Seedling pine

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Seedling pine
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 1420
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Ocala, Florida
CCC Company 1420
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v.1, no.6, November 18, 1934
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. #1420 and #1421


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1934.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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November. 18th.193j.

In making aeompleate file of the *Seedling pine for the 9* *f Library we have boeen unable to find the first sheet to this edition so am enaluding this uok oft It. We are very sorry in thba but will continue our search for a whole oopy which if found we w6ll. mail to you .
RespeOOtfully yours.
The editors A nd edtoational faeultyo







r Ar

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x .-x

7:O0 8:00
6 00 x 9:O00
x x: 30 :00
8:00 : 0
7: O 8:00
5 00

All ycu tenf who Wat to R : *
ivo,. ::et~ ~n the Edud ationa.l Off is Tus.dy, a&: :.... --i
brThis,, ,'O ocZ-rs. o, aiut *
b o ei y 2o Izh y PUI.
A.d co ~c in, ,arketing, t pu yn banking antzfni, nce,. sto. A:ny_one :.kig and corple.i g t hi is ,coau Lhould have a gccd c.Cking
,knole ge o business operations .in u o,1. Thee is no chaqr. fo c ooures.--Johr*ny F.Wod

* CAPTAIN BRIDGES has gone out to Te,3s c0. a ...aton. W wish him mj very cessful trip and enj ,)yalble time d-uring his week off ,uty.
T~e typing class is in shapo to a'ocd.atm more members. Anyone who wants to take typing can do so now. This course is
a ve.ry'fihe one, ta.uht by n able zian and will .Lp any .y climb the ,Itdd.e c. ,cous.

All necessary -arrangements h.v bee-,- as for the of a cam clb house. This au.ldicc will oe used.for ss. meein
,a.- to re~a or stuiy, "erl:
In rdB.t- bati hisclub
h s so. to hvevo 14k
to D z:.

on Saturday orn s and. ~n cr
cur r plL,-- ca o eu e by u.s, o let us d.- our. part and furnish 'qh 1aor.
Thes bu:..iin is to be made, wit. lo. s out from the forest. Itwll have a large rorm e. "wo or:al,. cnes. The small roome w ba used for a radio station and U& ik room for phoo~raphy. sTho iar~e one will be th~ ]ub roo .

- -- ~- --



Duncan, the boy from the Celery .ity Since the Pupply FOr has been rado
(Sanford), sure has it bad and in a snallor and ro5re space rado in the 8pecBlandon way. He was seen at the Oarnival. .Ial Duty Barracks., nybe there will be in Suierfield Sat. Nite with a brand how loon enough-for the boys to 0leep---- I female...-.. "Maybe something is wrong in mean sweep, in the r4o rningr Ocklal'aha" ? ? ? ?.

If in need of a perfect Stnog. Just call the one and only, Honorable H. W. Smith,
***^- **********
Doc Edwards is a funny so-rt of fellow hq rears Boots arnd Spuxrs when. he. goose's fishin. How about it Dot? ? ? *
* ****!**********'
Speakingof Dec Edwards rorinds us that Joel Brownm seems to be on the road to recoverj, after having- suffered a nervous broaddoVrn. Eh Joe ? ? ? ?.
* ** **** ***~***.
Johnny Woods "the Genial Georgian" sure can shake a wicked leg. He hiso a copyright on the latest Co. 1420 Dance Tune "DO-D FOP SPECIAL" and from what we dan hear it is one of the seasons boot hitas
Who was the young lady that visited 'bur Camp Sunday A. M. my and .adc quiot a few acquaintances, that a certain par was away on Obusinessl ? ? ? ? ? ?"? ?
It is rumored in the neighboring ,towno,ths our Basketball Team is plumb poison. How. about it boys ? ? ? ? We are glad tb kno, that our tcan is gaining notoriety so ear in the season.
Mr. Shoffer if coing to lecture at our, neighboring Camp Co. 1401 to inetall some help into their half of the Typeing Class. They need'it.
********* ******.
It seems that Asst.Loader Sontoll s bed has become one of the latest ~ublic roosting places. ETh Sontcll l? ? ?
***^** ** *******
We are sure the Surveying Crewvill miss the presence of their sta' r perfornor, James Le (Half-Pint).Smith :ho wint out or to lonorblc Dirchargo route yocterd. -r:i+h 1 ivig scocurod a job in Ocala

