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How much is enough?Debating the 20 percent down payment standard. B1 Vol. V, No. 32 FREE WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 OPINION A4 PROFILE IN PARADISE A6 CLUB NOTES A17 PETS A18 NETWORKING B6-7 REAL ESTATE B8 OPEN HOUSE MAP B28 BOOK REVIEW C12 PUZZLES C10 FILM REVIEW C11 ANTIQUES C18 VINO & CUISINE C26-27 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes App Store. INSIDE Derby Day to-dosHats off to two great parties on Kentucky Derby day, and more Society pictures. C23-25 GROWTH ENGINESRSW and FGCU put SWFL on the MAP SWFL ANNIVERSARIES ARE ARBITRARY, PERHAPS, BUT HISTORY IS NOT. Here, Florida Weekly celebrates the histories of the two most prominent and influential cultural forces ever to create gravity south of Sarasota: the 30-year-old Southwest Florida International Airport, and the sweet-16-year-old Florida Gulf Coast University. Both have come with significant costs. But each has changed the nature of living in the region for everyone, powering up the quality of life and easing access to an immense, outlying world. Most of us would trade them for nothing. SEE STORIES, PAGES 8-10 INSIDE:30 years of making Southwest Florida International Airport Like many a bright idea, it all started over a round of golf. Bill Reiff asked his golfing companion, Marlin Dorhout, So what do you do? The Colorado man told him: I make toy cars. Mr. Reiff fancied the idea. It fascinated him and stayed in the back of his mind. Before too long, he booked a flight to Denver. He visited Mr. Dorhouts woodshop and saw the pickup truck parked out front, bearing a sign to promote the nonprofit Mr. Dorhout had founded: Toys for Gods Kids. Mr. Reiff learned the craft and brought the mission back to Southwest Florida. Toys for Gods Kids spreads a little sunshine and imagination into the lives of children through the construction of sturdy, handmade wooden toy cars. Volunteers across the country donate their time and skills to assemble the chunky little vehicles; charitable and faith-based organizations distribute them free to children around the world. I think people in this world are tryingRetirees carve out time to bring smiles with toy cars Only 7 miles separate FGCU from RSW. Celebratingyears in the community30 Celebratingyears in the community16 BY ATHENA PONUSHISaponushis@ SEE SMILES, A16 Steve and EdieA wild and crazy musical pairing. C1 THE DOWN PAYMENT DEBATE More lettersArts column spurs writers to share their thoughts. C8

PAGE 2 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 For some hard riders, the word career is a verb, not a noun. They set out to do one thing and eight seconds or eight years or 38 years later they find themselves doing another, often after careering across the arena and slamming into the railings on the back of an enraged, 1,800-pound Bovine Explosive Device (a BED), otherwise known as a bull. Old-timers used to say, You have to lay in the BED you make. Isnt it the truth? Before you can shout Bodacious! or Little Yellow Jacket! or Tornado! (the names of famous rodeo bulls), the hard riders land on their heads. Those who remain conscious roll out from under, burst to their feet like Bobwhite quail, and race away in retreat. Its a matter of pride to be bucked off, bruised up and banged around, or worse but not beat down, even if they get carried out. Work is like that, sometimes. So is life. So is love. What matters, I suppose, is getting up and getting back in the saddle or back on the BED, if youre lucky enough to have a saddle to get back into. Or a BED to get back up on. I learned all this the other day, again, but not just from listening to a 17-year-old Florida cowboy 43 years my junior named Lane Brennan. Mr. Brennan had arrived before me at an elementary-school Career Day for fifth graders. Theyre the 10 to 11 crowd, for those of you over 40 who may be too old and senile to recall just how old fifth graders are. In addition to nurses, doctors, firefighters, police officers, lawyers, engineers, farmers and writers all vocations represented on past career days some smart faculty member recruited a rodeo cowboy already winning money on the Sunshine State circuit. Maybe she wanted to see a couple of whippersnappers who gave her trouble all year end up on their own heads someday, in the interest of knocking some sense into them. Or maybe she just knew good entertainment when she saw it. Whatever her reasons, all of us were grateful, from the 10-year-olds to the 60-year-old. Mr. Brennan maybe I should just call him, The Kid wore boots with spurs, blue jeans, a belt buckle as big as the Florida panhandle and a long-slee ved, snap-button shirt, all crowned by a big white cowboy hat. He referred to the toughest man I ever saw a rodeo cowboy who just wont quit. That old mans still rodeoing, must be about 40 or 42, the Kid said, shaking his head in admiration. Perhaps the hapless victim of a genetic hankering for punishment in others words, hes too stubborn to quit the old man in question is not just rodeoing, but bull riding, or at least bullfighting, as they call it. When a rider gets thrown, hes at significant risk. The bullfighter, usually a former bull rider weighing about 180 pounds, then goes nose-to-nose with the BED, who weighs literally 10 times as much. Hes saved my life a couple of times, the Kid said reverentially. Bull riding or bullfighting, as everybody knows, is considered the be-all and end-all test of guts and grit, not to mention luck, in the throwback sport of rodeo sprung from western or Cracker cattle ranches in the 19th century. In the 20th century and still nowadays, bull riding has become a high-paying career for a few talented and tough souls, and a way of living and subsisting for a bunch more. Like the toughest man the Kid ever saw. He doesnt even wear a helmet, or nothing (unlike the Kid). Just a cowboy hat. You cant hurt him, he said. This time the Kid rolled his eyes just a little, before describing the mayhem visited on the old man in the form of head butts, stomps, punctures, cuts and broken bones. One little girl raised her hand after listening to the litany of wounds. Why cant you hurt him? she inquired curiously. Well, said the Kid, looking a lot older than his years, that was sarcasm. Bull riders have no doubt at all in the world they are the toughest ol boys who ever pulled on a pair of boots. And theirs is the toughest job. But I know something they dont: There is one tougher job than bull riding, a fact that hit me with dazzling clarity as I listened to the Kid and watched my son, with about 50 other kids, planning his future as a bull rider. Ill just let the secret out now: Teaching. Teaching is the toughest job in the world, bar none. Teachers, on the whole the ones who resist callousness and burnout make rodeo cowboys look like a bunch of flower-waving Ferdinands. Still, bull riders have to endure a lot of hurting, cheerfully. Its not if youll get hurt, its when, the Kid noted proudly of his career in BEDs. One time, bucked sky-high so fast that everything remained blurry, he came down on a hand, breaking the bones in his wrist, he recalled, exhibiting the very wrist in question. Another time he sliced the tendons on the back of his hand trying to carve something with a knife that slipped (another notch in his belt?). Dont play around with knives. Theyre bad, the Kid warned, dutifully holding out the scarred back of his hand as ample proof. There wasnt an unbeliever in the crowd. Watching all this, I noticed that not one child, soon to ride that raging BED known as puberty, exhibited signs of restless impatience while waiting for me to follow the Kid with my own act. It was my job to describe the hell-bentfor-leather, bodaciously exciting career of a writer, armed not with boots and spurs and scars (not from bull riding, anyway), but with eyes and ears. I used them that day, too. I looked over the heads of the kids, past the Kid himself, around the anxious, slightly drawn faces of a mother or two, and let my eyes come to rest. On the teachers, who were up against the rails after another long, glorious year. You want to try a wild career? You think of yourself as a hard rider or a bullfighter? Pull up your boots and try teaching. COMMENTARY That wild career D c b f e f



PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 Addressing the epidemic of military sexual assaultRape is center stage this week after the dramatic rescue of three women from close to a decade of imprisonment in a house on a quiet street in Cleveland. The suspect, Ariel Castro, has been charged with kidnap and rape. These horrific allegations have shocked the nation, and demand a full investigation and a vigorous prosecution. Also this week, the Pentagon released a shocking new report on rape and sexual assault in the U.S. military. According to the latest available figures, an estimated average of 70 sexual assaults are committed daily within the U.S. military, or 26,000 per year. The number of actually reported sexual assaults for the Pentagons fiscal year 2012 was 3,374. Of that number, only 190 were sent to a court-martial proceeding. There is a growing epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the U.S. military, perpetrated against both women and men with almost complete impunity. The situation blew up this week when the head of the U.S. Air Forces Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office was himself arrested for sexual assault. Lt. Col. Jeff Krusinski, 41, was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in a parking lot outside an Arlington, Va., strip club. This comes after a recent case where a senior military officer overturned the sexual assault court-martial conviction of an officer under his command. Air Force Lt. Col. James Wilkerson was accused of sexually assaulting Kimberly Hanks at the Aviano Air Base in Italy. He was found guilty by a military jury, and sentenced to one year in jail and dismissal from military service. His conviction was overturned by Lt. Gen. Craig A. Franklin. Adding insult to the reversal, Wilkerson was transferred to an Air Force base in Tucson, Ariz., where many of Hanks family members live. They were joined by close to 50 people outside the base, protesting the overturning of his conviction and his transfer to their town. They are asking for his sentence and dismissal to be reinstated, and for Franklin to be fired. President Barack Obama addressed the rape epidemic at a press conference this week, saying: If we find out somebody is engaging in this stuff, theyve got to be held accountable. Prosecuted. Stripped of their position. Court-martialed. Fired. Dishonorably discharged. Period. This is not acceptable. Anu Bhagwati is a former Marine officer, having served from 1999 to 2004, and is executive director and co-founder of Service Womens Action Network. SWAN works to eliminate discrimination, harassment and assault from military culture, and to improve veterans benefits for those who have been assaulted. She told a Senate hearing last March: During my five years as a Marine officer, I experienced daily discrimination and sexual harassment. I was exposed to a culture rife with sexism, rape jokes, pornography and widespread commercial sexual exploitation of women and girls, both in the United States and overseas. When she filed a career-ending complaint against a fellow officer, she said she lived in fear of retaliation and violence from both the offender and my own chain of command, and then watched in horror as the offender was not only promoted but also given command of my company. I spoke with Bhagwati, who explained how the military prosecution of these cases has an inherent conflict of interest, which undermines the ability to obtain convictions: Commanding officers theyre called convening authorities have authority from beginning to end of a trial. They determine whether or not a case even goes forward, whether or not the accused even sees the inside of a court-martial. Thats where a lot of the intimidation happens. Thats where a lot of victims feel the fear. Theyre not supported. They dont follow through with their cases. Along with SWAN and similar groups, the campaign to end sexual assault in the U.S. military has attracted significant attention from the historically largest class of women in the U.S. Congress. Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., has long led the charge from the House floor. The Senate Armed Services Committee now has seven women members, a record. This week, in a hearing of that committee, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., grilled Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh. Alongside Gillibrand was Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., who has put a hold on President Obamas appointment of Lt. Gen. Susan Helms to be vice commander of the Air Forces Space Command, because Helms overturned the conviction of a captain at Vandenberg Air Force Base on sexualassault charges. Public attention is rightly focused on the horrible crimes in Cleveland. Its time for the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military to get the attention it deserves, as well, where the problem is institutional. An estimated 70 sexual-assault crimes per day, perpetrated on both women and men. Commander in Chief Obama must take decisive action, now. Taking the investigations and prosecutions out of the militarys hands is a first, necessary step to address this systemic rape culture presided over by the Pentagon. Denis Moynihan contributed research to this column. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,000 stations in North America. She is the co-author of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller. richLOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly OPINIONThe euphemism imperative t w l p o t f amyGOODMANSpecial to Florida Weekly President Barack Obama was proud to become the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood the other week. But not proud enough to utter the word abortion. The right to abortion is the sneakiest, most shamefaced of all American rights. It hides behind evasion and euphemism. So President Obama sang a hymn of praise to Planned Parenthood at the organizations annual conference without mentioning what makes it so distinctive and controversial. He said its core principle is that women should be allowed to make their own decisions about their own health. He excoriated opponents involved in an orchestrated and historic effort to roll back basic rights when it comes to womens health.Listening to him, you could be forgiven for thinking that the country is riven by a fierce dispute over whether women should be allowed to choose their own OB-GYNs or to get cancer screenings. In his speech, the president said the word cancer seven times. About that he is happy to be forthright. Imagine if he had been similarly frank about the core of Planned Parenthoods work: In 2011, according to your annual report, your clinics or affiliates performed 330,000 abortions. Thats a lot of abortion. Over 10 years more than 3 million. Thank you, Planned Parenthood. Think of all those women who wanted to terminate their pregnancies, and you were there for them. Thats what you are about. And thats what this country is about. Before that crowd, he might have gotten rousing applause, but talking in such honest terms would have been a gross faux pas. The unwritten rule when the left discusses abortion is that it shouldnt be called abortion, but always health or, more specifically reproductive health although abortion is the opposite of reproduction and, for one party involved, the opposite of health. The trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell has been an exercise in stripping away euphemism. He is accused of murdering babies because he allegedly didnt manage to kill them in the womb and had to finish the job outside the womb. His case is so discomfiting for liberals not only because it is such a stark picture of the seamy, money-grubbing side of abortion, but because it illustrates how slight the difference is between late-term abortion or late-term health and what nearly everyone recognizes as a crime. In a story about the case, The New York Times referred to the newborns killed by Gosnell as fetuses. The definition of a fetus according to MerriamWebster is an unborn or unhatched vertebrate. By definition, the newborns werent fetuses; they werent unborn. But the Times couldnt bring itself to use the word baby. This is the crux of the matter: If it is a baby outside the womb, why not inside the womb? If a procedure to end its life is wrong outside the womb, why isnt it wrong inside the womb? The essence of abortion is that there are two lives when you start and one when you finish. If it were your business to perform them and fight all restrictions on them, no matter how slight, you wouldnt want to be forthright and honest about it, either. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review. 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Excessive transaction fee of $5.00 will be assessed for each transaction in excess of six (6) during a month. 573 0513 1.60%APY.75%.50% APY APY As the new president and CEO of the Greater Naples YMCA, Paul Thein is excited for the opportunities his organization offers the citizens of Collier County. With the help of a growing membership, volunteers and donors, and an increase in the variety of programs, he knows the Y will be here to help families for generations to come. Growing up in the Midwest, Paul participated in almost every YMCA programs imaginable. He was a Y preschooler who quickly grew into the afterschool and summer day camps. He learned to swim, skateboard, play racquetball, tennis, basketball, wrestle and even sail at the Y. And in the course of all that activity, he learned about teamwork and the core values of respect, responsibility, honesty and caring. A native of Rochester, Minn., he was a scholarship athlete at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where he earned a bachelors degree in physical education. He also holds a bachelors degree in liberal studies from Minnesota State University, a masters in athletic administration and management from the United States Sports Academy and an educational specialist degree in leadership from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, Kan. After a successful career as an athlete (wrestling was his specialty), coach and college administrator, he reset his priorities and switched careers to serve the mission of the YMCA. His time in education had become more about contracts and reporting and less about the students, he says, adding the higher he climbed the ladder, the less time he had to influence young lives and strengthen the community. Paul gives credit to the Y for shaping him as a person. Although his family taught him lifes values, he explains, it was his extended family at the Y that reinforced the importance of those values. His first position at the helm of a YMCA started in 2008 at the 110-yearold Y in Waycross, Ga. He says he knew he had made the right career move when he immediately sensed the same core values he had learned at the Y as a child were reflected in the staff at the Waycross Y. It isnt the swimming pools and gymnasiums that make a Y so special, he says. Its not even that the Y is credited for inventing such diverse sports as basketball, volleyball and handball its the compassionate and caring staff, volunteers, and donors who know the value a YMCA has on bettering the community. When the chief position at the Naples Y became available, Paul felt it was a perfect fit, because Naples is filled with his family members who are snowbirds from Minnesota. l a p t e t bobHARDEN e-mail: PROFILES IN PARADISEA childhood of YMCA experiences firmed up CEOs roots Talking points with Paul TheinMentor(s): My father, Dennis Thein; my college wrestling coach, Neil Ladsten; my former college athletic director, Cy Champa; and Ron Thomas, the president of the rst college where I worked. These people always pushed me hard, yet treated me in a manner that showed to me they cared about me. Of course, the ultimate mentor to me is Jesus Christ. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be just like my father a big, strong man who was a gentle giant. Something your mother was always right about: It seems like she has been right on most everything. One thing on your bucket list: I was raised in Minnesota and have many treasured memories of hunting and shing with my family and friends. Id like to have my kids join me on a Minnesota outdoor experience someday. Skill or talent you wish you had: I wish I had taken music lessons more seriously and stayed with the game of golf. Best thing about kids: Young children have no bias. They simply dont care about race, religion or gender. Children could really teach adults a lot. Something thats been on your mind: I am just getting settled into to Naples, so theres a lot on my mind; new job, new community, new school, new home. It would be easier to tell you what is not on my mind! High school job: On job sites and at the shop working for my fathers water well drilling business in Minnesota. Guilty pleasure: A big, juicy burger. Next vacation destination: Puerto Penasco, Mexico, in July for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Something youll never understand: People who expect a handout. Its one thing if you really need a handout, but Ill never understand those who dont try to improve their situation. Pet peeve: Gossip. Its a total waste of energy. Something people might be surprised to nd out about you: I was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel in 2011. What are you most proud of? My family. I have a terri c wife, and we are raising two kids that I enjoy being around. I also love my mother and father and am so excited to be near them here in Naples after all these years apart. What the Paradise Coast really needs: A football team at Florida Golf Coast University Go big time and join the SEC! This is a place I can work hard on something I love and be close to the people I l ove, he says. Bob Harden is the producer and host of The Bob Harden Show, airing from 7-8 a.m. weekdays at Bonita BayMARINA DIRECT GULF ACCESS FULL SERVICE MARINA Boat storage & slip rentals from $276/month Dry storage for up to 32 & wet slips with lifts Non-ethanol fuel & ships store Boat launch & detail services Seasonal Waterfront Dining at Backwater Jacks OPEN DAILY 239-495-3222 or visit N26 20.315 W 081 49.677ALL BOATERS WELCOME ABOARD! Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 A7 Dr. Shieh and the team at Surgical Healing Arts Centerare dedicated to your health and wellness. Our comprehensive approach to bariatric surgery begins with pre-op education and continues through postsurgical follow-up. Dr. Shieh has extensive experience in the most advanced, proven techniques including sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding with LAP-BAND or Realize Band and gastric bypass. Plus, he is one of only a few bariatric surgeons nationwide skilled in corrective procedures. Discover life-changing body transformations and weight management at Surgical Healing Arts Center. Call (239) 344-9786 to schedule a consultation or visit Enance ou ife WITH COMPREHENSIVE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT. 6150 Diamond Centre Court #1300 Fort Myers, Florida (239) 344-9786 SurgicalHealingArts.comCall to attend our FREE monthly seminar! Let Our Family Protect YoursOur Talented, Experienced Staff and Crews Make UsSouthwest Floridas Most Trusted Hurricane Protection TeamOur business is protecting your family.4160 Corporate Square Naples, FL 34104 239.261.5495 Sponsors, donations needed to help grads celebrate safelyThe Greater Naples YMCA seeks sponsors for its 28th annual Project Graduation, a drugand alcohol-free celebration for more than 1,200 graduating seniors from 12 Collier county high schools. The party takes place from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Friday, May 31, at the Y. Free attendance is made possible through the support of corporate and individual donors, community agencies and volunteers. Official sponsorship packages are $1,000, $2,500 and $5,000; however, donations of any amount are welcome. Its all about saving lives, Paul Thein, president and CEO of the Greater Naples YMCA, says about Project Graduation. Graduates enjoy an overnight celebration with activities including a money machine, mechanical bull rides, jousting competition, rock wall climbing, magician, DJ, dance contests, photo booths, karaoke and game booths. The Y is also seeking contributions of food, graduate-friendly giveaways and gift certificates to be used as prizes throughout the event. For more information or to make a donation to Project Graduation, call 597-3148 or visit Sign up for a safe-driving refresherThe AARP offers classes to help older drivers refresh their driving skills and reduce their risk for tickets and accidents. Drivers older than 55 become eligible for a discount on auto insurance. Registration is $14 per person, $12 for AARP members. Reservations are essential and can be made by calling the number with each session. Heres whats coming up: Tuesday, May 21: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 15600 Tamiami Trail; 269-6050. Tuesday, June 18: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Christus Victor Lutheran Church, 15600 N. Tamiami Trail; 2696050. COURTESY PHOTOWinners in the Project Graduation T-shirt contest sponsored by the Greater Naples YMCA are, left to right: Kelsey Ferrentino, second place; Sarah Easley, third place; and Casey Wallen, first place.

PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 WHEN ROGER SITKINS DESCENDED OUT OF the night from Little Rock and touched down in a Boeing 727 at 1:40 a.m. on the morning of May 14, 1983, several things happened in quick succession. First, he emerged from the plane ahead of the other passengers and crew the inaugural human, the first commercial air traveler ever to enter Southwest Florida International Airport (then regional). Second, he inhaled deeply because thats what passengers do, especially non-smokers like Mr. Sitkins, who rode up in first class where the front two rows were non-smoking, and the next three were smoking, he recalls. In that single sweet breath he could sense the fecund subtropics infused with odeuer dcow, because the surrounding swamp and cow pastures rolled right up to the edge of the action which no longer included walking across the tarmac, like travelers did at Page Field. He used a jet bridge. And finally, Mr. Sitkins was suddenly and unexpectedly embraced by a festive crowd of after-midnight aviation pros bearing champagne and roses, various gifts, and a stretch limousine to take him anywhere he wanted to go. Which was home. I had a car, he explained last week from his residence on Sanibel. So I said, Why dont you take the limo and give the flight crew a ride? And they did. That will never happen again, because no one else will ever be first, again. Since that long-ago moment, Mr. Sitkins, an insurance-agency consultant (Sitkins International), has reached 64 years of age. Meanwhile, three full decades, along with about 148.2 million passengers, have come and gone through what is now a distinguished international airport. RSW incorporates 28 gates, hosts 19 domestic and international airlines, and ranks as one of the nations 50 busiest in passenger traffic while supporting the 22nd largest car-rental market in the country. Those statistics come from the Lee County Port Authority, which operates both RSW and Page Field. Before 1983, Page was the only game in town for commercial air traffic and jets. Now, says Peter Modys, the deputy executive director of aviation, RSW is a little city. We have everything a city has. Bob Ball (executive director of the Lee County Port Authority) is chief of the city. You have a fire and police department, security and code people, building-maintenance people, then all of these tenants doing business. Wonderful restaurants, places to buy what you need, places to park your car, all of it. In this little city people even fall in love, marry and raise families, he says. You see the kids grow up and go off to college all of that happens. But none of that happened just because the population of the region grew. None of it was inevitable, in other words. It happened because of the insights, prophetic visions, and often dazzling administrative or political skills of those who cared about it, and cared about the Southwest coast. Frank Mann, for example, now a Lee County commissioner, was a state senator when the new airport plan became a serious regional idea with some framework. He stopped a proposal by business and fellow political leaders to create an airport authority independent of voters, which could practice eminent domain if it had state legislative approval. Although he took tremendous flack for his position in newspaper editorials and public meetings, I stood up against the entire legislative delegation from here (to prevent that), and the rest of the Senate would not override me, he recalls. So that idea failed. Then the county created a port authority managed ultimately by Lee County commissioners, and the entire team overcame huge environmental challenges with mitigation. Just as important as all that in the way that the Boston Red Sox decision to let Babe Ruth go to the New York Yankees proved important was a decision by both Collier and Charlotte counties to back out of shared ownership of the airport, and let it go to Lee. No guts, no glory, apparently and a lot less wealth. They didnt want the bond debt, Commissioner Mann says, so Lee became the sole sponsor and ultimate prime beneficiary. The result was a huge economic benefit to the county. With the addition of the Interstate (75) and the university (FGCU), Lee County became THE economic engine of the region.Back to the futureAnd what an engine, at RSW. Wandering into the current terminal is like entering a museum-cum-shopping mall populated by residents who actually want to help you (the extraordinary volunteers), but will neither try to sell you something, or tell you not to touch it (signs to do that on artful exotica). For the buyers, theres a 2013 Porsche Cayman, red, for $69,365. For the touchand-feel crowd, theres Henry Fords 1914 Model T, black, with a cardboardcutout Mr. Ford standing beside it, not priced. Both cars get (or got) about 25 miles to the gallon. The terminal is clean as a whistle, of course for a reason. We contract out the cleaning service long-term, and we dont pay them $3 and ask them to do a $10 cleaning job, notes Mr. Modys. These days, sno w-white sculptures by the late Louise Nevelson and owned by the Naples art museum the cluster is called Dawns Forest rise like geometric engine parts somehow sprung from organic roots into the sunblanched upper reaches of the terminal. And that may describe aviation itself, here. There are lush shops: the PGA Tour shop, Expressions, Brighton and Coastal News. There are upscale restaurants and bars: Shulas Bar & Grill, where burgers cost $11 to $13 and entrees run $19 to $29. Or a Jose Cuervo Tequileria, where the bartender doesnt even know how much a shot is. Its on the register, I dont know, she says. Maybe $8.99? At 11:15 a.m., a small retinue of travelers bellied up to the bar, and a regular or two from outside, dont care.On a wing and a permitRSW AT 30:THE MAKING OF 1927: Page Field (FMY) opensApril 11, 1980: Construction begins on the new airport located in Lee County on a 3,500-acre site southeast of the city of Fort MyersAug. 4, 1937: First passenger ights from Page Field start. National begins regular stops in Fort Myers to Miami, fare $7.50Dec. 15, 1965: Jet age begins at Page Field with arrival of Boeing 727 from New York called the Spirit of Fort Myers.May 14, 1983: Certi ed for operation, Southwest Florida Regional Airport (RSW) opens, the newest airport in the U.S. until Denver International opens in 1995 $90 million, 350,000-square-foot terminal with 14 gates, 3,600 parking spaces Airlines serving airport: 9 domestic Continental, Delta, Eastern, Finair Express, Northwest, Ozark, Pan Am, Republic, United Nonstop destinations: 7 Atlanta, Houston, Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, Tampa and West Palm Beach First ight Delta #1677 from Atlanta. First arriving passenger Roger Sitkins (from Little Rock, Ark.) First full year of operations RSW handled 1.3 million passengers Coming up, we have the intermodal I-75 connection to the airport, thats $54 million. We did land acquisition, design, and the state is doing construction. It will be complete in the spring of 2015. We have a parallel taxiway, a ramp project to tie two runways together, and a $24 million airport rescue firefighting station. Its all part of our pay as you go, with state grants, federal grants, and none of our money, so when it does come time for a second parallel runway, I dont have to float another big bond issue supported by airlines. Bob Ball, executive director, Lee County Port AuthorityBY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ Roger Sitkins, the first passenger to land at RSW in 1983. The first airport certificate for RSW was issued in 1983.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 NEWS A9 Oh, we see some inebriated folks, says a cheerful volunteer, Doris, who with her husband, John, a retired history professor from Michigan, has been greeting visitors for more than 15 years. One person had a few hours and wanted to go visit Key West, she says, smiling. Another person landed and thought he was in Fort Lauderdale. And some people get plucked out of relative obscurity by the big voice booming periodically through the airport ether the anonymous pager. Samira Beckwith. Samira Beckwith. Please report to the Delta counter. Samira Beckwith. Ms. Beckwith, president and CEO of Hope Hospice, appears bright and cheerful in a turquoise dress, wheeling a compact suitcase behind her like a little pet. Ive been using this since the week it opened, she says, pausing to chat with a reporter and nodding into the sunny reaches of the terminal. Without missing a beat, she praises the airport and coincidentally offers up several quick suggestions for making travel just a little easier, here, 30 years later. Theres not an ounce of complaint in her tone: She likes RSW, she says, and uses it about 20 times a year. But someone asked, so she shares her thoughts. It would be nice to have an overhang in the drop-off area, so people wouldnt get wet when it rains, she says. The C concourse could use a Starbucks. When youre pulling out of the parking area, theres a very short merger, and it can be dangerous. And why the slope down (to a security checkpoint)? All these older people have to walk down or up, which could be difficult. Glancing around, she concludes with a philosophy of management, one she may well share with the airports managers. Every little detail counts. And if you dont seek to impr ove, you go backwards.Seeking to improveSince the beginning, theres been a lot of seeking to improve. Like Frank Mann and Roger Sitkins, Peter Modys was there to see it and do it in his case, beginning a career as a 24/7 airport operations agent. He was fresh out of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, which has trained some of the port authoritys senior staff, as well as its youngest employees (the current crop of airport operations agents, who work to ensure that the airport is operating according to FAA standards). In those days, and for the first 10 years of operation, a former Army helicopter gunship pilot and Vietnam veteran named Gary LeTellier headed up the port authority. He was a tough guy, he was demanding, he wanted it done his way, and that was good for the time, Mr. Modys says. Then Bob Ball arrived to take the stick, soon becoming executive director of the port authority, where he has served for 20 years. By the time he arrived in Fort Myers, Mr. Ball had left behind the following baggage: a childhood in Buffalo; a degree from the Florida Institute of Technology in aviation administration and flight technology (he also became a pilot); a job at the regional airport in South Bend, Ind., followed by eight years at the airport in Jacksonville; and an offer to take the helm of the Philadelphia airport, which was too far north, he admits. Then, the position in Fort Myers opened, and he arrived in 1993. Since the airport intruded into important wetlands, Mr. Ball faced challenges many other airport directors do not. He had to buy enough land to create long runways a mile apart, so planes could take off and land simultaneously. He had to become a swamp manager, overseeing the successful mitigation of 7,000 acres of wetlands southeast of RSW. He had to create a form-equals-function facility with three concourses, short walks (RSW probably has the highest percentage of elderly travelers in the country, he says), the potential for expansion, and more, all on a budget. We did all this land, we built the roadway, the parking facilities, the terminal buildings and the ramp systems, for $438 million, he says. Others have spent billions creating fancy architectures, for example, and in Berlin theyve just spent $4 billion for a terminal that has 128 gates, but (doesnt work). Now, people will jump on a bus, and drive out to the airplanes. The 9/11 bumpAnd now, RSW is a sleek, pay-asyou-go affair, its budget an enterprise fund that takes not a single cent of ad valorem tax dollars. Whatever it spends for expansion or repair, it has to generate on its own. There are federal grants for construction and aviation fuel taxes collected by the state and portioned out to airports, along with a charge for each passenger flying through a facility, paid by the airlines. Everything else comes from revenue generated by good business. We get revenue from ground rents, from parking operations, from rent-acars, from food, beverage, news and gifts, explains Mr. Ball. We get minimum guarantees and a percentage of gross receipts, from cargo building ground rates, from fixed operators rents. And the airlines pay us landing fees and terminal rents for gates and ramps and ticket-counter space. At the end of the year, if theres not enough money to meet airport demands, the airlines will make up the difference, by contract. But Mr. Ball has never let that happen. We make a point of ending up with net surplus revenue. Thats divided: the airlines get a check for 40 percent, and the airport keeps 60 percent to match grants and do capital development. Without catastrophes or tragedies, that might prove pretty lucrative. But 9/11 changed the world, Mr. Ball says especially his world. In the last decade or so, the port authority spent more than $50 million in a single change order, and as much as $100 million in total, responding to the attacks. It was the single hardest challenge airport managers ever faced, starting near midday on that fateful morning, when they closed the roads into the airport. People abandoned plans and tickets on the spot, and left RSW. For the next week, the place appeared haunted and eerie, recalls Mr. Modys an airport silenced by fear and the unknown, populated only by officials and law enforcement officers securing every detail of operations. When flights resumed, there were no more unticketed passengers allowed past screening, and now all bags going into the belly had to be screened, says Mr. Ball. We decided we had to do a very thorough examination of our (terminal) design. We redesigned the front of the building, and under Department of Defense standards it has to withstand a 4,000 pound bomb blown up in the roadway. That wasnt a straightforward job. The first model of the redesign collapsed. We had to do a strong, strong, strong reinforced steel structure. And thats why there are no standing cars or no waiting at the curb, and thats how the cell-phone lot came into being. One of the hardest parts was creating an additional 20,000-square-foot room for explosive detection and a baggage belt. Those systems had not previously existed. The biggest conveyor belts were operated by Walmart warehouses, UPS warehouses and citrus growers, says Mr. Ball. And the technology for detecting explosive devices came out of the medical industry. What was an MRI is now an explosives detection machine. All in 30 years. Along with this, too: a $3.6 billion impact on the community that effects 64,000 people and jobs. And the promise that it will only get bigger. SOUTHWEST FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT2007: Record-breaking year with more than 8 million passengers. Dec. 1, 1994: Runway expansion completed 8,400 to 12,000 feet, $20 million May 14, 1993: Airports 10th birthday; airport renamed Southwest Florida International Airport to re ect its emerging international status; 3.7 million annual passengers Airlines serving airport: 9 domestic American, American Trans Air, Continental, Delta, Midwest Express, Northwest, TWA, United and USAir; 3 international charters Air Canada, Canada 3000, Canadian Air Nonstop destinations: 28May 14, 2013: 30th anniversary; More than 147 million passengers have traveled through RSW since opening; Serves 40 nonstop destinations. March 2013 is the single biggest month for passenger trafc in airport history with 1.1 million travelers. Airlines serving airport: 16 domestic AirTran, American, Cape Air, Chautauqua, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, MetJet, Shuttle America, Silver Airways, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country, US Airways, United, United Express; 3 international Air Berlin, Air Canada, WestJet Nonstop destinations: 402003: Airports 20th anniversary, 73 million passengers have traveled through RSW since opening, nearly 5.9 million annual passengers. Airlines serving airport: 17 domestic AirTran, America West, American, American Eagle, American Trans Air, Cape Air, Continental, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Midwest Express, Northwest, Spirit, Sun Country, United, US Airways, USA 3000; 3 international Air Canada, Air Transat, LTU International Airways Nonstop destinations: 32 Current and future capital improvement projects>> Aircraft rescue and re ghting>> Ramp and taxiway expansion project>> I-75 C/D Roadway, FDOT>> Parallel runway project addition of second runway, 9,100 feet>> New air traf c control towerEconomic impact>> 1999: $2 billion>> 2005: $3.6 billion>> 2010: $3.8 billionSOUTHWEST FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT / COURTESY PHOTOS


Hodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial Gardens 525 111th Ave North, Naples, Florida 34108 at Naples Memorial GardensMonday, May 27th at 10amHodges Funeral Home at Naples Memorial Gardens Keynote will be given by historian and U.S. Army (Ret.) Chaplin Lt. Col. Robert Hartman Free Picnic Catered by Cook Brothers BBQin memory of their beloved father, US Navy veteran, Ronnal E. CookMusic by Pine Ridge Middle School Band under the baton of Kelly Parker Come Celebrate... BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ oridaweekly.comSWEET 16, INDEED. Florida Gulf Coast University, in its seminal teenage year, has exploded onto the national stage. After the school made college basketball sports history and applauded a student piano recital at Carnegie Hall, FGCU garnered a raise in funding from the state (pending governor approval), and was offered a 600-acre gift by a private developer in exchange for the go ahead to build a 4,000-acre community near the school. FGCU rejected the offer this week because the school wants more time to consider the environmental impact of the deal, but left open the possibility it could be resurrected. The way we do business here will always be with an eye toward being good stewards of the environment, said the schools third president, Dr. William Bradshaw, Ph.D., who began in 2007 These are only a few of the landmarks the young school younger than most of the students youd run into on campus have passed since opening day for class on Aug. 25, 1997. The schools first admitted student, Barron Collier High School graduate Mariana Coto James, is an Orlando nurse, and only in her mid 30s. Every year there have been landmarks I think thats a function of just starting from scratch, said one of the schools original employees, Vice President and Chief of Staff Susan Evans. She remembers walking through land where the school now sits, prior to construction beginning Nov. 28, 1995. Environmental consultants led the way on that trip, clearing the path with machetes. There was no road, no buildings, she said. It was just wilderness. Along with a nation that lurched into the 21st century with rapid advances in technology, the war on terror, and the first black president, the school has grown up fast, competing in sports, finance and other areas with much older institutions. In 16 short years, its youthful graduates have filtered out into the state legislature (U.S. Rep. Matt Caldwell), professional baseball (Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Chris Sale, who led the team to a win over the Kansas City Royals last week), and the great institution of marriage. Alum Mr. Caldwell met his wife, Yvonne, at the school in a course their senior year on post-colonial India not that fascinating of a class, he admits. Mr. Caldwell, who graduated with a bachelors in history in 2004, returns periodically to his alma mater to speak with political science students about running for public office. Theres always something new that popped up since the last time I was there, he observed. Thats in part because the last five years have included an aggressive construction campaign, said Dr. Bradshaw. There were 9,388 students that year and more than 13,500 enrolled this year. In 2011, U.S. News & World Report gave FGCU 74 out of 100 points as a regional university in the Southern United States the same score given to older schools with higher tuitions such as Auburn University (founded 1967) and Belhaven University (1883). Dr. Bradshaw noted that besides relatively new programs in business, engineering and doctoral programs, the next 10 years are expected to include more expansion of degree programs, with a student population topping 20,000, and possibly a football team. I dont know if well have football in 10 years but I think well certainly be going down that path, he said, with the momentum created by the mens basketball teams now famous trip to the Sweet 16. Full circleBen Hill Griffin IIIs 1992 gift of 760 acres got the school started. Now Fort Myers-based Private Equity Group wants to give roughly 600 acres of land that touches the current property in exchange for the rights to build a community nearby that would include a golf course. The deal is at an impasse, but Dr. Bradshaw has left open the possibility of revisiting the terms once the school has more information. Certainly it has the potential of making available a significant amount of land for future growth and development, he said. What we have is a letter of intent which sets up the parameters for us to explore the desirability and feasibility of accepting such a gift and thats a work in progress. If accepted, it would be the largest land acquisition for the school since it began. The original site and the area proposed by Private Equity Group were designated by the Lee County Commission as environmentally sensitive land that was also set aside to rein in suburban sprawl (part of the so-called Density Reduction/ Groundwater Resource area). But school spokesperson Ms. Evans and others say that the land the school has developed on was already ruined for other types of use because it was mined and that areas more fit for preservation were saved from development more than half the schools property is a nature preserve with hiking trails. FGCU has gone out of its way to make its environmental stewardship clear over the years. That includes construction of a 15-acre solar field that helps power the school, and buildings certified by the U.S. Green Building Council, one of them meeting its highest Platinum designation. John Alexander, FGCU board of directors member and former CEO and chairman of the board of Alico Inc. (the company that gave the school its original land) is pleased with the schools progress. FGCU has met and actually exceeded its founding mission with great effectiveness and efficiency by educating young people in a variety of pursuits that directly contribute to our regions economic development and quality of life, he wrote in an e-mail, a means of communication just becoming popular when the school was constructed. The future is bright as the university continues to make a national name for itself in both scholastics and athletics. FGCU: 16 going on 40 FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


Were the largest orthopedic program in Southwest Florida. Our team approach ensures the highest quality care and the best outcomes. www.LeeMemorial.orgDevoted to Excellence in Health Care His knee replacement allows us to enjoy the Southwest Florida lifestyle. Caring People, Caring for People Lee Memorial Hospital


Could your feline be a calendar cat?The Marco Island-based rescue group For the Love of Cats is seeking photographs of felines for consideration for its 2014 Glamour Puss calendar. In addition to three pictures that will be selected for each month of the year, one fabulous feline will be chosen for the calendar cover. Winning photos will be selected by a panel of judges based on cuteness, seasonal/holiday appeal and quality of the photo. A Peoples Choice winner will be based on online votes. Entry fee is $25 for each photo. Deadline for submission is midnight Saturday, June 22. Enter online at www. Voting for the Peoples Choice award (one vote per person) will take place June 24-29. For the Love of Cats is an all-volunteer organization whose members work to place abandoned cats in permanent home, to sterilize stray and feral cats through a Trap-Neuter-Return program and to help low-income owners keep their pets. For more information, visit or e-mail Rescue group needs kitten, cat suppliesBrookes Legacy Animal Rescue holds a Kitten Shower from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 18, at Petco, 6424 Naples Blvd. Cat lovers are invited to bring a shower gift (clay litter, canned and dry cat food, cat toys and gift cards, etc.) to help in the care and feeding of cats and kittens the rescue group places in foster homes. Kittens will be available for adoption. Included are spay/neuter services, vaccinations, cat litter and a certificate for veterinary services. Most kittens are micro-chipped. For more information, call Karen Hill at 250-0842. Plans taking shape for Love That Dress!PACE Center for Girls of Collier County has set the date for its next Love That Dress! The evening of shopping and a silent auction will take place Saturday, Sept. 7, at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. Dress donation parties leading up to the big night are in the planning stages.Stacey Herring of Fifth Third Bank is this years chair; co-chairs are Libby Fero or Diamond Limousine and Cotrenia Hood of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. State Rep. Kathleen Passidomo is honorary chair. Committee members are Nicole Angelo, Erika Echavarria, Amanda Jaron, Michelle Krumm, Liz Nassbert, Patricia Neilsen Sarah Piercy, and Stacy Sherman. Sponsors and VIP ticket holders will have access to the VIP section offering private dressing rooms, clothing hold, express check-out service and complimentary beverages, hors doeuvres and chocolates.For information volunteering, hosting a dress donation party or purchasing tickets, call Marianne Kearns at 377-9864 or e-mail PACEPACE Center for Girls provides girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training and advocacy. PACE is the only non-residential, gender-specific nonprofit intervention and prevention program for at-risk girls in Collier County. Since opening in 1998, its programs have helped almost 1,000 girls and young women further their education, develop confidence and find their voice. For more information, visit www. Stylish bargains bloom at Fashionistas GardenFashionistas Garden, a shopping event to benefit the Garden of Hope & Courage, takes place from 5:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, at the garden at the NCH downtown campus. A wardrobes worth of gently loved clothing and accessories bearing labels such as Banana Republic, White House Black Market, BCBG, Trina Turk and Betsy Johnson will be on sale with price tags from $5 to $50. Entrance to Fashionistas Garden is $25 per person and includes light hors doeuvres, a glass of wine or a martini and, of course, shopping. Drink tickets for $5 will be available for additional beverages. Reservations are strongly encouraged and can be made by visiting www. Early registrants will receive $5 off their total purchases at the event.About the gardenThe Garden of Hope & Courage is a place of peace and rest for NCH patients and their families. With a 1-acre lake as the centerpiece, it consists of a formal garden, a childrens garden and a pavilion, all linked by a meandering path with benches and sculptures along the way. For more information, visit the above website. Be In the Know. In the Now.Subscribe now and youll get comprehensive local news coverage, investigative articles, business happenings as well as the latest in real estate trends, dining, social events and much more.Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195*PER YEAR Call 239.325.1960 or visit us online at*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. *Starting At 239-330-3666 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


Call now to schedule an appointment: North, Central and East Naples: 239-430-3668 DR. LAM FACFAS, DABPS DR. LEE DPM DR. TIMM AACFAS, DABLES DR. ADARVE DPM ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS: If you said yes to 2 or more we realize you need to see us now! 1. Child ever had heel pain 2. Child stop running or walking due to foot pain 3. No arch noted on a wet foot print 4. Child always wanting to be carried / does not want to walk (239) 430-3668 Research says, if you dont treat your child with at foot, over 25% will need surgery or deal with chronic knee and heel pain. What is this Couple Smiling About?Dr. Bradley Piotrowski, D.D.S., M.S.D.Phone: 239-263-6003 Helping You Keep Your Smile For A LifetimePlease visit FREE SCREENING ($140 VALUE) of Dental Implants!Dr. Bradley Piotrowski, D.D.S., M.S.D. is a leading periodontist feeling teeth What are Dental Implants? Are Implants for You? Call now to make an appointment. In observance of National Salvation Army Week, which was declared by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954 as a time to honor the organizations work done on behalf of the poor, The Salvation Army in Collier County invites the public to two concerts and a worship service. Featuring The Salvation Armys Florida Divisional Band, The Florida Brass, the Naples Corps Band and The Salvation Army Naples Community Music School students, the free concerts will take place Saturday, May 18, at 2 p.m. in the band shell at Cambier Park and at 7 p.m. at The Salvation Army worship center, 3170 Estey Ave. The Florida Divisional Band consists of 35 of the top brass and percussion players from Salvation Army units in Florida. Members range from school music teachers to numerous other working professionals and college students. The Florida Brass is a 40-member brass and percussion band made up of high school and college students from around Florida. The worship service at 11 a.m. Sunday, May 19, at The Salvation Army center will feature guest preacher and vocalist the Rev. Sheila Zellers of Motivated by Love Ministries. Free will offerings will be accepted at all three events. For information about the programs and services offered by The Salvation Army in Collier County, call 775-9447 or visit The Collier County Sheriffs Office and its Golden Gat e R oad P atrol host a family-friendly 5K run/ride and safety fair from 5:30-8 p.m. Friday, May 24, at the Golden Gate Community Center. The safety fair takes place throughout the evening; the run/ride sets out at 6:30 p.m. and follows a route through nearby neighborhoods. At 8 p.m. officials will conduct a salute to fallen law enforcement officers. Presentations by CCSOs crime prevention, aviation, bomb squad and K9 units as well as its mounted patrol and SWAT bureaus will take place. Deputies will also discuss safety tips and serve free hot dogs, lemonade, snow cones, and popcorn. Entry fee is a suggested $10 donation that will help provide summer camp scholarships for at-risk youth. More than 2,000 people participated in the event last year. To sign up or for more information, call Deputy Ellen Loftus at 530-9781 or e-mail Concerts, workship service highlight National Salvation Army Week Step out for CCSOs family-friendly event NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 A13


HEALTHY LIVING NCH is here to help all along the way to good health Years ago, my high school wrestling coach constantly reminded us: You are what you eat, as we tried to make weight and stay in pristine physical condition. Decades later, You are what you eat is the NCH rallying cry as we combat the epidemic of obesity with awareness, education and a new tool called MyFitnessPal. An easy-to-use app, MyFitnessPal. com tracks all the major food factors: calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, cholesterol and more. Anyone at NCH who has a personal handheld device can scan barcodes on the foods in our cafeterias or can select from one of the more than 1.8 million foods already in the MyFitnessPal database, which is updated daily. The app also facilitates tracking of exercise with more than 350 types of training from cardio to strength already programmed, allowing us to match realtime our personal objectives for weight loss and maintenance of physical fitness against what we actually accomplish. Rather than being seduced into poor health by the convenience of remote TV clickers, video games, processed foods, sugared drinks and far-too-convenient snacks, we simply must take advantage of the tools available to us in the digital age. (Ive been using MyFitnessPal for the past few weeks and am still on a learning curve.) Our von Arx Diabetes Center of Excellence recently completed its sixth Healthy Weight program in which participants have averaged average a 25-pound weight loss over 12 weeks. A highlight of the program, beyond supportive teammates and membership in the center, is a trip to the supermarket with a dietician who guides participants down the aisles, showing them how to navigate food traps and make healthy choices instead as they fill up their shopping carts. If you are struggling to establish a healthy lifestyle, please consider MyFitnessPal and/or our von Arx center and our wellness centers. At NCH, were here to help. Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 TO YOUR HEALTHShelter schedules support group for friends and familyThe Shelter for Abused women & Children hosts a support group for friends and families of domestic abuse victims from 5:15-6:45 p.m. Tuesday, May 28. Attendance is free and open to the public. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 775-3862, ext. 233, or e-mailing, at which time a location will be provided. For more information about the Shelter and its services, visit today for a cancer-free tomorrow BY LISA HONIGSpecial to Florida WeeklyWhat if you could participate in research that could help determine factors that cause or prevent cancer? What if your involvement, and that research, ultimately leads to eliminate cancer as a major health problem for this and future generations? What if you could make it so just one family never had to hear the words, You have cancer? The American Cancer Society is recruiting 300,000 men and women across the U.S. and Puerto Rico for a landmark research study called Cancer Prevention Study-3. Anyone between the ages of 30 and 65 who has ever been diagnosed with cancer is invited to enroll in the study at one of the three Physicians Regional Medical Center locations in Collier County. Cancer survivors and those who otherwise do not qualify are asked to help spread the word and encourage family members and friends to enroll. Enrollment takes place Tuesday through Thursday, June 11-13. This is the third study of its kind conducted by the American Cancer Society since the 1950s. Previous studies have uncovered the link between smoking and lung cancer as well as ties between obesity, larger waist sizes and other types of cancer. Enrollment is simple and will only take a few minutes. It starts online, at, where you can find the enrollment location closest to you and book an appointment time on June 11-13. After the appointment is set, you will be asked to complete an online assessment of your health history. At the actual appointment, which should take no longer than 30 minutes, you will complete a short survey packet, provide a small blood sample and have your waist measured. From that point forward, you will be followed over time to update information via periodic mailed surveys (every few years for 20 years). Enrollment appointments are encouraged in order to ensure adequate staff is on hand; however, walk-ins will be taken on a space available basis. Appointments can be made as follows: Tuesday, June 11: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Physicians Regional Pine Ridge, 6101 Pine Ridge Road. Wednesday, June 12: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Physicians Regional Collier Boulevard, 8300 Collier Blvd. Thursday, June 13: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Physicians Regional clinic on Marco Island, 1839 San Marco Road. In addition to study participants, the American Cancer Society seeks volunteers to help on enrollment days at the three sign-up locations and individuals and businesses to sign on as CPS-3 Champions to help spread the word about the study and be the catalysts for encouraging others to join the study. To sign up or for more information, call 642-8800, ext. 3891. Lisa Honig is the unit executive director for the American Cancer Society on Marco Island.Womens, mens brains respond differently to hungry infants cries SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYResearchers at the National Institutes of Health have uncovered firm evidence for what many mothers have long suspected: womens brains appear to be hard-wired to respond to the cries of a hungry infant. Researchers asked men and women to let their minds wander, then played a recording of white noise interspersed with the sounds of an infant crying. Brain scans showed that, in the women, patterns of brain activity abruptly switched to an attentive mode when they heard the infant cries, whereas the mens brains remained in the resting state. Previous studies have shown that, on an emotional level, men and women respond differently to the sound of an infant crying, said study coauthor Marc H. Bornstein, Ph.D., head of the Child and Family Research Section of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the institute that conducted the study. Our findings indicate that men and women show marked differences in terms of attention as well. The earlier studies showed that women are more likely than men to feel sympathy when they hear an infant cry, and are more likely to want to care for the infant. The findings appear in NeuroReport. Previous studies have shown differences in patterns of brain activity between when an individuals attention is focused and when the mind wanders. The pattern of unfocused activity is referred to as default mode, Dr. Bornstein explained. When individuals focus on something in particular, their brains disengage from the default mode and activate other brain networks. For about 15 minutes, participants listened to white noise interspersed with short periods of silence and with the sounds of a hungry infant crying. The patterns of their brain activity were recorded by a technique known as functional magnetic resonance imaging. The researchers analyzed brain images from 18 adults, parents and nonparents. The researchers found that when participants listened to the typical infant cries, the brain activity of men and women differed. When hearing a hungry infant cry, womens brains were more likely to disengage from the default mode, indicating that they focused their attention on the crying. In contrast, the mens brains tended to remain in default mode during the infant crying sounds. The brain patterns did not vary between parents and nonparents. Infants cry because they are distressed, hungry, or in need of physical closeness. To determine if adults respond differently to different types of cries, the researchers also played the cries of infants who were later diagnosed with autism. An earlier study of Dr. Bornstein and the same Italian group found that the cries of infants who develop ASD tend to be higher pitched than those of other infants and that the pauses between cries are shorter. In this other study, both men and women tended to interrupt their mind wandering when they heard these cries. Adults have manylayered responses to the things infants do, said Dr. Bornstein. Determining whether these responses differ between men and women, by age, and by parental status, helps us understand instincts for caring for the very young. In an earlier study, Dr. Bornstein and his colleagues found that patterns of brain activity in men and women also changed when they viewed an image of an infant face and that the patterns were indicative of a predisposition to relate to and care for the infant. Such studies documenting the brain activity patterns of adults represent first stages of research in neuroscience understanding how adults relate to and care for infants, Dr. Bornstein explained. It is possible that not all adults exhibit the brain patterns seen in these studies. For more information, visit www.


FREE WITH A$25 Grocery OrderCardinis Salad dressings Serving Naples the finest products for over 70 years. FREE WITH ARex Goliath Moscato Available exclusively atEAST INDIES HOME COLLECTION11985 US 41 N., Naples 34110 239-596-7273 Mon-Sat 10:00-5:00BeachcomberOversize Cowrie Shell Baskets www.MillenniumPhysician.comPRIMARY CARE o LAB SERVICES o RADIOLOGY o DIAGNOSTICS o MEDICAL AESTHETICS o URGENT CARE Primary Care OcesMARIA DEL RIOGILES, M.D. ALEJANDRO PEREZTREPICHIO, M.D. LUIS POZNIAK, M.D. MICHAEL Y. WANG, M.D. 1735 SW Health Parkway Naples, FL 34108239-249-7800 239-249-7830 JULIA HARRIS, M.D. JAMES FAREMOUTH, D.O. NANCY BARATTA, MSN, ARNP 8803 Tamiami Trail E Naples, FL 34112239-732-1050JOHN DIAZ, M.D. KAE FERBER, M.D. JULIE DIAZ, FNPBC 671 Goodlette Road, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34102239-263-8222 CHARLES KILO, M.D. 1495 Pine Ridge Rd. Suite 4 Naples, FL 34109239-594-5456 HIT THE LINKSThe East Naples Merchants Association holds its second annual golf tournament at Royal Palm Country Club on Saturday, May 25. The 18-hole scramble begins with a shotgun st art at 8:30 a.m. Registration of $75 per person includes lunch. Raffle tickets will be sold for prizes including a TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 driver and wood. The hole-in-one prize will be a 24-month lease on a new Audi, courtesy of Audi Naples. Sign up as an individual or a foursome. For registration or more information, call Shirley Calhoun at 435-9410 or Natalie Anguilano at 643-3600 or visit Memorial Health System Foundation is holding a drawing for two people to watch golfs greats compete at the AT&T National set for June 24-30 at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, Md. Ranked as one of the best courses in the country, Congressionals Blue Course has a rich history of exciting, memorable golf. All proceeds will benefit the Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida. The raffle package includes:Two badges June 24-30, including access to the Grey Goose Lounge.Accommodations for two (one room) at the Marriott Bethesda on June 28-29.A $100 gift card for dinner at Seasons 52 in Bethesda. Airfare is not included. Tickets are $20 each or three for $50. The drawing will be held on Tuesday, May 28. To purchase tickets, call Ali Levine at 343-6067. The Lipman Golf Classic at Naples Heritage Golf and Country Club drew 30 foursomes and raised almost $90,000 for the Redlands Christian Migrant Association to support its 70 child-care centers and three charter schools in Floridas rural farming communities. Lipman, FoodSource Plus and the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association were platinum sponsors of the tournament. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 NEWS A15 Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options.


