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ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM SINCE 1966 • VOLUME 51, NO. 47 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 • $1.25 Islander News by Raquel Garcia photo by Raquel Garcia The Islander News (USPS #7287) xxx, 2018 Volume 51, No.47 Published weekly by American Hometown Publishing, 5801 Washington Ave. Ste. 201A, Mt. Pleasant, WI 53406. POSTMATER: Please send address changes to The Islander News, 104 Crandon Bouldevard, Suite 301, Key Biscayne, FL, 33149. M inutes before the Installation Ceremony was set to begin for the incoming mayor and council mem bers, across the bay in Coconut Grove, the city of Miami was ending a long, standing room only meeting at city hall. It was the night Miami formally passed a resolution to move the Ultra Music Festival from Bayfront Park to Virginia Key. The three-day electronic dance music festival is set to play on the barrier island March 29-31. The dealThe long and at times tense back and forth negotiations, primarily between City Commis See ULTRA on page 2 sioner Joe Carollo and attorney Miguel De Gran dy, representing Event Entertainment Group on MPSLWQZQ@W_]LYLWWdreached a compromise. It was mostly about money, but also freebie tickets, maximum daily attendance, and deadlines to resolve environmental ULTRA Ultra Music Festival is approved on Virginia Key FIVE THINGS TO BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS THANKSGIVING 12345 Mayor Mike Davey leads the Key Biscayne contingent of speakers during citizen comment in opposition to the proposed Ultra move to Virginia Key. amid a big turnout ofresident protesters on deliberation day “To be able to raise my kids in the paradise of Key Biscayne. Safe, family friendly. Love the community and I’m very thankful.” Louisa Conway “I am deeply, deeply grateful for the opportunities and experiences that the Village of Key Biscayne has provided me in the three months that I have been here.” Andrea Agha “I am equally grateful for both the gifts and the challenges because they equally grow me in ways of love and compassion.” Reverend Toni Saul “I am thankful for the family of three I have created and am building with my two daughters! Thankful for having the courage to go ahead and bring them to share this journey with me.”Pola Zito “We tell stories on Thanksgiving about my husband Joe, who’s been gone (passed) too long, so they don’t forget him. If you talk about him and the kids laugh and . they feel like he’s there with us. Family and friends is the most important thing.”Teri Scott r n P]S r r r nr r r  r nrr Begins Friday, November 30th We are kicking o 12 Days of Christmas with our Annual Sand Tree Lighting and Gingerbread House Unveiling. Visit our website or Facebook page for a list of our events. {xx>`>ˆiUiˆV>i]£{™






ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 4 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 continued from 2 ULTRA See ULTRA on page 7 Ana Guillenana.guillen@compass.com305.775.0644 @AnaGuillen_Miami 445 Grand Bay Dr, Unit 1201 $5,850,000 5 Beds 4.5 Baths 5,634 Interior SF Your oceanfront mansion in the skyOne of a kind largest and most desirable‚ddol_BbWbsVOoBbMnB|.OpWMObKOpO|nWpKB|bO!dsWbsObMOMsdpd_WKWsKtooObs_|_WpsOMlodlOos|VdalBpp_doWMBntB_dtpWbU#lldostbWs|__WbTdoaBsWdbTtobWpVOMoOUBoMWbUlodlOos|TdopB_OdooObsdooOUBoMWbUbBbKWbUWpTodapdtoKOpMOOaOMoO_WBJ_OJtsdalBppaB^OpbdzBooBbs|dooOloOpObsBsWdbBpsdsVOBKKtoBK|sVOoOdT__lodlOos|WbTdoaBsWdbWploOpObsOMptJ]OKssdOoodopdaWppWdbploWKOKVBbUOpKVBbUOMlodlOos|KdbMWsWdbpBbMzWsVMoBzB_dTsVOlodlOos|TodasVOaBo^OszWsVdtsbdsWKO bM_Opp#KOBbBbMnB|8WOzp2tob^O| dyOWb.OBM|+oWyBsO_OyBsdoOKsdoOKsdoKVOTp^WsKVOb””““ndss_O2OalOoBstoOKdbsod__OMzWbOodda›lOopdbpdtbMloddTadyWOsVOBsoO/aBosVdaOObsOosBWbaObsp|psOa•—/pstMWd””dbsVOops‚ddo2 parking spaces and storage byOpsaObs#lldostbWs|KtooObsloWKOWpJO_dzBlloBWpB_yB_tO “This hasn’t even gone to the Virginia Key Advisory Board and . it’s supposed to,” said Russell. “Now it’s going to go to them after and what they say doesn’t even matter.” “When groups like Tropical Audubon, Sierra Club, Water keeper and the Rosenstiel School just next door tell us we need to be worried, and we haven’t addressed that up here, and I haven’t heard solutions from Ultra that ease my mind, I have to weigh that with the hundreds of emails I’ve gotten from my residents in the city of Miami that are in opposition,” he said Against Ultra The opposition sustained most of the morning’s three-hour stream of citizen comment, al though there were a few pro-Ul tra speakers and most available seating was occupied by Ultra fans in matching white logoed polo shirts. Speakers had two minutes to say their piece before the micro [SZYPbL^_`]YPOZBSZXPaP]spoke then had to leave to make room for others waiting to speak. Key Biscayne Mayor Elect Mike Davey, councilmember Brett Moss, former council member Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz, newly elected council members Ignacio Segurola and Luis Lauredo, council member Katie Petros, and NZ`YNTWNLYOTOL_P5P]Pd2ZYeL lez, were standing together in one line on the west side of chambers. ?SPT^WLYOZNTLW^^[ZVP against the proposal, as did Miami 9PTRSMZ]SZZO@YT_POj^2]LNPSolaris, and Tropical Audubon Society spokesperson and Virginia Key Advisory Board Member 2L]d8LWLYZ-Z_SLTO_SPaZ_Pto move Ultra was in violation of legal precedent and city charter. “I am a member of the Virginia Key Advisory Board and this has not come before this board,” said Malano. “This resolution violates three major rules and regulations for the city.” Former mayor Bob Vernon dit toed Malano’s remarks and added, “you cannot even kayak (in the adjacent bird sanctuary) without a special permit.” Miami resident Bradley Left expressed concern that manatees and birds would be spawning then, and could vacate their nests. “We wouldn’t leave our dog in a room with loud noise for three hours, much less three days,” said Left. “Why would we subject wildlife, which is far more vul nerable than any canine or human would be?” Kelly