The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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en-US2 U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De en-US-en-US partment of the Army or USAG-KA. It is published en-US Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation en-US 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein en-US Range Services editorial staff.en-US Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-2114;en-US Local phone: 52114en-US Printed circulation: 650en-US Email: en-US usarmy.bucholz.311-sig-cmd.mbx.hourglass@mail.milen-USGarrison Commander...Col. James DeOre Jr.en-US Garrison CSM ............ Sgt. Maj. Todd Shirley en-US en-US Managing Editor . ..................... en-USJordan Vinsonen-US Associate Editor . .............. en-USJessica Dambruchen-US Media Services Specialist ...... Cari Dellingeren-US Media Services Intern .......... Allison Homuthen-USThe Kwajalein Hourglassen-US en-US is named for the en-US insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, en-US which liberated the island from the forces of en-US Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944.en-US The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized en-US publication for military personnel, federal emen-US -en-US ployees, contractor workers and their families en-US assigned to U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein en-US Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not necen-US -en-US CHAD en-US en-USMCGLINNen-USSometimes we need an action tale en-US en-US goals stick. U.S. Air Force Veteran en-US and Kwaj triathlete Chad McGlinn en-US beat his personal goal in IRONMAN en-US Malaysia in November 2017and en-US a few weeks later began training en-US again for competitive events on en-US Kwajalein and the Philippines in en-US 2018. The decision to take up disen-US-en-US tance running challenged changed en-US the Kwaj surfer but what keeps him en-US running is another storyand a en-US good one. So the Kwajalein Houren-US-en-US glass asked him about it.en-USHOURGLASS INTERVIEWS Jessica Dambruch: Describe what en-USits like to immerse yourself in Ironen-US-en-US man training. en-US Chad McGlinn: en-US Training for an Ironen-US-en-US man just takes your whole life over. Baen-US-en-US sically thats all you do. You eat for the en-US training, you sleep for the training. I en-US would get up at 3:30 in the morning and en-US do one training session then, and as soon en-US as I got off work, Id get my takeout meal en-US so I could train from 4 or 5 p.m., then en-US swim, then sleep. You get up, you eat, en-US sleep, train. Its an addiction. As soon as I en-US en-US JD: Why did you start running? en-US CM: en-US I came here out of the Air Force. I en-US had never done any [competitions]. I en-US came out here and I was one of the peoen-US -en-US ple in the bar, smoking, drinking all the en-US time and it was just a waste of time. The en-US way I quit doing everything was I just en-US started running. I ran instead of going to en-US the bar. Theres a lot of people that call it en-US Chads way of quitting, or Chads way of en-US getting healthy. So I did that. en-US JD: Which type of endurance events en-US do you enjoy more? Triathlons or en-US marathons?en-US en-US CM: en-US I had done outdoor stuff a lot [been-US-en-US fore] but never any long endurance stuff. en-US I quit smoking and drinking and started en-US training. I did a marathon in Seattle on en-US vacation. I did a Rustman in preparation, en-US as something different. en-US When I did the marathon I was like, en-US this is boring. I liked the three different en-US triathlon disciplines to train for because en-US youre never going to get bored. You can en-US switch them up in different orders, difen-US -en-US ferent lengths. en-US JD: How many Rustmans have you en-US en-US CM: en-US en-US six. I went full out on all the triathlons. en-US en-US minutes. The next year I was an hour and en-US 12 minutes. I was one of the few people en-US who had gone under 2 hours and ten en-US minutes. And I justI dont know. I keep en-US going, keep going [and] keep going. en-US JD: How do you stay focused while en-US you train? en-US CM: en-US en-US just doing half Ironmans in the states. I en-US was [also] doing online school. Basically en-US I would write all my term papers while en-US I was riding the bike for three and four en-US hours, in my head. You go nowhere: Its en-US like a blank. en-US You dont want to think about the pain. en-US You dont want to think. You focus. Its a en-US distraction. In the real races, its a safety en-US hazard to have earbuds and music playen-US -en-US ing. When I train out here, its a six hour en-US bike ride just me in my head, thinking. en-US JD: What would be your ideal en-US soundtrack for training? en-US CM: en-US Anything that was fast. Ill listen to en-US music the day or night before so I have en-US something in my head. I have a shirt en-US that says my mind is 30 percent swim, en-US 30 percent run, 30 percent bike and ten en-US percent song lyrics. en-US JD: Talk about what it was like to en-US compete in Malaysia. en-US CM: en-US en-US Ironman. 140.6 miles. It was incredibly en-US exciting. Coming from here, Im riding en-US or running around in circles. I get there, en-US and the swim was horrible. There was no en-US visibility. Theres nothing thats going to en-US compare to the clarity of our water. en-US But when I get on the bike, Im not riden-US-en-US ing in circles. Im riding up mountains, en-US and down, and then riding through the en-US villages on Langkawi Island, which is en-US a small island off of Malaysia. All the en-US en-US through. I was afraid Id hurt someone: en-US Im going 25 to 27 miles an hour. You en-US knowwhack! en-US Chad McGlinn experiences the euphoria of en-US runners high after completing IRONMAN en-US Malaysia in November 2017.


