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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
Place of Publication:
Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.8, January 31, 1936
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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FI s \e S 0, fo E0

/ 0 ,C, C

.,-. .. .. Janmuzac .,1 --1'6-,

* U

The Oommian LinhG Officer of thi Comp~anyi Lt. 30alshas beOtirre himself in the interest of the members ce well ce his own. He hoe changed the Supply Hoase altogether. .rt isti sEbolves gr-co och : 11 instad St t, old rckl in rth o~tor.
Eroporty is Crrern"' 2ocorcd1 in g to ^ou rt rm tr -to ch aumbar. 3:pondiblac h.To their orin plco. In short, rr ngomon t i, o th t, glrno, :varythi g i.. the Smrtly 2 .Hou:.. -raitht- bT Uot2c.
Lt. -JDl Yoot, Vra to 2..t
rauclr th, s rvica -ou d rv Let us :ll h-vo 0 c-r t_ Ul wn might a.,rvu thn, b .u Orvico.
Rpnl it ....
Don't for-, t- t'i-nd(1 1,1
-rfm tomarro:1 ftru on -t 1:;30 o'clock. 3 rr'c: Lo. 1 :'ill 1ly 3 r-ck 10. 3 'T his :2;1il thj op;o si o. of ta turn tL l -- "no'
theo rc-k, h othx ob' c: ::ll pr y nort 3tur. ( u.8) HL your toyn oin r

La:e i. .

To .8

Th Johol Roomr C. thi, i ~ ing d1Roo 0 .0 a chone or
-our coov-nince. In tha R-&ing iooi1 -11 baokfs h- va b-n pl codo on th:. ::l0 o "uy boo!: -ou r;~. dwLir; to A
-a bu T:O'ily fund.. ih.'npm tc
S11 1:iuo uG. r. cz i i1 a or --rr.uid ii 1 7iili. r .mnu r. You :ill snjoI y re uing th covl::. h o booke mfu 3, checkad out ai you r held reoponsible *ar the::1 until they are ruro1.j L-,;t us uti thorn
for h;-t. .thA r -:)-Lt h ro for. Ii 7ou do't c. -o to c trr th
boo fron t chool building
Du n';--reo E it i c. thc Reing
'. u ill fi C1 t11,-, 7r--plt3 f light
i.. t b .. L .t' uo
i t ,ic oo r-...,i a; n tarial.
rri.. J.tr_- o,.(
Jo )ph Jh arro<

isthenobur o th ; auniCl: chool.of Co. 44r0, :ich to t-ott: Co- uis Oucr
for our to. lit r tuuro Our Jr!: ,oaul ha bov d ro tly I l-ic. oC- :.r, it uot for t i.C C(iert-,c' L on'r

- iiI

Duo.. 2 a.. Iiv ...' -

SCidhDi. LS

7he i-iK,. -1
Out Comp y C1brk sem:, to bo
.tr-voling the core b : tri l,Are you receiving anvr 0eo U grent "Dub" ? ell, ::0 7ish vJ u
suence "Hrtlos" c- Un-ddox,
Ambulance .tt endcnt, r.sut got ,h.t it t!2i s; 1-st evening heo could hardly whisper l t m'ing "riffle". 'I it o.y "hispering". itr tioni an e xcollit subject ifor sconnial or dri.nk.- T7he uidon, n "loz rt Thro:b" is none other than 1.r. Soelfis Romeo ", .\et 0ul; Con,rttulation to un .rd to
i. .B3. T_'13 thre n ore and night *o:;12 hveV dovoloput number of.3mmies i the llid City,.n re, ult )f t h utiiy Sunday g ]ight Dou't lilt th wrong spQt. Look out little Lamb, some on is itoroted in the ploco -here your ha.! t intorost lives. Tbe .ir:t A, d Assistant er7.. if murn ldo't n marry, he ti gurs h he -i o d something end cAtr he i.rie h knows ho misd cit 11. iybe tht is tbhe ranso.~ ho docntt t much interest in teo i idiJe nil the '"iindy City" S'.-j o't of it "Groyhound". I- it .Lr Ru ss ell, you hit the st vt so me one and 3. may -hit ur spot when he gots tir& of mising, Robert Cann io:]b a florist. I uro like "Ro'"s''. iJont shoot yo:ur
-,- o, h.a oi r
Cnnnon, L "dy .i r
No. tkeO it easy. mue,o
. The Joy.