Cox, attorney for the YZY[]Z_8TLXTBL_P]VPP[P]group, said the event is a bad idea after a summer of red tide and algae bloom that resulted in inju ry and death of stressed wildlife. “The noise, light, and human debris interaction on the island is not sustainable. She feared that millions spent on mangrove forest []P^P]aL_TZYPZ]_^NZ`WOMPWZ^_O`P_Z[Z_PY_TLW]P^Q]ZX@W_]Lpyrotechnics that would then be OTN`W__ZPc_TYR`T^S Mayor Davey apologized for starting his term with hurt feelings on both sides of Bis cayne Bay. City manager Emilio 2ZYeLWPeSLOOPNWL]POSPbL^ZPYOPOMd6Pd-T^NLdYPj^XPOTLcampaign against the resolution. Davey said his reference to mo MTWTeL_TZYPZ]_^]PPN_POZYWdLQP]aPY_PZ]__Z[]Z_PN_]P^TOPY_^ mBPSLaPZYPbLdZYLYOZn said Davey. “You are going to impact our life safety. Last year I believe you had 150 runs by city ZQ8TLXT]P^LQP_dLYOdZ`SLO30 transports, and that’s just the people at the event. It’s ignoring that my people are going to be [`_L_]T^VMPNL`^PZQ_SP_]LN Quotes from City Hall speakers the night of Ultra move to Virginia Key vote“My vote is yes, but it is not a happy yes.” Commissioner Joe Carollo “This is not about Ultra. It’s about the Red Man. It’s about the Black Man.” Commissioner Keon Hardomon “Ultra is not right for Virginia Key. Virginia Key is not right for Ultra.” Key Biscayne Mayor Mike Davey “How many residents can say they can go a few steps from their condo to a beautiful beach? How many constituents can say they run through errands in a golf cart on uncongested roads?” Attorney Miguel De Grandy “Let me break up the Key Biscayne stereotypes right now. We are not beach bums on golf carts. We are working people who drive into the city every day.” Council member Luis Lauredo “You can drown in one foot of water. I don’t want anyone to end up dead.” Commissioner Joe Carollo “It’s not passion about dance music … it’s about money. This undermines our relationship.” Councilmember Alice McCormick “I’ve been a proponent of Ultra since the get-go. Virginia Key is an event space.” City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez “No good deed goes unpunished.” Councilmember Luis Lauredo


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 5 7+(5,7=&$5/721‡.(<%,6&$<1()/ ‡,1)2#6$%%,$&20 18'2 &2//(&7,21 SRPHOODWRIRUZRPHQ




ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 7 continued from 4 ULTRA impacts on Virginia Key.” A moment of levity came when Conchita Suarez, 88, received a warm round of applause after reporting she would turn 89 in a few months. “I have a simple message for you,” she said. “I am fairly healthy. However, emer gencies occur all the time. How are you going to allow ambulances and people who need to get to a hospital if Ultra is there? Please consider not allowing this.” For UltraFollowing the lunch break, Ultra attorney and former state representative Miguel De Grandy WPOZ_SPLQ_P]YZZYOPWTMP]L_TZY^with a presentation on behalf of his client. He started with quotes from Rolling Stone and Billboard magazine naming Ultra the world’s most important and best electronic dance music event. “It is a homegrown event that T^YZbZY^TcOTP]PY_NZY_TYPY_^-making Miami a world class destination,” he said. De Grandy _SPY[]P^PY_POR`]P^Q]ZXLWashington DC economic group that showed Ultra being respon sible over the past seven years for $850 million is positive economic impact, $10 million in Florida sales tax revenue, and 4,500 jobs. Acknowledging the event would inconvenience Key Biscayne residents, De Grandy said it goes with the territory. He said ancil WL]dPPN_^WTVP_]LNNSLWWPYRP^are inevitable for a world-class destination that features events like Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Miami Heat games and Calle Ocho Festival. He also chastised the village for running what he called a “cam paign based on false informa tion,” referencing a recent Miami Herald story that said post-con cert debris images, including spent hypodermic needles and sites shown in a video montage were not from Ultra “They have presented a false and slanderous portrayal of the Ultra Music Festival,” said De Grandy. Speakers for Ultra talked about it being a remarkable experience full of positive energy, creative talent, and peace-loving vibes. But the main case for the annual event was economically driven. “If you go around the world today and talk to young folks and say ‘Ultra’ they say ‘Oh Miami music it’s magic!’” said William Talbert, president and CEO of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. For the hotel industry, the reve nue earned during Ultra is “some of the most productive for the hotel industry in the history of Miami. We support it strongly.” For Irvine McKnight a senior volunteer companion, the real issue isn’t heads in beds but rather African American elders getting to spend a subsidized day on the beach. “Some of them are $dPL]^ZWOZYcPOTYNZXP^and Virginia Key is the only beach they know, thanks to Jim Crow,” said McKnight. “Well those seniors support Ultra, not because they’re into electronic music, but because they’re looking for a revenue stream for Virginia Beach…so they don’t have to dig into their budget to provide an outlet for them.” Dream deferredIncluding $1 million for the Virginia Key Park Trust in the Hardemon Ultra deal, to be used for creation of an African American history museum, seemed to seal the deal. The Trust, which operates His toric Virginia Key, supported the proposal for that reason. Suggestions from Sierra Club Board Member Steve Lightner on Virginia Key Site Management: Loud speakers to be faced away from habitatsSound levels monitored and enforcedNo sale of bottled water on siteNo single use plastic plates, utensils, etc0PN_TaPML]]TP]_Z[]PaPY_^[TWWZaP]_]LNTYML^TYStainless steel or similar keepsakes only be sold for all liquidsConsider the similarly doomed Melreese Golf Club site as an option Councilmember Luis Lauredo 8!d pImq‹G(iy.y"'!.