkirchen. Rather our new wartime environment is one of expeditionary operations as part of a NATO Response Force. Expeditionary ops must become a way of life and we must all think expeditionary. What does thinking expeditionary mean? It means po sitioning yourself to be able to get out of town quickly with the right equipment, and be able to set up initial operations and sustain those operations from a deployed location. We will exercise that ability at FOB Trapani. What else does the Battle of Teutoburg Forest teach us? How about know your enemy, one of the rst principles in the Art of War by Sun Tzu. Now we won't really have an enemy during the TACEVAL. If it helps to visualize the CC-Air TACEVAL inspectors as the enemy though in order to get " red up" I can live with that. And just as Arminius knew Varus' tactics, we know those of the TACEVAL team. In fact, we have their playbook--it's all in the SHAPE TACEVAL Evaluation Manual (STEM). We know exactly what we'll be evaluated against and how we'll be scored. Given we have the playbook, beating the TACEVAL team is all about attitude. It's about performing your primary job just as you would back at the MOB--by the book and without taking shortcuts. Nothing will tube an inspection faster than safety violations, which jeopardize personnel and equipment. It's also about taking your ICCS training seriously and falling back on that training when you're part of an exercise scenario. Attitude is conveyed through being positive and treating every scenario (even if you think it's ridiculous) like it's real world. A successful TACEVAL is also about teamwork. There will be superior performers identi ed by TACEVAL inspectors, and that's a good thing for those who go "above and beyond." However, we as a Component will pass or fail as a team. Teamwork means looking out for your wingman and working together to solve problems. That being said, a team is made up of individuals, and every individual must step up and perform if the team is to succeed. On an individual level we need initiative from every participant. If you see something needs to be done, or know something isn't right, don't wait to be told to get involved to x it. Lean forward and make things happen! This is the attitude the inspectors are looking for. Similarly, think innovatively. The response to every exercise scenario input can't be reduced to a checklist (yes, I know that's blasphemy in NATO); rather the inspectors are looking for individuals to "think outside the box" in resolving issues. Bottom line. With teamwork, motivation and a we're going to show them' attitude, we will not only pass the TACEVAL, we'll show the TACEVAL team we are a force to be reckoned with just like Arminius and his force!TACEVAL preparation a historical primerLogistics Wing By Col. Eugene Mittuch Commander During a breakfast with IT Component personnel, a Superior Performance Award was presented on 26 Apr 07 by Brig Gen Schmidt to Mrs Julie Lewington of the IT Wing Inventory Of ce. Although Mrs Lewington is always very modest about her role in the Component, the IT Focal Points unanimously proposed the award as a recognition for her exceptional support, dedication, commitment and expertise. Without any doubt, many projects at the MOB and FOBs/ FOL would have been signi cantly more dif cult, less successful or even impossible without her never ending personal commitment, dedication and admirable drive to seek solutions in the best interest of the Component.AwardBy Mr. Leon Koolen, IT Focal Point Photo by A. Hohenforst


4 NATO Skywatch 4 May 2007 By Heidi Soerensen Public Information Of ce The Turkish National Support Unit successfully celebrated the International ChildrenÂ’s Festival (ICF) on 22 April 2007. The Mass Brie ng Facility and its surroundings were transformed into a spectacular scene for outdoor activities, fascinating performances, artistic energy, creativity and laughter. The ICF 2007 represents a longstanding tradition at the Component as the rst ICF was celebrated in1989. Each year, the ICF welcomes children and their families from all nations and this year more than 800 people took part in this multicultural celebration of youth. Lt. Col. Deniz Kartepe opened the activities with a speech highlighting the historical background and meaning of the children's day. "Unlike the Father's, Mother's or Valentine's Day, we do not have to buy anything on this day. We just encourage our children to meet different cultures and appreciate differences. We rmly believe that a better future with peace and harmony can only be achieved