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"The life and times of Key Biscayne, Florida."

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ISLANDER NEWS ISLANDERNEWS.COM SINCE 1966 VOLUME 51, NO. 43 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 $1.25Islander News written by Raquel Garcia Special to the Islander News photos courtesy of Raquel GarciaThe Islander News (USPS #7287) )ct. 25, 2018 Volume 51, No. 43 Published weekly by American Hometown Publishing, 5801 Washington Ave. Ste. 201A, Mt. Pleasant, WI 53406. POSTMATER: Please send address changes to The Islander News, 104 Crandon Bouldevard, Suite 301, Key Biscayne, FL, 33149. Ancient lore of a haunted past, when werewolves roamed rooftops and ghostly apparitions took over the streets, are whispered of anew in late October as the islands slumbering spirits re-awaken to spook the living on All Hallows Eve. Ruth Ortega, a resident for nearly four decades, remembers how the now famous Haunted Halloween tradition came to life on the Key. It all started about 15 to 20 years ago. My next door neighbor Tim Stickney and his brother would get up on the roof continued on page 4 Candidate forum Tonight, the Ocean sound at Key Col ony hosts a Village candidate forum starting at 6:30 p.m. The event is sponsored by KBCPC. Howl-O-Ween Dogs and their humans are in vited to Key Biscaynes Howl-O-Ween costume party on Friday at the Dog Park on the North Village Green. Early voting Early voting has commenced. Look at our Voting Facts info on page 6 for the closest early voting sites to the Island. Rats Day Off one-day camp on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Key Rats can have safe fun at the Key Biscayne Community Center. More endorsements! Even more endorsements! Next week is our last issue before the Nov. 6 elections. Send your mini-endorsement to editor@ in werewolf costumes and put on a show for the kids, she recalled. It grew from there. Jimena Zubiria and partner, Daniel Sabido, were raised on the island Woodcrest Road awakening. We would all go to HALLOWEEN 5 THINGS TO KNOW Island Spooktacular! JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE Islander-Banner1-out.indd 1 4/12/16 4:33 PM GALLERIES, INC $$ WE BUY $$ HIGHEST PRICES PAID 24 Hr. On Call800-920-0067 Email Us at: CALL BRUCE KODNER305-949-4545 ALL SIGNED JEWELRY, DIAMONDS & WATCHES ROLEX CARTIER PATEK PHILLIPE TIFFANY BVLGARIBUYING MID-CENTURY ANTIQUESFURNITURE & ACCESORIESPAUL EVANS LAVERNE NAKASHIMA10KT. 14KT. 18KT. 22KT GOLD & ESTATE JEWELRY ANTIQUES SCULPTURES OIL PAINTINGS FINE ART GOLD & SILVER COINS & CURRENCYCHINESE, RUSSIANART & OBJECTS IMMEDIATE PAYMENT 1 Spirits are stirring as the unrest begins leading to a time-honored Halloween Haunt 2 3 4 5


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 2 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Contact us: +1 (786) 412-1571 YOUR QUESTION ANSWERED Grhv#wkh#Yloodjh#r

ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 3 rnn n nnn r rr n rn  n€‚ rrrƒr „ …nrn‚n † rr   € ‡ƒ‚ nnˆn‰ nŠ ˆnˆ‹ŒŽ‘nnr r ‚ƒ„r …†‡ ˆ†‰ŠŠ‡ ‹Š€ ’nr‘n ‚“‚n† r n”nr • †–rŽ ‚ƒ„r …†‡ †ˆ†‰ŠŠ‡ ‹Š€ r nrnrrn nr—„… •†n ‚rƒ ‚‚‚ € ’ƒ nƒ…n…rƒrr’…’nr ‡™š›š”™‚‹ †  ŒŽ‘‡Š‹†‘  rrnr ‘n‚‹nˆ’’r …nƒn rnr rr ƒƒ€€ rŒ…‡†‰‡ ‡Š‹†‘ †‹’“‘”•€ •r‚’ˆ’’ ’nnr† ’’nnrn nr r•Ž –‚ƒ‚rƒ‚r‚€€ ƒƒ•ˆ–‡‹— ‡‹—–‡’•Š€ •r†n’…›rnˆ’ˆ’  „š… rnr •Ž –‚ƒ‚rƒ‚r‚€€ ƒƒ•‡‹— ‡‹—–‡’•Š€ •r’…›rn‚’‚’ „ š …rnrœ •Ž –‚ƒ‚rƒ‚r‚€€ rƒ•‡‹— r š‚’’r ’ ‘šnrrn •Ž –‚ƒ‚rƒ‚r‚€€ ‡‹—Œ‡‹— r –rnrn’’š’ ˆnr‚r n šš‡œ’… •Ž –‚ƒ‚rƒ‚r‚€€  ‡Ž‘‡Š‹†‘  š–nrnnn Ÿ’  ˆ‚n r nrnn’r n   ‚ƒ‚rˆ‚€€ rn r nnn nrrrrrr r n ‚‚r™…rš ˆ›…† †‡ —  €‚‚  €€  ……n r •  nn  r¡ • Ž


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 4 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz • 305-785-6530 • Political Advertisement Paid for and App roved by Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz For Key Biscayne Mayor Campaign PROVEN LEADERSHIP, PROVEN RESULTS “LUCHO” GETS THINGS DONE! Our campaign signs are recyclable! As the mayoral candidate with degrees in both law and civil engineering, I have the technical expertise, experience and VISION to tackle complex infrastructure, large-scale projects and negotiations, all of which impact our safety, quality of life and property values. • Permanent Structural Solutions to Beach Erosion• Upgrading Our Storm Drainage Infrastructure• Bear Cut Bridge • Undergrounding Our Utilities• Optimizing Traf c, Pedestrian Safety & Progressive Transportation Initiatives • K-8 Facilities• Strategic Planning to Face Tomorrow’s Challenges LUIS “LUCHO” DE LA CRUZ FOR MAYOR OF KEY BISCAYNE We should lead all other communities with VISION and innovative, yet sensible, initiatives. WHERE IN THE WORLD Longtime Key Biscayne residents, Fernando and An-drea Tavara, Pedro and Teresa Velez, and Maribel and Mateo Wiegering taking a rest to read the Islander news. They all climbed up to 9,000 feet at Booth Falls Trail in Vail, Colo. Submitted photo our teacher Mrs. Stickney’s house on Halloween. We looked forward to it every year, it was super well done.” Both Ortega and Zubiria also recall the Key Biscayne Bank transforming into a Haunted House. “I was very young at the time,” said Zubiria. “It was about 1990, but I remember the local bank would open late and the tellers were all dressed up.” Much has changed from when the Stickney’s gave out homemade ghost WZWWT[Z[^LYOLYTXL_POR`]P^OPNZ]L_POthe Community Church grounds. New residents like the Larroulet family — .WL`OTLLYO1]LYNT^NZLYO_SPT]aPboys, who moved to the island two months ago from Chile — are in for quite a treat. “We rented a box of costumes and are still going through it, “ said Claudia. “It’s also my 11 year old son Mateo’s birthday so we are looking forward to a party at school and then we’ll see!” Glenridge Road will be closed for pe OP^_]TLY_]LNZYWdLYOBZZON]P^_LYOsurrounding streets get so packed with kids that no car can pass through. Ortega said last year she ran out of candy at 7 p.m. and that was after handing out 2,000 individual pieces. This year she is well stocked with her 10 bags from Costco. m?SPWT__WPZYP^NZXP]^_LYO_SPd are just adorable,” she said. “I dress up as a friendly witch and my husband dresses up as some odd character. Even the parents get in costumes and involved with the kids, it’s a lot of fun.” Phantom fever has spread far and wide, covering pristine island landscapes with the likes of spectres, cottony spider webs and disturbed tombstones. The Cabaliri continued from Page 1 SPOOKTACULAR family of Hampton Lane were recently seen situating an apparition-y acquain-tance upon a palm tree perch. “We leave a basket of candy out and the kids and I RZZaP]_Z2WPY]TORPn^LTO>ZL.LMLWT]T While All Hallows Eve culminate the festivities, many Island organizations are sponsoring events in the days preceding the Night of the Great Pumpkin. For example: The Square Shopping Center will have a Pre-Halloween Party on Oct. 25. The Key Biscayne Community Church will host its Annual Light the Night Fall Festival Oct. 26. The Village of Key Biscayne’s 3rd Annual Zombie Crawl will be held at the Village Green also on Friday Oct. 26. And Peter Verbeeck, Key Colony resident and Rotarian, will host the Inau-gural Eric P. Verbeeck Journey of Hope School Halloween Party and Masquerade -LWW_ZMPYP_Q`YOTYR^NSZZW^TY2SLYLand Haiti at the Key Biscayne Beach Club on Oct. 27. The Stickney home where spirits unleashed. Photo by RAQUEL GARCIA


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 5 T R-C K B FL 305-365-4570 nn 900 N. M A C IL 312-440-0044 n


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Its 13 divisions H6,I~services industries. They establish rules for animal, aquaculture, forestry and produce industries, license producers, oversee emergency prepared-#5)d9department regulates consumer services businesses like motor vehicle repair shops, charitable organizations, dance studios, pawnshops, telemarketers and concealed carry licenses. Florida Election Department Sets forth the general guidelines each county election supervisor. Each ,~IJ#q"department with the liberty to expand voting beyond the state set dates. Miami-Dade Facts Miami Dade Commission is the governing body of unincorporated Miami-Dade County and has broad powers to establish policies for the County services. It provides services countywide and city-type services for residents of unincorporated areas. Qt€Q)€#the power to veto Commission action items.9ECCJ^Q)#"additional powers including oversight of the day-to-day operations. The 13-member Commission sets policies and establishes laws for its 13 districts. 7 7 p.m.Nov. 4 Early voting is available every day all day long at 28 locations in Miami Dade. During Early Voting days you can vote at ANY of these 28 locations. On Election Day you need to vote in your Precinct (KB = 051 = KBCC) Key Biscayne Facts Key Biscayne Council is responsible for the overall direction of the village and general welfare of Key Biscayne residents. They elected by KB voters for a two-year term. No person may serve on the council, or as any combination of mayor and council member, for more than eight consecutive years. Key Biscayne operates under the Council-Manager form of government in accordance with d€The Council also appoints the Village Clerk and the Village Attorney. Closest early voting location Historic Garage, 3250 S. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33129 (Same property as the old Science Museum opposite Viscaya. Coral Gables Branch Library and Stephen P Clark Government Center are 2 other close locations. USE YOUR VOICE


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 7 MIKE DAVEY FOR MAYOR We Are A Better Community When We Work Together P aid for by the Campaign Account for Michael W Davey MIKE DAVEY A PROVEN RECORD OF REAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS Elected Vice Mayor by his colleagues on two different councils; Guaranteed that material excavated from port tunnel was safe, protecting our water; Lowered the millage twice (lowest in Miami-Dade County for municipality with its own re service); Pushed for a municipal charter high school, which eventually led to MAST-Cambridge option; Ensured that the re-development of the Sonesta property worked for the community as a whole; Developed the K-8 Advisory Board; Pushed the Village to ght for a safer Bear Cut Bridge; Fought the dredging project to protect Key Biscayne; Oversaw successful completion of the sewer and water line project; Chaired the Charter Review Commission


