The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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( W a r d e l l H a r l e s s p e r f o r m s a M e n i n S k i r t s r o u t i n e a t t h e T u r k e y B o w l T h u r s d a y (Wardell Harless performs a Men in Skirts routine at the Turkey Bowl Thursday. F o r m o r e s e e P a g e 4 ) For more, see Page 4.) ( P h o t o b y E l i z a b e t h D a v i e ) (Photo by Elizabeth Davie)


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 2See ROUTINE DAY, Page 3 The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not neces-The Kwajalein Hourglasssarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Wednesdays and Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555 Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539 Printed circulation: 2,000Commanding Of cer..........COL Beverly Stipe Public Affairs Of cer.....................Sandy Miller Editor.....................................Nell Drumheller Graphics Designer.........................Dan Adler Reporter................................Elizabeth Davie High School volunteer.............Lisa Barbella Circulation..............................Will O'Connell Commentary You never know when your routine day won’t beSo let’s review. I quit smoking 12 years ago. I work out and exercise almost daily. I’ve never been overweight. I eat healthy food (or so I thought). My cholesterol wasn’t too bad. I gured I was in great shape for 58. So what happens? I have a heart attack. It’s really, really annoying. When we wake up in the morning, we all expect to have another routine day. Go to work, come home, eat dinner, maybe watch television, play a sport or go to the gym. Then it’s to sleep until the next routine day starts. That was pretty much my plan when I got out of bed on Oct. 27. It was going to be just another day. And that’s what it was until the evening. I got home from my second job at 7:15 p.m. I ate a little something and was sitting at my computer when it hit me. One second I was feeling ne and the next second it felt as if King Kong had punched a hole in my chest, grabbed hold of everything in there and was crushing it as hard as he could. My back between my shoulder blades felt as if someone had stuck knives in it. My jaw, my ears and my head felt as if they were going to explode. It was nothing I’d ever experienced before. But I knew it was a heart attack. In the fog of pain, I thought it couldn’t be happening. I was in total disbelief. My wife was upstairs watching television. I had dif culty speaking and though I tried to call to her, she couldn’t hear me. I somehow managed to get up the stairs to the hallway outside the bedroom. She was watching one of her favorite programs, Wife Swap I hoped that wasn’t an omen. I called to her from the hallway. She answered back she was watching television and what did I want. I guess there must have been a break in the show because she came out and saw me there. There are some things in my life that I never want to experience again. One of them is having another heart attack and another is hearing the fear and anguish in my wife’s voice as she called 911 and pleaded with the paramedics to come as fast as they could. The re department got to our house in a few minutes. They did their jobs in a professional and calm manner and that in turn helped to calm my wife and me. They got me to the hospital quickly and the staff there took over. I can’t say enough about the people at our hospital. Nurses Amanda and Shawn were the rst to greet me in the emergency room and Dr. Lindborg, who I consider a good friend and an even better doctor, arrived shortly. When he told me that I was indeed having a heart attack, he said just to take things hour-by-hour and not to worry about what changes it might bring to my life. As with some previous problems I’ve had, he helped me through this not just medically, but mentally as well. I knew if I was in his care, I was going to be all right. I’ve heard some people make disparaging remarks about the hospital. Well, they haven’t talked to me. As far as I’m concerned, we’re all in good hands here and we should be thankful for the people on this island who dedicate themselves to helping others. I was own to Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. I never want to be in a hospital again, but if I have to be, Queens would by my rst choice. I had wonderful care from the nurses and doctors there. They had a book on me that they carried around with them. It was pretty thick and I gure it probably cost about a $1,000 per page. There was a chalkboard on the wall in my room and it had information about me and my care. One of the instructions was about diet and it simply said ‘cardiac.’ I erased it and wrote pizza and cheeseburgers. They seemed to be humor impaired when they saw it. The cardiologist performed a heart catherization on me and a few days later he wanted me to do a stress test on a treadmill. I said, “Excuse me, I just had a heart attack here. Don’t really want to run on a treadmill, thank you.” But they weren’t worried. They make you sign a release so if you die, they can’t be sued. A lot of things in my life changed Oct. 27. I guess I’ve eaten my last McDonald’s double cheeseburger. My diet now pretty much consists of tree bark without salt. I had to sit around on Thanksgiving knowing everybody on the island was pigging out while I had my no-sodium shredded wheat. But this Thanksgiving, I really was thankful to be around to eat that shredded wheat. While I was in the cardiac unit at Queens, I had a lot of time to think. I wondered what more I could have asked God to give me in this life. I’ve had times when I was full of despair and bitterness about things that have happened. I’ve had rough times when I just couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. But laying in that hospital bed, I began to look at my time here on Earth and I nally gured out that I really


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 3Youth Services creates after-school open recreation programs for island students Let’s have some fun age lead more time to plan a higher quality program,” she said. These new concepts were prompted by a visit from the Army Paci c Region Child and Youth Evaluation Team, Sektnan said they noted in their visit last year that CYS was not providing enough open recreation for school-age children. Sektnan said the community will see more night and evening programs offered to grades one through six. “Most of these events will fall under the ‘open recreation’ concept of CYS programming. Open recreation events are open to all CYS registered youth free of charge. Due to the nature of some events, a certain age group will be invited and an alternative program at a different time or day will be offered to the age groups not included. The event may be completely different than that offered to the other age group,” she said. The open recreation concept is an Army program for school-age programming. Sektnan said community input is a large part of determining individual events offered on Kwaj through the program. The rst event is a volleyball clinic for grades four though six Dec. 8, 10 and 12. “The need for a volleyball clinic was brought up by a community member with a school-age child,” she said. The program will be open By Elizabeth Davie ReporterIsland youth can anticipate more options for after-school fun from Child and Youth Services. According to Julia Sektnan, CYS instructor, the community will see some changes in the CYS program. “The concept that will affect the overall program the most is that the school-age lead will now be shared with the youth center instead of also being a child development center lead teacher. This will give the school-have had a good life. God gave me a daughter who I loved and loved me. The best times of my life were spent with her and though she passed away, I still have those memories to warm my heart. He gave me a wife who has been my best friend and my greatest strength. She’s stuck with me through good times and bad. She’s been the best wife any man could ever ask for. I’ve had wonderful co-workers and great friends. I’ve had opportunities to travel and see things I never thought I would. I had the prayers and concern of lots of people on Kwajalein. I was greatly touched when my co-workers and friends told me how many people inquired about me and expressed their good wishes for me. So yes, I really have had a good life and couldn’t ask God for much more. From now on, when I wake up every morning, I’ll expect it to be another routine day. But just in case it isn’t, I’ll make sure to tell my wife how much I love her. I’ll thank God for another day of life. I’ll try not to let petty things take away from that day of life. I’ll try not to take anything for granted. I’ll try to be worthy of what God has given me because sometimes in the past I haven’t been. If you hear me complaining about something or acting impatiently in a line at Ten-Ten or the bakery or anywhere, tap me on the shoulder and just say, “remember.” I’ll thank you for doing it. Hug your children each day and tell them you love them. Say thanks to your wife or husband every day for being there for you. Tell your friends how much you appreciate them. Because your routine day might not end up the way you expected. ROUTINE DAY, from Page 2 to the public during Wednesday’s School Age Services open house following the PTO meeting. She added that some events offered in the evenings and weekends will not be free. “They will be School Age Services sponsored, but not fall into the open recreation programming, providing they will have a fee.” Sektnan said another goal of the reorganization is to provide more programming for older school-age youth from grades four through six. “We are also working together to bring a greater united School Age Program, by including all School Age Services information in a central place, CYS central registration,” she added.Sektnan credits Kwajalein Range Services upper management with helping make this change by seeing the open recreation aspect of the program as a community need, which prompted the position restructure. If a community member has an idea for an open recreation event, call Sektnan at 51250. “We are looking for volunteers to share their expertise and creativity. We will provide the materials and space, if community members will provide their talents to impact the lives of our young children on Kwaj.”


