Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Foley, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 24, October 5, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder #1406 and #1410


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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J t /IN

,Prr 1z t


Lt Fred L Barrett Commanding
Lt Gus eece Cap Surgeon Lt Charles 1. Densler .ess Ofc. 1:r Stuart C Bell Ed. .Advisor

r '.U B Yartin T:r L Ponder 1.-r C ., Young IHr. Don Russell

Engineer Forester Forester

S C Bell C Barnes
E G Lartin Fred England AA Keydoszius


AdvAser Editor Editor Editor Editor


Ben Lovinggod Fred Englind J. OtBryant G T Eargle C Short

1st sergeantt
Company Clerk Supply Sergeant
ess Stewvard

he week oeginning October the first has been set aside and designated as nation:! sa-cty vck, in 7:hich it will try to bring more people to raliz tI terrific toll of accidents occurring
daily, and to pomot. ~ri. .,thods for the curtailment of the accidental ath,.;. There are being given lots of facts and data and all of complic t; theories in explanation of them.
These are all very wil to people who understand such things, but to us it boils do;rn to the generous use of ,hat faculty known as corarton sense. It is true th,.t -e live in an age whevire spooed and machinery havu raiseU the risk of accdont amazingly. NOvertheless any man vith a little horse sne camt protect hims-lf from accident as. effectively today, ..s Au Quul. twnrty ago. Tith the use of
due caution, 2 rspect for our.,s uin nturl powr, n for the rights of others, most eccvdents c'n to pr..vent.d.
This comp ny hs hf1 :-o f r -n ,nviIble record, with only .f f-w inor accil.,cts in the c.r. Let us try to bo2t this rm.rk in they -er to c n, ith .n -nti.r.l- cl,.en revord.

Octobor 7.- 1935

TE FINE P EMO -,n- T OT1 :T -T

Page 2


During the p-.5t ..: ? .rvisited by O'pt-in L'.-rie In Lt. H 7oo., inv:stiotin, the recent 17ir. 'rlr iilier. P Dunn, District -.uc .i .n v.
inspected the cr'.p. 2nr .n1vu also twvn m.ny civili-nc frol nearby cormunitius. "' tk occ
sion hr to invite our neighbo to visit the cmnp lnd rwke solves fa:liar the working of the coupony.


" If they're waiting on te they're wasting tifi.;I ,:as the general opinion of the lads, wh the payroll f ailcd to .rrivw at the prop;.r nocnt. Better lto thn ivar ,hrver, an avA v one was wall please: hun the old eagle arrived scver1. days la'te and aopp'runtly clLus ? fatail feathers, but othevis in good shapC.


Fifty-six .n ruci dischargcS opt -ibccr 30, -)n couplAtion of tjr: of unrL11ont. Duo to the lton ... s U h p.i roll, h-wove, thy di-1 n.t u camp until L.dnesd:. Three day. It ':s a sad ay f"r :>:.ny of us to see good .:11 dupart. Well, hre' s rishin- ti..l luck Hope they .t j pc .
live happily ov-,r rft:, etc. So I-guuas well b" asble to got
u~ong that houn.1b L*:I..u..I1
ill be hard. Even'c. j cks and Fat Iightscy want bimake up for there. o-Lt in te .:

A Dr

S Like one. of those famous stari-3 of Hor.tio Alger, Jr., is th CoodIfortuno of thr.ce f our boys. Clvr' .cL~~d, E .rl T.rp, ind :~onk Devonport join2i thi*3 org-niziti -n soen fiftcon 2. nth
-go, .s L. 's(Locl .xpcrince .on) Their ris, was slow but sur e. Triur.,phing o)vur the vicissitudi s that bCse;t thou-A.n sics, cvy vcntu-.11y became -ss't Lc-r.urs, and 'Poop (2s hc Wa's 'ff:tin2.tA: kn)Yn to thc boys)L c 7as .dc lcd.-r. s r clirax to their carcur in the CCC they have boon riadu assisstant forctorcr for the Firestry Departrent, 7nd were discharged on October 3, tu .ccept their no" positions. To the best of our knowledge, .Paul:
-.n Ei rl rc 'it Sh-.dy Grove, -nd P))p is :t 01ustc. 7c m.y be w ,n so dant b.nk on it.
-" 2l3o last threc :t'.r LZ: C.turday. Ov;wens, Young, and Ivoy ar sttind hnr. fcr canditining, -nd :'re discharged Saturity tj accept ocplayC nt.
'k wish thon ill incerc
gee luck in thir n-.w positions If they ira as assiduous in the per orr~ancu ,f th(.r nov: duties as whiy .:ore here, there will be no dubt .fA th ir success.

