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Vol. 44 No. 1 January December 2016 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District Infrastructure UpgradeWalla Walla District unveils next generation turbines pg 24


3 INTERCOM 2 On the cover I N T ER COMThe Intercom Commander PA Chief PA Specialist PA Specialist PA Specialist Editor Student Aide Inside this issue The Walla Walla DistrictServing our Community, the Nation, the World. For more information, contact: 3 4 6 8 10 12 Earth Day 2016 13 14 16 18 19 20 22 23 24 26 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 40 42 44 46 48 Team Walla Walla, It is with great honor and pride that I assumed command of this incredible District on July 8, 2016, from Lt. Col. Tim Vail. The efforts that you all put in far transcend our short two-year durations as commanders and are evidenced cost hydropower, to the reliable freedom of navigation for private and commercial anywhere in this region without communities commending you all for what you do each day. I would like to highlight the successful planning and execution of the long-term navigational outage on the lower could not have been successful without the transparent communication with the Northwestern Division, Portland was executed on time and with minimal impact to the region, particularly to the shipping industry. Your efforts have been acknowledged and applauded up and down the river system by the various organizations and communities. The Districts efforts throughout the Columbia River Basin continue to prove that modern civilization and nature can able to transport 25 percent of the Nations wheat and grain through our Columbia and lower Snake River dams to feed the development of the Columbia River System Operations (CRSO) Environmental Impact Statement will only further optimize how the entire system is operated to provide the greatest value to our nation for generations to come. The Regulatory efforts in the state of Idaho continue to protect our Nations aquatic resources, while still allowing the communities to continue to develop and thrive in an environmentally responsible manner. This is no small task considering most permitting decisions directly impact individual properties, which is sometimes a very emotional event. Through it all, the professionalism, knowledge and empathy that the team shows is why they are one of the best in the Nation. All of this would not be possible if not for the hundreds of quiet professionals we have working in the background designing, providing legal consultation, conducting the necessary real estate transactions, laboring over the contracting unnoticed and are large reason for our success. both its challenges and rewards, as Team Walla Walla continues to demonstrate tremendous value to this great Nation. LT. Col. Damon Delarosa, Walla Walla District Commander Ice Harbor Lock and Dam remove a turbine more to make way for a new turbine runner design which will improve performance as well as hydraulic conditions for (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)


5 INTERCOM 4 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District is improving both adult and and Dam to help endangered salmon and improvements in progress include thermal upgrades (pg 5) and the Corpss constructing a Juvenile Bypass System (JBS). The upgrades includes daylighting the juvenile transportation channel to to the Juvenile Fish Facility (JFF) just This upgrade is anticipated to increase operational reliability of the bypass system. The Corps previously upgraded its other past several decades. These improvements contributed to supports the ultimate goal of improved return from the ocean as adults several years later. part the Corps mission to protect salmon continue to provide value to the Nation Walla District Commander. We continue to upgrade our older dam infrastructure as planned and to respond to unusually migrate. Background: Juvenile Bypass System Improvements Juvenile Bypass System improvements to increase the survival of juveniles migrating construction of the JBS and future Primary transportation bypass channel to transition design is anticipated to be completed construction is being managed separate needed for design efforts. the dam. Similar to other bypass outfalls structures. See fact sheet at http://www.nww.usace. Corps progressing on Lower Granite Lock and Dam Juvenile Bypass System Cooling the Lower Granite Dam fish ladder a reality on Snake River 5January December 2016 Contract workers at Lower Granite work to implement upgrades (Photo by Bruce Henrickson)Left Page: Contractors and Corps Employees continue to work to improve the Juvenile Bypass System (JBS) at Lower Granite (Photos by Bruce Henrickson) (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo Illustration) Story by Bruce Henrickson(U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo)


7 INTERCOM 6 Walla Walla welcomes new commander and family command of the U.S. Army Corps of and Utah. It is a multi-faceted district responsible for providing and maintaining a commercial Columbia rivers. Delarosas most recent assignment NATO Joint Forces Command in His prior assignments include platoon leader and company and Aide-de-Camp to the Assistant Division Commander (Operations) 25th Infantry Division during the Stabilization Force mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Freedom as the Theatre Security Engineer and then again as the Company Commander for the 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion of the 82nd Airborne Carolina. After attending Command Brigade Engineer and Planner for the 2nd Brigade Combat served as the Engineer Majors and the Bronze Order of the DeFleury Medal. above) assumed command of the Walla Walla District, during a July 8, ceremony at the Marcus Whitman Hotel and Conference Northwestern Division, presided over the ceremony, while the Band, from Vancouver, Washington, (Photos by Jennifer Allen) of Engineers, Walla Walla District, during a July 8, 2016, ceremony at the (Photo by Gina Baltrusch) Soldiers from the 864th Engineer Battalion, stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, near Tacoma, Washington, provided a ceremonial color guard for the change of (Photo by Gina Baltrusch) 7January December 2016Story by Gina Baltrusch


