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U.S. ARMY YuYU M aA PROVING GG RO uU ND, YuYU M aA ARIZON aA 85365 | VV OL uU ME 67 NN O. 14 J uU LY 10, 2017 YPG awarded for ambitious public tour schedule /Page 2 M1 tanks have a long history at YPG /Page 3 Facebooks Aquila ies at YPG /Page 6 Y1By Chuck Wullenjohn Independence Day typically concludes with spectacular, colorful oohs and ahs. off the past 31 years with an upbeat downtown Yuma. Soldiers and Marines are honored at the ceremony, his response was immediate Id be happy to. He made this decision because of his commitment community. role in the area and nearly the entire excellent testament to the community. and women in the armed forces, he said. The ceremony was emceed YPG commander helps kick-off Independence Day in YumaSEE INDE pP ENDENCE D aA Y page 11By Chuck Wullenjohn and considers it his home today. Arizona is listed on his military records as his home state, many members of his family reside here feels as if he has returned home. he said, Arizona and Yuma is exactly where I want to be. The SEE COMM aA NDER page 5 New commander believes in teamwork and readiness YPG Commander Col. Ross Poppenberger provides keynote remarks at Yumas annual Independence Day ag-raising ceremony, centering on introducing himself to the community, discussing the 100 year anniversary of America entering World War I, and explaining the importance of the holiday. Over the years, Ive done a lot of reading about great leaders of the past and of dening moments in history that shaped our sense of who we are as Americans, he said. Today, Independence Day, is the celebration of probably the biggest dening moment I know of. (Photo by Mark Schauer)


2 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY2By Chuck Wullenjohn with dozens of attendees each time? Consistent quality is an absolute Visitors Bureau. hours. years and the response has been Yuma Visitors Bureau. People are Center museum. The exact number of tours offered each year has always been limited by military necessity, security concerns and the fact Center on their own. partnership established between depart at the end of each tour. accomplished, the Yuma Visitors for Tourism. one award presented each year. The June. a rural area of Arizona. The winner will be announced later this summer. YPG awarded for ambitious public tour schedule The award was presented to YPG representatives Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Prosser, Security Specialist Samantha Tamp, Marketing Specialist Teri Womack, former YPG commander Col. Robert Filbey (ret.), LL inda Morgan, executive director of the Yuma Visitors Bureau, and Public Affairs Ofcer Chuck Wullenjohn. Full time Yuma resident Filbey narrates tours as attendees travel to and from YPG by bus. (Photo by Anna Chaulk) THEOUtTPoOStT News may be submitted to: The Editor, Outpost, Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, AZ, 85365. Phone: (928) 328 or DSN 899. Visit our website at: or email to: mark.a.schauer.civ@mail.milCommander: Col. Ross Poppenberger Public Affairs Ofcer: Chuck Wullenjohn Public Affairs Specialist/Editor: Mark Schauer Technical Editor, Cold Regions Test Center: Clara Zachgo Marketing Specialist: Teri Womack Visual Information Manager: Riley Williams The Outpost is an unofcial publication authorized under provisions of AR 360. The Outpost is published every two weeks by the Public Affairs Ofce, Yuma Proving Ground. Views and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Army. This newspaper uses material credited to ATEC and ARNEWS. While contributions are solicited, the PAO reserves the right to edit all submitted materials and make corrections, changes or deletions to conform with the policy of this newspaper.


THE OUUTPOST JULy Y 10, 2017 3Y3 By David J. Horn The result of that effort was the the Chrysler prototype incorporated Two particular problem areas that included problems with the air cleaner, and the short life of the There are three types of tests with dozens of new parts under test all at the same time, and tests where the way it still is today. But whats not the same after Its a lot more capable, and a lot more complicated. the M1 today are a team within the staff of the Combat Systems Branch, across the desert sand, remind yourself of the important role that the contributed to that effort. M1 tanks have a long history at YPG Yuma Proving Grounds Ground Combat Systems Branch puts military vehicles through a grueling reliability and performance regimen in desert terrain. When not racing across scores of miles of hot, treacherous desert road courses, vehicles like this M1 Abrams are put through other stresses, such as climbing this awing 60% grade. In comparison, the steepest grade on an American interstate highway is 6%. (Photo by Mark Schauer)


4 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY4 COMMANDERFROM PAGE 1 By David J. HornThe other day, one of the test excited, then described how one of those little white lizards had almost Im not sure whether the lizard was deal with the multitudes of rattle had heard so much about. But what Up north, I actually didnt mind there. Their slow, rhythmic chirps seemed such a part of natures and such. apartment, my wife at the time and I had ripped off most of the and windows as part of a desperate So, we went to the hardware store, baited them with peanut butter, and spent the next couple of days that drain. the desert, most of the surprises are all I hear around the house now on the stars, are the sounds of all the to more immediate priorities. Dont get buggedShootin the Breeze Next Outpost deadline is noon July 27thSexual Assault Hotline: 920-3104Report Domestic Violence: 328-2720


