Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Shady Grove, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 19, July 27, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
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Began 1935.

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_J&_- -_ It ora Pag 2' Jul 27i

7j *
The gonoir text and theme of this wook's ourna is ;the p.Qn tation of factg and figures ing to a better undcrstandi nd appreciation of Florida, .Parit I of Floers," "Land tero the-tors Kiss The Sky." '%1 o \
non of otbhrwise intbligot
_ro sometimes insonsiblo to, thI chrms of.vordant lovlinoss,. Florida bas drawn' fro th j
zonry of Othcrstatb Au Er
population, i g tho -S
of Floridby d coning fyoi :lllgditaps ad cunstandos unit' in tho. bbLAib thet Florida is \tlaolf iyest 9 on cirth in -which to live.

oAny of &nat 108,-1'h
hais lack-4 orta' ad .q
inot rocogniza -c true ferdts3' the n-si6-tte lei
hbo Unds in verysoun of t. Eto.-o pin, cpss,gn ni-gnol and meryot r !.
kinds of tfoos (49% all ty.p drocon 1i p. Eq f found; nd deposfTl lp.~~tshs iin, 16'fE f' *-fh'rostng
the other Uphutios lwrgich N-ture his provided fo-r--Florida. On ur ric' i gro .
tu.crriolons,- to bacco 'orn, co ton celery, and-p'ot-.toos. ogs, and bttlo'thv is country
Most noab I-oa pcr s~, is the citrus industry of Florida. Bry year 2rd fuFi oorid fQbout
C4% of all grapcfruit grwokkfin the U. S.
As to othor statistics, Floride is better praidod with h facilities than any thrso th

state. This applies a1so to her institutions oTf higher learning. For industrial pro'gr6'sE 'has beeoon
-s4tipaturo, nQevel etoros, and pha es fto the no st part, and, s'a rcst we Irv!o~v a wonderfully op0plQto-a .fficient railway

cau s pf ur lack of induspur utte, a solid rgricult Eck-ground has boon ost blikhicli rkca ef6r a strong nd ,ndentmpopul,-.c Labor dis,ncsc s1c.hraiots, strikes, h-v-bo.n ,totttl.y -bsont in 44~.hil afflicting the satet i64ust~1 SoTuth. t~h afrp a:in mind,
hiinking ana on!got a cloror ro torougqunderstanding uC' country, ab if he bocoomes ciontly cl ightcnQd:may sroo )von c:Dne fto) the proper -ap


. Th.e SOSt.automobilO-spo.
_ocord, in thoe iorld vads dc in F. -hcn, ocl, r nd by upom? 2. Vfh~r n it. is located the world s rgc st ,c omnmcrcial' ir bosof -+ .. "

3. WheWev St. Augstinc the oldost city in ,thqU. S. founded?
4. What Cxo th-rringoblo ngos in Fl,.
5. What. Fl. rivor is irmicrtalizod in f trcus -sng?
6.''hat i,5 the greatest of Fla.'s pturl~voth roacurcos? t iFlorid's rank in U. S. ccloy production?
-8'Ho did TaCmpa got its namo? (inswors on Pego 5)


- I I I I I I I - A-En ., ___ -, .. .. .1111- 11 1 , V -. _. .

Tho'Pine Knot Journal

July 27, 193

Page 2


Mess Officer
surgeon Summary Court 'Welfare Ofe. Athlettio Ofc. Educat ional

in Superintendent
dron Surveyor
g Forestry
lton Forester


England L1 Davis



.Garde, 8tb-District
-rived in canp, 'Zhurs
_e rer.ined a few ghten out the new Foley, Florida

Friday evening, the Reveren Latthews, Rector of Christ Obu at Monticello, accompanied by young ladies, viated camp and conducted services for t:ie mem The meeting was enjoyed by all ke certainly hope Reverend at returned soon'.



