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Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.) -- Company 4430
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Lake City, Florida
CCC Company 4430
Publication Date:
v.1, no.6, January 10, 1936
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volumes : illustrations ; 28 cm
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Box 2
Box: Publications of CCC camps by number 453-4451
Folder: C.C.C. ,#2444, #4430, and #4451


serial ( sobekcm )
periodical ( marcgt )


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Began 1935.

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F 1!a15he$
f 0 1' Co 30

C~lvP &a F- I/

Vol. 1 January 10, 19536, Lake City, Ila. No.6

"WELC0 ."
In behalf of the Company Offiecial Personnel of Company 4430; Leaders, Assistant Leadors, and Members, I wish to welcome you men from company 4438, C.C.0., Holt, Florida.
May I say that even though you may be a little homesick for the old camp, yet you h ave learned fror'*past experiences to fit into the most rugged pldoes of lifo .
Again I extend to you a hearty
This is a funny world. If a magegots money, he's a grafter. If he keeps it, he's a capital-, ist.- If he spends it, he's a play-boy.- If he dooen't get it, ho's a ne'er-do-well. If he tries to get it, he's a-cheat. If he doesn't try to got it, he lacks ambition. If he gets it without working, he's a parasite. If he gets it after e life time of hard work, hes a miser. So do the bost y~a own thoro isn't an win. _iller.

Walter Lamb
The Civilian Conservation Corps has more values then the monetary returns that are expected each month by its mebers... It's values are beyond enumeration.. But I wish to stres one great value nud that is the lessons that arc being to,.ught in the caro of Property. All of the articles that are in use here are the property of the United States Government. If you use it and return it, that is all right. If you abuse it or burn it, thvt is .ll wrong. It is yours and you will have to pay for it..
In keeping with the program of teaching property care, Lt. eals has advised the Supply Steward that there will be regular inspections. E ery one must pay for his learning unless he takes advise. Be ready, Boys '.

A number of boys have boon coming to the educational Bdilding to road the paper while it is being run through the minmeograph machine. Ai paper is madeO to boe road after it is printed-let those who -work on the paper

, pf-

n__ ___.A_.____ q L L ... r 1
i n . .. [ [ u ,

THE 0.Z CKlsL"ill
BA, d:?rso z
" So-avaryonc of us Chril ziv::
r.,)Urbof "A ., uz c l
count of hi m~l to God". Romans 14:12
The wo rds cof tlhe !bov text reocords zc- parid it t sjiritnal life of God s p ;pl .ho TY ,
=ose morality" cosod. IIoralitr
.... 0 r' : a
is cs.oztially persaEl, it ros t. uon the froo ~gony of mau. But thare is lco c grop o ~o.rlity for which t"ch mn :D f too group is rosr.onsileo. ivery nn '. is his brothers opr, bt :ti ll
o'ch man savor.T_ ':rd parsoaiLly is primarilv resvousvible for his own sir and life. Izkio1 is tolling captive JudC_.h thnt Although E.all of them, good zuLd 7.Idt have been impriso -ned, the, tino hts now come in th1r moral devolpp~ meant life when each r u is responsible for h1ir- oL conduct. If ? man is guilty of sin an c will repent for it in tho nne of Jehovah, ho will be foriven,. and his sin will re reo I ored. g. inst him no moro. This ropoutacnco must be siucore for there is no false repentr c For Jesus himself s:id, "J.ud- o Lt, at.d ye shell not be judged; aoEdemn not,and ye shcll not ,, conmn ciod : fo riv01am "es' Ibe forgiven".
Ha.ts Cleaned end locked.
SHOR T honue 5-9639
eo call for rand deliver.
".,e stand behind the 49'ors".

On Jonury 8, 19I36, the firo trU-2k,LupOLn retur.niung from the
..agt Tower, ovrturnd and .7illin .2. Southotc,. look at
m:n :t the tower, r 1coivcd. brkeo arm. The truck ewv said to he've boon traveling at the rto of fifth on mils per hour; in trying t3 void running over a hog the trucl -ran into ho ditch and overturned. Johnic 7illin DOniel Bcorrai ,, Vernon !H:'rricn, :Ln Clifford Williman ,o,,r, s throne cloP.r. Borria :ic>ivd rcciVoid:< slight bruiEc i the canlf of his log.* As he ;cs filing the tool box struck in c'os tha Lg. SOu.thgate e: hitting -;ith his bok in the directic the track was tr..voling. ihon the truck overturned he s tarted to turn around and
-;as t~,ro,-i out landing -on his shoulder vani rn.-,x-ese -twww ~hm. The driver es crd uniuju rel. Southg:teo, :- br m,ht- to whore ho received first rid treatment, nd, vu..e thou, carried to the U.S. toarn,.u : iospit.l in Lako City. 7e ,hjpe that'ho will soon recoverr and pe back i en Cap.

