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PAGE 1 Vol. V, No. 36 FREE WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 OPINION A4 NEWS OF THE WEIRD A10 HEALTHY LIVING A12 PETS A14 BUSINESS MEETINGS B4 REAL ESTATE B8 OPEN HOUSE MAP B22 PUZZLES C10 ANTIQUES C14 BRIDGE C16 WGCU-TV C17 CUISINE C23 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes App Store. INSIDE To francise or not?Local chains weigh the pros and cons. B1 Author, authorJournalists share stories about going from news to novels and nonfiction. A15 Super menLocal captains have ties to Man of Steel. C1 Camera USANational photography exhibit opens at The von Liebig. C21 As summer gets into full swing, students, teachers and parents alike are enjoying a break from the action-packed school year. It sounds great, but its actually in the kids best interest for them to keep up the pace over the summer. Researchers have found that June and July are the riskiest months of the year for firsttime drug and alcohol use among youth. What is it about summer? To put it simply: Too much time on youths hands + lack of supervision = trouble, according to Drug Free Action Alliance. The statistics bear this out: Each day during the school year, about 8,000 adolescents take their first drink of alcohol. Compare that to the average summer day, when about 11,000 adolescents take their first drink of alcohol. For kids trying cigarettes or marijuana for the first time, the numbers go up from about 3,500 per day during the school year to 4,500 on a summer day. As for students who have already begun drinking and smoking, many are known to indulge more often and more heavily during June and July.Tips for parentsHere are some things parents can do to help prevent their children from becoming part of the statistics: Help them create structure for their days, whether by working part-time, volunteering, taking part in a class or camp, etc. Help them discover what interests them. Make clear your expectations for yourSummertime, and the temptations for teens are manySEE SUMMERTIME, A6 SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYDrug Free Collier Real estate rebounding with the help of quick turnarounds


239.261.5495Lic # CGC1520339 10% OFFValid with this SHOWER FORCEA Division of A Division of Hurricane Services GARAGE DOOR DOOR 239.514.3370Lic # CGC1520339 Replacement & Repair Specialist Impact Garage Doors Miami/Dade Automatic Openers Offering Amarr and Hurricane Master Doors Serving Naples, Bonita Springs, and Marco Island $25 OFFValid with this ad exp. 6/30/13 LOVE COMMENTARY The pointed stickTheres a photo of Mark Twain hard at work that reveals how difficult it is for anybody to write, even a genius. His face is cast in careworn struggle, and for good reason. Writing is like driving nails with the wrong hand, or walking a mile of summer swamp, or sinking 100 fence posts in rocky country that rises 1,000 feet over half a mile. Its hard to do well without suffering. So Twain has girded himself for the endeavor: Hes plumped the pillows on his four-poster bed before leaning comfortably back. Hes rolled up his sleeves, pulled a wool blanket to his waist, and situated a pad of paper on his lap. Theres probably a cup of tea sitting around somewhere (alcoholic elixirs were not Twains problem). Finally, and mustering all his strength, hes managed to heft the single great tool of his trade, as it was then practiced a one-ounce pen. Or maybe its a pencil. Whatever it is, its not a computer. Its not even a typewriter. That particular game-changer was invented in various incarnations no less than 52 times, Joan Acocella once reported in The New Yorker magazine. One popular version, first produced by an arms manufacturer in the 1870s when Mark Twain was hitting his stride (hard to do in bed, I know), appeared because the rifle market had declined precipitously after the Civil War. It was a Remington typewriter, mounted on a sewing machine stand. But in the photo, Twain uses only a pen nothing more than a pointed stick that can mark paper. With that Paleolithic tool, he changed the way we understand being human, or being a human American. Paradoxically, the first book ever written on a typewriter was his: Life on the Mississippi, published in 1883. He didnt actually write it, however; he probably dictated penned copy to a secretary, then submitted the typewritten version to his publisher. Ive worked up a business here that would satisfy any man, I dont care who he is, Twain noted in chapter 43. Five years ago, lodged in an attic; live in a swell house now with a mansard roof and all the modern inconveniences. He achieved that reality not at the helm of a riverboat but in bed, assisted by Johannes Gutenbergs invention of the printing press, in 1440. Now, typewriters have become dinosaurs, even deader than pointed sticks. Now we have computers, Google and Facebook, and no Mark Twain. But I think Twain would have leaped into the center of the new technologies. He would have embraced them with his own brand of genius, just as he embraced the pointed stick and the typewriter. Twain was a modernist in two senses: He saw great promise in technology, depending on who was using it. And he was skeptical of all bloviating claims, especially in matters of politics and religion where evidence is so frequently anecdotal, and so deservedly suspect. I have a religion but you will call it blasphemy, he once wrote to his older brother, Orion Clemens. It is that there is a God for the rich man but none for the poor. That thought is so modern it remains contemporary. To make such an acute judgment to be able to think so clearly about the worlds violent eddies and swirls, and about its cascading injustices remains the goal of any serious writer, whether a tragic or a comic stylist. Judgment, without which any writing is vacuous, requires experience and thought no matter what the technology of the moment may be, or the temperament of the writer. I realized this again last week when I finally signed up for Facebook, breaking ranks not only with antiquity, but with the sluggish habits of my own demographic: males between the ages of 125 and 175, or thereabouts. Chromosome Y baby boomers are among the least likely to take part in the online parade of social media, statistics show. The epiphany hit me right between the eyes when I read a single entry from a much younger parade goer, Santiago De Choch. He did exactly what Twain did he garnered experience somewhere (Israel, rather than on the Mississippi River), spent the next 15 years thinking about it, and then picked up a writing tool. Agree or not with Santiagos sugarfree pessimism, his words suggest that Facebook is just another pointed stick. It offers the same potential as the pen or typewriter to architects of thought and language: the potential to change the way we think about being human, or being a human American. Heres what he wrote: Getting drunk after visiting Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum in Jerusalem, I had a couple of insights: 1) Theres no God. 2) Germans are s**t. A decade and a half later, older and hopefully a bit wiser, I have revised those insights. 1) Theres no God. 2) Humans are s**t Now I can write him back if I want to, on Facebook. I can bicker with a pointed sticker, which makes me a modern man with social lan. Santiago, No theyre not. You must be thinking of monkeys. The people I admire dont do holocausts. Its the monkeys among us. Twain scratched the issue too, coming down mostly on the side of Santiago. I am quite sure (that) in matters concerning religion and politics a mans reasoning powers are not above the monkeys, he wrote. And he wrote it with a pointed stick. Mr. Williams is on Facebook at NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013

PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsKaren Feldman Artis Henderson Jim McCracken Athena Ponushis Jeannette Showalter Nancy Stetson Maureen Sullivan-Hartung Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren Tim Gibbons Bernadette La Paglia Marla Ottenstein Charlie McDonald Bob Raymond Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatz eraddatz@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Nick Bear Paul Heinrich Natalie Zellers Circulation ManagerPenny Kennedy pkennedy@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryan Cori Higgins Aron Hubers Sales and Marketing AssistantCarolyn AhoBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2013 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state Terror bytes: Edward Snowden and the architecture of oppressionEdward Snowden revealed himself recently as the whistleblower responsible for perhaps the most significant release of secret government documents in U.S. history. The former CIA staffer and analyst for the private intelligence consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton spoke to journalists Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Barton Gellman in Hong Kong, providing convincing evidence that the U.S. government, primarily the National Security Agency, is conducting massive, unconstitutional surveillance globally, and perhaps most controversially, on almost all, if not all, U.S. citizens. The chorus of establishment condemnation was swift and unrelenting. Jeffrey Toobin, legal pundit, quickly blogged that Snowden is a grandiose narcissist who deserves to be in prison. New York Times columnists chimed in, with Thomas Friedman writing, I dont believe that Edward Snowden, the leaker of all this secret material, is some heroic whistle-blower. His colleague David Brooks engaged in speculative psychoanalysis of Snowden, opining, (t)hough obviously terrifically bright, he could not successfully work his way through the institution of high school. Then he failed to navigate his way through community college. Snowdens educational path has attracted significant attention. U.S. senators oh-so-gently questioned NSA Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander and others at a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing, including liberal Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, echoing Brooks incredulity that someone with a GED could possibly hoodwink the entire U.S. intelligence apparatus. Alexander confessed, In the IT arena, in the cyber arena, some of these people have skills to operate networks. That was his job for the most part; he had great skills in the area. The rest of it youve hit on the head. We do need to go back and look at the processes where we went wrong. Legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg countered the criticism, writing, In my estimation, there has not been in American history a more important leak than Edward Snowdens release of NSA material and that definitely includes the Pentagon Papers 40 years ago. Snowdens whistleblowing gives us the possibility to roll back a key part of what has amounted to an executive coup against the U.S. Constitution. Snowdens historic leak revealed what he calls an architecture of oppression a series of top-secret surveillance programs that go far beyond what has been publicly known to date. The first was an order from the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court requesting a division of the phone giant Verizon to hand over all call detail records for calls to or from the U.S. and locations abroad, or all calls within the U.S., including local calls. In other words, metadata for every phone call that Verizon Business Network Services processed was to be delivered to the NSA on a daily basis. Another document was a slide presentation revealing a program dubbed PRISM, which allegedly empowers NSA snoops access to all the private data stored by Internet giants like Microsoft, AOL, Skype, Google, Apple and Facebook, including email, video chats, photos, files transfers and more. Snowden released Presidential Policy Directive 20 a top-secret memo from President Barack Obama directing U.S. intelligence agencies to draw up a list of targets for U.S. cyberattacks. Finally came proof of the program called Boundless Informant, which creates a global heat map detailing the source countries of the 97 billion intercepted electronic records collected by the NSA in the month of March 2013. Among the top targets were Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and Jordan. The leaked map color-codes countries: red for hot, then yellow and green. Last March, the U.S. was yellow, providing the NSA with close to 2.9 billion intercepts. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit immediately after the programs were revealed, arguing that the practice is akin to snatching every Americans address book with annotations detailing whom we spoke to, when we talked, for how long, and from where. It gives the government a comprehensive record of our associations and public movements, revealing a wealth of detail about our familial, political, professional, religious, and intimate associations. Edward Snowden, at the time of this writing, is in hiding, presumably still in Hong Kong, where he told the South China Morning Post, I am not here to hide from justice; I am here to reveal criminality. In the videotaped interview he gave to Greenwald and Poitras, Snowden spoke of his reasons behind the leak: Sitting at my desk, (I) certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant to a federal judge, to even the president. ... This is something thats not our place to decide. The public needs to decide whether these programs and policies are right or wrong. Denis Moynihan contributed research to this column. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,000 stations in North America. She is the co-author of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller. richLOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly OPINIONWhy President Obama became a snoop t A i h w g y amyGOODMANSpecial to Florida Weekly Before Barack Obama became president, he reveled in the irresponsibility of his powerlessness. He could denounce Bush administration counterterrorism initiatives from a glorious position of civil-libertarian purity and posit the need to strike a perfect balance between privacy and security. Then he got elected president, and the mere posturing had to end. He had to grow up. Invested with responsibility for keeping the country safe and, no doubt, informed of potential threats in hair-raising terms on a daily basis, he jettisoned his innocent civil-libertarianism. In light of what were dire and real threats to our security, he had no choice but to use the surveillance powers of the government to foil them. Now, President Obama thinks the Goldilocks balance he has always spoken of is struck by a vast National Security Agency monitoring program that vacuums up the phone records of all Americans. There is poetic justice in hearing the president excoriated in exactly the same terms as President George W. Bush by the very same people who worked to get him elected to end the terrible abuses of the Bush-Cheney regime. But the fact is that in least this respect Obama grew up and they didnt. As president, he didnt have the luxury of turning his back on Bush policies merely because they were Bush policies. In his press conference, he said of the NSA program that upon taking office, he concluded on net, it was worth us doing. Whereas his allies can either pretend that the terror threat doesnt exist or that there are easy and simple ways of combatting it, he has to deal with it in the real world. As he said of the programs, My assessment and my teams assessment was that they help us prevent terrorist attacks. There seems little question that the NSA programs are constitutional and legal. The Internet element is directed at foreigners overseas to whom our Fourth Amendment doesnt apply. As for the phone program, it involves metadata i.e., phone numbers dialed, and for what duration, and from where that courts have held arent protected by the Fourth Amendment the same way that the actual content of conversations are. Congress authorized the program, albeit somewhat vaguely, in Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. The question here isnt if Obama is lawless or shredding the Constitution. It is whether the program is proportionate and wise. The metadata are fed into the maw of government algorithms. It is only anomalies that, assuming a court warrant can be obtained, get more attention. But the government is nonetheless sweeping up the records of Americans who have done nothing to earn anyones suspicion. The information lands on the desktops of the likes of whistleblower Edward Snowden, who it turns out isnt a very reliable custodian of sensitive data. The Snowden leak was wrong, but at least it makes possible an open debate about the program that might lead to useful tightening and new controls. Years ago, Barack Obamas contribution to that debate might have been as hyperbolic and irresponsible as that of his disappointed friends. Now, evidently, he knows better. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.

PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Friday-night fun is free for teensEspecially for middle and high school students, Hot Summer Nights is part of the Collier County Sheriffs Office SUMMERfest lineup of activities for Collier County children of all ages. Hot Summer Nights take place from 6-9 p.m. every Friday at a different community park. Attendance is free. Heres the schedule: June 21: Golden Gate Community Center June 28: Vineyards Community Park July 5: East Naples Community Park July 12: Immokalee Sports Park July 19: McLeod Park, Everglades City July 26: Fleischmann Park Aug. 2: Golden Gate Community Park For the complete SUMMERfest schedule, visit (click on We Can Help and then on Youth Relations/ CCSO Summerfest). SUMMERTIMEFrom page 1 children not to drink or use other drugs. Supervise tweens and teens as much as possible. Set house rules for who is allowed and not allowed in your home when you are not there. Consider hiring a trusted college-age buddy to check in on them or hang out with them for short periods of time. Then, check in regularly. Know where your children are, who they are with and what they are planning to do. Monitor them, and insist that they let you know in the event any part of their plan changes. Beware of summer parties and do not allow your children to attend one where underage drinking is planned, even under the agreement that they will not drink. No matter how much you trust your son or daughter, it is never wise to put any child in a position where peer pressure can easily overcome their better judgment. Help your teen devise an exit plan for himself should he find himself at a party where alcohol or other drugs come out. Make sure he knows he can call you (or another trusted adult), day or night, for a safe getaway. Lead by example. Show your children that a party does not have to include alcohol in order to be fun. And if you choose to drink at a gathering, do so in moderation and let your children see that you are not driving. For better or worse, they are watching and learning. Stress and keep stressing that they should never ride in a car, boat or any other motor vehicle with a driver who is under the influence of any substance. Get to know your childrens friends and their parents. You might be surprised to learn that some families are not on the same page as you when it comes to underage consumption of alcohol or other drug use. For information about programs and resources available for parents, teens and younger children through Drug Free Collier, visit WOW!!!NEW PATIENT SPECIALPatient Consultation, Exam, Cleaning and Necessary X-Rays D0110, D0150, D0274PLUS FREE TEETH WHITENING$431 Value, You Save $338!ALL FOR $97.00 NOT VALID WITH THE PRESENCE OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE.MUST CALL BY 6/27/2013 FREE CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE FOR BRACES CROWNS DENTAL IMPLANTS WHITENING EXTRACTIONS BRIDGES VENEERSCall 239-300-9693 & set an appointment (239) 300-9693 501 Goodlette Road North, Suite B202, Naples Located in the French Quarter MEET DR. W. CRAIG ASHTON W. Craig Ashton, DDS. Graduated from the University of Buffalo in 1963. Dr. Ashtons residency was from 1963-1965 at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, N.Y. Dr. Ashton practiced in Rochester, N.Y. until 1982 at which time he moved to Bonita Springs Florida. Dr. Ashton taught clinical dentistry at Eastman Dental Center, 1978-1982. Hobbies include bike riding, golf, and skiing.BRACES TECHNOLOGY THAT IS DESIGNED FOR BOTH ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS! HALF THE VISITS AND HALF THE COST! TYPICAL TREATMENT COMPLETED IN 3 TO 9 MONTHS.CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION!Keep an eye on the road for traffic copsHeres where Collier County Sheriffs Office deputies will be posted for traffic enforcement details June 24-26: Monday, June 24 Santa Barbara Boulevard and Coronado Parkway: Aggressive driving Pine Ridge and Airport-Pulling roads: Aggressive driving Bayshore Drive and Becca Avenue: Speeding Tuesday, June 25 Orange Blossom Drive and Yarberry Lane: Speeding Vanderbilt Beach Road and Vineyards Boulevard: Red light running Goodlette-Frank and Immokalee roads: Speeding Wednesday, June 26 U.S. 41 East and St. Andrews Boulevard: Red light running Radio Road and Manor Boulevard: Aggressive driving Golden Gate Parkway and Collier Boulevard: Aggressive driving