It. B F Jacobs, District Foro. tor, in camp, Friday earning on his regular tour of insprctioi

Itr ill, Forestry -oconician who ,as becn stationed _here for the past no~th, -. bccn transferrod to the oodvillo Gav. It A expectd tht the tranefar will, not be prronent and t'at U i1 will return within the noxt fow woo>ks. ThYo Forostry class organ* izcd by r.ill will be conductCd by Prof. Boll until r .1ill return

Friday, a group of forestry drivers convoyed several of tho now Chevrolet pick-ups to i.illiard about 40 Lils north, of Jzcksonvillo. c 3ofory long, wc should bc Through witn thu distribution of those trucks.


let Sergeant Stewart Company Clerk Supply Sgt


.dviser Editor Associate Ed. Sports EdHumor Ed. Printer Feature Ed.







Tho ineJ~no JornalPat 4 ulv 27. 1935


Sick in Station Hospital at
Fort Baning Claude Stcocklv .* Willie Eamer; -*
Herschel Beacham.*

SSick in quarters Earl Blanto~n -Edward Bourke *"'



Loc Williamson
Randall RobertsIts rprtedtt
_,t 1 ot ton'
KirOe will return from the Station _-~.oPital Ft. Bonndage Saturday, jujy 27. .
To put an end to the rumors which have boon floatiAg around gam,2,official news~has beon rocoivod that the company will
0- .. .. 6 !p
staying or sppdy conftrction band infor leasy, Work has already brenportoed tat th eri tengthgroundia is al. and laying out~theo building sits The camp -buildings, Are-to be of,, thec sootional :type which can boe' put, up and bolted together, making for sppedy construction and for easy dismantling.s: It is reported that the material is already on thesiding--at Foley. According to all calculations, th new camp should be ready for occupation by the,, first of Solttomber.
3h,_ laughed ihon I sat down on
thc park bcnoh,
But wihni 1 started to play,.1

The Pin- Knot Journal

Page 4

The much-mooted dance ucstion has finally boon solved. There
1ill'bo a gala mooting to trip th4. 1ight fantastic, August 2, the first Friday after Payd.ay, usic:will be furtnished y the Chffo Pearcolators from Madison. Funds-to put on the dance will bo secured by'a 25/ subscription at th gate. Lot's turn out, follow and kake this a really snazzy affair.
S..0. 1410 UNIjVRSjTY
President Boll takes prido
this wook in announcing the organiZation bf a medical college to fulfill'a much-folt nooeed. Lt. Neoct h@s boon drafted to servo es Danand H-ad professor. A class in First Aid hield its first session, Friday night. Loaders
and Assist-.nt Loaders are reuiroc to take this course in order to
-rotain their ratings. Others intorosted in First Aid arc urged to takc advantage of this instruction. Clasos will be hold Friday at 6:30 P. M., and it ,is im.porative that all enrolled report promptly at this tinc.
"Ity grardnother died, and I want
Zev, n- daysI-1eave,,Lieutonent."
"The next exorciso will bo-the si do-straddle hop."
"Vhoro in H--- is the Cantooeen StoVepr t?

ving; 6:30-7:30 :00 Spanish; Events

ginnors & Rdio anish & Photography rostry

5: 0 Shorthand 8"00 Liborty Trucks

Journal isra G )~NCE T REC. 17. JJ

01, ?LRIDA
1. Dytona Bc7'ch, FCb. 22, 1933 by Sir 1.lcolnm Cabc11. Ho rdc
272.108 miles per hour.
2. Dinner Ke-y, Fla. (Mi ai)
3. In 1565. It hs ch~~d~ 13 timns, and has th Sp.nish, French, British, C nfed. ur-to, -nd .ria. flags.
4.'7ith consont mn 14 ye rs, wormn 12; v*tthut consent mon 21, womon 21. 5. Suvwr.noo River.
6. The Florid-. Pinc.
7. It leads the nti-n with Cal, second -nd N. Y. third. Senford :nd Brn.dnton .ro te c1ocry contors of the st ate.
8. Frcm the Indi.n word ITI::P. nconinG "Clodo tc it, 1. it.'-

