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The Rock Lajes Field Newsletter
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THE ROCK Lajes Field Newsletter An hour before actors started the walk down the red carpet into the Oscars, hundreds of people ignored rain, chill and elbows to cheer, then chant for the U.S. military. It was a result of the Oscars Red Carpet announcer asking the crowd to show some love for the U.S. military. An American Forces Network (AFN) team on the red carpet recorded it all while waiting to record shout-outs from the stars to the American military serving overseas. It was ear-splitting, said a member of the ve-person AFN team, Major Rosy Poulos. ey started out with this loud roar, then they spontaneously started chanting U.S.A.U.S.A. It made me proud to be an American. Producer Eric Gabriel felt the reaction was the crowds loudest of the night, Its why were here. It gives us a chance to serve as a bridge between stars and troops and let Hollywood know we have an American military audience overseas that appreciates the Oscars and all the entertainment the stars provide. Steve Carrell said he had no idea AFN aired Stateside movies and entertainment over seas. Gabriel also feels AFNs coverage helps the U.S. entertainment industry. By AFN being here and getting shout-outs from the stars to the troops, I think it helps contradict the misconception some have that Hollywood isnt connected and doesnt care for the U.S. military. Its also a chance to give our over seas military viewers a morale boost from some of their favorite celebrities. Hollywood is very supportive of the U.S. military, noted Poulos. One reason is many stars have family in the military. Ethan Hawke has a Green Beret brother, Julianne Moores father served in Europe and Reese Witherspoon has several relatives who served in the military. In their interviews, Moore said she grew up watching AFN in Germany when she attended Frankfurt American High School e Air Forces top two leaders justied their services funding proposal in the scal year 2016 Presidents Budget request to members of the Senate Appropriations Committee during an Air Force posture hearing Feb. 25, in Washington, D.C. Rather than living with sequestration levels, we are coming in with a budget gure for (scal) 16 which is substantially closer to what we need to run the Air Force, said Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James. It represents the dierence between the Air Force our combatant commanders need to get their jobs done around the world, and the one our nation expects, vice the type of an Air Force we will be forced to live with under sequestration which means we cannot meet the (Defense Strategic Guidance). Even with this higher gure, the Air Force still faces some tough choices, the secretary explained. ose choices include base realignments and closures, retiring old aircra and slowing compensation growth. We realize none of this is popular and its all hard, James said. But with sequestration the choices will be all the more dire. Sequestration threatens everything and Im sure that we can do better. With the savings seen in these areas, the Air Force can focus on recapitalizing and modernizing its force, procuring new platforms to ensure the safety of America into the future; investing in critical mission infrastructure to get units back to 100 percent combat readiness; and focusing on programs to improve the quality of life and service for Airmen and their families all while meeting the most important needs of the combatant commanders. Today, more than ever, we need a fully capable, fully ready force, said Air Force Chief of Sta Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. We just cant continue to cut force structure in order to pay the cost of readiness and modernization, or we will risk becoming too small to succeed. He explained the purposeful underfunding of infrastructure that produces combat capability is no longer a viable option for the Air Force moving forward. e training ranges, exercises and simulators must be improved and invested in to maintain combat readiness for the future. Air Forces that fall behind the technology curve fail, he said. Joint forces without the full breadth of air, space and cyber capabilities that modern airpower brings will lose. Recapitalizing and modernizing todays Air Force is something both James and Welsh believe cannot be done under sequestration fund-Youtube Lajes Field DOD Air Force Facebook USAFE February 27, 2015 US Embassy, PortugalAF senior leaders caution against sequestrationBy: Staff Sgt. Torri Ingalsbe Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs Command InformationHollywood Shouts Out Support for U.S. Military at the Oscars By: George A. Smith AFN Broadcast Center, Riverside CA. For more on "Support" see page 2 CLICK TO READ MORE


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