The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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( B a r l i k G o l d 1 3 a n d J u s t i n D e c o s t e r 1 5 h i t B r a n d o n F i e l d F r i d a y (Barlik Gold, 13, and Justin Decoster, 15, hit Brandon Field Friday a s S p a r t a n s I I B l u e d e f e a t s S p a r t a n s I I I R e d s e v e n t o o n e as Spartans II Blue defeats Spartans III Red, seven to one. F o r s o c c e r s c h e d u l e i n f o r m a t i o n s e e P a g e 1 6 ) For soccer schedule information, see Page 16.) ( P h o t o b y M i g O w e n s ) (Photo by Mig Owens) V a n g u a r d t a k e s Vanguard takes o v e r K R S 4 0 1 ( k ) p l a n over KRS 401(k) plan — P a g e 4 — Page 4 S c h o o l A d v i s o r y School Advisory C o u n c i l h o l d s r s t Council holds rst m e e t i n g meeting — P a g e 6 — Page 6 M e d i c a l w a r e h o u s e Medical warehouse o n M a j u r o b u r n s on Majuro burns — P a g e 3 — Page 3


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 2The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Wednesdays and Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff. P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555 Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539 Printed circulation: 2,000The Kwajalein HourglassCommanding Of cer...COL Beverly StipeEditor...............................Nell Drumheller Assistant Editor......................Mig Owens Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler Reporter............................Elizabeth Davie Circulation........................Will O'Connell To submit a letter to the editor: Keep letters to less than 300 words, and keep com ments to the issues. Letters must be signed. We will edit for Associated Press style and, if you exceed the word limit, space. Limit one letter every 30 days. Send your letter to: The Hour glass P.O. Box 23, Local or MONEY, Page 5 Commentary Scouting teaches boys service, characterSo let’s review. Soaring gas and oil prices. An estimated $200 billion price tag for rebuilding the Gulf Coast, over $220 billion spent in Iraq so far and, oh, yeah, another Category 4 hurricane bearing down on Galveston, Houston and Port Arthur, all in Texas, where incidentally, they re ne almost three million barrels of oil a day. Experts are now saying that if those re neries are damaged, the probability of $5 per gallon of gasoline is almost a sure thing. It seems like if we didn’t have bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all. I’m glad to see some members of congress are at least trying to address the problem of the enormous costs incurred by Katrina, not to mention the damage this latest powerful storm is going to cause. As of this morning, New Orleans is ooding again. Our country needs to take a serious look at some of the bills and programs that have been passed by congress recently.By Ed HillmanI think the Boy Scouts did an outstanding job this year in supporting the Chili Cook-off. Some of the Chili Cook-off organizers that I chatted with later Sunday afternoon were literally gushing with praise with respect to the support of the scouts. I am proud of all 24 scouts who were part of this event. New Scoutmaster, John Conrad, is largely responsible for keeping the scouts focused and disciplined over the weekend, no easy task with a troop with a large percentage of young scouts. Of course without support from Col. Stipe in allocating two extra ights on Saturday and Monday, the scouts could not have made it to Roi. A signi cant part of the Boy Scout program includes being involved in service projects like supporting the Roi Chili Cook-off, helping with the Rustman Triathlon, improving the basketball courts on Ebeye, etc, etc. Having the scouts helping with these kinds of events and projects is obviously bene cial to those organizations being supported. However, it is also bene cial to these scouts on their way to being productive, involved and altruistic adults – the kind of citizens who will make this world a better place. It sounds a little syrupy, maybe even trite, but organizations like the Boy Scouts can really make a difference in boys.I was certainly no angel as a teenager. Not even close. However, my memories of my Boy Scout troop, the campouts, the camaraderie and adult leadership, etc., has stayed with me my entire life. There is no question that my own Boy Scout experience helped me socially, morally and emotionally, in addition to helping me learn how to be comfortable camping out in the elements without the modern comforts. All boys will face all kinds of decisions as they grow older. No questions they will make some bad decisions. I certainly have. We all do as nobody walks on water. But hopefully, some of the stuff they learn and do in activities like this last weekend will help them make good decisions, at least most of the time. That is what I am hoping my son will learn from the scout program and that is why I stay involved. That is also why I hope USAKA [U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll] continues to support the scout program on Kwajalein. As Michael Hillman goes through his teenage years on Kwaj (or the States if we ever PCS!) there will be many activities he will choose in which to be involved. Unfortunately, many of the activities in which teenagers do get involved are not in their own best interests. I don’t know all the answers, and I am far, far from a perfect parent. But it is crystal clear to me that the camaraderie, adventure and fun of these campouts to Roi or Legan or Kosrae are good for these boys and have the kind of activities in which I want my son involved.Commentary Like the massive highway bill that even some senators and congressmen admit is stuffed with almost $24 billion worth of pork projects. Or the prescription drug bene t for Medicare recipients, which I think was very much in uenced by the drug industry, and, as I recall, forbids the U.S. government to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices. Then there’s the energy bill, which does absolutely nothing to lower gas and oil prices. I don’t know what it’s supposed to accomplish except cost a Where is our money going?


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 3 Majuro citizens form a water bucket brigade to ght a re at a medical warehouse, Sept. 16. (Photos courtesy of Maj. Jeff Klein)By Elizabeth Davie ReporterThe Women, Infants and Children overseas program is now avail-WIC program available on Kwajalein Providing nutritious food to childrenWIC provides nutritious food for infants, children and nursing mothers. (Photo by Elizabeth Davie) Fire FireMedical warehouse burns on Majuro,Kwajalein renders aid through supplies By Mig Owens Assistant editorA re at the Majuro medical supply warehouse the afternoon of Sept. 16 destroyed most of the island hospital’s pharmacological and medical supplies. In less than 12 hours after a request for assistance, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, along with General Supply Kwajalein and Kwajalein Hospital Pharmacy personnel, responded to the need by providing immediate life-saving support in the form of medical supplies and medicines. “USAKA’s and KRS’ supply section led by Mark VerStraten and Mike Proudfoot were able to gather up the medical supplies in less than two hours afSee FIRE, Page 5birthday. You must be in one of those categories to be enrolled,” explains Gerry Wolf, Community Activities director, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll. The overseas program was mandated by Congress in 2000 to extend the domestic benefits to eligible personnel overseas. Implementation was phased, and included sites supported by NEXMARTS and Defense Commissary Agency Commissaries. “Access to approved facilities (NEXMARTS/ Commissaries) for remote locations has been and is a problem,” Wolf said. Because there are no authorized facilities on Kwaj, Wolf explained that items such as formula, crackers, cereal and canned goods will be shipped to program participants. According to Wolf, to be eligible for the program, participants must be military on active duty, DoD civilian, DoD contractor or family members of any of those. WIC will need to see a copy of orders (to establish residency) that put the sponsor at the base/facility. Income is also qualifier. Base pay and subsistence as well as some special pays like Save Pay are used to determine income and eligibility. A copy of the leave and earning statement or pay stub from the last 90 days is required for enrollment.If you think you may qualify for the WIC program, want a brochure or need additional information, contact Wolf at gerald He can also provide contact information for the WIC Overseas program of ce. Additional information on WIC can be found at wic able in a limited fashion to those who qualify on Kwajalein. WIC is a Department of Agriculture program that provides eligible participants with several bene ts such as nutritious food that can contribute to a healthier diet; tips on how to prepare a balanced meal; nutrition and health screening and access to other resources that can help families lead healthier lives. “WIC Overseas serves women who are pregnant, breast feeding women up to the infant’s first birthday, and to non-breastfeeding women up to six months. WIC also serves infants and children up to their fifth