(, See ULTRA on page 11 TM 18778316279 Promo code N7017 *Prices are per person based on double occupancy plus up to $ 299 taxes & fees. Cruise pricing based on lowest cabin category after savings; upgrades available. Single supplement and seasonal surcharges may apply. Add-on airfare available. Free Specialty Dining Package requires purchase of Ocean View Cabin or Balcony Cabin. Onboard credit with Ocean View or Balcony cabin purchase. For full Set Sail terms and conditions ask your Travel Consultant. 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ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 8 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 opinion THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY GUEST COLUMNISTS AND IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINION OF THE ISLANDER NEWS. The Life & Times of Key Biscayne, Florida Published every Thursday. Deadlines: Display Advertising 5 p.m. Friday; œ6 F^^Pœ'c R!œH"XC^^Pœ' x8œR!œRœœR! œœXp'hœDœX,œ hœœF'œ'œ^ BAElR[R[~H"ŠlXp~8x"DABVF"‘8p‘R"X,HDDBEJVh5[R"WDAFnDGBnDDDDV,WDAFnDGBnFAFBV8pHR"lR"‹p^[PVCABIHHl8.5xpl"p"lŠ"XP"l8R5[P"x[‹Rh~H8p58R.X8R^ PUBLISHERDl'X&^BD'œ!^ASSOCIATE EDITORlœ.œœœ!^ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVEPœœ[ œX&^BB œœ!^ DESIGNERœ.œœ^SUBSCRIPTIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS"œœX!œœ!^BEACHCOMBINGSF'DX&^BCœ!^CALENDAR SUBMISSIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ Small Business Saturday. Small business are the backbone of our Island’s economy. This Saturday marks American Express Small Business Saturday, where all are encouraged to shop local businesses. Key Biscayne is loaded with shopping options for every taste and budget. Clothing options abound, from Mennocento (men and women) to Nouba, Boheme, Casting Boutique, Pretty Boutique -just to name a few. Into sports? Many options there as well. And the catch-all favorites like Island Shop, Key Pharmacy and our newest pharmacy, Etho’s, ensure you can get all types of fragrances. Toys? How about Toy Town? Gifts for that special invite? The Golden Hog is a preferred stop of Islander News. Whatever is on your wish list this year, chances are one of our Island’s small businesses has your answer. Shop them on Small BUsiness Saturday -and all season long.Ultra Music Festival. Keep the pressure on. Yes. It is coming to Virginia 6PdLYObTWW`YOZ`M_POWdLPN_our way of life not only for the weekend, but for 35 days before that. While the City of Miami Commissioners voted 4-1 to allow Ultra’s move, this does not mean the end of Key -T^NLdYPj^RS_gZ]_SP4^WLYOP]9Pb^jopposition to this event occurring in our area. We encourage our newly elected Council and the Village government to continue putting pressure on the City of Miami to make sure the impact on our Island’s residents is minimized. We applaud Councilmember Luis Lauredo for pushing for an environmental analysis ,and inclusion of other eco-friendly con-ditions, to protect our treasured resource. More must be done to make sure that IF Ultra does happen, the negative impact can be minimized.A Blessed and HAPPY Thanksgiving. This is a wonderful time of the year. We get to share time and plenty of food with loved ones. As we gather with family and friends, let’s make sure we give thanks for the pleasure we have to live and work in such a wonderful island, with such warm and wonderful neighbors. Our Islander News Team gives our collective THANKSGIVING to the special and warm relationship we enjoy with you, our loyal reader base. THANK YOU! 3 THINGS WE WANT TO SEE HAPPEN THIS WEEK 12 3 Back in 1966, when the Owens Family launched the Islander News, their vision was basic: Cover the life and times of this wonderful place called Key Biscayne. We realize that Key Biscayne was a X`NSOTP]PY_OL]PbP^Ld^TX[WP][WLNPMLNV_SPYM`_at its heart the publication was focused on Key Biscayne’s isues and people. As the Islander News evolved, one thing remained constant: Everyone working at the paper either resided in Key Biscayne or spent the majority of their working hours on the Island, living and breathing the wonders of life under the palms. Eventually, however, even these circumstances changed; not everyone working at the paper spent time on the island. And by that, I mean with their “feet on the streets.” This being Thanksgiving week, where we take time to express thanks and appreciation for our blessings, it is with a thankful heart that I announce that, beginning _ST^bPPV_SP4^WLYOP]9Pb^ZYNPLRLTYSL^LWWT_^^_L ers physically working on the island every day. Present among you every day, working, breathing and loving the island! It is with great pleasure that we announce that Raquel Garcia has joined the Islander news team as Associate Editor. Some of you have already met Raquel, who has been doing some writing assignments for us recently. If you have not yet met Raquel, I assure you that when you OZdZ`bTWWYOSP]PY_S`^TL^XQZ]_SPT^WLYOLYONZX munity journalism, contagious. Raquel comes to our team with a well-rounded resume, but with local journalism at its core. She holds a Masters of Arts in Mass Communica tion from the University of Florida College Of Journalism and Communications, Documentary Institute, and a BA in English from Florida State University. She has won a her share of awards in her career, including First Place for the Southeast for the Edward R. Murrow Radio and Television News Director’s Award. Raquel is an entrepreneur at heart, having worked as a publicist and journalist, always with an eye on local. Her professional stops include The Miami Herald, Community Newspapers and The Flyer and SoBe Television. Raquel resides in the Shenandoah neighborhood, just a skip across the causeway. Our mission today, as it has always been, is to advocate for things that can positively impact Key Biscayne, as well as note things that could harm our beautiful Island, such as the Ultra festival (and which Raquel reports on elsewhere in this edition of the Islander News). With our team now “all local,” we are better positioned to develop TY_P]P^_TYR[]ZWP^ZQ_SPbZYOP]Q`W[PZ[WPbSZXLVPup Key Biscayne, report the news from a more personal perspective, and providing more watchdog journalism. We are blessed with a strong Village government, but not everything is perfect and we have to make sure we also report on that. As our new Mayor MIke Davey ]PNPY_Wd_ZWOXPO`]TYRL^WTRS_OTP]PYNPZQZ[TYTZYabout campaign coverage, “Justo, you are the publisher of the local paper, I’m supposed to be pissed at you once in a while.” Mike could not be more right. Thank God, there is much more to agree on than disagree. Raquel will serve as our news leader in executing this community coverage mission. Please join us in welcom ing her to the reinvigorated Islander News family! Islander News. Progress by going back in time! Commentary by our PublisherJUSTO REY


