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PAGE 1 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 OPINION A4 PROFILE IN PARADISE A6 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A14 CLUB NOTES A26 SCORE REPORT B4 BUSINESS MEETINGS B5 NETWORKING B7, B10 OPEN HOUSE MAP B14 PUZZLES C12 BRIDGE C13 THEATER REVIEW C10 CUISINE NEWS C24-27 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Ready, set, go!The Diva discovers a new way to drop pounds with Pokemon Go. A31 INSIDE A good CatchOpening night at the Sugden, and more to-dos around town. C22-23 The subject of humorFGCU professor gets a kick out of helping people learn how to be funny. C1 Vol. VIII, No. 39 FREE At the heart of itConditioned Air CEO Theo Etzel elaborates on his way of doing business and living life. B1 IF DOGS HAVE MASTERS, CATS HAVE servants. True enough. But our relationships with our pets are for anything but the birds. They preen, they play and they poop where they will. At the end of the day, they are as devoted to us as we are to them. That is why we photograph them and we share those images around the world via Facebook and Instagram. And that is why we share them with you, dear humans. Enjoy!SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY________________________ K L Y ____ PET LOVERS IS S S U U E E Princess Prada Kitty Cara Valenti Nero & Sampson Janet Kasperek P r i n c e s s P r a d a Princess Prada P r i n c e s P r a d a Princess Prada ero& S amps -Janet Kas p e r r k Nero&Sampson-Janet Kasperek We celebrate your pets this week with these adorable shots submitted by youSee pages A19-22 1ST 2ND 3RDFlorida Weekly earns top honors in state journalism awardsFlorida Weekly took home three journalism awards at the 2016 Society of Professional Journalists Sunshine State Awards ceremony held July 9 in Miami. The contest is open to all professional print, broadcast and online journalists in the state of Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The commitment of our journalists, editors and designers to the best quality work is evident every week in each of our papers, said Jeffrey Cull, Florida Weeklys co-founder and executive editor. This recognition, from our peers, spotlights some of what we do best. Columnist and writer Roger Williams won first place in the Feature Reporting category for a story titled, Seeing life the way the blind do. The judges said, this one stood out for its beautiful writing and skillful storytelling.SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________WILLIAMS SEE AWARDS, A24


A2 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 7200 Trail Boulevard, Naples, (239) 598-3330 | Other locations in Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs and Pinellas Park | COMMENTARYPence for presidentIndiana lawyer and Gov. Mike Pence, who tells us hes a Christian, a conservative and Republican, in that order, grew up in an Irish Catholic family of Hoosier Democrats who celebrated John F. Kennedy. Now, hes an evangelical Christian. A member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 12 years, he became governor four years ago. Before that, hed been a radio talk-show host in Indiana, calling himself Rush Limbaugh on decaf. Gov. Pence gained notoriety in 2015 when he signed the religious liberty bill in Indiana, giving business owners the right to discriminate against gays (and theoretically against anybody else) by not serving them. That law was amended, but it reveals his character and thinking. I mention all this because Gov. Pence may have a better shot at being president someday than most vice presidents, if Donald Trump is elected. Mr. Trump, now 70, appears florid, overweight and unhealthy to me, which is never good in high-stress males. Hes so unpredictable, in addition, that he could arguably be characterized as unstable. I think he has a lot of fun, though, and I support fun. In fact, fun should be legally required for every candidate from any party. Congress must act immediately to establish a Candidate Fun Test guaranteeing that no purse-lipped puritans sneak through the wire of our standards into positions of leadership. But when fun is in short supply when things get rough, as they inevitably will no evidence exists to suggest Mr. Trump wont just pull out. He could resign the presidency, declare bankruptcy, sue somebody, or retreat to his gold and marble bedroom in Manhattan, disappearing into a crevasse of comfort, never to be seen again.If Americans elect Mr. Trump, and if he were to die or to decide sleeping in the White House is no longer any fun, Gov. Pence would then become the nations 46th president.Such an event could affect Floridians in particular. Keep in mind, this is the springboard state from which George W. Bush, who dances at police funerals, twice managed to capture the presidency. On one of those occasions, Mr. Bush even lost the nations popular vote. But he had Florida, thank God (Mr. Bushs god). Here, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are now said to be running neck-and-neck. For one thing, Florida produces about 90 percent of the winter tomatoes Americans consume, along with vast quantities of citrus and other produce. A great deal of that food has been grown and harvested traditionally by illegal farmworkers. They work cheap, after all. Gov. Pence would end that accommodation, apparently. Hes an immigration conservative, which means he backs closing our borders to non-citizen farmworkers even in the so-called guest worker program, which he voted against. He also favors ejecting any illegals he can find anywhere else, including those lying in hospitals resting up from the last harvest. He once supported a failed bill to require hospitals to become de facto immigration officers by reporting illegals to the authorities.None of that bothers me, per se. Immigration is a legitimate policy issue on which we can we disagree, debate and decide. This column reflects the healthy process of debate. Toxic to the American way of life, however, is the unjustifiable, unethical and unconstitutional religious discrimination Gov. Pence is willing to accept in Mr. Trump, and to practice himself. Not only is it anti-American, its also championed by many other conservatives, including Newt Gingrich. Theres no excuse for it. Gov. Pence, for example, insisted Syrian refugees seeking asylum to the U.S. should not come into Indiana. And Mr. Trump and Mr. Gingrich have called for a test to determine which Muslims of any national stripe should be allowed to remain in the country whether or not they are American citizens. By that logic, the government should also test Catholics to insure that none of them still believe in the principal of the famous Catholic crusader, King Louis of France: Either convert non-Catholics with the word, he insisted, or run a sword through their bodies as far as it will go and send them home to God. But test notions violate Amendment VI of the United States Constitution, ratified in 1791.These are the words of that bold American amendment: The Senators and Representatives and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States. No religious test shall ever be required. Its a timeless American notion. So, as much as Gov. Pence has publically admired President Kennedy from time to time, he seems to have forgotten what the man actually stood for. He stood for the Sixth Amendment. Kennedys speech on Sept. 12, 1960, to the Greater Houston Ministerial Association of Protestant Ministers they were skeptical of his ability to lead the country as a Catholic remains as relevant in 2016 as it was in 1791 or 1960. Heres what he said, in part (reading the rest is now your obligation): I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic, Protestant, nor Jewish; where no public official either requests or accepts instructions on public policy from the Pope, the National Council of Churches or any other ecclesiastical source; where no religious body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its officials; and where religious liberty is so indivisible that an act against once church is treated as an act against all. An act against one church is treated as an act against all. That is not the view of either Donald Trump or Mike Pence. roger


PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM Naples, Florida pr emi 239.261.6161Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in Southwest Florida and around the world.Re REFLECTIVE ELEMENTS OF AN EXTRAORDINARY BRANDBonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Captiva | 239.395.5847 Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Estuary Sales Center | 239.261.3148 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Mercato Sales Center | 239.594.9400 Mystique Sales Center | 239.598.9900 Rentals | 239.262.4242 Sanibel | 239.472.2735 The Village | 239.261.6161 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494


A4 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY OPINIONA long, hot summerSummer is supposed to be the time you get to do things that elude you all year long because you work for a living. When June appears and summer officially begins, we try to cram into an abbreviated space all the pleasures denied because we have neither the time nor the money nor the choice to do otherwise. I discovered early in life this is why vacations are called vacations. It is a temporary release from the imprisonment of adult circumstances. There comes a time when there is never enough time. Every vacation beckons us to cherish what we have the least of. Meanwhile, kids wait impatiently for their parents to catch up to fill their own enforced leisure with summer adventures. They are hostages to adult commitments until a parent gets a green light from an employer to take some time off. Even so, the earned release is either a cup half full or half empty. Studies say more than half of all Americans dont use all the leave they earn, and when they check out, they dont unplug. Smart phones go on vacation, too. Despite efforts to resist, one call or message alert is usually enough to take a vacationer and their vacation down a rabbit hole, back to the world they left behind. Anyone with a digital device and access to Wi-Fi knows they are on a slippery slope to 24/7 availability. A vacation is no longer the mental escape to a pleasure island it used to be. We just cant help ourselves. As for the kids, the digital age has transformed their options, too. They can go solo in pursuit of recreation without ever having to leave home or share human companionship on their ventures. Virtual realities are readily available as an alternative to the real thing. The technology allows kids to simulate some of the exotic experiences that a real vacation supplies, not all of it desirable. This includes first-person shooter games and violent fantasies for the young at heart who like the idea of their vacations in hell. Nonetheless, a traditional vacation still holds sway. Who doesnt enjoy time to recreate for an extended period away from home, engaged in activities involving real people in different places? Taking a traditional vacation is to experience reality as it actually is. Thats pretty exciting just on the merits of the possibilities that unfold when our routines are briefly abandoned. Those possibilities were the source of my own anticipation. I remember waiting, waiting for school to be out, knowing a summer vacation was in my future. The tether that kept my parents tied in place would be temporarily broken. A vacation was our excuse for doing things together we seldom did as a family at home. It broke the tedious monotony of performing as you were expected to perform, day after day and month after month, a train traveling a seamless rail broken only by stops for the occasional holiday. A vacation was an exclamation point appearing in an endless sea of periods and semicolons. It was uncharacteristic of my parents to surrender to taking some time off. But when the door shut behind us, the finality of leaving assured, we sighed deeply, grateful for the transfusion in spirit we received. The rut we occupied in our bondage to home was left behind. I imagine my parents longing for a vacation in remembrance of the carefree days when their time was their own. When we disembarked, the furrows in their brows would soften and disappear as the distance increased between them and our home. They knew their release from captivity was only temporary. They raised no expectations this grand life on the road would somehow extend beyond its planned horizon. It was a short sprint in a long race, competing with commitments that could not be outrun. As soon as we left, we knew the return to home was inevitable. Though our summer adventures were neither exotic or far-flung, we made the most of them. We loaded up and took to the road to see places and people with whom we had long-standing relationships and a home away from home. Though in familiar circumstances, strange and different was always on the menu. It was on vacation that I first sampled pizza, saw a grown woman fully naked, milked a Guernsey cow, rode in a convertible, hiked in the Smokies, watched my auntie wring a chickens neck, toured an aircraft carrier and reveled in a van Gogh hanging in the National Gallery. Such journeys were transformative, a window into a world Id only begun to experience. The summer of 2016 is at the halfway mark, but it is already a bleak and distraught departure from a summer spent replenishing ones cup of joy far from the chaos of the madding crowd. The weight of terror is heavy in the air. It bodes a long, hot summer ahead with no vacation for anyone in sight. Leslie Lilly is a native Floridian. Her professional career spans more than 25 years leading major philanthropic institutions in the South and Appalachia. She writes frequently on issues of politics, public policy and philanthropy, earning national recognition for her leadership in the charitable sector. She resides with her family and pugs in Jupiter. Email her at and read past blog posts on Tumblr at police distortionsPresident Barack Obama is a lawyer, not a statistician, and it shows. After the controversial officerinvolved shootings in Baton Rouge, La., and Falcon Heights, Minn., Obama unloosed a series of statistics in his remarks in Warsaw, Poland, to show racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system in other words, racial bias by police, prosecutors and judges. Obama related numbers about disparate rates of police shootings, arrests and searches, among other things, without mentioning the single most important factor to put such figures in context, which is that blacks commit criminal offenses at higher rates than whites. No one likes to point this out, even though it is highly relevant information. It opens up whoever says it to charges of racism, or at least callousness in the aftermath of questionable police shootings. If anyone should be free to speak the truth, though, it should be President Obama, who imagines himself a coolly analytical figure on a historic mission to bind the nations racial wounds. Instead, he routinely gives a fundamentally distorted picture of the American criminal justice system and police shootings by eliding truths apparently too uncomfortable for him to say and his supporters to hear. African-Americans, Obama said in Warsaw, are arrested at twice the rate of whites. But African-Americans commit about 24 percent of violent crimes, even though they are 13 percent of the population. Of course they are going to be arrested at disproportionate rates. About half of murderers are black, and over 40 percent of killings of police officers are committed by blacks. This doesnt mean that there arent bad cops or that there isnt bias in policing, but the picture painted by Black Lives Matter of pervasive police predation, and an open season on blacks, is a politicized lie. A new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found racial disparities in lower-level use of police force e.g., police placing hands on civilians or pushing them into walls. But it concluded that on the most extreme use of force officer-involved shootings we are unable to detect any racial differences. If President Obama really wanted to try to cool passions on this issue, he would go even further in saying common-sensical things unwelcome to an inflamed Left. He might mention that the best way to try to avoid a police confrontation that might go tragically wrong is to comply with police orders and pursue a complaint or lawsuit later, outside the heat of the moment. He might note that just because an incident looks bad on an initial video, it doesnt mean the police did anything wrong, and no one should assume as much. He might remind Black Lives Matter that its initial understanding of what happened in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was entirely erroneous. He could do all of this and still speak to his belief, and that of so many other blacks, that they have been targeted and treated unfairly by police. That he wont is an indictment of his political courage and intellectual honesty on an issue where he should be uniquely suited to lead. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. rich LOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Piercecpierce@floridaweekly.comReporters & ColumnistsEric Bretan, Karen Feldman Jerry Greenfield, Bob Harden Dan Hudak, Myles Kornblatt Lindsey Nesmith, Drew Sterwald Nancy Stetson, Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren, Tim Gibbons Bernadette La Paglia Vandy Major, Charlie McDonald Bob Raymond, Ivan Seligman Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatzeraddatz@floridaweekly.comLuxe Living EditorLinda Donnellylinda.donnelly@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Alisa Bowman Amy Grau Paul Heinrich Meg Roloff Scott Sleeper Circulation ManagerCameo Hinmanchinman@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryannryan@floridaweekly.comCori Higginschiggins@floridaweekly.comAdam Schonberg aschonberg@floridaweekly.comSales and Marketing AssistantKatie BabkaBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2016 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state




A6 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Leading for well-beingYOU ARE INVITED TO A BLUE ZONES PROJECT WORKSITE SUMMIT! Ready to create a workplace that promotes and sustains well-being? Attend a FREE Blue Zones Project Worksite Summit and learn how you can build a more engaged, productive workforce. Employers play a key role in Blue Zones Project by shaping the workplace environment to support health and, in turn, improve productivity, decrease turnover and reduce healthcare costs. Business leaders are in a powerful position to dramatically improve employees well-being. Learn best practices from other local employers Network with community partners Enjoy a light breakfast Sponsored by Thursday, July 288:45 a.m. 12 p.m.The Club at The Strand 5840 Strand Blvd., NaplesRSVP: Call 239-624-2312 or email BlueZonesProjectSWFL@Healthways.comLearn more at southwestorida.bluezonesproject.comCopyright 2016 Blue Zones, LLC and Healthways, Inc. All rights reserved. PROFILE IN PARADISEThird-generation Floridian proud to serve on City CouncilNaples has a seven-member City Council consisting of a mayor and six council members who are nonpartisan and elected at large. Serving four-year terms, City Council members and the mayor are limited to two consecutive terms. City Council meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of each month, with the exception of a summer hiatus normally beginning mid-June and ending mid-August. City Council workshop meetings are held the Monday preceding the second regular City Council meeting each month. Upcoming agendas as well as minutes and annotated agendas for past meetings are online at Recently elected Councilwoman Michelle McLeod is a third generation Floridian. Upon graduating from Fort Myers High School, she attended Saint Marys College in Notre Dame, Ind., earning a bachelors degree in communications. She ended a 25-year career in the hotel industry as director of sales for the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club and from there earned an MBA with a concentration in finance at Florida Gulf Coast University. A graduate of Leadership Collier 2014, Michelle has lived and worked in Naples for more than 20 years and has stayed involved in community service, most notably as executive director of the Park Shore Association for more than five years and as chair of the Community Services Advisory Board for the City of Naples. She and her husband, Mike, enjoy running, cycling, swimming and competing in athletic events together. Bob Harden is the producer and host of The Bob Harden Show, airing from 78 a.m. weekdays at bobharden. com. Past shows are archived on the website. Mentor: My grandmother, Angela Huerta. She was and is my most favorite person in the whole wide world. She was funny and sassy and she loved me like I was the only person in the whole wide world. She taught me how to have fun and enjoy the simple things in life.Hometown: Fort MyersWhen and why did you rst come to Naples/ Collier County, and what was your rst impression? I used to come to Naples for football games between Fort Myers High and Naples High. Naples was a sleepy town back then, and it seemed so far away from Fort Myers. It was like traveling to the boonies.As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A veterinarian. I have always loved animals. First job: YMCA day camp counselor in Fort Myers.What would you be doing if you werent doing this? I would probably go back to school to get a Ph.D. in nance or public administration. Advice for someone just starting in your line of work: Account for the learning curve.Guilty pleasure: Taking long showers.Next vacation destination: A bike tour of the lighthouses of Nova Scotia with my husband.One thing on your bucket list: Learn to y a plane.Favorite app: Houzz. I can be on this app for hours looking at pictures of beautiful home designs. Something thats been on your mind: Building a new house. Something your mother was right about: She instilled in me the importance of saving money. It is great for peace of mind and planning for the future.Something that makes you laugh: My husband. Hes been making me laugh for over 30 years. Last book you read: Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg. All-time favorite movie: Legally Blonde. Something you wish could go back to the way it once was: Houses with a front porch where you can sit and have an iced tea and wave to your neighbors as they go by.Pet peeve: When someone argues a point without the facts. Something people would be surprised to nd out about you: I can still do a split. What are you most proud of? Being entrusted with the responsibility of serving as a Naples City Council member. Something the Paradise Coast really needs: More walkable communities. What you miss about the Paradise Coast when you go away: The weather, the beaches and the people. Talking points with Michelle McLeod


This is my hospital even better For information, visit us at The doctors and specialists at NCH & Mayo Clinic are sharing everything from rst-hand experience to a wealth of knowledge allowing you access to Mayo Clinics expertise for solving the hard-to-solve medical problems. For you that means peace of mind and access to the nest medical knowledge available. Right here at home. NCH and Mayo Clinic...working together to make your hospital even better. Mayo Clinic Care Network My hospital is a member.


A8 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 90 Cypress Way East #20 Naples FL (Across From Sams Club) 239-596-5771 Insurance Processing Early Morning Appointments Call or stop by The Arlington today! (239) 307-3000 or (866) 986-96907900 Arlington Circle Naples, FL 34113 T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r l l l l l l l l l l l i i i i i i i i i i i i i n n n n n n n n n n n n n g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g t t t t t t t t t t t t o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e l l l l l l l l l l l l l l c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l f f f f f f f f f f f f f f a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a i i i i i i i i i i i t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s , , , , , , , , b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s . . . . A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r i i i i i i i i i i i i n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v i i i i i i i i i i i b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n t t t t t t t t t t t t t t , , he Arlington of Naples is now ready for you. e celebration has begun. New neighbors are moving into beautifully designed villas and apartment residences. A growing community has already made this smart choice. With assurance for tomorrow, we are maximizing today every day eres still time...T btn f rr bt.CorrectionIn the July 14 story on page A1 headlined EC Primer about the Electoral College, observations regarding the establishment of the EC were incorrectly attributed to Richard Hasen of the University of California, Irvine School of Law. They should have been credited instead to a blog posted by FairVote, a nonprofit group that seeks to reform the electoral process in the United States. Deadline nears for being able to make sure your vote counts The Collier County Supervisor of Elections office reminds Collier County citizens that they must be registered to vote by midnight Monday, Aug. 1, in order the vote in the Tuesday, Aug. 30, Primary Election. The Supervisor of Elections office at 3750 Enterprise Ave. is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday. Persons wishing to register to vote can do so during any of these office hours and must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States. Registered voters who need to make corrections/changes to names or addresses can do so during the same hours. In addition to the Aug. 30 Primary Election, here are some key dates coming up in the election season: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20, through Saturday, Aug. 27: Early voting for the August Primary Election at the following locations: Collier County Government Complex 3311 Tamiami Trail E. Everglades City Hall 102 Copeland Ave. N., Everglades City Golden Gate Community Center 4701 Golden Gate Parkway Immokalee Community Park 321 N. First St., Immokalee Library Headquarters 2385 Orange Blossom Drive Marco Island Library 210 S. Heathwood Drive, Marco Island The Norris Center 755 Eighth Ave. S. North Collier Regional Park 15000 Livingston Road Supervisor of Elections office 3750 Enterprise Ave. Wednesday, Aug. 24: Last day voters can request a Vote-By-Mail ballot. Order one at or call 252-8683 Tuesday, Aug. 30: Primary Election Day. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 11: Last day to register in order to vote in the General Election. (See business hours at the Supervisor of Elections office, above.) 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 24, through Saturday, Nov. 5: Early voting for the General Election at the same locations as Aug. 20-27 early voting. Tuesday, Nov. 8: General Election Day. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, visit


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A14 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY www.ECOF.comClearly, the right choice Clearlytherightchoice Clearlytherightchoice Since 1971 888 EYE APPT David C. Brown, MD, FACSFounder & Medical DirectorLifetime Eye Care for the Entire Family12 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS NOW AVAILABLE For Limited Public Play! For Tee Time Reservations: 239.331.2052 9800 Treviso Bay Boulevard, Naples, FL 34113 With this ad. Valid 8/1/16 thru 8/14/16. 2 for 1 Two play golf for the price of one.A great lawyerAttorney Lee Pearlman finally earned an acquittal in June (after two hung-jury trials) for his client Danielle Goeller one of a seemingly increasing number of drivers who hit pedestrians but claim they were unaware of anybody being hit. Goeller, 28, a trauma-room nurse with no intoxicants in her system, had struck a 60-year-old man on a busy, heavily lighted Tampa street at 11:45 p.m., cracking her windshield but drove on without stopping. What does she think she hit? asked the prosecutor. A deer? A bear? Responded Pearlman, Shes a scared girl in the middle of the night who doesnt have the life experience other people do.Bright ideas Picturesque Torrelodones, Spain (pop. 22,000), has 6, 000 pet dogs and apparently few conscientious dog owners, which town leaders say accounts for the nearly half-ton of litter that accumulates daily. The towns latest bright idea: installing a 7-foot-high, 10-by-10-foot brown, inflated plastic swirly in the center of town as a reminder to residents to pick up after their dogs. (Spains The Local reported in June that other towns have begun to tackle the problem as well, such as with DNA testing of dogs and street-scrubbing punishment for guilty owners.) British student Joshua Browder, 19, created an easy-to-use computer app to help drivers fight parking tickets they believe unjust and now reports that users have won 160,000 cases (out of 250,000), all in London and New York City, by following his question-and-answer chat interface at Browder said he was motivated to develop the app (which, as of now, is still free of charge) after himself getting about 30 tickets he says he did not deserve.The passing parade A bicycle thief was stopped on June 10 when the bikes owner and several other people chased him from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Eagle Point, Ore., drawing the attention of a passing rider on horseback (Robert Borba), who joined the chase and moments later (according to a report in Portlands The Oregonian) lassoed the man and restrained him until police arrived. A kite surfer on a Sussex beach south of London got into trouble on June 26 and was unable to float back to land until he was rescued by two Good Samaritans in kayaks. The saviors happened to be dressed as Batman and Robin for participating in the Shoreham Beach Superhero Paddle.Wait, what? Not only are almost all federal employees above average, they are nearly all superior workers, according to a June Government Accountability Office review of agencies personnel-rating results. (Yes, the review included the departments of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.) Most agencies use a 1 (unacceptable) through 5 (outstanding) rating system, and GAO found that 99 percent were rated either 5 or 4 (exceeds fully acceptable). Not many DUI stops result in attempts to locate the suspects chastity belt key, but the May 14 sobriety checkpoint stop of Curtis Eidam, 35, in Clinton, Tenn., did. Eidam was outfitted in red mesh seethrough hose, according to the police report, with a ribbon tied in his goatee, and also a little skirt (perhaps a tutu), when he told officers he needed his key, which happened to be on a necklace worn by his passenger (a highly intoxicated 44-yearold woman). Thus, Eidam was able to unlock and remove the chastity belt, which had been attached to his penis. (There was also a handgun illegal in Tennessee for an intoxicated person to carry.)Cognitive failureIn a May journal article, biologists from the University of Florida and Oklahoma State University found that more than 80 percent of survey respondents want package labels on all foods that have DNA content (even though, yes, all meat and vegetables have DNA). The Oklahoma researcher found earlier that about the same number want such labels to be mandatory. (Law professor Ilya Somin suggests playfully raising the fright level of those respondents by adding this alarm to the label they demand: Warning: Pregnant women are at very high risk of passing on DNA to their children.)Weird JapanClient Partners is only one of several Japanese agencies that supply rental friends to the lonely, for hours or days of companionship tailored to the needs of the socially challenged client (with two rules, however: no romance, no lending money). A writer for AFAR travel magazine interviewed several friends in June, one of whom explained: Japan is all about face. We dont know how to talk from the gut. We cant ask for help. Said the female friend (who offered a good-bye handshake to the interviewer): There are many people who havent been touched for years ... who start to cry when we shake hands with them.But its our policy!Good Samaritan Derrick Deanda is facing a $143 bill from paramedics in Elk Grove, C alif., after he, passing a car crash, jumped out to pull out a man and his three children (including a 2-year-old), who were trapped in the wreckage. A short time later the paramedics arrived and, noticing that Deanda had a cut on his arm (from breaking the cars window to free the family), bandaged him. Elk Grove has a policy charging all patients at a first-responder site $143 for the rescue, and Deanda received his bill in June. NEWS OF THE WEIRD BY CHUCK SHEPHERDDistributed by Universal Press Syndicate