en-US3 JD: Malaysia is mountainous. Kwaj en-USen-US-en-US lenges for Kwaj athletes?en-US CM: en-US en-US resistance, here. On the last run I was en-US en-US -en-US citing. There was so much support from en-US everyone there. When youre running en-US the streets were entirely lined with peoen-US-en-US plethe entire way, people cheering. en-US en-US en-US like] 11 hours and 51 minutes. I beat my en-US goal. I was really scared of it. Two weeks en-US before I was feeling really sickI had en-US a viral infection in my lungs. Id go half en-US a mile and cough. I was doubting Id be en-US able to start. It cleared up enoughor en-US maybe it was a lot of adrenaline too. en-US JD: Whats your next major goal? en-US CM: en-US Ive signed up for an event in the en-US Philippines in June. And [in December] en-US I signed up for the Paupers Marathon. en-US Which wasnt very smart. Youre supen-US-en-US posed to be in recovery, to do nothing en-US after the Ironman for three weeks, and en-US then slowly bring it back. Give your musen-US-en-US cles time to recover. en-US It takes a lot out of you to train, and en-US then you put it all together for 12 hours en-US of continuous strenuous exercise. Your en-US muscles are breaking down. They cant en-US get enough fuel. Your body is feeding off en-US anything it can. Youre supposed to eat, en-US sleep and recover. And then, in the fourth en-US week, you start to come back. en-US JD: That must be tough. en-US CM: en-US Its called the Ironman depression. en-US I read a lot about that. Within hours after en-US en-US for months. What am I going to do now? en-US In my fourth week, I decided I was going en-US to run a marathon.en-US JD: If you werent working on the en-US radar and running, what job would en-US you choose?en-US CM: en-USId be a surfer. Id start training and en-US then the rest of the year go to Pohnpei en-US to surf. I used to go to Nell and surf. I en-US spent a week up there [on Nell] once, en-US just hanging out.en-US en-US-en-US ishing the competition in Malaysia? en-US CM: en-US Everyone says you crash, but I en-US couldnt sleep for two days. Adrenaline, en-US justwow, great! Thats how they get en-US you to another one. You want that back. en-US en-US worked so hard on for so long. en-US I went around and saw the villages. I en-US ate a lot of stuff I didnt chance eating en-US en-US stuff. Its a small island. They have all the en-US en-US en-US JD: How do your children feel about en-US your training? en-US CM: en-US They think Im crazy. Theyre more en-US into music and video games. en-US JD: Any of the island youth ask for en-US en-US goals? en-US CM: en-US If I see kids at the gym I help them en-US if theyre doing something wrong. I dont en-US want them to get hurt. I also used to run en-US with the Sykes boys. They thought it was en-US cool to sprint past me in the end. So I was en-US like, Well. All right. It made them happy. en-US JD: For Rustman 2018 training, do en-US you team up with anyone? en-US CM: en-US Its more of a solitary thingfor me en-US that is. Ill go out there and run and lap en-US swim. If I see somebody, Ill always run en-US next to them and talk to them for a while. en-US Id do the group [bike] rides when they en-US used to have them and hang out and talk en-US with people but its more that I like to go en-US fast, I guess. en-US McGlinn speeds down a mountainside on en-US Langkawi Island during the biking portion en-US of the event. Courtesy of Chad McGlinn


4 PASSPORT TO MAJURO en-USIts not crazy en-US to chase down a legen-US -en-US end if the story turns out to be true. en-US If the people of Majuro really did en-US throw the biggest New Years Eve en-US block party bash in the Republic of en-US the Marshall Islands, we going to be en-US part of it.en-US For this reason some friends and en-US I took our gear on the road for an en-US adventure. At the block party we en-US performed before a sea of Marshalen-US -en-US lese residents, Taiwanese nationals, en-US American sailors and scores of other en-US wanderers. We brought the revelers en-US en-US motorcycle surf rock bandthe Yoken-US -en-US we Cowboysand discovered that en-US making history is even better than en-US chasing legends.en-US en-US-en-US mersed ourselves in the sights of the en-US colorful RMI capital. Check out our en-US photos and join us next year. en-US en-US -en-US ters dozens of yachts and commercial en-US en-US 2) Locals take in a game of island-style en-US chess outside the local Ace Hardware en-US downtown. 3) A scene from the New en-US Years Eve Block Party. Thousands of en-US en-US en-US en-US and more. 4) A view of the island en-US chain making up the eastern edge of en-US en-US port from a vessel. The double masted en-US vessel on the left in the background is en-US en-US sails from Antarctica to the Arctic for en-US global warming awareness. 6) A group en-US en-US en-US -en-US en-US Katey Beavers and Nick Yarnes admire en-US 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8


