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PAGE 1 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Vol. VIII, No. 5 FREEWEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes and Android App Store. ROOTED IN NAPLES A6 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A14 CLUB NOTES A22-25 PETS OF THE WEEK A30 MONEY & INVESTING B3 BUSINESS MEETINGS B5 REAL ESTATE B8 OPEN HOUSE MAP B18 PUZZLES C12 FIM REVIEW C15 ANTIQUES C20 CUISINE NEWS C28-31 INSIDE BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ SEE CYBER, A8 TAKING THE CAR TO THE REPAIR SHOP IS for many an act of faith. The machinery under the hood is one of lifes little mysteries, and you just have to hope you dont get ripped off. With computers, the gap between what most people know about the technology compared to what experts know is far greater, and growing, alongside the extraordinary faith we put Cyberinside: TIPS TO KEEP YOU SAFE / A9 CYBER CRIMES BY THE NUMBERS / A9Its not if, but when, you will be affected by a data breach or identity theft, experts saysafe? unCybercrime is one of those things where you can hit so many people anonymously ... The risk to the criminals is very low and the payoff is high. Greg Scasny, CEO and lead security consultant for Cybersecurity Defense Solutions Post-apocalyptic SimpsonsA play about the stories well tell after the fall. B1 Newcomers GuideEverything you need to know to enjoy SWFL to the fullest. INSERT Goin fishinThe business of big catches and looming regulations. B1 Newcomers SOUTHWEST FLORIDA 2015-2016 NEWCOMERS GUIDE TO LEE, COLLIER AND CHARLOTTE COUNTIES INSIDE: 2015-2016 SocietyBaconfest and more events covered around town. C24-27 Movers and shakers from Collier Countys urban and rural business communities come together for the 60th annual Farm City BBQ from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25. This years venue, the city location, is the Collier County Junior Deputy Leagues Camp Discovery on Rattlesnake Hammock Road. The tradition started when, following a bad crop season, the people of Naples invited Immokalees farmers to a barbeque. The following year, the farmers of Immokalee reciprocated the hospitality. The event still rotates from Naples to Immokalee annually. Its still about relationships, says spokesperson Cyndee Woolley. With it being 2,000 Farm City BBQ celebrates 60 yearsBY LINDSEY NESMITHlnesmith@ SEE FARM CITY, A19

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 COMMENTARY Dropping the hammer on terroristsIt is often said of the United States that our greatest enemies have underestimated or misunderstood us, to their everlasting regret. Theyve judged us to be too soft, too far away, too myopic, and too reluctant to surrender our comfort and wealth by engaging them in extended war, especially of a kind that might require us to sacrifice much of what we have. A good case can be made that both the Germans and the Japanese made that mistake in 1941. And theres little doubt now that the contemporary haters who destroyed lives in Paris and Beirut last week, in Kenya in April, in Mumbai (India) seven years ago this month, in New York in 2001 or anywhere else, have reached the same conclusions. Whatever else these haters are, they are also savvy and determined strategists willing to kill us indiscriminately in brilliantly coordinated (acts) of fanatical ideological and theological Puritanism, brewed up in the dark precincts of another of mankinds monotheisms, as Charles Pierce put it so eloquently the day after the Paris massacre, in Esquire Magazine. Their contempt for those they consider weak includes not just us Americans, but also Europeans and other people sometimes favored by Americans and Europeans: the Lebanese, for example. The Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Afghans or Iraqis who wont go along with the hate program. The women (and children) of different nations who question their own reduced status in patriarchal, religious societies any brave souls with the audacity to challenge misogynistic tyranny entrenched in their constricted cultures. But since history never repeats itself it offers enduring lessons instead, but never the same set of circumstances the angle of estimation or underestimation on the part of contemporary haters differs from that of the Germans or Japanese who hated us (and others) 75 years ago. This is where things get tricky for Americans, in particular. The Germans and the Japanese both thought we would ultimately make concessions rather than mount armies to take them on far across the Atlantic and the Pacific. They were wrong. The current haters, on the other hand, are banking (literally and figuratively) on us mounting armies. Theyre banking on drawing us into an ambush perfectly designed to fit their own ideological playbook by getting us to bomb the hell out of people around them, or by putting boots all over their broader communities. Theyre banking on our furious response to small-unit killers who can slip under the radar of American muscle to murder the peaceful and the innocent. These are mostly young men trained in the use of small arms and explosives, haters able to ignore our carriers and subs, our cruise missiles and our drones, our F-18s and F-35s, our Army or Marine Corps infantry and artillery divisions. Theyre also banking on us being too comfortable and foolish to change the rules of the game they established by creating our own rules by forcing them to react to us, rather than the other way around. It comes down to this: If we intend to protect our children by altering the destiny these haters have in mind for them, then we have to change the rules of this deadly game. Heres how we do it. First, we must recognize that if we consider this a religious war us against Muslims weve played straight into the hands of the haters. This is not a religious war, whether they say so or not, and whether or not the shooters are Muslims or we happen to like or dislike Islam. Without understanding that concept first, we cant employ the strategy that will win. For us, this is a war just like our other wars in one crucial way its a war between political states: ours and theirs. Haters always have underlying excuses for their hatred, whether theological, racebased or economic. This contemporary war is no different. These haters operate from states, from independent nations that tolerate and even condone them, but pretend not to (a great camouflage of sorts). Second: We must recognize our own complacent role in remaining vulnerable to the haters. For years weve known that money, weapons and tech-support for terrorists comes from wealthy supporters who flourish in four nations: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide, wrote then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a 2009 secret memo ordering American foreign service personnel to find ways to curtail the flow of money. First revealed by WikiLeaks, the memo was quoted by Mr. Pierce. Third, we must strip ourselves of pretention and be honest about our selfdestructive addiction to oil Arab oil in vast quantities. Many of us make huge sums from the oil industry, either directly or indirectly. We have the technology, the brains and the resources to change that and make our money from some other primary power source within a couple of decades. But it will require discomfort. In the meantime, weve tied ourselves to people who hate us so we can pay $2 or $3 or $4 a gallon for gasoline (or about $5.50 per gallon now in France). By supporting them, we let them take our money with one hand and plot our destruction with the other, while living safely and off the target maps of their fellow haters, whom they fund. We can stop them by understanding this: The most deadly of our enemies are not those with execution knives, automatic rifles or bombs strapped to their bodies. Our most deadly enemies are their suppliers and their wealthy financiers. Until we end our reliance on their oil, we remain complicit in the terror they are aiming at our children. A I p o o g t roger Monday Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 12pm-5pmNaples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs and Pinellas Park SET THE TABLE FOR THE HOLIDAYS

PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsEric Bretan Karen Feldman Artis Henderson Jerry Greenfield Lindsey Nesmith Athena Ponushis Nancy Stetson Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren Tim Gibbons Bernadette La Paglia Vandy Major Charlie McDonald Ivan Seligman Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatzeraddatz@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Marissa Blessing Amy Grau Paul Heinrich Meg Roloff Circulation ManagerCameo Hinman chinman@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryan Cori Higgins Adam Schonberg Mary Wolleon mwolleon@floridaweekly.comSales and Marketing AssistantAja GarrisonBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2013 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state A stupendous bountyWe live in an age of miracles. Throughout all of human history, material progress essentially didnt exist until around 1800. The economic trajectory was flat until the human lot began to improve in ways that would have been unimaginable in prior millennia. This change gave us the world as we know it. In her brilliant book on the transformation, Bourgeois Dignity, Deirdre McCloskey writes how the average person in the world subsisted on roughly $3 a day during humanitys long economic stasis. Then, with the breakout, countries that experienced modern growth over the past couple of centuries saw their material well-being increase by at least a factor of 16 a transformational leap ahead for nearly everyone living in those countries. Thanksgiving is, in part, a festival of abundance, and despite the steep recession and grindingly mediocre recovery, we still are better situated to celebrate it than people in any other age or place. America has always been materially blessed, relative to other parts of the world. In the Colonial period, American men and women were already taller than their British counterparts, thanks to a better standard of living. Americans achieved modern heights by the middle of the 18th century, according to economic historian Robert Fogel, and had already reached levels of life expectancy not attained by the general population of England or even by the British peerage until the first quarter of the 20th century. Life was nonetheless still characterized by deprivations almost completely alien to us. Across the 20th century, the routine misery lifted and we witnessed the profusion of almost all of the things we now take for granted. Between 1900 and 2000, indoor toilets, telephones and automobiles in the U.S. went from rare to practically universal, according to the study Century of Difference. In 1920, about a quarter of Americans owned an automobile. Now, 57 percent of households own two or more cars. McCloskey catalogs the other indicators of progress. In 1875, people spent roughly three-quarters of their income on the basics of food, clothing and shelter. By the mid-1990s, the figure had shrunk to 13 percent. Meanwhile, spending on recreation doubled. (The author Gregg Easterbrook points out that in 2001, Americans spent a greater amount on recreational watercraft than the gross domestic product of South Korea.) The bounty of consumer comforts and goods has extended to poor households. In 2010, 80 percent of poor households had air conditioning; only about third of all Americans had it in 1970. Even poor households have televisions (96 percent), and washers and dryers (68 and 65 percent, respectively). None of this is to deny that material deprivation exists, but what once were the hallmarks of middleclass life are now widely diffused. The American publics economic discontents are justified, with the job market not yet healed, with incomes stagnant, and with income mobility too limited. But the epoch of the nearly inevitable $3-a-day livelihood is past. Compared to most of human history, when, in the words of Deirdre McCloskey, illiteracy, disease, superstition, periodic starvation, and lack of prospects were the norm, we live in the sunlit uplands. For that, we should be grateful. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. OPINION b w c t a a rich LOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly Dangerous politicking It is hard to imagine a more bizarre period in national politics than the one we are currently experiencing. Those who would be president of the United States consist of an astonishing array of contenders on both sides of the aisle, from the profane to the ridiculous, from the retreads to the political pubescents, from the dangerous to the seriously demented. You have to wonder how the gene pool for political talent became so stagnant that the parties could not produce a consistent bench of worthy candidates proven and qualified for the office. It is a sad reflection of how deeply dysfunctional and polarized we have become in our collective regard of the countrys future. The leading Republican outsiders are in a head-to-head battle against the establishment insiders. They threaten to destroy the Republican Party. They have moved the party so far to the right, moderates are an endangered species. Even Jeb Bush cannot get a break. The Democratic Partys potential nominees for president offer a stark contrast in liberalism but the pool dwindled so quickly by default to favor Secretary Hillary Clinton, assuming she corrals the nomination, it will be hard to say the best candidate won. The strength and pool of those competing against her for the nomination is overtly thin. It is a predictable and a somewhat dissatisfying conclusion despite the adrenalin injected by the Bern. If the Republican Party blows its chances for winning the presidency in 2016, the Democrats still will not have much to celebrate. They are doing miserably as candidates at the state level. So says The Hill, a newspaper that assiduously covers the Capitol. A recent online post observed the Democrats are treading water and the party may be in the throes of its own demise. It has weakened significantly since President Barack Obamas election in 2008. The Hill tallies up the Democratic losses to more than 900 seats in state legislatures, almost 70 House seats, 13 Senate seats and 12 governors mansions. Democrats also have a problem depending on the next generation to bail them out. The partys aging leadership makes it difficult to attract millennials (youngsters born after 1980); and The Hill says its pipeline is over-abundant with senior citizens. Dont get me wrong, I qualify. But the partys overture to millennials is like their grandparents inviting they join them in assisted living. The Democrats regeneration of themselves is too glacial to give the conservatives a run for their money in the takeover of state governments. Wildly different political outcomes are thus possible given the ingredients we have now some of which are terrifying to contemplate. The conservatives have a death wish to elect a Trump, Carson or Cruz. Whatever happens, we will pay a price for having indulged so recklessly in entertainment at the countrys expense. The fun will not be worth its future costs the failure of diplomacy and our efforts to address climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, and the income inequality threatening the economic aspirations of millions of families. Perhaps gratefully, the brevity of our mortal lives spares us from appreciating how frequently past political lunacy almost mortally wounded our democracy. We are as vulnerable to delusional leadership from within as we are to despots from without. The carelessness with which we mind the store can put it all at risk. Maybe this is why George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, at the age of 91, decided the time had come to kick sleeping dogs off the partisan porch. His just-published biography, Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush, by Jon Meacham, sent politicians scurrying on the left and the right. The biography contains an unambiguous assessment by Bush 41 of the power politics at play within the presidency of his son George, the 43rd. George lit the match that ignited the conflagration still burning out-of-control in the Middle East. Bush 41 asserts George failed to take full ownership of managing his administrations conduct of the Iraq war, ceding far too much power to his vice president, Dick Cheney, and Pentagon chief, Donald Rumsfeld, both of whom were notoriously bad actors in escalating the conflict. Bush 41 judges Bush 43 guilty of a serious lapse in performing his responsibilities of their oversight as commander-in-chief. This is old business but only a Rip Van Winkle would fail to appreciate the irony in having Bush 41s biography appear just now. His eldest son, Jeb, is struggling to seal the familys dynasty by becoming the third Bush to occupy the White House. The Iraq war is sure to be Jebs least favorite campaign topic, and the definition of awkward is a family Thanksgiving with Dad, little brother and Jeb locking eyeballs across the holiday turkey. Pass the peas, please, and keep going. Too bad that it won't be so easy for the electorate to ignore whats happening to its politics. Leslie Lilly is a native Floridian. Her professional career spans more than 25 years leading major philanthropic institutions in the South and Appalachia. She writes frequently on issues of politics, public policy and philanthropy, earning national recognition for her leadership in the charitable sector. She resides with her family and pugs in Jupiter. Email her at p i t e O u 9


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PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEW VEIN TREATMENT OPTIONSDo you experience painful standing or walking? Join us to learn about the effective treatment options for vein diseases, including sclerotherapy and laser therapy procedures that eliminate varicose and spider veins. Thursday, November 12 4 p.m.-5 p.m. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Cafeteria Vivian Torres, M.D., Vascular SurgeryBARIATRIC SUPPORT GROUPLong-term weight loss requires positive changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Our support group is dedicated to those who have had bariatric surgery or are planning to have surgery. We welcome patients who have had bariatric surgery elsewhere. Wednesday, November 25 3 p.m.-4 p.m. 8300 Collier Blvd. Palm Dining Room Gail Ekblad, RN, Bariatric Program CoordinatorARTHRITIS: WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS?Osteoarthritis, also called degenerative joint disease or wear and tear arthritis, affects more than 20 million Americans. In addition to arthritis, there are many causes of joint pain, including fractures, nerve damage and tendonitis. Learn about diagnosis and treatment options that range from exercise to joint replacement. Tuesday, November 17 3 p.m.-4 p.m. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Physicians Dining Room Sara LaPorte, RN, MSN, Orthopedic Program Director THE SURGEONS SECRETS BEHIND HIP AND KNEE REPLACEMENTDr. Eichten will discuss advantages of the anterior approach to total hip replacement and the new ligament-preserving knee replacement procedure. Thursday, November 19 6 p.m.-7 p.m. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby David Eichten, D.O., Orthopedic Surgery LIVING WITH BACK PAIN Back pain can be a debilitating condition. Learn about the latest surgical and nonsurgical solutions to treat painful back conditions. Wednesday, November 18 6 p.m.-7 p.m. 6101 Pine Ridge Road Lobby R. Rick Bhasin, M.D., Neurosurgery POSITIVELY GREAT FREE SEMINARSIndependent Members and Members of the Medical Staff of Physicians Regional Healthcare System Reservations required. Please RSVP to 348-4180. DIABETES EDUCATION & SUPPORT Our diabetes education classes and support groups are fun and free, offering you an opportunity to learn how to RSVPs are not required. Check in at Desk 18. Tuesday, November 3 and 10 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday, November 4, 11 and 18 10 a.m.-Noon 6101 Pine Ridge Road Physicians Dining Room Pam Eichler, RN, BSN, CDE, Diabetes Educator ROOTED IN NAPLESAgent Orange doesnt dampen Vietnam veterans patriotismEasy patriotism often seems like a way of life for many Americans: We thank a veteran here, pull out our red, white and blue ensembles there. The ringing chorus of God Bless America pulls on heartstrings at ballgames and helps us collectively tap into our American identities. But we can often be far removed from the sort of honest, tested patriotism that many veterans hold dear. Collier County has a robust number of veterans from last centurys wars, but its not often we encounter someone who still carries the wounds of service and is honored to bear them. Meet John Clapper, a longtime Neapolitan, Vietnam veteran and community organizer who spearheaded the successful effort to erect a memorial to Vietnam veterans in Cambier Park. In 2006, Mr. Clapper discovered, after leaving the Army almost four decades before, that he actually had been gravely injured in Vietnam. Despite that lifechanging news, Mr. Clapper is still proud to be an American and puts his gratitude to good use in Naples veterans community. After being drafted during his first semester of law school at Syracuse University, where he was at the top of his class, Mr. Clapper was stationed at a petroleum depot in Danang, Vietnam. Ten thousand drums of Agent Orange, the extremely toxic herbicide that was commonly used during the war to denude the jungle and expose the Vietcong, kept Mr. Clapper and his fellow soldiers company. An order came that they were to dispose of the lethal concoction, which led to the discovery that many of the drums were rusted out thanks to the mist that frequently rolled in from the South China Sea. The herbicide wasnt a problem when the drums were stacked on their sides, he says. The danger came when the soldiers had to move them. We got pretty much soaked with Agent Orange. And then we ignored it, Mr. Clapper says. We didnt really think about it We dumped the drums on the roads in my compound for dust control, and now, when you look at a satellite view, theres not a blade of grass. According to a New York Times article published in 2012, the U.S. government sprayed more than 20 million gallons of Agent Orange in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the decade-long war, resulting in grave damage to the regions environment and public health. The spraying stopped when the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a report noting that the dioxin was linked to an increased risk of birth defects. Mr. Clapper came home in February 1972 and finished his law degree, not really thinking about his encounter with Agent Orange until decades later. He went on to have a family and a successful law career in Naples after he moved here in 1983. It wasnt until he visited a traveling Vietnam War memorial at Hodges Funeral Home that he realized he might have a problem. It was rarely something I thought about or had knowledge about, he says. They had a display there and I (learned) that 400,000 men had died from Agent Orange exposure. Thats a lot of deaths. In 2006, however, his health soured and the Veterans Administration diagnosed him with Agent Orange poisoning resulting in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. After years of chemotherapy and not much to show for it, Mr. Clapper underwent a bone marrow transplant in 2012 at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I had chemotherapy I had blood transfusions, he says. Then his doctor told him the treatments were not working. He thought he had six to nine months to live. But then he had the bone marrow transplant. He and his wife, Brigid, spent six months in Houston during his recovery and he is now doing well and moving on to other endeavors. Last year, after seeing a memorial one of his friends helped erect in Louisiana, Mr. Clapper was inspired to do the same thing in Naples. He founded Vietnam Veterans of Collier County to raise funds and had the Cambier Park site approved by the Naples City Council. The memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day last week. Help from a strong contingent of Vietnam veterans in the area, many of whom are personal friends of Mr. Clappers, and his colleagues in the Rotary Club of North Naples helped get the monument dedicated in no time. The organization will be short-lived, however, since it has fulfilled its purpose. We need to pay off our bills and then well dissemble it, he says. Despite his ordeal, Mr. Clappers patriotism is undiminished and he continues to be a stalwart supporter of fellow Vietnam vets. I love my country, I love my Vietnam brothers and Ive got a good group of buddies, he says. Im very patriotic. Having grown up in Naples, its easy for Lindsey Nesmith to forget how cool living in Florida can be. Shes thankful for the reminders. John Clapper


Flooring 6401 NORTH AIRPORT-PULLING ROAD NAPLES, FL 34109 MON FRI 9-5:30PM SAT 9-5PM SUN 12-4PM 566-7100 kitchen! Cabinets state-of-the-art s tate-of-t t he-art

PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 in computers and online networks to provide important services across most areas of life. Along with many conveniences we enjoy, such as access to our bank account at home, crimes like theft and fraud have become more convenient for criminals as well. In my opinion, the greatest advantage the criminals have is that technology has advanced so rapidly, if you ask the average consumer how info gets from one point to another in the digital age they wouldnt be able to answer it, said Carrie Kerskie, director of Hodges University Identity Fraud Institute and author of Your Public Identity: Because Nothing is Private Anymore. Across categories of cybercrime such as social justice attacks against an online dating service for having affairs, a sexual predator pretending to be a child, a nation-state aiming to harm an American business or identity theft for financial purposes, a hallmark is the anonymity it provides criminals, an irony in a world where it is often said that privacy no longer exists. Finding out who is perpetrating a crime and where is one of the most challenging aspects security experts face. While making money is often the motive, if data is stolen and not used, at least not immediately, the motive for the crime may also remain murky. A string of big data breaches most often tracked to someone clicking on a link or opening an attachment in an email, that at first seemed shocking, became routine as of last year. According to the Verizon 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, there were fewer than 125 New York Times articles devoted to data breaches in 2013. In 2014, the paper published more than 700. The report estimates a financial loss of $400 million from millions of compromised records last year across industries in the United States: health care, education, the public sector, hospitality, financial services, retail, entertainment, professional, manufacturing, technology, administrative and transportation. The FBIs Internet Crime Complaint Center, which tracks money motivated cybercrimes and records complaints from victims, found that Florida was second in the nation in 2014 in terms of both complaints (18,637) and total dollar amount reportedly lost ($52.5 million). But only about 10 percent of victims log a complaint with the FBI, it estimates. Call 2014 the year of the data breach, a trend that security experts predict will continue to grow, indicating a cybercrime monster lurking in our vast collective ignorance. Its easy to picture it as a giant octopus, the body hidden in darkness and the tips of its tentacles reaching out to touch us in the form of a blue hyperlink in an email that appears to be from a co-worker or friend. Such phishing or more personal, realistic looking spear phishing emails have been a key element of the attacks we regularly hear about in the news in which hackers gained access to private records of millions government employees or retail customers of Target, said Gary S. Miliefsky, CEO of cybersecurity company SnoopWall. The way email gets around through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, bouncing between servers as it travels from sender to receiver, makes it relatively easy to track. By doing so, someone can send you an email that appears to be a genuine response from someone you know with a link or an attachment that that once clicked or opened installs malware or other software that can allow thieves to get a foothold and hack into a larger network. Email is really the number one method all the retailers and banks are getting breached, Mr. Miliefsky said. In some cases, crimes such as identity theft are carried out with information stolen in past data breaches. That could be from a breach at a local hospital, said Charlotte County Sheriffs Office Detective Sgt. Diane Young, or from somewhere else, such as a massive server breach at Home Depot in September 2014 affecting 56 million debit cards in the U.S. and Canada. It could be from smaller data breaches at a bank, doctors office, anywhere you are asked for personal identifying information. Sometimes we can trace it, she said. But a lot of times we cant identify where it got out. In some cases, it looks like maybe they were one of those large breaches and no one is watching over their credit anymore or identity anymore. Several years have gone by and the criminals who got that information still have it and they go to use it. She points out that each of the three major credit bureaus allows you to check your credit for free once a year. She suggests you check it with one bureau every four months to monitor suspicious activity. Thats a great idea to project yourself, she said. Its also important to only reveal personal information on the Internet that you absolutely have to, said Eva Velasquez, CEO and president of The Identity Theft Resource Center, a nonprofit that provides free support for identity theft victims, tracks data breaches and runs a 24-hour hotline that handles about 10,000 calls nationwide per year. Imagine if someone walked up to you in a grocery store and asked to see your credit card, drivers license and Social Security number. Youd tell him to get lost. But when its asked for online, there are varying degrees of cooperation and it doesnt seem as offensive to people and it should, Ms. Velasquez said. We dont treat our personal information and identity with respect. We need to treat it like the valuables that it is. She adds, Our mantra to people, particularly for people have received a data breach notification letter, is we want you to react but not panic. Dont go live in a cabin in the woods like Grizzly Adams but dont just through caution to the wind.Cybercrime profitsIn reality, of course, money motivated cybercrime is not perpetrated by a giant octopus. Most cybercriminals who send such phishing or more targeted spear phishing emails are part of a highly diversified, worldwide underground industry designed to make money, one structured not unlike our financial system, said Ronald Plesco Jr., cyber response lead and partner for KPMG, one of the Big Four worldwide professional services firms. Many are employees or freelancers who do specific jobs such as creating software designed for hacking, selling it or acting as a distributor. There are Mr. Plescos counterparts in organized cybercrime as well, experts who help keep cybercriminals safe. They actually do this on a 9 to 5 schedule just like everybody else, Mr. Plesco said. Information such as names combined with Social Security numbers or credit card numbers and passwords are bought and sold at per-record costs on online black markets. For instance, a full medical record is now worth about $24 on average. In terms of profits, estimates show the cybercrime industry has shot past the drug trade and human trafficking as the most profitable organized criminal enterprise in the world. Its hard to know just how much money is being CYBERFrom page 1 In my opinion the greatest advantage the criminals have is that technology has advanced so rapidly, if you ask the average con sumer how info gets from one point to another in the digital age they wouldnt be able to answer it. Carrie Kerskie, director of Hodges University Identity Fraud Institute VELASQUEZ KERSKIE MILIEFSKY


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEWS A9 For cybercriminals, the increased use of social media as a goldmine of personal data and the emerging popularity of virtual currency (such as Bitcoin) are trends the FBI notes in an annual report that tracks cybercrime for the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center. 15 percent. How many of the nations Internet fraud victims are estimated to report the crime to law enforcement. 269,422. Total complaints to the FBI IC3 in 2014. $800.5 million. Total losses reported nationwide to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2014. No. 2. Floridas rank, behind California, in the states from which the FBI received the most complaints. $52.5 million. Florida was also second in the nation with this amount, the total dollar losses people here reported in 2014. 18,637. The number of complaints filed by Florida residents with the FBIs IC3 in 2014. $2,817. Average loss of those in Florida who reported crimes to the FBIs IC3 in 2014. Source: IC3Data Breach Incidents in the U.S. in 2014 and 2015 November 2015. Comcast reset passwords for 200,000 accounts after the data, including emails and passwords, was stolen put up for sale online for just $1,000. The Washington Post reported the company blamed the breach on customers who visited malware-laden sites or were victims of other schemes that allowed hackers to obtain the data. August 2015. A group that stole identifying information for users of Ashley Madison, a website for people pursuing extramarital affairs, released the information of thousands of users after the site was not shut down as they demanded. June 2015. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management was hacked twice in the last year. The first resulted in the loss of 4.1 million records and the second resulted in the loss of 21.5 million records. May 2015. A hack of an online IRS system results in a $50 million loss, which the IRS blames on Russian hackers. April 2015. U.S. officials report that hackers gained access to White House networks and sensitive information, such as real-time non-public details of the presidents schedule, through the State Departments network. February 2015. Anthem, a U.S. health insurance company, is hacked, resulting in the theft of 80 million customers personally identifiable information. The information was taken from an unencrypted database. December 2014. Media reports say a major Las Vegas casino is hacked in retaliation for its owners support for Israel. November 2014. Sony Pictures Entertainment is hacked with malware, deleting data. The hackers also posted employees personal information and information about unreleased films online. An FBI investigation revealed North Korea to be behind the attack. October 2014. U.S. Postal Service servers are hacked, exposing employees names, addresses and Social Security numbers. October 2014. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration at the U.S. Department of Commerce is hacked, skewing the accuracy of some National Weather Service forecasts, according to NOAA. October 2014. The Department of State reports breaches of its unclassified networks and shut down its entire unclassified email system to repair possible damage. October 2014. Ten percent of Dairy Queen outlets are hacked and customer credit card data compromised. Like the Target hack, hackers reportedly exploited a third-party system to obtain access. September 2014. Home Depot reports a server breach affecting 56 million debits cards in the U.S. and Canada. August 2014. Press reports say that several major U.S. banks, including JPMorgan Chase, were hacked, compromising information for 76 million households and 7 million small businesses. August 2014. The contractor responsible for security clearances at the Department of Homeland Security has its networks hacked and employee personal information is compromised. August 2014. A group known as Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack on the PlayStation Network, Sony Online Entertainment and Blizzards video game servers. July 2014. Hackers in Eastern Europe breached energy sectors in the U.S., Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey and Poland in a major cyberespionage campaign. March 2014. Cybercriminals steal 40 million credit card numbers from Target, with an additional 70 million accounts compromised. Source: Center for Strategic and International Studies and media reports By the numbers: The cost of cybercrime in Florida Tips to keep your identity and information safe>> Strengthen passwords. Use at least eight characters, alpha numeric, symbols and upper/lower case letters. >> Handle personal identifying information with care. Dont give it out unless absolutely necessary. >> Read credit reports annually at Tis the season for cybercrime Identity theft and scams spike during the gift-giving season. Here are tips to outwit high-tech porch pirates who use technology to nd out where packages are delivered and steal them. Security expert Gary S. Miliefsky offers these tips for outwitting porch pirates and keeping those packages safe: >> Get permission to ship all your packages to work. That way they arent left unguarded at your doorstep for hours where anyone walking by could snatch them. >> Ask a friend or neighbor to receive your packages for you. >> Set up a live recording video camera aimed at your porch. That could allow you to spot a theft as it happens and alert law enforcement, or at least provide you with video later that might help identify the criminals.For more information>> Identity Theft Resource Center >> >> Toll-free no-cost assistance at (888) 4005530 made, but one often cited estimate based on a study sponsored by McAfee cyber security company puts the number at $456 billion. Thats bigger than the illegal drug trade and human trafficking trade combined, Mr. Plesco said. Thieves can make money from identity theft in different ways such as a common form of tax fraud. News reports pointed out that the only sure things in life now are death, taxes and identity theft after even former Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. was the victim of a crime in which thieves used names and Social Security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns for Mr. Holder and others in 2012 and 2013. The false refunds indicated the victims worked at Walmart and that the refunds should be loaded onto debit cards controlled by the perpetrators. After apparently accidentally using the identity of the top law enforcement official in the U.S. to file one of the fraudulent tax returns, the thieves were caught. A more recent trend has included hackers who break into an individual or business network, steal information, then demand a ransom to get it back, often in the form of an online currency such as Bitcoin. Rebel Cook, a commercial real estate broker and president of the Economic Forum of Palm Beach County, said she worries about such a scenario daily after hackers demanded ransom from friends who run small businesses. They received the information from whoever hacked them that if you want the data back heres how much its going to cost you, she said. It was several thousand dollars, and thats a lot of money for a small company. Data breaches can also be costly for businesses large and small whether they are perpetrated by an organized criminal network overseas, a nation-state, a disgruntled employee or a tech-savvy teenager in her parents basement. And the onus for protecting customers against forms of identity theft increasingly falls on organizations whose data was stolen, said William N. Shepherd, an attorney in Holland & Knights West Palm Beach offices and former statewide prosecutor for Florida. The (Federal Trade Commission) has taken a more aggressive approach and said that companies need to be more aggressive and update their systems and that the FTC can take enforcement actions if the company doesnt have the proper safeguards in place, he said. That was a pretty big decision earlier this year. The Florida Information and Protection Act of 2014 requiring business and government to protect personal information and report data breaches to the state and those affected could also create public-relations headaches as well as fines of as much as $500,000 if those companies that are hacked didnt take proper precautions. Not if, but whenAt the same time, security experts say it is not if, but when, personal information will be stolen. There is no silver bullet to stop hackers. But while layers of security that can help stop them is important for businesses and individuals, prevention is less important than response, being able to quickly detect a compromised network, said Greg Scasny, CEO and lead security consultant for Cybersecurity Defense Solutions based in Fort Myers. To prevent hacks entirely requires that no mistakes are made, 100 percent of the time, while a thief only has to get one person to click on a malicious link. Most of the time, cyber-attackers are able to use a victims private information within a day or less of stealing the data, says Verizons 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report. Meanwhile, the victims cant detect the breach nearly that fast. This growing detection deficit, the report calls one of the primary challenges to the security industry. The report also found that 11 percent of recipients who opened phishing messages click on attachments. So a phishing campaign will yield one victim for every 10 emails sent. Cybercrime is one of those things where you can hit so many people anonymously, Mr. Scasny said. The risk to the criminals is very low and the payoff is high. One of the best precautions that businesses take is creating a security driven culture from the top down, said Orson Lucas, a Tampa-based director of cyberpractice and adviser to governments and businesses for KPMG. There are tools that can monitor and block employees use of social media for instance. Although by and large what were seeing is much more of a cultural and training based education approach to make sure people have a good understanding of what the implications are of posting certain information out there, he said. One challenge is finding the best and brightest to match the evolution of cyber threats, and for governments the sometimes slow process of response, especially if it requires funding, where businesses may be more agile. There should be emergency or ad hoc ways to approve funding in some cases, he suggests. After the triage, going back and figuring out why it happened is sometimes missed. Companies should have a holistic plan for what to do in the event of a data breach. I think its just the nature of the beast now, said Laurel Baker, executive director of Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce. We want all these conveniences and yet the downside is everybody knows who you are and where you are and they can spot you in an instant. LUCAS SHEPHERD

PAGE 10 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Sheriffs office launches holiday toy driveThe Collier County Sheriffs Office invites everyone to help CCSO make the holidays merry and bright for some deserving Collier kids who are dealing with traumatic, life-changing events. This years Celebrate With A Star program will benefit children assigned to the 20th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem program in partnership with the Voices for Kids of Southwest Florida. There are more than 350 children currently living in Collier County who have been abandoned or are alleged to have been abused or neglected. Guardian ad Litem volunteers advocate for these children in the courts, the child welfare system and the community. Children in the program range from infant to 19 years in age. Participating in Celebrate With A Star is easy. If youd like to provide a gift for a child, just send an email to CCSO will reply with a childs age and his or her holiday wish. Another option is to stop by the human resources lobby at CCSO headquarters in the Collier Cunty Government Complex, 3319 U.S. 41 East, and pick a star ornament containing a childs wish from the holiday tree. VPK prefers for gifts to be wrapped, but will also gladly accept unwrapped items. The wish star should be securely affixed to the gift. Celebrate With A Star gifts must be dropped off by Friday, Dec. 4, in the human resources lobby or at any of the following locations: Gifts may be dropped off in the Human Resources lobby of the Sheriffs Office headquarters or at any of the following CCSO substation locations: 776 Vanderbilt Beach Road North Naples 4707 Golden Gate Parkway Golden Gate 8075 Lely Cultural Parkway East Naples 1195 CR 858, Golden Gate Estates 32020 U.S. 41 East, Ochopee 112 S. First St., Immokalee Waste Management new trucks run on compressed natural gas SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYWaste Management Inc. of Florida has rolled out the first of its compressed natural gas-powered waste and recycling collection trucks in Collier County. The initiative represents a local investment of more than $35 million and includes the purchase of 105 new CNG waste and recycling trucks as well as the construction of the countys first CNG fueling station. Waste Management has been a pioneer in the use of natural gas in its fleet since the early 1990s. The companys North American fleet includes more than 32,000 collection and support vehicles. The company is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of the vehicles by reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency and transitioning its fleet to natural gas. It has 4,500 of its vehicles running on natural gas and 80 fueling stations. Over the next four years, all of Collier Countys collection trucks will be transitioned to CNG. For each diesel truck that is replaced by a CNG-powered vehicle, Waste Management reduces its consumption of diesel fuel by 8,000 gallons per year, which in turn cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 22 metric tons. Vehicles powered by CNG emit nearly zero particulate emissions, cut smog-producing nitrogen oxide emissions by 50 percent compared to the cleanest diesel trucks, are far quieter in residential neighborhoods than diesel trucks and reduce overall fuel expenses. Converting Collier Countys fleet of collection vehicles to CNG has involved extensive site preparation, training and coordination with local first responders. Construction of the communitys first fueling station, a $1.2 million project, included the installation of a complex series of compressors to prepare the natural gas for 50 timed fill posts and fast-fill dispensers. Additional security has been added to the fueling station to protect and monitor the equipment operations from both onsite and a remote location, ensuring safety for Waste Management staff and the surrounding area. During the fleet conversion, mechanics, drivers and first responders have received comprehensive training in safety protocols for natural gas-powered vehicles. Waste Managements substantial investment in this environmentally responsible technology will benefit our community and hopefully inspire more businesses to look for more sustainable alternatives, Collier County Manager Leo Ochs says. COURTESY PHOTO Waste Managements commercial collection drivers start their day by performing a series of safety checks on the companys newest Compressed Natural Gas Fueled trucks to roll out.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEWS A11 Bill was a freshman at college when he experimented with drugs and experienced a terrifying psychotic break. He believed the whole world even his family was against him. His distraught parents turned to the David Lawrence Center Crisis Stabilization Unit where he was kept safe and medically supervised. Bill spent the next two years working with a psychiatrist and therapist to identify and cope with these damaging thoughts so he could return to his studies. As he nears graduation, Bills relationship with his family has never been stronger and his future holds endless opportunities.Bill is among one in four in Collier County who suffer from a mental illness. One in nine of us will experience some form of substance abuse. When a family member, friend or coworker battles a mental health or substance abuse problem, we suffer with them. Thankfully, David Lawrence Center is here for our community. A not-for-prot organization founded and still governed by community leaders, the David Lawrence Center is the behavioral health component of our communitys healthcare network. A true local resource, it relies on donations, fees and grants to invest in the health, safety and wellbeing of our community. When you or someone you love needs help, call on the highly compassionate, committed and competent professionals of the David Lawrence Center to inspire you to move beyond the crisis towards life-changing wellness. Mental health is a community issue. Fortunately, theres a community solution. His Mind is Our Concern. DONATE ONLINE: NAPLES 239-455-8500 IMMOKALEE 239-657-4434Naples Nissan forges partnership with St. Matthews HouseNaples Nissan and St. Matthews House have formed a partnership that ties together automotive sales with assisting the most vulnerable segments of society. Key components of the agreement include a multi-media co-branding campaign, revenue sharing based on vehicle sales and test-drives and utilizing SMHs food-preparation capabilities to establish a caf for Naples Nissan employees and customers (which will also provide employment for SMH residents). The partners believe the agreement could generate as much as $400,000 through 2016 to assist SMH in its mission to transform the lives of individuals facing chronic challenges including poverty, homelessness, drug addiction and lack of education and opportunity. Under the first phase of the partnership, $200 for every vehicle sale and $20 per test drive will be allotted to SMH. If you want to buy a car, why not go to the place where you can feed a family of four for 10 days? says Aaron Walker, general manager of the dealership. Mr. Walker and his wife initiated the partnership when shopping at an SMH thrift store last summer. He was impressed with the organizations professionalism and its ability to employ people struggling with deep-rooted problems while becoming productive members of society. Our partnership is a bold statement that says who we are as Americans when the free enterprise system works like this to help the lives of the less fortunate, CEO Vann Ellison of SMH says. It is one thing to run blaring commercials promising free stuff when buying a car, and quite another to make a promise to your community. Mr. Walker sees the partnership as a morale-booster for his nearly 100 employees. Our employees are looking to do more than just come to work, he says. Now, they are advancing a social mission to improve Collier County. Naples Nissan is on Pine Ridge Road just west of I-75. COURTESY PHOTOAngel Pagan, finance manager at Naples Nissan; Chef Kristofer Jubinville, St. Matthews House; Tammy Walker and Aaron Walker, general manager of Naples Nissan; Vanessa Cardona, Univision; and Vann Ellison, CEO of SMH, at the Nissan dealership when the partnership was announced.


Your complete satisfaction is my first and foremost priorityTONY LEEBER SR.Owner/ContractorFORT MYERS SHOWROOM14680 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 2239-674-0560Mon-Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm NAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560Mon-Sat 10:00am to 4:00pm CONTACT ONE OF OUR DESIGN CENTERS TODAY!FEATURED ON HOUZZFREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONSOLID SURFACE COUNTER TOPSas low as$19per sq. ft.3CM GRANITE COUNTER TOPSas low as$39per sq. ft. NOW-TO-WOW COME CHOOSE YOUR NEW Licensed and Insured General Contractor #CBC1253280 Cornerstone Builders of SW Florida, Inc. Complete Remodeling | New Countertops | Cabinet Refacing | Dream Kitchens | Luxurious Bathrooms Exceeding Expectations Since 1988


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEWS A13 TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION, VISIT US AT NAPLES.CONCEPT1010.COM One-On-OneAlways. Medically Approved.GOODBYE BACK PAIN! Naples THE MOST EFFECTIVE, NON-INVASIVE BACK PAIN CURE. 90% OF ALL BACK PAIN IS EITHER GONE OR GREATLY REDUCED AFTER A FEW SESSIONS. CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR COMPLIMENTARY SESSION!Architecture lecture series concludes with program about Building CommunityThe American Institute of Architects-Florida Southwest Chapter wraps up its fall lecture series Thursday evening, Dec. 3, at Miromar Design Center. A cocktail reception begins at 6 p.m. and the program starts at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $25 for AIA members, $30 for others and free for students with college or high-school IDs. Cash, check, debit or credit will be accepted at the door but reservations are encouraged and can be made through Eventbrite. The final guest speaker is Steve Dumez, principal at the New Orleansbased firm of Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, which received the AIA Architecture Firm of the Year award in 2014. The multidisciplinary design studio is widely known for creating timely architecture, interior and urban spaces. Mr. Dumezs presentation, Building Community, will highlight his firms commitment to civic life and sustainability regardless of scale, budget, scope or complexity, based on the belief that creating better communities requires more than simply designing good buildings. The lecture coincides with AIAFlorida Southwest Chapters annual design awards and holiday party. Developmental education expert to address Collier Child Care Resources symposiumEarly childhood educators, directors and parents are invited to Sensory Processing and Childrens Learning, this years Early Childhood Education Symposium hosted by Collier Child Care Resources from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Hodges University in Naples. Keynote speaker Edith Peisach, Ph.D., is a world-renowned developmental education expert with 20 years of experience. After combining her knowledge as an educator with postgraduate research in neurobiological sensory integration and kinesiology, Ms. Peisach has designed an interactive, multi-sensory program for children through age 5 to exercise their minds and bodies and become aware of the world through their senses. My decision to focus on early childhood stemmed from a breakthrough discovery revealing that 90 percent of the human brain develops during the first five years of life, she says. I wanted to make a meaningful impact on early education. Registration is $50 (a limited number of $25 scholarships are available). A complimentary ticket for program directors will be provided when they register two or more members of their staff. CEUs can be purchased, and certificates will be provided upon completion. Translation devices will be offered at no extra cost. Register online at To pay by cash, check or money order, download the registration form online and pay in person or send to: Collier Child Care Resources, 2335 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 504, Naples, FL 34103. For more information, call 643-3908. Its almost time for the Teddy Bear TossThe holiday Teddy Bear Toss to collect stuffed toys for donation of Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida and other area childrens charities takes place at 7 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, on the ice at Germain Arena during the Florida Everblades game against the Reading Royals. The puck drops at 7 p.m., and fans will toss their teddy bears and other soft toys into the rink following the Everblades first goal. For the sixth year, Iberiabank is the events title sponsor. We collected more than 7,000 toys last year at this heart-warming event through the generosity of the Everblades fans, says David Gordley, market president for Iberiabank. It was priceless to accompany the players as we delivered these teddy bears to patients at the hospital. We are looking forward to another successful event and hope to top the collection of previous years. Game tickets can be purchased at the box office or by calling Germain Arena at 948-7825 or going to AL LARSON / COURTESY PHOTO Florida Everblades players skate among a sea of teddy bears that rained down from the crowd at last years Teddy Bear Toss.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 RMC IS A LEADING PROVIDER OF insurance, reinsurance, risk management, employee bene ts, and actuarial consulting.RMC specializes in the design and administration of innovative risk management programs and insurance products for individuals and small-to-medium sized businesses. We o er a wide range of services, including property & casualty insurance, life insurance, health insurance, annuities, and risk management, as well as a wide variety of employee bene t programs and solutions. Risk Management should not be a Do it-yourself job.Where there is risk, youll nd RMC.Call us today.239.298.8210RMCreinsurance.com791 10th Street South, Suite 202, Naples, FL 34102 He missed judgment class in basic trainingFort Bragg, N.C., declared an emergency on Oct. 30 when one of its soldiers had the bright idea to arrive for a Halloween party on base dressed as a suicide bomber, with realistic-looking canisters in a wired vest. Gates to the post (headquarters of Army special forces and airborne troops) immediately went into extended lockdown, and a bomb-disposal team was called. The soldiers name was not released.Ewwww, gross The Blackhead Whisperer: Upland, Calif., dermatologist Sandra Lee is a social media cult figure with a massive audience on YouTube, where her cystand pimple-popping videos (charmingly, soothingly narrated) have garnered 170 million views. (The Popping community, on the site, has more than 60,000 members.) Dr. Lee admits longing for the perfect blackhead, which to her apparently means one that is photogenic and slides out easily from its snug epidermal home. Several Popping fanatics told a Washington Post reporter that watching the videos is therapy for anxiety, but one fan (a Mr. Wilson) apparently gets his therapy by submitting videos of his own unsoothing oil-laden bursts. While hopeful Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero seeks funding to perform the first ever head transplant (with a patient already lined up), Australian doctor Geoff Askin (the countrys godfather of spinal surgery) recently successfully reattached the head of a 16-month-old boy who was badly injured in a traffic accident. The toddlers head was described as internally relocated and reset onto the vertebra, using wire and rib tissue to graft the head back in place. (Nonetheless, the operation was widely regarded as a miracle.) Police reportPolice Squad! Lives On: (1) Hugo Castro, 28, wanted for questioning in October in San Jose, Calif., after his girlfriend was stabbed to death, helpfully presented himself at county jail. The sheriffs deputy listened and then suggested Mr. Castro go find a San Jose police officer. (Mr. Castro did, and the deputy was subsequently reassigned.) (2) New Hampshire state police laid down spiked stop sticks in November to slow down a fleeing Joshua Buzza, 37, near Greenland, NH. Mr. Buzza was apprehended, but not before he managed to avoid the sticks while goading the drivers of three squad cars over them (flattening several tires).Great artRecent Architectural Triumphs: (1) A 33-year-old Frenchman erected a stone table with benches over his mothers grave marker, so that he and friends could enjoy munchies and wine as he talked to her. (2) For the annual German Ruhrtriennale Festival in September, Atelier Van Lieshout created a temporary hotel structure that appeared from the street (even to the non-aroused) to be a couple having doggy style sex (to make a statement, a reviewer said, about the power of humanity over the natural world). (3) A homeowners association in Winter Haven, Fla., petitioned Steven Chayt to remove the 24-by-12-foot chair he had built in his backyard as an art project especially because of the hole in the seat making it, said one neighbor, essentially a toilet. Finer points of the lawDaniel Darrington was spared a murder conviction in October even after admitting intentionally shooting Rocky Matskassy at point-blank range to relieve his suffering. The Melbourne, Australia, jury decided that Mr. Matskassy, in pain from an earlier accidental shooting, was indeed already dead when Mr. Darrington shot him. However, under the law of the state of Victoria, it is still attempted murder because Mr. Darrington believed that Mr. Matskassy was still alive when he pulled the trigger.Leading economic indicatorsDealt a Lemon, Make Lemonade: Puerto Ricos murder/voluntary manslaughter rate is four times higher than that in the 50 states, creating a pool of (organ) donors in the 18-to-30 age range unmatched in the mainland, according to an October Reuters report. Government officials hope creating a thriving transplant industry will bring Puerto Rico out of its economic doldrums by encouraging economy-conscious patients to spend money on hotels, transportation and food during their stay. Least-competent criminalRecurring Theme: In October, Rezwan Hussain, 29, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the illegal drugs enterprise he ran from his mothers basement in Rochdale, England. He had apparently avoided detection until March, when the Greater Manchester police arrived to question his brother. Mr. Hussain said his brother wasnt home, and they left, but a frightened Mr. Hussain ran upstairs and began tossing 500 pounds of drugs out the window in preparation for his getaway. However, police had not yet driven away, and the first bag of a nearly $5 million stash happened to land right beside their car. NEWS OF THE WEIRDBY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATE 90 Cypress Way East #20 Naples FL (Across From Sams Club) 239-596-5771 Insurance Processing Early Morning Appointments


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEWS A15 PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES LOW PRICE GUARANTEE CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS & FLOOR COVERINGS WORLDWIDE DELIVERY NAPLES:355 9th Street South, Naples, FL 34102 Phone: (239) 732-2400 Store Hours: Mon Sat: 10am 6pm, Sun: Noon 5pmFORT MYERS:13170 S. Cleveland Avenue, Fort Myers, FL 33907 Phone: (239) 415-2800 HALF OFF ALL BEDS!* BLACK FRIDAY SALE Arrondissement Queen Bed $3149 MSRP $1575 sale Arrondissement King Bed $3749 MSRP $1875 sale (shown) Wicker Park Wood Panel Queen Bed $1999 MSRP $995 sale Wicker Park Wood Panel King Bed $2499 MSRP $1245 sale (shown) *Sale prices are marked off MSRP. RSI never sells at MSRP; our prices are always lower. Certain MAP brands, such as Bernhardt, Century, and MG+BW are excluded. Robb & Stucky is not responsible for typographical errors. Visit our Robb & Stucky showroom this weekend and SAVE 50% OFF MSRP all KINGSDOWN Mattress Sets. Queen sets start at $839. One look and youll see the exquisite design and detail that goes into every bed. One try and youll feel the exceptional comfort that comes only from the latest and most innovative sleep technology. Sweet dreams.PLUS, HALF OFF ALL MATTRESS SETS! AND, ALL OUTDOOR LIVING ON SALE! Editors note: We were pround to honor more than 150 local World War II veterans in our Nov. 12 edition. We knew we had not been able to reach every WWII veteran who resides in Collier County far from it but we certainly didnt mean to omit these five veterans whose names and photographs we had in hand. Our apologies. And our thanks. Cindy PierceA few more World War II veterans among us Charles Cortright, 91Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.Branch of military: NavyRank/position: EnsignStationed: Pacific Theater, Battle of OkinawaAlbert Gonsalves, 89Hometown: New Bedford, Mass.Branch of military: ArmyRank Staff SergeantStationed: Fort Knox, Ky.Michael Jordanek, 98Hometown: Cleveland, OhioBranch of military: 398th Military Police Battalion Rank: Technician 4th ClassStationed: England, FranceDr. Louis Moore, 92Hometown: Thomasville, Ga. Branch of military: ArmyRank/position: CaptainStationed: GermanyWilliam Zartman, 91Hometown: Shamokin, Pa.Branch of military: Army Rank: Private 1st ClassStationed: European Theater POW


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Your complete satisfaction is my first and foremost priorityTONY LEEBER SR.Owner/ContractorFORT MYERS SHOWROOM14680 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 2239-674-0560Mon-Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm NAPLES SHOWROOM239-674-0560Mon-Sat 10:00am to 4:00pm CONTACT ONE OF OUR DESIGN CENTERS TODAY!FEATURED ON HOUZZFREE IN-HOME CONSULTATIONSOLID SURFACE COUNTER TOPSas low as$19per sq. ft.3CM GRANITE COUNTER TOPSas low as$39per sq. ft. NOW-TO-WOW WHAT IS REFACING? Licensed and Insured General Contractor #CBC1253280 Cornerstone Builders of SW Florida, Inc. $500 Complete Remodeling | New Countertops | Cabinet Refacing | Dream Kitchens | Luxurious Bathrooms 5%OFF REFACING READERS RECEIVE Exceeding Expectations Since 1988


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY Need Help? Call Us 24/7 239-596-1896 1-800-WEIGHT-LOSSwww.NaplesWeightLoss.com2590 Northbrooke Plaza Drive, Suite 103, Naples, FL 34119(Located on the corner of I-75 and Immokalee Road)OVERWEIGHT?Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days!Naples Weight Loss & WellbeingOffer Includes: Complete comprehensive review of lean vs. fat body mass, 30-day diet supplements + (3) Laser-Lipo treatments & (2) B-12 shots (a $699 value) OFFICES IN NAPLES, FORT MYERS & CAPE CORAL $299*Must call before 11/26/15 and mention Florida Weekly when booking to receive offer ($699 value). (Adult & Pediatric) MEET OUR PHYSICIANSPenny J. Orr, OD, MD, MD, OD, OD SWFLEYE.COM CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT! of your friends, you dont greet someone with a handshake at Farm City BBQ, you greet them with a big old hug. The pressures of having a management or leadership role are taken away for one day when you get this opportunity to network and have a great time. Jeans, boots and cowboy hats are the most appropriate attire of the day. Event chair Stephanie Kissinger has wrangled several elected officials to serve, including State Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, Naples City Councilman Sam Saad and Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk. All of the titles and stuff are stripped down when you interact with the people there, Ms. Kissinger says about the event shes been attending for 14 years. Guests will descend on Camp Discovery for a traditional lunch of grilled steak, corn on the cob, baked beans and Immokalee salad, a dish of roughly chopped vegetables picked fresh from local farms and served with salt and pepper. Shulas Steakhouse provides the meat; Lipman Produce and Russells Clambakes provide veggies and sides. While its main objective is to foster relationships among Colliers business and farming communities, the Farm City BBQ also benefits the coffers of local youth development organizations. This years beneficiaries are the Collier County 4-H Foundation, Youth Leadership Collier, the Collier County Junior Deputies League and Key Club International. Over the past few years, Farm City BBQ has donated more than $250,000 to community organizations. The Junior Deputies League has used funds from past barbecues to upgrade its site and enable it to host this years event. Its an exciting thing when you complete that circle, Ms. Woolley says about Camp Discovery being this years host site. Naples native Casey Weston, who competed on the first season of The Voice, will entertain this year. Her father, Dave Weston, has a long history of participating in the barbecue and was one of the first to step up when organizers added sponsorship opportunities. Farm City BBQ tickets are $20 and can be purchased at For more information, call 571-3174 or visit the website. FARM CITYFrom page 1COURTESY PHOTOGrill master Bart Zino has been cooking steaks at the barbecue for about 15 years. WILSONLIGHTING.COMLIGHTINGSINCE 1975 LAMP SALE O O O O N N N N S S S S E E E E L L L L E E E E C C C C T T T T L L L L A A A A M M M M P P P P D D D D E E E E S S S S I I I I G G G G N N N N S S S S NAPLES 2465 Trade Center Way 239-592-6006 BONITA SPRINGS 3333 R enaissance Blvd 239-948-9000 Monday Thursday 9 to 6 Friday 9 to 5 Saturday 10 to 5 NOW THROUGH SATURDAY, YOU CAN HANG ON TO SUMMERS GLOW WITH GORGEOUS LAMPS AT GOLDEN PRICES. GRAB SOME GREAT LAST-MINUTE OPPORTUNITIES! For more information, please contact:Jennifer P. May, Membership Director 239-254-7418 jmay@quailcreekcc.comInquire now aboutPreview Golf Membership Initiation fee deferred for 12 months for new Golf Membership* Enjoy full Club privileges*Monthly dues & fees will be collected during the preview period. At the end of the 12 months, join as a Class A Golf Member or Social Member, or part ways with no further Quail Creek Country Club

PAGE 20 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA20 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 After all these years, my vision is still perfect, thanks to Dr. Frantz and his team at Frantz EyeCare.George McNeill, PGA Pro Golfer A A A A A A A A A A A i BETTER THAN PAR VISION For an appointment: 418-0999800.581.0999 | BetterVision.netJonathan M. Frantz, MD, FACS One of our Countrys Top 5 Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgeons tea NO INSURANCE? NO PROBLEM. We Offer An In-House Savings Plan We offer payment plans throughFriendliest Dental Practice Around!239.300.9693Located in the French Quarter 501 Goodlette Road North, Suite B202 Naples, FL 34102 Patient Treatment Plan, Cleaning and Necessary X-Rays(DO110, D0150, D0274)PLUS FREE TEETH WHITENINGNot valid with the presence of periodontal disease. Some restrictions apply. Must call by11/26/15. NEW PATIENT $97 SPECIAL $379 VALUE, YOU SAVE $282! USE YOUR INSURANCE BEFORE YOU LOSE IT!(Most Dental Insurances Reset Jan 1) GET OUT FOR A GOOD CAUSE The Quarry hosts the second annual 5K Run/Walk for the Warriors at 7 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, to benefit Wounded Warriors of South Florida. Awards and continental breakfast follow the race at 9 a.m. $35 pre-registration required, military personnel $15. 8975 Kayak Drive. Email Awentz@ for more information or sign up at The annual Gobble Gobble Four Miler to benefit St. Matthews House sets out at 7 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 26, at The Village on Venetian Bay and will feature four events: the 1-mile walk/run, the competitive chip-timed run, a 4-mile walk/run and a childrens dash. For more information or to register, visit Gulf Coast Runners hosts its third annual Thanksgiving 5K starting at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 26, at Cambier Park. The route winds through downtown Naples and proceeds benefit St. Matthews House. Registration is $15-$40. For more information, call 404-7007 or visit Fit & Fuel Caf hosts the annual Iron Joe Turkey Ride on Sunday morning, Nov. 29. The event features a 62-mile, 32-mile, and 14-mile bike ride departing from the caf on Vanderbilt Beach Road. Lunch from Moes Southwest Grill, live music, raffles and more follow the ride. Proceeds benefit the Naples Pathways Coalition. Registration is $40-$50. For more information or to register, call 777-7718 or visit Collier County Public Schools hosts the inaugural CCPS 5K Walk-Run at 8 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, at the districts administrative campus on Osceola Drive, where a health fair and family yoga class will also be held. Proceeds benefit the districts health and wellness initiatives for students. Registration is $10-$50. Call 377-0219 or email The Hardwig Family hosts the third annual Scramble for Sarah at 11 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 13, at Tiburon Golf Club at The RitzCarlton Golf Resort. The day begins with lunch followed by a shotgun start at 12:30 p.m. Sponsorship opportunities are available. Proceeds benefit Lighthouse of Collier Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Registration is $150. For more information, call 430-3934 or visit Girls on the Run of Collier County hosts the second annual Reindeer Run 5K starting at 8 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 19, at Community School of Naples. Holiday attire encouraged. Participants will be greeted with hot cocoa, candy canes and Santa Claus at the finish line. Registration is $5-$30. Call 777-3720 or visit The seventh annual Baby Basics Walking Challenge sets out Saturday morning, Jan. 23, at North Naples Regional Park. Participants can choose routes from 1.5 to 6 miles. Brunch will be served after the walk. Onsite registration starts at 8:30 the day of the event. For more information or to sign up now, call 352-4310 or visit Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida hosts the 2016 WINK News Feeds Families Hunger Walk on Saturday morning, Jan. 16, at Miromar Outlets. The 2-mile, non-competitive family and petfriendly walk is the organizations biggest fundraiser to feed children, families, seniors and others through the food banks network of 150 partner agencies. Supporters are encouraged to form teams to raise money for the cause. Same-day registration is at 8:30 a.m. For more information or to register, call 334-7007 or visit TD Bank Naples hosts the 10th annual Bike, Brunch & Family Festival at 8 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 24, at Lowdermilk Park. The event features several bike rides, a walk down Fifth Avenue South, a dog parade, kids activities and more. Several registration types are available, including a family package that is $70-85. Registration for rides is $40-60 and the parade is $15-$20. Proceeds benefit the Naples Pathways Coalition. For more information or to register, call 777-7718 or visit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida hosts the sixth annual Walk for Wishes 5K Walk/Run on Saturday, Feb. 27, at Florida Gulf Coast University. The certified, timed 5K will be followed by family activities at 9 a.m. with food, face painting, a rock wall, games, exhibits and more. Pre-registration is $25 for adults, $15 for students and $10 fro children 13 years and younger. Eventday registration, which starts at 7:30 a.m., is $30, $20 and $15. For more information or to register, call 992-9474 or visit walkforwishes. net. Email items to

PAGE 21 Were with you.VISIT OUR LOCATION IN BONITA SPRINGS TO OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY.Bonita Springs | Riverview 239-390-2373 13-MONTHCERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT$1,000 minimum deposit

PAGE 22 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA22 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Its always good to have choices. And with construction near completion, future r esidents of The Arlington can hardly wait to start enjoying all the exciting am enities we have planned. For e xample, theyre looking forward to lounging with friends by the outdoor po ol and eagerly anticipating the great workout theyll get in our aquatic centers indoor pool. So come on in; the waters ne! And its just one more reason youll dig retirement at The Arlington. Retirement.The Arlington Information Center and Model 12276 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 501 Naples, FL 34113 Mon Fri. 8:30-5 | Sat. 9-4 | Sun. 12-4 | Or by appointmentThe Arlington of Naples welcomes people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions. A Lutheran Life Community Serving seniors and their families for more than a century. Call or stop by today and see for yourself. Whether you want to dip your toes or dive right in, our retirement counselors are here to answer all your questions. To schedule a personal appointment, call (239) 206-2646. Naples Garden Clubs 2016 House & Garden Tour is set for Saturday, Feb. 6. For more than 60 years, the perennially sold-out event has showcased unique homes and inspiring gardens in Naples while raising funds that support scholarships and community projects. Patron tickets for $225 include the opportunity to buy five early-bird general admission tickets, first choice of tour times and recognition in the tour booklet, the clubs website and at the tour welcome center. General admission tickets for $125 go on sale at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1. For more information, email tours@naplesgardenclub. org or visit Money raised by Naples Garden Club has supported the preservation, protection and beautification of almost all publicly used institutions in the greater Naples area. In 2015 the club has awarded grants to Avalon Elementary School for its Global Garden, the David Lawrence Center, Jewish Family and Community Service, Naples Botanical Garden and Camp Wekiva. Grant applications for 2016 are due by Dec. Visit the website for more information. The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance meets Thursday, Nov. 19, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Members are invited to bring orchids from their collections for judging, and an orchid raffle is held. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free, and all are welcome. The alliance welcomes donations of out-of-bloom or unwanted orchids, which members use for educational purposes. Free pick up is available and can be arranged by calling 498-9741. For more information, visit The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Road. For more information, call 963-4670 or visit The Big Cypress Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution meets at 11 a.m. Friday, Nov. 20, at the Country Club of Naples. In addition to a program about DAR schools, the chapter will honor Lavern Norris Gaynor with the DAR Community Service Award. DAR members and guests are welcome. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 455-7295. For more information about DAR, visit DAR. org. The Naples Press Club Book Fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, at Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops. From 4-7:30 p.m., 20 club members will sign their works and discuss what inspired their works. A portion of the days sales will benefit the clubs Terrence J. Miller Scholarship Fund for aspiring journalism students. Naples Ship Modelers is an informal group dedicated to the hobby of building wooden ship models. Members meet at 9:30 a.m. on the first and third Saturdays of every month at the Landmark Naples community in North Naples. The next meetings are Nov. 21 and Dec. 5. For more information, call Dick Ritchie at 594-0868 or email The Democratic Womens Club of Collier County welcomes members and guests to its meetings from 10 a.m. to noon on the third Saturday of the month in the Walden Oaks Professional Center, 6710 Lone Oak Blvd. The next meeting is Nov. 21. Email dwcpresident@gmail. com. The Solo Women Travel Group meets at 2 p.m. on the third Saturday of the month at St. John the Evangelist Church in North Naples. The next meeting is Nov. 21. For more information, call Barb Garrett at (305) 664-9202. The Naples Digital Photo Clubs series of lectures/workshops continues from 9 a.m. to noon Monday, Nov. 23, at The Norris Center. Guest speaker will be Canon representative Rick Sammon. The series continues Jan. 16 and March 19, with programs at Florida SouthWestern State College-Collier. Attendance is free for club members and $30 for others (which includes membership and free admission to future workshops). For more information, call Sonny Saunders at 777-0053 or visit The Naples Civitan Club holds a business meeting at 6 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road and on varying days and locations during the third week of the month for educational and social gatherings. For more information, call 774-2623 or email The Marco Island Civitan Club meets at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month. The next meetings are Nov. 24 and Dec. 8. For locations, call Anthony DeLucia at 285-6785 or email marcoislandcivitanclub2014@yahoo. com. The international service club focuses on assisting people with developmental disabilities and finding the cause, cure and better treatments of brain disorders including autism, Alzheimers disease and Down syndrome. The Gulf Breeze Button Club meets at 11:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of every month at the Golden Gate Community Center. The next meeting is Dec. 1. All who are interested in collecting and studying antique clothing buttons are welcome. For more information, call 682-6117.CLUB NOTES


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 A23 www.Ligh Naples 239.775.5100, 4600 Tamiami Tr. E. Bonita Springs 239.949.2544, 28801 S. Tamiami Tr. Fort Myers 239.322.5488, 12879 S. Cleveland Ave. EC13005050 Naples Premier Dentistry H. Anton Richardt, DDS Celebrate Your Smile... And Your SkinWe are your one stop Dental Spa Destination.General & Cosmetic Dentistry, Facial Esthetics Ask about Senior Day Free dental care for seniors who meet eligibility requirements.12840 Tamiami Trail North, #1000 Naples, FL 34110(At the light at the corner of 41 and Imperial Blvd.)www.CelebrateMySmile.com239-591-100015% OFF Any New Patient ServiceCannot be combined with other o ers AGE MANAGEMENT HEALTHCARE 2350 Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples, Florida 34109 Monday-Friday Your First Session is $99.00!($250 Value) Fall into a NEW YOU Call Now and Receive 20% Off Packages! Tech4Good SWFL holds its monthly meeting from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Staff and volunteers from area nonprofit organizations are invited to come for handson social media advice and help using Facebook, Twitter, Tweetdeck, Hootsuite,, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and other social media tools. Meeting admission and membership are free. For more information, visit The Naples chapter of Ikebana International meets at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2, in the FGCU Research Center at Naples Botanical Garden. All are welcome. Admission is free. There will be a full ginza or marketplace with ikebana materials. Non-members are asked to email to RSVP. For more information about the organization, visit The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 10670-Naples meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at Naples Municipal Airport. The next meeting is Dec. 2. EAA The Naples EAA chapter is one of approximately 1,700 chapters worldwide. Members are pilots, student pilots, plane builders and aviation enthusiasts. Members also serve a pancake breakfast from 8-11 a.m. on the second Sunday of each month in the pilots lounge at Naples Municipal Airport. Admission for $5 includes pancakes, eggs, bacon or sausage and orange juice. All proceeds benefit the EAA Young Eagles program that acquaints youth ages 8-17 with aviation as a career. The next breakfast is Dec. 13. For more information, call 649-6627 or visit The Naples Orchid Society celebrates the holiday season with a potluck dinner for members starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Thursday, Dec. 3, at Moorings Presbyterian Church. Attendees are asked to bring a dish to share as well as a non-perishable food item for donation to Collier Harvest. A representative from Broward Orchid Supply will have orchids and related items for sale. The societys regular meetings and orchid culture classes will resume in January. For details, visit The Naples Christian Womens Connection hosts a luncheon starting at 11:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 4, at Quail Creek Country Club. Guest speaker and former B&B owner Penny Jordan will present How to Show Hospitality to Friends and Strangers. Pianist Lisa Valezquez, harpist Laurar Lou Roth and the Shirelles will entertain with Christmas music. Cost is $28. Call 514-2207 or email cwcnaples@ to make a reservation. The Naples Music Club holds its annual holiday party starting at 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6, at the Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs. A performance by student musician scholarship winners will follow cocktails and dinner. Tickets are $50. For reservations or more information, call 384-9205 or visit NOTES Visit us online at A LOT TO LIKE