their best to do something, whatever they can do, to help humanity, Mr. Reiff says. This is just a little part of that. Eight gentlemen from Vi at Bentley Village in North Naples and Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers have partnered up to make these toy cars. They cut and sand the wood, attach the wheels and stamp each one: USA. All they need are the kids to add the Vroom Vroom says Ken Treiber, a friend who helped Mr. Reiff bring the local toy-making group to fruition. The men started assembling toy cars last July. They made their first shipment to the Koutiala Womens and Childrens Hospital of Mali in August. They shipped toy cars to Afghanistan in November. At Christmastime, they gave toy cars to the U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program and more to the Samaritans Purse shoebox project through Operation Christmas Child. Were not making cars as much as were making smiles, Mr. Treiber says. Weve been dubbed Smile Makers by the guys who give these cars to these kids A lot of these kids in third-world countries have never owned anything of their own. When you give them a toy like this, not only is it a toy, but its mine. When people ask Mr. Treiber what he does, he tells them hes in the car manufacturing business. People say, Oh! Then Ill tell them, But theyre only this big, he says, moving his pointer fingers close together. People are always a little surprised, but they need to remember, it doesnt take so very much to make kids happy. And thats a fun thing to be able to do. The Smile Makers of Bentley Village and Shell Point gathered for lunch on a recent Friday. One man had held an international marketing role in the fertilizing industry, another had owned his own insurance agency, another used to run the circulation for Weekly Reader, another was a World War II pilot and another spent 35 years in the aerospace business and even worked on the Hubble Telescope. Now in their decaf years, still stuck on expressions like, Holy Mackerel, the men joke that they make toy cars because thats all they let us do anymore. But listening to the gentlemen chat band saws and jigs, it becomes apparent that perhaps they have as much fun in the process of making the toys as the young recipients eventually will have playing with them. I retired 30 years ago, Mr. Reiff says. Ive been trying to find something like making toy cars for 30 years, and I finally found it. The men say its their goal to make toy cars as fast as they can, find homes for them and ship them out. Theyve been thinking maybe the police force, local shelters and child-advocacy agencies might be able to put these timeless toy car contraptions of imagination to good use in the hands of children who are placed in their temporary care. Currently, Naples Shutter provides the Smile Makers with scrap wood. The group welcomes additional donations as well as woodworking enthusiasts who might like to join their ranks. For more information, call Mr. Treibler at 267-7229. SMILESFrom page 1ATHENA PONUSHIS / FLORIDA WEEKLYIn the woodshop at Vi at Bentley Village, left to right: Brian Trecek of Naples Shutter, which gives its scrap wood to the Smil e Makers to turn into toy cars; and Smile Makers Frank Harrigan, Ken Treiber, Pete Mattimore, Bill Reiff, Charles Rue and Bill Farrell. New Braces technology for kids and adults CREATING SMILES FAST, SAFE, AND AFFORDABLE! (239) 300-9693 501 Goodlette Road North, Suite B202, Naples New BRACES technology now available in Naples Available for $3995 or lessVisit for additional information FREE consultation! Treatment often completed in 3 to 12 months For nearly half the price of traditional braces Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certi ed Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certi ed eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 5/31/2013Naples Bonita Springs NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA16 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 NEWS A17 CLUB NOTES The PC Business Users Group, welcomes members and guests who have questions about their computers to attend the next meeting from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, May 16, at Naples Regional Library, 650 Central Ave. Bring questions to be addressed in a round-robin format. E-mail questions ahead of time to if you have a chance. For more information about the club, visit The Naples Nites Lions Club welcomes members and all who would like to learn more about the club to attend the next regular meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, at Perkins on Pine Ridge Road near the I-75 intersection. The Lions conduct eye screenings and assist visually impaired persons. Serving Collier County since 1969, the Naples Nites meets at 6 p.m. every second and fourth Tuesday at Perkins. The Ohio State Alumni Club of Naples announces that Buckeye Heisman Trophy recipient Eddie George, who recently joined OSU as an assistant vice president, will serve as honorary chair for the annual Buckeyes in Paradise gala set for March 8, 2014, at the Hilton Naples. Proceeds from the gala help the club provide scholarships for local students to attend OSU. The in 1988, the Naples alumni club has the largest endowment of Ohio State alumni club in the country and has been named a Gold Star Alumni Club by The Ohio State University Alumni Association. For more information, visit www. The Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance invites members and guests to its meeting at for 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, May 16, at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1255 Piper Blvd. Jim Connell, whose prized orchid collection was acquired by the Naples Botanical Garden in 2012, will give an overview of the care required for maintaining an orchid collection in Southwest Florida. He will also explain the importance of orchid identification and impart his knowledge about record keeping, fertilizers, pest and disease control and sources for materials. Alliance members are encouraged to bring orchids for display (hanging racks provided). Attendance is free, and guests are welcome at every third Thursday program. For more information, call 498-9741 or visit www.GulfCoastOrchidAlliance. com. The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is May 16. Call 513-4568 for location. Members of the Ohio State University Alumni Club of Naples will gather for brunch at 11:30 a.m. Sunday, May 19, at Imperial Golf and Country Club. Cost is $14.99 per person, plus beverages, tax and gratuity. RSVP by calling Sara Ann Mousa 593-9196 or e-mailing The Naples Press Club welcomes Mimi Gregory, a past president and current program chairman of the Naples Council on World Affairs, as guest speaker at its meeting beginning at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, May 23, at the Hilton Naples. Ms. Gregory was part of a recent delegation to Kabul, Afghanistan, at the invitation of U.S. Ambassador Ryan Crocker. Cost is $23 for NPC members, $28 for others (cash or check at the door). Reservations are required by May 19 and can be made by e-mailing rsvp@ Please specify menu choice of standard (herb-crusted chicken breast), vegetarian (grilled Portobello mushroom) or special needs (gluten-free, etc.). The Southwest Florida chapter of the American Airlines Kiwi Club holds its next luncheon meeting at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, May 25, at Marbella, 7425 Pelican Bay Blvd. Members are present and former flight attendants of American Airlines, TWA and other airlines acquired by or merged with American Airlines. The chapter supports Pace Center for Girls-Collier at Immokalee and the Collier County Hunger & Homeless Coalition. New members are always welcome. For more information, call Eileen Pearson at 595-1761 or e-mail The Naples Newcomers helps those who are new to the area make new friendships centered around various social activities. Members meet to share a variety of interests and activities, including couples and singles groups, bridge, mahjongg, crafts, gourmet cooking, coffees, movies, card games and book discussions. Membership is for women who have been permanent residents of Naples for no more than five years. Luncheon meetings take place on the second Thursday of each month at Naples area country clubs. An orientation coffee for prospective members takes place on the first Thursday of each month. For more information, call 298-4083 or visit n Put your best foot forward and join the Walking Club of Naples-Bonita. Walk at your own pace for the exercise and enjoy the fringe benefit of good company and fun in a non-competitive environment. Members step out for a 3-mile walk at 7 a.m. every Saturday from the employee parking lot at Physicians RegionalPine Ridge. For more information, visit The Naples Womans Club announces plans for the second annual Naples Kitchen Tour showcasing kitchens in Port Royal area homes where prominent Naples restaurant chefs will offer their finest gourmet samplings. Each home will also have musicians, floral designs, gift boutiques and prize drawings. The date is Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, with tours setting out from the Naples Womans Club at either 10 a.m. or noon. Tickets are $100 for general admission, $150 for patron level. Proceeds will benefit Friends of Foster Children, the David Lawrence Center, Youth Haven and the Naples Womans Club philanthropic efforts. To purchase a ticket, call the club at 262-6331 or send a check made payable to the club to Naples Womans Club, 570 Park St., Naples, FL 34102. Toastmasters International teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations. Guests are always welcome. Local Toastmasters chapters, meeting times and locations include: Bonita Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. every second and fourth Wednesday at the Bonita Springs Fire Station, 27701 Bonita Grande Drive. For more information, call Scott Vail at 777-3642. Collier Communique Club: 6:30 p.m. every Thursday at Moorings Professional Building, 2335 Tamiami Trail N., Suite 208. Call Robert Rizzo at (407) 493-8584. Marco Island Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday at Centennial Bank, 645 Elkcam Circle, Marco Island. E-mail Chris Pritchard at Naples Sunrise Bay Toastmasters Club: 7:30 a.m. on the first and third Tuesday in Moss Hall at Moorings Presbyterian Church, 791 Harbour Drive. Call Steve McCann at 777-8851. Naples Toastmasters Club: 7 p.m. on the first and third Tuesday at Naples General Aviation Center, 200 Aviation Drive N. Call Steve Jallad at 776-5398. Toast of the Coast Toastmasters Club: Noon on the second and fourth F rida y at S tantec (previously Wilson Miller), 3200 Bailey Lane, Naples. Call Gwen Greenglass at 431-0931. Naples Advanced Toastmasters: 6:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Call Linda Valentine at (954) 780-6683. This club has prerequisites for membership. Toastmaster Academy: 6:30-8:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday at the North Collier Government Center, 2335 Orange Blossom Drive. Call R. Sunde at 594-3828. For more about the organization, visit The Southwest Florida Chess Club welcomes players of all ages and levels to join games from noon to 4 p.m. every Saturday at the Estero Recreation Center, 9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. just off Corkscrew Road, midway between U.S. 41 and I-75 exit 123. There is a $10 one-time fee to join the rec center. Attendance at the first club meeting is free; membership; thereafter is $10 a year. For more information, call Gregory Gordon at 898-0458, e-mail swflchess@ or visit Literacy Volunteers of Collier County has formed a new club for reading tutors who are no longer teaching. Club 52 is designed to allow former tutors to remain involved because they have a vested interest in the cause. Members pay $52 annual dues and will enjoy social occasions together and will receive discounts to LVCC events. In exchange, Club 52 members will be expected to volunteer for a specific period each month by serving on committees, fundraising and doing office work. For more information, call LVCC at 262-4448, ext. 302, or write to LVCC, 8833 Tamiami Trail E., Naples, FL 34113. JOHN STEFFAN / COURTESY PHOTOThe Greater Naples AAUW Charitable Foundation recently awarded its 2013 scholarships to 10 local women. The foundation assists women ages 21 and older who are working toward their associate or bachelors degrees. This years recipients are: Debbie Forges, Jennifer Hiscock, Renee Crivello, Irene Lopez, Nayibis Pachero, Irene Mursoi, Jennifer Wheeler, Darita Jaimes, Sparkle Simmons and Yosiel Betsy Camacho Viller. Shown here at the award lunchjeon are, left to right: Ms. Forges; Ms. Hiscock; Ms. Crivello; Ellen Granger, AAUW chapter president; Rose DiBiasi, AAUW; Ms. Lopez, Ms. Pachero, Ms. Mursoi and Ms. Wheeler.


Got Download?The iPad AppIts FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comSearch Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile. PET TALESRiver runWatch out for your dog to keep swimming safe and fun BY GINA SPADAFORIUniversal UclickRivers have always been a part of my life. I grew up in Sacramento, Calif., a city that began at the spot where two mighty rivers meet. Such placement has always been a risky business, and the levees that hold the waters in place dont seem strong enough many a year. But even when the rivers stay where we want them, theyre still plenty dangerous to swimmers, to boaters and to the dogs who love the water as much as we do. Most times, some caution on the part of their owners not only around rivers, but near any body of water would prevent potential problems. The keys to water safety for dogs: prevention, preparedness and awareness. At this time of year, I always like to remind everyone that yes, dogs drown. And no, they dont know better than to just swim even when its dangerous. You need to look out for your pet. No dog should be given unsupervised access to a backyard pool or a neighborhood pond or creek. Swimming pools are best fenced off for safety. And if thats not possible, they should be equipped with alarms that sound when the surface of the water is broken by a child or pet falling in. Escape ramps are a great idea, but its better to prevent pets from getting in unsupervised in the first place. Prevention also includes teaching your pet what to do when hes in the pool. Dogs dont understand the idea that the steps are on one side only, and they may tire and drown trying to crawl out the other side. If your pet likes to swim, work with him in the pool to help him learn where the steps are, so he can get out easily. Tip: Put contrasting paint or tape on the fence behind the steps to give your dog a visual clue he can count on. Finally, obedience training is extremely important. Your dog should come when called, even while swimming, so you can call him back before he heads into deeper water or stronger currents. Emergency shortcut: Always carry extra retrieving toys. A dog whos heading out into a dangerous area after a ball or stick can often be lured back to shore with a second item thrown closer in. Its no substitute for training, but it could save your dogs life. Before letting your dog swim in any natural surroundings, survey the area for safety. Rivers and oceans can change frequently, and an area that was safe for swimming one visit can be treacherous the next. Consider currents, tides, underwater hazards and even the condition of the water. In the late summer, algae scum on the top of standing water can be toxic, producing substances that can kill a pet who swallows the tainted water. When in doubt, no swimming. Better safe than sorry. One of the best things you can do is to take courses in first aid and CPR for your pets. Many local Red Cross chapters offer these classes, and some veterinarians may also teach them in your community. A dog whos pulled out near death from drowning may be saved by your prompt actions if you know what to do. If your dog isnt much of a swimmer, or is older or debilitated, get him a personal flotation device. These are especially great for family boating trips because most have sturdy handles for rescue if a pet goes overboard. Last year, I moved from a neighborhood near one river to a little farm closer to another. This year, Ill be extra careful before I let my retriever swim, because I dont know the hazards here yet, and I need to before I throw a stick into the current for the first time. Currents can spell danger for owners who dont watch out for their swim-crazy dogs. >>Sam is a 9-month old Chihuahua mix who loves to run and play. His adoption fee is $150.>>Minnie is a 7-year-old Finnish spitz mix. Shes very good with other dogs and love to go on walks. Her adoption fee is $75.>>Snow White is an affectionate, 2-year-old domestic shorthair mix who loves lounging on the patio. Her adoption fee is $55.>>Brutus is a friendly, 11-monthold domestic shorthair mix who would make a wonderful family pet. Because he has been at the shelter for more than six months, his adoption fee has been waived.To adopt or foster a petDogs and cats adopted from Humane Society Naples come with vaccinations, sterilization surgery, ID microchip and 30 days of health insurance. Visit the animals ready for adoption at the main shelter at 370 Airport-Pulling Road N. (11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday), or at the satellite adoption center at Coastland Center during mall hours. Call 643-1555 or visit for more information. Pets of the Week providing quality healthcare for all since six convenient childrens care locations central 3425 10th Street North, Naples, 239.262.3669east 1755 Heritage Trail #601, Naples, 239.775.2220golden gate 5262 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, 239.455.5105immokalee/FSU 1441 Heritage Boulevard, Immokalee, 239.658.3011marco 40 Heathwood Drive, Marco Island, 239.394.0693north 1265 Creekside Parkway #208, Naples, 239 .591.1755 healthy kids have more fun start your summer with a wellness visit The patient and any other person responsible for payment has the right to refuse to pay, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of, and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, or reduced fee service, examination and treatment. NEW LOCATION! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA18 NEWS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


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Naples Bay Resort Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $1.375 Million Web#: N213006717 Bonita Beach Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $4.45 Million F. Web # N212031069 INSIDE Welcome to WatersideA VIP reception for new general manager, and more Networking pictures. B6-7 House HuntingSee what $775,000 can buy in four area markets. B8 Ask the FoolShould you spend or save if you want to help the economy? B4 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 ADAMS HOMES SALES MANAGER BILL Panebianco sees, reads and hears discussions about new mortgage rules for home buyers and it troubles him. Particularly the part that potential home owners put down 20 percent toward the purchase price. It will crush the economy, said Mr. Panebianco of Adams Homes, which is active Lee and Charlotte counties. The talk, though, is out there about more stringent down payment requirements. But the 20 percent threshold may be unrealistic for most folks. Mr. Panebianco pointed out that 95 percent of his buyers get their financing through FHA, which requires only 3.5 percent down. Yet, reports are swirling such as a recent New York Times story with this headline: Down Payment Rules Are at Heart of Mortgage Debate.Whats the right amount to prevent another housing crisis? BY GLENN MILLERFlorida Weekly Correspondent SEE DEBATE, B4 THE DOWN PAYMENT DEBATE


239-434-0300 American Eagle has the Solution!Inflation or deflation revisitedThe great debate: Inflation or deflation. This exact title appeared in the Money and Investing column on Aug. 6, 2009, close to four years ago. The column began: What debate? The debate in every money managers mind. The debate in most boardrooms. The debate in coffee shops. The debate within my own mind. Best articulated, will the U.S. continue to experience deflationary pressures or will the aggressive increases in the money supply by the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) intended to cure economic ills ultimately result in inflation? The 2009 column did not boldly predict which side would win the economic tug of war. It did define the critical debate as having strong, opposing forces. Surprisingly, that column applies to the present. Incorrectly, the column assumed the Feds policies could dramatically increase the money supply. The Feds policy has quadrupled its balance sheet and, perversely, institutionalized what was unsustainable U.S. deficit spending. But the Feds collective monetary actions have not created inflation. What is needed? Mild levels of inflation get people and businesses buying and building. Rampant inflation generally causes a bust. Deflation causes a horrid downward spiral as people sit on their money waiting for tomorrows lower price. Inflation is defined as a monetary problem with a monetary cause: either money supply expanded beyond levels needed to support GDP growth and/or velocity (the speed at which money is used or the demand for money) expanded. If either situation occurs, then inflation happens. If both occur, then inflation can explode. Point of fact: the U.S. money supply is only growing at 3 to 4 percent at 2012-year end (with velocity dropping). We are not the only ones disappointed, zero percent in the UK and Japan and 2.5 percent and falling in the Euro zone. Perverse monetary things happened in this great recession. Monetary history did not repeat itself. First, demand for money/velocity (which the Fed does not control) was considered to be a constant but, in this recession, it contracted as the private sector (willingly or unwillingly) reduced its demand for money. Second, the Fed expected inflation from the trillions it printed as it assumed that increased bank reserves would translate into more bank lending. That did not happen. The increases remained as large, electronic reserves held at the Fed by the member banks and the credit creation multiplier effect never happened. The Feds fuel was not used. In 2012, the CPI was 2.1 percent and the PPI was 1.3 percent. In summary, there was minimal inflation. A few questions ensue: 1) why do many Americans perceive inflation; 2) if not the U.S., then which countries did have big money growth since 2007s central banks took power; and 3) where are we today? Americans hear the Fed is printing and immediately assume inflation is happening. Not so, according to the PPI and CPI as of yet. Yes, food prices are higher as grain prices exploded due to major droughts weather has nothing to do with the Fed. Costs of medical/insurance and schooling/ college have skyrocketed. but not energy, clothing and a host of other CPI categories. Obviously, seniors feel inflation as their expenditures are skewed to fast-rising medical. Other countries besides the U.S. yearn for inflation. The Japanese are equivalently easing (if proportioned to the size of the U.S. economy) at $200 billion per month versus our $85 billion monthly. Contrast this to China with a fast growing money supply and inflation concerns. For the first quarter, money supply growth exceeded the governments target of 13 percent (Bloomberg, April 11, China Lending Tops Forecasts While Adding to Financial Risks). After the economic crash, China functioned as a powerhouse for the worlds recovery. To accommodate its GDP growth in excess of 7 percent the money supply needed to grow. Since 2007, the worlds money supply growth (based on the 16 largest economies and calculated in U.S. dollars) has come from: China (40 percent), the U.S. (15 percent), Brazil (7 percent), India (6 percent) and the UK (5 percent). These are numbers you would not expect (, Whats behind Chinas slowing forex reserves?). Some of Chinas money growth translated into real estate inflation and (much noted) busted investments. Recent months saw a reversal in Chinese balance of payments because the very wealthy might be moving into foreign assets or selling yuan assets (impacting the capital account balance) and because Chinas exports are hurt by a lower Yen (impacting the trade balance). Slower economic growth in China would means slower world GDP growth and credit creation and the U.S. is not immune. Beijing, we got a problem! Yes, China understands that it needs to ramp up its growth. For the first quarter 2013, Aggregate financing surged about 58 percent from a year earlier to 6.16 trillion yuan.. New localcurrency loans in the first three months were percent higher (year over year) (Bloomberg, April 11). What does it all mean? 1. If China stalls, the world might spiral into deflation. 2. The end game is not knowable, as the linear monetary equations have failed and the U.S. no longer runs the global money game. Portfolios structures need to accommodate for several bizarre economic outcomes, not just a continuation of bull markets. As such, a limited portfolio is a champ now but, in the end game, may be a very poor asset allocation. Bizarre can happen overnight! Jeannette Showalter, CFA is a commodities broker with Worldwide Futures Systems, 571-8896. For mid-week commentaries, write to showalter@ww fsyst There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options on futures contracts. Past performance is not indicative of future results. This article is provided for informational purposes only. No statement in this article should be construed as a recommendation to buy/sell a futures/options contract or to provide investment advice. jeannetteSHOWALTER, CFAshowalter@ww fsyst MONEY & INVESTING NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


To Schedule a Private Showing of Our 6 Luxury Model Homes, call ( 239) 494-5398 or visit LifeAtMediterra.comMEMBER OWNED CLUB. FROM THE $700s TO OVER $7 MILLION A London Bay Homes Community Development Enterprise Visit us daily at The Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Livingston Road, approximately 2 miles north of Immokalee Road between I-75 and US 41. HA V E IT AL L ISABELLA II at SERATA3,009 Total A/C By London Bay Homes $1,811,864 FEATURED MODEL HOME OF THE WEEK

PAGE 24 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195*PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12239-775-6860 Email : 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 hour Towing Rentals In that report, it was noted that lenders and consumer advocates Are now cautioning against down payment requirements. Heather Call, Naples branch manager for The America Eagle Mortgage Company, said she doesnt see rates changing. Both government and conventional mortgage loans have the same down payment requirements as they have for the past several years, Ms. Call wrote in an e-mail to Florida Weekly. Bonita Springs resident Nigel Fullick, vice president of Element Funding, talked about something called a QM. I dont think people are paying attention, Mr. Fullick said. QM stands for qualified mortgage. The Home Buying Institute on its website,, pointed out last month that the new qualified mortgage (QM) rules will set the bar for lending standards in the U.S. The QMs come from, Mr. Fullick said, the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, which was designed in part to make another economic mess such as last decades real estate implosion less likely. The mortgage portion of the act was designed to help consumers understand mortgage loans they cant handle and also for banks to make sure potential borrowers can handle the loan and have an income and credit history that makes them good risks. That sounds reasonable to Mr. Fullick. Doing the right thing is finding the right balance, he said. During the real estate bubble, of course, many folks purchased homes well beyond their means, which led to all sorts of problems. Increasingly, were going back to risk-based lending, Mr. Fullick said. During the 2000s, many loans were made, Mr. Fullick said, by people working in the industry not qualified or trained to assess complex issues such as mortgages and risks. We need to be cautious and pragmatic,Mr. Fullick said. The result of not being cautious and pragmatic is well-documented. We know what sank the industry, Mr. Fullick said. But potential home owners can still find loans, said Ms. Call. Borrowers are still able to purchase homes with minimal down payments, but the income to debt requirements have tightened up, Ms. Call wrote in her e-mail to Florida Weekly. This is a good trend because it is not allowing borrowers to borrow more than their documented income can support. The QMs havent come out yet, said Dave Collins, senior mortgage loan officer at Mutual of Omaha Bank in Fort Myers. Mr. Collins understands the rationale behind them. Government is trying to make folks put more money down, Mr. Collins said. The FHA 3.5 percent option remains available. FHA is alive and well, Mr. Collins said. But, he added, more income and credit documentation is now required. To prove where the money is coming from, Mr. Collins said. That isnt as much of an issue in Collier County, according to Julie Scott, a mortgage loan officer at Everbank in Fort Myers. Collier is a whole different animal, Ms. Scott said. She said its more of a second home market. For mortgage professionals such as Rob Hurst, manager of First Florida Financial Group, this is a good time to buy. He pointed to the 2.75 percent interest rate available for 15-year mortgages. Its the lowest its ever been, Mr. Hurst said. The economy is reaping the benefits of some steps taken to make sure homes are sold to qualified buyers. Mr. Hurst said home prices in Lee County went up 12 percent last year. He believes the last time the market was so robust was 2006. In addition to the FHAs 3.5 percent rate, the USDA still offers 100 percent financing for home buyers in areas designated as rural, which still apples to parts of Southwest Florida. Financing, then, is available to many potential buyers despite talk about 20 percent down payments. Twenty percent? Thats a lot of money, Mr. Panebianco said. Such a hefty down payment percentage would make, he believes, home ownership unrealistic for most young adults Basically eliminates ownership until youre in your 30s or even 40s, Mr. Panebianco said. Thats a point Ms. Call addressed in her e-mail. Most first-time buyers are just out of school and/or simply working hard at their full time job and have minimal funds available for down payment, Ms. Call wrote. The general rule of thumb is that the debt to income ratio should be no more than 43 percent. That means the mortgage should be no more than 43 percent of the owners monthly income. Mr. Panebianco advocates realistic home ownership dreams not the outof-control types seen during the bubble when he said people who could afford $200,000 homes instead purchased $500,000. Then when they fell behind in payments and interest piled up they ended up essentially purchasing $750,000 homes. Each new home or home purchase, of course, has an economic impact felt by many people, Mr. Panebianco added. So many things happen, he said. Mr. Panebianco said about 150 people work in a house from the folks who grade the land to block masons and electricians and window installers and sales and title people. The list goes on and on, Mr. Panebianco said. And it appears so will folks buying homes. DEBATEFrom page 1CALL Borrowers are still able to purchase homes with minimal down payments, but the income to debt requirements have tightened up. This is a good trend because it is not allowing borrowers to borrow more than their documented income can support. Heather Call The American Eagle Mortgage Company SAL PETRALIA, CFP, MBA2013 Five Star Wealth Manager* As seen in Gulfshore Life Magazine*Award based on 10 objective criteria associated with providing quality service to clients such as, credentials, experience, and assets under management among other factors. Wealth managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the nal list of 2013 Five Star Managers239-596-78225621 Strand Blvd. Suite 102 Naples, FL 34110 CER TIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Pr ofessional | Masters in Business Administration | FINRA/SIPC Call today for more information or to schedule a FREE consultation. 239-596-7822239-596-78225621 Strand Blvd. Suite 102 Naples, FL 34110 Financial Planning for Individuals and Businesses


I began in 1843 as a small Connecticut shop making wrought-iron bolts, hinges and other hardware items. My name combines two major brands, but I also house brands such as DeWALT, PorterCable, Bostitch, Sonitrol, Proto, FACOM, Vidmar and Mac Tools under my roof. I specialize in security as well as tools, and my offerings go way beyond power drills and hammers, ranging from automatic doors at airports to storage solutions for the military. Im the product of a 2010 merger between two giants in my field. My ticker symbol is almost sealed with a kiss. Who am I? Know the answer? Send it to us with Foolish Trivia on the top and youll be entered into a drawing for a nifty prize! THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answerDo you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Options BasicsImagine that you want to invest in the Free Range Onion Company (ticker: BULBZ). You can simply buy some shares or you might use options. There are two main types of options: calls and puts. Buying a call gives you the right to buy a set number of shares, at a set price, within a certain period of time (typically a few months). Puts give you the right to sell shares. If BULBZ is selling for $50 per share, you might buy August $55 call options for it. Lets say you pay $6 each ($600 total) for call options to buy 100 shares of BULBZ at $55 apiece. If, just before your options expire, BULBZ is selling for $65 per share, you can exercise your options and buy 100 shares for $5,500. Then you can keep them or sell them at their current price, for $6,500. Your profit may seem to be $1,000, but you paid $600 for the options, so its really $400, less commissions and taxes. Options are risky. If BULBZ stays at $55 or falls, your $600 would be entirely lost. You have essentially bet that the stock will top $61 per share $55 plus $6 by August. Options are enticing because of the leverage they offer. With $1,000, you can only buy 20 shares of a $50 stock. Alternatively, that $1,000 could buy many options tied to hundreds of shares of stock. With options, if things dont go your way in a short time frame, the options will expire worthless. Most options expire unexercised and worthless. If youre sure that BULBZ stock will rise, youre probably best off buying its stock. Then, if it doesnt behave as you expected in the near term, you can either sell the shares or hang on patiently. Options are not for beginning investors, and many advanced investors steer clear, too. Still, they can make sense in some situations. There are also long-term LEAPS options that you might want to investigate. Learn more at and E Is Not for EbolaSome years ago, I bought 100 shares of a company after analyzing its earnings and other financial data. It rose quickly and I bought more shares. Later, upon returning from a vacation, I saw that it had fallen sharply. I later learned that the company had overstated its earnings, and discovered that the stocks ticker symbol had an E appended to it. Is that for extinct, eliminated, exit or Ebola? W.Z., Hartford, Conn.The Fool Responds: An E is a red flag, but not necessarily an Ebola-level emergency. When a company listed on the Nasdaq stock market is delinquent in filing one or more required reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it gets an E tacked to the end of its symbol. In such cases, dig deeper to get a sense of whether theres a temporary or permanent problem. A bigger red flag is a Q suffix, which means the company is involved in bankruptcy proceedings. This is almost always very bad news for investors, since companies emerging from bankruptcy protection have typically been reorganized, with their previous stock shares essentially canceled and worthless. Money-Making RobotsIf youre in the market for a higher-risk, higher-possible-gain stock, consider Intuitive Surgical (Nasdaq: ISRG), which makes robotic surgical equipment, permitting doctors to perform a variety of procedures in less-invasive ways. Its stock has averaged annual gains of more than 40 percent over the past decade, but has slid more than 15 percent over the past year.The drop is partly due to questions being raised about its machines efficacy via some lawsuits and an FDA investigation. Still, some see the companys potential outweighing its risks. The potential is great, as more hospitals buy robots and then keep buying accessories and supplies needed for each procedure, along with service contracts for the machines. Thats welcome, repeating revenue, on top of a typical sales price of more than a million dollars apiece for Intuitives da Vinci robots. Meanwhile, the number of procedures performed increased by 18 percent last quarter, over year-ago levels, and revenue and earnings have been growing by more than 20 percent annually, on average, over the past five years. Intuitive Surgical can also grow through new procedures such as gallbladder removals, and also via international sales. Its stock seems reasonably or attractively priced, too, given its growth rates. (The Motley Fools newsletter services have recommended shares of Intuitive Surgical.) Odds are, you dont know my name. But Im one of Americas largest companies, owning Dairy Queen, Benjamin Moore, Johns Manville, GEICO, Nebraska Furniture Mart, NetJets, Sees Candies, Acme Brick, BNSF, The Pampered Chef, Fruit of the Loom and much more. My class A shares recently sold for around $160,000 each, and my class B shares for about $107. Insurance is my main business, but through stock I also own big chunks of American Express, Coca-Cola, IBM and Wells Fargo, among others. Over 48 years, my per-share book value has grown an average of 20 percent annually. Who am I? (Answer: Berkshire Hathaway) Save or Spend?QShould I save or spend money to help the economy? E.A., Holden, Mass.AThe economy does benefit when spending rises, as the demand for products and services increases, helping companies prosper and grow. But it can also benefit from increased national savings, because more money in banks means more money is available to be loaned out. So focus on taking care of yourself instead of worrying about the nation. Think of your retirement savings and investments, and be sure you have three to 12 months worth of living expenses saved in an emergency fund, too. ***QI just opened a brokerage account, and I plan to use an auto-investment feature to regularly invest in an S&P 500 index fund. Should I wait until the market hits bottom before I start? C.R., Toledo, OhioANo, because we can discern the markets bottom only after some time has passed. Thus, you might be waiting on the sidelines when the market begins recovering and that can cost you. On Oct. 13, 2008, for example, the S&P 500 surged about 100 points, or more than 10 percent. Those who would have wanted that gain but were waiting lost out. If youre nervous about where the market is headed, making regular investments over time can be effective. (Do so with equal sums, and youre dollar-cost averaging.) That way youll get shares when theyre both lower priced and higher priced, and you wont have to keep guessing about the markets direction. Dont fret too much about occasional losses what matters is that you choose good investments and that youre focused on long-term performance. For most people, inexpensive broad-market index funds such as an S&P 500 one are smart choices.Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us a lm a k K n Sen d i is h Tri v y ou ll a dra w pr i ze! BUSINESS MEETINGS A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at or visit Consultants from the Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University are available at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, 2390 Tamiami Trail N., every Thursday. To make an appointment for a free session, call Suzanne Specht at 745-3704. The East Naples Merchants Association meets for Business After Business at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 16, at Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard. For more information, call 435-9410 or 6433600 or visit The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce holds its annual dinner from 6-11 p.m. Friday, May 17, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. For more information, e-mail The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce holds its next Business After Five networking event, Barbecue on the Bay, from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, May 22, at CJs on the Bay, 740 N. Collier Blvd. The evening will include the annual scholarship presentation. $5 for members, $10 for others (cash bar). For more information, call 394-7549 or visit The Small Business Development Center at Florida Gulf Coast University hosts the second annual Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year awards dinner Wednesday, May 22, at FGCU. Keynote speaker Jerry Ross, executive director of the National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, will discuss the state of entrepreneurship and small business in Florida and nationally. Tickets are $100. The sign up or for more information, call 745-3700 or visit The Public Relations Society of America-Gulf Coast chapter meets for Lunch n Learn at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 28, at the Hilton Naples. Guest speaker Chris Desmond will bring members and guests up to date on the Ten Thousand Islands Dolphin Project. For more information, visit American Business Womens Association-Neapolitan Chapter members will meet from 5:30-8 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, at Bellasera Hotel. New executive officers will be elected, and guest speaker will be chapter member Raven Lameroux-Dodd. Cost is $29 for members, $15 for first-time guests and $34 for others. For reservations, e-mail Sandy Waite at The alumni association of the Leadership Collier Foundation hosts the next Leadership Lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday, May 29, at the Professional Development Center, 615 Third Ave. S. State Rep. Kathleen Passidomo will be the guest speaker. Cost is $15. Reservations are required and can be made at For more information, e-mail NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 BUSINESS B5

