Pine knot journal

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Pine knot journal
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1410
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Shady Grove, FL
Civilian Conservation Corps
Vol. 1, No. 16, July 6, 1935
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box 2: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder #1406 and #1410


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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,Iff /f 1 / I I S / AI 4/0 C. C.C.
&Orove, 67a, ERVAT0g i K6
/ /77

The Pine Knot Journ-1 p


Lft F L Barrett Lt P M Jones Lt G W Neece Lt S B Garner

Commanding Mess Officer Surgeon
Summary Oourt


1r W B Mrtin Mr Hoyt Wlaldron Mr LH Hill1

Superintendent Purveyor Technician

Mr C I Youfg MLr JR Bumga ner Mr I E Hamilton


Ben Lovinggood George T Eargle gm Ebckney

SC Bell C E Foster C Barnes

1st Sergeant Steward
Company Clerk

Adviser Editor Associate Editor,

--- - ~


With tthe advent of the new men, a new start i educational program. All the classes hvve been re in the new men. Also, any- of the old raen who hbrve t,.ken rdventrge of these courses mry do dso now. hrve been posted on the bulletin bor, as well 2 vrious classes. These are -.lso in another p-rt o men are urged to put some effort into these cyss start. This is r,n opportunity that will not 2grin. The Educ,.tionl strff .is increased for tbhe for more men. Do not hesitate to trake. dvr n. chf-nces.

LtR Lt H 'LtC
Mr S

I U7 I- 4i
. 4b .
Aao. went to.
a qu to im"
w _vvmu ttle im 'is all I it
dimdt Thbloys rdpvt tj _.t tV taw" Owe
'Ohr to rm O"orionoe fo 0,0*0 qO 'to e.- t a
M difti
D. Sent t4 the 1,114 e,4" 1! 17, I-roe fish f rtt Onxrppelld Be h tba: other side of Tallrjit UW-Alulf, I& vlckOX7
tustb, aA P very succ astux I*a'. IU d..'nio t gat in Ar
810M of thlb. bbys werejua lmnoaiti to: ,6,t u go 11orm of the V b Phillipsg=
wt(Aend, Rcil;ab *or z
ANT a o 1$4t to.V*&r th Willi rxwo#jXftrrq p
h"z "tat WillIs T Mix
01-elloc 606 xr
A t b br".110k, f or work Noudqv OorlVat&, X" 'A ing.,
tho fazb-. li ,thqTfte j T ho hr so n 0,4LIA be in SOUth FlOridtwic k,'YsrarudOx .,-x -on fzdVam-pr,4 z,,refurnod Thursidv. ORA VIS i: "OkIps,' wholv x-, on, home -Qxx,:
qw, )r#ttik Ub of Tulrb A k1b 1, ped,
th&i died lie went U0,460


^14 S t'a ft In the

Ovr As
. rig@ rep:a l NOWe Ithen W-s pret ty
artle over for $1@ the *ven ing, #nd, rune gwer:Mao of ;. Itoi t ALongs#I bed
-A to Anac $@wsV tp

a3 thesseow* *o e Vu of%* had 0 gt the atlii on ho the t


Geors 0rei Z4-3. 6 6-r at srt I("4- 11 O' i a*&-, W


abutc Wro, at

aa tet f
-a e o .


)O, Bc-

.nd R-.dio

7; 00-8:CO ri th:e tic

a Journ:.liss ;00-9.00 pm

nted to t fcr the c s0 is su torostbdg hose ':?ho it shoul ,ncc. It

r, h;'s
to1: tI tA t 1 of rking

not ourn. S July 6.


Sick in u;rterst Edw- rd Rourke, Glen To.l1

(torsilitis) ( ru0

Sick in St:.tion -ospit I Fort Bonning; Cl rence icVey J:-e.cs Killins-worth
Clifton Shorbutt Cl: 'udG toClC Fred G Jlollacc Otto C Gaines

A~flOfl~Z22O U S

..e rocioved tie following .nnouc( .cent, .nd bc use of t i cocd spirit shown in it, .nd sec: oft the ro. rks uo h rd, :: print it -.3 is
" I would likc to tell cverybody, -.-.o is xp c tin co kind of trouble frou t S :.nir i boys, t~ t I: ro her to .;.v e ourselves, nd nothing clsc.
Snis Boy

.ocre is thit Griffo:1.r? lcre is t .t Gri'ffo ]D.n? erno B.' noI

oiic io 0 .rR interest ed i taking te Fores ry course nctcd on tue olosite side of t.iis r.gc rlcose turn t ~ir n:*.s in ..t t/e litr-ry. 7 ci rs ':ill :act > 1 we.o :701 rrofor-.tly
o' .rid ight o'clock, ftcr t o course is vll under vy, }or t p sow:u field trip S.r bc rr rned.



