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By Michael Tsonis The Joint Forces Training Exercise (JTFEX) for the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (CSG) is designed as a final check before the strike group deploys. Strike group deployments can typically last for six months and take the Nimitz and her associated units from the Pacific coast of the United States to the eastern coasts of Africa and the Persian Gulf. Key to the final check of the exercise is Allied operations, and that is how Squadron Three fits in. The goals of this JTFEX were to integrate CSG operations with ground-based aircraft and Coalition Air Operations Center (CAOC) in a multilayered and coalition scenario that started with a non-escalation stance and ended in large-scale combat scenario. The exercise participants included maritime patrol aircraft (P3Cs) from the Canadian and Australian air forces as well as USAF tactical and strategic aircraft (F-15 fighters, B-52 and B-1 bombers, KC-10 tankers) and the CSGs carrier-based airwing (FA18C/E/F fighters, EA-6B electronic attack aircraft, E-2C AEW aircraft, and MH-60B/F/H/S maritime helicopters). The air defense capabilities and cruise missile strike capabilities of the CSGs escorting ships USS Princeton (guidedmissile cruiser), Chafee, Higgins, and John Paul Jones (guided-missile destroyers) were also integrated into the overall scenario. Squadron Three provided airborne early warning and control for 6 mission days. Mission areas Squadron Three participated in were: creating a recognized air and sea picture for the CSG; control of ground attack missions including a B-52 defensive mine laying mission, close air support, and time critical strikes; controlling maritime interdiction aircraft; airborne mission command of combat search and rescue; and controlling fleet air defense aircraft against land based air threats. During the fleet air defense mission the Squadron Three crew averted a potential gap in the air coverage of the fleet because of a canceled tanker mission. With the composite warfare commanders in the fleet, the mission crew was able to re-role assets within the CSGs airwing to creatively manage fuel and keep the defensive counter air patrol flying during the entire vulnerability window. Without Magic command and control the air defense portion of the exercise would have suffered greatly. The squadron also sent personnel to the Nimitz and the CAOC as liaisons for the exercise. Capt. William Gallian and 1Lt. James Capra spent 10 days underway with the Nimitz and were instrumental in the coordination of E-3A missions with the fleet. The Nimitz worked hard to provide joint interoperability during the exercise.Ž Capra said. Add in 100 meter landings and 75 meter take offs and the carrier becomes one impressive war machine,Ž Both Capra and Gallian had flights on the carriers E-2C Hawkeye both as a familiarization and to provide better NATO integration. Capt. Shadica Page served as the NATO liaison to the CAOC in Pt Loma across the bay from San Diego. She was personally commended for her integration of NATO assets by the 3rd Fleet command staff on behave of the commander of US Naval Forces Pacific. This exercise tested the NATO E-3A Components ability to conduct a variety of missions in variable environments with diverse coalition partners. Squadron Threes performance showed that NATO is ready and able for all challenges. The component personnel that went to San Diego for the JTFEX are all eager to take on another large-scale naval exercise in the future. Volume 23, No. 6 NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen 23 March 2007 Next NATO Skywatch: 5 April Submissions due by: 29 March Also in this issue: Leadership Form What is health and what makes a person healthy? See page 3. Magic Venture 07-1 Prepares to go Into the battle. See page 4. JTFEX in San Diego E-3A flying over the skyline of San Diego, California. Photo Courtesy E-3A crew The history of Childrens Day is one worth taking some time to learn a little about. Each country celebrates Childrens Day on different days, however the first country to officially dedicate a day to children was Turkey, which happened April 23rd, 1929. On that day, there are many activities to stress the fact the future of all nations lie with their children, and we are all responsible to nurture them and help them realize their full potential. UNESCO proclaimed a World Childrens Day in 1979. Since that time, Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) started a tradition of inviting children from other countries to Turkey, aiming to hug all the children from all around the world to make the celebration an opportunity to promote mutual understanding among children of many different cultures and countries. Bringing children together helps by celebrating diversity of talents and identities, kindle a spirit of friendship, peace and solidarity, and help develop mutual respect and tolerance. NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen, led by the Turkish NSU and with the support of all nations, will host an International Childrens Festival Sunday 22 April 2007, with activities starting at 1300 hours. There will be lots to see and do. Children are asked to participate in a drawing contest (submissions due no later than 09 April, details in the poster), as well as dress up for a costume contest. Our children are our future, and for one day we should take pride in the joy and pleasure of seeing their laughter, and celebrate the innocence of youth. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen International Children's Festival 22 April 2007 By the International Childrens Festival Committee


