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August 2009 Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq The Advisr


2 Commanding GeneralSergeant MajorPublic Affairs OfficerDeputy Public Affairs OfficerITAM/ISAM Media Relations Officers Public Affairs NCOICEditorGraphic DesignPhotojournalistPublic Affairs Operations NCO>> ON THE COVERThe Advisor Contents of this paper are not necessarily The Advisr Features4 13 6 7 9 Mi-17 helicopter escort. Patrol Ship Fatah Arrives in Iraq Boost Iraqi Air Force Maintenance Skills First Class of Drill Sergeants Graduates at Taji Training Com pound Center Declared Fully Operationally Capable Center Provides Helpful Lessons Learned The Advisor is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents DOD. The editorial content of this publication is the National Security Transition Command Iraq.


3 WASHINGTON As the United States completed its withdrawal of combat forces from Iraqi cities in accordance with the June 30th deadline, Baghdad commemorated the milestone with a national holiday. The departing American contingent of U.S. trainers primary authority, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said. security agreement between the United States and Iraq. A small number of U.S. forces will remain in cities with Iraqi security forces, as well as enable them to Raymond T. Odierno told reporters at the Pentagon today. The general declined to to remain, saying that the basis. Meanwhile, news reports from Baghdad describe Iraqis marking the day with a Iraqi reporters and dignitaries in the international area unknown soldier. Similar celebrations took place around the country in recent days as the American drawdown from cities neared completion. A U.S. military north of the Iraqi capital in parade in which Iraqi police march through a city scene marked by a distinct absence of American boots on the ground. Since October, the United States has closed or returned to Iraqi authority 150 bases and facilities, including 30 this month. Odierno noted out of most Iraqi cities for the last eight months, with weeks focusing mainly on Mosul and Baghdad. But todays transfer of responsibility to Iraqi security It is a day when Iraqis celebrate as they continue said. The Iraqi people dedication, progress and Iraq. Their accomplishments in preparing for this day are As Iraqis secure the cities, Odierno said, U.S. forces are establishing a layer of defense outside the urban areas, conducting full-spectrum and stability operations alongside crack down on insurgents the U.S. Embassy, the Iraqi Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, he said. Our combat forces, partnering with the Iraqi security forces, will secure the belts and borders in an The United States is and continued implementation of the security agreement in a spirit of partnership Iraq, Odierno said. President Barack Obama has announced plans to commence a phased drawdown of U.S. combat brigades from Iraq by Aug. 31, 2010. As Iraqis celebrate a nationwide holiday highlighting their added responsibility, Americans also U.S. forces to stabilize Iraq, which in June had the lowest general noted. The American people well, of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast much in helping the people of Iraq progress towards a peaceful and democratic Iraqi Security Forces on parade past their leaders during the National Sovereignty Day celebration in Baghdad.


4 Patrol Ship Fatah Arrives in IraqUMM QASR Iraq Highlighting escorted by three MI-17 helicopters, 21. contracted from the Fincantieri Shipyard in La Spezia, Italy and is The 34-member Iraqi crew sailed Fatah here from La Spezia, completing The journey brought the ship through the Mediterranean Sea, transiting the around the Arabian Peninsula. Abd Al Qadr, Iraq minister of Defense, began his remarks maintenance for them. I repeat building schools or hospitals or protection for your people and sons you this is with the support of the our armed forces and assume full independence for protecting Iraqs land, Maurizio Melani, Italian ambassador the duty to defend the territorial waters and the natural resources of Iraq. The prosperity, wealth, stability and security Melani added, Together with its partners with the European Union and NATO, Italy wants to support the capacity building of Iraq in the the solidarity and support to the country Team for Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq will organized, trained, equipped, stationed, and sustained with appropriate forces conducting maritime security operations in the region. escort


