Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Shady Grove, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 18, July 20, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder #1406 and #1410


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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The Pine Enot Journal ae 2
1 CafpPereodnel

July 20, 1935

,. I

Lt F L BarreT Comanding I P M Jones Kess Officer Lt 0
Lt's Ga ner Sumary Court
m Martin, guperntondol _1 C
4 Nort \TqIdr n Burrayer 12 J
.r-I ill Technician f L

C Vood N Donsler C Bell "
4 4
i.Youg R Bumgarnor E Flamilton


Welfare Officor Athletic Officer Educate onal
Fooa ter Forester Forcster

Bon Lovinggood lt BSorgeant Waltor &iith
corgTq a fglo Strak Brati-,E3ngl3and
7 F ckney Company ork- WMrshll Davie

supply Sgt Cook Cook

S C _Bo11 Advisor
G E Festor Editor
G Bare Asoi"to

hIn Hecknoy Fred England H Baskin G Martin

Sports Ed Humor Ed Printer
*Foaturo Ed


"pigsv" says tho go, "lis. ptigeL To which we add our own opinion' that fro oxpQrionco -and observa.tion, we must cry that pigs, notwitht.ndinrg all oxcoptions, is pis. 1Jo hLavc hcard'-fron Othlcr mourcon tht certin mmibnors of the OffAical Porsonnl1 1sJo have definite idoas Along tAcso lines. Be t a.t as it my, tho pig is a crotturc of unlovely Cepot, slovenly in habit, uncloan in appearanoo, uncouth in, fcoding, and with absolutely no idoa of the rights of priv,-tc propofty. A pig will wlk a narrow p:t:: tht.t would give a mountain goat the "D. T'I" just to asaociato with a bunch of CO boys. Cattlo-gaps, hog-prodf fencoz, and watch dogs Gro of no avail. You would think that suoh a s4ow of affocLion would insure r kind reception. But not They Arc mot with harh crioc, luaty-Lcllovings, tand vcll-aimod missilos, TYt t'90 paucino guest .ro undr.unted, -nd co no on anyway, un-;'any Ynnor of persucion horover h.rsh it r.-y be. They arc Sl-ko the .torsj of the se. Yoi press thorn in oneric, and thcy rush forwrd in -ethor. Almost all t~ t crn bo taid is that if There orno..pig, there would to no h.m, and then rh- t would v o hWo.v, to p, with our cggs? So, hoor,.y for the swinci


i w7-. u*?%zy r-Ate, -+o .r?

no visitors of ok. Somebody ales sign gpor eh-e
.Ca shcok ticir r 11 ,.d to go. ntist.


R.'TL3S1T Ka

Dy ri.tco, ,nd yo.u sh11
2 h lo CCC boy porforrnof hroion Jnd br~Yevry a co0:1mnion from foCrd.dldy dr-on, or rcorpount uwn : old "Dil.rind 3ck curn-Ld tho "Con:," Sthe urveying mri:, nt n in thec dir.l e: np. tly ch 11onged iin to de nd in the cisuinG conflict to nonotor : Con .nd taoro, l no .surc- P fJot in nd hrad 15 r .t 3 bjy ount). Ho Fi\ A.

*"Prch.Vw d-rrison Is oick r.rtors rt tau Infirn-:ry:: s1'Th.t .tt-ck of indigctton to thG Etmg df 'dlt fro*n 0 lottc to Proo.k bl4,e In uf t.ia indispoi t in, tc I id ttno nt hp- for E Er
rec_-o"ve :ry .