What is health and what makes a person healthy? Is it being physically fit? Yes, however thats only one aspect of an individuals overall healthy well-being. A persons total health is actually comprised of three fitness categories„emotional fitness, spiritual fitness and physical fitness. All three are essential to living a full and productive life. I like to think of a persons wellbeing as similar to a three-legged stool, with each leg being one of the fitness categories. A shortcoming in any one of the legs makes the stool unstable, while one leg missing completely makes the stool unusable. It is much the same with a person. To be completely healthy, all three legs of the stool must be present and exercised. To avoid venturing into areas for which I am not qualified, I will leave emotional fitness to the mental health experts and spiritual fitness to our chaplains. In this article, I plan to discuss physical fitness. For, while not having a degree in exercise physiology and certainly not a doctor (not with my college grade point average), I am an active physical fitness participant, I have a few marathons under my belt, and I have seen firsthand how fitness can improve quality of life. I was not always a believer in the health benefits of physical fitness. In fact, at one time I was a 98-pound weakling who had sand kicked in my face at the beach. Im still only a 138pound weakling who gets sand kicked in my face; the difference is now I can kick the sand back in the other guys face and outrun him before he has the opportunity to beat me to a pulp! Making physical fitness a daily part of my life did not happen overnight. As a new lieutenant, my daily routine usually consisted of 14-hour workdays culminating in a dinner of six packs … a six-pack of tacos from Taco Bell and a six-pack of beer from Michelob! Bottom line … I didnt eat right, didnt take care of myself, or exercise. All that changed when I found myself at 27years old unable to finish the U.S. Air Forces 1.5 mile run without stopping to walk. Additionally, my father had a heart attack and by-pass surgery at 43 years of age, something I certainly didnt want to copy. I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. Like some of you reading this article, I found, or made, excuses for not participating in fitness activities. Those excuses ranged from, Im too busy todayŽ to Im still young, I dont really need to get physically fit for a few more years.Ž If youre making these kind of excuses now, stop. Stop and start a physical fitness program. Being physically fit will make you feel better, look better and improve your quality of life. Okay, this is probably the point at which you flip the paper to the front page and ask yourself why this article is in the esteemed NATO Skywatch. Bear with me and continue reading. The reason this article is here is that your state of health directly affects the Components ability to complete its assigned missions. Yea, you read it right, your health matters to more people and bigger ideas than just you or your family. Your health matters to the Component because physical fitness is directly related to combat readiness. Its very simple … if youre not fit, youre not combat ready. Numerous studies have shown that if a person is physically fit then he/she is more alert, less tired and has more energy, all characteristics critical to immediate combat readiness. Those who are physically fit also tend to get sick less often and less severely when they do; this is also critical to maintaining long-term combat readiness. Even more important to the longevity of your existence, okay, that means how long you will live, people who regularly exercise hold the demons of diseases at bay. In simple terms, if you exercise regularly, you will not only live longer, your quality of life will be better. Youll be sick less and mentally alert longer in your golden years. A recent study by the Columbia University Medical Center in New York showed regular exercise actually boosts the development of brain cells in areas of the brain linked with cognitive ability and memory. In my case, I probably need to double my daily workout time, as my wife says I cant remember things from one day to another. Luckily, my front office staff isnt saying that yet; maybe theyre thinking it, but still just trying to be nice. All Im trying to say here is, yes, Im concerned with your well-being. Please exercise. When you exercise, you not only take care of yourself but also your family and your mission here at the Component. If you exercise, your days will be more productive, youll have more energy for the challenging tasks, youll finish those tasks more quickly, and when it comes crunch time … whether