5 Move Over CSI: Baghdad Police College Criminal Evidence Lab Graduates 35BAGHDAD York and Miami, CSI Iraq is up and running. The Ministry of Interior celebrated the graduation of 35 Iraqi both theory and practical procedures. emphasized chemistry. of the High Institute for Training, spoke at the graduation. He said he was proud of the graduates and stressed that now they are able to work at good jobs. He thanked the Coalition Forces for their assistance and particularly thanked Ted He also thanked the team of trainers assistance. One DNA student said the terrorism. Another DNA student said the most important thing he learned was get real outcomes in Iraqi labs. drops, one can know the crime scene and the location of the injury. Another noted that the organization of the course A student in the chemistry class praised the course because it taught theoretical information and knowledge. These students are now ready to apply process. The graduates will work in Counter Terrorism Bureau Provides Security for All IraqisBAGHDAD The Iraqi Counter all Iraqis. The CTB, commanded by Counter Terrorism Command and includes two brigades of Iraqi special operations forces, or ISOF. unit. Although the CTB reports directly to the prime minister of Iraq, the selection process for targeting to ensure that targets are based on their threat to Iraq as a nation, and not on personal grounds. In short, the CTBs mission is targeting terrorists, not the Iraqi public or political foes. Iraq that is able to defeat terrorism for the future of this country. We but also through political, legal, and information dissemination. We will use all directions to defeat the make up of the ISOF. This is a said. He added that the ISOF is made included in its ranks. Not only are the but the targets they hit, the enemies of Iraq, are also from all sects. This on the rule of law and not on sectarian decisions. CTB operations are conducted with other Iraqi Security Forces. in identifying and targeting those terrorists who threaten the peace and stability of Iraq. and soldiers assigned to mentor, train and assist the ISOF agree that this unit has come a long way in its professionalization. One of the biggest successes of the CTB is the way they share information Army Col. Michael Skinner, senior Although the targeting process has always been professional, the way that they cross-reference their information with other Iraqi Security Forces The Security Agreement signed by the United States and Iraq mandates between the two nations. This Operations Forces and Iraqi Special Operations Forces will work together to ensure a professional and credible leaders of Iraq to use when needed. It is a big job to keep Iraq safe from those who would do it harm, but the Counter Terrorism Bureau is doing that job and doing it well.


6 CAMP TAJI Hold the sensor at a constant, steady pace, make sure to watch the screen, look for abnormalities ... oh, and remember to breathe. tedious. But that didnt stop the Iraqi Air Force (IqAF) from learning the in-depth aspects of their trade from (ACB) and U.S. Air Force 721st Air (AEAS) instructors. NDIs, are maintenance procedures that allow the repairers to inspect the internal components of a part without Williams, 1st ACB. three airframes Chinooks, Black Traditionally, it has been the Air Force teaching the IqAF how to necessary hands-on training for them, said Tech. Sgt. Andrea Walton, an NDI The Army came into play because, unfortunately, there arent that many Walton. So in order to get these guys to the Army and asked if we could so these gentlemen would get the what the IqAF inspectors need due to process. With NDI, its so theory-based they actually do it, it doesnt really learning, theyre also working, said Williams. The Iraqis are actually closing out NDI work orders which means the power train repairers of 615th ASB are able to focus on other work orders and projects, said Williams. training along with her Iraqi counterparts, she said. But that barrier is not enough to stop Walton or her students from learning, she said. Along with the multi-national training, Walton has found that working with the Army and their equipment has been a training Army works with new equipment knowledge base on NDI, she said. Iraqis gain from Walton and the Soldiers from 615th ASB, theyll be and become more independent, said Walton. ... the Army is going to help us because I can get these guys upgraded and then they can start doing NDI Walton and her students, nor will it be the last. Walton plans to keep up the partnership with 615th ASB so that inspectors. serves as Iraqi Airmen inspect metal aircraft components during a recent aircraft maintenance training


7 strength and endurance through calisthenics and organized physical training runs in formation. Drill Sergeant training and practical training and training is tailored towards are taught the training drills for each subject to ensure standardization of training within the Iraqi Army. Sergeant Course is a two-day End of Course Test. The EOCT candidates Iraqi Drill Sergeants Course Graduates First Class at Taji Training CompoundTAJI Iraq The Iraqi Army Senior drill sergeants June 21. The 21-day Iraqi Army Drill Sergeant Course is program. The course is designed to the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct high quality training in accordance with Iraqi Army standards. The Drill Sergeant Course is comprised of 15 separate modules which focus on increasing the capability of the Iraqi NCOs to communicate. Additionally, the drill sergeants conduct daily standardized physical training sessions, incorporate the use of the Combat Obstacle Course, conduct tactical foot marches with equipment, and build physical of test lanes (military operations on sergeant candidates are responsible for coordinating all training requirements and conducting the EOCT to standard. At the recent graduation, drill sergeants recited the Iraqi Army Soldiers Creed, and listened as the guest speaker, U.S. Marine Command Sgt.Maj. Daniel C. Terwilliger, Terwilliger said the graduation progress toward a more capable and professional NCO Corps.


