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The Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein hourglass
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Kwajalein Aroll, Marshall Islands
Commander, U.S. Army Garrison- Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA/KMR)
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"U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands."

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Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass K w a j a l e i n A t o l l r e g h t e r s w h o d e p l o y e d t o E b e y e T h u r s d a y i n r e s p o n s e t o a c a l l f o r a s s i s t a n c e f r o m Kwajalein Atoll re ghters who deployed to Ebeye Thursday in response to a call for assistance from M a r s h a l l e s e o f c i a l s F i r e d e s t r o y e d h o m e s a n d d i s p l a c e d u p t o 6 0 p e o p l e S e e m o r e o n P a g e 3 ) Marshallese of cials. Fire destroyed homes and displaced up to 60 people. See more on Page 3.) ( P h o t o b y N e l l M D r u m h e l l e r ) (Photo by Nell M. Drumheller) F i s h i n g b a n n e d Fishing banned d u r i n g m i s s i o n s during missions — P a g e 6 — Page 6 G P S GPS f o r b o a t e r s for boaters — P a g e 4 — Page 4 N e w M e t r o l i n e r t o a r r i v e — p a g e 6 S a f e b o a t i n g Safe boating i s o p e r a t o r s is operator's r e s p o n s i b i l i t y responsibility — P a g e 5 — Page 5


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 2The Hourglass is named for the insignia of the U.S. Army 7th Infantry Division, which liberated the island from the forces of Imperial Japan on Feb 4, 1944. The Kwajalein Hourglass is an authorized publication for military personnel, federal employees, contractor workers and their families assigned to USAKA. Contents of the Hourglass are not necessarily of cial views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or USAKA. It is published Wednesdays and Saturdays in accordance with Army Regulation 360-1 and using a network printer by Kwajalein Range Services editorial staff, P.O. Box 23, APO AP 96555. Phone: Autovon 254-3539; local 53539. Printed circulation: 2,000The Kwajalein HourglassCommanding Of cer...COL Beverly StipeActing Public Affairs Of cer..Polli Keller Editor...............................Nell Drumheller Assistant Editor......................Mig Owens Graphics Designer....................Dan Adler Intern............................Brandon Stevison Circulation.......................Will O'Connell Classi ed ads are due for Wednesday’s paper by noon,Saturday and for Saturday’s paper by noon,Thursday. Limit ads to 50 words.Commentary Letters to the Editor Jest For Fun Ron TsubamotoTo submit a letter to the editor: Keep letters to less than 300 words, and keep com ments to the issues. Letters must be signed. We will edit for AP style and, if you exceed the word limit, space. Limit one letter every 30 days. Send your letter to: The Hour glass, P.O. Box 23, Local; or It’s a good day . .should I get out of bed now? It was one of those days. I sat there and thought to myself, “So far this has been a perfect day! I haven’t made any mistakes, I haven’t offended anyone, I’ve only said kind and good words, my attitude is right and my spirit is buoyant. Well, I guess it’s time to get out of bed.” Rising out of bed and making my way to the kitchen I had visions of sitting in the light of a glorious sunrise and greeting the morning with a bright and cheerful voice. I have a very smart coffee pot. If I add the right amount of water and coffee grounds the night before and set the timer for the time I plan to wake up, it congratulates my planning and foresight by brewing a wonderful cup of hot, delicious coffee. There’s one other requirement – I must fully latch the coffee-grounds basket in place. Otherwise, my fresh hot coffee pours all over the counter. It was one of those days. The moment that I should have been sitting in my chair enjoying my rst cup of coffee I spent standing over the counter trying to contain the spillage all the while realizing that I would have to brew another pot of coffee. As I’m waiting for the second pot of coffee to dutifully drain into the decanter, the phone rings, “Where are you?” I’ve always thought that a silly question to ask when someone calls you at home. “I’m here.” They respond, “Yes, I realize that. The question is why aren’t you here?” On Kwaj we relax and forgo the need for complicated stateside devices such as cell phones, palm pilots and ball point pens. You really shouldn’t need a reminder that you are a pastor and you agreed to perform a sunrise wedding. But if there was an Olympic Event for shaving, changing and riding a one speed about a quarter mile, I’m sure I would have come in at least third. Finally, my vision for the morning became a reality. The rising sun, glistening on the turbulent surf, re ected brilliant light on the beach and bride. Morning mist and mishaps faded into daylight delight and the promise of better tomorrows. It was one of those days.


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein HourglassKwajalein Fire Department responds to blaze on Ebeye, many people left homeless3 Silhouetted against the light of re, Ebeye residents knock down buildings with heavy equipment in an attempt to keep destruction from speading on the island Thursday night. (Photo by Tony Maika)See FIRE, Page 7 By Nell M. Drumheller EditorThough there were no injuries, approximately 60 Marshallese were displaced Thursday night when a re on Ebeye destroyed from three to four residential dwellings, an apartment that was used to house nurses, as well as the Republic of Marshall Island’s Finance Building and a food services building. Six re ghters from the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll responded to a request from of cials on Ebeye, loaded a re truck onto the barge Manassas a landing craft utility vessel, and crossed the lagoon to lend aid. The Marshallese government contacted the Kwajalein Hospital at 7:10 p.m. and relayed to them that there was a re on Ebeye, formally requesting assistance to put it out. The Kwajalein Fire Department was already aware of the re and had a plan in place to assist the Ebeye community according to Jerry Leverett, assistant re chief. He said that they received a call that someone saw smoke from Ebeye. Leverett called Lt. Col. Gerald Davie, Operations of cer, and gave him the heads up that there might be a problem on Ebeye that would require USAKA support. Within minutes, the re department was noti ed that an of cial request for assistance had come in. “At approximately 7:15 p.m., of cials from the island of Ebeye requested assistance in re ghting operations,” Leverett said. In cooperation with USAKA Plans, Training and Security, contingency plans were activated for a possible off-island response. “USAKA activated the EOC [Emergency Operations Center] which included island representatives from USAKA and KRS [Kwajalein Range Services]. The primary concern was to provide assistance extinguishing the re and preparing to help with medical assis-


