The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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2 Garrison Commander .......Col. James DeOre Jr. Garrison CSM .................. Sgt. Maj. Todd Shirley Communications Manager ........... Jordan Vinson Communications Specialist ... Jessica Dambruch Karena Lyons is New Zealands am bassador to the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Palau. She also serves as the con sul general to the state of Hawaii, where she works closely with U.S. gional security issues. Lyons was on in March on an assignment with US JV: What brings you to Kwajalein Atoll, and what do you think of the place? KL: egation to visit either Kwajalein Island or Ebeye. So were really grateful to the commander and his team for granting us access to the base. Im here, because its a fascinating place. Its the largest atoll in the world; the history and geography of this place is incredible. So I jumped at the opportunity to come here. Ive heard lots of stories about Ebeye, and theyre all true. The people are friendly, with the nitely got challenges, but I was heartened to meet with the leadership there and a number of community and traditional leaders. Theyre really focused on work ing together to make sure the people of Ebeye are getting what they need. JV: KL: in Honolulu. Were a relatively new post of course, climate change is a regional pri in particular. In practice, this manifests signed a partnership agreement with the two main things. Firstly, to grant $1.5 mil lion to set out an energy roadmap. JV: government as performing a reset and shifting the dial, is the point that the previous government headed less atten tion to its small island developing state neighbors? KL: nation, and its a fact; we cant change our geography. Its actually quite common for ment is pouring even more energy into it. One example of this shift is that there are ernment, and about six or seven of them est city, is the largest Polynesian city in representation in our government. So, this there; we opened in 2014. The reason we opened was two-fold. Firstly, recognition of the importance of the strategic hub relationship with the United States; open ing other posts is a governments way of saying, Hey, youre really important to us. We really like you a lot. We want to send some of our people there. And luck ily for me I get that job. So I work quite closely with Admiral Harris and his whole team and the various commanders across the combatant command to ensure that operate throughout the region on secu rity issues, from the strategic level, to the operational level, to the people-to-people level. Its an important time to make sure that friends stick together. JV: rent goals and initiatives for the bilateral relationships it maintains with Palau, the KL: the beginning of this year, theyve come out quite strongly with a re-energized called shifting the dial. Which is exciting for us and the embassy, because we love our work. Its the perfect excuse to really step up and deepen our engagement with priorities into regional and bilateral, the states, were working on big, symbolic pieces. On the economic front, our priority would be free trade agreements. The majority of through their respective systems. And, AMBASSADOR KARENA LYONS HOURGLASS INTERVIEWS NEW ZEALAND AMBASSADOR TO THE REPUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLANDS, THE FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA AND PALAU Courtesy of


3 a bid for even more of our development its something like 65 percent of our in this governments looking at even more of that. JV: In 2015 you were also instrumental goal accomplished? KL: are invested in a rules based system. So its important for us to pull our weight. And it is sort of a 30-year endeavor. Theres 10 non-permanent seats, and the way that the cycle goes, [a nations turn] is sort of once a generation. This time around, the world has changed quite a bit since the last time we were on the coun cil, which was 1992-1994. And the sort of major issues of the day were in Africa and the eastern horn. And its sad to see that some of those issues were still not resolved by the time we got on again. But what had changed, sort of, was the com as small states, and of that about 50 prob ably identify as small island states. as one of those small island states. So we of those issues that affect, in particular, Oceania. So we focused on the [small island developing states] and contrib uted to those nations that wanted to see climate change be put on the agenda of nontraditional way of thinking about se curity issues. And I think, if anything, the mark that we left was ensuring that the voice of small nations could be heard as clearly as the voice of some of the larger nations. Because that was the country to have an equal voice. JV: the music videos on the internet? KL: Oh, I hate the internet. Yeah, yeah. Well, everybodys got to pay their way through university, right? JV: Do you still sing and perform in any capacity? KL: As boring as it sounds, being a dip lomat is a full-time job