PAGE 24 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA24 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Three great reasons to open an account 1. Earn more! Earn a whopping 3% APY* on balances up to $15,000 withMax CheckingSM. Plus, free ATMs and no minimum balance requirement. 2. Save more! Guaranteed low mortgage rates.** Nows the time to save on a new home. 3. Get more! Get a better rate on your money with our great CD rates!***Stop in to our new Bonita Springs branch today. Anyone can open an account!*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Interest not paid on balances over $15,000. Refunds up to $15 per month in ATM withdrawal fees when you withdraw from your Max Checking account. Rate subject to change. To receive monthly interest rate, Max Checking requires direct deposit into your Max Checking account, minimum of 10 debit card purchases per month, minimum of 4 logins to home banking per month and sign up to receive eStatements/eNotices. **LMCU will match any legitimate competitors offer, or credit the borrower $300 off closing costs. ***Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum deposit $500. Effective 10/12/2015. Rates subject to change. Penalties for early withdrawal. LMCU Membership required. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. Equal Housing Lender.24201 Walden Center Dr. Suite #101 Bonita Springs (239) 908-5870 LMCU.orgCarter Oosterhouse Carpenter, TV Host and LMCU memberNow Open in Bonita Springs! 12 Month CD1.25%18 Month CD1.35% APY APY CD SPECIALRate subject to change. Offer expires 11/30/15. 1/4 BonitaSprings|10/26/15 Additional PackagesPre-Natal, Faceliing with Products and Hot StoneINITIAL VISIT $140 GRATUITY INCLUDED SPECIAL FOLLOWUP PRICE OF $99 GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE Lyn M. Sinclair BA, LMT1993 Graduate NH Institute of erapeutic Arts MA63331, MM33817Please Call For An Appointment239-961-1645Tuesday-Saturday 9-5 e French Quarter 501 Goodlette Road, Naples, FL 34102 LYNSINCLAIR.COM80 Minute Signature Massage Package 10 minute remineralizing scalp massage 10 minute back and feet salt scrub 10 minute Reiki energy balancing 50 minute medium pressure full body massage The Florida Poetry Club invites writers and admirers of poetry to its open mic programs from 4-5 p.m. at The Norris Center on the following Mondays: Dec. 7, Jan. 11, Feb. 8 and March 14. Poets should bring three to five of their original poems. After the session, all are welcome to join the group for dinner at a restaurant within walking distance of the center. For more information, call (440) 554-1144 or email formulawriting@ The Genealogical Society of Collier County meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8, at Moorings Presbyterian Church for a presentation of In the Shadows of Glory, a one-woman play about Mary Todd Lincoln, written and presented by local actress Janina Birtolo. Through her extensive research, Ms. Birtolo has crafted a story that highlights the First Ladys achievements, her stumbles and her challenge to societys view of how a female ought to behave. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free, and all are welcome. For reservations or more information, call Madonna Crame at (249) 455-7295 or visit The Naples Chapter, Florida Society, Sons of the American Revolution holds a lunch meeting on the second Thursday of the month at the Club at Longshore Lake, 1139 Phoenix Way. The program for Dec. 10 will be about the U.S. Constitution. Doors open at 11:30 and the meeting starts at noon. Spouses and guests are always welcome. For more information, call Tom Woodruff at 7320602, email or visit Pilot Club of Naples/Naples Pilot Foundation meets at 6 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road.. The next meeting is Dec. 10. Guests and new members are always welcome. Reservations are not required. Attendees order from the menu and pay for their meals. Pilot International focuses its charitable and educational efforts on brain-related disorders and disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, dementia and autism. For more information, call Sue Lester 2898268. The Greater Naples Branch of AAUW holds its holiday luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, at Hodges University. For more information, visit The Naples Buckeyes invite alumni and friends of Ohio State University to the clubs annual Naples Bay Christmas Boat Parade the evening of Saturday, Dec. 12, aboard the Double Sunshine. Cost is $40 and includes food and fund. Registration and advance payment are required and can be completed at Local alumni of the University of Massachusetts have reserved a block of seats for the UMass vs. Florida Gulf Coast University basketball game Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13, at FGCUs Alico Arena. All UMass fans and alumn are welcome to attend a pre-game reception to built excitement before the Minutemen meet the Eagles on the court. Tickets are $10. For reservations or more information, email Diana Scandiffio Nevin at Alumnae of Gamma Phi Beta in the Naples area meet for lunch and conversation on the second Monday of each month. The next meeting is Dec. 14. For more information, call Lynne Nordhoff at 594-8420 or email lynnecnordhoff@ The Southwest Florida Wisconsin Club holds its holiday luncheon starting at 11:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at Vanderbilt Country Club. Pianist Jodie DeSalvo, who performs at ArtisNaples in the winter season and at Birch Creek Music School in Door County, Wis., every summer, will entertain. All are welcome, especially current and former Wisconsinites. Admission is $28. Reservations are required by Dec. 7 and can be made by calling 254-8812. The club meets on the second Monday of the month at various locations. New members are always welcome. Women readers searching for a book club are welcome to visit the Jewish Congregation of Marco Island at its regular meetings starting at 11 a.m. on the third Tuesday of the month at JCMI. The book for discussion Dec. 15 is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Meetings will continue through April. There are no membership dues, although donations to JCMI are welcome. JCMI is at 991 Winterberry Drive on Marco Island. For more information, call 642-0800. The Naples base of the U.S. Submarine Veterans (USSVI) meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of every month at the VFW Post 7721, 800 Neffs Way in Naples. The next meeting is Dec. 21. Membership is open to active duty and retired submariners who have earned the Qualified in Submarines designation. The local USSVI base commander is Jack Hogan of Naples. For more information, visit CLUB NOTES


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 A25 16850 S. Tamiami Trail, Ft Myers, FL 33908 CALL: (239)693-2275 Mon-Sat: 10 AM 7 PM / Sun: 10 AM 6 PM Brand name collections, Teak, Wicker, Aluminum and Cast Aluminum MANY BELOW our COST! Lloyd Flanders Woodard Les Jardin WinDward WhiteCraft PRide And more... BRAND NAMES FOR LESS!!! PATIO FURNITURE.COM outlet store Living with back pain? Minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat neck pain, back pain and spinal stenosis. Neuroscience and Spine Associates Of ces in Naples and Ft. Myers(239) 649-1662 R. Rick Bhasin, MD, FAANSBoard Certi ed Neurosurgeon Clinical Af liation, Department of Neurosurgery University of Florida Pi Beta Phi alumnae in Naples, Bonita Springs and Marco Island are invited to attend the Naples (Area) Alumnae Clubs year-round activities. For more information on luncheons and evening meetings, social mixers and interest groups, and/or joining the group, call Barbara Craig at 908-7301, email or visit pibetaphi. org/naplesac. Coastal Chess clubs in Naples and Marco Island welcome players of all levels for casual games and occasional tournaments. Marco meetings are from 9 a.m. to noon every Monday at the Lutheran Church, 525 N. Collier. Naples meetings are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Saturday in the clubhouse at Moorings Park, off Goodlette-Frank Road just south of Pine Ridge Road. For more information, call Wade Keller at 38 9-2525, email wk@ or visit The Bridge Club of Naples has its home at St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church at the northeast corner of Airport-Pulling and Orange Blossom Roads. Duplicate games begin at 1 p.m. MondayThursday throughout the year; novice games are played weekly through April. All games are ACBL sanctioned. For more information, call head teacher and club director Guy Germer at 910-4205 or email g The Naples Model Yacht Club welcomes all who love to race radiocontrolled model sailboats following the Racing Rules of Sailing that are used by full-scale boats. Membership in the American Model Yacht Association is required. Many club members are former owners of sailboats who still love to race, but dont want the hassle of maintaining a full-sized boat. Club headquarters are at North Collier Regional Park, at the pond just south of Sun n Fun Water Park. The club races five classes, each on its own day of the week. Monthly membership meetings also take place at the pond. Visit Naples Writers Forum offers free weekly workshops for writers of all levels from 10 a.m. to noon Saturdays at St. John The Redeemer Church, 625 111th Ave. N. (in the Claussen Family Center, which is the third building on the campus). Attendees should bring 10 copies of one page of fiction, non-fiction, memoir or poetry for critique. For more information, call Gary Melhart at 949-3621 or email Naples Newcomers Club welcomes women who have moved to the area within the past five years. In addition to a monthly luncheon, members get together to explore Naples and to enjoy a variety of interests, from books to bridge and mah-jongg to gourmet cooking and conversations over coffee. A coffee for prospective new members takes place on the first Thursday of each month. For more information, call 298-4083 or visit Email club news to Cindy Pierce at NOTES

PAGE 26 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA26 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certied Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Freedom and Optimum health plan participants.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certied eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 11/30/15.Naples Bonita Springs BEHIND THE WHEEL Chevrolet Silverado Z71 Midnight Edition is dark seductionThe pickup truck at right doesnt lack appeal, but it is looking for someone gutsy enough to use it for its intended purposes. This Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Midnight Edition Z71 is dripping with the kind of premium black sleekness that looks like they moved Miami Vice to the Everglades. The question is do you have the courage to take those expensive, glossy black wheels into deep, gritty mud? The popularity explosion of trucks and large SUVs over the last couple of decades is no accident. As people began to discover they enjoyed riding high on the road, the automakers responded with more car-like features such as more interior room and car-like steering. All of this upgrading leads to exterior packages like this one that makes a Silverado look as aggressive as a Corvette. But beneath all of this flash theres still a vehicle that can be measured in workloads. The Midnight Edition option costs $1,300, but it comes in a larger package that includes chunky Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac off-road tires, Z71 off-road suspension, and a spray-in bedliner. This might seem the right recipe for a great off-road work truck, but once all the minimum packaging requirements (cab, engine, chassis, etc) are met, any Midnight Edition pickup starts above $42K. In fact, most found at dealers will be loaded like our tester with a 4x4 drivetrain, touchscreen Bose stereo, and/or Chevrolets 420hp/460lb-ft V8 motor. Those options and many more pushed our test vehicle to $56,165. Thats a polarizing line. After all, it will be tough to spend that much on a vehicle destine to develop dents, dings, and gouges during the workday. But there are also many people who want the toughest looking pickup on the streets, and they love that this one comes straight from Chevy. A four-wheel drive truck can be versatile in the right hands. In Florida we have soft sand, slippery boat ramps, off-road parks, and other great reasons to own a 4x4 pickup. But are you willing to do all of these activities in a $50K+ vehicle? This is where Chevrolet actually seems to have put some well-placed thought behind its packaging. Our fourwheel drive Silverado also comes with the optional Autotrac transfer case. This engages the 4x4 capabilities through the simple turn of a knob on the dashboard. More importantly, there is also an Auto setting. Most true 4x4s come with a part-time system that allows the driver to lock all four wheels into high and low depending on torque needs. This is indispensable for achieving industrial-sized tasks but not practical for highway driving. Conversely, all-wheel drive vehicles use computers and couplings to have the flexibility to keep a car moving with the best grip at any speed, but they lack the stump-pulling power of a true 4x4. This is important to know because Chevrolets Autotrac is a valuable midpoint between 4x4 and AWD. Drivers can choose to have the vehicle in rear wheel drive, 4WD Lo, 4WD Hi, and an Auto mode that detects slipping like an AWD vehicle. In practical terms, this means the person who falls in love with the look of this Midnight Edition pickup can get real versatility. This buyer might only occasionally visit a boat ramp, but when a random summer downpour hits, switching this Silverado into Auto mode can make it as adaptable as a Subaru. This isnt a perfect world. The infinitely powerful but thirsty 5.6-liter V8 drinks even mor e fuel anytime all four wheels are engaged. While Autotrac is a standout feature in any Silverado, this is not an industry exclusive. The system is available on the General Motors twin GMC Sierra, and Rams On-Demand is a comparable transfer case. Plus, many of the truck-based SUVs have similar options available. So where does all that leave our beautifully black but expensive special edition Silverado? Chevrolet is limiting the Midnight Edition to only 5,000 examples. So, its future classic potential can be the rational motivation behind customers seduced by the sleek-but-tough appearance. For these people, the Autotrac 4x4 is a worthwhile upgrade to maximize practicality. Now the only remaining drawback is owing a good-looking and versatile pickup means everybody else will want you to tow their toys in style. Traffic deputies are on the roadHeres where Collier County Sheriffs Office traffic-enforcement deputies will be the week of Nov. 23-27: Monday, Nov. 23 Glades Boulevard and Palm Drive: Red-light running Davis and Lakewood boulevards: Speeding North Ninth Street and Roberts Avenue: Speeding Tuesday, Nov. 24 Goodlette-Frank Road and Pelican Marsh Boulevard: Speeding Airport-Pulling Road and Orange Blossom Drive: Aggressive driving Vanderbilt Beach Road and Vineyards Boulevard: Speeding Wednesday, Nov. 25 23rd Avenue S.W. and 49th Terrace S.W.: Speeding Golden Gate Parkway and Tropicana Boulevard: Red-light running Collier Boulevard at I-75 southbound exit: Aggressive Driving Thursday, Nov. 26 Immokalee Road and Randall Boulevard: Speeding Pine Ridge and Airport-Pulling roads: Red-light running U.S. 41 East and St. Andrews Boulevard: Speeding Friday, Nov. 27 Immokalee Road and Tarpon Bay Boulevard: Aggressive driving Radio Road and Santa Barbara Boulevard: Aggressive driving U.S. 41 North and Vanderbilt Beach Road: Aggressive driving Tune up your driving skills at AARP classAARP offers classes to help older drivers learn about new traffic laws, refresh their driving skills and reduce their risk for tickets and accidents. Drivers over age 55 might be eligible for a discount on auto insurance. Cost is $15 for AARP members, $20 for others. Reservations are required and can be made by calling the number listed with the session you wish to attend. Heres whats coming up where. Classes are from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20: South County Regional Library, 21100 Three Oaks Parkway, Estero; 947-1727. Thursday, Dec. 10: Marco Island Lutheran Church, 525 Collier Blvd., Marco Island; (734) 968-3105. Thursday, Dec. 10: St. Williams Ministry Center, 750 Seagate Drive, Naples. 273-6317.


Caring People, Caring for Kids 9981 S. HealthPark Drive Fort Myers, FL 33908Ellana Cancer Patient Immokalee, Florida

PAGE 28 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA28 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Americans who practice yoga report better wellness, health behaviorsPeople who practiced yoga or took natural products (dietary supplements other than vitamins and minerals) were more likely to do so for wellness reasons than to treat a specific health condition, according to analysis of data from the 2012 National Health Interview Survey. Yoga users reported the most positive health benefits, compared to users of natural products and spinal manipulation. The analysis by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health was published in a National Health Statistics Report by the National Center for Health Statistics. Though yoga seems to play the biggest role, people who use a variety of complementary health approaches reported better well-being, said Josephine P. Briggs, M.D., director of NCCIH. This may suggest that people perceive more wellness benefit when they are actively involved in their health, for example by practicing yoga. More research is needed to better understand the ways yoga and other approaches impact overall health. The NHIS is an annual study in which thousands of Americans are interviewed about their healthand illness-related experiences. The 2012 NHIS asked participants about their use of complementary health approaches and whether they used them to treat a specific health condition or for any of five wellnessrelated reasons. Participants were also asked whether this use led to any of nine desirable health-relat ed outc omes. The survey results are based on data from 34,525 adults aged 18 and older. This analysis provides estimates of selected wellness-related reasons for and outcomes from the use of three complementary health approaches: natural product supplements; yoga; and spinal manipulation. Yoga users were much more likely than users of other approaches to report specific wellness-related outcomes, such as feeling better emotionally. They were also the most likely to report exercising more, eating better, and cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes. While the analysis did not show why yoga users reported greater wellness, more than 70 percent of yoga users reported a focus on the whole person mind, body and spirit as a reason for practicing yoga. Specific findings of the analysis included: General wellness or disease prevention was the most common wellnessrelated reason for use of each of the three approaches. More than two-thirds of users of all three health approaches reported that their use improved their overall health and made them feel better. Nearly two-thirds of yoga users reported that as a result of practicing yoga they were motivated to exercise more regularly, and four in 10 reported they were motivated to eat healthier. More than 80 percent of yoga users reported reduced stress as a result of practicing yoga. Although dietary supplement users were twice as likely to report wellness rather than treatment as a reason for taking supplements, fewer than one in four reported reduced stress, better sleep, or feeling better emotionally as a result of using dietary supplements. More than 60 percent of those using spinal manipulation reported doing so to treat a specific health condition, and more than 50 percent did so for general wellness or disease prevention. The NHIS is the principle source of health information on U.S. adults. Our results suggest that complementary health approaches may play an important role in promoting positive health behaviors, including those we know impact chronic conditions, said Barbara Stussman, statistician for NCCIH and author of the analysis. NCCIHs mission is to define, through rigorous scientific investigation, the usefulness and safety of complementary and integrative health approaches and their roles in improving health and health care. For additional information, call NCCIHs Clearinghouse toll free at (888) 644-6226, or visit HEALTHY LIVING Embracing inevitable change Cerner, our longtime information technology partner, is the face of change in our industry. And, If you dont like change, management guru Tom Peters once cautioned, you are going to like irrelevance even less. Change Management was the theme at a recent Cerner meeting I attended with more than three dozen other health-care system CEOs and consultants. Three major themes genomics, big data/predictive analytics and consumerism coalesced around change management. The story of Kodak was cited as an example of what can happen if an organization stubbornly resists change and chooses instead to hang onto the more comfortable (but often perilous) old way of doing things. Sandra Fenwick, president and CEO of Boston Childrens Hospital, discussed her research teams collaboration with other national academic and research-oriented childrens hospitals to explore the genetic basis of many of the rarer types of pediatric diseases. Working on the genetic basis of disease, which directs the molecular abnormalities toward creating molecular diagnostic and therapeutic programs, requires every one of these great institutions to share their research and genetic analytics. Big data and predictive analytics are regularly used today in banking, finance and marketing to protect against fraud, to anticipate customer needs and to present attractive products. Automation based on such data is changing our lives. Just think about online banking or shopping or booking airline tickets. In health care, too, wearable devices that are still in the elementary stages of development will help predict colds or flu through quantifying changes in routine body functions. Ultimately, persistent elevation of blood sugar or SEE CHANGE, A29 Multiple Locations for Convenient Care 1-800-591-DERM | www.RiverchaseDermatology.comMultiple Locations for Convenient Care OFFERING A COMPLETE RANGE OF SERVICESGeneral Dermatology Skin Cancer Mohs Micrographic Surgery Camisa Psoriasis Center Laser Treatments Cosmetic Dermatology DermConnect NeoGraft CoolSculpting Medical SpaRiverchase proudly accepts most insurances including Aetna, United Health, BCBS, Medicare, Web TPA, Tri-care, Cigna, Freedom, First Health Multiplan Network, Interplan Network


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 A29 Dr. Lynn Sarkela D.C. 239-631-5393 Chiropractic OF NAPLES HAND & FOOT CLINIC SunshineAce.comDOWNTOWN NAPLES | GOLDEN GATE | BONITA SPRINGS SAN CARLOS | MARCO ISLAND | EAST NAPLES | PORT CHARLOTTE $849GenesisEP-330Gas Grill38,000 BTU. 637-sq.-in. cooking space. Front-mounted control panel; individual electronic ignition system; Flavorizerbars. Black. Model 6531301 (8295396) 200OffPropane Tank Exchange or RefillDont be caught unprepared for your next cookout. (8001898) Sunshine Ace Valid 11/20/15 11/23/15 only. NEW!$649SpiritSP-330Stainless Steel Gas Grill32,000 BTU. 3 stainless steel burners. 529-sq.-in. cooking space. Stainless steel cooking grates. Stain. Model 46800401 (8460909)$679Medium Big Green EggGet all the famous Big Green Egg versatility and efciency in a smaller package with plenty of cooking area to accommodate a backyard cookout of four steaks or two whole chickens. (AMHD) 4-Day Tax FREE Grill EventSunshine Ace will pay your sales tax on all grille items! Sunshine will pay your tax, assemble your new grill and deliver it forFREE Physicians Regional offers free seminars Heres whats coming up at Physicians Regional Medical Center: The Surgeons Secrets Behind Hip and Knee Replacement 6-7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at 6101 Pine Ridge Road: Orthopedic surgeon David Eichten will discuss advantages of the anterior approach to total hip replacement and the new ligament-preserving knee-replacement procedure. Bariatric Support Group 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25, at 8300 Collier Blvd.: Regular meeting of the Bariatric Support Group Long-term weight loss required positive changes in lifestyle and eating habits. This group is dedicated to those who have had or are planning to have bariatric surgery. Those who have had the procedure elsewhere are welcome. For more information about free programs offered by Physicians Regional Healthcare System, visit physiciansregional. com. Pull up a chair for yogaChair yoga classes at the East Naples Library take place from 10:30-11:15 a.m. every Friday. Jean Erlbaum, a master registered yoga teacher and the author of Sit With Less Pain, leads the series of stretches that are done on a chair or with the support of a chair. The workout provides a good stretch and strengthening for muscles, moves for bone strength and balance, release for the joints, relaxation and yoga breathing. Cost is $7 per class. People in wheelchairs, those who have had joint replacement and beginners are most welcome. For more information, call Ms. Erlbaum at (413) 230-1518 or email jean.erlbaum@ Lunch n learn for visually impairedLighthouse of Collier Center for Blindness and Vision Loss invites visually impaired people and their caregivers to a brown bag lunch program from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month at Lighthouse headquarters, 2685 Horseshoe Drive S. Guest speakers discuss various aspects of life with and treatments for visual impairment. Attendance is free. Bring your own bag lunch and plan to stay afterward for social hour with trivia and other games and the opportunity to learn more about the programs and services offered by Lighthouse of Collier. For reservations, call 430-3934. For more information about Lighthouse of College, visit Struggling with a medical challenge? The Mental Health Association of Southwest Florida holds a free, bi-monthly support group for people who are struggling with medical challenges. Meetings are from 7-8 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday at MHASWFL headquarters, 2335 Tamiami Trail N. in Naples. The next sessions are Dec. 1 and 15. Victoria Elkins, a licensed clinical social worker and a member of the NCH Bioethics Committee, facilitates the session. The goal of the support group is to help members understand and process their treatment options so they will become empowered to voice their decisions with their family and treatment team. Those who take an active role in their treatment often express a higher level of satisfaction with their care and experience less emotional distress, Ms. Elkins explains. For more information about this or other regular support groups offered by MHASWFL for veterans, those with depression, transgender men and women and more, call 261-5405 or visit blood pressure could be an early warning for diabetes or hypertension and would suggest a change in diet and exercise before starting medications. Our goal in health care is early recognition, before illness strikes. We dont simply analyze the vast amount of data that could be turned into valuable information and knowledge. Early recognition will lead to be tter o utcomes with less cost. So, too, consumerism in health care is being fueled by the Internet, where transparency and higher insurance deductibles motivate potential patients to shop for better value (defined as quality divided by cost). You can take a DIY strep tests and share pictures of a rash or skin lesion online via a number of telehealth services. Instead of waiting days or weeks to see a physician in a traditional office, Internet visits for low-acuity care can be accomplished in minutes and they cost less than an office visit. Indeed, telehealth holds the prospect of the kind of power shift from healthcare providers to consumers that Amazon has presented to consumers for all manner of goods and services. Like it or not, change is all around us. Our challenge is to harness it for a better world. At NCH, we believe that thinking forward, being innovative and embracing change will help all of us live longer, happier and healthier lives. Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System.CHANGEFrom page 28

PAGE 30 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA30 NEWS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. Importer and Distributor of Premium Quality Natural Stonee Future is All TRAVERTINE MARBLE FLOORING PAVERS HARDSCAPE w w w w w w w S S toneM M a a r t. c o m m m 10760 Metro Pkwy., Fort Myers, FL m m m TRAVERTINE TILESstarting from$1.79/SQ. FT. World Renowned Cataract Surgeon, David C. BrownM.D., F.A.C.S NEW NORTH FORT MYERS LOCATION KIM CAMPBELL THORNTON Amtrak now permits people to bring pets on board certain Northeast train routes. A cat or small dog confined to a carrier can ride the rails on trips up to seven hours. Available routes are Boston to Lynchburg, Newport News and Norfolk, Va.; Northeast Regional service lines; and the Downeaster route from Boston to Brunswick, Maine. The pet fare is $25. With the pet inside, the carrier must weigh no more than 20 pounds. Pets must be at least 8 weeks old and have up-to-date vaccinations. Got diabetes? Dogs can sniff out hypoglycemia low blood sugar simply from the scent of your sweat. Researchers tested six dogs who had been trained to detect hypoglycemia by taking sweat samples from their owners during both a hypoglycemic episode and a normal blood glucose period. They stored the samples in glass vials and then placed the vials in steel cans. The dogs correctly identified the hypoglycemic samples 87.5 percent of the time. Our results suggest that properly trained dogs can successfully recognize and raise the alert about a hypo using smell alone, the researchers wrote. The Siberian cat is Russias natural feline treasure, with a long, triple-layered coat; a fancy ruff around the neck and britches on the legs; and an abundance of personality. These cats are friendly, intelligent and full of curiosity. Count on a Siberian outwitting you at every turn if youre not careful and maybe even if you are. Hes one of the larger cat breeds, weighing up to 18 pounds or more, and his luxurious fur coat comes in all colors and combinations. Siberians have a reputation for being hypoallergenic, but that varies by individual. Some are more allergenic than others. Try before you buy. Love cats, tea and yoga? If youre in the city by the bay (San Francisco, natch), all your interests converge at KitTea, the citys first cat cafe, located at 96 Gough St. in Hayes Valley. The relaxing space is dedicated to enriching the interactions between humans and adoptable felines from Wonder Cat Rescue. Enjoy Friday mewvie nights featuring flicks such as Bell, Book and Candle with mind-reading cat Pyewacket, unlimited tea and a dessert; or practice yoga with cats on Monday and Thursday evenings, with a 90-minute flow and restorative class followed by 30 minutes of tea and cat time. Meowvelous! The pharaoh hound may have an exotic, regal appearance befitting a breed named for the ancient rulers of Egypt, but beneath that chiseled exterior lies a hound with a sense of humor who is prone to stealing doughnuts, chasing squirrels and generally keeping his people entertained. Despite their name, the dogs are actually from Malta, where they are still prized as rabbit hunters. The sleek sighthounds have a rich tan or chestnut coat with white markings; an intelligent, playful, loving temperament; and the unique characteristic of blushing bright pink when they are happy or excited. Employee benefits network BenefitsPRO lists five good reasons companies should consider making offices petfriendly: they relieve stress (who doesnt relax when giving a dog a belly rub or petting a cat?); they boost employee relationships; they reduce absenteeism from pet-owning employees; they can drive creativity; and they create a welcoming atmosphere for people visiting the premises. To help things go smoothly, lay down guidelines to ensure that pets who come into the office are friendly, welltrained and get along with other animals and let visitors know about the policy in advance in case they have allergies. The love of a cat can save a life. A man who was threatening to jump from the third-story ledge of a building in San Francisco reconsidered after a relative brought his cat, Trip, to the scene. We dont know what the orange-and-white tabby said to him, but the situation ended with the man being talked off the ledge and taken into custody. Relatives are caring for Trip. San Francisco Police Department spokeswoman Grace Gatpandan tweeted, Never underestimate the power of an owners love for their pet #kitten. PET TALESPets get a ticket to ride The Siberians coat sheds heavily in spring and fall and requires regular brushing yearround. Pets of the Week>> Bella is a 9-yearold domestic shorthair who is sweet, friendly and good with other cats. As a cat over 5 years old, her adoption is free to a quali ed senior citizen and includes a complete care package. >> Bubba is a handsome, 1-year-old black mouth cur mix who weighs about 40 pounds. He has medium energy, likes playing ball, is good on his leash and knows the basic commands. >> Harper is a sweet, 9-month-old Catahoula mix who weighs about 43 pounds. Shes calm, good on her leash and knows her basics. >> Hawk is an affectionate, 2-yearold domestic medium hair who likes dogs, people, and other cats. This weeks pets are from Collier County Domestic Animal Services. Adoption fees for cats are $60 and dogs are $85 and include sterilization surgery, vaccinations, pet license, ID microchip and a bag of food. Visit DAS at 7610 Davis Blvd. from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. MondaySaturday. Adoptable dogs and cats from DAS are also at For Footed Friends in Marquesa Plaza on Livingston Road from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. the rst Saturday of every month. For more information, call 252-7387 or visit


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NEWS A31 Promotional Rate 18-Month Certicate of Deposit Minimum Deposit $10,000 of New Funds EXCLUSIVE CD RATE LIMITEDTIME OFFER! Get your money working harder with Value-Added Banking from FCB! Stop by your community FCB banking center and open your account today or call 1.877.378.4297 were here to serve you. 1. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of date of publication. Offer and rates are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Offer expires December 31, 2015 and applies to new accounts o nly; Public Funds are not eligible. Opening deposit must be new funds. Offer applicable to initial 18 month term only. CD will automatically renew to a standard 18 month CD at the current rate and APY. 2864 1015 Florida Based. Florida Focused. FloridaCommunityBank.com2325 Vanderbilt Beach Rd., Naples, FL 34109 | (239) 552-1820 2400 N. Tamiami Trail, #100, Naples, FL 34103 | (239) 552-1840 1400 N. 15th St., Immokalee, FL 34142 | (239) 657-3171 3360 Bonita Beach Rd., Bonita Springs, FL 34134 | (239) 552-1700 7900 Summerlin Lakes Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33907 | (239) 437-0025 205 Del Prado Blvd. S., Cape Coral, FL 33990 | (239) 242-2130 1261 Homestead Rd. N., Lehigh Acres, FL 33936 | (239) 369-5811 SHOWROOM HOURSMONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-5PM insideout furniture direct 239-592-13872367 TRADE CENTER WAY, NAPLES, FL FIRE PITS IN STOCK Best Price and Excellent Customer Service WHY SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE? THE DIVA DIARIESAs if another reason to despise air travel were needed Hurling through the air at 40,000 feet in an airless, claustrophobic metal tube is no picnic for your diva. It is well documented that I am not simply uncomfortable with flying and that I do no just dislike being in an airplane, but that I despise air travel. Not only is it terrifying you can explain to me a million times about the science of how jets manage to get in the air and stay in the air (blah, blah, blah); it doesnt matter, its still black magic to me but its also miserable, especially if you find yourself seated next to a fellow who is manspreading. Yes, manspreading is not only a word, its a thing. A couple of weeks ago, when I was flying back from Dayton, Ohio, where I enjoyed a delightful weekend of beautiful autumn weather and my fabulous family, I had the misfortune of encountering a manspreader on my connection from Atlanta to Southwest Florida. I had a window seat because, although Id rather walk from Atlanta than fly, looking out the window helps me feel less claustrophobic (that, and LOTS of vodka). The flight was (of course) packed to the gills, and as my fellow passengers boarded I sat in my tiny, little seat by the window in the 36th row and repeated a silent prayer that a miracle would happen and that no one would be seated next to me. Alas, they were the last to come lumbering down the aisle: two dudes, one ending up in the middle seat next to me and the other one on the aisle. They were probably in their 40s, average builds, casually dressed, nothing unusual until the guy in the aisle seat reaches into his backpack and produces a greasy McDonalds bag, pulls out a Quarter Pounder and commences to enjoy his lunch. I dont even like to hear my closest loved ones chew, let alone an airplane stranger masticating with a deafening vengeance. I put my ear buds in and turned up Lady Gaga as loud as my iPad would allow. As we took off, his belly full of burger and fries, aisle guy promptly fell asleep, while middle Guy went into manspread mode. Manspreading is when a guy opens his legs widely so theres what seems to be about two feet of empty space between his knees. This makes the man feel relaxed, comfortable, and allows his man bits to fly freely. But, thats not all. Manspreading isnt just about the knees, its also about the elbows. My manspreader was reading a magazine, so to make the act of turning pages way more enjoyable, he rested his elbows on both armrests. Now, remember, Manspreader is in the middle, aisle dude is snoring and his hands are in his lap; Im sorry, but the armrest on my right is mine. The armrest to my left, the one thats flush with the wall of the aircraft, doesnt count; its not a real armrest. As lowly coach airplane passengers, we only get one armrest each. Not only was this guy helping himself to two armrests, but his left elbow, knee and foot were all up in my personal space. I scootched over as far as physically possible, trying to make myself one with the airplane wall. My discomfort went unnoticed; in fact, the more room I gave him, the more he manspreaded. After 30 minutes of silent seething, I decided to sit exactly as he was sitting. When we bumped knees and elbows, surely he would see the error of his spreading. And yet, nope. The physical contact didnt appear to ruffle him a bit. I Googled manspreading on my iPad (WiFi also helps to make the time go faster in the airless tube) and discovered that its a huge problem, especially in the New York subways, where there arent even armrests to separate the spreaders from their victims. Via plenty of online articles, it seems the consensus from men who feel entitled to spread is that keeping their knees closer together makes their boy places feel cramped. I dont care. Just because one part of your body feels uncomfortable doesnt entitle you to make my entire body feel uncomfortable. So, manspreaders, check yourselves when you take your seat on a plane. Its an airplane seat, not the La-Z-Boy recliner in your living room. Be considerate. Respect the space of others. Remember you only get one armrest. And until you can afford First Class, the family jewels are just going to have to endure the duration of the flight. Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week stephanieDAVIS




BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES B1SECTIONWEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 INSIDE Ask the FoolWhy does some good news, but not all, affect a companys stock performance? B5 House HuntingWhat you can get for $500,000 in four area markets. B8 Patient appreciationDecibels Audiology says thanks, and more Networking photos. B3, 6, 7 Every-crab-loving-body whos anycrab-loving-body knows: This is a great year for stone crabs. Other shellfish and fin-fish targeted by commercial fishermen various species of grouper, mullet and the like arent doing badly either, according to marine scientists and resource managers. The fishermen themselves confirm those observations. For two or three years the crab industry looked like it was steadily declining, and it kept getting worse, says Eddie Barnhill, 40, a fourth-generation fisherman who works with his father and namesake, Eddie Barnhill (senior), 62, and other family members. He owns Barnhill Fisheries, a commercial wholesaler of stone crabs, along with shrimp, mullet, oysters and clams in Lee Countys Matlacha on Pine Island. We were trying to figure out what to do before the government got hold of us and told us theyd only give us half the traps this year, or something, Mr. Barnhill says. (Regulators license traps to fishermen based in part on their estimates of population and the health of the fishery.) And then the season opens and now there are more crabs than there have been in years. It happens with mullet, too and mullet roe is a valuable commodity sold in foreign markets. These fishermen are using these little seine nets and trying to do the best they can. Ive seen red tide kill every mullet that came through the pass, but there are lots of them now. In his estimation, the problem is an imbalanced fishing economy, not the environment. Mother Nature does what shes gotta do, for whatever it is, he figures. Paradoxically, however, in a time of bounty for stone crabs and others, those Good fishing, tough workLocal fishers compete with imports, regulations BY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ SEE FISHING, B4 COURTESY PHOTOEddie Barnhill, age 62, of Barnhill Fisheries in Matlacha. Naples TOP 1 % Our Experience Counts. Our Expertise Sells. luxeexclusivelyFrom Port Royal to Bonita Beach, The Bua Bell Group serves the Luxury Market. Were Local, Were Global! | Emily K. Bua 239.659.6115 or Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097 Aria at Park Shore Beach $3.975 M 4501 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, #1201 Pine Ridge $8.980 M 209 Ridge Drive


bt n ff r t CHRISALLNAPLES.COM / 239.572.2200 / WWW.ALLNAPLES.COM B Rf Ir SW Ftf A Vt B Nfn Df N Rft C AftEXPERT REPRESENTATION IN NAPLES SINCE 1984COMPANYWIDE DOWNINGFRYE REALTOR IN 2011 & 2013#1 CHRISTOPHER A. BRAUNBROKER-ASSOCIATE, CRS2014 OVERALL TOP SELLING REALTOR COMPANYWIDE Unwind and watch unobstructed sunsets over pristine estuary out to the Gulf of Mexico from your own Cap Ferrat Sunny Spacious Moorings Coquina Sands ... Walk to Beach Grey Oaks Easy Living Pristine Lely Lakefront ff JUST REDUCED r t


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 BUSINESS B3 MONEY & INVESTINGWhat we can learn from Valeants dubious riseI would wager that the majority of people reading this column have never heard of the drug company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International. To be honest, I never heard of it either until a few months ago, despite it being the largest publicly traded company in Canada and the owner of popular brands like Bausch & Lomb. In addition, the company experienced an awe-inspiring run, trading at around $15 a share in 2010 to more than $250 a share this year. But in the past month, the company has almost completely collapsed and now trades at around $75 per share, losing more than $50 billion of market value. Why am I bringing this up? I believe the rise and fall of this company can give us value insight into the stock market and teach us several critical lessons about investing and corporate finance in general.Being in the pharmaceutical business is not easy. Research and development are off-the-charts expensive, with most compounds failing to achieve the goals set for them. And even when drugs are successful, you have to deal with insurance companies as well as the FDA and then, before you know it, your patent expires and you have to compete with a generic substitute. As a result, most pharma firms are slow-growth, value companies that are favored by retirees. So how did Valeant skyrocket from $15 to $250 in less than five years? Well, the CEO, an exconsultant, came up with a new strategy for the struggling drug company. First, he decided that research and development did not provide a good return on investment, so he cut that department to the bone. So how would the company bring new products to market? Its strategy would be to buy other drug companies that owned the rights to various medicines. Valeant would then cut costs at those companies and raise the prices of those drugs. It would do so over and over again, using its quickly rising stock to fund these purchases. Hedge funds fell in love with Valeant as the company blew away earnings quarter after quarter and its earnings skyrocketed. And as the price of the stock rose, its currency, which it used to buy other companies, became more valuable, which made its acquisitions even more accretive, which drove the stock even higher and a positive vicious circle fed upon itself. Until one day in late September a struggling Democratic politician, trying to court voters, tweeted that if she was elected president that she would crack down on drug companies that unfairly raised prices. All of a sudden, Valeants main business model was being called into question and the stock sold off dramatically. Then, a few weeks later, a stock research company indicated that some parts of Valeants sales channels were booking artificial revenue to boost earnings and its share price. The research company even compared Valeant to Enron. The stock absolutely collapsed as hedge funds dumped the stock at any price. So what can we learn from Valeants rise and fall that can help us in our everyday investing? First, corporate leadership does matter when investing in a company. It should have been very telling that Valeant chose an ex-McKinsie consultant and not a chemist or scientist to run the firm. It should therefore not have been a surprise that mergers and acquisition were much more important than research and development at Valeant. Second, a company cannot survive on financial engineering. It actually has to make a better widget to survive in the long run. Both large and small companies in history have thought they could be successful simply by utilizing complex financial structures to game the markets and some of these have worked in the short run. But there always has been an unforeseen event that unraveled these plans and left financial ruin in their wake. Beware of companies that arent focused on their customers or rely totally on acquisition strategies to achieve their growth. Finally, Valeant shows that smart money isnt always so smart. Smart money usually refers to large hedge funds that are run by very intelligent investors using complex computer models. Many assume that these brainiacs deserve the ridiculously high compensation they receive because their analysis enables them to beat the market. But all of these funds piled into Valeant as it was shooting higher and almost all lost their shirts on the way down. Only now are many doing the due diligence regarding Valeants structure and strategy that they should have been doing before they made their investments.So what does the future hold for Valeant? Without its high-flying stock price, its currency to make accretive acquisitions is nonexistent. And its ability to raise prices on its products is limited because of threatened government action. The questions now are whether these pressures are short-term or long-term and can the company weather the next few months. Or will the hunter become the huntee and be acquired by another drug company? It will be an interesting story to watch. Eric Bretan, co-owner of Ricks Estate & Jewelry Buyers in Punta Gorda, was a senior derivatives marketer and investment banker for more than 15 years at several global banks. m n d l c f Mike Isermann and Sarah Thomas Crystal Torres, Jim Cooper and Nan Cooper Ken Shevin and Richard Barbaro Michael Wright and Tenille Tatio Mark Royan and April Royan Valerie Rivas and Richard Rivas Dan Milas and Joan Milas NETWORKINGDecibels Audiology hosts a patient appreciation partyMARY WOLLEON / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. If you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. The website is also where you can purchase photos. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@

PAGE 36 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 who catch the fish we eat from gulf waters remain an unlisted but significantly endangered species themselves, they say. As for the quality of fish in what sometimes seems to be increasingly polluted waters: buy them, eat them and enjoy them (in a balanced diet) with the knowledge that consuming wild-caught fish from the eastern Gulf of Mexico is both healthy and pleasurable and it helps the fishermen, recommends Andy Kane, an associate professor of environmental and global health at the University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions. Things have been challenging (in recent years) for the fishers as well as fed fish such as crab and oysters, he explains. Their harvest cycles have been up and down over time. But over the last five years the decline has not been related to stress. Or to the (Deepwater Horizon) oil spill of 2010. East of Pensacola, he says, the effects of the oil spill are somewhere between negligible and none. While this is not true in Louisiana where the fisheries were hammered by oil, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico oil has not been a factor. Instead, declines from other pollutions or excess fresh water with its resulting red tides, algae blooms or weakened natural hatcheries, along with the downturn of the economy in recent years, has put tremendous pressure on small family fishers. (Professor Kane uses the word fishers because some are women.) The stress levels for them are difficult its a crazy way of life, he notes. But some of the fisheries are rebounding, and fishers are smart and resilient by nature. They can adapt. Mr. Barnhill agrees, although he and his father quit fishing in the mid-1990s for a time, when a government net-ban hugely supported by sports fishing lobbyists put many fishing families out of business. To get by, the family began raising chickens. But after two or three years of that, theyd had enough and returned to fishing, concentrating on stone crabs. By last year with the continuing decline in crabs, he joined a stone crab advisory panel to state government, hoping to protect the industry from regulations that could strangle it, he says. Whats unbelievable is that now theyre talking about putting in a poleand-shoal (regulation) down the whole coast, or along the west wall in Charlotte Harbor, he says. That would mean fishermen could either pole their boats, or troll but no outboard motors would be allowed. Meanwhile, one of the biggest problems in the fishing economy is misrepresentation of imported fish, Mr. Barnhill says. For example, grouper caught in Mexico or brought up from the Bahamas is often sold in retail shops as fresh American or Southwest Florida-caught fish. Its 100 percent illegal but nothing gets done about it, he insists. And then retail sellers sometimes put the imported fish next to his crabs, advertising them as fresh Southwest Florida Colossal, and implying that other fish are fresh from the local gulf, as well. None of which hurts the restaurateurs selling stone crabs, because the market supports seemingly stratospheric prices in their restaurants. At the famous Joes Stone Crabs in Miami Beach, for example, the current menu offers the house special under Classics, like this: Individual order: cole slaw, hashed brown potatoes, creamed spinach, slice of key lime pie (with) STONE CRAB, Large Stone Crab (3): $49.95. You can get the crabs (again, three large) alone at the bar for $35.95, or you can waltz in and grab an order of any size you want, chilled with just mustard sauce for $29.95 (medium), $42.95 (select), $59.95 (large), or $89.95 (jumbo). Add $10.95 for the plane. (Dont despair: if you find yourself short on cash you can still sit at Joes and order a half of fried chicken for $6.95.) This may be part of the reason Joes ranked No. 2 among the top-grossing restaurants in the United States last year, reporting 35.3 million in annual sales. Mr. Barnhill and his ilk will not see even a hint of that kind of money, except in their dreams. He summarizes his economics this way: for his 45-foot boat or his fathers just to leave the dock, the cost is $1,100, he says thats with three crew members. What they face when they come back from a trip is a price index for crabs thats gotten out of hand in recent years, he says. As wholesaler, when the price gets up so high, Im not making money. In the past, if we could make $3 a pound we were happy. But now were making $1 to $2 a pound, and it costs a buck-and-aquarter to process it, so realistically Im doing it for about nothing. I pay the boats $8 a pound for medium stone crab, $14 a pound for large stone crab, and I sell them to the next guy for $16. Hes trying to get two or three bucks, so he gets $19 or $20 a pound, for product. So now the restaurant sells it for $40, $50 or $60. The market can beat us down so we cant pay for the boat, and the restaurants never drop their price. That cuts out many consumers, too. Right now, you gotta be rich to go to a restaurant and eat stone crabs, Mr. Barnhill points out. Joy Hazel, a faculty member at the University of Floridas IFAS and the Sea Grant extension agent in Lee County, uses the term perfect storm to describe factors affecting the commercial fishing business, a storm that includes the choices consumers make. More than 90 percent of the fish we eat are imported, she explains. We are importing less expensive shrimp, farm-raised shrimp, tilapia, catfish, and exporting our high dollar product: mullet roe, lobster, salmon from the pacific, tuna, and so on. So you have competition from imports. Additionally, she says, Americans still dont eat as much fish at home as they could and probably should; 75 percent is consumed in restaurants. Meanwhile, the U.S. is doing a really good job at managing their fisheries, and because of that and increased regulations, American seafood prices are higher. So if you are a shrimp fisherman who has to put turtle exclusion devices into your nets, which increase drag and reduce collection, and you have to do all these regulations, and then you get high gas prices, and low-cost imports, you could be in trouble. With consumers, she adds, the average buyer might just look at price, and choose a $5.95-per-pound tilapia over a $15 a pound fresh, wild-caught grouper. Not only that, But you have the conversion of waterfront, and in some places taxes are highest and best use, so working waterfront fishing businesses are competing with condos. And they cant, which is all part of the reason there is now a worrisome decline in family fishing. My opinion? she says: I think the United States needs to think about this differently. That means consumers as well as regulators of both the fishery and imports. Fishermen might do something for themselves, as well, she suggests. The local food movement, from farm to table, seems to be growing. But I dont think fishermen have gotten on that bandwagon, yet. It might be simply a matter of marketing. The message itself is simple: Buy and eat fresh local fish. FISHINGFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOJoy Hazell works with youths in her educational programs as a Sea Grant Extension Agent. KANE Things have been challenging (in recent years) for the fishers as well as fed fish such as crab and oysters. Andy Kane, an associate professor of Environmental and Global Health University of Florida College of Public Health and Health Professions


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 BUSINESS B5 I trace my roots to an 1851 glass company. In 1879 I developed a glass bulb for Thomas Edisons new electric lamp. I introduced Pyrex heat-resistant glass in 1915 and in 1947 invented a process to mass-produce TV picture tubes. Ive made massive mirrors for many major telescopes. Im based in New York and my offerings include damage-resistant cover glass for smartphones and tablets; optical fiber and wireless technologies; products that accelerate drug discovery and manufacturing; and emissionscontrol products for cars, trucks and off-road vehicles. I rake in about $10 billion annually and employ some 35,000 people worldwide. Who am I?Think you know the answer? Well announce it in next weeks edition. THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answer Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Your Retirement IncomeTo avoid running out of money in retirement, its important not to withdraw too much of your nest egg too soon. Deciding on your optimal withdrawal rate is tricky, though. A famous report by three Trinity University professors who studied stocks and bonds from 1926 through 1995 concluded that annual withdrawal rates of 3 percent and 4 percent are extremely unlikely to exhaust a wide range of stock and bond portfolios over periods from 15 years to 30 years. They also noted that owning bonds decreases the likelihood of going broke for lower to midlevel withdrawal rates, but having at least a 50 percent allocation to stocks is best for most retirees. Its tempting to stick with 3 percent, to be on the safe side, but if your nest egg is, say, $400,000, that will only generate $12,000 in annual income. Some recommend heftier withdrawal rates, such as 6 percent which would generate $24,000 in this example but an ill-timed stock market drop could end up depleting your coffers too soon. Theres no way to know exactly how long youll live or how your investments will perform over your time frame. The long-term average annual growth rate for the stock market is close to 10 percent, but your rate might be lower. Thus, its smart to be conservative. Perhaps aim for a 4 percent withdrawal in your first year, adjusting subsequent withdrawals for inflation. So you might start with $16,000 in the first year and then take out $16,480 in the next year, if inflation has been about 3 percent.If the stock market swoons soon before you retire or in your retirements early years, consider cutting back your withdrawals to leave more in the nest egg to grow. If your timing is lucky and your nest egg grows at a good clip in your first retirement years, you may be able to increase your withdrawals a bit. Alternatively, withdraw more when the market has a strong year and less after a weak one.Learn more about investing for retirement at Didnt Bank On ItIn the 1990s, I was just beginning to become computer literate. I learned DOS/ Windows, started banking online and eventually began thinking about investing. I wanted to invest in shares of Apple when Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1997, but at that point, my bank started having issues with its server. I stopped trusting online banking and didnt pursue investing much, other than parking some money in a few CDs. I didnt return to online investing until the mid-2000s. D. Parker, PhiladelphiaThe Fool Responds: You were apparently a very early adopter of online banking. According to the American Bankers Association, most Americans now prefer Internet banking to other methods of banking, and mobile banking, conducted via smartphones and other devices, is gaining ground. In the late 1990s, though, only a few banks offered online banking services, and they werent as sophisticated as those of today. Many people were successfully investing online in the late 1990s, and brickand-mortar brokerages were an option, too. Your interest in Apples stock was clearly well-founded, as shares have risen by an annual average of nearly 35 percent in the 18 years since 1997 more than 200-fold. That would have turned a mere $3,000 investment into more than $600,000! In the years following Steve Jobs return, Apple rolled out hits such as the iMac, iPod, iTunes, MacBook and, very importantly, the iPhone, which debuted in 2007. Watch This CompanyMedia and entertainment giant Viacom (Nasdaq: VIA) has seen its shares drop more than 25 percent over the past year, but that just presents an interesting opportunity for investors. The companys media networks include Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Spike, BET, CMT, TV Land, Nick at Nite, Nick Jr., Logo, Nicktoons, TeenNick and the Paramount Channel, reaching 3.4 billion viewers worldwide. Its Paramount Pictures division is a major motion picture company, with recent hits such as Interstellar and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Viacom offers much promise of growth, too. Its Transformers franchise features four films that have collectively grossed more than $3.7 billion worldwide, with another movie on the way in 2017. The 2013 World War Z movie grossed more than $500 billion globally, but didnt play in China. If Viacom gets it onto Chinese screens, dollars will follow.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grossed more than $480 billion worldwide and has a sequel coming up in 2016. Less promising is a drop in cable TV advertising revenue, a trend Viacom needs to overcome or offset. That will likely take time.The companys free cash flow tops $2 billion annually, and its net profit margins are in the double digits. With a recent price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio near 12, a five-year expected growth rate of 12 percent and a dividend yield recently topping 3 percent, Viacom is worth consideration for patient believers. I was founded in 1885 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by the inventor of the first electric room thermostat. Today Im a leading provider of equipment and controls for heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, refrigeration and security systems for buildings. I also specialize in automotive seating systems and am the global leader in lead-acid automotive batteries and batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. In the past I offered steam-powered cars and trucks, and in World War II, gas leak detectors, among other things. I have about 130,000 workers worldwide and annual sales topping $40 billion. Who am I? (Answer: Johnson Controls) Investor ExpectationsQWhy does some good news from a company send its stock price up, while other good news from it does nothing? J.P., Owasso, OklahomaAIt depends on what investors have been expecting. Imagine that people following Typewriter Land Inc. (ticker: QWERTY) have noticed that the companys sales have been really picking up in recent months. Its stock price may steadily rise, as more people, excited by its prospects, pile into it.Then imagine that Typewriter Land reports a 40 percent surge in earnings in its last quarter, more than it had forecast. If thats kind of what investors had been expecting, the stock might not move much on the great news. But if investors were expecting a significantly higher or lower growth rate, you might see the stock jump up or down. Sometimes news isnt really news.***QWhat does pro forma, which I see on some financial statements, mean? D.E., Lexington, KentuckyAIt means that youre looking at some what-if numbers. Imagine that Acme Explosives Co.s (ticker: KBOOM) fiscal year runs from January through December. Lets say that Acme merges with Roadrunner Industries (ticker: BEEEP) in April. AcmeRoadrunners next annual report might feature some pro forma financial statements, reflecting the condition or performance of the company over the year as if it had been a combined company all year long.Pro forma results can be useful. If you were researching AcmeRoadrunner Inc., youd want to be able to compare apples to apples. It wouldnt be very insightful to compare its results in a pre-merger period with those of a post-merger period. By examining combined results, you can get a clearer idea of the companys financial health and growth. Want more information about stocks? Send us an email to l b p s s s s v e o r my e r a l cts d tu co n t ru c k s r ake i n all y a n pe op le w Think We ll ann o edition BUSINESS MEETINGS A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at or visit Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704. The Florida Gulf Coast Real Estate Investors Alliance meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at the Bonita Springs Elks Lodge, 3231 Coconut Road. The next meeting is Dec. 1. Call (941) 257-3577 or visit fgreia. com for more information. The Leadership Collier Foundation Alumni Association hosts a holiday party from 5:30-8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3, at The Players Club & Spa at Lely Resort. All dues paying graduates of Leadership Collier, Leadership Institute and GAIN are invited. Winners of the Leadership Collier Foundation Scholarship Pin Challenge will be announced. $40 includes hors doeuvers and two drinks. Cash bar will also be available. Sign up at The Collier County Bar Association holds its general membership luncheon from noon to 1 p.m. Friday, Dec. 4, at Kensington Country Club. Bruce Blackwell, executive director of the Florida Bar Foundation, will be the guest speaker. Sign up at The Above Board Chamber holds its next luncheon from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, at the Hilton Naples. To sign up or for more information, visit Young Professionals of Naples members and guests meet for Coffee Club at 7 a.m. on the second Tuesday of the month at varying locations. The next meeting is Dec. 8. For more information, email, visit or follow Young Professionals of Naples on Facebook. The Collier Building Industry Association holds its holiday diner and installation of 2016 officers and board members from 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, at Olde Cypress Country Club. For reservations or more information, call 436-6100 or visit The Collier County Lodging and Tourism Association holds its holiday mixer from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, at the Hilton Naples. $10 for CCLTA members, $15 for others. Reservations required by Dec. 4. Email Lisa Carney at or visit The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce holds its annual holiday party from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17, at the Hilton Naples. Guests are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy for distribution to children by the Greater Naples Fire & Rescue District. Reservations required by noon Monday, Dec. 14. Sign up at Email business meeting announcements to

PAGE 38 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Sheila Zellers, Tim Zellers and Belinda Mitchell Tamiami Ford Team Kathy Miller and Van Osborne Nick McCarthy and Sheldon Wise Karen Nagy and Terry Valle Courtney Smith and Katherine Cachere Adam Shapiro and Bill de Deugd Tammie Nemecek and John Sweet NETWORKINGCollier Building Industry Association member mixer at Tamiami FordSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. If you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. The website is also where you can purchase photos. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 BUSINESS B7 Your local hometown hero A bt nfrrfr tr, rr rn rr bt tf rr rr r rrf Our experienced, friendly insurance professionals will advise and recommend protection for your specic insurance needs. For experienced, local insurance advice talk to BB&T Oswald Trippe and Company today.AUTO BOAT HOMEOWNERS HEALTH LIFE CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATIONS PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY 2014 Branch Banking and Trust Company. BB& T OSWALD TRIPPE AND COMPANY 889 111TH Ave N Suite 201, Naples FL 34108 Direct: (239)-280-3803 Office/Client Service: (239)-261-0428 Email: Fax: (866)-802-8677Steve Kaserman, Jimmy Stewart, Jenny Malone-Wiseman and Michael Wrightman Howard Wheeler, Earl Gill, Jennifer Lofstrand and James Daly Rich McCormick ,Ron Waldrop and Ryan Binkowski Kristin Stroh, Claudine Wetzel and Brian Stock Randy Thibaut, Terry Kelly and Matt Walsh Joe Schmitt and Nick Kouloheras Kathleen OHara, Matt Walsh and Diane Schaefer Doug Shipp and Gary Eskin NETWORKINGLee and Collier Building Industry Associations host fifth annual Market Trends event at Miromar Design Center STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Like us on to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. If you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. The website is also where you can purchase photos. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. Email them to cpierce@


This 4 bedroom, 4 full baths, 2 half baths including a mother-in-law suite and 3 car garage has an amazing golf course view! The entire home is in absolutely immaculate condition and has impeccable detail! The living room area has an oversized oor to ceiling replace that is absolutely spectacular! The living areas have stunning stone tile and the bedrooms have beautiful wood ooring. The custom kitchen is absolutely phenomenal from custom Dutchmade cabinets and granite counter tops, Viking appliances including 3 full size ovens, 2 sinks and so much more! The private mother-in-law suite is almost 700 square feet and includes a full kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom and a laundry room. The screened-in pool area is unlike anything youve ever seen! There are 2 outdoor showers, 3 sitting areas and tons of room to entertain friends and family! 1,499,000 Of ce: 239-261-2244 | Cell: 239-572-8643 | TA1019@aol.comTracey Albert AUDUBON COUNTRY CLUB 712 SAINT GEORGES COURTRICK PARLANTE & THE PARLANTE GROUP A professional and a credit to the industry. ...patience and professionalism is always front and center.The SperlingsHome Buyers Oct 2015 Today! Jacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro Richard Love the beach .... hard to nd a better location. 2 BR/2 BA updated unit. Nice storage. Popular complex. LAUNDRY IN UNIT SEAVIEW #208 $364,900Outstanding water view. Super large lake. 3 BR/3.5 baths. Loads of perks in this one. No mandatory fees. BRAND NEW ROOF 9143 PINNACLE COURT $689,000Rare nd 3 BR/3 BA + den. Magnicent views of the Gulf of Mexico. Stunning unit. Wonderful amenities. NEW TO MARKET DELA PARK PLACE #503 $899,900Outstanding detached villa with 2 BR/2.5 baths. Wonderful oor plan. Feels like a single family home. NEW TO MARKET OLE LELY RESORT -$295,000 What $500,000 will buy in Southwest Florida3824 Survey Circle, Bonita SpringsThis fantastic two-bedroom home in Cracker Cove was remodeled in 2010 and comes with high ceilings, an open floor plan, gas cooktop, double ovens and wood floors. The glassed-in lanai overlooks lush landscaping and is very private. The oversized garage, which has room for three cars and is loaded with storage, is also mostly air conditioned, making it perfect for an office. This residence is part of a beautiful neighborhood of 37 homes that has just completed a renovation to all its roads, driveways, pools and landscaping, creating a truly traditional Florida environment. The property is listed at $499,000 by John R. Wood Properties, johnrwood. com.1688 McGregor Reserve Drive, Fort MyersThis stunning estate home was a former award-winning model in McGregor Reserve. It has a spacious, open floor plan with volume ceilings and lots of upgrades. The gourmet kitchen with an island and shaker-style cabinetry, granite counters, tumbled tile backsplash, wall oven/ cooktop and double-door refrigerator. Beautiful wood flooring is complemented with block tile on the diagonal, custom window treatments and much more. A lushly landscaped yard on well irrigation comes with an avocado tree and great view of the canal. There is a separate garage that can be used as a workshop or studio. The community has lantern-lit sidewalks, a pool and barbecue area, and with an excellent location near everything, this residence is move-in ready. The property is listed at $495,000 by RE/MAX Realty Group, Butterfly Palm Drive, NaplesReady to live in one of the best neighborhoods in North Naples? This Saturnia Lakes gem has a gracious, spacious floor plan that boasts large living and dining rooms, a kitchen with breakfast bar and breakfast nook and an expansive family room. The kitchen has natural wood cabinets, granite counters and large pantry. There is also a first-floor guest room with full bath. The gigantic master suite features a sitting area, his-and-her closets and a large bath with double vanities and soaking tub. This home has just been freshly painted, and has tile throughout the first floor and rich, upgraded carpeting in bedrooms. Saturnia Lakes features great amenities; in fact, this home is just a short walk to the community pool and sports center. The property is listed at $495,000 by Waterfront Realty Group, Melport Circle, Port CharlotteThoughtfully built with no expense spared, this South Gulf Cove home is everything you could want in waterfront living. Perfect for relaxing or entertaining, this is the ideal spot for fun. Catch fish from your dock or jump on the boat and head to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico you are less than 10 minutes to open water. No expense was spared when building this home, and it has been meticulously maintained since. Some of the extras include Silestone counter tops, wood cabinets with crown molding, 10-foot high ceilings and impact glass throughout. The large, screened lanai overlooks a saltwater heated pool, 50-foot concrete dock with 10,000-pound covered lift and a concrete seawall. Also, the lot across the street is available at an additional cost. The property is listed at $499,900 by Allison James Estates & Homes, REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY B8 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015First-time buyers fall again in NAR buyer/seller surveyThe share of first-time buyers declined for the third consecutive year and remained at its lowest point in nearly three decades as the overall strengthening pace of home sales over the past year was driven more by repeat buyers with dual incomes, according to an annual survey by the National Association of Realtors. The survey additionally found that nearly 90 percent of all respondents worked with a real estate agent to buy or sell a home, which pushed for-sale-by-owner transactions to their lowest share ever. The 2015 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers continues a long-running series of large national NAR surveys evaluating the demographics, preferences, motivations, plans and experiences of recent home buyers and sellers. Results are representative of owneroccupants and do not include investors or vacation homes. In this years survey, the share of firsttime buyers declined to 32 percent (33 percent a year ago), which is the secondlowest share since the surveys inception (1981) and the lowest since 1987 (30 percent). Historically, the long-term average shows that nearly 40 percent of primary purchases are from first-time homebuyers. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, says the housing recoverys missing link continues to be the absence of first-time buyers. There are several reasons why there should be more firsttime buyers reaching the market, including persistently low mortgage rates, healthy job prospects for those collegeeducated, and the fact COURTESY PHOTO SEE SURVEY, B17 SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 B9 239-404-8222 ROBYN PFISTER GRIFFIN OLDE NAPLES 175 16th Avenue S. $4,275,000 PORT ROYAL 425 Kings Town Drive $4,100,000 ROYAL HARBOR 2200 Sheepshead Drive $3,495,000 JAMAICA TOWERS 2885 Gulf Shore Blvd., #201 $1,175,000 PINE RIDGE 227 Carcia Road $1,750,000 OPEN SUNDAY 1-4PMOPEN SUNDAY 1-4PMOPEN SUNDAY 1-4PMDowning-Frye opens new Naples officeLocally owned Downing-Frye Realty Inc. has opened an additional real estate sales office in Naples. The office in the former Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce building at 3620 Tamiami Trail N. becomes the firms third realty office with visibility along the U.S. 41 corridor, joining the firms existing realty offices at 180 Ninth Street S. in downtown Naples and at 23421 Walden Center Drive in Bonita Springs. We have multiple office locations throughout the Naples and Bonita Springs areas, says Mike Hughes, vice president/general manager of the agency. Our newest Naples area office is across the street from our former headquarters of many years and nicely fills in a gap that we had between the downtown Naples and Bonita offices. Visitors to the new office will find a variety of information about new and existing properties for sale as well as rental properties, plus tourism-related visitor information. Mr. Hughes also notes that the office will accommodate growth as more agents join the brokerage. In 2015, more than 195 real estate agents have joined Downing-Frye Realty, making it one of the stronger years for recruiting in recent years, he says. The Downing-Frye name has been a fixture in the Southwest Florida real estate industry since 1961. Lots released for building in Tuscany PointeThe Southwest Florida division of D.R. Horton has released three new home plans and additional lots for building in its Tuscany Pointe community in North Naples. Two professionally decorated models are open for viewing. Near the corner of Vanderbilt Beach Road and Collier Boulevard, Tuscany Pointe offers oneand two-story homes from 1,983 to 3,609 square feet of living space. Prices start at $369,990. The one-story Ashbury model home features a kitchen that opens to the great room and lanai, perfect for casual entertaining and family time, and a separate dining room for more formal gatherings. This 2,431-square-foot home has three bedrooms, three baths, an optional pool bath, a den, and a two-car garage. The two-story Silverton has five bedrooms, 3 baths and an expansive loft. A spacious kitchen and great room form the heart of the 3,609 feet of living space. For more information or to schedule a tour of the models in Tuscany Pointe, call 225-2679. Visit for more information. Sales center underway for Pelican Bay high-riseGulf Bay Group of Companies has started construction on the sales center for Mystique, the new, 21-story ultraluxury high-rise in Pelican Bay that will have 68 estate and four penthouse residences. Mystique is on one of only two remaining developable land parcels in Naples between The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort and Port Royal. The sales center will showcase several features of Mystiques design, including luxury kitchens and baths. Highend technological features will also be incorporated into the sales center to demonstrate the sophisticated level of integrated technology in each residence. Our sales center will reflect the essence of the building, says Aubrey Ferrao, whose Gulf Bay company has completed 14 luxury beachfront properties along a 1.5-mile stretch in Pelican Bay. The Mystique sales center is underway by Coastal Construction and should open by the end of this year. Until then, the Mystique sales team is operating in a temporary sales center immediately adjacent to the site of the new center. Reservations for Mystique are underway, with Naples-based Premier Sothebys International Realty serving as the exclusive listing agent for the first Pelican Bay high-rise in nearly a decade. For more information, call 598-9900. COURTESY PHOTOMystique will be the first new high-rise to open in Pelican Bay in nearly a decade. Reservations are being accepted now.COURTESY PHOTOThe new Downing-Frye Realty office in Naples is at 3620 Tamiami Trail N., in the former Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce building.


