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March 2009 The Advisr


2 The Advisor March 2009 Commanding General Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, USA Sergeant Major Sgt. Maj. Daniel Terwilliger, USMC Public Affairs Officer Col. Steven Wujciak, USA Deputy Public Affairs Officer Lt. Col. Gary Kolb, USA MoD Public Affairs Advisor Lt. Col. Bill Gazis, USAR DoIA Public Affairs Officer Maj. Kimberly Layne, USAF MoD Media Relations Officer Capt. Tommy Avilucea, USAF Mr. Van Williams Public Affairs NCOIC Sgt. 1st Class Michael Colucci, USAR Editor MC1 Jim Bane, USNR Graphic Design MC1 Jason Winn, USN Photojournalist Sr. Airman Stefanie Torres, USAF Public Affairs Operations NCO Sgt. Ashley Shoemaker, USAR >> ON THE COVER The Advisor is an authorized publication for members of the U.S. Defense Department and multinational partners. Contents of this paper are not necessarily Direct questions and comments to: MNSTC-I PAO APO AE 09348 DSN: 318-852-1332 >> Volume 6 >> Issue 3 The Advisr Graduation day is always special, but for the 91 members of the Iraqi Minister of Interior Inspector General Basic Course, this event marks the beginning of a new professional life. For the International Zone Police, it was a typical day with one exception It was Elec tion Day. Features Election Day Peace 3 5 91 graduate Inspector General course 11 7 The Iraqi Navy has given the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division approval to initiate construction of the Umm Qasr pier and seawall project. State-of-the-art pier 17 Ballot transport 4 Class Jason Winn Ethics training MNSTC-I constructs facilitiesSince 2003, MNSTC-I has constructed over 1,000 facilities worth $5.4B. Photo by U.S. Army Capt. Kevin Wolfe Sgt. Mishal Ghanim, from Comando Co. of the 38th Iraqi Army Brigade, accuracy in Amarah, Iraq Feb 16. Three members from the 3 2 1st Air Expedi tionary Airlift Squadron played a key role in assisting the Government of Iraq in the election process ing Directorate traveled to the United States recently for focused discussions on military ethics training.


The Advisor March 2009 3 BAGHDAD Routine badge checks on the 14th of July Bridge, one minor escort violation, and teenagers hanging out on the causeway at dusk and stopping to play with some children no major For the International Zone Police, it was a typical day with one exception It was saw a lot more Iraqi army and Iraqi police out on the streets, and a lot less of the really hadnt changed all that much, said But it could have easily gone the other celebrated the day as a holiday, inside the IZ heightened security and restricted travel was the theme, anticipating the activity in the area, possibly some the voting process and a badge of honor and they looked at me with a big smile thing, said Airman 1st Class Ryan deployment to Iraq, and he said its one he Its one of the best things to know that Iraqis can vote without consequences and Its something Im going to remember for the rest of my life and my kids are going can help them on their school reports tell Voting, to me, is one of the best things Iraq the freedom to vote for who they story in the overall picture of Iraqi independence since the implementation control of securing the International Zone Iraqis are eager to take full control of their country, a scene he sees played out almost daily in his interaction with the Iraqi they are riding with us, we let them take the lead on any incidents that involve the Iraqi people and the local nationals in the Iraqi Police in other parts of the country, good hands under the watch of the Iraqi I think it shows how seriously they are in the area and theyve done a really good job of actually securing the International As for the days events, Meehan I knew that it would be a special day for By U.S. Army Sgt. Bill Addison Iraqis enjoy Election Day peace Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Bill Addison Air Force Staff Sgt. Steve Bauman of the International Zone Police


