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VOLUME 3, NUMBER 7 July 2017 AND MUCH MORE DISPATCH INSIDE YOUR Team Dugway, It is with a heavy heart that I pen this installment of the Command Perspective as this will be my last as Dragon 6. on the last two years with sadness that I must depart, but instead with admiration gratitude and humility Admiration for the too many to count accomplishments of the great teammates we have across this installation. In the have successfully conducted more than 400 test and training missions in support of customers as varied as you can imagine: DOD, DHS, DOJ, industry, academia and dozens of international partners. Our direct support to requirements has enabled them to achieve the highest levels of readiness possible, and their trust and confidence in DPG to support them is evidenced by their continued return to train here over and over again. Our tests, many of them done using the most toxic and frightening poisons known to man, have certainly ensured that the equipment our country issues to its warfighters saves lives and enables them to accomplish their mission without fear from these toxins. Admiration also for the too many to count accolades that our teammates have received, accolades such as: Sun Sipex named Asian American Engineer of the Year by the AAEOY board; Mike Cameron named the Department of the Army Civilian Fire Officer of the Year; the Dugway Fire Department named the best small fire department of the year in IMCOM; Rich Holden recognized as the ATEC Mission Support Employee of the Year; and Boyce Thompson who received the Army Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service for pulling a woman from a house fire and repeatedly reviving her with CPR. Gratitude for the infinite loyalty, selfless service, and dedication I received from our Soldiers and civilians, in particular, our test officers, division/directorate/branch Chiefs, Technical Director, WDTC Director, two Garrison Managers, Chief of Staff, a supporting staff that knows the greatest NCOs in the Army my battle buddies and friends: CSMs Boozier and Bonds. I could barely spell arrived here, but through their collective patience and mentorship, I was able to quickly get on my feet to support and lead DPG the best I could. Gratitude also for both the DPG community and our neighbors in the surrounding communities for accepting and even embracing my Family, knowing that we would only be here a short time. Your care, generosity, and support has made our time here rich and meaningful. We will not forget. Thank you! Humility for the feeling I got every time I finished an Operational Readiness Inspection knowing that I was asking our teammates to handle those highly toxic agents for such critical missions; humility watching our brave firefighters battle raging wildland fires that could notice; humility knowing that our surety guards and police were always there protecting all of us and those critical national assets so that we could sleep well at night; humility watching staffs and leaders across the installation prepare for and stand inspection after inspection after inspection and still be able to balance their daily requirements and leader responsibilities without complaint; humility watching our FMWR and AAFES crews double their shifts with smiles on their faces to ensure that our quality of life was as good as it could be. No other organization in our enterprise has a tougher, more grueling job than we do and it humbles me to the core to see our teammates out there doing it with purpose, motivation, and professionalism every single time. Someone asked me the other day what I am going to miss the most when I leave. I Dugway succeed in spite of very challenging circumstances and waning true at any of the ATEC Test Centers, not one test is like the last. That is especially true here at Dugway. But on top of that, many of our tests are conducted using surety materials making our jobs that much more challenging and under constant and unrelenting scrutiny. Despite spirit is filled with ingenuity, adaptability, flexibility, and an successes over the last two years that have come through sheer hard work and creativity by a very small workforce is what I liked most about my time here. That and the sunsets. Thank you Dugway for an incredible two years that I will never forget and will always reflect fondly on. You have never let me down and the pride that fills my heart as I move on to the next chapter is overwhelming. Kristi and I will miss every one and wish each of you the best. Damn proud to serve with all of you! Dragon 6! Empowering the COMMAND PERSPECTIVE By COL Sean G. Kirschner Commander, U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground ONE LAST TIME Final, heartfelt Command Perspective from our out going Commander. page 1 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 242nd Army Birthday and Dugway 75th Anniversary all in one great day. page 2 AID STATION SHINES Ditto Aid Station plays a key, life saving roll in quarterly CAIRA exercise. page 3 OFFICE OF THE YEAR Prestigious award for contracting office. page 4 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE Meet Susan Lohnes, Employees Assistance coordinator. page 5 A FLOOD OF MEMORIES Amazing vintage photos of the1952 flood that inundated Ditto. page 9 1Q4A Employees tell tales about the worst vacations they ever went on. page 7


April 2017 il PAGE 4 July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 2 242ND U.S. ARMY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION 75TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION Mr. Brad Westwood, Director, Utah Division of State History, was the guest Anniversary Celebration at the Dugway High School auditorium, Jun. 14, 2017. Westwood presented historical points and its current economic impact to the state of Utah and other regional military installations. Westwood concluded his presentation by historian, as one who tries to gather up all the evidence, I have realized in my studies of Dugway Proving Ground, the question may still arise: does this work matter, does this 75 years of intense applied science and Utah are better, more secure, and smarter because of Dugway Proving Other activities included a special historical video presentation, reading of a Declaration from the Governor of Utah, an anniversary cake cutting and a no host social at the community club. Soldiers, civilians and their family members participated in the June 14, 2017 birthday. After the race, the Army Birthday cake was cut with an Army sabre, in the old tradition, and served in celebration.