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A24 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY From ur Naples oc!We ar cazy for u cats nd gs!In MemoriabFlorida Wekly Celebrates Our Own Pets! Fort Myers Naples/Bonita Springs Charlotte County Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter/West Palm & Palm Beach Visit online at Blue Maui Mags Yaso Mist Tizny Onyx Hudson Juliet gs! Jesti Mr. Williams also won third place in the Beat Reporting Consumer Issues category for a compilation of consumer stories. Photojournalist Vandy Major and writer Evan Williams teamed up for a second-place finish in the Photography Story category for a moving photo/ essay on homelessness in Lee County called Faces of the Homeless.Florida Weeklys three awards were more than any Monroe County newspaper and more than any non-daily publication in the state.Florida Weekly is locally owned and publishes eight newspapers in Greater Fort Myers, Greater Naples, Bonita Springs, Charlotte County, Palm Beach County, Key West and Babcock Ranch with a combined weekly readership of more than 200,000. AWARDSFrom page 1 ww FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF OCTOBER 21-27, 2015 and vote and fall in love and raise families. And they want the rest of us to quit worrying about what we say to them. Dont worry about saying, See you later or did you see the ball game, or something like that, advises Mr. Hart, who started losing his vision to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa before he was 10. He moved through high school, college and into the working world as his sight diminished. He married, had children suffered a divorce. And now hes 47, a new arrival to the region who came from a job as a college counselor in Illinois to live near his parents in Naples, and to serve as a caseworker at Lighthouse of Collier Count y. Wit h sister branches around the state, Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping the sight-impaired or blind become independent, productive citizens, including doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, counselors, tech experts and so on. Little of Mr. Harts sight remains muted colors and dimming light, vague shapes still perceptible only if the light isnt t o o brigh t. How do you talk to a person destined not to see others? How do you treat a person who cant witness the dappled majesty of the spinning blue-green planet many of us may take for granted? Just be natural. Be yourself, Mr. Hart suggests pleasantly. You dont have to talk around the sightless, either, they point out, something Robin Garcia has learned from long and challenging experience. People will sometimes stand next to a blind person and talk to somebody else. Does she want a drink? says Mrs. Garcia, executive director of Colliers Lighthouse and a former software company executive and financial planner. Her son, Andrew Willson, was diagnosed with the same disease as Mr. Hart when he was 12. Now hes 27, a college graduate employed as an administrator in the Bursars office at FGCU. And now his mother has taken up his cause by joining Lighthouse. Let them know when someone is there, or not there, she adds. Let them know youre coming. Hi, its Robin. So they know. Speak to the person. Look at the person. Face them, address them personally. If youre going to leave, dont just walk away. Oftentimes, ask them if they want help. T he lad y s room is straight ahead, would you like me to help you? Lighthouse numbers among several other organizations up and down the coast that work directly or indirectly with the state Division of Blind Services, relying on limited federal and state funds and the generosity of donors to help the sightless become competent, comfortable citizens. Their services, free to the blind, are many. Ms. Dondero, for example, now 27, is the Lighthouse technology instructor for the visually impaired a determined and even adventurous young woman. Not only did she learn everything Lighthouse of Southwest Florida in Lee County could teach her, but she attended an intense residency program hosted by the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Daytona, part of Floridas Division of Blind Services. Each working day for her, Ms. Dondero embarks from her home in North Fort Myers, rides a Lee Tran service called Passport to the Collier County line, then gets off that bus to catch another: a Para Transit bus dispatched to serve Collier Countys disabled. Sometimes those busses are not on time, so waiting becomes part of her life. Once aboard the Para Transit, she rides to her job at Lighthouse just off Airport Pulling Road North, or on some days to Immokalee. Finally she gets to work, helping others learn how to use computers and iPhones with adaptive technologies that dont require the use of a mouse, or for that matter of sight. She does it all with a cane and now a voiced GPS (a recent addition that can be a little temperamental, she says) but no dog. No dog because its such a huge res ponsibility all the time, and I didn t want to be tied down, she explains. A dog, like a good marriage, might happen someday, she surmises.Teaching awarenessEach of these men and women with many others dropped t heir routine tasks to become educators, last Thursday. Their only intent was to cross the street or the highway, en masse, and thus offer a quick course in the rules of the road to the sighted humans sitting behind the wheels of fast-moving, multi-ton vehicles in both Collier and Lee counties. To do this, they stood curbside at one location or another, took up slender white canes, and pointed them outward like Olympic fencers. But rather t han thrusting boldly forward, they paused. Listened. They may be blind, such caution suggests, but they arent foolish. Neither is Mitch Haley, a spokesperson for Lighthouse of Southwest Florida. We arranged to have the Lee Sheriffs Office supporting us on this, he admitted and not because the white cane ensemble needs the cops, but because the drivers do. Everybody on the curb knew a person could get run over stepping into traffic armed only with a white cane, no matter what the law says. But some drivers didnt, apparently even on such an auspicious day. As it turned out, Oct. 15 was National White Cane Awareness Day. That was probably news to most or all of the stress-buzzed drivers roaring down U.S. 41 and Pine Island Road in North Fort Myers, or to the maneuver-maestros jockeying for decent parking along Fifth Avenue in Naples. They were bound for jobs and beaches and shops and the lifestyle choices most people make unselfconsciously at least until they saw the white canes. Some ignored them; some slowed a bit and continued on; and some, finally, began to stop, the correct decision. Whether drivers know it or not, the law is not ambiguous about their responsibility to people with white canes. If you see a white cane like mine, no matter where I cross a road in the middle of the block or at the light, it doesnt matter you have to stop, explains Kathleen Hoover, 67, a downtown Fort Myers resident who began losing her sight about five years ago to a disease medical experts across the state and the country still have not been able to diagnose precisely. That was the same year her husband died of cancer. None of it has been much fun, she acknowledges quietly. And none of it has defeated her, either. On the contrary, Mrs. Hoover is a fighter. A career public relations and marketing expert with an affable, straightforward demeanor, now she serves as a spokeswoman for the Southwest Florida Council for the Blind. A Hoosier born and raised, shes become a fierce advocate for independence, a woman who makes only a single request of the wide world around her: Dispense with the pity. I hate it when people say, Im so sorry for you. I see this sight loss as a blessing. There are people I can relate to now I never could before. And the last thing I want to do is be taken care of. Blindness may be a blessing, just like independence, but that doesnt mean its easy. Crossing a road, for example, is one of the major challenges in Mrs. Hoovers life, training or no training, law or no law. When I want to cross, I put out my cane, and people drive right by it. So I listen until traffic (grows quiet), she explains. I often cross First Street or McGregor Boulevard in downtown Fort Myers, and its not unusual for many cars to go by before somebody stops. Sometimes they almost hit the cane. I t w as t o combat that blindness on the part of so many drivers that both the sightless and the sighted (volunteers wearing blindfolds) lined up to cross some of the busiest roads on the coast with white canes on National White Cane Awareness Day. Police and sheriffs deputies were not the only ones helping; mobility instructors from Lighthouse of Southwest Florida and Lighthouse of Collier County were also present to help. Mobility instructors teach safety practices in moving, both at home and in different public environments, as well as the use of technologies such as a voiced GPS. But they represent only one aspect of the widely varied programs Lighthouses deliver.Something for everybodyFor any struggling to see or for their family members or friends trying to understand what that means and offer well-grounded help programs may also include the following: daily skills training to cook, identify money, groom comfortably, and use technologies; job training, including how to get to and from work, specifically; and assistive technologies, including traditional ones such as large print and braille or contemporary additions. Clients learn to access email and the Internet with talking computers, and to use smart phones, tablets or GPS devises effectively. There are also early intervention programs for babies born blind or visually impaired, and programs for children of BLINDFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOParticipants in last weeks White Cane WalkCOURTESY PHOTONiki Dondero and Rick HartDont worry about saying, See you later or did you see the ball game, or something like that. Rick Hart, who started losing his vision to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa before he was 10GARCIA A8 NEWS WEEK OF DECEMBER 17-23, 2015 CHARLOTTE COUNTY FLORIDA WEEKLY Photos by Vandy Major; Story by Evan Williams / Florida WeeklyFaces of the homelessTHE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HAVING A home and being homeless is a matter of specifics for government agencies. But for people, a home is, however temporary, where the heart is. Many sleep in fields, in the woods or cars. Others find refuge at shelters. Some land in jail or crash on a couch or with friends or relatives but soon must move on. For most, it is a temporary condition that might last for a few months or years. For some, the streets will always be home. They are the institutionalized homeless, everywhere and nowhere at home. Many more live paycheck to paycheck, one illness or divorce or rent hike or job loss away from humility, true for more of us than would like to admit it. But its also true that one event cant fully describe why someone ends up sleeping at a park. The only rule is that the homeless can be anyone: parents and children, seniors and veterans, volunteers and criminals, a microcosm of society at large but with less money. Social workers say that finding them housing ASAP is key to addressing their needs. Its literally cheaper to house somebody first than to treat them in the streets, said Lee County social worker Johnnie Terrell. SEE FACES, A10 Roger and Kathy DeWaldYou dont have to have a certain look or be a certain person. Tiffany Harris, who found herself sleeping in a park last year. She has since found a place to live. FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF OCTOBER 21-27, 2015 NEWS A9 all ages. A t Lighthouse Collier, says Ms. Garcia, those programs might include, day trips, picnics in the park, large-print cards and board games. They can learn about and play with magnifier s, CCTVs, talking computers and state-of-the-art computer equipment. They can meet and make new friends! Both in effect and literally, support from the state Division for the Blind exists from birth to death one of the only comprehensive Florida programs to offer that scope of support, says Janet Alterman, the rehabilitation supervisor at the regional Division for Blind Services. We have a blind babies program, a childrens program and a transition to college program, she notes. And when those children reach c ollege, we have a vocational rehabilitation program and an independent living program. Tha t one can be for new learners of any age, such as Mrs. Hoover Kathlee n was part of our independent living program, which trains people how to live as independently as possible, explains Ms. Alterman. How to pour liquids, how to cook and not get burned. How to mark your appliances and use them how to know if the oven is set at 350 degrees. People learn how to wash their clothes so they dont have their colors bleed into whites. How to iron, to clean, to get to and from grocery stores or banks. How to identify their m oney. And we contract those services through Lighthouse of Southwest Florida. The Daytona adventureBut thats not all, she adds. Theres a special residency program at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Daytona an intense, 16-week course in which students live in dormitories and strive to become even more sophisticated and skilled than local programs can make them. On Saturday morning, Kathleen Hoover was loading her bags into a friends car and heading up the Florida highway to Daytona, an adventure that made her coincidentally excited and deeply anxious, she admitted just like it had almost 50 years earlier when she left home for the first time to take up college life, first at Butler University and l ater at Indiana University, from which she graduated. She begins the program this week, both for herself and as an advocate for the blind, she says. Florida Weekly will monitor her progress. It is important that society understands: although we are blind, our intellectual capacity is not affected and we can contribute significantly to humanity, she noted in a letter to friends explaining why she pushes herself so hard. Its a pragmatic decision for her, too, Mrs. Hoover says she needs and wants to learn more as her vision fades permanently a nd completely, which in time it will. And she will be ready for that time. I went to Lighthouse for a year and learned everything I could it was more of a lower level. Cooking classes, some technology courses. But after a year I was finished. At that time I was legally blind and I had a fair amount of eyesight. But I got to a point where I couldnt use my computer anymore. Thats going to change but the change wont come easily, apparently. Its a lot more intense, says Janet Alterman, describing the Daytona program. Although its available for anybody to apply to, a lot of our clients dont want t o go to Da ytona because they have family members or children to take care of. But there they will also learn assisted technology how to use software such as ZoomText that can be used with any program or computer, for example. Its a magnification software for people with low vision. O r JAWS, a speech program that turns the printed word into speech. This allows totally blind people to read anything that comes across the screen. All of the training has one purpose, a purpose taxpayers should be proud of, suggests Ms. Alterman: productivity. The vocational rehab program is one of the few programs that puts people back to work, thereby taking the tax dollar and recycling it back into the budget, she explains. Eighty percent of funding for the Division of the Blind comes from the federal government, and 20 percent from the state. That mounts only to about $600,000 for the regional office in Southwest Florida not enough to pay for more than about 30 percent of the activities of Lighthouse Collier or Lighthouse of Southwest Florida, their officials say. The rest comes from philanthropists. T hose ma y include such not e worthy organization as the Naples Winter Wine Festival, the Harris Law Firm, the Palms of Fort Myers, the Fort Myers Community Womens Club or many others. But they also include countless citizens up and down the coast, those who see clearly enough to care. VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYJennifer Mitchell pushes a cart and helps Kathleen Hoover pack for her trip to a 16-week blindness residency program. White Cane Fest>> When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 24>> Where: Wa-Ke Hatchee Recreation Cente r, 16760 Bass Road, South Fort Myers>> Details: Activities include a fun run/walk, music, food, guide dog demonstrations, blindfolded games and events, raf es and more. >> Cost: Event is free, a $25 donation regis t ers you for the walk and entitles you to a T-shirt, goodie bag and hot dog or hamburger. >> More info: 997-7797 or info@lighthousesw .org Services for the blindMost of these services are free and available throughout the r e gion>> Division of Blind Services District Of ce (800) 219-0180 >> Lighthouse of Southwest Florida lighthousesw org Email: infor@ lighthousesw .org 997-7797>> Talking Books Library 533-4780>> Lighthouse of Collier 430-EYE4 >> Visually Impaired Persons of Southwest Florida 997-7797>> Visually Impaired Persons of Charlotte County (941) 625-8 501 or (941) 625-8932>> Center for Independent Living of Southwest Florida 277-1447 or (888) 343 -6991 cil .org>> Florida Alliance for Assistive Services and Technology (888) 788-9216>> Low Vision Support Groups Naples and Port Charlotte: 263-3337 Fort Myers, Bonita Springs and Cape Coral: 939-4323>> Southwest Florida Council for the Blind 393-7722 or austin08@>> Project Insight Information, encouragem ent and referrals to local, state and national services. (800) 267-4448 piabout.htm>> Collier Area Para Transit 252-8192>> Lee Countys Passport, a Service of Lee Tran 533-0300>> Charlotte County Dial-a-Ride (941) 575-4000; (941) 6974000, ext. 4855 >> Foundation Fighting Blindness (866) 782-7330>> Southeastern Guide Dogs 4210 77th Street, East Palmetto, (941) 729-5665 or (800) 944-DOGS FLORIDA WEEKLY da Weekly es s NCE BETWEEN HAVING A d being h omeless is a f specif ics for governencies. But for people, is, howev er temporary, he heart is. i elds, in the woods or efuge at shelters. Some sh on a couch or with s but soon must move a temporary condition r a few months or years. ets will always be home. stitutionalized homeless, nowhere at home. ve paycheck to paycheck, vorce or rent hike or job humility, true for more of ke to admit it. But its also ent cant fully describe why up sleeping at a park. e is that the homeless can ren ts and children, senior vo lunteers and cri minal of society at large but wi ci al workers say that findi ASAP is key to addr ess y cheaper to house someb r eat them in the streets, ocial worker Johnnie Ter SEE FACES COMMENTARY A2 OPINION A4 OUTDOORS A6 PETS A16 HEALTHY LIVING A24 BUSINESS A27 REAL ESTATE A33 ARTS B1 SANDY DAYS B2 EVENTS B6 SOCIETY B16-18 CUISINE B19 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 WEEK OF DECEMBER 17-23, 2015 Vol. VII, No. 21 FREE INSIDE Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. NetworkingCharlotte Chambers Christmas parade. A31 NYE GuideRing in 2016 in style. B1 House HuntingOur featured property. A34 Crisis managementPR pros give Volkswagen advice. A27 INSIDE: Local agencies suggest ways you can helpPhotos by Vandy Major; Story by Evan Williams / Florida WeeklyThousands of Southwest Floridians struggle with homelessness or the threat of it while a network of local agencies tries to deal with the issue. Inside is a view of the struggle from the front lines. PAGE A8Faceshomelessof theSome people pull out all the stops decorating for the holidays. Thats certainly true about the popular Mike and Juli Riley, widely considered to be Charlotte Countys first couple. But every days a holiday at the Riley household, one of the most colorful, musical and intricately adorned homes in Southwest Florida. This joint is jumpin a look inside the holiday house of Riley Terry White BY KATHY GREY AND ALEX ARATARIpgnews@ SEE HOLIDAY, A17 COURTESY PHOTOInner space: a detail of the Riley Christmas tree. Photos by Vandy Ma jor; Sto Thousands of Southwest Fl orid of it while a network of local ag view of the str uggl Some peo ple p rating f or the h true abo ut the Riley, widely co n This j o t BY KATHY GREY pgnews@ oridawe COURTESY PHOTO Inner space: a detail of the Riley Christmas tree. CHARLOTTE COUNTY FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF DECEMBER 17-23, 2015 NEWS A9 Terry Vincent, 63, lives off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Fort Myers. WEEK OF OCTOBER 21-27, 2015 and vote and fall in love and raise families. And they want the rest of us to quit worrying about what we say to them. Dont worry about sayin g, See you later or d id you see the ball game, or something like tha t, advises Mr. Hart, who started losing his vision to a disease called retinitis pigmentosa before he was 10. He moved through high school, college and into the working world as his si ght diminished. He married, had children, suffered a divorce. And now hes 47, a new arrival to the r e gion who came from a job as a college c o unselor in Illinois to live near his par ents in Naples, and to s erve as a casewor ker at Lighthouse of Collier Count y. Wit h sister branches around the state, Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping the sight-i m paired or blind become independent, productive citizens, including doctors, lawyers teachers, nurses, c ounselors, tech expert s and so on. Little of Mr. Harts sight remains muted colors and dimming light, vague shapes still perceptible only if the light isnt t o o bright. How do you talk to a person destined not to see others? How do you treat a person who cant witness the dappled majesty of the spinning blue-green planet ma ny of us may take for granted? Just be natural. Be yourself, Mr. Hart suggests pleasantly. You dont ha ve to talk around the sightless, either, they point out, something Robin Garcia has learned from long and challenging experience. People will sometimes stand next to a blind person and talk to somebody else. Does she want a drink? says Mrs. Garcia, executive director of Colliers Lighthouse and a former software company executive and financial planner Her son, Andrew Willson, was diagnosed with the same disease as Mr. Hart when he was 12. Now hes 27, a college graduate employed as an administr ator in the Bursars office at FGCU. And now his mother has taken up his cause by joining Lighthouse. Let them know when someone is there or not there, she adds. Let them know youre coming. Hi, its Robin. So they know. Speak to the person. Look at the person. Face th em, address them personally. If youre going to leave, d ont just walk away. Oftentimes, ask them if they want help. The ladys room is straight ahead, would you like me to help you? Lighthouse numbers among several other organizations up and down the coast that work directly or indirectly with the state Divisi on of Blind Services, re lying on limited federal and state funds a nd the generosity of donors to help the sig htless become competent, comfortable citize ns. Their services, free to the blind, a re many. Ms. Dondero, for example, now 27, is the Lighthouse technology instructor for the visually impaired a determined and even adventurous young woman. Not only did she learn everything Lighthouse of Southwest Florida in Lee County could teach her, but she attended an intense residency program hosted by the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Daytona, part of Floridas Division of Blind Services. Each working day for her, Ms. Dondero embarks from her home in North Fort Myers, rides a Lee Tran service called Passport to the Collier County line, then gets off that bus to catch another: a Para Transit bus dispatched to serve Collier Countys dis abled. Sometimes th ose bu so waiting becomes p Once aboard the Pa to her job at Lightho Pulling Road North o Immokalee. Finally she ing others learn how to iPhones with adaptive dont require the use of matter of sight. She does it all with a voiced GPS (a recent ad a little temperamental, no dog. No dog because res ponsibility all the tim want to be t ied down, sh A dog, like a good marr pen someday, she surmise Teaching a wareness Each of these men and many others dropped thei to become educators, last T only intent was to cross th highway, en masse, and t hu course in the rules of the sighted humans sitting behin of fast-moving, multi-ton veh Collier and Lee counties. To do this, they stood c ur location or another, took up s canes, and pointed them o Olympic fencers. But rather th boldly forward, they paused. L They may be blind, such c gests, but they arent f oolish. Neither is Mitch Haley, a spo for Lighthouse of Southwest Fl arranged to have the Lee Sheri supporting us on this, he ad and not because the white cane needs the cops, but because the d Everybody on the curb knew could get run over stepping in armed only with a white cane, n what the law says. But some drive apparently even on suc h an au day. As it turned out, Oct. 15 was N White Cane Awareness Day. That was probably news to mos of the stress-buzzed drivers roaring U.S. 41 and Pine Island Road in Fort Myers, or to the maneuver-ma jockeying for decent par king along Avenue in Naples. They were boun jobs and beaches and shops and the style choices most people make unsel BLIN D From page 1 Participants in last wee Don GARCIA FLORIDA WEEKLY all ages. A t Lighthouse Collier, says Ms. Garcia, those program s might include, day trips, picnics in the park, large-print cards and board games. They can learn about and play with magnifiers, CC T Vs, tal king computers and state-of-the-art computer equipment. They can meet and make ne w friends! Both in effect and literally, support from the state Division for the Blind exi sts from birth to death one of the only com prehensive Florida programs t o offer that scope of support, says Jane t Alterman, the rehabilitation supervisor at the reg ional Division for Blind Services. We have a blind babies program, a childrens program and a transition to college program, she notes. And when those children reach college, we have a vocational rehabilitation program an d an independent living program. Tha t one can be for new learners of any age, such as Mrs. Hoover. Kathlee n was part of our independent living program, which trains people how to live as independently as possible, explains Ms. Alterman. How to pour liquids, how to cook and not get burned. Ho w to mark your app liances and use them how to know if the oven is set at 350 degrees. People learn how to wash their clot hes so they dont have their c olors blee d into whites. How to iron, to clean, to get to and from grocery stores or banks. How to iden tify their m oney. And we contract those services thro ugh Lighthouse of Southwest Florida. The Daytona adventure But thats not all she adds. Theres a special residency prog ram at the Rehabilitation Center for the Blind in Dayt ona an intense, 16-week course in which stu dents live in dormitories and strive to become even more sophisticated and skilled than local programs can make them. On Saturday mornin g, Kathleen Hoover was loading her bags into a friends car and heading up the Florida highway t o Daytona, an adventure that made her co i ncidentally excited and deeply anxious, she admitted justlikeithadalmt50 anymore. Thats goin but the cha come easil y, ap Its a lot mo says Janet describing th program. Alt available for a apply to, a lot ents dont wan Da ytona beca have family m childrentotake Jennifer Mitc a cart and he Hoover pack a 16-week bl dency progra Vol. IX, No. 28 FREE INSIDEWEEK OF OCTOBER 21-27, 2015 COMMENTARY A2 OPINION A4 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A12 ANTIQUES A15 HEALTHY LIVING A28-29 PETS A30 BUSINESS A33 REAL ESTATE B11 ARTS C1 EVENTS C6-9 SOCIETY C22-24 CUISINE C27 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Made in SWFL Global products find their homes here. A33 Fall for the ArtsAnd more society snapshots. C22-24 Our quaint little cultNew book keeps Koreshan Unity alive. C1 Changing leaves and moreEscaping to Primland. A24 SEEING LIFETHE WAY THE BLIND DO On a pleasant October morning, Niki Dondero, Rick Hart and Kathleen Hoover went out to wrestle with the dark in a world designed for light. Ms. Dondero, blind since birth, along with Mr. Hart and Mrs. Hoover who have gradually lost their sight, number among hundreds of blind and sight-impaired residents of the southwest coast. Many work with the teachers and administrators of nonprofit or government agencies to open the sometimes heavy door of the everyday world to themselves, and to the ordinary opportunities of most Americans. They want to work, to travel and to play. They want to go to school and pay taxes BY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ SEE BLIND, A8 Florida Weeklys ad designers and creative team took home 15 awards for advertising design excellence last week at the annual statewide meeting of the Florida Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives in Sarasota. Judges singled out Florida Weekly for six Gold awards along with four Silver awards, four Bronze and the prestigious Grand Award for the best newspaper in Florida with circulation below 50,000.Florida Weeklys winning design team includes: Eric Raddatz, Chris Andruskiewicz, Hannah Arnone, Amy Grau, Marissa Blessing, Paul Heinrich, Linda Iskra, Elliot Taylor and Meg Roloff. Mr. Raddatz, Florida Weeklys presentation editor, won first place for Special Sections for The Best and Niche Publications for Destinations. Ms. Grau won three first place awards and one second. Other Southwest Florida papers in the same category as Florida Weekly also earned awards. Sun Coast Media Group, publishers of the Charlotte Sun, won four awards. In the category of 50,000-125,000 circulation, The News-Press won four awards.Florida Weekly is locally owned and publishes newspapers in greater Fort Myers, greater Naples, Bonita Springs, Charlotte County and Palm Beach County with a combined weekly readership of more than 200,000. Florida Weekly team earns 15 excellence awardsSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________ COURTESY PHOTOFirst place was awarded to Florida Weekly for The Best and Destinations publications. The award-winning Florida Weekly story by Roger Williams on Seeing Life the Way the Blind Do. The award-winning Florida Weekly issue with photography by Vandy Major on Faces of the Homeless.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 A25 24 HOUR ANIMAL EMERGENCY & FULL SERVICE SPECIALTY HOSPITAL 239.947.0588239.947.0598 FAX When You Need Answers...Our Board-Certied Veterinary Specialists are Ready!Emergency Cardiology Int ernal Medicine NeurologySurgery Rehabilitation Critical Care Int erventional Radiology Advanced ImagingI-75 EXIT 131.43 miles west on Daniels Parkway 9500 Marketplace Road Fort Myers, FL Daniels Pkwy. 75 131EXIT Renaissance Way VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESTutors needed to help expand parent/child reading programLiteracy Volunteers of Collier County announces that plans are underway to expand the Children and Parents Reading Together Program to serve up to 10 Head Start schools in Collier County. Run in conjunction with Collier County Public School District, the program will serve 12 4-year-old children each week throughout the coming school year. The key element in the program is to work with both the child and the parent to encourage and foster the use of English and reading not only in the classroom, but in the home. The goal is to fully engage parents in their childrens education. All would agree that a childs education begins in the home. LVCC will hold a tutor training class from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, July 25. Lunch is included. Typically, volunteer tutors go to the school and meet with the parents or guardians for 30 minutes and read the childrens book they will read with the child. The child then joins the parent/ guardian and tutor, and together they read the book for about an hour and enjoy a related activity that reinforces what was read. The family gets to take the book home so the parent can read it again to the child before going to bed. By the end of an eight-week session a child has accumulated his or her own small library of 12 books. Since English is not the first language for 24 percent of students in Collier County, this program is critical to their future. For more information or to sign up for the volunteer training, call LVCC at 262-4448 or visit volunteer opportunities Founded in 1983 as Collier Countys original, nonprofit hospice, today Avow provides palliative care consultations for adults facing chronic or serious illness as well as hospice care and bereavement support services for children and adults. Among Avows volunteers needs are: Licensed hairdressers who can provide services to residents of the Avow hospice patients in their homes. Veterans who can connect with Avow clients who are also veterans. Women singers to join the Serenity Singers, Avows a cappella choral group whose members, in groups of two to four, sing at patient bedsides. Volunteers are not required to read music, but must be able to carry a tune and coordinate with other singers for a blended vocal sound. Auditions are required as is a commitment to a rehearsal schedule. Drivers who can transport patients for doctor appointments, shopping and other errands. These are patients who can ambulate unassisted and without medical devices. For more information about joining the ranks of Avow volunteers, visit The Conservancy of Southwest Florida needs volunteers for duties at its von Arx Wildlife Hospital, which treats more than 3,200 injured, sick or orphaned animals every year. Among the jobs: Critter courier Be on call to help capture and transport injured birds, mammals and reptiles found in your area between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. Training and the necessary equipment are provided. Once an animal has been treated and recovered or rehabilitated, critter couriers are often called to help return it to the wild. Must be 16 years of age. Outdoor animal caretaker Spend time in close quarters outdoors with captive wild animals, observing their behavior and health, cleaning water pools, perches and cage walls, discarding old food and raking enclosures. Indoor animal caretaker Similar to the above duties but working inside the hospital. Additional duties include folding laundry and preparing diets, assisting with feedings and medical treatments as directed by the hospital staff. The von Arx Wildlife Hospital is on the main campus of the Conservancy, at 1495 Smith Preserve Way off GoodletteFrank Road. For more information about volunteering, call 403-4212 or visit The Shelter for Abused Women & Children always welcomes volunteers for administrative assignments at its Naples and Immokalee offices and for various retail-related duties at Options Thrift Shoppe. Helpers are also needed to work the 24-hour crisis line and to be on hand at the Beau Venturi Home emergency shelter. Special training is required to work shifts on the crisis line and in the shelter. For more information, call 775-3862, ext. 215, or visit Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida has many ways for volunteers to further the organizations mission. Helpers are needed to work at PP events in the community, to perform office duties, to write letters and lobby, to work phone banks and to escort patients entering and leaving Planned Parenthood health centers. For more information, send an email to volunteer@myplannedparenthood. org. Include your name and phone number and indicate the city/county where you would like to offer your services. If your nonprofit has a need for volunteers, email details to Cindy Pierce at


A26 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Now is a great time to buy a new home!With LMCUs guaranteed low mortgage rates,** we promise theres not a better deal out there. For purchasing, refinancing or new construction, theres no better place than Lake Michigan Credit Union. 2 86 15 Yr. Mortgage Fixed RateAPR**Base rates are quoted, rates as of 07/05/16. The monthly payment for a 15 year schedule would be $1017.93 at an interest rate of 2.750%. This payment schedule is based on a $150,000 loan on a $200,000 property value. If an escrow account is required or requested, the actual monthly payment will also include amounts for real estate taxes and homeowner's insurance premiums. Your rate may vary depending on your specific credit terms and property analysis. Max Mortgage program. Rates subject to change. **Our Low Rate Guarantee: Lake Michigan Credit Union will match legitimate competitor offers or credit the borrower $300 off closing costs.Anyone can join! Call, click or stop by either of our two local branches today.24201 Walden Center Dr. Suite #101 Bonita Springs (239) 908-5870 8635 Collier Blvd. Naples (239) 908-5878 CLUB NOTES The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance meets Thursday, July 21, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Members are invited to bring orchids from their collections for judging, and an orchid raffle is held. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free, and all are welcome. The alliance welcomes donations of out-of-bloom or unwanted orchids, which members use for educational purposes. Free pick up is available and can be arranged by calling 498-9741. For more information, visit The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month at Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Road. The next meeting is July 21. For more information, call 963-4670 or visit The Naples Walking Club meets at the entrance to The Naples Zoo to walk the Greenway at 7:15 a.m. every Saturday. Breakfast at Panera Bread follows. Groups also walk at 7 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at the park-and-walk lot at Tin City. Each walk is about 3-4 miles, at your own speed. Breakfast afterward is optional. Members also have monthly meetings, go on local hikes and visit other areas to walk. For more information, visit or follow the club on Facebook. The Naples Wednesday Bridge Club welcomes new members to join in at 9:15 a.m. every Wednesday in the clubhouse at Longshore Lake. The game is over by 3 p.m. Admission for $20 includes beverages, lunch and a small reward for the winning players. The next meeting is July 27. For more information, email Phil Reed at The Naples MacFriends User Group has hundreds of members who share a passion for all thing Apple and who love to learn from one another. Weekly meetings are open to all, free of charge, and take place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesdays at Naples Regional Library, 650 Central Ave. The next meeting is July 27. For more information, visit The Naples Peggers invite anyone who likes cribbage to play from 6:30-8:30 p.m. every Wednesday at East Naples Community Park, 3500 Thomasson Drive. The next meeting is July 27. The annual membership fee is $10. For more information, call Cathy Keeler at 774-1113 or email Phi Beta Phi alumnae in the Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island areas are invited to meet and mingle starting at 5 p.m. Thursday, July 28, at the Admiralty Point clubhouse in Naples. Cost is $10. For reservations or more information, call Connie Kindsvater at 249-4969 or email conskind@ The Collier County Stamp Club meets from 7-9 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Naples Airport Office Building, 200 Aviation Drive. The next meeting is July 28. Stamp trading follows the evenings program. All stamp enthusiasts are welcome. For more information, call 348-9845. The Gulf Breeze Button Club meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at the Golden Gate Community Center. The next meeting is Aug. 2. All who are interested in collecting and studying antique clothing buttons are welcome. For more information, call 682-6117. Tech4Good SWFL holds its monthly meeting from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 2, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Staff and volunteers from area nonprofit organizations are invited to come for hands-on social media advice and help using Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite,, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and other social media tools. Meeting admission and membership are free. For more information, visit Members of Republican Women of SWFL Federated meet from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at Brio Restaurant in Waterside Shops. The next meeting is Aug. 3. RSVP by calling 4315224 or emailing The Paradise Coast Paddlers Club meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at the North Collier Government Center, 3550 Orange Blossom Drive. The next meeting is Aug. 3. Members also get together to paddle at 9 a.m. on the third Sunday of the month. The next paddle is Aug. 21. All are welcome. For more information, visit Michael Develin is president of the club. The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1067-Naples meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at Naples Municipal Airport. The next meeting is Aug. 3. Members also serve a pancake breakfast from 8-11 a.m. on the second Sunday of each month in the pilots lounge at Naples Municipal Airport. Admission for $5 includes coffee, pancakes, bacon or sausage and orange juice. All proceeds benefit the EAA Young Eagles program that acquaints youth ages 8-17 with aviation as a career. The next breakfast is Aug. 14. The Naples EAA chapter is one of approximately 1,700 chapters worldwide. Members are pilots, student pilots, plane builders and aviation enthusiasts. For more information, call 649-6627 or visit The Naples Orchid Society welcomes members and guests to regular meetings on the first Thursday of the month at Moorings Presbyterian Church. The next meeting is Aug. 4. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for flower registration. Judging is at 7:10 p.m., followed by a short meeting at 7:15 p.m. and the program at 7:30 p.m. Moorings Presbyterian Church is at 791 Harbour Drive. For more information, visit Everyone who owns or admires Corvettes is welcome to attend Corvettes of Naples meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church in North Naples. The next meeting is Aug. 4. For more information, visit The Naples Christian Womens Connection invites area women to lunch starting at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Aug. 5, at Quail Creek Country Club. The Rev. Lisa Lefkow and Derek Perry will give a presentation about the work of Habitat for Humanity. Guest speaker Noreen McGarry will discuss Smoothing Out the Bumps in the Road, and guitarist Jeff Leigh will perform. Cost is $28. For reservations, call 514-2207 or email Naples Ship Modelers is an informal group dedicated to the hobby of building wooden ship models. Members meet at 9:30 a.m. on the first and third Saturday of the month at the Landmark Naples community in North Naples. The next meetings are Aug. 6 and 20. For more information, call Dick Ritchie at 594-0868 or email Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae in Southwest Florida are invited to lunch at 11:30 a.m. on the second Monday of each month from June-October at Brio in Waterside Shops. The next lunch is Aug. 8. For reservations or more information, call Lynne Nordhoff at 594-8420 or email lynnecnordhoff@gmail. com. Civitan clubs are dedicated to serving the needs of the community first with an emphasis on the de v elopmentall y disabled. The uniqueness is their Civitan International Research Center dedicated to finding the cause, cure and better treatments of brain disorders including autism, Alzheimers disease, Down syndrome and others. For more information about the organization, visit The Naples Civitan Club meets at noon on the first Tuesday of the month at noon and in the evening for has social/educational meetings during the third week of the month. The Marco Island Civitan Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month and also at 6 p.m. in the fourth week of the month for social/educational meetings. For more information about either club, call 774-2623 or e-mail neryk@ Are you new to Naples and interested in making friends? Consider joining the Naples Newcomers Club. Lunch meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at country clubs throughout Naples. The next meeting is Aug. 11. In addition, members get together to explore Naples through a variety of activities and also enjoy a variety of interests from books to bridge to gourmet cooking. For more information, visit Pilot Club of Naples/Naples Pilot Foundation meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road. The next meeting is Aug. 11. Guests and new members are always welcome. Reservations are not required. Attendees order from the menu and pay for their meals. Pilot International focuses its charitable and educational efforts on brainrelated disorders and disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, dementia and autism. For more information, call Sue Lester 289-8268. The DPI-SIG Naples Digital Photography Club meets from 7-9 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month at Florida SouthWestern State College, 7505 Grand Lely Drive. The next meeting is Aug. 11. Meetings are open to the public, and all levels of photographers are welcome. For more information, visit Email club news to Cindy Pierce at


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NEWS A27 $129-$279PER MONTH + 1X ENTRY FEE 877-804-0402 WHEN YOU JOIN BY 7 / 31 / 2016SPECIAL!$1000 OFF! 1X E ntr y F e e OPEN HOUSESaturday, July 23 10am4pm Na p les Ba y front Marin a 17 S WFL Locations FREE Training 450+ Boats Mont h ly Socials DR. BRADLEY PIOTROWSKI, DDS, MSD1044 Castello Drive, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34103239-263-6003 Periodontal FACTPeriodontal disease may be a contributing factor to: DENTAL IMPLANTS Starting at $1,495 FREE SCREENING($140 VALUE)HURRY! Offer expires 7/31/16. Call and schedule today!Naples will keep pickleball championship tournamentMinto Communities, developer of The Isles of Collier Preserve and TwinEagles in Naples, has signed a multi-year contract extension as title sponsor of the US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples. The 2017 USOPC will be held April 23-30 at East Naples Community Park. It is anticipated that 1,000 athletes will compete on the parks 48 world-class courts. The inaugural USOPC event last April 26-May 1 brought in more than 800 participants and 10,000 spectators, and generated an estimated $2 million in direct tourism spending, according to USOPC founder and President Terri Graham. This is a great partnership, Ms. Graham says. Minto came on board for the inaugural event in 2016, and we are excited about continuing the relationship for years to come. William Bullock, senior vice president at Minto, says, The USOPC brings people from all over the world to see and experience the great lifestyle that Florida has to offer. Minto anticipated the growing popularity of pickleball based on feedback from our homeowners, and we have included pickleball courts in many of our newest communities. Considered to be Americas fastest growing sport, pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Two to four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a wiffle ball, over a net. For more information on the USOPC, visit usopenpickleballchampionship. com. BOB RAYMOND / FLORIDA WEEKLY Celebrating the inaugural US Open Pickleball Championships at East Naples Community Park this past spring. Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comTHERES A LOT TO LIKE


A28 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certi ed Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certi ed eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 7/31/16.Naples Bonita Springs HEALTHY LIVINGOut in the heat? Watch for signs of health dangers SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYIronically, the first sign of dangerous heat stroke or heat-related illness is often the absence of sweat. As the temperature rises, your bodys natural cooling mechanism perspiration evaporates and helps to cool your body. But on those really hot and humid days, evaporation is slowed and your body runs a higher risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Virtually all heat-related illnesses are preventable, says Dr. James Roach, a board certified emergency medicine physician at Physician at Physicians Regional Healthcare System. Be extra careful when the heat index is 90 degrees or above, and always drink plenty of water or fluids with electrolytes when the heat index is high, Dr. Roach advises. If you must be outdoors, take frequent breaks inside or in the shade. Heat stroke can affect people of any age or fitness level he adds. Dont underestimate the danger. Heat exhaustion is a precursor to heat stroke. If you experience any of these symptoms, get out of the heat immediately and to a cool place, and slowly drink water or other fluids with salt or sugar: Pale skin Fatigue or weakness Dizziness or nausea Profuse sweating Rapid pulse or fast, shallow breathing Muscle weakness or cramps Do NOT drink caffeine or alcohol, and if you dont feel better within 30 minutes, seek medical help. Heat exhaustion can progress to heat stroke if not treated. These more dangerous warning signs can indicate heat stroke is imminent: Skin that feels hot and dry, but not sweaty Confusion or loss of consciousness Throbbing headache Frequent vomiting Trouble breathing Heat stroke is more serious than heat exhaustion, and it can be life-threatening. If you or someone you know experiences signs of heatstroke, remember NOT to attempt to bring down the temperature too quickly, Dr. Roach says. Dont use ice or ice water. Attempt to bring down the temperature gradually with cool spray or mild air conditioning, and dial 911 or proceed immediately to the nearest ER. Certain groups of people are more vulnerable to heat-related illness. Babies and young children, the elderly or infirm and people on certain medications are all at increased risk. So, be an alert and informed neighbor this summer. Check on elderly neighbors regularly, and take action immediately if you see children or pets left in vehicles. Researchers make advance in possible treatments for Gaucher disease and Parkinsons disease NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTHWith assistance from a high tech robot, National Institutes of Health researchers have identified and tested a molecule that shows promise as a possible treatment for the rare Gaucher disease and the more common Parkinsons disease. Dr. Ellen Sidransky, a senior investigator with NIHs National Human Genome Research Institute, and her collaborators at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke and the National Center for Advancing Translational Science published their findings in a recent issue of the Journal of Neuroscience. Until now, drugs used to treat Gaucher disease have not been able to enter the brain and reach those neurons that are affected in the most severe forms of Gaucher disease or in Parkinsons disease, Dr. Sidransky says. Its really exciting to have found a molecule that theoretically could be widely available to treat people with these diseases. However, she adds, There is a long distance between identifying this molecule and having an approved drug. Dr. Sidransky has conducted research on Gaucher disease for the last 28 years and made the connection between Gaucher disease and Parkinsons disease in 2001. Gaucher disease occurs when GBA1, the gene that codes for the protein glucocerebrosidase, is mutated. This protein normally helps cells dispose of certain fats (lipids), a type of waste produced by all cells. When a person inherits two mutated copies of GBA1, lipids accumulate and can cause symptoms such as enlargement of the spleen, frequent bleeding and bruising, weakened bones and, in the most severe cases, neurological disease. People with even one mutated copy of GBA1 are at higher risk of developing Parkinsons disease, a common disorder characterized by tremors, muscular rigidity and slowed movements. To better understand the connection between Gaucher and Parkinsons diseases, NHGRI researchers used a labor-intensive technology to develop pluripotent stem cells (unspecialized cells that can develop into various specialized body cells). Elma Aflaki, Ph.D., a research fellow in Dr. Sidranskys lab, created stem cells from the skin cells of Gaucher patients with and without Parkinsons disease in the lab. She then converted the stem cells into neurons that had features that were identical to those in people with Gaucher disease. Neurons are nerve cells that transmit information via chemical messengers and electrical signals. The researchers showed that the neurons from Gaucher patients who also had Parkinsons disease showed elevated levels of alpha-synuclein. This is the protein that accumulates in the brains of people with Parkinsons disease and impacts neurons responsible for controlling movement.The researchers then looked for a molecule that would help patients with mutant GBA1 break down cellular waste. In a process known as high-throughput drug screening, researchers at the NCATS Chemical Genomics Center evaluated hundreds of thousands of different molecules. In conjunction with researchers at the University of Kansas, Ttey identified a promising molecule, NCGC607, that helps to chaperone the mutated protein so that it can still function. In the patients stem cell-derived neurons, NCGC607 reversed the lipid accumulation and lowered the amount of alpha-synuclein, suggesting a possible treatment strategy for Parkinsons disease.This research constitutes a major advance, says Dr. Daniel Kastner, NHGRI scientific director and director of the institutes Di vision of Intramural Research. It demonstrates how insights from a rare disorder such as Gaucher disease can have direct relevance to the treatment of common disorders like Parkinsons disease. Researchers will next test the new molecule to see if it might be developed into an appropriate prototype drug for patients with Gaucher disease and Parkinsons disease. Gaucher disease affects an estimated 1 in 50,000 to 1 in 100,000 people in the general population. People of Eastern and Central European Jewish heritage are more likely to get Gaucher disease. Parkinsons disease affects 1.5-2 percent of people over age 60, and the incidence increases with age. In the United States, about 60,000 new cases are identified each year. Parkinsons disease affects more than 1 million people in North America and 7-10 million people worldwide.For more information, visit