4 The Advisor March 2009 SATHER AIR BASE in assisting the Government of Iraq in the election process during a historic mission on both C-130 evaluation pilots and aviation advisors for the Iraqi air force, and Master advisor, were preparing to board an Iraqi C130E on its way to Mosul to pick-up election knew it was a part of history, said Dickens, will be on the airplane actively advising the Iraqi Air Force crew in case they have any As advisors, these aircrew members play pilots, we also upgrade other crew positions, several months, said today was extra special because they were directly involved in the It feels like we are actually making a closer and closer to becoming independent achievement, not only for us but for them as the entity charged with standing-up the Iraqi Air Force through its Coalition Air Force highlight the commitment between the governments of the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces during the critical transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in support of U.S. Airmen aid in Iraqi election ballot transport Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Tim BeckhamMaster Sgt. Louis Carter, 321st Air Expeditionary Airlift Squadron combat aviation advisor, stands on the steps of an Iraqi C-130E after completing a pick-up Iraqi election ballot boxes. By U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Tim Beckham Photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Tim BeckhamMaster Sgt. Louis Carter, 321st Air Expeditionary Airlift Squadron combat Feb. 2. The C-130 was one of two aircraft on its way to pick up Iraqi election ballot boxes.


The Advisor March 2009 5 BAGHDAD discussions on military ethics training Center for Military Values, Principles, Iraqi Military Academy at Qualachulon, At the International Society of Military Ethics Symposium in San Diego, the Canada and Australia, in discussions on character development programs message of the conference was summed up in a statement made by a Canadian Defense Force chaplain who said, Ethics Mohan explained to the group that Iraqi people are guided by three types of principles: family principles, societal program for the Iraqi Army within the address, Abbas told the audience the Iraqi Army now serves the Iraqi people and the worked closely with members of both the Academy and the Army Ethic Centers to Military Ethic presented a comprehensive overview of the character development Servant of the Nation, and Member of a possible approaches to values training in the Iraqi Army with members of the Army Center of Excellence for character as two equal requirements in explored what it means to be a member of Mohan articulated the challenges of developing ethics in soldiers and leaders who either do not understand military values or do not want to accept them as a result of 35 years of repression under the Career Progression and met with the As a result of relationships formed during the visit and insights gained from incorporate ethics more deeply into the and engage the Iraqi Army brigade commanders to ensure that values and principles are delivered to all Soldiers and training at West Point By U.S. Army Lt. Col. Leanne Meyer Photo by U.S. Army Lt. Col Leanne Meyer The Iraqi Army delegation learns how the U.S. Military Academy develops cadets as ethical leaders and


6 The Advisor March 2009 BAGHDAD is taking tremendous steps to rebuild and strengthen the Iraqi Security Forces and the transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in support of the Security to buy military equipment, supplies Command Iraqs Security Assistance Defense Security Cooperation Agency, and the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and management review of the for three years to make this happen and this is all have been able to Iraq Country Program at FMS cases with the Iraqi Financial Managers so they can see how things are the Iraqis a chance to voice their concerns and make changes to their program if About 20 members of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense, representing the Iraqi Army, Navy and Air Force well as representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Interior took part in is going greatvery well, added of transportation logistics and accountability, the Iraqi Security Forces have already received approximately parts, small arms, uniforms, and training through the FMS program and have John Moseley, regional duty for Middle East, South Asia Division, DSCA, also sees the FMS program as a way to dollars worth of equipment from you, it signals a commitment to a long-term is good for both nations and helps to Brigadier General Charles Luckey, for Security Assistance, summed it in large measure, be etched into the future through a collaborative approach and in focusing on the critical training equipment will, in the long run, give each nation a wide variety of combined is a long stride on the road we walk Members of the Iraqi Ministries of Interior and Defense, representing the Iraqi Army, Navy and Air Force programs, meet for a Financial Management Review of their Foreign Military Sales program. The Government of Iraq has invested over $5 billion of its own dollars to strengthen its Security Force by purchasing services, vehicles, aircraft parts, small arms, uniforms and training. Iraqi and Coalition leaders conduct Foreign Military Sales program By Van Williams