. H. SB'L
working, Journ.lism,
ving Thoe baseball tcam went tc
ily fre:: 6:00 to 9:00 Croonvillo, Thursday, and a a treat d.y, triuming thu Cppcsit- r
---. to thu tunc of 19 te ith, I
F urn.- -nd ',;illicia lcd our bcys BOXING 'n b .tting, and spurrd on by thi
imal" hittir Oc. r.-. : .n upa ing to mr has boon cf .?7 I t:;.
this ,wook, Pod shuld S- urd .y, tho b bI.11 to z
1 showing at Chcrr goes t* Perry ::cre they play the
Sunday. "Spoody" strong Burton-$w-.rts ninc. It
Don training regularly I-ill ha touZ bottle -.s th t ive any opponent 2 run Ipartirullr nggregVtion i known riy. Some of the other! Cs a crappy crew but w:ith the Funding into hpoe and:!in hcr Gnrevillc u:lcr tur n give us son- oxcitir' roanactiv. boits, w ought
: 'hat is the biggest ---D'1 1?GT TIE DANCE on chemistry has 1~EXT 1RIDY NIGHT '.T 10---ido s


nThe Pine Knot Journe

l Pgo 6






AUG 0-5 T

1 9




51 NE

10 t (Lt



,'API I~



s /

/%j A'.-


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The Pine rinot Journal 2 July 27, 1935 PLOP IP ana is thene of Tile general text triis '.Teck's J ourno-l tation of fo.cts and figures' lead ing to a Letter under s tanding^ 'and appreciation of Plorida, "Paradis of Plo'wcrs," "Land 'Jcere thei7aters Kiss The Sky." M though' men of otherv/'ise intelligent mien are sometimes insensible to the charms of verdant level iness-j Plorido. ha,s drav/n from thc c'Lti-. zenry of other sta.tcs mucin of her popula-tion, proving these sons of PI or id", by a.doption; that ,thoso coming from all climes 'a.nd cir"cumstanccs unite in the belibfstate. This applies a,lsc to her institutions o’f I igher learning, her industrial progress na,s been the PL,Q_san|-pgx>iculture naval stores, a,nd p.ho-sp ha't e s for th e mes t pa r t and as a result; we have .vuidor fully 'Complete and efficient rail-vay system. Because of our lack cf industri"l pursuits, a solid agr icul ti’ii!? a.1 ba:ck-ground has been establish ed which' me.kes fer a strong '^nd independent populac'h. .. Lohoor disturbance s such, as 'riots, s trike s bee.n totally v; .bsen t s in D T rca' t h '? t PI 0 r i da is the finest O'n earth in which to live. Like the sage who said that-', man sometimes cann-ot see the forest for the trees, we feel that, n"ny of our na,tivc sons also have this lack of porsxjoc t ivo nd do..not recognize the true merits bf. tho Sunshine State. aild life t abounds in every county of t.. o st-ate; pine, cypress, .o^.k, gum, ragnoli.^, bay, e.nd nayy other kinds cf trees. (49^ of o.ll types groom in the U. Sh)'' found; end do po's'fTs'Vof' phosphates ko.o1 i n and fuller's oar th r e cimo ng the ether bounties v/hich ITaturc ho.s provided f ot— Pier id?. On our ric’' farming la nd-sco n be grown c 0 '6.-'ogs country the Ev~ ^ 0 t c h ^ .jpLor'ida while o.fflictihg tno stette .e'f tlie ih-du's,.tr ial South. hif'ith' thes'of -jWpo'fh'ts i'n mind, th-b/ think Ihg man. can get a clearer andmoro thorough unde r s t?/nd ing of thiscountry, and if he becomes sufficiently cnlightonod may -some da.y Gvon c "^me tV -thc proper a,pprec iat i '''n. ':^f it. BO YOU KITOY THESE P LB CUT PLOEIDA? GTS. watermelons, tobacco, corn ton, celery, 'o.nd p'ot Locs and cattle thrivc.-i-n this 1. The fastest automobile-sp.c.ed record in the \ 70 rld v/:is made in Pl?v. '.Then, 'Vlicrc, "nd by v/hom? 2 Y/here in PI?lo.rgcst is located the c omme-r c i c'. 1 ?. i r 01 Host notooblc, pcrrj?, is citrus industry cry yGG,r 94^ of 0.11 gromefrui the U. S. As to other statistics, Pforida is bettor provided with school Florida Plprid-a furnishcf^ .about | 1 gpQ‘jr^v‘*xn 4. in 5. I in St. tho thofacilitics than omy 0 thcr southoru(p^nswcr s on page 5) Y/orld s b S 0 ? 3. V/hon wo.s Gst city in vVha t ar c Pla.? \7hat Plo. .-rivor 0 famous -song? 6. Yvlnat i,s the greatest of PI?, natural' growth r os our cos? 7, Y/lnat is .Florida’s r?mk in U celery production? 8. Hov/ did Tompa got its n-amo? Augustine the oMU. S. founded? marr i-'^goablc ages is immortalized