&OF. 7T_ "

The tig -liat ofU. P St trOk id sports our victor over rnny ni..t, at t' onei ,groUn~dL. With no-rly t: ontitro e~pa.ny oua rotimg for t to-n, the brya put the Indi-4n cif eC1 t. visitors in .a r.rd-fo. t
On Tuady, jc d ,. night
. undor ligt with Wdison. Gc. 1410 cio.t tc t- cnd, ut :-s forcd to boi. bcforc t cir rpp naonts -:71,- :are Amore usA, t: tc Mrzd s. Otcr g^.ras on tr cc odule Gd to bo postpone boc -us. of ,:et grounds. Yxt ':cok 1---Coo to- *4c.n up ct' c tQfN is g-uctingr bterevry d1 y. Tx bRAbP.11 ainel3 is r10 expected 6 crving int: .cti-h Lt. Dnder, cur thictic Offitor, rcpzrts t' r t t'. c follows 're -.11 yr,-tiaz ing diligently, -nd t' t sang t.rilling cnr.ccur.ntcrs .ro ound ti tko pl'cc. 'J~.--tc. Co. 1410 e


Td.~ ~

:. J. ':- -::11-li
ester "<. *' oad y t
t. s itc r, .. t
re sorry co ni C.u rt, Lu
cp tl t . :ill nfcet :it t o o... t cf lur.'- Cr v-r ( I :1r Ir

T1~o ~PWe ~t 3cuTn~l July 2O~ l9~55

'.TITLY (1 1 D'R

aick in St-AttnMeu 't Fort Bamta T-es2 Killijngwarh ill1ia F 744dat

Sick in alrteras
- rd 11 Roberts R.lp r

?ri4;y nigt by Lt. o It i
brot1n will be perform Qn im 0n-no tone S-I Gir4 ye.
171$0a b Kappo recent onrcl1 --s disc rgee frop the CCC by tine dricaloff&icilF rt t)O
,tst aia in F Bonig

S4400-5O0 S 'ort. ~ l 6,0 -750
So-innore 1:00-8500 Spollingl
;:00-91 200 ~ic & itsto
t' 4a00-Lffo 6ving;'6B07T0 BcgiOncr- gur0-800 Sranis-3
'8a00-9:00 Currcnt S'ronts

Wognagd y,
6:30'7:30 Boginnorm t R-.diO 7;00- 00 p ar & totQg y
8400-9;00 Forestry
4;00-500 S~ort nd
iOQQ-:00o Libty Trucks
600-7.0 Journ:lira; 7&00-8:00 $p.alling; 8-00-9;00 ..rit.c tic
S-.turday :K.: 8;00 ood-. king, Journ.lisin, .nd Life Soving tryingg d&ily from 6000 to 9:00

D'-i rty d arth 80ptrabori
pril, Jane', and Novobbr. 11 thoi. rost two-v thirty-ono* Ex-cept -Gr-ndftAt'cr,, who h-13
long 7titbte"rds


Licutt "ft y Giff-Jiff, st-nd rA t tontion."
Giff-17iffs nIrm standing it, sir, it's my pants thAt Pro r.t easo."

7o0 Foretry clase, "fccr lgng dColay, is ro-lly going to otrrt t'is wook. r. Lill, Univorvity-trAined forestry -toc..nici .n, will, be in cargo.' looturo and f fold trip per wook contetpictod. Prof. Bell o will probably %ave to 'ndfa tUhe field trip as 1r. 1ill is occu4piod Stturd.ay niorningc. nnouncOmont nrS to placo of mocting vill be" -do It retront forns-tion, ';ocdnosdny.


T"e Pino R;ct Journ-1

July 20, 1935



it, this 1 I-at p gS t, gruals no. It nd ides on teia
-s it would be to o cut of the e-.r sov, t1At grunts i17e (1 rOCn in tto guys 9p0.k :o) h1vo. never
* tantd in-souch as t Ath u this like ~uld to get ,-.ok pokon of crbbgosa ':riffs a md softill procoo. -:ith p gossip, ^.nC Cuo' tgo in p-pors. 2go it looked ino Knot would n~i
d-y until solaot
_.:,over, few .glo-oyoc. office plcor'. bottle of ill be possible grnph -rfer i.11. is no ni,..lo linc
-v:c co, trying oy, I w1.s luciky o up. Didn't kno

expl-in it.)
t t nB13 0(.yn1 uzlo ttv i lst rcol:, a.e cocnlist in tho throeo ug.h re c:n't y tYt ikG to .0 r :. bugle :::ulC. be gl. to h-1 ov k with Cc. 1410. or C'ristopzor r's <'.iss morning tc ,.cccpt in lb. ii.. C-Goc luck,
rnes is ,wmy froi c -rip .a is Ch.rlio o Pine Knot is missing