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PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Real estate rebounding with the help of quick turnarounds BY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ IT COMES DOWN TO THIS QUESTION: CAN real estate investors flip homes successfully through the second half of 2013 without flipping out of business, or are the evolving markets on both the southeast and southwest coasts increasingly perilous for quick-buck ambition? The answers may be both yes and yes, according to Realtors and investors alike in the distinctive and sometimes dissimilar markets from Palm Beach Gardens on the east to Naples, Fort Myers and Punta Gorda on the west. Here, through the eyes of the experts in several markets, Florida Weekly glances at both the opportunities and the complexities inherent in flipping the investment art of buying property then reselling it in short order at a significant profit. Although the process came to symbolize poor judgment and greedy excess during the recessionary years between 2006 and 2009, thats changed significantly. First off, says Rick Shaffner, a former Michigan bank president and now partner in a consortium of five investors who own about 300 rental properties on the southwest coast, I wouldnt call it flipping thats a derogatory term going back to 2006-2007. Guys were going in and not even closing these deals, buying a property for a hundred grand when they already had it sold for $150,000, and taking $50,000 off the table and letting somebody else close it. For many banks and loan agencies, not to mention flippers, it was an anything-goes time. The flipping thing got a bad rep because there wasnt any real value added, says Tom Weekes, a Keller-Williams Realtor based in Charlotte County who teams with his wife, Gay Weekes, to do business from Cape Coral north to Sarasota. It was just a crazy market that allowed people to make a lot of money provided they flipped it over quickly and didnt get caught without a chair when the music stopped, so to speak. Now, however, home-buying loans remain much more difficult to get from banks, and investors come to the game with money in hand. Investors are also much more likely to restore the properties they buy nowadays often they have to if theyre buying foreclosed homes that have sat vacant adding value before they sell, or renting them out for the time being. That way, they can capitalize on strong rental markets and bet with a bit more security on increasing home values as investment opportunities begin to shrink. I am seeing investors hold for rentals as rental prices are up, says Kathryn Klar, a real estate agent for Lang Realty in Palm Beach Gardens. The comment might apply to many communities where investors appear to be profiting significantly, or waiting just a bit longer to profit significantly. And now, nobody appears to be questioning flippers for lacking virtue or value. This is taking care of business, says Jim Green, a Realtor based in Lee County. Too often society ignores blight and proceeds to build anew in other places. Blight begets blight. These restorations cause values to go up, improving the tax base for the subject property and the surrounding community. As Naples-based, John R. Wood Realtors Karyn and Rowan Samuel see it, every transaction generates cash; each sale affects the local economy, says Mr. Samuel. Real estate has a tremendous trickle down effect on multiple industries from the sellers cashing out, to the builders and contractors, the brokerages and Realtors, the closing agents, all the way down to retail to furniture and car sales, to dining and entertainment. An improving real estate market (helped by flippers) is an economic powerhouse, and I think we are starting to see that, especially in areas like Naples and Miami that are in-demand real estate markets.Cause for excitement?All that said, last month, Realtytrac Inc., a market analyst, published a survey that identified the 25 hottest markets for flipping homes in the United States, based on sales from the first quarter of 2012 through the first quarter of 2013. The company defined a flip as the buying and reselling of a home within six months. First, it picked 600 markets nationwide where flips occurred. From those, it picked metro areas where at least 500 homebuyers flipped their properties in 2012, winnowing that number down to metro markets with a 9 percent annual increase in home values over a year, or more. From that grouping, finally, the surveyors listed the 25 top markets. They awarded list position based in part on gross profit defined as a percentage of the first selling price, explains company Vice President Daren Blomquist, in an online description of the process. Thus, if a buyer picked up a home for $150,000 and sold it for $200,000 within six months, the gross profit of $50,000 would amount to 33 percent of the original price. On the Realtytrac list, five of the first 10 markets appear in Florida, including Orlando (No. 1 in the nation), Tampa (No. 4), Miami (No. 6), Lakeland (No. 7) and Sarasota (No. 9). Lee Countys Fort Myers/Cape Coral the market once ranked first in the nation for foreclosures came in at 20 on the list. The results led Mr. Blomquist to offer a rosy prediction for those with the capital to flip homes in 2013. Flipping homes buying, rehabbing and reselling for a profit usually within about 90 days will likely become more favorable for investors in 2013 as home prices are expected to rise, he writes. And while buying homes as rentals still offers a solid rate of return in many markets, many buyand-sell investors typically flip properties peri-


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 NEWS A9 FORT MYERS 11380 LINDBERGH BLVD | 239.561.7215 | HOURS MONFRI 7:30 AM5:30 PM | SAT 7:30 AM5 PM NAPLES 3747 TAMIAMI TRAIL NORTH | 239.687.7215 | HOURS MONTHUR 8 AM6 PM | FRI & SAT 8 AM8 PM ARTISAN GELATO BY NORMAN LOVE 239. 288.4333 | FORT MYERS HOURS MONSAT 11:30AM:00 PM odically to fund their ongoing rental purchases.Optimisms pitfallsBut experts on the ground may not be so quickly optimistic, or so blithe in analyzing the 2012 numbers, depending on the given market and on what some call the hidden costs. If its a foreclosure market, its all being purchased by investors now, says Tara Bua-Bell, a Realtor and partner with her mother Emily Bua in Naples Estate Properties. Id say for those investors in the last six to nine months especially, it becomes a question of whether theyre going to make a profit. Collier County was not as affected as some outlying counties or communities like Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral by the recession. I think Realtytrac sometimes does a disservice because theyre not looking at indicators like that. If youre a market hit hardest, your numbers are likely to go up. In Lee Countys Cape Coral, together with nearby Lehigh Acres one of the markets hit hardest in the United States by foreclosures, thats precisely whats been happening, says Frank Ehrhardt, a Realtor with Cape Realty. Mr. Ehrhardt flipped houses in Los Angeles and Chicago before moving to Cape Coral three years ago to invest in an opportunity himself. Its a perfect time to have gotten into this because we bought our home at close to the bottom, he says. The low-range market is where its easiest to get in, and its where a lot of the flipping happens. Groups and companies buy in, and were seeing a lot of individuals, too. But sometimes, he says, those individuals regret their investments because they dont see unanticipated costs before they invest. Still, flipping is becoming extremely competitive, he notes. In 25 purchase offers Mr. Ehrhardt has made for his clients so far this year, at least 20 have have faced competing bids on the same day, he says. That experience is common. We recently listed a Cape Coral home that was attractive to investors and had five above-asking-price offers within 48 hours, says Jim Green. That has become the current norm. But Mr. Green echoes the voices of several of his colleagues by questioning the easy optimism of the Realtytrac survey, and data like it. The gross profit numbers used by the media have been very misleading, he says. They exclude disaster remediation, renovation and improvements say $20,000 on the average home purchased at $138,000. Typical cost-ofsale in our market is about 9 percent. If that home is sold at $189,000, the math says the investor made 9 percent on a $158,000 high-risk investment, less purchase fees and carrying costs. Mr. Green was using some other figures from Realtytrac in his example of built-in but unseen costs, in which the company described the Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade metropolis as the number one market in the U.S. for flipping (taken together, those communities ranked ahead of Orlando). There, from the first quarter of 2012 through the first quarter of 2013, about 4,300 houses were flipped by investors who bought in at an average price of $138,000 or so, and sold at an average price of about $189,000, within six months. And finally, investors worry about other unseen factors, too shadow inventories, for example. We think now we have an 18 to 36-month period left (for these investments), says Mr. Shaffner. Its more difficult to find deals that make sense on a rental program now. And theres a caveat: Is there a shadow inventory? Are there a lot of homes that havent been released by the banks or Freddie Mac yet? Are they holding on to them and releasing them slowly because they cant afford the capital hit? Nevertheless, Mr. Shaffner and his team of investors who can use family members to contract and restore properties, are sticking to an original plan defined in dollars per square foot. In 2009 they started out paying about $35 a square foot for homes in Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral. Now theyre paying about $55, and their bet this is the gamble based on savvy and experience is that values will go up to about $75 per square foot. And thats when they might sell significant numbers of their 300-plus rental properties, he says. All of which seems like an opportunity to live with a lot of stress. But thats the life of an entrepreneur any entrepreneur, but especially real estate investors, he says. Anybody whos an entrepreneur wakes up every morning unemployed, he explains. I dont have Ford Motor Co., or Chicos, or somebody else giving me a paycheck. So I wake up every morning unemployed, and figure out a way to create income. Anybody whos 100 percent commission, thats who we are. Flipping voices>> Rick Shaffner, investor and partner with four others who now own more than 300 properties, mostly in Lee County: Starting in 2009, I was buying houses and duplexes that sold at the height of the boom for $300,000, for $40,000. So I was buying (primarily in Lehigh Acres) at the top of the market for 15 to 20 cents on the dollar. Were from Detroit. My business partner managed 300 houses in Detroit, and those houses went for $500. You cant give them away in Detroit. So Lehigh still has a reputation, but my business partner says, This is paradise. I havent had to wear a ak jacket, I dont carry my gun to collect rent, and I dont have to have two guys with me. But even the lenders here still are scared silly of this, still. We got here and we were like, how can you go wrong? These are 1970s prices, for Gods sake. You get 1,500 square feet for $45,000 and you put $15,000 or $20,000 into it? Now, were buying properties for $50 to $55 a square foot, and our goal is to get to $75 a square foot. We think we can do that.>> Rowen Samuel, the Samuel Team of John R. Wood Realtors, Naples: We have de nitely seen an increase in ips, but the majority of these are single-family neighborhood based locations where values have increased over the past several years, including Park Shore, Moorings, Coquina Sands and Old Naples (areas west of U.S. 41 in Naples), as well as Royal Harbor. Flips tend to be investor situations where a home or lot previously sold for lot value (or less), is torn down and replaced by a brand new home, and is then marketed at a substantially higher price because it is new and in a highly desirable location. We are also seeing a lot of remodels of existing homes (versus a tear down) that are being ipped. Yet another situation is where investors purchased at the bottom of the market, rented the homes for a year or two, and are now selling them for a healthy pro t.>> Jim Green, Jim Green Realty, Lee County: We see an increasing desire to invest, and a decreasing inventory, both in the buy and sell market, and in the buy, rent and hold market. In the portion of the market where investors operate, there has been a shift toward a sellers market. For redevelopment and in ll, the so-called ippers are leading the way. My advice to investors: Know the market and opportunities. Be prepared to make aggressive purchase offers instantaneously. Many land mines exist in the purchase process beware. Without adding value to a property, I see no opportunities to buy and sell quickly (say six months) at a pro t. Consider offering ownernancing to buyers unable to receive bank loans very few such properties are offered and there is a strong need.>> Frank Ehrhardt, Cape Realty, Cape Coral: Flipping has become extremely competitive so people who were sitting on the sidelines for the last year or two are facing bigger challenges. People have to be decisive and ready to make an offer when they see an opportunity. The days of buying a property for $50,000 or $60,000 are gone. Now its difcult to nd anything for under $100,000. Looking ahead, you still cant build a house for as cheaply as you can buy one, so until we reach that equilibrium, prices will continue to increase.>> Tom Weekes, Realtor and partner with Gay Weekes, based in Charlotte County: Were still seeing this ipping a lot. A guy came to a sales meeting recently, and he said, Ive got $6 million, me and my friends. If you have a property that will rent for a certain amount, and it can be bought for a certain amount, well buy it and rent it. Or if you see something that wont be such a good rental property but it needs to be rehabbed, well talk about it. What happens with foreclosures is they sit empty for a couple years. Theyre pretty rotten. Now, the real estate investment trust companies who would typically buy commercial real estate for investments have gone to buying residential property, which is good because every time a foreclosure hits the market and is sold as a foreclosure, it keeps driving down the appraisal values of homes. SAMUEL SHAFFNER EHRHARDT WEEKES GREEN


FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Benefit from our unparalleled service, products and people. FCB PLUS:Enter a drawing for a chance to WIN a NEW iPad Mini* during your visit! Complimentary refreshments will be served Stop by our Open House and have a coffee with our NEW Branch Managers and your friendly FCB banking team! u obatn bnvite to experience BETTER banking at FCB! Janine Oteri Naples/Moorings FCB Open House Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Donna Rambo Bonita Springs FCB Open House Thursday, June 27th, 2013 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. Lehigh Acres FCB Open House Friday, June 28th, 2013 9:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 635 0613 NEWS OF THE WEIRDBY CHUCK SHEPHERDDISTRIBUTED BY UNIVERSAL PRESS SYNDICATEEye openerChengdu, China, barber Liu Deyuan, 53, is one of the few who still provide traditional eye-shaving, in which he holds the eye open and runs a razor across the lids inner surfaces. Then, using a thin metal rod with a round tip, he gently massages the inside of each lid. Mr. Liu told a reporter for the Chengdu Business Daily in April that he had never had an accident (though the reporter apparently could not be enticed to experience the treatment himself, preferring merely to observe), and a highly satisfied customer reported afterward that his eyes felt moist and his vision clearer. A local hospital official said eye-shaving can scrape away scar tissue and stimulate the eyes to lubricate the eye sockets. Cultural diversity One of Aprils most popular Internet images consisted of face shots of the current 20 contestants for Miss South Korea revealing that all 20 appeared eerily similar, and Westernized. Commented one website, Koreas plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Wrote a South Korean commenter, Girls here consider eye surgery just like using makeup. Wrote another, I loved this episode of the Twilight Zone. The country has the highest rate of cosmetic surgery per capita in the world. Michinoku Farm of Tokyo finally agreed in May to withdraw its whale meat dog chews, but only after angering environmentalists for having favored the countrys pampered canines over endangered North Atlantic fin whales, which were the source of the chews. The meat was purchased from Iceland, which openly defies the international moratorium on whale meat. (Japan officially disagrees with world consensus on which species are endangered.) A marriage-encouraging initiative in the Sehore district of Indias Madhya Pradesh state awards gifts and financial assistance to couples agreeing to wed in mass ceremonies, but the country also suffers from a notorious toilet shortage. Consequently, the district announced in May that to qualify for the government benefits, the groom must submit to officials a photo of himself beside his own toilet to prove that he and his wife will have home sanitation. Latest religious messages A Saudi judge ruled in April that it was finally time for Ali al-Khawahir, 24, to suffer for stabbing another boy in the back when Ali was 14. The victim was paralyzed, and under Saudi justice, Ali must also be struck with paralysis or else raise the equivalent of about $260,000 to compensate the victim. Saudi cleric Abdullah Mohamed alDaoud in May urged his 100,000 Twitter followers to sexually harass female cashiers to discourage them from working outside the home. (He is the one who urged in February that babies be veiled to protect them from sexual harassment.) Crystal McVea, author of a recent book chronicling her near-death experience, told a Fox & Friends TV host in April that among her most vivid memories of the incident was getting so close to God that she could smell him. In May, Anna Pierre, a candidate for mayor of North Miami, Fla., announced on her Facebook page that she had secured the endorsement of Jesus Christ. That would be doubly fortunate for her since a month earlier, she had complained that unknown people had been leaving bad-luck Vodou-ritual feathers, food scraps and candles on her doorstep. (Jesus stroke is apparently not what it used to be: She finished seventh in the race.) A catering company in Leicestershire, England, became a holy site in May after the Hindu owner found an eggplant that resembles the elephant-headed Lord Ganesh. He said that he prays to it now twice daily and has so far welcomed about 80 visiting worshippers. As part of his recent U.S. tour, the Dalai Lama, introduced to a University of Maryland audience by Maryland Gov. Martin OMalley, greeted the governor on stage by rubbing noses with him. Questionable judgments Expectant North Carolina parents Adam and Heather Barrington (who is due in July) have disclosed that they will accept underwater midwifing from the Sirius Institute of Pahoa, Hawaii, which arranges for the mother to swim with dolphins preand post-natally. It is about reconnecting as humans with the dolphins so we can ... learn from one another, said Heather. Said Adam: Dolphins are very intelligent and healing, which ... calms mother and baby. ... Biologists writing for the Discovery Channel, however, reminded readers that underwater births are extraordinarily dangerous and that dolphins are wild animals that gang-rape female dolphins and toss, beat and kill small porpoises. Said another, the Barringtons plan is possibly the worst idea ever. Washington, D.C., began registering its dogs this year by their primary breeds and, faced with many owners who claimed not to know their dogs heritage, quixotically settled on the Mexican hairless dog, or xoloitzcuintli (pronounced show-low-eats-QUEENT-lee, according to The Washington Post) as the breed that will be listed in city records for those dogs. An official said the decision might encourage owners to learn more about their dogs breed. Of all the businesses that could fall out of favor with a local government, it was the restaurant Bacon Bacon that was shut down in May by the city of San Francisco because of neighbors complaints about the smell! (The fragrance of bacon is widely experienced as entrancing all across America.) A petition to overturn the ruling was under way at press time. More than 50 Iowa sex offenders have open-carry gun permits, thanks to a 2-year-old state law that requires any disapproving sheriff to demonstrate probable cause in advance that a sex offender will use a gun illegally in order to reject his application. Before that, a sheriff could use a sex offenders previous felony conviction as sufficient cause. Said Washington County Sheriff Jerry Dunbar, (J)ust the presence of a gun on a hip could be a threat to get (sex-crime victims) to cooperate. $1Emergency Exam (D0140), X-Ray (D0220) and Photos (D0471)With Coupon Only. Expires 6/30/13$595Complete/Immediate Dentures (D5110. D5120, D5130, D5140)With Coupon Only. Expires 6/30/13 9960 Business Circle #14 Naples, FL 34112239-330-3666License Number DN14337Monday Saturday 7 am 7 pm Scan for more savings! The Patient Has The Right To Refuse To Pay, Cancel Payment Or Be Reimbursed For Any Other Service Or Treatment Which Is Performed As A Result Of, And Within 72 Hours Of Responding To The Advertisement For The Discounted Service. Same Day Crowns and Root Canals at Truly Affordable Prices *Starting At BUY ONE GET ONE FREE Assorted Flavor Raos Pasta Sauces 24 ozWhile supplies last. Limit one per customer, must have coupon at the time of purchase. Good thru 6/27/13 Serving Naples the finest products for over 70 years. BUY ONE GET ONE FREEFresh Baked French Bread BatardsWhile supplies last. Limit one per customer, must have coupon at the time of purchase. Good thru 6/27/13


