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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
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Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
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v.1, no.9, February 21, 1936
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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Fla- f- /

Vol. 1 February 21, 19.36,

A -nw class ;as org.rized ld:t night for the benefit of the m,| of this Company. 1Ir.7..1.1Ttors organized a clos in 1 Nordin Fifteeoon were pros nt t the first mooting. 3Gin r.l t properly road mapy is uspoCi7ll17 useoful on thi forest. Anvo'n may enroll in this cla. The next moeting will be hold noxt Tuesday iight. 3o present if you want to be -ble to look, at a map and locato your..position and know the T'onig o all the symbols used or maps.

BARB& cK 50O W ,I.NS o
The first gamia of the tourn~n. betwoon the b arracs in Diaor ball viwas played Saturday, February 1. Barracks ITo.3 ion over Brracks 1o.1 b7 a score ofj 15 to 13. Fum"br .3 m-adoe six runs in the first inning. number
1 played equally eas ell the remainder of the game but nereo not able to overcome this 1ad. gained so early in the .me. Did you over seeo throo men try to catch the same bal11. It he )yned in this game end ::s usual nobody caught it., ...r ..a number 3 will play the :in r of the geme between .0Q,2 '-& -c,

Lt.Col..) in, District Commander,
*crl :> aj : oyl-n, -District au. or-.-st r, visit :d this Joing>nv Thur. 'z ternoon, Feb.2Q oriEi inspection -;w e mo-do of thO6 ntir:o crO.r by thsJ officers, 1J0 are gi .d i t this Company u .s bl to -s this inspection as ;well it did.

The mn of Compayj 4430 rcgrot v,7rv much bn vory much thirt the Lssistant Lrk, naems~y, formerly transforrc from Holt, Floridn eore is being tronefrrd to another company
_'t He7rd evill, Jouth Cr.rolina. t th t R msy's transfer
lhe i: jut a .viit. 1c; was hero onl mbut -i oeks. But
n0d r gld tht from 4430, vwe h'G men eligiblO for transfer to another company rs Clerk. '1o wish him much luck -nd hopo the
n Core.mpnny .ill be just the placc ho like. S horrod.

17o regret th-t the pcpor w s not rutblish-d thT last trio ; s. The L*o tc'ioral Ldviser urs on leave "- o -:r, un-ble to secure r. __ _ __ _ _ _

- a .9_

L. l .ity.

: i


A SIST.;1T 051TI i FR


'I_-_1_. L :

-.gc 2

"-..- lm" b.
The Spy
1 'ortain First "Abe" non no 1 as Doc "Dook" Thomas ipi't Us. smart as he thinks 'e is. Green is the 9olor for Sprin, backed by a gent who thiink:s noth.-ijg of y2.20. iss L 2. is a very charming lad.acording to Li. of this Company This is a tip, wise guy. Laies'. introduciTU hr. 1ilard aylor, who 1s falln for the iadi s~ at Gurlev rowni's fhen he was in the rimer it was and still is B&bv Ray Vand earlie lio and omae in the funnies the se g d t7e oon Since aby Rav i s t e subject, Johrie 7illiames for te se of said Bab left i ,. out "
the cold. Se :trig R 0l
Mr. JL. tchell was the center of attention at tihe 31ue Chi, S,,turday i ht e dred him
out the'door, do 7313 think he went ? Asl: him. Tat do you think ? A certain disti guished gentleman was seen kicin the gong around at Gurle's 3ednesd-y -Tight Give him a break ieS I-he may Vo. r 0 or Right il .L0C ,he s;l hin Brown from "Jenr ge" or, tl:Ge off her ourning-< cer guy will return Jcturd: Sunday. ,Our C onr Ste, wd is traveling the come bach: trail. ve wish o: u "lu l, but does ir. L--, Mcbe ..: s.eems-to be the suje t this week, huh. So long, 3oys, util next week,

The 3yr.


The game to be playd between
_j- ', 7 os 2 t hrat irra c... o 's. 2 -and 4, that h::s been .ost-oned two meei ones whnlie- the diamond d iC d.ry.

Fbruary 21, 1936

CoJiuA,-nto: Of
jIl 7 ITT
C I G 3.i
1 A i
Flo rider.

Bla Ribbon Boor.
On thC Lcxol 0ige-rs
2 -,o
'" 5,!