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 10 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 CB-Nov 21-out.indd 1 11/19/18 4:01 PM


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 11 Gene Tinnie, a historian and Trust chairperson, was allowed additional time at the podium to explain in detail how the park -the only beach segregated blacks were allowed to enjoy from 1945 to the early 60’s — came to be. “It became a hub of black life… brought together all neighborhoods and social classes,” said Tinnie. “It was a tourist destination for celebrities who could perform on Miami Beach but not stay there.” The park was shut down in 1982 due to high operational costs. It was re-opened in 1999 following a R]L^^]ZZ_^PZ]__SL_^`NNP^^Q`WWddefeated an exclusive resort devel opment plan. According to Hardemon, the $1 million is the key to releasing the counties’ reserve funds towards the museum, which has been on hold until the daily management cost issue was resolved. m1Z]_SP]^__TXPbPbTWWSLaP something that can provide the groundwork for that sustainabil ity,” said Tinnie. “We are talking about a structure that is more of the land than on the land.” Questions remainUltra proponents claim to have resolved the noise complaint issue, capping it at 110 decibels, which is similar to other music shows on Virginia Key. But Carollo remained skeptical, with continuing concern the noise would travel across the water and create a cacophony of problems. Although DeGrandy said the MAST Academy next door fears were a “red herring” because the event is the weekend following spring break, PTSA President of MAST, Julio De Armas, is fearful about drugs being in dangerous proximity to the public high school. BT_S]PRL]O^_Z_]LNPaPYbT_S commitment to a MOT, engineer Robert Duzoglou said the basic issue is that infrastructure has not kept up with the city’s growth. “The tremendous stress on the bridges just from the seven million cars of annual visitors that go through the tolls every year to Bill Baggs State Park is too much,” he said. City commissioner Wifredo Gort assured the Key Biscayne contingent that the island would be represented before all was said and done. Before the vote, Village council member Lauredo was allowed closing remarks. He promised to work with the process. Outside the chambers Lauredo said, “the glass is half full. We are now an integral part of the negotiation moving forward. And if the glass is half full it’s because of the citizens of Key Biscayne who moved fast and made an impact.” LETTER TO THE EDITOR On Thursday morning, Nov. 15, I drove to Miami City Hall to attend the Commissioners’ meeting con cerning the Ultra Music Festival. ?SP[L]VTYRbL^WWPObT_SNL[LN ity. People were lined up in front of the building waiting to attend the meeting. Security was present, as well as many policemen. There were TV cameras and press. When the Key Biscayne bus arrived, sadly, only nine residents RZ_ZBSL_L[L_Sd4RZ_TY_Z_SPbuilding ahead of my Key Biscayne friends. The chamber was almost WWPO_ZNL[LNT_d4RZ_LaLNLY_seat in the last row. People were coming and going all morning. I was surrounded by many young people wearing Ultra shirts looking at their cell phones and not inter ested in the meeting. I thought, were these young people paid to attend the meeting, wear a shirt and occupy a seat? BSL_[WLYYTYR,W^Z[]P^PY_bP]Pmany men wearing suits carrying briefcases and others with folders WWPObT_S[L[P]^3LO_ZMPlawyers. What a set-up. Finally, speakers started to line up to discuss the issue. I looked up and present was my Key Biscayne family. On the line was Mike Davey, Frank Caplan, Luis De La Cruz, Brett Moss, Luis Lauredo, Katie Petros, Ignacio Segurola, 5P]Pd2ZYeLWPe,WWT^ZY8N.Z] mick and Ann Taintor. Ann was there to represent her husband Jim ?LTY_Z]bSZSLOOTPOTYZNPI know councilman Taintor was looking down from heaven smiling and proud of all of them. Each person spoke with dignity, respect, professionalism and passion. How proud and represent ed I felt as a Key Biscayne resident. They rallied together to represent all Key Biscayners. They were _P]]TN?SLYVDZ` DZ`RZ__SP^PY^P_SL__ST^@W_]L Festival was a done deal. They vot POQZ]_SPQP^_TaLW?SPRS_T^not over. I urge all Key Biscayners to join in and support our council. The City of Miami doesn’t care about Key Biscayne or the sur rounding communities. The only thing they care about is their God – The Almighty Dollar. We must show them that Key Biscayners are alive, well and strong. We will be present at meetings. We will rally when YPNP^^L]dBPbTWWRS_QZ]_SPright to leave this island at will and not spend hours on the causeway. We will not put up with the noise the festival brings, the drugs and excessive use of alcohol by festival participants. BPbTWWRS_RS_RS_7P_j^ Go Key Biscayne. —Joann Pisacane continued from 7 ULTRA Proud Ultra dad and attendee m"59d (Q"Q.Q(Q!('"d