9 INTERCOM 8 SITUATION PLANNING ASSUMPTIONSGeneral ImpactsT otal Population: 8,000,000 Total Area: 100,000 sq miles ~13, 000 Deaths, ~27,000 Injuries ~945,000 with shortImpact to NWD & Supporting Districts Northwestern Division, as well as Portland, and Seattle Disticts not mission capable, and 75 percent of Walla Walla District will be mission capable, although Omaha and Kansas Districts will both be fully mission Impacts to Critical Utilities interagency disaster operations. It included multiple venues in the players. states of Oregon and Washington and the Canadian province of The impacts of the be great enough to trigger the activation of the regional NWD Cascadia operations plan. Serious at various projects in Portland and Seattles area of responsibility. intended to trigger engineering assessments and prioritization of response activities. Other operational challenges facilitated through the Omaha District. focus on this very-real scenario and to continue to operate and Scientist from across the country have reported on the potential Cascadia Rising, turned the Walla Walla District lunch room into designed to test and stress mission capabilities in the event of a Emergency Managers, including Walla Walla District, Deputy Story and Photos by Jennifer Allen(U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo) January December 2016 INTERCOM 8 9


11 INTERCOM 10 11January December 2016 INTERCOM 10 Story by Gina Baltrusch of restoring the federally managed part roots intruding into the levee cross section from the landside slope. the mile-long levee and determined on the south levee includes an area from slated to begin in early December and is months to complete. orders to be performed during Winter A map of visitor trails and upcoming remove the tree roots and recompact levee material. Foot bridges across Mill trail-closure updates on information years. This maintenance is necessary to Non-compliant vegetation on levees failure. 11January December 2016 INTERCOM 10 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos)


13 INTERCOM 12 herding dogs and shepherds. on the levee for the safety of the dogs and the goats. This avoided close-off the south levee. Based on past years grazing projects and current contractor vegetation on the forebay levee. In addition to the areas covered around the debris barrier upstream of the diversion dam. using herbicides or burning maintenance by reducing seed production. vegetation on Mill Creek levees contained within electric fencing while working in the vegetation-maintenance zone, accompanied by professional herding dogs the order of the INTERCOM 12 Story by Jennifer Allen (Photos by Jennifer Allen) (Photo by Jeremy Nguyen)


15 INTERCOM 14 Top: Small Business Chief James Glynn speaks to more than 100 business owners at the annual Left: LeAnne Walling, Victoria Richmond and Karlyn Graves, registered all attendees for the Above Right-Left: Ruthann Haider, Chief of Contactracting Division for Walla Walla District speaks to business owners about the importance of small business to the 15January December 2016 representatives attended the Corps District personnel presented informational opportunities and processes. A smallbusiness panel discussed socio-economic government. respond to a sources sought and solicitation contracting opportunities. The Walla Walla District is an economic Manager for the Walla Walla District. For contracts can be a challenging process. We regularly offer Industry Day seminars to compete for Corps contracts because got our SBA status approved last year -so Corps contracts. That small-business to large-business small businesses to perform portions of challenging. also need to meet certain Small Business valuable to them because they put them in have a variety of capabilities that they services needed to operate their facilities. Industry Day 2016 The district is responsible for managing environmental, hydroelectric, navigation, engineering, construction, emergency management and recreation services within a region covering 107,000 square miles that includes parts The district operates and hydroelectric power facilities, risk-reduction projects and INTERCOM 14Story by Jennifer Allen (U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Photos)


17INTERCOM 16 Reaching out to partners and stakeholders Recruiting & Job Fairs Right: Lori Penebaker and Chris Russell assist jobseekers during the January (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos) Tri-Cities levees 17January December 2016 INTERCOM 16 Left: Former mayor of Waitsburg, Walt Gobel, joined John Heitstuman, Cindy Boen, Donna Street and Herb Bessey as they (Photos by Joe Saxon) Clover Island Ecosystem Restoration project(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos) (Photo by Jennifer Allen)


