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Summer drivingTen things to help take the heat out of being on the road. A10 Summer farmingLocal growers find the seasons rhythm. B1 Coming soonWhat to watch for on stage throughout Southwest Florida for the 2016-17 season. C1 Fine young athletesThe annual FCA banquet, and more to-dos around town. C22-23 Vol. VIII, No. 28 FREEWEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 INSIDE OPINION A4 PROFILE IN PARADISE A6 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A16 CLUB NOTES A18 BUSINESS MEETINGS B6 NETWORKING B7, B10 HOUSE HUNTING B11 OPEN HOUSE MAP B14 THEATER REVIEW C10 PUZZLES C12 FILM REVIEW C15 SAVE THE DATE C20 201 6 B ES T Heres to the to the people, people, places places and things and things that make that make Southwest Southwest Florida Florida so special so special INSIDE: D1 PHOTO ILLUSTRATION ERIC RADDATZ / FLORIDA WEEKLY Florida panthers favorite foods include whitetailed deer and wild hog, but theyve also been known to feed on livestock and even pets now and then, including two Chihuahuas this year in a Collier County neighborhood that borders prime panther habitat. State wildlife officials point to such instances as part of an increasing number of human-panther conflicts in a push to scale back their role in panther recovery goals set under the federal Endangered Species Act, saying those are outdated and unrealistic. Officials consider less-ambitious Florida panther recovery goalsBY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ COURTESY FLORIDA FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION The Florida panther is an endangered and protected species currently.SEE PANTHER, A14


A2 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 7200 Trail Boulevard, Naples, (239) 598-3330 | Other locations in Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs and Pinellas Park | roger COMMENTARYGet us some DelbertThey called Shakespeare the bard, but he wasnt the only one who put the hammer of thinking to the anvil of living to make art that can burn holes in the night with its luster. No, sir. I learned that again this week on the telephone with Delbert McClinton, the Texas-born singer-songwriter and member of the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame. Now an unrepentant 75, hell be rolling into the Buckingham Blues Bar (The Buck) in east Lee County for a near-impromptu performance on Saturday night. Mr. McClinton is a bard in his own right, and he can likely sing with a lot more caterwauling authority than Willy boy might have. Im not the only one who thinks so. Equipped with guitar, harmonica or piano and a voice tuned like a Bukowski poem to the gritty splendor of the road, the artists songs eclectic, insightful, covering the four bases of rock, country, blues and soul reflect the complexity of the American heart, Doug Molloy told me. You might have seen Delbert with Bonnie Raitt or on Austin City Limits or with Dave Letterman or winning a Grammy or a lot of other places, but hes more than that, as both Mr. Molloy, a former federal prosecutor and singer, and Tommy Lee Cook owner of the Buck and a rocking bluesman himself know. Hes the greatest, multi-genre artist on the planet, insists Mr. Cook. Delbert does it all. Soul, blues, country, sexy, funny; he writes it all and has a voice beyond compare. Hes the biggest influence on my music for the last 35 years. I have dreamed of having him at The Buck for 15 years, and dreams do come true after all. Like Mr. Cook, Mr. Molloy or me, people listen to Delbert McClinton not just to understand the complex American heart, but to see it at its best and worst, its funniest and bravest, or its most forlorn and lost and to feel good doing it. In effect, Mr. McClinton is the American bard of the beer hall, a natural-born storyteller whose lyrics can carry wit, humor and pathos in the same breath. My parents were proud but they worried about me, he remembers. If you had a son who played in beer halls five nights and in places that closed after them three of those nights, you might worry, too. Musically speaking, he was born on the countertop of an all-night diner. And hes still running out a history that didnt just start in 1961 or 2, when he famously taught John Lennon how to play a decent 10-hole harp. Instead, it started in 1951 in Sweetwater, Texas, a road bump on Highway 20 west of Abilene, when Delbert was 11 years old. It was his Uncle Earl who did it, he told me. I was visiting my aunt and uncle and my favorite cousin Walter, and I was out there in the backyard singing, Hey, Good Lookin. My Uncle Earl was a hard guy he drank and he was mean. He come runnin out the back door and he said, Whos that singin? Theres a pause as Mr. McClinton remembers what happened. It was me, I told him. Well, that was real good, he said. Uncle Earl was a milkman who delivered door to door, and Walter and Delbert helped him for 50 cents a day. When Earls shift ended at 3 a.m. the next morning, he took the boys into the diner where all the men sat drinking coffee, propped Delbert up on the countertop, and told him to sing Hey, Good Lookin. Fortunately for us these 65 years later, and probably for him at that moment, he did what he was told. I got to realize then, when I was a kid, that singing was more than just fun. It calms the beast. His songs will make you want to fight or love, dance, laugh or weep without whining the hat trick in contemporary blues and country music. Its always been that way. By the time he met John Lennon, hed been fronting a Texas band that backed up the likes of Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin Wolf, Lightin Hopkins and Jimmy Reed, the great black American bluesmen. Sure, the nation had Brown vs. the Topeka Board of Education in those days. It had Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Martin Luther King Jr. But it also had Delbert McClinton and other men and women like him, white artists so compelled by the heart of the music that they never saw the color of its often-black skin. You can hear all that come Saturday night, if youre of a mind to. And in that music youll hear some of what he told me by phone, too. Because I asked or he offered. On how to get old: Well, you gotta have something to live for, man could be anything. For me its music, and Ill play until I cant. On the rise in suicides among older white males: I understand because Ive seen it happen to people. Sometimes they hang on to some kind of f----ing ideology until theyre old, until they realize its barren. Then theyre standing in the wilderness naked and lost. On the beer-hall Americans, the tough, merry crowds hes played for through six decades: Im not disappointed in them, no, not at all. Im disappointed in humanity itself. Were doing such a lousy job in most of the world. Im not sure that thats not the way its supposed to be. Maybe well start over by our own hand. But when we do, lets get us some Delbert and take it into the beautiful new world.


A4 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsEric Bretan Karen Feldman Artis Henderson Jerry Greenfield Lindsey Nesmith Athena Ponushis Nancy Stetson Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren Tim Gibbons Bernadette La Paglia Vandy Major Charlie McDonald Bob Raymond Ivan Seligman Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatzeraddatz@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Alisa Bowman Amy Grau Paul Heinrich Meg Roloff Scott Sleeper Circulation ManagerCameo Hinman chinman@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryan Cori Higgins Adam Schonberg aschonberg@floridaweekly.comSales and Marketing AssistantAja GarrisonBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2016 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state OPINIONA $20 debtIn a pluralistic society, if you want to trash or otherwise discredit language, law, policy or behavioral protocols commonly adopted to avoid offending a particular tribe, you label it as oh, so politically correct. Said with derision and irony, it is an easy way to mock, undermine and discount cultural manifestations believed to be evidence of society trying too hard to do the right thing. For example, you might say an overdose of political correctness is using inclusive language to acknowledge roles and responsibilities that are no longer gender-specific using chairperson vs. chairman; or firefighter instead of fireman, for example. For some, the nicety is a trivial distinction not worth making; but, for others, not so much. If you happen to be the one the argument is about, you may feel you are rendered invisible by a failure to acknowledge difference as fundamental to the human experience; and therefore important to consider in matters of law, policy and social equality. According to multiple sources, the use of political correctness gained popularity among conservatives in the mid-1980s to do a hatchet job on liberalism. It was a convenient way to discredit the imagined excess of leftist politicians making too nice. Conservatives took to the tactic so well the term was rarely associated with the left calling out the right using a reversal of political reasoning. Defenders of liberalism took exception to the rights sneer tactics, accusing it of trying to sabotage voters attention to the inequality and discrimination stemming from differences of race, class, and/or gender. From the lefts point of view, the right was expanding its appeal to ultraconservatives by championing toxic attitudes and threatening behaviors. Polly Toynbee, a journalist for The Guardian, wrote that the right gave permission to and provided a coded cover for all who still want to say out loud Paki, spastic or queer, and, more to the point, to get away with it. Decades later, the tactic is still in use and the conservatives politically correct hit list longer and more insistent. It includes progressive laws and policies that challenge discrimination against immigrants, women, undocumented immigrants, Muslims, and gay and transgender people, for example. Of the conservatives who deftly practice this dark art, none is better than Donald Trump. His presidential campaign to win the 2016 Republican nomination is premised on attacking as politically correct the entirety of moral, ethical and political constraints imposed by principled, democratic values. For him, there is nothing aspirational about being politically correct as an expression of Americans simply trying to be better than we are. Trump is thus free to unfetter a torrent of bad behavior unprecedented in a modern presidential candidate. He is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobe and world-class Pinocchio, the most outrageous, politically incorrect candidate of them all. The more offensive, angry and nonpresidential he behaves, the greater his popularity. Its a bad omen for civil society. So, I should not have been surprised at Trumps reaction to the announcement by the U.S. Treasury secretary that the Treasury will replace past president and slaveholder Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman, former slave and abolitionist, on the front of the $20 bill. However, Jacksons silvery locks wont disappear altogether. He will still appear, but on the back of the bill. You would think, if there is one thing that really is politically correct in a nice, laudatory, noncontroversial way, it is honoring Tubman, the first woman in a century, and the first African-American of either gender, to ever appear on a paper greenback. But kiss my grits, the conservative response defaulted to the accusation of political correctness faster than you can say The Battle of New Orleans. I had forgotten: In retaliation for Frances opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq, French fries became Freedom fries on the menus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Conservatives took a hard line on their own version of political correctness and rabidly enforced it to de-legitimize opposition to the war, even unto fried potatoes. Trump stuck to the old conservative playbook but played the part magnanimously. He said it was pure political correctness to put Tubman on the front of the $20 bill. He added, I think Harriet Tubman is fantastic, I would love to I would love to leave Andrew Jackson and see if we can maybe come up with another denomination. Maybe we do the $2 bill or we do another bill. His response struck me as woefully and sadly dismissive, spoken like a plantation owner who would free his slaves if he only could. But he cant. The plantation would go to ruin. He says he might be willing to take ol black granny out of the fields, relieve her from picking cotton, and bring her into the Big House to do household chores, such as polishing Gen. Jacksons boots. Once again, Massa has no clue. Harriet Tubman is a force to be reckoned with. She has come to collect her due. Leslie Lilly is a native Floridian. Her professional career spans more than 25 years leading major philanthropic institutions in the South and Appalachia. She writes frequently on issues of politics, public policy and philanthropy, earning national recognition for her leadership in the charitable sector. She resides with her family and pugs in Jupiter. Email her at llilly@ and read past blog posts on Tumblr at rich LOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly t t i G m f Tubman should grace the $20 billHarriet Tubman was literally a freedom fighter. The Moses of the Underground Railroad liberated herself and dozens of others from slavery over the years in a biopic-worthy life of bravery and idealism. She has now been selected to eventually replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, bumping him to the back in the worst defeat for Old Hickory since John Quincy Adams stole the presidency from him in 1824. The political imperative at work here is obvious find a woman, preferably a minority, to downgrade one of the dead white males domina ting the curr ency. But the images on the nations currency arent set in stone, and tastes change. Surely some fans of Grover Cleveland were rubbed the wrong way when Jackson supplanted him on the $20 in 1928 (Cleveland himself, improbably, replaced George Washington). And Tubman is inarguably an exemplary figure. She escaped from a Maryland plantation in 1849, walking some 90 miles to her freedom. Tubmans story has been repeated to generations of schoolchildren and is so well-worn she was guided by the North Star and aided by the Underground Railroad that it is easy to forget the terror and pathos of it. Tubman knew the brutality of slavery. As a young woman, she had been grievously injured by a metal weight thrown by an overseer. She left her family behind when she set out for the North. Then she repeatedly returned in trips to save family members and others. The missions were hazardous (she carried a pistol) and sometimes involved near-escapes. During the Civil War, she served as a nurse and a scout, and in later years, she was a suffragist. That said, Tubman is obviously no match for the founders and presidents on the currency now. But if power and influence are the only metric, how do you recognize the contribution of all those who were made deliberately powerless? Tubman is properly understood as a symbol of all the nameless persons held in bondage in early America and of our countrys greatest reform movement, abolitionism. Meanwhile, Andrew Jackson shouldnt be relegated to the ash heap of history. Despite his flaws (he was a slave owner who causally disregarded the humanity of American Indians), he is a formidable American figure who, as a general, won the War of 1812 and, as president, firmly defended the Union from nascent Southern secessionism. If the standards of the 21st century are to be retroactively applied to every significant figure of our past, few will pass the test. One of the ironies of American slavery is that it made clear self-evident, one might say to those suffering under it the deep truth of the natural rights that undergird the American experiment. Tubman recalled thinking prior to her escape, Theres two things Ive got a right to, and these are, Death or Liberty one or the other I mean to have. Is it possible to utter a more American sentiment? In an era of ethnic and gender bean counting, everyone wants to keep score, but Harriet Tubman belongs to all of us. She wont just appear on the twenty, but grace it. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.


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A6 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Call or stop by The Arlington today! 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A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C C o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p p o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r i i i i i i i i i i i i n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v i i i i i i i i i i i b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b r r r r r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n n n n n t t t t t t t t t t t t t t , , he Arlington of Naples is now ready for you. e celebration has begun. New neighbors are moving into beautifully designed villas and apartment residences. A growing community has already made this smart choice. With assurance for tomorrow, we are maximizing today every day eres still time...T btn f rr bt. ROOTED IN NAPLESWhat summer camps should really offer The school year is ending soon but not soon enough! To get to that blessed day when we take a break from fighting about packed lunches, we parents still need to clear the hurdle of choosing summer camps. Which enriching experience will keep my special snowflake from melting into a lethargic, cranky, person-shaped puddle by mid-July? The truly cool ones will take a bite out of your wallet, while the inexpensive ones are just loosely organized holding pens with different faces and places for kids to complain about. Guess which ones we typically choose? As a prelude to summer, heres an imaginary list of camps that would truly benefit kids and ensure they grow up in their parents image, which is all we want to see at college graduation anyway. Enjoy! Social Media Camp No, this is not a place where your kids can learn about Internet safety and privacy. Its about choosing content (with appropriate blocks in place!) that wont want to make their parents throw the laptop against the wall. I swear to Beyonce if I have to hear Cookie Swirl C giggle about unboxing Shopkins again Ill have to up my Xanax dosage. No one is that happy about anything. Use your allotted Internet time wisely kids, before you lose it. Foraging for Beginners Apparently kids need to be fed. Constantly. I reached middle school before I was able to fashion a lunch out of stale Cheez-its and old Halloween candy, and Ive considered it a valuable skill ever since. I think my mom appreciated that I could feed myself something rather than demand she fight her way to Publix at the first sign of a dwindling pantry. Why cant we teach first graders how to throw some black olives and a stray oatmeal packet in a dish and enjoy it until we get to the grocery store? Nineties Alternative Immersion Camp Is KidzBop killing you? When our parents saw Marilyn Manson leering out the television screen, they probably felt the way I do when I hear Love Me Harder sung by a middle schooler but at least the man had a unique point of view. The vapidity and latent misogyny of contemporary pop just makes me weep for humanity. Could you imagine something like Pearl Jams Better Man on the radio today? Enforce an appreciation of musical depth using distorted guitar and existential angst. Theyll thank you later. Basic Home Maintenance Camp Who doesnt love mulching? When your children safely arrive in the middle class 20 years from now, you will have spared them the outrage of repeated trips to Home Depot for the correct door measurements. Its never too early to learn the measure twice, cut once rule, but it can be too late. I have the useless blinds in the garage to prove it. Persuasive Whining Camp Forget what your parents said about attracting more flies with honey. Adults should know the truer adage is that squeaky wheels get the grease. Kids will be far more prepared for the workforce when they get a handle on those horrific vocal tics (pleeeeeeaaasssee, you never let meeeeee ) and use that bad habit to their advantage. Drama queens frequently prosper, so put them on the path to success by adding some finesse to their incessant whining. Lets face it: Youll be subjected to plenty of face time with the kids in your dotage and youll want a caretaker who knows who DArcy is. Dont let the opportunity to create the perfect companion escape by enrolling them in horseback riding. What use is that to you? Lindsey Nesmith is currently researching adult summer camps that specialize in boozy Capture the Flag tournaments because thats where the real fun lives.


Life is a Journey,Let itBegin Here. Areas of study include: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Business and Technology Education Health Professions Pure and Applied Sciences programs available Small class sizes On-campus housing Thriving student life and athletics Guaranteed admission to one an AA degree Affordable tuition Established 1962 800-749-2322 Fort Myers Naples Punta Gorda LaBelle Florida SouthWestern State College is an equal access, equal opportunity organization. Apply Now!


A8 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 90 Cypress Way East #20 Naples FL (Across From Sams Club) 239-596-5771 Insurance Processing Early Morning Appointments POSITIVELY GREAT SEMINARSPlease RSVP to 239-348-4180. DIABETES EDUCATION & SUPPORTOur diabetes education classes and support groups offer you an opportunity to learn how to prevent or delay the progression of diabetes 6101 Pine Ridge Road Physicians Dining Room (Please check in at Desk 18) Diabetes Educator BIOLOGIC THERAPIES FOR HIP, KNEE AND SHOULDER PAINJoin us for a discussion of the latest orthopedic applications for Platelet Rich Plasma, Amniotic Tissue Grafts and Stem Cell Therapies. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby OrthopedicsBARIATRIC SUPPORT GROUPLong-term weight loss requires positive changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Our support group is dedicated to those who have had, or are planning to have bariatric surgery. We welcome patients who have had bariatric surgery elsewhere.8300 Collier Blvd. Palm Dining Room Bariatric Center Coordinator RSVP required: Call Gail Ekblad at 239-354-6143 or email AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION For healthcar e pr oviders. 8300 Collier Blvd. Education Room A & B details. PERIPHERAL ARTERY DISEASE (PAD)PAD is a problem that can occur with aging. The manifestations can be masked by coexisting conditions, like arthritis. Having PAD increases your overall risk of adverse cardiac events. Dr. Perez will discuss management options for PAD.6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby CardiologyLOSE WEIGHT WITH A 15 MINUTE NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURE: GASTRIC DOUBLE BALLOONLearn how to achieve life-changing weight loss without surgery. Dr. Liberman will discuss his 15 minute outpatient, non-surgical procedure. (Results may vary)6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby General Surgeon RISK FACTORS FOR STROKE AND HOW TO MANAGE THEM May is Stroke Awareness month the perfect time to learn what the risk factors for stroke are and how you change your personal risk factors and reduce your risk of stroke. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Physicians Dining Room Stroke Center Coordinator ADVANCES IN ROBOTIC SURGERY: IMPROVED TREATMENTS FOR PROSTATE AND KIDNEY CANCERCome take the robot for a test drive! Dr. Ornstein will be doing demonstrations and discussing robotic-assisted surgery for prostatectomy and cystecotomy, and the treatment of bladder and kidney cancer. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby Urology Independent Members of the Medical Staff of Physicians Regional Healthcare System. *Members of the Allied Health Staff of Physicians Regional Healthcare System. GET OUT FOR A GOOD CAUSE New Horizons holds its seventh annual Super Kids & Super Teens golf tournament Saturday, May 7, at Worthington Country Club. Registration for $125 includes breakfast snack, lunch and prizes. Guests will enjoy a raffle, a performance of the Super Kids Choir and recognition of New Horizons Super Teens. For registration or more information, email Barry Dunleavy at or visit The Youth Leadership Committee at Make-A-Wish Foundation Southern Florida hosts a golf tournament at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort at Tiburn. Registration is $175 per person or $700 per foursome and includes a light breakfast, golf, lunch, silent auction and raffle to supply two local children with wishes. For more information or to register, call 992-9274 or email Collier County Sheriffs Office and Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 14 host the sixth annual 5K Family Fun Run & Safety Fair starting at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 14, at Golden Gate Community Center. The fair features presentations by the Crime Prevention, Aviation, Bomb Squad, K9, Mounted Patrol and SWAT bureaus from 9-11 a.m. Entry fee is a suggested $20 donation for same-day registration or $15 in advance. Proceeds will provide summer camp scholarships for at-risk youth. For more information or to register, call 455-3121 or visit Friends of Lovers Key hosts the 11th annual Lovers Key Turtle Trot 5K Run/Walk on Saturday morning, May 14. The course takes participants through the stage parks mangrove hammock and a hard-packed shell path. No part of the race is on beach sand. Awards and refreshments will be distributed at the beach pavilion. Registration is $35 for adults and $25 for kids through May 8. Same-day registration is $40. To sign up or for more information, call 463-4588 or visit Gulfcoast Runners presents the Memorial Day 5K at 7:30 a.m. Monday, May 30, at North Collier Regional Park, to benefit Special Olympics Florida-Collier County. Registration is $18 before May 18, $23 by May 29 and $25 the day of the race. Students are $12-$15. For more information or to register, visit Gulfcoast Runners presents the RunWild 5K at 7:30 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 24, at The Naples Zoo. The course starts in the parking lot and proceeds through Gordon River Greenway Park. A 1K for children follows at 8:30 a.m. The firstplace winner will be awarded a oneyear membership to The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and The Naples Zoo while secondand third-place finishers will take home guest passes to both organizations. Participants will have free entry to both all day with their race number. Pre-registration is $25 through Aug. 31, $30 through Sept. 23 and $35 the day of the event. Student registration is $12-$15. Proceeds benefit The Naples Zoo and The Conservancy. For more information or to register, visit Email items to


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NEWS A9 UPCOMING EVENTS MIROMAR OUTLETSCINCO DE MAYO CELEBRATIONThursday, May 5 from 6 to 9 p.m. at La Bamba Real Mexican Food Restaurant & Tequila Bar The celebration includes a chance to win a cruise for two to Cozumel, Mexico, Most Interesting Man in the World Competition, a Margarita Crawl and more!FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERT SERIES Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Restaurant Piazza May 6: Electric Lipstick High energy dance rock and roll May 13: The Brittany Russell Band An American high energy blues, rock, and soul bandMOTHER/DAUGHTER/GRANDDAUGHTER LOOK-ALIKE CONTESTS Saturday, May 7 Registration: 10 a.m. Contest: 11 a.m. near Bloomingdales The Outlet Store Mothers, daughters and granddaughters compete together for prizes in this annual family event. for detailsVISIT OUR NEW STORES I-75, Exit 123, Just North of Naples Look Great Spend Less Copyright 2016, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. Up To 70% Off at over 140 Top Designer and Brand Name Outlet Stores and RestaurantsVoted the Best Shopping Mall and Best Factory Outlet Mall in Southwest Florida 05040516-1230 You can help Collier Harvest fight hunger close to home SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY Saturday, May 14, marks the 24th anniversary of the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Its also the 24th anniversary of the partnership between the NALC and Collier Harvest. Bert Paradis, who had been involved with Kentucky Harvest in Louisville, wanted to continue that good work after moving to Naples. One day, while eating at Morrisons Cafeteria, he noticed the staff replaced a tray of cooked green beans with fresher ones, throwing away perfectly good food. He knew those beans could help someone in need. It was long before Collier Harvest had been established as a nonprofit organization in Collier County. At the same time, the NALC held its very first food drive. Collier Harvest volunteers were there, collecting, sorting and packing the food donations that mail carriers had collected along their routes. The food was stored in a garage owned by John Raker, one of the first Collier Harvest trustees and volunteers. In 1994, Collier Harvest moved to retail space in the old Grand Central Station strip center. The space was provided as a donation four to six months at a time, which was long enough to have the food drive and monthly food distributions during the long, hot summer months. When Grand Central Station was torn down 10 years later, the nonprofit was without a home. As a vagabond organization, the board had to find a new strip center every year to accommodate the food drive. Fortunately, someone always came forth with what was needed. In 2012, Mr. Bert Paradis donated a warehouse to serve as a permanent home for Collier Harvest. For the past 10 years, volunteers have collected between 225,000 and 260,000 pounds of food every year from the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. This food helps feed Collier Countys hungry children, families, seniors, the disabled and the unemployed. On the day of the food drive more than 200 volunteers come to the warehouse and anxiously await the arrival of the trucks filled with food. Live music keeps the energy lively, and pizza and snacks provide sustenance for the workers. Participating is easy: You can volunteer that day to help sort, separate and pack the food. You can also leave non-perishable food in a bag by your mailbox and your letter carrier will do the rest. Its a great day of giving and a great way for the community to come together and help our hungry neighbors. Collier Harvest also operates a surplus food program throughout the year, with volunteers picking up surplus food from local restaurants and grocery stores and delivering it to more than 40 food pantries and agencies that feed the hungry on a daily basis. For more information and to sign up to take part in the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, call 455-3663 or visit COURTESY PHOTOSDuring the letter carriers drive, volunteers unload the donated food from trucks, then sort it before its delivered to agencies.


A10 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY DR. BRADLEY PIOTROWSKI, DDS, MSD1044 Castello Drive, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34103239-263-6003 Periodontal FACTPeriodontal disease may be a contributing factor to: DENTAL IMPLANTS Starting at $1,495 FREE SCREENING($140 VALUE)HURRY! Offer expires 5/31/16. Call and schedule today! BEHIND THE WHEEL10 tips for getting your car ready for the heatWe love this time of year in Florida. The days are longer, the snowbirds are gone and our roads are wide open. Now we can venture out and have a little fun. So lets make sure our vehicles are up for it, too. Wash and wax It might seem like an obvious place to start, but the importance of a good wash and wax cannot be stressed enough. This is the time of year we see the greatest temperatures and the longest sun exposure. A dirty car is just begging for scratches and tiny debris embedded in the paint. Even worse is oxidization in unprotected clear coats that make what was once a shiny luster into a hazy marble finish. A thorough wash removes harmful debris, and a good wax provides a needed extra layer of protection. So this is a good place to start. Remember to do it a couple of more times over the summer months. Clean interior In the same way dirt can become embedded into the exteriors hot paint, it can also affect interior soft plastics like the dashboard. Plus, old fast food bags have a particularly offensive odor after spending a hot afternoon on the back seat floor. Check battery Heat is a huge enemy of a cars battery. Our tropical climate is a killer for the cars power source and, unfortunately, the most telltale sign of a problem with a battery is a dead one. But if a battery is more than 4 years old and/or the car starts to feel like it is taking longer to start up, be ready to replace. A small investment might prevent a large headache. Check fluids Fluids are as vital to a car as blood is to us. Make sure the heart of your car, its engine, has enough to pump and that it is free of toxins. It only takes a few minutes to check the oil and coolant. Do this when the car has cooled down, and it will prevent a catastrophe in the heat. Also, respect the gauges and warning lights; a car rarely likes running a fever. Horn Hey, its Florida. When everyone else is honking, you should be able to honk, too. Shade Finding a haven from the sunlight is worth it, even if it means parking farther away from the shops. A vehicles interior is like an oven when the car sits in the sun for hours. Not only can a hot car create problems we all hate, such as a scorching seat belt, but also it can accelerate deterioration on many interior components. In places with no shade, its easy to make some with a collapsible sunshade. This is a simple answer that costs less than $10 at most retail stores. Avoid steering wheel covers, however, because over time some can slip during driving. Window tint Its not just for limos anymore. Anyone who has outdoor parking for home and/or work will find an immediate cooling effect even from a mild window tinting. Crack a window More than just shade, ventilation is an automotive interior lifesaver. Of course, were also in the season where a rainstorm can dump a buckets worth of water at a moments notice. One solution is a vent visor that runs along the top edge of a side window and provides a secure lip of protection. Like a little window awning, it lets fresh air pass through the car but keeps water out. Windshield wipers Intense and spontaneous rainstorms happen any time of day around these parts, but especially toward late afternoon when so many of us are on the road headed home from work. Now is the time to remember to keep the first line of defense strong by replacing your windshield wipers. Recharge A/C It used to be that an air-conditioning failure was an expensive problem. It still can be, but most cars built from the early 1990s forward utilize a refrigerant called R-134a. Often weak A/C is just a lack of this gas. Many retail and auto-parts stores sell an at-home recharge kit for $30 or less. I know all of these tips wont be new to everyone, but my hope is that everyone reading this learns a new car care suggestion or two, and then makes a couple of improvements that will add to the life of his/her car. Its just us down here for the summer, so were all in it together.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 A11 Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of the date of publication. Rates are subject to change without notice. Offer expi res May 31, 2016 and only applies to new Personal Money Market and Personal High Yield Money Market accounts opened with a minimum of $10,000. 1. Ad vertised rate is good for the initial four (4) months from account opening. Afterward the rate will change to the prevailing rate for these acco unts at that time, which as of today is as follows: (a) For Personal Money Markets balances of $0.00 $9,999.99 earns 1.20% APY; balances of $10,000.00 $24,999.99 earns 1.20% APY; balances of $25,000.00 and over earns 1.20% APY. (b) For Personal High Yield Money Markets with balances of $0 .00 $9,999.99 earns 1.20% APY; balances of $10,000.00 $24,999.99 earns 1.20% APY; balances of $25,000.00 $99,999.99 earns 1.20% APY; bala nces of $100,000.00 $499,999.99 earns 1.20% APY and balances of $500,000.00 and over earns 1.20% APY. Fees may reduce earnings. Money Market Accounts are governed by Federal Regulations which limit the number of certain types of transactions. You are permitted no more than six (6) transfers and withdrawals, or a combination of such to your other accounts or to a third party per month or statement cycle. Excessive transaction fee of $5 will be assessed for each transaction in excess of six (6) during a month. 3621 0416 ARE YOU BETTING ON THE RIGHT BANK? 1.20% APY 1 Personal and Personal High Yield Money MarketMinimum Deposit $10,000 of New Funds M Minimum Dep $ $10,000 of New Funds Promotional rate guaranteed for 4 months on all tiers. Expires May 31st, 2016. 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Oer good for new patients 55 years of age and older. Valid with participating insurance plans. Some restrictions apply.FREE Exam Available at ese Locations: Cape Coral East Fort Myers Labelle North Fort Myers Port CharlotteAppointment Times are LimitedCall Today!Expires 4/30/16 FREECondential Cost Comparison for Cataract Surgery World Renowned Cataract Surgeon David C. Brown, M.D., F.A.C.S. I bet you wish your r r e e s tl e e s s s s s s s l l l e e e g g g g g s s s s s s I betyouwishyour r r e e s s t l l e e s s s s l l e e g g s s d d i d n t k e e p p y y ou u p p p p p a a a l l l l n n n n i i g g g g h h h h h h t t t t ! ! ! 2 39-694-VEI N ( 8346 ) w e k n o w v e i n s c o m f a ce book .c om /w ek no wv ei ns Joseph G. Magnant, MD, FACS, RPVI Vascular Surgeon & Vein ExpertCant make it in? Take your free, virtual vein consult now at: the privacy and comfort of your home 24/7, 365! treatment that is per f ormed as a result o f and within 72 hours o f responding to to advertisement f or the f ree, discounted f ee, or reduced f ee service, examination, or treatment. F ree Screen i n g s In Ma y T uesday, May 10t h f rom 3-5 pm 1 510 Ro y a l Pa l m S q uare Bou l evar d S uite 101 F ort M y ers, Florid a Thursday, May 19th f rom 3-5 pm 3359 Woo d s E dg e Circ l e Suite 102 Bonita Springs, Florid a M ar k Your Ca l en d ars & Reserve Your S p ot To d a y !Traffic deputies are on the roadHeres where Collier County Sheriffs Office traffic-enforcement deputies will be the week of May 9-13: Monday, May 9 Bayshore Drive and Botanical Place Circle: Speeding Immokalee Road and Juliet Boulevard: Red-light running 18th Avenue N.E. and Desoto Boulevard North: Speeding Tuesday, May 10 U.S 41 East and Collier Boulevard: Aggressive driving Rattlesnake Hammock Road and Saint Andrews Boulevard: Aggressive driving Shadowlawn Drive at Shadowlawn Elementary: Speeding Wednesday, May 11 Goodlette-Frank Road and Orange Blossom Drive: Aggressive driving Vanderbilt Beach Road and U.S. 41 North: Aggressive driving Airport-Pulling Road and U.S. 41 East: Speeding Thursday, May 12 Livingston and Pine Ridge roads: Red-light running Sunshine Boulevard and Golden Gate Parkway: Speeding Radio Road and Industrial Boulevard: Speeding Friday, May 13 Old 41 Road and U.S. 41 North: Speeding Immokalee and Oil Well roads: Speeding Collier Boulevard and Tuscany Cove Drive: Speeding Tune up your driving skills at AARP classAARP offers classes to help older drivers learn about new traffic laws, refresh their driving skills and reduce their risk for tickets and accidents. Drivers over age 55 might be eligible for a discount on auto insurance. Cost is $15 for AARP members, $20 for others. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the number listed with the session you wish to attend. Heres whats coming up where: Thursday, May 12: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at St. Williams Ministry Center, 750 Seagate Drive, Naples; 732-5310. Thursday, May 19: 9 to 3:30 p.m. at Marco Island Lutheran Church, 525 Collier Blvd., Marco Island; (734) 968-3105 to register.






A14 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY LARGEST SELECTION OF MARINE PARTS IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA 989 S. AIRPORT PULLING ROAD NAPLES 1156 N. TAMIAMI TRAIL N. FT. MYERS 15600 SAN CARLOS BLVD. FORT MYERS 4694 TAMIAMI TRAILPORT CHARLOTTE239-793-5800239-997-5777239-437-7475941-766-1044 MARINEtrading post Serving Southwest Florida since 1985 Dont See What You Need? Call Us And Save! Visit Our Online Store At Marinetradingpost.Com FIBERGLASS POLYESTER LAMINATING RESINQuart 95 $ 12Gallon 48 $ 31Pail 00 $ 139 BEST Prices! BEST Selection! D LARGEST SELECTION OF TRAILER PARTS & FIBERGLASS SUPPLIES IN THE AREA!! OUR NAPLES LOCATION HAS MOVED ESTEY AVENUE DAVIS BOULEVARDAIRPORT PULLING ROAD S S SHADOWLAWN PINE STREET BROOKSIDE DR.Our New Locationold location $ 34.95 Dock Guard 10FT Length Sierra 18-7928 RANCOR REPLACEMENT B32013 $ 23.95Compare to $39.95 Stainless Steel 30oz Tumbler ALL LOCATIONS OPEN SUNDAYS 9-3 DEKA MARINE Master BatteriesStarting at... $ 69.00 a a M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M a M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M a M a 95 $ 44List price...$64.99Our price... 95 $ 11 95 $ 12 BATTERY BOXES 24 Series UNI-90651 27 Series UNI-90671Biologists estimate there are 100 to 180 Florida panthers left in the wild, a single breeding population hemmed in by years of development into a southwest corner of the state south of the Caloosahatchee River: primarily Collier County, as well as Monroe, Hendry and parts of Lee County. Federal criteria for consideration to remove panthers from the endangered species list calls for three separate populations of at least 240 cats, including in central or north Florida, and possibly other southeastern states. I would agree with that statement, its more aspirational than realistic, said Aliese Priddy, vice chairwoman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and owner of JB Ranch near Immokalee, which sits on 9,300 acres in panther territory. Ms. Priddy estimates that she loses as much as 10 percent of her calves to panthers. Last year, she helped draft an FWC statement that touted panther recovery efforts as already resulting in major successes and shifting the focus to panther management instead of recovery. Twenty years ago, this subspecies of Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) was nearly extinct. Wildlife experts believe there were fewer than 30 left in the wild. In 1995, female Texas cougars were introduced into the population to help increase genetic diversity and reproduction. It worked relatively well. But even with only a few hundred cats or less, that has led to more conflict with humans, including now-record numbers of panthers being hit and killed on the road. More panthers were killed in April than ever before in a single month. Through April 29, nine had died, all but two killed along Southwest Florida highways and roads. There is no record of a panther ever attacking a person. Panther recovery has been successful in that it brought them back from the very brink of extinction, said Jennifer Hecker, director of natural resource policy for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. But now were concerned about the fate of the panther because even though they have increased, the deaths are far outpacing the documented births. We know that a lot of kittens dont survive to adulthood naturally, and were seeing these road mortalities climb steeply. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has the final say on panther recovery criteria. The national agency, along with the FWC and representatives of the National Park Service, private interests including ranchers, landholders and conservationists, will soon review new science including panther population modeling as they consider revising the definition of a successful panther recovery, said Kipp Frohlich, deputy director with the FWCs Division of Habitat and Species Conservation. The current criteria for panther recovery was created in 2008, Mr. Frohlich said, and is in some ways outdated. Mr. Frohlich, as well as a spokesman for the USFWS, declined to provide more information about how the group might change panther recovery criteria, since it has yet to meet. Ms. Priddy suggested there is not enough undeveloped land left to accommodate two more panther populations as current federal criteria requires. In that case, she said, the questions are: Do we just say were never going to achieve it? Do we say weve done a great job where we are, lets just focus on keeping what we have? Meanwhile, conservationists say housing and other development continues to be the greatest threat to panthers shrinking habitat. Ranches and privately held land such as Ms. Priddys provide valuable natural territory for panthers, keeping the large open spaces they need to roam and reproduce intact along with public areas such as the Big Cypress National Preserve and Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge. The state and others are considering ways to financially compensate ranchers for providing land and a food source that helps protect an endangered species. The Seminole Tribe raises cattle on thousands of acres in South Florida, both in and outside of panther terrain. Alex Johns, the Seminoles natural resource director, said that 8 to 10 percent calf loss is normal, while on a portion of the ranch next to prime panther habitat in Big Cypress Preserve, 22 percent of calves are lost. He attributes the difference mostly to panthers, as well as bears, coyotes and other animals. There is an economic loss to us, Mr. Johns said. But there again, the panther was there first so we understand and accept it. But he adds, If it has an economic impact on private landholders, the panther is going to be looked at in a negative light. And thats not necessarily good for the panther. Conservationists, they have to understand the (panther) population is increasing because the private landholder accommodates the panther by keeping the habitat intact. And theyre providing a food source Without us thered be condominiums and houses and there would be no habitat. As Floridas population continues to grow, many private landowners have a strong financial incentive to sell land to developers. I think its fair to say that most private land in Florida is under some level of development threat, said David Shindle, Florida panther coordinator for the USFWS and a biologist who has worked with panthers since 1998. For instance, a proposal initiated by some of the areas largest and most powerful landholders is aiming for development on about 45,000 acres of panther habitat in Collier County. Those include FWC commissioner Ms. Priddys JB Ranch as well as Alico Inc., Barron Collier Investments and Collier Enterprises Management, Consolidated Citrus Limited Partnership, Heller Bros. Packing Corp. and others. The proposal is called the Eastern Collier Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan. It includes an incidental take permit primarily to allow for the displacement of panthers and other endangered or threatened species that get in the way of developments. But the permit also overrides Endangered Species Act protections that define take as to harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct. Conservation groups and other stakeholders plan to work with the landholders over the course of the next year and a half or more to finalize plans. The landowners have submitted a draft that has many shortcomings and we see this process as the mechanism to make that plan much better, said Elizabeth Fleming, senior Florida representative of Defenders of Wildlife. The biggest concern I have is that regulatory protections would be relaxed in an effort to gain support of these large landowners, Ms. Hecker said. And certainly while we want to gain their support, we cant do it at the expense of upholding the Endangered Species Act and all the protections it provides for the species. PANTHERFrom page 1


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 A15 5450 TAMIAMI TRAIL N. NAPLES 239.594.1555ACROSS FROM WATERSIDE SHOPS ONE BLOCK NORTH OF PINE RIDGE ON U.S.41LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED! CELEBRATING OUR 14TH YEAR! BEST FURNITURE STORE 2015 *25% off our original ticketed prices. Offer not on Mattresses, Yellow Tag or nal price items and cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or other offer. Certain restrictions apply. See sales associate for details. Sale through 05-08-16.25%OFFTAKETHE ENTIRE WAREHOUSE! END OF SEASON SALE Visitors who own or admire Corvettes are welcome to attend Corvettes of Naples meetings at 7:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church in North Naples. The next meeting is May 5. For more information, visit The Naples Orchid Society welcomes members and guests to regular meetings on the first Thursday of the month at Moorings Presbyterian Church. The next meeting is May 5. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. for flower registration. Judging is at 7:10 p.m., followed by a short meeting at 7:15 p.m. and the program at 7:30 p.m. Moorings Presbyterian Church is at 791 Harbour Drive. For more information, visit Gamma Phi Beta Alumnae in Southwest Florida are invited to lunch at 11:30 a.m. on the second Monday of each month from June-October at Brio in Waterside Shops. The next lunch is May 9. For reservations or more information, call Lynne Nordhoff at 594-8420 or email Temple Shalom Sisterhood honors Karen Cohn as Woman of Valor and will announce its Volunteer of the Year as part of a luncheon starting at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 10, at the temple at 4630 Pine Ridge Road. Incoming officers for the year ahead will be installed as well. Cantor Donna Azu and cantorial soloist Jane Galler will perform. Cost is $25 for member, $28 for others and $50 for sponsors. For reservations or more information, call Judy Spintman at 348-8713. The Genealogical Society of Collier County meets at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of every month October-June at Faith Lutheran Church, 4150 Goodlette-Frank Road. The next meeting is May 10. Guest speaker Joyce Dickens-Loffree will discuss Cemetery Tripping from the Comfort of Your Home, or how to gather information from family gravesites using the free website Attendance is free, and all are welcome. For more information, call Madonna Crame at 455-7295 or visit The Naples Walking Club meets at the entrance to The Naples Zoo to walk the Greenway at 7:15 a.m. every Saturday. Breakfast at Panera Bread follows. Groups also walk at 7 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at the park-and-walk lot at Tin City. Each walk is about 3-4 miles, at your own speed. Breakfast afterward is optional. Members also have monthly meetings, go on local hikes and visit other areas to walk. For more information, visit or follow the club on Facebook. Pilot Club of Naples/Naples Pilot Foundation meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road. The next meeting is May 12. Guests and new members are always welcome. Reservations are not required. Attendees order from the menu and pay for their meals. Pilot International focuses its charitable and educational efforts on brain-related disorders and disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, dementia and autism. For more information, call Sue Lester 289-8268. CLUB NOTES Naples Premier Dentistry H. Anton Richardt, DDS Celebrate Your Smile... and Your SkinWe Are Your One-Stop Dental Spa DestinationGeneral and Cosmetic Dentistry, JUVDERM and BOTOX 12840 Tamiami Trail North, #1000 Naples, FL 34110(At the light at the corner of 41 and Imperial Blvd.)www.CelebrateMySmile.com239-591-100015% OFF Any New Patient ServiceCannot be combined with other o ers


A16 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY NO INSURANCE? NO PROBLEM. We Offer An In-House Savings Plan 239.300.9693Located in the French Quarter 501 Goodlette Road North, Suite B202 Naples, FL 34102 We offer payment plans through$100 GIFT CERTIFICATETowards Any TreatmentNew patients only. No cash value.Must call by 5/12/16.Friendliest Dental Practice Around! POOLS & SPAS Call our new Design Center in Bonita Springs for a personal consultation UP TO $6,500 VALUE! brighten your summer!Free LED color light, saline system and pebble nish with purchase of custom pool package*Discover the ultimate in personalization and the industrys best Worry-Free pool building experience.CALL 941.201.3195 TODAY!*Free with pool, deck and cage purchase. Offer good from May 1 June 30, 2016. Not in conjunction with Neal Communities or Neal Signature Homes and cannot be combined with any other offer or design features. See sales associate for details. PARADE OF HOMES WINNER!FSPA MEMBER / CPC 1457280 CLUB NOTESCOURTESY PHOTOMembers of The League Club and representatives of some of the agencies that received grants from the clubs Community Trust Fund this year. A total of $321,764 was distributed to charities that benefit babies, children, families and older people in need, as well as the environment and the arts throughout the community. The League Club is open to women who have been or are active members of a Junior League that is a member of the Association of Junior Leagues International. The clubs next membership meeting is Tuesday, May 10. For more information, visit Are you new to Naples and interested in making friends? Consider joining the Naples Newcomers Club. Members must be full-time residents of Naples for less than five years. Lunch meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month at country clubs throughout Naples. The next meeting is May 12. In addition, members get together to explore Naples and to enjoy a variety of interests, from books to bridge and mah-jongg to gourmet cooking. For more information, visit The Collier County Stamp Club meets from 7-9 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of the month at the Naples Airport Office Building, 200 Aviation Drive. The next meeting is May 26. Stamp trading follows the evenings program. All stamp enthusiasts are welcome. For more information, call 348-9845. The Gulf Breeze Button Club meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at the Golden Gate Community Center. The next meeting is June 7. All who are interested in collecting and studying antique clothing buttons are welcome. For more information, call 682-6117. The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance meets Thursday, May 19, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Members are invited to bring orchids from their collections for judging, and an orchid raffle is held. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free, and all are welcome. The alliance welcomes donations of outof-bloom or unwanted orchids, which members use for educational purposes. Free pick up is available and can be arranged by calling 498-9741. For more information, visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NEWS A17 239.343.6053 Thank You to this CARING TEAM!Congratulations and thank you to SanCap Cares committee members for raising more than $800,000 at the 2016 SanCap Cares event to bene t Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida.SanCap Cares committee members hitched their wagon to a star to help local children SanCap Cares Honorary Chairs: Marty and Brenda Harrity about Southwest Florida Kids! ... SanCap Cares Co-Chairs: Amanda Cross, Paula Bentinck-Smith and Sue Peltzman omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certied Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certied eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 5/31/16.Naples Bonita Springs NOW BUYING: RARE, CLASSIC, VINTAGE & MUSCLE CARS! ALL CONDITIONS! WE COME TO YOU! TITLE ISSUES? NO PROBLEM! CA$H Buyer! Local QUICK. EASY. PROFESSIONAL.Call Steve 239-895-7173CERTIFIED APPRAISER The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10670-Naples meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at Naples Municipal Airport. The next meeting is June 8. Members also serve a pancake breakfast from 8-11 a.m. on the second Sunday of each month in the pilots lounge at Naples Municipal Airport. Admission for $5 includes pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage and orange juice. All proceeds benefit the EAA Young Eagles program that acquaints youth ages 8-17 with aviation as a career. The next breakfast is May 14. The Naples EAA chapter is one of approximately 1,700 chapters worldwide. Members are pilots, student pilots, plane builders and aviation enthusiasts. For more information, call 649-6627 or visit The Naples Wednesday Bridge Club, now in its 25th year, welcomes new members to join in at 9:15 a.m. Wednesday, May 11, in the clubhouse at Longshore Lake. The group plays five rounds of six hands each, changing partners after each round and with a break for lunch. The game is over by 3 p.m. Admission for $20 includes beverages, lunch and a small reward for the winning players. For more information, email Phil Reed at The Naples base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans (USSVI) meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of every month at the VFW Post 7721, 800 Neffs Way in Naples. The next meeting is May 16. Membership is open to active duty and retired submariners who have earned the Qualified in Submarines designation. The local USSVI base commander is Jack Hogan of Naples. For more information, visit The PCBUG computer and technology club invites all those interested in learning more about computers and mobile devices to its regular meetings at 5 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month at Naples Regional Library, 650 Central Ave. The next meeting is May 19. For more information call J. Burke at 6590659 or email The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month at Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Road. The next meeting is May 19. For more information, call 963-4670 or visit Tech4Good SWFL holds its monthly meeting from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, June 7, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Staff and volunteers from area nonprofit organizations are invited to come for handson social media advice and help using Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite,, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and other social media tools. Meeting admission and membership are free. For more information, visit Email club news to Cindy Pierce at


A18 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY A Mothers LoveHer love is like an island in lifes ocean, vast and wide. A peaceful, quiet shelter From the wind, the rain, the tide. Tis bound on the north by Hope, By Patience on the West, By tender Counsel on the South And on the East by Rest. Above it like a beacon light Shine Faith, and Truth, and Prayer; And thro the changing scenes of life I nd a haven there. Author UnknownHonor your Mother this Mothers Day with warm, loving thoughts and memories! Hodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial Gardens525 111th Avenue North | Naples NOTCHES IN YOUR TEETHIf youve noticed notches in the enamel of your teeth at the point along which the gums meet the tooth (known as the gingival margin), you likely have a form of tooth loss known as abfraction. is loss of tooth structure is not caused by decay. Instead, it can be traced to forces exerted on the teeth associated with tooth grinding (known as bruxism). While there is some disagreement as to how abfraction occurs, it is widely accepted that people who grind their teeth subject them to inordinately high forces that cause enamel to be shed. Treatment is two-fold. First, bruxism must be addressed with a custom nighttime mouth guard. en, the damaged teeth must be lled with bonding agent. We can address any of your dental concerns. We provide individual care to our patients in a comfortable, professional environment. If you know of anyone in need of quality dental care, we would appreciate your referral. We are currently accepting new patients. Our purpose is to help people reach and commit to the highest level of dental health personally appropriate to them. Please call us to schedule an appointment. George M. Mantikas, DMD, LLC A Practice For Optimal Dental FitnessThats entertainmentOne notably hypersuccessful YouTube channel (700,000 subscribers) features Mr. Lauri Vuohensilta of Finland pulverizing various objects (such as a bowling ball) in a 100-ton hydraulic press. (Said Vuohensilta, I think its built into every person the need to destroy something.) That channel is free of charge, but other entrepreneurs have created 24-hour pay-per-month websites and apps offering similarly specialized programming, i.e, Zombie Go Boom (actors taking chain saws to things; $5 a month), Hungry Monk Yoga (posing in orange robes while teaching martial arts; $15 a month), and Lather Fantasies (clothed people excessively shampooing each others hair; $20 a month). (An April Wall Street Journal report noted that the lather channel sounds kinkier than it actually is.) Recurring themes Restaurants in Tokyo continue their vigilance for unique, attention-demanding animal themes to attract diners. Eateries showcasing tableside cats, rabbits, owls, hawks and even snakes have tried their hands, with the latest being Harry, offering food and drink and 20 to 30 teacup-size hedgehogs for diners to fondle while awaiting meal service. The equivalent of $9 brings an hour of cuddling rights. Fine points of the law: In some states, as News of the Weird has reported, visitors with the barest right to occupy property (i.e., invited in for one night but never left) cannot be evicted except by court order, which might take weeks to obtain. In April, owners in Flint, Mich., and Nampa, Idaho, were outraged that nothing could be done quickly to remove squatters from their vacated houses. (The Nampa squatter produced a lease that, though fraudulent, was enough to send the sheriff away.) The two most recent instances of suspects who claimed that the drugs or paraphernalia found in their genitals during police searches were not theirs (but were only being stored there for other people) were Tiffany Flores, 23, arrested in Fellsmere on April 5 with a crack pipe in her vagina, and Deondre Lumpkin, 23, arrested in Largo on March 22 with crack cocaine concealed beneath his genitals (though he did admit owning the marijuana found in his car). Smooth getaway: The December burglary of the Halifax bank in Sale, England, drew attention even though the hour was just after midnight because Jamie Keegan and Marc Shelton (both age 33) had tried to haul away an ATM, but it fell out the back of their van, producing calamitous noise (and sparks in the road). (Also, the ATM had an out of order sign on it, raising still another question about the efficacy of the crime.) In February the Minshull Street Crown Court sentenced the pair to 40 months each in prison. (Bonus: In court, Shelton helpfully corrected the legal record by reminding officials that the pairs crime was actually burglary and not, as written, robbery.) The most recent suspect to have the bright idea to try biting off his fingertips (to avoid identification) was Kirk Kelly, wanted in Tampa for violating probation and picked up by police in February in Akron, Ohio. While being detained in Akron, he had begun to chew the skin off his fingers. Even if he had succeeded, he was easily identified as Kirk Kelly because of his body tattoos (Port Tampa and 3 Tampas area code). More DIY masters: (1) Randy Velthuizen had lived in the house in Everson, Wash., for 20 years, but in April he accidentally set it afire while attempting to kill weeds with a blowtorch. It was an uninsured total loss. Mused Velthuizen, It just made downsizing a hell of a lot easier. (2) In January, four units in an apartment house in midtown Detroit were accidentally burned out by a tenant attempting to kill a bedbug that had bitten him. He had tried to light it up, but by the time the flames were extinguished, he was badly burned, his and three adjacent units were uninhabitable and two dozen others had suffered water damage. NEWS OF THE WEIRD BY CHUCK SHEPHERDDistributed by Universal Press Syndicate


Caring People, Caring for Kids The Only Childrens Hospital Between Tampa and Miami Keeping Kids Close to Home9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, FL 33908Avery Leukemia Patient Naples, Florida


A20 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Fort Myers | Cape Coral | Lehigh Acres | Punta Gorda | Naples Jonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS One of our Countrys Top 5 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeons George Corrent, MD, PhD Cataract & Cornea Specialist418-0999 800.581.0999 Call today to schedule your cataract evaluation or ask about FREE seminars! Having Cataract Surgery was a breeze. My vision is clear again. I dont have to ask my buddies to watch my tee shots.Rich Lamb Local Golf Pro, Cataract Patient Learn the latest about breast cancer and mammogramsIberiabank and Radiology Regional present a program about when and how often a woman should be screened for breast cancer at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 11, at the bank at 605 Bald Eagle Drive on Marco Island. In addition, the Radiology Regional Mobile Mammo bus will be parked at the bank for screenings from noon to 6 p.m. Appointments are recommended and can be made by calling 936-4068. Doors open for the program at 5:30 p.m. Dr. Margaret Taha will discuss the data supporting breast cancer screening as well with the latest recommendations and newest diagnostic imaging tests that are available. She is board certified in diagnostic radiology by the American Board of Radiology. She has been practicing at Radiology Regional since 2009 and is experienced in breast imaging, including both digital and 3D mammography, breast ultrasound, breast biopsy and breast MRI. Admission to the lecture is $3. Seating is limited. For reservations or more information, call 393-2400. Hodges U. hosts wellness fairThe Hodges University School of Allied Health holds its 2016 Health and Wellness Fair from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, May 13, at the Naples campus. Event co-sponsors are Vistas Healthcare and Healthy Living Caravan. Admission is free and all are welcome to receive complimentary health screenings, body mass index and blood pressure checks, vision and hearing screenings, chiropractic care and spinal screening, foot and gait analysis and massages. Health and wellness education and products will be available, as will fitness demonstrations and information about personal training. The Community Blood Center bloodmobile will also be on campus for donors to give blood. Dr. Caroline Cederquist of Cederquist Medical Wellness Center will discuss Nutrition for Healthy Living, and Dr. Allen Weiss, CEO of NCH Healthcare System, will discuss the Blue Zones Project. Other speakers include Margo English with Vitas Healthcare, who will share insights on Coping Strategies for Healthy Living, and Shawn King, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, who will discuss Yoga Is It for Me? Understanding anxiety disordersPanic, fear, worry dont have to overwhelm your life NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTHMany of us worry from time to time. We fret over finances, feel anxious about job interviews or get nervous about social gatherings. These feelings can be normal or even helpful. They may give us a boost of energy or help us focus. But for people with anxiety disorders, they can be overwhelming. Anxiety disorders affect nearly 1 in 5 American adults each year. People with these disorders have feelings of fear and uncertainty that interfere with everyday activities and last for six months or more. Anxiety disorders can also raise your risk for other medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, substance abuse and depression. The good news is that most anxiety disorders get better with therapy. The course of treatment depends on the type of anxiety disorder. Medications, psychotherapy (talk therapy) or a combination of both can usually relieve troubling symptoms. Anxiety disorders are one of the most treatable mental health problems we see, says Dr. Daniel Pine, an NIH neuroscientist and psychiatrist. Still, for reasons we dont fully understand, most people who have these problems dont get the treatments that could really help them. One of the most common types of anxiety disorder is social anxiety disorder, or social phobia. It affects both women and men equally a total of about 15 million U.S. adults. Without treatment, social phobia can last for years or even a lifetime. People with social phobia may worry for days or weeks before a social event. Theyre often embarrassed, self-conscious and afraid of being judged. They find it hard to talk to others. They might blush, sweat, tremble or feel sick to their stomach when around other people. Other common types of anxiety disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, which affects nearly 7 million American adults, and panic disorder, which affects about 6 million. Both are twice as common in women as in men. People with generalized anxiety disorder worry endlessly over everyday issues like health, money or family problems even if they realize theres little cause for concern. They startle easily, cant relax and cant concentrate. They find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. They may get headaches, muscle aches or unexplained pains. Symptoms often get worse during times of stress. People with panic disorder have sudden, repeated bouts of fear called panic attacks that last several minutes or more. During a panic attack, they may feel that they cant breathe or that theyre having a heart attack. They may fear loss of control or feel a sense of unreality. Not everyone who has panic attacks will develop panic disorder. But if the attacks recur without warning, creating fear of having another attack at any time, then its likely panic disorder.A family affairAnxiety disorders tend to run in families. But researchers arent certain why some family members develop these conditions while others dont. No specific genes have been found to actually cause an anxiety disorder. Many different factors including genes, stress and the environment have small effects that add up in complex ways to affect a persons risk for these disorders, Dr. Pine says. Many kids with anxiety disorders will outgrow their conditions, but most anxiety problems we see in adults started during their childhood, he adds.Searching for connectionsAnxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric disorders in children, with an estimated 1 in 3 suffering anxiety at some point during childhood or adolescence, says Dr. Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, a brain-imaging expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. About half of diagnosable mental health disorders start by age 14, so theres a lot of interest in uncovering the factors that might influence the brain by those early teen years, Dr. HEALTHY LIVING


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 A21 MonaLisa Touch is a minimally invasive fractionated CO2 laser that stimulates the vaginal and vulvar tissues to produce collagen and thus promotes revitalization of the vagina and restores the vaginal tissue to a pre-menopausal state. Look whos talking about it.TM Is dryness affecting your intimacy?MonaLisa TouchTM Laser Therapy is your answer! Call us at: 1-866-527-3507 www.UrologyOfNaples.com3291 Woods Edge Parkway, Suite 100, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 400 8th St. N., Naples, FL 34102 Joanna K. Chon, MD, FACS Urology Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that takes less than 5 minutes. long-lasting results O Which Is Better? Choosing Between Ultherapy and a Facelift...Whitfield-Gabrieli says. She is launching an NIH-funded study to create detailed MRI images of the brains of more than 200 teens ages 14-15, some with and some without anxiety or depression. The scientists will then assess what brain structures and activities might be linked to these conditions. The study is part of NIHs Human Connectome Project, in which research teams across the country are studying the complex brain connections that affect health and disease. Dr. Whitfield-Gabrieli and her colleagues have shown that analysis of brain connections might help predict which adults with social phobia will likely respond to cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is a type of talk therapy known to be effective for people with anxiety disorders. It helps them change their thinking patterns and how they react to anxiety-provoking situations. But it doesnt work for everyone. Of 38 adults with social phobia, those who responded best after three months of CBT had similar patterns of brain connections. This brain analysis led to major improvement, compared to a clinicians assessment alone, in predicting treatment response. Larger studies will be needed to confirm the benefits of the approach. Ultimately, we hope that brain imaging will help us predict clinical outcomes and actually tailor the treatment to each individual to know whether theyll respond best to psychotherapy or to certain medications, Dr. WhitfieldGabrieli says.The emotional elementOther researchers are focusing on our emotions and our ability to adjust them. We want to understand not only how emotions can help us but also how they can create difficulties if theyre of the wrong intensity or the wrong type for a particular situation, says Dr. James Gross, a clinical psychologist at Stanford University. We all use different strategies to adjust our emotions, often without thinking about it. If something makes you angry, you might try to tamp down your emotion to avoid making a scene. If something annoys you, you might try to ignore it, modify it or entirely avoid it. But these strategies can turn harmful over time. For instance, people with social phobia might decide to avoid attending a professional conference so they can keep their anxiety in check. That makes them lose opportunities at work and miss chances to meet people and make friends. Dr. Gross and others are examining the differences between how people with and without anxiety disorders regulate their emotions. Were finding that CBT is helpful in part because it teaches people to more effectively use emotion regulation strategies, he says. They then become more competent in their ability to use these strategies in their everyday lives. Dr. Pine adds that it is important to be aware that many different kinds of treatments are available, and that people with anxiety disorders tend to have very good responses to those treatments. The best way to start, he says, is by talking with your physician. If youre a parent, talk with your childs pediatrician. These health professionals are generally prepared to help identify such problems and help patients get the appropriate care they need.


