The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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N e w H o s t N a t i o n New Host Nation c h i e f t a k e s t h e r e i n s chief takes the reins — P a g e 3 — Page 3 w w w s m d c a r m y m i l / K W A J / H o u r g l a s s / h o u r g l a s s h t m l ( M a s i n a M c C o l l u m w a t c h e s h e r i n f a n t t r i p l e t s K w a j h a s (Masina McCollum watches her infant triplets. Kwaj has a n u m b e r o f m u l t i p l e b i r t h s F o r m o r e s e e P a g e s 4 5 ) a number of multiple births. For more, see Pages 4-5.) ( P h o t o b y E l i z a b e t h D a v i e ) (Photo by Elizabeth Davie)


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass Sabrina Mumma2The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Tuesdays and Fridays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff, P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555. Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539. Printed circulation: 2,000The Kwajalein HourglassCommanding Of cer........COL Beverly StipeActing Public Affairs Of cer..Polli Keller Editor...............................Nell Drumheller Assistant Editor......................Mig Owens Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler Reporter............................Elizabeth DavieCommentary So you think youÂ’re having a really bad day?Buckminster and FriendsFM 99.9 Country FM 101.1 Classic rock FM 102.1 National Public Radio AM 1224 Music, sports, news For complete listings go to: http:/intranet/com/entertainment/afn_radioNew AFN Kwajalein radio line-upThis past Friday started out being a good day. SaturdayÂ’s paper was laid out and ready to go before lunchtime. I had worked hard on it (if I say so myself) and made some nice graphics. It looked good and I thought I could enjoy a quiet afternoon. Stupid me. When I came back from lunch, Nell, the editor, informed me that we had to pull some of the articles that were laid out and had to make completely new ones for various reasons. To say I was not a happy camper would be a little bit of an understatement. Why is it whenever IÂ’m in a really big bind and hurrying to get something done, my computer seems to know it and says Ha! See how slow I can go.It always seems when IÂ’m in that situation, a new software problem IÂ’ve never encountered before stops in to say hi. So my really nice afternoon turned into a really bad afternoon. I was grumbling, making up new words as I went along and threatening my computer with horrible things. I went outside to cool off but just got even more agitated because I was having this messed up day. I came back in the of ce, sat down at my computer, made up even more new words and felt very sorry for myself because I was having this rotten, stinking @$#&# day. Then Nell came to my desk and said the weekly casualty list was ready. There were 28 names on that list. ThatÂ’s 28 families who lost fathers, sons, daughters and wives. I stopped and thought about it for a few minutes.There are more than 1,700 families who have lost someone in Iraq. There are more than 12,000 families who are struggling to deal with severely disabled loved ones who were wounded in Iraq. Those folks are really not having good days. I guess sometimes it takes a little perspective to see clearly. Maybe my day wasnÂ’t so bad after all. To the preventative maintenance crew for powerwashing the boat ramp. The clean ramp surface provides a much safer surface area for folks launching boats and jet skis.