19 INTERCOM 18 Science, Technology, Engineering & MathDistrict staff encourage students to pursue science & technology careers College & University Visits 24 Feb -Gonzaga (Spokane) 3 Feb -U of Idaho (Moscow) 2 Feb -WSU (Pullman) 28 Jan -WSU (Pullman) 26 Jan -CWU (Ellensburg) 28 Oct -Gonzaga (Spokane) 8 Oct -CWU (Ellensburg) 7 Oct -U of Idaho (Moscow) 6 Oct -WSU (Pullman) 1 Oct -WSU (Tri-Cities) 29 Sep -WSU (Tri-Cities) Leadership Development Program 2016 Graduates (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photos) Front Row (left to right): Back Row (left to right): (Photo by Joe Saxon)


21 INTERCOM 20 Above Left: DeSales High School seniors Steven Xiao and Kyler Dunn construct their tower out of 25 sheets of (Photos by Jennifer McFadden Allen) Above: Dwayne Weston and Andrew Dankel Ibanez familiarize Davis High School Walla District employee shows Assumption High School freshman Jake Wylie applies 21January December 2016 INTERCOM 20 (Photos by Jennifer McFadden Allen)


23 INTERCOM 22 INTERCOM 22In August the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) partnered with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation to conduct a special emphasis program with Native American an opportunity for USACE, BPA, and BSA staff to work with appreciation for Walla Walla District support to this event, 2008 BMX Olympic medalist Donny Robinson sent the District an autographed Above: Andrew Dankel Ibanez and Dean Holecek build stations Rodney Huffman helps a young Tribal reservation police instruct (Photos by Joe Saxon) Veterans Day Parade Above: Rangers Jeremy Nguyen and Chris Alford lead the Walla Right: Boober and the Mill Creek Staff march along with the Walla Walla District Volunteers for the (Photos by Joe Saxon)


25 INTERCOM 24 Washington state. years. The contracts also contain options to fabricate and install a third turbine runner. After 50 years of operation and increasing maintenance capable contractor. creating meaningful improvements to the environmental beyond Ice Harbor to replace aging infrastructure at other migrating juvenile salmon and steelhead pass through turbines on 25January December 2016 INTERCOM 24 (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photos)Above, left: Invited guests, news media, Corps, Bonneville Power Administration, NOAA Fisheries and contractor personnel at turbine runner was removed in September 2016 to make room for For more information about the Ice Harbor turbine River salmon and steelhead, please visit the www.nww. and by Gina Baltrusch


27 INTERCOM 26 Each year from December to March, maintenance teams at Walla Walla Crack repairs were completed on the downstream miter gate structural The quoin seals were resurfaced to ensure even distribution of structural loading from the miter gate to the concrete monoliths at the hinged sides between the gate and the navigation lock In addition, the miter seals were resurfaced to ensure even distribution of structural loading across the two located in the center of the gate where the two leafs mate together when the The resurfacing of the miter seals also improved the watertight seal between the Annual outage key to maintaining infrastructure (Photos by Terry Zerb)


29 INTERCOM 28 crafts journeymen to serve in Walla Walla District apprentices each year. The program is a four-year training program leading to a journeyman position guidance of journeymen and a rigid academic curriculum. computer-based training and a strong emphasis facilities in the district before they join the the district to better meet its future craftsman needs. Its a critical part of maintaining a Districts training manager for the program. Corps apprentice program graduates six journeymen 29January December 2016Benjamin Ashlock, Jason Bohlke, Summer Dellamater, Chris Ensley, Cameron Hulse, Harold (Photos by Terry Zerb)


31 INTERCOM 30 Corps of Engineers. agreement before participating. Picnic-style food and messages as part of the campaign. Volunteers repaint Lucky Peak message June 11, 2016, spearheaded by Joyce Dunning, Walla Walla Pat Adams, owner of Adams (Above) Volunteers work to freshen up the message that prevention campaign during the 50s but continues to be a (Photos by Jennifer Allen)Story and Photos by Jennifer McFadden Allen N.W. Power Council tours Dworshak Dam Dworshak Dam wins International Award Project by the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) in partnership with the Chinese Committee on Large Dams Left: Dworshak Natural Resources Manager Paul Dworshak Nutrient Suppliment Program, an ecological restoration project, as part of a day-long tour of the Dworshak for local Power Participants toured the visitor center, the powerhouse and several of the recreational spots along the Dworshak (Photo by Jennifer Allen) (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photo)