The Dugway Aid Station participated in a Chemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance exercise, commonly called a CAIRA exercise, recently at West Test Facility. created to challenge and evaluate various safety procedures as emergency response teams respond to an accidental exposure at the MTF. An agent handler simulated accidently dropping a 40ml vial of VX (a chemical nerve agent), which hit the edge of a chemical fume hood causing some of the liquid to splash outside of the protective hood protective apron. A call for emergency medical response blasted over the loud speaker with basic instructions of where the simulated accident occurred and how many employees may have been contaminated. Knowing that lives could be lost if too much time passed, the Ditto Aid Station was notified and a team of four paramedics suited up in heavy rubber hazmat protective gear as other team members conducted safety checks to ensure there would be no Emergency Services supervisor, as she donned the protective gear, known as Personal Protective Equipment, required in a chemical environment. Other team members checked those dressing to ensure that all the gear was properly sealed to prevent four were out the door in mere minutes manning their positions in the ambulance. The siren wailed as the ambulance raced down the two lane road, the response team confirming that all the equipment was in place and ready to go. The team was calm, composed and professional. After loading the exposed patient into the ambulance, the trip took just over five minutes to return to the aid station. Once unloaded, the patient is quickly moved through a series of three small decontamination rooms designed as a secure space to remove contaminated clothing, shower and monitor for the smallest measure of chemical contamination using a MINICAM, an automated, near real time air monitoring system. LeBare said the exercise allows the team to experience a large scale response that will and symptoms of nerve agent watch for muscle twitching, pinpoint pupils, stomach cramps, nausea, an increased heart rate and difficulty with breathing, she added. Atropine is the antidote for this kind of nerve agent, LaBare said, and was administered (simulated) onsite before transportation to the aid station, giving someone exposed to the chemical the best chance to recover. For Dr. (Major) Stephan Cho, the Officer in Charge of the Dugway Health Clinic, it provides a great review of chemical treatment protocols. to see if the pupils constrict and listen to the airway and lungs to prevent saliva and other fluids that would result in Cho noted that Atropine speeds up slow heartbeats to prevent cardiac arrest. Cho, a trained flight surgeon, determines if a patient should be transported by life flight to hospital for further care, but only after his evaluation is concluded to ensure the airway is clear and the patient does not need supplemental oxygen. The medical team prepared for a transfer at Michael Army Airfield where an Air Med flight simulated transporting the patient to a local hospital. LaBare and Dr. Cho were quick response and all pleased by the training event and our response. It was training scenarios like this to test how effectively we would respond in a real world April 2017 il PAGE 4 July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 3 DUGWAY AID STATION PROVIDES CRITICAL RESPONSE DURING CAIRA EXERCISE By Bonnie A. Robinson Dr. (Major) Stephen Cho, commander of the Dugway Health Clinic, begins his observation and evaluation of a patient during a Chemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance (CAIRA) exercise May 10, 2017 at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, incident. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Public Affairs Asian American / Pacific Islander Heritage Month Observance May 31, 2017 at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Guest speaker was Dr. 'Afa Kehaati Palu, Chief Scientific Officer of Zennoa, adviser to Utah State Board of Education, and direct descendant of Tongan royalty and healers. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Public Affairs Dr. 'Afa Kehaati Palu, Chief Scientific Officer of Zennoa, adviser to Utah State Board of Education, and direct descendant of Tongan royalty and healers received a certificate of appreciation from Col. Sean Kirschner, commander of Dugway Proving Ground (far left). Beside him are Aaron Goodman, garrison manager, and Command Sgt. Maj. Joe Bonds, both of Dugway Proving Ground. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Public Affairs