WE MAKE IT EASY. YOU MAKE IT HOME. 239.261.9101For Rentals Call239.213.3311Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina: Cashiers/Lake Glenville, Highlands, Sapphire/Lake Toxaway NAPLES Timeless Elegance 8 BR, 8 Full BA, 2 Powder BA Overlooking Golf Course, Preserve w/Sunset Skies $9,900,000 MLS 215050309 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS FORT MYERS New Construction 4 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms $949,900 MLS 215060382 Katie Brady Rigsby 239-770-6061 HIDDEN HARBOR ON THE BAY FORT MYERS 3 BR +Den, 2.5 BA, 3-Car Garage, Pool Home Gulf Access, Private Boat Dock & Electric Boat Lift $639,900 MLS 215056558 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 ISLAND PARK BONITA SPRINGS Turnkey 3 BR+Den, 3 BA Pool/Spa Home Beautiful Golf Course & Sunset Views $535,000 MLS 215021611 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 SPANISH WELLS THE MOORINGS Adorable Beach Cottage Dcor, Move-In Now Fabulous Views Overlooking Bay, Steps to Gulf $362,500 MLS 215061791 Beth James 239.287.4663 NEW LISTING BEACON HOUSE NAPLES Immaculate 2nd Floor Condo w/Tranquil Lake View 2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, & 1 Car Garage $269,000 MLS 215058769 Annete Villano & Jim Hiester 239.248.6798 IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES FORT MYERS BEACH Sunrise Over Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve 2 BR, 2 BA, Turnkey 5th Floor Unit $375,00.00 MLS 215062814 Michael May 239.989.6357 NEW LISTING THE PALMS OF BAY BEACH BONITA SPRINGS Canal Front Building Lot with Dock Direct Gulf Access $279,000 MLS 214008189 The Bordner Team 239.989.8829 PARADISE VILLAGE GRAND ISLE TOSCANO ESTATE 6 + Bedrooms, 7 Full & 4-Half Baths 800 Bottle Wine Room Plus Movie Theater $8,500,000 MLS 214028789 Steve Suddeth & Jenn Nicolai 239.784.0693 GREY OAKS AVELLINO ISLES 3 BR+, 3.5 BA, Elegant Coach Home Magnificent Southern Exposure $850,000 MLS 215055834 Vito Bauer 239.777.7080 VINEYARDS NAPLES Estate Home with Pool 3 Bedrooms +Den, 3 Baths $634,900 MLS 215025252 Debbie Dekevich 239.877.4194 WILSHIRE LAKES BONITA SPRINGS 3 BR, 4 BA, 2 Car Garage Social Membership Included Custom Estate Home Over 3300 S.F. $529,000 MLS 215057332 Zach Fischer, The Fischer Group 239.777.7500 SPANISH WELLS BAY POINTE 2 Bedrooms + Den, 2 Baths Southern Exposure, Private Preserve View $339,000 MLS 214047953 Cathy Lieberman & Cindy Reiff 239.777.2441 BONITA BAY THE RESIDENCES 2 Bedrooms +Open Den, 2 Baths, Luxury Condo Split Bedroom Floor Plan w/ 1,480 S.F. Under Air $255,000 MLS 215020308 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 COCONUT POINT IBIS COVE Must See 3 BR +Den, 3.5 BA Pool Home Wraparound Lake Views, Southern Exposure $2,149,000 MLS 215018066 Connie Lummis, The Lummis Team 239.289.3543 BONITA BAY PELICAN LANDING Spacious 4 BR + Den, 3.5 BA Pool Home Custom Cabinets, Granite Counters, SS Appliances, Wood Floors $829,000 MLS 215063630 Meli Chelon-Gumma 239.273.3974 NEW LISTING BONITA SPRINGS FORT MYERS 4 Bedrooms+ Office, 3 Full Bathrooms Cabana and Guesthouse w/Kitchenette $619,900 MLS 215043113 Katie Brady Rigsby 239.770.6061 TIDEWATER ISLAND INDIGO SHORES 3 Bedrooms + Office/Loft Wood & Tile Floors Throughout $499,000 MLS 215038544 Pam Olsen 239.464.6873 NEW PRICE WEST BAY BEACH & GOLF CLUB FORT MYERS Large 3 BR +Office, 2.5 BA Attached Villa Fresh Water Canal Views, Boating Access $320,000 MLS 215056541 Bari Fischer, The Fischer Group 239.872.7333 HARBOUR ISLE YACHT & RACQUET CLUB BONITA SPRINGS 2 BR, 2 BA Furnished Condo w/1-Car Garage Outstanding Lake and Golf Course Views $250,000 MLS 215062173 The Boeglin Team 239.287.6414 LAS BRISAS AT SPANISH WELLS


NAPLES Rarely Available, Custom, Upgraded, Estate Home 4 BR + Den, 3 BA, 3-Car Garage, Pool $1,890,000 MLS 215053510 Vito Bauer 239.777.7080 LOGAN WOODS BONITA SPRINGS Build Your Dream Home Across From The Beach 0.40 Acres, 106' Wide, Deep Water, No HOA Fees $799,000 MLS 215006615 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 BONITA BEACH CAPE CORAL Upstairs Suite/Studio/Workout Room 3 Bedrooms, 3 Baths, Extra Wide Canal $599,000 MLS 215033629 Dan Pearce 239.940.1747 GULF ACCESS POOL HOME 553 BEACHWALK CIRCLE Highly Sought After North Naples Location Turnkey Furnished Villa in Gated Community $499,000 MLS 215060756 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 OPEN HOUSE 11/22 1-4PM BEACHWALK NAPLES 2-Story Home with Private Back Yard 3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2-Car Garage $319,700 MLS 215061225 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 MOON LAKE CONCORD POINT Turnkey, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Large Lanai & Lake View $247,500 MLS 215059678 Sue Ellen Mathers 239.877.2726 NEW LISTING EMERSON SQUARE NAPLES 4 Bedrooms +Den, 4 Full & 3 Half Baths Gated 155 Acres w/Just 28 Estate Homes $1,795,000 MLS 213003435 Roger Stening, The Fischer Group 239.770.4707 NAPLES CLUB ESTATES GOLDEN GATE ESTATES 3 Fenced Pastures, 6 Stall Barn, Riding Arena Completely Remodeled Ranch Home, 5BR, 4BA $749,900 MLS 214054247 The Taranto Team 239.572.3078 EQUESTRIAN DREAM SEVILLE Fabulous Long Lake Views and Green Space Beautifully Upgraded $585,000 MLS 215055828 Lady Carlyon Coates 239.273.2516 PELICAN MARSH ESTERO 4 BR, 2.5 BA, Over 3,000 S.F. Living Space Formal Living & Dining Rooms, Heated Pool $419,000 MLS 215033751 Mike Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.340.5455 ROOKERY POINTE NAPLES Updated Kitchen, Bath, & Flooring Attached Garage Huge Fenced Yard $295,000 MLS 215058348 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 HILLTOP BONITA BEACH Breathtaking Sunsets Cross the Street to the Beach $189,900 MLS 215048821 Gary Ryan 239.273.6796 GREAT LOCATION REGENCY TOWERS 3 BR, 3 BA Co-Op Situated on the Beach Westerly View of The Gulf for Beautiful Sunsets $1,199,000 MLS 214048750 Steve Suddeth & Ben Maltese 239.784.0693 MOORINGS L'AMBIANCE Totally Renovated 3 BR, 2 BA, 1st Floor Attached Garage, Walk to Tennis, Fitness $699,900 MLS 215057908 Linda Sanfilippo 239.595.1098 PELICAN BAY NAPLES Views of the Gulf of Mexico and Vanderbilt Bay Turnkey 2 BR, 2 BA 7th Floor End Unit $575,00.00 MLS 215050151 Kurt Petersen 239.777.0408 VANDERBILT SURF COLONY NAPLES Custom 2-Story Upgraded Pool Home 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bathrooms, 2-Car Garage $416,700 MLS 215057458 Liz Appling 239.272.7201 MOON LAKE BONITA SPRINGS 3 BR, 2 BA Villa, Convenient Location 10' Ceilings, Open Floor Plan, Tile Throughout $285,500 MLS 215044279 Mike Fagan, The Fagan Team 239.340.5455 SPANISH GARDENS FORT MYERS Located in Wonderful, Gated Community 2 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms $160,000 MLS 215050813 Bari Fischer, The Fischer Group 239.872.7333 PALMETTO COVE NEW ROOF 8/15/15 4 BR Home in Very Desirable Community & Location West of 41 and Close to Your Own Private Beach $1,100,000 MLS 215018171 Mark Semeraro 239.370.2455 MOORINGS NAPLES 3 Bedroom/2 Bath Top Floor End Unit Condo Walk to 5th Ave, Boating, and the Beach! $685,000 MLS 215059831 Doug Haughey 239.961.1561 BAYFRONT THE HAMPTONS Lake & Golf Course Views 1st Floor Coach Home $569,000 MLS 215055292 Gary, Jeff & Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 BONITA BAY ASTER PLACE Like New Estate Home with Lake View 3 BR, 2 BA, 2,153 S.F. Under Air $385,000 MLS 215050511 Sue Ellen Mathers 239.877.2726 EMERSON SQUARE SPRING RUN 2nd Floor, 2 Bedrooms +Den, 2 Baths Turnkey Furnished w/ Lake & Preserve Views $285,000 MLS 215021902 Corye Reiter, The Lummis Team 239.273.3722 THE BROOKS SOUTHPOINTE MARINA AT WINDSTAR SLIP #55 For Sale or Lease for $499.00/Month 10 Minutes to the Gulf No Bridges $150,000 MLS 215021323 Steve Suddeth & Jenn Nicolai 239.784.0694 FIFTY FOOT BOAT SLIP


Gorgeous two-story home in the wonderful neighborhood of Saturnia Lakes. Close to shops, schools and beaches. Fabulous layout with all the right spaces. Entertain in the formal dining room boasting a grand foyer with overlooking lo Relax in the master suite soaker tub or on the landscaped patio and lanai. For more information or to view this home, please call George at 239-253-9691. North Naples Beauty Open Floor Plan, Vaulted Ceilings, Fantastic Kitchen and Huge Master Suite 1423 Princess Sabal Point Naples, FL 34119OPEN HOUSE SATURDAY11/21 from 1pm-4pm Naples | $610,000 HORSECREEK ESTATES TOGETHER WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROVIDING OUR PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE SERVICE TO OUR BUYERS AND SELLERS. EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS GORDIE LAZICH & MARK MARAN Naples | $299,000THE SHORES AT BERKSHIRE LAKES Each o ce is independently owned and operated. GORDIE LAZICH239.777.2033 MARK MARAN239.777.3301 Naples | $649,000LEMURIA NEW LISTING OPEN SUNDAY NOVEMBER 2211 AM TO 3 PM 20 3rd Street North $4,225,000 OPEN SUNDAY NOVEMBER 2211 AM TO 3 PM 40 3rd Street North $4,499,000 Dante DiSabatoBroker 239.537.5351 2240 Venetian Court Naples, FL 34109 OLD NAPLES OLD NAPLES


While youre on our website, tour thousands of other properties from SW Florida, or even from around the U.S.Value SelectionsOLD NAPLES 239.434.0101 CENTRAL 239.261.6622 MARCO 239.394.4040 NORTH NAPLES 239.598.0059 BONITA/ESTERO 239.498.9200 SANIBEL 239.472.2411See multiple photos & detailed descriptions of all our OPEN HOUSES: FIDDLERS CREEK $ 224,500 4705 Hawks Nest Way #F-104 Beautiful turnkey furnished, 1st oor unit with garage. Updated kitchen with granite counter tops plus crown molding, decorator ceiling fans and lighting. Gated. 3/2 (C11674) Karen Sweatlock, 860.5137 VANDERBILT CC $195,000 8241 Parkstone Pl #5-106 Panoramic views of lake to 11th fairway. New cabinets, granite, stainless appliances, tile ooring, plantation shutters, plush carpet and exquisitely furnished! 2/2 (C11607) Garren Grup, 289.8619 CEDAR HAMMOCK $ 174,000 3780 Sawgrass Way #3336 3rd oor, tastefully turnkey furnished. Panoramic lake and golf views! Spacious screened lanai, tile throughout except newer carpet in bedrooms. Golf included. 2/2 (C11612) Dana Lark, 571.8537, Alex Lark, 571.1341 EAGLE CREEK $149,000 780 Waterford Dr #203 Tranquil lake view! 15x42 glassed Florida Room adds an additional 500 sq. ft. of living space. Great deal in this quaint upscale golf and tennis community! 2/2 (C11585) Jay & Chris Siemers, 250.4009 THE ESPLANADE $ 105,000 750 Collier Blvd N #D-111 Desirable boat dock located on stunning Smokehouse Bay. Quick, direct access to Gulf Located at end to accommodate 40 boat, T-dock easy access for docking. (L1690) Natalie C. Kirstein, 784.0491 NAPLES SANDPIPER BAY $220,000 3062 Sandpiper Bay Cir #K106 Close to Downtown Naples. Beautifully 1st oor, end unit with glass lanai and tile throughout. Boat slips available for lease or sale. Steps to 2 resort-style pools. 2/2 (C11683) Sandy Malone, 218.7164 REGENT PARK $194,900 10807 Queen Anne Ln #204 is 2 bedroom, 2 bath updated condo is located in the quiet Regent Park community. Ideal location close to restaurants, shopping and beaches. 2/2 (V2203) Debbie Frost, 250.8701, Laura Clemo, 470.4574 GLADES $169,000 416 Teryl Rd #2362 Tastefully appointed with new kitchen and updates throughout. O ered turnkey furnished. Overlooking golf course. Resort-style amenities. Prime location. 2/2 (C11694) Heather Zurlo, 580.8019 WORTHINGTON $147,000 28072 Cavendish Ct #2204 Great buy here! 1st oor, turnkey furnished includes 2 walk-in closets, newer stainless fridge, new AC, newer hot water tank. Super golf course and lake views. 2/2 (C11706) Sharon Hammond-Turnblad, 851.6918 ABACO BAY $99,500 4625 Bayshore Dr #D6 Freshly painted, tile oors, ground oor condo with community pool only a mile to Old Naples. Rents easily too! 2/2 (C11618) Nan Dietrich, 564.2906 MARCO BEACH $214,900 731 Elkcam Cir #B102 Great location near the Esplanade for entertainment, shopping, restaurants. is townhouse-style residence is in a small complex close to the pool. 2/2.5 (C11669) Stacy Wittho & Scott Needles, 394.7515 LELY $180,000 338 Bradstrom Cir #A-104 Rarely available! Nicely updated end unit with upgraded cabinets and granite counters, newer windows, laminate and tile oors, single carport. Short walk to pool. 3/2 (C11676) Barbara Salinas, 449.2733 GOLDEN GATE ESTATES $165,000 0 29th Street NW Beautiful close-in lot gives you the luxury of sprawling privacy yet the convenience of being near the everyday necessities. (L1676) Ana Waleri, 784.8402 BELLA CASA $133,900 13110 Bella Casa Cir #106 Beautiful rst oor, one bedroom condo overlooking the lake and fountain. Granite counter, white raised cabinets and exterior storage closet. 1/1 (C11697) Jayson Matthews, 989.5949 CAPE CORAL $95,000 1236 NW 37th Place Vacant lot Wow! 130 canal, western exposure. Great lot for your next home or land investment. Large homes in area, drive by this property, bring us an o er. (L1672) Anita Colletti, 250.0700 PARK VIEW CONDO $209,900 4104 20th Pl #A8 Private Penthouse, rare sweeping views, beautiful Gulf sailboat access. Tastefully furnished. 2/2 (C11671) Aaron Wolf, 821.6962 NAPLES BATH & TENNIS $175,000 1652-A Spoonbill Ln #1652 Rarely available 1st oor condo in desirable Naples Bath and Tennis Club. Hurricane shutters, tile in living areas and well maintained. 2/2 (C11169) Christianne Payne Arthur, 289.8175, Roger Hill, Jr., 404.7931 GOLDEN GATE ESTATES $165,000 0 11th Ave SW Wonderful 2.5 acres of Florida west of 951. Close to Publix and Vineyards shopping center and Vineyards Elementary. (L1680) Edward Blackburn, 263.0349 GOLDEN GATE ESTATES $125,000 Rare 10 acre parcel in Naples! Two 5 acre parcels side by side. Buy one or both! PID 00302400007 and 00302360008. Located South of Golden Gate Boulevard. (L1679) Claire Gogan, 784.0973 WIGGINS BAY $60,000 470 Club Drive Located within the gated community of Wiggins Bay, this wet slip is just minutes to Gulf. Tarpon Cove Yacht & Racquet Club membership optional. 36 long x 14. (L1673) Sally Kellogg, 571.5445 HIDEAWAY BEACH $199,999 321 Hideaway Circle S Exceptional view overlooking fountain. (L1675) Butch Morgan, 404.4283 PARK SHORE $175,000 788 Park Shore Dr #H27 Charming 2nd oor end unit sold turnkey. Walk to Venetian Village & beach. Chance to own a piece of paradise in one of Naples most sought after areas! 1/1.5 (C11479) Judy Kemble, 290.0740, Marc Galanto, 298.5612 ACREAGE $120,000 6135 Whitaker Rd Location! Build your dream home on 2.39 acres and live close to 5th Ave and all the shops and restaurants and still enjoy private and serene country side. Stop by now! (L1593) Lisa Johnson, 290.7854 GOLDEN GATE ESTATES $24,900 4321 12th Ave NE Quiet country setting, just minutes to shopping and dining. e perfect location to build your dream home. (L1698) Laurie Bellico, PA, 293.9389, Sarah McCandless, 825.8674 AVE MARIA $224,900 5101 Davinci Way 1824 Sq. Ft. Total Living Space, upgraded 2-car garage, diagonal tile common areas, plantation shutters, picturesque corner lot, championship golf course. 2+Den/2 (H9686) Joe B. Rivera, Jr., 658.4748 WING SOUTH AIRPARK $199,000 4226 C Skyway Drive Unique opportunity to own an air-park lot. Build your dream house on 1 or all 5 of the lots. Each lot overlooks the runway. Taxi right into your home/hanger. (L1550) David A. Tate, P.A., 775.5547 LELY GOLF ESTATES $ 174,900 542 Augusta Blvd #G201 Golf views. High ceilings, wood oors in hallway, kitchen. Storm shutters. Newer appliances, AC, living room, bedroom furniture and paint. New roof in 2013. 3/2 (C11657) Patricia Ward, 919.4670 BERKSHIRE VILLAGE $159,000 1232 Commonwealth Cir #P-203 Great location with views from this bright western exposure condo! Less than 8 miles to downtown, beaches. Access to I-75 and low fees in the quiet neighborhood. 2/2 (C11603) Jaime Downey, 537.5805 WILDERNESS $11 9,000 111 Wilderness Dr #320 Opportunity for end of cul-de-sac, 3rd oor unit with terri c views. Steps from one of the many pools. Elevator building! Gated. Club membership mandatory at closing. 2/2 (C11608) Bill Verdonk, 293.7441 SAPPHIRE LAKES $ 159,900 218 Gabriel Cir #3 First oor unit, single car garage, lake view in a desirable community! Only minutes to downtown Naples and the beaches! Low fees. 2/2 (C11696) Keith A. Marvelle, 659.6344 15. CBC057242 London Bay Homes. Pricing, features, specifications, products and availability are subject to change without notice. See a sales associate for complete and current information. SOMETHING NEW IN OLD NAPLESNestled in the cultural heart of the city are a few new gems in the making: exquisite London Bay homes, the perfect blend of timeless design in the most desirable location. Move in ready by 2016.Call Toby Cloutier 7 days a week to schedule a private showing at 239-280-7367. CLAREMONT $7,675,000271 1st Avenue NorthCHELSTON $3,987,585631 Broad CourtANGUILLA541 Neopolitan Lane5,743 Square Feet, 4 Beds, 6 Baths, 2 Half-baths, 3-Car Garage, Two Story 4,227 Square Feet, 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 1 Half-bath, 2-Car Garage, Two Story 3,584 Square Feet, 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 3-Car Garage, Single StoryThis beautiful home has a second-oor bonus/recreation room, and a private cabana bedroom with its own lockout balcony. Large windows with transoms allow natural light in to accompany the bright design from Romanza Interior Design. Live blocks from shopping and dining at the picturesque Village of Venetian Bay and the Gulf of Mexico beaches at Clam Pass Park. PRIVATE LABEL LIVING


Visit us online at Yes. Were everywhere.When you want it. How you want it. Right now.Available on the iTunesTM and Google PlayTM App Stores. Florida Weekly has the largest freestanding distribution network in Southwest Florida.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 REAL ESTATE B15 Make Michelangelos Tuscany villa your home away from home TOPTENREALESTATEDEALS.COMMichelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni is considered by many to be the greatest artist of all time. A sculptor, painter, poet and engineer, his genius was evident through the refinement of the High Renaissance and into the artistic age of Mannerism. In 1549 at the age of 72, 30 years after completing the frescos in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo bought a villa in Tuscany, halfway between Florence and Siena. He lived there periodically and the property stayed in the Buonarroti family for more than 300 years. Preserved and restored by its current owner, the villa is now for sale at $8,162,821. The original deed held by Michelangelo, wherein he was described as a dear sculptor and Florentine citizen, will be passed on to the new owner. On more than 6 acres above the rolling hills, the 12,915 square feet of living space (eight bedroom, seven full baths) is contained in three multi-story buildings, including an ancient tower believed to date back to the 11th century. The original architecture is accented throughout with large stone fireplaces, beamed and barrel ceilings. All rooms pay homage to the period; modern conveniences, though all available, blend into the background. The park-like grounds include expansive lawns and mature plantings with a lemon orchard, olive grove and Chianti vineyards, as well as the original olive oil mill. The listing agent is Joni Hazelton of Handsome Properties International. For more information, visit Royal Wood $169,0002BR, 2BA Bundled Golf Cypress Woods C.C. $219,9002BR, 2BA Den Bundled Golf Vanderbilt $559,0002BR, 2BA Gulf and Bay Views


Flooring 6401 NORTH AIRPORT-PULLING ROAD NAPLES, FL 34109 MON FRI 9-5:30PM SAT 9-5PM SUN 12-4PM 566-7100 kitchen! Cabinets state-of-the-art s tate-of-t t he-art


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY www.FloridaWeekly.comWEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 REAL ESTATE B17 THE #1 COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED STATES* VALENCIA 10040 Valiant Court, #101 3 BR/2 BA $315,000 Fully Furnished BELLAVISTA 10240 Bellavista Circle, #1503 3 BR/3 BA $469,000 Luxury Coach Home SAN MARINO 19685 Marino Lake Circle, #14023 BR/2 BA + DEN $315,000 1st Floor Residence with View of Preserve MONTEBELLO 10722 Mirasol Drive, #503 3 BR/3 BA $825,000 Luxury Coach Home with Private Elevator VIVALDI 10700 Vivaldi Court, #601 3 BR/2 BA $599,900 Private Lake View MONTEBELLO 10728 Mirasol Drive, #402 3 BR/3 BA $759,500 1st Floor Luxury Coach HomeCall the Resale Team today at (239) 425-2340 or visit 10160 Miromar Lakes Boulevard, Miromar Lakes, Florida 33913 *National Association of Home Builders GOLD AWARD Winner for Community of the Year. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATION OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRES ENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. This is not intended to be an offering or solicitation of sale in any jurisdiction where the development is not registered in accordance with applicable law or where such offering or solicitation would otherwise be prohibited by law. Prices, plans, artists renderings, photos, land uses, dimensions, specifications,improvements, materials, amenities and availability are subject to change without notice. Copyright 2015, Miromar Development Corporation. Miromar Lakes is a registered service mark of Miromar Development Corporation. FEATURED RESALE LISTINGS11181915-2933 Diane Zingali207-7454 Magnicent golf views, professionally landscaped premium lot. Kitchen with stainless steel appliances. Tile & wood in living areas. 2nd oor master suite with balcony, updated bath & loft. 4BR+Den/3.5BA | 4,363 Total SqFt | $548,000 HERITAGE GREENS 2348 HERITAGE GREENS DRthat renting is becoming more unaffordable in many areas, he says in a prepared statement. Unfortunately, there are just as many high hurdles slowing first-time buyers down. Increasing rents and home prices are impeding their ability to save for a down payment, theres scarce inventory for new and existing homes in their price range, and its still too difficult for some to get a mortgage. Mr. Yun says this years survey perhaps offers additional clues to why fewer firsttime buyers are reaching the market. First-time buyers reported that debt (all forms) delayed saving for a down payment for a median of three years, and among the 25 percent who said saving was the most difficult task, a majority (58 percent) said student loans delayed saving, he says. With a median amount of student loan debt for all buyers at $25,000, its likely some younger households with even higher levels of debt cant save for an adequate down payment or have decided to delay buying until their debt is at more comfortable levels. With strong price growth in many markets and fewer first-time buyers, the results this year reveal a market with a higher share of married couples (67 percent, up from 65 percent last year) who have higher household income than previous years. Married repeat buyers have the highest income among all buyers ($108,600), while the share of single female buyers decreased from 16 percent to 15 percent and male buyers remained flat at 9 percent. Similar to some of the obstacles facing first-time buyers, tighter credit conditions and having less purchasing power than households with dual incomes likely led to the share of single-female buyers declining to its lowest since 2001 (also 15 percent), adds Mr. Yun. Unchanged from a year ago, 13 percent of survey respondents were multigenerational households, including adult children, parents and/or grandparents. Eighteen percent of buyers identified as military veterans, 8 percent as an unmarried couple and 3 percent as activeduty service members. The median age of first-time buyers was 31, unchanged for the last three years, and the median income was $69,400 ($68,300 in 2014). The typical first-time buyer purchased a 1 ,620-square-foot home (1,570 in 2014) costing $170,000, while the typical repeat buyer was 53 years old and earned $98,700 ($95,000 in 2014). Repeat buyers purchased a median 2,020-square-foot home costing $246,400. When asked about the primary reason for purchasing, more first-time buyers this year (64 percent) cited a desire to own their own home as the primary reason compared to a year ago (53 percent). For repeat buyers, desire to own a home of their own and wanting to own a larger home were both the top reason given (each at 13 percent). Nearly half of all buyers (46 percent) said the timing was just right and they were ready to purchase a home. According to the survey, buyers continue to view buying a home as a good financial investment. Up from last year (79 percent), 80 percent of recent buyers said it was a good investment, and 43 percent believe its better than stocks. Looking ahead, firsttime buyers plan to stay in their home for 10 years and repeat buyers plan to hold their property for 15 years. SURVEYFrom page 8 NEW COURSE OPEN FOR PLAY!Bears Paw Country Club features a newly renovated Jack Nicklaus signature golf course within Naples city limits. Limited membership of 297 residents allows you to play the course as oen as you like. Amenities include: tness center, four Har-Tru tennis courts, bocce ball, kayaking club and marina with Gulf access. Call me for a round of golf and to learn more about the Bears Paw lifestyle! YOUR BEARS PAW SPECIALIST Donald Snyder (239) 115 Bears Paw Trail 1-8 3 bedroom/3.5 bath 2,535 sq. $429,000 Now $390,000!MLS#215032712913 Wildwood Lane2 bedroom/2 bath 1,670 sq. $239,000MLS#213509560Just Listed! CAR SEATS BEACH GEAR BIKES BEACH STROLLERS CRIB S (239) 417.CRIB (2742) (239) 389.1TOT (1868)Licensed & Insured RENT EVERYTHINGWe for the Kids!Enjoy Your Vacation proudly servicing families for 22 years plus! We Deliver And Pick Up

PAGE 50 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB18 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise marked>$100,0001 NAPLES HERITAGE TERRACE STONEYBROOK 7525 Stoneybrook Drive #912 $179,900 Premier Sothebys International Realty Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176>$300,0002 CALUSA BAY 6934 Rain Lily Court #201 $320,000 PSIR Amy Kodak 239.877.63193 NAPLES PARK 700 95th Avenue North $360,000 PSIR Amy Kodak 239.877.6319>$400,0004 WILSHIRE LAKES 6042 Shallows Way $449,000 PSIR Cynthia Rosa 239.287.60155 VASARI 11091 Carrara Court #202 $449,000 Gulf Breeze Real Estate Sue Myhelic 239.261.64446 SATURNIA LAKES 1265 Barrigona Court $459,900 PSIR Barbara Bardsley 239.784.69247 PELICAN BAY WILLOWBROOK 780 Williowbrook Drive #702 $499,000 PSIR Werner Schroeder 239.776.8956 Open 11am-3pm>$500,0008 BLACK BEAR RIDGE 7445 Acorn Way $559,900 PSIR Peter Bobris 239.287.5872>$600,0009 THE MOORINGS COMMORDORE CLUB 222 Harbour Drive #504 $662,500 PSIR Sharon Kaltenborn 239.248.196410 VINEYARDS VALLEY OAK 272 Monterey Drive $682,000 PSIR Amy Kodak 239.877.631911 MARCO ISLAND 331 Copperfield Court $699,000 PSIR Sue Shaughnessy 239.248.1138>$700,00012 VINEYARDS WEDGEWOOD 577 Wedgewood Way $735,000 PSIR Beth McNichols 239.821.3304>$800,00013 FIDDLERS CREEK SAUVIGNON 3299 Hyacinth Drive $817,000 PSIR Michelle Thomas 239.860.717614 PARK SHORE TERRACES 4751 Gulf Shore Boulevard North #1702 $835,000 PSIR Bonnie Nageon de Lestang 239.280.6997>$900,00015 BANYAN WOODS 4940 Rustic Oaks Circle $940,000 PSIR Blake Owens 239.404.6460>$1,000,00016 PELICAN LANDING WATERSIDE 23680 Peppermill Court $1,049,000 PSIR Pam Umscheid 239.691.354117 THE MOORINGS 2505 Crayton Road $1,350,000 PSIR Nicola Gentil 239.289.773718 TIBURON MARQUESA ROYALE 2546 Marquesa Royale Lane #201 $1,368,000 PSIR Diane Solomon 301.343.5585 Open Saturday & Sunday 1-4pm19 THE DUNES GRANDE GENEVA 265 Indies Way #601 $1,375,000 PSIR Connie Long 239.825.979020 LELY RESORT LAKOYA 6464 Emilia Court $1,399,000 PSIR Nancy Koeper 239.450.193021 PELICAN ISLE RESIDENCES 445 Dockside Drive #802 $1,399,000 PSIR Suzanne Ring 239.821.7550 Also Available: #406 $1,325,00022 COLLIERS RESERVE 12278 Colliers Reserve Drive $1,595,000 PSIR Linda Perry 239.450.911323 BONITA BAY MAHOGANY RIDGE 26343 Mahogany Pointe Court $1,635,000 PSIR Brian Nelson 239.572.290324 VANDERBILT BEACH CONNORS 496 Germain Avenue $1,650,000 PSIR Jenn Hite 239.233.203025 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $1,795,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm26 POSITANO AT MEDITERRA 29130 Positano Lane Mediterra $1,895,000 Amerivest Realty David William Auston, PA 239.280.543327 BELLEZZA AT MEDITERRA 14895 Bellezza Lane Mediterra $1,990,000 Amerivest Realty David William Auston, PA 239.280.5433>$2,000,00028 OLD NAPLES MANGROVE BAY 201 Goodlette Road South $2,000,000 Paradise Realty of Naples, LLC Sales Center 239.261.2200 Open Daily29 THE MOORINGS 728 Regatta Road $2,125,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 1-4pm30 MEDICI AT MEDITERRA 15200 Medici Way $2,497,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.009731 MOORINGS 510 Riviera Drive $2,695,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097>$3,000,00032 PELICAN BAY MYSTIQUE 6869 Grenadier Boulevard Estates from $3,000,000 to over $7,000,000 PSIR Sales Office 239.598.990033 OLD NAPLES 630 5th Avenue North $3,597,000 PSIR Steve Allison 239.776.8160>$4,000,00034 OLDE NAPLES 20 3rd Street North $4,225,000 Encore Realty Dante DiSabato 239.537.5351 11am-3pm35 OLDE NAPLES 40 3rd Street North $4,499,000 Encore Realty Dante DiSabato 239.537.5351 11am-3pm36 GREY OAKS ESTATES 2824 Silverleaf Lane $4,695,000 PSIR Fahada Saad 239.595.8500>$5,000,00037 PORT ROYAL 655 Galleon Drive $5,850,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 1-5pm 38 TREVISO AT MEDITERRA 16996 Treviso Way $5,990,000 John R Wood Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.595.0097>$6,000,00039 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1395 Great Egret Trail $6,380,000 PSIR Jamie Dockweiler 239.216.3753>$9,000,00040 PORT ROYAL 3250 Gin Lane $9,450,000 PSIR Dana Mount 239.404.2209>$22,000,00041 PORT ROYAL 840 Admiralty Parade $22,900,000 Berkshire Hathaway Jackie May 239.450.0776 Daily 16pm Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 32 33 34 21 35 36*For illustration purposes only. 37 38 39 40 41


PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM | 877.539.9865 Naples, Florida | TRANQUIL RETREATS Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate. Contact us today for a consultation on how your home can be marketed in Naples and around the world.


A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTION INSIDEBROUGHT TO YOU BY:Marco Island | 239.642.2222 Broad Avenue | 239.434.2424 Fifth Avenue | 239.434.8770 Estuary at Grey Oaks | 239.261.3148 Mystique at Pelican Bay | 239.598.9900 The Village | 239.261.6161 The Gallery in Central Naples | 239.659.0099 Vanderbilt | 239.594.9494 Residences at Mercato | 239.594.9400 Bonita Springs | 239.948.4000 Sanibel Island | 239.472.2735 Rentals | 239.262.4242 Visitors to this weekends Art Alive studio and gallery open house event in the Naples Art District will be treated to a sneak peek at handcrafted pottery bowls that have been juried into the Empty Bowls Naples silent auction coming up in January. Art Alive takes place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2l, and 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22, in more than two dozen galleries and studios in the Pine Ridge Industrial Park in North Naples (north of Pine Ridge Road and west of Airport-Pulling Road). The districts resident potters have created many of the Empty Bowls pieces that will be on display. Empty Bowls Naples benefits the Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida. The 10th annual event takes place from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday Jan. 23, in Cambier Park. Area students, artists, educators and other volunteers are making more than 2,000 pottery bowls that will sold for $15 to be filled with soups donated by chefs from almost 50 restaurants and country clubs. The silent auction, pottery demonstrations and live music add to the Empty Bowls Naples festivities. Art Alive galleries and studios this weekend will have information about and applications for joining Friends of Empty Bowls Naples. For a $50 donation, Friends enjoy immediate entrance to the park on event day, their choice of a juried bowl and a commemorative mini bowl. For more information visit Naples Art District joins with Empty Bowls NaplesBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ THE HEADS ARRIVE IN A BOX ON A WEDNESDAY night. Bill Taylor, artistic director of Theatre Conspiracy, walks into the rehearsal room wearing a bronze-colored Homer Simpson mask, cradling the box in his arms. More masks from the long-running animated TV sitcom fill the box. Mr. Taylor has just driven back to Fort Myers from Fort Lauderdale with the eagerly anticipated cache. The cast flocks around. They quickly SEE SIMPSONS, C4 This Simpsons episode has become an allegory for the nuclear apocalypse ... The core of the story remains, and over time its exaggerated or mistranslated to fit the needs of the current times. Rachel Endrizzi, directorDark comedy unmasks the ritual of storytellingThe post-apocalypticSimpsonsVANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYVirginia Sisk reacts to her Marge Simpson mask as Thomas Marsh, in a Mr. Burns mask, looks on. MATT GROENING SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________Mr. Burns A perfect blendBook critic Phil Jason says kidnapping case has all the right ingredients. C5 Second to noneRestaurant critic Karen Feldman says Fernandez the Bull No. 2 is just as good as the first. C31 A three-timing guyInternational romantic bliss is short-lived in Boeing-Boeing by Gulfshore Playhouse. C10 Empty Bowls Naples volunteer Giselle Soltura at last years event.

PAGE 54 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Downtown Naples: 261 9th St SouthLearn more about NeoGraft from board certied plastic surgeon W. G. Eshbaugh, Jr., MD, FACS while enjoying light refreshments and special discounts available only during this event.Reserve your spot:Attendance is complimentary, but RSVP is required. 239-728-1660 | www.RiverchaseDermatology.comThursday, December 3 Give Us A Day, Well Give You YOUR HAIR BACK Ultherapy Event261 9th St. South, NaplesJoin us for our VIP consultation day in Downtown Naples and be registered for a chance to win a free Ultherapy lip treatment! Guests can enjoy special VIP pricing on Ultherapy during this event only.Reserve your spot:Attendance is complimentary, but RSVP is required.239-449-3499 | Ultherapy is the only non-invasive FDA approved procedure to lift the skin on the brow, chin, neck and chest.THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10Get Tighter, Brighter Skin Just in Time for the Holidays! SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS Death by a thousand cuts When I joined eHarmony, my friend Rose said to me, You need thick skin if youre going to start online dating. I nodded my head to show I understood, but really I thought, Are you kidding? Online dating is the greatest thing to happen to romance since they got rid of the chastity belt. Thick skin? I didnt need it. This was in the first flush of things, when I had a new date every night. Messages poured in from prospective suitors, and it all seemed so easy. Too easy. Then I got my first rejection, a latenight text from a man with whom Id been exchanging emails. True, wed never met in person, but on the page he seemed cute and funny and smart. The text let me know that he had enjoyed talking to me, but hed started seeing someone. It was, he said, dishonest for us to keep communicating. I told him I understood of course I understood; I know that this is how online dating works but it surprised me how much his message stung. Yet I was still in the game, still going out every night. Online dating still seemed fabulous. Then after three fun dates, another guy stopped calling. No notice this time, just a sudden cessation of communication. Thats how it goes sometimes, Rose told me. When I was online dating, I got to be like a bloodhound. I could sniff out the break-ups before they came. Could I sniff them out, I wondered? If I paid attention to the signs, would I be less surprised when they happened? Soon, I got another thanks-but-nothanks message, this one from a lovely man Id seen only twice. He let a lot of time pass between scheduling our dates, and after the second date he waited a while to contact me again. This one, I sensed, would not work out, so I wasnt surprised to read his Ive met someone else message. Still, I was surprised at the way it wounded me. After all, wed spent two very nice evenings together. We had exchanged a lot of personal information. What a thing, I thought, to invest some part of yourself in someone only to find the investment has dropped into a black hole. But thats the nature of all dating, I suppose, not just online dating. We have to put ourselves out there, again and again and again, and hope that at some point it will stick. If I were honest with myself, Id admit that none of those guys were right for me. And part of why things trailed off was because Id been doing my own slow fade. It makes a better story to rail against the system, but the truth is I hadnt clicked with any of them. Online dating is a numbers game, wise Rose said. There are plenty of fish out there. You just have to cast a wide net. This time when she spoke, I nodded with real understanding. She was right, I knew. I just hadnt expected to get hurt in the process. Artis Henderson is the author of Unremarried Widow published by Simon and Schuster. artis If I were honest with myself, Id admit that none of those guys were right for me. And part of why things trailed off was because Id been doing my own slow fade.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C3 Assorted Savory CroissantsGREAT FOR BREAKFAST OR LUNCH; FROM THE BAKERY.$1.99/EA.Must present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 11/26/15.Thanksgiving Gifts & Decorations25% OFFINCLUDES CANDY Must present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 11/26/15.Wynns Storemade Bulk Country SausageGREAT FOR STUFFING!$2.99/LB.Must present coupon. While supplies last. Good through 11/26/15.Santa Christina ToscanaFREEWITH $60 GROCERY ORDER Must present coupon. While supplies last. Not valid with tobacco purchases. Good through 11/26/15. Joint production of Brigadoon is almost like being in loveGulfshore Opera and TheatreZone have collaborated for a production of the classic Brigadoon that travels from Punta Gorda to Fort Myers to Naples for three performances Friday through Sunday, Nov. 20-22. The Naples performance is at 4 p.m. Sunday at Gulf Coast High School. A charming story about two American tourists who stumble upon a misty little Scottish village that reawakens for just one day every 100 years, the Tony Award-winning musical by Lerner and Loewe opened on Broadway in 1947. The 1954 movie starred Gene Kelly, Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse. A 1966 film for television starring Robert Goulet, Peter Falk and Sally Ann Howes won five Primetime Emmy Awards. The TheatreZone/Gulfshore Opera production is directed by TheatreZones Mark Danni. He and Gulfshore Operas Steffanie Pearce have assembled a cast of 25 that blends theater performers and opera singers. TheatreZones Karen Molnar choreographed the show; Trent Brown is the music director and Charles Fornara conducts the 19-piece orchestra. Lyric baritone Gabriel Preisser and soprano Meredith Lustig star as Tommy Albright and Fiona MacLaren. A versatile crossover performer, Mr. Preissers resume includes more than 40 operatic and musical theater roles. He graduated from Florida State University with a double major in vocal performance and commercial music and earned a masters in voice at the University of Houston. A recent graduate of The Julliard School, Ms. Lustig made her New York City Opera debut in LElisir damore and her musical theater debut at New Yorks Town Hall, where she was named one of 2010s Broadway Rising Stars. Tenor Zachary Devin, artist in residence with Dayton Opera, sings the role of Charlie Dalrymple. Dancer Jarret Ditch, most recently on a national tour of Showboat with the Kennedy Opera, performs the role of Harry Beaton, and dancer Megan Jimenez has the part of Maggie Anderson. Ms. Jimenez has appeared previously with TheatreZone in Grand Hotel, The Boy Friend and Little Women. Soprano Alana Ferraro (Xanadu with TheatreZone) is Jean MacLaren, the shy and diffident younger sister to Fiona. Neapolitan John McKerrow plays the retiring and good-natured Jeff Douglas, and actress/ soprano Kara Konken (TheatreZones A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) is the flirtatious Meg Brockie. PREISSER Brigadoon>>Who: TheatreZone and Gulfshore Opera >>When: The Charlotte Performing Arts Center in Punta Gorda, 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20; Bishop Verot High School in Fort Myers, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21; and Gulf Coast High School in Naples, 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22. >>Cost: $25-$75 >>Info: 529-3925 or LUSTIG

PAGE 56 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Director Rachel Endrizzi during a rehearsal. The cast poses in their new masks. Mr. Burns: The Post-Electric Play>> Who: Theatre Conspiracy >> Where: The Alliance for the Arts, Fort Myers >> When: Nov. 20-Dec. 12 >> Cost: $24 >> Info: 936-3239 or pick out their characters mask and pull it over their own heads. Then they stare at each other or examine their new faces in a wall-length mirror or the reflective windowpanes. The praise and excitement is instant and unanimous: I love it! Cool! Youre adorable! one exclaims to another. Oh, my God! Virginia Sisk marvels at the blue Marge beehive towering on her head. Thomas Marsh, playing the evil Mr. Burns, examines himself in the mirror. His mask is a perfect bronze version of the irritable CEO, right down to the wrinkles grooved into his forehead and the three liver spots on his bald head above his left ear. The actors pull out cell phones and tablets spend a few minutes snapping selfies before rehearsal begins for Mr. Burns: The Post-Electric Play. They wear the masks in Act III, which is a play within a play where the characters perform as the various Simpsons characters. In addition to the Homer, Marge and Mr. Burns masks, there are the Simpson siblings, Bart and Lisa, and Itchy and Scratchy, the mouse and cat who have their own TV show within the cartoon series. This is so cool! I love it! director Rachel Endrizzi says as she looks around the room at her masked actors. Not just for fansThough the play written by Anne Washburn includes the Simpsons, its not specifically about the TV show or its characters, says Ms. Endrizzi. Rather, Its about what happens to art and our culture when we have to start over again and pass it on through oral history, she says. The action takes place in the near future, after multiple nuclear disasters. Because theres no electricity, the Internets gone, powers gone, most of the population is gone, she explains. So everything thats passed on is just by word of mouth from the survivors. In Act I, recent survivors sit around a campfire and try to piece together the Cape Feare episode from The Simpsons, each one contributing snippets they remember. Act II is set seven years from then, and Act III jumps ahead 75 years after that. By then, Ms. Endrizzi says, Bart Simpson has almost become an allegory for the survivors of the human race and becomes a hero. The characters in the third act, who are most likely grandchildren of the original survivors, put on a play, portraying the characters from The Simpsons. Though the villain in the original TV episode was Sideshow Bob, its now remembered incorrectly and becomes Mr. Burns. And Itchy and Scratchy werent in the original Cape Feare episode. Its about how memories change over time, and how things change to reflect the current times, Ms. Endrizzi says. She compares Mr. Burns: The PostElectric Play to Arthur Millers The Crucible being written during the Red Scare and becoming an allegory for that. This Simpsons episode has become an allegory for the nuclear apocalypse, she says. The core of the story remains, and over time its exaggerated or mistranslated to fit the needs of the current times. You dont have to be a fan of The Simpsons to enjoy the play, she adds. Even the actors themselves have varying knowledge of Matt Groenings groundbreaking Fox series that started in December 1989 and is now the longestrunning scripted American TV show. Now thanks to FX playing them, theyre always on in my house. Now I know the through-line, says Ms. Sisk, who was in the third grade when the television show began. I wasnt allowed to watch it when I was a kid, she adds. Everyone had Simpsons T-shirts, but my mother, who was a teacher, wouldnt let me watch it because Bart would say Eat my shorts and she felt that was disrespectful. Anna McCullers, whos playing Itchy, had never seen the show before she was cast in the play. She watched an episode a couple months ago just to prepare for this.Deeper meaningMs. Endrizzi became aware of the play only recently. Bill (Taylor) had come across it, and he thought the concept was really interesting and new and different. It also fits Mr. Taylors commitment for the 2015-16 season to present only works by female playwrights. He sent Ms. Endrizzi the script to read. I fell in love with it, she says. It was not what I expected. I thought it would be a parody of The Simpsons or (something like the play) Shakespeare Abridged, but about the Simpsons. But it was a lot deeper than I expected. I couldnt stop thinking about it after I read it. In a 2013 interview with Gothamist, the playwright said she had been toying with the idea of taking a TV show and pushing it past the apocalypse and seeing what happened to it. I think (the plays) about storytelling, she said. I think its about how the story is retold, and how its supposed to reflect who we are and also helps to create who we are, both as individuals and as a community.Making the masksTim Hays, a Fort Lauderdale-based special effects make-up artist, created the heads for the play. (He also created the fat suit Mr. Taylor wore in The Whale a couple of seasons ago.) Its a lot like a Halloween mask, from the mouth up, he says of his latex creations. Only a little different. When Mr. Taylor contacted him about making the masks, he confessed hed never heard of the play. So Mr. Taylor sent him photos of other productions, saying, We want something along these lines. Well leave it up to your creativity. The masks fit over the entire top of the head. The basic idea is that its not the Simpsons, its people portraying the characters wearing masks to be like them, says Mr. Hays. While the original Simpsons are a lemon yellow, he went with a bronze and brass color to reflect the plays twisted metal steampunk direction. Marges blue beehive is made out of a gauze mesh material he bought at a hobby shop. Bart sports his trademark square, spiked hair, and Lisa has her bumps of hair. Homer has three strands of cloth hair on top of his head. And they all have that marvelously exaggerated Simpsons overbite. I had never heard of the play before, but as they explained it to me, it really appealed to me, Mr. Hays says. Its out of the box surreal, more abstract. Usually I get asked to do monsters or injuries or even beauty make-up, so this was fun to do something different. And its not just the masks that make Mr. Burns: The Post-Electric play different. Its definitely a show that makes you think, says Ms. Endrizzi. I would classify it as a dark comedy, but with a hopeful ending. And it has a lot of humor in it ... well, as funny as the apocalypse can be, without taking it lightly. The re-enactment of The Simpsons episode in Act III becomes more than an entertainment, it becomes a ritualistic retelling of our history, she says. It shows how important the arts are and (how) storytelling fulfills a need. SIMPSONSFrom page 1 VANDY MAJOR / FLORIDA WEEKLYThomas Marsh, as the evil Mr. Burns, snarls at himself in the mirror. It shows how important the arts are and (how) storytelling fulfills a need. Rachel Endrizzi, director


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C5 e Perfect Gi ... A Naples Princess Gi Certi cate! *Plus port, service charge and tax.Holiday Lunch $39.00 pp*2-hour cruise with holiday background musicHoliday Hors doeuvres $42.00 pp*2.5-hour dinner cruise with live entertainmentHoliday Dinner $46.50-$60.00 pp* Treat your employees, customers, friends and family to a holiday party on the Naples Princess. Our yacht, gourmet food and ve-star service are unmatched. Enjoy live entertainment, dancing and more. Packages available for groups from 2 to 149.New Years Eve Bash 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.Join us aboard the Naples Princess for heavy hors doeuvres including a carving station, open premium bar, champagne toast at midnight, hats, horns, live DJ and more!*Plus tax. Reservations required. 3-day cancellation policy. No coupons or discounts applicable.$160.00 pp*Visit NaplesPrincessCruises.comto view our weekly schedule, specialty cruises, private events and more! 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, Florida 34102Call 239.649.2275 to Make Your Reservations FLORIDA WRITERSDiamonds and dames, rough and smooth, anchor Jake Scarnes latest kidnapping case Facets by Lawrence De Maria. St. Austins Press. 201 pages (equivalent). Kindle E-book, $2.99. Jake Scarne Thriller No. 6 is a steamroller of action and calculation. It begins with pieces of background, the first of which is set in 1990 at Catholic school for troublesome girls in mountainous Chamonix, France. A beautiful, self-assured blonde named Maura Dallassio is characterized by her quick wit and aversion to discipline or conformity. For two years, she has roomed with her best friend, blackhaired Argentinian Alana Loeb, another beneficiary of the schools dependence on wealthy parents without whom it wouldnt survive. Maverick daughters of such parents must be tolerated. The wealthy Dallassio family, deep into criminal activity, can make sure their daughter Maura graduates. A scene in 1995 takes us to Boston, where Maura is found flourishing on the Harvard Law Review and bedding down with Lucas Brandeford, one of the junior law professors and a rising star. Maura is a shrewd seducer and manipulator. Her brains are enough to get her through, but she hedges her bets with her body. As she is throughout her life, Maura is protected by Victor Anastasia, a senior enforcer and family bodyguard in the Dallassio criminal empire. When Maura dumps Brandeford, he sounds threatening. Anastasia rigs his arrest for cocaine possession, and the enraged suitor is forced to resign. The main story, set primarily in New York, unfolds in 2015. It involves Mauras rebellious and somewhat estranged daughter, Alana, a 20-year-old Barnard student taking some of her classes at Columbia University. She is having an affair with an adjunct teacher, Luke Willet. Agreeing to take Alana to the airport, Willet drugs and abducts her. He has a very well thought out plan for a huge ransom, to be paid out in a mix of cut and uncut diamonds. The author describes the ingenious scheme in meticulous detail, hooking his readers for the rest of the journey. Jake Scarne enters the story when Maura, still a beauty in her midto late40s, hires him to find her daughter. Shes accompanied by Anastasia, her protector, who knows Jakes agency partner, Noah Sealth. (Where does De Maria get these names?) Insisting that there be no police involvement in the search for Alana, Maura explains how shes received convincing evidence from the kidnapper that her daughter is alive. Jakes follow-up questions reveal what a pro he is and how much Anastasia and others have tried to do on their own. Maura explains that she has raised Alana as a single mother. Jake is concerned that the ransom demand has not yet been made. When it is, all hell breaks loose and the novel shifts into high gear. Much of the fun of the novel is following Jakes investigatory experience and what he deduces from each known fact. For him, the spring break timing of the kidnapping most likely means that the kidnapper knew Maura was expecting her daughter to come home. Jake is rocked to discover that Alana was named after Alana Loeb, once in a very close relationship with our intrepid private eye. Thats why Maura chose to hire him. Now the novel begins to alternate perspectives, sometimes following kidnapper Luke (with or without Alana) and sometimes following Jake. Lukes cleverness is unquestionable, as is his potential for destructive rage. He makes sure his colleagues and superiors at Columbia know of his concern for the missing student. He creates a disguise. Meanwhile, Jake investigates at Barnard, where he flirts with the sexy Dean Regina Russell. He next investigates at Columbia and decides he should contact Alanas sympathetic teacher. When he finds out Lukes phone number is no longer valid, however, he wonders how the instructor called in sick. Luke soon becomes Jakes number one suspect. A carefully developed plan to get Alana back and catch the kidnapper backfires. The ransom is gone. Before long, a chase is on that takes Jakes investigation to the Caribbean island of St. Martin. There are surprises all along the way. Facets, like Mr. De Marias other work, is notable for snappy dialogue, engaging descriptions of how to work an investigation, boldly drawn characters and vivid settings. Throw in a bit of romance and plenty of physical action and youve got all the ingredients for great entertainment blended just right. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. w H w l i l t DE MARIA

PAGE 58 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOTHEATERThe Saga of Roaring Gulch By the Island Theater Company Nov. 19-21 at Marco Lutheran Church. 525 N. Collier Blvd. 394-0080 or Brigadoon By Gulfshore Opera and TheatreZone Nov. 20-22 at three locations from Punta Gorda to Naples. 5293925 or See story on page C3.Spinning into Butter By The Naples Players through Nov. 21 in the Tobye Studio at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or The Art of Murder By The Marco Players through Nov. 22 at The Marco Players Theater. 1089 North Collier Blvd., Marco Island. 642-7270 or Osage County By Lets Put On A Show Productions through Nov. 22 at the Golden Gate Community Center. 398-9192 or By Gulfshore Playhouse through Nov. 29 at The Norris Center. (866) 811-4111 or Million Dollar Quartet Through Nov. 21 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Nancy: The Musical Through Nov. 20 by Broadway Palm Childrens Theatre, Fort Myers. 2784422 or Foreigner By The Naples Players Nov. 25-Dec. 20 at the Sugden Community Theater. 263-7990 or THURSDAY11.19General Disposition Renaissance Academy hosts a lecture about Omar Bradley and George Patton from 10-11:30 a.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. $20 for members, $25 for non-members. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Lunch & Learn Bring your lunch and sit in on a lecture about shore and sea birds from noon to 1 p.m. at Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. Free, but park admission required to visit the boardwalk. 348-9151 or Lecture Renaissance Academy presents a lecture about the Hudson River School, the countrys first art school, from 2-3:30 p.m. at Marco Island Center for the Arts. $20 for members, $25 for others. 1010 Winterberry Drive. 394-4221 or Opening Rookery Bay and the United Arts Council of Collier County host a reception for the 10th annual juried exhibition of paintings by Southwest Florida artists from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center. $3. 300 Tower Road. 530-5940 or Third Thursday Third Street South hosts music by The Color of Sound in the Fleischmann Courtyard from 6-9 p.m. 434-6533 or & Greet Harmon-Meek Gallery invites the public to meet artists Philip Morsberger and Anita Huffington from 6-9 p.m. 599 Tamiami Trail N. 2612637 or Show Donnell Rawlings (Chappelles Show and Guy Court) performs today through Sunday, Nov. 22, at Off the Hook Comedy Club. Check website for show times and ticket prices.Opera Opening Opera Naples opens a new season with A Neapolitan Evening starting at 8 p.m. at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center. The program features Leah Summers, Francesco Valpa, Ramon Tebar and Michael Chioldi. $49-$99. 2408 Linwood Ave. 963-9050 or FRIDAY11.20Sun & Sand The 29th annual American Sand Sculpting Championship takes shape on Fort Myers Beach today through Monday, Nov. 29. 6890 Estero Blvd. Bios Renaissance Academy hosts a lecture about Tesla, Edison and Westinghouse from 10-11:30 a.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. $20 for members, $25 for non-members. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or Open House Arsenault Gallery celebrates Paul Arsenaults first annual calendar and a new Third Street location with an open house from noon to 6 p.m. today and Saturday, Nov. 21. 1199 Third St. S. 263-1214 or on the Lawn St. Marys Episcopal Church in Bonita Springs hosts a jazz concert from 5:30-9 p.m. Bring lawn chairs. $10. 9801 Bonita Beach Road. 3001240 or Presentation Get a dose of local history with an illustrated presentation from longtime resident Ray Carroll at 5:30 p.m. at Jinkins Fellowship Hall in Everglades City. Free, but reservations required. 695-2905 or Puppy Social Bring your pooch to Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique from 6-8 p.m. and enjoy light bites and drinks to benefit Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida. 263-9663 or Music The Fakahatchee Band performs from 7-9 p.m. at Miromar Outlets. 948-3766 or Hours Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary extends its hours to 9 p.m. and provides guests with all kinds of nighttime activities, including educational presesntations about Sky Kings: The Realm of Raptors. $12 for adults, $6 for college students, $4 for ages 6-18, free for ages 5 and younger. 348-9151 or Animal Art Naples Zoo hosts an art auction featuring masterpieces painted by their zoo animals from 7-10 p.m. Dinner, drinks and live music included with ticket. 21 and older only. $25, limited to 100 guests. 994-9149 or The Naples Philharmonic performs works by Mendelssohn, Beethoven and Dvorak at 8 p.m. tonight and Saturday, Nov. 21, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or SATURDAY11.21Farmers Market Take a stroll along one of Naples celebrated thoroughfares and purchase locally produced fruits and veggies, artisanal products and food items at the Third Street South Farmers market from 7:30-11:30 a.m. 434-6533 or For the Birds The FGCU Renaissance Academy hosts a birding excursion at Eagle Lakes Park from 8:30-11:30 a.m. $39 for members, $49 for others. 434-4737 or Sale Collier Fruit Growers hold a tropical fruit tree sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Freedom Par k. 1515 Golden Gate Parkway. 269-7340 or Fair The Naples Press Club hosts a book fair from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in Waterside Shops. Club members will sign books from 4-7 p.m. A portion of the days sales will benefit the clubs scholarship fund for journalism students. 513-4847 or Craft Show Local artisans converge on McLeod Park in Everglades City from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to sell crafts, jewelry and knick-knacks. 695-2905 or Show Miromar Design Center hosts the Estero Fine Art Show from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and Sunday, Nov. 22. 948-3766 or Choice Book critic Elaine Newton leads a discussion about Ian McEwans The Children Act at 10 a.m. at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Books & Gifts The Carlisle Naples hosts a book and gift sale from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. All are welcome. 6945 Carlisle Court. 591-2200.Lifelong Learning Naples Botanical Garden hosts a lecture about palms from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. $15 for members, $20 for non-members. 643-7275 or Art ALIVE More than 20 art galleries in the Naples Art District welcome visitors from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and 1-4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 22. 580-7999. See story on page C1. Favorite Tunes Members of the Naples Music Club perform at 4 p.m. at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church. Free. 1225 Piper Blvd. 384-9205 or Sidewalk Jazz Guitarist Mason Williams performs outside Vom Fass at Mercato from 6-9 p.m. 254-1080 or It Up Comedian Eric DaSilva performs at 8:30 p.m. at Nanas Diner. $18. 455-2844 or for All Caryn Gallagher leads a fusion yoga class from 9-10 a.m. at the Seagate beach access. Bring a beach towel and water. Registration required, donations welcome. (312) 505-9642.Concert in the Park The Music Makers Show Band performs at 2 p.m. in the bandshell at Cambier Park. Free. 263-1113 or Film Renaissance Academy presents a screening of The Barkleys of Broadway at 2 p.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. A constantly feuding musical comedy couple almost breaks up when the wife has an opportunity to become a serious actress. $5 for members, $6 for non-members. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 4344737 or Sing Along Join the choir for Voices of Naples 13th annual sing-along of Handels Messiah at 3 p.m. at Naples United Church of Christ. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. 5200 Crayton Road. 4552582 or Sidewalk Guitar Classical guitarist Jon Dunn performs outside Second Cup at Mercato from 5-8 p.m. 254-1080 or MONDAY11.23Art Lecture Renaissance Academy hosts a lecture about Bernini and the baroque style of Rome at 10 a.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. $20 for members, $25 for non-members. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737 or on Third Third Street South holds its holiday kick-off from 5-9:30 p.m. with a tree lighting, a fairy snow mother, Santa Claus, music performances at more. 434-6533 or Bingo! The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island hosts bingo every Monday. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for a hot-dog dinner included with admission. 991 Winterberry Drive. 642-0800.Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens Tokyo Godfathers (Japan, 2003) at 7 p.m. On Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo find a newborn baby among the trash and set out to find its parents. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or COURTESY PHOTOJoey Sorge, right, stars as a three-timing playboy and Alexis Hyatt, left, as one of the women who thinks shes his one-and-only in Boeing-Boeing. The Gulfshore Playhouse production is onstage at The Norris Center through Nov. 29. See review on page C10.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 11.20 KDIM Entertainment presents The Rock Pack at 8 p.m. Thursday at Germain Arena. The show includes John Payne of Asia (pictured), Mickey Thomas of Starship, Steve Walsh of Kansas, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and more. 11.19Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary stays open late for stargazers and others to stroll the boardwalk, learn about birds of prey, enjoy live entertainment and more from 5-9 p.m. Friday. Regular admission applies. corkscrew. audubon.orgWADDY THOMPSON PHOTO Like sands through the hourglass, the sculptures wont last long after the 29th annual Sand Sculpting Championship on Fort Myers Beach Friday through Sunday, Nov. 20-29. fmbsand 11.20-29 8 8 J J S S S T T Miromar Design Center hosts the 16th bi-annual Estero Fine Art Show from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 21-22. hotworks.comBring your pooch to Pucci & Catana Luxury Pet Boutique on Fifth Avenue South from 6-8 p.m. Friday and enjoy light bites and drinks to benefit Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida. pucciand WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOTUESDAY11.24Early Birds Get a jump on the day with a guided walk through Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary from 8-11 a.m. $20 after admission ($12 for adults, $6 for college students, $4 for ages 6-18, free for ages 5 and younger). 348-9151 or Game Time The Naples Italian American Foundation hosts mah jongg, bridge and cards at 11:30 a.m. Free for members, $3 for others. 7035 Airport-Pulling Road. 597-5210 or More Bingo Gets your cards in order for bingo starting at 5:45 p.m. tonight and every Tuesday at the Naples Elks Lodge #2010. $15. 11250 Tamiami Trail E. 643-0075 or WEDNESDAY11.25Beach Yoga Candice Oligney of Green Monkey Yoga leads a gentle yoga class for all levels from 9-10 a.m. at Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Bring yoga mat, water, a towel and bug spray. $5 plus regular park entrance fee ($2 for bicyclists and walkers, $4 per car with one person, $6 per car with two or more people). Sign up by calling 598-1938 or visiting History Naples Historical Society hosts a walking tour of Old Naples setting out at 9:30 a.m. from Historic Palm Cottage. Reservations required. $10 members, $16 nonmembers. 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164 or COMING UPLaugh It Up Steve Salbo takes the stage at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 27-28, at the Old Naples Comedy Club. $20. 1100 Sixth Ave. S. 455-2844 or Holiday on the Bay The Village on Venetian Bay hosts a snow show from 5-8 p.m. each Saturday until Christmas starting Nov. 27. Enjoy a visit with Santa, story time with Mrs. Claus, carolers and more. 261-6100 or Holiday Sax Saxophonist Dave Koz performs with special guests at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 28, at ArtisNaples. 5971900 or Films for Film Lovers Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs screens My Life Without Me (Spain, 2003) at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 30. A young woman conceals the fact of her terminal cancer to live her life with a passion she never had before. $10. 10150 Bonita Beach Road. 495-8989 or Talk Collier Countys IFAS Extension hosts a chat from 9-11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, about plants that grow well in Southwest Florida yards. Garden tours and tropical fruit tree demonstration available as well. Free. 14700 Immokalee Road. 252-4800 or Fun Bonita Springs hosts its 16th annual Holiday in the Park fun from 4:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Riverside Park. Activities include tree lighting, a blizzard and live entertainment. 10451 Riverside Park. 992-4556 or Art Opening Marco Island Historical Museum hosts an opening reception for Clyde Butchers Natures Places of Spiritual Sanctuary exhibit from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1. The exhibit will hang through Feb. 10. 642-1440 or


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 YOUTH THEATRE OFTHE NAPLES PLAYERS Located at The Naples Players, 701 5th Avenue SouthDecember 2nd 13thWednesday Friday, Dec. 2 4 & Dec. 9 11 @ 5:00pm Saturday, December 5th & 12th 2:00pm & 5:00pm Sunday, December 6th & 13th @ 5:00pm & 7:30pm A HOLIDAY TRADITIONLIMITED SEATING!Call the Box Oce for Tickets 239-263-7990 239.249.3382Dr. Alexander Rodi, D.O. Supervising/Delegating/Treating M.D. Laser Hair Removal, Facials, Waxing and more! TM Naples898 5th Avenue South, Suite 204Bonita Springs24850 S Tamiami Trail (in the Bernwood Plaza)New Location Opening Soon! Receive Free Gift with Purchase of Gift Card Holiday Gift PackagesOne Hour Santa PackageNaples Signature Facial rejuvenating personalized facial customized facial includes a deep cleanse, steam, extraction, masking and $75 (Reg. $95) Half Day Mistletoe PackageBotox (20 units), Signature Customized Facial and Wine MudWrap ritual. $420 (Reg. $515) A Gift For Them Gif f G i i ee F Fre ee e ee F Fre ee e e Gift ft e Gi e eF F eF e F eiv cei c e i Rec iv e i v e ve ive e ve e ve ve Free For You! F F F F o o r T F F F F F F F F F o o o r F F F F F F F F F F o o F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F Y F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F F o o o o o o o o r F F F F F F F F F F o o o Y r F F F F F F F F F F F o o o F F F F F F F F o o o Y and T T T T T T h h h h m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m he m h e e e e e h e m m m m m h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e m m m m h h h e e e e e o o o u u u u u u u u ! ! Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y o o o o o o o o u u u u Y o u u u u u u u u o o o u u u u Y o Y o u u u u u u u u ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! u u u u u u ! ! o o o o o r r r r r r r r r r r r r T T T T T T F F F F F F o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o r r r r r r r r r r r F F F F F F F F o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o T T T T T Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y o o o o o o o o r r r r r r r r r r o o o o o o r r r r Y r o o o o o o Y a Gift Jinglebells Micro-needling with a collagen mask $199 (Reg. $325) WHAT TO DOA Choral Christmas The Naples Philharmonic and Naples Philharmonic Chorus perform classical holiday works at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or Art ALIVE The 20-plus galleries in the Naples Art District (behind AirportPulling and Pine Ridge roads) open to the public from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2. Free. 580-7999.Tree Lighting Mercato fires up the largest living tree in Southwest Florida at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2. 254-1080 or More Lights Fifth Avenue South lights its tree on Sugden Plaza and kicks off the holiday season with musical and dance performances from 5-8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3. Adventure Day Lovers Key State Park celebrates Great Outdoor Adventure Day from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, with food, touch tanks, childrens activities, ranger-led tours and more. Free with park entry fee ($8 per eight person vehicle, $4 for a single passenger and $2 for pedestrians and cyclists). 463-4588 or Holiday Hot Rods Mercato hosts a holiday car show featuring more than 125 collector and luxury cars from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5. 254-1080 or East Several East Naples organizations host the East Naples Food & Music Fest from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, at Florida Sports Park. $10. 252-2384 or Sugarplum Dreams Miami City Ballet presents George Ballanchines The Nutcracker at 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 5-6, at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or Just a Joke Comedian John Carfi performs at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 5, at Nanas Diner. $1 5. 5555 Golden Gate Parkway. 455-2844 or Cruise-in Miromar Outlets hosts a car show from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6. 948-3766 or Holiday Concert St. Marys Episcopal Church hosts its 14th annual Festival of Advent Lessons and Carols at 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6. Free. 9801 Bonita Beach Road. 992-4343 or Holiday Tango La Milonguita hosts a Christmas tango dance from 5-8 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 6, at the Arthur Miller Dance Center. 3339 Tamiami Trail N. 989-1464. Piano Recital Pianist Addiel Pintueles performs at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, at Avow. Free, but donations appreciated. 1095 Whippoorwhill Lane. 2614404 or Concert Voices of Naples performs a holiday concert at 7 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, at Emmanuel Lutheran Church. Free. 777 Mooring Line Drive. 249-4147 or CAPA Concert Harpist Dickie Fleischer and flautist Leelo Basham perform at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center. $10-40. 775-2800 or Songwriters Concert Local musicians Bob Covington, Boyd Baker and Bob Williams play acoustic sets from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8, in the gazebo at Lovers Key State Park. Free with park entry fee. 463-4558 or Live and Local Rick Howard and the Speedbumps take the stage at 6:30 and 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 9, for a Live & Local concert in the Daniels Pavilion at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Dinner with Artists Enjoy an interactive art experience with Juan Diaz while enjoying Chef Brian Rolands culinary artistry starting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, at The von Liebig Center. $100. 262-6517 or Masterworks The Naples Philharmonic performs with guest conductor Joshua Weilerstein at 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Dec. 10-11, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Kids Art Thomas Riley Studio on Fifth Avenue South hosts an opening reception from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10, for an exhibit of mixed media art by the children at Youth Haven. Proceeds benefit the shelters art program. 6875155 or Stand-Up Guy Bob Zany (Joe Dirt, The Informant) performs at Off The Hook Comedy Club Thursday through Sunday, Dec. 10-13. Check website for show times and ticket prices. 389-6901 or Bundle up for a blizzard, holiday tree lighting, live entertainment and more from 4:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1, at Riverside Park in Bonita Springs.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C9 Be A Part of the Show! THE NAPLES PLAYERS Tickets: 239-263-7990 or www.naplesplayers.orgThe Naples Players at Sugden Community Theatre 701 5th Ave. South, Naples, FL 34102 WEDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. THURSDAY SATURDAY 8:00 P.M. SUNDAY 2:00 P.M.A hidden identity unleashes truths and leads to outrageously funny situations. THE FOREIGNERBY LARRY SHUESponsored by: TICKETS: ADULTS $35 STUDENTS 21 AND UNDER $10 GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE 13 Years Voted Best Live Theatre T NOVEMBER 25 DECEMBER 20IN BLACKBURN HALL TENNIS CLUB 475 SEAGATE DRIVE | NAPLES, FL 34103 | NAPLESGRANDE.COM | (866) 543-8993 JOIN A CLUB YOU CAN CALL HOME WITH PRICING FROM $112 PER MONTH + $800 IN ADDED AMENITIES.EXPERT INSTRUCTION FROM PBI15 HAR TRU COURTS 5 LIGHTED FOR EVENING PLAY COVERED PARKING FITNESS CENTER ACCESS GUEST PASSES COMPLIMENTARY MEMBER CLINICS REFERRAL INCENTIVES WHERE TO GOOpera Evening Friends of Opera Naples host dinner and a performance by the ON childrens choir from 5-8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 11. Reservations required by Tuesday, Dec. 8. $75. 4201 Gulfshore Blvd. N. 963-9050 or Critics Choice Book critic Elaine Newton leads a discussion about Lily Kings Euphoria at 10 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 12. 597-1900 or Market Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary hosts its second annual holiday market from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12. 348-9151 or corkscrew. Ha! Ha! Ha! Comedians Preacher Lawson and Mark Viola perform at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 12, at Nanas Diner. $15. 5555 Golden Gate Park way. 4552844 or on Parade Naples Big Wheels hosts a car show from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 13, at Florida Sports Park to benefit Bikes for Tykes. See hot rods, antique, muscle, race and sport cars and enjoy food, music, auctions and more. $7 or donation of a usable bicycle. Children 12 and under are free. (781) 718-1438 or Klezmer Music & a Movie The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island presents klezmer music at 1:30 p.m. followed by a screening of Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem on Sunday, Dec. 13, at JCMI. 991 Winterberry Drive. 642-0800.Calendar Girl Pianist turned 1960s hit-maker Neil Sedaka takes the stage at 7 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 13, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Brass Concert The Naples Philharmonic Brass Quintet performs at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center. 775-2800 or More Laughs Tom Rhodes performs at Off The Hook Comedy Club Thursday through Sunday, Dec. 17-20. Check website for show times and ticket prices. 3896901 or Stand-Up Comedians Ben Hague and Larry Venturino perform at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 17 and Saturday, Dec. 19, at Nanas Diner. $15. 5555 Golden Gate Parkwa y. 455 -2844 or Pasta e Pellicolla Naples Italian American Foundation hosts dinner and a movie starting at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14, with a pasta buffet and followed by a screening of Cose Dell Altro Mondo (Italy, 2012). An imaginative look at what life would be like without immigrant workers. $15, $5 for movie alone. 7035 Airport-Pulling Road. 5975210 or Christmas Party Naples Italian American Foundation hosts its holiday party and concert at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16, with dinner and a performance by The New Chorale of Southwest Florida. $30 for members, nonmembers and guests $35. Proper attire required. Reservations required by 6 p.m. the day prior. 7035 Airport Road. 597-5210 or Holiday Stomp Steampunk Stompers perform a holiday concert at 7 p.m. Friday, Dec. 18, at Koreshan State Historic Site. $15. 992-0311 or Comic Opera Opera Naples and the Naples Philharmonic join forces to present Die Fledermaus at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 22, at ArtisNaples. 9639050 or Moonlight Ride Take a guided, nighttime canoe trip though CollierSeminole State Park settingout at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Dec. 25-26. $35. 20200 Tamiami Trail East. 394-3397 or More Jokes Comedian Steve Laslow performs at 8:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 26, at Nanas Diner. $1 5. 5555 Golden Gate Parkway. 455-2844 or Vocal Concert The Ten Tenors perform works ranging from the Beatles to Bocelli at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 29, at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Starry Night Country music star Lorrie Morgan performs at 8 p.m. Friday, Jan. 8, at Seminole Immokalee Casino. $40-$50. (800) 218-0007 or Email calendar listings and highresolution photos to Lindsey Nesmith at Please send Word or text documents and jpgs with pertinent details, cost and contact information. No pdfs or photos of fliers. Deadline for calendar submissions is noon Monday.CAPA Center presents Naples harpist Dickie Fleischer, above, and flautist Leelo Basham in concert at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Dec. 7, at the David and Cecile Wang Opera Center.

