The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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en-US2 U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De en-US-en-US partment of the Army or USAG-KA. It is published en-US Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation en-US 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein en-US Range Services editorial staff.en-US Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-2114;en-US Local phone: 52114en-US Printed circulation: 650en-US Email: en-US usarmy.bucholz.311-sig-cmd.mbx.hourglass@mail.milen-USGarrison Commander...Col. James DeOre Jr.en-US Garrison CSM ............ Sgt. Maj. Todd Shirley en-US en-US Managing Editor . ..................... en-USJordan Vinsonen-US Associate Editor . .............. en-USJessica Dambruchen-US Media Services Specialist ...... Cari Dellingeren-US Media Services Intern .......... Allison Homuthen-USThe Kwajalein Hourglassen-US en-US is named for the en-US insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, en-US which liberated the island from the forces of en-US Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944.en-US The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized en-US publication for military personnel, federal emen-US -en-US ployees, contractor workers and their families en-US assigned to U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein en-US Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not necen-US -en-US en-USGIFT, SALE AND OFF-ISLAND DONATION TIPSen-USFROM USAG-KA DOCK SECURITY CHECKPOINTen-USA little courtesyen-US between good neighen-US -en-US bors goes a long way. U.S. Army Garrien-US-en-US son-Kwajalein Atoll and the garrison en-US Dock Security Checkpoints encourage en-US island residents to become informed been-US-en-US fore making gifts, donations or sales of en-US secondhand items to off-island friends en-US in the RMI. en-US Reviewing applicable regulations for en-US these activities is an easy way to ensure en-US stress-free passage and shorter lines en-US through the garrisons checkpoints. Here en-US are some helpful tips and guidelines to en-US assist island residents planning to give en-US away or sell items.en-US Why do we have regulations about en-US selling and giving away items? en-US USAG-KA regulations regarding maen-US-en-US terial goods are in place to ensure sufen-US -en-US en-US and support Kwajalein and Roi residents. en-US Additionally, we do not want to compete en-US with Ebeye businesses. en-US Small amounts of consumable goods en-US are available for purchase at AAFES by en-US non-garrison residents under these regen-US-en-US ulations. Those with shopping privileges en-US may not transfer purchases to those en-US without shopping privileges. Transfer en-US of goods, especially alcohol, has been en-US reported. Shoppers privileges may be en-US revoked for abuse. en-US Where can I learn more about sellen-US -en-US ing and gifting items to RMI citizens? en-US Under Article V of the Status of Forces en-US Agreement, the RMI allows USAG-KA en-US personnel to import goods duty and tax en-US free; however, such goods that are suben-US-en-US sequently transferred to non-USAG-KA en-US personnel are then subject to Marshalen-US -en-US lese customs laws and regulations. Conen-US -en-US trol of Retail Goods (to include the reen-US-en-US sale of goods) can be found in USAG-KA en-US Regulation No. 190-41. This regulation en-US is found on the USAG-KA intranet site. en-US en-US staff can also provide a copy of this reguen-US -en-US lation.en-US Is there a dollar amount on the en-US items that can be carried through en-US garrison checkpoints? en-US Resold items cannot exceed a fair maren-US-en-US ket value of $200. The secondhand items en-US must appear to be used items. Additionen-US -en-US ally, all export items carried through en-US DSC must be accompanied by a property en-US clearance form. en-US For these high dollar items, both given-US -en-US er and receiver must be on island and en-US should be appear in person at the DSC en-US for export inspection. en-US Can I gift or sell perishable items, en-US such as canned goods, snacks and en-US bottled drinks? en-US No. Pantry items such as baking goods, en-US canned or bottled snacks and drinks may en-US not be exported through DSC. No items en-US purchased at Surfway may be carried en-US through DSC. en-US Can I gift containers or plates of en-US prepared food? en-US Yes. Prepared food and plates of leften-US-en-US overs from potlucks and social gatheren-US -en-US ings are acceptable for transport through en-US garrison checkpoints. en-US Are there any special arrangeen-US-en-US ments I should make at DSC when en-US Ive sold oversized items?en-US Preauthorized approval from Harbor en-US Control must be obtained before bringen-US ing oversized items to DSC. Please know en-USthat DSC staff cannot assist ferry passenen-US-en-US gers with their cargo. If you are selling en-US large items, consider offering your asen-US -en-US sistance with transporting these items en-US to the DSC. en-US Do I need to provide a property en-US clearance form? en-US Yes. Copies of the form (SACC DSC en-US Form 004) are available for download on en-US the USAG-KA intranet and are also availen-US -en-US able at the DSC. en-US What items are prohibited for transen-US -en-US port through DSC? en-US Any items tagged as government propen-US -en-US erty cannot be sold and therefore taken en-US through the checkpoints. Additionally, en-US alcohol cant be exported out of USAG-en-US KA. Individuals authorized to purchase en-US or possess tobacco products may transit en-US through the DSC with no more than one en-US single pack of cigarettes or one can of en-US smokeless tobacco. Flammable materien-US-en-US als may not be taken through DSC. en-US Do the same export rules apply to en-US everyone at DSC, regardless of the en-US kind of badges they hold? en-US Regulation guidelines are not difen-US -en-US ferent, says DSC Lt. Angel Bolton. Our en-US retail and resale rules are the same for en-US island residents, off island workers and en-US visiting individuals to our base.en-US USAG-KA asks all residents and visien-US-en-US tors to adhere to these rules to expedite en-US safe travel and allow for an enjoyable exen-US -en-US perience of shopping and giving to othen-US -en-US ers. Any questions on USAG-KA regulaen-US -en-US tions regarding the export of purchased en-US and donate goods be directed to the Proen-US-en-US en-US-en-US cess Control staff.