by bringing children from different ethnic, racial and religious backgrounds together." Following the opening speech, spectators had the privilege to witness exquisite demonstrations of Turkish folk dances. The International Youth Activities group enriched the celebrations with their Ballet, Tapp Jazz and Cheerleading show. The Canadian Taekwondo Group showed how energy, strength and concentration can be mastered in a dynamic show. Outdoor activities such as the F-16 simulator, bouncing castle, an in atable slide, face painting, a NATO train ride, clowns and magician's show, an E-3A static display, an ambulance and a re truck stimulated both the active motor development and the endless curiosity of children. Clowns from Circus Gioco performed enthusiastically for more than two hours in a way that made everyone act like wide-eyed children. For toddlers, teens, and all ages it was a day packed full of positive and educational entertainment that was fun to watch and be a part of. The ICF Committee wanted this particular day to be a day where all of us took pride in the joy and pleasure of hearing children's laughter, as well as celebrate the innocence of youth. Without a doubt, the mission of the day was a resounding success "WELL DONE." The ICF Committee would like to thank MWA, IYA, Graphics Of ce, NATEX, Security Squadron, Medical Squadron, Air eld Services Squadron, Fire Brigade, PIO, all the POCs from different nations and all of the NSUs for their contribution and efforts in making the International Children's Festival an outstanding success.Our children represent our future Spectacular re breather.Photo by H. Soerensen Face painting "Animals of our world" Theme 2007.Photo by H. SoerensenInternational Children's Festival 2007 Ballet performed by the IYA group.Photo by H. SoerensenTurkish folk dance. Photo courtesy Turkish NSU A u t o h a u s G o e r t z


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8 NATO Skywatch 4 May 2007 New furnishings upgrade NATO Clinic Laboratory By Heidi Soerensen Public Information Of ce In this issue of NATO Skywatch, we will continue to look back at the Component's heritage by publishing the second of several original articles from the past. Browsing through the large archives of Skywatch issues illustrates an almost complete picture of the E-3A Component's history. In addition to describing the extensive development of the Component, it also re ects many details about our community life, thereby proving that the multinational family really does work well together. In January 1980, personnel started arriving at the Component and since then more than 16,000 people from 15 different nations have been working and living here. Interviews with Component members since 1985 until today have one important thing in common: they all highlight the advantages of working with different nationalities and learning about other cultures. This original article is from 18 January 2002, and it discusses a special friendship. It tells the story of two people from two different nations meeting at the Component. For the last 25 years, relationships have been built here every day. We hope this article will remind all of us to be proud of being a part of this multicultural environment and may many friendships grow in the next 25 years. Over the next coming weeks, we hope you will enjoy looking back at the Component's past. A historical journey through the E-3A Component's past By Lt. Col. Michael P. Kleiman Chief, Public Information Of ce Out with the old, in with the new A familiar phrase, which aptly describes the recent removal of 25-year old cabinets and other out-of-date furnishings from the NATO Medical Squadron Laboratory followed by the installation of new storage and desk equipment that will improve the facilityÂ’s services to E-3A Component aircrews and civilian employees. Comprised by two Laboratory technicians and an ambulance crew chief, the Laboratory, located in Room 14, serves an average of 25 to 30 patients daily for blood and urinalysis testing. From 0730 to 0900, staff collects the samples and then, during the remainder of the workday, employs approximately ve to six machines to assess the bodily uids. Following that process, they provide the resulting data to physicians. In addition, a few emergencies, generally heart attacks and intestinal ailments, occur each week and lab personnel always remain on alert to assist with such situations. More importantly, the Laboratory team represents the initial step in determining, for many patients, the speci c illness and appropriate