,r T

/ ew //yres
A~~~~A h~I .~7d7/
AD M b#4t.Mn
T71 0r C i/rE
TIE CINEILL' st -dnesc-y -o ru-r first successful picture in weeks. Hoot Gibson in Courtirn dc -s, and Silly Symphony by ncalt Disnoy. It wrs re-lly w nly; scc-ess. T e -.ttendnce vis iso
encourr.qing.If things -L Llike ths ..o vill soon be -,ble to puc on sono .igh cl-s pic: tres In the pst vwo were unable to operto serve -Lt a loss of t.vo t :e dolliro t t'o cOrapny. The notion picture Projoctor ns bou..t fro: ,,c o Ciprny fund nlnd is still prtly unp-.iC for, But with Jern Hr..c comn. r. next Weak vre've got noth-ing- to w-orry -1ou iTo..w is t~ uccie fr ko boxers to cc:.ue out. '.is Iron IL.n ,n reeol Loxin piC WI3 t]t Oi0L soe snzzy shots of the ring. snowi 1 it Pd reC .ot Jr. i.r.ow .nd
ndc Lo-w iyres. See you .t the c-tu c Sicw

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r y Co./^/O C-C.C. S/iaciiJ Grove /^/a. l^oLl. JlcIu 6y/pJJ' A/a


Tho Pine Knot Journ"! n Cj July 6, 1955 CAIIP PSRSOKNEL ARiiy Lt E L Barrett Gommanding Lt R B Caterson Detached Lt P M Jones Mess Officer Lt H C V/oods Welfare Officer Lt G W Neece Surgeon Lt C M Densler Athletic Officer Lt S E Garner Summary Court Lir S C Bell CEA PORES THY lir v7 B Liar tin Super in tendant Mr C LI Youftg Pores ter LIr Hoyt Waldron Surveyor Mr J R Bung erne I Porester Mr L H mil Technician Mr L B Hamilton Porester OVERHEAD Ben Lovinggood 1st Sergeant Walter Smith Supply Sgt. George T Eargle Steward Bratie England Cook V/m m. ckney Company Clerk LMr shall Darris Cook STAEE S C Bell Adviser 'Wm Hackney Sports Editor C E Poster Editor Bred England Humor Editor C Barnes Associate H A Baskin Printer Editor E G Liar tin Peature 4 EDUC'TIOK'L NEEDS With tthe rdvent of the new men, a new start is being made in the educ^.tional program. All the classes have been re-organized, to fit in the new men. Also, a/ny of the old men who have not previously taken advantage of these courses nay do so nowoLists of the classes have been posted on the bulletin board, as well as the roftls of the va.rious cla^sses. These are also in another part of the paper. All men urged to put some effort into these c!ijj;,sses, and get a new sto.rt. This is an opportunity that will not present itself soon ''.gain. The Educational str.ff is incre^.sed for the, summer and can for more men. Do not hesit^'te to take n,dvantage of these chances. rf pp — M IIP— ...I 11 1.— I .*1 ^ 1


