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Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq December 2009 NASIR Expands Iraqi Sea Power Page 18


2 Commanding General Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Staff Advisor Editor Translator Arabic-Edition Content Editor DECEMBER COVERThe Advisor Contents of this paper are not necessarily the The Advisr December Issue4 9 12 16 sir Cover photo by U.S. Navy Lt. Ryan Schumacher. Back cover photo from U.S. Marine Corps.Iraqi Air Force Missile TestThe Baghdad Police College demonstrated its course of instruction to visiting dignitaries in November. from an aircraft, inaugurating a new age of Baghdad Police College Runs Rigorous Curriculum Rushing Forward: Iraqi Air Assault AdvancesThe realization of a fully independent Iraqi air force and army came one demonstration and air assault missions with U.S. Soldiers .Kurds, Iraqis Train, Protect River WaterwaysThe Iraqi River Patrol is training Kurds with capabilities. At the Al Bashir border fort, members of the Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq J7 toured one of two recently completed alternative en ergy sites. The solar panels pictured power a water well pump that provides 1,500 liters of water a day. Both the Al Bashir fort and Al Shiha outpost are proof-of-concept deployments of alternative energy solutions. They provide solar and wind generated energy to power communication equipment and other basic life support functions on the Iran/Iraq border in lieu of conven tional generators or connecting to the national power grid. (Photo by U.S. Navy Lt. Ryan Schumacher) Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq December 2009 NASIR Swells Iraqi Sea Power Page 18


3 CAMP TAJI, Iraq A female Air Force pilot who deployed from Andrews Air Force Base, Md., has earned the respect of the Iraqi male helicopter pilots she Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron, instructor pilot at Camp Taji, a job which she describes as one of a kind. My primary duty as an air advisor is to train, advise and assist their pilots she said. Im an American Air Force to the rewards that we reap from our In the Iraqi military female pilots are advisor would be female, some Iraqi However, the captain decided to let her skills speak for themselves. There have been other female air think they were maybe not really sure what I could do, but they were at least demonstrate my skills. I was fortunate world, so I was able to do what I know of the most experienced Iraqi pilots here properly. I feel like the fact that I was able to one do it, and two do it well, I feel than she. Pilots as a whole tend to be competitive and respect number of we have as coalition advisors to learn the Iraqis have come to view Captain Iraqi culture, family is very important. pilot. And because Im your instructor One student who has responded well Capt. Jabbar, who says he has no qualms for his country. said. I wish peace for Iraq and I wish the she said. Im very fortunate to have been able to come here and meet all these of the Iraqi air force. Without exception, dedicated to the idea of a free peaceful Air Force Capt. Kacey Grannis, 721st Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron, Mi-17 instructor pilot for Iraqi air force pilots at Camp Taji. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Tech. Sgt. Johnny L. Saldivar)First Female Mi-17 Advisor Trains Iraqi Helicopter Pilots


4 BAGHDAD November. The Iraqi Ministry of Interior band played the Iraqi national symbol over the BPC headquarters and sharply saluted. The where the students were already in uniforms, seated in the bleachers and n toward their destinations on foot, while Abdul Baqi Salman, came to the BPC he said. Today as a direct result of our ideals, we treat our students with respect As each location was visited presenters echoed a consitent theme: trust and respect. The students trust and respect not only the BPC cadre, but also the relationship that exists between the U.S. advisors and the instructors and leaders of the BPC. that we have with our Iraqi counterparts that will determine how successful we are facility for breakfast. Orderly and very a plate. They sat down with arms crossed and a prayer was said. Ten minutes later, breakfast was over, all without a word spoken. We serve 3,000 students a day here in we make more than 30,000 loaves of bread Rigorous Curriculum Challenges Baghdad Police College Students dignitary protection techniques.


5 and double thrusts. The sound of their to assist them to defend themselves. the students also conduct intense donated bench press machines, dip bars, and other equipment. The intensity of the students work out routines could be seen in their faces. Before they headed back to their opportunity for a quick stop at the PX for some snacks and drinks. The PX is with a few local items and comforts of home. At the end of the day, the students are reminiscent of U.S. Army basic wall lockers lined up like wooden soldiers students with brief tranquility until it is Twitchell addressed several classes as the tour of the BPC continued. The who will one day serve Iraq. to hire a civilian company to serve the trainers are used to train students, not tables was the class leader, Hayder Abass. He said that the best part of the police all his fellow students. I would like to this same wish. the students into a synchronized and harmonious unit. The students practice cumulated with a in the lead, the students marched past the parade stands. The students also practiced martial arts for self defense. Black belt instructors important, especially with the jobs that you have. You must put your lives on the line to protect the people that you Another milestone at the BPC is the was viewed as such an important achievement, that the Minister of the with a host of senior Iraqi and U.S. step forward for the women of Iraq. in other sections as well in the Police Col. Sabah. He showcased the all female commissioners class and talked about the cases. Because of the culture here in Iraq, we need female police commissioners to involved as a witness to a crime, they tend to ease up more around females and these Baghdad Police College instructors perform demonstrations for the BPC students on how to properly protect a senior level Iraqi dignitary during vehicle movements.


6 to travel to the United States with Twitchell to see how U.S. police forces and military police forces here and implement into said. His female class is a major step forward in the way Iraqis think about security forces here in Iraq. These instructors and they must overcome the out on the streets of Iraq, peace and stability that is needed for Iraq to succeed. witnessed of the students on this day, they are seriously. Baghdad Police College curriculum.


7 (Left) Breakfast time at the Baghdad Police College is a very disciplined event with the students quietly eating and then return ing to duty. (Below) The 9-month curriculum at the Baghdad Police College


8 CAMP TAJI, Iraq Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron here train, advise and further develop their air force. Elam said historically helicopter pilots routinely fall under them and maintain them. conduct counterterrorism missions. Its very important because we now have new information and U.S. Air Force Teaches Old Pilots New Tricks Swinehart continued. They stake a lot their life really on capabilities, the Iraqi pilots must show they are capable of Were here to help out as much as possible to acheive that their own mission sets and their own skill sets so that they can Air Force Maj. Jack Swinehart (left), 721st Air Expedition ary Advisory Squadron UH-1H pilot, oversees an Iraqi pilot per forming aerial ing proce dures. The major trains Iraqi students on approach es, take-offs, landings and remote operations. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Johnny L. Saldivar)


9 AL AS AD A I R B A SE Iraq For the Caravan airplane at a demonstration and debris. The event marked a milestone for the Iraqi military as its members become security. The ability for Iraqi aircrews to their ability to support Iraqi security Bulls Eye! air force. The successful preparation and Hamad Amen Ahmed, Iraqi air force to use this capability to deal with all the


10 air force launched its missile strike and a powerful asset. As U.S. forces have in combat, and now, if needed, the Iraqi The capability is several years in the this mission. validate and demonstrate the capability, Marine Maj. Mark Franko, current Im extremely proud of both the Iraqi Air worked hard to make this important day a reality. From the enlisted crews who loaded the missiles, to the aircrew who employed the system, to the air operations sequence of clearance and authorization, Top: Iraqi pilots onboard an AC-208 Cessna Caravan launch shadows in background. Left: The Caravan used a laser-guided system to track the missile missile screams away toward its target. Far Right Bottom: target. Far Right Top: Senior Iraq air force leaders celebrate the successful mission. (Still photos and video screen captures courtesy of ITAM-Air Force)




12 Rushing Forward: Iraqi Air Assault Advances By Sgt. Alun Thomas and Sgt. Travis Zielinski


13 CAMP TAJI, Iraq The realization of a fully independent Iraqi air force and army came one step closer with separate missions with U.S. Soldiers in late October here. The close relationship between U.S. military aviators and the Iraq air force A few days later, American and Iraqi Exercises like this illustrate the tremendous strides the Iraqi air force the Iraqi air force into joint operations with the Army is a key step towards full six months. We want to show the Iraqi people, Our relationship is solid and the Iraqi air eminent force here in Iraq for movement The joint air assault mission of Oct. American/Iraqi air assault across the board, from aviation all the way down to Battalion, 227th Aviation Regiment, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, and 2nd Squadron of the Iraqi air force. They are very competent pilots and many of them have upwards of 5,000 assistance, the Iraqis briefed the bulk of the mission themselves. advances made by both sides, Almeraz said. what Almeraz hoped would be a series Meanwhile, the air assault was also the U.S. Army photos by Sgt. Travis Zielinski