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass K K4 Students celebrate school spirit with their annualJustin DeCoster does his best Napoleon Dynamite impression. (Photos by Elizabeth Davie)Teachers Tom Farris and Brian Brewster perform a James Brown number. against each other in a variety of contests. Posters designed by each class were hung behind their designated seats and judged by a panel of community members. The classes were pitted against each other in relay races to see who could run, jump and slide across the gym the fastest. After the assembly the students set off to Coral Sands Beach. A barbecue lunch provided by a group of volunteer parents was a big hit with the students. One of the most anticipated events of the Turkey Bowl was the touch football game where the teachers took on the senior class. Many students came to cheer on their peers while others participated in pick-up volleyball games. Two other class competitions were held at the beach, the tug-of-war and the sand sculpture contest. The tug-of-war came down to an intense battle between the seniors and the eighth graders and after two rounds and a rematch the eighth graders came out on top. After the points were added up for the day’s competition the senior class was awarded the rst place title. Though the day was lled with a variety of rivalries between the classes, the real spirit of the Turkey Bowl came through. The school was brought together for a fun day of swimming sports, and performances that created wonderful memories. wajalein Junior/Senior High School’s Turkey Bowl is an annual event held to promote school spirit and to provide students and faculty with a time to socialize outside the classroom. This year’s Turkey Bowl was put on by a committee of students advised by the Health and Consumer Sciences Teacher AnnElise Peterson. The event started out with a morning assembly, emceed by students Catlin Layton and Leah Simpson, designed to get the students and faculty energized for the day’s events. The assembly began with a salute to the senior class in the form of a poem written about them by the junior class. Several skits, musical and comedy acts were performed to entertain the students. Students Amber Banducci, Michael Graham, Michael Taylor and Chris Curtiss thrilled the audience with their musical performances. According to senior Margaret Geeslin it was the best part of the day, “Amber Banducci singing was my favorite part of Turkey Bowl. It was amazing.” The ve junior and senior boys that make up the old favorite dance group Men in Skirts also pleased the crowd when they danced and sang. A skit put on by the students poking fun at the teachers was well received by everyone in the audience, including the teachers, who enjoyed seeing the student’s outrageous interpretations of them. The teachers proved they couldn’t be outdone though when the Physical Education Teacher Tom Farris came out dressed as James Brown and along with four other teachers performed a song. When asked what his favorite part of Turkey Bowl was the Social Sciences Teacher Ric Fullerton, who performed with Farris, responded, “Watching Coach perform, it was awesome this year.” The Turkey Bowl is also a chance for the classes to show their skills and compete By Lisa Barbella intern


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 5 Global War on Terror Honoring fallen heroes The following 27 U.S. servicemembers have died in the Global War on Terrorism. Four Soldiers died of injuries sustained in Taji, Iraq, on Nov. 15, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their HMMWV during combat operations. The soldiers were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Ky. Killed were: Pfc. Travis J. Grigg 24, of Inola, Okla.; Staff Sgt. James E. Estep 26, of Leesburg, Fla., and Spc. Matthew J. Holley 21, of San Diego in Taji, on Nov. 15 and Spc. Alexis Roman-Cruz 33, of Brandon, Fla., in Balad, Iraq, on Nov. 16. Four Marines died Nov. 16 while conducting combat operations against enemy forces during Operation Steel Curtain in Ubaydi, Iraq. Killed were: Lance Cpl. Roger W. Deeds 24, of Biloxi, Miss.; Lance Cpl. John A. Lucente 19, of Grass Valley, Calif.; Cpl. Jeffry A. Rogers 21, of Oklahoma City and Cpl. Joshua J. Ware 20, of Apache, Okla. Deeds, Rogers and Ware all died as a result of enemy small arms re, while Lucente died from wounds sustained from an enemy hand grenade. The Marines were assigned to Battalion Landing Team 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton, Calif. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, their unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Marine Sgt. Jeremy E. Murray 27, of Atwater, Ohio, died Nov. 16 from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in the vicinity of Hadithah, Iraq. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Staff Sgt. Ivan V. Alarcon 23, of Jerome, Idaho, died Nov. 17 in Tal Afar, Iraq, on, when his HMMWV accidentally rolled over during combat operations. Alarcon was assigned to the Army’s 473rd Quartermaster Company, Hunter Army Air eld, Ga. Two Soldiers died of injuries sustained Nov. 17 in Bayji, Iraq, when their HMMWV was involved in a vehicle accident during convoy operations. Both Soldiers were assigned to the 3rd Special Troops Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell. Killed were: Spc. Vernon R. Widner 34, of Redlands, Calif., in Tikrit, Iraq, on Nov. 17. Pfc. Anthony A. Gaunky 19, of Sparta, Wis., at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, on Nov. 18. Pvt. Christopher M. Alcozer 21, of DeKalb, Ill., died Nov. 19 in Mosul, Iraq, when his unit was attacked by enemy forces using small arms re and grenades. Alcozer was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Sgt. Luis R. Reyes 26, of Aurora, Colo., died Nov. 18 en route to Ali Al Salem, Kuwait, on, when the bus in which he was riding rolled over. Reyes was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 947th Engineer Company, Durango, Colo. Master Sgt. Anthony R. C. Yost 39, of Flint, Mich., died Nov. 19 in Mosul, when a vehicleborne improvised explosive device detonated near his position during combat operations. Yost was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg, N.C. Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Troyer 21, of Tangent, Ore., died Nov. 19 from wounds received as a result of small arms re while conducting combat operations against enemy forces near Al Karmah, Iraq. He was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, N.C. Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas 20, of El Paso, Texas died Nov. 19 from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in the vicinity of Hadithah. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Pendleton. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Spc. Michael J. Idanan 21, of Chula Vista, Calif., died Nov. 19 in Bayji, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. Idanan was assigned to the 1st Squadron, 33rd Cavalry, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell.Four Soldiers died Nov. 19 in Bayji, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their HMMWV during combat operations. The soldiers were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell. Killed were: 1st Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski 23, of Freehold, N.J.; Staff Sgt. Edward Karolasz 25, of Powder Springs, N.J.; Cpl. Jonathan F. Blair 21, of Fort Wayne, Ind. and Spc. Dominic J. Hinton 24, of Jacksonville, Texas. Sgt. Dominic J. Sacco 32, of Albany, N.Y., died Sunday in Taji, when his M1A1 Abrams tank was attacked by enemy forces using small arms re. Sacco was assigned to the Army’s 1st Battalion, 13th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Fort Riley, Kan. Petty Of cer 3rd Class Emory J. Turpin 23, of Dahlonega, Ga., died Sunday when he drowned in the Seychelles. Turpin was assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74 currently deployed to the Seychelles.Pfc. John W. Dearing 21, of Hazel Park, Mich., died in Habbaniyah, Iraq on Monday, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. Dearing was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 125th Infantry Regiment, Saginaw, Mich.Spc. Matthew P. Steyart 21, of Mount Shasta, Calif., died Tuesday in Shah Wali Kot, Afghanistan, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during patrol operations. Steyart was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry Regiment, Vicenza, Italy. Sgt. Denis J. Gallardo 22, of St. Petersburg, Fla., died Tuesday in Tal Afar, from a non-combat related illness. Gallardo was assigned to the Army’s 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Fort Carson,Colo.Tonight 7:30 p.m., Yuk — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG-13)7:30 p.m., Rich — Fantastic Four (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Roi — Valiant (PG) Sunday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (R) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Kicking and Screaming (PG)7:30 p.m., Rich — The Cave (PG-13)7:30 p.m., Roi — Red Eye (PG-13) Monday7:30 p.m., Yuk — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (PG-13)7:30 p.m., Rich — Fantastic Four (PG-13)Wednesday 7 p.m., ARC — Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (R) All movies subject to change with shipments. For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700. The Cave Terror lurks deep beneath the surface of the Earth in this thriller. While on a dig in a Romanian forest, a group of scientists make a startling nd — they nd a huge abbey, dating back to the 13th Century, which was built over the entrance to a massive network of subterranean caves. Eager to learn what lurks within the caves, the scientists discover to their peril that a large part of the cave system is under water. Undeterred, the remaining scientists hire a team of American spelunkers who are trained in exploring underwater caves, led by brothers Jack (Cole Hauser) and Tyler (Eddie Cibrian). Armed with new high-tech SCUBA gear that allows them to stay under water for a full 24 hours, Jack, Tyler, and the rest of their crew dive in to investigate the caves, but a mishap traps them in a cavern beneath the surface, and they soon discover they are not alone, as strange and bloodthirsty creatures make their presence known. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo, Women of the world beware — the world’s least likely male pleasure machine is back in business and breaching international boundaries in this sequel to the comedy hit Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for his career as a lover-for-hire, Deuce (once again played by Rob Schneider) is back to work as a gigolo when his former manager T.J. Hicks (Eddie Grif n) is accused of murdering a number of male escorts in Amsterdam. Needing to raise money for his friend’s legal defense, Deuce is once again showing off the tricks of the trade in the European theater, while also dealing with the less-than-genial European Union of gigolos, a British school for male prostitutes, and some truly puzzling female clients.Movie ratings G = general audiences, all ages admitted PG = parental guidance suggested, some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13 = Parents strongly cautioned, some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. R = restricted, under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.NC-17 = No one 17 and under admitted.


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6All programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to SailorsmidnightThe Late Show College Football CNN Saturday AMRollerLate Night withMovie: (cont.)Wild ThornberrysLaw & Order12:30 a.m.The Late Late Show Texas Conan OÂ’Brien Movie: <:44>American Dragon 1 a.m.with Craig Ferguson at Lost Batman Returns Atomic BettyHeadline News1:30 a.m.Big Idea with Texas A&M Headline News The Proud FamilySaturday Night Live2 a.m.Donnie Deutsch CNN Saturday AMNCISEven Stevens 2:30 a.m.Countdown With Keith Olbermann Open House What I like About You 3 a.m. SportsCenter Bulls & BearsMissingMovie:Switched!KickinÂ’ It3:30 a.m.Access Hollywood College Gameday Cavuto on Business Chicago Radio Free Roscoe4 a.m.Headline News Forbes on FOXFriendsFresh PrinceThe Entertainers4:30 a.m.College FootballCashinÂ’ InSeinfeldFamily Ties5 a.m.Arkansas College Football CNN SaturdayCollege FootballYour Reality Movie: <:08>Mister RogersÂ’ESPNews5:30 Maryland Iowa State Checked All About the ZooboomafooCollege Football6 a.m.LSU atWeekend Liveat Body Shaping Benjamins Sesame Street Tennessee6:30 a.m.NC Statewith Tony SnowKansas Every Woman at7 a.m. Wall Street JournalHomes Across USAMovie:Funniest Animals Kentucky7:30 a.m.Headline NewsDesigned to Sell The Maltese Falcon Amazing Animals8 a.m.Wild ThornberrysFOX News LiveLandscape Smart Postcards8:30 a.m.American Dragon College Football College FootballWeekend Handyman Movie: <:56>Lilo & StitchCollege Football9 a.m.Atomic Betty Florida State Virginia Fix it Up The River Jackie Chan Oklahoma State9:30 a.m.Even Stevens at at Before and AfterDanny Phantom at10 a.m.Proud Family Florida Miami BBQ with Bobby Da Boom Crew Oklahoma10:30 a.m.Switched! Thomas Sowell $40 A Day Ninja Turtles11 a.m.Radio Free RoscoeHeadline NewsNational Dog ShowMovie:Dragonball GT11:30 a.m.World of WildlifeMcLaughlin Group Wolf Justice LeaguenoonAccess HollywoodCollege Gameday On The Story Saturday Night Live Teen Kids NewsHeadline News12:30 p.m.Weekend College