The Advisor March 2009 7 BAGHDAD Police accepted the keys for his fully of renovation and new construction at the mark a dramatic improvement in how the Iraqis can do their job and enhance their quality of life, this is just another receives all Iraqi Security Forces Funds appropriated by Congress to use them for facilities span the spectrum from small for four personnel to complete bases for Iraqi Army brigades numbering Iraqi Security Forces group: Army, Air Force, Navy, Intelligence, Special Forces, National Police, Police, and Border Engineering takes construction requests two barracks of 2 story design for 400 documents are developed by the Army for Coalition construction in Iraq to spread the incredible volume of work: Contracting Command Iraq, and the Air Force Center for Engineering and liaison with the Iraqi end users who will both in number of projects assigned is not uncommon for the last departing bus at 2300 to have the hard work and long hours but Im hopeful that this country has a real chance to establish the MNSTC-I constructs more $5.4 billion By U.S Navy Cmdr. Gary Ulrich Courtesy Photo On February 18th, Col. Sameer of the Iraqi National Police accepted the keys for his fully renovated Technical Center from Shawn Rockenbaugh of ALMCO Limited. ALMCO is under contract with the Army Corps of Engineers to perform over $10M of renovation and new construction at the National Police Headquarters in Bagh dad using MNSTC-I reconstruction funds.


8 The Advisor March 2009 National Police complete advanced unit training By U.S. Army Lt. Col. Gary Kolb BAGHDAD completion of advanced unit training for 533 members of the 1st police training conducted by Italian Carabinieri under the taught during the course include operational planning, police procedures, police intelligence, counter-insurgency skills, the course puts special emphasis on police ethics and human Minister of Interior, Jawad al-Bolani was the keynote speaker stage in building capabilities that will be used to protect the MissionIraq congratulated the graduating class and its leaders al-Awadi, commander of the Iraqi National Police, gave tribute security of Iraq and challenged these current members to take the experience they have learned and transfer that expertise to key element in the implementation of the Security Agreement that will allow the Iraqi Security Forces to continue to be selfPhoto by U.S. Air Force Capt. Thomas Avilucea Photo by U.S. Air Force Capt. Thomas Avilucea


The Advisor March 2009 9 BAGHDAD Iraqi Navy and their Multi-National partners met here at the Blackhawk Conference Center in the International platforms are key targets for those who the Iraqi Navy, and Commodore Adele, If we are suggesting something that are working together to protect the Iraqi Navy will take full responsibility for the security of a proportion of the nations transition from coalition to Iraqi-led operations in support of the Security take the lead by taking delivery of new Iraqi Navy prepares to protect key oil platform Iraqi Rear Adm. Muaffaq (center) speaks with Capt. Nick Hine, RN (right) and Capt. Richard Ingram, RN (left) through an interpreter. The group met Feb. 17 to go over plans to transition control of the Khwar Al Amaya Oil Terminal from a joint Iraqi-Coalition force to an Iraqi force. Members of the Iraqi Navy and Coalition forces work together over maps as they plan the orderly transition of responsibility of the Khwar Al Amaya Oil Terminal to By Van Williams


10 The Advisor March 2009 BAGHDAD Iraq is to develop Iraqi institutional capability in the security ministries and to generate and sustain Iraqi Security achieve success in this mission is the placement of knowledgeable, dedicated, adaptable, tactful and diplomatic individuals known as ministerial-level ministerial-level advisors is identifying and placing the right advisors with the rights skills in the right place at the right Government of Iraq leaders throughout the Ministries of Defense and Interior and the resources and training for those in to be advisors at the strategic and did not have the training or foresight to to identify, recruit and place experienced individuals with critically-needed skills Australia and other Coalition countries as As a response to the requirement for speed for their critical role, the School of at the school helps newly-assigned advisors adjust to their role as the Coalitions public face at the highest levels of the Iraqi Government by training them on the tremendous challenges associated respectful of host-nation culture and Practical experience shared with the new advisors by experienced and currently-serving advisors is a critical Iraqi counterpart is the foundation building rapport, establishing credibility, of assigned translators/linguists and For newly-assigned advisors, these are mandatory skills required for developing a strong relationship with their Iraqi development of an Iraqi counterpart Partner School designed to assist in understanding of coalition customs and training venture is underway allowing together to gain a broader understanding views advisor education as being just as important as the military hardware purchased, and will have a long-lasting training and mentoring of our Iraqi counterparts represents a vital step during the critical transition from School of the Advisor is a critical part of By Capt. Amie Lambert, USAF Photo by U.S. Air Force Capt. Amie Lambert U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Frank Helmick, MNSTC-I commanding general, addresses attendees of the new School of the Advisor. School of the Advisor