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 8 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 More Mini-Endorsements As you can see by the dozens of “mini-citizen-endorsements” published in this week’s Islander News, Key Biscayne’s so-called Voting Block might be relative small in numbers but it ranks high in their involvement come elec-tion time. We love the passion with which many of these endorsements are written. Many mention personal relationships the endorser SL^bT_SL[L]_TN`WL]NLYOTOL_P:_SP]^ZP]NZY crete reasons why a candidate’s stance on key issues deserves to be elected. We feel this public show of support for these hard working candidates is an essential part of what makes election time in Key Biscayne unique. In addition, as our friend, Raul Llorente mentions in his Guest Commentary this week, it is what the Village Charter envisioned when written back in 1991. Next week, in our November 1t edition we will once again print as many, if not all, of citizens endorsements we receive, Endorsements should be limited in length, signed and be emailed to editor@islandernews.comA safe, fun and Spooktacular Halloween Remove “trick” when referring to Halloween in our Island; it is just a TREAT! Drive through our 1by 1.5-mile Island and you’ll feast on a plethora of decorated homes, each seemingly more outrageous or scarier than the last. More over, the excitement is building with so many Halloween related events planned around the Village. Things really get going to morrow night (Friday) with several events kicking off six fun and candy-filled days of Halloween mania. Village Green will become Zombieville (our made up word) with the fifth annual Zombie Crawl at the Village Green Fountain. There is also plenty of fun and scary creations planned at Bill Baggs with their annual Haunted Hike, happening Friday and Saturday. And many of our shopping centers and businesses are holding special events to celebrate Halloween. Some examples include Illustradent (240 Crandon) collaborating with the Kiwanis of Key Biscayne to throw a party at their offices from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Wednesday. However, as much fun as Halloween affords us, please take measures to keep our little Islanders safe. Watch for cars while crossing streets trick-or-treating, check candies they receive maintain a reasonable curfew for the youngest and above all, use com mon sense. If something feels odd or unsafe, it probably is. Be safe – enjoy a Spooktacular time!Take advantage or early voting Early voting started this past Monday. This is a good opportunity for those who do not want the hustle and bustle of Election Day. While there are no early voting facilities on the Island, the closest location is just a short drive at the Historic Garage, 3250 S. Miami Ave., Miami (same property as the old Science Museum, opposite Viscaya). In addition, for those who elect to vote by absentee ballot, do not QZ]RP__ZXLTW_SPXMLNVDZ`NLYLW^ZO]Z[_SPXZat any local voting location on Election Day, Nov. 6. opinion THE OPINIONS EXPRESSED BY GUEST COLUMNISTS AND IN EDITORIAL CARTOONS DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE OPINION OF THE ISLANDER NEWS. The Life & Times of Key Biscayne, Florida Published every Thursday. Deadlines: Display Advertising 5 p.m. Friday; œ6 F^^Pœ'c R!œH"XC^^Pœ' x8œR!œRœœR! œœXp'hœDœX,œ hœœF'œ'œ^ BAElR[R[~H"ŠlXp~8x"DABVF"‘8p‘R"X,HDDBEJVh5[R"WDAFnDGBnDDDDV,WDAFnDGBnFAFBV8pHR"lR"‹p^[PVCABIHHl8.5xpl"p"lŠ"XP"l8R5[P"x[‹Rh~H8p58R.X8R^ PUBLISHERDl'X&^BD'œ!^EDITORœ!^ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVEPœœ[ œX&^BB œœ!^ DESIGNERœ.œœ^SUBSCRIPTIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ EDITORIAL SUBMISSIONS"œœX!œœ!^BEACHCOMBINGSF'DX&^BCœ!^CALENDAR SUBMISSIONS,œœŠœX&^BAœœœ!^ 3 THINGS WE WANT TO SEE HAPPEN THIS WEEK 123 VISUAL LETTER TO THE EDITOR On beach cleanliness Note the sharp demarcation between the dirt contaminants and the ocean right behind it. Do you recognize it? ?SPM]ZbY^_`OZP^9:?NZY^T^_ZQ^PLbPPO^Z]^LYO4_T^LYL`PY_ZQOT]_XZ^_[]ZMLMWdWLYOWW?SP^Z`]NPT^NOT the ocean beyond the demarcation. We are the contaminants of the ocean beyond – yes, Key Biscayne. To support this observation, it has been shown that there is a higher than expected enterococcus bacterial count in these dirt waters. Enterococcus is found in human fecal material. The Islander reported this YOTYRYZ__ZZWZYRLRZ-`__SP]PbL^YZfollow-up. I suggest that our Village Council and its millionaire payrollers take a good look at this photo. If they have a list of priorities to solve, it does appear to be based on common sense. Our beach is probably the most important attraction to live or vacation here. Our merchants count on our tourists for their income, and they pay huge taxes. Our tourists are the fount of our merchant economy. But his year, tourists know better and are not coming. This summer must have been disastrous to our hotels, resorts and beach attendance. The egregious problem is not the “Battle with the Iguanas” that the Is-lander headlined recently. Nor is it the Never Trump protests, global warming, police brutality nor the MeToo feminist movement. The beach destruction is the larger and most important issue right This photo shows the Key Biscayne beach Sunday, September 30 at 10 a.m. h 'œ^pœnXP now. It has reached emergency propor-tions today. I have these questions for you: 1) Why hasn’t the Islander conducted a DEEP in vestigation on our beach contamination? Why haven’t we been informed of the terrible tourist attendance of the beach? In real numbers, how much have our hotels and other resorts lost this year so far? 2) Why hasn’t our well-paid Village Manager investigated this problem? Is he blind or does he live in a bubble? 3) Is the Village Council asleep or what? 4) Do you know the source of the contami-nants? Why not? Have you really looked? 5) Why don’t you rent a helicopter or a small airplane and take photos? You XTRS_WPL]YLWZ_]^_SLYOLYO_PLNS`^the taxpayers, a thing or two.— Charles A. Santos-Buch, MD


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 9 For more information, visit us at or call 305-446-5673. Financial aid available. Carrollton admits qualied students of any race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin. A Catholic college preparatory day school educating girls and young women ages 3-18 ADMISSIONS SHOWCASES Wednesday, October 3 at 9 a.m. (Grades M3 – 5) Wednesday, October 17 at 9 a.m. (Grades 6 – 8) Monday, November 12 at 9 a.m. (High School Only) CAMPUS TOURS Tuesday, December 4 at 9 a.m. (All Grades) Friday, January 11 at 9 a.m. (All Grades) RSVP Now #6:*/(t4&--*/(t."/"(&.&/5 $JOEZ.J[F]1SFTJEFOU t$JOEZ!.JBNJ$BQJUBM1SPQFSUJFTDPN $PNNFSDJBM*OWFTUNFOUTBOE3FTJEFOUJBM3FBM&TUBUF,FZ#JTDBZOF .*".*$"1*5"-1301&35*&4 Date High Tide Low Tide Sunrise/Sunset Moonriseu. Oct 25 9:48 AM 9:57 PM 3:00 AM 3:26 PM 7:24 AM 6:44 PM 7:49 PMFri. Oct 26 10:32 AM 10:40 PM 3:41 AM 4:08 PM 7:25 AM 6:43 PM 8:33 PMSat. Oct 27 11:18 AM 11:25 PM 4:24 AM 4:53 PM 7:26 AM 6:42 PM 9:22 PMSun. Oct 28 ----------12:07 PM 5:11 AM 5:43 PM 7:26 AM 6:42 PM 10:16 PMMon. Oct 29 12:15 AM 1:00 PM 6:04 AM 6:40 PM 7:27 AM 6:41 PM 11:14 PMTue. Oct 30 1:12 AM 1:59 PM 7:04 AM 7:44 PM 7:27 AM 6:40 PM -----------Wed. Oct 31 2:15 AM 3:01 PM 8:11 AM 8:53 PM 7:28 AM 6:39 PM 12:15 AMu. Nov 1 3:24 AM 4:06 PM 9:22 AM 10:01 PM 7:29 AM 6:39 PM 1:18 AM rrn FREE ONE HOUR SESSION!   € ‚ƒ ‚ The result of the Village election on Nov. 6 will be another formidable victory for all Key Biscayners. With the election of three new Council members and a new mayor we will NZX[WP_PLATWWLRP.Z`YNTWZQ^PaPY\`LWTPOYPTRSMZ]^LYOQ]TPYO^a responsible group with all legislative powers of our Village vested therein. ?SL_T^_SPbT^P[]ZNP^^XLYOL_POMdZ`]ATWWLRP.SL]_P]bSTNSbL^ LOZ[_POMd6Pd-T^NLdYPaZ_P]^ZY5`YP#$$?SPNSL]_P]^[PNTPOLWWfundamental constitutional rules for our local government and told us our Village should be ruled by a Council of our friends and neighbors. >ZZYLQ_P]_SPNSL]_P]bL^LOZ[_PO_SPATWWLRPSPWOT_^]^_PWPN_TZYTY $$?ST^PWPN_TZY"dPL]^WL_P]bTWWNZY_TY`P_Z^SZb`^_SPbLd_Zsuccess. BT_S_SP!PWPN_TZYZQ-]P__8Z^^,WWT^ZY8N.Z]XTNVLYO6L_TP ;P_]Z^bPbP]PL^^`]POL^_]ZYROLT^?SP#PWPN_TZYQPL_`]TYR_SPNLYOTOLNdZQ8TNSLPW/LaPdLYO7`T^OPWL.]`eQZ]XLdZ]LYO5P]Pd2ZYeLWP^7`T^7L`]POZ0ObL]O7ZYOZY4RYLNTZ>PR`]ZWLLYO?ZYdBTY_ZYQZ].Z`YNTWbTWWPY^`]PLYZ_SP]QZ]XTOLMWPaTN_Z]dQZ]LWW6PdBiscayners. 7P_j^PWPN_L.Z`YNTW_SL_bTWWOPXZY^_]L_PVYZbWPORPZQZ`]XZ^_ desirable governmental aspirations and understanding our need for PPN_TaPNZ]OTLWLYOPNTPY_WPRT^WL_TZYQZ]_SPMPYP_ZQLWW,.Z`YNTWNL[LMWPZQNZY^T^_PY_]P^[PN_QZ]TYOTaTO`LWZ[TYTZY^X`_`LWNZZ[P]L_TZYQZ]_SPPc[POT_TZ`^]P^ZW`_TZYZQTX[Z]_LY_T^^`P^LYOQLT_SQ`WLOSP]PYNPto the essential mandates of our Village charter. BT_SPY_S`^TL^XbPbPWNZXPLWWNLYOTOL_P^,YObPbTWWUZdQ`WWd NZY]X_SL__SZ^PPWPN_PO^SLWWMPPY_]`^_PObT_SLWWWPRT^WL_TaP[ZbP]^to perform their duty as set out in the Village charter. ?SPdbTWWMPNZY^NTZ`^_SL__SPb]T_P]^ZQ_SPNSL]_P]VYPb_SPdbP]P N]PL_TYRLNZX[WP_PX`YTNT[LWT_dbT_S^[PNTLWTePO^P]aTNPOP[L]_XPY_^LOXTYT^_P]POMdOT]PN_Z]^,YO_SPd]P\`T]PO_SP.Z`YNTW_ZL[[ZTY_LNSTPQLOXTYT^_]L_TaPZNP]_SPATWWLRP8LYLRP]_Z^PPVXLcTX`XPNTPYNd Those elected will also understand that all Village policy decisions are _ZMPOP_P]XTYPOMd_SP.Z`YNTWTYNW`OTYRL[[]ZaLWZQ_SPLYY`LWATWWLRPM`ORP_[]P^PY_POMd_SPATWWLRP8LYLRP] >ZbT_S_SP]P^`W_^ZQ_ST^#PWPN_TZYLYONZY]XL_TZYZQP^^PY_TLW .SL]_P]XLYOL_P^bPbTWWSL[[TWdNZY_TY`P_SP^`NNP^^ZQZ`]ATWWLRP Another formidable victory BRIDGE Wednesday Matinee Bridge ?SP:N_ZMP]"M]TORPRLXP ended in a tie. Players involved bP]P5ZLY,XM]Z^P9ZYTP7TYVP]LYO0^[P]LYeL=ZO]TR`PeLWZYRbT_S5`Od=PTYLNS?ZYd/P9TR]Z>_PaP/P]TY5Z^PYL8Z]LYLYO/LaTO.]LQ_ 8L_TYPP-]TORPXPP_^TY_SP card room at the Towers of Key -T^NLdYP.]LYOZY-WaOat 1 p.m. Wednesday. Call Judy =PTYLNSL_ !$ !QZ]information. A reader sent this photo of the east side of Fernwood Road behind The Square and Gale-ria shopping centers, noting, “A Village-planted Cocoplum hedge was chopped after the storm and never replaced!? One a cluster type Reclinata palm now with a leaning single trunk is unsightly and of no !5dLet’s keep our Village looking d{ISLANDER NEWS READER PHOTO VISUAL RANT: TREES Guest Commentary by former Council MemberRAUL LLORENTE


