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Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4451
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Shady Grove, Florida
CCC Company 4451
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v.1, no.31, September 15, 1936
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
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Began 1935.

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SEPT ~i1 5~ 3b

,'v~K 31.

56, Qo. 4451 olobrato ry. Tho colAtr-ticn Latoed until- latc in

Lh nrany ,bacea of 'o id of ro 0.C.C.

ronin all in the I ica tin(ga sof 00o 44our forriso r. .iflnor 7-,r


The Co. is now rking ilns to so-cure a sound projo tct:r "T-JKING FICTURS to be shown in the :ocr-ationl 811 on night each ewook.
Somle of the Icncin icturos arec Sinclu') on the list,also ITop Syo" an
*. "Btty B' op"conticios.
hiS orichine vil also be used for .
-ucationnl filmx which arc sent out fron Cors aAra.
Iz the past the Compny has beon 7ith out the necessary iachinory for shoring of p ictur3s. It is horop tha t very orao.
-bor of the cormainy wil co-ooerato to the vr.C--ando ill c ovar th3 top.


Published bi-nonthly by the Educa
-ional Department Co. 4451, G.C.0. Shady Grove, Fla.
: Lt. Herbert Tones Commanding'Offiber Lt. John F. gibbons Moss Cfficer Lt. G. W. Neece Camp Surreon
..WI H. Solomnon Educational Adviser
I. R. Demery Project Superintendant Hoyt ,aldron Junior Civil EnCgineer dl. :itts Foreman H. G. Sharpless oreian S. M* Eurp Clork-


Henry D. Simmons Editor in Chief Dolphus A.,,Manns .ssoc6 Editor Jamos-Ba.Gray Jokes Editor Cyrus Mayes Ir. Religious Editor Matthew Manuel Field Editor Herbert L Morse Editorial

* ** **** ** ** ** *


That is a fair start on spare-time activities.' You can enjoy somo- thinc that is orth while. For real pleo-asure find a hobby. Ofton, in fol-lowing a hobby, you will become very skillful. Your hobby can be used for the ontortainorent nd enjoyment of cthors.

One ~rllae in a certain cms
was skillful at impersonations. He too off thoC0ip Corandor, the reoss sergoant, and others. Soon he was reconizod as a tip-top Cany entertainer. He b aeo so good untill ho Lot a radio contract. Now he was a very dosirab le vaudorvillo contract. Ho could not personato whon he entered cn p but hc enjoyed micdokin pooplo in camp a-d soon learned. Fie nenuirnd 1xualo

-cr .0.C~nploy c din!- with
-od dollar? Presently it uns a I 0dbld notons t arv
AToenty five years froi tc avorc-o 0.0.C. anployoc will be five yamrs of a eo is )f an rhere he Should cpet plouty of T in cthr .or cs liv,, inr. sclitud
That particular> tin of I will be no C.C.C. for him to b ar of. If there -:ill be such n Spzation his ae will not D to be in crvica.
Thoro fore use your tlor7 we Get an object in view. Learn tc your earnings for a later day do you will not become ahuan to man.

The good cal; has a C<
-al ha l and a good outd< field for sports and Csn oci locks these .dvnto and help nke the recrf
-rd athletic field as ne as iza ination and hard th.=. it is your comp.


r 15


CL1 SSES the following

may be

ee Club and Quartet RS AND ASST. LDR S CLUB aders and Asst. Leaders ALISM. CLUB hroniele" Staff 'S CLUB

ptember 15, 1

ess m aurse

esi ist

. . . . . .
lia INS


, G. Caopor of thiz Dur cr.Surd.y Selt* Q cozbirod Bundcy rmin- service ,t lO:D(
norbor cf the coLqung ar the aslei d &ra

fter the first sonr -rayor wns of. TiD Bonnett. Ir. Rligh crx .T; Bonnott ovo short discussn diffforont pIorts of the Bible. glad to so young mon with roli.nthusioi liko these norz h-ave 'tor Chalain Cooler Proeached his ; somon, he ask)l all iarbors tc o shOt servico after su-'ror.
tor supper ho' ~ another s.landdross, another loro crowd woro t,icldi several visitors from

,veOr such a

iffort S. Urlwillor, i~s-re ict "lHI"tMedo his regular ar. onH(nesicy,Solt. 9, sons w;ore lad to soeOalt. Duh he ha servod in this

hqs served in nny alieve that his m curovments in

H. Lancaster, Co, clerk rents at Cairo, Georio~ o stating that he sjont a ploosc vocation.

Charles Hayes and Moccoa Wlli visited thoro raronts in Ocala, Florida Both reported hnvinG enjoyed a nest plc
-ant trii.