THE OUUTPOST JULy Y 10, 2017 5Y5 dream sheet, and it immediately became his number one choice. I did, and Im ecstatic about it. artilleryman. Commissioned as an Arsenal, Alabama. seriously, but he is fortunate in the team around him. Acquisition Corps for years. My mission is to continue to build on the with details of what they do on his here because they want to, rather impressed with the dedication he has seen. Of course, there will always be quality test data, but I intend to focus said. Plus, I want to become fully conducted a whirlwind tour of the people, it did little more than whet his appetite. time. It made me want to come out tests of the same system occurred, and The Army Chief of Staff has importance of military readiness across the Army, and its a concept This is the real deal, he said. Now is the time to prepare for the will lead to equipment and munitions and that the best way to handle better with time, he said. centers Yuma Test Center, Cold our Army is the best and most capable in the world, he said. It is an honor to accomplish the daily mission and build for the future. COMMANDERFROM PAGE 1So, we went to the hardware store, baited them with peanut butter, and spent the next couple of days that drain. the desert, most of the surprises are all I hear around the house now on the stars, are the sounds of all the to more immediate priorities. Dont get bugged New YPG commander Col. Ross Poppenberger rst visited YPG as a project manager four years ago, when he came for testing of an air cargo delivery system. Ive heard YPG testing being praised in circles throughout the Army Acquisition Corps for years, he said. I can tell you unequivocally, Arizona and Yuma is exactly where I want to be. (Photos by Mark Schauer) Col. Ross Poppenberger talks with former YPG Commander Robert Filbey (left) and his wife, Nancy Filbey, after Yumas annual Independence Day ag-raising ceremony. Poppenberger provided keynote remarks at the event.


6 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY6By Martin Luis Gomez and important milestone for the site. forecast. into account the lessons we learned approach communication subsystem plane were functional, the control surfaces and spoilers were free and correct, and all four motors responded to commands properly. rewarded with low measured winds as well as low forecast winds. A The launch speed was calculated at crew closely watched the displays, had commanded release and that the dolly. became apparent that all the systems it is meant to stay in the same area data from these trim shots, as our aerodynamic models, which help optimize for battery and solar array instrumentation of the airplanes to the aircraft to understand how predicts both the static shape of Aquilas successful second ight: Another step forward in bringing the world closer together Facebook recently conducted a successful second full-scale test ight of their Aquila unmanned aircraft at YPG. The solar-powered aircraft seeks to beam internet to remote parts of the world and eventually break the record for longest unmanned aircraft ight.


THE OUUTPOST JULy Y 10, 2017 7Y7 by new spoilers that we added to reduce speed and decrease lift. We committed the airplane to a complete, site. of the motor pods. The rationale the aircrafts mass is concentrated in the motor pods, since this is where the batteries are installed; once the of the rest of the aircraft imposes little load on the structure. about six inches deep and with based on the wind direction such that the airplane lands upwind, thus hundred feet in the air and ends on spoilers that we added to the aircraft are controlled by the autopilot. When the autopilot senses that the opens the spoilers more, and when it senses that the aircraft is below increase or decrease airspeed. the autopilot stopped the propellers horizontally. The propellers are the motors all stopped, but only shape. station, our Aquila team watched a smoothly slid to a stop in a cloud of erupted in cheers. After Aquilas team was proud to adopt! Needless to say, the entire team was thrilled with these results. based on Aquilas performance By design, Aquila does nothing fast: It climbs slowly, and descends even slower. The solar-powered craft is extremely efcient, running on the power equivalent of three blow dryers. ( L L oaned photos) The Aquila UU AS will carry a communications payload that will use lasers to transfer data more than 10 times faster than existing systems. It will be able to aim its beams precisely enough to hit a dime more than 11 miles away while in motion.


8 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY8


THE OUUTPOST JULy Y 10, 2017 9Y9 By Bill Heidner, Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center Curator the Apache Wars in the Arizona and responsible for much of the in Arizona. The nature of the warfare in the were intimately familiar with the could not be said of the Soldiers. else for which the frontier Army was commander in the Arizona Territory recruitment of his Apache Scouts. referred to as Apache Scouts, there were scouts from other tribes as well. existent or lost. The scouts were best used noted that honesty and trust were these men. It was stressed that the the soldiers forward to conduct the of Honor were to Arizona. Why either the enlistment information was lost or not completed, or the place of enlistment was not included in their the rules of the medal, place of enlistment, the attributed to a state. Scouts. While there remains much about the Apache Wars in Arizona the effect of the Apache Scouts is undeniable. Arizona would not be the state it is today without their Apache Scouts led Army to success in early Arizona Of the 20 Arizona recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, the rst 11 are Native Americans awarded the medal for their service during Arizonas Apache Wars. Although this group of men are referred to as Apache Scouts, there were scouts from other tribes as well. ( L L oaned photos) While on the trail, scouts moved ahead of the soldiers looking for signs of the enemy. Additional groups of scouts would move along the anks of the column. The scouts of the advance guard often initiated and nished a ght before the main body could get up to their location.


10 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY10 Agricultural & Land Antiques Collectibles Home Services Directory Air Conditioning Heating Pool Service Roofers Document Preparation INDEPENDENCE DAy Y


THE OUUTPOST JULy Y 10, 2017 11Y11 Document Preparation later. He retired in Yuma at the conclusion of his Army career and Filbey considers the ceremony important because of its impact on presented plaques at the ceremony, as were personnel from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma. INDEPENDENCE DAy YFROM PAGE 1 Independence Day typically concludes with spectacular, colorful reworks displays that streak across the dark sky. In Yuma, the day is kicked-off with an upbeat early-morning ag-raising ceremony at Armed Forces Park. (Photo by Chuck Wullenjohn) YPG Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Prosser (left) accepts the YPG Non-Commissioned Ofcer of the Year Award on behalf of Sgt. Kevin Storey from Yuma Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee Chairman Chuck LL eDrew. Yuma once again showed its commitment to supporting our men and women in the armed forces, Prosser said. (Photo by Mark Schauer)


12 JULy Y 10, 2017 THE OUUTPOSTY12