PAGE 62 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 ARTS COMMENTARY Boeing-Boeing takes off in Naples; Hair opens Venice Theatres 65th seasonTo put it in a nutshell, Bernard is a cad. An architect living in Paris, hes juggling three women at the same time. Not only does each one believe shes his one-and-only, but all three are engaged to Bernard, fully expecting to marry him. Three, he declares, is the perfect number. Two would be too monotonous, while more than three would be too exhausting. He has it down to a system, he explains to his old college friend visiting from Wisconsin. All the women are flight attendants or, in the language of the 1960s, airhostesses. Each works for a different airline. Gloria (Alexis Hyatt), works for TWA. Gabriella (Christina DeCicco) flies for Alitalia. And the strong, overly passionate Gretchen (Ashton Heyl) works for Lufthansa. They all have different flight schedules, and Bernard keeps track of them with the eagle eye of an air-traffic controller. Ideally, one is just flying out while and another is just arriving, while the third is mid-flight, halfway around the globe. Sometimes the margin of error is very, very thin. It all works with the efficiency of the Swiss Railways until, of course, it doesnt. And thats the appeal of BoeingBoeing: seeing the perfect scheme Bernard has concocted start to unravel, as these things inevitably do, and watching his dream of international romantic bliss quickly become a nightmare. The French farce was written by Marc Camoletti and translated by Beverley Cross and Francis Evans. For the Gulfshore Playhouse production, scenic designer Randall Parsons has created a sleek, sophisticated Parisian bachelor pad for Bernard. Its sparsely decorated, with abstract paintings on clean white and polished wood walls. The show has some funny moments, and many amusing ones, but unfortunately, this production is uneven. I wanted to laugh so much more than I did. Director Julia Gibson gives us a confusing mixture of types of humor. The musical cues and style of acting in the beginning feel like a TV sit-com, which leads the audience to expect a rapid set-up, joke, set-up, joke rhythm. But when Bernards friend Robert (Jeffrey Binder) arrives on the scene, the farce becomes much more focused on slapstick. When we first meet Robert, he possesses the golly-gee-whiz openness and naivete of a Wisconsinite whos never been off the farm. Full of nervous tics, he fidgets, jumps and adjusts his bowtie. His eyes practically pop out of their sockets, like a cartoon character. Hes like Don Knotts on steroids. It almost feels as if Mr. Binder is acting in a totally different play. None of the other characters match his intensity. Then, in Act II, the production becomes especially sophomoric with a series of unfortunate flatulence jokes that seem to go on for way too long. Joey Sorge plays Bernard, the playboy, with leading-man suavity. Ms. Hyatt is bold and outspoken as a liberated American woman who knows her own mind. Ms. DeCicco is humorous as a fiery Italian, and Ms. Heyl is perfect as an Amazonian German who could probably pick up any man and toss him like a javelin. But Jan Neuberger as Bertha, the perpetually discontented French maid, is the shows saving grace. Shes droll. Shes deadpan. Even though her lines provide the bulk of the evenings laughs, she also speaks volumes with her sly looks. The poor put-upon woman must continually adjust to the households ever-revolving series of mistresses, changing flowers, pillows, sheets and meals in anticipation of each one. She walks stooped over, the weight of responsibility heavy on her shoulders. Shes the perfect foil for Mr. Binders manic behavior. Boeing-Boeing can be a fun romp that leaves you helpless with laughter, but this production doesnt do that. Which is unfortunate, because this is a group of talented actors. Yes, there are times when it does take flight, but more often it feels as if were still stuck on the runway.Give me a head with hair!For some of us, the music from Hair is as familiar as our own names and addresses. I wasnt even a teen when the Hair: American Tribal Love Rock Musical hit Broadway in the late s, but I had an older brother who saw the show and then played the cast album on his turntable many, many times. Covers of some of the songs became Top 5 hits, on constant rotation on the radio: The Cowsills Hair, Three Dog Nights Easy to Be Hard, Olivers Good Morning Starshine and The 5th Dimensions Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine In (which won Record of the Year in 1970). So I was thrilled for the opportunity to finally see a staged production at The Venice Theatre. Its the opening show on the main stage this season, celebrating the theaters 65th anniversary. Back in the s, Hair hit Broadway like an atomic bomb. It was the furthest thing from Rodgers and Hammerstein or Lerner and Loewe. Hair had rock music. It had nudity. It sang of interracial love, of homosexuality, of the joy of self-expression and personal freedom. It was anti-establishment, antiauthority, anti-war. It worshipped drug use and free love. It poked fun at racial stereotypes. This production, re-imagined and directed by Tony Award-wining singer/dancer/actor Ben Vereen, who performed in the original on Broadway, still packs a punch. The book is slight, and not as powerful as the gorgeous music. But oh, the music! Its a thrill to hear it performed live, with a small rock band under the direction of Michelle Kasanofsky. And they dont overwhelm the singing. Since I didnt see the original, Im not sure how much Mr. Vereen has changed this production. I do know he added large screens that show images of s rock icons, the war and hippies. Next to photos of actual hippies in the 1960s, however, the current cast looks a little too cleaned up and neat. The screens are much more effective when showing images of war or current atrocities. Mr. Vereen also cast a woman to sing My Conviction. (It was originally a mans role, with the actor dressed as a woman, his gender in question until he exposes himself as a man at the end of the song.) Charles Logan as Berger and Patrick Mounce as Claude, the two male leads, provide much of the shows irreverence, especially Mr. Logan. But the musicals numerous songs are spread among the large ensemble cast, and theres not a bad performance in the group. I especially liked Syreeta S. Banks strong singing and wish shed had more solos; she opens the show with Aquarius. Mr. Vereens son, Aaron, also performs in the show, as well as former NFL player Henry Lawrence, who has two cameo roles. Kudos, too, to Murray Chase, the theaters executive/artistic director who, in a pre-curtain speech, not only told the audience to turn off their cell phones, but also admonished them to not sing during the performance. (Too many people treat musicals as their own personal karaoke bar.) If youve never seen Hair, this is a rare opportunity to do so. Despite everything Ive read and heard about audiences getting up and dancing with the cast, the ending to this production is sobering, not celebratory. It appears the world hasnt improved much at all since the s. But the songs the songs are pure gold, and have been replaying in my head for almost a week now. Theyre still as powerful and moving as they were in the s. Boeing-Boeing>> WHO: Gulfshore Playhouse >> When: Through Nov. 29 >> Where: The Norris Center, Naples >> Cost: $20-$64 >> Info: (866) 811-4111 or Hair>> When: Through Dec. 13 >> Where: The Venice Theatre, 140 W. Tampa Ave., Venice >> Cost: $32 ($20 for students) >> Info: (941) 488-1115 or Wild Tracks Want to discover the next big artist? How about nding the Picasso of primates? Maybe even the Toulouse-Lautrec of tigers? Enjoy An Evening with Truly Wild Artists at Naples ZooNovember 20, 2015 Naples Zoo 1590 Goodlette Rd. Naples, FLArt AuctionYou just might at the Wild Tracks Art Auction hosted by the Naples Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers in cooperation with Naples Zoo. Winning bidders will go home with a one-of-a-kind, framed painting done by their favorite animals. The Zoos exotic artisans are going all out as proceeds go to help Giant anteaters in Brazil. Early ticket purchases are recommended, as this exclusive adults-only 21 and over event is limited to 100 animal-loving bidders and tickets are just $25 and includes dinner and drinks. The event begins at 7:00 pm.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C11 NOW NOV 21Based on a real-life jam session with Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Youll hear Blue Suede Shoes, Great Balls of Fire, Whole Lotta Shakin Goin On, Folsom Prison Blues and more!SWFLS PREMIER DINNER THEATRE 1380 COLONIAL BOULEVARD, FORT MYERS239.278.4422 www.BroadwayPalm.comNOW DEC 26, 2015The Forever Plaid boys are back with hits from the 50s, 60s, & Christmas! NOV 26 DEC 26, 2015The classic holiday lm is brought to vibrant theatrical life!NEXT IN THE MAIN THEATRE IN THE OFF BROADWAY PALM 239.948.PUCK Buy any ticket package and receive a $25 DeRomos Gourmet Market and Restaurant gift card. Limited time offer. Valid on any NEW Any Game Any Time, Select, or full ticket package purchase. VS SAT, NOV 21 AT 7:00WED, NOV 18 AT 7:30 2015 16 FULL & FLEXIBLETICKET PACKAGES ON SALE C C C C G G S S O O S S FRI, NOV 20 7:30 811 7th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102At 8th Street across from Cambier Park, next to City Hall Make reservations for anksgiving, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve today by calling 239.206.4310Three Seatings: 2:00, 4:00 & 6:00 p.m. Please Join Us for anksgiving Dinner 5 5 THE MOST INCLUSIVE LUXURY EXPERIENCE 2-For-1 All-Inclusive Fares FREE Unlimited WiFi NEW FREE Roundtrip Air* FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions FREE Specialty Restaurants FREE Unlimited Beverages Including Fine Wines and Premium Spirits *Fares are subject to increase January 1, 2016. All fares are per person in U.S. dollars, valid for residents of U.S. & Canada, based on double occupancy, for new bookings only and may be withdrawn at any time. Not all promotions are combinable. 2-for-1 Fares and Early Booking Savings are based on published Full Brochure Fares; such fares may not have resulted in actual sales in all suite categories and do not include optional charges as detailed in the Guest Ticket Contract. Alaskan Summer Oer promotion of FREE Unlimited WiFi is throughout the ship and available for all suite categories and shipboard credit is per suite based on NEW bookings. Alaskan Summer Oer is capacity controlled and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. You must mention promo code ASO2016 at the time of booking to receive this oer. Kids sail fares are per person and include cruise-only fares and FREE Unlimited Shore Excursions. FREE Roundtrip Air includes ground transfers and applies to coach, roundtrip ights only from the following airports: ATL, BOS, CLT, DEN, DFW, DTW, EWR, FLL, IAD, IAH, JFK, LAX, LGA, MCO, MDW, MIA, MSP, ORD, PBI, PHL, PHX, SAN, SEA, SFO, TPA, YUL, YVR, YYZ. FREE Roundtrip Air is also available from YOW and YYC when a new booking is made by December 31, 2015. Airfare is available from all other U.S. & Canadian gateways for an additional charge. For details, visit Ships Registry: Bahamas. 15 Regent Seven Seas CruisesBOLD LANDSCAPES VANCOUVER TO SEWARD Seven Seas Mariner | June 29, 2016 | 7 NIGHTS 2-For-1 All-Inclusive Fares from $6,299 DestinationsPorts Include: Vancouver, Cruising the Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Cruising the Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway, Sitka, Cruising Hubbard Glacier, AnchorageGLACIER DISCOVERY SEWARD TO VANCOUVER Seven Seas Mariner | July 6, 2016 | 7 NIGHTS2-For-1 All-Inclusive Fares from $6,499Ports Include: Anchorage, Cruising Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, Cruising Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Cruising the Inside Passage, VancouverSA_NOV15202Providing Expert Travel Advice to Discerning Travelers for Over 40 Years CALL: 239-513-0333 OR 800-865-8111 | EMAIL: INFO@BETTYMACLEANTRAVEL.COMWWW.BETTYMACLEANTRAVEL.COMDiscover Alaska 2245 VENETIAN COURT | NAPLES, FL 34109 ALASKAN SUMMEROFFER Enjoy. Connect. Share. Book by December 31 and Enjoy Alaska with these exclusive offers:$600 Shipboard Credit, Kids Sail for only $999 and FREE Unlimited WiFi PUZZLE ANSWERS

PAGE 64 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 HOROSCOPES SUPER DUPER MOVIE By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C11SEE ANSWERS, C11 SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) What you expect to be potentially troublesome might simply be especially challenging and well worth your efforts to check out. Good luck! SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A friendship might not seem as trustworthy as youd like. OK. Ask your questions, get your answers and settle the matter once and for all. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A family situation moves into a new area because of (or, maybe, thanks to) some decisions you might have felt you could not avoid making. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) You could be cutting it very close if you hope to make those holiday plan changes in time to avoid problems. Get a friend or family member to help. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Friends show how important you are to them. Keep these precious relationships thriving. They affect much that will happen to the fabulous Fish in the new year. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Dont feel sheepish about looking to spend more time with that special person during the upcoming holidays. Do it because its the right thing to do. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Never mind letting misunderstandings repair themselves. Consider speaking up while the healing process can be shorter and sweeter and leave fewer scars. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Romance is easily awakened in the Geminian heart, especially around the happy holiday season. So go ahead and make those plans with that special someone. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Moon Children can glow with their own inner light as the holiday season magic takes hold. Its a very special time for Cancers and Libras together. Enjoy. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Its a good time for you fabulous Felines to take pleasure in your special gift for, well, taking pleasure! Look for this holiday season to give you every reason to purr. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) This is a good time to let others who are in your life get a little closer to you. Youll both find out what youve been missing for far too long. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Open up your eyes and see some welcome surprises youve missed or overlooked for too long. What you find can lead to other favorable changes. BORN THIS WEEK: Time spent at home alone nurtures your mystic self. Spending your time with others nurtures them. PUZZLES The Only United States Store Dedicated to the True Lavender Products of Provence The largest choice of Provence Products 100% Made in France4350 Gulfshore Boulevard Suite 608, Naplesat The Village on Venetian Bay239.331.7112TheLavenderOnline.com25% Discount ON LAVENDAR SOAPS, CREAMS & CANDLES!Please present this ad. Offer expires on 11/30/15. LAVENDER SPA & BODY PRODUCTS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C13 PUMPKIN MASSAGE $130 PUMPKIN BODY SCRUB $130 PUMPKIN HYDRATION FACIAL $130 CHOOSE ANY TWO FOR $240* CHOOSE ANY THREE FOR $350**Services must be redeemed in the same day. Promotion cannot be combined with any other discount or package. Prices are not inclusive of 22% service charge. Valid October 1 to November 30, 2015. 475 btn | fr, rbt 34103 | (855) 923-7312 | frb./f PUMPKIN MASSAGE $130 P U MPKIN B O DY SC R U B $ 130 P U MPKIN HYDRATI O N FA C IAL $ 13 0 Fall into Relaxation THE NAPLES PLAYERS AUDITIONS More information under Get Involved at Auditions held at the Sugden Community Theatre, 701 5th Ave. S., Naples, FL No appointment necessary. Rehearsals begin December 14. Performances February 3-27NEEDED:1 Woman: age 20s-30s: May play 3 different characters or be individually cast. 3+ Men: (1) age 35-45, (2) age 18+ (plays multiple characters including women).November 28 at 2:00 p.m. *All actors must have a strong understanding of physical comedy. **This play has exible casting so the amount of actors cast will be based on the directors discretion. Be a part of the show! An independent af liate of Hurley Travel ExpertsDirect Travel VacationsLuxury Small Ship Cruises Silversea Cruise SpecialistPrivate, Custom & Escorted ToursAbercrombie & Kent 100 Club Member Naples Best Steak & Seafood House on the Water Open Sunday-Thursday 4 to 9 p.m. Open Friday-Saturday 4 to 10 p.m. Reservations Accepted 239.261.0622 Reservations 239.261.0622 T-MICHAELS.COM Dont forget Thanksgiving is November 26th. Were open from 12 to 8 p.m. ~ Reservations Required. 3-Course Entree including Salad & Dessert Call 239.261.0622 today to make Reservations or go to Make your Christmas Dinner RESERVATIONS 12 to 8 p.m. Now Taking New Years RESERVATIONS! Gift Cards Available!Buy a $100 gift card and get an additional $20! CONTRACT BRIDGEThe bidding points the wayBY STEVE BECKERThe elimination play can save many a contract. Its purpose is to force a defender, most commonly near the end of play, to make a play disadvantageous to his side. Here is a simple illustration. South is in four spades, and West starts out with three high hearts, declarer ruffing the third. South now leads the queen of spades, on which West plays the five. It would be wrong to finesse the spade in view of Wests weak two-bid, a bid he would scarcely make if he had the guarded king of spades as well as the A-K-Q of hearts. So South goes up with the ace of spades, hoping to catch the singleton king, and also planning to develop an endplay against East if the king does not fall. When the king does not appear, South proceeds with his second plan. He cashes the A-K of diamonds, eliminating that suit from dummys hand and his own, and then throws East on lead with a spade. East cannot afford to lead a diamond, which would allow South to ruff while discarding a club from dummy, so he returns a club. Declarer wins the club in dummy (with the nine or jack, depending on what West plays) and then takes another club finesse to make the contract. Note that if South takes the spade finesse, he goes down. East would be able to exit with a spade or a diamond, and East-West would later win a club trick with proper defense. Oddly enough, the contract can be defeated by an unusual play. If East foresees the impending endplay, he can forestall it. All he has to do is trump the third heart lead with the king of spades even though he is trumping his partners high heart and then return anything but a club. Against this defense, declarer is helpless.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC14 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Snap a photo inspired by one of the contest categories. You could win cash prizes, or a vacation getaway.POINT. SHOOT. WIN MONEY? In a place this beautiful, the photos practically take themselves. They dont, which is good for you, as your photo could win you money or an awesome vacation. 1.Submit your photo at 3. $2,500SECOND PRIZE, OVERALL$1,000THIRD & FOURTH PRIZE, OVERALL$5,000GRAND PRIZE, BEST OVERALLCATEGORY WINNERS $500/top image in each category, if not already awarded. VACATION GETAWAYOne random submission from the remaining non-winning entries will win a free vacation! This four-day, three-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa includes a guided kayaking tour for two adults and a beach day at Lovers Key State Park, courtesy of Lovers Key Adventures. NOVEMBER 9 JANUARY 15 FILM CAPSULESThe 33 1/2(Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche, Rodrigo Santoro) Based on real events, 33 miners are trapped underground in Chile for more than two months after a mine collapses. The performances are strong, the comic relief is welcome and the solid film honors the 33 men who endured the unthinkable situation. Rated PG-13. Spectre1/2(Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci) James Bond (Mr. Craig) learns more about his past and pursues the man (Mr. Waltz) behind all the treachery Bond has faced thus far. Its a downgrade from the last entry, Skyfall, but is salvaged by a solid ending loosely taken from The Dark Knight. Rated PG-13.Our Brand Is Crisis (Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie) Political strategist Calamity Jane (Ms. Bullock) travels to Bolivia to assist in a presidential campaign. The story wants to make strong social points, but flounders when it should thrive. Rated R. Truth (Robert Redford, Cate Blanchett, Topher Grace) CBS news legend Dan Rather (Mr. Redford) and his producer Mary Mapes (Ms. Blanchett) come under fire in 2004 after airing a story based on allegedly false documents that accused then-president George W. Bush of not fulfilling his Texas Air National Guard duties in the 1970s. Its a smart, compelling drama featuring an excellent Ms. Blanchett that also calls into question the merit and needs for journalism today. Rated R.Rock The Kasbah 1/2(Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, Leem Lubany) A down-on-his-luck music manager (Mr. Murray) discovers a female Muslim singer (Ms. Lubany) and tries to get her on Afghan Star, the Afghani version of American Idol. The story goes in a number of directions, none of them wise. Rated R. Crimson Peak (Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Mia Wasikowska) In the early 1900s, Edith (Ms. Wasikowska) is wooed by Thomas (Mr. Hiddleston), seemingly not noticing how close he is to his sister (Ms. Chastain). Its an odd gothic love story with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure, and although it looks slick and stylish, it just doesnt connect. Rated R.Bridge of Spies (Tom Hanks, Alan Alda, Mark Rylance) A Brooklyn lawyer (Mr. Hanks) defends an accused Russian spy (Mr. Rylance) and later tries to negotiate the spys release in exchange for an American soldier (Austin Stowell) held by the Russians. Its 20 minutes too long, and the two-act story structure is tedious and never invites emotional investment. This is a misfire for Mr. Hanks and for director Steven Spielberg. Rated PG-13. HOME OF THE NAPLES PRINCESS239.774.0479 PORTOFNAPLESMARINA.COM*NOT VALID WITH ANY OTHER OFFER.550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, Florida 34102 $20 OFF* JET SKI RENTAL OF 2 HOURS OR MORE $40 OFF* ANY HALF OR FULL DAY BOAT RENTALBOAT RENTALS & JET SKI RENTALSBRAND NEW EQUIPMENT WITH THE LATEST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYAlso Available at the Marina: Daily Public Cruises, Private Charters, Charter Fishing, Live Bait and More! 5 5 OFFER EXPIRES ON NOV. 30, 2015OFFER EXPIRES ON NOV. 30, 2015


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C15 833 VANDERBILT BEACH RD, NAPLES 239.596.0008 PARAGONTHEATERS.COM A GIFT FOR THEM MEANSA GIFT FOR YOU!RECEIVE A FREE CONCESSION VOUCHER WITH YOUR GIFT CARD PURCHASE OF $30 OR MORE!$30 $49: $10 VOUCHER $50+: $20 VOUCHERVISIT THE BOX OFFICE OR PARAGONTHEATERS.COMVOUCHERS RECEIVED WILL BE VALID FOR REDEMPTION JANUARY 1 MARCH 31, 2016. SEE ASSOCIATE FOR DETAILS. LATEST FILMSSpotlightIs it worth $10? YesSpotlight is one of the best movies of the year, a scorching drama about the damning sexual abuse scandal that rocked the Catholic Church to its core in 2002 and still has reverberations to this day. The film is excellent due to its narrative patience and superb performances. This is exactly how a great drama should be made, eschewing the histrionic crutches that many dramas rely upon and instead focusing solely on the quality of the storytelling, which is impeccable. Inspired by a January 2002 report in The Boston Globe, the film follows the newspapers investigative Spotlight team as it researches sexual abuse in the Boston area by Catholic priests. It also chronicles the widespread knowledge and cover-up of the molestations by people in power, including Cardinal Bernard Law (Len Cariou). The Spotlight team, led by Editor Walter Robby Robinson (Michael Keaton) and consisting of reporters Mike Rezendes (Mark Ruffalo), Sacha Pfeiffer (Rachel McAdams) and Matt Carroll (Brian dArcy James), is a highly competent and determined group that is undeterred by the static and distractions that come its way. It helps that the team has the support of Executive Editor Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber) and Projects Editor Ben Bradlee Jr. (John Slattery), and that it finds an unlikely (and at times, unwilling) ally in attorney Mitchell Garabedian (Stanley Tucci). The plot develops slowly but au thentically, never for a moment feeling rushed during its 128 minutes. It starts in July 2001. In spite of the fact that 53 percent of Globe readers identify as Catholic, and that politicians, lawyers and others have taken numerous steps to cover up the indiscretions, the Spotlight reporters know theyre on to something and become relentless in their pursuit of the truth over the next five months. As piece by piece of the abuses unfold, and the numbers of molesters and victims increase at an appalling rate, the importance of the story running as soon as possible is also elevated. It would have been easy for writer/ director Tom McCarthy (The Visitor) to over-emote the story by adding melodramatic tics like superfluous close-ups, a melancholic score, apoplectic emotional outbursts, etc. But he refrains, largely because he trusts the script he co-wrote with Josh Singer to have the gravitas needed to command rapt attention from the viewer. He was right to do so, especially with the cast in such complete control of the material. The entire ensemble is solid, including the supporting actors (Neal Huff, Michael Cyril Creighton and Jimmy LeBlanc) who play the victims. These are small but pivotal roles, as the emotions must strike a chord with the audience so we can feel the rage, frustration and disillusionment of how theyve been wronged and root even harder for the Spotlight team to succeed. For as good as the cast is, Mr. Ruffalo is a cut above the rest. Mikes quirky mannerisms, offkilter delivery and boundless energy make him the most impassioned and unique member of the Spotlight team, and therefore also the most memorable. He has a scene late in the film thats pure Oscar bait, so lets hope the Academy takes the bait and gives him the supporting actor nomination he deserves. In addition to its stalwart depiction of the investigation into the scandal, Spotlight is also a reminder of what journalism can and should be when done the right way. If youve never felt the rush of a newsroom as deadline looms, and/or the camaraderie shared by fellow journalists after a job well done, that might not mean anything to you. But for those whove crafted their careers and livelihood from their work in journalism, its a beautiful sight to see. t p t i t p dan >> The Boston Globe won a Pulitzer Prize in 2003 for its meritorious public service in covering the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal. | 239.263.4421 | 4300 Gulf Shore Blvd. N Sunday Brunch


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC16 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 PRESENTED BY: OPEN DAILY 10AM-5PMWWW.FMBSANDSCULPTING.COM TEXAS TONYS RIB HOUSE LARGEST SAND SCULPTING EVENT IN THE U.S.A Over 40 Sculptures created by Master Sculptors Amateur sand sculpting contest 50 + Vendors with Arts and Crafts Lessons and Demonstrations Quick Sand Speed Sand Sculpting Live Music Kids Activities Over 1,000 tons of Sand SculptedFree Parking and Shuttle from Lovers Key $5TICKETS ONLY 29th Annual American After two sold-out seasons at The Norris Center, the Naples Jewish Film Festival moves to larger quarters at the Sugden Community Theatre for its third season. The theater has seating for 300 as well as easier parking and opportunities for combining a screening with dining at one of the nearby restaurants along Fifth Avenue South. Seating comfort and projection technology are also improved. Subscriptions for the 2016 festival, a project of Beth Tikvah of Naples, are available for $100 per person covering the four films. Single tickets, if available, will go on sale Jan. 15, All screenings are at 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Heres the lineup: Feb. 28: Raise the Roof The synagogues of 18th century Poland inspired artists Rick and Laura Brown to reconstruct the elaborate roof and painted ceiling of the Gwozdziec synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis in World War II. The Browns worked on the effort for 10 years, with help from 300 students and professionals from 16 countries, before the Gwozdziec roof was unveiled as the centerpiece of Warsaws POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews in 2014. March 13: Dough Widowed and down on his luck, Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) is desperate to save his bakery in Londons East End. In a pinch, he reluctantly hires Ayyash, a teen Muslim boy who deals a little pot on the side. When Ayyash accidently drops his stash into the dough, the challah starts flying off the shelf, and an unlikely friendship is formed. March 20: Sabena On May 8, 1972, four Palestinian hijackers took control of Belgian Sabena Flight 571 from Brussels to Tel Aviv. Over the next 30 nervewracking hours, human, military and political drama unfolds inside and outside the plane. This reenactment of the events is woven together with archival material and exclusive interviews for a captivating, suspenseful, Naples Jewish Film Festival on the move for 2016 series SEE NAPLES, C17 COURTESY PHOTOSDough, March 13


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C17 (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Wilma Boyd CEO*Valid on new bookings made by February 29, 2016 on selected sailings. Shipboard credit applies per suite based on double occupancy and varies per sailing. Luxury hotel package and free Wi-Fi applies to concierge suites or higher. BA Tastemaker offers apply per suite. Subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Ships Registry: Bahamas Up to 49 FREE Shore ExcursionsFlawless French Rivera April 13-23, 2016Barcelona RomePLUS $400 Shipboard Credit* Up to 60 FREE Shore ExcursionsGlories of the Past June 13-25, 2016Istanbul VenicePLUS $900 Shipboard Credit*Gondolas & Gaudi May 3-13, 2016Venice BarcelonaPLUS $400 Shipboard Credit* Up to 57 FREE Shore Excursions Up to 46 FREE Shore ExcursionsGlaciers & Fjords July 11-23, 2016Reykjavik CopenhagenPLUS $900 Shipboard Credit* ADDITIONAL ITINERARIES AVAILABLE The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island presents the 15th annual JCMI Film Festival with screenings on Sunday afternoons once a month DecemberMarch. Heres the lineup: Dec. 13: Theodore Bikel: In the Shoes of Sholom Aleichem The afternoon starts at 1:30 p.m. with a performance by a klezmer band conducted by Stu Warshauer, aka The King of Klezmer. The film begins at 2:30 p.m. Jan. 17: Above and Beyond A movie about American World War II pilots answering Israels call for help. Screening begins at 2 p.m. and is followed by a reception. Feb. 21: Applies from the Dessert A story examining the problems between religious and secular Jews in Israel. Screening at 2 p.m. followed by a reception. March 13: Deliman An exploration of the American Jewish experience viewed through the evolution of Jewish delicatessens in America. Single tickets are $25, or buy all four for $72 or a patron subscription for $85. For reservations or more information, call JCMI at 642-0800. JCMI announces film lineup for 15th season thought-provoking film. April 3: The Last Mentsch Marcus Schwarz has always denied his Jewish heritage. After surviving Auschwitz, he created a new identity in Germany, without Jewish ties. But now he wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, and he needs proof. When he enlists a young Turkish woman to drive him, the unlikely duo set out on a road trip that will irrevocably change them both. For tickets to the series or for more information, call 434-1818, visit or email info@ NAPLESFrom page 16 Raise the Roof, Feb. 28 Sabena, March 20


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 LET US DO THE COOKING!FRESHLY PREPARED COMPLETE DINNERS & CARRYOUT GOURMET CATERING Authentic Italian Specialities To Go239-592-5557 9331 Tamiami Trail North Naples, FL 34108 STORE HOURS Open Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. & Closed Sunday Dont Miss Our Mile High Lasagna!Gourmet Sauces, Delicious Soups, Meatballs, Gourmet Entrees, Pasta, Fabulous Desserts & More! Cooking Classes Every Saturday Afternoon Vegetarian Delight Teriyaki Chicken Sesame ChickenFujiyama NY Strip Hibachi ShrimpPork Loin Hibachi Tilapia BUY 1 ENTREE, GET 1 50% OFF SUNDAY-THURSDAY ALL NIGHT FRIDAY-SATURDAYUNTIL 6:00 PM naplesfujiyama.com239.261.43322555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103All dinners include consomm, salad, shrimp appetizer saut, vegetables and steamed rice. Not available with other promotions. Hours subject to change. Offer expires November 26, 2015. HAPPY HOUR 5-7 P.M. CLOSED THANKSGIVING! GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE! JOIN US ON Thursday, November 26, 2015 ThanksgivingDINNER BUFFET for RSVP: 239.263.6979 or online at: FIRST COURSE CHOICE OF Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Vegetable Soup or Seared Sea Scallops with Bacon & AvocadoSECOND COURSE CHOICE OF Ceasar or House SaladENTREE CHOICE OFRoasted Turkey Breast or Honey Baked Ham both served with Fresh Green Beans, Potato Puree, Candied Sweet Peas, Cranberry Relish & Chestnut Stuf ng with Onion GravyDESSERT CHOICE OF Traditional Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie or Fish Market Apple Pie In the Home Depot Plaza on Bonita Beach Road11920 Saradrienne Lane Bonita Springs, Florida2:00pm 6:00pm$29 per person(plus tax & gratuity) Your Neighborhood Spot For Fine Dining & Entertainment OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! 4300 Royal Wood Boulevard, Naples Located in the Royal Wood Clubhouse. Take Rattlesnake-Hammock Road to Royal Wood BoulevardReservations Required OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Proper Golf Attire Required2 Seatings $27.95 Per Person $13.95 Reservations RequiredSUNDAYS Sunday NFL Ticket Great Food, Great Drink, Great Football! WEDNESDAYS Italian Bu et | Karaoke THURSDAYS Cookout | Karaoke Best Thanksgiving Bu etin Town NAPLES MOST SPECTACULAR SUNDAY BRUNCH Carving stations, made-to-order omelets, desserts and so much more! Reservations Required Wild, Wild West comes alive for holiday show on MarcoThe Old West comes to life with the Island Theater Companys presentation of Jack Canons musical melodrama, The Saga of Roaring Gulch. Sponsored by APM Custome Homes, the holiday production runs Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 19-21, at Marco Lutheran Church, 525 N. Collier Blvd. Joining the theater group to present this musical production are partners Christmas Island Style and Marco Lutheran Church. The town of Roaring Gulch is where men live and die by the Code of the West. Audience members are encouraged to boo, cheer and hiss at the various heroes and villains who sing and dance throughout the wild n wooly show that culminates in a pistol-packin confrontation that the whole family will enjoy. The musical spoof of life in the Wild, Wild West stars Garrett Chamberlain as the evil Bart Black and Madison Richardson as the fair young schoolteacher, Hilda Heartfelt. Bart has his eye on Hilda but finds himself competing for her affections with the shy town marshal, Wyatt Winchester (played by Jacob Hibbard). Rounding out the rousing production are: Celina Aber, Alexandria Anderson, Keaton Ashby, McKenna Broxson, Ever Davis, Abigail Dreiser, Serena DeSerranno, Connor Flaherty, Clare Hassell, Karly Hassell, AJ Hobbs, Elizabeth Hobbs, Andrew Lypen, Olivia Neff, Nicole Paul, Alexis Popick, Elisa Smith, Josie Stanley, Carrie Nation, Ryan Sullivan, Kacie Swanson, Kira Swanson, Devon Wheeler and Sloan Wheeler. Admission to The Saga of Roaring Gulch is free, but donations are welcome to benefit local charities. A scene from a rehearsal for The Saga of Roaring Gulch. The Saga of Roaring Gulch>>Who: Island Theater Company >>Where: Marco Lutheran Church >>When: 7:30 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Nov. 19-20; 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21 >>Cost: Free >>Info: 394-0080


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C19 PromenadeSpecials.com26795-26851 South Bay Drive, Bonita Springs, FL 3413430 % off entire check from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM The Marco Island Historical Museum presents Natures Places of Spiritual Sanctuary, an exhibit of works by celebrated photographer Clyde Butcher, Dec. 1-Feb. 10. The public is invited to an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 1. Mr. Butcher will discuss the exhibit and his lifes work following the reception. Admission is free for members of the Marco Island Historical Society and $5 for others. Mr. Butcher is best known for his stunning photography and contributions to public awareness of the Florida Everglades, showing his deep and personal commitment to preserving endangered landscapes around the world. The images in Natures Places of Spiritual Sanctuary capture scenes from lands in California, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Washington, as well as Florida. Through this new exhibition, Mr. Butcher hopes to reorient the way we view nature not as detached bystanders but an intricate tapestry into which we are equally woven. Bill Meadows, president of The Wilderness Society, states in the exhibits companion book, He magnifies reality in ways that encourage us to view nature with awe and respect. By demonstrating the unity of all beautiful, natural places, his artwork provides a compelling illustration of why wilderness should be preserved and sustained by linking natural lands together in a unified whole. The Marco Island Historical Museum is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. TuesdaySaturday. Admission is free. For more information, call 642-1440 or visit Marco museum prepares to open newest Clyde Butcher photo exhibitCOURTESY PHOTOClyde Butcher at work deep in the Everglades. THIRD STREET SOUTH ANTIQUES, GALLERIES AND AUCTIONS THE ENGLISHMAN LESLIE HINDMAN AUCTIONEERS RESTAURANTS, CAFES AND GOURMET FOOD CAMPIELLO 000 000000 RISTORANTE JANES RESTAURANT ON 0000000000 OLD NAPLES PUB 0000 000000000 0 THE CONTINENTAL 0000 RIDGWAY BAR & GRILL SEA SALT BARBATELLA TOMMY BAHAMA 000 TONYS OFF THIRD FASHION 000000 THE BEACH HOUSE OF NAPLES 00000 EILEEN FISHER J. MCLAUGHLIN 00000000000 JOHN CRAIG LEGGIADRO 0 00000000000 C. ORRICO MARISSA COLLECTIONS 0000000000000 PRATTS SHOE SALON RELAX 000000000000 TICKLED PINK TOMMY BAHAMA 00000000000000000 ISLAND COMPANY MAUS & HOFFMAN 000 0000000000000000 OLD NAPLES SURF SHOP SARA CAMPBELL INTERIORS, GARDENS AND GIFTS A MANO 000000000000000000000 GATTLES GRETCHEN SCOTT DESIGNS 00000000000000000000000 ST. TROPEZ HOME P APER MERCHANT 0000000000000000000000 JEWELRY JOSE ARAGON JEWELERS 000000000000000000000 FOUR WINDS GALLERY SEQUIN 00000000000000000 CLEOPATRAS BARGE FINE JEWELRY UNIQUE 00000000000000000000000 BOUTIQUE SALONS GLOSS NAPLES 0000000000000000000 GOURMET FOOD JANES RESTAURANT ON THIRD 00000000000000000000000000 LE LAFAYETTE OLD NAPLES PUB RIDGWAY BAR & GRILL 0000000000000000000000000000 C HRISTMAS o n T H I R D T HIRD S T R E ET S O U T H The Birthplace of Old Naples, Florida For Gorgeous Gifts, Fabulous Fashions, and Memorable Meals, Join Your Friends And Neighbors on Third Street South and its Avenues


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 AN EVENING OF DINNER, DANCING & DRINKS JOIN US FOR A NEW YEARS EVE PARTY AT NAPLES GRANDE BEACH RESORT DECEMBER 31 2015 at 7:30 p.m. featuring live music by Larry Coryell gourmet dinner buffet, champagne toast & cash bar BUY TICKETS NOW through November 30th at a discounted price of $149++ per person Overnight packages also available. CALL (844) 618-9513 | 475 SEAGATE DRIVE, NAPLES, FL 34103 | NAPLESGRANDE.COM/NYE KOVEL: ANTIQUESTurkey probably wasnt part of original Thanksgiving menu BY TERRY AND KIM KOVELNo, its not a turkey. This tureen is in the form of a guinea fowl. It sometimes is eaten in the United States, but it usually weighs less than 4 pounds and is much too small to feed the crowd at Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey for Thanksgiving is an American idea, promoted in the 1860s when Thanksgiving was declared a holiday by President Lincoln. There are many legends that say wild turkey was part of the menu for the feast at Plymouth Colony in 1621. But written reports say the Wampanoag Indians brought five deer (venison) and the colonists brought wild birds (probably tasty ducks or other water fowl, not tough turkeys) or passenger pigeons, shellfish and vegetables including dried corn and squash. Turkey wasnt a popular part of the colonists diet until about 1800. The feast was probably a political meeting between neighbors with about 90 male Indians and 50 male Pilgrims, and no women. They probably did all the cooking. Enjoy your modern Thanksgiving dinner, and admire the beautiful African guinea hen tureen made in France. It sold for $5,412 at a New Orleans auction. There are places in the U.S. where guinea hen are raised and restaurants that serve the small, expensive birds. Q: I recently inherited a single-door oak china cabinet in the Mission style. It has side shelves supported by corbels on each side, arched top, and three interior oak shelves and is 58 inches high, 44 inches wide, and 16 inches deep. Its marked Limbert on the back and 52. Can you tell me the age and value? A: Your china cabinet was made by the Charles P. Limbert Company. Charles Limbert (1854-1923) was a furniture salesman before he started his own company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1894. The company moved to Holland, Mich., in 1906. It closed in 1944. Mission furniture was popular from the early 1900s to about 1920. The number 52 is the model number. Your china cabinet probably was made about 1910. Depending on condition, it would have been appraised at about $8,000 five years ago but today its down to about $5,000. Q: My husband bought a very old steam iron at an estate auction many years ago. It has steam holes along the bottom and a water ball sits in the back with knobs for turning it off and on. Coleman, made in U.S. is written on the ball. Is it worth anything? A: William Coffin Coleman started out selling typewriters and later sold lamps. By 1902 he had established a business in Wichita, Kansas, where he manufactured lamps. By the 1920s, Coleman was making irons, coffee percolators, toasters and waffle irons. The company made more than 30 different models of irons. Before electric irons were made, irons were powered by alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, natural gas and other fuels. The Coleman iron found most often today is the blue Model 4A, a gasoline-powered Centrally Located Just Off U.S. 41933 Creech Road, Suite 7 Naples, Florida 34103(in the Seabreeze Plaza)239.263.8400Owned and Operated by Gregg SariDrop-Offs WelcomeUnique Designer Fashions & Vintage Accessories Follow Our Inventory on Wine Down Wednesdays Sip & Shop Until 8 p.m. Private Appointments AvailableBottega Veneta, Cole Haan, Jill Sanders, Gucci, Herms Great Stop for Designers and Realtors. 5 5 OPEN MON-SAT 10-6Hooker, Hitchcock, Lillian August, outdoor furniture and more. HAPPY HOUR11 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M. DAILYCheck Out Our Happy Hour Menu! LIVE ENTERTAINMENT 7 NIGHTS A WEEK 6 P.M. TO 9 P.M.11/19 Motown 11/20 The Consecutones 11/21 The Band Phoenix 11/22 Manhattan Connection 11/23 Myles Loud 11/24 Johnny T. 11/25 Steve Fenttiman 4221 East Tamiami Trail, Naples Not responsible for typographical errors or changes in entertainment schedule. The Only Naples Restaurant Where Fresh Seafood is Flown in Daily From New England! Check Out Our New Bar & Lounge Featuring 10 TVs & the NFL Package!


WEEK OF NOV. 19-25, 2015 C21 WhereHealth Meets Beauty OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE PATIENT SATISFACTION A PRIORITY AMONGST YOUR BEAUTY NEEDS AND TO MAKE YOUR JOURNEY AS STRESS-FREE AS POSSIBLE. FORT MYERS CAPE CORAL NAPLES ESTERO Now Accepting New Patients! NATIONWIDE: 877-UFIRSTHEALTH12640 WORLD PLAZA LANE, BUILDING 71, FORT MYERS, FL 33907 Anne Lord-Tomas D.O.FACOOGCOSMETO-GYNECOLOGY Bioidentical Hormones/Pellets Labiaplasty/Vaginaplasty ThermiVa Feminine Rejuvenation SmartLipo Liposuction Botox/Fillers Robert E. Tomas D.O.FACOSGENERAL/COSMETIC SURGERYNo Mesh Hernia Surgery SmartLipo Liposuction Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck Precision Neck Lift Male Breast Reduction Botox/Fillers Call for your consultation today! BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER FORT MYERS BODY CONTOUR CENTERSURGICAL PROCEDURES: LASER LIPOSUCTION FOR EXTRA TIGHTENING LESS PAINGET IN ULTRASHAPE FOR THE NEW YEAR SIGN UP TODAY!NON-SURGICAL PROCEDURES: ,, AAAASF CERTIFIED FACILITY This 11-inch-long 19th-century French tureen by Jacob Petit is a good likeness of a guinea fowl. The rare piece sold for $5,412 earlier this year. It will be admired and probably never used to hold soup at a dinner table. iron made from 1929 to 1948. The fuel was lit by a match and the flames heated the iron. Coleman is known today primarily for its camping and outdoor recreational equipment and is owned by Jarden Corporation. Steam irons are not wanted by many collectors. They sell for less than $50. Q: Id like to know the value of a 1915 album of sepia tones from the Panama Pacific International Exposition at San Francisco. It says Official Publication on the cover. A: The 1915 Exposition was a worlds fair that ran from Feb. 20 to Dec. 4, 1915. It celebrated the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914 and the renewal of the city after the devastating 1906 earthquake. Dirt was brought in to fill in part of the San Francisco Bay to create the 635-acre site for the Exposition in an area now known as the Marina district. Souvenir booklets of photographs from the Exposition sell for $20 to $30 online. Q: Wed like information about an antique washbasin impressed Furnival on the bottom. Who is the maker and how old is it? A: Thomas Furnival & Sons was in business in Cobridge, Staffordshire, England, from 1871 to 1890. The company made earthenware. The impressed name was changed to Furnivals in 1890. Your washbasin was made between 1871 and 1890. Tip: Never put a cast-iron cooking pan in the dishwasher. Do not soak it for long. Excess water will remove the seasoning and food will stick to the pan. Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel answer questions sent to the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of photographs, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The amount of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.

PAGE 74 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 A&E WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Whether you need a car, truck or van, Enterprise is the perfect choice. 1 800 rent-a-car W h Pick-up subject to geographic and other restrictions. 2015 Enterprise Rent-A-Car G00131 8/15 THIS WEEK ON WGCUTVTHURSDAY, NOV. 19, 8 P.M. British Antiques Roadshow The show from across the Pond that inspired Antiques Roadshow. FRIDAY, NOV. 20, 9 P.M. First You Dream: The Music of Kander & Ebb Grab a front row seat for all-star Broadway concert including New York New York, Cabaret and other classic songs by the Tony-, Oscar-, Grammyand Emmy-winning songwriting team. SATURDAY, NOV. 21, 11 P.M. Last of Summer Wine Three old men from Yorkshire who have never grown up face the trials of their fellow town citizens and stay young by reminiscing about the days of their youth. SUNDAY, NOV. 22, 9 P.M. Masterpiece: Indian Summers In Part 9 of the series, Madeleine gets a shock, Ramus fate is in Ralphs hands, Aafrin makes two fateful decisions, the club changes course and Ian becomes a local hero. MONDAY, NOV. 23, 9 P.M. Eddie Murphy: The Mark Twain Prize From the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., some of the biggest names in comedy salute comedian/actor Eddie Murphy, the 18th and most recent recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. TUESDAY, NOV. 24, 8 P.M. American Experience: The Pilgrims Discover the harrowing and brutal truths behind the Pilgrims arrival in the New World and the myths of Thanksgiving. Documentary film director Ric Burns explores the history of our nations beginnings in this epic tale of converging forces. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25, 9 P.M. Nova: Inside Einsteins Mind Retrace Albert Einsteins thought experiments as NOVA reveals the simple but powerful ideas that reshaped our understanding of gravity in a show that illuminates the theory of general relativity and Mr. Einsteins brilliance as never before. First You Dream: The Music of Kander & Ebb, Nov. 20 Eddie Murphy: The Mark Twain Prize, Nov. 23 American Experience: The Pilgrims, Nov. 24 Open to the Public FARMERS MARKET St.Joh n OPEN FRIDAYSFrom US 41: Go West on Immokalee Road to Saint John the Evangelist Church 625 111th Ave N Naples, FL 34108 Fresh Produce Local Seafood Specialty Items Local Cuisine Local Arts & Crafts Every Friday (Excluding Holidays) 8am-1pmFor more information contact Linda at 239-289-3786.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C23 AESTHETICPLASTICSURGERY& MED SPAOF NAPLES KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress 1-800-593-7259 LIMITED TIME SALE. ROUNDTRIP VOUCHERS VALID FOR TRAVEL JANUARY 1ST, 2016 DECEMBER 31ST, 2017. NON-REFUNDABLE, NOT FOR RESALE, NON-T BLE. ONLINE PURCHASES 9 5 9 H ASE ASE S S y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y l l T i i m m e e e e e e e e H H H H H H H o l l l T i i m e H H o l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l T i H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H H T i H H H H l l i i d d d d d d d d d a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a y y y y y y y y y l i d a y l l l l l l d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d l d a a a a y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y a a y y y y a a a y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! e e ! ! h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! h e e r S a l ! ! ! ! ! e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ! ! ! e l l l l l l l l e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ! ! ! ! ! ! l e e e e ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! e e ! e e e e ! ! e e e e ! e ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! e e e e e e V V ALID ALI D V V V FO FO R R TRA TRA V V V V V A A A A EL EL EL EL E E E EL J J A A NU T 016 D 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 01 016 016 016 016 6 016 016 01 016 016 016 016 0 0 01 0 1 0 2 016 D T E E C C C EM EM EM EM B B B ER ER ER 3 31 31 T T ST ST 2 2 017 7 2 2 2 017 017 T T T N N ONR ONE FUN DA B LE N O T FO R R ESA ESA LE L N ONT L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i m i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i t e e e d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T T L L i m i t e d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u u c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h h V o u c h V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V o V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V o V V V o A NU U NU AR AR Y1 Y 1 1 1 ST S S S S S S S S S S ST S S S S S S S S S S S S T T CELEBRITY EXTRA Heroes characters could keep crossing paths BY CINDY ELAVSKYQ: I am so happy that Heroes is back! Will there be another season? DeeDee T., via emailA: Heroes Reborn, which started airing in September on Thursday nights on NBC, has been billed as an event miniseries, although thats not to say there cant be another season of this event. I recently spoke with series costar Gatlin Green, who plays Emily on the show, and she told me shed be down for continuing her role on the show. Gatlin said: I think with a show like Heroes, or any of these shows that have such big followings, theres always going to be talk about more seasons, spin-offs and stuff like that. Obviously, anything can happen, and Id be super happy if something did happen. Gatlin gave me some minor spoilers to get you through the rest of the run of this miniseries, which wraps in December: There will be some romance between Emily and Tommy. And, like Heroes always does, I think its really cool to see how weve started seeing the characters cross paths with each other. Q: A local boy was nominated for a Nickelodeon HALO Award for his service to the community, and I wondered where I can watch the ceremony? Fred R., MiamiA: Hosted, created and executive-produced by Nick Cannon, the 015 Nickelodeon HALO Awards is a oneof-a-kind concert event that honors young leaders from across the country. The ceremony will be simulcast at 7 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 29, at 7 p.m. across Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nicktoons, TV Land, CMT, Nick. com and the Nick App. Walk the Moon (Shut Up and Dance) will perform. Q: Can you give me any Nashville news? Eric P., Lancaster, Pa. A: Tony and Grammy Award-winning actor, singer and guitarist Steve Kazee will join the show as Riff in early 2016. His character is described as a countrymusic star at the top of his game 10 years ago; however, everything changed when he met Heidi, a Southern beauty with a budding musical career of her own. He fell in love and chose to leave fame and fortune behind for life with Heidi. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, 628 Virginia Drive, Orlando, FL 32803; or email her at WINDLE/NBCGatlin Green


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC24 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 The Show www.bobharden.comNews and commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.Streamed live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 a.m. The show is archived for your listening convenience. Brought to you in part by like us on facebook FURNITURE & DECORCONSIGNMENT764 Ninth Street N., Naples, FL I 239.263.0717 I Conservancy of Southwest Florida Upscale Resale Furniture & More Store in Naples is the perfect place to purchase, consign or donate gently used furniture and accessories while helping the environment at the same time! Consignments and donations support the vital work of the Conservancy to protect our water, land and wildlife.Monday Saturday : 9 AM 5 PM SHOP TODAY FREE Conservancy Nature Center tickets with your purchase of $200 or more. Gia Retino Ted Soliday and Sheila Dugan Alan Beckner and Guy Clarke Jim and Marilyn DoughlerLike us on to see more photos. Visit to view our Society photo albums and purchase any pictures you want. We also welcome submissions for our Society pages. Be sure to include rst and last names and email high-resolution jpgs to cpierce@ SOCIETYBaconfest brings out the best to Naples Municipal Airport LAUREL SMITH / COURTESY PHOTOS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C25 *Available in most restaurants. At participating McDonalds. 015 McDonalds Let there be breakfast. Florida Weekly is available at participating Southwest Florida McDonalds locations. Audrey Cowan, Lesa Wasser, Diane Smith, Shelly Mundrinich, LeAnn Toth and Colleen Hurley Sheryl Ferrie, LeAnn Toth and Lesley Brookman Martha Tillman and Monica Puerta Amy Dawson and Krystal Shostack Christine Lentine and Toni Ann Fortino Lavigne Kirkpatrick and Julie Mitchell Nanette Marsh and Lee Pinto Diane Smith and LeaAnn TothLike us on to see more photos. Visit to view our Society photo albums and purchase any pictures you want. We also welcome submissions for our Society pages. Be sure to include rst and last names and email high-resolution jpgs to cpierce@ SOCIETYAn open house for Avow at Woodhouse Day Spa CHARLIE MCDONALD / FLORIDA WEEKLY

PAGE 78 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Exceptional Wateront Dining One-of-a-Kind Concrete Boathouse Relaxed Attire | Nautical and Social Events On-Board Catering | Customized Boating Services Less than 10 Minutes om Gordon Pass Discounted Fuel On-Site Unlimited In/Out Services 7065 Hamilton Ave. | Naples, FL 34112 Visit HamiltonHarborYachtClub.com239-775-0506 A DAY ON THE WATER BEGINS AND ENDS Perfect AT HAMILTON HARBOR YACHT CLUB SOCIAL AND SLIP MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE SOCIETYStepping out at The Ritz in high fashion for Humane Society NaplesCOURTESY PHOTOSShalyn Ormsby and Kat Smith Colleen Kvetko and Tiffany Ann Amanda Murphy, Shanna Short, Lisa Merritt, Jennifer Dumbford and Sandy Stoner Audrey Benoist with Anna Doug Olsen, Philip Douglas and Krista Fogelsong Patty Baker with KizzieLike us on to see more photos. Visit to view our Society photo albums and purchase any pictures you want. We also welcome submissions for our Society pages. Be sure to include rst and last names and email high-resolution jpgs to cpierce@ Meredith Bond and Joan Sabatino Jennifer Tedaldi and Yoselin Bravo Gigi Amols and Olaf


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27 HOLIDAYHappiness! EXPERIENCE bt b b t (nb f) | trb, | Nrb.WnbSrb. | ..*One or multiple gift cards in a single purchase. Joan MacDougall and Bob MacDougall Executive Chef David Schue and Ed KolesarRobert Nardi, Rebecca Lambert and Jonathan Sonne Robin Hamilton and Joseph Wendt Dotty Heath and Jeff Heath Shari Skinner and Brian Kelley Edward Stegemann and Cindy Stegemann Patty Stiles and Cliff Manchester Patty Stiles and Peter StilesLike us on to see more photos. Visit to view our Society photo albums and purchase any pictures you want. We also welcome submissions for our Society pages. Be sure to include rst and last names and email high-resolution jpgs to cpierce@ SO C I E TYChaine des Rotisseurs toast a new season at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club PEGGY FARREN / FLORIDA WEEKLY


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC28 WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes.MondayThursday 11:30am9:00pm 1427 Pine Ridge Road, #105, Naples True Neapolitan Pizza and Authentic Italian Food WEEKENDHAPPY HOURSaturday & Sunday :00pmEnjoy Half Price on House Wines, Domestic Beers and Select Appetizers! CHINA BISTRO CHEF OWNED WITH 38 YEARS EXPERIENCE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK MondaySaturday 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sunday 5 p.m. to 9 WE MAKE THE BEST PEKING DUCK! OUR FOOD IS MADE WITH THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS. FULL BAR & PATIO SEATING.NAPLES CENTRE VILLAGES 6434 Naples Boulevard, Unit 406 Naples, Florida 34109239.631.5633 TO OUR VALUED GUESTS: We have moved. Naples Boulevard is our sole location now. We thank you for your loyalty. Please join us at this location. Mark & Mary Cheng 10% OFFCoupon is good up to 10 people. Please present coupon at time of seating. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer is not valid on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays. Valid through 11/27/15. ENTIRE BILL Call 239.455.5111 For Thanksgiving Reservations12:30-2:30 p.m. and 3-5 p.m. seatings NEW SPECIAL!MONDAYS, TUESDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS ONLY!Twin 1 lb. lobsters with a cup of chowder $24.99 CUISINE NEWSCelebrity chef headed this way BY LINDSEY NEWSMITHlnesmith@ oridaweekly.comCelebrity chef Art Smith is bound for Naples Bay Resort, expected to take the helm at a new restaurant on the hotel property in early 2016. A sixth-generation Floridian and two-time James Beard Award recipient, Mr. Smith is a U.S. State Department American Diplomatic Culinary Corp Chef. He also a former personal chef for Oprah Winfrey and has cooked for former Florida governors Bob Graham and Jeb Bush. Our guests will enjoy getting to know him, resort General Manager Douglas Rucker promises. Mr. Smith has authored several books, including Back to the Table: The Reunion of Food and Family, Kitchen Life: Real Food for Real Families and Back to the Family. His culinary specialty is Southern cuisine, and he plans to incorporate a garden-to-kitchen concept into the Naples restaurant. I will be pairing Southern American food with what I just saw in Milan at the Worlds Fair, he says. For Naples sophisticated diners, this will definitely be a oneof-a-kind menu with a lot of surprises. Mr. Smith is currently the executive chef and co-owner of restaurants including Table Fifty-Two in Chicago, Southern Art and Bourbon Bar in Atlanta and Art and Soul in Washington, D.C.Zen Asian Bistro coming soonZen Asian Bistro is finally scheduled to open in the beginning of December, about eight months after its originally hoped for debut at 10823 Tamiami Trail N. It will bring the humble fare of East Asia to a ramen-starved Southwest Florida public. Guests will enjoy dishes such as Korean barbecue, bibimbap, sushi, hot pots and more, all prepared by chef Koko Herkhunthod, who trained with Iron Chef Masuharu Morimoto after five years of culinary education in Japan. Eager diners should keep an eye on the restaurants Facebook page for opening details. For more information, call 280-3985 or visit eatatzen. com. Take note HBs on the Gulf at Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club has new lunch and dinner menus created by Chef Justin Hornyak and his culinary team. New dinner items include shrimp croquettes, roasted clams and fennel pollen seared scallops. New lunch items include a pork belly banh mi, an apple BLT and coconut curry shrimp. Banana souffl glace, warm pecan pound cake and chocolate truffles have also been added to the menu. HBs serves lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily and dinner from 5-10 p.m. nightly. For more information, call 261-222 or visit The sixth annual Sip & Sample to benefit Friends of Foster Children Forever takes place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 19, at The Village on Venetian Bay. Merchants will offer special promotions and raffles for those who purchase passports entitling them to sip and sample wines and appetizers provided by the Village restaurants. New this year is a holiday tree with ornaments containing wishes that guests will be able to fulfill for foster children. Tickets are $50. Rain date is Friday, Nov. 20. For tickets or more information, visit The Local hosts a Perfect Pairing wine tasting from 4-6 p.m Friday, Nov. 20. Guests will sample three wines paired with appetizers. $10. For more information, call 596-3276 or visit thelocalnaples. com. Paradise Wine holds its inaugural wine and food festival from noon to 6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21. Shoppers will have their pick from more than 100 wine, beer, liquor and cheese samples. From 6-8 p.m., guests can enjoy live music, Veuve Clicquot champagne and 50 percent off selected cocktails at the bar. Chef Brian Roland of Crave Culinaire will conduct cooking demonstrations throughout the day. All cases of wine will be discounted 10 percent. For more information, call 6873155 or visit If youre looking for some education to go with your tipple, Vom Fass in Mercato has two classes coming up that focus on cool-weather concoctions: Holiday Cocktail Tasting Party: Sample and learn how to make seasonal and unique craft cocktails for the holidays from 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 25. $40. Black Friday Scotch Tasting Party: Sip a single-malt while learning about the history and production of the fabled drink from 7-9 p.m. Friday, Nov. 27. $40. For more information, visit Avenue5 hosts a whiskey tasting from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 2, featuring distinguished distillers including Macallan, Glenmorangie, and Ardbeg. Guests will enjoy a special plate of bites to accompany their drinks while distillery speakers share their expertise. Reservations required. $50. Email Cathy Christopher at to snag a spot. Email food and dining news to Lindsey Nesmith at lnesmith@floridaweekly. com. Bibimbap will be among the East Asian fare diners will fiund at Zen Asian Bistro when it opens early next month. Celebrity chef Art Smith, restaurateur and former private chef to Oprah, will open a new spot at Naples Bay Resort in early 2016.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 C29 Dinner menu available except sushi. No special promotions or coupons accepted.Call 239.592.0050 For Details & Reservations includes all theTraditional Thanksgiving FixingsFEAST FOR 2 $39.95 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 5, Naples, Florida 34109 239.592.0050 12:009:00 PM THE DISHThe Dish: Garlicky Shrimp The Price: $7 during happy hour, $13 after 7 p.m. The Place: Cavo Lounge in Mercato The Hours: 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily The Full Menu: The Details: I arrived at happy hour feeling pretty low. I blame my new diet and exercise regimen for resurrecting a virus I thought was finished, so I wasnt terribly enthusiastic about eating or drinking. My wine glass, thick with condensation, sat mostly untouched until these tasty little shrimp came out of the kitchen. They were bold, kicky little buggers, and the carby, cheesy grits beneath them revitalized me and gave me the strength I lacked. I didnt share this shareable very well and sucked it down like I was Winnie from Hocus Pocus, inhaling the shrimps life force the way she imbibed the essence of children. Once the plate was finished, I was finally able to give that glass of wine the attention it deserved and moved on far more graciously to our other small plates. One More Thing: My partner ordered an octopus special and we were astounded at the size of the dense and meaty tentacle that arrived. I would recommend to any seafood lover that you not pass this up when your server offers it. Lindsey Nesmith ENJOY INDIE MOVIES DOWNTOWN EVERY FIRST MONDAY OF THE MONTH IN SEASON WITH ERIC RADDATZ AT THE SIDNEY & BERNE DAVIS ART CENTERHEAD TO WWW.FORTMYERSFILMFESTIVAL.COM OR WWW.SBDAC.COM #beINSPIRED #FIRSTMONDAY every month 09.07.15 10.05.15 11.02.15 12.07.15 01.04.16 02.01.16

