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The outpost
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Outpost (Yuma, Ariz.)
Yuma Proving Ground (Ariz.) -- Public Affairs Office
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U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, Public Affairs Office
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U.S. ARMY YUMA PROVING GROUND, YUMA, ARIZONA 85365 | VOLUME 67 NO. 12 JUNE 11, 2018 YPG personnel lend a hand /Page 5 G/ATORs lurk on YPG /Page 6 Stingers rocket across range /Page 7 Y1 By Mark Schauer Darrell Williams knows YPGs vast ranges better than most. From his earliest days here as a test vehicle operator and test as lead range control specialist, changes. Its kind of neat to see how everything progresses, concept test system that will back as a small box. The sheer size of the mission A reverent remembrance for those who gave the ultimate sacriceRange control specialist honored by Arizona Game and Fish Department For more than 70 years, Yuma has commemorated Memorial Day with a moving ceremony that involves the dropping of a wreath of owers into the waters of the Colorado River from the Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Bridge. Multiple color guards from local organizations participate by standing in formation along the banks of the river in Gateway Park as over 200 solemn spectators watch the owers fall to the water and oat away. As the sole active duty color guard, YPG represented all U.S. military services that day. It was quite an honor and the members of the color guard, spit-shined and well-practiced, did the proving ground and Army proud. See page 5 for additional photos. (Photo by Mark Schauer) SEE HONORED page 2


2 JUNE 11, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y2 THEOUtTPoOStT News may be submitted to: The Editor, Outpost, Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, AZ, 85365. Phone: (928) 328 or DSN 899. Visit our website at: or email to: mark.a.schauer.civ@mail.milCommander: Col. Ross Poppenberger Public Affairs Ofcer: Chuck Wullenjohn Public Affairs Specialist/Editor: Mark Schauer Technical Editor, Cold Regions Test Center: Clara Zachgo Marketing Specialist: Teri Womack Visual Information Manager: Riley Williams The Outpost is an unofcial publication authorized under provisions of AR 360. The Outpost is published every two weeks by the Public Affairs Ofce, Yuma Proving Ground. Views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Army. This newspaper uses material credited to ATEC and ARNEWS. While contributions are solicited, the PAO reserves the right to edit all submitted materials and make corrections, changes or deletions to conform with the policy of this newspaper. testing what is often inherently scores of other tests in progress on land and in the air in a geographic footprint larger than the state of Rhode Island. are concerned with the land space and air space. the range, too, no matter what. When stranded behind normally dry desert wheel drive vehicles to traverse by ready to scramble helciopters if employees in extremely remote parts of the range. In addition to helping keep YPGs personnel safe, Williams, an avid habitat for a variety of species, from Sonoran Desert Tortoises to bighorn sheep. The Mojave Fringe-toed Western United States, thrives in YPG as a protected habitat for it to regenerate. that doesnt interfere with testing is another aspect of Williams job. meet their goals and missions. encroaching on YPG test activities does not always allow entities to easily gain range access in either standard work week. area were recently recognized by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, commendation of achievement for to conserve Arizonas wildlife for Commander Col. Ross Poppenberger was on hand for the ceremony led by Arizona Game and Fish Commission Weve always had a very good working relationship with them, Williams said. If we have any this aspect of it. Ive always been a sportsman. Darrell Williams, lead range control specialist, is recognized by Arizona Game and Fish Department Chairman James Ammons for ongoing efforts and contributions to conserve Arizonas wildlife for current and future generations. YPG Commander Col. Ross Poppenberger was on hand for the ceremony. (Loaned photo) Next Outpost deadline is noon, June 14thSexual Assault Hotline: 920-3104 Report Domestic Violence: 287-3361 A View Without A PointHONOREDFROM PAGE 1


THE OUTPOST JUNE 11, 2018 3Y3By Teri Womack smart phone, I took along my very son. Like most of his generation, he is lot more tech-savvy than I am. As we were walking to the car, I anyway. Right there in the parking lot, in broad daylight, he threw down the rise to the challenge. For the next few months, every time I discovered a that my percentage rate was climb that even he hadnt yet discovered and he begged me to stop. A short time later, my posi tion as marketing specialist was reassigned to Affairs OfI might be asked to take interviews, or marketing materials for the proving resort. With three other zero chance of that ever happening. wrong. The day came when there was a last I was handed a Nikon camera with over my smartphone photo skills, of an award ceremony snapping doing. Since then, I have been given more tried and failed method not take the lens cap off of and set lens cap. Do not lose the lens cap. If memory serves me right, I was even cap being removed and placed in his pocket. So when I take photos, it goes straight into my back pocket and I have never left a lens cap behind. and removed that cherished lens cap from my pocket only to realize that I had forgotten my camera. Picture thismy unexpected saga with a high-end camera (and its lens cap)A View Without A Point TLC MANAGEMENT Themis & Paul Cavanagh928.726.5557670 E 32nd St, Ste 9 WWW.TLCMANAGEMENT.NET Find the Rental Home YOU Deserve AS A VETERAN,PAUL UNDERSTANDS THE NEEDS OF RELOCATING MILITARY FAMILIES AND IS DEDICATED TO ASSISTING ALL FAMILIES IN LOCATING THEIR NEXT RENTAL HOME. HE IS ALSO A RETIRED PEACE OFFICER WHO IS VERY SENSITIVE TO THE PARTICULAR NEEDS OF PLACING LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THEIR FAMILIES. RESPONSIVE CONCERNED RELIABLE HERE FOR YOU


