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Creepy, kooky, ookyMysterious and spooky, The Addams Family arrives at Mann Hall. C1 The swamp after hoursExplore Corkscrew sanctuary by the light of the moon. A10 Vol. V, No. 19 FREE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 OPINION A4 LOCAL HISTORY A12 TRAFFIC WATCH A18 HEALTHY LIVING A26 PETS A30 REAL ESTATE B10 OPEN HOUSE MAP B34 PUZZLES C10 FILM REVIEW C11 BOOK REVIEW C12 ANTIQUES C14 SOCIETY C34-37 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID FORT MYERS, FL PERMIT NO. 715 Download our FREE App todayAvailable on the iTunes App Store. INSIDE Furry valentinesA fun fashion show, and more to-dos around town. C34-37 Letters from more than a century ago reveal the timelessness of loveCOURTESY PHOTOS George Remington Carter with wife Sarah Jane Ringold, or Sallie, around 1910. They had been married nearly 25 years at this point. The late 19th-century love story of George and Sallie has been preserved through their letters.BY SCOTT SIMMONSssimmons@ HE PAPER IS YELLOWED, AND THE black ink has oxidized to brown and red. But the ardor of 125 years ago still wells from the pages fresh as the day George Remington Carter reminded Sarah Jane Ringold of how much he wanted to marry her.I want to tell you I love you the dearest of all the world. And as you know, I have been so anxious to have you name the day when you will be my wife. You said this morning you will let me know tonight. Nothing you could do would make me happier, but in saying it, your countenance and manner indicated you were not just satisfied and ready to do so just yet.That was written July 24, 1887, in Cincinnati. Sarah, or Sallie, as she was called, carefully tucked away the dozen or so letters, SEE LETTERS, A8 Students receive hands-on lessons in sustainability BY EVAN WILLIAMSewilliams@ Tall thickets of bamboo rustle in a breeze along the fence line under a partly cloudy January sky. Floating bees and butter flies pollinate flowering perennials. Nearby, a group of students stake up a jujube tree, securing it in a mound of soil. This is the Florida Gulf Coast University Food Forest, a lush half-acre designed in the spirit of a rainforest ecosystem, with layer upon layer of plant and insect life supporting each other. Instead of just one plain, were using a 3-D space to grow food, explained outgoing Food Forest President Kelly Walsh, a 21-year-old senior at the school. A group of students including Ms. Walsh harvested and shucked buckets of pigeon peas on a recent morning. The Forest was built by students, for students in 2011 following a commitment from the student government to help fund it. Now this mini-ecosystem boasts roughly 50 or more plants, with plans to double that number, Ms. Walsh said, and hopefully expand the space as well. Many are edible; others function more as service plants, providing nitrogen to the soil, for instance. SEE FOOD, A22 Success over adversitySWFLs first black-owned businesses. B1


I wake up several times at night to go to the bathroom. What can be done about this? Waking up at night to go to the bathroom(nocturia) is a common problem. Evaluation includes a complete history and physical examination since many other medical issues and medications can contribute to this problem. It is important to perform a urinalysis and a bladder ultrasound to evaluate how well the bladder empties. Computerized urodynamic studies can be performed to determine the precise function of the bladder, nerves and sphincters which helps to ensure the success of treatment. Nocturia can often be improved with dietary modi cations, bladder exercises, biofeedback as well as medications. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call (239) 434-6300 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA2 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Let me pare down the immense biography of Annie Liebovitz by reporting three recent facts. Ms. Liebovitz, as you know, is the celebrated 63-year-old photographer of stars and products such as the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, the Whoopi Goldbergs and the Demi Moores, the George Clooneys and Lance Armstrongs and Johnny Depps, or (most recently) the Stella Artois beers. First fact: She has placed her ivy-covered home and studio up for sale. Any of us can have it, dominating a comfortable corner in Manhattans Greenwich Village, a New York City neighborhood, merely by laying down $33 million. Second, Ms. Liebovitz recently sold 37 photographs of the famous or almost famous to the Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach. Any of us can see them merely by driving there post haste, whether we have to travel from the next town over or the next coast over from Palm Beach Gardens or Port Charlotte. To that sale she added two more images as gifts, bringing to 39 the number now on display at the Norton through June 9. And third, two Florida Weekly colleagues joined Ms. Liebovitz last month to talk about her art. One of them, a friend of mine, told me that Ms. Liebovitz hit the mark in a George W. Bush photo she once made Mr. Bush with his family, or perhaps with his first-term cabinet, including Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. She said regardless of where you fall on the political divide, everyone loved this picture, because they saw in it what they projected onto it, my friend noted. She has experienced such a phenomenon herself, with one uncharacteristic exception: not everybody always loves what she writes. Holding a mirror up to nature, after all, can sometimes show you something you might not want to see. My friend may feel that critical reactions to some stories are also the result of the Liebovitz principle: Observers take from art what they bring to it. They see what they want to see. When you read (a good) story, she explained to me, youre really having a conversation with yourself. You take away whatever you project onto it. Just as when you view the portrait of Bush and company. Its a contemporary notion, at least put that way, but it has its antecedents in classical western philosophy. The old idea of art is this: to be good, it must entertain and educate. Coincidentally, its witnesses may come to understand something they already know they see it revealed.Then they can say, So thats love (Shakespeares Sonnet 114). So thats evil (Robert Hilliards novel, Phillipa). So thats despair (Joan Didions memoir, Blue Nights).All thats a little different than merely seeing what you want to see. And it doesnt mean the thing seen has to be beautiful, either. That is, unless you think of beauty the way Thomas Aquinas did, not merely as pretty, but as id quod visum placet. Beauty is that which, when seen, pleases. Taken that way taken as objects that carry no moral imperative Ms. Liebovitzs photos are beautiful, if empty. Many of her Norton subjects sit at the center of the universe working on their fame-tans in the bright rays of her camera Mikhail Baryshnikov and Mark Morris. Tom Cruise, Andy Warhol and Leonardo DiCaprio with a swan curled around his neck. Even the pre-diet the Rev. Al Sharpton, enthroned in the PrimaDonna Beauty Care Center in Brooklyn with a hairdryer riding his head like a royal space helmet. Beautiful all, and sometimes disturbing though not as disturbing as her most famous photo, the Rolling Stone Magazine shot of a tastefully naked John Lennon lying on his side to embrace the reclining, fully-clothed Yoko Ono. Ms. Liebovitz took that one on the afternoon of Dec. 8, 1980. Ms. Ono wore black for the shot, and the result reflected the photographers ability to create confections that appeal like narcotics to an American palate addicted to carnival stardom.In no other entertainment photo does the glitter of fame become so deeply and permanently enshrined by the concrete of sudden martyrdom. Only a few hours later, John Lennon walked toward his apartment on the west side of Central Park and was shot and killed by a carnival stardom addict.What all of that does for Ms. Liebovitz who is now, in the tradition of Andy Warhol, as famous as her subjects is create great wealth, apparently. It doesnt hurt that what we know of her is exotic, as well. She always wears black. She was the longtime lover and partner (she has said) of the late razor-tongued critic and writer, Susan Sontag. She can actually get her subjects to do these things willingly: lay in a bath of milk (Whoopi Goldberg) or let her shoot what she sees when she catches them sitting in a womens beauty parlor (Al Sharpton). More impressively to me, she can obscure the line between art that aims to reveal whats real or true, and art that uses the techniques and artistry of such revelation in painting, writing or photography, for example to make you reach into your wallet and produce a lot of real cash, and never mind any other realities.Beer commercials. Beauty-product commercials. Clothing commercials. The truth of that artistry is economic. Do people who sit around drinking Stella Artois really look or behave like the models in Ms. Liebovitzs Stella Artois Timeless Beauty Campaign shoot the perfect woman perched invitingly atop the perfect mans piano in a world without fear or flaw? Is that art? Is that even honorable? What would an old rocker such as Neil Young, the conscience of Ms. Liebovitzs generation, say? Hed say this, and did: Aint singin for Pepsi/Aint singin for Coke Aint singin for Miller/ Aint singin for Bud I got the real thing, baby. I wanted the real thing, too, so I walked into (not the Norton) a bar and ordered a glass of Stella the other day. When I looked in the mirror behind a wall of bottles, some old bald fool was looking back with a big carnival grin on his face. It was sobering, I tell you. COMMENTARYHolding the mirror up to nature h D l o p p


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PAGE 4 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA4 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 PublisherShelley Hobbsshobbs@floridaweekly.comEditorCindy Reporters & ColumnistsKaren Feldman Artis Henderson Jim McCracken Athena Ponushis Jeannette Showalter Nancy Stetson Maureen Sullivan-Hartung Evan Williams Roger WilliamsPhotographersPeggy Farren Bernadette La Paglia Marla Ottenstein Charlie McDonald Bob Raymond Stephen WrightCopy EditorCathy CottrillPresentation EditorEric Raddatz eraddatz@floridaweekly.comGraphic DesignersChris Andruskiewicz Hannah Arnone Nick Bear Paul Heinrich Rebecca Robinson Natalie Zellers Circulation ManagerPenny Kennedy pkennedy@floridaweekly.comCirculationDavid Anderson Paul Neumann Greg TretwoldAccount ExecutivesNicole Ryan Cori Higgins Aron Hubers Sales and Marketing AssistantCarolyn AhoBusiness Office ManagerKelli CaricoPublished by Florida Media Group LLCPason Gaddis Jeffrey Cull Jim Dickerson Street Address: Naples Florida Weekly 9051 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 202 Naples, Florida 34108 Phone 239.325.1960 Fax: 239.325.1964 Subscriptions:Copyright: The contents of the Florida Weekly are copyright 2013 by Florida Media Group, LLC. No portion may be reproduced without the express written consent of Florida Media Group, LLC.Call 239.325.1960 or visit us on the web at and click on subscribe today.One-year mailed subscriptions: $31.95 in-county$52.95 in-state $59.95 out-of-state richLOWRYSpecial to Florida Weekly OPINIONMarco Rubios bad deal amyGOODMANSpecial to Florida Weekly In Washington, a new gang has been born. The Gang of Eight on immigration is here to tell us that we have succeeded in not enforcing the law so persistently and thoroughly that now we have to give up all pretense. The Gang of Eight, headlined by conservative star Marco Rubio, wants to amnesty the 11 million immigrants who are already here as a product of past nonenforcement in exchange for a promise of future enforcement. Supporters of comprehensive immigration reform resolutely refuse to say the word amnesty. They contend that the proposed package is not an amnesty because illegal immigrants have to go to the back of the line for a green card. But before that happens, they get probationary legal status. As a practical matter, this is the amnesty. Sen. Chuck Schumer states it with admirable clarity: On Day One of our bill, the people without status (i.e., illegal immigrants) who are not criminals or security risks will be able to live and work here legally. You cant get more direct than that. Once an illegal immigrant gets probationary legal status, he has jumped irrevocably ahead of all those poor saps back in their native countries who want to come to the U.S. but for whatever reason were unwilling or unable to break our immigration laws to do it. All indications are that this kind of probationary legal status matters more to illegal immigrants than an eventual path to citizenship. In an essay in the journal National Affairs, immigration expert Peter Skerry points out that 20 years after the implementation of the 1986 amnesty, only 41 percent of the 2.7 million people who got legal status under the program had gone on to become citizens. The Gangs enforcement triggers affect only the path to citizenship. In principle, the enforcement provisions requiring use of the E-Verify system for employers and establishing a system to monitor entries and exits from the country are worthwhile. But only a naif would have much confidence in their timely and effective implementation. As Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies points out, Congress has already required the completion of an entry-exit system six times. To no avail. It passed a law in 2006 calling for the completion of a double-layer border fence. Also, to no avail. Weve been here before, with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. Mr. Rubio calls the 1986 law a blanket amnesty, even though, on his terms, it wasnt unconditional or immediate. To apply for legal status, illegal immigrants had to pay a fee and prove that they had good moral character. If approved and not everyone was they had to wait 18 months before applying for a green card. All of this was coupled with fearsome-sounding enforcement provisions to beef up security at the border and crack down on employers hiring illegal workers. In other words, in broad brush, the blanket amnesty of 1986 is indistinguishable from the bipartisan principles of 2013. Since the enforcement never happened, the 1986 law stands as a monument to bad faith. Washington may be about to build another one. Rich Lowry is editor of the National Review.Brennan and Kiriakou, drones and tortureJohn Brennan and John Kiriakou worked together years ago, but their careers have dramatically diverged. Mr. Brennan is now on track to head the CIA, while Mr. Kiriakou is headed off to prison. Each of their fates is tied to the so-called war on terror, which under President George W. Bush provoked worldwide condemnation. President Barack Obama rebranded the war on terror innocuously as over seas contingency operations, but, rather than retrench from the odious practices of his predecessor, President Obama instead escalated. His promotion of Mr. Brennan, and his prosecution of Mr. Kiriakou, demonstrate how the recent excesses of U.S. presidential power are not transient aberrations, but the creation of a frightening new normal, where drone strikes, warrantless surveillance, assassination and indefinite detention are conducted with arrogance and impunity, shielded by secrecy and beyond the reach of law. John Kiriakou spent 14 years at the CIA as an analyst and a case officer. In 2002, he led the team that found Abu Zubaydah, alleged to be a high-ranking member of al-Qaida. Mr. Kiriakou was the first to publicly confirm the use of waterboarding by the CIA, in a 2007 interview with ABCs Brian Ross. He told Mr. Ross: At the time, I felt that waterboarding was something that we needed to do. ... I think Ive changed my mind, and I think that waterboarding is probably something that we shouldnt be in the business of doing. Mr. Kiriakou says he found the enhanced interrogation techniques immoral, and declined to be trained to use them. Since the interview, it has become known that Mr. Zubaydah was waterboarded at least 83 times, and that he provided no useful information as a result. He remains imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, without charge. Mr. Kiriakou will soon start serving his 30-month prison sentence, but not for disclosing anything about waterboarding. He pled guilty to disclosing the name of a former CIA interrogator to a journalist, with information that the interrogator himself had posted to a publicly available website. Meanwhile, John Brennan, longtime counterterrorism advisor to President Obama, is expected to receive Senate confirmation as the new director of central intelligence. I recently asked Mr. Kiriakou what he thought of Mr. Brennan: Ive known John Brennan since 1990. I worked directly for John Brennan twice. I think that he is a terrible choice to lead the CIA. I think that its time for the CIA to move beyond the ugliness of the post-September 11th regime, and we need someone who is going to respect the Constitution and to not be bogged down by a legacy of torture. I think that President Obamas appointment of John Brennan sends the wrong message to all Americans. President Obama has once already considered Mr. Brennan for the top CIA job, back in 2008. Mr. Brennan withdrew his nomination then under a hail of criticism for supporting the Bush-era torture policies in his various top-level intelligence positions, including head of the National Counterterrorism Center. What a difference four years makes. With the killing of Osama bin Laden notched in his belt, President Obama seems immune from counterterror criticism. John Brennan is said to manage the notorious kill list of people that Obama believes he has the right to kill anytime, anywhere on the planet, as part of his over seas contingency operations. This includes the killing of U.S. citizens, without any charge, trial or due process whatsoever. Drone strikes are one way these assassinations are carried out. U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen by a drone strike, then, two weeks later, his 16-year-old son, Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, was killed the same way. I asked Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell from 2002 to 2005, what he thought of Mr. Brennan. He told me: Whats happening with drone strikes around the world right now is, in my opinion, as bad a development as many of the things we now condemn so readily, with 20/20 hindsight, in the George W. Bush administration. We are creating more enemies than were killing. We are doing things that violate international law. We are even killing American citizens without due process and have an attorney general who has said that due process does not necessarily include the legal process. Those are really scary words. While Mr. Kiriakou goes to prison for revealing a name, the U.K.-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism is launching a project called Naming the Dead, hoping to identify as many as possible of those killed in U.S. covert drone strikes in Pakistan, whether civilian or militant. The BIJ reports a minimum 2,629 people who appear to have so far died in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan. John Brennan should be asked about each of them. Denis Moynihan contributed research to this column. Amy Goodman is the host of Democracy Now!, a daily international TV/radio news hour airing on more than 1,000 stations in North America. She is the co-author of The Silenced Majority, a New York Times best-seller.



PAGE 6 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA6 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Dr. Bradley Piotrowski, D.D.S., M.S.D.Phone: 239-263-6003 Helping You Keep Your Smile For A LifetimePlease visit FREE SCREENING ($140 VALUE) Dr. Bradley Piotrowski, D.D.S., M.S.D. is a leading periodontist feeling teeth What are Dental Implants? Are Implants for You? Call now to make an appointment.As a Washington Redskins fan in the 0s, I developed a feeling of dread whenever the Skins played the St. Louis Cardinals. No lead was safe. In the end, Don Coryells Cardiac Cardinals, led by quarterback Jim Hart, would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Jim was always cool under pressure, and with teammates such as Mel Grey and Terry Metcalf, he always came up with the big game-winning play.Jim and his wife, Mary, have called the Paradise Coast home for more than a decade. It was a call from close friend and former Redskin quarterback Sonny Jurgensen that led the Harts here in the first place. The 1999 call was an invitation for Jim to play in the Immokalee Child Care Center Celebrity Golf Invitational. In recent years, Jim has been helping run the event.For the past 13 years, net proceeds from the golf tournament have benefitted the endowment fund and scholarship fund for the center, provides an accredited early childhood learning and development curriculum to pre-school, low-income and migrant children in the Immokalee area. The 14th Annual Mike Ditka / Jim Hart Celebrity Golf Invitational takes place this year on Friday (the Celebrity Pairings Party) and Saturday, April 5-6. I look forward to playing again this year, alongside celebrities including Mr. Jurgensen and Mike Ditka, Sam Wyche and Billy Kilmer. (Theres still a chance to sign up; visit for details.) Jim was born in 1944. His father died when Jim was 7, and he credits his stepfather for encouraging him to get into sports. Growing up in Mortons Gr ove, Ill., he started playing football at age 13 and played varsity football, baseball and basketball all through high school. He chose to attend Southern Illinois University at Carbondale because it was easily accessible by train, which meant his parents would be able to come watch him play football. The team didnt perform very well, however, nor did Jim win any awards or honors for his performance on the field. It was no surprise to him that he didnt make the 1966 NFL draft. It appeared his football career was over until his coach at SIU, Don Shroyer, who was a former assistant coach with the St. Louis Cardinals, arranged a tryout for Jim with the team. Jim was offered a contract. Jim was a backup for Charley Johnson and others until the new coach for the Cardinals, the aforementioned Don Coryell, tapped him to start in 1973. Jim remained the starter for the Cardinals through the 1983 season. From 1974-1976, he guided the Cardinals to three straight 10-plus-win seasons and to back-to-back division crowns in 1974 and 1975. He was selected to the Pro Bowl four times and was named NFC Player of the Year by UPI. He threw for 34,665 yards and 209 touchdown passes in the NFL and was inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame in 1998. M ( w d w t bobHARDEN e-mail: PROFILES IN PARADISEHart to heart: From NFL quarterback to big local benefactor Talking points with Jim HartSomething your mom was always right about: Treat people nicely and they will treat you likewise. Mentors: Former NFL quarterbacks Charley Johnson, Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? A baseball player or a teacher/coach. High school job: Caddy. Next vacation destination: Pebble Beach, Calif. Something people might be surprised to nd out about you: I play the accordion and the electric organ. Skill or talent you wish you had: Id love to be able to play music by ear. Advice for your grandkids: Study hard but have fun. Best thing about grandkids: They go home at the end of the day. Something thats been on your mind: Everlasting life. What makes you laugh? I can nd humor in almost anything. Last book you read: Twelve Mighty Orphans, by Jim Dent. Something youll never understand: Women. Pet peeve: Rude people. Guilty pleasure: Ice cream. What are you most proud of? My career. Favorite thing about the Paradise Coast: The weather. What I miss about the Paradise Coast when Im away: See above. When Coach Coryell left St. Louis to join the San Diego Chargers, Jim once again believed his football career had ended. But then Joe Gibbs, a former assistant under Coach Coryell, asked Jim to provide veteran presence and play backup to rookie quarterback Jay Schroeder with the Redskins. Jim ultimately retired from professional football in 1984. In the 1990s, he served as athletic director at his alma mater, SIU. In recent years, chronic pain has become Jims unwelcome companion. Among other ailments, he has had a hip replacement and dealt with Barretts esophagus, a precursor to cancer. He remains upbeat, however, and is a generous contributor to the community. He and Mary will celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary in June.Local golfers can get to know Jim at his tournament in April. I hope to see you there! Bob Harden is the producer and host of The Bob Harden Show, airing from 7-8 a.m. weekdays at The show is archived for listeners convenience. RUSH LIMBOUGH ICED TEA 1/2 CASE $12.99 (16OZ BOTTLES)FREE LIMITED INAUGURATION EDITION GREAT GIFT TO SHIP TO FRIENDS(FREE SHIPPING) Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 2/21/1324 HOUR SHRIMP EVERY 4TH DOZEN FREESAVE 4 BUCKS!Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 2/21/13305s CIGARETTES KSS & 100S $33.74 A CARTON (LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER)SAVE 4 BUCKS!Must have coupon present. While supplies last. Expires 2/21/13

PAGE 8 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA8 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 which were discovered in an old suitcase in the attic of her grandsons home in Fort Myers. And though more than a century and a quarter have passed since the letters were written, they reveal the universality of love and romance, and hope for a future together. But before the two met, George, 33, was a widower. His wife, Missouri, had died in 1886 after years of ill health, exacerbated by the measles, leaving him with a 6-year-old daughter, Iva Pearl. He had been born on an Ohio farm to parents whose families already had spent almost a century in the New World. He was on his way to becoming the owner of a prosperous leather fittings factory. Sallie was 26 and was stitching her way toward spinsterhood in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Cumminsville. Most girls of her day had long been married, but here she was, still living with her parents, who had immigrated to America the decade before her birth, her mother coming from Northern Ireland, her father from the Netherlands. Her sewing sang with precision, as did her passion.~~After while, when I do not have to cut and baste, drape and fit ... I can devote all my time to those I love or shall I say to him that I love.~~The prospect of marriage delighted her.~~Just think how differently we will both be situated two weeks from tonight, if nothing prevents, she wrote on Aug. 4, 1887. Mamma is still in excellent spirits and I only hope (that) will continue until after that time, and then we will be beyond her hearing at least. Now I dont want that to sound mean. I got a letter from brother John this evening telling me that if I had no objections, he would like to attend our wedding, and he was kind enough to set the day for 22nd of Sept. I thank him kindly for it, but I will not take his good advice.~~They were married Aug. 18 instead. It was the Victorian Age, and apparently Mamma was not sure whether she approved of the match. After all, George was a few years older than Sallie and had been married before. Sallie pressed on.~~I chose the wonderful dress today and am glad that is off my mind. I have about a thousand things to say to you but cannot put them on paper. Well with just loads of love I will close and hoping to see you very, very soon. I am ever yours. Lovingly, Sallie.~~George wrote that he loved his parents, his daughter and his siblings. For Sallie he felt a different kind of impulse, a different throb of the heart when you are to be considered. Yet I think that I love my child and my parents as dearly as one can love children and parents. But as I say when your name comes in question there is an inspiration of love impossible for me to describe to you. That love may have been impossible to describe, but here is what we know about the couple. They lived in Cincinnati and began a family of their own. Henry Adrian was the first son, then Martha and finally Jim. By that point they were living in Williamsburg, on the outskirts of Cincinnati. According to the book, Indiana: One Hundred And Fifty Years of American Development, published in 1931, George initially taught school during the winter and worked the family farm in the spring and summer. In the 1890s, he founded a business that cut leather strips for buggies. The business began to outpace the railroad available in Williamsburg, and George moved his business and his family to Connersville, Ind., 70 miles or so from where he had grown up, and closer to the burgeoning automobile industry that was springing up across the Midwest. The George R. Carter Co. made trimmings for automobiles, and son-in-law Joel Denham Bolenders invention of flexible automotive trims brought the family additional business. But that prosperity did not dim the playful affection that George had for Sallie. A postcard photo of George and Sallie, taken around 1910, shows the couple lounging on the lawn of their home in Connersville. The caption reads:~~Sallie fell downhill and lodged on Georges knee. Theyd be there still only for the camera. It captured them on the spot, so this picture we got.~~That image, which George addressed to his mother, Anna, always was met by family members with a wink, a nod or a smile. But the letters came as a surprise to the family when they were plucked from the attic in the early 0s as central air conditioning was being installed. Who knew passion lurked in the hearts of these very serious people? As George wrote on March 28, 1887:~~It was so nice of you to go into the hall to give me that kiss. You do not know how much I appreciated that then. After you got through all your fun, you again bade me good night. You may not have thought of doing anything to especially please me but you did. ~~The Carters were active in their church, and were known for their civic involvement. George died unexpectedly in 1922, when the eldest of his grandchildren were still young. But he was much loved by his employees, many of whom continued to work for the family long after George R. Carter Co. was sold. And Sallie, who lived until 1937, was remembered as a strapping lady who was 6 feet tall and fairly imperious. Family movies from the 1920s and s show her strolling with her sisters and grandchildren in Florida, in Clearwater, and in Indiana, much as a dowager empress would with her court. That is how their story ended, but their tale is timeless. Perhaps George said it best:~~Now Darling, I will bring this to a close hoping to see you soon and to have a nice long pleasant chat with you mixed with much !!!! Love. And now with much Love and Affection, I am yours sincerely, Geo. R. Carter~~Here are additional excerpts from the letters between Sallie Ringold and George R. Carter.I have been thinking a great deal about the flowers we were examining last night and thought if our lives were shown up as the glass magnified those flowers how would it be do you suppose, do you suppose all would be as beautiful as were LETTERSFrom page 1 e n y our COURTESY PHOTOS1. Sallie Ringold Carter rides in a car with her son Henry Adrian Carter. 2. Sallie on the porch of her home in Connersville, Ind., around 1930. 3. Carte de visite photograph of Sallie as a girl, circa 1865. 4 & 5. Love letters from George and Sallie. 6. A valentine that was among the letters and photographs. 7. A lace tablecloth made by Sallie. 8. Sallies glasses. 1 2 4 5 3


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NEWS A9 www.MillenniumPhysician.comPRIMARY CARE o LAB SERVICES o RADIOLOGY o DIAGNOSTICS o MEDICAL AESTHETICS o URGENT CARE Primary Care OcesMARIA DEL RIOGILES, M.D. ALEJANDRO PEREZTREPICHIO, M.D. LUIS POZNIAK, M.D. MICHAEL Y. WANG, M.D. 1735 SW Health Parkway Naples, FL 34108239-249-7800 239-249-7830 JULIA HARRIS, M.D. JAMES FAREMOUTH, D.O. NANCY BARATTA, MSN, ARNP 8803 Tamiami Trail E Naples, FL 34112239-732-1050JOHN DIAZ, M.D. KAE FERBER, M.D. JULIE DIAZ, FNPBC 671 Goodlette Road, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34102239-263-8222 CHARLES KILO, M.D. 1495 Pine Ridge Rd. Suite 4 Naples, FL 34109239-594-5456 the stems of the flowers? George R. Carter, March 28, 1887~~I am so sorry that we had the little misunderstanding last night and I suppose if I had not been so worn out and tired I would not have felt so touchy. But it is all over now and I hope you will not allow it to make any difference with your work today. Just go about it as if there were no cranky girls in the world. Sallie Ringold, May 6, 1887~~Madam Rive King will give a concert this week at the Odeon and I should like very much to go. The tickets are not for sale but anybody calling at the piano store of D.S. Johnston & Co, 56 West Fourth St. can have complimentary tickets. Please get four. Now you have my orders!! Sallie Ringold, May 24, 1887 Note: Julie Riv, known as Madame Riv-King, was a famous concert pianist of the 19th century who began her career in Cincinnati.~~Your actions in regard to my letters have led me to believe that you enjoy them so much that it makes the pleasure to me double in writing them. George R. Carter, June 4, 1887~~I look forward to the prospect of a pleasant home with a noble wife to enjoy it with me with the anticipation of such pleasure that my life is constantly animated with joy. Can it be any wonder that I sometimes feel that were I to lose you that the prospects of my life would be as a blight. George R. Carter, June 30, 1887~~I hardly know what to write this morning for some way I feel so much like explaining myself in terms of love and devotion to you and you laughed at me last night for being so spoony, so you see I would not dare write a spoony letter yet I am at a loss when I am writing to you to know what else to write but love. George R. Carter, July 6, 1887~~I want to do all in my power to right every little wrong or unpleasantness than should ever occur between us, for my dearest wish is for our happiness together. George R. Carter, July 24, 1887~~If you are too tired when you get home, or if you have any other reason for not wanting to go buggy riding, do not arrange to do so. I will not be one bit disappointed. I hope dear that you will not forget to ask Mrs. Day and all of your friends to come on the 18th. Sallie Ringold, Aug. 4, 1887, two weeks before her wedding day. Note: The Days were in-laws of Georges. His sister Thursa had married a man named Christopher Columbus Day, and his late wife, Missouri Day Carter, had been part of that family.~~I hope you are pretty well rested up over your trip this morning. You looked tired last night but I think you enjoyed the entertainment very much. I know I did. And so much the more because I was accompanied by the one I love so dearly. George R. Carter, Aug. 12, 1887~~To My Valentine Arm in arm, side by side, The sky is bright, The world is wide, I am your dearest Valentine, You, of course, Are always mine. Printed on a valentine in the box with George and Sallies letters 6 8 7


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA10 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Explore Corkscrew Swamp by the light of the moonExplore an ancient forest under moonlight at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary on Wednesday, Feb. 20. The sanctuary stays open until 9 p.m., allowing visitors to walk through the forest under a waxing gibbous moon, a three-quarter full moon that lights up the boardwalk and makes flashlights unnecessary. Stars and planets are the theme of this months Corkscrew After Hours. Visitors can begin the evening at 5:45 p.m. with a onehour presentation by Rick Piper from the Everglades Astronomical Society. Mr. Pipers discussion will focus on deep hole objects such as nebulas and globular clusters, as well as objects in the southern sky viewed from Naples. His large collection of meteorites will be on display, including part of a meteor that was discovered in Bonita Springs and that now is at the Smithsonian. Visitors can choose to explore the forest on independent boardwalk excursions or join a walk guided by a Corkscrew naturalist. Walks set out at 6, 6:30 and 7 p.m. Telescopes aimed at especially scenic stars and planets will be positioned on the boardwalk. Dulce Tones, a local group consisting of a dulcimer, harp, guitar and song, will entertain with folk, traditional Appalachian and childrens music from 6-8 p.m. at Corkscrews Blair Audubon Center. Admission is Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is $12 per adult, $6 for college students with ID; $4 for ages 6-18 and free for children younger than 6. The Landmark Trees project that debuted during the first Corkscrew After Hours this past fall continues with the designation of Landmark Tree 5. The project identifies unique bald cypress trees within the ancient swamp forest where the oldest residents are more than 500 years old. Visitors learn about each trees history and role within the active and thriving preserve. Dates and themes for upcoming Corkscrew After Hours evenings are: Wednesday, March 20: Stars and planets Wednesday, April 17: Bird migration Wednesday, May 22: Reptiles and frogs Friday, June 21: Summer solstice Friday, July 12: Moths, fireflies and ghost orchidsAbout CorkscrewAudubon Floridas Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary comprises almost 13,000 acres of fragile land owned and protected by the National Audubon Society since 1954. Its 2.25-mile boardwalk traverses three major habitats, and the visitor center has a nature store, tearoom and a theater with a running show about the regions environmental history and challenges, as well as classrooms for education programs and private events. In the heart of the western Everglades northeast of Naples, the entrance to Corkscrew is on Immokalee Road 15 miles east of I-75. Hours are 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. year-round. Entrance fees cover two consecutive days of admission. National Audubon Society members who present their ID card enjoy a 50 percent discount. For more information, call 348-9151. or visit Seeking to put Gods love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope. WADDY THOMPSON / COURTESY PHOTOS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 A11 Achieve your healthiest weight ever, or call us at (239) 344-9786 to schedule a consultation.Have you been through all the diets, exercise and all the frustrations with attempted weight loss? Its time to explore bariatric weight-loss surgery for permanent change and improved health. Studies have shown: bariatric surgery is an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes, and has positive effects on other conditions associated with obesity, including hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and more. Its time to experience a new year with a new you! Ring in the new year with a NEW, healthier you.Weight-loss surgery may be the right solution for you!Call to attend our FREE monthly seminars! Learn about Christine D. + more success stories at! 6150 Diamond Centre Court #1300, Fort Myers MOSES K. SHIEH, DO FACOS AMY R. PHIPPS, ARNP JAMISON J. DICUS, PA-C Let Our Family Protect YoursOur Talented, Experienced Staff and Crews Make UsSouthwest Floridas Most Trusted Hurricane Protection TeamOur business is protecting your family.4160 Corporate Square Naples, FL 34104 239.261.5495 Learn about orchids in the GladesThe Gulf Coast Orchid Alliance presents Orchids in The Glades during the ninth annual Marjory Stoneman Douglas Festival at the Museum of the Everglades in Everglades City. Beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, GCOA members will share information about growing orchids and will also have orchids for sale. They will present program about The ABCs of Orchid Culture at 10 a.m. and one about Orchids of the Everglades at 1 p.m. About half of all orchids species in the United States are found in Florida, and half of them are in the Everglades, many either threatened or endangered. The Museum of the Everglades is at 105 West Broadway, Everglades City. For more information, call 498-9741 or 6950008 or visit or Tram takes visitors into the FakahatcheeUntil this month, visitors had to drive their car down a bumpy road to explore the wonders of Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. Thats no longer the case, thanks to Ghost Rider, the new tram operated by the Friends of Fakahatchee. Named in honor of the famous ghost orchid found in the park, the 20-passenger tram frees visitors from having to focus on their driving to the exclusion of the features of the park. Its difficult to be on the lookout for wildlife and plants the park is famous for when you are driving, explains naturalist Glen Stacell. On board the tram, you can really appreciate the park and benefit from the knowledge of the guides who accompany each trip. Several stops on each 2-hour tour give passengers a chance to get up close and personal with interesting aspects of the park. Ghost Rider tram tours are $25 per person. The tram leaves from the ranger station at 10 a.m. sharp on Tuesday, Feb. 19 and 26, Thursday, Feb. 28, and Tuesday, March 5. The entrance to Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park is on the west side of SR 29 approximately 14 miles south of the intersection of I-75 and SR 29. Reservations for the tram tour are required and can be made by calling 695-1023 or visiting (click on events). COURTESY PHOTOEpidendrum radicans, a Florida native orchid


BAGSALE!OneDayOnly!Saturday,Feb.1620%OFFALMOST ANYTHING YOUCAN STUFF INSIDE YOURBAG!VisitoneofSunshine AceHardwaressix locationsinLeeandCollier countiesoronlineat* TextthewordSunshineAcetothenumber44544tostartreceivingspecialcoupons fromSunshineAceHardware.*TextMessageandDataratesmayapply.Forhelp, textHELPortocancel,textSTOPto44544. JOINOUR MOBILECLUB! DowntownNaplesGoldenGateBonitaSpringsSanCarlosMarcoIslandEastNaples*Exclusions:20%discountappliestotheregularpriceofinstockmerchandise thatcanfitinsidethe11-7/8X17bagatonetime.BenjaminMoorePaint,Power tools,smallappliances,rods,reels,andcombosreceive10%off.Individualitems canbeuptotwicethebagheight(34),however,multiplestackeditemscannot exceedtheheightofthebag(17).Merchandiseplacedinthebagmustremain initsoriginalpackaging.DiscountdoesnotapplytoSTIHLpowerequipment, in-storeservices,citystickers,onlinepurchases,previouslypurchased merchandise,phoneordersorgiftcardpurchases.NoRainCheckswillbegiven. Limitonebagandoneofferredemptionpercustomerwhilesupplieslast. Additionalexclusionsmayapply.Seestorefordetails.Voidwhereprohibited. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA12 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Chickee Chats continueThe Naples Historical Society presents author and playwright Laurie Nienhaus in What Were They Thinking?, a colorful presentation about vintage clothing, at 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 15, in the pavilion in The Norris Gardens at Palm Cottage. Ms. Nienhaus will take the audience back for a peek at fashions that hid a womans real body and helped make swooning the rage. Her program is part of the historical societys series of Garden Side Chickee Chats. Attendance is free for NHS members and $5 for others. Palm Cottage is at 137 12th Ave. S., one block east of the Naples Pier. For more information, call 261-8164 or visit What its worthThe Estero Historical Society holds an antiques appraisal fair from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at Estero Community Park. Richard Gannon of Gannons Antiques & Art will conduct appraisals. Cost is $15 for two appraisals when a reservation is made by Feb. 16. Cost on the day of the fair will be $10 for one appraisal. All proceeds will benefit the historical societys Historical Houses restoration efforts in the park. To make a reservation, send a check made payable to the Estero Historical Society to EHS, P.O. Box 1314, Estero, FL 33928. For information, call 949-1518 or e-mail Cattleyas, vandas and dendrobiums, oh m y! T he yre three of the countless kinds of orchids that will be on display in all their glory at the Naples Orchid Societys 40th annual show, a crowd-pleasing exhibit and sale that takes place FridaySunday. Feb. 22-24, in the gymnasium at Moorings Presbyterian Church. Judging for prizes in numerous categories will be by members of the American Orchid Society. Three orchid basket arrangements will be raffled off each day, with tickets available for $1 each or six for $5. Made by NOS members, the baskets will include potted orchids along with ferns or ivy. Winners need not be present to win. Five vendors will sell orchid plans and supplies throughout the show. Perry Coppins and 20 original members are credited with establishing the NOS back in 1962. Lloyd Easterling, a former Naples mayor, served as the societys first president. Early meetings were held at Tiki Gardens in the vicinity of Naples Manor on the East Trail. In subsequent years, the group made its home at locations around town including the former Naples Federal Savings & Loan Building on Fifth Avenue South, the Naples Depot and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. During the several years when the society held its annual show at the Conservancy, members began a collaborative effort still practiced today that of donating and planting orchids in the trees on the grounds. Theyve also established orchids in the trees at The Naples Zoo. The mission of the NOS is to promote the appreciation and cultivation of orchids as a hobby, as well as to promote education and research to preserve wild orchids that are indigenous to Southwest Florida. Under the recent presidency of Kit Kitchen-Maran, the society in 2012 provided grant monies to support education programs at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and to assist two interns from Illinois College who studied scale insects affecting orchids in the Florida Panther Preserve and the Fakahatchee Strand State Park. NOS members range from novice to advanced hobbyist. In addition to annual dues, the only requirement for membership is to have a true interest in learning more about orchids. All are welcome to attend monthly meetings on the first Thursday at Moorings Presbyterian Church. Flower registration begins at 6:30 p.m. and judging is at 7:10 p.m. A short business meeting is at 7:15 p.m., and the program begins at 7:30 p.m. For more information, visit Maureen Sullivan-Hartungs Hidden History of Everglades City & Points Nearby was published in 2010 by The History Press in South Carolina. Look for her Undercover Historian column every other week in Florida Weekly. Learn more about Ms. Sullivan-Hartung at COURTESY PHOTOSNorma Schneider an American Orchid Society judge, looks o ver a Phalaenopsis orchid during last years Naples Orchid Society show, pointing out to other judges and onlookers the fa c tors that will establish whether or not the plant receives a co veted AOS a ward. UNDERCOVER HISTORIAN Naples Orchid Society show rooted in 40 years of tradition A Ti sket, A Ta sket>>What: The Naples Orchid Societys 40th annual show >>When: 3-6 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23; 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 23. >>Where: Moorings Presbyterian Church >>Cost: $8 for adults, free for children admitted free >>Info:


FREE SEMINAR -Waste of Time or Life Saving Test???The Real Scoop on PSA Screening!!!We will discuss prostate screening guidelines, newer and more sensitive tests for prosta te cancer, cancer vaccines, as well as other state-of-the-art treatment options.Speakers to include the board certi ed physicians of Specialists in Urology and Premiere Oncology : The physicians will welcome questions following the presentations. | Please call Susan Scholz to reserve:Complimentary continental breakfast will be served.


C elebrate OUR NATIONS GREATS A DAY TO FEBRUARY 18 TH T T T H H H H ONE DAY ONLY Follow us for news and special offers @McDonalds_SWFL Offer good only at participating McDonalds in Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, Indian River, Collier, Hendry, Lee and Charlotte counties. For a limited time only. Prices and participation may vary. Plus tax, if applicable. *Weight before cooking 4oz (113.4 grams) 2013 McDonalds.OR WITH CHEESE The Florida Weekly is now available at participating McDonalds. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA14 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 TIF hosts mentoring workshop SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYThe Immokalee Foundation brought Take Stock In Children, a statewide scholarship and mentoring program that helps at-risk students reach academic and personal success, to Immokalee in 2001. Since then, TIF has matched volunteer mentors with students from Immokalee middle and high schools to inspire, guide and be involved in the students lives. Those students who fulfill their pledge to earn solid grades, exhibit good behavior and meet weekly with their mentor are awarded a full scholarship to a Florida state college upon high school graduation. The job of a mentor is an important one. He or she is required to meet with a student once a week for about 40 minutes and to attend school activities and events when necessary, all in an effort to encourage and motivate a young person to reach his or her potential and claim the promise of a college education. Next month, nine seventh-graders and two eighth-graders will be inducted into the TSIC program, bringing the total to 131 students. The number of children in the program now exceeds the number of mentors, so additional volunteers are needed to share their time, knowledge and experience with students. TIF provides mentors with all the tools and information essential to building a strong mentor/mentee relationship. Lois Gomez, mentor coordinator for the foundation, recently conducted a workshop at the Naples Yacht Club for more than 40 new and experienced mentors. Ms. Gomez reported that a survey taken last year revealed that mentors want to spend more time with mentees and their families, and the foundation is helping to make that possible by opening new doors for the TSIC program. Prior to the opening of the new TIF building in Immokalee, mentors had to meet their students at school, usually during lunch hour. The new building provides space for mentor/mentee meetings after school and on weekends. Web-based programming such as Skype is also making the mentor/mentee connection more convenient; the foundations new facility is complete with 50 laptops and Wi-Fi for students. Audrey Moss, an Immokalee High School guidance counselor, updated the workshop group on educational issues including ACT and SAT score requirements for all Florida state universities; how to identify and locate scholarships; how to help students with applications; and how to guide students to proper schools, including community and technical schools. Ms. Moss told the group that she tells students: It doesnt matter what path you take, its where you end up; you can still be successful no matter where you start. A question-and-answer session featured mentor Kay Kumo, IHS teacher Charles Craycraft and foundation board member John Henry (TSIC statewide Mentor of the Year in 2012). Its like raising a child lots of ups and a few downs, Mr. Henry told the audience. You never know what the issue may be, academic or personal, but identifying the issue quickly and early intervention are imperative; use all your resources available to fix it. Ms. Kumo advised new mentors to be patient. We get so much out of working with the kids, she said. Mr. Craycraft agreed on the importance of patience. Mentors have to listen, he said. Its a gradual, growing process. Show that you are there to help them. As much as the mentors get from the process, the kids are grateful to have someone by their side. Students surveyed by the foundation about their mentors have made comments such as: My mentor encourages me any way she can. She is always there to talk about almost anything. She cares about what I do. The Immokalee Foundation is dedicated to empowering the youth of Immokalee and breaking the cycle of poverty through education, and research shows that mentoring works toward that goal. The foundations goal is to help the young people of Immokalee improve their self-esteem, social skills and knowledge of career opportunities. Mentors play a critical role in shaping those young minds and building character. TIF has a range of programs that focus on building pathways to success through college and vocational school, mentoring and tutoring, and opportunities for broadening experiences and life skills development. To learn more, call 430-9122 or visit Edison State College campuses hold open houseAll campuses of Edison State College are holding open house for prospective students and their families from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18. Staff from the admissions and financial aid offices will be on hand with information about the application and financial aid processes. Visitors to the Fort Myers campus will be able to tour Lighthouse Commons, the new apartment-style student housing. The application fee will be waived for all who apply in person at the Naples, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda or LaBelle locations from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Feb. 18 (fee will not be waived for online applicants). For more information or to register for the open house, visit www.edison. edu. Mentor panelists John Henry, Kay Fumo and Charles Craycraft answer questions from workshop attendees.