5 en-USSMDC HISTORY: FIRST UNIT EQUIPPED en-USWITH PATRIOT SYSTEM en-USInitially designed as an anti-aircraft interceptor, the Patriot en-US en-US anti-ballistic missile capability under the Patriot Advanced en-US en-US During the Gulf War, further improvements were made en-US to the system creating the Patriot Advanced Capability 2, or en-US PAC-2. Following the successful intercept of the Iraqi Scud en-US en-US expedite the upgrades to the Patriot system to counter tactien-US -en-US cal ballistic missiles and air breathing targets.en-US en-US -en-US ed by the Materiel Release Board on Dec. 21, 1995, the 2nd en-US en-US unit equipped with the Patriot Advanced Capability 3, or PAC-en-US en-US the next generation Patriot had begun.en-US Five months later, on May 15, 1996, full release was apen-US -en-US proved. In total, seven American battalions and three foreign en-US en-US en-US -en-US en-US -en-US ceptor, the former Extended Range Interceptor, or ERINT, deen-US-en-US veloped by the U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command, which en-US en-US 1994?en-US In fact, it is not. The ERINT/PAC-3 interceptor does not apen-US -en-US en-US Although described as a major growth program, the Conen-US-en-US en-US this system upgrade focused more upon the electronics and en-US the optics for the PAC-2, which used MIM-104D missiles en-US equipped with explosive warheads that detonated near their en-US targets using proximity fuses.en-US en-US -en-US panded weapons control computers, optical disk drives, emen-US -en-US en-US-en-US lator, a new Pulse Doppler processor and the release of the en-US Mini-Sweep Tactical Software.en-US The new processor improved radar performance while the en-US other upgrades addressed issues in the Engagement Control en-US Station and the Information coordination center affecting weapen-US -en-US ons control, computer throughput, memory and reliability. By Sharon Watkins Lang en-USUSASMDC/ARSTRAT Command Historian U.S. Army Photo en-USMEHEL PARTICIPATES en-USIN MFIX EXERCISEen-US en-USREDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabamaen-US An Army team is laser-en-US focused on improving high-energy technologies to support en-US en-US The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army en-US Forces Strategic Command Technical Centers Air and Missile en-US Defense Directorate participated in the Maneuver Fires Inteen-US -en-US gration Experiment, or MFIX, hosted at the Fires Center of Exen-US -en-US cellence, or FCoE, at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Dec. 4-14.en-US At MFIX, a crew of three air defense Soldiers were able to deen-US -en-US tect, acquire, track and defeat aerial targets as well as ground en-US targets with USASMDC/ARSTRATs Mobile Experimental High en-US Energy Laser, or MEHEL, vehicle after a week of training.en-US en-US said Adam Aberle, SMDC High Energy Laser Division technolen-US -en-US ogy development and demonstration lead. They worked very en-US hard pulling the MEHEL system together to support the event en-US and did an exceptional job ensuring that MEHEL was able to en-US support FCoE MFIX objectives.en-US en-US -en-US hicle chassis and serves as a platform for research and develen-US -en-US opment. The current version of MEHEL has a 5kW laser and en-US other capabilities. The MEHEL crew demonstrated the ability en-US to defeat UAV targets above and below the horizon in both dayen-US -en-US light and low visibility scenarios. The team successfully defeaten-US -en-US ed UAV threats and static mortar round engagements.en-US en-US-en-US rated into future designs, said Dee Formby, SMDC Tech Center en-US Multi-Mission High Energy Laser lead engineer. The feedback en-US we took from the Soldiers will help improve the performance en-US and user interface. The Soldiers did a great job and picked up en-US the training quickly and also understood that a more mature en-US en-US MEHEL successfully met the objectives of the Fort Sill Battle en-US Lab, validating the improvements made since the prior MFIX, en-US and providing valuable feedback from the users. The data en-US gathered will allow MEHEL to be used to help develop conen-US-en-US cept of operations and tactics, techniques and procedures for en-US directed energy systems and inform requirements for future en-US directed energy development efforts. Besides MFIX, the team en-US said the Army is looking at how to utilize the MEHEL during en-US future exercises in the coming year. By Jason Cutshaw en-USUSASMDC/ARSTRAT Public Affairs U.S. Army Photo by Monica K. Guthrie en-USen-US en-US more than 40 platforms experimented on during MFIX.