3 3 There are aspects to it that are not written in any regular duty description, regulation, or eld manual. “I am sure I will have problems. It does not concern me that much because I have some great co-workers and a supporting community,” Klein said. “Ensuring a positive host nation relations is a team effort. We, as a community, will succeed or fail together,” he said. He added, “First, we need to build Marshallese stakeholders in USAKA as a long-term goal. We are in the process of developing plans to bring some Marshallese busifor the bene t of Kwaj residents. You can already see black pearls, bottled water and coconut products in our retail establishments. Second, and the community already does a fantastic tinue to engage in community connector activities like Manit Day celebrations, scholarships, and Christmas Drops to name a few. Third, the DHNA will pursue support from other third-party interests like the Department of State and the U.S. Paci c Command in order to conduct humanitarian assistance activities like building community halls on the outer islands, inoculating Marshallese kids, etc.-things that will directly impact the lives of Marshallese. Finally, we must ensure we effectively communicate the value of USAKA/RTS to the Marshall Islands. Everyone is a spokesman and should know that the presence of USAKA ensures almost 40 million dollars a year to the RMI government (through land use payments, taxes, and other economic incentives), and that it is the second largest employer in the country.” Klein said that he expects to stay on Kwajalein for at least two to four years depending on the Army’s needs. “I hope to stay on for the longer number, though,” he said. “Kwajalein is a fantastic place. At rst I was scared of the size-it is really small. But, I see now that the fear was unfounded. There are lots of activities, great weather, and friendly people who prevent you from pondering the aspects of size.” His family will arrive in Kwajalein at the end of July. By Nell M. Drumheller EditorMaj. Jeff Klein arrived on Kwajalein May 12, just in time to experience the Marshallese Trade Fair. It was a tting time for the Army of cer to report to his new duty station. Klein replaces Maj. David Coffey as the chief, Host Nation Of ce and the Marshallese Trade Fair is one of the many events hosted by that of ce on Kwajalein. Klein was transferred from Fort Lewis, Wash. where he cluding a tour as a United Nations Military Observer to Ethiopia and three years as the deputy staff officer for the Civil-Military Operations. According to Klein, he and Coffey are essentially switching jobs, since Coffey will be reporting in at Fort Lewis later this summer. According to Klein the most important responsibility of the Directorate of Host Nation Activities is embodied in their mission statement. He said it is the responsibility of the HNO to “conduct relationshipbuilding activities with the people and major institutions of the Marshall Islands in order to sustain a stable and cooperative environment.” Klein’s been well prepared for this assignment. “As an Army Foreign Area Of cer, I went through a vigorous training program to include one year of language training, a one year internship at the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, and two years at UC Berkeley getting a masters degree in Asian Studies-all before I even had my rst job,” he said. “I’ve worked for the United Nations in Africa and spent the past three years in the of ce responsible for civilmilitary relations at Fort Lewis. During that period, I worked with NGOs, Foreign Militaries, the Department of State, and host nation governments in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. I also have a background in Security Assistance that includes humanitarian assistance projects [referred to as Title 10 projects],” he said. He added that this is a unique job for an Army FAO. New face at USAKA Host Nation chief switches jobs The USAKA Host Nation of ce promotes cooperation between the United States and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass Ethan and Mason Satko are fraternal twins living on Kwajalein. (Illustration by Dan Adler) By Elizabeth Davie ReporterWhat are the chances of bringing more than one “bundle of joy” into this world on the same day? According to the National Vital Statistics Report the odds of having fraternal twins is about one in every 100, however, the odds of having identical twins is about one in 285. Triplets on the other hand are one in 8,100. For such a small community Kwajalein has it’s fair share of multiples. Mark and Masina McCollum, Kwaj residents, welcomed three little ones into the world March 14. Makoe, Matai and Maliana were born in Jacksonville, Fla. Mark and Masina were surprised to hear of their multiple pregnancy even though Mark has a set of twins in the family and Masina has three sets of twins and one set of triplets in her family. “We were pretty shocked when we found out we were having three,” Masina said. According to Masina it is common for multiple births to be delivered early. “We went in for an ultrasound and the doctor came in and said ‘do you have your car seats with you?’ and told 4