A22 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Azul Liquid FaceliftFort Myers Come hear Dr. Flaharty present on the revolutionaryRecapture Your Youthful BeautySeminars May 10th & 12thSeminar Dates: May 10th May 12thAlso hear the latest on Small Incision Facelift TechniquesSpace is limited. Call to reserve your seat! (239) 415-7576 (Adult & Pediatric) MEET OUR PHYSICIANSPenny J. Orr, OD, MD, MD, OD, OD SWFLEYE.COM CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford SEE HOW MUCH YOU COULD SAVE! PLA033-1Robert Wright Robert Wright Insurance Agency239-566-3990 PET TALESRehoming a pet: When the unthinkable happens BY KIM CAMPBELL THORNTONUniversal UclickAt first, Clooney loved Esmeralda. He treated her gently, and everything was perfect. Then his love turned lethal. Clooney began to stalk her, lying in wait and attacking. Esmeralda feared for her life. Clooney did not ever draw blood, but I was right there and intervened instantly, says Deborah Wood of Hillsboro, Ore. I was truly afraid he would seriously hurt her or even kill her. Clooney is 12 pounds of big, powerful cat. Esmeralda is 5 pounds of passive dog. In the past, Clooney lived happily with the two papillons Ms. Wood had when she adopted the cat. After the death of her last papillon, she looked for a small, gentle dog that Clooney would like and adopted Esmeralda, a Chihuahua mix. But after their auspicious beginning, Clooney became increasingly aggressive toward the little dog. He batted at her with his paw, making her cower or run. He attacked when she came in through the door. The attacks began as swats of his paw with the claws in, and eventually became full attacks with him grabbing the dog and rabbit-kicking her, Ms. Wood says. Esmeralda shook in fear when wed return from walks and would struggle to not come inside. Ms. Wood is an experienced pet owner, and as the aggression problem developed, she tried everything to make the situation work. She separated the two, placed Clooney on Prozac prescribed by her veterinarian and fed a cat food meant to have calming properties. She placed a Feliway diffuser in each room to help Clooney feel relaxed and dosed the water dish with Rescue Remedy. She had her veterinarian perform blood work on Clooney to rule out thyroid and other medical problems that can cause aggression. She gave Clooney attention on his own and played with him every day. For many cases of feline aggression, these steps would have resolved the problem, but nothing worked. Clooney was increasingly obsessed with Esmeralda. The day Ms. Wood knew she needed to rehome one of them was when the smoke detector went off in Esmeraldas room because the battery needed replacing. While I wrestled the ladder into the room, Clooney darted between my feet and attacked Esmeralda, Ms. Wood says. Imagine a cat running into a room with a blaring smoke detector screeching away. That is a cat that wants to attack. Making the decision to place one of her pets in a new home was agonizing. Ms. Wood loved Clooney, and shed had him longer four years. If the aggression toward the dog had started when I adopted her, I would have given up the dog, Ms. Wood says. However, by the time it developed, I was really bonded to both of them. Ultimately, Ms. Wood decided to rehome Clooney. He was the one who was aggressive, and I feared that if I kept him, I would have problems between him and future pets. Keeping Esmeralda gives me the ability to have future pets in the household with her. I was fortunate that both pets were very adoptable. If one had not been adoptable, I would have kept that one. After trying desperately to place Clooney with someone she knew, including offering to pay for his pet insurance and promoting him on Facebook, Ms. Wood turned to a local shelter that specializes in cats. Clooney was adopted within two days of becoming available. Its easy to give people grief for making the decision to place a pet, but Ms. Woods story is not uncommon. She says friends shared stories of pets who had attacked and even killed other pets. All said they wished they had rehomed the animals earlier. I struggle with the fact that I do not know the adopter, but it was the best choice I had under the circumstances. Those feelings are balanced by Esmeraldas happiness. She wags her tail when we come home rather than shaking in fear. Pets of the Week>> Andy is a 3-yearold black mouth cur who weighs 55 pounds. He enjoys cuddles and is good on his leash, and although he appears to have had some unpleasantness in his past, hes ready and eager for his forever home. >> Athena is a beautiful 2-year-old terrier bully mix who weighs about 60 pounds. Shes good on her leash and will make a wonderful addition to an adult, cat-free home. >> Oliver is a friendly 1-year-old domestic shorthair who likes to play with people and other cats. >> Olivia is an 18-month-old domestic shorthair who has a lovely coat and a sweet face. Shes fun to play with and enjoys being petted. This weeks pets are from Collier County Domestic Animal Services. Adoption fees for cats are $60 and dogs are $85 and include sterilization surgery, vaccinations, pet license, ID microchip and a bag of food. Visit DAS at 7610 Davis Blvd. from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday. Adoptable dogs and cats from DAS are also at For Footed Friends in Marquesa Plaza on Livingston Road from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the rst Saturday of every month. For more information, call 252-7387 or visit One pets prey drive and aggression toward another can force owners to make difficult decisions.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NEWS A23 CREMATION/ PERSONALIZED OPTIONS PRIVATE VIEWING ROOMS TRADITIONAL FUNERALS TRANSFER OUT OF STATE PRE-PLANNING Helping Families Connect, Honor and Remember FULLERFUNERALHOME.COM NORTH NAPLES 592-1611 | EAST NAPLES 417-5000 Need Help? Call Us 24/7 239-596-1896 1-800-WEIGHT-LOSSwww.NaplesWeightLoss.com2590 Northbrooke Plaza Drive, Suite 103, Naples, FL 34119(Located on the corner of I-75 and Immokalee Road)OVERWEIGHT?Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days!Naples Weight Loss & WellbeingOffer Includes: Complete comprehensive review of lean vs. fat body mass, 30-day diet supplements + (3) Laser-Lipo treatments & (2) B-12 shots (a $699 value) OFFICES IN NAPLES, FORT MYERS, CAPE CORAL & ESTERO $299 *Must call before 5/12/16 and mention Florida Weekly when booking to receive offer ($699 value). WE ONLY SMOKE AFTER MEALS.When you smoke, its like theyre smoking. Help protect them from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Its everyones responsibility. Visit to nd free ways to quit during Tobacco Free Florida Week, May 8-14. For more information, or to protect your family from harmful secondhand smoke, call Tobacco Free Collier at (239) 252-6852. stephanieDAVIS THE DIVA DIARIESCelebrate moms (your own or the one of your offspring)Hopefully, there have been enough touching Hallmark commercials, Groupon offers for brunch buffets and pop-up Internet ads to remind you that THIS SUNDAY is Mothers Day. And, this year, Im dedicated to making sure you dont screw it up. Now, if you have a mother, the only way to fail this holiday is by forgetting it and doing nothing at all. Honestly, offspring, we mothers still have the slightly torn, crinkled, fading, construction-paper card your kindergarten teacher made us the one where she wrote Happy Mothers Day and put your sweet, little water colored handprint on it. My perfect, darling, beloved only child, who just recently aged out of his 20s, could give me a cardboard drink coaster with Mom scrawled on it and Id weep with joy and frame it. Seriously, if you lived in my womb for nine months and I gave birth to you after 12 long, harrowing, miserable hours of labor with no epidural, as long as you just write Happy Mothers Day on my Facebook page this Sunday, youre in the clear. Its the partners of mothers who seem to have to work a little harder. Recently, a friend told me that her husband doesnt do anything for her on Mothers Day, and shes OK with that because, as she points out, shes not his mother. I beg to differ. Im a mother and my significant other, whether that person is the other parent to my children or not, needs to do something special for me on Mothers Day because being a mom is a pretty big deal and it deserves some recognition. I know several women in my circle of friends who are long-divorced from the fathers of their children, and yet they still get flowers or cards on Mothers Day from their exes. Well-played, gentlemen, wellplayed indeed. Im remarried, hes remarried and our kids are in their 20s, one friend told me, but still, he sends a beautiful bouquet every year with a card thanking me for being such a great mom to our kids. I know. I wiped away a tear, too! But sometimes there are missteps. One friend told her husband she wanted lingerie for Mothers Day and he got her two fully functioning bras that hide back fat (hey, at least he tried). Another girlfriend received the dreaded vacuum cleaner (I cant believe dudes still buy women vacuum cleaners). And yet another friend gets cold, hard cash from her husband every year on Mothers Day (shes not exactly complaining, but yeah NO). In the Best Mothers Day gift category, soon after a friend had her first baby, her dear husband gave her a Tiffany locket with the word Mom engraved on it. (Note to Mothers Day gift givers: You absolutely CANNOT go wrong with anything shiny that comes in a Tiffany blue box. You are welcome.) Another friend, a single mom who has three rambunctious boys, got a spa day from her boyfriend and came home to a clean house. Its the little things, you guys. For instance, let your lady sleep in this Sunday while you feed the kids. Breakfast in bed is always a mom-pleaser. And just FYI, well take mimosas or bloody Marys over pancakes, please and thank you (TRUST me on this). I always celebrate my husband on Fathers Day because hes a loving, caring dad to his adult kids, and he always does something special for me on Mothers Day. Usually its an Apple product (Todd is very practical, God love him) and a sweet card, but, this year hes whisking me away to Miami Beach for Mothers Day weekend and I couldnt be more excited. So, again, I say to the kids: Make sure you call your mom on Mothers Day. A card and flowers as well would be a real treat, but we understand if thats too much trouble. SIGH. As for all you fathers, do your best to dazzle the woman who brought your offspring into this world if not with gifts, then with extra sleep, a clean kitchen and some Sunday cocktails. Oh, and chocolates. I cant believe I forgot to mention chocolates. Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week


Naples TOP 1 % Our Experience Counts. Our Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyFrom Port Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group serves the Luxury Market. Were Local, Were Global! | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Aria at Park Shore Beach $3.895 M 4501 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #1201 Lucarno at Mediterra $1.645 M 16626 Cortona Lane BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES B1SECTIONWEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 INSIDE Ask the FoolWhat are marker makers and pure play companies? B6 House HuntingFour bedrooms on the golf course at Moorings Country Club for $3,749,000. B12 Top teachersCelebrating 2016s Golden Apple educators in Collier County, and more Networking photos. B7-8 COURTESY PHOTOThe 85-acre Worden Farm in Charlotte County provides local, completely organic produce. Cesar Peralta of Olga Farmers Market in east Lee County. Produce abounds in local farmers markets. Above is from Bedners Farm Fresh Market. BY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ oridaweekly.comFARMERS HAVE A LOT OF SAYINGS, AND ONE of them is this: If its not one thing, its another. While thats true for farmers in most of North America, southern Florida is not most of North America. Here, where the local food movement is growing like Jacks beanstalk (rapidly), the saying should be, If its not one thing, its summer nother. Especially at the Olga Farmers Market in east Lee County, where Cesar Peralta after he discs his 15 or 20 acres and power-cleans his air-cooled tractor so dirt-clogged pistons wont blow the engine, and builds a small greenhouse for difficult plants such as basil will host a California-based research scientist with a doctorate in agronomy who wants to test organic fertilizer in a southern Florida Local farmers find their summer rhythmsSEE FARMING, B4


CHRISALLNAPLES.COM / 239.572.2200 / WWW.ALLNAPLES.COM Bbtn Rbfnr I SW Ffr At Vrnb B Nfbt Df Nbt Rbbt Crb AEXPERT REPRESENTATION IN NAPLES SINCE 1984COMPANYWIDE DOWNINGFRYE REALTOR IN 2011 & 2013#1 CHRISTOPHER A. BRAUNBROKER-ASSOCIATE, CRS Pelican Bay 17th Floor 3B/3B Perfection Coquina Sands 3 Blocks to Beach 5B/4B Fully Renovated Move-In Ready $2,150,000 Pristine Lely Lakefront 4+Den/4B Built 2006 12 to 14 Ceilings $1,195,000 Moorings Oversized Lot & Pool 5B/4.5B Built 2007 Ideally Designed $2,45,000 Pristine Lely Lakefront, 4+Den/4B, Built 2006 12 to 14 Ceilings, $1,195,000 Moorings Oversized Lot & Pool 5B/4.5B Built 2007 Ideally Designed $2,445,000 Park ShoreBig Gulf Views All RoomsTrue Beach Walkout3/3 Redesigned & Renovated Over 1,700SF Private Terraces$4,525,000 The Beach Cottage Olde Naples 3 Blocks to Beach Built 2013 : 4+ Den Gorgeous & Impeccable $3,995,000 Port Royal Rare Double Lot Walk to the Beach Walk to Port Royal Club Over 1 Acre $6,395,000 2015, 2013, & 2011 #1 REALTOR COMPANYWIDE Pelican Bay 17th Floor 3B/3B Perfection $2,795,000 JUST REDUCED JUST REDUCED NEW LISTING NEW LISTING NEW LISTING


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BUSINESS B3 UF: Consumer sentiment reflects widespread concern over future THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Consumer sentiment fell 3.5 points in April to 90.6, according to the latest University of Florida consumer survey. The reading is the lowest since October and lower than the previous 12-month average. Of the five components that make up the index, four decreased and only one increased. Perceptions of ones personal financial situation now compared with a year ago showed the greatest decline in this months reading, a 5.8-point change from 84.2 to 78.4. The decline in the perception of personal finances explains around one-third of the overall change in the index. The biggest drop was among those age 60 and older, but this lower perception is shared in general by all Floridians. said Hector Sandoval, director of the analysis at UFs Bureau of Economic and Business Research. Perceptions as to whether now is a good time to buy a big-ticket item, such as an automobile, inched up seven-tenths of a point to 102.1. Expectations of personal finances a year from now went down by 4.2 points to 101.5. Most of the pessimism in April stems from expectations about future conditions, which account for 70 percent of the drop in the consumer sentiment index, Mr. Sandoval said. While unfavorable views of the future were shared by all Floridians independent of their gender, age and income level, the sharpest declines were seen among those age 60 and older and those with income under $50,000. The gloomy future outlook of those 60 and older may be influenced by the flurry of recent news stories about the April 29 deadline for Social Security changes enacted by Congress last fall. While few seniors are directly affected by closing the file-andsuspend loophole, many find it unsettling to realize that Congress can make changes to the bedrock of retiree income. The unemployment rate in Florida declined again in March, from 5.0 percent to 4.9 percent. The number of jobs added in March statewide was 234,300, up 3,000 compared to the previous month. Notably, this is the smallest monthly gain since May 2012, Mr. Sandoval said. The industry gaining the most jobs was professional and business services, followed by education and health services, and then the trade, transportation and utilities industry. In the week ending April 16, the number of people in the U.S. filing for unemployment insurance fell to its lowest level since November 1973. The latest information for Florida also shows an important reduction in the initial claim of unemployment benefits during April. Furthermore, the fourweek moving average, which smooths the weekly variation, displays the same pattern. The weekly claims of unemployment insurance typically reflect what is presently going on in the economy. Labor market conditions in Florida continue to be favorable in general, hence the expectation was for a slight increase in consumer sentiment rather than a reversal, Mr. Sandoval said. Why 239 Conners Avenue? Updated Boaters Paradise Outdoor Area Gulf Access Shopping BeachPRICE REDUCED239 Conners Avenue LISTED AT $1,350,000 1,742 sq. ft. under air; 2,185 sq. ft. total 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 car garage Minutes away from shopping and beach Beautiful updated outdoor area Follow me on: Encore Realty, LLC | 2240 Venetian Court, Naples, FL 34109Cell: 239.537.5351 |*Prices and/or renderings are subject to change without notice. Dante DiSabatoBroker Associate OPEN HOUSE Sunday 11-3


B4 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY (800) 246-1129 www.bluecapitalcleaning.comOf ce Cleanings | Construction Cleanup | Floor Care COURTESY PHOTOBell pepper picking for Bedners Farm Fresh Market in Boynton Beach.COURTESY PHOTOMeals are prepared and served at Worden Farm.field, he says. Yes, Mr. Peraltas field. I have to prepare the field for him, but hell test his stuff in the worst, the hottest time of the year. Im doing it because I can learn so much, he explains. And if it works in the summer, here? Imagine how well it might do when we start planting again for fall (about Aug. 15). Mr. Peralta is not atypical of local food producers in southern Florida. While the rest of the continent swells like a pregnant mother with the bounty of field-grown summer food, the rhythms of summer work in Palm Beach, Charlotte, Lee or Collier counties are entirely different. That affects resident customers who relish the local produce and in the case of the 85-acre Worden Farm in Charlotte County, the local, completely organic produce. Which is why the Wordens, Eva and Chris, host in-season gatherings to teach people how to can, dry or freeze their food for summer use, not winter use as elsewhere. Our farm membership program (boxes of fresh food delivered weekly from as far south as Naples to as far north as Sarasota) ends in mid-April, and our farmers markets end at the end of May, explains Eva Worden. As good fortune would have it, however, people can now begin signing up for next years farm membership with the Wordens $580 or about $29 a week for boxes of the freshest organic produce delivered for 20 weeks, from December to April, right to the doors of homes, schools, churches, marinas, clubs, restaurants or other locations, as requested. After May we arent harvesting any vegetables, so we have a gradual shift as we ramp down in production, Mrs. Worden says. The six-week period were in right now is when we prepare fields for cover crops. As organic farmers, we grow cover crops, which include a variety of grasses and legumes. They help to fix nitrogen. The grasses help to draw any residual nitrogen from the soil up into the plants and store them until theyre mowed and disked in, and they decompose prior to the (late summer) planting of the vegetable crop. Meanwhile, as May heats up, the farm still has the same warm-season crops it did in the early fall, Mrs. Worden says: cover squashes like zucchini, yellow squash, pattipans, cucumbers, greens. We still have some carrots and broccoli, but those will end over the coming weeks, and we have a fair amount of radishes and green beans, still. But the quantity decreases and the challenges of increase. Thats the truth. With summer comes insect pressure shes not talking about politicians running for the White House, by the way and the potential for heavy floods. We have found that floods (and standing water in the fields) actually assists in our prevention of detrimental nematodes (parasitic, microscopic worms that thrive in sand and soil). In Palm Beach Countys Boynton Beach, meanwhile, fourth-generation farmer Steve Bedner and his wife, Marie Bedner, do the summer differently than some other local farmers: they put their 1,500 acres of commercial crops and their 80 acres of crops grown just for local people in fallow fields, and go north to find the best produce they can in the Garden State (New Jersey) or Pennsylv ania. Then they ship it back and sell it through the summer in their retail stores in Boynton Beach and the new site, downtown Delray Beach. Its too hot and too wet to grow anything in the summer here, says Mrs. Bedner. So we let the land go dormant, and were about getting wrapped up now. The plants arent too happy. So when we come out of season, we still purchase from small farms in the North that have the same growing methods we do. But the Bedners dont just buy food sight unseen from these Garden State farms they drive up there to inspect not just the produce theyll sell, but the growing methods. Were looking for fields that are in good condition, where the produce sometimes isnt the prettiest but the taste and quality are there, explains Mrs. Bedner. We get to know their growing habits. We go to different parts and see what areas are growing which produce. And back in Palm Beach County, where a lot of Pennsylv anians and New Jerseyites live, a good debate is always simmering: Whose tomatoes and corn are better, the Bedners or the Garden States? That goes without saying. Come late summer, the family starts leaning toward fall and winter with a lot of hard work. Again. We start prepping the land at the end of August or the beginning of September weve pushed it back farther and farther in recent years because weve encountered so much rain that its not worthwhile (to rush), Mrs. Bedner notes. And finally, about 20 weeks from now, the Bedners offer a kickoff nod to their Northern clients by doing a fall festival the last weekend in September. Since we cant grow pumpkins, we (import them). We make a faux field, plant cucumber vines and place pumpkins. We will start picking our own produce about mid-November. Then, with the summer-nother only a fading memory, itll be just a winternother. BLOOMFrom page 1 Beekeeper summer The most summer-nother thing in subtropical farming is not vegetables but honeybees. Here, beekeeper Claudia Silveira describes how work for these unique farmers increases rather than diminishes come summer. This time of year honeybee populations begin to grow and the hives become more active. As plants bloom, grow and reproduce, its time to add supers to the hives. Orange trees are well-known for producing lots of nectar, which honeybees transform in delicious orange-blossom honey that bloom begins in February and March. Beekeepers start moving their hives to the orange groves, keeping them there through mid-April, when saw palmetto is in bloom. A native palm, its one of the main nectar sources for honeybees from now into summer. For beekeepers, when nectar ows its also time to split the hives and double or triple the amount of colonies. We have to control swarming of their hives and start help with honeybee rescue, for the swarming season. The black mangrove and sea grape will begin their blooming now, too, along the coast, although development has diminished the production of this delicious honey. By June, the cabbage palm and melaleuca will be in bloom, supplementing the nectar forage for honeybees. By July, most honey has been produced in the apiaries and processed by local beekeepers in their honey houses. This is the end of the main late spring-summer nectar ow. But theres a second nectar ow that will start again with Brazilian pepper. By September, it becomes a main fall nectar ow and the bees will produce a rich and medicinal Brazilian pepper honey. Few people know that the Brazilian pepper nectar will be a great help for honeybees to survive the winter, when no nectar is available. Note: Claudia Silveira ( sells her honey in Naples at the Pine Ridge Farms Market on Sunday afternoons, and in Fort Myers at the GreenMarket at the Alliance for the Arts on Saturday mornings. COURTESY PHOTOBeekeeper Claudia Silveira harvesting honey.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BUSINESS B5 WE ONLY SMOKE ON THE LANAI.When you smoke, its like theyre smoking. Help protect them from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Its everyones responsibility. Visit to nd free ways to quit during Tobacco Free Florida Week, May 8-14. For more information, or to protect your family from harmful secondhand smoke, call Tobacco Free Collier at (239) 252-6852. MONEY & INVESTINGReport misses mark on likelihood of disruptive innovationsThe global consulting company, McKinsey & Co, published a provocative research report entitled Diminishing Returns: Why Investors May Need to Lower Their Expectations in late April. As you can probably guess by the title, the conclusion of the authors is not positive news for investors. The paper asserts that the high overall investment returns over the past couple of decades are not sustainable and that returns over the next 20 to 30 years will be much lower. So why does McKinsey believe this? And should an investor buy into this prediction? The reports basic premise is that many of the key drivers of investment performance since the 1980s are either fading or reversing themselves. For example, it points to declining interest rates producing outsized returns on bond portfolios. Clearly, with rates in most industrialized counties now close to zero, rates cannot fall any further so bond investors can no longer expect price appreciation on their bonds to supplement their low interest returns. In another example, the paper shows how declining inflation and wages have significantly added to corporate profits. But now wages are starting to rise and overall inflation seems like it has bottomed out as well and is starting to increase. The report also illustrates several other examples of other long-term negative trends for corporations, including increased competition from emerging markets and how the Internet and better infrastructure have made it easier for start-up businesses to steal market share from large corporations and compress margins. So in reviewing the McKinsey document, I think some of their conclusions are spot on, while I would disagree with others. Can investors expect to see 5 percent yields from Treasury bonds in the near future? Probably not. In fact, I would expect to see potentially negative returns for very highly rated bonds as interest rates revert to higher, longterm averages.But I completely disagree with the report with regard to corporate profits. In the short term, higher wages will drag down profits. But in the long-term, this trend creates wealthier new customers that have the ability to consume a greater amount of goods going forward. Similarly, competition will bring down corporate profits in the near term but this will also lead to more efficiencies and innovation going forward, which can only benefit various industries. History has shown that a lack of competition will lead to stagnation within an industry. Just think what communication would be like today if AT&T was never broken up and still was the only telephone and Internet provider in the country. But I think the biggest flaw in the report was the assumption that the status quo would prevail and there would be no great disruptive breakthroughs in the years ahead. Who can say where the next personal computer or Internet revolution will come from? Will it be virtual reality? Artificial intelligence? Biotechnological breakthrough? These unexpected innovations, in my opinion, are what really will drive investment returns as companies rush to profit off these advances. This is why I am still optimistic with regard to investing and why I think the pundits will be shown to be completely wrong on this topic. Time on your hands? Consider becoming a SCORE volunteer Are you newly retired and wondering what to do with your time? Volunteering at SCORE is a way for you to pass on your business knowledge and expertise to the next generation of entrepreneurs in the community. SCORE volunteers provide confidential business mentoring services, both in person and online, and lead seminars and workshops to help small business owners meet their goals and achieve success. Volunteer counselors also provide subject matter expertise by industries and professional skills. Of particular need are individuals with expertise in information technology and accounting. Counselors can arrange appointments with clients to suit their individual schedules. The SCORE business office is at 900 Goodlette-Frank Road in the Fifth Third Bank branch building. Counseling can be done there or at a public location of your choosing. The Naples chapter of SCORE has been helping local small businesses succeed for the past 30 years. For more information about becoming involved, call 430-0081 or visit


B6 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY I trace my roots back to 1875, when Conoco was launched as the Continental Oil and Transportation Co., and to the 1917 founding of a petroleum company in Oklahoma. The two companies merged in 2002 and then split up in 2012, creating me. Today, based in Houston, Im a diversified energy company, processing, transporting, storing and selling fuels and products globally. My assets recently included thousands of service stations, interest in 15 refineries, 86,000 miles of pipeline and massive chemicals processing capacity. I employ around 14,000 people and rake in more than $100 billion annually. Who am I? Think you know the answer? Well announce it in next weeks edition. THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answer Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o Florida Weekly, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Return on Equity, ExplainedUnderstanding what a companys return on equity (ROE) tells you, and what its limits are, can help you be a better investor. In a nutshell, ROE reflects how effectively management is using shareholder money. There are many things a company can do with its profits, such as pay down debt, pay shareholders a dividend, buy back shares of the company stock or reinvest in operations. Return on equity reveals how effectively reinvested earnings and capital that shareholders originally invested in the company are generating additional earnings. For example, the company might use profits to acquire a smaller company that has valuable technology. Or it might build a new factory, increasing output and sales. You can find ROEs online, such as at (look up a companys info and then click on Statistics), but its good to understand how the number is derived. To calculate ROE, you take a companys past years worth of earnings (often referred to as net income) and divide it by the average shareholder equity for the period. Earnings are found on the companys income statement, and shareholder equity on the balance sheet. Consider Hasbro. Its ROE was recently 29 percent. Its helpful to see whether a companys ROE is rising or falling, which you can look up at sites such as Hasbros ROE has generally risen over the past decade. Its also instructive to compare a company with its peers. Mattels ROE was a slimmer 13 percent, and it has fallen in recent years. Both companies have been doing well lately, Hasbro in part due to Disney licensing and Mattel in part due to its acquisition of MEGA Brand construction toys. A final thing to keep in mind is that ROE can be inflated by high debt, so cast an eye on a companys balance sheet to see how debt-laden it is. Or look for a debt-to-equity ratio under 1.0, or even 0.50. Hasbros debt-to-equity ratio was recently 0.93, having risen over the past decade, while Mattels is lower, at 0.68, and has also risen. Would Have Missed the MeltdownsMy dumbest mistake was not getting out of the stock market at various times when I knew it was overinflated, such as 2001, 2002 and 2006. If Id gotten out at those times, I would have avoided some market meltdowns and slowdowns. C.S., onlineThe Fool Responds: Its easy to think that way, with a lot of hindsight, but its unrealistic. Theres no way to know when the market will tumble, so getting out when you think it will soon fall can mean that you miss out on further gains. (You cant and wont know the best time to get back in, either.) In 2012 and 2013, for example, after the S&P 500 gained, respectively, 16 percent and 32 percent (well above its long-term annual average of close to 10 percent), it would have been reasonable to think it was due for a fall. But in 2014, it gained 14 percent.A JPMorgan Asset Management study found that investors who stayed in the S&P 500 nonstop from 1993 to 2013 (through many ups and downs) would have enjoyed an annual average return of 9.2 percent. Those who jumped in and out and missed the 10 best days during that period would have seen their average gain shrink to 5.4 percent.All that said, if you hold a particular individual stock and you feel its overvalued Pfizer PfinancesIf youre looking to invest for the long term in a solid, income-generating company, take a gander at pharmaceutical titan Pfizer (NYSE: PFE). Its drug pipeline is one of the largest in the world, recently featuring 90 combined clinical and registration trials focused on six therapeutic areas. Fully 59 of those studies involved new molecular entities, and were not just label expansion opportunities for existing drugs (i.e., when an existing drug is tested for a new application). Pfizer sports a stellar vaccine portfolio and is developing biosimilar drugs that aim to take market share from major blockbuster drugs. With a market value near $200 billion, Pfizer is a major cash generator, netting more than $15 billion in free cash flow in seven of the past 10 years, with the worst year being close to $10 billion. That reflects a solid long-term business model. It also doesnt hurt that demand for the products Pfizer sells is inelastic, as people cant choose when theyre going to get sick and dont usually view their medicines as optional. Thus, Pfizers products are generally recession-proof. On top of all that, Pfizers stock recently yielded 3.6 percent and its payout has increased by an annual average of 8 percent over the past five years. Pfizer has acquired many companies over the years and may also produce value by spinning off some of its businesses. I trace my roots back to 1922, when three scientists founded the American Appliance Company. My early focus on refrigeration soon shifted to electronics, and after buying Amana Refrigeration in 1965, I introduced the first countertop microwave oven for consumers. I developed computers for NASA that helped astronauts land on the moon. Today, based in Massachusetts, Im a global specialist in the defense, civil government and cybersecurity markets. My wares have included radar systems, missiles, missile guidance systems, maritime safety equipment and business jets. My 60,000-plus employees serve customers in more than 80 countries. Who am I? (Answer: Raytheon) Meet the Pure PlaysQWhats a pure play company? A.T., Walnut Creek, Calif.AIts one that is focused on a single industry or product or service. Why might you be interested in one? Well, imagine that youre very bullish about the future of a particular business, such as hoverboards. You could invest in a company that makes lots of things including hoverboards or in one that makes only hoverboards. The latter is a pure play, and investing in it means your return will be tied solely to its success in hoverboards. The former companys operations are more diversified, which can reduce risk. General Electric, for example, involved in mining, energy, aviation, health care, water, transportation and more, wont sink or swim based on the fortunes of any one industry. Coca-Cola is a pure play in beverages, while PepsiCo, which has a significant snack business (Lays, Doritos, etc.), is not. and other tech giants are involved in cloud computing, but theyre not pure plays in it, as some smaller companies are. An advantage of pure plays is that their managements arent spreading their time and attention over many different businesses and are therefore more focused. ***QCan you explain what a market maker is? B.W., Columbia, Mo.AWhen you buy stock, it may seem like youre getting the shares directly from a shareholder whos selling, but stocks are typically bought and sold through market makers. They keep the market fluid and profit by taking some or all of the difference between the purchase and sale price (the spread). They often keep some shares in inventory, too, in case someone wants to buy shares that no one is offering at the time. Want more information about stocks? Send us an email to n a l e n d t a g s y s o si v in g arou n rake i n l ion an n T h in k an s w e r? W n e xt w eek BUSINESS MEETINGS The Above Board Chamber of Florida presents The Power of Public Speaking at its meeting from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, May 9, at the Hilton Naples. Sue Huff will moderate a discussion with panelists Gary Greenfield of Performance Alliance, Peggy Sealfon of Stonewater Studio, Arnold Klinsky of Riley Philanthropy and Ingrid Fuller of Fuller Online Solutions. The meeting is sponsored by Ellen Fox of Fox Insurance. Make-A-Wish Southern Florida will be the featured nonprofit. Reservations can be made at Cost is $25 for members, $30 for guests for reservations made by May 5, $28 and $33 for reservations made May 6 and after. Wake Up Naples for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 7-8:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 11, at the Hilton Naples. Volunteer awards will be presented, and chamber President Dudley Goodlette will discuss the communitys current business climate as well as the chambers most pressing challenges and its plans for the year ahead. Steve Blount and Blount Law are sponsoring the morning. Reservations are recommended and can be made at Networking 201, a program offered by the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, takes place from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at the chamber office. Scott Hennells, CPA, of Wiebel, Hennells & Carufe will moderate a panel discussion with Altony Lee, director of major gifts at Florida Gulf Coast University; Vince Modarelli, advertising sales manager for South Lee/Collier at The NewsPress Media Group; and Trish Leonard, president and owner of TLC Marketing & Creative Services. Registration is $10. Sign up at or call 992-2943 for more information. Business After Hours for members and guests of the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at Pinots Palette at Coconut Point. Registration for members is $15 by noon May 11, $20 at the door; non-members pay $40. Sign up at or call 992-2943 for more information. Business After Five for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at the Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples. The evening will include a new icebreaker activity made possible by SWFL Marketing Group. $10 for chamber members, $25 for others. Reservations are recommended. Sign up at The Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association holds a behind-the-scenes event from 3-5 p.m. Friday, May 13, at the Greater Naples YMCA. Registration for $30 includes an opportunity to try the Ys team-building ropes course from 5-6 p.m. Reservations required by May 10. Sign up at The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce holds its annual dinner on Thursday evening, May 19, at The RitzCarlton Golf Resort. Individual tickets for $175; table sponsorships are $2,000. Visit for reservations or more information. Email business meeting announcements to


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BUSINESS B7 Protect your most valuable resource.At BB&T Insurance Services, we know how important it is to be able to attract and retain the best talent. We also know that every business we work with is as unique as its employees. Thats why we design your Employee Benets plan with you for you. From competitive employee benets coverages to retirement, well provide a plan that will not only accommodate your needs, but also grow with you. FORT MYERS 13515 Bell Tower Drive Fort My ers, FL 33907 (239) 433-4535 2016 Branch Banking and Trust Company.NAPLES 889 111th Ave N, Suite 201 Naples, FL 34108 (239) 26 1-0428 CAPE CORAL 4707 SE 9th Place, Suite 102 Cape C oral, FL 33904 (239) 772-5400 BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ PHOTOS NETWORKINGThe 26th annual Golden Apple Celebration of Collier County educators 1. Kamela Patton, Cynthia Schreck Crouse and Diana Schreck 2. Greg Pasanen, far left, and Cindy Helton, far right, of Suncoast Credit Union Foundation with Golden Apple recipients McKenzie Morton, Nancy Garousi, Eric Mazurkewitz, Jenny Godley and Bruce Peters 3. John Sanders, Angela Sanders, Alan Horton, Beverley Horton and Janet Glancy 4. Andrew Godley, Golden Apple teacher Jenny Godley, Kyle Chambers, Sundi Faith and Jim Shene 5. Steve Pontius, William Barker, Dan Lavender, Kevin Fowler, Frank Parsons, Nancy Garousi, Eric Mazurkewitz, McKenzie Morton, David McCullough, Rosalee McCullough, Danny Pate, Jenny Godley, Bruce Peters, Mary Ingram (seated), Cindy Helton, Elizabeth Nunez, Theo Etzel and Greg Pasanen 6. Greg Pasanen, Betsy Pasanen and Herby Berson 7. Jerry Papesh, Carol Papesh, Theo Etzel and Kim Etzel 8. Charles Mearsheimer, Laurie Mearsheimer, Corali de Pablos and Bruno Salinas 9. Robin Lankton and William Barker 10. Danny Pate and Jamie Bradshaw 11. Heather Burdick and Leslie Ricciardelli 12. Golden Apple teacher Nancy Garousi and her student presenter, Alessia Pellegrini. 1 6 9 2 4 7 3 5 8 10 11 12


B8 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY NETWORKINGCelebrating the centennial of the National Park Service CHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLYLike us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ 1. Ed Kolesar and Tammy Whittington 2. Dan Thompson and Brigitte Thompson 3. David Harreden, Barry Trice and Jane Kahr 4. Bill Cox, J.D Lee, Tammy Whittington and Fran Mainella 5. Patrick White and Niccole Howard 6. Ralph Arwood and Gisela Sabertschnig 7. Thomas Evans and Bob Landers 8. Troy Cardwell and Pamela JonesMortonBonita Springs Estero Economic Development Council hosts SWFL Tech meet and greetCOURTESY PHOTOS 1. Billie Ann Porter, Deric Cahill and Kent Pickard 2. Jason Dolle, John Kozak, Donna Daubmann and Bill Daubmann 3. Dallas Revord and Kathy Saint 4. Josh Kae, Sean and Charles Stanisce 5. Deborah Johnson and Andrew Hunter 1 3 3 4 4 5 2 2 2 1 5 6 7 8


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME. 239.261.9101For Rentals Call239.213.3311Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands, Sapphire/Lake Toxaway NAPLES Timeless Elegance 8 BR, 8 Full BA, 2 Powder BA Overlooking Golf Course, Preserve w/Sunset Skies $9,250,000 MLS 215050309 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 NEW PRICE ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS ESTERO Stunning 3 BR +Study, 3.5 BA, 3-Car Garage Gas Heated Pool & Spa $875,000 MLS 216016544 Jamie Lienhardt 239.565.4268 WILDCAT RUN ESTERO "The Windsor" 4 BR, 3 BA, Pool Home 3-Car Garage, Pool/Spa $599,750 MLS 216016708 Katie Brady Rigsby 239.770.6061 NEW PRICE PRESERVE AT CORKSCREW BORDEAUX CLUB Third Floor, 2 BR, 2 BA Condo Furnished + Extra Storage $487,000 MLS 216025749 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 NEW LISTING MOORINGS WATERFRONT NAPLES Guard Gated Community All Tile Floors $375,000 MLS 216008906 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455 BRIARWOOD BONITA SPRINGS Canal Front Building Lot with Dock Direct Gulf Access $279,000 MLS 214008189 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 PARADISE VILLAGE NAPLES Tropical 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Home Heated Swimming Pool w/Private Kid's Playground $389,900 MLS 216016254 Ted Libby 239.572.0403 NEW PRICE MOON LAKE NORTH NAPLES Large 3 Bedrooms End Unit Full Lake and Preserve View $279,000 MLS 216012012 Arlene L. Fishman 239.784.8763 NEW PRICE WIGGINS LAKES & PRESERVE GRAND ISLE TOSCANO ESTATE 6 + Bedrooms, 7 Full & 4-Half Bathrooms 800 Bottle Wine Room, Plus Movie Theater $8,500,000 MLS 214028789 Steve Suddeth & Jenn Nicolai 239.784.0693 GREY OAKS AVELLINO ISLES 3 + BR, 3.5 BA, Elegant Coach Home Magnificent Southern Exposure $849,000 MLS 215055834 Vito Bauer 239.777.7080 VINEYARDS NAPLES Completely Redone Rare Find 3 BR + Den, 2 BA Private Paradise, Freeform Pool $599,500 MLS 216019467 Zach Fischer 239.777.7500 NEW PRICE LAKE PARK DEER CREEK 3 BR, 3 BA Pool Home 2nd Floor Retreat w/Bedroom $469,900 Call for Details Ben Maltese 239.273.8700 STERLING OAKS BOAT SLIP #17 One of the Few Live Aboard Slips in Naples 70' x18.5' Slip 15 Minutes/2 Miles to Gulf $375,000 MLS 215070089 Steve Suddeth & Jenn Nicolai 239.784.0693 OLD NAPLES SEAPORT NAPLES Newly Remodeled 2 BR, 2 BA Dramatic Views of Lake and Golf Course $274,000 MLS 215071303 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 NEW PRICE IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES LITTLE HICKORY ISLAND Charming 3 BR + Den, 3 BA Cottage w/Private Yard Quiet Location Away from Public Beach Access $2,595,000 MLS 216005777 Loretta Young, Team LaVita 239.450.5022 BONITA BEACH-FRONT NAPLES Direct Gulf Access, Boat Dock & Lift 3 Suites, 3.5 Bathrooms $799,000 MLS 216018642 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 NEW LISTING GOLDEN SHORES ESTERO Single Family w/Up to 4 BR & 3 BA Great Room Floor Plan w/ Pool & Spa, Turnkey $593,000 MLS 216028344 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 NEW LISTING GRANDEZZA NAPLES World Class Golf & Amenities Galore Spacious 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms $449,000 MLS 216023913 Starr Whiting 239.404.1219 NEW PRICE HAMMOCK BAY LIGHTHOUSE BAY 3 BR, 2 BA, Sunny Second Floor Condo Beautiful View of Lake and Botanical Island $372,500 MLS 216027409 Ilse Lefas 239.269.4289 THE BROOKS NAPLES Updated Kitchen, Bath & Flooring Attached Garage, Huge Fenced Yard $260,000 MLS 215058348 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 HILLTOP


NAPLES Furnished, Lakefront Executive Home & Cabana 5 BR + Den, Loft, 5.5 BA Pool & Spa $2,175,000 MLS 215037074 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 NEW PRICE TREVISO BAY GINGER POINT Bardmore Model Entirely Upgraded, Move in Ready 3 BR + Den, 3.5 BA, Lake & Golf Course Views, 2,520 S.F. $795,000 MLS 216019285 Linda Ramsey 239.405.3054 SHADOW WOOD BONITA SPRINGS Fabulous 3 BR + Den, 2 Full/2 Half BA, 3-Car Garage Outstanding Panoramic Lake & Golf Course Views $579,000 MLS 215069266 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 SPANISH WELLS ESTERO Beautiful 4 BR, 2.5 BA & Pool New A/C & Pool Pump $435,000 MLS 216003026 Dan Pearce 239.940.1747 WILDCAT RUN ESTERO 2 BR + Den, 2 BA Penthouse End Unit Walk to Shopping, Movies, 20+ Restaurants $337,000 MLS 216005294 Gary Ryan 239.273.6796 THE RESIDENCE AT COCONUT POINT NORTH NAPLES Golf Course Lifestyle Without Fees Near All That Matters, Yet Secluded For Serenity $249,900 MLS 216025421 The Roboci Team 239.776.8123 HERITAGE GREENS CELLINI Beautiful Lakefront Estate Home 4 Bedrooms, + Den & 4.5 Bathrooms $1,599,000 MLS 215057270 Dru & Greg Martinovich 239.564.5717 MEDITERRA NAPLES Toll Brothers Custom Lakefront Home Two Story 3 BR + Den, 3.5 BA Pool Home $757,000 MLS 216026353 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 NEW LISTING AVIANO BONITA SPRINGS Priced to Sell, Upgrades Galore, 2,562 S.F. 3 BR + Den, 2.5 BA, Salt Water Self-Cleaning Pool $569,000 MLS 216015458 Linda Ramsey 239.405.3054 HAWTHORNE BONITA SPRINGS 2 BR + Den, 2 BA, Open Floor Plan w/Pool Lake, Golf Course and Sunset Views $414,900 MLS 215047300 Jim Griffith, Boeglin Team 239.322.2409 LAKE CLUB AT SPANISH WELLS PARK PLACE Professionally Decorated w/Large Open Great Room 3 Bedrooms, 2-Car Attached Garage, Large Lot $329,000 MLS 216019208 Patti Fortune 239.272.8494 BONITA SPRINGS SHOWCASE HOME ESTERO Lake, Golf Course & Wildlife Sanctuary Views 2 BR + Den, 2 BA, Appx. 2,065 S.F., SE & SW Exp. $239,000 MLS 216018874 Leah Alfieri 239.464.2829 THE VINES AT ESTERO CC NAPLES 2 Bedrooms + Den, 2 Bathrooms, Furnished Commanding Views of the Gulf $1,099,000 MLS 215056701 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 PELICAN BAY NAPLES Lowest Priced Camelot Townhouse 4 BR + Den, 3 BA $650,000 MLS 216023509 Vito Bauer 239.777.7080 NEW LISTING PELICAN BAY AVALON LOCATED CENTRALLY TO EVERYTHING A Quaint Mid-Century Remodeled Residence Close Proximity to the Gulf of Mexico $559,000 MLS 215053494 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455 LAKE PARK NAPLES SANDPIPER ISLE Gorgeous Water Views, Furnished 2 BR + Den, 2 BA 1st Floor, Tall Ceilings, 8 Ft. Doors & Open Floor Plan $399,900 MLS 216011424 Beth James 239.287.4663 NEW PRICE PELICAN LANDING RAPALLO 3 BR, 2 BA Turnkey Condo Open Floor Plan w/Lake View $325,000 MLS 216028221 Sue Ellen Mathers 239.877.2726 NEW LISTING COCONUT POINT NAPLES Furnished 2nd Floor Unit 2 BR, 2 BA, Great Golf Course Views $195,000 MLS 215072044 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 GLADES GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB FORT MYERS Riverfront Preserve Lot Amazing Outdoor Living Space $996,700 MLS 215016086 Kevin and Karen Welch 239.223.7006 VERANDAH LANTANA Brand New! 3 BR + Den, 3 BA, 2-Car Garage w/Pool $140,000+ in Luxurious Finishes & Enhancements $639,000 MLS 216002828 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 NEW PRICE OLDE CYPRESS BONITA SPRINGS Furnished Pool Home 3 Bedrooms + Den, 3 Full Bathrooms $545,000 MLS 216018464 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 SPANISH WELLS ESTERO Former Alexandria Coastal Chic Model Home 4 BR, 3 BA, Pool/Spa 399,900 MLS 216028239 Katie Brady Rigsby 239.770.6061 NEW LISTING PRESERVE AT CORKSCREW BONITA SPRINGS Expansive Lake View 2 Bedrooms + Den $284,900 MLS 216013888 Deb Adams-Bateman 239.273.4824 HAWTHORNE SOUTHEAST NAPLES Beautifully Designed 3 BR, 2 BA Quiet Neighborhood, Close to Shopping & Dining $169,900 MLS 216019287 Ciara Young, Team LaVita 239.784.1984 QUAIL ROOST


VISIT WWW.DWANAPLES.COM FOR INFORMATION ON THESE AND OTHER MEDITERRA PROPERTIESDAVID WILLIAM AUSTON, PA MEDITERRA RESIDENT, GOLF MEMBER & REAL ESTATE SPECIALISTASSISTING IN OVER 100 CLOSED MEDITERRA TRANSACTIONS SINCE 2011 AMERIVEST REALTY | Of ce: 239.280.5433 Il Corsini at Mediterra7,857 SQ FT | $5,950,000 Cortile at Mediterra5,464 SQ FT | $3,595,000 Porta Vecchio at Mediterra2,589 SQ FT | $649,000 Bellezza at Mediterra4,517 SQ FT | $1,890,000 REAL ESTATE NEWSMAKERS Amy Nease of Mediterra Realty, was recognized as a 2015 Top Producer for Superior Sales in the over $10 million category (developer onsite sales) during the Top Producer and Annual Recognition Awards presented by the Womens Council of Realtors, Napleson-the-Gulf Chapter. Ms. Nease joined Mediterra Realty in December 2003 and has previously been recognized by the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing for her performance in the top 10 percent of the Southwest Florida market. She focuses her services in the Mediterra private golf and beach club community, where she has contributed to the sales of numerous private residential and model homes, including London Bays newest models, four of which sold prior to or shortly after completion but are available for viewing for a limited time. The town of Ave Maria has been named the No. 1 selling singlefamily community in the Naples-Fort Myers market for the fifth consecutive quarter, according to a Metro Study Q1 report for 2016. The report, which ranks annual home starts and move-ins, places Ave Maria at the top of both lists, with 287 new home starts and 292 move-ins over the past 12 months. The Naples-Fort Myers markets are defined as Naples and Marco Island as well as Fort Myers and Cape Coral. In addition, all three of Ave Marias residential home builders ranked in the studys top 10, with CC Homes placing second, Pulte Homes in eighth and Del Webb in ninth place, based upon annual closings. We are proud to see our name at the top of the single-family home sales list once again, Cee Cee Marinelli, director of development for the town of Ave Maria, says. 016 is also starting strong as we have already surpassed 100 new home sales, she adds. This custom-built, modern beauty on the Moorings Country Club golf course has four bedrooms plus an office, 4 1/2 baths and a two-car garage in a total of 6,104 square feet (more than 4,000 square feet under air). There are hickory wood and imported tile floors, soaring ceilings and a wall of glass in the living room that allows for spectacular views of the golf course and sunrises over the infinity-edge pool and spa. The kitchen has 30 feet of sliders overlooking the lanai with fireplace and the pool deck. Additional details include a two-way gas fireplace, a pivoting front entry door and imported tile and cabinets in the baths. A custom spiral staircase leads to the third-floor rooftop terrace with peek-a-boo views of the bay toward the Gulf. And its all just minutes to downtown Naples and the beach. James Bates of Premier Sothebys International Realty has the listing for $3,749,000. For more information or to arrange a showing, call 961-3973 or email REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY B12 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016SEE NEWSMAKERS B13 House Hunting:2828 Crayton Road, NaplesCOURTESY PHOTOS


CC Homes builds single-family homes priced from the low $200,000s in Maple Ridge at Ave Maria; Del Webb Naples offers single-family homes in a neighborhood for residents ages 55-plus with prices from the high $100,000s; and Pulte Homes builds single-family residences in Emerson Park, Hampton Village and Avalon Park, with prices from the high $100,000s. Twenty model homes are open daily in the town. At its build out, Ave Maria will have up to 11,000 residences as well as 1.7 million square feet of retail, office and business park uses in its 4,000 acres. The main entrance to the town is on Oil Well Road just west of Camp Keais Road in eastern Collier County. For more information, call 352-3903 or visit The Knauf-Koenig Group has broken ground in the first quarter of 2016 on 14 custom homes. From Aqualane Shores to Pelican Bay, the residences are priced from $4 million to $8 million. The architectural firms of Stofft Cooney and Falconer Jones are the architects of record. With seven more homes well underway in the mid-construction phase and nine completed in the last three months, that puts the total number of projects at 30 this first quarter, no small footprint in the Naples market. Knauf-Koenig Group has been building custom homes and remodeling existing homes in the area for more than 20 years. The family-fun company, whose principals are husband-and-wife Matt and Gisela Knauf, offers pre-construction services to their clients by providing a project budget and site evaluation to ensure the projects constructability. During pre-construction, Knauf-Koenig Group also provides clients with an early analysis of their projects materials, equipment and scheduling that will be implemented during the construction phase. When Knauf-Koenig Group completes a project, company representatives keep in contact with the client, checking in periodically to ensure long-term satisfaction. For more information, call 592-9900 or visit Borelli Construction has broken ground for a luxury residence in Hemingway Place, the custom homebuilders fourth singlefamily home in the central Naples neighborhood. Designed by Weber Design Group Inc., the Classical Revival-style home will encompass 4,328 square feet of air-conditioned living space and 6,038 total square feet. There will be five bedrooms and 4 baths, plus a loft suitable for an entertainment room or kids gaming area. The kitchen just steps off the great room and dining room will feature Carrara marble countertops, upgraded European-style cabinets, Thermador appliances, a wine refrigerator, an oversized island bar and a walk-in pantry. The first floor will have the master suite, a guest suite and a private study/ library with custom built-ins. An elevator will provide access to the second floor where the remaining three bedrooms and bathrooms are in a split floor plan around the loft area. In addition, the second floor will have a morning bar area to accommodate overnight family and friends. An additional laundry room will also be provided upstairs. The outdoor living area will be easily accessible from the great room and will include a kitchen with adjoining dining space, a fireplace, a glass tile pool/spa and sun shelf. Tropical landscaping and landscape lighting around the entire pool deck will create an oasis of privacy. The gas-heated swimming pool/spa, sixburner cooktop, outdoor fireplace and an instant-hot gas water heater will be fueled by an underground, 1,000-gallon propane tank. Other design features of the model home will include a concrete tile roof, custom mahogany front doors, custom PGT impact glass windows and doors, designer light fixtures, shell stone pool deck, and brick paver driveway and entry walks. A number of environmentally friendly solutions also will be used in building the home, including extensive LED lighting and foam insulation. A twocar garage with two doors will have extra space for storage. At 1436 Hemingway Place on a private cul-de-sac conveniently between U.S. 41 North and Goodlette-Frank Road, this new residence will be available for purchase from $1.85 million. It is anticipated that the home will be completed and ready for move in by the end of this year. Borelli Construction has two additional home sites in Hemingway Place that remain available.Based in Naples, Borelli Construction has been building custom homes for more than 35 years. For more information or to view available residential plans, visit NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 B13 Dottie Sugarman Sales Associate 239 777-3740 Cell FEATURED OPEN HOUSE IN BONITA BAY 4851 Bonita Bay Blvd 502 ~ Tavira at Bonita Bay 3BR/3BA | 3,512SqFt AC | 4,069SqFt Total | $2,395,000 Fantastic Sky Home in Bonita Bay! Custom build out in 2014. Private elevator foyer entrance with fountain. Great oorplan for entertaining and screened lanai with hurricane shutters. All new granite and upgraded appliances, new washer and dryer. Custom Lutron motorized shades and LED lighting. Creston music with invisible music speakers in Living Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom and Bath. Building amenities include Club and Card Room, Billiards, Pool and Spa, Fitness, Golf Training Room and Rooftop Terrace overlooking gulf, bay and golf. Come and see this home in the sky! Sunday May 8th and 15th from 1:00 4:00 PM INTEGRITY EXPERTISE RESULTS Downing-Frye Realty TRUST THE SALE OF YOUR PROPERTY TO DEPENDABLE, EXPERIENCED LEADERS239.253.8001Pelican Isle located on Vanderbilt Drive at Wiggins Pass Road Rarely available agship oorplan! Largest unit and lanai space of all Pelican Isle units! $1,449,000 Stunning westerly views of the Gulf of Mexico, 2,677 SF, soaring 10-foot ceilings, premier spot in Pelican Isle! $1,524,900 Pelican Isle Residence III-204 Spacious waterfront home with beautiful views! 3BR/3.5BA, 3,096 SF, 9-foot ceilings, oversized rooms and storage. $1,289,000 Pelican Isle Residence I-1002 Pelican Isle Residence III-305 NEWSMAKERSFrom page 12 COURTESY PHOTOOne of 14 luxury custom homes completed in the first quarter of 2016 by Knauf-Koenig Group in Naples.