4 JUNE 11, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y4By Melissa Gomez parents, babysitters, caregivers and more memorable than the last and with that comes the need for a few Families who spend time together Family time has been shown to improve a childs academic perfor mance and sharpens their social skills. learned skills later in life with their own children. with less behavioral health problems. nication are key to a childs develop ment. Additionally, increased family time has been shown to decrease the potential for family violence and negative coping behaviors later in life. Teenagers who spend more time with violence. Consider giving this list a valiant ef childcare options. 1. Bake cookies for ice cream sandwiches. 2. Make a puzzle with your family. 3. Make a photo journal or a family yearbook. 4. Have a luau in the backyard. 5. Visit the beach/river and swim or collect sand rocks or shells. 6. Make a fort out of cardboard boxes. 7. Visit a farmers market. 8. Stage an A to Z scavenger hunt, where you have to nd something that starts with every letter. 9. Pick berries or veggies at a local farm. 10. Have a picnic at a state park. 11. Make ice cream. 12. Go canoeing at a local lake. 13. Build a sandcastle in a sandbox or in a sandy area like the beach or lake. 14. Write and illustrate your own book and have it published into an actual hardcover book using a book publishing service online. 15. Have breakfast for dinner. 16. Clean up trash in your local area. 17. Have a backyard campre...or just use the grill! Roast hot dogs on sticks, pop popcorn and nish off with smores. 18. Make homemade pizza. 19. Go for a walk and then make a collage from nature objects you nd along the way. 20. Take your pets for a walk or join another friend when they walk their pet. 21. Set up a lemonade stand. 22. Have a water balloon ght. 23. Practice your origami skills and make objects to hang from the ceiling. 24. Go biking on a trail or safely ride in your neighborhood as a family. 25. Interview an older relative about what life was like when they were young. 26. Make your own rain. Douse everyone with the hose or sprinkler. 27. Print out a list of childrens books that have won Caldecott Medals. Visit the local library throughout the summer and try to read as many as you can. 28. Create salad spinner art: Place circles of paper inside a cheap salad spinner, dab tempera paints on top, cover and spin away. 29. Practice making interesting shadow puppets and then put on a show with your characters. 30. Plant a garden of herbs and veggies. 31. Make a sidewalk chalk mural. 32. Make smores. Chocolate + marshmallow + graham cracker = summer. 33. Have an outdoor painting party using huge canvases or cardboard. 34. Visit a local art studio for kids activities. 35. Stargaze. Invite friends and make a party of it. Identify as many constellations as possible -see if there are any local astronomy groups for kids. 36. Pretend to be pirates for a day -dress up in costumes, plan a treasure hunt and talk like a pirate. 37. Make an indoor sandbox using colored rice: mix 4 cups of rice with 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring and let dry overnight. 38. Turn the backyard into a carnival -set up a face painting area and games like ring toss. 39. Make totem poles out of paper towel rolls and decorate them. 40. Visit a museum youve never been to. 41. Make a giant hopscotch or Twister game on the lawn (with spray paint) or driveway (with chalk). 42. String beads into jewelry. 43. Make a bird house out of Popsicle sticks. 44. Invite friends over for a game night. Have a kids games table and an adult one too. 45. Create homemade leis with wildowers. 46. Take a hike. Choose a route near your house or take a drive to a more distant park. Reds Bird Cage SaloonLocated in the heart of Historic Downtown Yuma231 Main St. 928-783-1050Mon-Fri 9:30am 2:30am Open Sat & Sun 6am Come And Join Us! SEE FUN page 11 101 ways to have fun with kids this summer