8 26 Iraqis Earn Coveted Staff Command Red RibbonBAGHDAD The Joint Rustamiyah Military Base held a graduation ceremony for its 15. This unique course allowed 26 students which included lieutenant colonels to qualify month course was a setup to in 2003 and 2004 to qualify for The initial courses in 2003-4 missed some of the content needed for the red ribbon. The prior to their rank, such as commander of Iraqi Military Academy Rustamiyah, Italian deputy commander of NTMCollege Course among others. Jawhar opened the ceremony with words of congratulations to the graduates, recalling also the importance and the partnership with NATO graduates on behalf of the NATO Training Mission and Looking at your faces and your eyes, I see the willingness sure that Iraq with its old traditions and ancient culture, together with your important contribution, will again enrich good luck to you and to your The ceremony ended with mentors and the graduating Al Rustamiyah hosts the Iraqi Military Academy along College. These institutions are included in the Iraqi as well as the Iraqi National Defence College, the Defence Strategic Studies Institute and Defence Language Institute. All are supported by NTM-I. Other co-operation projects for NATO in Iraq are out of country training courses for Iraqi nationals at NATO schools as well as National Police training led by Italian Training Mission Iraq National Operations Centre, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Command Centre and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence Joint Operations Centre.NATO Training Mission in Iraq Conducts Deputy Commander HandoverBAGHDAD Italian deputy commander, NATO Training Mission-Iraq, July 3. a week of farewells at the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, Iraqi Federal Police Head Quarters, National Defence training facility and Camp Ar Rustamiyah. On June a farewell reception at the Blackhawk centre where ambassadors, Iraqi military senior leaders and general guests telling them how much he had enjoyed his year in Iraq. It has been this wonderful land and meeting such truly warmwill always treasure the NATO Training Mission Iraq trains, mentors and Security Forces, in order to Iraq resume its important place in the international the security of all Iraqi people with democratic security forces. NTM-I mentors and supports the INDU, INDC and the Defence Strategic Studies Institute. Other cooperation projects for NATO in Iraq are out of country training courses for Iraqi nationals at NATO schools as well as National Police training led by Italian Carabinieri and at Ar Rustamiyah the Iraqi Military Academy along and Command College. Ministers National Operations Centre, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Command Centre and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence Joint Operations Centre. BAGHDAD Italian Maj. Mission Iraq hands over command to Italian Maj. Gen. Giuseppe Spinelli at


9 Center Declared Fully Operationally CapableBAGHDAD U.S. Army commander, NATO Training National Operations Centers here July 6 to declare Full Operational Capability. Helmick presented a Muhamed Fadhel Abbas, deputy director general of the National Operations Center, in this status. The three National Operations Centers in Baghdad operational capability. They are the Prime Ministers National Operations Center, Ministry of Interior National Command Center and Ministry of Defense Joint Operations Center. This and represents considerable operational capability is an in building a sustainable and that supports the national security infrastructure and supports the needs of the Iraqi people. NATO and the Coalition Forces will continue to support the operations centers consolidation and building sustainability. NATO will operate with smaller, more focused teams in each of the operations centers, where they will continue to identify needs, including specialist training and out-of-country training courses. NATO will also continue to help support and build on Iraqi planned command and control crisis used to measure full operational capability is tangible factors and a area: organization, security, logistics, procedures, training awareness. NATO Training Mission Iraq trains, mentors and Security Forces, in order to resume its important place in the international community all Iraqi people with democratic security forces. NTM-I mentors and supports the INDU, INDC and the Defence Strategic Studies Institute. Other cooperation projects for NATO in Iraq are out of country training courses for Iraqi nationals at NATO schools as well as National Police training led by Italian Carabinieri and at Ar Rustamiyah the Iraqi Military Academy along with the Command College. Ministers National Operations Centre, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior Command Centre and the Iraqi Ministry of Defence Joint Operations Centre. National Operations Center.BAGHDAD As coalition back from Iraqi cities, towns Security Forces. The Multi National Security Transition Command-Iraqs mission is to train, mentor and a key element of the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement. Although the public may continue their important jobs, in accordance with the terms of the Security Agreement. they share a common goal of safety and security for the Iraqi people. The ISF continues to step up its security operations, as demonstrated recently by their simultaneous operations in Basrah, Mosul, Sadr City, Amarah and Diyala. The important relationships trainers and their Iraqi counterparts will continue to ensure that the ISF is a professional force operating under the rule of law to bring peace and stability to Iraq.