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein HourglassRemembering missing comrades National POW/MIA recognition day held at Pentagon4 By Rudi Williams American Forces Press ServiceGordon R. England and Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, hosted a ceremony for National POW/MIA Recognition Day at the Pentagon’s River Parade Field Sept. 16. “We’re here to remember, we’re here to honor, the courage of America’s captives and our missing countrymen who risked everything, facing the worst of war to preserve the best of America,” England said. “We’re here, above all, to reaf rm our commitment to keep the pledge President Bush made to make the fullest possible accounting of our prisoners of war and those missing in action.” Rep. Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, was the keynote speaker for the event. “You hallow this ground,” the congressman told former POWs and the families of POWs and servicemembers missing in action in attendance. “This a day in which we pause to remember those who served in captivity and those who were never returned,” Hunter said. “It’s a day that we honor and recognize the wife who knew the loneliness of separation. It’s a day that we re ect on and honor the son who went to his high school graduation without a father to shake his hand and say, ‘Congratulations, son.’ “It’s a day that we recognize a daughter who walked down the aisle with no one to give her away,” he continued. “This is a day that we recognize and say a prayer for the families who watched the sun set on the Paci c coast or the Atlantic coast, waiting for a loved one to return and came back again and again and again, and never saw their loved one again.” The nation owes it to its POWs and MIAs to honor their sacri ce, Hunter said. “We should also honor POWs and those still missing in action by taking a message from them, ... a message from those who are not with us, and that is we must stay strong,” he said. “There’s a message that I’ve always derived from our prisoners of war and those that are missing in action, and that is, our obligation is to stay strong and to maintain this freedom that they gave us.” Hunter quoted his friend Ed Martin, who was a Navy commander when he was shot down over North Vietnam on July 9, 1967, was captured immediately, and spent the next ve years and eight months in captivity, as saying, “Americans have an unlimited capacity for overcoming adversity.” “That’s a message from our missing in action and POWs,” Hunter noted. “In New Orleans right now, we’ve got hundreds of thousands of people who are coming home to a broken city, but they’ve got hope in their hearts. In (Iraq’s) Fallujah, Baghdad and Mosul, Americans are ghting in very tough and very dangerous circumstances, but they’re ghting with the spirit and determination and love for our country.” An empty seat at the table with a plate and an upside down glass symbolize those servicemembers who are prisoners of war or missing in action. By Elizabeth Davie ReporterKwajalein Range Services employees will soon see a change in their 401(k) record keeper and fund manager. When asked the reason for the switch, Bob Bills, Human Resources manager, said, “The catalyst for switching was to provide our employees better service of their accounts with a reduction in the fees that they were being charged by the record keeper. In addition we will have improved administrative processes between KRS and the record keeper. We also hope that by having a large brand-name company like Vanguard as a record keeper that it will encourage more employees to take advantage of the bene ts the Vanguard is new KRS 401(k) manager401(k) plan provides.” According to Bills, the decision to change providers from Securian to The Vanguard Group was approved by the KRS benefits committee and was also reviewed and agreed to by the KRS president and the KRS board of directors. It was based on the reduced cost to See VANGUARD, Page 7


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 5 To all of the heavy equipment operators who look out for bike riders and operate their machinery safely!heck of a lot of taxpayer’s money. And that’s just three incredibly expensive programs that need to be reformed or dropped altogether. If there was ever a point in time when congress needed to do what was right for the country and not for their own special interests, it’s now. But don’t hold your breath. It’s crunch time folks and the American people have to wake up and ask where the heck our money’s going. If we don’t care how our tax dollars are being spent, well, guess what, nobody else will either. We need to watch what congress does in the coming year and remember it the next time we’re lling out a voting ballot. MONEY, from Page 2 ter receiving the request. They did it without a lot of guidance and with extreme ef ciency,” Maj. Jeff Klein, Host Nation chief, said. “The Kwajalein Hospital Pharmacy led by Steve Clause and under the direction of Dr. Eric Lindborg, processed the request for medications in under 90 minutes.” Supplies, including everything from bandages, rubber gloves and IV bags to antibiotics and anesthesia, were then loaded onto an Air Marshall Islands plane by Noda Lojkar, Republic of the Marshall Islands ombudsman, and Alan Taylor, RMI relations specialist. The plane arrived on Majuro Sept. 17 at approximately 8 p.m. Klein explained that because Majuro Hospital is the only major medical treatment facility on Majuro Atoll, which has a population of approximately 36,000, the facility plays a large role in the well-being of the majority of the Marshallese population. The cause of the re in the medical supply warehouse is yet to be determined. “With no medicines and no medical supplies, the 59 in-patients moved to the Marshall Islands Resort from the hospital would have been in danger of serious injury to include loss of life,” he said. “Moreover, with no medicines and medical supplies, any emergent care would not be able to have been treated potentially causing loss of life, limb or eyesight.”On the initial request for assistance from RMI chief secretary, Bobby Muller, USAKA also noti ed the U.S. Paci c Command in Honolulu so that a larger response might compliment USAKA’s immediate response.PACOM is one of ve Combatant Commands of the U.S. Military and is responsible for the security of U.S. and its interests in the Paci c Region ranging from Madagascar off the east coast of Africa to the West Coast of the U.S, explained Klein. Six hundred pounds of additional supplies were delivered to Majuro by PACOM from Tripler Army Medical Center via C-17 from Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma. The plane, which arrived Sept. 18, also carried U.S. Ambassador, Greta Morris, and a disaster assistance assessment team consisting of personnel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and PACOM. Medical supplies and medicines delivered to Majuro from Kwajalein were those deemed expendable and not ones that would place the population of Kwajalein in any jeopardy, according to Klein. “The Majuro Hospital list was quite extensive and we could only provide that which we A U.S. Air Force C-17 from Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma delivers supplies picked up at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii to Majuro. FIRE, from Page 3 knew would not affect the care and treatment of Kwajalein residents,” he said. Medicines were supplied to Majuro Hospital on a cost-reimbursable basis because no formal request by the Department of State was in place when USAKA responded. The cost is estimated to be in the thousands of dollars, according to Klein. “It was great team effort by USAKA and KRS in conjunction with the American Embassy in Majuro, the RMI government, and the U.S. Paci c Command. We alleviated a potentially serious situation in a matter of hours preventing the loss of life or serious injury,” Klein said. He added, “While we watch on TV the problems surrounding Hurricane Katrina, we can take comfort that the system worked and worked well in our little part of the world.”