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 10 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 I have been a resident of Key Biscayne for 37 years. I was Chairman of the Charter Committee that established the Village of Key Biscayne 27 years ago, and was elected to the rst Council. I ask for your trust and vote on November 6 Together We Can • Fiscal responsibility is the most important duty of a Council member. The citizens-taxpayers trust us with their money. They expect us to spend it wisely. • My management experience, both in the private and public sectors, has taught me that ef ciency comes by controlling expenses, not by raising revenues (taxes) • I strongly believe in strategic investments in infrastructure • Together we can reinforce the dream on which the Village was founded 27 years ago: Small, ef cient, citizen focused government. LUIS LAUREDOVILLAGE COUNCIL Luis De La Cruz, LUCHO, for Mayor of Key Biscayne to keep our island paradise safe, improved infrastruc ture, clean beaches and water and no more huge government build-ings on paradise Key Biscayne! Also endorse Edward London and Luis Lauredo for Council. Vote LUCHO for Mayor! — Cynthia Cutler ***Luis de la Cruz is a longtime friend and our sons are best friends. I have known him and his family for a lifetime. I strongly recommend Luis de la Cruz for Mayor. He is a friend, husband, father and a long-time active member of our community. Key Biscayne is home to Luis and his family and he would serve our community with his heart and looking out for what is best for all our homes. Go Vot,e and Vote for Luis de la Cruz for Mayor. Thanks, Deborah ***I have lived in Key Biscayne for over 44 years and have seen many changes, some that I agreed with and some which I didn’t. The insight of Luis (de la Cruz) as a resident of Key Biscayne for over 45 years is very important to me. He knows our history and has a great plan for our future. Having worked with Luis at the KBYC ^9#8how both his engineering and law background lead him to taking Readers endorse their candidates for Nov. 6 the lead in the completion of very complicated seawall reinforcement project, as well as new docks that required strong dialogue with DERM and Army Corp of Engineers. Key Biscayne will be facing many very complicated infrastructure ^6^the bear cut bridge, and our most precious resource — our beaches. He has demonstrated to me that he has the know-how and the #8^#most is critical for me. Regards, Enrique Falla Jr., CPFA***IIzI{/8 the excellent work he has begun. As long-time Key Biscayne res-idents, we are writing to enthu-siastically support Lucho Mayor of the Village of Key Biscayne. Having known Luis for over 30 years, we are well aware of and continued on page 13 readers’ candidate endorsements






ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 13 Realizing the Power of Potential rn nn r rr  rr €‚ƒ„„ƒ€ƒ…€ nrr €‚ƒ„„„†…€† rrr‡rrˆrnnrn rrrrrrrrrr 12838-Key Biscayne Islander October 11.indd 1 10/4/18 5:13 PM I have been on Key Biscayne for over 50 years and during that time I have seen a lot of changes. We are facing even more – we need to elect the person that will plan the future we want and look after our interests. THAT IS WHY I AM VOTING FOR MIKE DAVEY THANK YOU ANN TAINTOR ""^8commitment to this community. 6#)#"#G^qdi^G’years as Councilmember on our ‹G))dI""#()#) "^##")the Community Center, as well as ")) "d,^ #)/#Qt))of Miami.As a father of two, Lucho con-"G)dŒ"G^" ##)iq^~Qqy)^8^I#("dŒ")()#)"I/S"dI#8(#)d— Maren Martinez & Ricardo J. Martinez***G)Biscayne, I believe in my heart that Luis De La Cruz is the man Q)d6^##"dI^)^G^)d,^##))))Q^Q)d6GC)"G)"(d6"G’))d68)` — Miguel A Suarez III***9)II/Mayor of Key Biscayne. He is a GHt)"^#)(td9~"#IGH)~#) ~d6( her. — Andy Garcia ***,^9"#IzI{/#"GC)^#)") iDC ENDORSEMENTS the Key. They have always been a )t))))dI)d6/^9###as Mayor of Key Biscayne. We "#(^(dIzI{/#")"S" ber. — Clara Sotorrio ***G))q/)"6dŒ")6)d9#)IzI{/G)Biscayne Mayor because of his )^)^(^ )^t8d6 6)with fellow community members )"#d68"#Q)of Key Biscayne. Finally, his warm  continued on page 14 readers’ candidate endorsements


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 14 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Trunk or Treat Join us for a spooky good time o and a start off point for your trick or treating! o When: Wednesday, October 31st oo 4pm 6pm Where: o St. Christopher's By-the-Sea 95 Harbor Drive Wear: Your Halloween Costumes Inflatable obstacle course Character Appearances and Candy for Everyone! Hot dogs, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Snow Cones, and Soft Drinks for SALE *All proceeds benefit the St. Chris topher's Annual Fund The Community is Welcome! ('/21'21 )259,//$*(&281&,/ 026748$/,),(' (G/RQGRQKDVWKHPRVW H[SHULHQFHZKHUHLWFRXQWV (G/RQGRQKDVH[WHQVLYHEXVLQHVV DQGSXEOLFH[SHULHQFH 927()25('/21'21 ,KDYHVHUYHGRQ W KH&RXQFLOIRU\HDUV DQG,DPUHDG\WRVHUYHDJDLQWRHQVXUHWKDWRXUORFDOJRYHUQPHQWRSHUDWHVHIFLHQWO\DQGVDWLVHVWKHEHVWLQWHUHVWVRIDOO.H\%LVFD\QHUHVLGHQWV (G/RQGRQ only remarkable and refreshing, but solidify my support for his candi dacy. Thank you. — Joe Courtney ***I sending this email to support Mike Davey for his run of Mayor of Key Biscayne. As a Key Biscayne resident since 2000 I fully support him. He served eight years on Council and has been a committed representative for the Village. He will be a great asset to our Council. — Tony Kanaan ***I am writing to encourage us all to get out and vote for Lucho De La Cruz for Mayor. I have known Lucho in many capacities for over 20 years — as his friend, neighbor, friend/lawyer and physician/friend. And in each of these roles, Lucho has proven to be a man of warmth, generosity and integrity. As a lawyer, his counsel is rock solid. As a neighbor, his door is always open to everyone. As a friend, he can always be counted on. … And as a Council member these last years, Lucho has proven himself to be a real advocate and asset for all that care about our beautiful Key Biscayne. Lucho’s experience, character and work-ethic will serve him well as Mayor of our Island paradise. I strongly encour-age everyone to lend Lucho their support. — Jack Christie (John P. Christie MD) continued from Page 13 ENDORSEMENTS ***We have known Luis De la Cruz for almost 20 years. He does not need to run for Mayor, but he is in the race because he cares. He cares about our Village, our citizens, our environment and our community in general. We do feel very com-fortable that he will represent the community properly. — Carlos and Jackie Quintela***I am grateful for the freedom that allows me to express myself in your newspaper. We have two excellent candidates running for Mayor of KB. During this election, I am choosing to endorse Mike Davey. Mike has been a Council member, a Vice Mayor, and has chaired several boards and com-mittees. He has the experience, the commitment and the vision that we need to achieve consensus on the Council, which will result in resolving our Island’s needs. — Jorge Llans***Over the last few years, I have worked on a few work projects with Lucho and he has always led with integrity and result-driven leadership. He is a person of his word, and follows through with a great deal of attention to detail. He and Glo are not only family to us, but a family that is incredibly passionate about Key Biscayne. I have seen Lucho represent Key Biscayne during City of Miami and Miami Dade County meetings and he has always had our best interest as a community at the forefront. — Violette de Ayala ***Luis de la Cruz has been a good friend and my attorney since 1987. He is one of the most decent and honest guys I have met, with deep moral and religious values. As a successful businessman, he is only running for Mayor because of his commitment to Key Biscayne 5to improve our island. I strongly support him. — Antonio and Teresita Ortega***I am respectfully asking you to vote for Lucho De La Cruz for Mayor. Having served with both Lucho and Mike Davey on Council, 98)))both nice guys and have the best of intentions. However, based on Lucho’s voting record, I am 8#)#with the Village’s new Manager 5ground, and institutionalize our approach to data collection and prioritization. — Theo Holloway (Council member from 2012 -2016)***I endorse Mike Davey. — Nancy Stoner***I have known Luis de la Cruz for over 20 years. My family and I wholeheartedly endorse him for Major of Key Biscayne! He has been deeply vested in our community ever since I met him. I have no doubt that he will continue to do great things for our island and our community. Please vote for Luis De la Cruz! — Maria Strauss ***I support Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. He is the right person for the job. He has the experience, the skills, and the right attitude to move our Village forward. — Mikel Achaval ***I am excited to endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. I know that education is an important issue for Mike, and I know that he will work hard to ensure our children have the best opportunities available to succeed. I choose Mike for Mayor. — Karla Cantalapiedra***I am proud to endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. He has the intelligence, integrity and experience to steer us through )5community. .I know that he will serve us well as Mayor. — Dr. Alan Viergutz Ph.D.***We strongly support Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz. He has always had the interest of the Village and its citizens at heart. He will make a great Mayor. — Joan and Bill McCaughan continued on page 15 readers’ candidate endorsements


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 15 ***I endorse Mike Davey for Mayor. As a former Council member I served with him for six years, he is always prepared and well versed in current issues. His experience is very valuable for Key Biscayne. — Enrique Garcia ***We have known the de la Cruz family for decades. Our kids grew up and played sports together here. There’s a lot to be said for the candidate who grew up and raised his own family on Key Bis-cayne. Lucho has an engineering background, a ‘Can-Do’ attitude with vision on how to preserve our Old Island Paradise, and an open mind on how to include our newer residents. Lucho’s “Lets Get it Done” attitude will help us improve our drainage system, our beaches and maintain them prop-erly to keep our property values high. He knows how to minimize "#6dIhas proven to be the councilman best capable to represent our interests on issues with Mi-ami-Dade County. He’ll negotiate 8)wants to create a Senior Living Facility to keep our wise elders on our island. For these reasons and more: VOTE FOR LUIS “LUCHO” DE LA CRUZ FOR Mayor! — Annie and Bill Thompson***I am writing in support of Lucho De La Cruz as a candidate for May or of Key Biscayne. I have known Lucho for nearly 20 years in many capacities and I have no doubt that he will make a great Mayor for our community.I worked with Lucho in youth sports, which he has supported for more years than I can remember; I have seen him participate in activities of the Key Biscayne Yacht Club, where he is a well-known member; he is a life-long churchgoer to St. Agnes, where he ")5ministries; he is a great father and family man; and for the last few years he has taken his leadership to the Key Biscayne Council where he has made our lives better thanks to his no-nonsense ap-proach to city government.As our Mayor, I have no doubt that Lucho will continue to lead 8community. I trust he will contin-ue to implement the same type of active, decent, honest, and con-tagious leadership to the leading civic position and will continue to enrich our lives. — Francisco Alzuru *** I endorse Mike Davey for Key Biscayne Mayor. — Joe Downs ***I, Alfredo V. Zayas, along with my family endorse Luis De la Cruz for Mayor of Key Biscayne. Luis, or Lucho as his friends call him, has been an integral member of the Key Biscayne community for over 45 years. His admiration and dedication to this community has never fallen short. From serving as continued from Page 14 ENDORSEMENTS ‹9 encing and mentoring community youth. Luis De La Cruz is here for US, making OUR voices and opin-ions heard throughout the Village government. Luis is extremely accessible and most of all eager to help this community move in the right direction.***I support Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. He has a proven track record of working with others to get things done for Key Bis-cayne. Mike will be a great Mayor. — Oscar Parodi***The Village of Key Biscayne is the poster child for community governance. When incorporating was still debated, inertia was on the side of the status quo. Fortu-)^8#residents was numerous and their well intentioned governance has vindicated incorporation. Now, that is still the case. The Mayor occupies a unique role. Luis de la Cruz’s many years of volunteer service proves he has the commitment. His academic credentials, engineering and law, permit him to understand the most important issues that are in the purview of our Council. Vote for Luis de la Cruz. — Carlos M. de la Cruz, Sr. ***I endorse Mike Davey for Mayor of Key Biscayne. I have known him both professionally and personally for many years and hold him in the highest regard. He has a long record of civic duty and for working for the betterment of Key Biscayne. my64 ***I am proud to support Mike Davey for Mayor. With a clear understanding of our community’s needs, Mike has the experience, skills, character and right attitude to get things done for Key Bis-cayne. — Rogelio Reyes ***I feel that we are at a crucial mo ment in the Village of Key Biscayne and urgently need to move forward together to build resiliency against sea level rise and bury power lines, among other long awaited projects. The quality of leadership that has proven most valuable to us in tack ling big challenges such as these is the ability to build consensus and d98Q")~collaborative spirit and his ability to ##5with him essential qualities in our next Mayor. I believe that he will also activate the impressive array of expertise among Councilmem bers and residents to work together in support of moving forward...another feature of our historic success as a Village. Having served with Mike on our Village Council, I’ve always found his intellectual honesty and willingness to recon sider issues admirable. Let’s vote for Mike Davey as Mayor of Key Biscayne. — Patricia Woodson readers’ candidate endorsements