*************** **************

Josso Hayres has returned aftqr
-iting his parents in ronsacol, F1a.

** * *** * *** * ** ** ~'** ** **

Other Labor clay visitors aro;Loo FicklingrCs,Caraako, GO. :~alio anolvn; T'mZQcz, Fl ;Brooks Scott;Lakoland, Fla. John Villias, Or&'no, Fl2.;Hortert A. Morse, Leosturg,Fla*,J nio Matthows Ta.IonaFlc.
.1l. of those visitors reorteCd hav
-in, onjoye'. a thio of th-ee life.
?;a: 0ro glad they enjoyed theasolve but o ao sorry so noany of then had to Sgot Stmiliar with torn," fl0L",
Torny Norton, Harvoy Winloy,lbort .olonon,loft 0amp for the district hos-iitcl. ll non wish for th= a sroi' y recovery.

Mombers'are 81o0 to woleone Mr. Sacr in our Crap. Ed is an oxperion,



Fred Hunter, Assistant 3duentior Advisor was discharod on Sotaibtor 6, 1936. Hunter dre: his dischar-o in crdo to resuio study at Vircitiq State Collo at Iotersburg, Virginia.Hunter was like by all of the norimbers of the cona.ry,
-Ee will be rissedby several of his, friozrds.

********** ******* -

Charlos Silas was dischargqd.on Sept.11,1936,~ to resurao study at 'the
Floridq ~nc College. z
The following pen was discharged on Sept. 1, 1936 TokC cept oerlyrent. and fct various otheraroasons; LT. reeroo Dan,Henry Bus!y, and Euguono Loano
Sono of those nor had beeoon with th Ccany for tiro,and had a nubor of friends tho will miss ghoe very niuch. Yet it is *Qlsc a ploasuro to soe .C man try for the typo of livinG that will make hin surorior to the colnoEn yarson in the future.
The Coni>ny su house an early hour Surtd>xnight 2~t.6, 1936, There was ro s ocific reasc ivon fOr the fall. Stores to r' ise the ui.I2, were taken It- iQ i-.1 -

* **********4~**************

Mr. R.H. Solonon nadlo a brief visit D AlI, ~a over the viok end.
Mr.Froc Faust,Bustor givins,gor-gan Scurry drew there dischcrgod over the wooeek end. 20e are sorry some of then were dishonorable,but wo could not holp it. Maybe that will be on example for other onroJlloes who have not ton doing as they should,

iA ou:
last 'Toscday to have with cave the Co. efoty.I ac1 st


* *

(continued. fro: side canl at -oodsv 11I.M. the Dixie La the " ,or tit1e~IO: fans trucked out of saying they h-d orj life.
The conmany sh a-preation and tha Lt. J. Gibbons and their srlondid wok a wonderful colebra

* *** *#


170 ore glad that has rison in eCusod th.:- to in:
-ions in the t rr you aill be 'aw6rdc that you Can oxco.
.ll noebeors such ireaa- pro2 vt

The conr-an betkit the Groi
-thoi by a score foeatucrd y the nas strong, Lookoe Toxas Lo euors a0


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L 0*1 p a. fjy 44 / W j. Sh^y ^o^pZcl. /'/'. 3 1 SepH ,5jl J6 BIG AMNIV3RS.UY GTILIBRi-TION IS SUCCGS August 24, 1936, Cc. 4451 celebrate' its first anniversary. Tho cel iteration began at npcn and lasted until, late in the evening. This affair was featured with many typos of athletics, such as boxing tea a o-bell, volley b .11, and other types of o: sports to show the leublic the kind of re -creation that is offered to the C.C.C. youth. At an early hour in the evening all visiters and friends pothered in the di-ning hall for dinner. Before Gating a short and interesting history of Co. 44-51 uas given by Fred. Huntor, our for-ner assistant educational adviser. After the address a splendid dinner use served. At 8 iZ all eyes were turned to the Seer entional Ball whoro the dance kad tak*n place It was thrilling to s e 9 the fans shufflinp away to tho tunes of tho Dixieland Four, a local band from Perry, Florida. The dance was featured with a contest between three of the fans beet dancers. Clifford Shipper a nenber of ‘the ccnpanj was awarded first prize. Kerr.iit Saunders pave the fans a few stoi s in tap dancing* There were visiters fro re all of tho near by towns a \ $roup, of nen fren tho (continued on page 4) PLUS BTING MADG FOB TALKUTG FICTURG The Co. is now making pl-r.s to sc-curo a sound projector "TALKING FICTURGS to bo shown ir. the Beer ectioncl Ball onfc nipht each week.. of tho loading pictures are included on the list, also "pop dye" and "Betty B’ op "comedies. This no chine will also be used for odf -ucationnl films which arc sent out from Coris Area. In the least the Company has been with out tho noc ossary machinery for showing of pictures. It is hoped that every r.ian-ber of tho company will cc-operatc to the end— end we will go over the top. \ Your "CO" Lt. John B. Gibbons Jr. Sxcppct to go on iaavfr vislt*fr^fc5a.ean, Louisiana DISCRJaGCD Senior loader V/alter 3. Dozier of this company was discharged on Sept. 6, for the purpose of entering Bnnptcn Insti-tutc for tho Fall term. Dozier did. nice work while in tho c empany. Tho boys will miss him very much.


T ,J CERQKICL:'. Sept. 15, 19.36 ^ p.^Gl 2 — j Published bi-monthly by the Edueat-! NHaT IS HIE -YE RAGE C.C.C. EMPLOYEE • -ional Department of Co, 4451, G.C c C. DOING Y.'ITE HIS EARNED DOLL.iR? ’ Shady Grove, Fla, While sitting down in a quiot pP P ARMY PERSONNEL recently a thought cano te no which ask" i -cd no in this manner, "what is the aver*' Lt. Herbert Jones Commanding Off id ei\ -are C.O.C.anployeo do inn with his earnLt, John F.,. Q-ibbons Moss Officer -ed dollar? Presently it was a Question Lt, G, W, ITeece Camp Surgeon I c chid not answer. Twenty five years from today the H, Solomon Educational Adviser average C.C.C, employee will bo forty five years of ago. He is of an age then where he should ret plenty of rest or J, R, Demery Project Superintendent in ether words live in solitude. Hoyt V.aldron Junior Civil Engineer Hint particular tine of life there .7, A., Pitts Foreman • 1 Tr will bo no C.C.C, for hin to be a menH. G, Sharpless Foreman bar of. If there will be such an orE. M* Earp Clerk" ganize.tion his age will not permit hin *3* + ^ Jjf3)c SM 5 3* to be in service. There fore use your time well* Get an object in view. Learn to preservj CHRONICLE STAFF your earnings for a later day. If you do you will not become a human parasite Henry DSimmons Editor in Chief Dolphus A*,, Manns Assoc Editor to mam. Jamos-B. Gray Jokes Editor EDITOR. Cyrus Mayes Jr* Religious Editor Matthew Manuel Field Editor Herbert L Morse Editorial % **>#•. **** ** ** YOUR CAMP APFEARANCE The good c air has a good recreation*, -al hall and a good outdoor space or FIND SOMETHING PD ENJOY field for sports and games. If your camp lacks those advantages, turn in That is a fair start on sporeand help the recreational hall .time activities. You can enjoy someand athletic field as nearly perfect *. thing that is worth while. For real ns imagination and hard work c an make pleasure find a hobby. Often, in fol-lowxng a hobby, you will become very skillful. Your hobby can be used for them. It is your camp. the entertainment and enjoyment of others One enroll eo in a certain camp A WORLD OF YOUR OUT was skillful at impersonations. Ho tool The C.C.C. is something new. The off thoGGorip Command or, the mess sorC.C.C. camp is more than just a place Scant, and others. Soon ho was recognitc live. It is more than just a job to zed as a tip-top Comp entertainer. He tide you over until you find a better became so good untill he got a radio job. The C.C.C. Camp really is a small contract. Now he was a very desirable world cf its own. Much that you find in vaudervillo contract. Ho could not inGang you will find also in the larger personate when ho entered cqpip but he -world outside, That yeu learn in the C. enjoyed mimicking people in camp and C *C will avply outside the Cong" soon learned, Eo acquired excellencejust as much asin the c w.ig.mre ycu leergreat skill, and turned it to good ac-ing ’ anything? count in /Imp and, later, vocationally. sjf^^* 5 ^******** 3****:^* ************* Any worth while thing if dene well star a a good chance of be caning commercially IF OPPORTUNITY ONLY KNOCKS BUT ONCE, LET 5 _U nete BE RELY FOR IT.