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass By Mig Owens Assistant editorDepartment of Defense Education Activity represens w h o visite d Sept. 7 ann ou n ced the ir g nation of Kwa j alein ools a s N o n-D o D D e d ent. The organization oprates mi l itary sc h oo l s around the globe, with the exception of Kwajalein, Dan Frazier, superintend ent, said at the rst oo l A d visor y Counci l e tin g o f t h e y ear, b eaj a l ein ’ s sc h oo l s are contractor run. This designation has no affect on DoD or nonDoD employees, according to Gerry Wolf, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Community Activities director. “In fact, Kwajalein Schools have never been a DoD school; this is a designation that has now been given and recognized by DoDEA. This allows DoDEA to provide a level of support to the Kwajalein School and USAKA that has never existed in the past,” he said. According to Frazier, nothing changes within the Kwajalein classrooms as a result of this announcement, though he said “it does open the doors to Kwajalein School receiving some direct support from DoDDS-Paci c.” That support could include being in the DoDEA information pipeline, training for school staff members, assistance with accreditation and purchasing textbooks, staff assistance and treatment by the DoDDSPaci c as extended family. Accreditation was also discussed at Wednesday’s meeting, held in the elementary school music room. Though Kwajalein Schools were fully accredited again by the North Central Association, which has been maintained since 1963, this year came with a “ rst warning” status, according to Frazier. The warning indicated flaws in the school improvement plan. Frazier reported that such a warning is not critical and that according to E. Bruce Jones, School I mprovement/Accreditation Specialist wit h P aci c / DDESS Guam Director ’ s O f ce, as m f ourt h o f DoDEA sc h oo l s in Europe ma y b e o n status in any given year. J ones visite d Kwa j a l ein in August to h e l p s c 6 S c h o o l A d v i s o r y C o u n c i l School Advisory Council Kwajalein schools designated non-DoDDS, determination opens doors for accreditation a ssistance, staff training polish their accreditation documents. In a report following his visit, he commended the staff’s attitude and motivation. He also stated that the school has made “substantial progress” on the school pro le document, data collection and development of school improvement plan interventions. Frazier reported that the Kwajalein School accreditation plan is “in very good condition at this time.” On a related note, Joy Simms, Child and Youth Services director, announced at the meeting receipt of accreditation for the Child Development Center and School-Age Services program. In other school news, all-day Kindergarten, now in its rst year, saw 100 percent participation at the start of the school year. According to Frazier, two classes of 18 and 19 students are now served by one teacher and one full-time assistant each. Compilation of school survey results over the past ve months was conducted and a corrective action plan written. Copies of the survey results and plan are available to the public at the elementary school of ce. Two school policies were voted on by the SAC at Wednesday’s meeting: Special Education/Special Needs and Home School. The board’s vote to accept the policies, in turn, becomes a recommendation to the USAKA commander to do the same. Curriculum is being developed for foreign language (seventh through 12th) and music (Kindergarten through 12th). Presentations by curriculum committees are expected at the December SAC meeting. In other business:• Kickoff for 4H Club is Friday in the George Seitz Elementary School Music Room. For more information, contact Meghan McAndrew at 53796. • Manit Day observance is Oct. 1 at the elementary school. • The CDC is offering childcare on Oct. 1 from 6-10 p.m. Parents of registered children may sign up at the CYS central registration of ce, located at the CDC. • The junior/senior high school band and choir concert is Oct. 6, 7 p.m. in the Davye Davis Multi-Purpose Room. • Oct. 10 is the elementary PTO-sponsored Mother/Son Dinner and a Movie and the Fall Book Fair is slated for Nov. 1 and 2. The next PTO meeting is Wednesday. • The elementary PTO has established a pass-through fund called the ‘Got Milk’ fund whereby residents may donate money to pay for drinks for Ebeye guest students’ lunches, which are not currently provided. For more information, contact Bonnie Compton at 52425. • The next SAC public meeting is Oct. 20.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 7 VANGUARD, from Page 4 the emp loyees as well as the improved administrative capabilities of the new record keeper. “Because of these changes, you won’t be able to make exchanges or contribution allocation changes, take loans or request withdrawals or distributions for a short period. This period is known as a ‘freeze.’ Whether or not you are planning to retire in the near future, we encourage you to carefully consider how this freeze may affect your retirement planning and your overall nancial plan,” Dana Lum, KRS Human Resources supervisor, said. Bills explains that this is the only drawback to the change. According to Lum, the freeze on withdrawals, distributions and loans is expected to begin on Oct. 3 and end during the week of Nov. 13. Paperwork for new enrollments, withdrawals, distributions and loans must be submitted by Oct. 3 to be processed prior to the transition. The freeze on exchanges and contribution allocation changes is expected to begin on Oct. 10 and end during the week of Nov. 13. “Because account activity will be restricted during the freeze, it is important that you review your current i nvestments. For your long-term retirement security, you should carefully consider the importance of a well-balanced and diversi ed investment portfolio, taking into account all your assets, income and investments,” she said. Bills also stated that this change is for KRS employees only. It does not apply to Chugach or AirScan employees. Employees do not have a choice to stay with the current record keeper and have no paper work to ll out. “The change will take place automatically. Each employee should have received a notice with dates for when the change takes place,” he added. KRS plans to have a Vanguard representative on island in early November. Meetings will be arranged both during and after work hours for employees to hear the presentation and ask questions. For more information on the change, contact Bills or Lum. For more information on Vangaurd, visit By Elizabeth Davie ReporterIsland youth will soon have a new high-speed technology lab at their ngertips. “Previously we had a couple of PCs [personal computers] at the teen center but they were very low quality. It was a challenge to get the lab out here, it took nearly two years,” Jon Welchman, Child and Youth Services functional technology specialist, said. The lab will available to all youth from seventh to 12th grades that are registered with Child and Youth Services and is located at the Namo Weto Youth Center in Building 1890. “We are also planning opportunities for Kindergarten to sixth-grade children to use the lab,” Welchman said. Equipment for the lab includes seven personal computers, a scanner, a color printer, a video recorder, a digital camera and a big box full of software. “The lab offers a wide variety of technological capabilities ranging from geography mapping programs to video and music editing. The lab and software was chosen to speci cally support what they are doing in the schools. There will also be Internet access,” he added. Instruction will also be provided by the CYS staff. According to Welchman, the primary intent of the lab is to get youth and children involved in using the computers in addition to many other forms of technology. “We would also like to see an increase in youth involvement in all other programs that are offered by Child and Youth Services,” he said. Though the lab is not currently in use, Welchman said they hope to have it up and running by Monday, however; it may not be connected to the Internet until mid November. “We pulled teeth to get this technology lab here. We can either put it to really good use or let it collect dust. I want all of the youth and children to know that the lab is here for them. Whatever their interest, there is something for everyone. From making their own music and movies to scanning pictures and emailing. We will offer activities that will support the youth and children’s academics as well as activities that will be just for fun,” Welchman said. For more information on the lab or Child and Youth Services, call the youth center at 53796. High-speed computer lab coming to teen center A high-speed technology lab will be available at the teen center to students in grades seven through 12.