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A16 239-300-4880www.LevitanMcQuaid.comVisit Our South Location at464 Bayfront Place239-300-4880www.LevitanMcQuaid.comSTUDIO 54 INVADES BAYFRONTThis Saturday from 5:30-9:00 PM A MCQUAID MARKETING PRODUCTION


A16 239-300-4880www.LevitanMcQuaid.comVisit Our South Location at464 Bayfront Place239-300-4880www.LevitanMcQuaid.comSTUDIO 54 INVADES BAYFRONTThis Saturday from 5:30-9:00 PM A MCQUAID MARKETING PRODUCTION

PAGE 18 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA18 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 THE 2013 VALENTINES DAY COLLECTION Available thru Feb. 14th SAY YES TOLOVE OPRAHS FAVORITE: FEBRUARY 2013 10 PIECE ALL HEARTS GIFT BOX FORT MYERS 11380 LINDBERGH BLVD | 239.561.7215 | HOURS MONFRI 7:30 AM5:30 PM | SAT 7:30 AM PM NAPLES 3747 TAMIAMI TRAIL NORTH | 239.687.7215 | HOURS MONTHUR 8 AM9 PM | FRI & SAT 8 AM10:30 PM ARTISAN GELATO BY NORMAN LOVE 239. 288.4333 | HOURS MONSAT 11:30AM:00 PM Watch out for traffic deputiesThe Collier County Sheriffs Office gives drivers a heads-up that traffic enforcement deputies will be posted at the following spots the week of Feb. 11-15: Monday, Feb. 18 Pine Ridge Road and Naples Boulevard Speeding Goodlette-Frank Road and Orange Blossom Drive Speeding Airport-Pulling and Vanderbilt Beach roads Red light running Tuesday, Feb. 19 Lely Cultural Parkway at Lely Elementary Aggressive driving Collier and Davis boulevards Red light running Rattlesnake Hammock and County Barn roads Red light running Wednesday, Feb. 20 Santa Barbara Boulevard and Recreation Lane Speeding Sunshine Boulevard Speeding Pine Ridge Road and I-75 northbound exit Red light running Thursday, Feb. 21 Manatee Road at Manatee Middle School Aggressive driving U.S. 41 East and Lakewood Boulevard Red light running Airport-Pulling Road and Davis Boulevard Aggressive driving Friday, Feb. 22 Goodlette-Frank Road and Creekside Boulevard Speeding Immokalee Road and I-75 southbound exit Aggressive driving Livingston Road and Orange Blossom Drive Speeding Grieving a pet? Avow counselors can helpAvow Hospice grief counselors hold a pet grief support group from 3:30-4:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month. The next meeting is Feb. 18. Meetings are held in the Ispiri community center at Avow headquarters on Whipporwill Lane. Attendance is free, but reservations are requested. Call 261-4404.


NAPLESTOWNHALLYEARSat The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples DONT MISSSeeing Tim Live!MARCH 9, 2013 www.NaplesTownHall.orgCALL NOW FOR TICKET INFORMATION VIP PACKAGES AVAILABLE239-659-6524 PRESENTA 501(C)3 Non-Prot Charity AND These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. At Trim Wellness Caf 9655 Tamiami Trail North #102, Naples, FL 34108 mile North of Mercado Join usfor an evening withFrom 6:00 -7:00 pm with Q & A (limited Seating) Please R.S.V.P Phone: (239) 594-8746 & a Panel of Experts Discussing Dr. Brent Agin, M.D Anti-Aging Dr. AginNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 A19 We are located at4445 Bonita Beach Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34134 239-947-3427 239-947-EASE (3427) Save 10% On Quality Used: Flat Screen TVs iPhones & iPads Computers Digital Cameras DVD Players Stereos iPods & MP3 Players and morePlus, with every purchase of $25 or more, youll receive a FREE 30-minute private, one-on-one, lesson or troubleshooting session with a KnowDibs Personal Technology Coach!KnowDibs: Technology Made EasyGive the Gift of Knowledge for Valentines DayGift Certi cates available for personal, one-on-one, 30-minute training or troubleshooting session, to solve a problem or learn how to use your Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, Digital Camera, or just about any software, ap, or website your devices can operate with the gadgets you want to use. Our Personal Technology Coaches explain everything in a Friendly, Helpful way with no tech-jargon. PRESIDENTS DAY SALE: One Day Only Monday, Feb. 18,2013 r r e s Conservancy sets grand reopening; vendors invited to exhibit Conservancy of Southwest Florida is accepting applications from vendors and exhibitors to participate in its Grand Reopening Weekend Festival April 20-21. In addition to the unveiling of the newly renovated $20 million Conservancy of Southwest Florida Nature Center, activities include educational exhibits and programs, music, games and arts and crafts. Keynote speaker for the weekend will be renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle from National Geographic.Vendors page $50 for an 8-foot table, table linen and two chairs per day. The deadline for applications is March 1. For tent fees, a vendor agreement form and more information, go to members will enjoy free festival admission; others will pay $10 for adults and $5 for children ages 3-12. Become a member before or at the festival and enjoy special benefits. Presenting sponsor for the Grand Reopening Weekend Festival is Wells Fargo. Supporting sponsors are Bank of America, Waste Management, PNC Bank and Walmart. For more information, call 4302466 or visit the website above. O er Good thru 2/28/13 WITH THIS AD $350.OFFNew Orders OnlyCoupon Must Be Presented At Time Of Order. Why Do More Home Owners ChooseComplete Line of Rolldowns Clear Pan ccordionsCall For FREE Estimate594-16161762 Trade Center Way, Naples Florida, 34109Hurricane IMPACT WINDOWS & DOORS! QUALIT T RVICE


888-440-2852 www.lbulighting.com11985 Tamiami Trail N Naples, FL 34110 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA20 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Available exclusively atEAST INDIES HOME COLLECTION11985 US 41 N., Naples 34110 239-596-7273 Open 7 Days 10 am 5 pmCatch of the DayAsian Fish Trap Baskets (239) CATERING FOR ANY OCCASION FRESH CUT MEATS FRESH CUT MEATS DELI ITALIAN SPECIALTIESUSDA CHOICE PREMIUM ANGUSDELMONICO STEAKSUSDA CHOICE PREMIUM ANGUSEYE ROUND ROASTUSDA CHOICE PREMIUM ANGUSSIRLOIN PATTIES $999 Like Us on Facebook For Specials & Updates The Finest in Choice Beef, Pork, Veal & Poultry Largest Selection of Italian Specialties Fresh Homemade Mozzarella Made Daily Fresh Baked Bread CATERING FOR ANY OCCASION "Let Our Family Feed Your Family" "The Original Sausage King" Mario'sMeat Market and Deli $399 THIN SLICED ITALIAN STYLEPORK CUTLETSBONLESS COUNTRY STYLE PORK RIBS LEAN & TENDER PORK TENDERLOINREGULAR OR STUFFED W/SAUSAGE $399 $199 $499 MARIO'S OWN OVEN ROASTEDTURKEY BREASTHONEY MAPLEHAM MUENSTER CHEESEHOMEMADEBRUSCHETTA MIX $399 $599 $699 $499 $399 CITTERIOSALAMI PRONTIPRE-SLICED 5 VARIETIES BIAGIO CHIANTI IL CARNIVALE PINOT GRIGIO $2993 OZ. $599750 ML. $8991.5 LTR. YOUR CHOICE WINE History professor will speak at Beth TikvahBeth Tikvah of Naples presents June Sochen, Ph.D., professor emerita of history at Northeastern Illinois University, with a lecture about Dr. Isaac Max Rubinow, the first medical director of Hadassah (19191923), beginning at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18. The program is co-sponsored by Hadassah Associates. A donation of $5 is requested from Beth Tikvah members, $10 from others. Beth Tikvah is at 1459 Pine Ridge Road. RSVP by calling 434-1818 or e-mailing A $10 donation is recommended from nonmembers, $5 from members. Beth Tikvah is located at 1459 Pine Ridge Road, just west of Mission Square Plaza. RSVP to 4341818 or Church presents programCovenant Church of Naples presents a program titled Spiritual Leadership in the Home at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 22. Although presenter Josh McDowells program is geared toward men, the whole family is welcome. Since 1960, Mr. McDowell has written or co-authored 138 books, has been nominated 36 times for the Gold Medallion Award and has won the award from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association four times. He established the Josh McDowell Ministry in 1964 as a division of Campus Crusade for Christ International, now Cru. His appearance at Covenant Church of Naples is sponsored by the churchs mens ministry known as Mighty Men. Attendance is free, but registration is required. The church is at 6926 Trail Blvd., adjacent to U.S. 41 south of Vanderbilt Beach Road. Call 597-3464 to sign up or for more information.Rummage sale set for Friday-SaturdayThe women of North Naples United Methodist Church are holding a rummage sale from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15, and from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, Feb. 16. Find bargains in books, furniture and household items, childrens clothes and much more. The church is at 6000 Goodlette-Frank Road.Catholic radio host to address men and women of faith The women of Faith & Wine team up with the men of Faith & Ale to present author and syndicated radio host Teresa Tomeo with Bringing America Back to Life from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Naples. All are welcome. Ms. Tomeo left the secular media 13 years ago to start Teresa Tomeo Communications. Catholic Connection, her daily morning radio program, is produced by Ave Maria Radio in Ann Arbor, Mich., and is broadcast on Catholic stations nationwide through the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network. Admission is $15 if reserved by Feb. 18 and $20 thereafter (if available). The evening includes a light dinner. Reservations and payment can be made at www. WOW!!!NEW PATIENT SPECIALPatient Consultation, Exam, Cleaning and Necessary X-Rays D0110, D0150, D0274PLUS FREE TEETH WHITENING$431 Value, You Save $352!ALL FOR $79NOT VALID WITH THE PRESENCE OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE.EXPIRES 2/28/2013 (239) 300-9693


Were the largest orthopedic program in Southwest Florida. Our team approach ensures the highest quality care and the best outcomes. www.LeeMemorial.orgDevoted to Excellence in Health Care His knee replacement allows us to enjoy the Southwest Florida lifestyle. Caring People, Caring for People Lee Memorial Hospital


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EVAN WILLIAMS / FLORIDA WEEKLYKelly Walsh, Food Forest president, leads a student tour. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 A23 EMERGENCIES & SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS!Accepting New Patients! Call 239-430-3668 .NPbtnfn.rb Easily Eliminate Relief and Results for You. Dance the Night AwayYour Feet are Counting on it! Df. LDPM, FACFAS, DABLESDf. LDPMDf. TnDPM, AACFAS, DABLESDf. AtfDPMNEW ON STAFFDf. Kn L DOWNTOWN NAPLES GOODLETTE MEDICAL PARK661 Goodlette Road Suite 103Df. Bfn Tn Df. Dnb AtfGRIDLEY BUILDING (ACROSS FROM THE LELY HORSES)12250 Tamiami Trail East Suite 101Df. Hf LNORTH NAPLES ROYAL PALM MEDICAL BUILDING1660 Medical Blvd Suite 302TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 5:30 7:00 PMCOMMON FOOT AILMENTS: CAUSES AND CURES FREE PRESENTATION AND Q&A WITH OUR DOCTORS 661 GOODLETTE RD., #103, NAPLES SEATING IS LIMITED, RSVP ASAP: 239-465-6623 OR REP@FAMILYFOOTANDLEGCENTER.COM We are honored to introduce Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida.Scheduled to open in 2016, this lifesaving facility will house 128 beds and provide new and expanded specialty pediatric health care services to children from Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties.Now through May of 2014 all donations to the Golisano Childrens Hospital capital campaign will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to the generosity of Mr. B. Thomas Golisano. e Childrens Hospital is Growing. Please consider a personal or corporate gift to the health and wellness of the children in our community.Call 239-343-6950 or visit credit permaculture course for undergraduates last year). Dr. Eva Worden, Ph.D., a former professor of environmental horticulture at the University of Florida, started her own 55-acre organic farm in Punta Gorda, where she practices some of the same principles. Ms. Worden suggested the forest could help students develop good habits. In the setting of the university, where peoples minds are open to new ideas and are often in formative stages, that exposure can be integrated into ones world view and carried forward into their lives, and applied at the household level and at the level of personal choices, she said. M. Solomon Zaremby, an environmental studies major with a minor in psychology, has plans after graduation to become an organic farmer and, later, complete an advanced degree in psychology and practice hortitherapy. He pointed out some of the medicinal aspects of plants in the forest, including the Moringa tree; he described the leaves as a superfood. (The Food Forest) has changed my life and my view of a lot of things, he said. Mimosa, a plant that grows flat and green on the ground, drew oohs and awesomes from some students on a tour because if you stroke the tiny leaves with a finger, theyll react by closing up like eyelids. In addition to being merely awesome, mimosa has a specific function at the forest: to create nitrogen for the soil. All the plants here have a purpose, Ms. Walsh points out. Many plants have multiple ones, whether its the windbreaking bamboo or the banana tree leaves, which offer shade for patches of sweet potatoes or tired workers, in addition to their fruit. These bananas taste better, Ms. Walsh said. Theyre getting a lot of love.




IF b tn t for fr bn,trbf f rn tLIFEf f?HODGES FUNERAL HOMEAT NAPLES MEMORIAL GARDENS525 | 111th Avenue North | Naples, FL 34108239-597-3101 HODGES-JOSBERGER FUNERAL HOME577 Elkcam Circle | Marco Island, FL 34145239-394-7573 www.HodgesJosberger.comThe most memorable memorials are the ones we plan ourselves. After all, who knows you better than you? Thats why its a wise idea to plan ahead. We offer the convenience of a funeral home, cemetery and crematory in one location. Let Hodges Funeral and Cemetery Providers do what were known forcreate a nal send off thats truly a reection of you. Its your lifes celebration. Well make sure it has some. Purveyors of ne European building products. SHOWROOM COMING SOON NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 A25 Walk for Make-A-Wish, pedal for Florida amputees, volley for Salvation Army Walk for Wishes, the annual 5K run/walk to benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, is set for Saturday, March 16, at Florida Gulf Coast University. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. and race start is at 8:30 a.m. Family activities include a bounce house, face painting and food trucks from 9-11 a.m. Advance registration is $25 for adults, $15 for students and $10 for children 12 and younger. Event-day registration is $30, $20 and $15. Sign up as an individual or with a team at www.walkforwishes. net. Sponsorships packages from $500 to $3,500 remain available. For more information, call 992-9474 for additional information. For more information about Make-AWish, visit The fifth annual Miracle LimbsCourage In Motion bike ride sets out Saturday, March 16, from North Collier Regional Park. Pedalers can choose fully supported SAG routes of 10, 28, 42 or 62 miles. A 2-mile family-friendly course will be within the park. The longest ride sets out at 7:30 a.m., with the others following at 8, 8:30 and 9 a.m. The family ride will begin at 10 a.m. Power breakfast will be served for all participants beginning at 6:30 a.m., and a lunch buffet provided by area restaurants will be served beginning at 11 a.m. A raffle and silent auction will also be held to raise additional funds. Guest of honor April Holmes, a threetime Paralympic running medalist, lost her left leg below the knee as the result of a train accident in 2001. Off the track, she runs the April Holmes Foundation, which provides scholarships and medical equipment for people with physical and learning disabilities. Founded by Naples resident Bob Ayers, Miracle Limbs-Courage In Motion is the only nonprofit in Florida that provides support services and encouragement to amputees and their families. A portion of this years race proceeds will help Miracle Limbs provide assistance to Sgt. Robert Easley Jr., a Wounded Warrior who remains at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Md., after having lost both his legs and part of his right hand when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in October 2012. Major sponsors of this years ride are Arthrex and Trek Bicycle stores. Race registration is $40 before March 1 and $45 thereafter. Non-riders can enjoy food and activities in the park for $10 on race day. Sign up at com, or call 591-8393 for more information. The ninth annual Rackets Up! round robin tennis tournament to benefit the Salvation Army Naples Corps Child Care Center takes place Saturday, April 13, at the Arthur L. Allen Tennis Center at Cambier Park. Singles and all levels of ability are encouraged to sign up. Last year more than 50 players took part. Registration for $35 includes lunch, T-shirt and the chance to bid on silent auction items. Pick up a flier at the tennis center, call Kevin Walker at 213-3060 or visit www. for a registration form or more information.


Be Through With ChewWhen it comes to tobacco, smokeless isnt harmless SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLYTobacco products such as chew, dip and snuff are not harmless. But because these products are smokeless, many people, especially young people, underestimate the serious health risks associated with them. To help raise awareness about the dangers of smokeless tobacco, Students Working Against Tobacco and the Florida Department of Healths Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida are promoting Through With Chew Week Feb. 17-23. Collier County SWAT youth will distribute green ribbons along with smokeless tobacco fact cards to their school peers through the week. Public service announcements will also be made on school morning announcements to educate students and teachers on the dangers associated with smokeless tobacco. Youth and young adults might think spit tobacco is safer than cigarettes because it comes in sweet flavors such as cherry, peach and apple, says Andrea Sparano, SWAT coordinator at the Collier County Health Department. The truth is that spit tobacco contains 28 cancer-causing chemicals, and a 30-minute chew has the same amount of nicotine as three to four cigarettes. Through With Chew Week includes the Great American Spit Out on Thursday, Feb. 21, which encourages smokeless tobacco users to plan in advance to quit using smokeless tobacco that day, or to use the day to make a plan to quit.Health risksConstant exposure to tobacco juices from these smokeless products can cause oral cancers, which can form within just five years of regular use, and can cause cancer of the esophagus, pharynx, larynx, stomach and pancreas. Smokeless tobacco use can increase the risk of oral cancers by 80 percent and the risk of pancreatic and esophageal cancer by 60 percent, according to a 2008 study from the World Health Organization. Aside from the increased risk of cancer, using smokeless tobacco can increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. It can also lead to other oral problems such as mouth sores, gum recession, tooth decay and permanent discoloration of teeth. Smokeless tobacco use can also increase the risk of reproductive health problems such as reduced sperm count and abnormal sperm cells for men. Women who use smokeless tobacco may be at an increased risk of preeclampsia (a condition during pregnancy that can include high blood pressure, fluid retention and swelling), premature birth and low birth weight.Addiction riskLike cigarettes, smokeless tobacco products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Smokeless tobacco users and cigarette smokers have comparable levels of nicotine in the blood, according to the National Cancer Institute. Tobacco Free Florida has several ways to help smokeless tobacco users quit. Those who want to quit can double their chances at success by using one of these free and convenient quit services. For more information, visit NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA26 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Hundreds step out for heart health at Day of DanceSix hundred people took to the dance floor recently at the Naples Beach Club Hotel & Golf Club to Zumba, hip hop, tango and tai chi their way to better health at NCHs third annual Day of Dance for Your Health in conjunction with Spirit of Womens Day of Dance. Pat Read, our administrative director, chaired the event that focused on ways of preventing coronary heart disease. Day of Dance, besides sharing dance as a way to take steps for a healthier life, also educates consumers on a variety of cardiovascular conditions such as atrial fibrillation, stroke and heart attacks in women. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in America. Among the days speakers and their topics were: Dr. David Axline Dont Miss a Beat: A Primer on Atrial Fibrillation Kelly Daly, NCH director of internal compliance Surprise, You Have a Blockage Dr. Karen Henrichsen Balancing Life Stress and Your Best Self Now Dr. Shona Velamakanni Secrets to a Womans Heart More than 40 NCH colleagues measured blood pressures and shared advice on healthy aging, joint health, tips for diabetics and more. Throughout the day, the American Heart Associations 0 Most Common Myths were repeated: 1. Im too young to worry about heart disease. Not true. How you live now affects your risk later. 2. Id know if I had high blood pressure because there would be warning signs. High blood pressure is called the silent killer because most people dont know they have it. 3. Ill know when Im having a heart attack because Ill have chest pain. Not necessarily. Although its common to have chest pain or discomfort with a heart attack, sometimes the symptoms are very subtle. 4. Diabetes wont threaten my heart as long as I take my medication. Even when blood sugar levels are under control, diabetics are at increased risk for heart disease and stroke. 5. Heart disease runs in my family, so theres nothing I can do to prevent it. Regardless of family history, everyone can take steps to dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease. 6. I dont need to have my cholesterol checked until Im middleaged. You should start at age 20. 7. Heart failure means the heart stops beating. With heart failure, the heart keeps working but doesnt pump blood as well as it should. 8. This pain in my legs is a sign of aging and has nothing to do with my heart. Leg pain in the muscles can be a sign of a condition called peripheral artery disease caused by blocked arteries in the legs. 9. My heart is beating fast, so Im having a heart attack. Some variation in heart rate is normal. Heart rate speeds up during exercise or excitement and slows down when youre sleeping. 10. I should avoid exercise after having a heart attack. No! Research shows that heart attack survivors who are physically active on a regular basis and who make other heart-healthy changes live longer. Lessons and words, education and inspiration to live by literally! Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System. TO YOUR HEALTHBlood supplies need replenishingCommunity Blood Center needs donations to replenish critically low inventories. Types O-positive, O-negative, A-positive and A-negative are especially needed. The center in the NCH Medical Plaza Building at 311 Ninth St. N. is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday and Wednesday-Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday. No appointments are necessary. Heres where the bloodmobile will be in the week ahead: Thursday, Feb. 14: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Arthrex, 1284 Creekside St. Friday, Feb. 15: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Crystal Lakes RV Resort, 14960 Collier Blvd. Friday, Feb. 15: 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Sabal Palm/Cypress Palm schools, 4095 18th Ave. N.E. Saturday, Feb. 16: 9 a.m. to noon at the Greater Naples YMCA, 5450 YMCA Road. Sunday, Feb. 17: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church, 1225 Piper Blvd. Sunday, Feb. 17: 2:30-5 p.m. at Florida Sports Park, 8250 Collier Blvd. Tuesday, Feb. 19: 7 a.m. to noon at Immokalee High School, 401 N. Ninth St. Tuesday, Feb. 19: 9 a.m. to noon at Encore Bank, 4450 Bonita Beach Road, Bonita Springs. Tuesday, Feb. 19: 2:15-5 p.m. at Seminole Casino Immokalee. Wednesday, Feb. 20: 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Naples High School, 100 Golden Eagle Circle. For more information, call 624-4120 or visit Marco bank hosts free health lectureIberiaBank on Marco Island continues its series of free health lectures from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, with a presentation by orolaryngology surgeon Jay Roberts about minimally invasive ways for treating throat and thyroid tumors that can eliminate disfigurement, scarring and other traumatic aspects of traditional surgery. Dr. Roberts attended Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and completed his internship and residency at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland. The bank is at 605 Bald Eagle Drive. Seating is limited and reservations are required. Call 403-5169. Diet Diva will share 10-second secretsTemple Shalom welcomes Diet Diva Merna Lyn, author of The 10-Second Diet, at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21. The author will outline her approach to dieting and overall health that focuses not just on what one eats, but also on how one lives. She donates a portion of her book sales to Alzheimers research. Temple Shalom is at 4630 Pine Ridge Road. For more information, call Susan Freeman at 216 -3599 or e-mail susan@ HEALTHY LIVING


Wynns MarketNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NEWS A27 I will take pictures of your...Business Family Gathering Holiday or Birthda y Party Gala Ball Auction and mor e!(c) PAPARAZI / www.fotosearch.comEvent Stephen@medianaples.comin Naples Azul Liquid FaceliftRecapture Your Youthful BeautySeminar February 19& 20 www.azulbeauty.comSeminar Dates: February 19 in Bonita Springs at 6pm February 20 in Fort Myers at 6pmAlso hear the latest on the Small Incision Mini-Facelift TechniquesSpace is limited. Call to reserve your seat! (239) 415-7576 Come hear Dr. Flaharty omas Quigley, M.D.Board Certi ed Eye Physician & Surgeonwww.doctorquigley.comFREEEYE EXAMFOR NEW PATIENTSNo Hidden Charges: It is our policy that the patient and or any other person responsible for payment or be reimburse by payment or any other service, examination or treatment which is performed as a result of reimburse within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee or reduced fee service, examination or treatment. Offer does not apply to Avantica managed insurance plans including Freedom, Optimum and some Universal.CODE: FW00SP27823complete medical exam with one of our board certi ed eye doctors includes prescription for eyeglasses, and tests for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. Offer applies to new patients 59 years and older. Coupon Expires 2/28/2013Naples Bonita Springs Step out to Take the Fire Out of Parkinsons Disease BY CHUCK CURRYSpecial to Florida Weekly Firefighter Jay Vukcevic was robbed of his lifes work when Parkinsons disease, a degenerative neurological disorder, forced his retirement. I noticed myself getting some tremors in my left thumb and slowing movements, he says. There was slowness of thinking and talking. With the splitsecond decisions and quick movement needed for the job, it just became too dangerous for me, my co-workers and the public for me to function as a firefighter, Mr. Vukcevic says. The Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida Inc. will honor Mr. Vukcevic at its 15th annual walk on Saturday, Feb. 23, at North Collier Regional Park. This years walk has been named Taking the Fire Out of Parkinsons Disease. Everyone is encouraged to participate, says organizer Buffy Hagood. Among the ways that firefighters are at the heart of the walk: Mr. Vukcevic, surrounded by other retired firefighters, will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. A 1930s fire engine will be on display. The public will be able to inspect a fire truck from the North Naples Fire District and operate a fire hose attached to a hydrant. Local firefighters will compete in games of their choosing (possibilities include a tug-of-war between firefighters from different districts, a 50-yard dash competing with anyone who wants to challenge them, and a race between firefighters filling and then carrying buckets of water while they run). The Barron Collier High School Drum Line will set the pace when the walk sets out around the park. Mr. Vukcevic, 62, and his wife Arlene winter in Naples. Firefighter friends from their home in Ohio join them in the walk for PASFI every year. So how did he find the local Parkinson association? They saw a notice about it in the paper and contacted co-founders Jackie Urso and Ellen Chaney to see how they could get involved. We started by delivering medical supplies like walkers and wheelchairs to some Parkinsonians and got involved in the walk, and now its the social event of the year for our group of Cleveland snowbirds, he says, adding, The friendships Ive made at PASFI last me all year. If Ive got a question about a symptom or a new drug, theres a wealth of information just a phone call away.The annual walk is the key fundraiser for PASFI, which relies solely on local donations and does not receive outside funding.About the associationFrom its beginnings in 1997 with a single class, PASFI now provides exercise, speech-and-swallowing and falland-balance classes each weekday from Bonita Springs to Marco Island. PASFI also provides support groups and seminars for Parkinsonians and their care partners focused on helping Parkinsonians remain independent and providing a sense of community for those afflicted by the disease. Classes and events are free of charge. Chuck Curry volunteers for the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida Inc. COURTESY PHOTOJay Vukcevic, back left with arm raised, at the start of the 14th Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida walk in February 2012. Mr. Vukcevic had to retire from being a firefighter, his lifes work, because of Parkinsons disease. He lives part-time in Naples. Taking the Fire Out of Parkinsons Disease>>What: The 15th annual walk sponsored by the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida Inc. >>When: 8 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 >>Where: North Collier Regional Park >>Cost: $15 registration (includes a 50/50 raf e ticket and light breakfast); walkers also encouraged to solicit donations from sponsors >>Info: www.pas .org or 989-5242


Your boat is clean, fueled up and waiting at the dock. All you have to do is show up, and start making memories!~ Inshore and Offshore Fishing, Deck, Pontoons and Bowriders ~ ~ Access to over 60 locations nationwide ~ ~ No maintenance or cleaning... ever ~ ~ On-the-water instruction for new boaters ~Call today for an affordable, hassle-free, fun alternative to boat ownership. FreedomBoatClub.com941.584.8338 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA28 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Reflections on the 2013 Naples Winter Wine Festival SPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY Its been a couple weeks since the 13th annual Naples Winter Wine Festival raised more than $8.6 million for childrens charities throughout Collier County. Several participants of the festival, which is the fundraising arm of Naples Children & Education Foundation, share their reflections on the weekend. Gaelle Andre, a 16-year-old junior at Lely High School, attends the afterschool program at Boys & Girls Club of Collier County, which receives Wine Fest proceeds. She was invited to sing the national anthem at Meet the Kids Day. Most nerve-wracking moment: I was kind of nervous, but after I got up there to sing, it was pretty cool. I had met many of the people when they came over to the Boys & Girls Clubs booth to ask about the activities that we do after school. Lasting impression: While I was singing, I looked at faces, and they looked very proud I got a standing ovation. I was happy, and I was proud of myself. Biggest surprise: One of the festivals sponsors, NetJets, heard me sing and surprised me with tickets to the Justin Bieber concert the next day in Miami. I was in shock. I was screaming and running around I was so excited. My Boys & Girls Club mentor, Miss Lizzie, and I sat in the 10th row and were eye-level with the stage. We also got to meet him. How many girls can say they got to meet Justin Bieber face-to-face? When it was our turn, he said, Whats up? and we got our picture taken. I showed it to some friends later, and I think they were mad and happy. Rusty Staub, a former baseball star and longtime philanthropist, has attended all 13 Naples Winter Wine Festivals. Festival highlight: Its always wonderful to participate in one of the great charity events in the country. When organizations talk about how the festival helps them that day when we meet the kids and charities thats a highlight for me. This year, I met Ivan, the young man who spoke about raising his two nephews. Ive done something personal for him, which made me feel good. The second thing this year that stands out is that friends honored me by spending a lot of money for the wine lot I donated. Made me laugh and smile: I always kid everybody that I wish I could get a pint of Valerie Gargiulos blood and inject it into my system. Id live to be 100. Shes got so much energy. (Ms. Gargiulo, an NCEF trustee, is known for enthusiastically cheering on bidders throughout the auction.) Biggest surprise: You realize how incredible it is to raise more than $8 million to help kids? The reaction from people (about raising less this year than in 2012), they have missed the point about what charity is. Jeffrey Ahren, Legal Aid Service of Collier County director of development/pro bono coordinator, was a firsttime festival volunteer this year. He heads the NCEF-funded Legal Aid for Collier Kids, serving children suffering from abuse, neglect and domestic violence in the home. Biggest impression: I volunteered on auction day for security detail and got a taste and flavor for the entire proceedings Everything was geared to having a fun time, yet you could see everyone knew they were there for a higher purpose and cause. There was an esprit de corp that shined through and made a fun day even more meaningful. Lot amazement: Each auction lot was stand-alone spectacular. To sit there and listen for over five hours to one amazing lot and package after another and see paddles go up in the air for astounding totals was amazing. Amusing moment: Auctioneer Humphrey Butler was hilarious and wildly entertaining. From the good-natured prodding, it was clear he was good at stoking the competitive fires in the room. Parting thought: The patrons and donors pull off a miracle every year for Collier County I hope it goes on forever, but nobody should take it for granted. SEE REFLECTIONS, A29 LOUIS VENNE / COURTESY PHOTOGaelle Andre sings the national anthem at Meet the Kids Day. MILA BRIDGER / COURTESY PHOTORusty Staub (left) greets Jim Dixon as Laura Dixon watches the auction.MARISA LANE / COURTESY PHOTOSharon and Chuck Hallberg at Meet the Kids Day Got Download?The iPad App Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile.Its FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comiPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. Search Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.


boulderbrookthe nations nest art festivals For information call 239-293-9448 or visit ART AND JAZZ FESTAT LELY RESORT FEBRUARY 16 & 17, 2013 10 a.m5 p.m.Lely Resort is located at the corner of 951 & U.S. 41. Feel the Wind In these Sails. MSRP Our Price 52 Casablanca 17511WH $149.00 $39.95 52 Casablanca 11749 BZ $229.00 $79.95 54 Hunter Beachside 21190 $499.00 $99.95 52 Casablanca Panama 118T46 $499.00 $199.95 55 Casablanca 38DH32T $899.00 $359.9521190 Indoor/Outdoor$99.95 NAPLES 2465 Trade Center Way 239-592-6006 BONITA SPRINGS 3333 R enaissance Blvd 239-948-9000 Monday Thursday 9 to 6 Friday 9 to 5 Saturday 10 to 5 LIGHTINGWILSONLIGHTING.COMNAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NEWS A29 Shell Point shares information at Coconut PointShell Point Retirement Community near Sanibel Island invites area residents to learn about the Shell Point lifestyle at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19, at the Hyatt Place in Coconut Point. Attendees learn about the communitys numerous retirement options and its lifecare services. Admission is free, but reservations are required. Call 466-1131.Norris presents free program about decorative paintingNorris Home Furnishings hosts a seminar about decorative painting techniques at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, in the Naples showroom at 5015 Tamiami Trail N. Designer Lynn Royal will join Mary Boylan, president of Faux Biz, to present the latest trends in decorative painting and finishes including contemporary metallic finishes, glaze treatments and whimsical art. Attendance is free, but reservations are requested. Call 263-0580.Garden workshop covers insect pestsProfessional landscapers and are homeowners are invigted to a workshop about the spiraling whitefly and other landscape pests from 3-5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, at the Naples Botanical Garden. Professionals can earn two CEUs. Instructors will be Catharine Mannion, Ph.D., research entomologist with the University of Florida; and Doug Caldwell, Ph.D., UF/IFAS extension agent and Collier County commercial landscape horticulture educator. The first portion of the afternoon will be devoted to woody ornamental insect pests that are new to the Southwest Florida landscape, including the ficus whitefly and the rugose spiraling whitefly. From 4:30-5 p.m., Mr. Caldwell will discuss common diseases of shrubs and palms, impatiens and more. Registration is $5, and reservations must be made by Monday, Feb. 18. Call 353-4244.Shuttle makes trip from Naples to casinoNaples Transportation, Tours & Event Planning has started daily shuttle service between Naples and Seminole Casino Immokalee. Hotel departures leave at approximately 4 p.m. from locations based on hotel reservations, with arrival at the casino at approximately 5:15 p.m. The shuttle stops to pick up passengers around 4:45 p.m. at Walmart near the intersection of Interstate 75 and Immokalee Road. The bus returns to Naples around 10 p.m. Cost for the round trip is $30 and includes $30 in free play at the casino along with $5 for food and beverage. Passengers must be 21 years of age and show a valid photo drivers license or passport. For more information, call 261-3252. RoyalLOUIS VENNE / COURTESY PHOTO Vintner Dick Grace greets kids at Meet the Kids Day. REFLECTIONSFrom page 28 Sharon Hallberg became an NCEF trustee with her husband Chuck in fall 2012. Most emotional experience: What really triggered my emotions was the mother on Meet the Kids Day who presented the consequences of mental health issues for her son. The fact that he has no friends, no invitations to birthday parties and all the things he misses out on ... That was probably the toughest on the emotional side. Electric vibe: We attended the Vintner Dinner at the home of Anne Welsh McNulty, who co-hosted with Ann and Bill Bain Jr. The air was just electric there. This is our fifth festival, and these were the most fun-loving dinner guests Ive ever seen. Auction highlight: We won the Star Date lot (a visit to Domaine Serene Winery in Oregon and dinner with William Shatner). We wanted to bid since we hadnt been to Domaine Serene Winery and they produce one of our favorite wines Were also long-time Trekkies and loved William Shatner in Boston Legal. Vintner Dick Grace of Grace Family Vineyards and his wife, Ann, have participated in the festival since 2001. Transcendent memory: My favorite moment transcends all 13 years. There were five of us at the first Meet the Kids Day, and this year to see so many people (175 guests and 100 children) The reason we stay with this auction is that it has made a palpable difference in Naples for our brothers and sisters who didnt have lifes basic services, and now they do. Thats why we come back. They (NCEF trustees) stayed the course and are making a profound difference. I only wish our politicians were as effective.


Protect Your Precious Cargo Did you know that 80% of all car seats are installed incorrectly? More than 1,700 children have been saved since 1996 just because they were riding in a properly tted car seat and in the back seat. A correctly used car seat reduces child fatality risk by 71% and serious injury by 67%. op erl y tted b ac k seat. a r seat i ty risk s Appointments are strongly encouraged. Call 239-343-5224 for more information and to book a time thats convenient for you. Seat FittingJoin Kohls and Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida for a car seat safety check.Saturday, Feb. 23 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Boys & Girls Club of Collier County 7500 Davis Blvd., NaplesCall 239-343-5224Bilingual tting technicians will be available. Rates and availability to play, subject to change without notice. Proper dress required. Play ends March 18, 2013. Its your last chance to be wild about golf. Capture the most thrilling game on Bonita Bay Easts two Tom Fazio golf courses. Hunt the wild before daily play ends March 2013. DAILY PLAYas low as $65 per player book a tee time from three to 90 days in advance: On Immokalee Rd., 6 miles east of I-75. SEASONAL PLAY PROGRAMS AVAILABLE Visit or call 239-405-9002 for details. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA30 NEWS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 BY DR. MARTY BECKER AND GINA SPADAFORIUniversal UclickDisaster preparedness is so easy to let slide. We get all worked up after something like Hurricane Sandy and decide its time to do something. We read up, we make plans, we stock up, we move on. And then, we forget. We take the can opener out of the emergency kit and dont replace it. We use the food and water weve stored, but we dont buy anything new to rotate into the disaster supplies. We mean to, of course. And yes, well get to it ... next month. The good news is that in recent years, disaster experts have pushed people to prepare for their pets as well a 180-degree change in attitude, driven by the risks people have taken with their own lives to protect their pets when disasters strike. And public planning for disaster relief includes temporary housing for pets. The bad news? Most people arent as ready. But its not hard to start, and step one is checking your pets ID. Most animals will survive a disaster, but many never see their families again because theres no way to determine which pet belongs to which family if pets and people get separated. Thats why dogs and cats should always wear updated identification tags, and preferably be microchipped, too. Take some clear, sharp pictures of your pet as well, to help with any search. What next? Get a big storage bin with a lid and handles to prepare a disaster kit for your pet. Then its time to shop. Keep several days worth of drinking water and pet food as well as any necessary medicines, rotating the stock regularly. For canned goods, dont forget to pack a can opener and a spoon. Lay in a supply of empty plastic bags, along with paper towels, both for cleaning up messes and for sealing them away until they can be safely tossed. For cats, pack a bag of litter and some disposable litter trays. Hard-sided crates and carriers are among the most important items to have on hand. Sturdy crates keep pets of all kinds safe while increasing their housing options. Crated pets may be allowed in hotel rooms that are normally off-limits to pets, or can be left in a pinch with veterinarians or shelters that are already full, since the animals come with rooms of their own. Leashes for dogs and harnesses and leashes for cats are important, too, because frightened animals can be difficult to control. Pack a soft muzzle for each pet to keep everyone safe if a frightened or injured pet starts lashing out in fear or self-defense. And finally, put a first-aid kit in the bin, along with a book on how to treat pet injuries. Make a note on the calendar to check on supplies and rotate food and water a couple of times a year. You may never have to pull out your disaster kit, but its always good to be prepared. For more guidelines, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has tips for pet owners at Ready. gov/animals. PET TALESAre you prepared?Simple steps now may save your pet in a disaster A hard-sided carrier is an essential part of disaster preparation for pets, and each pet should have one that is quickly accessible. >>Lifesaver is a spayed, 2-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix whose name ts her name perfectly. She was able to save the life of another dog by giving blood through a transfusion. Shes great with people and other pets.>>Nozomi is a spayed, 3-year-old Chihuahua who survived a puppy mill and now weighs about 9 pounds. Shes crate trained, house trained and good with other dogs.>>Chocolate Latte is a neutered, 3-year-old min-pin mix whose happy disposition goes along beautifully with his sweet face.>>Sally Holiday is a spayed, 2-year-old smooth collie mix. Shes good with children and other pets.To adopt or foster a petThis weeks adoptable pets are from Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue an all-volunteer, foster home rescue organization. For more information, call 434-7480, e-mail or visit of the Week


Feb. 17 700 Wyndemere Way, Naples, Florida 34105 239.643.6336 www.wyndemere.comCome for the fun, stay for the friends! OPEN HOUSE EXTRAVAGANZA!1-4 p.m. Sunday Tour our rst class amenities featuring our brand new $10 million clubhouse Tour all available homes in one afternoon Enter to win a free round of golf Refreshments, Fun & more! NEW $10 MILLION CLUBHOUSE NOW COMPLETE! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NEWS A31 MUSINGSWell-A-WayI gave my love a story that has no end... The Riddle Song I sent thee late a rosy wreath, not so much honoring thee, as giving it a hope that there it could not withered be. Ben Jonson, To Celia the tunnel: he plunges down through the castle well and comes up well a way in a grove of stonewood trees arrive cilia were you there when first was the seeing? were you the instigator? the investiture gated or it could not have been me, fore I, merely matched matching the setting on fire was your job you did it so well that there was no space between this wellaway and that or so I thought, terminally alone, intestate, and used umbrellas as canes and buckets as castes feigning disability or savoir faire or scimitars or soap that became music without mentors even oddly with the pain of knowing or the nihilism of knot: I never give up I am in love with this hell hole this whole in one the won pearl of great price venture pretending: pre-tending felling without works or body or words so beauty full that it defies impossibility or stays stagnant in their dying to clothe gods or odes or odious not bucket lust but bucket bliss melted formless like a sci-fi morph form god who goes on vacant in an empty vessel vestal version vestigial me and deering endless knot bravo heave ho let the show gun in your bird in hand in bush-wacked... what if there isnt a tomorrow or there wasnt one today? we cant remember : we can only con-struck anew with bits of stuffing flotsam and jetsam and think that it is reassembled instead of dissembled never mind never more cur raven fore never switch blades swash buckets up up up and a wellaway Rx is the FloridaWeekly muse who hopes to inspire profound mutiny in all those who care to read. Our Rx may be wearing a pirate cloak of invisibility, but emanating from within this shadow is hope that readers will feel free to respond. Who knows: You may even inspire the muse. Make contact if you dare. Rx


CLIVEDANIELHOME CD 2777 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34103 239.261.home(4663) Shop Monday through Saturday 10am to 6pm Sunday 12 noon to 5pm local. original. exceptional. Winner of 16 Awardsfor excellence from CBIA includingBest Interior Design in multiple categories BestOverall Campaign and best of all Best Showroom! winner!Clive Daniel Home has been votedBestNew Showroomin the nation and Best Showroom in SW Florida! Photographed on-location by our local crew at the Clive Daniel Home store in Naples. Our models are all Clive Daniel design experts.local. original. exceptional![]escapetheordinary(Be shaken and stirred!) Bond with your inner designer at the best new showroom in the USA!Happy Valentines Day!TODAY! Join us for champagne and chocolates in our gift boutique and check out all the fabulous gift ideas from luxe jewelry to soaps, fine robes to very special one-of-a-kind finds!A Shout-Out to New York!Sat. 2/16, 10:30amForgetaboutit! Even though you are not in the City, you can feel right at home! Stop in, browse the chic new styles and snack on some delicious New York Bagels. Cruise Week!February 18 thru 23Cruise Week seminars feature presentations by partners ofBetty Maclean Travel, Inc. Oceania Cruises Seabourn Cruise Line Canal & River Cruising Regent Seven Seas Cruises Silversea Cruises GREAT DESIGN BEGINS HERE!* The Best New Showroom invites you to find your style, whether you are looking for one stunning piece or an entir e design plan. Nothing compares to the award-winning style and outstanding value youll find at Clive Daniel Home everyday! The difference is dramatic. Stop by and see!Mon. Feb. 18 at 2pm:The Coastal Look Tues. Feb. 19 at 2pm:An Elegant Escape Tues. Feb. 19 at 3:30pm:Oceania Cruises Wed. Feb. 20 at 2pm:Outdoor Paradise Wed. Feb. 20 at 3:30pm:Seabourn Cruise Line Thurs. Feb. 21 at 2pm:Sailing through the Vintage World Thurs. Feb. 21 at 3:30pm:Orient Express Fri. Feb. 22 at 2pm:Set Sail into the Ocean Blue Fri. Feb. 22 at 3:30pm:Regent Seven Seas Cruises Sat. Feb. 23 at 2pm:Flavor of the Islands Sat. Feb. 23 at 3:30pm:Silversea CruisesDESIGN SEMINARS & SPECIAL EVENTS! Info and RSVP online at www.clivedaniel. com/events RSVPJoin us for all the exciting events in-store this month! Info and RSVP online at


Westgate at Moorings Beach Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $1.04 Million Web # N212028363 Estates at Grey Oaks Bua/Bua-Bell 866.884.8196 $3.9 Million Web # N211500646 INSIDE Great ideasFaces from Imagine Solutions, and more Networking events. B8-9 Celebrity cribs for saleJudge Judys New York co-op, Michael Jordans Chicago compound on the market. B28 On the MoveIts your business to know whos going where, doing what on the local business scene. B4 BUSINESS & REAL ESTATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL BUSINESS & REAL ESTATE INDUSTRIES BSECTIONWEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 BLACK BUSINESS history BY GLENN MILLERFlorida Weekly CorrespondentJoseph Blanchards name lives on in the Blanchard House Museum of African American History and Culture of Charlotte County. Not many, though, may know the origins and story of this early Southwest Florida black businessman. Scot Shively, a volunteer at the museum, said Mr. Blanchard was conceived in slavery and born in freedom shortly after the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. He grew to become a businessman and steamboat pilot. Mr. Blanchard, who came to Punta Gorda in 1910, overcame racism and Jim Crow laws to become a success and build his now-historic home in 1925. As America marks Black History Month, Florida Weekly looks back at early black business people in the area, men and women who overcame challenges and built business. As President Calvin Coolidge famously said many years ago, The business of America is business. Early business people such as Mr. Blanchard in Punta Gorda and Dr. Ella Piper and Clifford McCollum Sr. in Fort Myers built businesses before Brown vs. the Board of Education and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It may have been slightly less challenging in Punta Gorda than in communities to the south 100 years SEE HISTORY, B7 Entrepreneurs emerged despite slavery and segregation Businessman George Brown holding John Teter. The Seminole Hotel owned by Owen B. OB Armstrong. An Emancipation Day parade in Punta Gorda, 1910.


