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The outpost
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U.S. ARMY YUMA PROVING GROUND, YUMA, ARIZONA 85365 | VOLUME 67 NO. 14 JULY 9, 2018 Test ofcers coach young wrestlers /Page 7 Largest Vacation Bible School in recent memory /Page 8 YTC Commander keynotes Yuma 50 annual dinner /Page 11 Y1 By Chuck Wullenjohn A major event held by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) occurs every two years, with the most recent taking place in late during the over one week-long event occurred at U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) and Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma. is the premier NATO event at which various powers making up the organization test joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance activities. While it took place in a number of NATO countries spanning thousands of miles, challenges ranged from conventional YPG NCO of the Year recognized at Yuma Flag Raising CeremonyInternational alliance tests intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance on YPG ranges YPG Non-Commissioned Ofcer of the Year Staff Sgt. Avram Collins was recognized at Yumas 32nd Annual Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony on July 4th. Collins, a parachute rigger with YPGs Airborne Test Force, has been at the post for about a year. The mission at YPG is amazing, he said. I really love the opportunities and professional growth it provides. (Photo by Mark Schauer) SEE ALLIANCE page 5


2 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST By Vince Avanzini, Physical Security Branch chief Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) has recently bolstered our alreadyrobust security posture. One of the latest changes is the installation of Dragons Teeth, better known as cameras at all our access control points (ACPs). The spikes are installed at all of our outbound lanes on YPG to prevent rear entry onto our installation by those that might want to do us harm. All one needs to do is pick up a newspaper or turn on a television to see that we live in a dangerous world. this Command to further improve the security posture on YPG to protect our personnel, families, and way of life. multitude of locations around the world. You have probably seen them at airports and car rental agencies, that all YPG personnel adhere to the limit when negotiating the spikes, and approach them straight-on, not at an angle. Never back up or roll your vehicle back on the spikes. Once the spikes are negotiated, drivers must move forward slowly and wait until the vehicle is completely clear of the spikes prior to accelerating. This will prevent pays attention to the warning signs when approaching the spikes, obeys hour speed limit, and does not back up, there will be no damage to their vehicle. Thank you in advance for your understanding. YPG has been recognized for excellence in security measures multiple times, and projects like this help us adapt to evolving threats. Though these physical security initiatives are important, our greatest security asset continues to be our something, say something. Y2 THEOUtTPoOStT News may be submitted to: The Editor, Outpost, Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, AZ, 85365. Phone: (928) 328 or DSN 899. Visit our website at: or email to: mark.a.schauer.civ@mail.milCommander: Col. Ross Poppenberger Public Affairs Ofcer: Chuck Wullenjohn Public Affairs Specialist/Editor: Mark Schauer Technical Editor, Cold Regions Test Center: Clara Zachgo Marketing Specialist: Teri Womack Visual Information Manager: Riley Williams The Outpost is an unofcial publication authorized under provisions of AR 360. The Outpost is published every two weeks by the Public Affairs Ofce, Yuma Proving Ground. Views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Army. This newspaper uses material credited to ATEC and ARNEWS. While contributions are solicited, the PAO reserves the right to edit all submitted materials and make corrections, changes or deletions to conform with the policy of this newspaper.Trafc spikes are commonly used to enhance physical security, and will not harm your vehicles tires when negotiated correctly. Approach the trafc spikes slow and straight-on, not at an angle. Do not exceed the posted ve miles per hour speed limit when traversing the spikes. Roll over the spikes without stopping, and wait until the rear tires clear the spikes before accelerating. Never back up once you have cleared the spikes! (Photos by Mark Schauer) Next Outpost deadline is noon, July 26thSexual Assault Hotline: 920-3104 Report Domestic Violence: 287-3361 YPG security posture improved


THE OUTPOST JULY 9, 2018 3Y3Trafc spikes are commonly used to enhance physical security, and will not harm your vehicles tires when negotiated correctly. Approach the trafc spikes slow and straight-on, not at an angle. Do not exceed the posted ve miles per hour speed limit when traversing the spikes. Roll over the spikes without stopping, and wait until the rear tires clear the spikes before accelerating. Never back up once you have cleared the spikes! (Photos by Mark Schauer) 136778 By Sergio Obregn Lets have another drink and talk about Water Quality Reports. The Environmental Protection Agency requires community water systems, which supply homes or year round residents, to provide an annual known as a Water Quality Report (WQR). The purpose of this report is to provide customers with information on the quality of their supplied drinking water. These reports are meant