The Advisor March 2009 11 Ministry of Interior graduates 91 from Inspector General course BAGHDAD Graduation day is of the Iraqi Minister of Interior Inspector General Basic Course, this event marks of the Inspector General Directorate contained older, more experienced hired IGs and more experienced same class added depth for the new IGs, Abbas explained the IG training programs have matured in recent years because of the support and experience Before 2003, the Interior Ministry each division or occupation group, but we have developed is a comprehensive Inspector General system that not only performs evaluations, but has the authority to enforce laws and rules and monitor performance through formal systems, as well as to protect human rights, discover and eliminate misuse of people that government funds are used mentor to the Interior Ministry IG, noted the materials in the course are not only new to the students, but represent a major change in the way the IG conducts general systems, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Defense inspector general training adapted to meet Iraqi Ministry of Interior curriculum for nearly two months to create an overview course that acquaints best practices and help these new IGs develop a picture of what their program In addition to introducing new ways of doing business, the teaching-learning in front of the class and read from a book modern audio-visual methods and students to ask questions and become involved in active learning, which generally does not happen in traditional Feedback from current and former students and their managers has been course, they know the material and they Inspections, agreed the course is having each course, the quality of the inspectors learned much from the American advisors and are trying to incorporate applicable parts of their experience into this training is part of the MoI Inspector increase the IG workforce to 5,000 people, including administrative and support personnel, during a three-year time the infrastructure they need to train and to hire new employees as training courses in Inspections, Investigations expand the school, develop additional courses and other advanced topics, and eventually build a career professional of courses expands, the program aims to link up with other Iraqi government can be migrated to each of the provinces, and school-trained professional he added, is to teach proper use of authority and a sense of duty so the inspectors will know what their duty to the best it can be so that all in the MoI can meet our Ministers goals for the of Interior transparent and accountable conduct, we can show the people the right wayor we will show them the development of this training program for the Iraqi IG Directorate is a key step critical transition from Coalition to Iraqiled operations in support of the Security Agreement between the Government of James Coles


12 The Advisor March 2009 TAJI Iraq Iraqi Army basic trainees quality-of-life for new recruits will be Command Iraq is constructing not only new barracks, but also new dining, administration, latrine and laundry facilities to support as many as 2,300 dining facility is state-of-the-art, designed capacity is expandable based on the All the facilities are designed with funded project will give the Iraqis the throughput of basic trainees and keep the barracks are laid out and the utilities are Ministry of Defense to add-on to the facilities and double the schools capacity to the existing electrical power generation As the Iraqi Army continues to train and equip its Soldiers, and becomes ever more capable of maintaining security in Iraq, the popularity of military service is expected to increase to a point where Iraqs standing Army is able to sustain itself without any assistance from its their country and establish peace and security in Iraq is having a high qualityof mouth travels fast here, and when basic training graduates go home and tell their families that they are living in hard barracks rather than run-down tents, their brothers and friends will be more likely to Iraqi friends every chance at success by that they need to generate forces and take Sergeant Major training academy, both highlight the commitment between the Iraq in improving the infrastructure and capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces during the critical transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in By U.S. Navy Cmdr. Jeff Plummer Basic Trainees moving out of tents and into barracks Courtesy Photo New open-bay barracks with air-condi gional Training Center. UMM QASR Iraq Multi-National sole Iraqi physician and 10 of his medical unique requirements for providing health care to an undersea force demand a very to conduct the diving medicine course at the request of the Iraqi Surgeon Muayed Mansour, in advance course in Panama City, Florida, Samirs presence for the course was vital, as he provided medically-relevant English to one physician in the class, Samir explanations of medical concepts and anatomy for the medics and divers in the allowed me to break my mind from our everyday challenges at the MoD and MNSTC-I/NAVCENT conduct undersea diving medicine course Courtesy Photo Iraqi Surgeon General, Maj. Gen. Samir (seated, center) and NAVCENT Surgeon U.S. Navy Capt. Dale Mole (seated, 3rd from the left) with the Umm Qasr Clinic Staff. By U.S. Army Maj. Tom Heinold