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass how long people stare, looking back and forth until they realize that it is a joke,” Rusby added.Rusby said “Being a twin is the best. You always have someone to play with.” Ronald Hall also has an identical twin named Donald, both are Kwaj residents. The two are seven minutes apart. Ronald said the best thing about being a twin is, I never in my life have been with out a friend. “No matter where each of us may be, a part of the other is always present,” Ronald said. When asked what the best thing about being a twin is Donald said, “being born with your best friend. I can’t imagine another way of existing.” However, Donald says one of the drawbacks is, “having another person that knows intimately every button that’s capable of being pushed that you have.”“Don and I both served in the U.S. Navy and each visited several of the same ports. I always found it cool when someone on the other side of the world, in a place that I had never been greeted me as a friend thinking I was my brother. The one exception was in France when a woman I had never met slapped me for not speaking to her. She left in a huff before I could explain that I was not Don,” Ronald remembered.When asked if he had any advice for twins or for people expecting multiple births he replied, “Twins don’t need my advice, they tend to view the world through a single set of eyes and draw their own conclusions. For parents of twins, I think it is vital to set aside time with each twin as an individual, apart from the other, to develop their interpersonal skills outside the support of the other.”5 Twins Christian and Jake Rusby pose for the camera. (Photo courtesy of Christian Rusby) us the babies would be born within the hour,” Masina said. “We did not have our camera, the hospital bag or anything with us,” Mark said. Masina said her advice to anyone who expecting multiples would be to always be prepared for every appointment; you never know when they are going to come. When asked about what the hardest part of having three babies is Mark said, “When they all cry at the same time, it is a lot of hands-on time.” “It is just so cool to watch them,” Masina said, “This month they have learned to smile and laugh,” Mark added. Masina, a Kwaj baby herself, is happy that she can raise her children here. Jennifer and Daryl Satko, new Kwaj residents, brought their 11-month-old twins with them, Ethan and Mason who were born July 14 in Monterey, Calif. Both Jennifer and Daryl’s mothers are twins. “When we went in for our rst ultrasound the doctor said I see two heads,” Jennifer said. “’Are you sure?’ was our response,” Daryl said. “We love to watch them play together, it is like they have their own language that no one else understands,” Daryl said. “They like to tag-team the cat,” he added. Jennifer said they try to feed the boys at the same time so they can play together when they are awake, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Jennifer explained that when you start raising twins in the states then come over here, you don’t have as many options. There are several name brands that are not carried out here. “We order a lot of stuff on-line and in bulk,” she said. All though it is going to be hard not having family around, the Satkos agree that Kwaj will provide stability for the family and a nice crime-fee environment for the twins. Not only does Kwaj have a few little tikes who were born minutes apart but also some adult twins. Christian Rusby, Kwaj resident, has as identical twin, his brother Jake is ve minutes older than him. “When I was in high school Jake had a different class schedule than mine and if I needed to go some where I would tell the teacher I had to go to the bathroom and I would leave and he would go back in my place. We would make sure we were wearing the same thing. One time in typing class the girl that I sat next to kept looking at him, she knew something was up,” Rusby said. “The other fun thing we do is when people ask us if we are twins when they see us together and with a st raight face Jake says, ‘No, I’m his dad.’ You wouldn’t believe