Pr,-f. Al n n:1aKeICL-7ius 'r gene to Tu~ in cr..r to secure b'1ry a o.. c torils for t..c p tgr-p.y i..-as. 51kn '1:'.0 oxportonc, in
"Gri-1 :.rt o:Jorci 1 p.ay- .y will nw bj '.ble tc put pituroI 3.king ~YU .Yu 1i ,n 1 t .B C,.
1410 31uc-.Ai-n1 3-} p king of pictures, cD ycu knI t.*t rpy D y r ffcia ICc I n CO: .n is running contest fzor --;i-teur Kc .-sn.pporo? Bttr l,' iro t';o July 1lt copy for .at i11.
-Jin youroelf t lica f tho *50 they offoring 1n'jris7es.

Lo- .or .. :rno: J t you t-ink is to Jorat fo turo of working in the fcrce .1 y7 Enrollco Rborts; T.o 1 ck cf noorn pluibin~g,
C.0.: -.1 t t' t n nig tw t~ s-y L;an ii c :r a
TopKicks Sl I l 5' cut tho ao I acrCs
C. 0.: Gort-taly Tcp-Kick: 'at
"Rir," s i. the os st-.,
" knife in tc c-ke :.n. If it comcs out cle"n yCu v7ill kn; it is dfno..
" n. if it coics out clo.n,"
sn-pped t:o lo-oy whc ovcrhe.rd, "stick .11 the other knives in it. T. oy ncod clc.ning, too."

~- U


- -----

i r! (c~tk L f



H 0 M'- E

DOW N .s




A /- Can


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The Pine Knot journal Page 2 July 20, 1935 Canp Personnel Mil2£ It F L Barrett Commanding It H C Wood Welfare Officer It P M Jones Mess Officer bt C B Densler Athletic Officer It G W Beece Surgeon Lh' S C Bell Educational It S 3 Garner Summary Court Adviser FORESTRY iCr -7 3 Martin Superintendent I2r c 7 Young Forester 2 Ir Hoyt V/aldron Surveyor Mr J R Bumgarner Forester Ijr I H Hill Technic ian Mr L E Hamilton Forester O'/ER'KHAI) Ben Lovinggood George T Se-rgle Jn Hackney 1st Scrgeo.nt Steward Company Clerk l^’altor Smith Bratie England Isiar shall Davis Supply Sgt Cook Cook ST/EF S C Bell C E Foster C Barnes Adviser Editor /ssociate Ed Win Ho.ckney Fred England H A Baskin S G Martin Sports Ed Humor Ed Printer Feature Ed FIGS "pigs,” says the sage, '>is. pigsi*‘ To which we add our own opinion' that from experience and ohservation, wo must say that pigs, notwitii-. standing all exceptions, is pigs^ V/c have hoard from other sources ; that cert'^'in memhers of the Official Personnel also have definite | ideas along these linos. Be th^.t as it may, the pig is a creature of unlovely aspect, slovenly in habit, umclcan in appearance, uncouth in, feeding, and with absolutely no idea of the rights of private propj erty, a pig will walk a narrow? pat: that would give a mountain goet i the "D. T's'' .just to associate with a bunch of CCC boys. Cattle-gaps., hog-prof f fences, and watch dogs are of no avail. You would think that such a shov/ of affection ’.could insure a kind roCv^ption. But no i They are met with Imrsh cries, lusty be 11 swings, and ’.veil -aimed mis! silcG. Yet the paucino guests arc undaunted, "nd come on anyway, un-j budged by any manner of persuasion however harsh it may be > They arcBike the ’-mters of the sea. You press them back in ono place, and 1 they rush forv/c-rd in another Almost all th^1 can oc 'said is that if there wore no pigs, there a^ould be no ham, 'dnd then v/h'-.t would we j h'-vo to eat with our eggs? So, hooray for the swine i