PORT ROYALYOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACHFor a confidential consultation or to learn more ab out any property in this advertisement, contact the listing associate directly at the telephone number provided, or visit PortRoyal.comPREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTYMARCO ISLAND | 239.642.2222 THE VILLAGE | 239.261.6161 FIFTH AVENUE | 239.434.8770 CENTRAL NAPLES | 239.659.0099 VANDERBILT | 239.594.9494 BROAD AVENUE | Visit PortRoyal.com3600 Nelsons Walk Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215038183 | $18,900,000 1085 Nelsons Walk Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215065140 | $14,900,000 840 Admiralty Parade Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939 Web ID 216008459 | $19,950,000 3250 Gin Lane Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215002707 | $9,450,000 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939 Web ID 214053711 | $18,500,000 4233 Gordon Drive Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939 Web ID 215001052 | $14,500,000 3255 Rum Row Linda Malone | 239.595.9595 Web ID 216020578 | $8,950,000 4100 Rum Row Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215063307 | $19,500,000 3550 Gordon Drive Cristal OMeara | 239.961.1943 Web ID 215039079 | $15,900,000 3750 Rum Row Tom Gasbarro | 239.404.4883 Web ID 216004706 | $22,950,000 1351 Spyglass Lane Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939 Web ID SCHI121715IHE | $11,900,000


Premier Sothebys International Realty has been a market leader in Port Royal for over 50 years. The location provides fabulous waterfront property ideal for exquisite beac hfront estates. The privacy afforded by Port Royal, along with the exclusivity of the community, attracts high-end cl ientele both locally and internationally. Unique properties, such as these, require strategic marketing and a network of buyers that few companies can provide. TRANSACTION SIDES in 2015 SALES VOLUME in 2015 AVERAGE SALES PRICE in 2015Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All inform ation is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Premier Sothebys International Realty participated as either the listing or cooperating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. *Real Trends 500, 2016 Top U.S Residential Sellers 35 $230m $9m1375 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215063104 | $8,900,000 3575 Gordon Drive Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215071405 | $7,450,000 3200 Gordon Drive Lisa Tashjian | 239.259.7024 Web ID 215032365 | $6,500,000 3163 Gin Lane Lisa Tashjian | 239.259.7024 Web ID 215052524 | $5,700,000 3001 Rum Row Friley Saucier | 239.293.3532 Web ID 216022071 | $8,495,000 3300 Green Dolphin Lane Tom Gasbarro | 239.404.4883 Web ID 216011338 | $7,295,000 1207 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215021658 | $6,350,000 999 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale | 239.860.0894 Web ID 215064888 | $5,200,000 1099 Spyglass Lane Linda Perry/Judy Perry | 239.404.7052 Web ID 216028524 | $8,000,000 1442 Galleon Drive Steve Smiley | 239.298.4327 Web ID 216015148 | $6,890,000 1060 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler | 239.261.3939 Web ID 216005412 | $6,250,000 Ranked #30Premier Sothebys International Realty, Among the 500 Largest Brokers in the U.S.*


B16 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Vanderbilt Beach $519,900Nicely furnished 2BR, 2BA 7th- oor unit. Spectacular Gulf and bay views. Walk to the beach, and sink your toes in the sand. Bermuda Links $226,500Just think what you can do with this 2BR, 2BA immaculate beauty. Move-in ready and enjoy the gol ng! Huntington Lakes $226,900 Pristine 2BR, 2BA move-in ready unit with lake view. Vaulted ceilings with over $22,000 in upgrades. SELLER SAYS BRING OFFERS! POOL, FITNESS CENTER, TENNIS & MORE! TURNKEY FURNISHED! Today! Jacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, Richard Shows like a model. Wonderful features. Lovely view of water and green area. Most desired oor plan. 7522 GARIBALDI $494,900 AMENITY RICH Priced below appraised value. Charming &unique updates too numerous to mention. 3 BR/2 BA, dock/lift for boat & jet skis. 1660 GALLEON COURT $874,900 QUICK OUT TO GULF Its all about the view Breathtaking water views. Lovely 2 BR/2 BA unit. Complex has nice amenities. DELA PARK PLACE #204 $645,000 CLOSE TO BEACH Delightful, spacious 2nd oor unit. Ready to move in. Deeded carport w/storage. Eat-in kitchen, laundry in unit. GLENEAGLES /DEERWOOD$199,900 LOW FEES Chuck GalloFlorida Licensed 270 Naples Cove Drive #3305 $265,000Fully renovated with preserve views.15400 Cedarwood Lane #203 $270,000 Turnkey furnished; lake views with garage included. Open House Sunday 1-4 NOW AVAILABLE IN BAY FOREST To Receive Your FREEWest of 41 Market Report, visit March brings slight downshift in Bonita-Estero housing market THE BONITA SPRINGS-ESTEROAssociation of RealtorsActivity in the Bonita Springs and Estero housing market saw a downshift in sales for March and overall for the first quarter of 2016, according to the most recent report from the Bonita Springs-Estero Association of Realtors. However, the BEAR media committee report adds, more inventory continues to come into the market for a positive outlook for buyers and sellers in the coming months. Overall, the median close price was 9 percent higher than it was for the 12 months ending March 2015. Average days on market remained stable. Additionally, all signs are pointing to more overall stability in the market. Were moving toward a more level market, Elizabeth Mancini, managing broker of Premier Sothebys International Realty in Bonita Springs said. Evidence of this is seen with more year-round activity as opposed to just seasonal activity. This presents a good opportunity for sellers. Broker Jeff Tiefenbach of the Bonita office of Keller Williams Elite Realty agrees and notes the difference in buyers. Were also seeing buyers who are looking to move to the area fulltime and who have a more urgent need to buy now as opposed to those looking for a part-time residence, and they are picking up the A-plus properties quickly, Mr. Tiefenbach said. Regarding a five-month downshift in the market, buyers are still looking, but the rush to buy was not present in early 2016 as in past years. The downshift affected sales and pending sales because demand is catching up to inventory. The downshift in quarter one simply means that accrued demand is being satisfied, explained Roger Brunswick, broker associate with John R. Wood Properties. What was also evident in quarter one was that traditional resales are in competition with new construction. Sellers have been frustrated by the longer sales cycle, D. Michael Burke, 2016 BEAR president of Keller Williams Elite Realty in Bonita Springs, said. In regards to new construction competition, sellers need to be mindful and realistic about their listing prices and the condition of the property. A pristine property that is well-priced is the key to getting activity and an offer. Also, while buyers are still proceeding with caution, the BEAR media committee agrees that buyers should not wait to make an offer on A-plus properties, as those properties will continue to sell quickly through spring and summer. The number of closed sales, including single-family homes and condos, for the 12 months ending March 2016 was 3,006 units as compared to 3,247 units for 12 months ending March 2015, a 7 percent decrease. Pending sales saw a decrease of 17 percent, down to 2,676 units from 3,223 units. The days on market in the Bonita Springs-Estero market, which was 72 days, continues to remain stable with a slight change from 77 days from the 12 months ending February 2016. The 2016 March market report also showed 792 units of inventory for single-family homes and 732 units for condominiums. For more information, visit Newly renovated Jack Nicklaus signature golf course within Naples city limits convenient to both downtown and Mercato. Limited membership of residents allows you to play the course as oen as you like. Amenities include: tness center, four Har-Tru tennis courts, bocce ball, kayaking club and marina with Gulf access. Donald Snyder 239-250-8712GolngInNaples.comMore Inventory Coming Soon! CALL YOUR SPECIALIST Want to have it all? GOLF, TENNIS AND GULF ACCESS! 115 Bears Paw Trail #1-82-story, 3BR/3.5BA villa located on a pond; 2-car garage & golf cart included $350,000MLS#216003556 REDUCED! SELLER WANTS OFFERS!


OLDE NAPLES (MAIN) 821 5th Avenue South, Suite 102 Naples, Florida 34102 | VINEYARDS | BONITA SPRINGS | ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGE?RE/MAX Distinction is inviting a few hardworking and dedicated associates to join our successful and growing team. Peggy Sue Garrity | 239.207.1008 Peggy Sue Garrity | 239.207.1008 8121 Via Vecchia $6,450,000 (FURN.)BAY COLONY Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and mult iple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Sothebys International Realty participated as either the listing or coope rating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. Leah D. Ritchey 239.289.0433 Amy Becker 239.272.3229 VANDERBILT BEACHBeachmoor #701 $1,750,000 7951 Vizcaya Way $3,595,000 (FURN.)BAY COLONY BAY COLONYToscana #1702 $2,695,000 (FURN.) BAY COLONYSalerno #502 $1,995,000


41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$200,000 >$300,000 >$400,000 >$500,000 >$600,000 >$700,000 >$900,000 >$1,000,000 >$2,000,000 >$3,000,000 >$4,000,000 >$9,000,000 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 32 33 34 21 35 36*For illustration purposes only.NaplesMarco Island 37 38 B18 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM Naples, Florida pr emi 239.261.3939Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate.Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in Southwest Florida and around the world.Ee ELEGANCE ELEMENTS OF AN EXTRAODINARY BRANDBonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Captiva | 239.395.5847 Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Estuary Sales Center | 239.261.3148 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Mercato Sales Center | 239.594.9400 Mystique Sales Center | 239.598.9900 Rentals | 239.262.4242 Sanibel | 239.472.2735 The Village | 239.261.6161 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494


INSIDEBROUGHT TO YOU BY: Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Estuary at Grey Oaks | 239.261.3148 Mystique at Pelican Bay | 239.598.9900 The Village | 239.261.6161 The Gallery in Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494 Residences at Mercato | 239.594.9400 Bonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Sanibel Island | 239.472.2735 Rentals | 239.262.4242ARTS & ENTERTAINMENTA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE CSECTIONWEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Film reviewFind out whether you should spend $10 on Captain America: Civil War. C15 CuisineMediterranos appeal goes far beyond its fresh, well-executed food. C27 BY ALAN SCULLEYFlorida Weekly CorrespondentIts been 13 years since Styx has released an album of new material. But singer/keyboardist Lawrence Gowan says having songs to record has not been the issue. Whats funny is that during any given year, there are all kinds of new pieces that get brought up at sound check to jam on, Gowan said in a recent phone interview. The band plays Tuesday, May 10, at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers. We constantly have new stuff. Its just the time to finish it and to produce it and focus some sort of promotion on it, its more and more difficult for us because theres this insatiable demand for the band to play live. And were happy to meet that demand. And the demand (between) us to make new music, sometimes over the last few years, we get enough of that experience (of enjoying new songs) by just playing amongst ourselves, believe it or not, without having to go through the entire process. But Gowan said this looks like the year when Styx, one of the most popular bandsSame songs, same players, but different Styx SEE STYX, C21 SEE SEASON, C4 RICK DIAMOND / COURTESY PHOTOAbout half of the typical Styx concert audience today is under 30 in other words, not even born when the band was enjoying its peak success.OU USUALLY HEAR RING OUT THE OLD, RING IN the new around New Years, but the sentiment applies this time of year, too, as theaters stage th eir last shows before summer and announce the upcoming season. Much has been made of the fact that Gulfshore Playhouse and The Naples Players, only a handful of blocks apart in downtown Naples, have both announced My Fair Lady for 2016-17. The Lerner and Loewe musical about a Cockney We take a close look at what is coming soon to theaters near you in SWFL NOV 12-DEC 11, 2016 NOV 1 2-DEC 11, 2016 Loverly like youve never seen before.BOOK & LYRICS BY Alan Jay LernerMUSIC BY Frederick LoeweMyFair adyL KRISTEN COURY, Producing Artistic Director BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ 2016-17 SEASON INSIDE: INSIDE: Upcoming Upcoming seasons lineup seasons lineup from arts and from arts and entertainment entertainment venues in venues in SWFL. SWFL. C4-5 C4-5Y The King & I, above, plays at Barbara B. Mann and My Fair Lady will be performed at Gulfshore Playhouse and by The Naples Players this season.Arts commentaryThe Dixie Swim Club is treading in shallow water. C10


C2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 1-800-591-3376 FREE Skin Screenings in May*Call your nearest location for FREE screening dates and times in May*Free screenings are for new patients, by appointment only 239-449-3499 | RiverchaseDermatology.comAttendance is complimentary, but RSVP is required.1015 Crosspointe Drive, Naples WIN A TREATMENT! Join us to learn more about this revolutionary procedure that freezes away stubborn fat for good without needles, surgery or down time! Light refreshments, demonstrations and giveaways. Consultations are available! BEFORE AFTER A DERMATOLOGY EVENT WORK IN PROGRESSThis is the fifth installment of a fivepart series from a novel-in-progress by Florida Weekly writer Artis Henderson. The novels protagonist, Jesse Lowe, has run away with her fathers best friend, Corbin Tillis. Jesses father died when she was 5 years old and, now 16, she longs to discover more about him. Corbin was just released from prison after serving a sentence on drug charges. He has reluctantly agreed to take Jesse on his travels around the state. The path back was a pale line surrounded by black night. As Jesse neared the trailer, she saw Corbin sitting on the steps, his elbows propped on his knees. He took a long pull from a fresh bottle of Old Crow then set it on the step beside him. Where you been? he asked as she approached. Walking, Jesse said. He lifted the bottle and took another drink. You should be careful out there in the dark. All kinds of dangerous things. Gators. Raccoons. Raccoons? Corbin shrugged. They get aggressive. Thats like watching out for squirrels. Now those are some mean f-----s. Jesse laughed, covering her mouth, and sat on the step next to him. Corbin passed her the bottle. She took a small sip and grimaced as it burned its way down. Thats terrible. Corbin grinned. I know. In a nearby tree, an owl hooted and somewhere farther off another owl gave an answering call. Corbin took a slow sip of the bourbon and kept the bottle balanced between his hands. I cant figure you out, he said after a while. Jesse waited for the owls to call again, but they had gone quiet. My grandma used to say Im filled with smoke, she said. What does that mean? It means its hard to see inside me. Theres all this I dont know, smoke, I guess in the way. She said its a trick to keep people from getting close. Jesse stopped and scratched at a mosquito bite on her leg. Whats behind the smoke? Corbin asked. Thats what Im trying to figure out. They sat surrounded by night sounds the shift of palm fronds, the stir of fallen leaves, the barely perceptible flap of predatory wings. On the highway, a truck rattled past. When it had moved off down the road and silence resettled, Jesse said, Last year, my class took a field trip into the swamp. The woman giving the tour, a park ranger, she showed us all these things. Pickerel weed and bladderwort and tiny orchids the size of your thumbnail. She pulled her knees in and draped herself over them, so that her chin fit in the crook where they came together. The ranger told us about this litter of panther kittens, three of them. Shed gone out with a biologist when the litter was just a couple of weeks old. The mama was off hunting, and they went in and weighed the kittens and measured them. They were like little birds, she said. Smaller than a cucumber. The owl hooted again, and Jesse paused to wait for the answered call. It came from a stand of Australian pines. Not too long after that, she went on, a brush fire started up after a lightning strike. The mama panther got away, but not the kittens. They burned up with the pine needles and the weeds. Jesse fell silent. The night was windless and still. Corbin lit a cigarette, and it hung smoking between his fingers. When Jesse reached for it, he passed it to her. Are you ever afraid of whats inside you? she asked, fitting the filter between her lips. It scares the hell out of me, Corbin said. She took a shallow smoke, coughed and passed the cigarette back. Corbin flicked the ash off the end. Are you afraid of dying? Jesse asked. He took the last drag on the cigarette and then ground it out in the dirt. He stood and dusted his hands on his jeans. I think we better call it a night. That night, Jesse dreamed the cane fields by her house were burning. Green stalks of sugarcane towered over her, their leaves rustling, and she could hear the fire bearing down like a freight train approaching. The sky was black with smoke. Corbin stood to one side and next to him, his hands hanging loose at his sides, was her father. Neither man looked at Jesse. Her father scuffed at the dirt with his work boot, and as Jesse watched he pulled a a p s d s artis SEE WORK, C8 My grandma used to say Im filled with smoke, she said. What does that mean? It means its hard to see inside me. Theres all this I dont know, smoke, I guess in the way. She said its a trick to keep people from getting close. Jesse stopped and scratched at a mosquito bite on her leg. Whats behind the smoke? Corbin asked. Thats what Im trying to figure out.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C3 239.434.6533/ Every Saturday Morning from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. Featuring Dozen of Vendors All Summer LongIn the Parking Lot behind Tommy Bahama between Third & Gordon Drive The LIST to benefit Thanks to our criminally generous philanthropy ring The Walker Group at Morgan Stanley Undergroundartery theMay 13, 2016 9:00 P.M. 1:00 A.M. You will be notied of the location*you will need the password...HAND CRAFTED ELIXIRS NOSH & NIBBLESMusical performance byKITTY CARMICHAEL1920S JAZZ REMIXED*Purchase tickets by visiting or calling 239-529-2259You will be notied of the underground Naples location and passwordTickets start at $75 $ $ 7 7 7 7 5 5 5 5 5 FLORIDA WRITERSGainesville through the eyes and ears of someone who helped make its music Music Everywhere: The Rock and Roll Roots of a Southern Town by Marty Jourard. University Press of Florida. 224 pages. Hardcover $19.95. What a surprising breath of fresh air this is. Marty Jourards book is an insiders story of how Gainesville developed into an important, though relatively isolated, capital of American popular music rock and roll in particular. While Mr. Jourard offers a good deal of interesting speculation about why this happened, the fun of the book is in watching it happen. An effective narrative style; a compelling array of facts and profiles; and a lowkey, comfortable sense of authority are hallmarks of Marty Jourards infectious blend of remembrance and research. Organized chronologically, Music Everywhere begins at the beginning of rock and roll history, 1955, with a song written by a Gainesville musician named Tommy Durden. That song, soon after recast as Heartbreak Hotel, sits on the front porch of the black and white, music, country and urban music, that in various combinations became the prevailing American popular music. Mr. Jourard rocks back and forth between the macrocosm of larger trends (the Beatles invasion and takeover, the growth of the hippie counterculture) and the daily lives of aspiring musicians living in or passing through Floridas heartland. He also notes the communitys happy support of and identification with a music culture. This sometimes means the role of the University of Florida in supporting live performances and generally interacting with the music culture that is growing up along with the burgeoning university. And then there is the dependable marijuana production. Musicians need audiences, and University of Florida students showed up to hear the cover bands and the bands focused on original songs bands that sharpened their skills on and off campus. Can you guess the outstanding musicians you might recognize who are part of Marty Jourardss Gainesville R & R tapestry? Well theres Stephen Stills, a strong solo performer better known from his group work in Crosby, Stills, and Nash (and sometimes Young). Theres Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, one of the worlds best-selling bands ever. Don Felder and Bernie Leadon went from gigs in Gainesville to becoming part of the endlessly chart-topping Eagles. The list goes on, and the stories Mr. Jourard tells about them are most engaging. Marty Jourard himself hit it big as part of The Motels in the 1980s. The book provides insights into the life of professional musicians, whether famous or obscure or in between. More importantly, it is an effective study of a community. The people writing, performing and recording music cannot flourish without the support of others who work in the music industry. It is with a sense of reverence that Mr. Jourard writes about the owner of Liphams music company whose shop became a refuge for the Gainesville musicians. He writes, The musicians and the store served one another; players met other players there, heard other players there, and lusted after the same shiny new guitars that hung behind the counter saying, hold me ... try me ... buy me! The store made money. The music scene has a place you could hang out. Mr. Jourard also reminds us of how important it is for people to put risk money into performance venues and music festivals. He provides a detailed account of how, in Gainesville, these ancillary efforts nourished and were nourished by the creative artists. Many of the musicians who apprenticed in Gainesville bands went on to be part of touring bands and recording studio ensembles supporting the performances of headliners like Aretha Franklin and Jackson Browne. If you enjoy entertainment history and biography, this is a book for your collection. If you enjoy reading about aspects of Florida culture, Music Everywhere will be an enjoyable companion. Mr. Jourards compilation of photographs and reproductions of event posters and ads enhances the readers experience. The book also includes chapter notes and an appendix of live performances in Gainesville from 1960 through 1976. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. s n a b f a t JOURARD


C4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYstreet vendor who learns how to move about in high society is a classic. But the Naples troupes are presenting different versions. The Naples Players production (March 1-April 2) will have a full cast and orchestra at the Sugden Community Theatre, while Gulfshore Playhouse will stage a stripped-down version with 10 performers and two pianos at The Norris Center (Nov. 12-Dec. 11). Fans of the musical no doubt will want to see both productions, and students of the theater will be curious to see the two very different ways a show can be staged and conceptualized. The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers is bringing back some favorite musicals Jersey Boys (March 29-April 2) and The Book of Mormon (Jan. 24-29) so if you missed them the first time around, or you want to see them again, you can. The Lincoln Center production of The King & I (April 26-30), the last show in the Broadway lineup at the Mann Hall for 2016-17, should be a highlight of the season. Those who saw the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific at the hall will remember the superb quality of the show, with a big orchestra, full cast and sets. If you missed Kinky Boots this season, or want to see it again, you can catch it at the Van Wezel in Sarasota. (April 25-30). Ditto for Dirty Dancing (Jan. 10-11). ArtisNaples promises to have a great year with hot, current Broadway shows. Of special note is A Gentlemans Guide to Love & Murder (Jan. 17-22), which won the 2014 Tony and Drama Desk awards for Best Musical and Best Book of a Musical. And Something Rotten! (March 14-19), nominated for nine Tonys, shouldnt be missed. The musical comedy, set in 1595, is about two brothers named Bottom who try to be successful in the theater while competing with Shakespeare. And we wont be surprised if the Tony-nominated jukebox musical Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Feb. 7-12) sells out. TheatreZone in Naples will present some musicals about well-known men: George M. Cohan in George M! (Jan. 12-22), Mozart in Amadeus (Feb. 9-19) and the gangster Legs Diamond in Legs Diamond Lives Again. (April 27-May 7). Phantom (Dec. 29-Feb. 11) at the Broadway Palm in Fort Myers is a likely crowd-pleaser, but my moneys on White Christmas (Nov. 24-Dec. 25) and Mary Poppins (June 29-Aug. 12, 2017). And as if we dont have enough drama with the current presidential race, some theaters are presenting politically themed plays. At Laboratory Theater of Florida, The Best Man (Oct. 7-29), written by Gore Vidal, looks at two fictional candidates vying for their partys nomination. And the Asolo Repertory Theatre in Sarasota is staging The Great Society (Jan. 13-April 2). The sequel to All the Way, which the company staged this spring, is about LBJs first year as president after the assassination of JFK, and his struggle to pass the Civil Rights Act. (If you didnt see the play, you might catch the HBO production of it later this month, reprising Bryan Cranstons Tony Award-winning performance as LBJ.) The Great Society deals with LBJs attempt to pass the most ambitious collection of social program bills since the Great Depression. Nick Wyman will return to the Asolo as LBJ in the sequel. The Venice Theatre presents Inherit the Wind (April 11-30), which fictionalizes the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, as well as Frost/Nixon (Jan. 19-Feb. 11) about the famous interview President Nixon had with David Frost. Theyre also presenting the Pulitzer Prize and Tony award winning August Wilson play Fences (May 4-21). Theatre Conspiracy in Fort Myers offers another Tony award-winning August Wilson play, Ma Raineys Black Bottom (Feb. 24-March 11), and the world premiere of The Cave (March 24-April 8), a play by local author Jeffrey Lindsay, who wrote the Dexter novels upon which the TV series is based. In light of Harper Lees recent death, Florida Repertory Theatre will stage To Kill a Mockingbird (Feb. 14-March 8). And to add some levity to our lives, theres Erma Bombeck: At Wits End (Oct. 4-Nov. 6) and Shear Madness (Jan. 17-March 12), both in the companys ArtStage Studio Theatre. This is just a glimpse of the coming season for theater in Southwest Florida. For a more detailed look, heres a list of whats been announced to date. Be aware that shows and dates can change, and that single tickets might not be available for some shows yet.2016-17 SEASONAsolo Repertory Theatre 5555 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (941) 351-8000; Guys and Dolls Nov. 18-Jan. 1 (previews Nov. 15-17) The Great Society Jan. 13-April 2 (previews Jan. 11-12) The Originalist Jan. 20-March 5 (previews Jan. 18-19) Born Yesterday Feb. 10-April 15 (previews Feb. 8-9) The Little Foxes March 17-April 15 (previews March 15-16) The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity April 7-30 (previews April 5-6) Beatsville world premiere May 5-28 (previews begin April 27) Summer production TBA June 2-25ArtisNaples 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd., Naples 597-1900; nd Street Dec. 26-29 A Gentlemans Guide to Love & Murder Jan. 17-22 Beautiful: The Carole King Musical Feb. 7-12 Something Rotten! March 14-19 Cabaret April 12-16Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall 13350 FSW Parkway, Fort Myers 481-4849; Rodgers and Hammersteins Cinderella Jan. 3-8 Riverdance: The 20th Anniversary World Tour Jan. 11-15 The Book of Mormon Jan. 24-29 Chicago: The Musical Feb. 7-12 Disneys The Little Mermaid March 14-19 Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons March 29-April 2 The King & I April 26-30BIG ARTS Strauss Theater 2200 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel 472-6862; Season TBABroadway Palm Theatre 1380 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers (239) 278-4422; Main stage: Yesterdays Sept. 8-Oct. 8 Evita Oct. 13-Nov. 19 White Christmas Nov. 24-Dec. 25 Phantom Dec. 29-Feb. 11 Anything Goes Feb. 16-April 1 Jesus Christ Superstar April 6-May 14SEASONFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOTheatergoers have much to choose from this year. Above, a Florida Repertory Theatre packed house. TheatreZone will have performances of Amadeus and George M!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C5 Clue: The Musical May 18-June 24 Mary Poppins June 29-Aug. 12The Off-Broadway Palm: The Nerd Oct. 6-Nov. 12 Another Night Before Christmas Nov. 17-Dec. 25 Savannah Sipping Society Jan. 19-March 4 Things My Mother Taught Me March 9-April 29 Right Bed, Wrong Husband June 15-July 29Florida Repertory Theatre 2267 First St., Fort Myers (239) 332-4488; The Arcade Theatre main stage: Over the River and Through the Woods Oct. 25-Nov. 16 The Mousetrap Nov. 29-Dec. 18 The House of Blue Leaves Jan. 3-25 To Kill a Mockingbird Feb. 14-March 8 The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee March 21-April 12ArtStage Studio Theatre: Erma Bombeck: At Wits End Oct. 4-Nov. 6 The Best of Enemies Nov. 15-Dec. 18 Shear Madness Jan. 17-March 12 World premiere TBA April 11-May 14Ghostbird Theatre Company 2301 First St., Fort Myers 333-1933; Season TBAGulfshore Playhouse The Norris Center 755 Eighth Ave S., Naples (866) 811-4111: Constellations Oct. 8-30 My Fair Lady Nov. 12-Dec. 11 Do This world premiere Jan. 7-29 The Hound of the Baskervilles Feb. 11-March 12 The Merchant of Venice March 25-April 15 The Christians April 29-May 21Laboratory Theater of Florida 1634 Woodford Ave., Fort Myers (239) 218-0481 The Best Man Oct. 7-29 Wings Nov. 11-26 24-Hour Playwriting Project Dec. 3 I and You Dec. 9-23 Mothers and Sons Jan. 6-21 Burn This Feb. 3-25 Play On! March 10-April 1 The Last Night of Ballyhoo April 14-30 An Empty Plate in the Caf Du Grand Boeuf June 3-July 2 Sirens July 15-Aug. 13The Naples Players The Sugden Community Theatre 701 Fifth Ave. S., Naples (239) 263-7990naplesplayers.orgBlackburn Hall: Rocky Horror Picture Show Oct. 12-Nov. 6 Coney Island Christmas Nov. 23-Dec. 18 Bell, Book, and Candle Jan. 11-Feb. 5 My Fair Lady March 1-April 2 I Hate Hamlet April 19-May 14The Tobye Studio: Outside Mullingar Oct. 26-Nov. 20 Dead Accounts Feb. 1-26 These Shining Lives March 2-April 15The Studio Players (formerly Lets Put On A Show Productions) 4701 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples Season TBATheatreZone The G&L Theater 13275 Livingston Road, Naples (888) 966-3352, ext. 5 Home for the Holidays Dec. 9-11 George M! Jan. 12-22 Amadeus Feb. 9-19 to 5 March 9-19 Legs Diamond Lives Again April 27-May 7Theatre Conspiracy 10091 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers (239) 936-3239; The Book of Liz Aug. 12-17 TBA Oct. 14-29 Lust Dec. 1-17 3 Variations Jan. 20-Feb. 4 Ma Raineys Black Bottom Feb. 24-March 11 The Cave world premiere March 24-April 8Venice Theatre 140 W. Tampa Ave., Venice (941) 488-1115; Main stage: The Sunshine Boys Sept. 27-Oct. 16 Billy Elliot: The Musical Nov. 8-Dec. 4 Sister Act Jan. 10-Feb. 5 Crazy For You Feb. 21-March 19 Inherit the Wind April 11-30 Stage II: Get Out of Dodge Nov. 3-20 Frost/Nixon Jan. 19-Feb. 11 Blood Brothers March 30-April 23 Fences May 4-21Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall 777 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota (941) 953-3368; Fame: The Musical Dec. 7 Rodgers & Hammersteins Cinderella Dec. 27-28 nd Street Dec. 30 Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story Onstage Jan. 10-11 Riverdance The 20th Anniversary Tour Jan. 24-26 Years of Broadway Feb. 14 Pippin Feb. 17-18 Annie March 15 Once March 17 Chicago: The Musical March 25 Kinky Boots April 25-30 I H at e Ha ml et 14 (9 M COURTESY PHOTOSJersey Boys, above, returns to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, whch also will feature The King & I.COURTESY PHOTOSKinky Boots will be at Van Wezel this season.


C6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOTHEATERThe King & I By Naples Performing Arts Center May 6-7 at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Dames at Sea By Theatre Zone through May 8 at the G&L Theatre at Community School of Naples. (888) 966-3352 or The Who and The What By Gulfshore Playhouse through May 15 at The Norris Center. (866) 811-4111 or The Dixie Swim Club By The Naples Players through May 15 at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or See review on page C10.Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf? By Lets Put On A Show Productions through May 8 at Golden Gate Community Center. Twelfth Night By Laboratory Theater of Florida at 8 p.m. May 5-7 and at 7 p.m. May 7. 1634 Woodford Ave., Fort Myers. 218-0481 or By Theatre Conspiracy May 6-21 at the Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers. 936-3239 or Dingdong By Florida Repertory Theatre through May 8. 2268 Bay St., Fort Myers. 332-4488 or Girl At the Broadway Palm Theatre through May 14. 1380 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Cinco Miromar Outlets celebrates Cinco de Mayo from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at La Bamba Real Mexican Food & Restaurant with look-alike contests and a margarita crawl through participating bars. 948-3766 or Cinco de Mayo Mercato hosts a Cinco de Mayo party from 6-9 p.m. with Santana tribute band Sanctum Soul, margaritas, a bounce house, face painting and more. An after party from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. at Masa keeps the fun going. 254-1080 or City Cinco Cityfest 2016 kicks off with a Cinco de Mayo themed Evening on Fifth starting at 6 p.m. Guests along Fifth Avenue South will enjoy live street music from John Sundria, Joe Osment, Bill Colletti, Mr. & Mrs. and Craig Kenning. 6928436 or Sing Azalea String Quartet performs works by Mendelssohn at 7 p.m. at Jewish Family & Community Services of Southwest Florida. $27. 5025 Castello Drive. 390-2788 or FRIDAY5.6Tile Time Naples Italian American Foundation hosts a mini mah jongg tournament from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. $25. 7035 Airport-Pulling Road. 597-5210 or Operatic Afternoon Lyric Soprano Nancy Peery Marriott performs at 2 p.m. at The von Liebig Art Center. $37. 585 Park St. 390-2788 or Rib Stickin Fun The sixth annual Blues, Brews & BBQ returns to Tin City from 4-9 p.m. today and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. May 7. Live entertainment, barbecue from Texas Tonys and craft beer are on tap. Tasting Naples Wine Collection provides samples of Napa and Sonoma Valley boutique wines from 5:307 p.m. $15. 2367 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 513-0095 or Swingin The William Noll Jazz Orchestra performs big band favorites at 5:30 p.m. at The Naples Zoo. $47. 3902788 or Symphonic Toad The Southwest Florida Symphony welcome guest arts Glen Phillips, lead singer/songwriter of Toad the Wet Sprocket, in the world premiere of symphonic arrangements of the 1990s bands songs. The concert starts at 8 p.m. at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. 4814849 or of Jazz Bob Zottola and Jazz Simpatico perform Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis numbers at 8 p.m. at Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs. $22$32. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or SATURDAY5.7Om in the Swamp Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary hosts a meditation session from 9-11:30 a.m. in the parks natural amphitheater. $20, reservations required. 348-9151 or Like Mother Miromar Outlets hosts a grandmother/mother/daughter lookalike contest at 11 a.m. 948-3766 or Shower Naples Cat Alliance brings adoptable kittens to Port Royal Jewelers from 1-4 p.m. while guests enjoy hors doeuvres and admire the stores gems. The organization will also welcome donations of supplies. (424) 835-1523 or Nature Flick The Conservancy of Southwest Florida screens Turtle: The Incredible Journey at 1:30 p.m. A little loggerhead sea turtle follows in the path of her ancestors on one of the most extraordinary journeys in the natural world. 1495 Smith Preserve Way. 2620304 or Finale Naples Philharmonic closes out the season with Beethovens Fifth at 8 p.m. at ArtisNaples. Prelude at 7 p.m. 597-1900 or Man Musical comedian Jimmy Keys performs at 9 p.m. at Barbatella. $35, tickets must be purchased in advance. Man Ahmed Ahmed (Iron Man, Swingers) brings his comedy act the Off the Hook Comedy Club tonight and Sunday, May 8. Check website for show times and ticket prices. 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 2896901 or SUNDAY5.8 Beachcombing Learn about collecting beach treasures at 9:30 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Free with park entry fee. 597-6196 or Write It Out Barbara Pierce leads a memoir writing class at 11:30 a.m. at First Congregational Church. Free. 6630 Immokalee Road. 353-3154 or Magic Naples Jazz Orchestra performs a program of works by Henry Mancini at 7 p.m. at Golden Gate High School. $30. 207-8299 or MONDAY5.9 Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Shower (China, 1999) at 7 p.m. Its a comedy about a businessman who must choose between his decaying hometown, where his elderly father is thriving as a vital community member, and the booming city where he and his wife live. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Beach Yoga Green Monkey Yoga leads a yoga session from 7-8 p.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. $5 plus park entry fee, reservations required. 598-1938 or TUESDAY5.10Conservation Update Jennifer Hecker, director of natural resource policy for the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, discusses the organizations legislative actions at 6:30 p.m. $10, registration required. 1495 Smith Preserve Way. 262-0304 or WEDNESDAY5.11Beach Yoga Green Monkey Yoga leads a session on the beach from 9-10 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. $5 plus park entry fee, reservations required. 598-1938 or All That Jazz Naples Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra performs the music of Horace Silver at 6 and 8:30 p.m. at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or COMING UPOn the Water Explore Wiggins Pass and Water Turkey Bay by kayak setting out at 9:30 a.m. Thursday, May 11, at DelnorWiggins Pass State Park. Participants should have intermediate to advanced kayaking skills. Free with park entry, reservations required. 597-6196 or Concert The orchestral choral ensemble Seraphic Fire performs works by William Byrd at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 11, at Moorings Presbyterian Church. 791 Harbour Drive. (888) 673-7735 or String Concert Black Cat Quartet performs works by Bach and Mendelssohn at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at Marco Island Center for the Arts. $25. 1010 Winterberry Drive. 394-4221 or Indulge Yourself Arc of Life Family Spinal Care hosts Night of Indulgence: Health is Your Best Accessory from 6-9 p.m. Friday, May 13, with clothing vendors, massages, speakers, contests and prizes. Free, but reservations recommended. Proceeds will benefit SWFL Regional Human Trafficking Coalition. 26731 Dublin Woods Circle, Bonita Springs. 200-7248 or Chance Head over to Crayton Cove for the 40th annual and Final Great Dock Canoe Race from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, May 14. 261-4191 or Musicians from Naples Philharmonic, Southwest Florida Symphony Orchestra and Stardust Memories Big Band perform from 2-5 p.m. at Unity Church of Naples to raise money for Music for Minors, a nonprofit that provides instruments to deserving students. $50. 2000 Unity Way. 273-2250 or Party Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center hosts a sleepover for kids ages 11-14 starting at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 14. $30. 590-5940 or Comedian Amy Schumer performs at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at Germain Arena. $49-$99. 948-7825 or Day The entire ArtisNaples campus opens to the public from noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, May 15. Guests will enjoy performances, handson activities and access to all museum exhibitions. 597-1900 or Independence Day The Israel Advocacy Committee of the Jewish Federation of Collier County celebrates Israels 68th anniversary of independence from 1-4 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at Mercato. Enjoy Israeli dancing, live music, food, art and more. Voices Naples Philharmonic Youth Chorus performs old favorites and new classics at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 15, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Mums the Word Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Keeping Mum (UK 2005) at 7 p.m. Monday, May 16. A pastor preoccupied with writing the perfect sermon fails to realize his wife is having an affair and his children are up to no good. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Funny Girl plays the Broadway Palm stage through May 14. The musical tells the true story of Fanny Brice, who ruled Broadway as Ziegfelds brightest star and brought the house down as an outrageous comedienne and singer. Performances are Tuesday through Sunday evenings with selected matinees. $39-$62. 1380 Colonial Blvd.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 5.6 5.5-7 The Southwest The Southwest Florida Symphony Florida Symphony performs with performs with Glen Glen Phillips Phillips at 8 p.m. at 8 p.m. May 6 at the Barbara May 6 at the Barbara B. Mann Performing B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. Arts Hall. Pianist Jon Kimura Parker joins the Naples Philharmonic under the direction of conductor Andrey Boreyko in the seasons finale performances at 8 p.m. Thursday and Saturday at Artis Naples. TheatreZone wraps up the season with performances of Dames at Sea through Sunday at the G&L Theatre at Community School of Naples. Its a nostalgic wink at the large-scale cinematic productions of the 1930s where luck, hard work and optimism overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. 5.5-8 Musical comedian/ impersonator Jimmy Keys performs at 9 p.m. Saturday at Barbatella on Third Street South. barbatellanaples. com 5.7 Naples Cat Alliance and Port Royal Jewelers team up to host an adoption event with light hors doeuvres and drinks from 1-4 p.m. Saturday at the jewelry store on Fifth Avenue South. 5.6Love that Cruise PACE Center for Girls hosts a Love That Dress! Collection Party aboard the Naples Princess at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 17. Guests will enjoy hors doeuvres, a strolling fashion show courtesy of White House Black Market and silent auction items. Please donate a new or gently used dress. $50. 842-5406 or Free Film Mercato screens The Good Dinosaur on the lawn at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday, May 17. 254-1080 Film ArtisNaples screens West Side Story (1961) at 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 18, in Daniels Pavilion. 597-1900 or Third Thursday Third Street South hosts live music by Greg & Claudia from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Thursday, May 19, in the Fleischmann Courtyard. 434-6533 or Sunset Cruise Pure Florida offers a sunset cruise with live music at 7 p.m. Friday, May 20. Departs from Tin City. Call for price. 263-4949 or Family Om Miromar Outlets hosts a family yoga session for all levels at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 21. 948-3766 or Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Pina (U.K., 2011) at 7 p.m. Monday, May 23. A tribute to the late German choreographer Pina Bausch, whose dancers perform her most famous works. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or First Chance ArtisNaples hosts early-career composers as they rehearse their original works with the Naples Philharmonic at 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 25, and 7 p.m. Thursday, May 26. Free. 597-1900 or Art After Hours The Baker Museum at ArtisNaples offers free admission from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, May 25. 597-1900 or Feel the Beat Naples Philharmonic performs an up-close percussion concert for kids at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 28, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens The Dinner Game (France, 1998) at 7 p.m. Monday, May 30. Each week, a group of friends organize a dinner where everyone brings the dumbest person they could find to be a guest. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Organ Festival Area organists play the 3,204-pipe Casavant organ at Artis Naples at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 5. 597-1900 or Jazz Cabaret Bob Zottola and Jazz Simpatico perform at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 15, at Marco Island Center for the Arts. $25. 1010 Winterberry Drive. 394-4221 or Kings in the Building Seminole Immokalee Hotel Casino hosts Elvis Fest 8 Saturday and Sunday, June 25-26 in Seminole Center. (800) 218-0007 or Email calendar listings and high-resolution photos to Lindsey Nesmith at Please send Word or text documents and jpgs with time, date, location, cost and contact information. No pdfs or photos of fliers. Deadline for calendar submissions is noon Monday. No phone calls, please.


C8 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Sunday, May 8 / 9am-5pmTreat mom or grandma to a stroll through the tropical landscapes grandmothers to check in at the Chabraja Visitor Center will receive a special gift. 4820 Bayshore Drive / 239.643.7275 / 877.433.1874WWW.NAPLESGARDEN.ORG FREE Admission for Mothers & Grandmothers, May 8 Regular Admission for all Other Guests Nine Cultivated Gardens | Nature Preserve | Walking Trails Chabraja Visitor Center | Berger Garden Shop | Fogg Caf PARTY STARTS AT NOON 489 Bayfront Place, Naples 239.530.2225 SATURDAY MAY 14 TH 80 s & 90 s DANCE | TOP 40 | REGGAE | ROCK Just Canoe It! SPONSORED BY CANOE RACE 40 TH ANNIVERSARY AFTER PARTY! Kentucky Derby WATCH PARTY 142nd Run for the Roses489 Bayfront Place, Naples 239.530.2225 [Southern fashionable dress is greatly encouraged!] [ $200 PRIZE for BEST HAT!!!] [Enjoy Mint Juleps and Other Handcrafted Specialty Cocktails! ] saturday may 7 th 3:00 pm book of matches from his back pocket. He struck one and inspected the flame before letting it fall. Jesse called out, but her voice stayed stuck in her throat. The match, still burning, landed on the ground between her fathers feet. It caught on the dry leaves and began to lick at his boots. The fire crept upward, onto the legs of her fathers pants and the hem of his shirt. He didnt flinch. Without hurrying, Corbin walked to where Jesse stood. He scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulder the way a farm worker would carry a bag of seed cane. Jesse fought him, kicking and bucking, and as he carried her out of the field she twisted her body to look back at her father. He stood unmoving, lit up by a column of flames. In her struggle, Jesse saw her own hands, her own arms, and realized that she, too, was on fire. She held one burning hand in front of her face, the fingers spread wide. It doesnt hurt, she said to Corbin, mesmerized. Im on fire, and it doesnt hurt. Corbin looked at her over his shoulder. Itll hurt later, he said. Itll hurt more than anything you know. Jesse woke to the lumps in the couch and heat covering her like a blanket. Lida stood in the kitchen, cooking bacon. Get Corbin. Hes out in the truck, she said when Jesse stirred. Jesse walked on stiff legs to Corbins pickup. He slept in the drivers seat with his head lolled back. His hair was mussed, and a film of sweat slicked his face. The windows were rolled shut against the mosquitoes and flies, and Jesse wondered how he could breath. She imagined him suffocated, the oxygen in the cab used up with his sleeping breaths until the last of it pumped through his lungs and there was nothing left but poisoned air. Corbin twitched. He reached up to scratch his ear and the moment broke apart. Jesse rapped her knuckles against the windowpane, and Corbin opened his eyes. He jerked back as if she had scalded him. Damn it, Jesse, he said, his voice muffled through the glass. Lida said to come get you. For breakfast. Corbin wiped at his eyes and opened the door. Dont do that again. Artis Henderson is the author of Unmarried Widow, Simon & Schuster, 2014.WORKFrom page 2


Rock and rollers taking over The Ranch in Fort MyersRock and Roll Hall of Famer Robin Zander, lead singer of the band Cheap Trick, takes the stage at The Ranch in Fort Myers at 8 p.m. Saturday, May 14. The show, part of the Classic Rock Series presented by KDIM Entertainment, will also feature Las Vegas Queen of Rock Carol-Lyn Liddle. Mr. Zander and his Cheap Trick bandmates reached the pinnacle of rock stardom just weeks ago as they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Rocking their way through four decades, Cheap Trick sold more than 20 million albums and earned more than 40 gold and platinum album awards. Their latest, Bang, Zoom, Crazy Hello, debuted at No. 31 on the Billboard 200 earlier this month. It was the bands best-rated album debut in 28 years. Mr. Zander began playing in various high school bands in Illinois in the 1960s. In the early 0s he switched to folk music and did a residency for three summers at the Wisconsin Dells Picadilly Pub. Between stints, he played in groups featuring drummer Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick. By September 1974, Mr. Carlos convinced Mr. Zander to join the band and become the lead singer. The band recorded several albums before hitting it big with 1979s classic concert recording, Live at Budokan. In 1993 Mr. Zander recorded an album that included guest talent including Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Dave Stewart and Don Felder, among others. Ms. Liddle, the opening act for Mr. Zander on May 14 at The Ranch, has performed in nearly every major hotel/ casino in Sin City, hence her nickname of Las Vegas Queen of Rock. She has performed with Aerosmiths Jimmy Crespo, Bon Jovis Hugh McDonald, Hearts Howard Leese and Whitesnakes Doug Aldrich. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 C9 Mental Health Month May 2016 for adultsHealth and Wellness Demonstrations | Campus Tours Brief Signs and Symptoms Presentations | Mental Health Screenings Community Resource Tables | Health Food Vendorsfor kidsFeelings Art Project | Expressive Photo Booth | Crafts Face Painting | Meet a Therapy Dog & Therapy Horse | Kona Ice Contests and Games | Childrens Art Therapy Showcasesponsors + open house FAIRFriday May 20th 3-5:30 pm play. engage. learn. mental health from the inside outFREE, FAMILY FUN EVENT WITH ACTIVITIES & PRIZESDAVID LAWRENCE CENTER, 6075 BATHEY LANE, NAPLES DAVIDLAWRENCECENTER.ORG Win awesome prizes!Inside Out Gift Basket | Bikes | Yoga Membership | Tablets Girl Scouts Earn a Mental Health Patch Symphony presents Puccinis La BohemeThe Gulf Coast Symphony presents Giacomo Puccinis timeless opera, La Bohme, at 7 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. A moving tale of enduring love and the anguish of love lost, La Bohme captures the essence of what it means to be young, in love and alive. Soprano Barbara Shirvis sings the role of Mimi, the seamstress who is the love interest of Rodolfo the poet. Tenor Marco Panuccio will perform as Rodolfo. Rounding out the cast are: soprano Jennifer Braun as Musetta, the singer; baritone Gabriel Preisser as Marcello, the painter; baritone Jason Switzer as Schaunaud, the musician; and bass Branch Fields as Colline, the philosopher. Fully staged with costumes and choreography, the production is directed by Bob Neu. Andrew Kurtz conducts. Tickets start at $22. For reservations or more information, call the Mann Hall box office at 481-4849 or visit Theatre Conspiracy presents Florida premiere of RunningTheatre Conspiracy presents the Florida premiere of Running May 6-21 at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers. The play by Arlene Hutton stars professional Equity actor Brendan Powers and local favorite Angel Duncan. Bill Taylor, founder and production artistic director at Theatre Conspiracy, directs. In Running, its the weekend of the New York City Marathon, and Stephen, preparing for his first race, needs a good nights sleep. Emily, his wifes old roommate, shows up unexpectedly late at night and needs to talk. But Stephens wife isnt home. So will Stephen get some sleep, or will he be running on empty the next morning? Mr. Powers is a regular performer at Florida Repertory Theatre and last performed with Theatre Conspiracy in The Morning after the Night Before the Wedding. Ms. Duncan has been in numerous Theatre Conspiracy shows, including The Bluest Eye and Call Me Waldo. The playwright is an alumna of New Dramatists and member of Ensemble Studio Theatre and Dramatists Guild. She is best known for The Nibroc Trilogy, which consists of Last Train to Nibroc (Drama League Best Play Nomination), See Rock City (Spirit of Ameica Award) and Gulf View Drive (LA Weekly, Ovation Award nominations). Running>>Who: Theatre Conspiracy >>When: May 6-21, with shows at 8 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 15 >>Tickets: $24 general admission, $11 for students, buy one get one half off on Thursdays >>Info: 936-3239 or see Robin Zander of Cheap Trick>>When: 8 p.m. Saturday, May 14 >>Where: The Ranch, Fort Myers >>Cost: Tickets start at $29 >>Info: 985-9839 or >>Detail: Ages 21 and older only DUNCAN LIDDLE POWERS ZANDER


C10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Whether you need a car, truck or van, Enterprise is the perfect choice. 1 800 rent-a-car W h Pick-up subject to geographic and other restrictions. 2015 Enterprise Rent-A-Car G00131 8/15 ARTS COMMENTARYThe Dixie Swim Club: Southern charm in shallow waterNo men, no kids, no work. Just us girls. Thats the credo of a group of five friends who get together for a weekend every August at the same cottage on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The women first met when they were all on the same championship swim team in college. As disparate as five people thrown together by circumstance can be, they remain lifelong friends. In The Dixie Swim Club, we follow them from 1983 to the present. The women are definite types. Dinah (Ann Hoover) is a hard-drinking outspoken lawyer in Atlanta. Jerri Neal (Susan West) is a nun. Vernadette (Dolores Fetters) is perpetually going through difficult times, some of which involve her kids being on the wrong side of the law. Sheree (Genai Corban) is a combination of Martha Stewart and Susie Homemaker, with some Gen. Patton thrown in. And Lexie (Carol Fox) is a vain, frivolous woman addicted to plastic surgery and acquiring a new husband every few years, the way some people get a new Cadillac. Be forewarned: This might be a team of swimmers, but the water, for the most part, is pretty shallow. Thats not to say there arent some big splashes and some good laughs in this pool. There are. But they occur mostly in the beginning. The water has long stretches of being too placid at times, and way too many moments feel contrived. The playwrights Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, a collective known as Jones Hope Wooten have some terrific one-liners in this work. (Thats the trouble with husbands: They always swear they will die for you, but they never do.) The Dixie Swim Club is described in the program as combining the Southern charm of Steel Magnolias with the biting repartee of The Golden Girls. (Mr. Wooten himself was once a writer/producer on The Golden Girls. At times, I could practically hear Dorothy growl a line or Blanche purr a come-on.) But if this play was going for funny and shallow, I wish the jokes were more abundant. Id feel much more forgiving if I had laughed more as I sat through it at the Sugden Community Theatre. These women seem like types, not actual people. I cant help but wonder what the play would have been like if three women had written it or even just one woman. These women dont act like my friends or any group of women Ive been with; the conversations and interactions are completely different. The show is more like a TV sitcom being played on a big stage. And maybe thats fine for those enthralled with television; the audience I saw it with seemed to enjoy it immensely. But I found myself feeling restless at times. I expect more from theater, even when its light comedy. I find it strange that The Naples Players are staging this show. Over the years theyve developed a reputation for presenting quality fare, but this feels like a stereotypical community theater play. Director John McKerrow stages the women as if theyre performing for TV cameras: More than once, they all stand in a line downstage, facing the audience like a chorus line, even though theyre talking to each other. Or, one character moves downstage and gives a little monologue. Her back is to the other women, even though shes addressing them. At one point, one of the characters gives a defense of the old Southern way of life and a diatribe against change. To me, it seemed gratuitous and just dropped into the script, but the playwrights obviously know what buttons to push: The rant received applause the night I attended. Ms. Hoover and Ms. Fetters save this play from being a total snooze. Ms. Hoover received applause when she first walked on stage. I wasnt sure if it was for her arrival or her opening lines delivered in her deep, foghorn voice: Out of the way, girls! Ive got a martini shaker and Im not afraid to use it! Probably both. Im always glad to see Ms. Hoover on a stage, and this is no exception. She made me laugh, and she gave depth to her character. One scene, where she talks about her pearl necklace breaking during a trial, was particularly poignant. And Ms. Fetters, whose accident-prone character is subjected to crutches, neck braces and a leg brace throughout the show, has consistently pithy lines. (In one scene, she mentions how she talks about her family troubles with her mother. Now that shes in a coma, shes not nearly as judgmental, she says.) Over the course of the play, the women age from 44 to 77, which means those younger in real life play older at the end, and those more mature play younger in the beginning. I did hear some snickers from the audience in the first scene, when the women say theyre all 44. But it stands to reason that if you have a show where the characters age 33 years, at some point theyre either going to be younger or older than their character. And, this might be a minor thing, but I found the timeline given in the program confusing. It wasnt initially clear to me that the two scenes saying five years later meant five more years later. The set by Todd Potter is highly realistic, from the bleached wood floors to the cedar shingle exterior. It was as if The Naples Players magically transported a mid-Atlantic seaside cottage down to the subtropics. The sound, unfortunately, was not consistently clear. Some of the actors failed to project, and some lines were lost when they turned away from the audience. The playwrights throw some drama into the story, with mixed success. A Category 3 hurricane that threatens to come ashore doesnt seem all that scary. And the play takes a turn and becomes serious at the end, as the women, now in their late 70s, deal with death, aging and health issues. But if were moved, its because were thinking about those issues in our own lives, not because we actually care about these characters. Womens friendships are incredible, magical things, filled with uproarious laughter, affection, serious and silly conversations and support. The Dixie Swim Club, with its contrived situations and phony dialogue, is only a shadow of the real thing. But even though there arent enough of them, thank God for the laughs. The Dixie Swim Club>> Who: The Naples Players >> When: Through May 15 >> Where: Sugden Community Theatre, Naples >> Cost: $35 >> Info: 263-7990 or naplesplayers.orgDREW AND KAREN ATTANASIO PHOTOAbove: Jeri (Susan West), Lexi (Carol Fox) and Dinah (Ann Hoover), together again for a reunion at the beach. Right: Limping along with yet another injury, the accident-prone Vernadette (Dolores Fetters) tells Sheree (Genai Corban) how it happened this time.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 C11 SWFLS PREMIER DINNER THEATRE 1380 COLONIAL BOULEVARD, FORT MYERS239.278.4422 CHILDRENS THEATRE Selected Matinees NOW MAY 13JUST $19 Lunch & Show NOW MAY 14The musical based on the life of Fanny Brice, from her start in a Brooklyn music hall to her impressive rise to stardom with the Ziegfeld Follies. This irresistible musical comedy is lled with drama, heartbreaking romance and unforgettable songs such as Dont Rain On My Parade, Im the Greatest Star, The Music That Makes Me Dance and the Barbra Streisand hit, People .NEXT IN THE MAIN THEATREMAY 19 JULY 2 WE ONLY SMOKE BY THE POOL.When you smoke, its like theyre smoking. Help protect them from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Its everyones responsibility. Visit to nd free ways to quit during Tobacco Free Florida Week, May 8-14. For more information, or to protect your family from harmful secondhand smoke, call Tobacco Free Collier at (239) 252-6852. Celebrate Mothers Day, May 8 Make Reservations Now!Open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week 25% off select bottlesof wine* naplesclubsushi.com2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103239.261.4332*O er expires May 12, 2016; must present ad. MANUEL PEA, M.D.Board Certi ed Plastic SurgeonLocated at Exit 107, off I-75 Its as close as we have magic wand! VOLUMA is here! Call and VOLUMA XC Give Her What She Wants! Mothers Day Gift Certi cate Special Laser hair removal is here! PUZZLE ANSWERS


C12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY PUZZLES By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C11SEE ANSWERS, C11 HOROSCOPESTAKEN AS A HOLDTAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You feel a need to make some changes. Good you can do it on a small scale (some new clothes, for example), or go big and redecorate your home and/or office. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Control your tendency toward early boredom. A situation in your life might be taking a long time to develop, but patience pays off. Stay with it. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) You might feel that youre on an emotional roller coaster this week. Dont fret; just ride it out and let things settle down. A Pisces shows understanding. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Do something different for once compromise. A stubborn stand on an important issue proves counterproductive. You need to be open to new ideas. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) A friend offers advice that you perceive as an act of betrayal. But before you turn against the messenger, pay attention to the message. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A year of riding an emotional pogo stick finally settles down. Use this calmer period to restore frayed relationships and to pursue new opportunities. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Your words can sting, so be careful how you respond to a friends actions. A calm approach could produce some surprising facts. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Be careful about whose secrets youre being asked to keep. They could impose an unfair burden on a straight arrow like you. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) While you prefer taking the tried-and-true course in life, be adventurous this week and accept a challenge that can open new vistas. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Your strong sense of justice helps you deal with a jobor school-related situation. Stay with your principles. A Sagittarius emerges as a supporter. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) You need to build a stronger on-the-job support system to convince doubting colleagues that your innovative proposals are workable. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) A once-harmonious relationship appears to be hitting some sour notes. Spend some time together to see why things have gone off-key. What you learn might surprise you. BORN THIS WEEK: You might not say much, but youre capable of extraordinary achievements. You are a loyal friend and a devoted family person.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 C13 Antica Murrina Blanc Du Nil The Center Bar Childrens Couture DeRomos Gourmet Market, Restaurant & Banquet Room DeRomos Gift Baskets & Pastaria Divino Gelato Enchanted Ballroom Evelyn & Arthur International Jewe lers Jamis John Craig Clothier Kays On The Beach Kelly Chase Couture Bridal Salon Local Roots Farmers Market Marc Joseph New York Marisas Shoes Molinos Ristorante Robert Of Philadelphia Roys Restaurant Signatures Tara Grinna Swimwear To The Moon Well Read Boutique Tara Grinna Swimwear To The Moon Well Read Boutique 26795-26851 South Bay Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 Promenade at Bonita Bay is Southwest Floridas premiere destination for an interesting mix of stores, restaurants, pro fessional oces and exciting year-round events in a beautiful open-air shopping center. You simply must see it to believe it Promenade at Bonita Bay will transport you to a whole new world! A Shopping & Dining Experience! CONTRACT BRIDGESpectacular but reasonableBY STEVE BECKERCard reading that is, visualizing the opposing hands is perhaps the most important faculty required of a declarer. This is as it should be, because once the location of the unseen 26 cards is known, it is seldom difficult to achieve the best result possible. Take this case where South gets to four hearts on the bidding shown, and West leads a diamond. Declarer wins with the ace and plays the king of hearts, which East takes with the ace. East returns a diamond to the king, and South must now watch his step or he will go down. His proper play is to cross to dummy with a spade, lead a heart and finesse the nine. If he does, he makes the contract; if he doesnt, he fails. It is granted that the secondround heart finesse has all the earmarks of being based on a peek at the East-West hands. A more normal play would be to cash the queen of hearts on the assumption that the trumps are divided 3-2. But in this hand all signs point to a 4-1 trump division, and the finesse is therefore the indicated play. Lets see why. West passed originally and then, at unfavorable vulnerability, doubled one heart. At trick two, East showed up with the ace of hearts, leaving West with at most 11 high-card points for his double. West could scarcely double at this vulnerability with 11 aceless points unless he had either a singleton or a void in hearts and on this basis, declarer should assume that a trump finesse against the 10 is very likely to succeed.