.Why is McGaity wearing those dark
glaose---vait a minuto, thoso are black cyes, riot glasses. Holea good fighter
-: Our boys are partly from 1Oe.
Kentucky. They pay not care nuch for
tho roughb xred horse but. they sure do go
for.good looking women
Backatball nay bek a, game. but we are
going to rake it a business-our business
to win garnes.
' It is rmao red that some of the boys Sfrom North Georgia just cant take it in the tool weather of Sunny.Florida.B2r,-re
S It is said that one of our boys took
Sa iate and hurried trip.' South Saturday
night on business. Maybe it was anonkey ty business". *
* *"* *-

Sa /clu
...' .y e P2 "Ft




Basketball is still the "caup talkf Ba3kotball.o tock is caring hgh
and ove ~ e oeric to be pleased, ith In Com pany 142, 000. The prospects for the showing our Team rmado against Anthony the coning season anr I-od Vs an shoin Figh School in our first game. Mclrcoo Wednesday night, Oct. 1 in Anthony.
High School disappointed everyone by calling off the game that was scheduled for In March we are planning to enter
last Friday ight The game, however will and win, the Ditrict Tournanx ,hich be played there next Friday night and the .is to' be hold int Gainesville, Fla., for local lads are expected to bring back the all COO Campe in District F"a, The Vinbacon. R2tiat going good form ..nar of this tournament will go the Fourth
under the guiding hand of Goach Lt, Orofton,s0orpo Area tournament which is rrlo red and *Skull Practice" ill be hele two nIghts.WIL be held in A-4anta, G-1. The winners this coming week. The people in neighbor :of tboe various rCorps A ra Tournaments will ing towns have already heard about our sthor play in the Hational Tounaent,
team and they.are, looking fo reward to see TWhat an-rpportunity for eonr good tooam. some exhibition of real basketball when i we

visit them. 'o lets not disappoint them one bit, and litus not forest the fact that if we put out a winning team we will have to back them to the utoot. When the team is out there playing with all their heart, just remember that it is for the good-of the whole Camp; to carry' on 00o. 1420f s name and make our Company well rep. resented. So lots all do our best to make our team the best in the state. Some of the other Canpsin the District say that they ar'e going to ve the best team in the state but 6our bcys say that they will have to defeat'us before such a statement is true.

The appoaxance of Mvyrl Shaw out for practice the past weak mkes the position at Center look stronger. Myrl you know happened to the misfortune of get ting his 'back hurt in the wreck of o01d Sevonteen# some few weeks ago.
The probhable starting lineup for next Friday Nightfs garne-iill be as fpilows:
Namre Position
Duncan ().......... Fight Forward Burroughs ......... Left Forard
Bolden ........, enter.
Ertzberger ......... Loft Guard Woods ........ F7iht Guard
* ,' *-. ** *

: Plans are being laid for a Backot:ball league for tears in District "F" If .such a league is fo ned it i hoped that :we can enter it and bring homno the Bacon" :at the end of the season
I Our basketball schedule is not yet
tcomiplete but we have written to a large number of C000 Ganps aid High Schools for : gamenos. We have not yet heard from them "all but we have sorne definite games.


After a. general policing and scrubbing of the Barracks, 33 fellows left bamp at: about 11:00 Sat, NTov. IXM.--Brd for the Football Gane in Jacksonville where Florida vas playing Georgia. The driver of' the Ary. truck waso instructed to say-'uith the Foresty trucks Upon reaching Ft. McCoy we turu ned right heading in the direction of Palatka. That' B1ing the shortest route.
At Orange Springs the forestry. truck stopped .and the boys thberoon docidod to take on a bushel of apples but since the Anrmy Tiruck didn't have any time to loose we proceeded on our way without hdn We next passed through Johnson and a nuamber.of-othor villages and towns. (Contd. one Page 6)
Oclurn .




