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ISLANDER NEWS ISLANDERNEWS.COM SINCE 1966 VOLUME 51, NO. 44 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 $1.25Islander News Key Biscayne voters will have their say on the shape of our Villages government for the next two years by voting to elect a new Mayor by casting a vote for either Michael Davey The Islander News (USPS #7287) Nov. 1, 2018 Volume 51, No. 44 Published weekly by American Hometown Publishing, 5801 Washington Ave. Ste. 201A, Mt. Pleasant, WI 53406. POSTMATER: Please send address changes to The Islander News, 104 Crandon Bouldevard, Suite 301, Key Biscayne, FL, 33149. ISLANDERNEWS.COM or Luis Lucho de la Cruz and also electing three new Council residents. Inside this Islander News issue, you each of the Candidates running, the popular citizens mini-endorsements and information on the Miami-Dade and State of Florida amendments as well as the one Key Biscayne amendDancing shoes on! 50s and 60s music is the order at the Dance with a Mission event this Saturday (Nov 3rd) at the KB Community Church. Proceeds provide toys for the Grace Christmas Parties in Haiti. Admission is $20. VOTE! Make sure you come out and vote on Tuesday, Nov 6. Poll is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. The KB Fire & Rescue Department now has registration open for CPR Training. First class is this Thursday, November 8 at 5:00 p.m. Registration is $25.00. Save the date and get your discounted tickets for the Cuban Extravaganza event Thursday, 7-Midnight on Nov 8th at Boaters Grill in the Bill Baggs State Park. Tickets $20 in advance at or $30 at the door. Registration is now open for the 2018, 41st Annual Key Biscayne Lighthouse 10K/5K Run on Saturday, November 10. ment and descriptions of the many State elected positions we will be this helpful in making your decisions and DO come out and VOTE next Tuesday. ELECTION ISSUE 5 THINGS TO KNOW1 2 3 4 5 GALLERIES, INC $$ WE BUY $$ HIGHEST PRICES PAID 24 Hr. On Call800-920-0067 Email Us at: CALL BRUCE KODNER305-949-4545 ALL SIGNED JEWELRY, DIAMONDS & WATCHES ROLEX CARTIER PATEK PHILLIPE TIFFANY BVLGARIBUYING MID-CENTURY ANTIQUESFURNITURE & ACCESORIESPAUL EVANS LAVERNE NAKASHIMA10KT. 14KT. 18KT. 22KT GOLD & ESTATE JEWELRY ANTIQUES SCULPTURES OIL PAINTINGS FINE ART GOLD & SILVER COINS & CURRENCYCHINESE, RUSSIANART & OBJECTS IMMEDIATE PAYMENT rfn tbff* *For primary care, cardiology and urology appointments physician and location are subject to availability.t r fntbrr JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE Who will you elect to complete our Village government?


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 2 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 • Invisalign • Braces • Orthodontic for Children, Teens and Adults • Family Dentistry • Roots Canals • Implants • Full Mouth Reconstruction • One Visit Crowns Call us for the Back to School Specials. Dr. VIRGINIA BOCAGE Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics -HARVARD UNIVERSITYDr. LUCIANA MOLINARI Advanced Education In General Dentistry -UNIVERSITY OF 604 CRANDON BLVD STE 205, KB (305) 361 8695 YOUR QUESTION ANSWERED Michael Davey During my fourteen years as an active part of our Village government, I hope that I have shown the leadership, the team-building skills, and the drive necessary to help lead our Village Council. As Councilmem ber, two-time Vice Mayor, Chair of the Education Advisory Board, Underground Utility Task Force and Charter Re view Commission, I have worked to create consensus and to get things done. While I appreciate the question, the issue is not whether I or Mr. de la Cruz deserve to be Mayor – the issue is what our Village deserves in its next Mayor. We have many projects and issues that we must move forward on L^LNZXX`YT_d?]LNLYO pedestrian safety, beaches, better school options, storm water drainage, public safety, and civility are items of concern that Z`]]P^TOPY_^SLaPTOPY_TPOL^important to them. As a Council, we will have to work together to do so. That will take a Mayor who can facilitate discussions that may get heated, but always lead us back to making a deci sion on how to proceed. It will take a consistent leader who has a history of reaching out to those who have contrary positions and listening to, and learning from, them. We have tremendous chal lenges and opportunities on this island, as well as tremendous resources. Now, we need to make the future that we want for our community. I have long believed that we are a stronger commu nity when we work together. We need a fresh start, and I look forward to helping make that a reality. Luis Lucho de la Cruz As mayor, I will encourage forward thinking and strategic [WLYYTYRbT_S^NLW]P^[ZY^TMTW ity, so that we take a “holistic” approach to our community needs and the direction we take moving forward. We are at a critical time with important projects and decisions pending. With degrees in both law and civil engineering, I am the may-oral candidate with the expertise and VISION to tackle complex, large-scale projects. We need technical minds on the Council as we further develop our storm drainage system, underground Z`]`_TWT_TP^TX[]ZaP_]LNOPYPXZ]P[P]XLYPY_^ZW`_TZY^for our beaches, push to replace Bear Cut bridge, etc. Lawyers are YP1TYLYNTLWXTYO^L]PRZZOTechnical minds are what we most need now. As mayor, I will encourage a common-sense approach and work to direct and empower our manager and our council to bring forth more of your ideas. I have also developed invaluable relationships with leaders at City of Miami and Mi-ami-Dade, which I will leverage to our advantage when we discuss Bear Cut Bridge, Rickenbacker .L`^PbLd[WLdTYRPWO^LYOother issues. This year’s mayoral election will be the culmination of all my PZ]_^ZYMPSLWQZQZ`]T^WLYO4have no further political aspira-tions. I have been fully vested in this community for over 45 years and working with the Village in var-ious capacities (councilmember, youth sports, KBAC, St Agnes, KBYC). Thank you for voting for me to be your Mayor of Key Biscayne. YOUR QUESTION ANSWERED Why I deserve your vote for mayor De la Cruz Davey


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 3 rn rnn n n nnnn € n nnn  € €€‚ƒ„‚n…†ƒ‡€ˆ‰n‰‚ ‚nnnƒ„r n…ƒ n„n †‡nnˆn  Š‹r € €‚ƒ„‚n…†ƒ‡€ˆ‰n‰‚ €ƒ ‰Š‹ŠŠr n‡ŒŒŒnn nn nnnn„Œn„ Ž n€ € „ˆ‰n‰‚ ‘n„Œn ’nnnn nn“ Œ“n“…n rŒŒ € €‚‡€Šˆ‰n‰‚ rn nnn”n•–’ n€nŽ—  ‹n „ „rn€n nn nnn† n •™n Š ŒrŒ Ž‡n‘…… „„n• ––nnnnn n ŒŒnnnš “n  ’“nŒ” €€„ƒ„†Ž„…… ›n„„rnœ„ ŽƒŸš n ¡–¢  £“œ—Ž  ‹Ÿ r  Œ€ •„ Š‚–„„ƒˆ‰n‰‚ ¡nn ¢nn•nnƒr n¡nnŒŒŒn n rŒŒ £‹r†‚¡”‚‘‹–r‘¡‚ †‹‚r€¡ƒ Š‰‰„ Ž„¤ €€€‚ƒ„‚n…†ƒ‡Š nŽnn”n•n€n rnnnnnnn „¢nnnnnnnn –”‚††”‚‘ £‹r†‚¡r rr†–‚¡rƒ Š—ŽŠŽŽ €€€€n‰‚n…†ƒ‡€€ nŸ£“ „„Šnnn  –Ÿr‡n‡nn n ”n…  …‡nn…Œn• n nnrn’nnnn• € ‚ƒˆ‰n‰‚ –“nn ”n nƒ¦ n nnn n Œ’€ n‰‚n…†ƒ‡r Žn‡nnn nnn…Œn – nŽ„Œn n  Š‹r € Œn €€‚ƒ„‚n…†ƒ‡€ˆ‰n‰‚ –nƒ„ n† nnnnnn n ŒŒŒnn €nn rŠŒŒ— — ‹£†’ €€‚ƒ„‚n…†ƒ‡€ˆ‰n‰‚ ›Ÿ€nŒŒŒn„rn• n„nn n‡ n nn nnn r rŠŒŒ— — ‹£†’ € ¡‚…†‹€¡  rnŒ”nˆ   Œ” n  ˆ“n“Œ€  rrn ’Œ•’ rn“ŒŒŒ r n Œ ™rŒ— ’šr‚›‚›n„‘ ˆ‰n‰‚œœ € œ‰„–„…ƒ…‘Ž„Ž…‘„ŽŽ„…Ž‰„œ Ÿ„‚‚›„ r œ…‰¡ƒ‰Ž„ œ„‰„Ž¡›ŽŽŽ„…Ž„¢ Ž r £


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 4 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz • 305-785-6530 • Political Advertisement Paid for and App roved by Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz For Key Biscayne Mayor Campaign PROVEN LEADERSHIP, PROVEN RESULTS THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTE! • Permanent Structural Solutions to Beach Erosion • Upgrading Our Storm Drainage Infrastructure • Undergrounding Our Utilities • Optimizing Traf c, Pedestrian Safety & Progressive Transportation Initiatives • K-8 Facilities and space at MAST • Strategic Planning with Fiscal Responsibility to Face Tomorrow’s Challenges LUIS “LUCHO” DE LA CRUZ FOR MAYOR OF KEY BISCAYNE We should lead all other communities with VISION and innovative, yet sensible, initiatives. As the mayoral candidate with degrees in both law and civil engineering, I have the technical expertise and VISION to tackle complex infrastructure, large-scale projects which directly impact our safety, quality of life and property values. I have developed important working relationships with the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County which will facilitate negotiating critical issues – Rickenbacker Causeway Authority, Replacing Bear Cut Bridge, MAST and K-8, Playing Fields on Crandon and Virginia Key.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 5 THECOTOGROUP.COM | INFO@THECOTOGROUP.COM rrrnr The Coto Group, with over four decades of real estate experience, is one of Miami’s leading luxury real estate advisors and the single most experienced real estate group on Key Biscayne. Please contact us if you are interested in buying, selling or learning more about the real estate market. We look forward to working with you! ‹00;9,,,21(6RWKHE\V,QWHUQDWLRQDO5HDOW\OLFHQVHGUHDOHVWDWHEURNHU6RWKHE\V,QWHUQDWLRQDO5HDOW\ŠLVDOLFHQVHGWUDGHPDUNWR6RWKHE\V,QWHUQDWLRQDO5HDOW\$IOLDWHV//&$Q(TXDO2SSRUWXQLW\&RPSDQ\(TXDO+RXVLQJ2SSRUWXQLW\(DFK2IFHLV,QGHSHQGHQWO\2ZQHGDQG2SHUDWHG7KHLQIRUPDWLRQFRQWDLQHGKHUHLQLVGHHPHGDFFXUDWHEXWQRWJXDUDQWHHG3ULFHVDUHVXEMHFWWRFKDQJHZLWKRXWQRWLFH Carlos Claudine Coto Victor Lake Villa | PH-3 $8,000/Seasonal 3 beds | 3 baths Ocean Club, Ocean Tower | #1005 $12,000/Seasonal 3 beds | 3 baths 600 N Mashta Drive $10,500/Mo 4 beds | 3 baths | Annual Towers of Key Biscayne | #A-702 $7,000/Seasonal 2 beds | 2 baths Key Colony, Tidemark | #524$5,000/Mo 2 beds | 2 baths Ocean Club, Ocean Tower I #1503 $3,499,000 3 beds + staff | 4/1 baths Ocean Club, Resort Villa I #307 $990,000 2 beds | 2 baths Ocean Club, Ocean Tower I #1506 $2,650,000 3 beds + staff | 3 baths 3 beds | 3 baths Ocean Club, Ocean Tower II #504 $2,200,000 Key Colony, Botanica | #267 $4,500/Mo 3 beds | 2 baths Key Colony, Tidemark | #741 $10,000/Mo 3 beds | 3/1 baths $2,190,000 378 Caribbean Road 3 beds | 3 baths Casa del Mar | #10-C $1,425,000 2 beds + den | 2 baths Mar Azul | #7BS $1,299,000 or $6,450/Mo 3 beds | 3 baths Ocean Club Cabanas Ocean Club Residents Only Cabana #606 | $255,000 Cabana #851 | $185,000 $6,250/Seasonal REPRICED