en-US3 1 2 4 en-USTHE M80S en-USROCK KWAJ U.S. Army Garrisonen-USKwajalein Atoll Deputy en-US Commander Jenifer en-US Peterson, Maj. Dan en-US Lacaria, Command en-US Sergeant Major Todd en-US Shirley and Host en-US Nations Liaison Mike en-US Sakaio attended the en-US Working Level Joint en-US Committee Meeting on en-US Majuro Jan. 10-11, with en-US leadership from the en-US RMI government and en-US Kwajalein Atoll local en-US government United en-US en-US-en-US mand, Space and Misen-US -en-US sile Defense Command en-US and Army Environmenen-US-en-US tal Command. Among en-US the topics of discussion en-US were contract transien-US -en-US tion at USAG-KA and en-US the Prinz Eugen. U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson en-USTheres nothing likeen-US en-USa little time travel to en-US start the New Year. Sponsored by Quality en-US of Life, Kansas City-based band The M80s en-US brought the greatest hits of 1980s dance en-US and arena rock to life in a series of concerts en-US on Roi and Kwaj, Jan. 12-14. en-US The evening performances were a blast en-US from the past to remember. Sporting cool en-US black Ray-Bans, checkered ties and legen-US -en-US gings, the band channeled the sweet sounds en-US of radio hits by an array of bands: The Cars, en-US A-ha, Bon Jovi, Journey, Van Halen, The Cure en-US and many more. Island residents dressed en-US for the era and danced the night away. A en-US few participated in an impromptu 1980s en-US costume contest at the Vets Hall during the en-US adults-only show Jan. 14. en-US 1) Spectators gather to enjoy the concert at Emon Beach Jan. 13. 2) Good music brings en-US Kwaj residents of all ages together to dance at the big pavilion. 3) Kwaj resident Ron en-US Sylvester relives the magic of the music during the concert while listening to songs en-US en-US rock hits during their performance. 3 U.S. Army photo by Mike Sakaio


4 phant: Its what is left of a U.S. Army 7th Infantry gas mask. en-USTo her right lie the rusted steel bodies of a heavy Japanese en-US en-US both of which Bagley unearthed last August. Behind the guns en-US sit dozens of American and Japanese glass bottles and porceen-US-en-US lain dishes. Along another wall sit a pair of black bookshelves en-US holding boxes of human bones waiting to be sent off to the RMI en-US government for safekeeping. en-US Bagleys curation area houses but a sample of the artifacts en-US archeologists on the island have pulled out of the earth during en-US excavations for jobs ranging from Air Force Space Fence conen-US -en-US struction to Department of Public Works utility lines repairs. en-US Together the archeologistswhether they work for AMEC Fosen-US -en-US ter Wheeler at Space Fence or KRS on the garrisontell crews en-US where it is safe to dig and where a backhoe shovel might hit en-US a pit of unexploded grenades, mess tent silverware or WWII en-US trash deposits. en-US In my visit to the Kwajalein Range Services Archeology Ofen-US -en-US en-US to emphasize something that is counterintuitive to me. The en-US archeologists goal is not to mount excavations and dig up kaen-US -en-US tana swords or dog tags or to locate and excavate pre-1900s en-US Marshallese burial sitesthough they know with certainty en-US that they are out there. Instead, on an island garrison where TOP: Natalie Bagley, archeologist for AMEC Foster Wheelers en-USSpace Fence contract, inspects a WWII gas mask she and her en-US team pulled from the ground during excavations. BOTTOM: en-US en-US B en-USThe war dead from Operation Flintlock lie in artillery impact en-US craters and trenches dug into the ground on Kwajalein. U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson U.S. Army photo


5 construction, maintenance and excavations must keep en-USmoving, the paramount objective is to prevent impacts en-US on archeological sites. If they guide construction crews en-US correctly, earth movers cut into nothing but clean soil, en-US sand and coral rubble. The contractor crews, in turn, en-US incur less construction delays stemming from artifact en-US discoveries and lengthy excavation jobs at uncovered en-US archeological sites. Its a symbiotic win-win, Day says. en-US If artifacts and human remains can be avoided during en-US construction it saves time and money.en-US As the consultant, we want to make the path of en-US least resistance, he says. We want to make everyone en-US happy. en-US This is not to say that all projects are able to comen-US -en-US pletely avoid archeological deposits. If its not practien-US -en-US cal to work around a known or supposed artifact site, en-US its time to excavate, identify and relocate the artifacts en-US and remains. Day points at a color-coded geographic en-US information systems map on a computer monitor. He en-US uses maps like these to assess the likelihood of crews en-US digging into WWII detritus and human remains on en-US Kwajalein. Red areas on the GIS map represent areas en-US more likely to contain sensitive artifacts and remains. en-US These are sections of the island that used to lie along en-US the original lagoon-facing shore of the Kwajalein been-US -en-US fore American crews enlarged the islands footprint en-US en-US on his map show him where excavations are far less en-US likely to uncover artifacts, disturb the dead and cause en-US construction delays. en-US Of course, green doesnt always mean go, especially en-US on Kwajalein.en-US That soil has been dug up, distributed and redisen-US-en-US tributed around the island to such a great extent that en-US even dig operations in suspected safe zones turn up en-US artifacts from time to time, Day explains.en-US If work crews must break ground in a red section en-US on his mapan area known to be peppered with aren-US-en-US tifacts and suspected human remainsthe archeolen-US-en-US ogy team will actively monitor the excavation on site, en-US ready to blow the whistle as machines bite into the en-US soil. Finding harmless artifacts like Dai Nippon medien-US -en-US cine bottles, bayonets and Type 3 heavy machine guns en-US are often welcome opportunities for the archeologists en-US en-US has catalogued hundreds of artifacts leftover from en-US the WWII battles alone. Several display cases around en-US Kwajalein and Roi showcase a small sample of the oben-US -en-US en-US en-US-en-US mains. But on a pair of tiny islands, where roughly en-US 8,000 Japanese Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen perished