The Scener;y as nctevbcrthy for thenSy t ano Was plotythrillin a] lakes, laksc and other intoeroastir- sconest though and there being a 1c We stopped and ate our sandwiches on the : boys in our erowd those .b other side of COrange Park or rather diss- I competition in yelling & ch tributed the anong tbe pa ry. At about : The Gane t o
this A time Capti Bridges and Mr. Mcar0yt. and it ia hoped that ~ncthe carme by, stcpprcd and instructed the dri- can be promoted ihen the -n vers how to proceed once thcy arrived in off Jax Fron then on the tine passed.quick-- Thanks to Capt. BrAdes
ly. We arrived at the Stadiu at about % e0 y thinr, up f or u to go
5:15 oplock. We had- seats in the back : lo rakin arran-eo of_-the East .sid, .of the- field Florie-- -.
Band Tas the apotlite when theycono on., : *
the field with their r.usic and fonation a cnecia.lly vihan thoy foraod -the Letter : /
t"F with. a inrle stop narch.. : . A I
aThe gaTe was well undo iay when we : gotsituatod in the stands and Florida
I1f its ha rdwa re we hai
- -- --" li ".
- I : f. /"6 h / ..
:.. "- :.'
. \FOR.
) 0
,. .., ...
, ,,.


'0 ~
A1Q~ ~vt/


AI. 1/ 7.-

0 4

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• THB SEEDLING PINS VOL.l^ 2 joveber, I8th.l935 in Making acpleate fH f th -sc’dling pln for th 0i. of y. Library wa ba^i boon urabla to find the first sheet to this edition so aa encludlng this auoh of ita w are vary sorry in tMs but will sontinua ar saarob for a whole copy which if found we will ail to you • Rospaotfully yours* The gditorw a'i adbcational faculty*


THE SEEDLING PINE Pas:€) # 3 EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM' FOr" WEEK OF fevEMBER 11 th THROUGH l/th. SUN-M m-TUE-W^DTHUi^FRI-SAT' TIME CITIZENSHIP X 7:00 EUSITIESS ENGLISH X X X X ?:;00 BUSINESS ARITH. X X X X £-00 JO URN/. L ISM • 3 f X X X 9 : 00 AVIATION X 7:00 COMMERCIAL ART X X X yr 5*. 00 POaING X X X X ^:00 EArZETBALL a A*' ft 1* X X X X X X 4:30 X 1 f .1. i'l -jrX X 5 ; 00 DHAliATICS X £.00 .AHORTCLOGY -t x 3:00 •T* • "f ; T -.”“r' i. Jr J.dw J.-. 4 .VA X ^ X X X 7:30 X £;00 F'.RcT hlL) X.' 7.30 BUSINESS COURSJt X X X X 5.00 Rnli.iO X „ f '..e A'^'Rj:.ET I C SUPERVI S ICN( REFEREE ING ) “ — ^ •• ... ; X X X 4:30 BUSINESS COURSE All you lien t’irho want.' to ta’jfa a gcr.t?j;’o.l c'outUcv in -ornoi. j.oni bu?noex In th? EU-Hcat ion£?.l ’ io3 i'utS'lt.v. Nvji'o'xii'or nth. 1 ^ 1 n X G' xn-s 3' o cn 4? *. "b o o :.'L .t 0 h i h jx a G c ou h 1 1 n x o r 0 d. i 1. 1? _anJ^ collect ICFS^ mar ho ting, puyinig bc,n.iiiig' ahU i iiicmo tito, i^ny— on? b^^king rind con.p'l'^xing this _^cc'lTg;c itcoxild have a gcci werking )knc-?i; ledge of dcuainess operation^ in, G >.^n eX’O/ J, The re is no ODzir ~'^^ t h • .s 0 our s s J 0 hrrny F W 0 o d 4 CAPUAIN BRIDGES ha.? gone out to Texc.G on o. ’v:.= cat ion. 'Ve wish h-ici.n very. r.uoo6Gsfal tripand e'n ;i -oy ah 1 e t inic" dur i rig hie week off-duty. f The typing class is in shape to aocoeuidat inorc mernbers. Anyone vhno 7'ants to take typing can do so now.' This course is E. very 'fine one, taught by an able lixan and will h^ Lp anv boy climb the ladder c.f cue cess. for CLUB HOUSE All necesss.ry arrangements have* been mcJ.o for txh'e building of a camo club house. .This ouilding ’’ on Satuj’day mornings P.nd. jn our < 7 u I ... ..L iS 1 >jT T., ..... spar V/ i 1 1 u e used for c 'la s s cd m a n t i n piece for various olaos plna.-j to read or sluiy, tiul 1 Sessions'’, a i c In orucr. to build this club • houba .it i'S' go.i/.i;-, t ,1 have “to take c. 'j\. I.. z-a t c j v-’j. 0 .-? '/ \> o ) i n c.amp Pa TUT to nj;.v? to build :.t > /-J. ^ 0 3 ^ b ; '’Generulcur onn pleasure ?ind to OvC used hy us, s-o let us do our. part 8-nd furni sh the laoor The building is to be made with logi? cut from. the forest. It' ’will have a larg.e room P.nd 'two omail cnas. 'In.-y small rooms mil be used for a radio eca,t! 0 'n and a daj?y, room for ryhot o,4,rai3h.y Trie large one vtill be the c ].ub \ roc:..


