Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Shady Grove, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 20, August 10, 1935
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Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
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Began 1935.

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The Pin Kno Jora Pag 2_ Auus I0 1955. --__--

F L Barrett Commanding P M Jones Mess Officer
G W Neece Surgeon
S B Garner Summary Court H C \Yood Welfare Officer
C N Densler Athletic Officer S C Bell Educational Adv.

Lt 1 Lt
ILt Lt
Mr Mr

Superintendent Surveyor Forester Forester


Ben Lovinggood
*George T Eargle Fred England JIohn O'Bryant Er tile England 'CLarence Short

SC Bell ICE Foster J 3arnes Fred England A Baskin EG ;artin

1st SergeantStewar d Company Clerk Supply Sergeant
" Cook


Adviser Editor Associate Editor Humor Editor Printer Feature Editor

The great day arrived for a few of the boys this week when the Cadre from this camp moved out. Orders came in Monday nig-ht, and the men left on Tuesday morning. They were as follows:
Charlie Brock lst Sergeant
iialter Smith Supply Sergeant

Win. Hackney Co. Clerk
D. C. fnitley Steward
Russell Parrfsh 1st Cook Marshall Darris Ist Cook Nathan Barganier Asst. Cook Sandlan Murdock .?sst. Cook F. C. iilliams .sst. Cook Ebron P. Hartley First Aid Laurence Neel Asst. Leader
Tillis T. Miree Asst. Leader Members George L. Martin, Oscar Phillips, Claude King, obson Butterworth, Jack Auston, Clarence McVey, Earold Johnson, Norman Lon orace Cobb, Arthur Estes, Clove ill 1ingham,John Mc Barnett, and Frank Arnold.
It was a sad blow to most of us to soee the cadre go. It is hard to re.alizo how much you can miss some big, loud-routhod clucb like "Big-'Un" But, well,. more orwer to them.
H.-&K. Baskin received a caid from King who said that they arrived at Auburn about 11:00 A. M., WIednesday, having spent tLe night at Bonning. He asks for a copy of the Pine Knot Journal as it is put out. So when you want to tell one of the boys something, just turn it in to the camp paper and they will hear about it sooner or later. Their now camp is about four miles from Auburn. The address is:
Company 4447 CCC
Camp. Ala. S. P. S. 7
Auburn, Alabama


The fire inspectors for this
area examined this camp last week. Fire extinguishers were tested and possible fire hazzards werc noted. Conditions hore were found okay.

W B Martin Hoyt Waldron CM Young L E Hamilton. R Eddins

The Pine Knot Journal

Page 2

August 10, 1935


iurn1a 3


It is with great pleasur that report th successful eratti--n of the danc, Fridy, August 2nd. It was wll-attunded cnug-i to d-fray QxCnoos. The nic Cwas good and most everybody onjryed Mirlf There ire no eaualitics as it 5Jus a t7ry pleasant and orderly ff ir tIr out. If non of our future arties doocend below the level of thin one, wo fool sure
at c ha srome mg ,ty enjoyable u :cas ins in store for us. The cctrittee is to b conr tulatod or. tCir anag mnt of the affair, at such short notico.

It is said that thorc is .noth,: zysiolan in cam. Priaps it i 7 r f -ous surgeon uor ding
a 0 boy. to t1iat we canot say. All we know is that w~v
: c-karg addrcased to Dr.
.In F. ---, nd-bef're wu could dca. to last n ac, C mc nar .not>d it frou our gresn. ~cm can t b?

- a - a


The light plant was hors do 6t et ,f last weok. The trou10 ia bon somewhat relieved, ut things are still in an stat. The nagnct: has ben p@ired and noew hoad :i. boen nt.lled. By the Grace of God an( ith the help of Proviiencu cur i.t orvice is confidently exc ted to be much botior in the

last -oo r -uO *t of
firo re ulation :>Go hasd. In
o*ntof tile b;arr-.eks, on 'ullotin b.rds, nd tr p:a, ther
r cpi drulatin were red tc: t.o untire eca V.Iy .4 r'ol.1 It iL tc uryoic' d vLnta to f .ili riizi i' lf :ita tLmue instrue ta at t Lt heo :_y t ~, Ii r; r 1c in cevnt if fire. ri artil r.
drmtim t't t i
t 'c: ruls U.o 1o Lf r L
observAd 1b.y .11.