H.IL & ? TLL

).,ks. like r:.e and
-ir s is 1-ft ta ing. Thcru ar in thirty-six r n touh'


F6L A I fA l & -l K_ j .. b* did ha am 0 .

Camp:.ny 1410 on the big ti:t .r. Henrr Ivcy fortcrly of this company, is guing to :ssisst in the z)poning f)f th.: nc? station at Ta.llhessu. 7'TAL- 1369.0 kilocyclus, power 250 W.tts.
!!r Ivorp' who. ha3 tig
bind, -ai plys the hermanic., itivites.4 11 tebcys to listen in .onday -nighiat. Als., you? T4s with tho. cuithrs, ote. If youwill get t1othr, r Ivoy will got you o.n at '-'TAL, 'hat say?



1 Leste.r Goss, Q6il Smith, George O'Here, oJmes L Sdith Sick in Station Hospiftl, at Fort Benning. -.
None Sick-in Quarters.Bill Hall was taken from the woods at noun:Tuesday, with acute l.pp ;ndicitis. .c --as sent to TIl h.$soo thu s-re after noon and was operate on. Consulting SurLcon J Prances Dyer reports the Patient as doing ver well.
Notice is l1su given for
everyone to r!ad the n..v: infirdary rules pstcd .-t he bulletin
Ve thought that the stormr
had taken all the play out of t the boys, but viw-e find th cn up playing thu Floy Soft Ballbunch They played practice ame oarly in the oeeck., .nd l1st a gare on Vfdnesday, ten t. five. !o rc power to then. r' aught to bu able t put out a toar that will kick the socks- -ff those .b ys
. . . . l i

Vo! li0rn that Keydoszius has
t. n the position as Forestry clerk lcff vacant by Earp. Also that Johnny DoBerry is helping Fred England in th 'd rly R OO?. P hope the:s s L -ntlnn n good in thcir 'now Jobs. Tht should be bsy for th y 'in bAth intelligent 164 qft ici fnt. young men. .
The Senfo.-B.Y4P.U.. the First Baptist Church f F bIy gve I"klid" party and Pe.nut61i last Friday Eveniag!.Tc T4 Pjrty was Chaporned By Pqs. -W
DeMis anq Mrs Touchstin..
Thc "Kid" part was brought:
out by the Childish c.stunes a and the games of Tur not too. distant childhood(let us hope~)
Johnny DOBorry was put in na very oribarrassing predicament by the arrival of the ho-men, (Soft-ball team) in the middle of a very delicate mom.;nt.
Prizes ."re awarded for the
best dressed ,kids' and also fdr the potat) rice. Poppormint sticks and lllipops were the p prizes.
Those Present: 14sso Agnes !!organ, Y'ilrn Parh.', nUatland' Parhau., Bertha Bc.rd, Esthor Lane v'rt, .Elizbcot.. .Lightsey, Mrtha
Sharpe, Vivi'in Johnbton, Diris P lsan; Donniss Mrs Touchstan U1ssrs Fritz HQy, Arthu. Davis Kermit Price,sewl ,'wigins, DcBcrry, martin Barwick? Calhpun 11ovins, Harriso-.n, Lanky Stocle, Scarbough, Burris, ct ..
A standing ihvitatin'-t 1l CCC ment. attend Sunday Sch.),l a!nd B, YIP.U, is.xtondLd..

I. ~ *~*****
I .772
*1 ~

P 4

October ?

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O rv\ (pcv Vo I I 1 I Ocfobi r S' /75 \