PAGE 26 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 Celebrating 34 Years of Service in Southwest Florida FREE INSPECTION How much will it cost? Request a FREE pest control evaluation today! NETWORKING ArtisNaples hosts the Domestic Estate Managers AssociationWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ Gabel and Paul Reid The members of the 24th graduating class of Leadership Collier are: Kelly Benson, Monica Biondo, Zachary Bostock, Frederic Conde, Mindy DiPietro, Thomas Donahue, Sheila Dugan, Tim Durham, Michael Facundo, Joseph Frazier, Thomas Graney, Amy Hale, Robin Hamilton, Heather Henning, Stacey Herring, Mark Hindley, Cotrenia Hood, Rob Johnson, Robert Jones, Jerri Kautsky, Mark Klym, Tiffany Kuehner, Joshua Lippert, Rick LoCastro, Amy Lyberg, Craig Lyon, Cee Cee Marinelli, Kent McRae, Kristine Meek, Diane Ponton, Elaine Reed, Andrew Reiss, Jill Rochette, Sam Saad III, Steven Sanderson, Michael Smith, Angelina Spencer, Cmdr. Michael Williams and David Wilson.The members of the seventh graduating class of GAIN are: Benjamin Babcock, Blake Becker, Robert Breitbard, Caroline Cilek, Helen Conroy, Alexander Daane, Michele Diaz, Heather Dill, Brian Dixon, April Donahue, Drew Dunn, Catherine Elkins, Stephanie Feightner, Ashley Frantz, Sean Friend, Victoria Gabriel, Chris Gonzalez, Corey Grant, Clara Guevara, Jared Hamilton, Sarah Hilbert, Ashley Lawrence, Stephen Macera, Amanda Maurizi, Juliana Meek, Jilberto Nieto, Matt Reedy, Yasmin Saad, Kristine Smale, Emily Sousa, Rebecca Vaccariello and Charles Whittington.The Leadership Collier Foundation congratulates the 2013 graduates of Leadership Collier and Growing Associates In NaplesCongratulations to Leadership Collier and GAIN graduates Leadership Collier, Class of 2013 GAIN, Class of 2013 COURTESY PHOTOS ci at i o n M a rk Gabe l a n d P au l R e i d 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Mike Wright, Frank Verpoorten and Matt Riley 2 Kathleen van Bergen and Donna Feinsmith 3 John and Jennifer Phelps 4. Jason Abidin, Cheryl Lampard and Jim Henderson 5. Matt Nance and Chad Jensen 6. Suzette Bush and John RibortellaCOURTESY PHOTOS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 BUSINESS B7 NETWORKING Waterside Shops VIP reception to welcome GM Anne Fleming We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 Sabrina Kelly, Julie Chirichella, Anne Fleming, Tania Gatt and Carly Stewart 2 Barb Johnson, Nannette Staropoli and Cheryl Pifer 3 Carmen Taylor, Jack Wert and Linda Harden 4. Brenda Melton, Anne Fleming and Frank Russen 5. Gerardo Santiago, Michele Jacobs, Barbara Johnson and Brad Rigor 6. Brad Heiges and Bob Harden 7. Monica Biondo, Stacey Herring, Kay Bork and Amanda Jaron 8. Sharon Hood, Holly Baldwin and Janice Salvatore 9. Tony Zarrella and Tim WestStephanie Schulze, Michele Anderson and Laura Soper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 At Central Bank, we are proud to be a part of the Southwest Florida community. We offer innovative nancial products for all banking needs and even offer FREE nancial literacy courses for low to moderate income families and small businesses. Stop in to Central Bank to enjoy a higher level of service and convenience today! 1520 Royal Palm Square Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33919239.274.19004099 Tamiami Trl N, Suite 100 Naples, Florida 34103239.430.2500 Building Lasting Relationships Equal Housing Lender


AMERIVEST REALTY | NAPLES, FL 239.280.5433 | VISIT WWW.DAVIDNAPLES.COM FOR MORE DETAILS! Aqualane Shores$2,745,000 ~ 81x151x139x159 Mediterra Estate Home$2,895,000 Moorings Beachfront$1,249,900 Mediterra Villa$1,850,000 REDUCED! PENDING SOLD15720 OLD WEDGEWOOD COURT, FORT MYERSThis estate home is in the Devonwood subdivision, known for its oversized lots of one to two acres. With unmatched architectural detail such as columns inside and out, this home offers 3,402 square feet of living area with three bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and an additional half bathroom. The master bathroom, surrounded by a private atrium, features dual sinks, a jetted tub and a separate shower. Interior features include tray and volume ceilings, six ceiling fans, custom mirrors and window coverings. The multilevel outdoor area features an expansive pool, custom-designed kitchen and large area under truss. The home has a three-car garage and preserve view. Community amenities include boat storage, ramp, picnic pavilion and horse stable. The home is listed at $775,000. Contact listing agent Jean Harvey of VIP Realty Group Inc. at (239) 489-1100, ext. 102. 1644 CASEY KEY DRIVE, PUNTA GORDAThis custom-built Towles Construction home offers quick sailboat access to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf of Mexico. Located on an oversized lot, it has 92 feet of seawall and an 80-foot concrete dock. The residence features 3,310 square feet under air, with three bedrooms, den and two full bathrooms. The master bedroom includes a sitting area and coffee bar and direct access to the patio and pool. The master bathroom has dual sinks, a jetted garden tub and a walk-in shower. The family room, with a gas fireplace, is adjacent to the gourmet kitchen, which has stainless steel appliances, including a built-in oven, and plenty of counter and cabinet space. The extended outdoor area has a heated pool with fountain and spa. The home has a three-car garage. The home is listed at $775,000. Contact listing agent Afra Mendes Newell of Keller Williams Realty Peace River Partners at (941) 626-2472. 15655 VILLORESI WAY, NAPLESThis private villa with a lake view is in the Villoresi subdivision of the Mediterra development. The home of 2,206 square feet under air has two bedrooms, an office and three bathrooms, including a master bathroom with dual sinks and separate tub and shower. The bedrooms have handscraped walnut wood flooring. The office can be used as a third bedroom with the addition of a door. Other features are ceramic tile on the diagonal, hurricane impact windows, whole house generator and automated screen lanai. The villa has an attached two-car garage and covered patio with gas and plumbing for an optional outdoor kitchen. Community amenities include pool, fitness center, private beach pavilion, picnic area and bocce and tennis courts. The villa is listed at $775,000. Contact listing agent David William Auston of Amerivest Realty in Naples at (239) 280-5433. 26130 HICKORY BLVD., UNIT 1A, BONITA SPRINGS This spacious end condo on Bonita Beach offers beautiful gulf views. The wellmaintained unit is located in a five-story building of just 10 units, two per floor. The condo has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, including a master with combination tub and shower. The kitchen features a breakfast bar, and the nearby dining room and lanai provide direct beach views. The interior has ceramic tile and carpet. The elevators are semi-private and open to a private foyer available to the two owners on that floor. The unit comes with one assigned parking spot. The unit is listed at $774,000. Contact listing agent Steven Leek of Sterling Property Services Realty in Bonita Springs at (815) 494-5706. COMPILED BY BARBARA BOXLEITNERWhat $775,000 will buy in SWFL d REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY B8WEEK OF MAY16-22, 2013


Like Friends & Family. They belong together. Renowned Moorings Park and resplendent Grey Oaks. A brilliant new approach to active, healthy retirement living. Moorings Park at Grey Oaks. Country club living and quality healthcare come together in the heart of Naples. So smart. So right. Like peaches and cream. Like Bogie and Bacall. Meant for each other. This inspired new community offers a holistic approach to living well. Contact us to learn more.2406 Grey Oaks Drive North, Naples, Florida 239.919.1711 Moorings Park is a nationally accredited, non-prot, Medicare certied community and the only A+ S&P and Fitch rated continuing care retirement community in the country. All dimensions, specications and prices are subject to change without notice. All images are conceptual renderings and develop er reserves the right to make modications without prior notice.


Serving North Naples and surrounding area.STOP BY OUR ON-SITE NORTH NAPLES VILLAGE WALK OFFICE MON-SAT.All homes now on re-sale market and priced from the low 200s-500s. Illustrated PropertiesJoanne Ciesielski | 239.287.6732 B rian Carey | 239.370.8687 OPPORTUNITY Village Walk & Island Walk of North NaplesThe community Town Center is the focus of the communitys unique lifestlylea lifestyle people dream about; meeting friends for a swim, a work out or a set of tennis.. then grabbing lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant... relaxing to the soothing sounds of fountains or taking a relaxing stroll back home around the many lakes and footbridges! Enjoy all the community offers; a full array of activities, and full recreational facilities reserved exclusively for the residents use with no equity or membership fees! FEATURED PROPERTY ISLAND WALK NAPLES BARGAIN ALERT! 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car garage, with peaceful canal views in Berkshire Village. Low condo fees and Furniture is available too. $148,000 BERKSHIRE NEW LISTING FEATURED PROPERTY EXTENDED 2 BR,2BA CAPRI, CLEAN AND BRIGHT, ORIGINAL OWNER SERIOUS SELLER. WATER VIEWS FROM SCREENED PATIO. $254,000 VILLAGE WALK NICELY UPGRADED 3BR,2.5 BA Oakmont featuring granite in kitchen and master bath, 3 year old a/c unit, jetted tub in master bath, side load garage, screened patio with lake view. Easy gate and amenities access. $356,900 VILLAGE WALK VILLAGE WALKPRISTINE 3BR,3BA plus den is ready to MOVE RIGHT IN! The original owners used the home on a part time basis, home has been lightly lived in! Features new GE appliance package, new toilets,seamless shower in master bath, custom built wall unit, newer A/C and hot water tank, full hurricane protection, and screen lanai with lake view! $359,000 PENDINGPRISTINE 4BR, 3.5BA, IS SURE TO PLEASE! From the engaging front porch you will fall in love with this gracious light and bright southern exposure home. The open oor plan offers an abundance of room to entertain, with separate formal dining ,living room, and spacious great room boasting many upgrades! The screened lanai with private pool and peaceful lake views is the prefect place to entertain, and the hurricane protection on entire home completes this prefect package! Ready to move right in! 1Yr. Home warranty included. $455,000 NEW PRICE!SPECTACULAR 2 BR, 2BA CAPRI OFFERS BUYERS THE WOW FACTOR! Features tile throughout entire home, granite, built -in entertainment center, plantation shutters, newer A/C, cabinets in garage, and premier nish on garage oor, screened lanai has a private oasis feel with electric retractable awning, heated pool and peaceful lake and bridge views, complete electric and roll down hurricane protection offers homeowner peace of mind and security while away! This is a must see home! $299,500 Visual tour available! PENDING


*National Association of Home Builders GOLD AWARD winner for Community of the Year, the only Florida Winner in 32 years, and NAHB Gold Award for Best Clubhouse. FEATURED HOMES OF THE WEEK TIVOLI Lowest Asking Price! MIRASOL Beachfront Residence! BELLINI Luxury Penthouse Home! BELLINI Huge Water View! Priced to Sell! VERONA LAGO Ideal for Entertaining! MURANO Extensive Outdoor Living! ANACAPRI Spectacular Lake View! TIVOLI Golf & Water View! Ask the Experts We Know Miromar! FIND YOUR HOME IN MIROMAR LAKES BEACH & GOLF CLUB, *05151613-995 REAL ESTATE BRIEFS Clive Daniel Home has been awarded a contract to provide total furnishings and interior architectural details for the Villa Sul Verde model home by Imperial Homes and Iron Star Funding under way in the Fairgrove neighborhood at Talis Park in North Naples. With completion expected in June, the fully furnished model will be offered for $1.875 million. Interior designers Rebekah ErrettPikosky and Charlie Hansen of Clive Daniel Home are lead designers for the 3,506-square-foot, three-bedroom, 3-bath home with three-car garage, pool with fire and water bowls, negative-edged spa, a summer kitchen and a cabana with fireplace and entertainment area. For more information about Talis Park, call 449-5900 or visit www.talispark. com. For information about Clive Daniel Home, call 261-4663 visit Audubon Country Club reports 19 sales and pending transactions for 2013 through the month of April. By comparison, the North Naples community sold seven homes during the first quarter of 2012 and 30 homes in all of 2012. This years closed and pending transactions total just under $17 million, compared to $7 million in 2012 during the same time frame. Started in 1988, Audubon Country Club is set on 750 acres; at build out, the community will have 410 homes. For more information, visit D.R. Horton has six new homes under construction at Fiddlers Creek, three in the Chiasso neighborhood and three in the village of Amador. A gated, golf course community, Fiddlers Creek is off Collier Boulevard on the way to Marco Island. In Chiasso, where standard home features include gas appliances, crown molding, coffered ceilings, solid core wood doors, wood closet shelves, granite countertops and impact glass doors and windows, D.R. Horton is building its Hawthorne, Washington and Madison models. In 2,583 air-conditioned square feet, the Hawthorne has three bedrooms plus den, 3 baths and a great room design with breakfast nook. The lanai has a pool and spa, and there is a three-car garage. Base price of the Hawthorne is $474,990; a move-in-ready Hawthorne residence is available for $603,819. The Washingtons 2,788 air-conditioned square feet includes three bedrooms plus den, 3 baths and a formal dining room steps form a spacious great room. The Washington furnished model features many upgrades to showcase the options available in the Chiasso series, including a summer kitchen and pool and spa. Base price for the Washington is $504,990. The lakefront Madison encompasses 3,246 air-conditioned square feet and has three bedrooms plus den and four baths. The Madison base price is $527,990; a move-in-ready residence is available for $632,329. In the village of Amador, D.R. Horton is building three new homes in the Edison design. The three-bedroom, two-bath plan has almost 2,000 square feet. All three new homes under construction will have a pool and spa, upgraded Shakerstyle cabinetry, granite in the kitchen and bathrooms, upgraded tile and carpeting, crown molding and solid core interior doors. Base price of the Edison is $379,990. Fiddlers Creek comprises of nearly 4,000 acres and is zoned for 6,000 residences. Less than a third of the land will be developed, with the remainder dedicated to nature reserves, lakes, parks, golf courses and recreational areas. For membership details and more information, call 732-9300, stop by the information center at 8152 Fiddlers Creek Parkway or visit Heritage Bay Golf and Country Club and Lennar Homes report that only 11 estate home sites remain for sale in the community. Two move-in ready homes are available: The four-bedroom, three-bath Doral on Biscayne Bay Lane has 2,553 square feet of living space; next door, the Sawgrass has five bedroom and three baths under almost 3,000 square feet. All Lennar homes at Heritage Bay come with Lennars Everythings Included pledge of granite kitchen countertops, wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, crown molding and tile. Membership in the Heritage Bay Golf Club is included with the purchase of every new home. Pulte Homes invites brokers, real estate agents and prospective buyers to a Camden Lakes preferred buyer seminar at 1 p.m. Saturday, June 8, at The Ritz Carlton Golf Resort. Off Livingston Road east of I-75 one mile north of Immokalee Road, Camden Lakes will be the newest Pulte Homes community in the Naples area when it opens later this year. Seminar attendees will learn details about presales, pricing, the home site reservation process, floor plan designs and community features. Attendance is free, but reservations are required. Call (866) 283-2585 or e-mail COURTESY PHOTOSThe Villa Sul Verde in Talis Park is set for completion in June. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 REAL ESTATE B11

PAGE 35 239-390-4000For all your real estate needs, please visit our website open 24 hours a day seven days a week. MARCO ISLAND | NAPLES | 5TH AVENUE | NAPLES PARK SHORE | NAPLES RITZ CARLTON | BONITA SPRINGS | FT. MYERS | CAPE CORAL TREVISO AT THE COLONY GOLF & BAY CLUB $1,469,00023750 Via Trevi Way #1703. Simply stunning former Furnished Model with Magni cent Views, Move-in-ready and Immaculate. Open Floor Plan with Private Elevator Foyer. A Must See! MLS 213011781JEANNE SCHAUER 239-849-7025 BAREFOOT BEACH CLUB $899,000260 Barefoot Beach Blvd #304. Right on gorgeous Barefoot Beach, TOP 10 IN THE NATION! 2bed/2bath 3rd oor unit exquisitely appointed. Long list of upgrades, must see to appreciate it. Electric hurricane shutters. Panoramic breathtaking views of Gulf of Mexico from the enclosed terrace. MLS 213002363DON DROKE 239-770-3002 THE MASTERS AT PELICAN SOUND $485,50021904 Masters Cir. Spectacular 2BR+Den/2BA home offered Turnkey featuring plantation shutters, 42 maple kitchen cabinets, Corian tops, 18 diagonal tile, crown moldings, newly pavered lanai w/pool, spa and more. Bundled golf. Fantastic location 1 mile North of Coconut Point mall and 20 minutes to the Intl Airport. MLS 213013900.CHRISTINE MANTILIA 239-896-4505 PINEHURST AT PELICAN SOUND $675,00020859 Pinehurst Greens Dr. 3BR+Den/3BA/2.5 car garage. One of the most popular oor plans. Richly appointed. Wood ooring. Paver lanai with solar heated pool & spa. Plantation shutters throughout. Bundled Golf, Tennis, Boating w/Gulf Access! MLS 213008156CHRISTINE MANTILIA 239-896-4505 BONITA FARMS $357,50027237 Galleon Dr. Amazing views from this 3BR/2BA pool home with no HOA fees. Relax on your lanai and take in the peaceful western views of the canal, the river, and those fabulous Florida sunsets. Heated pool, waterside paver patio, 10,000 boat lift everything you need to enjoy this boaters paradise. MLS 213013801DENA WILCOXEN 239-989-2436 CARLTON LAKES $340,0006129 Highwood Park Ln. Quiet enclave of Single Family Homes in Carlton Lakes in Naples. Well maintained 3BR+Den/2BA with heated pool. Enjoy sunset views. Desirable location. MLS 213006082JOAN GUSTAVEL 239-405-3144 CEDAR CREEK $319,0009480 Cedar Creek Dr. Pool home with incredible long lake view, electric hurricane shutters on all windows and door openings, southern exposure, great neighborhood, low HOA fees. Gated community in Bonita Springs with great amenities. MLS 212009135TERRY KORF 239-273-6164 HAWTHORNE $495,00026475 Doverstone Street. 3BR+Den/2.5BA/2500 + Sq Ft. $80K REDUCTION! Great location and one of the best water views in Bonita. Close to beaches and shopping, this former model has it all without the high country club fees. Heated pool, spa & long lake views. Perfect for entertaining or enjoying the quiet serene atmosphere yourself. Offered turnkey. MLS 213004700LOLA WELLMAN 239-253-0153 CASSIA AT VASARI COUNTRY CLUB $479,90028480 Altessa Way #202. Not just upgraded, exquisitely upgraded top oor unit with private elevator, 3BR+Den, and over 2,500 sq ft of living space. The most discriminating buyer will appreciate all of the ne additions including large porcelain tile throughout, granite kitchen & bath counters, custom closets, hurricane shutters, and more. Southwestern lake view. MLS 213013723DENA WILCOXEN 239-989-2436 HAWTHORNE $374,50026417 Doverstone St. 2br+den/2bath home on lake with southern exposure. Kitchen has granite, stainless steel appliances & upgraded cabinets. Large lanai and open oorplan are great for entertaining or just having a relaxing evening watching the sunset. MLS 213006587LOLA WELLMAN 239-253-0153 PALMIRA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB $369,00028633 San Lucas Ln #202 Sweeping Lake & golf views. 2564 Sq Ft -3BR + den, 3 full baths. Enjoy unparalled amenities. Championship golf available. Call today! MLS 212037516THE OGRADY TEAM 239-218-3844/239-218-3840 PALMIRA GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB $289,00028641 San Lucas Ln #101. 2BR+Den/2BA. Upgraded 1st oor spectacular unit with SW lake & golf views. Tile on the diagonal, crown molding, high end window treatments, upgraded vanity xtures & lighting treatments, stunning built in entertainment center in great room and of ce unit in den. Spacious wrap around lanai. Resort style amenities. Call today! MLS 213012015THE OGRADY TEAM 239-218-3844/239-218-3840 MATERA AT VASARI $179,90012050 Matera Ln, #101. 2BR+Den/2BA Lovely 1st oor end unit w/Southern exposure on lake with water & golf views. Ceramic tile, Plantation shutters on windows and designer ceiling fans. Bright spacious kitchen w/raised panel cabinets. Bundled golf community. Ready to move in. 15 minutes to beaches, Airport & Downtown Naples. MLS 213011827CAROL CARPENTER 239-246-3316 EDGEWATER AT PELICAN SOUND $279,50021381 Pelican Sound Dr #202. 3BR/2BA upgraded coach home in gol ng & tennis community. Furnished, beautifully decorated, wood ooring, new stainless steel appliances. Great amenities. Access to Estero River and Gulf. Excellent location. MLS 212037160CHRISTY DOYLE 239-370-2549 GULF COAST CAMPING RESORT $42,90024020 Production Cir #119. 1BR/1BA manufactured home on owned lot in a 55+ adult community. Relaxing atmosphere with activities like shing lake, bingo, dances, swimming in the pool, games. Relax & enjoy the beautiful weather. 6 miles to Gulf of Mexico, 20 minutes to SW Intl Airport. Great location in Bonita Springs. MLS 213011252. DON DROKE 239-770-3002 NAVONA AT THE COLONYGOLF & BAY CLUB $489,90023540 Via Veneto Blvd #903. Turnkey 2BR+Den, 9th oor condo with magni cent Gulf views. This beautifully nished residences offers tasteful dcor, amenities galore, and is move in ready. Main oor tness center, social rooms, rentable guest rooms, and movie theatre. Perfectly located at the West end of Coconut Road and boasts a private beach island. MLS 213013816DENA WILCOXEN 239-989-2436 EDGEWATER AT PELICAN SOUND $265,00021341 Pelican Sound Dr #103. 2BR + Den/2BA 1st oor, bright, end unit in gol ng, tennis & boating community with access to Gulf Of Mexico. Updated, brand new stainless steel appliances in kitchen. Relax on the east facing lanai & enjoy sunrises overlooking the Lakes Course fairway and green. Easy to show. MLS 212030188CHRISTINE MANTILIA 239-896-4505 CEDAR CREEK $310,00025540 Inlet Way Ct. 3BR/2BA Gated community, natural, serene & picturesque setting, located in Bonita Springs, between Naples & Ft Myers. Home is on a lake, great room concept opening to large pool overlooking the lake. Amenities are large Pool, hot tub, community room, lighted tennis courts, Kayak launch to the Gulf, Bocce ball court and barbeque. MLS 213005309JOY OATLEY 239-287-3118 JUST REDUCED! PELICAN SOUND $569,00020814 Gleneagles Links Dr. Beautiful SFH in bundled golf community with Gulf access. Furnished, 4BR/3BA, pool & spa, solar heating, new A/C & appliances. MLS 212036116CHRISTY DOYLE 239-370-2549 JUST REDUCED! JUST LISTED! PALERMO AT THE COLONY GOLF & BAY CLUB $1,059,0004875 Pelican Colony Blvd. #1602. 3BR/3BA. Outstanding views await you in this Beautiful Move-in-Ready Furnished Residence. Huge Picture Windows and Floor-to Ceiling Glass Sliders bring the outdoors in. Open Floor Plan and Private Elevator Foyer. This exceptional home is the Best in Florida Living. MLS 213010708JEANNE SCHAUER 239-849-7025


B16 239.213.3311


B16 239.213.3311


ANNUAL & SEASONAL RENTALSDont wait call today!The Name You Can Trust: We take care of the rest.{DO YOU OWN A HOME OR CONDO? howWe have quali ed guests and tenants ready to move in, and well take care of everything so your property earns income for you all year. Contact us today! unpack. 800-346-0336}


Old Naples | Open HouseMay 23, 2013 PM premiersothebysrealty.comSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.282 1st Avenue North Celine Julie Godof 239.404.9917 $3,995,000 960 7th Street South #103 Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 $239,000 175 5th Avenue South #207 Bernie/Joe Garabed 239.571.2466 $225,000 1003 4th Street South #202 Fahada Saad 239.595.8500 $1,699,000 603 Broad Court South Beth McNichols 239.821.3304 $799,000 460 2nd Avenue North Lynda Kennedy 239.564.1579 $2,850,000 875 Gulf Shore Blvd. South Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $3,995,000 425 2nd Avenue South Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $1,295,000 415 3rd Street South #415 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 239.216.1980 $529,900 168 2nd Avenue North Ruth Trettis 239.403.4529 $3,200,000 616 Palm Circle East Sue Black 239.250.5611 $1,549,000 239-404-8222 ROBYN PFISTER GRIFFIN 736 Kings Town Drive SOLD713 Nathan Hale Drive $4,900,000 PORT ROYAL PELICAN BAY SOLD 1925 Galleon Drive SOLD3530 Fort Charles Drive SOLD PORT ROYAL PORT ROYAL SOLD SOLD 280 Gulf Shore Blvd. N $3,850,0002660 Half Moon Drive $3,300,000 OLD NAPLES PORT ROYAL PENDING 7983 Vizcaya Way SOLD7999 Vizcaya Way $1,995,000 BAY COLONY BAY COLONY SOLD 678 11th Avenue S SOLD481 8th Avenue S $1,600,000 OLD NAPLES OLD NAPLES SOLD 6480 Sandalwood Lane $1,140,00255 Colonade Cir. #2603 $845,000 LIVINGSTON WOODS PARK SHORE COLONADE NEW LISTING NEW LISTING


Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. www.JackiStrategos.comJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro239-370-1222JStrategos@att.netRichard Droste Spacious, soaring ceilings & loads of light. 3 BR/2 BA. Freshly painted & decorated.Mystic Greens $278,900 LOVELY VIEWSInvestment or perfect for building. All utilities, cleared & fenced. 5 acres. Large pond. 11441 Riggs Road $299,000 ZONED FOR SAVINGS Deerwood Villas $234,900Cheerful eating area off open kitchen. 2 BR/2 BA + 3rd BR or of ce/den from loft. LARGE PICTURESQUE LANAI $429,000 850 5th Avenue South #C | Naples, FL 34102Cell 239.272.8494 | PattiFortune@gmail.comMarbella LakesYour Community Specialist & Neighbor $437,900 NEW LISTING TURN KEY READY BEST VALUE $349,900 Furnished Mary H. Raymond NEW LISTING: Martinique in Tarpon Cove: 2+Den/2 with lake view and carport. FAIRFAX IN VILLAGE GREEN : 2/1.5 unit with lots of light. Close to 5th Ave and 3rd St for shopping/rest. Close to beach. EVERGLADES IN VILLAGE GREEN : 2+den/1 unit that can be sold furnished. Nice courtyard and close to everything. COVE INN: Condo/hotel in daily rental program. 2nd Updated and overlooking bay. GULFCOAST INN : Condo/hotel near Coastland Mall. Restaurants, pool and near Gulf. MARINA BAY : Overlooking Wiggins Pass. 2/2 furnished. Granite kitchen. Covered parking. LECIEL VENETIAN TOWER: Live on the beach. Walk to the Village. Last reduction before increase in price. (239) 269-6105 maryraymond@comcast.net20 Years in DE and PA and 13 Years in Naples doing Real Estate