PAGE 82 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC30 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 Located at:2555 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103*Not valid with other promotions. Offer expires November 26, 2015. NEW SEASONAL HOURS5-10 P.M. 239.261.4332 NIGIRI HAPPY HOUR BUY ONE NIGIRI GET ONE FREE ALL NIGHT LONG! HAPPY HOUR Downtown Fort Myers River District www.verandarestaurant.comWe Guarantee An Incomparable Dining Experience239-332-2065Reservations Recommended 2122 Second St. (at Broadway)Lunch Mon Fri 11am 2pm Dinner Mon Sat 5:30 10pm Courtyard & Indoor Dining Closed Sunday Extraordinary Since 1978 PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previous restaurant reviews: Benja Thai, 6438 Naples Blvd., Naples; 591-1122 From the creators of Thai Udon Cafe comes a second little charmer, this one tucked between CenturyLink and ChickFil-A near the Hollywood 20 movie theaters. Like its older sibling, Benja offers well-executed Japanese and Thai dishes but also has a spacious sushi bar, a holdover from its days as Sumo Sushi Sake. From the sushi menu, a standout was the blue crab roll made with authentic flaky crab, spicy mayo, tempura flake, cucumber and tobiko. The yellow dragon roll (crunchy tempura shrimp, asparagus and avocado topped with raw salmon) was also first-rate. Skip the hamachikama (grilled yellowtail cheek), which had an overly strong taste, and try the curry-laced crab Rangoon instead. The chicken volcano could have used a more vibrant sauce, but the pumpkin curry with shrimp was zesty and full of calabaza and shellfish. Service was attentive throughout the meal. Beer and wine served. Food: 1/2 Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed June 2014 FUSE Global Cuisine, 2500 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 456-4585 Fried duck mac and cheese, hog wings (braised pork fore shanks fried and tossed with chili garlic sauce, sesame seeds and green onions), golden beet salad with bucheron cheese and micro greens are but a few of the ways to start off a meal at this intriguing spot by chef/owner Greg Scarlatos (formerly of Angelinas) and his fiance/business partner Monica Czechowska. Entree options offer similarly imaginative combinations, such as Colorado lamb chops with tart cherry glaze and Stilton potato hash garnished with crisp Brussels sprouts or cobia and wild mushroom with huckleberry gastrique. Guava bread pudding with fresh strawberries made a fine end to the meal. Service was gracious, the ambience soothing. Full bar. Food: 1/2 Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: 1/2 Reviewed December 2013 La Bazenne, 474 Fifth Ave. S., Naples; 682-8623 Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner you fancy, La Bazenne is prepared to serve it to you with proper French style and flair. A cozy little spot on Fifth Avenue South next to Osteria Tulia, its operated by Martine and Bernard Giacometti. His parents have operated the original La Bazenne in France for 40 years. From crepes, salads or burgers early in the day to the more complex and interesting dinner lineup, Chef Andy Hydes fare is tres magnifique. The octopus salad is outstanding (rendered tender via sous vide preparation) and served with broccoli rabe, cherry tomatoes and lemon verbena pesto. A chevre starter with cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and mixed greens was also excellent. Entrees of diver scallops with English peas, scallops and pommes fondants were elegant and perfect, as was the crisp lavender duck with Florida orange glaze, kohlrabi and pommes almond. A cheese plate and aphrodisiaque crepe provided a wondrous ending to a flawless meal. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed July 2014 La Casa de Frida, 10401 W. Terry St., Bonita Springs; 221-8681 Heres a colorful homage to the great Mexican painter and feminist Frida Kahlo, whose iconic image graces the restaurants Facebook page, menu and interior. Her inspiration can be seen in the dining rooms saturated planes of red, gold, blue and other deep hues. Even the assortment of serving dishes bright red or white with floral rim or polymorphic shapes suggests a sort of surreal artistry. When it comes to the food, the menu promises authentic, fresh, Mom-style cooking, and the kitchen delivers. You wont find gobs of sour cream and mounds of shredded cheese obscuring the food; you will see handfuls of fresh cilantro, sprinklings of crumbled queso fresca on the beans and lots of lime wedges. Start with a succulent octopus tostada or a sampling of tacos stuffed with carnitas pork, chicken, al pastor pork, tongue or tripe. A torta was undone by a massive roll that overwhelmed its fillings, but a house specialty, alambre, featured an abundant platter of perfectly grilled steak, chorizo and vegetables for tucking into tortillas. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed July 2014 Ridgway Bar & Grill, Third Street South and 13th Avenue South, Naples; 262-5500 Chef/owner Tony Ridgway has been offering great food and service in stylish settings for 37 years at a variety of topnotch restaurants. Ridgway Bar & Grill combines some of the best features of all that came before (Truffles, Chefs Garden and Villa Pescatore, among them). The garden from Chefs Garden is still splendid. The wine list is exemplary. All the baked goods are made in-house, including the breads served as a prelude to the meal. A goat-cheese tart with ratatouille was superb and big enough to share. Mussels arrived in a hot cast-iron skillet and were perfectly done in a flavorful broth. Whether you want chicken potpie or pan-roasted Florida shrimp with a sweet corn grit cake, Scottish salmon filet with braised lentil and leeks, a simple steak or a vegetable plate selected from 13 options, it is all available. And dont skip dessert. The Truffles carrot cake is always a good bet. Full bar. Food: 1/2 Service: 1/2 Atmosphere: 1/2 Reviewed November 2014 Key to ratings Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C31 700 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 239.659.7008 Visit For Our Menu THE STAR OF GREAT DINING IN NAPLES Classic Thanksgiving Menu & More PRIX FIXE MENU CHOICE $28 Soup or Salad, Turkey with Gravy or Roasted Ham (as a main course) and Pumpkin Pie for Dessert For more details, or our a la cart menu choices, please visit EVENTS at THANKSGIVING MENU OFFERED FROM NOON UNTIL CLOSING Happy Thanksgiving!Chef Gary Minteer Invites You to Enjoy CUISINE Second Fernandez the Bull just as good as its older siblingThere must have been a time when there wasnt a Fernandez the Bull restaurant in Naples serving first-rate Cuban food, but I cant remember it. The Fernandez family has been in business for 25 years, changing locations but never the great food they serve. Ive dined at its U.S. 41 location (where Pelagos now sits), at its east Naples location (now Rumba Cuban Caf, owned and operated by former Fernandez employees) and the stylish spot on Piper Boulevard just off Immokalee Road. Apparently, I am not the only devotee of the place. Its not unusual for the Piper Boulevard location to have a 45-minute wait for tables. So it isnt so far-fetched that the family decided to open a second location on Pine Ridge Road, just a few minutes away. The new restaurant, open about two months now, has indoor and outdoor seating and a full bar, from which I enjoyed two-for-one guava mojitos during happy hour (3-6 p.m.) Arriving early also meant we had no trouble landing a comfy booth. Each incarnation of this restaurant has grown increasingly more sophisticated without losing that comfortable, casual ambience. The front of a gleaming aqua or Chevrolet juts from one wall. Scenes of Cuba hang on other walls. A few televisions above the bar provide viewing for sports fans. The staff is friendly and efficient, and children are welcomed. Our drinks the aforementioned guava mojito and a standard version of the popular rum cocktail arrived first, wellcrafted and with plenty of fresh mint. The warm, buttered Cu ban bread with dipping sauces showed up at about the same time and required a concentrated exertion of willpower on our parts not to gobble it all up. That was a good thing, because there was plenty more to come. Servings here, whether they are appetizers or entrees, are generous. Take, for instance, the mini empanadas ($8.99) that I ordered as a starter. The plate contained eight small, flaky pastries stuffed with savory bits of beef, potato and green pepper. The dish was served with cilantro garlic sauce, which was tasty, but the empanadas were just fine on their own and plenty for two to share. Id say the same for the fried calamari ($10.99), which arrived with a red sauce that was not bad but not as good as the cilantro-garlic sauce, which is what we wound up using. After all these years of reviewing, Ive finally managed to pace myself. I saved half the empanadas (which made a great snack later than night) so Id have room for my entre and dessert, of course. That turned out to be another good decision on this evening. The pollo alla Cubana ($15.95) consisted of half a chicken basted with mojo and garlic sauce then roasted until the skin was golden and crisp and the interior was moist and flavorful. There are those who dismiss chicken as a dish unworthy of a good restaurant. This version is likely to change their minds. Entrees come with your choice of two sides. I picked the moros (rice and black beans cooked together) and sweet fried plantains. This made for a spectacular meal, a celebration of Cuban flavors and textures expertly executed by the Fernandez kitchen. The seafood varadero ($21.95, shrimp and mussels in white wine and tomato sauce) was also nicely prepared. Both the shrimp and mussels were properly cooked and were served well by the light but flavorful sauce. A side of fried yuca thick planks that were crisp without, creamy within came with cilantro garlic sauce. Ive had fried yuca before that was gluey and tasteless. This was another dish altogether. I could have had a plate of these for dinner and been perfectly satisfied. Dessert? our friendly server asked. Having had the flan and tres leches cake at the other location, we decided to try a piece of guava mango mousse cheesecake ($6.49), which isnt made on the premises like the other two, but clearly was produced by someone who knew his or her way around the kitchen. The round multi-layered treat started with a graham crust topped with a light cheesecake and even lighter mousse, the flavors of mango and guava subtle so as to remain in balance. A dollop of whipped cream might seem like overkill, but it worked well with the cheesecake. Not only were the hostess and server charming, a young man who identified himself as the owners nephew stopped by after we ate to make sure our dinner was satisfactory. He made the rounds of the tables and, from what I could hear, received enthusiastic approval wherever he went. Its no wonder the Fernandez family has flourished and its restaurants remain popular. They understand the value of good service and consistently excellent and moderately priced food. I have seen a few grumblings online about the prices, but I think they are fair, especially considering you are likely to have plenty to take home for another meal. Hooray for the second Fernandez the Bull. I foresee a wait for tables at both spots and think it wont be long until theres likely to be a need for a third location. A more northerly spot Bonita Springs or Estero, perhaps? would be welcomed by Lee County lovers of Cuban cuisine. karen Fernandez the Bull>> Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Friday-Saturday >> Reservations: No >> Credit cards: Major cards accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $4.59-$11.99; entrees, $11.98-$29.98 >> Beverages: Full bar >> Seating: Booths, banquettes and conventional tables indoors, more tables outside >> Specialties of the house: Cuban cuisine >> Volume: Moderate to high >> Parking: Free lot >> Website: fernandezthebull.comRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: 3375 Pine Ridge Road, Naples; 653-9097 Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor KAREN FELDMAN / FLORIDA WEEKLYCrisp calamari is a good starter. Guava mango mousse cheesecake had great fruit flavors and a creamy consistency. Eight empanadas filled with beef or chicken would serve two people well as an appetizer.


WEE E K L VING ALL OF SOUTH W Y! .230 7 7. 6.651.86 O D A ER AORIDT FL WES 004pm hphotos! n ey OpSundaVisit .c21sunbelt w w w w. en Hous m to view t .co m W *UNLESS OTHER s e O pw L open h ALL W ISE NOTED n 14 e ph ouses with VISIT .C21SUNBE WWW W. .COM T T. EL TO VIEW ALL A AILABLELI V VA A ISTINGS! VISIT .COM T T. .C21SUNBEL WWW W. TO VIEW ALL AILABLE LI V VA A Direct Access Pool Home In SW CapeOnly minutes to intercoastal waterway. Only minutes to ICW. This home is nestled in a gorgeous tropical setting.$575,0001-866-657-2300 800CC034992. CAPE CORAL Stunning Island HomeThis 3 bed, 3 bath canal front home with pool has it all. 12,000 lb. lift, small kayak launch, guest quarters.$569,0001-866-657-2300 800PI054337. BOKEELIA Ft. Myers Beach! Direct Beach Accessfor this 2 bed/2 bath condo! Location! Location! Location! 1100 sq. ft. with a beachfront view like no other.$499,9001-866-657-2300 800FM051865. FORT MYERS BEACH New 3/2 Gulf Access Pool HomeOpen floor plan for classic Florida living. Coffer ceilings, custom kitchen, 3 car garage. custom pool. Ready in 2015.$475,0001-866-657-2300 800CC051017. OPEN SUN 1-4PM CAPE CORAL Custom Gulf Access Pool Home W/ Long Water ViewsThis SW Cape Coral home is a custom 3 car garage home with pool and spa over looking a long gulf access canal.$474,9001-866-657-2300 800CC052863. CAPE CORAL 3/2 Pool Home Location, Location, Location!!!Very desirable Yacht Club area on a direct sailboat access, 200 ft wide canal with big water views. Assessments in/paid!$459,9001-866-657-2300 800CC039587. CAPE CORAL New Construction Gulf Access Pool HomeBrand new -2-2 or 3-2-2 plus office. One year warranty. Pool, dock, and great boating access into river. All tile.$449,0001-866-657-2300 800CC049823. CAPE CORAL Waterfront Masterpiece 3/2/2This home is a stunning example of the ultimate in Florida living. Flowing floorplan, shows like a model.$429,9001-866-657-2300 800CC061664. OPEN SUN 1-4PM CAPE CORAL Key West Style Stilt HomeSecluded old Florida Key West Style stilt home. lush tropical 2.5 acres with pond & dock. Main house 3 bedrooms, 2 bath.$419,0001-866-657-2300 800PI017534. ST. JAMES CITY Luxurious Home Is A Must SeeSpacious '14 Glenmoor built Alva home. Guard gtd, area tennis & golf. Many upgrades! Htd salt water pool, professional painting.$415,0001-866-657-2300 800CC062020. ALVA Waterfront Gulf Access BokeeliaWell maintained 3 bed 2 bath, custom built in 1990, unique property extends to the other side of the street as well.$395,0001-866-657-2300 800PI036558. BOKEELIA Fabulous Home Make it YoursImmaculate contemporary home inside and out. Fantastic view of the lake and golf course. Tropical landscaping.$395,0001-866-657-2300 800FM043604. FORT MYERS Estates Home5 bedroom 4 bathroom with designer upgrades throughout.$385,5001-866-657-2300 800FM046678. FORT MYERS SW Cape Coral Updated Gulf Access Pool HomeBeautifully updated and meticulously maintained home. Home is equipped with granite counters throughout.$384,9951-866-657-2300 800CC062360. CAPE CORAL St. James CityLarge 2500 sq. ft. condo living area with direct access to the gulf of Mexico. Seawall, dock and boat lift.$379,5001-866-657-2300 800PI058650. ST. JAMES CITY Handyman Special. Lots of PotentialLake Park neighborhood near shopping, restaurants & beaches of central Naples/5th Avenue. 3/1, high ceilings, FL room.$375,0001-866-657-2300 800NA048011. NAPLES Unique 4/5 Bedroom with Courtyard PoolCourtyard enclosed pool home. Great neighborhood off McGregor on river side. Lots of privacy with over 5600 total sq. ft.$373,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061435. FORT MYERS 4 Bed 3 Bath on River Side Of McGregor4 bed 3 bath w/loft 2900 sq ft completely remodeled pool/spa home on river side of McGregor.$369,9001-866-657-2300 800FM046116. FORT MYERS Exceptional Lakefront Home On Alhambra Lake3 bedrooms, 2 bath home built by Villa Homes. Granite counters, stainless steel counters, large lanai, screened pool.$349,9001-866-657-2300 800CC055303. CAPE CORAL Belle Largo EsteroSpacious St Regis model in a gated community.$349,9001-866-657-2300 800FM000363. ESTERONOVEMBER 18TH 2015 1803 NW 38th Ave 1405 SE 4th St.


-2300 7 6-65 Call 86 ISTINGS! VISIT .COM T T. .C21SUNBEL WWW W. TO VIEW ALL AILABLE LI V VA A Glen Eagle Golf & Country Club Penthouse3 bedroom with 2 additional den areas, both formal and informal dining rooms! 2 screened lanai areas.$349,0001-866-657-2300 800NA043238. NAPLES Gated Island AcresBeautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath pool home in exclusive gate community, formal dining, living and family rooms, private lake .$349,0001-866-657-2300 800PI044190. ST. JAMES CITY Marvelous 4/3 Palmetto Pine Home On The 5th TeeFeatures formal living & dining, eat-in kitchen w/granite counters, wood cabinets, pantry. solar heated pool.$339,0001-866-657-2300 800CC043349. CAPE CORAL SW Cape Surfside LocationGulf access home off Surfside on a 3 lot site. 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, pool, boat dock and lift!$329,9001-866-657-2300 800CC023949. CAPE CORAL Immaculate 3/2 Single Family Home in Bella TerraFeatures an open floor plan with lovely preserve views The spacious home includes 18 Inch tile throughout the main area.$326,0001-866-657-2300 800BS047307. ESTERO Famous Shell House in BokeeliaTerrazzo floors, 1 bed, 1 bath upstairs with living area, kitchen and screened porch. Downstairs 1 bed, 1 bath, patio.$319,0001-866-657-2300 800PI031167. BOKEELIA Direct Immediate River to Gulf Accessible Pool HomeWell maintained and ready to move into.$300,0001-866-657-2300 800CC046123. CAPE CORAL Charming Big Home in Lehigh AcresCome see this extraordinary charming home with an open floor plan and a breathtaking panoramic view! 4 bedroom, 3 bath.$300,0001-866-657-2300 800FM060275. LEHIGH ACRES Beautiful 4/3/2 Located in Panther TraceBeautiful David Weekly built 4 bed/3 bath property located in the desirable Newberry Village of Panther Trace.$294,5001-866-657-2300 800LE040854. RIVERVIEW 3/2/1 Pool home w/Sailboat Access180' of seawall, 5 minutes to Charlotte Harbor. Located on a cul-de-sac. Refurbished in '04.$279,9001-866-657-2300 800CH215028. PORT CHARLOTTE Gulf Access Waterfront ViewWhat a view from this Cornwallis home w/10,000lb lift & a 3/2/1 in one of the city's most popular areas! Heated pool.$275,5001-866-657-2300 800CC0565327. CAPE CORAL Lake Front Gorgeous ViewExceptional lake front home on Lake Kennedy. Built on three lot site.$275,0001-866-657-2300 800CC059903. CAPE CORAL Stoneybrook! Super Sweet!2/2/2 with den! Lovely lakefront views! Roomy 1544 sq. ft. of well-loved.$270,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061630. ESTERO Located in Desirable Gated CommunityGreat four bed /two bath home in desirable Silverlakes in Gateway. Eat in kitchen, formal dining & living room.$264,5001-866-657-2300 800FM038140. FORT MYERS Location View -Updated open concept home.$262,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061200. FORT MYERS Kelly Greens Upgraded VilliaThis 2/2 w/den and 2 car garage villa condo home has a new custom remodeled kitchen with granite counters.$245,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061426. FORT MYERS Excellent LocationThis is a must see town house.$239,9001-866-657-2300 800NA046403. NAPLES A Must See Classic!Location, location, location! A true classic, located less than 10 minutes from Miramar outlets. 3/2 cozy and clean!$229,9951-866-657-2300 800FM042906. FORT MYERS Direct Access No Bridges!2/2/1 pool home just minutes from open water & the Gulf. Great for the ambitious homeowner!$229,9001-866-657-2300 800CC061820. CAPE CORAL Gulf Access1 bridge to the river. 3/2 Split floor plan with Family Room. New Roof in 2010. Great location near Mid-Point Bridge.$225,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061672. CAPE CORAL Another Rare One!Top floor golf course Western lake view Veranda 2/2 with den and garage in Kelly Greens Golf and country Club.$225,0001-866-657-2300 800FM059122. FORT MYERS 2nd Floor Veranda 2/2Championship golf 3.5 miles from the beach.$220,0001-866-657-2300 800FM043704. FORT MYERS Pool Home In Desirable NW CapeHome of Mr & Mrs clean, this 3/2/2 2006 pool home was completely updated last year. Granite countertops & more!$219,0001-866-657-2300 800CC062629. CAPE CORAL Prestigious Pelican Preserve!Lake front!! Exquisite 2 bed/2 bath/2 car garage home with an oversized screened area.$217,5001-866-657-2300 800FM062633. FORT MYERS


T FEA AT T URED TINGS! LIS #Y CENTUR TE O A AT STMAKING COMESEARC 900 HOM LIST C21SUN #1Y 21 IN THE F FLORIDA G DREAMS E TRUE!CH OVER OME & LOT TINGS! .COM T T. NBEL UR SHOWING! CALL 866-657-2300 TO SCHEDULE YOU Large Sandoval Condo, Fully FurnishedFully furnished upstairs unit, soaring ceilings, over 1700 sq ft, overlooking the waterfront beautifully decorated.$209,9001-866-657-2300 800CC062371. CAPE CORAL Beautiful 3/3/2 + Den w/Adjoining Lot in LabelleThis large home features Spanish style offers 3/3/2 w/private bathroom, enclosed terrace. den/study large open kitchen.$199,9001-866-657-2300 800LE031651. LABELLE Legends Golf Community, Bundled Golf & SocialLegends Golf & CC in Ft. Myers is a golfers paradise! Built from '99-'05 by Lennar Homes. 18 hole Championship course.$194,9951-866-657-2300 800BS026907. FORT MYERS Lakefront 3/2/2 Pool Home w/SpaOver 2000 sq ft of living area, a fishing pier to relax or watch the beautiful view of the lake.$189,9001-866-657-2300 800CH203224. PORT CHARLOTTE Pine Island Ridge3 bedroom 2 bath home on a double lot, shed and small back building, open back porch, updated kitchen.$180,0001-866-657-2300 800PI037872. BOKEELIA Wide Intersecting CanalsExperience the calming of large bodies of water from this upgraded condo. Only minutes to intercostal waterways.$180,0001-866-657-2300 800CC027079. CAPE CORAL Top Floor Lake View Condo 2/2/ with Den!Like new turnkey 2/2 w/garage condo with lake view located in central Fort Myers close to all shopping and beach!$179,9001-866-657-2300 800FM061549. FORT MYERS 2 Bed 2 Bath Villa HomeCharming 2/2 villa home w/enclosed sunroom. Conveniently located near downtown & beaches, shopping, & parks.$174,5001-866-657-2300 800NA033425. NAPLES Prestigious Turnkey CondoClean, gated, near Cape Harbor & shopping. Second floor with elevator, pool and gym. 2 Bedrooms, a den and 2 bathrooms.$170,9001-866-657-2300 800CC055152. CAPE CORAL Move In Ready 3/2 Condo!Newer appliances, breakfast bar and cathedral ceilings. Great community with nice amenities. One car garage. Wow!$169,9001-866-657-2300 800BS032107. BONITA SPRINGS Colonial Country Club Sale!Motivated seller has inherited this 2/2 condo and must sell. This is a beautiful 2nd floor condo.$169,9001-866-657-2300 800LE062443. FORT MYERS Spacious 3/2/2 Pool Home Located in W LehighThis spacious 3/2/2 pool home has a split floor plan. Large master suite with an open master bath, jetted tub & stall shower.$165,0001-866-657-2300 800LE051359. LEHIGH ACRES Country Living At It's BestYou have to see this 4 bed/2 bath home that is 2346 sq. ft. on almost 2 acres! Home has living room, & family room.$165,0001-866-657-2300 800LE046981. LABELLE Spacious HomeThis is a spacious home on an over-sized corner lot. It offers 3 bed/2 bath & a den. There is a large backyard w/privacy fence.$165,0001-866-657-2300 800LE062155. LEHIGH ACRES Don't Miss This Opportunity!A one time deal! This 3 bed, 2 bath house plus den and carport includes tile floors, beautiful wooden cabinets and more!$149,9951-866-657-2300 800BS049646. FORT MYERS Spacious 3 Bedroom Condo Near Sanibel IslandThis unit has plenty of space for vacation rental or a family. Near many shopping centers, Target, Publix and Tanger Outlets.$149,9001-866-657-2300 800CC069899. FORT MYERS Lovingly Maintained 3/2/2 Home in Central LehighLovingly maintained by original owner this 3/2 offers open floor plan, formal living, formal dining under air FL room.$149,9001-866-657-2300 800LE051147. LEHIGH ACRES Like New Forest Lakes Townhouse2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath w/private patio. Freshly painted w/1 car garage. New kitchen w/granite counters, glass backsplash.$148,0001-866-657-2300 800BS057314. FORT MYERS Lehigh Country Club Estate HomeGreat home in nice neighborhood 2 bed/2 bath pool home, large lanai.$144,9001-866-657-2300 800FM043114. LEHIGH ACRES Whiskey Creek VillaGreat price for this 2 bed/2 bath/1 car garage home. All new triple pane windows in 2011! Heated community pool.$142,0001-866-657-2300 800FM061267. FORT MYERS Beautiful 3 Bed 2 BathBeautiful 3 bed/2 bath home in Lehigh Acres this house is located near Rd. 82. Minutes. from Ft Myers.$140,0001-866-657-2300 800LE048482. LEHIGH ACRES 2 Bed 2 Bath 2 Car GarageWalled entry, open floor plan w under air sunroom that can be used for whatever you need.$139,0001-866-657-2300 800CH216960. PORT CHARLOTTE

PAGE 88 Southwest FloridaSignature Collection A SELECTION OF EXEMPLARY HOMES. Call 866.657.2300 A NAME YOU CAN TRUST TO SELL YOUR HOMEBARBARA M. WATT FOUNDED CENTURY 21 SUNBELT REALTY IN 1984BARBARA M. WATTWWW.C21SUNBELT.COM Easy Florida Living2/2 second floor, corner unit condo w/screened balcony, hurricane shutters for the balcony, plantation shutters & more.$139,0001-866-657-2300 800BS050611. BONITA SPRINGS Gorgeous Park Home With Club MembershipAffordable, great location! One of the largest lots in the park. 2 bedroom w/Florida Room and its own air system. Wow!$132,0001-866-657-2300 800NA038911. BONITA SPRINGS Moore Haven Home on 1/2 AcreWell maintained home in Moore Haven w/many extras. Ready to move in. Near shopping, motorhome carport.$125,9001-866-657-2300 800LE025946. MOORE HAVEN Flamingo BayOwner Financing!Community boat ramp with gulf access and community pool, 2 bedroom 1-1/2 bath doublewide perfect for the fisherman.$115,0001-866-657-2300 800PI060796. ST. JAMES CITY Sail Boat Water-Retirement Heaven!Charming, well maintained mobile home on 2 corner lots. Furnished, move-in ready!$99,9001-866-657-2300 800CH213800. PORT CHARLOTTE Well Established Neighborhood!!Well maintained 2 bedroom 1 bath 2 car garage home. Tile throughout the home. Nicely landscaped, close to everything!$79,9001-866-657-2300 800CH215252. PORT CHARLOTTE Move In Ready Condo2/2, split floor plan. Low fees, washer and dryer stack unit. tiles floors, new a/c.$79,9001-866-657-2300 800CC055149. PORT CHARLOTTE Fort Myers CondoGreat location for first time home owner or investor. One bedroom, one bath.$39,9001-866-657-2300 800FM061136. FORT MYERS One of a Kind Gulf Front Home!Beautiful 5 bedroom gulf front home. New upgrades throughout entire home w/attention to detail throughout.$3,200,0001-866-657-2300 800CC057373. FORT MYERS BEACH Stunning Canal HomeBreathtaking views of the bay! Watch sea life & shrimp boats! Superb location!! Open floor plan.$1,800,0001-866-657-2300 800FM032841. FORT MYERS Looking for a Waterfront Lifestylein prestigious Whiskey Creek? Come watch manatees playing in your own back yard!$1,600,0001-866-657-2300 800FM028672. FORT MYERS Direct Access On Preserve-Add'l Building LotEnjoy paradise in this amazing home! It has 155 ft on the water offering spectacular views! 3,000 sq. ft. dream come true!$895,0001-866-657-2300 800CC006815. CAPE CORAL Stunning 7 Bed, 4 Bath w/Direct Sailboat AccessThis amazing 3,500 sq. home features two master suites with two master bathrooms This house has it all!$709,0001-866-657-2300 800CC034353. CAPE CORAL Own Your Own Tropical ParadiseThis immaculate 2 bedroom 2.5 bath home comes with a 7500 Lb. boat lift and is a dream home for every fisherman.$699,9951-866-657-2300 800BS044296. FORT MYERS BEACH Lovely Sailboat Access on Triple WrapAround LotSailboat accessible home only 12 minutes by boat to the river with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 3 car garage, 2,238 sq. ft.$699,9001-866-657-2300 800CC059643. CAPE CORAL 2-Story, Gulf Access Pool Home S. of CC Pkwy3000 sq. ft. wood floors, 2 master suites (one upstairs & one downstairs), travertine tile, granite, stainless appliances.$699,0001-866-657-2300 800CC061470. CAPE CORAL Tropical Paradise on Edgewater Lake2 bed 2 bath, 200' of lake front, just minutes to Charlotte Harbor. Located on a cul-de-sac.$650,0001-866-657-2300 800CH216378. PORT CHARLOTTE Exquisite Gulf Access Pool HomeThis gorgeous 2 story home offers 2251 sq. ft. of paradise living with 3 bed 3 bath 3 car garage + bonus room!$619,0001-866-657-2300 800CC062342. CAPE CORAL Charming, Gulf Access Pool HomeDesirable Rose garden neighborhood overlooking 200' Citrus Canal. 3/2, huge composite dock for 2 boats, large tiled lanai.$599,0001-866-657-2300 800CC061431. CAPE CORAL Boaters Delight! No Bridges!Custom built SW Cape pool home on gulf access canal.$590,0001-866-657-2300 800CC048148. CAPE CORAL


1 1 24100 Rum Row Frank Sajtar 239.776.8382 Web ID 215063307 $19,500,000 1375 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 215063104 $8,900,000 3125 Rum Row William Callahan 239.272.5756 Web ID 215005679 $12,995,000 1085 Nelson Walk Frank Sajtar 239.776.8382 Web ID LUNS110915IHE $14,900,000 1207 Spyglass Lane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 Web ID 215021658 $6,495,0001 2 3 4 5 3 4 5 PORT ROYAL THE MOORINGS // COQUINA SANDS PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM PREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY 4 3 51851 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215062992 $5,950,000 Harborside West #406 Angela R. Allen 239.825.8494 Web ID 215062651 $535,000 2505 Crayton Road Nicola Gentil 239.289.7737 Web ID 215063010 $1,350,000 825 Wedge Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215037722 $2,995,000 Gulf Bay #103 Larry Roorda 239.860.2534 Web ID 215022051 $589,0001 2 3 4 5145 6th Street North Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $2,695,000 336 1st Avenue North Peter Reppucci 239.595.6500 Web ID NAPL110515IHE $4,695,000 393 2nd Avenue South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID HART071115IHE $1,715,000 366 Central Avenue Ruth Trettis 239.571.6760 Web ID 215022849 $2,995,000 Olde Naples Seaport BS #8 Daniel Pregont 239.272.8020 Web ID 214022971 $599,0001 2 3 4 5 1 3 4 5 2 2 OLD NAPLES // AQUALANE SHORES ROYAL HARBOR


288 Flamingo Avenue Kara Eisenga 239.398.6161 Web ID 215052459 $2,150,000 Le Jardin #403 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $4,250,000 4215 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID GEIG092515IHE $6,150,000 Colonade #1403 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID 215062821 $1,095,000 7910 Cocobay Drive Linda Piatt 239.269.2322 Web ID 215062913 $2,195,000 Remington #402 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215021698 $5,295,000 615 Carica Road Kelly Kent 239.250.5480 Web ID 215062699 $1,895,000 Terraces #1702 Bonnie Nageon De Lestang 239.280.6997 Web ID 215063101 $835,000 St. Kitts #1505 Jillian Smith 773.793.9158 Web ID SIEF102715IHE $950,000 367 Colony Drive Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215055046 $5,290,000 272 Monterey Drive Amy Kodak 239.877.6319 Web ID 215062845 $682,000 Regent #4N Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 Web ID 213024984 $9,750,000 Surfsedge #806 Gordie Lazich 239.777.2033 Web ID 215062854 $1,449,000 Park Plaza #801 Dana Marcum 239.404.2209 Web ID 215062558 $2,495,000 Allegro PH 1E Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID MIKH110715IHE $2,499,000 713 Nathan Hale Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 Web ID TANE091015IHE $3,495,000 716 Pine Creek Lane Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.213.7445 Web ID 215058219 $1,449,000 Mystique #801 Jennifer Urness 239.598.9900 Web ID PELI092915IHE $6,400,000 San Marino #103D Jane Darling 239.290.3112 Web ID 215057970 $925,000 Chateaumere #D-405 Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215054789 $885,000 San Marino #410D Janet Rathbun 239.860.0012 Web ID 215019779 $1,195,000 Remington #1104 Bordner/Hurvitz 239.560.2921 Web ID 215026974 $6,000,000 9296 Sweetgrass Way Debra McInnis 239.776.4946 Web ID 215061887 $2,420,000 1385 Wood Duck Trail Joanne MacLeod 239.272.7679 Web ID 215062638 $1,995,000 Arielle #101 Dina L. Moon 239.370.1252 Web ID 215062929 $449,000 8631 Blue Flag Way Patrick O'Connor 239.293.9411 Web ID 215063712 $3,295,000 8765 Ventura Way Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215063306 $649,000 5139 Sand Dollar Lane Kelly Salemme 239.877.1645 Web ID 215062736 $3,390,000 6848 Daniels Road Bonnie Nageon De Lestang 239.280.6997 Web ID CROS110915IHE $1,175,000 405 Rosemeade Lane Bordner/Hurvitz 239.560.2921 Web ID 215016941 $975,000 5910 Hammock Isles Circle Denise Sands 215.327.9930 Web ID 214056264 $848,000 508 Carica Road Chris Resop 239.231.6164 Web ID 215031115 $2,995,000 Lesina #801 Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685 Web ID 215009502 $899,000 PARK SHORE PELICAN BAY BAY COLONY PELICAN MARSH PREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM 2225 13th Street North Ann Marie Shimer 239.825.9020 Web ID 215063514 $474,900 1540 Marsh Wren Lane Daniel Guenther 239.357.8121 Web ID 215048981 $2,495,000 1395 Great Egret Trail Jamie Dockweiler 239.216.3753 Web ID 215014781 $6,380,000 Ventana #B-502 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215062973 $1,295,000 4688 Oak Leaf Drive Steve Allison 239.776.8160 Web ID 215062852 $1,699,000 NAPLES & SURROUNDS


288 Flamingo Avenue Kara Eisenga 239.398.6161 Web ID 215052459 $2,150,000 Vanderbilt Shores #1502 Ruth Trettis 239.571.6760 Web ID 215055382 $1,200,000 PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM 3964 Upolo Lane Helen Baker 239.580.9522 Web ID 215062741 $549,900 14647 Indigo Lakes Circle Helen Baker 239.580.9522 Web ID 215062993 $449,900 L'Ermitage #B-19 Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239.659.5113 Web ID 215025323 $1,095,000 687 Pompano Drive Dana Marcum 239.404.2209 Web ID 215062631 $598,000 Esperanza #3-201 Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID 215062591 $1,495,000 6235 Ashwood Lane Virginia/Randy Wilson 239.450.9090 Web ID 215049302 $398,000 1265 Barrigona Court Barb Bardsley 239.784.6924 Web ID 215062911 $459,900 9277 Mercato Way Susan Gardner 239.438.2846 Web ID 215009331 $1,400,000 Vanderbilt Yacht & Racquet Club #201 Jon Peter Vollmer 239.250.9414 Web ID 214050512 $699,000 PREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY 1245 Gordon River Trail Daniel Guenther 239.357.8121 $7,495,000 1504 Marsh Wren Lane Phil Collins 239.404.6800 Web ID 215063982 $2,195,000 197 Tahiti Circle Krystal Bernhardt 239.529.8994 Web ID 215062864 $359,900 Windstar | Marina Cove #2-103 Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 Web ID 215062794 $399,000 2225 13th Street North Ann Marie Shimer 239.825.9020 Web ID 215063514 $474,900 2956 Bellower Lane Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 214062926 $7,799,000 1540 Marsh Wren Lane Daniel Guenther 239.357.8121 Web ID 215048981 $2,495,000 1395 Great Egret Trail Jamie Dockweiler 239.216.3753 Web ID 215014781 $6,380,000 1350 Noble Heron Way Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215053004 $2,595,000 2751 Buckthorn Way Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215030207 $1,999,000 1342 Noble Heron Way Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 Web ID 215049759 $2,633,000 2713 Buckthorn Way Fahada Saad 239.659.5145 Web ID 215062393 $1,500,000 9171 Mercato Way Susan Gardner 239.438.2846 Web ID 215039308 $1,970,000 Residences #406 Suzanne Ring 239.821.7550 Web ID BALS101815IHE $1,325,000 685 93rd Avenue North Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 Web ID 215062936 $739,900 3035 Mona Lisa Boulevard Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 239.287.7921 Web ID 215026302 $1,530,000 Ventana #B-502 Gilman/Hamilton/Briscoe 239.213.7463 Web ID 215062973 $1,295,000 4688 Oak Leaf Drive Steve Allison 239.776.8160 Web ID 215062852 $1,699,000 GREY OAKS NORTH NAPLES VANDERBILT BEACH


188 South Beach Drive Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215060949 $8,950,000 3848 Mahogany Bend Drive Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214063355 $999,900 Royal Marco Point #446 Cathy Rogers 239.821.7926 Web ID 215062728 $725,000 9008 Cherry Oaks Trail Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 215061766 $579,000 1780 Devon Court Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215062962 $5,500,000 331 Coppereld Court Sue Shaughnessy 239.248.1138 Web ID 215029465 $699,000 Veracruz #904 Cathy Rogers 239.821.7926 Web ID 215062926 $2,100,000 1389 North Collier Boulevard Cathy Brodie 239.272.7725 Web ID 215061910 $1,175,000 683 Solana Court Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 $2,150,000 Apollo #908 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215062225 $489,900 1258 Winterberry Drive Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215062313 $599,000 1819 Honduras Avenue Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 Web ID 215061659 $1,450,000 1255 Bluehill Creek Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 Web ID 215063733 $625,000 566 Diplomat Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.1133 Web ID 215062351 $1,600,000 Vintage Bay #D-20 Darlene Roddy 239.404.0685 Web ID 215062569 $450,000 626 Bimini Avenue Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215062340 $435,000 1887 Cascade Court Krystal Bernhardt 239.529.8994 Web ID 215062367 $1,188,000 Vintage Bay #B-26 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 Web ID 215062196 $387,900 Emerald Beach #33 Cathy Brodie 239.272.7725 $375,000 Marco Beach Ocean Resort #1004 Larry Caruso 239.394.9191 $429,900 9294 Chiasso Cove Court Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214051526 $995,000 8515 Bellagio Drive Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214063718 $695,000 8417 Mallards Way Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215055010 $539,000 Cascada #202 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215055233 $499,000 8612 Majorca Lane Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214044769 $850,000 9052 Cherry Oaks Trail Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 215000198 $499,000 Varenna #201 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215011948 $450,000 Marengo #204 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 Web ID 214054221 $449,000 Varenna #102 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215055858 $399,000 Callista #204 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 214048545 $490,000 Cascada #201 Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 Web ID 215055400 $448,500 Sotheby's International Realty and the Sotheby's International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Property information herein is derived from various sources including, but not limited to, county records and multiple listing services, and may include approximations. All information is deemed accurate and neither suggests nor infers that Premier Sotheby's International Realty participated as either the listing or cooperating agent or broker in the sale or purchase of the properties depicted. Summer Landscape by Vincent Van Gogh used with permission. 17,000 ASSOCIATES | 800 OFFICES WORLDWIDE 61 COUNTRIES AND TERRITORIES GLOBALLY | 31 PREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY LOCATIONS MARCO ISLAND FIDDLER'S CREEKPREMIER SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY PREMIERSOTHEBYSREALTY.COM FIFTH AVENUE | 239.434.8770THE GALLERY CENTRAL NAPLES | 239.659.0099MERCATO SALES CENTER | 239.594.9400BONITA SPRINGS | 239.948.4000MARCO ISLAND | 239.642.2222VANDERBILT | 239.594.9494THE VILLAGE | 239.261.6161SANIBEL | 239.472.2735CAPTIVA | 239.395.5847ESTUARY SALES CENTER | 239.261.3148BROAD AVENUE | 239.434.2424MYSTIQUE AT PELICAN BAY | 239.598.9900


YOUR GUIDE TO NEW HOME COMMUNITIES IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Stock Development and Stock Signature Homes invite you to open your hearts by attending a company-wide open house event this weekend. The Open House, Open Hearts event will benefit the 2015 Toys and Joys Holiday Toy Drive, an initiative of the Collier Building Industry Association for more than ten years. The event brings holiday joy to 2,000 children in Southwest Florida each year. Share an unwrapped gift as you visit 40 beautiful model residences and move-in ready homes in Stocks distinctive communities and neighborhoods, including Quail West, The Esplanade Golf & Country Club of Naples, TwinEagles, Lely Resort, Fiddlers Creek, Bay Woods at Bonita Bay, Paseo, Hidden Harbour, and Renaissance. The Open House, Open Hearts event begins Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4:00 p.m. and continues through Sunday, December 6. Open House, Open Hearts showcases furnished models with luxurious interiors. The 4,732 square feet Mariposa estate model at Quail West offers a level of livability suited to Quail Wests lifestyle. The floor plan includes a grand parlour with a see through view, a grand room that flows into the homes gourmet kitchen and casual dining area, a formal dining room and wine room, a study, four bedrooms, five-and-ahalf baths, an outdoor living area with a summer kitchen, island bar, a fireplace, and a pool and spa. The Mariposa features an interior by Marc Michaels Interior Design and is priced at $3,499,000. Priced at $3,099,000 fully-furnished, the 4,403 square feet Casa Katrina estate at Quail West features an interior by Marc Michaels. The four-bedroom, four-anda-half bath plan offers a great room that opens to a covered lanai, a wet bar, formal dining room, a study, a double-island kitchen, and a game room opposite a private courtyard. The master suite features a sitting area and morning kitchen. The covered lanai includes a fireplace, an outdoor island kitchen, and a pool and spa. Stocks Glenmore and Muirfield V furnished models in the Arrezo neighborhood at Esplanade Golf & Country Club of Naples are also being featured in the Open House, Open Hearts event. The Glenmores 3,591 square feet great room floor plan includes four bedrooms, a study, four-and-a-half baths, a formal dining room and island kitchen, an outdoor living area with a fireplace, summer kitchen, pool and spa, and a three-car garage. The Glenmore is priced at $1,579,303 fully-furnished and showcases an interior by Soco Interiors. The 3,375 square feet Muirfield V model is priced at $1,426,935 fully-furnished and features an interior by Jinx McDonald Interior Designs. The plan offers a splendid entry sequence and gallery hallway, a massive living room, a formal dining room, an island kitchen and breakfast area, four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, a study, an outdoor living area with a summer kitchen, walk-up bar, pool and spa, and a three-car garage. Perfectly suited to TwinEagles lifestyle and priced at $1,599,990 with furnishings, Stocks 3,699 square feet Regency Manor offers a four-bedroom, four-and-a-half bath great room plan with a formal dining room, study, an island kitchen, an outdoor living area that includes covered lanai spaces, an optional summer kitchen and a pool and spa, and a three-car garage. The sophisticated interior by KVS Interior Design incorporates a neutral palette that transcends the interior space while establishing an affinity with the outdoors. Stock Development encourages you to join its support of non-profit agencies in Southwest Florida committed to improving the quality of life for children and families. Stock gives back to the community as a partner of the Naples Education Foundations Champions for Learning, the Boys and Girls Club, the PACE Center for Girls Collier County, Builders Care of Lee County, the Golisano Childrens Museum, and the American Heart Association. Stock Development CEO Brian Stock was inducted in Junior Achievement of Southwest Floridas Business Hall of Fame, Collier County for his service as a role model for ethical and moral conduct among youth and business peers. To learn more about Stock Signature Homes collection of furnished models and move-in ready residences, visit SPONSORED CONTENTNOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 is la nd k it ch en an d a po ol a nd s pa me r ki tc he n w al k up S p t a C t A o J B s c H m o a nor Stock Signature Homes 3,375 square feet Muirfield V model at The Esplanade Golf & Country Club of Naples is priced at $1,426,935 fully-furnished and features an interior by Beth Walker-Fenton of Jinx McDonald Interior Designs. Priced at $3,099,000 fully-furnished, Stocks 4,403 square feet Casa Katrina estate at Quail West features an interior design created by Marc Michaels Interior Design. Perfectly suited to TwinEagles lifestyle and priced at $1,599,990 with furnishings, Stock Signature Homes 3,699 square feet Regency Manor showcases an interior by Kelli Sultan, ASID, NCIDQ, of KVS Interior Design. Open your hearts at Stock Developments open house this weekend


Ave Maria named Community of the Year 2015Ave Maria was recently named Community of the Year 2015 in its category by the Collier Building Industry Association. Home sales are skyrocketing with over 250 sales so far this year. Ave Maria has also been named the #1 Selling Single Family Community in Naples-Ft Myers by Metro Study and a Top 50 Selling Master Planned Community in the United States. Over 260 Home Sales This YearAve Maria was recently named Community of the Year 2015 in its category by the Collier Building Industry Association. Home sales are skyrocketing with over 260 sales so far this year. Ave Maria has also been named the #1 Selling Single Family Community in Naples-Ft Myers by Metro Study and a Top 50 Selling Master Planned Community in the United States. Its About Lifestyle and ValueResidents who live in Ave Maria enjoy incredible home values, and a fun-filled lifestyle including a private water park, Panther Run golf club, tennis and bocce, town center, and miles of walking and nature trails. Sports are popular here with the North and South Park offering baseball, basketball, and soccer fields, not to mention playground and dog park. Brand New! Maple Ridge ReserveBuilt by award-winning builder CC Homes, our newest neighborhood Maple Ridge Reserve will feature 282 spacious single-family home sites spanning one-third of an acre and larger and offering lake and private preserve views. Choose from three single-family floor plans, including both oneand twostory designs, customizable with casita options, and ranging in size from 4,269 square feet to 5,456 square feet. Pre-sales now with prices from high $300s. Tour our 3 brand new models open daily. Maple RidgeThree to 5 bedroom homes in one and two-story floor plans range in size from 1,935 to over 4,000 square feet. At Maple Ridge, every home includes granite countertops and stainless appliances in the kitchen, wood cabinetry, and designer lighting and flooring. Visit the on-site sales center today and begin designing your dream home in one of three Maple Ridge neighborhoods. Choose from the original Maple Ridge, Coquina at Maple Ridge or the new Maple Ridge Reserve. Priced from low $200s. Del Webb NaplesTop 20 Places to Retire At Del Webb Naples, active adults find the home of their dreams and a lifestyle to match. Homes here range from 1,289 to over 2,600 square feet and feature 2 to 4-bedrooms, priced from the high $100s. Ten floor plans are available with 4 decorated model homes open daily. Come out today and explore the Oasis Club and schedule a round of golf at Panther Run Golf Club. Hampton Village & Emerson Park2 Models Open Daily These family-friendly neighborhoods are within walking distance to the Town Center and feature popular oneand twostory floor plans from national builder, Pulte Homes. 12 floor plans featuring 3-6 bedrooms from the high $100s. Come Visit Us 20 Models Open Daily For more information visit Ave Maria at 5076 Annunciation Circle # 104, or by calling 239-352-3903. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of specials and incentives. Take I-75 exit 111 (Immokalee Rd) east; turn right onto Oil Well Rd; then approximately 10 minutes to the main Ave Maria entrance. Coquina at Maple Ridge features smartly designed two-story homes from the low $200s. Now Open! 3 model homes in Maple Ridge Reserve. Oversized lots and spacious homes from high $300s. Pulte Homes presents 12 floor plans in Hampton Village and Emerson Park from the high $100s. Ave Maria Water Park exclusive to residents features resort and lap pool, 2 slides, water playground, and more. Del Webb Naples offers active adult living complete with incredible amenities including golf and recreation NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD2 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015




One penthouse residence remains available at Seaglass at Bonita BayWith nearly $70 million in sales contracts processed at its 26-floor, 120-unit Seaglass at Bonita Bay high-rise tower to be built within the Bonita Bay community, The Ronto Group announced just one penthouse residence remains available for purchase. The spectacular penthouse residences at Seaglass are priced from $2.5 million and offer approximately 4,600 square feet of air conditioned space with a dual private elevator grand foyer, a large great room, spacious gourmet kitchen, three bedrooms plus a den or fourth bedroom and three-and-a-half baths, or four bedrooms plus a den and four-and-a-half baths. Ceiling heights of 10-feet eight-inches or 11-feet four-inches are included per plan. Several of the penthouse residences feature outdoor spaces with exceptionally large terraces, including two private rooftop terraces that will be enjoyed by the residents of the penthouses on the buildings uppermost floor. Three luxurious tower residence great room plans range from 2,889 to 3,421 square feet under air and are priced from just over $1 million. The spacious tower residences will include dual private elevator grand foyers, large island kitchens, three bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, or three bedrooms plus a den or fourth bedroom and three-and-a-half baths, walk-in closets in the owners suite, and sliders opening to multiple outdoor spaces that include a gas grill. Ten-foot ceiling heights are included per plan. Seaglass will feature fully completed, ready for occupancy residences with designer-selected premium quality finishes. The finishes on display at the Seaglass Design Studio within the Seaglass Sales Center at 26951 Country Club Drive in Bonita Bay are suited to the open concept living spaces and amenity rich ambiance at Seaglass. Future residents may also specify finishes from other sources. As homebuyer traffic and sales activity continue to flourish, Ronto has added two new Sales Associates to its Seaglass luxury home specialist team. A native of England, Vivienne Sinkow has been a resident of Naples since 1989 and is focused on all aspects of real estate. Her experience profile includes operating businesses in both Monte Carlo and the United States and serving clients of several of Naples most prominent real estate brokerages. Fluent in French, she has a national client base and has worked extensively with international clients from Singapore, Indonesia, Europe, and Canada. With 25 years of real estate brokerage success, over 200 million dollars in career sales, and a plethora of top producer awards, Christy Starks is highly regarded by clients and colleagues for her market expertise, professionalism and integrity. Her market knowledge and experience enable her clients to understand the market more completely and make informed decisions. A resident of Chicagos East Lakeview neighborhood for the past 15 years, she was recognized by as a Designated Chicago Lake View Specialist. Her multi-faceted background includes special focus on real estate development and new construction. Prior to relocating to Chicago, Christy was a top ten agent in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. With the Bonita Bay Clubs new 60,000 square foot Lifestyle Center now open, the Bonita Bay community offers one of the healthiest lifestyles in Southwest Florida. The Lifestyle Center includes a world-class fitness center, spa, and salon and contributed to Bonita Bay being recognized as one of the ten healthiest clubs in America by Prevo Health Solutions, the club industrys premier wellness experts. The first-floor lobby of the Lifestyle Center features a two-story atrium. The luxurious 9,000 square feet spa and salon showcases seven treatment rooms, including a couples treatment room, mens and ladies locker rooms and wet areas with dedicated steam, sauna, and whirlpool rooms, relaxation rooms, a coed hair styling area, and a dedicated barber shop are all featured. Accessed by an elevator or a floating staircase with glass side rails, the nearly 20,000 square feet second floor fitness center is the premier Technogym facility in the United States. The Italian made, Technogym equipment includes cardiovascular, strength, functional fitness, and kinesis machines. The functional fitness equipment works on a 360-degree range of motion platform rather than a dedicated linear range of motion. The Fitness Center also includes dedicated rooms for group fitness, spin, Pilates, and Gyrotonics, as well as a dedicated golf training studio and locker rooms. The Lifestyle Centers Fitness Caf serves healthy fast food, freshly made juices, and smoothies that can be enjoyed on-site or prepared to go. Menu selections include salads, rice bowls, pressed sandwiches and wraps, and a variety of protein selections such as salmon, steamed chicken, grilled lean beef, and protein alternatives for vegetarians. Residents at Seaglass will also enjoy Bonita Bays casual and fine dining, biking and hiking trails, kayaking and canoeing, a residents only private beach park on Little Hickory Island, boating, and five of Southwest Floridas premier golf courses. Bonita Bays onsite marina offers a relaxing dining and lounge experience. Wet slips and dry boat storage are available, as well as on-site fueling and light mechanical services. Three Arthur Hills designed courses wind their way through the Bonita Bay community and complement the surrounding natural setting. The 4,700-square foot 55th Hole open-air bar and grille has an outdoor area with wraparound terraces where a log fire pit serves as a focal point. Eight 60-inch television screens are incorporated into a ceiling-mounted structure suspended over the center bar. Two additional courses designed by Tom Fazio are located at the nearby Bonita Bay Club Naples. Visit the Seaglass Sales Center at 26951 Country Club Drive within Bonita Bay from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mon-day through Saturday, and Sundays from noon to 5:00 p.m. Visit The spectacular penthouse residences at Seaglass are priced from $2.5 million and offer approximately 4,600 square feet of air conditioned space. Just one penthouse residence remains available for purchase. The Bonita Bay Clubs new 60,000 square foot Lifestyle Center is now open. The Lifestyle Center includes a world-class fitness center, spa, and salon and contributed to Bonita Bay being recognized as one of the ten healthiest clubs in America by Prevo Health Solutions. The 26-floor, 120-unit Seaglass at Bonita Bay luxury high-rise tower to be built by The Ronto Group within the Bonita Bay community will feature fully completed, ready for occupancy residences with designerselected premium quality finishes. ThespectacularpenthouseresidencesatSeaglassarepriced are e s o s e re NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD4 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015


RENDERINGS OF ELEVATIONS ARE CONCEPTUAL IN NATURE. FOR ACTUAL ELEVATIONS, REFER TO THE FINAL PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS FOR THE RESPECTIVE HOME-TYPE AND ELEVATION-TYPE. MANGROVE BAY IS OFFERED BY PARADISE REALTY OF NAPLES, LLC, A LICENSED REAL ESTATE BROKER. PRICES, FEATURES AND AVAILABILITY SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. LOGO, PHOTOGRAPHY AND ALL RENDERINGS ARE PROPERTY OF MANGROVE BAY, COPYRIGHTED AS SUCH AND MAY NOT BE USED BY ANY OTHER PARTY. Weve preserved a unique bit of paradise along the Gordon River in Old Naples. At Mangrove Bay, each of our 53 single-family luxury residences comes complete with a private pool and patio, tranquil outdoor living space, lush landscaping, and its own private boat slip. Find paradise right from your own dockstep coast into the bay, explore the backwaters, or cruise into the Gulf of Mexico for world-class game shing. Live an unparalleled lifestyle perfectly balanced between nature and nightlife. Adjacent to the Citys Gordon River Greenway preserve and proposed Baker Park, youll be within blocks of Gulf beaches and the upscale entertainment, dining, shopping, and more along famed Fifth Avenue South. Mangrove Bay offers 24 distinctive oor plans with multiple elevation options, including the newly designed Cove Residences with several homes featuring their own boathouse garages. Open your Old Florida cottage-style home to coastal breezes, and enjoy perfect sunrises, brilliant sunsets, and everything in between. Paradise awaits. PRICING FROM THE MID $2Ms | 239.261.2200 | www.mangrovebaynaples.com111 14th Street South, Naples, FL 34102 | Sales Center Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday noon-4pm, or by appointment. STEP INTO PARADISE AT MANGROVE BAY MODELS NOW OPEN Featured model: AMELIA III. Images by Tim Gibbons.