14 sides. Its a unique experience for us because Whitnell said. But in terms of across the spectrum, combined arms, this is the Theyre at the point now where the with American and Iraqi aviation and sophistication and capabilities its really The air assault was a major milestone ACB. they can continue to expand their role on how they provide security for the Iraqi experienced pilots but they just havent The air assault exercise would be capability for them to add to their Iraqis. control measures and we absolutely have Iraqi army soldiers rush out of an MI-17 Hip helicopter during a joint training exercise. The demonstration was a combined effort between the 3rd Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, the Iraqi army and the Iraqi air force to show the strength of Iraqi air-ground intergration. Iraqi army soldiers from 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, 37 IA Brigade, line up to load onto aircraft for a joint air assault mission. The mission was supported by UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters Iraqi air force MI-17 Hip helicopters.


15 Under the morning sun, Iraqi army soldiers walk out to their aircraft to conduct a joint air assault mission with soldiers from 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division. As an American AH64D Apache attack helicopter hovers in the background, Soldiers from the 34th Iraqi army brigade stand in formation following an air assault exercise designed to show the strength of Iraqi airground intergration.


16 BAGHDAD Kurds, Iraqi Fed Police Protect River Waterways and Sulaymaniyah. members with the Iraqi Federal Police how Iraqi Security Forces from all sections of the country can successfully future for Iraq. students will return back to their local a member of a river patrol unit. The curriculum outlines the methods used to the mounted weapons onboard. addition, the river police provide search and rescue, and safety patrol operations and secure environment in which to Meanwhile, the river police remain from terrorists. The river patrol section handles all calls for service within their scope Iraqi river patrol police speed down the Tigris River while conducting training to protect riverways from crime and terror ism. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Clayton Murray) Iraqi river police scuba divers demonstrate the recovery of a sunken boat out of the Tigris River in Baghdad to showcase the importance of dive operations in the training curriculum. (Photo by U.S. Army Maj. Bob Owen)


17 (Right) An Iraqi river police diver sig nals to his teammates the location of a sunken boat in the Tigris River. (Photo by U.S. Army Maj. Bob Owen) (Below) Iraqi river police ready for training exercises on the Tigris. (Photo by U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Clayton Murray) commander. The areas of responsibility Ali also talked about the commitment that the river patrol has to its duties. He said he is proud of the professionalism that the members of the river patrol said he is most proud that the river patrol trainers have helped the river police to are two advisors at the river patrol. One operations, how to pilot the boats, and how to use the boats to conduct the required to conduct operations in search and rescue, safety patrols and counter patrol academy and then return to their home units to train others. operations and have various capabilities. These boats can be used to respond to The U.S. advisors said they were most these complex river patrol techniques and apply them to their own curriculum. ability to overcome maintenance


18 UMM QA S A R Iraq The Iraqi navy welcomed the Patrol Ship Nasir to its new homeport here in a ceremony Nov. contracted from the Fincantieri Shipyard more than 5,000 mile journey in about a month. The ceremony included a naval review of the Nasir and several other Iraqi ships and boats, as well as a demonstration of the Nasir help train and advise the Iraqi naval force able to conduct maritime security Patrol Ship Nasir Joins Iraqi FleetTop: The Nasir passes in review at Umm Qasar. Above: The crewmen of the Nasir prepare to dock following the naval review. platforms, Iraq has a keen interest in waters. The ceremony ended with a tour of the Nasir


19 Top: Iraqi marines demonstrate a boarding op eration. Above left: Two Iraq patrol boats render honors as they pass the guest pavillion. Above right: Iraqi div ers conduct an aquatic demonstration with a patri otic twist. Bot tom: An Iraq patrol craft underway during the naval review.


20 A CH-53E Super Stallion with Mari exercise above Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, Nov. 4, 2009. Iraqi air force Squadron 3 used the target to test the AGM-114