The Kwajalein hourglass

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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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C o n t i n e n t a l a n s w e r s Continental answers t r a v e l q u e s t i o n s travel questions — P a g e 3 — Page 3 ( J o y W i l l i a m s o f t h e K w a j a l e i n S c r u b s s w i n g s a w a y a t t h e r s t (Joy Williams, of the Kwajalein Scrubs, swings away at the rst g a m e o f t h e S o f t b a l l C h a l l e n g e b e t w e e n M a j u r o a n d K w a j a l e i n game of the Softball Challenge between Majuro and Kwajalein. F o r m o r e s e e P a g e s 4 5 ) For more, see Pages 4-5.) ( P h o t o b y M i g O w e n s ) (Photo by Mig Owens)


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass Sabrina Mumma2The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb. 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Tuesdays and Fridays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff, P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555. Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539. Printed circulation: 2,000The Kwajalein HourglassCommanding Of cer........COL Beverly StipeActing Public Affairs Of cer..Polli Keller Editor...............................Nell Drumheller Assistant Editor......................Mig Owens Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler Reporter............................Elizabeth Davie Circulation.........................Mike GrahamCommentary Letter to the Editor See HEALTHCARE, Page 6Fix healthcare system firstBuckminster and FriendsFM 99.9 Country FM 101.1 Classic rock FM 102.1 National Public Radio AM 1224 Music, sports, news For complete listings go to: http:/intranet/com/entertainment/afn_radioNew AFN Kwajalein radio line-up To all who have donated to the Ebeye guest program: Thank you very much from Ebeye parents and the Ebeye guest students. The Ebeye students have bene ted a lot from the nutritious meals. The lunch program has really helped Ebeye parents and students, especially those parents who live on Ebeye and do not have access to Kwajalein. In the past, some students would bring their own canned food lunches, which is not nutritious, or they would eat at the Snack Bar, which can take its toll on the parents' budget or not have lunch at all. Again, kommol tata to all those who have contributed to the lunch program. — Diane LemariI recently saw two articles on the Internet that got my attention. There was a report that senators in the nation’s capitol are secretly reviewing suggestions that the full retirement age be raised to 70 and Social Security bene ts be cut for future recipients. Supposedly, my wife and I are in that fortunate group (born before 1950) that will not see any changes. Yeah, right.Now let me ask you something. Let’s say the age is raised to 70. Who in the world thinks companies are going to keep people employed until they’re 70 years old when 50 is considered old in the business world today. I’m sure CEOs would love to see the health care costs of a bunch of 70 year olds. When these kind-hearted businessmen decide to slash and burn overhead, where pray tell do you think they would start? I wonder what’s going to happen when we have millions of laid-off, homeless 69 year olds living on the streets with no health insurance. Yeah, that ought to save the government and the taxpayers some money. CNN reported that three elderly men called the “Grandpa Gang,” were arrested for bank robbery in Germany. One of them, a 73 year old, said fear of being old and having no money for a nursing home drove him to commit the crimes. And they say the elderly have no initiative. Although this took place in a foreign country, it hit home with me. How many of us have that same fear of being old and not having money for good medical insurance? Social Security is a big concern, but the more pressing problem is health care. One of the main reasons companies don’t want to keep older workers on the payroll is the cost of health insurance. Even now, companies are telling retirees that their healthcare and pensions will no longer be funded. If the folks in Washington, D.C. want to x something, they should x the out-of-control healthcare system. It’s costing America jobs and our competitive edge in the world. It’s also costing elderly people everything they have. My mother has been very ill and my two brothers and I looked into assisted living or a nursing home for her. The cost for such a place is staggeringly Ebeye guest programsays thanks for lunch


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 3 3See TRAVEL, Page 6 Continental, airport of cials answerquestions about travel challenges By Mig Owens Assistant editorSchool’s out and summer travel is in full swing for Kwajalein residents, making it a busy time of the year for Continental Ticket Of ce and airport personnel. We spoke with Nancy Opiniano, Continental Ticket Of ce manager and Donna Groth, terminal supervisor, about what travelers can do to make getting off the ‘rock’ smooth sailing this time of year.Who are you wanting to reach with this interview? Summer travelers? Opiniano: Certainly summer vacation travelers will want to read through these questions and answers, although all the questions and answers are applicable to everyone who travels in and out of Kwajalein… Kwajalein is unique due to the "Island Hopper" ight schedule which originates in Guam with stops in Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae prior to its arrival on Kwajalein and on to Majuro and Honolulu. The ight operates three times weekly and this summer we will increase service to include a Saturday ight from July 2 to Sept. 3.What type of advance travel preparation should a traveler make?Opiniano: It’s best to purchase your airline ticket as soon as your travel plans are rmed up. To ensure you receive OnePass mileage credit, OnePass members should provide their frequent yer number when making their reservations. This is also a good time to request seat assignments. Usually we’re able to assign seats up to 90 days in advance of the travel date. (Editor’s note: Once KRS employees have an approved travel request and itinerary, they need to take it to the KRS Travel of ce to begin the travel order process.)What action must people take say one month before they week...and then the day of travel. Opiniano: 1. Tickets Dependent on the fare purchased, the ticket time limit for purchasing the ticket is very important. Reservations that have not been purchased by the ticket time limit are automatically cancelled by the airline’s reservation system. There are many different types of fares a customer can purchase and it is important to understand the advance purchase requirements, change fees and cancellations fees applicable to the fare the customer purchases. Today, many airlines have non-refundable tickets; in some cases that can mean the customer can change an outbound travel date for a fee. Again, it all is based on the fare type you purchase. The rules differ fare by fare — and yes, that is challenging even for a seasoned travel specialist. 2. Verify expiration dates of travel documents such as passports, especially for international travel. You can verify visa and other entry requirements with the respective country’s consulate or Web site. 3. Ensure your travel orders are in hand. 4. Provide your OnePass number when you make your reservation. 5. Be sure that hotel and car reservations are con rmed in advance of your departure. 6. Request seat assignments when you make your airline reservations. 7. It is recommended on Kwajalein that you recon rm your air travel, if possible, 72 hours before departure. If there are any issues that are identi ed at that time, we can address them before the customer departs. 8. Check on the Kwajalein Roller, newspaper, or call 53589 for ight check-in times or status of ight departures in and out of Kwajalein.On the day of a resident’s departure, what steps do they need to take?Groth: Make sure you have appropriate travel documents prior to traveling and then bring them, along with checked baggage to the terminal for check-in. I would advise coming at the beginning of check-in instead of toward the end. If the ight is oversold, and a passenger doesn’t have a pre-assigned seat, there’s a chance that a passenger may be bumped. We clear the standby list by rst come, rst served. If something does go wrong before the travel begins, to whom should they turn? Opiniano: If time permits, call the local travel of ce, and if a problem occurs during check-in, it is important for you to communicate with the airport personnel. Generally the airport personnel can help to resolve the issue. If the agents at the Kwajalein airport are unable to help you; they will contact the Kwajalein travel


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 4Kwajalein pitcher Alfreda Ching and rst baseman Angela Corder team up for a play at rst as Majuro runner Athelta Slinger tries to beat the throw. (Photos by Mig Owens)Goodwill softball tournament pits Majuro women's team against Kwaj By Mig Owens Assistant editorFor the rst time in what may be 10 years, a champion women’s softball team from Majuro traveled to Kwajalein for a tournament to “strengthen ties between the two communities, as well as with Ebeye,” Charles Paul, head coach of the Majuro Roughriders, said. The Majuro team swept the threeday tournament against Kwajalein’s Scrubs, held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with scores of 25-5, 11-7 and 4-1. Called the Kwajalein/Majuro Softball Challenge, the tournament was initiated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sports and Recreation Division, which is part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands national government, in conjunction with a request by Torrey Landers, Kwajalein Range Services Recreation Programs manager. Also involved were the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Host Nation of ce, the RMI Representative of ce and Community Activities. The Roughriders, reining champion of more than 20 teams on Majuro, brought approximately 20 players and the Scrubs have 14 on their roster, according to Landers. According to Paul, sponsorship for the Majuro women’s trip to Kwajalein came as a result of fundraising, which included barbecues in that they sold plates of food. They also wrote letters for support from business and local government. On arrival, the Majuro team brought offerings of food to Leroj Seagull Kabua James, a Marshallese tradition called “lolak Iroij en,” which allowed them to roam the


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 5 Top, Berlina Gold bats as Lisa Muller readies for action behind the plate. Left, Kaya Landers and Amy Hansen high ve Athelta Slinger for a great game. Right, Tama David prepares to make a with blessing, according to Paul. Landers said both teams play very hard. “The Roughriders are a very competitive team that can really hit the ball.” The most important similarity, he said, is that “you can tell that both teams really enjoy playing the game. Their sportsmanship is great.” Landers considers the tournament a chance for the teams and leagues to develop relationships that hopefully will turn into an annual event where the two island champions meet. He added that it is “an opportunity to meet new people, develop positive r e l ations wit h t h e Ma j uro community an d d isp l ay our Kwajalein hospitality.” Paul, a Kwajalein Jr./Sr. High School graduate of the Class of 1999, said his hope for his team is that they “develop a sense of pride in representing their community by playing here on Kwajalein and that they gain a new prospective on competition, but most importantly a sense of fellowship.” “It’s building a bridge between the communities through sports,” Paul said. He hopes that it leads to more games in the future, possibly on Majuro and said there are talks about 2006 RMI National Games, which could include softball, basketball an d ot h er sports. “ It ’ s sti ll in t h e wor k s, ” h e sai d


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6 HEALTHCARE, from Page 2high. With her pension, Social Secu-rity, Medicare and kitchen sink, my mother could not afford it. My brothers and I would have to make up the difference, which in turn would take away from saving for our own retirement costs. But what choice would we have? There are three things you need for retirement. Some money, a paid of ce for assistance if time permits.What about if something goes wrong enroute? Opiniano: If you require changes to your existing reservations and you have already purchased your e-tickets, all you have to do is call us with the changes you want to make and we can do them for you while you are off island. The Kwajalein travel of ce is recognized as a travel of ce and uses a system called Amadeus, which provides us great exibility in researching customer requests for airline space, hotels, cars, etc. Our of ce hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and our phone numbers are referenced on the copy of your itinerary for your convenience. On another note, if you have a paper ticket – and again, it will depend on the type of ticket you are holding – but most of the time if you are requesting a change to the ticket, you will need to go to a Continental ticketing of ce to have the ticket reissued if the ticket was issued originally by Continental. As always, in case of an emergency, and you can't get a hold of the Kwajalein travel of ce, call the airline that you will be ying for assistance.Security do's and don'ts...what's unique to international travel?Opiniano: Each country has different immigration, customs and security directives. What is applicable in the U.S. may not be applicable in other countries. You can go online to the Transportation Security Administration Web site, which provides you with the detailed security directives. Continental complies with all federally mandated security directives. Groth: The biggest change this year is that lighters are prohibited beyond the security check point and lighters and matches are not allowed to be carried in your checked baggage. Passengers may be ned for trying to do so by the TSA.What are the biggest challenges for Kwaj travelers? Opiniano: We recommend that you check in for your ight at least two hours prior to departure. Remember to shop early and be as exible as possible. Use the Internet for your leisure travel! There are many options on the airline, hotel and rental car Web sites. ( Editor’s note: For all KRS-paid travel off Kwajalein, it is required that arrangements are made through the on-island Continental Ticket Of ce. ) Know the times of check in and baggage allowance, keeping in mind that different airlines have different allowances and restrictions on baggage. Baggage allowances if you are traveling on Continental within the mainland is only 50 pounds. Most international carriers are much more restrictive for checked luggage and carry on and it is suggested that you check with airline or the travel representative if you are planning international travel. The biggest challenge for Kwajalein is that the ight from Guam makes various stops and that those ights have a priority over ours. Direction of the plane determines priority as far as seating goes. Guam, Chuuk, Pohnpei or Kosrae may reseat you. Every two summers residents from Third Island and Ebeye y to Majuro for church conventions. This is one of those years, and these travellers total about 300 people. Groth: Having proper travel documentation seems to be the biggest challenge for passengers lately. Check your travel documents well in advance of your travel plans so that there’s time to get them renewed, if needed.What is the current Continental Airlines luggage requirements?Opiniano : International ights (Kwajalein/Honolulu/ Kwajalein) – Two bags per person at 70 pounds not to exceed 62 linear inches (total length + width + height). Domestic ights (Honolulu/CONUS/Honolulu) – Two bags per person at 50 pounds not to exceed 62 linear inches. Carry ons not to exceed 51 linear inches per person. Groth: TSA is also enforcing the hand-carry rule, which is that a passenger may have one hand-carry item and one personal item, such as a purse, laptop or briefcase.Are there pitfalls unique to this summer? How can they be avoided? Groth: Having only one airline servicing Kwaj this year is a challenge. My best piece of advice is to get a pre-assigned seat when making reservations and to be on time for check-in and pre-departure screening. Once check-in has closed, we release held seats and those passengers who were on a standby list will be cleared, if possible. Pre-departure screening has be-See TRAVEL, Page 12 TRAVEL, from Page 3 for place to live and good health insurance. If you don’t have the last one, the rst two will disappear if a major illness strikes. That’s America’s crisis, not Social Security.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 7ALL PROGRAMMING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowMLB InterleagueAmerican MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: (continued)DisneyÂ’s DougLost12:30AMThe Late Late Show Conan OÂ’Brien Patriot Games Wild Thornberrys 1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson West WingMovie: <:07>Fairly OddparentsPaci c Report1:30AMThe Big Idea Fast Times At RugratsTonight Show 2:00AMwith Donny Deutsch SportsCenterFOX News LiveC.S.I. Miami Ridgemont High The Proud Family w/ Jay Leno2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann The Amanda Show The Late Show 3:00AM NBA FinalsWWE Raw! Movie: Everwood w/ David Letterman3:30AMAccess Hollywood Game 3 Tears Of The The Late Late Show4:00AMHeadline News Spurs at Pistons Sun Sister, Sisterwith Craig Ferguson 4:30AMEntertainment Studios Sister, SisterThe Big Idea 5:00AMESPNewsSportsCenterDayside withBreathing Space Movie: <:16>Sesame Street with Donny Deutsch5:30AMHeadline News at The US Open Linda Vester Caribbean Workout Double Team Countdown With Keith Olbermann6:00AMToday MLB InterleagueFOX News Live Body Shaping Barney & Friends 6:30AM Marlins at Cubs Tipical Mary Ellen CliffordAccess Hollywood7:00AM Studio B withThe ViewThe EntertainersDragon Tales Headline News 7:30AM Shepard Smith Bob the BuilderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of Fortune Your World withEmeril LiveBehind the Scenes The Wiggles ESPNews8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26> Neil Cavuto E.T.Dora the ExplorerHeadline News 9:00AMOprah Winfrey SportsCenter <:15>Coast to Coast30 Minute MealsMovie: StanleyGood Morning9:30AM <9:20> PTI Food 911 The Lake SagwaAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light SportsCenter Headline NewsSensible Chic Frankin 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsFashion FileMovie: <:44> Reading Rainbow 11:00AMGeneral Hospital MLB Interleague ABC World NewsMLBE! News Live Le Miserables SaqwaEmeril Live11:30AM<11:10> Braves at Rangers CBS Evening News Astros at Orioles King of QueensStanley 12:00PMBulletin Board The Newshour Bernie Mac Dora the Explorer That 70Â’s Show12:30PMJudge Judywith Jim Lehrer Girlfriends The WigglesWheel of Fortune1:00PMToday Hannity & Colmes CharmedMovie: Bob the BuilderWWE Raw!1:30PM Groundhog Day Dragon Tales 2:00PM MLB Interleague Fox Report withESPNewsEd Clifford2:30PM NationalsShepard Smith ESPNews Movie: <:56> Barney & Friends 3:00PMSylvester & Tweety at Lou Dobbs TonightABC World NewsPassions On Golden Pond Funniest VideosNBC Nightly News3:30PMBuzz LightyearAnaheim ESPNewsGrowing PainsJudge Judy 4:00PMSpongebob Larry King LiveCBS Evening NewsThird Watch Pokemon Charmed 4:30PMBatman Beyond NBC Nightly NewsYu-Gi-Oh! 5:00PMJeopardySportsCenterNewsnightRollerLaw & OrderInside the Actors...DisneyÂ’s DougEd5:30PMAccess Hollywood with Aaron Brown S.V.U Billy Bob Thornton Wild Thornberrys 6:00PMBulletin BoardSportsCenter BET Nightly News The SimpsonsComing AttractionsFarily OddparentsFunniest Videos6:30PMNavy M/Corps News Tavis SmileyRaymondE.T. Rugrats Growing Pains7:00PMEveTuesday NightHardballSummerlandMovie:Even StevensThird Watch7:30PMThe Simple Life Fightswith Chris Matthews 3: The Dale Kenan & Kel 8:00PM Extreme Makeover Campbell vsOÂ’Reilly Factor Nashville StarEarnhardt Story Gilmore GirlsJeopardy8:30PMHome Edition Lorenzo Movie: <:47> Headline News9:00PMLost SportsCenter NightlineNational American Beauty DegrassiESPNews9:30PM Business ReportGeograhic ExplorerDegrassiPaci c Report10:00PMPaci c ReportMLB Interleague60 MinutesWill & Grace The Cosby ShowRaymond10:30PMTonight ShowDiamondbacks That 70Â’s Show Home Improvement Will & Grace <:25> 11:00PMW/ Jay Lenoat American MorningThe Daily ShowMovie: Touched by anDesperate11:30PMThe Late ShowChicago White Sox Blind Date The Lost Boys Angel HousewivesThursday, June 16


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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 9ALL PROGRAMMING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowNBA PlayoffsAmerican MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: (Cont.)DisneyÂ’s DougHouse12:30AMThe Late Late Show (Continued) Conan OÂ’Brien Movie: <:52> Wild Thornberrys1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson SportsCenter One Tree Hill True Grit Farily OddparentsPaci c Report1:30AMBig Idea With RugratsTonight Show2:00AMDonnie Deutsch PGAFOX News LiveJ.A.G. ThatÂ’s So Raven with Jay Leno2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann US Open All That! The Late Show3:00AM Second Round 48 Hours MysteryMovie:7th Heaven w/ David Letterman3:30AMAccess Hollywood Serendipity The Late Late Show4:00AMHeadline News Will & Grace Sabrinawith Craig Ferguson 4:30AMEntertainment Studios That 70Â’s Show Movie: <:45>SabrinaBig Idea with5:00AMESPNews Breating Space YogaChocolat Sesame StreetDonnie Deutsch5:30AMHeadline News Caribbean Workout Countdown With Keith Olbermann6:00AMToday FOX News Live Body Shaping Barney & Friends 6:30AM Tipical Mary Ellen CiffordAccess Hollywood7:00AM Studio B withThe View Ultimate SpecialDragon Tales Headline News 7:30AM Shepard Smith EffectsBob the BuilderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of Fortune Your World withEmeril Live Ebert & Roper The Wiggles Good Morning8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26> Neil Cavuto E.T.Dora the ExplorerAmerica 9:00AMOprah Winfrey Coast to Coast 30 Minute MealsMovie: Stanley 9:30AM <9:20> Easy Entertaining Danielle SteelÂ’s Sagwa 10:00AMGuiding Light Headline NewsDecorating Cents Family Album Frankin Beautiful Homes 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsThe Look for LessMovie: <:45> Reading RainbowCurb Appeal 11:00AMGeneral Hospital MLBABC World NewsThe OutdoorsmanE! News Live Children of a Lesser SaqwaLandscapers Chal.11:30AM<11:10> Pittsburgh Pirates CBS Evening NewsRacelineKing of Queens God StanleyWeekend Warriors12:00PMWindow on the Atoll at The Newshour MLB Interleague Bernie Mac Dora the ExplorerClean House12:30PMJudge Judy Boston Red Sox with Jim Lehrer Dodgers at Girlfriends The Wiggles1:00PMTodayHannity & Colmes Chicago White Sox CharmedMovieBob the BuilderBBQ w/ Bobby Flay1:30PM French Kiss Dragon Tales$40 A Day 2:00PM MLB Fox Report with Ed CliffordFriday Night Fights2:30PMMarlins Shepard Smith Barney & Friends 3:00PMCatDog at Lou Dobbs TonightABC World NewsPassionsMovie: <:09> Funniest Videos 3:30PMScooby Doo Anaheim ESPNews The Dead Zone Growing Pains 4:00PMThe Cramp Twins Larry King LiveCBS Evening NewsThird Watch PokemonBaseball Tonight4:30PMKids Next Door NBC Nightly News Yu-Gi-Oh! 5:00PMJeopardy SportsCenter NewsnightRoller Law & OrderTrue HollywoodDisneyÂ’s DougAmericaÂ’s Most5:30PMAccess Hollywood with Aaron Brown S.V.U. StoryWild ThornberrysWanted 6:00PMBulletin Board SportsCenter BET Nightly News The SimpsonsHollywood StoriesFairly OddparentsYour Total Health6:30PMPaci c Report Tavis SmileyRaymondE.T. RugratsNavy M/C News 7:00PMThe O.C. MLBHardballAmericaÂ’s MostMovie:FosterÂ’s HomeHercules7:30PM Washington with Chris Matthews Wanted Scary Movie 3 Atomic Betty 8:00PM Wife Swap Nationals OÂ’Reilly Factor WWE SmackDown! Xiaolin ShowdownAccess Hollywood8:30PM at Movie: <:34>School SurvivalWeekend 9:00PMHouse Minnesota Twins Nightline Face/Off ThatÂ’s So RavenHeadline News9:30PM Business Report RomeoESPNews10:00PMPaci c Report Dateline NBCWill & Grace Girls vs. BoysGeorge Lopez10:30PMThe Tonight Show That 70Â’s Show MiracleÂ’s BoyHalf & Half11:00PM The Daily ShowMovie:The Cosby ShowFear Factor11:30PMThe Late Show Blind Date CanÂ’t Hardly Wait Home Improvement Saturday, June 18


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10 HELP WANTED KRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Sheri Hendrix, 50777. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT. General clerical/administrative of ce work. Temporary positions only. Submit application to KRS Human Resources. HELP DESK TECHNICIAN, Information Technology. RMI position. HR Req. K030859. PROPERTY LEAD, Assistant to Property Management supervisor. Full time. Contract position. HR Req. 030987. CLERK, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030814. MECHANIC III, Roi Power Plant. Full time. HR Req. K030820. TRAFFIC AGENT I, Aviation Base Operation. Part time. 20 hours per week. HR Req. K030821. TRAFFIC AGENT, Aviation Passenger and Cargo Service. Part time. 20 hours per week. HR Req. K030819. RECREATION AIDE II Theater Operators. Two casual positions. HR Req. K030800-801. RECREATION AIDE I. Five casual positions. HR Req. K030813. LIFEGUARDS. Five casual positions. HR Req. K030808-812. EXECUTIVE ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT, Information Technology. Full time. HR Req. 030807. PHOTOCOPY MACHINE OPERATOR, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030806. CLERK, Administrative Support. Full time. HR Req. K030814. PETROLEUM, OIL and LUBE TECHNICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req. 030728. LAUNCH ORDNANCE TECHNICIAN II. Contract position. HR Req. 030941. SYSTEM ENGINEER IV. Contract position. HR Req. 030943. RECREATION SPECIALIST I, Community Activities. HR Req. K030743. TEACHING/LIBRARY AIDE, Education Dept. part time. 20 hours per week. NURSE MANAGER. Contract position. HR Req. 030887. VETERINARY TECHNICIAN II. HR Req. 030889. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST. Contract position. HR Req. 030877. SUPERVISOR, Medical Laboratory. Contract position. HR Req. 030881. RADAR ENGINEER. Contract position. HR Req. 030875. MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR. Contract position. HR Req. 030871. EQUIPMENT REPAIR TECHNICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req. 030873. PROJECT CONTROLS ENGINEER II. Contract position. HR Req. 030662. REGISTERED NURSE (2), casual positions, Kwajalein Hospital. MECHANIC II, Full time, Kwaj Automotive Maintenance. HR Req. K030770. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I, Security. Full time. HR Req. K030722. CDC AIDE, casual. Education Dept. HR Req. 732. CYS ACTIVITIES assistant director, part time, 20 hours per week, Education Dept. HR Req. K030697. FIELD ENGINEER II, PLOPS. Contract position. HR Req. 030791. MECHANIC II. Full time. HR Req. K030642. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK II Onisland/RMI position. Full time. Adequate knowledge of KEAMS desired. HR Req. K030759. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICIAN IV, contract position, HR Req. 030901. SUPERVISOR DESKTOP support, contract position, HR Req. 030897. MANAGER RETAIL Services, KRS contract position, directs /supervises Central Vending, Tape Escape, Beauty/Barber and Laundry Plant. Oversees inventory control, accounting, servicing, and equipment repair, maintenance and installation activities. Related small business management experience desired. HR Req. 030917. HARDWARE ENGINEER III, contract position, HR Req. 030893. JR ACCOUNTANT. Full-time, on-island/RMI position. KRS Finance. PAINTER II, full-time. Paint Shop, Roi Ops. HR Req. K030761. Enniburr residents should apply with Floyd Corder. ACCOUNTANT II, CDC, contract position, HR Req. 030692. INVENTORY CONTROL Specialist II, CDC, contract position, HR Req. 030688. REGISTERED NURSE, KRS, contract position. HR Req. 030919. SPORTS OFFICIAL. Three casual Roi Community Activities positions. Interested candidates should apply with Tim Lykes. HR Req. K030771-K030773. COMMUNITY BANK: FULL-TIME senior teller. Candidates should have previous banking, credit union or cash handling experience. Candidates must also have the ability to quickly and accurately handle transactions, communicate effectively and possess a strong desire to learn. For consideration, send resum to or call 52152. Community Bank is an equalopportunity employer. JOB CORPS: ESL SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS needed to teach young adult Marshallese at Kwajalein Job Corps. Subjects are reading, English, math, health and employability skills. For information, call 55622. SAN JUAN CONSTRUCTION: MATERIAL TESTING TECHNICIAN needed to perform various lab and eld tests including concrete, aggregate sampling and compaction density. Candidate should have strong math skills and be detail oriented. Job duration through August with possible extension for right person. Call Michael Saks, 53586 or 51006, extension 404. WANTEDCOMPUTER MONITOR. Call 51298. VISE for workbench. Will pay. Call Rick, 51132, home or 52273, work. PATIO SALESSATURDAY, 7-11 a.m., Quarters 127-A. PCS sale. FOR SALEADULT TRICYCLE, good condition, $250. Call 54691. TWO MOTOROLA Talkabout 280 SLK twoway radio with recharger, features Crystal Clear group talk with two-mile range, palmsized and lightweight, channel scan and call alert, paid $160, will sell for $100; Rubbermaid storage container, two-door, paid $258, will sell for $150. Call Sherry, 53364 or 52295 and leave a message. HEDGE AND shrub trimmer, electric, 20 inches, $20; K2 rollerblades, size 9, used one, $35. Call 52713, after 5 p.m. SHARP CAROUSEL microwave, $25; jogging stroller, $20; plants, $3-$15; ve-gallon sh tank with accessories, $20; bike trailer (chariot), $150. Call 53694. LEATHER HIGH BACK desk chair, brand new, paid $120, will sell for $75. Call 51323, after 2 p.m. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. Whirlpool dishwasher, used eight months, $425 or best offer; Black and Decker upright vacuum, $15; golf club travel case, $25; two ve-foot decorative trees, $15 each; Kwaj-condition Burley bike trailer, $15; Gibson everyday china set, eight settings of dinner and salad plates, bowls and mugs, $40. Too much to list. Call 54259. 15 INCH CRT MONITOR, $50; Ronco food dehydrator with 10 trays and extras, used twice, $50; Kwaj-condition Weber grill, $50; entertainment center, $30; Kwaj-condition menÂ’s bike, $25; Sony handycam, uses mini DV cassettes, memory stick slot for still photos, $500 or best offer. Call Vida, 52145, after 4 p.m. FINAL PCS SALE. Sun Bike, $100; Panasonic 1300-watt microwave, $75; assorted plants, $10-$30; round concrete landscaping stones, $150; rake, $10; ladder, $25; shovel, $10. Call 52641. PLANTS, $5-$20. See at Quarters 470-B or call Jeff or Kim, 52250. HEWLETT PACKARD calculator, HP 48G series, fully programmable with graphics capability, $50. Call 54784. BABY GATE, tension-style, $5; baby gate, wall


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 11The Small Arms Range is in operation 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Thursday. All wa ter craft operators observe the red ags at the southwest end of the island. Questions, call 54448. mount-style, $10; crib bedding set, Winnie the Pooh, excellent condition, $15; golf bag, $10; infant backpack carrier, $5; electronic dart board with darts, $8. Call 50163. CRIB SET including sheet, bumper, blanket, valance, beige and light green, good for boy or girl. Call Dawn, 52515. BRIDGESTONE MB/2, 18-speed, large frame, for 5 foot, 11 inches or taller rider, Dia-Compe cantilever brakes, aluminum rack, water bottle, cages, pump, $250. Call 52442 and leave a message. 36 FOOT CATAMARAN (FUSION), in the water and ready to sail, includes 15 horsepower Mercury kicker, global positioning system, compact disc stereo, solar panels, fresh water shower, awning, haulout trailer, propane barbecue, swim ladder, sails (main, genoa, staysail, spinnaker), boathouse, bonus new 12foot hard-bottom dinghy with a 9.9 horsepower Yamaha, $22,000 or best offer. Call 59576 or 50783. SONY CASSETTE player, $35; dog bed, $30; boyÂ’s two-piece suit, black, $25; new Jinco boardshorts, size 14, $20; shelf wall unit, $5; gold wire basket, $5; Ansley heart dish, new, $20. Call 53627. SCHWINN CHOPPER bike, black and silver, good condition with a little rust, throw in some new hand grips, $75 or best offer. Call 53688. GAMECUBE with memory card, four games and two controllers, $200. Call 53643. 25 INCH JVC TV with antenna, $200; plants, $10-$20; bicycles, $10-$20; skateboards; helmets; shin guards; golf balls; shing poles; baseball equipment; large rugs; surfboards; snorkeling equipment. Call 52591. COMMUNITY NOTICESCOMMUNITY BANK will be open 9 a.m.-5 p.m., today, for military payday. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, there will be limited veterinarian services. For emergencies only, call 52223. For non-emergencies, call 52017. Phone messages will be checked twice a day. MOONRISE GRILL scheduled for Saturday has been cancelled. KFCCÂ’S general membership meeting and potluck dinner is 6 p.m., Sunday, at the Paci c Club. SUMMER IS HERE. The family pool will be open 1:30-6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday and 11 a.m.-6 p.m., on weekends. An Emon Beach lifeguard will be on duty 12:30-3:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-6 p.m., on weekends. DUE TO computer system upgrades at Dock Security Checkpoint, all C Badge employees will need to be re-enrolled in the Access Control Program. While this process will take only a few minutes for each employee, expect slight delays over the next several weeks when exiting the DSC. We apologize for any inconvenience. GOLF COURSE greens fees and locker rental are now due for the period of July 1-Dec. 30. The $168 fee is payable at Community Activities, 7:30-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, or at the Pro Shop or by mailing a check to Community Activities, P.O. Box 23, Local. Payments are due by July 1. An additional $15 fee will be added to all late payments. Accounts not settled by July 1 will result in the lockers being emptied. Questions? Call 53331. COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES will sponsor open indoor soccer play at the Corlett Recreation Center. Play will be 6-8 p.m. through June 24. For more information, call Billy, 53331. WEEKLY WEDNESDAY meetings through July 27. There will be an informal meeting of anyone who wants to get together and sing. The meetings will be 7-8 p.m., in the Religious Education Building. We will work on basic vocal technique, blending voices and simple harmonies and rounds. It's just for fun. No commitment or obligation. Ability to read music not necessary. Desire to sing a necessity. For more information, call the Rev. John Sheehan, Roman Catholic priest, 52116. Non-Catholics are welcome. AMERICAN LEGION Post 44 elections will be held 1 p.m., June 20. All nominations must be submitted to Commander Hall or any post of cer no later than close of business on Saturday. Soft drinks and pupus will be served after the elections. All members and those interested in membership should attend. Executive committee members will meet at noon. REMINDER. Bring rented movies back to Tape Escape before going off island. VENDORS WANTED for the Fourth of July celebration at Emon Beach. If you are a current Commercial Activities licensed vendor, register with Alison at Community Activities, 53331. Registration deadline is June 25. KWAJALEIN POLICE Department will conduct an auction, 9 a.m., June 25. Items for auction are 47 bicycles in various states of assembly/ serviceability, a Rapala let knife, a Pentax camera and other items. Questions? Call 54445. COME ONE, COME ALL to the Annual RoiNamur Coconut Cup. Two categories, stock and modi ed. Coconuts will be launched from the Surf Shack with the nish line at the Fuel Pier. $10 entry fee. Prizes for win/place/show in each category. The race takes place 2-7 p.m., July 3. For details and rules, e-mail Kerry Young. ATTENTION ALL Kwajalein anglers. Kwajalein Atoll International Sport shing Club is sponsoring the Kwajalein Atoll Pro Anglers Fishing Tournament July 18. Tournament rules are available at Small Boat Marina or call Trudy Butler, 55133. KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION packets for the upcoming 2005-2006 school year are available for pickup at the school of ce. Parents should return the information to the school by July 25. Questions? Call 53601. DO YOUR HOSPITALITY KITS need to be returned? For pickup, call Lexy, 53434. Kits should be returned within 72 hours after your barge shipment arrives. Youth Technology Club at Millican Family Pool and Emon Beach state that children under 10 must have passed level four swimming or be accompanied at all times by a responsible person 14 or older. Attended means next to the water being attentive to the child. Unattended children will be sent home. POSTED RULES Youth Services is offering a CYS Youth Technology Club for students in grades 7-12. The club will include a variety of activities exploring the technological resources available to us. Our current resources include digital photography, Web page design, video recording, Global Positioning Systems and much more. For information, call Jon Welchman at the Youth Center, 53796.


Wednesday, June 15, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12 Courtesy of RTS WeatherTonight: Becoming mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: E at 10-15 knots.Thursday: Variably cloudy with scatttered showers. Winds: E at 10-15 knots. Friday: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Winds: NE-E at 8-13 knots.Saturday: Mostly cloudy with showers likely. Winds: E-ESE at 5-10 knots. Temperature: Tonight’s low 79 Thursday’s high 88Annual rain total: 14.11"Annual deviation: -18.94"Call 54700 for updated forecasts or check Kwajalein Tennis Club holds tournamentcome a challenge for us as folks are not showing up on time. KPD [Kwajalein Police Department] Entry and Exit of cers work both the outbound and the inbound ights. We try to get all the passengers into the screened area before Continental arrives so that KPD E/E can then work the arriving ight. Passengers who show up late will end up waiting outside until the required of cers are available to go back to the pre-departure screening area. We have run into a situation a couple of times where an AMI [Air Marshall Islands] ight arrived shortly after the Continental and of cers were not available to go back to the screening area. In those cases, the passenger was unseated from the ight, the baggage pulled and the customer rebooked for a later ight. What does Aloha’s departure mean for the average traveler?Groth: Continental has been proactively watching the “no show” factor and adjusting the overbooking numbers accordingly. We had our rst summer ight yesterday [Friday] and all con rmed ticketed passengers made the ight.TRAVEL, from Page 6 By Amber Morse Kwajalein Tennis ClubThe Kwajalein Tennis Club held a double elimination style Mixed Doubles tournament Sunday and Monday. There were eight teams in Division A and six teams in Division B. In the A Division, the team of Vince Cardillo/Amy Hansen won the Winner’s Bracket in three matches. The team of Kevin Hartnett/Amber Morse won the Loser’s Bracket in four matches. These two teams met in the championship match on Monday morning. Team Hartnett/ Morse defeated Cardillo/Hansen in the rst match forcing a second match due to their rst loss. In a second match, Hartnett/Morse defeated Cardillo/Hansen 11-9 to win the tournament. In the B Division, the team of Helbert Alfred/Leilani Alfred won the Winner’s Bracket in three matches. The team of Romeo Alfred/Annie Lucky won the Loser’s Bracket in three matches. These two teams met in the championship match on Monday morning. Team Alfred/Lucky defeated Alfred/Alfred in the first match by forfeit forcing a second match due to their rst loss. In a second match, Alfred/Lucky defeated Alfred/Alfred 10-6 to win the tournament. A few new faces came out to play and the weather was great all weekend. The Community can look forward to more tournaments and league play to resume at the end of the summer. For more information on how to become a member of the Kwajalein Tennis Club, call the KTC President Ken Sims at 58889. By Shelly Corbett Brownie Troop 2 leaderBrownie Troop 2, made up of rst and second-grade Girl Scouts, ended a year-long community service project on May 31. The 12 girls have been earning extra money at home to purchase school supplies for a rst-grade classroom at Ebeye Public School. The Brownies have been collecting these supplies all year and nally got to deliver them, in person, to their new Ebeye friends. After singing songs to each other, and together, in their classroom, the children from Ebeye presented each girl with a Marshallese necklace. The Brownies then took a short walk to Jabro Private School where they got to sing lots of Girl Scout songs to the kindergarten, eighth grade and senior classes. The kindergarten children stood up and sang along as well. Amy LaCost planned this activity for the Brownies. All parents in attendance were in agreement that this was a valuable experience for their daughters and were hoping that it could be continued next year. Brownie Troop 2 is led by Shelley Corbett and Laurel Hammons.Brownie Troop 2 visits Ebeye public school Sun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Thursday 0631/1909 1339/0117 1050, 3.9' 0440, 2.4' June 16 2400, 3.9' 1730, 1.9' Friday 0631/1909 1425/0155 1210, 3.9' 0610, 2.2' June 17 1830, 1.7' Saturday 0631/1909 1515/0235 0100, 4.3' 0720, 1.9' June 18 1310, 4.0' 1920, 1.5'