C14 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Downtown Fort Myers River District www.verandarestaurant.comWe Guarantee An Incomparable Dining Experience239-332-2065Reservations Recommended 2122 Second St. (at Broadway)Lunch Mon Fri 11am 2pm Dinner Mon Sat 5:30 10pm Courtyard & Indoor Dining Closed Sunday Extraordinary Since 1978 Lee McCarthy, President DESTINATIONS: Mediterranean | Africa | Caribbean | Hawaii | Europe SPECIALTIES: Luxury | Safari | Escorted Tours | Small Ship Cruises | River Cruising When your journey from a dream to a great story includes us, you travel better. Naples Best Steak & Seafood House on the WaterServing Dinner Monday-Friday 4 to 9 PM & Saturday-Sunday 4 to 10 PM 4050 Gulf Shore Boulevard North; Take US 41 to Park ShoreCall For Reservations 239.261.0622 Join us Mother's dayBrunch 11 to 3 PMEggs Benedict Steak & Eggs French Toast Lobster Quiche Lobster Roll Stuffed Butternut Squash lb. Alaskan King Crab Legs & MoreDinner 4 to 8 PM2 lb. Maine Lobster 1 lb King Crab Legs Slow Cooked Prime Rib of Beef Prime Petite Filet Prime Boneless NY Strip & More Every Day 4 to 6 PM Three-Course Meal $24.95 Soup or Salad, Entree and Dessert. Upgrades Available. $5 Appetizers EARLY DINING MENU The Only Naples Restaurant Where Fresh Seafood is Flown in Daily From New England! 4221 East Tamiami Trail, Naples Not responsible for typographical errors. Specials good May 1-May 7. CHEF BILLS SPECIALS SERVED ALL DAY!32 oz. bone-in Tomahawk steak served with two 1 pound Maine lobsters served with chowder, salad, baked potato and veggies Two 1-pound Maine lobsters served with chowder, corn on the cob and drawn butter Two 2-pound Maine lobster served with chowder, salad, corn on the cob and baked potatoes CHEF BILLS DINNER SPECIALSShrimp, Scallop, Broccoli, Baked Stued Tomato Served All Day! Wacky Monday Special Fish and Chips served with French fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce served all day!! SUMMER KITCHEN HOURS FILM CAPSULESGreen Room (Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Patrick Stewart) A terrible punk rock band is held captive by Skinheads and must figure out how to escape before theyre killed. You will not necessarily like the members of the band, but its a testament to writer/ director Jeremy Saulniers storytelling that you nonetheless root for them to survive. Patrick Stewart is especially chilling as the Skinhead leader. Rated R.The Huntsman: Winters War 1/2(Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt) With Evil Queen Ravenna (Ms.. Theron) dead, the Huntsman (Mr. Hemsworth) has to retrieve the magic mirror before Ravennas ice queen sister Freya (Ms. Blunt) gets her heartless cold hands on it. It often lacks logic and suspense, but the story is just smart enough in its broadest strokes to make this genuinely entertaining. Rated PG-13.The Jungle Book (Neel Sethi, Voices of Bill Murray, Idris Elba) Man-cub Mowgli (young Mr. Sethi) is raised by wolves in the jungle, but is forced to flee when a tiger (Ms. Elba) threatens to kill him. Its visually dazzling but the story is thin, and superfluous characters make the movie tedious rather than engaging. Rated PG.Demolition (Jake Gyllenhaal, Naomi Watts, Chris Cooper) After Davis (Mr. Gyllenhaal) loses his wife in a car accident, a stranger (Ms. Watts) who works in vending machine customer service helps him move on. Davis is so numb that he doesnt feel anything, which has the ironic byproduct of the audience not feeling anything either. Youll want to invest emotionally, but you wont be able to. Rated R.My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (Nia Vardalos, John Corbett, Lainie Kazan) Toula (Ms. Vardalos) and Ian (Mr. Corbett) have trouble connecting while her parents (Ms. Kazan and Michael Constantine) realize their wedding was never official. Its a delight to see this crazy family back on the big screen, and just as funny as it was when the original was a box office hit in 2002. Rated PG-13.Dough (Jonathan Pryce, Jerome Holder, Ian Hart) A old-school Jewish baker (Mr. Pryce) hires a Muslim teenager to give him a hand, not realizing the teenager also sells marijuana. Naturally, when some of the marijuana gets into the dough, business booms. Its a funny yet poignant serio-comedy that nicely hits its mark. Not Rated: Adult situations.Hello, My Name Is Doris (Sally Field, Max Greenfield, Tyne Daly) Sixty-something Doris (Ms. Field) falls for her 20-something (Mr. Greenfield) co-worker. Ms. Field makes Doris so endearing and likeable that we easily look past her characters un-thoughtout desires. Its a cute movie. Rated R.Zootopia 1/2(Voices of Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba) From Disney Animation (Frozen), a small town bunny (Ms. Goodwin) moves to the big city and teams up with a sly fox (Mr. Bateman) to track down missing mammals. Great visuals, ample funny moments for kids and adults and a slew of memorable furry characters make this an absolute delight. Rated PG.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (Tina Fey, Martin Freeman, Margot Robbie) A TV news journalist (Ms. Fey) battles sexism and bureaucracy while covering Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan starting in 2003. Although Ms. Fey shows a mix of dramatic acting chops alongside her perfect comic timing, the film as a whole doesnt handle the shifting tones between comedy and drama nearly as well. Still, its intriguing and enjoyable. Rated R.Deadpool 1/2(Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller) Diagnosed with terminal cancer, bad boy and reluctant hero Wade Wilson (Mr. Reynolds) undergoes treatment that makes him a mutant (the story takes place in the X-Men universe). The problem is hes now deformed, seeking revenge and worried his girlfriend (Ms. Baccarin) will no longer want to be with him. Sex, violence, profanity, great action, great laughs its everything a superhero movie should always be and almost never is. Except now. Rated R.How To Be Single (Dakota Johnson, Rebel Wilson, Alison Brie) New York City singles find themselves among friends not romantic partners in this smart comedy. Ms. Wilson gets the biggest laughs with Leslie Mann coming in a close second, but best of all it allows people to be single and happy, which is a rarity in movies. Rated R.The Finest Hours (Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Eric Bana) In the winter of 1952, f our men in the Coast Guard set sail near Cape Cod, Mass., to save the survivors of a shipwrecked oil tanker. Its a harrowing action drama with solid visual effects and action. Rated PG-13.45 Years 1/2(Charlotte Rampling, Tom Courtenay, Geraldine James) In the week leading up to their 45th anniversary party, Geoff (Mr. Courtenay) and Kate (Ms. Rampling) discover surprising news from Geoffs past that shakes the foundation of their marriage. The story feels honest and realistic, and Ms. Rampling deserves her Oscar nomination note how she emotes with her body and face, not just her words. Rated R.Kung Fu Panda 3 1/2(Voices of Jack Black, J.K. Simmons, Angelina Jolie) With the villain Kai (Mr. Simmons) stealing the Chi of kung fu masters everywhere, its up to Po (Mr. Black) to save the day. Its a by-the-numbers sequel thats silly and fun enough to keep kids entertained for 95 minutes. Rated PG.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 C15 Sarasota 941-342-6600 Fort Myers 239-344-0037 Naples 239-591-1200www.darumarestaurant.comAll Mothers Receive a Complimentary Japanese Gift. OPEN EARLY FOR MOTHERS DAY 4:00-10:00pmNo Sunset Specials More than just FISH SUNTHU LUNCH: :AM-PM DINNER: THE VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAY Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Naples, Florida FISHRESTAURANT At FISH, the quality of our food stands for itself! APPETIZER | Seafood Salad SUSHI | Alaskan King Crab Roll ENTRE | Whole Dover Sole Meunire or Surf & Turf DESSERT | Chocolate Cake $25 O Fo A Mom! Celebrate Mots Dab on the Water FILM REVIEWCaptain America: Civil WarIs it worth $10? YesWhats remarkable about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now in its 13th incarnation with Captain America: Civil War, is how the scale of the projects and sheer number of characters never seem too big. Sure this is its longest movie yet at 147 minutes, but Civil War doesnt slight anyone, is good for a few laughs and great action scenes and it progresses the MCUs overarching story forward in smart and logical ways. Im not sure anything more could be expected of the $200 million-plus production. As youve probably seen from the onslaught of Civil War publicity, the movie pits Captain America (Chris Evans) versus Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The reason theyre fighting is a good one: Citing the mass destruction of New York City, Washington D.C., Sokovia (the fictional city ruined in the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron) and, at the start of this film, Lagos, Nigeria, Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross (William Hurt) informs the Avengers that the governments of the world want supervision over the superheroes. Captain America doesnt want to answer to anyone, and gets Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and later, Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), to agree with him. Iron Man thinks someone keeping them in check is a good idea, and has Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Vision (Paul Bettany), newcomer Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and later, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) in his corner. So the teams are chosen, the battle lines are drawn. And when the two sides duke it out on an airport tarmac, its one of the best, most enjoyable and surprising action sequences Marvel Studios has ever put on film. Moments like this are why we go to these movies, and when theyre done this well we enjoy a special sense of exhilaration thats far more profound than normal. Brothers Anthony and Joe Russo directed the film and, just as they did when directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), they once again provide a thought-provoking dilemma. Whereas Winter Soldier dealt with how far government surveillance should go, Civil War debates whether the Avengers should operate freely or only with permission. Given how corrupt government organizations can be, its understandable that Captain America would refuse to trust anything other than his own virtuous instincts. But as Iron Man points out, far too much damage has been suffered and things have gone wrong too easily for the Avengers to continue as they are. Both sides have valid points; and more importantly, however, the debate engages the viewer intellectually, which is something movies of this ilk rarely do successfully. Complicating matters is Caps relationship with Winter Soldier, whos framed for a bombing by former Sokovian intelligence agent Helmut Zemo (Daniel Bruhl). Zemos motivations run deeper than just the Winter Soldier, and as they manifest, the plot juicily thickens. Spider-Man and Black Panther make their debuts in the MCU here, and Ant-Man appears for the first time in an ensemble piece. Panther has the larger role, but Spidey and Ant-Man, thanks to Mr. Holland and Mr. Rudd, nearly steal the movie with their humor and creative fighting talents. It was such a smart move to bring all three characters in: We know how the other Avengers fight, so the twists and turns provided by fresh faces work wonderfully to keep the action dynamic and exciting. With new characters (Doctor Strange) and sequels (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok) on the horizon, it appears the next time we see the Avengers in full could be two years from now in Avengers: Infinity War Part One. Thats okay. Its time to let others do some heavy lifting for a while, and Captain America: Civil War delivers enough to keep us satisfied for a long time. t e d S a dan >> Watch for a mid-credits sequence that wraps up a major characters storyline, and an end-credits scene with Spider-Man. FOR MOTHERS DAY4 oz. Lobster Tail$5.99/eachMust present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 5/12/16. FOR MOTHERS DAYUSDA Prime NY Strip or Porterhouse Steak$24.99/lb.(Save $5.00/lb.) Must present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 5/12/16.Briannas Gluten Free Salad Dressing12 oz.$2.99/eachMust present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 5/12/16. FOR MOTHERS DAY5-Stem Carnation Bouquet$3.99/eachMust present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 5/12/16. An Upscale Thrift 20% OFF Any One Item May not be combined with any other offer. One coupon per person, please. Expires 5/27.Well-stocked with clothing for men and women, great furniture and exciting home dcor.Open MonSat 10AMPM Closed Sunday TAMIAMI SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER 14700 Tamiami Trail North, Units 19 & 20, Naples(2 miles north of Immokalee Road on the east side of U.S. 41)All Proceeds Bene t Collier County CharitiesA Ministry of St. Johns Episcopal Church Call (239) 597-9518


C16 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY ALL ABOUT CLOSETSWe Create Function and Storage with Style. Innovative Design. Impeccable Craftsmanship. Flawless Service. Call for a Free Professional Design Consultation! Chas Hollan Email: chollan@allaboutclosets.com239.303.5829 WWW.ALLABOUTCLOSETS.COM All About Closets is all about innovative design, impeccable craftsmanship and awless service. Our installations reect your dreams and your personality, while dramatically enhancing your home. Let me nd the perfect solution for you. 239-325-96531427 Pine Ridge Road #105, NaplesTrue Neapolitan Pizza and Authentic Italian Food WEEKENDHAPPY HOURSaturday & Sunday 12:00pm:00pm Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes.MondayThursday 11:30am9:00pm Enjoy Half Price on House Wines, Domestic Beers and Select Appetizers!I was in a shop this week in which the manager was extolling a set of china. Oh, its Limoges, she said in a reverential tone. After, all nothing but the finest porcelain came from this French factory, right? Well, not quite. Limoges actually is the name of a city thats a couple hundred miles south of Paris. And, yes, Limoges is known as a European epicenter for porcelain manufacturing by companies that include Haviland and Guerin. But its not a factory in and of itself. Before Walter Scott Lenox opened his factory in New Jersey around the turn of the last century, U.S. presidential administrations ordered china made in Limoges to use at the White House. Mary Todd Lincoln ordered a service of Haviland in 1861; pieces from that set remain in the White House collection, and they are beautifully detailed. In automotive terms, thats Cadillac quality. There are stunningly beautiful pieces of china made in Limoges by Haviland and others. But as with anything, from automobile makers to manufacturers of fine china, quality can vary. A century ago, many a grandmother prided herself on her service of Haviland china, not realizing that the floral motif of her Sunday dinnerware was a decal-transferred design, and not hand-painted not unlike the set I saw in the shop. Those would be the Chevrolets of the porcelain world solid and dependable, but made in huge quantity. Thats what most people own even the Limoges trinket boxes you see seemingly everywhere vary in quality. So now you know. West Palm B ea ch Antiques Festival 9 a.m.-5 p.m. May 6, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. May 7 and 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m. May 8 at the South Florida Fairgrounds, Southern Boulevard east of U.S. 441, West Palm Beach. Tickets: $25 early buyer (9 a.m.-noon May 6; also allows three days admission); regular admission, $8; seniors, $7 (not good during early buyer); or $12 for two days admission; (941) 697-7475 or scott SIMMONS COLLECTORS CORNERLimoges is not a factory, and other tableware trivia COURTESY PHOTOPlate from Mary Todd Lincolns Haviland china service. Celebrate Mothers Day, May 8 Make Reservations Now!Open 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week naplesfujiyama.com2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103239.261.4332*O er expires May 12, 2016; must present ad. 25% off select bottlesof wine* 4221 East Tamiami Trail, Naples Not responsible for typographical errors or changes in entertainment schedule. The Only Naples Restaurant Where Fresh Seafood is Flown in Daily From New England! HAPPY HOUR11 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M. DAILYCheck Out Our Happy Hour Menu!LIVE ENTERTAINMENT SUNTHU 6 TO 9 P.M. FRISAT 6:30 TO 9:30 P.M.5/6: The Consecutones 5/7: Manhattan Connection 5/8: Marco Kirscher 5/9: Joe Turner 5/10: FUSE 5/11: Steve Fenttiman & Motown


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C17 KOVELS: ANTIQUESPass the cruet set, please BY TERRY AND KIM KOVELCruet sets, especially those made of sterling silver with attractive glass bottles, have been popular with collectors and those who like to use them at parties. The stand for a set usually is a silver pedestal that supports a revolving tray with holes or holders for three to seven bottles or containers. It has a tall handle so it can be easily passed at the table. The sets held an assortment of condiments used on salads perhaps oil, vinegars, salt, pepper and dry or wet mustard. A unique cruet set made by Tiffany & Co. was offered for sale by S.J. Shrubsole, a New York shop, at the 2016 Winter Antiques show in New York. The stand was made to look like a circular railroad track with seven railroad cars that rotated around the handle. The engraving simulated wooden siding and had the initials H, NH, & S, 69, which most likely stood for New Haven, Hartford & Springfield Railroad. A stamped makers mark on the bottom dates it about 1853. The 14-inch-high piece was priced $37,500. Q: I have a copper shell casing dated 1918-19 with the name Verdun and an eagle standing on a shield with a star on it. The words Nevers France are engraved underneath. Can you give me any idea what something like this is worth? A: You have a piece of trench, a form of folk art for which soldiers in World War I cut and decorated metal casings from bullets and mortar shells to form useful objects or souvenirs. The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest battles in the war, raging from February to December 1916. There was a large military population at camps and hospitals in the area around Nevers. Your copper shell might have been made to commemorate the battle and the time spent in Nevers recovering from wounds sustained. Or, a soldier stationed at Nevers from 1918-19 might have made this from a shell casing found at Verdun. Trench art is popular. Your casing is worth about $200. Q: I am looking for some information on a Westmoreland milk glass 8-inch plate that is heart-shaped. Its handpainted with the Roses and Bows pattern. A: Westmoreland Glass Co. of Grapeville, Pa., made glass from 1889-1984. Roses and Bows, which the company called decoration No. 32, was one of Westmorelands most popular decorations. It was made from the 1950s until 1984, usually with two roses. A bowl like yours sells for $20-$30. Tip: Reverse-painted lamps should never be washed. Just dust them. Current prices: Beatles doll, Ringo Starr, hard plastic, rubber head, drum, 1964, 4 inches, $75. Beswick pottery figurine, Beatrix Potter, Miss Moppet, 1960s, 3 inches, $100. Carnival glass chop plate, Hobstar & Feather, frosted, Millersburg, 12 inches, $105. Butter keeper, silver plate, cow finial, handles, footed, Reed & Barton, c. 1870, 6 by 8 inches, $210. Bambi deer figurine, standing, sideward glancing, glazed ceramic, Disney, 1947, 6 by 8 inches, $230. Candle stand, walnut, bowed sided, tapered support, c. 1870, 36 by 10 inches, pair, $470. Necklace, sterling silver, leaf-shaped links, amethysts, Los Castillo, Taxco, c. 1950, 16 inches, $480. Hersheys Honey Bar dispenser, 1 cent, metal, iron, Northwestern Corp., c. 1925, 13 inches, $560. Meissen porcelain figurine, maiden, lyre, molded, pink drapery, dolphin, oval base, 1800s, 7 inches, $925. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer questions sent to the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The amount of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, c/o Florida Weekly, King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.This sterling cruet set shaped like a train was made by Tiffany and Co. about 1853. Earlier this year it was priced $37,500 by S.J. Shrubsole, a shop in New York. KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress 1-800-593-7259 ROUND TRIP!* R O U N D T R $ 125 R I P R I P P ! P ! ! * * * ! ! P P ! GET AWAY FOR ONLY... *MINIMUM 8 DAY ADVANCE PURCHASE, NON-REFUNDABLE FARE. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS. WEEKEND FEE APPLIES TO ANY TRAVEL FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY. EXPIRES MAY 31, 2016. ONLINE PURCHASES. 0 1 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 0 fa fa ce ce bo bo k ok o .c om om om / / yo yo ut ut u ub GETTING THERE IS HALF THE FUN! WELCOME ABOARD! COME FOR THE FOOD, STAY FOR THE SPORTS! Naples 239-352-4233 Pebblebrooke Plaza 15215 Collier Blvd # 301, Naples, FL 34119 WEDNESDAY C C h h h i i i c c c k k k e e e n n F F F a j ita s s s $9.99 K K i i i d d s Eat Fr e e e e e Two free kids meal with every adult entre. M M a r r g g g a a r r i i t t a a a s s s $ 4 4 SATURDAY P P r r i i m m m e e e R R R i b b 10 oz with potato, veggies and side saladL o o o b ster T a a a i l 7 oz with potato, veggies and side salad $ $ 1 1 1 4 4 . 9 9 9 9 9 9 FRIDAY F F F F F i i i s s s s h h h F F F F r r r r y y y y y Beer battered haddock with fries and coleslaw $ $ $ 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 . . . 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 4pm-9pmSpecial oers with the purchase of a beverage only.Cape Coral 239-573-7877 Skyline and Pine Island Rd 814 SW Pine Island Rd, Cape Coral, FL 33991SUNDAY Available All Day BABY BACK RIBSFull rack with corn on the cob, fries and coleslaw. $10.99ONLYSpecial oers with the purchase of a beverage only. TUESDAY 1 1 1 / / / 2 2 2 P P P R IC E E E P P IZZ A A A All Day MONDAY B B B u u u r r r g g g e e e r r N N i gh t t 1/2 lb fresh black Angus with cheese and fries $ $ 6 6 6 4 4 4 9 9 9 9 THURSDAY 1 1 / / / 2 2 2 P P P R R R I I C C E E E E W W W I NG S S S OR C C C h h h ick e e e n n n T T e e e n n n d d d e e e r s s 4pm-Close


C18 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY (239) 263-2992twiceasniceconsignnaples.com997 2nd Avenue North, Naples (Across from Options) Twice As Nice Consignments Womens Clothing and All Accessories20% OFFWITH THIS COUPONExpires 5/12/16. Cannot be used OPEN 7 DAYSMon-Sat 10-6 Wed 10-7 Sun 12-5 Best Family Fun Activity Best of the Gulfshore Awards I Closer! Closer to Animals. Closer to Nature. Closer to Family.239-262-5409 I 1590 Goodlette Rd. Naples, FL Discover zebras, leopards, lions, ride a camel and hand-feed a girae! Enjoy shows, a wild cruise through islands of monkeys, meet animal keepers and much more! Best Family F Best of the Gulf s CELEBRITY EXTRANew Kids ship sets sail in June BY CINDY ELAVSKYQ: I remember a while back I saw a reality show where New Kids on the Block were on a cruise ship with a bunch of fans. Will that be back for another season? Geena F., via emailA: The members of NKOTB will indeed be setting sail once again with their fans with the premiere of the second season of Rock This Boat: New Kids on the Block at 8 p.m. Thursday, June 9, on Pop TV (a basic-cable and satellite-TV network thats a joint venture between CBS and Lionsgate). This season of the music reality series brings fans intimate access to all five members of the band Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight as they engage with each other and rock out with their fans, both onand offstage, in 10 new episodes. It will also feature pre-cruise video shot in each of their homes, exclusive access to rehearsals for deck parties and concerts, and revealing looks inside their cruise-ship cabins. Q: I am hooked on Quantico. Please tell me it will be back for another season. Eric P., Lancaster, Pa.A : Quantico has been a breakout hit for ABC and for series star Priyanka Chopra, so you can bet itll be back for a second season. In fact, it was one of 15 ABC shows that got an early-renewal announcement. Here are the others: Greys Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, Modern Family, The Goldbergs, black-ish, Fresh Off the Boat, The Middle, Americas Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor, Dancing With the Stars and Shark Tank. If you dont see your favorite show on this list, it doesnt mean its been canceled; it just means the network has not come to a definite decision as of this writing. (Although we can pretty much assume Blood and Oil and Wicked City are dead in the water.) Q: Do you know whether Tyrant, Graceland and Hell on Wheels are returning, and if so, when? Seems like our favorites keep being canceled. I hope thats not so for these three. Barb B., via emailA: I have good news on two out of the three. First, the bad news: USA network canceled Graceland back in October, so that series is no more. However, there is better news on the way. Hell on Wheels still has the back-seven episodes of its fifth and final season yet to air, which will most likely be sometime this summer, although AMC has yet to announce a date. Also, FXs Tyrant has been renewed for a third season, which will premiere this summer. Write to Cindy Elavsky at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or send an email to / BOB DAMICO CHOPRA THIS WEEK ON WGCUTVTHURSDAY, MAY 5, 10 P.M. Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries Ruddy Gore At a gala performance of Gilbert and Sullivans Ruddigore, Phryne Fisher meets the gorgeous Lin Chung, who has rescued the theaters leading man from thugs in a dark alley in Chinatown. FRIDAY, MAY 6, 9 P.M. Jazz: Dedicated to Chaos (1940-1945) Young rebels take jazz in startling new directions, but their innovations are largely unnoticed amid the war effort. In Europe, jazz is banned by the Nazis and embraced by their opponents as a symbol of freedom and democracy. SATURDAY, MAY 7, 10:30 P.M. Are You being served? May 8 Keep up with the ongoing antics in this ensemble comedy about the staff of a department store. SUNDAY, MAY 8, 9 P.M. Wallander, Season 4, The White Lioness The case of a missing Swede in South Africa leads Wallander down a dangerous path. Worst of all, hes having blackouts. MONDAY, MAY 9, 9 P.M. Independent Lens: Peace Officer Meet Dub Lawrence, a crusading former sheriff whose investigations highlight the increasingly militarized state of American police. He established Utahs first SWAT team, only to see that same unit kill his son-in-law in a controversial standoff.TUESDAY, MAY 10, 8 P.M. Independent Lens: The Armor of Light Two Christians an Evangelical antiabortion activist and an African-American mother whose son was murdered find common ground in the fight against the rising tide of gun violence. WEDNESDAY, MAY 11, 8 P.M. Nature: Natures Perfect Partners Learn the value of teamwork among sea and land animal partners even ones as odd but perfect as hippo and fish as they collaborate to solve complex problems and stay alive. Top to bottom: Wallander, May 8, Independent Lens: The Armor of Light, May 10 and Natures Perfect Partners, May 11


2 2 2015 2015 2015 15 5 5 506 South 1st Street, Immokalee, FL 34142 800-218-0007 See Players Club for complete details. Must be at least 21 years old and a Seminole Players Club member to participate. Management reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time based on operational and/or business concern.. Persons who have been t respassed or banned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida or those who have opted into the self-exclusion program are not eligible. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1.888.ADMIT.IT. Friday, May 6Comedy Muscle 8:30pmSaturday, May 7NPC Bodybuilding Championships 6pmSunday, May 8$25,000 Saks Fifth AvenueShopping Spree Giveaway Noon-4pm TREAT MOM TO A WEEKEND OF FUN TREAT MOM TO A WEEKEND OF FUN


C20 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY SAVE THE DATE PACE Center for Girls-Collier holds a Totally s Gratitude Glam party complete with a Journey/Bon Jovi tribute band starting at 5:30 p.m. Friday, May 6, at The Colosseum. MidWest One Bank is sponsoring the evening. In addition to flashbacks with music from the era, guests will have fun with glamour shots and a glitter station, a totally rad raffle and a look-alike contest. Tickets are $68, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to PACE, whose programs help at-risk young women ages 12-18 to complete their education, build selfesteem and develop personal, social and family relationship skills. The Colosseum is at 2059 East Tamiami Trail. For tickets or more information, email Rosalie Podolak at or follow GratitudeGlam on Facebook. Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida presents Fashion Through the Decades as part of its 50th anniversary celebration from 7-9:30 p.m. Friday, May 6, at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa. Goodwill employees and clients will walk the runway wearing fashions trends from the past five decades, accompanied by music to match. This years Goodwill Breakthrough Award winners will also be announced, and graduates of the Goodwill MicroEnterprise program will have their wares on display. Tickets for $75 are available at goodwillfifth. For more information, call Natalie Tursi at 995-2106, ext. 2249. Naples Equestrian Challenge holds its sixth annual Kentucky Derby Party from 4-7 p.m. Saturday, May 7, at the Players Club & Spa at Lely Resort. Post time for the 142nd Run for the Roses is anticipated to be at 6:24 p.m. Guests are encouraged to vie for the Best Hat (women) and Craziest Pants (gents) prizes and to play the 50/50 derby raffle. Tickets are $50 and include heavy hors doeuvres and one mint julep (cash bar available). For tickets, visit naplesequestrianchallenge. org. Opera stars tenor Stuart Neill and soprano Sandra Lopez perform a recital of arias and duets to benefit Opera Naples at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 12, at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center. Opera aficionados can start the evening at 6 p.m. with a special threecourse dinner at Barbatella. For $125, they will also enjoy VIP seating at the recital and a post-show champagne reception with Mr. Neill and Ms. Lopez. Tickets to the performance and champagne reception are $65, while admission to the performance only is $50. The evening is presented by Livio Ferrari, a founder and director of Opera Naples, and by Barbatella. For reservations or more information, call 404-6765 or visit The third annual Giver Challenge to benefit Charity for Change, a night of dinner, dancing and friendly trivia competition, takes place from 6-11 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at the Hilton Naples. The evening a silent auction and presentation of the Character in Collier Awards. State Rep. Kathleen Passidomo and John Passidomo are honorary chairs, and Charity for Change advisory board member Kathy Feinstein chairs the committee that includes Karole Davis, Kristin Diaz-Garcia, Theresa Feller, Gail Graham, Cynthia Hammer, Paula Jewell, Chris Nind, Ashley ONeil, Siobhan Rabbini and Becky Sharon. NBC-2s Chad Oliver will emcee. Major sponsors to date include Arthrex, Home-Tech, Nova Wealth Management, Waste Management, Williams Magical Garden Center & Landscape, eBella, the Moe and Dot Kent Family and Zing Casual Living. Tickets start at $150. Proceeds will benefit 4,500 Collier County students in grades K-5. For reservations, to become a sponsor or to donate an auction item, email Suzanne Todd at suzannetodd@ The season for LTD parties to stock the racks for the annual Love That Dress! event for PACE Center for GirlsCollier starts with a sunset cruise on the Naples Princess on Tuesday, May 17. Boarding begins at 5:30 p.m. and the twohour cruise leaves the dock at 6:30 p.m. $50 includes heavy hors doeuvres provided by Shulas (cash bar, with 20 percent of proceeds going to PACE). Models will stroll the decks in the latest fashions from White House|Black Market. Bring a gently used but still lovely dress for donation to the fashion extravaganza that is set for Thursday, Sept. 1, at the Naples Grande. Tickets to the sunset cruise are available at Naples Winter Wine Festivals Friends of the Foundation host The Grape Celebration from 6:30-9:30 p.m. Friday, June 3, at Paradise Wine. Guests will enjoy more than 50 vintages and heavy hors doeuvres with proceeds benefitting the festivals founding organization, the Naples Children & Education Foundation. Tickets are $75 through April and $95 through May. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 325-2978 or visit


Visit us online at Download our FREE Apps for tablets and SmartphonesAvailable on the iTunesTM and Google PlayTM App Stores. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C21 Call 239.649.2275 for Reservations 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, FL 34102O ering Daily Public CruisesSeabreeze Lunch, Dinner, Hors doeuvres A ernoon and Sunset SightseeingThe Best Events Are on the Water Boat and jet ski rentals also available at the marina! 5 5 Tuesday, May 10Live Tropical Steel Pan with J RobertTuesday, May 24Todays Contemporary Hits with Brett Foreman ursday, May 26Wine Tasting with Naples Wine Collection of the late 1970s and early s, may at least get a good start on its first studio album since 2003s Cyclorama. I think it is time that we do that, he said. Its going to be good for our life and our continued musical development, to do it just because its a worthy exercise. Were getting much closer to that this year, and theres time carved out for us to actually be in the studio. So I would say well stop talking about it and actually do it pretty soon. Gowan also senses there may be increased demand for a new album coming from younger fans that have discovered Styx in recent years and would welcome new music. We have such a large audience of people who werent around when the biggest records were made, he said. Thats a little bit of an incentive right there. They obviously, they want to hear more classic rock. There are only a dozen bands or so from that era that are still standing. So who better to make that than those bands? He noted that when he joined Styx in 1999 to replace Dennis DeYoung (singer/ keyboardist and composer of many of the bands biggest hits), the bands audience was mostly made up of fans that had been following Styx since the 1970s. Thats when the Chicago-based band made its commercial breakthrough with its seventh studio album, 1977s The Grand Illusion. Like that signature album, Styxs next three studio albums Pieces of Eight (1978), Cornerstone (1979) and Paradise Theatre (1981), also topped 2 million copies sold and filled radio with hits like Come Sail Away, The Best of Times, Blue Collar Man, Babe and Too Much Time on My Hands, making Styx one of the most popular bands of the era. Today, though, about half of the typical Styx concert audience is under 30 in other words, not even born when the band was enjoying its peak success. Gowan thinks Styxs ability to deliver an exciting live show that doesnt rely on samples, triggers and other pre-recorded tracks may have something to do with its drawing power as a live act. He also thinks that even though most of the songs in the show are the same from year to year and its still the sme players on stage Gowan, guitarist/singer and founding member James Young, guitarist/singer Tommy Shaw, drummer Todd Sucherman and bassist Ricky Phillips the show experience is different for fans every time. (Original bassist Chuck Panozzo also occasionally performs with the band.) The songs are still relevant, he said. They they take on a nuance and meaning this year that they may not have had last year. There are ways that the show elevates from year to year. And its not like we sit down with a drafting board and figure out how do we make Come Sail Away be more 2016 than it was in 2011. Its not like that happens. What really takes place is that continuing to tour on this level, when youre playing 100 shows (or more) a year, there are tiny degrees of, Id say improvement, but also recalibration that will continually go on. The evolution of the live show is one reason why Styx continues to release live DVD/CDs. The most recent such release, Live at the Orleans Arena Las Vegas, came out in 2015 and is being re-released this year with interview and behind-thescenes footage of the band and its crew that gives viewers a look at what life is like on tour and what it takes to bring the Styx show to the concert stage. Live at the Orleans Arena was the groups seventh live release in the past 15 years alone, and Gowan sees value in each of the concert albums/DVDs. We can see the growth in the show, he said. So although many of the same songs are in there and its essentially the same players, you can see the span of time. Its almost like keeping a photo journal, a really in-depth (document) of what weve done over the past couple of years and how things have changed. STYXFrom page 1 Styx in concert>> When: 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 10 >> Where: Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers >> Tickets: $41.75-$105.35 >> Info: 481-4849, We constantly have new stuff. Its just the time to finish it and to produce it and focus some sort of promotion on it, its more and more difficult for us because theres this insatiable demand for the band to play live. And were happy to meet that demand. Lawrence Gowan, singer/keyboardist, Styx


C22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY 239 435 1166 1177 THIRD STREET SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAMPIELLO.DAMICO.COM239 213 3357 494 FIFTH AVENUE SOUTH, NAPLES FLORIDA CAFELURCAT.COM239. 598 0887 MERCATO, NAPLES 9123 STRADA PLACE MASA-RESTAURANT.COM Lunc SpeciaPick one from each category $14 per person DAILYTHURSDAYHal-Pic Wn Nighb(Bottles under 100)Sundat Dat Nighb3-Course Dinner $50 per couple /2 Off Bottle WineWednesday(Bottles under $100)Early Dining Menu2 Courses $28.95 5-6pmRegional MenuEnjoy our regional menu that features the different regions of Italy that changes monthly.EARLY DINING MENU2 Courses and a Glass of Wine $22.95 5-6pmHAPPY HOUR3-6pm Everyday Friday & Saturday 3-6pm & 10:30-close HAPPY HOURDaily4-6pm & 10pm-close $5 Wine, Beer, AppetizersAve n ue on th5 Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ SOCIETY15th anniversary celebration for the Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida 1. Betty Ardaya McGuire, Ketty Martinez and Shaina Anderson 2. Alexandra Frangie, Eileen Wesley and Jessica Hanley 3. Allen Weiss, Robin DeMattia, Donna Fiala and Jen Franchino 4. Ralph Coy, Jennifer Johnson and Chris RobertsProject HELPs 30th anniversary at Design Studio by RaymondSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLYVAL BRILL AND RON DUNNINGTON / COURTESY PHOTOS 1. Shelli Halper, Deborah Fachler, Marcel Fachler and Raymond Gilhooley 2. Wayne Press and Toby Press 3. Allison Quatrochi and Shannon Luloff 4. Jeff Margolis and Goldie Bertone 5. Linda Denning and Brian Kelly 6. Todd Kasdan and Lisa Kasdan 7. Deniece Giovinazzo and Jared Giovinazzo 8. Chris Barnett and Bill Barnett 9. Wilma Paterson and Bill Paterson 1 1 4 4 7 8 9 2 2 5 6 3 3


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 BERANDETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on /NaplesFloridaWeekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events th an we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@ SOCIETYFellowship of Christian Athletes welcomes Darryl Strawberry at annual banquet 1 3 6 2 4 7 8 9 5 10 11 1. Charlie Weatherbie, FCA area director for Southwest Florida 2. Carolyn Chessney, Patricia Linick, Sandra Durant and Sarah Chessney 3. Eddie Burnham, Cole Bueltel and Jack Buettel 4. Darryl Strawberry and student athlete Abby Hendevgo 5. Winston Justice and Darryl Strawberry with Selah Justice, 8 6. Ted Dudley and Dulce Dudley 7. Sherri Dorrill, Charlie Weatherbie and Leann Weatherbie 8. Gretchen Shelton 9. Kyle VanDuser and Kayla VanDuser 10. Monica Richard and Matt Richard 11. Charlie Weatherbie with Garrett Hull


C24 WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY New Location: 4947 Tamiami Trail NorthAcross from Outback Steakhouse on 41 N in the Liberty Plaza Reservations: (239) 529-2101 cafelunanaples.comOpen 7 Days a Week 11:30am CloseLunch & Dinner Served Daily Catering and Private Parties Availbe. GLUTEN FREE PASTA-PIZZA-BEER New Location Lunch or Dinner EntreeIn appreciation on Mothers DayMoms EAT FREE with purchase of another at regular price OR Give Mom a Deal she cant refuse... A Veally Good Deal2 Dinners 1 Bottle of Winefor only $29.99 Reservations: (239) 529-2101 CUISINE NEWS What comes to mind when you read the real taste of Naples? If youve been around these parts awhile, youll hear the distinctive tune in your head and remember just how long The Dock at Crayton Cove has been here, too. Set for release Thursday, May 5, the restaurants cookbook, The Dock at Crayton Dove: Everybodys Kitchen, commemorates 40 years of service. Recipes throughout are accompanied by memories and photos collected by Debby DePasquale, wife to restaurant owner Vin DePasquale. Were incredibly excited to share the story of how the Dock started and what led us to the point we are today, Ms. DePasquale says. I am not an author, but people seem to be so captivated by Vins stories of how both the Dock at Crayton Cove and Riverwalk restaurants began, so I thought I should document the history. The book, which costs $20, is available at both restaurants and at Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops. Copies will also be sold at the 40th and Final Great Dock Canoe Race coming up Saturday, May 14. Proceeds from all sales will benefit the David Christian DePasquale 2 Memorial Scholarship Fund at The Culinary Institute of America in honor of Mr. DePasquales late son. Naples Bites Restaurant Week Summer 2016 returns Thursday through Sunday, May 5-15, and features more than 30 restaurants offering three-, fourand five-course prix-fixe menus starting at $35. Participating establishments are: Masa, Sea Salt, Campiello Ristorante & Bar, Avenue5, 21 Spices, Tartine & Tartelette, Citrus Seafood, Barbatella, Terrazza at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort, The Continental, Bleu Provence, 1500 South by Chef Art Smith, La Moraga International Cuisine & Tapas, Caf Lurcat, Shulas Steak House, Martin Fierro, Zen Asian BBQ, Ridgeway Bar & Grill, Bayside Seafood Grill & Bar, HBs on the Gulf, AZN Azian Cuizine, Cavo Lounge, T-Michaels Steak and Lobster House, La Bazenne on Fifth, McCormick & Schmicks Seafood Restaurant. Establishments will donate a portion of their proceeds to St. Matthews House. For more information, visit Sheas at Lansdown Street has opened its second Southwest Florida location, this one at 720 Fifth Ave. S. The Boston-themed restaurants original location is at Bernwood Design Center in Bonita Springs. Both have more than 50 craft beers, 16 beers on tap and an extensive menu featuring New England favorites. Hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. For more information, call 304-9692 or visit Chez Boet and the sailing catamaran Sweet Liberty offer a sunset cruise and dinner package at the restaurant through the summer. The package includes a two-hour cruise followed by dinner at the restaurant. $64 for adults, $24 for children. For departure times and reservations, call 597-7002. Three60 Market hosts a wine tasting from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Friday, May 6, featuring French and Italian ros selections including Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc, Syltbar Prosecco, Miraval Rose and Trinquevedel Ros with cheese, charcuterie and Billecart salmon. $20, reservations required. 2891 Bayview Ave. 732-7331 or The sixth annual Blues, Brews & BBQ returns to Tin City from 4-9 p.m. Friday, May 6, and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday, May 7. Guests will enjoy barbecue from Texas Tonys Rib House, blue crabs from Pinchers Crab Shack, craft beers and live music from Deb & The Dynamics, Cadillac Blue and Journey tribute band Never Stop Believing. Admission is Free. 595-3692 or In honor of Mothers Day, Whole Foods in Mercato offers a free mimosa to moms and an opportunity to decorate a heart-shaped cake with the bakery team from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, May 7. 552-5100 or wholefoodsmarket. com. Paradise Wine holds a Derby Day party from 2-8 p.m. Saturday, May 7, with a champagne sabering, bourbon tasting and themed events, including contests where winners will take home a bottle of G.H. Magnum Champagne. 8965 Tamiami Trail N. 687-3155 or Barbatella hosts a four-course wine dinner featuring the vintages of Campagna starting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 11. $65. 1290 Third St. S. 2631955 or barbat Want to work on your skills in the kitchen? Here are some cooking classes on the front burner: The Good Life of Naples, 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road; 514-4663 or Grazed to Perfection: Friday, May 6 ($65); A Bounty of Seafood: Wednesday, May 18 ($65); Taco Tuesday: Tuesday, May 24 ($55); Vegetarian Cuisine: Thursday, June 2 ($60) Sur La Table, 9501 Strada Place, Mercato; 598-1463 or Flavors of the South: Thursday, May 5 ($69); French Pastries from Scratch: Friday, May 6 ($69); Date Night Sizzling Latin Cuisine: Friday, May 6 ($79); Mommy & Me Mothers Day Favorites: Saturday, May 7 ($49); Date Night A Taste of Southern France: Saturday, May 7 ($79); French Pastries from Scratch: Sunday, May 8 ($69); Date Night Perfect Pasta for Two: Sunday, May 8 ($79); Grilling Great Seafood: Monday, May 9 ($79); Learn to Cut Like A Pro: Tuesday, May 10 ($69); Thai Restaurant Favorites: Tuesday, May 10 ($69). Email food and dining news to Lindsey Nesmith at


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 C25 The Show www.bobharden.comNews and commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.Streamed live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 a.m. The show is archived for your listening convenience. Brought to you in part by w w w w w w News and co N n use to hel c a n o n t h e P a r a M T h e B like us on facebook 6 SEATINGS: 12, 1:30, 3, 4:30, 6 & 7:30 P.M. LUNCH/MONFRI 11:30AM to to to 9PMMimosa or Bloody Mary for All MomsOpen 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.$24.95REGULAR MENU AVAILABLESoup or Salad Lamb Shanks | Salmon Florentine | Eggplant Rollatine Chicke n Parmesan | Lobster Raviolis | Seafood Risotto or Sushi-Sashimi Combo Cannoli or Tiramisu Choice of:Coupons and discounts not valid on Mothers Day. Mothers Day 239-592-0050CALL FOR RESERVATIONS Complimentary THE DISHThe Dish: Chocolate Cream Pie The Price: $5.25 The Place: Second Cup at Mercato The Hours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily The Full Menu: The Details: On a recent weekday morning, I was so rushed I missed my morning chocolate. I hate that! Luckily, I also had a coffee date where I knew I could make it up in a very tasty fashion. By that point, I had worked up an appetite no dinky little doughnut would satisfy, so I ordered a slice of decadent chocolate cream pie from the display case. Upon further inspection at the table, hot jasmine tea at the ready, I saw that my late breakfast consisted of chocolate mousse on a dark cookie crust, all dressed in a layer of whipped cream and topped with chocolate ganache. It was just what my nutritionist ordered, and thankfully I was able to fill that entry in my food journal. One More Thing: The Bavarian cream cronut looks good too. Next time! Lindsey Nesmith 239-389-69012500 Vanderbilt Beach Road Suite 1100, Naples, FL 34109 WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY HAPPY HOUR 4-7FREE COVER! Live Music by Manhattan Connection COMEDIANAHMED AHMED May 5th-May 8th COMEDIANHELEN KEANEY May 12th COMEDIANMIKE EPPS May 13th-May 15th Purchase Tickets:OffTheHookComedy.comLocated Inside ROW SEAFOOD


C26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Make your Reservations Now! Celebrate Mothers Day Brunch or Dinner Sunday May 8th at The Dock or Riverwalk! Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar 10:30 a.m. 2 p.m. 239.263.2734 239.263.9940mothersday brunch or dinner on the bay CHINA BISTRO CHEF OWNED WITH 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK MondaySaturday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.omeinaples.comWE MAKE THE BEST PEKING DUCK! OUR FOOD IS MADE WITH THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS. FULL BAR & PATIO SEATING. NAPLES CENTRE VILLAGES 6434 Naples Boulevard, Unit 406 Naples, Florida 34109239.631.5633 TO OUR VALUED GUESTS: We have moved. Naples Boulevard is our sole location. We thank you for your loyalty. Please join us at this location. Mark & Mary Cheng PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previous restaurant reviews: Blueberrys, 3350 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 430-0700 Looking for a hearty meal that you need not get dressed up or pay dearly for? Check out this welcoming dinerstyle establishment where the friendly service staff delivers large steaming platters of well-prepared down-home food. Breakfast is a big deal here and a meal we found satisfying, as did the rest of the capacity crowd on a Sunday morning. While you can order a fruit plate with cottage cheese or a virtuous bowl of oatmeal, thats not what most customers are after. Blueberry pancakes were a good choice, although Id recommend syrup in lieu of the runny blueberry compote served with them. A Santa Fe omelet had a tasty blend of cilantro, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and Jack cheese within and a touch of salsa on the side. Choose toast or pancakes plus potatoes, grits, sliced tomatoes or fruit to go with your eggs. I liked the plain buttermilk pancake and, once sufficientl y butte red and s alted, the grits. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed September 2014 Coastal Peruvian Seafood & Grill, 5477 Airport-Pulling Road N., Naples; 631-6943 This lovely restaurant provides a refreshing space in which to dine on exceptionally good food. Owners Chris and Fabiola Santos are hospitable and helpful as they introduce gusts to their menu. Of the various ceviche variations, we enjoyed the Ceviche 200 Miles, a sprightly blend of shrimp, squid, mussels, fish, red onions, sweet potato and corn that had a bite but wasnt fiery hot. Marina sliders held fried red snapper fillets topped with aji amarillo-pineapple chimichurri on firm, yeasty mini-buns. The Poseidon Fest was a montage of seafood cooked in the restaurants Josper oven, which renders proteins crisp outside, juicy within. And the Savage Tacu Tacu was a great rendition of rice and lentil pancakes with a tender skirt steak and sweet plantains. For dessert: the chocolucuma, a pie with an Oreo crumb crust, middle of caramel-flavored lucuma and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed January 2016 Patrics, 2091 Pine Ridge Road, Naples; 596-7708 Long-time area chef Patric Achilles and husband, Gary Teater, are back with a new little breakfast and lunch joint named, not surprisingly, Patrics. The owners are as friendly and charming as ever. While the cafe is relatively petite, the menu is not. There are loads of breakfast and lunch items, including paleo options (proteins, veggies, fruits, roots and nuts), of which the chef is a devotee. Want gluten free? Theyve got that, too. For those have no such dietary limitations, try the Brie-stuffed French toast with peaches for a decadent, satisfying start to the day. The pot roast skillet was a hearty blend of home fries, pot roast, gravy, onions, eggs, cheddar cheese and a fresh biscuit. Even if youre full, take home some homemade chocolate-chocolate chip cookies for later. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed June 2014 Tarpon Bay, Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa, 5001 Coconut Road, Bonita Springs; 444-1234 One feature that sets Tarpon Bay apart is its ceviche bar, which serves up eight variations in flights. Our favorite paired rough-chopped scallops with thinly sliced celery and radishes with laced lemony oil; fennel pollen added a lovely hint of anise to complement the sweet shellfish and peppery radishes. Eight a la carte fish varieties are offered with choice of eight sauces; a wahoo steak with corn and pepper emulsion was perfectly moist and flaky and the sauce added a smoky sweetness that enhanced the mild fish. Sides are $4 extra, whether you choose mascarpone and sweet corn risotto or house fries; the blackened kale had no kick. From the signature dishes, the Tarpon seafood linguini was a highlight, loaded with chunks of moist grouper, small clams, several large shrimp and lots of bay scallops. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed July 2015 Tartine & Tartelette, 11121 Health Park Blvd., Naples; 888-1151 This cozy little restaurant just off Goodlette-Frank and Immokalee roads may seem an unlikely setting for excellent French fare, but thats what you will find here, along with ample parking, a friendly staff and an attractive dining room. Owners Axelle and Jean Bechu have transformed the space with soothing tones of silver-gray and white. A millefeuille (a thousand leaves) of smoked salmon and apples was a gorgeous and delicious dish of whisperthin slices of Granny Smith apples alternating with rich smoked salmon. A vol au vent of the sea held bits of chopped seafood in cream sauce beneath a tender puff pastry. The coq au vin was a classic rendition served in its own little pot. And scallops in grapefruit butter were exceptionally good, the scallops perfectly cooked then touched with butter and bits of pink grapefruit served with splendid roasted tomatoes. A warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream and slivered almonds was a perfect finish to the meal. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed November 2015 5447 Airport-Pulling Road, Naples, FL 34119(Bed Bath & Beyond Plaza) FOR MOTHERS DAY, were featuring this delicious dishCoastal Tacu Tacu Peruvian Canary beans and rice, covered with spicy seafood and sundried chili sauce. THE BEST CEBICHE IN TOWN!Now Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday for Lunch and Every Night for Dinner! Enjoy Live Music On Sunday!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.659.7008 Visit For Our Menu LUNCH SPECIALS Daily from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. BAR HAPPY HOUR Half Price Alcoholic Beverages & Tapas Selections$ Daily from 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Nightly from 8:30 p.m. to Closing TWO HAPPY DINNERS $34.95 Offered Sun-Thu 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. & Fri-Sat 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.Featuring Local Seafood & Florida Fresh Produce. Add House or Caesar Salad $5. Add Preferred Liquor at Happy Hour Price. Specially discounted products cannot be combined with other promotions. CUISINEMediterranos appeal goes far beyond its fresh, well-executed foodOne of the joys of traveling in places like Greece, Italy and other countries that border the Mediterranean Sea is the hospitality of the people, who greet strangers like long-lost friends. Its not unusual to be invited to sit for a drink or even a meal with someone you met just minutes before. That is the way in which you are likely to be welcomed to Mediterrano, a relative newcomer along 13th Avenue in Naples. At the hostess stand in front of the spacious patio, the man who greeted us extended his hand and introduced himself. Im Milos, he said with a warm smile. As in Milos Ljubenovic, the owner of Mediterrano, which opened in the winter of 2015 across from Le Lafayette. He was just about everywhere throughout our dinner: refilling water glasses, checking tables, welcoming customers old and new, making sure diners were pleased with their meals. Id be surprised if he heard anything but praise. Choose from al fresco or air-conditioned dining. The spacious patio out front has big aquamarine umbrellas and overlooks the fashionable avenue. Indoors, the room is awash in aquamarine, reminiscent of the Mediterranean waters as they lap gently against the shore of a Greek island. The walls, candles, napkins, bud vases, even the servers shirts are this sun-kissed hue. Combined with the light coming through the floor-to-ceiling wall of glass in the front, the room is bright and cheerful. The effect is lovely without being fussy. Service is delivered in much the same way. Although it was a Saturday evening, we were given our choice of seats, a most unusual practice even when you have reservations (which we did). Many restaurants seat parties of two in the smallest possible space, but the staff encouraged us to choose whatever table we liked. We selected a roomy one indoors and were immediately greeted by our server who filled our water glasses from a lovely aqua bottle. The wine list is extensive twice as many pages as the menu with a generous number of by-the-glass options as well as multiple types of sangria. I tried a glass of mojito sangria ($9.95), a refreshing blend of white wine, mint, lime and a hint of fruit juice. As we perused the menu, a basket of warm pita triangles arrived along with a trio of toppings: balsamic reduction, sundried tomato butter and olive oil. All were excellent and it proved difficult to limit ourselves to one or two or even three slices. The menu is wide-ranging and imaginative, with a few dishes you might expect and quite a few that will surprise and delight. Sure, theres a Greek salad and a Caesar. Garbanzo soup and hummus. There are the obligatory kebobs, too, although the chicken version comes with Israeli pumpkin couscous. A filet is topped with Gorgonzola and toasted walnuts then served with crimini mushrooms and black currant espagnole. Paella devotees will be happy to know that there are two versions available here: the traditional Spanish seafood style and a chicken-based version, which are served for two. Theres grilled octopus or sauted calamari withy baby spinach, preserve lemon, whole roasted garlic cloves, heirloom tomatoes and smoked paprika oil ($18). We chose the octopus, which was tender and slightly smoky in flavor, which allowed it to hold its own against the other bold flavors of this dish. Lamb keftedes and falafel ($16) is an appetizer but was hearty enough to serve as an entre. Four large lamb meatballs dipped in rosemary mint glace surrounded a falafel patty. They were served with sundried tomato tzatziki, which complemented both items well. While a lamb shank special sounded appealing, it was the seafood that won out. Mediterranos cioppino ($36) is a bountiful and soul-satisfying mlange of delicate sea bass, mussels, shrimp and clams in a sauce that is essentially roasted Roma tomatoes seasoned with Mediterranean spices and cilantro. It is served with a toasted slice of Italian bread for scooping up the fragrant tomato sauce. All of the seafood was perfectly cooked and the sauce perfectly seasoned. My companions Mediterranean sea bass ($36) arrived in a bamboo steamer basket. When the server removed the top, the heady fragrance of Moroccan spices was almost worth the price of the dish alone. It tasted even better than it smelled. The fish had been lightly steamed so that it was still flaky. In addition to the spice blend, it had a bit of lavender, golden raisins, a sprinkling of pomegranate seeds and sides of grilled fennel, carrots, asparagus and zucchini. Served over red lentil risotto, it was a superb dish, consisting of a wondrous mix of tastes and textures. We shared a limoncello parfait ($9) for dessert. It was a petite but potent icy lemon and vanilla confection and a refreshing ending to the meal. Mr. Ljubenovic stopped by our table twice to see how our meal was progressing, just as he did at virtually every table we could see. Should you feel the desire to go someplace warm and welcoming with food thats as appealing as the atmosphere, I can heartily recommend Mediterrano. Make sure you introduce yourself when you get there. KAREN FELDMAN / FLORIDA WEEKLYPita bread and a trio of toppings are the first items to arrive at the table at Mediterrano. Mediterrano>> Hours: 5-9 p.m. daily >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $9-$18; entrees, $24-$38 >> Beverages: Beer and wine served. >> Seating: Banquettes, conventional tables indoors, tables on sidewalk patio >> Specialties of the house: Mediterranean fare >> Volume: Low to moderate >> Parking: Free lot at side of strip center and on street >> Website: mediterrano-naples.comRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: 336 13th Ave. S., Naples; 261-7498SuperbNoteworthyGoodFairPoor Cioppino, a classic fish stew, is beautifully presented at Mediterrano. Lamb keftedes (meatballs) and falafel served with sundried tomato tzatziki make a hearty appetizer. Mediterranean sea bass is as beautiful as it is delicious topped with golden raisins and pomegranate seeds.