L -IC.- ILLI,SO, DInoc Jactksonville, Florid,



TH..] LE
Luch impropmog "has been Chow;n in aendiroAind the mess since the '*pming of $l0ss Officer Lt. Sals.' On0 am on' the highlight of improvements is
the pointing of the kikqhen, which adds to .tha. t9riveness of thu mess.
Our Comp-,ay boasts of'having n spleondid corps of cooks-b.-oed by strong group of o .. s, 1ss Stev;ard Anderson :isho,, to thau his corps of ;ork'>'s for their splondid coopertion for this past month, nd To1-r.s for Pobruary to be n banucr routh in very respect.
B3 ..Ade rson,
1ose Stonrd.

3 11 i T H,
RI C 0 HA R D S O N, C 0 ROY, I i C.
oo6-o40 7ost 3,.y Streeoot, Jacksonville, Florica. i.(ITS u PROV-IS 1013ONS, "Tle House of Quality
.o.d L.rvice" .

4 -

Pae 3 O00.DOLA 1-EZS7

-111-sh d four tities 0.: iinth by the members of C0:w: II 4430,
0.0.0., Lake Cit, 'Florid,-.
Vol. 1, Yo. 8, Jeruary 31, 1936.
Tesly illor; *ditor-in-cheif. Wvillie Ivey, Assistant Editor.
3.A.Anderson, Business L. ger. I.3 .Southg :te, Reporter Joeseph Sherrod, Reporter.
.1st. Lt. J.F.Seals, Cou: 1ndin. Zusign F.B.Thompson, OX Officer. Capt. P.B.Hll, Cmp surgeon.
C.P.Ywn, Edue ,ional Advisor.
L.O.Colemvn, Project Supt. F.C.Smith, True- "rail foreman W.T.B thers, S_ u Od Pore. R. Griffin, Squad -ore,.7o !,B. Frazer, Squad Poremin. C.D.Dowling, Orw La dir. J.S.3ryan, Moch.,.I '.W.HlcDon-ald, SuI a.vis i'g 1 ch. D. 0reu, Tovrn; v,. G.Green, Tonorma.

b i
B..An erson
During the month :;f J, nu C.ry splendid religious fervor hs perme-ted in our Qup. I %rol( that this hes beon due to the splendid visitations of our Sub-District Chaplain. ever before hav we as 3 -r-u of
Anntinned or Cc1.. .

January31l 9369

Ets Clrianed tand Blocked
: S 3 H 0 :, 11 'j F L I I
SHOP 3 H 0 P
Phone # 5-9639
Tl oc11 for atjd deliver. "Je stand behind the .49'rs"

:. 1i limctaed to such strong appeals to be :en of character, m1 lith vision and men of truth.
The outgrowth of those addresses hIs lei through the courtesy of the Ccr:xrnding Officer to permit the rcn to visit the neighborhood churches.
D during the month, an rening Service v s conducted by the Junior Choir of Bethel 3:ptist Church. This program :,7s irspiringx as well as h.lpful. The quartetto tht,.t acooompanied the choir wu, I cr. sure, food for song for our song-birds of the Canmp.
Je also trust thnt the month of February will be a gre tor month for religious activities.
T :tud our sympathy:
The members of this Company extend to the antocn Stovmrd tLi*ir d~pst sympathy in the los, of his fAthocr. Wo are not :ble in any m< suro to replace tis lose, but %e do recommend tq him ,nothlr Fcther who takes t.. placo _a' crthly one, t'i o, is Jusus ihrist
ilI L/]


January 31,

MLere has bean aIct of t ~ : among the ho-ie-Siok man o:f this Camp about getting a dischia:ie the last of this moLt, or go 3Ug home and stay. I will advise you men who are guilty to take a hint. If you. don't o what you are doing you had better ash somebody. If you are thinking about going aut and loolig for a job, I think you are leaving your opportunity..
Things may not be coming your way now, but time brings about a change, acnd sooner or later
things will come your way. Have patience Don't give up Don't et discoo~ur,. ._h for the good works of- t,,o '.C. Make it your home, because t present, I'll advise you that it is the best lace.
7ha.t's the matter ? Can't you take it ? Thy not be & man ? Hold out aind stacy in 0,mp, because you may we:nt to come b:ck -soon. The chances of getting back are very, very doubtful.





iCAll DY,

Blue Ribbon Beer.


The "Four Song Birds" Quartette of F-11, Company 4430, will render a musical pro-ram at the Jasper A.NM.j. Church of Jasper, Florida, on Sunday Afternoon, Febr.ury 2, 1936. Pive members of the Calm- Sundry School Ql'.ss will be chosen to !company the quartette. The truck will leave Camp immediately after dinner Sundny.

Si. Griffin.i

On the Level'Cigars

2 for 5V

Above the Average Cigars
2 for 5#


. .* .