Above the Avorage Cig:rs

2 for 5!


~r~r 21 1 Q'~A

4?;a__ _ __ _ __ _ 5A 7 ,

Published four times e ach th 1 by.the members of Com;:tny 448C,
Vol. C., T-.1 ity, 1 0ia.1
Vol. 1, Fo. 9,' February 21, 1956

W.ealey Ililler, Editor-in-cheir. Wi lie Iy, Asisted Z.itor. B. A. Anderon, BusinCess M~anagex' T. 12. Soruthgato, z&oortor. Jooseph Sherrod, R1 porter.
let ;t.J..? a ,s Comrmandi ng. Sneign F.3.Thoripson,C O icor. Cpt.P.3.Ilell, Cacm Sauroon.
C. P. Ywn, Jduc'Uionalr Advi-er.
C. H. Rogers, Project Ou:t. W.T. '.thers, 6qua orcmn. R. Griffi-, Squad oren.
*B. Fr-zer, oud 7 orem n. C. D. Dowlin'g, Crow LL..or. J.-.S.Bryan, Ioch. Fore n-n. G 7.IcoDonad,u oliin_ oh. ..0wan, Towar:n. G.Green, Toin~orm.r!.

From cll indioc.tions- thii: a.: semed to h2ave )OOn r t we sk, Lie-ut -Jn-nntU h.R s e stood the test--ihe d roari-og choor. Hurrah Hurr:h. Hurrh-'!_. .ith theD holD of hi, right hend me an'i ,anid, othors,our comp is in first clrs condition. Its lat to w. mon to :oc it th.-t ~-y.1Ln lct bjo mon ncd sv.yv w will do out b,-,st.,E l a


Th3 north room of the 2duactional
3uili: ,. bou rrcngd for the us of thJ typing cl1c nd thu c n U ptpr. Tho ca :ho :ro clo y 2nroll-d in the typing 010.-8! are '.Lod to b pron out _a t ll cl.eecy.. ,ll who :ich to enroll -.rc invited to do o.
Throw -r numbrous other c1 's bino hild in the Educ-tio.n,1 B'ildi 2vry night. -ny 3n of tihm:: o~n -:ill find tobc of on benfit to you. A; do not
nt :11 of your lic:urotimo,
but ,. do ;...ant four or five hour, P, ry ,c:-. Com2 in full forces .u t: ",dvUt: -o of this fino o :ort urit.
Joocoph hrod, set D'd.dvcl r.

I C.
..-:40 H.ost Bay jtrcat, Jc::onvilla, Florid..
'n 'r -y Iq7 I' "1
II~T oun PROVISlO'3.
"Thu House of Quclity
'ad $oevice" '.

7r. -rxr 91

I cl 14 A I

- a-I

a e 4 -4 a, -

--r '': r 'N J]4 .. ... n I-'17
The entire camp is :noe t:,,
-. ft.1 for t.: bin,1 M e Rogers, our Projc; .,- i riatend raet, has s.IoL dorig. t1e :e, i e a tier. He1 Qas Io:? th oL -. o J both foren an d enroo ; ,iti, his i:i i an, ta c r y T of n: 4 alin th~m n,
:r. Ro s repo-s th t wok visited i7 him is doing vetr good. Th Thi g crew i,
i n,: tC.t.. l i the
0am tim t rt rate to sectiors noir nee0ca
{i. 4owl1ing ani l1r. 2: son~ liev mad.e a rool enol'aill out of nC lit tle ~ "mnilo" Teyv oro saving an ..1ora;: of' rnon 13 a thcrcc3 thocusevd be rd foot :a ; Torl( cly.

Ir. o-0g r has .. t ... k af chnicul school i i o- i ,ac- Unrolloo 0:= i nL l .-1k. tr . 3. FOREST 3o3712~_ lill.. eei-.: n mrk of A, 3, or in U' his abilit to ...~: u', for hi Gov's uor. it va riou intOrvl.S th i co- r : :l .. Sost0 d o 1,r J
ar:, ,, r ,3 ..._u .U,
see who hro tho r.Cr 6 :1
H SV .L;- .. ..,
aro thic- s1;ir ae.o- -.itc m"
C11 r 0 -1
Announcing two ciaso to ;gi: ...xt :;o driver& eles:: in
w ::hich mumbr-es ::,ill 'o givenn n ral rn. ;it l o niuoti on.
Le i -2 "-d..... t o "
T0s po n t ,ir" to. d dill b. given driver's por t frO: the U. 3. OPQ ',, i3 o TiiI .111 ouro!ll, ~s in.trc,--. at in ~incohani are Esked to join a hoiuA.. d o Col. con Col. 2