33 INTERCOM 32 Former employees welcomed backAfter graduating from Washington Electrical Inspection Section. He transferred to the Corps Walla Walla project. John served in many District leadership positions including operations project deputy district commander. John then served as chief of Operations Division from such as leading the Districts juvenile and research programs.As Chairman of John began recruiting trades and crafts employees from 2-year vocational greater opportunities for minorities and Program Supervisor of the Year for John graduated from the Engineers and Army Corps of Engineers Operations & Maintenance He initiated the UPTO Partnership Council to improve labor relations. John of the Joint Operating Committee to manage the Administration. John demonstrated superb tremendous dedication to the Mr. Wayne H. John is most deserving of John continued a tradition of public service after retiring from the Corps in & Maintenance for Walla Walla County Walla District chief of Operations Division, as the an award ceremony held June 24 at the District Distinguished Retiree Retiree Day March 14 week-long navigational lock maintenance outage to Dave Trachtenbarg discusses avian predation and the steps the Corps took to construct bird habitat in San Francisco (Photos by Jennifer Allen)


35 INTERCOM 34 maintenance staff to replace a 240-feet-long dilapidated rock-and-mortar wall (right), which was falling apart and beginning (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos by John Gordon) Lower Granite Dam Visitors Center a lot to offer, including a scale model of the dam (top) (Photos by Jennifer Allen)The Walla Walla District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in the initial the strategic land-use planning document that guides the orderly management of all project natural and recreational resources. participate in the revision process by submitting comments regarding the future use of the projects natural and recreational resources. District revising Lower Granite Lock and Dams Master Plan 35January December 2016 INTERCOM 34(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo)


37 INTERCOM 36 Association of Corps Employees brings holiday cheer and scavenger hunt to Walla Walla Districts Family and Friends. Turkey Bowl or Ice Bowl? (Photos by Jennifer Allen) (Photos by Jennifer Allen)


39 INTERCOM 38 Water Safety District sponsors Wear Life Jackets to Work Day 39January December 2016 INTERCOM 38(U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photos)


41 INTERCOM 40 Corps Day Picnic Top: Volunteers and Corps children Face painting was the highlight of the Bottom left: Corps employees have a blast in the annual volleyball competition Bottom left: LeAnne Walling enjoys her lunch and spending time with her friends and


43 INTERCOM 42 istrict round the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photosThanksgiving Day mealThere was plenty of food to be had at the annual Thanksgiving Day (Photos by Jennifer Allen) Halloween characters Corps employees honored at Friends Breakfast honor local business groups and individuals who donated resources, season was great, we would like to thank all the generous employees of Walla ACE facilitates severable events throughout the year to build morale of our employees and their families, and also gives support to Walla Walla County Fair Booth 43January December 2016 INTERCOM 42 (Photos by Jennifer Allen) (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Photos)


45 INTERCOM 44 Second Q uarter Third Q uarterSharon Hap Enzis willingness to assume additional responsibilities, along with an innate ability to mentor, personal initiative, and devotion to duty are traits that deserve recognition and should be highly considered for Employee of the Quarter. Enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to provide every district employee with quality information technology assets; worked over weekend to secure more than $280,000 in Information Technology buys to support the mission integral in receiving IT assets ensuring that contractors meet the commitments to the Walla Walla District.Annette Crerend She directly coordinated with several entities to input accurate data into the Facilities Equipment provided during a recent U.S. Army Audit Agencys maintenance management audit. Ms. Crerend is a Dave Schmode evaluation and settlement of contract changes, Dave has taken a leadership role in helping to identify we thank Dave for his dedication, integrity and outstanding work ethic.of the Q uarter mployees First Q uarterDave Teel to properly repair and return the navigation lock to service as scheduled. He provided sound technical fact that this hadnt been accomplished at Ice Harbor for over a decade required patience and strong leadership, both of which he provided. His can-do attitude and commitment were not only a huge cost savings to the government, they will prevent the recurrence of similar issues in the future. Mr. Teels steadfast commitment is a credit to himself, the Walla Walla District, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.Charlene Brandon for 25 active contracts. She also supported the coordination of project reviews for dozens of developing projects. We thank her for her dedication to the Walla Walla Districts priorities.Dawn Sonju recruitments and have our vacancies in the single digits.Fourth Q uarterChris Wernick 595 project, Chris dropped everything to drive to Idaho and walk the entire project in question. This kept the project on schedule, and allowed the project engineer to get the work out for bid. Chris has earned Bill Van Vogt facility remained secure. Mr. Van Vogt ensured his staff remained professional and provided a positive motivated and on point. Bill maintains a positive outlook and is a role model for his staff, letting it be known on a daily basis how happy he is working for the Corps of Engineers. Mr. Van Vogt continues to 45January December 2015 INTERCOM 44