to promote consumers knowledge and awareness by providing educational material. Since 1999, an annual WQR has been delivered to the water users of Howard Cantonment Area, which houses year round residents. As part of an ongoing water quality outreach program, we are providing a WQR to the other two non-community water systems on YPG; the Walker Cantonment Area (WCA) System that serves WCA and Laguna Army Castle Dome Annex, and Castle Dome Heliport. The information contained in these reports is As stated in each of these reports, the water delivered by each of our water systems is Safe to Drink. these reports includes: the drinking water contamination of your drinking water The minerals/elements found in drinking water The potential health effects of any contaminant detected above EPA allowable limits Educational information on bacteria and parasites that may be found in drinking water Educational information on lead in drinking water Other relevant information about your drinking water Phone numbers of additional sources of information, including the water system EPAs Safe Drinking Water Hotline number 1-800-426-4791 towns/cities and are supplied water by a water provider such as the City of have received an annual water quality report from them. The report is formatted and printed as a brochure, for some reason you did not receive a report from your local utility water supplier, you can simply request it by contacting them. We encourage you to review and familiarize yourself with these reports as they contain informative and educational material. We pride ourselves with the quality of our supplied water here and educational to compare our reports with others from our local our WQRs contain more additional useful information than what is required by law. The 2017 WQR brochure for the Howard Cantonment Area was delivered during the last week of June. The WQR brochure for the other two water systems, WCA and to consumers sometime in mid-July. Electronic copies of both reports were also delivered to the entire workforce on the information contained in these reports please feel free to contact Sergio Obregon, Safe Drinking Water Program Manager at 928-328-2015 or by email at sergio.obregon.civ@ Contact information is also contained in the referenced reports. in the WQRs both informative and helpful. Our continuing commitment is to keep you informed and to respond to any questions you may have regarding the drinking water supplied by YPG. We will continue to provide future articles that will provide additional information about our water resources. information related to safe drinking water, including information on applicable federal rules, please visit the EPA webpage at: https://www. you need to know about Water Quality Reports YPG Commander Col. Ross Poppenberger (left) and Garrison Manager Gordon Rogers tour the water treatment plant at YPGs Howard Cantonment Area. Over 2,000 personnel and hundreds of residents depend on YPGs extensive water supply for clean drinking water, re suppression, and evaporative cooling in summer. (US Army photo)


4 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y4 Reds Bird Cage SaloonLocated in the heart of Historic Downtown Yuma231 Main St. 928-783-1050Mon-Fri 9:30am 2:30am Open Sat & Sun 6am Come And Join Us! By David J. Horn rial Dam Road, the building is sur rounded by several historic armored vehicles and artillery pieces, along with pictures and informational plaques. Walking around looking at the M60 tank, the M109 self-propelled howitzer, and especially the M247 Sergeant York air defense vehicle, is worked on designing parts for those vehicles back in the 1970s and early 1980s. Yep, it makes you feel really young when you realize that equip ment you helped designis now sitting in a museum. Anyway, for those that dont know the story be hind the M247pull up a chair. You just cant make this stuff up. Back in the 1970s, the Army thought that the next big battle would M1 Abrams tanks and M2 Bradley military planners were worried about protecting those vehicles against could come up with a way to shoot down those helicopters. Then, after someone noticed that we had park ing lots full of old 1950s-era M48 tanks, somebody came up with the idea of taking the turret off the M48 tank, and replacing it with a turret that housed twin 40-mm anti-aircraft guns guided by a state-of-the-art ra be the perfect Russian helicopter killing machine as it accompanied the new M1s and Bradleys on that My involvement in the project primary contractor was located, to help design parts for a new auxiliary power unit (APU) for the vehicle. The APU would be mounted in the rear of the M48 tank, and would power the electronics and hydraulics of the turret, without having to run the M247 at the YPG visitor center guns pointing straight up), check out Expectations were high for the new vehicle, as prototypes were deliv conducted. Thats when things took system being based on the proven vehicle just would not lock on to the in front of the vehicle. Even putting entice the radar to lock on to them. What it did like to slew around and upwere the exhaust fans (with blades less than 1-foot in diameter), on nearby porta-potties. Portapotties placed by the observation bleachers for use by visiting Army testing when this was occurring, nobody actually pulled the trigger on the guns and blew up any of the potties. But wowtalk about get ting caught with your pants down! Anyway, the media caught wind of the story, and the race was on to try to resolve the technical issues. As it