10 National Sovereignty Day Today is the day of the withdrawal of American troops from Iraqi cities; according to the forces withdrawal agree ment which was signed between Iraq and the United States of America. The withdrawal date coincides with the dear anniversary to the hearts of all Iraqis, and that is the 1920s revolution, which reflected the eternal Iraqi will of liberation, and independency.Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki


11 We are fully confident that 30 June 2009 will mark the beginning of a new stage in the history of a democratic, federal, independent, and unified Iraq where the people are their own masters, owners of their resources, shapers of their destiny, and makers of their history. Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Baghdad on 30 June


12 BAGHDAD The Iraqi National Police and the Rough Riders from the MultiNational Security Transition CommandIraq implemented a working partnership July 5-6 to comply with U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement articles. The Iraqi National Police led a supporting a U.S. Army Rough Rider ground-operations mission to transport Americans to their desired locations. through. Rough Rider Sgt. Dimitri Barnes demonstration of the capabilities of the partnership between these two units. During a planning meeting at Iraqi Federal Police headquarters, U.S. Army Maj. Joseph Hartman said, I want all the Iraqi soldiers to know we are complying with the security agreement and we want commended the police. They are the with. The mission is a needed step in the the Rough Riders. We are able to continue MNSTC-I while simultaneously being compliant with the security agreement. team members in theater back in 2004, integrating with the ISF really took me back to my roots in theater and I look forward to the progression of the partnership. The federal policemen hopefully put an Iraqi face on our Training was primarily conducted at Camp Dublin, Iraq. The Rough security procedures during a short halt, and constantly raised the bar based on the federal polices ability to perform. Force procedures and communications. We managed to secure SPEARHEAD radios prior to the training which are communications packages which added Iraqi Federal Police Maj. Muhannad said he was proud of the training that his The Iraqi Federal Police take the lead with the Iraqi Federal Police. We will do begin, Iraqi Federal Police members and familiar greetings and then the mission brief. Iraqi Federal Police Sgt. Hadi said, I This demonstration of partnership was fostered successfully for two important reasons. MNSTC-Is Rough Riders Federal Police were willing to work hard to meet the high standards necessary. mission well done.


13 Center Provides Helpful Lessons LearnedBAGHDAD Heres a modern lesson than it does in English. Iraqi Lessons Learned Center, or LLC, really does help. In this case, its reports performance of the Iraqi Army. Arms Center for Lessons Learned, the the professionalization of the military. The Center works directly with the Iraqi military, currently under the deputy and with data collectors. Many of the lessons they learn are in fact subsequently implemented into current army tactics. The LLC collects and analyzes what they conduct present operations and training. It then uses that information to write timely, meaningful reports those forces. The information contained in the reports is disseminated as training professionalism and performance. This Iraq army to meet its safety and security challenges for the nation. Assimilating lessons learned is a key element in building a more professional practice honesty and integrity. I want them to understand the importance and timeliness of training in modern tactics and on modern equipment. And, I want modern armies so they can properly and Part of this modernization process is continued. Part of this is incorporating conduct our operations. Part of this is Vital to the future Iraq Army, the essential for bringing critical information Hussain said a challenge for the LLC is of the LLC. Hussain said. We are working with our to know is that lessons learned can be incorporated at the start of an operation operation has been completed, as has been traditional for the Iraqi Army. Any action Hussain said incorporating lessons learned into Iraqi Army operations is a gradual process. We are operating on the principle crawl-walk-run instead of The professionalism of the army is hard catch. It is like catching the hot Hussain said. But it must be done and Catching Iraq army professionalism obstacles. Rather than inspect, LLC potential. They work with, not against, One information collector, Lt. Col. Ali said the main problem he faces is a misunderstanding of his role. so-called life-support topics, such as fuel, food, lodging, and transportation. The solutions for one units operations For instance, based on an LLC report, soldiers additional time to master their infantry skills. This had led to increased the LLCs ability to gather data on enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures and the manning of security checkpoimts said. That allowed us to recommend To date, the LLC has completed Taji, An Numaniyah, Iraqi Special Forces, Basra, Habbaniyah. One should know understand that the U.S. Army Center for Lessons Learned is In contrast, the Iraqi Center for Lessons Learned is in its infancy. Ensuring the Iraqi LLC is a success enables us to meet our obligations under the U.S.-Iraq Security Agreement. Trinkle is an advisor to the Iraq Lessons Learned Center There should be no pun ishment for suggesting an idea that works and no shame in admitting one can learn from ones dishonor is where com manders use their power to cover up their mistakes. Staff Lt. Gen. Hussain