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 6 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 1. To qualify for this oer, you must have a new or existing Platinum Savings account and enroll the account in this oer between 10/15/2018 and 11/16/2018. This oer is subject to change at any time, without notice. This oer is available only to Platinum Savings customers in the following states: CT, FL and NY. In order to earn the Special Interest Rate of 1.69% (Special Rate), you must deposit $25,000 in new money (from sources outside of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., or its aliates) to the enrolled savings account and maintain a minimum daily account balance of $25,000 throughout the term of this oer. The corresponding Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for this oer is 1.70%. The Special Rate will be applied to the enrolled savings account for a period of 12 months, starting on the date the account is enrolled in the oer. 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Fixed Rate CD Guaranteed fixed rate with new money deposits of at least $25,000 for an 11-month term. 2.30% Annual Percentage Yield for 11 months 2 Platinum Savings Account Enjoy a special interest rate for 12 months with new money deposits of at least $25,000 and a minimum daily account balance of $25,000 or more. 1.70% Annual Percentage Yield for 12 months 1 Ignacio Segurola I see our Village at a crucial point in its development, closing the chapter on its adolescence as a municipality and opening the next one as a ma ture government body representing citizens from with a wide array of ages, origins and philosophies. The next Council will make deci sions on issues that will impact the ATWWLRPQZ]_SPYPc_Q_ddPL]^LYObeyond. The Council needs mem bers who can analyze the issues LYOPPN_TaPWdTX[WPXPY_[ZWTNTP^for the good of all. A Master Plan is necessary in order to do that. Only by sitting down and decid ing what we want, where we want it and how we’re going to pay for it can we responsibly manage our development and the taxpayer monies with which the Council is entrusted. The next Council must prepare a road map to the Village we want and our children deserve in order to avoid mismanagement and the waste of our hard-earned dollars. I hope you have gotten to know me and what I would bring to the next Council by my infor mation online and at the various forums and events. As an almost twenty-year resident, business owner, parent and fellow taxpayer I ask that you give me, Ignacio J. Segurola #110, one of your three votes on November 6th. Luis Lauredo I have a passion for Key Biscayne, my home for 37 years.It drove me to join a group of citizens in creating the new Village government. I was PWPN_PO_Z_SP]^_ Council.present at creation, I have seen it grow and prosper, thanks to the dedicated service of all Council members and Mayors that have served. We owe them our gratitude.Today Key Biscayne enters a critical time. Decisions are due on important investments in infrastructure: undergrounding of utilities,parks and recreatioin facilities,drainage sustainable beach restoration, support to our [ZWTNPLYO]P]P^N`PLYO\`LWT_dschools for our children. ?SP^P]P\`T]P_SZ`RS_Q`W^NLWWd ]P^[ZY^TMWPLN_TZY^4_]P\`T]P^experience and sound judgement Council candidates’ ask for your vote Nov 6 continued on page 8 Ignacio Segurola Luis Lauredo


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 7 We Are A Better Community When We Work Together P aid for by the Campaign Account for Michael W Davey My name is Mike Davey, and I am running to be your Mayor. Many of you know me, and you know that I am easy to nd! For those of you whom I have not met yet, my cell phone is on my website – and I would love to hear from you about the issues that are most important to you and your family or business.I love Key Biscayne – we all do – and I have been passionate about making this the best place to live for all of us. That’s why I ran for Council in 2006 and served for two terms. During those eight years, I was honored to be elected twice as Vice Mayor by my fellow Councilmembers. We did not always agree, but we got a lot of things done by coming together, putting our egos aside, and trying to do what was best for the community. We never undermined each other, and we always respected one another’s viewpoints.Unfortunately, during the last four years, the Council has not been as effective as it needed to be. There are three people returning to Council, and I know I can work with each of them. There are ve great candidates for the three open Council seats, and I am sure that I can work with each of them, as well. We have a lot of issues that need to be addressed, but unless we have leadership that is willing to create a team, the next four years will be the same as the last four.We need to negotiate with the City of Miami, the County, the State and Federal governments. But, if we look weak, it will be impossible to get anything done. If we are divided, they can pit us against one another, and we will not get what we need to get from these negotiations. As Mayor, I will strive to bring unity and cooperation to the next Council. My name is Mike Davey and I ask for your support. There is no doubt that my opponent cares as deeply about our Village as any of us do. I understand that this is a dif cult decision, and I am honored to be on the same ballot as him, and the ve candidates for Council. My only request is that, as you think through this important decision, please privately approach some of the people you respect most who have had a hand in bringing this Village forward – incorporators, past Board volunteers, Village staff, and the people with whom I have served on Council. They know better than anyone how I can best contribute to our future. Thank you. MY FELLOW KEY BISCAYNE RESIDENTS


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 8 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 continued from 6 STATEMENTS .You entrust us with your hard earned money. I will spend it wisely.Experience and Judgement. ?SP^PL]P_SP_bZ\`LWT_TP^4ZP] for your consideration. A lifetime experience in management in business and public administration which have disciplined me to sound judgement practices, and how to lead. And I have the time and energy to do it. If you honor me with your vote, together we can reinforce the dream born 27 years ago: Small, PNTPY_NT_TePYQZN`^POATWWLRPgovernment Thank you for your consideration Tony Winton I’m running because I see im mense challenges facing our island. Sea Level Rise is an existential threat already starting _ZPPN_[]Z[P]_dvalues. Our beach es and water need more protection. We need safer streets for pedes trians, cyclists, and everyone else. Add to that education, support for our seniors, and so much more. We need clear thinking and level-headed leadership to develop a real strategic plan, with real deadlines, and a council that fo cuses on major policy goals instead of getting hopelessly sidetracked on minutiae. And we must confront other problems like drug and alcohol abuse, fractured families, and so many other soul-crushing chal lenges. Your neighbors are hurting, often behind closed doors. Our community must increase part nerships with schools, churches, and other groups to develop what I call “resiliency of the heart” – it’s just as important as environmental resiliency and always will be for me. My decades of experience as national journalist give me a `YT\`P^VTWW^P__ZLYLWdePNZX[WPcinformation, sift out the facts, and communicate goals clearly. This is what’s needed on Key Biscayne. I promise my absolute best not to let you down. Please learn more at tonywinton. com, and I respectfully ask for your vote. Jeffrey Gonzalez I am the new QLNPQZ]ATWWLRPCouncil, ready to listen, collaborate and execute smart policy. My sys tematic approach T^_ZNL_PRZ]TePLYOselect high impact low cost initiatives, build upon small wins thereby simplifying the scope of massive capital projects that we desperately require to preserve all the great things that our Island Paradise delivers. So, how do you do that? Start by aT^T_TYRbbbPWPN_RZYeLWPeNZXtake the 5-question survey, then look at the data insights provided. By seamlessly engaging our com-munity and truly understanding what people want we will be years ahead of any other town. ,^bPPNTPY_WdNZWWPN_LYOLYLWdePOL_L[ZTY_^ZYbSL_j^most important to people, we can empower our government to act on the greatest good for the community. In 2018, we demand issue and budget transparency. I believe that with seamless digital sug-gestion and opinion tools for making policy improvements, we can achieve transparency. It is not about mundane public updates, it’s about having your A:4.0SPL]OLYOPYRLRPOaTLLsimple digital platform. Do you ever check “What’s App, txt, email, Facebook or even a voice-mail? It can be that easy, really. 7P_XP^SZbdZ`A:?0"g5011=0D2:9E,70E Edward London ;70,>0A:?0 1:=0/7:9/:9g4B,9??:>0=A0,>D:@==0;=0>09?,?4A0:9A477,20.:@9.47 I want to ensure that our local government provides us with the highest \`LWT_dZQ^P]aTNP^PNTPY_WdLYOPNZYZXTNLWWd2ZaP]YXPY_X`^_MPLNNZ`Y_LMWP_ZT_^NT_TePY^2Za ernment must be transparent in its operations and its expenditures. In order for me to make intelligent decisions I need information which has been sorely lacking for many years. That is why I have proposed LNSTPQYLYNTLWZNP]bSZbTWWTYQZ]X_SPATWWLRP8LYLRP]LYOCouncil, in a timely manner, as _Z_SPYLYNTLWZ[P]L_TZY^ZQ_SPATWWLRPLYO_SP[]ZR]P^^ZQNL[T_LWprojects. With current information, I can make sure your tax dollars are ^[PY_bT^PWd2ZaP]YXPY_X`^_move forward expeditiously on the many capital improvement projects including, but not limit-ed to, improved drainage, under-ground utilities, beach re-nour-T^SXPY_^XL]__]LNWTRS_^_Z LWWPaTL_P_]LNNZYRP^_TZYLYOstreet lights on all streets. 4LXL]XMPWTPaP]TYmMPL_ [ZWTNTYRn0LNS[ZWTNPXLYbZ`WO[L_]ZWL^[PNTNL]PL?SP[ZWTNPwould get to know the residents, their kids, pets, and cars. They form a relationship with the resi dents and know when something is wrong, and are there to take action. There will be no addition-al cost for “beat policing”. We have the police and equipment necessary to carry out this ap-proach to public safety. I have held public service positions for the last 32 years in many areas including schools, pensions, and insurance. In business, I have experience in M`TWOTYRYLYNPLYOXLY` QLN_`]TYRLXZYRZ_SP]PWO^If elected, my experience, both public and private, makes me \`LWTPO_Z^P]aPLWW_SP]P^TOPY_^of Key Biscayne. TonyWinton Jeffrey Gonzalez Edward London


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 9 High voter turnout on Tuesday November 6. There are many important items on the seven-page ballot, each necessitating that our voices are heard in the voting booth on November 6. A new Village Mayor. Three new Coun-cilmembers. As if these are not enough to bring everyone out Tuesday, there are many other issues on the ballot. Hopefully, we will end up with a much higher turnout than the 22% of Key Biscayne voters who casted a vote on in August. Regardless of how you vote, absentee mail, early voting or joining us Tuesday at the precinct, just make sure you DO vote. Ti’s the Season is approaching No, we are not talking about holiday parties or gift giving. Fun as those will no doubt be, we are talking about the high season for philanthropic giving that is about to kick into high gear. We invite you to open your hearts – and yes, your wallets – and give to your favorite charity or support the many fundraising events being held around the Island, like the upcoming Dance with a Mission at the KB Community Church, the Rotary of Key Biscayne annual Wine & Food Fest, or the recently held luncheon for Miami Bridge. If you are look ing for organizations in need of your support, visit the Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s website ( for inspiration. Run or walk and register for the Lighthouse Run Bill Baggs An event that goes on for 41 years MUST be popular and doing it right! The 41st running/walking of the Lighthouse Run at the Bill Baggs State Park is this coming Saturday, November 10, precisely at 7:40 a.m. The race starts and ends at the base of our beloved Lighthouse. You can register online at http://www.kblhr. com or in person at The Court Sports Gear on 79 3L]MZ]/]TaP,WWYP_[]Z_^Q]ZX_SPPaPY_RZ_ZZvarious organizations and charities. opinion THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY GUEST COLUMNISTS AND IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINION OF THE ISLANDER NEWS. The Life & Times of Key Biscayne, Florida Published every Thursday. Deadlines: Display Advertising 5 p.m. Friday; œ6 F^^Pœ'c R!œH"XC^^Pœ' x8œR!œRœœR! œœXp'hœDœX,œ hœœF'œ'œ^ BAElR[R[~H"ŠlXp~8x"DABVF"‘8p‘R"X,HDDBEJVh5[R"WDAFnDGBnDDDDV,WDAFnDGBnFAFBV8pHR"lR"‹p^[PVCABIHHl8.5xpl"p"lŠ"XP"l8R5[P"x[‹Rh~H8p58R.X8R^ PUBLISHERDl'X&^BD'œ!^EDITORœ!^ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVEPœœ[ œX&^BB œœ!^ DESIGNERœ.œœ^SUBSCRIPTIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS"œœX!œœ!^BEACHCOMBINGSF'DX&^BCœ!^CALENDAR SUBMISSIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ 3 THINGS WE WANT TO SEE HAPPEN THIS WEEK 123 Grateful. That is the overwhelming feeling I get when looking at the hard campaigning work being done oby the seven men running for election in our island. These outstand TYRTYOTaTO`LW^bSTWPSLaTYROTP]PY_MLNVR]Z`YO^^SL]P_SPNZXXZYdesired to make Key Biscayne an even better community than it already is. I’ve had the pleasure of reading all the “mini-endorsements” and the genuine passion that comes through in them, leaves me with the sense that good news awaits Key Biscayne residents, regardless of who “wins” either of the three open council seats or who becomes Mayor. We cannot go wrong! All seven candidates will join our remaining Councilmembers; Allison McCormick, Brett Moss and Katie Petros, to guide the Village forward and help shape a future our kids, and their kids, bTWWMP[]Z`OZ 8Z]PZaP]L^SL]OL^0O7ZYOZY4RYLNTZ>PR`]ZWL5P]Pd2ZYeLWPe Luis Lauredo, Lucho de la Cruz, Mike Davey and Tony Winton have worked on their campaigns, their work will only get harder once four of _SPXMPNZXPPWPN_POZNTLW^?SPT^^`P^LPN_TYRZ`]NZXX`YT_dSLaPnot taken a break waiting to see who is elected. Nor has Village Manager Andrea Agha and her team stopped their work. Come Wednesday morn ing, when the election dust settles, the new Council will have to very quickly jump on the equivalent of a moving train and get right to work. We thank all candidates for their dedication. We KNOW there are no “losers” from this election as we know all the candidates and know that, win or lose, all will continue working to ensure our government is ac countable and working for the betterment of Key Biscayne. While most of the attention has been on the four open council seats, there are many other important issues we will be voting on. Key Biscayne has an amendment on the ballot where a YES vote allows our council to WWLNZ`YNTWZ]XLdZ]LWaLNLYNdMdL[[ZTY_XPY_]L_SP]_SLY^[PNTLWPWPN tion. Islander News ^`[[Z]_^_ST^L^_SPZYP^NLWWd]P^[ZY^TMWP^ZW`_TZY& keep our tax dollars working on solving issues, not on conducting special elections. We invite you to take advantage of our coverage in this Islander News T^^`PZY_SPaP8TLXT/LOP.Z`Y_dLXPYOXPY_^LYO_SP^_L_PbTOPLXPYOXPY_^ZY_SPMLWWZ_^BPSZ[PdZ`YO_ST^TYQZ]XL_TZY`^PQ`WTYmaking a decision come Tuesday. 1TYLWWd0O4RYLNTZ5P]Pd7`T^7`NSZ8TVPLYO?ZYdgRZZOW`NV and thank you! May the best man win. And, looking ahead, we sincerely hope that for 2020 we will have several female candidates on the ballot. Good news awaits Key Biscayne Commentary by our PublisherJUSTO REY