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 12 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 home improvement Narciso MuozDirector, Client Advisor at Alex. Brown, A Division of Raymond James, Located at 600 Brickell, Suite 1875. Miami, FL 33140. Phone 786-857-5400 / email :(+$9(:+$7<285(/22.,1*)25 48$/,7<48$17,7<$))25'$%,/,7< 1RZ )520,167$//$7,21 $YDLODEOHLQ&RORUV+RDDD $OOZFPVORYPVYVSYOVYSVYSYVY ZFPVORYPVYVSYOVYSVYSYVY 1HZ:DWHU3URRI/DPLQDWH)ORRU 'D\1R0HVV,QVWDOODWLRQ:HFOHDQXS &86720)/225,1* ‡/DPLQDWH)ORRULQJ‡:RRG)ORRULQJ‡(QJLQHHUHG)ORRULQJ‡9&7/97)ORRULQJ‡&DUSHW)ORRULQJ‡&RPPHUFLDO&DUSHW)ORRULQJ‡&DUSHW7LOH)ORRULQJ‡&RQFUHWH3RUFHODLQ0DUEOH)ORRULQJ/LFHQVHG,QVXUHG/LF )5((,1+20(&2168/7$7,21 ‡ ZZZPLDPLRRULQJDQGEOLQGVFRP :(6+2:83 +DEODPRV(VSDxRO THE ENTIRE HOUSE! From Only $299 up to 7 windows Free Estimates • Free Installation 305-392-3999 Blinds & Shades Roller Shades Zebra Shades Wood Blinds Vertical Blinds Motorized Shades Plantation Shutters Many More In the fall of 2017, my third article in this column was about Long Term Care Insurance (LTC). In it I mentioned how insurance companies are only worried about their shareholders. Nothing has changed. There are some new hybrid policies that are both whole life and Long Term .L]PM`_WTVPXLYdmZYP_^LWWnsolutions it really means “less for LWWn9PaP]_SPWP^^4OZ_PWWXdclients to purchase a Long Term .L]P[ZWTNdT_j^LYPNP^^L]dPaTW Recently, I had the chance to ]PaTPbXTYPLYO]PLWTePOSZblittle I knew when I purchased T_BSPY4XP_bT_SXdmLRPY_n(who really works for the in ^`]LYNPNZX[LYdLYO]PNPTaP^LNZXXT^^TZY4MPWTPaPOSPSLOmy best interests at heart. Now I ]PLWTePSZb`YTYQZ]XPO4bL^ Here’s what I now know:First, there is a 100-day elim ination period before you can MPYP_Q]ZXLNWLTX?SP]^_NSPNVT^N`_,1?0=dZ`jaP[LTOQZ]_SP]^_OLd^ZQNZaP]PO^P]aTNP^>ZT_j^OLd^ZQout-of pocket expenses before you collect a penny! Once you purchase a policy, dZ`NLYYZ_NSLYRPT_hPaPYTQ What a tough year bPL]PSLaTYR4Y_P]P^_ ]L_P^L]P^_TWWaP]dWZbLYO^_ZNV^LWXZ^_L_QZ]_SPdPL]PXP]RTYRmarkets are losing money and to make matters worse, we didn’t win the Powerball! But life goes on and bPSLaP_Z[Ld[]Z[P]_d_LcP^LYObuy Christmas gifts, so here are some ideas on the markets. BPSLaP_bZMTRPaPY_^NZXTYR% :Y9Za_SP2T^XPP_TYRin Buenos Aires (I told you it was LRZZO_TXP_Z_]LaPWOZbY_SP]PPlenty of news will come from there and will help determine what’s the next chapter on the _]LOPbL]_SL_j^XZaTYR_SPXL] kets back and forth. 2) On Dec. 19, the Fed will decide if the rates are XZaTYR&XL]VP_^L]PLY_TNT[L_TYRLYZ_SP] TYN]PL^PM`_dZ`YPaP]know. Last time, the president was upset with the rate hike and oil is down 25% since, helping to slow TYL_TZY?TXPbTWW_PWW >ZbSL__ZOZ*>ZXP^PN_Z]^ SLaPMPPYMPL_PYOZbY[]P__dbadly in the last months and we Pc[PN_^ZXP]PNZaP]dBPWTVP FRANCES REEVES NARCISO MUOZ, CFA ADVICE ON AGING THE INVESTOR CORNER Long term care still bewareGreetings investors the insurance company changes its terms. Hence, my warning to you: BUY THE POLICY -but ]PaTPb_SPmPWPN_TaPMPYP_^ncarefully. 1ZWWZbTYRL]PmPWPN_TaPMPYP _^ndZ`/:9:?900/% 9`]^TYR3ZXP-PYP_^%9`]^ ing homes mean you qualify for 8POTNLTO9Z]XLWWdTQdZ`SLaPa long term policy, it and your >ZNTLW>PN`]T_dbTWWNZaP]_SPXZY_SWdQPPL_LY,^^T^_PO7TaTYRCenter. 3Z^[TNP.L]P-PYP_^%3Z^[TNP T^NZaP]POMd8POTNL]P4YZ_SP]words, it’s free!! =P^[T_P.L]P-PYP_%?ST^T^QZ] LOLdZ]_bZZQZ]_SPNL]P_LVP]>P]TZ`^Wd*4jXM`dTYRaLNL_TZY_TXPQZ]XdNL]P_LVP]** 8POTNLW,WP]_>d^_PX%8POTNLW ,WP]_>d^_PX^L]PNZaP]POMd8POTNL]P3ZbPaP]^TYNP4NSZ^P_ST^MPYP_4RP__ZZ]OP]_SPmNLOTWWLNnZQXPOTNLWLWP]_^d^ tems (which no one needs)! .L]PRTaP]?]LTYTYR-PYP_ $1,800 to spend on training for XdNL]PRTaP]***?SP[ZWTNdLW ]PLOdNZaP]^XZYTP^QZ]m_]LTYPOnNL]PRTaP]^ Once more, yes, do buy Long Term Care Insurance. But you SLaPNSZTNP^7ZZVL__SP[ZWTNd.SPNV_SPMPYP_^4QdZ`YPPOassistance, call an attorney. Re XPXMP]PaP]d_STYRT^YPRZ_TLMWP Technology, Energy and Biotech nology. We also like banks. Look for the Exchange Trade Fund that tracks them. Rates are low, but XZaTYR&DZ`NLYRP_^ZXPTY_P]P^_TQdZ`L]PTYNL^S&L^VQZ]T_4QdZ`SLaPLWZLYNSPNV_SP]L_P&XLdMPdZ`NLYU`X[_ZLcPO]L_Pmortgage. Last but not least, as we are ap proaching the year’s end, it may be LRZZO_TXP_Z]PaTPbbSddZ`L]PTYaP^_POTYdZ`]TYaP^_XPY_^LYOconsider tax implications (taking losses). Does the rationale of your TYaP^_XPY_^_TWWSZWO*BSL_LMZ`_concentration, money needs in the YPL]Q`_`]PP_N*BSTWPOZTYR_SL_always remember that, as JOhn Maynard Keynes once said, “Mar kets can remain irrational longer _SLYbPNLY]PXLTY^ZWaPY_n?SPXZ]P^ZWaPY_dZ`L]P_SPMP__P]you feel! 3L[[d?SLYV^RTaTYR Views expressed are not necessarily those of Raymond James & Associates and are subject to change without notice. Information provided is general in nature, and is not a complete statement of all information necessary for making an investment decision, and is not a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Past performance is not indicative of future results. There is no assurance these trends will continue or that forecasts mentioned #d9"#)""))8dS")dm)E^9d^QS#’qExchange/SIPC


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 13 By Myles Mellor and Susan FlanaganEach Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To Solve the puzzle each row, column and box must con-tain each of the numbers 1 to 9. SUDOKU CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS Across1. Deprive by deceit4. Not us8. Camera settingDFd~6(14. Right-hand person15. Japanese form of self-de-fense16. Atlas abbr.17. Air conditioner capacity, for short18. He’s shown as grim, often19. Texas seaport22. Small particleEFditt8d24. City near Berlin28. Grief-ridden33. Prince Hussein for one35. Nevada county or its seat36. Popular Florida resort43. Battering wind44. Insurance company for vets45. SkillsGLd854. Nosebag tidbit55. Ancient S. American56. South African city62. Phone64. Mideast potentate65. East Indian sauce66. Egg related67. Snatcher of Peter Pan’s shadow68. ___ Maria69. Believer in many gods70. Figure skater’s jump71. “___ out!” (ump’s call) Down1. Tank top2. Fully3. Mimic4. A don’t say this or do that5. Number of visitors on your webpage6. Cabinet dept. 7. Be in sync8. Celebration9. Three-player card game10. Home on the range: Var.11. Enthusiastic poetry12. ___ favor15. Spring20. UK leadersEDd#^9)25. “Who ___?” (slangy query)26. Important Dadaist27. Daisy of Dogpatch29. Southern soldier30. Winter woe31. Hung. neighbor32. Record34. A.C. letters36. Military rank, abbr.37. Car club38. Harm 39. Name before married40. Immigrant’s class, abbr.41. Grammy nominee in 2007: Corinne Bailey ___42. Actors’ union46. American General47. Spud48. French holy woman, for