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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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( S t e v e S i m p s o n p r a c t i c e s h i s s w i n g d u r i n g t h e K w a j a l e i n G o l f A s s o c i a t i o n (Steve Simpson practices his swing during the Kwajalein Golf Association K w a j O p e n g o l f t o u r n a m e n t a t H o l m b e r g F a i r w a y s M o n d a y Kwaj Open golf tournament at Holmberg Fairways, Monday. F o r m o r e o n t h e t o u r n a m e n t s e e P a g e 3 ) For more on the tournament, see Page 3.) ( P h o t o b y M i g O w e n s ) (Photo by Mig Owens) C o l u m b u s D a y Columbus Day R u n h e l d M o n d a y Run held Monday — P a g e 7 — Page 7 W h a t ’ s f o r What’s for d i n n e r ? dinner? — P a g e 4 — Page 4


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 2The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Wednesdays and Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555 Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539 Printed circulation: 2,000The Kwajalein HourglassCommanding Of cer...COL Beverly Stipe Public Affairs Of cer.............Sandy MillerEditor...............................Nell Drumheller Assistant Editor......................Mig Owens Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler Reporter............................Elizabeth Davie Circulation........................Will O'Connell See CONTINENTAL, Page 16 To submit a letter to the editor: Keep letters to less than 300 words, and keep com ments to the issues. Letters must be signed. We will edit for Associated Press style and, if you exceed the word limit, space. Limit one letter every 30 days. Send your letter to: The Hour glass, P.O. Box 23, Local; or hourglass L e t t e r t o t h e E d i t o r Letter to the EditorReply to Article “50 feet isn’t what it used to be” I like to smoke. I know many others that enjoy cigars, cigarettes or pipes. I know others that like to drink, eat red meat, fried foods and even candy bars. I also know many people that like to complain about every indulgence or vice that they do not personally engage in. It seems that we are more and more becoming a nation of self-appointed social control advocates advocating the ban of habits they do not themselves practice. People naturally resist restrictions that are excessive or unreasonable. Smoking was banned from the Paci c Club despite the fact that almost all the customers smoked and it is an open-air bar. The Yuk Club is often nearly empty because two thirds of its customers are outside smoking. We learned nothing from prohibition as our nation engages in its most current social mania over habits in disfavor with the majority. Bottom line is this; tobacco is a legal product that people have a right to use. To accommodate non-smokers; most smokers actually favor reasonable restrictions. Unfortunately the accommodation has become one sided. When you live in a social situation accommodation has to be two sided. Ms. Drumheller should be able to get candy without passing through a “gauntlet of smoke” (how one person smoking outside does that I am not sure.) Those that want to have a cigarette with their coffee at the bakery have a right also. Fifty feet from the entrance of the bakery is where? Across the street in the grassy area near Finance? What would be reasonable? Perhaps half the tables non-smoking, the down wind half smoking. If you live in a social situation that has to accommodate different groups, yes, you may occasionally hear, smell or see things you would rather avoid. Other option is being a hermit. — Carl OvermanCommentary Knowing me now and how awesomely cool I am, it might be hard for some people to believe I was a little nerdy in my school-age years and like nerds everywere, I really wanted to be part of the ‘in’ crowd at high school. Of course, all of the ‘in’ crowd smoked. So when I was 13, I snuck a pack of my father’s cigarettes out of the house, went into an alley a couple of blocks away and lit one up. I took my very rst drag off a cigarette and spent the next 20 minutes or so coughing up my lungs and puking. That should have been enough for anyone with half a brain to know that smoking probably wasn’t a good thing to do. But I was a teenager and stupid. And so began a 30 year smoking habit. My mornings would begin when the alarm went off and I would sit on the side of the bed hacking and trying to get my breath. After I was able to start breathing, the next thing I’d do is reach for a An ex-smoker weighs incigarette and light up. And, yes, I would spend another 15 mintues coughing and hacking up stuff you don’t even want to think about. Over the wonderful years I spent smoking, I can’t count the number of movies I would go to and never see the middle or sometimes the ending of because I’d be in the lobby smoking. That is, if you could smoke in the lobby. If you couldn’t I’d be outside in negative 5 degree weather in winter just so I could have that smoke. I can’t count the number of times I See SMOKER, Page 16An update for the community on the work U.S. Army Kwajalein Atollhas done with Continental Airlines: As most of you are aware, Continental rates changed over the summer, and the result was a little confusion tagged to a hefty ticket price. We at USAKA have been working very hard recently to expand our partnership with Continental Micronesia. We conducted meetings in Guam last week, and I am pleased to announce that Continental responded very positively to our recommendations, and has implemented new travel incentives that will bene t USAKA/Reagan Test Site, Kwajalein Range Services and the Kwajalein community at large. Continental Micronesia will operate two additional ights per week between Kwajalein and Honolulu beginning Dec. 6. The proposed schedule for the rst ight will add a Tuesday departure from Kwajalein at Continental respondsto recommendations


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein HourglassNeither rain nor more rain 3 Golfers dodge wet weather to compete in 35th KGA Kwaj Open golf tournamentBy Mig Owens Assistant editorRain, shine and everything in between were experienced Oct. 2 through Monday by 102 golfers from Kwajalein and Roi-Namur at Holmberg Fairways during the 35th Anniversary Kwajalein Open Golf Tournament. According to Mark Koepeke, Professional Golfers Association professional from Kona, Hawaii, “This is a group of people you can tell are really passionate about the game.” Koepeke was invited to Kwajalein by the Kwajalein Golf Association for the annual tournament to help run the tournament by acting as an independent third party, uphold the rules of golf and provide lessons. “This tournament – as fun as it is – is a very respected tournament,” Koepeke said. “Everyone takes it seriously and puts pressure on themselves to perform. They enjoy it to the fullest.” How players enjoyed the game was open to interpretation. Mark Thimsen, for instance, took the opportunity to ‘troll’ between holes as he threw out a shing line, which was attached to his golf bag. “I’m not a golfer, I’m a sherman,” he laughed. ‘The Bar Open’ group also worked hard to ensure golfers enjoyed the tournament. The group, which plays golf regularly on Wednesdays and Fridays when the Country Club Bar is open, sponsored free hot dogs and barbecue sandwiches on Hole 6. This mid-course ‘food stop’ was a tournament rst. “The Bar Open is paying out of their ‘war chest’ and without too much money and not much effort, it’s been a big success,” Geary Shotts, organizer, said. “Next year it’s steak and lobster!” he joked. According to Curt Bean, KGA vice-president and tournament chair, “This year’s tournament stressed having fun, meeting new people and volunteerism. The mood was relatively light and as always very competitive,” Bean said. “Even during the rain people kept up wonderful attitudes.” Kwaj