THS PINZ KITQ~ J0U?:L:L October 7. 1955 F.agf CA^'P P“RSO?n!PL ••OT -X FORESTRY Lt Fred L Earrem t Couimanding Th3 Far tin Superinten-lent Lt Gus V.' Neecs Camp Surgeon Er H L Ponder Engineer Lr Charles i.' Densler Ness Of c I'r C F Young Forester LIr Stuart C Bell Ed. Adviser Fr. Don Russell Forester Si^ix IN CAI .IP S C Bell Advmser C Barnes Editor Ben Lovinggod Ist Sergeant E G L^artin Asst Editor .'^red England Company Cl or Fred England Feature Editor J. O' Bryant Supply Sergeant A A Keydoszius Sports Editor G T Eargle I'ess Stev.-ar Short Cook N';.TI0RAL "rnT/ ’-"O' SL' The D og inning notion.;.! safety v/eeK designated as more people to* realiz-x daily, and to promote accidental death r-ate data and ell m.enx.xr of October the ..ek, one terrific Lhods for the e being given ter. .reai.. me There ar first has been set aside and in v.'hich it v/ill try to bring toll of accidents occurring curtailment of the lots of facts and complice ted theories in explanation of them. :se all v; r Th but to US it boils dov.Ti to the as common sense. It is true thet roachinory have raised the risk of y V 7 .;ll to pecplo vdio ^'^cnerous us •~j X un: O J. live in an .rstand such things, that faculty knov/n age vThere speed and any nan v/itl; accident rcmazingly. Nevertheless little horsx s.^nso cint protect hims olf from accident as. effectively today, ‘s h^ could tv/^nty years ago. ''.'ith the use of duo c.aution, a rspoct for or.xs uvti n 'tural poa/ors, and for the rights of others, most sccidonts can bo prevent:.!. This comp any has h'^i .so f^aj minor accidents in the p" in tax year to Come, ith .n ; r '' n n v i a b 1 c r cord 5t ; ear.. Loi us try ; n t j. r .. i e 1 e an r c v t d leith only a f to b'l'at this n'^.rk


J.1E..PIN''.Tr,:.p-,i;r. ijct.^bt^r 7-,VI 31 TORS During tho p3 t vr. .'.r^ visit:jd by C'pt-in L^D'riu -n’ Lt. ii C .’o--’... inv .srif tin; the r e c c-nt 7i r „ F 'ir 1 i r i j. i i p Dunn, District F'uc^.oi n''l .dv. inspected thvj c ,rp. Dhv-r^ .iUVw •also bs.,.n many civili'.ns Drains ar by c omr.iuni t i s t h o c c 'i Sion her. to invito our neighbor to visit tho camp and i".ah-r elves iamilia 1* a*cri v/ of tho company. BOUND T'^ RIDD jr 3 ink Or '^a-ii.a.: Like one of thos f icous st riss of Hor'^tio Algar, Jr., is tho gooifortuno T throo S :ur b 'jys. Cl''^do ;Load, N''rl '^nl [O-nk ’^'I'vonport jcin -rp, t.ii 3 P-.YDx.Y???? -aaitinfa on mo If they’re they’re wasting tib^" ';as tho genoral opinion of the lads, when the payroll failed to arrive at the prop..r moment. Bottv.r late than nev.-r, li-^vover, an., .v.ry one was v/cll p].e-'Sv.i h..n the old eagle arrived sev^r'',! days 1 late and apparently r. inus a f^v tail feathers, but'. in rood shape. organizati ^n sor.x fifteen ;...-nLn '^gj. as 3 (Local "xpor i onCv.e :.'.n; Tho'ir ris.,; vz-'s slaw but sure Tria^'.-phing thv. vicissitude s that bc3'.;t th.i;. • : n all siies, t tHiey ovvintually beenm.^ /ss’t Lc v.r3, and ’P.oo]j ('^s he was aff..(ttionat'.ly knr.rn to the boys)h:cLee. \ as ijadc a load;.!*. As *" climax to their career in th^ CCC they havu been made ississt'^nt foromrer for the Forestry Dopartm.nt, -^nd .re discharged ^n Octobear '’.coopt thuir n;.v' positions. To the b^st of >.;ur kncwlcdge, y^nh and "mrl arc at Shady Gr-rrc, and Pj5p is •’t Olustce. c may So d >nt bank, on it. be >ny, "h ais.7 1 St three eth.r LE.a Saturday. Ov;ens, Young, and Iv^y disch..rg::g Fiftysix i A i nA ^ l X Cl uis charges Gopt j]..D'^.r 30, on covipletion of t.'rm of enr .ilmunt. Du;. to the of the 7J'’.yroll, huvaever, tnjy did n^t statijn..d nor. and •.•er, j accept f.r c.'nditin,,, .... disch-^-rged G''.turiay !tj accept .•n:playr.._nt anesd' a a.i Thurssad .'.ay f'ar :..".ny o good 1 11 depart I ".'e wish then '’ll sincere gjod luck in tlieir n .w positions If ehuy are as assiduous in the perf3rranc^ .f their n^v: duties camp until day. It v.'as of us to S'. V/oll, here’s Hope they ,..t a j oo ap live happily ov.r aftcr,^etc. .uess v/ell b. able to ge^ r; n J t’ley de^ubt :ore n^-r.. tiiv! r. will bo ,f th.ii* success. -'’s v;i shiny t ur t luck c^ and 1 iti’K.'Ub tnei-i, ali^ bo 1 ’eong a ill be hard. Ev.n'uei and Fat eight sey Wjiit o. ^ bl..; to make up for them c^t in the ..•cod K.ML & liku 'ell, itb l.afrs liku me ':.nd you ".nd a f.v/ ./chv_r3 is l.ft tu kvj-p things going. There ar. jialy ni. ln.mdr.d and thirty-six y^n 1 ^ 1 1. '' y^lx its tough’