short50. Josh51. Yet52. C to C or A to A53. Austrian composer, Gustav56. Push on the radio57. Earthenware pot58. Russian river59. Kind of theater60. Self-published publication61. Asian sea name62. One with a beat63. Gardner of movies Composers by Myles Mellor 123 4567 89101112 13 14 15 16 17 18 192021 22 23 24252627 2829303132 3334 35 36373839404142 43 44 45464748 4950515253 54 55 565758596061 6263 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71Across Deprive by deceitNot usCamera setting Book collector's suffixRight hand person Japanese form of self efese Atlas abbr.Air conditioner capacity, for shortHe's shown as grim, oftenTexas seaportSmall particlePls -or-minus fig. City near BerlinGriefrie Prince Hussein for oneNevada county or its seatPopular Florida resortBattering windInsurance company for vetsSillsBenefit of a large carNosebag tidbitAncient S. AmericanSouth African cityPhoneMideast potentateEast Indian sauceEgg relatedSnatcher of Peter Pan's shadow Maria Believer in many godsFigure skater's jump"___ out!" (ump's call) Down Tank topFullyMimicA don't say this or thatNumber of visitors on your webpage Cabinet dept.Be in syncCeleratiThreeplayer card game Home on the range: Var.Enthusiastic poetry___ favorSriUK leadersDone working, briefly"Who ___?" (slangy query)Important DadaistDaisy of DogpatchSouthern soldierWinter woeHung. neighborRecrA.C. lettersMilitary rank, abbr.Car clubHarmName before marriedImmigrant's class, abbr.Grammy nominee in : Corinne Bailey ___ Actors' unionAmerican GeneralSpudFrench holy woman, for shortJoshYetC to C or A to AAustrian composer, GustavPush the radioEarthenware potRussian riverKind of theaterSelf published publication Asian sea nameOne with a beatGardner of movies Games presented by KEY PHARMACY Serving Key Biscayne since 1979 Call 305-361-5445 Sudoku Solution 538927461169458372247316895681249753752683914493571628916832547824795136375164289 Sudoku Solution 538927461169458372247316895681249753752683914493571628916832547824795136375164289 G 1 I 2 P 3 T 4 H 5 E 6 M 7 F 8 S 9 T 10 O 11 P 12 A 13 NA A 14 IDE A 15 IKIDO S 16 TR B 17 TUS R 18 EAPER C 19 ORP 20 USCHR 21 ISTI A 22 TOM E 23 ST P 24 OTSD 25 A 26 M 27 T 28 EAR 29 F 30 U 31 L 32 A 33 RAB 34 E 35 LKO S 36 A 37 I 38 N 39 TPETE 40 R 41 S 42 BURG G 43 ALE U 44 SAA T 45 ALEN 46 T 47 S 48 L 49 EGR 50 O 51 O 52 M 53 O 54 AT I 55 NCA P 56 O 57 RTEL 58 I 59 Z 60 A 61 BETH C 62 A 63 LLME E 64 MIR D 65 AL O 66 VULAR N 67 ANA A 68 VE P 69 AGAN A 70 XEL Y 71 ER Esslinger • Wooten • Maxwell, Inc. Realtors 644 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 email: Dir: 305.365.3676 Fax: 305.365.3973 rnr r€€‚ƒnr„… „ 2,950,000!rn„†„‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒƒŽ‡„‘ ƒ’  ƒ“ŒƒƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€„r ŽˆŽˆ„€”€‚ƒˆƒ  949,000!rn„’ŽˆƒŒƒ‚ƒŒ•ˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†„rŽˆŽˆ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒ‡–ƒŒ“„“Œƒ „„„—ƒ•Žˆƒ”ƒƒƒ’Žƒnr‚“€ƒ™’’““€ƒ™ƒ‚ƒ“ˆƒƒƒ‚€ƒƒ’š„—rnƒˆˆnr„†ƒ™€ˆƒŒ—r‰‹Œ ƒŒ€”€‚ƒrr 688,000! r›‡‰›‡ˆ† †r—nr‰‚’Ž—r r „–ƒœ—nŒ‡ˆ r €”€‚ƒ‚ƒŒŽˆ‚“ƒˆŽƒ€r †„r“Ž „ˆƒƒšš„— 659,000!r „ˆˆƒŒ„‡r „‚““ˆ’Ž‡„—ƒ‡rŽƒn‡† ƒ“ƒƒ€“nn‘ƒ’ƒ€‚ƒŒ 499,000!r‰‰Ÿn„r‡† ˆ„‡„„rŽˆŽˆr ”‚Žƒ’„r„rƒƒ—–ƒ“ƒŒ‡r„ “€nr ƒ€€ˆ‡„r—‡r„„„‡ˆƒrr 269,000! nr›‡ƒƒŒ›–ƒŒ“„‡r„r „ˆ‚“€ƒƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ’¡‘„ƒƒ’–Žn—Œ‡„—r‡„’”Œ‚ƒn‚”ƒ‡‡ƒƒŽ“ƒ„‡„‚ƒŒˆ‚ƒƒ’‡„„ˆ“Žƒ““ƒˆ’” ‡¢„„ r„„„—”‚”ˆŒ“ƒƒ„— 899,000!nr£n„“¢„‡ˆ’ƒ„„ƒ’Žƒ™€ˆƒr„‡r ’Œ’ƒr‡‚ƒƒ‡‰Ÿ¤r †„rƒŒ€”€‚ƒ£ƒƒr„€”‰ƒŒ„ €‚ƒ¡‡rr„–ˆŒ’„ƒ€ “‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒˆŒŽ ˆŒ ƒ„r‡„‡€€“ƒ„— 464,000!‰‰nrˆ’n„†„ ‡„ƒ’n——rr‡„r‡„r‡„‚“Žƒ“ƒ‚ƒƒr „„r€ƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒŒ’r †„¢“Œƒ–ˆŒ“ƒƒ‡„„ œr€€ƒ 349,000!nr‰‰ n—‡„—“Ž† †r„„ ˆr‡„r‡„r‡„Š‰r †„ ƒ„„—‡† r„ r †„r† œr¡‡rr„“ƒƒnˆŒƒƒ‚ˆ “œ‚ˆ¦¦„ƒ‡ˆƒ”ƒŒnˆƒ‡ƒƒ‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒnƒˆnn‘ƒ 290,000! n„r‡r„„„ ‡ˆ‡„„ ”ƒ ‡„‡rƒ’n—“—rr‡„r‡„r‡„ „ –ˆŒˆ€ƒ–ŒƒƒŒ–ƒ’ƒŒ‘„‡„‡’„“ƒƒ‡‚ƒƒƒ€”r „† rœr€€ƒ‚€€“ƒ„— 2,650!‰‰nrˆ’n„†„ ‡„ƒ’n——rr‡„r‡„r‡„‚“Žƒ“ƒ‚ƒƒr „ƒŒ’r †„¢“Œƒ–ˆŒ’ˆˆ€ƒŒ“ƒƒœr€€ƒ 2,100! rr  rŽ“ƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ‡„ˆˆƒ‡ŽŽˆŽˆ‚Žƒ’Ž„r„r€€‚ƒƒ€ƒŒƒ –Ž“œ‡€ˆ“–Œƒƒ‚‚‡€‚Ž  ƒ‡r€Œ’“ƒ‚ƒŒn‡†‡rn“ƒ“–ƒŽ€€Œ–’ƒ–ƒ““ˆ“’ƒƒ”“™“ˆ““ƒˆ€ƒ“–ƒ¤‹‰Š“Žƒ¢ 7,999! ›n„rr—r‡r„ƒ„„rr—ˆŽƒŒˆ„ƒ™€ˆƒr¡”‚Žƒ–Ž“n †„Žƒ“ˆ‰‰‡r„‡„„Œƒ“‡r‡„ œr„ršr ANNUAL 4,350/SEASONAL 4,650! r„ „ƒ’‡n‡†ƒ“ŒƒƒŒˆ’‚€ƒŽƒ–ƒŒ“Œ„rŽƒƒŽƒ€„„ –Ž“nƒˆˆ”‚Žƒ„‚Œ‡r„rˆ–ƒƒƒ–ƒ€€ƒ‚ƒŒ 4,299! nr›r‡„„ rƒ’€ƒŒˆ nnŒ‡“ŒŽˆŽˆ ”‚Žƒ‡r‚ƒŽˆŽˆrƒ„‡œˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†  ‡r„r „“€nr‘„„—ƒ•ˆ€“ƒ¡‡rr„€‚ƒ 3,499!• Ranked Among the Top 1/2% of Realtors Nationwide • EWM Chairman’s Club Diamond Level 2007 through 2017 • Career sales over 375 million • Highest Number of Closed Units EWM Key Biscayne Office 2007 through 2017 • Ranked among the Top Producers for EWM Realtors Companywide Please read our BLOG at Key Biscayne Properties For Sale Key Biscayne Properties For Rent • Unfurnished Key Biscayne Properties For Rent • Furnished Brickell Condos For Sale Brickell Condos For Rent • Unfurnished ’ƒ‚Žˆ’ƒ–ƒ  €‚  ƒ’ƒƒƒ€€ƒƒƒ“ƒƒƒ‡“€ SOLD SOLD SOLD


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 14 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 calendar Submit calendar information to FRI / NOV .23 ROTARY CLUBThe Rotary Club of Key Biscayne meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Grand Bay Club. Breakfast is $19, payable at the door.OPEN AA SPEAKER’S MEETINGOpen AA Speaker’s Meeting is at 8:00 p.m. at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church. SAT / NOV 24 FARMER’S MARKETThe Key Biscayne Community Church Farmer’s Market is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.CHABAD SATURDAY SERVICESJoin the Chabad, 101 Harbor Drive, to celebrate and pray with your fellow residents during tough times. There is a 9 a.m. Rabbi’s Learning Class, 10 a.m. services and 11:45 a.m. Kiddish. The Chabad promises a friendly atmosphere, delicious kiddish and a whiskey barAll are welcome.AA OPEN DISCUSSIONAA holds an Open Discussion at 8 p.m. at Key Biscayne Crossbridge Church, 160 Harbor SUN / NOV 25 TAI