239-434-0300 American Eagle has the Solution! NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB2 BUSINESS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 MONEY & INVESTINGIf fiscal prudence be the food of love, play onTheres a special Valentines Day treat for readers this year: An interview on relationships and money with April Masini, advice columnist from and author of Think and Date Like a Man. She is also an entertainment industry executive who has negotiated financing for television and feature film productions including Baywatch, Miss Universe and Blue Crush in Hawaii. JS: It seems many of my readers have love relationship issues that are entwined with money. I often write to not worry the 2 percent out/ under performance in portfolio return but do worry whether you will get a divorce costing you 50 percent of all assets. AM: Youre exactly right. Relationships do have a price tag on them yet, often, its invisible. Close your eyes. Think about all the money spent on dating grooming, clothing, car maintenance, flowers, restaurants, gym memberships see where Im going? That expense is many multiples if you persist in dating the wrong people. But, now, open your eyes to the financial implications of marrying the wrong person as you might as well hand over your wallet and half your house and half your car, and half your assets. JS: What are the current statistics on divorce? AM: According to a study by the University of St. Augustine, 40 percent to 50 percent of all first marriages end in divorce and a whopping 60 percent of all second marriages end in divorce. And because nearly 75 percent of divorces are initiated by women, men should read this very carefully. You dont have to be an accountant or a math wizard to know that divorce will make you poorer. Think your type is all about tall dark and handsome? Or long legs, full lips and good breasts? Consider adding to that dating profile: fiscally conservative, having no debt, gainfully employed, good with money and certainly not a spendthrift. JS: So what are the primary reasons for divorce? Does infidelity trump money issues? AM: The primary reason first marriages ending is unresolved money issues. The primary reason in second marriages is complicated relationships involving step-kids, half-siblings and ex-spouses manifested in the financial strain of child support and alimony payments often on both sides of the marriage, all applying constant pressure on the couple. Sexual infidelity, though destructive, is frequently forgiven if its a one-time indiscretion. Actually, I have known cases where a couple does overcome infidelity and it brought them closer than before. Not so with financial infidelity. JS: So why cant couples just forgive monetary indiscretions? AM: Because the injured party is often emotionally devastated by the financial deception as it destroys trust and it might well be that goals of financial security or retirement, for which they have tirelessly worked, are now dashed. Its a one-two punch. The injured party feels she cannot trust her partner with basic needs of security and well-being. JS: How can couples best navigate these problems? AM: The best thing is to avoid these money problems and undertake dating due diligence. It sounds very unromantic but getting to know each other fiscally is very much part of the reality of a long term healthy relationship. My formula for a successful marriage is, firstly, compatibility and, then, of equal importance, shared goals and values. Being motivated in the same direction is key. If you cant talk about money before marriage, what makes you think you can talk about it after marriage? JS: So what is the solution? It sounds rather bleak. AM: A pre-nuptial agreement is one of the better solutions. It allows couples to articulate their current financial situation, discuss financial expectations and reach agreements that are put in writing, raising issues that could later be deal breakers. If you cant agree on its terms and dont have the maturity to deal with the issues, you shouldnt get married. Where there are children, it is very important that financial obligations and expectations related to them be defined and agreed prior to marriage. JS: Doesnt sound too romantic or sexy! AM: Wrong. Having financial security gives you the freedom to be romantic and sexy! JS: Any advice for those who are dating? AM: If you are dating with the intention of building a permanent relationship, especially one leading to marriage, then you had better pick a person with shared values, high character and moral fiber or you will ultimately be tied to a very large liability and you will pay the price, in dollars and burdensome debt, for your bad choices. JS: So when do seriously minded couples start talking about money? AM: Silent communication begins with initial dates generosity, style of spending, mutuality in giving to each other, wisdom in purchases, planned versus whimsical spending. You can tell a lot about a persons financial character by his ambition and career path, his purchases and if he spends more than he earns. If a guy insists on splitting the check as a matter of course, in spite of being in a two-year relationship, expect more of the same. Hes never going to be generous. Likewise, if a woman is always expecting more without contributing, you should look up the definition of golddigger youll probably see her photo there. Now, some practical advice to my readers: Do not discuss money matters with your loved ones on Valentines Day. Jeannette Showalter, CFA is a commodities broker with Worldwide Futures Systems. Contact her at 571-8896 or showalter@ww o o a y a d jeannetteSHOWALTER, April Masini


To Schedule a Private Showing and View Our New Model Homes, call ( 239 ) 494-5398 or Visit DiscoverMediterra.comMember Owned Club. From the $700s to over $7 million A London Bay Homes Community Development Enterprise Visit us daily at The Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Livingston Road, approximately 2 miles north of Immokalee Road between I-75 and US 41 ISABELLA II AT SERATA MODEL NOW OPEN3,009 Total A/C By London Bay Homes $1,811,864 ELORO AT LUCARNO OPEN NEXT WEEK3,380 Total A/C By London Bay Homes $1,693,000 GIRONA AT CORTILE MODEL NOW OPEN3,526 Total A/C By London Bay Homes $2,095,000 REGENCY II AT BUONASERA MODEL NOW OPEN3,699 Total A/C By Stock Construction $1,535,618 O N L Y O NE LU X UR Y G O LF C O U RSE C O M MUNITY IN NAPLES O F FER S T W O T O M F A ZI O DESIGNE D G O LF C O U RSES A N D A P RI V ATE B EA CH C L U B Visi t Open Houses Every SundayMODELS AVAILABLE FOR VIEWING DAILY HAVE IT ALL


New In Business Client Symmetry Precision Fitness celebrates the grand opening of its personal training facility from 6-7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 19. The studio is at 1750 J&C Blvd. Joseph Hammer has opened Naples Elite Transportation, providing dinner shuttle services in a limousine bus between gated communities and Naples area restaurants. Awards & Recognition The Club & Spa at Fiddlers Creek has earned a Best of Naples Award from the Naples Award Program in the membership country club category. Banking & Finance Kerry Prince has joined the staff of Shamrock Bank of Florida as vice president-enterprise risk officer. She has 10 years of experience in the banking industry and holds a bachelors degree in public financial accounting from the University of Central Florida. Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network has designated Gary T. Crisci, managing principal, PIM portfolio manager of Crisci Private Wealth Management, as a member of the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network Premier Advisors Program. A graduate of Marywood University in Pennsylvania, Mr. Crisci has 24 years of experience in the brokerage industry. Board Appointments The Public Relations Society of America-Gulf Coast Chapter announces the following officers and board members for 2013: Judy Bricker of Northern Trust, president; Donna Heiser of Ave Maria University, presidentelect; Denyse Smith Mesnik, Beasley Broadcast Group, immediate past president; Kathy Gulvas, the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, treasurer; Angela Aline, Naples, Marco Island, Everglades CVB; secretary; Cyndee Woolley, C2 Communications, PRSA assembly delegate; Clay Cone, Cone Communications Co., programs chair and publicity; Russell Tuff, SocialImpact, communications and social media; Mary Ann Green, The Shelter for Abused Women & Children, membership relations; Deborah Jonsson, Avow Hospice, membership development; Kylee Pitts, Avow Hospice, hospitality; Jama Dock, Dock Communications, protocol and chapter historian. Stacy Adams of WINK-TV News and Charla Press, a community volunteer and personal trainer, have joined the board of directors of the Golisano Childrens Museum of Naples. Ms. Adams holds a bachelors degree from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Ms. Press, a native of Immokalee, earned a degree in health sciences from the University of Central Florida. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida announces six new members have been elected to the board of directors: Joe Catti, CEO of FineMark National Bank & Trust; Heidi Colgate-Tamblyn, a senior vice president and senior client adviser with Synovous Bank; Wayne Meland, senior vice president of Morgan Stanley; Van Williams, retired vice president of development emeritus from Princeton University; Tom Gibson, an automotive executive; and Phil Gresh, retired executive vice president of Tool Works. Hospitality Jennifer Corso has joined the staff at the Edgewater Beach Hotel as food and beverage manager. She attended the University of Central Florida Rosen College of Hospitality Management and previously was an assistant manager at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando. Leela Kuttemperoor has been promoted to front office manager at the Waldorf Astoria Naples. She holds a bachelors degree in tourism and business management from the University of Birmingham in the UK. Stephen Jones has been named general manager of Miromar Lakes Beach & Golf Club. For the past 19 years he was general manager at Bay Colony Beach Club. Mr. Jones attended Ashton-Under-Lyne College in his native England and received his business management training at Georgia State University in Atlanta and Cal-Poly University in Los Angeles. He is a Certified Club Manager and a member of the Club Managers Association. Interior Design Christina Rosolia has joined the design team at Clive Daniel Home. A design consultant/sales professional for five years, she most recently worked at City Furniture. She earned an associates degree in interior design from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa and also holds an associates degree in liberal arts studies from Nassau Community College on Long Island. Nonpro t Organizations Katie Schlehr has joined the staff at Lighthouse of Collier Center for Blindness and Vision Loss as a case manager. She holds a bachelors degree in psychology from Florida State University and plans to pursue a masters in social work at FGCU. Real Estate Maritza Aguiar has been named executive assistant for Hacienda Lakes, the new 2,262-acre development in East Naples. Ms. Aguiar has more than 20 years of experience in administrative and management positions. She most recently was a marketing assistant for the Flagler Development Group in Miami. She began her career as a legal clerk for the Republic National Bank of Miami. A Florida notary public, she attended Miami-Dade Community College and the University of Phoenix. Nicole Gray has joined CRE Consultants as an associate specializing in office and retail sales and leasing. She began her career in real estate as a property manager and commercial adviser for other firms in Southwest Florida. New officers and board members for the Womens Council of Realtors, Naples-on-the-Gulf chapter are: Lynn Bower, president; Jeannette Batten, president elect; Karen Kohler, secretary; Mary Adams, treasurer; Laurie Leppo, assistant treasurer; Christine Citrano, vice president of membership; SueAnn Zornes, vice president of affiliate membership. Mike and Sherry Reeves and Teri Smith have joined the Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate sales team and will work from the Bonita Springs office. The Reeves previously owned and operated Reeves Realty in Kentucky. Ms. Smith recently relocated from Albuquerque, N.M., where she worked as an agent for Coldwell Banker Legacy. Mark Wild has joined the sales staff at Weichert, Realtors-On the Gulf. He is a member of the Naples Area Board of Realtors and the Florida and National associations of Realtors. Robin Willis was the top sales consultant in January for the South Florida division of PulteGroup. Mr. Willis, a new home sales consultant at The Quarry in Naples, is is a native of Dundonald in Northern Ireland. He has been in Florida for 10 years and joined Pulte Homes nine years ago. Travel Kat Farrell has joined the staff of MAD Travel/Travel Leaders. She spent 15 years as a flight attendant for major and charter airlines and as personal assistant on corporate private jets.Lillian Rudd has joined Preferred Travel of Naples as a travel specialist. She has more than 19 years of experience in the travel industry and holds designations as a Certified Travel Consultant and a Destination Specialist for Western Europe and the South Pacific. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB4 BUSINESS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 ON THE MOVEPRESS PRINCE COLGATE-TAMBLYN ADAMS ROSOLIA KUTTEMPEROOR CATTI GIBSON CORSO GRESH JONES WILLIAMS CRISCI WILLIS SCHLEHR MELAND Celebrating 34 Years of Service in Southwest Florida Download your FREE eBook Library Today at 15 Household Bugs in SW Florida That May Freak You Out!


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 B5 Smartphone credit card readers good option if seller does research THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAUGone are the days of having to rely on a brick-and-mortar store to drive shoppers to your business. These days, traveling retailers can make a sale with just the touch of a button and the swipe of a credit card via their smartphone. No matter how large or small the business, employees dont even need to be near their stores credit card processor to make a credit transaction with their customer. Using smartphone credit card readers, businesses have the capability of taking their sales to the next level. The Better Business Bureau advises owners to make sure that such a system is right for their business, however. Here are the BBB tips: Do your research. Just like a landline-based credit card system, youll need a merchant account to process payments, a scanner device to read the card and software (app) to make it run. Dont skimp on research. Start with your bank or your credit card service for suggestions on recommended services and devices. Check out all vendors at Ask for references. Choose the right combination. Your smartphone merchant account might interface with your existing landline-based account, and that will make life easier. Build from there; find the app you feel comfortable using that has the features you want. There are more than 100 apps available for different smartphones; each is usually compatible with a number of different swiping devices. The reader itself is the last step (and the easiest to replace or exchange). Read the fine print. Using a smartphone credit card reader might be a great way to increase your sales while on the road. However, make sure to read the fine print for the smartphone app to make sure that you wont be charged while youre not using it. Offer the customer service your shoppers expect. Some shoppers might not be familiar with this kind of payment method. Be sure to offer them the option of having a receipt e-mailed to them, or even offer to print the receipt there with a separate smartphone printer. This will reduce the hassle should your customer want to return the product. Beware of scams. As with any emerging technology, scammers are figuring out how to exploit vulnerabilities. Dont buy devices or apps from vendors you dont know.About BBB serving West FloridaBetter Business Bureau is a nonprofit organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. Every year, more than 100 million consumers rely on BBB Business Reviews and BBB Wise Giving Reports to help them find trustworthy businesses and charities across North America. For more information, visit For over 30 years, members have chosen to call Eagle Creek home. With golf memberships starting at $5,000 whats not to love? We invite you to take a personal tour of our tennis facility, superior championship golf course, real estate and clubhouse on February 17th from 1-4pm. | 11 Cypress View Drive, Naples. FL 34113 e attraction to Eagle Creek is its unique fun lled feeling! e members are the most wonderful, warm, caring and giving group of individuals you will ever meet. ey are our family, Our Eagle Creek Family. is community is our piece of paradise! Adele All attendees can sign up to win a golf foursome, tour the clubhouse, learn about golf membership opportunities and view available real estate! COMMUNITYOPEN HOUSE EVENTSunday February 17th 1-4pm F Love ith Eagle Cree!

PAGE 38 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB6 BUSINESS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Founded in 1922 and based in Bloomington, Ill., I insure more homes and cars than any other company in the United States, and Im a top insurer in Canada, too. I was recently ranked in the top 50 of the Fortune 500. You cant buy stock in me because Im a mutual company, owned by my policyholders. I have more than 65,000 employees and some 17,800 agents and handle almost 35,000 claims daily, serving 81 million policy and account holders. I offer banking services and mutual funds, too. A safety advocate, I helped pass several seat belt laws. Who am I? THE MOTLEY FOOLTo Educate, Amuse & Enrich Ask the Fool Fools School My Dumbest Investment The Motley Fool Take Name That Company Last weeks trivia answerDo you have an embarrassing lesson learned the hard way? Boil it down to 100 words (or less) and send it to The Motley Fool c/o My Dumbest Investment. Got one that worked? Submit to My Smartest Investment. If we print yours, youll win a Fools cap! Write to Us! Send questions for Ask the Fool, Dumbest (or Smartest) Investments (up to 100 words), and your Trivia entries to or via regular mail c/o this newspaper, attn: The Motley Fool. Sorry, we cant provide individual financial advice. Be ContrarianSuper-investor Warren Buffett has said, I like to be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. That kind of contrariness has helped him make a lot of money. Consider the investing adage, Buy low, sell high. This is the ideal way to make money for many people, but its not the only way. You might also buy high and sell higher. After all, some high-quality companies rarely sell for what would be considered a low price. Of course, if youre patient, you can find some great companies occasionally on sale, and the lower the valuation, the greater the margin of safety. Another twist would be Buy low, sell never (or at least not for a very long time). Too often, investors sell out of a stock too soon. If your shares of Scruffys Chicken Shack (ticker: BUKBUK) are up 30 percent, it can be tempting to sell and take your profits. But consider holding on. As long as the company is still firing on all cylinders, 10 years from now the shares might be up 200 percent or more. (You can also compromise with yourself, selling just some of your position and hanging on to the rest.) Meanwhile, if many investors are turning away from a company, it could be an ideal time to consider buying shares. Plenty of great companies fall on temporarily tough times. Just be sure to research it thoroughly and determine that its problems are short-term and not long-term. It can also be effective to keep a chunk of your money on the sidelines, waiting for a great opportunity. Buffett, for example, talks about waiting for fat pitches to swing at. If you cant find enough extremely promising stocks, why park your hard-earned dollars in companies that dont inspire as much confidence? You neednt follow any herd of lemmings in order to succeed in investing. Take the time to learn more about it and to think for yourself. Check out books by Peter Lynch, or John Bogles The Little Book on Common Sense Investing (Wiley, $23). High PressureMy dumbest investment was to buy shares of Rambus at its all-time high on margin due to an early morning phone call to my house from a high-pressure financial adviser from my full-service brokerage. He told me a court decision was ready to be announced and this baby was set to pop! I was so clueless I gave him the green light, only to see the stock plummet that very same day. I became pretty mad and woke up to the fact that I needed to take the reins of my financial future. I closed my account and stayed out of the game until I found the -Motley Fool and learned more. It was a hard lesson learned, but a valuable one. B.M., Queretaro, MexicoThe Fool Responds: Occasional errors are inevitable, but your story offers several red flags: Be wary of anyone pressuring you to buy an investment, as he or she may be compensated based on that. Be careful using margin (i.e., borrowing money with which to invest), too, as that can amplify not only your gains but also your losses. Looking for Love?If youre aware of lots of people looking for love on, and, know that theres a publicly traded company behind them: IAC (Nasdaq: IACI).Its a media and Internet company with more than 20 operating businesses and more than 150 brands, which include video site, and Its also home to the Ask. com search engine, which may be enhanced soon due to IACs purchase of About.coms parent from The New York Times.In IACs recent third quarter, search revenue surged 43 percent, while dating-site revenue popped 35 percent. That quarter was also the fourth in a row in which IAC trounced Wall Street analysts expectations. It seems that IACs business model is generally resistant to economic downturns. Customers of or OkCupid. com who are searching for love are unlikely to reduce spending even if their income levels recede slightly, as is expected with the expiration of the payroll tax holiday. Meanwhile, Wall Street is forecasting IACs earnings-per-share growth rate to average about 28 percent over the coming five years. Its dating properties boast more than 1.7 million members. With a forward-looking price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of about 10, and with a 2.3 percent dividend yield, IAC seems rather attractive. (Its dividend was doubled in 2012, too.) I trace my history back to 1845 in Cincinnati, when a Swiss immigrant carriage-maker made a billiard table. I later moved into the world of bowling, and introduced a rubber bowling ball in 1906 and an automatic pinsetter in 1956. Today Im a leader in boats, fitness, bowling and billiards, and offer everything from game-room furniture to cardio equipment to boat-piloting joysticks. In 1946, I commissioned a fortune-telling device in the form of an eight-ball the Magic 8 Ball rights are now owned by Mattel. In 1972, one of my engineers invented the Air Hockey game. Who am I? (Answer: Brunswick) Getting HistoricalQWhere can I look up historical priceto-earnings (P/E) ratios online? D.L., Columbus, Ind.AIts good to seek out such -numbers, because when you compare them with a companys recent P/E, you can get a rough sense of how overvalued or undervalued it might be. The website will give you several years worth of P/E numbers. Our own website offers companies five-year high and low P/ Es. To reach them, visit caps.fool. com, enter the ticker symbol in the search box near the top, and on the stocks main page, click on Ratios. At, enter the ticker symbol to get to a companys page, and then click on the Valuation tab. Youll get the current P/E, the average P/E for the companys industry, the S&P 500s current P/E and the companys five-year average P/E. Theres even a forward P/E thats based on expected earnings over the coming year. ***QShould I want to see a lot of cash on a companys balance sheet? C.Y., MiamiAIt depends. When a company has gobs of greenbacks, it can act quickly when opportunities arise. But many successful companies purposefully maintain low cash balances. They use their money to pay dividends, buy back shares (essentially retiring them), and acquire other companies, among other things. If they suddenly need some cash, they draw on lines of credit. You might be surprised at just how much cash some companies have in their coffers. Recently, for example, Google had more than $48 billion in cash and Microsoft more than $66 billion. General Electric had more than $85 billion. McDonalds had just $2 billion, though, and Disney less than $4 billion. Companies manage their cash in different ways, with varying degrees of success.Got a question for the Fool? Send it in see Write to Us o ff es too. I h e l p e be lt la w A Job Search Support Group meets from 9:30-11:30 a.m. Mondays at the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Contact Karen Klukiewicz at or visit The Gulf Coast Venture Forum meets from 4-6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14, in the clubhouse at Tiburon Golf Course. Membership is open to Angel Investors, who are accredited investors as defined by the rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Advance registration is required. For more information, contact Deborah Johnson by e-mailing The East Naples Merchants Association meets for Business After Business at 5:30 p.m. on the second Thursday of every month. For information about the Feb. 14 meeting, call 435-9410 or 6433600 or visit The Council of Hispanic Business Professionals and the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce welcome Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart as guest speaker from 5:30-7 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20, at Hodges University in Naples. $15 for chamber or CHBP members, $20 for others. Call Carlos Amaris at 449-8668 or e-mail The next Business After Five for members and guests of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce takes place from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Garden of Hope & Courage at the downtown campus of NCH. $8 for members in advance, $15 at the door. For reservations, visit www.napleschamber. org/events. The Public Relations Society of America-Gulf Coast Chapter meets at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26, at the Hilton Naples. Guest speaker Rachel Applegate, campaigns director for the Philharmonic Center for the Arts, will present Forward Thinking, a discussion about how the Phil is forging new partnerships to galvanize the arts community, work with area schools and attract the next generation. Cost is $24 for PRSA members, $29 for non-members. Reservations are required by Friday, Feb. 22, and can be made by calling Judy Bricker at 213-6146 or visiting The Collier Building Industry Association holds its next general membership meeting from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, at Olde Cypress Country Club. Guest speaker Brad Hunter of Metrostudy will discuss The Naples Market: Home Prices, Lot Shortages and the Best Leading Indicators. $25. Seating is limited. Call 436-6100 or visit The Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce holds its next Business Before Business event from 8-9:15 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, at XLR8 Bay Crossing. Cost is $5 in advance, $10 at the door for chamber members, and nonmembers pay $30. Sign up at by calling 992-2943 or visiting The Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce holds the 2013 Marco Business Expo from 4-7 p.m. Wednesday, March 6, at the Marco Island Marriott Resort & Spa. For information about being an exhibitor, call 394-3061. BUSINESS MEETINGS


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 BUSINESS B7 M-F 8-5 and Sat 8-12239-775-6860 Email : 2240 Davis Blvd., Naples, FL 34104Complete Collision Repair 24 hour Towing Rentals Its Local. Its Entertaining. Its Mobile. Got Download?Its FREE! Visit us online at www.FloridaWeekly.comThe iPad AppSearch Florida Weekly in the iTunes App Store today.iPad is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. ago and more. I think for the fact that the community was settled by both races, said Martha Bireda, executive director of the Blanchard House. Punta Gordas primary founder was Isaac Trabue, who was opposed to slavery. Lee County was named after a Confederate general and one of its most important early pioneers was Francis Hendry, a former Confederate officer. One of Fort Myers founders was a slave owner named James Evans and the city of Fort Myers is named after Abraham Myers, another Confederate officer in the Civil War. Naples was founded by pro-slavery Confederate supporter Walter Haldeman and Naples first home was built by former Confederate officer John Stuart Williams. Punta Gorda may have provided a less hostile racial climate for black residents in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1887, the same year Lee County was formed and named after the Souths top general, 34 men got together in Hectors Billiard Parlor and Drugstore in Punta Gorda. They were there to incorporate the town. Of those men, four were black. Early black business leaders in Punta Gorda included George Brown, who came from Charleston, S.C. He initially managed phosphate hauling barges but eventually became the owner of the Cleveland Marine Steam Ways. He was a shipbuilder noted for hiring the best workers, black or white. He had the first shipyard in Punta Gorda, said Ms. Bireda, who added that it was one of the largest in Southwest Florda. In African America Sites in Florida, author Kevin M. McCarthy wrote that Mr. Brown donated land in 1921 for the all-black Masonic Tuscan Lodge 92 and in 1924 sold downtown Punta Gorda land that was used to build the Charlotte County courthouse. That happened one year before Mr. Blanchard built his home. Mr. Blanchard also exhibited business savvy. He had orange groves, Ms. Bireda said. He sold vegetables. Had fishing boats. Mr. Brown and Mr. Blanchard werent the only early and successful black business owners in Charlotte County. Ms. Bireda mentioned others such as O.B. Armstrong, who opened and ran a restaurant in the 1890s and very early 20th century A black man named Prince Robinson owned and operated a restaurant in downtown Fort Myers in the 1890s. His name is largely lost to history. A timeline on the website of the Lee County Black History Society doesnt even mention Mr. Robinson. In the archives of the Southwest Florida Historical Society in Fort Myers is evidence of Mr. Robinsons business. Its there in photocopied pages of the weekly Fort Myers Press, the predecessor of todays daily paper, The NewsPress. From the June 25, 1891 Press: Prince Robinsons No. 1 restaurant had a good run of custom court week. The good people seek Jesses good cooking as naturally as a duck takes to water. Ice-cream, lemonade, milk-shakes and other delicacies to order. A little more than a year later, readers of the Press encountered this headline: PRINCE ROBINSON ASSASINATED. The paper reported that at 10 p.m. on a Saturday, Mr. Robinson was chatting with Aaron Henderson and Ben Lunday. All colored, the paper noted. They were on the bar room porch. Prince was seated in a chair and the other two on the steps leading into the room reserved for colored customers, the paper reported. The saloon was closed. Someone poured a load of buck-shot into Robinsons right arm and breast. Henderson and Lundy were too startled to make any attempt to find out who had fired the shot. Mr. Robinson staggered out of his chair and said, Oh, Lord. The paper reported he then breathed his last. No suspect or motive was known, according to the Press. The paper paid tribute sort of to this early black businessman this way: Prince was a fellow who hustled around and made a good living for himself and family and always paid his debts, we believe. He was inclined to be ugly when in liquor and would fight a white man as soon as a colored one. The paper went on to report, Robinson leaves a widow, a daughter of Nelson Tillis and several children, and also some considerable property. While Robinson is largely forgotten, Fort Myers best-known early black business leader may have been Dr. Ella Piper. In 1916, she opened the citys first beauty parlor. She was a foot doctor, owner of the Big 4 Soft Drink Company and a landowner. Her beauty parlors clientele included the wives of inventor Thomas Edison and auto tycoon Henry Ford. Although it has been almost 60 years since her 1954 death at the age of 70, her name lives on in the Dr. Piper Center for Social Services Inc. In her lifetime, Dr. Pipers customers were largely white but she never forgot black residents. She got all her money from the white community, said Nida Eluna, executive director of the Piper Center. And she spent it in the black community. Ms. Eluna said Dr. Piper helped build the first hospital for black patients at a time when Jim Crow laws barred them from white hospitals. She really had a heart for the community, Ms. Eluna said. Dr. Piper wasnt the only early black businessperson to make it despite so many obstacles thrown in their path. McCollum Hall, built by a black businessman named Clifford McCollum Sr., still stands in Fort Myers. Opened in 1938 as a commercial and recreation building, black servicemen were entertained in the hall during World War II, where legendary musicians such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong and B.B. King performed. Although some of those pioneering business people may be forgotten, Ms. Pipers name lives on in the center that provides help for the elderly. She left a legacy that will go on from generation to generation, Ms. Eluna said. HISTORYFrom page 1 gether in Hec n d Dru ge a r s p i d e d r gLeeCountyBlack w b e o poured a l Robinson sright Dr. Ella Piper Dan Smith and family Joseph Blanchard

PAGE 40 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB8 BUSINESS WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NETWORKING Josephs Custom Clothiers hosts the American Heart Associations Red Tie Society TIM GIBBONS / FLORIDA WEEKLY Joseph Wendt, Tom and Cheryl Biebel, Tom JanickAnnual meeting held by The Conservancy of Southwest Florida Groundbreaking for the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Marisa Akson, Conrad Negron, Natalia Vandermolen and Amanda Rynsburger Michelle Anderson, Brian Sawyer and Nannette Staropoli Natalia Vandermolen and Anthony Harding Ashley and Chad BoisselliBrittany Cohill and Jennifer Campbell Matt Pietzak, Don Drury, Sharon Trieser, Andrew McElwaine, Bob Heidrick and Robert Saltarelli Elam Stoltzfus, Carlton Ward Jr, Matt Mucci and Rob MoherMatt Mucci of AT&T presents a check for $107,500 to The Conservancys Andrew McElwaine and Bob Heidrick, Laura Frost of the FGCU and David Webb of The Conservancy Ken Krier, right, thanks outgoing board member Dawn Allen for her years of service Michael Wynn and Colleen Murphy Ileana Daly-Bronstein and Sara Booker John Sorey, Michael Gittelman and Eduardo Alfonso Mike Reagen and Fred Coyle We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ PHOTOS BOB RAYMOND / FLORIDA WEEKLY


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 BUSINESS B9 NETWORKING Imagine Solutions at the Philharmonic Center for the ArtsWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY 1 1 2 2 14 14 13 13 11 11 10 10 7 7 8 8 9 9 5 5 12 12 4 4 6 6 1 Garry Jacobson, Mark Griffin, Don Gunther and Terry Flynn 2 Ivan Guerr and Leticia Gil, both students at Edison State College 3 David Jones and Randy Antik 4. Tony DeLauro, Vy Higginsen and Ronnie Antik 5. Amir Abo-Shaeer and Jim Marggraff 6. Barbara Berry and Philip Howard 7. Adrian Rodriguez, Kyla Burnette and Hunter Robinson 8. David Stump, Trudy Weisberg and Kamela Patton 9. Ronnie and Randy Antik 10. Eric Newton, Ellen Levy and Craig Kielburger 11. Kim Patrick Kobza and Iqbal Mamdani 12. Marian and Boake Sells 13. Liz Allbritten, Philip Howard and Jeff Allbritten 14. Carol Windfeldt and Stephen Myers 3 3


Our Portfolio of Southwest Floridas Rental Properties RENTAL DIVISION239.262.4242 premiersothebysrealty.comSothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal housing opportunity.Sterling OaksDesirable gated tennis community, 2-story home with 3BR/2.5BA plus loft. Pool and spa. Unfurnished. $1,750Imperial Golf EstatesPool home with 5BR plus den and summer kitchen. Unfurnished. $3,995Marco IslandEstate home, 5BR/6+BA. Waterfront with Gulf views. Furnished. $21,500FT. MYERS, ESTERO BONITA SPRINGS AREA Bonita Bay EsperiaMagnicent 11th oor views. 3BR/3BA. Unfurnished. $3,000 Bonita Bay TuckaweyeCourtyard villa, heated pool and waterfall, 3BR/3BA. Furnished. $3,500NAPLES MARCO ISLAND AREAA GUIDE TO THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRYREAL E S TATENAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY B10WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 A delight for beachgoers and boaters alike, this second-floor residence in the Moorings community of Port Au Villa has two bedrooms, two full baths and a deeded dock with a 7,000-pound boatlift. Recent renovations include granite countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms, wood cabinetry, new plumbing fixtures and new tile, vanities and lighting in the bathrooms. Port Au Villa residents enjoy a private bayfront pool, and Moorings Beach is right across Gulf Shore Boulevard. Members of the voluntary Moorings property owners association enjoy private beach parking, private bathrooms and a chickee hut at the beach. This property is listed for $335,000 (turnkey furnished with minor exceptions) by Rowan and Karyn Samuel of John R. Wood Realtors. To arrange a private sho wing, 298-3555, e-mail or visit House Hunting: 2100 Gulf Shore Blvd. #217


Beach Club. Butlers Pantry. Distracting Views. Running on the beach. Minus the sand in your shoes.11125 Gulf Shore Drive, Naples, FL 34108 At Moraya Bay, exercise takes on a whole new meaning. Stunning views dominate each luxurious residence and every on-site amenity, including our fitness center. From the beachside service, restaurant and grotto bar to resort-style pool, lap pool and more, Moraya Bay offers unparalleled luxury living in residences of 4,000 4,500 square feet. Prices from $2.5 million.239.514.5050 ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.


Dedicated to Being the Best239-404-8222 ROBYN PFISTER GRIFFIN We are pleased to announce


Serving North Naples and surrounding area.Stop by our on-site Village Walk office Mon-Fri 10-3 Sat-Sun 10-3.All homes now on re-sale market and priced from the low 200's to 500's. Illustrated PropertiesJoanne Ciesielski | 239.287.6732 B rian Carey | 239.370.8687 OPPORTUNITY Enjoy Resort Style Living at Its Best In Village Walk & Island Walk of North Naples! The Heart of VILLAGE WALK and ISLAND WALK is the focus of the communitys unique Town Center that creates a carefree lifestyle a lifestyle people dream about; meeting friends for a swim, a work out at the state of the art tness center, a set of tennis, or meeting for one of the planned activities...then grabbing lunch or dinner at the on-site restaurant... relaxing to the soothing sounds of fountains or taking a relaxing stroll back home around the many lakes and footbridges! The Town Center is reserved exclusively for residents use with no equity or membership fees! The communities offer prime locations close to local beaches, ne dining, entertainment, shopping, area hospitals, and SW International Airport. Schedule your private tour of the awarding winning communities today! EXTENDED OAKMONT 3BR, 2.5 BA plus den is sure to please any buyer! Home is nicely upgraded featuring granite, new stainless appliances,newer carpet, extended interior living space of 2,181 sq ft, full hurricane protection, screened lanai with extensive landscaping and lake views creating the prefect place to relax and enjoy the carefree Florida lifestyle! $364,000 VILLAGE WALK LOCATION LOCATION! Rarely available WIDE lot with SPECTACULAR LAKE and BRIDGE VIEWS! 3BR,2.5BA plus den, offers a water view from most windows in the home, plantation shutters, recently re-screened lanai, full hurricane protection, decorative nish on driveway and lanai, and very private pool with fabulous lake views! $399,900 VILLAGE WALK PRISTINE 3BR,3BA plus den is ready to MOVE RIGHT IN! The original owners used the home on a part time basis, home has been lightly lived in! Features new GE appliance package, new toilets,seamless shower in master bath, custom built wall unit, newer A/C and hot water tank, full hurricane protection, and screen lanai with lake view! $365,000 VILLAGE WALK WELL MAINTAINED 3BR, 2.5 BA plus den features the popular Oakmont oor plan, and is move in ready! The home offers NEWER A/C and refrigerator, granite, tile in living areas and master, crown throughout entire home, hurricane protection, private pool with lake views and more! $359,999 VILLAGE WALK GREAT BUY! Nicely upgraded 3BR,2.5 BA Oakmont featuring granite in kitchen and master bath, 3 year old a/c unit, jetted tub in master bath, side load garage, screened patio with lake view. Easy gate and amenities access. $366,900 VILLAGE WALK GREAT BUY! 3BR, 2.5 BA Oakmont offers prefect opportunity to own a single family home in the desirable Village Walk of Naples community at a great price! Home offers tile in living areas and master bedroom,built-in wall unit in great room, and large screened lanai with lake views! $335,000 VILLAGE WALK CALUSA BAY 3BR, 2BA, 2 Car attached garage END UNIT Coach Home show like a model!! Pristine light and bright home offers new kitchen cabinets, granite,wood oors, new carpet in bedrooms and great-room, screened lanai with lake view, and more! Move in Ready Furnishings negotiable $269,000 CALUSA BAY NEW LISTING CAPRI VILLA 2BR,2BA, with south facing pool on Andorra Ct, which has easy access to the gate and amenities center. New A/C was installed in 2008. Motivated original owner! $259,000 VILLAGE WALK Luxury and Value in one package! Pristine 4BR,3.5 BA is sure to please! From the engaging front porch you will fall in love with the light and bright home! The oor plan offers an abundance of room to entertain and boast many upgrades including private screen pool with lake views! $465,000 ISLAND WALK CAPRI VILLA 2BR, 2BA, with custom pool on Ventura Court. Granite in kitchen, built in wall unit, new 16 SEER A/C unit, and new carpet and paint being installed. $269,000 VILLAGE WALK OAKMONT. 3 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath with huge screened patio facing South. Full hurricane shutters, great location and a spotless home. $359,900 VILLAGE WALK PRISTINE! WOW VIEW! STOP YOUR SEARCH! Lovely bright and cherry southern exposure home is located on WIDE lot and offers extensive upgrades! Home features 2181 sq ft of living space, tile throughout, NEW A/C, crown molding,full hurricane protection, large screen lanai with private POOL, LAKE views and more! $395,000 ISLAND WALK WIDE LOT


Refreshing new residences from the ,s into the millions. For a personal preview, call bttbn. Norman & Dye Golf A Kitson & Partners Community 16990 Livingston Rd, Naples, FL 34110 Broker participation is most welcome. Prices and specications are subjec t to change without notice. Welcome to the opening season of Talis Park. The Old World made new. Time to unstuff, unload and uncomplicate. Time to relax and get ready for something new. Homes with a dash of island spice. And a fresh take on the club, called Vyne House, where youll want to be on those balmy evenings when the energy flows from Fionas patio out to the Great Lawn, and the whole place fills with music and dancing under a canopy of stars. NEW FASHIONED


Luxury Single-Family Homes from the $400s7165 Treeline Drive, Naples, FL 34119 Exit 111 Immokalee Road from I-75, head east and make left turn at Olde Cypress Boulevard, follow signs to Lantana. (239) 687-2264 THURSDAYSATURDAY10 a.m. to 5p.m. & SUNDAYNOON to 5 P.M.Tour over 30 beautifully decorated homes in 5 award-winning communities from one of the regions most respected builder and developer. Single-Family Homes from the $300s7310 Acorn Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located on Vanderbilt Beach Road, East of I-75 and West of (239) 514-2706 Single-Family Homes from over $1 Million15836 Savona Way, Naples, FL 34110 Located, on Livingston Rd. and North of Veterans Memorial Blvd. Multi & Single-Family Homes from the $180s11940 Palba Way, Fort Myers, FL 33912 From I-75, Exit 131 West on Daniels Parkway to Palomino Lane. Turn right on Palomino for 1.5 miles and turn left on (239) 425-6777 (239) 592-1010Single-Family Homes from the low $600s6289 Burnham Road, Naples, FL 34119 Take I-75 Exit 116 (Bonita Beach Road) East. Turn right on Bonita Grande Drive and follow the signs to the sales center. PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE LBIA PARADE OF HOMESWHEN MATTERS OUR 2013 COLLECTIONBROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOME. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. PHOTOGRAPHY IN THIS AD MAY BE STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY USED TO DEPICT THE LIFESTYLE TO BE ACHIEVED RATHER ANY THAT MAY EXIST. 2647 Professional Circle | Suite 1201 | Naples, FL 34119 | 239.592.7344 | (239) 571-4234 Quality


PINE RIDGE ESTATES $3.6 Million Web# 213001807 PARK SHORE PENTHOUSE GULF FRONT $1.75 Million Web# N212037425 PARK SHORE GULF FRONT $4.375 Million Web# N210042690 VERONA AT MEDITERRA $4.275 Million F. Web# N212031136 AQUALANE SHORES WATER FRONT $6.275 Million Web# N212035441 ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS $1.79 Million Web# N211520256 TADE BUA-BELL| BROKER ASSOCIATEEMILY K. BUA| ESTATE AGENT Naples Estate PropertiesPresenting Properties Exclusively In Excess Of One Million Dollars Our Global Network: Christies International Real Estate | Luxury Portfolio International | Mayfair International Realty Whos Who In Luxury Real Estate| FIABCIInternational Real Estate Federation | Leading Real Estate Companies Of The Worldnaplesestateproperties.com239.465.4645buabell@naplesestateproperties.comWE ARE THE HIGH-END IN NAPLES. Exclusively Representing Properties In Excess Of One Million Dollars AQUALANE SHORES $6.275 MILLION WEB#: N212035441 ARIA 1402 AT PARK SHORE BEACH $4.77 MILLION F. WEB#: N211511478 BANYAN ISLAND AT GREY OAKS $3 MILLION WEB#: N211514692 FELICITA AT MEDITERRA $1.795 MILLION WEB#: N212034217 BAY SHORE PLACE PENTHOUSE AT PARK SHORE BEACH $1.75 MILLIONWEB#: N212037425 BELLEZZA AT MEDITERRA $1.685 MILLION WEB#: N212027872


B18 r f We make it easy. You make it home.


B18 r f We make it easy. You make it home.