Football TutensteinRECON1 p.m.AmericaÂ’s Most Notre Dame Week in ReviewNational Movie: <:16>Trading SpacesCollege Football1:30 p.m.Wanted at Headline NewsRoller Geographic Passenger 57 The Saddle Club Georgia2 p.m.Blue Collar TV Stanford Larry King LiveGrand Ole OpryFunniest Animals at2:30 p.m.One on One Live Wild America Georgia Tech3 p.m.Cold CaseBig Story Weekend Star Trek: VoyagerMovie:The Most Extreme3:30 p.m. Guess WhoÂ’s 4 p.m.Law & OrderSportsCenter Dateline Rock Star: INXS Coming to Dinner Hercules4:30 p.m. International American Experience 5 p.m.Headline NewsCollege Gameday On The RecordMovie: DisneyÂ’s Doug5:30 p.m.Navy/Marine Corps Alien: Hey Arnold!6 p.m.Headline NewsSportsCenter CNN Saturday NightWhat Not to Wear Resurrection SpongebobSecrets of War6:30 p.m.ESPNews Farily Oddparents7 p.m.Blue Collar TVBeltway BoysBrat Camp Movie: Movie:Survivor:7:30 p.m.One on One Fox News Watch After the SunsetTreasure Planet Guatemala 8 p.m.Cold Case PGA Headline NewsAmericaÂ’s MostFear Factor 8:30 p.m. Merril Lynch Black Forum Wanted Movie: <:52> Movie: 9 p.m.Law & Order Skins Game Chris MatthewsWWE SmackDown High FidelityJennie Project Headline News9:30 p.m. Navy/Marine Corps ESPNews10 p.m.Window on the Atoll20/20 DawsonÂ’s CreekSmallville10:30 p.m.Saturday Night LiveCollege Gameday 11 p.m. Beltway BoysThe Real WorldMovie:Xena:Movie: 11:30 p.m. SprtsCenterFox News Watch Pimp My Ride Reality Bites Warrior Princess About a BoySunday


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 7All programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to SailorsmidnightAmericanSportsCenter Fox & FriendsRollerThe Simple LifeMovie: (cont.)The SimpsonsMovie: (cont.)12:30 a.m.Experience College Football Movie: <:42>The SimpsonsThe Simpsons1 a.m.North Carolina Brat Camp New Jack City Movie:Headline News1:30 Treasure PlanetSeinfeld2 a.m.Secrets of War Virginia CBS News Sunday AmericaÂ’s MostMeet The Press2:30 a.m. Morning Wanted Coming AttractionsMovie: 3 a.m.JAG WWE SmackDownMovie: Jennie Project Black Forum3:30 a.m.Face the Nation After the Sunset Access Hollywood4 a.m.The Best ofNFL Countdown Late Edition With DawsonÂ’s Creek Weekend4:30 a.m.Good Eats Wolf Blitzer Movie: <:52> ESPNews5 a.m. Headline News NFL Sunday Warehouse High Fidelity Mister RogersÂ’ NFL Today5:30 a.m.Hour of Power Warriors Zooboomafoo6 a.m.Word NetworkNFL Headline News NFL House HuntersSesame Street NFL6:30 a.m.Coral Ridge Hour NE Patriots Navy/MCorps News Chicago Bears Organization SD Chargers7 a.m.Word In the Worldat FOX News Live at McGee & MeMovie:Clifford at7:30 a.m.The Messenger KC ChiefsTB Buccaneers Travel the Road Moonstruck Scooby Doo Wash. Redskins8 a.m.Seven Monsters Extreme Life Magic School Bus 8:30 a.m.Sagwa Real Videos Movie: <:50>Book of Virtues 9 a.m.Movie: NFL Meet the Press NFL Latin Lifestyles Multiplicity House of Mouse NFL9:30 a.m.Now You See It NY GiantsGB Packers Urban Style Animaniacs Jax. Jaguars10 Tim Russert at Great AdventureDisneyÂ’s Recess at10:30 a.m.Spongebob Seattle SeahawksPhilly Eagles Roker on the RoadThe Proud Family Arizona Cardinals11 a.m.Motorweek FNS with Chris Radical SabaticalMovie:DarcyÂ’s Wild Life 11:30 a.m.Ebert & Roper Wallace American Festivals Major Payne Funniest Animals noonHeadline NewsSportsCenterCNN SundayThe BlitzThe Suze Orman NBA Inside StuffFriends12:30 p.m.RECONNFL Primetime NFL Show Movie: <:45>Happy DaysWheel of Fortune1 p.m.College Football This Week Cleveland Browns American Pure Country Movie:Dr. Phil1:30 p.m.Fresno State NFL at Experience Rugrats Movie2 p.m.atNO SaintsDateline Minnesota Vikings Oprah2:30 p.m.Nevadaat International Movie: <:52>Movie:3 p.m.NY JetsCNN Sunday Night Secrets of War TwisterPhiladelphia Headline News3:30 p.m.ESPNews Phenomenon Judge Judy4 p.m.Survivor: CNN PresentsRollerJAG DisneyÂ’s Doug WWE Smackdown!4:30 p.m.Guatemala SportsCenter Hey Arnold!5 p.m.Fear FactorLarry King LiveThe Best OfTrue Hollywood Spongebob5:30 p.m. Good Eats Story Farily Oddparents6 p.m.Headline NewsNFL Primetime60 MinutesAccording to JimCrocodile HunterStar Trek6:30 p.m.Window on the Atoll Whose Line is it? Deep Space 97 p.m.SmallvilleSportsCenter FOX ReportScrubs Movie:Funniest VideosER7:30 p.m. Malcolm Bridget Jones Diary8 p.m.Movie:Wall Street JournalAmazing RaceGilmore GirlsJeopardy8:30 p.m.About a Boy PGAFace the NationMovie: <:47> Headline News9 p.m.Merril Lynch This WeekWindow In Review 2001 GreyÂ’s Anatomy The Mummy American DreamsESPNews9:30 p.m.The SimpsonsSkins Game Roller Navy/MCorps News10 p.m.Headline NewsMeet the Press FriendsDukes of Hazard60 Minutes10:30 p.m.Seinfeld Seinfeld 11 p.m.Meet The PressSportsCenterCNN DaybreakSaturday NightMovie:7th HeavenThe Biggest Loser11:30 p.m.Live The NetMonday


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 8All programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to SailorsmidnightBlack Forum SportsCenterAmerican MorningRollerThe X-FilesMovie: (cont.)Crocodile HunterNUMB3RS12:30 a.m.Access HollywoodNFL Primetime 1 a.m.Judging Amy ScrubsMovie: <:07>AmericaÂ’s FunniestPaci c Report1:30 a.m. NBA Malcolm Men in Black Tonight Show2 a.m.Passions Pacers Amazing RaceGilmore Girls with Jay Leno2:30 a.m. at The Late Show3 a.m.ERClippersMSNBC LiveGreyÂ’s Anatomy Movie:American Dreams w/ David Letterman3:30 a.m. Bridget Jones Diary The Late Late Show4 a.m.West WingSportsCenter FriendsDukes of Hazard with Craig Ferguson 4:30 a.m. SeinfeldMovie: <:47> Big Idea with5 a.m.The SimpsonsConnected:Carol Duval Show The Mummy Play with Sesame Donnie Deutsch5:30 a.m.RaymondNFL Monday QB Coast to Coast Room By RoomBarney & FriendsCountdown with Keith Olbermann6 a.m.TodayDaysideBody ShapingSesame Street 6:30 a.m. The Right Fit Access Hollywood7 a.m.FOX News Live The ViewInside the ActorÂ’sBear in the Big BlueHeadline News 7:30 a.m. Studio Miss SpiderEntertainment Studios8 a.m.Wheel of FortuneThe Hot ListStudio B withEmeril Live21 Hottest MoviesBlueÂ’s CluesESPNews8:30 a.m.Dr. Phil <8:26>NFL Primetime Shepard Smith E.T.Dora the ExplorerHeadline News9 a.m.Oprah Winfrey Your World with30 Minute Meals Movie:Rolie Polie Olie Good Morning9:30 a.m. <9:20> The Hot List Neil Cavuto PaulaÂ’s Home Cooking Matter of Marriage Lazy Town America 10 a.m.Guiding Light Around The HornThe Big StoryDesignerÂ’s ChallengeMadeline 10:30 a.m.<10:20> PTI w/ John Gibson Coast to Coast Movie: <:49>Reading Rainbow 11 a.m.General Hospital SportsCenterHeadline News The Soup Enough JoJoÂ’s CircusEmeril Live11:30 a.m.