LICENSED AND INSURED GENERAL CONTRACTOR #CBC1253280 CORNERSTONE BUILDERS OF SW FLORIDA, INC. Kit c he n HEART O F EVERY H OUS EH O L D D D D D D D D D D D C abinet s B U ILT IN S R e m o d e l CUS T O M C RAFT S MAN S HIP bath REMODEL OF YOUR DREAMSwww.cornerstonebuildersswfl.comNAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560 7700 Trail Blvd. N.Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm Evening Appointments AvailableFORT MYERS SHOWROOM239-674-0560 14680 S. Tamiami TrailMonday-Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm Evening Appointments Available Contact one of our design centers today! Since 1988 your complete satisfaction has been my first and foremost priorityTONY LEEBER SR.Owner/Contractor Give us the Opportunity to WOW You! 0ver 20,000 Satisfied Customers!


YOUR GUIDE TO NEW HOME COMMUNITIES IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA From luxurious single-family villas, to exquisite single-family homes and prestigious grand estate residences, Stock Developments Quail West community in North Naples continues to debut new product offerings. Thirtyfive completed, soon to be completed, and poised to begin construction furnished models and unfurnished, move-in ready residences by Quail Wests Preferred Builders are available for purchase. No other community in Southwest Florida can rival Quail Wests diverse range of immediately available luxury home product choices.Residences are available in Quail Wests McGarvey Custom Homes La Caille and Stock Signature Homes Escala neighborhoods, including a completed furnished model in La Caille and a completed, unfurnished, move-in ready villa in Escala. Both La Caille and Escala take advantage of Quail Wests breathtaking vistas.La Cailles villa floor plans range from 2,702 to 3,612 square feet and are basepriced from the $900s. Three ownership opportunities remain available, including the furnished Cadera model and two buildable home sites. McGarveys 2,702 square feet, three bedroom furnished Cadera model showcases an interior by Arlynn McDaniel of Freestyle Interiors. The floor plan includes a spacious great room, gourmet island kitchen, and a dining area, three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, a study, and a three car garage. An outdoor living area features a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, conversation and dining areas, and a pool. The furnished Cadera model is priced at $1.25 million. Escalas three and four-bedroom singlefamily villa floor plans are base-priced from the $800s and range from 2,822 to 3,386 square feet. One completed, unfurnished, move-in ready villa, two unfurnished, move-in ready residences slated for completion this fall, and five buildable home sites remain available in Escala. The completed move-in ready villa showcases Escalas Joliette floor plan that includes 3,167 square feet under air. Basepriced at $839,990, the great room plan features a formal dining room, island kitchen, a study, four bedrooms, four baths, a screened lanai, and a three-car garage. The great room, master bedroom, and a morning room located off the kitchen open to the lanai. An extended outdoor living area includes an optional summer kitchen and gas fireplace. The plan also includes a computer and craft center. The unfurnished, move-in ready Joliette residence is priced at $1,174,990. The two unfurnished, move-in ready villas slated for completion this fall showcase Escalas Marlowe and Palmhurst floor plans. Scheduled for completion in October, the Marlowe villa will feature 3,239 square feet under air and is base-priced at $849,990. The move-in ready Marlowe is priced at $954,990. The 2,822 square feet under air move-in ready Palmhurst villa is scheduled for completion in November. The Palmhurst floor plan is base-priced at $799,990. The movein ready Palmhurst is priced at $1,131,475. Seagate Development Group, LLCs Oakmont and McGarveys Mon Paradis grand estate models are the latest additions to Quail Wests selection of completed residences. Both furnished models are making their debut this month. The Oakmonts 5,524 square feet floor plan includes an additional 2,931 square feet of outdoor spaces. Windows throughout the homes living areas provide views of an infinity edge pool and spa surrounded by a deck finished with a weather resistant composite material that is cantilevered over the pool. The design includes an interior entry sequence encased in floor-to-ceiling glass. Priced at $4.7 million including furnishings, the Oakmonts interior embodies modern classicism fused with a touch of Asian influence. Natural medium-toned walnut flooring throughout the living areas anchors a color palette that incorporates warm taupes, sage and olive greens, and accents in bronze and black. In addition to offering its completed 6,128 square feet Adderley estate model priced at $4.6 million with furnishings, McGarvey will mark the opening of its highly anticipated Mon Paradis estate model this month. Priced at $4,150,000 fully-furnished, the country French design offers 5,141 square feet under air. A great room with a vaulted ceiling with beam details flows into a double-island kitchen and breakfast room. The plan also features a formal dining room with refrigerated red and white wine storage, a study/parlor, four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a pool bath, and two two-car garages. The master suite includes a morning kitchen. An outdoor living area measuring 1,053 square feet features a custom pool and spa, covered lanai spaces with roll-down screens, a summer kitchen, and a fireplace. The Mon Paradis will present an interior by Freestyle Interiors. Quail West is located east of Interstate 75, one mile south of Bonita Beach Road. Take Exit 116 (Bonita Beach Road) east. Turn right on Bonita Grande Drive and follow the signs to the sales center. Visit Quail West online at Quail West continues to debut new product offeringsSPONSORED CONTENTMAY 5-11, 2016 s s cheduledf or c om gr ee ns an d ac ce nt s in b ro nz e an dbl ac k includes3167squarefeetunderairBas e is pl T p $ i n p riced StDl is Above: Priced at $4.6 million with furnishings, McGarvey Custom Homes completed 6,128 square feet Adderley estate model at Quail West is open for viewing and purchase. Right: Quail Wests selection of completed move-in ready homes includes a 3,167 square feet Joliette villa residence in the communitys Escala neighborhood. Below: McGarvey Custom Homes will mark the opening of the Mon Paradis estate model this month. Priced at $4,150,000 fully-furnished, the Mon Paradis was designed by Alberto Abad of New Architectura, Inc.


TwinEagles reports more than $34.5 million Q1 salesAfter processing one closed lot sale and 20 new construction contracts worth $11.6 million in March, TwinEagles announced first quarter sales volume totaling just over $34.5 million. The strong sales activity reflects the communitys standing as one of Naples most desired golf course communities. The 1,115-acre gated community was recognized by Boardroom magazine as a Distinguished Emerald Club, a designation accorded to the top five-percent of private clubs throughout the world. A golf membership is included with every newly constructed home at TwinEagles. Seven sales contracts were processed in Lennars Kinross neighborhood during March. Six floor plans from 1,850 to 2,828 square feet priced from the high $400s to the low-$600s are available. Eighty-six home sites 52-feet wide and 145-feet deep or deeper showcase golf course, preserve, and water views. Kinross presents a final opportunity to purchase a single-family home in TwinEagles at the high $400s to the low-$600s price point. Two furnished models are open for viewing and 52 buildable home sites remain available. Unfurnished, move-in ready homes have been completed and two furnished models are open for viewing. Five sales contracts were processed in Minto Floridas Dundee home neighborhood during March. Dundee offers a final opportunity to purchase a 2,600 to 3,800 square feet residence in the $600,000 to $800,000 price range within TwinEagles. Dundee will include 61 single-family residences on 62 x 135-feet home sites at build out. Forty-two sites remain available. Minto is presenting a choice of seven floor plans in Dundee. Covent Gardens carriage homes by Pulte Homes measure 1,654 and 2,297 square feet and are priced from the mid-$200s to the high-$300s. The 1,654 square feet Cheshire plan offers two bedrooms, a den or third bedroom, a great room and island kitchen, two baths, a screened lanai, and a two-car garage. The 2,297 square feet Tourmaline plan includes three bedrooms, a fourth bedroom or den, two-and-a-half baths, a great room that opens to a screened lanai, a formal dining room, a kitchen and breakfast nook, and a two-car garage. After six sales in March, 20 opportunities remain available in Covent Garden. TwinEagles Lake Estates neighborhood showcases 19 south or west-facing lakefront home sites 110-feet wide and 150-feet deep with long-range views of a 34-acre lake. Thirteen of the 19 sites remain available. Lake Estates features minimum 3,500 square feet residences by Stock Signature Homes, A.R.B.C. Arthur Rutenberg Homes, and Divco Custom Homes starting at $1.5 million. Priced at $1,989,990, Stocks completed 4,155 square feet Windsor models great room plan includes a formal dining room, an island kitchen and breakfast nook, his and her studies, four bedrooms, fourand-a-half baths, a covered lanai with an outdoor fireplace, summer kitchen, pool and spa, and two two-car garages. Rutenbergs completed Amalfi model includes 3,903 square feet with a great room that opens to a covered lanai, a kitchen and dining area that also opens to the outdoors, a club room that opens to the outdoor dining area, a study, four bedrooms, four baths, and a three-car garage. The Amalfi model is priced at $2,067,000 with furnishings. Divcos 4,105 square feet Montego models great room plan includes a formal dining room, an island kitchen and dinette, a study, a retreat room, four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a lanai with an outdoor fireplace, summer kitchen, pool and spa, and a threecar garage. The furnished Montego model is scheduled to be completed this month and priced at $2,045,000. Stock, Rutenberg, and Divco offer 2,800 to 5,000 square feet residences priced from $1.2 million on 90 x 160-feet lots in the Hedgestone estate home neighborhood. Priced at $1,599,990 with furnishings, Stocks 3,699 square feet Regency Manor model is open for viewing and purchase. In addition to the Regency Manor model, ten buildable home sites remain available for purchase in Hedgestone. Divcos previously sold LaSalle furnished model will remain available for viewing through May. Stocks Ponte Vedra Grande model has also sold and will remain available for viewing through the summer. Stock has announced its Muirfield IV, Glenmore, and Regency Manor are poised to begin construction and are expected to be completed by early 2017. Nine buildable sites remain available in Minto Floridas Lockford neighborhood. Seven one and two-story floor plans range from 2,642 to 3,811 square feet. Homes on 60-foot home sites are priced from the low-$500s to $1 million. Mintos Turnberry Grand and Prestwick Grand furnished models are open for viewing. Base-priced at $558,990, the Prestwick Grands 2,905 square-feet great room plan includes two bedrooms, twoand-a-half baths, a study, sitting room, formal dining room, an island kitchen with a pass-through to a lanai that features an outdoor kitchen, and a two-car garage. The Turnberry Grand plan includes 3,811square feet with a two-story great room, three bedrooms, three full-baths and two half-baths, a study, formal dining room, a lanai with an outdoor kitchen, an upstairs bonus room with a covered outdoor terrace, and a three-car garage with a tandem space that could serve as an additional air conditioned room. Turnberry Grand pricing starts at $647,990. Limited opportunities remain available to enjoy TwinEagles legendary grand estate lifestyle. Six choice grand estate home sites are available in the Sterling Hill and Inverness estate home neighborhoods. The available home sites range from nearly an acre to nearly two-acres and are priced from $632,500 to $775,000. A thirty-foot setback provision ensures estate residences in Sterling Hill and Inverness will be a minimum of sixty-feet apart. Visit the TwinEagles Sales Center at 11330 Twin Eagles Boulevard. Visit Twin Eagles online at Above: Base-priced at $558,990, the Prestwick Grands 2,905 square-feet great room plan in Lockford at TwinEagles includes two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, a study, sitting room, formal dining room, an island kitchen, and a lanai with an outdoor kitchen, and a two-car garage. The 2,297 square feet Tourmaline plan in Covent Garden at TwinEagles includes three bedrooms, a fourth bedroom or den, two-and-a-half baths, a great room that opens to a screened lanai, a formal dining room, a kitchen and breakfast nook, and a two-car garage. Right: Stock Signature Homes 4,155 square feet Windsor model in Lake Estates at TwinEagles has been completed and is available for viewing and purchase. The Windsor showcases the neighborhoods spectacular lake views. in h o pl f e p M G v i P Above:Basepricedat$558990the D2 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.Visit our Sales Center today. Signature Club: 8038 Signature Club Circle, Bldg. 8-102, Naples, Florida 34113 (239) 793-2100Lely Resort Realty, LLC, Exclusive Sales Agent, Licensed Real Estate Broker FLStockDevelopment www.LELY-RESORT.comlely resort has unveiled its nal phase of offeringsdont miss your chance!Grand Finale CIPRIANI from the $300s OL from the $300s SIGNATURE CLUB from the $400s LAKOYA / Opal Series from the $400sLAKOYA / Topaz Series from the $500s LAKOYA / Diamond Series from the $900s Its our nal season, and our most spectacular, with choice opportunities and 10 new models now open. Weve introduced our last two new neighborhoods to be built at Lely Resort, Cipriani & Signature Club, offering luxury coach homes that live like single-family homes. Our popular Lakoya & Ol neighborhoods continue to offer a variety of residences from townhomes, ats and casitas to luxury single-family homes. With move-in-ready homes available in all neighborhoods, there has never been a better time to buy at Lely Resort. All offered in an award-winning, crowd-pleasing, amenity-rich community.Theres Always Something New At Lely ONLY 3 AVAILABLE


Kalea Bays community amenities popular with buyers Clubhouse area under constructionIf the clubhouse is the social and recreational centerpiece of a community then this fabulous amenity of Kalea Bay will surely be one of the busiest places in the gated, luxury residential high-rise community currently being developed on Vanderbilt Drive in North Naples. There are several reasons why buyers have decided to purchase at Kalea Bay, said Inga Wilson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Kalea Bay. The first is the beautifully designed three-bedroom plus den/three-and-a-half-bath and fourbedroom/four-bath tower residences with Gulf views. The other is our spectacular community clubhouse. Not only will it be a dramatic site as residents and visitors drive into the community, but it will also be the envy of every community in the Naples area. Kalea Bays 88,000-square-foot clubhouse is located on the north side of the large lake at the communitys entrance and is currently under construction. The clubhouse will feature three individual pools, including a resort pool, an adults-only pool and a childrens pool, plus an expansive pool deck, an open air bar, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, a snack bar, an Internet cafe and a gifts and sundries shop. All three pools will overlook the lake and provide a multitude of recreational options for everyone who lives and visits here, said Wilson. Expansive sun decks with lounge chairs and native, tropical plants separate each of the three pools for the ultimate in privacy. If basking in the sun or taking a refreshing dip in the pool isnt on a residents schedule, perhaps meeting friends for lunch, dinner or drinks is. We have the perfect place for all three, said Wilson. The indoor/outdoor restaurant will serve phenomenal meals throughout the day. And what better way to celebrate the good life in Florida than meeting family and friends for drinks while watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico. This is what living in Florida is supposed to be. Just a short walk from the clubhouse will be the tennis pavilion with six lighted Har-Tru tennis courts. Nearby are 24 guest suites to accommodate overnight guests and family members. Having that number of guest suites is unusual for a luxury high-rise community, but its an amenity many of our residents are excited about especially when they have extended family visiting, said Wilson. Rather than putting their guests up in hotels throughout the Naples and Bonita Springs area, they can vacation within the community. Its a real convenience. There will also be a shuttle service, originating from the clubhouse, to the beach. Three of the best beaches in the country are only minutes away from Kalea Bay, stated Wilson. Naples-based CID Design Group will be responsible for the interior design of the clubhouse, guest cottages and towers, and will assit with the design direction and planning of the outdoor amenities and landscape areas. According to the Jenn Zella, Principal and Director of Design for the firm, the interior design for Kalea Bay will complement the communitys modern seaside, villa-style architecture, accented with the charm of old Florida. Construction on the clubhouse is slated for completion in the summer of next year and will coincide with the anticipated move-in of the residents in the first tower. The 22-story tower, with 120 residences, will have 20 floors of residences over two floors of parking. At the current time construction crews are working on the towers 14th floor, which is helping buyers see the value of purchasing now. As of early May, our total sales volume surpassed the $130 million mark, stated Wilson. Six floor plans are available at Kalea Bay with prices currently starting at $1.3 million. Residences 1 and 6 are 4-bedroom/4bath plans with 3,755 total square feet. Residences 2 and 5, with three-bedrooms plus den and three-and-a-half baths, have 3,835 total square feet. Residences 3 and 4 are four-bedroom/fourbath plans with 3,921 total square feet. Wilson said dramatic views are available to every single resident, no matter which floor they live on. The towers amenities are located on the rooftop, explained Wilson, including our sky lounge, a dramatic pool and the open-air fitness center. From the rooftop, residents can enjoy daily views of the Gulf of Mexico, the nature preserves and the beaches. Those beaches include Barefoot Beach Preserve Park, which was ranked #2 nationally in 2015, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which was ranked #9. For more information regarding Kalea Bay visit the onsite sales center. It is located just north of Wiggins Pass just off Vanderbilt Drive at 13910 Old Coast Road in North Naples. Additional information is available by calling (239) 793-0110 or online at Above: Kalea Bays first tower was designed with rooftop amenities, including a sky lounge, spectacular pool and open-air fitness center. The 22-story tower at Kalea Bay will have 120 residences. One of the three pools at the Kalea Bay clubhouse (on right) is for adults only. Left: Kalea Bay residences will enjoy their clubhouse day and night. Below: The 88,000-square-foot clubhouse features three separate pools, a deck bar, an indoor/ outdoor restaurant and an Internet cafe. A w lo c h a a e T t o D4 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY




Fort Myers / Estero Bonita Springs / Naples 1 Mediterra 15836 Savona Way Naples, FL 855.810.7976 2 Quail West6289 Burnham Road Naples, FL 239.592.1010 3 Talis Park16980 Livingston Road Naples, FL 239.449.5900 4 Twin Eagles11330 Twin Eagles Boulevard Naples, FL 239.352.8000 5 Olde Cypress7276 Lantana Circle Naples, FL 239.596.4794 6 Raffia Preserve4075 Wolfe Road Naples, FL 239.598.2370 7 Naples Square100 S Goodlette-Frank Road Naples, FL 239.228.5800 8 The Isles of Collier Preserve5445 Caribe Avenue Naples, FL 877.626.7694 9 Lely Resort8020 Grand Lely Drive Naples, FL 239.793.2100 10 Mangrove Bay201 Goodlette Road South Naples, FL 239.261.2200 11 Residences at Mercato9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125 Naples, FL 239.594.9400 12 Lamorada Naples2190 Woodcrest Drive Naples, FL 239.444.4450 13 Livingston Lakes15161 Palmer Lake Circle Naples, FL 239.444.3490 14 The Colony Golf & Bay Club4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 15 Seaglass at Bonita Bay26951 Country Club Drive Bonita Springs, FL 239.301.4940 16 Altaira4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 17 Kalea Bay13910 Old Coast Road Naples, FL 239.793.0110 18 Ave Maria5076 Annunciation Circle #104 Ave Maria, FL (888) 841-3477 19 Paloma 26109 St. Michael Lane Bonita Springs, FL 239.949.8910 20 Mockingbird Crossing 1600 Mockingbird Crossing Dr. Naples, FL 239.233.0592 21 Tuscany Pointe14310 Tuscany Pointe Trail Naples, FL 34120 239.225.2679 22 Sorrento28063 Sosta Lane #2 Bonita Springs, FL 239.225.2659 23 Sienna Reserve14656, Reserve Lane Naples, FL 239.643.4333 24 Andalucia1336 Andlaucia Way Naples, FL 239.304.8314 25 Estuary at Grey Oaks1220 Gordon River Trail Naples, FL 239.261.3148 D6 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


Gulf of MexicoAirport Pulling RdBayshore Dr7th AveRattlesnake Hammock RdRadio RdLivingston RdThomasson DrMassey StGoodlette RdVanderbilt Beach RdImmokalee RdFrank BlvdVa nderbi DrLivingston Rd SCrayton Rd111th Ave NPlateau RdGoodlett e RdGulf Shore BlvdPelican Marsh BlvdCounty Barn Rd5th AvPine Ridge RdGolden Gate PkwyLogan BlvdTamia mi Tr lTamiami TrlTamiami T rlBonita Beach RdSanta Barbara Blvd Santa Barbara BlvdOld Hwy 41Green BlvdGolden Gate BlvdLivingston RdFiddlers Creek PkwyDavis BlvdCollier BlvdCollier BlvdNaples Municipal Airport N Naples Reg Park Beac ParkLely Pelican Bay Naples Park VineyardsGolden GateIsland WalkNaplesPine RidgeVerona Walk Naples Manor Lely Resort East Naples Port Royal Johns Pass Belle Meade Shell Island Palm River 846 31 867 951 951 84 41 41 75CENTRAL NAPLES NORTH NAPLES OLD NAPLES EAST NAPLES BONITA SPRINGS ESTERO S H Hickory Blvdmiami TrlBonita Beach RdImperial Pkwy Imp e oni ta B each Rd SEOld 41 RdShangrila RdCoconut Rd 865 75 J J J J J J J J J ll Grade RdRandall Blvd47th AveOil Well Rd p Keais RdEverglades BlvdEverglades BlvdMassey St m okalee RdWilson BlvdDeso to BlvdPlateau RdDesoto Blvd N d Gold en Gate Blv dCollier BlvdAve Maria Universityen eOrangetreeAve Maria Golden Gates Estates 75EAST NAPLES 1 mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m 15 19 22 14 16 3 13 11 2 5 6 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 12 s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ss ss ss ss ss s s ss ss ss ss s ss ss ss ss ss ss ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s ey e e e e e e e e e e e e ey e e ey y ey y e ey y ey y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s e e e e e e e ey e e e e ey e e ey e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ey e e e e y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y S 20 21 4 7 A Av 10 8 9 Av e Mar M M M M Ma Ma Ma M M Ma M a a M M a Ma M Ma M M M M M M M M M M i a v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v eM e M e e e e Ma M Ma Ma a e M e eMa M e M e M e e e e e M M e e e e eM M e e e e M a e e e M e e e e e e e e e e e e a e e e e e r M M M M M M M 18 nd nd er e bi 17 P P P P P P a P P P P P P P P P r r rk rk r rk k r r k r r k r k k P P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa a P Pa P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa P P Pa Pa Pa Pa P P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa P a P Pa a a a a P P a a Pa a a a a a Pa Pa a P a a Pa a a a a a a a a a a P a a a a a a a a a a a a a a P P a a a P P P P P P P P P P r r r rk rk rk k r rk k r k rk rk r r r k r r k r r k r k r k r k r r k k r k r 23 24 25 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 GULF COAST HOMES D7


New Majestic II model is open at Lely Resort: move-in ready homes availableLely Resort has been one of the Naples real estate markets biggest success stories for more than a decade. As sell out of the community nears, Stock Development continues to improve the community with new furnished models and additiional lifestyle amenities. According to Claudine Lger-Wetzel, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Stock Development, the company has opened a new, beautifully furnished Majestic II model in Lakoya and the new Multi-Purpose Building at the award-winning Players Club & Spa will open this month. We are very proud of the fact that Lely Resort has won Community of the Year honors from the Collier Building Industry Association seven times! said Lger-Wetzel. We are committed to making it the best community possible until the final new home is sold. The exquisitely designed Majestic II model is perfectly suited to take advantage of The Lakoya neighborhood with its extraordinary lakes and fairway views along the Gary Player-designed Classics championship golf. This four-bedroom, fourbath home offers 3,843 square feet under air and a total of 5,735 square feet. The spacious floor plan features a formal living room and an informal family room, both of which provide direct access to the covered lanai via stacked sliding glass doors. The home melds the outdoors and indoor living areas to provide homeowners with a large, open environment for entertaining. An outdoor kitchen and an elaborate pool and spa package complete the idyllic scene. Raised tray ceilings throughout the living areas add to the homes spacious feel. There is a large island style kitchen, and a formal study with French doors. Stunning Interiors by Beasely & Henley add to the appeal. The attached three-car garage offers an airconditioned storage area. It is priced at $1,871,994 fully furnished. Two additional furnished models, the Napoli and the San Remo III, also recently opened at Lakoya, where Stock has a sales center open on-site to complete sales of the final phase. Stunning coach homes are also available in Signature Club and Cipriani. The new coach home sales division has opened on-site in the Signature Club where they are showcasing the coach home residences of both neighborhoods. Each coach home building at Signature Club offers four residences. The neighborhood features an selection of stunning lake and golf course views across The Classics Championship Golf Course. Pricing for these stunning inventory coach homes begin at $455,170. Cipriani is within The Classics, a stunning gated enclave along one of Lelys three championship golf courses. The neighborhood also features an array of beautiful lake and nature views along The Classics Championship Golf Course. Each coach home building at Cipriani offers four luxurious residences with the spacious feel of single-family homes. Inventory coach homes are priced from $349,990. In the beautiful Ol, neighborhood, only three homes remain available, all of which are available for immediate occupancy. These flats and townhomes are found in floor plans ranging in size from 1,227 to 2,084 square feet and priced from just $329,990! Ol is built around some of Naples most spectacular amenities. The 20,000 square foot Village Center amenities include a full-service concierge, a bistro, an ice cream parlor, a pub, an internet caf, a coffee shop, a business center, library and a 90-seat movie theatre with a projection room and comfortable elevated seating. Stock Development is one of the areas most successful and innovative developers. One of the keys of it successs is constantly assessing the changing needs of its residents and providing them with the best possible amenities. Lely Residents have access to three championship golf courses and a spectacular club facility. The Players Club & Spa is an amazing 30,000 square foot club that is both elegant and highly functional for its members. It has earned a Sand Dollar Award for best clubhouse and features an opulent new dining wing that seats over 200 guests. The new Multi-Purpose Building offers a Movie Theater with seating for 72. There is also a kitchenette, bathrooms and ten tables for card play and games. The lobby features banquette seating. The Tiki Bar by the resortstyle pool has also been expanded again! Twelve foot awnings have been added around all sides of the Tiki with six new plasma TVs, a larger brick paver seating area and new lighting. The 6,000 square foot Fitness Center now includes a spectacular second exercise room with state-of-the-art equipment, a huge aerobics studio that has nearly tripled in size and a spin room. Personal training is available, as is onsite physical therapy treatment. The beautiful Spa Wing includes four treatment rooms, a relaxation room, a manicure and pedicure salon, facial and skin care treatment rooms, as well as opulent shower and changing rooms. Outside, a second free-form pool has been built, dramatically increasing the number of people who can be accommodated by these extraordinary resortstyle amenities at any time. The tennis facilitys thirteen state-ofthe-art tennis courts are open for play on a spacious 4-acre site that includes an outdoor caf. Dont miss your chance to buy one of the final new homes remaining at Lely Resort! Lely Resort Realty is now located at 8038 Signature Club Circle Bldg 8-102, Naples, FL 34113. Visit or call 239-793-2100. Above: The Majestic II Family Room. Left: The Majestic II. Below: The Majestic II outdoor living area,. The Players Club & Spa at Lely Resort. One of three championship golf courses at Lely Resort. A B C co D8 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY


ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY CHAPTER 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Exclusive Sales & Marketing by Wilson& AssociatesRooftop pool and fitness center. Forever views. Luxurious living. Its all part of the amazing lifestyle youll discover at Kalea Bay. The expansive residences so chic. The spacious interiors so contemporary. The open lanais with views of the Gulf of Mexico so coastal. And all those pools so cool. Priced from $1.3 million13910 Old Coast Road, Naples, FL 34110 239-793-0110 Some say the sky is the limit. We see it as just the Beginning.


Mintos The Isles of Collier Preserve received a prestigious Silver Award at the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) for Best Mixed Community The Isles of Collier Preserve in Naples by Minto Communities received a prestigious Silver Award at the Best in American Living Awards (BALA) for Best Mixed Community. Minto is one of only three recipients to be recognized in this category in the entire country. The Best in American Living Awards is the nations premier award program continually redefining design excellence for the entire residential building industry. It spotlights the most creative and innovative builders, remodelers, architects, residential and building designers, developers, land planners and interior designers in the nation. The awards program, sponsored by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Design Committee, recognizes good design in single-family and multifamily homes of all types and sizes, communities, interior design, remodeling and rental developments. Every aspect of The Isles of Collier Preserve has been meticulously planned to create a sustainable community that embraces nature and an active lifestyle, including The Isles Club, the new clubhouse and amenity center. Overlooking the sparkling Cypress Waterway the 16,500 square-foot Isles Club was inspired by the charming coastal cottage style of the original Naples Beach Hotel built in 1888. The Isles Club is distinguished by a stylized cupola and large awning-shaded front porch and will be the social hub. Residents and friends gather at The Isles Club for social functions, swimming and sunbathing, tennis and workouts in the state-ofthe-art fitness center. An event courtyard, yoga lawn, resort-style swimming pool, lap pool and kayak launch provide additional opportunities for outdoor recreation. More than half of The Isles of Collier Preserves lands are dedicated to natural habitat and preserve areas connected by a network of biking paths and recreational trails with exercise stations and nature observation areas as well as blueways for kayaking. A rustic Overlook Bar and Grill with views of the Cypress Waterway and bocce ball courts will be added in the future. Minto Communities has received many additional national, regional and local awards for The Isles of Collier Preserve in Naples, including the Grand Aurora Award for Master-Planned Community of the Year awarded by the Florida Home Builders Association and the Southeast Building Conference, part of the National Association of Home Builders. The addition of The Isles Club adds yet another outstanding amenity to this award-winning, ecofriendly community. Energy efficient home designs at The Isles of Collier Preserve include a selection of 43 innovative floor plans. Luxury villas, coach homes and single-family homes are priced from the mid $300s to over $1 million. The community currently offers 15 fully furnished model homes for touring. Single-family homes at The Isles of Collier Preserve are priced from the high $400s to more than $1 million, and range from 2,016 to 4,327 square feet under air. All are designed for entertaining and feature gourmet kitchens, open floor plans, private, expansive guest quarters, and luxurious outdoor living areas with unobstructed nature views. Villas are priced from the mid-$300s, and range from 1,565 to 1,862 square feet under air. They include two to three bedrooms, plus den or hobby room, great room, dining room, two baths, covered lanai and two-car garages. One, two and three story coach home selections are priced from the $400s to the $600s. Coach homes range in size from 1,621 to 2,960 square feet under air, and include two-car garages and private elevators. The Isles of Collier Preserve is located just four miles east of downtown Naples g s e t ee e at r ed Above: Jasmine Grande Twilight and The Isles of Collier Preserve. on U.S. 41/Tamiami Trail East. The Discovery Sales Center is open Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For information on The Isles of Collier Preserve call 888-707-1251 or visit D10 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY BringYourHighestExpectations


Final chance to own at Andalucia, Naples best-kept secretLocated in the heart of Naples is perhaps one of the citys bestkept residential charmsAndaluca. Developed by FrontDoor Communities, this stunning community is down to its final three homes, providing home buyers with limited time to call this community home. With a sought-after location, outstanding amenities and incredible price point not found elsewhere in Naples, its no surprise that this private, gated community is nearly sold out. The final homes at Andalucia showcase the award-winning Seville and Cordoba plans, as well as the Alora II, and they offer four bedrooms with three to four-and-a-half baths, and prices range from $448,900 to $592,300. Reminiscent of Spanish missions, the exteriors of the homes at Andalucia showcase tiled roofs, ornamental detail, stucco finishes and arched windows and doorways. The interiors also showcase a variety of luxury finishes, including tile floors, granite countertops, tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, beautiful owners suites, screened lanais, second story bonus rooms or first story flex space (per plan) and much more. Andalucia has proven to be a success with buyers looking for an affordable luxury home in Naples, said Mike Taylor, division vice president for FrontDoor Communities. Were very proud that weve been able to offer our customers gorgeous homes, a great location and an excellent price pointall without sacrificing the beautiful finishes and features that FrontDoor is known for. Homeowners at Andalucia have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of amenities just steps from their front door. The community features Lake Azzuri at its center, and its surrounded by a state-of-the-art fitness center, heated resort-style lap pool and whirlpool spa, clubhouse with open gathering space, game room and catering kitchen, and a childrens playground and half-size basketball court. Andalucia is minutes away from Naples best beaches, top golf courses and excellent boutique shopping and dining opportunities, providing homeowners the opportunity to live life in the center of it all. In addition, children residing in the community will attend the top-rated Collier County Schools. Andalucia offers everything buyers need, from a convenient location to an affordable price point. With limited opportunities remaining, now is the time to buy. Gourmet kitchens, c lassic Florida styling and an array of amenities are av ailable at Andalucia. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 GULF COAST HOMES D11 For location, hours of operation and further details about our award-winning communities throughout Florida, visit*Limited time only, see New Home Sales Professional for details. Minto Communities, LLC 2016. All rights reserved. Content ma y not be reproduced, copied, altered, distributed, stored or transferred in any form or by any means without express written pe rmission. Artists renderings, dimensions, speci cations, prices and features are approximate and subject to change without notice. Minto, the Minto logo, The Isles of Collier Preserve and The Isles of Collier Preserve logo are trademar ks of Minto Communities, LLC and/or its af liates. CGC 1519880. 5/2016 5445 Caribe Avenue, Naples, FL 34113 Located on US 41/Tamiami Trail East, just south of Thomasson DriveTour 15 New Models Today!Only 5 Minutes to Downtown Naples and the BeachesOn the south shore of Naples Bay FRESIA GREAT ROOM SAVE UP TO $20,000LIMITED TIME INCENTIVE*TOUR OUR FEATURED MOVE-IN READY HOMES TODAY: Jasmine GrandeHOMESITE 154Single-Family Home2 Bedroom / Den / Sitting Room 2.5 Bath / 2-Car Garage Custom Choice Home / Beautiful Waterview $827,340 $20,000 Incentive*PoincianaHOMESITE 252Coach Home3 Bedroom / 2 Bath / 2-Car Garage 2nd Floor Private Elevator Included $510,290 $20,000 Incentive*FresiaHOMESITE 263Villa Home3 Bedroom / 2 Bath / Den / 2-Car Garage Pool & Spa / Beautiful Waterview$545,140 $20,000 Incentive* Best of All, No CDD Fees! Unlike other communities, The Isles of Collier Preserve does not burden you with Community Development District (CDD) fee s, which saves you thousands of dollars during your home ownership. Once you compare, the choice is clearly Minto.Classic Old Florida Clubhouse Fitness Center Resort-Style Pool Multi-Purpose Room Event Lawn Tennis Courts and more!Guided Boat Tours every Thursday Saturday 9:30 am 4 pm and Sunday 11:30 am 3 pm | Explore our nature trails and waterways on Minto bicycles and kayaks JASMINE GRANDE JASMINE GRANDE GREAT ROOM Luxury Villas, Coach Homes & Single-Family Homes from the mid $300s to over $1 million THE ISLES CLUB NOW OPEN!Nestled within a pristine natural setting, The Isles of Collier Preserve captures the timeless architecture and traditions of Old Naples. Over half of the 2,400 acres are dedicated to lakes, nature preserves and natural habitat. Elegant single-family, villa and coach homes overlook miles of scenic kayak and biking trails along the tranquil Cypress Waterway. Visit our interactive Discovery Sales Center and experience this one-of-a-ki nd community for yourself.


Naples nest championship golf community 239-352-8000 TwinEagles.com1,115 acres of magni cent natural beauty, luxurious amenities, world-class golf courses and stunning new homes built by the regions best builders, priced from the high $200s to over $2 million with no CDD or initiation fees. MODELS OPEN DAILY Its time for your lifestyle upgrade.


201 6 B ES T Heres to Heres to the the people, people, places places and things and things that make that make Southwest Southwest Florida Florida so special so special COLLIER COUNTY, FLORIDA EDITION D I T I O N D I T I O N


SALAD BAR Apples to Z u cchini And so much more... Apples to Zucchini 6 6 Sarasota / 5231 University Pkwy. @ Honore / 941-351-5999 Port Charlotte / US Hwy. 41 & 776 / 941-235-3354 Fort Myers / Re ections Pkwy. @ Cypress Lake / 239-590-9994 Cape Coral / Santa Barbara near Veterans / 239-458-8700 Naples / Immokalee near Airport / 239-593-9499 Estero / Alico and Ben Hill Grif n (Now Open) / 239-466-3354 Section EditorCindy PiecrePresentation Editor Eric Raddatz Copy Editor Debbie Gibson Publisher Shelley Hobbs Account Executives Cori Higgins Nicole Ryan Adam Schonberg Graphic Designers Chris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Alisa Bowman Amy Grau Paul Heinrich Linda Iskra Kathy Pierotti Meg Roloff Scott SleeperFlorida Weekly9051 Tamiami Trail N. Naples, Florida 34108 Ph: 239.325.1960 Fx: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Call 239.333.2135 or visit One year mailed subscriptions are available for $ FLORIDA WEEKLY2 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 Welcome to Florida Weeklys Best special section The Best is Florida Weeklys take on some of the best, of course, but also some of the wackiest, most wondrous, obscure, ridiculous and even scandalous people and things that make Southwest Florida such a great place to live. Many best of publications are filled solely with content thats bought and paid for; thats not our style at Florida Weekly. Yes, our advertisers the folks who make this piece of Floridian pulp and history you hold in your hands possible receive shoutouts from us in these pages. Its only fair. But the bulk of our Best section has nothing to do with invoices or ballot-box stuffing. The nonscientific, non-crowdsourced process by which we choose our Best winners begins with a brainstorming meeting of our writers and editors. A couple of months later, after scouring the nooks and crannies of the region and our Florida Weekly archives, this section emerges: page after page of things we praise and applaud, pontificate on and poke fun at. Herewith, our Best. We had fun doing it, and we hope you have fun reading it. Heres to the Best of Southwest Florida 2016. The best BEST writersCOVER ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC RADDATZ COVERILLUST RA STEPHANIE DAVIS NANCI THEORET MYLES KORNBLATT NANETTE CRIST OSVALDO PADILLA RON HAYES NANCY STETSON ROGER WILLIAMS BOB MASSEY JERRY GREENFIELD KAREN FELDMAN KATHY GREY LINDSEY NESMITH MARY ANN TIPTON CINDY PIERCE EVAN WILLIAMS GLENN MILLER JENNIFER HUBER


DAILY NAPLES BAY & GULF OF MEXICO CRUISES e Naples Princess o ers a number of di erent cruise experiences on a daily basis for all to enjoy, including:SIGHTSEEING TOURS DINNER CRUISE SUNSET CRUISE LUNCH BUFFET CRUISE HOLIDAY CRUISES WEDDINGS SEPCIAL EVENTSCall (239) 649-2275 for Reservations Naples Princess Naples P rin cess The Best Events are on the Water. 6 6 Celebrating 25 YEARS!

PAGE 88 FLORIDA WEEKLY4 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST REASON TO THROW A PARTY (AND TO PRODUCE A SPECIAL SECTION)The snowbirds are gone!As the seasonal snowbirds take flight toward Northern climes, those of us staying behind can start to enjoy a few things weve been avoiding since January. Going out to eat without a reservation, for example. Or heading to the beach without first having to figure out where well park, or to the movies on Friday night hoping well find a seat. For many of us, its the best time of year in Southwest Florida. Enjoy!NEXT BEST REASON TO THROW A PARTYGetting hitchedWhen Del Ackerman, owner of Dels 24-Hour Store for 52 years and a Naples institution in his own right, and Theresa Parent decided to tie the knot on a lovely day in October, the lovebirds invited the public to join in. Several hundred friends turned out for the open wedding that took place at Mayflower Congregational Church among red-and-white roses, lots of tulle and gifts that would later be donated to the church. A very east Naples reception followed at Erins Isle Restaurant & Irish Pub. DESTINATIONS: Mediterranean | Africa | Caribbean | Hawaii | Europe SPECIALTIES: Luxury | Safari | Escorted Tours | Small Ship Cruises | River Cruising | Private Customized Tours Lee McCarthy, President TRUST YOUR VACATION WITH A TRAVEL EXPERT. WERE THERE FOR YOU before, during and after YOUR TRIP. 6 6 Mr. and Mrs. Del Ackerman



PAGE 90 FLORIDA WEEKLY6 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST BIKER DUDESGentlemen for the ShelterNaples official spokes-men against domestic violence cycled 1,200 miles from their starting point at 7th Avenue Social to Washington, D.C., over the course of 12 days in April. Gordon Kellam, Colin Estrem and Glen Schwesinger all are members of Gentlemen Against Domestic Violence, an initiative of The Shelter for Abused Women & Children that calls on men to stand as equal partners with women to end domestic violence. Statistics show domestic violence accounts for nearly 30 percent of all violent crime committed in Collier County. The Gentlemen program targets young men and boys in local public schools with a succinct message: Violence does not equal strength, and true gentlemen exhibit respect, loyalty, honesty and accountability toward women. As they cycled their way toward D.C., Mr. Kellam, Mr. Estrem and Mr. Schwesinger stopped in several cities to meet with politicians, local shelter workers and others who share their goal to end domestic violence. BEST FILM FESTIVAL DEBUTThe Bonita Springs International Film FestivalThe first-ever Bonita Springs International Film Festival sure lived up to its name. Countries of origin for the event held at the Centers for the Arts included Cuba, France, United Arab Emirates, Britain, Canada, Argentina, Turkey, Finland and Sweden. And dont forget the good old USA: One of the homegrown highlights was Dorothea Lange: Grab A Hunk of Lightning, a documentary about the famed photographer by her granddaughter, Dyanna Taylor. Gordon Kellam, Colin Estrem and Glen Schwesinger Great products speak for themselves. Exceptional service and customer care require an attentive, knowledgeable staff. A team of people who take the time to understand what customers want and needand recommend the ideal solution for their specic circumstances. Thats what makes us one of the best in the business! 6 6 SAME DAY SERVICE! Visit a showroom near you!11360 Metro Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33966 (239) 768-3667275 Airport Rd North Naples, FL 34104 (239) 643-3667Visit us online at OUR PRODUCTS DO THE TALKING. WE DO THE LISTENING.


FLStockDevelopmentBROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVEL OPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LES SEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. For directions and complete listings of all our models & communities please visit StockDevelopment.comAt Stock, we take pride in giving you our best. From beautiful lifestyle communities to exquisitely crafted estate homes, our award-winning style and quality shines through. Weve been building and developing luxury communities and homes in the region for more than 15 years, and are now expanding our reach into Sarasota. Were proud to be a compassionate and caring community partner, supporting causes that improve and enhance all of Southwest Florida. Come see our best and make it yours. 6 6 2639 PROFESSIONAL CIRCLE | SUITE 101 | NAPLES, FL 34119 | 239.592.7344 STOCK when quality mattersFIND OUR QUALITY IN THESE EXCEPTIONAL LOCATIONS: BABCOCK RANCH | BONITA SPRINGS | FORT MYERS | MARCO ISLAND | NAPLES | PALM BEACH | SARASOTA

PAGE 92 FLORIDA WEEKLY8 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST ACTOR WITH NO LINESRandall Kenneth Jones in Young FrankensteinIf only hed been born earlier, Randall Kenneth Jones couldve been a killer silent film star. His role as Frankensteins monster in The Naples Players spring production of Young Frankenstein was a mostly quiet performance, except for a few grunts, moans and groans. (Of course, after his brain transfer at the very end, he became the equivalent of a Shakespearean scholar!) But for most of the musical, he had to express himself with his face and eyes and physical movements just like an old-time silent film star. And he did so perfectly on cue, indeed, manifesting the feelings of a confused and alienated monster with humor and pathos to the delight of the audience.BEST TLCHolocaust boxcar renovationsStudents in the construction technologies program at iTech Immokalee Technical College put their skills to work renovating the Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Floridas 97-year-old railway boxcar and strengthening its structural integrity so it can continue in use as a traveling educational tool. During the eight years its been on loan to the museum from Jack and F.E. Nortman and the Nortman Family, the WWII-era boxcar has traveled to more than 90 locations in the six-county area of Southwest Florida. Manufactured in Germany in 1919, the boxcar was in use during the time of WWII, although the museum does not know with certainty in what capacity. It is known, however, that it is the type of boxcar used to transport millions of people from countries all across Europe to the Nazi-controlled concentration camps. Under the direction of iTech instructor Dan Kroeker, the iTech students replaced the boxcars badly deteriorating walls, the floor and both doors with specially treated wood, ensuring the continuation of its important educational travels.BEST BITE OF THE BIG APPLESouthwest Florida chefs in NYCSeveral Southwest Florida chefs produced a spectacular Gulf Coast dinner for a sold-out crowd at the James Beard Foundation last fall. Led by chocolatier and pastry chef Norman Love, the team included Fabrizio Aielli of Sea Salt, Todd Johnson of Rumrunners, Harold Balink of Harolds and George Fistrovich of The Ritz-Carlton, Naples.BEST MARRYING KINDSarah PalinWhat does the former governor of Alaska and one-time Republican vice-presidential candidate say when a childhood friend asks her to officiate her wedding? You betcha! Thats how Sarah Palin came to pronounce them husband and wife when Kristan Sapp Cole, who grew up in the great North to the Future state, married Southwest Florida real estate broker Denny Grimes in January. As the groom told his hometown newspaper, The News-Press, about the ceremony in Wasilla: We say tongue-in-cheek it was a shotgun wedding.BEST DOCTOR WITHOUT BORDERS OR MORALSWalter Palmer The part-time Marco Island resident made international news when he killed Cecil, a beloved lion and major attraction at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. A dentist and big game hunter, Dr. Palmer claimed he had a permit to hunt the lion (a breed on the endangered species list), which he skinned and beheaded (after removing the lions tracking collar, we assume). His actions put him at the top of the Internets most-hated list last summer and he went into hiding until the media frenzy died down. Meanwhile, vandals spray-painted the garage door of his winter home with the words Lion Killer. Seminole Casino Hotelis your #1 place for the best action, entertainment, and big-time winning.Only here can you nd endless excitement day after day and night after night. Continue to play at Seminole Casino Hotel, where our campaign to be the very best never ends. ESCAPE TO THE ACTION ESCAPE TO THE ACTION S e is your # entertai n O nly he r d ay after d to pla y a t campai g 2 2 2015 2015 2015 15 5 5 506 South 1st Street, Immokalee, FL 34142 800-218-0007 Must be at least 21 years old to play Slots and Table Games or to receive Players Club benefits. Must be 18 or older to play B ingo and Live Poker. All Rights rserved. Gaming pay tables, lines and reels are for entertainment purposes only. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, plea se call 1.888.ADMIT.IT.


WE CAN ASSIST YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY: Complete Design Services Floor Planning Color Specification Accessorization Remodeling Furniture Selection Custom Upholstery Textiles & Trims Rugs & Flooring Lighting Fixtures Window Treatments Shutters and Blinds Original Artwork Sleep Systems Custom Cabinetry Custom Millwork Exterior Planning Installation Services Patio Furnishings Granite & Marble Home Entertainment OLED Smart TVs Home Automation Everything for Your Home NAPLES SHOWROOM: 355 9th Street South, Naples, FL 34102 | (239) 732-2400 ROBBSTUCKY.COM NAPLES FORT MYERS SARASOTA CORAL GABLES BOCA RATON Coming Soon!FINE FURNISHINGS. BRILLIANT DESIGN. LEGENDARY SERVICE.Robb & Stucky is the premier destination for exquisite home furnishings and the best and brightest in interior design. From the moment you enter our showroom, youll see why the Robb & Stucky brand has surpassed the test of time in fact, weve been creating beautiful interiors in Florida and across the globe for over one hundred years. We invite you to rediscover Robb & Stucky today where its easy to Live Life...Beautifully.

PAGE 94 FLORIDA WEEKLY10 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST BOWLS FOR THE BUCKSEmpty Bowls for the Harry Chapin Food Bank Every January (Saturday the 28th in 2017), Cambier Park fills up to the brim with throngs of people hungry for a lunchtime bowl of soup and a hunk of bread. For a small donation, the lucky ones get to pick out a handmade pottery bowl (while the supply lasts) to sup from and to take home as a reminder of the Empty Bowls lunch that benefits the Harry Chapin Food Bank. As soon as the event is over, work begins anew on throwing and glazing what organizers hope will be enough bowls for the next years crowd. Close to 1,000 bowls already have been made for 2017. The effort involves volunteer potters (Judi Nicholson, Rinny Ryan, Sara Wilson, John Moon) and instructors (Clay More Studio), hundreds of students (Golden Gate, Lely, Barron Collier, Gulf Coast and Naples high schools) and even entire civic clubs (Pelican Bay Rotary Club) and arts organizations (Naples Artcrafters) in the weeks and months leading up to the actual lunch. When its time to chow down, dozens of local restaurants donate soup for another Empty Bowls event.BEST EXTRAVAGANT SIPCognac at The RitzWhen you are dining in The Grill Room, The RitzCarlton-Naples Beach Resorts oh-so-upscale restaurant, the odds are that price is not a concern. So after a world-class meal, why not indulge in a worldrenowned cognac? The Ritz offers 2-ounce pours of legendary Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac, made from grapes from the Grande Champagne region of France since 1874. The price? A mere $275.BEST PLACE TO SWIRL, SNIFF AND SIP (TIE)The Naples Winter Wine Festival The Southwest Florida Wine & Food FestivalIts amazing to consider that two of the top 10 charity wine events in America are right here in Southwest Florida. At the Naples event every January, winemakers and chefs from all over the world converge to serve at the pleasure of festival guests. Rare wines flow freely, getting everyone in the mood for the grand auction. This year, a Rolls-Royce customized especially for NWWF brought $750,000, helping bring the 2016 total raised to more than $11 million. The same thing, on a somewhat different scale, happens at the Lee County event. This year, NWWF was Americas top charity wine auction, and the Southwest Florida event in Fort Myers came in at No. 4. Not too shabby. Best part is, all the money raised at both to-dos goes to support ill or at-risk kids. Do we need a better reason to enjoy wine? Fort MyersSouth US 41 (Across from Scanlon Lexus) 14181 S. Tamiami Trail #110 Fort Myers, FL 33912 (239) 939-5636Naples Centurion Building (By Appt.) 3401 Tamiami Trail S. Naples, FL 34103 (239) 643-1616Bonita SpringsThe Prado at Spring Creek 25355 S. Tamiami Trail Bonita Springs, FL 34134 (239) 333-2646 2 2 20 20 20 16 16 16 16 6 6 Southwest Floridas Gold, Silver, Diamond, Rare Coin & Real Estate Exchange Celebrating our 41st Year! Extensive Desi g ner Jewelry Collection s LOUIS VENNE / COURTESY PHOTOJulian Movsesian makes the winning bid of $750,000 for a custom Rolls-Royce Dawn at the Naples Winter Wine Festival.


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC2390 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples, FL 34109 (239) 593-0232 Oering our customers 25 clean, well-ventilated and well-lit shooting lanes, The Alamo is Southwest Floridas premier indoor shooting range, gun store and rearms training facility. 6 6 When it comes to rearms, remember The Alamo. More than a range. A Destination.

PAGE 96 FLORIDA WEEKLY12 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 NEXT BEST FACELIFTThe Marco Island Marriott Marco Island Marriott, which was first built in 1965 as a 50-room hotel by the Mackle Brothers real estate developers to house potential homebuyers, has entered the final phase of a $200 million facelift that started in 2000. Piece by piece, Marriott International has added luxury amenities including a spa (beautiful), 36-hole golf course and an exterior facelift that included new balconies and windows. The final phase, which focuses on the southern wing of the resort, will transform the property into a JW Marriott Resort and make it one of the few top-tier hotels to carry the name when the finished product debuts early next year.BEST PLACE NOT TO BE NOTICED IN A LAMBORGHINIFifth Avenue SouthIts barely a mile from the curve of Tamiami Trail to the beach at the end of Fifth Avenue in Naples, but this place is packed with more precious metal than a gold strike. So while your ultra-exotic Lamborghini will get you noticed at the outlet mall, shopping here means youre getting behind one just like yours at the valet stand. We were going to mention that Worth Avenue in Palm Beach ties with its west coast counterpart in not acknowledging an exotic car but over there, they really do see your bull-nosed vulgar sports car driving by. They just chose to ignore it and call in your plates for violating some sort of noise/paint/ nouveau-riche code after you pull away. 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 5 5 5 BIGGER. BOLDER. BRIGHTER. YOUR WINDOWS LIKE OUR SHUTTERSSpecialist in making your shutters the most functional artwork in your home Plantation shutters are many things: furniture for your windows, maintenance free, Island Style, a decorators dream, and superbly luxurious. One thing is for certain, plantation shutters are best when they come from SunCoast Blinds. Call us today for a special Best oer on our award winning shutters. 5 5 5 5 5 5 windowsmain n y ar C windows main a nd superbl s hutters a C 239.495.6558 VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYBEST FACELIFT The Naples PierAfter closing last summer for a $2.5 million renovation, the Naples Pier reopened in November looking fresher than ever. With expanded bathrooms, fancy Brazilian wood construction and a beachside outpost of Cosmos Ristorante & Pizzeria, our favorite landmark is guaranteed to be the communitys favorite gathering spot for decades to come with meatball subs and hot dogs to boot!


Whether its a routine checkup or something more serious, you need a physician you can trust. With primary care physicians from Bonita Springs to Marco Island, you can count on Physicians Regional Medical Group to connect you with the doctor who is right for you. near you, call 239-348-4221. WHEN IT COMES TO FINDING THE RIGHT DOCTOR, WEVE GOT YOU COVERED.