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 10 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Five Miami-Dade and one Key Biscayne amendment on the ballot You probably heard it by now: Key Biscayners are looking at an 7 page ballot. Why? Besides congressional, state government candidates and judges, voters are asked to make decisions on a long list of amendments. Mi-ami-Dade voters decide on sev-eral County R and Key Biscayne voters must decide on one Village Referendum.Key Biscayne Referendum A YES Vote on the KB referendum would allow the village NZ`YNTW_ZWWLNZ`YNTWZ]XLdZ] al vacancy by appointment rather than special election. It’s the ^NLWWd]P^[ZY^TMWP^ZW`_TZY_Zaddress council vacancies during terms.Miami Dade County ReferendumsCounty Referendum 1 A YES Vote on CR 1 would amend the Charter to make the election of the Clerk of the Circuit Court non-partisan. It’s currently _SPZYWdNZ`Y_dWPaPWZNP_SL_j^non-partisan. County Referendum 2 A YES Vote on CR 2 would reverse the existing law requiring NZ`Y_dZNTLW^_Z]P^TRYLSPLOof running for a federal or state PWPN_POZNP The proposed change would limit this restriction to cover only Miami-Dade employees running QZ]NZ`Y_dZNP If approved county employees could run for federal, state or city ZNP^bT_SZ`_SLaTYR_Z_LVPleave from their Miami-Dade jobs and stay employed by the county if they win, allowing a wider range of candidates to run. The existing rule involving employees running for county commissioner, mayor or other ZNP^bT_STY8TLXT/LOPgovernment would still apply. County Referendum 3 A YES Vote on CR 3 would require that when citizens want to pass an ordinance by referendum, the county’s lawyers will issue a legal opinion on the proposed law before organizers take it to a petition drive. This referendum proposes for the legality of a petition and its language to be settled before signatures are gathered. The current rule puts that vote at the end of the process. County Referendum 4 A YES Vote on CR 4 would drop a Miami-Dade candidate from a race if he or she dies. Miami-Dade already does, and the proposed change would continue that practice. In fact, this charter change would simply ratify rules Miami-Dade already follows.County Referendum 5 A YES Vote of CR 5 would ban Miami-Dade groups from paying petition canvassers on a per-sig nature basis. BUT petitioners generally rely on paid canvassers to reach signature requirements to get referendums on the ballot. Being able to com pensate canvassers ensures voters an important vehicle to reach the high signature thresholds neces sary for citizens’ initiatives.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 11 Council and mayoral residents’ endorsements readers’ candidate endorsements Ignacio Segurola embodies all the qualities needed to be an excellent d€9 #td€6#)d€6##)€#8d€€9")d€6"") mittees such as being Vice Chairman of the Underground Utilities Task ,d€€€q9"stayed in touch with Ignacio about "d€6)understand the issue, see right to ^ )d€9")^#^#^)Village. I enthusiastically endorse 9q€‹d€ — Betty Sime Conroy ***"IIthe condo owners in all island "#)( d9dŒ"^55^II"G))###on the Council! Endorsing Edward I8)"Qd — Cindy Cutler ***I’m endorsing Tony Winton for ‹d9~"#y)for more than a decade and I can "t^thinking, his ability to get the d6~the real deal. — Maria Bueno ***Ignacio Segurola is my #1 choice for Village Council. Ignacio is #t^)) sent all of us on the Council. At )GG^G))^##^#)""G))~d6‹tChair of the Underground Utility y,^#8(#d6"")Chamber of Commerce. Ignacio is someone who is looking ahead to #~^‹G)^6^d€9)#^^)((d"##""G))~^^5for our community; these are the reasons why I’m both endorsing 9"d — Diana Garmendia ***As a community we are lucky to "IId€I9"8"t))#G))~d€9#I  t"d€6‹#d€€I(""qId€of his role as commissioner of the Florida Public Utilities Commission, #""d€IFJt)G))d€6friendlier community and higher standards in our Council has been #)d€€€6"‹€I enthusiastically endorse Luis I‹€d€ — Betty Sime Conroy €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€***I am writing to endorse Ignacio q‹d9"##9G) cayne Underground Utility Task for almost one year now. As Vice-Chair of the Task Force he has analyzed  8G))d9"9has the character and demeanor 5") Village Council for the betterment of our community and I ask for you "election. — Michael F. Bracken ***9qdŒ(G))Chamber, Chair of the Coalitions Q^") 9##"/ tion and our future. As a resident I ")"a clear and consistent message from Ignacio Segurola for the need "#"‹dy)"on behalf of the residents that are d9^#"#"))issues with Ignacio on behalf of the ")^beach nourishment, sustainability, 6^9^)^‹d9#"#G))"d€ — Robert Duzoglou ***9q)and embraces all we are looking d6"# continued on page 12


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 12 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 better through serving with Igna-cio on the Advocacy Committee, I "8 ment and passion for the continu-ous improvement of our commu-nity. Furthermore I have also seen how his knowledge and expertise d€9#to publicly show my support and admiration for this outstanding gentlemen, and share that I have ")8#"our community incredibly well. I would urge all residents to show him the same support. — Joe Coote ***9#E5)Gonzalez, who’s a candidate for the Village Council in Key Biscayne. I have the pleasure to ##E5)businesses in Miami. He’s a con-summate professional who takes his responsibilities very seriously. His enthusiasm is infectious, to say the least. I’ve no doubt he’ll bring the same drive and enthusiasm to ‹8of citizens of Key Biscayne. His campaign platform of S.I.M.P.L.E should be a model for other candidates not only in the Village, d€9him wholeheartedly!! — Anthony “Tony” Hussain***I would like to urge the election of Ignacio Segurola to the Key )‹d€9"come to know Ignacio through our mutual service on the KB Condoi~d€9"had the pleasure of working with Ignacio on issues that are import-ant to everyone living and visiting "d€Œ"on the Key Biscayne Underground )y,d€9great questions, works hard to research what the real issues are and then helps the group come to d€6" ing him on the Village Council will provide all of us with a council member who will be able to apply those strengths to decisions that d€Œ)that he raised his hand to volun-teer. — Don and Nancy Elisburg ***Œ)y)Œe6#deliver, will have good results and we can move forward. I am voting for Tony. mQ"!.{ ***There is a real gem running for Village council. His name is Ignacio Segurola. My decision was based on watching the debate and on knowing his excellent performance as vice president on the Casa del Mar board of directors. Ignacio is bright, articulate, patient, cool headed, and most of all honest. Don’t forget to vote: Ignacio Segurola. — Nonie Linker ***I have worked with Ignacio Segurola on a variety of Village issues, and I have always liked his level-headed approach to ana-lyzing and resolving some of our ‹d€6")"and has volunteered his time with the Key Biscayne Condominium Presidents Council, the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce, and the Village of Key Biscayne y,i#Id€Q)property owners may not be aware, but Ignacio helped save thousands of dollars in permit fees for residents when he took the time to lend his attorney skills to evaluate the Building Department d€6)was invaluable and helped the Village reorganize the Building De d€9the idea that the Village must pur sue its Master Plan and establish a strategic vision that maintains ‹~8))d€y‹needs Ignacio Segurola, and I am proud and honored to give him my vote. — Louisa Conway ***A quick note to endorse Ignacio Segurola for Council. It has been my privilege to work with Ignacio on the Advocacy Committee of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Com-merce. I have grown to appreciate Ignacio’s knowledge of the Island and it’s issues. The committee 8transportation on the Key, and is currently implementing a sustain-ability plan, studying a solution to the critically limited parking space on the island, and monitoring the Virginia Key development plans. Ignacio has contributed to all of the above with powerful insight and honest analysis. He most 8)d— Glen von Hart***This Tuesday November 6, my ")dŒ"")#8candidates for the council, I will vote only for Ignacio Segurola. I have know Ignacio for many years. He is honest, trustworthy, a man with family values and connected to the community. He is reasonable and mature... Ignacio has a great com bination of talent, passion, wisdom and sincerity that is rare in any politician. My choice is clear. And like me, there are many others that think the same. — Javier Hyland ***y)Œcontributor to the Key Colony community as a Board Member of Botanica and the Key Colony HOA ")d€y)# mental in addressing and supporting funding for long-neglected main d€6our community and has the courage to support necessary actions — even #)"d€9 y)Œ‹and urge all my Key Biscayne neigh d€ — Matt Bramson Mayoral CandidatesI am voting for Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. Mike has worked hard to support our schools and our youth athletics. Mike Davey is the right person for the job, and we need Mike to be our next Mayor. — M. Florencia Zolezzi***Luis De La Cruz is my candidate for Mayor of Key Biscayne because he truly cares about the prosperity of this Island Paradise we have all grown to know. He has not only raised his two sons here, but has been an active member of Key Biscayne for over 30 years. Expect nothing, but hard work from Lucho when he becomes the next Key Biscayne Mayor. — Peter McCaughan ***Mike Davey is a good man of high moral character who cares very much about our community AND the people living here. I highly recommend and endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of our beloved Key Bis cayne! — Elizabeth Yerian ***I support Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. Mike’s experience as a long-standing Council Member, Vice Mayor, Committee Chairperson and Magistrate, point to Mike’s passion to serve and to his breadth of experience -working with others and addressing key issues. My professional experience with Mike has revealed him to be both prag matic and compassionate. Thank you, Mike!— Reverend Toni Saul***I endorse Luis De La Cruz for Mayor. I think our Village needs a seasoned long-time resident who knows its needs and those of the population he will serve. Luis has lived in Key Biscayne longer than any other member of our government. I ap plaud his ability to reach consensus and work with others both outside and inside and to achieve positive results. He has worked for years in many areas of our community. It is continued from 11 ENDORSEMENTS continued on page 13 ED LONDON FOR VILLAGE COUNCIL Ed is the most qualified candidate running for Village Council • Penn State BS Finance Columbia University MBA Monetary Economics• He has the most extensive public service experience• Vice Mayor and Key Biscayne Council Member 2012-2016• Chairman Key Biscayne Police and Firefighters Pension Fund 2018.• Chairman Florida Investment Advisory Board for State Pensions• Vice Chairman Citizens Property Insurance Company• Vice Chairman State Oversight Board Miami Dade School System• President Towers of Key Biscayne Condo Association• Vice Chairman Village Commercial Rezoning Board• Commodore Key Biscayne Yacht Club, Board Member, and Treasurer.• He has the most extensive business experience• Founded largest prefabricated building component company• General Contractor, Real Estate Broker, Land Developer• CEO US Air Express; Founded bank and radio station• Chairman: retail store chain; amusement parks; printing company• Currently private commercial mortgage lender.• Ed is the most attached to Key Biscayne• 78-year-old super active senior moved to the key in 1973almost 45 years• Married to Claire, 3 sons, 3 grandkids and 4 dogs. In love with Key Biscayne. Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Ed London for Village Council