A. coirt will be fixed by Sattur.&tc -ncon. so that the nmu of this C nyhl 01
3 thiis C1o-t7.n7j can play Volley Ball:. This court any also b.e ascocI for to'nLis if eny of the members have blls ancd rac;oets. 71e have boon usable to secure equioment for Baskotball. Touch Fotbarll is an interesting game. ll thrt is needed is a f3tb,.ll and playing ground. Evory rn should prticipcto in some f. o r n "f r "le i P ..

J 1 6 r


0832OTA 1L78
I published four tim.. : ,.ot by the members of ~ami. 4430,
La,, Lae Cit Lri
Vol. 1, io. 6, JanAry 10, 193.
.!es ley ille r, :lit .r-in-o.ei ^,. i II i" _u t i i
-nsign F..Thonson, C 0'ic:.
Capt P. 3. Hell,0 Cmy duecoo,.
O.P.Yawn, 2due:tional Advisr.
II.0"Imon, Project 31t. R.L.Grezu, Truot Tr.:il Fooiecnt". W.T.Hathere', 3vud. 20tan.A R.Griffin, Squ:o.. Wor.:n. 3.Proor," So :td _io terns a. C.D.Dowling, Crow Loder .Gregory, Sil- oc.:r.
J.S.3ryan, M ch. _1,'> :..n F .0.Smri th, I~c o .: ,'.7. n.ODOnLd, D, at iaing .... D.H.Owons, Towcr .-o
G.Groon, ~ocwarreau.

In th six moitha th:t I h v n in this oCri I h:-'vo foud1 tha't the orly wey to g t coor r?tion is in the strict--t form. I ac. striving ( to ot th. L r and Asist:J.t La :dure to f.l th: ,m wy. As it is I 0 coj results from .io.1 ad. io2 br:r:cks. I biav. with this mIthod thc whole camp cn bc improvd. Tlhn 1an in wrong he is absolutl-.w, rong. I haop. that thie will acustS ro dintrc-

_Jou aary IC:,l: 193


II .
_4 OD ,3d FRUIT. 324 T ert My'7 Stroot,
JC-ke Tille- Floridi..

IPae 3

- <'", u... ..: 1v o.n r 1.a S t f i. t. c. rr4t .
. 3o ur t:
or :< "'iil b ,, n;. L h r.
1r. ii c Ii t ~ii> o'clock, Th ti) t t 3 -L -+ 1 JU 3 "41 *
J t.
I f .0r : ou .h20
* b
i11. fi' .. JL t) -~t fr to ._. tzi. t If /1311 7 .1.. i e .
t t .
. r t
211 i-itif . o r t i t t2i: a-..4. if :ou ':r 1.v, uo ",nill l .:d e 3: k 1i, 3f aduo~tin o""r< tir, rl.
v . .. 3ur C.Tp o r 3 o
:.; o ci o'" ....... w
.. . ,.. rg 'o 0: t '1i in ip-it. rth _, t uzroline

0sc~o1e i.e;.s January

Coring; 4430 ;ill I1 its fi:.t Yopr-Sn.- hftert on J-hucry 12, 1936.
a -:ery inter eting o :... w boon .rrenLd for t e:nr. Music ;ill to furnisbhd b7 t..o Junior J.hoir oi 3a-ool _3 pt.,.U Mr. 01 herry "'.th: director
HOi -r 'O 4- '
t)T.ri or ij 3
Cu---rch- Lk F I, "i risclo. r
L iev. I. i. a:cis, r~ r. 1
S TO S 00
Th c- rpD.o nt orz vc bo ..:L bu., for the ps: io dnys iustalling shlvoe~ in t'0 E stor 1'oom They have colo,eJd n sd
-nd b inning on the co rh oThes h zhJl i..Rs-il improve -): rje~rao ond. Q

s II T I ,
R .I C A R D S 0 ,
0 I R 0 Y, Ii C.
336-340 \Test Bay rirt. Jacksonville, lorida.
LATS aud PROV *ISI0O, "The House of Quality
au. service"