S Ist Trock ter :. a ldlayed
-chewing of t.t epic yf L~a late unnlosn~tnss--ti .tirld n.-"'l uit on t".c stn Frnt."
It :.rt vary integrating rd inuructive taugI crueM:ma 'u U ven to a cz.firmA r--4Lr of murrr St'rL4 Vorn .2 Clovn rolls f 1:-r cnus rnd wa U~e :::nta of troops to Lt U.:o I ladly upoetocular nt most r listing. Su4' nirture shuld -he 11 of us re-l'e t o full trfady of nr
3duc tion .1 filn. for tLc ca hVY -.10 R e-exuallnt, The
first nsig nn .C to b .( nt tack without bein- c~e theoe .:ore no li.lo ant pe:t :Mak 'to had on r101 on ti "L'o cf In VnL t," n t.c rls on t o .i. ..y. ,a f ~3 zil. A .goo .ttod nce ra rn .rnd for jtyed tc 'n-1 irr ,ncly.


_At4_' U'U

RU1:0--R:* DR. JOHN --??



A'nei project has ben opened up to our c mp.- The Kelly projact- lios on the other sits of Sincla-ir s, ncear the'Lafayottc County 1ino. The boys have boon. xcrcking on the hew project sineo Mendvy. So far the work has co sisted riainly of survoying and roa-d build-ing.
r Riley Eddins, new forestry foro man, arrived! in campT 1ast w~ook* Eo has boon working tho stump crew
cfor. 'J0 hope that he will1 1e 1his work here, ad tht 'no wil stay long enough to got acuiinted
Lt. Pomerance antd Pvt. Grines xwero in camp last wook 'on ,

1hpection tou'. They conducted a. lariaL survey- of the company 'by, taking bl-od snea--rs of all noen it the company. Only three cases
shoedu-p, according to the Lt.,
-nd this speak-s wol1 fo~r the finE preventive rasures institu.tod b3 our cmp'surgeon, Lt. Nocce. is, tho. non are subject t- mnscuito bites at work, this is very goo

do, ot toLk caG O tOSGoT'
-.ithout- som off ici71 cltotGt.
-anyone3 Ao ha,-s livoCl thlrcug 1 7 sakios of tcE fine treatments 'knows -ih-t it ne7ans. Ha1.lai is no j oke. The old saw about the unce of prav~6tion can be t')n lc to he' r t r
Wed ne s ay opening Lt* Nodc
-ve hecith talk in the Recoation HI211. It'was LattcndGG by
Santiro company D thr fe longc
disctssed"6 socc hygotinco, paruca
* ly the prevention andic ont: o of voncron1 d_'ise ase. Hie cuiphas ized ti-o grave consovonnces attond[ent' to those discate8s, 'the diff iculty of trantnent, and the life-long efforts of sone of thoso, such as blinenoss, rheumatism, inenarity,
paaly S i Sot.
It is aid that the ow7rly bird,. tches the wor.. Yesq, but look h t happens to the early worlt

