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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District
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"Rock Island District's News Magazine"
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US Army Corps of Engineers, North Central Division, Rock Island District.

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District Commander Col. Shawn McGinley Chief, Corporate Communications Ron Fournier Editor Hilary Markin This newsletter is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Army. Contents of the Tower Times Department of Defense, Department of the Army, or the Rock Island Dis trict U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It is published monthly using offset press by the Corporate Commu U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Clock Tower Building, Box 2004, Rock Island, IL 61204-2004. Phone (309) 794-5730. Circulation 1,500. Send articles to Editor, Corporate Corps of Engineers, Clock Tower Building, P.O. Box 2004, Rock Island, IL, 61204-2004; or e-mail at On the web at: December 2009 Tower Times Contents December 2009 2 Tower Times 3 Have you seen the Operations Plan? Col. Shawn McGinley, District Commander 4 Repairing the Damage 6 What is Identity Theft? 7 75 Years and Counting: Locks and Dam 15 and the Nine-foot Navigation Project 8 Holiday Traditions 9 Safety Corner A Silent Killer: Carbon Monoxide 10 Around the District 11 Spotlight on the District Maj. Jared Ware On the Cover A great blue heron stands on the riprap along the Coralville Lake 2008. (See story on page 4) Photo by Mary Sue Bowers, Coralville Lake Tower Times U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District Vol. 32 No. 3 December 2009


gion and District stakeholders. These tasks, as well as others, are water resources solutions. USACE CAMPAIGN PLAN GOAL 3 Building Effective, Resilient, Sustainable Solutions We identify the tasks the we will carry out to meet this goal. Housing Program and supporting the execution of critical infra structure guidance. By accomplishing these and other tasks, our able solutions to the Armed Forces and the nation. USACE CAMPAIGN PLAN GOAL 4 Recruit and Retain Strong Teams Through these and other tasks, our District will help USACE informational pamphlet that depicts our Operations Plan so you can become familiar with all of our tasks. It is up to each of us to its goals. Operations Plan as a change to how we do business. Think of it The USACE Campaign Plan aims to do just that take the Corps from good to GREAT. As always, thanks for all you do and continue BUILDING STRONG. HAVE YOU SEEN TH E OPERA T ION S PLAN? December 2009 Tower Times 3 By Col. Shawn McGinley, District Commander I ts been nearly a year since our leadership announced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Campaign Plan, the road map by which we will transition the Corps into a new era of excellence. tent for the Corps to be one disciplined team in thought, word and action. He wants all of us to use the Campaign Plan to establish our priorities, focus on transition and adapt to future needs. paign Plan. It was months in the making but our Operations Plan is in the Districts Operation plan through email and other forms of mance appraisal must be linked to the Operations Plan by tailor percent. In order to educate the workforce, a web site was created to explain the Operations Plan and how it relates to the USACE But in order to further communicate the importance of the Opera tions Plan, here are some of the highlights. USACE CAMPAIGN PLAN GOAL 1 Ready For All Contingencies The District Operation Plan lists tasks we will carry out to meet Goal 1. We will maintain a high degree of preparedness tions, regionally and globally. We will also encourage anyone to carrying out these tasks, Rock Island District will help USACE through forward deployed and reach back capabilities. USACE CAMPAIGN PLAN GOAL 2 Engineering Sustainable Water Resources


December 2009 4 Tower Times W District is now concentrating on repairing the federal infrastructure that was damaged in the 2008 Midwest $234 million. More than $55 million of that funding was desig contracts were awarded this fall. are currently being put together and will be out for bid early this spring. cess contract awards in a timely fashion. It has been a successful The District has been doing about half of the design work it self for the necessary repairs. This has been on top of an already full workload nearly three times the normal amount. The effort that that our staff has put in to the design work was pulled together in a team effort, said John Kincaid, Engineering projects and the effort towards common goals represents the best part of the Rock Island District. ery process continues with the recent award of their third contract contracts are nearly complete with repairs being made to Tailwa ter West and Tailwater East. concrete protection and repairs on the North and South Tailwater By Hilary Markin, Public Affairs Specialist


December 2009 Tower Times 5 reinforced cutoff walls. They will also be placing riprap, stabiliz ing sidewalks, repairing a bridge abutment and other concrete structures. The second contract is to repair the Howell Station Lift Station by constructing a new duplex submersible pump sta tion, all connections, and the demolition of the adjacent existing contract is expected to be complete this spring. the same as 1993. The pneumatic crest gates that were installed on the emergency spillway after rock repair contract with work currently underway to reshape some of the damaged embank ments and place new bedding stone. The contractor will also be repairing two breakwaters at ramps. The other two contrac tors will begin work this spring and will repair the boat ramp at replace the road across the emergency spillway. Both of these facilities are critical repairs that affect the use of the project on a daily basis. so far. Many of the contractors intended to begin work changed and they will now start this coming spring. tion impacts to a minimum. This has been a real chal lenge but the end result far out weighs the brief periods of construction many recreation areas will experience. The infrastructure that was damaged at the three ma structures.