<11:10> NBC Nightly News Malcolm Rolie Polie Olie noonHeadline NewsABC World News My Wife & KidsDora the Explorer Friends12:30 p.m.Judge JudyMonday NightCBS Evening NewsGirlfriendsBlueÂ’s Clues Wheel of Fortune1 p.m.Today Countdown The Newshour DawsonÂ’s Creek Movie:Miss SpiderDr. Phil1:30 p.m.with Jim Lehrer This is My Father Bear in the Big Blue 2 p.m. NFLHannity & Colmes Judging AmyBarney & FriendsOprah Winfrey2:30 p.m.Pittsburgh Steelers Play with Sesame 3 p.m.Wild Thornberrys at Anderson Cooper PassionsMovie: <:03>Funniest VideosNBC Nightly News3:30 p.m.Fairly OddparentsIndianapolis Colts360 Picture Perfect Growing PainsJudge Judy4 p.m.Mucha Lucha Anderson Cooper ERPokemonAmazing Race4:30 p.m.W.I.T.C.H. 360 Yu-Gi-Oh!5 p.m.JeopardySportsCenterLarry King Live The West WingAcess HollywoodDisneyÂ’s DougJudging Amy5:30 p.m.Access Hollywood Weekend Hey Arnold!6 p.m.Window on the AtollNFL Live Rita Crosby: The Simpsons E.T. WeekendSpongebobStar Trek:6:30 p.m. Paci c ReportOutside the Lines Live & Direct Raymond Fairly OddparentsDeep Space 9 7 p.m.60 MinutesSportsCenterHeadline NewsThe 4400Movie:Lizzie McguireER7:30 p.m. Tavis Smiley After the SunsetNedÂ’s Declassi ed8 p.m.The Biggest LoserNBAHardballNFL Stargate AtlantisSmallvilleJeopardy8:30 p.m.NY Nicks with Chris Matthews Pittsburgh Steelers Movie: <:52> Headline News9 p.m.NUMB3RS at OÂ’Reilly Factor at 24 High Fidelity Boy Meets WorldESPNews9:30 p.m.Miami Heat Indianapolis Colts Boy Meets WorldPaci c Report10 p.m.Paci c ReportNightline FriendsFresh Prince NFL10:30 p.m.Tonight ShowSportsCenterBusiness Report Seinfeld Family Ties Pittsburgh Steelers11 p.m.W/ Jay Leno Fox & FriendsCBS Evening News SeinfeldMovie:7th Heaven at11:30 p.m.The Late ShowNFL Live NBC Nightly NewsBlind Date Dr. No Indy ColtsTuesday


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 9All programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to SailorsmidnightThe Late ShowESPNewsAmerican MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: (cont.) SpongebobNFL 12:30 a.m.The Late Late ShowNHL Conan OÂ’Brien Fairly Oddparents (Continued)1 a.m.with Craig Ferguson Detroit Red Wings The 4400Movie: <:05> Lizzie McguireESPNews1:30 a.m.Big Idea with at Turner & HoochNedÂ’s Declassi edPaci c Report 2 a.m.Donnie Deutsch LA Kings Stargate AtlantisSmallvilleTonight Show2:30 a.m.Countdown with Keith Olbermann w/ Jay Leno3 a.m. SportsCenter MSNBC Live24Movie:Boy Meets WorldThe Late Show3:30 a.m.Access Hollywood After the Sunset Boy Meets World w/ David Letterman4 a.m.Headline News FriendsFresh PrinceThe Late Late Show4:30 a.m.Entertainment Studios SeinfeldMovie: <:52>Family Ties5 a.m.ESPNewsNFL LiveConnected:Carol Duval ShowHigh Fidelity Play with SesameBig Idea5:30 a.m.Headline NewsNBA Fastbreak Coast to Coast Room By RoomBarney & Friends w/ Donnie Deutsch6 a.m.TodayNFLDaysideBody ShapingSesame StreetCountdown With Keith Olbermann6:30 a.m. Pittsburgh Steelers The Right Fit 7 FOX News Live The ViewAccess HollywoodBear in the Big BlueHeadline News 7:30 a.m.Indianapolis Colts WeekendMiss SpiderEntertainment Studios8 a.m.Wheel of FortuneStudio B withEmeril Live E.T. Weekend BlueÂ’s Clues ESPNews8:30 a.m.Dr. Phil <8:26> Shepard Smith Dora the ExplorerHeadline News 9 a.m.Oprah Winfrey NFL LiveYour World with30 Minute MealsMovie: Rolie Polie OlieGood Morning9:30 a.m. <9:20> The Hot List Neil Cavuto Sweet Dreams Treacherous Lazy TownAmerica 10 a.m.Guiding Light Around the HornThe Big StoryPocket the DifferenceBeauties Madeline 10:30 a.m.<10:20> PTI w/ John Gibson Ambush MakeoverMovie: <:47> Reading Rainbow 11 a.m.General Hospital SportsCenter Headline News E! News Live Good Morning, JoJoÂ’s CircusEmeril Live11:30 a.m.<11:10> NBC Nightly News Malcolm Vietnam Rolie Polie OlienoonHeadline NewsCollege BasketballABC World News My Wife & Kids Dora the ExplorerNHL12:30 p.m.Judge Judy Wisconsin CBS Evening News Girlfriends BlueÂ’s Clues Carolina1 p.m.Today at The Newshour DawsonÂ’s CreekMovie: Miss Spider at1:30 p.m.Wake Forest with Jim Lehrer Say Anything Bear in the Big Blue Atlanta2 p.m. College BasketballHannity & Colmes Judging AmyBarney & Friends2:30 p.m.Illinois Movie: <:55>Play with SesameESPNews3 p.m.DisneyÂ’s Doug at Anderson Cooper Passions Star Trek VI: Funniest VideosShooting USA3:30 p.m.Animaniacs North Carolina 360 The Undiscovered Growing PainsN. Amer. Hunter4 p.m.All That!SportsCenterAnderson Cooper ER Country PokemonABC World News4:30 p.m.Teen Kids News360 Yu-Gi-Oh!ESPNews5 p.m.JeopardyNFL LiveLarry King Live The West WingThe EntertainersDisneyÂ’s DougCBS Evening News5:30 p.m.Access HollywoodNBA Fastbreak Hey Arnold!NBC Nightly News6 p.m.ESPNewsNFL Total AccessRita Crosby: The SimpsonsBehind the ScenesSpongebobStar Trek:6:30 p.m.Headline News Live & Direct RaymondE.T.Fairly Oddparents Deep Space 9 7 p.m.SmallvilleSportsCenter Headline NewsEnterpriseMovie: As Told By GingerER7:30 p.m.Tavis Smiley Catch Me ifThe Amanda Show8 p.m.Movie:NHLHardballC.S.I. You Can EverwoodJeopardy8:30 p.m.About a BoyBoston Bruins with Chris Matthews Headline News9 OÂ’Reilly Factor WWE Raw!Sister, SisterESPNews9:30 p.m.The Simpsons NJ Devils Movie: <:41>Sister, SisterNavy/Mcorps News10 p.m.Headline NewsNightline Lackawanna Blues Fresh PrinceEve10:30 p.m.Tonight ShowBusiness Report Familiy TiesAll of Us11 p.m.W/ Jay Leno SportsCenter FOX and FriendsThe Daily ShowMovie: <:30> 7th HeavenExtreme Makeover11:30 p.m.The Late Show First Blind Date The Last Emperor Wednesday


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10 HELP WANTEDKRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Marie Dixon, 51300. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. NEED EXTRA money? KRS employment applications are continually accepted for the Community Activities and Food Services departments for casual and part-time positions. If you are interested in being a scorekeeper, sports of cial, recreation aide, recreation specialist, library aide, lifeguard or pizza delivery driver, please submit your application to the HR Department for consideration as positions become available. For more information, call the KRS HR Of ce at 54916. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK II, Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030983. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II, Public Works. Full time. HR Req. K030992. Must be able to work independently with limited supervision providing direct administrative support to Public Works manager and his staff. Three yearsÂ’ administrative experience with a medium-to-large organization and proven skills in Word, PowerPoint and Excel desired. MEDICAL BILLING SPECIALIST, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030982. REGISTERED NURSE, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030935. CDC AIDE, Child Development Center. Casual. HR Req. K030929. MECHANIC I, Kwajalein Automotive. Two full-time positions. HR Req. K030332 and HR Req. K030641. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK I, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030630. AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN I, Kwajalein Automotive. Three full-time positions. HR Req.s K030640, K030783, K030883. TOOL ROOM ATTENDANT II, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030895. RECREATION AIDE I, Roi Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Req.s K030755, K030756. Enniburr applicants should apply to Tim Lykes. PAINTER II, Roi Operations. Full time. HR Req. K030761. Enniburr applicants should apply to Floyd Corder. KRS CONTRACT POSITIONS FIELD ENGINEER II, HR Req. 031157. TEACHER, HR Req. 031169. REGISTERED NURSE, HR Req. 031155. COMPUTER TECHNICIAN II, HR Req. 031159. FACILITIES ENGINEER II, /MECHANICAL ENGINEER. HR Req. 030812. HARDWARE ENGINEER II, Roi-Namur. HR Req. 031179. MANAGER OPTICS/PHOTO, HR Req. 031177. MISSION LOGISTICS COORDINATOR, HR Req. 031171. CONTRACT PURCHASES SPECIALIST, CONUS, HR Req. 031185. HARDWARE ENGINEER II, HR Req. 031187. FIELD ENGINEER I, HR Req. 031189. SOFTWARE ENGINEER I/DATA ANALYST, HR Req. 031191. COMMUNITY BANK For consideration, submit your resume on-line at For more information, contact the personnel department at or call the Banking Center manager at 52292/2142. Community Bank is and Equal Opportunity Employer.CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE, part time. Successful candidates should have previous banking, credit union or cash-handling experience. Candidates must have the ability to resolve customer service issues in the banking center to guarantee customer satisfaction and retention, may work on the teller line, handle basic sales requests and possess good telephone etiquette. TELLER, Part time. Successful candidates should have previous banking, credit union or cash handling experience. Candidates must also have the ability to quickly and accurately handle transactions, communicate effectively, and possess a strong desire to learn. WANTED LIGHTLY USED Halloween costumes sizes K-6 for Ebeye students at George Seitz Elementary School. Call 54789 or 52276 for pick up, or drop off at elementary school of ce. IF YOU HAVE had dry cleaning done in the last three weeks I may have your black, sleeveless blouse, size 8 petite. 51359. COUNTERTOP MICROWAVE oven in good condition. White lattice in any size. Please call 52171. HARLEY DAVIDSON brand Kwajalein T-shirts. Call 53503. COMPUTER at least 128 RAM or laptop, papasan chair, DVD player, music on compact discs. Call 59810. LOOKING FOR AN artist(s) to paint murals on the Roi-Namur Dolphins Scuba Club buildings. Three large walls are available. Designs should be related to the marine environment. Interested? For more information, call 56734 after 7p.m., ask for Greg or leave a message. FOUND BLACK CAMERA case with various lenses, call Chris at 53495. LOST LARGE FOUNTAIN PEN, gold and dark wood, lost at the craft fair. Contact Keith at 50082 or 58954. LEATHERMAN TOOL and ashlight in a black canvas sheath. Lost somewhere on the road from the tennis courts past the small boat ramp and the power plant to Building 1010. Reward is offered. Call 53966. TWO KEYS on small, key-chain light. One for door, one for cabinet. Call Lexy 54240. PRESCRIPTION MAUI Jim sunglasses in a Blue Maui Jim hard case. Call 52232 or 57130. SUNGLASSES, Native Brand in black Bolle case, reward, call 52789. STOLEN FROM our house an Ipod Photo 30GB, white with silver rim. It has an obvious dent in bottom right hand corner. We have the serial number details. AC charger was stolen with it. We are asking all parents, friends and neighbors to be aware of anyone who has recently (within the past 10 days) acquired an Ipod, and to check for the dent. We are offering a cash reward to anyone who can provide information. You can contact us (anonymously if you wish) on 52450 or through our Mail Box 703. PATIO SALES SUNDAY 8 a.m.-4 p.m., back of Quarters 135-D, vacuum with bags, video shelf, 25 disk CD player, womenÂ’s clothes, girls clothes, baby toys and more. MONDAY, 7 a.m.-12:30 p.m., Trailer 760 on Nike Road. PCS sale, everything must go! LaZBoy recliner $25, metal bike trailer $100, dishwasher $60, lawn furniture, beach chairs, entertainment center, TV, place mats, towels, rugs, yard tools, dishes, kitchen items, etc. Call 53711. Caf Paci c LunchSun Sirloin of beef Seafood Newburg Curried pork stew Grill: Brunch station open Mon Herb-broiled pork chops Herb-roasted chicken Three-cheese pasta Grill: Brunch station open Tues Beef Stroganoff Turkey pot pie Breaded walleye Grill: French dip au jus Wed Pasta bar Rosemary chicken Italian sausage Shrimp Alfredo pizza Grill: Pizza burgerThur Swedish meatballs Kalua pork and cabbage Tuna casserole Grill: Cheese sandwichFri Ham steak Hawaiian Breaded chicken wings Seared ahi with garlic Grill: Hot Sicillian hoagiesDec. 3 Indonesian pork Chicken katsu Thai shrimp pasta Grill: Teriyaki burger DinnerTonight Sweet-and-sour pork Chicken hekka Korean beef steakSun Spaghetti with meatballs Mussels in wine sauce Chicken Alfredo Mon Hamburger steak Penne pasta Chicken peapod stir-fry Tues Kwaj fried chicken Broiled ono Hawaiian chopped steakWed Jumbo fantail shrimp Beef tips in Burgundy Penne pasta Buffalo wings Thurs Stir-fry to order Charsiu spareribs Chicken nuggets Fri Chicken-fried steak Parker ranch stew Beans and hocks


The Kwajalein Hourglass Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 11 MONDAY, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., Trailer 719. PCS sale. Everything must go. No reasonable offer refused. FOR SALE CANNONDALE HYDRID racing bike, men’s medium frame, all aluminum with street tires, lots of new parts and extra options, paid $911 in July, 2000, excellent exercise bike or use for Rustman, will sell for $250. Call 52642. EIGHT TEA and eight wine glasses, light blue, $15; Nikonis V underwater camera with strobe, $100; two small plastic chairs, $5; children’s toys and clothes; various size plants. Call 51359. 20-INCH FREESTYLE-type aluminum bike, great condition, six months old, black paint, no visible rust, handlebar rotor, front and back pegs, paid $200, will sell for $100. Call Andrew, 52312, after 3:30 p.m. “THOMAS THE TRAIN” gure 8, $30; bionicles, $4 each; four-by-four lumber, $50; one-by-four lumber, $30. Call 53585. CRIB, MATTRESS, mattress pads, bumper bed and various crib sheets, $75. Call 54728. LARGE INDOOR chus tree, $35; assorted outdoor plants, $5-$15; pots. Call 52434. COLUMBIA 26-foot sailboat, berglass hull, 5-horse power Nissan outboard, cradle, mooring, boathouse, all contents and equipment for $15,000. Call 54237, leave message. POWER BOAT 26.5 foot Crownline. 5.7 liter-V8 inboard with Bravo II stern drive. V-berth, quarter berth, table, stove, stereo, bathroom w/shower, fridge, full canopy, deck shower. 