Aurant 10,

nunbcr -f iin In can hvu
con voakinp; go suviing in the 10ts t ci t Cherry Lke. In 18 wofights, "DF16'' HAS ott he Cr.:m en os .nd w u the thor. Goss -nd Buttorticrth hve 1- bcn being c1I1 In tho aeu-re ircl, Nick Por doz- Rtilodes
h v h^d cchrinC exporta;nce oru coming to coup ay tht re plenty of tVlont hero, but
tl _pys il Sll have to1
;p in bAtter trAining if thvy ox oct to got fr withthe gloves.
Basub-ll is givIng soft-bell
,road .e tho s ot prpu-: cort. Ir-ut Sturdriy, the
ton wevnt tc Tall-h-.aoc, .c t Y 1 st to the Vil s OCC
-r4a. ilnst Chrry Lko, Sund&y c. 1410 "wn ft soft- bll while SL~ -b~11 club lst. Only ~. u.:.:.y L'.t inning for Gronvillo,
5 stiC kTpt US fron -.nnoxing t gio, but w-teh our spoo l in aturo 3rr:00
Oceotiti '0.0,no mabra of .u t':ficers' Bth nZ lennia Club
~inxinG hotter overy dy. c v hIt Ch-rlto Bcck A.n. okncy :rc left, Lt. Jn lo p rs to bc e -Cro Cn Cur co:lp-ny c-urt; hc-::ver, acvoral othora ^.ro -;10t ,U:l e e



Dycr r.nV Charloc 7t G-inesvillo, Frichy, "ore cQ ^rrrangeQ.nts t,. enter t 1( "FloridR, this fe-11..37 t OpQ that tr-oc t,:o follo 1-a bost of luck At school.

019udo Stool I
-t.o ouartcrs.

art; ay. are confina'


iAJor nllton Tiorn from corpo
-Ao HtaCruv.rters rpp rs r cL~ is mornin- on a tcr. of
.'on. itt him' o ckr
of the Stu ForeMtry Offica In T&llaaurses.


Prof. Bell left this mornin
Aith hiA forestry class on a field
p olle, -le expects to I ,cint out soae of tae c"on -va .. rieties of trees and tier dist inrgu ia'r-ing -. c. sa rurcter ictU'ic:s. Ne xt :ek, it I r lained to take : class on a tour of on~e of tr lumber mill s.

Otden Srith, Aaistant Leader I on the tractor crew, a~ discharg~4 this :7;ek to aco'pt iloryment ait Sconstruction corpany.

3 n Lingood, lrt brgeant, me call d home this eok on ccount of illness in his family.



.tc Z.





The tine Knot Journal

bE 99taed c r 6r Dl-

~N i
- ~ -

. .. ----~~***--**. ,
d I ) 1,-l by. our Coq

Page 6

Aug. 10, 1935

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Page 2 The Pine Knot Journa.1 August 10, 1955 CAIT PP PS0F17EL V/m. Hackney Co, Clerk D. G. 'Ynitley Steward Russell Parrish 1st Cook Marshall Parris 1st Cook Pt P L Earrett Commanding Fafnan Barganier Asst, Cook jpt P k Jones Mess Officer Sandlan Murdock • :sst. Cook I'lt G ileece Surgeon P, C. '.Villiams 'sst. Cook lit 3 B Garner Summa r y Court Ebron P. xiartley Pirst Aid jit K C ood. iVelfare Officer Laurence Feel Asst. Leader 'Lt C k Densler Athletic Officer Jillis T. Miree As&t. Leader jkr S G Bell Educational Adv. Members George L. Martin, Oscar • Phillips, Claude King, obson POP ES’TRY Butterwor th. Jack Ausuen, Clarence 1 McYey, h.arold Johnson, Forman Long i.iT r; Martin Super intendent woracc Cobb, Arthur Estes, Clevc |i]T Koyt V/aldron Surveyor will inghCom, Joan Me Barnett, and fL.'Ir G M Young Pores ter Prank Arnold. Mr L E Hanilton Pore s ter It was a sad blow to most of nr P Eddins Pores ter us to see the cadre go. .It is card to realize hov/ muc'i you can O.'^/EkHEAD miss some big, loud-mouthed cluck like "Eig-’Un," But, v/ell, more Ben Lovinggood 1st Sergea.ntpower to them. (George T Eargle Steward 'H.'A’. Baskin received a caMd !Pr e d Engl a. n d Gomijany Clerk from King v/iio said that they arri‘John C ’Bryant Su'op ly Sergeant ved at *'^niburn about 11:00 1. M • Br '.rie England Cook Jodnesday, having spent ti.e night Clarence Short Cook at Bcnning, He asks for a copy of the Pino Knot Journal as it is i S TAPP put out. So when you want to tell one of the boys something, just :3 G Bell Adviser turn it in to the comp paper and G E Poster Editor they v/ill near about it sooner or C Barnes i-issoc ia fce Editor later. Their nev/ camp is aboi;.t Pred England Humor Editor four miles from A.uburn. The o.dE A Baskin Pr inter dross is: E G Martin Psature Editor Company 4447 CGG Camp Ala S P S 7 i 1 u b ur n i i.l a b ama OF TO AEIBAMA 1 The great day arrived for a fev/ PI RE MARS. ALL of the boys this v;eek when the Cadro from this camp moved out OrThe fire inspectors for this ders came in Monday nigit, and the area examined this camp last week. nen left on Tuesday'morning. They Eire extinguishers were tested and were as follows: possible fire hazzards v/orc noted. Clia,rlie Brock 1st Sergeant Conditions here were found okay. halter Smith Supply Sergeant —


