The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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2 U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De partment of the Army or USAG-KA. It is published Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-2114; Local phone: 52114 Printed circulation: 650 Email: Garrison Commander.....Col. Michael Larsen Garrison CSM.......Sgt. Maj. Angela Rawlings Managing Editor ..................... Jordan Vinson Associate Editor .............. Jessica Dambruch Media Services Intern........Colleen Furgeson The Kwajalein Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal em ployees, contractor workers and their families assigned to U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not nec COMMANDERS CORNER UNEXPECTED VISITOR ARRIVES IN SHIPMENT A dangerous stowaway apprehended by Kwajalein Pest Control technicians Dec. 29 would have posed a serious threat to life in the atoll, says Pest Control supervisor Billy Abston. The stowaway, a large female cane toad, was discovered in the course of a routine cargo inspection by crewmembers of technician, and trainee Alenso Tanaka responded to the crews alert and removed the toad from the ships hold. The toad has been detained until further notice and was not available for comment. The toads port of origin is unclear. Before arriving at Kwa jalein, the Papa Mau made stops at Majuro, Kosrae and Guam, Transporation staff on Kwaj said. The cane toad, Rhinella America and southern Texas. It played a key role in the 1930s Laboratories, zoos and animal importers have introduced the Their proliferation means an ecological disruption, especially in Australia where they enjoy few natural enemies. On Kwaj, a new toad nation would create an environmental disturbance, to say the least. Abston understands this. One toad might not seem like a big deal, but cane toads also ride animal watch lists as a species harmful to humans; like most toads, they secret toxins. It is ad vised that humans avoid retrieving cane toads. Its really invasive. Its poisonous, Abston said Dec. 31. Its a voracious insect eater. It would be competing [with] our birds, the insect eaters, plovers. If a dog should eat one, it would kill the dog. Nonnative ants, a brown tree snake, and in the 1990s, even a large iguana made its way to Kwajalein. The iguana got away, regrets Abston. shipping might exact on the other side of the world. U.S. Army photos by Jordan Vinson Eugene Laginbelik, right, helped remove the palm-sized cane toad, pictured left, Dec. 29, from the hold of the shipping vessel Papa Mau that had been at port on Kwajalein.


3 U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson Use the left half of the M that is Cassiopeia to guide you to Mirach in Galaxy, also called M31. The Andromeda Galaxy is seen in a photo exposed for 20 seconds Wednesday, Jan. 4, shot from North Point on Kwaj. The galaxy lies within the larger white circle, and Mirach lies in the smaller circle. Illustration by Jordan Vinson, using Stellarium D id you know you can see another galaxy with the naked eye from the Marshall Is lands during this time of the year? Its the Andromeda Galaxy, aka M31. At 2. 5 million light years away its the most distant object visible to the unaided eye, especially during times of little or no moonlight. It lives in the constellation Andromeda, which sits high in the night sky at 8 p.m. this time of year. Look directly north (or more toward the west if its a later time during the night) for the easyto-spot constellation Cassiopeia, which looks like Look further upward above Cassiopeia, and (and some dimmer ones) stretching east to west overtop Cassiopeia. The length of the constellation is about double that of Cassiopeia. At this time of night, it connects into the bottom right of a large square-shaped constellation called Pegasus. Now that Andromedas arching line of stars is located, look back down to Cassiopeia. The left of Cassiopeia forms a triangle that points almost di rectly up to one of those bright stars in the arch of Andromeda. Thats Mirach. The Andromeda Galaxy is located down and to the left a few degrees from shooting downward and leftward from Mirach, tak ing you directly to M31. Its not going to look like much to the naked eye, but if you avert your eyes away from the galaxys location youll be able to use your eyes more sen sitive rod cells to suck up more light than by look smudge of light. Its highly recommended you bring out a pair of binoculars. With even bargain optics, M31 will light emitting core and a considerably long halo. That halo comprises the arms of the spiral struc ture surrounding it. Binoculars bonus: your binoculars a little further downward from M31, and youll see an even smaller smudge of light. Thats M32, a dwarf elliptical satellite galaxy orbiting M31. Its nothing compared to the An dromeda Galaxy, with a length of approximately 220,000 light years and one trillion starsor roughly double the size and mass of the Milky Way. Fun fact: M31 is coming right for us. Astrono mers predict the Andromeda Galaxy will slam into the Milky Way in about 4.5 billion years, forever changing the structures of each galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy is here.


4 Berry Aviation Pilots their holiday weekend on pause and took to the air to locate of passes in the Torruji area, in what Arsenault described as a parallel creeping line search pattern, allowing the pilots to scan as much of the oceans surface as possible in the limited farther south. On a southern tack, the pilots passed the islands of Geh, Ninni and Gea, scanning half-mile tracks of surface area as they moved. Then something caught Arsenaults eye. Near Carlson (Enubuj) and Carlos (Ennylabegan), he began eyeing something in the distance that didnt seem to ebb and ping out of the ocean under the helicopter. The pilots had been looking for something more stationary and permanent than its surroundings, something like a small white blob on the surface that wouldnt go away. It appeared they had found their prize. Eleven oclock at about two miles, Arsenault said he re passed them, and I could see the vessel had overturned. close passes, and Arsenault was able to see there were survi were accounted for. They were spotted hugging the bow of the boat, all wearing their life jackets, and one waved back. Army One-Zero-One, Arsenault radioed back. Weve got your survivors. The boats capsized. Relaying the boats coordinates, the pilots began a series of the scene and watched while crewmen on the boats threw out lines and hauled the exhausted men aboard. Looking down at the overturned boat, the pilots commended out. They all stuck with it, which was very smart on their [part] to sit together and hang there and not get crazy, Arsenault said. They were a good distance offshore. And theyre being dragged that way. This must have been incredibly unnerving for those guys. Arsenault have had time to celebrate the victory. home alive. And its like [a] touchdown. This is awesome, and Im very humbled by the experience. done similar search and rescue missions over the past 10 years. From left: Steve Simpson, lead pilot on the Jan. 1 search mission, and Ray Arsenault, co-pilot and main spotter on the mission. U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson Courtesy of Misti French


5 FROM LEFT: Andreas Wiehe, Eric Corder, instructor Russ Harvey, Binh Vu and Seabee CE2 Mike Dawson. POWER PLANT OPERATORS REACH MILESTONE Nearly everyone agrees that the place name Kwajalein is a European deriva tion of the Marshallese words ri-ruk-jan-leen, meaning the people who gather or harvest the fruits or blossoms. often they were gathered. The bounty of the tree was also associated with schools of sented the wonderful harvest of the ocean and the utilomar blossoms of the reli able fruit of the land. In Marshallese tradition, Kwajalein is thus a place of abundance and generosity. The present day telling of the story adds that Kwajalein continues to offer suste nance, work and things of beauty to Marshallese from many different atolls, as well as the many people who will come from all over the world to harvest the fruits of Kwajalein. Marshallese proverbs concerning the utilomar. 1. 2. Ebbol ut pali jarka; ididiki bwin rukinear. The tree that belongs to the (Kwaja Congratulations are in order for four individuals here on Kwaja recently completed a course in power plant electrical fundamentals. The course was taught onsite, and it covered everything from atomic structure and voltage production, to basic DC circuit analysis, to the construction and theory of operation of generators, transformers and electric motors. These men demonstrated not only a strong desire to learn, but a natu ral aptitude for the subject matter. They have worked since the sum mer to complete the course work. Kwajalein Range Services wants your feedback on how the garrisons Community Services pro grams are going. Take part in ongoing surveys to voice your opinion on everything from the Kwaja lein Hourglass and Mongolian Night at Caf Roi, to the golf courses and the Self Help shops. Click on the We Want Your Feedback icon on the USAG-KA-Web Intranet home page and type away. Check out USAG-KAs website for garrison and community news, links to each directorate and other helpful information. Have thoughts or suggestions? Send mil. An utilomar tree at the Marshallese Cultural Center. U.S. Army photo by Jordan Vinson


6 WHATS ON YOUR KWAJALEIN ATOLL BUCKET LIST FOR 2017? The Kwajalein Bucket List would not be a good name for a rock band, but it can be the start of a year of fun and new friends for residents who joined the community in 2016. Grab a pen and use and resolutions as a checklist for when the doldrums hit. OUTDOORS Sunrise and Sunset. There are few things more glorious than watching the sun come up over the ocean after a thun derstorm. Except the sunset over the la goon, of course. Go to bed early, and hike out early enough to enjoy the mornings solar action on the atoll. Chill out at Emon Beach. to Emon Beach. (Its pronounced em mon)and enjoy the beautiful water. Learn to Scuba Dive. Contact the New classes start up often. If your fam ily has young divers, know that there are instructors who specialize in teaching young people so that your entire family can enjoy the underwater sights the atoll has to offer. Hit the Tide Pools. undersea life and other colorful critters. Not all of these are friendly; caution should be exercised at all times. Check the garrison phone book for safety in formation regarding snorkeling in the tide pools before scheduling your next excursion. Play Sports. Registration for youth sports, basketball and bowling are now in progress. Get outside your comfort zone and try a new group sport. If youre more of a lone wolf, check out the Ivey Gym, or grab a buddy to go swim laps at one of our two local swimming pools. Witness a Mission. Mission night is not a night to stay home. Grab a lawn chair and a camera, and head outside to see this side of the equator. ARTS AND CULTURE Roi and Kwajalein History Tours. In eration Day. Learn the names and faces Pamphlets are available at the Roi Air sights on Roi-Namur. On Kwajalein, his torical directory plaques located near bunkers and the Memorial Gardens can help you appreciate our landscape in a different way. Visit the Marshallese Cultural Center and the Alele Museum. mation and cultural artifacts on the his tory of the Marshall Islands are available in both Kwajaleins Marshallese Cultural Center and Majuros Alele Museum. The MCC contains collections on loan from the Kabua family, historical photographs to hunt in the atoll many years ago. Put Yourself in Motion. Learn to be creative when you move. There are op portunities to learn everything from step Zumba on Kwaj. Plus, dancing with a buddy is always more fun. If youre shy and have two left feet, bring a friend along. Do-IT-YOURSELF Learn to Make Cool Stuff. The staff of enjoy teaching new tricks and tech niques to novice crafters in wood, clay and ceramics. The Joy of Cooking (Without Cheese). con-smoked cheddar or 100-year-old smoked salmon, taste better than yel grill. Also, few things dont taste bet ter grilled, so grab your buddies and go stake out a grill at Emon Beach or one of the other common grilling areas. If you dont know how to grill, this is your chance to learnjust dont overcook


7 GOVERNMENT PROPERTY SALE The following list or exchanges are permitted. The items are sold as is with no guarantees or war ranties, express or implied. The buyer is responsible for removing purchased items within 30 days; ownership of any items not removed will revert to the government without refund. Questions? Call Trish Naputi at 51076. ITEM # AVAILABLE ORIGINAL PRICE SALE PRICE Always dive with a buddy. Never dive alone. Wait at least 12 hours before dive. multiple dives. Divers Alert Network (DAN) strenuous work at least 24 hours before AND after div a year. Each diver should have their own computer. ers in the buddy pair should follow the most conservative computer. 60 feet per minute. make a safety stop at 15 feet for at least three minutes. Start the dive day with the dives on the same day. U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll Facebook page. DIVE SAFETY TIPS!


8 IN MEMORIAM: ALVIN AJEN Automotive Department employee and Ebeye resident Alvin Ajen passed away Dec. 20, 2016. Ajen had been a member of the automotive team since 2003, where he worked as a production control clerk and, most recently, a fuel station attendee. Ajen always had a friendly smile and always remained calm, even when things did able to make sure things went smoothly in his area. Ajen could always be counted teaching the younger people and was eager to help them learn and grow. during luncheons and department parties. Ajen was a devoted family man and is survived by his wife, two daughters and sev eral grandchildren and great-grandchildren. ARMY RESEARCHERS DEMONSTRATE 3-D PRINTED DRONES By David McNally, ARL Public Affairs Soldiers witnessed the innovation of Army researchers re Georgia Dec. 1-3, to showcase new technology at the Army Ex peditionary Warrior Experiments, or AEWE. team leader and project manager. diers input all their requirements into mission planning soft aerial vehicle and its printed and delivered within 24-hours We thought theyre not going to think thats fast enough, but, the way they plan and execute their missions. Researchers said they felt the combination of 3-D printing Drones or quadcopters are really getting big right now, I mean in particular just the commercial and hobby markets have shown what can be done with a small amount of money, ufacturing or 3-D printing has become huge and everybody knows all the great things that can be done with 3-D printers. and dont want to wait for it. designs and to make sure everything was going to work the way they expected. It was good that we didnt have any mistakes on game day, said fellow engineer Nathan Beals. The day before we did the quad up to 55 miles per hour. hopes to work on low noise, long standoff distance, heavier payload capacity and better agility. Im very optimistic that most of those are achievable. I think the hardest one thats going to be achievable is the heavy pay load. The researchers printed a Picatinny Rail, which is a bracket used to mount accessories on a small arms weapon, such as an M4 carbine. In about two and a half hours, they had a rail that They asked the group what other kinds of 3-D printed items they could use. In a matter of hours, the team presented a va The Army engineers continue to collaborate with partners The 3-D printed On-Demand Small Unmanned Aircraft System, the lightweight shell and propeller arms are printed using additive manufacturing, the motors and propellers will be


9 DARPA PROVIDES GROUNDBREAKING BIONIC ARMS TO WALTER REED By Cheryl Pellerin DoD News, Defense Media Activity The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is sions of a groundbreaking upper-limb prosthesis, according to a DARPA press release. a new production line during a ceremony yesterday -evidence that the fast-track DARPA research effort has completed its The ceremony took place at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The commercial production and availability of these re markable arms for patients marks a major milestone in the [DARPA] Revolutionizing Prosthetics program and most im portantly an opportunity for our wounded warriors to enjoy a we are not stopping here. The RP program is supporting initial production of the bion ic arms and is making progress restoring upper-arm control, he added. Ultimately we envision these limbs providing even greater ing them directly to users peripheral and central nervous sys Arms for Service Members As part of the production transition process, DARPA is col laborating with Walter Reed to make the bionic arms avail able to service members and veterans who are rehabilitating after suffering upper-limb loss, DARPA says. LUKE stands for life under kinetic evolution but is also a The limbs are being manufactured by Mobius Bionics LLC, also of Manchester, under DARPAs Revolutionizing Prosthetics program. The prosthetic system allows very dexterous arm and hand movement with grip force feedback through a simple intuitive control system, DARPA says. The modular battery-powered limb is near-natural size and weight. Its hand has six user-chosen grips and an arm that al lows for simultaneous control of multiple joints using inputs that include wireless signals generated by innovative sensors worn on a users feet. Revolutionizing Prosthetics The technology that powers prosthetic legs has advanced steadily over the past two decades but prosthetic arms and hands are a tougher challenge, in part because of the need for greater degrees of dexterity, DARPA says. who had lost upper limbs had to use a relatively primitive splithook device that hadnt changed much since it was introduced in 1912. DARPA launched the Revolutionizing Prosthetics program proval for an advanced electromechanical prosthetic upper limb with near-natural control that enhances independence and im less than eight years after the effort began, DARPA says. Walter Reed, DARPA will transfer LUKE arms from an initial production run to the medical center for prescription to pa service and support the arms. Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md.


10 WEEKLY WEATHER OUTLOOK KWAJALEIN RANGE SERVICES WEATHER TRENDS: 2016 was a year where weather patterns jalein experienced uncommonly strong periods of west winds leins rainfall accumulations were 19.44 below normal with drought conditions. But equatorial sea surface temperatures started cooling this past summer and a weak La Nina event in 3 months, ending 2016 just 7.22 below the yearly average. For our forecast, we are expecting isolated showers with the wave passage. In the wake of the next wave, expecting trade wind speeds to increase to 13-18 knots and widely scat tered showers into next week. Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Capt. David Rice Work: 805 355 2139 Home: 805 355 3565 DOD LUNCH DINNER Sunday Beef pasticio Scalloped potatoes Thursday Tacos Black beans Mexican rice January 14 Chicken alfredo Cheese tortellini Thursday Chicken stir-fry Roasted potatoes Friday Malibu chicken Fish du jour Rice pilaf Friday Chicken marsala Monday Grilled turkey reubens Beef short ribs Oven roasted potatoes Wednesday Grilled cheese Chefs choice Monday Fried chicken Meatloaf Mashed potatoes Sunday Fish du jour Boiled potatoes Tuesday Ham steak Brown rice Wednesday Roast chicken Baked potatoes Tuesday Grilled chicken breast Mac and cheese Chefs choice January 14 Beef pad thai General Tsos chicken Chefs choice Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility *MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 5 Q. Are there plans to upgrade the condition of the B-boats? A. We have been informed by the Command that additional checks the boats every day and performs maintenance on an each week to ensure their operability. As a reminder, B-boat Q. Why are some people able to check out their groceries at ing the badge itself? A. badge at the time of check-out. If you observe this policy not Q. Can an audio sample of the siren warnings be made avail able to residents so we can identify the type of siren it is? A. Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking into the best method to accomplish this.


11 COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS Friday French braised beef Fish du jour Sunday Indonesian pork Thursday Tacos Enchilada casserole January 14 Shoyu chicken Hawaiian steak Spicy Asian noodles Thursday Fried chicken Meatball subs Friday Hot turkey sandwich Chicken adobo Monday Cheese quiche Wednesday Beef stir-fry Chicken and broccoli Sunday Cheese tortellini Monday Beef pot roast Mashed potatoes Tuesday Coconut fried chicken Korean steak Wednesday Roast beef Chick. w/ mustard sauce Baked potato Tuesday Garlic bread January 14 Sauerkraut Chili Meatloaf LUNCH DINNER Caf Roi *MENU CURRENT AS OF JAN. 5 HELP WANTED other federal positions. Kwajalein, Roi-Namur and Eb locations; outside the United sources in Bldg 700 and on the Kwaj-web site under Contrac Listings for off-island contract positions are available at www. FOR SALE Osprey, 21 foot catamaran sail shower, mast (new as of May, 2013), all extras (misc supplies and tools). Needs some repairs (starboard center beam and daytime, 5-6056 evening. COMMUNITY NOTICES ship monthly luncheon will be the REB (Building 671). p.m., at Emon Beach big pavil to share and bring your own kins, utensils, and plates will be provided. swimmers require a signed per enter the pool. Bring a parent one out at the parent meeting tions? Call Amy at 52681. Kwajalein Running Clubs sixth begging at the bowling alley. The public, visitors, kids and walkers are welcome. Distance options for Monday are 0.5 mile, 2 miles and 4 miles. Questions? Call Bob Those wishing to participate will need to have fasting labs drawn Last chance to pay your yearly dues. Want to learn how to dance? Come join us Wednesdays CRC We will be teaching swing, blues, Latin, and everything ballroom. Law and concerns raised at Town shopping bags. Do not purchase these items online. Read this weeks E-talk for more info.] mal species and habitats. Pur chasing, harvesting, collecting, or transporting protected species or their parts can result in heavy 1134) for more information most common form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).We have a variety of gloves avail able and each type is designed It is important to select the right glove for the work you will be do ing. most common form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).We have a variety of gloves available and each type is designed for a important to select the right glove for the work you will be doing. THUMBS UP Id like to give a Thumbs Up on behalf of BQ folks to Sabrina Mumma for once above and beyond in or BQ occupants feel like fam ily when so many of us are far from home and our own families on Christmas Day. Her efforts are very much appreciated. Karen Hunt Want to thank an awe some community mem ber here? Send an email to the Hourglass at usarmy. bucholz.311-sig-cmd.mbx. From Sept. 22, 1962 Kwajalein Hourglass


12 w w w l i c k r c o m k w a j a l e i n h o u r g l a s s D O W N L O A D A N D A R E G P O T O A T Safety In the Line of Fire one brandishing a hammer? Or used your hands instead of a push stick on a table saw? These are just two examples of how laborers may put them selves in harms way. Even when we perform simple labor, we are at risk. But we should remember that it is complacency that puts us in the greatest danger. Complacency can lead to can we do to protect ourselves? Look for hazards before starting work. At its most basic lev tentially injure you or the potential path of an object that may If youre unsure, ask a coworker or supervisor. Its always good to have a second set of eyes review what youre planning to do. The best-case scenario is to remove the hazards completely. If you cant eliminate them, then control them. If its not pos fume hood and proper personal protective equipment to avoid located in relation to the hazard? What is the worst-case sce Use best practices for minimizing hazards. There are many easy and effective methods to eliminate and control line-ofunobstructed and easy access to equipment, use signs and stickers for clear labeling of chemical or electrical hazards, keep pathways clear and slip-free, eliminate possible pinchpoints on doors or hand tools, and always use the correct tools for the job at hand. THIS WEEK IN KWAJALEIN HOURGLASS HISTORY