iote Cleared and 3looed' d 1 i '- s H 0 R PA I1 o n- e 3 H 0 2 5-963


Je call for andl deliver.
."te str.& behind the 49'erq'.
ch ani cl oZl Z will be taught sinmp4o m, chir ry, such :s, how to retai2 gre,:alia motors engine, n gr. o ,.
Reported byV
.Zrnroz t --'e.- L mb,
ui. .Poro-t b rViC SGicrk.

. ,
i."l:.y Jchool :;ill be hold in
:.~; n1 Lmay. It wiil ctert .:t 9;30 ... at the usual meeting Ial: oa i too here.1tion 11:*11. Uo ould D r, -attont
_. .h--p"'-,:n loft ,
e,. 'the' Du.;b-Dietrict .Cha.plain lo
so aBiioc 1 litorr:ture for s to rect. ? is a: tarir.1 *:ill bo o
ilLC during t ,. unda y
a) col our. In connection :iith
t dua.. O l, -Lo H I Burnio,
_ ir 0 : Tririt7 i. .. church of
:: Ji, Pl., il j pock to
. ..Loon rd, .S.,apt.


.,li DUC ni .- FiUIT.
.:4 ,hS O .CVJ.I Flo ri dr ,.l.akeo'ville, Floridau


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Co. i+mo x \ v /• / v\ ;• m \ / PC A -CC

luge 2 *\ \ f J r -‘ a ’ SGAllDAEo lie 3p .7 PBorunry 21> 1956 "Aoe" Green be e lie d :in§ of A certain Pirst as Doc "Book" Thomas isn 1 smart as he thinks he is. is the color for Spring, by a gent who thinks not! v2*20. Hiss L„ G. is a very _.charmip.g lady .aco or ding to Mr.& of this Company. This is a tii wise guy. Ladies 1 introducing Mr. Hillard Taylor, who has fallen for the ladies at Gurley frown’s. V/hen he was in the p rimer it was and still is Baby .Ray .agi learlie Hoy and maybe in the funnies t he -sea ha g and t he go o n Since Baby Ray 'is t he subject Jo'hnnie 'Tllliams for tin: said Bab the cold Mr. L. ox a t u e n c i o n Mite he sci^e ui : Hiss B .7 out in t ur i i.jg ha by Re j st .1 was the center at the Blue Chip Sat u r da y ri g lit S he da red hi m out the 'door, do you think he went ? Ask him. '.hat do you think ? A certain disti: guished gentleman was seen kicking the gong around at .Gurley 1 s "/ednesdey fight. Give him a break, Miss II— lie may go. wrong, Righ u i.Ir if. 1 1 -_iie seal s aim Brown from "Jennings" can take off her mourning-a cert? h guy will return 3 a turd. T or Sunday. Our Canteen Steward is .traveling the come back: = trail. 7e wish yo;u luck., ial,; but does Mr L — Mo. y i e La : g s.eems to be the subject this week, hulil So long, Boys, until newt we< v The Spy* Miller, CALLS i OS Tr 01' SB T h e ga me to be p la. ye d be tv ; e e n Barracks To’s. 2 and 4 that has been postponed two weeks -Q.o when the dinmund_,im. dry. C omp lime nts of 7 I C I G A R and N D Y, Co.. n OT<_ in • V ill: Pio ridr Blue Ri b b on Boor On the Level Cigars for 5d Above th< Average Cig: re for 5 d