6 Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and en-USPrevention (SHARP) Contact Informationen-USCW3 Dave Casbarraen-US SHARP Victim Advocateen-US Work: 805 355 3421 Home: 805 355 1731en-US USAG-KA SHARP Pager: 805 355 3243/3242/3241/0100en-US USAG-KA SHARP VA Local Help Line: 805 355 2758en-US DOD en-USSAFE Helpline: 877 995 5247 WEEKLY WEATHER OUTLOOK en-USWEATHER DISCUSSION: en-US Strong sub-tropical high centered en-US en-US Sunday. Expecting Small Craft Advisory to be needed Saturday, en-US possibly into Sunday. A mid-latitude polar low will be cross the en-US en-US will subside. Numerical weather models are showing the Interen-US -en-US tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) to drift northward with more en-US shower activity next week.en-US SATURDAY/SUNDAY/MONDAY FORECAST: en-US Isolated showen-US -en-US ers Saturday. Winds ENE at 20-25 knots Saturday decreasing en-US to 15-20 knots for Monday. Widely scattered showers Monday.en-US MID-WEEK FORECAST: en-USWidely scattered to scattered showen-US -en-US ers next week. Winds ENE-E at 15-20 knots.en-USCheck out daily news and community en-US en-US -en-US command information questions, please en-US contact Public Affairs at 54848. LUNCH en-USDINNER Sunday en-USSeafood Lasagnaen-US Chicken Stripsen-US Garlic Breaden-USThursdayen-USYankee Pot Roasten-US Teriyaki Coden-US Buttered Peasen-USJan. 20en-USSpaghetti w/Meatballsen-US Generals Chickenen-US Steamed Bitter Melonen-USThursdayen-USBraised Pork Raguten-US Cornish Hen a lorangeen-US Hulushkien-USFridayen-USChicken Cacciatoreen-US Southern Pork Chopsen-US Squash Casseroleen-USFridayen-USBrunswick Seafood Stewen-US Alfredo Pasta Bakeen-US Stewed Tomatoesen-USMondayen-USItalian Sausage Suben-US Southern Chickenen-US Yellow Squashen-USWednesdayen-USBeef Pot Pie Casseroleen-US Hawaiian Roasted Porken-US Island Riceen-USMondayen-USChicken Scarparielloen-US Piggy Macen-US Italian Potatoesen-USSundayen-USChicken & Beef Tacosen-US Refried Beansen-US Spanish Riceen-USTuesdayen-USSzechuan Beefen-US Chicken Lomeinen-US Steamed Riceen-USWednesdayen-USSteak Night en-US Huli Huli Chickenen-US Creamed Spinachen-USTuesdayen-USen-US Herb Baked Chickenen-US Peas and Carrotsen-USJan. 20en-USVeggie Lasagnaen-US Smashed Potatoesen-US Balsamic Zucchini Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility en-US*MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 12 REPORTING SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY en-US-Date and time activity occurreden-US -Where and what type of activity occurred en-US -Physical description of the people involveden-US -Description of modes ofen-US transportationen-US -Describe what you saw or hearden-US -Provide pictures if you took anyen-USWHO TO REPORT TO en-USLocal law Enforcement en-US and Securityen-US *911en-US *5-4445/4443en-US *usarmy.bucholz.311-sg-en-US cmd.mbx.usag-pmo@mail Have something the USAG-KA en-UScommander needs to know? en-US Call the Commanders Hotline at 51098.en-US en-USYour voice is valued.