£XU?-JCIQT..-jnTIPNAT. Ontjbar 7^ j RADIO iJn’S C'-^r.p'-.ny lAlO on the big tir.:*^ I"r. Henry Iv^y^ fori-^rl:/ of this Gonpnny, is going to sssisst in the opening of th. no’'st-^-tion ?.t T'^.H^h" ssoe "’TAL1360 kilocycl-;S, pov/er 250 v/^.tts-. !:r Ivoyi, 7/h^ his string bind, ind pl'^.ys th. h-.rr.:onici, invites '’.11 tn.^ boys t listen in Hondiy night. Als ,, ^/ou.^lids with the, guitirs, etc. If you^ ; v/ill_got tjgothoT, :'r Ivey will y g':,t' you jii it ’'''TAL, "hit siy? HOSPITAL HOTFG •Lost'.:-,r Goss, Cocil Smith/ Go jP g e 0 ’ Hir c J me s L Sr.ii th Sick in Stition Hospi^'’.!, it Fort Benning Hone Sick in Quirtcrs. Bill Hill wis' tikon from the v/’oods it noonvTuesd'',y, v;ith acute App .ndicl-tis He -was sent to Tillihissoe thJ’s''.::':e after • noon and was operate on. Consulting Surgeon J Frances Dyer reports tho Patient as doing v-^r^ well Notice is also giV'..n for everyone to read the nov.' infirmary rules posted jn -tlie bulletin board.. SPORTS t'e thought that the storm had taken all the play out of t the boys, but V7c find them up playing tho F.’leymSoft Ballbunch They played a practice aame -'arly in the 'veek-, and lost a garoe on ^’odnesday, ten t; five. I'hre power to then, '"'o .^ught to be a able to put out a team, that v/illl kick the socks jff theso bo^^s. OPPORTUNITY ''o learn that Keydoszius has taken the position as Forestry clerk lef;^ vacant by Earp. Also that J jhnny DeBerry is helping Fred Engl'’nd in tho. Orderly Room, Y’e hope th.;s': g^htremcn m^’ko good in th^-ir 'new J 3bs 'That should be sy f or^ thby dro bjth intelligent arid efficient y .^ung men. BLES-ED EVENT The Scni.m. B.Y.P.U. of the First Baptist Church f Fjlcy gave a”kid” party and Peanut b'oil last Friday Evening’.. The Party was Chap^^roned By Mrs. De' Dennis and I'^rs Toubhst^n. The "Kid” part v/as brought out by the Childish c stumes a' and tho games 3f >ur not too distant childhood (let us hopej) Johnny DeBerry was put in a very erbarrassing predicament by the arrival of the he-men, (Soft-ball team) in the middle of a very delicate mom.ent. Prizes ’’ere awaried for the bost dressed "kids" and also for the pjtato race. Peppermint sticks and ljllip,jps were the p prizes Th.jse Pro sent: Hisses Agnes i I'lorgan, ’"iliaa Parham, ’ Haiti and Parhaia, Bertha Beard, Esther Lane hart, Fdizabeth..LiEhtscy, Hartha Sharpo, Vivian Johnston, Doris P Isjnj Hrs Dennis, Mrs Touchston Hossrs Fritz Hey, Arthur Davis, •/Kermit Prico,sev7oll, Vv'iggins, DeBerry, oHartin*^ Barwick? Calh.oun Hovins, H'’.r risen, Laney, Steele, S c ar b ough Bur r i s c t al A standing invitati-jn to ''ll CCC men’-t > attend Sunday Sch.).!l and B Y 4 P U is extend e'-d