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 16 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 AN ISLAND PUBLISHING TRADITION! This annual resource, used by locals and visitors alike, is distributed free throughout the year. Residents received it with their Islander News subscription and is also available through the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Welcome bag program for new residents, in hotels and businesses throughout our af uent and dynamic Island of Key Biscayne. A digital edition is available on the home page of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce website.Island Life magazine is published by Islander News in partnership with the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce. The Of cial Directory of the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Advertising spaces is now available for the 25th annual edition of Island Life magazine Island Life 2019 MAGAZINE FOR ADVERTISING INQUIRIES CONTACT: Mariella Oliva 305-361-3333, ext. 11 or 786-340-8579 • INAUGURAL ERIC P. VERBEECK JOURNEY OF HOPE SCHOOL HALLOWEEN PARTY Funds collected will be funding schools in Ghana and Haiti 2FWREHUWK‡SPSP Key Biscayne Beach Club 2FHDQ'U.H\%LVFD\QH)/ 7LFNHWVDUHSHUVRQDGYDQFHDWWKHGRRU7D['HGXFWLEOH %X\\RXUWLFNHWVRQOLQH KWWSVVTXDUHXSFRPVWRUHHULFVODVKKRSHSYHUEHHFN VFKRROIXQGLWHPKDOORZHHQSDUW\ 2UHPDLO3HWHU9HUEHHFNWRURWDULDQSHWHUY#JPDLOFRP RUPDLO&KHFNWR3HWHU9HUEHHFN&UDQGRQ%OYG .H\%LVFD\QH IGUANAS TAKING OVER? 855-525-5656 Our Patented Products and Procedures Are Proven To Work t BARRIERS t SEA WALL CONTROL t SITE MONITORING t FOLIAGE CONTROL t TRAPPING t ANTI-HOLE BARRIER t TREE WRAPS t SPRAYS Call For A FREE Estimate Call Toll Free:With Ofces In Dade, Broward, Monroe & Collier Counties, We Service The Entire South Florida Region Commercial & Residential Ghosts and goblins will take over The Miami Seaquarium when the popular Monster Splash Halloween Bash returns October 26-28 with themed marine shows, trick-or-treat ing, inflatables, rides and more. The Monster Splash will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the event. On tap at the Seaquarium will be fun harvest activities for the entire family, including a picture-perfect Pumpkin Patch, Create A Scarecrow Zone, and Flipper’s Dance Party. This year’s Monster Splash 3LWWZbPPY-L^SZP]^XZ]Pghoulish fun than in years past, including: trick-or-treating at Sharky’s Sweet Tooth Stations; kiddie rides and bounce houses at the Little Monsters Play Area. Halloween themed marine animal shows are also on tap, such as the Swashbuckling Pirate Top Deck Dolphin Show, and a Superhero Show at Flipper Lagoon. ,WW_ZWO8ZY^_P]>[WL^SZP]^ a fun and safe daytime Halloween alternative for kids and their families. All Monster Splash Halloween Bash activities are included with the purchase of a one-day admission. Regular park ad mission is $46.99 and $36.99 for children (ages 3-9) plus tax. For a limited time, half-priced Monster Splash tickets ‘Monster Splash Halloween’ bash returns to Seaquarium will be available for online purchase at www.miamisea, using the Promo Code ‘Mon ster’. Admission is free for annual pass holders.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 17 ™ Honor the Past, Forge the FutureON NOVEMBER 6TH“Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Ignacio J. Segurola for Key Biscayne Village Council” Honor the Past, Forge the FutureON NOVEMBER 6THVote for Ignacio J. Segurola ELECT IGNACIO J. SEGUROLA FOR KEY BISCAYNE VILLAGE COUNCIL Learn about your candidates before you vote You can see my positions on Look for Ignacio J. Segurola• Key Biscayne Resident for Almost 20 years• Member, Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce Advocacy Committee • Vice-Chair, Key Biscayne Underground Utility Task Force • Vice-President, Key Biscayne Condominium President’s Council& ™ Key Biscayne deserves Council members who can navigate not just today’s issues, but tomorrow’s challenges as well From yummy treats to costumes, Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for kids and families. It provides an oppor-tunity for families to bond and enjoy trick-or-treating together. To help make it a Spooktacular Halloween this year, follow these simple tips: 1. Bright is the new black Plan on using costumes that L]PM]TRS_LYO]PPN_TaP_ZPL^TWdidentify your child when trick or treating. Avoid oversize clothing that will make it hard to walk. .ZXQZ]_NZXP^]^_2. Use non-toxic paint ... and avoid masks or big headpieces that may obstruct your child’s vision.3. Give your child a ashlight with fresh batteries ... in case they need to use it when it gets dark. You can also use hands-free Go Run Lights that are even better because your child will not have to hold it. These are lights used by runners.4. Before heading out the door, talk to your child about safety Remind them to stay near you and always look both ways before crossing streets. 8 tips to make your Halloween a Spooktacular onewritten by Corina Bethencourt and Isabela Morales Founders of Pixie Dreams 5. Kids 12 and under should be accompanied by an adult If child is over 12 make sure he/ she has a way to reach you via cell phone and will be trick or treating with a group of friends. 6. Establish a planned route and set a curfew for children over 127. Have your child wait until you’ve approved the treats they have received Discard anything that is not fully wrapped. Children under 4 should not have popcorn or hard candy due to choking hazards. 8. Take great pictures to cher-ish the memoriesCorina Bethencourt and Isabela Mo rales created Pixie Dreams to help promote the values of love and kind ness among local children. To learn more, visit on Ins tagram or Maria Fernanda Borrero spends her time between Bogota, Colombia, and Key Biscayne. This year she is especially in the Halloween Spirit with eight grandchildren to share the holiday with … one as old as 18 and the youngest born this October! Here she is pictured with her two grandchildren that attend Key Biscayne Community School: 3-year-old Matias, and 8-year-old-Sebastian. RAQUEL GARCIA/The Islander News


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 18 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 What Peter Verbeeck remembers most about his formative years growing up in Africa when his parents were stationed in the Congo, was the majesty and grace ZQ_SP_LWWRT]LP^SPPYNZ`Y_P]POand the way the Congolese people joyously came together when basic community needs were met. Those lasting impressions were profound enough to motivate Verbeeck to ultimately start a 501c 3 to fund local sustainable economic projects on the conti-nent. He recently renamed one of those educational endeavors The Eric P. Verbeeck Journey of Hope School in honor of his late son who passed last March. On Saturday October 27 the Key Biscayne Beach Club will host the Inaugural “Eric P. Verbeeck Journey of Hope School Hallow-een Party and Masquerade Ball” including dinner, entertainment, LYOL>LQL]T=LP&LWW_ZMPYP_fresh water resources and new schools in Ghana and Haiti. “I’ve always had a passion to do projects in Africa and after retiring three years ago I got more involved with the Rotary organization. I found that whenever you have a dream it absolutely can become a reality,” said Verbeeck. “Then when Eric passed away I thought wouldn’t it be amazing to name the schools after him and leave that legacy…a lot of people came together to be very supportive so his passing did not go in vain.” Nearly 15% of teenagers, according to the American Founda-_TZYQZ]>`TNTOP;]PaPY_TZY^`P]as Eric did with a profound sense of isolation and inability to adapt to an online world where a sense of community among your peers may seem elusive. “My son Eric committed suicide and it’s a huge problem in America that has increased dramatically. But there are so many projects emerging out of this conversation that was taboo before. In the high schools there are programs like “Interact” for kids to talk, ask for help, and not feel alone.” Verbeeck estimates that about 184 children per school in various Ghanaian towns like Sunyani, Wa, LYO>ZYZ]ZL^PbSP]P_SP]^_0]TNSchool broke ground in Septem ber-will be educated as a direct re sult of an Eric P. Verbeeck School. He credits that in large part to the organization and backing of the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne. “The beauty with Rotary is that by funding these projects it goes to the Rotary Foundation. They have matching grants that come in so every dollar we collect goes to a Rotary Club in that country to make sure it gets spent where it’s supposed to.” Verbeeck hopes his hometown community of 28 years will come together Saturday in a spirit of building family and friendship to enjoy live performances from the Sasa African Dance Theater, and donate to a worthy cause for Africa and Haiti in honor of Eric, and so many others like him, gone too soon. A celebration of Life, Hope and Communitywritten by Raquel Garcia Special to the Islander News Peter Verbeeck, second from left, with Rotary colleagues and oth-8!"id‹E(6q!q^.dqECDKd Photos courtesy of Peter Verbeeck !""! d ABOUT THE EVENTWhat: The Eric P. Verbeeck Journey of Hope School Halloween PartyWhen: October 27 from 6:30 p.m.11 p.m. Where: Key Biscayne Beach Club For more info: Call Peter Verbeeck at 786.256.3600


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ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 20 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Greetings Investors! Volatility, the scariest monster that plays with our nerves, is back. A combination of rising interest rates, markets at record levels, trade wars, problems in Europe and a dead Saudi reporter is moving the markets up and down. Let’s start with the US, the economy. It is looking good. 4YL_TZYT^TYN]POTMWdWZbWL^_XZY_SWd.;4R`]PQZ]the year) and the chairman of the Federal Reserve believes it is best to “hold the horses” a little, so the Fed raised the target interest ]L_P_Z ZY>P[_PXMP]!;]P^TOPY_/ZYLWO?]`X[was expecting something else, SZbPaP]^ZSPbPY_ZY?ALYOsaid, “the Fed has gone loco.” Now what? Will the Fed abide? Will the rates continue to move at the net meeting November !Z]YZ_*-P_^L]P_SL_YZ_STYR NARCISO MUOZ, CFA THE INVESTOR CORNER Advice as interest rates rise: Be patient bTWWSL[[PYZY9ZaPXMP]!M`_Pc[PN__Z^PPLYZ_SP] M`X[TY/PNPXMP]3TRSP]]L_P^means less money in consumers’ [ZNVP_^WP^^[]Z_QZ]NZX[L nies, and problems in Emerging Markets – none of which is good QZ]XL]VP_P`[SZ]TL-`_?]`X[wants the markets to go up and that means something. Foreign markets have their own special circumstances in play. Europe is another topic for concern. Italians have issues with the government budget, which means some cracks with the European Union, which already has problems regarding -]PcT_4Y7L_TY,XP]TNLLWWPdP^L]PZY_SP:N_ZMP]#PWPN_TZYTY-]LeTWbSP]PT_WZZV^WTVP5LT]-ZW^ZYL]ZbTWWMP_SPYPc_president, a game changer for the country. Markets are anticipating that good things are coming. In the Middle East, we have Saudi Arabia and the dead Washington Post reporter. For now, no sanc-tions have been issued. Last, but not least, we have China and the X`NSOT^N`^^PO?]`X[^LYN_TZY^/TN`W__TXP^s So, some advice for the month, as interest rates rise: If you have a loan, it could be a good time to lock the interest rate. If you have NL^SL^VQZ]TY_P]P^_?]PL^`]dbills are now yielding something, which is better than nothing). And if you are already invested LYO^`P]TYR_SPaZWL_TWT_d]PXPXMP]BL]]PY-`P_j^LOaTNPwhen he said that the stock mar-ket is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the [L_TPY_-P[L_TPY_ Happy Halloween! Narciso Muoz is a Director, Client Advisor at Alex. Brown, A Division of Raymond James, Located at 600 Brickell, Suite 1875. Miami, FL 33140. Phone 786-857-5400 / email narciso.munoz@alexbrown.comViews expressed are not necessarily those of Raymond James & Asso ciates and are subject to change without notice. Information pro vided is general in nature, and is not a complete statement of all information necessary for making an investment decision, and is not a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any security. Past per formance is not indicative of future results. There is no assurance these trends will continue or that forecasts mentioned will occur. Investing always involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss. No investment strategy can guarantee success. /ZR^LYO_SPT]S`XLYNZX[LY TZY^L]PTYaT_PO_Z6Pd-T^NLdYPj^^Tc_SLYY`LW3ZbW:BPPYcostume party and competition ZY1]TOLd:N_!L__SP/ZRPark on the North Village Green. ?SP3ZbW:BPPY[L]_dVTNV^ ZL_![X_SP^LXP_TXPL^6Pd-T^NLdYPj^EZXMTP.]LbW,surprise Master of Ceremonies and two judges will review all dogs in costume. Awards will be announced after the dogs and their owner’s parade before the judges and the competition ends. ,bL]ONL_PRZ]TP^TYNW`OP%-P^_ Costume; Scariest Costume; Most Original Costume; Funniest Cos-_`XP&LYO-P^_/ZRLYO3`XLY.ZXMTYPO.Z^_`XP;]TeP^bTWWMPawarded. Stefano’s will be onsite to serve bTYPLYOMPP]Q]ZX _Z#[X,WWO]TYV^L]P BL_P]bTWWLW^Zbe available. 1Z]#_SP]PT^L^`RRP^_PO OZYL_TZYZQ _ZPY_P]_SPNZ^ tume competition. Registration bTWWMPZY^T_PL__SP/ZR;L]Vprior to the event. Proceeds will go to the Key -T^NLdYP,YTXLWBPWQL]P1`YOLYZY[]Z_Z]RLYTeL_TZY_SL_falls under the charitable giving `XM]PWWLZQ_SP6Pd-T^NLdYPCommunity Foundation. Dogs and their humans celebrate‘Howl-O-Ween’ IF YOU GOWhat: Sixth Annual Howl-O-Ween costume party and competitionWhen: Drinks begin at 5 p.m. Oct. 26 Where: Dog Park at North Village Suggested donation: $5To make a donation to Key Biscayne Animal Welfare Fund, visit KBAni-malWelfare.orgCall (305) 365-8947.


ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 21 # tasteoeybiscayne If you have recently visited the Community Center, no doubt the Halloween feel at the Corner .ZPPLYO;LY_]dTY_]TR`POdZ`Just wait until the Halloween QP^_TaT_TP^VTNVTYSTRSRPL] We know Analisa Volpe and 7`TRT?ZXXL^TYT^P]aPR]PL_QZZOLWZYRbT_S^_]ZYRZSdP^ caf but they also strive to be an inte-R]LW[L]_ZQZ`]4^WLYONZXX`YT_dBSL_better time to show _SL_^[T]T_O`]TYRIsland Spooktacular _SLYMd[L]_LVTYRZQthe theme? So stop Md_SP.Z]YP].ZPPLYO;LY_]dZY1]TOLdLYOdZ`NLYRP_mE:8-4140/nMdinternationally renowned artist and “zombie ^[PNTLWT^_nMonica Campa-na Montanarella NSPNVZ`_SP]bZ]VZY4Y^_LR]LXMdWZZVTYR`[+XNLX[LYLX?SPzombie-fun and festivities SL[[PYQ]ZX_Z [XNZTY NTOTYRbT_SZ_SP]LN_TaT_TP^TY_SP.ZXX`YT_d.PY_P]?STYR^bTWWMPWTaPWdTYLRSZ`WT^S^Z]_ZQbLd Fruqhu#Fr

ISLANDER NEWS • #tasteofkeybiscayne PAGE 22 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Makeup from12-5pm Spend $10 and get a FREE Expresso Spend $15 and get FREE Latte or Cappuccino • Only 10/26 10/31 Classic Italian Cuisine 180 Crandon Blvd | Key Biscayne, FL 33149 | (786) 773-3633 Mon-Thu 6pm to 10:30pm • Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm • Closed Sunday Join us for an unforgettable night at Key Biscayne’s most authentic Italian eatery. SIMPLE | SEASONAL | ITALIAN # tasteoeybiscayne everyone cares so much about his or her Island. Q: What would people be surprised to know about you? A: ?SL_MP^TOP^.Z]YP].ZPP Pantry, I own two spas in Pana-ma. That is my other passion. Q: What has been your proudest moment since you purchased .Z]YP].ZPPLYO;LY_]d* A: When children decide on their own to eat their lunch or afternoon snack with us. It makes me happy and to be sur-rounded by kids. Their energy is contagious! Q: What do you love most about your business? A: Being in constant interaction with our customers, especially with all the smiling kids. They make my days interesting and happy. Q: If you had to choose one meal at your restaurant, what would it be? A: Focaccia Farcita with prosciutto crudo di parma and cheese. But most of the people always seem to order avocado toast with salmon, which is delicious as well. Q: Favorite junk food? A: Ice cream / kinder l Baci Chocolates continued from Page 21 VOLPE Perfect combination for a mid-morning snack... string latte and salmon.Photos by Mariella Olivia IF YOU GO5i( is 89Key Biscayne Community Center, 10 Village Green Way, Key Bis-cayne, They are open Mon-Fri: 7am to 7pm, Sat: 9am to 4pm, closed on Sundays. You can reach them at (786) 420-266


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 23 $Q$XWKHQWLF7DVWH2I,WDO\,QZXL]]TML !#!Z]8L]TL;>ZXL]]TML"#!$$ M`__SPdbTWWLW^Zbe available a the event. You need not be present to bTY?SPbTYYP]bTWWMPLYYZ`YNPOZY>L_`]OLd,WW]LP[]ZNPPO^bTWWRZ_Z_SP^NSZZWj^MPYP_ Halloween at Novevento ABOVE: If last year’s Halloween event at Novecento is any indication, you will for sure enjoy this year’s event. AT LEFT: "7" and diamond bracelet courtesy of Diamonds on the Key.Submitted photos


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 24 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 calendar THURS /OCT. 25 ENGLISH CONVERSATION CIRCLELooking to practice your English or improve your English-speaking abilities? Join the Key Biscayne Branch Library’s weekly conversa-tion group from 10:30-11:30 a.m. BINGO Join friends and neighbors for Bin-go and lunch at the Key Biscayne Community Center at 11:30 a.m.MOVIES AT THE VILLAGEThe free Thursday movie, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! will be shown at 1:30 p.m. in the Adult Lounge of the Key Biscayne Com-munity Center. TOWERS BRIDGEThursday night bridge at The Towers of Key Biscayne begins at 7 p.m. For reservations, call Judy Reinach at 305-361-9562.AA WOMAN’S MEETINGThis closed AA Woman’s meeting is at 8 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Community Church.MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITA-TIONSit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 Miami Meditation Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, suite 6. The suggested donation is $5 and in-struction is provided for beginners. For more information, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or FRI /OCT. 25 ROTARY CLUBThe Rotary Club of Key Biscayne meets from 7:30-8:30 a.m. at Grand Bay Club. Breakfast is $19, payable at the door..TALKING IS TEACHINGEnjoy stories, songs and activities for babies from 11-11:40 a.m. at the Key Biscayne Branch Library. ZOMBIE CRAWL 2018The community is invited to H€Zombie Crawl – a fun and fami-ly-friendly walk around the Village .d€#H]CCiQ€‹.Fountain. After the Zombie Crawl around the Village Green and Dog Park, there will be a Zombie Costume Contest with over $700 in cash and prizes. Event is free and open to the public. Starting at 5:00 PM Zombies will congregate at the Village Green fountain. HOWL-O-WEEN PARTY AT KB DOG PARKDogs and their human companions are invited to the Village Key Bis-cayne’s 6th annual Howl-O-Ween Party! Award categories include: Best Costume; Scariest Costume; Most Original Costume; Funniest Costume; and Best Dog and Hu-d€i/##d€q~#onsite to serve wine and beer from H]CCK]CCd€…Hd€Œ#"d€OPEN AA SPEAKER’S MEETINGOpen AA Speaker’s Meeting is at 8:30 p.m. at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church. SAT /OCT. 27 FARMER’S MARKETThe Key Biscayne Community Church Farmer’s Market is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.ARTS & CRAFTSGet creative and join the Key Biscayne Branch Library for some fun arts and crafts from 11-11:40 a.m.CHABAD SATURDAY SERVICESJoin the Chabad, 101 Harbor Drive, to celebrate good times and pray with your fellow residents during tough times. Share family yarzheits and loved ones’ stories. There is a 9 a.m. Rabbi’s Learning Class, 10 a.m. services and 11:45 a.m. Kiddish. The Chabad promises a friendly atmosphere, delicious kiddish and a whiskey bar. No membership is needed, and all are welcome.AA OPEN DISCUSSIONAA holds an Open Discussion at 8 p.m. at Key Biscayne Crossbridge Church, 160 Harbor Drive. SUN /OCT. 28 TAI CHI/QI GONGFree Tai Chi/Qi Gong is held from K]FCtL]FCdd9of the Key Biscayne Community Center.OPEN AA BEGINNER’S MEETINGAn Open AA Beginner’s Meeting is in Crossbridge Church (160 Harbor Drive) at 7 p.m. MON /OCT. 29 TALKING IS TEACHINGEnjoy stories, songs and activities for toddlers from 11-11:30 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Branch Library.TIDAL TOWN HALL: CANDIDATES FORUMJoin Rethink Energy Florida and First Street Foundation for our Tidal Town Hall at the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove. from 6:30 tK]FCiQ€y5)our candidates’ solutions for tack-ling sea level rise and other critical environmental issues and to ask them questions about their plans d€mq‹i€]jj#dj€)d€ didates that these issues matter to us and that we’ll be voting on them. We all know Miami-Dade is ground zero for climate change. Together, we can make sure our candidates know it too. THINGS I LOVE TO DO Justo ReyWhat is his perfect day? Leaving the Island, with the sun setting in front of you, provides the peace of mind needed to deal with downtown 6/Q6dQ)))ends with a wonderful home cooked meal, but only Monday through Thursday. The home kitchen is closed on Fridays. Unfortunately for my waste, Noris is great coo! My day usually ends with a 1-2 mile walk, taking out our Bishon, Jeter, and then preparing for the drive into our Island again the next day! My day starts early, and the 9tLH##6stress But that dissipates once I cross the toll and enter the Causeway! Those waters have 9me it’s hard to describe. Once 9^)865d9"#favorite spots for that! If before eight, the 7-11 ladies make a mean cortadito and they are super nice! The other spot is The Golden Hog, where Waleska also makes a killer cortadito or an even better caf con leche \8of working on the Island, no matter how busy or stressful the day, is that no matter where you go, unequivocally, you will run into some of the nicest people on the planet. They will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face and make you realize how lucky you are. I have developed a couple of Island-tricks to relieve any midday stress (unless it is Tuesday, when we send the Islander to press; nothing helps then!). I usually walk to the Square and make it a point to say hello to Harold, Victor or Antonio at Costa Med, who are always good for dose of positivism. Winn Dixie is another spot where you always 8)^#shoppers who remind you how nice everyone on the Island dy8z{for relieving early afternoon stress is a 3 p.m. cafecito with the wonderful Chamber Ladies! Tatyana and Christine are always great for a good story, chisme or a laugh or two. END OF DAY START THE DAY PASSING TIME CLOSED AA STEP MEETINGThis Closed AA Step Meeting is at St. Christopher’s By-the-Sea Episcopal Church at 8 p.m.AL-ANON IN SPANISHThere will be an Al-Anon meeting held in Spanish every Monday at 8 p.m. at Albertson Hall in St. Agnes Church. TUES /OCT. 30 MINDFUL AWARENESS MEDITATIONSit in silence and quiet your mind. The session meets from 7:45-9 Miami Meditation Center, 260 Crandon Blvd, suite 6. The suggested donation is $5 and in struction is provided for beginners. For more information, contact Bill at 786-218-6332 or AA MEN’S MEETINGThis Closed AA Men’s Meeting is at 8 p.m. in Room 120 of Village Hall.AL-ANON MEETINGThe Al-Anon Lois Kitchen meets at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m. WED /OCT. 31 SPOOKY AFTERNOON TEA FOR HALLOWEEN (FOR ADULTS)Wear your most outrageous hat and join us for our Halloween Afternoon Tea. Enjoy a platter of delicious tea sandwiches and pastries plus a hot cup of tea. 12 p.m. at the Key Biscayne Commu-nity Center.THE CRAFTY NEEDLE SEWING .m\i|Join this group of busy bees as )€85dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. These blankets help focus atten-tion, stimulate senses and memo-ry, and exercise hand muscles. No #(d€ygroup meets at 12:30 p.m. in the Adult Lounge of the Key Biscayne )d€WEIGHT WATCHERSThe Key Biscayne Weight Watchers weekly meeting is at noon at the University of Miami Rosenstiel School, 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway, room 103. For more information, contact Sally Brody at 305-926-8548.MEDITATION GROUPThe Into the Silence meditation group meets at 6:30 p.m. Join others in your community for a relaxing evening of meditation 9G))Branch Library. For information, call 305-361-6134.CLOSED AA BIG BOOK MEETINGThis Closed AA Big Book Meeting is at the Key Biscayne Community Church at 8 p.m.