D.R.HORTON. *Home and community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities are subject to change and prior sale at any time without notice or obligation. **Square footage dimensions are approximate. FORT MYERSBanyan Bay1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1983 SqFt**/ 2-Car / Lot 50-$289,459*2 Story / 3 BR / 2.5 BA / Loft / 2587 SqFt**/ 2-Car / Lot 79-$312,035* SummerALMOST MEGA HOT SALE! SAVE Thousands on Magnolia Landing 1 Story / 2 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1342 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 178-$141,990*1 Story / 2 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1342 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 197-$146,990*1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Loft / 2260 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 135-$235,810*Moody River1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1983 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 85 $231,248*Verandah1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1983 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 28-$316,044*1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Den / 2260 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 30-$339,609*Veridian1 Story / 3 BR / 3 BA / Bonus Room / 3402 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 22-$487,190* ESTEROTerra Vista1 Story / 2 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1426 SqFt** / 1-Car / Lot 109-$165,805*1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1626 SqFt** / 1-Car / Lot 310$185,709* BONITA SPRINGSMirasol2 Story / 2 BR / 2 BA / 1244 SqFt** / 1-Car / Lot 13 $175,249*2 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / 1528 SqFt** / 1-Car / Lot 5-$193,715*Paloma 1 Story / 2 BR / 2 BA / Den / 1342 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 2 $233,759*1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / 1519 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 5-$244,924*1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / 1804 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 4-$301,859* NAPLESBucks Run2 Story / 4 BR / 2.5 BA / 2554 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 7 $355,608*Fiddlers Creek1 Story / 3 BR / 2 BA / 1840 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 15 $424,450*2 Story / 3 BR / 3.5 BA / Loft / 3522 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 6 $649,137*Summit Place2 Story / 3 BR / 2.5 BA / 1800 SqFt** / 2-Car / Lot 170-$210,204*


41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB28 REAL ESTATE MAY 16-MAY 22, 2013 >$100,0001 FOREST GLEN BRITANNIA I 3950 Loblolly Bay Drive #107 $153,700 Premier Sothebys International Realty Marilyn Moir 239.919.2400 >$200,0002 PARK SHORE LAKEVIEW PINES 4776 West Blvd. #D-101 $279,900 PSIR Linda Perry 239.450.9113 >$300,0003 FOREST GLEN 3748 Jungle Plum Drive East $379,000 PSIR Jesse Moreno 239.405.00654 HORSE CREEK ESTATES 393 Cypress Way West $385,000 PSIR Linda Perry 239.450.9113 5 MERCATO THE STRADA 9123 Strada Place From $390,000 PSIR Call 239.594.9400 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-8pm & Sunday 12-8pm>$500,0006 CEDAR CREEK 9071 Cedar Creek Drive $569,000 PSIR Cathy Lieberman/ Cindy Reiff 239.777.2441 >$700,0007 LELY RESORT MAJORS 9101 Shenendoah Circle $768,000 PSIR Heidi Deen 239.370.5388 8 PARK SHORE PARK SHORE TOWER 5251 Gulf Shore Blvd North #3A $799,000 PSIR Angela Allen 239.825.8494 No sign on property.9 THE DUNES GRANDE PRESERVE 280 Grande Way From $799,000 PSIR Call 239.594.1700 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm>$800,00010 PARK SHORE ALLEGRO 4031 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #7C $825,000 PSIR Marlene Suarez 239.290.0585 >$900,00011 VANDERBILT BEACH PHOENICIAN SANDS 9155 Gulf Shore Drive #502 $925,000 PSIR Catherine Bordner 239.560.2921 12 OAKES ESTATES 5939 Golden Oaks Lane $975,000 PSIR Chris Wortman 239.273.2007 >$1,000,00013 OLD NAPLES VILLA VERONA 259 4th Avenue South #103 $1,075,000 PSIR Marty/Debbi McDermott 239.564.423114 OLDE NAPLES SEAPORT 1001 10th Ave S, #203 $1,190,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464515 COLLIERS RESERVE 1023 Barcarmil Way 1,250,000 Engel & Voelkers Olde Naples Elton Alikaj 239.821.724216 OLD NAPLES VILLAS DEL MAR 425 2nd Avenue South $1,295,000 PSIR Friley Saucier 239.293.3532 17 BONITA BAY TAVIRA 26951 Country Club Drive From $1,306,000 PSIR Call 239.495.1105 Open MondaySaturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm18 QUAIL WEST 6357 Highcroft Drive $1,490,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464519 MEDITERRA 14878 Bellezza Lane $1,685,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464520 ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS 1569 Marsh Wren Lane $1,790,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade BuaBell 239.465.464521 BONITA BAY CREEKSIDE 26111 Red Oak Court $1,795,000 PSIR Ray Felitto 239.910.5340 22 PELICAN BAY COCO BAY 7905 Cocobay Drive $1,895,000 PSIR Linda Piatt 239.269.2322 23 FIDDLERS CREEK ISLA DEL SOL 3852 Isla Del Sol Way $1,995,000 PSIR ML Meade 239.293.4851 >$2,000,00024 THE MOORINGS 475 Putter Point $2,000,000 PSIR Larry Roorda 239.860.253425 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $2,049,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm & Sunday 12-5pm26 BONITA BAY ROOKERY LAKE 3940 Pineshadow Court $2,190,000 PSIR Harriet Harnar/Scott Culbertson 239.273.5443 27 GREY OAKS ESTATES 3146 Dahlia Way $2,300,000 PSIR Jutta V. Lopez 239.571.5339 28 MARCO ISLAND 206 Rockhill Court $2,495,000 PSIR Brittany Strong 239.682.7695 29 MEDITERRA 15179 Brolio Way $2,849,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464530 AQUALANE SHORES 15410 4th Street South $2,950,000 PSIR Ruth Trettis 239.340.0295 31 MEDITERRA 29161 Marcello Way $2,995,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464532 AQUALANE SHORES 533 15th Avenue South $2,995,000 PSIR Vincent Bandelier 239.450.5976 33 MARCO ISLAND 495 Thorpe Court $2,999,000 PSIR ML Meade 239.293.4851>$3,000,00034 THE MOORINGS 384 Mooringline Drive $3,695,000 PSIR Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 >$4,000,00035 PORT ROYAL AREA LITTLE HARBOUR 224 Little Harbour Lane $4,875,000 PSIR Tess McCarthy 239.207.0118 >$5,000,00036 PORT ROYAL 1060 Galleon Drive $5,650,000 PSIR Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 >$8,000,00037 PORT ROYAL 775 Galleon Drive $8,495,000 PSIR Dana Marcum 239.404.2209 Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 27 26 29 30 31 32 33 34 21 35 36 37


Reection Lakes Villas and single-family homes from the low $200s Reection Lakes reects a lifestyle dened by luxurious surroundings, gated privacy, amazing homes and, most of all, fun! Perhaps youre up with the sun or sleeping til noon, in the pool or on the courts, doing it all or doing nothing at all. Its your choicea reection of your lifestyle.Single-family homes from the low $200s Open Daily Directions: I-75 to Exit 101 (Collier Blvd.), South to 41, turn left, community on left. Resort-style living to A reection of fun! & 5th Ave. shopping & dining lounge, caterers kitchen, billiards room & social areas /SWFLSave Prices and amenities subject to change. See a Lennar New Home Consultant for more information. Copyright 2012 Lennar Corporat ion. Lennar, the Lennar logo, Everythings Included Home and the ei logo are registered service marks of Lennar Corporation and/or its subsidiaries. CGC 1507191. 4/13 EVERYTHINGS INCLUDED HOMES SMyour


THE BEST SOURCE FOR EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTIESFORREST INTERNATIONAL ~ OFFICE (239) 434-7228 ~ EMAIL jimf@forrestco.comJAMES E. FORREST, REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT EXCELLENCE ISNEVERAN EXTRAVAGANCE EXCELLENCE ISNEVERAN EXTRAVAGANCE PORT ROYAL TO BAY COLONYELITE HAVENS FOR THE WORLDS MOST PRIVILEGED FAMILIES SOLD 2012Listed & Sold In 2012 By James E. Forrest: The Most Expensive Estate Ever To Sell In Southwest Florida: $47,250,000 Contact James E. Forrest To Set New Records For Your Prime Property. Call For Private Consultation. MOORINGS COUNTRY CLUB Southern Exposure, Golf Course ViewsWonderful Interior w/12-14 Ft. Cove Ceilings. All Main Rooms Have Direct Views. 3-Car Garage. Serious Seller. $1,995,000 4 Brs + Den. Great Room w/18 Ft. Ceilings. Hardwood Floors. A Move-In Condition Opportunity Close To Bistros & Beach. Pool + Deepwater Dockage. Cut-In Slip w/ Covd Boat House. $2,895,000 Remarkable Naples Bay Estate Opulent Showcase Of Evocative Charm. Spectacularly Scenic Vistas! Huge 1 Sites. 5 Bedrooms, Library, Theatre. $11,495,000 Exquisite Deepwater Estate 9,000 Sq.Ft. Interior w/15 to 17 Ceilings. Richly Paneled Two-Story Library + Theatre Room. 5-Car Garage. 153 Ft. Waterfrontage. 86 Ft. Dockage. Master Suite w/ 200 Ft. Waterfrontage. Two 70-Ft. Docks. Exciting Residence w/Pizzazz. Views Overlooking Bay To Naples Yacht Club! Captivating & Vivacious! $6,500,000 $5,750,000 Cul-De-Sac Property w/Cut-In Slip (80 Ft. x 24 Ft.). 2 Docks (43 Ft. w/Lifts). 4 Bedrooms. 3-Car Garage. Incredible Views! $2,945,000 ~ West/Southwest Exposures ~ AQUALANE SHORESCharming Deepwater Home Recent Renovations. 32 Ft. Pool. 37 Ft. Covd Boat Slip + Dock. 3-Bedroom Residence on Low$1,995,000 AQUALANE SHORESYachting/Fishing Connoisseurs DelightROYAL HARBOR200+ Ft. Waterfrontage In Acquisition Mode? Discuss Insider Market Information With The #1 Track Record & Discern All Best Values That Suit Your Needs & Interests James E. Forrests 2012 Sales: $150 Million SOLD: When You Want Your Best Results... Call For Private Consultation (& Consider It Done!) 6-Br. Main House + 2-Br. Guest House AQUALANE SHORESDeepwater Estate ~ Western Exposure! 5 Brs + Study. 4-Car Garage. Exercise Room. Billiard Room. 12 Ft. Cove Ceilings. Picturesque Tropical Setting. 35 Ft. Pool & Spa. Covd Slip For 35 Ft. Boat + 70 Ft. Dock. 12 Houses To Beach. 2 Blocks To 3rd Street. $3,250,000 Downtown 590 Putter Point Place Elegant 2006 ConstructionResidence On Spectacular Naples Bay 311 Ft. Waterfrontage!!AQUALANE SHORESCasual Elegant Boaters Hideaway Sumptuous Elegance! Just Steps To Port Royal Beach Club. A Mint Move-In-Condition Opportunity. 6 Bedrooms, Study, 4-Car Garage. $9,850,000 Riveting Spectacular Views! Move-In Condition Opportunity


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INSIDE A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTIONBROUGHT TO YOU BY:The High-Rises at Bonita Bay 495-1105 Estuary at Grey Oaks 261-3148 The Strada at Mercato 594-9400 The Village 261-6161 The Gallery 659-0099 Broad Avenue 434-2424 Vanderbilt 594-9494 The Promenade 948-4000 Fifth Avenue 434-8770 Marco Island 642-2222 Rentals 262-4242 The right directionSouth Fork Grille pulls off what The Grape couldnt. C27 Steve & Edie Beyond bluegrass with Behind the art on the duos new CD.C4 >>inside:Tour kicks off in Fort MyersBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ JUST CALL THEM THE STEVE and Edie of the bluegrass crowd... though what they perform is beyond bluegrass. Its an unexpected combination of musical talent. The magical alchemy of actor/comedian/musician Steve Martins banjo compositions, combined with singer/songwriter Edie Brickells pithy lyrics and voice, creates something powerful and pure. The 13 songs on their recently released album, Love Has Come For You, possess a warmth and genuineness, a sweet charm. Theyre simultaneously traditional and contemporary. For example, on the open-ing cut, When You Get to Asheville, Ms. Brickell sings with a twang over Mr. Martins SEE STEVE & EDIE, C4SHUTTERSTOCK AND COURTESY IMAGES Steve Martin and Edie Brickell kick off their national tour at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. The middling GatsbyOver-the-top effects not so Great. C11 Cold caseBad weather swirls around the coldest of cases. C12 The r ig ht d i rect i on For grassroots glory on the silver screen, its hard to match native Neapolitan Steve Chase, a filmmaker and teacher of fine art photography at Edison State College. Mr. Chases 25-minute movie, When You Feel Love starring two former ESC students and featuring a haunting score by local musician Chris Ludvigsen was chosen from among thousands for screening this at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in the south of France. Mr. Chase and Mr. Ludvigsen are there for the 11-day fete that kicked off May 15 with Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and The Great Gatsby. The invitation-only film festival, the worlds most prestigious, brings new works before a jury headed this year by Steven Spielberg. Mr. Chase made When You Feel Love in and around the ESC campus and his apartment in Fort Myers and entered it in the Cannes Short Film Corner, a category created in the early 1990s as a way to nurture independent short work. Mr. Chase first tried his hand at moviemaking as a student at Naples High School. He says When You Feel Love celebrates his lifelong ambition to push the boundaries of dramatic cinema not with technical razzle-dazzle, necessarily, but with intensely focused storytelling. He used a filmmaking method made famous by the British producer and director Mike Leigh, in which Reaching the big time: Fort Myers film hits CannesBY ROGER WILLIAMSrwilliams@ CHASE SEE CANNES, C5


SANDY DAYS, SALTY NIGHTSA man of another nameI have a debilitating fear of flying. The woman on the plane whiteknuckling the armrest? Thats usually me. So I was grateful during a recent flight when the man in the seat next to me took a look at my clenched fists and terrified expression and decided to distract me. My grandpa used to say that everyone who comes into our lives has something to teach us, he said. I pried my eyes from the window long enough to scowl at him. Is that so? The man introduced himself. He had one of those ubiquitous names, a permutation of John or David or Michael with the kind of last name that has three pages in the phone book. His e-mail address, too, was common. Just my first name and my last name at Gmail, he said. You wouldnt believe how many messages I get for guys who have the same name. The jet engines droned and I gripped the hand rest. But the man talked on and my hands started to relax. For a while there, I was getting e-mails from this second-grade teacher, he said. She thought she was e-mailing some kids dad. She sent these real tough messages: Your son is about to get expelled and Your sons behavior is unacceptable. After a while, the man decided to write her back. I told her who I was, he said. That she had the wrong guy. Then I asked if she ever considered that instead of yelling at the father, she might ask if something was wrong. Youre kidding, I said. The man smiled. Would you believe she wrote me back? A few months later to tell me that the family had been evicted and were living out of their car. She thanked me for my advice. I tried to imagine it this anonymous stranger doling out wisdom over e-mail. How would it feel, I wondered, to be on the receiving end? The man next to me smiled. And thats not even the best one. A man with his name was going through a rough divorce and the mans ex-wife decided to take out her frustrations over e-mail. The wrong e-mail. After a few stinging messages in his inbox, the man next to me wrote the ex-wife. I told her I wasnt her husband, but I was a human being. Look, I know breakups are ugly. But we should all treat each other with dignity. I envisioned the sort of vitriol the ex-wife must have slung back. But the man just shook his head. She said she got so wrapped up in her anger that she forgot she might be hurting someone. Here was a piece of truth I had not considered. I thought of my own moments of escalating outrage. Perhaps my attempts at love would be more successful if someone were there to pull me back from the angry edge a stranger with my lovers name who was rational and kind but who had no stakes. Here was the lesson, then, in our meeting. A piece of wisdom I could tuck in my carry-on and take with me. I was so grateful I hardly noticed the plane touching down. Artis Henderson has joined the Twitterverse. Follow her @ArtisHenderson. t b c n b g www.RiverchaseDermatology.com1-800-591-DERM (3376) Did You Know?One person dies of melanoma every hour.May is Melanoma Awareness MonthRiverchase Dermatology offers the most advanced skin cancer treatments available. Free Consultations www.riverchase-fatfreeze.comTransform your body, exercise or surgery!North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Dr. Downtown Naples 261 9th St. S. Marco Island 950 N. Collier Blvd., Suite 303 Fort Myers 7331 Gladiolus Dr. Cape Coral 413 Del Prado Blvd. S., Suite 101 North Port 14840 Tamiami Trail NOW OPEN Treat-to-Complete with...Con dence in your treatment, Con dence in your clothes.Learn more at our in-house events with a chance to win a FREE treatment!May 20th at 6 p.m. in Downtown Naples 261 9th St. South May 22nd at 6 p.m. in Ft. Myers 7331 Gladiolus Drive Call 239-313-2553 to RSVP. Space is limited.North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Dr. Downtown Naples 261 9th St. S. Marco Island 950 N. Collier Blvd., Suite 303 Fort Myers 7331 Gladiolus Dr. Cape Coral 413 Del Prado Blvd. S., Suite 101 North Port 14840 Tamiami TrailNOW OPEN NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C3 btn, frBoard Certi ed Plastic Surgeon of the Face and Body Physicians-Regional Medical Center Pine Ridge Campus 6101 Pine Ridge Road, Suite 15 Naples, FL 34119 btn, b, ff fbr btnJune 20th, 4-7 PMJoin us to see how artistry meets technology at our open house event Space is limited RSVP New improv troupe poised for debutStage 2 Improv, Naples newest improvisational troupe, debuts at the Sugden Community Theatre May 31-June 2. Under the direction of Michael Santos and Judith Gangi Santos (co-founders of the former Naples City Improv), each performance will be created on the spot, based on suggestions by the audience. The Stage 2 cast includes JamieLynn Bucci, Kat Ebaugh, Judith Gangi Santos, Brad Goetz, Steven Johnson, Randy Jones, Meg Pryor, Michael Santos and Nancy Swartz. Interns for the show are Casey Debrowski, Synthia Dubose, Guy Clover, Bukki Sittler, Rosie Spinosa and Corey Walker. Show time is 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, May 31-June 1, and 2 p.m. Sunday, June 2. Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for ages 18 and younger. Call the box office at 263-7990 or visit Love, Loss and What I Wore performances benefit charitiesTheatre Conspiracy presents a series of staged readings of L ove, Loss and What I Wore to benefit various charities. Each with a different cast, performances are at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers as follows: 8 p.m. Thursday, May 16, to benefit WGCU Public Media 8 p.m. Friday, May 17, to benefit the Junior Florida Everblades Hockey Association 8 p.m. Saturday, May 18, to benefit the Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation 2 p.m. Sunday, May 19, to benefit the Lee County Alliance for the Arts 8 p.m. Thursday, May 23, to benefit Abuse Counseling and Treatment 8 p.m. Friday, May 24, to benefit Goodwill Industries of SWFL 8 p.m. Saturday, May 25, to benefit Dress For Success SWFL At once poignant and humorous, the play explores how wardrobes relate to pivotal moments in several womens lives. Written by Nora and Delia Ephron, its based on the 1995 book of the same title by Ilene Beckerman. The play won a special Drama Desk Award and was nominated for two Drama League awards in 2010. It has run Off-Broadway since 2009. Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased by calling 936-3239 or visiting www. COURTESY PHOTOThe cast of Stage 2 Improv, from left: Michael Santos, Judith Gangi Santos, Guy Glover, Kate Ebaugh, Steven Johnson, JamieLynn Bucci, Casey DeBrowski, Nancy Swartz and Brad Goetz.

PAGE 56 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 five-string banjo plucking: When you get to Asheville/Send me an e-mail. But there are lots of traditional references too, including trains and Fords, fried chicken, the picture show, dying and leaving and loving. This bakers dozen of songs all seem to revolve around love of some sort. Theres paternal love (Love Has Come for You, Sarah Jane and the Iron Mountain Baby), unrequited love (Who You Gonna Take?), the love between friends (Friend of Mine), love lost (When You Get to Asheville) and love of food and the fellowship that occurs around the table (Get Along Stray Dog). Theres even a song about loving a man but hating the way his actions have made his daughter a spoiled brat (Siamese Cat). I like your Siamese cat/I like your cowboy hat/but I dont like your daughter, she sings. Id never thought about it, says Ms. Brickell, explaining that she didnt consciously intend to write so much about various forms of love. I just wanted to be creative, to sort of honor the tunes with the imagery, and (use) words that create vivid imagery. Its important to me to honor the sense of the feel in the music, the sense of times and your own experience, rather than imitate someone elses experience I want to be as real as Im conscious of being. Ms. Brickell and Mr. Martin will kick off their summer tour at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers at 7:30 p.m. May 22. Theyll be joined by the Steep Canyon Rangers, a six-piece bluegrass group with whom Mr. Martin has previously performed and recorded an album. Ms. Brickell hit the music scene with her 1988 multiplatinum record with the New Bohemians, Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars, which went to No. 4 on the Billboard 200 Charts. Her single, What I Am, was a top 10 hit. Since the New Bohemians, shes been performing as a solo artist and also with the Gaddabouts. She and Mr. Martin have known each other for a years. We live on the same road, a few buildings down, Ms. Brickell explains, and her husband, singer/ songwriter Paul Simon and Mr. Martin have been good friends for decades. Ms. Brickell confesses that shed have a hard time talking with Mr. Martin over the years. I so admired him, she says. And quite coincidentally, if we had dinner parties, at someones home or at a restaurant, I was seated next to him, every time. I just sort of sat there and listened to him and always enjoyed his company. But she felt somewhat intimidated, because Mr. Martin, a true Renaissance man, has done stand-up comedy and movies, written plays and novels, and collects art. It wasnt until he put out The Crow, and I heard the song Daddy Played the Banjo, I was just blown away, she says, referring to his record that won a 2010 Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album. I thought, the next time I see him, Im going to tell him. Once I complimented him on his music, he asked if I ever considered singing without drums, if I ever wanted to make a song together. Soon after, he sent her a banjo tune. She wrote the lyrics to Suns Gonna Shine and sent it back. She thought she would just write one song with him, but then he sent another tune, and she was immediately inspired to write the song When You Get to Asheville. It flowed right out, she says. We were just having fun. And I was just blown away by the melodies. He would send an entire banjo instrumental: a verse, chorus, bridge, and I just had to sit back and paint by numbers and (write) the imagery that the music inspired. The lyrics were different than what shed write for her own music. Its the different personalities, she explains. Everybody brings a sort of spirituality to music, and within that, you have the complex range of experiences that creates that sense of spirituality, that vibe within the music from the individuals, she says. You feel it and you respond to it. She couldnt have written the banjo melodies that Mr. Martin did, she says, but when I hear it, I have a definite emotional response to it. His music has a lyrical sensitivity. I have a much easier time having a musical conversation with someone than a real one, she confesses. The two, along with the Steep Canyon Rangers, have been making the rounds of TV talk shows. Theyve performed on The Today Show, The View, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Late Show With David Letterman. That last one was tough, she says, as she found herself seated between Mr. Martin and Mr. Letterman and their machine-gun wit. My hearts pounding, and Im thinking, Moms watching, dont be dumb, dont be dumb. The two have also been featured in the Sunday NY Times, Vanity Fair magazine and Entertainment Weekly. Love Has Come for You, released on April 23, debuted at No. 21 on the Billboard charts. Collaborating with Mr. Martin wasnt planned, she says. Steve just sort of happened. Writing lyrics to his melodies was among the easiest songwriting shes done, she says. His writing is so emotional, and all music has a real powerful emotion in it. All I had to do was tune into it and feel it, and write about what I was feeling. STEVE & EDIEFrom page 1 Stepping into the cover artThe album cover of Steve Martin and Edie Brickells new release, Love Has Come For You, may look like an old black and white photograph from the s or s, but its actually a painting from Mr. Martins personal collection. Painted in sepias and blacks and grays, it shows a man and a woman seated in chairs, separated by a round table, oral display and a painting on the wall. After Dinner Drinks is a 2008 painting by Martin Mull, who, although he has a BFA and an MFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, is perhaps better known as a comedic actor. (Hes appeared on everything from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman to Arrested Development, and was even the guest center square on Hollywood Squares for a while.) Mr. Mull is possibly one of the few actors who ever took acting jobs to support his painting career, instead of taking waiter jobs to support his acting career. Mr. Martins been friends with Mr. Mull for decades, and collects his art. After deciding to use the painting as the jacket art for the CD, Mr. Martin decided to replicate the painting in real life, with he and Ms. Brickell sitting in for the man and woman. It was great; I thought it was a very clever idea, says Ms. Brickell. It was Steves idea that we should replicate the painting to put on the back cover. It was out in L.A. It was amazing that they built that set (to look exactly like the painting.) I just thought (the painting) was off-beat enough. It just felt right, says Mr. Martin in a promotional video shot on the set and available on YouTube. Nobody said including the record company said, Well, lets look at some other ideas. Everybody just loved it. And thats really rare. Everybody just fell for it immediately. Its just weird and quirky enough. Nancy Stetson Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers, featuring Edie Brickell>> When: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 22>> Cost: $78, $68, $48>> Information: 481-4849 or Ten years ago, the Florida Repertory Theatre wanted Steve Martins Underpants desperately. His adaptation of The Underpants, the 1910 German sex farce by Carl Sternheim, played off-Broadway in April 2002. This wonderfully silly play tells the tale of a bureaucrat whose wifes underpants suddenly fall to her ankles in the middle of town. Not only does it happen in a public place, but its on a Sunday, during a parade for the king. Bari Newport, then associate director at the Florida Rep, wanted to produce the play, but couldnt obtain the rights. So, she had a brainstorm, says Robert Cacioppo, Florida Reps producing artistic director, who describes Ms. Newport as being aggressive in a fun way. After asking permission, she went to Walmart and bought two pairs of ladies panties, he says. They were frilly, he says, though he doesnt recall the color. She wrote on the ass of the panties, We want The Underpants. Florida Rep, and wrapped them in tissue paper, putting them in elaborately wrapped fancy boxes, he says. She sent one to Steve Martin and one to his agent. We got a phone call less than two weeks later, saying theyd never laughed so hard, Mr. Cacioppo says. And just like that, Florida Rep received the rights to put on The Underpants, becoming the first theater in the country to do so, after its off-Broadway premiere. The show ran 10 years ago, in April 2003. Because of Steve Martins name, they came out in droves to see it, Mr. Cacioppo says. It was a huge hit for us. Ten years later, Mr. Martins underpants return to Fort Myers. Only this time hes wearing them. Steve, thanks for The UnderpantsBY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ COURTESY PHOTOSAbove: Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. Left: Edie Brickell


Sunday & Monday 11:30 am 10 pm Tuesday Saturday 11:30 am Midnight 2012 I 239-598-FIRE (3473)Corner of Airport & Vanderbilt Come Experience Our New Menu! Wood grilled ostrich Pecan crusted salmon Ancho Coriander Crusted Ahi Tuna Crispy braised pork belly And much more! Introducing Our New Menu Featuringactors work from a story notion without a script. Instead, they sculpt each scene together with the director, based in part on their own notions of what a character might do. Lead actor Jed Krause, who studied photography at ESC with Mr. Chase, accepted the offer to try his hand as an actor in When You Feel Live simply because he respected his former teacher. Mr. Krause is now studying physics (Science is my first love, he a dmits) at the University of Minnesota. Nothing was ever scripted. He just told us, You guys have the liberty to do whatever you think the character would do or say, Mr. Krause says about the process Mr. Chase guided. So we met many times over a few months to make this person, to create who this person was, before we shot the film. The story illuminates the anguish of a young man who feels a profound love for his high-school girlfriend but loses her when the two part ways after trying a long-distance relationship from their respective colleges. Co-starring as his friend is Willie Filkowski, who left USC to study acting at the University of Michigan, one of only six students selected to enter an elite interdisciplinary arts program there. While all of that might sound ordinary enough, Mr. Chases execution of his idea is not, which could be what attracted the front-line judges at Cannes to respond to his entry within six hours, telling him his movie would be presented and thus honored. The film concentrates on afterwards in this young mans life on his inability to communicate his feelings in a way that might have made a difference in his relationship, the filmmaker explains. Im most interested in those moments between the big events in our lives those connecting moments that are overlooked more and more. Mr. Ludvigsens music connects those moments throughout When You Feel Love. Without telling the story, his lyrics reveal the truth of such a tale, perhaps: Tell me, am I dreaming/This life/Its designed to fool/Im leaving, and youre still fine/Nothings got nothing on me/ Naturally/Ill take the high road/If youll help me/Youll see. CANNESFrom page 1 To learn more about the Short lm Corner at Cannes, visit: To hear Mr. Ludvigsens score to When you feel love, visit: manonwireband?hc_location=stream. Fort Myers artist Leo Johnson created the painting used as a backdrop in the lm. Mr. Chase owns the painting and received permission from Mr. Johnson to use it in promotional materials for the lm. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C5