its an exercise or the TACEVAL in May … youll be the one leading the pack to a successful mission. While my favorite aerobic exercise is running, it doesnt matter what type of exercise you choose. Just do something! Moreover, do something you enjoy because if you enjoy it; youre more inclined to stick with it. If youre currently a couch potato though, please check with your doctor before beginning a strenuous exercise program. And start out slow! Trust me, exercise will be a demotivator if you go out on day one and run 10K, then are too sore the next morning to put your pants on without asking for help. Confused about where to start? Visit the Component fitness facility and talk to the professional staff that are eager to help you reach your maximum potential. A variety of classes are offered and intramural sports are available. Dont wait to fix that third leg of your stool; make today the first day you exercise for the rest of your life. 23 March 2007 NATOSkywatch 3 NATO Skywatch is an authorized, unofficial commercial enterprise newspaper published under exclusive written agreement with the NAEW & CF E-3A Component by Pollaert Mediacenter, Postbus1234, 6040 KE Roermond, +31 (475) 370 280. Opinions expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official views of, or endorsement by, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitutean endorsement by NATO of the products or services advertised. Submissions are due seven days before publication and may be edited for style and space. Send articles and classified advertisements to the NAEWF E-3A Component Public Information Office (PIO), Postfach 433007, D-52511 Geilenkirchen, or base distribution Mail Stop 33. Call PIO at (02451) 632480 or fax (02451) 7936 or e-mail For paid advertisements call Hub Durlinger Media at +31 (46) 452-9292 or fax +31 (46) 452-9285. Articles may be reproduced after permission has been obtained from the editor, provided mention is made of NATO Skywatch. Commander Brig. Gen. Stephen D. Schmidt Chief, Public Information Office Lt. Col. Michael Kleiman Editor SMSgt. Johan Hijmenberg Mrs. Petra von Schwerin-Bode Volume 23, No. 623 March 2007 Logistics Wing By Colonel Gene Mittuch Physical Fitness: One leg of the stool to a healthy well-being 6 Col. Gene Mittuch gives the good example himself. Photo Mrs. E. Powell


4NATOSkywatch 23 March 2007 Text and photo SMSgt. Johan Hijmenberg It was not that easy in the early morning on Monday, 12 March to gain entrance into Trapani, our Forward Operation Base in Italy. At several entry points friendly Italian (or are they Magilian?) colleagues check ID-Cards. The execution phase of Exercise Magic Venture 07 had started a few hours earlier. The training scenario involved a smaller country similar to Sicily, Magilia, defending itself against a country similar to the mainland of Italy, Italistan. Exercise Magic Venture is designed to help prepare the E-3A Component for the upcoming TACEVAL in May. The critical role in the movement of personnel and equipment is the main function of the TCAs. All personnel involved in the exercise were briefed on 6 March in the Mass Briefing Facility and the first TCA flew out the next day. One TCA is designated for the exercise,Ž said TCA Operations Officer Lt. Col. Alex von Lengriesser. With the 3rd TCA flight on Friday we had transported all requirements to the operation area. Of course we will also provide support next week when necessary.Ž When you think of Sicily, you think exclusively of fun and sun. However, the weekend was used for training; all aspects of ICCS … Individual Common Core Skills -, which consists of Post Attack Reconnaissance, NBC Defence and Self-Protection, First Aid, Basic Ground Defence, Weapons Handling and other necessary instruction. It kept the detachment members busy all dayƒ in drizzly rain. We prepare all members for the upcoming evaluations,Žsaid Capt. Fabian Kusche, chief force protection. Our guide for us is the requirements laid down in the ACO … Air Command Operations … Directives.Ž The entire detachment was split up in nine different groups. In ten hours they received the required instruction. Its exhausting for an instructor to give training a whole day long. But thanks to my instructors, who put a lot of effort in preparation and execution, it was a successful day,Ž adds Capt. Kusche. A big advantage is that the instruction fits into the TAOR … Tactical Area Of Responsibility itself. You are right on the scene, you get familiar with local circumstances, you are ready to go into the battle.