turned out, before the radar technical issues could be sorted out, the aviation communities on both helicopter-mounted missiles that could hit the M247 at twice the range that the M247 could ever hope to shoot down a helicopter with its 40mm guns. So in 1985, as fast as you program was cancelled, simply over taken by technical events. Oh well, parts worked. So here it is, 2018. The Depart ment of Defense is spending lots of how to shoot down small drones. Small drones with blades no more than one-foot in diameter. Hey! Maybe the solution is right under the parked right in front of our YPG Before its time?Shootin the Breeze ALLIANCE The M247 Sgt. York self-propelled anti-aircraft gun on display in front of YPGs Visitor Control Center was tested extensively in the early 1980s, but was never elded. (US Army photo) TLC MANAGEMENT Themis & Paul Cavanagh928.726.5557670 E 32nd St, Ste 9 WWW.TLCMANAGEMENT.NET Find the Rental Home YOU Deserve AS A VETERAN,PAUL UNDERSTANDS THE NEEDS OF RELOCATING MILITARY FAMILIES AND IS DEDICATED TO ASSISTING ALL FAMILIES IN LOCATING THEIR NEXT RENTAL HOME. HE IS ALSO A RETIRED PEACE OFFICER WHO IS VERY SENSITIVE TO THE PARTICULAR NEEDS OF PLACING LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THEIR FAMILIES. RESPONSIVE CONCERNED RELIABLE HERE FOR YOU


THE OUTPOST JULY 9, 2018 5Y5 TO ADVERTISE IN THE OUTPOST PLEASE CONTACT DA RLENE FIRESTONE AT (928) 539-6829 NAT IONALS@YUMASUN.COM YUMA SUN, INC. 2055 S. ARIZONA AVE., YUMA, AZ 85364 10% Off For Our Military Every DayStaff Wears Red On Fridays To Show Support For Our Troops1731 S Sunridge Dr928-539-9000 Our 50s Style Diner has the Best Shakes in Town! OPEN 24 HOURSIndoor/Outdoor seating 24 Hrs. Baymont Inn & Suites Guests Receive A Hot, Cooked To Order Breakfast At Pennys Diner terrorism. People ranging from armchair generals to distinguished military professionals think of events like this on technological and procedural interoperability between nations, as well as testing new technology NOT training and readiness. This appropriately been designated a Joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance is a vital capability that provides NATO decision-makers with better situational awareness of what is happening on the ground, at important than ever, as western nations face the most challenging security situation since the end of the Cold War, with multiple threats from the east and from the south. The trial helped ensure that joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance assets from NATO and the Allies were able to operate together to counter security threats, as well as seamlessly coordinate numerous intelligence, processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems. The collected intelligence data was immediately beamed to NATO decision-makers, often in Europe, in a near real-time basis. But these capabilities are only valuable when the information collected can be understood and effectively shared. Lessons learned during the trial will enhance intelligence efforts in future NATO operations There were many types of live data collection and analysis. Examples included: Radar data collected from surveillance aircraft; collected from fast jets and unmanned aerial vehicles and other assets; participating armed forces through imagery collected; Human intelligence such as reports from Soldiers. Both YPG and MCAS Yuma supported the event, with the Marines a collection of shipping containers representing an urban area, and YPG operating a Blackhawk helicopter. A centrepiece of YPGs support was the operation of an aerostat balloon that was able to generate and transmit key types of valuable electronic data, even to overseas destinations. Senior Engineer Quang Ho of Project Director Aerostat says the aerostat balloons have proven quite valuable, for they are able to carry a wide variety of electronic sensor Aerostats can always be up in the air, no matter the extreme intelligence, talk to other systems and provide detailed, sharp video to Soldiers on the ground all at the He even pointed out that the aerostat has proven to be a successful deterrent to the enemy, for adversaries have well learned the lethal threat they represent. the enemy frequently reduces the Although the main portion of in Germany, hundreds of people were involved in locations around the world. ALLIANCE FROM PAGE 1 The Unied Vision 18 trial recently held concurrently in a number of North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries helped ensure that joint intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance assets could seamlessly coordinate numerous intelligence, processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems. A centerpiece of YPGs support was the operation of an aerostat balloon that was able to generate and transmit key types of valuable electronic data, even to overseas destinations. (US Army photo)