SEEDL-rG ft:!: ”this ai:' that" LuncS-n, the boy from the Gele r\’‘ City (Ss^, sure has it bad and in a "Blonds" nay, Ke ’..-as seen at the Carnival ,, in S’omrae rfield Sat. Nite with a brand non femaleo,.... "Maybe aomethiirg is vrrong in Ocklav/aha" ? ? ? ?. If in need of a perfect Stnog. Just call the one and only, Honorable H. V.’c Smiths :ie 5i; ^ ^ :i. v; ^ !)c Doc Edwards is a funny sort of fcllov; ho, wears Boots and Spurs when. he. goo's fishin* How about it Doc? ? ?. Speakingof Doc Edwards reminds us that Jool -BroYm soeras to bo on the road to recovery, afte r havingsuffc rod a nervous "bread do vm Eh Joe ? ? ? ?. Johnny \Voods "the Genial Georgian" suro can shake a wicked leg. He has a copyright on the latest Co, 1^20 Dance Tunp "D0*-DP0P special" and from what wo can hear it is one of the seaso'x'fs best hits* 1 5{i: 5^c if: :}c V/ho was t'ne young lady t'nat visited bur i Camp Sunday. A. M r)t si: >(< >l< >(! It is rurao red in the ncighboi-ing towns „.that our Basketball Team is plumb poidon. How., i about it boys ? ? ? ? Wo are glad t'o'knov/ ^ that our team is gaining notoriety so early in the season i Mr, Shoffor is going to lecture at our„ neighboring Camp Co, l401 to install some help into their half of the Typoing ; Class* They need ’it* It seomo that Asst. Leader Sentoll's bed has become one of the latest public rootj ing places* Eh Scntcll ? ? ? • We are sure the Surveying Crcw-T.nll miss [ the procenco cf their star perfomor, James Lo (Half-Pint), Smith v.'ho wont out or the Honora.blc Discharge route yoctordo-y Smith having cocurod a job in. Ocala, PEFSOUALLY SPIAKING Since the Pupply Poem has been made smaller and more space made in the Special D’oty Barracks, maybe there will be room cnou^n-for the boys to sleep* I mean sweep, in the ipomingb* .'.Yliy ic McGailty wearing tiro so dark glaoooo wait a minute, those are black eyes, hot glasoos* He's a good fighter anyway. Orrr boys are partyly frwn Ole. Kentucky s Th.ey ^ny net care much for thoroughbred horses butthey sure do go for good looking women o Basketball may be” a* game, but \;e are going to make it a business— —our business to win game s o ‘ ‘ It is rurrored that some of the boys from North Georgia just can't take it in the cool v/cather of Ssinny Flc rida, Br-r>-r* It is said that one of our boys took a late and hurried t'rip. South Saturday night on business* Maybe it rvas "monlcey buoinoss"* 1 r<.'' ^ 6 1-, f i U -j-'-’