COURSES OFFERED BY THE EDUCATIONAL DEPARTMENT COMPANY 4451, CCC, SHADY GROVE, FLORIDA 'September 15 December 15 AT LEAST ONE OF THE ENROLLEE OF COMPANY 4451. SIRED. BEGINNER’S -CLASS FOLLOWING COURSES WILL BE TAKEN BY EACH Reading Writing and Arithmetic (Any of the following may be taken AGRICULTURE ARITHMETIC I (1-4) ARITHMETIC II (5-8) ALGEBRA ei^Le CIVICS (Our Government) DEBATING ENGLISH I (1-4) EHgLlSH II (5-8) ENGLISH III (Correct English) I IRST AID GENERAL SCIENCE HISTORY, U.S. PENMANSHIP SPELLING TYPING (f0.50 per month) VOCATIONAL COURSES AUTO MECHANICS COOKING AND MESS MANAGE LB NT GLEE -CLUB QUARTET DANCING '• BOXING CLUBS MUSIC CLUB Glee Club and Quartet LEADERS AND ASST. LDR’S CLUB Leaders and Asst. Leaders JOURNALISM. CLUB • ” chroni cle” Staff BOXER’S CLUB Boxers September 15, 1936 I hereby express my desire to take the course or courses listed above and marked ”x n SIGNED Name of Enrollee RADIO SURVEYING Approved WILL IAM H' 3 OLOV ON Camp Educational Adviser WOOD WORKING


33U QuROLICLM 1 ^ 6 VISITORS GILJ: Li. IN VISITS CM/QT Lt. Chaplain, G.A. Gcopor cf this district visited our canpMJundny Sopt. 13, 1956. He held a ccr.ibirod Sunday School and nernim service at 10:00 JM Nearly every noribor cf the corps. ny was "present to hoar the splendid address Given hy the Chaplain. lifter the first song prayer was ofhy Mr, Tin Bennett. M* v r. Bale ip, h Cox and Mr. Tin Bennett pave short discuss-ion on different parts of' 1 the Bihle. Wo are glad to so young non with rolig-icus en thus ion like theso non have .after Chaplain Cooper I reached his norning semen, ho asked all members tc attend a short service after suppor. .after supper ho' g&v'e another splcn-did address, knottier largo crowd ware present, including sovoral visitors from Madison, Fla. The non arc hlessod tc hnvo^such a groat speaker tc visit then. *************************** C.J T.URWILLTR VISITS CMC Ccpt. Clifford S. Urlwiller, ir.spec -tor cf district "Ii" ,Mcdo his regular visit to our Car.ip on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1936, i.ll persons -.vorc glad to seeCapt. Urvillor although ho has served in this district for many nonths. Capt. Urwiller h<$s served in nany capacities, and wo heliovo that his over seeing will bring improvements in our car.ip. ************************ ****** KOSPITML 1MTITNTS BMCK IN CxJC CGL.IN Mil nor.ihors wore glad to. soeBon White and Kelson Taylor return fron tho district hospital at Fort Bermings, Ga. Those non arc tack and looking healthy as ever. B3n Yfhitobaroly escaped death with a serious case of Pneumonia, ****************************** CMT ‘ ,T MMG OUR CMC TEH BIST CMC? ****************************** LM30R DiiY VISITORS II. Lancaster, Co. clork visited his parents at Cairo, Georgia* Iio returned stating that he spont a ploascnt holiday vacation. **************************** Charles Hayes and Mecca Williams visited there parents in Ocala, Florida. Both reported having on joyed a most plena -ant trip. ***************************** Jesse Haynes has returned after via -iting his parents in Tonsacold, Fla. *************************** Other Labor day visiters aro;Loo Ficklings Canako Ga : Tvalio p anolva ; Tampa Fla ;E rooks Scott ;Lakeland, Pin. John Williams Omoiid Fla • ;Hert ort ... Morse, Loo slur g Fla J ir.rii e Ma 1 1 h cw s Pomona Fla 4*11 Of those visitors r op or tod liav-ing: enjoyed a tino of there life. ******* ******* ************** We aro glad they enjoyed then solve a but we arc sorry sc many of then had to got familiar with torn, "MX1". ****************************** Tommy Newton, Hnrvoy Tinsley, Albert oloncn,loft Camp for tho district hos-pital. nil non wish for than a speedy recovery. ******************************* NT./ MS3ISTRNT COMPMTY CLTRK Members are glad to welcome Mr. Roy Gibson in our Car.ip. Iia is an experienced C .C .C. worker and wo know all members will work in harmony with him. ******************************** VISITS EOMT Mr. Nelson Bonds visited his parents at Cast Patlalca, Florida. Ho reported haur -ing enjoyed hir.: self tc the highest. _***********************************