7 Hours. Millican Family Pool: 1-6 p.m. en-USWeekdays and Sunday; 9 a.m. 3 p.m. en-US Monday, closed Thursdays. Emon en-US Beach: 12:30:30 p.m. Tuesday-Saten-US -en-US urday; Noon 4 p.m. Sunday and Monen-US -en-US day. Adult Pool: Open 24 hours and en-US closed Fridays for cleaning.en-US en-US -en-US en-US Hobby Shop. Register for an epic year en-US of creative fun! Individual and family en-US memberships available. en-US CYS Youth Sports Registration. Bowlen-US -en-US ing: Season Jan. 26-March; cost $35; en-US en-US en-US Smart Tee Ball: Season Jan. 31-March en-US 7; cost $25; call about age limitation. en-US Reg. for all three open Dec. 12-Jan. en-US 20. Visit Central Registration or call en-US en-US The Family Pool closes until 2:30 p.m. en-US en-US en-US en-US your USGA handicaps, participate in en-US en-US Coral Cup and others! Dues: $60. en-US en-US en-US Unit 17001 Box 102, APO, AP 96555.en-US SAFETY/ENVIRONMENTALen-US Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings are en-US held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 en-US en-US Safely Speaking/Glove Safety: Gloves en-US are the most common form of Peren-US -en-US sonal Protective Equipment (PPE). en-US Choose the right glove for the job.en-US E-Talk/Petroleum Product Storage Tank en-US Management. Owners and operators en-US of petroleum product storage tanks en-US are required to evaluate each tank for en-US the presence of bottom water as part en-US of the annual inspection in accordance en-US en-US -en-US tal at 51134.en-US HELP WANTEDen-US Visit USAJOBS.GOV to search and apen-US -en-US en-US en-US listings for on-Island jobs are posted en-US en-US Dock Security Checkpoint locations; en-US en-US en-US-en-US man Resources in Bldg. 700 and en-US en-US-en-US en-US Resources>Job Opportunities. Listen-US -en-US ings for off-island contract positions en-US are available at Job Opportunity at RTS Weather Staen-US -en-US tion. Position: Radar Engineer/Instruen-US -en-US ment Specialist (Full-time). Educaen-US -en-US tion: Bachelors Degree. U.S. Citizen/en-US Permanent Resident Card required. en-US For full details and to apply see http://en-US req.#42.en-US San Juan Construction is currently en-US en-US-en-US jalein. If your contract is ending and en-US you are interested in continued work en-US en-US at for en-US opportunities and to apply or call Tim en-US Hughes, Corporate Recruiter at 970-en-US en-US There are still ExPat positions remainen-US-en-US ing with DynCorp International. If en-US you are interested in applying please en-US en-US 602 and inquire.en-US FOR SALE en-US Family Patio Sale. Saturday, Jan. 20, en-US 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. at Qtrs. 137-F. Small en-US kitchen appliances, house wares, en-US clothing, toys, DVDs and more.en-US BQ PCS Sale. Sunday, Jan. 14, Monday, en-US Jan. 15 and Tuesday, Jan. 16 from 10 en-US a.m. to 6 p.m. Womens clothes, sizes en-US 5/6, household items and more. Jan en-US en-US early birds please.en-US en-US COMMUNITY NOTICESen-US Pools and Beaches Winter 2017 en-USJan. 20en-USPatty Melt w/grilled onionsen-US Roast Porken-US Couscousen-USJan. 20en-USRoast Chickenen-US Beef Stewen-US Green Bean Casseroleen-USFridayen-USBratwursten-US Pork Schnitzelen-US Potato Pancakesen-US Sundayen-US Baked Chickenen-US Egg Florentine en-US Mashed Potatoesen-US Thursdayen-US Cheese Quesadillaen-US Hamburger Steaken-US Mashed Potatoesen-USThursdayen-USFried Chickenen-US Meatloafen-US Mashed Potatoesen-USFridayen-USFish Sandwichen-US Apple Glazed Chickenen-US Succotashen-US Mondayen-US Garlic Roast Beefen-US Chicken with Baconen-US en-US Wednesdayen-US Grilled Cheeseen-US Roast Porken-US Rice Pilafen-USSundayen-USSouthwestern Chickenen-US Beef Tamalesen-US Ranch Style Beansen-USMondayen-USChicken Marsalaen-US Stuffed Peppersen-US Pasta Puttanescaen-USTuesdayen-USGrilled Pork Chopsen-US Turkey Ala Kingen-US Mashed Potatoesen-USWednesdayen-USGrilled Steaksen-US Fish Florentineen-US Baked Potatoesen-US Tuesdayen-US Sloppy Joesen-US Honey Mustard Chickenen-US Cheesy Potatoes LUNCH en-USDINNERen-USCaf Roi en-US*MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 12 en-USStart 2018 by going back in time to the 80s! en-USThe M80s will rock all the best 80s music on Kwaj and en-US Roi! Dont forget to wear your 80s attire! en-US Friday, January 12, 7:30 p.m. at the Roi Outriggeren-US All Ages Show Saturday, January 13, 7 p.m. at Emon en-US Beach en-US Adults Only Show Sunday, January 14, 8 p.m. at the en-US Vets Hall. Enjoy bar service during the performance! en-USHappy New Year Sponsored by Quality of Life! en-USen-US en-USen-US en-US QOL VEHICLE UPDATE: en-USQOL vehicle rentals will now be en-US available until Feb. 15, 2018.


8 en-USare available to discuss your various shipen-US -en-US ping options. Residents are encouraged to en-US remember that standard height and weight en-US shipping dimensions apply for self-shipen-US -en-US ments. Boxes and packages have a weight en-US limit of 70 pounds. Length and girth limits en-US en-US and 130 inches for packages shipped via en-US SAM or Parcel Post. en-US Custom forms can be completed online en-US and all forms should be completed before en-US coming to the mailing window. USPS has a en-US variety of mailing supplies available for free en-US through their website.en-US For additional assistance and questions en-US en-US 53461 and visit dmm100/tips-measure-packages.htm. USAG-KA en-USTOWN HALLS en-USKWAJALEIN en-US RMI Workforce Jan. 25, 2 p.m., at the Island Memorial Chapel Island residents 6 p.m., at the MP Roomen-USROI-NAMURen-USIsland residents en-US Jan. 26, 1 p.m., at the en-US Tradewinds Theateren-US RMI Workforceen-US Jan. 26, 2 p.m., at the en-US Tradewinds Theater SELF-SHIPMENT TIPS FROM THE POST OFFICE en-USPlanning to self-ship en-USbelongings home en-US en-US en-US With many island residents mailing en-US boxes, lines have been a little longer than en-US en-US community that special appointment times en-US can be arranged outside of the normal en-US hours of operation. If you have four boxes en-US or more, please take advantage of this apen-US w en-USwen-USwen-US.en-USen-USlen-USien-UScen-USken-USren-US.en-UScen-USoen-USmen-US/en-USken-USwen-USaen-USjen-USaen-USlen-USeen-USien-USnen-UShen-USoen-USuen-USren-USgen-USlen-USaen-USsen-USs D en-USOen-USWen-USNen-USLen-USOen-USAen-USDen-US en-USAen-USNen-USDen-US en-USSen-USHen-USAen-USRen-USEen-US en-USHen-USGen-US en-USPen-USHen-USOen-USTen-USOen-USSen-US en-USAen-UST ALUTIIQ en-USYoshi Kememen-US yoshi.j.kemem.ctr@mail.milen-USUSACEen-USMike Hoween-US Bishopen-US james.h.bishop.ctr@mail.milen-USKRSen-USAlexie McElhoeen-US alexie.d.mcelhoe.ctr@mail.milen-USKRSen-USVeronica Moosen-US veronica.moos.ctr@mail.milen-USMITen-USStacey ORourke en-US KEKGmom@comcast.neten-USPTOen-USKiersta Bailey en-US en-USSCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE MEETINGen-USJanuary 17, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Coconut Room en-US George Seitz Elementary SchoolORGANIZATION REPRESENTATIVESen-USRikatak Familyen-USEric Corderen-US eric.c.corder.ctr@mail.milen-USTeacheren-USKyle Milleren-US millerk@kwajalein-school.comen-USUSAG-KAen-USBrad Reeden-US brad.g.reed.civ@mail.milen-USUSAG-KAen-USGary Kohleren-US gkohler1@yahoo.comen-USEducation Servicesen-USJulia Sektnanen-US julia.m.sektnan.civ@mail.milen-USSchool Adnimistrationen-USTarah Yurovchak en-US ATI CHECK-IN TIMES UNITED CHECK-IN TIMES en-USen-US en-US en-USen-US en-US en-US en-US