A Million-Dollar Lifestyle at a Fraction of the Price! For 8 Consecutive Years PRECONSTRUCTION FROM THE $300SNEW FLOOR PLANS NEW PRICING NEW BUILDERS NEW MODELS Fiddlers Creek Information Center: Open 7 days a week, 9am to 5:30pm (239) 732-9300 8152 Fiddlers Creek Parkway, Naples, Florida 34114 Located on Collier Boulevard on the way to Marco Island Award Winning Community2012 Southwest Florida Readers Choice Award Best Community 2012 CBIA Sand Dollar Award for Community of the Year, Best Special Event and Best Newsletter Pre-Constructio n from the $300s, Plus... Move-in-Ready Homes Gulf Bay Homes Ltd, Fiddlers Residential, LLC, Fiddlers Creek Realty, Inc. Licensed Real Estate Broker. ORAL REPRESENTA TIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER, BROKER OR SELLER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND, IF APPLICABLE, THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY FLORIDA LAW TO BE FURNISHED TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. All features, amenities, prices and availability are subject to change without notice. The dimensions, square footages, sizes, configurations and other information contained he rin are approximate and subject to change without notice and meant to be illustrative only, subject to actual construction variations as a result of field conditions and changes. Owners hip of property within Fiddlers Creek does not entitle an Owner to any right, title, interest or otherwise to use all planned Club facilities, but rather an opportunity to join, subject to th e payment of assessments, fees and applicable regulations. Development and construction of these facilities is contingent upon receipt of all applicable governmental permits and approvals. All club facilities and the private golf courses as presently propo sed are not constructed nor will all proposed facilities be located within the property encompassed in the Fiddlers Creek PUD. Dev elopment and construction of these facilities is contingent upon receipt of all applicable governmental permits and approvals. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITYAmador Oered by D.R. Horton 9213 Campanile Circle 3BR/2BA 1,840 A/C Sq. Ft. $424,450 Chiasso Newly Released by D.R. Horton 9302 Chiass o Cove Court 3BR+Den/3BA 2,583 A/C Sq. Ft. $579,815 Millbrook O ered by Lennar Homes 3106 Aviamar Circle 2BR+Den/2BA 1,649 A/C Sq. Ft. $399,990 Majorca Mode l Leaseback by Stock 8560 Majorca Lane 3BR/4BA 2,949 A/C Sq. Ft. $1,124,422 Mahogany Bend Mode l Leaseback by Stock 3716 Mahogany Bend Drive 4BR/3.5BA 3,202 A/C Sq. Ft. $1,301,829 Isla del Sol 3875 Isla del Sol Way 5BR/5.5BA 4,567 A/C Sq. Ft. $2,295,000 Mulberry Row 7710 Mulberry Lane 3BR/3.5BA 3,025 A/C Sq. Ft. $845,000 Isla del Sol Mode l Leaseback by Stock 3860 Isla del Sol Way 4BR/4.5BA 4,246 A/C Sq. Ft. $2,066,321 Marengo 3093 Avia mar Circle, #7-203 3BR/3BA 2,200 A/C Sq. Ft. $259,000 Callista 2731 Callist a Court, #10-104 3BR/3BA 2,502 A/C Sq. Ft. $335,000 Serena 3195 Serenity Court, #7-201 3BR/3BA 3,010 A/C Sq. Ft. $369,000 Single Family Homes 1,983 2,738 A/C sq. AMADOR by D.R. Horton Single Family Homes 1,649 2,246 A/C sq. .MILLBROOK by Lennar Single Family Homes 2,583 3,522 A/C sq. CHIASSO by D.R. Horton Single Family Homes 2,800 3,659 A/C sq. RUNAWAY BAY by Lennar From $374,990 From $335,990 From $464,990 From $610,990 Single Family Homes 2,719 2,949 A/C sq. .MAJORCA by Stock Construction Single Family Homes 3,174 3,490 A/C sq. MAHOGANY BENDby Stock Construction Single Family Homes 3,699 4,246 A/C sq. *Plus HomesiteISLA DEL SOLby Stock Construction From $714,990From $1,099,990*From $599,990 Coach Homes 1,883 2,141 A/C sq. SONOMAby Lennar NEWLY RELEASEDFrom $279,990


884 884 846 867 78 78 82 82 80Burnt Store RdAlico Rd Immokalee Rd Golden Gate Pkwy Oil Well Rd Corkscrew Rd Veterans Pkwy Colonial Blvd Palm Beach BlvdPine Island Rd 951 951 951LEE COUNTY COLLIER COUNTYN. Fort Myers Fort Myers Fort Myers Cape Lehigh Acres Coral Sanibel Beach Springs Bonita 6 5 8 3 4 9 7 10 1 111. FIDDLERS CREEK Single-Family from the high $300s* 9189 Campanile Circle Naples, FL 34114 (239) 304-8511 2. BUCKS RUN Single-Family from the high $200s* 7743 Bucks Run Drive Naples, FL 34120 (239) 354-0243 3. SUMMIT PLACE Townhomes from the low $200s*14772 Sutherland Avenue Naples, FL 34119 (239) 919-3642 4. PALOMA COMING SOON Villas & Single-Family from the low $200s*Bonita Springs (239) 560-4461 5. MIRASOL Carriage and Townhomes from the $160s*8570 Evernia Court Bonita Springs, FL 34135 (239) 405-7203 6. TERRA VISTA Carriage Homes from the $160s*3773 Pino Vista Way #101 Estero, FL 33928 (239) 689-8126 7. SOMERSET Townhomes from the $150s*19501 Bowring Park Road #101 Estero, FL 33967 (239) 288-6480 8. SAVONA BAY COMING SOON Single-Family from the high $500s*Fort Myers (239) 560-4461 9. VERIDIAN Single-Family from the high $400s*Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 432-1520 10. BANYAN BAY Single-Family from the low $200s*8653 Banyan Bay Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239) 432-1520 11. SAN SIMEON Townhomes from the $130s*3816 Clearbrook Lane Fort Myers, FL 33966 (239) 939-7500 12. SANDOVAL Single-Family from the mid $200s*2601 Stonyhill Court Cape Coral, FL 33991 (239) 283-3308 13. VERANDAH Single-Family from the high $200s*3800 Otterbend Circle Fort Myers, FL 33905 (239) 288-4002 14. MAGNOLIA LANDING Villas from the $140s*Single-Family from the high $170s* 3237 Magnolia Landing N. Fort Myers, FL 33917 (239) 567-2542 *Home and community information, including pricing, included features, terms, availability and amenities are subject to change and prior sale at any time without notice or obligation. Drawings, pictures, photographs, square footages, oor plans, elevations, features, colors and sizes are approximate for illustration purposes only and will vary from the homes as built. 12 13 k k k k Discover why we stand out from the rest! The same name for over 35 Years! Yesterda y ...Toda y and Tomorrow! Yesterda y ...Toda y and Tomorrow! Discover why we stand out from the rest! Last Chance to Live in Bucks Run!!NEW Single-Family Homes from the high $200s**239.354.0243 7743 Bucks Run Drive, Naples, FL 34120Only 9 homes remain!BUCKS RUN CLOSEOUT!


BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. THESE DRAWINGS ARE ARTISTS RENDERINGS, CONCEPTU AL ONLY, AND THE DEVELOPER EXPRESSLY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE MODIFICATIONS. ALL FEATURES, DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. ALL REFERENCES TO CLUBS, GOLF CLUBS AND MEMBERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AND OTHER AMENITIES, ARE SUBJECT TO FEES, DUES AND AVAILABILITY. THIS IS NOT INTENDED TO BE AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFER IN ANY STATE OR JURISDICTION WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW. *OFFER SUBJECT TO CHANGE. $25,000 GOLF MEMBERSHIP IS NON-REFUNDABLE. SEE SALES CENTER FOR DETAILS. Olde Cypress is spreading new roots LBIA Parade of Homes This Weekend!ThursdaySaturday 10a.m.p.m. & Sunday, Noon5p.m.Luxury Single-Family Homes from the $400s7165 Treeline Drive | Naples, Florida 34119 Sales Ofce: 239.687.2264 | 888.846.5040 | Membership Ofce: 239.593.7311 | OldeCypress.comVISIT US TODAY! VSUS Featuring 6 New Designer-Decorated Model HomesJoin our Grand Opening celebration at Olde Cypress! Were so excited to show you our newest neighborhood, Lantana. Tour our 6 gorgeous models and award-winning oor plans featuring 2, 3 and 4bedroom homes from 1,809 to 3,158 square feet by Stock Construction. Plus, see our spectacular $3.5 million renovation of our golf course and clubhouse. We cant wait for you to see all that is new at Olde Cypress. P.B. Dye Championship Golf Course | 36,000 Sq. Ft. Clubhouse | Fitness Center | Pool | Bocce Ball LIMITED-TIME GRAND OPENING OFFER$25,000 Golf Membership with every home purchase or $10,000 in options


B24 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB24 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Mediterra Sales Center 15836 Savona Way SL1036107 Schedule a Showing with Joni Albert REALTY 16473 Celebrita Court $1,550,000 3 Bdrm, Study, 3.5 Bath, 3 Car Garage, 3,600+ Sq. Ft. 10838 est Cortile Court $2,650,000 3 Bdrm, 3.5 Bath, Great Room, Wine Cellar 17025 Porto Vecchio Way #201 $495,000 3 Bdrm, Study, 3 Bath, Elevator, 2 Car Garage 18222 Lagos Way $929,000 3 Bdrm, 3.5 Bath, Study, 3 Car Garage 15509 Monterosso Lane #102 $479,000 Coach Home 2 Bdrm, Study 2.5 Bath 17015 Porta Vecchio Way #101 $485,000 Golf Course Views 3 Bdrm, 3 Bath, 2 Car Garage Open House Sunday 1-4pm Open House Sunday 1-4pmLondon Bay Homes opens the Isabella II at MediterraSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS / COURTESY PHOTOSThe interior design of the Isabella II contrasts natural and textural elements with metal and glass surfaces and pops of bright pinks, reds and oranges. Niches are accented with grass cloth, wood furniture is embellished with woven and textural surfaces, and lamps and tables provide abstract references to coral and tree branches. A petrified block of wood serves as an end table in the great room. ADVANCED PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALISTS / London Bay Homes has completed construction of its newest single-family model home at Mediterra in Naples. The three-bedroom, three-bath Isabella II is open for viewing in Serata, a neighborhood of 36 lakefront home sites. Featuring a soft spin on contemporary interior design by Jennifer Stevens of Romanza Interior Design, the Isabella IIs 3,009-square-foot floor plan offers a den, formal dining room and an open great room, kitchen and caf. The model also has a swimming pool, a raised spa with a mosaic-tiled spillover and a full outdoor kitchen. The Isabella II has a three-car garage, a paver semi-circular driveway and a motor court. The furnished model is priced at $1.8 million. It is one of more than a dozen floor plans offered by London Bay Homes as part of its Reserve Collection in Serata. Homesites are available in the high $200,000s. London Bay Homes owns more than 100 home sites in Mediterra and manages sales and operations. For more information, call 949-8989 or visit www.


ITS NOT JUST A COMMUNITY,ITS A LIFESTYLE!BROKER PARTICIPATION WELCOMED. ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING THE REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVEL OPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS REFERENCE SHOULD BE MADE TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. NOT AN OFFERING WHERE PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW. PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Join us on Facebook Located at the intersection of US 41 & 951. Follow the event signs to Ol.8020 Grand Lely Drive, Naples, Florida 34113. 239.793.2100 Lely Resort Realty, LLC, Exclusive Sales Agent, Licensed Real Estate Broker Get ready to jazz up your weekend at the fourth annual Ol Art & Jazz FestivalSaturday & Sunday from 10a.m. to 5p.m. Enjoy live music by the Alan Darcy Jazz Trio, artwork from over 30 artists and treats from gourmet food vendors. Plus, tour our fabulous furnished models and experience the incomparable Ol lifestyle, in the heart of Lely Resort. Brought to you by the Builder of the Year in the Community of the Year. Proudly presented by Stock Development, celebrating over 10 years in Southwest Florida. Flats, Townhomes & Casitas from the $200s. Exclusive to Ol Residents: Award-Winning Clubhouse, Private Theater, Resort Style Pool, Pub & Bistro and much, much more! at at


ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND TO THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE.Offered Exclusively by PACT Realty 13675 Vanderbilt Dr. at Wiggins Pass Rd. | Naples, FL 34110 |(239) 591-2727 | Values From $1,200,000 Visit Today To Experience Luxury At Its Finest Experience the prestige of living at AQUA, the ultimate Naples lifestyle with large three and four-bedroom luxury residences featuring breath-taking water views, world class amenities, and boat slips with direct Gulf access. With only 48 residences, its just minutes away from Naples renowned beaches, shopping and restaurants. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY THE NEW WAVE OF LUXURY Absolutely gorgeous Gulf Front home with expansive views. Enjoy magnificent sunsets from the vanishing edge raised pool, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Only the finest amenities used in this home with gourmet kitchen, wine room, Travertine flooring, granite, extensive molding work, oak flooring, detailed private elevator and many more extras. Completely furnished with only a few exceptions. This home is truly exc eptional and must be seen. e moldi ng work oak floori more extras. Completely fur l y exceptional and m tor and many m c eptions. This h more ext ra ome is tr u Best Value on the Gulf Offered for $4,999,500Represented by: Ralph Galietti, Realtor 239/826-5897 Cathy Galietti, Realtor 239/826-5807 1149 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB26 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 University Village set for 100 acres adjacent to FGCUMiromar Development has announced plans for a residential and commercial development on 100 acres adjacent to Florida Gulf Coast University. Groundbreaking is anticipated for the fall of 2013. University Village will have off-campus housing, retail shops, coffee shops and restaurants. The property is just south of the university. With rezoning, Miromar will move some of its already approved commercial use from property it owns south of Alico Road to the acreage next to FGCU. University Village will create an environment for the university where students, staff and faculty can shop and eat, and it will help meet the housing needs of faculty members and a growing student population, says Margaret Antonier, president and CEO of Miromar Development. FGCU reports student enrollment is nearing 14,000, and employees number more than 1,000. Work begins at Hacienda Lakes development east of NaplesClearing and construction has begun for the infrastructure for Hacienda Lakes, a 2,262-acre development east of Naples. The development process will include an extension of Rattlesnake-Hammock Road east of Collier Boulevard as well as other roadwork within the project that will also serve the public, such as a wider bridge and improvements at the intersection. Hacienda Lakes lies to the east of Collier Boulevard and encompasses lands bordered by Willow Run Quarry to the north and stretches south of Physicians Regional Medical Center. More than 1,500 acres will be left as a preserve area. The project is permitted to include 1,760 homes, 327,000 square feet of retail space, 70,000 square feet of professional and medical office space, 135 hotel rooms, a business park and a public school. For more information, e-mail info@ opens furnished models at Bonita Isles in Bonita SpringsMinto Communities Florida announces that four furnished model homes are open in the companys new Bonita Isles community. The Ventura and Palisade and single-family residences; the B uttonw ood and Magnolia are villas. All four designs have tile roofs, two-car garages, covered entries and covered, screened lanais. The three-bedroom, two-bath Ventura has 2,387 square feet under air. The twobedroom, 2-bath Palisade has 2,080 square feet under air. The Butto nwood villa has two bedrooms plus a study and two baths in a total of 1,565 square feet under air. The three-bedroom, two-bath Magnolia villa has 1,862 square feet under air. Bonita Isles is at Bernwood Parkway and Old U.S. 41 in Bonita Springs. For more information, call 227-7892.


*National Association of Home Builders GOLD AWARD winner for Community of the Year, the only Florida Winner in 32 years, and NAHB Gold Award for Best Clubhouse. FEATURED HOMES OF THE WEEK VALENCIA Great Value! Walk to Club! TIVOLI Lowest Asking Price! BELLINI Luxury Penthouse Home! MONTEBELLO Luxury Condominium Residence! MURANO Expansive Outdoor Living Area! ANACAPRI Amazing Lake View! VERONA LAGO Spectacular Panoramic View! MIRASOL Beachfront Residence! Ask the Experts We Know Miromar! FIND YOUR HOME IN MIROMAR LAKES BEACH & GOLF CLUB, *02131413-104 Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each office is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. michelle thomasSALES ASSOCIATE FIDDLERS CREEK3856 Mahogany Bend Drive | $859,500 FIDDLERS CREEK9007 Cherry Oaks Trail #101 | $374,900 MARCO ISLAND167 Collier Blvd. North #O-8 | $114,900 FIDDLERS CREEK3812 Mahogany Bend Drive | $999,000 FIDDLERS CREEK8544 Mallards Way | $499,000 FIDDLERS CREEK4705 Hawks Nest Way #104 | $149,000 NAPLES BAY RESORT1540 5th Avenue South #D-204 | $1,149,000 FIDDLERS CREEK9288 Menaggio Court #201 | $550,000 EAGLE CREEK750 Waterford Drive #202 | $205,000 FIDDLERS CREEK3848 Mahogany Bend Drive | $1,299,000 FIDDLERS CREEK9048 Cherry Oaks Trail | $659,900 EAGLE CREEK740 Waterford Drive #103 | $229,900 FIDDLERS CREEK3835 Isla Del Sol Way | $1,596,000 FIDDLERS CREEK7690 Mulberry Lane | $779,000 ISLES OF CAPRI502 La Peninsula Blvd. #502 | $339,900 For the ongoing collection of lifeMarco Island to Naples OPEN SUN. 1-4 OPEN SUN. 1-4 OPEN SUN. 1-4 OPEN SUN. 1-4


COURTESY PHOTOSMichael Jordans Chicago mansion. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB28 REAL ESTATE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Whats a little ol $9 million apartment to Judge Judy, who earns $123,000 a day? Thats about $45 million a year from her job, not considering investments. Whats interesting is that her husband, Jerry, was also a real judge and a television judge, too. At age 70, this is one woman who wont have to worry about her retirement. Instead, she and Jerry can just enjoy traveling between their other homes: the penthouse right here in Naples and their nine-bedroom mansion in Greenwich, Conn. The judge couple bought this co-op apartment at the Sherry Netherland on New York Citys Fifth Avenue just more than three years ago for $6.75 million. They chose well with the large corner living-dining room facing west and south overlooking the avenue and Central Park. The two bedrooms and 2 baths are in a split configuration, allowing for privacy when entertaining overnight guests. The master has a bathroom with window, and there are two large walk-in closets (some say hers is the size of a New York studio apartment). Kitchen and bathrooms have been updated and the laundry room is just off the kitchen. The paneled den adjoining the living room is perfect for either a family retreat or can alternately be used as a formal dining room. An unusual bonus that comes with this apartment is the 10th-floor room that can be used either as an office or for storage. Another bonus is that the Sherry has full hotel services such as daily maid service, concierge, gym, doorman, elevator operators, beauty salon and barber shop. Her Honor is asking $9 million.Michael Jordans massive mansionThis is the Highland Park family home of Juanita and Michael Jordan in suburban Chicago where they lived for almost 20 years until their divorce in 2006. Though it has been on the market for some time, the new price cut of $8 million should surely excite the interest of any Chicago Bulls fan who has $21 million to spend on the mansion that Air Jordan called home. It even has his famous uniform No. 23 molded onto the massive front entry gate. In more than 56,000 square feet (yes, 56,000) the residence has nine bedrooms, 15 full and four half baths. Theres also an impressive array of sports courts in the lower level. The crowning glory is the regulation-sized basketball court with cushioned floors and motorized backboards along with a premium sound system. Then there is the indoor tennis court and putting green, and outside, a deep-water pond and a climate-controlled garage that will house 15 cars. It sells furnished, so all youll need is your toothbrush and trophies and $21 million, down from the original $29 million. Judge Judys New York co-op, Michael Jordans Chicago mansionCelebrity cribs on the marketSPECIAL TO FLORIDA WEEKLY_________________________ TopTenRealEstateDeals.comCOURTESY PHOTOSJudge Judys New York co-op. COMBINING TASTE, VALUE & FINE CRAFTSMANSHIP. THATS THE KEY TO A GREAT CUSTOM HOME. TURNKEY SERIES HOMES*Lot priced separately The Frey family of companies has been building exquisite custom homes in Southwest Florida since 1972. We are now pleased to move that long tradition of excellence, pride and expertise south to Marco Island. Whether you choose one of our select homesites or opt to build on your own, Frey & Son Homes TurnKey Series strikes the perfect balance of taste, value and ne crasmanship. Not an easy task, to be sure. But making it easy for you is what we do best. Model Home Now Open!Contact Tina Deady at (239) 404-4468 to schedule an appointment. Opportunities from the $500s to over $1.5 millione Barbados (Model) 861 N. Bareld Dr. Marco Island, FL 34145


Subscribe online at or Call 239.325.1960 Get Florida Weekly delivered to your mailbox for only$3195PER YEAR*Rates are based on standard rate postage. A one-year in-county subscription will cost $31.95 to cover shipping and handling. Call for out-of-county and out-of-state postage and pricing options. o f f Dani e l s P k w y & P l an t a t i o n R oa d (239) 288-5117 NEW LUXURY D EC O R A TED M OD ELS O PEN DAI L Y Location, Location, Location Fannie Mae Financing All dimensions are approximate and all floor plans are subject to change by the developer without notice. Prices, plans, descriptions, features and amenities are subject to change. BROKERS WELCOME LUXURY CONDOMINIUM RESIDENCES Sales Center Open Daily 10-6PM | 13100 Plantation Road (239) 288-5117 Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the developer. For correct representations, make reference to this brochure and to the documents required by section 718.503, Florida statutes, to be furnished by a developer to a buyer or lessee.IN FORT MYERS THE BEST OPPORTUNITY CAN TODAY! BE YOURS NOW Brand New Luxury Units $100 S From The Low Ready to Move-In ReadytoMoveIn ve e v v ov o o o M M oMo M R R n n If this is your kind of home, were your kind of broker. The Deady Group has been helping buyers and sellers of luxury homes nd their little piece of paradise for over 20 years. We understand the needs and wants of the luxury home market and the level of service it takes to get the job done. So if that sounds like a welcome change to what youve been experiencing, contact Tina Deady at 239.404.4468 or, and let our experience make it what it should be. www.JackiStrategos.comJacki Strategos GRI, CREN, SRES, e-Pro239-370-1222JStrategos@att.netRichard Droste On the water. 2 BR/2 BA. 2 levels. Beautiful kitchen, updates to baths. Model Village $229,000 SUPER LOCATION 633 Hernando Ct. $1,095,000 CLOSE TO BEACHLarge 4 BR/3 BA home w/dining room, den/ of ce. Large lanai-pool/spa. Lovely waterfront 3 BR, 2 BA home. 2 tier lanai, spacious. Dock/lift/davits. 1771 Piedmont Court $675,000 DIRECT ACCESS


Its all about spending wisely. 5076 Annunciation Circle #104, Ave Maria, FL, 34142 Models Open Daily 239-352-3903 AveMaria.comThese days its important to spend wisely. Your money. And your time. Theres one place you can do both. At Ave Maria, life is a bit simpler. Families are a bit closer. Friends have more fun. Children walk to the candy store and scoot to the ice cr eam shop. The preferred method of transportation in town? A golf cart, of course. And when it comes to spending wisely, youll nd condominiums and single-family homes all priced from the mid $100s. From leading homebuilders such as Del Webb, Pulte Homes, CC Devco and Lennar. So if you are searching for the perfect place to spend your money and your time, visit Ave Maria Life. Made simple.Your money. Your time. In Business, It Takes Money to Keep the Lights On! Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. Lisa TashjianSales Naples Cay | Baypointe 801Elegantly furnished 3BR/3BA oering Gulf of Mexico and bay views. Features include: vibrant sunlit eat-in kitchen with ce nter island, oor-to-ceiling windows, open living/dining area and two lanais. Pet-friendly building. $1,595,000 Vanderbilt Beachcomber | The Bellagio Grand 501Enjoy sparkling Gulf and lagoon views from this 3BR/3.5BA plus den corner residence featuring an open oor plan, private foyer, etched glass French doors, spa-style master bath, three lanais and poolside cabana. Direct beach access across the street. Boat slip with direct Gulf access available separately. $1,525,000


A Vineyards home comes with everything.Youve seen it before. Single-family homes in a country club community at an amazing low price. It sounds too good to be true. And generally it is. At Vineyards, youll nd all-inclusive homes with an all-inclusive price tag. No add-ons for a pool, screened enclosure, granite countertops, or lot premiums. Just beautiful homes where everything is included. Plus, a free lifetime golf membership and a 3-year homeowners warranty. All from the low $600s. Dont wait too long. Vineyards is now offering its nal phase of single-family homes. Some homes come with nothing.Enduring. Luxury. Home. Values.Vineyards 239-353-1920 | 800-749-1501 75 Vineyards Boulevard, Naples, FL 34119 Ask about our new No Initiation Fee Introductory Membership 239-353-1500 | 15 New Designer Models. 4 New Neighborhoods. Prices from $400s to over $3 million. Solid core doors $7,500 Pool & spa $45,000Vaulted ceiling$12,000 Paver pool deck $12,000 Granite countertops $17,500 Pool cage $20,000 Lot premium $275,000 Pool heater $6,500 Wood cabinets $40,000


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 B33 Pelican Isle III #803: Expansive water views, new A/C units, 3/3 open oorplan, 2 lanais, turnkey furnished. $759,000 INTEGRITY EXPERTISE DIRECTION FOR REAL ESTATE Pelican Isle III #601: 3050SF spacious end unit,w/ two lg. wrap around lanais, Gulf/River/Bay views. $935,000 GENE FOSTER 239.253.8002 BRIDGETTE FOSTER 239.253.8001 Pelican Isle II #302: 3/3, wood rs., fresh paint, 2 lanais,Gulf views, Laplaya Membership available. $765,000 Pelican Isle II #303: Walk into breathtaking views, wood oors, granite kit. wine cooler, plantation shutters, furnished. $799,900 Pelican Isle III # PH-04: Penthouse completely redone, gourmet kitchen,10ft ceilings, oversized lanai, amazing Gulf views! $2,199,000 Pelican Isle III #304: 3096SF, direct Wiggins Pass/Gulf views, spacious rooms, 2 lanais. $1,399,000 2119 Imperial Golf Course Blvd: Renovated 3233SF, chefs kitchen w/6 top gas stove, replace, lg. lanai, pool, lake view. $859,000 Cove Towers: Caribe Caribe at Cove Towers #1503: 15th r, gourmet granite kit, wine cooler, teak wood rs, 1854SF amazing views! $649,900 Residences of Pelican IsleOpen House Sunday, February 17th 1-4pm Pelican Bay: Breakwater Breakwater; 831 Sailaway Ln.#202: 2+Den, 2 car garage, lake view, Pelican Bay Amenities beach access. $510,000Pelican Marsh: Porto no 1306 Via Porto no: 3+Den/5Ba, gourmet kitchen, pool, golf course view, 3179SF $1,179,900.Imperial Golf Estates Downing Frye Realty PENDING OPEN SUN 1-4 Mary H. Raymond PARK SHORE LANDING: 2+den/2 just like new. New windows and turnkey. Beautiful Bay view. Deeded boat dock. $650,000 Make Offer. MARINA BAY CLUB : 2/2 furnished unit with granit e kitchen updated for you. Boat access to Gulf. JUST REDUCED TO $450,000. Owner wants offer. COVE INN: NEW 2nd unit overlookin g Naples Bay for $235,000 and nicely updated. Great condo/hotel. PARKSHORE RESORT: 2nd totally updated unit.In rental pool. $189,900 TARPON COVE: 2 BR + den coach home w/att gar. Can be sold furnished. Glassed/ screened lanai. Priced right at $249,900. OLDE NAPLES : Everyone loves Village Green. First oor corner unit with lots of light. 2+Den. JUST REDUCED TO $200,000. LECIEL VENETIAN TOWER: One just under contract. Dont miss out. Beautiful bay and beach views. Furn neg. 3 BRs + den. Two car garage spaces $1,775,000.(239) 269-6105 maryraymond@comcast.net20 Years in DE and PA and 13 Years in Naples doing Real EstateCamden Lakes under way in North NaplesPulte Homes has started development of Camden Lakes, a gated neighborhood with 150 single-family home sites in North Naples on Livingston Road between Bonita Beach and Immokalee Roads just south of North Naples Middle School. Scott Mairn, vice president of sales and marketing for Pultes South Florida Division, said the 60-acre site will accommodate 150 two-, threeand fourbedroom homes along with a community clubhouse, fitness center, community meeting room, swimming pool, fire pit, basketball half-court and a play field. Pulte Homes recently acquired the site. Sales of the new homes are expected to start this summer. Bonita Lakes clubhouse design unveiled Toll Brothers has unveiled the design for the clubhouse at Bonita Lakes, the companys newest gated community of single-family homes in Bonita Springs. In addition to a bocce ball court and lighted tennis courts, the clubhouse will have a swimming pool with a marked lap lane and a shallow splash zone. When completed, Bonita Lakes will have 268 homes on approximately 120 acres. The builder offers 11 oneand twostory designs that range from 2,058 square feet to 4,354 square feet of airconditioned living space. Ten of the designs have a first-floor master suite. Each has four elevation options and a choice of twoor three-car garages. Prices in Bonita Lakes range from the low $300,000s to the $500,000s. For more information, call 992-0200 or visit


41 41 41Bonita Springs Bonita SpringsNaplesImmokalee RoadLivingston RoadBonita Beach Road3 Oaks PkwyCoconut RdOld U.S. 41Old U.S. 41Pine Ridge Road Golden Gate Pkwy. Davis BlvdCollier Blvd Collier Blvd Airport Pullimg RdGulf Shore Blvd.Park Shore Dr. Rattlesnake Hammock Road Goodlette Frank RoadVanderbilt Beach Road Radio Road Marco Island Open Houses are Sunday 1-4, unless otherwise NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYB34 REAL ESTATE FEBRUARY 14-FEBRUARY 20, 2013 >$200,0001 EAGLE CREEK WATERFORD PLACE 740 Waterford Drive #202 $239,000 Premier Sothebys International Realty Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176>$300,0002 BANYAN WOODS RESERVE II 5030 Blauvelt Way #101 $345,000 PSIR Pat Duggan 239.216.1980 3 MERCATO THE STRADA 9123 Strada Place From $390,000 PSIR Call 239.594.9400 Open MondaySaturday 10am-8pm Sunday 12-8pm>$400,0004 BONITA BAY WEDGEWOOD 26920 Wedgewood Drive #301 $479,000 PSIR Harriet Harnar 239.273.5443>$500,0005 KENSINGTON WESTCHESTER 4934 Westchester Court #3603 $517,000 PSIR Ann Renner 239.784.5555 6 VANDERBILT BEACH ANCHORAGE 12945 Vanderbilt Drive #201 $549,000 PSIR Gayle Fawkes 239.250.6051 7 EDEN ON THE BAY 368 Mallory Court $589,900 PSIR Marty/Debbi McDermott 239.564.4231 8 BONITA BAY THE HAMPTONS 26941 Wyndhurst Court #201 $599,500 PSIR Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210>$600,0009 EDEN ON THE BAY 377 Mallory Court $609,000 Engel & Voelkers Olde Naples Jan Lindberg 239.692.944910 ISLES OF CAPRI 144 W. Pago Pago Drive $697,000 PSIR Cynthia Corogin 239.963.5561 11 THE BROOKS SHADOW WOOD GLENVIEW 22561 Glenview Lane $699,000 PSIR Jerry Feldstein 239.908.1400>$700,00012 PARK SHORE TROPICS 4530 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #122 $745,000 PSIR Cathy Owen 239.269.3118 13 PELICAN ISLE YACHT CLUB CONDOMINIUMS 435 Dockside Dr. #303 $759,000-$2,199,000 DowningFrye Bridgette Foster 239.253.800114 THE DUNES GRANDE PRESERVE 280 Grande Way From $799,000 PSIR Call 239.594.1700 Open Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm Sunday 12-5pm>$800,00015 FIDDLERS CREEK MAHOGANY BEND 3856 Mahogany Bend Drive $859,500 PSIR Michelle Thomas 239.860.7176 >$900,00016 WYNDEMERE THE ESTATES 384 Edgemere Way East $995,000 PSIR Kathryn Hurvitz 239.290.0228 >$1,000,00017 GREY OAKS 2618 LErmitage Lane $1,050,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464518 PELICAN LANDING SANCTUARY 3611 Sanctuary Lakes Drive $1,100,000 PSIR Daniel Pregont 239.272.8020 19 OLD NAPLES 746 1st Avenue North $1,125,000 PSIR Terri Moellers/ Sharon Kaltenborn 239.248.1964 20 PELICAN MARSH-PORTOFINO 1306 Via Portofino $1,179,900 Downing-Frye Bridgette Foster 239.253.800121 COQUINA SANDS CHARLESTON SQUARE 1400 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #302 $1,390,000 PSIR Lodge McKee 239.592.335822 PINE RIDGE 106 Eugenia Drive $1,395,000 PSIR Jesse Moreno 239.405.0065 23 BONITA BAY TAVIRA 26951 Country Club Drive From $1,404,000 PSIR Call 239.495.1105 Open Daily 10am-5pm24 QUAIL WEST 6357 Highcroft Drive $1,490,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464525 PELICAN MARSH ARBORS 1332 Little Blue Heron Court $1,495,000 PSIR Terri Moellers/Sharon Kaltenborn 239.248.196426 MEDITERRA 16642 Cortona Lane $1,499,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464527 AQUA AT PELICAN ISLE 13675 Vanderbilt Drive, #409 $1,595,000 PACT Realty 239.591.2727 MondaySaturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5:00pm28 PELICAN BAY ST. RAPHAEL 7117 Pelican Bay Blvd. #909 $1,650,000 PSIR Jean Tarkenton 239.595.054429 PARK SHORE HORIZON HOUSE 3951 Gulf Shore Blvd. North #PH2A $1,750,000 PSIR Debbie Broulik 239.297.515230 PELICAN BAY ST. LUCIA 6361 Pelican Bay Blvd. #PH-5 $1,975,000 PSIR Linda Perry 239.450.9113 31 FIDDLERS CREEK ISLA DEL SOL 3852 Isla del Sol Way $1,995,000 PSIR ML Meade 239.293.4851 >$2,000,00032 GREY OAKS ESTUARY 1220 Gordon River Trail From $2,049,000 PSIR Call 239.261.3148 Open MondaySaturday 9am-5pm Sunday 12-5pm33 AQUA AT PELICAN ISLE 13675 Vanderbilt Drive, #908 $2,275,000 PACT Realty Darline Hillard 239.591.2727 Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm34 BAREFOOT BEACH 101 Dominica Lane $2,800,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464535 AQUALANE SHORES 533 15th Avenue South $2,995,000 PSIR Vincent Bandelier 239.450.5976>$3,000,00036 GREY OAKS 1659 Chinaberry Court $3,000,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.464537 MARCO ISLAND 495 Thorpe Court $3,250,000 PSIR ML Meade 239.293.4851 38 MEDITERRA IL TREBBIO 16017 Trebbio Way $3,650,000 PSIR Jane Bond 239.595.9515 39 BAREFOOT BEACH 204 San Mateo Drive $3,995,000 Naples Estate Properties Emily K. Bua & Tade Bua-Bell 239.465.4645>$4,000,00040 OLD NAPLES 282 1st Avenue North $4,295,000 PSIR Celine Juilie Godof 239.404.9917 41 PORT ROYAL 1230 Galleon Drive $4,700,000 PSIR Pat Duggan 239.216.1980 Florida Weeklys Open Houses 2 4 3 5 15 6 10 16 17 13 14 11 7 19 8 9 12 18 1 20 22 23 25 28 24 26 29 30 31 32 27 33 34 21 35 36 38 40 41 37 39


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Coming to the Naples NationalVintage photographs provide inspiration and reference for mixed-media portraits BY NANCY STETSONnstetson@ oridaweekly.comLook at Katie Wilsons mixed-media portraits and you might feel as if youre thumbing through an old photo album. And, in fact, in a way, you are. The Rockport, Maine, artist draws much of her inspiration from her paternal grandmothers photo album. Women in Ms. Wilsons art peer out from under cloches or wide-brimmed hats and wear dresses and coats that pass the knee and sport deep collars and cuffs. Her grandmother, after whom she was named, spent her childhood in upstate New York, in Messena, where the changing seasons helped provide the variety of wardrobe depicted in the photos, which span the years from 1897 to 1921. Everybody in the family loved the camera, she says. They all loved to take photos. There are snapshots of them doing everything. Hundreds. On a boat, picnicking, going off to school, snowshoeing, just posing. I think a lot of them of my grandmother, she was just posing in her latest outfits It looks to me like there was pride in what she was able to wear, nice shoes and all that. Theres just something about those INSIDE A GUIDE TO THE LOCAL ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT SCENE WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYARTS & ENTERTAINMENTCSECTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY:The High-Rises at Bonita Bay 495-1105 Estuary at Grey Oaks 261-3148 The Strada at Mercato 594-9400 The Village 261-6161 The Gallery 659-0099 Broad Avenue 434-2424 Vanderbilt 594-9494 The Promenade 948-4000 Fifth Avenue 434-8770 Marco Island 642-2222 Rentals 262-4242 An old ValentineSympathizing with a previous girlfriend, wondering whats next. C2 Architecture talksTwo chances to brush up on the details of design.C3 Worth the huntYou wont be sorry you looked for Maguro Sushi & Steak House. C39 SEE PORTRAITS, C20 macabre DeliciouslyIts The Addams Family musical DAH-DA-DA-DUM! (Snap, snap!) Dah-da-da-DUM! (Snap, snap!) Dah-da-da-DUM, dah-da-da-DUM, dahda-da-DUM! SNAP! SNAP! Americas original Goth family is coming to Southwest Florida: ghoulish Morticia and debonair Gomez and their entire brooding, morbid clan, including Lurch, Cousin It and Uncle Fester. This is the family that revels so much in being unhappy that they make undertakers look like chirpy Doris Days. The Addams Family: A Musical ComBY NANCY STETSON NSTETSON@FLORIDAWEEKLY.COMSEE MACABRE, C4 SCOTT SUCHMAN / COURTESY PHOTO

PAGE 70 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC2 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Schedule your Complimentary CoolSculpting Consult Today! Call Its time to get the body youve always dreamed of. CoolSculpting can help make those dreams a reality! A revolutionary fat freezing procedure to sculpt away stubborn lumps and bumps for good.No needles. No surgery. No downtime.North Naples 1015 Crosspointe Dr. Downtown Naples 261 9th St. S. Marco Island 950 N. Collier Blvd., Suite 303 Fort Myers 7331 Gladiolus Dr. Cape Coral 413 Del Prado Blvd. S., Suite 101 North Port 14840 Tamiami Trail NOW OPEN S A NDY D A YS, S A LTY NIGHTSA Valentines Day hauntingI have taken a major step with the man Im seeing. Weve moved into a place together, a wonderful old Southern home that has loads of antebellum charm. I have my own sunroom, irises by the door and a white trellis in the front yard tangled with flowering vines. I also have virtually no friends and a life that revolves around my boyfriends schedule. Its the sort of move I always said Id never make. My boyfriend is at work and Im writing from home, shivering by a space heater and worrying about the ghost in the other room. Not some turn-of-the-last-century specter, as you might imagine, but a ghost of not-so-distant Valentines past. Her name is Adrienne. I know this because she signed an old card with it. Right beneath Love. My boyfriend is notoriously silent on the subject of his past girlfriends, though I know their numbers are legion. Im not the jealous type and certainly not the prying type, so Ive mostly let it go. I dont ask questions. I dont look for old photos. I dont try to excavate evidence of the women who came before me. So this Adrienne was a surprise. My boyfriend and I were sorting through the housewares he brought to our new place when we came across a box that had been sealed for several years. He cut the tape and lifted the flaps and right there on top was a womans hair dryer. I raised an eyebrow. Next came a Ziploc bag of cosmetics. And then, buried beneath the old junk, a card in a red envelope. Whats that? I said casually as he pulled it out of the box. He shrugged. Because he really didnt know? Or because he was trying to pretend like he didnt care? I couldnt say. He opened the card, read the message and laughed. He shook his head, like it was no big deal, and passed the card to me. I read with a careful eye. Look at you just standing there reading this valentine, the card said in romantic typeface, looking so drop-dead, so irresistibly, so oh-my-god gorgeous. I know its not polite to stare. But dont ever expect me to stop. Happy Valentines Day. My heart gave a little squeeze. Another woman had thought these things about the man Im trying to start a life with. She had believed them enough to drive to Hallmark and pay $3.99 for a card that said so. On the left-hand flap, she had hand-written her own message: I am thrilled that this valentines [sic] day, I can share the day with you! In all honesty, I dont care what we do, as long as you are there! Thank you for being here! My heart gave another turn. Not out of jealousy, as Id expected, but out of sympathy. Here was a woman in the pantheon of my boyfriends past loves who had come and gone but who must have thought for a time, anyway that she was there to stay. And here I am reading this relic of her relationship, wondering whats next for me.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C3 School of Rockstarring Jack Black LOCATED JUST NORTH OF VANDERBILT BEACH ROAD ON U.S. 41239.254.1080 | Free Admission Lawn Chairs Welcome SPONSORED BY UPCOMING EVENTSWALK FOR LUPUS NOW February 23rd | 9am 4TH ANNUAL FINE ARTS FESTIVAL March 2nd & 3rd | 10am 5pm MERCATO NIGHTS MUSIC SERIES Little Eddie & the Fat Fingers March 7th | 6-9pm SATURDAY NIGHTS ALIVE Pop-up gallery in Suite 8105 March 9th | 6-9pm TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19th, 7:00pOn the lawn across from Naples Flatbread and Yogurbella Portion of proceeds goes to help the Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary*Cannot be combined with any other o er. Nearly NewTHRIFT 239-300-6908 We also buy merchandise Tuesdays:BUY ANY PIECE OF CLOTHING, GET 1/2 OFF THE SECOND* PURCHASE $50 OR MORE AND RECEIVE $5.00 OFF YOUR TOTAL BILL* Spend $25.00 and receive $5.00 free on your next purchase! Oh, say, can you sing the national anthem?Miromar Outlets is holding a contest to find the next person to sing the Star Spangled Banner for the Florida Everblades. The competition will begin at 1 p.m. Saturday, March 2, in the restaurant piazza. Contestants will introduce themselves briefly and perform a 30-second a cappella song of their choice. Three surprise guest judges will choose first-, secondand third-place winners, all of whom will get a chance to perform live at Germain Arena before an Everblades games. The first-place winner will receive first choice of the game at which they would like to perform, a puck drop at the game, a $100 Miromar Outlets gift card, Everblades tickets and an autographed Everblades hockey stick. Secondand third-place singers will receive a $25 Miromar Outlets gift card as well as the opportunity to sing at an Everblades game. Registration must be completed by March 1 and can be done at, at the Miromar Outlets office or at the Germain Arena office. Architect discusses the whys and howsThe Renaissance Academy of FGCU welcomes Kulapat Yantrasast, a partner in the architectural firm of wHY Architecture/ HOW Laboratory, for a lecture titled Food & Architecture: An Architects Studio as a Kitchen of Ideas and Realization, at 11 a.m. Friday, Feb. 15, at the Naples Center of FGCU. Founded in 2003, wHY Architecture specializes in designing art museums, art galleries and architecture of creative sustainability. The firms first major commission was completion of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the, first newly built art museum in the world to receive a LEED Gold rating. wHY Architecture has also been working on the master plan of gallery reinstallation and design for the Art Institute of Chicago. At Harvard Art Museums, wHY Architecture has been working to design all the new galleries and art installation in the renovated and expanded museum building that will open to the public in 2014. Admission is $25. The FGCU Naples Center is at 1010 Fifth Ave. S. Online registration and additional information is available at For more information or a free catalog of the complete schedule of Renaissance Academy offerings, call 425-3272. Brush up on your Architectural LiteracyArchitectural historian Calder Loth conducts a daylong program about the vocabulary, grammar and design principals of classical architecture Saturday, March 22, at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club. The presentation will appeal to architects, interior designers, contractors, old-house buffs, remodelers, Realtors and just about anybody who likes traditional architecture and wants to know more about it. Titled Architectural Literacy, the program is sponsored by the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art Florida. Aesthetic principles of traditional architecture are explained by contrasting literate with illiterate buildings. Mr. Loth is senior architectural historian of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and a member of the advisory council of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art America. Using both famous and ordinary buildings as examples, he will explore why classical buildings, ancient and modern, look the way they do. The course covers design and construction details as well as ancient precedents for familiar architectural motifs. Architectural Literacy will take place from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.; a beachfront reception will take place until 7 p.m. Registration is $125 for ICAA members, $150 for non-members and $25 for students. Sign up online at For more information, call Lane Manis at (904) 655-0013 or e-mail

PAGE 72 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC4 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 MACABREFrom page 1 The Addams Family>> When: Feb. 19-24 >> Where: The Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall, Fort Myers >> Cost: $65, $50, $40, $30 >> Information: 481-4849 or >> Also: April 22 at the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, Sarasota; tickets are $75-$30. Call (800) 826-9303. SCOTT SUCHMAN / COURTESY PHOTOThe cast of The Addams Family playing at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall. edy comes to the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Feb. 19-24. (It also plays at Sarasotas Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall for one performance on April 22.) After previews in New Haven, Conn., the brand new national tour opened earlier this month in Rochester, N.Y., and will be on the road for 18 months. Its so much fun, says Jesse Sharp, who plays the dapper and courtly patriarch of the family, Gomez Addams. People love the show and love the characters. Gomez, he says, is the most positive character on earth. He loves everything. Hes so enthusiastic about the world and people. Outside of the obvious eccentricities, hes a positive human being. I come at him from a point of exuberance and excitement. Its a gift to play a character whos already so well-known and loved, he says. You walk on stage and they applaud for you. As an actor, it gives you the upper hand, right out of the gate. It makes him want to do the show justice and make people laugh, he adds. Mr. Sharp prepared for the role by working with a vocal coach and watching the TV episodes, which originally ran from 1964-66, and the two movies from the 1990s, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. But, he says, I definitely want to make the character my own, have my own spin on it. I play silly, over-the-top characters anyway; its not that far out of my wheelhouse. I watched what John Astin did (in the TV shows), and I love Raul Julia in the movies. (I watched) just really for reference, to see how they handled the character. Written by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, The Addams Family: A Musical Comedy is based on the Charles Addams cartoons that originally ran in The New Yorker. Its a good choice to base the musical on the cartoons, Mr. Sharp says. Its fantastic to use the original source material rather than recycle something from film or TV. His co-star, KeLeen Snowgren, who plays Morticia, also prepared by watching the classic TV shows and the two Addams Family films. She was more familiar with the films and with the way Angelica Houston played Morticia. I always loved the role and her part, Ms. Snowgren says. Once the musical came around, I did so much research, watching YouTube videos her demeanor, her way of speaking, the way she carries herself. But when she landed the role for this tour, she says, I was quite surprised how much they did not want me to embody Angelica Houston. It was more about focusing on those one-line quips Charles Addams would write (in his cartoons.) Ms. Snowgren says she doesnt think her character sees herself as being scary. Morticia is just motherly. She cares about her family and their well-being, she explains. She wants them to be deliciously unhappy with their lives, and she does everything she can to make sure that happens. Shes possibly intimidating; shes the parent who wears the pants in the relationship.Family dynamicsThe storyline revolves around the familys reaction to daughter Wednesday Addams falling in love with a normal man from a normal Midwestern family. Both sets of parents are going to meet for the first time, and Wednesday desperately wants hers to come across as normal too. (One critic described the show as The Birdcage meets Halloween.) The musicals been tweaked and rewritten since it first opened on Broadway in 2010. Composer Andrew Lippa wrote some new songs, and a subplot about a love affair with a giant squid has been thrown out. The plot has some different elements, Mr. Sharp says. (For the first time) Gomez is keeping a secret from Morticia. It drives the plot a little further. The audience gets on his side, because hes stuck between his wife and his daughter, and they can see its going to be a tough road for him. According to Ms. Snowgren, the original plot focused on Wednesday Addams and her love affair. But when most people think of the Addams Family, they think of Morticia and Gomez, not Wednesday. So the writers rewrote it to focus on the struggles, joys and burdens of raising a happy family, and adjusting to the changes that happen when the children grow up. Mr. Sharp says the show is a unique and new way of seeing this family, not necessarily something (audiences) have seen before Its musical comedy. It certainly has its fun and scary elements, but its more campy than actually scary. Ms. Snowgren loves that the musical has all of the great characters Cousin It, Thing, our quirky ancestors. Its dark and mysterious and incredibly wonderful to watch. Mr. Sharp credits production supervisor Jerry Zaks for the success of the retool show. Hes an incredible stage director, he says about how the show has changed and evolved. (Mr. Zaks directed House of Blue Leaves, Lend Me a Tenor and Sister Act for Broadway, among others.) Ms. Snowgren says everyone in the audience immediately begins snapping along with the familiar theme song when the show opens. The previews in Connecticut earned standing ovations, she adds. The family musical has the creepiness and kookiness of the dark, depressing Addams family, Ms Snowgren says. We dont wear bright colors thats for people with no inner life or imagination. We have to be unhappy, darling, she purrs in her Morticia voice. Its really quite funny how we twist everything to make it morbid and dark and dreary. But thats our normal. At its core, however, the show is still about love, she says. No matter how they view normal or abnormal, love conquers in the end.