Open resultsClosest to the pin Week 1 Men’s Jeff Tucker 16’ 3 ” Women’s Kim Parker 11’ 4’’ Week 2 Men’s Norma Sablas 5’ 2 ” Women’s Kim Parker Straightest drive Men’s Mike Proudfoot Women’s Daw Frase Longest drive Men’s Jeff Wase Women’s Amanda Reed One club tournament 1Andy Frase 2Mark Owens 3Larry Cavender Mixed horse race Win Linda Schuett/Chewy Robbins Place – Jim Ball/Amanda Reed Show – Suzy Teague/Andy Frase Longest drive-chipping-putting contest Men’s chipping Larry Cavender 2’ 8” Men’s putting Mark VerStraten 17 Men’s long drive Frank Randall 301 yards Women’s chipping Amanda Reed 3’ 9” Women’s putting Debbie Thomas 20 Women’s long drive Amanda Reed 215 yards Men’s horse race Win – Freddy Cunningham/John Labbee Show – Jimmy Feldpausch/Norman Sablas Place – James Barrs/Mark VerStraten Match play putting 1Jeff Tucker 2Larry Cavender Flight winners Men’s “E”: 1 Chewie Robbins 124 2 Mike Butler 139 3 Daryl Satko 140 4 -Todd Hinson 141 (Won tie breaker John Labbee) Men’s D 1 Norman Sablas 128 2 Steve Howell 134 3 Brian Brady 135 4 -Tim Boughen 139 Men’s C 1 John Putman 129 2 Steve Simpson 132 3 Larry Cavender 137 4 Rick Larkin 138 (Won tie breaker Kevin Grant) Women’s B 1 – Nancy Nast 133 2 Barbara Mcdaid 138 3 Gloria Cassiday 145 4 Sheri Howard 145 (Won tie breaker Nancy Grant) Men’s B 1 Mike Proudfoot 131 2 Ken Sims 134 3 Jeff Jones 136 4 James Barrs 139 (Won tie breaker Geary Shotts) Women’s A 1 Kim Parker 139 2 Linda Schuett 140 3 Pam Frase 142 4 Debbie Proudfoot 144 (Won tie breaker Daw Frase) Men’s A 1 Jimmy Feldpausch 139 2 Bob Allard 140 3 Larry Roberts 141 4 Andy Frase 141 (Won tie breaker Freddy Cunningham) Low net Men’s Chewie Robbins 124 Women’s Nancy Nast 133 Low gross : Men’s Paul Allas 148 Women’s Debbie Thomas 155 Sam Garland winner : Chewie Robbins Tom Miller tees off during the Kwaj Open. (Photo by Mig Owens)


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass By Elizabeth Davie ReporterAnyone who laments that there are no familiar franchise food chains on island may have more dining options than they think. Caf Paci c, Three Palms, Sunrise Bakery, Oceanview Club and the mobile kitchen all offer a variety of dining services. According to Steve Cummings, Dining Services manager, there is “something for everyone.” Caf Paci c Cummings described Caf Paci c as primarily for unaccompanied U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Reagan Test Site/Kwajalein Range Services employees. However, he said that families are now welcome to dine there nightly for Residents enjoy the B.B. King Beach Blast at Coral Sands last week. The blues festival was a mobile kitchen event.Several options offered on island for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks 4 dinner and for breakfast and brunch on weekends. Workers that are non-meal card holders can dine there during their normal work hours but must pay the meal rate. Caf Paci c serves three meals a day 365 days a year. Three Palms Three Palms is a snack bar and offers a wide variety of options such as made-to-order subs, appetizers, hamburgers and pizza as well as lunch and dinner specials. The lunch and dinner specials are offered from Tuesday through Saturday. There is also a Saturday night dinner special, usually prime rib. Service begins at 6 p.m. Limited avors of Baskin Robbins ice cream is also served A A


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 5at the snack bar. The snack bar’s hours are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, Monday and holidays. A delivery service is yet another option at the snack bar. According to Cummings, pizza and other food items from the menu can be delivered to just about any location on island. Delivery hours are from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Friday and from 5 to 11 p.m. Saturday. Cummings described Saturday at the snack bar as a “late night” option. For more information or to order from Three Palms, call 53409. Sunrise Bakery Cummings said that the bakery has a limited selection of “on-the y” food such as pre-wrapped sandwiches, salads, drinks and fruit. The bakery also offers special-order cakes and a coffee break service. Coffee and pastries for 20 people or more can be ordered and sent to a location of choice with 24 hours notice. Cummings suggested the bakery as an option for an early breakfast on the weekends. The bakery is open from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday though Sat urday, from 6 a.m. to noon Sunday and from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday. For more information on the bakery, call 53445. Oceanview Club According to Cummings, as of last week the Oceanview offers appetizers such as mozzarella sticks, jalapeno poppers and clam strips. The appetizers are served from 5 to 9 p.m. Sunday through Friday and from 5 to 11 p.m. Saturday. There is a $1 delivery fee except during happy hour, which is from 5 to 6 p.m. Orders can be placed with a server or by calling the pizza order line at 53409. Mobile kitchen The mobile kitchen is used to offer the community several different dining options. “It is a wonderful piece of equipment and we are happy to have it,” Cummings said. The mobile kitchen is used to create a “virtual restaurant” several times a month. These events include the Moonrise Grill, which is staged ocean side such as at the Paci c Club or the Sunset Bistro, which is Emon Beach or Coral Sands. Many of the events have a theme such as “Blues Night,” “Bali Night,” or Little Italy.” Cummings also said that about once every six weeks there is a prime rib night. The cost of these events is $25 for non-meal card holders and $20 for meal card holders. The cost includes the meal, house wine service and a small service charge that may be given to the hourly service employees who work the event. “Dining Services provides a full bar service at their ‘beach bash’ events that take place at Coral Sands, the adult beach and pavilion,” Cummings said. Tickets for the events can be purchased at Three Palms or the Dining Services administration of ce at the Oceanview. Cummings said that no reservations will be taken, tickets must be purchased. There is a limited amount of seating depending on the location of the event. “So far all of the events have been sold out,” he said. “It is a great deal and everyone has a good time. We try to make it as festive as possible.” Other themed nights are in the works such as a seafood night at the Small Boat Marina. “One of the things we want to move forward with is having guest chefs,” he said. Incorporating guest chefs could bring a different selection of food such as Southwestern and Bayou themed nights. “People who are interested we want to encourage their participation,” he said. Anyone interested in being a guest chef can contact Cummings at 53932. The mobile kitchen also supports community events such as the holiday celebrations and company events. Catering According to Cummings, Dining Services offers catering for any occasion from football parties to formal events of all sizes. One of the catering options is Dinner for Two. This is done at the Kayak Shack at Emon Beach and is available Tuesday through Friday. The cost for this private dining experience is $175 and includes an appetizer, salad, wine, entre, desert and music. Cumming said the menu is fully customizable to the customers’ needs. “To change the date to a Saturday, Sunday or Monday the customer would incur a substantial cost increase,” he added. Dinner for two can accommodate up to 24 people. Catering is available for all occasions. For more information on Dinner for Two or other catering options, call 53402 or 53419. Cummings also added that the snack bar at Dock Security is open from 5:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and from 5:30 to 7 a.m. Monday. With all these options it could make the question “What’s for dinner tonight?” a littler easier to answer.


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6 E a r t h q u a k e Earthquake U.S. sends food, water, medicine to PakistanBy Staff Sgt. Ken Denny Army News Service U.S. forces are assisting with rescue, recovery and relief operations in Pakistan following an earthquake that killed between 20,000 and 30,000. Five CH-47 Chinook and three UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters with U.S. Soldiers and supplies from Afghanistan arrived in Islamabad, Pakistan, Monday to assist with recovery operations in the wake of the Oct. 8 devastating earthquake. The helicopter crews were from the 3rd Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 6th Cavalry Regiment at Bagram Air eld and Kandahar Air eld, Afghanistan. Additionally, a C-17 and its crew from the 7th Airlift Squadron, McChord Air Force Base, Wash., delivered 12 pallets -weighing almost 90,000 pounds -of food, water, medicine and blankets from Bagram. So far, 18 pallets of relief supplies have been transported by air to Pakistan along with essential personnel needed to assist with recovery operations. The helicopters took off from Bagram Air eld again this morning to ferry supplies to earthquake-stricken areas and evacuate those injured. Additionally, C-130 Hercules and C-17 Globemaster aircraft from Afghanistan will transport 30 pallets of relief supplies to a Pakistan Army Air eld near Islamabad, of cials said. “Our total focus is on relieving the suffering in Pakistan, help them stabilize and, in the longer term, recover,” said Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry, Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan commanding general. Editor’s note: Information provided by Combined Joint Task Force–76 Public Affairs in Afghanistan.A Pakistani soldier directs a U.S. Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter as it touches down on Qasim Army Air eld, Pakistan to assist in the humanitarian aid effort Monday. Helicopters were diverted from Operation Enduring Freedom to assist in Pakistan after a 7.6 earthquake caused enormous damage. ( Photos by Staff Sgt. Ken Denny)Airman 1st Class Marie Gamache of the 7th Air Support Wing, along with Master Sgt. John Keel and Staff Sgt. Larry Keel of the 137th Air Wing of the Oklahoma National Guard unload humanitarian supplies from a C-17 Globemaster in Islamabad, Pakistan Monday. Our total focus is on relieving the suffering in Pakistan, helping them stabilize, and, in the long term, recover.— Lt. Gen. Karl Eikenberry““


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 7Columbus Day Run draws 46 participants Columbus Day Run resultsHourglass reportsThe Kwajalein Running Club’s 28th annual Columbus Day Runabout was Monday. There were 46 participants. According to Bob Sholar, club president, “One highlight this year was watching Kwajalein Jr-Sr High School boys, Andrew Habig and Michael Taylor nish rst and second overall in the 6.52-mile distance. Most years the students get beaten by the Open Division adults.” He added that in the female section, KHS student Julianne Kirchner crossed rst overall in the 6.52-mile distance, besting the leading Open Division females. Kwaj newcomers John Fraser and John Vannoy won the men’s 13.04-mile sections for Masters and Open, respectively. “It is good to have new participants,” Sholar said. “Despite being only 7, little Audrey Corbett took the Female Youth section at 6.52 miles. This is Audrey’s third consecutive Columbus Day run. How’s that for starting young!” he said. Name Time Pace / Mi. Female master (40+) 6.52 miles 1 Judy Kirchner 1:11:43 0:11:00 2 Karen Brady 1:13:05 0:11:13 3 Kathy Ann Funk 1:30:32 0:13:53 4 JJ Klein 1:31:50 0:14:05 5 Mary Kulig 1:35:12 0:14:36 6 Lynn Booth 1:35:14 0:14:36 7 Sarah Stepchew 1:35:24 0:14:38 8 Shelley Corbett 1:44:22 0:16:00 9 Jane Sholar 1:44:22 0:16:00 10 Sheri Hendrix 1:50:53 0:17:00 11 Lydi Johnson 1:50:53 0:17:00 Female open (20-39) 6.52 miles 1 Hande Garner 1:11:43 0:11:00 2 Mary Miller 1:19:19 0:12:10 3 Wendi Gray 1:50:53 0:17:00 Female teen (13-19) 6.52 miles 1 Julianne Kirchner 1:04:19 0:09:52 2 Jenna Habig 1:09:43 0:10:42 Female youth (1-12) 6.52 miles 1 Audrey Corbett 1:29:16 0:13:41 2 Renee Corbett 1:56:02 0:17:48 3 Katherine Kulig 1:56:02 0:17:48 Male master (40+) 6.52 miles 1 Ed Hillman 0:54:54 0:08:25 2 Eric Lindborg 0:59:05 0:09:04 3 Dave Fortin 0:59:30 0:09:08 4 Jack Carey 1:02:57 0:09:39 5 Doug Hepler 1:14:56 0:11:30 6 Tim Kirchner 1:18:13 0:12:00 7 Peter Barbella 1:19:19 0:12:10 8 Rick Funk 1:30:32 0:13:53 9 Kevin Hartnett 1:35:14 0:14:36 10 Bruce Premo 1:35:25 0:14:38 Male open (20-39) 6.52 miles 1 Brian Brewster 0:54:50 0:08:25 2 Eric Everts 1:07:03 0:10:17 Male teen (13-19) 6.52 miles 1 Andrew Habig 0:49:11 0:07:33 2 Michael Taylor 0:51:22 0:07:53 3 Win eld Keller, Jr. 0:56:14 0:08:37 4 Eric Schmidt 1:08:32 0:10:31 5 Justin Decoster 1:08:44 0:10:33 6 Ryan Decoster 1:08:55 0:10:34 7 David Waddell 1:09:41 0:10:41 8 Jeff Lewis 1:13:20 0:11:15 Male youth (1-12) 6.52 miles 1 Graham Kirchner 1:18:08 0:11:59 2 John Sholar 1:29:16 0:13:41 3 Cory Corbett 1:43:39 0:15:54 Female master (40+) 13.04 miles 1 Sharon Greenbaum 0:55:30 1:56:02 0:08:54 1 Ann Elise Peterson 1:13:00 2:33:04 0:11:44 Male master (40+) 13.04 miles 1 John Frazer 0:55:15 1:53:02 0:08:40 Male open (20-39) 13.04 miles 1 John Vannoy 0:55:20 2:06:26 0:09:42 Brian Brewster, followed by Ed Hillman heads to the nish line at the Columbus Day Run, Monday. (Photo courtesy of Bob Sholar.)