Construction begins on Kalea Bay high-riseConstruction has begun on the first of five residential highrises planned for Kalea Bay, a gated, resort-style community being developed by Soave Real Estate on Vanderbilt Drive, north of Wiggins Pass Road, in North Naples. Its been a long time since construction began on a major residential high-rise building in Southwest Florida. Eight years to be exact. But with Kalea Bay thats all changed as construction cranes, cement trucks and other pieces of heavy-duty equipment are onsite and along with the construction crews working hard to make history. The 22-story tower, with 120 residences, has 20 floors of residences over two floors of parking. According to Inga Wilson, Kalea Bays Vice President of Sales & Marketing, sales have been phenomenal. Not only have we had tremendous initial interest on the project, but we have exceeded our sales projections for the summer, she said. Due to our sales velocity, we recently started vertical construction on the first tower, Wilson added. Its mid-November and already our future residents and passers-by are able to see evidence of our first floor. Because were gearing up for the start of construction on our clubhouse and related amenities, our residents will be able to enjoy the complete Kalea Bay lifestyle upon move in. Six floor plans are available at Kalea Bay with prices starting at $1.3 million. Residences 1 and 6 are 4-bedroom/4bath plans with 3,280 square feet under air and 3,755 total square feet. Residences 2 and 5 are three-bedroom plus den/three-and-a-half bath plans with 3,280 square feet under air and 3,835 total square feet. Residences 3 and 4 are four-bedroom/ four-bath plans with 3,280 square feet under air and 3,921 total square feet. With 20 stories of living available at Kalea Bay and the areas first roof-top pool and amenity center, residents will revel in spectacular gulf views, open floor plans, a private elevator leading directly into the condominium, nine-foot high ceilings and wood floors throughout. The custom kitchens feature Wolf and Subzero appliances, a natural gas range, Downsview luxury cabinetry, quartz countertops, a Butlers pantry and counter-height oversized island. The master bedroom has an oversized walk-in closet and the master bath has his and hers vanities, quartz countertops, Downsview luxury cabinetry, a soaking tub and separate glass-enclosed shower. Additional features include floor-toceiling windows and doors, high-tech wiring, fully-equipped laundry rooms and wide lanais with transparent glass rails. Residents, no matter which floor they choose, will be able to enjoy views of the Gulf of Mexico and nature preserve, stated Wilson. Thats because the buildings amenities are located on the roof. They include a fitness center, sky lounge and incredible rooftop pool. The residents and their guests will have quite a view from the towers roof. Not only will they see the Gulf of Mexico, but two of the best beaches in the country. They include, Barefoot Beach Preserve Park, which was ranked #2, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park, which is ranked #9. The first residential tower is scheduled to be completed in Summer 2017. Although every future resident is looking forward to moving into their new home, one in particular just might be more excited then the rest. That future resident is John Lodge, a legendary member of The Moody Blues. I have two very good reasons for buying a home in the Naples area, explained Lodge. My son and grandson live here. Lodge went on to say he found himself spending more and more time in Southwest Florida and it just made sense to find a place to hang his hat and his bass guitar. The best aspects of Naples, besides golf, are the sunsets and weather, said Lodge. My wife Kirsten and I really wanted a place where we could sit and enjoy the setting sun on a nightly basis. The views of the Gulf from Kalea Bay are incredible and we love the fact the tower has a rooftop pool. Lodge has another connection to the Naples area one he is very proud of. Although recorded at various locations, Lodges new solo album, 0,000 Light Years Ago, only his second solo album of his career, was completed at The Mix Factory in Naples. It was the first time Lodge worked from a studio in the Sunshine State. Lodge concluded, Kirsten and I are excited to start spending more time in the Naples area in the future. But for the meantime, Im excited to share my album with my fans and continue touring with The Moody Blues. In addition to the first towers rooftop amenities, Kalea Bay will also have a firstclass clubhouse area which surely will be the recreational and social center of the community. The main amenity area is located on the north side of the large lake at the communitys entrance, said Wilson. It will include a clubhouse with three individual pools, a pool deck bar, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, a snack bar and an Internet cafe. But thats not all. Nearby will be the tennis pavilion with six lighted tennis courts and 24 guest suites. There will also be a shuttle service, originating from the clubhouse area, to a designated Gulf beach. For more information regarding Kalea Bay visit the award-winning, onsite sales center. It is located at 13910 Old Coast Road in North Naples. Additional information is available by calling (239) 7930110 or online at Above: Kalea Bays first tower was designed with rooftop amenities, including a pool and fitness center. The 22-story tower, with 120 residences, has 20 floors of residences over two floors of parking. Left: Kalea Bay residences have open floor plans with 9-foot high NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD6 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015


You have golf friends. And beach friends. AND A CLUB FOR BOTH. A London Bay Homes Community 239-494-5398 LifeAtMediterra.comNOW SHOWCASING 8 LUXURY MODEL HOMES Villas from $1 Million and Estate Homes from $3 Million Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Livingston Road, approximately 2 miles north of Immokalee Road 4 Beds, 4 Baths, 4,402 A/C Sq. Ft.THE CAPRIANO 3 Beds, 3.5 Baths, 3,380 A/C Sq. Ft.THE ELORO 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2,810 A/C Sq. Ft.THE ANGELICA Thats what it means to live at Mediterra to have it all without compromise. Your own private beach club just minutes away from the internationally acclaimed Club at Mediterra, where 36 holes of Tom Fazio-designed golf complement an array of luxurious details. Is it any wonder that Mediterra has been named Community of the Year in Naples 9 times and counting? But the opportunities to own are running short. Visit us at the Mediterra sales center, open daily, or call to schedule a private showing.NEWLY ARRIVED Copyright 2015. CBC057242 London Bay Homes. Pricing, features, specifications, products and availability are subject to change without notice. See a sales associate for complete and current information. 4 Beds, 4.5 Baths, 4,329 A/C Sq. Ft.THE DELFINA

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Mangrove Bay Amelia III waterfront model now openThe second of three fabulous Mangrove Bay model homes is now open! The Amelia III Waterfront Residence also the new Mangrove Bay Sales Center -will entice you to imagine the one-of-a-kind lifestyle you could be living along the Gordon River in Old Naples. The Amelia III is a four-bedroom plus den, four-andbath residence that includes a private-entry guesthouse. At approximately 3,640 SF under air, this model evokes a classic seaside cottage, with intricate trim details, a grand two-story beamed, tongue-and-groove ceiling in the great room, and built-in upholstered bench seats flanking its whitewashed stacked stone fireplace. The dcor is upscale cottage, with a casual coastal feel in shades of navy, teal, and sand. Other key design elements include authentic hard pine floors, traditional bead board accents, bench seat reading nooks, and stacked stone for the second fireplace in the outdoor living area. Its kitchen is well-appointed with Wolf/Sub Zero stainless steel appliances and an exposed stainless steel hood. A show-stopping 10-foot-long Bianco Raffaello marble island countertop is the focal point of the kitchen. Ruffino Cabinetry used flat panel-applied molding doors with clean details, custom stains, and painted finishes for a sophisticated coastal feel to the cabinetry that picks up the grayish blue graining of the marble. The spacious ground-floor master bedroom suite, with its cream and pale blue color palette, features a vaulted ceiling of painted tongue-and-groove wood and beams, and a welcoming built-in window seat. Its corner-pocketing sliders face the lanai, outdoor living space, pool, and spa. The master bath has his-and-her vanities, a free-standing tub, and oversized shower. Two additional guest suites and a private den are also found on the ground floor. The Amelia waterfront plan offers all primary living and sleeping areas on the ground floor, with the option to add a private-entry guest cottage above the garage (in both the Amelia II and Amelia III plans). The model residence guest cottage (the Amelia III) will feature a generous sitting room, scaled-to-fit kitchenette, private bedroom and bath area, and private balcony. An attractive leaseback program is available. Life at Mangrove Bay in Old Naples is designed to be relaxing and luxurious. In addition to the lavish appointments found inside and outside of these spacious single-family, Old Florida cottagestyle homes, residents have the benefit of resort-style living with an on-site Concierge Center, an owners-only boat ramp, and of course their own private boat slip. Mangrove Bays residents will enjoy the benefits of single-family living with very little maintenance. Complete pool care, landscaping, and dock maintenance are just a few of the services offered. This enclave of just 53 homes set along the Gordon River is moments from the vibrant social setting along famed Fifth Avenue South, and mere blocks from the Gulf of Mexico. The Keewaydin II Waterfront Residence model opened its doors last week. With a total of four bedrooms and fourandbaths, a second-floor loft area, and a private-entry guest house, this residence offers over 3,700 SF under air, and its interior style is Coastal Sanctuary washed in soft water hues. Its soaring two-story living room with a unique nickel gap wood ceiling has a fireplace at one end, and a built-in bar at the opposite end. The master suite offers an oversized sitting area with cornerpocket sliding doors that open to the pool and spa area with stunning views toward the river. Opening soon, the Sanibel III Courtyard Model Residence will offer a four bedroom, four-andbath design with approximately 3,331 SF under air, including spacious private-entry guest cottage above the garage, ground floor master suite, and tropical pool and spa area with water feature. This model features a unique beach aesthetic that mixes dark, light, and weathered wood appointments with a cool color palette, perfectly complementing its limed oak wood floors, reclaimed wood accents, tongueand-groove ceiling detail, barn doors, and custom moldings and cabinetry throughout the residence. An attractive leaseback program is available. Touring the model residences is the best way to experience Mangrove Bay, and the extensive thought that went into the residence conceptions. Decorated by Freestyle Interiors, they are designed by MHK Architecture & Planning, built by Lotus Construction, LLC, and exclusively marketed by Paradise Realty of Naples, LLC. Learn more about Mangrove Bay by exploring the website at or contacting the Sales Center (239.261.2200) and arranging a site tour. t h l e b e a n i n r a d e n a n R e g t h a Tim Gibbons NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD8 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015

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Features, colors, designs, dimensions and materials are all subject to availability, and to change or substitution at any time and without notice. e Hottest Selling Community in North Naples. Four Generations, a Family Tradition of ExcellenceWith only 45 homes and 50% sold, time is of the essence.Although there are many reasons for our success, a few of them include: 8 oor plans with 16 distinct elevations Owners can customize their oor plans to t their lifestyle Desirable North Naples location with nearby shopping, dining, entertainment and beaches Complementary temporary membership to Tiburon Golf Club So visit Sienna Reserve today before this great opportunity passes you by. 75 41VANDERBILT BEACH RD PINE RIDGE RDTAMIAMI TRAILGOODLETTE-FRANK RDAIRPORT PULLING RDLIVINGSTON RDIMMOKALEE RD Priced from $609,000Sales Center Open Monday Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm. 14654 Reserve Lane, Naples, FL 34109 239-643-4333 |

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Fort Myers / Estero Bonita Springs / Naples 1 Mediterra 15836 Savona Way Naples, FL 855.810.7976 2 Quail West6289 Burnham Road Naples, FL 239.592.1010 3 Talis Park16980 Livingston Road Naples, FL 239.449.5900 4 Twin Eagles11330 Twin Eagles Boulevard Naples, FL 239.352.8000 5 Olde Cypress7276 Lantana Circle Naples, FL 239.596.4794 6 Raffia Preserve4075 Wolfe Road Naples, FL 239.598.2370 7 Naples Square100 S Goodlette-Frank Road Naples, FL 239.228.5800 8 The Isles of Collier Preserve5445 Caribe Avenue Naples, FL 877.626.7694 9 Lely Resort8020 Grand Lely Drive Naples, FL 239.793.2100 10 Mangrove Bay201 Goodlette Road South Naples, FL 239.261.2200 11 Residences at Mercato9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125 Naples, FL 239.594.9400 12 Lamorada Naples2190 Woodcrest Drive Naples, FL 239.444.4450 13 Livingston Lakes15161 Palmer Lake Circle Naples, FL 239.444.3490 14 Ashton Woods at Naples Preserve14167 Nautica Court Naples, FL 239.919.6612 15 Ashton Woods at Fiddlers Creek3264 Tavolara Lane Naples, FL 239.571.6857 16 The Colony Golf & Bay Club4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 17 Seaglass at Bonita Bay26951 Country Club Drive Bonita Springs, FL 239.301.4940 18 Altaira4541 Coconut Road Bonita Springs, FL 239.495.1300 19 Kalea Bay13910 Old Coast Road Naples, FL 239.793.0110 20 Ave Maria5076 Annunciation Circle #104 Ave Maria, FL (888) 841-3477 21 Paloma26109 St. Michael Lane Bonita Springs, FL 239.949.8910 22 Mockingbird Crossing 1600 Mockingbird Crossing Dr. Naples, FL 239.233.0592 23 Tuscany Pointe14310 Tuscany Pointe Trail Naples, FL 34120 239.225.2679 24 Sorrento28063 Sosta Lane #2 Bonita Springs, FL 239.225.2659 25 Sienna Reserve14656, Reserve Lane Naples, FL 239.643.4333 26 Andalucia1336 Andlaucia Way Naples, FL 239.304.8314 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD10 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015

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Gulf of MexicoAirport Pulling RdBayshore Dr7th AveRattlesnake Hammock RdRadio RdLivingston RdThomasson DrMassey StGoodlette RdVanderbilt Beach RdImmokalee RdFrank BlvdVanderbi DrLivingston Rd SCrayton Rd111th Ave NPlateau RdGoodlette RdGulf Shore BlvdPelican Marsh BlvdCounty Barn Rd5th AvPine Ridge RdGolden Gate PkwyLogan BlvdTamiami TrlTamiami TrlTamiami TrlBonita Beach RdSanta Barbara Blvd Santa Barbara BlvdOld Hwy 41Green BlvdGolden Gate BlvdLivingston RdFiddlers Creek PkwyDavis BlvdCollier BlvdCollier BlvdNaples Municipal Airport N Naples Reg Park Beac ParkLely Pelican Bay Naples Park VineyardsGolden GateIsland WalkNaplesPine RidgeVerona Walk Naples Manor Lely Resort East Naples Port Royal Johns Pass Belle Meade Shell Island Palm River 846 31 867 951 951 84 41 41 75CENTRAL NAPLES NORTH NAPLES OLD NAPLES EAST NAPLES BONITA SPRINGS ESTERO S H Hickory Blvdmiami TrlBonita Beach RdImperial Pkwy Imperial onita Beach Rd SEOld 41 RdShangrila RdCoconut Rd 865 75 J J J J J J J J ell Grade RdRandall Blvd47th AveOil Well Rd p Keais RdEverglades BlvdEverglades BlvdMassey St m okalee RdWilson BlvdDesoto BlvdPlateau RdDesoto Blvd N d Golden Gate BlvdCollier BlvdAve Maria Universityen eOrangetreeAve Maria Golden Gates Estates 75EAST NAPLES 1 mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m mia m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m 17 21 24 16 18 3 13 11 2 5 6 M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M 12 ss s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s e ey e e e e e e ey e ey e ey e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e ey e e ey y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y S 22 23 4 7 A Av 10 8 9 15 14 A v e Mar M M M M Ma Ma Ma M M Ma Ma M a M M M M M M M M i a v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v e M e e e M Ma Ma Ma eM e M e e e e e eMa e e e a e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e a e e a e e Ma e e r M M M M M M 20 nd nder bi 19 P P P P P P P a P P P P P P r r rk rk r k k r k k r r k P Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa P Pa P Pa P Pa Pa Pa Pa P Pa P P Pa P P Pa P P P Pa a P a a Pa a Pa P a a a a a a a P a a Pa Pa Pa a a a Pa Pa a a a P a a a a a a P a a a a a a P P P a P P P P P P r rk r rk rk rk r rk k rk k k r r r rk r r k k k r k k r k 25 26NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 GULF COAST HOMES D11

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Meet your model match at MediterraIt could be called the Mediterra model effect. Build and furnish luxury model homes, and buyers will come, eager to move in as soon as possible and enjoy the lifestyle of Collier Countys ninetime Community of the Year. From its bougainvillea-laced pergola entry leading to a landscaped roundabout with a grand fountain and intimate neighborhoods of tree-shaded streets and even a European-inspired village of lakefront villas, Mediterra is also a place where knowing your neighbors is an important part of the lifestyle. London Bay Homes has translated six of its floor plans at Mediterra into luxurious model homes that give visitors a true sense of home and community. Featuring professional interiors by Romanza Interior Design, the homes capture luxury living at Mediterra, Naples premier golf and beach club community. Six additional models are currently under construction, with two expected to open by years end. Most of our furnished model homes in Mediterra sold shortly before or after completion for the past two years, said Mark Wilson, president and CEO of London Bay Homes, Naples leading luxury homebuilding company for 25 years. Last season we had very few model homes open to visitors because buyers wanted to move right in and enjoy Mediterras amenities and lifestyle. We made a concerted effort this summer to open new models before the winter season. The completed models include the Delfina estate home in Mediterras soldout Serata neighborhood and five luxury maintenance-free villa homes. The Delfina, a four-bedroom estate home replaces the original model, which sold within weeks of completion. The home has been designed with attention-getting details: a game room, a TV that pops up from a built-in credenza, and a large wrap-around outdoor living area catering to the sought-after alfresco lifestyle. The 4,329-square-foot floor plan features formal dining and living rooms and integrates leisure and game rooms into a large space for casual gatherings and entertainment. Interior finishes include wood flooring, custom ceiling and wall treatments, and turquoise and magenta accents throughout. The Delfinas large outdoor living areas include, a covered verandah, lanai, and seating around a fire pit. Majestic palm trees flank the cobblestone driveway and the entry walkway inside a low-walled courtyard at the Girona, London Bays most popular floor plan in Mediterra. Featuring three bedrooms, a formal dining room, study and open great room, the model is located in the Cortile neighborhood. The current model, one of six built since 2012, sold on leaseback a week before completion and will remain open until December 2015. The home offers 3,526 square feet of living area, a palette of gray and ivory accented with papaya, special ceiling treatments, and an infinity-edge pool finished in pebble black accented with black glass mosaic tiles. The Eloro and Capriano models are found in the scenic Lucarno neighborhood, a European-inspired village of 71 lakefront villas accented with tile, stone entry walls and authentic Old World architectural features. The three-bedroom Eloro balances large gathering areas with more intimately scaled spaces. The openness of the oversized great room/dining area and adjoining kitchen are heightened by volume beamed ceilings and walleliminating glass doors that pocket open to the outdoor living room, which has a fully equipped summer kitchen. Design features include neutraland linen-hued backgrounds accented with dashes of paprika, citrine and smoke. The luxury villa also has a study, three full baths and a powder room within 3,380 square feet of interior living space. The Capriano, recently awarded Product Design of the Year and Best Pool Design, is shown as a two-story villa featuring rustic wood floors and beamed ceilings balanced by a vibrant palette of bright blues, greens, yellows, and weathered wood blended with metal, mirrored and silver finishes. The 4,402-square-foot villas open floor plan unravels from the foyer, sweeping from great room, dining area and kitchen out sliding glass doors to an alfresco living room, where a trio of arches frame views of the pool, fireplace and lake. The model sold on leaseback and is open for viewing through June 2016. Two additional Capriano models are currently under construction, scheduled to be completed Spring 2016. Nearby in Cabreo, a 23-home neighborhood surrounded by lakes, nature preserves and Mediterras illustrious gardens, are the three-bedroom, fully furnished Bettina and Angelica maintenance-free models. Vivid shades of turquoise, glass green and gray pop against soft tans of tile flooring, painted walls and light wood furniture, creating a sophisticated costal theme throughout the 3,101-square-foot Bettina. The model also offers a formal dining room and den and is shown with a summer kitchen, a pool and raised spa. The 2,810-square-foot Angelica includes designer finishes and stainless steel kitchen appliances selected by Romanza. The home features pops of burnt orange and crimson, oak and animal print in a cheetah themed rug in the main living area. The Angelica is offered at $1,230,000. London Bay Homes is nearing completion of two additional model homes: The Belita Two-Story, a three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bath villa in Lucarno offering 3,738 square feet, and the Isabella Two-Story, an expanded version of the builders popular Isabella estate floor plan in Serata. The Belita Two-Story offers a family room, formal dining room, study and a second floor with a loft. It is expected to be completed in December. The new four-bedroom, five-bath Isabella design features a larger ground floor plus a second story offering a loft, wet bar, and guest suite. The home has a study and formal dining room within 4,265 square feet. Outdoors, views of the lake are complimented by the expansive pool with sun shelf and six laminar jets, and a raised spa with spillway. Enhanced features include a concrete linear Corinthian-style fire table on the pool deck. The model is expected to be complete in January. All of the companys homes are built using the latest information, products and technology available in building science, including the BEP Blue Barrier system that protects against mold issues and structural damage from moisture intrusion. London Bay Homes was one of only two companies named Americas Best Builder by Builder Magazine in 2008. Since December 2009, London Bay and affiliates have managed all new home sales and marketing for Mediterra. Additional home designs in Mediterra a 2013 Aurora Award winner for Best Residential Development in the Southeast U.S. include single-family estate homes and single-family maintenance-free villas priced from $1 million to more than $7 million. The community is more than 95 percent sold out. Amenities at Mediterra include 36 holes of Tom Fazio golf, the private Beach Club on the Gulf of Mexico, formal and casual dining at the clubhouse and Tavern, plus fitness classes, tennis programs, spa treatments, bocce courts and a resortstyle pool at the nearby Sports Club. To schedule a tour today, call 239-9498989 or visit Above: The Capriano features rustic wood floors and beamed ceilings balanced by a vibrant palette of bright blues, greens and yellows. Right: London Bay Homes Delfina is located in the Serata neighborhood at Mediterra. Below: The two-story Capriano is located in the Lucarno neighborhood at Mediterra. The Delfina features interiors by Romanza Interior Design. oaateoesg NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD12 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015

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FOR DIRECTIONS & MORE INFORMATION: STOCKDEVELOPMENT.COM | 239.592.7344 FLStockDevelopmentBROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. BONITA BAY AND ITS ASSOCIATED LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS OF BONITA BAY PROPERTIES, INC., AND ARE USED UNDER LICENSE.OPEN HOUSE OPEN HEARTSSTOCK HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE & TOY DRIVE SATURDAY & SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 & 22, 12pmpmTour the Best Selection of Move-in-Ready Homes in Southwest Florida. Join us for a special Holiday Open House event this weekend. Tour more than 40 beautifully decorated model homes in nine distinctive communities. Experience our award-winning lifestyle, with ready-to-be enjoyed amenities and the most extensive residential choices in Southwest Florida. F O R D I R E C MAKE THE HOLIDAY BRIGHTER FOR A CHILD IN COLLIER COUNTY. PLEASE BRING AN UNWRAPPED TOY FOR TOYS & JOYS, THE HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE SPONSORED BY THE COLLIER BUILDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION. JOLIETTELot# 21: 4 bed/4 bath 3,167 sq.ft. under air $1,235,470 REGENCY MANORLot# KK23: 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,699 sq.ft. under air $1,694,650 MATERA IILot# F31: 4 bed/4.5 bath 4,238 sq.ft. under air $2,687,720 CASA KATRINALot# J47: 4 bed/4 bath 4,403 sq.ft. under air $3,099,000 furnished QUAIL WESTLARGOLot# 63: 3 bed/3 bath 2,552 sq.ft. under air $698,140 BISCAYNELot# 67: 3 bed/2 bath 2,384 sq.ft. under air $824,990 furnished SCOTTSDALE IILot# 17: 3 bed/3 bath 2,719 sq.ft. under air $829,990 COURTLEIGHLot# 1: 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,640 sq.ft. under air $1,199,990 FIDDLERS CREEKMUIRFIELD IIILot# 13: 4 bed/3.5 bath 3,255 sq.ft. under air $899,990 ORCHID IILot# 42: 4 bed/3.5 bath 3,158 sq.ft. under air $799,990 PONTE VEDRA GRANDELot# 5: 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,525 sq.ft. under air $1,219,990 furnished RENAISSANCESTELLALot# 13: 4 bed/4.5 bath 4,238 sq.ft. under air $2,986,340 furnished CAMERONLot# 14: 4 bed/4.5 bath 4,297 sq.ft. under air $3,067,825 furnished SAVANNAHLot# 8: 4 bed/4.5 bath 4,500 sq.ft. under air $3,116,675 furnished BAYWOODS AT BONITA BAYORCHID IILot# 34: 4 bed/3.5 bath 3,158 sq.ft. under air $819,515 PONTE VEDRA GRANDELot# 38: 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,525 sq.ft. under air $1,199,990 REGENCY MANORLot# 48: 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,699 sq.ft. under air $1,599,990 TWINEAGLESOL SANTA MARIALot# 5606: 2 bed/2.5 bath 1,459 sq.ft. under air $269,990 CIPRIANI SAN MARCO BLot# 20-03: 3 bed/3.5 bath 2,919 sq.ft. under air $484,750 SIGNATURE CLUB WENTWORTHLot# 6-102: 2 bed/2.5 bath 2,091 sq.ft. under air $496,645 LAKOYA TIVOLI IIILot# 231: 3 bed/3 bath 2,062 sq.ft. under air $699,990 LELY RESORT SOLD ESPLANADE GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB OF NAPLESSAN FERNANDOLot# 5004: 2 bed/2 bath 1,227 sq.ft. under air $239,990 SAN REMO IIILot# 145: 2 bed/2 bath 1,809 sq.ft. under air $659,990 furnished PASEO HIDDEN HARBORMUIRFIELD VLot# 1000: 4 bed/4 bath 3,375 sq.ft. under air $1,426,935 furnished GLENMORELot# 1001: 4 bed/4 bath 3,591 sq.ft. under air $1,579,303 furnished PENDING SOLD TH E SAN REMO III Lot# 145: 2

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Talis Parks Residences at Vyne House generating strong appealWith the completion of Talis Parks Vyne House clubhouse Phase II, developer Kitson & Partners innovative Residences at Vyne House are generating strong appeal. An enclave of fourteen luxury condominium residences situated immediately adjacent to Vyne House, the Residences at Vyne Houses distinctive ambiance is based on the premise that location, service, choice, and style matter. Homeowners will enjoy the convenience of life literally within steps of every amenity at Vyne House. A 24-hour concierge will be available to owners at The Residences at Vyne House and provide an exceptional level of personal service. Kitson anticipates breaking ground on the Residences at Vyne House in late spring, 2016. The Residences at Vyne House offer a choice of eleven floor plans from 2,563 to 5,648 square feet priced from $1.350 million to $3.575 million. The plan choices include two-bedroom plus den, three bedroom, three bedroom plus den, and fourbedroom residences with a family room and great room. Several of the residences include expansive outdoor terraces overlooking Talis Parks Great Lawn. A number of the residences also offer views of the lake that envelopes Il Corso, the Watercourse at Talis Park. Four penthouse residences range from 2,752 to 5,648 square feet with 12-foot ceilings, one of which is on the ground level and includes its own casita and overlooks 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space. Standard finishes in The Residences at Vyne House include hardwood flooring in the living areas, carpeted bedrooms, drywall ceilings, mud-set marble flooring and showers in the master bath, porcelain tile flooring and showers in the guest room baths, and an appliance package in the island kitchens featuring a Wolf Induction cook-top and microwave, SubZero refrigerator, and an ASCO dishwasher. Early purchasers may customize features and finishes that do not involve structural changes. Kitson has simplified the finish selection process by providing three interior design styles created by Lori Fountain, IDS of F.T. Design, Inc. in Sarasota. The three styles provide purchasers an element of convenience rarely included in luxury condominium offerings. Fountains Villa Paradiso style is inspired by Vyne House and offers a timeless look that contrasts warm-toned Santorini wood flooring against light backgrounds. Colonial gold granite countertops with a beveled edge on the kitchen island and perimeter will be presented in combination with chestnut-toned Brookhill raised-panel cabinetry. Brookhill Harvest Bronze vanities in the master and guest baths will be topped by Navona cross-cut polished marble with a beveled edge. The same marble will be used on the master bathroom floor and shower walls. The master bath will include a free-standing tub. The 12 x 14 planked flooring and shower walls in the guest baths will be Olympia Mila porcelain tile. Light-toned Kalkun Winter White carpeting will be featured in the bedrooms. The Modern Retreat style features a crisp, contemporary ambiance. The design showcases driftwood-toned oak flooring in the living areas and light grey kitchen cabinetry with slab doors that complement the island and perimeters light grey stippled Pompeii quartz countertops presented with a flat polished edge. The master bath features straightedge white Carrara marble vanity countertops, flooring, and shower walls against dark-toned vanity cabinetry. The Carrara marble countertops and darktoned vanity cabinetry will also be used in the guest baths in combination with cool grey planked porcelain tile flooring. Cold Water colored Misteriosa carpeting will be featured in the bedrooms. Fountains Coastal Tranquility style showcases an inspired take on coastal living. The design presents a crisp, clean look with light-toned Santorini wood flooring in the living areas, Potters Mill White Icing Shaker style kitchen cabinetry, and Pompeii quartz Pure White kitchen island and perimeter counters with an eased edge. White Icing vanity cabinetry is featured in the master and guest baths with eased edge Crema Marfil marble countertops. The flooring and shower walls in the master bath will also be Crema Marfil marble, while clean-lined sand-toned planked porcelain tile will be used on the guest baths floors and shower walls. The bedrooms will feature canvas-toned Jingo carpeting. Homeowners at the Residences at Vyne House will enjoy immediate proximity to every facet of Vyne House, a destination that epitomizes the New Fashioned aesthetic developer Kitson & Partners has introduced at Talis Park. Rather than offering an expansive clubhouse that is more narr owly f ocused in design and function, Vyne House consists of a series of lifestyle oriented spaces designed to be used every day, inviting users to come as they are in a relaxed, comfortable format. The buildings are interconnected by covered outdoor walkways and wrapped around multiple courtyards that offer the possibility of outdoor dining and entertaining. The centerpiece of Vyne House is Vyne Court, an open-air courtyard that serves as a point of entry as well as a social space suited to hosting a variety of events. The upper level also features formal indoor dining, casual indoor and outdoor dining, a multi-purpose room, aerobics and cardio workout rooms, and a Wine Room/Board Room. A resort style pool with a large deck, a rotunda with a two-sided fireplace overlooking the 18th green, Fionas Market Caf, the Core Fitness Center, and the Esprit Spa are also included. The lower level hosts the golf pro shop and mens and ladies locker rooms. Vyne House includes 32,052 square feet under air and 25,065 square feet of outdoor space. Talis Park is located on Livingston Road just north of Immokalee Road. Visit Talis Parks Garden House Sales Center at 16980 Livingston Road in North Naples, or visit Talis Park online at i b o m b C a s u d a w R Above: With the completion of the highly anticipated Vyne House clubhouse Phase II, Talis Parks innovative Residences at Vyne House are generating strong appeal. Developer Kitson & Partners anticipates breaking ground on construction of the Residences at Vyne House in late spring, 2016. Left: The centerpiece of Vyne House at Talis Park is Vyne Court, an open-air courtyard that serves as a point of entry as well as a social space suited to hosting a variety of events. Below: A resort style pool with a large deck, a rotunda with a two-sided fireplace overlooking the 18th green, formal indoor dining, casual indoor and outdoor dining, a multi-purpose room, aerobics and cardio workout rooms, a Wine Room/Board Room, and the Esprit Spa are all featured at Vyne House. A a I V D b R L P s s B r t in r W a The Residences at Vyne Houses distinctive ambiance is based on the premise that location, service, choice, and style matter. Homeowners will enjoy the convenience of life literally within steps of every amenity at Talis Parks Vyne House NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD14 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015

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Single-family homes from the high $100s $500sAve Maria. A Classic in the Making. 20 Models Open Daily Community ofthe Year 2015 Top 50 Master-Planned Communities Top 20 Placesto Retire Maple Ridge Del Webb Naples Pulte Homes Ill be back! The Terminatior

PAGE 108

Sienna Reserve already 50 percent sold prices begin at $609,000This is an exciting time at Sienna Reserve, a gated, single-family community being developed by Zuckerman Homes on Livingston Road in North Naples. Currently at Sienna Reserve three models are in various stages of construction with the first due to open in December. Ten residential homes are also under construction. The entire road system is in. The freshwater lake has its fountain centerpiece. The perimeter landscaping has been installed. And one of the fountains in the center of a brick paved roundabout is operational. Theres activity taking place from one end of the community to the other, stated Andy Zuckerman, President of Zuckerman Homes, a fourth-generation, family-run, custom homebuilding company which started in 1924. Sienna Reserve will only have 45 homes upon build-out. The first model hasnt even opened yet and already the community has hit the 50 percent sold mark. Our North Naples location, combined with the communitys offering of only 45 luxury custom homes, has really caught the imagination of families in all age groups, said Zuckerman. Our purchasers also like the fact that only 14 of Sienna Reserves 30 acres will actually be developed. The remaining 16 acres will be comprised of a freshwater lake and a pristine, untouched nature preserve. Of the eight floor plans offered at Sienna Reserve three will be available to tour as models. The first model to be completed will be the Hibiscus. Its a single-story, three-bedroom plus study/three-bath home with 2,566 square feet under air and 3,378 total square feet including a side-entry, two-car garage. The study can be converted into a fourth bedroom. The two other models are the Magnolia Flex and the Rosewood. The Magnolia Flex is a two-story, fourbedroom plus game room and media room/three full-bath/two half-bath home with 4,004 square feet under air and 4,855 total square feet including a two-car garage. This plan is extremely popular because the master suite is the only bedroom on the first floor and has its own laundry room off the luxurious master bath. The Rosewood is a two-story, fivebedroom plus study and club room/fiveand-a-half-bath home with 4,971 square feet under air and 5,997 total square feet including a side-entry, three-car garage. In this floor plan the first-floor study can be converted into a parlor. The five remaining floor plans include the Hibiscus II, the Jasmine I and II, the Magnolia and the Poinciana. The oneand two-story homes range in size from 2,344 to 4,135 square feet under air and have either three, four or five bedrooms with the majority also having a study. Some larger homes also offer a game room, a media room or a clubroom with one offering a game room and a media room. All homes can be customized to fit an owners lifestyle. Prices at Sienna Reserve begin at $609,000. All purchasers at Sienna Reserve will be eligible to receive complementary access to Tiburon Golf Club amenities on the same basis as a Medallion Member while their home is being built. Those future residents, upon moving into their new home, then have the option to purchase a Tiburon Golf Club Membership. The fact Sienna Reserve is a small community has been a major selling point according to Zuckerman. In many cases bigger is not always better. Our research indicates buyers are looking for a more intimate community to call home. A place close to the city, yet in harmony with nature. A place where neighbor knows neighbor. Thats exactly what we deliver, he said. He continued, Our buyers are a diverse group, but they have at least one thing in common they like the fact Sienna Reserve offers eight floor plans with sixteen different elevations, all of which can be fully-customized. Zuckerman Homes welcomes their future residents to customize their home something usually only offered in communities priced much higher. A fact that makes Zuckerman Homes very unique. Everyones lifestyle is different. They have different needs. They have different interests. They have different tastes, said Zuckerman. As a familyrun building company no one knows that better than we do. So, well do everything we can to customize a home to our buyers specifications. Sienna Reserves locations has been another major selling point. It is close to downtown Naples and its worldrenowned shopping districts of Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South. Its also within minutes of Mercato, one of the most popular upscale shopping centers in Southwest Florida. In addition, Sienna Reserve is close to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, the Naples Pier, fine restaurants, Germain Arena, the site for many sporting and entertainment events, and the Southwest Florida International Airport. Sienna Reserve is also an enjoyable walk from one of the premier parks in the county, the North Collier Regional Park. It has walking trails and boardwalks for wildlife viewing, fishing lakes for catch and release, a fitness center complex, a world-class childrens museum, soccer and softball fields, an interactive playground and a fossil dig play area for children, explained Zuckerman. Sienna Reserve is located on Livingston Road, between Vanderbilt Beach Road and Immokalee Road in North Naples. The Sienna Reserve sales center is open Monday Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, and Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm. Additional information is available by calling (239) 643-4333, visiting, or sending an email to Above: The Hibiscus will be the first of three models to open at Sienna Reserve. Sienna Reserve offers both oneand two-story homes including the Rosewood, which has 4,971 square feet under air. Left: This aerial of the three models, taken earlier this summer, highlights the nature preserve surrounding the community. Bottom: New landscaping frames the freshwater lake with bubbling fountain as construction continues on several lakefront homes. Ab o at S t w o s qu tak sur fram co n t s f c NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYD16 GULF COAST HOMES WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015

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ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY CHAPTER 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Exclusive Sales & Marketing by Wilson& AssociatesRooftop pool and fitness center. Forever views. Luxurious living. Its all part of the amazing lifestyle youll discover at Kalea Bay. The expansive residences so chic. The spacious interiors so contemporary. The open lanais with views of the Gulf of Mexico so coastal. And all those pools so cool. Priced from $1.3 million13910 Old Coast Road, Naples, FL 34110 239-793-0110 Some say the sky is the limit. We see it as just the Beginning.

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Visit us online at Yes. Were everywhere.When you want it. How you want it. Right now.Available on the iTunesTM and Google PlayTM App Stores. Florida Weekly has the largest freestanding distribution network in Southwest Florida.

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Andalucia: Naples most sought-after address FrontDoor Communities has some exciting news to share with potential buyers: its Andalucia community located in the heart of Naples has six beautiful inventory homes available for purchase. At Andalucia, buyers will find the perfect location and amazing amenities all in one. Add in the fact that these are some of the final homes remaining in Andalucia, and that they have an incredible price point not found elsewhere in Naples, and these six homes wont be on the market long. The available inventory homes at Andalucia have everything todays home buyers desire, including an affordable price. FrontDoor Communities beautiful homes are priced from the low $400,000s through the $500,000s. However, that affordable price doesnt mean that buyers will have to sacrifice luxury finishes or sought-after features. Weve worked very hard to offer new home buyers a quality-built but affordable home here at Andalucia, said Mike Taylor, division vice president for FrontDoor Communities. Weve been able to incorporate all of the great features our buyers are looking for, as well as fantastic resort-style amenities, into this community. Plus, its in the perfect location near everything that makes Naples such a desirable place to live. With all of that combined, plus homes that start at $419,000, we can offer something no other builder in Naples offers. Showcasing three different floor plans, including the award-winning Seville and Cordoba plans, the inventory homes range from 1,850 to more than 3,900 square feet, and feature oneor two-story layouts complete with twocar garages. In addition, the inventory homes offer the choice of a lake or preserve view home site. The exterior architecture is absolutely breathtaking at Andalucia. Reminiscent of Spanish missions, the homes include tiled roofs, ornamental detail, stucco finishes and arched windows and doorways. The interior features are also impressive and include tile floors, granite countertops, tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, beautiful master suites, screened lanais, second story bonus rooms or first story flex space (per plan) and much more. Andalucia is in the center of it all, just minutes from boutiques and shopping, top beaches, and several of the top golf courses in Florida. Plus, the community is included in the excellent Collier County School District. However, homeowners arent required to leave home to enjoy fantastic amenities and recreation opportunities. Amenities found within Andalucia include a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, a heated lap pool and a whirlpool spa. In addition, the community has a residents clubhouse with an open gathering room, game room and kitchen, as well as a childrens playground with basketball court. Andalucia offers everything buyers need, from a convenient location to an affordable price point. With limited opportunities remaining, now is the time to buy! The Seville Interior. The Carmona. The Clubhouse at Andalucia. Ameni BringYourHighestExpectations LIVINGSTON ROADPINE RIDGE ROAD EXIT 107WHIPPORWILL LANE N NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF NOVEMBER 19-25, 2015 GULF COAST HOMES D19

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COASTAL CONTEMPORARY TOWER & PENTHOUSE RESIDENCES FROM JUST OVER $1MUnrivaled tower amenities complemented by Bonita Bays world-class recreation, sport, social and membership opportunities.SEAGLASSATBONITABAY.COM26951 Country Club Drive | Bonita Springs | 239.301.4940 ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS MAKE REFERENCE TO THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN AND THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.Community features, amenities and pricing are approximate and subject to change without notice. The information and materials displayed on materials provided to you are solely intended to provide general information about proposed plans of WSR-Bonita Bay, LLC. These proposed plans are conceptual in nature and are subject to change or cancellation (in whole or in part) at any time without notice. Land uses, public and private facilities, improvements, and plans described or depicted on any materials are conceptual only, subject to government approvals and market factors, and subject to change without notice. Nothing in these materials obligates WSR-Bonita Bay, LLC, or any other entity to build any facilities or improvements, and there is no guarantee that any illustrated or described proposed future development will be implemented. Neither the information and materials provided to you, nor any communication made or given in connection with and of the foregoing may be deemed to constitute any representation or warranty or may otherwise be relied upon by any person or entity for any reason whatsoever. Equal Housing Opportunity. It changes everything. LIKE NOWHERE ELSE.THIS TOWER. THIS COMMUNITY. 60,000 SQ. FT. LIFESTYLE CENTER NOW OPEN!

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NEW2 Call (239) 649-2275 for reservations 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, Florida 34102 See Naples from the water on our incredible third-level sundeck or from the comfort of our climate-controlled interior salons. e Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water. 5 5

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NEW4 FINE FURNISHINGS. BRILLIANT DESIGN. LEGENDARY SERVICE.Robb & Stucky, the premier destination for exquisite home furnishings and the best and brightest interior designers, is back and better than ever. From the moment you enter our showroom, youll see why the Robb & Stucky brand has surpassed the test of time in fact, weve been creating beautiful interiors in Florida and across the globe for over one hundred years. We invite you to discover the new Robb & Stucky where its easy to Live Life...Beautifully.ROBBSTUCKY.COM NAPLES FORT MYERS SARASOTA CORAL GABLES BOCA RATON Opening 2016! FORT MYERS SHOWROOM: 13170 S. Cleveland Avenue (Route 41), Fort Myers FL 33907 | (239) 415-2800

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NEW5 *Features vary by ship. WOW is a registered trademark of Royal Caribbean International. Ships registry: The Bahamas. (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay Wilma Boyd CEO ACTION AND ADVENTURE RipCord by iFly FlowRider surf simulator SeaPlexSM indoor activity space with rst bumper cars, roller skating and ying trapeze school at sea Rock Climbing Walls Complimentary Adventure Ocean Youth Program DELECTABLE DINING Dynamic Dining: no set dining times, no required formal nights, 18 tantalizing restaurants Complimentary options, including American Icon Grill, Chic, Silk, The Grande, Coastal Kitchen and Windjammer Marketplace Specialty dining, including Wonderland, Jamies Italian by Jamie Oliver, Michaels Genuine Pub and Devinly Decadence Johnny Rockets and Sorrentos DAZZLING ENTERTAINMENT Broadway productions in the Main Theater, like Mamma Mia (Quantum of the SeasSM only) 15 Bars, clubs and lounges that never have a cover Two70SM revolutionary entertainment space Music Hall and Boleros Latin-themed lounge Casino Royale with a variety of slots and table games INNOVATIVE AMENITIES North StarSM observation capsule New Virtual Balcony staterooms Vitality SpaSM with 100+ treatments 4 pools including Solarium, an adults-only retreat 4 whirlpools State-of-the-Art Fitness Center, with classes including yoga and tai chiIntroducing: the newest ship, the OVATION OF THE SEAS. Marvel at the newest and third ship in the Quantum Class. Featuring the same groundbreaking venues as its sister ships, QUANTUM OF THE SEAS and ANTHEM OF THE SEAS, this ship is continuing to take cruisers to new heights. This is the future of cruising, and the future is here.PLEASE CALL US TODAY FOR THE BEST SAVINGS AND AMENITIES!

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NEW6 Publisher Pason Gaddis Executive Editor Jeffrey Cull Creative Director Jim Dickerson Guide Editor Keith Gibson Presentation Editor Eric Raddatz Writers Evan Williams Karen Feldman Nanci Theoret Glenn Miller Photographer Vandy Major Graphic Designers Circulation Manager Business Office Manager Kelli Carico On the cover: Dolphins enjoy Southwest Floridas waters just as many newcomers do youre lucky, youll spot one or two.NewcomersSOUTHWEST FLORIDA2016 Newcomers Guide to Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties 6 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY rff ntbfb nfffbtt ffbt bfnff ff tf rf COMING SOON! Gulf Coast Landings (Alico/Ben Hill Grifn)

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NEW7 NEW7 Florida: Bonita Springs/Estero, Cape Coral, Captiva Island, Fort Myers, Naples/Marco Island, Ocala and Sanibel Island North Carolina: Cashiers, Franklin, Highlands, Lake Glenville, Lake Toxaway, and Sapphire Valley Be our guest. Or better yet, our neighbor.SALES | VACATION RENTALS | PROPERTY MANAGEMENT With its sugary white sand beaches, sapphire blue water and brilliant tropical landscape, this corner of Florida is true to its nickname, the Paradise Coast. Every year, we welcome discerning vacationers from around the world seeking relaxation, excitement and the nest accommodations. Over two decades, Royal Shell has become a leader in luxury properties from Sanibel and Captiva in the north to Naples and Marco Island in the south. To rent for vacation, a season in the sun or all year. As well as to purchaseand have your own personal piece of paradise. So join us for a getawayand consider staying indenitely. No matter how long youre here, only Royal Shell can present you a full range of opportunities from across the region to across the globe.Vacation Rentals 239.472.9111 | Real Estate Sales and Rentals Annual & Seasonal 239.689.7653 | RSVP 20474 Newcomers Guide FINAL.indd 1 11/2/15 12:41 PM

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NEW8 8 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Here are a few spots where you can savor the flavor of Southwest Florida.OUR COMMUNITIES LOCAL FLAVOR Soutwest Florida has almost 20 distinct communities. Heres a preview of each. 20 39BE IN THE KNOWFor photos, reviews, stories, events and more, go to or get the Florida Weekly iPad app and enjoy Floridas best weekly newspaper 52 weeks a year. Southwest Florida Insider 14 Local flavor 20 Nature preserves 26 Built in SWF 34 Our communities 39 Parks 68 Not-to-miss events 72 Cultural venues 76 Health care 86 Retire in style 88 Schools 96 Top employers 98 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA INSIDER Spots off the beaten path where youll find all the unique fun our region has to offer.14

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NEW9 Music FEEDS SOULtheNothing is more nourishing to the spirit than great music. Joy, passion, inspiration, energy, fun. Maestro Raffaele Ponti DEC. 6, 2015 Cb PtnJAN. 10, 2016 TbftrfJAN. 24, 2016 MbFEB. 14, 2016 Vb Db PtnMAR. 6, 2016 BbMAR. 20, 2016 BtrAll performances are held at the Charlotte Performing Arts Center except for the Valentines Day program, which will be at the Charlotte Harbor Event Center Evening concerts begin at 7:30 PMAdditional matinee concert December 6 only begins at 2:00 PMFor pricing, seating and ticket information, please call 941-205-9743 or go to WWW.CHARLOTTESYMPHONY.COM*

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NEW10 There is still a place for a locally owned dealership to meet the community needs WHO AM I?FULL NAME: Don Gasgarth TITLE & COMPANY: President of Don Gasgarth Charlotte County Ford YEARS WITH THE COMPANY: 25 YEARS IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA: 25 NATURE OF BUSINESS: Ford Dealer EDUCATION: Broward Community College HOMETOWN: Fort LauderdaleDon GasgarthPresident of Don Gasgarth Charlotte County Ford 25 Years of Sales and Service You Can Trust! 25 Years of Sales and Service You Can Trust! Don Gasgarths Charlotte County Ford U.S. 41, 3156 TAMIAMI TRAIL, PORT CHARLOTTEToll Free: 1-888-313-9652941-625-6141 QUICK LANE: 941-625-1844 Shop 24/7 We consider serving you these past 25 years a sincere privilege! Don Gasgarth FORD ESCAPE FORD MUSTA NG FORD FOCUS FORD FUSION FORD T AURUS FORD ED GE FORD EXPED ITION FORD F -150 FORD F LEX 2016 Ford Explorer 2016 Ford Explorer How did you first get into business?A dealer offered me an opportunity to switch from working with GMAC, which was the finance arm of General Motors, to the retail side as a trainee to become a minority partner in a dealership.What are some recent trends youve seen in your industry?Americans like larger vehicles, and as gas prices have declined, the buying public has trended to larger cars, SUVs and trucks. The Internet plays into all aspects of the buying publics buying decisions.What lessons did you learn from the Great Recession? The downturn in the 2008 period was certainly an eye-opener for everyone in business. I think everyone is much more aware that the economic cycle can have dramatic downturns. Everyone must watch how leveraged they are and be able to use cost containments and be efficient even in the good times.Whats your vision for the future of your business?The purchase of an automobile is the second-largest transaction that most individuals are involved in during their lifetime, and while the Internet has changed retailing, I still believe that customers would like to purchase from a local community-involved dealer. I believe there is still a place for a locally owned dealership to meet the community needs but future consolidation by large groups will continue. I hope to be that dealer serving Southwest Florida. What new products or services will you introduce next year?I am about to complete a large renovation that will enable us to meet our customer needs in as pleasant and efficient way possible top-notch body shop service and parts departments with the latest in equipment staffed by welltrained employ ees. The sales side of Ford will continue to provide new innovative products that consumers will want. What are some of the challenges you face this year? Insurance affordability for healthcare, liability, wind, workers comp. The need to recruit the younger generation to the dealership world.What trends do you see impacting your industry in the next two to four years?The government gridlock and any downturn in the economy.How do you expect the Southwest Florida economy to grow?Tourism still plays a big part along with affordability. It looks good for the next several years.What do you look for when recruiting new talent?Honesty along with self-confidence along with verifiable references.Whats the most important business lesson youve learned?Surround yourself with good people What do you enjoy most about the job?Everything or I wouldnt do it.What would people be surprised to know about you?My motto: ask ask ask.

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NEW11 rfnftbbbrttr fttrtrtbfrtr rrbtffb rfnrfntbt rfrntbrr rrr rbfbr tbnn tbb rfr nn r r r rrrf tnn rtr r nn rtfbrr bb nn f fnn rrnbr rfrnt br r r ffnn rtrbbbr nn rtbb

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NEW12 Leslie Marsh 239-594-7245of Naples7 Night Romantic Danube Cruises from$2,056*7 Night Paris and the Heart of Normandy Cruises from$1,956*12 Night Imperial Jewels of China Cruises from$3,442*

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NEW13 The Arlington Information Center and Model The Arlington of Naples welcomes people of all faiths, beliefs and traditions. A Lutheran Life Community Serving seniors and their families for more than a century. To learn more, call or stop by today and see why so many smart people are choosing The Arlington. (239) 206-2646 Retirement.

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NEW14 14 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYHE SUN, SAND AND SURF ARE SOUTHWEST Floridas collective calling card, but dare to find and follow the roads less traveled and youll discover some hidden gems known mostly to locals. A small gallery represent ing a major artist who calls Fort Myers home, a little city with a big arts scene, an intimate shopping and restaurant district and even healing waters await. Visit these special places for an insiders perspective and unique experi ences. Unit A as in ArtFORT MYERS ARTIST MARCUS JANSENS EXHIBITION GALLERY is smaller than just a year ago. The artist, whose urban expres sionist portfolio is collected by art lovers around the world and commissioned by big-time clients such as Absolut Vodka, Ford Motor Co. and Warner Bros., has expanded his adjoin ing studio to accommodate the growing demand for his work. Should you visit the gallery by appointment or dur ing Fort Myers monthly Art Walk between 6 and 10 p.m. the first Friday each month, dont be surprised to see camera crews. The artist, known for his gritty observations and commentary on social issues and world events, is the focus of Marcus Jansen: Examine & Report, a John Scoular-directed documentary set to release in 2016. Marcus Jansen DECADE, a book highlighting more than 100 works by the artist, will be available internationally next spring. Expect book-signing events and screenings through out Southwest Florida in 2016. Marcus Jansen Gallery 1922 Evans Ave., Unit A Fort Myers (239) 240-1053 COURTESY POHTOS Its a colorful world for artist Marcus JansenSOUTHWEST FLORIDA INSIDER BY NANCI THEORETFlorida Weekly Unit A at 1922 Evans Ave. is big and beautiful.

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NEW15 BONITA SPRINGS, FORT MYERS, SARASOTA, BRANDON, TAMPA AND CLEARWATER Monday Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 12pm-5pmNaples, Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Tarpon Springs and Pinellas Park 1 0 0 % L E A T H E R . T H E R E I S A D I F F E R E N C EFLORIDA LEATHER GALLERY is one of the largest leather specialty furniture companies in the United States. Our leather stores specialize in the worlds nest leather furniture manufacturers. Our buying power guarantees you the very best value. Every style is available in the color of leather and quality of leather you want and can be made into the con guration that ts your space. We offer a complete design service down to the last detail. Our highly trained consultants are true experts in leather furniture and will guide you in selecting the appropriate leather for your lifestyle. Visit one of our spectacular showrooms today!

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NEW16 16 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYArts for everyoneThe Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs has helped adults and students channel their inner artist for more than 50 years. Started by a small group of artists who met monthly, the nonprofit has grown into a super sized creative venue for visual and performing arts, offering exhibitions and art classes at the Center for the Visual Arts on its original 10-acre campus and the $3.3 million, 30,000-square-foot Center for Performing Arts, which last year debuted its inaugural season of local and national theater productions, music, dance and film. This season promises to be bigger and better as the centers host the Bonita Springs International Film Fes tival and the Bonita Springs National Art Festival, both in February, and bring the movements and sounds of Motown and flamenco to center stage as well as performances of Arsenic and Old Lace and Assisted Living the Musical. Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs Visual Arts, 26100 Old 41 Road Performing Arts, 10150 Bonita Beach Road Bonita Springs (239) 495-8989 Explore the original Old NaplesOften referred to as the original Old Naples, Crayton Cove packs history, the waterfront, shopping, art galleries and res taurants into just a few blocks. The site of the citys first boat land ing and former fish processing center, Naples City Dock along Naples Bay today offers fish ing charters and sightseeing adventures in search of dolphins, manatees and sunsets. The tours also provide a glimpse into the backyards of Naples most exclusive homes in Port Royal en route to the gulf. From its main intersection of 12th Avenue South and Eighth Street East, venture in any direction. Discover nautical and maritime merchandise at Naples Ships Store and original works by local artists at Arsenault Gallery, ArtGallery OldNaples2, Guess-Fisher Gal lery, Phil Fisher Gallery and Nora Butler Gallery all of which stay open late the second Saturday of the month for Art after Dark. Francophiles will find authentic French cuisine, wine classes and private tastings at Bleu Provence, and French home-style cooking and a breezy terrace at Chez Boet. Since 1976, The Dock at Crayton Cove has served up the quintessential Southwest Florida alfresco waterfront dining experience accompanied by its beloved seafood dishes and raw bar. Each restaurant in Cray ton Cove also offers the delish Crayton Cove clas sic daiquiri, a sweet-andsour combo of lime juice, simple syrup and rum. Crayton Cove 12th Avenue South and Eighth Street East Naples Bonita Arts Chamber Music Series Bonita Arts red xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCOURTESY POHTOS

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NEW17 24201 Walden Center Dr., Ste 101 Bonita Springs, FL 34134 (239) 908-5870 | *LMCU will match any legitimate competitors offer, or credit the borrower $300 off closing costs. This credit union is federally insured by the NCUA. Welcome to the neighborhood!Lake Michigan Credit Union is now in southwest Florida, serving Bonita Springs, Naples and surrounding Gulf Shore communities. LMCU made the decision to expand into Florida, based in large part on the significant number of existing LMCU members who call Florida home during the winter season. With one of the most comprehensive suites of mortgage products available anywhere, LMCU Mortgage of Florida brings vast expertise and documented stability. Our Guaranteed Low Mortgage Rate*promise ensures you will always get the best rates and lowest closing costs possible. Call us today! Well show you around the neighborhood and help you get into the home of your dreams.

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NEW18 18 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYTake a dip for your hip or whatever ails yaLocals swear by the healing powers of Warm Min eral Springs, chock full of 51 minerals and always set to a relaxing 87 degrees year-round (no solar panels needed). As Floridas only naturally formed, warmwater mineral spring, its 1.4 acres also make it the larg est in the world with the third-highest concentration of health-boasting minerals globally. Open seven days a week (weather permitting) from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., the North Port attraction offers graband-go food and drinks, a gift shop and morning water aerobics classes. Expect onsite massage services in 2016, says Assistant City Manager Daniel Schult. Day passes are $20 for adults, $15 for students ages 6 to 17 and $10 for children younger than 5 with reduced pricing for North Port and Sarasota County residents. Ten-day passes and year-round memberships are also available. Warm Mineral Springs 12200 San Servando Ave. North Port (941) 426-1692 Go with the flow at Warm Mineral Springs The 1.4-acre spring is the worlds largest.COURTESY POHTOS

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NEW20 20 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYNCE UPON A TIME, PEOPLE ATE FOOD THAT traveled from the fields directly to their tables. They didnt need a name for this practice because that was the only option. But as large commercial farms and third-party distributors flourished, food from distant portions of the globe became available and the age-old concept of farm-to-table fare disappeared. Its a wonderful thing that the old ways are returning, with chefs seeking out locally grown meats and produce from farmers who believe passionately in fresh food full of flavor and nutrition. Add locally harvested seafood and theres even more to celebrate as producers, consumers and the environment all benefit. In some cases, chefs are even growing some of their own food. Here are a few spots where you can savor the flavor of Southwest Florida:From the mouths of babesAt Veranda E at The Escalante in Naples, much of the fresh produce comes directly from the restaurants 3,000-square-foot garden to Executive Chef Bry an Suttons kitchen. This year, hes growing herbs, beets, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and even planting bananas and trees that will bear papayas and Meyer lemons. I learned a lot last year, Mr. Sutton says. This year, Im doing most of the planting myself, and its going well. The radishes came up in just three days and everything looks great. The produce is grown organically, using natural substances such as peppermint oil, marigolds, coffee grinds and eggshells (Slugs dont like eggs, Mr Sutton says) to control pests. He decided to start the garden after getting a disturbing reply from his children to the question, Where does OGARTH FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHYBY KAREN FELDMANFlorida Weekly LOCAL FLAVOR Bryan Sutton of Veranda E

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NEW21 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 21corn come from? It comes from Publix, they said. I knew we had a lot of work to do, he says. Find your way to the charming, lushly landscaped, covered courtyard, settle into a table overlooking the pool and prepare for a stellar meal that will include justpicked veggies (what they dont grow they procure from other local farms) as well as pink shrimp from the gulf and grouper and snapper caught in Florida waters. My theory is if youre using good product, you dont have to do a lot to it, Mr. Sutton says. You dont have to cover it with lots of sauces. Its beautiful on its own. That applies to everything on the menu, including the restaurants signature kung pao calamari, served perfectly fried with a lightly spicy sauce, peanuts and little hot peppers. It also applies to short ribs that are marinated then slow-cooked for hours until the fat melts away, leaving them fork-tender and luscious. Finish off the meal with house-made lemon-ginger ice cream and fresh berries and then take a tour of the garden.Veranda E The Escalante 290 Fifth Ave. South Naples (239) 325-3474 it both waysWhether you are looking to gather the goods for a meal at home or want someone else to handle the cooking, its a good bet that you can find it at DeRomos. The sprawling market offers a cornucopia of gourmet items, including homemade sausage, mozzarella and pastas, imported cheeses, wines, produce, meats, seafood, baked Francis Cuomo of DeRomos

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NEW22 22 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYgoods and gift baskets. At the adjoining restaurant, you can dine on dishes made with many of the same products, including gulfcaught shrimp, local herbs, tomatoes and other produce. We buy anything local and organic we can find, says owner Francis Cuomo, whose dream was to bring a great fresh product, homemade recipes and a unique concept coupling a market with a restaurant to the area. The result is the 18,000-square-foot establishment he opened in October 2014 at Promenade at Bonita Bay. Mr. Cuomo has had decades of restaurant and catering experience in New York and on Floridas east coast, and he has brought the best of those efforts to DeRomos. So in addition to the standard Italian fare, diners will also find his signature dishes, such as Linguini Villagio (grilled chicken with roasted pine nuts, spinach, sauted onions, pomodoro and Parmesan cheese over pasta), Chicken Cuomo (sauted chicken cutlet with seasoned ricotta, pr osciutto breaded eggplant and mozzar ella in pink sauce) and a dish Mr. Cuomo says was acclaimed by The New York Times called Veal Schantinella (veal medallions, jumbo shrimp and sea scallops in a golden sherry basil cream sauce over risotto). DeRomos operates The Center Bar at The Promenade, offering live entertainment some nights, and a giftware center as well. DeRomos Gourmet Market and Restaurant The Promenade 26811 Bay Drive Bonita Springs (239) 325-3583 deromos.comThe menu never gets staleChef Harold Balink has long been known in the Fort Myers area for his use of prime ingredients combined in imaginative ways. For the past few years, he has headed up the stylish Cru at Bell Tower Shops. But he recently decided to part ways with the restaurant, where he oversaw 45 employees, in favor of a smaller space he could call his own. Harolds opened in early October in the south Fort Myers spot previously occupied by Blue Windows French Bistro, which moved to Sanibel. Mr. Balink has made farm-to-table dining the central theme of his new place, working with Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm to supply chicken, pork and a majority of the vegetables he serves. And, of course, hes also harvesting bounty from the sea. Even the invasive and delicious lionfish has found its way onto his menu. Im cooking every night, Mr. Balink says. Hes also working to bring in the sort of romance of his previous downtown restaurants, Harolds on Bay and H2. The menu will change regularly, reflecting the availability of products. His opening menu included such delicacies as carrot banana curry, crispy lotus, ginger and seared scallop; roasted beets, apples, hazelnut goat cheese and poached farm egg; house-made almond ricotta angolotti, seared scallops and brown butter; braised fennel, saffron and tomato with seared lionfish; and house-made linguini with roasted Chanterelle and Rosy Tomorrows Red Ranger chicken. The cozy little restaurant is open for dinner only starting at 5 p.m. Dont even think about going without a reservation.Harolds 15250 S. Tamiami Trail Fort Myers (239) 849-0622 or on FacebookSouthern food gets a stylish twist in downtown Punta Gorda A soulful gumbo of experienced food folks is responsible for Punta Gordas newest cool spot, Leroys Southern Kitchen-Bar. Owners Bob Mulroy (Fathoms/The Joint, Blue Coyote) and Lee Richardson (Food Zoo) along with Chef Rich Howze (Rumrunners, Meredays) have created this wood-filled watering hole and restaurant. Offering a pinch of soul, a dash of hip and a whole lot of lovin, according to its website, Leroys is attracting a crowd hungry for crawfish beignets, house-made sausages, poboys, etouffee and other Southern delights. Were just a few miles from several farms and theres a rural feel to parts of the area, Mr. Mulroy says. We get our pork from a pig farmer right outside of the city who raises heritage hogs. GARTH FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHYHarold Balink of Harolds

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NEW23 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 23They buy local tomatoes and produce whenever possible and serve up Pine Island clams with andouille, white wine, tomatoes and Tabasco. Having opened in early September, they find the fried chicken is our top seller, along with fried green tomatoes and pork and pancakes (sweet corn pancakes with pulled pork, hot sauce and seasoned vinegar). And, he says proudly, We boast the largest selection of fine bourbons in Southwest Florida. Mr. Howze is making his own sausage (a recent offering was pork with mushrooms and truffles) and crafting specials such as black grouper with crawfish and cornbread stuffing. Leroys is open for lunch and dinner every day and offers Sunday brunch 10 a.m.-2 p.m.Leroys Southern Kitchen-Bar 201 W. Marion Ave. Punta Gorda (941) 505-2489 Leroyssouthernkitchenandbar.comGARTH FRANCIS PHOTOGRAPHY 239.261.4332 NAPLESCLUBSUSHI.COM Executive Chef Esteban Arguedas NAPLESFUJIYAMA.COM 239.261.4332 239.263.7254NAPLESHAROLDSPLACE.COM2555 TAMIAMI TRAIL N., NAPLES, FL 34103 Peoples Choice Award Best in the West by Gulfshore Life Magazine Talk of the Town LOCALLY INSPIRED, AWESOMELY FRESH. Rated #1 BURGER for 20 years in a row by Naples Daily News & Gulfshore Life Magazine!COURTESY PHOTOSLeroys Southern Kitchen-Bar

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NEW24 Oering extraordinary Alzheimers and dementia care is very important to us at Bayshore Memory Care. Were dedicated to making your loved one feel at home and cared for by providing daily enrichment for the mind, body, and spirit. And because this can be an overwhelming journey, weve compiled a complimentary Dementia Caregiver Tool Kit to help you. To receive a personal kit of your own, stop in or call (239) 777-9877.Bayshore Memory Care Brings e Best to Naples.Receive a FREE Caregiver Tool Kit! BAYSHOREMEM ORYCARE.COM 1260 Creekside Boulevard East | Naples, FL 34109 (239) 777-9877 | EMAIL: ALF license # pendingWeeklyPhysiciansDirectory/10/15 Caring. Sharing. Understanding.

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NEW25 Barbara M. Pizzolato, Esq. Protecting The People You Love And The Assets You Own For nearly three decades, Barbara M. Pizzolato has put her clients rst. She has assisted thousands of families and business owners with their estate planning, trust administration, probate, and business planning needs. As their lawyer for life, she establishes long-lasting, personal relationships with her clients. She will work with you in a collaborative way to guide you through difcult and complicated personal and business matters, and work tirelessly to help you achieve your long-term goals. She will devote the time it takes to get to know you, understand your concerns and desires, and design a custom plan of action best suited to your particular needs. We invite you to visit our website,, for additional information about our rm and particular topics that may be of interest to you. There, you can register to attend one of our free Living Trust Seminars, which seminars we hold monthly throughout Southwest Florida. 12751 New Brittany Blvd., Suite 402 Fort Myers, FL 33907 4851 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 252 Naples, FL 34103BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

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NEW26 26 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYCaloosahatchee Regional ParkHIS BEAUTIFUL PARK OF 768 ACRES INCLUDES A MILE of traditionally wild Caloosahatchee riverfront on the south side of State Road 78, with a fishing pier, floating dock, primitive campground and kayak rentals as well as a covered pavilion and other shelters for events such as weddings or family barbecues. Hiking trails lace the wooded onshore section of this park. The north side of the park, with its own entrance off SR 78, includes miles of trails for mountain biking and horseback riding. Trails and well-marked directional signs ensure that bicyclists and equestrians do not compete for space on the winding, hilly course, and all trails are moving the same direction. The mountain-bike trail in particular is considered the best in the region, with less-rugged and more-rugged terrain challenges for every skill and age level. Helmets are absolutely required for those 16 and younger,. The park hosts a variety of wildlife, including deer, otters, foxes, bobcats, the occasional black bear and numerous other species all inhabiting the natural mix of pine flatwoods, scrub oak, cypress swamps and oak hammocks. Parking is $1 per hour or $5 per day, year-round. Biking trails are closed during or after rainy weather to help preserve the trails and protect bicyclists.Caloosahatchee Regional Park 19130 North River Road/SR 78 (239) 694-0398 leeparks.orgTNATURE PRESERVES COURTESY PHOTO Caloosahatchee Regional Park

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NEW27 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 27 Babcock Ranch Preserve This extraordinary gem of preserved wilderness includes more than 73,000 acres of public land that represents one of the largest purchases ever made by the state of Florida in the interests of conservation. Remarkably, it also adjoins 65,000 acres of the Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area. Located in the northern drainage basin for the Caloosahatchee River and straddling northern Lee and southern Charlotte counties, the huge preserve offers hunting and fishing, hiking, bicycle and horseback riding and wildlife viewing, all of which can be enjoyed while the preserves wetlands do their traditional work: of recharging the aquifer for Southwest Florida and nourishing the western Everglades. The preserve includes wet and dry pine flatwoods, prairie and cypress domes and swamps and a breathtaking array of wildlife: white-tailed deer, black bears, native Osceola turkeys, northern bobwhite quails, and protected species such as crested caracaras, gopher tortoises, red-cockaded woodpeckers, Eastern indigo snakes, burrowing owls and Florida panthers. Unlike many other parks or preserves, dogs can accompany hikers as long as theyre kept under physical control. Babcock, under an arrangement with the state, remains a working cattle ranch and farming operation, so visitors are asked to leave cows alone and to respect ranchers and workers. Babcock Ranch, meanwhile, is a private development company with plans to build homes and golf courses on 17,000 adjoining acres.Babcock Ranch Preserve State Road 31 extending north of State Road 78 (863) 648-3200 f or information from the state (800) 500-5583 for information from a private tour company Babcock Wilderness Adventures or babcock-ranch/ Pick-up subject to geographic and other restrictions. 2015 Enterprise Rent-A-Car G02212 10./15Whether you need a car, truck or van, Enterprise is the perfect choice. 1 800 rent-a-car Proudly serving Southwest Florida.

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28 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYRookery Bay Environmental Estuarine Research Reserve This dazzling, water-dependent world of 110,000 acres lies on the northern nose of the Ten Thousand Islands, with Florida Bay the ultimate destination of the great River of Grass, as the late environmental champion Marjorie Stoneman Douglas called the Everglades. The reserve contains miles of pristine mangrove forests, which makes it one of the few remaining mangrove estuaries in North America. There are some 150 bird species living here and the mean depth of the water is a meter. Visitors can take small-motor boat tours (boats carry six passengers) of various environments in the reserve for $89, or $79 for non-members; or two-hour guided kayak tours for $59 (or $49 for non-members) that include the guide, kayak, paddle and life jackets. For those who wish to explore on their own, a marked paddling trail begins at the mouth of Henderson Creek near the Environmental Learning Center. There also is a small-boat launch (primitive) at the end of Shell Island Road, which begins two miles south of the Learning Center. But boats or kayaks are not the only way to see the reserve; several hiking trails are also marked. Those who wish to camp will have access to one of nine sites accessible by boat or kayak, located at remote points where the mangroves meet the sea.Rookery Bay Environmental Estuarine Research Reserve 300 Tower Road, Naples (239) 530-5940 COURTESY PHOTO Rookery Bay

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NEW30 30 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY COURTESY PHOTOButterflies abound at the Bonita Nature Place Butterfly Garden.The Bonita Nature PlaceThis beautiful, not well-known treasure lies along the Imperial River, with access for paddlers to reach the celebrated blueways water course and the southern reaches of the Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed, or CREW, of about 60,000 acres. Open from 8 a.m. to dusk every day, the Bonita Nature Place is home to numerous active gopher tortoise nests and a number of bee hives, including one in the Bee House, where an observation hive of European honeybees is said to be thriving. Visitors might also enjoy seeing the Bat House and the Butterfly Garden, which is actually two gardens: the main garden features native plants and the secondary garden features Florida-friendly plants.The Bonita Nature Place 27601 Kent Road Bonita Springs (239) 992-2556 like us facebook, Indulge In a Sweet Treat! Say hello (and yum) toCARAMELIZED HAZELNUT! Try a NEW chocolate Dipped FruitTM box, or add Caramelized Hazelnut bananas or apples to any arrangement. Fort Myers (239)437-8480 North Fort Myers (239)997-3784 Bonita Springs (239)676-9911 Naples (239)643-7070 Restrictions may apply. See store for details. Edible Arrangements, the Fruit Basket Logo, and other marks mentioned herein are registered trademarks of Edible Arrangements, LLC. Edible Arrangements, LLC. All rights reserved. Please call our stores for our exclusive offers!

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NEW31 RE/MAX Harbor Realty1133 Bal Harbor Boulevard Punta Gorda, Florida 33950 Call CAPTAINMISSY BEC 941-661-0002 T ODAY! Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your CAPTAIN Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your Dream Home? Looking for your Looking for your Looking for your NATURAL HEALING 24451 Sandhill Blvd, Suite B at Kings Highway, Port Charlottewww.shh.abmp.com941.235.8929We believe in Health Discovery by utilizing alternative therapies to Enhance Natural Healing We believe in Health Discovery Srving he alotte County Comunity since 1992Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture | Massage Skincarealso known as Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging, a complimentary technique utilizing infrared camera Medical Thermography I stand behind what I sell Cars, Trucks, Vans, Sheds, Trailers & More!MANY MAKES AND MODELS AVAILABLE! 45MATTAS MOTORS941-916-9222 MATTAS MOTORS Also visit Train Depot Museum and Antique Mall, 1009 Taylor Rd. Open Tue-Sat 10-4pm Womans Club Building, 118 Sullivan Street, Open Mon-Fri 10-2p.m. PUNTA GORDA HISTORICAL S OCIETY The Punta Gorda Historical Societyhas been preserving historic buildings in Punta Gorda for over 20 years. Through the efforts of its members the Society has provided information on local history. Some examples include...

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NEW32 ALL ABOUT CLOSETSWe Create Function and Storage with Style. Call for a Free Professional Design Consultation! 239.303.5829WWW.ALLABOUTCLOSETS.COM Innovative Design. Impeccable Craftsmanship. Flawless Service.

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NEW33 Automated roll-up screens for residential and commercial applications are the newest technology for large openings. At the touch of a button they provide the ideal environment for insect, sun and/or privacy control. When the screens are lowered there is minimal reduction in ambient light, outward visibility and air ow while keeping out windblown debris, insects, and other pesky critters. When not in use they vanish to leave a completely unobstructed view of nature. S S t a a n d d a r r d F F F e a a t u u r e e s : Customized Widths up to 21 Heights up to 16 Vanishes From Sight When Not In Use Powder-Coated Extruded Aluminum Components Superior Design and Construction Four Standard Colors and Custom Colors Available Easy Remote Control Operation Included Dont let an ugly screen ruin your view of Paradise! ALSO AVAILABLE! SUNESTA RETRACTABLE PATIO AWNING AND THE SUNCOVERTM & SUNPLUSTM RETRACTABLE SHELTERS B B e c c a u u s e e e Y Y o u u r H H o m m e i i s Y Y o u u u r C a a s t l l e 239-30 4 4 4 4 6 6 2 2 0 0

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NEW34 Median home prices: Second Quarter 2015Cape Coral-Fort Myers MSA $218,000 Year-over-year change: 9.1 percent Naples-Marco Island MSA $423.000 Year-over-year change: 4.4 percent Punta Gorda MSA $167.000 Year-over-year change: 8.9 percent BUILT IN SWFLCOURTESY PHOTOS 34 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYSouthwest Floridas living options will suit any budget and style. All you have to do is take your pick.