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PAGE 74 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC6 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GO Theater Ghost-Writer By The Naples Players at the Sugden Community Theatre through Feb. 23. 263-7990 or www. The Importance of Being Earnest By Gulfshore Playhouse, Feb. 15-March 3 at The Norris Center. (866) 811-4111 or The Last Romance By The Marco Players through March 1 at Marco Town Center. 642-7270 or A Trio of Emotions By ETC Readers Theatre of The Naples Players Feb. 17 in the Tobye Studio at the Sugden Community Theatre. 263-7990 or www. Call Me Waldo By Theatre Conspiracy Feb. 15-March 2 at the Alliance of the Arts, Fort Myers. 936-3239 or Miracle on South Division Street At Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers, through March 2. 332-4488 or Time Stands Still In the ArtStage Studio Theatre at Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers, through Feb. 16. 332-4488 or Fiddler on The Roof At the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers, through Feb. 16. 278-4422 or www. The Sound of Music At the Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers, Feb. 21-April 6. 278-4422 or Dixie Swim Club At the Off Broadway Palm Theatre, Fort Myers, through March 9. 278-4422 or www. On Golden Pond By Laboratory Theater of Florida through Feb. 24 at 1634 Woodford Ave., Fort Myers. 2180481 or www.laboratorytheaterflorida. com. Fool for Love Feb. 20-24 at the FGCU Arts Complex. 590-7268. The Producers By The Naples Players on the main stage at the Sudgen Community Theatre Feb. 27-March 30. 263-7990 or Thursday, Feb. 14 Strawberry Stuff Wesley United Methodist Church holds a bake sale with strawberry shortcake, strawberry pies and much more on the tables from 10 a.m.4 p.m. today and Feb. 15. 350 S. Barfield Drive, Marco Island. 682-3230. Sweet Tea Brambles English Tea Room serves a special Valentines tea from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. $21.75. 340 Fifth Ave. S. 262-7894 or www.bramblestearooms. com. Love Songs The Mixed Emotion Duo and Sabrina Williams perform love songs from 5-8 p.m. at The Village on Venetian Bay. Ravishing Rachmaninoff Pianist Howard Shelley joins the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra in concert tonight through Feb. 16. 597-1900 or A Stand-Up Guy Todd Glass takes the stage for a Valentines Day dinner show at the Off the Hook Comedy Club on Marco Island. 599 S. Collier Blvd. 389-6900 or Friday, Feb. 15 Vintage Garb The Naples Historical Society presents local author Laurie Nienhaus with What Were They Thinking?, a program about vintage costumes, at 11 a.m. Feb. 15 at Historic Palm Cottage. Free for NHS members, $5 for others. 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164 or Fakahatchee Cruise The Friends of Fakahatchee host a cruise through the mangroves of the Ten Thousand Islands to Fakahatchee Island from 3-6 p.m. $75. Reservations required. 6951023 or Heres to Beer Naples Beach Brewery hosts guided tasting tours from 4-8 p.m. today and 3-7 p.m. Saturday. $15 for the tour and samples of six brews. 4110 Enterprise Ave. 304-8795. www. Rachmaninoff Festival The Naples Music Club presents several performances for the Rachmaninoff Festival today and Feb. 16 at Euro Pianos of Naples. Old Movie Night The Everglades Society for Historic Preservation hosts a screening of Distant Drums, the 1951 Gary Cooper film about the Seminole Wars, at 5:30 p.m. at Everglades Community Church. 695-1023 or www. Sweetheart Yoga Paramount Fitness presents a partner yoga workshop followed by a wine-and-cheese tasting from 5-7 p.m. $50 per couple. Reservations required. 91 Ninth St. S. 227-4222. Live Art Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts Center presents For the Love of Art from 7-10 p.m. at the Naples Botanical Garden. Southwest Florida Pastel Society artists will create paintings as guests observe and interact. The paintings will be included the evenings live auction. $75. 775-2800 or www. Music Makers The Music Makers perform from 7-9 p.m. in the band shell at Cambier Park. Bring blankets or chairs for seating. 213-3058. Saturday, Feb. 16 Art & Jazz The Ole Art & Jazz Fest runs from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. today and Feb. 17 at Lely Resort. 293-9448. Ferraris on Fifth The Ferrari Club of Naples holds its annual car show along Fifth Avenue South from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 16. www.carsonfifth. com. 3rd Weekend ART More than two dozen studios and galleries in the Pine Ridge Industrial Park welcome visitors from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. today and 1-4 p.m. Feb. 17. Stop by Rosen Gallery & Studios and check out The Silly Series by Tracy Magen Rosen, who creates day in the life vignettes using recycled wine boxes. 821-1061. Renaissance Revival The Golden Eagles Performing Arts Society of Naples High School holds An Afternoon with Shakespeare Renaissance Festival from 1-4 p.m. at the school. Free admission. Cultural Heritage The city of Naples holds its annual Cultural Heritage Celebration from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at River Park. Live entertainment by the Barron Collier High School Drum Line and the Macedonia Gospel Choir, among others, and the Taste of Soul cooking competition are part of the fun. 213-3037. Big Cypress Gallery Meet Florida photographer Clyde Butcher and trek through the swamp at his Big Cypress Gallery in Ochopee as part of the gallerys 20th anniversary celebration today through Feb. 18. 695-2428 or www. clydebutcher. com. Rockin on the Bay Bayfront hosts a free tribute band concert from 6-10 p.m. Bring lawn chairs or blankets for seating. No coolers allowed; food and drink available for purchase from vendors and Bayfront restaurants. This weeks entertainment is Studio 54, a 10-piece dance band. Orchestra & Chorus Pianist Alexandra Carlson joins the Naples Orchestra and Chorus as a soloist in Beethoven to Broadway, with performances at 7 p.m. tonight and 2 p.m. Feb. 17 at Golden Gate High School. $15. Edison Parade The Edison Festival of Light Grand Parade starts at 7 p.m. in downtown Fort Myers. The two-hour extravaganza features national participants as well as local marching bands, floats, local government and law enforcement officials, clowns and more. Sunday, Feb. 17 Farmers Market The Naples Depot hosts a farmers market from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Vendors offer fresh produce and flowers, local seafood, fair trade baskets and locally made breads, tostados, guacamole, pickles and pastries. Admission is free to the railroad and transportation museum during market hours. 293-9703 or Foreign Film The Renaissance Academy at FGCU presents a screening and discussion of A Separation (Iran, 2011) beginning at 1 p.m. at the FGCU Naples Center. The drama follows a married couple as they face a difficult decision: to improve the life of their child by moving to another country, or to stay in Iran and look after a deteriorating parent who has Alzheimers disease. Rated PG. $5 (no cash; check, credit or debit card only). Coming Feb. 24: Monsieur Lazhar (Canada, 2011). 1010 Fifth Ave. S. 434-4737. Jazz It Up Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts Center presents the Rebecca Richardson-Dan Heck Quartet and the Dan Miller-Lew Del Gatto Quintet from 2-4 p.m. at Sugden Regional Park. 775-2800 or Gulfcoast Big Band The Gulf Coast Big Band continues its 21st season with a concert from 2-4 p.m. under the band shell at Cambier Park. Free. 434-4925. Strike up the Bonita Band The Bonita Springs Concert Band celThe Marco Island Historical Society presents Tea with the Presidents Wives, a performance by six local actresses in character as Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush, at 2 p.m. Feb. 17 at the Marco Island Historical Museum. $20. 389-6447 or The Kiwanis Club of Marco Island puts the pedal to the metal for its ninth annual car show from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 17 at the Marco Healthcare Center. The club has secured enough space for 200 entries this year, up from last years 180 hot rods, classic automobiles, muscle cars and more that filled the parking lot. Prizes will be awarded in 17 categories. $5 donation. 272-0816. United k e s a le w berry e s f rom 5 350 S. 2 -3230. tasting from 57 p.m. $50 per couple. Reservations re q uire d 91 Nint h St. S. 2 2 7 -4222. Live Art B aysh ore C u ltu rpgpy and trek throu g h the swamp at his Bi g C ypress Ga ll ery in Oc h opee as p art o f the g allerys 20th anniversary celebration t oday through Feb. 18. 6 9 5-2428 or www. c l y d e b utc h er co m.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C7 ebrates its fifth anniversary with a free concert from 2-4 p.m. at Riverside Park in Bonita Springs. 405-7323 or www. Book Talk Repun Tango Book Club members and guests discuss Long after Midnight at the Nino Bien A Yanquis Missteps in Argentina over a cup of coffee or glass of wine at 2 p.m. 1673 Pine Ridge Road. 785-8899 or www. Music Scholars Voices of Naples welcomes scholarship recipients Nadia Marshall and Tiffany Farina as guest soloists at the chorus 10th anniversary concert at 3 p.m. at Naples United Church of Christ. $20. 455-2582 or www. Hyacinth Series The Sowell Family Pickers bring gospel, country, bluegrass and other Southern sounds to the Hyacinth Series at Moorings Presbyterian Church at 3 p.m. 261-1487. Christian Concert Marco Presbyterian Church presents contemporary Christian singer, songwriter and recording artist Nathan Clark George at 6 p.m. Free. 875 West Elkcam Circle, Marco Island. 394-8186 or www.marcochurch. com. Monday, Feb. 18 Tea with Tara Blue Mangrove Gallery presents Tea with Tara from 2-4 p.m. Artist Tara ONeill paints at her easel while guests enjoy a glass of gourmet tea. 1089 N. Collier Blvd., Marco Island. 393-2405 or B-I-N-G-O! The Jewish Congregation of Marco Island continues its 14th season of bingo. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. for a free kosher hot dog supper, and the first game is called at 7 p.m. 991 Winterberry Drive, Marco Island. 642-0800. Travel Time Preferred Travel of Naples hosts its seventh annual travel showcase from 5-8 p.m. at a private clubhouse in Naples. Entertainment by the Stu Shelton Jazz Trio. $50 to benefit the David Lawrence Center childrens programs. Reservations required. 2611177. Smooth Jazz The Marc Vee Trio plays smooth jazz, R&B and more from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at the Bay House. 799 Walkerbilt Road. 591-3837. Rock & Rap Kid Rock, Buckcherry and Hellbound Glory perform starting at 7 p.m. at Germain Arena. 1-800745-3000 or Tuesday, Feb. 19 The Business of Art Artists are invited to a lecture titled Invasion of Privacy, Libel-by-Painting, Aesthetic Censorship and Fur, Feathers & Wildlife Issues beginning at 5:30 p.m. at The von Liebig Art Center. Reservations appreciated. 262-6517 or www.naplesart. org. School of Rock Bring the family along with lawn chairs or a blanket and settle in for a free screening of School of Rock beginning around 7 p.m. under the stars at Mercato. Wednesday, Feb. 20 Funny Guy Comedian Jeff Dunham takes the stage at 7:30 p.m. at Germain Arena. (800) 745-3000 or www. Coming up Book Signing Lila Zuck will discuss and sign copies of A Second Paradise: The History of Naples, Florida from 11 a.m.-noon Feb. 22 at Historic Palm Cottage, home of the Naples Historical Society. Free for NHS members, $5 for others. 137 12th Ave. S. 261-8164 or Orchids in Bloom The Naples Orchid Society holds its 40th annual show and sale Feb. 22-24 at Moorings Presbyterian Church. 775-5220 or www. Shop for the Shelter The annual Designer Boutique to benefit the Shelter for Abused Women & Children takes place from 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 22 and from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Feb. 23 at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. Free admission. 775-3862, ext.261 or cdalessandro@ Tributes in the Garden Naples Botanical Garden presents a tribute to Journey and Bon Jovi from 5:30-9 p.m. Feb. 22. $7 for Garden members, $15 for others. 643-7275 or www.naplesgarden. org. Jazz Flutist In celebration of Black History Month, Hodges University presents a free outdoor concert by jazz flutist Galen Abdur-Razzaq from 6-9 p.m. Feb. 22. Also appearing: Darlene Mitchell and Felix Jiles. Bring a blanket or lawn chair. 598-6135. Family Film Everyone will enjoy a free screening of Dolphin Tale beginning at 7 p.m. Feb. 22 under the stars at Miromar Outlets. 948-3766 or www. Naples National The Naples Art Association presents the Naples National Art Festival from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 23-24 at Cambier Park and Eighth Street South. Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick Fifth-graders from seven Lee County public schools will show off their ballroom dancing skills from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Feb. 23 near the restaurant piazza at Miromar Outlets. 948-3766 or www. Blues & Brews Ave Maria Town Center presents Blues, Brews & BBQ from noon-4 p.m. Feb. 23. Live entertainment by Little Eddie and the Fat Fingers and the Mambo Brothers is on tap. Free admission. 352-3903 or www.avemaria. com. Ethnic Food Fest St. Demetrius Orthodox Church holds an ethnic food festival featuring cuisine from Russia, Romania, Poland and Greece from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Feb. 23-24. 140 Price St. 2721453. Diversity Festival Hodges University holds its annual Diversity Festival from noon-6 p.m. Feb. 23 at Sugden Regional Park. 598-6135 or gwilliams@ Opera Naples Opera Naples presents A Midsummers Night Dream Feb. 23-25 at Miromar Design Center. 963-9050 or Bluegrass Show Greg Cahill & Special Consensus perform at 5 p.m. Feb. 23 at The Salvation Army. $28, with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Salvation Army Youth Center. $28/ Person. 2173 Estey Ave. 287-2035 or Bow Wow Luau Freds Food, Fun and Spirits hosts a happy hour and silent auction to benefit Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida from 5:307:30 p.m. Feb. 23. 2700 Immokalee Road. 431-7928 or Piano Recital Dharshini Tambiah presents Beethovens Autobiography: A musical journey through Beethovens piano works at 3 p.m. Feb. 24 as part of the Heath Recital Series at The Violin Shop of Naples, 16355 Vanderbilt Drive, Bonita Springs. $20. 947-2925 or www. Poetry Reading Those who enjoy writing and/or listening to poetry are invited to meet like-minded others from 4-5 p.m. Feb. 25 at The Norris Center. (440) 554-1144. Alls Fair on Marco The Fair on Marco, complete with carnival rides and a pie-eating contest, takes place March 1-3 at Veterans Park on Marco Island to benefit the Greater Marco Family YMCA and the Marco Island Charter Middle School. 394-3144. Heres to Craft Beer The Naples Craft Beer Fest hosted by the Naples North Rotary Club takes place from noon-4 p.m. March 2 at Bayfront. $50 includes tasting glass, beer and food samples and entertainment. Swamp Buggy Races The World Famous Swamp Buggy Races take place March 2-3 at the Florida Sports Park, 8250 Collier Blvd. Give Back Naples Botanical Gardens hosts the 17th annual Chocolate Extravaganza: Art of Giving Back to benefit Project Help from 6-9 p.m. March 2. Mystery Dinner The East Naples Kiwanis Florida Foundation hosts a mystery dinner from 4-7 p.m. March 3 at the Windstar Club on Naples Bay. $75, with proceeds going to youth programs in East Naples and Collier County. 403KIDS. Riedel Seminar & Tasting Fairways Wine Vault holds a Riedel seminar and tasting (Peter Michael sauvignon blanc, Kistler chardonnay, William Selyem pinot noir and Araujo altagracia) 4-5:30 p.m. March 4 at Flemings Steak House. $50. Reservations required. 598-1155 or Submit calendar listings and highresolution photos to E-mail text, jpegs or Word documents are accepted. No pdfs or photos of fliers. The deadline for calendar submissions is noon Sunday. WHAT TO DO, WHERE TO GOPianist Alexandra Carlson joins the Naples Orchestra and Chorus as a soloist in Beethoven to Broadway, with performances at 7 p.m. Feb. 16 and 2 p.m. Feb. 17 at Golden Gate High School. $15. www. COURTESY PHOTOSThe Sowell Family Pickers bring gospel, country, bluegrass and other Southern sounds to the Hyacinth Series at Moorings Presbyterian Church at 3 p.m. Feb. 17. 261-1487.

PAGE 76 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC8 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Miracle of laughter abundant on South Division StreetIts inevitable. As we grow older, we learn that things we thought we knew as kids simply arent true. Storks dont bring babies. Theres no toy workshop or elves, for that matter at the North Pole. And tooth fairies dont value enamel so highly that theyll pay cash for it, deftly sliding money under your pillow. Then, as adults, we have more epiphanies: Our parents are human and imperfect. Too often, talent is not rewarded as playing politics at work. Were too old to ever be a child prodigy. We might also discover some shocking truths about our families. Maybe your mother had a secret marriage before she met your dad, or an aunt worked as a stripper in her youth. Maybe your cousin really isnt a cousin after all, but your half-brother. The Nowaks of Miracle on South Division Street, playing through March 2 at Florida Repertory Theatre, certainly have their share of secrets. This highly devout Roman Catholic family living in current-day Buffalo, N.Y., has tended a shrine in front of their home for more than 60 years. The grandfather, an immigrant from Poland, had a vision of the Virgin Mary in his barbershop and had a statue built to commemorate her visitation. Its a neighborhood landmark. Many people have petitioned her and left donations; some have claimed healings and other answers to prayer. But now granddaughter Ruthie (Rachel Burttram) has dropped a bombshell: The Virgin Mary never appeared to Grandpa. The statue is actually a sculpture of his former girlfriend. She knows, because when their grandmother was on her deathbed, she told Ruthie. Ruthies mother, Clara (Carrie Lund), and two siblings, Jimmy (Jason Parrish) and Bev (Michelle Damato), are aghast. And as more revelations are made, the entire family is in an uproar. Florida Rep waited three years to obtain the rights to stage this play. (This is the first production south of New York City, director Robert Cacioppo proudly declares.) Initially, judging purely by the first act, it was difficult to see what all the fuss was about. Theres a subplot about Ruthie no longer attending Mass, and another about Jimmy planning his proposal to a young woman the family has yet to meet. Playwright Tom Dudzick seems to spend a lot of time setting up the plays premise almost too much. The payoff comes in Act II, however, when the waves of laughter are fast and unstoppable. Mr. Dudzick gives us sight gags and funny lines and situational comedy galore. The audience on opening night was absolutely giddy with laughter. If youre the type of theatergoer who gets impatient and walks out at intermission, well, it will definitely be your loss. Youll miss the best part of Miracle on South Division Street. Thats not to say the laughs are totally absent in the first Act. Ms. Lund gets them simply by walking out on stage, dressed in a blue patterned housecoat, black socks, a hairnet and horn-rimmed glasses. Shes been in the hot attic searching for something, and she tells the kids that hell must be like reading Moby-Dick out loud in the attic, and if you dis-pronounce a word, you have to go all the way back to the beginning and start reading the novel from page one. She pauses, considers the portrait shes painted, then adds more qualifiers, pauses, and adds some more. Her comedic timing is exquisite. Shes a quirky character, and the audience immediately loves her. Shes the heart and soul and funny bone of this comedy. (She also has a great bit later on, where she talks about burlesque dancing and starts twirling a kitchen towel suggestively.) Ms. Burttram, whose character wants to be in theater, is full of nervous energy. One of the highlights of the play occurs when she incorporates kitchen items to help her tell a story to her family. This is Ms. Burttrams first role in a straight-out comedy at Florida Rep, and she does not disappoint. She and Mr. Parrish share an easy camaraderie on stage as grown-up brother and sister, a relationship that includes teasing and joking, but also lots of affection. Its easy to believe the two actors are siblings. Mr. Parrish is highly believable in his role as a garbage man who repairs things around the house for his mom. His character is a salt-of-the earth type, a regular guy. But Mr. Parrish brings a full range of emotions to the role, whether hes gleeful or glowering. Another of the evenings highlights happens when he stiffly repeats the spiel his parents taught him to give about the shrine. His mother urges him to spice it up, complaining, Its got no pizzazz! Ms. Damato, as the third sibling, plays a gum-snapping, feisty, argumentative character, full of sarcasm. Shes showed up at the family home because Ruthie has called a meeting, but she cant wait to leave and get back to bowling with her league. The playwright is skilled at portraying family dynamics and has some terrific one-liners. (Hes almost like the Polish Catholic answer to Neil Simon.) But its the actors, and Mr. Cacioppos directing, that prevent this play from sinking into sit-com material. Itd be easy to portray these characters as stereotypes, but this troupe is talented enough to steer away from that. They are masterful in how they deliver their lines. During Act II, there were times when I was simply helpless with laughter. The set by Tim Bennett looks like a 1970s kitchen. Its a well-lived-in house, and not much has been updated. Little details add to the realism: the macram owl on the wall, the calendar with appointments scribbled on certain dates, the picture of Jesus on the refrigerator, the cookie jars above the kitchen cabinets. Its all so mundane, its perfect. Ditto for Roberta Malcolm for her costuming. In addition to Ms. Lunds wonderful outfit, Ms. Malcolm was smart enough to give Mr. Parrish a Buffalo Bills T-shirt underneath his open plaid shirt. Audiences who have seen other plays by Mr. Dudzick at Florida Rep (Over the Tavern, King o the Moon) should also love Miracle on South Division Street, although it deals with a different family. For a comedy, Miracle considers some pretty heavy questions: What do you do when your sense of self is challenged? Who are you if youre not who you thought you were? What do you do when your entire worldview is rearranged? The bickering and the teasing and the serious conversations all take place where they do for most families: in the kitchen, around the table. But thats where the laughter is, too. DAVID DACK MAKI / SNAP FLASH PHOTOJason Parrish, Carrie Lund, Michelle Damato and Rachel Burttram in Miracle on South Division Street. ARTS COMMENTARY Miracle on South Division Street>>When: Through March 2 >>Where: Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers >>Tickets: $45 and $40 >>Info: 332-4488 or www. h ave t o go a ll th e wa y b ac k to t he li ng, p l ays a gum-snapp i ng, feisty, argumentative characte r, f ull o f sarcasm. Sh e s sh ow ed up at the f amily ho me 5th Annual GET OUT OF TOWN TRAVEL SHOWMonday February 25, 2013-6pm Naples United Church of Christ, 5200 Crayton Rd., Naples, FL 34103Meet with many Cruise and Tour Companies!Avalon Waterways, Azamara, Celebrity Cruises, Edelweiss Air, Globus, Holland America, Paci c Delight Tours, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, Seabourn, Silversea, Tauck Tours, Viking River and more! Nancy SantAngelo Reyelt President WIN AVACATION FOR 2 $500 OFF Per Booking on Select 7 Day or Longer Cruises & Tours! FREE ADMISSION!!


Get swept off your feet this Valentines weekend!Dancing and Romancing Gulf Coast Symphony PresentsBroadway and Hollywood combine in a night of song and dance inspired by the legendary Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers. With guest stars Joan Hess & Kirby Ward.Guest appearances sponsored by 21st Century OncologyAt the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Single tickets from $25 239-481-4849www.GulfCoastSymphony.orgSaturday, February 16, 7:30pm NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C9 PUZZLE ANSWERS

PAGE 78 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC10 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 KeyWestExpress KeyWestExpress TheKeyWestExpress 1-800-593-7259 Start the New Year Off Right!*Minimum 8 day advance purchase, non-refundable fare. Cannot be combined with other offers. Weekend fee applies to any travel Friday thru Sunday. Expires February 28th, 2013. $ 119 GET AWAY FOR ONLY... ROUND TRIP!* AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Love rules the week with new romances favored for single Aquarians looking for partners. Cupid also targets renewed commitment for wedded Water Bearers.PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A surge of creativity keeps you happily busy through the week. But leave some quiet time to share with loved ones. Some long-awaited news finally comes through.ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Congratulations, Lamb. The end of the month brings good news in the workplace, thanks to all the efforts youve made to get your projects off the ground and running.TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Dont let yourself be cowed into thinking youre not up to the challenge youve taken on. Keep reinforcing your selfconfidence, and no one and nothing can stop you.GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Positive responses to a recent workplace move should give you added assurance that youre on the right track. Celebrate the good news with family and/ or friends.CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Theres still a little emotional fuzziness you have to work through before you can feel really certain about your recent decisions. But youre on the right track. Stay with it.LEO (July 23 to August 22) Youre tempted by an offer that seems close to what youve been looking for. But before you pounce on it, see if you can coax out some added perks to sweeten the deal.VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) Your efforts to settle a volatile situation should prove successful. Now could be a good time to analyze what might have created the problem in the first place.LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A once-close associate reemerges with news that could cause you to reconsider a recent decision. But dont make a move before consulting a trusted adviser.SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) You might feel pressured to reveal a colleagues secret. But you can rely on your strong Scorpion sense of rectitude to help you continue to do the right thing.SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) That pesky situation is still creating problems. But you are moving ahead with it, and soon it should be successfully resolved in your favor.CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) A spate of indecision leaves you susceptible to doubt. But youll soon regain your emotional surefootedness and be back leading the way, as usual.BORN THIS WEEK: People rely on you whenever they need someone they can trust to be caring, considerate and also discreet. 012 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. 012 King Features Synd., Inc. World rights reserved. PUZZLES HOROSCOPES XCHANGING By Linda ThistlePlace a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column down and each small 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.Sponsored By: Moderate Challenging ExpertPuzzle Difficulty this week: SEE ANSWERS, C9SEE ANSWERS, C9


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C11 Gulf Shore Blvd. North | Naples, Florida Tel. --FISH () | WATERFRONT DINING | VILLAGE ON VENETIAN BAYseafood steak sushi FISHRESTAURANT 3-Course Dinner $20.134:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. | EVERY DAY EXCLUDING HOLIDAYS SALAD & SOUPChoice of: ROMAINE or GARDEN SALAD | SOUP OF THE DAY ENTREChoice of:TUNA MELT | RAINBOW TROUT | LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE ORGANIC SALMON | LOBSTER ROLL | FISH & CHIPS WAGYU BURGER | NATURAL HALF CHICKEN COMBINATION SUSHI PLATTER DESSERTKey Lime Pie PRICE $20.13 NOT INCLUSIVE OF BEVERAGE, WINE, LIQUOR, TAX AND GRATUITY NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE NO PROMOTIONAL GIFT CERTIFICATES FOR FIRST SEATING | | CAPSULESWarm Bodies (Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, John Malkovich) A zombie (Mr. Hoult) falls for a pretty girl (Ms. Palmer) and finds himself becoming human again as they spend time together. A zombie romantic comedy is certainly an original idea, and theres enough sweetness and dark humor here to make it work. Rated PG-13.Quartet (Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly) At a retirement home for musicians, old friends try to convince a newcomer and former diva (Ms. Smith) to join them in singing Verdis Rigoletto at their annual gala. Although the story is predictable, the charming, endearing performances and quirky dialog win you over. Rated PG-13.Bullet To The Head (Sylvester Stallone, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater) A hitman (Mr. Stallone) teams up with a detective (Sung Kang) to find the killers of the hitmans partner (Jon Seda). Its typical mindless Stallone which could be a good thing if thats what youre in the mood for. Objectively, though, this is an average action flick at best. Rated R. Is it worth $10? NoWhat an offensive, insulting and unfunny movie Identity Thief is. When it was over, I needed a shower to purge the funk of awfulness it exuded. Excited because its the same director as Horrible Bosses, Seth Gordon? Understandable, but stop now. Think its funny because of the trailer? Wrong. When the scenes from the trailer occur in the movie, theyre met with nothing more than a slight chuckle (if that). So dont be misled by the advertising all the humor is desperate and forced, a sad reality for two talented comedians, Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Sandy (Bateman) is an uptight accountant with a loving wife (Amanda Peet) and two adorable daughters. Fake Sandy (Ms. McCarthy) steals real Sandys identity and maxes out a few credit cards. Sandy is not the first person to fall victim to her: Bitch Sandys house, her car, her hair everything she has shes obtained through fraud. Theres nothing to like about her. For good measure she also sold a few bad credit cards to drug dealers, so two assassins (rapper T.I. and Genesis Rodriguez) are after her, in addition to a bounty hunter (Robert Patrick). Its never clear who sent the bounty hunter, though, because revealing that would allow the subplot to make sense and not let it just hang there needlessly and without explanation. Worried that his new boss (John Cho) will fire him, Sandy travels from Denver to Winter Park (the one near Orlando) to find bitch/fake Sandy and bring her home to Denver. Yes, this is kidnapping, and no, the morality of that is never mentioned. Once back in Denver, he hopes, hell force her to confess her fraud to his boss and a local detective (Morris Chestnut). What follows is a lame rip-off of Planes, Trains & Automobiles that has zero charm, wit, intelligence or grace. Predictably, bitch/fake Sandy gets the real Sandy to lighten up during the trip, and she turns a new leaf and realizes her wrongdoing. And this is where the film is really galling. As an audience, were asked to like and embrace bitch/fake Sandy and root for her, even though shes a noted criminal who deserves to go to jail. So if youre amoral, youll love it. If you have values and care about social order, youll find it offensive. And poor Mr. Bateman. Hes a talented comedian, but the script from Craig Mazin gives him nothing to work with. Worse, Ms. McCarthy, who presumably had freedom to improvise, is done no favors with the editing and timing of the alleged laugh-out-loud moments. Identity Thief represents 112 minutes of your life that you will never get back. It is a waste of time, energy and money unless youre looking for a movie to piss you off with its ineptitude. LATEST FILMSIdentity Thief l z P r a >>Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) has an embarrassing cameo as Big Chuck.

PAGE 80 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC12 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 | 550 Port-O-Call Way, Naples, FL 34102 The Best Way to Experience Naples from the Water. Naples Princess Naples P rin cess WINE BEER TASTINGS Decanted & e Naples Princess presentSunset Wine Tastingsaboard the Naples PrincessHors doeuvres, Wine & Two Hour Cruise | $60 per personCall (239) 649-2275 for Reservations February 28th | 5:15-7:15PM(As well as the last ursday of every month) *Boarding Begins a Half Hour Prior To Departure* Check out our Live Entertainment nights: Tuesday Evenings featuring the Best of the 50s, 60s and 70s, Live Tropical Steel Drums and Sounds of Sinatra. FLORIDA WRITERS Motives and murders collide in a multi-layered mystery Fatal Decree, by H. Terrell Griffin. Oceanview Publishing. 336 pages. $25.95. As comfortable as old clothes, yet relentlessly suspenseful and constantly surprising, Terrell Griffins latest in the Matt Royal Mystery Series confirms his place as a worthy heir to the John D. McDonald tradition. The questions come early and do not stop growing in complexity: Why are early middle age women being murdered? How and why are Guatemalan and Mexican drug gangs involved? Who is out to scare or murder Longboat Key Detective Jennifer Diane (J. D.) Duncan, Matts good friend and wishedfor lover? How is the secret agency that employs Matts friend Jock Algren compromised by or involved in these murders? Do we have a national security issue? A revenge plot (payback to J.D. for someone she sent to prison earlier in her career)? Unusual coincidences somehow tie together unrelated criminal and law enforcement activities. The author will have Matt and his colleagues get to the bottom of this murky swamp filled with intertwined tentacles. Honed intuition, sharp investigative work, raw courage and good old happenstance eventually put the brakes on an exhausting, hightension, high-speed ride. The intriguing main plot is rivaled as a center of interest by three other factors. One of these is the colorful cast of threedimensional characters, each a realistic mix of consistency and complexity. Matt, J.D., Jock, the head of the police force and even the scum of the earth whom they pursue are sharply individualized. In this outing, the author artfully explores the damage to Jocks psychological health caused by the assassination duties he has performed over the years. Relationships are given time to grow and change. Such literary heft is unusual in genre fiction. The secondary plot in Fatal Decree traces the developing yet fragile relationship between Matt and J. D. Readers will root for them to come together while recognizing the factors that keep the relationship tenuous. Matts desire to protect this attractive, accomplished and sharp-witted woman comes into conflict with her desire to prove herself as the competent professional that she is. His desire to win her over into greater and ongoing intimacy comes into conflict with her need to think for herself and not be pressured. Can J.D. overcome her island fever and glass fishbowl syndromes to find contentment on Longboat Key? Could Matt follow her back to Miami and give up his Southwest Florida paradise? How each defines the balancing point between independent identity and a shared life together provides rich, penetrating dialogue and deep reader involvement. The pulse of embrace and withdrawal resounds on several levels. Another glory of Mr. Griffins fiction is his wonderfully realized rendering of Southwest Floridas charms, particularly his adored Longboat Key/Sarasota area. The regions characteristic flora, the range of eateries (touristy to local neighborhood), the boating and fishing culture, the inviting climate and the tug-of-war between modernity and Old Florida are only some of the delights offered in his evocation of place. (Too bad he makes it so attractive!) Im amazed by how many fine writers have found a home with Oceanview Publishing. Its likely that a future Matt Royal mystery will have Matt pull up to the Oceanview office on Longboat Key. After all, Mr. Griffins novels have covered almost every other inch of the island. Matt will have a meeting with characters from Patricia Gussins novels. Perhaps the protagonists created by Sharon Potts, Ward Larsen and Miles Corwin will turn up as well. Maybe they should gather for a party instead of a meeting: a celebration of this superb independent publishers first-rate list of mysteries and thrillers. I think Matt should throw the party. Phil Jason, Ph.D., United States Naval Academy professor emeritus of English, is a poet, critic and freelance writer with 20 books to his credit, including several studies of war literature and a creative writing text. b GRIFFIN


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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC14 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Untrained artists provide desirable body of folk artFolk art is the confusing name given to some things made by untrained artists. From the 1930s into the s, antique collectors might have called these pieces primitive or named them for a region, like Pennsylv ania German style. By the 1950s, some daring collectors were searching for woodcarvings, painted chests, sculptures and paintings that lacked the realism of a scene or portrait by a trained artist. Everything was handmade. Today folk art includes not only informal handmade items, but also commercial pieces such as iron doorstops, carousel horses, store signs, weathervanes and some toys. By the 1960s, there were homemade and factory-made folk art lamps assembled from bottles, metal fire extinguishers, milk cans and store tins. Other lamps were made by Boy Scouts, prisoners, soldiers or housewives using patterns in craft magazines. Driftwood, unsophisticated pottery, walnut shells and even antique toasters were used to make lamps. But the most popular and pricey appear to be constructions made of old cigar boxes, Popsicle sticks or hammered brass bullet casings. Today, top prices are paid for lamps made of small glued pieces of carved wood that show the skill of the maker. Another style is tramp art, made from chip-carved pieces of cigar boxes. The ice pop, invented in 1905, was named Popsicle in 1924. The wooden sticks from the icy treat were probably used for crafts from the beginning. Boxes of unused sticks were available in stores by the 1950s. Prices are based on the originality and talent of the lamps maker and how eager a collector is to own the unique piece, so they can range from $25 to thousands of dollars. A one-of-a-kind 1910 floor lamp by an unknown artist sold last fall at Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter, a Maryland auction house, for a surprising $27,600, well over estimate. The 5-foot-tall lamp was made of carved and stained pine and cedar. The wooden shade and center column are covered with carved and applied birds and designs.Q : I recently bought a desk and chair at a thrift store for $29. The front of the desk pulls down to reveal a storage compartment. There is a sticker under the desk that says Ferguson Furniture, Hoboken, N.J. Can you tell me how old it is? A: Ferguson Brothers Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1898 by Harry and Louis Ferguson. The company was incorporated in Hoboken in 1900. It was run by members of the family until 1953, when it was sold to Sun-Glo Industries. KOVEL: ANTIQUES p g t e i T ART AND JAZZ FESTAT LELY RESORT for event information:239-793-2100 lely-resort.netFEBRUARY 16 & 17, 2013 10 a.m5 p.m.Lely Resort is located at the corner of 951 & U.S. 41.Join us this weekend for the third annual Ole Art & Jazz Festival at Lely Resort. Enjoy live entertainment by the renowned Alan Darcy, and visit more than thirty artists on-site. Plus, enjoy great food by OMacalicious gourmet mac and cheese with truf e oil, chives, pan seared pancetta and more. 475 SEAGATE DRIVE, NAPLES, FL 34103 Give the Gift of Tranquility this Valentines Day Make this Valentines Day a memorable one by pampering your loved one or yourself with lavish spa treatments that will calm mind, body and spirit. The Waldorf Astoria Spa encompasses four pavilions in the Japanese tradition, set amid exquisite gardens. Gift certi cates, salon services, spa treatments, including couples massages, are available. For more information or to reserve a service, please call 239.594.6321 or visit SPA


This Does Not Include Sales Tax & Gratuity. This Can Not Be Combined With Any Other Offer or Discount. Reservations (239) 430-4999 Group Reservations (239) 659-3176Located at The Hilton Naples, 5111 Tamiami Trail North Thank You Southwest Florida! $1195 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C15 COURTESY PHOTO This unique floor lamp is an expensive piece of folk art. It brought $27,600 at a November 2012 auction held at Guyette, Schmidt & Deeter of St. Michaels, Md. Ferguson made inexpensive reproduction furniture and furniture novelties, including cedar chests, cellarettes, folding screens, folding tables, humidors and smoker stands. Your set sounds like a bargain. Q: I received a lovely picture signed Terone from a friend about 15 years go. He and his wife had owned it since the 1940s. Can you tell me anything about the artist? Are his works valuable? A: Alfred T. Terone (1913-1979) and his wife, Cecelia (1916-1999), graduated from New York University and moved to Chicago to work for Borin Art Products, airbrushing pictures that were then mass-produced as prints. The prints were backed with brown paper and mounted in wooden frames. Some of the couples work was used on old movie sets and some appeared on the TV show, I Love Lucy. In 1944 the Terones moved back to New York City, where they worked as commercial artists. Prints like yours sell for about $30 to $50 each in perfect condition. Q: Years ago, my mother gave me a pair of heavy antique bronze candlesticks. One of them is decorated with four clear hanging glass prisms. The second matching candlestick is missing the prisms, but has hooks to hang them. How can I find replacement prisms? A: There are suppliers of glass prisms in the United States. We list some in the free directory on our website, Kovels. com. Just go to our home page and search for the word prisms. You also can do an Internet search for replacement glass prisms. You will want to measure the length of your prisms and examine their cutting design to be sure you buy new ones that closely match your old ones. Tip: Dust mites are the subject of many articles today. The more humid the environment, the more quickly the mites multiply. Dust mites eat dust particles, then turn to paints and glazing materials on wooden pieces. The only way to prevent damage is to clean regularly and vacuum with a machine that heats up enough to kill the mites. Terry Kovel answers as many questions as possible through the column. By sending a letter with a question, you give full permission for use in the column or any other Kovel forum. Names, addresses or email addresses will not be published. We cannot guarantee the return of any photograph, but if a stamped envelope is included, we will try. The volume of mail makes personal answers or appraisals impossible. Write to Kovels, (Florida Weekly), King Features Syndicate, 300 W. 57th St., New York, NY 10019.