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 8 Global War on Terror Honoring fallen heroesTonight 7:30 p.m., Yuk — Dark Water (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Cinderella Man (PG-13)7:30 p.m., Roi — Batman Begins (PG-13) Sunday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — House of Wax (R) 7:30 p.m., Rich — TheHitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (PG)9:30 p.m., Rich — The Perfect Man (PG) 7:30 p.m., Roi — Fantastic Four (PG-13) Monday7:30 p.m., Yuk — Dark Water (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Cinderella Man (PG-13) Wednesday 7 p.m., ARC — No movie All movies subject to change with shipments. For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700. The Perfect Man A girl plays Cupid for her mom, but has to invent the right man to woo her in this romantic comedy. Jean Hamilton (Heather Locklear) is a single mother with two daughters, teenaged Holly (Hilary Duff) and gradeschool-aged Zoe (Aria Wallace). Fortysomething Jean has stumbled in and out of a number of bad relationships in her lifetime, and is desperate to nd a good man; however, Holly has grown a bit tired of Jean’s favored means of therapy after a bad breakup — packing up the family and moving to a new city. Once Jean and her girls settle in Brooklyn, Holly thinks they should stay for a while, and when Jean’s romantic prospects begin to look less than rosy, Holly and her new friend Amy (Vanessa Lengies) decide to invent a secret admirer for her. Needing advice on what the “perfect man” would say and do, Holly and Amy turn to Ben (Chris Noth), Amy’s uncle who talks a very good game when it comes to romance. But convincing Jean that there’s a real man behind the steady stream of letters and e-mails from her new admirer isn’t as easy as Holly imagines, and it looks as if her imaginary suitor might get in the way of a esh-and-blood Mr. Right. Dark Water Directed by Walter Salles Jr., this remake of Hideo Nakata’s supernatural psychological drama Honogurai Mizuno Soko Kara revolves around the plight of a single mother (Jennifer Connelly) whose messy divorce and subsequent battle for the custody of her ve-year-old daughter is taking a heavy toll on her emotional well-being. Ultimately, the mother and daughter are able to relocate to an apartment, which, despite its excessively dilapidated interior, seems to be an adequate location for beginning a new life. Before long, however, what appears to be the spirit of a young girl begins to haunt them. No stranger to mental illness, the wary young woman brushes the visions aside as part of the inherent stress of making the transition from housewife to working, single mom. As time goes by and the apparent haunting does not subside, the apartment’s new residents are forced to examine the history of its former tenants. Dark Water also features performances from John C. Reilly, Tim Roth, and Dougray Scott.The following 24 U.S. servicemembers have died in the Global War on Terrorism. Two Soldiers, Sgt. Eric A. Fifer 22, of Knoxville, Tenn. and Pfc. Nicholas J. Gree r, 21, of Monroe, Mich. died of injuries sustained in Haqlaniyah, Iraq, on Sep. 7, when their dismounted patrol was attacked by enemy forces using small arms re. Both Soldiers were assigned to the Army’s 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C. Greer died in Haqlaniyah and Fifer died in Al Asad, Iraq. Staff Sgt. Jens E. Schelbert 31, of New Orleans, died in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, on Oct. 1, when his forward operating base was attacked by enemy forces using indirect re. Schelbert was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Ga. Spc. Joshua J. Kynoch 23, of Santa Rosa, Calif., died in Bayji, Iraq, on Oct. 1, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle during convoy operations. Kynoch was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga. Staff Sgt. Timothy J. Roark 29, of Houston, died in Balad, Iraq, on Oct. 2, of a non-combat related injury. Roark was assigned to the Army’s 4th Battalion, 123rd Aviation Regiment, Fort Wainwright, Alaska. Sgt. Sean B. Berry 26, of Mans eld, Texas, died in Taqaddum, Iraq, on Oct. 3 of non-combat related injuries. Berry was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 112th Armor, 56th Brigade Combat Team, Fort Worth, Texas. Three Soldiers died in Al Haqlaniyah, Iraq, on Oct. 3, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their HMMWV during combat operations. The Soldiers were assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg. Killed were: Sgt. Bryan W. Large 31, of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio; Spc. Jacob T. Vanderbosch 21, of Vadnais Heights, Minn. and Pfc. Roberto C. Baez 19, of Tampa, Fla. Sgt. Larry W. Pankey Jr ., 34, of Morrison, Colo., died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 3, of non-combat related injuries sustained in Balad, on Sept. 23. Pankey was assigned to the Army Reserve’s 467th Engineer Battalion, Greenwood, Miss. Pfc. Andrew D. Bedard 19, of Missoula, Mont., died Oct. 4 from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Ar Ramadi. Bedard was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, Calif. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Spc. Jeremiah W. Robinson 20, of Mesa, Ariz., died in Baghdad, Iraq, on Oct. 6, of injuries sustained there on Oct. 5, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during convoy operations. Robinson was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 860th Military Police Company, Phoenix. Sgt. 1st Class Moses E. Armstead 44, of Rochester, N.Y., died at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl, Germany, on Oct. 6, of a non-combat related illness identi ed on Oct. 5, as he was returning from leave status and preparing to redeploy to Afghanistan. Armstead was assigned to the Army’s 16th Ordnance Battalion, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Pfc. Benny S. Franklin 19, of Hammond, La., died in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Oct. 7, of injuries sustained earlier that day in Helmand, Afghanistan, when he stepped on a landmine during patrol operations. Franklin was assigned to the Army’s 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg. Staff Sgt. Gary R. Harper Jr ., 29, of Virden, Ill., died in Baghdad on Sunday, when his reconnaissance mission was attacked by enemy forces. Harper was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Campbell, Ky. Staff Sgt. Troy S. Ezernack 39, of Lancaster, Pa., died in Qalat, Afghanistan, on Sunday, of injuries sustained earlier that day when his combat patrol was attacked by enemy forces using a grenade. Ezernack was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, Vicenza, Italy. Lance Cpl. Sergio H. Escobar 18, of Pasadena, Calif., died Sunday from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Ar Ramadi. Escobar was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to the 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). Lt. Col. Leon G. James II 46, of Sackets Harbor, N.Y., died at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Monday, of injuries sustained in Baghdad, on Sep. 26, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during combat operations. James was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 314th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 78th Division, Fort Drum, N.Y. Two Soldiers died Monday in Ar Ramadi, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle during combat operations. Both soldiers were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning. Killed were: Sgt. 1st Class Brandon K. Sneed 33, of Norman, Okla. and Sgt. Leon M. Johnson 28, of Jacksonville, Fla. Staff Sgt. Jerry L. Bonifacio Jr ., 28, of Vacaville, Calif., died in Baghdad on Monday, when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated near his checkpoint. Bonifacio was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment, Dublin, Calif. Spc. Jeremy M. Hodge 20, of Ridgeway, Ohio, died in Baghdad, on Monday, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV. Hodge was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 612th Engineer Battalion, Tif n, Ohio. Staff Sgt. Matthew A. Kimmell 30, of Paxton, Ind., died Tuesday in Muqdadiyah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV. Kimmell was assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Campbell. Spc. James T. Grijalva 26, of Burbank, Ill., died in Baghdad, on Wednesday, of a non-combat related injury. Grijalva was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 2nd Battalion, 130th Infantry Regiment, Urbana, Ill.