Devoted to Excellence in Health Care Caring People, Caring for People HealthPark Medical Center, 2013 HealthPark Medical Center


omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certi ed Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certi ed eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 6/30/2013Naples Bonita Springs NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 NEWS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 HEALTHY LIVINGThe scoop on juicingTons of tips, tricks and recipes squeezed into experts new book SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYIts not just celebrities, world-class athletes and champions of alternative diets who are turning to smoothies and freshly juiced vegetable and fruits for improved health, says nutritionist Cherie Calbom, aka The Juice Lady. People from all walks of life are juicing to lose weight, energize, sleep better, strengthen their immune systems and have brighter skin and a younger appearance, Ms. Calbom says. Theyre also juicing to help their bodies heal from a variety of ailments, she adds. For those just getting started, she offers The Juice Ladys Big Book of Juices and Green Smoothies, chocked full of juicing tips, tricks and recipes. No matter your diet, juicing offers a shot of goodness nutrition, minerals, phytonutrients and more that you might not otherwise get, she says. Here are some of her insights and pointers: Fruits and veggies happiness studies: Plenty of research shows that adding more produce to your daily diet can benefit your mental health and sense of well-being. In one analysis of the eating habits and moods of 80,000 British adults, researchers at Dartmouth and the University of Warwick found that those who consumed the most fruit and vegetables every day rated themselves as significantly happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who ate lesser amounts. The well-being score for people who ate seven to eight servings of vegetables and fruits per day was consistently three points higher than for those who ate little or none. More research: Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health concluded from a study of 982 Americans that those who exhibited the most optimistic outlooks on life also had the highest blood levels of carotene, a key antioxidant thats delivered by a colorful array of produce: dark green spinach and kale, carrots and sweet potatoes, and vibrant yellow or orange fruits like peaches, papayas and cantaloupe, among others. Why not just eat produce? The reality is that most people in todays society rarely get an optimal amount of fruits and veggies throughout the day. A cup of vegetables is considered a serving, whereas of a cup of juice equals one serving; chewing seven to eight servings of produce every day requires much more effort and time than drinking fresh juice for some of the servings. Flavor diversification: Some people fall into creative ruts because they stick to the same basic ingredients, and that can be a disincentive for sticking with juicing. Ms. Calbom suggests breaking out of the juice box by trying gourmet and exotic blends, or even plantbased ingredients you simply havent yet considered, such as butternut squash, chunks of gingerroot, beets with leaves and stems, Brussels sprouts and fennel bulbs with fronds. Spice it up and experiment, she says. An exotic example: A fennel-watercress-cucumber blend juice is an excellent way to mix up your typical cocktail. It includes: A handful of watercress, one dark green lettuce leaf, one cucumber (peeled if not organic), fennel bulb and fronds and one lemon (peeled if not organic). Cut produce to fit your juicers feed tube. Wrap watercress in lettuce leaf and push through the juicer slowly. Juice all remaining ingredients. Drink immediately. This portion serves one. Cherie Calbom holds a masters degree in nutrition from Bastyr University and has practiced as a clinical nutritionist at St. Luke Medical Center, Bellevue, Wash., and as a celebrity nutritionist for George Foreman and Richard Simmons. Calbom TO YOUR HEALTHHazelden has free help for smokers who want to quitEach year, 35 million people want to quit smoking. Almost half attempt to quit on their own but fail without the benefit of some kind of nicotine replacement program. A free class for smokers who want to kick the habit is set for 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, June 27, at Hazelden, the nonprofit addiction treatment center at 950 Sixth Ave. N. Class facilitator is behavioral health coach Eliseo Rangel, a state-certified tobacco treatment specialist. To sign up or for more information, call Theresa Feller at Hazelden, 659-2367, or e-mail Need for blood donors heats upDonations of blood slow to a trickle during the summer months in Southwest Florida, but the need for blood of all types does not. Donors are urged to take the time to donate at the Community Blood Center or its bloodmobile. The center is on the first floor of the NCH Medical Plaza Building at 311 Ninth St. N., next to the NCH parking garage. Complimentary valet parking is offered for all blood donors. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday. In Bonita Springs, the CBC bloodmobile makes a regular visit to the parking lot at Sunshine Plaza on the second Monday of the month. Look for it next from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 8. Here are some additional stops for the bloodmobile coming up: June 22-23 and July 5-7: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Sembler Plaza, corner of Airport Road and Naples Boulevard (donors get a complimentary movie pass). Monday, June 24: Noon to 4 p.m. at Seminole Casino Immokalee Tuesday, June 25, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Waterside Shops near Barnes & Noble (donors get a complimentary movie pass). Wednesday, June 26: 2-6 p.m. at TGI Fridays, corner of U.S. 41 and Golden Gate Parkway (donors get a complimentary movie pass and TGI Fridays gift card). Thursday, June 27: 10 a.m. to noon at the Glenview, 100 Glenview Place (donors get a complimentary movie pass). Thurs. June 27 Thursday, June 27: 2-5 p.m. at Lowes, 12730 Tamiami Trail E. (donors get a complimentary movie pass). Friday, June 28: 2-6 p.m. at Parkway Plaza, 4897 Golden Gate Parkway in Golden Gate (donors get complimentary movie pass). SEE BLOOD, A13


Periodontal FACTPeriodontal Disease may be a contributing factor to: gum periodontal disease periodontal diseaseDr. Bradley Piotrowski, D.D.S., M.S.D.BOARD CERTIFIED PERIODONTIST Hurry offer expires 6/28/13 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 A13 Call now to schedule an appointment: North, Central and East Naples: 239-430-3668 ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: If you said yes to 2 or more, you need to see us now 1) Walking on hard surfaces causes a sharp, stabbing pain 2) Walking differently to avoid putting pressure on the heel causing hip and back pain 3) Constantly wasting money on custom store bought insoles 4) Wearing higher and higher heels to avoid pain 5) Constant ache in the Achilles tendon (239) 430-3668 THE 5 DANGERS WITH HEEL PAIN Win a Free Mini IPADCritical Mistakes People Make that can Cripple You or Your Child. 6:30 til 7:30pm DR. LAM FACFAS, DABPS DR. LEE DPM DR. TIMM AACFAS, DABLES DR. ADARVE DPM FREE WORKSHOP JULY 16TH Saturday, June 29: 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Germain BMW, 11286 Tamiami Trail N. (donors get a $10 gas card while supplies last). Sunday, June 30: 8:30 a.m. to noon at Summit Church at Barron Collier High School, 5600 Cougar Drive (donors get a complimentary movie pass). Monday, July 1: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Soldavini & Caldwell CPAs, 5455 Jaeger Road (donors get complimentary movie pass). Tuesday, July 2: 2:30-6:30 p.m. at NCH in North Naples, 11190 Health Park Blvd. (donors get complimentary movie pass). Donors can safely give blood every 56 days. The minimum age to give blood is 16 (parental consent required). Donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, should eat and be well hydrated prior to giving blood and must present photo ID. For more information, call 624-4120 or visit BLOODFrom page 12 Free HIV testing at area clinicsAn estimated 52,000 Americans each year are newly infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Approximately 8 percent of those new infections occur in Florida. New CDC data indicates that there are now more than 1.7 million Americans living with HIV, and at least 25 percent of those do not know that they are HIV-positive. The Collier County Department of Health reports that there are more than 1,500 reported cases of HIV/AIDS in Collier County, with an average of 50 cases a year reported over the past five years. In conjunction with the 19th annual National HIV Testing Day on Thursday, June 27, the local health department is offering free HIV testing at locations throughout Collier County Monday-Friday, June 24-28. HIV testing is an important step in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone between the ages of 14 and 64 take an HIV test at least once a year. The decision to take the test is the first step in taking responsibility for your health and the health of others with whom you may be intimately involved. Heres the schedule of local free testing: The Marion E. Fether Medical Center, 1454 Madison Ave. W., Immokalee: Rapid HIV testing, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, June 24-28; 658-3000. The Island Coast AIDS Network, 3400 Radio Road: HIV testing, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday, June 24-28; 261-0096.Collier County Department of Health-Naples, 3339 Tamiami Trail E.: Rapid HIV testing and HEP screening, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday, June 26-27; 252-8593. Collier County Department of Health-Immokalee, 419 First St.: Rapid HIV testing and HEP screening, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday-Thursday, June 26-27; 252-7300. Planned Parenthood, 1425 Creech Road, Naples: Rapid HIV testing, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday, June 27; 262-8923, ext 322. Dr. Shieh and the team at Surgical Healing Arts Centerare dedicated to your health and wellness. Our comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery begins with pre-op education and continues through postsurgical follow-up. Dr. Shieh has extensive experience in the most advanced, proven techniques including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding with LAP-BAND or Realize Band and gastric bypass. Plus, he is one of only a few bariatric surgeons nationwide skilled in corrective procedures. Discover life-changing body transformations and weight management at Surgical Healing Arts Center. Call (239) 344-9786 to schedule a consultation or visit Enance ou ife WITH COMPREHENSIVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. 6150 Diamond Centre Court #1300 Fort Myers, Florida (239) 344-9786 SurgicalHealingArts.comCall to attend our FREE monthly seminar!


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AUGUST 31, 2013Available exclusively atEAST INDIES HOME COLLECTION11985 US 41 N., Naples 34110 239-596-7273 Mon-Sat 10:00-5:00Weve Got the BluesVibrant Cotton Ikat Pillows and Fabric by the Yard PET TALESReady for disasterInclude your pets in your familys preparedness plans BY DR. MARTY BECKER & GINA SPADAFORIUniversal UclickTornadoes, hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes there are few places on Earth that are not vulnerable to one or more natural disasters. Weve learned from countless disasters that people often will put their own lives at risk and the lives of first responders as well if there are no options for relocating with their animal companions. Public planning now includes pets, and your own planning should, too. Here are the basics you need to know: Have a plan. Prepare for all possibilities, and make sure everyone in your family knows what to do. Try to figure out now whats most likely for you and your community, and how you will respond. Where will you go? What will you take? You need to get these answers in advance. Get to know your neighbors, and put a plan in place to help each other out. Find out from local shelters and veterinary organizations and your familys own veterinarian what emergency response plans are in place and how you fit into them in case of a disaster. ID your pets. Many, if not most, animals will survive a disaster. But too many will never see their families again if theres no way to determine which pet belongs to which family. Thats why pets should always wear a collar and identification tags with your cellphone number and the numbers of a couple of out-of-area contacts. Better still is the additional permanent identification that cant slip off, such as a tattoo or an embedded microchip. Practice preventive care. Disease follows disaster, which is why keeping a pet as healthy as possible with up-to-date vaccinations is essential. Prepare a file with up-to-date medical records, your pets microchip or tattoo numbers, your veterinarians phone number and address, feeding and medication instructions, and recent pictures of your animals. Trade copies of emergency files with another pet-loving friend or family member. Its a good idea for someone else to know about your pet, should anything happen to you. Have restraints ready. Even normally calm pets can freak out under the stress of an emergency, especially if injured. You should be prepared to restrain your pet for his safety and the safety of others. Keep leashes, muzzles and carriers ready for emergencies. The means to transport your pet shouldnt be something you have to find and pull from the rafters of your garage. Harnesses work better than collars at keeping panicky pets safe. Shipping crates are probably the least-thought-of pieces of emergency equipment for pet owners, but are among the most important. Sturdy crates keep pets safe and give you more options for housing your pets if you have to leave your home. Keep supplies on hand. Keep several days worth of pet food and safe drinking water ready to go in the event of a disaster, as well as any necessary medicines. Canned food is better in an emergency, so lay in a couple of cases, and dont forget to pack a can opener with your emergency supplies. For cats, keep an extra bag of litter on hand. And pack lots of plastic bags for dealing with waste. Learn first aid. Pet-supply stores sell ready-made first-aid kits, or you can put your own together fairly easily with the help of any pet-related first-aid book or website. Keep a first-aid book with your supplies. If you check around in your community, you should be able to find a pet first-aid class to take that will give you the basic knowledge you need. Be prepared to help. You may be lucky enough to survive a disaster nearly untouched, but others in your community wont be so fortunate. Check out groups that train volunteers for disaster response, and consider going through the training. Disaster-relief workers do everything from distributing food to stranded animals to helping reunite pets with their families, and helping find new homes for those animals who need them. Volunteering in a pinch is not only a good thing to do, its also the right thing for anyone who cares about animals and people. Making evacuation plans that include your pet will leave you better prepared to cope with disasters of all kinds. >>Bramble is a neutered, 2-yearold terrier mix who doesnt know how he ended up homeless. Hes eager to nd his new home. >>Cypress is a spayed, 5-yearold Pomeranian mix who weighs about 15 pounds. Housebroken and quiet, she gets along nicely with other dogs, kids and cats and loves going out on the leash. >>Maxzie is a spayed, 2-year-old Cocker spaniel whose happy disposition is re ected in her sweet face. >>Goodman is a neutered, 4-year-old Norfolk terrier mix who is best described as 10 pounds of adorable.To adopt or foster a petThis weeks adoptable pets are from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue, an all-volunteer, foster home rescue organization. For more information, call 434-7480, e-mail or visit Pets of the Week


www.MillenniumPhysician.comPRIMARY CARE o LAB SERVICES o RADIOLOGY o DIAGNOSTICS o MEDICAL AESTHETICS o URGENT CARE Primary Care OcesMARIA DEL RIOGILES, M.D. ALEJANDRO PEREZTREPICHIO, M.D. LUIS POZNIAK, M.D. MICHAEL Y. WANG, M.D. 1735 SW Health Parkway Naples, FL 34108239-249-7800 239-249-7830 JULIA HARRIS, M.D. JAMES FAREMOUTH, D.O. NANCY BARATTA, MSN, ARNP 8803 Tamiami Trail E Naples, FL 34112239-732-1050JOHN DIAZ, M.D. KAE FERBER, M.D. JULIE DIAZ, FNPBC 671 Goodlette Road, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34102239-263-8222 CHARLES KILO, M.D. 1495 Pine Ridge Rd. Suite 4 Naples, FL 34109239-594-5456 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 NEWS A15 stephanieDAVIS DIVA DIARIESWhats hot, besides the weatherLittle known facts about moi: I hate beer, I can read upside-down text in a British accent, Im clinically tone deaf and Im a total geek for local history. Growing up here in our little corner of Southwest Florida, I didnt think we had much of a history at all. I mean, when a flooring store boasts in its radio ads that theyve BEEN IN THE SAME LOCATION SINCE 1992, its just not all that impressive. So, I satisfied my inner historian by reading books about England and Virginia and Boston and such. Then along came the Interwebs, and suddenly a whole new world of local history opened up for me. Now I find myself spending far too much time not going to the gym and instead surfing websites and Facebook pages where I spend hours reading about pirates and Seminoles and soldiers. But mostly I love looking at the faded, sepia photographs from the old-timey days, mostly because I seriously need to understand how women could walk around these parts in long-sleeved, ankle-length dresses with tightly buttoned-up collars, along with hats, little gloves and lace-up boots. Its only mid-June and my girlfriends and I are wailing and gnashing our teeth over the fact that its somehow frowned upon to attend an event wrapped in a thin sheet pulled fresh from the refrigerator. Our mascara melts off the second we walk outside, Spanx are out of the question, and even though we havent been doing push-ups all winter long to tone our arms and shoulders First Lady style, we throw caution to the wind and leave the house in tank tops anyway. But I do understand why turn-of-thecentury Southwest Florida pioneers, men and women alike, covered up so much. Besides the modesty of the period, those folks had no SPF anything to keep them from being burnt to a crisp. Plus, there was no mosquito control to prevent them from being eaten alive by swarms of the pesky blood-suckers. Why they even settled here, I havent a clue. And here I am whining about what the humidity is doing to my hair and lamenting the fact that I have to shave my legs on a regular basis so I can wear shorts. Im definitely a diva who prefers to study history from a century away, as I certainly cant imagine living it at least without a hand-held, battery-operated fan in my purse. The ContemporariesTalk about HOT. The people to be with come Tuesday evening, June 25, are The Contemporaries, a group of savvy yet refreshingly un-staid young professionals organized under the auspices of the United Arts Council. Their monthly outings are aptly dubbed Culture and Cocktails. Whats not to love? At 6 p.m. on the aforementioned date, theyre going behind the scenes at the Sugden Community Theatre for a peek at the set for The Naples Players upcoming production of Les Miserables (opening night Friday, June 28, promises to be another hot event). Contemporaries wannabees are welcome. Admission is a donation ($5 suggested) to the UAC. Find The Contemporaries on Facebook, or RSVP to the UAC by calling 254-8242 or e-mailing contemporaries@ Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week From news to novels and nonfictionMarco Island residents and authors Don Farmer and Tom Williams, both former journalists, are on tap to share stories about their forays into writing at IberiaBank In the Round presentations. On Wednesday, June 26, the program will take place at the banks Marco Island branch. Doors open for a reception at 6 p.m. and the program will starts at 7 p.m. On Thursday, July 11, the program will be at the banks Naples headquarters, 3838 Tamiami Trail N. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the presentation will begin at 6:30 p.m. Mr. Farmer wrote the recently released murder mystery Deadly News in collaboration with fellow TV journalist Chris Curle. Mr. Williams, a former feature writer, recently released Surrounded by Thunder a nonfiction historical narrative about the golden age of the American space program. His first book, Lost and Found, was published in 2008. Attendance at In the Round presentations is free, but seating is limited and reservations are required. Call 393-2400 to RSVP for the June 26 program on Marco Island and 403-5123 to sign up for the July 11 event in Naples.


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Aqualane Shores Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $5.999 Million Web#: N212035441 Estates at Grey Oaks Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $3.999 Million Web#: N211508627 INSIDE Well doneLa Quinta Inn earns Outstanding Renovation award, and more Networking photos. B6-7 House HuntingLive the high life in 4,000-plus square feet for $1.549 million. B8 The Fool knowsReader wants to know how to find good corporate citizens. B4 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 GRANT PHELAN WOULD LIKE PINCHERS Crab Shack to be synonymous with thoughts of Florida. Outback Steakhouse built its restaurant chain on the premise of a continent. He figures his family can do the same with seafood in the Sunshine State. He would like to see their homegrown business swell to 100 locations. But he doesnt want to franchise. We want to stay corporately owned, Mr. Phelan says. No, we dont want to franchise. You lose too much control of your organization when you start franchising it out. Economists say when you relinquish some of that control and take the franchise risk you can reap a hefty return.BY ATHENA PONUSHISaponushis@ Businesses ponder the issueTo franchise or not? SEE FRANCHISE, B5 You cant copy us. Were the second largest purveyor of stone crabs in the country It would be easy to franchise a smoothie or a sandwich, but its not a smart idea to franchise seafood. Grant Phelan, Pinchers Crab Shack COURTESY PHOTOSKathleen, Grant and Tony Phelan of Pinchers Crab Shack Rib City has 17 franchise stores in the U.S.


jeannetteSHOWALTER, CFAshowalter@ww fsyst MONEY & INVESTINGWhen equity and bond markets stumbleWhen equity and bond markets falter or move erratically, investors take pause. Their confidence is eroded and their view of the world is brought into doubt. Beyond the psychological effects, there might be changes made a crimp in spending plans as some gains have been taken from the portfolio, a shift to more cash, etc. In all of the sorting that readers might do at this juncture, a review of several themes that have been presented in this column could be in order. Consider this Money and Investings greatest hits of the past two years. I hope some of the insights and advice I have offered will prove relevant and lead to further discussions with your investment adviser. The first theme is to worry less abour your portfolios return and worry more the parts of your life that have the potential to consume large amounts of capital, expenditures far in excess of a portfolios common mis-step. Some of your most important financial assets exist outside of the portfolio (Aug. 9, 2012) focused on the cost of failed relationships: ending failed marriages; helping children overcome alcohol, drug, gambling and other lifestyle issues; and reversing our own unhealthy lifestyles. Allocate time and resources toward these critical relationships before they become a crisis especially your own health, a treasured yet ofttimes forgotten asset. If you are unhealthy, how will you garner physical and emotional strength needed to fix any problems beyond your health? Second, most investors do not have the time, skills or emotional disposition to actively trade their portfolios, adjust their allocations or the like. The column of Feb. 7, 2013, A portfolio that stands strong despite the economic weather, suggests that, if investors accept that the future is not knowable and that the imponderable does/ eventually happens, then they can focus on creating a portfolio that can handle all economic weathers or eventualities. The concept of an all-weather portfolio was made popular by famed investment manager Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates, whose All Weather Fund has a premise: When investing over the long run, all you can have confidence in is that (1) holding assets should provide a return above cash, and (2) asset volatility will be largely driven by how economic conditions unfold relative to current expectations (as well as how these expectations change). Thats it. Anything else (asset class returns, correlations, or even precise volatilities) is an attempt to predict the future. The All Weather Fund is allocated far beyond equities and bonds (even into asset classes perceived as much higher risk). The composite of these diverse asset classes is expected to handle all weathers of deflation, stagflation, inflation, high growth, etc. Third, remember that the average retail investors confidence in equity investing swings with the market. When the market is already up, the retail investor is feeling good about the markets prospects and is inclined to make new or additional investments at higher prices. When the market is down, the retail investor becomes fearful of the future and more market losses and is inclined to take money off the table after the market has retrenched. My March 28, 2013 column, Chasing short skirts and investment hotties, provides the following alarming statistic: A study by the consulting firm DALBAR examined the effect of chasing returns between 1984 and 2003. Investors in stock mutual funds who frequently traded out of funds during that period earned an average annual return of 3.51 percent. In contrast, the market, as measured by the S&P 500 Index, earned a 12.98 percent average annual return. (Website BMO Retirement Services.) Fourth, if you are committed to diligent economic/market sleuthing, then keep one ear and eye dedicated to a China-watch, the powerhouse behind world growth. Investors shouldnt ignore the yin-yang of Chinas economy (April 4, 2013) suggests that China, though facing slower growth, could still fire the engines of personal consumption as it has an undeveloped consumer market. (Never forget that the U.S. GDP expanded in the 1980s through 2007 mostly due to U.S. personal consumption, and it remains the underwhelming vehicle behind our current meager 2 percent GDP.) Fifth, central bankers assume control until they are not in control. In this newly fashioned world where central bankers rule, they seem to be willing to do anything and everything. Some central bankers should be concerned that all their efforts have not generated GDP growth sufficient to create meaningful employment. Further, there is less and less wiggle room and time to resolve other countries messes. Last weeks column (June 13), Japan cannot solve its many problems, was a case in point. Soon attention will shift back to Europe (upcoming German elections/the fate of Merkel), then back to the U.S. (as the effects of sequestration deepen later this summer and will likely be followed by permanent budget cuts), and back to the UK (where pressure rises for its exodus from the EU), etc. Sixth, Business cycles are in control, not central bankers, (June 6, 2012) considers the possibility that the central bankers will not be able to pull the rabbit out of the proverbial hat time and time again as economic cycles are ultimately in control, there are more years of deflation (economic winter) on the horizon. The cycles of winter, spring, summer and fall can be lessened or accentuated by central banker policies but not stopped. Visit with your investment adviser and consider whether you have a portfolio that can weather the unpredictable, the unpleasant and the volatile of this economy and the markets. Speak to a variety of advisers, especially those with expertise in specific asset classes. Then, chart your course. Jeannette Showalter, CFA is a commodities broker with Worldwide Futures Systems, 571-8896. For mid-week commentaries, write to showalter@ww We are a direct lender offering the following loan products: Making dreams come true...SW Floridas Fastest Growing Mortgage Bank! 239-434-0300 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


To Schedule a Private Showing of Our 6 Luxury Model Homes, call ( 239) 494-5398 or visit LifeAtMediterra.comMEMBER OWNED CLUB. FROM THE $700s TO OVER $7 MILLION A London Bay Homes Community Development Enterprise Visit us daily at The Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Livingston Road, approximately 2 miles north of Immokalee Road between I-75 and US 41. HA V E IT AL L ISABELLA II at SERATA3,009 Total A/C By London Bay Homes $1,811,864 FEATURED MODEL HOME OF THE WEEK

PAGE 20 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Founded in 1982 and based in San Jose, Calif., I may conjure images of buildings made from sun-dried earth. Im a high-tech company, though, with one of my main products named after a common circus performer. More than 90 percent of creative pros use my photo-editing software, and more than 5,000 top global brands rely on my digital marketing solutions. I employ more than 11,000 people around the world, and I generate about half my revenue abroad. My stock has gained about 12.4 percent annually, on average, over the past 20 years. I rake in more than $4 billion annually. Who am I? THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answerDo you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. ETFs May Be For YouYou may want to add some exchangetraded funds (ETFs) to your portfolio once you know what they are. ETFs are kind of like mutual funds that trade like stocks. Many are index-base, permitting you to be invested instantly in the securities that make up that index. Here are the ticker symbols for a few ETFs of major indexes: S&P 500 (SPY), the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ), Total Stock Market (VTI), Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA), Russell 2000 (IWM), iShares MSCI Japan Index (EWJ), Barclays Aggregate Bond (AGG). Often sporting low fees and tax-efficient infrequent trading, ETFs offer easy diversification. Theyre also among the least time-consuming of all investing strategies. If you want to manage some or all of your money passively, ETFs can provide significant advantages. Like stocks, ETFs can be shorted, optioned and margined. This isnt necessarily a good thing. ETFs are almost too easy, and as a result, they have been used extensively as short-term investments, the complete antithesis of index investing. John Bogle, the father of index investing, once likened ETFs to a shotgun, saying, They can be used for self-defense, or they can be used for suicide. Trading in and out of ETFs eats up any cost benefit by racking up trading costs. (Trading in and out of any stocks rapidly can also hurt your performance.) ETFs are not always great for those who dollar-cost average, investing small sums systematically to build up a portfolio. Since you invest in ETFs like stocks, through your brokerage, you pay trading commissions to do so. Thus, dollar cost averaging with small sums can be costly. Still, if you want to invest a modest sum in a broad index, you can buy a few shares of it via an ETF. Before buying any ETF, read up on it to understand exactly what its holdings and fees are. To learn more about ETFs, click over to or Cover/ETFs.aspx. You can see some ETFs (and mutual funds) weve recommended via a free trial of our Rule Your Retirement newsletter at Random InvestmentsSoon after becoming addicted to the financial channels, I began to invest in stocks beginning with the letter A because they appeared most often on the moving horizontal screen below. For several years I did much better than most funds and indexes, but lately Ive really gotten battered. Ive recently considered moving away from a vowel to one of the harder consonants, those with a Scrabble tile value above seven. Your thoughts? C.S., Patagonia, Ariz.The Fool Responds: Considering that most stock mutual funds that are managed by pros underperform the overall market, its not surprising that somewhat random stock picks can do relatively well. The Wall Street Journal famously pitted professional stock pickers against a set of stocks chosen at random (in theory by darts aimed at stock listings) and the darts did surprisingly well. When it comes to your hard-earned dollars, though, its best not to gamble so much. Many of us would do well to just invest in the broad-market indexes (such as S&P 500-based or whole-marketbased ones) that tend to beat the pros. Copy ThisIt might not be obvious to the casual observer, but at recent levels, Xerox (NYSE: XRX) stock offers one of the best values in the information technology industry. Its price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio was recently 9.7, well below its five-year average of about 18. And, with its low valuation comes a hefty dividend yield, recently at 2.6 percent. Clearly, few are expecting the stock to do much over the next few years, with earnings projected to grow by 6.7 percent annually over the coming five years. But low expectations might actually turn out to be good news for investors in Xerox, as it gives the company a low hurdle to clear. Its future is promising, as Xerox has been moving away from a hardware focus and ringing up lots of long-term service contracts, many with the federal and state governments. Xerox is generating a lot of cash from its business, too. Its free cash flow yield shows a company creating 17.4 cents of cash profit for every dollar invested in it. Xerox may ultimately use its cash to pay bigger dividends, to buy back shares (increasing the size of your stake in the company for every share it takes off the table) or to reinvest in its business and maintain its lead over rivals for years to come. Give it some consideration. Im named after the woman who founded me in 1946. Headquartered in Manhattan, I focus on skin care, hair care, makeup and fragrances, selling products in more than 150 countries and territories. I encompass brands such as Aramis, Clinique, Prescriptives, Lab Series, Origins, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Tommy Hilfiger, Kiton, La Mer, Donna Karan, Aveda, Jo Malone, Bumble and bumble, Darphin, Michael Kors, American Beauty, Flirt!, GoodSkin Labs, Grassroots Research Labs, Tom Ford, Coach, Ojon, Smashbox, Ermenegildo Zegna, Aerin Beauty, Osiao and Marni. Ive been represented by Willow Bay, Paulina Porizkova, Liu Wen, Constance Jablonski and others. Who am I? (Answer: Estee Lauder)Good Corporate CitizensQWhere can I learn about which companies are doing right by their employees, their communities, the environment and so on? L.D., HoustonACheck out the annual list of Best Corporate Citizens published by CR Magazine, which focuses on corporate responsibility. Its Top 10 honorees for 2013 are AT&T, Mattel, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eaton, Intel, Gap, Hasbro, Merck, Campbell Soup and Coca-Cola Enterprises. (Find the entire list at folks at have named the Worlds Most Ethical Companies. The 2013 list includes 145 companies, such as Alcoa, Deere, eBay, Ford, General Electric, Kellogg, Marriott, Microsoft, National Grid, PepsiCo, Safeway, Target and Sherwin-Williams. Learn more about socially responsible companies and mutual funds that focus on them at sites such as, and Or read Socially Responsible Investing for Dummies (For Dummies, $25) by Ann C. Logue. ***QMy stock profits have shrunk by a lot recently. Should I sell and keep the cash in case the Dow crashes, thereby grabbing some bargains? K.M., Evanston, Ill.AIf you do and the Dow does crash soon, youll be well positioned to profit. But what if it just keeps rising for a long while? Youll miss out on a lot of gains. No one knows what the market will do in the short run. In the long run, it tends to go up.You should keep any money youll need within the next few years out of stocks, since a crash can happen at any time. Otherwise, its often best to remain in the market and to try to add to your holdings when it sinks. If youre not comfortable in stocks, though, sell some or all of them.Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us e s h n s e s I e p a v y ea r $ 4 bil l I? BUSINESS MEETINGS The next Business After Five networking event for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, June 20, at Tiburon Golf Course. Cost is $8 for members, $25 for others. Sign up at SCORE Naples and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce present Business Plan Writing I and Business Plan Writing II from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, June 22 and 29 respectively, at chamber headquarters, 2390 Tamiami Trail. Presenters are retired IBM executive Vincent Izzi, a board member for SCORE Naples and president of IZZI Business Consulting; and certified public accountaint Ike Lichtenstein, SCORE Naples deputy director of client services. Registration is $25 for each session of the two-part class. Sign up at or call 262-6376 for more information. The Public Relations Society of America-Gulf Coast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, June 25, at the Hilton Naples. Stephanie Spell, chief of the Community Engagement Department for the Collier County Sheriffs Office, and Jim von Rinteln, emergency recovery coordinator for Collier County Government, will discuss ways to manage the most challenging situations. $24 for members, $29 for others. Reservations required by June 21. Visit or call Judy Bricker, chapter president, at 213-6146. The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce holds a summer networking lunch on Tuesday, June 25, at Carrabbas in Bonita Springs. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. Guest speaker will be Mark Schwartz, president and owner of Storm Force. $25 for chamber members, $45 for others. RSVP to Chelsea Birczak, 9922943 or Chelsea@bonitaspringschamber. com. The East Naples Merchants Association meets for Business After Business at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, July 11, at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. For more information, call 435-9410 or 643-3600 or visit The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce holds its next Business After Five event from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 17, at the Old Marco Pub & Restaurant, 1105 Bald Eagle Drive on Marco. $5 for members, $10 for others (cash bar). For more information, call 394-7549, e-mail or visit A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at kluk77@ or visit www.napleschamber. org. Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704.


Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195*PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12239-775-6860 Email : 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 hour Towing Rentals SAL PETRALIA, CFP, MBA2013 Five Star Wealth Manager* As seen in Gulfshore Life Magazine*Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality service to clients such as, credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the nal list of 2013 Five Star Managers239-596-78225621 Strand Blvd. Suite 102 Naples, FL 34110 CER TIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Pr ofessional | Masters in Business Administration | FINRA/SIPC Call today for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation. 239-596-7822239-596-78225621 Strand Blvd. Suite 102 Naples, FL 34110 Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses Local franchisers suggest maybe waiting until the franchise opportunity presents itself to you. Then when you open your franchise stores, run them like your corporate stores to maintain some semblance of that private entrepreneurial power. Mr. Phelan remembers years ago, coming home from college for Thanksgiving break. His father Tony told him, Son, Ive been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I have two months to two years to live. Then he asked his boy, Do you want to open a restaurant? Let me think about that, Grant Phelan said to his dad. Im in college. You dont have a job, as he had lost his business in Texas to the oil bust before moving down to Naples. We dont have any money. Moms a schoolteacher. My little brothers in high school. Youre about to die. For all those reasons, Im going to say, No. Then his father laid it on him: Ive already signed the lease on a 1,500-square-foot space in the Center of Bonita Springs. Grant Phelan told his dad he was crazy. Then he decided to take a semester off of school. I thought I only had a little bit of time left to spend with him, he says. I never thought it would turn into all this. The original Pinchers Crab Shack was built on credit card debt, Grant Phelans server tips and the help of an 82-yearold carpenter. Sixteen years later, the Phelans are building a restaurant on Duval Street in Key West. They have established crab shacks in South Fort Myers, Sarasota, Naples and two more on Fort Myers Beach. Theyve signed a lease in Tampa, theyve signed another lease in Cape Coral and theyre buying property in downtown Fort Myers, amassing a total of 10 locations. And Tony Phelans feeling fine, currently vacationing on his 54-foot Sea Ray in the Bahamas. Because of Dads cancer, the banks wouldnt lend us any money, Grant Phelan says. We had to cash flow everything. We didnt have any leverage. When the big bust hit, the people who went out of business were the people in too much debt. We didnt have any debt. He advises other entrepreneurs to work hard, save their money, reinvest it into their business and pay as they go. He says just because you can get a loan doesnt mean you need a loan. And he urges business owners to have a good exit strategy: Be able to cut bait and run. But as far as franchising, he feels a franchise wouldnt make any sense for Pinchers. You cant copy us, Grant Phelan says. We have our own fish house out on Pine Island. We bring in a thousand pounds of blue crab every day and hand pick em. Were the second largest purveyor of stone crabs in the country It would be easy to franchise a smoothie or a sandwich, but its not a smart idea to franchise seafood.Proven partnershipsBrad Hobbs, BB&T distinguished professor of free enterprise at Florida Gulf Coast University, says when you buy into a franchise you buy into a business model and this lends a little less risk and little more faith about investing your life savings into your new business endeavor. He points to Subway as an example. When a franchisee buys into Subway, he gets the Subway name, the Subway reputation, Subway sandwich meats, the inside scoop on the art of sandwich making and the advertising face of Jared, Subways weight-loss inspiring spokesman. All sounds good for the franchisee, but what about the franchiser? When you franchise out your business, youre selling your brand to somebody who you really dont know. You lose control over the management of that store at some level, Mr. Hobbs says. But there is a definite relationship between risk and return If your franchise is successful, you stand to make gobs of money. Mr. Hobbs agrees with the Phelans on the simplicity of product. The simpler the product is, the easier it is to mass produce, he says. The more complex, the more difficult to mass produce and keep control over quality. Comparing corporations to corporations with franchises, Mr. Hobbs does not see one to be more economically sound than the other. He encourages business owners to look at their track record, the consistency of their product, the consistency of their consumer response and question if their business model would be something easy to duplicate before acting on any franchising flings.Falling into franchisingRib City President Craig Peden says his franchise business fell in his lap. Two gentlemen ate at his barbecue restaurant in Cape Coral, called him up and said they wanted buy into Rib City and open a franchise in Colorado. Mr. Peden turned to his business partner, his father Paul. We might have fallen into (a franchising operation) a couple years down the road but it kind of forced our hand when we got that phone call, Craig Peden says. My father and I were like, Sure. A franchise might be a possibility. Lets figure out what that means. So we did kind of fall into it. Id like to say it was planned, but not really. The first time Craig Peden opened up a Rib City franchise, he feared the unknown. He knew how to be a private business owner, but this time someone else was investing roughly $400,000 into his concept. As a franchiser, how much control could he exert? Then he saw it: Every single time the doors open up, the owner looks like a deer in headlights, says Mr. Peden, which means he gets to run the show, just until the franchise finds its footing, because franchisees tend to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. This exchange appeases that initial franchiser worry of losing control. Ive opened every single franchise weve ever done, Mr. Peden says. I hand them the keys when its up and running. Mr. Peden no longer feels afraid of franchising. He says he could open up a new one in his sleep. Rib City now has 17 franchise locations across Washington, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and Tennessee. And Mr. Peden says thats the obvious benefit of franchising your business: Having multiple locations in multiple states that all pay you a certain percentage of their monthly gross for buying into your concept. In order to counter that feeling of loss of control, Mr. Peden tries to maintain something of a corporate-owned relationship with his franchised locations. My franchise stores call me like my corporate stores do, he says. The restaurant business seems to run in Peden blood, as the family also owns The Veranda in downtown Fort Myers. Craig Peden started working there when he was 8 or 9 years old. Now his teenage son washes dishes there. Comparing his barbecue franchise to his Southern restaurant, he says, If you wanted to build a Veranda, you would have to invest $3 million or $4 million and it would never be the same, because its a historic house that lends bygone charm. Aye, theres the rub of the franchise. If you find yourself in that quandry To franchise or not to franchise? remember that your product is your answer. FRANCHISEFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOPaul and Craig Peden, owners of the Rib City franchise NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 BUSINESS B5


NETWORKING La Quinta Inn & Suites celebrates Outstanding Renovation awardBERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY Steve Clinkenbeard, Margie McGlynn and Fred Hirschovits Like us on Facebook at Fort Myers Florida Weekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area event s than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ The Domestic Estate Managers Association at William C. Huff CompaniesCOURTESY PHOTOS Cheryl Lampard and John Ribortella Gordon Lewis, Jim Henderson, Donna Feinsmith and Mike Wright Mark Gabel, Allison Puzzuti and Jason Abidin Bill Price and Scott Duval Sandra Tovar and Pearla Abalos Fred Hirschovits and Robert Gray Steve Klink and Romey Terezi Chayan Escalante and Linda Mulch Mark Schwartz and Jennifer Rosenthal Maria Buitrago and Barbara Seyez NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Your Future. Your Control. Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are accurate as of 06/13/13. Rates subject to change at any time without prior notice. Fees may reduce earnings. Offer applies to new accounts only; Public Funds are not eligible. Account must be opened on or before July 31, 2013 to qualify. 1. Minimum opening deposit of $10,000 (up to a maximum of $250,000) will earn .60% APY. Offer applicable to initial 6-month term only. CD will automatically renew to a standard 6-month CD at the current rate and APY. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. 2. Minimum opening deposit of $10,000 (up to a m aximum of $500,000) will earn .75% APY. Offer applicable to initial 18-month term only. The one time option to bump-up APY up to .25% to match the rate offered by the Bank for this product is available during the initial 18-month CD term when the current rate offered by the Bank for this product (excluding CD promotional offers) increases above .75% APY currently in effect. CD will automatically renew to a standard 18-month CD at the current rate and APY. Penalty may be imposed for early opening date. Afterwards the rate will revert to the standard rates in effect, which as of 06/13/2013 are: For Personal High Yield Money Market, balances of $0.00 $24,999.99 earns 0.10% APY; balances of $25,000.00 $99,999.00 earns 0.15% APY; balances of $100,000.00 and above earns 0.40% APY and for Business Money Market, balances of $0.00$9,999.99 earns 0.05% APY; balances of $10,000.00 $49,999.99 earns 0.10% APY; balances of $50,000.00 $99,999.99 earns 0.20% APY and balances $100,000.00 and above earns 0.40% APY. Maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 to avoid the $12.00 monthly maintenance fee. These Accounts are governed by Federal Regulation which limits the number of certain types of transac tions; no more than six (6) transfers and withdrawals, or a combination of such to your other accounts or to a third party per month or statement cycle. Excessive transaction fee of $5.00 will be assessed for each transaction in excess of six (6) during a month. 630 0613 1.60%APY.75%.50% APY APY


BOB RAYMOND / FLORIDA WEEKLY Celebrating 34 Years of Service in Southwest Florida FREE INSPECTION How much will it cost? Request a FREE pest control evaluation today! NETWORKING The annual dinner of the Greater Naples Chamber of CommerceLike us on Facebook at Fort Myers Florida Weekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area event s than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ N D / E K LY Bryan Gezella and Jenny Foegen 1 2 3 13 11 12 7 8 9 10 6 4 5 1 Trudy and Russ Sleane, Colleen Murphy and Paul Skapura 2 Dotty Gerrity, Peter and Susan Manion 3 Jennifer Edwards, Leo Ochs and Lavigne Kirkpatrick 4. Dolores Sorey, Olga Placeres, Wilma Boyd and John Sorey 5. Rich and Kati Biondi, Patty and Bud Hornbeck 6. Harold Weeks, Akita Cannon and Cotrenia Hood 7. Garrett Richter 8. Monique and Bill Spinelli, Ceil and Jodi Pendergrass 9. Ilona and Brandon Box 10. Dylan Sanders and Thomas Graney 11. Sam and Amy Saad 12. Gary and Kim Price 13. Margaret Madison and Georgia HillerNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 BUSINESS B7


AMERIVEST REALTY | NAPLES, FL 239.280.5433 | VISIT WWW.DAVIDNAPLES.COM FOR MORE DETAILS! Aqualane Shores Lot$2,745,000 ~ 81x151x139x159 Bay Colony Shores$4,400,000 Mediterra Villa$775,000 Mediterra Estate Home$1,499,000 PENDINGA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRYREAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY B8 WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 House Hunting: COURTESY PHOTOS Residence 901, La Scala | The Colony at Pelican LandingDesigned and decorated by Collins & DuPont, this 4,000-plus-square-foot, fourbedroom en-suite residence showcases extensive built-ins, millwork and high ceilings along with soft neutral tones and oversized windows with panoramic views of Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Residents of La Scala and their guests have access to the towers billiards and game rooms, a theater, library and fitness/sauna/ massage rooms. Community amenities available at The Colony at Pelican landing include the Bay Club with formal and informal dining, a 34-acre private island beach park and equity golf membership. Residence 901 is listed at $1.549 million by Thomas Ostrander of Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples. To arrange a private showing or for more information, call (860) 304-1037, e-mail or visit www.evusa. com.


$559,000 850 5th Avenue South #C | Naples, FL 34102Cell 239.272.8494 | PattiFortune@gmail.comMarbella LakesYour Community Specialist & Neighbor $437,900 FURNISHED HOME! TURN KEY READY NEW POOL HOME $349,900 FurnishedSix of the seven new homes that make up The Gables on Sixth Street in Old Naples have been sold. Naples Redevelopment partnered with Jeff Harrell Architecture and MHK Design to preserve an Olde Florida theme that blends the exteriors into their landscaped surroundings. For the interiors, the designers focused on a spacious, contemporary approach to fit a modern Naples lifestyle. Details include wood plank flooring and Miele/Viking or Thermador kitchen packages. We were inspired by architectural elements from Naples past and those that have been used throughout history in the Lowcountry and beyond, says Adam Smith, principal of Naples Redevelopment. We were the first to bring this row home concept to our local Old Naples market, and it has been incredibly popular, he adds. Homes at The Gables range from 2,800 square feet to 3,300 square feet. Each has three bedrooms, a two-car garage and a private pool and spa. The remaining home encompasses 3,300 square feet and is priced at $2.695 million, furnished. With Jeff Harrell and Associates as the lead architect on the project, the residences are designed and built to the highest level, incorporating a great room style highlighted by open floor plans, and professionally designed pool and garden areas. Row house enclave brings Lowcountry look to Old Naples COURTESY PHOTOS NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 REAL ESTATE B9


Enjoy Resort Style Living at Village Walk and Island Walk of North Naples!Village Walk Town Center is the focus of the community's unique lifestyle a lifestyle people dream about; meeting friends for a swim, a work out or a set of tennis..then grabbing lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant...relaxing to the soothing sounds of fountains or taking a relaxing stroll back home around the many lakes and footbridges. Village Walk o ers a full array of activities, and full recreational facilities reserved exclusively for resident's use with no equity or membership fees! Extended 2BR, 2BA Capri with private pool located in the culde-sac of El Verdado Court, offers views of intersecting waterways and bridge, brand new A/C unit, hurricane shutters, and a long driveway that accommodates up to 8 cars! Must see prime location. $314,900 Pristine 3BR,3BA plus den is ready to MOVE RIGHT IN! The original owners used the home on a part time basis, home has been lightly lived in! Features new GE appliance package, new toilets,seamless shower in master bath, custom built wall unit, newer A/C and hot water tank, full hurricane protection, and screen lanai with lake view! $359,000 A Beautiful 3BR, 2.5BA Oakmont with heated pool, and convenient Benicia Court location with easy access to the gate and amenities. Furniture is available for sale. $389,900 Island Walk o ers luxury resort style living yets its the way of life enjoyed everyday by the residents! e Town Center is reserved for the exclusive use of the residents and there are no equity or membership fees to enjoy the this unique lifestyle. e heart of the community is the unique Town Center that has an appealing country club feel and o ers meeting rooms, open air community pool and lap pool, state of the art tness center, putting greens, working post o ce, on site restaurant, lighted Har-Tru Tennis courts, gas pumps, beauty salon, nail salon, and so much more! Schedule a private tour of this award wining community today.This home offers all THE BELLS AND WHISTLES! Exquisite 4BR,3BA is handsomely appointed to please the most astute buyer. Interior includes custom details throughout, or mother inlaw suite just to name a few. The lanai offers the perfect place to relax or entertain guest poolside, CUSTOM salt water POOL & SPA ,water feature, retractable awning, paver brick, and lush landscaping with lake view complete this fabulous entertaining area. Furnishings negotiable. $515,000 Visual Tour Available VILLAGE WALK PENDINGServing North Naples and surrounding area.STOP BY OUR ON-SITE NORTH NAPLES VILLAGE WALK OFFICE MON-SAT.All homes now on re-sale market and priced from the low 200s-500s. Illustrated Properties Joanne Ciesielski | 239.287.6732 Brian Carey | 239.370.8687 OPPORTUNITY NEW LISTING PENDING ISLAND WALK FEATURED PROPERTY NEW LISTING


ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSDont wait call today!The Name You Can Trust: We take care of the rest.{DO YOU OWN A HOME OR CONDO? howWe have quali ed guests and tenants ready to move in, and well take care of everything so your property earns income for you all year. Contact us today! unpack. 800-346-0336}




www.NaplesCoastalLife.comLyn Reddy: 239-216-6506 Sharon McKie: 239-352-4945 Sharon@NaplesCoastalLife.comChateaumere Royale in Pelican Bay Move-in ready! Bright, pristine 2 bed, 2 bath gem! Updated Kitchen, Granite, Stainless Steel appliances, Travertine oors. Southwest view, winter sunshine and gorgeous sunsets. Furnishings negotiable. $489,900 MLS# 213011147180 9th Street S., Ste. 300, Naples Open Sunday 1-4 Easy Walk to Beach Tram and Tennis Courts Jeff HelmREALTOR239.601.7875 JEFFHELMExemplary Service in Real Estate Downing-Frye Realty, Inc. 180 9th Street S. (US 41) Suite 300 Naples, FL 34102 Jeffs Listings: 5 Just Sold & 2 More PendingGULF ACCESS MARINA ISLE SUBDIV. IN BONITA BAY $50K BELOW APPRAISAL $1,150,000 INCLUDES BOAT SLIP


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 B19 www.JackiStrategos.comJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro239-370-1222JStrategos@att.netRichard Droste 633 Hernando Ct. $1,095,000 ON THE WATER4 BR/3 BA, great lanai, study/den, dining room, upper open air deck. Deerwood Villas $234,900High ceilings, spacious, bright & cheerful. Garage, eat-in-kitchen. LOVELY VIEWSResort style complex, income producing or family vacations. 2 or 3 bedrooms. Greenlinks Several Available CALL FOR DETAILS *3-year homeowner warranty applies to existing new homes, not applicable on homes under construction or lot/construction purchases.Dont miss out on this limited time offer. Purchase our Genoa or Palermo homes and well give you a FREE designer furniture package. Our all-inclusive homes, where everything is included, come with a free golf membership and 3-year limited warranty. But dont wait too long as this offer ends June 30, 2013. Enduring. Luxury. Home. Values.Vineyards | 239-353-1920 | 800-749-1501 75 Vineyards Boulevard, Naples, FL 34119 Ask about our new No Initiation Fee Introductory Membership 239-353-1500 | 15 New Designer Models. 4 New Neighborhoods. Prices from $400s to over $3 million. 3 BR, 3 BA with formal living room and dining room. Plus large great room, heated pool and spa. Perfect for growing families! Genoa Just $599,900. Plus FREE designer furniture package. 3 BR plus Study, 3 BA with wet bar, breakfast room, heated pool and spa. Youll love this home! Palermo Just $690,000. Plus FREE designer furniture package. Theirs Ours Buy a New Home at Vineyards. Get a FREE Furniture Package.Builders hard at work in TwinEaglesThe Ronto Group reports that construction is proceeding on 36 new homes in TwinEagles. Preferred builders in the community off Immokalee Road east of I-75 are A.R.B.C. Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Divco Construction Corp., Harbourside Custom Homes, Lennar Corporation, Minto Communities and The Pulte Group. These builders offer a wide selection of floor plans and pricing, from coach homes from the mid $200,000s to estate homes upwards of $2 million. Six models are open for viewing at TwinEagles: the Isabella by Lennar; the Prestwick Grand and Turnberry Grand by Minto Communities; the Sienna by Divco Construction Corp.; the Egret by Gulfshore Homes; and the Wynfield by Harbourside Custom Homes. The Ronto Group purchased TwinEagles in September 2010 and since then has completed the redesign of the communitys entrance and award-winning Eagle course as well as a new recreation and fitness complex. The Wynfield by Harbourside Custom Homes Borelli unveils show home in Estuary at Grey OaksBorelli Homes has completed construction on a 9,600-square-foot custom residence in the Estuary at Grey Oaks. The two-story, traditional British Colonial style home is fully furnished and open for viewing and can be built on an owners lot of choice within the Naples area. Designed by Stofft Cooney Architects, the house encompasses a total of more than 13,000 square feet and has several living areas indoors and outdoors. In addition to a great room, the house has formal living and dining rooms as well as a library and a wine room. Two bedrooms, including the master suite, are on the main floor, and five bedrooms are upstairs; there are eight full and two half baths. Extra features include a concrete-encased vault, an elevator, a full-house generator and a garage that can accommodate four cars and a golf cart. The Estuary at Grey Oaks is a joint venture between the Lutg ert Companies and Barron Collier Companies. Borelli has been building luxurious custom homes in the community off Golden Gate Parkway west of Airport-Pulling Road since its inception and has homesites available. To arrange an appointment to see the new show home, call Parker Borelli at 263-7900. The gourmet kitchen has Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances, a walk-in pantry and a china room.


VILLASAT TRADITIONS, TORINO AND MIRAMONTE PRICED FROM THE $700sVisit our sales of ce to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity. 800.294.2426 www.greyoaks.comAirport Pulling Road, north of Golden Gate Parkway in the heart of Naples. MIRAMONTE THE BREGANTE AT TRADITIONS TORINO Previously owned homes available from the $600s to over $6 million.he Right Time, the Right Place, the Right Price.T NOWMORE THAN EVER With three exceptional private neighborhoods from which to choose Torino, Miramonte and Traditions the time to buy at Grey Oaks could not be more perfect. NAPLES PREMIER CLUB COMMUNITY Grey Oaks remains the right club in the right place: Naples number-one-rated private club, with 54 holes of championship golf, eight Har-Tru tennis courts and a 5,550-square-foot tness center. UNPRECEDENTED VALUE New prices offer unprecedented value on the home you have long desired a home to be enjoyed by you and your family for generations to come. Here, you enjoy the privilege of holding the keys to your future. MODELS OPEN! SUNDAY 1-4 PM COACH HOMESAT TRADITIONS PRICED FROM THE $600 s


41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB22 REAL ESTATE JUNE 20-JUNE 26, 2013 >$300,0001 PELICAN BAY GLENCOVE 5803 Glencove Drive #601 $345,000 Premier Sothebys International Realty Linda Ohler 239.404.6460 2 FOREST GLEN 3748 Jungle Plum Drive East $359,000 PSIR Jesse Moreno 239.405.0065 3 MERCATO THE STRADA 9123 Strada Place From $390,000 PSIR Call 239.594.9400 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm & Sunday 12-8pm>$400,0004 IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES 2018 Duke Dr. $419,000 Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples Alberto Macia 239.248.91505 COQUINA SANDS SURFSIDE CLUB 1065 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #209 $425,000 PSIR Sue Black 239.250.56116 COPPERLEAF AT THE BROOKS 23531 Copperleaf Blvd. $469,000 Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples Tom Ostrander 860.304.10377 COPPERLEAF AT THE BROOKS 23531 Copperleaf Blvd. $469,000 Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples Tom Ostrander 860.304.10378 TIBURON VENTANA 2728 Tiburon Blvd. East #205 $469,000 PSIR Joe Garabed 239.571.5700>$500,0009 SATURNIA LAKES 1889 Isla de Palma Circle $529,000 PSIR Kathleen Forsman 239.404.1629 10 PALMIRA 28529 Azzili Way $565,000 PSIR Ryan Batey 239.287.9159>$600,00011 PELICAN LANDING THE COLONY NAVONA 23540 Via Veneto Blvd. #1005 $658,000 PSIR Mark Leone 239.784.5686 12 PELICAN LANDING SANCTUARY 23853 Sanctuary Lakes Ct. $675,000 Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples Tom Ostrander 860.304.1037>$700,00013 TIBURON BOLERO 2642 Bolero Drive #503 $729,000 PSIR Suie Culp 239.290.9000 14 SPANISH WELLS 28506 Sombrero Drive $759,000 PSIR Jane Bond 239.595.9515 15 VANDERBILT BEACH VANDERBILT GULFSIDE 10951 Gulfshore Drive #104 $795,000 PSIR Pat Callis 239.250.0562 16 THE DUNES GRANDE PRESERVE 280 Grande Way From $799,000 PSIR Call 239.594.1700 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm>$800,00017 VILLAGES OF MONTEREY 8127 Las Palmas Way $842,000 PSIR Ann Renner 23 9.784.555218 VANDERBILT BEACH PHOENICIAN SANDS 9155 Gulf Shore Drive #502 $895,000 PSIR Paul Graffy 239.273.0403 >$1,000,00019 OLD NAPLES VILLA VERONA 259 4th Avenue South #103 $1,075,000 PSIR Marty/Debbi McDermott 239.564.4231 20 OLDE NAPLES SEAPORT 1001 10th Avenue South, #203 $1,190,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464621 PARK SHORE MERIDIAN CLUB 4901 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #1403 $1,249,000 PSIR Catherine Bordner 239.560.2921 22 COQUINA SANDS CHARLESTON SQUARE 1400 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #302 $1,290,000 PSIR Lodge McKee 239.592.3358 23 MEDITERRA 29071 Amarone Ct. $1,299,900 Engel & Vlkers Olde Naples Tom Ostrander 860.304.103724 BONITA BAY TAVIRA 26951 Country Club Drive From $1,306,000 PSIR Call 239.495.1105 Open MondaySaturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm25 MEDITERRA 18051 Lagos Way $1,375,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464526 THE MOORINGS 619 Bowline Drive $1,749,000 PSIR Susan Barton 239.860.1412 >$2,000,00027 THE MOORINGS 475 Putter Point Drive $2,000,000 PSIR Larry Roorda 239.860.2534 28 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $2,049,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open MondaySaturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm29 OLD NAPLES 120 5th Avenue South $2,395,000 PSIR Cindy Thompson 239.860.6513 30 MEDITERRA 15179 Brolio Way $2,849,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464631 MARCO ISLAND 495 Thorpe Court $2,999,000 PSIR ML Meade 239.293.4851 >$3,000,00032 BAREFOOT BEACH 204 San Mateo Drive $3,995,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464533 OLD NAPLES 282 1st Avenue North $3,995,000 PSIR Celine Julie Godof 239.404.9917 >$4,000,00034 PORT ROYAL 3060 Green Dolphin Lane $4,695,000 PSIR Tess McCarthy 239.207.0118 35 PORT ROYAL AREA LITTLE HARBOUR 224 Little Harbour Lane $4,875,000 PSIR Friley Saucier 239.293.3532 >$5,000,00036 PORT ROYAL 1060 Galleon Drive $5,650,000 PSIR Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939>$6,000,00037 PORT ROYAL 3630 Rum Row $6,750,000 PSIR Vincent Bandelier 239.450.5976 Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 14 6 15 16 12 13 10 7 18 8 9 11 17 1 19 21 22 24 27 23 26 25 28 29 30 31 32 33 20 34 35 36 37


BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOME. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS AD MAY BE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY USED TO DEPICT THE LIFESTYLE TO BE ACHIEVED RATHER ANY THAT MAY EXIST. *ON SELECT FLATS, TOWNHOMES AND CASITAS. From the $160s to over $7 million. For our community locations and directions, please visit From the $500s to over $2 million. Naples 239.249.6210 F r om the $800s. Naples 239.949.8989 From the $600s to over $7 million. Includes Social Membership. Naples 239.592.1010 An amazing selection of under construction & move-in-ready homes now available! FLATS SAN CLEMENTE #5603 | 2 bed/2 bath | 1,404 sq. ft. | $174,990 T O WNHOMES SANTA ISABELLA #8403 | 2 bed/2.5 bath | 1,520 sq. ft. | $179,990Includes $17,765 in OptionsCASITAS CORDOVA #9604 | 2 bed/2.5 bath | 1,531 sq. ft. | $194,990 T WIN VILL A CORONADO VILLAS #113 | 2 bed/2 bath | 1,575 sq. ft. | $371,790 SINGLE FAMIL Y HOMES LAKOYA JASMINE II #80 | 4 bed/3.5 bath | 2,876 sq. ft. | $741,590 LELY ISL AND ESTATES CARRINGTON #7 | 4 bed/3 bath 2,685 sq. ft. | $619,990 TWIN VILL A MOORGATE NAPOLI #21 | 2 bed/study/2 bath | 1,855 sq. ft. | $412,130 T O WNHOMES OLE SAN CLEMENTE #5004 | 2 bed/2 bath | 1,404 sq. ft. | $234,990 OLE SAN PABL O #5003 | 2 bed/2 bath | 1,770 sq. ft. | $249,990Choose Your Own Options!LANTANA SINGLE FAMILY HOMES MONTESSA II #66 | 3 bed/2 bath | 2,327 sq. ft. | $557,355 R UFFINO II #72 | 3 bed/2.5 bath | 2,585 sq. ft. | $618,795 SINGLE F AMIL Y HOME TIVOLI III #77 | 3 bed/3 bath | 2,062 sq. ft. | $379,360From the $160s. Up to $20,000 Towards Options/Upgrades* on Select Multi-Family Homes. Ft. Myers 239.425.6777Its Not Just a Community, Its a Lifestyle. From the $200s. Naples 239.793.2100From the $300s. $25,000 Towards Options/Upgrades. Plus Full Golf Membership. Naples 239.687.2264 From the $300s. $15,000 Towards Options/Upgrades. Naples 239.514.2706Only 5 Remaining! SINGLE FAMILY HOMES MAJORCA SCOTTSDALE II #6 | 3 bed/3 bath | 2,719 sq. ft. | $909,425 ISL A DEL SOL CHESTERFIELD #29 | 4 bed/5.5 bath | 4,224 sq. ft. $1,645,475 SINGLE FAMIL Y HOMES ESCALA MARLOWE #10 | 4 bed/4.5 bath | 3,239 sq. ft. | $1,190,725 Model Leaseback | Fully Furnished T AMWOR TH PONTE VEDRA GRANDE #MM1 | 4 bed/4.5 bath 3,525 sq. ft. | $1,332,855 | Fully Furnished SINGLE F AMIL Y ESTATE HOMES LIPARI PONTE VEDRA II #2 | 4 bed/4.5 bath | 3,525 sq. ft. $1,221,215 | F ully Furnished LIP ARI MUIRFIELD III #3 | 4 bed/3.5 bath | 3,255 sq. ft. $1,235,090 5 | Fully Furnished SINGLE FAMIL Y HOMES BUONASERA PONTE VEDRA II #3 | 4 bed/4.5 bath | 3,490 sq. ft. $1,221,045REGENCY II #2 | 4 bed/4.5 bath | 3,699 sq. ft. $1,537,618 Fully FurnishedCELLINI GRAND CALAIS #11 | 4 bed/4.5 bath | 3,597 sq. ft. $1,498,635 From the $700s. $25,000 Towards Options/Upgrades. Leaseback Option Available. Naples 239.249.6220


INSIDE A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTIONBROUGHT TO YOU BY:The High-Rises at Bonita Bay 495-1105 Estuary at Grey Oaks 261-3148 The Strada at Mercato 594-9400 The Village 261-6161 The Gallery 659-0099 Broad Avenue 434-2424 Vanderbilt 594-9494 The Promenade 948-4000 Fifth Avenue 434-8770 Marco Island 642-2222 Rentals 262-4242 An uphill battleMarc Forster of World War Z reflects on the pre-opening bad press. C5 Love That Dress!A collection party for PACE, and more fun around town. C20-21 Kudos to ChopsIts still boom time at this sophisticated steak house. C23 Naplesbased captains have ties to Man of Steel THE OCEAN WAS SO ROUGH THAT SOME MEMBERS OF THE FILM CREW WERE puking over the side of the boat as the vessel creaked and rocked precariously, 30-foot-high waves flooding the deck. And Capt. Lance Julian was happy, because thats what the script and the director had called for. The scene occurs fairly early in the 143-minute Man of Steel, the newest Superman movie, which opened June 14. Spoiler Alert: Clark Kent, who has not yet grown into the superhero we know as Superman, is wandering around the country, drifting from job to job. In the above scene, hes working on a crabbing boat. Theyre trapped in a bad storm, and the ships crew is scurrying about. Then the captain receives a distress call: A nearby oil rig is in trouble. And suddenly, Clark Kent is at the rig, bare-chested and walking through fire to rescue the men trapped inside. Capt. Lance Julian and his son, Capt. Harry Julian, founded Marine Team International, which moved to Naples from Hawaii in 2009. Im a marine consultant until we get there, and then I become a marine coordinator, coordinating the water scene, Capt. LanceSEE SUPERMEN, C4 BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ CAPT. LANCE JULIAN Lance Julian is the go-to man when it comes to Hollywood water scenes. Above is his pass and the boat he used in the making of Man of Steel.WARNER BROS. & COURTESY PHOTOS Man of Steel review.C4 >>inside: PAINTERS SAY THAT AN IMPORTANT PART OF THEIR CRAFT is knowing when to stop, when to step back and put down the brush. The temptation is to keep fiddling with it, but you have to know when the work is done. Ron Bishop has reached that point. After 14 years as director of the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at Edison State College-Fort Myers, he retires at the end of this month. Mr. Bishop also oversees the schools Special Collection Gallery in its Rush Library. During his tenure, he has developed or curated approximately 100 exhibits. Thats a lot of shows. No wonder Im BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ Bob Rauschenberg Gallery director announces retirementSEE BISHOP, C8 COURTESY PHOTOSRon Bishop, director of the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery.


SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTS Single fathers: a more perfect partnerWith Fathers Day just behind us, I have men with children on my mind. I seem to be sitting in the middle of a baby storm, a ferocious procreating thats been raging for several years now. I just had my 33rd birthday (God help me), so I think its a function of the age. Most of my friends are already on their second babies. And no matter what I may think of their husbands fallible men, all as soon as you stick an infant in their arms my stony heart melts. Without reason and without fail, these fathers become the most attractive men on the planet. But why? They are average suburban males. They drive domestic SUVs and wear polo shirts to work; on the weekends they drink microbrews and grill hunks of meat. There is nothing surprising about them. And yet: If they werent already married to my best friends, Id swoop in on them in a hot minute. Dont get me wrong, I know the appeal is driven by biology. Theres a complicated system of hormonal signals pumping through my brain, as intoxicating and trouble-making as grain alcohol. My attraction is irrational but inescapable. And as it turns out, Im not alone. According to a study out of the University of Richmond and cited in the British newspaper The Daily Mail, single fathers are 30 percent more likely to find a new long-term partner than men without children. My single girlfriends say they would be thrilled to date a single dad and, personally speaking, Ive never known a man to be so lovely as when hes doctoring a scraped knee or cradling a fussy toddler. Perhaps thats because such moments are so rare. Child rearing is by nature mother-centric; women are the bestowers of kisses and soothing caresses. We have learned to hand out sweetness indiscriminately. Male love is gruffer, more restrained. But to see a man with a child is to know that he is capable of great tenderness. Which is maybe why single fathers dont stay single long. Memoirist and television writer Tracy McMillan wrote a brilliant piece several years ago titled Why Youre Not Married. Aimed at the sort of women who are forever perplexed at their single status, the article points out some hard truths. A good wife, Ms. McMillan says, even a halfway decent one, does not spend most of her day thinking about herself. She has too much s**t to do, especially after having kids. Once children come into a persons life, Ms. McMillan argues, there is no room for selfishness. This is why you see a lot of celebrity women getting husbands after they adopt After a year or two of thinking about someone other than herself, suddenly Brad Pitt or Harrison Ford comes along and decides to significantly other her. The same can be said for men. Nothing strips a man to his most unselfish core like children. And nothing makes a man more appealing than a generous, giving heart. It should be no surprise, then, that women are drawn to single fathers. Give us a man with a baby any day. Transform your body without... diet, exercise or surgery! Treat-to-Complete with...Riverchase Dermatology now o ers guaranteed results with the Treat-to-Complete package featuring FDACleared CoolSculpting *Guaranteed Results!Con dence in your treatment, Con dence in your clothes. North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Dr. Downtown Naples 261 9th St. S. Marco Island 950 N. Collier Blvd., Suite 303 Fort Myers 7331 Gladiolus Dr. Cape Coral 413 Del Prado Blvd. S., Suite 101 NOW OPEN North Port 14840 Tamiami Trail Free Consultations 239-313-2553 Fort Myers and Downtown Naples NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013

PAGE 44 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Julian says of his role in the production of a movie. His job involves location scouting, finding the right equipment and crew. And then, he says, When they get into a shooting period, Ill be standing out there with the director and the first AD and the other team members the camera, lighting, sound and special-effects people making sure that our part of the actual filmmaking takes place correctly. His son prefers to stay at home in Naples with his family. But the two, he says, are equal partners, and when hes on location he stays in constant contact with him via the Internet, bouncing ideas off of him. For the Man of Steel scenes, the Julians were working with a budget of just under $3 million. Capt. Julian found a vessel in Seattle and had it cleaned up in Vancouver. While there, he and his crew did all-day rehearsals. When they wanted to shoot our part in the water, he says, we had to go around on the outside of Vancouver Island, so we could get severe weather. There was a water safety backup boat, out of sight of the cameras, he says. And the 30-foot seas had some of the filming crew a little ill, he confesses. Its his job to have the right piece of equipment, the right boat, the right ship crew, the right technical crew. With a big fancy film, its a situation where you have to be efficient, you have to be safe, and you have to get the shot. One morning he says, We did a weather call. We felt it was too bad to be out there. So the production company shot other scenes that day, on land. You have to use your judgment to ensure people are still safe, he says. Then you have the equipment and the manpower to shoot the next day. Though the on-board shots took four days, they were the result of months of careful planning and negotiations. Capt. Julian not only knows his oceans, but he also knows a bit about moviemaking magic, too. The director wanted a lot of water on the deck, he says. To do that, they had to weigh the boat down, so it rode lower in the water. The waves also had some manmade assistance, with additional water being pumped onto the deck. It made it look a lot wetter on deck than she wouldve normally been; thats what the director wanted to happen.All in the familyThe elder Capt. Julian is a fourth-generation mariner. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were all sea captains in New Zealand, his native country. I guess its like you dont have an option, he says. When I look at my son Harry; he followed on in the same footsteps. Now I have a grandson called Lance. That poor little fellow (though hes just 4 years old) doesnt have an option. Capt. Julian and his wife, Sharon, were running a tug and barge company in Hawaii in the 1980s when he pitched to Waterworld for the towing, diving and salvage work. He won the job, and though critics skewered the movie, it opened a new world of opportunity for Capt. Julian. Over the years, Maritime Team International has worked on films including Titanic, Quantum of Solace, Fools Gold, City of Angels, The Thin Red Line, Hangover Part II, Armistad, The Thomas Crown Affair and U-571. Titanic, he says, is one of the cruelest stories on the water that theres ever been, with so many people lost. It hit him emotionally, he says, having a family history of being at sea. And here I am standing on the deck of the Titanic, when were tilting and sinking the vessel. The bands playing. You realize youre going home tonight or tomorrow morning, but so many people didnt in the real world. You get quite emotional about that.Traveling the worldThe company has also worked on nine seasons of the TV reality show Survivor. We put together all the water scenes. Were there to make sure the filming crew can all move around correctly. We support the medical team, executive producer Mark Burnett, the lighting crew, so they can be filming the actual contestants. I can assure you, Im quite happy not to be a contender, on the TV show, he says. I learned after the first season that I was on the right side of the camera. Capt. Julian has traveled the world, scouting locations and working with film crews on oceans, rivers and seas. Are there any waters he hasnt traveled? Id like to go to either the Antarctic or the Arctic I wouldnt mind which one, he says. I would love to go on a shoot (to one or the other.) I havent done ice scenes, and Id love to be around an iceberg. But he loves his adopted home of Naples, where the Julians own and operate a boat rental business called Pure Naples. They provide vessels for sightseeing, dolphin watching and sunset cruises, and for deep sea, calm bay, back bay and sunset fishing trips. Hes especially proud of his new jetboat, ODIN, which hes used as a camera boat on shoots. Sharon Julian, who works on the administrative end of things, goes on every shoot with him. The couple are always happy to call it a wrap and come home to Naples, the captain says. Now theyre packing for another trip. Because he signs confidentiality agreements, all he can say is that hes going to Hong Kong and Malaysia to shoot an asyet-untitled Michael Mann movie. Weve been very fortunate, he says. We sometimes pinch ourselves when were up in the plane, flying to our next location: My, how fortunate are we? SUPERMENFrom page A1 Lance and Harry Julian worked the water scenes in the Warner Bros. movie Man of Steel.WARNER BROS. AND PROVIDED IMAGES FROM MARINE TEAM INTERNATIONAL Is it worth $10? NoIt was cause for excitement when it was announced Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight trilogy) would be involved in the development of the Superman reboot Man of Steel. Conversely, it was cause for dread when Zack Snyder came on as the director, specifically because Snyder, though masterful with action sequences (, Watchmen), often struggles to tell a cohesive story. Unfortunately, Snyder still hasnt figured it out. Though Nolan retained a producer credit and his Dark Knight scribe David S. Goyer wrote Man of Steel, Snyders film is a loud, relentless assault on the eyes and ears. Aspiring to only slam-bang action when themes of morality, compassion and love are in play but not developed is an injustice to both the storys comic book origins and the moviegoer who deserves more. Although the costumes, production design and visual effects are strong, the picture has far too much surplus for its own good. What could have been essential character development with a young Clark Kent (Cooper Tymberline (age 9) and Dylan Sprayberry (age 13)) and his parents (Kevin Costner and Diane Lane) plays like an ill-fitted, forced excuse for action set in Kansas. Daily Planet editor Perry White (Laurence Fishburne) serves no function, and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) is nothing more than an unnecessary accessory. Theyre here because theyre supposed to be here, not because they need to be here, and theres a huge difference between the two. Worse, these extra characters bloat the movie to 143 minutes. The core story is Clark/Superman (Henry Cavill), after being sent to earth by his father (Russell Crowe) prior to the destruction of their home planet of Krypton, discovering that surviving Kryptonian General Zod (Michael Shannon) is planning to wipe out mankind and restart Krypton. Clark, having lived with humans for 33 years and believing in their capacity for good, must stop Zod. To his credit, Snyder apparently used every cent of the $225 million budget, as the action scenes are fast and effective. Highlights include saving Lois from a fall (of course), a knock down, drag-out fight with Zod and Faora-Ul (Antje Traue) in a small town, and the conclusion, which REVIEW Man of SteelSEE HUDAK, C18 Capt. Lance Julian behind the scenes on the set of Warner Bros. Man of Steel.

PAGE 45 | 239-213-1441First time dinner guests receive a Complimentary 2 week membership.Naples HarbourVoted Best Kept Secret in Naples and Southwest Florida! 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Love that Dress June Collection Event What do you do when the court of public opinion writes off your movie before anyone has seen it? Such is the dilemma facing director Marc Forster (Monsters Ball) and his latest film, World War Z, a zombie apocalypse action thriller starring Brad Pitt thats gotten nothing but bad publicity since shooting began in July 2011. It started with news that Mr. Forster and Mr. Pitt were feuding on the set, to the point where they werent speaking. Reports alleged the directors notes for the star were given via a third party because the director and actor couldnt communicate. A lot of the stories were inaccurate, Mr. Forster said during a recent press day at the Mandarin Oriental in Miami. I would read these things about Brad and I not talking and have no idea what theyre based on, so I asked him, Where does this come from? and hed say, Dont worry, just focus on the movie. Obviously hes used to that kind of press, but Im not. Then, to add fuel to the fire, the release date was pushed from December 2012 to June 2013 after the original ending was scrapped. Prometheus writer Damon Lindelof, and later Drew Goddard (both of whom worked on Lost), were called in to rewrite the ending, and reshoots were completed in the fall of 2012. Heres what happened: The script was unfinished heading into production. The original ending, which was to be a largescale action sequence set in Russia, was shot, but it didnt come together in editing and ended the movie abruptly. It was so bad that Mr. Pitt (who is also a producer here), Mr. Forster and Paramount exec Marc Evans ordered seven weeks of production to shoot an additional 30-40 minutes worth of film, which allegedly pushed the budget to $200 million. The new ending, which picks up after a riveting plane crash and Mr. Forster describes as having a haunted house vibe, was designed to create a different form of tension than what viewers feel while watching the large-scale action sequences. For a lot of movies, this is standard, said Mr. Forster, who also directed Quantum of Solace, Finding Neverland and The Kite Runner. Someone like Woody Allen has two weeks scheduled in his budget for reshoots. The Dark Knight had reshoots. This is something everybody does. The core of the story follows Mr. Pitts character, Gerry Lane, as he travels the world searching for a cure to the virus thats turning people into zombies. This is completely different from the book on which the movie is based, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, by Max Brooks (son of Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft). The book doesnt have the regular three-act structure or a main character in that its 54 different stories being told about how to survive the war, Mr. Forster said. I thought it was more important to create a movie that works on its own as a companion piece to the book than it would be to try to be loyal to the book and create a movie that doesnt work. Controversy aside, Mr. Forster fancies himself a fan of zombie stories like The Walking Dead, though he hesitates to call World War Z a zombie movie. For me it exceeds the zombie genre and is an end-of-the-world apocalyptic kind of film, he said. To that end, he didnt think excess violence and gore were necessary, hence the PG-13 rating. Sometimes gore can be a cheap trick, he said, adding he thought it would be more interesting to create and sustain intensity throughout the film. As for the zombies themselves, which are bigger/faster/stronger than the plodding zombies were used to, he was determined to do something unique. I had to create my own zombies, he said. The first image that came to me was an ant hill with ants moving on top of each other. So when you see them climbing the wall in Jerusalem, thats what its born out of its sort of a tsunami of zombies. Its something I havent seen before, and its so powerful and overwhelming that you feel like its the end of the world and you cant beat them. Now if only he could get people to ignore the bad press and flock to theaters the same way. World War Z is in theaters Friday, June 21. Director has uphill battle with World War ZBY DAN COURTESY PHOTOMarc Forster with Brad Pitt NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C5


CATERING FOR ALL EVENTS Professional Chefs Exhibition Cooking Business and Residential CATERING Basic Omelette Party for 1st time Business Clients WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO Theater Stage 2 Improv Through June 22 by The Naples Players in the Tobye Studio at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline Through June 22 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Money Through Aug. 10 at the Off Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or Thursday, June 20 Stand Up Guy Christopher Titus takes the stage tonight through June 23 at the Off the Hook Comedy Club, Marco Island. 389-6901 or Proud Noodles Italian Caf & Sushi Bar hosts a celebrity bartender night with tips benefitting The One Fund and the American Red Cross from 5-7:30 p.m. Suggested $20 donation for one drink ticket and complimentary appetizers. 676-9756.Live Jazz Jebrys Jazz Jam is from 6-9 p.m. at New York Pizza and Pasta House. 11140 Tamiami Trail N. 594-3500.Thursday on Third Enjoy live music along Third Street south from 6:309:30 p.m. Free. Friday, June 21 Rock Out Konnie & Kirk perform from 6-9 p.m. by the pool at Jacks River Bar. 475 North Road. 213-1441 or www. Piano Music Lynn Carol entertains at the baby grand from 6-9 p.m. today and June 22 in the lounge at Capers Kitchen & Bar. 2460 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 431-7438. Benefit Event GirlTalk TV hosts a trunk show to benefit Make-A-Wish from 6-9 p.m. at the Hilton Naples. $25. Saturday, June 22 All Things Opera Classical South Florida FM-88.7, Opera Naples and the Naples Art Association host an exhibit of original librettos from the Metropolitan Opera from 5-7 p.m. at The von Liebig Art Center. Original opera recordings will be played and members of Opera Naples will peform. Free. Reservations required. 290-9433 or Twilight Time Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary stays open late with guided tours, learning stations, telescopes, presentations and more from 5:30-9 p.m. $12 for adults, $6 for children. 348-9151 or Two to Tango Alicia Repun leads a tango class from 7-8 p.m. followed by milongo for all levels until 11 p.m. $15. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or www. Comedy Benefit The Hilton Naples hosts Naples Night of Comedy Stars, a fundraiser for the families affected by the closing of the Wise Guys Comedy Club, from 7-10 p.m. $50 per person. 603-4693 or Live Tunes The Riverside Band performs blues and Motown tunes from 8-10 p.m. under the stars at Gulf Coast Town Center. Free. 267-0783 or www. Sunday, June 23 Foreign Film The Renaissance Academy of FGCU presents a screening and discussion of the documentary Inside Job (USA, 2010) beginning at 1 p.m. The film presents a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008, which cost more than $20 trillion and caused millions of people to lose their jobs and homes in the worst recession since the Great Depression. Rated PG-13 for some drugand sex-related material. $5. 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737. Beach Clean Up The City of Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee invites everyone to help clean up the beach beginning at 8 a.m. at the South Beach boardwalk. Trash bags, gloves and water will be provided. 389-5003 or Flamenco Guitar El Gato Solea plays from 7-10 p.m. at Caf Luna. 467 Fifth Ave. S. 213-2212 or Bowl for Kids Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast holds a fundraiser from 5-7 p.m. at Bowland Woodside, 8525 Radio Lane. Registration required. Monday, June 24 All That Jazz Freds Food, Fun and Spirits hosts a jazz jam with Jebry and friends from 6-9 p.m. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Night The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs hosts a screening and discussion of The Wave at 7 p.m. at the Promenade at Bonita Bay. $9. 4958989 or Tuesday, June 25 Trendy Bath & Kitchen Miromar Design Center hosts Hot Trends for Cool Kitchens and Baths at 11 a.m. Free. Reservations required by June 24. 10800 Corkscrew Road, Estero. 390-5111 or Holocaust Lecture Headquarters Library hosts Elliot Katz with a presentation titled Holocaust History: Hall of Shame, Unlikely Villains at 2 p.m. Free. 2385 Orange Blossom Drive. 593-3511 or The Contemporaries Members and guests of The Contemporaries enjoy a backstage tour at the Sugden Community Theatre starting at 6 p.m. Suggested $5 donation to enefit the United Arts Council. Reservations required. 254-8242 or Now Youre Cooking The Sauce Lady hosts a class on cooking vegetables from 6-8 p.m. $35. Reservations required. 9331 Tamiami Trail N. 592-5557 or Improv Showcase The Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs showcases students from its adult improv class from 7-9 p.m. at the Promenade at Bonita Bay. Free. 495-8989 or www. Night Catch a free screening of The Lorax beginning at 8:30 p.m. under the stars at Gulf Coast Town Center. Bring blankets or chairs for seating. 2670783 or Wednesday, June 26 Movie Time The Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 presents Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (G) for $1 at 10 a.m. as part of its Summer Movie Express series. 6006 Hollywood Blvd. 597-4252 or Tequila Dinner Agave Southwestern Grill and Tequila Bar hosts a four-course dinner featuring Tequila Ocho and a menu prepared by Chef Juan De LaRosa. $50. 2380 Vanderbilt Beach Road. 598-3473 or COURTESY PHOTOThe Naples Players present Les Miserables June 28-July 28 at the Sugden Community Theatre, with show times at 8 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets are $35 for adults and $10 for age 18 and younger. Call the box office at 263-7990 or visit Shown here are Mark Vanagas and Mary Ann McKerrow as M. and Mme. Thenardier. Artist Tara ONeill discusses the inspirations and motivations behind the images in her solo exhibition, South Florida: One Villagers View, at 2 p.m. June 21 at the Marco Historical Museum. Shown here is Ms. ONeills Pionciana Pick-up. Free. 180 South Heathwood Dr., Marco Island. 642-1440 or NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


WHAT TO DO Introducing the New ROYAL PRINCESS! (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300Hablamos Espanol Wilma Boyd CEO Escape completely to the Caribbean on the Royal Princess sailing round trip from Ft. Lauderdale every week. Inaugural season Oct 29, 2013 Apr 20, 2014Preferred Travel Hosted Departure: November 3 10, 2013Preferred Travel Exclusive includes Round Trip Motor Coach Transfers from Naples and Sail Away Cocktail Party Round Trip Ft. Lauderdale Inside Stateroom from $954*Verandah Stateroom from $1,294*Mini Suite Stateroom from $1,644**Rates are cruise only per person, based on double occupancy and include port charges, government fees, taxes and round trip mo tor coach transfers from Naples. Subject to change and availability. Restrictions apply. Please contact us for complete details. Open Daily 9-5:30239-313-821318500 St. Rd. 31 Alva Fl 33920 Follow us on facebook for everyday updates on whats available. Home of the WORLDS LARGEST Strawberry Man! We offer a variety of vegetables picked at the farm as well as U-pick. We now have open the only gem and fossil mining in SWFL. NOW OPEN! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 C7 Coming up Family Concert The Gulf Coast Symphony presents a family-friendly performance at 1 p.m. June 27 at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. Pre-concert activities include a Picture This! art contest and a Musical Discovery Zone where children can create a work of art and play an instrument. $10 for adults, $7 for children. 4814849 or the Floor Interior designer Jill Kersey discusses flooring possibilities for the home at 2 p.m. June 27 at Clive Daniel Home. Free. Registration required. 213-7844 or Dancing by the Fountain The Village on Venetian Bay hosts an evening of live music and dancing demonstrations from 5-8 p.m. June 27. 261-6100 or Submit calendar listings and high-resolution photos to events@floridaweekly. com. E-mail text, jpegs or Word documents are accepted. No pdfs or photos of fliers. The deadline for calendar submissions is noon Sunday. Contact us today to schedule your treatment!239-352-5554 or visit www.dr-pena.comAs seen on the Today Show with Kathie Lee! Skin tightening as well as targeted fat v olume reduction Fast treatment no downtime Body and Face treatments Completel y noninvasive and painless E xcellent results in 4 sessions or lessMUFFIN TOP WEIGHING YOU DOWN? EXILISTargeted Fat Reduction and Facial Rejuvenation Warm Sculpting La Piel Spa La Piel SpaBy Dr. Manuel M. Pea 239.352.5554 6370 Pine Ridge Road | Suite 101 Naples, FL OPEN HOUSEJune 27th, 5-7pmDermapen Demonstration Hydrafacial Demonstration Juvederm Demonstration RSVP 239.352.5554Just chosen as one of e Men We Love by Ebella Magazine Wine & Hors doeuvres


L O T S A L O B S T E R ! Waterfront Dining Friday, Sunday Saturday, TWO 1 pound lobsters with Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch Established 1976 263-9940 Established 1979 263-2734 fries and slaw or black beans and rice $26.95 Expires 6/30/2013 Not good with any other offer.tired, he jokes. Am I going to miss this? Parts of it. I love working with the artists. I love opening the artwork when it gets here; its like Christmas. I love getting it installed and deciding where it will go and seeing it when its up on the wall. And Ive liked working with the students at Edison As much as this is a gallery for the community, its our students that use it first. With exhibits that would be just as much at home in SoHo or Tribeca, the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery is far from what youd expect to find at a small college in a small Florida town. When Mr. Bishop arrived in 1999, he had a vision for the gallery. I wanted to bring the gallery back to the level of expertise that (former director) Jay Williams had brought it to. But it hadnt been there for several years, he says. He wanted to bring shows that reached beyond the region shows at the national and international level, showcasing artists from mid-career to significant contributors, he says. And he has succeeded. Thats one of the real gifts of this gallery, he says. The college has given this community a venue for what we dont get to see (elsewhere locally) We need the outside influences, to see whats going on elsewhere, what other people are thinking. Mr. Bishop developed a series of exhibitions on John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Merce Cunningham the giants of the 20th century, as he says for the gallery. The threepart series consisted of works by Mr. Cage and Mr. Rauschenberg and pieces from the archives of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company (including Mr. Cunninghams diagrams for performances, artwork created by artists around the world to benefit the dance company, and costumes designed by Mr. Rauschenberg for the company). He developed an exhibition with Christo and Jeanne-Claude, who lectured at the gallery. The lecture was the very first one about the Gates Project in Central Park, after Mayor Bloomberg had just approved it. Right here in Fort Myers, Mr. Bishop marvels. Obviously great timing. He also did four shows with the Martin Z. Margulies Collection. Thats huge; thats one of the best in America, he says of the Miami collection. His favorite of the four shows, which he curated, was New Century New Painting. It included work by Karen Davie, Chris Ofili, Tal R, Jonathan Meese and Ulf Puder, among others. That was cutting-edge painting for a new century, he says. Mr. Bishop also developed or curated six shows of Mr. Rauschenbergs works. He fondly remembers Robert Rauschenberg, Artist-Citizen, a collection of posters made over the decades, including the first Earth Day poster. It showed his generosity to the planet; he cared about things all around the planet. A backstory: Bob would never let me thank him. Every single exhibit, I tried to thank him for showing at the gallery, but he thanked me every time, for giving him the opportunity to show his work, though we were the ones indebted to him. He recalls watching the artist go through the poster exhibit: There were maybe 80 posters in the show. It was as if he were walking through his life. At the end, when he got back around, he said, Thank you again, and this time, I felt like we had really done something for him. It just let him ruminate. In 2004, Mr. Bishop was instrumental in getting the name of the gallery changed to the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery. I think it was important for the community (to rename it), he says. Bob has been such a key figure in this community and the art world, and he did so much for the gallery. Every single show that we did with Bob, he gave us posters or a limited edition print that we could sell, all of which would go to benefit our programs. In the back of my mind, this was Bobs home. It was Bobs home, our Bob. When Mr. Rauschenberg died in 2008, Mr. Bishop developed the first of four international memorials to the acclaimed artist. At 63, Mr. Bishop feels its time to move on. He already has plans. One of the first things Im going to do is upgrade my camera and telephoto lens and get a spotting scope, and spend a lot of time in the marshes and preserves of Southwest Florida, photographing birds. And Im going to paint my own paintings. Im just going to be enjoying myself. Ive had a great time here, he concludes about his tenure at Edison State College. I feel like Ive really done a lot. Now hes ready to let the next person have some fun. BISHOPFrom page 1 COURTESY PHOTOSRon Bishop with Robert Rauschenberg Katherine Hinds Curator, The Martin Z. Margulies Collection(He) embodies everything that we feel is important in terms of sharing the collection: his focus on education, and his collaborative spirit and his understanding of what a collection is and how it operates and how collectors are, in spirit, curators, themselves... He just was really deeply interested in each and every work of art. Lawrence Voytek Artist, fabricator for Mr. Rauschenberg for 30 yearsRons vision of what a gallery can do for the community was very important. Bob appreciated his knowledge and determination in trying to educate a community. His making this (gallery) the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery was brilliant and shall live on. Jack OBrien Curator, The Naples Art AssociationRon gave everyone in Southwest Florida the opportunity to see in-depth examinations of artists I especially appreciate Rons willingness to share his time and expertise He has been a real asset to the college and the art community. Kat EppleGrammy Award-winning musician; friend of the late Mr. RauschenbergRon Bishop was instrumental in cultivating the connection between Bob Rauschenberg and Edison State College. Changing the gallery name to the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery is a lasting reminder of the legendary artists connection to Southwest Florida, and Ron made that happen. Hollis JeffcoatArtist, SanibelRon made an oasis of fine arts. And its not as though he had one kind of bent: This is what I like, so Ill show only this. He showed the entire community what fine art could be, and that is not an easy thing to do. I admire him for that, enormously. The other thing is, for all this time, weve been deprived of amazing paintings, because he is an excellent painter. So the good news is, well get to see some of his paintings. That will be a real treat. Reflections on Ron Bishop from the arts community1999Began in the gallery 2000Robert Rauschenberg: Recent Work The Songs of Maybelle Stamper (curated by Jay Williams)2001Realism from the Margulies Collection2002The Visual Art of Cage Robert Rauschenberg: Recent Work Merce Cunningham2003Christo and Jeanne Claude Laurence Gartel: 30 years of Computer Art2004Robert Rauschenberg: Short Stories2005Robert Rauschenberg: A Quake in Paradise, a Labyrinth The Bitter Years from the Margulies Collection2006Moving into Color: Darby Bannard2007Robert Rauschenberg: Scenarios2008Robert Rauschenberg, Artist-Citizen: Posters for a Better World Celebrating the Life of Robert Rauschenberg memorial exhibit2009The Catacombs: Thomas Lyons Mills2010 Marylyn Dintenfass (in conjunction with the installation of Parallel Park, downtown Fort Myers)2011The Mark of Water: Karen Glasser Theo Wujcik: A Ten Year Retrospective (curated by Barbara Hill)2012Things Not Seen Before: A Tribute to John Cage (curated by Jade Dellinger) Africa: Photographs and Video from The Margulies CollectionHighlights of Ron Bishops tenure at Edison State College NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


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FLORIDA WEEKLYC14 WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 Chairs that defy traditional stylesSome old chairs have very strange added parts that can confuse todays collectors. A Windsor chair from the 18th century might be made with an added piece at the end of the arm because it is a writing arm Windsor. There can be a drawer beneath the seat of a Shaker sewing chair. Many types of chairs were made into rocking chairs with the addition of pieces of curved wood or a bouncy platform with springs. A chair with paddle-like arms and a rectangular wooden piece attached to the back at an angle is known as a cockfighting chair. It was thought the user sat facing the back of the chair to see the fight, but now it is believed that the wooden piece was meant to hold a book and that the chair is a reading chair once used in libraries. A similar chair was made by the Roycroft Colony in East Aurora, N.Y., in about 1905. It had a narrow ledge at the top of the chair back. The user sat facing the back and straddling the chair, with arms leaning on the leathercovered wooden ledge. It is a meditation chair. There is a modern group at the Roycroft Colony today that is interested in art and meditation. Q: My 1910 telephone is in excellent shape. A label on it reads, Property of the American Bell Telephone Co. What is the phone worth? A: By 1910, telephones were being manufactured as both wall phones and upright candlestick phones and you dont tell us what yours looks like. Some antique phones sell for under $100 and some for thousands. American Bell Telephone Co. was formed in 1880 and acquired a controlling interest in Western Electric Co. in 1881. Western Electric then became the manufacturer of American Bell Telephone Co. phones. In 1899, American Bell was acquired by American Telephone & Telegraph Co., which had been an American Bell subsidiary. Telephones the age of yours sell for about $100 to $200, depending on style and condition. Q: I have some Olin Russum Pottery and would like to know something about it. Is it collectible? A: Olin Lansing Russum Jr. (19181998), known as Russ, was a potter and sculptor who lived and worked in Maryland. In 1951 he and his wife, Jean, built a studio in a converted barn near Gunpowder Falls. Russ made dishes, sculptures and watercolors, but is best known for his tile and bas-relief murals. His murals are in several buildings in the Baltimore area, and some of his work is in museum collections. He also taught a ceramics workshop at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Jean was a woodworker who made sculptures and furniture. They worked together on some projects KOVEL: ANTIQUES


TELESCOPE CASUAL AND HANAMINT TRUCKLOAD SALE/NEW FLOOR SAMPLES UP TO 50% OFF MSRPinsideout furnituredirect MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-5PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY BY APPOINTMENTWWW.INSIDEOUTFURNITUREDIRECT.COM WWW.SINKVANITIESDIRECT.COM (239) 530-2225 FULL MOON PARTYSADDLE UP: Friday June 21st Tavern on the Bay will be..."GONE COUNTRY!"Party starts at 7pm $100 Bar Tab to best country attire including other prizes & giveaways! $2 16oz PBR's ALL NIGHT LONG! Featuring yesterday's and today's Country Music Hits! Fire y MOONSHINE Specials & Southern BBQ Specials including the: REDNECK NACHOS! Y'all come back to our next Full Moon Friday! Ya Hear!?!July 19th I The 80's! August 23rd TOGA! TOGA! September 20th Night at the Roxbury! LIVE withuntil her death in 1986. Their work has been sold in several recent auctions and can be found in shops. Q: My pottery stein holds a halfliter. Its in the shape of a child wearing a monks hooded habit. Hes holding a couple of radishes or turnips in his left hand and what appears to be a book in his right. His head, the steins lid, has a pewter rim. Down the front of the childs clothing theres a long bib with the words Gruss aus Munchen. The only mark on the bottom is 880. What is the stein worth? A: You have a Munich Child character stein. The bib down his front is a scapular, a traditional part of a monks garb, and the German phrase on the front can be translated roughly as Regards from Munich. The design is based on the German citys coat of arms. Munich Child mugs, which can be in the traditional stein shape or figural, like yours, were first made in the last half of the 19th century. A mug like yours sold in 2011 for $334. Q: I still have the portable Brother typewriter my father bought for me 40 years ago. I have kept it stored in its original carrying case and it still works. I wonder what its worth. A: With few exceptions, only very early typewriters those made and marketed in the late 1800s sell for much money. Brother Industries, a Japanese corporation that dates back to 1908, still is in business today manufacturing printers, fax machines and other office and industrial equipment. Portable electric typewriters like yours dont excite collectors, but you might be able to sell it online for up to $20. Tip: When looking up a pewter mark, dont just check pewter books. Try looking at a list of American silversmiths and silver-plate makers. Many of these people worked with all three types of metal. Terry Kovel answers as many questions as possible through the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of any photograph, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The volume of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019. The strange back on this Roycroft chair can be explained by its name, meditation chair. It sold for $1,300 at a Rago Auction in Vineland, N.J., in March 2013. A similar chair sold for $3,000 a few years ago. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 C15


CONTRACT BRIDGEThe imperfect endplayBY STEVE BECKERA declarer who tries to eliminate the element of luck on every deal does not always find the adverse cards distributed exactly the way hed like them to be. For example, take this case where South is in four hearts and West leads the king of spades. Declarer sees at once that he might lose a spade and three clubs and go down one if West has the ace of clubs. But having been to the wars before, he sees the possibility of an endplay against West to nullify an unfavorable location of the club ace. So after he takes the king of spades with the ace, he plays the K-Q of trumps, hoping to find them divided 2-2. In that case, he would next cash the A-K of diamonds and ruff a diamond before putting West on lead with a spade to force a losing return. When East turns up with three trumps instead of two, declarer remains unfazed, as this development provides no reason for him to alter his initial plan. He simply stops drawing trumps for the moment, cashes the A-K of diamonds and ruffs a diamond, as originally planned, and then exits with a spade, also as originally planned. West unhappily finds himself on lead and must hand South the contract. If he returns a spade or a diamond, declarer ruffs with dummys jack of trumps while disposing of a club loser from his hand. And if West returns a club instead, he makes declarers king a trick. This method of play where declarer executes an endplay while one opponent still possesses one or more trumps is called a partial elimination. When it works, though, it is just as effective as a total elimination play. Call (239) 649-2275 for Reservations Naples Princess Naples P rin cess The Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water. Naples Princess...UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENTSSounds of Sinatra with Tony AvalonJune 25thWine Tasting with DecantedJune 27thCall (239) 649-2275 for Reservations SUMMER SPECIALSBUY ONE GET ONE1/2 PRICEWednesday Dinners Saturday 12:30 & 3pm Sightseeing Sunday Hors doeuvresBased on availability. Valid on adult tickets. No other coupons or discounts apply. BARBECUE IS WHAT WE DO LET US DO IT FOR YOU!In Lee & Collier Counties Call Our Catering Manager at (239) 209-0940 Catering Services from 25 5,000 Catering! Our Award Winning Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Beef accompanied by our homemade Cole Slaw and Baked Beans can be brought to your event by our mobile char-grill. FLORIDA WEEKLYC16 WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


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ANNOUNCING THE NAPLES PLAYERS SUMMER SHOW!Voted Best Live Theatre 10 Years in a row! Call or buy online 239-263-7990 Sponsored by Enjoy Dinner & A Show! Les Misrables Performances Wednesday Saturday 8:00 p.m. Sunday 2:00 p.m. BOUBLIL & SCHONBERGS LEGENDARY MUSICAL Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer June 28 thru July 28, 2013No show on July 4th FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 HUDAKFrom page 11 >> The lms June release marks the 75th anniversary of Supermans debut in Action Comics #1 in 1938. almost completely destroys Metropolis. If youre hoping this will pay respectful homage to prior Superman movies, think again. This is a total reboot, and although youll see signs for Smallville and note that a truck has a LexCorp logo, dont expect much else taken directly from the Christopher Reeve movies or Bryan Singers 2006 misfire, Superman Returns. Also, John Williams memorable score has been replaced by Hans Zimmers overbearing orchestrations, and for those who care, Im told the story strays pretty far from its comic book origins. And no, theres no kneel before Zod either. Man of Steel didnt have to include these elements, but its overall ineffectiveness leads us to think of what it couldve done to be better. One more thing: Dont stay for the end credits. Though its long been speculated that Man of Steel is Warner Bros. and DC Comics first step toward a Justice League movie (which would include Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman), a la Marvels The Avengers, there is no indication of it here. ITALIAN STEAK FEAST ~DINNER FOR TWO $29.95TENDER SIRLOIN STEAK SEASONED, GRILLED & TOPPED WITH MUSHROOM MARSALA WINE SAUCE ONE BOTTLE OF CK MONDAVI WINE, YOUR CHOICE OF CABERNET OR CHARDONNAY(served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables ) All early bird orders must be placed by 6 PM in order to receive promotional pricing.For more information call Seth or Tom 239.592.0050 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL N ITALIAN STEAKFEASTDI N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N ERFORTWO$2995 ITALIA N N N S TEAKFEASTDI N N N N N N N N N N N N N N E E RFORTWO$2995 Early Bird Special Oer expires 3, 2013ITALIAN STEAK FEAST ~ 2 FOR $29.95


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968 Second Avenue North in Naples MonSat, 9:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 239.434.7115 owned & operated by:Condential 24-hour crisis line: www.naplesshelter.orgFREE Pick-Up of Furniture Donations.NEW ARRIVALS DAILY!Donation or PurchaseWE RELY ON YOUR GENEROSITY TO CHANGE LIVES.INVENTORY SALEfor the month of June Furniture, Clothing, Accessories...50% OFFGet an additional 10%off on your entire purchase with this ad.May not be combined with any other offer. Celebrate July 4thby spending the day in the Garden! Earn $4 OFF regular Garden admission by wearing red, white, and blue to the Garden! The Garden is open 8 a.m. 3 p.m. beginning July 1 September 15 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples 239.643.7275 / 877.433.1874 WWW.NAPLESGARDEN.ORG July 4thIN THE GARDENSOCIETY Getting ready for PACEs Love That Dress! Royal Shell Properties, Osetra Champagne & Caviar Bar host dress collection party Like us on Facebook at Fort Myers Florida Weekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area event s than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Checking out the raffle 2 Jean Hahm and Marianne Kearns 3 Benita Burch and Frank Duggan 4. Carolyn Rzacars and Heather Wightman 5. Gail Turner and Misha Erickson 6. Ginny Nobbe and Jack Spring 7. Barbara Harrington and Marianne Kearns 8. Lauren Taranto, Yanick Casthely and Elsie Selamand 9. Debbie Hunt and Doug Haughey 10. Connie Troop and Valerie ChildsSTEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY Betty Stauber, Cheryl McDonnell, Frank Duggan, Carla Channell and Heather Wightman NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C21 SOCIETY Opening reception for Camera USA at The von Liebig 1 Maureen Christenen, Susan and Michael Reagen, Tom Graney and Laurence Hulbert 2 Bob and Terry Edwards with Olga Hirshhorn, center 3 Tom Graney, Dylan Sanders and John Sorey 4. Sara Dewberry, John Hushon, Stacey Bulloch and Roger Baker 5. Ann Walsh, Brittany Miller and Marjorie Johnson 6. Marcie and Russell Burland 7. Jack OBrien and Jane Pierce 8. Gnarled Wave by Tony Hertz, winner of the $5,000 grand prizeLike us on Facebook at Fort Myers Florida Weekly to see more photos. We take more society and networking photos at area event s than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 2 3 7 8 6 4 5MARLA OTTENSTEIN / FLORIDA WEEKLY Grand prize winner Tony Hertz


PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previous reviews: Bellissimo Ristorante, Bay Crossings Center, 26251 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs; 405-8957 A meal at Bellissimo should not be a hasty affair; one should slow down and savor the food and conversation. Allow the restaurants villa-style decor to transport you far from its run-ofthe-mill plaza setting. If you love the components of Italian cooking but are tired of the same-old picattas and parmigianas, Bellissimo is worth adding to your rotation for innovations such as sole Francese or snapper puttanesca. Savor the delicate house-made cannelloni stuffed with a mixture of veal, beef and chicken that surprisingly doesnt hit the stomach like a ton of bricks. Another surprise came with veal medallions served with fresh radicchio, arugula and endive instead of a heavy starch. Oddly, though, the star ingredient was buried under a pile of greens just like the beef carpaccio we had as an appetizer. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed February 2013The Chapel Grill, 811 Seventh Ave. S., Naples; 206-4310 Casual yet stylish, this restaurant in the 65-year-old former First Baptist Church is packing the pews, so to speak, with a wide-ranging menu that manages to put a new spin on some very familiar dishes. The calamari, for instance, is strewn with chorizo sausage and tempura-fried julienned carrots. Marinara would be too mundane for such a concoction, so the chef dreamed up a delicious mango-rum sauce that complements the calamari nicely. A single duck-filled spring roll seemed chintzy for $11.80, but it was nonetheless delicious. Seafood or steak, Chapel Grill seems blessed for success. A New York strip was perfectly grilled to mediumrare yet achieved a crusty exterior that most home grillers would envy. Red rock cod Florentine was a hefty fillet with thick flakes of moist white meat within its crisp oven-baked Parmesan crust. Inventive cocktails a vodka gimlet with balsamic-laced strawberries and fresh basil, and a bourbon highball spiked with The Kings Ginger liqueur and a kiss of cloves are sinfully indulgent. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed December 2012Komoon Thai Sushi and Ceviche, 1575 Pine Ridg e Road; 596-9991 If I lived closer to Komoon, I might never cook again. The unlikely menu offers a wealth of options, all done well. The sushi is artfully created from a list of possibilities that range from straight-up sashimi and sushi to a flashy green dragon roll, starring shrimp and avocado. A mixed seafood ceviche filled with white fish, shrimp, calamari, clams and red onion had a palate-pleasing balance of hot spice and cool seafood. From the cooked Japanese menu, the beef yaki soba was dead on, and the Kiss Me with tofu revealed its Thai roots with its gingery garlic sauce. Servers were efficient and hospitable; the room is cozy and stylish. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed January 2012 Seasons 52, 8930 Tamiami Trail N., Naples; 594-8852 This small chain has a lot going for it. Start with the regularly changing menu that features seasonal ingredients at their peak of flavor in dishes that forswear indulgence without sacrificing flavor (nothing contains more than 475 calories). Consider the globespanning wine list, which includes more than 100 selections (52 or more by the glass). Start with one of the flatbreads, cracker-thin pizzas carpeted with precisely arranged toppings and baked in a super-hot brick oven. The menu achieves a good balance of seafood and meats. An artichoke-stuffed shrimp dish was succulent and redolent of sage, while wood-grilled T-bone lamb chops were perfectly cooked and remarkably tender. Save room for dessert without guilt: Seasons 52s Mini Indulgences tiny treats such as red velvet cake and pumpkin mousse served in shot glasses are the perfect way to end a meal without going over the edge. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed November 2011Texas Tonys BBQ Shack, 4519 Tamiami Trail E., Naples; 732-8392 A side venture of the Phelan family, owners of the locally grown Pinchers Crab Shacks, Texas Tonys is plastered with Lone Star State flags, horseshoes and longhorn antlers. Aside from a few fixable flaws, Texas Tonys could serve as a successful new chain concept. The loaded chopped pork nachos did not showcase the meat as well as it should have, and the boom boom shrimp lost their batter in a sea of spicy cream sauce. But the spice-rubbed baby back ribs had a good, charry bark along the edges, while the meat remained incredibly tender and had the all-important pink smoke ring. A quarter chicken was super-moist, and the meat slipped easily off the bone. Its darkly varnished skin was visible evidence of the restaurants smoker, which uses orangewood a subtle alternative to the stronger hickory or oak. The star of the meal was the Texan, a huge sandwich of super-tender brisket, cole slaw, pickles, onions and barbecue sauce served on Texas toast. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed October 2012 Key to ratings Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor Dinner Daily at 5:00pm Open Sunday for Brunch 10:30-2:00pm Happy Hour 4-6pm Live Music in the Tavern~ THE CLAW BAR at TIERNEYS TAVERN ~OPEN ALL DAY239.591.3837 799 WALKERBILT RD., NAPLES Located off US 41, 1/4 mile North of Immokalee Rd.(239) 591-3837 WWW.BAYHOUSENAPLES.COM HOT DAYS, COOL NIGHTS AT THE CLAW BAR NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013


The Berkshire Breed of pigs dates back over 300 years to the swine herd of the Royal House of Windsor in England, where they were prized for their exceptional avor. From British royalty to Asian emperors Berkshire pork was preferred for its Exceptional taste and tenderness. Now it is recognized all over the world for its perfect combination of juiciness, avor and tenderness. Come in and try our Berkshire Pork dish which is grilled to perfection and served with housemade Pear Mostarda and Dijon Sauce.Would you like to taste this delicious Berkshire Pork Tenderloin with Pear Mostarda and get the recipe?Email at to let us know when you are coming.DID YOU KNOW? 700 Fifth Ave. S., Naples, FL 34102 | 239.659.7008 | www.VerginaRestaurant.comThe Star of Italian/Mediterranean Cuisine on Fifth Avenue. Reservations Recommended NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF JUNE 20-26, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 A decade on, Chops still delivers thrill of the grillDuring the Southwest Florida building boom, slick and sophisticated places like Roys, Traders Caf and Chops City Grill swept into heretofore sleepy Bonita Springs, bringing civilized dining and sexy food to a culinary desert and blazing a trail for current favorites such as A Table Apart, Wylds Caf and Angelinas Ristorante. Traders is long gone (though its original Sanibel Island location remains), but Chops apparently is here to stay at The Brooks Grand Plaza. More than a decade after my memorable first visit, and as the economy struggles to recover from the inevitable bust that follows boom, Chops still delivers dazzling food and draws diners willing to pay luxury prices for it. On a Wednesday evening in offseason, the sprawling 300-seat restaurant went from quiet to fairly busy during prime time. Giant, sizzling steaks streamed out of the open kitchen to parties of business people and couples who ordered double-digit apps as well as $50 hunks of beef as if the recession were a childhood memory. Its still boom time at Chops. The dining room itself also appears untouched by time. Through the massive wooden front door, you step into a space with lush lavender walls, gleaming copper columns and polished cherry wood. The place still shouts bull market from the get-go. Pendant lights spotlight white-covered banquettes, booths and tables under the curlicue platform ceiling. The Asian-accented menu remains focused on grilled prime steaks and other meats, though Chops has never given seafood short shrift. The 300-bottle wine list emphasizes reds but includes a good range of tastes, regions and value, and a summer promotion offers 50 percent off bottles priced $50-$150. Chops touts a summer menu on its website, though its not clear whats different about it. The prices arent listed online, and if you assume that summer means price cuts for the locals, you are in for some sticker shock. I did some research and found that most upscale steakhouses in the area dont advertise their prices online. Is it a case of if you have to ask, this might not be the place for you? One might reasonably question why a 22-ounce dry-aged bone-in ribeye costs $52.50, for example. But look around and youll find comparable pricing at, say, Cloydes ($46) and The Grill at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples ($52) and at Smith & Wollensky on Miami Beach ($51 for a 24-ounce cut). Add a peppercorn crust or a pan sauce and your tab goes up another couple of bucks. Really? They cant afford to throw in a dab of barnaise for free? Ill take another sip of my artisanal vodka and try to swallow my indignation. Chops has always been at the top of its game when it comes to the bar program. The fruity martinis have been augmented by a list of gins and vodkas by small American craft distillers offered in highballs, rocks and martinis. I savored the subtle floral and honey notes of Comb vodka ($10.90 on the rocks) from Port Chester, N.Y., while my dinner companion found equal satisfaction in the Silver Tip America gin martini ($9.90), a piney, peppery product of northwest Montana. While we pondered the pleasures of well-made spirits, we munched on good bread and butter f ollowed by appetizers of roasted beet salad ($12.90) and oysters Chopafella ($14.50). The salad plate was a gorgeous rainbow of colors and flavors, with a mix of red, golden and candy-stripe beets complemented by orange segments, Humboldt Fog chevre and pistachios. A dressing of citrus-infused oil and aged balsamic flecked with shreds of fresh basil pulled it all together. Three oysters isnt much for the price, but these plump shellfish were loaded with tasty toppings: garlic cream, crabmeat, zesty sausage, spinach and smoked gouda. Im just as happy tossing back raw oysters, but I can accommodate additions as delicious as these on occasion. Obviously, a steak was in order and theres no shortage of cuts, portions and toppings. From a 7-ounce filet ($31.50) to a 24-ounce porterhouse ($61.50) there is something for every steak lover even a choice of wetor dry-aged beef. Open-air dry aging is preferable because it reduces water content while microbes and enzymes act upon the meat to help break down the connective tissue, both of which enhance flavor. My choice: the aforementioned ribeye with blackberry-Cabernet sauce ($2). Onion rings and one side dish are included, and I highly recommend the corn crme brulee, one of the most palatable ways anyone has ever disguised a vegetable. So sweet, so creamy, so decadent. Note: Theres an extra $2 charge for this particular side. The nearly 2-inch-thick ribeye was flawlessly grilled (I overheard a manager say they actually use a 700-degree broiler) to create a crisp, bronze crust while sealing juices in the deep red medium-rare interior. With its deeply beefy flavor, this is about as good as steak gets. The fruity sauce was good, but a steak this good needs no embellishment other than salt and pepper. My companion ordered a pan-seared black grouper ($32.50) with wild mushroom risotto and screaming hot rock shrimp sauce. Screaming hot it was not, but the rich sauce had a spicy, garlicky New Orleans vibe going on, and the shrimp added a contrasting note of sweetness. The grouper was perfectly cooked and fresh tasting, but with such a blanket of sauce it was difficult to appreciate on its own. Desserts are made in house, but other than the cheese plate theyre mostly the usual suspects: crme brulee, cheesecake, chocolate cake. The melting apple pie ($8.50) was a warmly comforting take on the Dutch crumble version. More interesting was a flight of housemade gelatos orange-pineapple, pomegranate and passion fruit in miniature cones ($6.50). They were quickly dispatched. Service throughout was fine, although our waitress was a bit giggly and didnt go beyond routine order-taking. Chops prices might occupy the same territory as The Ritz-Carlton, but theres no comparison to the polished service of the iconic hotel. Culinary Concepts, which also owns Pazzo! Italian Caf, Yabba Island Grill and another Chops in Naples, has been a force in the local restaurant industry since 1995. Clearly, it is here to stay, through high times and low. CUISINE Chops City Grill>> Hours: 5-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday, 5-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $7.50-$15.90; entrees $16.50-$61.50 >> Beverages: Full bar >> Specialties of the house: Dry-aged steaks and other grilled items >> Volume: Moderate >> Parking: Attached lot >> Website: www.chopscitygrill.comRatings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: 8200 Health Park Center, Bonita Springs; 992-4677SuperbNoteworthyGoodFairPoor DREW STERWALD / FLORIDA WEEKLYAbove: Roasted oysters Chopafella contains lots of tasty toppings. Right: A bone-in ribeye topped with onion rings is a hefty hunk of meat at a hefty price. Below: A flight of gelatos in miniature cones.


239 692-9449 www.evnaples.com475 Seagate Drive Naples, FL 34108 North Naples 837 Fifth Avenue South Naples, FL 34102Downtown NaplesYour Local Guide to Worldwide Real Estate.West Cork Ireland Price Upon RequestKey West FloridaPrice Upon Request 25 property shops in South Florida 501 property shops in 37 countries on 6 continents