CATERING FOR ALL EVENTS Professional Chefs Exhibition Cooking Business and Residential CATERING Basic Omelette Party for 1st time Business Clients Theater American Idiot May 16 at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. 481-4849 or Menopause the Musical Through May 18 at the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers. 278-4422 or www. The Rimers of Eldritch Through May 25 at Laboratory Theater of Florida, Fort Myers. 218-0481 or www. Thursday, May 16 Dogs in the Garden Naples Botanical Gardens opens its doors to dogs and their owners from 3-5 p.m. Free for Garden members, $12.95 for others and $7.95 for dogs. 643-7275 or Village Nights The Village on Venetian Bay presents music by the CD Duo and Gene Federico from 5-8 p.m. 261-6100 or Healthy Cooking Brian Gorman of Artichoke & Company and chef Chris De Luca host a class about healthy cooking from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at Artichoke & Company. $45. Reservations required. 1410 Rail Head Blvd. 263-6979 or www. Fleabitten Freds Food, Fun and Spirits presents dinner and a show with Compton & Bennetts Fleabitten: A Day at the Fleamarket. $34.95. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or www. Thursday on Third Felix Jiles, Steve Fenttiman and the Lost Rodeo Band perform from 6:30-9:30 p.m. along Third Street South. Free. Jazz Concert The Naples High School Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble perform a spring concert starting at 7 p.m. Free. 1100 Golden Eagle Circle. 377-5449. Special Engagement Pablo Francisco takes the stage this evening through May 19 at Off the Hook Comedy Club, Marco Island. 389-6901 or www. Friday, May 17 Beer Tasting & Tunes Sample more than two dozen beers and enjoy live music from 6-8 p.m. at Whole Foods in Mercato. $5 per person, with proceeds to benefit Shoes That Fit of Bonita Springs. Rock Out Konnie & Kirk perform from 6-9 p.m. by the pool at Jacks River Bar. 475 North Road. 213-1441 or www. Saturday, May 18 Farmers Market The Third Street South Farmers Market takes place from 7:30-11:30 a.m. in the parking lot behind Tommy Bahama. www.thirdstreetsouth.comDinosaur Train Buddy from WGCU-TVs Dinosaur Train greets young visitors from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples. Free for Cmon members, $10 for others. 514-0084 or Safe Kids Safe Kids of Lee & Collier Counties hosts a safety fair from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at Gulf Coast Town Center. 343-6199 or Concert Band The Florida Divisional Band, Florida Brass and the Naples Corps Band perform from 2-4 p.m. at Cambier Park. Young Voices The Philharmonic Youth Chorale performs at 3 p.m. at Artis Naples. 597-1900 or Family Fun Day Bring the kids out to NABOR headquarters for a day of free fun including games, face painting and fire truck rides. 1455 Pine Ridge Road. 597-1666. Magic Carpet Ride A small ensemble of woodwind musicians from the Naples Philharmonic demonstrate their instruments and answer questions beginning at 11:30 a.m. at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Two to Tango Alicia Repun leads a tango class from 7-8 p.m. followed by milongo for all levels until 11 p.m. $15. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 738-4184 or www. Outdoor Movie Cambier Park hosts a free screening of the family film Wreck-It-Raphat 7 p.m. 213-3058 or La Traviata Philadelphias Center City Opera Theater presents Verdis La Traviata with the Gulf Coast Symphony at 7:30 p.m. at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers. 481-4849 or Sunday, May 19 Beach Cleanup The City of Marco Island holds its monthly beach cleanup beginning at 8 a.m. at the South Beach boardwalk access. Bottled water, trash bags and gloves will be provided. 389-5003.Come for Karaoke Jacks River Bar hosts an evening of karaoke with Janice Diaz starting at 4:30 p.m. 475 North Road. 213-1441 or Community Day ArtisNaples invites the public to Community Day from noon-4 p.m. The first 200 guests receive a free T-shirt. Free. 5833 Pelican Bay Blvd. 597-1900 or Classical Concert The Naples Philharmonic and its Youth Orchestra perform works by Mozart, Vivaldi and more starting at 7 p.m. at ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Monday, May 20 Monday Jam Michael Blasucci and Frankie Colt perform at 5 p.m. at Freds Food, Fun and Spirits. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Live Music Sara Hadeka takes the stage at 6 p.m. South Street City Oven & Grill. 1410 Pine Ridge Rd. 435-9333 or Tuesday, May 21 Now Youre Cooking Chef Brian Lewis leads a cooking class featuring Italian specialties from 6-8 p.m. at The Sauce Lady. $35 includes a threecourse dinner. Reservations required. 592-5557 or Wednesday, May 22 History Lesson The Collier County Museum presents A Brief History of Collier County at 2 p.m. Free. 3331 Tamiami Trail E. 252-8476 or www. Time for Wine The Fresh Market hosts a wine-tasting to benefit the Rotary Club of Bonita Springs Noon Foundation from 8-10 p.m. $20. 27251 Bay Landing Drive. 560-0015. Dreamgirls At ArtisNaples. 597-1900 or Coming up Local Histpry Naples Backyard History and Sea Salt restaurant present Maureen Sullivan-Hartung with Beer Worms, Square Grouper and Indians, Oh My! at 11 a.m. May 23. Lecture at the history museum followed by lunch at Sea Salt. $40. Reservations required. 774-2978 or Wine Tasting Three60 Market hosts a wine and cheese pairing from 4-6 p.m. May 23. $10 includes a $10 voucher toward any purchase during the evening. 2891 Bayview Ave. 732-7331 or Village Nights The Village on Venetian Bay hosts live entertainment by the Dazzling Delrays and Sabrina from 5-8 p.m. May 23. 261-6100 or www. Spring Concert The Naples High School Band performs a composition written for the school by James Mobberley as part of the program for the bands final performance of the year beginning at 7 p.m. May 23. Free. 1100 Golden Gate Circle. 377-5448. Cooking Class Sea Salt restaurant presents a class in healthy cooking at 11:30 a.m. May 25. $65 includes lunch. Reservations required. 434-7258. Submit calendar listings and highresolution photos to E-mail text, jpegs or Word documents are accepted. No pdfs or photos of fliers. The deadline for calendar submissions is noon Sunday. WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOThe Arsenault Gallery invites the public to meet the artist at the opening reception for Emergency: Illuminating the Human Experience through Portraiture, an exhibit of recent works by Naples artist Reisha Perlmutter, from 6-8 p.m. May 21. The exhibit, which includes Ms. Perlmutters self-portrait shown here, will be on display through May 31. 764 12th Ave. S. in Crayton Cove. RSVP for the opening reception: 263-1214. The American Cancer Society celebrates its 100th birthday from 2-8 p.m. May 18 at Chrissys Tavern at the Courthouse. $10 donation includes one drink ticket. All proceeds benefit ACS Relay For Life Naples. 3340 Tamiami Trail E. 775-0101. Young dancers from Naples Ballet present Swan Lake at 5 p.m. May 18-19 at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


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Forgiveness is still possible and other sundry letters Since last weeks column with my questions and concerns about changing the Phil to ArtisNaples, Ive received a steady stream of letters from readers. A few have asked how they can e-mail the column to others. (Just go onto www., where you can copy a link to my column. The websites free and accessible; theres no paywall.) One of my favorite letters came from Sandi Leddy of Naples, who wrote: My husband, Donald, and I greatly enjoyed your article in Florida Weekly (May 9-15). How can we get your article into the Naples Daily News? You cant. I write for Florida Weekly, not for the Naples Daily News. Dr. Francis M.S. Peel posed the question of whether the venue should be sued. Thank you for your measured and calm attack on this ludicrous outrage, he wrote. Is there no possibility of attacking it in court? Surely a clever lawyer could at least find a way of bringing it to court. A lawsuit might not win but would be least generate some valuable publicity and would force the author of the outrage to explain her action in public, in court. Or at least set up a court of public opinion and invite the main defenders and attackers to debate in public, the conversation that an otherwise footling article in the Naples Daily News proposes at great and turgid length. I am a lawyer myself with half a century of experience on both sides of the Atlantic but not, unfortunately, a member of the Florida Bar. Please continue the struggle. It is the people of Naples versus a small self-regarding, self-elected, out-of-touch group. Can there be any doubt as to what the final outcome should and must be? Save the Phil!Just not ArtisNaplesLesley Oliver of Naples wrote that she doesnt object to a name change, but doesnt like the new name: I would prefer something simple and succinct, like Naples Arts Center or Naples Center for the Arts. No confusion, no explanation necessary just a basic, classic, nononsense name for our arts center. If I had to choose between the Phil and ArtisNaples I would support the Phil. I would love to know some of the other thousands of names that were rejected before Artis Naples was chosen. We are on the Phils mailing list and e-mail list and did not receive any survey soliciting our input of name choices. I hope that Ms. van Bergen and the Board reconsider their decision to use the name ArtisNaples. Ms. van Bergen has said that some 800 names were considered, but to my knowledge she has only shared three publicly: The Phil and Lime, which she rejected, and ArtisNaples.A feeling of betrayalPeggy Coppola of Naples wrote: The community feels the Phil belongs to all of us who have worked very hard and donated to keep it a first-class operation. We feel betrayed by the way Kathleen and (chief advancement officer) Mary (Deissler) have come to town and have not embraced the history and feelings of the community. What still baffles me and others who were very active with the Phil is why the board went along with this decision to throw out the best brand name in the area. But, having worked with a few of them, I will be surprised if they readily admit to such a blunder. On the other hand, I also know that Kathleen is a smooth talker but does not appreciate working with the older generation. We know that from our experience working with her. Please know we appreciate all your efforts on behalf of all of us who are disappointed in what is happening to our beloved Phil. Your research and writing skills are admirable. Hopefully it will make a difference. P.S. Loved your remark about celebrating the 25th anniversary of the opening of the building. Its like raising a child and on its 25th birthday calling it by another name for no reason other than you want a younger sounding name!!!No longer in the LeagueThen there was this letter from Carolyn Erdmann: Kudos to you, Nancy! I truly feel you have hit the nail directly on the head! I am a three-year past president of the Naples Philharmonic League and feel like I have had the air completely knocked out of me. The League has worked very hard since its inception in 1986 to help support the orchestra and its youth music education programs, raising more than $5 million Kathleens first year as CEO she seemed very friendly and willing to help the League in its endeavor to raise funds for the orchestra. It wasnt long before her true colors became clear, she began to change everything, and I mean everything! Change is good if it is done in the right way; but needless to say, that has not been the case. I and many League members have left the organization and will no longer volunteer or donate to the cause! Now the worst of her being CEO has been to slap Myra (Janco Daniels, founder of the Phil) in the face by changing the name of her beloved Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts with the ungodly name Artis Naples. Why? Kathleen and Mary (have an agenda) and it has just begun; lets hope the community comes together and stops this madness before it is too late! Hopefully, her board will wake up too and be big enough to admit their huge mistake! Dont hold your breath There are many stories patrons and friends of the Philharmonic could tell, but as you said in your article, where are the 3,000 persons contacted by Kathleen, Mary and the board for their input? I, for one, no longer receive any info from the Phil, even though I was a member of the Philharmonic League!Free professional adviceNeapolitan Alan Stone, who says that hes written to Ms. van Bergen and also to the Naples Daily News, gave this reaction from his professional experience: My wife and I agree with you 100 percent. Id like to add one point based on my 42 years in advertising and promotion working with major corporations such as IBM, Campbells Soup, VW and Philips Electronics. It is much, much easier and far less expensive to extend a well-known brand than to create a new one. If van Bergen believes that not enough people know that the Baker Museum is part of The Phil, a simple ad campaign can inform the public of that relationship as well as any other of their venues/projects. It is called Umbrella Advertising and it is, and has been, effectively utilized by many major, and not so major, companies. Im sure that there are many retired advertising and promotion executives in our community who would be willing to serve on an ad hoc committee to advise Ms. van Bergen how to implement such a program. I would be one of the first to volunteer. Thats a pretty amazing offer, I think. Free promotional and advertising advice! Think of the thousands or hundreds of thousands that would save. Another person, who asked not to be quoted by name, wrote that when they read the first press release, they were sorely tempted to call Ms. van Bergen and offer their professional PR damage control services at no charge. The letter read: My advice wouldve been: Take it back, apologize to Naples, and cut your losses Forgiveness is still possible. The above letter also had a P.S.: I have been a season subscriber and/ or an individual ticket buyer since the day it opened, and nope, I did not get a survey. There are many things about this letter that stand out to me. One is that its a PR specialists take on the situation, and obviously sees this entire name change as a disaster, so much so that they considered offering free damage control services. Its not too late: Ms. van Bergen can fix things, as they put it. And then, in a generosity of spirit, they say, Forgiveness is still possible. Of course, you can only accept forgiveness when you recognize and acknowledge that youve done something wrong. Want to share your thoughts? E-mail to n b ARTS COMMENTARY NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C9 SAVETHE PHIL!If you support keeping the name Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Sign this petition and mail to: SAVE THE PHIL COMMITTEE P.O. Box 1546 Naples, Florida 34106 Visit online: www.savethephil.comWe, the undersigned, recognizing that the name of the Philharmonic Center for the Arts is an all-inclusive expression for the support of the arts in all forms and from all sources, which has been branded and become aectionately known locally, nationally and internationally as the Phil over the past twenty-ve years, do hereby vehemently object to changing its name to Artis-Naples, and, as a result, creating a new, unknown and unrecognizable image for no apparent good reason, such that we may no longer feel able to continue our full support as we have in the past. Sign Print Sign Print Sign Print P UZZLE ANSWER S Get great deals on Florida Weekly merchandise at Visit us online at CALL TODAY (239) 947-8383 WE GUARANTEE THE LOWEST PRICES IN TOWN! GIFT CARDS AVAILABLE! 27570 OLD 41 ROAD (3 BLOCKS NORTH OF BONITA BEACH ROAD)OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9:30-5:30 WWW.POTTERYASART.COM Just Arrived!HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!$20 OFF $100 OR MOREOR FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER $500Not to be combined with any other offers. One coupon per customer. Expires 5/31/13


L O T S A L O B S T E R ! Waterfront Dining Friday, Sunday Saturday, TWO 1 pound lobsters with Lunch, Dinner & Sunday Brunch Established 1976 263-9940 Established 1979 263-2734 fries and slaw or black beans and rice $26.95 Expires 6/2/2013 Not good with any other offer. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Bravo to the determined Bovine. While others might give up, you continue to search for answers. Expect your Taurean tenacity to begin paying off by weeks end. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) You might want to consider stepping back from the task at hand for a while. This could help you get a better perspective on what youve done and what still needs to be done. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Your keen Cancerian insight should help you determine whether a new offer is solid or just more fluff n stuff. The clues are all there waiting for you to find them. LEO (July 23 to August 22) Being ignored is difficult for any proud Leo or Leona. But pushing yourself back into the spotlight might be unwise. Instead, let things work themselves out at their own pace. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Trying to uncover a colleagues secret under the pretext of showing concern is ill-advised. Control your curiosity to avoid raising resentment in the workplace. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) Expect to hear good news about a loved one. Also, be prepared for some changes in several family relationships that could develop from this lucky turn of events. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Some surprises are expected to accompany a number of changes that will continue through part of next week. At least one could involve a romantic situation. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) You might be upset by some of your critics. But most of your associates continue to have faith in your ability to get the job done, and done well. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A workplace goal that suddenly seems out of reach is no problem for the sure-footed Goat, who moves steadily forward despite any obstacles placed in his or her way. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Uncertainty about who is right and who isnt might keep you from making a clear-cut decision. Wait until you know more about what youre being asked to decide. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) Be careful to keep your emotions in check when dealing with a demanding personal situation. You need to set an example of strength for others to follow. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Lots of possibilities begin to open up by midweek. Some seem more appealing than others. But wait for more facts to emerge later on before you consider which to choose. BORN THIS WEEK: You have an extraordinary ability to rally people to do their best. You would be a treasure as a teacher. 013 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. 013 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. PUZZLES HOROSCOPES STAR WHO NEVER TUMBLED By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C9 SEE ANSWERS, C9


The IncrediblesFeaturing the voices of Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter & Samuel L. Jackson Rated: PG LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.254.1080 | Free Admission Lawn Chairs Welcome UPCOMING EVENTSMERCATO NIGHTS MUSIC SERIES Randy Stephens & The Blue Shades June 6 | 6-9pm SATURDAY NIGHTS ALIVE June 8 | 7-9pm MOVIES ON THE LAWN Transformers June 18 | Dusk TUESDAY, MAY 21st, 8:15pOn the lawn across from Silverspot Cinema and MASANAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C11 Is it worth $10? NoHistory affords us the benefit of looking past an eras ugly indiscretions and focusing on the higher points of a time gone by. The time period is then remembered with fond nostalgia rather than regret, which is a salient point to mention when discussing director Baz Luhrmanns The Great Gatsby. Preferential hindsight abounds in his glossy adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgeralds famed 1925 novel. However, this alone is not enough to make the movie a success. The year is 1922. Our narrator, the humble, nave Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire), is a bond salesman in New York City who lives in Long Island next to the sprawling mansion of the ominous Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). Jays intentions with Nick are obvious: He wants to get close to Nicks cousin Daisy (Carey Mulligan), whom Jay once loved but hasnt seen in five years. For her part, Daisy is now married to Tom (Joel Edgerton), a philandering millionaire whose own affair with a crazy gold digger named Myrtle (Isla Fisher) is common knowledge to all. The production design, costumes and brash visual style (side note: Look away when you see a toy airplane, as the camera is about to plummet to the ground and give you vertigo, especially if you see it in 3D) all offer a bright, gaudy sheen of roaring 0s opulence. What Mr. Luhrmann intended was to capture the glee of affluence in a decade of overindulgence, highlighted by Jays overpopulated parties in which everyone was invited but few even knew who he was. In this regard, mission accomplished. The pacing, however, is another issue. At 143 minutes, this film is easily 20 minutes too long. Its also a flaw to have the boring Nick tell the story. Hes not a compelling character, his innocence offers little perspective of value, and Mr. Maguire is forced to play down his charisma because he knows the focus is on Daisy, Tom and Jay. The fact that Nick is the narrator in the book is irrelevant: The movie either works on its own terms or it doesnt, and in this case it doesnt. This is a shame, too, because lost in the narrative ennui are fine performances from Mr. Edgerton, Ms. Mulligan and especially Mr. DiCaprio. Jay is a complicated, self-made man shrouded in mystery. We often dont know what to believe about him, but we do always like him. Mr. DiCaprio plays him as a dreamer, idealist and hopeless romantic, thereby showcasing positive features of a man we also know was a bit of a swindler. Jay is in many ways the epitome of the lavish, hedonistic 1920s: glistening and naughty on the outside, gravely flawed on the inside. As he did in Moulin Rouge, Mr. Luhrmann includes covers of modern pop music hits, though in this case the anachronisms dont add much flair to the proceedings. Ironically, the most memorable musical sequence comes with the culmination of the first party as George Gershwins 1924 Rhapsody in Blue accompanies a fireworks celebration by the pool on a perfect New York summer evening. The energy, editing and emotion of the moment are palpable and genuine. The Great Gatsby wouldve benefitted from more of the same. Unfortunately, the flaws of the film render the final verdict unkind. LATEST FILMSThe Great Gatsby >> Originally scheduled to open Christmas Day 2012, The Great Gatsby was pushed back so director Baz Luhrmann could have more time to work on the 3D and, given that Django Unchained also opened on Christmas Day, so the studio could avoid two Leonard DiCaprio movies opening at the same time. FILM CAPSULESIron Man 3 (Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley) Iron Man (Mr. Downey Jr.) faces off against the Mandarin (Mr. Kingsley), a terrorist whos killing innocent American civilians. There are a few nice action sequences and Downey is charming, but on the whole its a bit of a let down. Rated PG-13.To The Wonder (Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Javier Bardem) American tourist Neil (Mr. Affleck) and the French Marina (Ms. Kurylenko) fall in love when he visits France, but things change when they move back to the states. Its hardly conventional storytelling from writer/ director Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life); the film plays more like an elegiac poem that a narrative feature. Thats not a compliment, as its too dense for its own good. Rated R.


FLORIDA WRITERSBad weather swirls around the coldest of cases Heart of Ice by P.J. Parrish. Pocket Books. 432 pages. $7.99. By now, mystery readers are well aware of the many awards won by the writing sisters who publish their jointly written Louis Kincaid novels under the name of P.J. Parrish. One of the sisters, Kristy Montee, lives in Fort Lauderdale; the other, Kelly Nichols, lives in Michigan. Both states are used as settings for the adventures of Louis Kincaid, a black Florida private detective who hopes to resume his career as a policeman. Heart of Ice brings Kincaid to northern Michigan, specifically to Mackinac Island. Two personal reasons draw him there in the fall of 1990: First, Kincaid discovers that he is the father of a 10-year-old girl, Lily, who lives on the island. Secondly, he needs to reunite with girlfriend Joe Frye, who is working in Michigan as a law enforcement officer. Exploring Mackinac Island with young Lily leads to an accident in an abandoned lodge, where Lily falls through rotting floorboards and onto a pile of bones. Soon, Kincaid is assisting the local police chief, Jack Flowers, with the case. Flowers is a good man, but it seems as if hes out of his depth with this one. Because of an initialed ring found at the site, a ring from a private school in the area, the remains are tentatively identified as those of a teenage girl from a prominent family who disappeared some 21 years earlier. Julie Chapman never returned from Christmas break during her senior year. It looks like a murder case. Among the young womans bones are the bones of an unborn child. The complications are many. The secrecy of the Chapman family makes the investigation difficult. Bad feelings between Kincaid and a higher-up police officer named Rasky, and also between Flowers and Rasky, cause additional tension. The background information about Julie Chapmans boyfriend, the sexual abuse she suffered from her brother Ross, and the creepy skull collection of an autistic recluse (Julies skull was not found among the bones) who lives nearby pull the investigation in several directions. Thinking at first that his contribution to the case will be extremely short-term, Kincaid soon needs to begin adjusting the time of his reunion with Joe Frye. Eventually, she travels to be with him and joins the investigation team. Author Parrish is extremely successful in giving a rounded picture of the pushes and pulls between these two characters. Kincaids need to find a deeper understanding about the future of their relationship is one more complication in the novel. Then theres the weather. The fierce hold of winter on this remote region has the force of another major character, blocking over and over the larger and smaller transits that work through the plot. Its hard to be outdoors, and sometimes hard to be indoors as well. After the summer population leaves, the hardy souls who remain seem to exist in ice-bound slow motion. Early and late in the novel, characters fall through the fragile portions of the ice cover which in its strongest, thickest areas links the island with the nearby mainland. The bleak setting reflects the bleak circumstances, outer and inner, of characters struggling to escape retribution, to pierce the webs of secrecy and damaged relationships, to restore lost self-confidence and penetrate the twin mysteries of the missing girl and the pile of bones. Readers are in for plenty of surprises as the well-crafted plot offers many startling revelations and quite a few false trails as well. The P.J. Parrish ladies have a deft touch with characterization and an eye for detail. But be prepared. Put on your emotional mackinaw. Heart of Ice will make you shiver with fear, so put on your emotional mackinaw. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. Kristy Montee and Kelly NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 Call (239) 649-2275 for Reservations Naples Princess Naples P rin cess The Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water. Naples Princess...UPCOMING SPECIAL EVENTSTuesday, May 21st Sounds of Sinatra with Tony AvalonThursday, May 30th Wine Tasting with DecantedCall for Reservations WINE BEER TASTINGS


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Best ValuelBest Amenities lBest Worldwide Connections Immerse yourself in the wonders of Africa on an inspiring journey across the continent by private jet. Your travel takes you to seven countries in 19 days, revealing destinations as diverse as the Serengeti, Victoria Falls and ancient Ethiopia at their most exclusive and authentic. Travel in comfort aboard a privately chartered Boeing 737 with a small party of just 40 guests. Experience luxury amenities and insider-access opportunities throughout in ultimate comfort. Your special guest for this tour will be Geoffrey Kent, A&Ks pioneering founder. Save $500 per couple on new A&K Journeys booked by June 30, 2013.* Donna Christensen, CTA, DSSenior Travel Specialist, 20+ years of travel experience I have had the opportunity to explore Africa by private jet. Its a combination of two incredible and unforgettable experiences of a lifetime. With only 40 seats, this trip will sell out quickly so call me for details today. Set sail on an unforgettable voyage! Intimate ships with just 104 or 225 suites allow Seabourn to visit hidden destinations where larger ships cant go. Gracious service is provided by a staff that is passionate about pleasing guests. Voted Worlds Best Small-Ship Cruise Line 2012, 2011, 2009, 2007 by Travel + Leisure. Cond Nast Traveler Gold List 1994-2013 19 consecutive years! Seabourns Suite Sale offers extraordinary values, complimentary veranda upgrades, $1,000 per suite shipboard credit on penthouse and premium suites. Preferred Travel of Naples offers exclusive amenities like a private car and driver in select ports or shipboard credit on nearly 250 Seabourn sailings. Reserve your new Seabourn cruise by May 24, 2013, and receive up to $100 per suite shipboard credit.* Lillian Rudd, CTC, DSSenior Travel Specialist, 20+ years of travel experience My clients love the all inclusive value, high level of service and world-class restaurants. They really enjoy the ports since they are usually the only ship there. My favorite spot on Seabourn Odyssey is Seabourn Square, a new twist on the traditional ships lobby. Its an ideal location to meet new friends. Extraordinary voyages. Exceptional value. Voted the Worlds Best more than any other cruise line, hotel or resort in history. Journey with Crystal, and enjoy extraordinary service and choices. Now, the all-inclusive convenience of complimentary services includes fine wines, premium spirits, gratuities and specialty restaurants. Enjoy the best, at the best value. Preferred Travel of Naples offers exclusive amenities like a private car and driver in select ports or shipboard credit on 120 Crystal cruise sailings. Reserve your new Crystal cruise by June 6, 2013, and receive up to $500 savings per stateroom on most 2013, 2014 or published 2015 voyages.* Bo GoverSenior Travel Specialist, 25+ years of travel experience Crystals service and food is outstanding, and they have the best entertainment at sea! I enjoy world-renowned lecturers on board. My clients love the wide array of educational activities such as Yamaha keyboard lessons, language, computer and photography classes. Tauck is a world leader in upscale, guided travel with nearly 100 inspiring land and cruise itineraries in 60+ countries. Along with being named the Worlds Best River Cruise Line by Travel + Leisure the company also has been named the Worlds Best Tour Operators & Safari Outfitters in each of the last 15 years. Taucks new partnership with award-winning filmmaker Ken Burns offers exclusive events. Theme driven, one-ofa-kind travel experiences include exclusive access, personalized, concierge service and behind the scenes insights from noted experts. Susan ValentineSenior Travel Specialist, 26+ years of travel experience Our clients love Tauck! Once they travel with them, they continue to discover the world with Tauck. I was invited to an exclusive Ken Burns Tauck event in Washington, D.C. We had insider access to behind the scenes private events that included a tour of the Library of Congress and dinner in the National Archives. It was amazing!Reserve a new Tauck reservation by May 24, 2013, and receive a $50 per person savings.*(239) 261-1177 ~ (800) 523-3716www.preferrednaples.comSunTrust Building at Pelican Bay 801 Laurel Oak Drive Suite 300 Hablamos Espanol


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C17 Get Your Veuve On!Naples Best Champagne Happy Hour Every Friday from 5 to 6pm. Enjoy specially priced delectable fare and libations. $5 Veuve Flutes $5 Select Cocktails and Wine $5 Select Appetizers 475 Seagate Drive, Naples, FL 34103 | (Bar) 239.594.6000 | FEATURING: Prices subject to change without notice. THIS WEEK ON WGCUTV THURSDAY, MAY 16, 9 P.M. Doc Martin Perish Together as Fools Martin is shocked to find Louisa and Aunt Joan knocking at his door before his office has opened. Louisa has had a medical scare and wants Martins reassurance. FRIDAY, MAY 17, 9 P.M. The Queens Palaces Buckingham Palace Fiona Bruce reveals how the palace emerged from a swampy backwater in just 300 years. SATURDAY, MAY 18, 10:30 P.M. Yes Minister Right Hon. James Hacker attempts to make officialdom and administration make sense while pushing his own agenda and keeping his head above nasty political waters. SUNDAY, MAY 19, 8 P.M. Call the Midwife Fred is in high spirits when his pregnant daughter and her son arrive to stay with him. Jennys jubilation comes in the form of a potential love interest. MONDAY, MAY 20, 9 P.M. American Masters: Mel Brooks The comedy giant shares never-beforeheard stories about his life and career. TUESDAY, MAY 21, 9 P.M. Constitution USA with Peter Sagal Created Equal? It took the Fourteenth Amendment to make equality a constitutional right. Today, its being used to fight for same-sex marriage, voting rights, affirmative action and immigration reform. WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 8 P.M. Nature: The White Lions The story of two remarkable and extremely rare white lion cubs growing up on the Savanna. American Masters: Mel Brooks, May 20 Contact us today to schedule your treatment!239-352-5554 or visit www.dr-pena.comAs seen on the Today Show with Kathie Lee! Skin tightening as well as targeted fat v olume reduction Fast treatment no downtime Body and Face treatments Completel y noninvasive and painless E xcellent results in 4 sessions or lessMUFFIN TOP WEIGHING YOU DOWN? EXILISTargeted Fat Reduction and Facial Rejuvenation Warm Sculpting La Piel Spa 239.348.7362 6370 Pine Ridge Road | Suite 101 Naples, FL 34119www.dr-pena.comFRAXEL LASER RESURFACING NO DOWNTIME, LOOKS LIKE YOU SPENT THE DAY IN THE SUN! CAN BE USED TO TREAT GENERAL SKIN TONE, FINE LINES, ACNE & GENERAL SCARRING, HYPERPIGMENTATION (BROWN SPOTS) MEDIAS # 1 SKIN REJUVENATION TREATMENTFREE CONSULTATION OFFERED TO LEARN MORE. Board Certi ed Plastic Surgeon my smile lines the least bit funny.