Remaining vigilant in an unpredictable health-care environmentOne stark reality and constant challenge for every health-care institution today is the need to respond to decreased reimbursements for physicians, services and health-care systems such as NCH. Over the past decade, we have answered this challenge with sound stewardship and vigilant management of our operational and financial resources. Over that time, we have improved both our delivery of high quality health-care services and our financial position. On the quality side, our recognition from multiple external reviewers is undisputed. Similarly, on the financial side, our financial ratings have remained strong. Most recently, Fitch raised our bond rating from an A to A+. In March, Moodys affirmed our A2 rating with a stable outlook a solid and respectable rating for any institution our size. CFO Rick Wyles and Controller Noble Arrington explain that in terms of Moodys, we are not large enough to move up on their ratings even though we are otherwise strong. As reassured as we feel about our quality, bond ratings, strong operating performance, ongoing cost containment initiatives, dominant market position and modest debt burden, the fact is that the health-care environment remains unpredictable, and we must be even more vigilant, particularly as reimbursement migrates away from traditional fee-forservice. Like other successful health-care systems, NCH has been reporting quality data and has been paid for performance. For example, we are part of 24 percent of systems around the nation participating in a Medicare plan that will pay a fixed amount for the 90-day period around a patients total hip or knee replacement. The plan allows us to share savings if costs are reduced and mandates us to share risk if there are cost overruns, which means everyone involved in the care of a patient will be reimbursed less. Ultimately, a capitated arrangement will be implemented by many of the large insurers, most likely including Medicare and Medicaid, to pay a fixed amount per year to care for a person. So the old ways of health care are rapidly dissolving. The principal goal now, as it always should be, is to keep everyone healthy; that is one of the leading reasons NCH has brought the Blue Zones Project to Southwest Florida. What this means for NCH is that we must continue to be especially prudent during these slower summer months with our resources while always delivering on our core value of excellence in every patient experience. Specifically, we are reviewing all of our expenses and looking for waste to remove and more efficient ways to care for patients. Thats an assignment for all of us. This formula of vigilance has served us well. We have been able to increase wages significantly in recent years and have added hundreds of nurses and other clinical support colleagues to match the growth of our community. In these slower summer months, we will allow our colleagues to take more time off with pay if they have accrued paid time off, or to take time off without pay but with uninterrupted benefits, assuming their departments have enough staff to care for everyone. Continually striving to function more efficiently and come up with innovative solutions for patient care is productive, positive for quality and helpful in sustaining our enviable financial position all of which is necessary for NCH to help ensure that we and our neighbors live longer, happier and healthier lives. Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System. Blue Zones Project invites employers to second annual Worksite SummitBlue Zones Project-Southwest Florida invites local business owners to the second annual Blue Zones Project Worksite Summit from 8:45 a.m. to noon Thursday, July 28, at The Club at The Strand. Employers will learn how to build a more engaged, healthy and productive workforce. Attendees will network with community partners and learn best practices that support employee health, improve productivity, decrease turnover and reduce health-care costs. Blue Zones Project is a community-bycommunity, well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through sustainable changes to environment, policy and social networks. For reservations to the Worksite Summit, call 624-2312 or email NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NEWS A29


A30 NEWS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 5450 TAMIAMI TRAIL N. NAPLES 239.594.1555ACROSS FROM WATERSIDE SHOPS ONE BLOCK NORTH OF PINE RIDGE ON U.S.41LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED! CELEBRATING OUR 14TH YEAR! BEST FURNITURE STORE 2015 Unique One of A Kind Finds and Name Brands You Know, All At Unbelievable Everyday Low INSTANT GRATIFICATION... PET TALESHousetraining habitsThese 8 expert tips will start you and your pup on the path to housetraining success BY DR. MARTY BECKER, KIM CAMPBELL THORNTON AND MIKKEL BECKERUniversal UclickAre you a new or potential puppy owner? If so, housetraining is probably on your mind. Weve gathered some of our favorite tips for ensuring a rewarding experience for you and your pup. 1. Learn caninese. Body language is the first clue that your puppy needs to go out. He might not be crossing his legs, but pawing at you, standing at the top of the stairs or in front of the door and barking are all signs that he needs your attention fast! Some dogs go with the classic sniffing and circling behavior. The instant you see this, scoop him up and take him out. 2. Use a crate. Its not punishment, and its not cruel unless you leave him in it all the time. A crate is your puppys safe spot and sleeping area, so hell instinctively want to keep it clean. And when hes safely confined in it, you dont have to worry that hell have an accident in the house. Staying in a crate helps a puppy learn to control his bladder and bowels. Without it, he may get into the habit of relieving himself whenever and wherever he likes. 3. Choose the right crate. It should be large enough for your pup to stand up and turn around inside it but not so large that he can potty at one end and sleep at the other. Purchase a puppy-size crate and graduate to a larger one later, or buy a crate with a divider. A removable panel allows you to section off the crate as needed and adjust the amount of space the pup has as he grows. You can also block off the back of the crate with a box or some other item that the puppy cant get over or around. Just be sure its safe and not edible. Bricks or cement blocks are out; instead, try vertically inserting a large, cushion-style dog bed. An empty cardboard box could also work if your pup isnt a chewer. 4. Stick to a schedule. Puppies need to potty frequently. Set a timer to take your puppy out every two to four hours. 5. Certain events trigger a pups need to urinate or defecate. Take him out as soon as he wakes up in the morning or from a nap and immediately after eating or drinking. Excitement and stress can lead to potty accidents. Prevent them by taking your pup out to potty every few minutes if he is playing vigorously indoors. Finally, take him out just before bedtime. By 3 to 4 months of age, most pups can sleep through the night, but younger puppies may need to go out once or twice during the night. 6. Twos company. Go out with your puppy to make sure he potties. If youre not with him, you cant reward him with praise and a treat so he knows that you want him to potty outdoors. Play is another good reward when your pup potties outdoors. Let him play for a few minutes after he performs. If you take him back inside immediately, hell be reluctant to relieve himself right away. 7. Feed regular meals. Free-feeding (leaving food out all the time) makes it more difficult to know when your puppy needs to pee or poop. 8. Limit freedom. Letting a puppy have free run of the home is a recipe for potty accidents. Instead, keep him attached to you with a leash unless hes in a puppy-proofed bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. You should always know where he is and what hes doing. Pets of the Week>> Craw Daddy is handsome, adult neutered mix who can hardly wait to settle in with a family of his own. >> Diggle is an adult neutered mix whos ready to be a lifelong sidekick for his human companion. >> Laurel is an adult spayed mix whos as sweet as can be and wants nothing more than to please the people around her. >> Dory is a young spayed tabby mix who wants to grow up in a forever home.To adopt or foster a petThis weeks adoptable pets are from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue, an all-volunteer, foster home rescue organization. For more information, call 434-7480, email Admin@ or visit Staying in a crate for short periods when you cant supervise him helps prevent a puppy from having housetraining accidents.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NEWS A31 Naples Premier Dentistry H. Anton Richardt, DDS Celebrate Your Smile... and Your SkinWe Are Your One-Stop Dental Spa DestinationGeneral and Cosmetic Dentistry, JUVDERM and BOTOX 12840 Tamiami Trail North, #1000 Naples, FL 34110(At the light at the corner of 41 and Imperial Blvd.)www.CelebrateMySmile.com239-591-100015% OFF Any New Patient ServiceCannot be combined with other o ers THE DIVA DIARIESA gals gotta love Pokmon GoThe battle of the muffin top can be quite a struggle, especially if youre a lady over 25 (OK, over 35 I mean, maybe over 45 whatever, anyway I digress). Ive tried various diets, joining gyms, smartphone fitness apps, etc. Like you, I know its all about moving and burning calories, but in this relentless heat, its SUCH a challenge. Not only that, but working out is boring. But just when I was ready to give up and live in extra roomy caftans forever, along came the most genius smartphone app ever: Pokmon Go! Scoff all you want. Im used to it. Ive been told by countless folks my age that this augmented reality mobile game is nothing but a summer fad designed for nerdy teenage boys and yet, ever since I downloaded it last week, Ive been walking at least two hours a day, and I dont even notice that its 184 degrees out because Im too busy happily hunting Pokmon. In case youve been living without internet, television or print media for the past couple of weeks (it happens when I went on a cruise last month, America could have been seized by aliens and I would have had no clue), Pokmon Go is pretty simple. The game is played on your phone and allows you to capture, train and battle little virtual creatures Pokmon that are not real but that your phone camera can make appear in your real world. Pokmon are a cute but feisty species with cuddly names like Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Pollywag. So, unlike say, Words With Friends or Candy Crush Saga, the real crux of Pokmon Go is that one has to actually get off ones duff to play. It works with your phones GPS, so youre forced to meander about in the real world in order to catch otherworldly Squirtles and Weedles and Psyducks and such. Also, you need Pokballs to trap these little rascals, and you must visit Pokstops in order to get them. Pokstops are typically monuments, public art, museums, churches and the like. When you get close enough to a Pokstop, your phone rewards you with Pokballs. I know this sounds complicated, but its really not. Just download the game and start walking. If I can become a Level 11 Mystic Team Pokmon Hunter just like any 12-year-old kid, so can you. And as much as I love capturing a wily Meowth, my favorite part (other than the free weight loss) is interacting with other Pokmon hunters. Recently, I was walking through downtown Fort Myers (other hot Pokmon spots include The Mercato in Naples, Bonita Beach and Gulf Coast Town Center) searching for a much-needed Magikarp, when six young men approached me. Instead of saying, You look like my mom, one asked me, Pokmon? And I was like, Yeah. And another said, Team? And I was like, Mystic.They all kicked rocks, sighed and looked disappointed as one kid said, Man, were Valor. You couldve joined us!I just smiled and replied, Bummer. Catch em all, boys, as I crossed the street to a Pokstop to grab some more Pokballs and hike up my pants, which are getting looser and looser with every capture.In all seriousness though, a lot has been said about Pokmon Go, but I think any game that gets kids and adults out of the house, exercising and interacting over a common hobby might not be such a bad thing these days. So, if youre already into Pokmon or if you just want to know more, journey to downtown Fort Myers at 7 p.m. Saturday, July 23, for a Pokmon Go Bar Crawl. The official starting point is the Patio de Leon, but if you enjoy winging it, you can just go downtown and start playing. You can search for the public invite on Facebook (Pokmon Go Bar Crawl). So far, almost 500 folks have signed up. Happy hunting! Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week stephanieDAVIS Pokmon Krabby and Nidoran as they showed up on the writers smartphone.


www.obriensubaru.comOBRIEN SUBARU OBRIEN SUBARU OF FT. MYERS www.obriensubaru.com888-843-16362 1/2 MILES WEST OF I-752850 COLONIAL BLVD FORT MYERS, FL 33966 ON THE CORNER OF COLONIAL & METROOFFERS ON SELECT MODELS WITH APPROVED CREDIT. PLUS TAG, TAG, TITLES AND FEES. DEALER RETAINS ALL REBATES AND/OR VALUE OWNER COUPONS WHEN APPLICABLE. MILES PER GALLON IS BASED ON UPPER LEVEL EPA HIGHWAY ESTIMATES AND MAY VARY DEPENDING ON VEHICLE MAINTENANCE. ALL VEHICLES ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. ALL PICTURES ARE FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES 36 MONTH CLOSED END LEASE NO ACQUISITION FEE OR SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED. (IMPREZA $1765, LEGACY $1879, FORESTER $1739 DUE AT INCEPTION) 36,000 MILES PER YEAR TWENTY CENTS PER MILE THERE AFTER. PURCHASE OR LEASE ANY NEW (PREVIOUSLY UNTITLED) SUBARU AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY FACTORY SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR 2 YEARS OR 24,000 MILES (WHICHEVER COMES FIRST.) SEE SUBARU ADDED SECURITY MAINTENANCE PLAN FOR INTERVALS, COVERAGES AND LIMITATIONS. CUSTOMER MUST TAKE DELIVERY BEFORE 12/31/16 AND RESIDE WITHIN THE PROMOTIONAL AREA. AT PARTICIPATING DEALERS ONLY SEE DEALER FOR PROGRAM DETAILS AND ELIGIBILITY. OFFER ENDS 7/31/16. NEW 2016 SUBARUIMPREZA2.0i 5MT NEW 2016 SUBARULEGACY2.5i PREMIUM CVT NEW 2017 SUBARUFORESTER2.5i CVTLease ForMODEL # GJA-01, STOCK # S009533 MODEL # GAD-11, STOCK #S060088 MODEL# HFB-01, STOCK # S405406$135Per Mo. 36 Mos. N E W 2 0 1 6 S U B A R U NEW2016SUBARU 82 41 75Bonita Springs Lehigh AcresFt. MyersDaniels Pkwy Colonial Blvd Caloosahatchee River EXIT 136 Prices, Plus Tax, Tag and Title.2009 CHEVY AVEO #H359892B .................................................................................................... $7,9952009 SUBARU IMPREZA #S351404A ........................................................................................ $8,9952007 HONDA PILOT #M100211A .............................................................................................. $11,9952009 SUBARU OUTBACK #S335716A .................................................................................... $11,9952014 DODGE JOURNEY #H411822A ........................................................................................ $13,9952010 FORD FUSION HYBRID #H066531A ............................................................................ $13,9952013 SUBARU IMPREZA #S603879A ..................................................................................... $14,9952009 CHEVY SILVERADO #H413090B .................................................................................... $15,9952014 JEEP PATRIOT #H376097A ................................................................................................ $16,9952013 KIA SORENTO #H204352A ................................................................................................. $17,9952014 SUBARU FORESTER #S557360A ................................................................................... $21,9952013 INFINITI G 37 SEDAN #S548160A ............................................................................... $23,995 HUNDREDS OF QUALITY PRE-OWNED VEHICLESLease For Lease For$209$239Per Mo. 36 Mos. Per Mo. 36 Mos. OVER KBB V ALUE FOR YOUR TRADE!^^$3,000UP TO NEW2017SUBARU


Naples TOP 1 % Our Experience Counts. Our Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyFrom Port Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group serves the Luxury Market. Were Local, Were Global! | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Seasons at Naples Cay $3.895 M 81 Seagate Drive #1102 Porta Vecchio at Mediterra $589,900 17015 Porta Vecchio Way #202 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATEFLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27 2016 | SECTION BWWW.FLORIDAWEEKLY.COM INSIDEThe Fool knowsWhat are frontier funds and financial points? B5 House HuntingFour bedrooms and much more in Castlewood for $1,039,000. B11 In appreciationAndrew Hill Investment Advisors say thanks to clients, and more Networking photos. B7, B10 THEO ETZEL, CEO OF NAPLES-BASED CONDItioned Air, recently released a book titled Invest Your Heartbeats Wisely. Equal parts a reflection on his success and advice book on principled leadership and management, the book is Mr. Etzels latest contribution to the notion that a business success depends as much on ethical practices as it does the bottom line. Not that Neapolitans dont already know hes a stand-up guy Mr. Etzel was inducted into Collier Countys Junior Achievement Hall of Fame in 2011, and Collier County Champions For Learning named him a Man of Distinction in 2013 but the book invites readers to learn exactly how he turned Conditioned Air from a $2.7 million operation in 1995 to a $40 million regional powerhouse in less than 10 years. His professional experience started when he took a job in real estate development with Days Inn after his 1980 graduation from Stetson University. He moved on to operate two SEE HEART, B6 At theheartof it Conditioned Air CEO Theo Etzel elaborates on his way of doing business and living lifeVANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYTheo Etzel, CEO of Naples-based Conditioned Air.


CHRISALLNAPLES.COM / 239.572.2200 / WWW.ALLNAPLES.COM Bbtn Rbfnr I SW Ffr At Vrnb B Nfbt Df Nbt Rbbt Crb AEXPERT REPRESENTATION IN NAPLES SINCE 1984COMPANYWIDE DOWNINGFRYE REALTOR IN 2011 & 2013#1 CHRISTOPHER A. BRAUNBROKER-ASSOCIATE, CRS Pelican Bay 17th Floor 3B/3B Perfection Coquina Sands 3 Blocks to Beach 5B/4B Fully Renovated Move-In Ready $2,150,000 Pristine Lely Lakefront 4+Den/4B Built 2006 12 to 14 Ceilings $1,195,000 Moorings Oversized Lot & Pool 5B/4.5B Built 2007 Ideally Designed $2,45,000 2015, 2013, & 2011 #1 REALTOR COMPANYWIDE Port Royal Rare Double Lot Walk to the Beach Walk to Port Royal Club Over 1 Acre $6,395,000 The Beach Cottage Olde Naples 3 Blocks to Beach Built 2013 : 4+ Den Gorgeous & Impeccable $3,995,000 Pelican Bay 17th Floor 3B/3B Perfection Just Reduced! $2,650,000 Park ShoreBig Gulf Views All RoomsTrue Beach Walkout3/3 Redesigned & Renovated Over 1,700SF Private Terraces$4,525,000 Aqualane Shores Priced At Land Value Low Country Architecture Broad Southerly Views Oversized Lot 150+ Water Frontage $3,900,000 Moorings Oversized Lot & Pool 5B/4.5B Built 2007 Ideally Designed $2,445,000 PENDING JUST REDUCED


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 BUSINESS B3 Bonita chamber set to recognize 2016 Small Business of the Year The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce announces the following nominees for 2016 Small Business of the Year Award: American House Bonita Springs, Amor Jewelers, Best Moving & Storage, Beverly Hills Window Treatments, FineMark National Bank & Trust, Inn at Pelican Bay, Minnesota Twins Baseball Club, Presstige Printing, Spotlight Magazines, The Print Shop and TLC Marketing & Creative Services. The award program is designed to recognize the dedication, achievement and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by an exceptional local small business. The 20016 winner will be announced at the Small Business of the Year Award Luncheon that takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 26, at Artichoke & Company, 11920 Saradrienne Lane in Bonita Springs. Tickets are $45. RSVP by calling 992-2943 or visiting Sign up now for seventh annual Thinking Outside the Box programThe seventh annual Thinking Outside the Box: Lucky 7 workshop for nonprofit organizations in Collier County is set for 8:30 a.m. to noon Friday, Aug. 19, in the Community Room at the Naples Daily News, 1100 Immokalee Road. Registration is open now for the free program. Speaking to the theme of Dont Leave it to Luck, five area professionals will discuss the importance of strategic marketing to ensure a nonprofit organizations growth. The speakers are: Sue Huff of E. Sue Huff & Associates Inc., Matt Dykes of Guerilla Media, Batya Maman of Social Connect, auctioneer Scott Robertson, Paul Kessen of Allegra of Naples, Arnold Klinsky ofw Klinsky Consulting and personal development coach Peggy Sealfon. Ms. Huff presents the annual seminar with cofounding sponsor Kelly Capolino of Downing-Frye Real ty. Ms. Capolino is also the founder of the Diamond Volunteer award program that recognizes those who give of their time and talent to area nonprofits. Nonprofit staff, board members and volunteers are welcome. Attendance is limited to two representatives per organization. To sign up, complete reservation form at Confirmation will be given. For more information, email 2025 Crayton Road 4,179 sq. ft. Under Air; 6,270 sq. ft Total 4 Bedrooms + Den + Loft, 4 Full Baths, 2 Half Baths, 3.5 Garage Oversized Corner Lot with Southern Exposure Spacious Outdoor Area Fully Furnished by Clive Daniel Home Follow me on: Encore Realty, LLC | 2240 Venetian Court, Naples, FL 34109Cell: 239.537.5351 |*Prices and/or renderings are subject to change without notice. Dante DiSabatoBroker Associate LISTED AT $3.925M OPEN SUNDAY 11-32025 CRAYTON ROAD


B4 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY (800) 246-1129 www.bluecapitalcleaning.comOf ce Cleanings | Construction Cleanup | Floor CareMHK Architecture and Planning MHKAP LLC, in Naples, FL is looking for a full time/permanent Architectural Designer to assist the licensed Architects in the drawing of preliminary designs using CAD and drafting software focusing on appearance, shape of building, location and interior design. Meeting with clients, discussing buildings purpose and budget. Once design is approved, provide assistance to licensed Architects in the creation of blueprints to be used to build structure. Requires Bachelor in Architecture, and 2 years of residential/commercial design experience, photoshop skills, uent in Archicad 18, capabilities in hotel/large project design, specialization in 3D modeling. Exp. in designing resorts, ability to sketch by hand and Adobe Sketch up, Mac exp. a must, ability to work independently and in a team, and must be able deal professionally with clients. Portfolio is a determining qualication. Send resume to MONEY & INVESTINGIts not the time to sell stocks, but keep an eye on Central BanksWhy is democracy a better form of government than even a benevolent dictatorship? It is because the collective population usually makes wiser decisions than a single individual with unlimited power. That is also why capitalism is superior to communism. Market forces have been proven to be much better than central planning coming from a singular governmental entity in allocating capital as well as goods. I think it is safe to say that any time the world has relied upon an all knowing government, it has ended in failure. I make this point to explain why I am so nervous about the current stock market. As I am writing this article, the S&P 500 has once again set a record. This should mean that the economy is going gangbusters, employment is at record highs, corporate revenue and earnings are skyrocketing and there is peace and stability around the world. But in most cases, the opposite is true. The U.S. economy is growing at an anemic 2.2 percent. The workforce participation rate is at only 62.4 percent. Corporate revenues have stagnated. And I am seeing a newsflash come across my screen that a truck just plowed into a crowd in France, killing dozens of people. So why is the stock market recording all-time highs? In two words Central Banks. First Central Banks propped up the economy when the financial crisis almost brought us to the brink of financial disaster. Then the Fed and its peers across the globe flooded the world with currency to stimulate their respective economies. And then Central Banks cut interest rates, sometimes to negative numbers, to depreciate currencies and give incentives for individuals and corporations to borrow money. The final effect of Central Bank intervention has been record U.S. financial markets. Low rates have enabled corporations to lever up their balance sheets in order to return money to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock buybacks. Low rates have also pushed bond prices to all-time highs. And low rates have pushed housing prices to levels not seen since the crash. All of this is wonderful for everyone until Central Banks do the unexpected. This happened last Thursday when the Bank of England unexpectedly maintained its key interest rate instead of cutting it, as was universally expected. Clearly this was not an earth-shattering event, as markets were positive for the day and the only real mover was the British pound showing strength. And the BOE did indicate that it would probably cut rates at its next meeting due to concerns regarding Brexit. However, this action does highlight the extreme dangers of a market almost completely supported by a completely non-market force. Here in the U.S., most analysts believe that the Fed will continue with its current policy of keeping rates low. But what if most analysts are incorrect? Investors wont be able to sell their stock or bond portfolios or real estate investments fast enough. Does this mean that I am selling right now? Absolutely not. I am going to ride this train as far as it will take me. I know some advisors are telling their clients to sell into this strength but they have been saying the same thing for years and anyone who has not been 100 percent invested clearly has left money on the table. But my strong advice is to keep a very close eye on the Central Banks. Because without these all knowing bankers, I dont think this is a market worth owning. Eric Bretan, the co-owner of Ricks Estate & Jewelry Buyers in Punta Gorda, was a senior derivatives marketer and investment banker for more than 15 years at several global banks. Part 2: A more comprehensive look at the concept of Customer Lifetime Value BY FRANK FRIENDSpecial to Florida WeeklyPart 1 of this series (July 7, page B5) offered a simplified definition of the Customer Lifetime Value concept. This week well get into a more comprehensive perspective. The CLV is defined as: The margin generated by a customer over the length of the relationship with the company minus the cost to acquire the customer and the cost of customer loyalty programs over the length of the relationship, discounted to show todays value of future dollars The CLV estimates the net margins to be generated over the length of the relationship. So, if the CLV is used to justify current expenditures such as, How much can be spent to acquire a new customer? it must be discounted to convert future dollars into todays dollar. This discounted CLV is called the Net Present Value. Further details and the calculations can be found at The differences between the average and loyal customer show why the loyal customers CLV is so much higher. Assume that the average customer stays for two years and a loyal one for six years, a ratio that is fairly typical in loyalty-managed companies. The most obvious difference is that the cost of acquiring a new customer is amortized over two years for the average customer but over six years for the loyal one. Less obvious is that the margin generated on sales during the first year is reduced by the onetime costs involved in adding a customer. Also, the customer is testing the company during the first year and will most likely limit his or her purchases. It takes time build the trust necessary for the customer to buy more of their requirements (shareof-wallet) from the company. Once trust is established, as it is with loyal customers, increasing sales, up-selling and cross-selling all become easier. You would have to add three or more average new customers to generate a margin similar to that generated by one loyal customer over the six-year period used as an example here. If this isnt enough to convince you to rush to create loyal customers, then this might: referrals. According to several studies, loyal customers refer two to four times the number of potential customers than average customers. The value of a referred customer increases in direct proportion to the cost of acquiring a new customer, so the worst possible position for a company is to have a high new customer recruitment cost and low retention rate. You must know your position on these two issues. A referred customer, almost cost-free and pre-sold on the trustworthiness of your company, is more willing to buy and buy more. All the components of loyalty management rely on customer data. Many small companies do not understand its importance and resist collecting data. But Im afraid there is no alternative. Investing in data collection, whether manually or using inexpensive CRM systems, is one of the best investments you can make. Frank Friend is a volunteer business counselor with SCORE Naples. A Naples resident for 11 years, he has worked with large international manufacturing and consulting groups and also started and built product, advertising and consulting companies in both the U.S.A. and the UK. Mr. Friends previous columns are available in our archive at Part 3 on the concept of Customer Lifetime Value, on practical things you can do to increase your retention and referral rates, will appear when space FRIEND


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 BUSINESS B5 BUSINESS MEETINGS Business After Five for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, July 21, at the Humane Society Naples headquarters, 370 Airport-Pulling Road. Sign up at Members of the Executive Club of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce meet from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 27, at Silverspot Cinema in Mercato. Networking sponsors are Mercato, Silverspot and Madison Marquette. Members only. RSVP by July 22 at The next Wake Up YP networking breakfast for young professionals of the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce takes place from 8-9:15 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 2, at DeRomos Gourmet Market & Restaurant in the Promenade. Sign up by calling 992-2943 or visiting Realtors, mortgage brokers and builders are invited to mix and mingle from 5-7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at Blue Martini in Mercato. The next gathering is Aug. 2. Corporate sponsorships for the evening are available. RSVP at Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce members are invited to the Accelerated Networking Lunch from 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 4, at the Flying Bridge restaurant at Walkers Hideaway Marina. Sign up at Members and guests of the Above Board Chamber meet from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Aug. 8, at the Hilton Naples. Attendees will meet and hear from candidates who are running for office in upcoming state, Collier County and Naples elections. Vicki Tracy of Gulf Coast International Properties is the event sponsor. $25 for Above Board members, $30 for guests. RSVP at The next Wake Up Naples for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 7-8:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 10, at the Hilton Naples. The mornings sponsor is Seminole Casino Hotel Immokalee. The program will be about the impact of substance abuse on the workforce. Sign up at Business After Hours for members and guests of the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 11, at Prado Stadium 12, 25251 Chamber of Commerce Drive in Bonita. Sign up by calling 992-2943 or visiting Members of the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce meet for Business After Five from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 17, at the Old Marco Pub & Restaurant. For more information, email The Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association holds its annual Bowl-A-Thon to benefit the LCF Scholarship Fund from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 17, at Bowland Woodside, 8525 Radio Road. $30 includes pizza, soda and two games of bowling in the VIP lanes. Sign up by Aug. 12 at Email business meeting announcements to I was founded way back in 1975, when two friends converted the BASIC programming language to be used in personal computers (PCs). I introduced my first PC in 1981 and went public in 1986. Since then, my shares have grown in value more than 700fold. My many acquisitions over the years have included Hotmail, Skype and, recently, LinkedIn. Eighty percent of Fortune 500 companies are using my cloud services, and more than 1.2 billion people in some 140 nations are using my productivity suite. As of the end of 2015, I employed more than 110,000 people around the world. Who am I?Think you know the answer? Well announce it in next weeks edition. THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answer Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o Florida Weekly, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Bonds: Good, but Not 100 Percent SafeThe stock market has a reputation among many people of being risky, while bonds are often seen as the safe alternative. Bonds arent totally safe, though they, too, can fall in value or disappoint you in other ways. Bonds are particularly vulnerable when interest rates rise. Thats because the interest rates and yields associated with new bonds will likely also rise, making them more attractive than existing bonds, which feature lower rates. Rising interest rates are not always a concern, but weve been in an environment of very low rates for many years now, and rates are likely to rise in the coming years. No one is certain exactly when, though, with various pundits disagreeing. The Fed has already increased rates a bit. Should bond investors therefore bail out? Not necessarily. Its good to have some bonds in a portfolio for diversification even though stocks tend to outperform bonds over long periods. Retirees and near-retirees may want to increase their bond holdings over time, too, as bonds can be less volatile than stocks. But note that there are different ways to invest in bonds. Investing in bond funds is easy and can immediately have your money diversified across many bonds, but rising rates can cause fund values to fall. If you invest in bonds directly, though, and hold them until they mature, youll get the interest payments you were promised unless the bond issuer defaults. (Thats highly unlikely if youre buying U.S. government-backed funds and much more likely with junk bonds. Municipal and corporate bond issuers will vary in their reliability and ratings.) Another risk related to bonds is inflation. Historically, inflation has averaged about 3 percent annually over many years. If your bonds are yielding less than that, youll be losing purchasing power over time. Its not crazy to invest in bonds, but do so only after you learn more about them and understand how they work. Remember that there are other ways to generate income, too, such as via dividend-paying stocks. Misjudged and Missed OutMy dumbest investments werent really in bad companies. But they were in companies where I wasnt sure where they were going and I misjudged. One such company was HBO & Co. (the technology company, not HBO the TV-show producer). I felt comfortable that I understood where it was going, and that there was plenty of room for growth and profit. Then, a few months after it was acquired by McKesson, it was announced that earnings would be restated due to what turned out to be fraud. I felt that what I based my decisions on was flawed and sold at a loss.The second blunder involved a supermarket chain that I liked, but when I didnt see the price going anywhere after having given it a fair shot, I got out, with little profit. The supermarket was Whole Foods. H., onlineThe Fool Responds: No one can know the future, so investors have to learn as much as they can and make decisions using informed estimates. Fraud often takes us by surprise, but it can help to be on the lookout for any numbers that seem too good to be true or management that doesnt seem candid. McKesson is indeed doing well today. Whole Foods, where you simply werent patient enough, has been struggling a bit lately, challenged by mainstream supermarkets that are also offering organic fare and seeing its profit margins dip. A Winning StockNike (NYSE: NKE), a giant in the athletic footwear and apparel market, is getting stronger, diversifying into sports such as soccer to add to its dominance in basketball and tennis. Because of its size (its market value recently topped $90 billion), Nike negotiates from a position of strength with retailers and maintains much pricing power. That makes retail partners potential advocates for Nike, aligning their interests and promoting overall growth.Its last quarter was rather good, despite headwinds from a strong dollar that shrunk the value of the earnings it generated abroad. Its fiscal 2016 revenue grew by 6 percent over fiscal 2015, with earnings advancing 15 percent and gross margins growing, too. Its revenue has been growing by double digits in much of the world. A strike against Nike is that MVP basketball superstar Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors slipped out of the swoosh-companys endorsement net and signed with up-and-coming rival Under Armour. Some worry that the huge sums of money that Nike and its peers have had to pay for endorsements and exposure may hurt long-term profitability. Nike has a strong network and has done a good job of boosting productivity wherever it can. As long as demand for its products remains high, it has the ability to deliver strong earnings results. (The Motley Fool owns shares of and has recommended Nike and Under Armour.) I trace my roots back to the 1654 founding of the Angel Pharmacy in Germany. It transformed over time into the company many know today, which was established in 1891. My researchers discovered vitamin B1, developed the first measles vaccine, and introduced the first statins to treat high cholesterol. Im a global biopharmaceutical company, focused on hepatitis C, HIV, diabetes, immuno-oncology and emerging global pandemics, such as Ebola. My core products address diabetes, cancer, vaccines and hospital acute care. Based in New Jersey with a global workforce of about 68,000, I recently topped $160 billion in market value. Who am I? (Answer: Merck) In the FrontierQWhat are frontier funds? C.L., Greenville, North CarolinaAThey are mutual funds focused on certain countries. Youre likely familiar with emerging markets, which typically include countries with developing economies that often grow more briskly than slower and steadier economies such as our own (as well as Japan and much of Europe). The BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China are good examples, as is Mexico. Frontier countries, though, are ones that generally arent as developed economically as emerging-market countries. Their economies are typically smaller and riskier. Examples include Argentina, Botswana, Croatia, Kenya, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ukraine and Vietnam.If youre considering investing in mutual funds focused on frontier countries, be careful, as they can be quite volatile and often charge relatively high fees, too. Its smart to include investments from outside the United States in your portfolio, but you neednt take on too much risk. You might just invest in the whole world market via a simple (and often inexpensive) total stock market fund.***QWhat are financial points I sometimes read about? J.A., SeattleAThere are different kinds of points. For example, indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average or S&P 500 are often quoted in points, not dollars, even though theyre based on stock prices. When you get a mortgage, meanwhile, youre often able to get a lower interest rate if you choose to pay some points upfront, each of which is 1 percent of the value of the loan. (With a mortgage of $150,000, one point is $1,500.) And a basis point is one one-hundredth of a percentage point. So an interest rate that rises from 4 percent to 4.5 percent has advanced 50 basis points. Want more information about stocks? Send us an email to