6 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y6By Minna Hernandez summer but that does not mean that learning has to stop. Yuma Proving Ground recently hosted the Gains and Education in Mathematics and Science (GEMS) program consisting of two separate week-long programs that YPG staff helped organize and support. The GEMS program creates a platform in science and math education for students to establish knowledge in areas such as coding, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, robotics, and team building skills. Labs coincided with the program to demonstrate to students how math and science are applied to real-world situations. A number of YPG employees helped support the GEMS program with activities to showcase some of the amazing things done at the proving ground. The support team included personnel from the Combat and Automotive Systems Division, Munitions and Weapons Division, Aviation Division, Metrology and Simulation Division, all demonstrating the importance of science and math to YPGs mission. Among other things during the week, the young learners coded a Lego robot, raced radio controlled cars through an obstacle competition, and built rockets. The labs were hands on and fun, and gave kids a relatable glimpse carefully and methodically gathering data on how different radio controlled car perform on obstacle course is akin to what Combat and Automotive Systems world. During the rocket lab, each student built a rocket from scratch, learning about all the parts that go into a rocket and the pieces that make it run, which relates to YPGs Aviation Division and their work. interaction went both ways. At times working with my peers on high level situations, we get so focused on details that we might he said. Working with these kids, at the big picture, and it was a The GEMS program is an important part of YPGs growing efforts to bring to light the advantages math and science can give a student when deciding on a career, showing students the huge career opportunity in their own back yard.Youngsters beat the heat in YPG-hosted math and science program ABOVE: Spc. Cristina Arguizoni of the YPG Health Clinic gives GEMS participants a tour through the microscopic side of biology during one of the programs hands-on labs. The GEMS program is an important part of YPGs growing efforts to bring to light the advantages math and science can give a student when deciding on a career. LEFT: Capt. Amie Linville, ofcer in charge of YPGs veterinary clinic, helps a student identify objects in a mock abdomen using an ultrasound device. The Gains in Engineering, Math, and Science program was geared toward future scientists who will be entering grades six through eight next school year. (Photos by Minna Hernandez)


THE OUTPOST JULY 9, 2018 7Y7By Mark Schauer Brothers Arturo and Carlos Anaya know more than a little about giving back to their community. and Munitions and Weapons Divisions, respectively, in their hometown of Somerton, Ariz. they have earned widespread acclaim for their instrumental role in creating and sustaining the immensely successful annual Somerton Tamale $350,000 in scholarships for local students. their demanding day jobs would be more work than most people could reasonably handle, yet here they are, in mid-evening on a weeknight in late enough that the custodians have turned off the air conditioning for saturated with a humidity not often felt in the desert. Aside from the buzz of the lights high overhead, the only sound is soft talk from two men in the middle of a semi-circle of adolescent boys in gym clothes. The shouts, punctuated by a clap that reverberates across a wall full of championship banners dating back The boys spring up into adolescent kinetic energy, fanning out into wrestling circles, grappling with a new move as the Anaya brothers look in on each pairs progress, giving on the spot pointers, bumps. Above one of the gym doors is a sign that reads, Never, never, wrestlers going to the mat again and again. The same sign looked on the Anayas when they themselves were students here, members of the 1991-92 seventh grade team championship for wrestling. When they advanced to Yumas Cibola High School, the wrestling team won Anaya brothers were runners up as individuals. They played other sports, but wrestling captivated them the most. Basically, its a sport where you Carlos. You dont need money, you just need to show up and do it, and be mentally strong. You have to comes naturally; other kids it takes Both brothers then wrestled at Arizona State University: Carlos for Arturo with a smile. Our plan was to just go back and forth and put on a missing a chance to wrestle for a national championship. Now, for the past 11 years, they have volunteered as wrestling coaches in their old school through the Somerton Parks and Recreation exclusively during the summer months, but in recent years they have been a year-round presence. has garnered at least three wrestling championships, including a state title Throughout the years we had good coaches who gave us their timebaseball, cross country, role models, and now we want to Our parents always showed us Carlos. They were always helping people, and that is what we try to do. This keeps kids off the streets, wasting time playing video games all day, they get some exercise and learn Their volunteer time goes far even the town. This summer, for example, Arturo took a group of 20 do car washes, we get donations all of this? Arturo. We also have supportive wives who let us follow our Many kids wont wrestle in college, but it teaches them that hard toughness, and hopefully that will Test ofcers teach young wrestlers to never, ever give up Carlos Anaya demonstrates a move to young wrestlers as brother Arturo looks on. Our parents always showed us service to the community, he said. They were always helping people, and that is what we try to do. (Photos by Mark Schauer) Brothers Arturo and Carlos Anaya have served as volunteer wrestling coaches for the Somerton Parks and Recreation Department since 2007. The men, both test ofcers for YPG, wrestled in the exact same gymnasium as adolescents, and helped Somerton Middle School students earn a state championship earlier this year.