The Advisor March 2009 13 TIKRIT Iraq In the early morning from the 4th Iraqi Army Division supported by Coalition forces conducted a combined air-assault to clear and secure Cavalry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division and the 14th Iraqi Army Brigade Military objective was to advise the 14th brigade procedures that had to be in place before operations that will be continued daily as well as creating new routes to reduce congestion in the city -all measures to secure and protect the people of this has been to help enable them to step forward and spear-head their own level by including the air-assault element to the operation, showing the Iraqi Army that they can handle a complex operation end result will help combined Coalition missions because they will bring their knowledge and training to the table for the completion of successful operations in During the mission the IA captured two wanted criminals and found several small caches in the densely wooded between Iraqi Army and Coalition forces such as this, the Iraqi Security Forces will and provide a safer environment for the Iraqi, U.S. Soldiers conduct combined air-assault MNS-SE PAO NIIA graduates 20 from Counter-Threat Finance Course BAGHDAD from the Ministry of Interiors National Information and Investigation Agency new Baghdad Information Bureau NIIA investigators advanced training in from various departments within the NIIA, including the new Internet Crimes and the General Director for Counterlearned investigative techniques involving money laundering, cash smuggling, and Instructors were criminal justice Multi-National Force-Iraq and a special a partnership between the NIIA, MNF-I will develop the skills required by NIIA investigators to follow the money used for criminal purposes by criminals and In the past three years, the NIIA had grown from 3,500 employees in Federal Bureau of Investigation, the NIIA is becoming the premier national law criminal intelligence and investigative operations throughout Iraq to defeat domestic criminal activities that threaten development of this and other training programs for the various Iraqi ministries represents a vital step towards ensuring transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led SAFWAN, Iraq Nearly 60,000 southern Iraq residents will have access to twice their normal amount of water thanks reservoir that opened here save residents money by reducing the amount of to purchase for home use As long as we are elected by the people, we will continue to work for the people, said Basrah Provincial Councilman appreciate this project and look forward to more in In addition to Asharaa, the dedication was Mayor Sabah Mohammad, members of Safwans town council, Iraqi Police and Coalition project Previously, the city and its outlying areas relied on two old water towers and well water to meet its residential and towers was destroyed in the war and the second will remain operational, supplementing the new water into the system, which will be loaded into trucks and delivered to for bathing, cooking, and drinking if treated, but is not potable by western systems in Safwan are substandard with leaks and rust, which can city will continue to use MND-N PAO By Mr. Mike Gorton


14 The Advisor March 2009 FORWARD OPERATING BASE GARRY OWEN, Iraq a 120mm-mortar system on Forward us a specialty, something that (most other and forward observers executing indirect Calvary Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat much greater use to Shani, assigned to the Soldiers consisted of instruction on map reading, observing and has continuously strengthened since the stable every day, thanks in large part to IRAQI AIR FORCE By U.S. Army Maj. Adrian Hennigan Photo by U.S. Army Capt. Kevin WolfAn Iraqi Soldier loads a 120-mm mortar round during a BESMAYA Mortar Leaders Course recently deployed to Besmaya Range Complex to train the more than 23 years of combined experience in the training and use of foreign national Soldiers in the proper methods of emplacing mortars and Iraqi Army with an excellent learning Besmaya in mid-January to conduct a cadre, Coalition advisors, and contract instructors to enhance their expertise in of the advisors and contract instructors, to an overwatch of the ten advisors and instructors as they taught the same program of instruction to the 15 Iraqi and hands-on training is complete, all coalition and Iraqi personnel will conduct with the mortar direct-lay skills already learned during training in Serbia, the 15 Iraqi Army cadre will form the core of the Joad, the senior Iraqi cadre member, on the [mortar] systems, but I feel more observation skills from the training we assistance from the Coalition advisors and contract instructors, the Light Artillery In addition to this tour in support Command Iraq training requirements, is a veteran of two each combat tours in Army and Police personnel, as well as Iraqi Army personnel, in basic mortar development of this training program for the Iraqi Army is a key step forward in is a vital step towards ensuring Iraqs selffrom coalition to Iraqi-led operations in support of the Security Agreement between the Government of Iraq and the Fort Benning team trains Iraqi Army mortar cadre at Besmaya Range Complex By U.S. Army Capt. Kevin Wolf