en-US during Operation Flintlock, such an objective can be en-US hard to meet. en-US en-US year, Day says. You know, a few of those end up being en-US pig bones or some other kind of bone. But most often en-US its just one or two bones from one or two individuals en-US en-US Most of the Japanese who died on the islands were en-US placed into mass graves after the American invasion. en-US This was part of a rapid clean-up effort poised to en-US transform Kwajalein into a crucial logistics and fuel en-US supply hub in Americas island hopping campaign en-US en-US The composite reconnaissance photo directly below shows en-US en-US Flintlock. The photo below it shows Kwajalein as it appeared en-US en-US make room for the Multifunction Array Radar II on the west en-US end and for Silver City housing on the east end. The outline en-US en-US illustrating how much land area has been added to Kwajalein. en-US Day consults a GIS map to help predict areas in which construction will en-US disturb historic artifacts or human remains on Kwajalein. Because so en-US en-US to other locations, maps like these are a big help, he says. Jordan Vinson Courtesy of KRS Archeology Office File photo


6 A Soldier stands alongside Japanese Burial en-USSite Number 3 on Kwajalein (estimated en-US en-US en-US defenders who perished during Operation en-US Flintlock. According to research by former en-US garrison archeologists and amateaur en-US historians, the site lies approximately en-US under Speedball Lane, at a spot behind en-US en-US Burial Site Number 2, with an estimated en-US en-US at an approximate point behind Quarters en-US File photo en-USJapan. The old Photo Lab building on en-US Kwajalein, for example, sits on two of en-US en-US -en-US jaleinburial sites number 8 and 9, en-US which American Soldiers dug in 1944. en-US Shinto memorials and Norfolk Pine en-US trees on both Kwaj and Roi adorn the en-US grave sites converted into war memorien-US -en-US als, as a sign of respect for the dead. And en-US en-US -en-US ing in from Tokyo every year to visit the en-US sites. Yet, the devastation of the battle en-US and the Americans rush to set up an air en-US en-US -en-US en-US all of the war dead during the effort to en-US en-US The battle took place in a few days, en-US Day explains. And then within a few en-US months after that, we had the airstrips en-US up and running and the military base esen-US -en-US tablished here. So, the cleanup was expeen-US -en-US dient, and the bombing was well, we en-US learned from Tarawa that you bombard en-US en-US when we land on the island. So, yeah, the en-US bodies that went down ended up getting en-US scattered.en-US en-US while unlikely, do turn up on occasion, en-US even in areas on the island expected to en-US be low-risk for encountering them. For en-US example, a construction job next to the en-US current Space Fence personnel mess en-US hall three years agoa green section on en-US Days GIS maprevealed a human skull. en-US It forced the work crew to hit the brakes en-US on the job until Bagley could excavate en-US the remains. Using her experience in osen-US-en-US teoarcheology, she concluded the skull en-US en-US northeast Asian ancestry.en-US Hes most likely a Japanese soldier, en-US she says, gingerly handling a dull white-en-US colored human mandible that had been-US-en-US come detached from the skull. Hes not en-US Marshallese.en-US I found a second burial beneath him, en-US she continues. This one [was] a young en-US Asian female. She was buried face-down, en-US with her hands and feet kind of twisted en-US up behind her. So again, her teeth tell me en-US shes northeast Asian. Her bones tell me en-US en-US -en-US where in that range. en-US en-US the garrison, and they required a modien-US-en-US en-US plan to avoid disturbing the soil near en-US en-US performing a full-skeleton excavation on en-US USAG-KA, a time consuming process that en-US requires cutting out the earth around the en-US skeleton and performing a lengthy bone en-US en-US My electricians called her Mia, Bagley en-US says, holding up a disc-shaped chunk of en-US hard soil containing the bones of two en-US small human feet. Eventually theyll be en-US sent to an RMI government agency.en-US ----en-US Respecting and honoring the dead is a en-US top concern of U.S. Installation Manageen-US -en-US en-US says Maj. Dan Lacaria, the director of the en-US en-US Its a privilege to live atop a WWII en-US en-US dating back well before westerners been-US -en-US gan arriving, says Lacaria. Were very en-US fortunate to see this history every day en-US and that everyone understands the reen-US-en-US sponsibility that comes with being here.en-US en-US Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll operate under en-US an agreement with the Marshall Islands en-US government: Any American human reen-US-en-US mains and artifacts associated with en-US WWII and later eras become property en-US of the U.S. government. Any pre-WWII en-US artifacts and all remains of Marshallese, en-US Japanese and Korean nationals are evenen-US-en-US tually turned over to the RMI Historical en-US en-US Theres a special process involved en-US en-US -en-US en-US the provost marshal and the hospital, en-US checking that there are no ongoing en-US murder investigations. Second, they en-US notify the Historical Preservation Ofen-US -en-US en-US single bone and theres no indication en-US the rest of the skeleton is nearby, auen-US -en-US thorities usually do not force a lengthy en-US pause to construction. But if its an acen-US -en-US tual internment or an intact burial, the en-US team has the choice to either excavate en-US the remains or change the construction en-US plan. Sort of how Bagleys team did with en-US Mia. Either is a rare circumstance, one en-US that hasnt occurred at the KRS Archeen-US -en-US en-US USAG-KA. en-USen-US bone collections into the system since en-US en-US-en-US tact burials, yeah thats kind of rare. en-US ----en-US Despite the sheer tonnage of bombs en-US dropped and blood shed during Operaen-US -en-US tion Flintlock, not everything the archeen-US-en-US en-US Roi relates to WWII. Kwajalein Atoll and en-US the islanders that called it home were en-US here long before the Spanish, Germans, en-US Japanese and Americans knew the archien-US -en-US pelago existed. en-US Since roughly 100-200 A.D., islanders en-US lived out their lives on this very atoll. en-US They stared at a gleaming night sky en-US buttressed by palm trees and wove toen-US-en-US gether a deep catalogue of Micronesian en-US folklore, passing origin stories down the en-US generations that followed. They sailed en-US great distances, using nothing but their en-US understanding of the constellations and en-US their readings of the ocean currents and en-US swells to guide them. It is thought that en-US they wore small, Spartan loin cloths en-US and skirts made primarily from woven en-US pandanus mats, hibiscus and other vegen-US-


