Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Shady Grove, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 17, July 13, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder #1406 and #1410


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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- -- - -

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It I L Barrett Itf V Joe a tt :7 Neeb Lt Sa Safte

s a Sell
0 Z Meter

codgAnege Hee@ Off!Ter Surgeon uanary Ouxt

p paterson I 0 V
t C M Desaext it C Dell

SuperintendAht, r 0 ETYoung sureyor J R Bugarner
ohnm ician Uk L I Hamilton

rIn'le toward ,
Company Clerk
Advised--. ,
dia ,R

.talter '1m it V
P th 1EINgland farequll -Darris

Detached ie lfa e occ ,thptic Ofc Educat tonal Adviser
\ Forester Forester Yorester

supplyy g$'Gook
Sor ts El. fHu.i0r Ed. Printer
FeatUre Ed.

TheLP only r% D A, ya with an unlovely frerueng
i. th rain. It e # ne }.'c. It in raining now. Frorim
ull fre ces itil for the next cwo or three
.ions dcide tt; e r ry little wr Qan do about
t. y bcdy the o, ."I ..- p n at once
,ni. T will see :- '-, s .. I / 1, '.a at& t see iio', rL ~ C Ij/ ri ::: a
ar. t4C See d cr-at
8 at th e littl e gir k n u ,, + L <.,' an .. b ir t l-r ?.3Ic a #i'th
r. vpot boild
ever sand 4tirned all .Ie e t>L b boiy .:oeso tell uo
--e mglic rds.


re on

Un w1lket He tAkl e lives Neither fish, nor f r "od
red herring In other ors w have a miracle in our ,da an who eats groundalse ar
blades, old tine.a o w have you. 'dednesd fternop this wonder of tp, rivers, w works in the kitche, proe eded to eat, Ls.ticpte, devour, r in othlier words to chew a d walb ow e full sized rezor t e, for the edification and wonder of I who saw. 'e have teen un'blce to learn the name of this prson, r or anything atout -Am, ezve that he is one of te new e and works in the kitc.en. It we ha ore like him this would indedb be a rugged organization.

- a -


uesdry e-ening at the regular tinw, the current events clo-s8 won held in the re ding room of the T Ree Hr.11. Jorld peace, tk Ayssinion question, the FederalSt;te Atirentice progr m, and to huge new irrigation nd rower project or t Columbia River were dicused.
lso, rt t't end of the props ran, the etern:l d nce question w n. discussed. It 3 rrett signified his *Tprov-l cf having- d dance, .nd invited the men to wo k u11 'nR nd Irices etc. on-1 confer ai h- i:.


Ih ZLinLA nat Jzurnal .Pu 4

Stok In I -rthist Lgaiabetto t
Utilve1e r~tutned frou Bonrng
ShG@1tt6gworlb -nd -rtley cro trying wit'B the cau-4oin. Fort Boonfilg vleit is .being
-Printed Up.


-rbert _s!Ott, tdtter knomn s "B lay 1, W-ra digo -rged thnis "ek Iy o wgll knoun --,s


UV+t g f II a c)m P y r. ..--..
1 *rc sorry -to see >.ja o.
I' ... 1 o b plr y d 07 I 1 tw -id ug nza g;rns this week.
On hand-y u. ocye lost to the Cotn :3roe r +rnm trw R.dcliffe /hi~ky Houste oimu frea
10C to or bute~ r dtrun. Perry. It w '- h-r1 gr-mo to lose
.'-o rT b on e Xpocti it very On Frid y ovening riowovcr they t cnt tb bluu ElTrngs, tied -rith -.he rTTY ry ub on th
It t Itur 1 to i- I roub etS i,." e.c a-.-; 1.n f he f bi
iis :iold Ti. oc 7- a n* r1 "1 raim I
-r an n, .p t0. '0 y- c.ed four runs
oo op 1. t I c drry .n Ga. irs inniag; th
i,c e: 0 9+- c .,y 1 eC ,,1 oil -c : .
+ed, race,-ey +YDy anoe i t'o aooa V;t
. -. o oL't -T[, .r w10r r the
- V eng ff, r i rrith

IJu6lY1_ 1. 19)3.5

40.00 Shorthtndj 6800*9800 4tinnerag 700O.8Q Spelling; 810-900 Radio & Arithttoc
47OQ S..4 e ayinal 6&00*9&00 BegOanea-? u400-8200 Spanish; 8p1009 00 C .rrent Events
6900*900 Beginners and R .dio 7400m.600 $papish a-nd Photographv 8-00,9400 Forestry
4100-5;00 Shorthiand 7:00-8400 Ltberty Trucks
6;00-7:00 journ tsmt 9500-8800 Spelling; 8500-9:00 Arithmtto
00 'Woodworking, Journalima, Und Life Saving
ypin d&ily from 6s00-Sa00 P.H.



good at

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ig at I borrow ply,ydro-

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Ltast Sundoy Vie Trck went b to lue pringwith a full crew They t ed until just b ly time to get noe uppr.On
wtie wr.y home the truck turned i into r. stertm engtoe,, ..11 Aday hA to stp for rep Are, teh onatetked of tying up Lose eonneotions with G.Is a'oe-strings
Lt. Wood, ,wo i an Lm tour
trxidormist, nd fond of ounting birds r.nd skins etc., tells us that if -ny of the members re Interested it this fine ho hobby, wll Met him in tM Roading-room of the ec al, nd:y r.t four selock -a will organize a course.

a a - - - -


My Buskin, vromineat memb. ber of the surveying' orw -mos suffered grivous mishii-,p this week,wLien he w .s -ttcked with n xe by some strong cre.ture.