8 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y8By Mark Schauer Religious services are as much a source of strength and solace to Soldiers as to civilians. YPGs chapel serves both throughout the year, but has a particularly popular getaway for kids during the long, hot summers: because we were stuck in the hotel for 11 days and my boys were able to come here and hang out with great way for them to connect and allowed me to have quiet time with my daughter, who was two months Randall was so grateful for the program that she and her husband, Sgt. 1st Class Joshua Randall, numbered among the 15 volunteers who helped make this years memorable. The Randalls helped decorate the chapel prior to the event, then ran stations while the kids were present during the week. We had a bunch of volunteers who helped decorate rooms and put Luna, chaplains assistant. You get to see peoples creative sides, and it Lost at sea was the theme, and most of the chapel complex spent a solid week decorated as an antediluvian wonderland. Hallways became under-seascapes reminiscent of the tubular hallways of an elaborate aquarium, populated trailing thin plastic tentacles. The pulpit became a palm-tree desert island, complete with large construction paper rocks. Even Wilson, the volleyball with a smiling red face who was Tom Hanks only companion in the survival movie Cast Away, was present, serving as a constantly rapt and beaming observer of the proceedings. and lavishly funded, but was actually assembled on a shoestring budget with the dedicated labor of volunteers. We did a lot of dollar store runs The volunteers built it, and the children came: more than 50 overall, the largest turnout in a number of years. We had 45 total in kindergarten Luna. We had a big turnout for The students of all ages had fun listening to stories, singing songs, and rotating among stations that saw them building crafts and playing indoor and outdoor games. Throughout the hours, the smells of macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, and popcorn wafted from the chapel kitchen, manned by YPG Chaplain Maj. Ronald Beltz programs dont offer meals, but Beltz feels doing so is essential. Serving dinner makes it more convenient for the parents to bring The chaplain loves to feed The nourishment of body and soul was so well-attended that the chapel staff are seriously considering summer in hopes that new young congregants can take part and have fun. Were interested in doing a second one later in the summer, Quintana. a lucky church in the Yuma community will likely have the ability to take possession of the remaining decorations. But folks here hope for a summer encore here at YPG. Randall. The kids really light up and get into it. They enjoy the Largest Vacation Bible School in recent memory smites summer doldrums Staff Sgt. Michael Quintana, Chapel NCOIC, helps kicks off this summers Vacation Bible School in the post chapel. Quintana is well known among YPG youth as a volunteer coach in several sports. (Photos by Mark Schauer) YPG Chapel religious coordinator Margarita Perez holds forth in a session during one of the ve-day Vacation Bible Schools three hour sessions. The chapel also hosts a kids club and youth Bible study classes throughout the year.