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I 7 o I 1 ... January 71, 19476-, nakeGity, 71a* i T 0 .8 B7f TO 37377 YOU The G o reman din 7 Officer of this G 0 sip a. 1 ] 7 It • Goals., ho s ‘bestir: himself in the interest of the members as v/ell as his ov/ 11 He has changed the Gupply ; House a It 0 g ‘G ther artistic s he lve s 'gr, c 0 oa oh cv: 11 ins t e ad Ci the 0 lei r in the Cent or • Trope rty i s a r -.a • nged acco rd — iug to guar t e rm s t or stock number. endihl os li. vo t he ir 007 n pla CO In s ho rt the ; rr" n go men t is CJ 0 th t t glance eve r ythi '-C i a t he j ujogly Ho us 9 -mlg ht ba noted 0 Lt. ,3 e a Is e i i 0 r t c "re to so rv a you hot ter. Hon; v. e iv ill render the eg e rv i r> 2 T ou dec rv • Let us all h P V c c~r e th t 17 e mi gh t do 2 e rv e t he h e s t service 0 17 .T'.L'mh 0 uppl 73 t : rd DI 71013 -3..LL GvJC Don't forgot th g'rn: tomarro:/ 1 ; 30 o'clock, v/i 11 pi -7 7 rr •gill he the ope the 'to urn 'men t t lie h rr • cks Th 0 0 1 h 3 r h rr cl: ail 1 p 1" y n e art 0 a t ur 7 t ( 7 0 8 ) n cli" no 1.1 d hall Jl-Li b j iii 00 u J. 1/ ^ -5 rr el: he 0 1 ck : To • r ’ -e • 'This ui -g r* i ill of pi ~ 7 0 d 'nour; -He Ip your t crnn nin • 7DUG.s2I0i.L7u Il.IP3v)77ii7i:T Th. Jchool Boom "nod the ... ding Hoorn h re been changed for your convenience* In the Sending ilo on "11 hooks h ye been pi cod on tli.e :rlls> so any hook you nay. desire to re cl, cm, he easily found. In repeats of 11 kinds ud rn ga zincs are "rr ngo'd in a simili' r manner* You a ill enjoy roding the novels. ‘Then* hooks may 0 checked out and you are h. Id responsible 'for them until they ere returned* Let us use then for 7 I 1 1 .th Tf—r r e as e nt here f or If you clou 1 1 care to c i rry the hook from the school building, you nay -re d it iv. the Reading Hoorn. 7 0 u • ill find the building 7 : ra — plenty of light -i..g tables L.o us 11 flic good r ... cling m: to rial, The side door a: ill he used s T 1 "j i.j G -L uiG • Joe soph Giierro: r r, J1 .1 T b _iU. ,i'X. v iX'XS JGI-.TI J1 .1 j the members or the juncl y jchool. p'f Go. 4470, '.‘ish to thank the Gosrok 11 cling Officer for our non literature* Our vork •;ould h : ve booh greatly hankie. 2 pod ’/ore it not for t is assistance Leonard,


jj*. 4 A 1 ;• SCANDALS THJ I.GoS "7 The op;/ -113 : ‘ ^ ; .. ‘ Much improvement 'has been i Ouf Company Clerk seems to bo shown in an d ; a rotund the mess ;t rove ling the conic b ck trail, since the coming of Hess Officer Are you receiving any encourageLt deals J -One among the menu "Dub" ? 7; ell, we wish you highlights of improvements As ‘success, "Heartless". Maddox, the painting of the kiAohcn, — Amb ulan ce .At tan dr nt has n 1 1 got which adds to the. attractrivencss what it takes; last evening ho of the mess. could hardly whisper after making a "riffle", fake it Our Company boasts of having e a s y w hisperi n g" 3 art r act ion is a splendid corps of cooks-an excellent subject lor scandal b. eked by a strong group of or dripk. The na id-one new "Heart h.P.’s. iris s' Steward Anderson Thro-b" is none other than Hr. wishes to thank bis corps of /pelf is Hams ay. Asst Clerk*. workers for their splendid Co n*grrt illations to youm-nd to cooperation for this past month, i!is.s 3.3. The three musketeers and “hopes fci February to be • a. n d n i ght o 1 s h ; : v e de v e 1 o r o cl a banner mouth in every respect. .t/ number ofenemies i; the ./Indy 3 .A. Anders on City, as a result of the mutiny Mess Steward. 3 u n d a.y u i.ght Do n’t hit t he wrong spot. Look out little Lamb s ome one is i n t o re s t o d i n • the place, where your heart interest lives. The hirst Aid ’ Assistant says if a man don 1 1 marry, ho figures La has misfed 3 ir I T H, n something and after ho marries hi k n or; s h e m i s s •§ d it all. 1 la yb e R I C H A R L 3 0 IH that is the reason he doesn't t he much interest in the ladies ml C 0 h R 0 Y, the "17 indy City". 3nap out of it "Greyhound". Take it oarm-r i h a. Russell, you hit the spot with some one and 3.3. may hit /our spot when he gets tired of 036-040 Meet Bay Street, missing. Robert C a n n o n s 1 l o u 1 i bo a "florist. He sure likes Jacksonville Florida. "Roses”. Lon 1 shoot your C a n n o n La dy 1 Hi 1 1 e r LEA 2d raid PROVISIONS, How take it easy mugs The Joy. "The House of Quality TIT CH A7ILKIL S Oh In c and Service" T Jacksonville Florida < PRQDUC3 and FRUIT