----- - -


A Drunk w-a noticed wC.bling
-bout : s~.11 I ke, -.nd peering intently down into the water. An officer crre up and dzm ndod to -now it w doin .
RJuth lQooin n i nt:e



...GL .. .RV..
c rer o, c> kyv 70 /AA 7 1VRcL 9,Z6 2

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the 'Pine: knot JOURNAL-^ Co. 1410 C.C.C. Shoda Florida. T • Veil JuLuI5,I9T5 No] 7c VC" how We GrAia.ri abot>t yjomfl t v^or k d Ke s tdotv s (


The Pine Knot Journal JuT Camp personnel ARIvQT Mr V B Martin Mr Hoy t : V/al dr o n Mr L H Hill PORES PRY Super intendent Mr C Surveyor Jlr J Technician Mr L OVERHEAD M Young R Bumgarner E Hamilton Ben lovinggoo-d George T S'argle L/m Ha nkney 1 st Sergeant Steward Company Clerk ./alter Smith. Bratie England Marshall Darris S TAPP S C Sell C E Poster C Barnes Adviser Editor Associate Editor Y/m Hackney Bred England H Baskin E Q Martin 12,1935 It F L — ai c *.• Commanding Lt R B Cater son Detached It P Jones Mess Officer Lt H C ,7o od Y/elfare Ofc 1 1 G; Heec e Surgeon Lt C M Densler Athletic Ofc It S B Garner Summary Court Mr S C Bell Educational Adviser Forester Pores ter Forester Supply Sgt Cook Cock Sports Ed. Humor Eel, Printer Feature Ed, The only thing that ha]; i s the rain. 1 1 ha s r a i n e all appearances it -will i. appearances He h.a.yj nyhody that decided las r.r 3 mo n "c a s it re .Mil see v/hat w : c it is Hard to see how rue us of the little girl "ho ; cr r i dge 1 Jh e n s h e f c d • g o t over and dr owned all the the magic words. n n e 11 Him ,i mil t a.o Y .. e i o’, if g ? o r i c, n j ^ ay s wi t h an. uni o v e ly f r e c ue ny It is raining now. Fromm : vn Hu ire 1 6 the p • L. t he -.ry i •i f us e I I” a i ihUH' ii; for the next two or three r. r ery little we oaf do about please turn them ;.n at once a: n h s l ts gc qcl re r L |n:iv • is e oba t eons tan tiy / rds to ,wc?n i t, etc, Somebody poin ts 5 but 7 t reminds filled with the pot boiled lease tell us


The Pine Knot Journal Pace 3 July 13, 1935 VISITORS Last Saturday Captain Fitzand Itr. Bunn, fror.i Fort Benning were here for a visit of inspection. .''on day two clrgynen of 'the Episcopalian church visited Camp They were very much impressed with all they saw. 77e hope that they will visit us e.gain soon. Captain C Van Saun Subdistrict Chaplain, arrived in camp Thursday Thursday Evening 1 e mafe his regular processing talk to the *new men, '•.ricT distributed Testaments to those who desired them. Friday evening .he conducted services for the wh'ole company. I r e showed slides and pictures, with s inging • The meeting was enjoyed by all.' Friday morning C ap tain Koosa, District ess Cfficer arrived in Camp. Before he left I la j or Corby District edic 1 fficer also came in. Both Officers were on their regular tour of inspection ?R NS EARS '7ord has come from District ead^uar ters th'.t no more transfers will be approved before September 6, 1935. B CK TO THE WOODS host of the new men went to 'be woods honday. By the middle of the week, all of tuor.i were at work on the projects. So far* no casualties SIDBtS 07 I S t Neither fish, nor flesh nor good red herring’. In o filer words we have a miracle in our midst, man who eats ground glass, razor blades, old tin cans ar.d what have you. Wednesday afternoon, this wonder of the universe, whc works in the kitchen, proceeded to eat, masticate, devour, or in other words to chew up and swalb ow a full sized razor blade, for the edification and wonder of 1 who saw. Y/e have been unable to learn the name of this person, o or anything about him, save that he is one of the new men, and wcr works in the kitchen. If we nad more like him this would indeed? be a rugged organization. CURRENT EVENTS Tuesday evening at the regular time the current events class was held ip the reading room of the T Rec Hall. World peace, tb Abyssinian Question, the FederalStnte Apprentice program, and t'e huge new irrigation and power project or. tne Columbia River were discussed. Also, at the end of the prog? ram, the eternal dance cues t ion was discussed. It Barrett signified his approval cf having a d& dance, and invited the men to Lees etc. and confer r i : 'h-aim. There is nothing new under the sun I What Sun?