The Pine Knot Journrl July 20, 1955 P'^-ge r PRCDIG I SON '•Prof'' Bell re turn jd to car.-^, | ITond'Uy nomine, after a t'''o •.••eok'oi lerve of ahsenco for duty at Port I 3r'eg, North Carolii^a. He r.iust b''.ve enjoyed hinsjlf "bec'-use v;e note that he is sporting a snzzy | nev: Joloppij. .\t ant' rate, v/c are! el''C'. ho is back ro-ain. i VISITORS I i There hr vc been no visitors of I note so far this v/eck. Somebody must hr.vo ’lung up r "neraslcs” sign do\.'n rt the cattlc-grp or perhaps t’icsc a” sVi-board roc.ds shook tl^oir teeth out, ^-nd they ^11 it d to go b ck homo to the dentist. 5T. GEORGE ID TiD DR GCF OR COIDY GILBERT Sz TTLl R.tTTLESlT ICE Liston my mates, *ond you she'll I'ear hau a humble CCG boy performed a deod of ’icroism r.nd bravery, saving his comp' niorjc from a fc-rsom^ and d-^^aclly dragon, or serpent better knm/n as old ‘Diamond B’ck.l* Gilbert, surnai'.icd the "Conk," r. member of the surveying crc\:, met tiis demon in the dismal z \7 mps. t c inst''ntly challongcd him to do bc.ttlo, and in the ciiSuing conflict he slov; the monster then ".nd there The reptile measured P f jot in length, .and Imd 15 ra-'; +i. py Cooky’s count). Hoi", o v'i'. I' Conk: I Christm s comes but once a yo'r:But v.hcn it comes, it’s full of cheer But it don’t come but cnco a yea R ZCR-E TER GETS SIOK "Prcbr.k" liarricon is sick in (Tuarters at the Infirrr.ary \.'itn a slight attack of indigos tian duo to the c'.iangc of diet from Gillette to Probak blades. In spite of this indisposition, t'.e First id attendants hope fer a speedy recovery. SCF i— i5i kLL The .;ig;-lig^t of the pSt a'cek in sports s our victory over perr^'-, Monday nig..t, -at the heme grounds, \7ith nc'rly t.'.c entire company out resting for the tcuri, the beys put t’.iC Indi'n cifi: on t.-^c visitors in a hard-fought game On Tuesday, a-o hm d a. niglit game under lig">ts auth liadiscn. Gc. 1410 feugi-t to t.-c end, but •.a s forced to bov; before their eppanents •.•:ho •mere more us^d to tnc Ir zd-.s. Ot';cr games on the sc’, cdule nad to be postponed bcc "US o' of a'ct grounds. Next v.'cck to rlc-an up as t. c to^m is goGting ho.ttnr every d'-y T ic baseball nine is ^^Iso expected fco sv;ing into action. Lt, Dcnslcr, our 'thlctic Officer, reports t: "t the folloa^s re all practising diligently, "nd t’ t seno tl. rilling onccuntcrs ^-rc bound to t kc pi ce ’./ate:. Go. 1410 go! 7-!. hrhTRRED h>. ". v;cll-likG(. "•...a '7 ahiesd y to Boro s ter t"kc up, i: dutie.e cl’ .^•.'. ere. We re sorry cc see cleprt, but l.cpc t; t ..c 'u'ill meet v.'it. the best f'f luck va or ever o goes.


Ti'.c pine ^inct journal •Dgo July 20, 1935 .csp: 270 TPS Side in Ste.ticn Tcspitnl nt Pert Penning s Cl'^uie Steele J -ir.e s T Kill ing svr or tli ;/illie prrner "Tillio T. I2iro_c or so cl Benc/nn SicK in unrters s j 0 c ep : 27 j or n s n p rnd -^.1 1 P oBer t s B .'-.IpK 2 nr r i 5 c n Rtlple B'-.typ nlso sick in .u^'rL