Explore the endless possibilities of a club membership to the award-winning, Naples Grande Golf Club. Enjoy privileged access to the prestigious Waldorf Astoria Naples, where you will be able to relax your mind, body and spirit at Waldorf Astoria Spa, challenge and improve your play at the Peter Burwash International Tennis Center and indulge in hours of sunshine while you cool off at the resort swimming pools or the private beach. One of North Americas Top 100 Resort Courses, as rated by Golfweek Magazine Voted one of the 10 Best New Golf Courses in Florida by Travel & Leisure Golf 4.5 out of 5-Star rating by Golf Magazine For more information, please contact Marc Freiburg, The Premier Club of Naples 7540 Golden Gate Parkway, Naples, FL 34105 239.659.3714 | MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS PRIVILEGES.GOLF | BEACH | POOL | SPA | FITNESS | TENNIS | DINING naplesoriginals.comSAVINGS AT 40 LOCAL RESTAURANTS Go local! Savor the authentic avor of our original, independent restaurants. Visit to sign up and be the rst to know about our quarterly gift certicate independent. eat local.ALDOS RISTORANTE ITALIANO & BAR ALEXANDERS RESTAURANT AMORE RISTORANTE THE BAY HOUSE RESTAURANT BAYSIDE SEAFOOD GRILL & BAR BISTRO 821 BLEU PROVENCE BLUE MONKEY BAR & GRILLE BLUEBERRYS BOSTON BEER GARDEN BROOKS GOURMET BURGERS & DOGS CHEZ BOET FRENCH HOME COOKING CHOPS CITY GRILL CIAO RISTORANTE CLOYDES STEAK AND LOBSTER HOUSE THE DOCK AT CRAYTON COVE EVOO BISTRO FIVE STAR GOURMET CATERING FLACOS HANDSOME HARRYS THIRD STREET BISTRO HBS ON THE GULF AT THE NAPLES BEACH HOTEL IM TAPAS KC AMERICAN BISTRO KELLYS FISH HOUSE DINING ROOM MANGROVE CAF M WATERFRONT GRILLE NEW YORK PIZZA & PASTA NOODLES ITALIAN CAF & SUSHI BAR OLD NAPLES PUB PAZZO! CUCINA ITALIANA PELICAN LARRYS RANDYS FISHMARKET RESTAURANT THE REAL MACAW RIDGWAY BAR & GRILL RIVERWALK AT TIN CITY SOUTH STREET CITY OVEN & GRILL SPANKYS SPEAKEASY STONEYS STEAKHOUSE SUNBURST CAF THREE60 MARKET THE VILLAGE PUB WATERMARK GRILLE YABBA ISLAND GRILLat more than 40 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC16 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Paint in the great outdoors along with Kevin SheaThird-generation artist Kevin Shea conducts his plein air workshops in the Everglades and other natural areas around Naples Feb. 28-March 6. Mr. Shea shares the tools and methods for capturing natures fleeting moments on canvas. Daily painting exercises and instruction are included in enjoyable settings where the painting novice or professional can work at his or her own pace. Mr. Sheas work has been displayed nationally with the American Artists Professional League and the Salmagundi Club. His work has been contracted by Warner Bros. and the Boston Pops. Cost of the three-day workshop is $375; the six-day session is $675. To register or for more information, call (978) 387-8105 or e-mail kevinjshea@verizon. net. Seven artists open studios for tour to benefit museum Friends of the Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art present the 18th annual Artists Studio Tour on Sunday and Monday, March 3-4. Participants will visit the homes and studios of several nationally acclaimed local artists and can purchase works directly from them. This years participating artists are: Ran Adler Alina Eydel Muffy Clark Gill Lulu Karen Stone Lynn B. Wilcox Patsy Reeves Cost is $50 per person for the Sunday tour, which includes refreshments. Mondays tour is $65 per person and includes lunch. Patron tickets for either day are $100 ($35 tax deductible). Carpooling is encouraged, and walking shoes are recommended. Proceeds benefit the Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art to help pay for transportation to the museum for school groups as well as for lectures, exhibitions and the endowment. For reservations or more information, call 597-1900 or visit Kevin Shea


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C17 Featuring:Andrew TurkMD, FACS Board Certi ed Plastic Surgeon of the Face and Body Exciting techniques Natural Facelifts Healthy, glowing results that bring out your unique beauty. Face Time Space is limited, Call to reserve your seat!Join us for our seminar: Bring Out Your Natural BeautyAt Every Age with the Face that Fits You CALLS TO ARTISTS Seahorses will adorn the area, raise funds for childrens hospital A Seahorse Dream, a fundraiser for the Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida, invites area artists to adorn 5-foot-tall poly-resin seahorse statues that will be displayed throughout Southwest Florida and auctioned at a gala in March 2014. Individual artists, artist teams, art classes and community organizations are invited to participate. Applications will be juried on the first of each month beginning March 1. The final deadline for application is 5 p.m. Sunday, June 30. Artists selected to participate will be partnered with a seahorse sponsor to create their design. The completed seahorses will be displayed in prominent public parks and business locations throughout Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties. Contributing artists or groups will receive a $500 honorarium for each seahorse select ed for exhibition. Each completed seahorse will display a customized brass plaque with the name of the artist or group and sponsor. Organizers hope to have 50 seahorses for the auction gala. Funds raised at the gala will be matched dollar-for-dollar from a donation from Thomas Golisano. For more information, visit or e-mail aseahor Contest under way for beach film festival posterA contest to develop the official poster for the seventh annual Fort Myers Beach Film Festival event is under way. The winning design will be used on all festival promotional materials. The winning designer will also receive a fullpage ad in the official program and two VIP passes to all festival events. The festival takes place April 25-28. Designs for poster consideration should reflect a theme of the five elements earth, fire, sky, water and air. Entries will be judged by board members of the Friends of the Arts of Fort Myers Beach. Entries become the property of the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival and will not be returned. To submit an entry or for more information, e-mail or visit Beachside Dining. 1901 Gulf Shore Boulevard North | 239.403.2000 | Admire the breathtaking sunsets and indulge Wednesday through Sunday in a three-course prix xe menu designed to delight the senses, all with your toes in the warm, white sand. For reservations, please call 239.403.2000.Reservations required. Dinner service begins 30 minutes prior to sunset.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC18 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 On the Plaza, 3rd Street S. Venetian Village, Park Shore Promenade, Bonita Bay Open Sunday 12 5 Emersons words provide epic inspirationWhat happens when the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson spill uncontrollably from the mouth of an ordinary working guy? Call Me Waldo, a contemporary comedy about love, c onstruction work and transcendental understanding, answers that question. The Theatre Conspiracy production runs through March 2 at the Alliance of the Arts in Fort Myers. Lee Fountain is an ordinary electrician: His boss doesnt appreciate him, his wife keeps correcting him and his life seems to have lost all meaning. But when he starts channeling the spirit of Mr. Emerson, everyone wakes up. Call Me Waldo shows us how one persons poetic yearnings can change everyone and everything even our imperfect world. Show time is 8 p.m. Thursday-Saturday; in addition, there is a 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday, March 24. Tickets for $20 can be purchased by calling 9363239 or visiting www.theatreconspiracy. org. Worlds of Fantasy skating its way to Germain ArenaDisney on Ice: Worlds of Fantasy comes to Germain Arena Friday-Sunday, March 8-10. From wheels to waves, playtime to pixie dust, favorite Disney moments from Cars, Toy Story 3 Tinker Bell and The Little Mermaid come to life on the rink. Lightning McQueen, Mater and the crew of Cars race across the ice. Tinker Bell and the Disney fairies dive into the enchanting undersea kingdom of The Little Mermaid. And the toys are back in town when Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie and the Toy Story gang escape from the rambunctious tots of Sunnyside Daycare and race for home, in their most daring adventure ever. Show times are 7:30 p.m. March 8; 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 and 7:30 p.m. March 9; and 1 and 5 p.m. March 10. Tickets start at $16 and are available by calling (800) 7453000 or visiting Worlds of Fantasy ursday March 7, 5pm 8pm Dr. Pea is hosting a... Night in Buenos Aires Featuring a Frank Discussion on Whats new in Plastic Surgery Manuel Pea MD RSVP REQUIRED Board Certi ed Plastic Surgeon


old photographs that intrigues her. Though she did know her grandmother, they werent close, Ms. Wilson says. She died when Ms. Wilson was in her 20s, before she had started making these portraits. After marrying in 1921, her grandmother moved to the other side of the country. We visited her, and she would visit us on the east coast, she says. (But) she was reserved, a reserved grandmother. I didnt feel very close to her. For reference and inspiration, Ms. Wilson also uses old photographs from her mothers side of the family, as well as vintage mug shots of women that she finds online. What I love are mug shots of women who were booked at the turn of the century, the Victorian era, up to the 1930s, she says. I find the expressions intriguing. Some of them might look really sad or scared, while others are almost smirking. It makes me wonder what was going on, what they had done to be arrested. A lot of them dont even give any information, just a number. Ms. Wilson is among the more than 250 artists who will exhibit and sell their work at the Naples National Art Fest downtown on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 23-24. Shes also exhibiting at the Sanibel Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 16-17. Though the photographs she paints from are black and white, Ms. Wilson does her portraits in color. She starts by gluing pieces of old wallpaper samples and yellowed newspaper pages on the canvas and then paints the portraits over them. The patterns, colors and type show through in spots, giving the impression of time, of layers of wallpaper exposed on a wall. The paper establishes a color for each painting and gives her a jumpingoff point for her work, she says. It helps me to be more reactive with the paint, and not get stuck in a formula with each painting, she explains. It tends to make the paintings unique in themselves. It forces me to either work with it or be creative with the paper. Sometimes, though, she recognizes its not working, that the pattern or color draws too much attention to itself, and in those cases she simply paints over the paper. Admirers often describe the people in Ms. Wilsons pieces as sad or haunting or strong. They like the old-fashioned feel that they have, she says, adding one woman bought a painting because it reminded her of herself when she was younger. Sometimes buyers ask about the story behind the painting and who the people are, while others prefer to make up their own stories. I would like to think that a viewer will look at one of the paintings and maybe be able to come up with their own story, she says. Im making (the photos) into something else, Im using them as a reference. Someone once suggested that she come up with stories about her portraits and make a book out of them. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC20 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 PORTRAITSFrom page 1 Green Dress by Katie WilsonThree Dresses by Katie WilsonCOURTESY IMAGES


4236 Gulfshore Blvd N., Naples 239-430-6273 Online Reservations Available Daily Lunch Special $12.95 per person 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. THREE-COURSE DINNER Only $20.13 every night*. 4:00 5:30 p.m. Live Entertainment Nightly MiraMare Ristorante Dinner served Sunday Thursday from 4:00 10:00p.m. Friday & Saturday until 11:00 p.m. RESERVE TODAY at or call (239) 430-6273.*Tax and gratuity not included.Not available on holidays. Waterfront Dining at its Best NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C21 Cuba...Now you can go! Youre invited to our exclusive presentation4 unique people-to-people journeys to CubaWednesday, March 6 3:00pmPreferred Travel of NaplesR.S.V.P. Space is limited (239) 261-1177 (800) 523-3716 preferrednaples.comSun Trust Building at Pelican Bay Hablamos EspanolWilma Boyd CEO The 34th annual Naples National Art Fest>>When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 22-24 >>Where: Cambier Park and Eighth Street South >>Sponsored by: The Naples Art Association >>Cost: Free admission >>Info: 262-6517 or So she wrote some poems for a couple dozen pieces and put them in a book, along with the images. Unit of Measure is available through her website,, as are her paintings. Smaller portraits cost $100 to $125; larger ones go for as much as $800. On N On by Katie Wilson


CATERING FOR ALL EVENTS Professional Chefs Exhibition Cooking Business and Residential CATERING KOMENSOUTHWESTFLORIDARACE FOR THE CURE Coconut Point Mall Est ero, FloridaSaturday, March 9, 2013239.498.0016 komenr 75% of net proceeds stay in our community to fund mammograms, trea tments and services. Since 2002 we have put $5.5 million into our local area.25% of net proceeds fund research grants. Komen funds more breast cancer research than any other charity in the world. Like Us On IN THE KNOW. IN THE NOW.immokalee We LIVE here. We RACE here. We SAVELIVES here. Mariann, Bob & Megan MacDonaldWho will YOU race for? NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC22 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 CLUB NOTES The German American Club Gemuetlichkeit holds a dinner dance Friday, March 8, at St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, 7100 Airport Pulling Road. Doors open at 5 p.m. Cost is $25 for members, $30 for others. For tickets or more information, call 774-1582. The Naples Press Club welcomes Mike Reagen, the soon-to-retire president and CEO of the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce, as guest speaker at its meeting beginning at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 28, at Hilton Naples. Mr. Reagen will discuss The Past, Present and Future of Naples. Cost is $23 for members, $28 for others. Guests are welcome. Select from these menus: baked tilapia filet with cous cous, tabbouleh and grilled zucchini or sauted orzo pasta with veggies. Make reservations and menu choice by e-mail to rsvp@ Reservations deadline is Feb. 24. The Naples Quilters Guild holds its 30th annual quilt show and sale, Stitches in Time, Friday and Saturday, March 1-2, at New Hope Ministries, 7675 Davis Blvd. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Demonstrations will take place and appraisals will be offered throughout both days. Naples own world-renowned quilter, Pat Kumicich, will have several art quilts on display and has donated one to the shows auction. A king-size quilt will be raffled. Proceeds benefit local charities for women and children. The guild meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 777 Mooringline Drive. For more information, visit www. The Collier County Stamp Club holds its annual postage stamp show Saturday and Sunday, March 9-10 at the Cypress Masonic Lodge No. 295, 5850 Tamiami Trail N. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday. Admission is free. The Pi Beta Phi Alumnae Club of Naples hosts a benefit for literacy from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 17, at the Naples Womans Club, 570 Park St. Joann Siegrist, professor of puppetry at West Virginia University, will perform with her puppets Rex & Rita Saurus. Tickets are $50 per person, with proceeds going to First Book-Collier County and the Pi Beta Phi Literacy Fund. First Book gives more than 55,000 new, ageappropriate books to needy children in pre-K through second grade in Collier County; typically, about 6,500 children receive a book a month through the school year. For ticket or more information, call 9475571 or e-mail The Naples chapter of PFLAG, Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, a support, education and advocacy group for families with gay or transgender members, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is Feb. 21. Call 513-4568 for location. Sam Sewell of the Naples chapter of Mensa hosts Sams Fourth Saturday Stag Party, a discussion group that welcomes all men who like to think and talk, at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, at 10202 Vanderbilt Drive in North Naples. Attendance is free, and Mensa membership is not required. Donations are welcome for the local Mensa scholarship fund. Reservations are required, however, and participants are urged to bring a snack to share. Call Mr. Sewell at 591-4565 or e-mail The Naples Players Social Game Clu b will meet at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23, for a scavenger hunt at Mercato. For reservations, e-mail Julie DiBartolo at For more information about the club, visit www.naplesplayers. Visitors and residents who hail from the Ocean State are invited to Rhode Island Night 2013 set for Tuesday, March 5, at Foxfire Golf & Country Club. The evening will include buffet dinner, door prizes, a 50/50 raffle to benefit Hasbro Childrens Hospital and live music by Rhode Islander Bill Jollie, ada Billy J. For reservations or more information, call Bruce Beauchamp at 566-0693.


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC24 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 The Patio Furniture & Bathroom Vanities Expert (239) 450-92962367 Trade Center Way Naples / / www.sinkvanitiesdirect.comSingle Sink Vanities & Double Sink Vanities SHOWROOM CLEARANCE SALE! UP TO 50% OFF Select Patio & Firepit Floor Samples. insideout furniture direct Here are some highlights of whats in store on the main stage and in the Daniels Pavilion at the Philharmonic Center for the Arts. For a complete schedule of programs, including the Lifelong Learning series calendar, or for more information about or tickets to any of these performances, call 597-1900 or visit www. You Say Tomato, I Say Shut Up! will strike both laughter and terror into the hearts of any couple (not to mention every single man or woman who is contemplating the connubial state). Performances are Tuesday-Thursday, Feb. 26-28. The Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, under the director of principal pops conductor Jack Everly, and the Philharmonic Center Chorale, under the direction of James Cochran, present MGM Musicals, a program showcasing the songs, the stars and the magic that have inspired Technicolor dreams. Performances are Feb. 26-March 2. Nnenna Freelon presents Lena: A Lovesome Thing, her personal tribute to Lena Horne, at 6 and 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, March 1-2, in the Daniels Pavilion. Connoisseur of jazz music and the Great American Songbook, Dick Hyman has written, arranged, recorded and performed. He wrote the scores for a dozen Woody Allen films and has recorded more than 100 albums. He musically directed the Jazz in July series at New Yorks 92nd Street Y for 20 years and played jazz piano with Benny Goodman. Mr. Hyman presents Pianos & Pianoplayers in the Movies at 3 p.m. Sunday, March 3, in the Daniels Pavilion. The Moscow Festival Ballet presents the classic Sleeping Beauty on Sunday, March 3. Founded in 1989, the company brings together the highest classical elements of the great Bolshoi and Kirov ballet companies. Flamenco guitarist Jesse Cook brings his astounding chops, sultry rhythms and undeniable stage flair to the intimate Daniels Pavilion on Monday, March 4. Astronaut and former Sen. John Glenn, the first man to orbit the earth, tells his story with humor and humility on the main stage in Hayes Hall at 8 p.m. Monday, March 4. A true American hero, Mr. Glenn inspires audiences to strive for the common good and betterment of mankind. COMING UP AT THE PHILAlisa Weilerstein performs with the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields CLEARANCE ROOM 40% OFF CLOTHING AND GEAR Naples Outfitters


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C25 24041 S. Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs | 239.390.3187 Across from the Shipwww.angelinasofbonitasprings.comReal. Italian.Locally Owned and Operated.More than a Special Occasion restaurant!Experience award winning, romantic dining at Southwest Floridas most elegant restaurant. Daily Indulgence erapy 5-7 p.m. in the lounge nightly. Half o bottles up to $175, cocktails and martinis. TripAdvisor CLEfoodcriticsI love the upscale casual feel of the lounge area but you can still feel like its a special night out in the dining room. ey do an incredible job every time weve been here. Always a treat! AngelinasRistorante AngelinasBonita Filled with the pure pleasure of a vintage Broadway musical, Anything Goes takes the stage Tuesday-Sunday, March 5-10. This new production of the Cole Porter classic features Tony Awardwinning choreography by Kathleen Marshall. Tickets from $126 to $342. The Hit Men, a group comprised of original members of groups such as Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons and Tommy James & The Shondells, along with artists who performed and recorded with Carly Simon, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens and Barry Manilow, will help audiences relive the glory days of rock n roll on Wednesday and Thursday, March 6-7. Marcia Eaton, Ph.D., continues her Lifelong Learning lecture series focused on the question Are matters of taste disputable? at 10 a.m. Monday, March 7. Ms. Eaton earned her doctorate in philosophy from Stanford University and has spent her career investigating questions of aesthetics and ethics. In this program, she will discuss the complex position of Immanuel Kant, who believed that judgments of taste were neither true nor false, and who tried to prove that some aesthetic judgments must be granted universal acceptance. Steppin Out with My Baby: The Music of Irving Berlin stars Lee Lessack and Linda Purl in the Daniels Pavilion Sunday and Monday, March 10-11. Audiences will relive the standards as they were meant to be heard, by one of entertainments most dynamic pairings. Kodo, Japans most famous group of taiko drummers, performs at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 11. Rooted in a long lineage and sense of place, the group brings unflagging precision and profound personal commitment to their work. The show runs through the explosive power of a giant booming drum stroke to the most delicate of hand motions, though harvest celebrations and demon dances to the most refined and urbane stages. The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, featuring Alisa Weilerstein on cello and Inon Barnatan at the piano, performs a program of works by Haydn, Bach and Britten at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 12, in Hayes Hall. Tierney Sutton and her jazz trio perform Tuesday and Wednesday, March 12-13, in the Daniels Pavilion. Capture the pure joy inspired by every note from the reigning virtuoso of the violin, Itzhak Perlman. Beloved by audiences the world over, this classical musicians performances have touched presidents and kings. He performs on the main stage at 8 p.m. Wednesday, March 13. The Patty & Jay Baker Naples Museum of Art presents an exhibition of more than 25 monumental canvases by Jules Olitsky through July 7. Included are highlights from the series that define the painters major creative advances: Stain, Spray, Baroque, High Baroque and his last, Love and Disregard. COMING UP AT THE PHIL www.CapersKitchen.comCOME SEE WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT! KITCHEN & BAR 2$2999Includes choice of homemade soup, House salad or Caesar saladCHOICE OF ENTREE: A CAPERS DESSERT TO SHARE:Includes One Glass of House Wine EachServed 4:00pm to 5:30pm daily. Not valid with any other discount or promotion. EARLY BIRD EXTRAVAGANZA


34th annualFEBRUARY 23 & 24, 2013 10 am to 5 pm Cambier Park & 8th St. South, Naples$5 suggested donation Proceeds benefit Naples Art Association, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.Voted the 9th Best in the USA by Artists! Entertainment by local performersHosted By Sponsored by 239.262.6517 naplesart.orgFree Parking and Shuttle on Goodlette Frank Rd one block north of US41 Alternate parking available: 6th Ave S parking deck; 4th Ave S parking deck; public parking lot at 8th Street & 8th Avenue SEvent Parking Available: CostcoNaples From left to right: Risak, Katz, Heier, Nelson Cooperative effort funded in part by Collier County Tourist Development Tax after 2 months after 3 months The Show www.bobharden.comNews and commentary you can use to help you enjoy life on the Paradise Coast.Streamed live, Monday-Friday, 7-8 a.m. The show is archived for your listening convenience. Brought to you in part by w w w w w w News and co N n use to hel ca n o n t h e P a r a M Th e B like us on facebook NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC26 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Here are some highlights of whats ahead at the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall in Fort Myers. For a complete schedule of programs, tickets or more information, call 481-4849 or visit www. Comedian Brian Regan 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 14 The perfect balance of sophisticated writing and physicality, Brian Regan fills theaters nationwide with fervent fans that span generations. The Beach Boys With Mike Love and Bruce Johnston 8 p.m. Friday, Feb. 15 The Beach Boys signature harmonies and classic songs continue to travel the world, bringing Good Vibrations everywhere. The Addams Family Tuesday-Sunday, Feb. 19-24 See story on page C1. Cinderella 7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 25 More than 50 dancers with the worldrenowned Russian National Ballet perform this much-loved masterpiece. The Irish Rovers 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 26 An evening of rollicking, rousing good cheer. Girls Night: The Musical 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 Follow five friends as they relive their past, celebrate their present and look to the future on a wild and hilarious karaoke night out. Youll recognize every one of them: Carol, who was born to party; blunt Anita, who says it like it is; Liza, who has issues; boring Kate, the great designated driver; and Sharon, the notso-angelic angel who just couldnt resist tagging along. Tony Bennett 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28 Tony Bennett is one of a handful of artists to have had new albums charting in the s, s, 0s, s, s and now in the first two decades of the 21st century. A multitude of his songs have become standards for pop music in the Great American Songbook. COMING UP AT THE MANN HALL Girls Night: The Musical


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C27 239-598-FIRE (3473)Corner of Airport & Vanderbilt 2012 Open from 11:30am-midnight. 7 days a week. Full menu. One appetizer to share and two entreestaste the southwest for only $39. With such great value, why wait? Hurry in today! @HotSpotNaples Agave Southwest Grill Introducing Agaves... TWO FORMENU$39 The Gaither Vocal Band 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 7 Founded and led by Christian music icon Bill Gaither, the Gaither Vocal Band has won seven Grammy Awards and more than two dozen Gospel Music Association Dove Awards. For more than 30 years, Mr. Gaither has guided the course of gospel music history. Les Miserables 7:30 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday, March 12-17 Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli 8 p.m. Saturday, March 30 An equal opportunity offender, Lisa Lampanelli has been described as a cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker and a vial of estrogen. Daniel Tosh The June Gloom Tour 7 and 9:30 p.m. Friday, June 28 Tosh.0 airs on Tuesday nights on Comedy Central with the razor-sharp humor and biting commentary from comedian Daniel Tosh, who delves into all aspects of the Internet, from the absolutely absurd to the incredibly ingenious. Les Miserables SHOP SURF SKIM SUP THE SOURCE FOR QUALITY SURF, BEACH AND WATER SPORT APPAREL


NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC28 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Pelican Marsh Golf Club Keeps Getting Better Join us for a private tour. A grand new masterpiece has been unveiled a true work of art. Experience the rich new vitality of our golf course and the enlivened ambiance of our clubhouse. Pelican Marsh Golf Club is nestled within an award-winning community and has proudly remained a model of financial strength. PREMIER. PERFECT. PELICAN MARSH. Membership (239) 597-0016 GRAND RE-OPENING OFFER ENDS 2/15/2013 Joining fees revert to original full fee on 2/15/2013. Big production numbers, robust humor! Written by Mel Brooks & Thomas Meehan !February 27 March 30, 2013Performances 8 pm Wednesday Saturday, 2 pm Sunday matinee and 8pm Tuesday, March 12 & 19 COMING UP AT BIG ARTSBIG ARTS is at 900 Dunlop Road on Sanibel Island. The Herb Strauss Theater is at 2200 Periwinkle Way. For tickets or more information, call 395-0900 or 4726862 or visit www. Monty Pythons Spamalot 8 p.m. through Saturday, Feb. 16 Winner of the 2005 Tony Award for Best Musical, Monty Pythons Spamalot tells the legendary tale of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. Featuring a bevy of beautiful showgirls (not to mention cows, killer rabbits and flatulent French people), Spamalot is a little lice of historical lunacy. Corky Siegels Chamber Blues 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16 Is it blues or is it classical? Chamber Blues is a genre-defying ensemble that merges the traditions of classical music with the emotional, melodic style of blues within an intimate chamber setting. Corky Siegel, a celebrated blues harmonica master, composer, pianist and singer/songwriter, has written and performed works for the National Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Symphony. Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle 4 p.m. Sundays, Feb. 24, March 3 and 10 Written and performed by historian and actor Steve Carroll, this show pays tribute to the indomitable will and ambition of Charles Lindbergh, an aviation pioneer most famous for completing the first solo nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris in 1927. Beyond the media spotlight on his life, Mr. Lindbergh used his talents to serve the public good in several branches of the military and was instrumental in the invention of an artificial heart. He also fought for the conservation of sea mammals and won a Pulitzer Prize for his book, The Spirit of St. Louis. Steve Carroll as Charles Lindbergh Turn Heads. Hug Curves. Mercedes Benz E350 ConvertibleNaples938 4th Avenue North239 263-5812 Some rental cars rise above the rest. Choose from our peerless collection of exciting, high-end, late model, luxury sports cars, sedans and SUVs.


*Call or visit our showroom for details. Limit one offer per person. 3/31/2013 /// Collier Countys Newest Locally Grown & Family Owned Farm/// 5321 Ave Maria Blvd, Ave Maria, FL 34142239-398-4157 Visit our Facebook page and website for farm updates! Drive east on Immokalee Rd, turn right on Oil Well Rd, turn left into Ave Maria Fresh Produce: Peppers Leafy greens Cucumbers Tomatoes Squash Kale Local citrus and more... Tues, Thurs, Fri 10-6/Sat 10-4/Sun 12-4 Non-GMOand Pesticide Free Bring this ad to receive $3 OFF your $10+ purchaseNot combinable with other oers. Valid until 2-28-13 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEB. 14-20, 2013 C29 Crossing the Line with Paper Through Thursday, Feb. 28 The Phillips Gallery hosts Crossing the Line with Paper, a juried fine art exhibit showcasing artworks in a variety of media that incorporate paper. Its Raining Cats and Dogs Through Thursday, Feb. 28 The Founders Gallery presents Its Raining Cats and Dogs, a juried exhibit of felineand canine-themed artworks in many types of media. Marcus Jansen exhibit March 4-30 Artist reception: 5:30-7 p.m. Friday, March 15 An exhibit of works by Marcus Jansen will be in the BIG ARTS Phillips Gallery March 4-30. A pioneer of urban landscape paintings, Mr. Jansen started painting in the early 1980s during the emerging graffiti art movement from New York. He graduated from Berufsfachschule fuer Gestaltung/Design in 1985 and became known for his postmodern expressionist paintings in the late 1990s, shortly after serving in the U.S. military in the first Gulf War. His works have since evolved into a unique language of important politically and socially charged imagery commenting on a transforming society and world events. Jansens works are found in major museum collections around the world, and he has produced works for companies including Warner Bros. and Absolut Vodka. Experience the Difference Good Taste Makes. *No substitutions on Valentines Day special menu True Neapolitan Pizza and Authentic Italian Food


Visit us online at Florida Weekly is experiencing record growth and we need sales people to help with our expansion. Florida Weekly was voted Best Weekly Newspaper in Florida 3 years in a row! Is this you? Naples Florida Weekly is currently seeking a Junior Account Executive NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC30 WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 CONTRACT BRIDGEBY STEVE BECKERLooks can be deceivingSee if you can make six spades on this deal looking at all 52 cards. Given the opening diamond lead plus the favorable location of the diamonds and the heart king, this might seem easy. But be forewarned its no simple task. The most obvious line is to win Easts king of diamonds with the ace, cross to the spade king and lead a heart to the ten. Next, cash the ace of hearts, dropping Easts king, then return to the jack of spades and discard your club on the heart queen. Heres where the trouble begins. If you draw the missing trumps, youll eventually lose two diamond tricks to East. If instead you lead a diamond and finesse the eight, West will ruff, and youll also lose the diamond ten to Easts jack at the end. But the contract can be made. Moreover, the winning line of play can be reasoned out. When East shows out of trumps at trick two and then turns up with just the K-x of hearts, his distribution becomes marked as 0-2-6-5 (his bidding plus Wests deuce-of-diamonds lead, which must be a singleton, confirm this diagnosis). East must also have one or both top club honors. Proceeding on this assumption, declarer plays the first five tricks as described above. But at trick six, he discards the diamond eight instead of a club on the queen of hearts! He then runs his trumps, coming down to the Q-10 of diamonds and seven of clubs. Dummy keeps the Q-5 of clubs and jack of hearts, while East is reduced to the J-9 of diamonds and ace of clubs. South now leads his club, and East has to win and return a diamond to declarers Q-10, handing him the contract. Note that it doesnt help East to jettison his ace of clubs in order to avoid being endplayed. In that case, South leads a club toward dummy, and West must then concede the slam-going trick to dummys queen after he takes his king.


Welcome Local Artisans! 10%to75% OFF on select furniture! Parker Promenade 14680 S. Tamiami Trail, S-4 Fort Myers, FL 33912Located at the northwest corner of Gladiolus Drive & U.S. 41239-454-POSH www.savvyposh.comStore Hours: Monday Saturday 9:00am 6:00pm Sunday 12:00pm 5:00pm Artisan Boutiques Available...Do you want your own retail store but cannot afford the thousands you would spend in rental fees and start up costs alone? We are here to help! We have spaces available to rent for you to display your creations and showcase your talents! If you are interested in learning more or want to recommend an artist or vendor please contact us today! 239.431.6341NaplesDesignerDivas.com2355 Vanderbilt Beach Rd. #136 Naples FL 34109 naples designer divas OUR DESIGNERS ANTHROPOLOGIE | BCBG | BURBERRY CACHE | CHANEL | COACH | FENDI FREE PEOPLE | GUCCI | JIMMY CHOO JUICY COUTURE | KATE SPADE LIL Y PULITZER | LOUIS VUITTON MICHAEL KORS | TIFFANY & CO. TORY BURCH | VERA BRADLEY WHITE HOUSE BLACK MARKETPlus All High-End Womens, Mens and Juniors Brands New Items Below Wholesale Prices! No Appt. Necessary Resale-Cash on the Spot We Buy Consign Items in Mint Condition 12-18 Months Young 20% OFFwith this ad. Expires 2-21-13 now buying and selling all fashion trendy clothing NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 A&E C31 THIS WEEK ON WGCUTV THURSDAY, FEB. 14, 9 p.m. Doc Martin The Apple Doesnt Fall Portwenn has a new police officer who appears to have an odd affliction that causes him to fall asleep suddenly at strange times. FRIDAY, FEB. 15, 9 p.m. American Masters: Johnny Carson Explore the life and career of The Tonight Show host through unprecedented access to Mr. Carsons personal and professional archives and interviews with family, colleagues and performers. SATURDAY, FEB. 16, 9 p.m. As Time Goes By Jean and Lionel try to rekindle their flame after 38 years. SUNDAY, FEB. 17 9 p.m. Downton Abbey In part seven of season three, the Crawleys head to a Scottish hunting lodge and the downstairs staff stays behind. New romances flare up, and a crisis unfolds. 11 p.m. Secrets of Highclere Castle See how the inhabitants of Highclere lived, from the aristocrats who enjoyed a life of luxury to the army of servants toiling below stairs. Find out how the current inhabitants spend their $1 million in annual upkeep. MONDAY, FEB. 18 8 p.m. Antiques Roadshow At Myrtle Beach, a visit to Brookgreen Gardens and discussion of early 20th-century female sculptors. Appraiser Debra Force discovers a Joseph Henry Sharp oil painting valued at $400,000. 9 p.m. Market Warriors In Greenwich, N.Y., the pickers have an assignment to bring back a military object. Host Mark Walberg comments on key finds including a WWII water bag and a German pull toy. TUESDAY, FEB. 19 9 p.m. Guns USA The show traces the evolution of guns in America, their inextricable link to violence, and the clash of cultures that reflect competing visions of our national identity. 10 p.m. Frontline Raising Adam Lanza Adam Lanza left behind a trail of death and destruction, but little else, in Newtown, Conn. The mass killer had no known friends, no diary. He destroyed his computer and any evidence it might have provided. In partnership with The Hartford Courant, Frontline looks for answers. WEDNESDAY, FEB. 20 9 p.m. NOVA Mind of a Rampage Killer As the nation tries to understand the tragedy at Newtown, Conn., correspondent Miles OBrien investigates new theories that the most destructive rampage killers are driven not by the urge to kill, but the wish to die. Can we recognize dangerous minds in time and stop the next Newtown? 10 p.m. The Path to Violence Ever since Columbine, schools and law enforcement have developed strategies to prevent attacks. While security hardware and physical barriers can play a deterrent role, its been psychologists working with law enforcement officers who have come up with the most helpful tools. FEB. 15, American Masters: Johnny Carson FEB. 19, Guns USA

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Pre-Owned Womens, Mens & ChildrensDesigner Fashions with Impeccable Style & Sophistication Resale! Consignment! Trade!Anne Taylor | BCBG | Chanel | Tory Burch French Connection | Gucci Jimmy Choo Louis Vuitton Michael Kors Theory | True Religion Sanctuary | Versace White House Black Marketand many more!At the Shoppes at Vanderbilt2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road #178 | Naples(239) $5.00OFFa Purchase of $20Expires 2/28/13 FW $10.00OFFa Purchase of $50Expires 2/28/13 FW NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC32 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 Redeemable at: Ritas of Naples Plaza 2045 Tamiami Trail North (On US 41 Across From Coastland Mall) Naples, FL 34102239-41-RITASwww.ritasnaples.comOnly place in Naples where you can get fresh Italian Ice made daily on premises! Zagat Rated #1 Custard/Ice Cream 2012 Now Offering: Unlimited Topping Sundaes Customizable Yogen Fruz Yogurt Milkshakes & much, much more!Come on in & see why we're voted the BEST! FREEItalian Ice OR Custard Cake ConeKids size with this coupon by 2/28/13 SAVE THE DATE Bleu Moon on the Seine is the theme for the inaugural Naples National Art Festival gala Thursday evening, Feb. 21, at the Naples Sailing & Yacht Club. Early-bird tickets for the everythingFrench affair hosted by the Naples Art Association are $150 per person. For reservations, call 262-6517, ext. 100, or e-mail The Military Officers Association of Southwest Florida hosts the 46th annual Military Ball for all present and former military members, their guests and the public Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Hilton Naples. Tickets are $85 per person, and seating is limited to 250 guests. Proceeds benefit JROTC programs and more. For reservations or to donate an item for the evenings silent auction, call Chris Nind at 784-0382. The Marco Island chapter of the American Cancer Society hosts The Imagination Ball Saturday evening, Feb. 23, at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort. Co-chairs are Debra and Dick Shanahan. Music will be by the Stacey Allison Band, and silent auction items include a North Carolina vacation rental, cruise and theme park packages, golf outings and lessons and hotel stays in New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and more. For tickets or more information, call Wendy Rivera at 642-8800, ext. 3890 or e-mail Under the Stars, a gala cocktail party and dinner dance to benefit Barbaras Friends The Golisano Childrens Hospital of Southwest Florida Cancer Fund, takes place Saturday, Feb. 23, at Bonita Bay Club. The evening caps off the FineMark Tour Players Tennis Classic at Bonita Bay Club. Tickets are $250 per person. All proceeds will be matched by Naples resident Tom Golisano, who has established a $20 million matching grant for all gifts received for the Golisano Childrens Hospital capital campaign. The hospital on the campus of HealthPark Medical Center in south Fort Myers is part of Lee Memorial Health System. For reservations or more information about Under the Stars or the FineMark Tour Tennis Players Classic, call 343-6950 or visit The Little Black Dress Garden Party to benefit the Garden of Hope & Courage is set for Tuesday, Feb. 26. The ladies-only evening begins with cocktails, hors douevres and a silent auction in the garden on the downtown campus of NCH and continues with dinner in motion at numerous Naples restaurants. For reservations or more information, contact Amy Lane at 437-6697 or The United Arts Council of Collier County honors its 2013 Stars in the Arts at an awards luncheon Thursday, Feb. 28, at the Waldorf Astoria Naples. This years honorees are Eva Sugden Gomez, Simone and Scot t Lutgert, Glenn Basham, Charles Gottschalk, Jack OBrien and Dallas Dunnagan. Tickets are $95 and include lunch, champagne and valet parking. In addition to the awards presentation, a silent auction will raise money for the United Arts Councils arts education programs. For reservations or more information, call 263-8242 or visit www.CollierArts. com. The Naples chapter of the American Cancer Society holds the 2013 Bucket List Bash: Lets Set Sail on Friday evening, March 1, at The RitzCarlton Golf Resort. Tickets are $375. For reservations or more information, call Kim Azar-Anderson at 261-0337, ext. 3857, or e-mail Humane Society Naples holds its 13th annual Pet Lovers Ball from 7-10 p.m. Friday, March 1, at the Naples Botanical Garden. A highlight of the evening will be the recognition of HSNs 2013 Pet Lovers Awards. Guests are encouraged to bring their furry family members. Tickets are $350 per person. For reservations or information about sponsorships that provide VIP seating and other benefits, call 643.1880, ext. 18, or visit Project Help holds its 17th annual Chocolate Extravaganza from 6-9 p.m. Saturday, March 2, at the Naples Botanical Garden. Champagne, hors doeuvres and, of course, chocolate will be served while guests peruse the silent auction. A live auction will also be held. Project Help provides crisis intervention and advocacy services for victims of crime, survivors of sudden death and survivors of sexual assault. Tickets for $85 per person are available by calling 649-1404 or visiting The American Cancer SocietyMarco Island holds its fifth annual spring fashion show and luncheon Tuesday, March 5, at Bistro Soleil at the Olde Marco Inn. Models will wear fashions from Marco Island Clothing Company. Tickets for $50 per person are available by calling the American Cancer Society at 642-8800. Big Impressions by Little Artists, an evening to benefit Collier Child Care Resources, will include an auction of artwork by toddlers and preschoolers who are part of CCCR programs. The fundraiser is set for 5:30-8 p.m. Thursday, March 7, at the von Liebig Art Center, with members of the CCCR Business 100 serving as hosts. Tickets are $50. Proceeds will help provide scholarships for children in need and supplies for the childcare centers served by CCCR. For reservations or more information, call 643-3908. Magic Under the Mangroves to benefit the Conservancy of Southwest Florida takes place Thursday, March 7, on the grounds at the Conservancy Nature Center. For details about tickets and reservations, visit Zoobilee 2013 to benefit The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens takes place from 5:30-10 p.m. Saturday, March 9, at the Zoo. Guests will enjoy a gourmet feast prepared by Naples top chefs

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and will be able to bid on experiences including an African safari in the company of Zoo staff. Tickets are $250. For reservations or more information, call 262-5409, ext. 135, or visit The Ohio State University Alumni Club of Naples hosts the Buckeyes in Paradise gala Saturday, March 9, at the Hilton Naples. Honorary chairs for the evening are OSU football Coach Urban Meyer and his wife, Shelley. The clubs signature event raises funds for scholarships to help local students to attend OSU. For registration information, call Sue Goldsberry at 405-7068 or visit The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation-Suncoast Chapter hosts its annual Hope Gala on Saturday, March 9, at the Waldorf Astoria Naples. The evening will honor David Collar for his ongoing dedication to JDRF as well as to the community. For more information, call 591-2825 or visit The fourth annual Batfish Bash for the Bay is set for Saturday, March 16, at Rookery Bay. Wildlife artist Guy Harvey is this years honorary chairman. The evening features Old Florida fare by Russells Clambakes & Cookouts, live and silent auctions and dancing to the Raiford Starke Band. Tickets are $175; patron tickets for $250 include a Feb. 28 sunset cruise and party at Hamilton Harbor Yacht Club. All proceeds support youth science education, environmental research and community outreach programs provided by the 110,000-acre Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. Corporate sponsorships are also available. For more information, call 417-6310, ext. 409. Longtime Neapolitan Thelma Hodges has been selected by PACE Center for Girls of Lee County as one of three women who will be honored at the fifth annual Grande Dames Tea. Mrs. Hodges is joined by Helen ORourke McClary of Matlacha and Ettie Frances Walsh of Fort Myers. They will be celebrated at the annual tea and luncheon Friday, March 15, at Broadway Palm Theater in Fort Myers. Tickets are $50 per person. For reservations or more information, call Melissa Cofta at 425-2366, ext. 25, or visit www. The 29th annual Emerald Ball for Catholic Charities of Collier County takes place Saturday, March 16, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. This years chairs are Dr. Francisco and Ruth Smith. Tickets are $300 per person. Sponsorship opportunities are available. For more information, call 455-2655. The Wine Tasters of Naples hosts its fourth annual charity event Saturday, March 16, at Olde Cypress Country Club. This years beneficiaries are Youth Haven, St. Matthews House and The Shelter for Abused Women & Children. With a Spring Fling theme, the evening will include wine tasting, dinner, dancing to The Manhattan Connection and live and silent auctions. Tickets are $95. Checks made payable to The Wine Tasters of Naples can be mailed to Dan Leaman, 5637 Whisperwood Blvd. #601, Naples, FL 34110. For more information about the organization, visit The Naples Art Association holds the third annual girls-only Goddess Night: The Fine Art of Being a Woman on Thursday, March 28, at The von Liebig Art Center. Guest speakers will include Lisa Gruenioh, Emily James, Carolina Cederquist, Rebecca Zung-Clough, Adria Starkey and Robin Hamilton. Tickets are $125 per person. Call 2626517, ext. 100, for reservations. The Naples Players celebrate their 60th anniversary with a Diamond Jubilee on Monday, March 18, at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. The evening will include dinner, an auction and a onetime-only performance by members of the community theater company. Event chair is Delores Sorey; honorary chairs are Patty Baker and Eva Sugden Gomez; Jay Baker will serve as auctioneer. Tickets are $500 per person. For reservations or more information, call 2632673 or e-mail The Great Gatsby Gala, a night of flappers, bootleggers, jazz and the Charleston to benefit Opera Naples, is set for Tuesday, March 19, at a private club in Port Royal. Tickets are $300 and $500 per person. For more information, call Opera Naples at 963-9050. TheatreZone holds its first-ever gala Sunday, March 24, featuring actor, singer, dancer and comedian Eddie Mekka (a.k.a. Carmine Ragusa from TVs Laverne & Shirley). Mr. Mekka starred in this seasons opening production for TheatreZone, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Accompanied by a live band, he will entertain gala guests with his nightclub act that includes favorites by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Tom Jones and Louis Prima. Tickets are $150 for the evening at Cloydes Steak & Lobster House on Venetian Bay. Cocktails and a silent auction begin at 5 p.m., and Mr. Mekka takes the stage at 6 p.m. Seating is limited to 220. For tickets or more information, call (888) 966-3352 or visit The biennial Magnolia Ball: An Elegant Southern Evening to benefit NCH Healthcare System is set for Saturday, April 6, at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort. Tickets are $5,000 per couple. A variety of patron support levels are available for up to $150,000. Proceeds will support the establishment of the NCH Breast Health Center, which will provide medical, surgical and ancillary services in a single location. For reservations or more information, call Joanne Stahlman at the NCH Healthcare Foundation, 436-4511, or e-mail The Southwest Florida Heart Ball: White Out Heart Disease to benefit the American Heart Association takes place Saturday, May 4, at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point. Tickets go on sale March 29. For more information, contact Monica Seif at monica.seif@ Send Save the Date details to editor Cindy Pierce at cpierce@floridaweekly. com. Jasons Deli vers FortMyers ReectionPkwy.@CypressLake 239-590-9994 Naples Immokalee @Airport 239-593-9499 Cape Coral SantaBarbaranearVeterans 239-458-8700 P ortCharlotte USHwy.41&776 941-235-3354 Order online: jasonsdeli.comBreakfast BoxMeals HotFood Sandwich Trays Soups,Salads &Sides PartyFood Catering Packages JustDesserts!NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 A&E C33 Available exclusively atEAST INDIES HOME COLLECTION11985 US 41 N., Naples 34110 239-596-7273 Open 7 Days 10 am 5 pmAlways in BloomSilk Orchids SAVE THE DATEThe Mending Broken Hearts with Hope luncheon to benefit the Shelter for Abused Women & Children is set for Friday, Feb. 22, at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort. The Designer Boutique held in conjunction with the luncheon every year will be open Friday and Saturday, Feb. 22-23. For more information, call 775-3862, ext. 261. Shown here at the 2012 luncheon are: 1. Patty and Jay Baker 2. Kirsten Ferrara, Al Rupp and Shirlene Elkins 3. Bonnie Young and Barb Lauber 4. Joe Cox with Shelly Stayer and Yvonne Bourk 5. Burt Hartington and Kathleen van Bergen 123 45COURTESY PHOTOS