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 13 continued from 12 ENDORSEMENTS his dedication, love for our Island and his knowledge of its issues that make Luis the best candidate for Mayor. — Ernesto Alvarez ***Terry and Lynne Nelson support Michael Daley. ***I am writing to endorse Mike Davey to be our next Mayor. I "Q9) icated countless hours to help make Key Biscayne better. Mike (8community. He is a champion for protecting our beaches, advocating for us regarding the Causeway, and improving our schools. I know Mike can help lead the Council to move forward on the many issues we are now dealing with. This is why I will vote for Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. — Augusto Granados***I, Raul A Martinez, endorse Luis De La Cruz for Mayor of Key Biscayne.***My family and I endorse coun-cilmember Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz for mayor, a family man with deep roots in our island com-)d€Œ")shown his dedication by serving )e€with an engineering background, Luis has led important projects "6^and transportation. He has the technical skills to sort out any complicated issues we may have to address moving forward. He is an outstanding candidate. Vote Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz for mayor. — Albert J. Stevens***As a lifelong resident of our beautiful island, I am proud to endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. Mike has served on Council for two terms, was Vice Mayor twice, and has chaired several boards and committees. I serve with Mike on the Education Advisory Board, and I have seen him manage meetings, working to make sure everyone is heard, as well as taking action to move proposals forward. His honesty and integrity are second to noneexcept perhaps his love for Key Biscayne. I wholeheartedly endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. — Lili Warner ***As a resident of Key Biscayne and a friend and colleague of Luis de La Cruz, it is with great pleasure that I support him as a candidate for G))Q)d€9"#I)))d€6)8"who has always demonstrated the utmost integrity and profession-d€Ifacing our community, the priori-ties of the residents and business #^€#dIt is important that voters (choose) a candidate who has proven analytical and leadership skills to tackle the various issues that must be resolved to keep Key Biscayne d€I/will provide sound leadership to ensure that problems are solved )"d€€Ide la Cruz is an outstanding d€r Gigi Costa ***I am endorsing Luis de la Cruz for Mayor of Key Biscayne. As a current Council member, Luis has gotten things done, including pushing to create the Director of iŒ^storm debris removed quickly after Hurricane Irma, and addressing the problems with our drainage d_Œ")important issues on the table that need to be handled by someone ##8tthe changes to our island, has an in-depth understanding of the challenges we face, and has the clear vision to lead Key Biscayne into the future. Luis is someone of utmost character and integrity. He is beyond ethical, professional and incredibly hard working and solu-tions-oriented. He is passionate about Key Biscayne and our quality of life. I feel grateful we have the opportunity to keep him working on our behalf. — Ana Felpeto ***Our family strongly supports Luis (Lucho) de la Cruz for Key Biscayne )dŒ"#ICruz family for over 40 years, and can attest that Lucho is a person of great character, integrity and heart. He has always been an ac-tive and dedicated member of our community. Professionally he has the skills and experience to lead our new council forward. During his four years on the council he has shown he is a problem solver, with great ideas and determination to get things done. He is fair, insightful, and a leader who’s committed to serve. Please vote for Luis (Lucho) de la Cruz for Mayor. — Maito and Landy Toledo ***I support Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne because of his character and integrity, plus his experience of 8 years on council #‹Q)d€He shows an ability to listen and adapt to new information, as he did regarding the dog park loca-d€Q)Q)of Key Biscayne. — Allene Nicholson ***I am writing in support of Mike ")Q)G))d€Mike has served this community as a council member for 8 years, being elected Vice Mayor twice. Mike chairs two committees and serves as a special magistrate. He has experience in managing meet-ings and knows how to get things done. — Helena Iturralde ***I am writing to support Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. He has served this community for many years, in two occasions as Vice Mayor. He has experience and is very involved in the underground )")€ continued on page 16


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ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 16 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 continued from 13 ENDORSEMENTS Contact us: +1 (305) 631-2938 COME AND SEE OUR OFFICE SPACES AND RECEIVE TWO FREE HOURS AT THE BEST PROFESSIONAL PLACE IN KEY BISCAYNE. ticipates in the meetings held €#)d6####d€r Silvia Bermudez ***9#Q" )Q)G))d€Q"G)^^d6#t#")^#^###dQ#)Village and I am proud to endorse )dr Robyn Nissim ***9Q"))d€Œ)#‹Q)^Q##G))d9"5")/##"#G)~dr Jan Dillow ***G))9"#dQ")#"Q)()#‹dS) "(^(dQ)##")d6#"##)##))Qd"QQ)"dr Mike King ***9€GC)G))9€II/Q)d9) ^€€)€##needs and those of the population #"dI"G)))"d9)##€""d6#)))d9€^")€#€€IQ)dr Ernesto Alvarez***Œ"t#/)dIp.q"" ))#"))^#)d,~8^"# Qqy^"t^q^’^)"")"`\") I#dŒ)IpIq/,dr Susanna & Manny Vidal***FC)G))^9#/)^I/d^9"")d6"#i" ^G))^qdG))’^#d6#)#d9)#consider him for the position of )dr Tom Moriarty *** (Q))dpq^€" td6~#9)])ed"("ed€q#Qt))Qedi/edŒGQqyedq))"ed9""G ed€G)~""GC)edy^#"Ide la Cruz are these 2 issues: the # ))^##)^"d9#))())"d9 "I/#dr Rosa M. de la Camara ***"IzI6\z/Q)G))"#di"`9)")q`r Cindy Cutler *** Œ#)"^I/^)d€##)##)#`6#))###")d6#)""d6has grit and that makes him a good "d€6/doing things like grilling steak on d6"and spending time on the ocean and ))d6)"G))d6"helping other people and takes care d^G)dI#)"`r Luciana (12) and Valentina (10)


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 17 Dear Fellow Key Biscayne Resident, In this election, the voters of Key Biscayne are selecting three candidates who will serve on the next Village Council. I hope that after reading this letter you will conclude that I have earned one of your three votes. I was born in Havana, Cuba, and immigrated to Miami with my parents in 1979. I attended Belen Jesuit Preparatory School and then obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Miami in 1995. Subsequently, I gradu-ated from the University of Florida College of Law in 1998 and have practiced as an attorney in Miami ever since, managing my own rm with multiple of ces since 1999. I have had the good fortune of living on Key Biscayne at Casa del Mar since 1999. My wife, Mari, and I have two boys, both of whom attended the Key Biscayne K-8 Center. I honestly cannot think of a safer, healthier or more wholesome community for my family than Key Biscayne. In the past several years I have involved myself in this community by rst joining the Board of Directors of my build-ing, Casa del Mar, and then serving as the Vice-President for the past six years. I am also the Vice-President of the Key Biscayne Condominium Presidents’ Council and I have the honor of serving on the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee and being the Vice-Chair of the Key Biscayne Underground Utility Task Force. The next Council will bear the great responsibility of carrying on the torch of civic responsibility and excellence that was rst lit twenty-seven years ago. I view the upcoming election on two different levels. First, there are the obvious current issues that our community faces and which we discuss daily amongst ourselves: the need for a Master Plan and Vision 2040 Plan in order wisely manage our growth and the spending of taxpayer monies, storm water drainage, the burial of the utility lines, the needs and wants of the increasing numbers of both young families and an aging population, the Rickenbacker Causeway, traf c congestion and pedestrian and cyclist safety, the intelli-gent acquisition of more land for public use, the quality and safety of our local public schools, the quality of our police and re departments, and so on. We are fortunate to be a community that has the means to take the initiative in solving our own problems. We should not have to wait for any outside power to solve our problems given our resources. This does not mean to me, however, that the public trust should be violated by the unchecked spending of our tax dollars. For better or for worse, everything comes down to the money. Doing good things costs money and preventing bad things from happening also costs money. The one thing all of our issues have in common is that they can all be resolved so long as a keen eye is kept on scal management. With proper planning and projection we CAN plan for sea level rise and storm drainage, we CAN bury the power utility lines, we CAN provide programs and amenities for residents of all ages, we CAN create and spearhead a Rickenbacker Causeway Authority (with seats at the table for the various governmental stakeholders) for the management and maintenance of our one lifeline to the mainland, we CAN improve the quality and safety of our local public schools, we CAN ease traf c congestion and improve pedestrian and cyclist safety, we CAN acquire more land for public use, and we CAN hire and retain the best and the brightest for our police and re departments. In short, we CAN have the Village we all want and that our children deserve. The second level of this election is more intangible The members of the Village Council must have the capacity and the exibility to deal with not just the known issues of today but also the unknown challenges that will appear tomorrow. The members of the next Village Council must be the best quali ed to deal with these unknowns and must have “forward thinking ability” in order to anticipate and resolve problems. In closing, I hope this statement has sparked an interest in you to vote for me as one of your Council members in this election. I invite you to visit my Facebook and YouTube pages to see me discuss in further detail my positions on the issues and my answers to questions at the various C andidate Forums. I also invite you to contact me at your convenience if you have any questions or if you’d like to talk about any issue that concerns you. My lines of communication and my door are always open and, if I am elected to the Village Council, they will continue to be open. Thank you for your consideration. I respectfully request that you reserve one of your three votes for Village Council for me. Sincerely,Ignacio J. SegurolaCandidate for Village Open Letter From The Campaign to Elect Ignacio J. Segurola to Key Biscayne Village Council Political advertisement paid for and approved by Ignacio J. Segurola for Key Biscayne Village Council


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 18 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Early voting The ballot for voters living in Key Biscayne is seven pag-es long. Come prepared and arrive early to avoid long lines. Early voting is possible ev-ery day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. until November 4. There are 28 voting locations in Miami-Dade. The closest for Key Biscayne residents is the Historic Garage (3250 S. Miami Ave; former Sci-ence Museum opposite Viscaya).On Election Day (November 6) you can ONLY vote in your local precinct (051) at the Key Bis-cayne Community Center. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.Bridge Results At the October 24 Matinee X6œ!the team of Nonie Linker and D'lœX!'D 6œPœœHHœXthen Joan Ambrose and Ann Wilson.Wednesday Matinee Bridge meets at 1 p.m. in the card room œx!F'œ'X1121 Crandon Boulevard. Call Judy Reinach at 305-361-9562 for information. OFFICIAL SAMPLE BALLOT BOLETA OFICIAL DE MUESTRA ECHANTIYON BILTEN VdT OFISY^L Municipal and Special Elections November 6, 2018 Key Biscayne, Florida •Instructions: To vote, ll in the oval completely next to your choice. Use only a black or blue pen.• If you make a mistake, ask for a new ballot. Do not cross out oryour vote may not count. Elecciones Municipales y Especiales 6 de noviembre del 2018 Key Biscayne, Florida• Instrucciones: Para votar rellene completamente el ovalo ubicado junto a su selection. Utilice solo un boligrafo de tinta negra o azul.• Si comete un error, solicite una nueva boleta. No haga tachaduras o es posible que no se cuentesu voto. Eleksyon Minisipal ak Espesyal 6 novanm 2018 Key Biscayne, Florid• Enstriksyon: Pou vote, ranpli oval la okonple akote chwa w fe a. Itilize selman plim nwa oswa ble.• Si w fe yon ere, mande yon nouvo bilten vdt. Pa bife erd-a sinon vdt ou a ka pa konte. Key Biscayne MayorKey Biscayne AlcaldeKey Biscayne Majistra(Vote for 1 / Vote por 1 / Vote pou 1) Key Bjscayne Village CouncilKey Bi’scayne Coricejo MunicipalKey Biscayne ^KonsPy Minisipal(Vote for up to 3 / Vote por hasta 3 / Vote pou jiska 3) Michael W. Davey 105 Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz 106 Jerey Gonzalez 107Luis Lauredo 108 Ed London 109 Ignacio J. Segurola 110Tony Winton 111 Key Biscayne ReferendumReferendo para Key BiscayneReferandom pou Key Biscayne Filling of Vacancies on the Council or in the Oce of MayorThe Village Charter currently provides dierent methods for lling vacancies that occur during Council terms.Such methods include by Council appointment or by special election. It is proposed that the Charter beamended to provide for the lling of such council or mayoral vacancies solely by an appointment made by the Council.Shall the above-described Charter amendment be adopted?Ocupacion de vacantes en el Concejo o en la Ocina del AlcaldeActualmente, la Carta Constitucional del Municipio brinda diversos metodos para ocupar las vacantes que suceden durante los plazos en los cargos del Concejo. Estos metodos incluyen nombramiento del Concejo o eleccion especial. Se ha propuesto enmendar la Carta Constitucional de modo de disponer que se ocupen dichas vacantes en los cargos del Concejo o de Alcalde solamente por nombramiento del Concejo. Debera aprobarse la enmienda a la Carta Constitucional descrita arriba? Okipasyon Pos Vid nan Konsey la oswa nan Fonksyon Majistra aKounyeya, Konstitisyon Minisipalite a prevwa diferan metod pou okipe pos vid ki vin genyen pandan manda Konsey la. Pami metod sa yo gen nominasyon Konsey la oswa eleksyon espesyal. Yo pwopoze pou Konstitisyon an amande pou prevwa pou okipasyon pos vid sa yo nan konsey la oswa nan fonksyon majistra a fet selman pa yon nominasyon Konsey la ap fe.Eske yo dwe adopte amannman nan Konstitisyon an ki dekri pi wo a? Yes/Si/Wi 376 No/No/Non 377 Miami-Dade Facts6 number of county referendums on the NOV. 6th ballot. Five of them apply to Key Biscayne voters suggesting changes to the County Home Rule Charter. 28 number of Early Voting Locations in Miami-County. Lift & Uber 5 ed rides on Election Day to polling stations. Download the App now and share with friends. Florida State Facts12 number of Florida Constitutional Amendments on the NOV. 6th ballot. All 12 apply to KB voters. 3 Legislative, 2 Citizens Initiatives and 7 submitted by the Constitu-tional Revision Commission. 67 number of Florida Counties voting on November 6th. 13,013,657 number of registered voters in Florida as of July 30th 2018. Compared to 12,370,00 in the same month of 2016. USE YOUR VOICE Key Biscayne Facts1 Number of referendums on the NOV 6th KB ballot: Should a council )")8)appointment or special election? Council Members and the Mayor serve 2 year terms. 7 Number of pages on the NOV. 6th ballot. FreeBee 5G) cayne to the Voting Location at 10 Village Green Way (KB Community Center)


