The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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NEWGRASS CONCERTS NEW DIVE HELMET BY JACKSON AND THE ROOSTERS P 2-3 BRINGS GAMING HUD TO DIVING -P 8-9 RUNNERS CELEBRATE WITH FITNESS P 4 KRC COLUMBUS DAY THIS WEEK Jackson Chalgren performs at the Vets Hall during a three day concert series on Kwajalein and Roi by Jackson and the Roosters. Jessica Dambruch


2 U.S. Government, Department of Defense, De partment of the Army or USAG-KA. It is published Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-2114; Local phone: 52114 Printed circulation: 650 Email: Garrison Commander.....Col. Michael Larsen Garrison CSM.......Sgt. Maj. Angela Rawlings Managing Editor ..................... Jordan Vinson Associate Editor .............. Jessica Dambruch Media Services Intern........Colleen Furgeson Media Services Intern.....................Erin Waite The Kwajalein Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal em ployees, contractor workers and their families assigned to U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not nec U.S. Army photos by Jessica Dambruch JACKSON AND THE ROOSTERS WRAPS TRIPLE CONCERT SERIES LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Glasenapp, Ann Letsinger, Jackson Chalgren, Sam Beseres and Wills Johnson of Jackson and the Roosters perform at the Vets Hall Oct. 9. Minneapolis-based newgrass band Jackson and the Roosters just completed their concert series and are grateful to the QOL committee for facilitating the addition of violinist Ann Letsinger to the band 9 months ago. In their three days on Kwaj and Roi, the band snorkeled, raised the bar for local bands, and intro duced the island to the sweet sounds of newgrass music. Weve seen the pictures and read the books [about Kwajalein] and were like absolutely! That would be an amazing mer and guitarist. a long way to play their three day tour at venues on Kwajalein and Roiand today theyre sweating bullets on the deck of the Kwajalein Yacht Club awaiting their sound check. When we did hear [from the Quality Chalgren. NEW GRASS ROOTS Newgrass is part nostalgic Bluegrass revival, part modern fun. It is music that offers sonic certainty in uncertain times. With roots in different varieties of Amer something in newgrass to enjoy. Tradi tional vocals, technical virtuosity on gui tar and a diverse array of acoustic instru ments are also trademarks of newgrass. by musical luminaries: The band is in spired by Bob Dylan, Regina Carter and The Wailers. But not everyone can listen and adapt a melody or a motif into some Jackson and the Roosters get blend their blues, folk, classic rock, and sea chantand have fun bringing it to new places and people. Like all good things, newgrass is best when it is shared with friends. Getting their music to us was the bands ulti mate goal. On Kwajalein, audiences at two concerts were inspired to break into spontaneous dance: something in the music sparked them to action. We wanted to go to a place wed nev er been before and that most of us had never heard of before, and we wanted to with people who have most likely never The band started as a series of friend ships and connections. It was one of those spur of the mo ment things where we learned that both of us were musicians, and we began to gren and Johnson are graduates of the University of Minnesota Duluth. The band met Letsinger through a family after their former cello player departed to start a family. A deep noise thrums in the back ground. Johnson and Chalgren look toward the says Chalgren. It weighed too much. For him, drummer Sam Berseres adjusts the snare as rain begins to fall. The bandmates are multitalented: they play ukulele, banjo, violin, drums, guitar, and harmonica and dont shy away from acapella when the occasion self. Perhaps this accounts for why the band plays acoustically-driven tunes in a market dominated by electronica. For me the answer is, I grew up in a house that loved music. Music was al says Chalgren. He grew up listening to classic rock, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and people who were strong song writers.