PAGE 102 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC34 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 SOCIETY Seven Sisters enjoy an artful reunion at DeBruyne Art GalleryWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 8 8 6 6 7 7 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13 1 Susan Langer, Eve May and Vivian Treat 2 Margot Tutun, Carol Goode and Susan Short 3 Margaret Woodbury, Jane Pearsall and Judsith Hale with Smith College President Carol Christ 4. Jane and Peter Coleman with Harriet Schley 5. Ellen Feuer and Gabriel Sapher 6. Laird Groody, Ann Hanford, Jutta Parson and Gail Rothenberg 7. Judith Ritter and Ann Carr 8. Mike Galati with Marilyn and Kevin Hara 9. Shannon Clark and Jeanne Gullahorn 10. Donny Finley 11. Trina Greene and Tish Eide 12. Kathy and Bill Colville with Bill May 13. Kate Bauer with Suzanne and Paul DeBruyneBERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLY

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C35 SOCIETY Magic Under the Mangroves patron party on Keewaydin Island We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ PHOTOS Barbara Wilson, Christopher and Jeannie Smith, Christine Kruman, Andrew McElwaine and Lynn Shotwell Patron party for Fun Time Early Learning Academys Have a Heart gala COURTESY PHOTOS Janet and Blake Gable Maureen OGorman and Lynn Nolan Peter Manion and Connie Messner Peggy Lavigne and Rusty Troth John and Jinny Johnson Ron McGinty, Arnold and Maureen Lerner, Sue Dalton and Susan McGinty Jeannie Smith, Nancy White, Maureen Lerner and Sue Dalton Andrew McElwaine and Craig Jones Sharen and Gary Thomas Sudie Geier and Lynn Shotwell

PAGE 104 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC36 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 NOW OPEN! We offer a variety of vegetables picked at the farm as well as U-Pick. We now have open the only gem and fossil mining in SWFL. OLE TIMERS ANTIQUE CLUB Antique SHOW SAT. JAN 26 TH U-Pick Farm Open Daily 9-5:30239-313-821318500 St. Rd. 31 Alva Fl 33920 Follow us on facebookHome of the WORLDS LARGEST Strawberry Man! 968 Second Avenue North in Naples MonSat, 9:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 239.434.7115 Owned & operated by:Condential 24-hour crisis line: www.naplesshelter.orgFREE Pick-Up of Furniture Donations.NEW ARRIVALS DAILY!Donation or PurchaseWE RELY ON YOUR GENEROSITY TO CHANGE LIVES.YARDSALEFebruary 22 and 23 9:00 A.M. 3:00 P.M. DONT MISS OUR... SOCIETY Hideaway Beach Club hosts Marco Kiwanis Club spring fashion showWe take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ 1 Carlene McAdam and Walter Bass 2 Cindy Hamer and Janet Keefe 3 Barbara Prigge and Marie Grande 4. Gina Sisbarro and Lee Ann Adams 5. Dennis Pidherny, MIchael Murphy and John DeRosa 6. Marge Myslivec, Joan Pidherny and Barbara DeRosa 7. Jean Gates and Joanne Schaller 8. Nicole Heyniger and Lee Blumenthal 9. Donna Fiala and Joy Check 10. Neil Snyder and John DeRosa 11. Pat Hagedorn 12. Jennifer Edwards 13. Gina Sisbarro 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 12 13 13BERNADETTE LA PAGLIA / FLORIDA WEEKLYShirlee Barcik

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NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C37 SOCIETY My Furry Valentine at Coastland Center for Humane Society Naples We take more society and networking photos at area events than we can t in the newspaper. So, if you think we missed you or one of your friends, go to www. and view the photo albums from the many events we cover. You can purchase any of the photos too. Send us your society and networking photos. Include the names of everyone in the picture. E-mail them to society@ eve n p hot o gy p S end us y our societ y and networkin g p hotos. I n We take more society and networking photos at area go to www . ori daw eek ly. com an d v iew th e p 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 8 8 7 7 9 9 10 10 1 Lamy Banacos with Coco 2 Sydney Bryant with Maizzie 3 Marshall Prater with Maizzie 4. Brittney Deutsch with Gina 5. Chance Wallace with Gina 6. Coco works the crowd 7. Gina 8. Vanessa Salazar with Jenny 9. Judy Montfort preps Jenny 10. Pat Mazzelli with GinaBrittney Short with Gina STEPHEN WRIGHT / FLORIDA WEEKLY

PAGE 106 NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLYC38 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 OUTDOOR CONCERTSaturday, Feb 23 12:00 4:00 p.m.Town Center in Ave MariaBring your lawn chairs and enjoy an afternoon at Ave Maria!Beer Sampling Tent Jones BBQ Collier Family Farms and others 5076 Annunciation Circle #104 Ave Maria, FL 34142Mambo Brothers12:00 2:00 p.m. 2:00 4:00 p.m.Little Eddie and The Fat Fingers PAST REPASTSHere are some capsule summaries of previously reviewed restaurants: The Chapel Grill, 811 Seventh Ave. S., Naples; 206-4310Casual yet stylish, this restaurant in the 65-year-old former First Baptist Church is packing the pews, so to speak, with a wideranging menu that manages to put a new spin on some familiar dishes. The calamari, for instance, is strewn with chorizo sausage and tempura-fried julienned carrots. Marinara would be too mundane for such a concoction, so the chef dreamed up a delicious mango-rum sauce that complements the calamari nicely. A single duckfilled spring roll seemed chintzy for $11.80, but it was nonetheless delicious. Seafood or steak, Chapel Grill seems blessed for success. A New York strip was perfectly grilled to medium-rare yet achieved a crusty exterior that most home grillers would envy. The nicely marbled 14-ounce cut was dry-aged for 21 days, which imparted a noticeable richness. Red rock cod Florentine was a hefty fillet with thick flakes of moist white meat within its crisp ovenbaked Parmesan crust. Inventive cocktails such as a vodka gimlet with balsamic-laced strawberries and fresh basil, or a bourbon highball spiked with The Kings Ginger liqueur and a kiss of cloves are sinfully indulgent. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed December 2012Coast, Edgewater Beach Hotel, 1901 Gulf Shore Blvd. N., Naples; 403-2181This chic, modern restaurant serves internationally inspired cuisine. Coast has a sleek, sophisticated lounge vibe: black leather chairs, white linen tablecloths, shiny wooden floors, a dramatic cluster of red and gold pendant lights hanging under a huge, black ceiling medallion. Modern-styled couches for cocktail hour edge the dining space, which is really just an open extension of the lobby with chillout music providing a hip backdrop. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views of the palm-lined courtyard, swimming pools and the Gulf beach just beyond. But Coast has substance as well as style. In just nine dishes, the entre list ranges from the simple, family-friendly appeal of a burger with sea salt fries to the hearty comfort of a roasted chicken stuffed with goat cheese and leeks to the upmarket sophistication of beef tenderloin medallions with red wine demi-glace. Coastal comfort dishes such as shrimp and grits are as dazzling as globe-spanning creations such as Moroccan-spiced lamb meatballs and diver scallops with an Asian flair. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed September 2012Figs Grille, 25987 Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs; 390-1700Sam Tadros, the chef behind the popular Sam-Bucco Bistro in North Naples, has another winning concept with this exploration of the cuisines of Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Lebanon and France. When you cross the threshold, its easy to forget youre in a commercial strip center. Egyptian tapestries adorn the walls in the garnet and gold dining room. Ceiling lamps evoke Morocco and ethnic music plays softly in the background. Whichever country you decide to visit for your main course, your meal should begin with the mezze platter of hummus and baba ganoush as well as charry and sweet grilled eggplant chunks and cucumber salad served with lightly pickled vegetables. You cant go wrong with one of several Turkish kebabs or with the filet medallions with grilled shrimp, garnished lavishly with caramelized onions, port wine sauce and fig chutney. Lush (chocolate marquise) or light (lemon semifreddo), dessert shouldnt be missed either. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed November 2011Komoon Thai Sushi and Ceviche, 1575 Pine Ridge Road; 596-9991If I lived closer to Komoon, I might never cook again. The unlikely menu offers a wealth of options, all done well. The sushi is artfully created from a list of possibilities from straight-up sashimi and sushi to a flashy green dragon roll, starring shrimp and avocado. A mixed seafood ceviche filled with white fish, shrimp, calamari, clams and red onion had a palate-pleasing balance of hot spice and cool seafood. From the cooked Japanese menu, the beef yaki soba was spot on, and the Kiss Me with tofu revealed its Thai roots with its gingery garlic sauce. Servers were efficient and hospitable, the room is cozy and stylish. Beer and wine served. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed January 2012 Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, 8971 U.S. 41, Naples; 431-6206This Margaritas is an offshoot of a Mexican restaurant by the same name thats been on Marco Island since 2005. Succulent hand-pulled meats and fresh seafood are tucked into tender tortillas, served with brightly flavored housemade salsas and sauces. Bracing margaritas in fruit flavors such as watermelon and pomegranate are served on the rocks or frozen, headlining a tequilaheavy cocktail list that goes on for days. The rustic charro beans, whole pintos laced with oregano and chunks of pork, are a revelation and theyre just a side dish. The taco trio miniature corn tortillas overflowing with shredded beef, chicken and pork is a good way to start, as is the ridiculously sumptuous queso fundido, a fondue of warm, silky white cheese garnished with diced scallions, jalapenos and chorizo that may send your eyes rolling back in your head. Available with three stuffings, the tamales are exemplary. A seafood-packed Cancun burrito was big enough for two, and its ingredients all perfectly cooked. Full bar. Food: Service: Atmosphere: Reviewed December 2011 Key to ratings Superb Noteworthy Good Fair Poor 3 Convenient Locations to Serve You! Treat your sweetie to a decadent and delicious spin on this Romantic Danube Itinerary. This once in a lifetime cruise aboard the AMACERTO features chocolate-making demonstrations, lectures and tastings, capped off with an ultra extravagant grand finale. The perfect cruise for chocolate lovers!! Lined with charming red-roofed villages, steeply terraced vineyards, picturesque churches and the crumbling ruins of medieval castles, the Danube River has captivated writers, musicians and artists throughout the centuries. HOSTED BY ACCLAIMED AMERICAN CHOCOLATIER NORMAN LOVE! Cruise Port Tax

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CUISINEMaguro does sushi and just about everything with style, graceIts ironic that a restaurant named for a commonly ordered variety of sushi is so hard to find. You arent apt to spot Maguro Sushi & Steak House from the road. It occupies an inside corner of an outparcel in a sprawling shopping center full of big-box stores on the northwest corner of Wiggins Pass Road and U.S. 41. The only clue is its name listed beneath those of Bealls, Petco and Bed Bath & Beyond on the big sign at the centers entrance. But a meandering drive through the parking lot to locate the restaurant will be well rewarded. Maguro isnt simply a terrific place to eat; its a gorgeous one as well. The restaurant is full of interesting curves and angles bathed in cool blue lights. A row of crossed bamboo poles divides the dining room from the bar. An array of painted masks adorns one wall. Neatly placed liquor bottles on the bar gleam in the blue light. A row of ornate Japanese dolls stands watch behind the sushi chefs as they craft fresh nigiri and rolls. Even the hibachi room is a stunner. The management has taken as much care with the drinks and food as it has with the decor. Besides the wine list, theres an interesting assortment of mixed drinks. I heartily recommend the lychee martini ($10), with its satisfying blend of Grey Goose vodka, lychee juice and St. Germain liqueur. The liqueur contains elderflower, which adds a light floral note. Its served with a plump lychee submerged in the icecold elixir. Despite its somewhat cutesy name, the Ginger Sake To Me ($10) was good, too, mixing sake, 44 North Huckleberry Vodka, fresh muddled ginger, simple syrup and strips of cucumber. Chances are youll need a drink while contemplating the voluminous menu at Maguro. Besides the sushi and rolls on the menu, theres a list of special rolls plus soups and salads, appetizers and entrees from the kitchen and more than 40 hibachi offerings (available even if you dont sit at the big hibachi tables). Whatever you try, it will be scrupulously fresh, cooked with care and beautifully plated. From the sushi menu, the yellowtail ($5.95) and the egg ($4.95) nigiri were tender and tasty. The daily roll special, the Snow White ($10.95), was as lovely as its namesake and imaginative to boot. It began with crisp shrimp tempura and sliced cucumber tucked inside a layer of seaweed and rice, topped with spicy white tuna and unsweetened coconut, finished with drizzles of spicy mayo and coconut sauce. Miso soup ($2.50) is included with some of the entrees and can be substituted for the clear soup ($2.50) that comes with the hibachi items. Nice and hot, it was an excellent rendition. A house salad with ginger dressing ($3.50), which also comes with the entrees, was fresh, cold and tangy. The vegetable tempura ($13.95) contained a bountiful assortment of items broccoli, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, green beans all crisp and properly cooked. It didnt come with the usual sauce, but we made do by employing those that accompanied the hibachi. When it comes to hibachi choices, Maguro offers all the usual items as well as some you dont often see in these parts, including calamari, lobster tail, two cuts of Angus beef (filet mignon and New York strip) as well as tuna, salmon and sea bass. You can order a single protein, a pair, three or, for those who simply cant decide, the Maguro Deluxe ($40.95), containing filet, shrimp, lobster and scallops. It is likely that the profusion of choices contributed to the fact that I wound up with a combo I hadnt ordered. Id asked for the Combo A ($29.95), which included chicken, steak and shrimp, but received a shrimp and salmon combo ($24.95) instead. Our server apologized profusely and confessed that it was only her third night on the job. Given the unusual way in which the combos were listed (Combo A was listed as item E on the menu, for example), the error might have happened even with a more experienced server. My advice would be to state exactly which items you want. The shrimp were tender and the salmon was juicy. The mix of vegetables that accompanied them was properly seasoned and cooked to a tender-crisp consistency. Two dipping sauces one creamy, one brown and gingery added yet another layer of flavors. As was the case with the tempura, there was a generous amount of food on the plate.Dessert is well worth ordering here, too. We shared a slice of coconut bombe ($6.95), which consisted of moist coconut cake, creamy coconut custard and coconut icing. It wasnt as sweet as youd expect and proved a fitting ending to a wonderful meal.The service issues we encountered the aforementioned entree mix up, salads arriving with the entrees and some confusion about the price of the hibachi entree on the check can be attributed to the servers short time on the job and the complexity of the menu. She was attentive and worked hard to please throughout the meal. All of the employees were cheerful and made us feel welcome. Maguro is a winner. It might be hard to find the first time, but you wont forget it once youve been there. NAPLES FLORIDA WEEKLY WEEK OF FEBRUARY 14-20, 2013 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT C39 DID YOU Verginas Bruschetta was created in 2000 with the very rst Opening Menu. We followed a thousand year old tradition to pan roast a mix of seasonal vegetables marinated in extra virgin olive oil. We then toss with feta cheese and nish it off with parsley and a touch of crushed pepperoni. A fantastic start to a nice dinner that pairs perfectly with your favorite Grappa, Schnapps or glass of wine. This will open your pallet and get you ready for your main course. KNOW? 700 Fifth Ave. S., Naples, FL 34102 | 239.659.7008 | Reservations Recommended Maguro Sushi & Steak House895 Wiggins Pass Road, Naples 591-0003 Ratings: Food: Service: Atmosphere: >> Hours: Lunch served 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday-Saturday; dinner 5-10 p.m. MondayThursday, 5-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday; open noon-10 p.m. Sunday. >> Reservations: Accepted >> Credit cards: Accepted >> Price range: Appetizers, $4.95-$12.95; sushi/sashimi, $4.95-$9.95, rolls, $4.50$17.95; entrees, $13.95-$40.95; kids meals, $9.95-$13.95 >> Beverages: Full bar >> Seating: At the sushi or cocktail bar, in booth or tables in the dining room or at group tables in the hibachi room >> Specialties of the house: Sushi and hibachi >> Volume: Moderate >> Parking: Free lot >> Website: www.magurosteakhouse.comSuperbNoteworthyGoodFairPoor PHOTOS BY KAREN FELDMANMaguros sushi chefs craft artful, fresh sushi, sashimi and rolls at the spotless bar. Hibachi combos come with your choice of protein (salmon and shrimp in this case) plus vegetables and rice. A coconut bombe is a tasty choice for dessert.

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Your Local Guide to Global Real Estate Eden on the Bay: is magnicent home has a rst class location West of US 41 only minutes from Barefoot and Vanderbilt Beaches. and lifestyle.OPEN HOUSE: February 16th & 17th, 1:00pm 4:00pm, 377 MALLORY COURT Eden on the Bay Bedrooms: 3+ Den Bathrooms: 3 Gargage: 2 Living Area: 2,448 Rear Exposure: West Private Pool: Yes Downtown Naples 837 F if th Avenue South, Naples, Florida 34102 Phone: 1 239 692 9449 Naples Waldorf Astoria 475 Seagate Drive, Naples, Florida 34103 Web: www.evnaples.com23650 VIA VENETO Oered at $529,000 e Colony: Unique and spacious fully furnished mezzanine level residence in Sorrento at e Colony Golf and Bay Club. Located on the south side of the Sorrento tower. 23801 TUSCANY WAY Oered at $3,750,000 e Colony: Exquisite multiple building compound is perfect for a large family or those who love to live and entertain in lavish style. rages welcomes guests to this magnicent estate. 5567,600PoolBeach Golf 17331 PALM BEACH BLVD Oered at $1,925,000 Alva: Majestic riverfront Old Florida estate on 3.13 acres on the Caloosahatchee River Intracoastal Waterway. 228 feet of riverfront! 6546,493Pool4731 BONITA BAY BLVD #2101 Oered at $1,695,000 Bonita Bay: WOW is the only reaction your guests will have when they see the views from this fully furnished 21st oor unit in the South tower of Horizons at Bonita Bay. 5051 PELICAN COLONY BLVD Oered at $1,599,000 e Colony: Unit 901 is designed and decorated by Collins & DuPont, a 10+ year winner of the prestigious Aurora award. Extensive built-ins, millwork and high ceilings, picture windows. 4424,068PoolBeach Golf 5989 CYPRESS LANE Oered at $1,695,000 Bonita Beach: Incredible large lot directly on Estero Bay, great bay and canal water views out every window. Fantastic corner lot with southern exposure and 265 foot of seawall. 2321,351 Beach 2423,882PoolBeach Golf23853 SANCTUARY LAKES COURT Oered at $719,900 Pelican Landing: Extensive renovations complete and ready to view. Updates include: new pool & spa and pool deck. Full interior & exterior re-paint along with professional staging. 4332,783PoolBeach Golf 3312,342PoolBeach Golf1829 MISSION DRIVE Oered at $518,999 Monterey: New travertine oors and fresh paint throughout the home. Spectacular, soaring ceilings, great room, formal dining room, den/ofce and living room. A FANTASTIC VALUE! 3222,828PoolBeach Golf2659 BOLERO DRIVE Oered at $449,000 Tiburon: Beautifully furnished lakefront 2 BR plus Den, 2 BA rst oor unit in the gated Bolero community. is unit is located at the end of the cul-de-sac for extra privacy. 2221,768PoolBeach Golf1300 GULF SHORE BLVD Oered at $319,000 Coquina Sands: Completely renovated including storm rated windows and sliding doors. Spectacular bamboo ooring throughout. Tastefully decorated. 221850PoolBeach Golf28665 SAN LUCAS LANE Oered at $281,500 Palmira Golf & Country Club: Whether its full time or just for season, this elegant fully furnished rst oor coach home is the perfect choice. A so neutral color palette is used throughout this home. 2222,063PoolBeach GolfPrice: $609,0004731 BONITA BAY BLVD #604 Oered at $1,499,000 Bonita Bay: Manhattan penthouse sophistication meets the tropics in this coveted Horizons tower end unit in Bonita Bay. Wrap around views bring in the Bay, Gulf, golf course and lush landscape. 3423,733PoolBeach Golf EV Mobile EV Mobile Real Estate app brings the most accurate and up-to-date real estate information to your phone. With EV Mobile, you now have access to all the homes for sale and recent market activity in the best US locations. Keyword: EV Mobile 6460 CALDECOTT DRIVE Oered at $520,000 Lely Resort: Award-winning Stock Tivoli design which demonstrates crasmanship everywhere you look. Upgrades too numerous to list. 4211,975PoolBeach Golf261 QUAILS NEST ROAD Oered at $139,900 Glades: Outstanding opportunity to live the good life in this bundled golf community. Two courses with no green fees. is charming 2 bedroom condo is situated in a picture perfect setting. 2222,063PoolBeach Golf29071 AMARONE COURT Oered at $1,450,000 Mediterra: is beautifully nished and professionally decorated 4 bedroom den home is located in the private 12 home community of Amarone on Mediterras west side. 4333,357PoolBeach Golf

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12,582 associates. 614 oces. 47 countries worldwide. 19 locations along the Gulf Coast.Sothebys International Realty and the Sothebys International Realty logo are registered service marks used with permission. Each oce is independently owned and operated. Equal Housing Opportunity. 12/10/12. 1 2 3 1 Collier's Reserve 12290 Colliers Reserve Drive Ann M. Nunes/Roya Nouhi 23 9.860.0949 $2,500,000 2 Bay Colony Trieste #706 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $2,195,000 3 Park Shore Park Plaza #1903 Susan Barton 23 9.860.1412 $2,195,000 4 Bay Colony Remington #501 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $4,295,000 4 Like. @PremierSIR Pin.@PremierSIR Tweet.@PremierSIR Watch.@SothebysRealty THE VILLAGE ..4300 Gulf Shore Boulevard North, Suite 100 Naples, FL 34103B rR OA dD AvAV EN UE ..390 Broad Avenue South Naples, FL 34102FI ftFT H AvAV EN UE ..776 Fifth Avenue South Naples, FL 34102MA rcRC O IsIS LA N dD ..760 North Collier Boulevard, Suite 101 Marco Island, FL 34145 EstEST UA rR Y SA LE sS C EN tT E rR ..1220 Gordon River Trail Naples, FL 34105THE GG ALLE rR Y ..4001 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 102 Naples, FL 34103 REN tT AL sS ..1395 Panther Lane, Suite 200 Naples, FL 34109VAN dD E rbRB IL tT ..325 Vanderbilt Beach Road Naples, FL 34108BONI tT A BAY SALE sS C EN tT E rR ..26951 Country Club Drive Bonita Springs, FL 34134ME rcRC A tT O SA LE sS C EN tT E rR ..9123 Strada Place, Suite 7125 Naples, FL 34108THE P rR O mM EN A dD E ..26811 South Bay Drive, Suite 130 Bonita Springs, FL 34134SANI bB EL ..1640 Periwinkle Way, Suite 1 Sanibel, FL 33957VENI cC E ..400 Barcelona Avenue Venice, FL 34285SA rR A sS O tT A ..50 Central Avenue, Suite 110 Sarasota, FL 34236CA ptPT I vV A ..11508 Andy Rosse Lane Captiva, FL 33924 LL ONG bB OA tT K EY ..517 Bay Isles Parkway Longboat Key, FL 34228CLEA rR WA tT E rR ..321 Indian Rocks Road North Belleair Blus, FL 33770 LL A kK EWOO dD RA N cC H ..8141 Lakewood Main Street, Suite 101 Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202S OUOU T HH T AA MP AA ..202 South Moody Avenue Tampa, FL 33609

PAGE 110 1 Park Shore LL e Ja rdin #403 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239 .571.5614 $2 ,695,000 3 Port Royal 1230 GG al leon Drive Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $4 ,700,000 2 Port Royal 3811 Fort Charles Drive Virginia/Randy Wilson 23 9.450.9091 $4 ,995,000 4 GG re y OO ak s 1837 Plumbago LL an e Lynn Anderson 23 9.290.6674 $3,998,000 1 3 2 4

PAGE 111 5 Coquina Sands 1740 GG ul f Shore Blvd. NN or th Tom Gasbarro 23 9.404.4883 $3 ,395,000 7 The Moorings 255 Bay Point Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3 ,295,000 6 Port Royal 1365 Spyglass LL ane R uth Trettis 23 9.403.4529 $3 ,685,000 8 Marco II sl and 1458 Buttereld Court Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $2,495,000 5 7 6 8 Port Royal ................................................................. 4 Ol d Naples | Aqualane Shores .......................... 4-5 C oquina Sands | The Moorings ......................... 5-6 Pe lican Bay ............................................................ 6-7 P elican Marsh ....................................................... 7-8 N orth Naples .......................................... .............. 8-9 B ay Colony ......................................................... 9-1 0 Park Shore ......................................................... 10 -11 Grey Oaks .......................................................... 11 -12 Strada Residences at Mercato ............................. 12 V anderbilt Beach ................................................... 13 Na ples & Surrounds .......................................... 13 -15 Marco Island ........................................................... 16 F iddlers Creek .................................................. 16 -17 Bonita Bay .......................................... ................ 1720 Bonita Springs, Estero & Surrounds .............. 20 -21 Sanibel, Captiva & Surrounds ......................... 21 -22 Our Other Oerings Along the Gulf Coast ..... 22 Th e High-Rises at Bonita Bay .............................. 23 St rada Residences at Mercato ............................. 24 Thursday, February 14, 2013

PAGE 112 Page 4 Port RoyalSurrounded by water, this elite residential community has direct deepwater access to NN ap les Bay, GG or don Pass and the GG ul f of Mexico. EE xc lusive Port Royal Club memberships are for residents only. Old Naples Aqualane ShoresVintage cottages, contemporary mid-rises and majestic manors are interwoven among lush, mature ora in OO ld NN ap les. Just south is the community of AA qu alane Shores with waterfront estates on deepwater canals that overlook NN aple s Bay. 1100 Spyglass LL ane Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $22,900,000 3600 NN elson s WW alk F rank Sajtar 23 9.776.8382 $14,5 00,000 1231 GG al leon Drive Phil Collins 23 9.404.6800 $1 0,950,000 3130 GG in LL an e Karen Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $9 ,950,000 1007 GG al leon Drive Karen Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $9,900,000 1145 GG alleon Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $8,995,000 775 GG al leon Drive Rick Marquardt 23 9.289.4158 $8 ,495,000 1001 Spyglass LL ane F rank Sajtar 23 9.776.8382 $7 ,950,000 1203 Spyglass LL ane K aren Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $7 ,900,000 3999 Rum Row Karen Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $6,350,000 20 1st AA venue South Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $10,500,000 875 GG ul f Shore Blvd. South Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4 ,995,000 138 6th AA ve nue South Rick Marquardt 23 9.289.4158 $4 ,795,000 585 WW es t LL ak e Drive Linda Piatt 23 9.269.2322 $4 ,500,000 875 GG ul f Shore Blvd. South Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4,495,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 282 1st AA venue NN orth Celine Julie Godof 239.404.9917 $4,295,000 531 8th AA ve nue South Linda Piatt 23 9.269.2322 $3 ,795,000 605 Palm Circle EE as t Marty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $3 ,775,000 443 18th AA ve nue South Heather Hobrock 239 .370.3944 $3, 650,000 168 2nd AA ve nue NN or th Ruth Trettis 23 9.403.4529 $3,495,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSA A QU ALANE SHO rR E sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 175 3rd Street South Celine Julie Godof 239.404.9917 $3,450,000 2323 Tarpon Road Virginia/Randy Wilson 23 9.450.9091 $2 ,995,000 460 2nd AA ve nue NN or th Lynda Kennedy 23 9.947.7414 $2 ,850,000 391 4th AA ve nue South Mary Catherine White 239 .287.2818 $2 ,749,000 391 4th AA ve nue South Mary Catherine White 239 .287.2818 $2,599,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sS RO YAL HH A rbRB O rRO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 141 9th AA venue South Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,495,000 II sl a Mar #202 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,790,000 633 Bougainvillea Road Philip Mareschal 23 9.269.6033 $1 ,700,000 311 8th AA ve nue South Marty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $1, 595,000 616 Palm Circle EE as t Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $1,549,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 391 2nd AA venue South Heather Hobrock 239.370.3944 $1,529,000 443 2nd AA ve nue South Tom/Tess McCarthy 23 9.243.5520 $1 ,350,000 Spellbinder Villas #1 Karen Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $1, 295,000 Parkside OO 5t h #203 Richard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $1, 195,000 Villa Verona #103 Marty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $1,150,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS

PAGE 113 Page 5 Old Naples Aqualane ShoresVintage cottages, contemporary mid-rises and majestic manors are interwoven among lush, mature ora in OO ld NN ap les. Just south is the community of AA qu alane Shores with waterfront estates on deepwater canals that overlook NN aple s Bay. Coquina Sands The MooringsThese quiet, tree-shaded neighborhoods are a mix of single-family homes and condominiums; some enjoy waterfront access on Moorings Bay, Compass Cove, Venetian Bay and HH ur ricane HH ar bor. The Moorings has a private golf and country club. 1007 GG alleon Drive Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $9,900,000 3999 Rum Row Karen Van Arsdale 239.860.0894 $6,350,000 875 GG ulf Shore Blvd. South Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $4,495,000 168 2nd AA venue NN orth Ruth Trettis 239.403.4529 $3,495,000 391 4th AA venue South Mary Catherine White 239.287.2818 $2,599,000 616 Palm Circle EE ast Sue Black 239.250.5611 $1,549,000 Villa Verona #103 Marty/Debbi McDermott 239.564.4231 $1,150,000 NN aples Bay Resort Residences II #D-204 Michelle L. Thomas 239.860.7176 $1,149,000 LL antan a #304 Carol Sheehy 23 9.340.9300 $1 ,149,000 746 1st AA ve nue NN or th S. Kaltenborn/T. Moellers 23 9.213.7344 $1 ,125,000 2037 Snook Drive Linda Perry/Judy Perry 23 9.404.7052 $9 95,000 627 5th AA ve nue NN or th Virginia/Randy Wilson 23 9.450.9091 $949,000 ROYAL HH A rbRB O rRO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS RO YAL HH A rbRB O rRO O L dD NN A pP LE sS Victor Del Rey #206 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $850,000 10467 Keewaydin II sl and Beth McNichols 23 9.821.3304 $7 37,500 St. Charles #201 NN Ma rty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $7 29,000 Franklin AA rm s #415 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $5 49,000 Parkside #B Richard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $539,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSk K EE WAY dD IN OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 1001 10th AA venue South Kathy Morris 239.777.8654 $475,000 Bay Terrace #4-D Ted Dudley 23 9.434.2424 $4 75,000 OO ys ter Bay Four WW in ds #D 38 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $4 44,000 Pierre Club #11 Marty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $4 39,000 Buttonwood #538 Carol Sheehy 23 9.340.9300 $379,000 OO L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS RO YAL HH A rbRB O rRO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS NN aples Bay Resort #334 Ryan Batey 239.287.9159 $350,000 WW arw ick #102 Beth McNichols 23 9.821.3304 $3 45,000 705 11th Street South Beth McNichols 23 9.821.3304 $2 40,000 464 Broad AA ve nue South Tess McCarthy 239 .207.0118 $2 39,000 Beaumer #305 Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $2 17,500 ROYAL HH A rbRB O rRO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sSO O L dD NN A pP LE sS 2571 WW indward WW ay Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $5,900,000 2591 WW in dward WW ay M ichael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4 ,995,000 1831 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3, 995,000 Sancerre #602 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $3, 995,000 384 Mooringline Drive Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3,695,000 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS 261 HH arbour Drive Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 $3,500,000 1728 GG ul f Shore Blvd. NN or th Tom Gasbarro 23 9.963.4242 $2 ,800,000 2765 LL ee ward LL an e Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2 ,795,000 495 Bowline Drive Phil Collins 23 9.404.6800 $2 ,750,000 365 WW in dward WW ay M ichael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2,695,000 THE MOO rR ING sS CO QUINA SAN dsDS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS 600 AA nchor Rode Drive Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,695,000 796 Portside Drive Marlene Suarez 23 9.290.0585 $2 ,495,000 235 Bahia Point Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2 ,475,000 515 Starboard Drive Carolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $2 ,350,000 1460 NN au tilus Road Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2,195,000 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS CO QUINA SAN dsDS

PAGE 114 Page 6 Coquina Sands The MooringsThese quiet, tree-shaded neighborhoods are a mix of single-family homes and condominiums; some enjoy waterfront access on Moorings Bay, Compass Cove, Venetian Bay and HH ur ricane HH ar bor. The Moorings has a private golf and country club. Pelican BayPelican Bay is home to many distinctive neighborhoods, comprised of majestic single-family estate homes, towering high-rises and a wide spectrum of coach homes and villa enclaves. II t s set amidst hundreds of acres of natural habitat, with large lakes and preserves. Discover all of NN ap les nest amenities here. Private golf and club memberships. 368 HH awser LL ane Chris Yanson 239.450.7584 $2,145,000 2999 Crayton Road Patrick O'Connor 23 9.293.9411 $1, 995,000 WW es tgate #802 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1, 995,000 WW es tgate #S-8 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1, 695,000 LL io ns GG at e #503 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1,250,000 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS Martinique Club #401 Beth McNichols 239.821.3304 $1,195,000 641 Fairway Terrace Karen Van Arsdale 23 9.860.0894 $1 ,150,000 Martinique Club #101 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $1 ,050,000 Charleston Square #208 Carolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $9 95,000 Carriage Club #51 Ruth Trettis 23 9.403.4529 $795,000 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS CO QUINA SAN dsDS TH E MOO rR ING sS Billows #9 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $745,000 LL ausann e #312S J. D'Amelio/D. Cartwright 23 9.961.5996 $6 65,000 Southern Clipper #303 Pat Callis 23 9.250.0562 $6 50,000 Carriage Club #64 Rick Marquardt 23 9.289.4158 $6 49,000 Breakers #408 Vickie Larscheid 23 9.250.5041 $599,000 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS Beacon HH ouse #64E E Rick Marquardt 239.289.4158 $499,000 EE xe cutive Club #109 Jeri Richey 23 9.269.2203 $4 59,000 Kings Port #711 Dave/Ann Renner 23 9.784.5552 $4 25,000 Port AA u Vi llas #123 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $4 24,000 HH arb our LL i ghts #374 Will Farrington 239 .572.1518 $3 74,495 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS Commodore Club #504 Patrick/Phyllis O'Donnell 239.250.3360 $369,900 Belmont Court #202 Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $3 49,000 YY acht HH arb or Manor # NN 4 T eri Purvis 23 9.860.6226 $3 09,000 Port AA u Vi lla #210 Beth McNichols 23 9.821.3304 $297 ,500 Portside Club #302 Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $179,900 THE MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS TH E MOO rR ING sS 689 LLismore LL ane Sharon Kiptyk 239.777.3899 $2,495,000 St. LL ucia #P HH -5 L inda Perry/Judy Perry 23 9.404.7052 $2 ,200,000 Cap Ferrat #1905 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $1, 795,000 704 HH ol lybriar LL ane F ahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,790,000 707 Bob WW hi te LL an e Jane Darling 239 .290.3112 $1,695,000 St. Raphael #601 Jean Tarkenton 239.595.0544 $1,495,000 St. Raphael #901 Jean Tarkenton 23 9.595.0544 $1 ,465,000 Coronado #1701 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $1, 395,000 Pointe #1102 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $1 ,150,000 640 Bridgeway LL an e Vickie Larscheid 23 9.250.5041 $1,049,000

PAGE 115 Page 7 Pelican MarshPelican Marsh is located in NN or th NN ap les, 1.5 miles from some of the nest beaches on Floridas WW es t coast. II ns ide this exclusive, guard-gated community, enjoy tennis, tness, spa facilities and more. Sophisticated shopping and dining are just blocks away at Mercato. OO r, t ake in a show at the Philharmonic Center for the AA rt s. Pelican BayPelican Bay is home to many distinctive neighborhoods, comprised of majestic single-family estate homes, towering high-rises and a wide spectrum of coach homes and villa enclaves. II t s set amidst hundreds of acres of natural habitat, with large lakes and preserves. Discover all of NN ap les nest amenities here. Private golf and club memberships. LL ions GG ate #503 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $1,250,000 Carriage Club #51 Ruth Trettis 239.403.4529 $795,000 Breakers #408 Vickie Larscheid 239.250.5041 $599,000 HH arbour LLights #374 Will Farrington 239.572.1518 $374,495 Portside Club #302 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $179,900 707 Bob WW hite LL ane Jane Darling 239.290.3112 $1,695,000 640 Bridgeway LL ane Vickie Larscheid 239.250.5041 $1,049,000 Claridge #1-F Polly Himmel 239.290.3910 $950,000 6605 Southfork Drive Janet Rathbun 239 .860.0012 $8 99,000 LL AA mb iance #201 Ellen Eggland 239 .571.7192 $8 95,000 St. Pierre #105 Pat Duggan/Rhonda Dowdy 23 9.216.1980 $8 95,000 St. Kitts #701 Ann Marie Shimer 23 9.825.9020 $890,000 St. Raphael #11 Jean Tarkenton 239.595.0544 $850,000 Crescent #D-35 Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $8 50,000 St. Raphael #1208 Jean Tarkenton 23 9.595.0544 $8 25,000 5924 Chanteclair Drive Heidi Deen 23 9.370.5388 $7 25,000 7019 Rue De Marquis Janet Rathbun 239 .860.0012 $725,000 St. Raphael #G G -14 Friley Saucier 239.293.3532 $700,000 St. Marissa #1404 Jean Tarkenton 23 9.595.0544 $6 85,000 Coronado #302 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $6 45,000 Marbella #605 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $5 99,900 Marbella #1105 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 23 9.404.7052 $5 79,500 6633 Trident WW ay Patrick/Phyllis O'Donnell 239.250.3360 $575,000 St. LL uc ia #S-18 Jeannie McGearty 239 .248.4333 $5 49,999 HH yd e Park #C-105 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239 .289.0433 $5 39,000 Breakwater #101 Jane Darling 239 .290.3112 $52 9,900 Calais #102 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $529,000 LL 'A A mbiance #103 Vickie Larscheid 239.250.5041 $518,000 Chateaumere #401 Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $4 99,900 Chateaumere Royale #901 Mary Catherine White 239 .287.2818 $4 99,000 Pebble Creek #304 Sharon Kiptyk 23 9.777.3899 $4 99,000 St. LL uc ia # NN 5 Ri chard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $489,900 Chateaumere #105 Heidi Deen 239.370.5388 $474,900 Marbella #202 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $4 45,000 Sanctuary #412 Ann Marie Shimer 23 9.825.9020 $4 39,000 GG le ncove #601 Linda Ohler 23 9.404.6460 $36 7,500 Barrington Club #101 Carolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $329,000 8711 Spikerush LL ane T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 239.213.7344 $1,895,000 9033 Terranova Drive Rodrick M Soars 23 9-290-2448 $1 ,825,000 1691 Persimmon Drive T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 23 9.213.7344 $1 ,650,000 1728 Persimmon Drive T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 23 9.213.7344 $1, 595,000 9057 Terranova Drive T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 23 9.213.7344 $1,595,000

PAGE 116 Page 8 Pelican MarshPelican Marsh is located in NN or th NN ap les, 1.5 miles from some of the nest beaches on Floridas WW es t coast. II ns ide this exclusive, guard-gated community, enjoy tennis, tness, spa facilities and more. Sophisticated shopping and dining are just blocks away at Mercato. OO r, t ake in a show at the Philharmonic Center for the AA rt s. North Naples NN orth NN aples boasts beautiful beaches, ne dining, shopping and essential businesses. Single-family homes, villas a nd towering high-rises dot the landscape. Public and private golf courses, water sports, tennis and more. 1332 LL ittle Blue HH eron Court S. Kaltenborn/T. Moellers 239.213.7344 $1,495,000 1715 Persimmon Drive Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1, 495,000 8838 Muireld Drive Ray Couret 23 9.293.5899 $1 ,450,000 8791 Muireld Drive S. Kaltenborn/T. Moellers 23 9.213.7344 $1 ,075,000 1010 Spanish Moss Trail T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 23 9.213.7344 $950,000 OO sprey Pointe #201 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $639,000 LL es Ch ateaux #303 Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $5 49,000 1872 Timarron WW ay Ja net Rathbun 239 .860.0012 $4 50,000 Clermont #403 Rodrick M Soars 23 9-290-2448 $4 35,000 Clermont #202 Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $379,000 16017 Trebbio WW ay Jane Bond 239.595.9515 $3,650,000 2558 EE sc ada Court Julie Rembos 23 9.595.1809 $2 ,995,000 13710 Pondview Circle Kathryn Hurvitz 239 .659.5126 $2 ,495,000 AA qua #610 J. D'Amelio/D. Cartwright 23 9.961.5996 $1 ,925,000 6665 EE dg ecumbe Drive Katie Benham 239 .222.2268 $1,895,000 ME dD I tT E rrRR A TI bB U rR ON QQ UAI L WW E stST PEL I cC AN IsI S LE QQ UAI L WW E stST Residences IIIIII #1005 Suzanne Ring 239.821.7550 $1,850,000 14512 Marsala WW ay J ulie Rembos 23 9.595.1809 $1, 695,000 AA qua #605 J. D'Amelio/D. Cartwright 23 9.961.5996 $1, 695,000 1680 OO ak es Blvd. Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $1 ,399,000 2718 Medallist LL an e Julie Rembos 23 9.595.1809 $1,399,000 PELI cC AN IsIS LE TI bB U rR ON P ELI cC AN IsI S LE OA kK E sS E stS T A tT E sS TI bB U rR ON GG rande Preserve GG rande GG eneva #1604 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.594.1700 $1,300,000 12579 Colliers Reserve Drive Ann M. Nunes 23 9.860.0949 $1 ,250,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde EE xc elsior #403 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $1 ,250,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde Phoenician #504 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $1 ,199,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde GG en eva #1504 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.594.1700 $1,175,000 THE DUNE sS CO LLIE rR sS RE sS E rvR V E TH E DUNE sS TH E DUNE sS TH E DUNE sS Marquesa Royale #302 Alison Kalb 239.564.0714 $1,130,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde Dominica #401 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $9 98,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde Phoenician #702 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $9 95,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde Phoenician #704 Gayle Fawkes 23 9.250.6051 $9 90,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde GG en eva #604 Patrick O'Connor 23 9.293.9411 $989,000 TI bB U rR ON T HE DUNE sS TH E DUNE sS TH E DUNE sS TH E DUNE sS GG rande Preserve GG rande GG eneva #404 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.594.1700 $975,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde GG en eva #504 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.594.1700 $9 00,000 3108 Strada Bella Court Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 23 9.287.7921 $8 99,900 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde GG en eva #405 Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.594.1700 $8 75,000 7540 Treeline Drive Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 23 9.287.7921 $849,900 THE DUNE sS TH E DUNE sSO O L dD E C Y prP R E ssSS TH E DUNE sSO O L dD E C Y prP R E ssSS