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 19 Why are voters faced with a seven-page ballot? There is a long list of statewide amend ments that require your accep tance, or rejection. Every 20 years, Florida requires the creation of a 37-member appointed Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) to consider changes to the state Constitu tion. This year, 12 Amendments made it onto the ballot. Of the 12, three are legislative amendments, seven are amend ments by the CRC, and two are amendments created by citizens’ initiatives.The Florida Supreme Court removed Amendment 8 (and three others are being challenged). The CRC’s amendments are especially challenging for voters because they “bundle” ques tions, a technique that combines favorable measures that draws voters, with less citizen-friendly proposals. Amendment 9 is a perfect example: it asks voters to OPNTOPbSP_SP]_ZMLYZ^SZ]Poil drilling AND also to ban e-cigarettes at workplaces. To become part of the Florida Con stitution an amendment requires 60 percent of the cast votes.FLORIDA CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTSAmendment 1: Increased Home-stead Property Tax Exemption A Yes vote would put about $200-300 per year back into homesteaded homeowners pock-ets by providing $25,000 addi-tional homestead tax exemption. School taxes are exempt. The loss of tax revenue would cost munic-ipalities and counties statewide an estimated $645-$753 million TY_SP]^_dPL]R]ZbTYR_ZZaP]# XTWWTZYLQ_P]_SPQ_SdPL] If the measure passes, the Florida Association of Counties estimates that local govern-ments will lose critical funds for ^P]aTNP^^`NSL^[ZWTNPLYO]Pprotection as well day-to-day operations in the very same neighborhoods receiving those tax cuts.Amendment 2: Limitations on Property Tax Assessments A Yes vote would protect taxpayers from sudden increases in property taxes when the value of properties rises in boom years. Cementing an already-existing cap that limits property tax assessment increases to 10% annually for “non-homestead” property (that’s mostly commer-cial or rental properties), it would prevent the repeal of the cap scheduled to expire in 2019. Florida TaxWatch argues that adopting A2 is crucial to prevent a huge tax increase. Loss of the non-homestead cap could decrease disposable income, increase rents and business costs. Local governments could benP_Q]ZXXZ]P_Lc]PaPY`P^TQthe 10 percent limit goes away. However, the Florida Association of Counties voted to remain neutral on the amendment. Amendment 3: Voter Control of Gambling in Florida A Yes vote would give voters the exclusive right to approve any expansion of casino gam bling in Florida, including slot machines and other electronic betting devices as well as games like blackjack, roulette and craps. Currently this decision rests with the Legislature. Preventing the Legislature from pursuing gam bling legislation means the state may not be able to make up that revenue should it ever go away. Voters in one part of the state could decide who should get ca sinos for other parts of the state — like Miami-Dade. Voters who oppose casinos strongly support A3. They include the League of Women Voters, No Casinos, the Fontainebleau hotel. Franchise dependent companies like Walt Disney Co. and the casino-op erating Seminole Tribe are also supporting the amendment (to protect their operations).Amendment 4: Voting Rights Restoration A Yes vote would restore the right to vote to former felons who completed their sentenc es; except murderers and sex ZPYOP]^,bZ`WO]PTY^_L_Pvoting rights to American cit izens who have paid their debt to society, but currently remain excluded from the democratic []ZNP^^?SP[]LN_TNLWPPN_depends on how many of the P^_TXL_PO!XTWWTZYLPN_POreturning citizens will actually register to vote. Studies have shown a clear correlation be tween being civically engaged and low recidivism. Florida is one of only three states that does not auto matically restore ex-felons’ voting rights. Many consider it a decades-old voter suppression tactic and a persistent reality. Organizations like the League of Women Voters and the ACLU support this amendment.Amendment 5: Super-majority Vote Required to Impose, Autho rize, or Raise State Taxes or Fees A Yes vote would require a super-majority (2/3 vote in the Florida House and in the Senate) to impose new taxes or fees or to increase existing ones. A5 was added by the legislature, arguing T_^SZ`WOMPXZ]POTN`W__Zraise taxes than it is to cut them. Currently, the state Legislature can raise most taxes through a simple majority. It also requires that any tax or fee increase be a stand-alone bill. Eleven State amendments on the Nov 6 ballotswritten by Christina Bracken Special to the Islander News r rnr r €‚ƒ„…††‡ ˆr† rr†† rr‰ Šr rr † ‹rˆŒ ‰‡rr r †‡ ˆr rŽ† ‘‘Š‘’ ‹“ˆ r r” †n“r ‹‰ r rr† • “ n‡“r‰†“ ˆrr r† ‡Šr rˆrrrr rr ˆrr††•ˆ–ˆ ‘r•r r† Šn‡r ‰ˆ† r r† ”r—r —r r† rrrrr  rr † ™ˆ –ˆ ˆ ˆ r † †r ršrr – rr † r ˆr † ‡r ‰Šrˆr †rrˆ ”r † ‡ ‰ƒr›‚ rˆƒ‚‚ rn’ ˆrˆrr rnn † “ r™ œ› œƒrr† nr rr r r rrr † n‡ ˆrr r„ r r“† r“r ’r†r  r See STATE on page 22


ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne PAGE 20 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Classic Italian Cuisine 180 Crandon Blvd | Key Biscayne, FL 33149 (786) 773-3633 | Join us for an unforgettable night at Key Biscayne’s most authentic Italian eatery. SIMPLE | SEASONAL | ITALIAN La Scala Restaurant serves classic Italian Cuisine. We plan and prepare each dish with only the freshest ingredients and our menu changes seasonally to ensure that each dining experience is a memorable one. Finish off your meal with one of our homemade desserts. Open Monday-Thursday 6pm to 10:30pm Friday-Saturday 6pm-11pm Closed Sunday HOURS: BREAKFAST & LUNCH Monday Friday: 8am-8pmSat: 9am to 2pm | Sun: Closed. Located inside the Key Biscaynecommunity center, is a grab & go concept for the whole family. @thecornercoffeepantry thecornercoffeepantry CONTACT US: | 1-(786) 420-2666 Oasis Caf is an institution, one of the few locally owned spots that can boast a 65 year old histo ry. The casual dining landmark is a relaxed eclectic mix of moms with kids picking empanadas, serious bikers on the fringes juicing, and old friends gathered at the outside tables breakfasting together while cafecitos and stogies fuel their opinionated conversations. This island scene blends marvelously together like the traditional dishes and artisanal crafted gourmet delights served by its formally trained chef and owner of seven years, Carlos Flores. “I’ve always been into the connections that can happen over food,” said Flores. “I love that we have a place here where people can come, enjoy our food, and talk about the topics of the day. It’s XZ]P_SLYNZPPn Pork is a main attraction, but this is not your Mojo Badia doused cafeteria special. The secret, Flores willingly admits, is time. “We make our own mojo… we toast our own spices, we squeeze our own sour oranges, put in fresh herbs, and completely dunk the meat in a marinade for 36 hours. Then it cooks in our special slow roasted ovens. There is no rush.” Open seven days a week from 6am to 4pm, the daily savory menu is pork, plantains, white rice and black beans, a wide variety of empanadas, croquettes, sandwiches, pastelitos; and week-day specials. Flores doesn’t want vegetarians to feel left out of his unique culi nary take on classic dishes. “We have a vegetarian sandwich on French bread, with a black bean spread, plantains, guac, swiss cheese, papitas, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. It’s amazing.” The juice/smoothie stand is open daily until 1:30pm and stocked with fresh produce from the Redlands. Mildred Toledo graciously serves any combination of the seasonal fruits and vegeta bles, as well as ginger shots with lime and honey. At the moment Flores is having fun with his bakery concept (while in mid-construction on the expanded new-old building due Slow down to savor a new twist on the classics at Oasis Cafwritten by Raquel Garcia Special to the Islander News Oasis Owner and Chef Carlos Flores shares the secrets of his success while a group of regulars behind him “discuss and discuss” during their one of their usual Saturday morning meet ups at the Caf. # tasteoeybiscayne See OASIS on page 21


ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 21 to re-open next year). “We plan to start baking our own breads…whole wheat, oatmeal honey. Our cookies are already available.” The oversized soft Chocolate Chunk and Key Biscayne Sea Salt is worth indulging in, as is taking the time in between the rush of a busy day, to enjoy the friendly faces and community conversation at this evolving local landmark. Q. Where were you born?A. Mexico City, MexicoWhere do you live now?A. Coral Gables Q. How did you get your start in the culinary industry? A. I apprenticed at a small seafood restaurant in Mexico City. The head chef, Raul Barraza, was from Sinaloa. He taught me to pick the freshest ingredients, and let them shine for themselves. Q. What is the proudest mo ment of your career? A. At the end of a holiday shift when we are done delivering orders for our clients. Q. If you had to choose one meal at your restaurant what would it be? A. That’s like asking a painter what his favorite color is, it depends on the occasion but I do PYUZdNZZVTYR^SLYO^PLQZZOLlot. Q. What do you like to do in your free time? A. Cook. Q. What would people be sur prised to know about you? A. When talking about the technique in the preparation of our food that goes on behind the scenes, they’re surprised to learn I was professionally trained at the Culinary Institute of America. Q. What’s your advice for someone just starting out in your profession? A. Be true to yourself. You can’t be all things to all people. Pick what you love and be good at it. The Oasis Sunday Morning Team Resident Jota Stroeter and his friend visiting from Sao Paulo Jamil Farhat are ready for their ginger shots. $Q$XWKHQWLF7DVWH2I,WDO\,Q

ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 22 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Detractors are deeply con cerned the A5 contains no exception for times of disaster or other emergencies and allows the Legislature Who will you elect to complete our Village government?that ensures vic tims’ rights do not interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused.AMENDMENT 7: First Responder and Military Member Survivor Benets; Public Colleges and Universities This is one of the three amend ments being challenged in the state Supreme Court, likely for its confusing nature. A Yes vote would grant surviv ing spouses of military members LYO]^_]P^[ZYOP]^VTWWPOTY_SPline of duty payment of death MPYP_^Q]ZX_SP^_L_PLYObLaPsome educational costs at public institutions. Most taxpayers have no problem with the negligible tax increase. However, A7 pro poses that public colleges and universities’ board of trustees would need 9 votes out of its 13 members to raise a fee — tuition not included. For a fee to be raised system wide, the State University Sys tem’s Board of Governors would need 12 out of 17 members to approve. It both means the costs of college could be kept down by requiring a higher threshold to increase fees. Good. But it also means trustees can prevent any fee increases, potentially hand icapping a university’s ability to pay for services. A list of issues packed into one amendment. Each should be vetted on the merits individually.Amendment 9: Ban of offshore drilling and vaping in indoor workplaces. A Yes vote would prohibit oil drilling beneath waters controlled by Florida, and in another example of amendment bundling, it would also ban the use of e-cigarettes (also known as vaping) at indoor workplaces. This is an easy one for most Floridians, especially those in South Florida. There’s the po tential loss of state revenue that bZ`WONZXPbT_S^PWWTYRZ^SZ]Pdrilling rights. Vapers would have to go outside.AMENDMENT 10: State and Local Government Structure and Operation Four proposals are bundled in this amendment. A Yes vote would:• Ask the state’s legislative session start in January rather than March in even-numbered years. The legislature currently changes its dates by statute. • Create a counter-terrorism ZNP • Make the state veterans LLT]^OP[L]_XPY_NZY^_T_` tionally required. r=P\`T]PaPNZ`Y_dWPaPW ZNP^_ZMPPWPN_PO%_LcNZW lectors, property appraisers, supervisors of elections, clerks ZQNT]N`T_NZ`]_LYO^SP]T^ This is a big deal for Mi ami-Dade voters. Its home-rule charter (i.e. the country constitution) regulates such issues and currently does not LWWZb_ZPWPN_L^SP]TZ]LYelections chief. Voters have to decide if the state constitution should decide how county level government runs its business. Miami-Dade’s Home Rule Charter asks that these issues be decided separately and on a local level.AMENDMENT 11: Property Rights; Removal of Obsolete Provision; Criminal Statutes: Again, several issues are bun dled; being challenged. A Yes vote would delete wording about the high-speed rail amendment that has since been repealed. It would also delete wording banning property ownership for “aliens ineligible for citizenship” originating from century-old, now-overturned laws such as the Chinese Ex clusion Act. The long Florida Constitution would possibly be a little more precise and brief with the removal of outdated and unconstitutional provisions. AMENDMENT 12: Lobbying and Abuse of Ofce by Public Of cers: A Yes vote would bar public ZNTLW^Q]ZXWZMMdTYRO`]TYR_SPT]terms and for six years following. Additionally it would restrict N`]]PY_[`MWTNZNP]^Q]ZX`^TYR_SPT]ZNPQZ][P]^ZYLWRLTY4_expands ethics rules for public ZNTLW^hMZ_SPWPN_POZNTLW^and government employees, including judges. With the Florida Legislature’s eight-year term limit, lawmakers-turned-lobbyists would be unable to lobby most former colleagues. Many govern ment-watchdog groups support this amendment. Amendment 13: Ends Dog Racing A Yes vote would ban grey hound racing in Florida by 2021 (already illegal in 40 states). Track owners would keep their gambling permits after they halt racing by 2019. Approx. 8,000 greyhounds are held in kennels to service the 11 Florida tracks currently in business – so for animal rights advocates it’s a no brainer. Greyhound trainers, breeders and others involved in the business say the end of live dog racing in Florida means job losses. Studies by the legislature suggest that the cost to regulate the steeply declining industry exceeds revenue by $1-3 million annually (Florida has 11 of the 17 dog tracks in the country). continued from 19 STATE