PAGE 98 FLORIDA WEEKLY14 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST VINE THATS NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIAThe Naples Botanical Garden jade vineOf all the showy foliage that ornaments Naples Botanical Garden, none can quite elicit the otherworldly appeal of its massive jade vine, a showstopping climber from the Philippines. With luminous blue-green blossoms, the plant produces flashier displays each year alongside neighboring purple queens wreath, resulting in a tableaux thats reminiscent of the film Avatar.BEST PLACE TO CATCH A FALLING STARBig Cypress National PreserveIf you need a little more awe in your life, trek out to Big Cypress National Preserve for one of its darknight star parties (December-March). Contemplate your place in the universe while spying star clusters, planets, nebulae, galaxies and other celestial formations sparkling on one of the darkest night skies on the eastern U.S. coast. Fancy telescopes and knowledgeable experts provided for free.BEST RESTAURANT REINVENTIONZen Asian BBQWhat was once a great little Mexican joint (Cilantro Tamales) and then a mediocre shrimp shack has been transformed into a bastion of Asian delights. Zen Asian BBQ is a rustic Japanese pub with Korean barbecue you can cook yourself on a grill at your table. Theres also sushi, soul-soothing ramen, green tea crme brulee and a host of other inventive fare served in a place thats open for lunch, dinner and late-night dining. Check it out at 10823 Tamiami Trail N.



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FLORIDA WEEKLY16 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST HOOTERSBurrowing owlsThose eyes! That face! Marco Island residents are nuts for the sociable and charismatic birds that top out at 9 inches tall, often live in active family groups and love the flat, empty residential lots that are scattered around the island. If Marco were to have a mascot, the pocket-sized burrowing owls would be it. BEST AIRPORT SIGHTING John BoehnerIt was a rough road for former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who stepped out of politics amid high-stakes debates with President Obama that seemed to go, mostly, nowhere, while his own party feuded. But this winter Mr. Boehner left the tensions of Washington for his home on laid-back Marco Island. A friend of Florida Weekly ran into Mr. Boehner at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, where he was traveling alone and eating a sandwich during a layover on his way to RSW. What was it like, our friend asked him, when it was just you and the president, alone in a room, negotiating? It wasnt just the two of them, Mr. Boehner joked, there was also Mr. Obamas ego in the room with them. He also said he had no hard feelings about political nemesis Harry Reid at least once Mr. Reid learned how to pronounce his last name.BEST TAKEOFFTed SolidayAfter 22 years in charge at the Naples Municipal Airport, Ted Soliday, a former U.S. Marine Corps aviator and a decorated Vietnam veteran, was cleared for final takeoff in April. A grateful community wished him clear skies ahead, sending him into retirement with one more award the Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Award for 2015-16 to add to the many local and national accolades he had acquired as a top-flight professional and civic leader over the years. We assume hes on Cloud Nine. BEST CHEAP DATEHappy hour at MasaOccasionally, a good time with your beloved requires something light on the wallet. Masa, which is well-known for its fancy Mexican food and hip decor, goes casual during happy hour with $5 select margaritas (go for the Margarita de Diabolita with habanero-infused white tequila, Licor 43, ginger, blood orange and pomegranate juice) and $6 menu items such as two tacos, pork skewer al pastor-style, chicken quesadilla, ceviche and churros. It all adds up to a happy time in Mercato from 3-6 p.m. daily and also from 11 p.m. to closing on Friday and Saturday. CYNDI YAG-HOWARDMD, FAAD VIPArtistry by Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD NAPLES PREMIERFULL SERVICE DERMATOLOGY AND AESTHETIC CENTERCosmetic General Surgical 1000 Goodlette-Frank Road, Suite 100, Naples239.529.DERM (3376)Learn more atWWW.YHDERM.COM Call for details. 6 6 Author Surgical and Aest hetic TechniquesInquire About Our VIP Club! Member #487266 JOE FITZPATRICK / COURTESY PHOTO

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Living with back pain? Minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat neck pain, back pain and spinal stenosis. Neuroscience and Spine Associates Of ces in Naples and Ft. Myers(239) 649-1662 R. Rick Bhasin, MD, FAANSBoard Certi ed Neurosurgeon Clinical Af liation, Department of Neurosurgery University of Florida 6 6

PAGE 102 FLORIDA WEEKLY18 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST WAR STORIESHomer Helters Military & Antique MallHomer Helters Military & Antique Mall is a hidden little gem of a place where you can inspect an incredible array of military memorabilia and coffee-klatch with veterans who are more than happy to explain the origins of practically everything on display. The resident experts are generous founts of knowledge for the curious, young and old alike. Its at 5510 Shirley St. Stop by next time youre in the neighborhood.BEST GREATEST GENERATIONWorld War II veteransEvery day brings more obituaries of men and women from the generation Tom Brokaw dubbed The Greatest Generation in a best-selling 1998 book. They survived the Great Depression and many then left home to fight Fascism around the world, helping bring down Nazis in Europe and an imperial Japan in the Pacific. World War II ended 71 years ago. So a man who was a 19-year-old private in 1945 is now 90. If hes still alive. Were losing more every day. They should never be forgotten.BEST WAY TO TREAT A VETERANShulas and T. MichaelsWe salute Shulas at the Hilton Naples and T. Michaels in the Village on Venetian Bay for inviting active and former military servicemen and women for a free meal on Veterans Day. On Nov. 11 last year, both establishments served hundreds of those who have served our country. We know theres really no free lunch in this world, but we love it that, at least on this day, some of those whove earned it actually do get it. New Summer Hours Starting After Mothers DayClosed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Dining Room Open ThursdaySunday811 7th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102At 8th Street across from Cambier Park, next to City Hall For reservations, call 239.206.4310 5 5 EXPERIENCE HEAVENLY AWARD-WINNING CULINARY CREATIONS!The chimes in the steeple are calling you to come experience a higher standard. 6 6 These men and women were among the more than 175 World War II veterans living in Collier County who were part of a special edition of Florida Weekly published Nov.12.

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Custom Kitchen DesignLove White? You Wont Go Wrong Complete Remodel and Renovation Dont List It. Love It! Choosing your CountertopWork with our experienced design experts d d COMPLETE RENOVATION AND REMODEL | DREAM KITCHENS | LUXURIOUS BATHROOMS | CABINET REFACING | NEW COUNTERTOPS HEART O F EVERY H OUS E H O O L L D D B a t h RE MO DE L OF Y OU R DR EA MS C abinet s BUILT IN S Rem o del CU ST OM C RA FT SM AN SH IP There is not one solution for one space but a multitude of possiblities. Our PromiseFrom kitchen and bath remodeling to custom closets and cabinetry to complete home renovation, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida can turn your vision for your home into reality. Pay NO deposit to start your project and receive a lifetime material warranty on all products we manufacture for as long as you own your home. Our dedicated team members are with you every step of the way, from the in-home consultation through completion of the project. Satisfying over 20,000 customers since 1988! Give us an opportunity to WOW YOU!www.cornerstonebuildersswfl.comNAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560 7700 Trail Blvd. N.Monday-Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm Evening Appts AvailableFORT MYERS SHOWROOM239-674-0560 14680 S. Tamiami TrailMonday-Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm Evening Appts Available Give us the Opportunity to WOW You! 0ver 20,000 Satisfied Customers! CORNERSTONE Exceeding Expectations SINCE 1988CORNERSTONE BUILDERS OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA

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ALL ABOUT CLOSETSWe Create Function and Storage with Style. 239.303.5829WWW.ALLABOUTCLOSETS.COM Pam KatosicDESIGNER Sara CostaDESIGN MANAGER Chas HollanDESIGNER Jennifer LofstrandDESIGNER Joanne BuningDESIGNER / PARTNER Amy WilsonDESIGNER Eileen PitelDESIGNER Holly WrightDESIGNER Joyous SlotaDESIGNER Mary McNultyDESIGNER Innovative Design. Impeccable Craftsmanship. Flawless Service. Mee Bes Desig Tea! Bes Close Desig!

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 21 BEST FLORIDA CONVERTIBLEFord MustangIts hard not to get excited about a Ford Mustang convertible. Even the guy at the Avis counter knows it, and thats why he can charge tourists as much as their hotel room at Disney World to get this drop-top upgrade. But those of us who live here do it a little differently. The Mustang is an American icon, and so we fly our flag boldly with wild paint colors, big rumbling motors and custom license plates (is WLD PNY taken yet?) Keeping our pony cars distinctive is more than just individual expression; it is also a matter of highway survival. This way we instantly identify if were behind a ragtop Mustang thats out sightseeing, or if this driver really knows the Florida way to dominate the roadway. BEST PLACE TO MONKEY AROUNDThe Naples ZooPrimate boat excursions at The Naples Zoo are practically a rite of passage for Neapolitan youngsters. When you have curious little ones in tow for a trip to the Zoo, dont miss the opportunity to board a pontoon boat and see the tiny islands populated with lemurs, monkeys and apes. Spotting the primates perched in treetops and swinging from branches is an excellent way to engage kids (and the shady ride isnt a bad way to beat the heat).BEST PLACE TO BUY WINE IN THE SUMMER The Wine Cellar of NaplesThis is one big wine cellar. Rather than having the wines displayed on shelves at room temperature, this shop in Mercato keeps its complete inventory at 55 degrees and 70 percent humidity just like high-end collectors do. The store features a small reception area that looks like a supremely comfortable living room. An imposing glass door leads you into a vast refrigerated space with pin racks, diamond bins, tasting tables and other wine cellar amenities. Its a gorgeous display of both premium and value wines from around the world. Best of all, its blessedly cool. We invite you to discover why millions of people have entrusted their hearing to Miracle-Ear.NORTH NAPLES The Pavilion (239) 842-5216 FORT MYERS Eldorado Plaza (239) 494-4360 BONITA SPRINGS Beach Road Plaza (239) 330-1391 CAPE CORAL Winn Dixie Plaza (239) 249-3440 FORT MYERS Summerlin Crossing (239) 330-6675 SOUTH NAPLES Hammock Cove Publi (230) 206-4576Voted the BEST Place to Buy Hearing Aids 16 Years in a Row! Not sure if youre hearing less than you use to? Ca Today TO SCHEDULE A FREE HEARING TEST 6 6 NORTH NAPLES The Pavilion (239) 842-5216 SOUTH NAPLES Hammock Cove Publix (239) 206-4576 BONITA SPRINGS: Beach Road Plaza (239) 330-1391 FORT MYERS: Summerlin Crossing (239) 330-6675 FORT MYERS El Dorado Plaza (239) 494-4360 CAPE CORAL Winn Dixie Plaza (239) 249-3440 We invite you to discover why millions of people have entrusted their hearing to

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Come in or call our stores for our latest specials! Graduations Birthdays Picnics & BBQs Anniversaries Congratulations Weddings Fathers Day Edible, Edible Arrangements, the Fruit Basket Logo, and other marks mentioned herein are registered trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. 2016 Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved.Fort Myers (239)437-8480 North Fort Myers (239)997-3784 Bonita Springs (239)676-9911 Naples (239)643-7070 Mom deservesSomething Sweet Mothers Day is Sunday, May 8!ORDER TODAY! SAVE $XX*offer details go here offer details go hereCODE: XXXX0000 | EXPIRES: XX/XX/XX Come in or call our stores for our exclusive offers! 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 23 BEST NANCY GRACE MOMENT The Dr. Teresa Sievers murder caseWhen Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott was being interviewed by phone on The Nancy Grace Show last August, he tried to explain the complicated set of circumstances leading up to the Estero doctors brutal murder. Ms. Grace replied, Sheriff Scott, my head is absolutely spinning. To which he replied, My head is spinning as well, and has been since the case unfolded. The case, involving the killing of a popular holistic doctor in her 40s with two young children allegedly by her husband, his best friend and a possible hit man nicknamed The Hammer was salacious fodder for the sensational Ms. Grace as she continued to follow the case. BEST PUPPY LOVEPAWS Assistance DogsPaws Assistance Dogs has the cutest and most cuddly cadets in training. Stevie Ray, named by the family and friends of Stephen Leonard, who passed away last year, is one of the cutest. Mr. Leonard was an animal lover and supported many local charities; his namesake golden retriever pup will grow up to assist a combat wounded veteran. Good dog! BEST SISTERLY LOVE STORYThe Vagina MonologuesFor the fifth year, more than a dozen local actresses gave of their time and talent to stage a performance of Even Enslers groundbreaking The Vagina Monologues at the Sugden Community Theatre. The women poured heart and soul into their roles, all to benefit Project HELP, the only state-certified rape and victim-of-violent-crime advocacy center in Collier County. Bravo, ladies! This years performance raised $17,000 to help Project HELP continue providing free and confidential services to more than 5,000 clients every year. The 2016 cast of The Vagina Monlogues Stevie Ray SWFLS PREMIER DINNER THEATRE1380 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers 239.278.4422 BEST FORBIDDEN LOVE STORYWet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin LoverMalcolm J. Brenners Wet Goddess is an offbeat, explicit romance novel that details how a young, pot-smoking hipster and a performing dolphin named Ruby fall madly in love in the early 1970s. Its unique in the pantheon of forbidden love stories, even more and daringly so for being based on the authors own experiences. For a self-published work of such inherent strangeness with its unabashed descriptions of the narrators sexual adventures with a seafaring mammal, it has also proved intriguing to readers. It has sold sl owly but with surprising consistency at Sandman Book Company and online about 1,300 copies since first being published in 2010. Its also a fascinating look at a specific time in history at an old Florida fun park and at dolphins themselves. BEST NEW BOOKThe Allure of Immortality: An American Cult, a Florida Swamp, and a Renegade ProphetDont let the Oxford comma in the title throw you off reading this book about Cyrus Teed and the Koreshans, a cult that settled in Estero in the 1890s. Author Lyn Millner, an associate professor of journalism at Florida Gulf Coast University, did a masterful job of recreating Mr. Teed, the Koreshans and a time and place more than a century ago.

PAGE 108 FLORIDA WEEKLY24 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST T-SHIRT YOU CAN BUY ONLINE What more do we need to say?BEST SAVEEmergency landing on the TrailAn intrepid flight school student made an emergency landing on Tamiami Trail, right at the edge of Collier County, in December. The road was briefly closed while the pilot made some adjustments, after which he took right back off. Were glad he made it out safely, but we have to wonder why he didnt land at DadeCollier Training and Transition Airport, located right there at the county line. BEST SCRATCH AND SNIFFBacon Scented UnderwearMarrying the ultimate in comfort and cured meat, J&Ds Bacon Scented Underwear represents the gold standard of meat-scented luxury undergarments. Each pair is handcrafted in the USA to offer the support of briefs, the freedom of boxers and the smell of breakfast cooking in your pants. (Not recommended for mail carriers, zookeepers, veterinarians or lion tamers.)BEST EXAMPLE OF HOW NOT TO WIN DAD OF THE YEARSteven KeoppelSouthwest Floridians locals love heading to the Keys for lobster season and hauling in the legal daily limit of six count em, six bugs per person, per day. When local attorney Steven Koeppel took his sons, John, 24, and Kyle, 22, lobster diving last July, the Florida Fish and Game Commission stopped their boat on a hunch. Sure enough, the men, who according to the FWC looked nervous, had 46 lobsters aboard. Lobster divers who heed the law were especially outraged when the father and sons were fined only $100 each, plus court costs. They also received probation, six months, which is already over in plenty of time for the 2016 lobster season. BEST STASHA truckload of cocaineAn East Naples man was arrested in February for transporting 46 kilograms of cocaine in his truck bed after Collier County deputies pulled him over for a window tint violation. When officers searched the 2011 Chevrolet GMC truck, they found a suitcase full of the contraband. The driver said he picked up the stash in Fort Myers and was to be paid $10,000 upon delivering it to Miami. He pleaded no contest to possession with intent to distribute 5 kilograms or more of cocaine and could serve up to 10 years in federal prison. BEST FAMILY OUTINGBiking the Gordon River GreenwayFamily bike rides can be an interesting prospect in Naples. For an especially enjoyable one, load everyone up and breeze down the Gordon River Greenway. Accessible from Golden Gate Parkway, the 1.5-mile paved loop offers pedestrians and cyclists a scenic view of Naples wild interior that includes mangroves, backwaters and wildlife.BEST NEW DINING HOT SPOT7th Avenue SocialJust a skootch off the beaten path of oh-so-chic Fifth Avenue South, this newcomer has charmed patrons with its devil-may-care dcor that includes comfortable couches and chairs for lounging and a menu that features house-made pickles, a spiny lobster boat, shrimp and grits, arroz con pollo and ghost chili burger. HOME OF THE NAPLES PRINCESS239.774.0479 PORTOFNAPLESMARINA.COM*NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER. BOAT RENTALS & JET SKI RENTALSBRAND NEW EQUIPMENT WITH THE LATEST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYAlso Available at the Marina: Daily Public Cruises, Private Charters, Charter Fishing, Live Bait and More! 6 6 $25 OFF* JET SKI RENTAL OF 2 HOURS OR MOREOFFER EXPIRES ON MAY 31, 2016 $50 OFF* ANY HALF OR FULL DAY BOAT RENTALOFFER EXPIRES ON MAY 31, 2016550 Port-O-Call Way Naples, Florida 34102

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Best New You! Ofces in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers and Naples | (239) 415-7576 | Success in medicine is derived one patient at a timePatrick Flaharty, M.D.Owner and Medical DirectorAzul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical SpaMaking Southwest Florida Beautiful for 20 years! 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 Recapt ure your natural beautySURGICAL REJUVENATION NON-SURGICAL REJUVENATION

PAGE 110 FLORIDA WEEKLY26 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST MEDICAL BILLING CODE V91.07XA: Burn due to water-skis on fireWeve all been there: stuck in a doctors office after our water skis suddenly caught fire while we were out on the water. OK, maybe its not so common, but you wouldnt know that judging by the new International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, which doctors use to code medical billing. The specific code for burn due to water-skis on fire is V91.07XA. The ICD-9, which took effect last year, includes roughly 68,000 codes, at least five times as many as the previous edition, in an attempt to capture greater detail for economic and research purposes. Doctors collectively rolled their eyes. There are plenty of other codes for numerous conditions, including injuries suffered when walked into a lamppost, struck by turtle and even sucked into a jet engine. BEST CLASS ACT, YEAR AFTER YEARThe Renaissance Academy at FGCUThe lifelong learning program at Florida Gulf Coast University brings a world of opportunities to anyone who wants to broaden his or her horizons as a student or share expertise and experience as an instructor. From foreign films and discussions about art and current affairs to tips for iPad users and advice for getting organized around the house, RA programming covers it all.BEST LOCAL HISTORY LESSONSNaples Historical SocietyIt might be difficult to tell most times, but tony downtown Naples has more to it than grand homes and sparkling boutiques. Book one of Naples Historical Societys guided walking tours and learn about the who, the what and the where of the citys formative years. The society also hosts tours of its Historic Palm Cottage headquarters adjacent to Naples Pier on 12th Avenue and adjacent gardens.BEST TOES-IN-THE-SAND DININGThe Turtle ClubRelish real (and rare) toes-in-the-sand dining at The Turtle Club at Vanderbilt Beach, the only spot in Naples spot you can enjoy a gorgeous beach day with a fork, knife, cocktail and tableside service.BEST NEW ETHNIC DELIGHTSTie: 21 Spices and Coastal Peruvian It would be hard to decide which of these outshines the other. 21 Spices by Chef Asif is a shimmering new Indian restaurant serving contemporary fare in beautiful dining room all overseen by chef/owner Asif Rasheed Syed. Coastal Peruvian Seafood & Grill offers impeccably prepared Peruvian food in an equally lovely setting owned and operated by the warm and welcoming Christopher and Fabiola Santos.BEST CRABS NOT ON YOUR PLATETigertail Beach fiddler crabsImagine youre taking a magic carpet ride when you encounter the masses of fiddler crabs that overtake Marco Islands Tigertail Beach in the winter months. Dont make any sudden moves theyre shy and you can see thousands of the tiny critters covering the sand, searching for a snack and a mate. To get to the beach, turn off Collier Boulevard onto Kendall Drive. YOUR NEW DESTINATION FEATURING THE BEST, MOST STYLISH, ON TREND HOME FURNISHINGS & GIFTS 950 1ST AVE N. (in Naples Design District) 239.529.3813

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Southwest Floridas # 1 F LOORING CHOICE THE BEST NEW SHOWROOM IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA With over 50 years of Southwest Floridas Floor Experts Need carpet? 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 5 5 5

PAGE 112 FLORIDA WEEKLY28 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST PLACE FOR NON-HUMAN REHAB AND RECOVERYThe von Arx Wildlife HospitalThe veterinary team at von Arx Wildlife Hospital at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida has really pulled together to heal and release rapidly increasing numbers of injured native wildlife. Since 2012, the hospitals annual patient count has risen from 2,759 to 3,591 (the latest numbers, for 2015). Spokeswoman Catherine Bergerson says causes are largely attributed to animal interactions with humans. There is a chance, however, that more people know about the wildlife hospital and are more likely to bring injured animals in for treatment as well. So how is staff coping with the influx of injured rats, bats and birds? Part of why we are so successful is because we have amazing volunteers and strong community support, Ms. Bergerson says. We think our volunteers and community supporters make The von Arx Wildlife Hospital the best.BEST NON-HUMAN ELDERCAREThe Naples ZooThe animals at The Naples Zoo really have the life, so much that they have a hard time kicking off when the rest of their species does. This past February, staff said their final farewells to two residents whose ages had far surpassed the rest of their zoo-bound species: Selou, a 16-year-old kudu, and Denver, a 33-year-old Cuban iguana. Selou outlived the average captive male kudu lifespan by four years and was euthanized when his health took a sudden (and predictable) turn, while Denver kept trucking for 13 years after her anticipated drop-dead date. Both animals had the distinguished designation of being the oldest captive member of their species in North America until the day they died. BEST NEW DAILY NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERMike JungMr. Jung has been the publisher of the Fort Myersbased daily since last summer. But you havent seen much of his face at least not the way you saw his predecessors. The only time we seem to see his photo is when a small headshot accompanies his column. Thats a major change from the previous publisher, who ordered her picture to be in the paper way too often and way too large. It was all me-meme to the previous publisher. Welcome to Southwest Florida, Mr. Jung. COURTESY PHOTOThis young fox squirrel came to The von Arx Wildlife Hospital responsive but weak and dehydrated. It made a full recovery and was returned to the wild.

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Come Visit & Talk To Our Knowledgeable Sta See Our Large Selection of Products Experience Our Down-to-Earth Prices!6 Locations in Lee County1631 Del Prado Blvd. (239) 574-6333 4600 Summerlin Rd. (239) 939-0990 13860 -G North Cleveland Ave. (239) 997-6676 15271-7 McGregor Blvd. (239) 489-3377 16520 S. Tamiami Trail (239) 454-8009 21740 South Tamiami Trail (239) 676-1342visit us online at: Vitamins Herbs Organic Foods Natural Beauty Care Gluten Free Foods Non-GMO Foods Organic Bulk Foods Healthy Pet Foods And So Much More! Re-Discover Your Natural Beauty Finest Organic and Natural Health Foods and Dietary Supplements 6 6

PAGE 114 FLORIDA WEEKLY30 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST PLACE TO WOLF-WHISTLEShy Wolf SanctuaryWhile this not-forprofit began when the property owners took in a three-legged leopard in 1989, Nancy and Kent Smiths backyard in East Naples is now home to more than 30 wolves and wolf dogs, plus an assortment of other critters that needed a place to call home. The place runs entirely on volunteer help and donations. It isnt just a great place for the animals. Volunteer or tour this amazing facility, look into the soulful golden eyes of a wolf and your feelings about these wise, beautiful animals will be forever changed.BEST WAY TO DIVERSIFY THE ECONOMYPickleball. Who knew?Manufacturing? Psh. Tech? Not with all these retirees. How about pickleball? Of course! Tourism has long been something we do especially well, and this year Collier County successfully courted yet another corner of the sports tourism market. East Naples Community Park hosted the first-ever U.S. Open Pickleball Championships in April. Sweet!BEST STARBUCKS SHOWDOWN Cara Jennings vs. Gov. Rick ScottFolks on the other side of the state might remember Cara Jennings, at right in the photo ab ove, as the self-proclaimed anarchist who kept things stirred up during her two terms as city commissioner in Lake Worth. But Floridians far and wide know her as the patron who called out Gov. Rick Scott during a visit to a Gainesville Starbucks. The video of her confronting the governor, at left in the photo, over job creation and calling him an a-----went viral and prompted the governors political action committee to brew up an attack video calling Ms. Jennings a latte liberal. No word on whether she considered him to be a grande or a venti a------, but were betting the latter. Koda is a resident at Shy Wolf Sanctuary Dante DiSabatoBroker Associate Follow me on: Cell: 239.537.5351 | Encore-Realty.com2240 Venetian Court | Naples, FL 34109Fully Furnished 3435 Gordon Drive, LISTED AT $13,995M2025 Crayton Road, LISTED AT $3,850M444 3rd Avenue South, LISTED AT $4,475M

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Best Place 6 6 on the put you In business for over 25 years. Naples Boat Mart 829 Airport Road North 239.643.2292 Naples Boat Mart is committed to selling only the highest quality products and backing them with world-class customer service. Best Boat Dealer Service Excellence Sales Excellence Sales Excellence

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5 5 VERGINAThe Star of Great Dining in Naples 6 6 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 Reservations 239.659.7008 Vergina, Where Old world qualitymeets New world innovationLunch: In Season: Daily 11:30am 3:30pm | Summer (Aug & Sept) Tues Sun 11:30am 3:00pm Dinner: In Season: Daily from 4:30pm | Summer (Aug & Sept): Tue Sun from 5:00pm BAR Lounge: In season: Daily from 11:30am unti closing | Off Season: Tue Sun from 12:00pm until Closing

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 33 BEST SAILING OFF INTO THE SUNSETThe Great Dock Canoe RacesForty years! We had it for 40 years! Naples favorite end-of-season celebration, The Great Dock Canoe Races, comes to the end of the road on May 14. Created in 1977 by Vin DePasquale, owner of The Dock at Crayton Cove, the annual event features canoe races in Naples Bay that combine intense competition, absurdity and beer to create a party that is really hard to let go. We will, though, and well thank Vin for many, many years of coordinating without fail, every year some fun so locals could blow off steam after another grueling tourist season. NEXT BEST SAILING OFF INTO THE SUNSETKimberly and Jereme ShaidleDont all of us sometimes want to throw our lives into a dumpster fire and bolt? Neapolitans Kimberly and Jereme Shaidle did exactly that two years ago and returned from a yearlong Caribbean sea voyage last summer. At 30 years old, the couple decided to ditch their professional careers, sell their stuff, buy a sailboat and head out to sea. Their year brought all kinds of adventure, new friends and skills, an engagement and a blog called Laho Wind that can serve as inspiration for the rest of us. Weve learned that it is not in our best interest to keep the boat stagnant, sitting anchored in one spot for more than a few days or a week Kimberly wrote in an email to Florida Weekly before their return. We tend to think that the same could be said for the real world Its important to keep things alive and moving You can never realize your full potential in this world if you allow yourself to get too comfortable.BEST HOSTILE TAKEOVERGannett buys the Naples Daily NewsLocal media outlets were fascinated in October when Naples Daily News parent company, Journal Media Group, announced it planned to sell the newspaper to Gannett, owner of the Fort Myers-based NewsPress. Ever since, rumors abound that TNP hasnt been entirely gracious to employees at our hometown NDN. While NDN employees come to terms with potential layoffs and FCC investigations to accommodate their future overlords, word on the street is theyve also been subjected to totally sales meeting coups and harassing email floods from TNP editorial staff. To be fair, both newspapers have enthusiastically engaged in blood sport over the years, so maybe TNP is having a difficult time containing itself. For us at Florida Weekly, which is staffed almost entirely with former employees from both papers, were looking on with a mixture of awe, disgust and pity and its really difficult to pick a side. A Special Thanks to Our Proud Sponsors! Estero Naples Fort Myers Cape Coral Bill Valenti Financial Advisor at Morgan StanleyJames A. Bynum M.D.Orthopedic I Sports Medicine JOIN OUR TEAM! SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS LARGEST, OLDEST AND MOST FRIENDLY TRIATHLON TEAM! 6 6 with Coach Angie

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 35 BEST EGO TRIPMarco Island City Councilman Joe BatteWhat happens when you let a blowhard into office? State investigations into ethics violations, thats what. In July, Marco Island club owner Brien Spina accused City Councilman Joe Batte of abusing his position by filing false noise complaints and pressuring officers to issue unwarranted citations, all initiated by the fact that the city father repeatedly targeted a rental home where Mr. Spina had tenants. Come to find out, the elected official frequently leaned on city staff to enforce his own agenda, like cleaning his neighborhood and doing private patrols of his home. In one email to city staff, he wrote of Mr. Spina: Obviously this owner feels he is above our laws or some bigshot in town and I am prepared to help educate him in any role I need to take!One poor city employee was fired before he could speak with the state about the doctoring of a pertinent police report that resulted in Mr. Spinas tenant receiving a noise complaint after the responding officer decided it was unwarranted. The backdrop to all this? Pressure on Marco City Council to tighten rental restrictions on the tiny island. BEST WAKE-UP CALL A smartphone tornado alertJust when we thought we were too dependent on Apple, iPhones unceremoniously awoke Collier residents about 5 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 17, with a tornado warning during an unusually potent storm system. Though the National Weather Service couldnt confirm actual twisters touched down, residents of Golden Gate, eastern Collier County and downtown Naples suffered a whole lot of damage and reported tornado trails in several neighborhoods. BEST UNCONFIRMED RUMORHandbag searches at the movies?Shortly after the shooting at a Lafayette, Ala., movie theater last summer, community members reported that Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 conducted bag checks for a split second. Enough people must have objected during that split second because it very quickly stopped and the company didnt return phone calls from Florida Weekly to confirm employees searched handbags.BEST OLD BAGSThe Old Bags Luncheon Speaking of handbags (see previous item), we love how a fun-loving group of fundraising women makes some serious money for The Shelter for Abused Women & Children by selling off their gently used but still lovely designer handbags (along with some pristine and very high-end ones, too). This years Old Bags Luncheon & Fashion Show at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort ended up with $??? in the bag for the cause.BEST PLACE FOR THE GOLDEN YEARSNaples, of courseIn a state known for its friendliness to seniors, Naples came out on top as the best city in Florida and third-best city in the nation for retirees, at least according to a report published by New York financial services company SmartAsset. By rating 4,700 U.S. cities by tax rates, recreation and social opportunities for seniors and availability of medical care, the group found that Naples is practically a playground for the nations Medicare recipients. With a low tax rate of 10.2 percent, 27 doctors offices and 9.6 recreation centers per 1,000, its no wonder our shining shores are such a draw for people in their golden years. Is anyone reading this surprised? CHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLYKirsten Ferrara, Bonnie Rauch and Terri Saltzman-Cannon at the Old Bags Luncheon 10% OFFany order of $75 or more A lot has changed since 1938, but we still go by the Wynns Golden Rule of delivering a superior product at an honest price, with impeccable customer service! Located at the Naples YMCA No Membership Required ServingNaples the nest products for over 70 years! 6 6

PAGE 120 FLORIDA WEEKLY36 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 COSMOSPIZZANAPLES.COMLOCATED IN THE HEART OF NAPLES, JUST A HALF MILE NORTH OF 5TH AVENUE SOUTH536 Tamiami Trail North, Naples239-262-8181LUNCH DINNERTO-GO CATERING The Finest in A uthentic & Inspired Italian CuisineBest place to nd a slice of Italy! Mangia! 6 6 Visit Us On The Naples Pier(Now Open) BEST METEOROLOGICAL PHENOMENONThe meteotsumani of 2016 Dont we have enough weather in Southwest Florida? In the midst of a crazy storm system in January, Naples beaches suffered an event called a meteotsumani that increased water levels to 7 feet, 3 whole feet above where they typically top out on Collier County shorelines. We didnt suffer Tohoku-level devastation, mostly because air pressure disturbances rather than seismic activity disrupted water levels, but it was still pretty weird.BEST SURMOUNTABLE PROBLEMAffordable housingTalk is cheap, Naples housing isnt, and county commissioners have paid a lot of lip service to the problem for 20 years but have done little about it. Half of the problem is that many people assume the issue affects only workers who make minimum wage or less. In truth, however, young professionals, families and public servants are constantly finding themselves priced out of the city they serve. Lehigh Acres to the north and east in Lee County benefits from a whole lot of Naples cash. But heres the rub: Even minimumwage workers deserve shelter, and it seems local officials are painfully unmotivated to grease some wheels. Related fact: Word is spreading that Naples real estate is on track to become overvalued again even though families and young people have been moving farther afield for years to find a place to sleep at night. BEST BIG SPLASHBetsy the loggerheadThe Conservancy of Southwest Florida bid final farewell to Betsy, the beloved loggerhead, releasing the sea turtle near the Ten Thousand Islands on March 29. Betsy had served as an ambassador for her species within the Conservancys Dalton Discovery Center for two years. She had come to the Conservancy weighing 1.07 pounds and measuring 14.1 centimeters in length. To be eligible for release into the wild, captive loggerhead sea turtles must have a carapace length of at least 45 centimeters. At her March 29 release, Betsys carapace was 45 centimeters and she weighed 29.5 pounds. Betsy the loggerhead was named after the late Betsy Sandstrom, a longtime sea turtle advocate and volunteer for the Bonita Springs/Fort Myers Beach organization Turtle Time. Conservancy biologists placed a flipper tag and a PIT tag on the lumbering turtle prior to her release. With these devices in place, if shes ever found by humans again, biologists will be able to determine her origin and release location. Happy trails, Betsy! BEST WASHOUTThe Swamp Buggy ParadeFor the second time in its 60-year history, Naples annual Swamp Buggy Parade was a no-go in 2015. Citing a lack of planning and scheduling conflicts, organizers admitted they were slow to the punch when it came to coordinating with the city for the parades annual march down Tamiami Trail each fall. Weekend events have grown in number over the years, increasing pressure to get plans for the parade submitted much earlier than May, which is when the swamp buggy folks conferred with the city and found they were out of luck. After that disappointment, Swamp Buggy Inc. officials planned dates for the next five years in hopes of avoiding another scheduling debacle. BEST CRAWLTurtles on the TownFifty life-size loggerhead turtle sculptures, each embellished by a different artist went up on the auction block in March as a benefit for the Community Foundation of Collier County, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida and the United Arts Council. The three vital nonprofits collaborated on the yearlong project and will share in the proceeds of approximately $300,000. A bronze sculpture by the late Kathy Spaulding, who called Naples home, served as the mold for the massive, one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Ms. Spauldings family estate also donated one of her original bronzes for the auction, and it generated the evenings highest bid: $47,500 from Maureen and Jim Murphy. The remaining artful turtles drew bids from $5,000 to almost $13,000 at the event that was, well, the talk of the town.

PAGE 121 Call to schedule your complimentary consultation today! 239-919-7872.800 5th Ave. S., Suite 16(2nd oor in Salons by JC)Weekend and evening hours available by appointment. BEST MEDI SPA BEST WEIGHT LOSS CENTERBEST PLACE FOR NON-INVASIVE BODY SCULPTING 6 6 TO BE THEBESTGOODITS Botox & Fillers Coolsculpting Get 1 FREE Radio Frequency Treatment to the area Coolsculpted Chemical Peels iLipo THERMIva Vaginal Rejuvenation for urinary incontinence, overactive bladder & atrophy Laser F ace Treatments & Hair Removal Skin Care tightening and wrinkle reduction. All Procedures by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner Extremely Competitive PricingNaples #1 Certi edProvider Two syringes of Voluma, 2 syringes of Juverderm & 50 units of Botox$2,600 (normally $4,100) Expires May 31, 2016. May not be combined with any other offer.BUY ONE Coolsculpting TreatmentGet OneHALF OFF!& May SPECIALS

PAGE 122 FLORIDA WEEKLY38 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST WAY TO REPRESENTBe a veteran wakeboard championRight after he won his division at the 2015 World Wakeboard Associations National Championship in Miami, Neapolitan Dayle Cartwright made the trip all the way to Portugals Castelo do Bode Lake in September for the 2015 World Wakeboard Association Supra World Championship and snagged the win in the veterans division. Cartwright is hoping to maintain his title at both 2016 competitions scheduled for later this year. Rock on, Dale!BEST LATERAL MOVEJudge Judy buys a new placeOne of Naples most visible snowbirds, television star Judge Judy Scheindlin, listed her posh Pelican Bay penthouse complete with ocean view, two private elevators and space for family and household staff for $11 million and moved down the street to a house she and her husband bought for $8.9 million. BEST TEAM SPIRITFGCU mens and womens basketball teamsThe FGCU Eagles took Southwest Florida on a rollicking ride this year in basketball. The men, aka Dunk City, made their way to the NCAA Tournament where, as a No. 16 seed, they gave the University of North Carolina something to sweat about before valiantly losing to the No. 1 seed that made it to the finals (but was ultimately beaten by Villanova). The women had a perfect record in Atlantic Sun Conference play, clinched the championship again and ripped their way through five rounds of the Womens National Invitation Tournament, making it to the final, bruising showdown against South Dakota and coming within six points of a national title. Not only did it make for great entertainment, it gave the university and the region great exposure on national television.BEST ROADSIDE RESCUERaccoon down! STAT!An injured raccoon received the very best care after a car hit it on Isle of Capri. After spotting the poor guy seizing on the side of the road, first responders traveling back to the Isle of Capri station stopped their ambulance and firetruck to contain the wounded marsupial until volunteers from the Conservancys von Arx Wildlife Hospital could transport him to Naples for treatment. The best news? The little bandit made a full recovery and was released off Capri Boulevard where he was found.BEST CREATIVE USE OF WHITE SPACELee County Commissioner Larry KikerCommissioner Kikers lobbyist logs contained fewer words and more blank spaces than those of his four fellow commissioners, particularly when it came to the nature of his meetings with lobbyists such as Grand Resorts FMB developer Tom Torgerson. Mr. Kiker attributed the incomplete forms to a lack of training, administrative confusion and different interpretations of the law.BEST MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEFGCU tuition rebateFGCUs proposed new initiative offers students a rebate on their first years tuition if they finish college in four years fulfilling a set of requirements along the way and land a job paying $25,000 or more within six months of graduation. The program aims to better equip students to find success in the workplace and could result in graduates receiving as much as $4,200.BEST HOUSE IN THE HOOD2500 Gordon DriveThere might be better houses, sure, but in 2015 there wasnt a more expensive one sold in Southwest Florida than a 6,000-square-foot Port Royal beauty that went for $45.6 million. Built in 1994, it was originally offered at $80 million. Despite the significant reduction, it was still the priciest property sold in Collier and Lee counties last year. According to one report, Collier County also had the No. 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 most expensive house sales. 8 2 2 20 20 20 15 15 15 15 5 5

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ApothiCare 360 is an integrative compounding pharmacy that focuses on the healthier lifestyle. Our team is composed of experts from Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, and Natural Medicine to produce 360 degrees of care for our patients. Natural MedicineNatural medicine, also referred to as Naturopathic Medicine is a type of practice that emphasizes prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and natural substances that encourages the self-healing process. At ApothiCare 360 we embrace Natural Medicine. With over 35 years of combined experience, we emphasize prevention, treatment and optimal health to achieve the ultimate goal of helping patients take action, change their life, and ultimately live better. We pair our highly trained sta ff with the latest technology and the highest quality o f pharmaceutical ingredients to produce superior, sa f e and e ff ective compounds to meet every patients individual nee d s. S p ecialized com p oundin g services include : A e s t h e t i c s Bio-Toxic Mold Thera p ies Dental C are Dermatology H o rm o n e R esto r at i o n P a lli at iv e Ca r e f o r W o m e n & M en C ustom S u pp lement s Pediatric C ar e P ain M anagement Podiatr y S p orts Medicin e Veterinary C ar e Wound C ar e Compounding ServicesWe Offer:WHERE HEALTH IS RENEWED www.ApothiCare360.comOn the corner of Daniels Parkway & Plantation Road239.690.7700 LiveYour BestLife! Because Price Matters! Membership in our Drug Discount Program can help save you thousands of dollars each year. All Medications are FDA Approved Generics. We have included hundreds of popular medications and are adding more every month! Our prices meet or beat every local competitor, even Wal-Mart! Dont believe us? Check out our Price Comparison list on Discount Drug Program Mor than just a Pharmacy!

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 41 VISIT OUR NEW STORES: Up To 70% Off at over 140 Top Designer and Brand Name Outlet StoresVoted the Best Shopping Mall and Best Factory Outlet Mall in Southwest Florida Copyright 2016, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Outlets is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. 05040516-1137 MEMORIAL DAY SIDEWALK SALEMIROMAR OUTLETS ENJOY ADDITIONAL SAVINGS ON ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES! Bring this ad to the Mall Of ce or Information Kiosk for a FREE VIP Savings Brochure and enter to WIN a Gift Card BEST DIFFERENT DRUMMER AWARDThe Seidler FamilyPhilanthropists Lee and Gene Seidler and Mr. Seidlers daughter, Laurie, made a multimillion-dollar gift to Florida Gulf Coast Universitys College of Arts and Sciences primarily to further the arts. Mr. Seidler, who has a Ph.D. and is a noted authority on accounting and taxes, believes deeply in the value of arts education. The family said Gov. Rick Scotts focus on business and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education programs prompted them to make the gift.BEST SUSTAINABILITY ADVOCATEBenjamin DionWhen most of us are surrounded by professionally landscaped environments, its great that people like Benjamin Dion can remind us that Southwest Florida reeks of botanical diversity once we leave urban development behind. When we met him, Mr. Dion was still a student at FGCU and working as the service learning coordinator at the universitys Food Forest, a -acre permaculture garden that promotes sustainable tropical gardening. Not only is he an expert on the areas native edibles, he is now a professional beekeeper and mycological expert, leading foraging tours and teaching classes throughout Southwest Florida on growing mushrooms.BEST PLACE TO IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS#2201, Seasons at Naples CayIf previous celebrity ownership (see Judge Judys lateral move, page 38) doesnt dazzle the ones you want to impress, then perhaps a penthouse with 13,000 square feet and 360-degree views will. The palatial residence atop Seasons at Naples Cay has five bedrooms, six baths, a sauna, a cedar closet, a fitness room and even museum-grade lighting to showcase and protect works of art worthy of such environs. As of press time, it was still available for a cool $17,995,000, including furnishings. Welcome home!BEST EMAIL WE RECEIVED THIS YEARUrgent! Greetings, I have finished the process of transferring the money $12.5 million dollars only to you, therefore i need your express permission to do it now. Sharing shall negotiable upon successful completion. Best regards, Diezani Alison-Madueke Any takers? Well get you the return email address.BEST GOOD NEIGHBORSPelican Marsh Golf ClubThanks to Floridas Community Contribution Tax Credit Program, Pelican Marsh Golf Club and its members have committed to building four homes for deserving families with Habitat for Humanity. The program provides a financial incentive to businesses to make donations toward housing projects for lowincome people. Club members completed two homes last summer and are on target to finish the other two by the end of this year. According to the Habitat website, Collier County is home to one of the oldest and largest producing Habitat affiliates in the world. More than 1,850 families who once lived in substandard housing now own a simple, decent home of their own, having broken the cycle of poverty through their partnership with Habitat. Pelican Marsh is part of a growing list of local clubs that participate in the program. Welcome to the neighborhood!

PAGE 126 FLORIDA WEEKLY42 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST QUADRUPLE PLAYOne tournament, four holes-in-oneWould you believe it if somebody told you four different people made a hole-in-one during the same golf game? The Force was with organizers at the 28th annual Wildcat Run Mens Invitational in March, when Roger Jaeger, Jim Cangiano, Terry Jungerberg and Keith Masser all hit the sweet spot. Two of them did it in the third nine-hole match and on the sixth hole. The odds that two players would ace the same hole are 17 million to one, according to the National Hole-In-One Registry. The other two shots were taken during the fourth nine-hole match on the sixth and 11th holes.BEST SINGLE PLAYHole-in-one at the Dean Lind Memorial TourneyPerhaps no one was more surprised than golfer Less Riddle when he shot a hole-in-one at this years Dean Lind Memorial Golf-A-Thon at Imperial Golf Club. The 19th annual tournament became the first one ever to have a golfer make the shot of a lifetime. He did it on the 150-yard, par-3 12th hole. As the prize for his successful drive, Mr. Riddle won a 2016 Nissan Maxima that Aaron Walker of Naples Nissan donated to the tournament. We call that two great drives in one day.BEST NERVES OF STEELMildred LessorAccording to a story in Naples Daily News, Mildred Lessor, 78, found herself at the receiving end of two guns when thieves broke into her home on State Road 29 back in January. After being bound and blindfolded, the feisty senior freed one hand to call 911 and, instead of betraying fear or anxiety, told the dispatcher that officers better hurry up. My nerves are shot, she was quoted in the article. Tell them to come and get this arm out so I can make a cocktail. After more than 40 years of deftly handling snakes, floods and sordid characters endemic to the Everglades, she had nothing but contempt for the delinquents who broke into her home and took a box of childhood treasures and firearms but not all of them. Its Sodom and Gomorrah out here, she told columnist Brent Batten at the daily paper. Ill just keep a gun on my hip.BEST FRIENDS TO STRAY CATSThe Naples Cat AllianceThe alliance is singularly focused on solving the persistent problem of homeless cats. The volunteers who run the shelter home to 100 free-roaming cats at a time operate a trap, neuter and return program and adopt out as many cats as they can. They have no end of imaginative fundraising ideas, either, including this years Cat Daddies calendar, featuring photos of their shelter cats and some of the male volunteers who dote on them. Other events that raise money and awareness include the Meow Masquerade and Hats for Cats soirees. Roger Jaeger, Jim Cangiano, Terry Jungerberg and Keith MasserLess Riddle with his lucky club and the new car he won for shooting a hole-in-one at the Dean Lind Memorial Golf-AThon.

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*Must be booked by 6/30/16. Fares are per person based on double occupancy and do not include taxes, fees and port charges. Shipboard credit is per suite based on double occupancy. Fares are subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Ship s Registry: The BahamasALASKA I NEW ENGLAND & CANADA I AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND I PANAMA CANAL EUROPE I SOUTH PACIFIC & ASIA I SOUTH AMERICA I WORLD CRUISECrystal River CruisesAll the hallmarks of the legendary Crystal Experience(239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd President/CEOExclusively Yours: Private Car & DriverAs part of our exclusive Private Car & Driver program, you will enjoy in-depth sightseeing and the services of a professional, knowledgeable driver who greets you at the pier. Skip the lines at major sites and never worry about making it back to your ship in time for departure.ADDITIONAL DEPARTURE DATES AND ITINERARIES AVAILABLE! Theres a world of reasons why Crystal Cruises continues to be the Worlds Best 2-For-1 Fares, Plus up to $4000 savings per couple on traditional ocean liners Complimentary gratuities, select fine wines, champagne, p r e mium spirits, specialty coffees, free Wi-Fi/Internet, enrichment programs and an evening of specialty restaurant dining Solo fares from 110% All Exclusive Crystal EspritThe most luxurious all-inclusive superyachtPLUS NOW ON SALE CARIBBEAN KALEIDOSCOPENovember 8-22, 2016Ft. Lauderdale New OrleansFt. Lauderdale Turks & Caicos Saman Virgin Gorda St. Barts/Gustavia Guadeloupe Bonaire Montego Bay Grand Cayman New Orleans (overnight)CALIFORNIA CACHET CRUISENovember 16-26, 2016Roundtrip San Diego San Diego (overnight) Los Angeles Santa Barbara San Francisco (overnight) Catalina Island Ensenada San DiegoISLANDS HOLIDAYS CRUISEDecember 20, 2016-January 3, 2017Roundtrip MiamiMiami Playa del Carmen Cozumel Grand Cayman (George Town) Montego Bay Santo Domingo San Juan Gustavia Fort de France Basseterre St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie) MiamiMALAY ARCHIPELAGOFebruary 23-March 7, 2017Benoa SingaporeBenoa (overnight) Komodo Boracay Romblon Kota Kinabalu Bandar Seri Begawan Singapore (overnight)HAWAIIAN PASSAGEApril 14-30, 2017Tokyo Los AngelesTokyo Oahu (overnight) Maui Los AngelesBALTICS LEGENDS CRUISEJune 10-24, 2017Portsmouth StockholmPortsmouth Bruges (overnight) Copenhagen (overnight) Berlin (overnight) St Petersburg (overnight) Tallinn Stockholm (overnight) FALLS CRIMSON FOLIAGEOctober 2-9, 2016Roundtrip New YorkNew York Newport Boston Bar Harbor Saint John (Bay of Fundy) Halifax New York Theme Cruise: JazzCOLONIAL CHARMSOctober 25-November 8, 2016New York Ft. LauderdaleNew York Baltimore Charleston Savannah Turks & Caicos La Romana Curacao Oranjestad Ft. Lauderdale

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(239) 261-1177 www.preferr e SunTrust Building at Pelican Bay Best Travel Specialists lBest Travel Partners lBest Travel Age n Weve traveled the world. Benefit from our experience!Serving the travel needs of Sout h Preferred Travel of Naples is Southwest Florida's largest full service, a n Travel with the goal of building a comprehensive and accomplished t e in luxury travel services. Today, the Preferred Travel team consists Why Use a Travel Agency?When you work with Preferred Travels team of expert travel advisors, you will discover a world of difference in your travel experiences. Insight vs. Information: We will leverage our knowledge of the finest hotels, cruises, tours and unique activities to create a travel experience that you simply cannot find online. Exclusive Access and Amenities: Our insider connections ensure preferential treatment, exclusive savings, behind-the-scenes access and complimentary extras. T ime Savings: Planning a vacation takes time, patience and perseverance. We organize all logistics, from coordinating your itinerary to identifying the best guides in a foreign countr y. Travel Concierge Services: We thoughtfully craft every moment of your trip. Fr om arranging a private tour to reserving your preferred mode of transportation, we handle the details. Peace of Mind: Clients travel with confidence, knowing that complimentary 24/7 emergency service is available wherever they are in the world. Without a travel agency like Preferred, travelers are on their own. Early Booking Savings on ALL 2017 Europe SailingsUp to $3,000 per couple savings with full payment OR SAVE up to $1,500 per couple with deposit.Must be booked by May 15, 2016.*ALL-INCLUSIVE LUXURY RIVER CRUISINGAirport transfers All gratuities Unlimited beverages Hosted shore excursions Wi-Fi access*Valid on new bookings made and deposited or paid in full by May 15, 2016. Promotion is based on double occupancy. Savings amounts vary by category and cruise/tour program. Subject to change and availability. Other restrictions may apply.Bordeaux, Vineyards & Chateaux Roundtrip Bordeaux | 8 days Burgundy & Provence Avignon to Lyon | 8 days Tulips & Windmills Amsterdam to Antwerp | 10 days Castles along the Rhine Basel to Amsterdam | 8 days Enchanting Danube Budapest to Passau | 8 days Gems of Northern Italy Milan to Venice | 10 days European Jewels Budapest to Amsterdam | 15 days Legendary Rhine & Moselle Amsterdam to Basel | 13 days (239)

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(800) 523-3716 e 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd President/CEO n cy lBest Value lBest Amenities lBest Worldwide ConnectionsDiscover the Preferred DifferenceDestination Expertise Value Exclusive Privileges and Amenities Exceptional Customer Service Global Networks Peace of Mind Ser ving the Community Since 1984 h west Florida clients since 1984 n d most award winning travel agency. Wilma Boyd founded Preferred e am of well-traveled professionals to provide clients with the ultimate of more than 50 experienced travel specialists.Whats New at Preferred Travel of NaplesNEW WebsitePreferred Travel has launched a dynamic re-designed website featuring exclusive offers, hosted tours, events, travel specialist profiles, a digital Travel Magazine and new Pocket Consultant Travel app. The newly designed site is responsive and adapts for easy viewing on any device.Air Travel DepartmentPreferred Travels greatly expanded Air Travel Department further enhances our delivery of personalized services, efficient air travel itineraries and special amenities.FacebookPlease visit us on Facebook and Like us. Our travel specialists and clients are traveling the world. Youll see some of the exciting events and travel destinations everyone is visiting. Faith Based Travel and Social Impact TravelIntroducing Preferred Travels new faith-based travel department featuring faith-based vacations and social impact opportunities that help change lives. FOUR BIG PERKS CHOOSE ONE AND GOChoose the perk that fits your vacation style. Whether its sipping a favorite cocktail with your Classic Beverage Package or staying connected (while you disconnect) using our new XcelerateSM high-speed Internet.Upgrade to a Suite Class stateroom and get all 4 perks FREE.Additional friends and family in your stateroom receive a FREE Classic Non-alcoholicBeverage Package and a FREE 40-minute Internet Package plus up to 50% off selected sailings. Plus, enjoy 50% reduced deposits.(239) *Prices are per person, cruise only, for stateroom category 8, select sailings, and based on double occupancy. Value amount is per stateroom; based on 12-night sailings; beverage option se lected or all four options for Suite Class. Must book by May 31, 2016 and must be a 4-night or longer cruise that departs on or after June 1, 2016. Offers are subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Please contact us for complete details. Ships registry: Malta and Ecuador.