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 8 Practice good OPSEC.Be sure all classi ed of ces and documents are safeguarded. Global War on Terror ROI FUEL/SUPPLY PIER REPLACEMENT, ROI-NAMUR ISLAND, USAKA ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTThe U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command has completed an Environmental Assessment, prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and the Council on Environmental Quality regulations implementing NEPA. The EA analyzes the environmental consequences of replacing the fuel/supply pier on the Island of Roi-Namur, which is part of the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site. The existing fuel/supply pier and pier approach are in poor structural condition and in danger of collapsing. The design to replace the existing pier with either a replacement pier or wharf would meet the operational requirements of Roi-Namur. Three alternative designs were considered. Alternative 1 would replace the existing fuel/supply pier and pier approach with a new L-shaped 200-foot-long concrete pier supported by concrete piles. Alternative 2 would include the construction of a 200-foot-long by 50-foot-wide sheetpile pier with a concrete deck and solid ll. Alternative 3 (the Preferred Alternative) would replace the existing pier with a 100-foot by 50-foot wharf, oriented east/west. Construction is anticipated to occur between April 2006 and March 2007. Based on this analysis, the U.S. Army has determined that proposed activities are not expected to result in signi cant impacts to the environment. A draft Finding of No Signi cant Impact and the Final EA are available at roiea.asp and at the following locations: Alele Public Library, P.O. Box 629, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands 96960; Majuro Public Library, Majuro, MH; Grace Sherwood Library, P.O. Box 23, Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, APO, AP 96555; RoiNamur Library, Roi-Namur, Marshall Islands 96557. Public comments on the EA /Draft FONSI will be accepted through Oct. 31. Submit written comments to: U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, ATTN: SMDC-EN-V (Thomas M. Craven), P.O. Box 1500, Huntsville, AL 35807-3801. Honoring fallen heroesThe following 10 U.S. servicemembers have died in the Global War on Terror. Sgt. Alfredo B. Silva 35, of Calexico, Calif., died in Baghdad, Iraq, on Sept. 15, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during patrol operations. Silva was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 184th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division, Modesto, Calif. Lance Cpl. Shane C. Swanberg 24, of Kirkland, Wash., died Sept. 15 from an explosion resulting from indirect re at Forward Operating Base, Camp Ramadi, Iraq. Swanberg was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, Calif. As part of Operation Iraqi Freedom, his unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward). 1st Sgt. Alan N. Gifford 39, of Tallahassee, Fla. and Spc. David H. Ford IV 20, of Ironton, Ohio died in Baghdad, on Sept. 16, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their M1A1 Abrams tank during patrol operations. Both Soldiers were assigned to the 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga. Sgt. Matthew L. Deckard 29, of Elizabethtown, Ky., died in Baghdad, on Sept. 16, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his M1A1 Abrams tank during patrol operations. Deckard was assigned to the 4th Battalion, 64th Armor Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart.Staff Sgt. Regilio E. Nelom 45, of Queens, N.Y., died near Al Asad, Iraq, on Sept. 17, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his HMMWV during an escort mission. Nelom was assigned to the 249th Quartermaster Company, 1st Corps Support Command, Fort Bragg, N.C.Spc. William L. Evans 22, of Hallstead, Pa., died in Baghdad, on Monday of injuries sustained earlier that day in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near his M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle during combat operations. Evans was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, Williamsport, Pa. Three Soldiers died in Ar Ramadi, on Monday, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle during patrol operations. Killed were: 1st Lt. Mark H. Dooley 27, of Wallkill, N.Y. Dooley was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 3rd Battalion, 172nd Infantry Regiment (Mountain), 42nd Infantry Division, Jericho, Vt.; Sgt. Michael Egan 36, of Philadelphia. Egan was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, Philadelphia; and Spc. William V. Fernandez 37, of Reading, Pa. Fernandez was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Squadron, 104th Cavalry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, Philadelphia. Tonight 7:30 p.m., Yuk — Kicking and Screaming (PG) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Monster-In-Law (PG-13)7:30 p.m., Roi — The Honeymooners (PG-13) Sunday 7:30 p.m., Yuk —Unleashed (R) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Rebound (PG) 9:30 p.m., Rich — Fever Pitch (PG-13) 7:30 p.m., Roi — Kingdom of Heaven (R)Monday7:30 p.m., Yuk — Kicking and Screaming (PG) 7:30 p.m., Rich — Monster-In-Law (PG-13) Wednesday 7 p.m., ARC — Unleashed (R) All movies subject to change with shipments. For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700. Unleashed Two men cut off from the world in different ways become unlikely friends and protectors in this offbeat action drama. Danny (Jet Li) is a physically powerful but emotionally stunted man; never given any sort of proper education, Danny has learned little in his lifetime but how to ght, and his minder, Bart (Bob Hoskins), treats him more like a guard dog than anything else, using him in illegal no-holds-barred brawls that earn Bart plenty of money but only reinforce Danny’s violent alienation. When Bart is injured in an auto accident, Danny is left to fend for himself, and stumbles upon Sam (Morgan Freeman), an elderly piano tuner who has lost his sight. Sam is the rst person to treat Danny with kindness, and the music he plays soothes the troubled soul of the ghter. However, Danny’s ghting skills soon come in handy when Sam runs afoul of a pack of small-time crooks who believe he knows too much about their operations. Fever Pitch Nick Hornby's acclaimed memoir about one man’s struggle to balance his love of a woman and his love for soccer was the basis of a well-reviewed British lm in 1997, and now gets a Americanized rewrite with this picture, in which the game is changed from soccer to baseball. Ben (Jimmy Fallon) is a high-school teacher who meets Lindsay (Drew Barrymore), who has a successful career in business. Ben and Lindsay don’t appear to have much in common on the surface, but they hit it off and are soon involved in a serious romance. But when spring rolls around, Lindsay becomes aware of the true love of Ben’s life — the Boston Red Sox. Despite the team’s lamentable record, Ben has been a ercely loyal Red Sox fan since childhood, and Lindsay nds it hard to compete with his passion for baseball, while Ben is forced to choose between the obsessions of his youth and the enthusiasms of a responsible adult. Fever Pitch was shot in part in Boston during the 2004 baseball season, which to the surprise of the lmmakers saw the Red Sox winning baseball’s World Series for the rst time since 1918.