Page 3 January 31. 1956 OS Cl] OLA NHW3 ruLliahad four times e on. month by the members of Company 4430, C.G.G., Lake City, 'Florida Vol. 1, No. 8, January 31, 1936. 'Lesley Hiller; iSditor-in-clieif. Willie Ivey, Assistant Jditor. 3.A.Anderson, Business Manager. 7/ H S o lit hg: t e Reporter. Joeseph Sherrod, Reporter. CAMP DIRECTORY 1st. Lt J.F. Seals, Commanding. Hr sign F.B. Thompson, CX Officer. Crept P.3. Hr 11, Camp Surgeon. G.P.Yawn, educational Adviser. L.O. Coleman, project 3upt F. C. Smith, Truck Trail Foreman. W T .Mrthe rs Sc uac'L Po rom-arj • R Griffin, Squad Fo re mu n 3. Fraser, Squad Foreman. C .D. Dow ling, Orev; Lo dor. J.S. Aryan, Lie eh. Foreman. W W .McDonald, S up e rv is in g Lie o h • D H Ova e ns, T on e rmo v G Gre e n Tone rman TEH CAMP CHAPLAIN b y B. A. Anders on During the month of January a splendid religious fervor has permeated in our Camp. I foel that this has been due to the splendid visitations, of our Sub-District Chaplain. Never before have v/e as a oroup of Hunt i mug. fl on Col. P. •* C .on listened to such strong appeals to be men of character, men v/iitli vision and men of \j r ut h The out growth of these addresses has led through tho courtesy of the Commanding Officer to permit the men to visit the neighborhood • B uring the month, an Evening Service vrs conducted by the Junior Choir of Bethel Baptist Church. This program mas inspiringK as v/e 11 as helpful. The quartette that accompanied the choir v/ns, I am sure, food for song for our song-birds of the Camp We also trust that the month of February v; ill bo a gre tor month for religious activities. We extend c ur sympathy : The members of this Company extend to the Canteen Bteunrd their deepest sympathy in the loss of iiis father. 7/e rare not able in any measure to replace this loss but v/e do recommend tq him another Father v/ho takes th 3 place of an earthly one, flit one is Jesus Christ Hats Cleaned and Blocked. 3 A M 1 3 3 H 0 H R 3 P A I I: • SHOP Phone $ 5-9639 'We call for and deliver. T, Wo stand behind the 49 1 ers"


January 31 r 19 36 .Pape „4 Ql'eiQl-l I VICTIMS OP 1; OS TALC I A 1 There has bean a-let oft ilk J among the home -si ok men of this Camp about getting a discharge the last of this month or going home and stay, I will advise you men who are guilty to take a hint. If youdon't know what you are doing you had better ask somebody. If you are thinking about going aut and looking for a .job, I think you are leaving your opportunity.. Things may not be coining your way. now, but time brings about a change, and sooner or later things will your way. Have patience T Don’t give up Don't get disco ura go d ’. Pi ght for the good works of the C.C.C. •Make it your home, because at present, I'll advise you that it is the best place. What’s the matter ? Can't you take it ? 7hy not be a man ? Hold out and stay/ in Camp, because you may want to come back -soon. The chances of getting back are very, very doubtful. Compliments of ELI W ITT CIGAR and C A II D Y, Gai nes vi lie Florida Blue Ribbon Beer. Robt .Cannon Co. QUARTETTE ACT IV IT I J3 The "Four Song Birds" Quartette of F-ll, Company 44-30, will render a musical program at the Jasper A.M.E. Church of Jasper, Florida, on Sunday Afternoon, February 2, 1936. Five members of the Camp Sunday School Class will be chosen to a c c omp a ny t he cj ua rt e 1 1 e 1 he truck will leave Camp immediately after dinner Sunday. R. Griffin On the Level Cigars 2 for 5 <$. Above the Average Cigars 2 for 5 ^