3 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM PROVIDES COUNSELING TO COMMUNITY AND DEPARTMENTS Hello and Welcome to Kwajalein. As the EAP representative I want your transition to the Island Lifestyle here on Kwajalein to be all you wanted and gram and that we are here to serve you and your family. EAP is counseling for personal concerns you may have. The only difference between EAP counseling and Mental Health Counseling (Psychotherapy) is EAP is designed to help employ to deal with any stress, family concerns or mental health issues you or someone in your family might have. EAP is not designed center back home. There is no cost to you, the employee. What is EAP? families on Kwajalein and Roi-Namur. This service is available to all civilians, contractors, Active Duty Military Personnel and their families and the RMI employee workforce. EAP can help you in many ways, including the following focus areas: Separation or Divorce Grieving a loss or death Smoking cessation ADHD Marital and Family counseling Weight management EAP is also available to conduct on-site training to meet spe What does it cost? EAP is not an insurance plan. There will never be a co-pay or deductible or charges billed to your insurance. EAP is paid ployee or resident on Kwajalein. How can I sign up for Counseling at EAP? Call the Hospital at 5-2223. On the day of your appointment, in. The receptionist will help you with any initial paperwork. the hospital. Jackson and the Roosters perform Stan Rogers Barretts Privateers at the Vets Hall Oct. 9. U.S. Army photo by Jessica Dambruch I fell in love with the Avett Brothers eight years ago. I discovered them and they had a way to capture a lot of live raw energy at their shows with just acoustic COMPOSING AMERICANA It is that tenacious drive to embrace multiple genres while staying true to its energy. I think thats what helped us play a number of genresthings that date back to old folk music to Johnny Cash to the Beetles, to Sam Cook, to Aretha Franklin, the Temptations, Bob A lot of the songs were written before I joined the band, so I have to listen and different genres as a member of a new grass band has helped her leverage her academic musical training in ways she couldnt have imagined. Its really opened up my creative rock band. I was classically trained in the Suzu ki method. Its changing, with strings. I didnt know this was a possibility. When I have time I like to learn things by Re Its tough to put yourself into one canaor new grass, the new blue grass years there is this new wave of styles Johnson adds that after acquiring a drummer, the quality of the sound the band had searched for was set. After Sam joined, I would say that we have totally turned it up into Rooster Rock. We like to say our sound is infec tious. We play shows for all ages, [from] the typical bar scene to people in college, to our parents ages. Were able to attract a wide swath of people. Were really able to capture a wide spectrum of genres, and I think that at our shows, no matter what music you like, well be able to cap


4 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Alex Murphy, Allison Hormuth and Annual KRC Columbus Day Run Oct. 11. U.S. Army photo by Erin Waite KWAJALEIN RUNNING CLUB CELEBRATES COLUMBUS DAY WITH CARDIO In the early hours of Tues day morning, competed in the 39th Annual Kwajalein Running Club Co lumbus Day Run. Of the participants, only ten runners opted to run the course twice, completing an marathon, while the remain ing competitors chose to un dertake the 6.52 mile quarter marathon. In the quarter marathon mens division, Lt.j.g. Patrick grader Julia Sholar was the 6.52 mile trek, coming in at OFFICIAL TIMES 6.52 1:08:48 TED SHULTZ 6.52 1:10:13 LYNN LEINES 6.52 1:17:04 MALLORY MASCIARELLI 6.52 1:21:31 JOY MCANDREWS 6.52 1:21:31 DARCI WHEELER 6.52 1:23:20 HOLLY MANESS 6.52 1:47:35 CHELSEA REED 6.52 1:47:37 JENNIFER HILL 6.52 1:47:42 RIZA WALKER 6.52 0:54:21 JULIA SHOLAR 6.52 1:04:40 ABIGAIL BISHOP 6.52 1:14:43 ERIN WAITE 6.52 1:31:06 KAYA SYLVESTER 6.52 1:37:08 GRAESON COSSEY 6.52 1:37:45 JENSYN COLE 6.52 1:38:25 REIKA SAMUEL 6.52 1:39:48 SASAKO BRADY 6.52 1:40:15 RYAN LARSEN 6.52 1:41:30 HANNAH FINLEY 6.52 1:42:24 COLLEEN FURGESON 6.52 1:42:24 KAYLA HEPLER 6.52 1:42:24 LEAH LOKEIJAK 6.52 1:42:24 CLAIRE STEPCHEW 6.52 1:44:22 JAYCIE REED 6.52 1:44:25 CALEIGH YUROVCHAK 6.52 1:44:29 ALLISON HOMUTH 6.52 1:44:33 KATIE O'ROURKE 13.04 MILES 13.04 2:38:31 JENNY CUNNINGHAM 13.04 2:51:27 SHANA DARRAH 13.04 2:51:27 URSULA LABRIE 13.04 2:53:34 CHRISTINA E. BARNES 13.04 3:10:00 KATHY SKINNER 13.04 3:07:33 LAURA LAWSON 13.04 1:40:49 ERIC ENGLAND 13.04 1:53:32 ERIC MILLER 13.04 1:53:45 RAY MOYER 13.04 2:07:40 WESLEY KIRK 6.52 MILES 6.52 1:13:41 CHRISTINA SYLVESTER 6.52 1:15:38 KAREN BRADY 6.52 1:16:22 ANGEL BOLTON 6.52 1:31:02 JENIFER