7 A Marshall Islander en-USearth oven or um en-US is discovered near en-US Camp Hamilton en-US during a digging en-US en-US KRS archeologists en-US Grant Day and en-US Caitlin Gilbertson en-US hope to send en-US the samples of en-US en-US carbon pulled en-US from the oven en-US for radiocarbon en-US dating. en-US Archeology assistants help sift dirt to parse out any human remains during the March en-US 2001 discovery of an 1,800-year-old early islander skeleton near the ALTAIR radar on en-US the island of Namur. File photo Courtesy of KRS Archeology Office en-USetation, as was done among Marshall Isen-US -en-US landers during early contacts with Euroen-US -en-US pean sailors and whalers. In fact, almost en-US everything the early islanders used in en-US their daily lives, from food preparation en-US to home and outrigger canoe building, en-US was essentially temporary, compostaen-US -en-US bleerasable. The same goes for the en-US generations that followed and spread en-US throughout the archipelago. en-US Aside from rare artifacts like adzes, en-US en-US and large pandanus pounders, not much en-US of these early islanders lives remain in en-US en-US generations later. Except for bones.en-US That there are ancient internments en-US of Marshall Islanders in certain areas en-US on USAG-KA is something few USAG-en-US KA residents are aware of. A good exen-US -en-US ample came in March 2001. A crew was en-US digging a utility trench next to the ALen-US -en-US TAIR radar on Namur when it cut into a en-US en-US unexploded ordnance and the remains en-US of two people of Asian descent: most en-US likely Japanese defenders or Korean en-US laborers. After the USAKA archeologien-US-en-US cal team reburied the human remains en-US in a safe place nearby, the construction en-US crew continued the pipeline dig. What en-US they found next was truly remarkable. en-US A nearly complete single skeleton, along en-US with small shells that appeared to be en-US en-US -en-US ered in a plot of soil a bit farther away, en-US the color and composition of which inen-US-en-US dicated the site predated WWII. en-US en-US USAKA Resident Archeologist Dr. Boris en-US Deunert said in an interview with the en-US en-US -en-US mission, we will radiocarbon date these en-US bones. en-US On April 20, 2001 Deunert hand deen-US -en-US livered some of the small shells and a en-US fragment of the individuals left humeren-US-en-US us (upper arm bone) to International en-US Archeological Research Institute, Inc. in en-US Honolulu. Specialists ruled against the en-US likelihood that the shells were chieftain en-US artifacts. But results were different for en-US the humerus: Radiocarbon dating by en-US scientists at Stafford Research Laboraen-US-en-US tories, Inc. in Colorado determined the en-US en-US years old. en-US The individual was among some of the en-US earliest generations of islanders to settle en-US in the Marshall Islands. en-US These results provide a high level of en-US en-US -en-US tain to an indigenous prehistoric inhaben-US-en-US itant of the Marshall Islands, wrote Dr. en-US Rona Ikehara-Quebral and Dr. J. Stephen en-US Athans in December 2001 on behalf of en-US International Archeological Research en-US Institute, Inc. The results further sugen-US-en-US gest quite an early time period for the en-US remains, probably within a century or en-US two of initial human occupation of the en-US Marshall Islands as suggested by current en-US archeological evidence. en-US The individualthe sex of which was en-US not possible to determinehad lived en-US and died on Namur at a time when the en-US Roman Empire had reached its height en-US and begun its descent in the Mediteren-US-en-US ranean. And about 1,800 years later, en-US en-US Projects Agency installed ALTAIR a en-US stones throw away from their grave for en-US the purpose of studying ballistic missile en-US re-entry characteristics during the Cold en-US War. en-US This juxtaposition of historic artifacts en-US and chapters of historyfrom prehisen-US -en-US tory, to WWII, to the Cold Waron Kwaen-US -en-US jalein Atolls islands is what makes the en-US place a truly remarkable archeological en-US gem, Day says. en-US It gets a little intense out here, he en-US says, looking at his GIS maps. Youve got en-US historic everywhere. And then youve en-US got prehistoric right below that. And the en-US Cold War era closing in on top of all that.en-US A recent discovery of a more contemen-US-en-US en-US helped illustrate Days point. en-US Near Camp Hamilton, along the origien-US -en-US nal, pre-1944 lagoon shoreline of the en-US island, an earth mover peeled away a en-US section of earth, revealing an old Maren-US -en-US shallese earth oven, or an um. After en-US en-US construction to continue, the archeolen-US-en-US en-US stones colored black by carbon buildup en-US and remnants of coconut husks used for en-US charcoal.en-US en-US evidence of early human occupation in en-USthat area of Kwajalein and evidence that en-US more intact archeological features may en-US be located in that vicinity. en-US Now were running carbon dates on en-US the charcoal to get an age, he says. But en-US en-US old. Well before Japanese occupation.en-US ----en-US On Kwajalein, Roi-Namur and satelen-US-en-US lite islands like Gagan there are likely en-US dozens more ums out there in the soil. en-US There are certainly many more prehisen-US -en-US toric burial plots and tools like pandaen-US -en-US nus scrapers and pounders out there to en-US be found. And there are without a doubt en-US literal tons more explosives hidden unen-US -en-US der the soils surface and in the waters en-US around the islands. But in order for the en-US archeologists to research and interpret en-US them, those bones, bottles and bombs en-US en-US via erosion or during dig projects. Until en-US then, we remain blind to the conduits en-US of the past and questions they answer en-US about the long, singular history of this en-US atoll.