tt u ggg^i re c mm,,* m sar*.-ie,!-e ^ -^' — i **’*' iy-gy '4 DISC E.^ vGYD Fred Hunter, Assistant Educations Adviser was discharged on September 6, 1936. Hunter drew his discharge in order to resune study at Virginiq State Colleg a t I c tor sburg Virginia, Hunter was liked ty all of the neuters of the coop any. He will be missed, by several of hiss friends. ************************ • Charles Silas was discharged .on Sept. II ,1936, tc study at 'the Floridq A.andM. College. ** * 4: * ** * * * The following pen was discharged on Sept. 1, 1936 To eept employment, and for various othemreasons ; L.T. Free}* nan, Henry Busty, and Euguonc Logon. Some of these non had teen with tli C drip any for sene tine, and had a nunter of friends tho will' miss jjhen very much Yet it is also a pleasure to see a nan try for the type of living that will make tin superior to the comon r arson in the future. • ’ ******************************. SUIILY E6USE DAMAGED The. Company supply house an early hour Sundaynight Sept. 6, 1936. 'Here was no specific reason given for the f a pp # steps to r‘ ise the hull" in were taken iEnaigdiEyt o l/# • *************************** Mr. u".E. Solomon nade a brief visit Tc Alabama over the week end. * ** ** * * & * * Mr. Fred Faust, Buster givins ,l|or-gan Scurry drew there discharged over the week end. Ho are sorry sone of then were dishonor able, but we could not help it. Maybe that will be an example for ether onrclloes who have not been doing as they should if * ** * * * * ALWAYS LEAD, NEVER FOLLOY SAFETY MEETING VISITOR our regular safety meeting on last Tuesday evening wo wore fortunate to have with us Captain Urwillcr. He gave the Co. several illustration on sa-foty, I an sure that every member cojild rencr.iber sone of the incidents, Cap.t. Urwiller related. *i/ sU .Xs sU v*n sp. *4r ^ ^ Jy vU ^ *1* \U J. U> ^ 4* Af T’T 'O V 'i *T* 'T* T** -T* T T'V T TT 'll Tr *T 'T V ’t’ x T T (continued from page 1) side camp at Yoodsvillo was present. _t 111 .M. the Dixie Land Four swung out on the cr ti tleVIOIvn S', "YET HOMY". The fans trucked out of the recreational haH saying they had enjoyed a time of there life. The company should show seme kind cCf appreation and thanks to Lt. K. Jones, Lt. J. Gibbons and Mr. U. E. Solomon for their splendid work in sponsoring such a wonderful celebration. ******************************* CONGluYTULATICNS £* • \ V.'e are glad to see the enthusiasm that has risen in barrack D men* Tyhich caused then to improve, in living in tho barrack.. Keep it up men and you will be 'awarded. Show tho old members that you can oxcell then in clqanlinoss. All members should be commended for such great;improvements. **************************** B„3d B.AL G3C The ccmpan^o base ball team crossed feat^ith the Greenville Tigers and defeated -them by a score of 8-0. The game was featured by the tight pitching cf Willie Armstrong, Docker T, Hill hit some hard Texas Leaguers over the diamond. ******************************* X Heard I dont know, tut X heard Jimmie Gray say Lancaster brought a suit case full of that Cairo syrup back with that so Lanca stor‘d I dont know, but I heard that Eddie Jenk-ins was an an ALl-mnorican beer buyer.