(239) 530-2225 489 Bayfront Place, Naples, FLUPCOMING FULL MOON PARTIES:JUNE 21ST: "GONE COUNTRY!" JULY 19TH: "I LOVE THE 80'S!" AUGUST 23RD: "TOGA! TOGA!" "STARS & STRIPES" MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND TAVERN ON THE BAY WANTS YOU! TO WEAR RED WHITE & BLUE!FEATURING CIROC RED WHITE, & BLUE COCKTAILS! PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS TO MOST PA TRIOTIC PATRONS! FULL MOON FRIDAYS ARE BACK! KICK OFF THE SUMMER RIGHT! FRIDAY MAY 24TH 8:00PM is... FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 APPETIZER Blackened Sea Scallops with pineapple-mango salsa and agave nectar SCOTCH PAIRING: Macallan 12 SALAD Shulas Steak House Salad with romaine and mixed greens, cucumbers, hearts of palm, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and Shulas vinaigrette SCOTCH PAIRING: Macallan 15 Fine Oak ENTRE SHULA CUT 12oz. Bone-in Filet Mignon with potato gratin, grilled asparagus and barnaise SCOTCH PAIRING: Macallan 18 DESSERT Seasonal Berries in an almond orentine basket with whipped cream and raspberry coulis SCOTCH PAIRING: Highland Park 18 LOCAL MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLEBENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP INCLUDE: CARDIOVASCULAR & STRENGTH TRAINING | PILATES & YOGA | ORGANIC SPA OUTDOOR POOLS | LAZY RIVER | POOLSIDE CABANAS | DINING GOLF RECIPROCALS | YACHT CLUBDowntown Naples Signature Tennis & Fitness Club1800 Tamiami Trail East | Naples, Florida 34112 239.530.5111 | French urns adorn rooms with 18th-century styleWhat sells at antique shops and shows is determined by customers who might like traditional, modern, eclectic, country, art deco, arts and crafts, victorian, Western or many other styles. Preferences are influenced by age, location and what a collector remembers from Moms and Grandmas houses. French porcelain has been popular since the 18th century, and large urns still sell quickly. While Sevres porcelain is the best-known, there were many other designers and factories. Large urns were made by the end of the 18th century to be used in large rooms with high ceilings or in gardens. Those that look like a large flower pot on a pedestal held plants or flowers. Most were placed on the floor. Those that narrowed at the top and had a cover and elaborate decorations were strictly ornamental. They were put on a low table or a fireplace mantel to be admired. All of them are called urns, and the decorated ones often are called Sevresstyle. Of course, the original old urns made by the Sevres factory are the most desirable and most expensive. But some of the Sevresstyle urns by others sell for high prices, too. The quality of the work, the amount of gold trim and the beauty of the decoration set the price. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000. Most popular are pictures of masses of flowers or landscapes that include well-dressed people. Q: I bought a piece of property that happened to have a mobile home parked on it. Once I bought the property, I owned the mobile home, too. The three-piece bedroom set in the mobile home includes a bed, dresser and chest of drawers. The mark inside a drawer on the dresser and chest is Henredon Fine Furniture. What can you tell me about the company and the sets value? A: Henredon Furniture Co. was founded in Morgantown, N.C., in 1945, so the bedroom set was not made before that year. The Henredon brand name has been owned by Furniture Brands, Inc., based in St. Louis, since 2001. Henredon furniture is known to be of high quality, but your set would sell as used furniture, not as antique furniture. Try to sell it locally it is expensive to ship furniture a long way. Q: I know about Teco pottery and its matte green vases, but I just heard the company also made tiles. Is that true? A: Yes. A color ad in a 1913 catalog shows a variety of tile murals and single tiles used for trim made by Teco. Other tiles are also pictured. Earlier black-andwhite ads show different tiles. Teco advertised that it made architectural terra cotta, Teco and garden pottery and wall, KOVEL: ANTIQUES p l p t p


floor and art tile until 1917 or later. Q: Years ago, I took a chance and won a basket of cheer at a church bazaar. I still have one of the unopened bottles from that basket. Its a bottle of Benedictine liqueur with a red seal on the front and a label that reads D.O.M. and proof. I figure its an antique and would like to sell it, but I dont know how to go about it. A: Benedictine is an herbal liqueur that has been produced in France since the 1860s. D.O.M. has been its motto since the beginning and stands for Deo Optimo Maximo, which can be translated as Praise be to God, most good, most great. Bacardi owns the brand today. Your bottle is not an antique, since it has to date from after the end of Prohibition in the United States. But it was bottled before the liqueurs alcohol content was lowered to 80 proof. U.S. liquor laws come into play when you want to sell a full bottle of an alcoholic beverage, even a bottle some might consider collectible. Some national auctions hold special whiskey auctions every year. Unless you just spread the word among your friends and acquaintances to sell your bottle, you might try contacting a nationally known auction house. Your bottle might sell for $50 or more. Q: Our statue of a peasant girl is 25 inches tall. She is sitting on a tree stump and holds a basket of cherries on her lap. On the round base, theres a plaque in the shape of a scroll that says La Cerises par Cana. Wasnt there a famous 19th-century French sculptor named Cana? How can I find out what its worth? A: Louis Emile Cana (184 5-1895) was a French sculptor of bronzes, but he specialized in sculpting animals. Another French sculptor, Francois Hippolyte Moreau (1832-1927) created a bronze sculpture titled Les Cerises (The Cherries) that matches the description of yours. His original bronzes are signed with his name. Known copies signed like yours were made of spelter, a zinc alloy. Still, if yours is one of those and is in excellent condition, it could sell for several hundred dollars. An original Moreau is worth more than $2,000. Tip: When repairing a table or toy, take digital pictures at each stage. Even photograph the screws and nails so you can put everything back in the same place. The photos in reverse order are a step-bystep guide to what to do. Terry Kovel answers as many questions as possible through the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of any photograph, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The volume of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019. A courting couple is pictured on this Sevres-style porcelain urn. It has gilt metal mounts and a lid. The 17-inch urn sold for $1,750 at a 2013 Leslie Hindman auction in Chicago. ITALIAN STEAK FEAST ~DINNER FOR TWO $29.95TENDER SIRLOIN STEAK SEASONED, GRILLED & TOPPED WITH MUSHROOM MARSALA WINE SAUCE ONE BOTTLE OF CK MONDAVI WINE, YOUR CHOICE OF CABERNET OR CHARDONNAY(served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables ) All early bird orders must be placed by 6 PM in order to receive promotional pricing.For more information call Seth or Tom 239.592.0050 1585 Pine Ridge Road, Naples, FL N ITALIAN STEAKFEASTDI N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N ERFORTWO$2995 ITALIA N N N S TEAKFEASTDI N N N N N N N N N N N N N N E E RFORTWO$2995 Early Bird Special Oer expires May 31, 2013ITALIAN STEAK FEAST ~ 2 FOR $29.95 LADIES NIGHTThursday, 6pm-10pm$4 feature wines by the glass $4 feature martinis $4 atbreads Live Entertainment!FEATURING David Cole 6:00-700 Blues Boys 7:00-8:00 Bill Colletti 8:00-10:00The Mercato of Naples: 9118 Strada Place 239.598.5601 Call (239) 597-6722 For More Information on Tickets or Dance, Drama, Music...NPAC Where Excellence is Achieved!Naples Performing Arts Center offers a Diverse Curriculum, that fosters Creativity, builds Self Esteem, and develops our Students life long love for the Arts.May 24th & May 25th, 7pmPalmetto Ridge High SchoolTickets $15 THE NAPLES PERFORMING ARTS CENTERS MUSICAL THEATER COMPETITION TEAMproudly presentsBook by: Thomas Meehan | Music by : Charles Strouse Lyrics by: Martin Charnin Choreography by: Steven G. Kennedy for iTheatrics Executive Producer: Timothy A. McDonald, Chairman of iTheatrics NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C19


475 SEAGATE DRIVE, NAPLES, FL 34103 RENEW. RELAX. REJUVENATE. Guests of Waldorf Astoria Spa will nd a place to renew mind, body and spirit in the sanctuary of an indoor-outdoor spa village in the Japanese tradition, amid exquisite gardens. Architecture, landscaping and water features are interwoven to create an atmosphere of harmony, beauty and tranquility. To reserve your service or for more information, please call 239.594.6321 or visit SPA 239.431.6341NaplesDesignerDivas.comThe Shoppes at Vanderbilt Suite 1362355 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Naples naples designer divasNo Appt. Necessary Resale Cash on the Spot We Buy & Consign Items in Mint Condition 12-18 Months Young 20% OFF with this ad. Expires 5-23-13 now buying and selling all fashion trendy clothing DESIGNERS ANTHROPOLOGIE | BCBG | BURBERRY CACHE | CHANEL | COACH | FENDI FREE PEOPLE | GUCCI | JIMMY CHOO JUICY COUTURE | KATE SPADE LIL Y PULITZER | LOUIS VUITTON MICHAEL KORS | TIFFANY & CO. TORY BURCH | VERA BRADLEY WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKETPlus High-End Brands for Women, Men and Juniors New Items Below Wholesale Prices! C20 WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes. True Neapolitan Pizza and Authentic Italian FoodVOTED #2 Pizzeria in Southwest Florida by Jean Leboeut of The News Press. Good for use Sunday thru Thursday. Not to be combined with any other offers. EXPIRES 9/30/13 Good for use Sunday thru Thursday. Not to be combined with any other offers. EXPIRES 9/30/13The work of Lawrence Voytek will be on display at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery from May 17 June 22. An opening reception will be held from 6-8 p.m. Friday, May 17, where Mr. Voytek will present a gallery talk at 7 p.m. Mr. Voytek was the director of art production for Robert Rauschenberg for more than 28 years, and has consulted for art installation, fabrication and restoration with renowned national and international museums and galleries. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and the San Francisco Art Institute. His work can be found in many corporate and private collections. For more information on his work, visit The gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The gallery is located on the Edison College campus at 8099 College Pkwy. For more information, call 4899313 or visit www.rauschenberggallery. com. New exhibit comes to the Rauschenberg Gallery BOB RAUSCHENBERG GALLERY / COURTESY PHOTO BARBECUE IS WHAT WE DO LET US DO IT FOR YOU!In Lee & Collier Counties Call Our Catering Manager at (239) 209-0940 Catering Services from 25 5,000 Catering! Our Award Winning Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Pork and Beef accompanied by our homemade Cole Slaw and Baked Beans can be brought to your event by our mobile char-grill.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 C21 CONTRACT BRIDGEThe anti-percentage playBY STEVE BECKERThere are times when a player must abandon the so-called percentage play because his common sense tells him that the play favored by the percentages cannot succeed. For example, take this deal where South gets to four hearts on the bidding shown and West leads the nine of spades. East wins with the jack and plays the A-K of spades. Declarer ruffs with the ten and draws trumps, ending in his hand. South next leads the ten of diamonds, losing the finesse to East's king. Back comes a diamond, declarer taking the ace and then the queen. South is now at the crucial stage of the play. He has lost three tricks, so he cannot afford to lose a club trick. If he follows the standard approach of leading the nine of clubs to the king and then finesses the jack, he winds up down one. But if South is alive to the situation, as he should be, he rejects this line of play. He remembers that East passed originally and has already shown up with the A-K-J of spades and the king of diamonds. East therefore cannot have the queen of clubs, since he surely would have opened the bidding had he held that card as well. So declarer credits West with the club queen and adjusts his play accordingly. He leads the jack of clubs at trick ten, planning to let the jack ride if West follows low. If West covers the jack with the queen, declarer wins with dummy's king, returns a club, finesses the nine and so makes the contract. True, South has to be lucky to find East with the ten of clubs, but this is manufactured rather than random good luck. LeD Dinner!Wereopennightsforyou, withhomedeliveryuntil9PM. Outstandingkidsmealsareallunder$3.60 soyoucanspendsomequalityfamilytime atdinnerwithoutspendingafortune.FortMyers13550Reflections239-590-9994 Naples2700Immokalee239-593-9499 CapeCoral2311SantaBarbara239-458-8700 PortCharlotteUSHwy.41&776941-235-3354Orderonline: NOODLES P P P R R E S E E N T T T S : : La Super Estrella del Vallenato J J E E E A A N N N C C A R R R L O O S C C E E N N T T E N N N O O Cantante Historico Original Del B B I I N N N O O M M M I O O D E E E O R R OSabado 18 de MayoPu e e r ta s s Abr e e n a las 1 0 0 0 pm DJ G G ER M M ANM ezclan d d d o en V i v v o La Mej o o r Mu s s ica COL O O O MBIANA Pre V ent a a Solo $4 0 0 0 H H ot s s ted b y y A N N DRES P AZ: 23 9 9 9 -250-31 8 8 8 Con sus Exitos: Nina Bonita, Me Ilusione, Me Vas A Extranar, Un Recuerdo Que Mata, Olividala, Volvio El Dolor, Quiero Que Seas Mi Estrella & Muchos Mas


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C23 SOCIETY Celebrating Cinco de Meow for Humane Society Naples at ShulasWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 Karen Kruger, Lindsay Becotte, Marsha Breithaupt and Gisela Rowley 2 Teresa Ferretti, Rachel Johnston and Janet Scher 3 Stacey Schohan and Roberta Blaes 4. Erik Omdahl and Catherine Erickson 5. HSNs new van 6. Isabella 7. Deborah Gresser and Carol Drouin 8. John and Kathy Karpovich 9. Pat Murphy with Skittles 10. Jenna AhmadKelly Lauman and Lauren Fernandez 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10TIM GIBBONS AND STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY

PAGE 76 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC24 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 SOCIETY Derby Day at the Bay House for Naples Equestrian ChallengeWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ OTTENSTEIN / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 Linda and Scott Lowery 2 Audrey Bird 3 Sandy Umlor, Jamie Calla, Danielle Buck, Charles Dendy and Paul Wylie (at back) 4. Brian Dickerson and Loretta Canfield 5. Alice Cutrona and Maggie Degler 6. Laura St. Clair, Pam Reed, Kim Minarich, Missy Saracino and Lea Haven 7. Marielle Kitchener and Michele Harrison 8. Wayne Hemstead and Sandy Scoggins FISHRESTAURANT Located in Venetian Village STEAMED WITH BUTTER AND PARMESAN TRUFFLE FRIESLobster SundayFish: 4360 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., Naples Online Reservations Available


STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C25 SOCIETY The Naples Junior Womans Club Derby Dash at Ridgway Bar & GrillWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ Kyle with Cypress Sifthikidffid H E N D A e w N WRI G HT / WEEKLY w ith Cypress 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 Megan Richards, Blake Becker, Mila Bridger and Rebecca Vaccariello 2 Tears and cheers at the finish 3 Tia Johnson, Kristin Naeolski and Rena Thompson 4. Kristin Vaughn and Eric Olson 5. Julie Fisher, Stephanie Bagshaw, Emily Pepin and Caroline Cilek 6. Magen Laellam, Jo Jo Jennings and Tara Stokes 7. Brian Roland and Nicole Black 8. Allison Durian, Sarah Layton and Shanna Short 9. Joy and Gerry Buck


Tickets available at or visit our Box Oce:Free CommunityDay 5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard, Naples, Florida 34108-2740 239-597-1900 Formerly the Philharmonic Center for the ArtsRae PrizesT-shirtsFace PaintingFun Naples Philharmonic Open Rehearsal BalloonsTreasure HuntThe CafeFree Museum AdmissionDancing Folk ArtYou.Sunday, May 19 noonpm Welcome to Artisthe Phil. Were glad youre part of it. Dinner Daily at 5:00pm Open Sunday for Brunch 10:30-2:00pm Happy Hour 4-6pm Live Music in the Tavern~ THE CLAW BAR at TIERNEYS TAVERN ~OPEN ALL DAY239.591.3837 799 WALKERBILT RD., NAPLES Located off US 41, 1/4 mile North of Immokalee Rd.(239) 591-3837 WWW.BAYHOUSENAPLES.COM ON THE RIVER BEAUTIFUL UPPER NAPLES NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC26 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 VINOLook (north)east to find a nice variety of quality winesEveryone talks about the booming business in wines from California, but theres a quiet revolution occurring on this side of the country, where wines have been made far longer than in California. If you are looking for small production, handcrafted wines, start thinking New York. Predominantly white wines, they are perfect for the summer with their clean, fresh fruit flavors. There are some real values to be had, too, with a sprinkling of world-class dessert wines thrown in (albeit with correspondingly higher prices). Once known as a state producing only bulk wines, New York now boasts smaller wineries making quality wines in several regions of the state. Grape varieties are shifting from the traditional hybrid and native grapes to European varieties such as riesling, gewurztraminer, chardonnay, merlot and cabernet franc. Wine lovers can choose from more than 300 wineries across the state, with two of the best-known regions being Long Island and the Finger Lakes. Both are celebrated for their white wines, mostly riesling and gewurztraminer, while Long Island also produces nice reds from cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot. The white wines are clean and fresh, the dessert wines are luscious, and the reds are traditional in style, with oak aging and complex flavors. These wineries all sell online, as their production is too small to get distribution out of the New York State area. If you have the opportunity to be in New York this summer and can attend one of the big wine festivals, youll be able to sample wines from many different producers. Here are two coming: Finger Lakes Wine Festival, July 12-14; Hudson Valley Wine & Food Fest, Sept 7-8; And here are some selected wineries and wines, with tasting notes from their websites: Bedell Cellars, Long Island; Merlot 2010 ($30): Full-bodied and juicy with fine ripe tannins. Heady aromas of dark berry fruit, violets and cedar envelop flavors of native brambles, wild beach plums, anise and savory herbs. Gallery 2010 ($60): Unique blend of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier ... The nose is ripe with sweet, exotic notes of lemongrass and honeysuckle that linger along with flavors of caramel, vanilla and toast. This is the first New York wine to be served at a presidential inauguration. Dr. Franks Vinifera Cellars, Finger Lakes; Dr. Frank Riesling Dry 2012 ($15): Zesty acidity enhances the lively floral and tangerine flavors of this wine. Dr. Frank Gewurztraminer 2012 ($15): The 2012 Gewrztraminer has aromas of basil, tangerine, orange blossom and candied bananas. Dr. Frank Riesling, Bunch Select Late Harvest 2008, 375ml ($70): The 2008 Late Harvest Riesling was produced in the traditional trockenbeerenauslese (TBA) style. Having tried it some years back, I recall this as a lush wine with honeyed apricot flavors and a long-lasting finish. Fox Run Vineyards, Finger Lakes; Dry Riesling 2012 ($18): Aromas of lime zest and wet rocks In the mouth, this wine displays abundant citrus with tree fruit flavors and mouthwatering acidity. Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard, Finger Lakes; Dry Riesling 2012 ($18): Hints of lime and orange blossom on the nose set the stage for a succulent palate of apricot and grapefruit ... trademark minerality creates a beautiful texture that carries into a long, lingering finish. Gewurztraminer 2012 ($25): A vivid, flowery bouquet with hints of peach and spice masterfully prepares the way for a silky mouthful of melon and a touch of coriander. Standing Stone Vineyards, Finger Lakes; Gewurztraminer 2010 ($15): Rich aromas of lavender and rose show that this HAS to be Gewrztraminer! Mouth filling, with round and lengthy notes on the finish. Vidal Ice 2011, 375ml ($25): Remarkably balanced, with bold apricot flavors and bright melons and citrus. I have one bottle left of the 2010 vintage waiting to be opened. It was delicious when tried last. Riesling Ice 2012, 375ml ($25): Vibrant, rich lemon and citrus flavors tingle on the tongue. Nice balance of acidity with a beautiful lingering finish. Red Tail Ridge Winery, Finger Lakes; Dry Riesling Estate Grown 2011 ($19): Orange blossom and citrus aromatics. Lemon and lime peel flavors with melon and wet granite. Nice weight mid-palate with mouthwatering acidity in the finish. Semi-Dry Riesling Estate Grown 2011 ($16): Aromatics of passion fruit, mango and pineapple edged with flint. More pineapple and mango flavors on the palate, combined with lime juice and pickled ginger. Tropical notes on the palate are balanced by a tart, citrus peel finish. Roanoke Vineyards, Long Island; www .r oanok Cabernet Franc 2009 ($34): extremely smooth finish that complements the big black cherry flavors that drive this wine. Great structure, elegant and wonderfully versatile when it comes to food pairings.Standing Stone Vidal Ice 2010 p o Y b w a JIM MCCRACKEN / FLORIDA WEEKLY


CUISINESouth Fork Grille headed in the right directionSouth Fork Grille opened last October at Coconut Point, assuming the former location of The Grape, which was essentially a wine bar with food that never quite found its footing as a dining destination. More than six months later, there remains something tentative about South Fork. The Grape identity lingers on the buildings signage and even on the malls website. Some of the enticingsounding dishes we ordered didnt turn out as fully realized as the menu advertised. Is the kitchen committed to delivering on its concept, or is it resorting to shortcuts to get by in offseason? Reviews weve read and heard have been mixed. Whatever the deal is, we hope that South Fork Grille will stick around and pick up its game because it has several things going for it. The menu is relatively short, which should allow greater consistency in the kitchen, yet varied enough to appeal to a range of appetites. Prices are reasonable, especially for a mall that also boasts a successful Ruths Chris Steak House. The wine list also is generous, offering about 50 vintages by the glass ($6.50-$18) and bottle ($25-$65). The service is almost too attentive, though I hesitate to say that because the alternative is far worse; our affable, capable server merely asked a few too many times if we needed anything else. Clearly, South Fork is heading in the right direction. The sidewalk out front was a popular spot when we visited, but the early evening sun was still a little too intense for us, so we ducked inside for a cozy table with comfy purple chairs tucked in a back corner among shelves of wine bottles. The wine I chose happened to be shelved right behind me, the Guardian Peak Frontier Red 2010 from South Africa ($8), a plummy, garnet-hued blend of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and merlot that had a nice long finish. My companion ordered the house sauvignon blanc ($3); when she got a second glass it mysteriously showed up on our bill as Petirrojo ($6.50). We munched on bread and butt er while waiting for the first course. We arrived early enough to take advantage of happy hour appetizer specials. Between 4 and 6:30 p.m., smaller starter portions are available at steep discounts, which is perfect when you just want a taste of something. Arancini ($3 happy hour, $6 regular), for example, can be quite filling as an appetizer, but who can resist tennis-ballsized orbs of creamy rice that are breaded and fried to a golden crisp? If you can, you are a better person than I am. However, these lacked the tang of goat cheese mentioned on the menu, and the wild mushrooms were diced to speck size so they added no significant flavor, either. It was as if the kitchen used whatever leftover risotto they had on hand instead of adding the fillings they promised. (If a restaurant wants to do that, it should eschew detailed menu descriptions to avoid disappointing diners.) No such problem with the sauted mussels ($4 happy hour, $11 regular). A real steal at happy hours, the bowl contained a dozen plump, tender black mussels bathed in a tomato broth that struck a perfect balance between garlic heat and tomato sweet. We asked for more bread to sop up the mingled tomato and mussel juices. We were still doing so when the main course arrived and we had to move on. The 15 entrees vary from quick and basic (cheeseburger) to slow and layered (braised short rib), from light (seared red snapper) to hearty (braised beef tenderloin with gnocchi) and from Italian (Mediterranean capellini) to all-American (roast pork). Though were quickly heading out of winter meat-roasting time to summer self-roasting time, we decided to try the deep-roasted succulent pork ($19). The juicy pork fell apart in shreds upon the touch of a fork and then practically melted on the tongue, its bite long ago mellowed by low, slow heat and melting fat. It was supposed to be topped with crispy cracklings, which were nowhere in sight and would have added a needed contrasting texture to the dish. But we did like the pairing with pureed sweet potatoes that were less sweet than usual and bitter Swiss chard, which added another flavor note to the dish. On the lighter side was the grouper fillet ($24), pan-seared for a golden crust without losing any natural moisture in those giant white flakes of interior meat. The sizeable fillet was draped in a light, citrusy beurre blanc atop a bed of fairly straightforward risotto and more of that sauted chard. Conceptually, the dish truly honored the main attraction by keeping the technique and plating simple and the sauce and sides in the background where they belong. Dessert offerings tend toward the usual suspects Key lime pie, crme brulee, cheesecake except for one: an orangeinfused ricotta pound cake ($8). The ricotta gave it a much lighter texture than the typical pound cake, and the citrus reined in some of the richness. The finishing touch: a scoop of vanilla ice cream flecked with vanilla seeds. Considering how many things South Fork Grille can do right, it certainly should be able to improve consistency and achieve a reliable track record. Send items to South Fork Grille, Coconut Point>> Hours: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-midnight Friday-Saturday, 11 a.m.10 p.m. Sunday >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $6-$14; entrees, $14-$29 >> Beverages: Beer and wine >> Specialties of the house: Contemporary American cuisine >> Volume: Low >> Parking: Free lot >> Website: www.southforkgrille.comRatings: Food: 1/2 Service: Atmosphere: 23161 Village Shops Way, 992-5040 Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor DREW STERWALD / FLORIDA WEEKLY Above: A dozen plump mussels benefit from a warm bath of tomato sauce. Left: A lightly grilled slice of orange-infused ricotta cake is topped with good vanilla ice cream. Above right: Nicely bronzed red grouper, placed atop risotto and laced with beurre blanc. Right: Crunchy-crusted rice balls called arancini satisfy a hankering for simple Italian comfort food. EARLY DINNER2 Entres & a Bottle of Wine by Coastal Vines, CA $ 34.95Offered Sun-Wed 4-10pm Thurs-Sat 4-6pmCannot Combine with Other Promotions 700 Fifth Ave. S., Naples, FL 34102 239.659.7008 | www.V | Live Entertainment Daily from 8:30pmFine Mediterranean Cuisine BAR SPECIALAny 2 Items from our AlFresco Menu & a Bottle of Wine $ 29.95Offered Daily 3:30-7pm In the Bar Lounge OnlyCannot Combine with Other PromotionsLUNCH SPECIALMain Course & Soda, Coffee or Iced Tea $ 12.95Offered Daily for LunchCannot Combine with Other Promotions NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF MAY 16-22, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C27


Your Local Guide to Worldwide Real Estate. 474 ofces in 37 countries on 6 continents 492 ofces in 37 countries on 6 continents 239 692-9449 www.evnaples.com837 Fifth Avenue SouthNaples, FL 34102475 Seagate DriveNaples, FL 34108 Downtown Naples North Naples Aquitaine FrancePrice Upon RequestLake Placid New YorkPrice Upon Request 25 ofces in South Florida


LUXE LIVINGNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYTHE NAPLES LUXURY HOME REDEFINED MAY 2013 Designer Q&AA conversation with Jett Segal 6 In Store Antique and vintage finds14-15 Design SocietyVIP grand opening at California Closets 18 WATERSIDE BUILDERS AND NAPLES REDEVELOPMENT / COURTESY PHOTO A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A n n n a a a a a a a a l l l l l l >>PAGE 3 Respecting the past, infusing the present inHomes that exudehistory


BY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly CorrespondentVisitors might not realize how many historic homes exist in Naples, but locals know these special properties add bounds of charm and value to a neighborhood. The renovated historic houses in Old Naples are particularly joyous places, bright and shiny houses that have so much personality, they just seem happy to see you stroll by. A special eye is required to renovate such precious places, such as that of Matt Kragh, architect with MHK Architecture & Planning, who is working on four historic renovations and has worked on 40 new homes with an historic flair. Most of us see historic homes after theyve been given a sprucing up, but behind the scenes, a world of activity has occurred. Believe it or not, the houses we typically start with are so bad, they are hard to walk into, said Mr. Kragh, who recently had a client who peeked into the windows on their first site visit and refused to go into the house. These houses look to be brand new when they are complete and look as if they were constructed in the early 1900s, but the typical historic house we get as a pallet is sitting on a crumbling, non-reinforced foundation and rivals a medieval outhouse. Mr. Kragh and his team have become known for projects that might otherwise be lost to the hands of time and for new projects that look historic. In addition to making the old livable, the firm is often charged with creating something new that has all the appearances of something old. As with The Gables shown on our cover, new home architecture can mimic old home design and the right design-build team can make it hard to distinguish between the present and the past. The Gables isnt historic, but Mr. Kragh and Naples Redevelopment recreated the shotgun-style house so that it appears to have been built in the 1930s. Its modeled after the historic detailing of the narrow houses, which are also called shotgun cottages or shotgun shacks. Creating historic-styled houses and restoring historic properties is a priority for Mr. Kragh, who defines his practice philosophy by the uniqueness of each site. Although there are many challenges in restoring historic homes, he respects and admires the fact that every such effort reveals different strengths that have stood the test of time. During our restoration process, we are forced to hand-dig new foundations under the existing walls to support the home and bring it up to a 170-mph wind load for our Florida Building Codes, Mr. Kragh said. But the one unique thing about these homes is they are made from Dade pine, which is actually a hardwood that is used today to make furniture. This hardwood skeleton has lasted over 100 years and when you take the skin off of it, the bones look almost brand new, which enables us to work with the existing bones of the houses quite well. The two homes that stand out to Mr. Kragh as the finest examples of Naples historic-home renovations are the Glory Cottage on the corner of 11th Avenue South and Third Street in Old Naples, and Kristen Williams cottage at the corner of Second Avenue South and Third Street. We have a historic renovation under way at the corner of Broad Avenue South and Gulfshore Boulevard, and I believe, when this is complete, it will be the best historic house we have completed to date, Mr. Kragh said. It is being designed for a private client who really loves our designs. Ms. Williams, who has become an expert as a client working alongside Mr. Kragh on multiple projects, grew up in New England in homes that were built in the 1700s or early 1800s. I am at home with crooked floors, low ceilings and small functional spaces, she said. Theres something exciting about retracing the origins of where and when a home was built, and understanding the why and what for that went into building a home. The old adage If these walls could talk speaks to me. I just love listening to the whispers of a house and peeling back the onion, layer by layer.Ms. Williams favorite project is her first project in Naples, one on which she worked with Mr. Kragh at 287 11th Ave. S. in Old Naples. Mr. Kragh added a farmers porch to create massing and depth, which Ms. Williams says made everyone working on the project smile immediately. We all lived and loved every day working on 287, and I know we all still smile when we pass the address on the way to the beach, she said.Listen to your homeMistakes do happen along the way when renovating. Ms. Williams admits MAY 2013 LUXE LIVING 3FLORIDA WEEKLY WATERSIDE BUILDERS AND NAPLES REDEVELOPMENT / COURTESY PHOTOSCOVER STORYRespecting the past, infusing the present inHomes that exudehistoryHistoric homes at 287 11th Ave. S., above left, and 295 Second Ave. S., above, nod to a simpler time when rocking on the front porch was the most important task of the day. Both houses were renovated by the design-build team of Waterside Builders and MHK Architecture & Planning. SEE OLD & NEW, 10-11 TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLYMatt Kragh of MHK Architecture & Planning.