Ž With simulated bomb threats, withdrawing of host nation guards as well as planning for return flights to Geilenkirchen for real-world sick colleagues, the Operations Command Centre (OCC) was in full swing Monday morning. Under the direction of the Force Element Commander (FEC) Col. Manfred Arndt, the day shift OCC performed its task. All key players … commander, support coordinator, operations, force protection and logistics … are represented in the OCC and go through the exercise incidents. Also real world issues get their attention and are solved. Three times a day FEC presides over the scheduled round table meeting. Other divisions like Communications Information Systems, Intelligence and Public Information are also present. Intermittent meetings are called by the FEC and held when necessary. Leading the night shift is Detachment Commander Lt. Col. Spurgeon Stewart. After the handover, he and his team, had to face many obstacles, including the closure of the runway. Due to an exercise input the airstrip of Trapani could not be used; the E-3A in the air had to divert to another airfield to land. Many questions must now be answered. Will the same crew fly the aircraft back and are they still within their crew duty day? Does logistics wing have to send a maintenance crew? Will an additional crew have to be sent as well? When will the aircraft be ready to fly again? The team is challenged. In the meantime, the intelligence section reacted to a different exercise input. They retrieved their information from all kind of sources. They gathered information about air, land and naval activities. Anything that could be a threat for the deployed detachment, we investigate,Ž said CMSgt. Claudio Pandelli, who with two colleagues mans the section for the exercise. They inform the FEC immediately of any changes that affect the detachment. The intelligence section will look in detail at things that may not get most peoples attention. Any source can provide essential information to us,Ž adds CMSgt. Pandelli. The medical section had to deal with a different issue. One of the exercise injects was that mosquitoes were harmful and there was a possibility of Dengue Fever. About ten detachment members got sick. After first examination by the detachment surgeon they were sent to the host nation hospital with possible indications of Dengue Fever. With the first available airlift they were sent home with wishes for a quick recovery from the whole detachment. The exercise sickness was a result of mosquitoes attacking a persons exposed skin. The detachment was warned to take measures to protect themselves against the little flying aggressors. The food was of high quality. Beside the possibility to have meals in the host nation dining hall, the Forward Operating Base MWA … Morale Welfare and Activities … area was manned with personnel from Geilenkirchens International Dining Hall. Mr. Peter Demarteau, Mr. Jrgen Doctores and Mr. Andreas Mertens provided the detachment with food on a 24-hour basis during the entire exercise, which was appreciated by the entire detachment. Demarteau said, Beside the breakfast that we offered from midnight until 1000 hours, the kitchen prepared 700 hamburgers, 200 sausages, 1,000 sandwiches, 100 pizzas, 200 toasts and 1,500 portions of French fries.Ž Every day Demarteau left the base to go shopping in the local area. From Trapani to Marsala no hamburgers are to be found anymore in the supermarkets,Ž he said Wednesday night, 14 March, just after the call came through the public announcement system that the exercise had ended. But we only could give this service and make it a success because we received fantastic support from the Italian side, as well from the base and from the FOB.Ž In addition to more than 200 Component members who were flown in from Geilenkirchen for the exercise, our FOB colleagues joined in Exercise Magic Venture. We are very proud to host Exercise Magic Venture and the upcoming TACEVAL,Ž said FOB Commander Lt. Col. Antonio Eramo. Its very important for the entire NAEW&CF to test the NATO Response Force capability. Besides that, the entire FOB is fully involved; it will provide valuable feedback and benefit professionally for further operations.Ž But the FOB will not rest until the TACEVAL. Lt. Col. Eramo said, In the coming months we will spend extensive time for the preparation of all necessary requirements and individual training.Ž Simulated mortar and sniper attacks, intruders, toxic clouds crossing the base, suspicious packages and parcels with simulated anthrax along with many more incidents were managed by the FEC Col. Manfred Arndt and his team. Exercise Magic Venture 07-1 was a very realistic NRF exercise,Ž he said when on 15 March he looked back at the past three days. GK Component Personnel and FOB Trapani personnel enhanced their abilities to operate effectively during a variety of simulated high intensity multi-threat environments, primary system failures and short notice change of taskings. The Force element was also effectively supported by the 1 NATO Signal Battalion and MOB Geilenkirchen.Ž But hes already looking into the near future. While progress has been made since Magic Viking 07-1 in January, additional training is planned in a number of areas to further prepare us for the upcoming TACEVAL.Ž Murphys law was certainly at work during Magic Venture,Ž continued Col. Arndt, as the Force Element tackled real world issues of concurrent connectivity outages on four separate communications systems, host base power outages, illnesses, and emergency returns home.Ž Magic Venture prepares to go Into the Battle' As Exercise Magic Venture 07-1 is a 24 hour operation, so is the MWA. Together with Mr. Jrgen Doctores, who rests after his shift, Mr. Peter Demarteau (right) and Mr. Andreas Mertens take care of more than 200 detachment members.