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 25 )WWPMRKIVˆ;SSXIRˆ1E\[IPP-RG6IEPXSVW 644 Crandon Boulevard, Key Biscayne, FL 33149 IQEMPSGEQKVT$KEXIRIX(MV [[[SGEQTSKVSYTGSQ*E\ rnr  r€€‚ƒnr „…  „ 2,950,000!rn„†„‡ˆ‰Š‹ŒƒŽ‡„‘ ƒ’  ƒ“ŒƒƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€„r ŽˆŽˆ„€”€‚ƒˆƒ  949,000!rn„’ŽˆƒŒƒ‚ƒŒ•ˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†„rŽˆŽˆ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒ‡–ƒŒ“ „ “Œƒ „ „ „—ƒ•Žˆƒ”ƒƒƒ’Žƒ nr‚“€ƒ™’’““€ƒ™ƒ‚ƒ“ ˆƒƒƒ‚ €ƒƒ’š „ —rnƒˆˆnr„†ƒ™€ˆƒŒ— r ‰‹Œ ƒŒ€”€‚ƒ rr 688,000! r›‡‰›‡ˆ† † r— nr‰‚’Ž— r r  „–ƒœ—nŒ‡ˆ r  €”€‚ƒ‚ƒŒŽˆ‚“ƒˆŽƒ€r †„r“Ž „ˆƒƒšš „ — 659,000!r „ˆˆƒŒ„‡r „‚““ˆ’Ž‡„— ƒ‡rŽƒn‡† ƒ“ƒƒ€“nn‘ƒ’ƒ€‚ƒŒ 499,000!r‰‰Ÿn „r‡† ˆ„‡„„rŽˆŽˆr ”‚Žƒ’„r„rƒƒ—–ƒ“ƒŒ‡r„ “€nr ƒ€€ˆ‡„ r— ‡r„ „ „‡ˆƒ rr 269,000! nr›‡ƒƒŒ›–ƒŒ“„‡r„r „ˆ‚“€ƒƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ’ ¡‘„ƒ ƒ’–Žn—Œ‡„— r ‡„’”Œ‚ƒ n‚”ƒ‡‡ƒƒŽ“ƒ„‡„‚ƒŒˆ‚ƒƒ’‡„„ ˆ“Žƒ““ƒˆ’”  ‡¢„„ r„ „ „— ”‚”ˆŒ“ƒƒ „ — 899,000!nr£n „“¢„‡ˆ’ƒ„ „ ƒ’Žƒ™€ˆƒ r „ ‡r ’Œ’ƒr‡‚ƒƒ‡‰Ÿ¤r †„r ƒŒ€”€‚ƒ£ƒƒr„€”‰ƒŒ „  €‚ƒ¡‡rr„–ˆŒ’„ƒ € “‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒˆŒŽ ˆŒ ƒ „ r‡„‡€€“ƒ „ — 464,000!‰‰nrˆ’n„†„ ‡„ƒ’n——rr‡„ r‡„r‡„‚“Žƒ“ƒ‚ƒƒr „„r €ƒŒ”‚Žƒ’ „‚ˆƒ€ƒŒ’r †„¢“Œƒ–ˆŒ “ƒƒ‡„„ œr€€ƒ 349,000!n r‰‰  n— ‡ „—  “Ž† †r„„ ˆ r‡„r‡„r‡„Š‰r †„ ƒ „ „— ‡†  r „ r †„r†  œ r¡‡rr„ “ƒƒnˆŒƒƒ‚ˆ “œ‚ˆ¦¦„ƒ‡ˆƒ”ƒŒnˆƒ‡ƒƒ‡ƒƒ‚ƒƒnƒˆnn‘ƒ 290,000! nrr‡† „„ ‡r„ˆ’  „ ˆŽƒ„†r n ‡rr„‚Œ†  ‡ „„  r‡„ r ‡„ r ‡„”n‚”ƒ‡‡ƒƒn‚”ƒƒ ƒˆnŒ’Ÿ“ƒƒ§ƒ‚ƒƒ€ŽƒƒŒ€–ˆƒ‚ƒƒŽƒƒ“‡‚ƒƒƒ€”‡r„ r œr „ — 2,500!n r‰‰„„ r ˆ’‡„‡rn—ƒ’‡‡ ‡„’Œ’r—r ‡“ƒƒ ƒ r‡„‡ƒŽ€€“ƒŽƒƒƒˆƒƒš „ — 3,590! rr  rŽ“ƒƒ“ŒƒƒŒ‡„ ˆˆƒ‡ŽŽˆŽˆ‚Žƒ’Ž„r„r€€‚ƒƒ€ƒŒƒ–Ž“ œ ‡€ˆ“–Œƒƒ‚‚‡ €‚Ž  ƒ‡ r €Œ’“ƒ‚ƒŒn‡†‡ rn “ƒ“–ƒŽ€€Œ–’ƒ–ƒ““ˆ“’ƒƒ”“™“ˆ““ƒˆ€ƒ“–ƒ¤‹‰Š“Žƒ¢ 7,999! ›n „rr—r‡r„ƒ„ „rr—ˆŽƒŒˆ „ƒ™€ˆƒr¡”‚Žƒ–Ž“n †„Žƒ “ˆ‰‰‡r„ ‡„„Œƒ“‡r ‡„ œr„ršr 4,450!r„  „ƒ’‡ n ‡†ƒ“ŒƒƒŒˆ’‚€ƒ Žƒ–ƒŒ“Œ„rŽƒƒŽƒ€„„ –Ž“nƒˆˆ”‚Žƒ„‚Œ‡r„ r ˆ–ƒƒƒ–ƒ €€ƒ‚ƒŒ 4,299! „rr„† „‡ˆ„rŽˆŽˆ‰››Ÿ r †„ˆ†„„r”‚Žƒ’Ž „‚ˆƒ€Œ„r„r€€‚ƒ–ƒ–Œ–Ž“ nr€„€”€‚ƒ¨ƒ Žƒ“‡rŽ‡„nr  rƒƒ„ — † 2,850! † 2,750! nr›r ‡ „„ rƒ’€ƒŒˆ n nŒ‡“ŒŽˆŽˆ ”‚Žƒ‡r‚ƒŽˆŽˆrƒ„‡œˆƒ€’“Žƒn‡†    ‡r„r „“€ nr‘ „ „—ƒ•ˆ€“ƒ ¡‡rr„€‚ƒ 3,499!ˆ6EROIH%QSRKXLI8STSJ6IEPXSVW2EXMSR[MHI ˆ);1'LEMVQERW'PYF(MEQSRH0IZIP XLVSYKL ˆ'EVIIVWEPIWSZIVQMPPMSR ˆ,MKLIWX2YQFIVSJ'PSWIH9RMXW);1/I]&MWGE]RI 3JJMGIXLVSYKL ˆ6EROIHEQSRKXLI8ST4VSHYGIVWJSV);1 6IEPXSVW'SQTER][MHI 4PIEWIVIEHSYV&03+EX[[[SGEQTSKVSYTGSQFPSK /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV7EPI /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV6IRXˆ 9RJYVRMWLIH /I]&MWGE]RI4VSTIVXMIW*SV6IRXˆ *YVRMWLIH &VMGOIPP'SRHSW*SV7EPI &VMGOIPP'SRHSW*SV6IRXˆ9RJYVRMWLIH 'SGSRYX+VSZI'SRHSWJSV6IRXˆ 9RJYVRMWLIH ’ƒ‚Žˆ’ƒ–ƒ  €‚ƒ„…‚ € ƒ’ƒƒƒ€€ƒƒƒ“ƒƒƒ‡“€ SOLD SOLD SOLD SUDOKU by Myles Mellor and Susan FlanaganEach Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9X9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3X3 squares. To solve the puzzle each row, column and box must contain each of the numbers 1 to 9. Puzzles come in three grades: easy, medium and difficult.Level: Medium273 1869 427894859 237 9543 3695152 By Myles Mellor and Susan FlanaganEach Sudoku puzzle consists of a 9x9 grid that has been subdivided into nine smaller grids of 3x3 squares. To Solve the puzzle each row, column and box must con-tain each of the numbers 1 to 9. SUDOKU CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS Sudoku Solution586291743731548269942763815697124358453876192218359674829615437364987521175432986 S1K2A3 P4A5D6S7 N8A9M10O11NUS12 O13RBIT E14IRE P15ARTY16ROCKAN17THEM P18AYEE E19BONITE M20OT21 V22ALE L23A24P25S26E H27Y28E29N30A O31NION R32ENO O33B34I35T36OSSIN37ANDTU38R39NIN I40NA A41LTO S42EEKS I43NLAW A44SSET L45A46R47D S48O49N S50ENIOR51S52 A53CC54R55A56 C57ANDLEIN58T59HEWIND60A61VES A62DIEU T63ONE R64EX D65ELE T66AB Across1. Cousin of calypso4. 60s apartments8. Site of Asian war of the 70’sDDd613. Trajectory14. The Irish name for Ireland15. LMFAO song18. Recipient19. Aka vulcanite20. Wit bit22. Low-lying region23. Expire27. “Laughing” animal31. Crying veggie32. Nevada city near Lake Tahoe33. Star Wars Jedi36. Bobby Lewis songGCdkkk541. Singing voice42. Tries to locate43. Wife’s mother, e.g.44. Balance-sheet “plus”45. Rub with grease48. “My boy”50. Certain students53. Ghana capital57. Elton John classic61. N.Y.C.’s 5th and 7th, e.g.62. Farewell63. Fine-tune, as muscles64. Dinosaur’s last name65. Take out as an editor’s note66. Bar bill Down1. Bribe2. Word with “sack”3. Heavenly glow4. Favoring5. Fox competitor6. Barrier in a fairy tale7. Try8. Nothing, legally9. Geological ridge 10. Concept that spreads via the web12. Unkempt quarters13. Black-and-white cookie14. 11,000-foot Italian peak16. Inhabitant of a Middle Eastern peninsula17. Star that brightens21. Person enslaved by another23. Writer Pierre24. Bartlett’s abbr.25. Noted tower site26. “___ Band”28. Busybody29. Bequeathes30. Let’s ___ dwell on it...33. Cross __ path34. The “____” casino35. M.I.T. part, abbr. FJdQ8)zyTragedy of ___”38. Customary bill-payment time39. Matter for a judge43. Hero45. Depart46. Addition47. Unburdens49. Home to Honolulu50. Memento from a battle51. Predict, in a way52. Far __ of the moon54. 100 lbs.55. Knee-slapper56. Oscar actress Paquin58. Nothing59. Driving area60. Social newcomer Threes by Myles Mellor 123 4567 8910 1112 13 14 151617 18 19 2021 22 23242526 27282930 31 32 333435 36373839 40 41 42 43 44 454647 4849 505152 53545556 57 585960 61 62 63 64 65 66Across Cousin of calypso s apartments Site of Asian war of the 's Difficult obligationTrajectoryThe Irish name for IrelandLMFAO songReciietAka vulcaniteWit bitLow lying region Expire"Laughing" animalCrying veggie Nevada city near Lake TahoeStar Wars JediBobby Lewis song___ huffSinging voiceTries to locateWife's mother, e.g.Balance sheet "plus" Rub with grease"My boy"Certain studentsGhana capitalElton John classicN.Y.C.'s th and th, e.g. Farewell Games presented by KEY PHARMACY Serving Key Biscayne since 1979 Call 305-361-5445