PAGE 117 Page 9 North Naples NN orth NN aples boasts beautiful beaches, ne dining, shopping and essential businesses. Single-family homes, villas a nd towering high-rises dot the landscape. Public and private golf courses, water sports, tennis and more. Bay ColonyBay Colony is the very denition of privileged living. From the beachfront high-rises to the golf course estate homes to the villas in quiet alcoves, this is luxury living at its best. GG ol f and beach club memberships. 1010 Spanish Moss Trail T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 239.213.7344 $950,000 Clermont #202 Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $379,000 6665 EE dgecumbe Drive Katie Benham 239.222.2268 $1,895,000 2718 Medallist LL ane Julie Rembos 239.595.1809 $1,399,000 GG rande Preserve GG rande GG eneva #1504 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.594.1700 $1,175,000 GG rande Preserve GG rande GG eneva #604 Patrick O'Connor 239.293.9411 $989,000 7540 Treeline Drive Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 239.287.7921 $849,900 12312 WW isteria Drive J. D'Amelio/D. Cartwright 239.961.5996 $795,000 7372 Monteverde WW ay S andra McCarthy-Meeks 23 9.287.7921 $7 79,900 Castillo II #1 03 Alison Kalb 23 9.564.0714 $6 79,000 12300 WW is teria Drive D. Cartwright/J. D'Amelio 23 9.595.7853 $6 60,000 GG ra nde Preserve GG ra nde GG en eva #402 Philip Mareschal 23 9.269.6033 $649,000 TWIN EE AGLE sSO O L dD E C Y prP R E ssSS TI bB U rR ON T WIN EE AGL E sS TH E DUNE sS Cayman #307 Jennifer/Dave Urness 239.273.7731 $625,000 368 Mallory Court Marty/Debbi McDermott 23 9.564.4231 $5 89,900 Bolero #2 Richard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $5 75,000 15834 Delasol LL an e Patrick O'Connor 23 9.293.9411 $5 75,000 Calabria #102 Tom Gasbarro 23 9.404.4883 $559,000 THE DUNE sSEd ED EN O N tT HE B AY TI bB U rR ON dD EL A sS O L ME dD I tT E rrRR A 14866 Tybee II sland Drive Sherrie Pfeer 239.734.0539 $549,990 2043 II mp erial Circle Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $5 49,900 3932 Deep Passage WW ay B ernie/Joe Garabed 23 9.571.2466 $5 39,000 14571 Juniper Point LL an e Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $465 ,000 Castillo IIII II #1 01 Paul Gray 23 9.273.0403 $4 39,900 IN dD IGO LA kK E sSImp IM P E rR IA L GG OL fF EstE ST A tT E sSW W IL sS HI rR E LL A kK E sSG G LEN EdED EN TI bB U rR ON Castillo II #101 Fahada Saad 239.595.8500 $429,000 3075 Santorini Court Sandra McCarthy-Meeks 23 9.287.7921 $3 79,900 5236 HH aw kesbury WW ay M ary Catherine White 239 .287.2818 $36 9,500 1015 Silverstrand Drive Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $3 24,900 1817 Tarpon Bay Drive South Gayle Fawkes 23 9.250.6051 $310,000 TI bB U rR ON OO L dD E C Y prP R E ssSS I sS LAN dD WAL kKst ST E rR LIN G OA ksKSt T A rpRP ON bB AY 7234 Tory LL ane Dorcas Briscoe 239.860.6985 $6,995,000 WW in dsor #P HH -19 D orcas Briscoe 23 9.860.6985 $6 ,975,000 Contessa #P HH -2 2 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $6 ,000,000 9944 Brassie Bend Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $4 ,295,000 Trieste #1402 Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239 .289.0433 $3,595,000 Brighton #504 Ray Couret 239.293.5899 $2,825,000 Biltmore #1002 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $2 ,749,000 Trieste #1104 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $2 ,495,000 Trieste #1506 Dorcas Briscoe 23 9.860.6985 $2 ,495,000 Trieste #503 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $2,495,000 Trieste #505 Carol Gilman 239.404.3253 $1,995,000 Trieste #406 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,925,000 Trieste #405 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $1, 895,000 8812 LL a Pa lma LL an e Pat Callis 23 9.250.0562 $1, 795,000 Salerno #803 Dorcas Briscoe 23 9.860.6985 $1,795,000

PAGE 118 Page 10 Bay ColonyBay Colony is the very denition of privileged living. From the beachfront high-rises to the golf course estate homes to the villas in quiet alcoves, this is luxury living at its best. GG ol f and beach club memberships. Park Shore GG listening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend o f desirable living. EE nj oy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the GG ul f, beach and boating. Toscana #601 Tom/Tess McCarthy 239.243.5520 $1,699,000 Toscana #1503 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $1, 695,000 Marquesa #703 Carol Gilman 23 9.404.3253 $1, 495,000 Toscana #503 John Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $1, 495,000 Mansion LL a Pa lma #302 Dorcas Briscoe 23 9.860.6985 $995,000 Regent #6-N N Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 $6,500,000 4100 GG ul f Shore Blvd. NN or th Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $5 ,700,000 Regent #5NN Ba rbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $5 ,500,000 Provence #P HH 3 Su san Barton 23 9.860.1412 $5 ,500,000 334 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $5,500,000 308 Turtle HH atch Road Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $3,995,000 311 NN ea politan WW ay M ichael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3, 995,000 LL e Ja rdin #1802 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239 .571.5614 $3 ,875,000 360 Devils Bight Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3 ,695,000 Provence #1003 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $3,195,000 370 Devils Bight Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,750,000 4033 Belair LL an e Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2 ,595,000 4215 Crayton Road Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2 ,495,000 LL e Pa rc #1002 Ed Cox/Je Cox 23 9.860.8806 $2 ,475,000 LL e Ci el Park Tower #1501 Ed Cox/Je Cox 23 9.860.8806 $2,350,000 Provence #1101 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,295,000 Provence #1601 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239 .571.5614 $2 ,295,000 Provence #1401 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $2 ,295,000 Park Plaza #1204 Susan Barton 23 9.860.1412 $2 ,200,000 LL e Ci el Park Tower #501 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239 .571.5614 $2,195,000 Park Plaza #1704 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,195,000 LL e Ci el Venetian Tower #1803 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1, 995,000 LL e Ci el Venetian Tower #1404 Amy Becker/Leah Ritchey 23 9.272.3229 $1, 895,000 4875 WW his pering Pine WW ay V ickie Larscheid 23 9.250.5041 $1, 795,000 EE s planade Club #103 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $1,790,000 HH orizon HH ouse #PH H -2A A Ruth Trettis 239.403.4529 $1,750,000 Brittany #305 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 23 9.216.1973 $1 ,750,000 576 NN eap olitan LL ane Jo hn Hamilton 23 9.641.3270 $1 ,750,000 346 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1 ,745,000 Venetian Villas #2300 Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $1,495,000

PAGE 119 Page 11 Park Shore GG listening beachfront towers, bayside mansions and nely crafted inland homes make Park Shore the perfect blend o f desirable living. EE nj oy superlative shops and bistros at The Village on Venetian Bay plus the GG ul f, beach and boating. Grey Oaks GG rey OO aks 54 holes of award-winning golf serve as the centerpiece in this heart-ofNN ap les community interspersed with luxurious single-family estate homes of a grand scale. Mansion LL a Palma #302 Dorcas Briscoe 239.860.6985 $995,000 334 Pirates Bight Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $5,500,000 Provence #1003 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $3,195,000 LL e Ciel Park Tower #1501 Ed Cox/Je Cox 239.860.8806 $2,350,000 LL e Ciel Park Tower #501 Marion Bethea/Anne Killilea 239.571.5614 $2,195,000 EEsplanade Club #103 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 $1,790,000 Venetian Villas #2300 Larry Roorda 239.860.2534 $1,495,000 AA rdissone #203 Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $1,450,000 Park Plaza #1902 Anne Killilea/Marion Bethea 23 9.285.1292 $1 ,450,000 LL e Pa rc #204 Ed Cox/Je Cox 23 9.860.8806 $1, 395,000 Meridian Club #1004 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1 ,225,000 502 WW hi spering Pine LL an e Dave/Ann Renner 23 9.784.5552 $1,195,000 Park Shore Tower #10-A A Susan Barton 239.860.1412 $1,145,000 Monaco Beach Club #B902 Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $9 95,000 4819 WW es t Blvd. Court Dana Marcum 23 9.404.2209 $9 90,000 Tropics #231 Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $9 50,000 3750 Crayton Road Linda Perry/Judy Perry 23 9.404.7052 $895,000 Park Shore Tower #3-A A Angela R. Allen 239.825.8494 $865,000 Terraces #1807 Ann Marie Shimer 23 9.825.9020 $8 60,000 AA lle gro #7C Marlene Suarez 23 9.290.0585 $8 25,000 Terraces #505 Polly Himmel 23 9.290.3910 $7 99,000 The Savoy #103 Gary Blaine 23 9.595.2912 $795,000 488 Devils LL ane D. Cartwright/J. D'Amelio 239.595.7853 $795,000 Tropics #122 Cathy Owen 23 9.213.7442 $7 45,000 Colony GG ar dens #103 Jane Darling 239 .290.3112 $7 25,000 Meridian Club #203 Tess McCarthy 239 .207.0118 $6 89,000 Villas of Park Shore Anne Killilea/Marion Bethea 23 9.285.1292 $675,000 Terraces #501 Polly Himmel 239.290.3910 $649,000 AA lle gro #22 Marlene Suarez 23 9.290.0585 $5 79,000 GG ulf side #103 Larry Roorda 23 9.860.2534 $5 75,000 Belair #7 Richard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $4 29,000 HH ori zon HH ouse #100 Patrick/Phyllis O'Donnell 23 9.250.3360 $425,000 LL exington #3 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 239.404.7052 $350,000 Swan LL ak e Club #3D Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $3 05,000 LL exin gton #10 Linda Perry/Judy Perry 23 9.404.7052 $2 28,500 HH id den LL ak e Villas #D-38 Angela R. Allen 23 9.825.8494 $2 25,000 Jacaranda #16 Ruth Trettis 23 9.403.4529 $192,000 1237 GG ordon River Trail Dan Guenther 239.261.3148 $6,995,000 3145 Dahlia WW ay L ynn Anderson 23 9.290.6674 $6 ,125,000 1275 OO sp rey Trail Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $5, 995,000 1394 GG re at EE gr et Trail Sam Heitman 239 .537.2018 $5, 895,000 2646 Bulrush LL ane F ahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $5,875,000

PAGE 120 Page 12 Grey Oaks GG rey OO aks 54 holes of award-winning golf serve as the centerpiece in this heart-ofNN ap les community interspersed with luxurious single-family estate homes of a grand scale. Strada Residences at Mercato LL ive a lifestyle that puts a world of shopping, dining and entertainment within walking distance of home. These 1-, 2 and 3-bedroom condominiums are spacious, lavishly appointed and fully-amenitized examples of ultra-chic living at one of NN ap les best addresses. 1245 GG ordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239.261.3148 $4,795,000 1473 AA nh inga Pointe Melissa Williams 23 9.261.3148 $4 ,280,000 1468 AA nh inga Pointe Dan Guenther 23 9.357.8121 $4 ,200,000 1830 Plumbago LL an e Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .571.5339 $3 ,775,000 1861 Plumbago WW ay F ahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $3,295,000 2955 Bellower LL ane Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $3,195,000 1315 NN oble HH er on WW ay D an Guenther 23 9.261.3148 $2 ,049,000 2610 Bulrush LL ane F ahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,999,000 2346 AA le xander Palm Drive Jutta V. Lopez/Al Lopez 239 .571.5339 $1, 895,000 2012 II sl a Vista LL an e Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1,875,000 1516 Marsh WW ren LL ane Melissa Williams 239.248.7238 $1,770,000 2634 Bulrush LL ane F ahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,700,000 1535 Marsh WW re n LL an e Sam Heitman 239 .537.2018 $1, 695,000 1369 NN oble HH er on WW ay M elissa Williams 23 9.248.7238 $1, 695,000 2056 II sl a Vista LL an e Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1,695,000 2817 Capistrano WW ay Mary Catherine White 239.287.2818 $1,650,000 1368 NN oble HH er on WW ay C arolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $1, 595,000 1580 Marsh WW re n LL an e Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1, 595,000 1253 GG or don River Trail Sam Heitman 23 9.261.3148 $1 ,500,000 1227 GG or don River Trail Dan Guenther 23 9.261.3148 $1,500,000 1231 GG ordon River Trail Melissa Williams 239.261.3148 $1,500,000 1260 GG or don River Trail Sam Heitman 23 9.261.3148 $1 ,500,000 1257 GG or don River Trail Sam Heitman 23 9.261.3148 $1 ,400,000 3123 II nd igobush WW ay C arolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $1, 195,000 1268 OO sp rey Trail Melissa Williams 23 9.261.3148 $1,150,000 3122 Dahlia WW ay Carolyn Weinand 239.269.5678 $875,000 2254 Silver Palm Place Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $8 65,000 Terra Verde #2452 Carolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $6 25,000 Terra Verde #2426 Carolyn Weinand 23 9.269.5678 $5 69,000 Terra Verde #2354 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $499,000 The Strada #7502 Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 $1,250,000 The Strada #7406 Mary Kavanagh 23 9.594.9400 $5 99,000 The Strada #5414 Susan Gardner 23 9.594.9400 $5 99,000 The Strada #5301 Mary Kavenagh 23 9.594.9400 $5 99,000 The Strada #7309 Mary Kavanagh 23 9.594.9400 $390,000

PAGE 121 Page 13 Naples & Surrounds WW ith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN ap les has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. Vanderbilt BeachVanderbilt Beach is home to The Ritz-Carlton, trendy shops, cafes and a host of businesses. Single-family homes, luxurious beachfront and waterfront condominiums and mid-rise living are found here. 169 Conners AA venue Michael G. Lawler 239.261.3939 $2,495,000 239 Channel Drive Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $2 ,395,000 446 Bayside AA ve nue Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $1, 995,000 Vanderbilt Beachcomber The Bellagio GG ra nd #501 Lisa Tashjian 23 9.259.7024 $1 ,525,000 10080 GG ul fshore Drive Chris Wortman 239 .273.2007 $1,399,000 Sea Chase #402 Dave/Ann Renner 239.784.5552 $1,235,000 Phoenician Sands #502 Beth McNichols 23 9.821.3304 $9 25,000 LL a Sc ala #305 Mary Catherine White 239 .287.2818 $7 99,000 478 Bayside AA ve nue Michael G. Lawler 23 9.261.3939 $7 95,000 AA nc horage #201 Gayle Fawkes 23 9.250.6051 $549,000 Vanderbilt YY acht & Racquet Club #204 Pat Callis 239.250.0562 $539,000 AA nc horage #409 Suzanne Ring 23 9.821.7550 $5 25,000 734 Reef Point Circle Carol Loder 23 9.860.4326 $35 0,000 Beachwalk GG ar dens #102 Carol Loder 23 9.860.4326 $3 29,000 Vanderbilt Palms #108 Susan Gardner 23 9.438.2846 $159,000 The Seasons #1903 Carol Gilman 239.404.3253 $5,995,000 367 Ridge Drive T. Moellers/S. Kaltenborn 23 9.213.7344 $3 ,750,000 60 NN or th Street Patrick O'Connor 23 9.293.9411 $3 ,195,000 196 EE ug enia Drive Ray Couret 23 9.293.5899 $2 ,999,950 24 Pelican Street WW es t Laura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $2,995,000 NN A pP LE sS CAY P INE RI dD GE P INE RI dD GE P INE RI dD GE IsIS LE sS O fF C A prPR I 6720 HH unters Road Barbi Lowe/Trish Lowe Soars 239.216.1973 $2,750,000 7050 HH un ters Road Ann Marie Shimer 23 9.825.9020 $2 ,290,000 5237 Mahogany Ridge Drive Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,890,000 Baypointe #801 Lisa Tashjian 23 9.259.7024 $1, 595,000 5180 OO ld GG al lows WW ay L aura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $1,475,000 LL I vV ING stST ON WW OO dsD SL L I vV ING stST ON WW OO dsD SL L OGA N WW OO dsDSN N A pP LE sS CA Y KEN sS ING tT ON 106 EE ugenia Drive Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $1,395,000 AA rub a #P HH 15 02 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 ,350,000 3410 3rd AA ve nue NWN W Bi ll Duy 23 9.641.7634 $1 ,150,000 5386 Sycamore Drive Bernie/Joe Garabed 23 9.571.2466 $1 ,100,000 92 Center Street Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $1,050,000 PINE RI dD GE cC O vV E tT OW E rsRSG G OL dD EN GG A tT E EstE ST A tT E sSL L OGA N WW OO dsDS PIN E RI dD GE 181 Caribbean Road Sue Black 239.250.5611 $1,050,000 LL esin a #2005 Darlene Roddy 23 9.404.0685 $1 ,015,000 384 EE dg emere WW ay EE as t Kathryn Hurvitz 239 .659.5126 $9 95,000 7050 Sandalwood LL an e Linda Haskins 23 9.822.3739 $9 17,000 5860 Marble Court Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $899,000 PINE RI dD GE H A mmMM O ckCK bB AY WW YN dD E mM E rR E LL I vV ING stST ON WW OO dsD S TH E S trT R AN dD

PAGE 122 Page 14 Naples & Surrounds WW ith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN ap les has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 6381 Sandalwood LL ane Pat Callis 239.250.0562 $899,000 6961 Bottlebrush LL an e Patrick O'Connor 23 9.293.9411 $8 65,000 8127 LL as P almas WW ay Dav e/Ann Renner 23 9.784.5552 $8 42,000 LL esin a #201 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $7 99,500 2309 HH ar rier Run Cheryl Turner 23 9.250.3311 $795,000 LL I vV ING stST ON WW OO dsD SL L I vV ING stST ON WW OO dsD S VI LLAGE sS O fF M ON tT E rR EY H A mmMM O ckCK bB AY HA W ksrKS R I dD GE 5973 HH ammock IIsles Circle Lisa Tashjian 239.259.7024 $740,000 2119 Mission Drive Sue Black 23 9.250.5611 $7 29,000 5934 Barclay LL an e Paul Gray 23 9.273.0403 $7 15,000 826 WW yn demere WW ay K athryn Hurvitz 239 .659.5126 $6 99,000 144 Pago Pago Drive WW es t Cynthia Corogin 23 9.963.5561 $697,000 VINEYA rdsRDS VI LLAGE sS O fF M ON tT E rR EY T HE S trT R AN dDW W YN dD E mM E rR E IsIS LE sS O fF C A prPR I 422 Rosemeade LL ane Kathryn Hurvitz 239.659.5126 $695,000 6043 Fairway Court Jennifer/Dave Urness 23 9.273.7731 $6 95,000 NN ev is #1203 Mark Leone 23 9.784.5686 $6 90,000 #904 Tom Gasbarro 23 9.404.4883 $52 9,000 LL em uria #1001 Tom Gasbarro 23 9.404.4883 $529,000 WW YN dD E mM E rR E TH E S trT R AN dDc C O vV E tT OW E rR E sSL L E mM U rR IA LL E mM U rR IA LL emuria #404 Philip Mareschal 239.269.6033 $529,000 910 WW yn demere WW ay G ary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $52 9,000 LL egac y #404 Benjamin Marney 23 9.642.2222 $5 15,000 898 WW yn demere WW ay K athryn Hurvitz 239 .659.5126 $4 99,900 LL emur ia #204 Kristin Mikler 239 .370.6292 $499,000 LL E mM U rR IA WW YN dD E mM E rR E LELY rR E sS O rtRTW W YN dD E mM E rR E LL E mM U rR IA GREY OAKS ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS1237 GG ordon River Trail6 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 2 half baths 9,420 square feet under air$6,995,000 Daniel GG ue nther 239.261.3148 Inspiring homes have views as expansive as your vision. For the unique. For the savvy. For the rened. For the connoisseur of life. GREY OAKS ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS1394 GG reat EE gr et Trail5 bedrooms, 6 full baths, 1 half bath 8,024 square feet under air$5,895,000 Sam HH eitm an 239.261.3148

PAGE 123 Page 15 Naples & Surrounds WW ith sun-drenched sugary-sand beaches, stretching over 10 miles, temperate year-round weather and abundant shing and boating activities, NN ap les has been a natural attraction for auent travelers and sun seekers from around the world for decades. Choose from stylish single-family homes, lifestyles and family-friendly neighborhoods. 2309 HH arrier Run Cheryl Turner 239.250.3311 $795,000 144 Pago Pago Drive WW est Cynthia Corogin 239.963.5561 $697,000 LL emuria #1001 Tom Gasbarro 239.404.4883 $529,000 LL emuria #204 Kristin Mikler 239.370.6292 $499,000 187 EE dgemere WW ay South Kathryn Hurvitz 239.659.5126 $495,000 7052 Mill Run Circle Leah Ritchey/Amy Becker 239 .289.0433 $4 75,000 6629 Marbella LL an e Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $4 55,000 1410 Serrano Circle Richard/Susie Culp 23 9.290.2200 $3 84,700 1111 Ridge Street Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $375,000 WW YN dD E mM E rR E C rR O ssSS ING sSm M A rbRB ELLA LA kK E sS AN dD ALU cC IA rR O sS E mM A rR Y H EIGH tsT S 1757 San Bernadino WW ay Mara Muller 239.272.6170 $349,900 156 Via NN ap oli Kathryn Hurvitz 239 .659.5126 $3 49,000 LL a Pe ninsula #502 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $3 39,900 2003 Timberline Drive Philip Mareschal 23 9.269.6033 $3 15,000 AA via no #203 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $269,000 VILLAGE sS O fF M ON tT E rR EY WW YN dD E mM E rR E IsIS LE sS O fF C A prPR I C rR O ssSS ING sS A vV I ANO OOrchards #203 Bernie/Joe Garabed 239.571.2466 $249,900 WW il derness Country Club V IIII # 257D Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $2 49,000 Cypress Commons #102 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $2 49,000 Fairways III I # 1622 Michael/Maureen Joyce 23 9.777.3745 $2 45,000 AA rb or Trace #501 Ted Dudley 23 9.434.2424 $230,000 O rcRC HA rdsRDS WI L dD E rR NE ssSSW W YN dD E mM E rR E HA mmMM O ckCK bB AY A rbRB O rR trT R A cC E 36 WW ater OO aks WW ay Kathryn Hurvitz 239.659.5126 $190,000 Commons #304 Susan R. Payne 23 9.777.7209 $17 9,500 Calusa Bay South #103 Carol Sheehy 23 9.340.9300 $1 70,000 Misty Pines #101 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $1 60,000 WW il derness Country Club V IIII # 256 Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $135,000 WW YN dD E mM E rR E WW YN dD E mM E rR E cC AL U sS A bB AY pP I NEWOO dsDS WI L dD E rR NE ssSS GREY OAKS ESTUARY AT GREY OAKS1473 AA nhinga Pointe4 bedrooms, 5 full baths, 2 half baths 5,905 square feet under air$4,280,000 Melissa WW illi ams 239.261.3148 Extraordinary character is timeless. In the perfect home, every room is a living room. STRADA RESIDENCES AT MERCATO9115 Strada Place #5414 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths 1,456 square feet under air$599,000 Susan GG ard ner 239.594.9400

PAGE 124 Page 16 Marco Island GG raced with miles of powder-white sand beaches, Marco boasts luxurious real estate, shopping, dining, e ntertainment and a bounty of recreational activities from boating and shing to golf and tennis and more. Fiddlers CreekFiddlers Creek is a master-planned community oering luxury residences, resort-style living, golf and access to a full-service marina. 1450 Caxambas Court Cathy Rogers 239.821.7926 $7,995,000 781 Caxambas Drive Cathy Rogers 23 9.821.7926 $2 ,999,900 495 Thorpe Court ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $2 ,999,000 616 Crescent Street Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $2 ,950,000 Madeira #704 Laura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $2,299,000 325 Seabreeze Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 239.642.2222 $2,250,000 Madeira #908 Laura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $1 ,999,000 Madeira #1006 Laura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $1, 695,000 1025 Bald EE ag le Drive Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $1, 385,000 1221 Stone Court Cynthia Corogin 23 9.963.5561 $1,349,500 815 Caribbean Court Helga Wetzold 239.821.6905 $1,195,000 1820 Travida Terrace Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $1 ,050,000 1401 Belvedere AA ve nue Darlene Roddy 23 9.404.0685 $7 99,000 1284 Collier Blvd. NN or th Laura/Chris Adams 23 9.404.4766 $7 60,000 957 Snowberry Court Paul Strong 23 9.404.3280 $759,000 Sandpiper #1403 Cynthia Corogin 239.963.5561 $720,000 720 Bareld Drive South Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $69 8,500 1633 Barbarosa Court ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $6 25,000 374 Red Bay LL an e Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $5 99,500 1860 GG ra nada Drive Brock/Julie Wilson 23 9.595.5983 $585,000 South Seas Tower II V #704 Cynthia Corogin 239.963.5561 $545,000 210 Sand HH ill S treet Cathy Rogers 23 9.821.7926 $535 ,000 South Seas Tower II # 302 Helga Wetzold 23 9.821.6905 $4 79,500 524 Bareld Drive NN or th Angelica Andrews 23 9.595.7653 $3 75,000 EE ag le Cay #406 Jim/Nikki Prange-Carroll 23 9.642.2222 $374,000 Sussex #603 Brock/Julie Wilson 239.595.5983 $369,000 South Seas EE as t #608 Roe Tamagni 23 9.398.1222 $3 65,000 Pelican Perch #203 Cynthia Corogin 23 9.963.5561 $3 19,000 Court of Palms # AA -6 Dav e Flowers 23 9.404.0493 $2 69,000 1081 Bald EE ag le Drive ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $119,000 3848 Mahogany Bend Drive Michelle L. Thomas 239.860.7176 $1,299,000 3812 Mahogany Bend Drive Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $999 ,000 3856 Mahogany Bend Drive Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $85 9,500 3860 Mahogany Bend Drive Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $8 59,000 7669 Mulberry Court Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $825,000

PAGE 125 Page 17 Fiddlers CreekFiddlers Creek is a master-planned community oering luxury residences, resort-style living, golf and access to a full-service marina. Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's GG ulf Coast. LL uxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas ar e intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. 8418 Mallards WW ay Michael/Maureen Joyce 239.777.3745 $795,000 7690 Mulberry LL an e Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $7 79,000 Cherry OO ak s #201 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $5 99,000 Menaggio #201 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $5 50,000 Serena #201 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $4 99,900 Cascada #202 Maureen/Michael Joyce 239.784.1288 $499,000 Cherry OO ak s #202 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $4 99,000 Montreux #204 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $4 99,000 Cascada #202 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $4 79,000 Cherry OO ak s #202 Bernie/Joe Garabed 23 9.571.2466 $479,000 Varenna #201 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $449,000 Montreux #202 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $4 25,000 Marengo #102 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $399 ,000 Cherry OO ak s #101 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $3 89,000 3692 Cotton GG re en Path Drive Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $389,000 Montreux #101 Michelle L. Thomas 239.860.7176 $388,000 Cherry OO ak s #101 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $3 74,900 Cascada #102 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $3 49,000 Varenna #203 Michael/Maureen Joyce 23 9.777.3745 $3 35,000 Serena #101 ML Meade 23 9.293.4851 $329,000 Varenna #102 Lura Jones 239.370.5340 $329,000 Cherry OO ak s #101 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $3 24,900 8467 Bent Creek WW ay M L Meade 23 9.293.4851 $2 40,000 Deer Crossing #103 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $2 39,000 Deer Crossing #206 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $230,000 WW hisper Trace #104 ML Meade 239.293.4851 $199,000 Deer Crossing #203 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $1 99,000 WW hi sper Trace #101 Michelle L. Thomas 23 9.860.7176 $16 9,500 WW hi sper Trace #104 Lura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $16 9,500 8365 WW hi sper Trace WW ay L ura Jones 23 9.370.5340 $154,900 27402 HH idden River Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 $2,495,000 Tavira #1904 Billie Jans 23 9.495.1105 $2 ,345,000 Tavira #2302 Douglas Davlin 23 9.495.1105 $1 ,975,000 Tavira #1903 Je De Angelis 23 9.495.1105 $1 ,970,000 26111 Red OO ak C ourt Ray Felitto 23 9.910.5340 $1,835,000

PAGE 126 Page 18 Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's GG ulf Coast. LL uxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas ar e intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. Tavira #2202 Douglas Davlin 239.495.1105 $1,795,000 4431 Deerwood Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $1, 795,000 27780 Riverwalk WW ay G ary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $1 ,699,000 Tavira #403 Deborah Belford 23 9.495.1105 $1 ,645,000 AA zu re #1103 Nick Stepan/Gordie Lazich 23 9.287.0622 $1,595,000 Tavira #402 Billie Jans 239.495.1105 $1,526,000 EE sp eria South #2501 Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $1 ,350,000 26110 Red OO ak C ourt Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $1 ,199,000 26342 AA ug usta Creek Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $1, 195,000 EE sp eria South #2102 Carol Johnson 23 9.564.1282 $1,090,000 3827 WW oodlake Drive Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $1,000,000 3371 OO ak HH am mock Court Teresa Rucker 23 9.281.2376 $9 91,000 EE sp eria South #1905 Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $9 49,500 EE sta ncia #603 Carol Johnson 23 9.564.1282 $8 95,000 EE sta ncia #1101 Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $889,000 27221 HH idden River Court Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 $879,000 3863 WW oo dlake Drive Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $8 75,000 Vistas #1504 Bet Dewey 23 9.564.5673 $8 50,000 27571 Riverbank Drive Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $7 79,900 3857 WW oo dlake Drive Cathy/Jim McCormick 23 9.850.4278 $755,000 EE speria South #2103 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 $729,000 EE speria South #1105 Harriet Harnar 239.273.5443 $638,000 EE grets LL anding #201 Ginger Lickley 239.860.4661 $549,000 Vistas #405 Ray Felitto 239.910.5340 $495,000 STRADA RESIDENCES AT MERCATO9115 Strada Place #53012 bedrooms, 2 full baths 1,548 square feet under air$599,000 Mary Kavanagh 239.594.9400 Where your home reects your style. Its easy to perfect the art of living, when you live within a work of art. BONITA BAY TAVIRA4851 Bonita Bay Boulevard #403 2 bedrooms, 3 full baths 3,827 square feet under air$1,645,000 Deborah Belford 239.495.1105

PAGE 127 Page 19 Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's GG ulf Coast. LL uxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas ar e intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. EE speria South #2103 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 239.248.7474 $729,000 3101 GG re enower Court Bet Dewey 23 9.564.5673 $6 99,900 Vistas #1604 Ray Felitto 23 9.910.5340 $6 99,000 EE sp eria South #503 Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $6 95,000 EE sp eria South #704 Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $649,000 EE speria South #1105 Harriet Harnar 239.273.5443 $638,000 27191 Shell Ridge Circle Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $5 99,000 3272 Montara Drive Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $5 76,000 HH amm ock II sl e #201 Carol Johnson 23 9.564.1282 $5 69,000 Bayview II # 502 Carol Johnson 23 9.564.1282 $569,000 EE grets LL anding #201 Ginger Lickley 239.860.4661 $549,000 3352 Montara Drive Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $5 39,000 27134 Shell Ridge Circle Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $5 25,000 Vistas #805 Bet Dewey 23 9.564.5673 $5 19,000 27203 Shell Ridge Circle Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $499,000 Vistas #405 Ray Felitto 239.910.5340 $495,000 WW e dgewood #301 Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $4 79,000 3338 Montara Drive Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $4 25,000 EE gr ets LL an ding #102 Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $3 85,000 WW at erford #202 Gary L./Je/Becky Jaarda 23 9.248.7474 $379,000 BONITA BAY TAVIRA4851 Bonita Bay Boulevard #4023 bedrooms, 3 full baths 3,517 square feet under air$1,526,000 Billie Jans 239.495.1105 The warmth of a home emanates from within. Truly unique homes for the connoisseur of life. SARASOTA FOREST AT HI HAT RANCHSwaying Branch RoadHomesites from $85,800-$209,900 Home packages from $687,000 to $952,000Brian WW ood 941.928.8408 br

PAGE 128 Page 20 Bonita Springs, Estero & SurroundsJust minutes north of NN aples, these established communities ar e well-positioned to enjoy NN aples amenities. F amily neighborhoods, condominiums and villas enjoy access to beaches, water sports and a host of businesses and restaurants. Bonita BayThis award-winning community represents some of the nest living along Florida's GG ulf Coast. LL uxurious high-rises, estate homes and villas ar e intermingled in this golng community with private tennis, boating, beach and clubhouse. GG reenbriar #102 Saundra Hinton 239.206.6868 $350,000 Crossings #405 Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $3 39,000 Bay Pointe #102 Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $2 89,900 Bay Pointe #102 Cathy/Jim McCormick 23 9.850.4278 $2 79,500 Crossings #13 Catherine Lieberman 23 9.405.6235 $279,000 HH arbor LL anding #101 Catherine Lieberman 239.405.6235 $275,000 GG re enbriar #104 Bet Dewey 23 9.564.5673 $2 39,900 GG re enbriar #206 Ginger Lickley 23 9.860.4661 $2 25,000 WW ild Pines #201 Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $2 14,900 WW ild Pines #105 Harriet Harnar 23 9.273.5443 $199,000 242 AAudubon Blvd. John Hamilton 239.641.3270 $2,350,000 27578 II mper ial River Road Ray Felitto 23 9.910.5340 $1, 950,000 15275 Burnaby Drive Paul Gray 23 9.273.0403 $1, 295,000 243 6th Street Fern Ritacca 84 7.361.3376 $9 98,000 25053 Ridge OO ak D rive Fern Ritacca 84 7.361.3376 $925,000 AA U dD U bB ON COUN trTR Y C LU bB I mpMP E rR IA L sS H O rR E sSA A U dD U bB ON COUN trTR Y C LU bB LI ttTT LE HI ckCK O rR Y sS HO rR E sS PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG 25060 AA scot LL ake Court P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 239.691.3541 $799,500 27661 HH ic kory Blvd. Saundra Hinton 23 9.206.6868 $75 0,000 24410 Pennyroyal Drive S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 23 9.825.3470 $7 39,000 22561 GG le nview LL an e Fern Ritacca 84 7.361.3376 $6 99,000 10700 WW in tercress Drive Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $695,000 PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG BONI tT A S prPR ING sS PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG THE B rR OO ksKS TH E B rR OO ksKS 4151 Pelicans NN est Drive S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 239.825.3470 $689,000 The Colony NN av ona #1005 Mark Leone 23 9.784.5686 $6 75,000 3481 WW il d II nd igo LL an e S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 23 9.825.3470 $585 ,000 13840 Tonbridge Court Fahada Saad 23 9.595.8500 $5 49,900 24721 Sweet GG um C ourt Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $538,000 PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG WO rtR T HI NG tT ON PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG 20008 GG rande LL ake Drive Vivienne Sinkow 239.405.0638 $499,900 12555 GG ra ndezza Circle Vivienne Sinkow 23 9.405.0638 $4 95,000 Mirasol #406 Lynda Kennedy 23 9.947.7414 $4 75,000 Sandarac II # AA 41 0 Daniel Pregont 23 9.272.8020 $4 49,000 AA lte ssa #201 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $4 47,500 G rR AN dD EZZA G rR AN dD E ZZA mM I rR O mM A rR LA kK E sSf F O rtRT mM YE rsRS bB EA cC H VA sS A rR I C OUN trTR Y C LU bB AA ltessa #201 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $445,000 3400 Marbella Court P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 23 9.691.3541 $399 ,000 The Residences #3202 Victoria Clarke-Payton 239 .692.1065 $399 ,000 25061 Bay Cedar Drive Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $399 ,000 27010 Flamingo Drive P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 23 9.691.3541 $389,000 VA sS A rR I COUN trTR Y C LU bB PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG cC O cC O NU tT pP OI N tT PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG pP A rR A dD I sS E vV ILL AGE

PAGE 129 Page 21 Bonita Springs, Estero & SurroundsJust minutes north of NN aples, these established communities ar e well-positioned to enjoy NN aples amenities. F amily neighborhoods, condominiums and villas enjoy access to beaches, water sports and a host of businesses and restaurants. Sanibel, Captiva & Surrounds LL ong beloved for their white-sand beaches, prolic seashells, and ora and fauna, the II sl ands provide a haven for families, vacationers and those who simply enjoy a slower pace of life. From condominiums to resorts to villas to cottages, the II sl ands are the perfect refuge for living year-round or as a getaway in the sun. Crossings #13 Catherine Lieberman 239.405.6235 $279,000 WWild Pines #105 Harriet Harnar 239.273.5443 $199,000 25053 Ridge OO ak Drive Fern Ritacca 847.361.3376 $925,000 10700 WWintercress Drive Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $695,000 24721 Sweet GG um Court Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $538,000 AA ltessa #201 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $447,500 27010 Flamingo Drive P. Umscheid/S.&J. Coburn 239.691.3541 $389,000 10351 Cape Roman Road Jeanne Marshall 239.405.1614 $333,000 Southbridge #201 S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 23 9.825.3470 $297 ,000 Southbridge #202 Scott Fogel 23 9.989.2152 $2 89,000 21715 WW in dham Run Linda Haskins 23 9.822.3739 $25 9,000 Toscana II # 202 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $249,000 THE B rR OO ksKS PE LI cC AN LL AN dD I NG PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG stST ONE Y brB R OO kK VA sS A rR I C OUN trTR Y C LU bB Shadow WW ood Morningside #101 Roxanne Jeske 239.450.5210 $240,000 WW e dgewood #4004 Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $2 39,900 Toscana II # 101 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $2 37,900 WW e dgewood #2701 Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $2 30,000 II sl and Sound #105 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $178,900 THE B rR OO ksKS WO rtR T HI NG tT ON VA sS A rR I C OUN trTR Y C LU bB WO rtR T HI NG tT ON PEL I cC AN SOUN dD Sawgrass Point #103 S.&J. Coburn/P. Umscheid 239.825.3470 $175,000 LL ig hthouse Bay #102 Jeanne Marshall 23 9.405.1614 $1 68,000 Sabal Palm #806 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $165 ,000 Matera #202 Roxanne Jeske 23 9.450.5210 $15 9,500 WW at erford #2301 Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $144,500 PELI cC AN LL AN dD I NG THE B rR OO ksKSGr G R AN dD E ZZA VA sS A rR I C OUN trTR Y C LU bB WO rtR T HI NG tT ON WW aterford #1808 Ryan Batey 239.287.9159 $137,000 WW at erford #2302 Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $1 29,900 WW at erford #1911 Ryan Batey 23 9.287.9159 $1 28,000 27298 Jolly Roger LL an e Mark Leone 23 9.784.5686 $1 25,000 HH ea thermoor #1203 Jack Despart 23 9.273.7931 $114,900 WO rtRT HING tT ON WO rtR T HI NG tT ON WO rtR T HI NG tT ON BO NI tT A fF A rmsRM SH H IG HLAN dD WW OO dsDS 17891 OO wl Creek Drive Denise Chambre 239.247.2868 $7,900,000 1121 Scheera Court Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $5 ,400,000 6801 Danah Court WW es t Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $3, 450,000 11340 LL on gwater Chase Court Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $3 ,350,000 3871 HH id den AA cre s Circle NN or th Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $2,195,000 AA L vV A CA ptPT I vV A FO rtR T MYE rsRS FO rtR T MYE rsRSN N O rtR T H F O rtR T MYE rsRS Captiva Bay Villas #2 Jean Baer 239.691.9249 $1,948,000 1718 44th Terrace S EE St ephanie Bissett 239 .292.3707 $1 ,750,000 17600 Millers GG ul ly LL an e Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $1, 595,000 11541 WW i ghtman LL an e Kim Herres 23 9.233.0252 $1, 585,000 16163 Captiva Drive Jennifer Berry 23 9.472.3535 $1,500,000 CA ptPT I vV A CA pP E C O rR AL AA L vV A CA ptPT I vV A CA ptPT I vV A 14510 Jonathan HH arbour Drive Jennifer Berry 239.472.3535 $1,350,000 15200 Kilbirnie Drive Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $1, 290,000 785 Birdie View Point Cindy Sitton 23 9.810.4772 $1 ,200,000 512 Periwinkle WW ay J ennifer Berry 23 9.472.3535 $1 ,075,000 4207 GG ul f Pines Drive Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $950,000 FO rtRT MYE rsRS FO rtR T MYE rsRS SAN I bB EL SA NI bB EL SA NI bB EL

PAGE 130 Page 22 Sanibel, Captiva & Surrounds LL ong beloved for their white-sand beaches, prolic seashells, and ora and fauna, the II sl ands provide a haven for families, vacationers and those who simply enjoy a slower pace of life. From condominiums to resorts to villas to cottages, the II sl ands are the perfect refuge for living year-round or as a getaway in the sun. Our Other Oerings Along the Gulf Coast 17161 Palm Beach Blvd. Denise Chambre 239.247.2868 $949,000 2771 Teal Court Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $8 99,000 791 Cape View Drive Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $8 49,000 11550 Mcgregor Blvd. Denise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $8 15,000 1230 Par View Drive Cindy Sitton 23 9.810.4772 $739,000 AA L vV A S tT J A mM E sS C I tT Y FO rtR T MYE rsRS FO rtR T MYE rsRS SAN I bB EL 201 Robinwood Circle Cindy Sitton 239.810.4772 $699,000 1216 Par View Drive Cindy Sitton 23 9.810.4772 $6 99,000 101 Fairview AA ve nue Stephanie Bissett 239 .292.3707 $6 29,000 Kings Crown #313 Jennifer Berry 23 9.472.3535 $6 25,000 15760 GG le nisle WW ay D enise Chambre 23 9.247.2868 $599,000 SANI bB EL SA NI bB EL F O rtR T MYE rsRS SAN I bB EL F O rtR T MYE rsRS Sanibel AA rms #M2 Jennifer Berry 239.472.3535 $395,900 II sl and Reef Club #104 Stephanie Bissett 239 .292.3707 $3 80,000 966 Fitzhugh Street Cindy Sitton 23 9.810.4772 $3 25,000 133 Butterknife Place Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $3 24,900 3631 EE dg ewood AA ve nue Deb Smith 23 9.826.3416 $285,000 SANI bB EL F O rtRT M YE rsRS B EA cC H SAN I bB EL SA NI bB EL F O rtR T MYE rsRS 4019 Casey Key Road Hedge Team 941.350.0100 $5,950,000 5342 HH id den HH ar bor Road Joel Schemmel 94 1.587.4894 $3 ,200,000 3531 Bayou Sound Point Sheldon Paley 94 1.356.1857 $3 ,200,000 439 South Boulevard of Presidents Lisa Morris 94 1.544.3332 $2 ,850,000 8307 Farington Court Greg Hudson 94 1.302.1485 $2,390,000 NN O kK O mM I sS SA rR A sS O tT A LL ONG bB OA tT KE Y SA rR A sS O tT A B rR A dD EN tT O N 1310 Tangier WW ay Anne Chakos 941.302.9100 $2,200,000 4510 125th Street Terry Hayes 94 1.302.3100 $1, 949,000 657 HH aly ard LL ane M ark Huber 94 1.356.2435 $1, 895,000 GG ol den GG at e Point #401 Gigi Silverberg 94 1.993.3695 $1 ,499,000 1589 GG ul fview Drive Candria Crisp 94 1.726.5822 $1,395,000 SA rR A sS O tT A B rR A dD EN tT O N LL ONG bB OA tT KE Y SA rR A sS O tT A S A rR A sS O tT A 5415 AA zure WW ay Judie Berger 941.928.3424 $1,299,000 15404 Fenton Place Diane Swainston 72 7.688.8875 $1 ,199,000 7471 Paurotis Court Greg Hudson 94 1.302.1485 $1 ,100,000 7311 Captain Kidd Circle Tamara & Todd Currey 94 1.587.1776 $1 ,050,000 929 II nl et Circle Terry Herschberger 94 1.468.8439 $999,000 SA rR A sS O tT A TA mpMP A SA rR A sS O tT A S A rR A sS O tT A V ENI cC E 1700 Cunli LL ane Sandra Appignani 941.320.1002 $995,000 13407 Matanzas Place Pat & Julie Warren 94 1.350.7044 $9 39,995 4701 Riverwood AA ven ue Joel Schemmel 94 1.587.4894 $8 39,000 9345 Swaying Branch Road Brian Wood 94 1.928.8408 $6 87,000-$952,000 9327 Swaying Branch Road Brian Wood 94 1.928.8408 $85,800-$209,900 SA rR A sS O tT A LL A kK EW OO dD RA N cC H SA rR A sS O tT A H IHA tT rR AN cC H HI HA tT rR AN cC H

PAGE 131

1230 Par View Drive Cindy Sitton 239.810.4772 $739,000 15760 GG lenisle WW ay Denise Chambre 239.247.2868 $599,000 3631 EE dgewood AA venue Deb Smith 239.826.3416 $285,000 8307 Farington Court Greg Hudson 941.302.1485 $2,390,000 1589 GG ulfview Drive Candria Crisp 941.726.5822 $1,395,000 929 IInlet Circle Terry Herschberger 941.468.8439 $999,000 9327 Swaying Branch Road Brian Wood 941.928.8408 $85,800-$209,900 at Bonita Bay