THE SEEDLING PINE #5 ’’DOPE", BASKETBALL "basketball contests" Bfiokctball ig still tlios ’’car.ip talk” and every one oeonc to be ploaoed v;ith the showing our Toan mde against Anthony High School in our first | 5 ar.-e. Mclrcso High School disappointed everyone by calling off the gane that was scheduled for Basketballstock ic scarinr hfgh in Conpany 1^20, OCC. The prospects for the coning season are g^od os vas shown VJodneoday night, Oct* in Anthony* In Inarch \'c are planning to enter last Friday Ni'^t • The gane, however will o^nd win, the District Tournar.ei^t \.hich be playod there next Friday night and the is to' bo hold in Gainesville, Fla*, for local lads ttre expoctod to bring back the all CCO Co.npc in District ’’F" The winbacon* Practice Is, going on. in good fom nnr of this touman.ont will go the Fourth under the guiding hand of Coach Lt* Crefton,^ Gs rp'S Area toumar'.cnt which is rur:c red and "skull Practice" will be held tvro nirhtsjWI'^L bo held in A-tlanta, Qa* Tbc T.’innero this coning v/cck* The people in neighboring towns have already heard -about our tean c.nd they -are, looking foiward to see sene exhibition of real basketball when wo • visit then* S'o lets not disappoint then one bit, and left* us not forget the fo^ct that if we put out a winning tean we vjill have to back then to the utnost* When the tean is out there playing with all their heart, just renenbor that it is for the good of the whole Canp; to carry on Co* l420’ 3 nane and nake our Conpany well represented. So lets all do our best to nake our tean the best in the state* Sene of the other Canpsin the District sajr that they are going to Hve the best tean in the state but our boys say that they will have to defeat us before such a statenent is t rue • a The appcaitxncc of %-rl Shaw cut for practice the pact week nhkes the position at Center look stronger* M;^^rl you knov; happened to the nisfortune of getting his back hurt in the wreck of "Old Seventeen" sene few v;eekc ago* Nane Position Duncan (c) Fight Forward Bu.rrcughs *......** Left Forward Bolden Center. Ert'^berger Loft Guard Woods Id.-dct Guard 5|c ^ >|c >|c : cf tho various Corps Area Toumanents will •.thert'play in tho National Toumanent. :What an opportunity for sorxs good tean* : • Plano arc being laid for a Baoket:ball league for tears in District "F", If : such a leag'ac is forned it is hoped that :we can enter it and bring "hone the Bacon'' :at the end of the season* Our backet tall cchcdule is not yet : conplote but we have v/ritten to a largo tnunber of OCC Carps o.n High Schools for tganes* We have not yet heard fron then tall but wo have sene definite gane a* OUR TFTP TO JACKSONVILLE The probable starting lineup for next Friday Night^ s ganewill be ac fpllows; After a general policing and scrubbing of the Barracks, 55 fellows left barap atabput 11:00 a on* Sat* Nov* 5rd for the Football Gane in Jacksonville v/herc Florida was flaying Geergia The driver cf the A rr.*.y' t ruck was instructed to stay -with the Forcsty truck* Upon reaching Ft'. McCoy we turw ned right heading in the direction of Palatlca. That' being the short-est route* A^ Orange Springs tho forestry, truck stopped .and tho boys thereon decided to take on a bushel of apples but since the Amy Truck didn’t have any tine to loose we proceeded on our way without fch-*5n • Wo next passed through Johnson and a nur.ibor,.o-f 'otho r villages and towns* (Contd* on*? page jfu) Hr lunn T n


G”P. T?IP TO JACKSC'-TTELLE ; v.’C-s holdinr Gorr^-ir. -rotty v;oll, H\t the (Oor.'tdtf’r j scono chp^nfcd'nc^r the ov.d t' e ; f c r Gc. pushed over ^ to\ichio\7n. The The,^ v.-as r..-tov;c rth;>^ for the nahj^ v/ac plenty thrillir." all the v.-ay lakes, lakes and ether intcrcstlrjf sccnosy threurh and there boinr a lot cf, Ga* 'iVc stopped and ate our sandvfichos on the leys in cur crcv;d there’ T.-ab plenty of ether side cf Change pr.rk cr lathcr die. cor.potition iiT yolling & cheering, tribute! then ar.or.rr tVie party. At about • T-no Garie trip v/as enjoyed by all this tine Capt. Bridges and ^5r. McOartyj and it ia hoped that ai-irthor such trip car.e by, stcppcd_and instructed the dri: can bo pronoted v/hon the next gan.c conds vers he\7 to proceed cnee th(^ arrived in • off* Jax. Fren then on the tine passed quick-; Thc.nks to Bridres for fixing