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(239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd CEO THE MOST INCLUSIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCE2-FOR-1 ALL-INCLUSIVE FARESFREE UNLIMITED WIFI FREE ROUNDTRIP AIR* FREE ROUNDTRIP BUSINESS CLASS AIR* IN PENTHOUSE SUITES AND ABOVE FREE UNLIMITED SHORE EXCURSIONS FREE LUXURY HOTEL PACKAGE* FREE UNLIMITED BEVERAGES INCLUDING FINE WINES AND SPIRITS 2016Additional Departures Available. Call Today! DateNightsFrom/To Shipboard Credit Per Suite Business Class Air* Per person each way Book by May 30Jul 5 8 Monte Carlo Barcelona $499 $300Jul 23 10 Copenhagen Stockholm $499 $300Aug 2 12 Stockholm London $499 $600Aug 16 10 Barcelona Rome $499 $300Aug 24 12 London Stockholm $299 $600Sep 15 11 Rome Venice $299 $600Sep 22 12 Stockholm London $499 $600Oct 3 20 Venice Lisbon $499 $300Nov 9 23 Barcelona Dubai $499 $300 2017 Feb 20 15 Singapore Hong Kong $999 NEW Mar 7 16 Hong Kong Beijing $999 NEW Mar 8 21 Rio de Janeiro Miami $499 NEW Apr 8 24 Bangkok Abu Dhabi $999 NEW *See terms & conditions. Fares are per person based on double occupancy. Applies to new bookings made by May 30, 2016. FREE Rou ndtrip Air includes ground transfers, applies to coach, roundtrip ights only from select airports. Airfare available from other gateways for additional charge. FREE Roundtrip Air includes airline fees, surcharges and government taxes. Airline-imposed personal charges such as baggage fees may apply. For details, visit explore Business Class Air applies to intercontinental ights only and is per person, each way. European voyages offer FREE Business Class Air in Penthouse Suites and hi gher. FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Package applies to guests 1 and 2 in Concierge Suites and higher and is not available for new bookings made within 60 days of d eparture. FREE Unlimited WiFi applies to all suite categories and is for one log-in per suite. Ships Registry: Bahamas and Marshall Islands. 016 Regent Seven Seas Cr uisesBook by May 30$299$299 BUSINESS CLASS AIR*$299FROM IN ALL SUITE CATEGORIES Book by May 30 SALESPRINGinto$600UP TOSHIPBOARD CREDIT PER SUITE

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The boat club model is a major leader in providing a proven, affordable alternative WHO AM I?NAME: John Giglio TITLE AND COMPANY: President/CEO, Freedom Boat Club YEARS WITH THE COMPANY: 12 YEARS IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA: 19 years NATURE OF BUSINESS: Boating/Service Organization EDUCATION: MBA University of South FloridaJohn GiglioPresident/CEO, Freedom Boat Club How did you first get into business?My first foray into business after college was working in an HR capacity for a temporary staffing firm. I then joined a company that owned a chain of successful auto body stores and worked in operations. After three years, I became a partner and my role expanded to include all aspects including operations, HR, accounting and marketing. I enjoyed a hands-on opportunity to learn how to successfully operate a small business. What are some recent trends youve seen in your industry?While the boating industry overall was dealt a severe blow in 2009 by the economic recession, we have seen an uptick and slow but steady growth the past few years. With this growth has come a greater demand for marina slip space.What lessons did you learn from the Great Recession?Unlike most marine industry businesses, our niche enjoyed significant positive growth as a result of the recession. When the economy tanked, our affordable alternative to traditional boat ownership became a very attractive solution for active boaters who didnt want to give up their favorite recreational pastime and lifestyle. We learned the importance of investing in our fleet, along with consistently marketing of our brand messages to educate the public about our offerings. Lessons learned: weve enjoyed a 20% year-on-year revenue growth over the past five years.Whats your vision for the future of your business? We have two divisions: the corporate entity includes 17 clubs we own and operate from Bradenton to Marco Island; the franchise business is nationwide. Our corporate vision includes targeted expansion, plus the purchasing of marinas on the west coast of Florida. Slip space is a prerequisite for our growth. On the franchise front, we reached the 100 club milestone in 2015 and launched our first international club in Vancouver, BC this year. Within four years, we will double our footprint nationally and abroad.What trends do you see impacting your industry in the next two to four years?There is a focus on making boating more affordable in order to grow the market. The boat club model is a major leader in providing a proven, affordable alternative to traditional boat ownership. Other non-traditional options include fractional ownership and peer-to-peer. The sharing economy or collaborative consumption mindset is particularly appealing to Millennials, so we expect this trend to help stimulate growth within this important demographic. Another major trend addresses the shift in overall U.S. demographics and the powerful growth projections in multicultural; markets. Freedom Boat Club is an early adopter in multicultural initiatives. We hired a full-time multicultural sales and marketing manager to lead our efforts and we are actively engaged with this market in SW Florida.How do you expect the Southwest Florida economy to grow?Were projecting solid growth. New housing starts are on the rise. More importantly, we have documented notable growth in our corporate membership base with newcomers who have recently relocated to the area. With the steady influx of new residents and positive population growth comes the stimulation of small business which will directly impact the service industry. What do you look for in recruiting new talent? We are so blessed in this regard! Our corporate division has doubled in size since 2012 and we are fortunate that the area has so many active, younger retired professionals who are seeking enjoyable second careers. We never have problem finding great talent! Whats the most important business lesson youve learned?Stick to what you know! Continue to innovate and improve your core business, but stay focused and do what you do better than anyone else. What would people be surprised to know about you?Many people assume that Ive been a boater all my life. Truth is, my wife taught me to drive a boat at the age of 23! Who would have dreamed I would own the worlds largest and oldest boating club one day? Thanks to my wife and her family, boating has become an integral part of my both my life and now my career. I love bringing the fun of boating to others! 2 20 20 1 15 5 -2 2 01 01 6 6

PAGE 132 FLORIDA WEEKLY48 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 REALTY GROUP Ranked among the top residential real estate ofces in the nation for 2015 by both REAL Trends 500 Annual Report and RISMedias Annual Power Broker Report & Survey #1 RE/MAX Commercial Division in Florida 2003-2015 Winner 14 Consecutive Years! er nn e i n Wi n n e r er W Wi in nn ner er Nobody In The World Sells More Real Estate Than RE/MAX! Thank you for voting us the Best! 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 BEST LOOKING OCTOGENARIANEverglades Wonder GardensEverglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs celebrated its 80th anniversary in February. The historic attraction has been delighting visitors since 1936 and has been updated in recent years. Now under nonprofit management, the botanical jungle is home to a wide variety of birds and reptiles.BEST SEPTUAGENARIAN CELEBRATIONPatty Bakers birthday partyIn addition to the obvious sense of satisfaction they get from gifting tens of millions of dollars to institutions as varied as professional and community theater, a club for boys and girls, a shelter for homeless and abandoned animals, a film festival, an art museum and a hospital, beloved Neapolitan philanthropists Jay and Patty Baker also got a huge kick out of having Piano Man Billy Joel perform for about 250 guests at Pattys 70th birthday party earlier this year in the Daniels Pavilion at ArtisNaples. Happy birthday, Patty!JOHN BRADY / COURTESY PHOTO CHARLIE MCDONALD / COURTESY PHOTO Piano Man Billy Joel, Birthday Girl Patty Baker and Jay Baker

PAGE 134 FLORIDA WEEKLY50 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 Best Squeeze in Town Redeem this coupon and receive 20% OFF Fresh Squeezed Juice. Not valid on mail order or Post Office purchases and can not be used in combination with any other discount, coupon or promotion. Valid through May 31, 2016 FW 800-743-1480SunHarvestCitrus.comMon-Sat 8-7/Sun 10-614601 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy, Fort Myers Six Mile Cypress and Metro Parkway 8 Su M 14 Si x S AVE d t hi d i 20% OFFFresh Squeezed Juice! Located Inside! BEST EXAMPLE OF NOT IN MY BACKYARD! Certain Bonita retirees Who knew the idea of a new high school in Bonita Springs could ruffle so many feathers? The school, which the Lee County School District says is very much needed, would possibly be built near Imperial Parkway. But some folks in nearby gated communities are convinced it would create noise issues during football season. Many are retirees and snowbirds who chose the area so they could live in peace and quiet. Lee County school board members approved the controversial location in April a decision expected to be followed by a lawsuit in an ongoing saga that has lasted for more than two years.BEST WAY TO WAKE THE UNDEADHere Come the MummiesKing Tut would be jamming in his tomb if he could see Here Come the Mummies perform. The unique funk band composed of exceptional musicians who dress as Imhoteps minions headlines Punta Gordas Funk Fest every March. And each year, the crowds grow as word-of-mouth spreads faster than a biblical plague. Funk Fest is the brainchild of father-and-son producers Matt and Nick Nemec, who organized the first one in 2009 essentially as an excuse to bring the bold, brassy Mummies to town. Fear about how some people would take to the groups innuendo-laden lyrics proved groundless. Concertgoers of all ages dig the Mummies. If nothing else, the group answers the ageold question, Is there sex after death?BEST HEART ATTACK ON PLATE Donut BurgerFor those who enjoy pushing back against all those strident health recommendations regarding sugar, processed food, white carbohydrates and red meat with a big slice of Stick This On Your Plate and Eat It, the donut burger cannot be denied. It consists of a thick meat patty with American cheese and bacon between two glazed donuts. Mmmm! Tuck into one (but dont forget your statin) or any of more than a dozen specialty burgers on the menu at Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs.

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rees a charm. naplesfujiyama.com239.261.4332 6 6 5 5 Located at: 2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103 239.263.7254 239.261.4332

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239-302-6223 | WWW.SOUTHERNIMPORTSNAPLES.COM 3883 DAVIS BOULEVARD, NAPLES, FL 34104 We're not just a small family dealership, we're your "CONNECTION IN THE CAR BUSINESS." 9,800 miles, white over tan heated seats, navigation, 19" wheels and keyless go.only $35,750 Mercedes Benz! your next BEST PLACE TO BUY 6 6 2016 Mercedes E 350Design cardinal red exterior and silk beige interior. P1 PKG, burl walnut trim rearview camera leather steering wheel sport pkg keyless go harmon kardon logic7 sound system blind spot assist. 10k miles!only $50,8502015 Mercedes GLK350 2015 Mercedes CLA15K miles, P1 package, sport plus package, panorama roof, multimedia package, navigation and backup camera!only $34,995.00 4Matic, 9K miles. White with AMG Sport Pkg, Pano, NAV and more! You can say you paid more!only $37,980 2015 Mercedes C300 2015 Mercedes C3008,700 miles, 4matic blue over tan, panoramic roof, heat/ cool seats, navigation and Burmester sound system.only $35,550 10K miles, P1 package, multimedia package, panorama roof, navigation and keyless go! only $41,995.002015 Mercedes SLK

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 53 BEST REASON FOR A CHICKEN TO CROSS THE ROADLiving in Key WestWhats the best reason for a chicken to cross the road? Because it lives in Key West, where city ordinance forbids killing any of the islands roughly 3,000 free-roaming chickens. If you harm one of the cluckers you run afoul of the law, as one tour guide put it. BEST LAST MESSAGE RECEIVEDStopChances are you missed a historical anniversary earlier this year. Stop. The final telegram ever in the U.S. was sent in 2006. Stop. The first was sent in 1844. Stop. The first was from inventor Samuel Morse. Stop. It said, What hath God wrought. Stop. Who now remembers telegrams? Stop. India continued using telegraphy until 2013, but in the age of texting, emails and cellphones the telegram became obsolete. Stop, forevermore.BEST ITS ABOUT TIMETaking the crime out of shacking upThe Sunshine State has quite a reputation for being out of touch regarding social mores (medical marijuana, anybody?), but the Legislature brought the law books into the 20th century on at least one front in March by decriminalizing cohabitation between men and women. The House of Representatives voted 112-5 (who were the five?) to repeal Floridas prohibition on cohabitation. Albeit unenforced for many years, the law had been on the books since 1868, when a couple could be fined $500 for living in sin and sentenced to 60 days in jail for engaging in open behavior that is gross lewdness and lascivious. The entire statute was repealed in April when Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill. It was, indeed, about time.BEST PLACE TO GET YOUR VA-VA-VOOM BACKDr. Manuel Pea Dr. Pea is now offering ThermiVa, a new nonsurgical vaginal rejuvenation system that has the highest satisfaction among patients discussing procedures in the RealSelf forum. Look great in your yoga pants! ThermiVa improves lubrication, mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence, and increases intimate sensation as well as improving the appearance and all without any downtime. Thats just one way Dr. Pea can help you look as good as you feel with services such as facial rejuvenation, body contouring, dermal fillers, Dermapen with PRP, Medispa services, and fractional laser treatments. With 25 years of experience and more than 25,000 patients, Dr. Pea proves that age is just a state of mind. 348-7362; dr-pena.comBEST #1 BOAT DEALER IN THE NATIONMarineMax MarineMax Naples Yacht Center is located waterfront in downtown Naples adjacent to Tin City. They offer best in class watercraft brands such as Boston Whaler, Sea Ray, Azimut, Galeon and Ocean Alexander ranging from 11 to over 200 feet. Their passion for being on the water and educating boaters makes them the ultimate One Stop resource for all boaters! Whether it be financing, repairs or cruising on our Getaways, they have all aspects of your boating needs covered. Their core value, Boating, connects us with family and friends, has continued to keep them No. 1 in the nation for a half decade. Their mission continues to keep us United by Water. 262-1000; HURRICANE PROTECTION AVAILABLE! WINDOWS & DOORSNO PRESSURE, GUARANTEED! BEAT RISING UTILITY BILLS$185PLUS STANDARD INSTALLATIONWHITE VINYL SINGLE HUNG4 WINDOW MINIMUM. UP TO 52 WIDE*ANY SIZE BEST PRICES ONIMPACT WINDOWSAVAILABLE! 239-337-2287 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 5 5 5 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6

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Each Visiting Angels agency is independently owned and operated. License NR 30211623, HCS 233012 800-365-4189Serving Southern Lee and Collier Counties 5 5 6 6

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 55 BEST PLACE TO STOP BACK PAIN AND START LIVING AGAINDr. Rick Bhasin of Neuroscience and Spine Associates If back or neck pain is holding you back, a call to Dr. Rick Bhasin is the first step toward resuming the activities you love. This Naples doctor and surgeons practice specializes in minimally invasive techniques, spine care and rehab, spinal surgery, and spinal instrumentation. Boardcertified by the American Board of Neurological Surgeons, Dr. Bhasin was trained at University of Michigan Medical School and the UniverFlorida southerand use of the latest technology make him our top choice to get back to living again. 6491662; BEST PLACE FOR A STEAKOUTShulas Steak HouseAt Shulas, its about more than great steaks in great surroundings for an important lunch or dinner. Its about prime customer service and an award-winning wine list. And its also about being a prime place for fundraising events and parties that draw business leaders and philanthropists from throughout the community. Just like the coach for whom its named, Shulas at the Hilton Naples is legendary. 430-4999; shulasnaples.comBEST PLACE TO UNWIND AND GET AWAY FROM IT ALLWoodhouse Day SpaTune out the noise and escape to an indulgence of the senses at The Woodhouse Day Spa. Here you can sip some herbal tea or enjoy the sauna while you choose from over 70 spa treatments to de-stress, decompress and detoxify from your daily grind. Customers are pampered from head to toe with nurturing, agedefying facials, luxurious massages, refreshing Vichy body treatments and spa mani-pedis. Its a great getaway with your significant other, friends or family. Or, even better, take a personal spa day just for you. 403-SPAS; naples.woodhousespas.comBEST MEDITERRANEAN FOODVergina As the warm Naples air mixes with the scent of roasted garlic and other flavors of the Mediterranean, Vergina takes top honors as Fifth Avenue Souths home for authentic seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. With a strong emphasis on Italian, the menu offers a variety of seafood and healthy dishes that expertly combining Old World and contemporary cuisine. The food is definitely the star here, but the nightlight around the bar at Vergina has a sophisticated vibe of its own thats the envy of downtown. 6597008; verginarestaurant.comBEST PLACE FOR A SECRET AUTO TRYSTAction Automatic Door & GateBehind a garage door from Action Automatic, you can express how much you love your vehicles with total discretion. Youll sleep better and feel more energized for years to come. Plus, your vehicles will never be lonely with Dooree keeping them company. They are, after all, the Home of the Talking Door. Dooree will whisper sweet nothings like, Ooh, youre so shiny, and You dont look a day over your model year. They also have gate systems that youll totally fall for. Show your cars, home and business a lot of unconditional love with beautiful, functional, stylish, secure solutions from Action Automatic Door & Gate. 768-3667; FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY (And of course, as always, well replace missing buttons and make repairs at no additional charge!) No need to be at home to have free pick-up and delivery 3722 Cleveland Avenue 3 Lights North of Edison Mall 8911 Daniels ParkwayOr email Steve at 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 COME VISIT ONE OF OUR 2 LOCATIONS TO SEE WHY WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICE IN TOWN!Simplify your life with FREE DRY CLEANING DELIVERY! Celebrating 40 Years in our Fort Myers Location! FAST QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1975

PAGE 140 FLORIDA WEEKLY56 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST SOUTHWEST CUISINEAgave NaplesThe Best of Southwest Cuisine, with its signature taste bud tingling flavors, can be found right here in Naples. Agaves team of expert chefs offer a diverse menu full of fresh, local ingredients with rustic Latin and Mexican influences alongside some playful, creative menu twists. Plus, nothing in southwest Florida can beat their outstanding made-to-order guacamole and double-barrel reposado sip-grade tequila created exclusively by Mexicos Herradura distillery to carry Agaves own private label. These truly unique offerings, as well as an extensive award-winning wine list, exciting fresh cocktails, and live local music all in a beautifully decorated environment make a meal at Agave an experience we recommend you dont pass up. 598-3473; BEST PEACE OF MIND BB&T-Oswald Trippe and CompanyBB&T-Oswald Trippe and Company is now one of the nations largest insurance and financial services companies. At the same time, it has stayed true to what made it so successful after Oswald Trippe began in Southwest Florida in 1982: they honestly listen when you talk. When you explain your priorities and values, goals and dreams, you have their undivided attention. The stability, experience and global resources of a major insurance and financial services company is never a tradeoff for dedicated client service. Whether you are seeking personal or business insurance, corporate risk management or employee benefits, BB&T-Oswald Trippe and Company specialists have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the best solutions for you. 433-4535; VISIT OUR STORE IN THE BONITA PLAZA 10347 Bonita Beach Road, Suite 109Located at the corner of Old 41 & Bonita Beach Road at Johnny Malloys 239.405.7326 HOURS: MONDAY-FRIDAY 10-4:30 SATURDAY 10-3 SUNDAY & EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT Come See Our New Hunter Douglas Gallery Featuring Allustra Window Coverings and Fabrics! FAUX WOOD BLINDS AND VERTICALS MADE IN 7-10 DAYS Basswood Plantation ShuttersSAVINGS UP TO40%(Minimum purchase required)All Custom Window Treatments, Sheer Draperies And Bed LinensSAVINGS UP TO20% 6 6 Dressing Southwest Floridas Windows One Home at a Time for 20 Years!Dan and Victoria Serino

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RELAX. WE CAN HELP. YOUR COMFORT IS OUR BUSINESS.CALL TODAY OR VISIT US AT WWW.BRUNOAIR.COM855-899-9057 Dont waste time doing it yourself.COUNT ON OUR THOROUGH SERVICESAT BRUNO, we utilize licensed and certified professionals who have extensive knowledge in the industry. Our technicians understand the complexity and challenges that homeowners face when it comes to maintaining and repairing home systems. Our customer-centered approach focuses on quality interactions, proactive solutions, and critical thinking. Brunos thorough service ensures consistent comfort today and always. WE ARE YOUR FULL SERVICE PROVIDERHVAC PLUMBING ELECTRICAL 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6

PAGE 142 FLORIDA WEEKLY58 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE POWER OF EXPERIENCE, THE BENEFIT OF RESULTS REALTOR, ABR, GRI, CSMS239-989-2436 Search ALL Southwest Florida Listings Buying, Selling or Investing in Real Estate? Call today to find out how I can bring value to your transaction. 6 6 BEST AT HELPING YOU MAKE THE RIGHT MOVEBEST BET IF YOU CANT MAKE IT TO BROADWAYBroadway Palm Dinner TheatreYear after year, Broadway Palm brings home to Southwest Florida the big, crowd-pleasing shows and full-scale musicals that generations of audiences adore. Romance, nostalgia, carved roasted pork loin: these are the bread and butt er of this family-run, 450seat dinner theatre that has packed the house now for 23 classic seasons. NOW PLAYING: Funny Girl through May 14 and James and the Giant Peach through May 13. Thats followed by Menopause: the Musical, May 19 to July 2; The Wizard of Oz July 7 to August 13; and 01 Dalmatians, June 10 to July 1. And if you cant make it to the Broadway Palm, try the 100-seat black box theatre, the Off Broadway Palm: Neil Simons Last of the Red Hot Lovers plays June 16 to July 30. 319-2342; BEST ORIGINAL, EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN AND FURNISHINGS SHOWROOMClive Daniel Home Wall to wall. Floor to ceiling. Inside and out. Theres something for very room in your house or business at Clive Daniel Homes elegant showrooms. They dazzle with furniture and accessories sourced from around the world, reflect design trends and pop culture as well as classic looks, and come complete with award-winning design experts at your service. Check out the gift boutique, relax at the wine bar, and try out cutting-edge home electronics and home automation systems. Be inspired at Clive Daniel Homes Naples showroom or its newest location in Boca Raton. Naples: 261-4663 (HOME), Boca Raton: (561) 440-4663 (HOME);

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Challenging academics. World-class instruction and experiences. Vibrant student life. Impactful community outreach and partnerships. And now: athletics. At FSW, seeing is believing. Join the FSW evolution. Your moment is now.Florida SouthWestern State College is an equal access, equal opportunity organization. Fort Myers Naples Punta Gorda LaBelle (800) 749-2322 Seeing Believing

PAGE 144 FLORIDA WEEKLY60 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 All U Can Eat FishServed with French Fries and Coleslaw and Choice of Mels Homemade Soup or SaladFresh Gulf Grouper DinnerServed with Rice, Vegetables and Mels Homemade Soup or Salad Naples 643-9898 Ft. Myers 275-7850 Cape Coral 242-0218Text mels to 56654 to receive a FREE Fried Pickle AppetizerGolden Gate 455-4242Bonita Springs 949-3080 Certi ed Black Angus BeefCheeseburgerwith french fries & cole slaw Surf & Turf Only Only Only $ 15 99 $ 9 99Margaritas, Bloody Marys & MartinisAll Day Everyday d $ 3 00 $ 12 99 Only $ 11 99 $ 14 99 Full Rackof Baby Back Ribs Only $ 7 99Classic Eggs Benedict $ 7 99Mon Sat. 11-3Visit us at Always the Real Deal HomemadeVoted theBest Family Restaurantby GulfShore Life Magazine & Parent & Child Magazine Fresh Seafood Gulf of Mexico from the Try Our FRESH Grouper Creations! 12 99 Starting at Filet Mignon and 4 oz. Cold Water TailServed with Mels Homemade soupor salad and choice of potato 1/2 lb. of Aged, Slow-Cooked and Mouth-wateringPrime Rib of Baby Back Ribs Served with Baked Potato and Caesar Salad, available after 4pmVoted the Best Family Restaurant 6 6 BEST AT FSWARTS@FSW!Florida SouthWestern State College From $2,000 scholarships for our Fine Arts students to their amazing Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Arts@FSW is a vital creative component of Florida SouthWestern State College that enriches both their students and community. The Rauschenberg Gallery offers exhibitions with a wide variety of aesthetic experiences not otherwise available to area residents and visitors. FSWs BlackBox Theater allows their students to enhance their skills and perform for their peers and the community alike. Whether it is music, theatre, or the visual arts, their students receive world-class instruction in fine arts at FSW. SQUEEZESun Harvest CitrusThe folks at Sun Harvest Citrus have done the picking for you, so all thats left to do is squeeze and taste the goodness of the Indian River citrus theyve brought in straight from their Florida fields. The family-owned company packinghouse on Metro Parkway and Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers is a local landmark that draws locals and tourists alike with its juice tasting bar, orange/vanilla soft serve, tours of the facility and distinctive Florida gifts. (800) 743-1480; BEST PLACE TO STRETCH A DOLLARMiromar Outlets With more than 140 top designer and brand name outlet stores, if you start at one end of Miromar Outlets and shop your way to the other, you can stretch your dollar approximately two miles and save up to 70 percent off retail prices. Miromar Outlets in Southwest Florida has been voted for the 17th year in a row Best Factory Outlet Mall in addition to Best Shopping Mall. A one-of-a-kind blend of superb outlets, architecture and dining has established Miromar Outlets as the premiere shopping destination in Southwest Florida. Top names include Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, Neiman Marcus Last Call and Bloomingdales The Outlet Store.

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Boom Nice Two words we cant hear enough.1126 SE 12TH COURT CAPE CORAL, FL 33990 239-567-1678www.siestapebble.comSOUTHWEST FLORIDAS PEBBLE TEC APPLICATOR & POOL RENOVATION SPECIALIST!CPC1456932

PAGE 146 FLORIDA WEEKLY62 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST HOME BUILDER FOR THE FLORIDA LIFESTYLEStock Development When homebuyers see or hear the words Stock in a community, they know quality is a given. The long history of leadership by Chairman K.C. Stock and CEO Brian Stock has helped transform Southwest Floridas landscape into one of the worlds most desirable real estate markets. Celebrated communities that bear the Stock Development name include Grandzza in Estero; Lely Resort, Quail West, Olde Cypress, Secoya Reserve and Black Bear Ridge in Naples; Paseo in Fort Myers; and Hidden Harbor in South Fort Myers. Plus, Stock Development is an established Preferred Builder in TwinEagles, Esplanade Golf & Country Club of Naples, Park Shore, Moorings, The Estuary in Naples as well as Renaissance and Bonita Bay in Lee County and they have recently announced their expansion into the Sarasota and Palm Beach Markets. Dont miss the opportunity to visit over thirty furnished models throughout the area. (877) 409-6449; stockdevelopment.comBEST PLACE FOR INTERIOR DESIGN INSPIRATION AND HOME FURNISHINGSRobb & Stucky Heres to the beauty of interiors, especially if theyre furnished by Robb & Stucky, a leader in home furnishings and interior design since 1915. To kindle your inspiration, look around one of their Florida showrooms in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Coral Gables, and soon in Boca Raton. With the largest staff of interior designers in Florida, youll find a warm welcome from professionals who can answer all your questions and a terrific selection of dozens of the finest brands, arranged to inspire. Here, your dream interior is well on the way to becoming reality. 732-2400; *This ad required at time of purchase. Limit one coupon per day per person. Not valid with any other offers or specials. Expires 5/31/16. (FW)* 2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road #178, NaplesMON-FRI 10AM-6PM | SAT 9AM-5PM SUN 12PM-5PM NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARYImpeccable Sophisticated Style.Pre-Owned Womens, Mens & Childrens Designer Fashions for Resale & Consignment 6 6

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Risk Information: Not all patients are candidates for partial knee replacement. Only your orthopaedic surgeon can tell you if youre a candidate for joint replacement surgery, and if so, which implant is right for your specific needs. You should discuss your condition and treatment options with your surgeon. The Oxford Meniscal Partial Knee is intended for use in individuals with osteoarthritis or avascular necrosis limited to the medial compartment of the knee and is intended to be implanted with bone cement. Potential risks include, but are not limited to, loosening, dislocation, fracture, wear, and infection, any of which can require additional surgery. For additional information on the Oxford knee and the Signature system, including risks and warnings, talk to your surgeon and see the full patient risk information on Oxford and Signature are trademarks of Zimmer Biomet, Inc. or its subsidiaries unless otherwise indicated. Compared to total knee replacement. Refer to references at 2016 Zimmer BiometPresenting the Oxford Partial Knee. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to knee surgery. Presenting the Oxford Partial Knee from Zimmer Biomet. Unlike total knee replacements, the Oxford Partial Knee lets you keep up to 75% of your healthy knee for a more rapid recovery with less pain and more natural motion.* Why get a total knee when a partial knee can do so much. l 800-447-5633 Less pain, faster recovery, more natural motion.*Who knew a partial knee could do so much?

PAGE 148 FLORIDA WEEKLY64 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 WATERFRONT GRILLEMake a reservation at or call 239.263.4421U.S. 41 to Park Shore The Village on Venetian Bay 6 6 Locally owned and operated by brothers Peter and Christopher SerenoSERVING OUR GUESTS WITH PASSION SINCE 1988 CELEBRATING 28 YEARS! Attentive Service and Delicious Food and Cocktails!Reviewed April 21, 2016The service here is always top notch. Servers are well-informed and attentive. All the food enjoyed at our table was truly outstanding, but I guess the most memorable was the beet salad. We all enjoyed special cocktails and dessert cocktails, and we walked home! CUTTING EDGE CONTINENTAL CUISINE SPECIALIZING IN FRESH SEAFOOD, STEAKS, ORGANICS AND HANDMADE PASTAS!BEST INDOOR RANGE & TRAINING CENTERThe Alamo by Lotus Gunworks Youve got to ask yourself one question: do I feel lucky? Well do ya, punk!? You dont have to be Dirty Harry to fire one of the worlds most powerful handguns at Alamos gun range but can sure shoot like him. The Alamo is the premiere shooting range in Florida. Complete with air conditioned state of the art lanes, over 50 firearms for rent and the widest selection of firearms in the country. The Alamo Training Academy offers the most up to date and complete line up of courses and training in the region. Take advantage of some serious deals too. Ladies night is Monday from 4-8 p.m., all ladies shoot free. Tuesday is two-for-Tuesday, when two people shoot for the price of one. Wednesday all firearm rentals are $1.50. Memberships are available and cover several options from basic shooting to The VIP Presidential Gun Club. 5930232; Alamorange.comBEST PLACE TO TAKE YOU THERE CI TravelTheres good news for those in need of vacation therapy: CI Travel itineraries. From restorative spa holidays to luxurious cruises, privately guided adventures, affordable beach vacations and all-inclusive resort escapes, CI Travels vacation therapists help travelers make informed and impassioned decisions for the ultimate trip of a lifetime or a simple getaway. Add to that a commitment to customer service, VIP treatment and value and all you have to do is go enjoy your journey. 597-6700; cinaples.comBEST PLACE TO PURCHASE YOUR PIECE OF PARADISEAmerican Eagle MortgageFrom its main office in Mercato, American Eagle Mortgage Co. offers all of the loan products you could possibly need to purchase your piece of paradise anywhere in Florida. The mortgage banker can guarantee the rate and terms available as well as the source of your loan. Whether youre going for a construction loan or a conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Florida Bond, Homepath, Homepath Renovation or Foreign National loan, its the mission of American Eagle Mortgage to make homeownership dreams come true. 434-0300; AEMC.ccBEST VEALLY GOOD MOVE Caf LunaCaf Luna, the beloved Italian eatery and its famous A Veally Good Deal, has left 5th Avenue South. But while one door has closed, its owners Ed Barsamian and Shannon Radosti report, two more are opening. The old world dishes and family friendly hospitality that have enticed customers for nearly a decade can now be found at Liberty Plaza at 4947 Tamiami Trail North and in June its opening another location in Naples Walk at the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Airport-Pulling Road (formerly Sam Sneeds & Capers). Youll find the same exceptional food and service, and of course A Veally Good Deal, two dinners and a bottle of wine for $29.99. 529-2101; BEST WAY TO SPARKLEMark LorenTheres ordinary sparkle, and then theres sparkle by Mark Loren Designs. The difference is the creative ways this international award-winning jewelry designer sets sparkling gemstones and artifacts in custom or one-of-a-kind settings that captivate the imagination. The jewelers distinctive styles are on display at two Mark Loren Designs studios, one on historic McGregor Boulevard and one in Mercato, but theyve also caught the eye of celebrities and jewelry lovers worldwide. The team also takes pleasure in expertly crafting the traditional engagement ring or repairing and restoring treasured heirlooms. No matter what your style, the Best way to sparkle is with Mark Loren Designs. 596-5820;

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Construction Conventional FHA VA USDA Florid a Bond Homepath Renovation Jumbo LoansHome ownership doesnt have to be a dream. 239.434.0300 Making Dreams Come TrueSINCE 2003 GET PRE-QUALIFIED TODAY!Subject to credit and underwriting approval. Additional conditions may apply. NMLS ID 167191 / OH: MBMB.850023.000 / FL: MLD420 / KY: MC24222 / IN: 15191 / GA: GRMA 36280 6 6

PAGE 150 FLORIDA WEEKLY66 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 ACCESSORIES & BOTANICALS LIGHTING FURNITURE UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE MIRRORS & WA L L ARTFINE FURNITURE. ART GALLERY. DESIGN STUDIO. Call Today! 239.594.303711985 Tamiami Trail North Naples, FLOPEN MONDAY-SATURDAY 10-5, SUNDAY 11-4Visit our new website at Also visit: a a a a a a a a t t t t t t t t Complimentary Interior Design Consultations We provide our clients with a personal and intimate design experience. 6 6 SPRING SALEBEST WAY TO LIVE YOUR LUXURY Dante Disabato Encore Realty No one captures the concept of living luxury better than Dante Disabato of Encore Realty, offering true concierge assistance to help you find the upscale home of your dreams in the lap of luxury that is Southwest Florida. One of Naples young leaders, Mr. Disabato uses his knowledge of the community to educate his clients on market conditions while searching for the Best properties to fulfill their vision of the perfect home. Throughout the process, he makes himself available for one-on-one consulting and assistance 24/7. 566-2350; encore-realty.comBEST EVENT DESTINATION IN THE HEART OF NAPLESNaples Princess Impress your guests when you invite them aboard the 105-foot, three-level luxury yacht, the Naples Princess. Enjoy the wonderful southern Florida sun on our upper-level sundeck or relax inside the climate controlled comfort of our interior salons. Inside or outside, the Naples Princess is sure to provide the absolute Best view of the alluring Naples backdrop. The Naples Princess not only offers the perfect setting to host your celebration, but the sales team can also develop and create your ideal menu selections, made fresh on board. The yacht also hosts public sightseeing cruises into Naples Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, setting sail daily from Port of Naples Marina near downtown. 649-2275;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 67 BEST TRAVEL PLANNERS WHEN PERFECTION IS PREFERREDPreferred Travel of NaplesA seamless travel experience means perfect planning before you ever leave home. Not only is Preferred Travel Southwest Floridas largest fullservice travel agency; Wilma Boyd and her team of more than 50 travel advisors have worldwide connections and long-term industry relationships that set Preferred Travel apart from all other travel agencies. The Preferred Travel team turns travel dreams into reality from hosted cultural experiences to culinary tours, luxury cruises and high adventure. Preferred Travels motto, always a voice, never a machine, means clients travel with the most important travel accessory of all: peace of mind. Preferred Travel also provides clients with emergency assistance anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Preferred Travel staff and clients continue to explore the world with confidence, recent travels include Africa, India, Peru, Tahiti, Belgium and France to name a few. Our formula for success is our dedication to the staff and the travel goals of our many loyal clients as well as service to our community, notes Wilma Boyd. 261-1177; BEST WAY TO MAKE A SPLASHPort of Naples MarinaNaples Bay is one of Naples greatest attractions, and Port of Naples Marina has all the options for enjoying the water to its fullest. For experienced or novice water-sports enthusiasts, heres where to find the newest fleet of jet skis, rental boats, charter fishing and public and private cruises. Adjacent to Tin City and in the same building as Naples Princess Cruises, this one-stop shop has everything under the sun for your next day out on the water. Best of all, these options give customers the experience of being up close and personal with Naples Bay and the wildlife that resides within. 774-0479;

PAGE 152 FLORIDA WEEKLY68 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 6 6 BEST PLACE FOR GLAMOUR AND GOOD TIMESThird Street SouthEverything that calls people to Southwest Florida is nestled among Third Street Souths historic courtyards and plazas. To take a leisurely stroll past charming beach cottages and the Naples Pier is to rediscover why you live in Naples. Poke your head into eclectic and delightful shops. Dine in a one of the many bistros, pubs and fine restaurants surrounded by antique European fountains and cascading flowers. Relax in a gallery filled with fine art and sculptures. Theres a carefree vibe in this quaint stretch of Old Naples. And when the sun dips behind the gulf, this is where you go to see and be seen. 261-8936; thirdstreetsouth. comBEST PLACE WHERE THREES A CHARMClub Sushi, Fujiyama and Harolds PlaceWhere should we eat? Its the quintessential dining question in Naples, but for people who love great food and atmosphere, the answer is always Club Sushi, Fujiyama or Harolds Place. All three restaurants offer something for every palate. Harolds tropical chickee bar serves up some of the Best burgers in town, while Club Sushi is the go-to spot for sushi, and diners head to Fujiyama for the ultimate Hibachi table. So grab your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers and head to the Best hangout in town. Club Sushi: 261-4332; Fujiyama: 261-4332; Harolds Place: 263-7254; naplesharoldsplace.comBEST PLACE FOR THE FLOORS ON UPHadinger Flooring & Area Rug Gallery Hadinger is far more than just a flooring store, with over 60 years of combined experience in flooring, area rug design and selection. Now, the companys newest custom cabinetry division reflects the taste, elegance and value Hadinger is known for. Their collective knowledge and attention to customer service sets them apart. And whether you need luxurious carpet or rugs, exquisite tile or hardwood, elegant cabinets or even a vacuum cleaner, Hadingers is the only number you need. This is a company that clearly loves what they do, and loves to help you start with your floor! 566-7100;; hadingerflooring.comBEST PLACE TO PERFECT YOUR SMILEGulfview DentalPut on a happy face. Smile for the camera. People want to see your teeth. Thats no problem for patients of Gulfview Dental General & Cosmetic Dentistry. The practice offers the Best and latest in both dental and cosmetic procedures with state-of-the-art techniques provided in a friendly, welcoming environment. Patients leave with confident smiles and happy hearts, knowing theyve received the finest dental care in Southwest Florida. 300-9693; gulfviewdentistry.comBEST NEW HOME FURNISHINGS DESTINATIONRepublic of Decor We cant resist a visit to the land of hip home furnishings, the country of chic designs, the commonwealth of trending styles: the Republic of Decor. With its 1,500-square-foot, light-filled showroom featuring the most up-to-date trends on the market, accent furniture, gift items, artwork, even chocolates and gourmet treats. Located in the Design District, its the Best destination in Naples for fresh new home accessories. The Republic is presided over by award-winning designer David Fruscione, whose ability to transform spaces was honed by nearly 20 years working as a leading interior designer for some of the top brands in retail. Design services are also available. 529-3813;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 69 Pizza Fusion leads a new niche market by serving an eclectic organic menu with an earth-friendly approach via delivery, take-out or dine-in in a unique full service dining environment. We serve up gourmet pizza, salads, sandwiches, and more in their purest form untainted by articial additives, such as sweeteners, pesticides, preservatives and hormones. We also serve organic & sustainable wines as well as local micro-brewed beers. We are committed to the preservation and improvement of the environment in all of our operations.Voted the Best Pi zz a in Town! 6 6 Fort Myers: 239-337-7979 Naples: Store Hours:Monday-Saturday 11am-10pm Sunday 11am-9pm BEST NON-INVASIVE BODY SCULPTING WITHOUT THE DOWNTIMEPura Vida Medical SpaStill feeling chubby in the wrong places? Say so long to stubborn fat at Pura Vida Medical Spa with body sculpting thats free of painful surgery or downtime. They can use CoolSculpting technology to gently crystalize (freeze) fat cells away to give you a more sculpted look wherever you need it. You can even check your email or catch up on some beauty sleep during the procedure. Or try iLipos low-level lasers that shrink fat cells for painless body contouring. Husband and wife team Jill Salata, a nurse practitioner, and Dr. Eric Salata, who trained at Georgetown University and The Mayo Clinic, will find the procedure and plan thats perfect for you. Pura Vida Medical Spa offers a range of other services as well, including Botox, dermal fillers, laser skincare for face and neck, ThermiVa, vein and radio frequency treatments. 919-7872; Puravidanaples.comBEST IMPLANT INNOVATORSBiometSurgeons trust Biomet to create the extraordinary tools and techniques they need to make each surgery a custom fit. For almost four decades, Biomet has created state-of-the-art procedures and devices. Biomet prides itself on its unconventional profile: the responsiveness of a small company with the resources and market presence of a large company. Biomet.comBEST PLACE FOR CASUAL FINE DININGThe Chapel GrillWithin this 65-year-old former Baptist church a culinary treasure awaits. Youll count your blessings as you experience pure Southern hospitality while enjoying appetizers such as lobster bisque and tuna tartare with crispy wonton chips and entrees like beef Bourguignon risotto and porcini-dusted Florida snapper. And dont miss The Chapel Tavern, an indooroutdoor bar serving fine wine and spirits (including a praise-worthy bloody Mary). Amen! 206-4310;

PAGE 154 FLORIDA WEEKLY70 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 Pelican Bay 597-6700Verona Walk 430-1254 We can take you there. Call your favorite CI Travel Professional Today for Best Pricing, Availablility & Promotional Opportunities go! big, better, best get 1 free perk get 2 perks get all 4 Fact: There is no such thing as too many ways to perk up the perfect vacation. go! big One perk is already included. Just pick and go! go! better Perk up and pick two. go! best Want them all? Get them all, plus get a Premium Beverage Package upgrade. The PerksClassic Beverage Package Unlimited Internet Prepaid Gratuities $150 Onboard Spending Money 5 5 6 6 BEST AT HELPING YOU MAKE THE RIGHT MOVEDena Wilcoxen at Berkshire HathawayBuying or selling a home? Needless to say, its not as easy as it looks on TV, and the right Realtor makes all the difference. Whether its helping you find the home and community thats right for you, interpreting the market to determine a value, or guiding you through the myriad of disclosures, you wont find a better guide to our housing market than Dena Wilcoxen. Her experience, knowledge and understanding is invaluable in sorting out the details of buying or selling, building from the ground up or buying resale, moving across town or across the country and ultimately making the right move for you and your family. 9892436; DenaSellsBonita.comBEST PLACE TO BUY YOUR NEXT MERCEDES-BENZSouthern Imports of NaplesYour next Mercedes-Benz is waiting at Southern Imports of Naples. The family-run dealership has for 20 years been your connection in the car business, with price tags larger dealers cant match. Focusing on preowned, late model luxury and sports imports, Southern Imports began in Ridgeland, Miss. in 1996. Owner Philip Pollack and General Manager Rick McCary followed their family connections to Naples, where the dream of opening a second dealership was realized with a new location on Davis Boulevard just east of Airport Pulling Road. Stop by the showroom anytime for a cup of gourmet Green Mountain Coffee and some car talk. 302-6223; BEST PLACE TO PUT YOU ON THE WATERNaples Boat MartFrom the inland waterways to the Gulf of Mexico, nothing beats life on the water in Southwest Florida. And there is no better place to put you there than Naples Boat Mart. Along with a selection of the Best new and pre-owned boats on the market, their awardwinning customer service team will help you find the perfect boat for your adventures or repair the one you already have. More than that, at Naples Boat Mart youll find a community of experienced boaters with a passion for boating, fishing, and exploring our waterways. They have the knowledge to help you with the details of any adventure you can dream up on the water! 643-2292; BEST BOTTOM Siesta Pebble Inc.Ever walk in a pool where the floor cuts up the bottom of your feet? Or it just looks worn and old? For 20 years, Siesta Pebble has been renovating aging pools and putting bright beautiful finishes on new ones. They offer top quality pool finishes and complete backyard renovations, from something simple to sensational. Top to bottom, this certified Pebble Tec applicator can transform any old pool into a dazzling oasis. The only thing more solid than their pool finishes is their reputation. 56 7-1678; siestapebble.comBEST PLACE THAT GETS YOU, AND GETS YOU THEREMAD TravelThe right travel plan is as unique as each individuals tastes and passions. Whatever your dream destination and experience, MAD Travel President, Lee McCarthy, is dedicated to getting you there. Mr. McCarthy and his wife, Lisa, have been focused on sending Southwest Florida clients wherever they choose since 1994. And they enjoy scouting new destinations themselves. A few of the McCarthys favorite trips have included a safari in Kenya and Tanzania, cruising through Alaska, exploring Italy and the Mediterranean, and cycling throughout New Mexico. When planning a cruise or destination wedding, adventure or business trip, historical excursion or family vacation, MAD Travel is your link to the world. 263-4422; madtravel.comBEST WAY TO PICK YOUR ANGELVisiting Angels of Fort MyersVisiting Angels is a non-medical provider of reliable, trustworthy in-home senior care and companionship. Through their Select Your Caregiver program, you can interview any caregiver referred by the service to make sure its the right fit. Then give your angel the daily schedule such as getting up and meal times. They ensure you or your loved one continue to live comfortably at home with dignity, compassion and respect. (800) 365-4189;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 71 HAND-SIGNED JEWELRY UNIQUE GIFTS JEWELRY REPAIRS EXQUISITE GEMS WATCH REPAIRS JEWELRY APPRAISALSMARKLORENDESIGNS.COMAWARD-WINNING DESIGNER JEWELER GOLDSMITHFort Myers Gallery 13351 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33919 239-482-4664 Naples Gallery 9118 Strada Place #8120 Naples, FL 34108 239-596-5820 6 6 BEST PLACE FOR YOUR BUSINESS TO GET INSURANCERMC GroupRMC Group is an international provider of insurance, risk management, retirement and actuarial consulting services. From around the globe, our professionals help businesses and individuals anticipate, quantify, and understand the risks they face. Since 1974, members of the RMC Group have represented the interests of their clients by helping them make sense of an increasingly complex world. We work with clients of all sizes by defining, designing, and delivering solutions to better manage risk. RMCs team brings deep intellectual capacity, industry-specific expertise, global experience, and collaboration. We offer risk consulting and management, insurance brokering, alternative risk financing, retirement consulting and administration, and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals. 298-8210; rmcgp.comBEST RESTAURANT ON THE WATERT-Michaels Steak & Lobster HouseWith its curved wall of windows overlooking Venetian Bay, every seat in the house is a great one at T-Michaels. The restaurant exudes a laidback elegance where guests dine on USDA prime steaks, whole Maine lobster and fresh, local seafood specials. Regulars cozy up to the bar they call their Cheers and enjoy craft cocktails or wine from an expansive, ever-evolving list. Stop by with your friends and loved ones to unwind at days end. Order up some of the best food in Florida. Sit back and enjoy the view at sunset, when resident dolphins tend to visit, and find out why they call this paradise. 261-0622; BEST PLACE TO GO GOURMETWynns MarketParents are often superheroes as they juggle jobs, soccer practice, piano lessons and doctor appointments and then finish the day preparing a healthful, satisfying family meal. Sometimes they just need a break. And when that time comes, Wynns Market is ready, with a variety of wines, baked goods and deli foods as well as fresh, time-saving, easy-tomake (or already prepared) things for dinner. Dash in for ready-made meal or have fun finding all the right ingredients for your special dish. Wynns takes the chore out of grocery shopping and helps you makes every meal gourmet. 261-7157; wynnsonline.comBEST DERMATOLOGY AND AESTHETIC CENTER IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDAYag-Howard Dermatology CenterDr. Cyndi Yag-Howard is a nationally recognized expert on the science of skin health, and facial-sculpting techniques that can make you look years younger. And as an artist with an inside-out understanding of facial anatomy, a careful eye for contour, and high sensitivity to her patients desired look, she understands that your face is living artwork. A board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, she utilizes the latest facial fillers, neurotoxins, laser, and surgical options for amazing results. As Dr. Yag-Howard says, You can spend money on that special something you wear once in a while or you can invest in your face, which you wear every day! 529-3376; yhderm.comBEST PLACE FOR BANKING AND MORTGAGESLake Michigan Credit UnionLake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) now also has a full service retail and mortgage office in Bonita Springs, providing a full range of personal banking products and services, from high interest-bearing checking accounts to mortgages, and the very latest in online and mobile banking technologies. Founded in 1933, LMCU is Michigans largest credit union with over 340,000 members. ATM access includes the 55,000 worldwide locations of the AllPoint ATM network. Bauer Financial Group awarded LMCU its coveted 5-Star rating for financial safety and soundness, while Weiss Ratings gives LMCU an A+ for excellent financial strength. To find out more, visit

PAGE 156 FLORIDA WEEKLY72 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 New Location: 4947 Tamiami Trail NorthAcross from Outback Steakhouse on S/B 41 N in the Liberty Plaza Reservations: (239) 529-2101 LUNATIC HOURHappy Hour Gone Crazy{ 3-7 pm at the Bar Daily } { 1/2 Price All Drinks (including top shelf) } { 1/2 Price All Wines } { $6 Appetizer Menu } Live Music EVERY NIGHT New Location Lunch & Dinner Served DailyEvery Day Noon-Closefor only $29.99HOME OF A Veally Good Deal 6 6 BEST WAY TO KEEP IT TOGETHER All About Closets It all starts with your closets and storage spaces. Get those right, and the rest of your life can stay neat, organized and efficient as well. The experts at All About Closets will work with you to design and build the most functional and attractive storage areas for your wardrobe, office, garage and laundry rooms. Transform your clutter into a space youll be proud to show off. Most importantly, feel the peace of mind that comes with having a closet where everythings laid out just the way you need it. Call them for a free consultation. 303-5829; AllAboutClosets.comBEST NEW YOUAzul Cosmetic SurgeryTake a look in the mirror and meet the new you. Same as the old you, but better more confident, defying your age, looking great. Dr. Patrick Flaharty at Azul Spa is renowned for his work solely on faces. By treating the face as a complete unit rather than many discrete parts, he and his team ensures your results are complete and natural looking. With more than two decades in practice, he has contoured and revitalized the faces of thousands of men and women. Patients will find a warm, caring atmosphere at his offices in Fort Myers, Naples and Bonita Springs. They offer cosmetic surgery and nonsurgical methods including face and neck lifts, CO2 laser skin resurfacing for severely sun-damaged skin and a liquid face lift with Botox. 415-7576; Azulbeauty. comBEST PLACE FOR AC/HVAC, PLUMBING & ELECTRICAL NEEDSBruno Bruno Air has made a name for itself by providing superior service for air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation. Now, the company is expanding to provide the same efficient and professional service for electrical and plumbing. Whether its residential or commercial, Bruno can now handle wiring, lighting and water needs. Its a one-stop shop for all your needs. Call any time of the day or night to schedule an appointment with a trusted and knowledgeable technician. Now also servicing Tampa and Orlando areas. 908-4704; Brunoair.comBEST DESIGNER FINDS True FashionistasTrue Fashionistas designer resale and online designer consignment store is first on every Southwest Florida fashionistas list for its selection of high-quality, gently used clothing and accessories. Need to spruce up your wardrobe? Drop by the store or shop online for mens, womens and childrens clothing. With a 100 percent authenticity guarantee, True Fashionistas carries designer brands including Burberry, Christian Dior, Kate Spade, Tiffany & Co., Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and many, many more. 596-5044;;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 73 Protect the home you love. 2015 Allstate Insurance Co.175672 Ted Todd Insurance 239-210-4663Get a quote today at If you need home coverage, we can help. We live and work right here in our community. We know what the homes are like in the area. So we can oer advice you can trust to help you get the protection that ts your needs. If youre ready to talk home insurance or need some advice about protecting all thats important to you, call us today. 1. Earn more! Earn a whopping 3% APY* on balances up to $15,000 with Max CheckingSM. Plus, free ATMs and no minimum balance requirement. 2. Save more! Guaranteed low mortgage rates.** Nows the time to save on a new home. 3. Get more! Get a better rate on your money with our great CD rates!****Interest not paid on balances over $15,000. Refunds up to $15 per month in ATM withdrawal fees when you withdraw from your Max Checking account. Rate subject to change. To receive monthly interest rate, Max Checking requires direct deposit into your Max Checking account, minimum of 10 debit card purchases per month, minimum of 4 logins to home banking per month and sign up to receive eStatements/eNotices. **LMCU will match any legitimate competitors offer, or credit the borrower $300 off closing costs. ***Minimum deposit $500. Rate subject to change. Penalties for early withdrawal. LMCU Membership required. This includes .25% MORE bonus. This credit union is federally insured by the NCUA.24201 Walden Center Dr. Suite #101 Bonita Springs (239) 908-5870 | LMCU.orgCarter Oosterhouse Carpenter, TV Host and LMCU member M o r e M o r e More! 12 Month CD1.25% APY CD SPECIALRate subject to change. Offer expires 5/31/16. FWbest Three great reasons to open an account:Stop in to our new Bonita Springs branch today. Anyone can open an account!