TV-c Pine Knot Journal P'-.fTC 5 July 20, 1955 ONE L ST P GE s our good friend. Ye Editor 3 rncs v;culd put it, t’lio I'.st p -f disc' nd d'-tt.u gruels no. It is 's li'.rd to find ide s vr en t .is puge is rc^c’ od "S it v.'ould be to r.i'ko silk purse '•ut of the e -r of one of t'.Tcsc sows t’lut grunts urcund fio c'lnp. \Vc (l reo.ds in tuc p-.pers th'^t these guys spook of thensclves ''.s \;o ) h' vc never been ^ columnist, r.nd inosnuch "bs I lr. Borne s is n:t v:itl; us this P-ci:n'.io, it looks like v/ould bo good chr.nce to get ~ wh''ck -t it. H''ving spoken of c^bb -ges '.nd kings, giff-whiffs und softb'.ll g.''.r.ios, we will proceed with o f c;7 ..jokes, c rw-ip gossip, wn d sue ot’.er V ings thut go in p-pers. fov: minutes wgo it looked bs though tl.o old Pino Knot would not see the ligVt cf do.y until sci.iG::t time next •jcok; hov;cvcr, o, few minutes '•go r.n c .glo-cycd office boy spied w mis-plo.ccd bottle cf ink so t’.wt it will bo possible to run tkio minoogrwph '^.fter wll. T .'’t'3 why there is no middle line on tl.c 4t’i p'^gc — wc were trying tc s'-ve ink. (Boy, I wr.s lucky to tl'ink: tlirt one up. Didn't knov how I could expl'^in it.) \7c hc'-r tv t "B'^ldy" '•''zlctt, discho.rgcd l^st v/ccl:, ^ws decided to rccnlist in t’lo three C's. 1 though v;g c.'n't s-y tho,t wc rG''lly like to hc^r bugle blowing, v/c v;ould be glwd to h* ve "Boldy" bock with Co. 1410. CCC Ilcmbcr G’' -wws discharged this morning tc mccept employment in Iwb^xiu. Good luck, pwl 1 GE Bwrncs is ~-A'ry from c'’.np on v;cck-cnd peso r.s is Chr.rlic Poster. The Pine Knot is missing then. PhOTOGR P VY Pre f Boll nd Snr:lloe Kedcs'zius h~vj gene tc Tmp' in ^rder to secure b* dly needed ... uori'-ls for th.c p' p..y "Slai.:" w.-o '.'.s v.'ide experience in ori"! -nd c.rr.roorci 1 p..ctcgr' t. y, v.'ill n:v/ be rblc tc put picturemwking mid develvuing on t .o C: 1410 Educr.ti'n 1 m-'p. Spe king of pictures, dr you kn e t -Irppy prys offici '-1 GCG ncv.’Sp:.pur is running centos t for m'tour Kod~k-snwppcrs? Better Iw”' k i:rco t'lc July 13 1 cepy for det ils. Jin yourself r. slice cf t.'.e $50 .tnoy '.re offering in prizes. Lewder '{w-./t-.r rno : J'wt do you t'.ink is t.'ic wmrst fc .ture :f v.'T'rking in t:.o fc roses -11 d y? Enrollcc Roberts; T'.e 1 ck cf modern plumbing. C.O.: Vfrt did the night wrtc.immi s^y v.'hcn h.e sw’.: .lis cr -ir wr.s broken? TopKick; S.w 11 I lo .ve out the sv.'G .r words? G 0. : Gert inly Top-Kick; he didn't sc.y wny tiring. "Rip," s id th.c mess stewrd, "stick knife in t re Cv^ke ..nd ff it comes out clo^n you will knor; i t is d one nd if it comes out clewn," sn-'pped the looey v/ho overhewrd, "stick r.ll f'le other knives in it. T.icy need clowning, too."


c ) V'.p ta, frr cTu n Vv e d d, d v..^ I ( .V N VV I M ')0'vVN o g U T I I FV6T Ex^hamce' ; 1 i p p I BEER I C A N D_r_^ B ) -vjr /A j~< ^ I M A T C h E S C O L D M I L K VL I 5 1 E R !\I E IB.' I G A R £ T T E 5 Vc7/'Aa/ S /; o p ^/c) 7(f 77 / 6 ^