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 4 Global positioning available for boatersWhere in the world . By Mig Owens Assistant EditorHand-held global positioning system units now available at the Small Boat Marina have allowed for extension of the B-boat range, enabling boaters to venture up to three miles farther from the reef. “Safety is the entire purpose of the units,” Christian Rusby, Small Boat Marina supervisor, said, “The perk is that they serve as navigational aids for divers to locate certain spots and for shermen to gauge how far they are from the reef.” The units arrived in January and to date, 16 new boat-license holders carry the GPS endorsement, as it was included in their instruction. The rst class to offer the same endorsement to existing license holders is Wednesday. Those interested may sign up for the class at the Small Boat Marina. “We’re excited about being able to offer new programs at the Marina,” Rusby said. “GPS is a reference for the operator so that they don’t nd themselves in trouble with the police or the Marina,” Rusby said. “They can also help divers pinpoint underwater wrecks and coral formations. More importantly, they can aid in emergency response.” The GPS units utilize a network of satellites that circle the earth to pinpoint locations. According to Rusby, the 14 units available at the Small Boat Marina provide accuracy to within 20 feet. The units feature 12 channels, are water resistant and weigh a mere 5.3 ounces. Explained Mike Moore, USAKA Installation Safety of cer, “The Paci c Ocean environment can change quickly from a peaceful and clear condition into one with high waves accompanied by rain squalls and limited visibility. Having a GPS and knowing how to use it can greatly assist boaters in finding ‘waypoints’ back through passes in the reef to make a safe transit back to Kwajalein.” Roy Howard, AirScan Rotary Wing Training instructor pilot, is a boat operator familiar with the use of GPS by way of his job, at which he uses four different types. He said that the GPS units used today are extremely user friendly. “The GPS offer us the opportunity to y direct to a way point therefore saving time and fuel,” Howard said. He added that the GPS units used in helicopters and airplanes make it quick and easy to mark and identify targets while performing reef sweeps and that the ability to make direct ights saves time and has a direct cost savings in maintenance labor and parts’ costs. “I believe GPS will enhance boating safety,” Howard said. “The ability to know where you are at all times, day or night, will not only help the operator but could also be of bene t to a recovery crew in the event of a break down. I believe that by using GPS the operator can better plan their outing and ensure they return on time.” Rusby explained that by the end of the summer, all boat license holders will be required to have a GPS rating and everyone who takes out a B-boat will have a GPS onboard.There are 14 e-Trex global positioning systems available at the Small Boat Marina to licensed B-boat drivers who obtain the endorsement. (Photo by Mig Owens)" I believe GPS will enhance boating safety. The ability to know where you are at all times, day or night, will not only help the operator but could also be of bene t to a recovery crew in the event of a break down. I believe that by using GPS the operator can better plan their outing and ensure they return on time."— Roy Howard, AirScan Rotary Wing Training instructor pilot


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass"The remedy, according to McGrew, is caution. “When parking, come in slow. Be a captain and direct your crew to help dock,” he said. “Don’t drive any faster than you’re willing to hit it,” McGrew said is the rule of thumb boaters should follow. Both Rusby and McGrew said that a high percentage of people have trouble docking, and for that reason, docking practice is offered for the new B-boats by the Marina. They suggest calling ahead to request a 15-20 minute practice with available staff. “We have a lot of inexperienced boaters,” Rusby said. “A woman who just got her license chipped the gel coat while docking, which is about 3/16” thick. We can patch it, but it will never be new again.” B-boat limits must be followed by boaters to ensure their personal safety and that of their passengers, explained Mike Moore, United States Kwajalein Atoll Installation Safety of cer. “Safety rules are not intended to stop people from enjoying recreational activities. They are there to get people to think about the possible hazards they may encounter,” Moore said. Once B-boat safety rules are understood, Moore said operators may “take appropriate countermeasures like ling a oat plan, taking floatation vests, signaling devices, checking diving equipment for proper operation, looking at weather projections and tide conditions to ensure their safety and wellbeing.” Moore added that when in doubt, always ask a Safety or Community Activities representative for the correct safety information before heading out and participating in a recreational water activity. “You’re completely nancially responsible for the boats,” Rusby said. “Just take your time and be more careful.” 5 By Mig Owens Assistant EditorProblems “parking” boats top the list of Small Boat Marina’s safety concerns, according to supervisors. Recently, improper anchoring and docking have cost operators both recreation time and money. Several hundred dollars in damages and a two-week license suspension was the price paid by one operator who did not cleat a B-boat properly, which caused it to break free from the anchor and drift ashore, explained Christian Rusby, Small Boat Marina supervisor. “It could have been more severe,” Rusby said, “if it had happened on oceanside, they might have lost the boat entirely. People assume that because the anchor is on the bottom, it’s going to hold and they don’t do the calculations,” Rusby said, which involves a scope of ve to one, as taught in the boat licensing class. Added Paul McGrew, also a Small Boat Marina supervisor, “It’s not like a car when you put it in park. The tides could change or the rope could fray from dragging.” He explained that if the anchor is dropped atop a coral head 20 feet down and the boat moves, the anchor does no good if the boat is suddenly over 120-foot deep waters. Another issue faced by Marina staff occurred when a driver, unfamiliar with the controls of the new boats, lost control and ran a boat up onto the dock. “And this was a frequent customer,” Rusby said. Damage to the brand-new boat, according to Rusby, cost the driver in excess of $300 and his negligence cost him a one-month suspension. He added that serious damage to three out of the six new B-boats has occurred in this manner.Boaters responsible for safe handling The anchor was not set correctly and allowed this boat to drift with the tide to shore. (Photo courtesy of Christian Rusby)You're completely nancially responsible for the boats. Just take your time and be more careful.— Christian Rusby, Small Boat Marina supervisor"


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 6Some fishing areas off limits during missions Gone shin' . in the wrong spot to keep folks out, ”Gibson said. This is a slow process by boat and takes several days that may be affected by weather conditions. According to Gibson, KPD is often called upon to ask people to move from one of the caution areas. “As an example, we have had to hold missions while KPD clears people out of the met rocket area. While this is happening, dozens of people are sitting on station waiting to continue the mission. This type of activity has in no way been limited to folks shing. It applies equally to everyone, divers, sailing, camping or beaching,” he said. While there are no physical markings on the islands to indicate the mid-atoll corridor or the mission caution areas, the Hourglass publishes maps to denote the areas. “The information is posted at the Small Boat Marina and at the oat plan drop off area,” Gibson said. “The mission caution areas change with each mission; however, the mid-atoll closure is the same each time.” Gibson added that when an area is closed or the KPD starts their reef sweeps, everyone they nd in the closed areas will be asked to leave. “The only people allowed in those areas are missionessential personnel. If someone feels they need to be in that area for a valid reason, they can contact the Range Safety Of cer for the mission and discuss their individual case,” he said. The RSO’s contact information is included on the mission announcements. Gibson said if you are found in the closed areas, you will be asked to leave, if you affect the mission or are repeatedly in violation, you could lose your boating rights at Kwaj or worse. “The degree of punishment may be determined by the Small Boat Marina personnel or raised up the chain of command to the USAKA commander. Of course, the ultimate punishment for this violation would be if you are struck by some object being tested during the mission,” he said. “We are here for your protection. The areas change with each mission, look at the maps in the Hourglass but if its the mid-atoll area, ocean side of east and west reef will most likely be open. If KPD asks you to leave, do so. If you have a question or too much Ono call the mission RSO,” he added. By Nell M. Drumheller EditorFishing in the waters surrounding the U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll is considered, by many, as one of the most attractive bene ts of living in this area. Fishing might be an attraction, but the reason the Army and Kwajalein Range Services are in this part of the world is for the missions. When it’s mission time, many water ways are closed for shing. “Most missions have two types of areas that are closed,” said Tom Gibson, a safety analyst and Range Safety of cer for various missions. “The mid-atoll area closes several days before a mission so that KPD [Kwajalein Police Department] can go island-by-island and make sure no one is on the islands,” he said. The exact mid-atoll area is published in advance but is basically the central part of the lagoon area and the islands that bound it on the east and west. “The second closed area is the mission caution area; this area is where the vehicle is planned to impact. This area closes one hour before the mission. The caution area may also include the areas around the met rocket launch rail. Many times the areas overlap so the mid atoll will be closed for several days and the mission impact area will close just before the mission; however, the earliest closure time applies for the entire midatoll corridor,” Gibson added. The areas are closed for the safety of the community. The mission-caution boxes are areas where objects are planned to impact. “The mid-atoll area may be subject to impact so the good folks at KPD need to clear out that area before a mission. This means they must sweep the islands of the east reef and the west reef for people and place boats at the north and south ends of the mid-atoll area