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6Drinking alcohol on Kwajalein, Roi permitted in certain areas Authorized drinking areas By Elizabeth Davie ReporterHumphrey Bogart once said, “The whole world is about three drinks behind.” If you believe this, where do you go to catch up? According to U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll/Kwajalein Missile Range regulation 210-21 there are several areas on Kwajalein and RoiNamur where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted. According to Lt. Michael Bucher, Kwajalein Police Department operations of cer, the penalties for violating USAKA’s alcohol consumption policies depend largely on the individual incident. At a minimum, each infraction will result in the issuance of a USAKA/KPD Violation Notice and/or the initiation of a police report/investigation. The police department will forward the resulting paperwork and information to the USAKA command for adjudication; punishments can range from a verbal counseling to removal/barring from USAKA. “Additionally, the command will convene a Juvenile Review Board if a minor is involved in an alcohol related incident; this board will review the incident and forward their recommendations to the USAKA commander for nal determination of punishment,” Bucher added “In short, the command takes a keen interest in any incident involving alcohol, and the punishments for infractions are wide ranging and far reaching; possibly affecting the individuals’ employment on USAKA,” Bucher concluded. • Yokwe Yuk Club (to include the immediate patio areas) • Ocean View Club (to include the immediate patio areas) • Outrigger Club (to include the immediate patio areas) • Paci c Club (only during scheduled events) • Yacht Club • Unaccompanied Personnel Recreation Center • Country Club • Golf Course (Kwajalein and Roi-Namur) • Community Services designated sports playing elds (spectators in spectator areas; only during organized sports events) • Bowling Alley • Yokwe Yuk Theater (during Community Activities sponsored lms/activities only) • Tradewinds Theater (during Community Activities sponsored lms/activities only)• Adult Pool Picnic areas (Kwajalein and Roi-Namur)• Camp Hamilton • Emon Beach • Coral Sands Beach • Public beaches at Roi-Namur • Private boat yards (owners and their guests) • Boats (does not include non-recreational U.S. Government marine vessels and excludes boat operators and persons under 21.) • Shark Pit shing area • Yard area(s) of USAKA/KMS resident’s assigned family quarters. • Bachelor Quarters “Backyard barbecue areas” (as approved by the commander, USAKA/RTS) • Caf Roi and Caf Paci c (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and Easter meals only) • Other locations and special events with prior written approval from the commander USAKA/RTS or designee.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 7ALL PROGRAMMING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowMLBAmerican MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: (continued)Liberty KidsLost12:30AMThe Late Late Show Conan OÂ’Brien Play Misty For Me Spongebob 1:00AM<:45> West WingRocket PowerPaci c Report1:30AMThe Big Idea Movie: <:56>As Told By GingerTonight Show 2:00AM<:45> FOX News LiveC.S.I. Miami Unlawful Entry The Amanda Showw/ Jay Leno2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann EverwoodThe Late Show 3:00AM<:45> SportsCenterWWE Raw! Movie: w/ David Letterman3:30AMAccess <:45> Hollywood Sister, SisterThe Late Late Show4:00AMHeadline News NBA Fastbreak Homicide Sister, Sisterwith Craig Ferguson 4:30AMEntertainment StudiosESPNews Fresh PrinceThe Big Idea 5:00AMESPNews ESPNewsDayside withBreathing Space Movie: <:10>Sesame Street with Donny Deutsch5:30AMHeadline News Indians at Red Sox Linda Vester Caribbean Workout AmericaÂ’s Countdown With Keith Olbermann6:00AMToday FOX News Live Body Shaping Sweethearts Mr. Rogers 6:30AM Tipical Mary Ellen CliffordAccess Hollywood7:00AM Studio B withThe ViewThe EntertainersOut Of The Box Headline News 7:30AM Shepard Smith Rolie Polie OlieEntertainment Studios8:00AMCBS Evening News 1st & 10Your World withEmeril LiveBehind the Scenes Jo JoÂ’s Circus ESPNews8:30AMNBC Nightly NewsESPNews Neil Cavuto E.T.StanleyHeadline News 9:00AMOprah Winfrey Around The HornCoast to Coast30 Minute MealsMovie: Lazy TownGood Morning9:30AM <9:20> PTI Food 911 In The Shadow House of MouseAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light SportsCenter Headline NewsSensible Chic Of A Killer Jimmy Neutron 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsFashion FileMovie: <:49> Jackie Chan 11:00AMGeneral HospitalToday At WimbledonABC World NewsCollege BaseballE! News Live Absence Of Scooby DooEmeril Live11:30AM<11:10> MenÂ’s Quarter nals CBS Evening News NCAA World Series King of Queens Malice New Scooby Doo 12:00PMBulletin Board The Newshour Game 12 Bernie Mac Fresh Prince That 70Â’s Show12:30PMJudge Judywith Jim Lehrer Girlfriends Growing PainsWheel of Fortune1:00PMToday Hannity & Colmes CharmedMovie: Funniest AnimalsWWE Raw!1:30PM Fried Green Little Bill 2:00PM MLBFox Report withESPNewsEd Tomatoes Dora The Explorer 2:30PM Shepard Smith ESPNews Angelina 3:00PMSylvester & Tweety Lou Dobbs TonightABC World NewsPassionsThe Brady BunchNBC Nightly News3:30PMTutenstein ESPNewsThatÂ’s So RavenJudge Judy 4:00PMSpongebob Larry King LiveCBS Evening NewsThird Watch Movie Charmed 4:30PMBatman Beyond NBC Nightly News BeethovenÂ’s 2nd 5:00PMJeopardySportsCenterNewsnightRollerLaw & OrderInside the Actors... Ed5:30PMAccess Hollywood with Aaron Brown S.V.U Benicio Del Toro Liberty Kids 6:00PMBulletin BoardSportsCenter BET Nightly News The SimpsonsComing AttractionsSpongebobStar Trek6:30PMNavy M/Corps News Tavis SmileyRaymondE.T. Rocket Power 7:00PMEveAMA MotocrossHardballSummerlandMovie:Even StevensThird Watch7:30PMThe Simple Life with Chris Matthews Unbreakable Kenan & Kel 8:00PM Extreme MakeoverMLBOÂ’Reilly Factor Nashville Star Gilmore GirlsJeopardy8:30PMHome Edition Headline News9:00PMLost NightlineNational Movie: <:01> DegrassiESPNews9:30PM Business ReportGeograhic ExplorerIn The Company DegrassiPaci c Report10:00PMPaci c Report 60 MinutesWill & Grace Of Spies Fresh PrinceRaymond10:30PMTonight Show That 70Â’s Show My Wife & Kids Will & Grace <:25> 11:00PMW/ Jay LenoSportsCenter American MorningThe Daily ShowMovie: 7th HeavenDesperate11:30PMThe Late Show Blind Date The Net HousewivesThursday, June 23


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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10 HELP WANTED KRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Sheri Hendrix, 50777. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. LEGAL and INSURANCE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, KRS Legal Department. Part time (32 hours per week). HR Req. K030863. REGISTERED NURSE. Contract position. HR Req. 030989. SUPERVISOR, Dental Of ce. Contract position. HR Req. 030979. PUBLIC INTERNET ADMINISTRATOR. Contract position. HR Req. 030983. PROPERTY MANAGER. Contract position. HR Req. 030991. ELECTRICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req. 030740. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. General clerical/administrative of ce work. Temporary positions only. Submit application to KRS Human Resources. HELP DESK TECHNICIAN, Information Technology. RMI position. HR Req. K030859. PROPERTY LEAD, Assistant to Property Management supervisor. Full time. Contract position. HR Req. 030987. CLERK, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030814. MECHANIC III, Roi Power Plant. Full time. HR Req. K030820. TRAFFIC AGENT I, Aviation Base Operation. Part time. 20 hours per week. HR Req. K030821. TRAFFIC AGENT, Aviation Passenger and Cargo Service. Part time. 20 hours per week. HR Req. K030819. RECREATION AIDE II Theater Operators. Two casual positions. HR Req. K030800-801. RECREATION AIDE I. Five casual positions. HR Req. K030813. LIFEGUARDS. Five casual positions. HR Req. K030808-812. EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, Information Technology. Full time. HR Req. 030807. PHOTOCOPY MACHINE OPERATOR, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030806. CLERK, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030814. PETROLEUM, OIL and LUBE TECHNICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req. 030728. LAUNCH ORDNANCE TECHNICIAN II. Contract position. HR Req. 030941. SYSTEM ENGINEER IV. Contract position. HR Req. 030943. RECREATION SPECIALIST I, Community Activities. HR Req. K030743. TEACHING/LIBRARY AIDE, Education Dept. part time. 20 hours per week. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST. Contract position. HR Req. 030877. SUPERVISOR, Medical Laboratory. Contract position. HR Req. 030881. RADAR ENGINEER. Contract position. HR Req. 030875. MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR. Contract position. HR Req. 030871. EQUIPMENT REPAIR TECHNICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req. 030873. PROJECT CONTROLS ENGINEER II. Contract position. HR Req. 030662. REGISTERED NURSE (2), casual positions, Kwajalein Hospital. MECHANIC II, Full time, Kwaj Automotive Maintenance. HR Req. K030770. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I, Security. Full time. HR Req. K030722. CDC AIDE, casual. Education Dept. HR Req. 732. CYS ACTIVITIES assistant director, part time, 20 hours per week, Education Dept. HR Req. K030697. FIELD ENGINEER II, PLOPS. Contract position. HR Req. 030791. MECHANIC II. Full time. HR Req. K030642. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK II Onisland/RMI position. Full time. Adequate knowledge of KEAMS desired. HR Req. K030759. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICIAN IV, contract position, HR Req. 030901. SUPERVISOR DESKTOP support, contract position, HR Req. 030897. HARDWARE ENGINEER III. Contract position, HR Req. 030993. JR ACCOUNTANT. Full-time, on-island/RMI position. KRS Finance. PAINTER II, fulltime. Paint Shop, Roi Ops. HR Req. K030761. Enniburr residents should apply with Floyd Corder. R eq. 030692 INVENT O RY C O NTR O L Specialist II, CDC, c ontract position, HR Req. 030688. R E G I S TERED NUR S E, KR S contract position. H R Req. 030919 S P O RT S O FFI C IAL. Three casual Roi C ommunit y Activities positions. Interested c an did ates s h ou ld app ly w i t h Ti m Lyk es. HR R e q K030771-K030773 COMMUNITY BANK: FULL-TIME senior teller. Candidates should have previous banking, credit union or cash handling experience. Candidates must also have the ability to quickly and accurately handle transactions, communicate effectively and possess a strong desire to learn. For consideration, send resum to or call 52152. Community Bank is an equalopportunity employer. JOB CORPS: ESL SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS needed to teach young adult Marshallese at Kwajalein Job Corps. Subjects are reading, English, math, health and employability skills. For information, call 55622. SAN JUAN CONSTRUCTION: MATERIAL TESTING TECHNICIAN needed to perform various lab and eld tests including concrete, aggregate sampling and compaction density. Candidate should have strong math skills and be detail oriented. Job duration through August with possible extension for right person. Call Michael Saks, 53586 or 51006, extension 404. WANTEDSOMEONE TO repair a RCA TV. Will gladly pay top dollar. Call Patrick, 56185, home or 56334, work. COPY OF VIDEO of Junior/Senior High School Band and Choir Concert on May 19 for dad in Iraq. Our video didnÂ’t turn out. Call 51061. LOSTSMALL, YELLOW Pokemon binder lled with all my rare cards. Very special to me. Call Jennifer, 52965. PATIO SALESSATURDAY, 7 a.m.-?, Trailer 565. SATURDAY, 7 a.m.-noon, Quarters 129-D. Clothing, childrenÂ’s clothes, household items, bike parts. No early birds. SATURDAY, 8-10 a.m., Quarters 133-B. SATURDAY, 8:30-?, Quarters 123-F. Good stuff at good prices. No early birds. Do not ring at the door. SATURDAY, 9 a.m.-?, Quarters 226-A. Huge multi-family sale. Clothes, toys, household items. SATURDAY, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Quarters 215-A. Clothing, books, board games, household items. FOR SALEPIANO, very good condition, $500 or best offer. Call 52356. 36 FOOT CATAMARAN (Fusion), in the water and ready to sail, includes 15 horsepower Mercury kicker, global positioning system, compact disc stereo, solar panels, fresh water shower, awning, haulout trailer, propane barbecue grill, swim ladder, sails (main, genoa, staysail and spinnaker), boathouse, bonus new 12 foot hard bottom dinghy with 9.9 horsepower Yamaha, $19,000 or best offer. Call 59576 or 50783. TV STAND with cabinets and shelves below, Ten-Ten Store will be closed for annual inventory June 29-30. Surfway will be open extended hours, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. on those days. Ten-Ten store will reopen at 10 a.m., July 1. All other stores will be open for regular business hours.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 11 #30; plants; hoses; hose reels; Kwaj-condition womenÂ’s Huffy one-speed, available July 25. Call 52442 and leave a message. AQUARIUM ITEMS: Berlin protein skimmer, hang on tank, paid $180 new, will sell for $40; Fluval 404 multi-stage lter system, $30; seven different air pumps of various capacities, $10 each or $50 for all. Call 52682. PCS SALE. Plants at Quarters 129-D. Call 52763. COMPUTER DESK, $20; Kitchen Aid cabinet, $10; stationery cabinet, $10; recumbent bike, needs rear wheel, $150 or best offer; heavy aluminum at trailer frame, no wheels, $10; Christmas tree stand, $5; four-speed bike shifter, $6; bicycle generator light, $7. Call 53578. EUREKA UPRIGHT vacuum sweeper with attachments, $30; Sears 1000-watt microwave, $50; bicycle wheel truing stand, $25; Hoover small cannister sweeper, $10; Nexus four-speed wheel with shifter, $25. Call 52300. COMMUNITY