14 BAGHDAD The tools of the trade for taking at the Ministry of Defense (MoD) from an ink and card based system to an The Automated Fingerprint instituted at the MoD in 2006 record had gone undetected during the rapid force generation process. ongoing professionalization of the Iraqi Security Forces and the plan calls for all of MoDs 272,000 military and acquired 200 jump kits from jump kit consists of a laptop computer, a sensor which camera which makes retinal scans and takes portrait photos also known as mug been deployed to all Iraqi The automated only a few minutes per a CD and aggregated in a administered in Baghdad. then cross references known criminal records of Iraq Army personnel. meeting on a bi-monthly basis since June 2007 and from duty for prior criminal that were the basis for the Army include murder, rape, armed robbery, arson and terrorism. Only 2 percent of of those decisions which underscores the thorough work On the other hand, 1,566 duty since their crimes were only of a minor nature. of the Iraqi Armed Forces. The dedication and professionalism of the fourwithin the MoD as well for the Rule of Law in MoD team who has worked during his career with the This sign is located at the entrance to the AFIS center diately on the screen for further processing. Every set of


15 Leaders Attend Iraq Human Rights ConferenceBAGHDAD A 10-day Conference on Human Rights began July 12 to educate leaders in Iraqs military and human rights. members of the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Human Rights, Ministry of Justice and the Red Crescent Organization, and is being held at the NATO headquarters. Italys Ambassador to Iraq, Maurizio Melani, told the crowd that bringing human rights to Iraq will bring the nation in line with the rest of the world, and participation in the workshop is the In a country where hatred and said. Human beings cant forget past mistakes and will remember for endured. Respect for human rights will is to see Iraqis comfortable in growing their ethics practices. Increasing their professionalism in human rights will I couldnt be more proud of the work that the Center for Military Principles, Values and Leadership has done on this purpose of this conference is to deepen the understanding of human rights in a Melani spoke about the history of human rights around the world and the fully implementing the international standards set forth in The Hague in 1970. ceremonies of the conference and is part of a larger focus on human rights throughout Iraq. She also led a symposium focusing on human rights at the Ministry of Defense July 20.BAGHDAD -Senior Iraqi engineers Norfolk, Va., in June. The Ministries of Defense and Interior and the Baghdad municipality Engineer Symposium. Engineering Directorate of the MultiNational Security Transition Commandsupport from U.S. Joint Forces Command and the U.S. Department of State). This symposium educated senior for supporting its capabilities and throughout the country. the Ministry of Interior, said he was see military construction processes in the United States. He formally trained more than 25 years ago, and he recently additional knowledge on engineering systems. Defense said, The trip has been helpful to see how the U.S. Army, Air Force, and the symposium as an opportunity to Mathis said. They can see the results of the procedures and processes that we work to implement in their country and The symposium schedule included seminars from the U.S. Army Corps of Installation Management Command at (bathymetric) capabilities necessary to properly dredge critical military and commercial passage ways. The Air Force associated with military construction. of military ports and pier walls aboard a tugboat within the Norfolk port. All military engineers in action and spurred much discussion outside of a normal classroom forum. building the strategic capabilities of the The purpose of this conference is to deepen the understanding of human rights in a civil society. Content courtesy of MNSTC-I J-7 Engi neering