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglasssupport. Ike Richardson [KRS president] was on SAR [Search and Rescue] 001 as part of the initial survey and assessment team that included KPD [Kwajalein Police Department] and three re ghters,” Owens said. At 9:15 p.m. the re was reported to be out. “At the time of the EOC stand down, the re department noti ed the EOC members that they still had four to six hours of cleanup,” Owens said. Leverett said that the re department has operational planning set up for this type of situation. Davie said, “EOC does not have a ‘ re on Ebeye’ plan that can be pulled off the shelf; re station/KRS has an off-island re plan. We drew on the knowledge that re station/ KRS has residing in their contingency plan for situations like these.” The re department moved ef ciently into action, deploying six remen: Capt. Ken Riley, Capt. Mike Diehl, Patrick Grace, Scott Carney, Brad Obrocto and Mike Gabany. The department mustered at 7:15 p.m. Thursday and the last of the re ghters returned on island at approximately 7:30 a.m. Friday. “Upon arrival, major re ghting had been taken care of by heavy equipment operators on Ebeye. There were a few are-ups and they were contained easily,” Leverett said. He added, “The major efforts were in the area of salvage and overhaul. This was to ensure the control of areups or rekindling of the re. This area of operation was extensive. Due to the winds the potential of the embers jumping to an unburned area was great.” Even though responding to an emergency of this type is not a daily occurrence for the USAKA community, Davie said that the departments worked well together. Donations of clothes, household goods or money may be taken to the Island Memorial Chapel of ce, according to the Rev. Rick Funk, Protestant chaplain.Kwajalein Fire Department personnel assist Ebeye residents in ghting the re that raged Thursday. 7 FIRE from Page 3(Photos by Nell Drumheller)tance,” Mark Owens, KRS deputy site manager, said. He added that Host Nations was in touch with Marshallese government of cials to assess their needs and ensure everything that could be done was being done to help. USAKA and KRS assets weren’t requested until after the re had been burning for some time. “Due to quick response from the local and national police as well as KAJUR [Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utility Resources], the re was contained to an area approximately 100’ x 150’, bordered by the tennis court, National Telephone Authority, the road leading to the Kwajalein Atoll Local Government of ces and the main road circling Ebeye. All buildings in that area, save for one store, were burnt to the ground or collapsed to contain the re,” Alan Taylor, Republic of the Marshall Islands relations specialist, said. Taylor said that according to witnesses, the re started in a trailer at approximately 5:30 p.m. The trailer was consumed within 15 minutes. “I saw plumes of black smoke from North Point at approximately 6:30 [p.m.],” Taylor said. Residents of Ebeye reportedly assembled a bucket brigade to control and extinguish the ames on the south end of the island. Fire apparatus was still required and was dispatched from Kwajalein. At 8: 58 p.m., the re truck was on Ebeye and active and by 9:10 p.m., the re ghting was reportedly still underway. Meanwhile back on Kwajalein, the hospital was preparing to assist. “Personnel were put on alert to prepare for possible medical support, either on Kwajalein or mobilization to provide support on Ebeye,” explained Dr. Eric Lindborg, chief medical of cer. He contacted RMI medical personnel directly to convey readiness to assist medically in any manner required. Facilitating a joint-island and joint-country response takes coordination. “We were on the phone with the re department and other organizations to ensure that we had proper Capt. Mike Diehl was among was one of the Kwajalein re ghters responding to the Ebeye re.


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 8Global War on Terror Do you like sports? The Hourglass is looking for a volunteer sports reporter. Call Nell Drumheller, 52114. Honoring fallen heroes The Rich is temporarily out of service due to technical issues.Tonight 7:30 p.m., Yuk — National Treasure (PG-13)7 p.m., Roi — The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (R)Sunday 7:30 p.m., Yuk — 50 First Dates (PG-13) 7 p.m., Roi — Elektra (PG-13) Monday7:30 p.m., Yuk — National Treasure (PG-13)Wednesday 7 p.m., ARC — 50 First Dates (PG-13) All movies subject to change with shipments. For updates, call the movie hotline at 52700. National Treasure (R), A man sets out to steal a lost fortune in order to save it in this adventure drama. Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) is an archeologist who is from the eighth generation of a family who has shared an unusual quest. As Gatesfamily legend has it, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin hid a massive cache of gold during the waning days of the Revolutionary War and left clues as to its whereabouts in the original drafts of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. With no rm proof that it actually exists, Gates sets out to crack the code that will lead him to the fortune, which, as a member of the Gates clan, he is sworn to protect from wrongdoers. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (R) The rst effort from director Wes Anderson since his critically beloved The Royal Tenenbaurms, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou nds the lmmaker re-teaming with a number of familiar faces, including Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Anjelic Huston and Seymour Cassel. Murray plays Steve Zissou, an eccentric and renowned oceanographer who has decided to seek out and enact mortal revenge on a shark that ate one of the men on his team. Along for the ride is Ned Plimpton (Wilson), a young man who has joined Zissou’s crew after showing up claiming to be the seaman’s long-lost son and Zissou’s co-producer (and estranged wife), Eleanor (Huston). As the expedition ensues, the two bond and Plimpton falls for a female journalist (Cate Blanchett) who is writing a piece on Zissou. The crew meets a host of obstacles on their journey, including pirates, kidnapping, and bankruptcy. 50 First Dates (PG-13) nds Adam Sandler playing veterinarian Henry Roth. More than content with one-night stands, Henry decides to give up his noncommittal lifestyle when he meets and falls for Lucy (Drew Barrymore). However, when he discovers that Lucy has no short term memory, Henry nds himself having to win her heart again with every new day.The Rich is temporarily out of service due to technical issues.The following five U.S. servicemembers have died in the Global War on Terrorism since March 23. Spc. Travis R. Bruce, 22 of Byron, Minn., died March 23 in Baghdad, Iraq, when an enemy mortar round detonated near his guard position. Bruce was assigned to the Army’s 170th Military Police Company, 504th Military Police Battalion, Fort Lewis, Wash. Cpl. Bryan J. Richardson, 23 of Summersville, W.Va., died March 25 as a result of hostile action in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. He was assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Moundsville, W.Va. Two Soldiers died March 26 in Baghdad, when a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device detonated near their HMMWV while they were on patrol. Sgt. Lee M. Godbolt, 23 of New Orleans was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 141st Field Artillery Regiment, New Orleans. Sgt. Isiah J. Sinclair, 31 of Natchitoches, La. was assigned to the Army National Guard’s 1st Battalion, 156th Armored Regiment, Shreveport, La. Pfc. Samuel S. Lee, 19 of Anaheim, Calif., died Monday in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, from non-combat related injuries. Lee was assigned to 1st Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, Camp Greaves, Korea. Recreation Center, are (top row from left) Abby Kautz, Melody Phu, Maeli Cherry, Claire Cheatham and Joanna Snyder. Sitting, from left, Kaile'a Moseley, Bethany Brock, Amelia Kemp and Angela Ngo (class members not pictured, Auli'I Lum and Caitlin Gregoire). According to Julie Wathen, dance instructor, the predance members are to go into nal position and hit their pose following their routine. "This was one of their rst tries of the day and most of them forgot where to go, so this was their big nish at the end of the dance! They practiced hard and put on an excellent performance at the recital." (Photo by Steve Hill)