NOTICESPLAN TO attend the Kwajalein Atoll International Sport Fishing ClubÂ’s meeting, 7 p.m., tonight, at the Paci c Club. We will discuss issues involving all members. All current and prospective members are invited. BINGO NIGHT. Kwaj bingo will be 6:30 p.m., Thursday, at the Yokwe Yuk Club. Card sales at 5:30 p.m. Blackout at 52 numbers with a $400 prize.THE NEXT Kwajalein Art Guild meeting is 6:30 p.m., Thursday, at the Art Annex, Building 828, next door the Micronesian Shop. Questions? Call Lexy, 54240. KWAJALEIN YACHT CLUBÂ’S monthly meeting will be 6:30 p.m., Saturday, at the Yacht Club. Join us in bidding Rod and Julie Godfrey farewell. Grilled ank steak will be provided. Bring side dishes and desserts to share. For details, call Ed Zehr, 54523. ATTENTION DIVERS. The last chance to watch Kwajalein Scuba ClubÂ’s safety video will be 7 p.m., Saturday, in CRC Room 1. If you have not renewed your membership after this date, you will no longer be considered a KSC member and will not be able to use tanks. KWAJALEIN BOWLING CENTER will host a Monte Carlo night, 6-9 p.m., Sunday. To make a reservation, call Thompson or Junior, 53320. THE MANDATORY monthly Island Orientation is 1 p.m., June 29, in the Corlett Activity Center, Room 6. It is required for all new island arrivals and family members over 10. Questions? Call 51134. The orientation is preceded by the Optional Ebeye Cultural Tour. R.S.V.P. to Host Nation by noon, Tuesday. Meet at the Dock Security Checkpoint at 7 a.m. to catch the 7:20 a.m. ferry. Women should wear long dresses or modest skirts. Sunscreen and bottled water are recommended. Questions? Call Host Nation, 55033. THE SANDBAGGERÂ’S Softball Tournament managersÂ’ meeting is 5 p.m., June 29, in the library conference room, Building 805. Co-ed teams of all skill levels are welcome. Bring your roster and a $20 registration fee. Managers must attend this meeting to play in the tournament. Questions? Call Billy, 53331. BOWLING CENTER summer hours of operation are: 1-9 p.m., Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; 4-9 p.m., Wednesday and Friday. FIREWORKS, COMEDIANS, food and fun. ItÂ’s the annual 4th of July celebration at Emon Beach. It all starts at 2 p.m. Games, bingo, bounce house, banana rides, in atable obstacle course, new dunk tank, kayak trips, food and shopping. Fireworks at 8:30 p.m. The comedians after the reworks. Watch the Hourglass and roller for information. Questions? Call Kathy, 53331. THE ANNUAL Independence Day Beach Volleyball Tournament is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. on July 4 at Emon Beach. Co-ed teams of all skill levels are welcome. Registration fee is $10 per team and the deadline for registering is July 1. Register your team at Community Activities, Building 805. Questions? Call Billy, 53331. KWAJALEIN ATOLL International Sport Fishing Club is sponsoring a Pro Anglers Tournament July 18. Tournament rules are available at Small Boat Marina or contact Trudy Butler. KWAJALEIN SCUBA Club is sponsoring a dive trip to Chuuck on the live aboard SS Thor nn over the Thanksgiving holiday. One lucky club member will get to go for free by a drawing. Eligibility to enter the drawing will be determined by participation in club activities. Everyone else can join the trip for $1,065, not including airfare. A $200 deposit is required to make your reservation. See Bill Williamson for more information and reservations. GOLF COURSE greens fees and locker rental are now due for the period of July 1-Dec. 30. The $168 fee is payable at Community Activities, 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, or at the Pro Shop or by mailing a check to Community Activities, P.O. Box 23, Local. Payments are due by July 1. An additional $15 fee will be added to all late payments. Accounts not settled by July 1 will result in the lockers being emptied. Questions? Call 53331. WHO DO YOU want to dunk? The dunk tank will be at Emon Beach for the Fourth of July celebration. If you have someone you would like to nominate to be dunked, call Pam at C ommunit y Activities 53331. Craft Depart Kwajalein Arive Ebeye LCM 8:30 a.m. 8:55 a.m LCM 9:30 a.m. 9:55 a.m. LCM 12:40 p.m. 1:05 p.m. LCM 1:40 p.m. 2:05 p.m. LCM 9 a.m. 9:25 a.m LCM 10 a.m. 10:25 a.m. LCM 1:10 p.m. LCM 2:10 p.m. 2:35 p.m. Craft Depart Ebeye Arive Kwajalein 1:35 p.m.Marshallese Shopping Day (Saturday) modi ed ferry scheducle 11:40 a.m. ferry will run at normal time. The schedule above is subject to change without notice. The regular LCM schedule will also be followed. Ferry runs after 7 p.m. are limited to 150 persons.The next Republic of Marshall Islands shopping day will be 10 a.m.6:30 p.m. Saturday, at Macy's, Macy's West and Gimbel's. All RMI citizens (except minors) with a photo ID are permitted to shop at the stores. Children 18 and under will not be permitted in the stores for shopping. Gimbel's will sell all items except food, alcohol, tobacco, books, newspapers, drugs and sundry items.