July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 4 CONTRACTING OFFICE RECEIVES OFFICE OF THE YEAR AWARD Mission Installation Contracting Command was presented the Utah District Office Small Business Administration Contracting Office of the Year award, May 30 at the MICC conference room in the administrative area of English Village. given to recognize your efforts in supporting the small said Utah Deputy District Director Steve Price during an intimate ceremony. director, noted the contract office had provided a presentation at the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development small business symposium in May where representatives from six western states gathered to collaborate and enhance their activities to support small businesses. about keeping the information pertinent and fresh to draw small business community interest in contracting with the test center. for ways to reshape events so that the same information is not presented the same way In December, the contracting office was a key presenter at an open house event at Salt Lake Community College in Sandy, Utah. There, 118 individuals from 93 small businesses learned about the biological defense testing capabilities and various contracting opportunities. have registered to attend a said at the time of the event. A second vendor outreach was hosted at the proving ground in February, providing small business owners a chance to talk with the test officers about current events and upcoming contract requirements. For most attendees it was their first introduction to the proving ground and its mission to protect the warfighter. Price noted that these open house events, usually held in the spring and fall, maximize small business opportunities to compete for Army contracts especially for small, disadvantaged, service disabled, veteran owned, women owned or historically underutilized businesses. As Price presented the award, he expressed his appreciation for the contract office, noting that by supporting and hosting events over the past year that prospects for future solicitations, helped small business gain valuable insights and increased network opportunities for beneficial partner that truly recognizes that small businesses are the backbone we sincerely appreciate your Keetch said he appreciates the hard work of his team and linked their success to a sense of duty to honor the military and the nation. Dugway does each and every day affects, in some way or another, the lives of our service men and women, their families, and the security of this nation. We take this charge seriously and try to demonstrate that in each contract action, decision, and Sean Kirschner, also appeared pleased with the award calling the team meeting the contract requirements of the test center. their accomplishments is long By Bonnie A. Robinson ear Award for U.S. Small Business Administration, May 30, 2017 at the MICC conference room at U.S. Army Dugway Proving Ground, commander, also attended the event. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. Members of the Dugway Proving Ground Mission Installation Contracting Command team pose with the Contracting Office of the Year Award for U.S. Small Business Administration in 2017. Team members are (front row): Melissa De Zeeuw, Rosa Davis, and Richelle Hansen, and (back row): Larry Ruggles, Stacey Wilde Brothers, Jim Keetch, Steven Price, deputy director of the Small Business Administration Utah Chapter, Monty Kurtz, and Paul Frailey. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. The prestigious Contracting Office of the Year Award presented by U.S. Small team received the award for their efforts to reach out to small business contractors, not only in Utah, but in surrounding states. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. EMPOWERING THE


DPG EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 5 Productivity is important for any business success, but sometimes employees are so overwhelmed by personal or behavior problems that Stress, substance abuse or other personal problems can lead to being less productive. Not being able to focus during work can in turn can lead to absenteeism and high health care costs. But no Dugway employee has to Meet Susan Lohnes, the Employee Assistance Program coordinator. Lohnes is a licensed clinical social worker and therapist with a vast background in working with mental, emotional and physical health related concerns, such as alcohol and substance abuse, stress, depression and anxiety, grief, family problems, and financial difficulties. confidential and voluntary, work based program that offers free short term counseling and follow up therapy services to employees who have personal and/or work related Lohnes emphasized that for some people, difficulties at work can come from something as benign as poor communication skills. When communication is insufficient or inaccurate, work productivity and morale can go down. Low morale means that crucial tasks are slowed or said, noting that having someone to talk with about crafting a solution can make a difference. Sometimes, having someone to listen and talk over solutions can have a huge impact. difficult at first, but by just discussing the problem and beginning to working toward a positive outcome can bring For many people, there might be concerns about confidentiality and trust. Many people fear that any information shared could hurt their chances for a promotion, bring retaliation, or affect their job security, she added. concerned about confidentiality. Your difference. Trust is essential for this program to work and help find Lohnes is available for appointments every Wednesday morning from 8 to 11 a.m. at the Dugway Community Center in English Village in room 212. Wednesday afternoons, she is at West Desert Test Center from 1 to 4 p.m. at Building 5442, near the Ditto Diner. Call for appointments at (435) 830 2852. professional, confidential and voluntary, work based program that offers free short term counseling and follow up therapy services to employees. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. By Bonnie A. Robinson