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 9All AFN programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum WChannel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late Show Collage Football CNN Saturday AMRollerLate Night withMovie: (Continued)FosterÂ’s HomeLaw & Order12:30AMThe Late Late Show Iowa State at Headline NewsConan OÂ’BrienMovie: <:49>American Dragon 1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson Army CNN Saturday AMLost My Cousin Vinnie Jimmy NeutronHeadline News1:30AMThe Late Late ShowSportsCenter CNN Open House The Proud FamilySaturday Night Live2:00AMwith Craig Ferguson Bulls & BearsKevin Hill Even Stevens 2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann Collage GamedayCavuto on Business What I like About You 3:00AM Forbes on FOXMissingMovie:Swithed!KickinÂ’ It3:30AMAccess Hollywood CashinÂ’ In Kate & Leopold OÂ’Grady4:00AMHeadline News College Football CNN Live Saturday College Football Will & Grace Fresh PrinceCollege Football4:30AMEntertainment Studios Iowa Purdue Seinfeld Family Ties Penn State5:00AMGood Morning atWeekend Liveat Your Reality Movie: <:13>Mister RogersÂ’ at5:30AMAmerica Ohio Statewith Tony SnowMinnesota Checked State and Main Zooboomafoo Northwestern6:00AM Wall Street Journal Body ShapingSesame Street 6:30AM Army Newswatch Every Woman 7:00AMMiss Spider FOX News Live Collage GamedayBeautiful HomesMovie:Funniest AnimalsThe Pulse 7:30AMThe Backyardigans College Football Designed to Sell Lord of the Rings Animal VideosCollege Football8:00AMFosterÂ’s Home Georgia Tech ESPNewsLandscape Smart The Fellowship Postcards from Buster Notre Dame8:30AMAmerican Dragon at Saturday Night Weekend Handyman of the Rings Lilo & Stitch at9:00AMJimmy Neutron Virginia Tech Live Fix it UpJackie Chan Washington9:30AMEven Stevens Before and After Kim Possible 10:00AMThatÂ’s So Raven Headline NewsKickinÂ’ ItBBQ with Bobby Movie: <:20>Da Boom Crew 10:30AMSwitched! McLaughlin Group $40 A Day Forever Young Power Rangers 11:00AMOÂ’GradyCollege Gameday On The Story College Football Whose Wedding Is Dragonball GTMLB11:30AMWorld of Wildlife College Football USC It Anyway? Justice League Cleveland Indians12:00PMAccess Hollywood <:45> Washington Week at 101 Most...Movie: <16> Teen Kids News at12:30PMWeekend Tennessee Headline News Oregon Hot Shots Cyberchase Kansas City Royals1:00PMAmericaÂ’s Most at Larry King Live National Trading Spaces 1:30PMWanted LSU Geographic Movie: <:55>The Saddle Club 2:00PMGeorge Lopez AT Large withGrand Ole OpryPattonFunniest AnimalsHeadline News2:30PMOne on OneSportsCenter <45> Geraldo Rivera American AthleteLive Wild AmericaArmy Newswatch3:00PMCold Case Dateline Headline News Star Trek: VoyagerThe Most ExtremeSuze Orman3:30PM International Roller 4:00PMLaw & OrderCollege Gameday Big Story Weekend Celebrity Poker Hercules Antiques Roadshow4:30PM with Rita Cosby Tournament 5 5:00PMHeadline NewsInside the NFLCNN Saturday NightGame 1 Movie: DisneyÂ’s DougPower, Privilege5:30PMNavy/Marine Corps Billy Bathgate Hey Arnold! and Justice 6:00PMHeadline NewsSportsCenter Beltway BoysWhat Not To Wear SpongebobMotorWeek6:30PMESPNews Fox News Watch Farily OddparentsEbert & Roeper 7:00PMGeorge LopezCollege Gameday Headline NewsBeauty & the Geek Movie: Movie:Survivor:7:30PMOne on One Black Forum Open RangeZenon: Z3 Guatemala 8:00PMCold CaseSportsCenter Chris MatthewsAmericaÂ’s Most Stargate8:30PM Navy/Marine Corps Wanted Movie: 9:00PMLaw & Order PGA 20/20WWE SmackDownMovie: <:21> Dinosaur Headline News9:30PM PresidentÂ’s Cup The Scorpion King ESPNews10:00PMWindow on the AtollDay 3 Beltway Boys DawsonÂ’s CreekSmallville10:30PMSaturday Night LiveFOX News Watch 11:00PM FOX & FriendsThe Real WorldMovie: Xena:Movie: 11:30PM Pimp My Ride Leaving Las Vegas Warrior Princess HolesSunday, September 25


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10All AFN programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMKickin It PGA (cont.) Fox & FriendsThe Simple LifeMovie: (Continued) The SimpsonsMovie: (cont.)12:30AM PresidentÂ’s Cup The Simple LifeMovie: <:46>The Simpsons1:00AMThe Color of War Day 3 CBS News Sunday Beauty & the Geek Shawshank Movie:Headline News 1:30AM Morning Redemption Zenon: Z3Seinfeld 2:00AM J.A.G. AmericaÂ’s Most King of the Hill 2:30AM SportsCenterFace the Nation Wanted Movie: Access Hollywood3:00AMMovie:NFL Countdown Headline NewsWWE SmackDown Movie: Dinosaur Weekend Edition3:30AMRomancing Navy/Marine Corps Open Range Black Forum4:00AM the Late Edition With The NFL Today DawsonÂ’s CreekFox NFL Sunday4:30AM Stone Wolf Blitzer 5:00AMHeadline NewsNASCARNFL Warehouse Movie: <:21> Mister RogersÂ’ NFL5:30AMHour of Power Nextel Cup SeriesCincinnati Bengals Warriors The Scorpion King Zooboomafoo Tampa Bay6:00AMT.D. JakesPoints 400 FOX News Live at House Hunters Sesame Street Buccaneers6:30AMCoral Ridge Hour Chicago Bears Organization at7:00AMWord In the World Swamp CrittersMovie: Clifford Green Bay7:30AMThe Messenger Travel the Road The Professional Scooby Doo Packers 8:00AMSeven MonstersMeet the Press NFL Extreme Life Magic School BusNFL8:30AMSagwaNew EnglandReal VideosMovie: <:47>Book of Virtues Dallas Cowboys9:00AMMovie: NFL (JIP) FNS with Chris atLatin Lifestyles Raising Arizona House of Mouse at9:30AMHoundedArizona Cardinals WallacePittsburgh Urban Style Animaniacs SF 49ers10:00AM at Tim Russert Fantasy Camp DisneyÂ’s Recess 10:30AMSpongebob Seattle Seahawks Roker on the Road Movie: <:36>The Proud Family 11:00AMMotorweekSportsCenter CNN The BlitzRadical Sabatical Field of DreamsDarcyÂ’s Wild LifeEmeril Live11:30AMEbert & Roper NFL PrimePeople in the NewsAll American Festivals Funniest Animals 12:00PMHeadline News This WeekIndyCar Series:The Suze Orman NBA Inside Stuff Friends12:30PMArmy Newswatch NFL Indy Grand Prix Show Movie: <:35>Happy Days Wheel of Fortune1:00PMNASCAR NY Giants DatelineAntiques Roadshow The Abyss Movie:Dr. Phil1:30PMBusch Seriesat International Barbie as the 2:00PMSan Diego CNN Sunday Night Power, Privilege, Princess Oprah Winfrey2:30PM Chargers The Blitz and Justice Movie: 3:00PM CNN PresentsMeet the PressThe Color of War Movie: <:20> Casper Headline News3:30PM SportsCenter MoÂ’ Money Judge Judy4:00PMSurvivor: Larry King LiveHeadline News J.A.G. DisneyÂ’s Doug WWE SmackDown!4:30PMGuatemala ESPNews Hey Arnold!5:00PMStargate NFL Primetime60 MinutesRollerThe Best of Movie:Spongebob 5:30PM Good Eats Romancing Farily Oddparents6:00PMHeadline NewsSportsCenter FOX MagazineAccording to Jim the Stone Animal Face-OffStar Trek: 6:30PMWindow on the Atoll Malcolm Deep Space 97:00PMSmallvillePGAWall Street JournalScrubs Movie: Dinosaur PlanetThird Watch 7:30PM PresidentÂ’s CupFace the NationThe King of Queens Selena 8:00PMMovie: Final day This WeekC.S.I. NY Gilmore GirlsJeopardy8:30PMHoles Headline News9:00PM Meet the PressWindow In Review 2001 C.S.I. NY Movie: <:26>American DreamsESPNews9:30PM Roller Dude, WhereÂ’s Navy/Marine Corps10:00PMHeadline News <15> Dateline NBC Will & Grace My Car Dukes of Hazard60 Minutes10:30PMSeinfeld <45> Seinfeld 11:00PMAccess Hollywood American MorningSaturday Night Movie: 7th HeavenLas Vegas11:30PMWeekend <15> Live Bull Durham Monday, September 26