The Pine Knot Journal Page 3 CO. BANGS >:SLD SUCCSSSFULIY It iij v/ith great pleasure tl,at •70 report the successful eperati-.r'i* of the dance Fridiy, August 2nd. It '/as v/ell-at tended enough to defray expenses. The music -./as good and most c/orybody enjoyed himself Tl-ioro 'verc no casual/tics as it ./as a very pleasant and orderly -ffeir thrjiighout. If none of jOur future parties descend bclov/ the level of tJiis one, v/e fool sure \7o have some mighty enjoyable C'ccas ions in store for us. Tiio ccr.imittoe is to be congratulated on their mo.nagcment of the affair, at such short notice. Rif TOP: BR. JOHN ???? It is that th^rc is anothe pt.ysi'^'ian in camp. P.jrl aps it is famous surgeon mascuo'r ding I; f a CCC boy. Ps to that v/e cannot say. All v/G kno'.'/ is tliat v/e nr''.; package addressed to Br J-. r.n R. rnd-bef' re v/e could ^ead ti G last name, e >mc one snat" lic'd it from our grasn. Vtnicm can it be? .lu<;uE^ 10 ^0^5 FIR3 RNL3S Last Jednesd y o. nev' set of fire regulations v/a'n issued. In cacti of the ber racks, on bulletin bc.‘'.rd3, o.nd at et ar p'la.m s, there -*"ro C 'pios posted. The regulations -.70 ro road tc tr.e entir-.; company as -/ell. It is tc ^jvoryoncU advantage to fomiliaris^ ic.self ti'.ese ins true i.^rs si. taat he nay talic hi; event of fire. prep'.r place Tire drills in ir I eld from time to time tc givuprAlt ice rules. T:.ese aru cf i;nportr.ncc s.a ould be observed by all. .great cc-refull'. IIC'^TS