B6 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYBen & Jerrys franchises in Atlanta before purchasing Conditioned Air.Florida Weeklys Lindsey Nesmith asked Mr. Etzel to share some of the tips, tricks and insights he has learned through his years of experience. Q: You credit your parents with instilling Christian values and a strong work ethic in you. Can you briefly describe your childhood and give me an example of them teaching those lessons? A: Im an only child, and my parents wanted to make sure that I understood the importance of not only being responsible but also accountable for my actions and interactions with other people. I did not grow up Im not sure of its true or just a stereotype with a spoiled, onlychild attitude. I was given a lot of responsibility and the expectation to live up to it. They obviously instilled in me a perspective that is unique to that (Depression-era) generation: Hard work, determination and perseverance are ways to get over hurdles youre going to face in life. Specifically, we were going to take a vacation when I was maybe 10 years old and I wanted some spending money. They said, Can you figure out a way to make money? I opened up a lemonade stand on a bicycle path across form my house and I had to buy the supplies out of the earnings. I learned about cost of goods very early on, and it started my entrepreneurial view of things. Q: Do you feel like your parents values clashed at all with traditional top-down work hierarchies? A: Im not insistent on a top-down hierarchy except for one thing: All organizations have to have a strong leader who sets the tone of the company culture. All (businesses) will develop a culture, but if you leave it to fill itself in, there will be a vacuum and it will get filled with other peoples thoughts and practices, rather than an intentional culture. Im a big one for culture being extremely important, but I do believe the leadership of the organization sets and enforces and repeats that cultural expectation for everybody. Q: Can you tell us how your business belief system developed? A: I did real estate development for Days Inn and I learned a lot in that position including the operational side of hospitality. From a company standpoint, I felt the company was a very good and valuable fit for me. I did take issue with some of the direct people I interacted with and some of their approaches to business to what it took to make a deal and how they treated people. I learned a lot of lessons where I thought, If Im ever in a position of leadership, Im not going to treat people in this fashion. Q: Was there a moment or situation when you decided you had to create a work environment that reflected your values? Or was it something you always planned to do? A: Its developed over time, but even in simple things. I say simple compared to the larger operations we have (at Conditioned Air). I dont dismiss the work involved with running ice cream franchises. We employed mostly high school and college students, and we had the ability to have direct influence on those people, some of whom did not have the best home life experience. We were able to counsel and be there and teach them responsibility and accountability. I would just say in all areas and all positions, wherever you are, you have influence on others either by design or proximity. And if you have strong beliefs about how things should be done, you can exert influence on people around you. You dont have to wait until youre in a leadership role. Q: Youve mentioned that the air conditioning-heating business doesnt have a good reputation among consumers and you were driven to change that perception through your own company. Can you tell us about some industry innovations that helped Conditioned Air become synonymous with honesty and reliable customer service? A: Lets start with one of the basic practices the industry teaches: that its very accepted there are consultants who go out and say this is what you should do to pay technicians based on percentage of repair ticket or commissions on parts or repairs they sell you. Automatically, that puts the technician at odds with the best service provided to the consumer. That doesnt work in my opinion, so we dont do that. We pay an hourly rate commensurate with experience, training and tenure. Theyre not required to sell. Even the people we do have in sales roles dont have quotas. With quotas, technicians who are short of their goal could be driven to have to sell something to somebody who doesnt need it. I dont want to encourage that kind of behavior. Do the right thing for people and people will come to you. What you do with the money after someone is willing to spend it, thats business management. But always do the right thing for people. You sleep well at night. We have a lot of people apply to work here because theyre tired of being pushed to sell or lie because they didnt make their quotas. Q: Tell us about something that stifles employee motivation and how you counteract those forces? There are probably two things that all people really want out of their work: They want to feel like theyre doing something purposeful, and they want to be heard. We try to ask a lot of questions and involve our employees in brainstorming to improve processes. We want their input. We talk about our purpose, which is to help people in situations when, quite frankly, no one wants to spend money on something thats utilitarian like air conditioning Regardless of the fact that were in the air conditioning business, were actually in the people business. We send people to your home and you have to talk to somebody about whats going on, so we want to make sure we exercise hospitality to all people. Q: Can you define the meaning of investing your heartbeats wisely? A: That comes from the expression my mother used to say: Money equals heartbeats. When you trade your heartbeats for a paycheck, its not just dollar bills; its part of yourself youve given up. Where do leaders need to invest their heartbeats to make a difference in peoples lives? It boils down to treating people right, whether thats employees or customers (who are ultimately our real employers). If you do that consistently, you attract people who want to do it right for your team. We are not perfect, but our goal always is to do the right thing and do things right every time. I will tell you that while we do the right thing, sometimes we dont do all things right the first time. We would like to, but we make mistakes because were human. Our goal will always be to stand up, to be accountable and make it right. Q: In your book you say you put effort into conveying a sense of optimism, cooperation and humility to your employees. Have you experienced a time when your attitude has had negative effects on your company or customers? A: I have not, because I really, really believe in the concept that leaders are always on stage and that you have to be on all the time. I absolutely commit to the role. Its not like I can walk up to the people at our front desk and say Im having a bad day. That does not work. You cannot complain down. Whatever you say or act on is going to set the mood and peoples expectations. During the recession, we were straight up with people: The carts in the ditch and everybodys got to be an ox. I dont believe in hope as a business strategy, but the attitude of hope is huge in being optimistic If you walk in grousing all the time, that is exactly the attitude you will attract to the company. Q: You devote a whole chapter to avoiding burnout. Do you think its more pervasive these days than in the past? Why or why not? A: The potential is there now much more than in the past because of the connectivity. Everyones on 24/7, and its very difficult to separate yourself from the business if you arent intentional about turning devices off and stepping away. Its just extremely hard these days to completely divorce yourself from work, especially when a lot of people in the world continue to work into the evening and weekends. Mental separation is really difficult. I call it the microwaving of society. It used to take an hour to bake a potato, and then a microwave came along and it was six minutes, and now people are yelling at the microwave to hurry up. How much faster do we need to be? Everyones been trained this way. When I was young and did real estate deals for Days Inn, it was pre-FedEx. When we did contracts, I had to plan well in advance to send it to someone and get it back in the mail. Then FedEx came along and all of a sudden that planning side went away because you knew you could get it to them overnight. As things have progressed, people do a lot less planning and then they kind of rush it. People demand an answer more quickly. You see it when someone sends an email and if you dont respond right away you get a phone call. If youre not careful, you get yourself trained to jump back at something and your priorities continue to slide. It wasnt that long ago that if you had a job at a bank, for example, you went home Friday and came back on Monday. Communication didnt occur over the weekend; you got a break. Today its a lot tougher and burnout happens a lot faster. Q: Why did you decide to write a book? A: I really wanted to get my thoughts and philosophy in writing and leave it as a legacy for my children and grandchildren. I also wanted to write about the success of our people doing things they way we do. It shows that if you are good guys and you really try to do the right thing for people and do it consistently, you can be successful. You do not have to take shortcuts to make money. It might take longer, but it will be longer lasting. I can walk anywhere in this town and hold my head up. Ive lived here for 21 years and my family was raised here. I want to go anywhere I want to go and feel good about it. that was always more important to me than the money. HEARTFrom page 1 VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYNaples-based Conditioned Air.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 BUSINESS B7 Youre moving forward in life. Weve got your back.As one of the nations largest independent insurance brokers, we know the consequences of having no coverage, the wrong coverage, or not enough of the right coverage. Well work with you to customize an insurance plan with no gaps or overlaps. Sharing knowledge that keeps you moving in a brighter direction and protects the future youre working to build. FORT MYERS 13515 Bell Tower Drive Fort My ers, FL 33907 (239) 433-4535 2016 Branch Banking and Trust Company.NAPLES 889 111th Ave N, Suite 201 Naples, FL 34108 (239) 26 1-0428 CAPE CORAL 4707 SE 9th Place, Suite 102 Cape C oral, FL 33904 (239) 77 2-5400 BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY LOUIS VENNE / COURTESY PHOTOS TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and business networking photos at area e vents than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and business networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ NETWORKINGAndrew Hill Investment Advisors hosts a client appreciation reception 1. Logan Roe, MIchael Davis and Andy Hill 2. Andy Hill, Noelle Matthews, Jennifer Figurelli, Logan Roe, Rosana Bowman, Linell King and Colin Hurley 3. Bob Erbstein and Linda Erbstein 4. James Roe, Alina Roe and Logan Roe 5. Jackie Woodring, Christine Brossard, Logan Roe, Pilar Frontinan, Karen Brennen and Barbara Weller 1. Karla Feazell and Danila Villarreal 2. Blase Ciabaton, Christina Mehta Prendiville, Roy Lenardson and Rita Keltner 3. Kaydee Tuff, Hope Daley, Russell Tuff and Debbie Newman 4. Pam Fultz and Niccole Howard 5. Rhona Saunders and Robin DeMattia 6. Julie Pedretti, Jackie Aaron and Judy Bricker 7. Robin Lankton, Tracy Duhaney and Keani AabelPRSA-Gulf Coast Chapter at the Hilton Naples 1 2 2 3 3 1 4 4 5 5 6 7


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME. 239.261.9101For Rentals Call239.213.3311Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands, Sapphire Valley/Lake Toxaway NAPLES Timeless Elegance, 8 BR, 8 Full BA, 2 Powder BA Overlooking Golf Course, Preserve w/Sunset Skies $9,250,000 MLS 215050309 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS SAN MARINO Great Golf Course View 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, Carriage House $949,900 MLS 216045534 Kathy Mahoney 239.404.0677 NEW LISTING PELICAN BAY NAPLES Lowest Priced Camelot Townhouse Amenities Galore $650,000 MLS 216023509 Vito Bauer 239.777.7080 PELICAN BAY AVALON SANCTUARY Beautiful Lake View 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath Condo w/Carport $480,000 MLS 216029881 Jim Hiester 239.919.9508 PELICAN BAY BONITA SPRINGS 2 BR + Den, 2 BA, Pool Home w/Gulf Access Updated Kitchen Cute as a Button $359,000 MLS 216035842 Gabe Mellein 239.825.2234 HEITMANS ESTERO 3 BR, 2 BA, Garage, Recently Upgraded Travertine Flooring Throughout $269,000 MLS 216030675 Mike Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.340.5455 ISLAND CLUB AT CORKSCREW NAPLES Tropical 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Home Heated Swimming Pool w/Private Kid's Playground $389,900 MLS 216016254 Ted Libby 239.572.0403 MOON LAKE NAPLES Newly Remodeled 2 BR, 2 BA Dramatic Views of Lake and Golf Course $274,000 MLS 215071303 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES NAPLES 1-Story Mansion with 6,900 S.F. Under Air Prime Lakefront Site & Impressive Curb Appeal $2,400,000 MLS 216034504 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 QUAIL WEST RAVISTA Newly Remodeled 3 BR, 3.5 BA, Pool Home Open Great Room Design $918,000 MLS 216016011 Dotti Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.272.4946 PALMIRA GOLF & CC 2269 INGLEWOOD CT. 2,999 S.F. Home on Almost Half Acre Lush Private Setting Overlooks Preserve $589,000 MLS 216019373 Lady Carlyon Coates 239.273.2516 OPEN 7/24 1:00 PM 4 : 00 PM PINEWOODS BORDEAUX CLUB Third Floor, 2 BR, 2 BA Condo Furnished, Extra Storage $475,000 MLS 216025749 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 MOORINGS WATERFRONT NAPLES 2-Story Villa w/Large Loft, 2 BR, 2.5 BA Less Than 1 Mile to the Beach & Mercato $350,000 MLS 216020353 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 PELICAN RIDGE NAPLES Best Buy in Quail West to Build Your Dream Home Over an Acre Buy Now and Build Later $249,900 MLS 216032109 Patti Fortune & Charles Goff 239.272.8494 QUAIL WEST RIVERBROOKE Former Cornerstone Furnished Model Golf Course Views Over Lavish Pool & Spa $1,695,000 MLS 216008062 Pam Olsen 239.464.6873 WEST BAY BEACH & GOLF CLUB BONITA SPRINGS Custom Built Single Family Home, 3 BR + Den Pool & Spa, Many Upgrades $859,000 MLS 216015001 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 PALMIRA GOLF & CC 1055 7TH AVENUE N. Quaint Mid-Century Remodeled Residence Close Proximity to the Gulf of Mexico $559,000 MLS 215053494 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455 OPEN 7/24 1:00 PM 4 : 00 PM LAKE PARK NAPLES BONITA SPRINGS Beautiful 4 BR, 2 BA Home w/Pool & Spa Outstanding Lake, Golf Course & Preserve Views $455,000 MLS 216042737 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 MARBELLA AT SPANISH WELLS ESTERO 2 BR + Den, 2 BA Penthouse End Unit Walk to Shopping, Movies, 20+ Restaurants $337,000 MLS 216005294 Gary Ryan 239.273.6796 THE RESIDENCE AT COCONUT POINT BONITA SPRINGS Located on a Tranquil Lake No HOA Fees $249,500 MLS 216031963 Bette Pitzer 239.560.2627 SANDY HOLLOW


OAKBROOK Amazing Lake & Golf Course Views, Spacious Lanai High Quality Harbourside Home, Fine Detailing $1,589,000 MLS 216014927 Robert Nemec 239.273.2556 SHADOW WOOD AT THE BROOKS 10128 GINGER POINT CT. Bardmore Model Entirely Upgraded, Move-In Ready 3 BR + Den, 3.5 BA, Lake & Golf Course Views, 2,520 S.F. $780,000 MLS 216019285 Linda Ramsey 239.405.3054 OPEN 7/24 1:00 PM 4 : 00 PM NEW PRICE SHADOW WOOD BONITA BEACH Completely Remodeled 2 BR, 2 BA Condo Expansive Bonita Beach Views $559,000 MLS 216010217 Robin Bennett 239.734.0373 SEASCAPE BONITA SPRINGS 3 BR + Den, 3 BA Pool Home Beautiful Golf Course & Preserve Views $449,000 MLS 216033736 Jim Griffith, Boeglin Team 239.322.2409 MARBELLA AT SPANISH WELLS NAPLES 400 Steps to 5th Ave S. 2 BR, 2 BA Townhouse $329,000 MLS 216032869 Roger Stening 239.770.4707 BEAUMER BONITA SPRINGS Furnished 2 BR, 2.5 BA Townhouse, Lake View Gated Community w/Lush Mature Landscaping $225,000 MLS 216017583 Vahle Team 239.450.7805 HACIENDA VILLAGE LITTLE HICKORY ISLAND Amazing Investment OpportunityBusiness In Place 3 Units Total, 2 BR, 2 BA in Each, Private Beach Access $1,450,000 MLS 216044245 Loretta Young, Team LaVita 239.450.5022 NEW LISTING BONITA BEACH GOLDEN GATE ESTATES 3 Fenced Pastures, 6 Stall Barn, Riding Arena Completely Remodeled Ranch Home, 5 BR, 4 BA $749,900 MLS 214054247 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 EQUESTRIAN DREAM FORT MYERS Gorgeous, Meticulously Kept 4+ BR, 3 BA Home Whole House is Upgraded $549,900 MLS 216010225 Natalie Kipper, Westerfield Realty Team 239.784.3729 NEW PRICE EMERSON SQUARE 8559 VIA LUNGOMARE CIR. #203 3 Bedrooms, 3 Full Bathrooms 2-Car Garage, Lake View $439,000 MLS 216045129 Katie Brady Rigsby 239.770.6061 OPEN 7/24 1:00 PM 4 : 00 PM NEW LISTING RAPALLO NAPLES 2-Story Home & Private Backyard 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2-Car Garage $299,000 MLS 215061225 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 MOON LAKE NAPLES Charming 2 BR, + Den, 2 BA, 1-Car Garage Large Fenced in Backyard w/Room for a Pool $219,000 MLS 216044540 Ciara Young, Team LaVita 239.784.1984 NEW LISTING GOLDEN GATE CITY PARK SHORE 3 Bedrooms + Den, 3.5 Bathrooms, 2-Car Garage Soaring Ceilings, Great Floor Plan $1,175,000 MLS 216008506 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 LUSSO VILLAS RESERVE II, NAPLES The Ultimate Sophisticated Coach Home 3 BR + Den, 3 BA, w/Over $300,000 in Upgrades $695,000 MLS 216021145 Dodona Roboci, The Roboci Team 239.776.8123 BANYAN WOODS SAGE MEADOW Low Density Bundled Golf Furnished 3 BR, 3 BA $510,000 MLS 216015464 Bette Pitzer 239.560.2627 COPPERLEAF AT THE BROOKS NAPLES 1.12 Lush Acres to Build Your Dream Home Buy Now and Build Later $429,888 MLS 216032110 Patti Fortune & Charles Goff 239.272.8494 QUAIL WEST NORTH NAPLES Ready to Move In, Freshly Painted, Partly Furnished Great Location, "A" Rated School District $289,000 MLS 216043144 Dodona Roboci, The Roboci Team 239.776.8123 NEW LISTING IBIS COVE ESTERO 2 Bedrooms + Den, 2 Bathrooms Lake & Preserve Views $199,500 MLS 216034997 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 OSPREY COVE NAPLES 2 Bedrooms + Den, 2 Bathrooms, Furnished Commanding Views of the Gulf $1,099,000 MLS 215056701 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 PELICAN BAY CRANBROOK 2000 Built,Open Floor Plan,Tropical "Oasis" Lanai Spacious Kitchen, Granite, SS Appliances $679,000 MLS 216037594 Linda Ramsey 239.405.3054 NEW LISTING BONITA BAY OLD NAPLES Old Naples "In-Town" Location Furnished 2 BR, 2 BA w/Garden & Pool Views $495,000 MLS 216027665 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 CASTLETON GARDENS NAPLES World Class Golf & Amenities Galore Spacious 3 BR, 3.5 BA $425,000 MLS 216023913 Starr Whiting 239.404.1219 HAMMOCK BAY BONITA SPRINGS Gorgeous, Furnished Condo 1st Floor 3 BR, 2 BA End Unit, 2,095 S.F. Under Air $279,000 MLS 216036982 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 MARBELLA AT SPANISH WELLS SOUTHEAST NAPLES Beautifully Designed 3 BR, 2 BA Quiet Neighborhood, Close to Shopping & Dining $159,900 MLS 216019287 Ciara Young, Team LaVita 239.784.1984 QUAIL ROOST


B10 BUSINESS WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY NETWORKINGSouth Regional Library welcomes Step Smart Collier 1. Mirlotte Demesmin 2. Dixie Barnes, Donna Fiala and Rachel Ellerman 3. Joan Connell, Mark Tesoro and Alex Strovel 4. Meaghan Baker and Liz Becton-Read 5. Erica Mallard, Melissa Sharp and Michelle Thoman 6. Norma Gershen and Michael Gershen 7. Marla Ramsey 1. Nancy Muschong and Melissa Hansen 2. Jennie Taylor and Renee Easley 3. Jennah Liskin and Debbie Lohan 4. Julie Iravani and Donald Sawin 5. Daniela Jacob and Danita Osborn 6. Doug Burnham and Brian Washek 1. Joe Visgaitis, Matt Pledger, Melissa Horne, Chris Lindner, Jonathan Smotherman and Butch Shull 2. Tom Abraham, Butch Shull and Nico ZeppThe Membership Directors Association of SWFL at Talis Park Suffolk Construction and partners top off WCIs Altaira tower in The Colony Golf & Bay ClubLike us on to see more photos. We take more society and business networking photos at area e vents than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and business networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ 1 1 1 5 5 6 6 7 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 VICKI BAKER / FLORIDA WEEKLY BERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY COURTESY PHOTOS TOGETHER WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROVIDING OUR PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE SERVICE TO OUR BUYERS AND SELLERS. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS GORDIE LAZICH & MARK MARAN Each o ce is independently owned and operated. GORDIE LAZICH239.777.2033 MARK MARAN239.777.3301 Lemuria | $599,0007116 LEMURIA CIRCLE #403 Bridgewater BayCoconut Bay | $335,9003054 DRIFTWOOD WAY #4504Pelican MarshArielle | $379,000 2175 ARIELLE DRIVE #1505 PENDING


VISIT WWW.DWANAPLES.COM FOR INFORMATION ON THESE AND OTHER MEDITERRA PROPERTIESDAVID WILLIAM AUSTON, PA MEDITERRA RESIDENT, GOLF MEMBER & REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTASSISTING IN OVER 100 CLOSED MEDITERRA TRANSACTIONS SINCE 2011 AMERIVEST REALTY | Of ce: 239.280.5433 Verona at Mediterra5,961 SQ FT | $3,495,000 Lucarno at Mediterra3,624 SQ FT | $1,695,000 Calabria at Mediterra2,589 SQ FT | $579,000 Porta Vecchio at Mediterra2,589 SQ FT | $599,000 REDUCED! REDUCED! Florida tops states where foreigners purchase property NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORSWaning economic growth in many countries and higher home prices further enhanced by a strengthening U.S. dollar resulted in a slight decline in international sales dollar volume of U.S. property over the past year and a significant retreat in buying from non-resident foreigners. This is according to an annual survey of residential purchases from international buyers recently released by the National Association of Realtors. The survey also revealed that the dollar volume of sales from Chinese buyers exceeded the total dollar sales figure of the next top four ranked countries combined. NARs 2016 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate found that foreign buyers purchased $102.6 billion of residential property, a 1.3 percent decline from the $103.9 billion of property purchased in last years survey. Overall, a total of 214,885 U.S. residential properties were bought by foreign buyers (up 2.8 percent), and properties were typically valued higher ($277,380) compared to the median price of all U.S. existing home sales ($223,058).Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says this years findings highlight the tremendous appeal U.S. real estate still has on many foreign nationals despite the price of property becoming less affordable.Weaker economic growth throughout the world, devalued foreign currencies and financial market turbulence combined to present significant challenges for foreign buyers over the past year, Mr. Yun says. While these obstacles led to a cool down in sales from non-resident foreign buyers, the purchases by recent immigrant foreigners rose, resulting in the overall sales dollar volume still being the second highest since 2009.Foreigners especially those from China continue to see the U.S. as a solid investment opportunity and an attractive place to visit and live. Five states account for half of foreign buyer purchases. Slightly over half of all foreign buyers purchased property in Florida (22 percent), California (15 percent), Texas (10 percent), Arizona or New York (each at 4 percent). Latin Americans, Europeans and Canadians, who tend to buy in warm climates for vacation purposes, mostly sought properties in Florida and Arizona. California and New York drew House Hunting:1769 Supreme Court, CastlewoodThis impeccably maintained home is in the North Naples community of Castlewood, a separate enclave of 32 custom homes contiguous to Imperial Golf Estates. It enjoys sunny southern exposure with expansive golf course and lake views. There are four bedrooms, four baths, den and a three-car garage. Two of the secondary bedrooms are en suite. The outdoor living area has gas fireplace, coffer ceilings, a full kitchen and a heated pool with a waterfall spa. The home has 3,620 square feet under air and 5,429 total square feet. Optional golf membership is available at the Imperial Golf Club. Debbie Broulik of Premier Sothebys International Realty has the listing for $1,039,000. For more information or to arrange a visit, call 297-5152 or email REAL ESTATEFLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 | B11WWW.FLORIDAWEEKLY.COM SEE NAR, B15


No. ONE FLORIDA BASED REAL ESTATE COMPANY BY SALES VOLUME* 4 233 Gordon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215001052 $14,500,000 3200 Gordon Drive Lisa Tashjian 239.259.7024 Web ID 215032365 $6,500,000 Royal Palm Club #507 Ryan Nordyke 239.776.9390 Web ID 216032028 $789,000 La Maison Club #204 Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID 216014406 $455,000 940 7th Street South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID 216044574 $4,098,000 2111 Forrest Lane Debra McInnis 239.776.4946 Web ID 216040998 $7,700,000 590 17th Avenue South Lisa Tashjian 239.259.7024 Web ID 215065961 $3,999,000 Bordeaux Club #216 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 Web ID 216045257 $549,000 2280 Kingsh Road Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 216022578 $3,095,000 370 2nd Avenue South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID BALD042616IHE $2,198,000 Gloucester Bay #301 Debbi/Marty McDermott 239.564.4231 Web ID 216020445 $689,000 160 7th Avenue North A ylin Uztin 239.330.8800 Web ID 216021475 $3,295,000 Esmeralda on Eighth #202 Paul Gray 239.273.0403 Web ID 216010017 $2,470,000 Enclave #9 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 Web ID 216030804 $5,950,000 Park Shore Tower #17B Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 216042579 $2,295,000 Monaco Beach Club #205 Christine Jones 239.404.9900 Web ID 216021464 $1,399,000 3 00 Mermaids Bight Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID MERM071416IHE $6,500,000 Brittany #V-17 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID SILV092115IHE $2,950,000 Dorchester #906 Werner Schroeder 239.776.8956 Web ID 216044938 $999,000 LAmbiance #9-203 Jeannie McGearty 239.248.4333 Web ID 216029912 $675,000 Marquesa #601 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID EISE071316IHE $1,850,000 Crescent #B31 Beth McNichols 239.821.3304 Web ID 216030690 $1,095,000 9281 Troon Lakes Drive Linda Roberts 239.450.2864 Web ID 216014566 $829,000 5110 Starsh Avenue Erik David Barber 323.513.6391 Web ID 216007459 $3,000,000 1131 7th Avenue North Cristal OMeara 239.961.2528 Web ID 216007802 $1,199,000 1328 Wood Duck Trail J ohn DAmelio 239.961.5996 Web ID HEBE071116IHE $2,150,000 2620 10th Street North Dean Foster 239.269.2220 Web ID 216009704 $689,000 Mystic Greens #1604 Wil Bedard 239.961.2710 Web ID 216034914 $412,000 3659 Treasure Cove Circle Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 216034226 $389,000 Lesina #801 Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685 Web ID 215009502 $799,000 1442 Galleon Drive Steve Smiley 239.298.4327 Web ID 216015148 $6,890,000 840 Admiralty Parade Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 216008459 $19,950,000 398 Windward Way Patricia Patterson 239.595.8414 Web ID 216014250 $2,695,000 1 725 Regatta Road Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 216021194 $3,390,000 Windsor #302 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID BRAN071316IHE $8,750,000 4415 Club Estates Drive Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 216032663 $2,450,000 644 Lambton Lane Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 Web ID 216001361 $399,900 YOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACH PORT ROYAL THE MOORINGS // COQUINA SANDS OLD NAPLES // AQUALANE SHORES // ROYAL HARBOR PARK SHORE PELICAN BAY BAY COLONY PELICAN MARSH NAPLES & SURROUNDS


Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends Top 500 OVER $4 BILLION IN SALES VOLUME IN 2015 Over 900 associates and employees 37 locations throughout Florida and North Carolina Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. Al l information is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Premier Sothebys International Realty participated as either the listing or cooperating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. 2016 REAL Trends 500 brok erages by residential sales volume. *Residential and commercial 19,000 ASSOCIATES | 835 OFFICES WORLDWIDE 63 COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES GLOBALLY | 37 PREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY LOCATIONS 1372 Great Egret Trail Sam Heitman 239.537.2018 Web ID 215068568 $4,950,000 1395 Great Egret Trail Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 216041006 $5,795,000 2824 Silverleaf Lane Fahada Saad 239.595.8500 Web ID 216036963 $4,695,000 1234 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 214000494 $6,995,000 14660 Beaufort Circle Fahada Saad 239.595.8500 Web ID 216045203 $710,000 15093 Topsail Court Fahada Saad 239.595.8500 Web ID 216045982 $434,000 Ventana #106 Julie Rembos 239.595.1809 Web ID 216026946 $399,500 148 Seabreeze Avenue Joe Buch 239.404.5668 Web ID 216033719 $1,650,000 85 Shores Avenue Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 216045505 $499,000 336 Oak Avenue Ann Marie Shimer 239.825.9020 Web ID 215054679 $1,895,000 1109 Blue Hill Creek Drive Dave Flowers 239.404.0493 Web ID 216045388 $4,250,000 650 Rockport Court Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 216045419 $1,850,000 Vintage Bay #B-28 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215069879 $499,000 Belize #2506 Jane Bond 239.595.9515 Web ID 215071925 $9,900,000 Villas at Waterside #201 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 216013146 $575,000 8560 Pepper Tree Way ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 216040309 $395,000 Menaggio #101 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 216044200 $475,000 3665 Riviera Circle Debron Fowles 239.826.6655 Web ID 216045439 $147,500 Spanish Wells #403 Helen Baker 239.580.9522 Web ID 216042805 $184,900 Esperia South #504 Harriet Harnar 239.273.5443 Web ID 215072359 $699,000 Triana #44 Pat Moore 239.233.1808 Web ID 215057928 $550,000 Blind Pass #F106 Brooke Brownyard 239.281.4179 Web ID 215053323 $495,000 3866 Woodlake Drive Cathy/Jim McCormick 239.850.4278 Web ID 216008698 $890,000 1927 SW 31st Terrace Vanya/Dimo Demirev 239.565.0550 Web ID 216041109 $499,000 3959 Bering Court Melissa McMurray 239.777.5456 Web ID 216042810 $959,900 3248 Tavolara Lane ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 216042047 $1,395,000 9327 Chiasso Court Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 216044935 $768,500 Admiralty House #1101S Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 Web ID 216045166 $469,000 Cherry Oaks #102 ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 216044462 $359,000 8890 Creek Run Drive Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 Web ID 216045532 $585,000 1 6961 Verona Lane Marybeth Brooks 239.272.6867 Web ID 216045237 $4,495,000 12155 Via Cercina Drive Charles Cole 239.963.5560 Web ID 216040141 $615,000 BONITA BAY BONITA SPRINGS & SURROUNDSFIFTH AVENUE | 239.434.8770CENTRAL NAPLES | 239.659.0099MERCATO SALES CENTER | 239.594.9400BONITA SPRINGS | 239.948.4000MARCO ISLAND | 239.642.2222VANDERBILT | 239.594.9494THE VILLAGE | 239.261.6161SANIBEL | 239.472.2735CAPTIVA | 239.395.5847ESTUARY SALES CENTER | 239.261.3148BROAD AVENUE | 239.434.2424MYSTIQUE AT PELICAN BAY | 239.598.9900 SANIBEL // CAPTIVA // FORT MYERS PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM GREY OAKS NORTH NAPLES VANDERBILT BEACH MARCO ISLAND FIDDLERS CREEK


B14 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$300,000 >$400,000 >$500,000 >$600,000 >$800,000 >$900,000 >$1,000,000 >$2,000,000 >$3,000,000 >$4,000,000 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 32 33 34 21 35 36*For illustration purposes only.NaplesMarco Island 37 38 39


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 B15 Today!Richard South end unit in gated complex. Spacious master suite w/large master bath. Tastefully furnished. DELA PARK PLACE #204 $645,000 BREATHTAKING VIEW Pride in ownership. Custom home with quick out to gulf. Dock/lift/2 jet ski lifts. Upgraded ss appliances. Bonus room. 1660 GALLEON COURT $874,500 BELOW APPRAISED VALUEJacki Strategos GRI, CREN Jackistrategos239 Really charming 2nd oor unit in great complex. Lovely views, Deeded carport that can be sold separately. GLENEAGLES/DEERWOOD$199,900 EAT-IN KITCHEN Gorgeous 3 BR/2 BA + den in impeccable condition. Huge, built-in wall unit oor to ceiling. Truly as must see. 7522 GARIBALDI COURT $469,900 LOVELY VIEW Naples Park $449,0003BR, 2BA, closed-in lanai for extra living space. New A/C, rear paver patio/chickee hut and more! Naples Park $369,000Immaculate 2BR, 2BA with newer A/C, roof and irrigation system. Recently painted inside and out. Crown Point $309,0002BR, 2BA plus den villa on a 37-acre sparkling lake. Billiards, clubhouse, pool, exercise room and tennis. PARTIALLY FURNISHED! WALK OR BIKE TO THE BEACH! GREAT LOCATION! Re/Max Distinction currently has positions available in all locations. If youre interested in an exciting career in real estate, and would like more information about Re/Max Distinction, please contact Crystal at OLDE NAPLES (MAIN) 821 5th Avenue South, Suite 102 Naples, Florida 34102 | VINEYARDS | BONITA SPRINGS | KENSINGTON GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB 4395 DOVER CT #3-301$445,000 Peggy Sue Garrity 239.207.1008 MOON LAKE 1145 JARDIN DR $389,000 Brandon Chicoine 520.548.9745 PALM RIVER 169 CROWN DRIVE #11$147,000 Susan Heller 239.280.0939 WILLOUGHBY ACRES 197 WILLOUGH DRIVE$324,900 Susan Heller 239.280.0939 LELY RESORT 8872 LELY ISLAND CIRCLE$699,900 Susan Heller 239.280.0939 NARFrom page 11the most Asian buyers, while Texas mostly saw sales activity from Latin American, Caribbean and Asian buyers. The median purchase price over the survey period was a tad lower ($277,380) compared to the 2015 survey ($284,900) as a result of the fewer non-resident foreign buyers. Overall, foreign buyers most commonly purchased a home priced between $250,001 and $500,000, while 10 percent paid over $1 million or more.Exactly half of all international transactions were all-cash purchases, which was slightly down from a year ago (55 percent) but still roughly double the overall share of existing sales. All-cash purchases were more common by non-resident foreign buyers (73 percent) and those from Canada, China and the United Kingdom.A majority of foreign buyers over the past year purchased a single-family home, and nearly half bought in a suburban area. Twothirds or more of buyers from each China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom purchased detached single-family homes, while Canadian buyers were the most likely to buy a multi-family home. The 2016 Profile of Home Buying Activity in U.S. Residential Real Estate can be ordered by calling (800) 8746500 or by going to online. The report is free to NAR members, $149.95 for others.