The Pine Knot Joiirnr.l Prjze 3 Visitors Tuesdr.y It Colonel D-vis, Colonel Drrtvo, Mr.jor Cr.rtcr, on the rcgulp.r inspection visit. C'^ G'-.ynor, of the Uotor Trrnsport, nrde his tour of inspection \7cdnesd"-y afternoon. B ? Goodrich, engineering insector for the E C V/ visited cc-r^j Er idry. PROIDTIONS JJI) APPOINTIENTS To Bo Leaders Asst Ldr Marshrll Darris Asst Ldr Clyde IIcLeod Asst Ldr Pierce Merrell To Be Assisstant Le^'drord Member Earl Eerp I'lenbor Charles Poster Member Ebron P Hartley Member Gilbert Barv;ick !• icmb e r Cecil Smi t h licmbcr Ogden Smith Member Grover Peters Discharges ,nd Enrollments -Islcy 17 ilicks Loc”^! Experienced Member from Madison v/.as discharged Monday. He said there v/ was lot of sickness in the family and he wa.s needed a,t home. Joseph Prohock, of Sh^dy Grove v/as enrolled Wednesday a,s LEM. BLUE SPRINGS Monday afternoon a truck-load of nQ\r boys were c-Tried to Blue Springs. It was their first trip to th .t swimming hole. They all enjoyed it a lot, although the v/a.tcr v/a.s a little cold. Thursday morning and ••ft or noon trucklo'-d also went to Blue Springs. There w s ouite •" ,crov/d there 's it was the 4th. There \-/as a ni'^.n selling w.-ter melons for a dime-. The boys report that he sold cuite a fev;. It must h''vo been quite -an experience for some of t.icsc boys to e-'t a bought melon. f A truck was also sent to the free fish fry ^t C-'^xr.abelle Bc^.ch oyer on the other side of Tcill'.-s hassec on the Gulf. Mr Vickery \/as in charge of the prrty. It must been .a very successful trip, as the boys did not get in until ouite 1 to. ^/.EEIv END LSA''/ES Some of the boys were luclo,’’ enough to get to go 'lomc of tne weekend. Plolcomb. phill ips Dicker so Butterworth, v/illiamsonsHcrrel Beach' m, Darris, \7illis T Mirpc, will be back for v/ork Monday morning. ji'-v/thome T hom'^s, Jennings, Chrson, will bo in south Plorida until Mond y. Nick Fern'ndc7. a.nd Johnson frm T'mpr. returned Thursday. H Baskin, who h''s been home on leave', returned 4th of July. His Mother died before he went home. \/c aj:e very sorry.


prge 4 July 6, 1955 Th.G pine Knot Journal -* — — Cnlistlionics lIcDufiiGs C^.dencG I Lets Eat J Conk on the '7ater-V/Ggon '7o hear fron rGli"''blc sources th"t A certain hoy fron Key 'Jest isn’t going to huy '-.ny nore heers A PliATO PL ’YEP •we Iia.d areal surprise for Ttiesdcay evening. hoy walked in the Rcc Hall and sat down at the Pi And he could play! \7e -Inost.had henorrhago. But lie was re-^.lly good. He 'W'S accompanied hy the Kisses T-ylor, WE understand he is their cousin, fron uitnan Georgia. More Pov/er to liin. M-y he cone hck ' some tine. ^thnof July 1 "'That-re they digging .that 'Xjit for” asked one of the hoys'. Th A Pit is going to he^used to harhecuc those two hogs .-nd two go ts lying over there, said Live The colored harhecue artist. That was tile'll first of over a mill ion luestions and answers which • were mostly vnrong, hut that one h.apponed to he right. The audiencc watched the proceedings with' great interest -nd weatering nouthl Even the cooks c-ane out to watch ho\T it was done. late hour ’ 'most of the hoys finally went to hed v/ith the smell of roasting neot and sauce and dreamed ;. of the norrov/. Morning caxie and passed. Also the reguli-r dinner hour. Einally aYout two oclock, like Gahr i e 1 s trump the tr uxiij e t sounded and the rush began. Some didn't like goat and some did'nt' like hog, hut they all r^tc plenty, — I C LR.IBELLE Taking advantage of the free fish fry given at Oarrahelle a truck lo-d of tlie-, hoys went over to help then cclehrate the Eourth amidst the 'waves and sand spurs, in preference to staying in emp for the h-rhecue. The truck fortunately irrived .just as the first fish were being set out for the huge throng assemhled at the h he.ach, and the hoys soon had thei; plates and faces full of fish. During the afternooma most of the fello\7S went swimiing and la,y around in the'' sun. Tlie rest of then just walked looking thing over and talking to the girls. There were several other CGC Camps represented so the compet-"' ition /as pretty tough. Li'clitenants' Jones’ and Heece came over for the dance later in the evening, and joined in the fun. Because of the fina.ncial limitations, most of the 1 't-S had to d-nce to the music of a nickelodeon,, hut they -.enj oyed the themselves just as much. Everyone had great tine right up to the deadline at eleven o'clock, ’ahen the trip hack w'^.s started. l:. CTJG.J^ .GHA La Cucarac'ha, la Cuca.ramha, Y a-, no p u e d e c ami n r Poroue la. falta., Por.„ue no tienc, Marijuanue fuapri Los Hue ha c has de \7est T-mpa, ITo vuntan coloretc. Las de Yhor City, Se lo vuntan por p-c;uete. La Guc ar ac h L-. Cue r ac ha e tea