The Advisor March 2009 15 hundreds of diesel generators across new they provided customer-requested diesel generator refresher training for Key points covered were generator theory, daily maintenance checks, electrical safety, and the importance of routine received basic tools necessary for proper maintenance, a set of work coveralls, log sheets to document engine operation, and an Arabic translation of key portions completion of the course, the technicians to require operator training when construction is complete, experience has training within 6 months of project project completion, personnel turnover, Card Facility was completed in June maintenance training will help keep the facility in good working condition for the this infrastructure maintenance expertise within the Iraqi ministries, allowing highlights the commitment between the Iraq in improving the infrastructure and capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces during the critical transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in By U.S. Navy Cdr. Gary Ulrich BAGHDAD A major milestone was graduated from the Iraq Joint National Defense Corps and seven Iraqi Air Force training, will produce a professional First Lieutenant Rad Badr with Civil Defense Corps is the manager of the was founded two and a half years ago So with their training its like starting have been around longer and have more practical experience because they national standard for their Civil Defense, 10 day course focused on three areas, According to Partido, the goal of the program is to help the Iraqi Air Force step back and watch them run with it, he Iraq Ministry of Interior, the Ministry Bureau, generates and replenishes Iraqi quality of the ISF and institutional performance in the process, in order to increase ISF capability to increasingly assume responsibility for population protection and develop Iraqi security institutions capable of sustaining security Historic class graduates from Iraq Fire Academy By Van Williams MNSTC-I conducts diesel generator training for MoI personnel


16 The Advisor March 2009 TAJI, Jassim Saleem, Commandant, Iraqi Counterinsurgency School at Camp successful completion of the latest Iraqi course was held at the ICS headquarters at Phoenix Academy, an installation School and successively-deployed Civil of the spectrum of counterinsurgency from the ICS on all stages of planning Coalition planners and instructors worked together to determine the learning objectives, develop a plan of instruction and certify Iraqi instructors for various classes and practical ICS and 304th CA instructors, with linguist support, shared the podium participants were Iraqi Army and locations in Iraq, with ranks from practices in the Iraqi theater-ofoperations, and Capacity Assessment PEs involved scenarios constructed around real-time issues aboard the electrical power distribution, and scenario-driven coordination with base participated in discussions and even presented blocks of instruction based new course design, coupled with the By the end of the course, the quicklyfading old perception in the Iraqi distributing favors to the population, the course, the idea that Military and Civil authorities can work together for the best interests of the population was unanimously embraced by the the commitment between the Iraq in improving the infrastructure and capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces during the critical transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in Iraqi Counterinsurgency School hosts Civil-Military Operations Course By Lt. Col. F. Cale, USMC BAGHDAD In a step towards rebuilding the Iraqi Army into a strong Gen Babeker Zebari, held a Commanders Conference at the Ministry of Defense All of Iraqs Division Commanders to presentations on ethics, logistics and discussed how to train their soldiers Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, opened the conference and spoke about the recent army in protecting the elections and the importance of integrating the army to protect all Iraqis and protect Iraqs are rushing to get contracts to build in army and we will keep building and compensating the Iraqi people for what Iraq Minister of Defense, Abd al Qadir also addressed the group and mentioned look into recent acts of terrorism against the Iraqi people and to continue to do Prime Minister speaks at Commanders Conference By Van Williams


The Advisor March 2009 17 Iraqi Navy to have state-of-the-art pier facility; construction begins in March BAGHDAD Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division approval to initiate been built between the Iraqi Navy, Ministry of Defense and taking the lead and the dramatic transition taking place in Iraq project funding, and we are supporting them with contract and working alongside Iraqs Ministry of Defense and Navy to establish expectations for the project, conceptual designs and I have enjoyed doing this has incorporated our ideas into the project, which will provide greater capabilities to the Iraqi Navy and forward to seeing our vision become a commander, Security Assistance Divisions headquarters in Baghdad, full commitment to the project and agreed to work together until the provide a state-of-the-art berthing facility for the Iraqi Navy and will support patrol vessels charged with securing the vital port infrastructure and seaways in Iraqs territorial importance in protecting Iraqs oil platforms, and it is also that the Coalition Forces did not just come to liberate Iraq, but the-ground adjustments based on site conditions, Gunderson International, the subcontractor, are responsible for the management out of the Gulf Region South District, which marine technology and will serve the Iraqi Navy for years to protecting Iraqs oil infrastructure, critical to the nations A rendering of the soon-to-be constructed Umm Qasr pier and seawall project in Basra province. The $53 million project will provide a state-of-the-art facility, using the latest marine technology, for the Iraqi Navy, and is being funded through the Foreign Military Sales program, using Iraqi funds. By Nicole Dalrymple