16 Iraqi Helicopters Sport New Counter-Terrorism Systems after Acceptance Testing CompletedBAGHDAD Two Mi-17 helicopters returned June 14 from Mi-17/171 multi-role helicopters for use by the Iraqi Air Force. The Iraqi Air Force accomplished the helicopter upgrades by establishing a team which represented and Iraq. The helicopter upgrades were necessary to enhance the multirole capabilities of the Iraqi Air Force and to support the mission of counter on-board Missile Launch Detection System and Flare Dispenser, and the Internal Communications System. The acceptance testing team consisted of members from Headquarters Iraqi Air Force Baghdad, Iraqi Air Force Squadron 15 and the Air Force from Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq. U.S. Air Force Lt. Col Douglas said he was impressed with the multithe Iraqi Air Force the much-needed Missile Warning System for Mi-17 helicopters. pilots and crewmembers, Iraqi pilots and crewmembers, U.S. and Iraqi maintenance personnel, U.S. and Iraqi headquarters contracting personnel, ARINC American contractors, Jordanian contractors and workers and the personnel at Marka Iraqi Air Force Lt. Col. Jasem Mohammed, 15th Sq. Instructor Pilot said, The new ICS system will U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. added, The new AAR-60 Missile Warning Countermeasure System Mi-17 Countermeasure Systems. The allows for immediate countermeasure to Jordan, MNSTC-I, ITAM-AF conducted a 10-day course for 16 Iraqi operators and maintainers operation, setup and troubleshooting of the necessary systems. It will take the $14 million upgrade costs for the Security agreement, MNSTC-I, ITAM-AF will continue to train and organized, trained and equipped to sustain the growing responsibilities of the air force. system of the Iraqi MI-17 Multi-role helicopter.


17 Iraqi National Canine Program Deters Explosive AttacksBAGHDAD The Baghdad Police Colleges canine program hosted National Public Radio July 13 to inform listeners general of the Iraqi National Canine Program, spoke with National Public canine program to the great work and dedication of Iraqi canine handlers and brought modern and practical training techniques to the program. Canines are a critical component of both modern policing and counterinsurgency operations, said U.S. Army Iraqi police from MNSTC-I. The Ministry of Interior clearly understands that and is on a good path to bring police canine The Iraqi National Canine Program began as a small pilot-size program consisting of 29 canines trained in primarily used for force protection at facilities and other sites within the Ministry of Interior. The program is building capacity with a current planned increase to 112 canines. The strategic goal for the program is to train more than 400 canines. The Iraqi National Canine Program but also with narcotic detection units. The locations within the Ministry of Interior and at checkpoint operations. They will aid in the enhancement of operational stability and security in Iraq. An Iraqi Federal Police handler observes explosive detection measures from his Steen sharing his views during a part ner school session. BAGHDAD -- The Role of Religion in Western culture. The Partner School assists Iraqi Security Forces in enhancing the grasp of Western partnerships with Western counterparts and understanding the role of the coalition Iraq came to share in the introduction of Western religion to the class participants. U.S. Army Chaplain (Maj.) William Steen, Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraq chaplain, began the discussion by telling the group that religion will always be a part of the Western culture. together to share a common goalhuman Multi-National Force-Iraq Command chaplain, U. S. Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Dan Ames, Multi-National Force-Iraq Deputy chaplain and U. S. Army Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Timothy Bedsole, Multi-National Corps-Iraq World Religion chaplain. Through dialogue we can of religion being added to the course. in part, to accommodate the wishes of the participants, said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Sandra more information, question and answers sessions, as well as comparisons between the