8 1 2 U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson en-USPandanus has beenen-US one of the most en-US important forms of plant life in the Maren-US -en-US shalls. Its nutritious fruits and tough, en-US en-US shelter on the atolls in early times, and en-US still do today, although to a lesser extent. en-US Throughout Micronesia, leaves were en-US used for mats and thatch, but only in the en-US Marshalls, Gilberts and certain islands en-US in the Carolines was the pulp of the fruit en-US used for food on a regular basis. en-US How important it was can be seen in en-US the size of the vocabulary which deals en-USMary Browning was a frequent Hourglass en-US contributor in the late 1970s and early en-US 1980s. Her pieces covered an array of en-US issues pertaining to Marshallese culture en-US and history, archaeology in Micronesia en-US and marine biology. In this article, which en-US appeared April 28, 1980, she discusses en-US the importance of the pandanus tree to en-US the people of the Marshalls. 1) A pandanus tree on Kwajalein en-USbears the species large grenade-en-US shaped fruit. 2) A Bikini Atoll structure en-US features the traditional pandanus-en-US thatched roof used by islanders to top en-US their homes for about 1,800 years until en-US the 20th century. Courtesy of the Marshallese Cultural Center en-USPANDANUS IN THE en-USMARSHALL ISLANDSen-USwith it. There are at least 123 vernacuen-US -en-US lar names, all dealing with varieties en-US of the tree, according to Benjamin C. en-US Stones article, The Role of Pandanus in en-US the Culture of the Marshall Islands. Not en-US all names are used on all atolls. en-US The plants are cultivated as clones, en-US using cuttings of stems which have a en-US number of aerial roots growing just been-US -en-US hind the leave clusters. The cuttings are en-US placed in shallow holes, sometimes with en-US compost. Since they are often in a leanen-US -en-US ing position, the trees frequently grow en-US low and in ascending curves. Deeper en-US planting and use of fertilizers produce en-US better results. But, they need little care en-US to survive. Tolerant of poor soil condien-US-en-US tions, salt and drought, they often suren-US -en-US vive when other nearby plants die.en-US They produce some fruit year-round, en-US but in the Marshalls the season peaks en-US between November and January. Just en-US as some trees are known for the good en-US qualities of their leaves, so are others en-US known principally for their fruit. And, en-US some have fruit which is better eaten en-US raw while the syncarps of others are en-US good only if cooked. All these factors acen-US -en-US count in part for the number of names. en-US Other names refer to variations in en-US en-US keys or phalanges, or other factors. But en-US all are fairly tough. Chewing, or rather, en-US twisting and chewing on them, is exeren-US -en-US cise for teeth and jaws. Their appeal as en-US raw food, like that of sugar cane, lies in en-US en-US en-US provides high energy, good nutrition en-US and relative imperishability. This is en-US important historically, for the cooked, en-US pounded and dried pandanus could be en-US stored for long periods of time and used en-US as emergency rations, either in time of en-US drought or on lengthy sea voyages. en-US The leaves make superior roof thatchen-US -en-US ing. Bound together with sennit, folded en-US in small bunches around long poles en-US which are then laid like shingles in stagen-US -en-US gered layers from outer rafters to the en-US center beam of a building, pandanus en-US thatch makes a cool, waterproof and en-US easily-repaired roof which should last en-US for about three years. en-US Mats of various kinds were formerly en-US an extremely important use for the en-US leaves. It is said that the strips used in en-US plaiting canoe sails might have been the en-US width of the leave in some cases. These en-US mat sails were several layers thick, too. en-US But mats for other purposes invariably en-US used narrow strips, the width dependen-US -en-US ing on the eventual use of the mat and en-US the amount of time available. The naren-US -en-US en-US en-US time-consuming to make. en-US Leaves are prepared for plaiting by en-US removing any spiny margins and miden-US -en-US ribs, as well as the tips and bases of the en-US leaves. The strips are dried (in the sun en-US for lighter color, in the shade for darken-US -en-US er) and then can be rolled for storage. Want to advertise your message to en-USthe community in the Kwajalein Houren-US-en-US glass? Here's how to send us your anen-US -en-US nouncement. en-USObtain an Hourglass Publication en-US Request form on the USAG-KA-web en-US intranet website. Next, click the en-US Community tab at the top of the en-USHOW TOen-US SUBMIT HOURGLASS en-US ANNOUNCEMENTSen-USpage and click on Hourglass in en-US the dropdown menu. en-US Each form is located in the Lien-US -en-US braries submenu at left. Follow the en-US form instructions, and send the form en-US to the appropriate email address en-US listed on the form.en-US NOTES: Submit your Hourglass ad en-US by Noon Wednesday for publicaen-US -en-US tion on Saturday. Dont have access en-US to the USAG-KA-web intranet site? en-US Send an email to Media Services en-US at usarmy.bucholz.311-sig-cmd.en-US A staff en-US member will email you the form(s) en-US you need and a how-to FAQ list.