e 7 1 n r lino t journal -i. .July 15, 193 5 HOSPITAL MOTES Siek in Station ospital at Port Binning : Gs Stiili G • MeVey Will it Pr.rner '.Till ionT, Hires Hirschel Beachan Wi Ilian H. Kapp : Janet T* Tlillingsworth Sick in unr t sr s : Eigginbotton Gilbert Clifton C Sharbuttj and. Prod Wallace returned, from Benning '‘this week. Shut ties worth and. 'artley are s trying with the ambulance in Port Benning while it is being painted, up, DISCH RGED erbert nzlett, better knorn s 5, B a. 1 day ‘ w-a s d i s cl ar god. th i s wee ko Baldy was well known as a boxing f-n ^ no. company Bugler 7 e me sorry -to see him go. r OP : IS h. Cotton tree rerurnea from 1 o vo wi rh a busted e r drum* he have b on expecting it every time o went to blue springs ( It ~ int natural to ar id dp rough the air without m is a' 7 a t Port Benning in t, q \ Sa ai on ospi d 1 >* .wd hiifi needy r eon very, Weekly Calendar. Monday ; 4:00-5:00 Shorthand; 6:00-7:00 Beginners; 7:00-8:00 Spelling; 8:00-5:00 Radio & Arithmetic Tuesday : 4:00 Life Saving; 6:00-7:00 Beginners; 7:00-8:00 Spanish; 8:00-9:00 Current Events 'Wednesday : 6:00-7 :00 Beginners a.nd Radio 7:00-8:00 Spanish and Photography 8:00-9:00 Forestry Thursday : 4 : 0 0 5 ; 0 0 Sh 6 r t hand 7:00-8:00 Liberty Trucks Pr ida.y : 6;00-7:00 Journalism; 7:00-8:00 Spelling; 8:00-9:00 Arithmetic Saturday (A.M. ) : 8:00 Woodworking, Journalism, and Life Saving 1L tt Typing daily from 6:00-5:00 P.M. TV* -so..' 1 'c L'L te m hs plryed two hr id foughc this week. I On Monday our boys lost to the { Radcliffe '.'hi s key House Te an fr7 i a r> c yur. i n ry war mi tg I I up ; Co 1410 yielded four runs • j to Perry in tno firstInning; th | > V' ey cane back it. the second wih j t" o : o u n t ere dr o n then on t he | g ro x r s o.' :i iJ-ucng f fair wi th | r


The Pine Knot Journal P?£ 5 July 13, 195S6 SPORTS (continued) -plenty of swell plays on both sides. With* couple of big innings our ga.nd shoved over a. flock of runs to put the tot .1 up to nine but tjae growing darkness caused couple displays th .t allowed Perry to tie the score at nine a all. On the schedule for next v/eek is a return with Perry at home, Monday, to settle the tie. With several new men on the team the boys have plenty of pep, and expect to settle the tie in our favor, and give Madison a good fight 'Wednesday Evening, at Madison. AMONG THE GIFF-WIFFS TRAGEDY • Early one morning Mack walked into he bath-house and saw a terrible spectacle. One of the n new boys was leaning over the trough moaning and frothing at the mouth. Mack rushed and borrow ed a shotgun from the Supplyroom and eased the poorh hydro phobiacs pain. Some of the boys rushed in at the sound of the shot, and it was discovered too late, that the poor 1 ,d had only been using some of this new f angled toothpaste, and singing to himself. MESS ALL MUD ROBERTS: Rip, look at this piece of Chicken in my messkit. Its nd thing but skin a.nd be esl RIP: Well, did you w nc so ne feathers too? BLUE SPRINGS Last Sunday the Truck went t to Blue Springswith \ full crew They stayed until just barely time to get home for supper. On tte way hone the truck turned ii into a. steajn engine, nd tney had to stop for rep .irs, which consisted of tying up ose-connections with G.I. s.oestr ings TAXIDERMY-' Lt. Wood, who is an amateur taxidermist .nd fond of mounting birds a.nd skins etc., tells us that if any of the members are interested in this fine ho hobby, w^ll meet him in the Reading-room of the Rec y}all, Monday at four OSclock, he will organize a. course. NOTES FROM THE SURVEYORS Mr B&skin, a prominent membber of the survey ing ‘ crev; almos suffered agrievous mishap this week, when he w .s atta.ckcd wit hr* an axe by some strang creature. HORNING.FTER? A Drunk was noticed wabbling '•bout a small 1 ke, and peering intently down into the water. An officer came up and demanded to know what ie w ; doing. "Ju;:h loLkin t sh:r '•in in tie i washes, -hash 'Ll, ** obfc". : v to. 1 u.irniO a 1 aM. 1 : j jl? Silly i


F t AT URjNGr ELVELYN 5 RJN 1 \AER.nt\ kenneldy GLLN TR.YOM PfC TU/2E 0P~ GAA/6LA/VD h / /7~/-/ £ /V0U6/Y h'/JA'/Ctt TO MAX £ lA/AJCU6AA/6 lAUAP/ t^Uso