The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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2 LEFT: A new species of sea cucumber is photographed by Kwaj residents Eduardo U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De partment of the Army or USAG-KA. It is published Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-2114; Local phone: 52114 Printed circulation: 650 Email: Garrison Commander.....Col. Michael Larsen Garrison CSM.......Sgt. Maj. Angela Rawlings Managing Editor ..................... Jordan Vinson Associate Editor .............. Jessica Dambruch Media Services Intern........Colleen Furgeson The Kwajalein Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal em ployees, contractor workers and their families assigned to U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not nec A new species of sea cucumber (of the Holothuroidea class) was discovered in shallow lagoon waters off Mann Island a few weeks ago. Kwajalein residents Edu ardo Dinero and Kim Stanford had been snorkeling and free diving near the west reef island when they came upon a peculiar looking sea cucumber featuring a dark green species common in the Marshall Islands, said Dinero, a long-time free diver in Kwa jalein Atoll waters. "It has something like a waxy skin," Dinero said. "Most of the ones we see when snorkeling are soft and squishy to the touch. Not this one, though. It was weird. We thought maybe we found something new." Excited about their prospects, Dinero and Stanford packed the specimen in dry ice and mailed it to the University of Hawaii at Manoa's biology department for further research. Dr. James Tonga, a specialist in holothurian echinoderms, had agreed to ac cept the sea cucumber for analysis. His goal was to determine whether it was indeed "When I opened the package, I couldn't contain myself," Tonga said with a laugh during a phone interview March 25. "It certainly isn't a holothurian I'm familiar with Dinero and Stanford, Tonga said, would be credited in a paper the biologist is cur rently planning to submit to the Journal of Sea Vegetables. And the name of the new species? "We're leaning toward Cucumbus ensaladas," Tonga said. Enjoy wearing while you can. Or at least that was the message conveyed during a special com munity meeting held last week at the Kwajalein Jr./Sr. High School Multi-Pur pose Room. Due to the tremendous numbers of the cheap plastic and rubber footwear that wind up in the ocean each year, garrison prospect of banning all island residents from wearing the popular open sandal on the garrison. Some community members put their feet down in protest at the meeting, and options. Still, there are plenty of reasons to support the ban, environmentalists said. "We need to do our part," said Sanuk Freewater, an environmental specialist on Kwajalein. Im sure there are other, more earth-friendly footwear options than the shore here. This is a global issue. Other residents have reasons to support the ban. everyone around me is wearing them, said long-time Kwaj resident Amy Achilles. This ban cant come soon enough. Bring on the loafers and high heels. nity input is received during a follow-up meeting later this month. If they move for ward, the ban will coincide with Earth Day, which falls on April 22.


3 The brand-new ruins north of U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson MIT Lincoln Laboratory staff at the Reagan Test Site will soon have access to one of the most sophisticated washrooms in the northern hemisphere. room facility at the Kiernan Reentry Measurements System site on Roi-Namur is slated for a grand opening Tuesday. to comfort even the most persnickety physicist, said Dr. Shem ya Diego, a habitats engineer on loan to the project from NASA's "We're really pushing the envelope here on this project," Di ego said during a tour of the facility last week. "We're looking at where the state of the art is right now. And then we're going right up to it, perhaps even further. We're really driving lava tory science here." The centerpiece of the restroom will consist of a new genera tion of toilets that do everything a normal potty can't. Onboard sensors and motors open and close lids, heat seats, actuate nightlights, play Eddie Money hits to mask unpleasant sounds, emit deodorizing fragrances and provide lab analyses of de posits to study users' diets. They also completely eliminate the use of toilet paper through strategically-placed blasts of dis tilled, warm potable water. will feature custom shower stalls, each featuring a 32-inch wa terproof 4K-resolution touchscreen computer that users may work on while they tend to their shampoo mohawks. Shower tech will be joined by banks of phased array hair dryers, handsmade entirely out of iridium. "My favorite feature is the ceiling projector console they ployee on Roi. "They've got them pointing at the dome's ceil ing just like a planetarium. I can't wait to take a bath during my lunch break and blast some Michael McDonald deep cuts through the theater surround sound system ... and just watch Scorpius rise pass slowly overhead." construction since November and is the brainchild of Diego breaking ground, both parties spent months exploring current habitat models in various design phases at NASA research sites. It was Diego who suggested the team use the working con ter. The site focuses on the development of sustainable living quarters for Astronauts to be sent to Mars in future missions Applying those working concepts to a current, real-world ley [Research Center]which are built to Mars specsand ap plying them to the environmental and atmospheric conditions preliminary blueprint phase, the actual physical construction was a cinch." Work is now winding down on the build. While one crew puts switch the facility online. The inclusion of the former, Diego says, has raised a few eyebrows. "We might as well use air lock," Diego said with a laugh. "It's really that simple. If we've got itit came with the construc welcome mat in there and, boom, we're done."