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Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 10All AFN programming is subject to change due to DS3 availability. TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMKickin ItM.L. SoccerFox & FriendsNBAMad TVMovie: (Continued) FuturamaMovie: (Continued) 12:30AM DC United at Lakers at Spurs Movie: <:41>Futurama Conspiracy1:00AMThe Entertainers Chivas USA CBS News Sunday The Road to Indiana Jones and Fairly OddparentsHeadline News 1:30AM NBA FastbreakMorningESPNews Stardom the Last Crusade RugratsScrubs 2:00AMJ.A.G. Sports Reporters Roller Tru Calling Movie: Air Bud: 7thKing of the Hill 2:30AM SportsCenterFace the Nation Inning FetchAccess Hollwood 3:00AMTrue Hollywood Headline News Strong MedicineMovie: Weekend3:30AMStories ESPNewsNavy/Marine Corps The AstronautÂ’s Movie:Black Forum 4:00AM Tennis Late Edition With Friends Wife Tru Confessions ESPNews4:30AM Nasdaq 100 Open Wolf Blitzer Seinfeld NASCAR Nextel5:00AMAmericaÂ’s Funniest MenÂ’s Finals NBABreathing Space Yoga Movie: <:02> Sesame StreetCup 5:30AMHome Videos Dallas Mavericks Carribean Workout 28 Days Food City 5006:00AMCelebration of Victory FOX News Live at Area Barney & Friends 6:30AMCoral Ridge Hour Cleveland Cavaliers Clifford 7:00AMThe Other PGA Tour Swamp CrittersMovie:Sylvester & Tweety 7:30AMHoly Land Bellsouth Classic: NBAHarvest The Bad News Scooby Doo 8:00AMCalilou Final Round Meet the Press Minnesota Women in the Bears Magic School Bus 8:30AMArthur Timberwolves Rabbinate Movie: <:56>The Jetsons 9:00AMMovie:FNS with Chris at Latin Lifestyles Bull Durham Bugs BunnyESPNews9:30AM Road to Elderado Wallace Sacramento Kings Urban Style Easter Special 10:00AM SportsCenterTim RussertESPNewsFantasy Camp Ed, Edd & EddyBeyond the Glory10:30AMAFNEWS Basketball Special Roker on the RoadMovie: <:54>Filmore 11:00AMMotorweekCollege Basketball People in the NewsBaseball Tonight Radical Sabatical Major League Walk in Your Shoes Emeril Live 11:30AMEbert & Roeper (WomenÂ’s) All American Festivals Funniest Animals 12:00PMMovie: Final Four This WeekMLBThe Suze Orman Nick NewsThat 70Â’s Show 12:30PMMask Baylor vs. LSU Boston Red Sox Show Movie: <:42> Happy DaysWheel of Fortune 1:00PM College Basketball Dateline at Myth Busters Field of Dreams Movie: Dr Phil 1:30PMMovie: <:48> (WomenÂ’s) International N.Y. Yankees Spy Kids 2:00PMAll the Right Moves Final Four CNN Sunday NightFrontier House Oprah Winfrey2:30PM Michigan State vs. Movie: <:38> Movie: 3:00PM Tennessee CNN PresentsMeet the PressBasic Traning 61*Right On Track NBC Nightly News3:30PMComing Attractions SportsCenter Mail Call Judge Judy4:00PMThe Apprentice Larry King LiveHeadline NewsJ.A.G. DisneyÂ’s DougCharmed4:30PM ESPNews Wild Thornberrys5:00PMAndromeda FLW Outdoors 60 MinutesRoller The Best OfTrue HollywoodFairly OddparentsThe Amazing Race5:30PM Ouchita River Pt. 1 Good Eats Stories Rugrats6:00PMHeadline NewsESPNews FOX MagazineMy Wife and Kids The Jeff Corwin 6:30PMWindow on the Atoll King of the Hill Experience 7:00PMJudging AmyAFL Beltway BoysGirlfriends Movie: AmericaÂ’s FunniestThird Watch 7:30PM L.A. Avengers at FOX News WatchAll of Us Almost Famous Home Videos8:00PMMovie: Orlando Predators Bulls & BearsThe Amazing Race EverwoodJeopardy8:30PMConspiracy Cavuto on Business Headline News9:00PM Forbes on FOXWindow on Review 1996 Movie: <:13> Joan of ArcadiaESPNews9:30PM CashinÂ’ InRoller Blue Streak Navy/Marine Corps10:00PMHeadline NewsSportsCenter Dateline NBCFriendsThe Cosby Show60 Minutes10:30PMScrubs Home Improvement 11:00PMKing of the Hill American MorningSaturday NightMovie: Touched by an Without a Trace11:30PMAccess HollywoodBaseball Tonight Live High Fidelity Angel Monday, April 4


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 11All AFN programming is subject to change due to DS3 availability. TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMAccess Hollywood Baseball Tonight American MorningRollerThe X-FilesMovie: Fairly OddparentsE.R.12:30AMBlack ForumMLB High Fidelity Rugrats 1:00AMPassions Boston Red Sox Girlfreinds Movie: <:07> The Jeff CorwinPaci c Report1:30AM at All of Us Murders in the ExperienceTonight Show2:00AMThird Watch N.Y. Yankees FOX News LiveThe Amazing Race Rue Morgue AmericaÂ’s Funniestwith Jay Leno2:30AM Home VideosThe Late Show3:00AMLaw & Order Movie: Everwoodw/ David Letterman3:30AM SportsCenter Almost Famous The Late Late Show4:00AMThe Simpsons Friends Joan of Arcadiawith Craig Ferguson 4:30AMRaymond Dennis Miller5:00AMCharmed Baseball Tonight Dateline NBCBreathing Space Yoga Movie: <:13> Sesame Street5:30AM Carribean Workout Blue Streak Countdown with Keith Olbermann6:00AMTodayMLBFOX News LiveBody ShapingBarney & Friends 6:30AM Milwaukee Brewers Tipical Mary EllenCliffordAccess Hollywood 7:00AMat Studio B withThe ViewRevealedDragon Tales Headline News7:30AMPittsburgh Pirates Shepard Smith Leonardo Dicaprio Bob the BuilderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of Fortune Your World withEmeril LiveHollywood StoriesThe WigglesESPNews8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26> Neil Cavuto E.T.Dora: The ExplorerHeadline News 9:00AMOprah Winfrey MLBConnected:30 Minute MealsMovie:StanleyGood Morning9:30AM <9:20> Chicago Cubs Coast to Coast PaulaÂ’s Home Cooking The Deidre Hall SagwaAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light at Headline NewsDesignerÂ’s Challange Story Franklin 10:30AM<10:20> Arizona NBC Nightly NewsFashion EmergencyMovie: <:46> Reading Rainbow 11:00AMGeneral Hospital Diamondbacks ABC World NewsThe Soup The Arturo SagwaEmeril Live11:30AM<11:10> CBS Evening NewsKing of Queens Sandoval Story Stanley 12:00PMBulletin BoardESPNewsThe NewshourThat 70Â’s ShowDora: The ExplorerThat 70Â’s Show12:30PMJudge Judy with Jim LehrerGirlfriends The WigglesWheel of Fortune1:00PMTodayCollege BasketballHannity & ColmesCharmedMovie:Bob the BuilderCollege Basketball1:30PMNCAA Driving Miss Daisy Dragon Tales NCAA2:00PM Championship Fox Report withStrong Medicine Blues Clues Championship2:30PMSt. Louis MO. Shepard Smith Movie: <:51>Barney & Friends St. Louis MO.3:00PMAladdin Teams TBD Lou Dobbs TonightPassions Shangai Noon Funniest Videos Teams TBD 3:30PMSpongebobSportsCenter Growing PainsESPNews4:00PMMucha Lucha Larry King LiveCBS Evening NewsThird Watch PokemonCharmed4:30PMKim Possible NBC Nightly News Yu-Gi-Oh!5:00PMJeopardyNASCAR NationNewsnightRollerLaw & OrderAcess HollywoodDisneyÂ’s DougStrong Medicine5:30PMAccess Hollywood with Aaron Brown WeekendWild Thornberrys6:00PMWindow on the AtollSportsCenterBET Nightly News The Simpsons E.T. WeekendFairly OddparentsPassions6:30PMPaci c Report Tavis SmileyRaymond Rugrats 7:00PM60 MinutesNASCAR Nextel HardballCharmedMovie:Lizzie McGuireThird Watch7:30PM Cup with Chris Matthews IdentityThe Brothers Garcia8:00PMWithout a Trace Food City 500 OÂ’Reilly Factor Law & Order Smallville Jeopardy8:30PM Movie: <:45> Headline News9:00PME.R. NightlineMonster House Mystery Alaska Boy Meets WorldESPNews9:30PM Business Report Boy Meets WorldHeadline News10:00PMPaci c Report FOX & Friends FirstFriends The Cosby Show7th Heaven10:30PMTonight Show Seinfeld Home Improvement 11:00PMW/ Jay Leno American MorningSeinfeld Movie: Touched by Movie:11:30PMThe Late ShowSportsCenterBlind Date Scream an Angel Family SinsTuesday, April 5