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12 Courtesy of RTS WeatherTonight: Partly cloudy with widely scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at 12-18 knots.Thursday: Variably cloudy with scatttered showers. Winds: NE-E at 15-20 knots. Friday: Partly sunny with widely scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at 15-20 knots.Saturday: Partly sunny with widely scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at15-20 knots. Temperature: Tonight’s low 81 Thursday’s high 87Annual rain total: 16.25"Annual deviation: -18.87"Call 54700 for updated forecasts or check Underage passengers traveling to Ebeye must have parent’s approval or travel with an adult IT plans roll out of new computers By Heather Eisele Information Technology By the end of June, Kwajalein Range Services Information Technology Department representatives will begin rolling out a shipment of new personal computers for users with USAKA. “IT [Information Technology] is currently replacing all older PCs [personal computers] that with new Dell computers. As a matter of practice, when IT nds an older PC that is causing dif culties for users, or we know that it isn’t receiving IAVA patches, etc, we’re just replacing the PC rather than spend time repairing it since we are just going to be replacing it anyway in the near future,” Steve Snyder, IT Technology Support manager said. “We’ve received a large shipment of PCs on the last barge, and starting toward the end of June, we’ll be on an aggressive schedule to replace all of the older PCs by mid-September. So the bottom line is that anyone with an older PC on the business network is automatically on the list to receive a new Dell. We will also continue to replace any PCs that are problematic to either us or the user; our workload and resources permitting of course.” According to Snyder older computers are de ned as any that are slower than a Pentium 4 central processing unit. He added, “All Pentium, Pentium II and Pentium III PCs on the business network will be replaced by the mid-September, throughout the entire atoll. If you have anything that isn’t a Compaq Evo or a Dell already, odds are your computer will be replaced.”Snyder said that managers will be contacted a couple of weeks before IT technicians come to replace the PC’s in each area. “We’ll be going through your buildings to do a quick scan of what you have currently,” he said.Snyder recommends that users “Back up all your data on network drives, including anything on zip disks. We will not be deploying computers equipped with zip drives or compact disc burners unless you have a real business need, already have the equipment and you must indicate that these conditions exist when we do our walk-through two weeks in advance. Remember, anything that is not a part of the standard build and is not identi ed during that initial walk-through will be lost.” By Nell M. Drumheller EditorFamily members under 21 who travel to Ebeye on Kwajalein Range Service vessels must be accompanied by a parent or may travel with another adult with a parental letter of permission. According the Lt. Col. Mark Harmon, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll provost marshal, passengers are checked at the Dock Security Checkpoint and if they are not with a parent, or they don’t have a signed letter from the parent giving approval for the minor to go to Ebeye with another adult, 21or older, they will not be allowed to go to Ebeye. Violations of the regulation may result in administrative disciplinary action by the command. “Health and safety risks that exist at Ebeye are outside the control of the command,” Dennis O’Connell, USAKA legal of cer said. “Standards of behavior that are enforced on Kwajalein for the safety and protection of young people cannot be guaranteed on Ebeye. Since the command provides transportation to Ebeye it must assure that persons under 21 are accompanied by a parent or that a parent has given permission to travel with another adult,” O’Connell added.Sun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Thursday 0632/1910 2025/0712 0440, 6.0' 1120, 0.6' June 23 1710, 4.5' 2300, 0.8' Friday 0633/1910 2126/0819 0530, 6.0' 1200, 0.6' June 24 1800, 4.5' 2350, 0.9' Saturday 0633/1911 2222/0924 0610, 5.9' 1250, 0.7' June 25 1850, 4.4'