p £. gs~3 Os.e .0 cla~J Fr. h r n~r y 2 1 1336, OSCEOLA HEMS, Published four times each month by the members of Company 44130, e a C i*. me Ci o Floriae • 7ol. 1, No. S, February 21, 1956 "Lesley Miller, Editor-in-cheif 71 Hie Ivey, Assistant Editor. B. A. Anderson Business Manager IT. "S'. So ivt hgat o Bop ortor Jooso'oh Sherrod, Reporter. • GAME LIR-iOTOR Y 1st Lt J.F.Se a Is Commandin g. Ens ign F 3 T homps o n C^ Officer. Cept .P .3 .Hr 11 C amp S ur go o n C. P. Yawn, i anal Adviser C. H. Rogers, Project Supt W T M a t he rs S quad Fo remc n R. Griffin, Squad Foreman. ‘3. Fraser, Squad Foreman. C. D. Bowling, Grew Loader. J S .Bryan Me eh Fo reman 7.. 7. LIcBonald, Supervising Lie oh • B.H. Owens T o w e r; :? n G Gr e e n T o w e rrn a n 7 ORBS OF CHEER From all indie t ions this wo Mi seemed to have been a. test wool:. Lieutenant 3 juls has stood the test — he deserves a roaring choer. Hurrah Hurrah 1 Hurrah 1 Jith the help of his right hand mail and a few others, our camp is in first class condition. Itfs left to v men to keep it that way .Lion let be men • n 1 say v;c will do out best Ellis EDU CwTIOFAL .vDTIVITIEo The north room of the •Educational Building has boon arranged for tho use of the typing class pnd the camp newspaper • Those who are a Ire a&y enrolled in the typing class are asked to bo present at all classes. All who wish to enroll are invited to do so. There "re numerous’ other cl sees being held in the Educ''t, Bui Idi a g eve ry ni ght eny one ox them you will find to, be of some benefit to you. 7c do not ..ant all of your li c sure • time ; but we do want four or five hours every wools. Come in full forces and t akc advantage of this fine opportunity. Joe soph shyrrod, Asst .Jd..xdviser. S M I T II, RICHARDS OH, C 0 N R 0 Y, I H C. .136-040 Most Bag/ Street, Jacksonville, Florida. MEATS and PR0VI3I OHS. "The House of Quality and Service” •


"P o !TO A. r. ^ ” p X u ^ ______ ^ ^ ________ __ KJT7H fholi _. fofcjt 3CH7ic The entire camp is :no. e tan ye at e ful for t ie kinduef c. V j r v -• Rogers, our new project hi ri 0 *tendent ilct S shown durin J_ £ u .0 r !* j.iL v/ -./ 'J weather. He ha s w 0 n t he lo V 3 0 jl both fore ms r. and enrolPe m c with his kind 3 nd 0 e n cl r 1 1 n hdTi 0 • Announcing two classes to b gin next week: .... drivers class in which momb e r c w 1 t _L be given on oral and wri o_ U ly J i i •j U: ami n i 010 n • Tho so pas si r rr f • ]y ; J e.. it est will bo given a driv yb r T e rm t from t he 0 3 fOhhoT ri tv^V" r Jxj.V 7 T :"l All c urolle e lilt QJT OS jd in mechan ism >r a s ko d 00 .j 0 i n 0 c* Conti n u. e d 0 n Col. 2 tr. s 1 ’ h irup r p C 1 ,.. 1 ? 26 hats Cleaned and 31 ocked. O -i. T.f > o if 0 x a 3 1 j G K 0 P I P A I R -y 5-9639 he call for and deliver, "he star d be hi nd t he 49 ’ e rs" m 0 c h a n i c a. 1 class Those enrolling will be taught simple m<' chi very, such as, how to re pail gasoline, motors and engines and how to 0 0 e r-. to t rr ct 0 rs r. nd Reported by£ Cr.n 3 .st h .liCrnb,' U o .F o-ro s toe rv ice Ckork. olJi'ili I oChOOii ouixk.y och.ool will be hold in C -my: ne.:t bun da 7/. It will start at 9 :30 A ,11, at the usual meeting place i to. Rocro it ion 11*11. he would like f or everybody -to attend as the ju.b -District .Chaplain loft some Bio ip 1 literature forms to read* This nr to rial will be liable during the 3 unday 3 eh 0 0 1 1 10 ur In con noetic n w i t h t ho Cued -7 3 oho el, Rev. II, Burn io 2 r tor of Trinity II, J 3 Church of .. he City, Fla., will speak to b T j~iO 0 n ret o b o up c hlTCHhihiiirccr, ii c. y •* vhCJUCJ and FRUIT. 3 2 4 h 0 s 1 : 3 a 7 3 1 r 0 j t ,* J ; cks orvil Is Florida