July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 6 Dugway Proving Ground observed its first Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month observance, Jun. 15 at the Dugway High School long celebration demonstrates how lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans have strengthened our country, by using their talent and creativity to help create awareness and Test and Evaluation Center safety officer who served as the master of ceremonies. Krippner introduced speakers Payton Bowen, a sophomore student at the University of Utah, Ryan Bowen, professional consultant with Pathway Associates, a nonprofit consulting team dealing in challenging and development situations in Salt Lake City. Payton Bowen talked about sexual labeling and the pressure to pick a side to describe who you are. I just want to Ryan Bowen, talked about coaching Payton in football during his junior high school days until it was oblivious that Payton was not enjoying the training. decided that my priority would be my Laurie Lee Hall was the final speaker. She talked openly of knowing that her gender was not correct as asked my mother what my name would have been if I had been a girl. She said she would have picked Laurie. Sex gender. But I knew it would be safer if I Hall added that her mother likely knew her gender was different than her often find her clothes in my room after having played dress up. She would fold them carefully and place them back in Hall spoke candidly about gender dysphoria, when someone exhibits a strong and persistent identification and the desire for the cultural advantages disorder, but it can develop serious mental health issues and even physical had considered ending her life 10 times had to stand in my truth when I could not take that next step, I began Gender This led to many challenges for Hall including losing a job, a profession and attendance in the faith she had grew up in. difficult as she gradually watched the The couple remains together and have lost my husband but not my best the same person my family and friends offer one piece of advice, when you meet someone who is different from commander, thanked the sizable crowd of more than 250 attendees for coming. He said that in reviewing if a diversity event would be supported this year, he felt strongly that this was an issue that should be discussed openly. Kirschner noted that, as an all volunteer force, the Army seeks to create a team that maximizes individual talents and enhances military effectiveness to strengthen our nation not only for our Soldiers but for all members of Army. He also said that as the services integrate genders into we begin an open dialog. between being authentic or to perish? I ask that all of you share what you he concluded. DUGWAY CONDUCTS ITS FIRST LGBT PRIDE MONTH OBSERVANCE By Bonnie A. Robinson Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month at the Dugway High School Auditorium June 15. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. Command Sgt. Major Joe Bonds and Col. Sean Kirschner, Dugway Proving Ground commander (left to right in background), present the event guest speakers (left to right in foreground) Ryan Bowen, father to Payton, Payton Bowen, and Laurie Lee Hall with certificates of appreciation. Photo by Bonnie A. Robinson, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs. The new Dugway Fire Department Regional Training Center was unveiled Jun. 5, 2017. The four story, live fire training tower was created to provide the most modern training to paid or volunteer local firefighters. configured to replicate numerous room or wall configurations. Real flames are provided by propane piped throughout the structure. The first training cycle is slated for Jul. 17, for volunteer firefighters from nearby Terra and Vernon. Col. Sean Kirschner, commander of Dugway Proving Ground, noted that firefighters after seeing them battle recent range fires. They exhibit confidence, pride, strength, selfless service Firefighters can practice forcible door entry, cutting steel bars, fires at multiple levels such as in a hotel or apartment complex, ventilating a flat or pitched roof by sawing or chopping through wood, rescues in confined areas, rappelling, forcible entry tactics and creating fires that course through all four stories of the 40 foot structure. safe to enter, and not. High angle rescue typically found in mountain, construction and scaffolding rescues can also be simulated. A team of Dugway agencies helped create the new fire training center including Resource Management, West Desert Test Center, Special Programs Division, Installation Management Command, and Mission and Installation Contracting Command. The Air Force's Utah Test & Training Range Detachment 1 and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management also provided assistance. DUGWAY UNVEILS NEW TRAINING CENTER FOR LOCAL FIREFIGHTERS By Al Vogel A new fire department regional training center was unveiled Jun. 5, 2017 at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Training in the four story building is open to paid and volunteer firefighters throughout the northern Utah area. Fires can be in one area of the building, or its entirety, and inner rooms can be configured as needed. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs Firefighters on the roof use a saw to cut into a smoke filled building, while others wait below to enter. The scenario was a demonstration of the new Dugway Fire Department Regional Training Center at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. The new facility will train local firefighters, paid and volunteer. Propane lines can create fires throughout the four story structure. Photo by Al Vogel, Dugway Proving Ground Public Affairs