The Pine Knot Journal page 3 Ci^IP PSRSONIIEL Jul y 27, 19 35 JRLTx Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Lt Hr F P G S H C S L Barrett M Jones Â’,7 Neece B Garner C \7ood N Densler C Bell Commanding Hess Officer Surgeon Summary Court VtTelfare Ofc. Athletic Ofc. Educat ional Adviser FORESTRY CT-LRCH SERVICES Friday evening, the Reverend Hat thews, Rector of Glirist Gaurtili at Monticello, accompanied by two young ladies, visited camp e.nd conducted services for memb(Ers The meeting 'A^as enjoyed by all. V/e certainly hope Reverend Matthev/js returns soon L DISTRICT FORESTER Mr *.7 3 Martin Mr Hoyt Waldron Mr C M Young Mr L E Hamilton Superintendent ^ 3 p Jacobs, District ForesSurveyor ter, was in camp, Friday morning, Forestry qj-j regular tour of inspection Forester OVER.-EAD Ben Lovinggood George T Eargle \7m Hackney '.7a 1 ter Smi tli Bratie England Marsiiall Davis S r/.FF S C Bell C E Foster C Barnes V/m Hackney Fred England A Baskin E G Martin 1st Sergeant Stewart Company Clerk Supply Sgt. Cook Cook .-.dviser Editor Associate Ed Sports EdHumor Ed. Pr inter Feature Ed. VISITORS Captain Xb.Ga.rde Bub-District Commander, arrived in camp, 'Tnurs day evening. He rem.'.ined a few days to straighten out the new camp site at Foley, Florido. TRAK5FERS Irr ill, Forestry uec.inician who 1 as been stationed here for the past month, ^.s been transferred to the V/oodvillc Camp. It .eo expected that tl.e transfer vmll not bo permanent and tiiat Mr ill will return within the next few weeks. The Forestry class organized by iir i.ill v/ill be conducted by Prof, Boll until Hr Hill returns ::ORE TRUCKS Friday, a group of forestry drivers convoyed several of t'.ie new Chevrolet pick-ups to illisrd about 40 miles north of Jacksonville^ Before 'long, we seould be through wi Cl: the distribution of these trucks.


The Jr-inc Knot journal page 4 JulT-g?, 1955 -OSFITAL :T0T3S Sick in St -tion Hospital at Port Henning p Claude Steele \7illie Parner Kerschel Beaxiian Sick in "uarters ; pari Blanton Pdv/ard Bourke Lee V/ill ianson Randall Roberts It is reported that "Cotton" iliree will return fron the Station T ospital at Pt, Benning, Saturday j July 27. POLEY CAIlP To put an end to the runors which have “been floating around camp 5 official nev/s has been received that the company v/ill start construction of a new camp ’ in Poleyo ;7ork has alrea,dy been i started, clearing the grounds ^ a.nd laying out the building sites I 'Tlic camp buildings to be of the sectional typo v/hich can be put up and bolted together, making for sppedy construction and for easy dismantling. jv.It is reported that the material is already on the siding e-t Poley. According to a.ll calculations, I the nev/ camp should be ready for I occupation by the first of SepI tem-ber^ lauighcd when I sat down on the park bench, But when 1 started to play 1 1 i i D PCS The much-mooted d ncc .-suestion has finally been solved. There will be a gala meeting to trip the light fantastic, August 2, the first Priday after Payday, ilusic will be furnished by t’.c Coffee Percola.tors fromHadison. Punds to put on the dance will be secured by a 25^ subscription t the gate. Let's turn out, fellows and kake this a really snazzy affair. CO. 1410 UNIVERSITY ADDS NEY COLLEGE President Boll takes pride this v/eok in announcing the orgarnization of a medical college to fulfill a much-felt need. Lt, Neece has been drafted to serve as Dean and Hea>,d Professor. A class in Pirst Aid held its first session, Priday night, Lea.dcrs and Assist'^nt Leaders are re _,uircc to tc:-ko this course in order to their ratings. Others interested in Pirst Aid are urged to advantage of this instruction, Classes will be held Pridays at 6:30 P. M, and it is imperative that a.ll enrolled report promptly a.t this time. popular phrases "My gra.rdino ther died, and I want cl sevendays' lea ve Lieutenant • "The next exercise v/ill be the sd de-stra.ddle hop." "Vihere in H is the Canteen Stewart?" i 1 “ I A '--)