THERE ARE MANY REASONS A HOMEOWNER might go to the expense and time commitment of renovating the room where we all spend most of our time: the master bedroom. Whether its because of dated dcor, making it more livable, space expansion or as part of a wholehouse renovation, changing a bedroom to make it functional and relaxing can involve many steps. Naples homeowners Freddi and Alan Peltz waited a long time to begin their bedroom makeover. The thought of redoing our master bedroom was such a daunting idea that we put off our project for at least five years, said Mrs. Peltz. Then we met Kira and her team and knew that we could face the prospect of redecorating. Mrs. Peltz is referring to designer Kira Krmm, who they hired to complete the 400-square-foot master bedroom renovation in their North Naples home. They wanted to update the dated space with a modern, tranquil haven. Ms. Krmm implemented a few signature elements of her Kira Krmm Koastal aesthetic. We have seen this more and more from clientele a desire to refresh and revitalize their interiors, but either there is not always room in the budget to tackle an entire residence or clients simply do not know where to begin, Ms. Krmm said. The master bedroom is actually my favorite room to redesign because it is such a personal space and it acts as a sanctuary a place for people to rest, recover, be comforted and enjoy personal time away from lifes demands. Ms. Krmm says because the bedroom is such a personal space it allows for creativity, but can be designed to individual needs. It is where we go to escape our hectic lives, rest, relax and revitalize, and with the right balance of soothing, neutral elements, the space can become an enchanting retreat, which is essential for maintaining harmony in all aspects of our lives, she said. Ms. Krmms concept for the Peltz master-bedroom renovation was to create a transitional environment that was elegant and chic, yet exuded the serenity of a spa-like retreat. She arrived at the final look by combining a mix of coastal and classic elements with accents of crystal and silk. Lighting is one of the biggest challenges in making over a bedroom. Many bedrooms do not have ample light for tasks and some are not situated in an area of the house that is conducive to receiving natural light. Custom window treatments are often the solution in these situations. Ms. Krmm revitalized a large bay window at the far end of the bedroom with custom window treatments that allowed natural light to illuminate and add height to the space. She also replaced an outdated mirrored armoire with a custom builtin system to accommodate additional storage space and a large flat-screen TV. Then, she repeated metallic-linen, cream-leather cornice and sheer-silk drapery panel fabrics in the customupholstered headboard and new bedding. Bedside table lamps provide additional lighting atop platinum-finished night stands. The Peltz makeover looks expensive, as if it leapt from the pages of a magazine. But Ms. Krmm says part of her job is to help makeovers remain affordable for homeowners. Contrary to what some people may think, we can really help when it comes to budgeting and making selections that are best for the investment because of our knowledge of the industry, Ms. Krmm said. We can offer various options at different price points and even assist in value engineering designs, and can come up with clever ways to enhance a space and improve it. From bedroom blah to bliss BY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly Correspondent Kira Krmm transformed this master bedroom from seriously outdated to soothing and FLORIDA WEEKLY4 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 PROJECT MAKEOVER COURTESY PHOTOS COURTESY PHOTOS Its where we go to escape our hectic lives, rest, relax and revitalize. With the right balance of soothing, neutral elements, the space can become an enchanting retreat, which is essential for maintaining harmony in all aspects of our lives. Kira Krmm Kira Krmms top tips for a stress-less makeover Start simple. Invest in quality over quantity. Tackle one area of the home rst. Focus on the space you value most. Take time to enjoy the process. Kira Krmm International DesignMiromar Design Center 10800 Corkscrew Road Estero


CLIVE DANIELHOME CD {Even a clearance sale at CDH is modern art!}Olde NaplesClive Daniel Home invites you to visit our newest model by Thursday, May 23 at 2pm Trends in Window TreatmentsCustom window treatments can make a dramatic statement or be a subtle background for your home dcor. CDH Manager of Cut Goods Valarie Ahlers and Interior Designer C. Chad Elkins will present chic window treatments including the latest trends! Learn how these styles can frame a stunning view or enhance the mood of a room. Thursday, May 30 at 2pm Old FloridaThe beauty of Florida is all around us! Why not bring that Old Florida style into your modern home? CDH Interior Designer Susan Petril will show you how to create this look!Clive Daniel Home 2777 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL 34103 239.261.home(4663) www.clivedaniel.comShop Mon through Sat 10am to 6pm Sunday 12 noon to 5pm RSVPJoin us for all the exciting events in-store this month!Info and RSVP online at Victoria N Nicklos 239-572-9800 first-everclearance saleon now! Up to 50% off*our sale prices (thats up to 75% off MSRP)local. original. exceptional.*See store for details. Savings on select clearance items and not applicable to prior sales.


IMAGINE. DESIGN. BUILD. CGC# 1507216 RENOVATIONS-PLUS.COM 239.593.620011983 TAMIAMI TRAIL N., SUITE #110, NAPLES, FL 34110 RENOVATIONS PLUSEXTERIOR OUTDOOR LIVING ROOMS PERGOLAS WOOD TRIMINTERIOR MOLDINGS CROWN MOLDING PAINTING INTERIOR DESIGNWE PROVIDE EXPERT INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICES UPDATE. To become a well-rounded designer requires working on a myriad of projects. Jett Segal specializes in residential new construction, renovations, yachts and model homes. Her list of accolades includes several building industry associations and American Institute of Building Design awards, an Aurora Award from the Southeast Building Conference and a Designer of Distinction award from Miromar Design Center. The owner of Jett & Company Inc., Ms. Segal works with customers out of her offices in Naples and Orlando. Florida Weekly: Whats your favorite design trend? Jett Segal: I am in love with todays trend that blends furnishings from MidCentury, Transitional and Art Deco with remarkable found pieces. These objects could be personal heirlooms, antiques and/or unique works of art that have great interest and bring impact, history and texture to the space. This style works anywhere, whether it is a coastal retreat, a mountain getaway, a home in the suburbs or an urban high-rise. FW: What design trend are you glad thats gone by the wayside? JS: Ive been happy to say goodbye to the heavy, overdone look that pulls the life out of a room. FW: If you could have a celebrity designer come decorate your house, who would it be? JS: I would choose Lillian August. Her design philosophy reflects my own style, and I would feel very comfortable hiring her to do my home. FW: What was the most difficult home youve ever decorated? JS: I dont ever see a difficult home. I see a challenge and the opportunity to address it. Finding creative solutions is almost like a game to me. I love it and thats my passion. FW: If you had the home of your dreams with an unlimited budget, what type of decor would you choose and who would you enlist to help? JS: My favorite dcor is a blend of eclectic and transitional, which allows me to incorporate cutting-edge design elements along with extraordinary key pieces that I have collected or located in my travels. I envision a home that evokes an open, airy, comfortable elegance, with well-appointed luxurious fabrics and outstanding art set against architecturally interesting features. I would definitely enjoy the whole process joined with a team that includes an architect, a builder and other key craftsmen. FW: Please share any advice you have for decorating with things you might find in a treasure shop or antiques store. JS: Antiques stores are one of my favorite places to locate what I call found pieces furniture, art, accessories, etc., that have a history and carry an interest that delights me. The first thing I think of when I am tempted to buy it is where will it fit best and be most prized. FW: Your work has been featured in several publications and media. Where can people find them? JS: Spectacular Homes of Florida, an exclusive showcase of Floridas finest designers, as well as in Dan Saters Ultimate Mediterranean Home Plans Collection and Dan Saters Luxury Home Plans. I have also been featured on HGTVs Luxury Custom Bath special. A CONVERSATION WITH JETT SEGALJETT & COMPANY INC. Jett Segal Jett & Company Inc. Interior Design Studio 732-1717 FLORIDA WEEKLY6 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 DESIGNER Q&A COURTESY PHOTOA living room by Jett Segal


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IT WAS A GRAND OLD HOUSE, PRESIDING over the crest of the steepest hill in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, the front windows looking straight down Victoria Avenue to the Bay of Fundy. It wasnt even on the list of showings the real estate agent who was squiring my mother around town one day in 1961 had set up. They had spent hours going in and out of much smaller and newer houses places more like the splitlevel we would leave behind in Montreal when we moved to the Maritimes for my fathers new job. While Dad was being introduced around the office, Mom was finding fault in listing after listing. Then the agent turned up Victoria toward King Street, and the house at the top of the hill came into view as did a For Sale sign at the foot of the winding gravel driveway. My mother was smitten. For the rest of her life, through four more addresses as my fathers work moved us from Wolfville to Tennessee to North Carolina, she would say it was the only time a house had ever called to her, Come in. Welcome. 11 King St. wasnt on the list of showings the agent had set up for my mother that day back in 1961. Why would it have been? It was older (circa 1919, which meant high maintenance and even higher heating bills), big (really big, as in full basement and attic, five bedrooms, three sunrooms, four fireplaces, front and back staircases and a butlers pantry these plus the kitchen, den and formal living and dining rooms, all of a size to suit a house of such grandeur) and in need of some TLC. It was the exact opposite of what my parents had told the agent they were in the market for. But Mom coaxed the agent into knocking on the door. Fingers crossed, they hoped the sellers would say come in. You know where this is going. Not only did the sellers, an older couple who were downsizing to a house nearby, welcome them in to look around, they invited my mother to bring my father back to the house that evening in time for cocktails. A couple of months later, we moved in. I wasnt quite 4 years old; my brother almost 6. We only lived at 11 King St. for about four years, but the house and everything that happened there is a huge part of my history. My first memory is there, the night my father came home with a squirming, nipping, pink-bellied Labrador retriever puppy in his arms. I had my first piano lesson at the baby grand the former owners had thrown in on the deal. Birthdays and holidays there were magical. We had pony rides in the side yard for my birthday one year, and on Christmas night, the house always filled with visiting relatives from Quebec and New Brunswick along with new Wolfville friends (including the former owners and the real estate agent), and a riotous talent show would unfold in front of the living-room fireplace. Aside from my senior year in college, when two roommates and I shared half of the downstairs of a big but not nearly as grand Victorian house on the fringes of the campus of the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, I never lived in an old house again until 11 years ago. My little family was happily ensconced in a house on Sanibel Island. It was small, though, and we were bursting at the seams as the kids grew older and my husband and I both worked out of the house. We were considering an addition, when friends from Fort Myers suggested we look at a big, old house on their street that had just gone on the market, for sale by owner. I went to see it that weekend. 1263 Coconut Drive was built in 1926, and although considerably smaller than 11 King St., it has similar bones and it was much bigger (and more highmaintenance and expensive to cool) than anything we had ever imagined ourselves living in. But it called to me. Welcome. Come in. History repeats itself f t a m t i FROM THE FLORIDA WEEKLY8 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 This drawing of 11 King St., Wolfville, Nova Scotia was used as the family Christmas card in 1964. It was made by the writers aunt, Susan Ross of Thunder Bay, Ontario, who over the next 40 years became famous across Canada for her renderings of the Inuit peoples of the Arctic.


Fort MyersSanibel14125 S. Tamiami Trail Mon Sat. 9:30 6 690.98441025 Periwinkle WayMon Sat. 10 5 579.0412 Naples5015 Tamiami Trail N.Mon Sat. 9:30 6 263.0580 Larry NorrisOutdoor LivingS A L E FACTORY AUTHORIZEDSAVE25%ON ALL COMPLETE INTERIOR DESIGN SERVICESFINE HOME FURNISHINGS UNIQUE ACCESSORIES HEIRLOOM RUGS CUSTOM WINDOW TREATMENTS CUSTOM SHUTTERS FAUX PAINTING CUSTOM RE-MODELING WORLDWIDE DELIVERY www.NorrisHomeFurnishings.comIN STOCK & READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Beyond our custom capabilities, we are proud providers of Artcraft Kitchens. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals. 1458 Rail Head Boulevard Naples, FL 34110 Tel 239.598.1604 PhotographerDoug ThompsonPhotographerDoug Thompson


COVER FLORIDA WEEKLY10 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 to having made every mistake possible, including budgeting, increased labor and costly redesigns. I think the common theme of the big mistakes Ive made is trying too hard, because a house does speak to you and if you dont listen, then things dont flow, she said. I have also reflected that less is often more, in that I have sometimes regretted my choice of complicated materials or patterns (that turn out to be) costly and not necessary. Mr. Kragh says the biggest mistake the owner of an historic home can make is underestimating FEMA and zoning nonconformities. His firm is expert in dealing with both, including the public hearings and Naples City Council approvals necessary to renovate these homes. The city of Naples established zoning districts and zoning criteria in the 1940s, well after these homes were originally constructed. The Naples Historical Society has crafted programming for new residents, visitors and the general community on the subject.OLD & NEWFrom page 3WATERSIDE BUILDERS AND NAPLES REDEVELOPMENT / COURTESY PHOTOS 2950 Tamiami Trail N., Naples | 239.919.3552 | California Closet Company, Inc. All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated.


COVER STORY MAY 2013 LUXE LIVING 11FLORIDA WEEKLY NEW MEETS OLD Opposite page: Photos of the backyard pool at The Gables, a new home designed to mimic a historic shotgun house, and of the living room at a renovated historic home at 295 Second Ave. S. make it easy to see why homeowners want to renovate older houses and add an age-old twist to modern construction. This page: MHK Architecture & Planning and Waterside Builders created historic effects on a new interior space, top, using details including exposed roof rafters, which were common in older Naples homes. Nearby, the outdoor area at the historic cottage at 295 Second Ave. S., right, boasts an inviting pool and lounge area behind the house. There are builders in town who understand the importance of the old cottages and who understand the planning, regulatory and logistical issues associated with restoration, said Elaine Reed, Naples Historical Society executive director. It starts with talking about options for preservation. Designer Joie Wilson, author of the book Dreamhouses Historic Beach Homes & Cottages of Naples with photos by Penny Taylor (see page 13), suggests homeowners keep the street presence as close to the original as possible. Ms. Wilson, who has a studio at 462 Tamiami Trail N., is also an historic homeowner. Her property in High Point, N.C., an Italian villa-style apartment building built in 1923, is a National Register Historic Property. She believes that an historic home serves as a living expression of the shared history of a neighborhood and community. If interior elements have to be removed and replaced, try to share the architectural elements with the community at large, whether through salvage companies such as Bass and Bass here in Naples, or even on Craigs List, she said.Its critical to contact a trusted architect with experience in renovating historic homes before closing on the property. MHK Architecture & Planning, for example, typically does a no-cost, due-diligence report on the property up front to give the owner an idea of what to expect before the property is even purchased. Whats amazing, Mr. Kragh said, is with all of the homes we have completed, we have not run into one identical situation. ALL OUTDOOR FURNITURE SHOWROOM ITEMS ONSALE TELESCOPE CASUAL TRUCKLOAD SALE NEW FLOOR SAMPLES UP TO 50% OFFMSRPInside Out Furniture Direct offers The best in patio furniture and re pits as well as Single and Double bathroom vanities. We believe in very aggressive pricing and excellent customer service. SALE CASUAL E ES insideout furnituredirect SHOWROOM OPENMONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-5PM SATURDAY & SUNDAY BY APPOINTMENT FIRE PITS ON SALE! CONCEPTS FIREPITS Best Selection of Single and Double Bathroom Vanities


PARADISE FURNITURE BLOWOUT SALE!All Furniture 25 75% OFFTIME: Thursday, May 16th Saturday, May 18th from 9am-5pm Sunday May 19th from 9am-3pm LOCATION: 2825 Davis Blvd. Naples, FL WHETHER YOUR HOME HAS A STORIED PAST or is brand new, Naples has no shortage of places to discover that one-of-a-kind treasure to complete the perfect space. Youre likely to find that treasure on a leisurely Saturday afternoon stroll through one of our citys most beloved antique destinations. Treasure Island is one of the oldest and most, well, treasured shops. The store is undergoing some fun changes that beckon new and repeat customers looking to furnish their homes with items that have a story to tell. Georgia native Wilton Wood recently purchased Treasure Island and relocated to Naples a couple of months ago. Among his plans are to expand the selection of nautical antiques and home decor items. We are also adding dealers to bring a larger mix of merchandise, he said. And were reorganizing, cleaning and straightening to allow for a better presentation. To many customers, Treasure Island is like a museum where they can take a step back in time quite literally. Almost an entire wall is occupied by clocks from artisan timekeeper Bill Wannamaker, while another section is devoted to all things Art Deco, from lighting and furnishings to dishes and collectibles. Antique desks and candelabras abound, as do antique books. Treasure Island is one of the best places to find historic postcards Mr. Wood has boxes of them in the front of the store, some of which still have the original postage. (Design tip: Frame several old postcards to hang along an entry wall or staircase for effect.) Mr. Wood has a passion for antiques and anything with a past, but not for the reasons you might assume. He was a member of the Army National Guard, and the 9/11 attacks in 2001 prompted him to serve on active duty for 2 years. He was deployed to Iraq, and immediately after his enlistment was up he returned to Iraq and Afghanistan until 2012. His interest in antiques began to grow during his travels. Antiques in other countries reveal a history, telling a story of how people lived and how their lives differed from that of our great grandparents here in the U.S., said Mr. Wood, who wanted to move to Florida for years but was waiting for the right place and opportunity. In his travels through Floridas coast, he fell in love with Naples. The people, the atmosphere, the Gordon River were perfect, and when I saw that Treasure Island was for sale, I was absolutely ecstatic. Excited about his newest venture, he plans to reach out to the community as he takes the Naples antiques landmark into its next phase. But hes holding fast to the Treasure Island tradition of giving area collectors an array of things they wont find anywhere else. He has happily retained previous employees, and even former owner Dottie Simpson still works in the store part-time. Customers taking a Saturday stroll through the store often stay for hours wandering through the aisles, something Mr. Wood encourages. I tell people to grab a coffee from the Starbucks next door and enjoy the day because there is something here for everyone. BY KELLY MERRITTFlorida Weekly Correspondent Treasure Island Antiques, Collectibles and Fine Furnishings 950 Central Ave. Naples 434-7684 Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Saturday; 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday Take a trip through time at Treasure IslandKELLY MERRITT / FLORIDA FLORIDA WEEKLY12 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 SATURDAY STROLL a d a n th e me the ser v d ep l enli s Af gh H d uri A hist o an d our said Flor i ri g h t T of a e t u r d i s n r a Wilton Wood


It took almost four years for Joie Wilson to complete her survey of the charming historic homes and cottages of Old Naples. Then she joined with photographer Penny Taylor, and together they share the story of the areas oft-unknown architectural legacy. When Ms. Wilson first came to Naples, she rode her bike through Old Naples, realizing the unique nature of this collection of homes. Dreamhouses Historic Beach Homes & Cottages of Naples captures the earliest decades of architecture in Naples, from simple fishing cottages to grand beachfront estates designed by some of Americas most noteworthy architects for some of the countrys wealthiest families. Todays owners of these historic dwellings are to be commended for their painstaking efforts to preserve the history of their special properties. Ms. Wilson lives in a renovated 1960s house in the area bordering Lowdermilk Park, which is one of Naples earliest neighborhoods. Joie Wilson, A.S.I.D. 821-2411 www.joiewilson.comMUST READDreamhouses Historic Beach Homes & Cottages of NaplesTEXT BY JOIE WILSON PHOTOS BY PENNY TAYLOR MAY 2013 LUXE LIVING 13FLORIDA WEEKLY Purveyors of ne European building products. SHOWROOM COMING SOON


FLORIDA WEEKLY14 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 IN STORE Fort Myers 239.322.5488, 12879 S. Cleveland Ave. Bonita Springs 239.949.2544, 28801 S. Tamiami Trail Naples 239.775.5100, 4600 Tamiami Trail Functional ArtIn Stock For Your Immediate Enjoyment! 52 F513-BN 52 F514-BN 72 F539-BCW 52 F577-BNW 52 F581-BG 58 F803-DK By: In keeping with this months cover story about historic houses, we went shopping for antiques and vintageinspired furnishings and accessories. The best part about finds such as these, however, is that they can enhance a home of any era. Compiled by Kelly Merritt Built for privacy and sturdiness, this is every writers dream desk. Made in Indianapolis, Ind., the massive walnut Moore Cabinet Desk has a patent date of 1878. We were tempted to start writing right there the minute we spied it at Antiques Center of Naples. Clearly, any Mid-Century dcor would be kicked up a notch by the addition of a thoroughly modern Lucite chair such as this one we found at Paradise Furnishings. Nautical touches are hot right now, especially in homes along the Paradise Coast. Circa 1890, this painted English sign has a copper ship and sails. From Drysdale & Miller Ships Stores, London & Bristol, its at Antiques Center of Naples.Nothing says historic like candlelight, and that romantic notion is magnified when placed in front of a mirror. The addition of gold leaf to glass to create mirrors such as this has been a European art form for more than four centuries. We found this at Anthropologie.


MAY 2013 LUXE LIVING 15FLORIDA WEEKLY IN STORE DISTINCTIVE HOME REMODELERShowroom Hours: 9-5 Weekdays Saturdays 13500 Tamiami Trail N.Naples, FLFlorida Licensed Contractor CBC056039Established Since 1978 Meet the National Award-Winning Designers for kitchens, baths & interior remodeling.Pictured from left to right: Lyndsey Davis, Interior Designer; Chris Reed, VP; Wanda Pfeiffer, Interior Designer; Nichole Claprood, Interior Designer; Meriam Reed, CEO; Gerald Reed, Pres. We have completed three projects with Reed and Company. WE nd the designs, quality, clean-up and follow-up to be exceptional. R. Sarotte OPEN HOUSE Featuring: Where we shopped:Another Mans Treasure A staple part of the Central Avenue antiques area, Another Mans Treasure is a great place to start no matter what is the object of your hunt. Customers have relished items from Beatles memorabilia to antique carriages and large-scale paintings and prints. 173 10th St. S. 643-6331; Treasure Island Recently under new ownership, this landmark antiques mall is the subject of this months Saturday Stroll. Read all about it on page 12. 950 Central Ave. 434-7684; Paradise Furnishings Its only been open since January, but Paradise Furnishings is already creating design envy with giant open-air doorways and beautiful furnishings. 661 Ninth St. N. 263-3761 Anthropologie No one does antiqueand vintage-inspired accent pieces like Anthropologie. From dishes, kitchen accessories and curtains to wall hooks and drawer pulls, this is the place for reproductions that add a hint of the past to your present. Waterside Shops 5415 Tamiami Trail N. 594-0317; Antiques Center of Naples Joe Miller and Andy Ziencik recently opened Antiques Center of Naples, relocating from Georgetown, where their customers included Katherine Graham, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Elton John. To Naples, theyve brought a collection of 18thand 19th-century furniture and accessories from Great Britain, France, Italy and America. 5430 Yahl St. 596-2636; Perfectly sized for a childs room or a second bedroom, this charming painted bench has a matching cabinet. We found them at Another Mans Treasure. Just one colorful chair can provide a shock of color to brighten a whole room, such as this armchair with a cheerful red pattern of birds and flowers. Its at Another Mans Treasure. For both indoor and outdoor spaces, vintage lighting fixtures are all the rage. Much like most things of the s and s, the more colorful and outrageous, the better. These are just part of a selection of pendant lights that illuminate an entire section of mid-century furniture and accessories at Treasure Island. We think Anthropologie has the worlds most creative knobs charming accents that can turn plain old cabinets and dressers into delightful showpieces.


Through May 31 Designer Tablescapes Miromar Design Center View and bid on 10 tablescapes created by area interior designers on display in the atrium all month and get tickets to Tea at Highclere Castle on Thursday, May 23. $25, with proceeds benefiting the educational and student scholarship programs of ASID Florida South Chapter. RSVP by calling (954) 926-7555 or e-mailing information@ 10800 Corkscrew Road Exit 123 off I-75 Estero 390-5111 Thursday, May 16 Tavira at Bonita Bay 4-5 p.m. How Architectural Details Can Improve Your Home, a presentation by interior designer Creasha Weglarz as part of the ASID Design Seminar Series. RSVP to Janet Brown at International Design Source, 591-1114 4851 Bonita Bay Blvd. Bonita Springs Tuesday, May 21 Tavira at Bonita Bay 4-5 p.m. Investing in Your New Home with Builder Upgrades, a presentation by Allison Fenn of Fenn & Company Interior Design as part of the ASID Design Seminar Series. RSVP to Janet Brown at International Design Source, 591-1114. 4851 Bonita Bay Blvd. Bonita Springs Tuesday, May 21 Miromar Design Center 11 a.m. Peggy Oberlin of Oberlin Interior Design presents Interior Design for Your Health, Wealth and Happiness. Ms. Oberlin will discuss repurposing furniture to save money and acquiring art and oriental rugs to make money. 10800 Corkscrew Road Exit 123 off I-75 Estero 390-5111 Thursday, May 23 Clive Daniel Home 2 p.m. Valarie Ahlers and C. Chad Elkins of Clive Daniel Home present Trends in Window Treatments. 2777 Tamiami Trail N. Naples 261-4663 Thursday, May 23 Tavira at Bonita Bay 4-5 p.m. Interior designers Peggy Oberline and Dianne Torrisi discuss Steps to Becoming a Licensed Interior Designer. RSVP to Janet Brown at International Design Source, 591-1114. 4851 Bonita Bay Blvd. Bonita Springs Thursday, May 30 Clive Daniel Home 2 p.m. Interior designer Susan Petril, whose latest model home was inspired by the charm of Old Florida, discusses how to create the Old Florida feel throughout your home. 2777 Tamiami Trail N. Naples 261-4663 Hosting a seminar, trunk show or other homeand design-related event at your store or showroom? Wed love to add it to our Home and Design Calendar. Deadline for inclusion in the June 13 edition of Luxe Living is Monday, May 27. E-mail Kelly Merritt at Allison Fenn teamed with Ralph Lauren Home to set this table with a mid-century modern vibe at Miromar Design Center. Two ASID designer-furnished models at Tavira at Bonita Bay. DESIGN FLORIDA WEEKLY16 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013


Let Our Family Protect YoursOur Talented, Experienced Staff and Crews Make UsSouthwest Floridas Most Trusted Hurricane Protection TeamOur business is protecting your family.4160 Corporate Square Naples, FL 34104 239.261.5495 Serving Naples for 25 Years! Treasure Island We recently received the honor of being named one of the Top 10 Vintage Stores in the world by


CELEBRATING CALIFORNIA CLOSETS NEW NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY18 LUXE LIVING MAY 2013 TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLYDESIGN SOCIETY / TIM GI BBO NS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1. California Closets employees 2. Sarah Wayne and Cary Tronnier 3. Bob Graham and Mary Raymond 4. Scott Scheffer, Penny May, Suzi Woods, Andrea Valdes, Dayna Brock, Sonia de la Garza and Dorrie Lussier 5. MJ Scarpelli and Cheryl McDonnell 6. Jessica Trippler, Taylor Woods and Sally Calkins 7. Alison Whaler, Don Neer and Diane Butchko 8. Lynn Mitchell, Sara Booker and Gregory Kaseeska Taylor Woods, Bo Henderson and Suzi Woods Got Download?The iPad App Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile.Its FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comiPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Search Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.


5450 TAMIAMI TRAIL N. NA PLES 239.594.1555ACROSS FROM WATERSIDE SHOPS ONE BLOCK NORTH OF PINE RIDGE ON U.S.41DESIGNER SERVICES AVAILABLE HIGHEND NAMES & UNIQUE LOOKS AT WAREHOUSE PRICES, EVERYDAY!NO ONE SELLS FOR LESS...Family Owned And Operated, Entering Our 11th Year!Take It Home Today or Have It Delivered. We Can Help You With All Your Design and Decorating Needs. Free Delivery on purchases of $500 or more, delivered within Lee & Collier Counties Offer cannot be combined with any other discount, coupon or other offer. Certain restrictions apply. See sales associate for details. Valid through May 31st, 2013. FREE

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