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 23 Before Judy Reinach steps out of an airplane 12,000 feet above ground to raise money for Miami Bridge, she admits to feeling LQ]LTOL_]^_?SPY]PLWTeTYR_SPtandem jumper has her back, she allows herself to dive deep into that blue sky, free as a bird in TRS_ Miami Bridge CEO Dorcas BTWNZc]PNZRYTeP^_SL_^LXPQPL]in the eyes of the young people bSPY_SPd]^_^bLWV_S]Z`RS_SPdoors of their emergency homes QZ]mQZ]RZ__PYNSTWO]PYn?SPY_SPd]PLWTeP_SPdL]PYZb^LQP “Some call them throw away VTO^n^LTOBTWNZcmBSPY_SPdcome in, the light in their eyes is ^ZOTXT_j^LWXZ^_Z`_-`_LQ_P]24 to 48 hours a smile starts ap-pearing on their face and it gets M]TRS_P]LYOM]TRS_P]?SPYdZ`know you are working towards XLVTYRLNSLYRPn Reinach, director emeritus of Miami Bridge, who jumps out of [WLYP^PaP]daPdPL]^QZ]_SPcause, Wilcox, and many more ^`[[Z]_P]^ZQ?SP8TLXT-]TORPYouth and Family Services met recently at the Rusty Pelican to ]PNZRYTePYPL]WdYZ_QZ][]Z_Z]RLYTeL_TZYNLXP_ZRP_SP]]PNPY_WdL__SP=`^_d;PWTNLY?SPdXP__Z]PNZRYTePYPL]WdQZ`]decades of helping kids in crisis L__SPT]YO,YY`LW7`YNSPZY Long-time friend of Reinach and supporter, Congresswom-an Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, was scheduled to appear as the key note speaker but a schedule NZYTN_[]PaPY_POSP]L__PY OLYNP>SP^[ZVPZY_SP3Z`^P1WZZ]>P[_PXMP]_SQZ]aPXTY`_P^LMZ`__SPZ]RLYTeL_TZY?SPaTOPZ_L[PbL^[WLdPOQZ]_SPN]ZbO “Victims of abuse, neglect, or worse, seek refuge in the organi eL_TZYj^[]ZQP^^TZYLW^_LLYOT_^MZL]OZQOT]PN_Z]^n^LTO=Z^7P S_TYPYm?SPd[]ZaTOPNZ`Y^PWTYRcase management or formal academic programing, mental health services, substance abuse preventative services, life skills education, recreation activities, LYO^ZX`NSXZ]Pn Ros-Lehtinen cited statistics she said demonstrate their successes: “In 2015-16, 890 families were served by Miami Bridge, 93% of youth served were placed back in their homes or in an appro priate placement after leaving the shelter, and 85% remained in school after completing their ^SPW_P]^_Ld^n When the original Catholic Charities program-founded by Dick Moran in the former City of Miami Police motorcycle repair shop under a Metrorail bridge-was struggling; Reinach, her friends from the Key Biscayne BZXPYj^.W`M?SP=Z_L]d.W`MZQKey Biscayne, and others, helped Z`_?SPd]LT^POZaP]LXTWWTZYdollars matched by a $450,000 State of Florida grant for what is today a total of six buildings on _bZOTP]PY_NLX[`^P^ “I have no compunction about asking for money when I know Celebrating helping kids in crisis fearlessly move forward at the 2nd Annual Miami Bridge Luncheonwritten by Raquel Garcia Special to the Islander News Director Emeritus Judy Reinach at home with her fundraising partner Kalie the Shih Tzu it’s for a good cause and I can NZXP`[bT_SbLd^_ZOZT_n^LTO=PTYLNSm?SPMP^_Q`YO]LT^TYRT^when I walk my dog and talk to XdYPTRSMZ]^4_j^LbZYOP]Q`Wcommunity and so many have [T_NSPOTY?SPdb]T_PNSPNV^LYOthe ladies from the club come over with shopping bags full of NWZ_SP^n Wilcox hopes to raise funds to expand their ambassador []ZR]LX_SL_SPW[^NZY]XQZZOand clothing allotments monthly QZ]^[PNTNNSTWO]PY&LYO[P]SL[^^ZXPOLdRP_LYPbSZXP “I want for these children what bPbLY_QZ]Z`]ZbYNSTWO]PYn^LTOBTWNZcm>ZXLYdZQ_SPXNLYj_PaPY^WPP[L_YTRS_?SPd_LWVLMZ`_M`WWP_^dTYRZaP]their heads and they fear going MLNVQ]ZXbSP]P_SPdNLXPQ]ZX ?SP^PVTO^SLaP^ZXP]PLWT^^`P^so you have to really want to do this work and be devoted…to `YOP]^_LYOT_j^LXTYT^_]dn ?ZYOZ`_XZ]PLMZ`_8TLXT Bridge and upcoming holiday luncheon events call 305-635-#$ &aT^T_XTLXTM]TORPZ]R