47 INTERCOM 46 2015 wards orps ayE ngineering E xcellence O utstanding A chievement, GS9 and Below, GS10 and above, T/CN ew E mployee o f T he Y ear P MBP P roponent Q uality P roponent P ublic O utreach/ S TEM S upport S upport E mployee o f T he Y ear GS9 and below, GS10 and above 47January December 2015 INTERCOM 46 began his career with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in May 2005 with the Walla Walla District. Bradee Achziger and mentoring OCs new paralegal in the area of contractor industrial relations and labor investigations. Bradees positive attitude is the model for Army employees. an approved and agreed upon process which meets both the Walla Walla Districts and HDCs engineering design requirements. and consistently concentrates his efforts towards the most important tasks required to meet mission requirements in real time. He works tirelessly and without complaint to do what it takes to ensure the success of our District Missions, whether it requires every level of our organization. career and has quickly gained him a reputation as highly-skilled and ingenious ESCC. His most recent accomplishment was is a US Army Captain and an Electrical Engineer. He took on the task of leading Engineering Week schedules for volunteer help, and lead activities at schools for Engineering Week. The Engineering Week competition included 3 schools in the Walla Walla Valley and resulted in more than 80 students participating. An outstanding level of planning, teamwork, and ingenuity was on display at each competition and demonstrated the essential characteristics of future engineers. The competition was for teams of two or three students to build the tallest, strongest tower from only 25 sheets of paper in 20 minutes. Elisa Huffman As such, she reviews all conference requests to ensure that they are timely and in conformance with the relevant policies. She also ability to professionally coordinate the conference requests and supporting legal memos enhances the Districts professional since the two document required by Army conference policy--a conference request and the supporting legal memo--are now Shontae Williams arrived to the District in February of this year and has already made a tremendous impact on precedence to follow on how to accomplish the job. Shontaes presence is being felt in a positive way throughout the District. She resolved persistent issues of software purchases, computer problems, IT asset management. She has been very successful in getting IT assets to who needs them now. Wilson, and Jean Des Jarlais and Mission then establishes goals, objectives, strategies and action plans by business line. The goals were aligned with the requirements prioritization approach; facility priority; asset grouping; and how the 5-year plan will be developed. The Section management to document how 5-year plans are developed and maintained for continual improvement using corporate automated are nominated for the for non-routine projects. The QMS process is unique in that it establishes a new process and provides detailed procedures for


INTERCOM 48 Position: Chief, Contracting Division Describe your job: I serve as the commanders business advisor on all contractual matters, as well as being responsible for the execution of all contract actions in the District, which totals on average more than $100M and 1,000 actions each year. I also mentor, train and develop a staff of 30 acquisition professionals. What are some of the challenges youve faced in your current position? Initially, when I took over in 2010, I was faced with a severe shortage of trained with our work. Now, through a recruitment strategy that incorporates the Pathways program and grade increases for seven journeymen positions on my staff, we are Describe accomplishments youve experienced with your job. Our accomplishments are tied to execution of the Districts acquisition strategy each year, and our support to the project delivery teams. Each contracting staff member plays a key role in awarding the contracts that are necessary for mission include Blanket Purchase Agreements for the Operating projects, the dredging contract, the emergency repair contract for the downstream gate at Little Goose and the installation contract for the new turbine runners at Ice Harbor Dam. My staff did an amazing job with these acquisitions, making me very proud to be the District Chief of Contracting. What is the most rewarding part of your job? Leading the great contracting staff I have in their execution of contracts. They all work so hard and it shows in all that we do. Being their boss is very rewarding. Please share a notable milestone or memory with the Corps. My little brother is a heavy haul over-the-road truck driver; his work brought him out to Oregon in March of 2015, so he stopped by to visit. I took him out to McNary Dam and gave him a tour of the powerhouse and the navlock. We were conducting our annual navlock outage at the time. He was so impressed, and I was so proud to show him what we do in the Corps of Engineers. That is a great memory with the Corps for me!CORPS Im with the PAID Ruthann Haider