The Spy
U(:yig and pleading, also praying ha4 goten to be a pastime. Aceoriing to the e,Asst., d. .dvisor, he seezam. t o be praying to a certain fellow. Don't pray to hiam--he' c cot the Lord. The First Aid mn should feel pretty good after escominl-. the wroth of
i-,,u i ight. The lady
painted him reL,. his ears should surely ,ur, and he wasn't embarrs d, but that was because he U,,u't there. Candy is sweet-ask Lo rnc for details. If tiC tip was right ob ut him being croue to the ":1 slim lady's hme C Sund: 7, .Liy::t.O.E.L.O.Don't
gt your lines crossed .s "DoC id, K--uighit not lika it. "Po ches" hc r.ormed .d aQoording to a cortin g7u of this Compa.ny, but another guy"s:ys it isn't so. Is th.t right, m-: friend ? You asked for it--you'll get it. It's ru.norod that you vworo seen with coracone S'undry night---I think that's forbiddon. There 'ro some e ople thrt you just eor't reform oy off the boys toes "Coke". you have some very tendor foot nccordiig to the edonior Foreman. So tnkc your ti. Van B. hrs blood in his oTc for you ianyoyso has r couple of other guys. cT h c o .... hat 1happnouod. i.,, Year s Evo my 1PoPn end you'll be it, o l he won't be rs dizzy rs ho was that night. Spend your night time at Session's house. 'John is landlord. Columbus and oIe" seeoom to hv,, foll for a 19~ Plyumouth. Don't fight over it boys--you con buy ojne in just hundred yers. The boy without a he,: rt g-ots oft .-nd twin-its (its just wontorc) ws the result. Congratulations'. '"Dub". c '.Eng r--Thei sp'. Mi 1cr.


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<5 F la.5he S „ from* Co: y-moC. C. c c El§ULUl L voi. r January 10, 1936 t nake City, Fla. Ho ,6 "WELCOME" by B. A. Anderson In behalf of* the Company Offieoial Personnel of Company 44-50; Leaders, Assistant Leaders, and Members, I uis h to welcome you men from Company 4438, C.C.C., Holt. Florida. I say that oven though you may bo a. little homesick for the old camp, yet you have learned from ‘past experiences to fit into the most rugged places of life. Again I extend welcome to you a hearty YOU CAN’T MIL T I • • This is a funny world. If a mage gets money, he’s a grafter.. If he keeps it, lie’s a capitalist.If he spends it, he’s a play-boy.If ho doesn’t got it, he’s a ne T or-do-well. If he tries to get it, he’s a -cheat. If he doesn’t try to get it, lie lacks ambition. If he gets it without working, he’s a parasite. If he gets it after a. life time of hard work, he 1 miser. So do the best you ca there isn’t any win • i .1 lie r a CA RE OF PROPHET Y by_ 1 Walter namb The Civilian Conservation Corps has more values then the monetary returns that are expected each month by its members... It’s values arc beyond enumeration,. But I wish to stress one great value and that is the lessons that are being taught in the care of Property All of the articles that are in use here are the United States you use it and is all right. If buse it or burn it, that is It is yours and you to pay for it,. property of tho Government If return it, that you all will wrong. have In keeping with the program of teaching property care, Lt. Goals has advised the Supply Steward that there will be regular inspections. Every one must pay for his learning unless he takes advise. Be ready, .Boys ’. READING THE FEUS A number of boys have been coming to tho Educational Building to road tho paper while it is being run through tho mimeograph machine. A paper to be. road aft let those who is made r it is printed — ork on the paper J..n.t.nrfo.rencQ,