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 24 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 calendar Submit calendar information to THURS / NOV 1 ENGLISH CONVERSATION CIRCLELooking to practice your English or improve your English-speaking abilities? Join the Key Biscayne Branch Library’s weekly conversa-tion group from 10:30-11:30 a.m. “DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR PHOTOS ARE?” WORKSHOPActive Seniors on the Key (A.S.K.) and the Key Biscayne Community Center will be hosting an enter-taining, participatory Lunch & Learn Workshop called “Do You Know Where Your Photos Are?” The workshop, takes place at 11:30 a.m. at the Key Biscayne Commu-nity Center, 10 Village Green Way, Key Biscayne.`TOWERS BRIDGEThursday night bridge at The Towers of Key Biscayne begins at 7 p.m. For reservations, call Judy Reinach at 305-361-9562.AA Woman’s MeetingThis closed AA Woman’s meeting is at 8 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Community Church.MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITATION Sit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 p.m. at Miami Meditation Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, Suite 6. The suggested donation is $5 and in-struction is provided for beginners. For more information, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or FRI / NOV 2 ROTARY CLUBThe Rotary Club of Key Biscayne meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Grand Bay Club. Breakfast is $19, payable at the door.ADULT TRIP: THE NEW BASS MUSEUM (RESCHEDULED)Join us for the reopening of The Bass, Miami Beach’s Contemporary Art Museum. After a long-awaited, two-year, $12 million transfor-mation, The Bass reopens its door to the South Florida community. The visit to the museum will be followed by an afternoon stroll through Lincoln Road. Bus departs at 10 a.m. from Community Cen-ter. Fee, $10. Please contact Roxy Lohuis-Tejeda for more informa-tion at 305-365-8953.TALKING IS TEACHINGEnjoy stories, songs and activities for babies from 11-11:40 a.m. at the Key Biscayne Branch Library. OPEN AA SPEAKER’S MEETINGOpen AA Speaker’s Meeting is at 8:30 p.m. at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church. SAT / NOV 3 FARMER’S MARKETThe Key Biscayne Community Church Farmer’s Market is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. PAWS TO READThis reading program aims to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of therapy dogs who serve as literacy mentors. Participants may bring a book or choose one from the library collection. The session is from 10:30 a.m.-noon. K B CHURCH DANCE WITH THE MISSIONSJoin us as we dance and party to music of the 50’s and 60’s from 7-10 p.m. in the KB Church Fel-lowship Hall. The $20 admission is being used to support the KB Church missions. Non-alcoholic refreshments and snacks are available. SUN / NOV 4 TAI CHI/QI GONGFree Tai Chi/Qi Gong is held from K]FCtL]FCdd9of the Key Biscayne Community Center.OPEN AA BEGINNER’S MEETINGAn Open AA Beginner’s Meeting is in Crossbridge Church, 160 Harbor Drive, at 7 p.m. MON / NOV 5 ASK BOOK CLUBAttention all book lovers! Join your friends and neighbors for a literary afternoon at the Active Seniors on the Key Book Club, featuring good books, good discussions and good d)#d5will be served at 12:30 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Community Center.CLOSED AA STEP MEETINGThis Closed AA Step Meeting is at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church at 8 p.m.AL-ANON IN SPANISHThere will be an Al-Anon meeting held in Spanish every Monday at 8 p.m. at Albertson Hall in St. Agnes Church. TUE / NOV 6 MOMS IN PRAYERMoms in Prayer is a non-denom-inational international group of women meeting once a week to pray one hour for their children and their children’s schools. In Key Biscayne, Moms in Prayer meets Tuesday mornings 8:45 to 9:45 a.m. at the KB Community Church. Come and join us in prayer for your children. For information please contact Simone Correa at 305-361-2411 or MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITATION.Sit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 Miami Meditation Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, suite 6. The suggested donation is $5 and instruction is provided for beginners. For more information, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or AA MEN’S MEETINGThis Closed AA Men’s Meeting is at 8 p.m. in Room 120 of Village Hall. THINGS I LOVE Judy ReinachWhat is her perfect day?When at home my dinners are so easy. Defrost a veggie burger. I love to dine at our wonderful restaurants where I can get great pasta or Golden Hog’s veggie sandwich. After watching Nightly Business Report and the news I have time to read. Besides yoga and running books are my favorite pastime.Do you have a recipe for a perfect day on the Key, or would like to suggest a neigh-bor to share the things they love to do? Email with your suggestions. I usually walk Kaley at 4:30 AM, then run 4 times during the week. I love the peace and quiet at that hour. I listen to the news during the week, run to the Beatles on Sat. Sun is my day of rest. After my run and then stretch I get back into bed with my 2 newspaper and my newly made smoothie. At 6 AM I watched CNBC to see how the stock market will open. After that I love listening to my classical CD as is Lang Lang while doing crossword puzzle from the paper. My life basically revolves around bridge, Miami Bridge, my duplicate bridge games on Weds & Thurs. Key Biscayners are so wonderful generous We just had our luncheon, which was a huge success – I have no compunction about asking people for money. It’s not for me. It’s for children at the shelter. When I take people to the shelter they understand why I work so hard. END OF DAY SUGGESTIONS START THE DAY PASSING TIME AL-ANON MEETINGThe Al-Anon Lois Kitchen meets at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m. WED / NOV 7 THE CRAFTY NEEDLE SEWING GROUP Join this group of busy bees as )85dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These blankets help focus atten tion, stimulate senses and memo ry, and exercise hand muscles. No sewing experience is needed. The group meets at 12:30 p.m. in the Adult Lounge of the Key Biscayne Community Center. WEIGHT WATCHERSThe Key Biscayne Weight Watchers weekly meeting is at noon at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, room 103. For more information, contact Sally Brody at 305-926-8548.MEDITATION GROUPThe Into the Silence meditation group meets at 6:30 p.m. Join others in your community for a relaxing evening of meditation 9G))Branch Library. For information, call 305-361-6134.MEN’S SUPPORT GROUPE^8 dential group for men to discuss challenges and gain feedback and support from each other. Topics of discussion will include building a new circle of friends, person al growth, stress and anxiety management, self-esteem and relationships with family, friends 8dymeets at 7:30 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Community Center.FREE LECTURE BY OLLI: COM-PETING POWERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST: TURKEY, IRAN, ISRAEL & SAUDI ARABIA WITH DR. DANIEL RIVERAKey Biscayne Community Center and Active Seniors on the Key Club, in partnership with Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Miami present Competing Powers in the Middle East: Turkey, Iran, Israel & Saudi Arabia with Dr. Daniel Rivera at 7 p.m.Wine & Cheese Reception at 6:30 pm Lighthouse Room.CLOSED AA BIG BOOK MEETINGThis Closed AA Big Book Meeting is at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m. UPCOMING EVENTS LIBRARY BOOK CLUBThe Key Biscayne Library book club will meet at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 13, to discuss Autumn by Ali Smith. Copies of the book will be available at the library’s circulation desk. Call 305-361-6134 for additional information What is her perfect day?The sun is shining, a breeze is blowing and you don’t have any reason to leave the Island. What do you do with perfect day on the Key? Judy Reinach, fund raiser extraordinaire and the Key’s greatest advocate for the Miami Bridge organization for whom she has even jump out of airplanes for, sat with us to tell us about her Perfect Day in her beloved Key Biscayne.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 25 By Myles Mellor and Susan FlanaganEach Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To Solve the puzzle each row, column and box must con-tain each of the numbers 1 to 9. SUDOKU CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS Across1. Tempe sch.4. Military rank9. Kind of party13. PC linkup14. Dined at home15. Pizzeria order16. Baseball arbitrator17. Dinner breads18. Like Cognac casks19. Solve 10x1521. Solve 9 322. Surgical opening?23. Hosp. areas24. Primitive aquatic plant25. Unskilled29. Madame, for short32. Risky34. It’s for political devotees36. Geometric shape known for mysteries?40. Construction site sight41. Big name in small planes42. Business watchdog for customers (abbr.)43. Shopping free-for-all44. Sit down with a book48. ‘This ___ surprise!’50. Slow, on a score51. Chamber of Commerce group54. Solve 9-457. Walking ___58. Loan type59. Me in FrenchICd561. ___ Park, N.J.62. Legal conclusion?63. Whoop-de-doIGd9865. Paper size Down1. She has a degree2. “Pulp Fiction” co-star ___ L. Jackson3. Go acoustic4. Video game adventurer 5. Looking down6. Congeal7. Greasy8. Some midwives, for short9. Poles, Serbs, etc.10. Kind of torch on “Survivor”11. Sailed through12. __ pool15. “Bon ___”20. Shock from injury21. Freckle25. Currency exchange board abbr.26. Org. opposing racial discrimination27. On the trail of28. In itself29. Hybrid advantage30. ___ware (computer virus spreader)31. Wind heading, perhaps33. Fourth book of the OT 34. Put up35. Entangler36. Baby food catcher37. Recede38. Yiddish misterFLdq6(#(43. Returnable envelope, for short45. Canine coating46. Not marked up47. More decayed48. More frigid49. Some cameras, for short50. Maj.’s superior51. Intimidates52. Starting __ __ the bottom53. Indian queen54. Intimate55. Arm bone56. Flax seed capsule58. Letters before Queen Mary Lucky by Myles Mellor 123 45678 9101112 13 14 15 16 17 18 1920 21 22 23 24 25262728 293031 3233 3435 363738 39 40 41 42 43 44454647 4849 50 515253 545556 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 Across Tempe sch.Military rankKind of party PC linkupDined at homePizzeria orderBaseball arbitratorDinner breadsLike Cognac casksSolve Solve Surgical opening?Hosp. areasPrimitive aquatic plant UnskilledMadame, for shortRiskyIt's for political devoteesGeometric shape known for mysteries?Construction site sightBig name in small planesBusiness watchdog for customers (abbr.)Shopping freefor all Sit down with a book'This ___ surprise!'Slow, on a scoreChamber of Commerce groupSolve Walking ___ Games presented by KEY PHARMACY Serving Key Biscayne since 1979 Call 305-361-5445 SUDOKU by Myles Mellor and Susan FlanaganEach Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares. To solve the puzzle each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult.Level: Medium 273 1869 4278 94859 237 9543 3695152 Sudoku Solution 586291743731548269942763815697124358453876192218359674829615437364987521175432986 A 1 S 2 U 3 M 4 A 5 J 6 O 7 R 8 S 9 T 10 A 11 G 12 L 13 AN A 14 TEIN S 15 LICE U 16 MP R 17 OLLS O 18 AKEN M 19 ULT 20 IPLY D 21 IVIDE N 22 EURO O 23 RS A 24 LGA U 25 N 26 A 27 P 28 T M 29 M 30 E 31 U 32 N 33 SAFE C 34 S 35 PAN B 36 E 37 R 38 MUDATRI 39 ANGLE I 40 BEAM C 41 ESSNA B 42 BB S 43 PREE R 44 E 45 A 46 D 47 I 48 S 49 A L 50 ENTO C 51 I 52 R 53 CLE S 54 U 55 B 56 TRACT O 57 NAIR H 58 ELOC M 59 OI W 60 ANES M 61 ENLO E 62 SE S 63 TIR S 64 MALL L 65 TR )WWPMRKIVˆ;SSXIRˆ1E\[IPP-RG6IEPXSVW 644 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 IQEMPSGEQKVT$KEXIRIX(MV [[[SGEQTSKVSYTGSQ*E\ rnr  r€€‚ƒnr „…  „ 2,950,000!rn„†„‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒƒŽ‡„‘ ƒ’  ƒ“ŒƒƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€„r ŽˆŽˆ„€”€‚ƒˆƒ  949,000!rn„’ŽˆƒŒƒ‚ƒŒ•ˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†„rŽˆŽˆ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒ‡–ƒŒ“ „ “Œƒ „ „ „—ƒ•Žˆƒ”ƒƒƒ’Žƒ nr‚“€ƒ™’’““€ƒ™ƒ‚ƒ“ ˆƒƒƒ‚ €ƒƒ’š „ —rnƒˆˆnr„†ƒ™€ˆƒŒ— r ‰‹Œ ƒŒ€”€‚ƒ rr 688,000! r›‡‰›‡ˆ† † r— nr‰‚’Ž— r r  „–ƒœ—nŒ‡ˆ r  €”€‚ƒ‚ƒŒŽˆ‚“ƒˆŽƒ€r †„r“Ž „ˆƒƒšš „ — 659,000!r „ˆˆƒŒ„‡r „‚““ˆ’Ž‡„— ƒ‡rŽƒn‡† ƒ“ƒƒ€“nn‘ƒ’ƒ€‚ƒŒ 499,000!r‰‰Ÿn „r‡† ˆ„‡„„rŽˆŽˆr ”‚Žƒ’„r„rƒƒ—–ƒ“ƒŒ‡r„ “€nr ƒ€€ˆ‡„ r— ‡r„ „ „‡ˆƒ rr 269,000! nr›‡ƒƒŒ›–ƒŒ“„‡r„r „ˆ‚“€ƒƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ’ ¡‘„ƒ ƒ’–Žn—Œ‡„— r ‡„’”Œ‚ƒ n‚”ƒ‡‡ƒƒŽ“ƒ„‡„‚ƒŒˆ‚ƒƒ’‡„„ ˆ“Žƒ““ƒˆ’”  ‡¢„„ r„ „ „— ”‚”ˆŒ“ƒƒ „ — 899,000!nr£n „“¢„‡ˆ’ƒ„ „ ƒ’Žƒ™€ˆƒ r „ ‡r ’Œ’ƒr‡‚ƒƒ‡‰Ÿ¤r †„r ƒŒ€”€‚ƒ£ƒƒr„€”‰ƒŒ „  €‚ƒ¡‡rr„–ˆŒ’„ƒ € “‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒˆŒŽ ˆŒ ƒ „ r‡„‡€€“ƒ „ — 464,000!‰‰nrˆ’n„†„ ‡„ƒ’n——rr‡„ r‡„r‡„‚“Žƒ“ƒ‚ƒƒr „„r €ƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒŒ’r †„¢“Œƒ–ˆŒ “ƒƒ‡„„ œr€€ƒ 349,000!n r‰‰  n— ‡ „—  “Ž† †r„„ ˆ r‡„r‡„r‡„Š‰r †„ ƒ „ „— ‡†  r „ r †„r†  œ r¡‡rr„ “ƒƒnˆŒƒƒ‚ˆ “œ‚ˆ¦¦„ƒ‡ˆƒ”ƒŒnˆƒ‡ƒƒ‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒnƒˆnn‘ƒ 290,000! nrr‡† „„ ‡r„ˆ’  „ ˆŽƒ„†r n ‡rr„‚Œ†  ‡ „„  r‡„ r ‡„ r ‡„”n‚”ƒ‡‡ƒƒn‚”ƒƒ ƒˆnŒ’Ÿ“ƒƒ§ƒ‚ƒƒ€ŽƒƒŒ€–ˆƒ‚ƒƒŽƒƒ“‡‚ƒƒƒ€”‡r„ r œr „ — 2,500!n r‰‰„„ r ˆ’‡„‡rn—ƒ’‡‡ ‡„’Œ’r—r ‡“ƒƒ ƒ r‡„‡ƒŽ€€“ƒŽƒƒƒˆƒƒš „ — 3,590! rr  rŽ“ƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ‡„ ˆˆƒ‡ŽŽˆŽˆ‚Žƒ’Ž„r„r€€‚ƒƒ€ƒŒƒ–Ž“ œ ‡€ˆ“–Œƒƒ‚‚‡ €‚Ž  ƒ‡ r €Œ’“ƒ‚ƒŒn‡†‡ rn “ƒ“–ƒŽ€€Œ–’ƒ–ƒ““ˆ“’ƒƒ”“™“ˆ““ƒˆ€ƒ“–ƒ¤‹‰Š“Žƒ¢ 7,999! ›n „rr—r‡r„ƒ„ „rr—ˆŽƒŒˆ „ƒ™€ˆƒr¡”‚Žƒ–Ž“n †„Žƒ “ˆ‰‰‡r„ ‡„„Œƒ“‡r ‡„ œr„ršr 4,450!r„  „ƒ’‡ n ‡†ƒ“ŒƒƒŒˆ’‚€ƒ Žƒ–ƒŒ“Œ„rŽƒƒŽƒ€„„ –Ž“nƒˆˆ”‚Žƒ„‚Œ‡r„ r ˆ–ƒƒƒ–ƒ €€ƒ‚ƒŒ 4,299! „rr„† „‡ˆ„rŽˆŽˆ‰››Ÿ r †„ˆ†„„r”‚Žƒ’Ž „‚ˆƒ€Œ„r„r€€‚ƒ–ƒ–Œ–Ž“ nr€„€”€‚ƒ¨ƒ Žƒ“‡rŽ‡„nr  rƒƒ„ — † 2,850! † 2,750! nr›r ‡ „„ rƒ’€ƒŒˆ n nŒ‡“ŒŽˆŽˆ ”‚Žƒ‡r‚ƒŽˆŽˆrƒ„‡œˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†    ‡r„r „“€ nr‘ „ „—ƒ•ˆ€“ƒ ¡‡rr„€‚ƒ 3,499!ˆ6EROIH%QSRKXLI8STSJ6IEPXSVW2EXMSR[MHI ˆ);1'LEMVQERW'PYF(MEQSRH0IZIP XLVSYKL ˆ'EVIIVWEPIWSZIVQMPPMSR ˆ,MKLIWX2YQFIVSJ'PSWIH9RMXW);1/I]&MWGE]RI 3JJMGIXLVSYKL ˆ6EROIHEQSRKXLI8ST4VSHYGIVWJSV);1 6IEPXSVW'SQTER][MHI 4PIEWIVIEHSYV&03+EX[[[SGEQTSKVSYTGSQFPSK /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV7EPI /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV6IRXˆ 9RJYVRMWLIH /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV6IRXˆ *YVRMWLIH &VMGOIPP'SRHSW*SV7EPI &VMGOIPP'SRHSW*SV6IRXˆ9RJYVRMWLIH 'SGSRYX+VSZI'SRHSWJSV6IRXˆ 9RJYVRMWLIH ’ƒ‚Žˆ’ƒ–ƒ  €‚ƒ„…‚ € ƒ’ƒƒƒ€€ƒƒƒ“ƒƒƒ‡“€ SOLD SOLD SOLD