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 12 All AFN programming is subject to change due to DS3 availability. TimeChannel 9 AFN Prime Channel 13 AFN Sports Channel 14 AFN News Channel 17 Roller/Prime Sports Channel 20 AFN Spectrum Channel 23 AFN Movies Channel 26 AFN Family Channel 35 AFN Direct to Sailors12:00AMThe Late ShowSportsCenter American MorningRollerLate Night withMovie: Remember DisneyÂ’s DougMovie: (Continued)12:30AMThe Late Late ShowBoxing Conan OÂ’BrienMovie: <:53>Wild Thornberrys The Simpsons1:00AMwith Craig Ferguson Wayne Braithwaite CharmedThe Haunting Fairly OddparentsPaci c Report 1:30AMDennis Miller vs. RugratsTonight Show2:00AMJean-marc FOX News LiveLaw & Order Lizzie McGuire w/ Jay Leno2:30AMCountdown With Keith Olbermann Mormeck The Brothers GarciaThe Late Show3:00AM SportsCenterMonster HouseMovie:Smallville w/ David Letterman3:30AMAccess Hollywood Identity The Late Late Show4:00AMHeadline News College Basketball Friends Boy Meets Worldw/ Craig Ferguson 4:30AMEntertainment Studios NCAA SeinfeldMovie: <:45>Boy Meets WorldDennis Miller5:00AMESPNews Championship Dayside withBreating Space YogaMystery Alaska Sesame Street5:30AMHeadline News St. Louis MO. Linda Vester Caribbean Workout Countdown With Keith Olbermann6:00AMToday Teams TBD FOX News Live Body Shaping Barney & Friends 6:30AM ESPNews Tipical Mary Ellen CliffordAccess Hollywood7:00AMNASCAR NationStudio B withThe ViewAcess HollywoodDragon Tales Headline News7:30AM Shepard SmithWeekendBob the BuilderEntertainment Studios8:00AMWheel of FortuneMLBYour World withEmeril Live E.T. WeekendThe WigglesESPNews8:30AMDr. Phil <8:26> Atlanta Braves Neil Cavuto Dora, the ExplorerHeadline News 9:00AMOprah Winfrey at Connected:30 Minute MealsMovie: StanleyGood Morning9:30AM <9:20> Florida Marlins Coast to Coast Sweet Dreams The Susan Wilson SagwaAmerica 10:00AMGuiding Light Headline NewsBest For Less Story Franklin 10:30AM<10:20> NBC Nightly NewsStrippedMovie: <46> Reading Rainbow 11:00AMGeneral Hospital Around the Horn ABC World NewsE! News Live Girl Interrupted SagwaThat 70Â’s Show11:30AM<11:10> WomenÂ’s CollegeCBS Evening NewsKing of Queens StanleyWomenÂ’s College12:00PMBulletin Board Basketball Special The NewshourThat 70Â’s Show Dora the Explorer Basketball Special12:30PMJudge JudyCollege Basketballwith Jim LehrerGirlfriends The WigglesCollege Basketball1:00PMToday (WomenÂ’s) Hannity & ColmesCharmedMovie: Bob the Builder (WomenÂ’s)1:30PMNational Stepmom Dragon Tales National 2:00PM Championship Fox Report withStrong Medicine Blues Clues Championship 2:30PM Teams TBD Shepard Smith Barney & Friends Teams TBD3:00PMI SpySportsCenter Lou Dobbs TonightPassionsMovie: <:14> Funniest VideosNBC Nightly News3:30PMAnimaniacs Dragnet Growing PainsJudge Judy4:00PMAll Grown UpPBA TourLarry King LiveCBS Evening NewsThird Watch PokemonCharmed4:30PMTeen Kids NewsDennyÂ’s World NBC Nightly NewsYu-Gi-Oh!5:00PMJeopardy Championship NewsnightRollerLaw & OrderThe EntertainersDisneyÂ’s DougStrong Medicine5:30PMHeadline NewsPTI with Aaron Brown Wild Thornberrys6:00PMBulletin BoardSportsCenter BET Nightly News The SimpsonsBehind the ScenesFarily OddparentsPassions6:30PMPaci c Report Tavis SmileyRaymondE.T.Rugrats 7:00PM7th HeavenMLBHardballStar Trek: EnterpriseMovie: The Proud Family Third Watch7:30PM St. Louis Cardinals with Chris MatthewsCountdownKate & Leopold The Amanda Show 8:00PMMovie: at OÂ’Reilly Factor C.S.I. Miami EverwoodJeopardy8:30PMFamily Sins Houston Astros Headline News9:00PM NightlineThe New DetectivesMovie: <:13>Sister, SisterESPNews9:30PMThe Simpsons Business Report A Perfect Murder Sister, SisterPaci c Report10:00PMPaci c Report SportsCenter FOX and FriendsFriends The Cosby ShowThat 70Â’s Show10:30PMTonight Show FirstSeinfeld Home ImprovementThe Simple Life11:00PMW/ Jay Leno MLBAmerican MorningThe Daily ShowMovie: Touched by anExtreme 11:30PMThe Late Show Rangers at Angels Blind Date Wild Things Angel Makeover Wednesday, April 6