PAGE 158 FLORIDA WEEKLY74 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST PLACE TO HEAR 20,000 WOWSCornerstone Builders of SW FloridaWith more than 20,000 satisfied customers, Cornerstone Builders has been serving Southwest Florida since 1988. Known for customers so satisfied they say WOW at the end of the job, this company continually exceeds expectations. From kitchen and bath remodeling to custom closets and cabinetry to complete home renovation, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida can turn your vision for your home into reality. No deposit is required to start your project, and you receive a lifetime material warranty on all products they manufacture for as long as you own your home. Their dedicated team members are all Cornerstone employees and are with you every step of the way, from the in-home consultation through completion of the project. 674-0560; cornerstonebuildersswfl.comBEST WAY TO SHOW SOMEONE YOU CAREEdible ArrangementsFlowers die. Fruit and chocolate nourish and satisfy. Whether youre imparting heartfelt congratulations, appreciation or condolences, the inventively cut, chocolate-dipped and decorated baskets from Edible Arrangements get the message across in a way nothing else can. Deliver your message with heart by giving a gift they can put in their stomachs. Baskets include items like strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, fresh banana slices hand dipped in various chocolate selections. Bonita Springs: 676-9911, Naples: 643-7070; EdibleArrangements.comBEST PLACE TO FIND YOUR MEDICINEApothicare 360Apothicare is a neighborhood pharmacy that offers so much more than youll find at the big chain stores. The staff is made up of experts in pharmacy, medicine, nursing and natural medicine to produce 360 degrees of care for patients. They meet or beat prices on prescriptions and also offer compounding, where medicine is custom mixed and made designed specifically for your physiology. The team provides natural solutions to promote healthy mind and body by showing you the best treatments to enhance your energy, longevity and absolute nutrition. Take action, change your life and ultimately, live better with the help of Apothicare 360.; 690-7700BEST WAY TO COVER YOUR HOME, OFFICE OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT NEEDS ITWayne Wiles Floor CoveringsThis family-owned business has covered Southwest Florida in the finest flooring for more than 30 years. The company prides itself on guiding clients to the right flooring choice, whether its vinyl, carpet, wood, tile, stone, rugs or more. Wayne Wiles is a STAINMASTER Flooring Center, a distinction only afforded to a limited, select group across the country. Check out one of their newly remodeled showrooms and save more than you would at a big box retailer. 4827600; BEST ULTIMATE BEACH VACATIONLani KaiThe Lani Kai Resort is a beachfront institution thats served as a destination for revelers and families for nearly 40 years. Enjoy live music and dancing and great food at one of the great spots that fall under the Lani Kais umbrella. Get your party on at the new Club Ohana. Theres also the new Sabal Palm Beach Bar & Grill with an outside patio over the beach area and signature cocktails and dining. Relax on the white-sand beach, play volleyball, swim in the heated pool, ride jet skis or head up to the two roof-top spots to check out the spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Island. The all-new Island View restaurant features Italian fusion and seafood bistro cuisine. Dine outside on the casual Sun Deck Restaurant. Theres always a good time to be had at the Lani Kai. 463-3111; EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONSSINCE 1988CORNERSTONE

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 75 BEST MOVERS AND SHAKERSMcQuaid and CompanyForego the humdrum realtors and meet the team at McQuaid and Company. These movers and shakers push harder and go the distance for their clients to get them exactly what theyre looking for. Not just a real estate company, they build communities throughout the Gulf coast. From Mediterra and The Quarry to Caloosa C ove, Briarcliff and many more, the movers and shakers at McQuaid and Company can help you make the best of the Southwest Florida luxury lifestyle. 498-4880; McQuaidco.comBEST WAY TO BE HEALTHYMother Earth Natural FoodsThe right diet can help you reduce the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and other health-related issues. Whether you are hoping to drastically change your current lifestyle or simply want to start making healthier decisions, Mother Earth provides an extensive collection of healthy foods and wellness products. Since 1975, the company has provided local residents with quality natural foods, fresh produce, nutrition and health supplements, weight management products and more. There are now six locations where you can find organic and gluten-free foods, fresh produce, frozen and refrigerated foods, healthy snacks and pet food. Whether youre a long-time health nut or are ready to make a change, Mother Earth is the place to go. 939-0990; MotherEarthnatfds.comBEST BLING, BAUBLES, BIDDING AND BANG FOR YOUR BUCKGulfcoast Coin & JewelrySome sparkle, glitter and shine always make life a little better, but beautiful bling tends to cost bountiful Benjamins. That is, unless youre shopping for your baubles at Gulfcoast Coin & Jewelry, where youll find rare and precious coins, metal, diamonds and jewelry. Try your hand at bidding during one of Gulfcoasts local auctions (see the website), where collectors and buyers will always find bargains, and sellers will benefit from the teams more than three decades of experience with the very Best bling. 939-5636; GulfCoastCoin.comBEST ISLAND VACATION RENTALIsland Vacations of Sanibel & CaptivaWe all need to get away from it all, even if we already live in paradise. Run off for a weekend or a month with that special one, or take the whole extended family to a condo or house on Sanibel or Captiva. Island Vacations maintains a flawless 100 percent satisfaction rate by selectively curating properties that meet high standards of quality and comfort. Island Vacations lets you enjoy the islands in the comfort of a place that will feel like your home away from home from the moment you step inside. 472-7277; sanibelislandvacations.comBEST BACKYARD RETREATJackson Custom PoolsJackson Custom Pools offer pool owners the best of all worlds. If you can dream it Jackson Custom Pools can build it. With 65 years of experience, they are experts in building and renovating, offering 3-D design concepts and award winning construction. Their maintenance and cleaning division guarantee homeowners a pool to enjoy year round with no surprises. Jackson Custom Pools pride themselves on quality workmanship, premium equipment and decades of knowledge. Its no surprise that they have been voted No. 1 for new pool construction, renovations, repairs and weekly maintenance. Serving Lee and Collier counties. You will never need another pool company. 425-0300;

PAGE 160 FLORIDA WEEKLY76 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 Open Sunday-Thursday 4 to 9 p.m. | Open Friday-Saturday 4 to 10 p.m. | Reservations Accepted Best Restaurant on the Water Reservations 239.261.0622 4050 Gulf Shore Boulevard North; Take US 41 to Park Shore 6 6 BEST WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUMassage EnvyYou cant take care of anything or anyone unless you take care of you first. Massage Envy helps keep you healthy and happy with routine massages, spa facials and Murad products that help relieve stress, manage pain and encourage relaxation. It feels good to feel good. With four locations, its easy to let one of Massage Envys licensed therapists and estheticians create a personal treatment plan that feels right for you. In Naples at the Boulevard Shops, Estero in Coconut Point mall, Fort Myers at Summerlin Crossing and Cape Coral in the Shoppes of Santa Barbara II. 325-3689; MassageEnvy.comBEST PLACE TO SHARE A MALTED WITH YOUR SWEETHEARTMels DinerDiners are an American tradition that never went out of style. Mels exemplifies this ideal, the home cooked, stick-to-your-ribs specials as well as flair: neon and bright metal trim and hometown servers. You cant go wrong with dishes like a hot open-face meatloaf sandwich, blue-p late specials and mile-high chocolate chip pancakes. But those only scratch the surface of a menu as big and generous as the portions. Order up a malted for you and your sweetheart and find a place where those happy days never went away. Bonita Springs: 949-3080, Golden Gate: 455-4242, Naples: 643-9898; MelsDiners.comBEST FUSION OF FLAVOR AND HEALTHPizza FusionPizza is traditionally considered junk food. But its anything but at Pizza Fusion, where the fresh ingredients like veggies, herbs and spices are known to promote heart health, eliminate toxins and boost brain function. All that, and theyre delicious too. Gourmet pizza here is untainted by artificial additives like preservatives, growth hormones, pesticides, nitrates and trans fats. Theres also an eclectic variety of gourmet sandwiches, salads, desserts, beer and wine. Glutenfree and vegan options are also available. See just how tasty eating healthy can really be. 262-8111; PizzaFusion.comBEST WAY FOR YOUR SPOUSE TO SAY ITS A MIRACLEMiracle EarHuh? Whats that you say? I couldnt make out what you said, honey. Sometimes youre not ignoring your spouse, you just really cant hear very well. Hearing loss is a common problem that affects people at different ages, but the experienced staff at Miracle Ear has the latest technology to help fix the problem. Part of the reason why they are Americas most recognized brand of hearing aids, is the strong commitment to their customers. Take a free hearing test, have the experts assess your problem and find the best match for your needs. Hearing aids no longer have to be big and bulky, there are a wide range of models to choose from at Miracle Ear. Discover the Miracle-Ear Experience in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs or Charlotte County. 249-3440;

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If values arent shared, they arent lived.FORT MYERS 13515 Bell Tower Drive Fort Myers, FL 33907 (239) 433-4535 For more than 90 years, BB&T Insurance Services has never taken a relationship for granted. We set out to earn your business each and every day. Our strong value system helps us determine what is right and reasonable. And to remain focused on doing whats in the best interests of the clients and communities we service. Discover the value a values driven agency can offer for you. 2016 Branch Banking and Trust Company. BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANYNAPLES 889 111th Ave N, Suite 201 Naples, FL 34108 (239) 261-0428 CAPE CORAL 4707 SE 9th Place, Suite 102 Cape C oral, FL 33904 (239) 77 2-5400

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 79 LEGACY HARBOUR Looking for the Best Place to Stay on the Water? You found it! 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 6 6 6 6 6 6 BEST PLACE TO STAY ON THE WATERLegacy Harbour Hotel & SuitesIf youre looking for the right place to land in Fort Myers, low-key, laid back, conveniently close and uncommonly cozy, thats what Legacy Harbour Hotel & Suites is your best bet. The hotel property includes a heated swimming pool and sun deck and a 5,000-square-foot deck overlooking the beautiful Legacy Harbour Marina and the Caloosahatchee River. This quiet oasis is walking distance is walking distance from all the best arts, culture, dining and attractions that downtown Fort Myers has to offer, including the Edison-Ford Estates and Harborside Event Center. There are also conference rooms and an outdoor chickee hut and deck thats perfect for gatherings, receptions or just chilling out with a cold beverage by the waters edge. 332-2048; LegacyHarbour.comBEST NEW EMPLOYERPromise HospitalSouthwest Floridas newest hospital specializes in helping patients with the long recovery period from the most complex of medical conditions. Southwest Floridas only long-term acute care hospital needs workers to deliver round-the-clock dedication to patients. The wages are competitive and there are opportunities for growth. Consider being a part of a compassionate staff with a shared mission of helping patients recover and return to their homes and families. 313-2900; Promisefortmyers.comBEST PLACE TO EAT BREAKFAST AND COME BACK FOR LUNCHOld 41 RestaurantHigh quality home-cooked American classics and excellent service are the secrets to Old 41s success. Owner Tony Backos has brought his 40 years of experience from his family owned restaurants in Philadelphia to Southwest Florida, and were all the better for it. Fill up on breakfast favorites like pancakes, omelets, and good old sausage gravy and biscuits. Take a stroll around the block, then come back for home-cooked roast beef and turkey with homemade gravy or the Philly cheese steak, made with real rib eye steak is as good as it gets. 948-4123; Old41rest.comBEST REAL ESTATE ROUNDUPRemax Realty Group Michael FryeEmpty nesters looking for a waterfront dream home, entrepreneurs seeking office space or investors interested in apartments will find this energetic, award-winning office of professional headed by Michael Frye, will fit their needs. Developers looking for commercial spaces to build out will also find a selection of well-researched sites on the Michael Frye website. A former bank director and Certified Commercial Investment Member, Mr. Frye along with his team, remain committed to helping clients find just what theyre looking for. 489-0444;, FtMyersCommercial.comBEST PLACE TO ESCAPE TO THE ACTIONSeminole Casino Hotel ImmokaleeIndulge in culinary delights, dance the night away or win big in the high-energy casino, all while relaxing in one of their beautifully designed deluxe rooms or suites. Check out Elvis Fest on June 25-26 and watch the calendar for world-class performers. Four restaurants offer a variety of cuisines to satisfy your adventurous palate. Whatever your game, the casino boasts more than 1,300 slot machines and 38 live game tables. Theyve paid out more than 180 million in winnings, so get in on the action and get your share. 6581313;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY80 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOURSTed Todd InsuranceFor 30 years, Ted Todd Insurance has been protecting your loved ones and your future. The company has grown to be one of the largest and wellrespected Allstate agencies in the country. The company offers hands-on, one-on-one communication with caring local agents as well as the most innovative online solutions and tools. This year, Teds son, Charles Todd became CEO of the company with an ongoing commitment to creating a culture where both employees and clients feel good about their coverage. 561-1100; TedToddInsurance.comBEST PLACE TO KICK UP YOUR BOOTSThe Ranch Concert Hall and SaloonAfter a long week at work, sometimes youve got to let loose. The Ranch is just the place to do it, with the company of a few hundred fellow revelers at this massive 25,000-square-foot saloon. There are drink specials every night, and a giant dance floor for you to line dance, limbo and cha-cha your way to happiness. The Ranch also hosts hot national music acts that run the gamut of tastes from Rick Springfield and Warrant to Tanya Tucker, Parmalee and Jo Dee Mesina. Check their Facebook page often to see whos playing. 985-9839; TheRanchfortmyers.comBEST TRANSPARENT HOME DEFENSEClear Choice Windows USA of SWFLWhile the Southwest Florida lifestyle does have its perks, its important to protect your home and business from the inevitable storms that plague our summer months. Impact windows from Clear Choice Windows not only look great, but they provide noise reduction, insulation, reduction in energy costs and savings on your insurance bill. The team at Clear Choice has been custom fitting homes with beautiful windows for more than 20 years. Thats why they know how to do the job right, guaranteed.; 337-2287BEST WAY TO REACH YOUR PHYSICAL PEAKGeared Up!Geared Up is run by 18-time Ironman and Team USA member Angie Ferguson, a triathlon coach and trainer for all ages and levels of athletes. Shell inspire you to reach personal goals, working fitness into your lifestyle and tailoring a program that meets your individual needs with her therapeutic approach to fitness. Shell get you shaped up and geared up, whether youre a recreational first timer or an Ironman World Championship competitor. 246-2920; GearedUp.bizBEST WAY TO BE BEST DRESSEDNu Image CleanersWherever youre going, to a job interview or a party, on a date or to work every day, you can count on looking your Best in clothes cleaned by Nu Image. This dry cleaning, restoration and tailoring business has 40 years of experience bringing out the Best in designer suits and wedding gowns, office apparel and leather jackets alike. Their eco-friendly cleaning techniques rid garments of the worst stains and extend the life of your clothes. Central Fort Myers: 936-0665, Fiddlesticks: 454-2665; NuImageCleaners.comBEST FLORIDA STYLE DINING EXPERIENCEPinchersThe original Pinchers Crab Shack started out with a simple concept, provide the freshest seafood in a fun down-to-earth atmosphere. The company bought a stake in the Island Crab Company on Pine Island, ensuring a reliable source of Gulf seafood right from the water and onto diners plates. Even though the small crab shack has now expanded to almost a dozen locations with more than 500 employees, the secret to its success is to keep giving people the Florida waterfront fishhouse experience. You cant fake fresh, or Florida. Pinchers is the real deal. 245-7049;

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www.marcoescapes.comExperience Something GrandEXCELLENCE IS A CHOICE.Finer Marco Island and Naples Area Vacation Rentals Marco Islands Leading Luxury BrandLocated in the Marco Walk Plaza 599 South Collier Boulevard, Suite 115 Reservations & Info: (239) 217-6300 Whatever your Orthopedic concerns, has a specialist for you. BONITA SPRINGS (239) 985-3337FORT MYERS (239) 482-2663 John N. Mehalik, M.D.Shoulder & Knee Daniel J. Harmon, D.O.Hip & Knee Bryan C. Swift, D.P.M.Foot & AnkleWorking hard to keep you activeThe Best Place to Treat all Your Orthopedic Needs

PAGE 166 FLORIDA WEEKLY82 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 OUR SUCCESSYOUR SUPPORT 6 6 THANK YOU FOR MAKING US #1Thank you for making us #1 in the nation 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. We personally invite you to visit our absolutely stunning, waterfront location next to Tin City, or call us today! Thank you for your support. MarineMax Naples Yacht Center | 1146 6th Avenue South | Naples, FL 34102 | 1 (888) 761-0293 BEST TEXAS BBQ WITH A FLORIDA TWISTTexas Tonys Rib HouseBefore he and his family moved to Florida and started Pinchers Crab Shack, Tony Phelan grew up on Texas barbecue. When he discovered that Floridas orange wood created a delicious mild flavor in slowcooked ribs, chicken and brisket, he was inspired to open his latest venture, Texas Tonys on the East Trail in Naples. The real secret is his dry rub and the ring produced when his meats are cooked slow and low for 18 hours. Classic sides like collard greens and fresh cut fries round out the finest Texas barbecue with a Florida twist. 732-8392; BEST COLLECTION OF ISLAND VACATION PROPERTIESMarco Escapes Set amid the stunning subtropical beauty that is unique to Southwest Floridas Gulf Coast, Marco Escapes is known for delivering only the finest setting for their guests to enjoy their highly valued vacation time. With a large array of properties on Marco Island and surrounding Naples area, Marco Escapes guests enjoy selections ranging from modern, family friendly homes near the epicenter of the action, to epic waterfront mansions with unparalleled decor, seclusion and privacy. Whatever your ideal getaway may be, Marco Escapes has waterfront pool homes of all flavors to suit your needs. 217-6300; marcoescapes.comBEST BOATING EXPERIENCEFreedom Boat ClubFreedom Boat Club delivers the Best of boating. Choose from 450-plus boats in 17 Southwest Florida locations. Choose from bowriders, inshore and offshore sport fishing boats, pontoons, deck boats, sailboats and kayaks and create memories to last a lifetime. Free unlimited training by licensed Coast Guard captains, plus fun monthly socials and fishing seminars. Several affordable membership plans available. Visit an open house for a FREE boat ride, cruise on over to the website or call for club location nearest you.; 888-905-7288.

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 83 YOU DREAM IT. WE BUILD IT.FSPA MEMBER / CPC 1457280855.446.5187 P P P O O O O O O L L L S S S & & & S S S P P P A A A S S S P P P P P Everyday EscapesThere simply is no better way to welcome the day, play all day, or to start your evening, than relaxing in your new Waterscapes Pool. Our designs whisk you away on a tropical vacation every time you step outside your home. From waterfalls, integrated spas, innity edges and fountains, our pools offer the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of solitary contemplation, a romantic interlude, or a special day with family and friends. We guarantee the absolute best experience with every pool, and well always be there if you ever need us. POOLS & SPAS Call us now to get started on YOUR backyard oasis!Call our new Design Center in Bonita Springs for a personal consultationBEST TEAM OF EXPERTS FOR ALL YOUR REAL ESTATE NEEDSParadise Coast Property TeamParadise Coast Property Team has earned the reputation for developing and executing solutions that make the Best sense for their clients. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, it pays to have a trusted advisor to help navigate the process of home ownership. Making Southwest Florida their home and workplace, rest assured their knowledge of local properties and expert market insights, attention to detail, honesty, and dedication to their clients make them an excellent source for all of your real estate transactions. Call today and see how the professionals at Paradise Coast Property Team can help you. Real Estate Professionals. Title company. Law offices. Appraisers. Residential. Commercial. Investment. Taking real estate to new heights, 206-4144; BEST DRESSED WINDOWSIsland Blinds Drapery Shutters With their beautiful and comprehensive selection of window treatments and coverings, the experts at Island Blinds have been dressing Southwest Floridas windows for over 20 years, one home at a time. The company serves Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers, offering the lowest prices and fast delivery and installation of major b linds, drapery and shutter manufacturers such as Graber, Kirtch, Comfortex and ADO. Island Blinds is a Hunter Doughlas Showcase Dealer. Visit their showroom at Bonita Plaza for free estimates. 405-7326; Islandblind.comBEST WAY TO FASHION YOUR WINDOWSSunCoast Blinds & Tinting No stranger to taking Best OF awards, SunCoast Blinds attention to detail and generations of experience explain the companys oversized award shelf. Owner Ben Crotteau says he has blinds in his blood, because he has been doing window fashions his whole life. Its true. His father was in the business and starting teaching Ben as a boy. That wealth of knowledge allows SunCoast Blinds to take a common-sense approach to your window fashion needs. They focus on custom-made quality but never lose sight on the importance of value. As Ben says, Your Windows Like Our Shutters. 495-6558; SunC BEST PLACE FOR INTERIOR DESIGN MAGICAgostinos Furniture & DesignWhether youre looking for a single accent lamp or working on an interior design project to furnish an entire home, let the magic begin at Agostinos. With their award-winning design team, this family run business has for more than two decades curated the finest furnishings from brands around the world, hand-crafted antiques and reproductions, traditional and modern furniture, and artwork, for every room in the house. Clients receive personal attention to always ensure satisfaction. Agostinos impeccable Naples showroom is a pleasure to visit, a great place to discuss your design plans however large or small and browse work by names such as John Richard, Jonathan Charles, Hooker, Maitland Smith, Ambella, Chelsea House, Bradburn, Theodore Alexander, Century, and many major European manufactures. 594-3037; agostinos.comBEST PLACE TO FIND A SLICE OF ITALYCosmos Caf & PizzeriaWhen you have a hankering for inspired, old-school Italian flavors, Cosmos Caf & Pizzeria in Naples serves up deep satisfaction. Owner Gianluca Corso brings his familys generations-old recipes to a menu that features hand-tossed pizza, pasta, sandwiches, seafood, and specialty dishes. Each is prepared with fresh ingredients and served with warm hospitality. So bring your appetite, and mangia! And next time you head to Naples Pier, check out Cosmos on the Pier. 262-8181;

PAGE 168 FLORIDA WEEKLY84 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST WATERFRONT DINING EXPERIENCEM Waterfront Grille Southwest Florida locals and visitors alike know that one of the Best ways to celebrate with friends and family is by dining in a relaxed and engaging atmosphere surrounded by views of beautiful Venetian Bay. M Waterfront Grilles executive chef-driven menu includes innovative takes on Continental cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood, steaks, handmade pasta, organics and tapas plates. A local favorite and destination restaurant, it places the utmost importance on flawless service. Add to that an awardwinning wine list of allocated vintages and large format selections, and the result is one of Naples Best dining experiences. 263-4421; mwaterfrontgrille.comWEIGHT LOSS RESULTSNew Journey Weight Loss & Wellness The path to a slimmer, healthier, happier you is not about cookie-c utter diets or quick fix drugs. New Journeys experienced team of health and wellness professionals are your guides to a lifestyle that fits your unique goals and tastes. Personal coaching, nutritional information from their own licensed dietician, meal plans featuring restaurant and grocery store foods, and unlimited weekly visits for added motivation and support are your route to long-term success. Led by Dina DogumSmith, who has studied wellness techniques with leading experts such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Water Wilett, chair of nutrition at Harvard University, New Journeys techniques can improve your life at any age, no matter where you live. Their clients are as young as nine years old, and with New Journeys At Home Program, you can take your personal program with you anywhere you travel or move to. 280-0678; BEST BACKYARD OASISWaterscapes Pool & SpaPools are no longer square or rectangular. Available in every shape imaginable, featuring waterfalls and fountains, rockscapes and disappearing edges, your pool possibilities are practically endless. In fact, some pools arent really pools these days: Theyre waterscapes with tropical plantings, lagoons, hidden grottos and even fire features. The experts at Waterscapes Pool & Spa have been painting with water for decades and will create an escape customized to you. 855-446-5187, 28100 Bonita Grande Drive, Suite 200 Bonita Springs, FL 34135BEST 40 DELICIOUS YEARSJasons DeliHappy Anniversary to Jasons Deli, celebrating 40 delicious, nutritious years. Founded in 1976 in Beaumont, Texas, the company is dedicated to providing the tastiest and most healthful options to its customers. New dishes such as the super slaw salmon salad created with help from leading cancer nutritionists keep the menu interesting, while tried and true items such as their delectable specialty soups and sandwiches, an all-you-can-eat salad bar, organic offerings, and antibiotic-free chicken keep us coming back and on track year after year. Some things you wont find on the menu are artificial dyes, flavors, MSG and high-fructose corn syrup. Jasons Deli takes your health as seriously as your taste buds. 593-9499;

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FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 THE BEST 85 At Promise Hospital of Fort Myers, our primary focus lies in delivering quality care and excellent patient results. Having recently welcomed Lindsay Jakovac, RN, MBA, to our team as our new Chief Clinical Ofcer, we are looking forward to continued success and serving the community we value so much. As a long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital we offer comprehensive services including: Advanced Wound Care Program Respiratory and Ventilator Weaning Program IV Antibiotic Therapy 8 bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Surgical Operating SuiteAs the Best New Employer in Southwest Florida, our staffs level of dedication to our patients is what makes us special. Apply online for RN positions at BEST SEEK AND YE SHALL FINDGeocachingNeapolitans are wallowing in hidden treasure. The holy grail site for cache hunters, lists thousands of seek-and-find mini-loots in Collier County, their names a smorgasbord of whimsy, promise and caution: Dancefloor Palms, Seekin the Beakin, Skeeter Feeder Meter, Between a Lake and a Hard Place, Ghost Orchid and Swamp Ass among them. No matter your Collier location, know it or not, you are near secreted geocaches. Get out there and find you some!BEST TIME YOULL HAVE WRACKING YOUR BRAINThe Giver ChallengeIn Charity for Changes Giver program, Collier County students in grades K-5 spend 28 weeks answering math questions, solving character education puzzles and filling digital banks with coins they are donating to charities they have selected as a class. In the charitys Giver Challenge for grown-ups, adults attempt these tasks and other brainteasers to see firsthand how students learn about the importance of volunteerism, charities and giving back. This years fast-paced, laugh-filled evening promises to bring out the competitive kid in everyone Saturday, May 14, at the Hilton Naples.BEST BEACH BALLVolleyball at Naples city parksThe white sand beaches at the city pier and at Lowdermilk and Fleischman parks have volleyball courts, and many of them are packed seven days a week with people who have discovered one of the best fitness routines ever invented: beach volleyball. The sport tones almost every major muscle in the body. And you dont have to worry about diving to get the ball the sand will break your fall. Visit to find the next game.BEST DANCE PARTNERSThe Immokalee Foundation kids and board membersThe Immokalee Foundations Charity Classic Celebration at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort traditionally ends with board members and donors dancing with the kids from Immokalee whose futures are so much brighter because of TIF. This year was no different. The energetic teens and their proud mentors/champions/benefactors busted some moves side by side until the band started packing up. BEST FUN IN THE DARKCorkscrew After HoursIts a most civilized boardwalk trek through primeval cypress forests shrouded in dusk. Once a month November-April, Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary stays open several hours later than usual, allowing guests a rare glimpse of the ancient swamp as it descends into night. There are guided walks and telescopes set up on the boardwalk, as well as live music and work by local artists on display in the pavilion.

PAGE 170 FLORIDA WEEKLY86 THE BEST WEEK OF MAY 5-11, 2016 BEST FLIGHT OUT OF TOWNHonor FlightHonor Flight salutes the service of Americas evershrinking ranks of World War II veterans by transporting them, at no charge, to Washington, D.C., (up and back in a day on a chartered flight) to see the National WWII Memorial. Each WWII veteran is accompanied by a younger veteran for assistance and companionship. The Southwest Florida branch of Honor Flight funds and organizes two of the emotion-filled, daylong trips each year for veterans in Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Manatee, DeSoto and Hendry counties.BEST FLIGHT INTO TOWNRoseate spoonbillsWhen the sky turns pink over the Ten Thousand Islands, it may not be the sunset. Nothing is quite as picturesque as when flocks of bright pink roseate spoonbills come to roost among the mangroves. Nature photographer Dennis Goodman is known for capturing the many wading avian species that help make our area so magical. Heres just one image from his awe-inspiring portfolio.BEST WEIRD LANDSIDE ATTRACTIONThe Bay City Walking DredgeIt sits like a giant metal transformer in CollierSeminole State Park. Built in 1924 and declared a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, the old behemoth did its part to dig and pile muck for Barron Gift Colliers section of the Tamiami Trail, which officially opened in 1928. Read more about it at R.I.P.Fakahatchee Island CemeteryIn a quiet spot on the lonely, lovely Fakahatchee Island, a cluster of headstones recalls the isolated existence of island pioneers to the area before Collier the county came into existence. Around 1900, the key was home to enough fishing and farming families that they even had their own school. Today only the dead remain, haunting sentinels to an era bygone. BEST THANKSGIVING TRADITIONThe Farm City BBQFor six decades, city and country folk from throughout Collier County have gathered together for the annual Farm City BBQ the day before Thanksgiving. The delicious event raises money for local causes, including 4-H, Youth Leadership Collier, the Junior Deputy League and Key Club. Dozens of civic and business leaders typically dish out the grub to a hungry and grateful crowd. BEST WEIRD WATERSIDE ATTRACTIONThe Domes of Cape RomanoOriginally a private home constructed by the Tennessee family of Bob and Margaret Lee, the watery domes were once high and dry and connected by wooden decks. They were built with futuristic style and loaded with modern conveniences. Time and definitely tide have taken their toll, turning the dome home into one of the regions most iconic sites for those fortunate enough to explore the area by water. 2015 @ Happening 239-598-3473www.agavenaples.comSouthwest corner of Airport & Vanderbilt Serious fun. Serious flavor.agavenaples /AgaveNaples AgaveNaples NaplesAgave # The BEST in serious fun and serious flavor is at Agave Bar & Grill! 6 6 2015

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MANUEL PEA, M.D.Board Certi ed Plastic SurgeonLocated at Exit 107, off I-75 6360 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 101 Naples, Florida 34119 Since 1990, we have performed innovative cosmetic procedures on more than 25,000 patients. Dr. Pea is considered to be one of the leading surgeons in Southwest Florida. Whatever type of cosmetic option you are considering, we can promise well work hard to deliver spectacular care and do all we can to get your face and body looking great.Aesthetic Surgery of the FACE, BREAST & BODY Non-Surgical Skin Tightening of the FACE & BODY Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Also Improves Mild To Moderate Urinary Incontinence Naples First Medispa 5 5 6 6

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CLIVEDANIELHOME CD NAPLES BOCA RATON www.clivedaniel.com2777 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34103 239.261.home(4663) Shop Mon through Sat 10am-6pmSun noon-5pm [the hottest spot in Naples to re up your design!]Winner of over100 Awardsfor excellence includingBest Interior Design in multiple categories Best New Showroom in the USA andBest Showroom in SW Floridafor 4 consecutive years!101

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1 1 21099 Spyglass Lane Linda Perry/Judy Perry 2 39.404.7052 Web ID 216028524 $ 8,000,000 Galleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 214053711 $ 18,500,000 4233 Gordon Drive Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 215001052 $ 14,500,000 3600 Nelsons Walk Karen Van Arsdale 2 39.860.0894 Web ID 215038183 $ 18,900,000 3001 Rum Row Friley Saucier 2 39.293.3532 Web ID 216022071 $ 8,495,0001 2 3 4 5 3 4 5 PORT ROYAL THE MOORINGS // COQUINA SANDS PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM 4 3 5Lausanne #806N Angela R. Allen 2 39.825.8494 Web ID 216021363 $1 ,295,000 Boulevard Club #302 Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 215068436 $ 795,000 Harborside West #306 Vickie Larscheid 2 39.250.5041 Web ID 216028549 $ 469,000 Breakers #406 Jim Hild 2 39.860.6801 Web ID 216019539 $ 585,000 La Maison Club #113 Debbi/Marty McDermott 2 39.564.4231 Web ID 215070511 $ 435,0001 2 3 4 5112 Central Avenue Heather Hobrock 2 39.370.3944 Web ID 216028073 $ 6,495,000 Villas Del Mar #E-1 Debbi/Marty McDermott 2 39.564.4231 Web ID 216028580 $1 ,795,000 430 2nd Avenue North Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 216028485 $ 2,350,000 1498 Marlin Drive Fahada Saad 2 39.595.8500 Web ID 216010709 $ 3,500,000 Pierre Club #11 Debbi/Marty McDermott 2 39.564.4231 Web ID 216029112 $ 795,0001 2 3 4 5 1 3 4 5 2 2 OLD NAPLES // AQUALANE SHORES ROYAL HARBOR YOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACH

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172 Seabreeze Avenue Shirlene Elkins 239.777.9574 Web ID 215062904 $3,800,000 La Mer #1405 Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 216007416 $1,695,000 344 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215011946 $6,595,000 Aria #502 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 2 39.216.1973 Web ID 216004890 $ 5,550,000 St. Raphael #503 Craig Jones 2 39.825.6857 Web ID 216028148 $1 ,530,000 8121 Via Vecchia Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239.289.0433 Web ID 216024510 $6,450,000 518 Eagle Creek Drive Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 216028287 $ 465,000 Colonade #2502 Laurie Zanelli 2 39.675.9777 Web ID 216002065 $ 798,000 Grosvenor #1504 Helayne Frankel 2 39.293.7802 Web ID 215072062 $ 879,000 Regent #19N Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 216016305 $ 9,800,000 Terraces #607 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 2 39.261.6200 Web ID 215034284 $ 995,000 719 Willowhead Drive Debbi/Marty McDermott 2 39.564.4231 Web ID 216019477 $1 ,495,000 700 Old Trail Drive Vanya/Dimo Demirev 2 39.565.0550 Web ID 215051045 $1 ,540,000 Grand Bay #10 Bonnie Nageon De Lestang 239.280.6997 Web ID 216014466 $1,795,000 Claridge #6B Joann Sohn 2 39.450.2791 Web ID 216016019 $1 ,275,000 Grand Bay #3 Mara Muller/Amy Kodak 2 39.272.6170 Web ID 216021886 $ 2,185,000 Willow Brook #304 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 2 39.261.6200 Web ID 216022929 $ 439,000 Serendipity #575 Vickie Larscheid 2 39.250.5041 Web ID 216022426 $ 420,000 Hyde Park #C-PH6 Jerry Wachowicz 2 39.777.0741 Web ID 216016636 $1 ,250,000 Mansion La Palma #203 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 2 39.216.1973 Web ID 216016653 $1 ,199,000 8687 Purslane Drive Marybeth Brooks 2 39.272.6867 Web ID 216027113 $ 2,250,000 1328 Wood Duck Trail John D'Amelio 2 39.961.5996 Web ID 215060328 $ 2,150,000 Brighton #501 Barb Bardsley 2 39.784.6924 Web ID 216028678 $ 4,895,000 Mont Claire #N-101 Marilyn Moir 2 39.919.2400 Web ID 216010664 $5 98,000 8727 Purslane Drive Terri Moellers 239.404.7887 Web ID 216010641 $2,450,000 8755 Muireld Drive Terri Moellers 2 39.404.7887 Web ID 216029474 $1 ,540,000 Biltmore #1502 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 216013177 $ 4,399,000 63 Eugenia Drive Sue Black 2 39.250.5611 Web ID 215044394 $1 ,995,000 107 Trinidad Street Cynthia Corogin 2 39.393.6747 Web ID 216029401 $ 859,500 2130 Curtis Street Fahada Saad 2 39.595.8500 Web ID 214052852 $ 807,840 4260 15th Avenue SW Deb Welch 2 39.293.5294 Web ID 214025021 $ 3,900,000 La Peninsula #305 Vince Colace 2 39.260.3333 Web ID 215057792 $ 659,700 6498 Carema Lane Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 216007140 $1,295,000 3510 1st Avenue SW Cindy Reyf 3 05.582.2183 Web ID 216027752 $ 698,900 Beach House #102 Michael G. Lawler 2 39.261.3939 Web ID 215070944 $ 2,095,000 PARK SHORE PELICAN BAY BAY COLONY PELICAN MARSH PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM Aversana #1204 ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 214028046 $549,000 1473 Anhinga Pointe Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 209007441 $3,950,000 9097 Siesta Bay Drive Debra Waton 239.293.9057 Web ID 215058059 $549,000 643 106th Avenue North Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 Web ID 215060944 $689,900 12278 Colliers Reserve Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 Web ID 215033130 $1,479,000 NAPLES & SURROUNDS YOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACH

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172 Seabreeze Avenue Shirlene Elkins 239.777.9574 Web ID 215062904 $3,800,000 PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM 1395 Great Egret Trail Jamie Dockweiler 2 39.216.3753 Web ID 215014781 $ 6,125,000 897 Barcarmil Way Dave/Ann Renner 2 39.784.5552 Web ID 216029704 $1 ,550,000 4860 San Pablo Court Helen Baker 2 39.580.9522 Web ID 215042126 $ 419,000 336 Oak Avenue Ann Marie Shimer 2 39.825.9020 Web ID 215054679 $1 ,895,000 318 Saddlebrook Lane Gordie Lazich/Mark Maran 2 39.777.2033 Web ID 215058677 $ 610,000 15558 Whitney Lane Cynthia Miles 2 39.273.3449 Web ID 215071462 $ 899,900 Coach Homes #201 Roxanne Jeske 2 39.450.5210 Web ID 216028917 $ 389,000 518 96th Avenue North Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 215053645 $ 398,000 148 Seabreeze Avenue Joe Buch 2 39.404.5668 Web ID 215065960 $1,650,000 Lemuria #4-403 Gordie Lazich/Mark Maran 2 39.777.2033 Web ID 216012528 $ 599,000 The Strada #5501 Susan Gardner 2 39.438.2846 Web ID 216020487 $ 864,900 373 Tradewinds Avenue Clint Parsons 2 39.273.1474 Web ID 216016053 $1 ,349,000 1576 Marsh Wren Lane Melissa Williams 2 39.248.7238 Web ID 216009833 $ 2,195,000 7955 Cordoba Place Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 215053374 $ 529,900 1510 Forest Lakes Boulevard Fahada Saad 2 39.595.8500 Web ID 216022209 $ 380,000 3440 7th Avenue SW Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 215047850 $ 549,000 Lesina #403 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 2 39.213.7445 Web ID 215037985 $ 485,000 Aversana #1204 ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 214028046 $549,000 1234 Gordon River Trail Melissa Williams 2 39.248.7238 Web ID 214000494 $ 6,995,000 1473 Anhinga Pointe Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 209007441 $3,950,000 2563 Avila Lane Fahada Saad 2 39.595.8500 Web ID 215073646 $9 48,500 9269 Mercato Way Susan Gardner 2 39.438.2846 Web ID 216027429 $1 ,720,000 1535 Marsh Wren Lane Daniel Guenther 2 39.357.8121 Web ID 216021708 $1 ,995,000 9245 Mercato Way Mary Kavanagh 6 16.957.4428 Web ID 216028218 $ 1,900,000 The Strada #5416 Dave/Ann Renner 2 39.784.5552 Web ID 216012617 $1 ,595,000 8023 San Simeon Way Dave/Ann Renner 2 39.784.5552 Web ID 216008735 $ 799,000 657 Soliel Drive Gordie Lazich/Mark Maran 2 39.777.2033 Web ID 215038780 $ 549,900 Montclair #E-202 Erik David Barber 3 23.513.6391 Web ID 215055976 $ 545,000 Lemuria #1504 Tom Gasbarro 2 39.404.4883 Web ID 216004390 $ 675,000 1769 Supreme Court Debbie Broulik 2 39.297.5152 Web ID 216020036 $1 ,195,000 9097 Siesta Bay Drive Debra Waton 239.293.9057 Web ID 215058059 $549,000 643 106th Avenue North Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 Web ID 215060944 $689,900 12278 Colliers Reserve Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 Web ID 215033130 $1,479,000 GREY OAKS NORTH NAPLES VANDERBILT BEACH YOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACH

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Summit House #802 Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 216025473 $ 745,000 3365 Runaway Lane Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 216020574 $ 895,000 Villas at Waterside #201 Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 216013146 $ 589,000 Varenna #203 ML Meade 2 39.293.4851 Web ID 216028583 $ 429,000 Belize #2506 Jane Bond 2 39.595.9515 Web ID 215071925 $ 9,900,000 55 North Bareld Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 2 39.642.1133 Web ID 216014454 $1 ,350,000 Belize #1104 Brock/Julie Wilson 2 39.821.9545 Web ID 215052135 $ 2,049,000 426 Spinnaker Drive Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 216012249 $1,550,000 Belize #2504 Jane Bond 239.595.9515 Web ID 215071682 $6,999,000 Royal Marco Point #3-615 Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 216028192 $ 899,000 786 Whiskey Creek Drive Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 215070543 $ 950,000 33 Coppereld Court Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 215059346 $1 ,825,000 1887 Cascade Court Krystal Bernhardt 2 39.529.8994 Web ID 215062367 $1 ,175,000 1181 Osprey Court Cathy Rogers 2 39.821.7926 Web ID 215061702 $1 ,889,000 835 Willow Court Sherrie Pfeer 239.734.0539 Web ID 215072805 $559,900 South Seas #510 Cathy Rogers 2 39.821.7926 Web ID 215061201 $ 527,500 1281 Mimosa Court Cynthia Corogin 2 39.393.6747 Web ID 215066518 $ 1,700,000 Vintage Bay #6 Brock/Julie Wilson 2 39.821.9545 Web ID 215060725 $ 359,000 Beach View #F-101 Cathy Rogers 2 39.821.7926 Web ID 216012924 $ 359,000 Vintage Bay #B-28 Larry Caruso 2 39.394.9191 Web ID 215069879 $ 499,000 3875 Isla Del Sol Way Rodney Green 2 39.470.5223 Web ID 216005185 $ 2,395,000 7622 Mulberry Lane ML Meade 2 39.293.4851 Web ID 216012882 $ 749,000 8417 Mallards Way ML Meade 2 39.293.4851 Web ID 215055010 $ 499,000 Marengo #201 Lura Jones 2 39.370.5340 Web ID 213501789 $ 485,000 8540 Bellagio Drive ML Meade 239.293.4851 Web ID 215056754 $849,000 Cascada #202 Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 216015042 $ 499,000 Sonoma #201 ML Meade 2 39.293.4851 Web ID 215063661 $ 449,000 Cascada #201 Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 215055400 $ 448,500 Serena #201 Lura Jones 2 39.370.5340 Web ID 216016621 $ 399,000 Varenna #201 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 216000941 $452,000 Varenna #102 Michelle Thomas 2 39.860.7176 Web ID 215055858 $ 399,000 Sotheby's International Realty and the Sotheby's International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Premier Sotheby's International Realty participated as either the listing or cooperating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. Provence, France by Josephine Trotter used with permission. 18,800 ASSOCIATES | 835 OFFICES WORLDWIDE 63 COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES GLOBALLY | 36 PREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY LOCATIONS MARCO ISLAND FIDDLER'S CREEK PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM FIFTH AVENUE | 239.434.8770THE GALLERY CENTRAL NAPLES | 239.659.0099MERCATO SALES CENTER | 239.594.9400BONITA SPRINGS | 239.948.4000MARCO ISLAND | 239.642.2222VANDERBILT | 239.594.9494THE VILLAGE | 239.261.6161SANIBEL | 239.472.2735CAPTIVA | 239.395.5847ESTUARY SALES CENTER | 239.261.3148BROAD AVENUE | 239.434.2424MYSTIQUE AT PELICAN BAY | 239.598.9900 YOUR LOCALLY OWNED PARTNER WITH A GLOBAL REACH

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8 OFFICES SERVING ALL OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA WEEKLY Call 866-657-2300#1 Century 21 in the state of orida CLYDE VISIT WWW.C21SUNBELT.COM TO VIEW ALL AVAILABLE LISTINGS! Minutes To The River3/2 pool & spa. Yacht Club, nice water views and many upgrades.$550,7311-866-657-2300 800CC072550. CAPE CORAL Beautiful Southern Exposure Gulf AccessBeautiful 3/2 + den, pool home located in unit 69. Cape Harbour, dining & shopping, and turnkey.$549,0001-866-657-2300 800CC038865. CAPE CORAL Beautiful 3/3 Waterfront Pool HomeExquisite 3/3/3, den waterfront pool home. Stunning Formal living & dining rooms, family room and gourmet kitchen$545,9001-866-657-2300 800CH223997. PORT CHARLOTTE A Rare GemNestled in the Country Club area beside a saltwater canal. 2700 sq.ft. pool home has too many upgrades to mention!$540,0001-866-657-2300 800CC052757. CAPE CORAL Gorgeous Gulf Access Pool HomeDon't miss out on this very spacious 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath 2 car garage gulf access home! Updated Kitchen & baths.$499,9001-866-657-2300 800CC027361. CAPE CORAL Cape Boater's Dream Home3/2 pool home in fabulous unit 58! Well maintained. Living room/formal dining room, eat-in kitchen w/maple cabinets.$499,9001-866-657-2300 800CC004757. CAPE CORAL Location! Location! Only 2 Minutes To The River!!!This beautiful direct sailboat access pool home offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The spacious lanai is great.$490,0001-866-657-2300 800CC072107. CAPE CORAL Brand New Gulf Access Pool Home!Beautiful open floor plan! 2245 sq.ft. under air. 3 bed/2 bath with 3-car garage. Lots of upgrades! Ready to move in early 2016!$465,0001-866-657-2300 800CC070812. CAPE CORAL Location, Location, LocationThis popular Reddington model in the Bridgetown development of the Plantation can be yours! 3 bed+den. Over 2500 sq.ft.$379,9001-866-657-2300 800CC012434. FORT MYERS Location, LocationBetter then new contractor's dream.$350,0001-866-657-2300 800FM019452. FORT MYERS Beautiful Gulf View Condo on Fort Myers BeachUnobstructed direct facing of the gulf in this 5th floor condo. Community also has the largest beach front pool.$349,0001-866-657-2300 800BS025034. FORT MYERS BEACH Beautiful 4 Bedroom Home In Gated Bella TerraGorgeous 4 bedroom 2 bath Hampton Model home. Home has over 2300 sq.ft. Great upgrades within the home.$339,0001-866-657-2300 800BS021005. ESTERO Rarely Available, Turnkey, 2nd Floor Antigua ModelThis beautifully decorated 3/2/2 coach home offers Custom Robb & Stucky furniture with coordinating window treatments.$333,9001-866-657-2300 800BS028265. ESTERO Lakefront 3 Bed/2 Bath Single Family HomeGorgeous views of Alhambra Lake with private boat dock! Grand open floor plan with tile floors, cathedral ceilings, & more.$324,9001-866-657-2300 800CC020188. CAPE CORAL Islands at Three Oaks Pool HomeBeautiful 3 bedroom, 2 bath pool home with lake view. 1866 sq.ft. split plan, vaulted ceilings.$319,0001-866-657-2300 800FM012127. FORT MYERS Beautiful Cape Coral Pool homeMove-in ready!! Spacious pool home 2,442 sq.ft. made for family activities & entertainment; 4 bed/2.5 baths/ 2 car garage.$279,9001-866-657-2300 800FM019698. CAPE CORAL Three Oaks 3 Bed/3 Bath on Cul-de-sacSpacious home with vaulted ceilings, split plan, remodeled kitchen with granite counter tops, stainless steel.$279,9001-866-657-2300 800FM006196. FORT MYERS 3 Bed Attached Villa w/2 Car GarageBeautiful & spacious 3 bed attached villa w/2 car garage in prime Estero location within Bella Terra.$279,9001-866-657-2300 800BS004700. ESTERO Meticulously Maintained, Upscale Neighborhood3/2 Tracey built home. Great room concept & split floor plan guaranteeing privacy. Walk-ins in every room. A must see!$274,9001-866-657-2300 800CC008977. CAPE CORAL Stunning Country Setting HomeBeautiful country style home with caged pool. Very well designed and updated home.$273,5001-866-657-2300 800CH223177. PORT CHARLOTTEMAY 4TH 2016 2951 Mcgregor Blvd 17721 Castle Harbor Dr OPEN SUN 2-5 OPEN SAT 11-3

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om c. T C21SUNBEL LT .ww w ISTINGS! VISIT .COM T T. .C21SUNBEL WWW W. TO VIEW ALL AILABLE LI V VA A Bring All Offers to the ForumSpacious Alexandria floor plan in the Forum close to I75, shops & restaurants. Four bedroom, 3 bath with open great floor plan.$269,9001-866-657-2300 800FM005996. FORT MYERS Alluring 3/2/2 Pool HomeCape home featuring boundless 12' ceilings & 18" tile throughout. Large open kitchen w/wood cabinets, granite. Wow!$269,5001-866-657-2300 800CC027823. CAPE CORAL Beautiful Pool Home in Burnt Store VillageLovely pool home on a private cul-de-sac surrounded by privacy. 3/2/2 w/laundry room. Well maintained, ready for new owner!$265,0001-866-657-2300 800LE013385. PUNTA GORDA Beautiful 4/3+Den 2 Car Garage on 1/2 AcreUnbelievable!! This 4 bed 3 bath home w/just under 3000 sq.ft. of pure beauty & upgrades throughout sits on 1/2 acre.$259,0001-866-657-2300 800LE025486. LEHIGH ACRES 3/2 West of Goodlette Frank RoadAwesome location and great starter home. Awesome schools and convenient to everything!$252,5001-866-657-2300 800NA020963. NAPLES Updated Direct Gulf Access CondoBeautiful granite countertops in this hard to find three bedroom, two bath 1st floor condo. Minutes to the river.$249,9001-866-657-2300 800CC009649. CAPE CORAL 3/2/2 Pool Home in Burnt Store IslesAffordable price in desirable Burnt Store Isles. A bit of TLC will make this a dream home!$249,8941-866-657-2300 800CH202728. PUNTA GORDA Sanibel Island Tennis Place!!!1 bedroom condominium with pool view. Walk to parks and bicycle throughout the island. Very popular association!$245,0001-866-657-2300 800NA022268. SANIBEL 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath in Cypress VillageThis well maintained 2/2 with 2 car garage offers a fantastic location just 15 minutes to the airport.$241,0001-866-657-2300 800CC073460. FORT MYERS Single Family Home In Golden GateGreat 3/2/2 in Golden Gate Estates. Split floor plan, oversized lot, beautiful woods area and plenty of room for a pool.$240,0001-866-657-2300 800CC007555. NAPLES Ft Myers Home-RV/Boat ParkingThis 3/2/1 home w/1422 sq.ft. Home has hurricane impact windows/doors & fenced yard, upgraded kitchen/bathrooms.$235,0001-866-657-2300 800FM027807. FORT MYERS 2 Bed 2 Bath Grand Palm BeautyAwesome view of the golf course.$232,5001-866-657-2300 800FM027255. ESTERO Large Home In Joe Stonis ParkLarge home within walking distance of Joe Stonis and Sirenia Vista Parks. Flexible floorplan allows multiple layouts.$229,0001-866-657-2300 800CC018957. CAPE CORAL Fairway Bends VillaVery loved and well cared for.$225,0001-866-657-2300 800FM004966. FORT MYERS Newer SW Cape HomeGreat home just 2 years old. Large open floor plan with 4 bedrooms. Located in the desirable SW Cape. Close to bridges.$219,9001-866-657-2300 800CC015131. CAPE CORAL Pool Home 3/2/2 Fenced Yard1990 model, over 2200 sq.ft. pool, intercom & security wired. Nice residential area.$214,9001-866-657-2300 800CH218509. PORT CHARLOTTE Waterfront Home with Pool2/1 Waterfront home with spa pool. Screened patio area. Small but nice with room to expand.$199,9001-866-657-2300 800CH223512. PORT CHARLOTTE Spacious 4/2/2 NE CapeSpacious 4 bedroom home with den located in NE Cape Coral. Over 2,300 sq.ft. of living area. Fenced yard!$199,0001-866-657-2300 800CC019687. CAPE CORAL 2 Story 3/2.5/2 HomeSpacious two story 3/2.5/2. Living, formal dining & large family room. Open kitchen w/center island. French doors to covered porch.$195,0001-866-657-2300 800LE015150. LEHIGH ACRES Looking for a Home on a Cul-de-sac?Here is your chance to own piece and quiet with a splash of water! This great 4 bedroom also has 2 bathrooms.$192,0001-866-657-2300 800LE020167. LEHIGH ACRES Whiskey Creek Villa2 bedroom plus den with all the updates! Beautiful screened lanai, close to pool.$190,0001-866-657-2300 800FM027446. FORT MYERS Large County Club Area Home3/2 great room floor plan w/split bed design. Well maintained, conveniently located to both bridges.$189,9001-866-657-2300 800CC000041. CAPE CORAL Location, Value And Move-In ConditionPride of ownership. 3 bed home, city water & sewer, built in '04. Vaulted ceilings & enclosed Florida room.$184,5001-866-657-2300 800CC004290. CAPE CORAL 3/2/2 In San Carlos ParkLovely 3/2 house in San Carlos Park. Great room concept with marble tile through out. Central water/sewer. Fenced yard.$180,0001-866-657-2300 800CC025126. CAPE CORAL 3485 Randall Blvd. 8341-1 Grand Palm Drive 8501 Fairway Bend Dr 1169 Guild St. OPEN SAT 12-3 OPEN SUN 1-4 OPEN SAT 1-4 OPEN FRI & SAT 11-2

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Cal -2300 7 6-65l 86 THINKINREN OUR Y YO CENTU SUNBEL AL DE RENT TA WITH RLOOKIN HOMES NG ABOUTNTINGHOME? Y21 UR RY HAS A T L LT TMENT AR RT EP PA RENTERS NG FOR S NOW!G! UR SHOWING CALL 866-657-2300 TO SCHEDULE YOU 2 Bedroom + Den In Beautiful Bella TerraOf the few listed for sale, this one offers you the Best Value....a 2+Den End unit know as the Camelia.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800BS018377. ESTERO 3/2/2 Plus Den Quiet NE LocationYou really can get all you want for a great price! 3/2/2 plus den in NE. Neutral colors, designer fans & fixtures.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800CC027065. CAPE CORAL Country Pool HomeEnjoy the privacy of this beautiful home sitting at the end of a dead end street. Split floor plan is on 1/2 acre lot.$179,9001-866-657-2300 800LE024113. LEHIGH ACRES Executive Condo In Positano Place1/1 Ground floor unit is fully furnished and ready to go. Pool, clubhouse, & lake views. Gorgeous decor! Low fees.$178,9001-866-657-2300 800NA012562. NAPLES Water and Golf Course Views!Live on the golf course in beautiful Estero! Enclosed patio to enjoy SWFLs beautiful outdoors. Affordable condo.$178,0001-866-657-2300 800FM025182. ESTERO 2 Bed 2 Bath In Desirable North Naples!Gorgeous lake and pool view 2/2 light, bright, updated and immaculately clean. Being sold TurnKey.$175,0001-866-657-2300 800NA023727. NAPLES Waterfront Home2/1/2 on saltwater canal, updated bath, electrical, a/c, windows with hurricane protection-back yard boat storage.$174,9001-866-657-2300 800CH223493. PORT CHARLOTTE Spacious 3/2/2 in the Heart of Port Charlottegranite counters in kitchen, tile in main living areas, carpet in bedrooms, large screen lanai.$169,9001-866-657-2300 800CH218283. PORT CHARLOTTE 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Spa Tub In LanaiFormal dining room w/eat in kitchen. Living and family rooms. 2 car garage. Quiet street. Close to everything.$167,5001-866-657-2300 800NA022680. PORT CHARLOTTE Great Investment Property2/2 Cape condo. Spacious bedrooms, large closets for storage, and your own in unit laundry room.$165,0001-866-657-2300 800CC007828. CAPE CORAL South Ft. Myers BeautyDesirable South Ft. Myers location. Lovely single family home with lots of room.$165,0001-866-657-2300 800FM021508. FORT MYERS 2/2 Condo With Golf Course ViewGround floor unit w/screened lanai. Great view of fairway. Furniture negotiable.$159,0001-866-657-2300 800NA011204. NAPLES Florida Style!!! Single Family HomeLehigh Acres home in a corner lot built in 2006, fenced backyard, lush landscape including Royal palms and Sabal Palms!$150,0001-866-657-2300 800FM002404. LEHIGH ACRES Looking For a True 4 Bed HomeYour search for a ready to move in home has ended. This spacious home offers 4 bed 2 bath & an open living space.$149,9001-866-657-2300 800LE017353. LEHIGH ACRES Ready To Move In3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage single family home. Spacious dead end street. A Must See!$143,0001-866-657-2300 800LE003254. LEHIGH ACRES 3/2 Close To Popular River DistrictThis three bedroom, plus den home is located on oversized lot. It is conveniently located close to downtown Ft. Myers.$140,0001-866-657-2300 800BS028016. FORT MYERS Beautiful and Move In Ready Condo1 bedroom/1 bath/1 car garage. Walking distance to Coconut Point Mall!!!$140,0001-866-657-2300 800FM005541. BONITA SPRINGS Gulf Access Condo2/2 first floor unit. Wooden floors, washer/dryer hookups. Dock space available. Pets okay.$140,0001-866-657-2300 800CC007516. CAPE CORAL Large Outstanding Lakefront!2/2 Move in ready Expansive view of the lake, large carport, own your land. Low monthly maintenance fee boat/RV storage.$135,0001-866-657-2300 800CC026707. NORTH FORT MYERS Gorgeous Park Home With Club MembershipAffordable, great location! One of the largest lots in the park. 2 bedroom w/Florida Room and its own air system. Wow!$132,0001-866-657-2300 800NA038911. BONITA SPRINGS Beautiful Turnkey UnitBeautiful turnkey unit! Own a piece of paradise at The Palms at Waters Edge! Recently renovated 2 bed 1 bath condo.$132,0001-866-657-2300 800LE003918. NORTH FORT MYERS TurnKey Gulf Access CondoBeautiful views from your second floor 2 bedroom unit. This condo is on a quiet street but just blocks from downtown.$130,0001-866-657-2300 800CC024959. CAPE CORAL OPEN SAT 1-4 909 SE 46th Ln

PAGE 180 Southwest FloridaSignature Collection A SELECTION OF EXEMPLARY HOMES. Call 866.657.2300 A NAME YOU CAN TRUST TO SELL YOUR HOMEBARBARA M. WATT FOUNDED CENTURY 21 SUNBELT REALTY IN 1984BARBARA M. WATTWWW.C21SUNBELT.COM Cypress Lake EstatesUpdated profess professionally thurout 3 bedroom 2.5 bath.$125,9001-866-657-2300 800FM027943. FORT MYERS 2/2/2 with Possible 3rd BedroomCeramic tile, upgraded tile, plenty of room for a pool.$119,9001-866-657-2300 800CH218410. PORT CHARLOTTE 2 Bed, 2 Bath Parkwoods TownhouseGreat value for the spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse located in Central Fort Myers! Move in condition!$112,0001-866-657-2300 800CC017434. FORT MYERS 3 Bed 2 Bath + DenRenovated and properly maintained 3 bed 2 bath + den. Flexible upon consideration! Please contact Agent ASAP.$111,0001-866-657-2300 800FM016154. FORT MYERS Cozy Condo in Foxmoor VillageCome and see this nicely furnished second floor condo. This bright and clean 2 bedroom/ 2 bath unit is located.$92,5001-866-657-2300 800FM018446. NORTH FORT MYERS Well Maintained 55+ CommunityGreat location! 4/2 double wide manufactured home in Cape Sable Lakes. Large living room, full size laundry, ramp.$85,0001-866-657-2300 800NA063544. NAPLES Move In ReadyMove in ready. Clean, new paint, tile/laminate/terrazzo flooring also includes Florida Room, dinning, office space etc.$84,9001-866-657-2300 800CH224316. PORT CHARLOTTE 2 Bed 2.5 Bath Furnished TownhouseUpstairs, each bedroom has its own bathroom and walk-in closet. Community Pool being replaced.$79,9001-866-657-2300 800CH224047. PORT CHARLOTTE 5 Bed Intersecting Canal HomeAlmost 7,000 sq.ft. 2 story executive home w/pool. Intersecting canals, Stunning! 20k boat lift with captains walk.$2,380,0001-866-657-2300 800CC028418. CAPE CORAL River Front Estate Home w/ Deeded DockLuxury riverfront living in a secluded gated community. Spacious estate home in a park like setting. Water views.$1,295,0001-866-657-2300 800FM013757. NORTH FORT MYERS Elegant Gulf Access Pool HomePure luxury! Recently updated for more than $250,000! Marble floors, gourmet kitchen, travertine pool deck, & more.$899,0001-866-657-2300 800CC011538. CAPE CORAL Direct Sailboat Access-Across from Cape HarbourBetter then new construction !! This home is located in the most desirable neighborhood of Cape Coral.$815,0001-866-657-2300 800CC019327. CAPE CORAL Park & FlyFly home to Buckingham.$800,0001-866-657-2300 800FM008100. FORT MYERS Resale Home In Beautiful Bonita LakesBeautiful estate home offering an open floor plan w/soaring ceilings. Main living has hardwood throughout. Gorgeous!$769,0001-866-657-2300 800BS012139. BONITA SPRINGS Gulf Access Pool HomeHome in prestigious Whiskey Creek! Double cul-desacs on perhaps the best street in WCI.$745,0001-866-657-2300 800FM002544. FORT MYERS Tropical Paradise on Edgewater Lake2 bed 2 bath, 200' of lake front, with access to Charlotte Harbor. Located on a cul-de-sac.$650,0001-866-657-2300 800CH216378. PORT CHARLOTTE Exquisite Gulf Access Pool HomeThis gorgeous 2 story home offers 2251 sq.ft. of paradise living with 3 bed 3 bath 3 car garage + bonus room!$619,0001-866-657-2300 800CC062342. CAPE CORAL Gulf Access, 3 Lot Site2500+ sq.ft. home has 2 master bedrooms! Custom built w/110 ft. of waterfront & southern exposure. Room for all!$595,0001-866-657-2300 800CC020015. CAPE CORAL Beautiful 3/2 Custom Pool Home in Bonita LakesLake view home located in the gated community of Bonita Lakes. Home offers 3 bedrooms plus a den and 2 1/2 baths.$589,0001-866-657-2300 800BS061820. BONITA SPRINGS Amazing 3 Bed +Den, 3 Bath Pool HomeResale In Bonita Lakes, walk into this beautiful Saranac model. 3 bed + den and 3 bath gourmet kitchen.$569,9001-866-657-2300 800BS007800. BONITA SPRINGS 23047 SANABRIA LOOP 2020 SW 44th Terrace 23464 Sanabria Loop OPEN SUN 1-4 OPEN THURS 1-4 OPEN SUN 1-4