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 26 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Key Colony I #820 High oor, bright and spacious north side one bedroom, one and a half bath unit with views to the ocean, bay, sunsets, pool and skyline. $560,000ONE BEDROOM Key Islander #312 ....................................................... 324,900 Bahama House #203 .................................................. 379,000 Commodore Club South #1103 ................................. 550,000 Key Colony I #820 ....................................................... 560,000 Commodore Club East #602 ...................................... 599,000 TWO BEDROOMS Key Biscayne VI #306E ................................................ 450,000 Key Colony II #204 ...................................................... 675,000 Ocean Village 4020 ................................................... 540,000 Commodore Club South #207 ................................... 615,000 Key Colony II #927 ...................................................... 695,000 Key Colony Ill #241 ..................................................... 695,000 Resort Villa I #206 ....................................................... 895,000 Resort Villa II #507 ...................................................... 899,000 THREE BEDROOMS Bahia Mar #9D ......................................................... 1,099,000 Club Tower II #404 .................................................... 1,790,000 Lake Villa III #PH4 ...................................................... 1,795,000 THREE BEDROOMS OCEANFRONT SLOPE Key Colony II #343 .................................................... 1,895,000 THREE BEDROOMS + DEN Ocean Tower I #908 .................................................. 2,895,000 CABANAS Cabana 508 ...............................................................220,000 Cabana 112 ...............................................................450,000 (Cabanas can only be sold to Ocean Club Owners) HOUSES 390 Gulf Road 4/4 + Maids Quarters ....................... 2,895,000 ANNUAL RENTALS Ocean Village #2017 3/2 ............................................... 3,750 Key Colony I #442 2/2 .................................................... 4,100 Resort Villa I #306 2/2 .................................................... 4,300 Key Colony Ill #444 2/2 + Den ........................................ 5,300 Key Colony Ill #741 3/3 Slope ......................................... 8,400 COMMERCIAL RENTALS 260 Crandon Blvd E-19 ................................................... 5,500 COMMERCIAL OPPORTUNITY The Square #38 ........................................................ 1,095,000 CONTRACT SOLD CONTRACT SOLD SOLD Another Day In Paradise Key Biscayne’s Oceanfront Specialists! CRISTIANGONZALEZ-BLACK(305) 775-3426, Cell(305) 361-3440, Ext. 331, Of ceE-mail: cblack@ DOUG KINSLEY(305) 215-5900, Cel(305) 361-3440, Ext. 337, Of ceE-mail: doug@ The Square 260 Crandon Blvd., Suite 25 Key Biscayne, FL 33149


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 27 2018 Election Ad-Half page1c-out.indd 1 10/30/18 10:38 AM About Dr. KellydG)t8Plastic Surgeon and partner in both Miami Plastic Surgery and MPS Medspa. He has been in practice over 25 years and has been recognized by his peers both nationally and internationally as one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States. In addition to €(q)^€ passes the entire spectrum of non-invasive treatments such (^8^q^ultrasound, lasers and radiof-requency. He also believes in giving back to our community, having served on the Village )volunteering as a coach for our youth sports programs. You can € Key Cosmetic ConcernsA beautiful belly button is possible after tummy tuck procedure. Dear Dr Kelly: I want a tummy tuck done because I hate my stretch marks, but when I go to the beach, I can always tell if some-one had a tummy tuck because their belly button looks fake. Why can’t the belly button be made more realistic? This is a common misconception I hear about many aspects of plastic surgery: “I can always tell when someone had a tummy tuck because the belly button looks fake.” “I can always tell when someone had a breast augmentation…” “I can always _PWWbSPY^ZXPZYPSL^WWP]^TYtheir face…” My short answer is “No you can’t!” People think that when they see an obvious, bad cosmetic result, that all results look like that. They couldn’t be more wrong. Just because you can tell when someone was overdone, doesn’t mean that you can tell when they were done right. Think about the red carpet at the Oscars. Sure you notice the stars that had bad surgery or bad injectables. But does that mean that the ones who look good didn’t have anything done? Do you think they are all just “natural” beauties? I can assure you they are not. They all have injectables and surgery. The dif-ference is that their procedures were done well and they were not overdone. In cosmetic surgery and injectables, if a little is good, more is not better. The same thing is true with belly buttons after tummy tucks. My patients always compliment me on their belly button after surgery. They tell me how they can go to the beach, wear a 2-piece, and it looks completely natural. The secret is technical, the belly button can’t be too big and the stitches need to be inside so they don’t leave marks. Get your Tummy Tuck done, but ask the surgeon to show you pictures of his or her results before you decide to have surgery. Choose a surgeon with natural looking belly buttons and you will be happy. See you on the beach! DR. MICHAEL KELLY A patient "5her before and after tummy tuck.Submitted


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 PAGE 29 classieds Boating Key Biscayne Yacht Sales, for new & used boats. Eric Labrador 786-285-4498. Eddie Q/JKItLGEtJLEDd€ Tutoring Tutoring in KB – Chemistry, Biology, Science QdpKEKqEFDtDHCC€€ Employment 69m9S.S\Œ`G))6^Administration/Sales assistant Quick im\ECDJ^Qq\6^\dknowledge of general accounting princi ples, & rules. Skills: Disciplined, organized, 8^8)^^)to multi-task and to meet deadlines. Positive and creative thinking, willing to work in a team. 2 YR experience: is a +. Pls. Email resumes to: Garage Sale Lots of goodies, clothes, shoes, bags, puzzles, pet stroller, jewelry. 169 Harbor Dr Sat. 11/3 from 9-1. Fictitious Name Did you know you can publish your Fictitious Name advertisement in The Islander News for only $75. In accordance with Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, The Islander News will publish your Fictitious Name advertisement for one week and ")#)6 davit. Fictitious Name advertisement must be paid for in advance. For information, contact Fernanda Oliva at 305-361-3333, extension 11, or email fernanda@island 2PYP]LW2`TOPWTYP^QZ];WLNTYRL.WL^^TPO,OaP]_T^PXPY_Minimum of 99 characters, spaces and punctuation count as characters. For 1 week: $20 Every additional 33 characters or less which includes spaces and punctuation: $5 Bolding: An additional $5 For ads to run Thursday, the deadline is 5 p.m. Monday.Cancellation and correction deadlines are identical to placement deadlines. Holiday deadlines vary and are available upon request.\66] 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday i] 305-361-3333, ext. 11 ,'] 305-361-5051 "t] œ6œ!^ The Islander News reserves the right to correctly classify and edit all copy or reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. All ads placed by phone are read back to adver-tiser at time of placement. Only standard abbreviations are accepted. Payments œ6œœœœ^‹œŠœXPœœand American Express. ,OU`^_XPY_^ hœ'œ6œœ!œœœ6!œ^8'6œXœœœ6œœ'œDAFnDGBnDDDDX&^BB^ Real Estate Sale FOR SALE BY OWNER ISLAND BREAKERS 150 OCEAN LANE DR. UNIT 3D. CORNER 2/2 1300 SQ. FT. WRAP m\SI\S’^\i"S€G9y6"S^2 PARKING SPACES, TILED FLOORS, Im."qy\QI\q"yq^"6iy6^i\\I^.’Qd"q’y\€q6\ŒdPETS WELCOME. LOW MAINTENANCE $549,000 BUYERS BROKERS Œ"I\Q"pGq€FCHtGHKtIFCGd Wanted To Rent F€m€,mSdimyQ"Sy€€Q9€ES€t€Q9€Qm€ECDLdi€G"’€)€9‹s)€#.‹#di€€E _dEDI€HJGJEGI€€€EDIFKEGEGI Real Estate Rentals 2/2 unfrn 301 sunrise dr spaciousbright corner apt, updated, w/d must see $2300/mo 305-469-7821Short Rent-2/2-Beautiful, furnished $2,600/mo. Call 305-361-3242 l 305-458-0634Owner Agent Cars for Sale 2013 Honda Odyssey 5DR TRG Elite ext: polished metal M. Int: Gray leather. Mileage 30,000. Bluetooth Hands-,Idq9dm"#Camera. Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor. Honda navigation sysd€. condition Price $15,000.00. Please contact for appointment in Key Biscayne: 305 491 1984/305 613 9980 – ]€" >P]aTNP^ KB Art Transportation VanE5^i/q"`Airport $45.00 call 305-361-3111BOOKKEEPING SERVICES available by 8idlexpertise. Accounts Receivable. Accounts Payable. Bank Reconciliations. Financial Reporting, Analysis and Budgeting. \/6diQValentine at 305-345-1451 or e-mail at Pets KB’s only luxury cage free dog hotel and dog daycare for small breeds. Your Good Dog. 305-710-0502. Miscellaneous DIRECTV SELECT PACKAGE! Over 150 Channels, ONLY $35/month (for 12 mos.) Order Now! Get a $100 AT&T Visa Rewards Gift Card (some restrictions apply) CALL 1844-794-1326AT&T Internet. Get More For Your High-Speed Internet Thing. Starting at $40/month w/12-mo. Includes 1 TB of data per month. Ask us how to bundle and SAVE! Geo & svc restrictions apply. Call us today 1-866-392-5653Stay in your home longer with an Amer ican Standard Walk-In Bathtub. Receive …D^HCC5^^and a lifetime warranty on the tub and installation! Call us at 1-866-399-4441 YYqy\iqym..I9S.\Sy6"qy9mqYYGive your life a lift with an ACORN STAIR LIFT! Call now for $250 OFF your stairlift purchase and FREE DVD & brochure! 1-844-396-6040\Sy"’\mm^ymG\m\yTO HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND. Free 3 Day Vacation, Tax Deductible, Free Towing, All Paperwork Taken Care Of. CALL 1-877-265-8361Spectrum Triple Play! TV, Internet & Voice for $29.99 ea. 60 MB per second speed No contract or commitment. More Channels. ,9d‹d1-855-621-7164‹9.m9I9qq"mq`)costs! SAVE $$! 50 Pills for $99.00. FREE Shipping! 100% Guaranteed and Discreet. CALL 1-844-564-4240 For Sale F^DCC€#EG)EG)9d)garage on Key Biscayne. Paid $6.50 per sq ft. New appliances. Will sell for half price. Call Peter at 305-282-1405. Wanted Wanted! Old Oriental Rugs. Immediate Maximum Cash. Call 1-800-908-7847 or send pictures: ELIGIBLE forMEDICARE?Individual Health &Group Health Insurance(We offer all Carriers) Direct Line JAVIER J. SANCHEZAgent Broker Walk to Beach! CAPE FLORIDA CONDO RENTAL 1BD/1.5BA Furnished | $2,250/month Boutique building, top oor. Quiet Seaview street. 1 assigned space + guest parking. Pool, tennis, clubhouse. Rolando Tapanes305.975.1252 | rtapanes@bhsusa.comBROWN HARRIS STEVENS2665 S. Bayshore Drive, Suite 100, Miami, FL 33133 Follow us on Instagram @kbislandernews


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 28 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 Island endorphins will be at an all-time high come Saturday morning November 10th at 7:40am sharp, when Mayor Mayra 7TYO^LdbTWW]P_SPNP]PXZYTLWcanon at Bill Baggs State Park to ^_L]__SP]`YYP]^ZL__SP>_Annual Key Biscayne Lighthouse Run. The anticipated 1,000 or so run YP]^bTWWMPRTY_ZZNV_ZRP_SP]as the sun breaks at the base of the Cape Florida Lighthouse. Stretching their arms and legs in a slow sinewy dance like so many sleek tropical birds plumed out in neon pinks and greens…with water bottles and technological devices velcroed to their extrem ities. This revered ritual of timed extreme physical exertion while enjoying the neighborhood sights with a community of friends and supporters-and a refreshingly fun park party after-requires interested participants to register before the Friday November 9th at 5pm deadline. 9PT_SP]LRPYZ]_YP^^WPaPW need deter anyone from signing up. Walkers are welcome to stride comfortably at their own pace. Last year’s youngest participant was 4 years old and the eldest was merely 79. 41st Annual Lighthouse Run set for Nov 10written by Raquel Garcia Special to the Islander News A portion of the proceeds from both the 5K and 10K simultaneous races will go to the volunteer or ganizations keeping participants hydrating at route water stations, handing out commemorative Bald Eagle adorned t-shirts, and managing the complimentary post-run massages. -PYPNTL]TP^Q]ZXWL^_dPL] included: Michael Scholz Memo rial Fund, iPads for Soldiers, KB Presbyterian School and MAST Ju nior Honor Society, among others. A special award will be presented by Master of Ceremonies Geno Marron to the organization or group with the most participants. Register online at In person registration at The Courts Sports Gear, 79 Harbor Drive, Nov 5 to Nov 9. Course map, race age groups, and packet pick up details at home improvement


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 30 THURSDAY, NOV. 1, 2018 beachcombings Local artist Carolina Baron part of new exhibit Submitted photos COMMENOZ GALLERY at the Galleria Mall held a wonderful wine reception for the opening of the “The Beauty Around Us” exib-it, featuring the work of four women artists, including Argentinian artist, and Key Biscayne resident Carolina Baron Biza. The exibit also includes works by Arlene Valarino (Venezuela), Laura Nillini (Argentina) and Trudy Wiesenberger from Ohio). For more infor-mation call 305-361-7052 m,^€qE^‹G5 Arlene VALARINO, acrylic on canvas, “Five Moons” 59” x 63 The captivating artwork brought smiles to all attendees i^€S(.^€‹ Ramiro Romani, Carolina Baron Biza


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