15-horse power kicker. Boat lot with full cover, deck; boathouse with tools, battery charger, cleaning supplies and hardware. With a 7-foot dinghy with 4-horse power Yami. $33,000. Call John home -52582, work 58331. BABY JOGGER, aluminum $60. Call 52400. NEW CANNON DESKTOP calculator with printer, $20; Total Chef counter top convection oven, $25; rice cooker/deep fryer combo, $40; Uniden pair of walkietalkies, $35; and new large ower pots $15, call after 5 p.m., 58954. SAUDER-BRAND oak computer hutch, built-in light, pullout key board shelf, le drawer, movable shelves and more. Excellent condition, $150, call 53500 to see. SOLIS COFFEE grinder, paid $120, will sell for $50; computer desk with hutch, $15; BoBike Maxi bike carrier with bike, holds child up to 40 pounds, $45; Burley, available Dec. 8, $50 and two-drawer le cabinet, $6. Call 51359. PORTABLE DVD player with battery charger and AV adapter. Plays DVD, video CDs, music CDs, MP3 les on CD-R and CD-RW and Kodak picture CDs, Dolby Digital audio output with built-in speakers and headphone jack, has bookmarks and zoom, $250. 54168. DELUX ERGONOMIC of ce posture kneeling chair with Tempur Pedic foam, $100. Call, 58377. SHARP 1,200-watt microwave, $50; Panasonic 27 inch TV with DVD/VHS and remote control, $350; rollerblades size 13, $15; various X-Box games, $10 each; and phone with built-in answering machine, $20. Call 52672. CHILD-SIZE RASH guard, girls, short sleeve, new $15; child’s U.S. Coast Guard-approved swim suit with oats, 20-30 pounds, $18; beach sunshade, great for infant or toddler, a one-half cover for an adult, new $30; and a oatie mat, used $3. Call 54789. LARGE, 15-cubic feet, freezer. Wicked cold. $225. 53140. BIG WOOD desk, $100; big wood dresser, $50 and small wood corner desk, $25. Call home – 51427 or work – 54116. LOTS OF LAMPS for sale. Black halogen oor lamp with extra bulb, $15; white tensor desk lamp, $10 and two wood and rice paper lamps, $10. 51376. INLINE SKATES, men’s 9, new in box. Complete with elbow, knee and wrist pads in mesh bag, $25. New in box Pokemon youth sleeping bag, $10. 54434. CUSTOM-BUILT 25-foot power boat. Twin 80-horse power four stroke Yamaha motors. Full deep vee hull with large cabin area. Twin axle trailer. $30,000. Call 56734 after 7 p.m. or leave a message. FRIGIDAIRE 5.1-cubic foot chest-type freezer, never used. $300 and Sanyo 13-inch color TV with remote control, $45. Call Jack at home at 56222 or work 56191. MICROWAVE PANASONIC $75; plants $15 $75; two bike trailers; dishes four-place set, Qun Mat set $300; crock pots, coffee pot, toaster, garden tools, hoses and sprinkler, deco items, 6-foot ladder. Trailer 600, for more information, call 53624. AWNING 12 by 30 feet, $175; plants from 15 to $30; Burley, $25 and oak music entertainment center, $60. Trailer 546, Call home 58090 or work 53558. COMMUNITY NOTICES SANTA CLAUS is expecting Kwajalein children’s letters to arrive at the North Pole. Mail your letter at Santa’s mailbox at the Post Of ce. Include your return address so Santa can write back to you. KWAJALEIN YACHT Club’s monthly meeting is at 6:30 p.m., tonight at the Yacht Club. Bring Thanksgiving leftovers for potluck. For more information, call Ed Zehr, 54523.CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS craft workshop will be from 9 a.m. to noon, Sunday at the Community Activities Center, Room 1. Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, call Lora at 5418. THE YOKWE YUK Women’s club Holiday Tour of Homes is Dec. 16. Tickets will be on sale Mondays through Dec. 12 on Macy’s Porch. For info or tickets, call Elaine at 54691 or Sandi at 44991. THE ORTHODONTIST, Dr. Peter Picard, will see patients from Monday to Friday. For more information or an appointment, call 52165. KWAJALEIN INTERNATIONAL Sport Fishing Club monthly meeting is at 7 p.m., Wednesday at the Paci c Club. MONTHLY ISLAND ORIENTATION is at 1 p.m., Wednesday in the Community Activity Center, Room 6. The orientation is required for all new island arrivals. The orientation will be preceded by the optional U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Host Nation Activities Ebeye Cultural Tour. Meet at 8 a.m. at the Religious Education Building next to the chapel for a brie ng for the Ebeye tour. Women should wear long dresses or skirts. Sunscreen and bottled water are recommended. Reservations are recommended not later than noon, Nov. 29. The island orientation is not recommended for children under 10. For more information or reservations, call 55033. NOVEMBER book drawing at Grace Sherwood Library features: 2005 NFL Record and Fact Book for adults and for young people, Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling. Sign-up by Monday to have a chance to win. For more information, call 53439. SECOND, THIRD GRADE Holiday Concert, featuring The First Thanksgiving and Sights and Sounds of the Season, 7 p.m., Thursday, in the high school multipurpose room. KRS FOOD SAFETY will offer a food safety class for private organizations and individuals who sell food for fund-raising events. At such an event there must be a person onsite who has attended this class. The class will be held in the second oor hospital conference room from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday. Please call the Food Safety of ce at 52633 to register for a class or with questions. U.S. CITIZENS CAN renew their passport by mail, not later than 11 a.m., Dec. 3. After Dec. 3, until such time that a new passport agent is hired; people will have to travel to Majuro or Honolulu to personally apply for a passport. Information concerning renewal restrictions and requirements is available at KWAJALEIN COMMUNITY CHORUS Christmas Concert, 6:30 p.m., Dec. 4 in the high school multipurpose room, features carols, Vivaldi’s Gloria, and the Hallelujah Chorus. CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP ornament exchange is at noon, Dec. 4 in the Religious Education Building. There will be a salad luncheon. Bring an ornament to exchange and cookies to share. Christian Women’s Fellowship annual Carlson Christmas Drop will take collections beginning Dec 4. Approximate numbers for Carlson are: 17 adults, 15 teenagers and 10 children. There will be a donation box at the back of the church following each of the services during December for food items and toiletries. For more information, call Jane DeJoie, 53704. KWAJALEIN MASTERS SWIM Group. Any adult interested in organized swimming workouts, please plan to attend a general meeting at 9:30 a.m., Dec. 5, at the Adult Pool. If desired, bring or wear your swim gear. For more information, call Sarah at 53500, or Allison at 52517. DUE TO mission requirements the recompression chamber will be unavailable through Dec. 5. During this period recreational diving will be limited to 50 feet. CUB