CHI/QI GONGFree Tai Chi/Qi Gong is held from K]FCtL]FCdd9of the Key Biscayne Community Center.OPEN AA BEGINNER’S MEETINGAn Open AA Beginner’s Meeting is in Crossbridge Church (160 Harbor Drive) at 7 p.m. MON / NOV 26 TALKING IS TEACHING. Enjoy stories, songs and activities for toddlers from 11-11:30 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Branch Library. NEW OPEN OA (Overeaters Anonymous) beginner’s meeting, “Physical, emotional, spiritual recovery” meets at Key Biscayne Community Church at 7:00pmCLOSED AA STEP MEETINGThis Closed AA Step Meeting is at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church at 8 p.m.AL-ANON IN SPANISHThere will be an Al-Anon meeting held in Spanish every Monday at 8 p.m. at Albertson Hall in St. Agnes Church. TUE / NOV 27 MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITATION. Sit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 Miami Medita tion Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, suite 6. The suggested donation is $5. For more info, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or AA MEN’S MEETINGThis Closed AA Men’s Meeting is at 8 p.m. in Room 120 of Village Hall.AL-ANON MEETINGThe Al-Anon Lois Kitchen meets at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m. WED / NOV 28 ADULT TRIP: FESTIVAL FLEA MARKET ON SAMPLE. Join us on our visit to this one-of-a-kind, multi-merchant market place, and all in air-conditioned comfort. Bus departs at 9:30 a.m. from Community Center. Please contact Roxy Lohuis-Tejeda for more information at 305-365-8953.FREE LECTURE BY UM’S OLLI: “The Role of the US in this Ever Changing World” with Dr. Mitra Raheb. Courses and lectures pre sented by the University of Miami’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at 10 a.m. at the Community Center. To learn more please visit THINGS I LOVE Carlos MandiolaWhat is his perfect day? Good morning Key Biscayne! It is 5:30 a.m. and time to get up and enjoy our paradise. I am going for a two-hour walk around the island to enjoy the sunrise on the beach. After that I am lucky enough to work at Coldwell Banker Real Estate, less than a 1,000 steps from my home, so I also have the perfect commute. Daily exercise gives me the positive energy to plan the day and achieve my goals. 8:30 a.m.: Time to start planning the work activities, reaching out to my customers in the US and abroad, and updating them on the real estate market, what I am doing to market their property with global exposure, as well as prospecting for future business. I enjoy speaking with 5)5languages. After making my contacts, I go into my team meeting with my colleagues on The McCaughan Real Estate Team, Joan McCaughan, Monica Steinmuller, Brian Corbett, Elsa Corbett and John Greeven. I enjoy the collaboration and brainstorming. When it is time for lunch, I have plenty of choic-es on the island, but my favorite is a nice vegan lunch. I thrive on outdoor activities, like last weekend, when I and a team member, Elsa, were inspired to run the 41st Key Biscayne Lighthouse Run near the base of the historical lighthouse. A great opportunity to give back to the charities of our community. After the race, we stopped at the Lighthouse Restaurant, right on our beautiful beach, for Cuban 5dy"^ less you prefer sailboats, which I do! Next weekend, my J30 and I will sail in the 42nd Round the Island Regatta, sponsored by the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. There is no better way to enjoy our Biscayne Bay backyard. START THE DAY PASSING TIME... THE CRAFTY NEEDLE SEWING GROUP. E8 blankets and aprons for those 5/ heimer’s disease. Blankets help focus attention, stimulate senses and memory, and exercise hand muscles. No sewing experience is needed. The group meets at 12:30 p.m. in the Adult Lounge of the Key Biscayne Community Center. WEIGHT WATCHERS KEY BISCAYNEweekly meeting is at noon at the University of Miami Rosen stiel School, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, room 103. For more information, contact Sally Brody at 305-926-8548.MEDITATION GROUP The Into the Silence meditation group meets at 6:30 p.m. Join others in your community for a relaxing "9at the Key Biscayne Branch Library. For information, call 305-361-6134.THIS CLOSED AA BIG BOOK MEETING is at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m. WED / NOV 29 ENGLISH CONVERSATION CIRCLE. Looking to practice or improve your English your English-speaking abil ities? Join the Key Biscayne Branch Library’s weekly conversation group from 10:30-11:30 a.m. BINGO. Join friends and neighbors for Bingo and lunch at the Key Biscayne Community Center at 11:30 a.m.MOVIES AT THE VILLAGE. The free Thursday movie, Crazy Rich Asians will be shown at 1:30 p.m. in the Adult Lounge of the Key Biscayne Community Center. TOWERS BRIDGE. Thursday night bridge at The Towers of Key Biscayne begins at 7 p.m. For reservations, call Judy Reinach at 305-361-9562.AA WOMAN’S MEETING. This closed AA Woman’s meeting is at 8 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Com munity Church.MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITATION.Sit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 Miami Meditation Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, suite 6. The suggested donation is $5 and instruction is provided for beginners. For more information, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and you do not have any reason to leave the Island. What do you do with perfect day on the Key? Carlos Mandiola, long time Key Biscayne resident and Realtor Associate/ McCaughan Group, tells us about his. Time to meet with the family at the Yacht Club and enjoy the sunset with the grandkids. I learn so much from them. Cheers with a glass of Pinot Noir in my hand! END OF THE DAY… rrn nrnn If you’re over 50, Keep your own dentist! rn No wait for preventive care and no deductibles – n Coverage for over 350 procedures – n NO annual or lifetime cap FREE Information Kit Or *Individual plan.Product not available in MN, MT, NH, NM, RI, VT, WA. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, NY; call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN) 6096E-0917 MB17-NM008Ec Product not available in MN, MT, NH, NM, RI, VT, WA Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/ce rtificate of this type. Contact us for complete det ails