PETERSON 6.52 1:31:48 ELISSA FIORE 6.52 1:41:32 CARMEL SHEARER 6.52 1:56:59 STACEY O'ROURKE 6.52 1:06:05 HOLLY BOTES 6.52 1:06:20 JOANNA FOSTER Of the athletes who endeav ored to complete the half marathon, Eric England was around Kwajalein in one hour, line in front of the teen center, Bob and Jane Sholar awarded each of the competitors a cer accomplishments. Bob, who has been active in organizing the Columbus Day Run for the past twenty years said of the race, its such a great thing for the community, and its a pleasure to be able to partici pate in something that every 6.52 2:51:15 MAKENA MOSELEY 6.52 1:56:53 KIMMY O'ROURKE 6.52 0:50:16 JEFFREY FLUHRER 6.52 0:59:59 BEN BARTYZEL 6.52 1:01:27 BRUCE PREMO 6.52 1:03:20 RONALD SYLVESTER 6.52 1:05:51 ROBERT STACK 6.52 1:12:27 VICTOR BURNLEY 6.52 1:27:26 BEN WALKER 6.52 1:31:02 GARY KOHLER 6.52 0:44:33 PATRICK EDWARDS 6.52 0:51:39 JAY LORD 6.52 0:54:42 DAVID CASBARRA 6.52 1:03:15 KYLE MILLER 6.52 1:04:49 BRANDON SIMONS 6.52 1:05:33 STEVE BEGGS 6.52 1:08:48 TED SHULTZ 6.52 1:10:08 MICHAEL HILLMAN 6.52 0:56:04 LIAM BEGUHN 6.52 1:06:20 ZACHARY HILL 6.52 1:10:13 DOMINIC LEINES 6.52 1:44:25 ALEX MURPHY 6.52 1:11:55 SEAN HEPLER 6.52 1:11:57 LUC BURNLEY 6.52 1:11:03 KEVIN SKINNER


5 In the mid-1960s, E. H. Bryan, Jr. former manager of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu, and his curated essays that take the reader on a profound tour of knowledge on everything from ma the Marshallese household and explanations on how atolls are formed. The order Heteroptera, the true bugs, get their Lygaeidae, which includes the chinch bugs, is Shield bugs and stink bugs (Pentatomidae) have shield-shaped body; there are a few species. A closely related family, Cydnidae, burrowing bugs. Represented by Geotomus pygmaeus, a little black. The leaf bug family, Miridae, is represented by: Campylemma hericornis, pale yellow with dark spots, about 2.3 mm. long; Hallieus tibalis, black and a little smaller, on bean, pumpkin, and sweet potato plants; and Trigonostylus dohertyi, straw color to greenish-yellow. All of these suck sap from plants. In contrast there are some families of Heterop blood from man. These include the assassin bugs, Reduvilldae, and damsel bugs, nabidae, which are widely distributed species, is abundant on grass, tion to the slender body usually folded vertically above the body when at rest. They also have slen der, thread-like antennae with a globu-enlarge ment at the tip. polimnus bolina. You might think there were two kinds, for the male and female are somewhat dif ferent. The male has the upper surface of the wings purplish with a few small white spots, and the lower surface brownish. The female has a brown and white pattern with patches of orange-yellow on each wing, and the upper surface of the front pair a white area divided into four parts by dark veins, also other white spots. Most of the moths are small, although a few are rather heavy set. One of the most distinctive, a ti ger moth (Arctilldae) called Utethsia pulchelloi des, has a pattern of very small red and black dots on its white wings. Its caterpillars frequently are found on tree heliotrope (Meserschmida). Another moth has light green wings edged by a narrow dark border; the body scales are pale silvery green. The ward of the white tip of its abdomen. This moth is believed to belong to the genus Chloauges. The nut grass armyworm, Spodoprera mauritius, has been collected on Kwajalein. It is a noctuid, having slaty-gray wings with brown markings, about an inch and a quarter across the two when spread. Its caterpillar feeds on nut grass sedge, and reaches a length of more than an inch before burrowing into soft earth to pupate. There are several smaller moths, most of which would be hard to identify. Beetles (coleopteran) make up the largest order of insects. In some regions they outnumber all the other orders combined. Click beetles (Elateridae) derus pallipes, one of the most abundant species in the Marshall Islands. When held in the hand, these wing-covers (elytra). The larvae, cylindrical wire worms, bore into trees. An even more familiar form of beetle is the hemi spherical ladybeetle. A very famous species, the which were damaging sugar cane and other crops in Hawaii. It probably reached Kwajalein from Ha waii and is a useful friend to man. Small beetles of one group (Nitidulidae) are at tracted to rotting fruit and vegetable matter. One 97) is a cosmopolitan scavenger on corn, banana roots, rotting papayas, fallen coconuts, breadfruit sap and the like. It is 3 to 5 mm. long. A smaller species, Caropophylus davidsoni, is on pandanus fruits, under bark, on decaying papayas, overripe bananas, corn and copra. A tiny species, less than 2 The family Chrysomelidae is represented by a pest of coconut leaves, Brontispa chalybeipennis coconut leaves.


6 U.S. Army Garrison-Kwajalein Atoll Facebook page For command information questions, please contact Public Affairs at 54848 NOTICE OF AVAILABILITY Extension of Public Review Period Sept. 19, 2016 Oct. 28, 2016. Removal Action Activities Associated tion Memorandum and Draft Environ mental Assessment. THE COMMENT PERIOD FOR THE RE MOVAL ACTION MEMORANDUM, DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT AND DRAFT FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT (FONSI) HAS BEEN EXTENDED The U.S. Army GarrisonKwajalein Atoll (USAG-KA), with assistance from the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Com mand (USASMDC/ ARSTRAT), has com pleted a Removal Action Memorandum (RAM) and a Draft Environmental As sessment (DEA), prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Environmental Quality regulations im plementing NEPA. The RAM documents the need for the removal action and iden REMOVAL ACTION ACTIVITIES: KWAJALEIN LANDFILL DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT removal actions for cleanup. The DEA for the Removal Action Activities Associ of the removal action alternatives. The potential components analyzed in the metal debris from storage area adja between Glass Beach and the Shark Pit; refuse and ship to CONUS/install imper (5) transport future refuse to a CONUS (7) water quality monitoring for 6 years. Based on the analysis, the USAG-KA has determined in the DEA that proposed removal action activities associated with ment. pact (FONSI), the DEA, and the RAM are available at and at the following locations: Marshall Islands Environmental Protec tion Authority, Majuro, Marshall Islands Marshall Islands Environmental Protec tion Authority, Ebeye, Marshall Islands Grace Sherwood Library Kwajalein, Marshall Islands APO, A.P. 96555 Roi-Namur Library Roi-Namur, Marshall Islands Public comments on the DEA, Draft FONSI, and Removal Action Memoran dum will be accepted from E-mail comments to www.usagkaclean (2) Mail comments to USASMDC/ARSTRAT ATTN: SMDC-EN (T. Craven) to USASMDC/ARSTRAT -(256)-955-6659 HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREATING Monday, Oct. 31, 6 8:30 p.m. lanes North of 6th Street from 5:45 p.m. until 9 p.m., Mon day, Oct. 31 for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters. Only bicycles and will be allowed.


7 AREA SAFETY AND CLOSURE NOTICES Area 2 Area 2 is open for recreational activities as authorized The following activities are not authorized per 385-9: Swimming Snorkeling Fishing Skiing Board Sailing Kayaks/Small Day Sailors Building 602 For everyone's safety, pedestrians, bicycles, and unauthorized traf prohibited until further notice. This warning applies to both business and non-business hours. It shall remain in effect until construction is complete. Workers in the area should wear a safety vest at all times. Pedestrians walking down marine road should stay to the lagoon side of the street. On 6th street, pedestrians should always use sidewalks. HEALTH AND WELFARE BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENTNOV. 3-17 FOR KRS-----CMSI-----BAI EMPLOYEES 10-11 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19 RoiPresentation at TRADEX Conf. Rm. 4-5 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 18 KwajPresentation at CRC Room 1 4-6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 19 KwajHealth Fair at CRC Gym 5-6 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 19 KwajPresentation at CRC Room 1 8:30-9:30 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 20 KwajPresentation at CRC Room 1 Enrollment packets will be mailed to KRS/BAI eligible employees Oct. 20. Contact OPEN TO THE WHOLE COMMUNITY!


8 EYES IN THE DARK: NAVY DIVE HELMET DISPLAY EMERGES AS A GAME-CHANGER PANAMA CITY, Fla. The once-ribbing term four-eyes now secures a coolness factor, thanks to a team of Navy engineers who have developed a high-resolution, see-through, heads-up display embedded directly inside a KM-37 Navy dive helmet to effective underwater. Project Manager Dennis Gallagher, an engi neer with the underwater systems develop ment and acquisitions branch special optics lab, said he and his team have developed a type that might even evoke the envy of Iron man. Meet DAVD, also known as the Divers Aug mented Vision Display. Years in the making, a plastic waveguide houses binocular-style play smaller than a postage stamp and ready to receive a variety of critical topside data that assists divers working in even the most austere and low-visibility underwater condi tions. Once a mere concept based on a need, DAVD has matured into an operational and testable prototype that Gallagher said is so far earning rave reviews from the Navy, joint and allied forces dive communities. Unlike recreational diving, where youre in the Bahamas [and] its crystal clear and its beautiful, military diving is almost [always] dark, pitch-black water. Youre working in diving in salvage, ship husbandry -very dan said. So you cant see life-support informa tion, critical sensor data that you need. Your gauges are almost useless down there, be cause you cannot see them in front of your The technology, Gallagher said, is a culmi nation of display capabilities, much of which the Air Force has used for years to send and receive information. An Augmented Reality What we can send on that heads-up dis play is literally anything the topside dive su of the point-of-view, video game-style device. It can be sonar or sector scan thats a top view of what the salvage area looks like. We can even send a 3-D augmented reality over The diver, he added, can see the wreck, the object of interest, even him or herself navi gating to the target area. The system works through voice commands, which can carry a pictures, and video placed anywhere on the screen. He or she can also turn the entire system off and return to see-through mode if necessary. Gallagher noted that DAVD even has favor able outreach beyond the military, including including law enforcement. [The police divers] had people who lost their lives -they couldnt see their gas pres sure, because [the visibility] was so bad when lagher said. So this kind of thing has tremen How Its Made How the DAVD is made seems to have just as storied a journey as what it can al ready help divers achieve. Gallagher said he knew the lab would need to bring forth the possible, which prompted concept develop ment through 3-D models. We can take our mechanical engineering models, and electri cal engineering models, and literally email it across the base to the 3-D printing shop -they make the versions of them there -then and start testing it at lightning speed for very Chuck Self, head of the Navy Surface War fare Center Panama City rapid prototyping shop, said making something from nothing is all in days work, as he and his team are the initial articles. Selfs work puts 3-D printed models in hands of engineers, enabling them to quickly make revisions, and get a product to market much faster. Additionally, the prototyping shop partners with all other warfare centers in a 3-D printing, or additive manufacturing, This working groups main goal is to help implement additive manufacturing to the workforce development are all major factors for the Navy to approve additive manufactur ing as an acceptable process. The goal is to approve a process so that it doesnt have to be a case-by-case situation and we can certify Additive manufacturing uses state-of-theart technology to instruct computer-con trolled machines to print parts in a layered format, Self said. We have nothing to start with, and we add material layer by layer until The technology is not as new as much of By Amaani Lyle Dod News Defense Media Activity A light illuminates a prototype dive helmet with the Diver Augmented Vi sion Display at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division at the Naval Support Activity Panama City in Panama City, Fla. DoD Photos by EJ Hersom


9 A Marine wears a prototype dive helmet with the Diver Augmented Vision Display at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. the public might think. Self said the Panama City lab has been leveraging 3-D printing for nated about 25 years ago. During that time, youve seen a massive maturation of the pro Putting DAVD to Use Perhaps the rubber really meets the road when the concept ripens to practical use in bertsen, Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center dive medical technician, said he and his colleagues look forward to wider use of DAVD. your compass and heading would aid any Lambertsen said. It could help not only a He also shared his personal stake in the technology and diving in general. Im lucky enough to have been here at the Navy Surface Warfare Center to see some of the best and newest diving technology come through and have the opportunity to be part of some of the testing and development for also a military diver and DAVD prototype priority was to recover a piece of history from the Civil War vessel CSS Georgia. Starner and his team faced low visibility, high currents and limited time to get the job done. On the bottom of the Savannah River, ev erything was done by feel. I was able to see anything more than that was nothing but a wouldve helped to decrease the amount of Today, DAVD testing will continue with ongoing enhancements, capabilities and in teroperability, progress made possible by the creative freedom the Navy allows, Galla gher said. But he also stressed that creative freedom isnt his only motivation in going one of his earliest diver display systems to a group of service members, newly returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. He remembered how eager they were to use the technology. Putting it all into perspective, he went back I realized that I complained that the cof fee was cold at the mess and these guys have been out doing these kinds of things, trying That changed my entire outlook whatever I do could literally make a difference in that person in theater getting back, because the like that. Ill stay and work the weekend for A prototype dive helmet with the Diver Augmented Vision Display, left, provides Center Panama City Division at the Naval Support Activity Panama City in Panama City, Fla.


10 WEEKLY WEATHER OUTLOOK WEATHER TRENDS : The Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) has become well established through the northern RMI running eastward pass Small embedded circulations are present within the ITCZ transiting west ward. One such circulation is currently moving across the area causing our local winds to become northerly and supporting local rain activity. Thunder storms were prominent early Thursday morning within our lightning detec atoll. This circulation will support a larger area of rain activity, with chance of thunderstorms, into Friday morning. The threat of Tropical cyclone development will remain west of Kwajalein in the Monsoon trough. There is currently a strengthening tropical depression just east of the Philippines and our indicators are trying to initiate a new de pression somewhere in Western Micronesia in a few days. Locally there is lit tle threat of tropical storms due to the lack of support high in the atmosphere. OUTLOOK: be changing routinely due to the embedded waves traveling through the ITCZ. Some indicators are showing a break between these waves during the week more consistent easterly winds. After the occasional showers Thursday and LUNCH DINNER Sunday Beef Pasticio Vegetable Fritatta Thursday Taco Bar Mexican Rice October 22 Pasta Aglio e Olio Thursday Pork Pot Roast Roasted Potatoes Friday Rice Pilaf Friday Roasted Potatoes Monday Sweet Spicy Meatballs Wednesday Monday Boiled Potatoes Sunday Pancake Supper Tuesday Meatloaf Wednesday Baked Potato Tuesday October 22 Captain Louis S. Zamperini Dining Facility *MENU CURRENT AS OF OCT. 12 COMMANDERS HOTLINE HAVE SOMETHING THE USAG-KA COMMANDER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT?


11 Friday Boeuf Bourguignon Sunday Indonesian Pork Eggs Benedict Thursday Mexican Rice October 22 Spicy Asian Noodles Thursday Meatball Sub Stir Fry Vegetables Friday Monday Pepper Steak Wednesday Beef Stir Fry Sunday Pasta Florentine Monday Tuesday Korean Steak Stir Fry Vegetables Wednesday Roast Beef Tuesday October 22 Meatloaf and Potatoes LUNCH DINNER Caf Roi *MENU CURRENT AS OF OCT. 12 COMMUNITY CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED Visit USAJOBS.GOV to search and apply for USAG-KA vacancies and other federal positions. KRS and Chugach listings for on-Island jobs are posted at: Kwajalein, RoiNamur and Ebeye Dock Security Check point locations; outside the United Contractor Information>KRS>Human Resources>Job Opportunities. Listings for off-island contract positions are available at Job Opportunity at KRS. Position: KRS Technical Writer II (Full-time). Education: High School Diploma or years of progressive Technical Writer tor /documentation administrator or related to IT or Cybersecurity. Ability to obtain CAC Card & Network Access. Please submit your application to the FOR SALE good for Halloween and the Swash bucklers Ball. For sale or rent. Call COMMUNITY NOTICES Food Court Construction Ongoing. Aug. 23 Oct. 22. Customers are re quested to stay clear of the work areas. We apologize for the inconve nience. Vets Hall Holiday Parties. HO! HO! HO! The holidays are coming dont ya know! Time to start thinks about your holiday party. Dates are starting Please join us for Quizzo at The Vets Special Guest Host Terry Torres will wrangle the trivia we have stuck in our heads! Questions? Contact Neil Dye or Mike Woundy. All children who participate in CYSS activities are required to renew their memberships every year. 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The Optometrist, Dr. Chris Yamamo to, will be on Kwajalein and will see ES&H for prescription safety glasses Kwajalein Atoll International Sport be held Weds., Oct. 26, at the Pa start at 7 p.m. All anglers welcome to attend! Questions? Contact Bill, 5-2693. Vets Hall 6th Annual Halloween ish night of fright. Costume contests, cash prizes, and undead entertain The Veterinary Clinic is closed until Nov. 2. Please contact the hospital at 5-2223 for any animal related emer gencies. Holiday Timber Tree Lot. Friday, of 7th and Lagoon. Come pick your blank pallet tree form and paint at the Holiday Timber Tree Lot. Deco rate it on your own or with a group, place it around the island by Dec. 2 and enter to win! nouncement. Session Dates: Nov. 9 Registration: Oct. 25 Nov. 5. For questions and registration: old. Want to take out the B-boats? Regis ter for the basic boating course at the Small Boat Marinas. The class will be istered. In addition to the class time you will have an orientation cruise hit the open water to begin to orien tate to the local area. Questions? Call Planning a holiday party this year? Think you might need tents, tables, or chairs? Contact Community Ac tivities to complete your reservations now and ensure equipment availabil ity. Reservations are already booked Want to learn how to dance? Come join us Wednesdays CRC Room 6 and blues, and everything ballroom. Be ginners always welcome. For ques Safely Speaking: How would you escape from your workplace in an emergency? Do you know where all will be unlocked during emergency? with the rest of your coworkers. E-Talk: Protected Species at USAG-KA USAG-KAs Environmental Standards habitats. Transporting protected spe formation.


12 USAG-KA SPORTS ----------------------RESULTS LAST WEEK--------------------Oct. 4 Oct. 7 Kwaj Rejects def. Spartans II 2-1 Spartans I def. Bako 6-1 Oct. 8 ---------------------------------RECORDS-----------------------------------Mens League Win Loss Tie Bako 1 3 1 FC Swell 5 0 1 Kwaj Rejects 3 2 1 KFC 2 1 2 Spartans I 3 1 1 Womens League Win Loss Tie K.A.T. 2 4 0 Spartan Women 4 1 1 Spartan Co-ed Red 2 4 0 HEROES OF THE WEEK U.S. Army photo by Jessica Dambruch Ever wonder who printed your newspaper? Every pre sentation, oversize map, Kwa jalein Hourglass, church pam phlet and school workbook on two hardworking men who meet the print-on-demand needs of the entire island with a smile. This weeks heroes are the dynamic duo at KRS Repro duction Helmer Emos and Lee Cummings. Its a tough job. Together the Reproduction operators bring ence to machine repair and print shop management on Kwajalein. Their care and atten tion to detail is the mark of a re it shows when they anticipate and troubleshoot mechanical errors and also when they pa tiently attend to customers. No matter how busy they are, they will stop and share a laugh and put the customer at ease. Emos has worked in a variety of positions on Kwjalein and has worked in Reproduction he enjoys spending time with his wife Neikoj, children and grandchildren, and assisting his parents with their local bakery. He enjoys talking with custom ers about current events and brightening their day. As an operator right now I love the challenge whenever projects arise with short no Whenever a project is requested I take is as a chal lenge. My motto is do it now and not put up and wait for Emos is grateful for Cum mings patience and mentor ship as well. I enjoy working with people. Wellmost people He is native to Oklahoma As a former employee of Xe years prior to his eight and a half years of service as an Equipment Repair Tech III team. He enjoys making ma chines operate at optimum capacityand he knows how to get it done for all of the KRS reproduction ma chines on the island. Cummings resides on Kwajalein with his wife Avis. In his spare time he enjoys snorkeling and church activi ties on Ebeye. It is a challenge to keep Helmer Emos and Lee Cummings have everything under control at KRS Reproduction. of humor about the stressors of repairing our valuable equp ment. [waited for] some parts that took a year to receive. All in all it If you have ever been a customer at KRS Reproduction, visit and thank the guys manning the machines for making your print job the best possible product.