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 26 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 Our beloved Nana She was known by many as “Laurie from Key Colony” but at home with family she was called Nana. With heavy heart we share that our Nana has gone to be with her Dear God. She took her last breath just before sunrise October 13th at home with loved ones by her side. She was fearless and had an iron will to live, de ed the odds time and time again over these past few years. As it became more dif cult for her recently, she knew it was time to put things in God’s hands. Her unending love and devotion to her family will forever live in our hearts.Born Lorraine Long in New York City on November 29, 1927 to her “Mama and Daddy”, Julia and Charles Long. She grew up in Queens, New York of Irish immigrant parents and was a proud, beautiful, principled, intelli-gent, humorous, and hardworking product of her times. After graduating from Woodrow Wilson High School she began professional career at Bankers Trust Co. in Manhattan. Lorraine loved to share stories about the 1940’s Manhattan business world. She was proud of years spent in many professional capacities. All who knew her loved and respected her. Her generosity, loyalty, and wit were just a few of Lorraine’s undeniable attributes. She often said that she “didn’t have time for hobbies because I am a worker”. Her proudest roles in life were being Kelly’s mother and Alexandra “Dolly’s” grandmother. Nana’s love was immeasurable and unconditional. She was provider, protector and constant as the North star. Lorraine and family moved from New York to Key Biscayne in 1978. The island remained her home and her work place for 35 years. In 2013, she moved to nearby Pinecrest to live with her daughter and son-in-law, Kelly and Bob DerHagopian. These recent years were lled with happy times, surrounded by many cats, dogs and friends. She never missed an episode of Fox’s “The Five” accompanied by a glass (or 2) of sweet red wine or on special occasion one of Bob’s gin & tonics. She read newspaper from cover to cover daily. She could spell most words in the dictionary and give their de nition. She loved Frank Sinatra sing-a-longs on the iPad, singing “God Bless America” and proudly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at any time of the day. She was a erce pa-triot of the United States of America. She had an opinion about everything and was not shy sharing hers. Nana was truly the “wind beneath our wings” and she will forever remain alive in our hearts. Lorraine is survived by her daughter and son-in-law Kelly and Robert DerHagopian, granddaughter Alexandra Burns, sister and brother-in-law Ellen and Donald Haug and niece Kim and Joe Miles. Funeral Mass Saturday October 27th at The Church of St. Louis, 7270 SW 120 St., Pinecrest, Florida at 2:00 p.m. Lorraine will be re-united in burial with her “Mama and Daddy” in a private family service in New York. Lorraine M. Dion November 29, 1927 – October 13, 1918 When 3 year old Silvio Alejandro Plata was diagnosed with Bilateral Retinoblastoma and lost his sight, his prospects looked dim. Today, thanks in part to programs like “The Arc Project Thrive” early intervention, Plata is a 14 year old student at the Doral Conservatory School of the Arts known for his stirring ukulele rendition of “Over the Rainbow.” Plata is considered an Arc of South Florida champion. His blossoming life is the perfect demonstration of what can happen when people and causes come together in support of co-creating a brighter future for those in need. On November 15th from 6 to 11pm at the Rusty Pelican, the community has an opportunity to help kids and adults like Plata, while enjoying stunning sunset views and amazing wines at the 14th Annual Rotary Key Biscayne Wine & Food Fest. Rotarian Ruben Weisson has led the Wine Fest fundraiser since T_^]^_dPL]L__SPQZ]XP]6PdBiscayne Sonesta, to last year’s record breaking attendance of 400 at the Rusty Pelican. This year they secured the entire ballroom. Enough space for 500 guests to comfortably mingle and sample over 30 wines paired with delicacies from select area restaurants. He said monies raised go well beyond South Florida. “The idea originated around 2003 as a way to create a second annual fundraiser (besides the art show) that would take advan-tage of the matching grants the Rotary District and Rotary Inter-YL_TZYLW1Z`YOL_TZYNLYZP]nsaid Weisson. “Over the years we have raised over $400,000 through these global grants to support projects in Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia, Ar gentina…and contributed to the equipping of the ACE School in Florida City that helps hundreds of local children.” The ARC of South Florida is ZYPWZNLWMPYPNTL]dLYOT_LW^Zcollaborates with the Rotary to extend those funds further to groups like the Key Biscayne Community Foundation’s Chief Press Youth Project in Liberty City. Gabriel Parra has been with ARC for 26 years and just recent-ly assumed the role of executive director. “When it comes to distribution we get a percentage and the rest is shared with other programs,” said Parra. “We have children’s programs for all ages with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The help goes to equipment we can’t get from the school system for example. So you are not just enjoying a nice cup of wine LYOYOTYRZ`_LMZ`_bTYP]TP^around the world and food pairings; your ticket allows you to have a good time…and give back.” Wine & Food Fest Founder Toasting philanthropic visions for a better tomorrow at the 14th Annual Rotary Key Biscayne Wine & Food Festwritten by Raquel Garcia Special to The Islander News Weisson said the best satisfaction for him the day after the event is the lasting impact it creates in our community. “The party will come and go, the food will be eaten, the wine will be drunk, and the music will fade. But the training, education, and sustain-able impact we will have on the lives of others less fortunate lasts a lifetime.” ABOVE: Rotary Key Biscayne Wine & Food Fest Founder Ruben Weis-son (second from left) recognizing supporters at last year’s event. LEFT: Patricia Petersen and Rotarian Gwen Engelen share a toast at last year’s Wine & Food Fest. Submitted photos


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 27 Resort Villa II #507 Bright, 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath With Tropical Views To The Gardens, Lake, Tennis Courts And A Peek Of the Ocean! Split Bedroom Floor Plan Offers Maximum Privacy! Marble Floors Throughout The Entertainment Areas! Ocean Club Amenities Include 1000 Ft. Of Beach, 8 Lighted Clay Tennis Courts, Spa, Gymnasium, Volleyball Court, Children’s Playground, Beach Bar & Grill and 9 Swimming Pools! True Resort Living!$899,000ONE BEDROOM Key Islander #312 ....................................................... 324,900 Bahama House #203 .................................................. 379,000 Commodore Club South #1103 ................................. 550,000 Key Colony I #820 ....................................................... 560,000 Commodore Club East #602 ...................................... 599,000 TWO BEDROOMS Key Biscayne VI #306E ................................................ 450,000 Key Colony II #204 ...................................................... 675,000 Ocean Village 4020 ................................................... 540,000 Commodore Club South #207 ................................... 615,000 Key Colony II #927 ...................................................... 695,000 Key Colony Ill #241 ..................................................... 695,000 Resort Villa I #206 ....................................................... 895,000 Resort Villa II #507 ...................................................... 899,000 THREE BEDROOMS Bahia Mar #9D ......................................................... 1,099,000 ResortVilla l #309 ...................................................... 1,195,000 Club Tower II #404 .................................................... 1,790,000 Lake Villa III #PH4 ...................................................... 1,795,000 Club Tower Ill #903 ................................................... 2,350,000 THREE BEDROOMS OCEANFRONT SLOPE Key Colony II #343 .................................................... 1,895,000 THREE BEDROOMS + DEN Ocean Tower I #908 .................................................. 2,895,000 Club Tower Ill #1901 .................................................. 2,995,000 FOUR BEDROOMS + FAMILY ROOM Club Tower II UPH4 .................................................... 5,650,000 CABANAS Cabana 508 ...............................................................220,000 Cabana 112 ...............................................................450,000 (Cabanas can only be sold to Ocean Club Owners) HOUSES 360 Harbor Lane 3/1 ................................................ 1,495,000 390 Gulf Road 4/4 + Maids Quarters ....................... 2,895,000 ANNUAL RENTALS Ocean Village #2017 3/2 ............................................... 3,750 Key Colony I #442 2/2 .................................................... 4,100 Resort Villa I #306 2/2 .................................................... 4,300 Key Colony Ill #444 2/2 + Den ........................................ 5,300 Key Colony Ill #741 3/3 Slope ......................................... 8,400 COMMERCIAL RENTALS 260 Crandon Blvd E-19 ................................................... 5,500 COMMERCIAL ORPPORTUNITY The Square #38 ........................................................ 1,095,000 CONTRACT SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Another Day In Paradise Key Biscayne’s Oceanfront Specialists! CRISTIANGONZALEZ-BLACK(305) 775-3426, Cell(305) 361-3440, Ext. 331, Of ceE-mail: cblack@ DOUG KINSLEY(305) 215-5900, Cel(305) 361-3440, Ext. 337, Of ceE-mail: doug@ The Square 260 Crandon Blvd., Suite 25 Key Biscayne, FL 33149


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 28 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 28 THURSDAY, OCT. 18, 2018 N EW L OOK GIVE YO UR HOUSE A FRESH HOME REMODELING SPECIALIS TS SERVICES INCLUDE:• Complete remodeling • Kitchens • Flooring • Cabinets• Countertops • Granite • Painting • Baths • Drywall 786-553-2843 • 305 676-6265 FREE ESTIMATES Serving Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach For more of our work Follow us on Instagram #terrapropertyinvestors THE ENTIRE HOUSE! From Only $299 up to 7 windows Free Estimates • Free Installation 305-392-3999 Blinds & Shades Roller Shades Zebra Shades Wood Blinds Vertical Blinds Motorized Shades Plantation Shutters Many More :(+$9(:+$7<285(/22.,1*)25 48$/,7<48$17,7<$))25'$%,/,7< 1RZ )520,167$//$7,21 $YDLODEOHLQ&RORUV+RDDD $OOZFPVORYPVYVSYOVYSVYSYVY ZFPVORYPVYVSYOVYSVYSYVY 1HZ:DWHU3URRI/DPLQDWH)ORRU 'D\1R0HVV,QVWDOODWLRQ:HFOHDQXS &86720)/225,1* ‡/DPLQDWH)ORRULQJ‡:RRG)ORRULQJ‡(QJLQHHUHG)ORRULQJ‡9&7/97)ORRULQJ‡&DUSHW)ORRULQJ‡&RPPHUFLDO&DUSHW)ORRULQJ‡&DUSHW7LOH)ORRULQJ‡&RQFUHWH3RUFHODLQ0DUEOH)ORRULQJ/LFHQVHG,QVXUHG/LF )5((,1+20(&2168/7$7,21 ‡ ZZZPLDPLRRULQJDQGEOLQGVFRP :(6+2:83 +DEODPRV(VSDxRO Independently Owned and Operated Like it never even happened. SERVPRO of South Miami 305-269-8900 SERVPRO of Cutler Bay 305-278-8484 OYl]jaj]

ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 29 :(67$1'287)252853(5621$/,=('$77(17,21 3‡&(PDLOEHWWLQD#XIJOOFFRP 60$//63$&(6)255(17,1.(<%,6&$<1( 2IFHVSDFHVVWDUWLQJDWPR )XOO6HUYLFHV/HDVHV ‡ $& ‡ (OHFWULFLW\ ‡ -DQLWRULDO ‡ &RYHUHG3DUNLQJ $//,1&/8'(',15(17 .(<(;(&87,9(%8,/',1*‡&UDQGRQ%OYG classieds Boating € Key Biscayne Yacht Sales, for new & used boats. Eric Labrador 786-285-GGLKd"Q/JKItLGEtJLEDd€€€ Employment 69m9S.S\Œ`G))6^Administration/Sales assistant lim\ECDJ^Qq\6^Outlook. knowledge of general accounting principles, & rules. q]^/^8^8)^^)multi-task and to meet deadlines. Positive and creative thinking, willing to work in a team. 2 YR ex-perience: is a +. Pls. Email resumes to: Garage Sale Multiple Yard team sale hosted by save our sisters breast cancer survi-vor Dragon Boat team.Sat 10/27 9-2pm 786 Fernwood Rd. 8)d Fictitious Name Did you know you can publish your Fictitious Name advertisement in The Islander News for only $75. In accordance with Section 865.09, Florida Statutes, The Islander News will publish your Fictitious Name advertisement for one week and then provide you with the necessary 6"d,S" ment must be paid for in advance. For information, contact Fernanda Oliva at 2PYP]LW2`TOPWTYP^QZ];WLNTYRL.WL^^TPO,OaP]_T^PXPY_Minimum of 99 characters, spaces and punctuation count as characters. For 1 week: $20 Every additional 33 characters or less which includes spaces and punctuation: $5 Bolding: An additional $5 For ads to run Thursday, the deadline is 5 p.m. Monday.Cancellation and correction deadlines are identical to placement deadlines. Holiday deadlines vary and are available upon request.\66] 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday i] 305-361-3333, ext. 11 ,'] 305-361-5051 "t] œ6œ!^ The Islander News reserves the right to correctly classify and edit all copy or reject or cancel any advertisement at any time. All ads placed by phone are read back to adver-tiser at time of placement. Only standard abbreviations are accepted. Payments œ6œœœœ^‹œŠœXPœœand American Express. ,OU`^_XPY_^ hœ'œ6œœ!œœœ6!œ^8'6œXœœœ6œœ'œDAFnDGBnDDDDX&^BB^ 305-361-3333, extension 11, or email Pets KB’s only luxury cage free dog hotel and dog daycare for small breeds. Your Good Dog. 305-710-0502. Real Estate Sale 310 Island Dr. Selling for land value. 80 feet on the canal. New seawall. Lot is 80 x 160. Beautiful open view at the end of the canal. $4,950,000. Call Peter at 305 282 1405. Real Estate Rentals Beautiful 1/1 apartment. 300 sunrise Drive. Parking, close to beach. $1500 month. Call 305-389-4741WANTED TO RENTF€m€,mSdimyQ"Sy€€Q9€ES€t€Q9€Qm€ECDLdi€G"’€)€9‹s)€#.‹#di€€E_dEDI€HJGJEGI€€€EDIFKEGEGI Cars for Sale 2013 Honda Odyssey 5DR TRG Elite ext: polished metal M. Int: Gray leather. Mileage 30,000. Bluetooth 6,Idq9dRearview Camera. Side Curtain Airbags with Rollover Sensor. Honda ")d€. Price $15,000.00. 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Call 1-800-908-7847 or send pictures: • We can help you take the “mystery” out of your computer. Learn Photoshop, how to create and edit movies from your computer and MORE! • In the comfort of your own home.• Training in o ce programs and Powerpoint presentations is also available.• One-in-one or group classes are available. Call Leo (formerly of Bristol’s Camera) at 305-804-5771 for more information. Photography & Computer Classes More than 15 years of experience in the photography and computer elds. Alyeska Semsch200 CRANDON BLVD. #360, KEY BISCAYNE, FL 33149 786.326.7655 Broker-Owner Semsch_3Ad.indd 1 8/15/17 8:10 PM Alyeska Semsch Broker-Owner 786.326.7655 200 CRANDON BLVD. #360, KEY BISCAYNE, FL 33149


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 30 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 beachcombings Green BusinessAwards Photos by Leo Quintana The Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce and D-Squared Engineering, the Village’s Sustainability consultant held a reception to awards four local companies for their PYaT]ZYXPY_LWPZ]_^3ZY ored were Coldwell Bankers Realty, Secreto Gourmet, The =T_e.L]_ZYLYOBPWW^1L]RZThe reception was held and SZ^_POMd?SP=T_e Paola Padovan, Robert Duzoglou, Derek Duzoglou, Diane Regalado, Joe Coote Diane Regalado, Joe Coote and Krismar Arellano. Derek Duzoglou, Robert Duzoglou, Mark Ferland, Paola Padovan, Joe Coote, Steven Landon, Diane Regalado and Ruben Weisson Mark Ferland and Derek Duzoglou. Naysbeli Hewett, Paola Padovan, Catalina Marin and Sebastian Lopez. Robert Duzoglou, Derek Duzoglou, present the award to Steven Landon and Mark Fer-land from The Ritz Robert Duzoglou and Derek Duzoglou present the award to Catalina Marin and Sebastian Lopez from Secreto Gourmet Robert Duzoglou, Derek Duzoglou, Ruben Weisson, Luis “Lucho” de la Cruz


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 PAGE 31 r nrnrrnnrnr rn rrrn rrr n€‚ƒrr r„…r…rnr…rnrrr†rrnr‡ˆrrrrrrrrr n rn ‰rrrrrŠ nrn rrr‹rŒrrŽŽ„rr‹ n nrn rrr€r‘r rn’nrrŠrnr“‹ n rn „r‹rrnr €rrrr‹‹ n rn  ”€rrˆr •rrr rrrrrn–rrrrrnŽ‹ rn Œrr‹r nr‹“ n rn ‘rrr  rrrŠ—ŒrŒ•r‡ƒrrrr–rrr‹  €‚ ƒ ”€rrrŒr r–nrr€nrr…nn‹‡r…n…r™ “‹ rn ‰–‰š€€›‚ –ƒ‚€‚ƒ–‚š”•–”‰€–œ‚’”‰ rrrrrŸrrr nrrnr…rrr¡ˆˆrnrrr„r¢‹nrn rrrr ‰r€‰Œrrrœr“‹ rnr„ … €†‡ ‰ ‘rrnr „‚n rrr ‘rr¢•–r€Œrrrrnrr“ ƒnˆ‰Š €‹nr rrnrrr nr‡nrr’rrŒrr‘rnrnr•r– ŠŒ Žn  ˆnrr‰rr rn”šrr€rrnrŽ n rn ‰rrrrr rŠ‚ rŸrœrr‘rrŒŒ£r–n¤nn–n–¤Ž‹ n rn €r–‰–•rrr nrr€rrn¤nn– n–¤ n rnnˆˆ Ž‹rrr rr•rrr‰nršrrr‡n¢rrnr¦nnr n rnr‘ƒ rrrrrr rrn rrrrrnrrrn‰rrr‡ˆn§rrr€n‰r‹ n rnrnˆˆ Œrrrrr rrn nršrrrn¢rrnr¦nn—rrr‰rr¢ n’‚n rn rr€rrŒ nrrnn”ršrrrnnn‡šŽr n r r‹rr…rrr ‰rrr”rrr€Ž ŠŽŒ Žn –œnrrr rrrr”rrrrrrrnr‡ˆr…rrœrr ‚‡rrr…rrrrrnr‹ € ŠŽŒ Žn Œrrr rrrrnrrn¡n  ŠŽŒ  Žn“‘„ˆ „ …  Œr‹ rrŒr–rrr–‡rr‹ ƒ‚‹”n …•“„ Œrrˆ rr„r‚…rŽn‚rrrrrn‚rrnrr‚Šr‚rŒn–¢‹ rn n„ˆ –††„† r rr“‡–rr nr „” —r„ˆ ••— ™r„ˆš€†•€†– „› Š rn‹n“‹‡‡nœrrr€rrrrrnn nŸr¦n‹ „‚n Š‚nˆŠ‘ „ˆ• šŒrr rrrn¢¨rŒr¦rŒrŒ‹r‡rrrrr‚rrrŠrr¢Ž ƒn ˆ‰Š€‹nˆœ„’†’r•— „rrn rr‡rr‡‰rrr‡rnnrrr‘‘r–‘rrrrr‹ rn„’†’r•—‡œ’’’ ’r‹‹‡ r†Œrrrƒrrnrrrr¦‘r–rrrrn‘ršrnrr €‹—n  ‘ “•†„ˆ•…r ˆ‡rrrn ƒnšr‚…rnrnr Œƒr rŒƒ–nrr„n nr  r”  €Ÿ€n š •Š„ ‚rrrr nrrrrnrr r nnrrš rr rrnnnrr rrˆnnr”—  ršŽ‹ €Ÿ€n †ŠŠ††„ •…r¡š†…€ƒ  ŠŒƒr rnr•rŽ‹ ‚Šn †ŠŠ††„ •…r– š€ šrnƒn… Š rrr‹n rr‹  Œ  ‚š‹n ¢†•†’¢ˆ šrn¡…šrrr•r nnŽ Œ ‚š‹n  ¢†•†’¢ˆ rnn –rrrŽ“ Œ  ‚š‹n†ŠŠ††„ •…r– š€ œrr  rrrrr‹œr Œr …rrr‰r•r š ŠŒ Žn ¢rˆš¢’ ˆš•’ „ ’rŒšr rŒr‡nrrrrr•r ‹ „” —n ¢†•†’¢ˆ rrrr nr–’r Ž nrn  ¢†•†’¢ˆˆ ‹”rn •r‚ ‰rr Œ rnšrn”n ƒn  ¢†•†’¢ˆˆˆ œ‚š€–”‚’”‰€–œ‚r rn”n rr ”rn‚r rˆ ‰‹ n rn ¢†•†’¢ˆˆˆ rrr r‘rr‡„ r Ÿrr‚rr“  šrn ƒn  ¢†•†’¢ˆˆˆ rn ršrr‡rnŒ rr rr¢‡š¡ Œn r–nr†Œr’r ¢Ž nrn  ¢ˆš•’ „ Œrrrrnr nr‡nrr¡n šrnrr ŠŽŒ  Žn† ’•…r„ š†„€—ˆ••ˆ ‰rr ’rrrn rr rrrrr n rnrnr  rrnšrn¢ ¢Ž nrn † ’—ˆ••  rrrr ršrršrn‹ ¢‹ nrn ƒŠ‘€†’•’  ŽrŒn  nrŽ Œ ‚š‹n r„ˆ ••‘• r r”r n““•rrŒrŒ†Œrr rr‰rr ŒŒ£ nšrn’š–”€› ƒn „’†’r•—  œrr… ‰‡r”‘n r rr‘r r‘r‰r r ‘r‡‹‹šrn¢ rn rn r n


ISLANDER NEWS • ISLANDERNEWS.COM PAGE 32 THURSDAY, OCT. 25, 2018 rnnnn nnn nnnnn nn nrnnnn nn   nnn rnrn rnrrnrrr FORTUNE INTERNATIONAL RE ALTY An InternationalAssociate of Savills rr rnr   €rr‚ƒ‚‚„…     nn rnn rnnn  nn€nnnn n nnnnn‚n nrr  ƒrnn„nn €‚n ƒ„„ …† …r„rnn†nnn n‚ n‡nnr nnˆ nnr ‰n nnn nnn nn ƒ€‚n by ƒ†‡‚ˆ‡‡‰ƒŠˆ‹‡ˆ‡‰‡ŒŒ‰‡ r  €‚ €‚n …‡‡„ „nnn€€Š‹‡n rn nnrnnrnn Œnnnr Œ‡ ‰nnˆ‰ˆŠˆ„r‹ŒˆŽ…†……‘‘…† ‡’  “”‡ • † ŒnnnrŽr ‘€ rnnnn n ’rnnnnrnr Žnn nnŠ“”nnnr–ˆˆ—Ž…††ƒƒ…ƒ’ˆˆ—rˆŽ…†‘……ƒ ƒ„…nrn‚ ŠrnrŽ‘r’n’‘r“’r…”n“””“rr n†††nr ’‡‘’nn’nn’nn•nn rn nnƒn–€—Š™nn † nn’nnnnn r ŠnnnrnnˆŒrr‰nnˆ™ˆŒršŒŽ…†ƒ…‘ƒ „‚r‚ nnnnnnnnr ƒ†„“ …ƒ šnnnnnrn„› œn rnn r‘Šrnnnn nn… nnnnn nnŸnnnnn  –ˆˆ—Ž…††ƒƒ…ƒ †„„“ † ¡nn‡¢nnn’“„¢œn€Š Ž nnœrnn n €‡nnnnnn ‡r nnr ‘„‡ “„ ††›‹ ƒnnnnn …š £œŸnŸ€€n– nn”n™‚n nnnnr rr nnŒrn     €‡‡„‚ ˆ€‰ƒŠ€€r†n‹rr