but being a of things to serve your country. I was at rolled me out to sing in front of several thousands of people, which is the only time Ive had to properly sing for my country. But not so much anymore. It was fun. I performed a lot when I was going through university. Im a jazz nerd; thats where I started. And then I wanted to perform for people who were closer to my age than my parents age. So I was in kind of like indie bands touch. I was like a B girl for a local rap artist who toured the U.K. and Austra lia. I did that when I was a lecturer on the faculty at Auckland University. Yeah, youve got a lot more control over your time when youre teaching at a univer sity. I could gig on the side, and that was fun. We used to play big music festivals. JV: where you took your career? KL: Yeah, a little bit. One of the coolest girl in this big rap group with these guys called The Immigrants. We went to a world music festival in Port Vila in Vanu atu. And it was quite random. I had never been to Vanuatu. I knew a lot of Polyne You have to go there. You have to make a concerted effort to learn about it, because its so disparate. They speak like 210 lan guages in Vanuatu; its an incredible place. And so we were in Port Vila, and there were 10,000 Vanuatuans watching us. Its hip hop; it was loud; and it was quite politi cal. It was sort of about people like myself, voice. But I loved the juxtaposition of that and the 10,000 Vanuatuans sitting on the ground, cross legged, arms crossed and very politely listening quietly to the whole hip hop performance until the very end when they clapped politely. And apparently they loved it. I thought, What? It was very interesting, and it ignited [my interest] in getting out and about to places, and the for eign services is a good way to do that. JV: commitments to environmental protec tions and trade bolstered your own efforts abroad? KL: attempt to be a progressive country in the world. Shes 37 years old, and shes preg ernment have been really clear what their focus will be during this term on three ond would be inclusion, which is quite a broad ranging topic, but it includes climate change, childhood poverty and other things that represent her commitment to protecting the environment. But also, in the simplest terms, just looking after her people. The third tenant or pillar of her term will be style. She wouldnt say this, but I think shes really stylish. She was on the cover of a Vogue magazine, which SEE AMBASSADOR, PAGE 4 USAG-KA Department of Public Works began the Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) in March 2018. The proj ect is self-funded by energy savings and does not require Sustainment, Restora tion and Modernization (SRM) invest ment. This will improve facilities and infrastructure throughout the garrison, including Bachelor Quarters and Family USAG-KA ENERGY SAVINGS PROJECT BEGINS Housing improvements. The improvements include build ing enveloping to create a tighter seal within structures and better lighting, and replacing current air conditioners with mini-split air condi tioning systems. All the projects are designed to save energy and be more Some phases of the project have already begun. Residents will coordinate a date/time for their services to be completed. The projects will take several hours to complete, and may require mul tiple visits. Contact Public Works at 5-5449 for information. Courtesy of


4 are known for, generally. But what the government means by style is to be as transparent and open as possible and col laborative. The country feels extremely energized around her. They love her; they really like her. JV: subsequent boom in tourism? What ben KL: our national tourism campaign, and with land, other than like orcs and elves and stuff. The landscape really does look like great place to come and tour around and make new friends. And for challenges, Im not sure that there are any. We have to as sure people that orcs dont exist, but we put that on the information packet when you come in. JV: Say a resident here has never been to What do you recommend they do during their time? KL: Island, because thats where most of or go in the winter. If you go in the sum mer, you want to drive around, check out al pairs of togs (swimsuits) and jandals to swim. And if you like wine, then the AMBASSADOR, CONT. FROM PAGE 3 credible wineries. And the backbone of and that will be readily apparent if you drive around the South Island. If you like cheese, its awesome. Some of the best cheese in the world; maybe the Europe an Union would beg to differ, but theyre not here. more cultural things to do. So if you go land, there are lots of geysers and pools, great for keeping your skin hydrated. And then theres Auckland city, which is where Im from, right there at the top. 1.5 million people live there; its a quar ter of the country. Its great for shopping; its great for coffee. Its got a great live music scene. U.S. Army photos by Jessica Dambruch 1) Kalani Riklon congrat ulates son Elasia after his solo performance of Country Roads/We Are Together on ukulele during the George Seitz Elementary School Tal ent Show at the Kwaja lein Jr.-Sr. High School MP Room, March 23. 2) Brooke and Ryan Calkin enjoy an afternoon on Roi at the Outrigger, Club to the GSES talent show included a special per formance by the Teacher Band. Pictured here, Kwajalein Kyle Miller, left, and Alex Coleman Pryor helps haul a bicy cle out of the lagoon at Emon Beach with friends after Bill Williamsons last dive at Kwajalein Atoll March 23. 4 1 2 3 DOWOAD AD SHARE HG PHOTOS AT


5 MWR SUPERVISOR SHARES ROI VISION Rob Kent has big ideas for a small island. As Roi planning creative and fun events to engage everyone in the Roi community. Roi presents an interesting challenge for us, said island. Then we have our longtime residents. We want to bring everyone together. That might sound like a tall order but Kent has been preparing for this challenge for years. A native brings his knowledge of the military as well as inter national experience working in the private sector and course. Of course we had a lot of sand and no grass. So how do we make the golf experience everyone needs? We decided to get carpet. So, our personnel carried small carpets with them to tee off, Kent said. Brainstorming great ideas is one of Kents pastimes. enaded service members with a violin. We loved coming up with and sharing ideas, said Kents big ideas are whats brewing on Roi right now. Thus far since his arrival, Kent has successfully launched the St. Patricks Day celebration at the Roi hand-crafted in the Hobby Shop. The event pitted visitors against island residents. Everyone had a good time. Those with a competitive spirit should brace them 31, two brave souls will each attempt to eat a gigantic calzone: Two pizzas stuffed with every conceivable topping and sandwiched together. The loser buys. Each pizza costs $40, said Kent. This will be fun. If you dont want to compete, you can watch. The money we make will go back into more U.S. Army photos by Jessica Dambruch Kent is also ramping up interest in Roi sports and plans to single-handedly relaunch live theater in the atoll. Kent said. If you are a resident of Roi or Kwaj with ideas for and share them. Kent is currently putting together a calendar of upcoming actvities for community sports, residents and their guests should check out the grow ing program of offerings and get ready for the unex pected. The more we can do to get people outside and sharing the experience of living here, the more fun this is going to be, said Kent. Im really grateful to be here on Roi. I want everyone to enjoy living here. 1 2 1. Kent checks out the potters wheel and other equipment in the Roi-Namur Hobby Shop. 2. Kent dis plays a St. Pat stein, made by a Roi resident as a trophy for the Roi Outrigger Clubs festivities. CATCH THE CURRENT! continuous loop packaged with historical, science and cultural infor mation related to our region and mission. New episodes are produced submit feedback, questions and story ideas at 5-4848. Graphic Illustration by Jarett Nichols


6 WEEKLY WEATHER LOOKOUT 2018 is the year of the missed dry over 300 percent of normal precipitation, the second wet inches of rainfall for the month. This is 450 percent above Winds will remain light so expect outdoor activities to feel tered shower coverage. Expecting normal to a little above normal accumulation. Winds E-SE Saturday from 10-15 knots with scattered showers. Winds SE showers. knots with widely scattered showers. LUNCH DINNER Sunday Carved Prime Rib Roast Turkey Glazed Ham Thursday Jerk Chicken Curry Beef Steamed Carrots Meatloaf Baked Chicken Mashed Potatoes Thursday Chicken Cordon Bleu Baked Talapia Fish Rice Pilaf Friday Orange Chicken Beef & Broccoli Fried Rice Friday Pot Roast Baked Pollock Garlic Mashed Potatoes Monday Bombay Chicken Pork Chops Buttered Egg Noodles Wednesday Sauerbrauten BBQ Chicken Broccoli Parmesan Monday Lasagna Marinara Sauce Garlic Bread Sunday Beef Stir Fry Lemon Pepper Fish Rice Pilaf Tuesday Pepper Steak Pork Loin Steamed Rice Wednesday Prime Rib Baked Salmon Dirty Rice Tuesday Chicken Cordon Bleu Parmesan Pollock Fish Basmati Rice Grilled Ribeye Steak Shrimp Scampi Mac &Cheese Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility *MENU CURRENT AS OF MARCH 30 USAG-KA REPORT Residential internet service on USAG-KA will continue as currently provided through April 2018. We are pending the for April 2018. We are transitioning to a pay ahead process. Stay tuned for more details on how and when to pay this bill. USAG-KA is coordinating with the service activity to ensure that both 911 calling and on-island service is retained in the future at a nominal cost. The current solution remains: VOIP/Internet calling for long provided across the Atoll and we are developing options to continue local area service. Until a permanent service solution is determined, current services will remain in effect. vice will return on Kwajalein beginning Sunday, April 1. There are three golf carts available on Kwajalein and one are standard golf carts, which seat two people and have space for a golf bag in the rear. These are to be used tempo rarily while USAG-KA awaits the arrival of ten new multi-passenger scooters this summer. The rental hours are: Tuesday Saturday, 7 a.m. 7 p.m. at cost will be $5 per hour. Rental times will be limited to two hours per customer due to the limited amount of vehicles and high demand. An other important note: There will be no rental available after 7 p.m. because the temporary golf carts do not have head lights or turn signals necessary for safe operation afterdark. These carts are designed for traditional golf course use, not for use on a roadway. A current USAG-KA drivers license is required for vehicle rental. If you have any ques


7 are hard to break. Grab a friend, and join the challenge. Weekly rights and improved health! En rollment meeting Tuesday, April 3 from noon-12:30 p.m. in the Hos fee. If you want to join the chal lenge and cant make the meeting, call 5-5362. Stressed Out? Issues at work or at home? Feeling disconnected? pointment. Get support working through whatever obstacle life is throwing at you. open. Anyone who wants to par ticipate in the Kwaj community either as a home-based vendor or to request permission to sell at special events or facilities, must register. There is a $25 yearly fee The registration fee is retained and directly distributed through recreation opportunities in our ty Activities at 5-3331 or 5-3332 for more information. is for children ages 6 months years. All participants must be accompanied by an adult in the water. The purpose of this class is to develop a comfort level in and around the water. Swim diapers are required for children who are cheon on Sunday, April 8 at 12:30 To research and apply for govern ment employment opportunities on U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll and worldwide, visit www. RTS Weather Station. For full de tails and to apply see http://www. req.#42. tion. For more information, please contact Diane Peters at (805) 355-0939 for more information. rently hiring for multiple projects on Kwajalein. If your contract is ending and you are interested in continued work on Kwajalein, please see our website at www. for op portunities and to apply or call at 970-497-8238. Space Fence is hiring for multiple on-island positions. Inquire with opening. The position is available to on-island hires. Some banking experience is required. Please ap ply at or call Stephanie Prudence, 5-2152. Berry Aviation is seeking a full time Operations Support Special ist. Send resume to Steven Simp p.m. in the REB with keynote will share how her family grew through adoption. Please bring a Kwaj recipe (one that can be made with only ingredients avail able on Kwaj). We will also be ty ing prayer knots on some prayer ministry. For questions, contact George Seitz Elementary School Book Fair is coming up! Students shop April 11 from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Public shopping is April 12 from 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. All proceeds brary. Please donate gently used or new books (children, teen and adult), puzzles or games Dona tions can be dropped off at the April 6. The Kwajalein Hospital and Den Tuesday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Emergency Services will be available 24/7 af ter hours, on weekends and holi days. For inquiries or to schedule an appointment, call the Front Desk at 5-2223 or 5-2224. pointment scheduled at the salon 5-3319 with the following infor scheduled for, date of service and phone number. Scheduling soft ware is down and we are working established to promote conserva tion of wildlife and coral reef re sources. Visitors are not allowed without consent from USAG-KA. For more information, call DI En vironmental at 5-1134. Regulations require that a dig per Burger Bar Fried Fish Hoppin John Roast Beef Shrimp Scampi Dirty Rice Friday Pot Roast Grilled Fish Mashed Potatoes Sunday Ground Beef Yakisoba Sweet & Sour Chicken Steamed Rice Thursday Jerk Chicken Curry Beef Spanish Rice Thursday Fried Chicken Night Rice Pilaf Peas and Carrots Friday Wings Friday Beef and Broccoli Orange Chicken Monday Bombay Chicken Smothered Pork Chops Buttered Egg Noodles Wednesday Jambalaya BBQ Chicken White Rice Sunday Herb Baked Chicken Braised Beef Cubes Rice Pilaf Monday Lasagna with Meat Sauce Italian Sausage & Peppers Seasoned Green Beans Tuesday Taco Tuesday Roast Pork Loin Steamed Rice Wednesday Steak Night Roasted Chicken Dirty Rice Tuesday Beef Stew Chicken Cordon Bleu Brown Rice Pilaf LUNCH DINNER Caf Roi *MENU CURRENT AS OF MARCH 30 Saturday, March 31 Saturday, March 31 WEEKEND MOVIES USAG-KA Volunteer Recognition Event Tuesday, April 17, 2018 MP Room, 6:30-8:30 p.m. The garrison will show its ap preciation for the time, talent teers to improve our commu nity at the USAG-KA Volunteer Recognition Event. The evening is for nominated volunteers and invited guests. mit be processed for the erection of any tent. These permits require are reminded that no tents may be erected without this coordi nation. Please factor this process into your event plans.