Se SERENITY ELEMENTS OF AN EXTRAORDINARY BRAND PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COMSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in Southwest Florida and around the world.Bonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Captiva | 239.395.5847 Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Estuary Sales Center | 239.261.3148 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Mercato Sales Center | 239.594.9400 Mystique Sales Center | 239.598.9900 Rentals | 239.262.4242 Sanibel | 239.472.2735 The Village | 239.261.6161 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494 Naples, Florida 239.261.6161


INSIDEARTS & ENTERTAINMENTFLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 | SECTION CWWW.FLORIDAWEEKLY.COM Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Estuary at Grey Oaks | 239.261.3148 Mystique at Pelican Bay | 239.598.9900 The Village | 239.261.6161 The Gallery in Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494 Residences at Mercato | 239.594.9400 Bonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Sanibel Island | 239.472.2735 Rentals | 239.262.4242They love it when you call them Papa FOR STOCKY OLD WHITE GUYS WITH BEARDS the color of fresh-driven snow and a penchant for day drinking, there exist a handful of costumed contests worth attending each year. One is SantaCon, that infamous red tide of jolly drunken grandpas (and youngsters with fake beards), in which swarms of red-suited, black-belted Santa Clauses descend upon the bar districts of cities nationwide in order to rove, revel and celebrate the Christmas miracle that is watching someone dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus vomit in public. The other, thankfully, is the Papa BY MAXINE LOPEZ-KEOUGHFlorida Weekly Correspondent SEE PAPA, C4 ANDY NEWMAN / FLORIDA KEYS NEWS BUREAU / HO Previous Ernest Hemingway look-alike winners including Chris Storm, left, and John Stubbings, right, judge last years competition.More grit than polishBook reviewer Phil Jason says keeping the Florida Noir tradition makes for an addictive read. C2 laughMake emBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ DOING STAND-UP IS LIKE DRIVING A motorcycle over the Grand Canyon while juggling chainsaws without a net. Its a daredevil kind of thing, says Sam Walch, who teaches public speaking and theories of comedy at Florida Gulf Coast University. However, when you do get one joke that does work, when you get that laugh, theres nothing greater than that feeling. I was there for the birth of my children, but it does not come close to how great it feels to have a great joke on stage. Being on the road is tough, Comic/instructor/ Sam Walch on theart of stand-upSEE LAUGH, C21 Meet the ChefKristina San Filippo shares her plans for a new culinary hub, and more Cuisine News. C24-27 Short, sweet, scaryFilm critic Dan Hudak says Lights Out makes up for all the bad horror flicks out there. C15


C2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY FLORIDA WRITERSDebut novel explores how low a man can go and still right himself Beachhead by Jeffery Hess. Down and Out Books. 322 pages. Trade paperback, $16.95. In the time-honored tradition of Florida Noir, this new title is more grit than polish. And, by the way, thats a good thing. We meet the main character, Scotland Ross, trying to escape from hard times and avoid doing hard time. Hes a man with moral awareness, but also with a conflict of honorable and dishonorable loyalties. A series of bad choices has made it difficult for Scotland to turn his life around. His parole officer is worried about him, and with good reason. His older sister Dana, to whom he owes a lot going back to their childhood days, has married poorly and is in a big financial bind. Though Scotland needs cash to build a new life for himself, she flaunts her desperation to the point that he gives her what he has and takes dangerous employment to enable her husbands irresponsibility or is it just hard luck? Scotland, a superb physical specimen, finds himself working for the man who would be governor of Florida. Allan Kinsey is a ruthless, all-purpose criminal. Drugs and real estate coexist in his growing empire. How he will make the transition from gangster to governor is clear enough in his own mind: buying influence and subservience with the currency of money, promises and threats. For some readers, the Kinsey character might seem unrealistic; others will be reminded of a certain presidential candidate who interprets an opinion not his own as a hurtful threat that must be put down. Working for Kinsey is already a violation of Scotlands parole, but he rationalizes his choice while hoping to find his way out of Kinseys snare. When he disappears, attempting to start a new life in an idealized Daytona Beach, he is tracked down by a pair of Kinseys henchmen. In a gloriously violent scene, he makes his escape from being captive on a boat. Jeffrey Hess is masterful at portraying the criminal types, their outlook on the world and the peculiar ways in which they justify their actions. Kinseys main assistant, a man named Platinum, is an intelligent psychopath, and the twin bookends who almost murdered Scotland are just as crazy but not quite so bright. Thought the plot of Beachhead is serviceable, character portrayal and character development are stronger ingredients in this debut novel. Scotland is given sufficient complexity and individuality to warrant at least a second appearance. His sister, too often dependent on pills, has questionable coping skills in spite of good intentions. One can sympathize with her without condoning her behavior. Other female characters, though of less importance, are also effectively drawn. These include Maria, who is Linseys unfaithful girlfriend, and Kyla, the generous, attractive young band drummer who nurses Scotland back to health. Mr. Hess is also adept at action scenes and developing a sense of place. His portraits of Tampa, Daytona Beach and other locations ring true without being overdrawn or slowing the action. He gets the atmospherics right and puts readers on the spot with his vivid descriptions of residences, modes of transportation and whats to be observed along the way. The author has worked diligently and well to flesh out his decision to set the novel in 1980, drawing upon popular culture, period technology, and other details to establish verisimilitude. All in all, the Florida he paints does not resemble the touristy postcards. Its filled with corruption and pain. Nonetheless, Mr. Hess gives us the kind of ugly thats addictive. Im anxious to discover whats next from this highly promising writer. About the authorAside from Beachhead, Jeffery Hess is the editor of the award-winning anthologies Home of the Brave: Stories in Uniform, and Home of the Brave: Somewhere in the Sand. He served six years aboard the Navys oldest and newest ships and has held writing positions at a daily newspaper, a Fortune 500 company and a university-based research center. He holds an MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte, and his writing has appeared widely in print and online. Mr. Hess lives near Tampa, where he leads the DD-214 Writers Workshop for military veterans. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. HESS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C3 239.434.6533/ Every Saturday Morning from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. Featuring Dozens of Vendors All Summer LongIn the Parking Lot behind Tommy Bahama between Third & Gordon Drive Summer for The Naples Players ends with KidzActs Catch Me If You CanKidzAct, the youth troupe of The Naples Players, presents Catch Me If You Can: The Musical Friday through Sunday, Aug. 5-7, on the main stage at the Sugden Community Theatre. Its tradition that the young thespians stage their own version of TNPs annual summer musical production after the shows run (this years Catch Me If You Can by the adult actors ends July 31). The energetic musical is based on the blockbuster movie of the same name. Set in the 1960s, the story follows the young and charming con artist Frank Abagnale Jr. as he forges his way to millions posing as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. The KidzAct cast includes Sawyer True as Frank Jr. and Armand Procacci and Jessica Daniels as his upbeat father and beautiful French mother. Lila Prince has the role of Brenda, Frank Jr.s love interest. Sophie Sawyer and Jack Norkeliunas play Brendas parents. Josiah Hurtley plays FBI Agent Hanratty, and Anthony Henderson, Dakota Hemberger and Zach Cornwall are agents Cod, Dollar and Branton, respectively. COURTESY PHOTO Alexandra Igoe, Sawyer True and Julia Hajjar of KidzAct getting into their roles for the upcoming Catch Me If You Can: The Musical. Heres your chance to shine in a cult classicThe Naples Players hold auditions for the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show beginning at noon Saturday, July 23, at the Sugden Community Theatre. Seven principal men and three principal women of various ages are needed. A small ensemble will also be cast. Those auditioning should note this show, a humorous and provocative tribute to the cheesy science fiction and horror B movie genre, is rated R. Audition appointments are required and can be made by calling 434-7340, ext.100. Rehearsals begin Aug. 22, and performance dates are Oct. 12-Nov. 6. Catch Me If You Can: The Musical>> Who: KidzAct of The Naples Players >> When: 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Aug. 5-6, and 2 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7 >> Where: The Sugden Community Theatre >> Cost: $30 for adults, $10 for students >> Info: 263-7990 or


C4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, part of the annual weeklong Hemingway Days festival in Key West, which began July 19 and runs through Sunday, July 23. Now in its 36th year, the festival celebrates the reigning king of Key Wests literary legacy, Ernest Hemingway. Events include lectures, cocktail parties, tours, races, readings and even a fishing tournament, but its the Papa Look-Alike Contest that receives the bulk of the national press, owed no doubt to the hallucinatory sight of a room packed with what appear to be Hemingways clones, all jostling for a prize shaped like you guessed it Papa. Picture it: Hemingway, clutching a bronze bust of Hemingway, smiling amid a sea of drunk Hemingways enough to make someone who happened to walk in off the street think theyd suffered a concussion (or stumbled into a particularly weird literary fetish party. After all, it is Key West). Each year, more than 100 broadchested, bearded hopefuls queue up at Hemingways favorite watering hole, Sloppy Joes, to compete for the title of Papa. They preen, they pose, they arm-wrestle. They spend hours choosing the right khaki safari shirt and woolen fishermans sweater. And, much like a traditional beauty pageant, looks only get the contestants so far theres a talent portion, too, in which each Hemingway (outfitted in a crisp outfit of white and red, complete with jaunty beret and handkerchief) runs amid manmade bulls in a simulation of the famous, slightly more dangerous Spanish event. The competition is fierce; theres even a scholarship portion, in which the Papas celebrate their namesakes July 21 birthday by announcing the recipients of the Hemingway Look-Alike Societys scholarships given to local students. Its just one of events in the lineup. First off, attendees might want to refresh their memories of Hemingways oeuvre by visiting his old Key West digs, now called the Hemingway Home & Museum. At 907 Whitehead St., the museum and its famously lush, six-toed-cat covered grounds is perfect for an afternoon spent meandering through rooms filled with antiques and memorabilia. Keep an eye out for the penny encased in cement beside the swimming pool out back. Legend has it that the authors second wife, Pauline Pfeiffer, put it there after her husband took issue with her having overseen the conversion of his beloved boxing ring into a swimming pool, to the tune of $20,000. Supposedly, Ms. Pfeiffer was motivated by spite, not a love of aquatic aerobics; word had gotten back to her that her husband, away from home working as acorrespondent during the Spanish Civil War, had fallen in love with Martha Gellhorn, who would go one to replace Pfeiffer as wife No. 3. It was the only in-ground swimming pool on the island, and even in 1938, $20,000 was a boatload of money. The author reportedly threw a penny on the ground when he discovered how much Pfeiffer had spent, saying she had spent all but his last penny, and that she might as well take it, too. Hemingway wrote some of his most influential work in the studio adjoining the house. Be aware: A number of artifacts, including a life-sized bronze statue of the writer by historical sculptor Terry Jones, have been temporarily relocated to the nearby Custom House Museum, also home to an exhibit of 59 original pen-and-ink illustrations by renowned artist Guy Harvey that follow the narrative of The Old Man and the Sea. Papa loved boxing almost as much as he loved fishing, so youll certainly want to make your way over to Blue Heaven restaurant, where the author refereed a number of boxing matches in what is now the outdoor dining area. Insider tip: Breakfast can have threehour wait times, but dinner (just as good, and often featuring some of the islands best live music) is easier to get into. To celebrate the authors rarely discussed poetry, the restaurant and the Key West Poetry Guild host a reading of Hemingways lesser-known work on Friday, July 22. The authors famously sporty lifestyle might best be celebrated by participating in the Papas Pilar Rum Hemingway 5K Sunset Run and Paddleboard Race. The Paddleboard Race, beginning at 6 p.m. Sunday, July 23, features a 3-mile ocean course that starts and finishes at the Southernmost Beach. Or, if youre faster on pavement than waves, skip the paddleboarding and join the longest-running road race in Key West. An after-party back at the beach will have food, drinks, a silent auction, raffles and an awards ceremony. Of course, its his seminal writing for which Hemingway is most remembered, and this years festival has plenty of literary events to satisfy the academically minded. The full, chronological list of events for the Hemingway Days celebration can be found at Those traveling by car should plan to bypass Key Wests main drag, Duval Street, on July 23, when the street will close to vehicular traffic for an all-day open air market featuring arts, crafts, tropical clothing, jewelry and a variety of food stands. Grab a bite to eat at the market, don your Pamplona best and head over to Sloppy Joes at 1 p.m. to catch the aforementioned Running of the Bulls event. Just be sure to watch out for the horns on those mandriven bulls and for the Papas, for that matter. After a couple rums each, either one is just as unpredictable as the other. PAPAFrom page 1ANDY NEWMAN / FLORIDA KEYS NEWS BUREAU / HOCharlie Boice, center, is congratulated by previous victors after winning the 2015 Papa Hemingway Look-Alike Contest last year. Ernest Hemingway Look-Alikes proceed on Duval Street during the annual Running of the Bulls last year. For years, Charlie Boice was mistaken for Kenny Rogers. Then he moved to Florida and the retired air traffic controller took up a new impersonation in earnest. Last year, Mr. Boice won the Papa Hemingway Look-Alike Contest in Key West. He returns this year as a judge of the contest, in which bearded men gather to see who most resembles writer Ernest Hemingway. It isnt easy. Mr. Boice, who lives in Palm Beach Gardens, had competed for 15 years before he won the friendly contest. Thats really what it is. Its a real camaraderie. You have to get in there and you have to know the Papas and you have to show that youre going to be interested in the situation, he said. You cant be a flash in the pan. Good humor aside, the competition is a serious business. Each of the potential Papas is expected to help raise money for the scholarships the contest supports. Each year, the organization gives a $10,000 scholarship to students studying writing or nursing. Hemingway, of course, was a writer, and many of his relatives were nurses. Heck, A Farewell to Arms recounts the love of a young American ambulance driver for an English nurse on the Italian front during World War I. We work hard all year long to get donations for the scholarship fund, Mr. Boice said. So far, the group has given away about $150,000 in scholarships, and theyre already yielding dividends. Mr. Boice, a boat captain, likes Hemingways passion for fishing Ive actually met people who introduced me to a guy who used to pal around on the docks in Cuba where he used to be. I love to fish. This year, I caught a 400-pound marlin. And he loves to get together with his posse of potential Papas. The whole thing is a fraternity. Theres a bunch of guys who get together. We all know each other, and were there for each other, we give the scholarships. That uncanny resemblance to Hemingway has wings. Mr. Boice has been to Pamplona for the Spanish towns Fiesta de San Fermin. Ive done the running of the bulls me, another of the Papas, Tom Grizzard, and Brian Sinclair, he said. Mr. Sinclair is a playwright and the author of Hemingway On Stage. Festival organizers brought the men to Spain for a week and took them where Hemingway had gone fly-fishing. They put us on a stage like a rock n roll festival. It was a little unnerving. He wore a wool sweater when he won last years Hemingway contest. No matter that it was July in Key West and the temperature was sweltering. He will give that sweater to Michael Groover, aka Mr. Paula Deen, who happens to be a longstanding Hemingway contestant. Its a tradition, he said. He will be a judge for life, as are the other Papas. Ill be doing this for as long as I can do it. Were going down there to have some fun. As long as I have fun, Im fine with it. Reigning Papa looks forward to judging Hemingway contestBY SCOTT SIMMONSssimmons@ Celebrity chef Paula Deen, left, tugs at husband Michael Groovers beard outside Sloppy Joes Bar last year. Mr. Groover was competing for the fifth year in the Papa Hemingway LookAlike Contest, part of the annual Hemingway Days festival in Key West.


The stories and songs of acclaimed singer-songwriters return to our islands Sept. 23 Oct. 2. Dozens of free shows feature artists at this third annual music festival that spans intimate venues on Captiva Island, Fort Myers Beach, and in Downtown Fort Myers. Get to the heart of the music you love and find out more at #ISLANDHOPPERFEST


C6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY L O T S A L O B S T E R ! Waterfront Dining TWO 1 pound lobsters withOpen Daily 11 am Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch 12th Avenue South at the City Dock 239-263-9940 1200 Fifth Avenue South at Tin City 239-263-2734 fries and slaw or black beans and rice $27.95 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOTHEATERThings Being What They Are By The Studio Players at Golden Gate Community Centers Joan Jenks Auditorium. July 22-Aug. 7. 4701 Golden Gate Parkway. Me If You Can By The Naples Players at Sugden Community Theater through July 31. 263-7990 or The Wizard of Oz By Broadway Palm Theatre through Aug. 13. 1380 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Last of the Red Hot Lovers By the Off Broadway Palm Theatre through July 30. 1380 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Me If You Can (Again) By The Naples Player KidzAct Teens Aug. 5-7 at the Sugden Community Theater. 263-7990 or See story on page C3. The Sound of Music By Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs Youth Players Aug. 6-21. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Of Thee I Sing By TheatreZone and FGCUs Bower School of Music and The Arts Oct. 6-9 at FGCU. (888) 9663352 or THURSDAY7.21Calling All Collectors Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops hosts a sale of comic book collectibles starting at 9 a.m. featuring items from Funko, Diamond and more. 598-5200 or a Creek Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park hosts beginning paddleboard lessons at 9:30 a.m. Free with park admission, registration required. 431-0958. Wee Folk Naples Botanical Garden hosts a workshop about creating fairy gardens from 10 a.m. to noon. $35 for members, $40 for others. 643-7275 or Founding Fishermen South Regional Library hosts a lecture about the early days of Naples and Collier County at 10 a.m. Free, but registration required. 8065 Lely Cultural Blvd. 2527542 or Wading the Flats Lovers Key State Park invites kids ages 6 and up to explore the sea grass flats with a guide starting at 10 a.m. Free, but registration required. 463-4588 or of Swat The FGCU Renaissance Academy presents a program all about Babe Ruth from 1-3:30 p.m. at the universitys Naples campus. $20 for members, $25 for others. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or FRIDAY7.22Creature Feature Everglades Wonder Gardens invites kids to meet a resident flamingo and enjoy themed art and stories from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Free with regular admission. 992-2591 or Free Friday One paying adult ($5) can bring up to five kids for free admission to the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for activities, stories and a feature film about creatures of the sea. A food truck is on site from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. No registration required. 300 Tower Road. 530-5958 or Lecture The FGCU Renaissance Academy presents a program about Marilyn Monroe from 10-11:30 a.m. at The Arlington. $20 for members, $25 for others. 7900 Arlington Circle. 307-3000 or Say No Drug Free Collier presents Raising a Drug-Free Kid in a Drug-Filled World at 6 p.m. at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Guest speaker Monte Stiles is a former state and federal prosecutor who now dedicates his life to drug education. Adults and youth are welcome. Free, but reservations required. 625 111th Ave. N. 302-6717 or the Entertainer The new Southwest Florida Performing Arts Center in Bonita Springs welcomes comedian Cedric the Entertainer at 7:30 p.m. tonight and Saturday, July 23. Tickets start at $46. 11515 Bonita Beach Road. 389-6901 or Wolf Native Visions Gallery hosts a fundraiser from 6-8 p.m. tonight and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 23, to support Shy Wolf Sanctuary and Lola, a searchand-rescue trained dingo who resides there. Lola will be in attendance. 737 Fifth Ave. S. 643-3785 or Market, To Market The Third Street South Farmers Market keeps going through summer from 7:30-11:30 a.m. every Saturday. 434-6533 or Speaking Paragon Pavilion offers a lights-on, low-sound screening of Ice Age: Collision Course at 10 a.m. for children with sensory processing disorders. 833 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 596-0008 or All That Jazz The Naples Jazzmasters take the stage from 1-3 p.m. at The Norris Center. 263-1113 or Naples Equestrian Challenge hosts a fundraiser from 5-9 p.m. at South Street City Oven and Grill to raise money for Buddy, a therapy horse who recently underwent major surgery. 1410 Pine Ridge Road. 596-2988 or Double Feature The Marco Players hosts a double feature with performances by Square 1 Improv and fiddler J. Robert starting at 8 p.m. $20, cash or check at the door. 1089 N. Collier Blvd. 642-7270 or Dynamic Night Deb & The Dynamics perform at 8 p.m. at Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs. $22-$32. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Funny Guy Steve Hoffstedder takes the stage tonight and Sunday, July 24, at Off the Hook Comedy Club. 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 389-6901 or SUNDAY7.24Walk the Dog Naples Botanical Garden hosts the pooch patrol from 9-11:30 a.m. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their owners for a stroll. Free for Garden members and their canines, regular admission plus $9.95 per pooch for others. 643-4737 or Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Amlie (France, 2001) at 7 p.m. An innocent and naive girl in Paris with her own sense of justice decides to help those around her and falls in love along the way. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 4958989 or TUESDAY7.26Free Kids Flick Paragon Pavilion presents a free screening of The Peanuts Movie at 10 a.m. today through Thursday. 596-0008 or Mania Naples Botanical Garden hosts a mango tasting from 10 a.m. to noon. $15-$20, registration required. 643-4737 or Terrific Tuesdays See any show at Mercatos Silverspot Cinema for just $8 every Tuesday. 592-0300 or History Lecture Headquarters Regional Library hosts a discussion about Andrew Jackson from 2-3:30 p.m. Free, but registration required. 8635 Orange Blossom Drive. 593-0334 or Thursday Enjoy live music from 6-9 p.m. in the Fleischmann Courtyard off Third Street South. 434-6533 or Native Visions Gallery on Fifth Avenue South hosts a fundraiser from 6-8 p.m. Friday, July 22 and 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 23 to support Shy Wolf Sanctuary. Lola, a search-andrescue trained dingo who resides at the sanctuary, will be in attendance. The event includes a raffle of Moonlight Crossing, a gicle print by John Seery Lester.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOIndie Film Naples Film Society screens Seven Songs for a Long Life at 7 p.m. at Silverspot Cinema. An intimate documentary about our changing views of death with great songs. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. $16. Purchase tickets at website. 775-3456 or WEDNESDAY7.27Om on the Beach Instructors from Green Monkey Yoga lead a session on the beach from 9-10 a.m. at DelnorWiggins Pass State Park. $5 plus regular park admission, registration required. 597-6196 or Ancient Walk Tour the ancient bald cypress forest at Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary from 9 a.m. to noon Free, but registration required. 348-9151 or corkscrew.audubon.or g. 1959 Trade Center Way. Local History Naples Historical Society hosts a docent-guided walking tour of the downtown historical district setting out at 9:30 a.m. from Historic Palm Cottage. 261-8164 or Florida History Collier County Museum hosts a talk at 2 p.m. about how humans have used Floridas natural landscape for 10,000 years. 3311 Tamiami Trail E. 254-8276 or COMING UPKayak Tour Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park hosts a kayak tour of Water Turkey Bay and Wiggins Pass setting out at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, July 28. Paddler should have intermediate or above skills. $15 plus regular park admission, registration required. 597-6196 or Dog Daze Promenade at Bonita Bay hosts a pet expo from 4-7 p.m. Thursday, July 28. 472-4792 or Love That Dress! International Design Source hosts an Alice in Wonderland-themed cocktail party from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, July 28, to benefit PACE Center for Girls-Collier at Immokalee. Bring a lightly loved dress for donation. $20-$30. 449-3269 or Hot Summer Nights The Collier County Sheriffs Office hosts family activities from 6-9 p.m. Friday, July 29, at Vineyards Community Park. 6231 Arbor Blvd. 774-4434 or Full Frontal The Naked Magic Show gives audiences an eyeful at 8 p.m. Friday, July 29, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. 4890326 or Hour Barnes & Noble hosts a countdown to the midnight release of Harry Potter & The Cursed Child: Parts 1 & 2 starting at Saturday, July 30 8 p.m. The party includes giveaways and family activities. Free. 598-5200 or for Kids Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples hosts the fourth annual Castles for Kids sand-sculpting competition complete with mermaids, pirates and more fun from 8:30 a.m. to noon Monday, Aug. 1, at La Playa Beach & Golf Resort. Teams of four kids and one adult compete for the best sand sculpture. Registration is open now. Email Liz Cashman at for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Young & Beautiful (France, 2012) at 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 1. A call girl remains curiously aloof about her hotel-room trysts and the money she makes. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or 7.267.21#Walkies The Studio Players (formerly Lets Put On A Show Productions) present The Studio Players (formerly Lets Put On A Show Productions) present Things Being What Things Being What They Are, They Are, a two-man comedy exploring the pitfalls of modern masculinity and starring Keith a two-man comedy exploring the pitfalls of modern masculinity and starring Keith Gahagan and Kevin Hendricks, opens Friday and runs on select dates through Aug. 7 at the Gahagan and Kevin Hendricks, opens Friday and runs on select dates through Aug. 7 at the Golden Gate Community Center. Golden Gate Community Center. Learn how to invite wee folk into your flowerbed at Naples Botanical Gardens fairy garden workshop from 10 a.m. to noon Thursday. The Na ples F ilm Society hosts a screening of Sev en Songs for a Long Life, a musical documentary about changing views of death, on Tuesday evening at Silverspot Cinema. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and showtime is 7 p.m. Well-behaved, leashed canines can accompany their human companions for a stroll through Naples Botanical Garden every Thursday afternoon and Sunday and Tuesday mornings. Wanna catchem all? Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary boasts 20 PokStops along its 2.25-mile boardwalk and around the Blair Audubon Visitor Center. 7.22-8.8 The Southwest Florida Performing Arts Center in Bonita Springs welcomes comedian Cedric the Entertainer at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. The A w t a 7.22-23


C8 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY THE NAPLES PLAYERS AUDITIONS More information under Get Involved at www.naplesplayers.orgAuditions held at the Sugden Community Theatre, 701 5th Ave. S., Naples, FLRehearsals begin Aug. 22. Performances Oct. 12Nov. 6 (Rated R)We are also casting a small ensemble that sings and dances.NEEDED7 Principal Men: Ages 20-70 (Casting is exible) 3 Principal Women: Ages 20-35July 23 at 12:00 p.m. By Appointment: 434 Ext. 100 Be a part of the show! Mark Your Calendar For10:00 AM Tuesdays, Wednesdays & ThursdaysFirst Come, First Served; Box Office Will Open at 9:30 AM FREE SUMMER MOVIES at Our free summer movies are for families. Camp Directors, please see management for field trip pricing. July 26-28: Pean uts Movie August 2-4: Ra mona and B eezus August 9-11: Home August 16-18: Alvin and the C h ipm unks: Road Chip833 VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD, NAPLES 239.596.0008 PARAGONTHEATERS.COMbrought to you by: Purchase Tickets:OffTheHookComedy.comLocated Inside ROW SEAFOOD COMEDIAN STEVE HOFSTETTERJuly 21st-24th COMEDIAN KYM WHITLEYJuly 28th-30thWEDNESDAY & THURSDAY HAPPY HOUR 4-7FREE COVER! Live Music by Manhattan Connection 239-389-69012500 Vanderbilt Beach Road Suite 1100, Naples, FL 34109 WHAT TO DOEverglades Tales The Marco Island Historical Society hosts a talk about the locations and stories associated with the 1958 film Wind Across the Everglades at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 2. Free for members, $5 for others. 180 S. Heathwood Drive. 642-1440 or Author Lecture Everglades Wonder Gardens hosts Rhonda Mason, author of Empress Game, for a discussion about her book, the environment and ecosystems from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3, with $7-$12. 27180 Old 41 Road. 992-2591 or Couples Retreat Conscious Choices offers a couples meditation retreat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6, at Unity of Naples. $75. 2000 Unity Way. 434-5855 or Recycled Percussion The Southwest Florida Performing Arts Center in Bonita Springs presents Recycled Percussion, the junk rock band made famous on Americas Got Talent, at 4 and 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6. Tickets start at $25. 11515 Bonita Beach Road. 389-6901 or Film Renaissance Academy screens Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (U.S.S.R., 1980) at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, at its Naples campus. The story of three girlfriends from youth to old age. $5 for members, $7 for others. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Walk in Her Shoes The FGCU Renaissance Academy hosts a web walk through the life of Anne Frank from 1-3 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 9, at The Arlington. 7900 Arlington Circle. 3073000 or Art Opening Marco Island Historical Museum hosts an opening reception for Here and There, an exhibition of works by William Moseley, from 6-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 11. The show runs Aug. 2-Oct. 29. Free. 180 S. Heathwood Dr. 642-1440 or Ill Be Seeing You Marco Island Center for the Arts screens Casablanca (1942) at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 12. In the early days of World War II, an American expatriate meets a former lover in Morocco. Free, but donations appreciated. 1010 Winterberry Drive. 394-4221 or Yoga Everglades Wonder Garden hosts a 9 a.m., Saturday, Aug. 13 yoga session courtesy of Gulfshore Yoga. Registration required. $5 for members, $10 for others. Registration required. 992-2591 or Return of the Double Dip Enjoy performances by Square 2 Improv and fiddler J. Rogers starting at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 13, at the Marco Players theater. $20, cash or check at the door. 1089 N. Collier Blvd. 642-7270 or Foreign Film The FGCU Renaissance Academy screens Everlasting Moments (Sweden, 2008) at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, at the universitys Naples campus. In a time of social change and unrest, a young woman wins a camera in a lottery. $5 for academy members, $7 for others. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C9 239.591.3837 799 WALKERBILT ROAD, NAPLES Located Off U.S. 41, Mile North of Immokalee RoadBAYHOUSENAPLES.COMCHEFS THREE COURSE TASTING MENU $28choose one from each course1ST COURSEMason Jar of Pimento Cheese Served with CrackersBay House SaladMixed baby lettuces, buttermilk ranch, shaved red onion, cornbread croutonsPine Island Crab Bisque Lump crab, sherryBBQ Pork Short Rib Baked cheese grits, cola BBQ sauce2ND COURSEGrilled Tavern SteakMarinated flat iron steak, twice baked potato cake, cauliflower puree, law Bar steak sauceShrimp and GritsShrimp, Anson Mills heirloom grits, New Orleans style BBQ shrimp sauceSt. Augustine StewGulf fish, shrimp, Pine Island crab, spiny lobster, tomato, pork belly, CGR, Datil pepper hot sauceChicken & WafflesCitrus & Siracha glazed chicken, Belgian Liege waffle, honey gastrique 3RD COURSEGrannys Delight Chocolate pudding tartIce Cream Sundae2 scoops vanilla or chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, carmel sauce, whipped creamGooey Brown Butter Cake Berries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream Drink Specials Available All Night $6 Coastal Vines wine by the glass $5 Michelob Ultra Draft $6 "The Local", our bartenders nightly cocktail creation Live Entertainment on Tuesdays through Summer!O ering Daily Public CruisesSeabreeze Lunch, Dinner, Hors doeuvres A ernoon and Sunset Sightseeing Buy One, Get One Half PriceWednesday Dinners Saturday Sightseeing (12:30 & 3:00) Sunday Hors doeuvresBased on availability. Valid on adult tickets from June 4, 2016 to September 28, 2016. No other coupons or discounts apply.Welcome Aboard! Boat and jet ski rentals also available at the marina! Call 239.649.2275 for Reservations 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, FL 34102The Best Events Are on the Water Naples Rug GalleryHand Knotted Antique, Modern and Transitional Rugs (239) 793-8787 NAPLESRUGGALLERY.NET3285 Tamiami Trail East, Naples, FL 34112FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED Owners Danka and Abe Asli up to 60% MON-FRI 10AM-5:30PM | SATURDAY 10AM-4PM WHERE TO GOMorning Constitutional Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary welcomes early bird walkers to stroll the boardwalk from 8-11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 16. $10-$25, registration required. 3489151 or Turtle Time Lovers Key State Park invites kids ages 6 and up to learn about sea turtles at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 18. Free, but registration required. 463-4588 or Walk Tour the ancient bald cypress forest at Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary from 9 a.m. to noon Wednesday, Aug. 24. Free, but registration required. 348-9151 or as Entertaining The Marco Players hosts a double feature with performances by Square 1 Improv and fiddler J. Robert. at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27. $20, cash or check at the door. 1089 N. Collier Blvd. 642-7270 or Piano Boy Piano prodigy Noah Waddell performs with the Southwest Floriday Symphony at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27, at the new Southwest Florida Performing Arts Center in Bonita Springs. $30-$40. 1 1515 Bonita Beach Road. 389-6901 or Foreign Film The FGCU Renaissance Academy screens The Diving Bell and the Butterfl y (France, 2007) at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 11, at the universitys Naples campus. The true story of Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, who suffers a stroke and has to live with an almost totally paralyzed body. $5 for members, $7 for others. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Foreign Film The FCGU Renaissance Academy screens Monsoon Wedding (India, 2001) at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 18, at the universitys Naples campus. A stressed father, a bride-to-be with a secret, a smitten event planner and relatives from around the world create much ado about the preparations for an arranged marriage in India. $5 for members, $7 for others. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Tater Salad Ron White, best known as the whiskey-swilling, cigar-smoking comedian from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, takes the stage at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 29, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. (800) 440-7469 or Show Me The Way Peter Frampton performs at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 8, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Come Sail Away Dennis DeYoung and the Naples Philharmonic perform the music of Styx at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Email calendar listings and high-resolution photos to Lindsey Nesmith at Please send Word or text documents and jpgs with time, date, location, cost and contact information. No pdfs or photos of fliers. Deadline for calendar submissions is noon Monday. No phone calls, please.