SCOUT Pack 135 is selling fresh holiday wreaths for $25. Order from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mondays through Dec. 5. Orders will be taken near the post of ce. Wreaths will be delivered free. KWAJALEIN’S FIRST nativity display will be Dec. 5 in Corlett Recreation Center Room 6. In order to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and spirit of Christmas, we are hoping to gather nativities from everyone on island. This will be a one-day display. If you are interested in loaning your nativity scene, call Tammy, 50172, or Marybeth, 52073. JUNIOR, SENIOR High Band and Choir Holiday Concert, 7 p.m., Dec. 8, multi-purpose room, spotlighting Concert Band, Junior Band, Choir and Stage Band performing songs of the season. HOLIDAY POST OFFICE shuttle service offered by Automotive Services from. 9 to Dec. 24. Shuttle Service Hours are: from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m., from Tuesday to Saturday. Customers please inform the Post Of ce you require assistance. Please note: customers must travel with their packages to their quarters. THE KWAJALEIN SCUBA CLUB presents Aloha Christmas, an island-formal Christmas party to be held at 8:30 p.m., Dec. 11, at the Yokwe Yuk Club. Ticket price has been reduced to $20, as there will not be a live band. Disc Jockey Neil Dye will provide the music. Call Sandi Finn at 54991 or e-mail Bill Williamson at KWAJALEIN AMATEUR Radio Club meets at 7 p.m. Thursday. Agenda is the club’s Christmas party. All amateur radio enthusiasts and interested persons are invited. KWAJALEIN COMMUNITY Band Christmas Carol Concert, 10 a.m., Dec. 12, on Macy’s porch. Bring a beach chair, relax, and enjoy Christmas carols and music of the season.ELEMENTARY BAND and Choir Holiday Concert, 7 p.m. Dec. 14, in the high school multi-purpose room, featuring Elementary Choir and Cadet Band.GET A FREE MOVIE. Rent ve movies at Tape Escape and get one free. Offer good until Dec. 31. UNSOLICITED SEALED bid sales at the DCCB have restarted and will be open to the public every Tuesday from 8 to 11 a.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m. For more information, call 51770. A NEWLY revised school calendar is being mailed home to all parents with school-age children. There will See CLASSIFIED ADS, Page 12


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12 CLASSIFIED ADS, from Page 11 WeatherTonight: Partly cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: NE-E 14-20 knots. Sunday: Variably sunny with scattered showers. Winds: NE-E 15-20 knots. Monday: Partly sunny with widely scattered showers. Winds: NE-E 12-18 knots. Tuesday: Partly sunny with scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at 12-18 knots. Annual rain total: 66.98 inches Annual deviation: -23.69 inches Call 54700 for updated forecasts or A range operation is scheduled for Sunday. In conjunction with this operation, a caution area will exist within the Kwajalein Atoll. The caution area is bounded on the north by Boked Island on the east reef and Yabbernohr Island on the west reef. On the south, the area is bounded by a line drawn north of Bigej Island on the east reef to a point at latitude 08 54.2N, longitude 167 45.8E, then to a point at latitude 08 52.8N, longitude 167 45.8E and then to a point north of the high-tide mark on Ninni Island on the west reef. Bigej Island, including the inner reef, is specifically excluded and is not a part of the mid-atoll corridor. All mid-atoll corridor islands are designated as sheltered islands. Additional areas specified outside the mid-atoll are designated as caution areas; see maps. In order to ensure clearance of non-mission support personnel from the mid-atoll corridor by the window opening Range operation scheduled for Sunday Mid-atoll corridor caution area Air space caution areatime, Kwajalein Police Department island clearance procedures will continue until evacuation has been accomplished. Egress of all air and sea craft will be required when requested by authorized clearance personnel. Subsequent to lagoon clearance, the hazard area will be in effect until mission completion. Vehicle silence and VHF radio silence are required on RoiNamur from the opening of the launch window until released by the mission support coordinator. This includes gasolinedriven generators and welders of any type. This includes radio traffic from Roi operations, all marine, fire, police department and private radios. In the event of a mission slip, the caution times and areas will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday. For more informati on, call 51910. Sun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Sunday 0646/1827 0243/1500 0110, 4.0' 0720, 1.6' 1350, 4.3' 1950, 1.8' Monday 0647/1827 0328/1538 0150, 4.2' 0800, 1.4' 1420, 4.8' 2030, 1.4' Tuesday 0647/1827 0416/1620 0230, 4.4' 0830, 1.1' 1450, 5.2' 2110, 1.1' Wednesday 0648/1827 0507/1706 0300, 4.5' 0900, 0.9' 1520, 5.5' 2140, 0.8' be a half day of school on Dec. 3. If you do not receive a calendar, stop by the elementary school of ce. TISÂ’ THE SEASON for books. George Seitz Elementary School is looking for merry elves to read holiday-themed books to our students. If you have a 15-30 minutes to spare and would like to participate in the community reading program, call Angie Dampier, 53601, or e-mail at .FRISBEE GOLF on Brandon Field is through Jan 7. ItÂ’s like golf and a little like playing Frisbee. Add those two sports together and youÂ’ve got some x-treme Frisbee golf. The golf course will be set up all week long. Frisbee equipment can be checked out at the Gear Locker, 4:30-6:30 p.m. Rules can be obtained at the Gear Locker. Have fun. For more information, call Community Activities, 53331. THE VET CLINIC would like to inform residents that an 8-10-week-old kitten was found FIV positive Wednesday morning. This is a reminder that all owners need to keep their cats indoors. KWAJALEIN RANGE SERVICES does not carry insurance for, and cannot be liable for damage to your personal property caused by roof leaks, power surges or outages, ooding, mold or mildew or other hazards. KRS recommends that personnel and their families exercise extra vigilance to avoid such risks; consider whether they want to take the risk of bringing extremely valuable items to Kwajalein and consider buying insurance for valuables. For more information call, Sue Ellis at 58836 or send an e-mail to Susan THE INFLUX of temporary duty people on Kwajalein, there have been an increased number of vehicles speeding on island. Kwajalein is a small, family community with many children playing outside and riding their bicycles. If you are driving a vehicle, please adhere to the 15 mph speed limit and watch out for others. ItÂ’s better to be safe than sorry.