Deter information before you discard them. maiden name, or the last four digits of your Social Security number. Detect mediate attention. Defend against identity theft as soon as you suspect a problem. reports carefully. The alert tells creditors to follow certain procedures before they open new accounts in your name or make certain changes to your existing accounts. lished fraudulently. minimize risk of access by unauthorized personnel. items. For more information and details on how you can protect December 2009 6 Tower Times I dentity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information without your permission to commit fraud or other crimes. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that as many as 10 been stolen can spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of name and credit record. on job opportunities, or be denied security clearances, rested for crimes they did not commit. The potential for damage, loss, and stress is considerable. Many consumers learn that their identity has been stolen after some damage has been done. The best way ments each month, and check your credit report on a regular basis. Repairing the damage can be a costly, time-consum ing and stressful process. Filing a police report, notify ing creditors, and disputing any unauthorized transactions are steps you must take to restore your good name. And the more time that goes by before you detect the problem, the more time it Its about following the Ds of identity theft protection Deter, Detect, Defend. What is identity theft?


goods and materials produced in the Midwest during World War and dam projects in determining the best practices and lessons the dam. Near its completion, it was noticed that the paint was beginning to fail on the submerged portions of the rollers. This for the entire Corps. The lab continued until 1974 when it was subsumed by the Construction Engineering Research Laboratory. As Locks and Dam 15 enters its 76th year, it still continues to budgets and priorities allow as is the case with all the Districts locks and dams. It is not surprising that 75 years later the Corps has become a major component of another work stimulus pro programs and projects for years to come. December 2009 Tower Times 7 By John Fitzgerald, District Archivist T he year 1934 was memorable in many respects. America continued with Iowa recording a record 118 degrees in July, a record that still stands. The crime sprees of Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, and Pretty Boy Floyd all came to an end. In the fully operational. It also began its status as an icon for the Quad stop for tourists in our region as well as the inspiration for one of the latest offerings from a local brewery (Roller Dam Red Ale). Dinner in which District employee Samantha Heilig, Mississippi of the construction of Locks and Dam 15. The Corps recognized $7.5 million dollars, Locks and Dam 15 became, and remains, the worlds largest roller dam. In her presentation, Heilig used and Dam 15 held by the District to illustrate how it came into be construction of the locks and dams. The images not only record ent stages of the project. The workers are often seen smiling as their efforts become the subject of the camera, expressing pride in job in such hard times. In all, 40 hours of footage documents the construction of the Districts locks and dams. others struggling for work as the other locks and dams were would come from New Deal programs designed to get people back to work. By 1940, all the new locks and dams were com pleted in the District except for Lock and Dam 19. The system 75 Years and Counting: Locks and Dam 15 and the Nine-Foot Navigation Project


December 2009 8 Tower Times Holiday Traditions begins with me taking the kids out of the house, while SantaMom adds last minute decorations to the house, places the gifts in a separate room, lines the walkway with candles and prepares and potato salad. When we return, we sit and enjoy the meal and then enter the special room and sing Ole Christmas Tree, in German before we attack the presents under the tree. ~Tilford Flowers, Security & Law Enforcement The holidays are always a wonderful time to relax, sit back, enjoy, with no problems Crazy times! Busy times! And yes, good times! The holidays are celebrated with many different traditions depending on your family. Below are the replies received from employees across the Rock Island District. Some will sound familiar and others might provide you with new ideas to establish in your family, but however you celebrate, please enjoy the appreciated com ments! To read more, visit the Tower Times online. Our family has an unusual tradition that has been going on for more than 5 years now. Some of the men in our family go on an ing meal. ~Nick Hedden, Illinois Waterway ~Susan Yager, Corporate Communications However you celebrate with your families, have a safe and Happy Holidays! mas decorations, the tree and decorate for Christmas. When my Christmas season. ~Trudy Scholtz, Illinois Waterway luth, Minn. area is making ice candles . When the temperature is below 20-25 degrees, set out a 1. bucket of water just long enough to freeze around the edges and top-preferably at least 2-inches thick (say ~6 hours at 20 degrees?). Bring them inside just long enough to thaw from the bucket 2. sides (~1 hour). Take them back outside and tip the ice carefully out of the 3. bucket. Set the hollow ice block beside your door, or along the 4. Insert and light a candle to light the way to your holidays. 5. Theyre great crystal luminaries that last as long as the candle before the big day. Last year my son and I won with Secret In gredient Chili, which was made with Chocolate. Always fun! ~Jody Rowe, Real Estate Division For at least 20 years or more a gathering of friends came from as far away as Toronto, Massachusetts, and Iowa to enjoy a party known as Rodgers Party in New York. Hikes in Letchworth State Park, Mendon Ponds park, exploring local light displays trips consumed most of our time. We lost this tradition after Rodger died from a freak accident. But with pictures from years past, I will retain many wonderful memories of the things that we did and the fun we had. ~Liz Robinson, Equal Employment Opportunity Being from a predominantly German and Irish family, we cel ebrate with oyster stew for Christmas dinner (a pretty traditional 1900s we picked up some of the Norwegian traditions as well (lefse primarily). ~Anthony Heddlesten, Engineering & Construction Division For the last 12 15 years, my niece and I get together and bake ~Nancy Vanderleest, Resource Management