8 We live in a volatile world. It seems like the whole planet has gone insane. The stock market rises and falls, and the political climate is as unstable as the weather, no one seems to have any lasting solutions to bring back a sense of peace and security. Every day we hear about another school shooter, terrorist attack, or some crazy world leader threatening to nuke us. Whats going on? If you had to pick one of the worlds on, what would it be? And if you looked at your personal life, what you are facing now; what big issue is causing you the most concern? I dont mean a terrorist attack or a stock market crash, but something distinc tive to you. What overwhelms you? What causes you sleeplessness and worry? What empties you of hope? Is it your job or family? Fear of retirement or personal security? Are you facing a severe illness or worried about future health? Are you concerned if your chil dren will prosper after you are gone? What would it be? When we dwell on any of these, it can undoubtedly strip us of all our present energy and hope for the fu ture. This year I watched the Olym pics when I could. The time change made it challenging, but at least I saw some of the Games without knowing EASTER INSPIRATION who won individual events. When I watched events that had not been reported on the news, I found my self rather tense when my team was on the edge. When I already knew the outcome, the tension was greatly re duced. Why? There was no surprise. The score was history; I was merely watching old events play out. day is Easter: the celebration of the repeatedly for nearly 2,000 years, de spite skeptics attempts to disprove the recorded facts, remains solidly for those of us with genuine faith, the events are merely Gods history un folding to us. Our lives are centered on the impli cations of the resurrection and teach by faith not by sight." We might also say that the emotions and violence of this world are replaced by faith as the controlling force in our lives. However, the "game" between good triumphant over death and sin. Hope remains intact, the future is still cer tain, and internal peace continues de spite living in a volatile world. Why? Because He has risen. If you dont be lieve, prove us wrong. Father Victor Langhans and DOWOAD AD SHARE HG PHOTOS AT EASTER EVENTS Easter Sunrise Service A Kwaj tradition thats not to be rise at Emon Beach with the interde nominational congregation. Brunch will follow. The community is welcome to attend Bring a friend! The community is wel come to attend the 11 a.m. interde nominational modern worship service Young children and families are wel for an afternoon of water fun. Try out the slip and slide, bounce houses and enjoy crafts and games in the shade. Face painting, ice and cold drinks will be available for purchase. Dont forget your swim gear, sunscreen and towels! Youll want to dry off before the Grace MWR Easter Egg Hunt Young children and families are wel Bring a basket, hunt for eggs and take a photo with the Easter Bunny! Par ents should bring their own cameras. home in your Easter baskets. For more information, please con MWR HEALTH AND FITNESS CLASS SCHEDULE Monday: Circuit 8 a.m. at Ivey Gym Tuesday: Barre 9 a.m. and Spin Class 5:30pm CRC Room 7 Wednesday: Spin Class 5:45 a.m. Thursday: Bootcamp 9am and Barre 5:30 p.m. CRC Room 7 Friday: Barre 9am and Spin 5:30 p.m. CRC Room 7 Friday: 5:45 a.m. Zumba Class. CRC Room 7 Saturday: Circuit 8 a.m. at Ivey Gym Monday, April 2AquaFit, 5:30 p.m. at the Adult Pool