treatment. New furniture represents the rst step in updating this critical element of the NATO Clinic. "The new furniture makes it easier to store samples, as well as simpli es the process of placing and nding items needed by the Laboratory," said Karin Heesel, senior lab technician. "After 25 years, the new furnishings were absolutely necessary due to the fact that the lab began operations in 1982 with used furnishings." Currently, the Laboratory conducts a huge programme including glucose, lipids, liver and kidney functions, blood count and urine tests, as well as maintains the collected samples for one week. Next on the list of Laboratory upgrades involves installing new chairs in the blood drawing room within the next year. "I think it is very important what we do. For example, if a patient has diabetes, he needs his glucose checked to ensure he is receiving the proper medication," said Ms. Heesel. "We work very close to the patient, as well as work as a team with the other parts of the NATO Clinic." NATO Medical Squadron Laboratory Team of Karin Heesel (left), Alexander Uhrich and Susanne Schmitz are photographed with some of the facility's new furniture.Photo by A. Hohenforst O p e n : A s c e n s i o n D a y W h i t S u n d a y M o n d a y


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By SMSgt. Johan Hijmenberg Public Information Of ce Keukenhof in The Netherlands has been an exciting destination for visitors from all over the world for 58 years. For the 2007 season, the Keukenhof has chosen the theme "Linnaeus, King of Flowers turns 300," which commemorates the birth of Swedish physician and botanist Carolus Linnaeus 300 years ago. The Keukenhof selected this theme to draw attention to the tremendous signi cance that Linnaeus had for the bulb world. To this day, tulips are still named according to the classi cation that Linnaeus developed in the 18th century. Keukenhof's magni cent display of colour, created by more than seven million tulips and other bulbs in bloom, gives you that springtime feeling and lifts your spirits. Surprising and inspiring brimming with ideas, trends and features that you can apply in your own garden. It's an experience you will never forget. Keukenhof is for young and old, gardening enthusiasts and individuals who just want a pleasant day out. More and more people are looking for fun and a pleasant atmosphere in a magni cent park setting, as well as for a holiday in which they can take the most beautiful photos. Spring bulbs form the core of Keukenhof. The name says it all. These bulbs bloom in spring, and Keukenhof is therefore only open during this period. The Keukenhof is located in the bulb-growing area between Amsterdam and The Hague. In and around the town of Lisse, the route to the Keukenhof is clearly signposted everywhere. You will nd the Keukenhof at Stationsweg 166a in Lisse. The distance from Geilenkirchen is 233 kilometres. Admission for adults is 13 and children aged 4-11 is 6. Parking is 5. Open until 20 May, from 0800 to 1940 daily. It was a Canadian Airbus 310 in GK for VIP support on 28 March 2007 2000 BMW 525i ; blue metallic, seats cream beige, power windows/ locks, alarm, air conditioning. 190.000 kms. Excellent condition. Available end May 07. Extras: Cell phone, winter tires on rims. Price: 8.900 Euro (tax free). Call: Lydia Fuerstenwerth at ext. 4730 from Monday to Thursday. Skywatch Classifieds are free to all NATO personnel. Advertisements must be printed or typed, and include your name, office symbol and duty extension. The editor will not accept advertisements for services that generate a regular income, or for housing other than vacation rentals. Submissions for the next NATO Skywatch are due to PIO, Mail Stop 33, e-mail:, before noon Thursday, 10 May. Text and photo by A1C Florian Hueftle This year's Indoor Soccer season is over, and the winner of the league is HQ/FC Bayern. After nine matches for every team, the winner of the pre season succeeded again to dominate. The result of 27 points and 90 goals speaks for itself. Four weeks ago, the E-3A Component Soccer Team, consisting of players from several nations, trained by Coach Werner Schumm, had an outdoor match against the German National Team from JFC Brunssum. After a thrilling 90 minutes, our Component team stood up to JFC's team with a score of 5 4. At halftime, the standing was 0 2 for the opponent, but our team didn't capitulate, so nally the E-3A Component team could celebrate a victory. On Wednesday, 2 May, the Outdoor Soccer League started at the sport elds on the air base. The