Since 1998, the University of Utah Veterans Day Committee has selected Utah veterans to be honored in a special military commemoration ceremony and honoree luncheon. Nominees are currently being November 10, 2017. The committee selects honorees primarily based on their honor, courage, commitment, and sacrifice during their military service to our nation, but decorations for valor are not required. Nominations are due by July 15, 2017 For more information or to nominate someone, go to or call 801 587 7222. If you have 1 QUESTION that might need 4 ANSWERS, send it to us for consideration at: Joan Shubert Drafter AutoCAD Operator remember my Grandfather taking us in his truck to the local gas station. He told us to load up on anything we wanted. We loaded up on candy, pencils or whatever caught our attention. especially looked forward to a small creek where we would try to catch water snakes, until, I actually caught a big one and he bit me. It was like a hot branding iron on my skin and my What was your Worst Vacation? Patrick Carnahan Dugway Deputy Fire Chief to Anderson Island on the southernmost island on the Puget Sound in Washington. That was pre REI, where you could find everything you would ever need to go camping. It rains a lot in western Washington. It rained so hard while we were there that it filled our tent with water, everything was soaked. We spent the next few days Melia Johnson Supply Technician two dogs, a Llewellyn Setter and a Cockapoo, to Starvation Reservoir in Duchene County. It was hot. There was no shade. And there was cactus everywhere. I spent my entire time pulling cactus needles out of the John Pierce Security Branch Captain County, Utah. We had forgotten the sausage for breakfast, so we grilled some lunchmeat instead. Unfortunately, we all got food poisoning and ended up spending a lot of time in an outhouse. It was a long trip, with a lot of stops on the way home. And, the wife has not 1 1 4 4 ANSWERS Most of the time, family vacations create lasting happy memories that will be treasured throughout the years. But some vacations may have a glitch in the fun. Here are QUESTION July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 7 Wendover July 14 For more information call: Outdoor Recreation at 435 831 2705 $10 Day Trip SHOCKLEE FITNESS CEN TER NEW WEEKEND HOURS MON THURS 0500 2100 FRI SUN 0800 1800 For more information call: Shocklee Fitness Center 435 831 2705


What does it take to make a of free advice out there to help women merit the qualities of a strong woman: Stand up for yourself. Believe in you. Keep challenging yourself. Take care of you. Those words are easy to say, but taking on a transformative challenge takes real grit. One woman at Dugway Proving Ground took on a personal challenge transforming her frame in just four grueling months of early morning hours at the Shocklee Fitness Center, sculpting her body into a bodybuilding wonder woman. Alesha Davis, an administrative clerk for Chenega Corporation at Dugway came to Dugway from Korea. A native of Alaska, she said she had always wanted to see the world. This longing for new experiences also brought her to Utah and to a new is first time in my life to Davis, a petite, quiet spoken woman with a warm helpful manner. She arrived in November of last year. The remote location and winter weather made it difficult to meet new friends, but led her to pursue a new people those first few months, so I needed something to focus on in my spare time. I needed a goal to complete and Dugway has a great fitness center so I wanted to She began by researching exercise programs. She wanted something demanding. Her research told her weightlifting would be time consuming, even arduous, but a challenge, one that was time needed to commit to following Davis next had to choose one of four categories to compete in: Bikini (a softer look focused on the traditional female body shape), Figure (feminine, but emphasizes muscle definition and symmetry), Physique (muscle size and development), or Bodybuilding (heavily muscled with low body fat). Davis choose to compete in the was about having a figure that looked athletic and healthy. I had always wanted to zero distractions, it seemed She also decided that she needed a coach. In South Jordan, Utah, she found Jeff and Jen Leter, a well established training team who encouraged her to take on the gave me all the tools I needed to make it up on stage. All I needed to do was execute. I could not have done it without Her first competition was April 22, it meant she had just 19 weeks of preparation. She knew it would take discipline. difficult training a lot by swift to mention it was a big help to check weekly with her coaches, though sometimes because of the stormy weather By setting goals, maintaining a routine and working hard to maintain a balanced nutrition schedule, she whittled her body fat from 27 percent to eventually weighing a lean 125 pounds. Her sculptured body won her first place in Figure Division. For now she is taking a brief break, but her dreams include working toward the national love a challenge and I view it With determination, perseverance and grit, Davis is likely to make that dream come true. July 2017 www.dugway. arm PAGE 8 DUGWAY WOMAN TAKES FIRST PLACE IN UTAH FIGURE BODYBUILDING COMPETITION By Bonnie A. Robinson Alesha Davis, an administrative clerk for Chenega Corporation, a facilities management company supporting base operations at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, poses for a promotional photo after winning first place in a figure bodybuilding completion in Salt Lake City, Utah. Courtesy photo Alesha Davis.


July 2017 www.dugway.a rmy .mil PAGE 9 1952 This flooded aid station is believed to be in the Dog (later, Ditto) Area. Deep frozen ground covered in heavy snow, followed by capacity to drain. US Army Photo The role of this stoutly constructed building is unknown, but it received plenty of attention from sandbaggers during the January 1952 flood at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. US Army Photo Water crept in around this door of an ammunition bunker in Carr Area in January 1952. Dugway has experienced five flash floods since its creation in 1942, but the 1952 flood was by far the worst. US Army Photo FACTORS MERGED TO CREATE DUGWAY FLOOD OF A flatbed Chevrolet sits axle deep in flood waters created by snow runoff and rain in January 1952 at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah. Look at all the raindrops striking the water! US Army Photo


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