C10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Best Family Fun Activity Best of the Gulfshore Awards I Closer! Closer to Animals. Closer to Nature. Closer to Family.239-262-5409 I 1590 Goodlette Rd. Naples, FL Discover zebras, leopards, lions, ride a camel and hand-feed a girae! Enjoy shows, a wild cruise through islands of monkeys, meet animal keepers and much more! Best Family F Best of the Gulf s Sirens>> Who: Laboratory Theater of Florida >> When: Through Aug. 13 >> Where: 1634 Woodford Ave., Fort Myers >> Cost: $25 adults, $12 for students >> Info: 218-0481 or laboratorytheater orida. com ARTS COMMENTARYStrange magic, marriage on the rocks make for a loopy night at SirensLoves a funny thing. We seek the comfort and stability of marriage, only to wonder after some years where the passion has gone. In Sirens at Laboratory Theater of Florida, Rose (Brenda Kensler) and Sam (Patrick Day) have been married for 35 years and, as BB King sang, The thrill is gone. Novelty and romance have given way to familiarity and predictability. Sam takes his wife for granted. He also fears his best years are behind him, that every surprise has happened already. In addition to a marriage thats turned stale, hes blocked creatively. As a songwriter, he had a big hit 35 years ago with Rose Adelle, a song he wrote to woo his not-yet-wife. (And as Rose puts it, its been covered by Mel Torme and Earth, Wind and Fire.) Much to Sams frustration, nothing hes written since has matched its success. We first meet Rose and Sam at a travel agency, where theyre bickering their typical form of communication. Leah (Holly Hagen in one of her multiple roles), an obnoxiously chipper girl fresh out of school, assists them, and they finally agree to go on a Mediterranean cruise. This is Ms. Kenslers debut on the LAB Theater stage. She directed previous Cabaret and Calendar Girls for the company, but its a revelation to see her on the stage herself. Her Rose is a world-weary, wisecracking New Yorker who doesnt let anything get past her. (Just the way she says My ass! made me laugh.) Mr. Day is equally as strong as a man smack in the middle of a mid-life crisis. Like an old fool, Sam longs for his high school sweetheart and flirts with young girls on Facebook. He ignores his wife when shes talking to him and ogles a young, scantily clad girl instead. Both of them look back at turning points in their lives and wonder: What if ? And they come to realize that in marriage, there are many sirens in life that can lure them to danger and dash the relationship against the rocks. On their cruise, Sam is seduced by the song of a real-life siren (Ms. Hagan again). Is he dead? Is it a dream? Is he hallucinating? Ms. Hagen is a siren, yes, but one with a major attitude problem. When Sam tells her, Youre so beautiful it hurts, she snaps, Yes, thats my thing. Ms. Hagen, who also plays a waitress as snarky as her travel agent character, is extremely adept at playing selfabsorbed millennials. The siren is addicted to playing a handheld electronic game that washed up on the island. (Its possible shes playing Solitaire, though the script doesnt specify. She refers to it as moving around little numbered boxes.) Its so wonderfully diverting, she coos, her eyes glued to the screen. Shes irritated when she has to interrupt her play to sing, luring another ship into the rocks. But Sam is entranced by her song and feels it could be his next big hit if only he could remember how the melody goes, and if only he could get off that island. Or perhaps hes dead. Sirens just grows more and more delightfully absurd and difficult to explain without giving too much away. (Juan Alejandro rounds out the cast, playing the role of Richard, a smarmy sleaze of a guy who says Long Island in what he thinks is a seductive manner.) One of the great things about Deborah Zoe Laufers script is that you have no clue where its going or whats going to happen next, yet it contains its own strange internal logic. Director Anne Dodd does a good job of translating Ms. Laufers whimsical craziness to the stage, and set designer Michael Eyth manages to give us at least half a dozen different locales. (Though I confess, for the longest time in the opening scene, I had no clue Rose and Sam were at a travel agency. Perhaps a destination poster or one touting an airline wouldve helped create a better sense of place.) Moments between scenes also seem to take too long. And actors also stepped on each others lines from time to time, possibly due to opening-night nerves, though some of the overlap inadvertently added a feeling of authenticity to the dialogue. We actually do get to hear the famous Rose Adelle song (music composed by Matt Callaban.) But I was more intrigued by the sirens ethereal singing (music by Siera Condon and FSU music majors, according to the program.) Sirens is packed with surprises and laughs. Its a good reminder that, as Sam says, You have to make thrilling things happen. The songs not over, no matter how many verses youve already sung. Go see Sirens. Youll be willingly seduced by its lovely loopiness. COURTESY PHOTOSThe siren (Holly Hagen) sings her song to Sam (Patrick Day). Long-married Rose (Brenda Kensler) and Sam (Patrick Day) take a Mediterranean cruise in hopes of making thrilling things happen.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C11 SWFLS PREMIER DINNER THEATRE 1380 COLONIAL BOULEVARD, FORT MYERS239.278.4422 IN THE OFF BROADWAY PALM Follow the yellow brick road as Americas most beloved movie, The Wizard of Oz, comes to life on stage with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and Toto too!NOW AUG 13NOW JULY 30A restaurateur, married to his high school sweetheart, wants an affair. However; he learns that he just cant succeed in sinning! Taste of Austria to $25 per person $10 goes toward purchase of $100+Hawk and Horse Exclusive Wine Dinner to with Mitch Hawkins $140++ per person RSVP 239-513-0095 or visit; search hawk and horseChristmas in July to Choose to paint an ornament or a wine glass $25 per person includes a glass of wine Limited number of reservations accepted; RSVP soon!For details, like us on Facebook and subscribe to our page. 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road #810, Naples, Florida 34109(facing Airport Road next to FedEx) Sunset Wine Tasting Sunday-Thursday 4-9 p.m. Friday-Saturday 4-10 p.m.Reservations Taken 239.261.0622t-michaels.com4050 Gulf Shore Boulevard North; Take US 41 to Park ShoreFriday Night SpecialsFRESH FISHYellowtail Snapper & Hog Fish $22Saturday Night SpecialPRIME RIB$19served w/baked potato & vegetable du jourFISH & CHIPSAll-You-Can-Eat $19served w/coleslaw or NAPLES BEST STEAK & SEAFOOD HOUSE ON THE WATER Available in dining room or lounge!Three-Course Meal $24.95 Every Day 4-6 p.m.Soup or Salad, Entree & Dessert Upgrades Available $5 Appetizers SUMMER EARLY DINING SPECIALRIB SPECIAL STILL AVAILABLE! PUZZLE ANSWERS


C12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Whether you need a car, truck or van, Enterprise is the perfect choice. 1 800 rent-a-car W h Pick-up subject to geographic and other restrictions. 2015 Enterprise Rent-A-Car G00131 8/15 PUZZLES By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C11SEE ANSWERS, C11 HOROSCOPESWHERE DID IT GO? CANCER (June 21 to July 22) A change youd been hoping for carries an unexpected complication. Stay the course, and things will work themselves out. Be sure to make time for family and friends. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Aspects favor spending time with loved ones. On the job, new ideas are generally welcomed. But some demands for changes could cause problems. Be ready to defend your choices. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Good news: That workplace problem is close to being resolved with results that should please everyone. Take time off to indulge your love of fun and games. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Most of the time you are the most unflappable person around. But be ready to be thrown off-balance in the nicest way when Cupid takes aim in your direction. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Its not often when someone tries to sting the sharp-witted Scorpion. But it can happen. Continue to be skeptical about anything that seems too good to be true. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Your strong sense of selfesteem helps you serve as a role model for someone who needs personal reassurances. Your efforts pay off in an unexpected way. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Someone close considers revealing a painful secret. Withhold judgment. Instead, open your generous heart, and offer dollops of your love and understanding. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Your talents as a peacemaker are called upon once more as an old problem re-emerges with new complications. Move cautiously in order to avoid falling into hidden traps. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Your artistic side is enhanced with the reception given to your new project. Use this success as encouragement toward fulfilling your larger goals. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A misunderstanding tests the temperament of the sometimes headstrong Aries. Instead of blowing your top, take time for a pleasant diversion while things cool down. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) A workplace problem could make the divine Bovine see red. But talk it out before you consider walking out. Some surprising facts emerge that change your earlier focus. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You face a choice between ignoring your uneasy feelings about your relationship with that special person and demanding explanations. A close friend offers wise counsel. BORN THIS WEEK: Your natural sense of leadership is combined with a deep sense of responsibility. People trust you to give them both guidance and understanding.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C13 *Applies to new bookings made July 15August 1, 2016. Offers apply to selected sailings. Subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Ships Registry: Bahamas (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd CEONew England & Canadas Maritimes10 DaysOctober 11, 2016 Boston Montreal Atlantic Odyssey12 DaysDecember 7, 2016 Lisbon Ft. LauderdaleCaribbean Skies12 DaysJanuary 24, 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Barbados Exotic Caribbean In-Depth14 DaysMarch 4, 2017 Roundtrip Barbados ON SALE NOW!For a Limited Time Take Advantage of Exceptional Offers Including: Extraordinary Savings Complimentary Veranda Suites Upgrades* $1 ,000 usd per Suite Shipboard Credit for Penthouse and Premium Suites* Intimate Ships with No More than 300 Suites Tipping is Neither Required, nor Expected Spacious All-Suite Accommodations Complimentary Champagne and In-Suite Bar Complimentary Open Bars and Fine Wines Award-Winning Gourmet Dining Complemented by a Culinary Partnership With Chef Thomas Keller PLUS Choice of 1 Complimentary Private Car and Driver Tour or Shipboard Credit*The SEABOURN Difference Additional Departures Available! naplesclubsushi.com239.261.43322555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103MUST PRESENT COUPON. Not available with other promotions. Offer expires July 28, 2016. 2 FOR 1 SAKE ALL NIGHT 6 6 NIGIRI HAPPY HOUR BUY ONE NIGIRI GET ONE FREE ALL NIGHT LONG! Locally Inspired. Awesomely Fresh. CONTRACT BRIDGEYou just cant trust anybodyBY STEVE BECKERDear Mr. Becker: Here is an interesting hand that came up in our regular Thursday night game. South opened fourth hand with four hearts, and West led the jack of clubs. Declarer won with dummys queen and led a trump, finessing the jack. He had decided it was better to take a trump finesse rather than a diamond finesse at trick two because, if the heart jack lost to the queen, he would still have the diamond finesse to fall back on. He would not have the same advantage if he tried the diamond finesse first and it lost. However, things didnt work out quite the way South planned. West, a shrewd cookie, won the jack of trumps with the ace and returned a club to dummys ace. Convinced that East had the queen of trumps, declarer led another trump and finessed the ten. This lost to Wests queen, and South later lost a spade and a diamond to go down one. Declarer surely would have made the contract had West won the first trump lead with the queen. In that case, South would have tried a diamond finesse and gotten home safe and sound. You might marvel at Wests sagacity in winning the first trump lead with the ace instead of the queen. But upon reflection, I think he made the right play. From Wests viewpoint, it was far more beneficial to the defense to induce declarer to lead another trump from dummy at trick four than a diamond or a spade through East. I also think its hard to blame declarer for having swallowed the bait by electing to repeat the heart finesse. They say that Souths face, when West produced the queen of hearts at trick four, was not a pretty sight to see. I wouldnt know. I was South. Sincerely, Devoted Reader AUTHENTIC RECIPES. FRESH INGREDIENTS. 4255 TAMIAMI TRAIL N. | NAPLES, FL 34103 239.302.1444 | @FELIPESNAPLES TAMALES THIS WEEK:Chicken & Vegetable or Carnitas RojasFEATURED THIS WEEK:Chicken Enchiladas with rice, beans, ensalada, and an agua fresca or soft drink $9.42 MONDAY $2 off specialty cocktails TUESDAY $3.50 Red or White Sangria WEDNESDAY $4 Margaritas ALL DAY THURSDAY $1 off all draft beers FRIDAY $4 Margaritas from 4 PM 7 PMDAILY DRINK SPECIALS Chicken & Vegetable Vegetable Carnitas Rojas


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C15 at Bring your four-legged friends for pet treats, prizes, resources & adoptions from the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Live Entertainment atThe Center Barstarting at 6 PM Lee McCarthy, President DESTINATIONS: Mediterranean | Africa | Caribbean | Hawaii | Europe SPECIALTIES: Luxury | Safari | Escorted Tours | Small Ship Cruises | River Cruising When your journey from a dream to a great story includes us, you travel better. 489 Bayfront Place, Naples 239.530.2225 $4 Margaritas Double Points Tuesday (Reward Points) $12.95 For Full Rack, Fries & Slaw Kids Eat Free! (1 child 10 and under per adult eats free from kid's menu)$19.95 For 14 oz. Cut & Two Sides Monday Tuesday Wednesday-Rib Night Thursday Friday-Prime Rib Night Ask about our NEW Tavern Customer Rewards program!!! Summer Specials! LATEST FILMSLights OutIs it worth $10? YesFor all the bad horror movies with predictable scares and schlocky effects, Lights Out is a breath of fresh air, a real seat-jumper full of oh, no moments and legitimate fright. Its everything you want a horror movie to be, but rarely is. The story centers on Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) and her little stepbrother Martin (Gabriel Bateman), who cant sleep because hes afraid of the dark. He has good reason. Rebecca sympathizes because when she was his age (about 10) she too was tormented by a demon named Diana (Alicia Vela-Bailey) when the lights were off. Rebecca escaped Diana by moving out of the house, but that solution doesnt work for Martin. With their mother Sophie (Maria Bello) no help at all, but Rebeccas doting boyfriend Bret (Alexander DiPersia) doing everything he can to protect them, Rebecca and Martin try to figure out how to get rid of the demon once and for all. Director David F. Sandberg takes our natural fear of the dark and subverts it into the story of a demon that only exists in the dark and cannot be exposed to light. Just keep the lights on! youre thinking. Well, Rebecca and Martin try. And although Mr. Sandberg does throw in one malfunctioning light too many, for the most part theyre smart about how they combat the malevolent baddie. This is important because many horror movies insult the viewers intelligence by having characters do things that are illogical and colossally stupid; in contrast, the Lights Out characters use logic as an asset, albeit to varying degrees of effectiveness. In the very least, theyre clever about it. During one sequence, Bret smartly uses modern technology to get out of a bind. Later, Rebecca uses a black light to see Diana, and theres no shortage of candles, flashlights and other forms of light available when the power inevitably goes out. The problem is those can only light a limited area, so if its dark behind you Mr. Sandberg, who is making his feature film debut here after creating this story as a short film in 2013, also shows proficiency at crafting a scare. For example, in the opening scene Diana appears on the other side of a room when lights are turned off. Office worker Esther (Lotta Losten, Mr. Sandbergs wife) thinks she sees something, so she turns the lights on and off again. As she does so with increasing speed, Diana gets closer every time the lights go off, creating a darkly imposing sense of danger that starts the film on a perfect note. At 81 minutes, Lights Out is short, sweet and scary. Enough of the backstory is satisfactorily explained, but Mr. Sandberg and co-writer Eric Heisserer stop short of exploring the supernatural forces that allow Diana to exist. But thats OK. The how isnt as important as the what here, and in this case the what adds up to a horror movie thats a lot of fun. dan >> Watch closely: When Rebecca is in the basement with the black light, you can see a crew member in the background on the oor handling wires. This is a $5 million lm, which means its low budget. A bigger budget probably would have allowed for the digital removal of the crew member in postproduction.


C16 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 2 Amazing Fruit Salads: Choose from a selection of fresh fruit Smoothies* and Fruit Salads.*Smoothie available only in our Fort Myers store.Honeydew Watermelon Cantaloupe Pineapple Honeydew Strawberry Grape *Oer available for a limited time only. Oer valid in-store on select products only. Cannot be combined with any other oer. Restrictions may apply. See store for details. Edible Edible Arrangements, the Fruit Basket Logo, and other marks mentioned herein are registered trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. 2016 Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved. Fort Myers (239)437-8480 North Fort Myers (239)997-3784 Bonita Springs (239)676-9911 Naples (239)643-7070 Call our stores for our latest specials! or Like us facebook, scott SIMMONS All it takes is one object and one buyer to make a sale COLLECTORS CORNERI love when I can prove myself wrong. It doesnt happen all the time, but it happened recently with a collection of ruby-flashed glassware I saw at a Goodwill store. At one time, the glassware, essentially clear glass that was coated with a ruby stain that could be scratched away to leave a message or design, was popular with collectors. Lately, that has not been the case. And thats too bad. During the heyday of antiques collecting, roughly from the 1960s through the s, even a simple rubyflashed goblet might have fetched $25 more if it was from a rarely seen town or commemorated an important event. The pieces I saw at Goodwill were priced at under $10. I took a picture and sent it to Jim Antone, who has sold antiques in Jacksonville for more than 40 years. Remember when there was a market for these, back in 1973? I wrote. Yes, you cant give them away today, he replied. But when I returned to Goodwill, all had been sold, save one goblet, in the Kings Crown pattern. Granted, they sold for much less than they would have years ago, but at least they sold. Much of this glassware, made around the turn of the last century, was intended for sale as souvenirs. Folks attending fairs and such could have them engraved to commemorate the event, much as people visit that national retailer, Things Remembered, to have cups and other items engraved with names or dates of significance. They were keepsakes that recorded the special moments of a century ago and more. Most of these pieces were American made and probably wholesaled for a few cents at most. And though the market for this glassware has been decidedly off for the better part of a decade, it proved a point thats good to remember: Sometimes, all it takes is one buyer and one object (or, in this case, many objects) to make something valuable. Nobody at Goodwill knew for sure, but Im willing to bet one or two buyers bought the bulk of that collection, bucking a trend and surprising me. Thats one souvenir Im only too happy to take away. A ruby-flashed Kings Crown goblet.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C17 COME FOR THE FOOD, STAY FOR THE SPORTS! Naples 239-352-4233 Pebblebrooke Plaza, 15215 Collier Blvd # 301 Naples, FL 34119 WEDNESDAY C C h h h i i i c c k k k e e e n n F F F a j i ta s s s $9.99 K K i i i d d s Eat Fr e e e e e Two free kids meal with every adult entre. M M a r r g g g a a r r i i t t a a a s s s $ 4 4 SATURDAY & SUNDAY FRIDAY F F F F F i i s s s h h F F F r r r r y y y y y Beer battered haddock with fries and coleslaw $ $ $ 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 Special oers with the purchase of a beverage only. Dine in only.SAT & SUN Available All Day BABY BACK RIBSFull rack served with fries and coleslaw $9.99ONLYSpecial oers with the purchase of a beverage only. TUESDAY 1 1 / 2 2 P P RIC E E P P P I I I Z Z Z Z Z A A A All Day MONDAY B B B u u u r r r g g g e e e r r N N igh t t 1/2 lb fresh black Angus with cheese and fries $ $ $ 6 6 6 4 4 4 9 9 9 9 THURSDAY 1 1 / / / 2 2 2 P r i i c c c e e W W ing s s All Day SUMMER COOKOUT A Av ailable All Da y B B a b b b y y B B B a a c k k R R ib s s s $ $ 9 9 9 .9 9 9 Full rack with fries and coleslaw KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress 1-800-593-7259 ROUND TRIP!* R O U N D T R $ 125 R I P R I P P ! P ! ! * * * ! ! P P ! GET AWAY FOR ONLY... *MINIMUM 8 DAY ADVANCE PURCHASE, NON-REFUNDABLE FARE. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS. WEEKEND FEE APPLIES TO ANY TRAVEL FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY. EXPIRES JULY 31, 2016. ONLINE PURCHASES. 1 8 0 1 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 0 fa fa ce ce bo bo k ok o .c om om / / yo yo ut ut u ub GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN! WELCOME ABOARD! KOVEL: ANTIQUESCollectible dolls often reflect resourcefulness of makers who lacked materials BY TERRY KOVEL AND KIM KOVELDolls have been favored toys for centuries. Long before there were manufactured china, metal or plastic headed dolls, there were wooden, rag and even dried-apple heads. And often, where there was no available doll material, folk-art dolls were made with leather and beads, silk stockings, felt, carved stone and fur, knit socks, clothes pins, wishbones, corn cobs, acorns, pinecones, even old broomsticks. Earlier this year, a German carved wooden folk-art doll, made in about 1850 from a hollow wooden tube and other wood pieces, sold at auction for $1,600. It is 20 inches tall and is decorated with a painted geometric design. There are no arms or legs, but the paint suggests a bunting blanket used on babies. The auction catalog called it the bed post doll because the head looked like the top of a bedpost and was, perhaps, made from a recycled bedpost. The original painted finish, age, size and originality all added to the value. Q: We have an old cast-iron stove that reads Wooddale Belknap Hdw. & Mfg. Co. Louisville, KY on the front. It belongs to my mom and we want to sell it, but we need to know an asking range. A: Williaim Burke Belknap established his hardware and manufacturing company in 1840 and made stoves, hot plates, dutch ovens, skillets and waffle irons. The company name became Belknap Inc., in 1968. It closed in 1985. Some stoves with the same mark as yours sell for $250-$300. Q: After my mother-in-law died, we discovered 83 pieces of Arcoroc Pink Swirl Rosaline glass dishes in her kitchen. Weve never heard of Arcoroc or Pink Swirl glassware and hope you can tell us what we found. Is there a market for these dishes, or should we donate them to a local charity? A: Arcoroc was the name used by Arc International Food Service, a company in Arques, Pas-de-Calais, France. The company was founded in 1825. The name became Verrerie Cristallerie dArques in 1892. The name Arcoroc was first used in 1958 for the companys tempered glass. The glassware was sold in U.S. department stores after a sales subsidiary was opened in the U.S. in 1966. Depression glass was popular in the 1980s and s, and Arcorocs Rosaline was a popular pattern. The tempered glassware could be used in the microwave or freezer. The name of the company became Arc International in 2000. It currently makes dinnerware, glassware and stainless-steel flatware for restaurants, bars and hotels. A cup and saucer sells for $3 to $6. Q: When we married in 1954, my husband and I purchased 12 place settings of Eberthal china with serving pieces. We have dinner and salad plates, cups and saucers and bowls. It was used infrequently, well stored and is in excellent condition. Could you give us a value? A: In 1901, brothers Johann and Christian Seltmann opened Porzellanfabrik Johann Seltmann in Altenstadt, Vohenstrauss, Germany. Christian left to form his own factory in 1909. Johann died in 1921, leaving his business to his sons, Robert and Christian. During World War II, the company made items such as insulators for the war effort, but factory buildings were damaged. The company closed, rebuilt, reopened and operated until about 2000. The Eberthal brand was introduced after the war in the early 1950s as a less-expensive line of dishes and was made until the 1970s. Sets the size of yours have sold at auction from $75 to $360. If your set has an abstract design, it might sell for about $150 to $200. It is difficult to sell a large set of dishes online because of the work and cost of packing and shipping. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer questions sent to the column. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. Write to Kovels, Florida Weekly, King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.Described as a bedpost doll, this 1850 German folk-art doll sold for $1,600 at auction earlier this year. It stands 20 inches tall. Got Download? The iPad App Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile. Its FREE! Search Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today. Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comiPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved.


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Complimentary cocktails and passed appetizers daily. 506 South 1st Street, Immokalee, FL 34142 800-2180007Must be at least 21 years old to play Slots and Table Games or to receive Players Club benefits. Must be 18 or older to play Bingo or Live Poker. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call, 1-888-ADMIT-IT. PARADISE ROOM EXCLUSIVE INTIMATE EXCEPTIONAL


C20 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY For a Catering quote in Lee County call 209-0940 & in Collier County call 691-7379 to your event Catering! 239-325-96531427 Pine Ridge Road #105, NaplesTrue Neapolitan Pizza and Authentic Italian Food WEEKENDHAPPY HOURSaturday & Sunday 12:00pm:00pm Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes.MondayThursday 11:30am9:00pm Enjoy Half Price on House Wines, Domestic Beers and Select Appetizers! is summer, all of our hours are happy at Ridgway!50% OFFExcluding Bottles of WineAll DrinksAVAILABLE IN OUR COURTYARD, DINING ROOMS OR AT THE BAR 1300 ird Street South (facing 13th Avenue South) Naples, FL SIP & STAY AWHILE... (239) 263-2992twiceasniceconsignnaples.com997 2nd Avenue North, Naples (Across from Options) Twice As Nice Consignments Womens Clothing and All AccessoriesOPEN 7 DAYSMon-Sat 10-6 Wed 10-7 Sun 12-5 $2.00!SURPRISE $2.00 SALE WEDNESDAYS & SUNDAYS! 20% OFFWITH THIS COUPONExpires 7/28/16. Cannot be used with other sales 10% OFF Grocery Orders of $75 or MoreMust present coupon. Not valid with tobacco purchases. Good through 7/28/16. THIS WEEK ON WGCUTVTHURSDAY, JULY 21, 8 P.M. PBS NewsHour Convention Coverage Republican Convention Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff coanchor for PBS NewsHour in partnership with NPR. Coverage will also be available via live streaming. FRIDAY, JULY 22, 9 P.M. The Great British Baking Show Season 3, Alternative Ingredients See how the remaining contestants bake without sugar, gluten or dairy. In the Signature challenge, they create a variety of sugar-free cakes. Gluten-free pitas are in store for the Technical, and the Showstopper features dairy-free ice cream rolls. SATURDAY, JULY 23, 11 P.M. Masterpiece: Poldark Season 1, Part 7 Tragedy strikes when sickness, jealousy and infidelity plague the community. Ross struggles to keep the Carnmore company afloat, with George Warleggan close on his heels. Meanwhile, Demelzas caring nature yields tragic consequences. A helpless Ross is pushed to desperate measures to help those he loves, but his actions leave the fate of his family hanging in the balance. SUNDAY, JULY 24, 10:30 P.M. The Tunnel, Part 6 As youths are burnt alive, police suspect the hand of the Truth Terrorist once more. They finally make a key arrest. Will this be the end of the killings? MONDAY, JULY 25, 8 P.M. PBS NewsHour Convention Coverage Democratic Convention Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff coanchor for PBS NewsHour in partnership with NPR. Coverage will also be available via live streaming. TUESDAY, JULY 26, 8 P.M. PBS NewsHour Convention Coverage Democratic Convention WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 8 P.M. PBS NewsHour Convention Coverage Democratic Convention The Only Naples Restaurant Where Fresh Seafood is Flown in Daily From New England! 4221 East Tamiami Trail, Naples Not responsible for typographical errors. Specials good July 21-July 28. CHEF BILLS SPECIALS SERVED ALL DAY!32 oz. bone-in Tomahawk steak served with 2 1-pound Maine lobsters with chowder, salad, baked potato and veggies Two 1-pound Maine lobsters served with chowder, corn on the cob and drawn butter Two 2-pound Maine lobsters served with chowder, salad, corn on the cob and baked potatoes CHEF BILLS DINNER SPECIALS Served All Day! SUMMER KITCHEN HOURS MON-TUE-WED FEATURE $21.99Two 1-pound Maine lobsters served with corn on the cob and drawn butter (Twin lobsters cant be split)


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C21 but people will do it forever just to get that feeling. Mr. Walch knows that feeling. He worked as a house emcee at a comedy club in Gainesville for a couple years and then went on the road as a stand-up comic for eight years. When you get that laugh, he says, Its a rush. Its more addicting than anything. Part of it is the feeling of control. When a comic is really, really hitting, (the audience) is almost in a state of panic, theyre laughing so hard. You feel like youre on top of the world. Plus, theres that affirmation and feeling of love from the audience. Mob love, he calls it. Heres this entire room that thinks youre the best thing in the world. Youre the center of attention. Its the Hey, Mom, look at me thing that we all have as part of us: Look at me! Look at me! We never lose that when we grow up.Laughing all the wayMr. Walch has done stand-up on cruise ships, in casinos and a whole lot of one-night bars. It was fun when he was in his 20s, he says, but, When you get older, it just wears you out. The old saying was that you start out doing the road, and the road ends up doing you. Hes been teaching comedy and public speaking at FGCU since 2003. So can you really teach someone to be funny? Thats the first question people ask me, he says. Its a matter of degree. I think everybodys funny Some might have a diminished or different sense of humor, but I think everybody at some time in their life has made somebody else laugh. But doing it professionally, on command, is a much different story. Its a lot more work than people think, he says. He advises aspiring stand-ups not to panic if a joke happens to fall flat. Move on, move on to your next joke, he says. It happens even to professionals. Part of the challenge is to have the courage to keep going on, even if a joke doesnt get a laugh. Maybe the next one will. I know somethings funny when I see it or when I hear it, he says, but no ones every written the 100 percent successful joke. You do a joke in one crowd and kill everybody. You do it the next night for a different audience, without changing a line, and it bombs. You have no idea why. A lot of comedy is observational, taking a premise and turning it into a joke, he says. You think, isnt it funny how this always happens? This is a good premise. Now you have to write it into joke form: the set up and then that quick punch line that gets the laugh. But no one really knows what is guaranteed to be funny. If anyone ever finds out what the trigger is, the formula for making people laugh, Theyd be a multi-billionaire, Mr. Walch says. Comics work on their craft, trying out different material on various audiences. People will work on jokes for years and years, he says. Theyll change a word here, ask, Do I pause here? Do I do this? Little things like that can make a big difference. The most prevalent theory that explains comedy most of the time is Thomas Hobbes Superiority Theory, he says. We have a sudden feeling of being superior: Thank God that didnt happen to me. Its a cynical look at the world. Its a feeling of sudden glory: Ha! That wasnt me!Whats funny today One of the classes Mr. Walch teaches at FGCU is Theories of Comedy, a look at humor from Aristotle to the present age. What we think is funny has changed over time. Bob Hope was long a staple of Americas comedic scene, with his specials and USO tours. But his stuff is so homophobic, its unbelievable, Mr. Walch says, adding that much of the comedy of past decades doesnt translate to todays generation. For example, when he plays the first episode of TVs groundbreaking All in the Family for his class, his students dont realize that Archie Bunkers ignorance, sexism, racism and homophobia are being mocked and are meant to be funny. Theyre just shocked, he says. Its not funny to them. What about movies such as Animal House or Mel Brooks Young Frankenstein? They all bomb, he says. They dont get it. Its a different style of humor than what theyve grown up with. And its clean. The same goes for silent film stars such as Buster Keaton. I play silent stuff for my students, and they dont think its funny, he says. They want something thats jumpy and crude and in-your-face. Anything that takes time to develop is way too slow for them.All kinds of comedyClassic comedians such as Mr. Hope, Rodney Dangerfield and Henny Youngman were called necklace comedians, he says, because they would string series of one-liners together. A lot of that comedy grew out of vaudeville, he adds. Then theres the more hyperkinetic form of comedy, as practiced by the late Robin Williams and Dane Cook, that was popular for a time. And there are ranters, such as the late Sam Kinison and Lewis Black, who sputters and raves. Theres the Jerry Seinfeld style of observational comedy, and the absurdist kind of comedy of stand-ups such as Emo Phillips and Andy Erikson. And while its a basic ground rule that you shouldnt insult or offend an audience, In comedy, rules are made to be broken, Mr. Walch says. Its the nature of the art, its very transgressive. (Some comics) do things deliberately to be offensive, but they do it masterfully. Louis C.K., for example, does material that no one else can pull off. Hes a master of taking stuff that would be horribly offensive and making it into a philosophical piece. But its as crude as can be. Its like singing, acting, writing. There is so much variation in basic styles. (In humor) you can go in a million different directions, he says. The person onstage might be like their personality on steroids. Like youplus, says Mr. Walch. You take all your quirks and really magnify them. Or, its a persona. Sometimes its a very distinct character, like Pee Wee Herman, he says, or Larry the Cable Guy, who Mr. Walch worked with before he became one of the kings of redneck humor, when he was just Dan Whitney, a guy doing stand-up. He doesnt have that kind of accent (in real life), Mr. Walch says about Larry the Cable Guys twang. He has a New Jersey kind of accent. (Mr. Whitney was born in Nebraska and went to high school in West Palm Beach.) But when he started doing Larry the Cable Guy, it all took off for him. Its all made up, the accent, and is very scripted. Good comedians make it all look offthe-cuff easy, but stand-up is a very deliberate thing, he says. It might seem as if theyre just getting up and talking or telling a funny story, but theyve figured out at which points theyll get a laugh, and where to place a line that sets them up for a joke that comes later on. Its almost choreographed, he says. Its hard work. The payoff is making the crowd laugh. Theres nothing better in the world than doing that. LAUGHFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOSam Walch teaches public speaking and theories of comedy at Florida Gulf Coast University.