tournament consists of eleven international teams: Supply, Balilla, Littoria, Roth Survivors, Flying Eagles, AMS, San-Staffel, Tommy Tiger, FC Bayern HQ, ZVBW and a Polish team. Games will be played Mondays and Wednesdays at 1715 and 1815, with each game taking 25 minutes per half. We look forward to announcing the winner of the tournament, which ends 20 June, in NATO Skywatch. Stay tuned. Soccer activities on base TEAM Points Games Win Tie Loss Goals +/Headquarter FC Bayern 27 9 9 0 0 90:15 ZVBW 21 9 7 0 2 81:30 AMS 18 9 6 0 3 53:32 Supply 16 9 5 1 3 48:27 Balilla 15 9 5 0 4 35:41 Tommy Tiger 10 9 3 1 5 25:53 Flying Eagles 9 9 3 0 6 27:55 Roth Survivors 6 9 2 0 7 30:77 San-Staffel 6 9 2 0 7 39:62 TW-Trainees 6 9 2 0 7 18:54 A friendly gathering of the E-3A Component and German national JFC Brunssum soccer teams after the match. JFC HQ Alliance Theatre presentsThe theatre is located in Building #406, JFC HQ Brunssum, the Netherlands. Doors open 30 minutes prior to lm start. Admission for adults is 4 and for children (11 and under) is 2. Catch and Release (PG-13) Fri 4 May 07, 1930 Jennifer Garner, Timothy Olyphant Bridge to Terabithia (PG) Sat 5 May 07, 1600 Josh Hutcherson, Anna Sophia Robb Tyler PerryÂ’s DaddyÂ’s Little Girls (PG-13) Sat 5 May 07, 1900 Gabrielle Union, Iris Elba Music and Lyrics (PG-13) Fri 11 May 07, 1930 Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore The Astronaut Farmer (PG) Sat 12 May 07, 1600 Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen The Number 23 (R) Sat 12 May 07, 1900 Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen Reno 911!: Miami (R) Fri 18 May 07, 1930 Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen Keukenhofthe most vibrant springtime park10 NATO Skywatch 4 May 2007 B a s e m e n t 1 1 0 m 2: G r o u n d f l o o r 1 1 0 m 2: F i r s t f l o o r 8 1 m 2: B i g g a r d e n G a r a g e


Large villa in Waldfeucht-HontemAhornstra§e 40, on 654 m2 groundPrice 338.000Contact: Mr and Mrs Bšttcher Office: +49 (0)2451 -632401 Private: +49 (0)2455 2828 B a s e m e n t 1 1 0 m Basement 110 m 2: : 3 large rooms (1 guest room, 1 store room, 1 laundry room with shower and sink), new heating system (VISSMANN) and 1 8000 liters fuel tank. G r o u n d f l o o r 1 1 0 m Ground floor 110 m 2: : large L-shaped living and dining room, large kitchen, office, guest WC, big entrance hall with gallery. F i r s t f l o o r 8 1 m First floor 81 m 2: : 4 bedrooms (1 with sunny L-shaped balcony), 1 large bathroom with shower and bath-tub, WC and 2 sinks. B i g g a r d e n Big garden, 40 m2 terrace facing South/South-West, pond. G a r a g e Garage, 2 driveways. Bertje Ehlen Antique  25 years of experience T h e A n t i q u e H a l l The Antique HallOpening hours: monday to friday 10.00-18.00 hrs saturday 10.00-15.00 hrs wednesday closed sunday 11.00-15.00 hrs Achter de kerk 10a  Broek-Sittard The Antique Hall: +31 (0)46 458 24 33 Private: +31 (0)46 452 20 06 Mobile: +31 (0)6 225 712 34 M a r b e A n t i q u e s Marbe Antiques  Rural Oak and pine antique furniture   French and English furniture  Clocks and paraphernalia  WITTE WERELD 1 6372 VG LANDGRAAF WWW.SNOWWORLD.COM +31 45 547 0700 SNOWWORLD LANDGRAAF, 365 DAYS A YEAR WINTER SPORT IN THE NETHERLANDS! WORLDS BIGGEST INDOOR SKI RESORT WORLDS BIGGEST INDOOR FUNPARC SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED Krefelder Strae 674 41066 Mnchengladbach (Opposite Realkauf, next to McDonalds) VOLVO TAXFREESALES. Jrgen Bird Tel +49(0)2161/9699973 E-Mail: … Your OFFICIAL VOLVO sales agent in Germany … ALL specifications; US & Canadian, European, etc. … NATO Forces discount prices & promotions … Full VOLVO showroom and workshop facilities … English & German speaking staff … 15 years Military Sales experience Volvo. for life Brauereistra§e 4 52538 Gangelt-Langbroich +49 (0)2454 936555 Brauhaus@langbro.de3 fully equipped apartmentskitchen/microwave sky satellite and dvd free internet/telephone washer/dryer Altes Brauhaus


www.petra-guesthouse.deOnly we can make you feel at homeALWAYS A LITTLE MORE  ALWAYS A STEP AHEADlandscaped gardens Welcome gift: a bottle of wine  fruit basket  chocolates Phone 0177 8808 882 For singles and families in Geilenkirchen or o2451 64957 PETRA GOERTZ digital satellite receivers with over 400 programmes  great choice of English speaking channels  free internet access  cable or wireless DSL connections New in all our guest houses: tastefully furnished  centrally located in Geilenkirchen  fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, oven, microwave)  washer and dryer What to expect: