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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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The Kwajalein Hourglass G e o f f P e a r l m a n a n d C i n d y A l e x a n d e r p e r f o r m a t E m o n B e a c h T h u r s d a y e v e n i n g Geoff Pearlman and Cindy Alexander perform at Emon Beach Thursday evening. T h e b a n d m e m b e r s a r e o n a A m e r i c a n F o r c e s E n t e r t a i n m e n t t o u r The band members are on a American Forces Entertainment tour. F o r m o r e s e e P a g e 4 For more, see Page 4. ( P h o t o b y N e l l D r u m h e l l e r ) (Photo by Nell Drumheller )


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 2 The Kwajalein Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, T h e K w a j a l e i n H o u r g l a s s The Kwajalein Hourglass or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Wednesdays and Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555 Phone: Defense Switching Network 254-3539; Local phone: 53539 Printed circulation: 2,000E-mail: Of cer......Col. Stevenson Reed Public Affairs Of cer......................Sandy Miller Editor......................................Nell Drumheller Graphics Designer..........................Dan Adler Reporter..............................................JJ Klein Distribution..................................C.J. Kemem L e t t e r s t o t h e e d i t o r Letters to the editor COMMENTARYSee CONTINENTAL, Page 6Continental Micronesia explains cancellation of non-stop ightsThis letter is in response to Jo Bolen’s letter to the editor published on Jan. 16 in The Kwajalein Hourglass Continental Micronesia initiated the new, non-stop ight to Honolulu in December 2005 in an effort to increase seat capacity in the Micronesia region. Continental Micronesia This is in response to Dan Adler’s commentary, “Some lines should never be crossed.” While I see the basic moral intent of Adler’s column, I feel that I should challenge some of the opinions expressed in the piece. Quoting Adler, “Movies rated R can show life as it really is and sometimes Reader challenges opinions in Dakota Fanning commentary make strong statements for reform and change.” For all we know, the movie Hounddog could be one of those lms that “makes a strong statement for reform and change.” As Adler states, he “has not seen the movie” and “may be misjudging it.” The movie is being shown at the As hard as it is to believe, I can be wrong sometimes. If you listen to what my wife says, it’s more like all the time, but what does she know? Anyway, after reading the rst actual reviews of the Dakota Fanning lm Wednesday evening (it was shown at the Sundance Film Festival and most of the reviews I saw called it a stinker), it appears it’s not Fanning’s father (in the lm) who commits the sexual assault as I wrote in the Jan. 20 issue, but a 20-year-old milk delivery man. upcoming Sundance Film Festival and the nal cut has not yet been made, and in my opinion, no one can rightfully judge a lm without actually seeing it rst. From what I’ve heard, Dakota Fanning was not harmed during the lming I apologize for inaccurate commentary statement I wrote the piece based on the best available information I had at the time. Even though commentaries are basically opinion pieces, I strive to be as accurate as I can and try to research subjects thoroughly before I write about them. I care very much that my facts are right. As far as I know, I haven’t been factually incorrect in the past, but if it ever comes to my attention that I’m in error, I’ll take the hit and let you know I was wrong. I apologize to readers for my inaccurate statement.See CHALLENGES, Page 6At the last Kwaj Town Hall Meeting, an audience member wanted to know why KRS doesn’t “piggyback” on its parent companies, Bechtel and Lockheed Martin, to get lower rates for health insurance. KRS responded that they are a separate entity from the other two companies and that it isn’t legal for KRS to use their insurance (Nov. 18 The Kwajalein Hourglass ). But in the June 11, 2004 edition of The Kwajalien Hourglass Ike Richardson, then president of KRS, said that KRS piggybacked on Bechtel to secure the bid prices from Aetna.Resident questions health insurance ‘piggybacking’ issueIf it was done then, why can’t it be done now? Since there will be no town hall meeting until May, will KRS please tell us what changed in two years? — Tom Farris Kwajalein Range Services responds to resident’s question on health insurance Kwajalein Range Services Human Resources staff responds: The confusion may arise from using the term “piggybacking,” which has no precise meaning. It’s true that KRS derives many bene ts from its relationships to the international Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, and Chugach organizations. As See RESPONDS, Page 6


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 3 Michael Maika, front, Bobson Reimers and Albon Laninjid learn automotive electrical diagnostics. (Photo by Nell Drumheller)By Nell DrumhellerEditorThanks to a $100,000 grant from the Republic of the Marshall Islands National Training Council, ten men are becoming better mechanics. The ten-day training program ended today at Kwajalein Range Services automotive department. The program focused on basic automotive electrical systems. “The funding was provided by the RMI National Training Council from a grant was awarded in April and set aside for KRS RMI employees’ skill development programs,” Romeo J. Alfred, Marshallese Training and Employment Program Human Resources representative said. “In addition to the automotive program, a Pharmacy Technician program at the Kwaj hospital was funded by that same training grant.” Alfred explained, “This is one of the program initiatives outlined under the Marshallese Training and Employment Program where KRS tries to identify ideal positions customarily held by off-island contract hires which RMI employees could realistically be trained to ll using available resources.” The students included two men from Majuro. “The trainees were selected by their respective supervisors with input from the RMI Training Coordinator,” Alfred said. Roki Kiluwe, a high school teacher from Majuro and one of the trainees, said he will take what he learned and offer coursework to his students. He said he was chosen to attend this program because he has a background in electronics. “I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about troubleshooting,” Kiluwe said of the program. He added with a smile, “And I can x my car when I get home.” The other trainee from Majuro, Labads Telman, is a mechanic. He said the training was good and that he uses the same type of equipment. Steve Mont came from Tucson, Ariz. to teach the class. He said the program balanced classroom and hands-on training. “Technical English is dif cult for everyone,” Mont said. But he said while the language differences could have been barriers, students in the program helped out one another. Mont added that the students had a basic understanding of the electrical systems but that some of the diagnostic tools used in the class were new to them. “Nearly two years ago, the Automotive Department was experiencing dif culty attracting candidates to ll many of its open off-island slots,” Alfred said, explaining how the program evolved. “The RMI training department was approached by Tim O’Rouke, a Six Sigma Black Belt, who was looking at possibilities of addressing the automotive recruitment issue from a training standpoint, i.e., train RMI employees to ll some of these Auto Mech positions. Funding was the primary setback in providing high quality training for these RMI employees. We contacted NTC, and the rest is history.” Other career paths are being considered for RMI NTC funding. “Among others,” Alfred said of the training programs, “we’re currently working out the nal details for a Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration training program for RMI employees at Public Works.” Alfred continued, “I think the bene ts to the Marshallese are pretty obvious. Higher skills equate to higher pays and higher tax returns for the RMI government. Placing RMI employees in skilled level positions which are customarily held by off-island hires represent huge savings for the customer in recruitment costs, retention costs, as well as travel, housing, and other off-island bene ts. In addition, these types of programs provide our RMI employees with welldocumented skills that they could market outside of the Marshall Islands, including the United States.” For more information on this program, contact Alfred at 59778.Marshallese government grant makes training reality, students learn sophisticated automotive diagnostic skills


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 4 of bringing little bit of home to those serving overseas T h a t ’ s That’s E n t e r t a i n m e n t By Nell DrumhellerEditorTraditionally entertainers travel overseas to bring a bit of home and a change of pace to men and women serving in the military. During World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam con ict, internationally-recognized celebrities toughed-out unpleasant conditions and often enemy re to lighten the load of America’s service men and women in harm’s way. So it is today. “Armed Forces Entertainment is the of cial Department of Defense agency tasked with providing entertainment to U.S. military personnel overseas,” Kim Parker, Community Activities entertainment supervisor said. “Each year AFE hosts more than 1,000 shows around the world, reaching an estimated half a million people at 270 military installations.” On Wednesday and Thursday nights the AFE entertainer Cindy Alexander and her band performed on Roi-Namur and Kwajalein. AFE hosts “up and coming” talent, and Alexander ts the bill. The pint-sized singer-songwriter has been acclaimed by music critics in her native Los Angeles and was named the Songwriter of the Year at the L.A. Music Awards. In November Alexander won the NBC reality program Star Tomorrow which pitted musicians, via the Web, against each other. Votes were tallied on line after viewers watched the groups’ videos. “This is the most worthwhile thing I’ve done with my music,” Alexander said prior to her Thursday concert on Emon Beach. “I’ve always wanted to perform for the troops,” she added. The U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll leg came at the end of her three-week trip through the Paci c. They had already performed in Japan and Guam. The travel, long hours and ights had begun to take its toll on the musician and her group. But her the-show-must-go-on spirit pumped her up for one more performance. Alexander said the process to be“This is the most worthwhile thing I’ve done with my music. I’ve always wanted to perform for the troops.”— Cindy Alexander, singer American Forces Entertainment singer Cindy Alexander performs at Emon Beach Thursday night. (Photo by Nell Drumheller) “Each year American Forces Entertainment hosts more than 1,000 shows around the world, reaching an estimated half a million people at 270 military installations.”— Kim Parker, entertainment supervisor


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 5See ENTERTAINMENT, Page 16 Pearlman set up the stage for the concert. E n t e r t a i n m e n t Entertainment come an AFE performer was long. “After a year, it happened,” she said. “I know this is not a tourist location. I am a World War II history buff. It’s an honor to be here.” AFE has six regional circuits. Kwajalein is one of the Paci c Circuit tour sites. “Each installation on the Paci c Circuit submits individual annual entertainment requests, and then the Paci c Region coordinator, Frank Tagatac, compiles everything,” Parker said. Tagatac consolidates the entertainment requirements and sends it to the Chief of AFE. “They draft a plan to try to distribute entertainment fairly, but priority is given to contingency operations, then remote and isolated locations. They hash everything out at the AFE Annual Conference and try to nalize tour plans, then the chief has to sign off on everything.“Each year I submit an annual entertainment request that prioritizes the type of acts we would like to host, the number of acts we can support, and the speci c time of year when we would like to host these groups,” Parker said.“That being said, what’s on the entertainment plan for the year isn’t always exactly what happens,” Parker added. “There are a lot of variables trying to scout talent and nd a certain type of band that’s available in a certain timeframe. “We make speci c requests for entertainment, but, we don’t always get what ask for. We’re just grateful for anything AFE can send our way,” Parker said. AFE is a division of the U.S. Air Force and AFE foots most of the bill for the traveling shows. Local Morale, Welfare and Recreation organizations, or as things are within USAKA, Kwajalein Range Services, feeds, lodges and offers local transportation for the AFE groups. “Community Activities does not pay to bring AFE groups to Kwajalein or Roi. The Air Force funds it through the Kisino Loeak adjusts a stage light prior to the AFE concert Thursday night at Emon Beach. Jacob Sauls and Chelsea Bean do a little dance at the AFE concert Thursday night.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6 CONTINENTAL, from Page 2 of the one-minute scene and a child welfare of cial was there along with the actresses’ mother and agent. The shot was supposedly made using above the shoulder camera angles. There are said to be two taboos in mainstream lm which are child abuse and the killing of animals. Both happen to be unfortunate realities, but what’s to stop a lmmaker from using either in a motion picture? Sometimes it takes a bit of in-yourface cinema to bring a topic into the mainstream and encourage active debate on the subject. Calling for a boycott of the movie by asking people to “keep their money in their pockets” and to “stay away from the lm” sounds more like a head-in-the-sand approach. I would encourage adults to see the lm and to form their own opinion. If Hounddog features scenes of child abuse, it may be unpleasant for the viewer, but why shouldn’t it be? It’s a highly unpleasant reality. — Jeff EmdeCHALLENGES, from Page 2 was excited to offer our valued Kwajalein customers this new service, which originates in Guam. Unfortunately, due to the nature of U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, the airline cannot sell many Guam-to-Kwajalein tickets. In addition, Kwajalein’s population declined by almost 25 percent during the past year, reducing the number of passengers on both the non-stop ight to Honolulu as well as the Kwajalein-MajuroHonolulu ight. As a result, the one-stop ight has not been viable during the off-peak period of the year. Instead of cancelling the ight, Continental Micronesia decided to change the yearround, one-stop ight routing Guam – Majuro – Honolulu, which will take effect on March 3. This routing will bene t our customers on Kwajalein by increasing the total number of seats in the market and opening up seats for Kwajalein customers on the normal island-hopper ights. We understand the preference for the non-stop ight, and we will certainly provide that service to our valued customers in Kwajalein during the peak summer travel period so that most will enjoy that convenience. The ight will operate on Tuesdays from June 5 through Aug. 28. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bolen, her family and all of our Kwajalein customers for their continued support. — Walter B. Dias Continental Micronesia Staff vice president, sales and marketing employees, we all bene t from these relationships, but they are not the cure for every problem. Richardson used the term “piggyback” referring to the fact that KRS went through our parent companies to help us in locating and obtaining Aetna’s services. Bechtel, in particular, has a very large international account with Aetna. If Bechtel had not intervened, Aetna might not have even offered services to a company as small and remote as KRS, and we might still have the lesser coverage that Staywell provided. Indeed, when KRS was looking at other options in 2004, at least one other insurer declined to consider covering us. So the relationship got us in the door with a major, reliable provider. However, the rates that were set for KRS were (and are) based on the claims experience for our employees, and they are in no way affected by the rates that the parent companies receive. That’s what we were saying at the November Town Hall meeting. By the way, Farris and other Hourglass readers should note that they don’t need to wait for the next Town Hall meeting to get their questions answered. They can address them through their chain of command, or for HR issues simply call Human Resources. If you are not sure who to contact, e-mail or call Bob Bills at 50767.RESPONDS, from Page 2 Furry friendsU.S. Army 1st Lt. Sarah Rosnick (left) gives deworming medicine to a goat during a veterinary assistance mission in Panjshir, Afghanistan, on Jan. 16. Rosnick is assigned to the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Marcus J. Quarterman, U.S. Army)


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 7Cub Scout Pack 135 holds annual Pinewood DerbyKevin Kulig and Kate Everts (kneeling) wait for race cars to cross the nish line at the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Monday in the multi-purpose room. Looking on are John Sholar, David Sholar, Andrew Lundberg, Matt Madore, Sheri Howard, Roy Howard Corey Wiley and Jay McMaster. (Photo courtesy of Wendy Gray) Feeling a need for speed Hourglass reportsCub Scout Pack 135 held its annual Pinewood Derby Monday in the high school multipurpose room. There were 12 Scout entries, two family member entries and 10 ‘celebrity’ entries which included AirScan Paci c, Kwajalein Fire Department, Blessed Sacrament Parish, Ron Tsubamoto, Reno [Nevada] Police Department, Island Memorial Chapel and U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll. The race cars sped down the new aluminum track which replaced the old wooden track. The new track was purchased with funds raised solely by the Scouts. The new track is 48 feet long with four lanes. An electronic timer was used to send race signals to a computer that displayed the nish Pack 135 Grand Finals 1st Duncan McMaster-Bears 191.9 2nd Dawson Wiley-Tigers 191.8 3rd David Sholar-Bears 188.8 4th John Sholar-Webelos 187.6 5th Mathew Madore-Webelos 181.6 6th Ben Jahnke-Tigers 173.0 1st Airscan Paci c 205.7 2nd Kwajalein Fire Department 203.8 3rd Blessed Sacrament Parish 186.9 4th Ron Tsubamoto 182.7 5th Reno Police Department 181.3 6th Island Memorial Chapel 166.2 7th USAKA 144.1 Celebrity Race Miles-per-hour Miles-per-hour Family Race 1st Jenna Lundberg 188.3 2nd Ella Wiley 179.2 Miles-per-hour Pinewood Derby results order, race time and miles-perhour based on the scale of the race cars. The Pinewood Derby is a national scouting event and has been held on Kwajalein for more than 35 years.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 8 Global War on Terror Honoring fallen heroes Movie ratings G = general audiences, all ages admitted PG = parental guidance suggested, some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13 = Parents strongly cautioned, some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. R = restricted, under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian. NC-17 = No one 17 and under admitted.The following 41 servicemembers have died in the Global War on Terror: Sgt. Gregroy A. Wright 28, of Boston, died Jan. 13 in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle during combat operations.Wright was assigned to the 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kan. Spc. Jason J. Corbett 23, of Casper, Wyo., died Jan. 15 of injuries sustained when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using small arms re during combat operations in Karmah, Iraq. Corbett was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, Alaska. Spc. Collin R. Schockmel 19, of Richwood, Texas, died Jan. 16 in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, of wounds suffered when his unit came in contact with enemy forces using grenades during security and observation operations. Schockmel was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colo. Petty Of cer 2nd Class Joseph D. Alomar 22, of Brooklyn, N.Y., died in a non-combat related incident Jan. 17, at Camp Bucca, Iraq, where he was assigned to the Navy Provisional Detention Battalion. Spc. William J. Rechenmacher 24, of Jacksonville, Fla., died Jan. 18 in Baghdad, Iraq when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. Rechenmacher was assigned to the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas. Sgt. 1st Class Russell P. Borea 38, of El Paso, Texas, died of injuries suffered in Mosul, Iraq on Jan. 19 when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. Borea was assigned to the 2d Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Bliss, Texas. Spc. William J. Rechenmacher 24, of Jacksonville, Fla., died Jan. 18 in Baghdad when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. Spc. Rechenmacher was assigned to the 1st Brigade Special Troops Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood. Cpl. Jacob H. Neal 23, of San Marcos, Texas, died Jan. 19 while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province, Iraq. Neal was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Grand Rapids, Mich. Lance Cpl. Luis J. Castillo 20, of Lawton, Mich., died Jan. 20 from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province. Castillo was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 1st Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Lansing, Mich. Pfc. Allen B. Jaynes 21, of Henderson, Texas, died Jan. 20 in Iraq of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Carson. Capt. Brian S. Freeman 31, of Temecula, Calif., died Jan. 20 in Karbala, Iraq, of wounds suffered when his meeting area came under attack by mortar and smalls arms re.Freeman was assigned to the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Whitehall, Ohio. Pfc. Ryan J. Hill 20, of Keizer, Ore., died Jan. 20 in Baghdad, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his Humvee. Hill was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany. Four Soldiers died Jan 20 in Karma, Iraq, of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near their Humvee.The Soldiers were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry (Airborne), 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson. Killed were: Sgt. Sean P. Fennerty 25, of Corvallis, Ore.; Sgt. Phillip D. McNeill 22, of Sunrise, Fla.; Spc. Jeffrey D. Bisson 22, of Vista, Calif. and Spc. Toby R. Olsen 28, of Manchester, N.H. Four Soldiers died Jan. 20 in Karbala, Iraq, from wounds sustained when their patrol was ambushed while conducting dismounted operations. The Soldiers were assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson. Killed were: 1st Lt. Jacob N. Fritz 25, of Verdon, Neb.; Spc. Johnathan B. Chism 22, of Gonzales, La.; Pfc. Shawn P. Falter 25, of Cortland, N.Y. and Pvt. Johnathon M. Millican 20, of Trafford, Ala. Sgt. Jonathan P. C. Kingman 21, of Nankin, Ohio, died Jan. 20 near Baji, Iraq, of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. He was assigned to the 41st Engineer Company, 1st Engineer Battalion, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Fort Riley, Kan. Twelve Soldiers died on Jan. 20 in Baghdad when the UH60 Black Hawk helicopter they were in crashed. Killed were: Col. Brian D. Allgood 46, of Oklahoma, who was assigned to the 30th Medical Brigade, European Regional Medical Command, Heidelberg, Germany; Staff Sgt. Darryl D. Booker 37, of Midlothian, Va., who was assigned to the 29th Infantry Division, Virginia Army National Guard, Sandston, Va.; Sgt. 1st Class John G. Brown 43, of Little Rock, Ark., who was assigned to the Arkansas Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment (Air Assault), 77th Aviation Brigade, Camp Robinson, Ark.; Lt. Col. David C. Canegata 50, of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, who was assigned to the Virgin Islands Army National Guard, Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands; Command Sgt. Maj. Marilyn L. Gabbard 46, of Polk City, Iowa, who was assigned to Joint Forces Headquarters, Iowa Army National Guard, Camp Dodge, Johnston, Iowa; Command Sgt. Maj. Roger W. Haller 49, of Davidsonville, Md., who was assigned to the 70th Regiment, Regional Training Institute Maryland, Maryland Army National Guard, Reisterstown, Md.; Col. Paul M. Kelly 45, of Stafford, Va., who was assigned to the Joint Force Headquarters of the Virginia Army National Guard in Blackstone, Va; Staff Sgt. Floyd E. Lake 43, of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, who was assigned to the Virgin Islands Army National Guard, Christiansted; Cpl. Victor M. Langarica 29, of Decatur, Ga., who was assigned to the 86th Signal Battalion, Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Capt. Sean E. Lyerly 31, of P ugerville, Texas., who was assigned to the Texas Army National Guard’s 36th Combat Aviation Brigade, 36th Infantry Division, Austin, Texas; Maj. Michael V. Taylor 40, of North Little Rock, Ark., who assigned to the Arkansas Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment (Air Assault), 77th Aviation Brigade, Camp Robinson; 1st Sgt. William T. Warren 48, of North Little Rock, Ark., who was assigned to the Arkansas Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment (Air Assault), 77th Aviation Brigade, Camp Robinson. Lance Cpl. Emilian D. Sanchez 20, of Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M., died Sunday from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province. He was assigned to Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif. Lance Cpl. Andrew G. Matus 19, of Chetek, Wis. died Sunday from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province. Matus was assigned to Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable), I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton. Spc. Brandon L. Stout 23, of Grand Rapids, Mich., died Monday in Baghdad, of wounds suffered when an explosively formed projectile detonated near his vehicle. Stout was assigned to the 46th Military Police Company, Michigan Army National Guard, Kingsford, Mich. Staff Sgt. Jamie D. Wilson 34, of San Diego, Calif., died Monday in Fallujah, Iraq, from wounds suffered while conducting security operations in Karmah, Iraq. Wilson was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 509th Infantry Regiment (Airborne), 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson. Spc. Nicholas P. Brown 24, of Huber Heights, Ohio, died Monday in Mosul, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. Brown was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Bliss. Sgt. Gary S. Johnston 21, of Windthorst, Texas died Tuesday while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province. Johnston was assigned to 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, III Marine Expeditionary Force Okinawa, Japan. Staff Sgt. Michael J. Wiggins 26, of Cleveland, Ohio, died Tuesday in Balad, Iraq, of a non-combat related injury. He was assigned to the 79th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Sgt. Michael M. Kashkoush 24, of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, died Tuesday from wounds received while conducting combat operations in Al Anbar province. Kashkoush was assigned to 3rd Intelligence Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa. Staff Sgt. Hector Leija 27, of Houston, died Wednesday in Baghdad, of wounds suffered during combat operations. Leija was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade Combat Team), Fort Lewis, Wash. Sgt. 1st Class Keith A. Callahan 31, of McClure, Pa., died Wednesday of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated while he was conducting a combat patrol south of Baghdad, Iraq. Callahan was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.Saturday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — The Last Kiss (R) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Flicka (PG) 7:30 p.m., Roi— The Descent (R) Sunday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — The Marine (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Everyone’s Hero (G) 9:30 p.m., Rich — The Guardian (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Roi— The Black Dahlia (R) Monday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — The Last Kiss (R) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Flicka (PG) Wednesday 7 p.m., ARC — The Last Kiss (R) All movies subject to change with shipments. For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700. The Last Kiss A successful 30-year-old (Zach Braff) with a the perfect girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett) and a lucrative outlook on life struggles with the increasing pressures of adulthood as he weighs the merits of settling down with the woman who loves him against risking it all to be with a comely co-ed (Rachel Bilson) in director Tony Goldwyn’s remake of Gabriele Muccino’s 2001 comedy drama. Crash and Million Dollar Baby screenwriter Paul Haggis adapts a script originally penned by Italian lmmaker Muccino, and Casey Af eck, Eric Christian Olsen, and Tom Wilkinson co-star. Flikca A young woman pins her hopes and dreams on a maverick horse in this drama based on the classic novel by Mary O’Hara. Katy (Alison Lohman) is the teenage daughter of a horse rancher (Tim McGraw) who is grooming his son to take over the family business, while Katy is sent to an exclusive private school where she feels like a mis t. One day, while out riding, Katy nds a wild horse, a beautiful black mustang, and she feels an emotional connection with the animal. While her father is convinced having a mustang around his herd will be bad for both his thoroughbred ponies and the wild horse, Katy is certain she can break the strong-willed steed and make him a champion, and she even gives the horse a name — Flicka. As Katy struggles to tame the headstrong Flicka, she also tries to prove to her father that she knows horses as well as he does, and that she’s every bit as capable of running the ranch as her brother. Everyone’s Hero A young baseball fan sets out on a crosscountry quest to recover Babe Ruth’s stolen bat and restore his father’s good name in a computer animated family adventure that shows you’re never too young to be a hero. Yankee Irving (voice of Jake T. Austin) may not be the best base-runner in his neighborhood, but his love of the game is about to lead him on the adventure of a lifetime when a legendary baseball bat is stolen from Yankee stadium on his father’s watch. Now he is determined to get back the bat from the crooked security guard who swiped it (voice of William H. Macy) and place it back in the grip of the best hitter in baseball history.


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 9SundayAll programming is subject to change without notice. TimeChannel 14 AFN News Channel 17 AFN Prime Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 29 AFN Sports Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors TimemidnightFox & FriendsThe Late ShowLate Night withMovie: (cont.)Fairly OddparentsBest Damn SportsLaw & Ordermidnight 12:30 a.m.Late Late Show Conan OÂ’Brien Lethal Weapon 3 Billy and Mandy Show Period12:30 a.m. 1 a.m.Fox & Friends with Craig Ferguson AmericaÂ’s MostMovie: <:07>ArchieÂ’s MysteriesBest Damn SportsHeadline News1 a.m. 1:30 a.m.Judge Judy Wanted Island of Hannah Montana Show Period King of Queens1:30 a.m. 2 a.m.CNN Saturday AMThe DistrictInvasion Dr. Moreau Hannah MontanaSportsCenterTwo & a Half Men2 a.m. 2:30 a.m.Open House TainaArrested Dev.2:30 a.m. 3 a.m. Bulls & BearsOprah WinfreyGreyÂ’s AnatomyMovie:Made!SportsCenterLas Vegas3 a.m. 3:30 a.m.Cavuto on Business The Matrix: 3:30 a.m. 4 a.m.Forbes on FOXDr. PhilHates Chris Reloaded 7th HeavenCollege GameDayBones4 a.m. 4:30 a.m.CashinÂ’ InKing of Queens 4:30 a.m. 5 a.m.CNN NewsroomCBS Evening NewsYour Reality Movie: <:09>Mister RogersFootball FridayCollege Basketball5 a.m. 5:30 a.m. ESPNews Checked After the Sunset Rolie Polie Olie Michigan 5:30 a.m. 6 a.m.Weekend Live NBC Nightly NewsCreative JuiceSesame StreetCollege Basketball at6 a.m. 6:30 a.m.with Tony Snow ABC World NewsOffbeat America North CarolinaIndiana6:30 a.m. 7 a.m.Wall Street JournalKoala BrothersExtreme HomesMovie:Max & Ruby at College Basketball7 a.m. 7:30 a.m.Army NewswatchRobotBoyDesigned to Sell Rush Hour 2 Dragon Tales ArizonaOklahoma7:30 a.m. 8 a.m.Studio B WeekendSonic XGround Breakers Jakers!The Pulse at8 a.m. 8:30 a.m. TutensteinBorn American Movie: <:44>Little Einsteins Texas A & M8:30 a.m. 9 a.m.CNN NewsroomSherlock HolmesFor Your Money Secret Window Zatch BellCollege FootballCollege Basketball9 a.m. 9:30 a.m.Meerkat ManorHouse Hunters Bratz Senior BowlVillanova9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.CNN NewsroomNavy/Marine NewsBoy Meets Grill Loonatics at10 a.m. 10:30 a.m.Mail Call$40 a Day Movie: <:34> Duel Masters Notre Dame 10:30 a.m. 11 a.m.McLaughlin GroupAccess HollywoodTrading Spaces You Got Served Danny PhantomSportsCenter11 a.m. 11:30 a.m.Our World Weekend Justice League 11:30 a.m. noonThis Week at WarExtreme Makeover:National Geographic Movie: <:24> Teen Kids NewsCollege BasketballKing of Queensnoon 12:30 p.m. Home EditionSpecials The Fight Club CyberchaseBaylor at Texas (JIP)Two & a Half Men12:30 p.m. 1 p.m.Week in Review (120 min.)The O.C.Trading SpacesCollege GameDayLas Vegas1 p.m. 1:30 p.m.Army Newswatch DarcyÂ’s Wild Life 1:30 p.m. 2 p.m.TodayÂ’s Air ForceDeal or No DealHouseCrocodile HunterCollege BasketballGrand Ole Opry2 p.m. 2:30 p.m.Navy/Marine Corps Diaries Michigan State Live 2:30 p.m. 3 p.m.CNN NewsroomC.S.I. NYCold Case Movie: Animal Kidding at Motorweek3 p.m. 3:30 p.m.UnbreakableOhio State Ebert & Roper3:30 p.m. 4 p.m.Journal EditorialLaw & OrderCelebrity Poker Hercules SportsCenterMonster Garage4 p.m. 4:30 p.m.Beltway Boys Showdown 4:30 p.m. 5 p.m.Larry King LiveRockstar: INXSMovie:SpongeBobMidnight MadnessFear Factor5 p.m. 5:30 p.m.The Simpsons X-Men Fairly OddparentsNBA Fastbreak5:30 p.m. 6 p.m.HeartlandHeadline NewsCharmedKim PossibleSportsCenterRaymond6 p.m. 6:30 p.m.Navy/Marine Corps The Proud FamilyRaymond6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.CNN SpecialDeal or No DealHouse Movie:Movie:SportsCenter1 vs. 1007 p.m. 7:30 p.m.Investigations UnderworldFinding Nemo7:30 p.m. 8 p.m.Headline NewsESC WrestlingHouse Australian Open1 vs. 1008 p.m. 8:30 p.m.Chris Matthews Movie: Tennis8:30 p.m. 9 p.m.Tim RussertLaw & OrderBrothers and Movie: <:16> Dragons: Fire Headline News9 p.m. 9:30 p.m.Sisters Sword sh and Ice ESPNews9:30 p.m. 10 p.m.The Line UpWindow on the Atoll SNL American Idol 20/2010 p.m. 10:30 p.m.King of Queens 10:30 p.m. 11 p.m.Fox ReportTwo & a Half Men Movie: The America IdolClose to Home11 p.m. 11:30 p.m.Weekend Arrested Dev.Super Sweet 16 AstronautÂ’s Wife ESPNews 11:30 p.m.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10MondayAll programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 14 AFN News Channel 17 AFN Prime Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 29 AFN Sports Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors TimemidnightCNN SundayNigella FeastsPunkÂ’dMovie: The American IdolSportsCenterBoston Legalmidnight 12:30 a.m.Morning Good EatsThe Simple Life AstronautÂ’s Wife 12:30 a.m. 1 a.m.Homes of OurHouseMovie: <:02>Movie:Inside the NFLHeadline News1 a.m. 1:30 a.m.Headline News Heritage Blade 2Finding Nemo George Lopez1:30 a.m. 2 a.m.CBS News Sunday Mail CallHouse Sports ReportersBlue Collar TV2 a.m. 2:30 a.m.Morning Movie:Outside the LinesFamily Guy2:30 a.m. 3 a.m. C.S.I.Brothers and Movie: Dragons: Fire Sports ReportersKing of the Hill3 a.m. 3:30 a.m.Face the Nation Sisters Underworld and Ice SportsCenterKing of Queens3:30 a.m. 4 a.m.Fox News LiveThe Dead ZoneSuper Sweet 16DawsonÂ’s Creek The FBI Files4 a.m. 4:30 a.m.Weekend PunkÂ’d ESPNews4:30 a.m. 5 a.m.Two and a Half MenClean House Movie: <:16>Mister RogersAustralian OpenSportsCenter5 a.m. 5:30 a.m.Bernie Mac Sword sh Rolile Polie Olie Tennis 5:30 a.m. 6 a.m.This Week at WarMalcolmHouse Hunters Sesame Street College Basketball6 a.m. 6:30 a.m.ScrubsMission Organization Teams TBD 6:30 a.m. 7 a.m.CNN Presents:Week in ReviewMusic & Spoken W.Movie:Davey And Goliath 7 a.m. 7:30 a.m.Your Total HealthHarvest with Greg 50 First Dates Baby Loony Toons 7:30 a.m. 8 a.m.Studio B WeekendThe EntertainersExtreme Life ArthurPGA Tour at8 a.m. 8:30 a.m. Real Videos Movie: <:54> Danger Rangers FedEx Cup-BuickSt. JohnÂ’s8:30 a.m. 9 a.m.Meet the PressHour of PowerLatin Lifestyles Uptown Girls Magic School Bus Invitational PGA Tour9 a.m. 9:30 a.m.T.D. JakesUrban Style Rugrats Final Round Bob Hope9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.CNN NewsroomCoral Ridge HourGreat Adventure Teamo Supremo Chrysler Classic10 a.m. 10:30 a.m.Behold the ManHungry Detective Movie: <:41>Kids Next Door Final Round10:30 a.m. 11 a.m.Fox News LiveGrand Ole OprySimplify Your Life Shanghai Knights Meerkat Manor 11 a.m. 11:30 a.m.SundayLive Road Tasted Gorgeous RockoÂ’s ModernThe Blitz11:30 a.m. noonCNN NewsroomMotorweekThe Suze OrmanFull HouseGet WildThe Blitz noon 12:30 p.m.Ebert & Roeper Show Movie: <:50>The Brady BunchOffshore AdventureCollege Basketball12:30 p.m. 1 p.m.CNN PresentsMonster GarageNigella Feasts Selena Movie:MirandaÂ’s AdventureMaryland1 p.m. 1:30 p.m.Good Eats Angels in the Realtree Outdoors at1:30 p.m. 2 p.m.This WeekFear Factor:Homes of Our Out eld PBR Bull Riding Virginia Tech2 p.m. 2:30 p.m.Heritage Movie:PBR Bull Riding2:30 p.m. 3 p.m.CNN NewsroomRaymondMail Call Movie: <:16> The Return of El 3 p.m. 3:30 p.m.Raymond Nutty Professor II: Male co 3:30 p.m. 4 p.m.War Stories with1 vs 100C.S.I. The Klumps SpongeBobSportsCenterESPNews4 p.m. 4:30 p.m.Oliver North Fairly OddparentsNavy/MCorps News4:30 p.m. 5 p.m.Larry King Live1 vs 100The Dead ZoneTrue HollywoodKim PossibleEmeril Live5 p.m. 5:30 p.m. Story The Proud FamilyCollege GameNight5:30 p.m. 6 p.m.60 MinutesHeadline NewsTwo and a Half MenAustin Stevens:NBA FastbreakDesignerÂ’s Challenge6 p.m. 6:30 p.m. Window on the AtollBernie Mac Snakemaster SportsCenterThe Soup6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.World News Now20/20MalcolmMovie:AmericaÂ’s FunniestBones7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.Scrubs School of Rock Home Videos7:30 p.m. 8 p.m.<:15> Paci c ReportClose to HomeColonial House Gilmore GirlsCollege BasketballWheel of Fortune8 p.m. 8:30 p.m.Up to the Minute Suns Jeopardy8:30 p.m. 9 p.m.Boston LegalThe Apprentice: Movie: <:04>Extreme Makeover: at Headline News9 p.m. 9:30 p.m. Face the Nation Los Angeles Along Comes Home Edition Cavaliers Navy/MCorps News9:30 p.m. 10 p.m.This WeekHeadline NewsThe Of ce a Spider (120 min.) 60 Minutes10 p.m. 10:30 p.m. George LopezKing of QueensSportsCenter10:30 p.m. 11 p.m.Fox & Friends FirstBlue Collar TVC.S.I. MiamiMovie:7th HeavenExtreme Makeover:11 p.m. 11:30 p.m.Family Guy Happy Gilmore Home Edition11:30 p.m.


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 11TuesdayAll programming is subject to change without notice. TimeChannel 14 AFN News Channel 17 AFN Prime Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 29 AFN Sports Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors TimemidnightToday ShowThe Cosby ShowNumb3rsMovie: (cont.)Austin Stevens:College GameNightExtreme Makeover:midnight 12:30 a.m.Mad About You Movie: <:47> Snakemaster NBA Fastbreak Home Edition12:30 a.m. 1 a.m.Emeril LiveMalcolm Enemy of the State AmericaÂ’s FunniestPGA TourPaci c Report1 a.m. 1:30 a.m. Scrubs Home Videos FedEx Cup-Buick Tonight Show1:30 a.m. 2 a.m.CNN NewsroomDesignerÂ’s ChallengeColonial HouseGilmore Girls Invitational with Jay Leno2 a.m. 2:30 a.m.The Soup Final Round The Late Show2:30 a.m. 3 a.m.CNN NewsroomBonesThe Apprentice:Movie:Extreme Makeover: w/ David Letterman3 a.m. 3:30 a.m. Los Angeles School of Rock Home Edition Late Late Show3:30 a.m. 4 a.m.MSNBC LiveExtreme Makeover:The Of ce (120 min.) SportsCenter with Craig Ferguson4 a.m. 4:30 a.m.Home Edition King of Queens Judge Judy4:30 a.m. 5 a.m.SeinfeldB. Original Movie: <:04>TeletubbiesThe District5 a.m. 5:30 a.m.The SimpsonsCaribbean Workout Along Comes Barney & Friends 5:30 a.m. 6 a.m.MSNBC LiveTodayCreative Juice a Spider Sesame StreetCollege GameNightWWE Smackdown!6 a.m. 6:30 a.m. DIY to the RescueNBA Fastbreak6:30 a.m. 7 a.m.Fox News LiveGood EatsInside the Actors...Bear in the Big BlueNFL Total Access7 a.m. 7:30 a.m.Unwrapped Producers Cast BlueÂ’s Clues The Super Bowl7:30 a.m. 8 a.m.Studio B withSesame Street30 Minute MealsMovies 101Dora the ExplorerThe Final Score8 a.m. 8:30 a.m.Shepard Smith PaulaÂ’s Home...E.T.Go, Diego, Go! Headline News8:30 a.m. 9 a.m.The Situation RoomThe ViewRoseanne Movie:Bob the Builder Good Morning9 a.m. 9:30 a.m.Roseanne Something the Lord Backyardigans America9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.The Situation RoomDr. Phil ShowAlly McBeal Made FranklinAround the Horn10 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Reading RainbowPTI10:30 a.m. 11 a.m.Around the ServicesE.R.E! News Live/ Movie: <:05>BackyardigansSportsCenterLate Night with11 a.m. 11:30 a.m.NBC Nightly News Daily 10 Consenting Adults Bob the Builder Conan OÂ’Brien11:30 a.m. noonABC World NewsAccess HollywoodBlind DateGo, Diego, Go!College BasketballBattlestarnoon 12:30 p.m.CBS Evening NewsJudge JudyLiving SingleDora the Explorer Pitt Galactica12:30 p.m. 1 p.m.Countdown withGuiding LightThe Cosby ShowMovie:Blues Clues at Stargate Atlantis1 p.m. 1:30 p.m.Keith Olbermann Mad About You Domestic Bear in the Big Blue Villanova 1:30 p.m. 2 p.m.Hannity & ColmesGeneral HospitalEmeril Live Disturbance Sesame StreetCollege BasketballDesperate 2 p.m. 2:30 p.m. Movie: <:44> Kansas Housewives2:30 p.m. 3 p.m.Lou Dobbs TonightPassionsDesignerÂ’s ChallengeRansom Funniest Videos at Access Holywood3 p.m. 3:30 p.m.The Soup Funniest Animals Nebraska Judge Judy3:30 p.m. 4 p.m.News Hour withOprah WinfreyBonesPokemonSportsCenterThe Cosby Show4 p.m. 4:30 p.m.Jim Lehrer Yu-Gi-Oh!Mad About You4:30 p.m. 5 p.m.Special Report withWheel of FortuneExtreme Makeover:Access HollywoodSpongeBobCollege BasketballEmeril Live5 p.m. 5:30 p.m.Brit Hume Jeopardy Home Edition Weekend Fairly Oddparents San Diego5:30 p.m. 6 p.m.Your World withWindow on the AtollSeinfeldE.T.Kim Possible at NFL Total Access6 p.m. 6:30 p.m.Neil Cavuto ATS/Regional NewsThe Simpsons Weekend The Proud Family Gonzaga6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.World News Now60 MinutesBattlestar Movie:RomeoSportsCenterBones7 p.m. 7:30 p.m.Galactica 13 Annual Screen Drake & Josh7:30 p.m. 8 p.m.<:15> Paci c ReportExtreme Makeover:Stargate Atlantis ActorÂ’s Guild Smallville NBAWheel of Fortune8 p.m. 8:30 p.m.Tavis Smiley Home Edition Awards Suns Jeopardy8:30 p.m. 9 p.m.Business Report Desperate Movie: Even Stevens at The Daily Show9 p.m. 9:30 p.m.Nightline Housewives Meet the Parents Home Improvement Cavaliers The Colbert Report9:30 p.m. 10 p.m.Hardball with Headline NewsThe Of ce Moesha Heroes10 p.m. 10:30 p.m.Chris Matthews Tonight Show w/King of QueensDegrassi ESPNews10:30 p.m. 11 p.m.OÂ’Reilly Factor Jay Leno Bernie Mac Movie: 7th HeavenSportsCenterAmerican Dad11 p.m. 11:30 p.m.The Late ShowJoey Point of No Return Super Bowl Special Judge Judy11:30 p.m.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12WednesdayAll programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 14 AFN News Channel 17 AFN Prime Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 29 AFN Sports Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors TimemidnightToday ShowThe Late ShowLate Night withMovie: Kim PossibleSportsCenterSupernaturalmidnight 12:30 a.m.Late Late Show w/ Conan OÂ’Brien Point of No Return The Proud Family 12:30 a.m. 1 a.m.Craig Ferguson Battlestar Movie: Romeo Paci c Report1 a.m. 1:30 a.m.Judge Judy Galactica The French Drake & Josh Tonight Show1:30 a.m. 2 a.m.CNN NewsroomThe DistrictStargate Atlantis Connection Smallville w/ Jay Leno2 a.m. 2:30 a.m. Super Bowl Media The Late Show2:30 a.m. 3 a.m.CNN NewsroomOprah WinfreyDesperate Movie:Even Stevens Day w/ David Letterman3 a.m. 3:30 a.m.Housewives 13 Annual Screen Home Improvement NFC Team Late Late Show3:30 a.m. 4 a.m.MSNBC LiveDr. Phil ShowThe Of ce ActorÂ’s Guild Moesha with Craig Ferguson4 a.m. 4:30 a.m.King of Queens Awards DegrassiExtended SoundJudge Judy4:30 a.m. 5 a.m.CBS Evening NewsB. Original Movie: TeletubbiesFrom Media Day The District5 a.m. 5:30 a.m.ESPNewsCarribean Workout Meet the Parents Barney & Friends5:30 a.m. 6 a.m.MSNBC LiveToday ShowCreative Juice Sesame StreetSuper Bowl Media WWE Royal 6 a.m. 6:30 a.m.DIY to the Rescue Day Rumble6:30 a.m. 7 a.m.Fox News LiveGood EatsAccess HollywoodBear in the Big Blue AFC Team7 a.m. 7:30 a.m.Unwrapped Weekend BlueÂ’s CluesSuper Bowl Media 7:30 a.m. 8 a.m.Studio B withSesame Street30 Minute Meals E.T. WeekendDora the Explorer Day 8 a.m. 8:30 a.m.Sheppard Smith Ace of Cakes Go, Diego, Go! AFC & NFC Teams 8:30 a.m. 9 a.m.The Situation RoomThe ViewRoseanne Movie:Lazy TownThe Hot ListGood Morning9 a.m. 9:30 a.m.Roseanne Danielle SteelÂ’s JoJoÂ’s CircusThe Hot List America9:30 a.m. 10 a.m.The Situation RoomDr. PhilAlly McBeal Daddy FranklinAround the Horn10 a.m. 10:30 a.m.Movie: <:50>Reading RainbowPTI10:30 a.m. 11 a.m.Around the ServicesE.R.E! News Live/ A Civil Action JoJoÂ’s CircusSportsCenter Late Night with11 a.m. 11:30 a.m.NBC Nightly News Daily 10 Lazy Town Conan OÂ’Brien11:30 a.m. noonABC World NewsAccess HollywoodBlind DateGo, Diego, Go!College BasketballC.S.I.noon 12:30 p.m.CBS Evening NewsJudge JudyLiving SingleDora the Explorer Mississippi State12:30 p.m. 1 p.m.Countdown withGuiding LightThe Cosby ShowMovie:BlueÂ’s Clues at The Unit1 p.m. 1:30 p.m.Keith Olbermann Mad About You The Juror Bear in the Big Blue Mississippi1:30 p.m. 2 p.m.Hannity & ColmesGeneral HospitalEmeril LiveSesame StreetCollege Basketball242 p.m. 2:30 p.m.Movie: <:45> Michigan State2:30 p.m. 3 p.m.Lou Dobbs TonightPassionsI Want That! Girl Interrupted Funniest Videos at Access Holywood3 p.m. 3:30 p.m.Ambush Makeover Funniest Animals Illinois Judge Judy3:30 p.m. 4 p.m.News Hour withOprah WinfreyBones PokemonSportsCenterThe Cosby Show4 p.m. 4:30 p.m.Jim Lehrer Yu-Gi-Oh!Mad About You4:30 p.m. 5 p.m.Special Report withWheel of FortuneExtreme Makeover:The EntertainersSpongeBobSportsCenterEmeril Live5 p.m. 5:30 p.m.Brit Hume Jeopardy Home Edition Fairly Oddparents Super Bowl Special5:30 p.m. 6 p.m.Your World withWindow in ReviewSeinfeldBehind the ScenesKim PossibleSportsCenterNFL Total Access6 p.m. 6:30 p.m.Neil Cavuto ATS/Regional NewsThe SimpsonsE.T.The Proud Family6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.World News NowHeroesC.S.I.Movie:Zack & Cody Bones7 p.m. 7:30 p.m. The Sweetest Thing Naturally Sadie7:30 p.m. 8 p.m.<:15> Paci c ReportAmerican DadThe UnitEverwoodNBAWheel of Fortune8 p.m. 8:30 p.m.Tavis SmileyWar at HomeMovie: <:40> Celtics Jeopardy8:30 p.m. 9 p.m.Business ReportSupernatural24 Big Fish Even Stevens at The Daily Show9 p.m. 9:30 p.m.Nightline Home Improvement Pacers The Colbert Report9:30 p.m. 10 p.m.Hardball with Headline NewsHates Chris Moesha All of Us10 p.m. 10:30 p.m.Chris Matthews Tonight Show withThe King of QueensDegrassi ESPNews Eve10:30 p.m. 11 p.m.OÂ’Reilly Factor Jay Leno The Daily ShowMovie:7th HeavenSportsCenter1 vs. 10011 p.m. 11:30 p.m.The Late ShowThe Colbert Report The X-Files Super Bowl Special11:30 p.m.


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 Caf PacificSundayCarved London broil Baked Spaghetti Chicken cacciatore Grill: Brunch station openMonday Swiss steak Jardineere Whole roasted chicken Ham Marco Polo Grill: Brunch station openLunchTuesday Roasted pork loin Chicken adobo Trout almondine Grill: French dipWednesday Beef stew Spareribs/sauerkraut Seafood stir-fry Grill: Green chili burritoThursday Oven fried chicken Garden pasta medley Baked beans Grill: Barbecued beef Friday Sweet-and-sour pork Braised turkey Drummetes in gravy Grill: Tuna meltFeb. 3 Salisbury steak Local boy chicken stew Sesame seared ahi Grill: Cheese sandwichDinnerSundayChicken-fried chicken Beef tips in Burgundy Vegetarian beansMondayBaked meatloaf Penne pasta Chicken sukiyakiTuesdayFried chicken Chinese beef Broccoli stir-fryWednesdayRoast top round Garlic pasta/eggplant Broiled chicken breastFridayTacos/burritos Chicken fajitas Chorizo enchiladasThursdaySpaghetti/meatballs Mahi mahi on grill Sauted liver/onions TonightBuild-your-own pizza Short rib stew Broiled fajita chicken13 HELP WANTED Religious Services Catholic Saturday Mass, 5:30 p.m., in the small chapel Sunday Mass, 9:15 a.m., in the main chapel. Mass on Roi is at 11:45 a.m., in Roi chapel Protestant 8 and 10:45 a.m., Sunday and Roi-Namur service at 4 p.m.Sunday school for all ages is at 9:15 a.m. Latter-day Saints 9:30 a.m., Sunday, in Corlett Recreation Center, Room 3. Baptist 9:40 a.m., Sunday, in elementary school music room. Church of Christ KRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Dennis Lovin, 256-890-8710. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements for contract openings are located online at Job descriptions for other openings are located at Human Resources, Building 700. NEED EXTRA money? KRS employment applications are continually accepted for the Community Activities and Food Services departments for casual and part-time positions. If you are interested in being a scorekeeper, sports of cial, recreation aide, recreation specialist, library aide, lifeguard, disc jockey, pizza delivery driver, catering/dining room worker or temporary of ce support, please submit your application to the HR department for consideration as positions become available. For more information, call the KRS HR Of ce at 54916. AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN, Automotive, HR Req. K031086. BEAUTICIAN, casual position, HR Req. K031351. ELECTRICIAN, HR Req. K030983. ELECTRICIAN I, Kwajalein Operations, full-time, HR Req. K031092. FOOD SERVICE WORKER, Caf Roi, HR Req. K031403. Enniburr residents apply to Caf Roi manager. MECHANIC I, Kwajalein Automotive, HR Req. K030331. MECHANIC II, Automotive Services, HR Req. K031139. MECHANIC HEAVY EQUIPMENT I, HR Req. K031162. PAINTER II, Roi Paint Shop, full time, HR Req. K031390. Enniburr residents apply to Floyd Corder. PROGRAM LEAD, Youth Services, two casual positions, HR Reqs. K031323 and K031324. STOCK CLERK, Gimbel’s. Casual. HR Req. K031339. Enniburr residents apply to Annemarie Jones, Gimbel’s manager. SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS, Education Department. HR. Req. K031285. KRS CONTRACT POSITIONS AIR-CONDITIONING TECHNICIAN III, HR Req. 031162. AIR-CONDITIONING TECHNICIAN IV, HR Req. 031154. CALIBRATION TECHNICIAN II, HR Req. 031653. CAPTAIN, Fire Department, HR Req. 031060. CARPENTER LEAD, HR Req. 031214. COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN, HR Req. 031437. COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN II, HR Req. 031683. COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN III, two positions, HR Req. 031029 and 031565. COMPUTER TECHNICIAN II, HR Req. 031617. CONTRACTS MANAGER, HR Req. 031164. CONTRACTS PURCHASES SPECIALIST, HR Req. 031525. CONTRACTS PURCHASES SPECIALIST, Richmond hire, HR Req. 031759. DESIGNER/PLANNER IV, two positions, HR Req. 031100 and 031170. DESKTOP ANALYST II, HR Req. 031759. DISPATCHER II, aircraft, HR Req. 030988. ELECTRICIAN II, two positions, HR Req. 031116 and 031224. ELECTRICIAN III, HR Req. 031210. ELECTRICIAN III/MARINE ELECTRICIAN, HR Req. 030924. ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN I, two positions, HR Req. 031563 and 031719. ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN II, six positions, HR Reqs. 030817, 031495, 031601, 031603, 031605 and 031607. ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN III, three positions, HR Reqs. 031561, 031527 and 031689. ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN III – ALTAIR, HR Req. 030669 (Roi-Namur). EMERGENCY VEHICLE TECHNICIAN III, HR Req. 031032. FIELD ENGINEER I, two positions, HR Reqs. 031189 and 031729. FIELD ENGINEER II, eight positions, HR Reqs. 031315, 031157, 031373, 031511, 031559, 031148, 031725 and 031753. FIELD ENGINEER II, Roi-Namur, HR Req. 030741. FIELD ENGINEER II, TRADEX, HR Req. 031245 (Roi-Namur). FIREFIGHTER, four positions, HR Reqs. 031054, 031056, 031124 and 031142. FIREFIGHTER/EMT, two positions, HR Reqs. 031138 and 031140. FOOD SAFETY INSPECTOR, HR Req. 031691. HARDWARE ENGINEER, HR Req. 031687. HARDWARE ENGINEER III, three positions, HR Reqs. 031493, 031665 and 031723. HAZMAT SPECIALIST II, HR Req. 031108. MAINTENANCE SPECIALIST, HR Req. 030871. MATERIAL HANDLER II, HR 031621. MECHANIC III, four positions, HR Reqs. 031000, 031102, 031208 and 031228. MECHANIC IV, HR Req. 030966. MECHANIC HEAVY EQUIPMENT III, four positions, HR Reqs. 030376, 030862, 030912 and 030506. MISSION SUPPORT COORDINATOR, HR Req. 031232. NETWORK ENGINEER II–MO, HR Req. 031227. OPERATIONS TEST DIRECTOR, HR Req. 031485. OPTICS TECHNICIAN III, HR Req. 031595. PLANT TECHNICIAN II, HR Req. 031645. PLANT TECHNICIAN III, HR Req. 031643. PLUMBER/PIPEFITTER IV, HR Req. 031168. POWER PLANT ELECTRICIAN II, Roi power plant, HR Req. 031220. PROGRAMMER, HR Req. 031067. PROJECT CONTROLS ENGINEER IV, HR Req.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 14 Kwaj bingo will be Thursday at the Yuk Club. Card sales begin at 5:30 p.m. Play begins at 6:30 p.m. Blackout at 47 numbers with a $350 prize. The payouts have been raised. Bring identi cation. Must be 21 to enter and play. 031745. QUALITY ASSURANCE SPECIALIST II, HR Req. 031230. RADIO/TV OPERATOR, AFN, HR Req. 031667. REGISTERED NURSE, three positions, HR Reqs. 031635, 031637 and 031597. RF SAFETY SPECIALIST/FIELD ENGINEER II, HR Req. 031147. SERVER ADMINISTRATOR I, HR Req. 031631. SERVER ADMINISTRATOR II, HR Req. 031557. SUPERVISOR SERVER ADMINISTRATOR, HR Req. 031629. SOFTWARE ENGINEER II. CONUS-Lexington, HR Req. 031175. SOFTWARE ENGINEER IV, two positions, HR Reqs. 031677 and 031751. SYSTEMS ENGINEER III, two positions, HR Reqs. 031481 and 031483. SYSTEMS ENGINEER IV, two positions, HR. Reqs. 031555 and 031749. TELEPHONE TECHNICIAN III, HR Req. 030965. TRAINING COORDINATOR II, HR 031663. WAREHOUSE PROJECT SPECIALIST, HR Req. 031222. WAREHOUSEMAN II/SHIPPING AND RECEIVING CLERK, CONUS-Richmond, HR Req. 030843. WASTE WATER OPERATOR IV, HR Req. 031158. WATER PLANT OPERATOR III, HR Req. 031200. WEB SOFTWARE DEVELOPER I, HR Req. 031639. YOUTH ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, HR Req. 031679. YOUTH SPORTS DIRECTOR, HR Req. 031741. AMERICAN LEGION BARTENDER, part time. Two positions. To apply, e-mail Amanda Madden at maddena@smdck.smd, or call 54440, 5-10 p.m., weekends. AIRSCAN PACIFIC SUPPLY TECHNICIAN. Responsible for aircraft parts processing and tracking including inventory, hazmat regulations, shipping/receiving, and inspections. Knowledge of MS Word, Excel, Access and KEAMS required. Must be able to complete the FAA Suspected Unapproved Parts training. E-mail application and resum to or deliver to Building 902. LOSTLADIESÂ’ straw hat with lime green brim. Call Jan, 52602. FOUNDDISHES, after father/daughter dance. Call Shaunna, 52400. ONE GOLD, double hoop earring at Building 901 on Jan. 17. Call 51404 or 54220. GIVEAWAYFUTON COUCH, 7-feet long, too low to be comfortable for adults, but might do for children, a power nap or an extra bed, yours for the taking. Call John, 55959, home or 53667, work. WANTEDADULT TRICYCLE to borrow or buy for visiting grandmother, Feb. 14-March 7. Call Jennifer, 52312. PATIO SALESMONDAY, 7-9 a.m., Quarters 436-B. Household items, clothes, plants, rattan end table, rattan chest, Hewlett Packard 2000C color printer, Epson photo printer, Hewlett Packard computer, Sony at screen monitor, Dell printer/scanner/copier and sh lamp. MONDAY, 7-11 a.m., Quarters 469-A. No early birds. MONDAY, 8 a.m.-1 p.m., Quarters 482-C (in back). 21-inch TV, DVD player, microwave, stereo, boombox, ladiesÂ’ clothes and shoes, housewares, books, beach gear, bikes, Burley and table fan. FOR SALESONY Triton Vega TV, 27-inch, like new, $400; treadmill with weights, $200; DVD/VCR combo, $100; microwave, $50; 26-inch menÂ’s four-speed bike, $75 and Sun four-speed womenÂ’s bike, $75. Call 51006, extension 400. MICROWAVE, $45. Call 54789. CHILD SAFETY gate, $40; infant piano activity center, $40; infant bath tub, $5; infant electric swing, $30 and Peg Perego high chair, $60. Call John, 52235. KITE BOARDING complete package: Four-line Naish 135-meter ( at area) AR5 kite that holds air in all bladders and ies great, includes kite, bar, new extra-large harness with spreader bar, board with bindings and travel bag, $900 for all. Call 54168. SPEED BOAT, 21-foot, with 225-horsepower outboard and eight-horsepower backup, bimini top, 50-gallon internal fuel tank, boat has shing rod holders, includes trailer, boat house and Lot 65, comes with new electronics, VHF radio, GPS and stereo plus some tools, $9,900. Call 59662. ORION 6-INCH Dobsonian telescope mount, $100; microwave, $35 and two Advent bookshelf speakers, $25 each or $40 for the pair. Call 53040 or 59314, after 4 p.m. KING-SIZE mattress, two king sheet sets, matching drapes and pillows, $400; of ce-size refrigerator, $150; bookcase, $35; two 12-foot by 15-foot carpets, one burgundy, $75, one blue, $50; three-drawer black rattan chest and 27-inch at screen TV with Panasonic DVD player and Sony VHS, $700 for all three. Call 54585. GEARS OF WAR video game for XBox 360, $50. Call 59359 and leave a message. PINE MEADOW X-18 irons, 4-PW, graphite shaft, great condition, see at golf course Pro Shop, $150. Call 53217. SONY VEGA TV, 27-inch, $325; Trek 1000 24speed racing bike, $250; Bow ex motivator 2, $200; and Brunswick 3000 bowling ball and bag, $25. Call 54184. FOUR LEARNING Channel VHS tapes: WorldÂ’s Tallest People ; Best Kept Secrets of Paranormal ; Beyond Human Senses and The Race For the Poles $14 for all. Call Sue, 53593. DOZENS OF lush large plants; gas barbecue; torches; 100 square foot sport court ooring; wind chimes; patio furniture; garden tools and decor, will sell all as a complete package, $300. Call Jane, 53208. WEBER CHARCOAL grill and cover; Ragazzi beach wood baby crib on locking wheels with sliding side and mattress, excellent condition; BlueAir 501 air puri er speci cally designed to remove mold bloom particles and rated for a large room. Call Kim, 52654. HOBIE CAT, 16-foot, in launch area, blue hulls, new shrouds and trapeze wire set, $600 or best offer. Call Randy, 53643. LOTS OF BEAUTIFUL healthy plants cheap (orchids, bougainvillea and much more) and pottery. Call 54826 and leave a message. EXPANDABLE BABY gate, $30; Graco infant rear facing car seat, $45; tummy time mat, $15; Fisher Price Deluxe green jumperoo, $65; Vicks cool mist vaporizer, 1.5-gallon Ultrasonic, $40; Vicks cool mist vaporizer with air lter, $20. Call 58223 and leave a mesage COMMUNITY NOTICESKWAJALEIN YACHT ClubÂ’s monthly meeting will be at 6:30 p.m., tonight, at the Yacht Club. Cheeseburgers in paradise will be served. Bring a side dish or dessert. Questions? Call Denise, 51192. MANDATORY ISLAND orientation is 1 p.m., Wednesday, in Community Activities Center Room ItÂ’s Super!Super Bowl that is. Join the folks at the Yuk Club for the Super Bowl preparty, 11 a.m.-noon, Feb. 5. You bring the food and theyÂ’ll provide the grills. Rib-eye steaks will be available for $4.99 and will include a baked potato and salad. The game starts at 11:45 a.m. and drink specials will be available. Domestic beer will be $1 and $2 for imported beer. Questions? Call 53419.


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 15 7 1 1 p m S u n d a y 7-11 p.m., Sunday, a t t h e Y u k C l u b at the Yuk Club. B r i n g y o u r f a v o r i t e c o w b o y Bring your favorite cowboy o r c o w g i r l f o r a b o o t s c o o t i n Â’ or cowgirl for a boot scootinÂ’ g o o d t i m e good time. C o m e o u t a n d e n j o y t h e m u s i c o f t h e Come out and enjoy the music of the S t o n e s h Stone sh a n d t h e and the a t m o s p h e r e o f M a r d i G r a s a t t h e Y u k c l u b o n F e b 1 1 D r e s s atmosphere of Mardi Gras at the Yuk club on Feb. 11. Dress t h e p a r t a n d p l a n o n h a v i n g f u n D r i n k s p e c i a l s a n d f o o d the part and plan on having fun. Drink specials and food a v a i l a b l e W e w i l l c r o w n a n e w k i n g a n d q u e e n S e n d v o t e s t o available. We will crown a new king and queen. Send votes to t h e Y u k c l u b P O B o x 1 8 5 9 L o c a l o r g u a r d m a i l t o B u i l d i n g the Yuk club P.O. Box 1859, Local or guard mail to Building 1 4 1 8 A t t e n t i o n : M a r i a 1418, Attention: Maria Unaccompanied Bowling NightAll unaccompanied personnel are invited to show off their skills, 6:30-9 p.m., Monday, at the Bowling Center. Free bowling, pizza and sodas will be provided by the island Memorial Chapel. Questions? Call Jeff, 59333.6. It is required for all new island arrivals. It is not recommended for family members under 10. Questions? Call 51134. MOBILE KITCHEN shrimp fest, will be held at 7 p.m., Feb. 3, at Emon Beach. Shrimp cocktail, dinner roll, garden salad, luscious lime shrimp kabob, teriyaki chicken breast, rice pilaf, vegetable, pineapple upside down cake, beer, wine, and water. $25 per person and $20 for meal-card holders. Sign up at Three Palms Snack Bar with Joe or Cathreen. THE NEXT BQ trash-to-treasure yard sale will be Feb. 5. There will be a small charge to cover the costs of delivery, set-up and teardown. Tents will be provided. To register for a table and chair, call Sue, 53593. THE 2007 Wahoo-Mahi Bonanza Fishing Tournament will be Feb. 19. Tournament rules are posted at the Small Boat Marina. For more information, contact Trudy Butler on Kwaj or Tony Stephens on Roi. Sponsored by the Kwajalein International Sport Fishing Club. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY notice. Windows XP upgrade notice for home users. If you want to install Service Pack 2 on your Windows XP personal computer and donÂ’t want to wait for it to download over your dialup Internet connection, there is a second option. Microsoft will send you a CD with Service Pack 2 for Window XP for free with a nominal shipping charge. The web site address for this is windowsxp/downloads/updates/sp2/cdorder/ en_us/default.mspx A third option is to drop in on your local computer store and pick up a free copy on your next trip to the states.THE GIRL SCOUTS of Kwajalein are accepting donations of old childrenÂ’s books for grades K4, VHS tapes of childrenÂ’s shows and childrenÂ’s magazines for their annual thinking day project. All items collected will be donated to children on Ebeye. Call Tamara Ward, 51621, or 51403 for pickup.POOLS AND BEACHES is establishing a noti cation list. Persons on this list will be contacted via either e-mail or phone in case of an unexpected pool or beach closure. If you would like to be placed on the Pools and Beaches noti cation list, call Mandie, 52847 or e-mail mandie.morris@ EQUIPMENt operations are planned at the Roi-Namur Small Boat Marina piers to remove accumulated ll material (sand/rubble). Based on available data, the dino agellate, gambierdiscus toxicus, is known to exist in sediment material around USAKA. This dino agellate carries the toxin that produces ciguatera, and the activity at the piers could intensify the potential for ciguatera contamination of sh stocks. Areas where dredging and/or lling activities are ongoing or have recently occurred should always be avoided for sh harvesting. Please avoid the Roi-Namur Small Boat Marina area for shing and subsequent sh consumption until March 1.Enaj komon jet jerbal ko ikijeen heavy equipment non komakit im/ak kub bok im dreka ko emoj aer kuk ibben dron jen op en ilo Small Boat Marina eo ilo Roi-Namur. Ekkar non jet katak ko emoj aer komon, emoj loe bwe ewor jet maaj jidrik ko (dino agellate, gambierdiscus toxicus) rej bed ilo lum ko ibelakin USAKA in. Maaj jidrik kein rej komon naninmij eo ekauwotata jen an armij mona eek in bedbed ko re-baijin jen maaj jidrik kein. Emoj an jinoe jerbal in komakit ak kub bok im dreka ilo Roi Namur Small Boat Marina. Jab eonor ijin im jab mona eek ko jen ijin mae March 1.


Saturday, Jan. 27, 2006 The Kwajalein Hourglass 16 Sun  Moon  Tides Sunday 7:10 a.m./6:54 p.m. 2:14 p.m./2:18 a.m. 12:35 p.m., 3.1' 5:12 a.m., 1.1' 7:53 p.m., 1.0’ Monday 7:10 a.m./6:54 p.m. 3:11 p.m./3:18 a.m. 1:40 a.m., 2.1' 7:10 a.m., 1.0' 2:02 p.m., 3.5' 9:01 p.m., 0.5' Tuesday 7:10 a.m./6:55 p.m. 4:09 p.m./4:18 a.m. 2:54 a.m., 2.4' 8:25 a.m., 0.7’ 2:58 p.m., 3.9’ 9:41 p.m., 0.0'Wednesday 7:10 a.m./6:55 p.m. 5:08 p.m./5:16 a.m. 3:37 a.m., 2.8' 9:15 a.m., 0.3' 3:40 p.m., 4.2' 10:14 p.m., 0.3’ENTERTAINMENT, from Page 5 RTS WeatherTonight: Partly cloudy with slight chance of showers. Winds: NE at 12-18 knots. Sunday: Variably sunny with isolated showers. Winds: NE at 12-18 knots. Monday: Partly cloudy with slight chance of showers Winds: NE-E at 10-15 knots. Tuesday: Mostly sunny with slight chance of showers. Winds: NE-ESE at 10-15 knots. Annual rain total: 0.66 inches Annual deviation: -3.63 inchesCall 54700 for updated forecasts or visit Sunrise/set Moonrise/set High tide Low tide A revitalization project for Emon Beach begins Tuesday. Construction, including the use of heavy equipment, will continue for from 10 to 12 weeks. The community is asked to stay away from equipment and out of the areas indicated by caution tape, barricades and other safety demarcations. For more information on the project, call 53331. Emon Beach projectAFE program, and they typically spend close to $75,000 or more to send ONE group on tour for around 30 days,” Parker said. Entertainers available through AFE are varied. “Kwaj has hosted bands from reggae to country and everything in between; comedians, magicians, professional wrestlers, a band of dancing fuzzy dogs Raggs Kids Club Band, professional cheerleaders, actors, writers, Polynesian dance troupes to name a few. The fuzzy dancing dogs’ troupe was one of the strangest things I’ve seen, but it was honestly very entertaining and the kids loved it,” Parker said. While the dollar amount coming out of local coffers is low, the man hours and attention to detail aren’t. “They treated us like family,” Alexander said of her welcome on RoiNamur and Kwajalein. Softball schedule and standings Softball Tuesday 5:15 p.m.......................................... Spartans I W vs. PoHo’s, Ragan Field 5:15 p.m...........................Tole-Mour I vs. Red Light District, Brandon Field 6:45 p.m. ............................................Jablur vs. Podunkers, Brandon Field 8 p.m......................................Mon-Kubok vs. Spartans I M, Brandon Field Wednesday 5:15 p.m............................. Spartans II W vs. Misdemeanors, Ragan Field 5:15 p.m........................................RLG vs. Namu Islanders, Brandon Field 6:45 p.m. .....................................Criminals vs. Brothers All, Brandon Field 8 p.m.........................USAKA Raiders vs. RTS Range Rats, Brandon Field Thursday 5:15 p.m...............................................Tole-Mour II vs. Ebeje, Ragan Field 5:15 p.m..........................................Spartans II M vs. KAHS M, Dally Field 5:15 p.m........................................Jablur vs. Chuck’s Team, Brandon Field 6:45 p.m. .......................Heaven Help Us vs. Paci c Flyers, Brandon Field 8 p.m....................................Guppies vs. Red Light District, Brandon Field Friday 5:15 p.m............................................. Ri-Majolz vs. KAHS W, Ragan Field 5:15 p.m.................................Brothers All vs. Mixed Plates, Brandon Field 6:45 p.m. .................................Criminals vs. Guns & Hoses Brandon Field 8 p.m............................................USAKA Raiders vs. RLG, Brandon Field Feb. 3 5:15 p.m........................................ Spartans I W vs. KAHS W, Ragan Field 5:15 p.m.....................................Podunkers vs. Mon-Kubok, Brandon Field For more information on sports, call 53331. Men’s A1 Criminals............................................................................1 0 0 USAKA Raiders................................................................1 0 0 RTS Range Rats...............................................................1 1 0 Mixed Plates......................................................................1 0 0 Namu Islander...................................................................1 1 0 RLG.....................................................................................0 1 0 Guns & Hoses...................................................................0 2 0 Men’s A2 Guppies..............................................................................2 0 0 Podunkers.........................................................................1 0 0 Red Light District..............................................................1 0 0 Jablur.................................................................................1 0 0 Tole Mour...........................................................................1 1 0 Spartans I M......................................................................1 2 0 Mon-Kubok........................................................................1 2 0 Castaways.........................................................................0 3 0 Men’s B Paci c Flyers.....................................................................2 0 0 Spartans I M......................................................................1 1 0 KAHS M..............................................................................1 1 0 Heaven Help Us................................................................0 2 0 Women’s A Misdeamors.......................................................................2 0 0 Sweet Feet.........................................................................1 0 0 PoHo’s................................................................................1 0 0 Ri-Majolz............................................................................1 0 0 Spartans I W......................................................................0 0 0 Ebeye..................................................................................1 1 0 KAHS W..............................................................................0 1 0 Spartans I W......................................................................0 2 0 Tole Mour I.........................................................................0 2 0