6NATOSkywatch 23 March 2007 Further information and registration at the IYA Office in Bldg 95, x 4955. Spring Break Program Between 2 and 13 April the IYA is organizing two four-day sessions for children aged 6+ with activities from 0930 to 1630. The children can be dropped off at 0800, and picked up no later than 1730. The program includes fun games, arts & crafts, sports, free play, special projects, and movies. Session I: 51,50 for 1 child, 103 for 2 children, and 128,75 for three or more children, including lunch on Thursday. Session II: 70 for 1 child, 140 for 2 children, and 175 for three or more children, including lunch on Friday. Fees also include one field trip per session. Slots are limited. Spring Break Trips During spring break the IYA is sponsoring two field trips for international Component children aged 6 and up: 4 April, 0830-1730, Chocolate Museum, Aquarium and Zoo in Cologne, 21,50 per child. 11 April, 0800-1930, Phantasialand Amusement Park, boasting roller coasters, playgrounds, shows and a wide variety of small and big rides, 40 per child. Chaperones go free. Slots are limited. Point of departure and return is the IYA parking lot next to Bld 95. Trip to Brussels: Royal Greenhouses, Atomium, Grand Place and City Center On Saturday, 5 May, 0800-2000, you can join the IYA to explore the famous Belgian capital. For just a couple of weeks the King opens his unique Art Deco winter garden landscape to the public. Beautiful glass and steel domes house plants in full bloom and tropical trees brought from all over the planet. After a short stop at the newly renovated Atomium enjoy the rest of your day in the center with its Grand Place, Cathedral, Manneken Pis Fountain, Belle Epoque Malls and thousands of stores and restaurants. Point of departure and return is the parking lot outside the Front Gate. Cost is 11 per person. Family Trip to the River Mosel with castle visit and boat tour The IYA is offering a family trip to the Mosel valley on Saturday, 14 April, 0800-2000. Our first stop will be the huge historic castle Burg Eltz, from where we will travel on to the beautiful historic town of Cochem. A boat will take us on to the medieval town of Beilstein. Point of departure and return is the parking lot outside the Front Gate. Cost is 24 for ages 15 and up, 19 for ages 4-14, and 9 for ages 3 and under. Further information and registration at the IYA Office in Bldg 95, x 4955. It was a Russian AN 124 on 15 March for an ISAF Sustainment flight. Easter Egg Hunt On Monday, 2 April, at 1430 the IYA is sponsoring a big Easter Egg Hunt for Component children of all nationalities. Meeting point is the IYA Playground behind Building 95. Make sure to join the fun, and meet the Easter Bunny. There is no fee. Rain delay date is Tuesday, 3 April. International Youth Activities Vacancy announcement Applications are invited for the following posts: Principal technician (ERCS), AGK LEE 2030, Advertisement Number 07004, NATO Grade B-5, assigned to The ERCS Ground IMF Section, Communications/ ESM Maintenance Branch, Electronics Maintenance Squadron, Logistics Wing. This post is due to be filled as soon as possible. Closing date: 27 Mar 2007. Chief fireman/shiftleader, AGK SAF 0040, Advertisement Number 07005, NATO Grade C-6, assigned to the Fire/Crash/Rescue Branch, Airfield Services Squadron, Base Support Wing. This post is due to be filled as soon as possible. Closing date: 23 Apr 2007. For further details, please visit the Component Information Portal (WISE) under Headquarters, PEC, Recruitment/ Services Section or review the advertisement posted in Building 8. NOTE: Only applications of qualified personnel will be considered. German military personnel and civil servants must send their application forms through BMVg, PSZ II 7 in accordance with ZDv 14/5). Free live music!! AMERICAN ROCK BAND COVERING THE GREATEST HITS FROM THE 70s, 80s, 90s AND TODAY At GK Officers Club. Friday, 30 March. Starts at 1500. Open to all NATO ID card holders. The NATO E-3A Component is celebrating its 25th Year Anniversary. Especially for this event, the Component will sell an Anniversary wine and a commorative T-shirts. You, as Component members, have the opportunity to pre-order these two fantasticsouvenir items to make sure that