C22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 239 435 1166 1177 THIRD STREET SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAMPIELLO.DAMICO.COM239 213 3357 494 FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAFELURCAT.COM239. 598 0887 MERCATO, NAPLES 9123 STRADA PLACE MASA-RESTAURANT.COM 239 659 0007 1205 THIRD STREET SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA DAMICOSCONTINENTAL.COMLunc SpeciaPick one from each category $14 per person DAILYWEDNESDAY ALL NIGHT$29.95 Sea & Lbste Sundab Datt Nighn3-Course Dinner $50 per couple Lunch SpecialChoose 2 Items / Select Menu $12 per person Served Daily/2 Off Bottle WineWednesday (Bottles under $100)Date NightSunday Nights 3 Courses $50 per coupleLUNCH SPECIALPick one from each category $12 per person DailySUNDAY DATE NIGHT3-Course Dinner $50 per coupleEARLY DININGDaily 5-6 PM 2-Courses $22.95Happy HourDaily 4-6pm & 9pm-close $5 Wine, Beer, AppetizersPrix Fixe Menu Monday5-10pm 3 Courses $35Date NightSunday Nights 3 Courses $50 per coupleAve n ue on th5 VICKI BAKER / FLORIDA WEEKLY COURTESY PHOTOS Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and business networking photos at area e vents than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and business networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ SOCIETYOpening night at the Sugden for Catch Me If You Can 1. Jacob Hartman, Jennifer Price, Zach Price and Rylee Price 2. Debbie Garnett, Wynne Ridgway, Susan Graffy and Paul Graffy 3. Mike Santos, Frank Garofolo, Sophie Sawyer, Robyn Kugger and Susan Sawyer 4. Cole Butcher, Kelsey Brown and Debi Guthrey 5. Alyssa Lee and Paul Nicodemi 6. Dawn Fornara and Randy Jones 7. Katie Raleigh, front, with Frankie Federico, Anthony Henderson and Joe Byrne 1. Sara Grover and Kaleigh Grover 2. Madison Giovenco and Vicki Tracey 3. Jennifer Hallowell, Emily Welker and Carolyn Welker 4. Yuliana Moreno and Glenn Burkett 5. Sandy Cotter and Lisa Moroz 6. Rhonda Fister and Pam CrespoFace the Summer runway show with Girl Talk TV 1 1 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 2 2 3 3


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 *Applies to 50 and 80 minute services. MondayThursday. Must be enjoyed on same visit. Your Favorite Spa Service just got better! b | tnf r r nt N.WS. tf.n. (t) b t ntfr, nttntr n | btn | fr | tbfrtf rbtn | tb | rtb | t | t | SIERRA BALDWIN / FLORIDA WEEKLY CHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and business networking photos at area e vents than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and business networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ SOCIETYMixing it up with guest bartenders at Bar Tulia 1. Fredi Verdesca, Ed Verdesca and Julie DeLuca 2. Amanda Gibbons 3. Tom Larco and Ashley Peckham 4. Vincent Guarini and Lisa Guarini 5. Dan Ross and Aaron Sanson 6. Clark Russell and Shelley McKernan 7. Amanda GibbonsKeep in Touch at Silverspot with the Naples International Film Society 1 1 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 2 2 3 3 1. Patrick Renda and Julie Koester 2. The Woodwork: Christina Ortega, Taylor Freydberg and Julio Pintos 3. Dinah Rosenthal, Bruce Nichols and Jill Backman 4. Stan Kraushaar and Sarann Kraushaar 5. Bill Hoffman with filmmaker Sam Kretchmar 6. Chrissy Bianchi and JR Philip 7. Jeff Kahn and Nancy Kahn 8. Brad Heiges and Bruce Nichols


C24 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Locals live it, tourists love it!Owned & Operated by Naples Locals Since 1998SERVING GREAT FOOD & DRINKS DAILY FROM 11:00 A.M. TILL 2:00 A.M.Full Raw Bar & Freshly Shucked Oysters Fun For All Ages Coldest B eer in Town Live Entertainment Nightly 2 GLASSES OF WINE OR DRAFT BEERwith purchase an entre 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.Valid at DAVIS and IMMOKALEE locations. Offer e xpir es on July 31, 2016. One discount per person; cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present ad. APPETIZER (EXCLUDES WINGS)with purchase of 2 sandwiches 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Valid at PINE RIDGE location. Offer e xpir es on July 31, 2016. One discount per person; cannot be combined with any other offer. Must present ad. DAVIS7785 Davis Boulevard IMMOKALEE8855 Immokalee Road PINE RIDGE1046 Pine Ridge Road1-855-PLARRYS Early PelicanSPECIALS DINING FREE OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE. Offer expires 07-28-16. Not valid with any other coupons. CUISINE NEWS Naples newest Smoothie King, run by franchise owner Rafael Garcia, has opened at the new Creekside Corners shopping center at the corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Immokalee Road. Mr. Garcias son Christian Garcia manages the stores daily operations. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call 631-8040 or visit Paradise Wine hosts a lunch-andlearn from 1-3 p.m. Thursday, July 21. Chef Brian Roland will teach guests how to prepare pressed sandwiches and seasonal soups and will pair the dishes with summer wines. $65. 8965 Tamiami Trail N. 687-3155 or Chef Greg Shapiro and Momentum Brewhouse join forces for a six-course craft beer dinner hosted by the Naples Art Association starting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, July 21, at The von Liebig Art Center. $65. 585 Park St. 774-2662 or Bleu Provence hosts a Maison Louis Latour wine tasting and dinner starting at 6 p.m. Friday, July 22. Presented by brand manager Charles Ducker, the three-course dinner pairs the winerys vintages with hors doeuvres and plates including chilled sweet pepper cream with lobster, hamachi ceviche with pineapple and miso emulsion, and roasted lamb chop topped with caramelized garlic. $80. Reservations required. 1234 Eighth St. S. 261-8605 or Tarpon Bay at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point now offers a four-course seafood dinner for two featuring selections like house ceviche, sustainably caught yellowtail snapper and a pia colada parfait. $99 per couple, includes a bottle of house wine. 3904295 or Want to work on your skills in the kitchen? Here are some cooking classes on the front burner: The Good Life of Naples, 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road; 514-4663 or goodlifenaples. com Bison: The Healthful Red Meat: Thursday, Aug. 6 ($65); Summer Menu Small Plates: Friday, Aug. 12 ($65); French Country Cooking: Wednesday, Aug. 17 ($65) Sur La Table, 9501 Strada Place, Mercato; 598-1463 or Secrets of Spanish Paella: Thursday, July 21 ($69); Date Night Summer in Tuscany: Friday, July 22 ($79); Date Night Down by the Shore: Saturday, July 23 ($79); Summer Sweets: Sunday, July 24 ($69); Delicious Thai at Home: Sunday, July 24 ($69); Girls Night Out Dining Al Fresco: Sunday, July 24 ($69); Learn to Cut Like A Pro: Monday, July 25 ($59); Confident Cooking Three-Part Series: Tuesday, July 25 ($195); Great Pizza on the Grill: Wednesday, July 27 ($69). Email food and dining news to Lindsey Nesmith at A prix fixe dinner for two at Tarpon Bay at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point. FISHRESTAURANT WATERFRONT DINING AT ITS BEST MORE THAN JUST FISH!SUNTHU LUNCH: 11:30AMPM DINNER:THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida 3-COURSE DINNERChoice of 2 Salads or Soup, plus Choice of 11 Entrees and Key Lime Pie for DessertPrice not inclusive of beverage, wine, liquor, tax and gratuity. No substitutions or promotional gi certicates. 11:30AM-3PM LUNCH SPECIAL1-Plate, 2-Course Lunch 4PM-7PM 1/2 PRICEHAPPY HOUR $5 Bar Menu


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 C25 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 5, Naples, Florida 34109 239.592.0050 NoodlesCafe.comLUNCH/MONFRI 11:30AM to 4PM DINNER/MONSAT 4PM to 10PM & SUN 4PM to 9PMNot valid with any other offers, discounts or on holidays.CELEBRATING OUR Join us in Celebrating our 25TH ANNIVERSARYON THE 25TH OF EVERY MONTH Receive 25% OFF your meal THE DISHThe Dish: Maui Tuna Crunch Salad The Price: $17 The Place: Seasons 52 8930 Tamiami Trail N. 594-8852 The Hours: 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. FridaySaturday; 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday The Full Menu: The Details: Its always fun to go to Seasons 52 because the offerings are always changing even though I often order from the perennial side of the menu, which is what I did this time (even though I was tempted by the Summer Corn Soup with crispy bacon and chives and the Crispy Prosciutto & Asparagus Flatbread). Id had the Maui Tuna Crunch Salad on a previous visit, however, and knew it was just what I wanted on this blistering afternoon. Once again, it didnt disappoint. Eight more-than-bite-sized chunks of sushi-grade seared tuna came with a mound of crisp organic greens tossed with pineapple, toasted almonds, julienned jicama and a just-sweet-enough sesame dressing. I was so happy and full I even turned down my companions offer of a bite of his flatbread. One More Thing: The seasonal Handmade Refreshments at Seasons 52 are always interesting. Heres whats in season for summer: Watermelon Agua Fresca, Half & Half Sweet Tea Lemonade, Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade, Ginger Agave Soda and Mint Lemonade. Cindy Pierce


C26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY VINOAre wine clubs worth it?There are lots of people who dont know much about wine but, happily enough, would like to. One of the easiest ways to introduce yourself to the delights of the wine world is the wine club. You subscribe, tell them your preferences (reds, whites, an assortment) and they select and ship you a number of bottles on a regular basis. You learn about a wide array of varietals and winegrowing regions without having to puzzle through a bunch of strange place names. Shipments also also include helpful information about the wines you receive: tasting notes, facts about the grape varietals and regions where theyre grown, sometimes a map of the area. I receive mailers from various kinds of wine clubs, and they seem to be categorized by their (generally mistaken) estimation of my net worth. Some offer four to six wines for as little as $5 a bottle, while others, like the club run by The Wall Street Journal, are obviously aiming for a much more well-resourced member base. All clubs (except one, which I discuss below) offer various types of wine from many regions of the world, and theyll take back any you dont like and issue you a credit. They also offer discounts to get you to sign up. Wine Insiders, for example, will send you an assortment of 15 bottles for a very low introductory price, as will the WSJ club. Of course, you then sign up for automatic shipments on a monthly or quarterly basis. Aside from the relative level of the wines you get, the clubs are pretty much the same. I recently discovered a very different national wine club thats actually headquartered in Southwest Florida. Its called Direct Cellars, and theyve put an interesting spin on the club concept. When you join, you receive a wide selection of very enjoyable wines, but you also become a representative, with the opportunity to enjoy the wines and invite your friends to join, as well. When they do, you earn income. Direct Cellars is, in truth, a wine club with a multi-level marketing opportunity built in but that can be a real positive. After all, think about how much money motivated, enterprising people have made with Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Amway, etc. They win Cadillacs. Long story short, clubs give you the opportunity to enjoy wines you might never find or buy on your own as well as the enjoyment of discovery and learning. And one club even offers a chance to make money or at least to enjoy your monthly shipment of wine for less even for free. In my last article, I mentioned wines available at Costco from a company called Orvino Imports. Here are the ones we enjoyed most: Cancello del Barone Barolo Riserva 2009 A bit lighter in the glass than most Barolos, which are usually very fullbodied wines. This one delivers on the palate, though, with flavors of cinnamon, tar, smoke, cherry and a slight vegetal hint. WW 91. About $40. Bosco Montepulciano dAbruzzo 2012 Sometimes its hard to remember that Montepulciano is both the name of a place and a grape, and they have nothing to do with each other. This wine is from Abruzzo, and its different. Dark ruby color with fairly typical scents and flavors of cherry, warm earth and licorice. WW 88. $13. Tinazzi Tenute Valleselle Amarone Della Valpolicella Aureum Acinum 2013 Valpolicella is almost always a blend of three grapes: corvina, rondinella and molinara. This wine is inky black in the glass, hinting at flavors of concentrated fruit and warm earth. Theres a spine of minerality, too, with notes of wet stones. Not as sweet as most Amarones, which we enjoyed. WW 90. About $45. Maestro di Antiche Castelli Brunello 2010 Terrific. Although light and translucent in the glass, it delivers rich and balanced fruit flavors of cherry and strawberry as well as nutmeg and smoke. This one will take you right back to Tuscany. WW 92-93. Around $34. Ask the Wine Whisperer Q. Wine comes in bottles of different shapes and colors. Does that mean anything? Tom S., Fort MyersA. Wine comes in dark bottles (usually green or brown) to protect the contents from light, which spoils it. The color and shape of the bottle are generally the result of long tradition in the particular winegrowing area. It is uncertain why some wines, such as Sauternes, are bottled in clear glass. Most are not. Jerry Greenfield, The Wine Whisperer, is creative director of Greenfield Advertising Group. His book Secrets of the Wine Whisperer is available on Amazon and at Regretfully disavows itself from any prior or present perception of affiliation with the Wine Whisperer. Because we view wine as a unique, biological mixture, which is affected by weather, soil, and certainly the skill of the wine maker, it requires special care. Our inventory is, therefore, maintained under temperature and humidity control, with the bottles being tilted to maintain moisture of the cork. Contrary to our philosophy, Costco preserves wine as being like any beverage, thereby treating it like soda water. The Wine Whisperer fails to recognize this significant difference.The Wine Cellar of NaplesMercato, 9118 Strada Place, Suite 8110 Naples, FL 34108*Comments may be directed to the owner/manager @ (856) 278-2356* (239) 631-6088 The Wine Cellar of Naples


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.659.7008 Visit For Our Menu LUNCH SPECIALS Daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. BAR HAPPY HOUR Half Price Alcoholic Beverages & Tapas Selections$ Daily from 11:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Nightly from 8:30 p.m. to Closing TWO HAPPY DINNERS $34.95 Offered Sun-Thu 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Fri-Sat 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.Featuring Local Seafood & Florida Fresh Produce. Add House or Caesar Salad $5. Add Preferred Liquor at Happy Hour Price. Specially discounted products cannot be combined with other promotions. CHEF Q & AChef/instructor doing prep work for culinary hub in Bonita BY LINDSEY NESMITHlnesmith@ oridaweekly.comNaples has a wealth of chefs who garner praise from around the globe, but not all culinary masters prefer to turn their masterpieces out to a packed dining room night after night. Kristina San Filippo is one such chef: well-known in Naples and Bonita Springs for her cooking classes at The Good Life and her private catering operation, she has plans to open a culinary hub in Bonita Springs. Slated for a September opening, Purple Spoon will incorporate Ms. San Filippos passions for teaching, local ingredients and gratifying dining events into a space that includes retail, learning and dining opportunities for local foodies. Read on to learn more about this enterprising young chef and her goals for her newest venture. Q: What is your culinary background? A: I started working in the restaurant business when I was 17 as a prep and pastry cook before earning a degree in culinary arts from The Culinary Institute of America in 2000 and a bachelors degree in hospitality management from the Collins School at California Polytechnic in 2003. Since then I have spent time working in various front-ofthe-house positions. I spent some very enjoyable years on the pastry and hot line sides of the restaurant business, but it is a tough life to live both physically and emotionally. I was lucky to fall into a culinary teaching position when I moved to Southwest Florida. Q: How were you inspired to become a chef? A: My dads Sicilian family always makes cooking the center of any gathering (along with poker, but I never go into the game). So my family has used cooking as a way of bringing people together my whole life. Combine that with the artistic element of transforming raw ingredients into beautiful, nourishing food, and it was a natural progression that cooking became a career direction. Q: Which dishes are you particularly proud of? A: My dark chocolate and red wine torte with cashew crust is certainly the most popular dessert that I offer at catering events. Lately, I have been using grass-fed lamb at different classes. Lamb in a braised recipe has been very well received, even by guests who come thinking lamb is just fatty or gamey. Q: What do you find challenging? A: Keeping pricing for events approachable. We use only stellar ingredients at my culinary events; some of those ingredients are very reasonably priced (local produce!), while others are a bit more of an investment. I hope people recognize that a three-course cooking class is not just purchasing food to fill the belly, but purchasing a cooking experience that will be with them in the future. Q: Youre most well known in the area for your cooking classes and catering services. Why did you decide to go off-script and stop working in restaurants? A: Working the hot line of a restaurant kitchen is extremely tough on the body, and the long hours expected of a chef are a huge damper on enjoying a family life or pursuing interests outside of my career. I wanted to reclaim a bit of freedom and take better care of myself physically, so I took the risk of being self-employed as a caterer and culinary instructor. Q: You studied and worked extensively in California and Hawaii before arriving in Southwest Florida. Could you compare the culinary tastes among these tourism economies? A: Well, at least from the perspective that I had at the restaurant where I was a sous chef on Kauai, if a restaurant puts macadamia nuts, coconut milk, pineapple or tuna on any menu, 80 percent of the tourist diners will gobble it up. In California, it certainly varied between the cities I lived in. In general, guests were more open to unusual flavor combinations as a more creative approach to cooking. Here in Southwest Florida, its all about the seafood. Q: You have a varied resume that includes front-of-the-house management, running kitchens, catering and teaching. How did all those experiences prepare you to open a culinary center like Purple Spoon? A: My diverse choice of jobs through the years has shown me almost every side of the restaurant and hospitality business. Those jobs have been in a variety of locations that revealed the ever-changing preferences of customers. Purple Spoon is going to incorporate many elements of the culinary world, which is why we are calling it a culinary hub. Plus, I have learned from each job how NOT to do things that will lead to an unhappy staff, disappointed customers or a messy kitchen. Q: What excites you about Purple Spoon? A: This food venue will be where eating healthful meals meets sustainability, and the meals are actually delicious as well. I want to give my customers appropriate tools like cooking knowledge, stellar ingredients and approachable recipes so making great food at home is accessible. Purple Spoon will be where people who love to cook, or those who want to pursue a more happy relationship with cooking, can find all of those tools. I am very excited about the weekly Locally Grown Produce Market, which will start in October and be a wonderful gathering place for people who appreciate good food from a local source. Q: How does living and working in Southwest Florida affect or inspire your work? A: I am certainly inspired by the amazing foods we can grow in the sandy Southwest Florida soil or harvest from the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. My goal is to use what is presently at its prime. Letting accessible ingredients be my guide is much more fulfilling then spending excessive energy on trying to exactly replicate a dish from some place else or from another time in history. Q: Can you describe one of your favorite culinary experiences? A: A favorite culinary experience was hosting the Farm Tour + Lunch at Inyoni Farm last spring on a day when it was so extremely windy the tent we were serving lunch underneath tried to take flight. The whole time, guests were laughing at the seasonal display they encountered when eating outside where the ingredients in their lunch were grown. It was a lovely day of watching of people who care about where their food is sourced interact with the elements of nature that make that food possible. Q: What are your favorite culinary resources (books, blogs, etc.)? How do you keep your dishes relevant? A: I just ask the customers who sit in front of me at cooking classes. I ask what they find to be delicious or interesting in the recipes I ask what they want to learn in future classes. However, my continuously visited resources are the Americas Test Kitchen radio show and cookbooks, and the books On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. Kristina San Filippo


THE PERFECT DESIGN IS DISTINCTLY YOU! HUNDREDS OF TOP FURNITURE BRANDS COMPLIMENTARY INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES CUSTOM FURNITURE & ACCESSORIES FORT MYERS239.690.9844SANIBEL239.579.0412NAPLES239.263.0580 SARASOTA941.556.0501Feel perfectly at home with Norris. Exclusively at Norris Serving Southwest Florida for 35 years, Norris Furniture & Interiors is known for providing an excellent selection of high quality brand name furniture at a great value. Make your new Babcock Ranch home distinctly you with our award-winning, complimentary interior design services by our talented design team. You can expect a warm reception from the moment you enter our showroom and our exceptional customer service culminates with our red carpet, white glove delivery service. Many of our clients hail from your hometown so ask your neighbors about the Norris service they have enjoyed. Let us assist you with your transition to a new Florida lifestyle complete with the feeling and energy youve been looking for. You wont be disappointed! Contact us today and let us begin the journey with you. Exclusively at No rr is


Stock Signature Homes Summer of Savings continues across Southwest Florida this weekend with Open Houses in seven area communities. Homebuyers will not want to miss this showcase of beautifully furnished models and exceptional move-in ready home the areas most luxurious communities. We have a superb collection of luxury homes available for homebuyers to tour, said Claudine Lger-Wetzel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Stock Signature Homes. These magnificent residences are located in communities that feature worldclass amenities. Championship golf, stateof-the-art tennis facilities and the finest club dining are just the beginning of the lifestyle opportunities on offer. The furnished models are open from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 23rd and Sunday, July 24th in Quail West, TwinEagles, Bonita Bay, Lely Resort, Esplanade Golf & Country Club of Naples The Isles of Collier Preserve and Hidden Harbor. Quail Wests Escala neighborhood presents a collection of villa residences by Stock Signature Homes. The Joliette floor plan encompasses 3,167 square feet under air and a total of 4,698 square feet. The great room plan features a formal dining room, an island kitchen, a study, four bedrooms, four baths, a screened covered lanai, and a three-car garage. The great room, master bedroom and a morning room off the kitchen open to the screened covered lanai. The models outdoor living area includes an optional summer kitchen and ventless gas fireplace. In addition to the study, the plan includes a computer and craft center. The Joliette floor plan is move-in ready at $999,990. At Twin Eagles. Stock is selling singlefamily homes in two neighborhoods of this stunning North Naples country club community. A Golf Membership is included in the cost of every new home. The Regency Manor is a four-bedroom, four and one half bath home with a great room, dining room, breakfast nook and study. This home includes a three-car garage, large covered lanai and summer kitchen. The master bedroom features a sitting area, his and hers walk in closets and split vanities in the master bathroom. The Regency Manor is 3,699 square feet under air and 5,544 total square feet. It is priced at $1,548,060. Stocks homes are surrounded by TwinEagles exceptional beauty. Outstanding community amenities include a gorgeous new swimming pool and fitness center and a 47,000 square foot Clubhouse two championship golf courses. Stock Signature Homes has the 4,500-square-foot furnished Savannah model ready for immediate occupancy in Bay Woods at Bonita Bay. The Savannah model features an extraordinary interior by Senior Designers Daniel Kilgore and Natalie Kibler at Soco Interiors. Designed by RG Designs, the open concept floor plan is ideally suited to the luxurious Bonita Bay indoor/outdoor lifestyle. The plan offers a spacious grand room that flows into a formal dining room, an island kitchen with a breakfast area featuring a custom built-in, a large study with a beamed ceiling detail, a three-car garage, four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths plus a pool bath, and an outdoor living area that includes a summer kitchen with a large island, dining and conversation areas, and a pool and spa. The grand room, study, master bedroom, and one of the guest suites open to the outdoor living area. A covered L-shaped terrace at the front of the home provides an engaging entry sequence that leads to a foyer with a see-through view of the pool and a preserve beyond. The Savannah model is priced at $3.246 million. Stock also has furnished models and inventory homes at Hidden Harbor, an exclusive, amenity-rich boating community nestled between Naples and Fort Myers, which provides access to the Gulf of Mexico. The Biscayne is a three-bedroom/twobath home with 2,384 square feet under air and 3,806 total square feet, including the covered entry, attached threecar garage and spacious outdoor living area. The home offers an exquisite interior design by Diana Hall and Laurie Walter of Cinnabar Design for Pizzazz Interiors and is priced at $844,990. All of Hidden Harbors homesites are located just a short stroll from the 4,484 square foot community clubhouse, which will be situated on a premium waterfront site at the entrance to the harbor. The clubhouse will debut later this month. Stock Signature Homes continues to expand its Southwest Florida operations and recently became a Preferred Builder within the beautiful resort community of The Isles of Collier Preserve. Their beautifully furnished Cocoplum model is now complete. The Cocoplum model showcases an interior by Socos Daniel Kilgore. Base priced at $899,990, the 3,641-square-foot residence includes 1,004 square feet of covered lanai space. Nestled within a pristine natural setting just minutes from Downtown Naples, The Isles of Collier Preserve features a colorful update of classic coastal living. Inspired by the timeless architecture and traditions of Old Naples, homes overlook miles of scenic kayak and hiking trails. With over half of the 2,400-acres dedicated to lakes, nature preserves and natural habitat, combined with outdoorinspired amenities, it is an extraordinary new community where the magic of Old Naples and unspoiled nature still coexist. Stocks quality construction and attention to detail have given the company a stellar reputation as a new homebuilder. Its residences and lifestyle amenities have received more than 500 awards in the past 15 years, including an unprecedented 16 Community of the Year honors from the local building industry associations over the past 10 years. The company operates throughout Southwest Florida from Sarasota to Marco Island, as well as in Palm Beach County. Please visit Stocks models and view our extraordinary selection of ready-to-move-in homes! Visit the Stock Development website at Email at or call (239) 592-7344. Stock Development is on Facebook at Development. Stock Signature Homes host open houses from noon to 4:00 pm this weekend across SW Florida WEEK OF JULY 21-JULY 27, 2016 1SPONSORED CONTENT YOUR GUIDE TO NEW HOME COMMUNITIES IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Above: The Biscayne, the Majestic II at Lely Resort. Left: The Savannah.


Kalea Bays First Tower Reaches 19th Floor Clubhouse also under constructionKalea Bay, a gated, resort-lifestyle community located on Vanderbilt Drive in North Naples, has set a new standard for luxury residential high-rise living. The incredibly-designed residences at Kalea Bay, combined with spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico, the Cocohatchee River and a pristine nature preserve, have propelled the community to become one of the hottest-selling properties this year. As of mid-July, the construction on our first tower has reached the 19th floor, stated Inga Wilson, Kalea Bays Vice President of Sales & Marketing. At the current pace, the building should be celebrating its topping off around the third week of August. The 22-story tower, with 120 residences, will have 20 floors of residences over two floors of parking. From my office in the sales center I can observe the construction progress on a daily basis, said Wilson. Its not only exciting for me, but also for those whove already purchased and even the visitors who have come to the sales center for the first time. Six floor plans are available at Kalea Bay with prices currently starting at $1.3 million. Residences 1 and 6 are 4-bedroom/4bath plans with 3,755 total square feet. Residences 2 and 5, with three-bedrooms plus den and three-and-a-half baths, have 3,835 total square feet while residences 3 and 4 are four-bedroom/four-bath plans with 3,921 total square feet. All residents of Kalea Bay will revel in gulf views, open floor plans, a private elevator leading directly into their residence, 9-foot 2-inch high ceilings and wood floors throughout. The custom kitchens have Wolf and Subzero appliances, a natural gas range, Downsview cabinetry, quartz countertops, a Butlers pantry and oversized island. Our kitchens feature an open design we call lifestyle designs that blends the kitchen seamlessly into the living and dining rooms, perfect for todays hosts and hostesses, said Wilson. The layout of the kitchen can be experienced firsthand through a replica of one in our sales center. The master bedroom includes an oversized walk-in closet while the master bath has his and hers vanities, quartz countertops, luxury cabinetry, a soaking tub and separate glass-enclosed shower. All master suites, kitchens and main living areas have direct views to the water and preserve, stated Wilson. That means all of our residents have front row seats for our spectacular sunsets. Additional residential features include floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that open to large lanais with transparent glass rails. High-tech wiring and fully equipped laundry rooms round out the list of features. Wilson says dramatic views are available to every single resident, not matter which floor they live on. Thats because the towers amenities are located on the rooftop, explained Wilson. That includes our sky lounge, a dramatic pool and the open-air fitness center. From the rooftop, residents can enjoy daily views of the Gulf of Mexico, the nature preserves and two beaches ranked among the best in the United States. Those beaches include Barefoot Beach Preserve Park, which was ranked #2 nationally in 2015, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which was ranked #9, said Wilson. The first residential high-rise tower at Kalea Bay will be completed in the summer of next year. However, it wont be the only building on-site to reach that milestone. Currently, Kalea Bays community clubhouse area is also under construction and slated to be completed around the same timeframe, said Wilson. Our clubhouse area will be the social and recreational centerpiece of the community. Kalea Bays 88,000-square-foot clubhouse is located on the north side of the large lake at the communitys entrance. It will feature three individual pools, including a resort pool, an adults-only pool and a childrens pool, plus an expansive pool deck, an open air bar, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, a snack bar, an Internet cafe and a gifts and sundries shop. All three pools will overlook the lake and provide a multitude of recreational options for everyone who lives and visits here, said Wilson. Expansive sun decks with lounge chairs and native, tropical plants will separate each of the three pools for the ultimate in privacy. If basking in the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the pool isnt on a residents schedule, perhaps meeting friends for lunch, dinner or drinks is. We have the perfect place for all three, said Wilson. The indoor/outdoor restaurant will serve phenomenal meals throughout the day. And what better way to celebrate the good life in Florida than meeting family and friends for drinks while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. This is what living in Florida is supposed to be. Just a short walk from the clubhouse will be the tennis pavilion with six lighted Har-Tru tennis courts. Nearby are 24 guest suites to accommodate overnight guests and family members. Having that number of guest suites is unusual for a luxury high-rise community, but its an amenity many of our residents are excited about especially when they have extended family visiting, said Wilson. There will also be a shuttle service, originating from the clubhouse, to the beach. For more information regarding Kalea Bay visit the on-site sales center. It is located on Vanderbilt Drive, just north of Wiggins Pass Road at 13910 Old Coast Road in North Naples. Additional information is available by calling (239) 793-0110 or online at Above: This recent aerial of Kalea Bay shows the first tower reaching skyward as construction also continues on the clubhouse on the far right. The 22-story tower at Kalea Bay will have 120 residences. Kalea Bays first tower was designed with rooftop amenities, including a sky lounge, spectacular pool and open-air fitness center. Left: Kalea Bay residences have open floor plans with 9-foot high ceilings. 2 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


Now showing in 7unique communities. SUMMER OF SAVINGSSpecial Pricing on Select Move-In-Ready Homes OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY AND SUNDAY FROM 12P.M.4P.M.BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONSREFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. BONITA BAY AND ITS ASSOCIATED LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS OF BONITA BAY PROPERTIES, INC., AND ARE USED UNDER LICENSE.We have an incredible selection of move-in-ready luxury homes at our best prices of the year, in the best communities throughout Southwest Florida. Come have a look at the impeccable craftsmanship, exquisite interiors and an incomparable lifestyle and nd the home of your dreamsready for you right now. All brought to you by a best-selling, award-winning developer and builder. Majestic II Lely Resort Stella Bonita Bay San Remo III Olde Cypress Glenmore TwinEagles LELY RESORT Was Summer Sale Wentworth Coach Home 2/2.5 2,091 $481,645 $466,645 Capri Twin Villa 3/2 2,107 $523,185 $492,435 Tivoli III Single-Family 3/3 2,062 $737,155 $699,990 San Remo III Single-Family 2/2 1,809 $679,655 $659,990 St Andrews Coach Home 3/3.5 2,743 $762,975 furnished Majestic II Single-Family 4/4 3,843 $1,921,994 $1,871,994 furnishedBONITA BAY Now Stella Estate Home 4/4.5 4,238 $2,702,690 Savannah Estate Home 4/4.5 4,500 $3,246,415 furnishedQUAIL WEST Was Summer Sale Joliette Villa 4/4 3,167 $1,236,810 $999,990 Cadera Villa 3/3.5 2,725 $1,175,000 furnished Glenmore Single-Family 4/4.5 3,591 $1,588,025 $1,519,990 Hamilton Single-Family 4/4 3,800 $1,751,780 $1,680,490 Hamilton Single-Family 4/4 3,800 $1,915,300 $1,749,990 furnished Magnolia Estate Homes 4/4.5 5,541 $3,745,000 furnished Oakmont Estate Homes 4/4 (2).5 5,524 $4,700,000 furnished ESPLANADE, NAPLES Now Regenc y Manor Single-Family 4/4.5 3,699 $1,208,215 Majorca II Single-Family 4/4.5 4,089 $2,003,260 furnished Windsor III Single-Family 4/4.5 4,155 $2,086,590 furnishedTWINEAGLES Now Glenmore Single-Family 4/4.5 3,591 $1,487,125 Regency Manor Single-Family 4/4.5 3,699 $1,548,060OLDE CYPRESS Was Summer SaleFinal new home available in Lantana. Full Golf Membership Included.San Remo III #19 Single-Family 2/2 1,809 $629,475 $599,990HIDDEN HARBOR Was Summer Sale Largo Single-Family 3/3 2,552 $765,155 $715,155 Biscayne Single-Family 3/2 2,384 $894,990 $844,990 furnished Captiva Single-Family 4/3.5 2,600 $936,065 $886,065 Anastasia Single-Family 3/3.5 2,913 $1,258,802 $1,208,802 furnished PENDING FLStockDevelopment For directions and complete listings of all our models & communities please visit StockDevelopment.comWindsor III Esplanade


Phase II construction on schedule at Naples SquareThe Ronto Group announced construction of 73 Phase II residences at Naples Square continues on schedule for completion in first quarter, 2017, a timeframe that will allow residents to enjoy their new homes during the 2017 season. Naples Square is being developed by Ronto at 5th Avenue South and Goodlette-Frank Road in downtown Naples. Naples Squares walkable lifestyle is bringing a sense of cohesion to downtown by connecting 5th Avenue to Bayfront with access on 10th Street via 3rd Avenue South. The walk-able lifestyle and availability of one and two-story, two and three bedroom plus den floor plans with open-concept living areas and open-air terraces continue to generate strong sales and luxury homebuyer traffic. Three previously sold Phase I models are available for guided tours with a sales associate. Naples Square Phase II is being built by Suffolk Construction and BCBE Construction. The masonry block on the west side of the building has been completed and is approximately 50% completed on the east side up to the third floor. Application of the stucco finish has started on the west sides exterior walls. Windows have been installed in the west half of the building and interior unit framing and mechanical, electrical and plumbing installations are underway. The roof has been installed on the west half and is being dried in. Seventy-five percent of the garage level concrete floor has been poured. In addition, the second fountain included in Naples Squares attractive Third Avenue streetscape has been completed. With sales contracts worth over $51 million already processed, Phase II is over 75% sold. Nine floor plans, three of which are sold out, are included in the Phase II offering. The one and two story, two and three bedroom plus den floor plans range from over 1,200 to over 3,800 square feet under air and are priced from the $600s. Each of the plans features openconcept living areas, open-air terraces, and controlled access under-building parking. The Phase II residences will present the livability and luxurious finishes that are the hallmarks of Naples Square. Standard details include porcelain tile flooring in the living areas, kitchens and baths in sizes up to 24 x 24, 8-foot solid core interior doors, 8-foot exterior and sliding glass doors, contemporary, leverstyle door hardware, 8-inch clean-lined baseboards, 7-inch crown molding per plan, ventilated wood shelving in the bedroom, linen and pantry closets, and separate laundry rooms with a Whirlpool Duet front load washer and dryer and a utility sink in most plans. The floor plans open kitchen designs include KitchenAid Architect Series II stainless steel appliances, European frameless construction, full-overlay cabinetry with a variety of door profiles, finish selections and hardware, a stainless steel, under-mount sink with a pull-out spray faucet, and multiple granite and quartz countertop options that are three centimeters thick. The master bath features marble-topped vanities with dual sinks, large showers with bench seats and glass enclosures, soaking tubs with most floor plans, and a separate water closet room. With Phase II approaching sell-out, The Ronto Group is accepting Phase III reservations at Naples Square. Eight one and two story, two and three bedroom plus den Phase III floor plans range from 1,460 to 3,238 square feet under air and are basepriced from $695,000 to $1,550,000. The Phase III floor plans offer newly designed, enlarged, and re-named iterations of the Phase I residences. The Phase III kitchens will feature an enhanced appliance package with a gas cooktop and hood and a wall mounted oven and microwave. Each of the Phase III plans features open-concept living areas, open-air terraces, and controlled access under-building parking. In addition to the enlarged floor plans, Phase III residents will enjoy a re-designed courtyard amenity deck with an enlarged pool deck and a 780 square foot pool that is 29% larger than the pools included in the Phase I and Phase II buildings. Rather than positioning the Phase III pool in a sunken area, the new design raises the pool to a level flush with the other areas of the amenity deck. The redesign provides a larger area for poolside seating and outdoor dining. The new design includes tables under the pavilion adjacent to the pool. Outside the pavilion, two gas grills with sinks and two seating areas with firepits will enhance the outdoor socializing experience. A club room and a terrace will open to the pool area and include a bar, television, a billiards room, and a furnished fire pit area on the courtyard level. Other amenities include a fitness center, secure under-building parking, private storage, and bicycle storage within the garage. The landscaped streetscapes, amenity courtyards, and fountains that have become Naples Squares signature were designed by Christian Andrea of Architectural Land Design, Inc. Andreas design merges pavered roadways, entry water features, and fountain roundabouts with Washingtonia and Medjool Date palm trees and a mix of plantings. The streetscapes are lined with palms interspersed with flower beds, strips of green, and landscaped areas separating the sidewalks and buildings. Fountains at the roundabouts have a cooling effect. Intersections, crossings, and building entries are identified by palms. Building corners adjacent to the communitys roundabouts are softened by scattered height Washingtonia palms. Andreas amenity deck design incorporates green spaces, Asian Jasmine ground cover, raised-planters with date palms, and arbors with vine plantings. Additional planters provide separation between the terraces of the garden level residences and the edges of the plaza. The Naples Square Sales Gallery at 100 South Goodlette-Frank Road in downtown Naples is open daily. Visit Above: Base-priced at $695,000, the Phase III Astoria great room floor plan at Naples Square offers 1,460 square feet under air plus a 260 square feet open-air balcony. The Astoria is one of eight Phase III floor plans. Phase III reservations are being accepted. Left: The award-winning Ronto Group announced that construction of 73 Phase II residences at Naples Square continues to move forward on schedule for completion in first quarter, 2017, a timeframe that will allow Phase II residents to enjoy their new homes during the 2017 season. Below: Phase III residents at Naples Square will enjoy a re-designed courtyard amenity deck with an enlarged pool deck and a 780 square foot pool that is 29% larger than the pools included in the Phase I and Phase II buildings. 4 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY CHAPTER 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Exclusive Sales & Marketing by Wilson& AssociatesRooftop pool and fitness center. Forever views. Luxurious living. Its all part of the amazing lifestyle youll discover at Kalea Bay. The expansive residences so chic. The spacious interiors so contemporary. The open lanais with views of the Gulf of Mexico so coastal. And all those pools so cool. Priced from $1.3 million13910 Old Coast Road, Naples, FL 34110 239-793-0110 Some say the sky is the limit. We see it as just the Beginning.


Fort Myers / Estero Bonita Springs / Naples 1 Mediterra 15836 Savona Way Naples, FL 855.810.7976 2 Quail West6289 Burnham Road Naples, FL 239.592.1010 3 Talis Park16980 Livingston Road Naples, FL 239.449.5900 4 Twin Eagles11330 Twin Eagles Boulevard Naples, FL 239.352.8000 5 Olde Cypress7276 Lantana Circle Naples, FL 239.596.4794 6 Raffia Preserve4075 Wolfe Road Naples, FL 239.598.2370 7 Naples Square100 S Goodlette-Frank Road Naples, FL 239.228.5800 8 The Isles of Collier Preserve5445 Caribe Avenue Naples, FL 877.626.7694 9 Lely Resort8020 Grand Lely Drive Naples, FL 239.793.2100 10 Mangrove Bay201 Goodlette Road South Naples, FL 239.261.2200 11 Residences at Mercato9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125 Naples, FL 239.594.9400 12 Lamorada Naples2190 Woodcrest Drive Naples, FL 239.444.4450 13 Livingston Lakes15161 Palmer Lake Circle Naples, FL 239.444.3490 14 The Colony Golf & Bay Club4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 15 Seaglass at Bonita Bay26951 Country Club Drive Bonita Springs, FL 239.301.4940 16 Altaira4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 17 Kalea Bay13910 Old Coast Road Naples, FL 239.793.0110 18 Ave Maria5076 Annunciation Circle #104 Ave Maria, FL (888) 841-3477 19 Paloma 26109 St. Michael Lane Bonita Springs, FL 239.949.8910 20 Mockingbird Crossing 1600 Mockingbird Crossing Dr. Naples, FL 239.233.0592 21 Tuscany Pointe14310 Tuscany Pointe Trail Naples, FL 34120 239.225.2679 22 Sorrento28063 Sosta Lane #2 Bonita Springs, FL 239.225.2659 23 Sienna Reserve14656, Reserve Lane Naples, FL 239.643.4333 24 Andalucia1336 Andlaucia Way Naples, FL 239.304.8314 25 Estuary at Grey Oaks1220 Gordon River Trail Naples, FL 239.261.3148 6 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


Gulf of MexicoAirport Pulling RdBayshore Dr7th AveRattlesnake Hammock RdRadio RdLivingston RdThomasson DrMassey StGoodlette RdVanderbilt Beach RdImmokalee RdFrank BlvdVa nderbi DrLivingston Rd SCrayton Rd111th Ave NPlateau RdGoodlett e RdGulf Shore BlvdPelican Marsh BlvdCounty Barn Rd5th AvPine Ridge RdGolden Gate PkwyLogan BlvdTamia mi Tr lTamiami TrlTamiami T rlBonita Beach RdSanta Barbara Blvd Santa Barbara BlvdOld Hwy 41Green BlvdGolden Gate BlvdLivingston RdFiddlers Creek PkwyDavis BlvdCollier BlvdCollier BlvdNaples Municipal Airport N Naples Reg Park Beac ParkLely Pelican Bay Naples Park VineyardsGolden GateIsland WalkNaplesPine RidgeVerona Walk Naples Manor Lely Resort East Naples Port Royal Johns Pass Belle Meade Shell Island Palm River 846 31 867 951 951 84 41 41 75CENTRAL NAPLES NORTH NAPLES OLD NAPLES EAST NAPLES BONITA SPRINGS ESTERO S H Hickory Blvdmiami TrlBonita Beach RdImperial Pkwy Imp e oni ta B each Rd SEOld 41 RdShangrila RdCoconut Rd 865 75 J J J J J J J J J ll Grade RdRandall Blvd47th AveOil Well Rd p Keais RdEverglades BlvdEverglades BlvdMassey St m okalee RdWilson BlvdDeso to BlvdPlateau RdDesoto Blvd N d Gold en Gate Blv dCollier BlvdAve Maria Universityen eOrangetreeAve Maria Golden Gates Estates 75EAST NAPLES 1 mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m 15 19 22 14 16 3 13 11 2 5 6 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 12 s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ss ss ss ss ss s s ss ss ss ss s ss ss ss ss ss ss ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ey e e e e e e e e e e e e ey e e ey y ey y e ey y ey y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s e e e e e e e ey e e e e ey e e ey e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ey e e e e y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y S 20 21 4 7 A Av 10 8 9 Av e Mar M M M M Ma Ma Ma M M Ma M a a M M a Ma M Ma M M M M M M M M M M i a v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v eM e M e e e e Ma M Ma Ma a e M e eMa M e M e M e e e e e M M e e e e eM M e e e e M a e e e M e e e e e e e e e e e e a e e e e e r M M M M M M M 18 nd nd er e bi 17 P P P P P P a P P P P P P P P P r r rk rk r rk k r r k r r k r k k P P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa a P Pa P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa P P Pa Pa Pa Pa P P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa P a P Pa a a a a P P a a Pa a a a a a Pa Pa a P a a Pa a a a a a a a a a a P a a a a a a a a a a a a a a P P a a a P P P P P P P P P P r r r rk rk rk k r rk k r k rk rk r r r k r r k r r k r k r k r k r r k k r k r 23 24 25 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 GULF COAST HOMES 7


Majestic Palms condominium attracts buyers looking for a new home in a prime location at a tremendous valueSince launching sales earlier this year, the Majestic Palms condominium community has proven to be the perfect choice among buyers looking for a prime location in a prestigious neighborhood at a very competitive price. Majestic Palms is being developed by JAXI CMD in the desirable area of Iona in Fort Myers. The final condominium to be built in the prestigious Royal Pointe community, Majestic Palms will feature just 80 luxurious residences in a gated, private neighborhood. Located just minutes from the beautiful sandy beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers, Majestic Palms offers twoand threebedroom spacious residences. Preconstruction prices start at $187,000. Majestic Palms will consist of two, 4-story buildings including spacious residences featuring balconies, walk-in closets in the master suite, spacious great rooms, open floor plans, and every home comes with an assigned, personal carport. We are extremely pleased with the exciting reception the new community has received since opening our sales gallery just a few months ago, says Sales and Marketing Director Barbara Bengochea-Perez. Buyers are attracted to the condominiums central location in a gated community as well as the fact that our homes are very spacious and are a great value, she adds. Majestic Palms prime location just off historic McGregor Boulevard is just minutes from the beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers, as well as a multitude of merchants and shopping centers, schools, fine restaurants and high-profile sports-and-entertainment venueslike the CenturyLink Sports Complex and JetBlue Park. The community also provides easy access to major travel routes and the Southwest Florida International Airport. For more information, please visit the sales gallery at 11561 Majestic Palms Blvd., Suite 110 in Fort Myers. The sales gallery is open 7 days a week. You may also call (239) 500-5294 Option #2, or visit online at 8 WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY On the south shore of Naples Bay For location, hours of operation and further details about our award-winning communities throughout Florida, visit Villas, Coach Homes & Single-Family Homes from the mid $300s to over $1 millionNestled within a pristine natural setting, The Isles of Collier Preserve captures the timeless architecture and traditions of Old Naples. Over half of 2,400 acres are dedicated to lakes, nature preserves and natural habitat. Elegant singlefamily, villa and coach homes overlook miles of scenic kayak and biking trails along the tranquil Cypress Waterway. Visit our interactive Discovery Sales Center and experience this one-of-a-kind community for yourself! The Isles Club Now Open!Classic Old Florida Clubhouse Fitness Center Resort-Style Pool Lap Pool Cabanas Tennis Courts Kayak Launch Event Lawn Pickleball Courts 8 Miles of Scenic Kayak, Hiking and Biking TrailsGuided Boat Tours every Thursday Saturday 9:30 am 4 pm and Sunday 11:30 am 3 pm Explore our nature trails and waterways on Minto bicycles and kayaksBest of All, No CDD Fees Enjoy the warm Florida sunshine year-round! 5445 Caribe Ave. Naples, FL 34113 Located on US 41/Tamiami Trail East, just south of Thomasson Dr.TOUR 15 NEW MODEL HOMES AT THE Master-Planned Community of the Year! 15 Model Homes Open Daily! Only 5 Minutes to Downtown Naples and the Beaches SAVE UP TO $20,000HURRY, LIMITED TIME INCENTIVE* THE ISLES CLUB NOW OPEN!*Limited time only, see a New Home Sales Professional for details. Minto Communities, LLC 2016. All rights reserved. Content may not be reproduced, copied, altered, distributed, stored or transferred in any form or by any means without express written permission. Artists renderings, dimensions, speci cations, prices and features are approximate and subject to change without notice. Minto, the Minto logo, The Isles of Collier Preserve and The Isles of Collier Preserve logo are trademarks of Minto Communities, LLC and/or its af liates. CGC 1519880. 7/2016 (888) 707-1251 PRE-CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITY starting at $187,000 TO LEARN MOREVisit: Call: (239) 500-JAXI (5294) Option #2 or Email: JAXI CMD Proudly IntroducesLUXURY CONDOMINIUMSMAJESTICPALMSNew Luxurious Residences Just Miles from the Sandy Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel Pre-Construction Prices Average $168 Per Square Foot


Summer starts off with a bang at Allure luxury condominiumJust a few weeks since the official start of summer and the interest and activity at ALLURE is sizzling. The new, luxury 32-story condominium to be developed on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River in the Historic Downtown Fort Myers River District, is experiencing a surge in interest among prospective buyers. We are pleasantly surprised that during a typically slow time of year, we are meeting and even exceeding our reservation goals. Weve had four reservations in the past two weeks, says Allure Sales and Marketing Director Barbara Bengochea-Perez. A large part of the condominiums popularity and success is ALLUREs prime location in the Historic River District which puts residents in the middle of all that is delightful about this newly-revitalized, historic, area of Fort Myers. Quickly becoming a treasure of the Gulf Coast and one of the most popular areas for locals and visitors alike, the Historic River District combines tropical urbanism charm with a small town feel and provides an endless array of dining and entertainment options, and best of all, its just blocks from ALLURE. The combination of historic landmarks and architecture, plentiful options for shopping, dining, and entertainment, and a brand, new condominium, has resulted in the perfect live, work, play urban environment, attracting people of all ages all year round. With over 50 cafes, bars and restaurants, the pedestrian and pet-friendly historic downtown offers unlimited options for dining and nightlife to suit any taste. Arts and culture abound in the River District where the cobblestone-streets are lined with eclectic boutiques and art galleries, historic landmarks and architecture, museums, and even a professional theater. In addition to all of our on-site amenities, Allures prime location provides our residents with five square miles of amenities right outside of their door, says Bengochea-Perez. ALLURE boasts an array of resortstyle building amenities: a private screening room with theater-style seating; state-of-the-art gym; riverfront promenade; pool deck with heated cascading infinity-edge pool overlooking the water; social gathering rooms with fireplace, billiards, game tables; Bocce Ball and barbeque grills on the rooftop, Pickleball by the pool, and many other luxury features. Luxurious residence features at ALLURE include porcelain flooring, natural gas ranges, double ovens, and quartz countertops in chef-inspired kitchens. All residences feature private entrance elevators and include covered garage parking with 24-hour controlled access. A variety of thoughtfullydesigned, open floor plans priced from the high $300s to over $1 million offer one, two and three bedrooms. To learn more about ALLURE, call (239) 500-JAXI (5294), option #1, or visit the sales gallery located at 1300 Hendry Street. The sales gallery features a model of one of the elegant condominium residences with beautifully-designed vignettes of a kitchen, living room and dining room. Visit online at NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JULY 21-27, 2016 9 Sales Gallery NOW OPEN! 1300 Hendry Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901 Open 7 Days a WeekLUXURY CONDOMINIUM LIVING ON THE RIVERJust imagine. It is all yours. On the river in the historic River District, its towers rise to meet the sun. Beyond every window and balcony of these luxury residences are magni cent sights that bring water to your eyes. And a curated collection of resort amenities. Now is your time. To live every day surrounded by beauty. This is Allure.Surrender to it. PRE-CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITY!PRICED FROM $300S TO OVER $1 MILLION 239-500-JAXI (5294)www.AllureLuxuryCondominiums.cominfo@AllureLuxuryCondominiums.comORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE/ADVERTISING AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. RENDERINGS, SQUARE FOOTAGE AND ROOM DIMENSIONS ARE APPROXIMATE AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. PRICES, SPECIFICATIONS, FEATURES, FINISHES AND AVAILABILITY SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.


$7,500 Off Dream Kitchens** $7,500 Off Dream Kitchens** Save Up To $10,000* Del Webb Naples Pulte Homes Maple RidgeThis summer, visit Ave Maria, the 2015 Community of the Year, where youll nd a host of summer savings, including homes from the high $100s! Tour our model homes and choose yours today. Featuring 2-6 bedrooms, each with lake, preserve, or golf course views. 41 oor plans in all with 21 furnished models open daily. A sweet deal for families of every size.Ave Marias Sweet Summer Savings.Mmmmmm, this is good. Save up to$10,000* 5076 Annunciation Circle #104, Ave Maria, FL 3414221 Models Open Daily 239-352-3903 AveMaria.comTake Immokalee Rd east, turn right onto Oil Well Rd, turn left into Ave Maria.* On select inventory homes by CC Homes purchased between June 1, 2016 and July 31, 2016 ** Offer valid June 1, 2016 July 31, 2016 on select home sites.


Naples nest championship golf community 239-352-8000 Custom Estate Homes priced from $1.5M


Chops City Grill to Wine and Dine in Style ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECT STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS BY THE DEVELOPER, MAKE REFERENCE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTE, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Equal Housing Opportunity. Beautiful. Inside and Out. Waterfront Dining at The Dock at Crayton Cove 9 Open-Concept Floor Plans | Maintenance-Free Living | Resort-Style Amenities From the $600s to over $1m So Upscale. So Downtown.Models Open Daily Sales Center Open Daily at 100 Goodlette-Frank Road South 239.228.5800 The Astoria 2 Bedrooms / 2 Baths1,720 sq. ft. Total living area Set Sail from Naples City Dock Happy Hour at Cabana Bar Treat yourself at Woodhouse Spa


8 OFFICES SERVING ALL OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WEEKLY Call 866-657-2300#1 Century 21 in the state of orida CLYDE VISIT WWW.C21SUNBELT.COM TO VIEW ALL AVAILABLE LISTINGS! Best Value In Heritage Palms!Lowest priced of it's size! Enjoy breathtaking sunsets over the lake & golf course. Spacious 3,460 sqft & pool!$544,9001-866-657-2300 800CC028246. FORT MYERS Direct Access, No BridgesGorgeous 4 bed pool home. Upgrades galore: 3 car garage, pavered driveway, closet built ins, tiled roof & more!$527,5001-866-657-2300 800CC034597. CAPE CORAL If Attention To Detail Is For You This Is The OneCustom home on the water, one bridge to Matlacha Pass and the Gulf of Mexico. Numerous upgrades throughout.$500,0001-866-657-2300 800CC028317. CAPE CORAL Cape Boater's Dream Home3/2 pool home in fabulous unit 58! Well maintained. Living room/formal dining room, eat-in kitchen w/maple cabinets.$499,9001-866-657-2300 800CC004757. CAPE CORAL Waterfront Home Sunsets. Infinity Pool/ SpaSpectacular sunset views in your dream waterfront home overlooking Serene Lake/Golf Course! 4 bed, 3 full baths.$469,0001-866-657-2300 800FM029981. CAPE CORAL New Construction, Gulf AccessBrand new! 4/2/2 comes w/a one year warranty. Pool & great boating access near. All tile, stainless kitchen appliances.$469,0001-866-657-2300 800CC039178. CAPE CORAL Elegant WaterfrontMust see ready to move!!!$466,4001-866-657-2300 800FM058133. FORT MYERS Mariner's Cove Downtown Naples2/2 ground floor unit. Dock & covered assigned parking. View of mangroves, Gordon River and landscaped area.$459,0001-866-657-2300 800NA006525. NAPLES Reflection Lakes Beauty3 bedroom/3 bathroom courtyard style, cabana pool home. 2 car garage/lakefront lot. Gated community with clubhouse.$439,9001-866-657-2300 800NA004926. NAPLES New Listing In Olde Hickory G&CCThis beautifully decorated and well maintained Pinehurst model home was just listed.. The kitchen has new granite.$439,9001-866-657-2300 800FM007858. FORT MYERS Breathtaking, 4 Bedroom, 2 Bath Gulf Access Pool HomeBreathtaking, 4 bedroom, 2 bath gulf access pool home. Doors into this magnificent open floor plan.$419,0001-866-657-2300 800CC069819. CAPE CORAL 5 Bedroom/3 Bath 3 Car GarageHighly sought after area off Daniels Corridor.$405,0001-866-657-2300 800FM007995. FORT MYERS Hidden Gem4 bed 3.5 bath Heated pool, gated community, close to everything.$399,5001-866-657-2300 800FM034282. FORT MYERS Gulf Access Pool Home Canopy Covered Boat LiftDouble master, split floor plan, huge price reduction, wow! Seller wants to make a move. Make an offer today!$399,0001-866-657-2300 800CC019917. CAPE CORAL Gulf Access Cape Coral Pool HomeOwn a slice of paradise w/this 3/2 pool home. One bridge, Gulf access, 2 boat lifts, private spa.$395,0001-866-657-2300 800CC058586. CAPE CORAL SW Cape 4 Bedroom Pool HomeThis custom built 4 bedroom pool home is waiting for a new owner.$394,9001-866-657-2300 800FM040265. CAPE CORAL Room For The Whole Family!Gorgeous updated waterfront pool home on a 3 lot site built by Ferrel Builders with a 3 car garage.$369,9001-866-657-2300 800CC020042. CAPE CORAL Gateway Lake Front BeautyUpgraded poo & spa home with a 3 car garage, wide lake view with SE rear exposure on oversized lot.$359,9001-866-657-2300 800LE037530. FORT MYERS Value! Quick Gulf Access Pool HomeQuick gulf access, western exposure, solar heated pool, dock with lift. On secluded peninsula.$359,0001-866-657-2300 800CC026416. CAPE CORAL Bella TerraBeautiful 4/2 bath home in Bella Terra.$349,9001-866-657-2300 800BS035962. ESTEROJULY1 20TH 2016 1


om c. T C21SUNBEL LT .ww w ISTINGS! VISIT .COM T T. .C21SUNBEL WWW W. TO VIEW ALL AILABLE LI V VA A Gorgeous Riverhall Bundled Golf-No Green FeesGorgeous and well maintained David Weekly home has 3 bed plus a den, 2.5 bath overloooking the 18th hole Davis Love III.$339,9991-866-657-2300 800FM009579. ALVA Beautiful Burnt Store Pool HomeThis is the one you have waited for! Boasting with pride of ownership this 3 bedrooms plus a den, 2 1/2 baths 3 car garage.$339,0001-866-657-2300 800FM017983. PUNTA GORDA Tee Golf Club Gated Community Pool HomeEnjoy sitting right on the Kings Course in sought after Cape Royal home of Royal Tee Gulf Club.$329,0001-866-657-2300 800FM040902. CAPE CORAL Rare 3 Lot Waterfront Home2 bed/2 bath pool home with dock! Yacht Club area, direct access to River/Gulf. Circle drive, 2-car garage.$319,0001-866-657-2300 800CC027229. CAPE CORAL Whiskey Creek 4/3 Pool Home on Golf CourseSpacious 4/3 pool home backing onto Whiskey Creek Golf Course. Fenced back yard for privacy and pets. Laminate.$300,0001-866-657-2300 800FM037680. FORT MYERS Rarely Available, Turnkey, 2nd FloorThis beautifully decorated 3/2/2 coach home offers Custom Robb & Stucky furniture with coordinating window treatments.$299,9991-866-657-2300 800BS028265. ESTERO Cute, Affordable Gulf Access Pool Home3/2/2 Affordable Cape Coral pool home. Gulf access canal, southern exposure, cathedral ceilings, and much more!$299,9001-866-657-2300 800CC028576. CAPE CORAL Beautiful 2/2 55+ CommunityCascades at Estero is an active adult community located in Lee County, Florida. Highly desirable. Small town feel.$299,0001-866-657-2300 800BS038468. ESTERO Direct Gulf Access Pool-in Sought After Cape CoralCharming 3/2 with direct gulf access pool home in a prime location in Cape Coral. New appliances, a/c and more.$279,0001-866-657-2300 800FM010110. CAPE CORAL 3+Den Townhome On The LakePerfect townhome w/beautiful lake view & extended lanai. 3 bedrooms+loft, 2 baths, 2 car garage.$279,0001-866-657-2300 800BS053749. ESTERO Stunning Country Setting HomeBeautiful country style home with caged pool. Very well designed and updated home.$273,5001-866-657-2300 800CH223177. PORT CHARLOTTE NW Cape Coral Pool Home3 bedrooms +Den, 2001 sq ft with many many upgrades. A must see!$265,9001-866-657-2300 800CC009661. CAPE CORAL BrookShireCharming pool/spa home with 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 2 car garage with sliding Screen Panels.$260,0001-866-657-2300 800FM018285. FORT MYERS Ground Floor Verandas CondoKelly Greens Golf & Country Club. 2/2 +den. If you are looking for a tip-top remodeled condo, this is it!$258,0001-866-657-2300 800CC034947. FORT MYERS Beautiful Lakefront Villa2 bedroom, 2 bath villa located at Bridgetown, Plantation, Like new.$255,0001-866-657-2300 800FM038660. FORT MYERS 3/2 West of Goodlette Frank RoadAwesome location and great starter home. Awesome schools and convenient to everything!$252,5001-866-657-2300 800NA020963. NAPLES Build In 2003 Cape Pool HomeNewer SW Cape Coral pool home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bath comes turnkey including furniture and furnishings.$249,0001-866-657-2300 800CC020408. CAPE CORAL Spacious Home in Port LabelleSpanish style large 3 bed 3 bath home on oversized lot in Laurel Oaks Village. Features incl. 2 master bedrooms, 1 w/sitting room.$245,0001-866-657-2300 800LE021402. LABELLE Waterway Estates Pool Home3 bed, 2 bath, pool, 1750+ sqft built in 1999. Volume ceilings, great room, formal dining, huge workshop, manabloc plumbing.$239,9001-866-657-2300 800CC041872. NORTH FORT MYERS Grand Palm BeautyBeautiful second floor coach home.$235,0001-866-657-2300 800FM030299. FORT MYERS Ft Myers Home-RV/Boat ParkingThis 3/2/1 home w/1422 sq ft LA has hurricane impact windows/doors & fenced yard, upgraded kitchen/bathrooms.$233,5001-866-657-2300 800FM027807. FORT MYERS Gorgeous Home You Must View3/2/2 with extra sheds in back. All on 1 acre all upgraded appl. Fans/light fixtures. New water equip. New drain fields.$225,0001-866-657-2300 800LE038280. LEHIGH ACRES Newer 2012 Built 2 Story Home3/3 in San Carlos Park and conveniently located near good schools, FGCU, tennis courts, community center w/pool.$219,9501-866-657-2300 800CC032788. FORT MYERS Lakefront Condo Includes GolfWatch sunsets while looking at lake and golf course. Third floor, 2/2 is in Naples Heritage.$219,0001-866-657-2300 800NA037160. NAPLES


Cal -2300 7 6-65l 86 THINKINREN OUR Y YO CENTU SUNBEL AL DE RENT TA WITH RLOOKIN HOMES NG ABOUTNTINGHOME? Y21 UR RY HAS A T L LT TMENT AR RT EP PA RENTERS NG FOR S NOW!G! UR SHOWING CALL 866-657-2300 TO SCHEDULE YOU 3 Bed 2 .5 Bath Townhome Reflection LakesPreserve the deer as you sip morning coffee. Gated community with awesome clubhouse and amenities.$215,0001-866-657-2300 800NA038124. NAPLES Top Floor 2/2/1 Lake View Condo in Kelly GreensGreat condo turnkey furnished with many extras and upgrades ready to live in!$215,0001-866-657-2300 800FM032122. FORT MYERS Golfers DreamGolfers Dream-location-location beautiful 3B home just under 1800 sq ft, upgraded laminate, tile floors carpet in bedrooms.$214,9001-866-657-2300 800LE037906. LEHIGH ACRES Beautiful 2/2 Condo in Bermuda ParkSpacious living and dining area with high ceilings, open kitchen with breakfast bar and pantry and large bedrooms.$214,9001-866-657-2300 800BS015416. BONITA SPRINGS Large 4 Bed Home on 1/2 Acre Awaits YouThis oversized home sits on a quiet 1/2 acre lot in well kept neighborhood. All bedrooms are located on top floor.$204,9991-866-657-2300 800LE013962. LEHIGH ACRES 3/2 Single Family Pool HomeLocated on corner lot. Well maintained. Flower garden entertainment sized home! plus oversized garage with work bench.$199,9001-866-657-2300 800CH225593. PUNTA GORDA SE Cape Coral Pool Home3 bed, 2 bath, 2-car garage, private screened lanai with pool, gorgeous tile floors, great room, very desirable.$199,9001-866-657-2300 800CC043316. CAPE CORAL Waterfront Home with Pool2/1 Waterfront home with spa pool. Screened patio area. Small but nice with room to expand.$199,9001-866-657-2300 800CH223512. PORT CHARLOTTE 2 Story 3/2.5/2 HomeSpacious two story 3/2.5/2. Living, formal dining & large. fam. rm. Open kitchen w/center island. French doors to covered porch.$195,0001-866-657-2300 800LE015150. LEHIGH ACRES Incredible Opportunity To Own In SandovalGorgeous lakefront unit on the 1st floor. 2/2 with 1 car garage. Many award winning amenities.$195,0001-866-657-2300 800CC028320. CAPE CORAL Spacious 4/2/2 NE CapeSpacious 4 bedroom home with den located in NE Cape Coral. Over 2,300 sqft of living area. Fenced yard!$185,9001-866-657-2300 800CC019687. CAPE CORAL Gated Community, 2 Car GarageBeautifully maintained condo with 2 car garage, 2 bedrooms, in quiet gated community. Back faces East so you can enjoy.$184,0001-866-657-2300 800FM034591. FORT MYERS Whiskey CreekLarger villa with 2 bed/2 bath/2 car garage + family room + Florida room! Just a couple of the features.$180,0001-866-657-2300 800FM034196. FORT MYERS Updated InteriorWith a wide canal bordering the property, you can be "waterfront" without actually paying waterfront property prices.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800LE041438. FORT MYERS SW Cape CoralWell maintained 3 bedroom, two bath, 2 garage home centrally located. Utilities are in and all assessments paid.$179,0001-866-657-2300 800FM040332. CAPE CORAL 3/2 Single Family Pool Home in Port CharlotteLarge 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage pool home. exterior door to the pool area, small picket fence and utility fence.$169,9001-866-657-2300 800CH226212. PORT CHARLOTTE Great Buy! Well Maintained 3/2!Close to Downtown Cape Coral. In a well established neighborhood! 13X39 Enclosed lanai. Assessments paid!Room for pool!$165,0001-866-657-2300 800CC043958. CAPE CORAL South Ft. Myers BeautyDesirable South Ft. Myers location. Lovely single family home with lots of room.$164,5001-866-657-2300 800FM021508. FORT MYERS Whiskey Creek VillaOver 55? You are in luck! 2 bed/2 bath/1 car garage in section 4 of Whiskey Creek Village Green!$149,9001-866-657-2300 800FM041220. FORT MYERS 3/2/2 Home Located in E LehighThis First Home Builders home offers open floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den, 2 car garage and screened lanai.$142,5001-866-657-2300 800LE040813. LEHIGH ACRES 2/2 Condo With Golf Course ViewGround floor unit w/screened lanai. Great view of fairway. Furniture negotiable.$142,0001-866-657-2300 800NA011204. NAPLES Cape Coral 55+ CondoWaterfront 2/2 end unit, 55+ adult community w/pool, covered parking, dock avail, easy gulf access, new a/c.$139,9001-866-657-2300 800CC038013. CAPE CORAL

PAGE 92 Southwest FloridaSignature Collection A SELECTION OF EXEMPLARY HOMES. Call 866.657.2300 A NAME YOU CAN TRUST TO SELL YOUR HOMEBARBARA M. WATT FOUNDED CENTURY 21 SUNBELT REALTY IN 1984BARBARA M. WATTWWW.C21SUNBELT.COM Gulf Access Cape CondoBeautiful first floor, 2/2 condo in Baruna Bay. Area pool, boat dock, and extra storage.$138,9001-866-657-2300 800CC019721. CAPE CORAL Spacious TownhomeSandalwood Estates is centrally located and close to restaurants, beaches, Rutenberg Park, schools and shopping.$136,0001-866-657-2300 800FM042964. FORT MYERS Cozy 3 Bed w/2 Car Garage on a Quiet StreetThis home awaits its new owners. Sitting on a 1/4 acre lot surrounded by nature is this cozy home Open living space.$124,0001-866-657-2300 800LE019428. LEHIGH ACRES Fairway Gardens In LelyCome check out this perfectly situated, 1st floor unit just footsteps away from the pool and the Hibiscus Golf Course.$122,0001-866-657-2300 800BS017315. NAPLES 3/1/1 Family Home3 bedroom one bath well maintained family home in Port Charlotte! Upgraded electric, new roof and screened in carport.$98,5001-866-657-2300 800CH226931. PORT CHARLOTTE Well Maintained 55+ CommunityGreat location! 4/2 double wide manufactured home in Cape Sable Lakes. Large living room, full size laundry, ramp.$85,0001-866-657-2300 800NA063544. NAPLES Fort Myers VillaRarely available home in New Approach a very conveniently located 55+ condo complex.$79,0001-866-657-2300 800FM044419. FORT MYERS Winkler Ave Area CondoFreshly painted 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in a convenient area close to the corner of Winkler and Metro.$64,9001-866-657-2300 800FM003985. FORT MYERS Luxurious EstateBreathtaking 4 bedroom 6 bath gulf access custom built estate home with 7000 sqft. Schedule your private showing today!$1,549,5001-866-657-2300 800CC032693. CAPE CORAL Old Florida Country SettingOld Florida country setting. 7+ Acres that is perfect for horses and other animals. Ponds, Barns, fully irrigated property.$850,0001-866-657-2300 800FM015632. FORT MYERS Eternity Canal With Wide Basin ViewsGulf access, heated pool and spa, massive greatroom, 3127 sqft. 4 bed, office, 3.5 baths, gourmet kitchen. Immaculate.$815,0001-866-657-2300 800CC030863. CAPE CORAL Riverfront Equestrian EstateLocated on the Orange River with 2 homes, barn, dressage facilities with the equestrian in mind. You will fall in love!$799,9991-866-657-2300 800FM031273. FORT MYERS Gorgeous 4+Den 3 Bath 3 Car GarageSpacious custom pool home 4 bed+den 3.5 baths 3 car garage canal gulf access.$799,9001-866-657-2300 800FM015780. CAPE CORAL Park & FlyFly home to Buckingham.$724,9901-866-657-2300 800FM008100. FORT MYERS Gorgeous Direct Gulf Access3/3/3 with stunning lagoon style pool and a huge dock. Perfect for waterfront entertaining!$699,9001-866-657-2300 800CC033439. CAPE CORAL Tropical Paradise on Edgewater Lake2 bed 2 bath, 200' of lake front, with access to Charlotte Harbor. Located on a cul-de-sac.$650,0001-866-657-2300 800CH216378. PORT CHARLOTTE 10 Acres Of Country Charm!This beautiful property and old Florida style home is perfect for horse lovers and gentleman farmers.$649,9991-866-657-2300 800CC028751. FORT MYERS Unit 64 Direct Sailboat Access Pool HomeEastern exposure, direct sailboat access pool home in Unit 64 absolutely move in ready!$599,9991-866-657-2300 800CC039188. CAPE CORAL Gorgeous Pool Home with Gulf AccessSpacious 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home on canal comes with all the bells and whistles! Complete privacy with an electric gate.$566,0001-866-657-2300 800BS052957. BONITA SPRINGS Exceptional Pool Home-Very Quick Gulf AccessLocated on the Ceitus canal and near a large basin nearby that increases your water view. Expensive upscale feature.$557,5001-866-657-2300 800CC037695. CAPE CORAL