9 USAG-KA TOWN HALLS en-US en-USKWAJALEINen-USRMI Workforce en-US Jan. 25, 2 p.m., at the en-US Island Memorial Chapelen-US Island residentsen-US Jan. 25, 6 p.m., at the en-US High School MP Roomen-USROI-NAMURen-USIsland residents en-US Jan. 26, 1 p.m., at the en-US Tradewinds Theateren-US RMI Workforceen-US Jan. 26, 2 p.m., at the en-US Tradewinds Theater THUMBS UP to the Kwajalein Post Of en-US-en-US en-US beyond in helping our community with en-US extended hours and keeping everyone en-US posted on incoming mail pick up opporen-US -en-US tunities. They bend over backwards to en-US help the garrison residents, and for that a en-US big thumbs up. Kim Warner en-USTHUMBS UP THUMBS UP to The M80s for a fan en-US-en-US tastic weekend of lively perforen-US-en-US mances. You played my favorite en-US tunes and were so much fun! Dancing Queen en-USTHUMBS UP to Julia, Lobo, Mike, en-US Mamo, Michelle and Chelsea for en-US all of their hard work and dedicaen-US-en-US tion to the islands young people. en-US The kids have such an excepen-US-en-US tional experience here because en-US of everything you do. Kwaj Dad en-USTHUMBS UP to the good Samarien-US-en-US tan who picks up tanks. Way to en-US show some kwajenuity and reen-US-en-US spect for our communal diving en-US equipment! Kwajalein Scuba Club en-USTHUMBS UP to the island residents en-US who alerted the Kwajalein Fire en-US en-US-en-US ation this past week. Its good to en-US know the community is working en-US together to keep everyone safe. We Didnt Start The Fire en-USKWAJALEIN RECLAIMED WATER STANDARD VIOLATIONen-USThe Reclaimed Water Document en-US of Environmental Protection (DEP) en-US en-US -en-US claimed water standards are violated. en-US The reclaimed water system has en-US shown higher than normal turbidity leven-US -en-US en-US at the Kwajalein wastewater treatment en-US plant. From December 11 through 22, en-US 2017, the 7 day rolling turbidity average en-US at the reclaim water point of entry meaen-US -en-US sured 2.2 to 3.2 en-US Nephelometric Turbidity Units en-US (NTUs) (which exceeds the permitted en-US maximum of 2.0 NTUs). This average en-US dropped back down to 2.0 NTUs on Deen-US -en-US cember 23, 2017. en-US Turbidity is the cloudiness or hazien-US -en-US ness of a liquid caused by individual en-US particles that are generally invisible to en-US wastewater treatment plant. en-US Jen December 11 non 22, 2017, averen-US -en-US age turbidity im ar koman lak in 7 raan en-US ar tobar 2.2 non 3.2 NTU (numba in ar en-US bed ilon in 2.0 NTU ak jonok eo emoj en-US karrok ilo kakien bwe jen lore). en-US Average eo ar walal lok non 2.0 NTU en-US ilo December 23, 2017. Turbidity ej en-US jonan an lim dren eo im ej itok jen paren-US-en-US ticles (etoon) ko im jej maron loi kon en-US mejed.en-US Ejelok enaan in kakkol ej aikuj koman en-US non kabojrak dren ko im jej kojerbali en-US aolep raan non wutidrikdrik kein eddok en-US ko, kwalkol wa, im jerbal ko jet. en-US Kakobaba lak, ejelok kauwatata im en-US emaron jelot ejmour im ijoko ibelakid en-US enaj walok kon an kar le ilon in jonok en-US eo. Ne elon kajitok, kir Environmental en-US en-US the naked eye. en-US No health-based restrictions on the en-US normal use (irrigation, vehicle washing, en-US etc.) of reclaimed (or non-potable) waen-US -en-US ter were necessary. Additionally, there en-US was no threat to public health or the en-US environment as a result of this turbidity en-US exceedance. en-US If you have any questions, please the en-US en-US Violation ikijen kakien eo kon en-US Reclaimed Water eo ion Kwajaleinen-US Ekkar non pepa eo naetan Reclaimed en-US Water Document of Environmental Proen-US -en-US tection (DEP) kojella ej aikuj koman non en-US public elone kakien ko ikijen tiljek im en-US erreo in dren emoj aer rub. en-US Level in turbidity eo ar walon lak itok en-US en-USen-US U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll Facebook command information questions, please contact Public Affairs at 54848.


10 Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and en-USPrevention (SHARP) Contact Informationen-USCW3 Dave Casbarraen-US SHARP Victim Advocateen-US Work: 805 355 3421 Home: 805 355 1731en-US USAG-KA SHARP Pager: 805 355 3243/3242/3241/0100en-US USAG-KA SHARP VA Local Help Line: 805 355 2758en-US DOD en-USSAFE Helpline: 877 995 5247 WEEKLY WEATHER OUTLOOK en-USWEATHER DISCUSSION: en-US A Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO) en-US with enhanced convection over the maritime continent will be en-US en-US in the past discussed MJO is a planetary scale wave in the tropien-US -en-US cal atmosphere which enhances or suppresses convections en-US in different regions. This week the Intertropical Convergence en-US Zone (ITCZ) has been located along 7N. With help of MJO we en-US have seen more mid-September wet season-like conditions en-US versus mid-January type conditions. ITCZ stays near our latien-US -en-US tude for next few days then drifts south. Expect more showers en-US next few days going back to more typical dry season pattern.en-US SATURDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY FORECAST: en-US Scattered en-US en-US 20 knots.en-US MID-WEEK FORECAST: en-US Widely scattered showers decreasen-US -en-US LUNCH en-USDINNER Sunday en-USChicken Fried Steaken-US Roasted Chickenen-US Mashed Potatoesen-USThursdayen-USCorned Beef Brisketen-US en-US Succotashen-USJan. 27en-USSpicy Asian Spareribsen-US Curried Chickenen-US en-USThursdayen-USBeef Stewen-US Herbed Pork Loinen-US Brown Rice Pilafen-USFridayen-USJerk Chickenen-US Beef Burgundyen-US Hopping Johnen-USFridayen-USSalmon w/Dijon Creamen-US Teriyaki Chickenen-US Roasted Red Potatoesen-USMondayen-USCajun Chickenen-US Roast Beefen-US Braised Greensen-USWednesdayen-USSweet and Sour Chickenen-US Kalua Porken-US Snow Peas & Peppersen-USMondayen-USOven Fried Chickenen-US Baked Meatloafen-US Mashed Potatotesen-USSundayen-USFajita Baren-US Spanish Riceen-US Refried Beansen-USTuesdayen-USManicottien-US Honey Ginger Carrotsen-US Smashed Garlic Potatoesen-USWednesdayen-USSteak Nighten-US BBQ Chickenen-US Baked Potato Baren-USTuesdayen-USChicken Parmesanen-US en-US Peas and Carrotsen-USJan. 27en-USRoasted Turkeyen-US en-US Antigua Veggies Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility en-US*MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 19 REPORTING SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY en-US-Date and time activity occurreden-US -Where and what type of activity occurred en-US -Physical description of the people involveden-US -Description of modes ofen-US transportationen-US -Describe what you saw or hearden-US -Provide pictures if you took anyen-USWHO TO REPORT TO en-USLocal law Enforcement en-US and Securityen-US *911en-US *5-4445/4443en-US *usarmy.bucholz.311-sg-en-US cmd.mbx.usag-pmo@mail Have something the USAG-KA en-UScommander needs to know? en-US Call the Commanders Hotline at 51098.en-US en-USYour voice is valued.