you have your souvenirs of this memorable event. The T-shirts will be available in black, khaki and navy blue sorted in standard sizes from XS to XL. The T-shirts are from Fruit of the Loom (Premium T) and of very good quality (the logo will be placed in two different positions, one centered in the upper part of the shirt and the other on the upper left chest side). Price for the T-shirt is 8 each. The wines we offer are a Grey Burgundy (dry white wine, 12.5%, a very elegant white wine, 2006)and two different Red Wines (Ingelheimer Rotwein, Dornfelder Cuvee, 13.0 %, one dry and one medium dry, with a light Barique nose, 2006), the bottles will have a special 25th Anniversary label. Price for the wine will be 4,50/bottle with a discount if you order full cases of 6 each. Make the event special for you and pre-order your souvenirs. The 25th Anniversary Committee orders will be accepted by OF2 Verlande, CSEM, 2022. Please mail your pre-orders to OF2 Verlande, all pre-orders are final. Commemorative items pre orders JFC HQ Alliance Theater The theater is located in Building 406 at JFC HQ Brunssum. Doors open 30 minutes prior to show time. Adult Admission 4, children (11& under) 2. Primeval (R) Fri 23 Mar 07, 1930 Dominic Purcell, Orlando Jones Happily never after (PG) Sat 24 Mar 07, 1600 Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Michelle Gellar Alpha dog (R) Sat 24 Mar 07, 1900 Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis Freedom of writers (PG-13) Fri 30 Mar 07, 1930 Hilary Swank, Imelda Staunton Stomp the yard (PG-13) Sat 31 Mar 07, 1600 Columbus Short, Brian J. White Dream girls (PG-13) Sat 31 Mar 07, 1900 Beyonce Knowles, Jamie Foxx Photo PIO archive


IDH, Officers, Frisbee and Sentry Clubs now on the BASS LAN System. Menu information under Public Folders/Base Support Wing/Services Squadron/Clubs or IDH. Also, check out the ServicesSquadron web page for programme information and upcoming events. E-3A Component Clubs Sunday Brunch will alternate between Officers/Frisbee Clubs. Members from both clubs are eligible to attend. Regular prices: Brunch: Members 9.20, Guests 11.50. Lunch: Members 6.10, Guests 7.65. Children 4-12 years half price. Reservations should be made NLT 1200 hrs on the Friday before. Club cards are required. For additional information, please contact the Officers Club, tel. 4990, or the Frisbee Club, tel. 4994. 1Frisbee Club Lunch/Brunch. Officers Club closed 8Officers Club Easter Brunch. (Price 11.50 and 13.50). Frisbee Club closed. 15Officers Club Italian Brunch. Frisbee Club closed. 22Officers Club Family Brunch. Frisbee Club closed. 29Frisbee Club Lunch/Brunch. Officers Club (SWPO/4990) Operating Hours Bar: MondayFriday: 1100-2300 hrs. Restaurant: Monday-Friday: 1130-1330 hrs. Sunday: 11001400 hrs (alternating with the Frisbee Club). Reservations are required for SundayBrunch by 1200 hrs on the Friday before. Club cards required when using the Frisbee Club (ext 4994). Lunch at the Officers Club: Monday through Thursday: A la carte menu served. Monday and Wednesday: A vegetarian special also available. Friday: Buffet Style Lunch.Throughout the month Membership Appreciation. One time each month for each Officers Club member, buy one drink of your choice and get an equivalent drink of your choice free of charge. Club cards required. Tuesdays 1700-1800 hrs: Happy Hour: Free snacks available. Fridays 1600-1800 hrs: Happy Hour: Free snacks available. Specials: From 23 to 26 April: US Specialties during lunchtime! 6+9Club closed due to Official Holiday. 20Gourmet Night … Watch for special flyer!! Special Notes: The Officers Club has rooms available for your conferences, meetings, presentations, lunches or Commanders Call. Make your reservations now. For members living on base … if you like to watch TV and/or have a drink during the weekends while the club is closed … collect the key for the Officers Club Casual Bar at the Pass/Visitors Office, Main Gate. Officers Club Participation in Frisbee Club Events: During Frisbee Club opening hours, Officers Club members are eligible to utilize the Frisbee Club for breakfast, dinner and Sunday Brunch (on an alternating basis between the Frisbee and Officers Clubs). Club cards required when Officers Club members are using the Frisbee