Tlic Pine Knot Jour nr .1 .X3KXY C/JLSm'JR Hond'.y ; 4;00“5:00 Short'^'-nd, 6j00-700 Beginners, 7;00-8t00 Spelling 8:00-9:00 R-'.dio & x^itlrre tic Tucsd.'-j’i 4:00 Life Saving, 6:00-7:00, Beginners, 7:00-8:00 Spanish 8;00-9 00 Current Svents 4 'cdncsd~y; 6 : 00-7300 Beginners -.nd R^dio 7:00-8 3 00 Pho togr^pliy riiursd'y 5 4:00-5:00 Slier th^ind 7:00 Liberty Trucks *7 Prid .y: 6:00-700 Journ":lisn 7:00-8:00 Spoiling, 8’:00-9.00 'ritlirretic •'•.nd forestry S'^turd-^y 3 -..31, 8:00 IVoodworking •'".nd Journ.-.lisn Life S'-.ving # Typing d'.ily from 6:00-9:00 pm HOSriT I N0I3S Sick in u.-rters; Bdw^rd Rourke, ( tcr.sili tie ) Glen Ter.l ( fy-T ruO Sick in St. -.t ion Ho spit ,1 ,t Fort Bcnning: Cl.' rence IlcVoy J.m'-ic s r Ki 1 1 i ng sv/o r t h Clifton Slir.rbutt Cl.-iude Steele Fred G V/cille.ce Otto C G'^ines ^monymous V.'e rccicved the follov.'ing '.nnounce nent, .ind bcc.'-.use of the good spirit shown in it, r.nd some oft the rei'.nrks we h-wvc he'xd, v;g print it -,s is 3 • I v/ould like to toll everybody, ivho is expecting some kind of trouble from t *e Sp'.nis.. boys, tbrnt we .-re here to beh-'.ve ourselves, • nd nothing else. Sp'nish Boy FCRFSTRY hiie r e is tli.t Gr i f f 0 m I i'.n ? hhicre is thr.t Griffo I'ir Hill, the nci7 Forester, li; s kindly consented to to .ch forestry cl.' for the cduc.'/L ion.-O, p r 0 g r r :.\ T:i i s is s ub j 0 n ‘c t li t should be intercs tidg to ,••.11 of us, .•'.nd to those v.dio ,ro ‘.'forking in the v/oods it should co of j.ri p r i me imi 0 r tr n c o It •.•; i. hil give '‘n insight into the v.iiys nd v,f 'U“cforos of much of tlie .• 70 rk th'.t is being done, '.t our o..’n c^mp, --.s ‘rell -.s • 11 over the st st'.te. This ‘ bo pr .ctic ,1 course th .t should '-.ppe.-'l to '.11 o I us Bc^.no Bo''-noJ I'O TI (I] All men ‘.tIio ;:re interested i^ t'',king tiiG Fores' ry course noted on the opi. osito side of fnis p-mge rlc'isc turn their n-^mios in .-'t the libr-'.ry. T'lc cl.'.ss v.all meet '.t loi st onre v/oek prcfer'.bly on Frid-'.y.B, .-.t eight o’clock. fter tne course is ‘v/cll under y 5 perh-rps some field trips c-.n be '',rr''.nged.


L'".st 7/GdnGsd"'.y ’tg liGd our first successful picture in weeks. Hoot Gikson in Courtin’ ’Vi] dc is und u Silly Synpliony “by i^’Cilt Disney. It -jjc.s reully u i^wlin^ success Tlie r.ttendunce v/us ulso encouraging If things kcci: up like this vto will soon be -"hie to put on sone high cluss pic tures .. In the p''-st we were unnblc to oper^hce srve r,t r. loss of tv/o t rce dollars t;; f' e cCnpr-ny. The notion picture Projector wus bough.t iron .die Cenpuny fund "'.nd is still po.rtl^^ unpiid for. But with Jeun H-mov; coning next v/eek we've got nothing to worry iboutHow is the cine for those boxers to cone out. This Iron Urn-’ is rewl boxing picoire with sone snrzzy shots of the ring. Gno'7 iThite •nd reci not.JO'-ni Hwrlow end nd Lew ^-yres. See you ut the Picture bhowi I ^ • I t