11 en-USQrtrs. 414 A Pine St. Kitchen, bath, en-US en-US en-US en-US COMMUNITY NOTICESen-US Pools and Beaches School Year Hours en-US (Lifeguard on Duty). Family Pool: en-US en-US p.m.; Wednesday and Friday, 3:30 en-US en-US en-US closed for cleaning. Pool will open en-US or close early on select dates for KST en-US Swim Meets. en-US Emon Beach: Sunday and Monday, 11 en-US en-US-en-US dy Swim. **As a reminder, children en-US under 10 years of age must be accomen-US-en-US panied and watched by a responsible en-US en-US approved swimming area.en-US The Family Pool closes until 2:30 p.m. en-US Jan. 22 for the KST Swim Meet.en-US There will be a meeting of the Amerien-US -en-US can Legion general membership en-US Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. at the en-US Vets Hall with Col. DeOre. Members en-US only. Questions, call Dan Farnham. en-US Kwajalein Scuba Club January Meeten-US-en-US ing. Wednesday, Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. in en-US the MP Room. Members who were en-US unable to attend the December meeten-US-en-US ing are encouraged to attend and pay en-US club dues. After January 31 members en-US with unpaid dues incur an additional en-US $20 late fee and will be ineligible to en-US use the tank house until dues are en-US paid. Check out the KSC Facebook en-US page for updates and information.en-US KGA Golf Association Annual 2018 en-US Membership Drive. Join the KGA to en-US get your USGA handicaps, particien-US-en-US pate in fun tourneys such as the Kwaj en-US Open, Coral Cup and others! Dues: en-US en-US or check payable to KGA, Attn: Greg en-US Whitehead, Unit 17001 Box 102, APO, en-US en-US HELP WANTEDen-US Visit USAJOBS.GOV to search and apen-US-en-US ply for USAG-KA vacancies and other en-US federal positions. KRS and Chugach en-US listings for on-Island jobs are posted en-US at: Kwajalein, Roi-Namur and Ebeye en-US Dock Security Checkpoint locations; en-US en-US en-US Human Resources in Bldg. 700 and en-US on the Kwaj-web site under Conen-US -en-US tractor Information>KRS> Human en-US Resources>Job Opportunities. Listen-US-en-US ings for off-island contract positions en-US are available at Job Opportunity at RTS Weather en-US Station. Position: Radar Engineer/en-US Instrument Specialist (Full-time). en-US Education: Bachelors Degree. U.S. en-US Citizen/Permanent Resident Card en-US required. For full details and to apply en-US see en-US req.#42.en-US San Juan Construction is currently en-US hiring for multiple projects on Kwaen-US-en-US jalein. If your contract is ending and en-US you are interested in continued work en-US on Kwajalein, please see our website en-US at for en-US opportunities and to apply or call en-US Tim Hughes, Corporate Recruiter at en-US 970-497-8238.en-US There are still ExPat positions reen-US-en-US maining with DynCorp International. en-US If you are interested in applying en-US en-US en-US FOR SALE en-US Family Patio Sale. Saturday, Jan. 20, en-US 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at Qtrs. 137-F. Small en-US kitchen appliances, house wares, en-US clothing, toys, DVDs and more.en-US BQ Sale Before The Sale. Coral 314 on en-US Saturday, Jan. 20. 11:30 a.m. 7:30 en-US p.m. Ladies clothing, kitchen items, en-US dcor and more! Come early for en-US the best selection. Questions Call en-US en-USJan. 27en-USShoyu Chickenen-US Kahlua Porken-US Fried Riceen-USJan. 27en-USHot Dogs en-US Chili en-US Meatloafen-USFridayen-USPot Roasten-US Fried Fishen-US Braised Cabbageen-US Sundayen-US Peking Style en-US Henen-US en-US Short Riben-US Thursdayen-US Hot Turkey Sandwichen-US Chicken Adoboen-US Cornbread en-USThursdayen-USFried Chickenen-US Swedish Meatballen-US Egg Noodlesen-USFridayen-USGround Beef Tacosen-US Chicken Chimichangaen-US Mexican Riceen-US Mondayen-US Pepper Steaken-US Glazed Porken-US Cheese Quicheen-US Wednesdayen-US Stir-Fry Beefen-US Chicken & Broccolien-US Rice Pilafen-USSundayen-USSalsbury Steaken-US Herb Baked Fishen-US Mashed Potatoesen-USMondayen-USPork Chopsen-US Roast Turkeyen-US en-USTuesdayen-USCoconut Fried Chickenen-US Roast Porken-US Fried Riceen-USWednesdayen-USPrime Riben-US Baked Potatoen-US Corn on the Coben-US Tuesdayen-US Spaghettien-US Sausage & Peppers Suben-US Garlic Bread LUNCH en-USDINNERen-USCaf Roi en-US*MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 19en-USBallroom Dance Classes start Tuesen-US-en-US en-US en-US Well start with swing dance (Jitteren-US-en-US bug) and also cover cha-cha, foxtrot en-US and rumba. No cost, partner encouren-US -en-US aged but not required. Be ready for en-US the Annual Ballroom Dance on May en-US en-US QOL Vehicle Update. QOL vehicles en-US en-US 2018.en-US Boys and Girls Club of America Varien-US -en-US en-US the High School MP Room. The Boys en-US and Girls Club of America is preen-US-en-US paring to host the annual VARIETY en-US SHOW! All are welcome for a fun en-US and enjoyable night of skits, musien-US -en-US cal acts, and dances! If you have any en-US questions please contact Michael en-US en-US CYS Youth Sports Registration. en-US en-US en-US-en-US en-US en-US en-US limitation. Reg. for all three open en-US Dec. 12-Jan. 20. Visit Central Regen-US -en-US en-US en-US Save The Date. March 4, 2018. YYWC en-US Annual Basket Auction. Mark your en-US calendar! Join us for an evening of en-US entertainment, great food and fun en-US with friends as you bid on amazing en-US goods and services donated by Kwaen-US-en-US jaleins businesses, vendors, clubs, en-US families and individuals. Funds en-US raised support improving educaen-US-en-US tion in the