-io.. THJ3 CALEB CPLiPLAIi 07 3. A .ndorson ”3-0 ewryono of us s hr 1*1 give a c e 0 ant 0 f hi ms 3 11 to God". Hone, ns 14:12 The words of theabove text records -that period in the spirit H ual life of God’s people when "moss morality” coa.sod. Morality is essentially personal, it rests upon the free agouoy of nan. 3ut there is also r group of more lit:/ for which oJ eh mo ml or of the gr 0 ap is rasp 0 n s idle Lv 0 r 7 r.x •. n is his or others hooper, hat still each man severs 11 7 ’ red p or s dually is primarily responsible for his am n s i a n d li f c 1 z 0 ki e 1 is tolling captive Judah that although .ail of them, good and had, have been imprisoned, tho tine has n 007 come in the moral dovelppment life when each man is responsible for his o-.rn conduct. If a man is guilty of sin a. rid r;ill repent for it in the nano 0 f J e h 0 v ah h 0 w ill b 0 f 0 r g i v-e n and his sin v/ill ho remembered This rope ut January 10. 1956 n. gr i n s t hi m n 0 m 0 re • a nee must be sincere tor there is n 0 fa Is e re pe nt a nee • Fo r Jesus himself said, ’Madge not, and ye shall not ho jtidgod; condemn not, and ye shall not he c on cl Guinea : bo forgiven”. forgive and -1 shall Hats Cleaned and Blochcd. 3 AM’ 3 RllllR 1'h one #'*5-9639 SHOP V/e call for and deliver. ”We stand behind the 49’ers”. 30UTHGAT2 Ii.JUxCI) fir; Southgate loo k 3 ut Th, ;r, received On Janaary 8, 1036, the .truck, upon returning from the .7 e s.t Tower, overturned and 7 i Ilia. m A nan at tho tor/ broken arm. to have boon rate of fift in trying true]; ran into the 0 v e r t urn 0 d Jo h n 1 j i e Or n i 0 1 Bo r r a i n 7 c r n 3 n and Clifford V/i Ilians a hog the ditch and ’.7i Ilians', IT 3 track wa s said ivoling at the miles per hoar; to avoid run n i ng 3 ve r ms on ere thrown clear 3 cor t he Berra in slight braise of his leg.As he the tool box struck gs 8 3 at hga. to with his back in the he track v/as t r. volt ho t r uc k O' v c r t ar n e d to tarn around and 0 ut ^ 1 a n di n g 0 n hi s w 1 a t The driver p r. n r> n d an i U j ur 3 d 8 .0 at hga t e .. to, where ho roe&iv P& re on the calf was fa lling him ac rose • v/e s s I Oblug direct i 0 n t ing. './lion he stn rted was thrown Ah a:. wr.-s brought reesivod first aid treatment, and ,||: s then' carried to the U.3. Vet ora ns Hospital in Lake City. 7/e ,.hjpe that 'he will soon recover and be back, in camp. 1 • Miller. ; ATHLBTIC act ivi tips A. court will be fixed by Saturday .afternoon so that the men of this Company can play Volley Ball. This court may also b.e used for tennis if any of the members have balls and rackets 7 / e h av g bee n unable 1 3 see are equipment for Basketball. Teach Football is aan interesting game. All that is needed is a f 33 tbe.ll and playing ground. Tver 7 man should participate in seme _fairrn .. 0 f r. th 1 o t i os


rage 3 Os oeo i .j OoCUOLA HJ7/S lublished four times each month by the members of Compau 4430, C.C.C, La Ire City, Florid-. Vol’. 1, Ho. 5, January 10, 1935. 7/esley Hiller, .Hit or-in-oheif 71 Hie Ivey, As'istant Hit or 3 .A • a ii d e rs c n 3ns i n e r s lie u a e r i J. Southgate Reporter. 0A11P DIR.JCTORY 1st Lt J F j 3 o Is Comma nd i n g • In sign F. 3. Thompson OH Officer. Oapt P. 3. Hall, Gamp 3 nr eon C.P.Yawn, Dduontional Adviser. L .'O.Trblmon Pro .j e c t R.L. Green, Truck Trail Foremen 7 .T .Ha the rs 3c usd Fo reman R. Griff in, Sqm d Foreman. 3. Frazer, Squad Foreman. C. D. Dowling, Grew Loader. V/ Gregory, Shilled L. borer. J 3 3 r y a n Me o h • F o r m a n F G 3mi th I lo oh Fo rorna n 7 ’.7 i c D p n a 1 d Si ip .-orvisi n g He oh. D H • Ow a n s T ow o rr :.n n G Greo n Y ow e rma u • In the sir months that I have be rn in this camp I have found that the only way to get cooper! •ation is in the strictest form. I ran striving to got the Las do rs and Assist ant Lea dors to feel the same way. As it is I s o o s omo rs s ults from a o 1 and Lo. 2 b rra.cks I boli eve with this method tho whole camp can be improved. 'The n r man is wrong he is absolutely wrong. I hop. that this w ill oa use no d is t rear gK. January 10. 193( or J'.~ r& feelings between tlio L am ,As 1 Le re members for v;j ordors thrt a. the Li out o nr. at • These orders must be e rried out. Any man th t fails to c* rry out those orders will be punished. ./ nail, o* 11 at fiVw o' o for LI, .. ;;c opt tho tower crow, after five o’clock will I’Vj ; .... hour extra J : ia Is to For form' tie u of any kind* v ill have Luty. mao th t c'n not sign his n amend sign it pi inly 7/ ill not sign lifl • I 111 vise rJLl'.trhaJb v o .jot d.'Ciuvd to r pond the rest of their 11 f; from Owe job to another to learn all th t .they can from the di f f i r o c t o 1 s e a that re t ught i: this o'mp. If you ever lo the civilian Gonsmrv, tion Corps you will need some kind of oduc-: tion to reocive enplgyncnt. X 0 U 0’S u r U _L r Robert G' nuon, Lor Jo .4430 CCC. IdkL HALL Ox. LA.yJi G pi in P.D. .. >ur G n a nr loft the first of tho week on n ten day 1 v I,t*. j or F no*,; "cting Camp Surgeon. Copt. all is visiting in i orth C -relics FITCH 17ILEI1 jO. II 0. PRODUCT and FRUIT. 324 West 3a y Street, Jaoks onvillo Florid.


Raga.JL Os o j ole j-.o~.-g January 10. 1956 Company 4430 will Loll its fiiv.t j V j s p o rs -3unda y d ft o rr. jo a, •J a nua ry 12, 1936. A very inter. -sting program hag he on arranged, for the hour. Music aill he furnished bp the J a n i o r Oh a i r a f 3 t h e 1 hr. ptict Church, Lake City, Florida, hr. Hazel Cherry is the director,' and Ho v I. II. 3 : uu d. rs Jr^ v.j G 0 jC 9 q m* O _s 0 I I R 0 0 il 3 E E L v J 3 rjiy, e rpe liters ~ VC be on busy for the p ret fc W dr. ps ins talling shelv es in J. 1/ 1 -.J store room. They ha ve compl V bod one s id J and b o gi n ring o n th e otho V 4 Thos o she 1 v OS w i 1 1 imp roe o '.j a e an no arauee ana o s 0 O'. US.3silJjLLyju_--. 3 M I 3 II R • I C H A H D S 0 E, 0 0 H H 0 Y, ISO, 336-340 west Bay dtreot -Jacksonville llorida MEAT 3 and PRQV IS 1 01. 3 ’’The House of Quality and Service” O v/Ai; jJAJ-iO by The Spy Crying and pleading, also praying has gotten to be a pastime. According tj the e::* Asst. Ed,. Adviser, he seemed t c he praying to o certain fellow • Don’t pray to him— he’s not the Lord, The Hirst Aid man should feel pretty good after escaping the wrath of Lies--, Sun da y Hi ght The la dy painted him red. His ears should surely burn and he wasn’t embarrassed, hut that was because he wasn’t there. Gandy is sweet -ask I,r urenoe for further details If the tip was right about him being around” to the tall slin_ lady’s h j i is e 3 1 m d y .eight .O.Z.L.C.Don’ t got your lines crossed as ”Doc" jid, E-night not like it, "Porches” has reformed according to a certain guy of this Company, but another guy” soys it isn’t so" Is that right, my friend ? You asked for it — you’ll get it. It’s rumored that you were seen with someone Sunday night I think that’s forbidden. There ~ro some people that you just can’t reform., Btay off the boys toos "Coke”, you have some very fonder feet according to tho deni or Foreman. 3o take your jfi; io • Van 3. has blood in his eyes for you anywayso has r couple of other guys. 7/hat happened Lea; Year's Eve may happen again and you’ll be it, only he won’t be rs dizzy as ho 7 / as that night. 3pend your night t imo at 3e ss i on 1 s hous o J ohn ^ is landlord. Columbus and Poe'Je i so Gin to ha vo fell, for a 1936 Plymouth. Don’t fight over it boys — you can buy one in .just a hundr o d ye a rs The b o y w i t hout a heart gets soft and twin -its (its just sweaters) was the result Congratulat i o ns "Dub” *7 j .Long— — Tiio. 3py Miller •