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 15 classieds Boating Key Biscayne Yacht Sales, for new & used boats. Eric Labrador 786-285-4498. Eddie Mendoza 786-942-7921. Employment HELP WANTED! Dominos Key Biscayne has immediate openings for inside store and delivery personnel. Please call Cesar at 305-282-7730. 2PYP]LW2`TOPWTYP^QZ];WLNTYRL.WL^^TPO,OaP]_T^PXPY_Minimum of 99 characters, spaces and punctuation count as characters. For 1 week: $20 Every additional 33 characters or less which includes spaces and punctuation: $5 Bolding: An additional $5 For ads to run Thursday, the deadline is 5 p.m. Monday.Cancellation and correction deadlines are identical to placement deadlines. Holiday deadlines vary and are available upon request.\66] 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday i] 305-361-3333, ext. 11 ,'] 305-361-5051 "t] œ6œ!^ The Islander News reserves the right to correctly classify and edit all copy or reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. All ads placed by phone are read back to adver-tiser at time of placement. Only standard abbreviations are accepted. Payments œ6œœœœ^‹œŠœXPœœand American Express. ,OU`^_XPY_^ hœ'œ6œœ!œœœ6!œ^8'6œXœœœ6œœ'œDAFnDGBnDDDDX&^BB^ Garage Sale Garage Sale 600 Allendale Rd! Satur day, from 9am-noon. Clothes, books, small toys and small furniture. Fictitious Name Did you know you can publish your Fictitious Name advertisement in The Islander News for only $75. In accor-dance with Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, The Islander News will publish your Fictitious Name advertisement for one week and then provide you with the )6"d,S vertisement must be paid for in advance. For information, contact Fernanda Oliva at 305-361-3333, extension 11, or email Pets KB’s only luxury cage free dog hotel and dog daycare for small breeds. Your Good Dog. 305-710-0502. Real Estate Sale \i"S6\q" The Towers of KB B902. Wed Dec 5 from 12 to 2 pm. or by Appt. Call 305.205.1567! Josie Albaine @ ONE Sotheby’s.2/2.5 imperial at Brickell, Big balcony and nice water city view. $420K. Silvia Burgoa Capital Nast Realty. 305-858-8195.OPEN HOUSE Saturday 24th 12-3 pm315 W Palmwood Lane.Virginia Lattanzi KB-Realty – 786-301-1767 Real Estate Rentals ,\mm"Sy\mqI"t9qISm"G"mqDHC\"SIS"mdS9yFd\m S"mEjEDFCCqld,ydŒmim\SI\S’^\i"SG9y6"S^EimG9S.qi"q^€y9I",I\\mq^Im."qy\QI\q"yq^"6iy6^i\\I^.’Qd"q’y\q6\Œdi"yqŒ"I\Q"dt…HEL^CCC\mm"Sy…E^KHCjQ\Sy6t€m\G"mqŒ"I\Q"€FCHtGHKtIFCGd2/2 in perfect conditions. 251 Galen Dr. 1200 sq ft + balcony. $2400 Call 305-361-8013 /PaPWZ[XPY_ q"pq8development and rental, Key Biscayne DUPLEX – SPLIT 50/50, Steve Olmore Associates; Mobile – (305)439-0545, Tel – Fax 305-365-5799. :NP>[LNP1Z]=PY_ 650 – 1,950 SF Retail space available at Harbor Plaza! Rare opportunity to bring your business to Key Biscayne! Commodore Realty, Inc. 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ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne PAGE 16 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 HOURS: BREAKFAST & LUNCH Monday Friday: 8am-8pmSat: 9am to 2pm | Sun: Closed. Located inside the Key Biscaynecommunity center, is a grab & go concept for the whole family. @thecornercoffeepantry thecornercoffeepantry CONTACT US: | 1-(786) 420-2666 $Q$XWKHQWLF7DVWH2I,WDO\,QZthe cooking classes NZXXPYNPO With the Mil anezza team serving as sous chefs, they showed children in groups of about 40 to 50 how to prepare meals,pack them carefully for deliver, and then travel together to place the meals in the hands ZQ_SZ^PTYYPPO Narciso Munoz and Malena Legarre are the found ers of Fundacion Hermanos de la .LWWP?SPdLWWbZ]V together to deter mine the logistics for delivery of meals -creating a giving tradition that demonstrates to children what one helping heart can LNSTPaP The Fundacion and Arneri’s Milanessa team have worked _ZRP_SP]^TYNP"8Z]P_SLY450 children have participated in Group shot of students cooking A Thanksgiving special delivery from the heart: Taking time to feed the homeless of Miami # tasteoeybiscayne See THANKSGIVING on page 17


ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 PAGE 17 Classic Italian Cuisine 180 Crandon Blvd | Key Biscayne, FL 33149 | (786) 773-3633 Mon-Thu 6pm to 10:30pm • Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm • Closed Sunday Join us for an unforgettable night at Key Biscayne’s most authentic Italian eatery. SIMPLE | SEASONAL | ITALIAN _SP^[PNTLWPWO_]T[^_ZOPWTaP]SZ_XPLW^ m0aP]d_TXPbPRP_ZY_SP]ZLO _ZRP_SP]_Z^SL]P_SP[]P[L]POQZZO_SP_]T[T^LWbLd^Q`WWZQWL`RS_P]LYOUZVP^LYO^TYR TYRn^LTO,]YP]T m0aP]d_TXPbP]P_`]YT_j^aP]d \`TP_?SPVTO^L]P]PPN_TYRZY_SP^P]TZ`^YP^^ZQbSL__SPdSLaPU`^_Pc[P]TPYNPOLYOL^VTYR_SPX^PWaP^_SP^LXP\`P^_TZY%BSL_NLYbPOZ_ZXLVP_ST^bZ]WOLMP__P][WLNP QZ]LWW*n >SPLOOPO%m0aP]d_]T[T^L ]PXTYOP]ZQ_SPYPWTYPMP_bPPY^WPP[TYRTYZ`]6Pd-T^NLdYPNZXQZ]__Z^WPP[TYRZY_SPNZWO^_]PP_^TYL_STYNL]OMZL]OMZcn 3L[[d?SLYV^RTaTYR_Z1`YOL NTZY3P]XLYZ^OPWL.LWWP_ZLWW_SPVTO^bSZSLaP_LVPY_SP_TXP_ZRTaP_ZZ_SP]^TYWLMZ]^ZQWZaPO`]TYR_ST^^[PNTLW?SLYV^RTaTYR^PL^ZYLYO_Z2WLOd^,]YP]TLYO_SP8TWLYPeeL^_LQZ]^SL]TYR_SPT]^_Z]d 1Z]XZ]PTYQZ]XL_TZYZY 1`YOLNTZY3P]XLYZ^OPWL.LWWPTY6Pd-T^NLdYP[WPL^PaT^T_S__[^%bbbQLNPMZZVNZX3P] XLYZ^.LWWP6continued from Page 16 THANKSGIVING Students doing the deed.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 18 THURSDAY, NOV. 22, 2018 Judy Reinach And Family beachcombings Second annual Miami Bridge luncheonPhotos by Leo Quintana Celebrating helping kids in crisis at the recent 2nd Annual Miami Bridge luncheon at the Rusty Pelican! Melissa Lobo, Estefania Delgado !^y5(I Christa Curry, Julie Harris Jessica Issa, Lashoda Chavis,Dionne Hamilton,Ashley Wooten Sylvia Patino, DorcasWilcox, Mike Murphy Ruth Foss, Joyce Patanovich,Staria Petersen, Fredda Levitt Guests enjoy the event Balwin Davis, Judy Reinach,Shenell Cooper