The pine Knot Journal p?.ec 5 July 27, *1935 V/EEKLY C;-LENI).J{ llonday : ANS /DRS TO UESTIONS ON FLORID-. 4:00-5:00 Shorthand, 6:30-7:30 1. D^.ytona, Fob. 22, 1933 Beginners; 8:00-9:00 Radi: &: by Sir ir.lcclm Campbell. Ho Arithmetic < 272.108 miles per hour. 2. Dinner Key, Fla. (iiiami ) Tuesday: 3. In 1565. It h'^s changed n'.nds 4:00-5:00 Life .Saving; 6:30-7:30 13 times, o,nd has fl''aLcd the Beginners; 7:00-8:00 Spanish; Span i si:, French, British. C nfed8:00-9:00 Current Events cr^te, "nd .meric an flags. 4.\yith consent, men 14 ye rs, Wednesday : 'women 12 years; without c.nsjnt 6:30-7:30 Beginners & Radio men 21, women 21. 7:00-8:00 Spo.nish & Photegro.phy 5 Suv/a nee River. 8:00-9:00 Eores'try 6. The Florida pine7. It leads the nati.n with Cal. ^ Thursday : second '’nd N. Y. third. Saiif^rd 4:00-5:00 Shorthand nd Bradenton arc the celery con7:00-8:00 Liberty Trucks tors of the state. 8. From the Indian word ITIII’IFriday; 6:00-7:00 Journalism meaning "Clcdo tc i*t, Near it.'* | 10:00-? BIG DANCE iT REC. HALL I Saturdcay A. hi. Ba^SEB.vLL 8:00 'Woodworking, Journalism, 'nd Life Saving The baseball team went tc #'T>"ping d'^ily from 6:00 to 9:00 Greenville, Ihursda.y, and nas a grea.t day, trimming the oppcsiti.n — to tne tune of 19 to 6. Smith, Burns, -^nd v/illirns led :ur b;./ys BOXING j ?n bu.tting, r.nJ. epurrud on by tlicijr ^ inijly iiittirj, Oc, r .n upn j Tlic boxing tcn.n ho.s boon i ..otal of .i.7 i it:;. i practicing this v/cck, r.vd sh'^uld 1 S'^turd^.y; the basubMl torjn mke good showing c-t Gherr: | geos tr porry -.vhcrc they play the j Lo-kc, next Sunday. "Spe'cdy" t strong Bur ton-Sv/r.rtz nine. It • Oo'-i has been trciining regularly Iv'ill '’•o a tough brtf.c as th'^t • '^neV will give any opponent o, run par t i*' ul'' r aggregation is kn'v/n I for his raoncy. Sonc of the other: as a crew but with the j ^''yz ere rounding into shopo; and'T,/in ov'cr rje-ooryi''. ie lu^der >ur • sh uld seen give us sone exc i t ing‘,"'angSs reonectivc belts, v/e ought | t Louts-J -f X g plaooi.. • j i I Prof, Bells What is the biggest j contribution chemistry has made? 1 Es tes s Blondes I FOPGET TIIE D;JnGE I'EXT FRIDi-.Y NIGHT hT 10


r The Pine Knot Journel p:'ge 6 A' E E l\ // July 27, 35 L L \A/ AYR L 5 5 L ( f 1 p; ( J 1 E Rvil l t_.. r C \ \ (:/\M I RE cEYErf n > / i RA I N C f' 5 H I N E 10 tilt /