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 13Caf Paci c Protestant services Sunday, 8 a.m. and 10:45 a.m., in the chapel. Roi-Namur service at 4 p.m. Sunday school for all ages 9:15 a.m., in the REB. Catholic services Saturday Mass, 5:30 p.m., in the main chapel. Sunday Mass 7 a.m., small chapel 9:15 a.m., main chapel Mass on Roi at 11:30 a.m. For more information, call the Chapel, 53505. HELP WANTED LunchSun Kwaj fried chicken Cajun pork stew Eggs Benedict Grill: Brunch station open Mon Beeftips in Burgundy Roast Cornish hen Vegetarian quiche ChefÂ’s choice Grill: Brunch station open Tues Cajun spare ribs Red beans and rice Breaded chicken wings Grill: Cheese sandwich Wed Spaghetti and meatballs Tortellini Alfredo Eggplant Parmesan Sauted salmon Grill: Italian burgerThur Broiled pork chops Local boy stew Steamed ono Grill: Monte Cristo wrapFri Yankee pot roast Sicilian pan pizza Vegetarian pan pizza Chicken sukiyaki Grill: Corn dogsApril 9 Baked meatloaf Spicy Buffalo wings Grill: Greek gyro bar DinnerTonight Barbecued chicken Swedish meatballs Italian pizzaSun Braised shortribs Chicken stew Baked red snapper Mon Barbecued pork butt Beef pot pie Parmesan breaded cod Tues Salisbury steak Spicy chicken curryWeds Carved London broil Chicken cordon bleu Three-cheese pasta Pork subgum chow meinThurs Stir-fry to order Pork loin Szechuan chicken Fri Roast chicken Broiled ham steakKRS has the following job openings. For contract hire positions, call Marie Wininger, 51300. For all others, call Jack Riordan, 55154. Full job descriptions and requirements are on line or at Human Resources, Building 700. HARBOR CONTROLLER, Marine Department. Casual. Stand watches and monitor movements of all vessels entering or exiting Kwajalein Harbor, monitor various radio frequencies and phones, ensure published watercraft schedules are executed on time, announce all harbor vessel movements, ensure all vessels are fully staffed prior to departure. Must be familiar with emergency response procedures and maintain logbook. Must have experience in VHF or wireless radio communication procedures with very good command of English language. HR Req. K030693. MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIST. Contract position. HR Req.030877. SUPERVISOR, Medical Laboratory. Contract position. HR Req.030881. RADAR ENGINEER. Contract position. HR Req.030875. MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR. Contract position. HR Req.030871. EQUIPMENT REPAIR TECHNICIAN III. Contract position. HR Req.030873. PROJECT CONTROLS ENGINEER II. Contract position. HR Req.030662. TRAFFIC AGENT I. Contract position. HR Req.030658. CASHIERS, Tape Escape. Casual. CARPENTER I, Roi Operations. Ennibur residents should apply to Floyd Corder, operations manager. ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN I, Retail Merchandising. Part time (10-20 hours per week). Access, diagnosis, order parts and repair electronic merchandise. GENERAL MAINTENANCE I, Roi Operations. Full time. Enniburr residents should apply to Floyd Corder, operations manager. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT II, Communications Department. Full time. Full job description at the HR counter. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I, Security. Full time. Pick-up service orders from KRS Work Control and ensure proper tracking of service orders. Schedule/coordinate appointments with site personnel for locksmith services. Coordinate travel and logistics arrangements for outer island work activity. Maintain key tracking database and generate various forms/reports relative to key control activities. Order lock shop hardware and maintain lock shop supply inventory database. Required to also crosstrain to perform very basic locksmith functions such as using key cutting devices to make new/duplicate keys and printing lock cylinders. Must also be willing to work after hours in emergency situations. HR Req. K030722. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT I, Meck Ops. Full time. Under direct supervision performs routine clerical and administrative support task. Tasks may include some or all of the following: copying, distributing mail, performing simple calculations, maintaining records and les, greeting visitors, maintaining logs, typing, following standard procedures with work being checked. Typically requires high school education and less than two years experience in of ce management and/or administration. HR Req. K030705. MAIL CLERK, Postal Services. Full time. Process incoming and outgoing mail and work in a nance window. Maintain les for registered mail. Rotation to Roi required. Handle claims, supplies and documentation. Must be in good physical condition and able to move up to 70 lbs. Requires good communication skills. HR Req. K030707. CARPENTER I, Roi Ops. Full time. Enniburr residents should apply to Roi Operations of ce. HR Req. K030716. IT HELP DESK TECHNICIAN I. RMI position. Must have strong knowledge, training and experience in computer repair, maintenance and software troubleshooting. Will provide telephone technical assistance to Kwajalein user community to resolve computer problems. Strong communication skills are required. HR Req. K030723. ACCOUNTING CLERK II, CDC Finance. Full time. Duties include data entry, receive payroll edits and timecards, clerical and of ce tasks as required. Requires good written and verbal English communication, service and computer skills. HR Req. K030688 ASSISTANT CYS ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR, CYS Education. Part time. Perform duties under the general direction of the youth activities director. Responsible for operation of the Youth Center and other activities programs. Must have excellent communication skills. Requires child care clearance. HR Req. K030697. IVEY GYM ATTENDANT. Recreation Activities. Casual position. HR Req. K030694. TRAFFIC AGENT, CDC Air eld Operations. Responsible to ensure safe and timely loading and unloading of commercial and military aircraft and cargo aircraft. Conduct emergency ticketing, utilize airline-style computer systems for cargo and passenger processing and accountability. Must have strong verbal and written communication skills. Must have strong customer service skills. HR Req. K030685. FIELD ENGINEER II, PLOPS. Contract position. HR Req. 030791. MECHANIC I, Automotive. Three positions. Full time. Requires at least one year of work experience with light-duty vehicles. Suf cient education to be able to communicate in English with reasonable uency. HR Req. K030641 and K030653. AUTO BODY TECHNICIAN I, Automotive. Full time.


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 14 Replace, repair and adjust auto body parts as required. Must be able to use dust, welding and half-mask respirators. Requires suf cient education to be able to communicate in English with reasonable uency. HR Req. K030640. MECHANIC II. Full time. HR Req. K030642. WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR. HR Req. 030466. HARDWARE ENGINEER III, Tradex. Contract position. Full time. Education required: BSEE. Education desired: MSEE. HR Req. 030691. TRADEX RECEIVER ENGINEER. Full time. Contract position. Education required: BSEE. HR Req. 030691. PRODUCTION CONTROL CLERK I RMI position. Full time. Adequate knowledge of KEAMS desired. HR Req. K030630. USAKA/RTS has the following job vacancies. Applications must be submitted in accordance with announcements at or USAJobs at These three positions are permanent, 24-month overseas tour of duty, limited to DoD ve-year limitation on overseas employment. PCS costs, transportation and housing agreements included and any other foreign allowances. For job information, call Cris Foster, USAKA/RTS Civilian Personnel, 54417. OFFICE AUTOMATION ASSISTANTS, USAKA/RTS, GS0326-06. Temporary, not to exceed one year overseas limited appointments which may be extended in one year increments up to a maximum of two years. No PCS costs provided. No housing or transportation agreement provided. Three vacancies to be lled at this time. Applications submitted under this announcement may be used to ll like vacancies for a period of six months. Announcement No. SCBK05470914. Closes April 6. SECRETARY (Stenography/Of ce Automation), USAKA/RTS Of ce of the Commander, GS-0318-08. Announcement SCBK05437098 and DEU Announcement SCBK05437098D. Both announcements close April 4. PARALEGAL SPECIALIST, USAKA/RTS Command Legal Of ce, GS-0950-09. Announcement SCBK05437115 and DEU Announcement SCBK05437115D. Both announcements close April 5. SAN JUAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY has the following job opening. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT. Part time to start (20-30 per week). Assist of ce manager with ling, data entry, payroll, time sheets and other administrative duties as needed to support personnel and government contracts. Must be computer literate. Knowledge of Microsoft Of ce required. Call Tammie Cotton, 51006. COMMUNITY BANK, operated by Bank of America, N.A., has the following job opening: PART-TIME TELLER. Successful candidates should have previous banking, credit union or cash handling experience. Candidates must also have the ability to quickly and accurately handle transactions, communicate effectively and possess a strong desire to learn. For consideration, send resum to or call 52152. Community Bank is an equal opportunity employer. MIT/LINCOLN LABORATORIES has the following job opening: SITE SECRETARY. Secretarial/administrative support tasks for site manager. Prepare presentation material, answer phones, handle classi ed material, maintain les and of ce supplies, schedule meetings and assist with travel arrangements. Must possess or be able to obtain security clearance. Pro ciency with MS Of ce and Adobe products required. Must have knowledge or willingness to learn webpage design/maintenance. Graphic arts experience preferred. Strong secretarial skills, self-con dence, mature judgement, conscientious, cooperative and responsible attitude is a must. Must be able to organize work in changing environment. Submit resum by April 16 to Lyn Long, MIT/Lincoln Laboratory, P.O. Box 58, Local. KWAJALEIN POLICE DEPARTMENT has the following job vacancy: PROPERTY CONTROL MANAGER. Full time. Contract position. Administer the acquisition, accountability, utilization and disposal of U.S. government property assigned to the Kwajalein Police Department. Duties include monitoring nancial expenditures, compiling statistical data and material costs for management and government reporting, monitoring in-stock inventory levels and initiate replenishment orders for replacement supplies and materials. Will perform physical inventory counts, issue/purchase/maintain custodial gear for employees. Purchasing, supply and KEAMS experience preferred. Applications are available in the KPD administrative of ce, Building 835. Applications must be turned in by April 13. For more information, call Lt. Travis Coldwell, 54429. RECORDS MANAGER. Management and processing of military police records, violation notices, blotters and daily journals. Must have knowledge and experience using Microsoft Of ce and record databases. Must have excellent verbal/written communications skills. Applications are available in the KPD administration of ce, Building 835. Applications are due by April 14. For details, call Lt. Travis Coldwell, 54429. WANTEDCOUCH. Call 52517. HOUSE-SITTING situation. Will take care of pets and plants. References provided. Call Bill, 53535. LOSTBLUE WOOL jacket, Gap brand, near Sixth Street and the supply building road. Sentimental. Call Marilyn, 50939W or 53999H. or return to Qtrs. 473-A. 14K GOLD hoop earring, Saturday. Call 51418 or 51302. LARGE BLUE lid, Sunday, between Round House and housing. Call Bill, 53535. TWO SHEETS OF 4 X 8 white plastic lattice taken from behind Qtrs. 402-D. No questions asked if returned. Call Cris, 52935. PATIO SALESMONDAY, 7:30 a.m.-?, Qtrs. 490-B. Spring cleaning sale. Rocking horse, bunk bed, toys, clothes. MONDAY, 8-10 a.m., Qtrs. 476-A. Household electronics, clothes, books, kitchen items. No early birds. FOR SALEPCS SALE. LadiesÂ’ starter golf clubs, bag and cart, $50; Wilson swing-trainer hinged 7-iron, $10; computer hutch with wheeled chair, $30; Toastmaster toaster oven, $20; Panasonic microwave, $30; rollerblading out t: menÂ’s size 10 pro boot, all pads and carrying bag, $100; shing rod and spinning wheel, new, $25; Gateway computer tower, lots of room, $10. Call 54364. 100-GALLON show aquarium with custom oak cabinet, totally self suf cient, very quiet, two years worth of food. Call 51427 or 51356. SEVEN LARGE cans ( 1lbs. 9.7 oz.) of powdered Similac Advance formula with iron, paid $27.99 per can, will sell for $25 per can. Call Mandy, 53771. 1997 SEE-DOO GSX jet ski, $4,500; See-Doo engine for GSX, new in crate, $1,000; scuba gear: Atomic regulator, Mares dive computer, second stage regulator, menÂ’s BC, $450; bookshelf stereo, $75; Kliph 4.1 surround sound computer speakers, $90; computer desk in good shape, $75; hammock, $40; Dell 720 color inkjet printer, $20; three KLH speakers, center/surround, $15. Call 54816H or 50937W. 38' LE COMPTE SAILBOAT. Made in Holland in 1968. Hull, mast and rigging in good condition, needs interior nished and exterior cosmetics, includes rebuilt Volvo Penta engine, boathouse, autopilot, solar panels, many sails, tools, parts and too many supplies to mention, $20,000. Call 52210 and leave a message. NINTENDO GAMECUBE game, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, $8; three games for Gameboy Advance: Golden Sun $7, ESPN Golf $2, The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past $8; three games for Gameboy color: T he Legend of Zelda, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, Links Awakening $8 each. Call 58954, after 5 p.m. CAL 20, $6,500; aquarium, $250; two full-size futons, $200-$400; bookshelves, $15 each; Rubbermaid shelves; dishes, $5-$15. Call Pattie or Kevin, 52973. CUSTOM ELECTRIC Soprano ukulele, made in Germany, includes Fender ampli er, cord, lesson book, CD lessons and carrying case, $225. Call 50010. LIGHT OAK kitchen storage cart, $40; childÂ’s toy convertible ride-on car, $20; large beach umbrella, $40; Tike Tech lightweight aluminum jogging stroller, $150; wall mount for small TV, $20. Maternity clothes, small/medium sizes. Call 52757. CAPEZIO TAP SHOES, hardly used, size 6M; cordless telephone with digital answering machine, needs new battery. Call Sheryl, 51383 or 55665. BURLEY, good condition, push or pull, $60. Call 53535. CAPE DORY 19' sailboat, with sails and mooring, $1,100 or best offer; 35 amp-hour AGM battery, new, $75; complete 10-gallon aquarium, $35; Toshiba E335 Palm Pilot with 128 MB SD card, $100; Palm Tungstene brand, new, $125; iron, $5; phone with answering machine, $20. Community Bankwill conduct a Roi banking day Monday at 9 a.m. at the bank of ce in the terminal building on Roi-Namur. The purpose is to provide Community Bank information to Roi residents and to allow them to establish accounts.