THE OUTPOST JUNE 11, 2018 5Y5 Defense Call Now (928) 726-5882 BUILD IT. TEST IT. FLY IT. YUMA COUNTYAIRPORT AUTHORITYCommercial Hangar Leases Furnished Office Rentals Build To Suit Opportunities 135752 In the world of formal military colors guards, installations with large populations of Soldiers often have designated personnel specically assigned to perform this duty on a full time basis to handle the large volume of requests that come in each year. YPG does not have this luxury, however, for all active duty personnel are fully employed executing the proving grounds demanding test workload. As such, Sgt. 1st Class Aaron Engelman, Staff Sgt. Cliff Warner, Staff Sgt. Avram Collins, and Sgt. Steven Lehoux of YPGs Airborne Test Force practiced on their own time to ensure the crisp precision expected of a military color guard prior to participating in this years Memorial Day Ceremony at Yumas Ocean to Ocean Bridge. In addition to remembering those who made the ultimate sacrice in defense of our nations liberty, their presence also inspired a few eager youngsters-after the ceremony, the men stayed to answer their questions about the life of a Soldier. (Photos by Mark Schauer) A group of thoughtful, committed Yumanites have worked for several years to endow, open, and sustain a permanent childrens museum in the community, and among their ranks are YPG personnel like test ofcer Kevin Irr (above), shown here putting some nal touches on an exhibit. Though establishing a permanent home for the operation is still a work in progress, the Childrens Museum of Yuma County has returned to the Yuma Art Center for the summer, open to youngsters and their adult loved ones from 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday until July 28. This years theme is space exploration, and includes graphics of past and present NASA testing conducted at YPG lent by Heritage Center curator Bill Heidner. (Photo by Mark Schauer) YPG Soldiers honor the fallen, impress local youngsters YPG personnel lend a hand to Yuma childrens museum


6 JUNE 11, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y6By Mark Schauer critical weapon, and nothing removes it from the playbook of enemy forces to track even small, rapidly moving objects like rockets and mortar and artillery shells. YPG has long experience testing is the Block 2 version of the system, system coming for test at YPG later Nitride (GaN). This operational assessment is that will be delivered to the Marines their operational readiness. than that of comparably sized radars. from the system being cooled by am bient air, even in torrid desert heat. will go anywhere the Marines go, er. It is a pretty capable system that has legs to pace the threat for decades to come. pate in the testing, broken down into two radar teams and a target process ing center that feeds information from or rocket originated. Theyre emplacing and displac ing the radar based on tactical sce a pretend friendly force. The radars rockets, artillery, and mortars so we friendly forces.Radar with state-of-the-art semiconductor tested at YPG YPG is hosting an operational test of the Marine Corps AN/TPS-80 Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR). The portable units upright rectangular face weighs in at a relatively light 3,000 pounds, signicantly less than that of comparably sized radars. (Photos by Summer Romero) Two YPG weapons operation crews supporting the test move frequently throughout a typical day to test the radars ability to track res from different locations, requiring careful coordination. The diverse expertise of YPGs weapons operators mean the G/ATOR can be readily put through its paces against all types of indirect re, from mortars and rockets to artillery shells. The operational test was originally slated to be part of a large operational exercise at a Marine Corps installation. The testers appreciated YPGs exibility, vast range space, and expertise and capability in ring every kind of threat the radars are expected to guard against in a combat situation.


THE OUTPOST JUNE 11, 2018 7Y7 Two YPG weapons operation crews coordination. The diverse expertise of YPGs weapons operators mean the its paces against all types of indirect lery shells. In some test scenarios, the system was exposed to all of these YPG can shoot everything I want The operational test was originally slated to be part of a large operational exercise at a Marine Corps installa cantly scaled back in scope, the testers chose YPG, which had been home to developmental testing of the system ibility, vast range space, and expertise Weve been to several other test centers, and YPG is by far the best, said Patton. The professionalism and challenging development program, that isnt an active array. Its pretty exciting. Radar with state-of-the-art semiconductor tested at YPG About 40 Marines participate in the testing, broken down into two radar teams and a target processing center that feeds information from the radar into a re direction center to coordinate counter-re against the location on YPGs range from which the hostile round or rocket originated. That Stings! YPGs Training Exercise Management Ofce (TEMO) hosted Marines with the 3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion in late May conducting FM-92 Stinger missile training, ring at realistic targets. Though the 35 lb. Stinger missile is equipped with modern electronics that seek heat emitting aerial targets, the operator must still carefully track and engage targets in order for the system to work properly. The Stinger has little recoil when red, for the system is equipped with two engines one to kick the missile out of the launch tube and, once at a safe distance, another which engages to enable it to soar toward a target. YPGs vast ranges and careful coordination by TEMO enabled the training activity to take place without any impact on the proving grounds primary test mission. (Photos by Lance Cpl. Hanna L. Powell)