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 11All AFN programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMAmericaÂ’s BlackPGA (cont.)American MorningRollerThe X-FilesMovie: (Continued) Animal Face-OffNUMB3RS12:30AM Forum <15> SportsCenter Movie: <:58> 1:00AMPassions Scrubs The Terminator Dinosaur PlanetPaci c Report1:30AM The King of Queens Tonight Show2:00AMThird WatchThe BlitzMSNBC LiveC.S.I. NY Gilmore Girlswith Jay Leno2:30AM The Late Show3:00AMWest WingSportsCenterC.S.I. NY Movie: American Dreamsw/ David Letterman3:30AM Selena The Late Late Show4:00AMThe Simpsons Connected: Will & Grace Dukes of Hazardwith Craig Ferguson 4:30AMRaymondMLB Coast to Coast Seinfeld Big Idea with5:00AMThe 4400 Texas Rangers Dateline NBCCarol Duval Show Movie: <:26>Play with SesameDonnie Deutsch5:30AM at Room By Room Dude, WhereÂ’s Barney & FriendsCountdown with Keith Olbermann6:00AMToday Oakland Athletics FOX News Live Body Shaping My Car Sesame Street 6:30AM ESPNews Tipical Mary Ellen Access Hollywood7:00AMNFL ShortcutStudio B withThe ViewTrue HollywoodBear in the Big BlueHeadline News 7:30AMNFL Primetime Shepard Smith Story Miss SpiderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of Fortune Your World withEmeril LiveHollywood Shootout BlueÂ’s Clues ESPNews8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26>The Hot ListNeil Cavuto E.T.Dora the ExplorerHeadline News9:00AMOprah Winfrey Around the Horn The Big Story30 Minute MealsMovie: Rolie Polie Olie Good Morning 9:30AM <9:20> PTI w/ John Gibson PaulaÂ’s Home Cooking Forget Me Never The BackyardigansAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light SportsCenter Headline NewsDesignerÂ’s Challange Madeline 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsCoast to CoastMovie: <:44> Reading Rainbow 11:00AMGeneral Hospital ABC World News The Soup Spider-Man The BackyardigansEmeril Live11:30AM<11:10> Monday Night CBS Evening News Malcolm Rolie Polie Olie 12:00PMHeadline News Countdown The Newshour Bernie Mac Dora the Explorer Friends12:30PMJudge Judy with Jim LehrerGirlfriends BlueÂ’s Clues Wheel of Fortune1:00PMTodayNFLHannity & Colmes DawsonÂ’s CreekMovie:Miss SpiderDr. Phil1:30PMKansas City Chiefs Rocket Gibralter Bear in the Big Blue 2:00PM at Fox Report with Judging AmyBarney & FriendsOprah Winfrey2:30PMDenver Broncos Shepard Smith Movie: <:54>Play with Sesame 3:00PMPepper Ann Lou Dobbs Tonight Passions The DevilÂ’s Own Funniest VideosNBC Nightly News3:30PMFairly Oddparents Growing PainsJudge Judy4:00PMMucha LuchaSportsCenterLarry King Live Third Watch PokemonDawsonÂ’s Creek4:30PMW.I.T.C.H. Yu-Gi-Oh! 5:00PMJeopardyNFL Live Newsnight The West WingAcess HollywoodDisneyÂ’s DougJudging Amy5:30PMAccess HollywoodBaseball Tonight with Aaron Brown WeekendHey Arnold!6:00PMWindow on the AtollSportsCenterHeadline News The Simpsons E.T. WeekendSpongebobStar Trek:6:30PMPaci c Report Tavis SmileyRaymond Fairly OddparentsDeep Space 9 7:00PM60 MinutesNASCARHardballThe 4400Movie:Lizzie McGuireThird Watch 7:30PM Craftsman Truck with Chris Matthews Open RangeThe Brothers Garcia8:00PMLas Vegas Series OÂ’Reilly Factor NFL Stargate AtlantisSmallville Jeopardy8:30PM Las Vegas 350Kansas City Chiefs Headline News9:00PMNUMB3RS Nightline at 24Movie: <:21>Boy Meets WorldESPNews9:30PM ESPNewsBusiness Report Denver Broncos The Scorpion King Boy Meets WorldPaci c Report10:00PMPaci c ReportSportsCenter Fox & Friends Will & Grace Fresh Prince NFL10:30PMTonight Show Seinfeld Family Ties Kansas City Chiefs 11:00PMW/ Jay LenoNFL Live American MorningCBS Evening News SeinfeldMovie: 7th Heaven at11:30PMThe Late ShowESPNews <:40>NBC Nightly NewsBlind Date Innocent Man Denver BroncosTuesday, September 27


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12 All programming is subject to change without notice TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowMLBAmerican MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: (Continued) SpongebobNFL 12:30AMThe Late Late Show Teams TBD Conan OÂ’BrienFairly Oddparents (Continued)1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson The 4400Movie: <:05> Lizzie McGuireESPNews1:30AMBig Idea with Young Mr. LincolnThe Brothers GarciaPaci c Report 2:00AMDonnie Deutsch MSNBC Live Stargate Atlantis Smallville Tonight Show2:30AMCountdown with Keith Olbermann w/ Jay Leno3:00AM SportsCenter 24Movie:Boy Meets WorldThe Late Show3:30AMAccess Hollywood Open Range Boy Meets World w/ David Letterman4:00AMHeadline News NFL LiveConnected:Will & GraceFresh PrinceThe Late Late Show4:30AMEntertainment StudiosOutside the Lines Coast to Coast Seinfeld Family Ties5:00AMESPNewsNFL FootballDayside withCarol Duval ShowMovie: <:21> Play with SesameBig Idea5:30AMHeadline News Kansas City Chiefs Linda Vester Room By Room The Scorpion King Barney & Friendsw/ Donnie Deutsch6:00AMToday at FOX News Live Body Shaping Sesame StreetCountdown With Keith Olbermann6:30AM Denver Broncos Tipical Mary Ellen 7:00AMStudio B withThe ViewAccess HollywoodBear in the Big BlueHeadline News 7:30AM Shepard Smith WeekendMiss SpiderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of FortuneNFL Live Your World withEmeril Live E.T. Weekend BlueÂ’s Clues ESPNews8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26>The Hot ListNeil Cavuto Dora the ExplorerHeadline News 9:00AMOprah Winfrey Around the Horn The Big Story30 Minute MealsMovie: Rolie Polie OlieGood Morning9:30AM <9:20> PTI w/ John Gibson Sweet Dreams Friends Till The BackyardigansAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light SportsCenter Headline NewsPocket the Difference the EndMadeline 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsAmbush MakeoverMovie: <:47> Reading Rainbow 11:00AMGeneral Hospital MLBABC World News E! News Live Mask The Backyardigans MotoGP World11:30AM<11:10> Teams TBD CBS Evening News Malcolm Rolie Polie Olie Championship12:00PMHeadline News The Newshour Bernie Mac Dora the Explorer Champ Car 12:30PMJudge Judy with Jim Lehrer Girlfriends BlueÂ’s Clues World Series1:00PMToday Hannity & Colmes DawsonÂ’s CreekMovie: Miss Spider Las Vegas1:30PM Play Misy Bear in the Big Blue 2:00PM MLBFox Report with Judging Amy For Me Barney & Friends2:30PM Teams TBD Shepard Smith Movie: <:56>Play with SesameScott Martin Challenge3:00PMDisneyÂ’s Doug Lou Dobbs Tonight Passions Bad Boys Funniest VideosABC World News3:30PMAnimaniacs Growing PainsESPNews4:00PMAll That! Larry King Live Third Watch PokemonCBS Evening News4:30PMTeen Kids News Yu-Gi-Oh!NBC Nightly News5:00PMJeopardyNFL Total AccessNewsNight with The West WingThe EntertainersDisneyÂ’s DougJudging Amy5:30PMAccess Hollywood Aaron Brown Hey Arnold!6:00PMESPNewsSportsCenterHeadline News The SimpsonsBehind the ScenesSpongebobStar Trek:6:30PM Tavis SmileyRaymondE.T.Fairly Oddparents Deep Space 9 7:00PMSmallville MLBHardballC.S.I. Movie: As Told By GingerThird Watch7:30PM Teams TBD with Chris Matthews Divine Secrets ofThe Amanda Show8:00PMMovie: OÂ’Reilly Factor C.S.I. the YaYa SisterhoodEverwoodJeopardy8:30PMHoles Headline News9:00PM NightlineWWE Raw!Movie:Sister, SisterESPNews9:30PM Business Report X-Men Sister, SisterNavy Marine Corps10:00PMHeadline News <15>SportsCenter FOX and Friends Fresh PrinceEve10:30PMTonight Show First Familiy TiesBernie Mac11:00PMW/ Jay Leno <45>Baseball TonightAmerican MorningThe Daily ShowMovie: 7th HeavenHouse11:30PMThe Late Show <45>ESPNews <:40> Blind Date Men in Black Wednesday, September 28


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 13Caf Paci c LunchSun Sirloin of beef Seafood Newburg Curried pork stew Grill: Brunch station open Mon Herb-broiled pork chops Herb-roasted chicken Three-cheese pasta Grill: Brunch station open Tues Beef Stroganoff Turkey pot pie Breaded walleye Grill: French dip sandwich Wed Pasta bar Rosemary chicken Italian sausage Shrimp Alfredo pizza Grill: Pizza burgerThur Swedish meatballs Kalua pork and cabbage Tuna casserole Grill: Cheese sandwichFri Ham steak Hawaiian Breaded chicken wings Seared ahi with garlic Grill: Hot Sicilian hoagiesOct. 1 Indonesian pork Chiken katsu Thai shrimp pasta Grill: Teriyaki burger DinnerTonight Chicken-fried chicken Beef tips in BurgundySun Spaghetti with meatballs Mussels in wine sauce Chicken Alfredo Mon Hamburger steak Penne pasta Chicken peapod stir-fry Tues Kwaj fried chicken Broiled ono Chopped steakWed Jumbo breaded shrimp Beef tips in Burgundy Penne pasta Buffalo wings Thurs Stir-fry to order Charsiu spareribs Chicken nuggets/sauce Fri Chicken-fried steak Parker ranch stew Beans and hocks PROTESTANT SERVICES 8 and 10:45 a.m., Sunday Roi-Namur service at 4 p.m. Sunday school for all ages is at 9:15 a.m. CATHOLIC SERVICES Saturday Mass, 5:30 p.m., in the small chapel Sunday Mass 7 a.m., small chapel 9:15 a.m., main chapel Mass on Roi at 6:30 p.m. For more information, call the Chapel, 53505. HELP WANTED KRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Marie Dixon, 51300. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. MAIL CLERKS. Two positions open. Full time. HR Req. K030958, K030959. PIZZA DELIVERY WORKER, Three Palms Snack Bar. Casual. HR Req. K030957. INSTRUCTOR, Child Development Center. Casual. HR Req. K030955. TRAINING COORDINATOR II. Temporary 90-day position. Contract position. HR Req. 031119. TEACHER AIDE, Kwajalein Elementary School. Assist kindergarten teacher with classroom activities. Full time. HR Req. K030937. REGISTERED NURSE, Kwajalein Hospital. Casual. HR Req. K030935. RECREATION AIDE II, Small Boat Marina. Casual position. HR Req. K030927 and temporary position, HR Req. K030926. RECREATION SPECIALIST I, Roi Small Boat Marina. Casual position. HR Req. K030928. RECREATION AIDE II, Golf course. Casual. HR Req. K030922. RECREATION AIDE II, Roi Recreation. HR Req. K030921. CDC AIDE, Child Development Center. Casual. HR Req. K030929. MECHANIC I, Kwajalein Automotive. Two positions. Full time. HR Req. K030332 and HR Req. K030641. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK I, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030630. AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN I, Kwajalein Automotive. Three positions. Full time. HR Reqs. K030640, K030783, K030883. TOOL ROOM ATTENDANT II, Kwajalein Automotive. Full time. HR Req. K030895. RECREATION AIDE I, Roi Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030755, K030756. Enniburr applicants should apply to Tim Lykes. SPORTS OFFICIALS, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Five positions. HR Reqs. K030870, K030888, K030903, K030904, K030909. RECREATION AIDE I, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030813, K030886. LIFEGUARDS, Kwajalein Community Activities. Casual. Two positions. HR Reqs. K030884, K030885. PAINTER II, Roi Operations. Full time. HR Req. K030761. Enniburr applicants should apply to Floyd Corder. USAKA/RTS: OFFICE AUTOMATION ASSISTANTS, GS0326. Term appointment, not to exceed four years. This is an overseas limited appointment. No PCS costs provided. No housing or transportation agreement provided. Announcement number SCBK05666149. Closes Dec. 30 with cutoff date of Sept. 28. For more job information, call Jim Ball, USAKA/ RTS Civilian Personnel, 54417. Applications must be completed online at or USAJobs at AIRSCAN PACIFIC: FLIGHT OPERATIONS TECHNICIAN. Full time. Knowledge of general ight operations, CDRLs and property tracking preferred. Must be pro cient with Microsoft Word, Excel and outlook. Must have strong organizational and communication skills. College degree in administration or aviation-related eld recommended. Send KRS application to Building 902. Closing date is Sept. 30. UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND: ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR to teach an eightweek term in the near future. If you have a masterÂ’s degree and would like to know more about this unique opportunity, call Susannah, 52800 or e-mail at FIELD REPRESENTATIVE. Ful ll all duties and responsibilities expected of a eld representative. Perform other duties as assigned by the area director. Must maintain a professional image at all times. Must be attentive to detail, self-motivated, responsible and show initiative. Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Call Susannah Jones, 52800, 1-5 p.m., TuesdaySaturday, or e-mail WANTED SOMEONE WITH knowledge/experience in probabilities problems to help/tutor a MGMT 531 Quantitive Analysis for MGMT class. Call Rob, 52200.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 14 REFRIGERATOR OF any size. Call John or Amy, 54533. FOUND EYE GLASSES, tortoise shell, prescription, designer Chateau, in alley between Lagoon Road and Poinsetta Street. Call 54352. SILVER PENDANT at Roi Chili Cook-off. Call 54498, before 9 p.m. PATIO SALES SUNDAY, 8-10 a.m. and MONDAY, 8 a.m.nnon, Quarters 226-A. PCS sale. Household goods, toys, clothes and plants. MONDAY, 7:30 a.m.-?, Quarters 455-B (in back). Rain or shine. Small sale. Some holiday items. FOR SALE PCS SALE. Two-drawer metal ling cabinet, $15; white melamine le cabinet with one utility drawer and one ling drawer, $35; small bookcase, $10; digital answering machine with three mailboxes, $15; drinkwell water fountain for small pet, $20; three padded metal folding chairs, $5 each or $12 for all. Call 54833. MAC 0S8.6, includes modem external USB, zip drive, smart media reader, color printer and other accessories, $200; telephone/fax machine, $30; 27-inch Panasonic television with universal remote control, $150; large entertainment center, 70-inches wide by 75-inches high by 25-inches deep, $150. Call 53578. MEN’S GOLF clubs with bag, $50. Call 51561. AMD 1GHZ desktop computer with 17-inch Sony CRT monitor, compact disc burner, speakers, Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse, $200. Call 54352 or 50091, during work hours. HOOVER WIND Tunnel upright vacuum cleaner with attachments, $125; Panasonic microwave, $60; men’s rollerblades, size 10, $10; Sun bike, Kwaj-condition, $25. Call 52033. POKEMON CARDS, lots to choose from, 20 cents to 50 cents each; two potty training seats that rest on full-size toilet, $3 each; one booster seat that folds for storage, $4. Call 51298. ROSEWOOD CURIO cabinet, dark color, $600; rosewood curio cabinet, light color, $600; rosewood curio cabinet, round, dark, $500; rosewood roll-top secretary desk, dark, $600; vanity/cabinet nara wood, $200; piano, $500; sofa bed, $100; love seat, $100; La-Z-Boy recliner, $75. Call 52202 or stop by Quarters 118-C. 36-FOOT CATAMARAN, Fusion, In the water and ready to sail, includes 15 horsepower kicker, global positioning system, solar panels, fresh water shower, awning, haulout trailer, propane barbecue, sails, bonus new 12-foot dinghy with 9.9 horsepower Yamaha. $16,500 for all or $12,00 for catamaran and $5,000 for the dinghy. Call 59576. NEW BIKE SEAT from ISM helps with low back pain while riding a bike and with blood circulation problems, seat is rst-of-its-kind. Compared to other high blood ow saddles that only give 80 percent, this seat gives 100 percent blood ow. ISM is a medically superior seat. Call Sue, 51719. SONY TRINITRON 27-inch television, $500; Panasonic DVD player, $150; Panasonic microwave, $60; bread maker, $60; small Rubbermaid storage unit, $25. Call 52233. MEN’S FOUR-SPEED Sun bike with saddle baskets and plastic fenders, Kwaj-condition, $50; girls’ 20-inch kaleidoscope bike, Kwajcondition, $20; 200 feet of fencing with posts, $250 for all, will make partial deal; 6 by 10foot wine color carpet, new, $25. Call 54434. 28-FOOT SAILBOAT with full set of sails, head, sink, stove, new chain and mooring lines, new cushion covers, in atable dinghy, solar panel, in good condition, a pleasure to sail and overnight on, $20,000 or best offer. Motivated seller. Call Brian, 52608. BABY TREND Expedition jogging stroller, good condition, stored inside, $85. Call Jennifer, 52965. MAG 850 bike trainer, multi-speed shifter lever attaches to handlebar, seven-level force load, folds to store, paid $150, will sell for $85; Panasonic 13-inch television/video cassette recorder/FM radio with remote control, $125. Both items in excellent condition. Call 52715. AVAILABLE OCT 1. Computer desk and le cabinet, $100; La-Z-Boy recliner with ottoman, $100; mini-stereo/Akai compact disc/tape, $75; television trays, solid maple, $30; hoses, $5 each; curtains for 400-series housing or trailer, $15 each set; blinds for 400-series housing, ve windows, $15 for all; wood shelving, 12 of various sizes, includes brackets, $35. Call 51368. LURE CRIMPING tool with cutter, never used, still in package, four-position, sleeves from 1.3 to 2.2 millimeter and aluminum sleeves from 0.8 to 1.5 millimeter, paid $35, will sell for $25. Call 54784. PCS SALE. Takimine acoustic guitar with hard case; VHS player and tapes; computer and parts (monitors); kitchenware; speakers and receiver. Call 52407. FENCE MATERIAL, fence pickets, 6-inch by 5-feet, treated lumber, $1.50 each. Call 52651, after 5 p.m. COMMUNITY NOTICESKWAJALEIN YACHT CLUB’S monthly meeting is at 6:30 p.m., tonight, at the Yacht Club. Kalua pork and deep-fried turkey will be provided. Bring side dishes and desserts to share. For details, call Ed Zehr, 54523. JUNIOR HIGH Youth Fellowship meets 7-10:30 p.m., Sunday, at Quarters 224-A. Questions? Call 52614. CUB SCOUT PACK 135 “Round Up” meeting is at 1:30 p.m., Monday, at the Bowling Center. Free bowling to all Tigers, Wolfs, Bears, Webelos and their families. Questions? Call Mary, 51298. MANIT DAY, a celebration of Marshallese traditions, is 3-7 p.m., Monday, at Emon Beach. Learn how to weave, sh, sail and cook in