Marshall Islands and suren-US -en-US rounding Micronesia area. Want to en-US donate? We would love to have your en-US help. Start now gathering items to en-US be auctioned at this event. Ticket en-US sales will start in February. For inen-US-en-US formation contact Kiersta Bailey at en-US SAFETY/ENVIRONMENTALen-US Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings are en-US held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, en-US en-US Library.en-US Safely Speaking/ Hand Protection. en-US Hand protection is not simply putting en-US en-US eliminate the task that may put our en-US hands at risk; or using tools rather en-US than hands to complete the job. If a en-US glove is the last option for safely comen-US -en-US pleting the task; ensure you are using en-US the right glove for the job.en-US E-Talk/Petroleum Product Storage en-US Tank Management. Reduce, Reuse and en-US Recycle. Reduce waste, reuse materien-US -en-US als, and make an effort to be part of en-US the recycling program. Questions? en-US en-US Protect yourself from stings. Dont en-US wear perfume or cologne. Avoid scenten-US-en-US ed soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.en-US en-US printed clothes. Minimize vegetation en-US along walkways and near building enen-US-en-US trances. Before using bike racks and en-US benches, check them for nests.en-USHIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS en-USThe Military Entrance Processing en-US Station (MEPS) Team from Hawaii en-US will be on island to administer the en-US Armed Services Vocational Aptitude en-US Battery (ASVAB) Test to local high en-US schools on Ebeye and Kwajalein. en-USADULTS AND RESIDENTSen-USFor adult residents/Kwajalein emen-US -en-US ployees (e.g. C-badge and T-badge) en-US who are interested in taking the ASen-US -en-US VAB, the MEPS team will administer en-US the Enlistment Test at the Religious en-US Education Building (REB) on Thursen-US -en-US day, Feb. 1, 2018 at 1 p.m. en-US Please coordinate your attenen-US -en-US dance with your supervisor should en-US your work hours coincide with the en-US test date and time. Also, please en-US bring a photo ID and be there by en-US 12:30 p.m. Questions, please conen-US -en-US en-US or 55325. en-US en-US2018 ASVAB TESTINGen-US


12 Gloves are en-USthe most common form of en-US Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).en-US We have a variety of gloves available en-US en-US task or application. It is important to seen-US -en-US lect the right glove for the work you will en-US be doing.en-US Take time to select and wear the coren-US -en-US rect gloves for the work to be performed. en-US Keep in mind that protective gloves are en-US made from a variety of materials, but en-US not all gloves offer adequate protection en-US from all work place hazards. en-US Fabric gloves (like cotton) protect en-US en-US-en-US en-US protection for use with rough, sharp, or en-US heavy materials. Adding a plastic coaten-US -en-US ing will strengthen some fabric gloves. en-US Coated fabric gloves offer general-en-US purpose hand protection with slip-resisen-US -en-US tant qualities. These gloves are used for en-US tasks ranging from handling bricks and en-US wire to chemical laboratory containers. en-US en-US and cold, are cut and abrasive-resistant.en-US Sturdy gloves made from metal mesh, en-US leather, or canvas can help protect your en-US hands against cuts and burns. Thick en-US leather or canvas gloves also protect en-US against sustained heat. Leather gloves en-US also protect against sparks, moderate en-US heat, blows, chips, and rough objects. en-US en-US and insulating protection against heat, en-US but require an insert made of synthetic en-US materials to protect against heat and en-US cold. en-US Using gloves (PPE) may be our last en-US line of defense so it is essential we idenen-US -en-US tify and use gloves designed to provide en-US the highest level of protection against en-US en-US work assignments and daily tasks. SIMPLY SAFE Y ATI CHECK-IN TIMES UNITED CHECK-IN TIMES en-USEarly departures:45-8:15 a.m.en-US All other departures-8:30 a.m.en-US en-US en-US Monday, United 1553:30-4:45 p.m.en-US Tuesday, United 15411-11:30 a.m.en-US Wednesday, United 1552:30-3:45 p.m.en-US en-US Friday, United 1553:30-4:45 p.m.en-US Saturday, United 15411-11:30 a.m.en-USSELF-SHIPMENT TIPS en-USFROM THE POST OFFICE en-USPlanning to self-ship en-US belongings home en-US before your departure from Kwajalein? en-US en-US With many island residents mailing en-US boxes, lines have been a little longer than en-US en-US the community that special appointment en-US times can be arranged outside of the en-US normal hours of operation. If you have en-US four boxes or more, please take advanen-US -en-US tage of this appointment time Kwajalein en-US en-US your various shipping options. Residents en-US are encouraged to remember that stanen-US -en-US dard height and weight shipping dimenen-US sions apply for self-shipments. Boxes en-USand packages have a weight limit of 70 en-US pounds. Length and girth limits are 108 en-US inches for Priority Mail packages and en-US 130 inches for packages shipped via en-US SAM or Parcel Post. en-US Custom forms can be completed onen-US-en-US line and all forms should be completed en-US before coming to the mailing window. en-US USPS has a variety of mailing supplies en-US available for free through their website.en-US For additional assistance and quesen-US-en-US tions please contact the Kwajalein Post en-US en-US com/text/dmm100/tips-measure-packen-US -en-US ages.htm. en-USen-US en-USen-US en-US