Club. Cancellations for Officers Club events will be accepted up to two days prior to the event on ext. 4990. After this time, a cancellation fee of 5 per person must be charged for non-excused absences. Visit the Officers Club Web Page on the Component Information Portal, through Base Support Wing, Services Squadron, Clubs, for the latest information. Frisbee Club (SWPN/4994) Make a reservation today at the Frisbee Grill and enjoy the cozy atmosphere and good food Remember the Frisbee Club is open for breakfast and dinner to all Frisbee and Officers Club members (club cards required). Every Monday night: Country Line Dance, at 19.30 hours (2nd, 16th, 23rd and 30th) 3Bingo Green lounge 19.00/22.30 hrs 3Skat Main Bar 18.00/23.00 hrs 6+7Club closed 8Easter Brunch club open 11.0015.00 9Club closed 17Bingo Green Loung 19.00/22.30 hrs 19International Wives Club (Spanish Night) 27Due to official function German NCO Association, club closed as of 17.00 hrs Every Mon-Thu Happy hour from 17.00 until 18.00 hrs. Every Friday Happy hour from 14.30 until 19.00 hrs (including snacks at 17.00 hrs). Every Monday ANDSteak Night (Normal Restaurant times) Friday Night Steak Dinner only … Reservations required! Sentry Club (SWPJ/4997) In addition to the daily special, the Sentry Club will also offer a weekend special which will include a soup OR dessert as well as the main course. The weekend special will be advertised in the Sentry Club and also on the Component information web page. Last Pizza Order at 1930 hrs, Monday-Friday. A variety of new pizzas is available now, i.e. Pizza GyrosŽ, Pizza CalzoneŽ and Pizza SpinachŽ). We also will add some new toppings. As soon as the preparations are finished, the details will be advertised on our Component information web page. We will also offer little rolls made from pizza dough with herb butter or garlic mayonnaise. Take advantage of our new Salad Bar. Various types of freshly prepared salads available at a reasonable price. Do you need support for conferences or meetings? The Sentry Club can assist with coffee, soft drinks, half rolls or freshly prepared muffins. For more information, please contact the Sentry Club management. Need supplies for a party? The Sentry Club is your stop for Warsteiner Beer in 30 ltr and 50 ltr containers, various soft drinks in 1 ltr bottles and tables, benches and other items to help in organising your party. Please be sure to order in advance as certain items (e.g. tables, benches, beer wagons, etc.) must be ordered from the supplier. Visit the Souvenir Shop … a variety of nice new items have arrived!! Additional information on any of the above can be obtained from the Sentry Club Manager, ext. 4996. Sports Department 5Outdoor Soccer League Deadline Registration 18Outdoor Soccer League Start of League 20Deadline to request inclusion in the summer schedule Old Gym, New Gym, Multi-Purpose Room 21Indoor Soccer Tournament New Gym (0900-1800 hrs) 23Outdoor Soccer League Small Fields 24Softball League Coaches Meeting 1500 hrs, Frisbee Club, Casual Bar 25Outdoor Soccer League Small Fields International Library (SWPL/4956) The new operating hours are 1100-1500, Monday through Friday. Come and visit your International Library at Bldg 96 and browse through all of the New York Times Bestsellers that are available to be checked out. New titles arriving all the time! We have books in German, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Danish and Norwegian languages at our International Library. Relax and enjoy the nice atmosphere by browsing through our newspapers and magazines like Muscle & FitnessŽ, CosmopolitanŽ, PC WorldŽ, ParentsŽ, PeopleŽ, Travel & LeisureŽ, National GeographicsŽ and Consumer ReportsŽ. Also, we have more than 200 DVDs and 300 CDs available. Videos are on sale at the International Library for the price of 1 each. International Pre-School (SWPS/4957) 2-13Easter Break … NO school 16Back to School 27School Photos. There are still spaces available in our Afternoon Program for children ages 3 and 4. We will not take any more registrations for the morning waiting list. For more information, please contact the School at Ext. 4957. Thrift Shop (SWPG/4919) Tuesdays + Thursdays Operating Hours: 1000-1400. 8NATOSkywatch 23 March 2007 MWA INFORMATION April