a year. garage. systems, as well as the sealed spaces between the garage and house. The presence of a carbon monoxide alarm in Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur on your boat. CO from exhaust pipes of inboard engines, outboard engines and generators can build up inside and outside the boat in areas maintenance inspections by experienced and trained tech nicians. space on your boat and check them often to ensure they are working properly December 2009 Tower Times 9 Safety Corner E ach year in America, carbon monoxide poisoning claims to hospital emergency rooms for treatment. There are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from deadly carbon monoxide fumes. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless and toxic gas. Because it is impossible to see, taste or smell the toxic fumes, CO can kill you before you are aware it is in your home or work dizziness, disorientation, nausea and fatigue. The effects of CO Protect Yourself and Your Family from CO Poisoning Install at least one carbon monoxide alarm with an audible nized laboratory, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL). CO symptoms when you hear the alarm. This does not mean that CO is not present. Rock Island District ONE DISCIPLINED TEAM in thought, word, and action meeting our commitments, with and through our part ners, by SAYING WHAT WE WILL DO, AND DOING WHAT WE SAY. Want to know how YOU can help USACE BUILD STRONG ? I BUILD STRONG by promoting and supporting the Districts morale, recreation, and welfare program called RIDWA. ~ Beth Hann, Financial Management Analyst, Wellness Association president


CFC Auction Sets a New Record The Rock Island District recently held its annual CFC online auction where items from local business, donated items from employees, and others were placed on a website for Arsenal employees to bid on. The auction ran for eight and raising more money for the CFC!! This year, the district set a new record raising $11,205.60.30 just from the auction. Along with the auction, a local artist, Michael Blaser, graciously donated proceeds from the sale of some of his prints totalling $865.00. Blaser is the world. This resulted in a grand total of $12,070.60 being raised for the CFC Charities! Auction Chair George Hardison thanked his committee, all the donators, and of course, the am I going to beat this in 2010? December 2009 Retirements ... Around the District Howard Lardi, lock and dam operator, Dres den Island Lock and Dam, Illinois Waterway, cating 21 years, 10 months and 25 days to the David Vorel, Eleanor Blunk, 95, died Oct. 31, at the Iowa. Blunk worked for the Army Corps of Engi Sympathy ...


Tower Times December 2009 By Hilary Markin, Public Affairs Specialist MAJ (P) Jared Ware Deputy District Commander M aj. (Promotable) Jared Ware is no stranger to the Corps of Engineers. He grew up in Hot Springs, Ark., and spent a lot of time recreating at the lakes and dams around his hometown. He has come full circle from growing up as a customer of the Corps of Engineers to now leading the Rock Island District and help ing us go from good to great. Ware graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point sion as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Corps of En in many different capacities and areas around the United States and and Program Manager (Foreign Military Sales Construction) in the Multi-National Security Transition Directorate. We were the Gulf Region in terms of money and the size of projects. Just before I left we part nered with the Foreign Military Sales team of GRD and started working out of the same facility, said Ware. Ware holds a bachelors degree in Geography from the Military Academy, a masters degree in and Technology, and a masters degree in Defense Geographic Information from the Royal Military College of Science, General Staff College. I BUILD STRONG by living the army values: Integrity and Personal Courage. He has been awarded numerous awards and decorations throughout his military career. Most recently he earned the So ciety of American Military Engineers Toulmin Medal for the best authored article during a calendar year writing an article entitled Geospatial Intelligence and Engineers. Ware and his wife and daughter currently reside in the military housing on Arsenal Island. They are enjoying being back on the mainland after being in Hawaii for the last couple of years. In his spare time Ware enjoys spending time with family, play ing tennis and hiking. One of his most memorable hiking trips was exploring Yellowstone Park in 2006. He and his wife had a great time exploring the western part of the United States. The Wares are also looking forward to taking their daughter hiking now that she is old enough. We are looking forward to in the District and getting to know the area, said Ware when asked about his future plans. months in the District and looks applesauce. This is something he has shared with others for many years to remind them that we all hear, think and see