8 JUNE 11, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y8 10% Off For Our Military Every DayStaff Wears Red On Fridays To Show Support For Our Troops1731 S Sunridge Dr928-539-9000 Our 50s Style Diner has the Best Shakes in Town! OPEN 24 HOURSIndoor/Outdoor seating 24 Hrs. Baymont Inn & Suites Guests Receive A Hot, Cooked To Order Breakfast At Pennys Diner In appreciation of Army spousesYPG celebrated the contributions and sacrices of military spouses with an evening social at the Cactus Caf in late May. After numerous spouses were recognized for their often-unheralded impact on Army readiness, attendees were treated to live music from Celia Lopez and Risque Band. (Photo by Teri Womack)Chaplains Corner The righteous honor those who servedBy Maj. Ronald Beltz An anonytells a story we need to hear on this Memorial Day weekend. Its man and his wife sitting in the parking lot of their car. Evidently they are hav ing engine problems. with a grocery bag in his arm walks in the direction of the emerges from the car and takes his grocery bag into his expensive even be allowed to drive a car at of his hand, he gets into his car handkerchief, mops his brow and goes back to his car. Again he her that things will be okay. A stranger approaches the old a problem, he says. The old man nods his head. The stranger looks mobile engines than the old man. by service explains the a mechanic and says he will pay him help the el with their car. the stranger gets into a conver sation with the old gentleman. The stranger is wearing a ring signifying that he had been a Marine. Coincidentally, so had had served in some of the harsh Marine Corps after the war. After the car was repaired and ed a card to the stranger and they shook hands and parted. A little while later the stranger happened to look at the card. The name of the old gentleman was on the card that the former Marine realized that he had come to the aid of one of Americas heroes. Day weekend that there are men and women who have served their their memory this holiday week end. any people.


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THE OUTPOST JUNE 11, 2018 11Y1147. Break out your baseball gloves and start a game, sandlot style. 48. Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool using straws to propel them. 49. Play mini-golf -or set up a course in your driveway by laying different size containers on their sides. 50. Make your own colored sand and create sand art. 51. Get a map of the United States and mark off all the exciting places you want to visit -create the ultimate road trip. 52. Set up a net and play badminton and volleyball. 53. Visit an amusement park or water park. 54. Go to a matinee. 55. Watch family movies. Kids cant get enough of themselves on the big screen. 56. Have a tricycle race at the park. 57. Blow bubbles. Make your own! 58. Visit a re station. 59. Collect rocks and paint them to use as paperweights or pet rocks. 60. Go roller skating. 61. Visit a zoo or aquarium to learn about animals. 62. Build a Lego castle. Clear off a table and make it a family project. 63. Blend your own smoothie. 64. Set up a bike wash and raise money for a local charity. 65. Batter up at a batting cage. 66. Teach the grandparents to use Skype. And show off your new skill. 67. Bake cupcakes in ice cream cones and then decorate them. 68. Assemble a family cookbook with all your favorite recipes. 69. Fly a kite. 70. Make popsicles in Dixie cups using fruit juices. 71. Catch reies in a jar (and let them go at the end of the night). 72. Stage your own Summer Olympics with races, hurdles and relays. 73. Have breakfast in bed. Take turns being the server and the served. 74. Decorate bikes and have a neighborhood Fourth of July parade. 75. Take a sewing/crochet/knitting class. 76. Write in a journal. At the end of the summer share selections with each other about the highlights of the season. 77. Go to a ea market. 78. Volunteer at an animal adoption organization. 79. Visit a retirement home and read stories to residents. 80. Attend an outdoor festival or concert. 81. Pick a nearby town to visit for the day. 82. Visit a cave nearby. 83. Get a map of your area, mark off all the local parks -then visit them, take pictures and vote for your favorite. 84. Take in a reworks exhibit. 85. Make crafts with recyclable items like stickers using old photos, magazines and repositionable glue. 86. Have a garage sale. Kids can earn spending money by selling their old stuff. 87. Paint canvas sneakers with fabric paint pens or acrylic paint. 88. Create three dimensional buildings using toothpicks and mini marshmallows. 89. Make bird feeders by covering pine cones with peanut butter and rolling in birdseed. 90. Let the kids cook dinner. In fact, make a tradition of it. 91. Create unusual smores by experimenting with ingredients like cookies, bananas, avored marshmallows and white chocolate. 92. Have a fancy tea party. 93. Make a giant slip-n-slide with a painters tarp and shaving cream. 94. Go camping in the backyard or at a campsite. Follow these tips for camping with kids. 95. Let kids paint each other with washable tempera paint, then wash it off in the sprinklers. 96. Go swimming at your local pool! 97. Host a toy swap and exchange toys with friends. 98. Set up a tent in the backyard to use as a summer playhouse. 99. Take a free kids workshop at stores like Lowes or Home Depot. 100. Get started on back to school shopping early by looking in catalogs and stores for the best sales 101. Spend a day reecting back on all the cool things you did this summer with your family!! FUN FROM PAGE 5 TO ADVERTISE IN THE OUTPOST PLEASE CONTACT DA RLENE FIRESTONE AT (928) 539-6829 NAT IONALS@YUMASUN.COM YUMA SUN, INC. 2055 S. ARIZONA AVE., YUMA, AZ 85364


12 JUNE 11, 2018 THE OUTPOST Y12