4 The next time you head to the terminal building at Bucholz Her breeds aggressive nature and ability to chase and pin down criminals makes her a solid addition to the force, said SAC Sgt. Tonya Khaleesi, the pups handler. Chopper brings extensive guard dog training to the force, Khaleesi said. Shes always using her acute sense of smell to iting dignitaries and taking down perps on the garrison. The black beast has caught the attention of senior physical se curity managers, all of whom Chopper has impressed on the job. Her prey drive is off the charts, said SAC Director Ken Barks dale. Combined with her intelligence and highly plumed tail this is one dog you dont want to mess with. Her seething aggres sion alone is incredible. Weve even had to build a custom, rein forced harness to keep her from dragging her handlers down. quickly realized her adored dog was not interested in being a regular Kwaj pet. It was a role Chopper endured for almost three years. ers on a daily basis or why she would unexpectedly leap from my lap and pounce on house guests, Cullen said. Then one day last January, I took her to the airport to greet a visitor, and a dog han dler immediately recognized Choppers interest in the other dogs working on the job. We could see how excited she was. and shes been hitting the streets every day since early March. The Cullen family misses Choppers company, Cullen said. For tunately, they have two other dogs, Sprinkles and Fluffy, to keep them company. They are jealous of all the attention Chopper is receiving in her new security role, Cullen said. But when we give them treats or scratch their bellies, you can tell they prefer the pam pered lifestyle. Chopper on the other hand, is solely focused on taking a bite out of crime. Criminals be warned. U.S. Army photo by Cari Dellinger Your BQ-mate may be one of Kwajaleins growing popu lation of introverts. The Community Activities Department has the unique challenge of meeting the needs of a growing crowd of anti-socialites moving to Kwaj. Its a situation similar to Ja pans growing phenomenon of hikikomori, in which young adults exhibit hermit-like be havior contingent on socio cultural factors like workplace stress and overcrowding. Based on a growing number of requests, Community Ac tivities will add an Antisocial Community Activities Com lineup to ensure that hardline introverts have their needs recognized by the garrison. when you see themor re ally, when you dont see them, said Cliff Pryor, an avowed anti-socialite who will direct the ACA Committee. They need resources and support as much as families and other unaccompanied personnel. Pryor declined to comment further, saying he did not want to seem too approachable or enthusiastic. Due to Kwajaleins small ter to the antisocial crowd is tough, said Midori Hobbs, the entertainment manager for Community Activities. What we have here is a population of contract profes sionals who choose not to en gage socially, outside of work, Hobbs said. We want to draw them out and make them feel welcome. But right now, they need to be alone. All the time. There are plans to include more "tables for one" in the Zamperini Dining Facility and a new foosball table in the Adult Recreation Center that has only one player knob. Pickup sports will now in clude cornhole kits for one, and a pitching machine for softball enthusiasts who shun the team experience. Holm berg Fairways and the Roi Golf Course will both feature solo golf tournaments. And the currently working to fund cu bicles for Emon Beach so that lone wolves may enjoy a view unencumbered by others. USAG-KA Command will likely address the anti-social ite trend at the next town hall meeting. In the meantime, the quiet crowd should know the garrison is looking out for them, but will not diminish is said. With certain pastimes, like diving, having a buddy is necessary for safety, said a spokesperson. We want to ensure that these newcomers who support the mission will be treated with due respect and dignityquietly. Pryor agreed: Its impor tant for these people to feel like theyre a part of some thingeven if they dont want to be part of anything. U.S. Army photo by Jessica Dambruch


5 The Missile Offense Organization detonated one of the De partment of Defense's latest generation of glitter bombs at the Reagan Test Site Monday, March 27. on the south end of Meck Island. It jettisoned gold, pink and a sonic boom loud enough to be heard by technicians working on, this is very good news." Manufactured primarily by multi-national giant RPF Dynam ics, the Revenge Seeker CE-I is designed to deploy more than detonation point. The March 27 test, Barnes said, was a clear demonstration of this ability. "This is a clear message to our nation's enemies that, should they push the United States, they could be picking glitter out of their sofas for decades," he said. "No backyard barbeque, no con vention, no meeting, no home is safe." Do you live in a BQ and stomp around like a gigantic, six-foot-tall toddler? GreatSign up for the garrison's downstairs neighbor what you can really do. noisy blowhards to don their thinking caps and come up with a creative, one-minute choreographed noise-making routine. Each act will be performed in a room on the third judgingin the room directly below. There is no limit to what one may incorporate into his routine, and event or ganizers are calling on contestants to get as creative as possible. "Consider the downstairs neighbor's ceiling an open Competitors are encouraged to use everything from clog shoes and air horns to Reggaeton music samples and and touch the hearts of the listeners below. Each routine will be weighed against three criteria: decibel exposure levels, variety of objects used in the per formance and performers' theatrical antics. cious today to register. U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson


6 Get ready for cheese melt ing soft rock. Fish will combine forces with Insane Gecko Posse and the Atomic Playboys in a side act during this weekends Spring Break Music Fest, April 2. The best part is the groups new name, said local promot er Maddie Alvidrez. marketing, its brilliant, Al vidrez said in an interview people love about Kwaj. Just Atomic Playboys guitarist Mike Symanski described the eclectic new target style: So a Himalayan blues band a gig. Some Armenian shoe gaze acid rockers pull over to help them out. Then they all travel to Morocco and pick up a surfer buddy thats hitch hiking with a lot of opera and chiptunes. The musical baby they would all have togeth erthats us. The super group band will encourage greater musical variety in a community with exactly four rock bands and a horde of other musicians who play during open mic op portunities at the Kwajalein While these musicians may play well with others, teaming up is not without challenges. erate charts for six guitarists. Vocalists Autumn Mann (Bal (IGP) are expanding their cover repertoire to include musical artists like Bjork, Nightwish and Amon Amarth. OK, cool, shrugged Dan for the Atomic Playboys. I can play whatever they throw at me. Members of each band are positive about the potential side project after the music festival draws to a close, es song repertoire between both bands make them ideal candi dates for future joint projects, and pianist Greg Spock. We havent jammed to gether very long, but I already feel a kinship with these guys, he said. There are future plans to diversify instrumentation by adding someone who plays traditional spoons. Atomic Playboys bassist Rick sician on Majuro who is re portedly wicked royal with the slotted alpine ladle. But spoons may be too extreme The spoons idea is a two percent good idea, said Dave Ardrey, bassist for Ballistic Few decent bands have spoons players. to comment, as the phone connection to Roi-Namur during a recent interview was so bad. At one point in the call, someone was heard yell ing, cheese, cheese. of Arkansas Jameson County Middle School District Geography Championship has received a formal answering a question with the name of a country not found on the competition reference map. But that nation, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, does exist. A spokesperson from the I had honestly never heard of this place, Senior Director of Jameson County Public Schools Dan Farragut said of the Mar shalls. The problem is that the Marshalls are not found on any map we use for this championship. Honest mistakes were made. Most maps and geography learning materials used by the Jameson County school system, including the championship these maps, are likely to include the Marshall Islands, something the educational publisher says it plans to rectify. son. Few people ever raised the concern to us that we should be that accurate. But mistakes may not be the only issue here, according to Blaise Edward Johnson, director of Oregon's National Pedagogi ?!? cal Research Center. We call it spatial blindness, said Johnson. The belief that something doesnt exist when you cant see it on a map. Maps are not infallible. They rapidly change. Its an issue when you check your brain at the door and then pass along your assumptions through scholarship, conversation or social media. But sometimes publicity makes for good neighbors. Instruc tors at the Ebeye Gem Christian School plan to send a care pack age with books and traditional manit handicrafts to Jameson school administrators. Were pleased to have an opportunity to help promote educa tion abroad, said one Gem educator.


7 Move over, Space Fence. Another build is about to start. tion Corporation, keeps a six-inch tall model she built as a child minum arranged in neat squares are folded and arranged into rows under a slanted roof. It's a tiny Tradewinds Theater, so As a child I always was building things, inventing things with my brothers, out of water bottles and soda cans, she said in a recent interview. "These days, I have another little project going. The name of that project is Jiddik Aelon, which in Marshal With Ailuk at the helm, man-made islands (MMI) and a new atoll will appear on future maps of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The construction of Jiddik Aelon is slated to begin in Ailuk grew up on Enniburr, or Third Island, in the Kwajalein Atoll, where she attended school before earning degrees in en gineering and construction management at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. Her father worked on neighboring Roi-Namur, Dad always told us it was important to take care of your home, because your home takes care of your people, Ailuk said. That's what I'm going to do. Isla Tech, based in Hilo, Hawaii, proposed the Jiddik contract nolulus Oceans United, Inc., Seattles Sora International, and For such a little island, Jiddik has generated a stir. Its attrac for the potential to bolster critical infrastructure development, education and healthcare in the region. Think of it as a horizon, said Ailuk. Education, new busi entrepreneurs returning from careers abroad, to create jobs these are the long-term goals for Jiddik. Questions regarding ecology and politics are at the forefront the Republic of the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia. A new landmass has all the earmarks of being a draw for high-volume tourism, which has proved detrimental to the ecology of Australia and the Philippines. ties that will be wiped out, and take years to rebuild, argued Preservation. But the environmental impact of an MMI on the host ecosys tem, is heavily researched before any dredging begins. Preliminary environmental and atmospheric outlooks for Jiddik, along with speculative tectonics investigations and adaptive pelagic studies are already complete. We look at ev erything said ITC Environmental Specialist Song Park. It will be, essentially, a matter of the time our politicians need to set tle on an agreeable location. several Micronesian atolls have expressed an interest in host ing a new island. Jiddik is planned to encompass seven square miles. It will include two-story hurricane proof style homes with communal dining spaces that use sustainable energy and water catch systems. More stable space above sea level, here, can mean dimin ished immigrationand that means less cultural diffusion," economically, that family is stronger and has a better shot be cause it got to stick together." Those who think building an island is farfetched should Kwajalein, Emon Beach is manmade; the grounds north of Kwajalein Jr./Sr. High School rest on material dredged from ocean-side Kwajalein, and elsewhere in the atoll; landmasses added in the Johnston Atoll and between Roi-Namur, are tech nically not natural either. But they work. If youre still not convinced, do an internet search for the Palm Islands of Dubai, a fan-shaped array of luxury homes sur rounded by beaches and connected by roadways. Next check out Kansai International Airport in Japan, home to a large concourse, and islands near Tokyo and throughout the United States and Europe. These examples offer encouraging proof of Jiddiks basic viability in an atoll neighborhood desirous to preserve the environment and spur economic growth. Despite the extensive preparation for the project, Ailuk is not in a hurry. There are bigger questions regarding national security to explore. Building plans can always change, said Ailuk. Right now we operate under the assumption that the island will be com pleted on schedule. So keep an eye on your maps. Take some more photos. In a few years that view is going to change. Its a little island with huge potential, said Ailuk. We look forward to Jiddik in a big way.


8 U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson Featuring super group Cheddar Love!


9 U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson


10 Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Contact Information Capt. David Rice SHARP Victim Advocate Work: 805 355 2139 Home: 805 355 3565 USAG-KA SHARP Pager: 805 355 3243/3242/3241/0100 USAG-KA SHARP VA Local Help Line: 805 355 2758 DOD SAFE Helpline: 877 995 5247 Commander's Hotline Have something the USAG-KA commander should know about? Call the Commander's Hotline at 51098 today! REPORTING SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY -Date and time activity occurred -Where and what type of activity occurred -Physical description of the people involved -Description of modes of transportation -Describe what you saw or heard -Provide pictures if you took any WHO TO REPORT TO Local law Enforcement and Security *911 *5-4445/4443 *usarmy.bucholz.311-sgcmd.mbx.usag-pmo@mail Weather Discussion: For the second week in a row, Kwajalein atoll has been quite dry. In fact, the atoll has been so dry that dust devils are expected to be a frequent occurrence through Sunday morning. Dust devils are curious weather phenomena, in that should they into a super typhoon can be expected. So if you happen to see a dust devil approaching the shore, make sure to run over to it and yell at it that it has no life prospects and has an unimpressive wind the day. ly unsettled weather late this weekend. The Earths magnetic poles are due to swap places late Sunday night, and as the north magnetic pole passes the equator it will be bringing much of the cold air with it. Depending on how well the polar vortex currently over northern Canada holds together, Kwajalein Atoll could see up to six inches of snow and nearly instantaneous freezing of the lagoon. Ferries will not be able to run, but the ice should be thick enough for a quick skate back. Saturday/Sunday/Monday Forecast: Expect mostly sunny ing frequent dust devils where winds will likely reach more than Mid-Week Forecast : Dark, then light, then dark again. Stars will be visible when it's dark. Not sure of the cause of this phenomenon. DINNER Sunday Faberg eggs Beef pasticio Scalloped potatoes Thursday Taco Bar and Grill Pork carnitas Retired beans April 8 Cheesecake Tortellini Giant meatballs Pasta aglio e olio Thursday Pulled pork pot roast Chicken stir fry Potatoes that look like famous people Friday Swiss steak jardiniere Fish du journal Rice pilaf Friday Hamburger Bonanza Fish du jour Monday Beef long ribs Pork curry Quiche Lorraine Wednesday Grilled cheese sandcastles Sausage and peppers Chef's choice Monday Kwaj fried chicken Meatloaf shooters Mashed potatoes Sunday Pot Roast Boiled Potatoes Chef's mystery choice Tuesday Ham steak hawaiian Chicken piccata Brown rice Wednesday Tiny Steak Night Roast chicken Baked potato bar Tuesday Marinated chicken feet Shrimp alfredo Chef's choice April 8 Food Fight Night Lt. General Tso's chicken Chef's mystery choice Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility *MENU CURRENT AS OF MARCH 30


11 COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED Visit USAJOBS.GOV to search and apply for USAG-KA vacancies and other fed eral positions. KRS and Chugach listings for on-Island jobs are posted at: Kwajalein, RoiNamur and Ebeye Dock Security Check point locations; outside the United Contractor Information>KRS> Human for off-island contract positions are available at LOST at Mann Island. May have end bitten COMMUNITY NOTICES will see patients by appointment March Payments can be made at the front desk unless scheduled. Patients with appoint ments should check in at the front desk. Huge Patio Sale sponsored by Blessed on Ebeye The Family Pool will be closed Sunday, April 2 in support of the Spring Break Mu sic Festival. Please join us at Emon Beach for an afternoon of fun and festivities. Islanders will be able to vote on the best Spring Break Music Festival on Sunday, April 2 at Emon Beach. But we need some chili to vote on. So, calling all chili chefs (old or young, new to island or veteran, casual or semipro) to participate. Regis tration Forms can be found on the Down town Bulletin Board (between United and Surfside Salon) or contact Donna Brown ing Class Monday, April 3: Want to buy a unique jewelry gift for yourself or someone else? Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own beaded jewelry? If so, come to Nikki Maxwell's day, April 3, at the Adult Rec Center (ARC) from 2-6 pm. There will be beaded neck laces and earring sets in all colors and styles for sale. The Beading Class will be ongoing during that time. Participants will design and make their own beaded bracelet and matching earrings! Class fee is $35 and includes all beading materials. Bring a friend for the class and you both more info. show up on the road near Emon Pavilion see us! No-preregistration is necessary. The course is pretty much of one Island perimeter, all on pavement. The public is The Adult Recreation Center (ARC) will a.m., and will reopen on Wednesday, April clean to be completed. Questions? Call the Adult Recreation Center (ARC) cipher lock combination will change. The code the new combination, please email your ber to Derek Finch or Alison Sok. Calling All Singers. IMC Interdenomina tional Congregation is gathering a choir to sing at the Sunrise Church Service Emon Beach. Practices begin soon. Email for more in formation. This is a reminder for Island Orientation, which will is held the last Wednesday of each month in Building 365, CAC room 6 can notify the other presenters to adjust his/her time slots. Small Boat Marina now operates on the summer schedule. Boats available from Boat rental reservations for Saturdayp.m. Saturday-Monday, if available. Time to jump on that bucketlist and learn to dance! For free! Come join us Satur p.m. We will be teaching Salsa, Merengue, Tango and more. Want a certain dance? come. For questions contact Josh, H-2423 W-7266. Roi Shoppette will be closed Mondays and Thursdays until further notice. We apolo gize for the inconvenience. Regular hours will resume as soon as possible. Kwajalein Running Club, partnering with KRS Community Activities, will host the a contestant. Information packs and en try forms are available in pouches on the mini-mall bulletin board, or at Qtrs. 473A on Palm Rd. Volunteers are also being solicited for race-time staff jobs. Ques Memorial Chapel Student Sponsorship Program: Want to help kids on Ebeye stay in school? Consider sponsoring school tu month commitment. For more informa Safely Speaking: Welding Cutting and Burning. When not performed safely, welding, cutting and burning which are common tasks in our shops can expose all workers to danger. Do not use welding and burning equipment unless you have been traine. E-Talk: The Environmental Management System (EMS) Manual and SPIs describe and implement the KRS EMS program and can be found in Document Center on the USAG-KA-Web. Come to the darkside. We've got soap. Madrick Heavy Metal Soap Co. Heavy metal artisan soaps made on Kwaj, by Kwaj people, for Kwaj people 100% natural coconut, charcoal and lingonberry scents available **Now sold at a table behind the Ocean View Club** April 8 I'll shoyu, steak! Hawaiian steak Pot stickers April 8 Hot dog buns Meatloaf Army MREs Friday French raised beef Fish du jour Pom-poms duchesse Sunday Peking style chicken Indonesian pork Eggs Benedict Arnold Thursday Taco Bar Fight Chicken enchilada Ford pinto beans Thursday Fried chicken beaks Meatball sub Mashed couch potatoes Friday Hot tub turkey sandwich Chicken adobo Blue collard greens Monday Pepper glazed steak Pork loin Cheese quiche Wednesday Beef stir fry Chicken and broccoli Ginger rice pilaf Sunday Hamburger steak shakes Cheese tort law Monday Chicken and dumplings Brief pot roast Mashed potatoes Tuesday Chicken fried coconut North Korean steak Fried rice and beans Wednesday Roast beef Col. Mustard chicken Baked potato punch Tuesday Spaghetti Sausage in my peppers sub Garlic bread gummy bears DINNER Caf Roi *MENU CURRENT AS OF MARCH 30