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NEW35 PREMIER SOTHEBYS INTERNATIONAL REALTY RENTAL DIVISION Backed by 60+ years of local expertise and the resources of a global brand, our Rental Division experts oer a full range of professional services designed to exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele. Along with natural and cultural amenities to suit every age and interest, Naples oers numerous luxury properties available for shortand long-term accommodations. Our associates welcome the opportunity to provide the most exceptional vacation experiences possible. To explore our portfolio of Naples-ar ea properties, visit or stop by one of 12 local oces. ..The demand for rentals in our coastal markets continues to grow, creating excellent opportunities for us to provide exemplary service and earn the loyalty and future patronage of our owners and guests. Scott Dougherty Managing Broker Rentals LIVE LIKE A

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NEW37 FREE Samples Fresh Picked Citrus and Freshly Squeezed Juice, Specialty Foods, Premium Fruit Wines and Unique Gifts. Cit r Pre m Fresh Picked C Fres Fr Fre res es h Specialty Foods, P Sp Spe Located Inside 800-743-1480 Sun Harvest CitrusThe Best of Florida is Here!I n Fort Myers, just down the road from the Twins stadium, where Metro Parkway meets Six Mile Cypress, lies one of Southwest Floridas sweetest discoveries: Sun Harvest Citrus. It is the product of crossing gift fruit with gourmet, touristy with tasteful. To locals, the store is a staple; to visitors, a haven; to its 4th generation family owners, a legacy. The Sun Harvest experience begins with a stroll through sliding doors into a refreshing, 5000 square foot, market-style retail store, where the aroma of citrus lingers pleasantly. The atmosphere is bright and friendly. Following the orange scent, the curious customer soon nds himself enjoying cut wedges of fresh Florida citrus, and imbibing samples of citrus juices squeezed on the premises (ve avors in all). It is perhaps for this feature that one Facebook fan dubbed Sun Harvest the best bar in town -teetotaler friendly, of course. The word fresh, when used to describe Sun Harvests citrus is no overstatement. The fruit ships across the state on the day its harvested from the companys family-owned, Indian River groves. After being processed in Sun Harvests onsite packing house, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and tangelos arrive at one of three destinations: the gift fruit line-up, the retail store, or the juice room, which visitors can view through a large window in the back. The fruit, hand selected for premium quality, draws a crowd of its own. But what makes this store even more delightful is its dimension. In addition to citrus, patrons encounter a long line of specialty foods and gifts, including gourmet treats, premium fruit wines, soft serve ice cream, smoothies, candies, and decorative home items. Novelties abound, nicely tempered by tradition, and a full service Post Office sits just off the retail floor, adding convenience to the stores already long list of virtues.ADVERTORIAL

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NEW38 Where Health &Wellness Meet Beauty Full Service Medical Spa Our mission is to make patient satisfaction a priority amongst your health and wellness needs and to make your journey as stress-free as possible.U First Surgical Center AAAASF Certified Inclusive ONE PRICE PackagesCall for your consultation today! Now Accepting New Patients! FORT MYERS CAPE CORAL NAPLES ESTERO NATIONWIDE: 877-UFIRSTHEALTH12640 WORLD PLAZA LANE, BUILDING 71, FORT MYERS, FL 33907 Anne Lord-Tomas D.O., FACOOGGYNECOLOGY/AESTHETICSFeminine Rejuvenation Procedures Bioidentical Hormones/Pellets Gyn Exam/Birth Control Body Contouring Botox/Fillers Robert E. Tomas D.O., FACOSGENERAL/COSMETIC SURGERYNo Mesh Hernia Surgery Hernia Repair Specialist SmartLipo-Liposuction Body Contouring Abdominoplasty Tummy Tuck

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NEW39 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 39Sanibel-CaptivaHEY SEEM ALMOST AS ONE, THESE IDYLLIC, SUNsplashed barrier islands just off the Lee Coun ty coast. Theyre both dotted with palm trees and beaches, lovely homes, fine restaurants and resorts. Now, their connection is a bridge and a chamber of commerce and the feeling of sub tropical tranquility. Actually, until a 1926 hurricane blasted them apart, they were one island. Now, theyre two, but they share a lifestyle and more. Until 1963, the islands could be reached only by boat. But a causeway linked Sanibel to the mainland in 1963 and many things changed. More people moved there and more tourists visited. Many of those residents and visitors are often spot ted doing the Sanibel Stoop, walking along an island beach collecting shells. Sanibel is one of the worlds top shelling destinations and home of the Bailey-Mathews National Shell Museum, the only such museum in the country. Sanibel is also home to J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, a pristine retreat where more than 220 species of birds can be found. Its all just a convenient drive over a bridge from the mainland.T COMMUNITIES COURTESY PHOTOS Sanibel Island is a favorite destination of Arthur Frommer, founder of Frommers travel guides and Arthur Frommers Budget Travel.

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NEW41 NEW40 40 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYFort MyersFort Myers was incorporated in 1885 with a population of 349, and two years later, became the county seat when Lee County was carved out of what was then Monroe County. Then, it was little more than a cow town of a few ramshackle buildings hugging the river. The downtown area along the Caloosahatchee is now known as the River District and borders the governmen tal hub of the county with city, county, state and federal offices. The city offers a vibrant, diverse arts scene. Florida Rep, one of the nations top repertory companies, is based in the downtown Arcade Building, which opened in 1908. Theater-rich Fort Myers also offers the Broad way Palm Dinner Theatre, Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Theatre Conspiracy and Laboratory Theatre. The River District is speckled with architectural gems such as the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, the Bur roughs Home (built in 1901) and the Lee County Court house, which was constructed in 1915. Two Major League Baseball teams, the Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins, have spring training in Fort Myers. EsteroEstero used to be little more than a wide spot on U.S. 41 between Fort Myers and Naples, an unincorporated place to grow oranges and fish the Estero River. But since Dec. 31, 2014, it is now the Village of Estero, Lee Countys newest incorporated community. Estero is bustling beyond what anybody might have imagined even very late in the 20th century. Its virtu ally the economic centerpiece of Southwest Florida now that Hertz has moved its global headquarters to the heart of the village. The company has a $70 million, 300,000-square foot complex within walking distance of Coconut Point Mall. A short jaunt north of Hertz is a new 180,000-square foot Walmart Supercenter. Throughout, Estero brims with shopping, movies, fine dining and hotels. But bits of the past remain at the Koreshan State His toric Site, which preserves 11 old buildings that provide a glimpse into history. The Koreshan Unity was a reli gious cult founded by Cyrus Teed that moved to Estero in 1894. The Koreshans are gone now, but a growing, vibrant community where business mixes with pleasure remains.sFD ASFASFSAFS ASsasd gfaasdfasdf The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center is an architectural splendor.

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NEW41 Exceptional Wateront Dining One-of-a-Kind Concrete Boathouse Relaxed Attire Nautical and Social Events On-Board Catering Customized Boating Services Less than 10 Minutes om Gordon Pass Discounted Fuel On-Site Unlimited In/Out Services 7065 Hamilton Ave. | Naples, FL 34112 Visit HamiltonHarborYachtClub.com239-775-0506 A DAY ON THE WATER BEGINS AND ENDS A DAY ON THE WATER Perfect AT HAMILTON HARBOR YACHT CLUB SOCIAL AND SLIP MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 41Bonita SpringsThis golf mecca in southern Lee County is much more than tee boxes and greens. Indeed, there are numerous golf courses throughout the 39 or so square miles of Bonita Springs; they are beautiful courses, too many to name here without omitting some. Heck, theres even a disc golf course at the Bonita Springs Recreation Center. But Bonita Springs is much more than golf or fishing or boating, and its getting better all the time. The Centers for the Arts by its name tells you it is about arts in the plural. Film festivals. Art shows. Adult education. Pottery classes. Bonita Springs, which became an incorporated city in 2000, is spruc ing up the downtown area straddling Old 41 Road with a redevelopment program. Longtime residents know their city has come a long way in a short period of time. In 1970, the population was just a bit shy of 2,000. Today, its more than 49,000. Any mention of Bonita Springs must include the Everglades Wonder Gardens, a throwback to old Florida roadside attractions. It opened in 1936 and is still right there today along Old 41. Bonita Springs NEW40

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NEW42 42 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYCape CoralOnly a little more than half a century ago, there was no place called Cape Coral. Two visionary Baltimore businessmen and brothers, Leonard and Jack Rosen, essentially created a city by buying a huge swath of land, bulldozing trees and dig ging one of the worlds most extensive canal systems. Then, the people started coming. And they havent stopped. Now, the 1957 creation by those Baltimore boys is the largest city in Southwest Florida in size and population, a community of more than 160,000 people spread over 120 square miles. It is now home to four public high schools, theaters, shopping, highways and businesses of all sorts. Where once locals hunted and fished in a vast expanse of pine trees and palmettos, it is now a place where peo ple of all ages shop, dine, work, raise families and enjoy retirement. The Rosen brothers might not recognize what they created along the shores of the Caloosahatchee and Pine Island Sound all those years ago, but they surely must have envisioned it. AlvaThis rural, unincorporated swath of Lee County east of Fort Myers is a retreat reminiscent of a bygone Flor ida, a place of citrus groves, cattle, oak trees and trails where residents can ride horses through woodlands. An assumption many newcomers make is this town must be named for Thomas Alva Edison, the legendary inventor who owned a winter home in Fort Myers. Not so. Peter Nelson, a sea captain, Danish immigrant and rugged Florida pioneer, chose the name, and it has noth ing to do with Mr. Edison. Mr. Nelson chose the name because of small white flowers, called alvas, that he found. So Alva it became in the late-19th century, and Alva it remains today. Residents want to preserve Alvas unique charms and have created a website ( On top of the home page is this mission statement: Dedicated to preserving the tranquility and beauty of Alva. The website also notes Alva has a unique historical, rural, agricultural and equestrian ambience. No big condos, overpasses or shopping malls here. Alva was beautiful when Peter Nelson first ventured up the river in the 1880s, and remains much the same today. With more than 400 miles of canals, Cape Coral is perfect for those who enjoy water recreation.

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NEW44 44 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYLehigh AcresIn some ways, Lehigh Acres resembles Cape Coral. Both were created by visionary northern businessmen in the 1950s and have grown beyond what anybody could have predicted 60 years ago. But while residents of Cape Coral long ago became an incorporated city, Lehigh Acres remains an unincorpo rated, 86-square-mile tract of eastern Lee County that about 96,000 people call home. Lehigh Acres origins can be traced back to the days when Dwight Eisenhower was president and television was in black and white. Thats when Chicago business man Lee Ratner bought 18,000 acres of scrubland and pine trees east of Fort Myers. Few people lived there at the time. Even before that, what is now Lehigh Acres became known to thousands of young Americans who were stationed at Buckingham Army Airfield, an Army Air Forces training base during World War II. Now, Lehigh Acres is known as a community where housing is affordable, and its location just east of I-75 puts it within easy driving distance of downtown Fort Myers, Southwest Florida International Airport, Florida Gulf Coast University, the beaches and golf courses.Pine IslandThis 18-mile-long stretch is Floridas largest island. But its more than the answer to a state geography trivia question. Pine Island is a glimpse into Floridas past, to a time before high-rise condos and five-star resorts. It has five communities, each with its own charms, from Bokeelia to the north to St. James City to the south. In between is Pine Island Center, where motorists drive into the islands heart and reach the fork. Head north, and a left turn takes one to Pineland; its setting overlooking Pine Island Sound is arguably the most beautiful view in Lee County. Before driving onto the island, motorists go through Matlacha, a fishing village-turned-art colony on a sepa rate small island that, for the record, is pronounced, mat-la-SHAY. Check out Matlachas art galleries, bars and restaurants before or after visiting the four other communities. Visitors can walk from any of the galleries to a bridge connecting Matlacha and the island, a span nicknamed The Fishingest Bridge in the World. Yes, the fishing is great on Pine Island as are many things.Florida-inspired artist Leoma Lovegrove, top left, is one of the artistic attractions of Matlacha. ERIC RAXDATZ / FLORIDA WEEKLY

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NEW45 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 5 5 5 5 5 5

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NEW46 NEW47 46 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYFort Myers BeachDont get confused. Fort Myers Beach is located on Estero Island. The bridge connecting it to the mainland is called the Matanzas Pass Bridge. The Town of Fort Myers Beach was incorporated in 1995. The island is a seven-mile-long playground of beaches, hotels, restaurants and shops. The island also has a rich history. Long before the first Europeans reached what is known now as Fort Myers Beach in the 1500s, the native Calusa resided on the island. Remnants of their time and culture are visible at the Mound House, an early 20th-century house built atop one of the mounds the Calusa tucked away from the main road. The primary road along the island is Estero Boulevard, where most of the Beachs hotels, shops and restaurants are located. Near the islands north end is a pedestrian-friendly shopping and dining district known as Times Square. Its all here on Estero Island, aka the Town of Fort Myers Beach.North Fort MyersFrom North Fort Myers shores on the Caloosahatchee, the skyline of downtown Fort Myers is clearly visible. Thats the city over there. Business and life are differ ent on the north side of the river with fine waterfront homes, restaurants, shops and treasures of all sorts in this unincorporated part of Lee County mixing with the farms of rural Florida. The Shell Factory & Nature Park has been an iconic attraction in North Fort Myers for 78 years.

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NEW46 NEW47 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 47Over to the east of Interstate 75 is the venerable Lee Civic Center, home to a wide array of activities. The center is used for events such as the Southwest Florida and Lee County Fair, concerts, gun shows, craft fairs, RV shows and more. Another classic venue in North Fort Myers is the Shell Factory & Nature Park, a tourist stop for decades and a place for locals to eat and listen to music. Yes, North Fort Myers has its attractions, but venture off U.S. 41 and I-75 and youll find charming rural settings with names such as Rosy Tomorrows Heritage Farm and the Echo Global Farm. When one ventures into these farms and private ranches, the city seems farther than just a river crossing away.Boca GrandeThis tony resort on Gasparilla Island is an outpost of charm, grace and wealth. The Wall Street Journal once called it the preppiest place on Earth. Boca Grandes downtown district is a haven of small shops and cafes, far removed from the malls and chain restaurants dotting many other Florida communi ties. No high-rise condos touch the sky above Boca Grande. The centerpiece of town is the rustic Gasparilla Inn, which opened in 1911. The resort has three croquet lawns and is home to the Gasparilla Inn Mallet Club. Interest ed? The inn offers a fall spa package for $430 a night, but in January, that increases to $505. Boca Grande has long been a retreat for the elite, from business leaders to politicians and even movie stars; actress Katharine Hepburn was a regular in town in the 1980s. Its not all about kicking back on the beach here. The village offers a bicycle path and is home to the Worlds Richest Tarpon Tournament, where entry fee per boat is $5,000. Boca Grande on Gasparilla Island is as exclusive as it gets in Southwest Florida.

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NEW48 48 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYPunta GordaIn Punta Gorda, time is divided between now and B.C., or Before Charley, the powerful hurricane that barreled through the city in 2004. In the wake of the storm, Punta Gorda essentially rein vented itself. An organization called TEAM Punta Gorda was formed to help the citys recovery. The city still retains that old-time Florida feel with an historic district near a charming downtown. With a pop ulation of about 17,000, it remains the only incorporated community in Charlotte County. Although small, Punta Gorda offers much in the way of beauty, art and culture. The city is nestled along the water where the Peace River meets Charlotte Harbor. The Charlotte Symphony Orchestra provides a dose of class and classical music. One of the big changes since Hurricane Charley was the addition of the Charlotte Harbor & Event Center on the waterfront, a venue for all sorts of activities. The center is a short walk from downtown restaurants, shops and galleries. Yes, Hurricane Charley was a destructive intruder, but it left behind a determined community that has used the 11-plus years since to reinvent and improve itself.Port CharlotteWhen Forbes magazine recently named the best 25 places to retire in America, Port Charlotte was on the list. Forbes noted that the cost of living is 8 percent lower in Port Charlotte than the rest of the country, and the unincorporated community has above-average air qual ity and a low serious-crime rate. It also has great recre ation, shopping and culture. The Port Charlotte Town Center is a major mall, and baseball fans will want to spend time at Charlotte Sports Park, spring-training home of the Tampa Bay Rays and regular-season home of the Charlotte Stone Crabs of the Class A Florida State League. Then theres the Charlotte Players, a community the ater troupe that traces its roots back to 1961 and calls the Cultural Center of Charlotte County home. So with many activities at hand and just a short drive to airports in Punta Gorda, Sarasota and Fort Myers, Port Charlotte isnt just a great place to retire, as Forbes noted. Its a great place to live, period.EnglewoodEnglewood is a community straddling two counties, Charlotte and Sarasota, but its a singular place. So much can be found around its bustling, art-district heart on West Dearborn Street. Just east of town, visi tors can hike, camp and ride bikes in the Myakka State Forest. On the other side of Englewood is Manasota Key, a beautiful barrier island with restaurants and cottages overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Also on Manasota Key is the Hermitage Artist Retreat, where some of the nations top creative talent can get away from it all and focus on their art. A short ferry ride away is Palm Island Resort, a distinctive resort with pri vate villas tucked away in subtropical paradise. In town, there are plenty of things to do, even simple delights such as strolling West Dearborn Street and checking out the shops and bistros. This is a community that offers a barbershop quar tet, the Lemon Bay Chord Company; and a theater, the Lemon Bay Playhouse. The prestigious Ringling College of Art & Design has a center in Englewood. Yes, Englewood may be part of two counties, but it is, indeed, a singular place. Fine restaurants, interesting boutiques and artist shops line the walkable downtown Punta Gorda.

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NEW49 SERVICING PUNTA GORDA FOR OVER 22 YEARSI am so honored. I am speechless. Listen to what others are saying.Charlotte Countys Best Mechanic and/or Repair Shop 2004-2015 American Womens Business Association Best Associate of the Year Charlotte Womens Magazine Best Auto Repair & Service Community Bank Business of the Month 6/11 2013 Success Summit Award Winner for Perseverance Wildlife Center Peace RiverVisit us at...(941) 637-3830PRWC DONATIONS GRATEFULLY Rated #1 by Trip Advisorfor sights to see in PUNTA GORDA Wildlife Center Peace River Wildlife Center Peace River New to the Area? Having Diculty with the Transition to a New Area? New Home? New Job? Retirement? PSY.S., LMHC, BCPCC New Home? New Job? Retirement? (941) 637-7111Call Today For A Condential Consultation In My Punta Gorda Oce At 315 E. Olympia Avenue, Suite #252, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Relationhip Coach PSY.S., LMHC, BCPCC (941) 637-7111 315 E. Olympia Avenue, Suite #252, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950 Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Relationhip Coach 315 E. Olympia Avenue, Suite #252, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950 Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Relationhip Coach 315 E. Olympia Avenue, Suite #252, Punta Gorda, Fl 33950 Cora Taylor, Agent425 Cross Street, Tamiami Trail, Suite 114, Punta Gorda, FL 33950-3653 Bus 941.505.2550 Fax 941.505.2150 Cell 941.421.2592 Toll Free 866.540.2550 www.mikemartininsurancce.comMike Martin For Emergency Road Service, call 877-627-5757 Paintings Jewelry PotterySculptureGifts Glass Basketry & Wood Wood Like Us On Facebook 941 -639 -6363 Like Us On Facebook Like Us On Facebook Fishermens Village Punta Gorda, FL SEASIDE ART GALLERY Lighthouse by Christa Freidl N EW S EASON N EW ARTI STS Paintings Sculpture Like Us On Facebook -6 363 -6 363 -6 Like Us On Facebook Fishermen Fishermen s Village Village Village Punta Punta Lighthouse by Christa Freidl SEASIDE ART GALLERY Bringing Y ou the F inest N EW S EW S EW EAS ON N EW ART ART I I STS Bringing Y ou Y ou Y th e F inest F inest F inContemporary Art

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NEW51 NEW50 Build the Future You at Hodges. Whether youre starting out, starting over or ready to stand out, Hodges University has the program you need to build the future you. Founded in 1990, Hodges University is a institution of higher learning. With campuses in Naples and Fort Myers, the university uses its local roots and global reach to provide academic degree programs in a variety of disciplines and delivery options. In addition, Hodges University facilitates a comprehensive English as a Second educational and personal enrichment needs for area seniors through the Frances Pew Hayes Center for Lifelong Learning. Naples Fort Myers 844-HODGESU hodges.eduDEGREES 50 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYNaplesNaples is rich in more ways than where it ranks on lists of wealthiest places to live. Yes, according to Wikipedia, Naples has the secondhighest percentage of millionaires of any city in the country. And, yes, Naples also has the sixth-highest percapita income in the U.S. But Naples is rich in other ways culture, beauty, res taurants, nature and sheer elegance. This sun-splashed little city on the gulf is a cultural mecca, packed with theater from ArtisNaples to the Naples Players, Theatre Zone and Gulfshore Playhouse. The citys shopping districts are among the classi est anywhere, from Fifth Avenue South to Third Street South to Mercato. The citys wealth is most strikingly evident along Gor don Drive, a street that goes south from the downtown district. Walk over from Fifth Avenue South and visitors can Colorful Mediterranean-influenced buildings overlook the water in lush, lavish Naples.

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NEW51 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 51stroll out on the Naples Pier, which juts into the gulf. The pier is popular with fishermen, but also provides a vantage point from which to soak in the beauty of Naples, which stretches in both directions. Its a view that doesnt take a millionaire to appreciate.Golden GateLook at Golden Gate on a map and its easy to notice that the roughly four square miles of this community are essentially a square shape. Its also easy to note that its conveniently located east of Interstate 75 in Collier County just north of where the highway turns east toward Fort Lauderdale on the other side of Florida. On Floridas west coast, though, Golden Gate and its affordable neighborhoods are close to so much to do and see. Cultural, recreational and environmental activities are all within a short drive at Everglades National Park, Big Cypress Preserve and Collier-Seminole State Park. Fishing in the Ten Thousand Islands, golf or walking on a gulf beach are activities that are all a short drive away. So are the theaters, shops and restaurants of Naples. Affordable living near everything one could want. That really does make Golden Gate a square deal.Everglades CityFinding what Florida looked like long ago doesnt require a time machine. All it takes is a trip to Everglades City, a tiny dot on the Florida map about 35 miles south of Naples on the edge of the Ten Thousand Islands. You wont find skyscraping condos or shopping malls in this town next to Chokoloskee Bay. Youll find the Everglades City Rod & Gun Club, a Victorian-era reminder of the past. The clubs roots date back to the 19th century, and sitting on the porch under a fan, one can almost see the hardy pioneers who worked the area more than 100 years ago. More of that history can be found at the Museum of the Everglades, a Collier County collection housed in a building that opened in 1927 as a commercial laundry. From Everglades City, one can go on eco tours, kayak ing adventures or a fishing day trip. The town is only 1.2 square miles of houses with tin roofs, royal palms and lots of Florida the way it used to be. The Everglades Community Church, nestled in the heart of the Florida Everglades, is a heritage landmark in Everglades City. NEW50

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NEW52 At FSW Part of the colleges mission is to inspire learning; prepare a diverse population for creative and responsible participation in a global society; and serve as a leader for intellectual, economic, and cultural awareness in the community. FSWs Center for International Education fullls that mission. These new programs are designed to enhance the global competencies of students, faculty and staff. Opportunities include study abroad, service learning, and professional experiences and gaining multi-lingual and cultural prociency. Partnerships include the International College of Seville, Albertay University, Kibi University-Japan, and University of the Arctic. Areas of study range from entrepreneurship, foreign language and culture to computer animation and international business.ResearchThis year was the rst for performance funding for all of Floridas 28 state colleges. Established by the State Board of Education, performance funding places more emphasis on student outcomes instead of enrollment. FSW earned a Gold Tier ranking, and scored perfectly in the areas of job placement and completer entry level wages. We support the goals of the legislature in this effort to place a greater emphasis on excellence in our education system rather than growth alone, said Dr. Jeff Allbritten, FSW President. FSWs score on performance funding validates what people in southwest Florida already know; that FSW in a leader in public higher education. The results highlight our incredible faculty and staff that every day are working with our students to encourage, inspire and lead them to achieve greatness in the classroom today and in our community tomorrow. FSW already offers students an exceptional academic experience and a vibrant student life with nearly 30 clubs. To give students the complete college experience, one piece had been missing for the past 18 years: athletics. From 1962 through 1997, the college was the rst to have intercollegiate athletic teams. However, the average age of the students rose to nearly 30 by 1997 and interest had waned. Fast forward to today and that average age is closer to 22. The interest to once again cheer for the Buccaneers is loud and clear. The rst FSW Buccaneers baseball and softball teams will begin competition at 6 p.m. on January 29, 2016 in City of Palms Park in downtown Fort Myers. The excitement will continue to grow as construction of the Suncoast Credit Union Arena is completed in the Fall 2016. It will be home for the FSW mens and womens basketball teams. It will also be the new place for the Culligan City of Palms Basketball Classic, a high school boys tournament that attracts the top teams in the county to compete in December 2016. Then in 2017, the arena will also be home for the FSW womens volleyball team. Lets Go Bucs!International Studies and PartnershipsFSWs Ofce of Sponsored Programs and Research supports faculty, staff and administrators with grant submissions and management. The college has set aside $100,000 for faculty who are interested in pursuing research opportunities and projects. Many FSW faculty have an interest in research and are applying to receive a portion of the fund. In addition to benetting the faculty, this also opens opportunities for students to participate in research with their professors.Striking Gold Go Bucs! Seeing IS Believing In less than four years, many important initiatives at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW) are now becoming a reality.

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NEW52 Seeing Believing Challenging academics. World-class instruction and experiences. Vibrant student life. Impactful community outreach and partnerships. And now: athletics. At FSW, seeing is believing. Join the FSW evolution. Your moment is now.Florida SouthWestern State College is an equal access, equal opportunity organization. Fort Myers Naples Punta Gorda LaBelle (800) 749-2322

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NEW54 rfnn tbt nnnn 54 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYAve MariaMany Florida communities are focused on a golf, tennis or boating lifestyle. In Ave Maria, located about a half-hour drive east of Naples between Immokalee Road and State Road 29, the focus is on the Catholic faith. Ave Maria is a planned community that opened in 2007. Dominos Pizza founder and philanthropist Tom Monaghan is the driving force behind it and Ave Maria University, located adjacent to the town square. On its website, the uni versity proclaims that it is devoted to Mary the Mother of God, inspired by St. John Paul II and blessed Teresa of Calcutta and dedi cated to the formation of joyful, intentional disciples of Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament, scholar ship and service. The community, developed independently of the uni versity, boasts a golf course, waterpark and recreational areas, along with a town center that features a variety of small shops and restaurants along with a Publix. But in the middle of town is the monument to the communitys roots: the Ave Maria Oratory, a magnificent church built on what was once a tomato field. The magnificent Ave Maria Oratory sits in the middle of the town built on what used to be a Collier County tomato field.

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NEW56 56 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYImmokaleeImmokalee was once known as Gopher Ridge and also Allens Place before acquiring its current name, which means my home in the Seminole language. Immokalee has a connection to millions of Americans who have likely never heard of this agricultural town: about 90 percent of the nations winter tomatoes come from farms in and around this rural community. Cucumbers, bell peppers and citrus also are major crops. But Immokalee is about more than farming. Seminole Casino Immokalee and its hotel stay abuzz with gaming, food and drink, special shows and concerts year-round, thanks to 38 live gaming tables and more than 1,300 slot machines. Where nearby Naples is considered blue blood, Immokalee represents blue-collar Col lier County. reports 54.3 percent of its workers are employed in blue-collar work, well more than twice the national average of 24.75 percent. The website also notes that Spanish is the most common language in the town and that 38.47 percent of residents were born in other countries. Colorful hot-air ballons take flight in Immokalees annual Balloons over Paradise festival. Shutters shipped in ve days!!VISIT OUR STORE IN THE BONITA PLAZA 10347 Bonita Beach Road Suite 109 rfrntbt (239) 405 7326 Monday-Friday: 10:00-4:30 Saturday: 10:00-3:00 Sunday & Evenings: By Appointment Shutters shipped in ve days!!* BLINDS & SHADES up to 30% OFF 25% OFF 25% OFF 25% OFF Plantation Shutters**(minimum purchase required see store for details)*(standard shutters only specialty shapes 4-6 weeks) NO INTEREST FOR 18 MONTHS**(with your good credit) Visit our NEWLY EXPANDED Hunter Douglas gallery for the latest in window fashion designs.

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NEW57 Come Visit & Talk To Our Knowledgeable Sta See Our Large Selection of Products Experience Our Down-to-Earth Prices!6 Locations in Lee County1631 Del Prado Blvd. (239) 574-6333 4600 Summerlin Rd. (239) 939-0990 13860 -G North Cleveland Ave. (239) 997-6676 15271-7 McGregor Blvd. (239) 489-3377 16520 S. Tamiami Trail (239) 454-8009 21740 South Tamiami Trail (239) 676-1342visit us online at: o me Visit & T T a a l l l l l k k k k k k k T T T T T T T o o o o o o O O O O O O O O u u u u u u r r r r r r K K K K K K K n n o wledgeable St a Vitamins Herbs Organic Foods Natural Beauty Care Gluten Free Foods Organic Bulk Foods Healthy Pet Foods NON-GMO Foods and So Much More! Re-Discover Your Natural Beauty Finest Organic and Natural Health Foods and Dietary Supplements

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NEW58 58 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYMarco IslandThis place was once known as Caxambas, a tough name to spell and pronounce thats a Native American word for fresh water. This island is blessed for a number of reasons besides its now easier-to-pronounce name. For starters, its the biggest of the Ten Thousand Islands. Its also an ideal place for all sorts of water sports, from kayaking to fishing and sailing. Its possible to catch a boat on Marco Island and make a journey south to Key West, the southernmost city in the continental United States, in less than four hours. The 22.8-square-mile island is connected to the main land by the SS Jolley Bridge. Once visitors or newcomers cross that bridge, theyll find just about everything they need for a good time. Marco Island has hotels, restaurants, shops, beaches, golf courses and plenty of ways to get out and enjoy the water, including six miles of beaches. Off the sand, a theater troupe has been a staple of the island since the 1970s, bringing live shows to residents and visitors under the banner of the Marco Players. Thats an easier name to deal with than the Caxambas Players. High-rise hotels and condominiums line the pristine beaches of Marco Island.

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NEW59 Call 800.581.8169 I PreservingKnee com Why remove your ACL if you dont have to? The XP Preserving Knee allows your healthy ligaments to stay connected, including your ACL. Other traditional total knee replacements dont. They require the complete removal of the ACL, a ligament that helps preserve your natural stability. It also helps control knee movement. Think about it. If your ACL is intact, wouldnt you rather have an implant that preserves it? The XP Preserving Knee from Biomet. Connecting you to a whole new life. Risk Information: Not all patients are Vanguard XP knee candidates. Talk to your surgeon about knee replacement and risks, including, but not limited to, infection, material sensitivity, loosening, intra-operative bone fracture, component fracture, bone cement complications, and wear, any of which can require additional surgery. For more information about the Biomet XP Preserving Knee, including full risk information, call or visit The XP Preserving Total Knee Replacement lets you keep all your healthy ligaments.MOST TOTAL KNEES REQUIRE REMOVAL OF THE ACL.

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NEW60 60 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Sporting events Professional hockey, ECHL Florida Everblades Germain Arena 11000 Everblades Parkway, Estero Tickets or (239) 948-7825 Professional golf ACE Group Classic golf tournament Feb. 8-14 A Champions Tour event Twin Eagles 11725 TwinEagles Blvd., Naples Tickets or (239) 354-1700 College basketball, mens and womens Alico Arena Florida Gulf Coast University 10501 FGCU Blvd., Fort Myers (239) 590-7145 The Gene Cusic Collegiate Classic Late February-March Up to 200 college baseball and softball teams participate. Played at various Lee County elds. Information Edison Festival of Light 5K Feb. 20 at 5:45 p.m. Fort Myers River District-Downtown Information or (239) 334-2999. Boston Red Sox spring training Grapefruit League games begin in late February. JetBlue Park at Fenway South 11581 Daniels Parkway, Fort Myers Tickets (617) 482-4SOX Minnesota Twins spring training Grapefruit League games begin in late February. CenturyLink Sports Complex 14100 Ben C. Pratt/Six Mile Cypress Parkway, Fort Myers Tickets (612) 33-TWINS; (800) 33-TWINS Tampa Bay Rays spring training Grapefruit League games begin in late February. Charlotte County Sports Park 2300 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte Tickets Professional rodeo Arcadia All-Florida Championship Rodeo March 11-13 124 Heard St., Arcadia Tickets or (800) 7497633 FILE PHOTO PHOTO COURTESY OF LINWOOD FERGUSON/CAPTIVE PHOTONSAlico Arena is college basketball heaven locally with successful FGCU mens and womens teams.

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NEW61 Three locations to serve youCharlotte Countys #1 Independent Used Car Dealer for 20 Years in a Row Gene Gormans Family Motors4380 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33980 (941)-625-2141 Gene Gormans Premier Auto Sales1305 Tamiami Trail Punta Gorda, FL 33950 (941)-639-7300 Gene Gormans Dirt Cheap Cars3305 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte, FL 33980 (941)-639-1601 GENE GORMANS Owen Gorman Owen en G G Gorma Gorma n Ow Owe wen en G G Go Go o Gor rm orm m rma ma an TEAM OF DEALERSHIPS INTERIOR DESIGN BY JERI TYSONINTERIORS INTER I OR D ES I GN BY JER I TY SO N IN I I I I I I I TER I ORD ES I GN INTE R I O R S 322 Sullivan St., Punta Gorda, FL 33950 941-347-7312Tuesday-Friday: 10AM-5PM | Saturday: 10AM-2PM | Sunday-Monday: Closed Shop with us online through our website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a Meet with our Window Treatment Specialist, Betty Pinkerton! e hoice fo ients o Exct bnt nemant he fr. 7 7312 2 2 2015 2015 2015 15 5 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 61 SERVICING PUNTA GORDA, PORT CHARLOTTE, ENGLEWOOD & NORTH PORT Call Denise Henry 941-628-0856 www.dhenry.remaxagent.comAwarded by RE/MAX International: #1 RE/MAX Office in Florida |Only one real estate company can be #1. Nobody Sells More Real Estate.Ed & Aice P alotteThank you for making a dream come true. You are one special lady!Mie & Pbul alotte County Tom & Ka, Brnt So IslesThank you for your patience and all your hard work in our multiple investment properties! You (Denise) went above & beyond dedication was so appreciated! Sott bnt Ca, Pnt God IslesWe have purchased three homes over the past four years with Denise. She is always responsive to our concerns or questions. If Denise has never met a stranger. We found a forever friend when we met Denise HenryTom & Gregg, P alotte/IianapolisWe have dealt with other real estate agents in the past but have never experienced anyone as knowledgeable and kind as Denise. She is wonderful to work with and sold us the home of our dreams E E d & & A A ice P Thank you for m a come true. You a re Thank you for y ou llhdk Pece Pbadise...Pnt Gogeous!Welcome toLET ME HELP YOU FIND YOUR A A A Aw w a m & c at i T T om d e d i c T Denise HenryRealtor | Broker Associate

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NEW62 Extraordinary Since 1978 In the of the Downtown Fort Myers River District www.verandarestaurant.com239-332-2065Lunch Mon Fri Dinner Mon Sat Closed SundayReservations Recommended Valet Service at Dinner Take a break from the OrdinaryTry the Extraordinary Visit the Rib City in your Neighborhood Today!Dine-in & Carry-out Open 7 Days A Week Kids Under Four Eat Free! Find a Location & View Our Menu Online at REALTY GROUP Ranked among the top residential real estate ofces in the nation for 2014 by both REAL Trends 500 Annual Report and RISMedias Annual Power Broker Report & Survey #1 RE/MAX Commercial Division in Florida 2003-2014 Winner 13 Consecutive Years! n ner ner er er r Win Wi Wi Win secutive Cons 13 C 1 13 ve Nobody In The World Sells More Real Estate Than RE/MAX! Thank you for voting us the Best! 62 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY

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NEW63 For information, visit us at member. My hospital is a Mayo Clinic Care Network The doctors and specialists at NCH & Mayo Clinic are sharing everything from first-hand experience to a wealth of knowledge allowing you access to Mayo Clinics expertise for solving the hard-to-solve medical problems. For you that means peace of mind and access to the finest medical knowledge available. Right here at home. NCH and Mayo Clinic...working together to make your hospital even better.This is my hospital even better

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SHOPPINGCHARLOTTE COUNTYFishermens VillageLocated on the Punta Gorda waterfront of Charlotte Harbor, Fishermens Village has become a top-rated stay-and-play destination. With more than 30 shops, restaurants and services; a resort and marina; plus frequent special events, its a perfect place to come for a day of shopping or for an entire vacation.1200 W. Retta Esplanade Punta Gorda Hours vary by business (800) 639-0020 or (941) 639-8721 fishville.comPort Charlotte Town CenterMore than 100 specialty stores and places to grab a bite for every budget mark this Charlotte County institution, anchored by Macys, Dillards, JCPenney, Sears and Bealls. It boasts one of Floridas largest indoor food courts and the state-of-theart Regal 16 Cinemas.1441 Tamiami Trail Port Charlotte 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday (941) 624-4447 port-charlotte-town-centerCOLLIER COUNTYCoastland CenterOpened in 1976, Coastland Center remains one of Naples most popular shopping and dining destinations. Anchored by departmentstore mainstays Macys, Sears, JCPenney and Dillards, the mall features some 130 places to shop and dine. 1900 Tamiami Trail North Naples 10 a.m.-9 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon-6 p.m. Sunday (239) 262-2323 coastlandcenter.comFifth Avenue SouthFifth Avenue South is a timeless mix of glamour and laid-back ease for shopping, dining and social life. Historic and modern architecture blend in eclectic sophistication; tropical blooms and lush greenery grace its pedestrianfriendly promenades and each storefront is filled with wonderful finds and delights. Hours vary by business Contact: Business Improvement District 649 Fifth Ave. South Naples (239) 692-8436 fifthavenuesouth.comMercatoAnchored by Whole Foods Market, Nordstrom Rack and Silverspot Cinema (a 12-screen luxury theater complex), Mercato offers 12 notable restaurants, more than 20 upscale retailers and luxury residential condominiums. Mercato hosts a vibrant yearround event calendar with live music and other events, most of which are free and open to the public.9132 Strada Place Naples 10 a.m.-9 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon-6 p.m. Sunday (239) 254-1080 mercatoshops.comThird Street SouthNext to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, the 19th-century Naples Pier and the colorful original beach cottages, sophisticated and delightful shopping and dining on historic Third Street South awaits amidst courtyards, antique European fountains and colorful, cascading flowers.Hours vary by business Concierge Kiosk Camargo Park, opposite the Fleischmann Fountain (239) 434-6533 NEW64 64 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY COURTESY PHOTOSThird Street South

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NEW65 On the corner of Daniels Parkway & Plantation Road239.690.7700Dr. John Dobbs Pharmacy ManagerDr. Stan Headley Natural Medicine PharmiCare is an independent, neighborhood pharmacy serving the Southwest Florida community. At PharmiCare we emphasize prevention, treatment and optimal health to achieve the ultimate goal of helping patients take action, change their life, and ultimately, live their best! Our approach to wellness provides natural solutions to promote healthy body and mind by focusing on treatments that emphasize Energy, Longevity, and Absolute Nutrition. At PharmiCare, we deliver results that you expect!We are Experts in Compounding and Natural Medicine.Hormone and Nutritional status are the vital foundation of functional health and performance. Aging doesnt have to mean declining health. Its possible to age with better health than you have right now. Take action and get tested today. We hold the key to unlocking your potential health.Specialized testing services include: Micronutrient Testing CardioMetabolic Testing Hormone Saliva Testing Nutritional Consults Functional Health Testing Hormone S al al iv iv a a Te Te stin g g N ut t ri r tional Consults We Hold the Key to Unlocking Your Potential Health! DR. JOHN AND DR. STAN HAVE OVER 35 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE IN PHARMACY AND NATURAL MEDICINE. Pharm Care NEIGHBORHOOD PHARMACY Visit us online at: WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY WE PRACTICE PHARMACY BY EMPOWERING PATIENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR BEST POSSIBLE HEALTH. We Offer: We pair our hi g hly trained staff with the latest technolo g y and the hi g hest quality of pharmaceutical ingredients to produce superior safe and effective qualityofpharmaceuticalingredientstoproducesuperiorsafeandeffective compoun d s to meet ever y patients in d ivi d ua l nee d s.Specialized compounding services include : H o rm o n e R esto r at i o n & B a l a n ce Customized Vitamins & Su pp lements P ain M ana g emen t B i o to xin Mold T r eat m e n ts Numbin g A g ent s Wound & S car Therap y Veterinary Compoundin g Compounding Services Natural Medicine Na a N tu u u t ra a r r l l me me m di di ci i c ne ne al a so refer re d d to a a s s Na a tu tu tu tu t ro o o ro ro ro pa pa pa pa pa pa pa th th th h h th th th h th i i i ic Medicine is a t y pe of p pr pr p ac c a ti ti t ce ce e e c t t ha a h t t t em m e ph ph p as s a iz iz es pre ve nt io n, treatment, and optimal health through th h h t e e e us us u e e of of f f of t t t he he ra ra ra a ra ra ra a pe pe pe pe pe p ut ut u ut i i ic methods and natural substances that encoura ge s the se se lf lf f f f f f -h -h h h -h -h h -h -h h h h h h h h ea ea ea a ea ea ea ea ea ea ea ea a e e e e li i i i li i li li l ng process. Natural Medicine places its focus on identifying the roo t cause of a patients symptoms and providi ng a healthy, natural solution. At PharmiCare we embrace Natural Medicine. With over 35 years of combined ex p erience, we em p hasize p revention, treatment and o p timal health to achieve the ultimate goal of helping patients take action, change their life, and ultimatel y live better. We help identif y and treat the cause of illness rather than eliminate s y mptom s. WE ARE CHANGING THE WAY WE PRACTICE PHARMACY BY EMPOWERING PATIENTS TO ACHIEVE THEIR BEST POSSIBLE HEALTH. Change Your Life! Take Action... Live Beer!

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The Village on Venetian BaySet on the waterfront of Venetian Bay, the village encompasses almost 50 shops and restaurants. Be sure to check out the special-events calendar.4200 Gulf Shore Blvd. North Naples 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through April (6 p.m. May-October) Monday-Saturday (Mondays optional May-October) Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 261-6100 venetianvillage.comWaterside ShopsMore than 60 upscale shops and places to dine mark this unique destination accented by luxurious fountains, the coins collected from which go toward helping Bosom Buddies Breast Cancer support for underand uninsured breast-cancer patients in Collier County and Bonita Springs.5415 Tamiami Trail North Naples 10 a.m.-7 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 598-1605 watersideshops.comLEE COUNTYBell Tower ShopsThis landmark shopping, dining and entertainment destination is home to some 50 fine retailers eclectic boutiques and shopping favorites Saks Fifth Avenue, Williams-Sonoma, Ann Taylor, Chicos, Banana Republic and Talbots. Exceptional shopping is complemented by nine distinctive restaurants.U.S. 41 at Daniels Parkway Fort Myers 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon-5 p.m. Sunday (239) 489-1221 thebelltowershops.comCoconut PointThis picturesque outdoor mall features more than 140 stores including Dillards, Target, Apple Store, Michael Kors and Barnes & Noble all surrounding several acres of lakes with a boardwalk. Its variety of dining options for all tastes is topped by the elegant Ruths Chris Steakhouse.23106 Fashion Drive Estero 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 992-4259 coconut-pointEdison MallThe regions original indoor mall celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015, and this Southwest Florida landmark has expanded to more than 160 specialty shops surrounded by the Big 4 anchors: Macys, Dillards, Sears and JCPenney.4125 Cleveland Ave. Fort Myers 10 a.m.-9 p.m. MondaySaturday 11:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Sunday (239) 939-1933 edison-mallGulf Coast Town CenterThis outdoor mall opened in phases between 2005 and 2007, and is still expanding in its location just off Interstate 75. The center features Bass Pro Shops, Belk, Best Buy, Costco, Dicks Sporting Goods, JCPenney and Target as its anchor stores, and offers a variety of dining options to suit every budget and taste.9903 Gulf Coast Main St. Fort Myers 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 267-5107 gulfcoasttowncenter.comMiromar OutletsThis outdoor collection of more than 140 top designer and brand-name outlets boasts retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Bloomingdales The Outlet Store, Banana Republic, Nike and more.10801 Corkscrew Road Estero 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 948-3766 miromaroutlets.comPeriwinkle PlaceThis island gem was selected by the Lee County Visitors and Convention Bureau as Sanibels top shopping destination 25 shops, including the original Chicos, the award-winning Blue Giraffe Restaurant and Sanibel Day Spa among covered boardwalks, lush landscaping, tropical fountains and a butterfly garden.2075 Periwinkle Way Sanibel 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. MondaySaturday Noon to 6 p.m. Sunday periwinkleplace.comPromenade at Bonita BayWith among the finest retail stores, unique boutiques, high-end salons and excellent restaurants, Promenade at Bonita Bay attracts both locals and visitors from around the world. This openair center is Lee Countys southernmost shopping, dining and entertainment destination.South Bay Drive Bonita Springs Hours vary by business promenadeshops.comTanger OutletsLocated just east of the Lee island coast, this is Floridas only location in a nationwide chain of 43 outlet malls featuring more than 400 brandname stores that vary by location.20350 Summerlin Road Fort Myers 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. MondaySaturday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday (239) 454-1974 or (888) 4713939 NEW66 66 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Waterside Shops in Naples

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NEW67 ONSHOP ANIBEL SHOP WELLTahitian Gardens1975-2019 Periwinkle WayThe Village Shops2340 Periwinkle WayOlde Sanibel Shoppes630 Tarpon Bay RoadTown Center2496 Palm Ridge Road TAHITIAN GARDENS | THE VILLAGE SHOPS OLDE SANIBEL SHOPPES | TOWN CENTERRetail Hours: 10 a.m 5 p.m. Daily Services: By Appointment Restaurant Hours: Cafes open 7:30 a.m. ly ail s: s m. For Up-To-Date Store Oers and Merchandise Visit: FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 67 Our services can transform your skin and body to bring to light your TRUglo. 1250 PINE RIDGE ROAD SUITE 101B, NAPLES, 5 5

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NEW68 68 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY STATE PARKS Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park 12301 Burnt Store Road Punta Gorda (941) 575-5861 Charlotte Harbor Preserve State Park is comprised of 42,000 acres and protects 70 miles of shoreline along Charlotte Harbor in Charlotte and Lee counties. Boating, canoeing and kayaking, fishing. Gasparilla Island State Park 880 Belcher Road Boca Grande (941) 964-0375 The centerpiece of Gasparilla is the restored Boca Grande Lighthouse built in 1890. Swimming, snorkeling, shing and nature study are popular activities. Beaches, bicycling, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking/nature trail, picnicking, restrooms, swimming, wildlife viewing. Don Pedro Island State Park 8450 Placida Road Placida (941) 964-0375 Don Pedro, part of an extensive chain of barrier islands extending along Floridas Gulf Coast, is accessible only by private boat or ferry. Boaters can tie up at the dock on the mangrove-lined bay side of the island. Boating, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking/nature trail, picnicking, restrooms, swimming, wildlife viewing. Cayo Costa State Park 880 Belcher Road Boca Grande (941) 964-0375 With nine miles of beautiful beaches and acres of pine forests, oak-palm hammocks and mangrove swamps, this barrier island park is a Gulf Coast paradise. Beaches, bicycling, boating, cabins, camping, canoeing and kayaking, concession and restaurant, fishing, hiking/ nature trail, picnicking, swimming, wildlife viewing. Mound Key Archaeological State Park Managed by Koreshan State Historic Site 3800 Corkscrew Road Estero (239) 992-0311 Prehistoric Native Americans are credited with creating this islands complex of mounds with an accumulation of seashells, sh bones and pottery. Mound Key is believed to have been the ceremonial center of the Calusa Indians when the Spaniards rst attempted to colonize Southwest Florida. Boating, fishing, hiking/nature trail, interpretive exhibit, restrooms, wildlife viewing. Lovers Key State Park 8700 Estero Blvd. Fort Myers Beach (239) 463-4588 A haven for wildlife, the islands and their waters are home to West Indian manatees, bottlenose dolphins, roseate spoonbills, marsh rabbits and bald eagles. The two-mile long beach is accessible by boardwalk or tram and is popular for shelling, swimming, picnicking and sunbathing. Beaches, bicycling, boat ramp, canoeing and kayaking, concession and restaurant, fishing, hiking/nature trail, picnicking, playground, restrooms, showers, swimming, tours, visitor center, wildlife viewing. Koreshan State Historic Site 3800 Corkscrew Road Estero (239) 992-0311 Visitors can sh, picnic, boat and hike where Cyrus Teeds visionaries, who came to Estero in 1894 to build New Jerusalem for his new faith, Koreshanity, once carried out survey experiments to prove the horizon on the beaches of Collier County curves upward. Boat ramp, camping, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking/nature trail, historic site, picnicking, playground, restrooms, wildlife viewing. Estero Bay Preserve State Park Managed by Koreshan State Historic Site 3800 Corkscrew Road Estero (239) 992-0311 The rst aquatic preserve established in Florida, this is one of the most productive estuaries in the state. The bay is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the bald eagle. Bicycling, boating, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking/nature trail, restrooms, wildlife viewing. Collier-Seminole State Park 20200 E. Tamiami Trail Naples (239) 394-3397 The 7,271-acre park lies partly within the great mangrove swamp of southern Florida, one of the largest mangrove swamps in the world. Bicycling, boat ramp, camping, canoeing and kayaking, fishing, hiking/nature trail, picnicking, playground, restrooms, showers, wildlife viewing. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park 11135 Gulfshore Drive Naples (239) 597-6196 The mile-long stretch of white sugar sand at Delnor-Wiggins has been rated one of the best beaches in the nation. The 166acre park is a tropical paradise for beach lovers, boaters and divers. Beaches, boat ramp, boating, fishing, picnicking, restroom facilities, scuba diving, showers, swimming, wildlife viewing. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park 137 Coastline Drive. Copeland (239) 695-4593 A 2,000-foot long boardwalk at Big Cypress Bend, meandering through the old growth cypress, enables the visitor to experience the beauty of this unusual swamp. Hiking/nature trail, tour, wildlife viewing. Big Cypress National Preserve Oasis Visitor Center 5215 Tamiami Trail East Ochopee (239) 695-2000 Big Cypress National Preserve contains a mixture of tropical and temperate plant communities that are home to a diversity of wildlife, including the elusive Florida panther. Canoeing and kayaking, hiking, hunting, ORV use, tours. J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge 1 Wildlife Drive Sanibel (239) 472-1100 The refuge is part of the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the United States. It is world famous for its spectacular migratory bird populations. Everglades National Park Gulf Coast Visitor Center 815 Oyster Bar Lane Everglades City (239) 695-3311 Everglades National Park, the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States, boasts rare and endangered species. Hiking, camping, fishing, boating, canoe and kayak trails, tours.COURTESY PHOTOS Everglades National Park.

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70 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW70 LEE COUNTY PARKS Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium 3450 Ortiz Ave. Fort Myers (239) 275-3435 The Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium is an environmental education organization. The 105-acre site has a museum, three nature trails, a planetarium, buttery and bird aviaries, a gift shop and meeting and picnic areas. Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve Located just north of Veterans Parkway, East end of SE 23rd Terrace Cape Coral (239) 549-4606 Four Mile Cove / Eco Park is a brackishwater wetland area that features a walking trail, visitor center, Veterans Memorial Area and seasonal kayak rentals. Possible wildlife sightings include eagles, ibis, herons, other wading and migratory birds, raccoons and snakes. Lakes Regional Park 7330 Gladiolus Drive Fort Myers (239) 533-7575 The 279-acre facility features 158 acres of freshwater quarry lake. The lake, with depths ranging from a few inches to 20 feet, boasts good shing for bass, bream and other freshwater species. The lake also supports an array of wildlife, including the American alligator. A variety of birds including ibis, egrets, herons, cormorants and anhingas will offer good bird watching and photographic opportunities. A miniature train runs through the north end of park. Boat and bike rentals are available. Manatee Park 10901 Palm Beach Blvd. Fort Myers (239) 690-5030 Manatee Park is a non-captive refuge for the Florida manatee. View manatees in the wild between the months of November and March. The park has an extensive buttery garden along with picnic areas and shelters, a shing pier on the Orange River, canoe/kayak launch to the Orange River, a program amphitheater and playground. Ostego Bay Marine Science Center 718 Fishermans Wharf Fort Myers Beach (239) 765-8101 The center provides a marine science experience through interactive exhibits, aquariums, hands-on tank, collections and displays. Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation 3333 Sanibel-Captiva Road Sanibel (239) 472-2329 The foundation is dedicated to the conservation of coastal habitats and aquatic resources on Sanibel and Captiva and in the surrounding watershed. It manages more than 1,300 acres on the island. Its Nature Center features four miles of trails (with an observation tower), exhibits, a touch tank, buttery house and nature shop. Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve 7791 Penzance Crossing Fort Myers (239) 533-7550 The Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve is more than 2,500 acres of a wetland ecosystem. Myriad animals such as otters, alligators, turtles, wading birds, and more live at the Slough (pronounced slew) year round. Others, such as migrating birds and butteries, use the Slough as a feeding area or a winter home.COLLIER PARKS North Collier Regional Park 15000 Livingston Road Naples (239) 252-4000 The park has eight soccer elds, ve softball elds, the Sun-N-Fun Lagoon Water Park, a tness complex, Calusa fossil dig play area for children, an interactive playground, tours and education. Freedom Park 1515 Golden Gate Parkway Naples (239) 252-4000 The park is approximately 50 acres and sits at the northeast corner of Goodlette-Frank Road and Golden Gate Parkway. Amenities include a 5-acre lake with approximately 3,500 feet of boardwalk constructed throughout the park. Other amenities include a 2,500-square-foot education facility with restrooms, six lookout pavilions, water fountains and walking trails. Educational and information signage is available throughout the park. Sugden Regional Park 4284 Avalon Drive Naples (239) 793-4414 This waterfront park boasts the beautiful view of Lake Avalon with one of Collier Countys only freshwater beaches. Amenities include a 60-acre lake, lakeside beach, paddle boat rentals, walking path around the lake, a gazebo, playground, picnic areas, and sailing and water ski lessons. Lowdermilk Beach Park 1301 Gulf Shore Blvd. North Naples (239) 213-3029 Lowdermilk Beach Park is one of those Naples beaches that is a hot spot for tourists and locals alike. The beach park offers 1,000 feet of pristine beachfront, plenty of picnic tables for a lunch with your family and friends, a playground for the kids, volleyball court and a wonderful duck pond. Located near Fifth Avenue South, Third Street South and Tin City, Lowdermilk Beach Park is a great spot to take a break from shopping and go relax in the Florida Sunshine. Vanderbilt Beach Park End of Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples (239) 252-4000 Vanderbilt Beach offers wide space for all visitors, gorgeous white sand surroundings, sea oats and restroom access. During season, it can be a task nding a spot on the beach, but there is plenty of sand for everyone. If you arrive before 10 a.m. January to March, there will be plenty of spreading room on beautiful Vanderbilt Beach.CHARLOTTE PARKS Gilchrist Park 400 W. Retta Esplanade Punta Gorda (941) 575-3324 Eleven acres along Charlotte Harbor, sidewalk for walking, jogging and biking, basketball court, playground, two tennis courts, shing pier, gardens, gazebo, restrooms, shelters, picnic tables, small beach and four parking lots. Laishley Park 100 Nesbit St. Punta Gorda Gazebo with pond and fountain, veterans garden, shelter with picnic tables, restrooms, shing pier, boat ramp, sidewalk for walking, jogging and biking, parking throughout park. Ponce de Leon Park 3400 Ponce De Leon Parkway Punta Gorda htmlTen acres on Charlotte Harbor at Ponce de Leon Inlet, quarter-mile raised boardwalk through wetland area, educational signage, boat ramp, boat trailer parking, two shing piers, playground, man-made beach, shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, Peace River Wildlife Center, parking and beautiful view.Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve in Lee County is more than 2,500 acres of wetlands.

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NEW71 Were always open online at 239-300-4880 239-498-4880 Bayfront, Naples Coconut Point, Estero

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NEW72 72 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Signature events ArtFest Fort Myers Feb.5-7 ArtFest Fort Myers is one of Southwest Floridas premier art festivals. Enjoy and purchase artwork in a variety of mediums and prices from more than 200 nationally recognized artists from across the country and around the world. Admission is free. 2443 First St. Fort Myers (239) 768-3602 Annual Coconut Point Art Festival Feb. 20-21 Coconut Point in Estero will host the annual Coconut Point Art Festival. Fine art, music and more will occupy the streets for two fun-lled days. There will be paintings, one-of-a-kind jewels, photography, ceramics, and more. Coconut Point 23130 Fashion Drive, Estero The Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade Feb. 20 The Grand Parade, one of the largest nighttime parades in the country, pays tribute to celebrated Fort Myers winter resident Thomas Edison. It has been named one of North Americas top 100 events and one of the top 20 events in the Southeast. Downtown Fort Myers, (239) 334-2999 Bonita Springs National Art Festivals Jan. 9-10, Jan. 30-31, March 5-6 Enjoy the work of national and international artists, plus the ambience of downtown Bonita while supporting the many programs of the Centers for the Arts. 10450 Reynolds St. Charlotte County Fair Jan. 29-Feb. 7 Amusement rides, animals, fair food and bull riding. 2333 El Jobean Road Port Charlotte (941) 629-4252 The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair Feb. 25-March 6 An old-fashioned country fair features agriculture, horticulture, home-baked goods, small farm animals and a horse show. It also includes 50 to 60 carnival rides, games and food booths. Lee Civic Center 11831 Bayshore Road North Fort Myers, (239) 543-7469 Annual Naples National Art Festival Feb. 20-21 Entertainment, juried art, food. Naples Art Association Cambier Park and Eighth Street, Naples Collier County Fair March 17-27 Midway rides, 4-H competitions and favorite fair foods. Fairgrounds are 10 miles east of I-75 (exit 111) Immokalee Road, (239) 455-1444 Fort Myers Film Festival April 7-10 With an opening-night gala at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, lms at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center and awards ceremony at the Broadway Palm Theatre. (239) 810-6323 fortmyerslmfestival.comTOM HALL / COURTESY PHOTOSThe Fort Myers Film Festival rolls out the red carpet April 7-10 at the Barbara B. Mann Hall, Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center and other area venues. The Southwest Florida & Lee County Fair is from Feb. 25-March 6. TOM HALL / COURTESY PHOTOS

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NEW73 MARSH LINKS PELICAN MARSH 4+DEN/4.5BA/3 Garage Southern Lake View $2,149M OLDE NAPLES 150 Gulf Shore Blvd South on the Beach Block $5.995M Bill Walsh 239.404.3730 Monica Frengel 239.641.9900 dfDowning-Frye Realty, Inc.dfDowning-Frye Realty, Inc. LAUREN FOWLKES SELLS THE BEACH AND PELICAN BAY SERVICE KNOWLEDGE RESULTS Call Direct 239-572-4334Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. DORCHESTER#801 Hear the waves! View of the gulf from large 3/3. Under building parking. $1,100,000. SOLD VILLAGE WALK#3518 El Verdado Way 2/2 villa pool, granite, plus upgrades, sw lake view. Real value! $365,000. PALM RIVER494 Cypress Way East Large home and huge lot with pool and spa 3/2 plus.$442,000. VANDERBILT#604 Top oor renovated 3/2 with great bay views & close walk to beach.Includes a dock. Fantastic investment. $599,000. ST. KITTS#302 Great price winter get away in heart of pelican bay 2/2/den with upgrades.$569,000. CAP FERRAT#903 Gorgeous gulf views rare 4/4/Den over 3680 sq. ft. of luxury.$3,800,000. SOLD st. vincents#25 Sunsets over lake, rst oor unit 3/2 1850 sq ft + close to beach tram. Fantastic condition. High ceilings. $645,000. grosvenor#505 Sunny SW gulf views. Corner end unit 3/3 with over 2600 sq. ft. Under building garage parking. $849,000. ST. KITTS#304 3/2/den condo, upscale bld close beach access. Plantation shutters, granite in kitchen Upgrades. $675,000. ST. NICOLE#1904 Gorgeous sw gulf and sunset views, 3/2 upgrades and remodeled kitchen and baths. Amazing water vistas! $995,000. CAP FERRAT#2004 Amazing 4/4/Den Panoramic Gulf Views Designer Finished &Upgraded.$4,295,000. PENDING ARUBA AT COVE TOWERPH#1502 Gulf and sunset views. 3/Den/3.5 10 ft. ceilings. Huge value. Over 3300 sq. ft. $1,295,000. PENDING C A N Y #1 Top Sales Agent 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004 1 0 0 0 To To To T T T T T T p p p S S S S S S Sa Sa Sa l l l l l l l l le le le s s s A A A A A A A Ag Ag Ag en n en en t t t t t t 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 2 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 09 9 09 09 09 09 09 09 09 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 6 6 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 06 2 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 2 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 0 0 0 0 0 #1 TOP AGENT IN COMPANY FOR 2014 df

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NEW74 74 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Recurring events Fort Myers Art Walk First Friday of each month The monthly Art Walk runs throughout downtown Fort Myers from 6 to 10 p.m. on the rst Friday of each month. It includes more than a dozen art stops and features new art shows, displays, live music and the traditional after party. Downtown Fort Myers MusicWalk Third Friday of each month The downtown event from 6 to 10 p.m. features live music at a variety of venues, including restaurants, galleries and bars, plus a variety of street performers all over the newly renovated downtown Fort Myers River District. MusicWalk venues showcase a variety of music, from acoustic soloists to punk rock, piano, steel drums and saxophone. Downtown Fort Myers Downtown Punta Gorda Gallery Walk Third Thursday of each month From 5 to 8 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month, visit any of the downtown merchants, restaurants and galleries for your game card. There is live entertainment, food and drink samplings, art, beauty and health demonstrations, a free trolley and an evening of fun. There is plenty of free parking. Downtown Punta Gorda (941) 639-3720 ART ALIVE walks First Wednesday each month November through April (5-8 p.m.) and third weekend of the month November through April (11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday; 1-4 p.m. Sunday). Studios and galleries north of Pine Ridge Road and south of Trade Center Way between Taylor and Airport Pulling roads in Naples Art District. Brochures are available at Rosen Gallery & Studios 2172 J & C Blvd. Naples (239) 821-1061Art Walk occurs the first Friday of every month in Fort Myers. The Downtown Punta Gorda Gallery Walk is the third Thursday of the month.