Tho pine Ki:LCt Journal Pr.gG 4 .'Mr.uist 10 19^5. iPlEI 1TS\/ c.pip There is no 'nev.'s from the nev.* cnap. 5: fnr, construe t i :'n is scheduled to str.rt by the first c f S 0 p t on D c r The c c np u ny v/ ill prohohly novo in us so' n as construction is conpletedo POPPS TPY PROJECTS i ) I A nev: project has been epenod up to our c-^mpo The Kelly project lies on the other si do of Sinclo-ir’s, near the Lafayette County linoo The boys hor/e been '.verhing on the new project since^ ilcndcay So f-o.r the work has consisted nohnly of surv^eying and r "r:d bu i 1 d i ng i:0S(^UIT0 B.'RS Sone of tho boys learned ^ S'-d lesson last Tuesday evening, Tney iio,ve been figuring tho-t they are too ne-an for anything to bite then ^.nd har/c been forgetting to use t'heir ’’skeeter bars", hell, ./ed 1 nesday, a list of names appea,red j on the bulletin board, confining i all men v/ho were caught not using! their bars to cow.ip for a week, ; (he arc using our b-r every night nov:, ) It is too bad tho,t people do not take c^are of t.icmselves ,:ithout some officio.l deterent. i Anyone who has lived thrcugii v series of,brino tree, toents knows v/hat it means, llalario, is no joke. The old so-w about the ounce of prevention can be takr.-n j to heart hero i I ITPV/ PORPSTPR )• Riley Pddins, new forestry for^Imovn, arrived in oa-mp l-ast week, IHo has been working the stump crew I so far, '.Te hope that he will like i h is v: 0 r k here, a n d t h r, t h c w ill stay long enough to get acyuahntcd lAiARIA SUR^/PY Lt, Pomcrcancc and Pvt. Grimes -.70 re in conrp last week on an inispoction tour. They conducted a malaria survey of the compo..ny by toRking bl'od sme-ars of o.ll men in the company. Only three oases showed up, 'according to tho Lt -'"nd this spea.ks well for the fine preventive mc''’sures instituted by our crxip surgeon, Lt Hggcg, ds tho men omc subject t^' mosouito bites .at work, this is very good. IE LTH TALK Wednesday evening Lt Neoco gave health talk in the Recreation I-Iall, It was attended by tho entire company, Lr, IIggcc discussed sex hygcince, part-ioularly the prevention and care of venereal disease. He emphasized tho grave conseouunccs .attendant to these diseases, the difficulty of treatment, and the life-long effects of some of those, such as blindness, rheumatism, insn-aity, paralysis, etc. It is said that the c'^rly bird C'-'.tchos the v/orm. Yes, but look what happens to the early wormi


Tho Pine Knot Journo.l P''.gc 5 Auruct 10 1935 SPORTS }!CGPIT/J. KOTSS Tho follo'./ing nenburo of tho t coi.ipany arc confined in tr.o Staticrl Hospital at Ft. Benninr: ^ ./illic Farmer, Kario Fornandoz, Claude Stcjlo, and-RairHi Baty. To/nsend and Loguo are confine'., I VISITORS I .* nujaber "*f i.icn in camp liavc been making a good 3 "-./ing in tl':c fights held at Clierry L^ke. In his last t\n figV.ts, ’’Baldy'! R-'zlett has dra./n one, and v/nntho ether. Goss and Butterv;orth have also been doing v/ell in the ccu'^rcff lo cuarters. circle. Nick Fernandez -and Rhodes I" have had much ring experience coming to coe.ip s''.y th^t uc a-zc plenty of talent here, but | ,t' '-'.t the boys v/ill all h'^ve to | ilajor .amilton i:.orn from Coras II ecp in better training if they exf,;rea Hcadcu^Tters poe: red ir c-ami •pect to get fr'T v/ith t'.LG gloves. | o' is mornin,' on a tear of inspoo' 1 t-'On. ./ith him CJ-jne K..jor Tucke-r is giving soft-ball | of the State Forestry Of-fice in file camp ’ s most popu, Tc llahassec 1''.?’ sp'.rt. Last Saturday, the 1 iba,;;: :rtell tcai.i v/ent tc Tall -''has see | irfc they lost to the Vila's CCG I -Vr" inst Cherry Lake, Sunday! riaseball hard 'racd -i jCe. 1410 v;on it '-c b-'seball 1 FORJSIRY CL.SS Tl'JtdS TRIP h-y 'S 0 rpt i .1 at soft -ball v;hilo club last. Only a inning for Greenville, morr.i ng j Prof. Bell left j'./ith his forestry class on a field id'^v, kept us from annexing jsrip. dmle gone, ae ejzpects to t ''.t gis'itcd Gainesville, Frida.y, virVicrc they m'',do arrange.mcnts to enter ^ni\ of FloricLa tViis fall, o./c imas called home t'nis v/eek on acjsurely .lOpc that these t’vo follc./s } count of illness in his family, hove the best of luck :-.t school. l tiicj Ben Lo/inggood, 1st Sergeant, j


Tile fine Knot journal Page 6 Aug. 10. 1935 )?)UN U h' 0 LI k U N 0 i P ,7