18 BRIEFS Iraqi Special Operations Forces Continue Operations Despite Budget ChallengesBAGHDAD Iraqi Special Operations Forces continue to operate against domestic terrorism and threats to the stability and security of Iraq despite the the Iraqi Security Forces. We are able to continue our of the Counter Terrorism Bureau. We the funds that we need to operate and keep doing our job. The current budget as part of the CTB law that is now in The Iraqi military grew up under Counter Terrorism Bureau. Lack of is business as usual. They know how to Skinner acknowledged that if the ISOF had to employ its full force, it would face hard decisions. Still, he said he hasnt seen The mission of the Iraqi Special the peace and stability of Iraq. These Iraq, are done hand in hand with the U.S. coordinates closely with other elements of the Iraqi Security Forces. The Security Agreement between the U.S. and Iraq relationship. Budget challenges notwithstanding, security for a new and prosperous Iraq whose forces are non-sectarian and to include manning, training, equipping and mentoring the ISOF.Female Police Recruits Train at Baghdad Police CollegeBAGHDAD good ones. The Baghdad Police College in Iraqs police forces, the Baghdad Police College trains women recruits. The most recent class of female recruits and zero dropped out. This says a lot about the commitment that these women Instruction in weapons training is rigorous and includes four days on the range, equipment familiarization and proper stance techniques. Recruits learn with their eyes closed. The instructor/ major religious sects are represented, as scientists, psychologists, socialists, and engineers. Their skills will be needed as Iraq more fully professionalizes its police forces in coordination with their Agreement that was signed between the The training of women is the same as for the men. There is a standard course Regular cadre train these women with an open door to the commandant in the morale and discipline is high among these As Iraq continues on the path to women will be a welcome part of the Police Forces. This is a sign of progress and willing to do things what needs to be Training with Live-Fire ExerciseBAGHDAD Twenty-one new Iraqi and graduation at the National Fire Academy. without assistance from Multi-National Security Transition Command-Iraqs success of the train-the-trainer concept We need to congratulate the Air Force. Im proud of all of you and the the future. you will not be afraid when you are faced BAGHDAD With more than 75 percent of Iraqs gross domestic product interest in protecting and controlling its territorial waters. To that end, with U.S. military personnel here June 12-14 for discussions on building coastal patrol boats. four of a 15-boat construction program 2010. These patrol boats will protect Iraqs territorial waters, the need for maritime status is a key element of the U.S.-Iraq Iraq Eyes Greater Coastal Secu rity with Patrol Boat Purchase


19 BRIEFS Foreign Language Center Teaches Critical Language Skills to Iraqi Federal PoliceBAGHDAD As Iraq continues to partner with U.S. forces to train, man and equip its Police Forces in accordance with the Security Agreement, the Baghdad Police College plays a tremendous role in this training and professionalization of the Iraqi Police Force. members of the police force important all the tools needed to be successful. The English Language Center is a major part of this critical training. Currently the Baghdad Police College has two classrooms dedicated to English language training, with a capacity of 36 students each. There are plans to add another classroom with a 30 student capacity. 10 English language instructors English is the only language being taught at this time, there are plans to add courses French. The English language is the they are able to operate in a global Special Forces Train Iraqi Personal Security DetailMOSUL added capabilities for Iraqi Security Special Forces trained two Iraqi personal security details to protect 24 and June 7. on Forward Operating Base Marez, immediate medical care and basic marksmanship skills. detail to protect and secure their the primary course instructor, who due to operational security reasons. The students had a wide range intricate techniques and concepts. the course and introduced them to his drill sergeant training style to instill discipline in the team. We inculcated a one-team, oneby the end of the course, just like it will when they conduct operations in The hands-on portion started the training. SF medics taught the order to keep each other and their The teachers ensured the students understood the basics of maintaining an airway, assistance in breathing, ensuring circulation and controlling breathing, said a medical instructor. Two SF instructors taught the marksmanship portion, which and clearing their weapons. They also focused on applying the fundamentals prone positions. Once the students had a handle on the basics, the marksmanship instructors taught the detail more correcting weapon malfunctions, magazine changes and how to shoot Following marksmanship training, The students drilled on the security techniques until it became second nature for them. students scenarios to run through, a meeting and reacting to crowds or threats. The detail did these scenarios until each squad knew how to react to each situation. theyll face, so we focused the training to the likely threats and conditions theyll encounter in their area of important than learning hundreds of techniques, we wanted to focus on principles and teamwork with the intent of them learning how to think completion. Security Agreement. The 35-meter patrol boat contract is just one part of a larger total program, and infrastructure within Umm Qasr foreign military sales, or FMS, to Iraq. Baghdad, was hosted by the MultiNational Security Transition CommandIraq. The agenda was hammered out foreign military sales, or FMS, according for MNSTC-Is Iraq Security Assistance Mission.


20 Did you miss an issue of The Advisor?fInd back issues online now Iraqi Security Forces take the lead from Coalition troopsThe Advis r The Advisr April 2009The Advisr MNSTC-I Hosts Womens Forum page 3 Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq MNSTC-I Hosts Womens Forum page 3The Advisr June 2009 The Advisr June 2009 Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq Terrorist assault and capture demonstrations conducted by members of the Iraqi police special operations team. Story on Page 8 MNSTC-I Hosts Womens Forum page 3 The Advisr May 2009 Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq 600 Iraqi Army soldiers graduate from Warfighter training page 3 The Advisr July 2009 Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq