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Osceola news
Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
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Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
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v.1, no.7, January 24, 1936
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


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periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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University of Florida
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UF Special Collections
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J 1~she S
'1 ~
Co. ':~c~,0 -


Vol. I

JauLry24,197uLo t1976 7.

-' ~~-r ~ I

As Solume.diog Officcr of this organization -;ant to .xpr my thanks to tbc m,.mbere for the fiue spirit they have oxhibited those past fto wees in helping to make this a b attar onmp.
Your efforts have not bu,;c in vLai for this office has recoived a "Letter of Comicnd!.tioi from Lt. Colonel J.C.Drain, Commauding Officer of District "F", C.0.C., crprossing his
-approcintion for the iork being
accomplished, and conm, eti I am dependent on you m:n to carry on the good v;or1. Your barracks are looking much better the manner in which you nro policing the camp aroe is much improved; the -;ay you are carrying out the instruction of your Loaders nd Assistant Leders is plasing; and I have bcen informed by overall members of the For.stry Personunel that your work on the job is getting bettor and bettor.
Thoro is one paranoult thing to keo1p in mind ac1. :t i t Continued on Col. 2

this of m is: ur htr... ?Du nut do ur.thi:.C :ible to
Yu -r:t to ,: it clc:n nod i.; t; 7J;au :..t -mr ..ho c, your b(.ik ou clt a to 1 u r gob i ot b r) than your
bul. :. You .;.t your cf:2 to be aoug the best. It's uj to you. Your efforts(iC good) are 0h: t ucno a good comp. Let's continue to ;:ork together.
J. 2. -hLS
1t. Lt. 313 Inf.


oS ..rtiL? next aturday(Pub.l) a dirt Did ball tourrrlt ;ill twit. bit.oo tho barraclca. 3arr k No.l :%'ill play Barrack 0o. 3 u tna t date about 1:3OP.H. Thelo following Saturday the S mo will be botcc 3 Brr ck Io.2 and Bn r.crack 1o.4. The win rs of these t-;o gemac play for the camp championship. Gt your toaes in shape during the :;ook. If you can't play come and yel for your team.
Jo hope to have a B sket B31l court ro.dy for use by the lest of this month. Th6 goals are b:. iL.g maCdI now. Prr.ctico ill robnbly be gi ng in full sing
1. t: ::OOke.--


C r .E ll ie.

Pago 2 0 .O2 .

SUL D LI 8 *'L
B.T.Latoritha Co-mjp 3' School LiThs to .nounc that to und,y ,:1oh.ol
unreri-- r uo, o. ho. o~ Those :_ho Trich tjo scouoo a opy for study :ill cn him. Th oLfnLIding Officer h:B givon imn prmi:i on to oc.rcry all those Do cl,:ir to atr.d to a nei'borin- churW> for aney1a, SchL.ool, Sundcy lorix- T, +" o n. --I I
truec:, ::ill lo.,v.. Ocany at 8:45
_L_ . T 'rJ :
Et....t, .t
;. tu Lj+k
Ent ",sinto 0 tet Lne
CitY, -n. The -"rck +i c"Yrr onlY thosa : h wish to attoid Su.nia. SchJool.

JNW This Commn, fy 3-.; Ls a nowz or roccucito li :Mt ln The
plaut th!ot h(-.u be h:re since this Cornyr+- -started has give
0 011 Sn I d 0 r7.7" 1r; -n'U- 01. coid1Kil trible. Thi,: old onO -:s tarnod in to the SubDepot this mn iga the
ro r a itiond one sE, ocure.v 7itl gool care this .Imnt Ithou give Ls much better serviao thu'. the old one did.

I C.
P,13ODU CE and FRU IT,
324 7cst Bay Stroot, Jacksonvillo, Florida.

.~' -rj oJ:ictiig to have bettor light for tn tima to bo, so :1M ,.rc , cvorybody who is in the diforcnt Dl ~ lscs to attend recgular, starting bond.y hLi lc ..ill cxpoct a largo G ciuooc throughout thi week. Come Ind give to yourself an heouror t:,o--it' s..aeible. .for ......
anrbody to locrn something. Tho.:c Yio ar instructing thoLe clau-cs will beo g-ad to have you present. Starting iona eight come d tCko port ir your L100- ti. 1 Progroia. It sill be o, uoa boneofit to you.
Jo.neph ~Sherrod,
Assistunt ducvrtionalr
Advi o r.

S 1 IT H,2
R I C H A R D s 0 L, O ONR 0 Y, I 1r "d.
..6. .. Jo :t 33ay troot,
Jcok-onvillo, Florid..n LEATS and I-ROVISIO.S.
"The House of Q.uality
nd Sorvico" .

Jmtary 24, 1936


January 24, 1936

0C&OLA iliJ
Published four titles each month by the members of Compiar '^4aC, C.C.C., Lake City, I lorLdac.
Vol. 1, 1o. 7, January 24, 1956.
7sley Miller, 2ditor-in-chei. .!illie IveV Assistant ,Aditor. 3.A.Anderson, B3usiess Ia aor.
7...Jdouthgate, Reporter. Joeseph Sherrod, leorter.
lat.Lt.J.F.Soals, Co-m audin 2nsign 2.B.Thompson, C O fio. Capt. P.B.T11'l, Car r.o. "
C.P.Yawn, .duc~tiotal Advisor.
L.O.Coleman, Project Ju.t. R.L.Green, 'ruck Tril Loreuau. 0.,,m'ith Truck- Trail Proman. .T.Mthers, S3UoL Woreno. R .Griffin, Cuad IrenLu:. B.Frazer, Squad ForemQ. C.D.-Dowling, Crew Le cr. J.Gregory, Skle J.S.Bra., Ho.o ~o v .
G.W.,Donaold, sTow ar ni D.H,0wous, Towaruou. G.Graeu, Towarmn u.

adHiIOR P0.X Lili 'J78II b3 iAGJL
Thc Commnding Of:-.iors ai:ud 2orman Cannon wish tD congrvtulto the lion and ior the progross that L. s bu or.0 in kopig the 3aracks and Came Ground clean. 7ithin tho last thrc weeks th: C:p has bon in b ttor condition t o.r

A 1 '


Pho. # 5-9659
Jo c211 for ad deliver.
" SItandII behind the 49'rs'

v-r b

*P~~ AP

All r.:, compelled to have t: m u their bo. These tags :'re a:cd to i&utify the beds. ou will be given extrr duty if the b4 d r: not clean hnd in lin--th, shos .1, :mt by
propOrly pl::col. Thic &:tr. duty viil b 0 .c~:iou Joatarday tn -1) rrdt
r~~~~ L 6! Astruh h ck
::on a 0~ ha'7 fiv (5) dem:erits .:rg'd& -sinet hir br Lt.Jals,
-:ill c Cind o no dol, r.
Any nmn not et ;ing in rnk with his dtail i: the morningg ftr io,-ing forantim n.nd going to t)h Forest .s..rvia'o Trueks, -.ill bt put on o:.tra duty, ftar h he bou told Cive ti~rws, ho will
0!Zo b Ci.. n dir.
I ,: t to civo under throw r. re' o1 cr'dit Lor t- work end im I .m hori. th:t thoy ::ill help to c 0 t. t r 3.-rro o to i :provo thAir mthods of clcuIng up.
Robert Cnnot
8 :Cior Poroman.

?qpro 3

n 54 '- n +0 t

I & :. l 31 chod.

Pa~ze 4 Os~ecia 1~m~
-~---a - Y

The Spy

Off duty, Friday Night, I stoppod down to I.r. Gurly Brownu's Place and "Grot 1lls of Piro'l. Thoro w-s Mr. Booicr T. Leonard with a damo in his lap end you. couldn't so- anything but .his hat. Go to a privrto place next time, 01dtimor. Take a tip from mo old "hots" and don't lot i~is, X ca tch you with a cort-in young ldy you crried to .tortoi a few nights ago--if you do. she will shoot hor cannon(I.,0Cannon). A couple of p.p.'s woro soon Vith their fing in n follows pocket the other night. Take it o -ey, ise Guys. Crime doesn'tt pay r. Ljcvyor Smith has rotten to be the play boy of the camp and the 7indy bity. .Ho carries his akc whereover he goes. A cortain "Stoolic Lon'dor gots tough yestrLVy morning and is run out of his barr2 ok. Since r."Fack the Lonthor" wont homo he is able to got a little sloop and tough, Quit picking on the wealk spots "Abo"--the boys might lot yougo back to No.2,.3arrack. A little "flamo" in Utortown is running a cortain ggy wild.Don't get burnt, Mister'. I thought that Joe Louis uas on the modern travel coach that came through Lake Uity, Sund( y flight, nd s mista ken--the "tro'mlino Z!phyr. There is lots of pooplo who have not soon a stmoamlino 01 Ole Carclos. Lovo has addod another to his list of vi'otims.Asst.1d. Advisers seem to be the "it" guys. Don't lot it got you, Shorrod. It nill boat you down to your sock., or a shovel, Yozshh. Ask Poa ioo or Leonard, Au Revoir--The Spy. Miller

.4 1

Compliments of


Florida. Blue Ribbon Beer.


On the Level Cigars
2 for l

Paze 4

-I .


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I f* \& she s \ „ f ) 3 Vn \ -Co. K n 3 o > i\ Vol 1 January 24, 193 G COiPIBFIUTIOL As Commanding Officer of this organisation I want to express ray thanks to tlio members for the fine spirit they have exhibited these past fev; weeks in helping to make this a better camp Your efforts have not been in vain for this office has received a "Letter of Commendation from Lt. Colonel J.C. Drain, Commanding Officer of District "F", C.G.C., expressing his appreciation for the work accomplished and • comma at i ooi ug on the improved couditiov of the| camp, at the inspection time of his recent Y o ur I am dependent on you men to carry on the good work, barracks arc looking much bettor the manner in which you arc policing the camp area is much improved; the way you arc carrying out tho instruction of your Leaders and Assistant Loaders is pleasing; and I have been informed by several members of the Forestry Personnel that your work on the job is getting bettor and better. There is one paramount keepin mind and what ; Continued on Col. :3 hiing to he, 7 Lake City, this camp is your home. You must do overarching possible to make it as homelike at possible. You want to keep it clean arid no t; you want your shoes, your bunk your clothes to look as good( if not better) than your bu i Yoi m rour be among the best. It T s up to you. Your efforts (if good) arc v;hat make a good oamp. Lot’s continue to work together. 1! J. i’ • o L o 1st. Lt. 323 Inf'. Commanding. LI AHOLD BALL TOURlUHBbT ot a rt i n g next or turday ( Feb 1 ) a diamond ball tournament will begin between tho barracks. Barr ck L T o.l will play Barrack j.q. 3 )n that date about l:30P.ll. The following Saturday tho game will bo between 3r rack ho .2 and Barrack ho. 4. Tho winners of these two games play for the oamp championship. Got your towns in shape during the week. If you can’t play oome and yell for your team* 7/e hope to have a Basket Ball court ready for use by the last of this month. The goals are being now. Practice will probably bo geing in full swing tw o one i ra — Sherrod.


Pago 2 0; coo la SUi.DVZ 3 Cl OOI. 3.T .Leona yd, the Camp Sunday School Lop dor, wishes to n ounce that tho Sunday School Quarterlies pro now on hand. Those v/ho V7 ish to sc o ur: o a copy for st ndy 77 ill so o h im. Tit J Comma n cling Offi r> ^ r h -*. c give n him po -•'P'S "7 C* O — All _L w. i o n t J ca *Y* -^T T r ... ,y all those v/ho do sire t o a 0 o end to o e.. no i glib oring chu rj h f or 3 v n day School Sunday rni v jn Th I trucks will a -LO ’ VO Ca mp at 8 :45 •IL. l,i. out: da ir n ho jl .7.11 1 s t art at Mt 1 i 2 g r di. .. L i *..1 d J • o hurc h at 9530 A • Li. Ilt.x i rj 7 Ij. 1 on Fast '7 as hin at on J•'-I X b 1 O j.. h u Lak o City, n X J_. V "The V rue Its will carry only thos who sh t 0 attend Sunday School. ; I 33 # x • Lo 0 O 0. j, d j i h JOV LIGHT PLAIT i Phis Company nx; has a nov; or reconditioned light plant • Tho p 1 an t t ha t ha s L o o a it : r o s i n oo this Company started has given considerable trouble. This old o n e ; r g t urn c d i n t o t he 3 uh Depot this morning and the j reconditioned one scoured. Uitit good care this plant should give us much "better* service than the old one did. FITCE•TIiiZILSOI:, 110 Jr unary 24, 1956 1 JuC.1T I Oj :AL PROGRAI 1 V/e '-•re o::po oting to have better lights for tn time to be, so Xij arc ashing everybody v/ho is in the different Glasses to attend regular, starting Monday Light. V/o will expect a large at tend au oc throughout the v/e ok. C ome a n d give t o yo ur s elf an h o ur or two i 1. 1 s. pass ib la .f o r anybody to learn something. Those v/ho are instructing these c 1 as cos 17 i 1 1 b e gl ad t j ha v e yo u present. o t a r ting 1 :o n d ay if ight, come and take part it: your Bducstional Program. It will bo of some benefit to you. Joessrph Sherrod, Assistant Educational Adviser 3 M I T H, R ICE A R D 3 0 I, 0 0 I R 0 Y, 1 P 0. 33 6 -340 W o s t Bay 3 1 re e t Jacks o nvi lie Florida IE AT 3 and I-ROV IS 1 01 3 PRODUCE and FRUIT 334 lest Bay Street, Jacks o n v i 1 lo ., Florida. ’’The House of Quality and Service' 1 T


January -24, 19-36 Eags -,-j. — .. J3aa.ft2J.ti. OSCEOLA BE 73 Published four times each mouth by the members of Co my an 443C, C.C.C., Labe City, P lorido. Vol. 1, Lo. 7, January £4, 1956, 'Vesley Miller, Editor-in-cheif Jillie Ivey, Assistant Editor. 3. A. Anderson, Business Manager. ’.7 E 3 o ut hga t e Re porter. Joeseph Sherrod, Reporter. CALEB DIRECTORY 1st .Lt J.F. Seals Com landing.' Ensign F. 3 .Thompson CE Officer. Capt P.B.lIall, Camp Surgeon. C.P.Yawn, Educational Adviser". L 0 C o leman Pro j e c t dipt R L Green Truck Ire i 1 Foreman r.G. Smith, Truck Trail Foreman. 7 T .Mathers 3q ua u Forema u R. Griff in, Sr uad Foreman. B. Fraser, Squad Foreman. C. D. Dowling, Or ew Le .: d e r • 7 Gre go ry Ski lied La bo. er. J.S.Br y g n Ho oh. I? o r o me n 7/. 7. Me Don aid, Supervising ah. D H • '0 w e n s T ow ; rma 1 1 G. Green T ow e rma n • oiiMIOR FOREi iAL >7 xt 1 1 3S ^*GA Ij The Commanding Officers and Foreman Cannon wish to congratulate the Lien and Leaders for the pro gross that h. s been made in keeping the Barracks and Camp Ground clean, 7/ithia the last three weeks the Camp lias boon in better condition t fan Continued on Col. 2 *u 0 ever before. All man are compollod to have tags on their beds. Those tags are used to identify tho bods. You will bo given extra duty if the b d3 are not ole an and in lino— *tho shoes also must bo properly placed. This extra duty will be carried on Saturday as well as through tho wool:. Men who have five (5) demerits charged against him by Lt, Seals, will )o fined one dollar. Any man not s trying in rank with his detail in tho mornings after leaving formation and going to the Forest forvicb Trucks, will bo put on oxtra duty. After ho hr s boa n told five times, h. al .so be fined one doll nr T -L. iv r ,t to give number three ‘O. .L7rrack credit for tho work impr moment that has boon given in the way cf helping to improve sanitary conditions of tho camp. I am hoping th: t they will help to cause the other Barracks to improve thjir methods of cleaning up Robert Cannon Senior To roman. Hats Cleaned and 31ocl:od. 3 A II 1 S S E 0 E RE P AIL 3 II 0 1 Phon^ jf 5-9659 7o on 11 for and deliver. ”7 stand behind tho 49 T ors M


Paue 4 Os oec 1 a Hews January 24 1956 SCALDALS Tho Spy Off duty, Friday Sight, I stopped down to Ilr. Gurley Brown's Place and "Groat Balls of Fire”. There was Mr. Booker T. Leonard with a. dame in his lap and you couldn't see anything hut .his hat. Go to a private place next time, Oldtimor. Take a tip from me old "hots" a.nd don't lot Miss X catch you with a certain young lady you carried to 7 a. ter town a few nights ago --if you do* she will shoot her cannon ( Mr Gannon ) • A couple o f with their fingc I a were soon p.p -. in a fellows pocket the other night. Take it easy, wise Guys, Crime doesn^t pay '. Mr. Lawyer Smith has gotten to ho the play hoy of -the camp and tho Mindy Sity. PIo carries his ukc where ever ho goes.’ A cortnin "StoolM; Loader gets tough yesterday morning and i&run out of his barrack. Since Mr. "Pack the Leather" went home he is able to got a little sloop and tough, Quit picking on tho weak spots "Abe" --the hoys might lot 37011 go hack to ho. 2 Barrack. A little "flame" in 7 a tort own is running a certain gyy wild. Don't get burnt, Mister 1 I thought that Joo Louis was on the modern travel coach that came through La kc i t y Sund a y II i ght a n d w a s mistaken — the Streamline Zephyr. There is lots of people who have not soon a streamline i 01c Careless Love has added another to his list of victims .Asst .Bd. Advisers scorn to he the "it" guys. Don’t let it get 3/0 u, Sherrod. It will heat 3/ou down to your socks, or a shovel, Y 0 w s ah '• A s k P e 0 7 e 0 or L 0 0 n a r d Au Revoir — Tho Spy. ‘ Miller Compliments of ELI 7 I T T CIGAR and CARD Y, Co Gainesville Florida Blue Ribbon Beer. On the Level Cigars 2 for l jc/ GAUD IBS and Cl GARB T TBS