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10 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y10 Painters Desert Best Painting LLCSpecializing in Commercial & ResidentialLicensed-Bonded-Insured ROC# 200112RODRIGO RAMIREZ (Owner)desertbestpainting1@yahoo.com928-446-9519 Interior Exterior Drywall Stucco Repair Roof Coating Apoxy Floors Plumbing Remodel Repair Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel Complete Home Renovations Room Additions Patios Garages Concrete Work Tenant Improvements(928) 726-4430Licensed | Bonded | Insured ROC#B.103948-R/B-1.232324Residential and Commerical Remodeling ShopVictors 1 We Do It All Roofers Tile, flat, foam or shingle roofs.Small repairs to complete new roof systems. All 100% guaranteed.linesandlundgreen.comROC#069354C42. 070448L42. 928-783-9084 ROOFING & INSULATION, INC. Window Cleaning Chaplains Corner The ag means freedom By Maj. Ronald Beltz An old veteran puts on his medals and makes his way to Day celebrations have already begun. He is greeted by the inviting aroma of hamburgers and bratwurst cooking on portable grills, and the sounds of happy grass on a warm summer breeze. The park is full of picnickers gathered around tables and sitting on blankets under the trees. Children are playing on the swings and slides, and chasing each other around the merry-go-round. There is a softball game on the diamond in the far corner, and splashing can be heard as swimmers cavort in the waves along the beach. A band begins to play patriotic songs from a stage which has been set up next to a statue in the center of the park. Later there will be The old veteran smiles as he takes it all in, and then he carefully maneuvers himself into a spot where he will have a good view of all the activities. He takes out a sandwich and a small thermos of coffee. Then he settles back into his chair to watch and enjoy. After a while a group of young people comes by. They select a spot under a maple tree, not far from the old veteran, and ground. He knows immediately that they intend to use it as a picnic blanket. Anger wells up inside of him. How could they out food and beverage and pass they begin to eat and drink and talk and laugh. The old veteran is not alone in his anger. Others nearby have noticed the young of disapproval are heard all around. Soon a group of irate picnickers comes over to confront the young people. July. Were just showing the Not like that, youre not. The The sound of their impassioned voices can be heard all through the park. People come from every direction to see what the fuss is about. Before long there is a large crowd gathered around the with both sides getting louder and louder. Someone goes to call the police. The old veteran can stand it no longer. He rolls his wheelchair in the direction of the angry crowd. There are so many people now that those on Latecomers are not sure what the argument is about. The old veteran pushes his way into the The crowd becomes quiet, more from the unexpected sight of an old man in a wheelchair than the sound of his booming voice. Their eyes go immediately to the stumps that stick out over the seat just above the place where his knees used to be. And then they see the medals pinned to his jacket -the Purple Heart and Silver Star. They watch in awe as he raises himself up out of his seat with arm muscles hardened by years of pushing and pulling the wheels on the chair which is his home every waking hour of every day. When his head is almost even with the faces of those who are standing over him, his eyes look Then he lowers himself back into his seat, and as the crowd parts he wheels away back to his original spot. The picnickers go quietly and quickly back to their families. The young people continue the old veteran watches and waits. Soon it is dusk and the explodes with color as rockets go up, one after another. Then comes their noise, boom, boom, boom. Somewhere out on the lake someone sets off a string of ack hits the old veterans ears like the sound of machine gun a moment he is back in the battle. He hears the cries of the wounded and sees the faces of the dying. He comes to himself the colors red, white and blue emblazoned across the sky in What does freedom mean to you?


THE OUTPOST JULY 9, 2018 11Y11 Defense Call Now (928) 726-5882 BUILD IT. TEST IT. FLY IT. YUMA COUNTYAIRPORT AUTHORITYCommercial Hangar Leases Furnished Office Rentals Build To Suit Opportunities 150991 Lt. Col. Timothy Matthews, commander of YPGs Yuma Test Center, was the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Yuma 50 military support group in late June. Held at Yuma International Airport and attended by over 30 people, Matthews noted the exceptionally positive relationship the installation has with the community. When it comes to the quality of relations military installations around the nation have with their outside civilian communities, we in Yuma enjoy one of the best, he said. From the positive relations we have with our city and county elected ofcials to the constant supportive efforts of the Military Affairs Committee of the Yuma County Chamber of Commerce and the Yuma 50, Yuma Proving Ground is fortunate to be in such an outstanding environment. This stellar relationship has been noted for decades by senior leaders at the proving ground and we truly appreciate and cherish it. The Yuma 50 works throughout the year to support the mission and personnel of the two local military installations -U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground and Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. (Photos by Chuck Wullenjohn)YTC Commander keynotes military support group annual dinner


12 JULY 9, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y12