the Marshallese way. MANDATORY ISLAND orientation is at 1 p.m., Wednesday, in Community Activities Center Room 6. It is required for all new island arrivals and family members over 10. Questions? Call 51134. The orientation is preceded by the optional Ebeye Cultural Tour. Contact Host Nation, 55033, by noon, Tuesday, if you will be taking the tour. Meet at Dock Security Checkpoint at 7 a.m. to catch the 7:20 a.m. ferry. Women should wear long dresses or modest skirts. Sunscreen and bottled water are recommended. Questions? Call Host Nation, 55033. PLAN TO attend the Kwajalein Atoll International Sport shing Club meeting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, at the Paci c Club. We will vote on changes to the constitution, standard operating procedure and dues increases for 2006. All current and prospective members are encouraged to attend. YOUTH SERVICES parent workshop: Is homework a battle at your house? Does your child moan and groan about homework? Come learn how to deal with this issue at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, in the elementary school music room.MOBILE KITCHEN EVENTS: Oct. 8, BB King Blues on the Beach; Oct. 22, Sunset Bistro Bali Night; Oct. 29, Moonrise Grill Oktoberfest; Nov. 12, Jimmy Buffet Cheeseburgers in Paradise Beach Blast; Nov. 19, Moonrise Grill Prime Rib Night; Nov. 26, Sunset Bistro Southwestern Night. All seats are $25. Purchase tickets at Three Palms Snack Bar. There will not be any mobile kitchen events in December. Hawaiian luau is coming in January. KWAJALEIN COMMUNITY Chorus rehearsals are 7:30-8:30 p.m., Thursdays, in the high school music room beginning Sept. 29. Join us in singing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus Vivaldi’s Gloria and Christmas favorites. For more information, call Dick Shields, 51684. EFFECTIVE OCT. 1, Automotive Services will provide a baggage shuttle service to the main


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 15 The Small Arms Range is in operation Thursday, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. All wa ter craft operators observe the red ags at the southwest end of the island. Questions, call, 54448. Monte Carlo Night! Back to school Monte Carlo Night is 4-7 p.m., Sunday at the Bowling Center. Kindergartengrade six. $6 per person. To make a reservation, call 53320. Youth 8-18 and parents are welcome to celebrate the Kwajalein 4-H Club kickoff, 6-7 p.m., Friday, in the elementary school music room. Learn about this great program and enroll in current club offerings. If you are returning for your second year, bring past projects and record books to share. Parents or guardians must accompany children. Questions? Call Meghan, 53796. C o m e c h e c k o u t t h e H a l l o w e e n Come check out the Halloween c o s t u m e s a t B a r g a i n B a z a a r T h e y h a v e a v a r i e t y costumes at Bargain Bazaar. They have a variety o f a d u l t a n d c h i l d r e n s c o s t u m e s a t g r e a t p r i c e s of adult and children's costumes at great prices! Halloween is comingair terminal for departing Continental and AMC passengers. Passengers must call Automotive Central Motor Pool at 58295 or 58296, one working day prior to their scheduled baggage check-in. COME CELEBRATE! The engagement party for Regina Welch and Landon Wheeler will be at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 2, at Dome 154. Questions? Call 52344. AN ANIMAL BLESSING will take place at the 9:15 a.m. Catholic Mass, Oct. 2, at Island Memorial Chapel. Pets and stuffed animals are welcome. Small animals are welcome in the chapel. There will be a tent outside for larger animals. For more information, call the Rev. John Sheehan, Catholic priest, 52116. PROFESSIONAL GOLF Association professional, Mark Koepke, will give lessons on putting, rules, short game and beginnerÂ’s clinics from Oct. 4 to 11. Sponsored by the Kwajalein Golf Association. For reservations and times, call Steve Simpson, 52140, or Gerry Wolf, 53371. JUNIOR/SENIOR high school band concert is at 7 p.m., Oct. 6, in the Davye Davis MultiPurpose Room on the high school campus. The concert will feature the Concert Band, Choir, Junior Band and Stage Band. A MARSHALLESE LANGUAGE course will be taught 7-8 p.m., Thursdays, Oct. 6-Nov. 10. Sponsored by the Marshallese Cultural Center. To sign up, call Cris, 52935. SCRAPBOOKERS, stampers and other crafters. Come to Corlett Recreation Center Sunday evenings to get your projects done. For room location, call Mary, 51298. THE CHILD DEVELOPMENT Center is looking for hosts for the rst reading night of the school year. Individuals or departments interested in reading to preschool children are needed. For more information or to volunteer, call 52158 or e-mail TODDLER STORYTIME at Grace Sherwood Library will be at 10 a.m., Wednesdays. Bring your children to visit the library, hear a fun story and see all the great childrenÂ’s books, leap pads and discovery packs offered. A FOUR-DAY workshop for swimming judges and of cials will be conducted by a visiting FINA member. Everyone is welcome. Sponsored by Kwajalein Swim Team. Questions? Call Cris, 52935. MICRONESIAN HANDICRAFT Shop hours are 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Mondays and Thursdays; 5-7 p.m., Wednesdays and Fridays. KWAJALEIN BAPTIST Fellowship invites you to worship at the 9:40 a.m. service on Sundays, in the elementary music room.


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass WeatherCourtesy of RTS WeatherTonight: Variably cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: ENE-ESE at 5-10 knots. Sunday: Partly cloudy with widely scattered showers. Winds: E-ESE at 5 knots. Monday: Variably cloudy with scattered showers Winds: SE at 5-10 knots. Tuesday: Variably cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: SE at 5-10 knots. Annual rainfall total: 39.49" Annual deviation: -28.01" Call 54700 for updated forecasts or www.rts-wx.com16By Mig Owens Assistant editorOn the 55th anniversary of their death, ground was broken at the site of a memorial that will honor 26 Navy personnel whose C-54 transport plane crashed just off of Kwajalein. Among the passengers were 11 nurses on their way to establish a Navy hospital in Japan in support of the Korean War. “Theirs was a mission of mercy in time of war and we meet here today to break ground for a memorial dedicated to their sacri ce,” Lt. Col. Justin Hirniak, Reagan Test Site commander, said Monday at the future site of the memorial near the airport. Ceremony participants included representatives from the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/ Reagan Test Site, Kwajalein Range Services, U.S. Navy Reserves, American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and Naval War College. Of the groundbreaking, Hirniak said it is a beginning. “…one in which we pull back memory’s curtain to recollect this time in our history so that we and generations after us never forget that here for a very brief time walked men and women who would give their lives that fellow humans might enjoy freedom, which in reality is our American way of life.” Pickler, Tom Dillon, Dennis O'Connell, Lt. Col. Justin Hirniak and Amy LaCost break ground at the future site of the Navy memorial.Ground broken for Navy memorial TUESDAY 6:45 p.m. Spartans I Women vs. KAT 8 p.m. Duff's Again vs. Kick Back WEDNESDAY 5:15 p.m. Spartans II Blue vs. Spartans II Women 6:45 p.m. Locals vs. One Talk 8 p.m. Fish vs. Spartans I THURSDAY 5:15 p.m. Spartans II vs. Spartans II Red 6:45 p.m. Kicks Back vs. Spartans I Women 8 p.m. Duff's Again vs. KAT FRIDAY 5:15 p.m. Spartans II Red vs. Spartans III Blue 6:45 p.m. Fish vs. One Talk 8 p.m. Spartans I vs. Locals OCT. 1 5:15 p.m. Spartans I Women vs. Spartans II RedSun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Sunday 0638/1844 /1249 0740, 3.3' 0220, 2.2' Sept. 25 2030, 3.9' 1330, 2.2' Monday 0638/1843 0037/1342 0910, 2.8' 0420, 2.6' Sept. 26 2340, 3.6' 1310, 2.7' Tuesday 0638/1842 0130/1431 1430, 3.2' 0800, 2.3' Sept. 27 1920, 2.7' Wednesday 0638/1842 0221/1517 0140, 4.0' 0830, 1.9' Sept. 28 1440, 3.6' 2010, 2.3 G r o u n d b r o k e n f o r N a v y m e m o r i a l Ground broken for Navy memorial (Photo by Mig Owens)