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 9All AFN programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowNHLCNN Saturday AMRollerLate Night with Days of Thunder ChalkzoneLaw & Order12:30AMThe Late Late Show Columbus Headline News Conan OÂ’Brien Movie: <:51>American Dragon 1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson at CNN Saturday AMLost Do The Right Thing Jimmy NeutronHeadline News1:30AMBig Idea with Anaheim Open House The Proud FamilySaturday Night Live2:00AMDonnie Deutsch SportsCenter Bulls & BearsKevin Hill Even Stevens 2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann Collage GamedayCavuto on Business What I like About You 3:00AM Forbes on FOXMissingMovie:Switched!KickinÂ’ It3:30AMAccess Hollywood CashinÂ’ In Shanghai Noon OÂ’Grady4:00AMHeadline News College Football CNN Saturday College Football Will & Grace Fresh PrinceCollege Football4:30AMEntertainment Studios Michigan State Alabama Seinfeld Movie: <:59>Family Ties Wisconsin5:00AMGood Morning atWeekend Liveat Your Reality Unbreakable Mister RogersÂ’ at5:30AMAmerica Ohio Statewith Tony SnowMississippi Checked Zooboomafoo Minnesota6:00AM RECONBody ShapingSesame Street6:30AM FOX News LiveEvery Woman 7:00AMMiss Spider Homes Across USAMovie:Funniest AnimalsThe Pulse7:30AMThe Backyardigans The Pulse College Football Designed to Sell Dangerous Minds Animal VideosCollege Football8:00AMChalkzone MLB Florida Landscape Smart Postcards from Buster USC8:30AMAmerican Dragon St. Louis atWeekend Handyman Movie: <:53>Lilo & Stitch at9:00AMJimmy Neutron at LSU Fix it Up John Q Jackie Chan Notre Dame9:30AMEven Stevens Before and After Kim Possible10:00AMThatÂ’s So Raven HoustonHeadline News BBQ with Bobby Da Boom Crew10:30AMSwitched! McLaughlin Group$40 A Day Ninja Turtles11:00AMOÂ’GradyESPNewsOn The Story Saturday Night Live JamieÂ’s KitchenMovie: <:05>Dragonball GTNASCAR Nextel 11:30AMWorld of Wildlife MLB Unforgiven Justice League Cup Series:12:00PMAccess Hollywood Chicago Washington Week101 Most... Teen Kids NewsUAW-GM Quality 50012:30PMWeekend at Wall Street JournalKickinÂ’ It Cyberchase1:00PMAmericaÂ’s MostLarry King Live National Movie: <:23>Trading Spaces1:30PMWanted Anaheim The Entertainers GeographicTitanicThe Saddle Club2:00PMGeorge Lopez AT Large withGrand Ole OpryFunniest Animals2:30PMOne on OneESPNews Geraldo Rivera American AthleteLive Wild America3:00PMCold CaseBoxingDateline Headline News Star Trek: VoyagerThe Most ExtremeSuze Orman Show3:30PM Sergio Mora International Roller 4:00PMLaw & Order vs The Big StoryCelebrity Poker Hercules American4:30PM Peter Manfredo Jr. with Rita Crosby Tournament 5 Experience5:00PMHeadline NewsCollege Gameday CNN Saturday Night Game 4 Movie: DisneyÂ’s DougPower, Privilege5:30PMNavy/Marine Corps Shine Hey Arnold! & Justice6:00PMHeadline NewsSportsCenter Beltway BoysWhat Not To Wear SpongebobMotorWeek6:30PMESPNews Fox News Watch Farily OddparentsEbert & Roeper 7:00PMGeorge Lopez College Football AFNewsBeauty & the Geek Movie: Movie:Survivor:7:30PMOne on One Colorado Black Forum Biker BoyzFinding Nemo Guatemala 8:00PMCold Case at Chris MatthewsAmericaÂ’s Most Stargate8:30PM Texas Navy/Marine Corps Wanted Movie: 9:00PMLaw & Order 20/20WWE SmackDownMovie: <:06> Tarzan II Headline News9:30PM CharlieÂ’s Angels: ESPNews10:00PMWindow on the Atoll Beltway Boys Full Throttle DawsonÂ’s CreekSmallville10:30PMSaturday Night LiveCollege Gameday FOX News Watch 11:00PM FOX & FriendsThe Real WorldMovie:Xena:Movie: 11:30PM SportsCenter t Pimp My Ride Starship Troopers Warrior Princess Empire FallsSunday, October 16


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Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 13Caf Paci c LunchSun Carved top sirloin Teriyaki chicken Mussels in wine sauce Grill: Brunch station open Mon Maple-glazed roast pork loin Turkey tetrazzini Breaded red snapper Grill: Brunch station open Tues Lemon pepper chicken Parker ranch stew Grill: Buffalo burger Wed Smoked barbecued brisket Herb-baked wings Grill: Cheese sandwichThur Salisbury steak Bratwurst and sauerkraut Turkey cordon bleu Grill: Bean/cheese quesadillasFri Honey mustard chicken Vegetarian chow mein Shrimp foo yung Grill: Teriyaki burgerOct. 22 Braised turkey Drumettes in gravy Blackened mahi mahi Grill: French bread pizza DinnerTonight Corned beef and cabbage Chicken-fried chickenSun Beef steak Italian pizza Vegetarian pizza Chicken chop suey Mon Huli huli chicken Pork adobo Korean spicy tofu Tues Pasta bar Italian meatballs Turkey tetrazziniWed Ribeye steak Herb-roasted chicken Pasta a la pesto Thurs Thai grilled chicken Spicy beef curry Ahi with papaya sauce Fri Build-your-own pizza Breaded pork chops Chicken stew PROTESTANT SERVICES 8 and 10:45 a.m., Sunday Roi-Namur service at 4 p.m. Sunday school for all ages is at 9:15 a.m. CATHOLIC SERVICES Saturday Mass, 5:30 p.m., in the small chapel Sunday Mass 7 a.m., small chapel 9:15 a.m., main chapel Mass on Roi at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call the Chapel, 53505. HELP WANTED KRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Marie Dixon, 51300. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. MAIL CLERKS. Two positions open. Full time. HR Req. K030958, K030959. IMAGING TECHNICIAN, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030981. MEDICAL BILLING SPECIALIST, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030982. PIZZA DELIVERY WORKER, Three Palms Snack Bar. Casual. HR Req. K030980. FOOD SERVICE WORKER, Caf Roi. Full time. HR Req. K030979. CASHIER, Tape Escape. Casual. RECREATION AIDE I. Casual. 24 hours per week. Open and close Adult Recreation Center, maintain and clean facility and customer service. HR Req. K030813. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, Child Development Center. Strong computer and communication skills required. INSTRUCTOR, Child Development Center. Casual. HR Req. K030955. REGISTERED NURSE, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030935. RECREATION AIDE II, Small Boat Marina. Casual position. HR Req. K030927 and temporary position, HR Req. K030926. RECREATION SPECIALIST I, Roi Small Boat Marina. Casual position. HR Req. K030928. RECREATION AIDE II, Roi Recreation. HR Req. K030921. CDC AIDE, Child Development Center. Casual. HR Req. K030929. MECHANIC I, Kwajalein Automotive. Two positions. Full time. HR Req. K030332 and HR Req. K030641. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK I, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030630. AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN I, Kwajalein Automotive. Three positions. Full time. HR Reqs. K030640, K030783, K030883. TOOL ROOM ATTENDANT II, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030895. RECREATION AIDE I, Roi Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030755, K030756. Enniburr applicants should apply to Tim Lykes. SPORTS OFFICIALS, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Five positions. HR Reqs. K030870, K030888, K030903, K030904, K030909. RECREATION AIDE I, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030813, K030886. LIFEGUARDS, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030884, K030885. PAINTER II, Roi Operations. Full time. HR Req. K030761. Enniburr applicants should apply to Floyd Corder. WANTED SCHOOL SUPPLIES and childrenÂ’s books for outer-island schools. Clean out your closets and help students in less fortunate situations. Call Cris, 52935, for pickup or drop off at Quarters 229-A. TAI CHI class or teacher. Call John, 55959. CANDLE WAX, to buy. Call Sandy, 54152. PATIO SALES MONDAY, 7:30 a.m.-2 p.m., Trailer 719. Plants, clothing, household goods. FOR SALE BREAD MAKER, $20; Singer sewing machine, $175; roller shade for new housing, $5; queensize white sheet sets, $10 each; spear gun, never used, $250. Call 52400. 34-FOOT BAYLINER Avanti, fresh fuel injector 454 motors, $48,000 or best offer. Call Dennis, 51850, work or 54489, home. ALUMINUM FRAME bike, in good condition, has recently replaced seat, chain, basket, kickstand and handle bars, $75. Call 54826 and leave a message. GENERAL ELECTRIC stainless-steel microwave oven grill that broils, grills and browns, 1.2-cubic foot capacity, $175. Call 52672 or 22973. 26.5-FOOT CROWNLINE with 5.7L V-8 inboard with Bravo II stern drive, excellent condition, V-berth, quarter-berth, table stove, deck and cabin stereo, full bathroom/shower, fridge, full canopy, deck shower, 15 horsepower kicker,


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass Yokwe Yuk WomenÂ’s Club14 CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH is 9-11 a.m., Monday, in the Kabua Room at the Yuk Club. There is no charge. This event is for the Yokwe Yuk WomenÂ’s Club and the Jine Tip Tip Club. TEACHER APPRECIATION with Ebeye School Walkabout will be Oct. 24. Meet at Dock Security Checkpoint at 8:15 a.m. Bring money for lunch and water taxi. If you will be going on the trip, call Suza Goltz, 53725, by Oct. 20. CALL FOR COOKIES for the Ebeye School Walkabout. 90 dozen are needed. If you can help with the baking, call Suza, 53725. Deliver cookies to Quarters 411-C by 3 p.m., Oct. 23. boat house with tools, supplies, hardware, 7-foot dinghy, too much to list, $36,000. Call 52582, home or 58331, work. SURFBOARDS: Bic Mini Mal, 7 feet, 3 inches, $250; TK shortboard, 6 feet, 2 inches, $300. Call 50632 and leave a message. SEINFELD, seasons one and two, new DVDs, $35. Call 51175. NEW AREA RUG, still in wrapper, green, 60 by 84 inches; three non-slip rug pads, 4 by 6 feet, 5 by 8 feet and 5 by 8 feet. Prices negotiable. Call 51376. PENTAX OPTIO 50, 5-mega pixel digital camera with box and software, $125; 8-foot Patagonia epoxy surfboard, Mickey Munoz model, with bag, $325. Call 52492 or 58936. LARGE PLANTS, including desert rose, unique bowl-shaped planters, $8 each; cordless black 900-Mhz phone, $15; bag of white Christmas lights, $5; new compact disc holders, $10 each; new Rival stainless steel deep fryer, $35. Call 52262. 28-FOOT SAILBOAT, full set of sails, head, sink, stove, new chain and mooring lines in summer of 2004, new cushion covers, in atable dinghy, solar panel, pleasure to sail and overnight on, $20,000 or best offer. Motivated seller. Call Brian, 52608. HALLOWEEN COSTUMES. Power Ranger and Dino Thunder Boys, size large, $15 each; car booster seat, up to 54 inches. Call 53585. PCS SALE. Washable electrostatic lter for central air conditioning in 400-series housing, $40; 37 feet of fencing, including two gates, $60; Amanda microwave oven, available Thursday, $35; full tower case for personal computer, $25; hanging lamp, $10; small bookcase, $10; small George Foreman electric grill, $10; Rival electric hand-held blender, $10. Call 54833, home or 54274, work. 36-FOOT CATAMARAN, Fusion, in the water and ready to sail, includes 15-horsepower kicker, global positioning system, solar panels, fresh water shower, awning, haulout trailer, propane barbecue, sails, bonus new 12-foot dinghy with 9.9-horsepower Yamaha. $16,500 for all or $12,000 for catamaran and $5,000 for the dinghy. Call 59576. COMMUNITY NOTICESTHE SENIOR HIGH Youth Fellowship will hold a cookout, 6-9 p.m., tonight at Camp Hamilton. Bring swimsuits for water games and a healthy appetite for food and fellowship. CUB SCOUT Pack 135 Jamboree On the Air is noon-3 p.m., Sunday. Talk to your leader for details. THE KWAJALEIN FILIPINO Civic Club general membership potluck meeting is at 6 p.m., Sunday, at the Paci c Club. HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS will arrive on island Monday and will be expedited to Ten-Ten, MacyÂ’s and GimbelÂ’s. DO YOU WANT to learn how to bowl? The Bowling Center has the perfect solution. Bowling 101 class starts at 4 p.m., Monday. Great for beginners or the experienced bowler who would like a few tips from our resident bowling professional. Call Thompson or Junior, 53320, to make your reservation. THE ORTHODONTIST, Dr. Peter Picard, will see patients from Tuesday to Friday. For an appointment, call the Dental Clinic, 52165. THERE WILL be a School Advisory Council meeting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, in the elementary school music room. The public is invited. Questions? Call the school of ce, 53761. BARGE OPERATIONS are scheduled for Thursday thru Oct. 23. During barge operations, the Supply Department and Marine Department areas, between 6th Street and 8th Street and Supply and Marine Roads, are off limits to pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle/equipment traf c. Only authorized personnel will be allowed into these areas. Barricades and caution tape will be erected at all of these points. Questions? Call 52180, 53444 or 53430. PARENT/TEACHER conferences for grades 7-12 will be at 2-5:30 p.m. and 6:30-8:30 p.m., Friday, in the multi-purpose room. Details will be mailed home. Questions? Call the high school. GIRL SCOUTS of Kwajalein, come celebrate the birthday of our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, at 1 p.m., Friday, at Community Activities Center Room 6. Your troop leaders have more information. REGISTER TO be a volleyball of cial. Experience a plus, but not necessary. An of cialsÂ’ clinic will be held at 6:30 p.m.,Friday, at the Corlett Recreation Center gym. Learn the mechanics and rules of the game. Anyone interested must attend the clinic to be considered. ItÂ’s a great way to earn some extra money. Questions? Call Billy, 53331. VOLLEYBALL BEGINNERÂ’S Clinic. Do you want to play volleyball but are new to the game? Do you want to refresh some rusty game skills? A beginnerÂ’s volleyball clinic will be held at 6 p.m., Oct. 22, at the Corlett Recreation Center gym. We will go over basic rules, skills and stretching. For more information, call Billy, 53331. CUB SCOUT Pack 135 meeting is at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 22, at Coral Sands. Bon re, sÂ’mores, re safety and astronomy. Bring your family. DonÂ’t be late. KWAJALEIN ART Guild has two tables available for the Holiday Bazaar. Applications that are in the mail will be put on a waiting list, established Three Palms Snack Bar is now featuring appetizers delivered to the Oceanview Club. Served 5-9 p.m., Sunday-Friday and 5-11 p.m., Saturday Mozzarella sticks, breaded mushrooms, clam strips, jalapeno peppers or combination basketOCT. 28 4:40-5 P.M., K-GRADE 2 5:10-5:30 P.M., GRADES 3-6 5:40-6 P.M., GRADES 7-12 ALL AT RICHARDSON THEATER.OCT. 29 5-7 P.M., IN CORLETTRECREATION CENTER GYM. INFANT GRADE 6OCT. 31 6:30-8:30 P.M.,IN THE FAMILY HOUSING AREA ONLY.


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 15 at 7 p.m., Oct. 22, on Emon Beach. Menu includes tuna spread, chicken sat, pineapple, cucumber and green onion salad, Balinese pork, shrimp sambai, cocnut rice, fried bananas with ice cream. Purchase tickets at Three Palms Snack case someone’s plans change and must cancel. KAG will accommodate everyone who has submitted their form to date. You may check table availability on the Corlett Recreation Center map at KAG-ByLaws-1.html. GEORGE SEITZ Elementary School needs you. We’re looking for community members to read to students in kindergarten-grade six. If you have 15 or 30 minutes to spare and would like to participate in the Community Reading Program, contact Angie Dampier at or call the school of ce, 53601. CASUAL CHRISTMAS CHOIR. Do you like to sing Christmas carols? Can you carry a tune? Join the Casual Christmas Choir. You don’t have to have a great solo voice or years of training, although experienced singers are welcome. The more who sing, the less responsibility each one carries. The st meeting will be 7-8:30 p.m., Wednesday, at Island Memorial Chapel. For more information, call the Rev. John Sheehan, Roman Catholic priest. THE AMERICAN LEGION Oktoberfest is back at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 30, at the Vets’ Hall. The menu will include knockwurst, bratwurst, German bread and potato salad, sauerkraut, strudel and keg beer while it lasts. There will be oom pah pah music, dinner music, dance music and German games. For tickets, call Deb, 51416/52279, Sandi, 52224/55765, or Carl, 59676/59503. THE OCTOBER BOOK drawing at Grace Sherwood Library will feature two books. The adult book will be “ Ghost Soldiers: The Forgotten Epic Story of World War II’s Most Dramatic Mission .” The book for children is “ The Unhuggables: The Truth About Snakes, Slugs, Skunks, Spiders and Other Animals That Are Hard to Love .” Come in and sign up. The drawing is Oct. 31. THE ADULT RECREATION Center will be closed until repairs are made on the interior roof. Your patience is appreciated. Questions? Call 53331. THE HOBBY SHOP is once again offering a hand-built pottery class for October. Learn how to make mold bowls or sushi plates. The class is limited to ve students. Registration and payment is necessary to reserve your spot. Register at the Hobby Shop. Questions? Call 51700. CHRISTIE GUASTELLA won the Kwajalein Scuba Club giveaway on board the SS Thor nn at Truk Lagoon. She was one of 14 nalist that earned points through scuba club participation to vie for the free trip to Truk Lagoon. In a scuba exam, complete with a lifeline, she correctly answered 12 of 14 questions. The trip is valued at almost $3,000. The Scuba Club will hold an underwater pumpkin carving contest at 2 p.m., Oct. 30, at Emon Beach. Participants must supply their own pumpkins. There will be three divisions with winners receiving 10 points, participants will receive ve points. CRAFT FAIR vendor applications are available at the Art Annex or on the mini-mall bulletin board. Vendors are required to have a U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll commercial license. Mail the application to Kwajalein Art Guild, P.O. Box 119, Local. The Holiday Bazaar and Craft Fair will be 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Nov. 7, in the Corlett Recreation Center gym. Questions? Call Kathy Campbell, 54613, after 5 p.m., or Lexy Galloway, 54240. COME SIP and relax the night away at Java Caf, 7-11 p.m., Nov. 12, in the Kabua Room at the Yuk Club. Enjoy an evening of relaxation while you sip a cup of coffee and listen to local music. Sponsored by the Protestant Chapel. m o b i l e k i t c h e n e v e n t s mobile kitchen events * O c t 2 2 Oct. 22 S u n s e t B i s t r o Sunset Bistro w i t h B a l i N i g h t with Bali Night * O c t 2 9 Oct. 29 M o o n r i s e G r i l l Moonrise Grill c e l e b r a t e s O k t o b e r f e s t celebrates Oktoberfest * N o v 1 2 Nov. 12 J i m m y B u f f e t Jimmy Buffet C h e e s e b u r g e r s i n P a r a d i s e Cheeseburgers in Paradise B e a c h B l a s t Beach Blast * N o v 1 9 Nov. 19 M o o n r i s e G r i l l Moonrise Grill P r i m e R i b N i g h t Prime Rib Night N o v 2 6 Nov. 26 S o u t h w e s t e r n Southwestern S a n t e F e N i g h t Sante Fe Night P u r c h a s e t i c k e t s a t T h r e e P a l m s Purchase tickets at Three Palms S n a c k B a r A l l e v e n t s a r e $ 2 5 Snack Bar. All events are $25.


Saturday, Oct. 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass CONTINENTAL, from Page 2 WeatherCourtesy of RTS WeatherTonight: Variably cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at 10 knots. Sunday: Mostly sunny with scattered showers. Winds: ENE-ESE at 6-12 knots. Monday: Variably sunny with scattered showers. Winds: SE-S at 5-10 knots. Tuesday: Partly sunny with scattered showers. Winds: SE-S at 5-10 knots. Annual rainfall total: 50.05" Annual deviation: -25.39" Call 54700 for updated forecasts or www.rts-wx.com16 Men’s A Division win loss tie Fish 7 0 2 Locals 4 3 2 Spartans 1 Men 3 5 1 One Talk 1 7 1 Men’s B Division win loss tie Spartans II Red M 6 1 1 Spartans II Blue M 5 2 1 Women’s A Division win loss tie Spartans 1 Women’s 8 1 0 Kick Back 6 2 1 Duff’s Again 1 6 1 KAT 0 6 2 Women’s B Division win loss tie Spartans II Women 9 0 0 Spartans III Blue W 6 3 0 Spartans III Red W 3 6 0 T e a m Team s t a n d i n g s standings Tuesday — Women’s A Division, rst round 6:45 p.m. Kick Back vs. 3 seed 8 p.m. Spartans I vs. 4 seed G a m e s c h e d u l e Game scheduleTuesday — Women’s B Division championship 5:15 p.m. Spartans II vs. First round winner Thursday 6:45 p.m. Women’s A Division Championshipwould be halfway to work in the mornings and then wonder if I’d put out that cigarette I was smoking at home. I’d wind up being late for work because I’d drive home in a panic wondering if all I would see when I pulled in the driveway was a smoldering ruin that used to be my house. And yes, that $#%# cigarette was always out. I don’t know how many business meetings I would be in when all I was thinking was SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP don’t you people know I need a freakin’ smoke? I hated it when all the anti-smoking hysteria started and smokers became second-class citizens not allowed in restaurants, bars, movies and on airplanes. We were bombarded with all the “you’re SMOKER, from Page 2 Sun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Sunday 0637/1833 1732/0507 0310, 5.5' 0920, 0.4' Oct. 16 1530, 5.6' 2140, 0.4' Monday 0637/1832 1816/0600 0350, 5.6' 0950, 0.2' Oct. 17 1600, 5.9' 2210, 0.2' Tuesday 0637/1832 1902/0653 0420, 5.6' 1020, 0.2' Oct. 18 1630, 6.0' 2250, 0.2' Wednesday 0637/1831 1949/0748 0450, 5.4' 1050, 0.3' Oct. 19 1710, 6.0' 2320, 0.4' 1:10 p.m. and arriving at Honolulu at 8:15 p.m. Mo nday. This new eastbound service will allow business and vacation travelers to make easy connections to mainland ights without an expensive overnight stay in Honolulu. The additional westbound leg will operate from Honolulu on Tuesday at 1:40 p.m., arriving at Kwajalein at 5 p.m. Wednesday, with continuation direct to Guam – without making the island-hopper stops at Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk. Continental is initiating new fares between Kwajalein and Honolulu for as low as $450 each way, not including fees and taxes. These fares will have some advance purchase and other restrictions. There will also be very favorable unrestricted fares between Kwaj and Honolulu.In addition, Continental Micronesia has also announced new round trip fares between Kwajalein and three mainland destinations, Los Angeles, Houston and Newark, New Jersey for as low as $1,300 exclusive of fees and taxes.The local Continental Travel Of ce will have full information about these new initiatives. The airline also hopes to develop new incentives for Kwajalein residents who may desire westbound vacation travel to the neighbor islands of Kosrae, Pohnpei and Chuuk, as well as to the Republic of the Philippines and Australia. I am very pleased that Continental Micronesia has responded to our need to quantify and contain our transportation costs in an extremely positive manner. The expanded service is going to enhance the cost effectiveness of the command’s travel requirements and give our employees expanded opportunities to travel in the Paci c region. This may be the best news story of the year. Special thanks to all who participated to make this a reality! going to die” ads. I was determined that I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me what to do. I de antly kept smoking. So believe me, I know how you smokers feel. But the bottom line about smoking is that it takes years off your life, it interferes with every aspect of daily living and it’s very expensive. I hope someday, you all remember when you used to smoke too.