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass 15 Ballroom dinner dance is April 24 in the MP Room. Enjoy an elegant evening of dining and dancing to the swinging sounds of the “Central Paci c’s Most Dangerous Band.” For tickets, call Cris, 52935, Shigeko, 5 3 5 7 8 o r D i c k 5 1 6 8 4 53578, or Dick, 51684. T h e 2 0 0 5 S p r i n g B r e a k The 2005 Spring Break M u s i c F e s t i v a l i s S u n d a y a t E m o n B e a c h Music Festival is Sunday at Emon Beach C h e c k o u t t h e Check out the h o m e m a d e homemade c h i l i c o n t e s t chili contest! M u s i c 1 1 0 p m Music 1-10 p.m., w i t h l o c a l b a n d s with local bands a n d t h e A F E and the AFE “ V i c k i N o v a ” “Vicki Nova” B a n d a t 8 p m Band at 8 p.m. Call Mike, 55987. 27" SONY TRINITRON color TV, $200; 10' x 20' King Canopy galvanized steel tarp shelter, new inbox, $250; three-CD change/player/recorder, $125; Gary Fisher “Joshua” mountain bike with F/R suspension, just tuned up stateside, paid $2,000, will sell for $400; 7' 3" Bic MiniMalibu surfboard, $250. Call 51161. 36' SAILING CATAMARAN. Perfect weekend boat for outer island camping and a fun shing boat, carries 15+, full complement of sails including main, genoa, jib, staysail and spinnaker, capable of 11+ knots, sleeps four, solar power with two 250 amp-hour batteries, boathouse and mooring, plus much more, $10,000. Call 56232 and leave a message. THREE-WHEEL adult Miami Sun tricycle with large rear basket and matching removable canopy, purchased in August 2004 and kept inside, paid $373.50, will sell for $250. Call 52253. LARGE, ANTIQUE solid oak hoop leg dining room table, $650 and a solid oak, antique, wash stand chest of drawers, $450, if purchased together, $1,000, both items are quite old; small white wicker table, $10; several plants, $5-$25; antique replica radio with cassette player, $35; boat items, call for details; two multi-speed bikes with lights and handlebar protection, $160. Call 51982 or 53779. COMMUNITY NOTICESSPRING BREAK Music Festival's Chili Cook-Off is Sunday. To enter your special homemade chili, ll out an entry form online at or call Susan Zeher, 54523, or Steve Banducci, 51622. CHRISTIAN WOMENS’ Fellowship luncheon will be Sunday at the REB. Bring a $3 donation to help with cost of food. For more information, call Evelyne, 52687. APPLICATIONS FOR Kwajalein Art Guild’s Spring Art and Craft Fair will be available on the mini-mall bulletin board Monday. GPS ENDORSEMENT class for extended B-boat license is Wednesday, 6:30 p.m. Space is limited. Sign up early at Small Boat Marina. MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) will meet Thursday, 9 a.m., in the REB. We will be making shell candles. Bring lots of shells and/or sea glass. Childcare will be provided for a small fee. Questions? Call Mary, 51298. MOPS is sponsored by the Island Memorial Chapel. KINDERGARTEN and FIRST GRADE concert is April 14, 7 p.m., in the MP Room. Kindergarten will perform “Friends” and rst grade will perform “Goin’ Buggy.” KWAJALEIN RUNNING CLUB’S 2005 Rustman swimbike-run triathlon is scheduled for May 2. Triathlon options are individual and teams of up to three persons. Distances are swim 1K; bike, 42K; run 10K. Pre-registration by April 28 is mandatory. Race information pack with entry forms are available on the mini-mall bulletin board or stop by Qtrs. 123-C. IF YOU are a resident and thinking about having friends or family visit, do not assume there will always be a vacation trailer available. Call Kwaj Lodge, 53485, and ask for our vacation trailer request form before submitting your 480 form for approval. The approved vacation trailer request form must be presented with your USAKA 480 request to visit Kwajalein for unof clal visitors. It is important that the command is aware of the location of unof cial visitors as well as of cial visitors. DO YOU have some artistic talent you would like to share with the community? Kwajalein Art Guild is looking for instructors. Call 51359. GRACE SHERWOOD LIBRARY would like your old paperback books for our paperbook book exchange program. Your assistance is appreciated. of


Saturday, April 2, 2005 The Kwajalein Hourglass Tonight: Partly to mostly clear with isolated showers. Winds: ENE at 17-22 knots. Sunday: Partly cloudy with widely scattered showers at night. Winds: ENE at 16-22 knots. Monday: Partly cloudy with widely scattered morning showers. Winds: ENE at 16-20 knots. Tuesday: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. Winds: ENE at 15-20 knots. Annual rain total: 6.10" Annual deviation: -6.82" Call 54700 for updated forecasts. www.rtswx.com16 WEATHER COURTESY OF RTS WEATHERUSAKA draft document notice of availabiltyThe U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll Environmental Standards require that the operating parameters of USAKA activities, with the potential to affect the public health and environment, must be de ned in a Document of Environmental Protection. The Standards further provide that regulatory agencies and the public be allowed to review and comment on a Draft DEP. A Draft DEP was developed by USAKA for the U.S. Air Force Minuteman III Modi cation program. This DEP provides guidelines for protection of personnel and the environment during and after MM III re-entry vehicle impacts in USAKA ranges, especially on and in the vicinity of Illeginni Island. This document outlines the procedures to follow in the event of an incidental take or injury to sea turtles and in the establishment of a sea turtle nesting habitat on Eniwetak Island. In addition, a survey of marine mammals in the open water ranges of USAKA is identi ed. The public is invited to review and comment on this Draft DEP. This Draft DEP and the USAKA Environmental Standards are available for review at the Grace Sherwood Library, the Roi-Namur Library and the Alele Museum and Library. Questions regarding the draft DEP can be directed to Mr. Kenneth Sims, USAKA Environmental Management f cer, 805-355-8889. Written comments can be directed to: Commander, U.S. Army Kwajalein Atoll, Attn: SMDC-RDTE-K-CP, P.O. Box 26, APO, AP 96555-2526. A period of at least 30 days will be provided for public comment. Comments should be postmarked no later than April 29. Sun Moon Tides Sun rise/set Moon rise/set High Tide Low Tide Sunday 0646/1859 0154/1347 1130, 4.1' 0350, 2.5' April 3 1910, 2.0' Monday 0645/1859 0252/1448 0130, 3.4' 0650, 2.3' April 4 1320, 4.4' 2010, 1.5' Tuesday 0645/1859 0345/1547 0220, 4.0' 0800, 1.8' April 5 1420, 4.9' 2050, 1.0' Wednesday 0644/1859 0434/1642 0300, 4.6' 0850, 1.2' April 6 1500, 5.3' 2120, 0.6' Kwajalein softball season was a big hit with players Roi schedule Wednesday 5 p.m........................................................Kemtake/Roi-Rats6:10 p.m.....................................................Marina/Roi AutoFriday 5 p.m.................................................................FOM/Third I6:10 p.m.................................................Roi Auto/KemtakeKwajalein resultsC league nals: Bako Meej beat Barnacles in the best two out of three series, winning the rst two games. B league nals: Eleu Poi Kwajalein, Roi softball schedule, resultsDawg beat Tole Mour in the best two out of three series, winning two and losing one. A league nals Sunrise beat Podunkers in the best two out of three series, winning the rst two games.By Will O'Connell Sports WriterTwo Women’s B League softball teams played their second World Series game March 26. The Miss Demeanors defeated the Po Hos 20-6. The Po Hos started off in the game with two runs scored by Cindy Ehart, left eld and Nancy Grant, rst base in the top of the rst. Trailing them in the bottom, the Miss Demeanors gained four runs by First Base Teresa Fuchs, Sonya Sava, third base, Noel Bishop, left eld and Short Stop Joanna Buckman. Miss Demeanors held the lead for the remainder of the game. The Po Hos did not score in the next inning but played defensively when Miss Demeanors took the plate in the bottom of the second and Sava batted out a grand slam. In this inning Fuchs, Angie Dampier, pitcher, Sava, Bishop and Corey Morehead, second base all scored. In the third and fourth the Po Hos did not score. In the bottom of the third the Miss Demeanors scored three runs and failed to score in the fourth. In the top of the fth the Po Hos fought back with two runs scored again by Ehart and Grant. In the top of the sixth the Po Hos batted without any runs. In the next inning, the last for the Miss Demeanors, Dampier, Sava and Bishop scored. In the last attempt to turn the game around in the top of the seventh the Po Hos batted in two runs scored by Ehart and Joanne Garlind, left center. Unfortunately, the two runs scored by the Po Hos were not enough to continue the game. At the end of the game the winning teams Designated Hitter Dusty Varcak’s response to the overall enjoyment of the season this year was summed up in a three-letter word. “Fun.”