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NEW75 SAVE$50 OUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDLY ABOUT HOME SECURITY. Visit us online at ActionDoor.comSouthwest Florida Showrooms A Clopay garage door with a LiftMaster opener from Action Automatic Door & Gate make a beautiful addition to any home. But they are also a formidable solution for wind protection during severe weather. Its an open and closed case.11360 Metro Parkway Fort Myers, FL 33966(239) 768-3667275 Airport Rd North Naples, FL 34104(239) 643-3667SAME DAY SERVICE! Open. Close. Protect. LIFETIMEWARRANTYON INSTALLATION L AUTOMATIC SINCE 1974 DOOREE Barry Hoey, paABR, AHWD, CIPS, CNE, SRES, SRS, REALTOR, Sales Associate Put my Luck of the IrishPROUD SUPPORTER of all Irish-American cultural events & fundraising activities. NAPLESThe Resort Lifestyle You Deserve! Ann Nunes239-860-0949nunes.naples@gmail.com2014 Gold Level AgentBryan Roberts239-860-4776 Working Together too Achieve Working Together To Achieve Downing-Frye Realty, Inc.dfdfDowning-Frye Realty, Inc.New Client Coordinator FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 75

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NEW76 76 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW79 Cultural venues BIG ARTS Center Music, dance, visual arts, lectures, lm, live theater 900 Dunlop Road Sanibel (239) 395-0900 Florida Repertory Theatre Drama, comedy, musicals 2268 Bay St. Fort Myers (239) 332-4488 Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Orchestra, Broadway, performances 13350 Edison Parkway Fort Myers (239) 481-4849 Broadway Palm and Off Broadway Palm Comedy, musicals 1380 College Parkway Fort Myers (239) 278-4422 Alliance for the Arts Theater, art exhibits, classes 10091 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers (239) 939-2787 Theatre Conspiracy Drama, comedy, new plays at The Foulds Theater 10091 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers (239) 936-3239 Gulf Coast Symphony Symphonies Various locations in Lee County (239) 277-1700 Southwest Florida Symphony Symphonies Various locations in Lee County Box Office: 12651 McGregor Blvd. No. 4-403 Fort Myers (239) 418-1500 Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center Art exhibits, music, theater, lms 2301 First St. Fort Myers (239) 333-1933 The Herb Strauss Schoolhouse Theater Drama, comedy, musicals 2200 Periwinkle Way Sanibel (239) 472-6862 FGCU Bower School of Music Music 10501 FGCU Blvd. Fort Myers (239) 590-1000 Bob Rauschenberg Gallery Fine art 8099 College Parkway Fort Myers (239) 489-9313 Naples Players Drama, comedy, musicals 701 Fifth Ave. South Naples (239) 434-7340 ArtisNaples Philharmonic orchestra, Broadway, performances, speakers 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd. Naples (239) 597-1900 The Naples Museum of Art at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts Fine art 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd. Naples (239) 597-1111 The von Liebig Art Center and the Naples Art Association Fine art, exhibits, classes 585 Park St. Naples (239) 262-6517 The Norris Center Music, lms, comedy, live performances 755 Eighth Ave. S. Naples (239) 213-3058 Centers for the Arts of Bonita Springs Art exhibits, performances, classes 26100 Old U.S. 41 Road Bonita Springs (239) 495-8989 Asolo Repertory Theatre Drama, comedy, musicals FSU Center for the Performing Arts adjacent to the Ringling Museum of Art 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota (941) 3519010 or (800) 361-8388 Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall Broadway, performances 777 N. Tamiami Trail Sarasota (941) 953-3368 or (800) 826-9303 Visual Arts Center Galleries, art exhibits, classes 210 Maud St. Punta Gorda (941) 639-8810 Charlotte Symphony Symphonies Center for Performing Arts and Education 701 Carmalita St. Punta Gorda. (941) 205-5995 Broadway Palm Theatre in Fort Myers ArtisNaples

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NEW77 100% CLIENT SATISFACTION BY QSC Knowledge is power, and by empowering my clients I am better able to serve them Shane Waterfront Wilson ABR Accredited Buyer Buyers Representative CRSCertied Residential specialist RMMResidential Marketing Master GRI Graduate Realtor Institute Shane has specialized in Waterfront property for over 20 years, and has boated our waters for over 25 years. Shane lives on the water, and has helped hundreds of folks buy and sell their waterfront properties. Real Living Cypress Realty Email:

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NEW78 78 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Fort Myers rfrfnr Naples t rfnfbn North Naples t rfnfbn Sarasota br rfnnfrb f f f rfn ttbttb

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NEW76 NEW79 Let us be the place you hold your next event! Our Expert Sta and SAVOR...Charlotte Harbor our exclusive in house caterer will help make your event one to remember. 75 Taylor Street, Punta Gorda, Florida 941-833-5444for a list of upcoming events.Come Check Us Out Charlotte Harbor Event & Conference Center FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 79 The Cultural Center Theatre A venue of the Charlotte Players 2280 Aaron St. Port Charlotte (941) 625-4175, Ext. 220 The Cultural Center of Charlotte County Theater, music, community events 2280 Aaron St. Port Charlotte (941) 625-4175 Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center Concerts, dancing, symphonies 75 Taylor St. Punta Gorda (941) 833-5444 Langdon Playhouse A venue of the Charlotte Players 1182 Market Circle St. Murdock (941) 625-4175, Ext. 220 Lemon Bay Playhouse Community theater 96 West Dearborn St. Englewood (941) 475-6756 The Laboratory Theater of Florida Contemporary, classic and experimental theater. 1634 Woodford Ave. Fort Myers (239) 218-0481 Gulfshore Playhouse Professional theater group at The Norris Center. 755 Eighth Ave. S. Naples (866) 811-4111 TheatreZone Professional theater company based at Community School of Naples. 13275 Livingston Road Naples (888) 966-3352 Cambier Park bandshell Outddor music venue at Naples park. 755 Eighth Ave. S. Naples (239) 213-3058 U-PICK FARM Mike Greenwells Mike Greenwells Mike Greenwells Mike Greenwells WE OFFER A VARIETY OF VEGETABLES PICKED AT THE FARM AS WELL AS U-PICK! HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 & O&A 50/50 SOUTHWEST FLORIDAS #1 GEM AND FOSSIL MINING! NEW! FARM ANIMAL PETTING AREA! OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 239-313-8213 18672 SR 31 ALVA FL 33920 FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK PICKED AT THE PICKED AT THE FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 Come check out the all new Dugout Sports Bar and Grill! Weve expanded our seating area and now offer a full liquor bar! LIVE BANDS FRIDAY NIGHTS! KARAOKE SATURDAY & WEDNESDAYS NIGHTS AT 7PM239-574-4386 35 NE Pine Island Rd. Cape Coral, FL Sunday thru Thursday 11 am to 11 pm Friday & Saturday 11 am til the party ends! www.greenwellsfamilyfunpark.comBatting Cages Go Karts Midway Rides Arcade Mini Golf Feeding Dock Dugout VEGETABLES VEGETABLES PICKED AT THE PICKED AT THE PICKED AT THE PICKED AT THE FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL FARM AS WELL HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 HORSE HAY, T&A 50/50 FOSSIL MINING! FOSSIL MINING! FOSSIL MINING! FOSSIL MINING! NEW! FARM ANIMAL NEW! FARM ANIMAL NEW! FARM ANIMAL NEW! FARM ANIMAL NEW! FARM ANIMAL OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 OPEN DAILY 9-5:30 239-313-8213 239-313-8213 18672 SR 31 18672 SR 31 HOME OF THE WORLDS LARGEST STRAWBERRY MAN! WWW.31PRODUCE.COM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM U-PICK FARM NOW OPEN! CRACKER SHACK CAFE! 7:30AM-2:30PM

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NEW80 80 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW81 Edison & Ford Winter Estates The winter homes of Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford, beautifully situated along the Caloosahatchee River, are among the greatest historic treasures in Southwest Florida. The Estates offers extensive guided tours of the Edison and Ford homes, gardens and laboratory. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days. 2350 McGregor Blvd. Fort Myers (239) 334-7419 Shell Factory & Nature Park The Shell Factory & Nature Park is one of Southwest Floridas top destinations for family entertainment and shopping. It holds the worlds largest collection of seashells and shell specimens. You will also nd the nest fossils and sea life, not to mention the most beautiful, top-of-the-line coral. 2787 North Tamiami Trail North Fort Myers (239) 995-2141 The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum The Bailey-Matthews Shell Museums purpose is to educate about shells, mollusks, and the natural environment through exhibits, educational programs, library services, and publications. 3075 Sanibel-Captiva Road Sanibel (239) 395-2233 Imaginarium Hands-on Museum & Aquarium Learning is fun for the whole family at the Imaginarium Hands-On Museum & Aquarium. There are more than 60 exhibits as well as a hands-on experience at the marine touch tank with stingrays and more. Other displays include live sh, sharks, turtles, swans and iguanas. 2000 Cranford Ave. Fort Myers (239) 321-7420 Mike Greenwells Bat-A-Ball & Family Fun ParkFor family fun, Greenwells has it all: go-cart tracks, miniature golf, batting cages, paintball and a 6,000-square-foot arcade.35 NE Pine Island Road Cape Coral (239) 574-4386 Zoomers Amusement Park Enjoy go-carts, a roller coaster, midway rides and indoor games at this Lee County entertainment attraction for the entire family. 17455 Summerlin Road Fort Myers (239) 481-ZOOM (9666) Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Racing & Poker A long-time landmark and popular recreational facility on Floridas southwest coast, the racetrack operates throughout the year with greyhound racing, full-card simulcasting of dogs and thoroughbreds, as well as a casino-style poker room. 10601 Bonita Beach Road Bonita Springs (239) 992-2411 Naples Fishing Pier The Naples Fishing Pier is one of the most popular attractions in Naples. Originally built in 1888 as a freight and passenger dock, the Naples Pier stands as a community landmark. Open 24 hours daily. 25 12th Ave. S. Naples (239) 213-3062 ATTRACTIONS The Naples Fishing Pier

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SunSplash Family Waterpark Spend the day relaxing in the sand or enjoying the thrill of several wet attractions. The park includes three highspeed slides, the pitch-black Cape Fear and the 457-foot Electric Slide, among others. If speed isnt your thing, enjoy a leisurely cruise along the lazy river that winds around the park perimeter.400 Santa Barbara Blvd. Cape Coral (239) 574-0558 Southwest Florida Museum of History Housed in the former Atlantic Coastline Railroad depot, the museum is home to the history of the region. Paleo Indians, the Calusa, the Seminoles, Spanish explorers and early settlers are just a few of the historic inhabitants visitors will meet as they view the exhibits. An authentic replica of a pioneer Cracker house, a 1926 La France re pumper and a 1929 private Pullman rail car are also part of the tour. 2031 Jackson St. Fort Myers (239) 321-7430 James and Barbara Moore Observatory Open to the public on specic dates for viewing sessions, which typically begin 30 to 45 minutes after it is dark enough to see stars, weather permitting. Call or check the website for scheduled dates.Edison State College Charlotte campus 26300 Airport Road Punta Gorda (941) 637-3518 Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens A paved path almost a mile in length winds past rare and beautiful animals residing within a historic tropical garden planted in 1919. In this tropical setting, guests delight in seeing many of their favorite animals. In addition, they also discover an array of more rarely seen creatures such as the endangered Malagasy fosas, Red River hogs, or an Asian deer that barks and eats meat. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days. 1590 Goodlette-Frank Road Naples (239) 262-5409 NEW80 NEW81 T ake it from the horses mouth, you must visit our Bamboo Farm! FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 81 The Naples Zoo

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NEW83 NEW82 Ask Us Why We ChoseLEXINGTON MANOR ASSISTED LIVINGwww.lexingtonmanorportcharlotte.comALF#10548Tours 7 Days A Week20480 Veterans Blvd., Port Charlotte, FL 33954(941) 766-7991Veterans Welcome | Spacious Rooms | 3 Gourmet Meals Daily | Respite Medication Assistance | Transportation | No Long Term Commitment 82 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY Fishermens Village Located directly on Charlotte Harbor, Fishermens Village offers an array of exclusive boutiques, shops and superb dining. The award-winning marina offers cruise boats, shing boats, rental speed boats, kayaks, bicycles and a heated swimming pool. 1200 West Retta Esplanade No. 57A Punta Gorda (941) 639-8721 Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park Go mudding at Floridas largest off-road mud camp featuring an oval mud race track, mudding trails, camping, RV parking and mud holes. 44570 Bermont Road (County Road 74) Punta Gorda (239) 209-3773 The Military Heritage & Aviation Museum The museum displays include authentic artifacts and memorabilia representing most military conicts in which the United States has participated, from the Civil War to the present. Fishermens Village 1200 West Retta Esplanade No. 48 Punta Gorda (941) 575-9002 Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center The center provides more than 20 different educational programs and has more than 8 miles of hiking trails and other recreational opportunities. Alligator Creek 10941 Burnt Store Road Punta Gorda (941) 575-5435 Cedar Point 2300 Placida Road Englewood (941) 475-0769 Babcock Wilderness Adventures Babcock Ranch offers visitors the perfect setting to immerse themselves in nature. From swamp buggy tours with Babcock Wilderness Adventures to overnight accommodations at the Cypress Lodge, youll nd yourself face to face with wildlife in an Old Florida setting. 8000 State Road 31 Punta Gorda (800) 500-5583 Blanchard House Museum A museum of African American history and culture in Charlotte County. 406 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Punta Gorda (941) 575-7518 www.blanchardhousemuseum. Redneck Yacht Club

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NEW83 Helping Families Connect, Honor and Remember FULLERFUNERALHOME.COMN ORTH N APLES 592-1611 | E AST N APLES 417-5000 rf n n tf 941-639-5261 | 1901 Deborah Drive, Punta Gorda Isles | Harvey Goldbergs Top 10+ List that makes SAS Unique!Ongoing Social Activities THE ONLY PRIVATE GOLF CLUB IN CHARLOTTE COUNTY St. Andrews South Golf ClubWITH MEMBERSHIP INCREASIN G JOIN NOW DONT MISS OUT! C harlotte C ountys Only P rivate Golf C lub Nt Ju Gol Clu ountys Only P rivate Golf C lub Nt Ju Gol Clu A Lifestyle Florida Weeklys Best of 2015 3 ea oAwarded Charlotte County Bsine he YaWhile some courses struggle with status quo, St. Andrews South has launched a major upgrade and renovation program. The greens and tees have been re-seeded from Bermuda grass to Paspalum which is salt and drought tolerant and environmentally-friendly. Many fairways have been re-sodded. Several sand traps, bunkers and cart paths have been renovated. The clubhouse has been freshly painted inside and out and newly carpeted. Landscape improvements included newly planted trees, shrubs and owers. The proshop is fully stocked. The driving range has been enlarged and resurfaced. Additional renovations and improvements are planned to make St. Andrews South the best private club in Punta in the best condition ever! BRIAN DOOLEY Assistant Pro CHARLIE PRIESTER GM/PGA Pro SUE GARAND Membership Director FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 83 NEW82 Naples Botanical Garden Visit a world-class paradise that combines delightful cultivated tropical gardens with beautifully restored natural habitats. The Garden connects people and plants through display, education, conservation and science. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily except Tuesdays, when the Garden opens at 8 a.m. 4820 Bayshore Drive Naples (239) 643-7275 Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary Pack a picnic lunch and spend a day at the sanctuary that provides recovery and living environments for abandoned and abused exotic wildlife. 41660 Horseshoe Road Punta Gorda (239) 543-1130 Nav-A-Gator Grill Air boat rides, river boat tours, boat and canoe rentals, Old Florida rock music. The Nav-A-Gator is a slice of Old Florida. 9700 SW Riverview Circle Arcadia (941) 627-3474 The Holocaust Museum & Education Center of Southwest Florida The museums mission is to promote respect and understanding by teaching the history and lessons of the Holocaust through artifacts that tell the individual stories within the larger history of the Holocaust. May 2-Jan. 3, 1 to 4 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday with guided tour at 1:30 p.m. each day. Jan. 2-May 1, open 12:30 to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday with guided tours at 1 and 2:30 p.m.; 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday with guided tour at 1:30 p.m. 4760 Tamiami Trail North Suite 7, Naples (239) 263-9200 Florida Tracks & Trails If the off-road life and other get-downand-dirty outdoors activities are your thing, youve found your Disney World. Featuring tracks, trails, paintball, zipline, a general store and even a beach, spend the weekend getting wet, wild and dirty, and make sure you watch for special concerts and festivals. Opens at 5 p.m. Fridays. 39450 Bermont Road Punta Gorda (844) 743-3388 Redneck Yacht Club

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NEW84 HURRICANE PROTECTION AVAILABLE! WINDOWS & DOORSNO PRESSURE, GUARANTEED! BEAT RISING UTILITY BILLS$185PLUS STANDARD INSTALLATIONWHITE VINYL SINGLE HUNG4 WINDOW MINIMUM. UP TO 52 WIDEANY SIZE BEST PRICES ONIMPACT WINDOWSAVAILABLE! HURRICANE PROTECTION A VAILABLE 239-337-2287 H U R R I C A N E P R O 2 2 2015 2015 2015 15 5 5 Find Out Why They Call Us The Window to the Harbor! For Boaters & Non-Boaters Alike!Charlotte Harbor Yacht ClubIs the Place to Be! (941) 629-5131 (941) 6295131 Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club4400 Lister St., Port Charlotte, FL | N 26 57.567 / W 082 04.837 | www.charlotteharboryachtclub.comWe Have Something for Everyone 84 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYPHOTOGRAPHEDMILA BRIDGER / MILABRIDGER.COM Call (239) 945-0405 ~ Downtown Fort Myers @ Franklin Shoppes 2200 First StreetRiver District History Tour ~ Haunted History Tour Fort Myers A Modern Renaissance ~ Legends and Legacies Tour Flavors of Matlacha Island Tour ~ Old Fort Myers Cemetery TourEMAIL US AT INFO@TRUETOURS.NET ~ 800-979-3370 Reservations are required on all tours. OPEN YEAR ROUND!

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NEW85 e Wyvern Hotel would like to welcome you to Charlotte Harbor & the Gulf Islands! Stay with us and experience Luxury for Less at our 63 room boutique hotel located in the heart of Downtown Punta Gorda.(941) 639-7700101 East Retta Esplanade, Punta Gorda, FL Elegance & Amance Punta Gordas Culinary Sensation Wyvern Meatloaf -our homemade meatloaf served with lemon potato latke, tabacco onions, spinach, & rich ketchup brown gravy. Bison Burger-locally raised 3 Suns Ranch bison burger, served with lettuce and tomato on a fresh Kaiser Roll FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 85PHOTOGRAPHEDMELINDA MOORE / PHOTOARTBYMELINDA.COM Relax while experiencing the Old Florida charm of our 1926 historic Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island. Enjoy our panoramic waterfront views, island casual restaurant and unique amenities. Tarpon Lodge & RestaurantDesigned for the sportsman; Perfect for a romantic getaway!13771 Waterfront Drive on Pine Island Reservations: 239.283.3999 Importer and Distributor of Premium Quality Natural Stonee Future is All TRAVERTINE MARBLEFLOORING PAVERS HARDSCAPE 239.275.033310760 Metro Pkwy., Fort Myers, FL w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w . S S t t o o n n e e M M M M M a a r r r r t t t t . c c c c o o o o m m m m m TRAVERTINE TILES starting from $1.79/SQ. FT.

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NEW86 86 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY HEALTH CARE HOSPITALSLee CountyLee Memorial Health System runs four of the countys ve hospitals: Cape Coral Hospital, 636 Del Prado Blvd., Cape Coral, (239) 424-2000 Gulf Coast Medical Center, 13681 Doctors Way, Fort Myers, (239) 343-1000 HealthPark Medical Center, 9981 S. HealthPark Drive, Fort Myers, (239) 3435000 Lee Memorial, 2776 Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers, (239) 343-2000 Lehigh Regional Medical Center, 1500 Lee Blvd., Lehigh Acres, (239) 369-2101Collier CountyNCH Healthcare System operates these Collier County hospitals: Naples Community Hospital, 350 Seventh St. N., Naples, (239) 436-5000 North Collier Hospital, 11190 Health Park Blvd., Naples, (239) 513-7000 Physicians Regional Healthcare System operates these Collier County hospitals: Physicians Regional-Collier, 830 Collier Blvd., Naples, (239) 354-6000 Physicians Regional-Pine Ridge, 6101 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, (239) 348-4000Charlotte CountyCharlotte Regional Medical Center, 809 E. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda, (941) 639-3131 Peace River Regional Medical Center, 2500 Harbour Blvd., Port Charlotte, (941) 766-4122 Fawcett Memorial, 21298 Olean Blvd., Port Charlotte (941) 629-1181FIND A PHYSICIAN OR CAREGIVERFlorida Weeklys Physcians Guide is a comprehensive listing of medical practitioners in Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties. Go to, select your area and click Special Sections. P1 DISTRIBUTED IN LEE, COLLIER AND CHARLOTTE COUN TIES Southwest Floridas Physician Directory is your advertising vehicle to reach residents looking for information on local medical professionals. Southwest Floridas Physician Directory is your advertising vehicle Physician Directory 2015-2016 Southwest Florida 5THANNUAL

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NEW87 Sarasota and South County Edition | Fall 2009 | Florida Health Care News | Page 15 Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS Yes! Please send me information about: Hemorrhoid treatment Colorectal cancer screening Call me to schedule a consultation Name ________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City ______________________State _______Zip _____________ Phone ________________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________Mail to: Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, Murdock Circle Executive Center 18308 Murdock Cir., Suites 108 & 109, Port Charlotte, FL 33948Colonoscopy Hernia repair Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, is board certied in colon and rectal surgery by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery and by the American Board of Surgery in general surgery. He is also board certied in Surgical Critical Care. After completing under graduate work and receiving his medical degree, magna cum laude, Dr. Galliano completed a ve-year general surgery residency at Jersey City Medical Center, NJ. He completed a fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore. He also completed a fellowship in advanced colon and rectal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, Florida. Dr. Galliano is a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa. He has been in private practice in Port Charlotte since and he is aliated with Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Peace River Regional Medical Center, and Charlotte Regional Medical Center. Gentle, eective care Dr. Galliano welcomes your inquiries regarding this article. He can be seen at Murdock Circle, Suites in Port Charlotte. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call () -.Coming soon: future oce opening in Englewood! Call for more details. Hernias can be simple or complex.There are many different types of hernias including femoral and umbili-cal hernias but by far the most common type is the inguinal, or groin, hernia.A hernia is essentially a rup-ture or tear. Hernias typically occur in the abdominal wall cav-ity, but the areas near the natural openings in the groin (inguinal), below the groin (femoral) or through the navel (umbilical) are among the most common.Another common type of hernia is incisional, which is to say the hernia is in an area where there has previously been a surgical incision. ese types of hernias are fairly common among patients who have had a bowel resection or open gall bladder surgery, and women who have undergone total abdominal hysterectomy.One thing is certain about hernias: they do not always resolve, even after a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, there are many hernia suerers who have had surgery three or four HERNIA HELPLose the girdle! Even complex hernias can be eliminated with this leading-edge procedure.times and are still not better. ese people have recurrent her-nias, since they occur over and over again.Not surprisingly, incisional hernias often become recurrent. Whereas incisional hernias can occur in areas where the abdomi-nal wall has been weakened by a previous surgery, recurrent incisional hernias are those that return even after having been repaired.Patients in this group are truly facing a dilemma: each time they have their hernia repaired, it seems to heal. en, within a period of months or even years, the hernia returns, usually worse than ever. Many of these patients go from doctor to doctor, sometimes being told to lose a hundred pounds or more before additional surgery can be attempted.As few general surgeons want to take on these challeng-ing cases, the patients often end up going through life wearing an abdominal binder under their clothes the same type of binder used to keep a surgical site stable after abdominal surgery.Like a girdle, the abdominal binder is a way to hold everything in place, but it is hardly a long-term solution: beneath it, the patient still has a large abdominal bulge, and underneath that their external and internal oblique muscles, and rectus abdominus muscle all the muscles that hold in the intestines and bowel have lost their shape.Fortunately, there is now a solution for these complex hernia cases.Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, has received advanced training in Cleveland, OH for a minimally invasive procedure known as reconstruction of the abdominal wall, or complex abdominal wall reconstruction. Dr. Galliano is a surgeon in the Charlotte County area who is currently performing this leading-edge surgery.During the procedure, the surgeon actually performs a closure of the complex abdominal wall defect. Even in situations where all of the abdominal muscles have separated, and the patients internal organs are not COLON AND RECTAL SURGERYbeing held back by the muscles anymore, Dr. Galliano can use the advanced surgical technique to provide a solution. Recently, he held a screening session for hernias where half a dozen patients who attended were suering with these specific types of hernias. Some were candidates for complex abdominal wall reconstruction.If you are suffering from recurrent hernias and are unsure where to go; if you have been turned away by hospitals and surgeons; if no one else has been able to help you, then you may be a candidate for complex abdominal wall reconstruction. For an evaluation, call () -. FHCN Quite a number of conditions can affect the colorectal area, notes Dr. Galliano. One of the most dis -tressing and taboo is that of fecal incontinence/constipation.Perhaps even more isolating than the more well-known con -dition of urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and constipa-tion can be caused by a variety of factors, explains Dr. Galliano.The bowel function is controlled by three things: the sphincter, a muscle which keeps stool from leaking; the rectums storage capacity, or how much the rectum can stretch and hold stool before it must be released; and rectal sensation, the feel-ing that one must void a bowel movement. If anything interferes with these three factors, then fecal incontinence or constipa-tion, or both, can occur.e problem is more com-mon than one might think. It aects as many as ve and a half million Americans. Damage to the nerves in the area, weak or Fecal Incontinence and Constipation:damaged muscles such as from dicult childbirth or episiotomy and inammatory bowel dis -ease are all examples of possible causes of fecal incontinence.Fortunately, continues Dr. Galliano, there are now new techniques for dealing with these problems.If dietary changes, medical management, or bowel retraining programs do not eradicate the problem, fecal incontinence and constipation may be addressed through surgical procedures to correct the underlying physical problem. In the event that sphincter dam age was caused by childbirth or rectal prolapse, surgery may prove to be an eective method of correction.Anal-rectal physiology testing stud-ies the function of the anus and rectum. Physicians order analrectal physiology evaluations, which combine several diagnos-tic tests, to help pinpoint the exact bowel problem a patient is experiencing. Test results determine the proper treatment to help correct or eliminate problems such as constipation, rectal pain, a bulging rectum, or fecal incontinence.Fecal incontinence and con-stipation typically respond well to professional treatment, assures tests and treatmentsDr. Galliano. e key is nding a specialist who is board certied in colon and rectal surgery able to diagnose the problem and nd a treatment that will restore bowel control or, at the very least, substantially reduce the severity of symptoms.The best approach is to develop an individualized treat-ment plan, which is the basis of our practice. Sarasota and South County Edition | Fall 2009 | Florida Health Care News | Page 15 Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS Yes! Please send me information about: Hemorrhoid treatment Colorectal cancer screening Call me to schedule a consultation Name ________________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________ City ______________________State _______Zip _____________ Phone ________________________________________________ E-mail _______________________________________________Mail to: Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, Murdock Circle Executive Center 18308 Murdock Cir., Suites 108 & 109, Port Charlotte, FL 33948Colonoscopy Hernia repair Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, is board certied in colon and rectal surgery by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery and by the American Board of Surgery in general surgery. He is also board certied in Surgical Critical Care. After completing under graduate work and receiving his medical degree, magna cum laude, Dr. Galliano completed a ve-year general surgery residency at Jersey City Medical Center, NJ. He completed a fellowship in colon and rectal surgery at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, Baltimore. He also completed a fellowship in advanced colon and rectal surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, Florida. Dr. Galliano is a clinical assistant professor at the University of South Florida College of Medicine, Tampa. He has been in private practice in Port Charlotte since and he is aliated with Fawcett Memorial Hospital, Peace River Regional Medical Center, and Charlotte Regional Medical Center. Gentle, eective care Dr. Galliano welcomes your inquiries regarding this article. He can be seen at Murdock Circle, Suites in Port Charlotte. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call () -.Coming soon: future oce opening in Englewood! Call for more details. Hernias can be simple or complex.There are many different types of hernias including femoral and umbili-cal hernias but by far the most common type is the inguinal, or groin, hernia.A hernia is essentially a rup-ture or tear. Hernias typically occur in the abdominal wall cav-ity, but the areas near the natural openings in the groin (inguinal), below the groin (femoral) or through the navel (umbilical) are among the most common.Another common type of hernia is incisional, which is to say the hernia is in an area where there has previously been a surgical incision. ese types of hernias are fairly common among patients who have had a bowel resection or open gall bladder surgery, and women who have undergone total abdominal hysterectomy.One thing is certain about hernias: they do not always resolve, even after a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, there are many hernia suerers who have had surgery three or four HERNIA HELPLose the girdle! Even complex hernias can be eliminated with this leading-edge procedure.times and are still not better. ese people have recurrent her-nias, since they occur over and over again.Not surprisingly, incisional hernias often become recurrent. Whereas incisional hernias can occur in areas where the abdomi-nal wall has been weakened by a previous surgery, recurrent incisional hernias are those that return even after having been repaired.Patients in this group are truly facing a dilemma: each time they have their hernia repaired, it seems to heal. en, within a period of months or even years, the hernia returns, usually worse than ever. Many of these patients go from doctor to doctor, sometimes being told to lose a hundred pounds or more before additional surgery can be attempted.As few general surgeons want to take on these challeng-ing cases, the patients often end up going through life wearing an abdominal binder under their clothes the same type of binder used to keep a surgical site stable after abdominal surgery.Like a girdle, the abdominal binder is a way to hold everything in place, but it is hardly a long-term solution: beneath it, the patient still has a large abdominal bulge, and underneath that their external and internal oblique muscles, and rectus abdominus muscle all the muscles that hold in the intestines and bowel have lost their shape.Fortunately, there is now a solution for these complex hernia cases.Domingo E. Galliano, Jr., MD, FACS, FASCRS, has received advanced training in Cleveland, OH for a minimally invasive procedure known as reconstruction of the abdominal wall, or complex abdominal wall reconstruction. Dr. Galliano is a surgeon in the Charlotte County area who is currently performing this leading-edge surgery.During the procedure, the surgeon actually performs a closure of the complex abdominal wall defect. Even in situations where all of the abdominal muscles have separated, and the patients internal organs are not COLON AND RECTAL SURGERYbeing held back by the muscles anymore, Dr. Galliano can use the advanced surgical technique to provide a solution. Recently, he held a screening session for hernias where half a dozen patients who attended were suering with these specific types of hernias. Some were candidates for complex abdominal wall reconstruction.If you are suffering from recurrent hernias and are unsure where to go; if you have been turned away by hospitals and surgeons; if no one else has been able to help you, then you may be a candidate for complex abdominal wall reconstruction. For an evaluation, call () -. FHCN Quite a number of conditions can affect the colorectal area, notes Dr. Galliano. One of the most dis -tressing and taboo is that of fecal incontinence/constipation.Perhaps even more isolating than the more well-known con -dition of urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence and constipa-tion can be caused by a variety of factors, explains Dr. Galliano.The bowel function is controlled by three things: the sphincter, a muscle which keeps stool from leaking; the rectums storage capacity, or how much the rectum can stretch and hold stool before it must be released; and rectal sensation, the feel-ing that one must void a bowel movement. If anything interferes with these three factors, then fecal incontinence or constipa-tion, or both, can occur.e problem is more com-mon than one might think. It aects as many as ve and a half million Americans. Damage to the nerves in the area, weak or Fecal Incontinence and Constipation:damaged muscles such as from dicult childbirth or episiotomy and inammatory bowel dis -ease are all examples of possible causes of fecal incontinence.Fortunately, continues Dr. Galliano, there are now new techniques for dealing with these problems.If dietary changes, medical management, or bowel retraining programs do not eradicate the problem, fecal incontinence and constipation may be addressed through surgical procedures to correct the underlying physical problem. In the event that sphincter dam age was caused by childbirth or rectal prolapse, surgery may prove to be an eective method of correction.Anal-rectal physiology testing stud-ies the function of the anus and rectum. Physicians order analrectal physiology evaluations, which combine several diagnos-tic tests, to help pinpoint the exact bowel problem a patient is experiencing. Test results determine the proper treatment to help correct or eliminate problems such as constipation, rectal pain, a bulging rectum, or fecal incontinence.Fecal incontinence and con-stipation typically respond well to professional treatment, assures tests and treatmentsDr. Galliano. e key is nding a specialist who is board certied in colon and rectal surgery able to diagnose the problem and nd a treatment that will restore bowel control or, at the very least, substantially reduce the severity of symptoms.The best approach is to develop an individualized treat-ment plan, which is the basis of our practice. Dr. Galliano welcomes your inquiries regarding this article. He can be seen at 18308 Murdock Circle, Suites 108-109 in Port Charlotte. For more information or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call (941) 625-3411. Coming soon: future ofce opening in Englewood! Call for more details. InterStim Therapy now available to treat Chronic Fecal IncontinenceDR. DOMINGO E. GALLIANO OFFERING PATIENTS NEW, IMPLANTABLE SACRAL NERVE STIMULATION SYSTEM FOR BOWEL CONTROLNew treatment announced by Dr. Galliano offers hope for those dealing with the troublesome condition of fecal incontinence. In April 2011, the FDA approved InterStim Therapy for Bowl Control. Dr Galliano explains...The InterStim system has been used as a treatment for urinary incontinence and bladder control since 1997, and we are pleased to now offer this option to fecal incontinence patients. This past June Dr. Galliano performed the rst of these procedures in Florida, which was actually the second such procedure performed here in the US. Dr Galliano then reported The patient who the procedure had waited seven years to have it per formed, as the FDA did not approve it for that specic diagnosis until April 2011. We had been seeing her as a patient since 2005. Now that she has had the procedure, she is one hundred percent better. Very similar to spinal cord stimulators used for severe chronic nerve pain, InterStim Therapy employs an implant consisting of a neurostimulator and a thin lead wire. The pacemaker-like device is implanted under the skin in the lower back near the sacral nerves, and the patient can control his or her level of stimulation with an external remote. Dr. Galliano adds Clinical studies have shown that sacral nerve stimulation reduces episodes of fecal incontinence and increases quality of life in patients with this condition. Dr. Galliano goes on to say Fecal incontinence, constipation and pelvic oor dysfunction typically respond well to non-invasive treatment. The key is nding a specialist who is board certied in colon and rectal surgery able to diagnose the problem and nd a treatment that will restore bowel control or, at the very least, substantially reduce the severity of symptoms. However, we may recommend InterStim for patients with chronic fecal incontinence who have failed, or who are not candidates for conservative treatments such as dietary modications and medications. Finally Dr. Galliano states The best approach is to develop an individualized treatment plan, which is the basis for our practice. General SurgeryColon and Rectal Surgery Surgical Critical CareDr. Domingo E. Galliano Jr.MD, FACS, FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 87 SPECIALIZING IN FOREIGN NATIONALS FROM GERMANY, CANADA AND SPAIN www.TopProducerTim.comAs your trusted, professional real estate partner, I am dedicated in helping you achieve your real estate goals-whether you are buying, selling your home or relocating to Southwest Florida.MEMBER OF LEE, COLLIER AND CHARLOTTE COUNTY BOARD OF REALTORSTimBlantonREALTORTimothyJBlanton@yahoo.com239.246.8952Sign up on my website and have listings that match your search criteria delivered to your inbox!

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NEW88 88 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW89 RETIRE IN STYLE COURTESY PHOTOS Florida is a great place to take in a sunset during the golden yearse think Southwest Florida is the perfect place to retire. The weathers great, taxes are low, the beaches are spectacu lar as is the boating and fishing and the economy is booming. But dont take our word for it. Check out what the national media thinks:Forbes 25 Best Places to Retire in 2015CAPE CORAL PROS: Rosy economy in this Gulf of Mexico coast city developed with a master plan. The cost of living is 4 percent below national average, with home prices also slightly below the national average, at $190,000. Good weather, above-average air quality, low seriouscrime rate. CONS: Low Milken aging rank, low walkability. NOTED: Average tax climate, average physicians per capita. Population 166,000. TRIVIA: The citys 400 miles of canals may be tops in the world.PORT CHARLOTTE PROS: Recovering economy in town on Gulf of Mexico inlet. The cost of living is 8 percent below the national average, as is the median home price of $147,000. Good weather, above-average air quality, low serious-crime rate. CONS: Low walkability rank, but downtown Punta Gorda, next door, is great for walking. NOTED: Average tax climate and doctor availability. Population 54,000, but part of Punta Gorda metro area. TRIVIA: Spring-training town of Tampa Bay Rays.W

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NEW88 NEW89 Southwest Floridas museum devoted to creativity, play & discovery, featuring: 38,000 sq. ft. of interactive exhibits Daily/Weekly educational programs Memberships available Open weekdays from 10am-5pm, Closed Wednesday Sat. 10am-5pm & Sun. 11am-4pm PLAY LEARN DREAM 15080 Livingston Rd. Naples 34109 Get Real Hometown Service rfntbCome visit us at our new location t Bring your next real estate closing to a title company owned and operated right here inyour Hometown real estate closing to a title company FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 89 Forbes 25 Top Places To Retire Rich in 2015NAPLES Co-founded by a Confederate general, this Gulf of Mexico city on Floridas west coast holds considerable appeal for the affluent elderly. Some 42 percent of its residents are age 65 or older. Naples sports 10 miles of beachfront and the area claims to have more golf holes per capita than any where else in the U.S. The citys $65,000 median household income masks the wealth at its high end. The average home price is $520,000. CNN Moneys Best Places to Retire 2015CAPE CORAL Two-thirds of Cape Coral is surrounded by water, either from the Gulf of Mexico or the Caloosahatchee River and that doesnt include the 400 miles of canals. Florida resi dents pay no state income tax. Housing remains affordable. HOME OF THE NAPLES PRINCESSPORTOFNAPLESMARINA.COM 239.774.0479 550 Port-O-Call Way Naples, Florida 34102 BOAT RENTALS & JET SKI RENTALSBRAND NEW EQUIPMENT WITH THE LATEST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Also Available: Daily Public Cruises, Private Charters, Charter Fishing, Live Bait and More! 2015 2015 2015

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NEW90 Handling All Lawyer Referrals for Lee County $50 One-Half Hour Consultations Available Referrals to Top Lawyers in Good StandingContact Us Today to Find the Right Lawyer for YouApply for Assistance Online at 334-44919am-noon and 1pm-5pm Monday through Friday Lee County Bar AssociationCONSCIENTIOUS LAWYER REFERRALS A ll L aw ye r Re fe rr al s fo r Le e Co un ty ount y oc iati o n ENTIOUS ENTIOUS W YER R RALS 90 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY PHOTOGRAPHEDVALERIE ROCHE / VALERIEROCHE.COM Lee Countys Finest Drycleaner Lee Countys Finest Drycleaner 12901 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33919 | 239-481-6624FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERYIN FORT MYERS AND ESTERO/BONITA TUESDAY & FRIDAYQuality & Experienced Dry Cleaners Specializing in: Household Items Rugs, Drapes, Comforters Evening Wear Speciality Clothing Shirts Dry Cleaning(Quick turn around on household items, sheets, comforters and etc.)WHEN YOU NEED A DRY CLEANER WITH A PERSONAL TOUCH, THINK ROYAL CLEANERS!

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NEW91 FLORIDAS PREMIER LIVE MUSICCHECK OUR SCHEDULE! Just off Kings Highway, 3 miles East of I-75 (exit 170) Turn at the Big Fish Billboard! Where the Road Ends-The Adventure Begins! 941-627-FISH (3474) nav-a-gator. FL OR ID ID A A S PR EM IE R R L LI VE MUS FL FL FL OR O R I OR R ID ID D ID A A D A A D A A S PR PR E PR REM R E M IE IE R E R L L I VE VE VE M US US US F F FL OR OR R R ID ID ID ID ID ID I A A A A A A A S S S S S PR PR PR EM EM EM IE IE IE R R R R R R L L LI LI LI LI LI V VE MU FL L L OR O R R R R I I I I R ID ID ID ID ID I I D D D D D D A A A A A A D D D A A A A A A A S S S PR PR PR R R R E E E PR PR EM EM EM R E E E M M I I IE IE IE IE E E E E E R R R R R E E E R R R R R R R R L L L L L I I I V V VE V V VE VE M U U COOL OFF WITH AN AIRBOAT RIDE GROUP RATES AVAILABLE BOGOWITH AD Exp 11/30/16WITH AD Exp 11/30/16WITH AD Exp 11/30/16PER COUPLE ON AIRBOAT RIDE WITH DAILY DINNER NOW BOOKING CHRISTMAS PARTIES AND CHRISTMAS LIGHT TOURS THROUGH PGIBUY ONE GET ONE FREE WILDERNESS $5OFF$2OFF O L L L OL O H A A A A A A R R B B BO T AT R L L A A A A D D D D D D D E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E D D D E E D E D E E D D D E E E E HOME OF THE WORLD FAMOUS GROUPER SANDWICH Coldest, H H NEW MENU ITEMS!! PEACE RIVER TOURS Acme BICYCLE SHOPS LLC 941-258-3400 941-639-ACME Truly Americas Best Bike Shop! GOLD Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists!Acme Bicycle Shop of Punta Gorda named a Crosstrails Center 639-ACME (2263) SEE YOU SOON! A A JOIN US FOR HAPPY HOUR! www.Phils41.comSteaks | Seafood | Italian ww w S t | | | | I I I t a l l l l l l l l i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n the Best FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 91ALAIN BOSSOUS / VISUAL2POINT0.COM*MINIMUM 8 DAY ADVANCE PURCHASE, NON-REFUNDABLE FARE. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH OTHER OFFERS. WEEKEND FEE APPLIES TO ANY TRAVEL FRIDAY THRU SUNDAY. EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 2016. ONLINE PURCHASES. 1-800-593-7088 KeyWestExpress f K K K K K K KeyWestExpress re e s s ss t K K K K K K y y e e yw y y ke s s p westexp r re e y y yw y y TheKeyWestExpress $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ GET AWAY FOR ONLY ROUND TRIP!* Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ca ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po po t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t t of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of of P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir ir at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es es , , , Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po Po et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s, s, s, s, s, s, s, P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P P re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si si de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt nt s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt rt y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er er s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s! s!

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NEW92 92 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYSOUTHWEST FLORIDA BY THE NUMBERS U.S. FLORIDA LEE COUNTY COLLIER COUNTY CHARLOTTE COUNTY Population estimates July 2014 318,857,056 19,893,297 679,513 348,777 168,474 Persons 65 years and older percentage July 2014 14.5 19.1 26.3 29.4 37.7 Housing units July 2014 133,957,180 9,144,250 375,682 203,070 101,365 Median value of owner-occupied housing units, 2009-2013 $176,700 $160,200 $149,400 $261,300 $143,700 Building permits 2014 1,046,363 84,075 4,095 3,610 610 High school graduate or higher percent of persons age 25 years+ 2009-2013 86 86.1 86.9 85.8 88.8 Bachelors degree or higher percent of persons age 25 years+, 2009-2013 28.8 26.4 24.7 31.7 21.2 Median household income (in 2013 dollars), 2009-2013 $53,046 $46,956 $47,439 $55,843 $44,378QUICKFACTS DATA FROM U.S. CENSUS BUREAU

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NEW93 A mere eight months after getting married, Bob and JoAnn Helphenstine moved to Punta Gorda and decided they wanted to start their own business. The automotive industry, Chevrolets in particular, were already in their blood: Bob was working at a Chevrolet dealership in Jacksonville; JoAnns father owned the Chevrolet dealership in her south Georgia hometown. When Bob and JoAnn learned of a Chevrolet/ Oldsmobile store for sale on U.S. 41, their interest was naturally piqued. It was nancially feasible and the price was right, said JoAnn, who was widowed in 2002 after Bobs eight-year battle with lymphoma. Because she was a woman, Palms future president and visionary wasnt permitted to attend the negotiation sessions or be listed as an owner.Making the dream workJoAnn said she would never counsel newlyweds to embark on the sometimes tempestuous journey of starting a business, with all the strains it can put on even a seasoned marriage. But the Helphenstines were fortunate. There was no master plan, she said. It has taken 59 years to get where we are. It has grown gradually over the years when property and franchises became available. You come with a dream and you make it work. Palm Chevrolet opened on a Monday in late September 1955, just ve days after the initial negotiations and three days after the deal was nalized. Bob and JoAnn became the rst two and only employees. We were approved in just one day, which is unheard of today, JoAnn said. We opened that rst day with no inventory. We had no nancing to buy any cars and no connections to nance any vehicles sold. Back then, there was no Punta Gorda Isles Port Charlotte was a concept still in development and U.S. 41 was just two lanes swallowed by a tangle of surrounding woods. The city had one trac light and a single two-lane bridge spanning the Peace River. And worked it has. From birth to boomFrom the start, the dealership was Bobs baby. He was a natural salesman, an honest and friendly man who employees and customers adored and called Big Bob. Bob was truly amazing, said past general sales manager Tonya Blair, who joined the team 25 years ago as the rst female salesperson hired by Palm. He never met a stranger. He was the kind of guy who walked into a room and lit it up. He was positive, genuine and a good person. And JoAnn knows this business inside and out, Blair added. She can walk the walk and talk the talk. Shes very involved, active and caring. She understands its an emotional business, and she never let it bother her the one month in our history when we didnt sell a car. JoAnn took care of the books and Bob handled the sales. Two other employees, a technician and a porter, were added. As one would imagine for such a small town, sales were often slow and customer cash not always readily available. We did anything to make a sale, and even accepted cows and baby chicks as payment, JoAnn recalled. With little to do after hours, JoAnn and Bob quickly became involved in the community, something she continues today. The Helphenstines rented the original Campbell Chevrolet building until 1970, when they purchased it. They constructed a new building adjacent to the original property two years later, and bought adjoining properties on both sides of Tamiami Trail as they became available. They also purchased existing franchises: Chrysler and Dodge from Bob King Chrysler in 1982, Jeep soon after and Trail Toyota in 1990. Their auto empire continued to grow with the opening of Palm Mazda-Hyundai in 1991 and the acquisition of Mitsubishi in 2002 and Buick-GMC in 2009. And late in 2014 added Palm Lincoln. Today, the company boasts more than 300 employees, many with a decade or more of tenure, and several more than 25 years. We have more inventory to oer, she said. Our sales team can cross sell even though 90 percent of buyers have done their research on the Internet and are already brand conscious when they come to our showrooms. Palm now boasts a 13 brands Toyota, Scion, Hyundai, Chrysler/ Dodge/Jeep, Mazda/Mitsubishi, Chevrolet/Buick/GMC, and its latest edition, Lincoln not to mention used cars that set on about 60 acres of property, and employ more than 300 sta members. Between 1,000 and 1,200 vehicles are on hand at any given time. JoAnn admits that heading Palm has had its challenges, But it has been fun and rewarding, too. I would denitely do it all again.e start of something big: how Palm Auto Mall was born Palm Auto Mall Executive Committee(pictured left to right) Brett Helphenstine, Jody Lombardo, JoAnn Helphenstine, Paul Cleaver, David Fetkenher Customers like you keep us at the topAfter 60 years, Palm Automotive Group has remained the #1 destination for new and pre-owned cars and trucks for one reason YOU. Our customers keep us head and shoulders above other dealerships. Perhaps its because with 13 new car brands under our belt, we have an unbeatable selection all in one location. Or perhaps its because weve been serving the Whatever the reason, our customers keep coming back again and again. We pride ourselves in our people. With more than 300 employees, it is impossible to acknowledge them all. However, without the dedication, commitment and talent of these individuals, we would be not be able to serve our customers so successfully. I thank them all. Its our #1 goal not to have you be a one-time buyer. We always approach a cushave many choices when it comes to where to purchase your new vehicle. Price is drive away in the car of your dreams with a smile on your face. JoAnn Helphenstine, President Customers like you keep us at the top A fter 60 years, Palm Automotive Group has remained the #1 destination for new and p re-owned cars and trucks for one reason YOU. Our customers kee p us head and shoulders above other dealershi p s. Perhaps its because with 13 new car brands under our belt, we have an unbeat able selection all in one location. Or perhaps its because weve been serving the W hatever the reason, our customers keep coming back again and again W e pri de ourselves in our people. With more than 300 e mpl oyees, it is impossible to acknowledge the m all. However, without the de dication, co mmitment and talent of t hese individuals, we would be not be able to serve our customers so successfull y I thank th e m al l. I t s our #1 goa l not to hav e y ou be a one-time b uye r. We alw ays ap pro ach a cus h ave many choices when it comes to where to purchase your new vehicle. Price is drive awa y in the car of y our dreams with a smile on y our face. Years l i k k h of 60

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NEW94 I stand behind what I sell C C C C C C C C C C C C a a a a a a a a a a a r r r r r r r r r r s s s s s s s s s s s , , , , , , T T T T T T T T T T T r r r r r r r r r r u u u u u u u u u u u c c c c c c c c c c c k k k k k k k k k k k s s s s s s s s s s s , , , , , , V V V V V V V V V V V a a a a a a a a a a a n n n n n n n n n n s s s s s s s s s s s , , , , , , S S S S S S S S S S S S h h h h h h h h h h h e e e e e e e e e e e d d d d d d d d d d d d s s s s s s s s s s s , , , , , , T T T T T T T T T T T r r r r r r r r r r a a a a a a a a a a a i i i i i i i i i i i l l l l l l l l l l l e e e e e e e e e e e r r r r r r r r r r s s s s s s s s s s s & & & & & & & & & & & & M M M M M M M M M M M o o o o o o o o o o o r r r r r r r r r r e e e e e e e e e e e ! ! ! ! ! MANY MAKES AND MODELS AVAILABLE! 45MATTAS MOTORS941-916-9222 Medical Pavilion Walk-In ClinicMedical Pavilion Clinic is your local walk-in clinic for all your medical needs2525 Harbor Blvd., Suite 102, Port Charlotte, FL 33952(941) 629-9190 (941) 629-7593 (after hours) For all YourMINOR MEDICALNEEDS Dr. David S. BallestasWelcome to the Medical Pavilion Clinic. Come and see why thousands of area residents have entrusted us with their primary healthcare.Our skilled medical providers and medical staff have been providing excellent and prompt primary care for the community since 1984.Preventative Care and Flu Shots also Weight Loss and Pneumonia CareOur services... For overnight stays of any length, going to pet camp is an exciting adventure at our spacious location featuring large cabins for overnight guests, kitty condos, indoor and outdoor play areas, daycare and full grooming services. When you need to get away, rest assured your pets are safe, clean, healthy and happy! Well jump through hoops for your pets! Where our family takes care of yoursBonita Boarding Kennel and Pet CampPhone: 239.992.6878 Fax: 9240 Brookwood Court, Bonita Springs, FL, 34135 Like Us on Facebook REST EASY WHILE YOURE AWAY:PHOTOGRAPHEDMICHELLE TRICCA / MICHELLATRICCA.COM 94 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY

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NEW96 96 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW97 Lee County The Lee County School Dis trict serves more than 76,000 students at 44 elementary schools, 16 middle schools, 13 high schools, 18 special educa tion centers and other commu nity schools. There are also 24 charter schools in Lee County. The districts budget is more than $1.2 billion. Its the 36thlargest school district in the country by some estimates.When to register Students new to Lee County: Parents must visit one of the Student Assignment Offices most convenient to them for registration and assignment to school. Children who will be age 5 on or before Sept. 1 of the upcoming school year should apply for kindergarten. Parents need to register their child even if they have an older child already in school there are no automatic assignments. Students entering sixth or ninth grade: Parents need to register their child for assign ment when their child is mov ing from elementary to middle school or middle to high school. If you did not receive a paper with your PIN number, you will have to go to a student assignment office.Student Assignment OfficesLehigh Acres Office 1262 Wings Way, Suite No. 207, Lehigh Acres 33936 Cape Coral Office 360 Santa Barbara Blvd. N. Cape Coral 33993 2855 Colonial Blvd. Collier County The School District of Collier County serves almost 45,000 students in 29 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, eight high schools, and a pre-kthrough-12 school (Everglades City School). There are also 12 alternative school programs. The districts two career/tech nical centers (Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology and Immokalee Technical Center) and adult education programs offer students both shortand long-term programs.Pre-register for registration online Go to http://portal.collier to access the Online Centralized Registration system. Visit registration location Bring all required documents to one of the registrations loca tions listed below. Documents cannot be dropped off. You must meet with a Student Rela tions Representative at one of the locations in order to com plete the registration process. Naples (all Collier County residents) Administrative Center 5775 Osceola Trail Phone: 377-0547Immokalee (Immokalee residents only)Immokalee High School 701 Immokalee Drive Phone: 658-7047Everglades City (Everglades City residents only)Everglades City School 415 School Drive Phone: 377-0539Required documentsREQUIRED documents for registration are listed below and on the pre-registration all of these documents in order to complete the registration process. documents with you when you visit the registration location in order to successfully complete the enrollment process. identification Parent/legal guardian who registers a student must present valid photo ID at time of registration passport Student must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 Birth certificate must have official seal from state/ country where it was issued Parents who provide a passport for proof of age must also provide documentation of proof of parentage, proof of legal custody and/or guardianship, or any other evidence that one is a parent as that 1000.21(5). In the event that such documentation is not available, the person enrolling the child must present, at the time of enrollment, an affidavit sworn to by the parent, that he/she is the parent, legal guardian, or otherwise as defined by the statute above. The date of the physical exam must have been completed in the U.S. within 12 months of the childs first day of school in Collier County the Collier County Health Department: Naples 3339 E. Tamiami Trail, Government Complex (Building H), 252-8595; Immokalee, 419 N. 1st St., 252-7300. (If available) Provide one of the following: Homestead Exemption Card (considered familys primary residence) Property Tax Notice (may require additional verification) Collier County, specified closing date A copy of the deed to be provided within 30 days of closing date filed by the parent agreement AND TWO of the following: Identification Card two statements) statement, water bill, cable bill or landline phone bill REGISTERING FOR SCHOOL

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NEW96 NEW97 Dr. Charlene Okomski, D.O.P.A.-FACOOGPunta Gorda, Florida Dr. Charlene OkomskiBoard Certied Obstetrics & Gynecology941-205-5500 (Cosmetics)941-205-2666 (Medical) Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Become One Call For Your Free Consultation Today! Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Where Health and Beauty Health Care for Womenby Women FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 97(last two statements). NOTE: New residents must provide confirmation of set up of services for two utilities with name and address. Two months of bills must be submitted to the school within 30 days. applicable) if child is not living with both natural parents applicable) This is mandatory for high school students only applicable) This requirement is for elementary and middle school students transferring from another school applicable) in an Exceptional Student Charlotte County Schools serves nearly 16,000 total students in 10 elementary schools, four middle schools, three high schools and three special schools. Students entering kindergar for a registration appointment. A parent or guardian must accompany a student under 18 years of age to register at a following: residence address. permanent or regular home are asked to complete an affidavit of residency form. one of the following: certified copy of birth certificate; baptismal certificate showing date of birth and place of baptism, with parents sworn affidavit; insurance policy on child, which has been in force at least two years; Bible record of childs birth with parents sworn affidavit; passport or certificate of arrival in U.S.; school record, at least four years prior, showing date of birth; or parents sworn affidavit accompanied by a certificate of examination from a health officer verifying childs age. to present a certificate of communicable diseases Department of Health. previous 12 months signed and dated by a physician. You should also bring: previous school(s) attended. from previous school(s) such as report cards, transcripts or student participation in special programs. Number (optional). Bring card with you, it will become student identification number. parent is separated, divorced, or if other custodial situation exists, a copy of legal residential custody document caregiver who does not have legal custody or student is abandoned by custodial parent, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS! OVERLOOKING THE HISTORIC FORT MYERS COUNTRY CLUB ON MCGREGOR BLVD.

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NEW98 PARADISE PARADISE is calling. SharonGRI, ePro ~ A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle ~ is calling. Sharon was excellent! She went over and above what we expected. -TRSharon has the ability to beautifully blend a high level of professionalism with a warm, caring attitude. -PR her to others!! -SH & DHTruly remarkable, personal, service. TPSharon is outstanding in solving problems and always professional & pleasant. GS & DS 98 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLYTop 100 Employers1 Lee Memorial Health System 10,900 (239)-343-6150 2 Lee County School District 10,600 (239) 337-8301 3 Collier County Public Schools 7,041 (239) 377-0001 4 NCH Naples Hospitals 7,000 (239) 436-5000 5 Publix Super Markets 6,968 (941) 377-2242 6 Charlotte Regional Medical Center 3,950 (941) 639-3131 7 Walmart Supercenter 3,792 (239) 274-0533 8 Winn-Dixie 3,348 (239) 542-6464 9 Palm Automotive 2,656 (941) 639-1155 10 Charlotte County School District 2,140 (941) 255-7485 11 United States Postal Service 1,992 (239) 573-9638 12 Home Depot 1,920 (239) 278-5201 13 US Sugar 1,726 (863) 963-8121 14 City of Cape Coral 1,654 (239) 574-0401 15 Chicos Fas Inc. 1,600 (239) 277-6200 16 Collier County Administration 1,600 (239) 252-8999 17 Lee County Sheriffs Office 1,585 (239) 477-1009 18 Arthrex, Inc. 1,400 (230) 591-6101 19 St Joseph Preferred Healthcare Inc 1,400 (941) 625-4122 20 Florida Gulf Coast University 1,253 (239) 590-1000 21 Lowes Home Improvement 1,100 (239) 433-9255 22 Ritz Carlton Naples 1,100 (239) 598-3300 23 Sallyport Global, LLC Part of Michael Baker 1,100 (23) 390-1900 24 Country Club of Naples Inc. 1,050 (239) 261-1032 25 Target 1,040 (239) 481-8860 26 Hendry County School System 1,036 (863) 674-4090 27 Collier County Sheriffs Office 1,029 (239) 774-4434 28 City of Port Charlotte/ Charlotte County 1,027 (941) 743-1944 29 Shell Point Retirement Communities 1,020 (239) 454-2156 30 ACI Worldwide 1,001 (239) 403-4600 31 Charlotte County Commissioners 1,000 (941) 743-1300 32 A Duda & Sons 995 (863) 946-1838 33 Comcast 994 (239) 432-1634 34 City of Fort Myers 879 (239) 321-7045 35 Seminole Casino 875 (239) 658-1313 36 Bealls 873 (800) 569-9038 37 Goodwill of SWFL 821 (239) 694-8754 38 Fawcett Memorial Hospital 780 (941) 629-1181 39 Marriott-Marco Island Beach 775 (239) 394-2511 40 Moorings Park 754 (239) 261-1616 41 Robb & Stucky Limited LLP 750 (239) 415-2800 42 Gartner, Inc. 741 (239) 561-4000 43 Naples Grande Beach Resort 700 (239) 597-3232 44 Marriott-Sanibel Harbour Resort 680 (239) 466-4000 45 Punta Gorda HMA, Inc. 680 (941) 639-3131 46 Downing Frye Realty 675 (239) 992-8711 47 Hendry County Administration 658 (863) 675-5520 48 Florida Southwestern State College 653 (239) 489-9300 49 Alorica 620 (239) 344-3846 50 Charlotte County Sheriffs Office 607 (941) 639-2101 51 Physicians Regional Medical Center 600 (239) 348-4000 52 American Golf Association 600 (941) 732-1200 53 The Christian and Missionary Foundation, Inc. 550 (941) 637-6444 54 Veterans Health Administration (2014) 528 (239) 652-1861 55 Coastalscents.Com 501 (239) 963-2280 56 Agmart Produce Inc. 500 (877) 606-5003 57 Bentley Village A Classic 500 (888) 506-9426 58 Children & Families Dept. 500 (239) 332-2822 59 Classic Residence Management Inc 500 (239) 598-3153 60 Gulf Bay Group Of Companies 500 (239) 732-9400 61 Plantation Botanicals Inc 500 (863) 675-2984 62 Raymond Building Supply 500 (239) 731-8300 63 Winzer Co. 500 (800) 527-4126 64 Fifth Third Bank 500 (239) 949-6300 65 Vi at Bentley Village 470 (239) 597-1121 66 Hyatt Regency-Coconut Point 450 (239) 444-1234 67 Naples City Utilities 450 (239) 213-4745 68 WCI Communities 450 (239) 498-8073 69 CenturyLink 446 (239) 772-9100 70 Port Charlotte Corrections Department 429 (941) 833-2300 71 Artist-Naples 423 (239) 597-1111 72 Gulf Coast Village 417 (239) 772-1333 73 Naples Italian American Club 417 (239) 597-5210 74 Florida Cancer Specialists 400 (239) 275-6400 75 Germain Arena 400 (239) 948-7825 76 John R Woods Realtors 400 (239) 598-0059 77 Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club 400 (239) 261-2222 78 Radiology Regional Center 400 (239) 936-2316 79 Schear, Corp. 400 (239) 369-6323 80 South Port Square 400 (941) 203-6656 81 South Seas Island Resort 400 (239) 472-5111 82 Dillards, Inc. 400 (501) 376-5200 83 Lee County Electric Co-op 386 (800) 599-2356 84 Bonita Bay Club 380 (239) 495-0200 85 Finnegan Team 375 (239) 595-5557 86 Hodges University 375 (239) 513-1122 87 Manheim Southwest Florida Auto 375 (239) 332-8525 88 Park Royal Hospital 375 (239) 985-2700 89 Costco 375 (239) 415-6003 90 Charlotte County Jail 372 (941) 833-6300 91 AGS Software Solutions 370 (800) 354-3578 92 Florida Power & Light 369 (800) 468-8243 93 Moog, Inc. 367 (239) 513-0800 94 AA Stucco & Drywall, Inc. 350 (239) 598-1100 95 Cape Coral Charter School Authority 350 (239) 424-6100 96 D & K Harvesting 350 (863) 675-4585 97 G4S Secure Solutions 350 (305) 266-2004 98 Lynx Services, L.L.C. 350 (239) 479-6000 99 News-Press, The Publisher 350 (239) 335-0277 100 The Waldorf Astoria Collection 350 (888) 887-1006* SWEETBAY STORES PURCHASED BY WINN-DIXIE SOURCE: SOUTHWEST FLORIDA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE

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NEW99 Westchester Gold & Diamonds Let Us Rock Your World We buy and sell diamonds, gold, silver, coins, Rolex and vintage jewelry. Baers Plaza, Port Charlotte www.Westchestergold com 941-625-0666 B a e r sP la a z a e r s P P l a 0 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 99 100% Financing No Minimum Borrower Contribution Gift Funds Allowed To Pay For Borrowers Closing Costs And Prepaids No Down Payment Required Seller Concessions Allowed Be a US Citizen, US Non-Citizen National or Quali ed Alien Low to Moderate Income FamiliesPROUDLY SERVING FLORIDA SINCE 2003 **Subject to Credit and Underwriting Approval. Additional conditions may apply**Homeownership doesnt have to be a dream. With USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing Program IT CAN BE A REALITY! Why is USDA such a great choice for nancing? USDA offers: Are you looking to buy in SWFL? Let us make your dreams come true!Let Anthony Schrenkel help you get pre-quali ed today by calling American Eagle Mortgage Company, LLC at (239) 877-0327

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NEW100 100 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY NEWS & INFO FLORIDA WEEKLYFlorida Weekly is one of the largest circulating newsweeklies in Florida, with a circulation of more than 90,000 papers in Lee, Collier, Charlotte and Palm Beach counties reaching more than 200,000 readers in print, online and mobile each week. We provide weekly print editions, online, iPad and mobile for your iPhone or Android devices.Electronic Online In addition to our complete print edition, our website,, provides photo galleries, contests, pickup locations, special sections and proles of all of our advertisers. iPad We were the rst South Florida newspaper to introduce an application for the iPad. Read the entire edition of Florida Weekly in an easy-to-navigate format. Go to the iTunes store and download the app to read Florida Weekly anywhere. iPhone/Android Download the easyto-navigate smart phone version of Florida Weekly at the iTunes store. PrintSix weekly editions covering: Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte, Palm Beach Gardens/Jupiter and West Palm Beach and the Palm Beaches. Luxe Living Naples and Bonita Springs luxury living guide. At Home Charlotte Countys guide to everything about the home. Healthy Body Charlotte Countys guide to your health. Healthy Living Palm Beach Countys guide to looking and feeling better. Destination Southwest Florida (January) Discover the great things about our Southwest Florida communities. Arts Preview (February) Our denitive guide to the Southwest Florida arts, theater and music scenes. Florida Weeklys Best (May) Florida Weeklys intrepid writers and editors scour South Florida looking for the best of everything. Florida Weekly/NBC-2 Hurricane Issue (June) Southwest Floridas most complete guide to weathering a hurricane. Executive Forecast (July, August, September or October depending on market) Our nod to the men and women who run Floridas companies. Southwest Florida Physicians Directory (November) A comprehensive guide to the leading doctors and medical services in Southwest Florida. Southwest Florida Newcomers Guide (November) Everything you need to know to settle down in paradise. Holiday Gift Guide (December) Whats new and interesting for the holiday giftbuying season. New Years Eve Party Guide Where to go and what to do to ring in the new year.

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NEW101 Charlotte County Community Services 2300 El Jobean Road Port Charlotte, FL 33948 941.625.PLAY (7529)Programs of Charlotte County Government. with Charlotte County Community Services!!! Theres always something to see & do in Charlotte County the pages of The Guide or online at Get Up...Get Out... Get Active... FLORIDA WEEKLY II 2016 Newcomers SWFL 101 Now Open! 239.849.0622 15250 S. Tamiami Trail, Ste.107, Regal Plaza Fort Myers, FL Open Wednesday-Saturday 5:00-10:00 pm FREE PICK UP AND DELIVERY 2015 2015 2015 COME VISIT ONE OF OUR 2 LOCATIONS TO SEE WHY WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICE IN TOWN!SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE WITH FREE DRY CLEANING DELIVERY! CELEBRATING 40 YEARS IN OUR FORT MYERS LOCATION! OR EMAIL STEVE AT STEVE@NUIMAGECLEANERS.COM WWW.NUIMAGECLEANERS.COM FAST QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1975 FAST QUALITY SERVICE SINCE 1975 3722 Cleveland Avenue 3 Lights North of Edison Mall 8911 Daniels Parkway

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NEW102 102 Newcomers SWFL 2016 II FLORIDA WEEKLY PHOTOGRAPHEDMIKE KINIRY / MIKEKINIRY.COM I took that with my phone and posted it to Imgur, but inverted it first because I thought it looked really trippy that way and sure enough so did a lot of other people... it got more than half a million views in 24 hours (my first truly viral image). So, I figured if you guys were to use that one it should be in its natural state, which is upside down and backwards like this. Brightway shops the nations top-rated home and ood insurance companies on your behalf to nd the best insurance coverage for you and your home. Discover a better way to buy insurance.8660 College Parkway # 300 Fort Myers FL 33919 239-466-8050 voice866-776-9331 fax COLLEGE PARKWAY AUTO | HOME | BUSINESS | LIFE O | H H O O M M E E | | BUSIN E SS | L y f or or r tm tm tm tm e ye ye ye rs rs rs c c .c om om om r D to 8 F 2 2 8 8 C C

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NEW103 da Vinci Robotic Surgery TIF Incisionless Heartburn & Gerd Surgery Ultroid Non Surgical Ofce Treatment for Hemorrhoids Hernia Repair Colon & Rectal Surgery Gallbladder Problems SILS(Single-Incision Laparascopic Surgery)Esopho gastro Dilitation/EGD Gastro Intestinal Surgery Appendectomy Laparoscopic Surgery Colonoscopy Breast surgery Skin Lesions Skin Cancer Surgery Dr. Alvaro R. Bada, M.D.BOARD CERTIFIED GENERAL SURGEON FELLOW AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONSMurdock Circle Executive Center18308 Murdock Circle, Suite 101, Port Charltote, Fl 33948 g er y t Call Now (941) 3 3 3 9 9 9 9 9 9 4 4 4 8 8 8

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Gulf of Mexico Atlantic OceanThe Colony Golf & Bay Club Hampton Park Shadow Wood Preserve Pelican PreserveVenetian Golf & River ClubTidewater Preserve Rosedale Lakewood Ranch Westshore Yacht Club Heron BayLost Key Marina & Yacht Club Lost Key Golf & Beach ClubPensacola Perdido KeySarasota National Tampa Bradenton Venice Fort Myers Naples Bonita SpringsCoral Springs Parkland Carrara at Talis Park LaMorada Livingston Lakes Raffia Preserve Artesia Estates at Tuscany Delray Beach Ibis Golf & Country Club West Palm Beach Timberwood Preserve rfnnfrtbnnnbrrnnrbrr nfffnnnrrrrnbn nrrnrnnfnnnbnnnrnnnnnfnrrnfr nnnfnrrnbnn rf f f rnt tf rbtn nr f rfntnbb Atlantic rrfff nnrtnbbt nrfntbnrnrrff fnf bbrb r nt r