18 The Advisor March 2009 BRIEFS USMC teaches martial arts to Iraqi Marines UMM QASR, Iraq hand combat training is now a reality for Iraqi Marines training here as they continue to become well-rounded in all aspects of Program developed here teaches the Iraqi Marines various armed and unarmed martial arts techniques, ensure the Iraqi Marines performing their missions are well-trained in trainer with Multi-National Security consists of training that runs all day and includes an obstacle course purposely designed with a Marines, but graduated with nine, to physically withstand the rigors martial arts training into a realistic not only develops a more physically individual who is mentally tough the course are now instructing, concept is vital as the Iraqi Marines during the critical transition from Coalition to Iraqi-led operations in Taji Vocational Institute graduation TAJI, training course followed by a four-week progress to the next phase of training, they spend six months in a maintenance facility learning the hands-on portion low-rate production where the Soldiers collectively produce end-items for the strategic logistical base for the Iraqi Army rebuild wheeled and tracked vehicles at is a joint venture between the Army Materiel Command which manages the contract for the Depot Integrator, AGS/ on a daily basis by the Multi-National Vocational Institute is the foundation of the Maintenance Depot enterprise because it educates soldiers in the theory and principles of skills critical to depot a four-phased training approach which Coalition detainee population drops to about 14,500 BAGHDAD Multi-National Forcewhen the total population of detainees in Coalition custody dropped to about 50 detainees a day in accordance with requires all detainees to be released in a safe and orderly manner or transferred to were reviewed by Iraqi authorities under Joint Staff College hosts opening ceremonies at Ar Rustamiyah Military Academy College course started their academic year ceremony at Ar Rustamiyah Military on human rights and international law, international relations and security comajors, represent the Iraqi Army, Iraqi course teaches military doctrine at tactical levels and concepts concerning National Policy and Security while instilling the values and standards required of the only grow in courses like this one, one in they can support the Iraqi Security Forces Mario Billardello, was pleased that the represented an increase of 25 over the last assist the Iraqi Security Forces in securing the Government of Iraq resume its important place in the international


The Advisor March 2009 19 BRIEFS Bridge groundbreaking spurs economic development in Basra BASRA, Sayeed Najem Mutarif, the Provincial Council Community In addition to Mutarif, on hand for the ceremony was Every time I pass the old bridges, it hurts me to see them Currently there are two dilapidated, single-lane pontoon Ibn Majid Construction is expected to employ nearly 1,000 A section of the bridge has been designed to rise in the middle to permit shipping access to Al Maqil Port, enabling Iraqi Army provides security for road improvement project ALBU HASSAN Iraq Iraqi Army Soldiers provided performed much needed maintenance on an Iraqi road outside Bahm, a heavy construction equipment operator from Company mission with the IA, and I trust them to protect me while I am Many of the bad areas on the road forced local nationals to walk around leading them close to the dangerous rail road and forth to the villages and cities while they maintain a safe road, rather than taking the long drive around other cities and towns, said Sheik Abas Sabur al-Sultani, a student at the freshly graded road to travel between the towns and cities miles on this road and provided an easier means of travel for the Saad High School refurbishment part of Operation Iron Gator BAGHDAD In a further sign of municipal progress in Salman Pak, local leaders came together to dedicate the schools, expand the Bawi Canal and provide micro-grants to Army Division and a team of Multi-National Division-Baghdad community made a choice to renounce the insurgency and step classroom which will assist in keeping the temperatures cool classrooms with 25 faculty members, with space for boys from the third through ninth grade, said Muhameed Saleh, head In the last four years, the security situation would not


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